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_ICOIINTRY RF.?1II>ENCF. f<" SahsortoLe.se
Long Island nt>ar th- Ocean -Buildings eapacrei?, ?' I
Maily Iml.hed. grtiuods hanJsome y arrartgad, ?"'I ?tori?i
With ahndin and frull tre*a. levergrrwn, srerpetual rwe?,
gr*p*e MtaartwM, kr. fmm* ?er?*,MWXt??U*m?M\\
??rniirjii land, highly eulUvaied. Will b* emd low, oa
jgjS !-/,.? a? nr'niKHl r.ir a dwelling tu M n?w ib?
lly. Apply al V* Proulal _rn\l Im*
?OR S AI. K t> leitetng a iwo story house, ? "Ith taste.
ln?mt and attic fronting hfty four feet lneludfig w?jfl
tnarbl* insute ?, a I grate* Uirough >u? lh" hous?. ? no
lutoo which U au??da. ron?lau.?f iw?a?r?a.u>"u*nra.,re
CAD ba> added If leaked Toe gr uwi H handsomely laid
out. with f nit if***, e*?-bears Ar There are aito ai mm
?eceeosrv nui-h.iiinr.ge, such aa ^ffS^^?___-_'
Ac lila wuhif. iwemy mlnotaasroBiof**?MrUM ifiids?o
River. ..f Hark*. Rail R.I. /or ^/y??? ???_
quire of ROBERT CARVAR k BROTH ER?.2 > Hroaj.
way._"'" ,
(JAIN a (aval BfH arrae, lying near Verplanet a
ratal ant Ihr V R Rat "'ad; la well weterel, With Mod
orchard farm b..u?* and l>?ru, with suitable out-bulldtoga.
beaiuf* chef1''*- plu.ns kr. On Ina Mid
rremrae* * "*" * Bummer seet.C'.iiioi indlrii/
a view 01 la* Hudson River, > erpleocb'a Point. Ac , which
wlli km so ii ?? i ? if desiiol. Ii Has about i of a nilie
from tbe si* am >oat ksadlag, and the same dkttaeoo front
St railroad station, and 'l, miioa from the flourishing v:.
lags of ft ?????kill win. a good road at a I seas ins M UM
year The said farm Is In good repair, ai d Wtll to sold low
and terms nut Apply al l'U Broadway, from II to ii
o'rlork.o' [?Utw*| PETER A H. JACKSON.
ON Ills; ?IOHTH>S\V?The three story fra ne
hoOSO and lot of ground on the neat side of Eighth ay be?
tween Thirty it,lr,| and Thirty fourth all The MMSO) is OH
the rear of the Int. and Is In sue .'I f?M . Inches by 'lu feet
In depth; size of KM i\ fe<-l H Inches f ont by loo fee; hi
depth One-half of tbe purchase money can remain on
bowl and mortgage Fof b'-rns. price, pad further particu?
lars a,.ply to ANTHONY J Ii LIB 0 K IK.
ml? Iw Auctioneer, 7 Broad si
Country resilience at Nyack on the West bank of the
Hudson River opposite Slt.g Sing, containing .'17 acres of
land ruuetr g down ui the river. There la a 2 story eottaga
House on the t l.ce and the grounds sre handsomely laid
Olli wllh frull trees and shrubbery. Communication with
New-York three times a day. A map of the oIa"e can be
seen and fuiiber Inf' rinatloo given by applying to COI.f.S
4CU1LTON.? Waieat_ 13? Iw
AT PRIVATE SALK.?The tsro-story
and BtkM attefe hrxiie and lease of lot on south * |a at1
Maeisonsi between Mark-t and Catharine as Sri
bouse I? tiniai-ed In the best manner, and <s i h si rate or?
der Kor lern.?. I? . spply to
ANTHONY J. BLEECKE*. Auctioneer,
in.I iw 7 Broad St.
(.Kill NU. si ualed on Elf h av . One Hundred and
F ist St, aril One Hundred and Second St Part of Ilia
pu.chase money can remain on bond and mortgage. Fur
laviBS. Ac , apply to A. J. BI.EKCKK.R, Auc : inner,
nattlW_7 Broad at.
suitable *>r a Hummer Hotel or gentleman's private
residence <m the Highlands of Navealiik, ii mllee from the
Cltv of New Fork For farther pa'Ucuiars apply to J.
rUrCHKR, ASCbatbam-et i,( im*
(CHOICE FARM of ?S acres K.ir Sale,
(lood IWO Slufa H uise, nearly new, barn aud suits
Me building* -two ni lea from DA.-oi, Kllrabethiown. N J.
ilo other B'ate of the I'nlon oeriults Aliens In hold a .1 co ;.
vey real estate Inquire at .?I Pearl tt rn.'l H?
COTTA(iE -Formic, in MO RR IS A~
NIA VILItAOK, a neat Collage, M fe?i front, with
plerre,.* feet .iee(., kitchen la the rear. I, A t? by IM
\Mthln I.V) yards of ?-hiKil house anJ c'rin hes The
House was MllH espressly for two fsmUles, with sepv
rale entrsnctn Apply to A. B HAUPTfdAN. on the
premises, or at Ml Fourth si , N Y. nr..' SA?
l^AKM FOR SALE-At a very
JR price, on I,one Island, forly miles from this clly and
three mil. a fro a li e Railroad Station. It cotiusine about
fifty ace. of '.?ad. with a good dwelling bouse, bain, and
other MCoeaag) aul bulldtixa There t? an orcharxl ail
k'tchea gar.len on .he preaitsee. wejl stocked wllh app r?.
pea. h. aAsace and cheery tree* and a well of good water
at the doe* Ii ail, he sold a great bargain, on rseaosj no
daUrg tsv:. t ,.r w. : tn, eschar gad for property in or near
tbe ciix F.w fwrusfs psvttcalars laouire at [M Aiai.ie.i
bMrSX_mi2 fff,
t\KRy\ PO* SALE?U:* ths reat
rrpaadatsn v.r. t*i at Sew-Oaaaaa. Ci.
-^ . . _ ^. . . e.r-ws si ar.-wi rent jaird.
or wKvl ?-r ? .-.? e ;.r,f b.v,?r. bar/ ant .">*> k.iaeaa arr.a
otvbarvis ar-.* . * t . | asssk
The fatss s a-va., re? m ?*? f-.u? ib* tar-ir/iM r.i?-? a.
Wie waJk, ar-d CMaasassse a atr.ve svmrs sw ' it <* .. i ?
Boa ad ane m.*+emxT.- .r.j n ,>,fc- t . ? f?
Iw eee New \ .v? aoc Sr>? t?s?-er A roc. rnr s -re n
w-.vd katsd lsM*aeo i>? p:r r.aws ay ? I
.'i'Hri |i "I i k? a, ?'*i"-?>
1^ A K M pX>R SALK in h\< : .
JR WesScbeatet C.\ '.-f I St scree k..?1.gtng* r-,vi
Teresa of sale e?.r kept] t.' Skkii vi. t i \a\ .?.
Kilsat^ah at or A r II K I -?* Ci. IRK on the r. m .<i I NO
BOI LICK, N-w eWaeiie |aw ?
Ej^OR SALK Phs r-loiraril I ? M .\ rii \
JR NKAT on the Master Hi B(?er al Al.i.f,.,,l ?a,|
north Col. Memjlsoe's rweblasx ?. tan ?..m, walk fiuiu
the I ??.|.r-?. ai HoairiiS'i '?" ** "" -' " "*" 'S'~'T>i
nassyv e?sein aaa aWIalsM autibia atrUS n ?.,,, i
new. with spacious fill's pia/.ss, bssemeni and etil?
The groutiris ronaiti ?>( abMl n acrat nf Laad, bnautiftiilj
C'am.il wlib trull ar.'l ori.Mtrieuial abarle tre?is It la mm of
?e most beaallful and rleslfabla raaldnnr es DO the If n Ii ,11
Frlro IH.AWI r..a?m*?iori tIvan May l|Mgl laqHre of
III i.Mr It MI > It 11 A N, I Plaw-at.Of P A C AHHAT Ageu<
111 Pearl st or R || I I.I <>N. '?> Nassau at
Also, a ? uri.iier ..I Vi a Lota In tbst vb lully, of gmnt
betuly, on two of whir h bamlsori.e Houses are BOW being
laliberj. awjfsj hreod'
A The two tl .rv bouse and lot |M Him on.lal wllhln
three blocks of frrl aUp Fi try Pi Ice |t,l?, part of
which may reeaela on rsMStftfO, Inquire on the premUes
ftom I to I o\ ioi a I'M M?M St*
CH)R SALE?A Farm tit aiinut thirty-tive
I- acres, wuh taaaail Hou?e. Barts, Woodland, kr , wiih
a very fine bun.ling sis*), Sliuated on the road to William*'
Nrldge, about one Salle fmiti K'ng's Bridge, Westchosier
County. A:s<\ Hue- Lot* of Orouiid. south side of Koiiv
fourib ?l, we?i of Kighib av Terms easy. Apply at I'U
Broad?av. fi? .ui ii to i; oclock, or at 3W Ttilrd-av , of
A -Ten Laak o( ground with Building* well adapiod for
a Factory, siiumeo at Ute wettend of Forty-slith-sl Tbe
buildings aie Ibraa ssorisja high and 17 > feet long wllh Sia
tile and ahtda Isc fwal In length Nearly the whole amount
Of the piiicheae nione? inav lemaln on bond and mtntga^.v
App \ to l'KPER COOPER, 17 Bur.lngallp.
till?) **' _______________________
?T'OR SALE.?A iwt) story brick dwell
m lug h >u?e. KM W.Hnier st near Amtty-st Lot 11 by
AS The house I* In good repair Tl per cent of the pur
Chase nionet m*y remain ?:i bond and moilgage for five
wears at six nay cent Apply to
inlPlw? JAMES H. BRl'SH. 7o Nassau-et
Is^OK SALE ? A itrsirattlf (\?UQtfJ RrBsj
1. deuce al East Blootnnald, New Jersey, four miles
from Nowsrk, a double COTTAOC HOUSE and Soven
Acre* of LAND, sal table Out hulktlnga, Coaeb-boasa, Ae,
S fJnjdatTt wall attllSlnI wuh Fiull, all Vu goivl order Fos
aesaton given al a ?bort notice There Is a bun sheet of
Svatei nil the b*. t "I be_r,mnls Al'ply to
tnl.Mw* JOHN K MTCH'F.. < Bold st, up stairs
I^OK SALE.?At New-RiMiht'lie, tbuat
m half a tn..e ito-a th* N Y aa-l New H-?v?n Ratlr >ad
DfpM ad?wirat>l<< C'H'NTRY SEAT fniuerlylho roai
desM-e of the lata I_S_*M>1 Tina, af aboBt II acr<?* of land,
eai wiu.e is pb-aaaallT miua'-ti a double two ?tnv modern
bulll boas* hiving a fUM view o. the Sound. Ou the
?rssndeaa are bvao ksssani kcsaasai carnage houte, baru.
arable, Ac. with a van tj of Iran and ornamouiai treat A
sarge portion of (be purchase money may resaatn oa bond
and im rlga*e Alb'.v to \Mi>?> \V 11.1.K l'S, HO East
Broa.l?a\. or to SAMt'EL UOtVNE. near lliu promise*,
mid 2w?
jX)R SALE L'HEAl'??iituRteii a few
miles fr?ini the I'ltv i?f New Yoik In Wesfh<?*tor
CoiiMy- I'rop.Miv e?ii?isili.g <>f a (lore, good dwelling
bouse, bam an I oilier o.ii ?Miiiiilugs and one acre of laud
well stoekni wtik (roll Prtna 13,1*0 $i,isio can leiualu en
bond ami aao*tsTags ItwIv*years For particulars Inqetreof
mi m* BftMriAbl a \n UITNRY, 171 Pee/eel
CX>R SALK ?That tM-.uiituI COUN
I TRY Rl Si HENCE known as Woodlawa at mate to
tbe to wu of ,\ew Wind.or, .1 ur la froMi the YtUageof New
burvh. lately owned bj I. D Nicoil, now deceased. The
FARM contain* at'oiii isi acre* of ?aceileai La.id. and la
?toet ieatrahr* located Inquire of Fl'l.t.ERTON A
PinM.1'1. NewawryA,or ISAAC \ Fowt.rn m Nss
?na at New York January *th, lAM. Uf.'awtf
I^OK SALE - A~ FARM, lt< milrs tr.itn
M. New York, near Ra*w*V. New .'ereey. wllhln It
exile* oi the laAbyeed SSpaa, asssA_b-b*e 7o scree. ?> acies or
Which aie co vered x .th a growth of tine young wood, the
balance l>?ir>g inealnwi ni t mperior arab e land under a
bl?h .tat* ,,r ran uvalloo Tbaie I* a lar^e orchard of ?v>ul
*?C graflad fnju trt-ea <utt ,' .in1 UtM foil bearing?a g.vid
hoi.re wim ime'em 11 ? >. ? '.*, *ii-h a* furnace, cold
and hot water up atalra, K*iblng-ro<>m. sboweNbath, Ac ;
a conservator* and garden laid out In good eivle. with an
?liuudanc* ef fruit treeti auch a- peavbe*, pears, r * tu.
traces, Ac . a well of th* heat water . extensive out baud
i_*. la giMHl oider
The place (formerly the rval leoce of Mr Shotwell) is
knows a* " fn?|rivl Hill." and Is eminently healthy
Tber*are rive train* ui end from New York dally, af
forllagevary facility Av t?era>n* .1 ?lug butlness io thai
vttj ? the co emulation being otily iso per annum. For
fcrow particii'ars app'y to A " SN ELLINO. tie Wail St.
?v ?o st A Plt or. ua the peairi ee* mllraevO
a>. v aquarlecofanil'efroiutbeDlpOi, aCOI'N
..l *,Z-t ; ?' '*' -KH"*?n acrosof choice LAND;
?u?ti t ?? . r'uU- *"i Bmiding*. N B ?A
t^n.il,, ' ,0Vuo.Hi for sal* with or with nit tbe Laud
X ZZwiT ?- "???'?"N. Jr. Attorney at lav,
iVMm.ru_kit BrtK>m*-et.
V\t\l\ kS* \'K~ H< H 'S K, Li)T and STA
" B ?* ,,r JT1__* __**-? with all motlera 1mpr.iv* aeut*
April AI. < S-.er., ,n.a**_, ?lMJ^ wUh _,, ^
??dere . a^se.l.aka, assay Ftahavenu*. ready for^cca!
;mv ? ? t ?? well Afj i i. ? w-w
JAVIru- C WADiWoaTH. ff7UaIon-plac*.
12*011 BALE*?Two neu t? irk hOfMt,
Kl and tl IOBw>h ll BOOI S'?" "'? '" I I 7 "
feel deep Jusi miUbo-1. Otarmafeli d-y aid r?ady f? mm
mediate u, .-upallon. koBt and fiii'?he<l In tli#t kwsf BsSSkBOr.
A1*' ih? r<?"?*???? ry and aSDV house, with frw*; >o? fron..
|,, West r?enty fir SI-St.. I't \i\ Iii f'?<M ten,tin U>") rnry hesl
manner. I < ? "* lHII'MMt'WJ Bl I lIBleil For leims. Ac.
?PP'y ",s !loretio-*t. >>r i" Fourth it mil i?'
>H SALE?The three *u>ry H
1 M i? Lot M Twenty serotrl ii'v ()r? ,-rpy P*'k
Tl '? II' 1? bulll In in? very beal mauner, ?y ,!*/ s-wo i,
ki d ht? hubs, hot an 1 old wal-r, and a I eneouoB "-a nr.
r<aa?'v Pol fur.her Information ksSB?fO at '?H Twen v.
?OfOOaf Qt, near TiOslB|tOO a? [tttJi IT*] M LTOM.
FOB SALE CHEAP, or Will be ex?
changed for Ctt| properly Of Slocks two beaitifil an I
li'fMv coil vb'?*i P?rms au'u??<?<! on the n irt'i ill <i ? of
Lotto I? ami about W in lea tri m tlio cty ? Mm of 11 acres.
oao of 79 acre*j hot! edjacut the aroser, artti e*x ? >l
building*, i rcr.ardirg and othat adTSBtsgo'. Oade?sy of
oeeeOBwoa ihi-c.iy. A large proportion ol Ihi psrehasc
no n<-\ BMIf 'i-mam for a term <,i' yOBfS on pOI I I
Mil STtUbOSOM ? -:>nratc|v At p.v ?oOt to ll KN H V .I.
BCUDDKR, Attorney at laaw,90 Wall at. mil tf
I**OR SALE?A three story brick H >u?e
ti, .7:h ,t bet weep Kirai au I Beooftd Seeon <s A Wo
S Lotaol On und In Fifiythlr I al . near Le*lnglor>-sverii|.?.
liOolrehsUM ssateoaeot, ell Bowery, from i > nil 2 tt oca.
in'i im*
ch)R s a i. K or EX < TT ? nIjk t Tr^^?T i
I ritv or BN k': n property -The bca !? u al Cl >' nprv
SKAT ia'fiv owned and ooc Blood by M .\ 9 Us ria >n,
Eaq, situated on B er fee Higir.n. about Iftaoi ilaatee'
trala Bom Jeseey I By Than an- two or thi ? aeoi of
stage* p*?-ing the WOOBOBI going to nfld In IthofOrn
every half hour Tre premise* contain I BOT** of laOoL
aTbe b " ?<? !? u doohtl two s'ort and attif ? OtV lildi ..
eoaOaattavall latproreaa^it* Tli?rt* i? a goo' baru. <'.r
lio|OllooiO Ac *r. and flowar ga'.)<*na T: - Who
grounila arx t llod with rb tec fruit and orna o ??' i'
For farther partlee let ? Inooire-of CHAM. A ORKJUAWi
or A. BT JtlHU. Ceq.17 wall at at at Iw*
IfOR S?LE ?A epFendiil \V.VTEtT
. POWKH. eti'ial U) |i? hora-i the v?ar rtumJ. With ' ? it
Or five arri't of LAND, alloatr- t at rfeekmanlo?. n. \\
cheiier Cuumy, diatant from the City Hall tw<niy^lghi
milea, and ??. I, i a few mlnutea' watk of Hud .ou li ver
and the Hu , ., River Railroad Df-poL Applv to IOSBP8
LISI IR.' be premtaua. or (J P. BKK.KklAM. >V|;.
Uain it., N. Y. mil Im' _
Ml ALE.?HOUSE end Ll7F73
Naaaao-al, near John. Inquire of JAMK9 LUN.NON,
BiMMmaker. aa above |m*
CH)il NALE?Two HOUSES,75 and 79
E on north aide of Twetny-nlnlh at, 2S0 ft weit of Sixth
av Marble niantela and gratea through.ml; hoi android
water hath, water cloaota, Ac. fart orthe purrhaae money
ran reiniiln for five yeart. at tlx per cenl rrlre Bt.700 and
li.bf'b. Inquire on the prentlaea or al SI Twenty niu;h-it
mil 9m*_
ch)r S ale,?A desirtble Count ry Seat
" KaW F-trt-i. s'lualed Ml the tewn of Kaatcheatur, Weal
cheater C> NY is ffdlea from New-\ >rk City, and 14
?Ihre frooi N V A II. RR DeoBt at Tuckaho, and 4
?tie* from NY A N H RR Dbp?l al New Rochelle, eon
ta t lo| ahool ?. ie* of beat riuaiuy land, well watered
and fenced. (i>. the premlaea there la a beautlfdl garden
and an abundar.ee of fruit tree* of a'l kind*. The hulldlngl
are In good order tbe dwelling*, v.c. being upon atovatad
grtnjii.i; comnianda a line view of ifte*u'rounding eoaatrr,
le. For further partlcuiarahMfkaTO?l W \ | H ArlNKS,
tMltBih.ee.eroat*eemaMeeea H HARNKi
N B ? 9.1,1 * 41 m*v remain on bond and mortgije. nttt .'<v*
H~ HiH HKIlXiEVlLLE, eiiuar.tl on
;he Wealrhrttor tide of lltrlem River. BOtWOOB Mc
Oooaob'l Dam Bridge and the High Bridge ?Tltla property
1 cmniand* a fine view ol the High Bridge, Ha'.e n Rirer,
i and a great variety of other beautiful ?cenery. S./e of lotl
fr in I a.f an are to ihren acres -prices low and lentis easv.
Map* for distribution will be ready on Wednesday, ihe l Ith
lost. but in the mean time an original map may be sm-u ?I
lAWOaBCOOfD B WINT0N.7I Cedar *l mit Im'
Mo.Mr-^ste??s.?The Bubaeriber has
for sal? ahool .wo hundred acre* of land, In Ihn
OooBty of \\ ttcheeter, lyl^g on the HaMem River, half a
?jOa not lb of New York Island, and admirably adapted for
village porpoeea The attention of capttaiiai* and ai*ocl
aUeOI i* reipli uled to the *b <ve-namnd property, ai It Is
weil locale.! and easily rearbei by land or water?the
Budeoo Kiver Kailroail ninning i'y through It, and a
lOheOwHal dock having been erected on the River for the
accoii'iniwlailon of steamboats On the premises Is a ipa
cloua stone Dwelling-house, w'th ga'den. fruit-yard, out
beUdkagBihe. attached, wt.lch will be told teparately, If
dealred A valuable stone uuar-y has been opened, and I*
now worked ? sione of 'he best quality for building pur
r-oac*. In ary quantity, beiog easily obtatued A rare
rhai ceiarow . Vered to aa association of mechanic* or
other* wishing to obtain homestead* at a iow price wbera
? ? .r etast nspM v advance In raiue Apply to tbe
i teri n IM Brooisray, from to A M to 2 PM.
IV i* !TTfB**TT, PLATT A 6TKWART. A-? sVilitam
t* mis Im*
Norsk Axn lot ?>\>k sale?
Bjkaa kehMI wia **>>er. R a,?.r.'.*/. f.v a.v* Tsai
? ? ? *? ?>'?? >*"? e.v?.# .1 f e..-. . a./..- >,aeerr.Mr. Kv.ee
err ao r fMso ssOs .?. Msearskss see *-\.> ?vms .>>e
eeersr > tuiit .f *T>h?ISk ar-s r/>oss rowaear^. sS*s*aSeS,
BieaSJS f^ ?' L?C IM ?xn. Sus e-?, ir.vr. i u t- ve
?...?. -vi/.'#i? ? a t,. rvi?*f.-e stYSjbsie rwavsas */????*
* .) i j, aiv. heaj.v.'t, ?a-. '-. , .--e.* < *ee < *e?
r -?-?-'vt *> ?< >?, k.- Mat I-* eaa?'vw.< Civ^e ii k At to 2
r M ? . M. a a Ac .V.ai l'>' .'?.'S? I "f Pulton ?1 from
I? k M . .{ r M mil if
Iot IN TW I- NTY SM ON I) m\
* e>, ?tt osi.r a BmIMmi* i.-.i. mi by us fWef u inr be*.
? >n ibe srnilh s..l? ..f l'"^u? oo. .....lsi tr... > ..r
. ...i I,. ?i Jpg ? ? ?? *-N??ar- ???
.I If? arfi Jiir. nrii if n..i cl<-p...?.| ..f ..< ,,. ???.., c?i..
I. . i... . ?i Tuesday it,.. . I, ,.,.i U Wilt on Ittel 4 ar I.? sold
a'i ??'?Ii. an. i?.-. I.v a ? Hleeekev. ?< n.n Mo?-'io?t?- v.
.)....,. all ...i.? k Aeei* u> ?" II ?im vn 7) Wall
s> BOO! I lOl P M or I.. J<l?*.PI| N I'A KB A NU. I H
? ndai si oi I
|>l;l VA'I'E SALE A v. ry ?,Mirnl.le
Porw and Oooolry Boat, >nuainH ai lertcho, beat
Island, ooe mile from lltebsvltte Depot where the i tr|
leave I \v <> oi IIiiih. it mos pst dav for N"? York Bald Cant
rooioios 13 aereeol Boo load wUdinea oosttiiudlwis and
a i new pot forihor ooitteolars oppl] lo
iirmir A J. ItUOlKK, Aoetl aees
7 llroad st
?l ALL KAHMS, with VILLA SlTEsi*
. on the LOWRIK PABJf. Wsstihssf -DDMONT m
BOSACK. 11 Wallet or A PINDLAY.n-*r Hie ureintans,
oit.r al privat? sale a BOSOOOf of sma.l PAR?fS, whh
\ 11.LA SlTKS. || inlira from the Clly Hall N Y l ue
vi. ? a are attractive and the location healthy The dlatance
I* shoi l tmin a railroad ddpfll and from a steam mat land?
ing, and lh"ie Is a convenient tahaif on the premtees for
vessels trading to the town of Weslchesler. Thedteprtst
lion of grouint in laying mil Ibe preiulce? Im* bveo such a*
to furiitah any quanllu of laud to us no b.,o ftVMB OOO
sere to tlo. Ilmlia of the whole trad, Ac Ac Tu e to the
p- ipetty pei fort Tonus lib ral klap* and firiter Inf ir
uiatloii o'ualiied of the above parties ml.' ISkSoO4
r 1 \ arrytown propertv for
LY.-A very dealratile Hummer reaidence for a teiall fami?
ly in sMttOf of a one *tory tlottage, Itlabln and viarden.
with one or more acres of Laed. about ihr.>e minute?' wa's
from the DA,.rti Mao. Bl 11. KIND SlTKS ant BoaaeS
and L>ts eiix trains ?od two steaitit.oas I. . ?
way Apply to B. N THOMAS, Tarrvtown mt
" ^> MAM FACTI'REKS.?The pro
perty and t fleet* of the Rope and Bagging OoBtOBOy,
?lltiaie at Somerville, Stale of Its*-Jersey, will be *old a<
auction on ibe'Hhday of April nex>, on the premise*, at 12
0 C UCh M. to the blgbetl bidder. The pronerly ?"n? ?ta Ol
aeahstsoriakl krlrh kolldhat u foot hy Itl frtai fliiir stml ?
high, with a bilck bull,111,( adjoining for lileactln < BOd dry?
ing. Also, a large hoarding fcooet near th? factory.to?
gether wllb all ihn machinery In said mill for the BtBBOBSi
BtrO <,f Duck from ABterksOO Hemp The HlS'hi'iery is
sOBdeot AM the inatiu'aclure of iio holts of Duck dai y.ts
in perfect order, and the whole establishment can be put in
working order in t* hours The power is furnlshe -iy
vt ater. taken hy canal Boa the Karitan over Thee,lab.
llshmem Is about Ita o hour's ride by rOBfOOl or sie* Bk itl
from New York Citv For further par .icuitrs sppl'catl >n
should be matte to ihe Agent, al ihe prwm's-s t ? MOSBI
H.0R1NNBLL.Y1 8outh-et. or to OBOBOfl CURTIS,
W*|k*t, New-York. Bill iA'<
f|iO PHYSICIANS.?F?r sale, a good
1 t'oun'ry PraeUeB, Dwel'lng, 2 acres, J.c kc In a
p ea?ani village is mile* from ihecltr, or would exchange
with a citv Physician Apply to 1. RtiYSKR, 3\I Bnwrry,
from ie nil xi.'r'ock m.i Im*
O ihe kOOl LOTS on Beventh av , wert side, between
Twe?tv *e. ond ant' Twenty-lblrd St* ; two LOTS on
Twet t> *er..i.d-*i and two on Twem, hr*-. at. near
8, vi i tb-av Tbe Improvements making and l>' be ?ode
on llits A*., i us, and in the vicinity, render ibis pTBOOft)
rerv deslralil* Apply to
?^.'if B W. CHF.8TER. M Wall-st
VATI BALE-Oa Wutal ithtsh at south sile, |
LeBk,81 hf IkOBkM each, com nenclng IM frei west fro u
S'llh at; alsu 1 Lot time sire, commercing \tt BkBtOBM
from Bixlh st ; also l Lt>ts, on north sl.ie. coin tie-icing on
ire iiotth eaat tine ol Sixthaud Norlh Ninlb-*l 2^hy ? n??t;
also a Ot.ro Lot. commencing 2<0 feet wea'erly from 8'iih
? l . BhM 2 Lm on WOSSerty ?Ideof Suth-sl co n ti?nc ? l
f. ..i I !',?e? north from N K '?..'?-? c II IM 1
e?yh tn from and irregular in depth For ' nther par.
1 kTS aOOty fron, I to I P M IS K. II BROWN, 71 VVaM.
*l. or ttefore y A. M at Ml4 BoOOtOO-Ot litt IW*
Jrfce. 13 rtlBiiihetk kl New York?C.?a*i*ung of Pa-ma,
K v UodeuO River View* Water Pooer*. Mi l*.
fJ.Htae*, Village Lola. Ac oow oiTerext tor saie and de?
sert t-.l a.-..l aketchej In Ihi* Regltier , thus sJMBbJ BtOUh
tie* for In'ormat.m to person* wuthlog to pr.rrbaae <>r htro
Bttoimer R. shferre* wub.HH ihe eki^-nre* or.iinarliy Is.
nrr. t V K COfZk:NS Agem D.o.'.s' perrr.
t27 srn- WwrS?*?. < ? H v
B.#R*NTS - The subscriber fhavirg h?en app
that purpt^e by < netkftaWSBOSt exi?t.a. re a" i r , I . e
Lard Agerrle* la Uie We*n ?i pr.-cire the
lar .'a on l ei alf of ra.ldera o.'(1 .v.rn ie-.t vVar , - n
aciual survey, lo the most eligible n,v*td,>ni ao1 n ' e
mo*t favorable tesnas A ist.. Land Warranu p r ?>>,. -1 t
the l.'aheal BSOSBet rale*, on application at th-? n '
Ar. r,TlW*v*VaL,maosry, w. h DALY
ml'.' 2s?rtai*
I AND WARRANTS Uate.i j0 the
B^Blfeaof W,.a.-i!?t? lOWB Bad , ,- .
select.J Lsurla ht WASH KIR N .V W(H)DMAN \
Bsrtssod Coaa*oOnrs at Law as ?crx. poiut tVi.c.i-ism I
\V A W tril purrbaee ami pa\ in? hti-b,?'
l.ar'.l. \<*ie.l b> dJkaBBsofSOa . they wll also i>nc'ia?c i ?nJ I
Warraate, Mtsars RODUERa k WOODMAN f -v,,
lukm-st . win oketki t* our hosBestt* m this Cl'.v. bvwhoj I
all ceci *s*rr paper* will he prepared
\ W mm ? la v offend far sale, noes rs-i ?mol Isil'ssd1.
a- w Ml I" a*] we wbA I: - j <?.?;?-n | e a -v . rTVr?-.! ,.? i ,?
Mfclirb) a at that hesaeitfel plac know, at tf EATTON
PORT.im v..-- I.; -r<aiit aa i i ?? ? .?n of F: ?, a<.
It .??l'ui.td w III i >- i lie ii'urp vn>'i! .In
# ? y >??? , ? t ,'t i WM ? tree**" i < I -r*
of an ty**Mr*a rraisrce fntiai N'. rk.t'i? praMRtyaMr
tl.l. of a . i. I - ,? I: Ik)*)**] OOf ma) *f *V*T aav t*>
qnlr'.ng a**RkM i ie?***jli< r.urll I .1 f..r h -a* .??:.??-? -to
bui.'t Tbe wh p. apart] . red tar mum mimtM
of a'xm'f m)' .1?. It wax at Brat Uta tetanOoo fine aw_
?ta ?< I ? ? pH cbaseve tud a* I r tbeti rhoAna nfl >i?,
finding, bower, r. fist <n ?: of lk*B) STSJr*deetroSsSof SO
rain. tli?|r In a at ot.r e, *o at to be e'de to bul'd, ?od hoti/
cir| ? ?>? n ('I I It rp a to *? J ' lag lb ' bed ' v~:i tbe spa' If'
arceofa o U-ry. we h?.*?? oitte to lie r>?>!vl .; '
It g a re. tilar * ?Ja of prieest cones qnontrj wi.h-.-e leilcd
lo. ispo*e of t'>e en tie pi it on 'be following term*.
Tm Lot?a/e'.' iic-.',. it er IM fact oben
An 1.' t* above ar eat of L /eyi Poet.| I
Co between Latayat a ?? a Heoitetta *t. f?M
Co Co Henrietta and Col.eg" av.I.'
do do 0 i g" av. ar.d tli-Rwer ....IIS W
o rr ? t U lawil lavatlal y 1 e ra at - ai aa advencaot
; f e<-n d ri i'i oror the r. Itoti; g
Tte rot.j 11:i n? of tl - a'e rarb. at th" HtM of pur?
chase, and the belaur to be paid in m tttaly Insta.Junta
o' f
Afer tl<- Iretof J u' y,prortde*]tka w:. .> e.T"'-iut shvll
bat pa"4 ? Brrsntee lie. 1 anil be kiven.
A tfteeoaaN of Ma percent ertl be a : 'w-d t ? su:'i a* pay
the whol-aan < tint on tl'e dav of purchase
AU pctsota tu-.leg, ?u!;<; g, of fbetdlog ?a Iba above
atones iy. fill' be piuMtted fron? all nut**':'*'* whirl wni
tie deinmer.ial to the growth er.d praeaetll) of ?a'd etTJage,
?r*J every r ie-ni Im u*ed to mute It on- ef 'he m 'tt
In a thy ar d uemti'ul vi lag? ? ir the I 'atted State*.
-ottr. to aa nave aiiead*aebecrlfeed 10 etHatTS1
bVoeenret, ted cbenee at ocea w?:?rethey wi.h to have
the |of? lor?1>d In cr,'.??ri'nl it.e ret-a'.-d ?pt>""t.
Hi n? of lAoee ftvtimwmtn erbe hivede?t.i-a a dtdug lot
wlikln a* *erei?tli e ei,Hrce of New. Vo'k, and "f Wall f
to ihn pe* k e bo * an | n to miry yar* patrtinlei 1 u<, tre
lave h*e>n hadaced to rellnejoUh our original hrteotloe of
f raw Iriir lor k t? *'id pemdl r>r:y g-i tlemau at onre to ???v
lee *urh aa mis iji: 1 la 1 It a?j kee, bowevar, htv i*
(??en Bevern, we Awl at Pbetty to kavtte wh ?? hneenot ?*
jet labatilhm), lo oonae and atteaet aceotce hxatbeiwk la
a - h-,|re \ et rt I Mr 1. Any perion applying at til Wfo *>
lerat, CanbeVOa P'h; ?itla P'lLted *eaM of prife* a*
above teer, bj I nabU g bJao to ghoeea the lot the i?e*t *uit*
b u< a " ' Uael lid* t een eiade to h?ve a dock dulli to a*
to rtmti e |>.?*enirr* lo land from the steamboat within M
deye from the inhdiyof March in?n. and to be entirely
coiap'eted wi'h'n fi<> dsvs from the last mentioned day.
The dork hoUdefl are at lids moment hard at work to co u
filetetheir rotdraci The owner* erenow In treaty for a
mat lo run hourly from Kulton ferry, and perhap* a!?o to
touch at the fool of Twentv-*lxth-sl ; the|fare will never be
over 124 rent* and we ant'clpateihal in ihecummermonlhe
Ii will be aa low a* ? t cent* We abitaln here from laying
at ) hing In favor of the plh.-e, ertlher as regards beauty of
?cenery, healthy lorsllty. or any of the other thousand and
one advantage* whh-h tl.i* place poatesse* over the many
Which are si the preaent moment offered to the nub ic a*
from taw long esnerience in the tale of K?al K?t*te, we
ate weil satisfied thai none purchase llll ihev have aeen and
judged for lhean*elve? A carnsee l* at the door every
morningaiMr PL\ MMr.KS ..: VVooaler-at, at toft ?
vt hetice par.ies p'i'cee 1 dsuytoview the premises. (Joe
of ihr nnCers'gi e4 a. cav* aceompOntea them to give them
every eiplaraibin In regard to tl e place N H Wanted, a
aireriiboat drawing not more lhan .) or 3 feet of water, to
run to the above village, Slratton Port Appl. at
Woosler si l_M N
V> 8IUN8 PAY. be. prosecuted promptly, and Lsnd
tAarrarits and Land Talents purchased, by 'JKORtiK
WOODMAN. I? Wli lam st near Wall. Cntinseior al Law
and Commissi 'tier for Wisconsin, llttBOte, Indiana, Ren
tnckv. ir. Mr W. will attend to locating t.ar.i Warrari*
upon cnrefttllv selected public lande 1 if bW
rph \TV.6! TK EES !-.1 ust rr. eiTod, by
I ihe i?.*t Havre packet, \flOt llatarel and Dwarf
T" K> S. from one of the pi..si -o . braled French N irse
rl-k-sucb ss Du, hesse <l'a"gon,b iie, l)o\enne d'Ore
Dovenie d'Hiver, Bonne de Jersey, be, bc Kor see
rhe'apby Jmm 1 \v* J BOtVO H EN. : t 1/.erty el
r|HTl,ET. ? A PART of utie.if thtise) new
? aid elegantly finished three-story Brick I) srelllngs In
Kait Tweoiy-thlrd st, near Secord-av.. consisting of a ve-y
pli-BSkiit Hack Parlor on tiie lecond rtoor. and two Re MM
same ?nee and large Bedroom on the third floor, wi'h mar?
ble mantels a'.d wash ? and?, gas fixtures In overy room
m i and co d bsthi atiac ed.and poisesstng every conve?
nience forleabh ar. I comfort For the ren ilslt ?eof a siaall
family (without children preferred,) the adaptation* of the
above are Li t ?urpa??fd. App v to IVS1 D CHASE, 27
Ma'den i.ar.e, or ai Id East Tweniy third at, near ihe
premise*. ra2i^t*
nn? LET?Part of Hobsp, fit Third-at..
M. very pleasant,y situated?lo a small family with ml
children. li i,u:iest ihdbjuteor ai Ihe ?lore, 6m Broad?
way. Can be *een between II and 3 o'clock. m22 if
I^O LET?A COTTAGE on the east
b*ek of ihe Hudion, 6" mile* from New-York city,
very pleasantly atluated, with ahade and fruit treea, Cable
for tio-se snd cow, carrlage-foose, garden, lce-hou?e, hl.''d,
o n trtite? walk from the Hudson River Railroad Depoi
at K'sbkt'l Landing The houie ha* f room* ami pantry,
cellar, k'tcbea, and toaaeSor 3 arres of land. Inquiroof
.1 8 SEAMAN. SRAM AN A PECK, Hanover-tquare,
Tea:.*', orj MAI KIN. P. 51.. Ft.hHli Landing, m.'l I w*
TX) LET?Store, 'J16 Pearl-st. Apply
I toil S ?ml A Ayre*, 2V1 Pearl ?L mil St*
TX) LET?A lieamifol two ttoiy an<l at
JR tie Cottage, situated on 7 lots of ground on north sldu
of Thirty-eighth st. between Ma lison and Four'h-avs. cou
tairitrg two parlor* and kitchen, with range and waah-roo n
on 111 t!oo', six room* on 2d floor a,,<1 f"V. '?
bus a ? npnie ntlM i..p, ?..ir-ioaert, rr"iri wbb b a nue vie w I*
I,?4 ,.r iba i Hy end vtrlally. The ground Is In * fin ? atste
,,l , ?oi??i|ori, b?v|>iK fruit trer* ?ir?wl>?rry bed*, ve^ett
,...4. R'm 'i A'an, one rm no', * lj>ln'ng, t aro i
... ... er*) k Hel.md sla rooms, R^lfMb Applv m
r it KINSIIIMEB,S19 l ounh av aRarlf M. and bafora
? A M:_in J I I w*
'??O LET? The lart-e doulile attma
I HOI ,"K firrrer . . , i i O, ,|-n Hoif.nan, E?rj,
lieauilftiliy situaiert on Cor'ieiiaon PctMoa?M North? er
oppoelia Iba resfdeoea of Wa*' ington Irving, Bed , and
one mile sou ill of the v|i'?ge of NtNrk. to which pl*cj
iiramhnais ptj ihraa tJeiea a day AAw tor sale a kaum
of 'H acre* In the vll'age of Nyars and a * AKM of o'i acrea
near the above Irioulro ol C T. SMITH, ai Nyack.
Btll 2w*
'I'O LET.?The four new brick li ?u-?es,
> ilttiaied on the south side of Etghteealb *t. between
Second awi TWrd avs , having all the modern imp'ove
ments snd Ir every respect well finished. The houses are
three stories ann an attic high and is feet front, with three
rooms deep App y to T MACK A It LAN, Hit Tf nth at
n-ar Tbtrd-e* AUo. FOR SALE?The two adUcdsjbaf
hou*e* finished a* above. mil dw*
pTK) LET*-? Gcntce] apartments on Fourth
? avenue. | parlor*, I roim*. kitchen and bath?rent
t kH rooms snd 3 bedrrnims, with privilege to bath ?
reat#SM Apery to I b Rliehtsaer, ai9 Fourth-.
fr-ro 1'ioSAM, and a'ter 2 PM. m ... .1
VWH) LET?The three nrvv triiee;->)fiiry
I brick HODBVt. ?Ituated on the north *ide of Nur
teenth-st . bei? i-en BfOOnd Bod Third *v?., BOSleg all Iba
awsVati iiep-ovi mrnts HatbootaaareC feetfroni. arlth
three room* deep Applylo T MACKARLtN",
mit 3w* I8n Tentii st, near Tblrd-av
'I ?() LFT- From 1st of August next, 2
I four-siory brick hulldlni'*, each .tl f-et l Inche* front
and 7u fl deep, to be erected exp'esi.y for m-chvteel pur
aoaea,oolota Iff aod hi Cet.ne.it katwaeo WbtM and
w*;ker *t* Por bwoMawd nassdnotioo of plane *pr>'v',t
tl'Chamber *-?i in office on 1st floor mil - w
r|M) LET.?The dwelling parts of seve
? ra1 ItM large fotiratorv Houses Ofl Fourlh-svei.ue be?
tween TwenivaeTenlh and Twentv-elgl.lh-st. millltag of
l* a Isrge parlora and two hail bednaima on 2d flo >r, a
r,-.in,s, hall bedroom and bath on 3d floor; four largo a'tic
rooms or ti*-floor large ?liehen, wllh rtn^e, lc. Ap lv
0 t H K INSHIMER. Jl1' Fourth-avenuefromc to ) A ^
s? ia i-t. r m _ mt Inf
TH LET?A Ra-semenf, First, Sr*o.tn<l
1 er d Fourth S'oro < e.-ou: ..j by >'<?' Vet, woTJ Ugbtad
Wltbtbtta und lin.r Vrrv stsflVJ Windows ou tiir,-, ssdest
Vel] lailiabsaRWMistBBt<llllfiia wUli sbam power, alno
a Sinn? slid Bsck lioifi. ut t>3 BeeiUttBa tt, ai.d 17 A":i a'.
Ihquire on the premise*. ml) Im*
1 A pleasant Three-Stor> llouee, and fin i.-hed, w II be
kM to a small family Rtfl live > r six saosjtb* fr -in I at or M iv
Bba iioiiae is plcssanrly local.il bt il.e M. in/v of I'm a
Turk AMrtei B I r a' Ma o;' l ? m22. sV
A pleasant Three Story House, and f i-nlahed. wH be
let to a sma I fati lly BW See or tlx monUia from the latof
MfcV Tlr-h t:se ? rlessat.llv located In Ihe vidi \ '
Pnwa Para Address B f fl al this oiilce ir<Ui\'
NOUS E cV (.i \ R D EN ON FI FT ri-A V.
TO LET OR LEASE fro-n tat of Apr! -A y-ry
?? . diu;.? lieu*", corner of Fifih-av nodOSM BtMSTed
ai.1 Thlrly-Sec. nd*t, with a large Osrden con-.
Choice f'Ulia and giapes, ar d un-l-r QsjeatMOl c i DvsFAm.
A n Bat bea' HM Sumujer rer-Meoce for a per? >n d trg iuai
bbaa In li e cuv. a* the cars stop within a block every ho ir
In the dav. For further oartu u'a-s. *pp!y to
?lair L A SAYRE >31 Broadwev.cor. Spring.
HOUSE.?To Ut, to a ?mall frussily of
iwo i'r o.ree p>T*ot s. two rooms and two ->eJrootns
on second :\>or The spann e-is are very d-slrable. as
if ere !* ou.v a fart lly of two in the houie Rufererr-* ea?
ch rged. App y or addre** 127 R.v'Qf.aioL st iruldf
I J HOCBB, TO LET -Th-third.fourth and fltb *to-ie*
of st ire cow finlahtug. 23 Para-row, opposite the Asior
H 'Use. and facing the Park. They are 25 reet by it" in
ve-v ltg^uand have a romnod.ous rear entrance, as
weil ss frori Apply lo
mSif_MASON A LAW. M Pea-t-st
|VE\V HOTEL TO LET.?A lame ami
1 v cot,vi nln.t Hotel, wltha bsm and other out-bu'.d ngs,
lust cop pieted. In tl e M'lave of Patterson. Puios-e Co intv.
N Y I: l* ? bMMd at tl a Pe>poi of the Harle.? Ra.lr ??!
tf. I s :;i hours' rile from the cay. The place pres-n'.s a
l'et/tg fat s Hotel j the l.icetloo would also boa*>
tractlse lo ?umaie* txiaiders A'p y t" I A TtHER. al
Pat.e'ior.or M JAM*. S R HAYf A. SON t' Nsasvt ft
OmCES TO LET?On the comer of
ilar.ovvrsnd Beaver a s a few steps fro*n the Ex- j
chaui'ua d ii asahtsd i^'a lat smiati e an l c.'mmo';oij? for [
Lawyer* Nolai.r s B'.'kers Corp.irs lora Ac The plac I
and brraawoa e>u of the btitieing may l>* *een. and rooms
ma\ be.pga.rx' ut. ?'?.' I Slli'll to
m . .w- bl PCH# ELD A TRW. M Wa".?t
a> r . 11 . f Hxik av a* ! t . rt| ' -?'.* Mr Asa
? lorr buck fmi 01 g. |r- ;? refr irr |'?lol.'. ?-*c -nr d ????? o-?
Pi litj firs' si 01 . ? Ibf ?tlsf a Lar-.sv *l "?' ei fr m I
?A !? *- r-' Its- 0 OIEFFVnoP.P
TO LET.-Three
r,.,, ?' tin e B*m Bteaei Power L quire of
j?i if CM I1MOMSOM, in Uwimi
f - edv, r\\ttr having a store la ihe central pari of
, wry, '"id ?o trn OTtadowOi wvUh- ? to le- part -if
t, ? ?.' im f ? i-n. w * ? .r Ii ;* w-ll c*l -mated for
it ElcbOJ r? OBYce, tbosale of PohOM MedhBOOB, or any
Back [gM MiiltK. Ap,'iy at 1*1, next door to we Broal
Kl-, Hc-tue. m.i Ii
>JT< >RES "TO LET.?The first floors,
with or.e baterneot, of the *partuu* hont?* Jfo* I and
Wairoo at. KM Kr.-umr. Tnw iiTin nu, t! ? Krto
Rjiln ki and lw der fUof ihe great Hudson Rl"r Hail
r ni. v?! eh i* hi BXBtod fi orn t hamber to Wtrr-n-at*.
v i.fa the *9te**ar*e bobbI ind the aoakereoa ohoi de
-t. ret to ho Ol etM 'I in Wa*reu-?i. ad joining tJ.i* property,
? she l*t of M?v w'l r.rl-r :i . r." ? t 1. .' <>??,:? "1. :t>
the elry for ii;eei-?ritile beahceet Also Parlor, mil Bed
R. owe i? 1.1 ?i'h or with. Ut furniture Orotloateo woe
le pv??etr loom* I? pi 11 pern-cl ???>'.? r .1
< n?!? application to BOLDE DOE'S B00B Store, IM Pul
tr.ii at _m.2 tmsl
? ir Jerny City, the basement, tirtl and tecond stirieo
? r dl hol . lag at'iiated corner of yora anl
1; tree ft* Irreei City, wilhtti ooe h ock of the Ferry?
weil light**1 a; d especially adapted 11 a itght mechanical
'iisir?-** VM,h n f.' od iup,"'t of kpftWltOf. Th" a'uve
tt 'iLa will be ?t ?er ara ? or lOgOtBOT wl'h *tei!ii p ?wer.
r Moat r ri^eti oa the let of May For farther tof jrota
or sppty on tAvpreooeeoorle orinnkll a so*.
>? .? .it* 2J tfa'de-t lane. N.V.
I POWE! ard room TO LET.?Theadvertiserhat
a ar.e l.rat c aaa boDdtkg I new) well lor?ted. with a la'ge
aanouiof Staaas Posow. waath he win let in pastorale
* bole premise*, or bo would be wiltlog to take ao lutoreal
Iii h oti er parti*?* In ton e profitable maoufa ilurtng bual
:???? requiringlarge Brem be* and steam power For par
1 rahws, addrea BT KAM POWER. Courier ard EaaaVog
offictx Wa let uii2 *weod*
Tl RINtJ COMPANY (PlehbUl Lsndire, N Y ,) hare a
largo 1*00001 of Wairr Power, which ney wi 1 Ira** or
,e,i upon very advan'agenu* term*. In quantities of Five.
Hi ra- Power and upward, with a sufficient amount of Land
In* e erection of all nece??arr hull, tng* Thun a very
doiral'le location for thoee who are cramped Aw room and
have in pay for expensive ateatn power In the city. The
I r.perty I? within ha fa mi'eofth? Hudson Rl?*r Railroad,
and the Han'ord Providence and Fishktll Railroad will
pat* tl rough the prctiiaei. thereby making It quite at cm
reahkOl for many kind*of huslnes* a* If located Inth^city.
portent* Ac . apply at the office of the Company, or, if by
letter, 1 p< at-paid.1 addreaaeil a* abjve
I IthhUl Landing. March 2t, ItiAI._m2t 2aw2m?
In a very floorlihlog town, within a few hour* of
the city- nrceitlhle by Railroad and Canal la now doing
a ? -i.t rate rath bntine**. and it only io!d on account of the
ill health of the prcprti"tor. Termi, ea*y. Addre**,
'? DEITOOIST," box I |7H Oeneral Poat Office mlnlw*
nRUQ STORE.?Fol Sale. chea|). the
Buck a' ' Kivtttresnf a retail Drug Store, doing a
go.al hiialneas, wilh or W?hOOt ISO l?aae of premlae*?one
year 901 to too. Thi*l?an excellent ttand and worth the
atteetioo of any one wishing to enter into the hu.tueat.
Apply at MS] Canal-fl. BOMot"
nRUG STORE.?For Sale ? Drmc St< .re,
httedupln the heal manner and molt modern at.le
?bltu.teil In a good nelgr borh'jod. ' The fixture*, furniture,
4c are all of tuperlo-i.ualtty and in perfect order, while
ire it ehCrfjMiBgS, ftmlly met'ic.ne*.and fancy erdet?* ia
complete. Thli atore It BOt atirp.aaed Id t e.tilv or fintth
! v at y other In tMa city Involving ihe aame capu*'. Tnn
ainiatlor It central ?td in a faahio lable ne'gh toroood, neu
:! I res'di net- of *ever?l enilrieet Phydcian*. and I* calcu
'a!>d to d" an extensive prooorlptl 'n bu.lnea*,** well is 'n
famllv medicine* and fancy arilclea. The expense* of the
i'i'i e are ut uauallv small, OOd al a verv low ret.t Piice
KLStO raah. Applv to B MIlLKR, Drogftat,
1: .0 lu- Uoyd s Cttg. Dispatch, N Y.
Ot-tlProOt-el one door fro 11 Coerilie?.|l|p ; | years ^ ?OOtBf
to run. ln<|iilre on ihe premise*. mil |otei?l*
L^OR SALE?Two Match Mares Hi
a\ handa high, ran trot a rollo in th-e? minutes, gentle
and pleasant driver*. Also, two light Wagons and double
and tingle Harte,a, P. ?r k-ts. Rohe* and Hleigb Sold
or.ly ou account of tlm owaon having no u*e f r them.
Can be seen al Mr Chlrheainr'* Stable, 24 Ch^rrv-al. If not
disposed of at private sale will be aoid at auction within
|C dsva date For particulars Inquire of
li.lt PI OA?WT a DKKRICRSON. 1"? South St.
nir. .1 DOdei OOODT K All'S Pater,; The Newark
1110la Rubber Maniifaeuiiiinf Company, st ?re Sg M?ld?n?
la00, New Yoia ; fai lory, Newark, N" * ,lerae7 -Tms
Cwotaaoy aroakaoosaotoiora and wii<>ie*tin deai-<rslua l
be dliieieui ar Ices row manufactured uader H.eidy^ar's
PateotaBBd guarantee all their goo.it at b.|ng Btfkal In
qoaHiy toraatOBaotadoo Merchants are reqooewd to call.
All goods are warranted to stand any climate. The moil
Ibtral tern s to country dealer*.
Warrkn At KRRMaN, Secretary. ni2l2mDA3iW*
Ac?We are dally receiving from ih-? raaniiNciurer,
ard having made to order, every description of SCJ NKS,
FYKK.8. caailt g, landing and dip NKTS, ma.le of th- he.t
L",Krrid qm'We'mrk.-S* "W'tf rfgPeo"wi^ BOBtOBOd
b ad*, ready for use. Orders from Ihe Sou'h or South Amer?
ican trsdr promptly attended 10 and forwar lod without de?
lay. |ni2tift*| JOIINJ DROWN. IM Kultop-sL
IN DL1NG WOOD-Made frorn S mth.
'em Pitch Plne.cui and sawetl 10 the prjp.-r l-n_-th
ht.i sAm ? for a-miea. sk.vhi, furnace* Tnis i* a moil I sj.
veniei I arnc B 10 HoOgeheopOlO, hotale, storr-s and otficus,
and 10 all who study eOOOOBBy. Orders receive! at ilm
Steam Factory Ilk Bank-at.or at 7 Nassau ?1.. basement
office, w here a sample can be aeen Oae doilOT per huo
dtrd m2i3t?
The subscribers respectfully Inform thr-lr friends and Ihe
public, il nt 1I1 ->y have 00 band and are constantly man?
ufacturing, Fireworks of everv des.-rlptlon, both large and
?mal', sthlrhihev offV-r to dee er* at m vut'trturer'a price*.
Aito Joseph.1 K.dge'iimproved Signal Roctt-isforthlpplng
These Rocket* can he aeen live mile* further than any other
now In use
Alro, Signal Ughta, Port Flrea. Line Rockel* end *o forrh.
mit Uieod* J. O. A ISAAC LDOK J.J. Pyrotechnist*.
Uaefol BMKhtbOj a suhstilu'e for bolls as f .r ner v in use.
This lataalMBl ha* iDVarlably received the firal pre iuuiu
afhaaawr ore?oted for eompatltloo, bavtag raeefred the
|OM I Bdel at the American lustl ute. a *t|s*)S BkBdal M the
Bono; Pair, ai: diploma* ?lere mwla * havo ueen pre
v.oi.i. > awarded it For It, ?.i;mr',..r ini>r,n*ii e. no oeg
t. refer to rearlv all the leading first r!a,? ho e.a In the
rjetudStatea. We pr?sent too Mlowhtf tasdsooolakof
pt rsons who havr hsd great eipniien -e Iq rmil haUaing, tOB
ute ol and the puiucg up of Annunciaiort.
Ntvt York. March 9, I3M.
DvarSiks In answer to yoora Of the 1st lust asking
my opilIoi. a* lo ihe merl's of Jarkaon'a Annunciator, or
BOB Tetrgroph, I beg lo slate that I have fiiu-d theinup'n
mary tost eJoBB Hoiels hl OOrtOOB part* of too BohOBj and
exlenslvi ly In tb s ciiy ?thai th.y have gt .en ad the suis
faction that possibiy could be et peeled?thai I know of no
mar hue that works to correctly In ail lit parts, au 1 with
?o much t'li'pncliy. It* elegant appearance, at well a* It*
g. t.ersl utility, warrant* me in reeomflMBnlag It 10 hotel
? 1 i Ut'rs sr.d dl.ers as the most perle-i Au?uuclator, or
Beil Tel. giaph now In use. Rrspectf illy von s,
T lit ?MAS CHALMKRS Bell- Banger, b M?rcer-*L
Or.ars For ihe la*l IhfOOyOOral have useil lacks mi's
Pnienl Ar r.ut'CLst vr for Hotels In this c'ty and State, als?
In Yern out, and 11 has proved perfectly twttsSOBtory 10 ihe
o*t nrrs ?* well a* mytelf I am dncldndlv of optufeu lhal
it | o?.-eses superiority nf me. banb a' conslnic.l.m. elfi.
ehM cv atd durability in iltelf. over a I oth-r aro uorialjr?
thai 1 have ever seen. BETH W FCLLtR.
Bell Hanger. 17 Devoushire-tt.
Boston. March |,]S5L
HiM' W e have nut vour Jackson's Patent Annancfa
t r in ssvrral large Hotel* and S.eamshlps. where they
gtve parfeet satisfac ton. Aa an invention, fjr coinhlna
llon, n echan'sm. dural.tltty. freedom of action, and lets Ita
blllrj to dnsngenieni. we unheattattngly give li a* our
opinion that Ii is superior to anvitdn* tn ut? for like pur
Bell Hanger. IT* Chrlsile-st.
New York. March 6, I8.il.
Dt. ?aSia-.. Having pul up two rf your Annunciatori
in this city, you deatre 10 know my opinion of tb-m I co>
slder a more perfect machine cannot be male It* appear?
ance I* neat si I ort.aniet.ial, acd if pul up by a competent
person cannot get out of order
PotTadsta Asst, Mori A T, 1IAI i.s . b Eighth si.
The pub le are respectfully cautioned Bgataat uiskiag,
vi r.dirg, or using an Infrin^emen of this Paler.l Ma.u
(actured only by
ISM, Wil.lsm-st New York
The Patent* for England, Kranen aod the C.nada* for
i tie._mhl7 3u"lavr
The penalty fixed by the Water Board for ieavlng a
lltdrsnl or Cork running wn^n not In actual us-, is tse
?topping of ihe ?upply forthwith. The BARTHOLOMEW
Pai.Li II) dnar is and'Coc.ks comply wiuiihe reqBtfaakOOBt
c f the Board. The Hydraota have be, n io c<>nalaiil uae 'or
l -.e yara are sub.lat'ial. Cur*?, e, not ltkel / lo gel out of
o.der. and eatlly r-pair?d, wiih.-ui digging up. 4n not
bursi the ptp-. not liable 10 freeze, and bel?g *-lf-*t >pping,
are r.ever Ml ruining For rale h, i( ? rsBBSOOragOO>
rally. Bewareof India .o-.* and Infringement* nui l2U9od*
M) PRINTERS.?For Stale, ..no or
Oiore large Cyllrder Pre*?e* ma'e by il Hoe A Co ,
thirty-COO by tiny Inchea?*a'd Pre**e? are In running
urder. and will tie a. Id low for i-aab. or ?xchar ged for the
Improved Afan.a'Pre.* AOPryhef b?MERS, 117 Mae
tau st. New f( 'k. mii'ei*
I 1MNG METAL?Hard .Metal, de
B J a'.T-1 f r ihr b,.xes ? f railroad gBBaaaoOtl and fre'rht
<?* Itis more Curat,ir- man s eel.and can lieeasly melied
and cast .nlo Ikis-s For sale. |r la'ge or sn'a'i .juantlil -o
by_fm2l 3fj LCCHS H ART, I B irlrg^dp
\t BSOLOt rvery de?criptl..n for housr-keereng, manu?
factured axd ft r sate ttholeaale aod reta>i at 6 Burl ng s ,p
( JOMM?N10N SERVICE?PsoUed mmi
\ BrhaaoM Ptogooo ffonkaroo, Oahirti p aarg and
Baa ? a B'? a ??ao, Coilecuon PiBir?, mu.uf-c .r-d
at.ii f.., sa'e *i S Buiii/n;-* Ip, by
3i'_gggl HART.
?T1 AK "jiISHES-O-.r.,,,. ^teak ami
' D si. init Li 1 at i i u,j( miv-nod
Utg ?? -'? ' s;.. pa. kr-furi.?.i -Ua;*hoii', ,d-e Mauu.
sri.iit d sti. ;.,r ?* e by
Ll'CH S HART I Buriingt'.ip
IjVRUIT J?ASKKTS-Ar.inv?i,-.ofs,,!rn
ffi r..iii iop mm4 tram 8???-(?, just r-c?iv?j end for
*s e ? ho e?n.e snd retell ?>?
Bsn?*? LlfCIUJ HARr.sBirllog.'lp
.1 CMlNlara.
I h?*e M I ro.,1 *nd offcf fur sale tie Ajl owing T ioj, all
r, w *r f < f l' * b'*?| <"? ntlruc.loc
One ?r*e SkMdaf Ma hoe
(lirl; f-cl ?r. rl hi e b 'eel Plajer
One I >e: ?ad tmm Uf-i Kngtie Leihe
(ji?7frt ?rd fie Ii bei Engl e Litt t igeth'-r with a
r- n ber of Hatte L*th*. *ru>.l! Planer*, universal Cvi
s:i.ie Re-ti. *r I bm cot try race ring M .OHlMlsTi*
TOOLS ' ? Iii M ev.ry d.-*r?1p.iorj, and b ..eve lli?l I
es'. I i order* much sooner iren.hr y COB he procur.Me.ee
A large) ?trcl ofeaperloi Leather Bandtag ?'way*on
hard. |min2w*| P. A. LEONARD, lid INrarfdt
Irni on of all Turtle* n :err?iej |n A vet I* eelled M
Ala irw r'ir'> TM? Ax e tnrik>* bo Bot**,la per* y
**fe. qojfllT aad eaetlj oiled, and ma* etee third bboBji
than a'cy O&rt ll MeA** b beautiful talob, end n eppitce
all lo Vvrry species of vebAcAt A num >*r of them ere
now running In IBBJ rltv with entire approval. Samplet
niav be *een and orders sBR at
ml7 2wMWAF*_21 Ms'deo-lane.
at the bottom Tfet* s-paretu* exclude* all wind, dmt,
ar i die n o*t driving storm*, ten* making a great ?eving of
fuel, keeping llie floor and kill from deray. and the carpet
from fadir.g It t* very ei*liv attached to Inside or outside
door*, and rather than disfiguring the n. It !? ornamental.
?jjl fff* 314 Broadway wholesale and retail
WAERHOPIl? JbBJB I Hix.le, IM Neisau-?-,
IvMr-Toit It prepared lo furnl*h every article reapi'siu*
for Birder*, i'i.oaistlng of M iiiln. of IM m.?*t approves!
pattern* ard color*. F.ugl'sh colored and bark Calf Skin*?
ifuiut to. Bimbo. Iubbbb LesitAw, eulerad snd b%ra saiv
iii BI'BBp SktBBl comb, nrsr hie and lar.ev Paper*; Head
B>: u. Thread,Twine. Ac Eiiil>.r?air,g, S ?? ding. Culling,
LaytBI f? ish'rg ai ?> Sewing Presne?; Ta ile sod Snar?
ing' shears. Prcee ii'tnla Ruling Mac blues and Pens,
T\ pe and Case*. Rolling Machine? Brass Orname ts.
i. Sing snd Blank Roil*, Btamps and K.l'eis. Pa.let*. I'ot
1*1 er*. Agate Rurnltti.ei* P.ow Kv.ves, Ham ners. Shears,
Ki'\et, Coiupssses. Lettering St? up?, Tools and I'latee
from design* rut 1u asuoertor style on llie very hardest me?
tal, with promptness and despatch _Mj202w*
EXCELSIOR SOAP. (Manufactured
i solely by
Comer of Klvlngton and Cannon sis . New-York.
Tht* Soap I* f*' ?nperior to any other offered to the pub
llc. It remove* slain*, grease, paint tar and Ink, and
wa?hes in BOtXbsard,mt *sit water, without ktsB ?Hgkaaal
tijury to any fsbrlc or to the skin. Sea C iptsin*. Woo en
Manufseturer*. and a;l engaged In the trade, are especially
tnviied to ten It* va'u? m22 tf
childn-n anrual y die fr. m wortna tl.nri from all other
cti-m s con hited. Ihaaa MBR4a w ea.s ' can be saved
? r.d rtade healihy
r. moves li e ?i rtu* ar.d make* tbe ' tie patient perfectly
well ll never fail*. It kill* - eCBB the worm* and
Crivi* tluni frmi llie syaletn . h. at BBS !ea?t injury,
and a'.waj* P?n<l It I* il ? o- 'y Infallible Wtrru
Jji it.i d] tfH i nail" It ia n plesKiiut ?jni|i that all ?luldren
will gladly 'alte and B?k fi r more It coutaiusn >mercury
It la the eheopot ard beet worm oV ?troyer ia the wo'ld
The loitlt a urn large, and sell at only S cetita.
Fend the a) n OtOBBS ? f the \\,or".- i'aln lb the |o|nt.? ami
UMMl ollennvi' I ri aih ; picking at the nose; giunitog of
thetteih id r.tu. H.rr-p; ana ut tiue* a psjsBBlBM abou the
lip*, w Hi Itiula rl rimes*. Pleading at the uo*e. a gnawm/
MaTSatl BBttbe* omach tlshl.es of hi at ove- the aurfecoof
IbB 11 rjy. |R|).' ddl * or kt?verbags, beadacho drow?me-*
f?gligO. n rpor. uialu'bed rj'Miui, sudden >'sr Ing tu sleep
wiili fright und screaming; lomeiiii.c. afro i!ii?? i:nocougo,
f'-ver ,.I.nee* ilnrer pal ktboa W*. bad t** e in the mou'b,
: II cull l?r? alhitig. Data in the st inach i i DOW elk fattg'i?,
natif-ca sr)Ut an.ithn? s*. VOTBaTiOM appetite 1-atiness, bhiat
i il stomach or limbs, gnpiogs, (hooung pami ill vanou*
t ar's <>l Ii i' l i d; . a si ns- of tometbing r.>>u* in the thro.tt,
itching o'the aiitis toward kdgbt, a frequi ut de.ire lo pans
si nil-thing frost ihe Lowds, and someiimes ducharges of
albna und nmcus
All those ayJafgraUa feelings nn'bttrished by Bain's Worm
Killer. Tru?t no other ruidieine, or a nbfid'l Hie may be
lost Sold at IbtNa-eatt st cjr of Ann, by 8. TOUSEY,
?OH gencralarjert fer the proprietor. mil 6ih
Till* Ir.Vi'uable rtBMd| for ail - ?.-* of the Throat
aid Lungs, ha* atiaind a celebrity f on Us remarkable
cures never ei|iialied bj, any other medicine before. Other
pre| araiii n* b?.vi thow n tl.em?elve? palliative*, and aome
itmraefl cted notable cure*, but none bat ever so fully woo
the ci nfi ence of every cmuiuoity where ill* known ?
After to ars of irlal In every cllinate, the re*u t* have india
piitabl'v shown It to pniie#? a maatery over this dangerous
class ofcl?ea>e*.wht.'hco ild BotfM toattracithe attention
of PbJ klfbkBa. Psilr ou, and ihe publh at large,
hee'ih? ?taten.em* r ot of obscure Individual* aid from
The widelv neb bated Surgeon. Dr. Valentine Mott, of
New-Yotk Cuv- *a>*;
" it girt ? me pi. aeon to certify the value and ell.cac.y of
'Ayers ChBtrj P-. i.oal' which I couslder peculiarly
idatTbsd to cure diet ?*- s of tint Ihr ai and tung*
Ilr P? ikin*, the venerable freaident of the V'eroont
Mi liral col ege. one of the em oentl> iearned phyatctana
of tbi*cotiolry, wrttr * TbeCbesry Pectoral Is exierslvety
liaed in ttal* #ertlo-i. W here It h.a ?h.>*n umnialaaa-rle ev|.
del ea of lit happl ttTeCtl ipOO 11 tnonary di*ea*e?.
Rev John D Cocbraiii.i. a distinguished Clervvman of
tbe Englhh Church, writes to the proprietor from Montreal,
tlat " he has been earn d of BBS vere atthmatic alfecdon, by
Cherr> Pectoral '' Hit letter at full length, msy befoand ia
our CfMBdaTi ko be had of tte Agent, and l* worth the ain-u
llor of aathmailL panel.'*
Where the Cherry Pecioral hat been nice med, no doubt
ren.sln* of il* virtue* und ability to cure dlseasua of ihe
Lur g*
Prepared and lold by JAMES C AVER,
Practical Chemist, Lowell, M?*s
end by all Druggist* ever> where. mU Imeod
ITIi DMPAN1 Ho.k* of MbaeripdoB to tbeC?t*dteJ
' t of (hi* l oiiii v,\ will bo opebed under the direction
o u e Mb** ribs ia, at ine M'-r ani e8snb.covbswof BrotssV
>va' || .' MbIci ire in Tl BBD AT, SSJt March Imt.at
If i.ciork M,aad be k,-pt riperj rJaUy,frofl UtoSr. M.,
ur tu the whoie amount of ?.'?'.noncapital ?hu I have been
subscribed 1 en per reni. pssahle *l the il-ne of suhscrtb
log, the hn'arre on the IM Apn'rem Snares 62^ each.
JOsU'll STUART, ) Comm!**loners
IHR Kl tors.
Chirles kl Msrsiail, Jon. I Coddington,
Ji>?eph Smart. Rotiert L Taylor,
lohn J Prelp*. Win. H Ma<y.
V\ m C Weimore Isaac N. Pnelps,
Wm il ?Vabb, Oeorge Merrlit,
Neman White, U orgeW Qtintard,
Jobal VVesiervolt, Frsrtci* Tomes, Jr.
CbertM Ely, ww u amita.
M-rrlt' *Vmh'e, B-nj H Jsrvls,
Alfred W tA'Mbe, Rlchtrd Tighe,
Dsilel H Torrifticf, BoraesV t'Urk,
AibertLi wry, Jame? D Morgan,
Wm C.Taylor, John T Allen.
Henry J. Seaman, Charles M. UullJ,
:i2t 3i* Calvtn Burr.
1 GILBERT i CO 'S Pi a i,i; KoRTES at IM and 417
Bread way.
A i.rw and ?plendld wsre room for the sale of thejuMly
relr br*l? .1- oilari Piano Forle? w^f by T Ollbert C Co
BtM Till* Hay beeu opere.i hy WATERS k HERilV, a
icjd B?o*?w ay . corner of Arohony-al, In addition lo their
tor paar Broad way
The rarlri aale of these malnimmt* and their en'lre sue
iea?, hi lb an ong amsteur and Srilbbm'ieal rnu?|cl?n* era
an ide proof of iheir ?uperior i| ia ity. The *ub*cr1'ier? a?e
t ow ptapared or oiler lo tfce puMic tbe largeat snd be?l a*
si riu ei i of Piano*, both with ami wli-ren |ba E i: an ae
rnitij aniineiit. ever eshl'Herl in this Cuv, In answer'0
ti e S??erlll 1 ? i f h> ' leiefteri In the ia|? ?fulher p|% ios
that "the Attachment inj'o-es the Pio.'i." tbe f ili..wlug,
Ceebed fro n L Oi bert v Oo'?. pu iii*ed circular is ?uflicienL
?? We i (fer to ?e'ect ai d forward ut a? y part of ihe coun?
try ai our loweat pr'ce*. ? .ch lusirmuerjt as may beordert,
bc'ron p?r led by the csah or satiafsc'.ory reference, a'd
pledge asjt *e,v?? tr, refurd the fi t amount received with
all necesssr- rnai or irar teusib'lue If'he Instnim-ni fails to
give enure tai'*fart) n The tesline n *'? we have rec-ived
from s.i pans of ih~ court y aeture* us hat .te Eoitan
Piani-forte bis ?'t ly br be know., to take the precedence
of *il others The public are invited I? call and examine ?
Secor d her d Piar o* t?ken In eaciange. Piano* to Let
A ?o, a ?econd-uand (rrann PIsawAw ?a> very low.
mit ?4pi BM snd 447 Brjalway.
J For Sa'e at a very low price. A beautiful and urlq-ie
Irstruner.t fn rn on. of the bestoiarufactnrl-alti Eng'aod.
Itbaaetkbt karre ? piay'r.g rt. ujt fufiy cvr rtiue?. ?onga
Itc III* an etegant and useful piece of furniture for the
parlor i r library. Baa PSWSstttj b(*bb P'.l tu .he v.-v ?>e?i
otfler The cost con d not h~ve r>e?n lest than iaon, and It
la row rtferac for |MB C*n be ae.-n al Ma Jsaoirsc'*
Ot .sn Mam rsnioBV,' 18 Pea ! st. nesr Broadway
m2l St
DBV (ioiii'v \(
m-J .is ir g of Inab Llrieps whit- a'd k*Ww n LlBBt Die
a?k aid Dunask Table CrOtke, Towel-.g U'.per. Lte*M
Hsndserrhl'fs. Ac A to, print., m gham, MBeats?,
Cl,*n brav* Blacl Cloths, ?ilBa, Swi?? and It a.k M i*,ia*
PI?lo Muslin*. Ac . for ?sie ,ow by W. MATHBWei,
Mmmr_^_on Calhartne?U
n[UIE BEST place to OCT^rlKN
?*?eed BoY's Clotbtmi ?< w?Hrie?,ie and Ret?ji u .1
JACOB VANOEHBILT'S.?. Ih?lmtB. Al-oaiaJoa.
?ortterl of fathiona'.le ,.,<??? whn-h will ?a- ~ade.- or
" '????oc.,. ....?-...-, j VAN DE Rt" LT
im U'(j-il Nor.;, west corner of t3*J*d*0A m' 'i?
feH'ol THi.i U)"-^H,^;
?^Paier.t S?sr?dow^ S-.wliig Cotio,r'-A v-rv .-...ailor
?' ' - ' bj L 1? wiLScs 1 00.
i< Cort'nud atd fl Dey-at
-IMMENSE. BTOt K Off N r. vv Mpg| f4<J l,'H)r)%
Oietf ihe most desirable stork* of new Spring C*?al,
ever exhibited In Out en.. ByffJ he ocVred ft r ate ot hi*
d?y. Marc? ?4, at
BARKERS. 3<1 i.*a?d-sv.
F.'erv aritel* res. an 1 of the fleh?? ?ivlea Iia^irtM
*H<T\mi\j for BOO owe uade, HMSMJ which ere ?
Sleek ?Iii? of I v. . v bffjd frcm 4? up
^ H'a k Watered Bairn, Sirtped ar.d P'ahJ, ant Ftftjaa*,
" ii ' Doaet, mm ? it Boa t* up
, i-crt Gmm* C!S. ks, hwge ??4 ? n? J puisr-a*.
rrw BBS etn ?r?-?- Bl be p.<ru!*r *t.V*
???? ? ba f\ ?<'?'? *rd Rr-? e ?1 k?, ?.,h de fk...^
Sofia ffoieg
Su.ali P toi ar d B'r-iped snki very cheap
Ir eta ?? d f oulard I i -
Pi?l:i Slai Arn era Watered and Po'i d? SolaStlka
Alee, SB rjiujaaww Bates*De l.? re#,-?f ,h* raj*. ?**?/
lar Oslgr.s a> d roiort, Bl ? it up.
A'?o h k BtSOgea, Mit Tissue*. Or*i.tdloei
BPt ratrd Rarrf?a. f.?urrd ai)J plain
Black Barege*. Silt Tl.-ia-t and Orent lines
Ss oi Rarrgr*, Ac
Pla n ard fvur. 1 French PopliLt au4 Mohair Latiare
BUS Bad L am Tol. ce Nurd.
Prem h Pnm?, Petooh aod ffseaea oingham*
? aci ted colored plalu 0? Later* of the ? ;es: <rmty
Block a'd colored khelly hlacA Bwum/ia**, Ceawa
Clolha, le.
Bich De La net. BtM It ep.
Alto, white and e lored Crape Shaw'.t.
Long an I 8',tare Bloche a:.j GOkiUBOBl Shawl*
Pttolrd CaaBjSSN at Ta ,rtt Si.awl*
P a i Ca.hmere and De Lame Shawl*.
Mar.nilae. la h?m Via mm
Linen gooia and housekeeping article*, ronsla lag *f
Lin?n Shieling, Drapery, Liren Damttk, brown aad
bleached Tal le Cloth*, Napkin*, Doyle*. Ac,
Emioldered and tamboured and needle worked Drapery
i-igured atid i'riprd YModow Curtain go at*
Mir.- il esand I ancatter Quillt and Counterpane*
Cotu n gheetfngt. If* .| and i yardt wide.
Bed Tick*, Str.w Tick*.
Fine Welch Flannel*.
Bed and White, and other Plannelt, the beat make
Alao, l< I balea aod Oktal Domestic Ooodt, al the lowta
market price.
Clotri, Caai'trem. Batloeitt, Kentucky Jeans, Ltata
Drtl'a Vesting*. Ac.
Stage* froji S'aiec 1? and Ferry, So ;,..,i, Perry, Jwoaj
Ct>\ BOf BMBaBaOS K-rrieaand Wllliamr-burgh Perry, ffflj
tkedoor evtry live nilnuii*
Ooodt tent lo eveiy patl < f tbtt or a^jlmug CltlatSjOJ
of charge. s BAJtKBBtSN OroaS Ml
n 3t u katwoaa aTAoriegwead Aienoa
jL7ABE \N l> r Khl.iHT rEDI'i'K.n.?
1 I tp*l BteOI SO BOOrl 'i I.'tie f'f San Francisco,vtk
t hag rr< Sired, and by toe Uottad Statee Steamer ta ik*
Pa at
The to w and ?p'eodld a'eani'hip NDI1TH AMERICA,
.1 h Bie h< ii. fTiinkOiandaf loo oaooot aoooooi ta ik*
arortd will leave Pi-r I Nor b R'vei fon.'HAtJKESdirect,
on h KlI'A l. Apr. II, at I.k. P M
I ?.-. agon by iMl meotiie ?'ean ?htp will amve at Patv
?OJO Kt tlaukhO lOBO pai age fer San Francisco and other
pOltl on 'he Pscric by the OtOOl speedy an 1 c i i fu-tatile
conveyal re Pht* t'eaniship is entirely ? ew, having tnadt
Intiwo U pi to t'luigres. aid It le OOOjffOeaUy eapec^d
thai il e will land her paaaer eers at Chagre* in seven tan
from the t me she |e*v-? Ne\v-S 'rk Thlt tteauiT has S)
large *? i eoMooSSJM i t?te loceoi, tome of thi-m ot i-itm
size, ex;'r"s.|\ gealgned tor famine* fasaengers for Calt
? oi.,a traokj go wed in take this ship, as the is veuiuatsd
on an 11 l ie new pi :ncip e, and her becdintr, Ac kc , !??*.
Iirelv new ar d tree gfOBI dlrease. No tH-rtb or s'alnrooa
can (><? se? ured ui'tll paid for A few first da** atsleroorat
ren'Sl" Ul fOgtgt'd For paataifr' or freight. ?*'!?, tire) of J.
P. MORTON, at bow te oo tfeie Pter ot too foataf loasrii
Mtei t, v> here |g*J plan ol tl e catnn* and steerage ran b*
?ten. and state re mi and berths termed BtM ill*
PI^f?AN>?'ouTATloN I INK Bcioai
1 ire iSriiMl S ol PANAM \ KAN Kl'nnf.ls k
CO i stab irh>-d as forwarders on ihe lalhinus st BOJ Ik*
ci BO ' i renieLt of the Ca kt mla Km'gralton and b*Tlag
udiu p?*S'd (aci.lne*. are now reo? ving and tranaporuig
n erct-and re from sMp'.oard at Ch*g e* to ahip ?>ard a
PaOOOOBj wtt?>ou'delay or election Reference-Mattrs.
Thompson and Hitrhcrct, ' Oregory's Expresa," IB
Pearl at
For pattienlars. arnly to
(i .t 'in? :w H Broad eay.
OPPOBBD Tf) monopoly-The uiiderwgnet,
having BOOO arrsi g> BasMO wllb Hie line of Stsama *is
n nlltg beivieeu N"?-Yo.k, New-Haven aad r^?rt^?rrl,
tre pieparetl to lecrlwe and f rwa d P?. *?**?, Parreta,
Ac .to NeW'Haeeo.Mkidwtowa. ne?p River,Bajbroti.
L.me Uaddaor.Hertfoed SptlagaebJ, Ac
Mi-sse. a-ers vu.i acc.iiiiiuanv and li**e egcluttve c?t/|l
ofthelf r If"'i?. uflb Iroii sa'es for lb* gre?l*r proiecuai
of valuable pet ? a.. .
Panlcnlai Btteelloa pal l lo Ski e,.fleeting of Draft! aal
Bill* and a'?o the purchasing i f Ooo.lt
Ttiry hop-, by unr. iMlt.nd ail-ialon to biialueaa and aa>
?onab.e cbatgea, U> ?b>r? a ponton of puliltr pa'ronage
VALENTINE A CO , I Naaaa.?^.
New-Yorb March 21 |AM mH Im*
special ex I'li K>s notice.?P*
tea atestiieesl OKBOWBtV'O OALIOOUlia PACk
BOB I VIlKhM p-r ftaiea P"OMETHECd ..1
CHKKOKKK, r'hand '.H Iilnit
V\ e t.eg bave to c-ll Ihe i ten lion of .he pabl'c t? tHt
faetHtbsg 11-red them for the transmission of f ftsg^*,
(?arrel* ti.d Letters f r Ca 1 oriua. through our Bkp'vat
Ml ?
Y\'e have two M*'s>engert iperltliy engaged tor the
above Blee atari who wi.l ^ive i ur hush.eat th* tOlctstt
at'et t'<>n
Com ected with tl e i.avieat Transportatloi Compaay oa
Ihe faihoius, we are i,'epareo to contract f >r the delivery
? of flood* al Stu Krau l.co, wLlna the iboriest p r*tt?a
Prrres received Until the morning of Steamer'* dayaf
leavu.g ard Leaktraaatll H p m
Par leges (ehichinurl in a'l esses be made p?r'ectl|
.water proof) n ust he ie'i al the oflme the day previ,ma
No Ci iton Hi u>e cha-sea
M.rar-r* aed Amerns i4f Pear -st cur. of t*'s"
Re>r by P-rmlssliir.-To Messrs John*oa k L ?*dee,
us f'rii si ; -pi fiord. TUaakoa a Co . ih Saarn si , Nat
Bilm A Co , .V Pine-at ; Levi Apgar A Co , 71 Day it latt
CI S. Pa1B8PORT8 f.ir CAf.lFoHNIV
' a Cuba. Central ar d South Aiu-rlca. Europe, kc-It
dlrpr liable or Irn.elera and go d inli.era, a* a auie .rotnr>
lion BgalBBt foievn a*giessi >n. Visitors to the " tVorlfi
Fair " .euulre Ihem, If ihey visit the Conllneul, mmKltlif
Ir, It* present dls urbed stale Issued try
uiitlv?' J B. NONES, Nolary Pu'.lic * Br.nUay.
dlrrrl. ai d by the l.'nlted Sates Mall H'ean er? oa ihe ftr
c f c ' The tpVndld tt-amshlp CHEBOKF.B, Heary vVi*>
dle.Comirai.dr-r, Still leave | ier i North River, for Cosgrak
dlrei on Frleay March 2h, al S r/e'nea. Pass-ngers hy
tt- Cll F ROK KE wl I co,,, ert wt h diesp'-ndld tleamahi?
NORl HKItM-R, lo leave Pana na on or aboil A?r i Ik
ffueposaaga.apply to HOU LAND m ASPinv' aLL,
M ? ut V4 and V Souih-*V_
ORLEANS.?ThriMigh Tlckei* Bl 8%o Pranct*.? H Se?
duced Kate*. ?Chsgrrs pa?*engers transferred al Havana
lo the lylBOlfll steamship fa LCON -On VVEDNE"10AY,
March ML at I P M Ihn tplet.did don',:-engtne stea.nsblg
OHIO,3,'aSituea burthen, Jamea Plrdlay Sehenck. Cot?
mand'?r, will sail preclaely at I o'clock P M. from her pu*
at fool of Wan er.-at N. R. with the Oovemmeiii Maliaat
reci for hav ANA, nev*. ORLEANS and CHAORES
Prelgbl taken to New Orl-a/ra at uaual rate*.
Specie only Ukrn on freight to Havana
All bill* of lading mutt be *lgned before tbe??'"^ ofrke
vesse .
Fo' paasage or freight, apply to M O ROBERTS,
ir U.Ai/71* 177 Waat OL corner Warrno-el
|\KV*-Vi'hK aid NEW-OKI.K ? SS
l^KTEAMSHIP LINE ?The new and llBgBBttVatJli
eng'rr el*-nrr:.-lil[ e
?V I vt iy LD MOTT Capf Rennev C u?lard 2 IdOtaOk
I N ION. COff T S Rudd i stitun*
i . n.j i -e tt.;? Ltoa,aad srtUlaa*a No* York and !f*w
Or.rana on <he 1*4 arid I '.fh ?f every mon Ii at S ..'Coack 0
the afienioon, except wl*o iboao dab s fall on SaaAOY
wh>n tl.eabins wih I. are uO M..i..tay. at same b >>r
The ff/lMFIELD BcOTT will ea/e N?w-Yr?rk oa to)
let at April, aiio tl.*- UNION1 ?u ihe i*t of Api.l In ? Nt*v
Ort? art.
Tl i ?h ps have ven bji't with gn-at caro and co?t,lM
no ?I liter eXBsrOeB apareil to secure ?tr.-n, tk apesst !?
cm i r They aro to every rtoptietfDoAciaaieaBiOooooi
K' r i'r. Ighl r peeaaga. ao^ly a* BsBotTai
For ?ii am er Win- rid Bcofi to
Davis BBOOKfl A CO, MBruid-st
Pog steaoier Cohw to
%C'| IM .-ON tttAi.'zi NEVV-CIR1.1A l>
oi r ice* i
No If Waii.-sr , Nrw-VnkK.
,N . ?i ( , v ,... i N > wOh i ? *iv J.
C< ri r-r Rojal en<l DaUpbtn III , Mobt'e.
Conveyance* front New-Y'?rb : f,u
Sieau ship DM.Mtrehl*. j*'1
Bwaoithip Wtofte'd Scott.April }H
S .ao.blpOeerglB.April [jig
Si.amib-,. Union. .AprU I*.*1**
Whet, dectrrd lo do to. wo wtll elect lamm^zZtgt
Freight, ur o-r our owo " op-o Po.icy," at tke B*"
Atlantic Mttual [aeotooee Ofbce
toLi.n notoa; .
VV eglvr rarebi! aitenum to the colleenao ?>_TgJ
N ..aid B-.is in Nr-w-Orieer.e end Mobna, aiiatis
IWti p. r ceti on Die amount
Ct ?TOM Ii rfsB It'S'a.esS ?ad U> If
Ir New Yr k aad N-w.Orleaoi prom*wlyj?"jE
our Cot on, Ho ..- C.erka STl M?ON A,V*> ? |f
IlllOVr*'_l*_w t
t 1 h A h lk.> m. uTimTs. c??*'*^
^ S - , i .
vr ar. i. a: . n ??.', ?? , .. ? %>? >c it <"' *
?i. wferalOttM Brlluwlbg paries . ...^n
Halhro. k i PWU ... i g.e.. .. a ***r-rf^
Bf.yeooi, K-ai. k t o Ci nncy A D- ?^.j 401?*.
Iheportl i Eip.e), jobn BscJaii

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