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X. For The Tribune,
flay tell ui that the brain ia mind,
Or the mind entera through the brain,
s>cn aa light that ia confined
And colored by the window pane.
Too act ia faahioned by the head,
And thua man does or cannot do;
Through the red glasa the light in red,
Through the blue Klaaa the light i* Woe.
Bat break the glata-admitthe bright
And joyoue aunlight ruahiag free,
Then divers buei dissolve in white,
And man, the sinner.-wbere ia be ?
They do not urge their world-machine
To sounder progress, nor explain
The difficulties tbat were seen
And felt before-pray what it brain ?
All undiscoverable, bow
Can they resolve the Whence or Why
Kan grew to being in the Now,
Or what is his Futurity ?
Tbe Sun has hia appointed place,
He never rests, and never tires \
And ever in serenest apace
Burn the celestial, upper fires.
They shine into the soul of man
Good works of Cod, but not the best?
And he adores them as he can,
Cherishing a supreiner guest.
We hear too much of suna and moons?
Starsyateme are not worth a soul.
The sky is writ witb mystic Runes ;
One poem resds from pole to pole.
He does not know the alphabet
Of angel language, who aspires
Against the sky bis tube to set,
And spell them into worlds, those fires.
o. o.
Tribnne'fl Special Dispatches.
rVew-Js-raey?Ntexkion lllectsxl.
Trenton. N. j. Friday, Feb. 21.
Stockton is elected by the absence of
Iloxsey and W. Whitrhead. Mahew vu
itA for him. _
Tbe iloston Slave Case.
Boston, Friday. Feb. 21 ? 2 o'clock.
Mr. Kpbraim K. Hayes, Superintendent of the
ffremont Temple, a gentleman of higu standing
was arrested to day, about II o'clock, upon the
charge of aiding and abetting in the rescue ol
sShadracb, on Saturday. He was taken before
Commissioner Hallett, in the ?. 8. Court room,
?nd held for examination at a future day, in the
Sum of 13,000.
A colored man nsmcd Alexander Burton was
arrested in Salem this forenoon, charged with
feeing concerned in tbe aoove rescue. He was
immediately brought to this city, and is now, at
$ o'clock, in the U. S. Court itoom, awaiting ar
Mr. Davis s case is now occupying the attention
of the Commissioner. It is thought he will be
Jy Telegraph to Jhe Sew-Fork Tribune.
From Washington.
WsaauaeToat. Friday, Feb. 21.
Samuel P. Sandford, Hearer ol Dispatches from
the Mexican Boundary Commission, who arrived
iiere on Sunday last, will leave about the first of
March, and convey any letters for members or
commission intrusted to his care.
Colonel Graham. Topographical engineer, also
positively goes out as chief astronomer, now tem?
porarily tilled by Lieut. Whipple. The expedi?
tion is expected to be employed three years.
The Cabinet had a lengthy session yesterday
t>n the subject of the Hoston outrage, and meas?
ures proper to be adopted by the Government, with
the President's answer to Mr Clay a resolutions
on the subject, are expected to be sent to the
Senate to day.
The 80ns of Temperance intend celebrating
Washington's Birth day here iu an appropriate
?tyle. A general celebration also takes place in
Alexandria, where Parke Curtia will deliver the
Inge and Stsnly were arrested last night at the
instance of the Mayor, and held to bail to keep
the peace.
A young man named Frederick Williams, shot
another named Campbell, son of the late Clerk
of the House, last night, (rounding him slightly,
Tbe ltenton Mavf*J liualneae.
' Bo,ton, Friday. Feb. 21.
The following ordere WS re unauimosly pAssed
by the Common Council last niirht;
litt-Jirj, Thsl this Council vt-w wiih hlgt sa isfaetion the
oendeiiiiiailon by the other branch ot' the Cuv Outre' imeui
tiflhe recent outrage upon tl..- lasts of the City and of l'ie
Commonwealth and ol the United 8 si** referred to m tin
frt* passed by them on Tue?dsv last,andbesiUN approve
af the directions given therein m ti.? City .Marshal for his
I uldenre on all future simnar do aal Otis,
Rssoleed, Tbat we cordtall. r-.poud to the recient Procla?
mation of the President of'ih* United Si?ie?, ?n<l will use
our earnest efforts to see that Us recommendations are ear?
ned out
There are rumora of a number of warrante for
fugitivee being issued A tuguive who waa en?
gaged in sweeping the side walk in front of hie
employer e store saw a Southern gentleman ap?
proaching, fled by the back way, and has not since
betn seen. Other fugitives have left tho city.
reanaylvnata Cealalntare, Ac
Isiiaiaajiaii. FMaVsjj Feb. 21
SfctSATic.?Memorials were presented from the
Dank of Pennsylvania, relative to its liability to
pay taxea on its Dividends.
Hoiss?A resolution was offered that the
Auditor General be instructed to furnish a list of
the Hank a Chartered aince 1 mo, with a statement
cf Bonuses paid by each. Ac.
Gen. Houston ia expected to arrive here from
V, ashington this afternoon, and will be waited up
&M1 *' ? ?emocrttic ' member? of the Legis
Destructive Fire at Raftalo.
A tire broke out thia morning bj a new brick
building, corner of Floyd and Prime sts., destroy?
ing the entire building, except the south wall ?
?he loss it is supposed will not greatly exceed the
stmonnt ot ineuran.e. Bkjhsa .V Co ," liquor mer?
chant, lost shout all their stock.
?Market?.Nuaionn, Thursday Feb.20.
?<A.,tJ,< of Pl>rto Kico Sugar at auction brought
?5 Mi/ft.. >*|. Moluses sold at iti I Sc. Weaiher tine.
? ?
SENATE ... Aim sr. Krdav, Feb. 21
I'lTlTIONv j
From citizens of Medium County againet the !
Operation of the Fugitive S *ve Law in thia State
^iaid oa the table; of the Mechanics' imtituto 1
Kew-Ywk, for the par rede upturn of Bank notes'
lor the Albany Lniveraitv.
On mi.t'ou <>f Ik. Muaeas tiie following reso
^itmttmt-!. That theC 'liitiilto - . - K ,r k< a id Insurance
_. , Jt '?','?) in-q s o.i or :.n-tuie
Tk u' ,'n ?rcr'"ur ?
the H.d providing lor loa stay of proceedings
?n cases where suits ar, b.-uasjkl f.?r reuce due on
ISasea ou the Manorial lan.N, w aa tost -
im? o u.-JIoii. C-.,...| of .IS .?..leer. Coh ef
S^ratoe, Dhnmtck of Brooo- i *,.??., ,? ^^.Jy
Jtol-ltM.: .1 A ,eK?l., - ler ot I Mir ZTa-hTIt
Srtssjbls. Stant. u of Seoeca. Stone of Madison O-lnneaa
??*CaeB I votes '
Nat4Tn.~Mea.ru Babco'k i En-. B-ekrne-i. kfor
|?f ( rates,ead William? of New-York, C ?ss of King?,
ay.i.eae. Crook ?f CM ion, u,a of St. U wrasses!
?aaaa bj Or-Ida Ml lerof M ?< rOwen ol Catlaraugus,
Saratoga?11 votes.
The Yatee County Contested S<?at question was
?k..ed up, when Mr BvaaoueifS of Orleans, re
??med the floor iu opposition to the report ol the
?nsjority OS the Committee.
Several ineffectual attempta were made to post?
pone the consideration of the subject
Tb? entire session was occupied in the consid
?miotio! this Mueet.on and r.-.uke.l ?, the pas
Co^ L_ re,oiu?,n. '!'/?"???"!? the Chairman of the
vommittte on Privileges of Ele- tioos to viait
r%l C"unty to uk<; testi.uony.
The6< W bilie were taken up but without any
awafjTesa being made the House adjourned.
Dim.in, Friday, Feb. 1851.
To the Kdttor oj The T'ibunr
1 mean to tell you in this letter what the Uueen
has said about Ireland in her Speech , and. ai far
aa can be collected from the sayings and doinga
that usually follow its delivery at the opening of
a Parliamentary Session, the chances that, at long
and last, there will be before ita close, the legisla?
tion that the country needs- has ever needed, and
which, had it been given in time, would have made
it the counterpart of England nov, instead of being
the fac-simile of the original of Macaulay'a picture
of Yorkahire a hundred and seventy years ago.
hut first of all I must tell you of the condition or
the country for which, as far as legislation can
remedy it, legislation ia regarded?of the attitude
the people have assumed?and of the favorable
position of all things for a right legislation, if the
British Ministry and Parliament mean ever to do
justice to Ireland.
Large portions of the richest parts of the coun?
try, in the West and South, are absolutely waste,
the people having died off them, or been evicted
and crowded in the poor-house, or emigrated, they
are either sold, (but the new purchasers are afraid
to do any thing with them, till some final settlement
is made about the poor-law and tenant right,) or
await the leiaure of the auctioneer in tbe En?
cumbered hletatcs' bale Court. Where things are
otherwise, the people are grumbliDg at having to
pay a rate in aid of these destitute Unions . and
wondering when Parliament mean to leave them
nothing to do with the produce of their labor and
industry but support their own poor?enough in
all conscience?by setting the land free, and so
giving employment to the people.
There is this advantage?if the Government
avail themselves of it-that whereas, heretofore,
when there was an Irish cry for legislation, aud
that cry was from the landlords, there waa the un?
reasonable expectation that Parliament should do
everything, achieve impracticabilities?that legis?
lation should accomplish those practical results
which only the cordial working together of the
owners and occupiers of the soil can effect- Now,
when the cry is that of tbe people, it is moderate
and reasonable; it is, merely, that legislation shall
remove obstacles and restrictions that a former
bad legislation imposed, and, by giving to the culti?
vator and Improver a right to his own industrial
labors, secure the full development of tbe re
I acurces of the land, to the benefit alike of tbe
Lord of tbe Soil and the tenant-farm r. When
' this ia done with the lands already reclaimed?
the idle lands given to the idle hands?the way
j wi'l be opened for bringing under culture the mil
j lions of a'-res that are still in a state of nature.
the packet STATION?railways.
There will bo no difficulty,?if lair play ba the
order,?in establishing a Western Atlantic Pack?
et 8tation, where Nature?or the God of Nature?
meant it to be,?on the West of Ireland, by
placing 1 retard, between England and the West?
ern Continent. And, white different ports are
putting forth their rival claims, the voices of Ire?
land ia that that station shall be an Irish one. If
Galway, a mile of railway will connect the Groat
Western with the Dublin and Belfast. And a
few linka will connect Cork and Galway; and
Belfast ami Galway. by Londonderry and Emits
killen, in another direction. Of court?, if the
Parliament like, they may make legislation on
the subject as complicated and unfair, as they
did that regarding the land,?by listening to Liv
erpool and Manchester, as tbey did t:> the land
lords, and making Holy head the Western packet
station. But justice and facility coincide in the
one case as in the other: and, if Ireland be the
English difficulty, and if the English Parliament
wish to make that country that their own partial
and perverse legislation has hitherto kept an in
cumbrsnce, a powerful and valuable assistant,
the Packet Station will be, where reason and jus?
tice demand it; and therewith will be improved
inland navigation, improved fisheries, increased
manufactures, emptied workhouses, and au em
ployed people.
the legislation not wan tki>.
The Miniater threatens legislation on a subject
on which some, not unwise people, think it were
better there never had been any legislation at
all,?the conilicting claims of religious sects ; all
ot which, had they ever been sail to themselves?
none incorporated with ?MState, as I 'avorite to
domineer over the others, an 1 its clor..:y to "lift
their mitred heads in courts and parliaments," it
would have been better for the religious peace of
the country; aud legislatijn Wo aid have had lei
sure to direct its energies to its legitiuiato ob
jects, the physical and social interests of the peo?
ple). It will create mischief enough iu England,?
it we may JadgSJ by the preliminaries, eaagita
tion which has made loemen of the pe< pie ol the
same cities and districts.?but. extended to De
land, it would be convulsion. The Clergy of the
Established and Roman Catholic Chur?he.? meet
in their respective dioceses, pats resolutions,
and address their Biahopa. who In return address
them?the Protestants, louder than their BngHsfa
Brethren, against the "aggreasive invasion, ami
j calling for legislation that shall include Ireland,
I and the Human Catholics easting in their tot with
their English Brethren, denouncing any attempt
to control tbeir communication with Home or to
interfere in the nomination of Bishops, as worse
than a new penal law, and declaring their deter?
mination to join the English Catholics in resist
ing to thedeath any infringement upon the fullest
exercise of the ir religious rites and discipline.
Hut the wise of the laity, of both creeds, hope
the Government will at length see the absurdity
ot forsaking their proper sphere to legislate about
religion . and leaving all religionists tomind their
own affairs, legislate for the common interests of
all?seeing that representatives of all are in Par?
liament, Homan Catholics, Protestants, U takers,
Presbyterians, Independents. and, by and by,
Jews?the diminution of burdens, the promotion
j ot social economies, the development of the Na
I tional resources, and the advancement of a Na
tional education, unse>ctarian aud secular, leaving
the clergy to teach Theology.
1 ac 1 LIT I ES? PEACE and UNION.
The pretext for doing nothing ueed to be?The
country is disturbed, agitated , party factions and
sgrarian outrages require coercion first. Well,
that system hae been tried?coercion hss been
applied, not to Orangemen or Hibbonmen only, to
irishmen: pretty well of coercion for half a cen?
tury? and tiotbing else: or, if there was some?
thing, it waa thereby embittered and nullified.
Now there is a perfect peace?the Judges con?
gratulating the Grand Juries on the absence of
crime?no political agitation; Orangeism and Rib
I-..i,ism obsolete ; the people merely united for
having the landrights adjusted?and, of late, for
having the Lord Lieutenant continued I am etill
of the mind that if there were fair legislation on
all other aubjects, Ireland would be better with
cut her Viceroy: but ae centralization has beeu
going ou?all public Hoarda transferred to London
? it is not unreasonably feared that the Courts of
law will follow ; and so every vestige of iudepen
dent nationality disappear. The Straggle to keep
the Irish Viceroy and Court. I fancy, is Intended
as preliminary to a further struggle to recover the
Public Be>aros thai were so quietly came 1 away,
and wl?se restoration is reckoned indispcnsible
to the sssceesssfal carrying out of that ejetemot
natitmai improvement "tor which the public mind
is awake
Such is the state of matters in Ire'and at the
? cpeilieg ol if le Seesion. For once there is uua
j nimity on ail great national questions?and,in the
case Of*the aaeot important, the laud adjustment
quite ??: i Bgh ol preeeuic from without to justify,
iu tbe Government, decisive action, aa half the
Irieh CsWTrtise have declared for the League?
and. in Ibis case, aa in the others, tiiat of the
Packet i<!ata a ft r national improvement iu manu?
factures and commerce?and tbe preservation ol
national Public Hoarda with the Irish Governor,
t there ia agreement of all creeds and parttoe; while
there is do national queetion of immediate pres?
sure? the clamor about ' Aggression excepted?
to stand in the way of legialation, and all ?oreign
relations tranquil and friendly.
Ot Ireland, as such, not a word The speech
' complains that ecclesiastical titles have been
assumed, conurred by a Foreign Power; declares
tbat great excitement prevaile on the subjeet, to
ouiet which, and preserve ber Majesty's royal
j rights intact, measures are to be laid before the
faithtul Commons. And, thereupon, notice was
given that on Friday (this dayj the ?tb, the First
Minister ol the Crown shall bring in a Bill against
any Roman Catholic Bishop aaeuming au ecciesi
astical title from any place in the b aited King
dorn. Thu?, the very first subject that shall occupy
l'arliamf ut is an ecclesiastical one,?the last that
should engage such a body, or rather that should
not engross its attention at all j and before setting
to, to deliberate upon any ol the material interests
of the empire,?before noticing their dirfi ulty,
Ireland, now when that country is presented to
them as at once urgently needing their deliberate
attention, and affording hope that judicious treat
ment may relieve them, in a great measure, of the
difficulties with which it embarasaes them,?the
parliamentary mind ia to be exacerbated by the
diacussion of subjects that inevitably kindle the
worst feelings o! oar nature;? and not until mem*
hers have been exasperated by religious rancour,
are they to be set to discuss the matters that per?
tain to the p'ib'ic good Buch is the order in which
legislation is conducted, by the most enlightened
assembly, of the most intellectual and wise nation
of the Old World, in the middle of the nineteenth
However, I do not mean to infer, that be-aise
the Uueen's speech has said nothing ab i. Ire?
land, Ministers mean to do nothing for this conn
try; nor will its interests be left to the tender
mercies of the Ministry. Already haa Mr. Fox.
M. P., for Longford, given notice of a motion for
the settlement of the Landlord and Tenant qaes
tion, and he is a Leaguer. And others will fol?
low in due course. B ut I greatly fear that effects
sadly mischievous will result from this nndesired
:as to Ireland and undesirable legislation?that
there will be exultation of a faction?stirred into
renewed existence?that had fallen into quietude,
and, with the cry of persecution, increased hostil?
ity to all the educational and other social and
moral movements that may emanate from the gov?
ernment, the Parliament, and England?and the vi?
gor, if not the unity, of the people perilled, which
is indispensable to such a government as ours,
which only obeys the pressure from without, in
seeking for the necessary natural measures and
social reforms. tei.MCOTejf,
P.S. A new daily paper, the " Daily Exmttt$,n
has iust been started by the Uriersons, Her Ma
jesty's printers; on moderately Conservative prin?
ciples, and with a tolerable show of editorial pow?
er, anil the promise of success which ample re?
sources, facilities and opportunities confer.
Of Detroit Uiver has been frozen over twice
this season. During the last froat, when the ice
whs sufficiently strong to support passengers,
Messrs. Clinton A Maker went to work and cut a
canal through the ice, and had their ferry boat
crossing while the ice was stationary on either
side. ; Detroit (Mich.) Voice, I'eh 1$.
A I NM KANCE COMI'ANY. of New-Ha aW,Caem
Samuel I.. ....... John Saxioo,
E B Brown, wat. W Kendrick,
Alfred Edward?. J. Lewi* Taylor,
Nathaniel Thurher.
q, T. Rk\nolo?, Secretary.
Insure hoises. cattle, i.e.. against loss from death, either
from natural cause, accident, or disease of any descnpuon
Mew-York Agency, 38 William-st, Merchants' Ei
ciange. 22( \y
of 1 he citv ok nfw-vork,
Office, Correr of Jreeu Wienand Fulton sis.
Ocesn Bank Building
Insurance against Lots or Damag" by Fire
Aaron Clsrk, O W. Burnhun,
Crowei Adau.s. Ward A. Wort,
Li vi Apgar, Samuel S. Bowman,
Nsihanisl Weed, Wm H. Dietz,
DbvM Magie, William Hustace,
\ alt* n nr. e Kirby, Robert Hoe,
M A Hoppock, Joseph M. Brown,
B. 11. Van Anken, Robert P. (Jettv,
CV.B O'trsnder, Ehenezor Beadieslon,
I). Randolph Martin, Harrison Jones,
Ely Hoprock,
AARON CLARK, President.
OKORf.r. IV. iava6b, Secretary. 2lf Urn
INSl RANCE COMPANY, H?o..,r.i. Conn -Capi?
tal, $100.(00- Surplus Recent* tfuiuli 21 ? Organized Oct.
The Hartford Life and Health Insurance Company take
risks on Life, grant or purchase annui'les, confer endow?
ments, and make conirai Is upou BDd appertaining to defer?
red and lovetetonary in leres is connected wait bps risks,
agreeably to the powers and privileges conferred by the
The. business of the Company Is conducted upon the Joint
Slock and upon the Mu'uai principle, at the option of the
insured, 11 us mtt ting the wants and ctr uuialances of the
puld'r more fullv. It la believed, than purely Mutual Com?
panies can do.
On the Joint Stock princ'pie, the Insured will pay thi-ty
itnee and one-third per cent less for insurance ou dfe risks
than the rates of the host organized Mutual Companies, or
w 111 receive what I? equivalent to thirty-'hr? e and one-third
pei ct nt par annum in dividend profits, paid in auvanck,
i..st< satolissaatv bm an uncartalB amount at the end <>! each
>ear In scrip cerlllica'e*. ? edeemab - on certain contingen?
Oil the Mntnal principle, this Coirpany Insures at the
usual ra't s Of Mulual Companies, dividing the net earniugs
'*rh year, siring scrip coruscates drawing interest.and re?
deemable ahi r a Mutual Insuiauce KuuJ of |>*MM is a
? uniu h.'ed
Insurance aUo granted on the Savings Bank principle,
,' lyaMe t n a. rtving ut l ie age of W, SO, t>", Iii, or sooner if
jeaiii occur.
Tl echarter of this Compan? provides thai the wife may
insure the nfe of her husband, and the amount to lie paid be
secure from ItOdilntl at Ml death
An equitable saaa will ai.<?>sne paid for Policies sur
? t.Jered lo the Co ilnan> before they expire.
Traveling. s< a a'd foreign residence Permila, will be
granted! at a IBall extra pre iiliim
Policies on nvrs of persons going to California will be
granted on the Joint S,oc.k principle only, and at an extra
i ate of premium.
The result of the Company's business fir the sixteen
BSOatnS of iis exigence, and iho very liberal patronage of
the public, give assurance of Hi future iu create.
or i icaas,
JAMES DIXON. Pre.i lent.
HENRY L MILLER, Secretary.
New-Voik Ulfice sb Wall st. 6 Jsuncey Court.
a. w (jay. Agrees
D 8 DODOE.Physician.
The undersigned will continue ai the office as heretofore,
urd In letlilng from the ageucy of the Hartford Lite aad
Healtli Insurance Company wou'd respectfully recommend
tue present Agent and the Company to his friends and the
public for their continued patronage
Oases <t bbs
VA No. M Ws?-st.. corner of Pearl sL
CAPITAL -? ifJO,dill).
At ta election held this day, the following gentlemen
were cnosen Dlrectoi s of this Company for the ensuing year
Sampson Moore, Moses Taylor, Oeorge Elder,
Bet) B Sherman, Marshall Pepoon, Francis Skiddy,
Peter Martin, Alexander H Oract, Chat . Burk halter.
Rufut Story, Asa S. Porter, James B Wl'son,
Henry Edey, Isaac C Taylor. William RFoster
At a subsequent meeting ot the Board SAMPSON
MOORE Esq.. was unanimous'y reflected President of
the Company J MILTON SMITH, Secretary.
New-York, Feb. 3,1851.
N. B. This Company continues to Insure Buildings,
Merchandise. Household Furniture, Vessels tc Port, i.e..
on the moat favorable terms. All losses promptly adjusted
and paid. of Bf
1" ASSOCIATION, of Springfield, Maas. Office 2?a
Broadway. New-York.
Arcuiiuilau-d Cash Capital.$16.isi0
Ouarsntee Capital. *?."""
This Is an Association of Mechanics and others, for their
mutual relief in case of stet nea. or accident
At.i uiii Ktitrl oj Depotit for .Vf'wtxr. under %% yeart of (igt.
>. OS draws....?}.' per week ?? >."?' draWS, ner wees.
frVi.'i' draws ... S per week ?n.Bfl draws.. t> per wees.
1 %AM draws_ 4 per week. %'.'*' draws.. 7 per week.
s.3.00 draws.&i per week.
%\ ba In addition to the above will ha rha-ged as admis?
sion fee. 8 C. FRISK. Actuary.
1 V*f lawVmS BBS Broadway, up stairs, rojra No. I'h
FANY -Off..-.- No 7 Wallst ,ror. Naw-sL) CASH
APITAL ?V/OU,UOU. Insures But;d;:u't, M-rchsjdlse
riousehold rarnitura, veasassta port ?nd th-lrcarro-t. fcc
against loss or damage by fire, on the most favorable i-rms
oiascToai -
Frederick Peru. Ruaaell Steob'ni Ed.ar H Lang
Danle'8 V i-r l" -d t! Wol-otl BtOB f. Cannaa.
Wm. E Row .and. W E WUaaerdBBff. It. W l o mm t
JauietD OMvar A C King, and PU. R Kearney.
BJeafd K. Balgkt, Oaa c San. riee Chas.C Uutncy
Corn's Sa. age Oev B. Oretr R Start Lane,
Henri Morgan. J T B. Maxwell.
0X0 C SATTERLEE, PresUeot.
A H Mil..i k. Secreiary. jn eodtf
J COMPANY. Hartfordi Capital.|?g),0W, with a sur
Pius. B W.OREENE, FresidecL
J. B. El or' r-r. r S.-"-etaev
For Insn-aj.'-e, apply tc L. WHIT hl. Ii' TTIfflBM Si
iM MaWOd* Second door below Wall.
RANCE COMPANY, of Waierford. N Y ?0?<^??
Wsfl-at Naw-Tork CAPITAL j JD0,y0l'.
Hou Hugh Wbluj T C Morgan. W ii VaiideuourgB
Isaiah Blood. P J Avery. H D. Fuller.
Alfred Noxon Joshua Mors. Samuel A. House.
MhNoFond. uiffi V Lansing. Robert Blake
HUOH WHITE. PreaiJetit.
ISAIAH BLiJOD. VtcaPrealdeoi.
P J Avstv. Beccetary
and tnvswed. are prepared to INSl RE BldLI'INJS
against has or damage by fire, on the moat reasonable terms
Ail losses promptly adjusted and paid at the NEW-YORJt
JFFICE In uionev currant at the Banks In this dry Local
Retveea: Hou. John Toung. Wm P Miller. Esq 85 OoUJ
at : Joseph W Sa/aga Esq. Messrs Joseph Keu-.lnm A
foL. >l Fr.dt-sl joJ tf.-Kl| JAMES A REUL'A, Agent
?Office Nn fi Merchants' Exchange. Wal'-st N. Y
and 4d Fulton-si. Brooklyn WM. AiLLSWORPH. Pros'I
A.. 0 Brarfcus, Secretary llfaai*
TUTV -$l.^o 000 :-St?tement of the affairs of
York. 35 W i -,:
Wot the year -r\4 -g Jw 31,1S511
Net assets oo hud. Jan. 31. 1850.$991,161 62
Por Premtuma.$454.142 97
For Interest. 60-397 17
For Profit on sale <if I'nited State? and
State of New-York stock?. 15495 24??90,906 38
?1.522.068 00
For Losses paid.f 160,610 OS
For Surrendered Policies. 26,641 23
For SaJarlea. Fh\ slrisns' fees. Stailoo
ery. Printing. Postage, Ac. 21.619 1?
For Commissions, Advertising. Ex?
changes, Ac. 21,279 40-223.679 54
Assets 31st January, 1151.1J29P.3RS 16
aVsSSSS incurred, not yet paid, await?
ing proofs of death. 18J300 OO
Net aaaeu, all Losses and Expenses being
PSJd.$1,230.081 46
invested as rOLLOWS :
In Back of New-York and Cash on
hand. $16,410 9t
In Mercantile Bank, temporary de?
posit on Interest._. 3,688 75
In Bonds ard Mortgages, oo Real
Estate, principally 'n the Cities of
New-York and Brooklyn, worts
double the ernennt loaned.1,128.831 22
In Stocks. I nited States and Corpo?
ration of New-York, cost valae.. 117,919 09
Balance dne from Agents. 26.538 4!M.298,3S8 46
Isaac Abhatt, Sec'y. Charles Gill, Actuary.
Minti rn Post.M.D. Medical Examiner, who attends
at the office dally, from 11 till 12| o'clock.
Joseph Bunt, Counselor 19flwDAltW
COMPANY-Offces 67 WALL-ST and 167 BOW.
ERY.?This Companv. with a cash capital of
and a large surplus, securely invested, continues to Insure
against ,osa or damage by FIRE, on dwelling houses, mer?
chandise, household furniture, and all deaciTpiioas of Per?
sonal Property, on the most favorable terms.
Jeremiah Johnson, William J. Valentine.
Aloi.zo A. Alvord, Jame? C. Baldwin,
Danlfl Barineit, JsyJarvis,
William Wallace, Join S. Harris,
Thon.as McElrath, Robert Barkley,
Luke Baker, Francis A Pa mer,
Jacob Mtlier
Jams- M McLean. Secretary. 3f eodlf
JOFUXSUCODm -m bm sjsSSM otteeapp leeiouulibeMaror
i'1 Jti m ic< Commonalty eftSM Cit> ofNew T:>rk r*la'.i*e to the
IPESI.NO sr.*'ay nr rut-fa r.ioh-r place. known as91eTVtdANT
l<i AKF si sWnsSssSSSSSk Ward -fsaid City Inesukteri'xri.CnK
-.i*?'or*.* 4 BeSSWSSS *nd A.*e**-rient in the e*o*e erVtled natter,
duly appointed 0> ? ru'eof tiie?u,.rerue Court, g..e ivotne, pursuant to
the requirements of an Act o: Uie Leg;?.ature < f the People of the State
;>! New York, entitled "Mm ActSS aSBSad bs Art Kt.tM u Artie
rci . ???<?? I?w?-?:??:? [??-:. ilerl.r to the City of New York
ti. is Art pas** I Apr'l ?,|>i] "pi.wd April %4\ MBS I that tat
abstract of the Ml n.ato and assessment sf Uie Conimie?k>o?ra in toe
arrftr? matter, containing the narr.ee and owners of BBS aSSS SSSSSSSB,
lbs norripera of snch l.<ts aa taey sprear on the reaps ol tbe Com am
??oners, t gather with euch mapa. and me amount ol assessment,
VksSksr I t da-nags or banarit; aadaJeoeJ) the arBda? .U, estimates,
BBSaSksS documents, which were used bjr the Comn..??m?i?ra is
svaA.ua Uieir re;ort, bsreteec deposited .a IksStPSBtCowaMSS SBSf ?
?dies o( Uie C'ly sad County of Saw Tort, for ths mapwti":i ;f
wbomeoe'er it may BSHSSI i there t" remain lor at least sntr da/aba
fore .he Coumiieemnera maketne-r report to uie aaiO Supreme i ejrl
a: tbe time and place hereinafter aieuUoeed. And the nail Coiuiuiss -n
era farther gire notice,pursuant to the requirements of tha Act.ent.tleS
" An Act bi amend an Art entitle! an Act iu relation to tha Collar
hue of AaaaaanjenU sad Tales in tha Cty aal County of N?*/ Yon,
sad for other purpose*, passed May 14. lswfl '' passed May 7. -4 ,
tl>a owner or ownara, orrnpantor occupai.ta of all iiouaea. and in
proved or snimproTtd hind agarted thereby, that t/ ay bars ? t
snrted the r eatima'e and a?ee*?m?r.t; and tbst all per?- ia ewn,
lereata are aSerted thereby, and who majr be opp.*?d to the aan a.
sra reqeated to preeeut their obje. t.ona in wntins t. i. Dela ieM
la : , SSM of Uie as id CoaiunMiouera, at tia place. 4 aBaVBwSS, Bs
IT Wall t'.reet, in the City of Sew Tort, w tu.u tli.rty d?vi froes *.La
Sat* of Una Notice And that the limita embrared by <b a ??aenTieM
are sa fobowa, that ia to say?A!ltho?e hit*, piw ee, or ran^la ol
Isoe, (wLicb will ts repaired to be taken for tiie purpoee or open as
S-.d layin? ont 9tuyraaant aqusre,} and bcandeJ snd deeenbed aa UJ
Iowa, to wit: On the soutbsrly aide by 9iiU>-etrewt, oo the ou'J:?rh;
wdesy Serenth atraet, on the eaate-l> aide by Thini ar?nue, and oi
Ir.e westerly aide by fourth arenue And al??,all the lota, pievee.vi
etrcel? of land front ins on the weaterly eide of gourtli arenue, be
twaen the nnrtlierly hue or aide of Eighth street, and the southerly
Bat cr aide ol fsnUi street, and also, lot No. 74 fourth arenue, si
tee north westerner of Tenth street And also, a>l the lots, p;eree, or
tarrela of land, frontina: oo the easterly line or aide of Fourth arenue,
?twees BSSst place and Ninth street; and also lot No. 67 Pourta
trvnue. And alar,, a!? tha lota, pieree, or psme a of land, fronting oa
lbs weaterly lies or aide of tbe Bowery, between Great Jone? street
tod Aator placej and also, the lota known by the street ???*?? ?*>?
MS, MS. MS tS, 34*, and Bowery. AnA ...... ?II the lots, pieces,
?r parrala ol leads, fronting ol the westerly line or aide of ThirS
sreeue, between Aator place sod Niuth street And also, all the lots.
Kares, *r parcels of hud, fronting on tbe easterly bne or aide as
ird arenue, between Ninth street and Tenth street And the said
Sommieaionese further (ire not ire that their report in the sbore mas
tor will be n.aie sod preeentsd to tbe Supreme Court, at s 9p?cial
Term of tbe said Court, to be held at ths City Halt of tbs City ef
Sew Tort, oo Monday, the 3d day of Marrb, 1 Sol, at the opening ol
the Cc-nrt on that day. or as sooo thereafter as counsel car be
sears -Dated lie Tora, De. euioer 7 1860.
JA.MF.1 H PINKNgr, } Commissioners.
O I It ? or SALK ? Helene BBS Surrogate ol Uie County ol New
fork. In Mas matter ol thr-appm atom .,1 THOVISj H ? DDOOI
the n.or ^sg., lease or sale of the real estate ul eaid int^.tate ?lo
BejaBBBSM e m an order of tl.e Surr-.pste of the Couuty of Nasr York,
made in the sbore entitkr,! matter i a tbe lath day of F?bruarj, IS>I,
Uia UDdrr-tgi.eri, BeiUy lloCerhol, a d..interested I're-hoMer ?e? ap
MBsead to said Surri?at> to sell the retl eatole of said Steplisn kane,
dr<ea>ed intestate, mm ?It at public BBS nun, at tbi M'rihmta' El
cheraa ia tu* Cats of New Tort, on the sevruth day of Apr i. ISA at
hkaBal at aooassi tkalSay, ski that cerUir, bo t.? a <f lot of lanj
sit'af, l> lug an? t?irg latMWktth Ward ol tie City of ,N?w fork,
Bej aeVBttatl BBBVt sasSpSS*jreesassslTsssaaSOrsasiwi batrwisi
gtas cs ssstsrn fwesSf-sas 'e*t, b\SSMawrtlawly S.rty eig^it
sii ir.i! *. ; ti.cui e ?estrr'j twratr one f?"t, one and a half
im h?a. I Grs n? SSS s'r. et; I he: r? southerly along <,reenw., h ?tr~>t
f..r y one 'set . t ... t t ? place ol neginmag -siltjert, nensr'he
le-s to the BSB of a reitSBS B* rtj.^e tewHwea, made o> the .* I
i ? K u.?, I - ! -*t.n.e I.ifSSSSaSS I K;iap| . to eerura the p^.ineut
? i tkesassel BSSJbO, wstk BSawsat Asm, ?11 Uiit ntbar hou?. ai.1
lot til Isad ?Staats ? BM SaaHl War* of daS City et New York bsgia
uin^ :tt a i t .1.? es.'rrl, h'e i f H ids m street, distant rift) an
le?' n .rti rr'j SjoSB Iks SI rtbSBSt esfBM sf JsBS and HuiImih -treets ;
rui,:. r.f 'l.-u, s -.?..'..?r'y tsfn*) two fret along the esKtsrly ?ide of
ISJaS ? H s?es *s-*erly and paratlelwitb a aoutherly lot
BMSSBB BSkwtl SSBSfw BSStl BBSaea aouther'y two fer?t; ti,*n,-e
??-t?r>) s..d Barsl alwtu ?s t s k?St*s I ?<? twei.ty e ght fewt; tneore
aeSllkeilj and | aralM with MaSBwa alrret twenty feet ; theo. ? weat
erly and paral'-l ?. ..,,! .1,!, ,1: . Und snty two lee: U> tha pis :? of
???. inc. aaajaet,tsevsttliaaiSS. U tl.e lien of acerts.n m rtgage
rr.sdr b> tl e >ai I Mepi i-n Hat c. in l.ia h.-tc ?,t . th- 'Jr??'iwi h SsV
Inga Bs k.ti secure !h" paymetfof ths.'on of ihre*1 thousand d A
i- * tkBHsrass Tnssfass akk si aadsjasiilsr lliii siirnirtinsnrss
? raid two lota of land belonging ?Date! Serw Y rk, F'bruarv 17th,
^^? rsBiiti.riatitai ia ClsdSsss. IM BumdBay IMta
\ oIiCE 19 HEREHV GIVEN tnat I shall apply to tha Legiala
.s r. ? . ststr oi New Vor? on the rierenth Isy of Mtrcti, A 0.
1SSI,lueBfaSSBSSIBBSBtSSSBaSStSseftS me ol all fight, title and in
trr.st n ti e following dem riued premises, acq ored br the asid State
t) IhS Seath of Arthur McCartsr. de, ea.rd, t i All thoie rertain ail
SdSb,ess or parrel, ol tana, situate l>ipg and being in the Twelfth
Ward oi the City of New fork, rouided t. gather end roota ung as
follows to wit Corioi.ar.-i. g at the point of intersection of the west
ei ly sake of tbe Bkximiogilale Koau an I tha northerly aide of dereuty
kwVSSSB i * * tli) street and rut,n.i.< tl,eu.a a .r*Ji weaterly along Uie
outtbs I) side of said Sereuty seveitb (aa Uie same is intended here
arter Sstreet one hundred and thirty MS leet fire inrbea, thence north
SSwBsi \ina hne st r ght anglee with Sarei.ty aereuth street one hun?
dred BMS, UwMSM uorth ?eslerly, parallel with Sereoty aerentb street
twenti Mre leet. and SBSBBS north easterly on a Lee at right anglee
with aa d Srre.ty aerentb -treet forty swren feet hi inctes to tu?
?< rlh eas'sr'y bonr dary hne of the property of said Cornelia MirCar
t?r. tl an, a ?.,iitn BJBSSStff SlSBSJ said buuodnry line on a hoe parallel
wiUaaja Savant) sereeth street oioetv oue feet eisbt and a half
inr'aa U> tbe westerlr etce of tbe BloornogJae Road, an! thence
?. U erly along the weetarhjr aide ol as.d Bl ~ in Dg-<ale Road to the
nortrerl) side ol 9erenty sereoth street tre ptare of beginning,
k pettier with one half ef Seveol) eereoth street to tbe center tnereot
0| p- site and ad'oiamg to said l- ia and wh.cb aa d Iota, pieces or par
tela of latd are mentions and deairibed in a certain cooreyaace
there* I,eiecutee) by Cornelia %? Carter, widow of tt? sad Arthur
Met arTer, iieceaaarl, to Jacob W Trpp. ol the City of New York,
bearing date Uie tweo'.y IskS day of eh tober, one thousand eight ban.
ilrwd and f. it, Ihre?, and reo rded in the OS. e ol the Kessler ol the
City and Couity of New York m L ber four .'.udred SJvf m.rty ume
C ronrai ar raw. page three hundred and one, nn the thirteenth day
ol Noreo ?er, on* Utouaand eight bnodred and lortr three -New
York. JaLuar) il, 1861 [if lawriwjat P. J. BONEITEEL
aOHEKirr'S SALS ?By rirtue nt an sbmbsbmbi to me directed
Oai d del vered. > Will eipoae to sal* on Saturday, the Svth dar ef
March. 1*61, at the veal.bale of th?Cit> Hall of tbe City of S-w
York, at IS o clock M , all the right. tUe and interest of 'oiHl'A
IN K KHI1.I. whn 1: Le bad SB the 1st d?y ol Augtut, 1SS0. or at
any kk ie altarward. of. in and to thai following described property, to
? it. Ali that I ertain lot, p e, r er [ an el of ground situate, ly ing and
bring n um Nn.th Ward i f tl * C,t> i I Sew York, be.ng part of two
lets of gri und numbered I S3 and ItM on a map of property in the t>
i mitt ol Bleecber street ic tbe E ghth Ward of the City of New
Tora, hek nging to A L Becker HBStv tke SOtk Septeejaer, 1?I4,
hv Ste| hen I.udlurn, City Surveyor, now on lile in tbe Register**
Oflki?beginning at * point twauty e.ght leet s lUtb-westerly fre-a
ahSSSSSBMS ) < o. ner of Laurena strert and Atr.it> lane, ro called, a.4
ruoniigtiiea e along Laure-a atraat t?r t, I re it-;, thence oa s
1 tie p.rallel with Sleecter *tr*et ssrenty lire feet, thence on a 'me
paranei w.tn Lauren, itran tb.rt) two i-rt, tli^rice stoi g ls?ait| bane,
so < ailed, four feet two n i bee.thence < n a Ii e pars'.a! w th Lsu ena
a.jaet .a- artaen'm: three n. nee then on a lue parallal w h K n.tv
BBSS IBkrtj lo-.r f-wt ?,.ir inches, then on a line parallel w th. BW?*r
sriaat :i ' ? . ' lea* ? t - piw ' ? ? - law t be the saose moreo.
laea, ain.rd ig to s reap si hta Nu?. IM sad IM. SB B aap ei A L
Be, ?? - :? !. . a-e tv Stapheu Lud i as, City Sun ey .r *-w
MS, fid- - DataJ FrO
Ita sad CvsansssBaJk, I'-,
111 'M?.5 iltM.M -
Bi i i"i i * <>f rail sTAit
ora, l.aiitaaa. left of km and
PI 11 rt W R tUt:Lit r
? .a ?> ?.f Feoruar). l tbe yrar ol ?SM fj$g4 cue thou*4a* e
bnodred and fiity one, and of ear IndepeurJer. a tha .arenty Sfth.
SftawSwS J G SlirH. I Bl
f|tHI I toy I L or ralTsTATaVN >e.VV l'?Kk. By the g
J, Frwsand Indapeatfeot : Tonil persaaja uitereete? in
J* >lfc? \v hl-.Hr.
V .so ar.j Heory W.ie a.aaEiecuturs.t ti.< Lsst Willsnl
TeataneLt of ?Bsi Je eaeed. , _
' r?*l ? -) W ? .r?..i, W e hare caused the Seal of OtkVe el sa d
S.rngate to be hereunto aJiel Witseee, Ai?ian.?r V\
BracfTrd.S-.rri^ate^ our .* d County, at ?i? C.ty of Horn
i a T.rk.ehe 1st day > f Octo'-?r m the rear o! our taad une
thoaisard eight 'undraw ant lay.
ttllawtwS' I ts BRADFORD. Surrogat?
_ Notae .heresy gi'ec thai the lobowios R?eolut*os has Sswa
?Soptad by the Cooumuc Conaol I ReeoNed. Aal Tlh-it osy ?itewdeS
to the eiter.ir line oa tbe eaaterl; a,de of Tuoat kine at | I
oa f ksa, w.th s block oa tke outer end, ander the airectj c cf aa
Street aswBMBBBBBM nod that the Street Commawiorjer grre islxt
Sn tne grasteee or owner* 4 the land lying unSer wntev onbridh sides
0/ 7th st to make 7tt-et. to the elter or hoe asauose Suractert, and ,s
?crordsns-e wtm too prrrrisions sod cc reraoU >u Um graata to sasd
tywners, bus* by the Ms, or, AJderraan ax? Coaanona tr a: u.*
Cty of New York A Sorted by the guard of AsssMnat AJaVarwaa,
So*. 13, 1SSO. Adoptee 0) L*e B, aru cf AJsemaac, Dax Ii. IBV -
Assnen* ad ky the) Mas or Dec 1?. isft. _
lfcc la. ISSO. ttUSSss] /<JHJI T DODwS,
SlPNU COVVf1, Ki>r> Cnrifrty-Jitzas* Wfwvl- rl.rT.tfT,
? ufswut Abb Draln|,j.i|u IVwUn? Joee** ?eee*tt sad Mary
Atn Bennett. h? wife, Astbne) P-w ar. Cather-ne Do? is; ace
Rcaaauft Do?liac-?aauButi tor Rrt.l ?To JOH? DOW
, LlbG, r*M nf~ lb* de*?r??ai* Tin arc eereky tuovu.ied
sod required to eeewer the rtsnplaiet in tb.? act-*, ?ach
we* tiled .a Iba oAVw of Iba Cask of the C'.oaty *
a! Break tyn. oa tea ttW day af January. 1*1. and bo taXM ?
nyy of yrur answer to Um ?ad corolla nt. on tiia e?Sacrv.er*, at
their vmrm No. la Wal' atrwwt, in th* Cur of Na? fit.?ill? iw?w
ty dst ? a tar t*? sect tea of that iuaa<?i ? a ?ou, MM 11 -
day ol ?Mb **mc*, and if foa fail to saiwer u? at:' ?oaa| '?> St
With,t th* tm* sfor?>Mid,th* p'aint.ffin this ac'tea trill ap^lr : MYS
Cnan lor tb* reratf dann****** n tha rcmpterrc ?I sabs*. Janus-,. It,
I1*! IrMawr.ws BARNARD * fAKiuSJ Fit. fa A'
M GRaH?H.-To Will am M Orate Sk Taw ar* n-reo.
?umnxmed and required to aaawar tha cumo'ajat la that BJBaaa,
wbsrt wa? tmm in Iba ottke of Uta Clara ol Um City t?J C-hi t;
?>( Haw Tort, at tha CM> Hall, ia tb* C ty of New Tort, on r*
twentest*- Hay ol ?erirntry, 1*1. e*? a* w*a ropy 0/ roar answer tu
stud ct4XipW.Lt oa lb* subernbers al taeo <aBce number Mt*oU ta^yl
Naseae strset in the City New Tcrk, w.ttit tweotj iajt Most UM
?erne* *f tb ? tun.mont on pea, eicfesrre of tb* day of rieb ?sr?? a;
and if fno fad to anawar tb* sa d complaint trnhia to* ti n a>ara.*i 1,
ti>* plainldj ia tin* act.01, ".II tat* aaajHBSal *<a.i.?i roe for ti.t ? ?
?f on* hundred and f..ur dollar* and salty rants, w.th maiai Vn
ta* thirtieth Jay ol Pe-ember, 00a thousand *?ht hundred sad tly,
???????aa Uia casual IJai* Ktioe.?Peted N*w Tort. Ftbntrv, t*u,
fl; liwf-aS- Cut Ci ti ?rMi-,'??..m ?
BT ORDER of Um H a. Daniel Hawks. C >on y tw*f* ..1 to*
Cimaty of CoHaad. Bot.ce m her?*, ?'?en purautot to the pas
vistocs al the statuta author t.rur atlachii.*ct* s^ai^.t los-oadi..,:,
coor-*al*d and oon res'dert debtors thst an sttt B*s1 ' v. lasawa
BJBI Btt in**stat* 01 PHll.o t MiKiKE and HlKaa atOStBUt,
raaid*otj of lb* Stat* ol Ms b<sn, and that tha saw* w,u b* sal I luf
th*p*)n*at of tks r d*bt*. us ats that BPptBt ai-J taaawajarata
attarhmsat.accorJirjto law, w tb<a nil.* m aiths fro a An' f B)
licauoa ol tbis Dotic*i aad tbat tha pa?m*nt of ta? il?5U t it to
tr*rr. by rssidmts of this ttata, an.I tha d?.iv*rjf to th?oi or lor timr
'is* of any pmpart* within this tut* b*i >nfia*; to Bat n, ana In*
trar.pisr ?' any sorb prop*'ty b? lh*ni.sr? foraud** by Its. and ai*
v?id.~ I'tUd ih* Hih day ol Eabruary. IBM.
, ?! ltw <mS Attornays f.ir Attat biaf Craditor.
IB PL1 Kit ABCB of an order of th* Snmifau of tb* C?an?y*f
>*w Tork.ootjc* w b*rwb? |i?*nto all iwraan* ha*inj rbure* s^a oat
JOHN HUIO'RT. ktU of th* C.tv of S.w Tort, j?r?a**o, ?? sr?
?rat th* ssh.s with Lb* too. bar* sb*r*of to th* soasenbar, at ha
oaV*. 1*4 Elisabeth ?tr**t, it. th* City ol B*w Toft, oa or b*f*ra
tb* ninstswnth dar of May n*?t? Data.1 t*w Tort tb* tftawath Jaf
of ft*.*nit?r, IWW Al.K\ tM'f k HOKNHT,
nil lawnmS" Adm oiatrator.
I !t Pl'KSL'AbCE ol aa ord*r ml tb* turnirau of lb* Coaaly ol
iBsw Tort. wUsn h*r*by <iv*n tosllsart. basic* dainaa tat.nsl
JOHN B SfRAl'ME. ktU ol tba C.ty ui Naw Tort. J*w*lar, istaa
?d, to piasrat th* s-on* wrlh soucbar* tbaranf to tb* sot>scnb?r Jal
bat stora Bo. til Ok illia.ii strwat ia lb* City of N*w Tort, on or
b*for* th* Tscth it} of Marth. ocit-IHud B*w T.irt.th* Vvhsay
of 9ratotttHW,186f [?7 lawaroS'] Jt'UA.N DROZ, liacutor
?B|Pl.'KSDANCE of aa ord*r ol tb* turn^at* of UM County of
I Maw Tort, antic* 1* h*r*by ftttu to all parsons batisa ta.31*
ara.nst JuiHl A CPLVEK. Jr lau af tb* C ty of **w f ort, da
c*as*d,to pr***nt tb* saata wrtb ?onca*rt th*r*of to th**un*crb*r.*t
his oftc*. Bo. IM Front ilrttt, in Iba City of S*w Tor?, aa or Miora
U.s s.<l,t**i U. day ol April n*lt?DaUd N*w T rk, t..* *.*>*oth
day of O. tob?. 18W [oil'.awflmt] R. PAINE, Administrator
?N PURSUANCE ol an ordar 01 tha Surn?ata of tba Co .nt, ol
RNaw York, aotica a> b*r*ti> <r sn to all part, os bat rj olai tutri jl*l
AN PRE W WALLACE, l*t* W thaCityol N?w Tork, d*vwas*d, k*
Sr***st th* tan?a with 1 on. hart th*r*t>f to th* ?'ibai'nb?r, at b*t rast
aat*. N*. ft I Stantun -trwst. in th* Ctt) of N*w fart ka k* h*fnr?
th* third Bai "I Mar. b mm%- s'atad New Tork.th*>Kbdayof Auoat.
I860. [au31 lawm'S] ELIZABETH WkU.ACF Els. .'.- 1
\lOTlCE IS HEK' HT GIVEN, ruxordn? to law. to alloars.^?
II hat ma claims s<a am \\ \ N t*. r BKRH IT, lata ol tb* lava of
N?w I tre. ht K.r.rt Co'ir.'y, da. *aaad, that th*y ar* r**u>r*l la *I
hibit th* sama w ti ihs tourbara tharsot', t? tha tubaa ribar, at ha rra
idsnc*. in tiia said town ol N-w l ira, hi, on or h*lor*tb* 1.rat dsy of
July nait-riaud D?*mber iL lWO.
die law.,i?-S ALBERT V B RENN ET, Administrator .
lyoTICE IS II FKK BT OIVF.N. MSWlSaaa to law. u< ah partooa
11 hatinc claims afainat Capt, CH K Hl I 1 X in "/ELP. lit* of
th* City of Brooklyn, Kino County, d*.'*as*d, that thsy trw taouirad
toatamtttw ?am*, with tha tnuchari thsrmd, to OEoKllE A.
tUOUHOBAJLatMata)Wistatt at 1 ail, alaaCitf al Raa York,
on or bafor* tbe first day of Auj i.t n?m t)at*d Jai.uary ka, imAI.
ill IswfmSst El.I/ A M M ?iNSPIELO, aVaaaa ttratrn.
Ill PL'RSCANCE of aa ordar of tha SarroraU of th* County af
Naw York BattSS is h*r*ky airaa t* all parsoas 'us. itn> s
acainst U||.(.|tM Wil l lABW, 'at* of th* I ty ti Naw Tort,
Ja<*aa*d, to prssant tb* sain*, with faaataat Uiaraof, to-Is tib
srnbsr. at Da ia* danra ol Twke*vr* Clark. No ^ Kaasi atrswt, <n
D.s fti 1 Paw Turk, on or txfor* tb* SaWaatt da? of August
n*it,- Pst?-' "isw Tort, th* ?s?*r.'h day af Fatraarr, ISBt.
?1 laataa*! lOU tl.l.atr. staasataa
|N Pt'RSUANt'E ol laaraa* of th* Snrront* of th* Coonty ol
I Naw York uotic* is har*by <n*r to all paraona hating claiux
kjairiat HENRY KL'NDLE, laU al tba City of Naw York, ^r.a*r,
la *a?*d, to prstant th* aania w-tb th* toui h*rs U>*r*of to th* tub
srrfbar, at bis r**id*nc*. at Parti Sal*m, ia th* Coonty <>f W*sfu h**
Mr. t u' suu oi Naw fork, on or SSSMI tu* uu'h day of Marek,
??IL- Paled Naw Tors, Ua anth dt? o' S*pUuib*f 1
s71sw?ltrJi' FI.'iVP KF.EI.EK. AdrtiioiatratOf
IP PTJtUTOAJH F. of an onlar of the Sumirata of tha County of
Nsw Y r? not at it hsrshv (ivao to all orsnna havin*; rlaiuM
k-ca-nt HLOli H.N.N. BBS ol Ui* CftJ Mf Saw York, im *aja.t,t*
prawaat tba same, with Mini hart thereof, to th* subsenbsr, at h*t
r*ti??n<a. No w. Canter atrwet, in tha City of N?w York, on or ba
Tora tii*tw*:ith day of May.?Patad Naw York. Uth aay of Oi loatti
tarVl. [alt UwSeat"] CATHARINE FINN, Administratrix.
IN I'l'lUL AM E of an alBSt llf IBBlBIIMSBS of Uia County ol N*ts
ETork. soties is haraby gntn to all paraona hasios tla.u ?
arauiit ANGEL JACOBS, Isle ol tha city of Naw York, J*w?l*r, oa
caaaad, to p-essnt lb* umr with rpaCBBfl thareoi ka tha tulai r.retrs.
tt th* r*a.der,c* af Pati.l H.rt, lt.. v, Mowsnl ?trewl, m UM my of
r.a? klare,oa ti hafor* th* sevanth da, 11i Jaly oast. Dated N*w
Ttrk, tba 31 day ofJauuury, idol. DAVID HAKT, En-, .tor,
j?4 lawbm'S KACHEL JACOB*, Ei?, itrn.
ClOKPOKATION NoriCE. -fuolic uotic* .t b*r*by ?it*a. to UM
/owner cr owners, occupant or orcnpanU of sll bout** and roU, 110
protcd nranimpmvad Is-..It, afTst-ud thereiy .that th* ?'?.I'owrit *???**
atenta hate sBSBSaaa^Wtad bv the Ataeaaora.and aralo-l^ed 111 thaolHc*
of th* Bureau of AssessSsatSS fur (lain.nat.oo. by all parsons mUrtMl
sd,tn: Fur Mttiss curi sod (ut>r stones,and IssjpBB a SBBCB< f**t
wide throiirb the ttdewa'kt of t.d tt beten Mb and ?0i att Tb*
limits emarai *d by sash Assa-s nenl 11? I nla all th* s*t*ral b uiaa* and
lots of aroiiad, tacant loU, past** and pan-als of lsnd,situtt*d onlxitb
sidssnfltd mree', StAwsSa Mh and Hth attnust and on both sidaa
of Broacwar aad 7th svsnua, between 41st aad in street*. Al.
parsons whoa* inter**u are ailerted by th* above named tsssas
menu, and who are opposed to the tame, or either of them, tra r*
quset*d to pisMi,t tbair obi*i tioos, in trr tin#t to th* jndersicuad, at
their oft.ee. No 4 Hall of Ka* orda. within thirty da', a from tha lau
or this notice SA.H I hi. h. uk suit, rKA!tCI9 fllCHOUON,
ISAAt ws SMITH. A.aea.ort Ollis. Burssa of AiMttrastits,
Street !>?; tri *; :. Fall IB, ISSI tof 10k
CtOKPOKA THIN HI/TICK ? robin- eaSaM is hereby gnas. (?? the
/otiar or ntntrt, assapaal or sssaaaatS of sll H.uae* and Iaiu
improve I or uii.iiipro?*d l^tndt, a.Te, t?l tuareby, Uiat the followiruj
AtsesamsnU have b**r.completed by lbs Aas?,sort, and ar*lodged il
th* 1 fr. e of the Bureau of asssasmarjta for examination, by sll par
so- a .nt^rea'sd, sail Fo. |a, irur frost walk at ths corner ol 1 loraslMSad
tth .ta ta r a. (Torna ta tt. llie linn's ariibracaxl h) sich k,*eaarn*-4
include all tht severs' Houtae and Lots sf (troua*, ?ai tut Lois. (.????
Sat pari SM "' Latd. situsted on both sidae ol Coroal s strwat, be.
tw??B 4'h ttra-t. sid a line are nit *VI l??t westerly ts?r?
In ui, 11.1I is Iis ?satar'y .nie ol 4th ttreel, MltHfg Ml at.
sad a 110* Wilt feet ioitl,*ily from Corns at s'rtsL All paramos
are all., ird by the ska a BtkBS I BaaassaSS ta, ami
wboar* npjM,.-.' Il tb* tame, or ailiisr .il tbem, tra r?j letted U
, ,?.., ? 11 ?., abjei lisas, a wntior;, t? 'ht underti^-iad, t. the r orSi*
So 4 Hall of Rs.or.la, a il 1 h r-.y dsyt from the tat* of tut reatr*
SM'iH. aaStaSM-Offii?, Pi.raasof Asa* tmenU. Straet Depart
arsat, f?o. ra, Isbl . iir
CSUKPORATIOP NOTICE - Public .otic* .* h*r*t,y K,t*n. to Use
/ usr.tr ur ownara, occupant or occuoauU of all Bous** iui tola,
Skprasat a is Skat >td 'andt, tfwtad thsrwby, that th* 'ol'i.wioe
a.*tsaaiiiei ta i t>s ?**n l ompattatd by '.k* AsMstwr*, and tr* aKored >a
Hat ?Bleeol th* IarOBS of AtiemneoU for ?lammatem *] aBuerano*
11 kSSSStad, tit For Isj r.( s truss ws'k ,n Twenty ninth st bsSwtea
NmOi and Tsnth atSLun, opposite the Shiloah Bsp'.ist Church The
l.m tt ambrai *d by tu. h asatttttsat >m I id* ail Has ittsral houses
SLf lots of paaal, taitnt lots pis*** and par a 1 ?I Isnd, situated
or. satt ""let af Tw?!,ly 1 1 .th tt between Ninth stsor* and s lias
BOS .'att wtttsrl)' lmti*'n,m. All parsons wh. SB ioUr*sU ar* sl
I. rted by the snot* asm*d tsssssmer U, and who sre opposed ta
BfcS "tue or a t er ii fen ais ?s-tusated to pressnl t ?
tions, iu writuujto ths nnoarsujosd. at lh*ir osfrs. No 4 Hill of
Kstordi. with.o thirty days lror-j the daU of Ui* sotea?oa.-e,
Bureau of Ass**am*nU, Str**t Department. Feb. I 1, laSI -SAW
SMITH.A*M*sors. SOT lot
CCORPORATION NOTICE. - Puhl? unit* 1* hereby girsn to the
/owosror owners, ociupsbt ororcnpsnis of sll House* and LoU,
improved or ui.niprorcd l^r.da, sis, t*d U.*r*by, that tba foi'.'owio*
asisairoecU hsv s BBSS SSBBjaBBB by tne Aaaessora, sod ar* lodr**
in th* oAr* of the Beress of twsssisinU t?r examination by all per
sons interested, SStl For building a sewer ia tilth st from th* Sta?
ll, I to the Tb.rd t'scues V.t tin tt sinbrs. ed by such Assessment
irxlbd**!! U>* SStsrsJ bsasss sod BJBI sf rruuod, vacant lots, piec**
si. I i>art-el* of land. ?tasted on both tldss of Suth st b*tw**a Sec
nod end Third atennet; on th* easterly aid* of Third av*nu* aad
westerly t rlet/ii Second ttenue, between Fin and Siath *w**u, and
on Lb* ssstsii) 1.da of Hall st. betetsa l.itb add Sevenihtla. All
parsons white inurwtt sre affecUd by tb*sbut* named A* seas menu,
aar who ar* opposed to 'ha same, or either of them, are r*qu*st*d to
present tbear 1 bje, ions, 10 wntuuj to th* aaderayrtiad. al their Of
???*, No. 4 Hall of Records, tnthm thirty daye from tba data of this
WM SMITH. A.~es*ors Oflic*. Burssu ?I Aj?essoMnU. Street
Departnetct, Feb. IV, Ibftl. BOf 10t
CORPORATION NOTICE.-Public SSBkta is bsrsSy (.tea, toUM
owTMf or cwDsrs, occapsnt or oeransnU of tli hoiu** sad lots,
tr*prot*dor animprcrt** lands, started leereby, that ths 'oBowins
Ass***ui?tt* bit* be*n run.p.*t*e by to* Atsstt rs, and ara I'-lft
Is tbsoScs of the Burssu ol As**MtxieuU for *ianiu?atiob by all per?
son* inUrasted, tri- F r:. . 1 ,t s Sewsr . CrXatbt st frors s point
lit) fest loith o( Boastoa-st, to and thio?ujti Howard st to ths
Mwerib Broadway Th* limit* sakteassd by such Astsaa-naat ia
dud* a!' th* several bouses sad luts of rreund. vacant loU, pisce*
and pan al* of land, sitaatad on both sides of Howard ,1 betw**a
Mr sdws> t: d Elrr. iL | oa bolb t.d?* f Crosby st. b*tws*m How
srd end Heuttin SBS |SB tte wederl* SktSef Ebn sad M trios tU.
b*tw**d hn< r?* ar.d Prrc* tU ; on the easterly site of Melon st.
fiooi lt>4 feet Seatbsl Prince at. Is its mariterly latrmiatiioa ; os
las wr.Ur y .ide^l Mulberry tt. betw**D Prn-c* sod Houttos Stt. I
?c both sisat al tsrsad, BwOeSSS ?ad ?pno?; t a setw?*n Broadway
s-.d Elrr .t , ntn'l SSSBtal FataSBBBa southerly a dt sf Houst a
s'? letw^e H-rtiiety t .d Mufcerry sl ; and aoth a.d>t of Jersey et
beiw?*? Censaj and Mulberry tls All pars.ns ?rtoae muresu are
aff*,ud ky the above named assessment* and who ar*opp<m*d t-i Um
mum, or eithar of then, ar* r*rjuested to prateot tb*ir ? biwtaoos,
is writir* loth* and^esnoer;. tt BaSSrsSBta, No. 4 Hall ml fU-oilt,
w,i, r tSir'y dayt irom th- 'sta of th a sota* SAMI'EL H DC
' las Saasas ?.' Ast??m*nta, Street PaplSSataal Feo .-.-?>,
Pat 1 1
Ae*e?oai,'.?, i[?sm, ara oppieted t. i.? .sin* cr*ith*r of them, a
re* to arc-eat their ot,*. tarns, swriir etot e taaaa^aasa,
te rortie No 4 Hal'o' BwtStwS a??? ? t)i ?ty days from las da
rf Uiisai-ice. S 4 "d 1' F L H I'F. MUT FRSjtCfl HCH'IfX'ri
I<A'( WM FMITH Jt.eaa.rt Of! ?. B .reau o( lieaiti-i
S'rae' |iap*e?,-,?b |y, |ar,|. 19 lOt
CtoKf iRaII.jN NU I ICE ?f -ibbe BSaBWds kvereoy a.?*u. IB tl
Scwtttr or owaera, occapsuit or ucAipeot* uf t?l Housea 4Ud !?
Iapr"?*d or ao.B proved Leeds, aBwSSSt tb*/wby, Lksl La* loiV.wu
Aaesse-iisarUht't been computed by the Atweeenn, s? 1 sre l^tr<
ae tod pan als .f Land,
tnd nth at* and on bosk
nerton* who** iritesaxsts
.m' IT o, a IPOU.'Mi H.r.V.n I - 4 4C SMITH Aesewsora
OB.* Bureau of Asstavtr.iar u, ft'set DaoarUtMot, Fee- If,
tif I._ SBf lOt
STREET DBF ARTMEBT No. s. Hall of JUec*-**-Peei? aotet*
is uereoy (ivae that the f-dluwinc Btiofntun be* bees sdsaltl
cy toe O ccatua Council Resolved, Tbsl Ue Gap is la* Buabaa'
oa the NorU Stiver, between I Jib aid 14th ??? be bait up uid?r t
dirt.tioeof th* Street Coeasssfetoaer, and tbat tb* siptwt* tier.
Btt. IS sir wad th* sum of twefte bundrad do Sara, eetekaa frotn ? ?
spprottrata.? for See k* sad the*, tmst seeeaet. eed mi ease ? e
ewrert of the lets tmntief oe said baBbrad, at the Istteea sf s ><
s-,u. after the uaual serai ooGre lesieof. beat*; five* M thaws by Sat
luset Coanavuw.coer.abal tat*lacI er refaee to isatetnn.fr the C -
pcrats.e for itisiih lart-rred ia buuvoes op Mid baBbset. to at I t
c utavel to the Coryorat?? be, tad k* it ban if i re. ra* to Ua* ?
(*l eweearti to eat n t teat recover frow the Mid parte** ar art ear
St th*. the inmii.1 ol eipensee so i*curred A lop tad bp IS*
Board . . Atsietsat Al'ertnen. Pe. tt, IfW) Adopted by the Boir4
of Aware,*-. Jea. IT, test irp"?ed by ins Msyor Jan S3, tstd
Tf tan JOHN T DOOwl, **-' " .
MANKIND, it is mty bt divided
Into three dis?ntt r.t$*m those v? h>> wo too etisb
born lo abandon error. B?en aftsr conviction . Ukase wteo
are SB t?u:iih> as 'o be easily deceived . an4 those who are
poweMed of good coaimufi sense and use if to the beet
?d van tare.
Ii U very dinVuii to correei the age.), aad to Induce p*e>
pie to adopt iror prir rjplea. who revere the errors la wbJca
they have crown grey.
Philosophy, wisdom and liberty, support <>aeanother ; tat
who will not reason ta a fanatic . be who cannot reason) la
a fool; he wto dare not reason ts a slave
IlldajWry, welldlnsctrel, wt!l gives mat. a coti.tw^ocy ka a
few >rar?' The greatest loduairy misapplied la useless
The thorteat and surest way to live with: honor la she
world, la to he in reality ? hat we would appear to he.
He who r ever change* any SB Bit opioions, never oar
rectaanv of his mistakes
" Perform fea/lesaly what too beieve to be right.'
'? Heevan helps those who help tteaiaelvea"
\r B. PAL.MKrTS American New?
* paper Subscription and Adveitlsinsr Aganey,
NEVV-YORK?Tnhtiue Buildings.
BOSTON?Seoliay's Building, Court-street
PHILADELPHIA?N. W corner Third sad Cheauwl
Embraces aoet ol trie beat Comnerc:a., Political, Bast
gions, Literary. Scientific, Congreasiona), Legiaiau*?, Rev
forniatorv, and Agrtculiaral Journals. Prices Current, kc.
tn the I t,,ie?i States. British Provinces. Vr for witch half
the duly appointed Agent, and for which he a sp*>-ia.ly aa.
Uionxed by the Proprietors to receive and recetp-. for *ie
sefiptions and AiMsertlBOSBSBk. t tbrre'.v affording every ta
ciltiy lor the tranaactum of buslne** with tbe beat an I most
Widely circulated journals ol all the clues and prtncSsTSa1
tow rein ihecountrr
tV Having m connect'on with any other persoa la Jaks
Agency, all orders shouid be specially J) reeled to V. B.
Pai Mta. -
The P*r*s??? Tseawteer of mtnd seer asmd. lots.-*. aaSW
be mvllifltt>i \r,d</in%lri\, '
V. B Pai.mib. the Agent, ta prepared to give as] rav
quisitt iiiforniatioti on tbe subject or' a complete systers sf
advbbtisims la the aasrararaas of the ooetrrav.aaf sssd
He l-eiir\es that the material affairs of business tTansss
ll> us Mtflt be aided and sustained bv a proportionals exer?
cise of Intellectual enemy, and this Intelleciual eerrtT
sho I keep pace w .th lbs fs. uties by whish the MMaal
affair* of bu>{ur-ss are ad vanred
Every ore IS now obliged, !l he would keep pare srlSh
the times, to aid his physical exertions In trade, or wtiaterar
busines? I e mav >e engaged in, by due rwcourw to AvtB)
?leans by which his business ptOsTsMOf) msy become gna
eral'v known. This is the Intelleeiual part ol his hua'nesa.
anti the preas IS the great medium through which it must,
at i1 e present day, be developed
Now ?-,!?>. new sparer, sr.-?' -"'lee.l t\r ard wide; I hear
are read by ail. and aflord the emlv vehtc:?T>v which iwea
snd establishments become generally known At the prat
ei i *mj, aa yet, this engine of Intel geoce has not as,
tracie(| ?iientioi. commensurate with roieinporery irnprova
niema, simply because the material of business is morspat
pable and taiiube. ami it artel BS Bad* by ilegrees that She
pow. r of the preas srtll l>e n.-knowedgeo as equal to that of
steam for the furtherance of buslt ess enterprise.
Tbrcngi tine Agency, a regular, safe, and systems*)*,
means Is afforded to the busineaa commonly of giving no
tor rlv abroad to their res|>er res pureu'te, to fee:.lusts)
which, and to SsTord ihe oppnrtunitv for making a ludintotaf
aeiecilon. a compiei? List of Citlra m A Towns in whtett
New -r"l*rs are published, will lie furnished, gratis
It presents a convenient and complete opportunity for
pul .ishit'g a l1. er'lseinei is in Htiv i.ion'.er ol the beet aad
most w ic. In cirrn Hti d ew -. apt is of the dlffereat cities
snd tow na throughout the v. hole country, at the publishers'
; a ssl rates, with die leasi possible tr?>uble and with use
greatest dispatch.
A business man msy learn throu.h this Agency iu-l whsvt
|lMI1 als to ailvettlse fri. to reach effectively andchesply BBS)
sriilon? wherein Ms trade inn) be extended.
Theniivertiser is suv.-d the lalMir ol correapondlug wKk
the seversl papers, ihe BZpe*)SS of posuge. and much Bnae
snd perplexity lu the settlement of hills. Beside this hecsa
know when his account u ?eitle.I, and no apprchenstoa
need I e entertained of ihe DO BBSIW annoyance oi bills hsaflf]
presented after laving been or.ee paid.
A circun speci atnl d'scriinlnatlug choice of places aSaf
thel^et selection of papers can be had, suitably adapted IS)
various business pursuits? enshltng persons to advertise)
Judiciously, edertlvr ly and safely.
The ken psper? of all sections of the country are on Us
at the As-iney, for the Inspection and examination of um
Pspers containing advertisements are forwarded to ad?
vertisers, and all requisite attention given to lasure geaersj
Adveriiaeinrrts are carefully and skillfully writte?, witaV
out charge, for those who are not experienced In the arts
and improvements suggested in stick as are written by aa
practiced lands
A single copv of Hn advertisement only Is required, fros?
which a stirhclent number are printed la such style as asV
vertlsers wish to have them appear tn the papers.
The Agent is duly empowered to receive subacripUoaat
and advertisements at the publishers' lowest rates.
He Is authorized |o make contracts, and his receipts SB'S
regarded by tbe proprietors as payments.
His extensive connection In business, his experience end
prsctical knowledu-e, his long established agency for the
best new apapers in every part of Ihe Uni'ed Slates, and has
systematic manner of advertising, whether on a large or
small scsle, quality him to impart valuable practical In/or
marlon, which Is cheerfully communicated.
s^ To public institutions, reading rtMims. clubs, he. at
well as to individuals, In all parts of ihe world, the AgaoaB/
Presens a convenient, safe and ready means of subscrihtasr
for the best journals of the I um, advertising in any nuss
l>er of the moat desirable business newspapers, and obiasBV
tng valuable information.
Remittances may be made from any section of the eosJtJ.
try wiih entire assurance that all orders will be fsJlhfUBw
and promptly attended to. Addreee I'. H P itmrr. News
psper Agent, Hn-ton, Scollay's Building, Co in si, .Yens
lor-*, Trll one Buildings; fh?.idtlphu,, N W. comer Of
Third ard Cheenutsts.
As he has no connection with any other person, all coat
mumcatlons and orders Intended for the Agency should be)
directed to V. B Pai.mkr
f?r- To prevent Imposition, the public have been repkanV
BsH) esatkaOSd sgmnat the acts of Initiators and protect Jed
age'r.is, who lotest some of the cities.
V. II. rnluier'e Heleriloa afKulfB for llatslatsaa
I- -'sbiish yourself on the broal and sou-id basis of ka
legili i
1 ??? ibe means i they are open to all.
ralSnlSJBS the probabilities of the future Incrsase aad
BN ti ply the means of Information.
T 'compete successfully with your neighbor, participateks
li e facilities afforded lo go ahead.
Confess ignorance in regard to subjects la which yoe are
ur.ir U -Trei listen and learn.
K' ep the mlr.d on the mtan$. rather than the ohjttt
Take advantage of modern facilities, snd accomplish as
MM h tn s single day aa required weeks, months, or yaare,
I formerly.
lion i depend upon your own lungs alone?use the laaaja
of ihe Press
Conaider the causes of the good stsndlng of some, snd
li e decline and fall and want of success of others, sad raw
ulate your conduct accordingly
If your means suit not with your ends, pursue those sods
which suit with your means
Reflect on ?list you see and hear. 8et your mtnd t4
work, reason with candor; weigh well and consider Bar
yourself; decide, and act
Treat your customers as your frleuds. by serving ihesa la
the best manner.
V. H. Paliaer'a Hints, for BMslaeaa Jlea.
The door to wealth, respectability, lodueocs aad boear
Is thrown w Ide open to all
He who neglects advertising not only robs himself as*
his fair advantages, but bcsiows the spoils oa his wasar
He who ad vertlsesjudldously and extensively, can afford
to sell his customers lo heuer mir as tage than he who deaa
tOt) becau.e be adopts the correct means Ui multiply Usskr
nunxber ar.d secure to htmsolfaDBa?dl larger amount of bskat
ness. He w iio does the largest business can do ll at ska
an a, es' per ecu 'age of profit.
An DM business msy SHbslst until its customers drop aaT
by death or removal; but he who would build up a bosisMaa
r.ow. must l>e " like the lime," snd Improve ihe ad IBaSjjsjSJ
11 offers.
To neglect It, Is like resulting never to travel by slesaa.
rnmuoicBteby telegraph It is lorlose ose/? eyas ta
the light, and Insist upon living Is perpetual darkuees Aa
li.dividiiul may do this at his owa cost, hut a eouununlt*, ?
class, will never act so unwisely.
thai SB ? ? ? ;*ea to ailvsrlise his business. In etTea?
confesaea ineajsyrlty and defeat, and retreats to the rear
rans of his profession.
Discrlmiustlon anr* circumspection soould l>e execctaSal
if. ll s selection of places, and a choice made of the papesa
beet adapted to the pursuits of advertisers
It is id.e to speak ?f the coat of advertisings* an Imped
Iment?as well aslght one object to the cost of aheltertsjf
' ds. prelecting them from thieves, or dealing tkSBB
nut to customers
Continual, persevering advertising. If tbe subject be SS
a h lapted to the tastes and wants of the public, is nre ha
be successful, ll is an indlspuUthie tact, that there is aWkV
s'ance of swell abaiaiired adherence to a continued Sys?
tem of advertising ever falling of success
Not inany years ran elapse before the large roenmerdeJ
dealings of tf.? COOJltry will concentrate in the hands of
one tenth of the present number of jobh-rs In propAsrtaOa
to the tSWltinl of iransaciiiit s.
T' e aiBSBi by w'i.ch diu frmWamd brnt?rentihanmimut
b* rtt' rted are ver.'.ue. but rhiel amoeg tMni ts ?JrerSB?
nsp S)Ot fat tw o or three paper*, nor even In all Ihssae of
tl.e cry v, he,-, ihe iciair.ega fs don-, hul in iheoiost wl4Wy
CliTUlated journals of th* whoU rr.jlm Wtr-u-f cvtomUtm
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day.aud w . ??? * ? ? ??'??? ??aa
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hus.i aiff :U srafBlf ?ed f ' -> ?? - I. like
T ? ? ' ? clock, or i: will i sad
de Uh?li'g out of sight bshfed It.
Exte' alve al?enl?ing I* iriora1 v r-r|,,a ??> w-ork a revo
hiilon lb uade, by driving Utouaaoda of ttvs easy go ng ont
of Umtd crsneetitrarleg Ktisineeeinrberrandsel a f-w who
know how f. o'.tsiD. and keep It Unite w.t'i I his tka Saa>
siBaOOti of cash for creclif, snd ?aW4M o* h i?? now ea
jraged In trade will amp'y stiff <-e to do the whole, and wkl
sooti hSVB It to rfo Th* SBBBSBBWa iS ilrtady BsyttB.
.Notlrea of V. It. I'almer'a \gem-,.
??The bus: teas of advertising Is Imperfectly understood
by merchants generally Mr Palmer's great experience
and extensive agency enable Lira to give very important
aad vaiuahle saggeauons la these waiters to all who mmf
fa^ or Mm with an interview. Tbeaubject, as presenksd by
him. Is certalr ly worthy the serious attention of all j
engaged In active business "?.V. 1' /l.tafy TWowaw
Palmbb's enterprise, accompanied as ll la with has aa
tiring industry, clear sigbtedness, ludomiial-le eaergy.aaal
tiiiwaverliif perseverance, deserves the reward which we
Lave never cloud ? J be would eveniuallr retire.?Paato
d?f/Ata PuUtf Udatr.
" Mr. Palmer Is, we hatteve, entitled to tbs credtt of ort
Ihtasti g snd establishing upon a general scale. In thi -en?
try, this new and Important public cirovsnleace. aud we
doabt i of that ll. advantages will be duly uadersto.Nl and
appieciatrd, and u> eutsrprise by which Lhey are a^uMsjel
lair.j rewarted."?BaJttmor* ?v?w _
Jai.usvrylt. law?

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