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?ifl, new-york daily tribune is published
Every morning, isundays excepted,,
at T?? TaiBt??* BBILOl?aie. ge>k?kk 09 irll'H 4M0 NAS
lAV-STBSKTt, Oe-posith tub CITY RlLL.
B'-4 daavec-d to CKj P ba "S era fog I?, C-au prrvnet,
Br, when they prefer, they can paw !u adTBx.ee tt the Desk
r r six months or a year al the atono rate Single copl*a
Two Cents. m al! SuMcrlbera Klve i) nJJartj p(,r aar.am, to
advance. Bubscrlpt'orie taken ' r ? x aj a am for ihres
raTOths, tl BR "Tflroa Dollars In advance rwnulrad la afl
srcfeactre* wttft Country Newspapers. d\1i> Papers raw
M tred si this office tthote Ujtujb are higher iL an ifi-macf
ft* Wbwe are not allowed Buy dlterence.
!,5'.'-.\ORK WKKKI.V tkiblnk,
A very LA ROE Pa! ER PuK the co?stry ta
??bilstod every Hoturdiy .Worweao, at ibe loer prl^ of %i
ajr annum In advance Eight copies for Alf?, or ivnuiy
k plea to one add re*, f.r *2". and the papwr Id no <-ae* eor>
ovaad beyond ihn Um? for which ll lapeld. A ieerUeemeets
tor Bus?beet will be, chained ?ru. ,it ln/> e*ch loaertloo.
THK MB.MI-W kkki.y TitI HC XK
5 P?''2*bexl erwry Wntntida, and H itvrdnv laornlnf ?
p-tee kvtper annum Two c iplee for $S. T?u for $?">
AdverTew?*uonta. 6 cents a line each Insertion.
roa subopeaa ciac?i.arioM
??sabUabevJ on the departure ?f ?ach Mall SteemtrVw
arpool. Price 6X cue copy, or As per yew pus;age Included
rea cs/mpobni a. "saco* and ths sabdwich ulaws
It aee?aried on the departure of each Mall Steam-m for Ca?
rres. Price, *t cenlt per copy.
IV Ha*. t. L. Harrla ?III presch at urtal at the
Bsusvesent Institute. TOMORROW MJK.NIN.I. and
will lecture on "Spiritual MaLifestatioua" ia iho even! ig at
jj Q'tetttB-_m) &
IT N?w>J?r-aaaJ*)BA Charea, Elphih-st.. between
Broadway and PtajrUi-av.-stervicee every SUNDA y
Morale' at Ii i o'dock, by Prof. BUaH, and Evening at Tt
o'clock by R?v. Ur. BROWN. Bewtsfree. in 15 law lAStA*
IV Baptism.-The r!t- .,f r,p ItiiTwlirb?) admlalt
tered by Rev. Mr WILLS, of the Piovilenr* Bap! tt
Church, aod ihe Rev. Mr EDO y, of the Centioo-st. Bap?
tist Church, In Ihe RaMstry at the Mariners' Bapittt
Church, tn Coerryai., THIS (Saiurdsy, EVENINw A
DtarvHiran on the meaning <if the Oreek w ird BAPTT/O
will be den wert by Mr. Eddy, and an adcreee lo ihe can
dldatea by Mr Wills. Bervlcee commence at 7,. ?5 li?
ly* Tae Anniversary of the ?abbitte Mchool,
atvl Juvenile Missionary Aaioclatlon of toe Hoaston s'.
Church, (comer of Houston and Thompson tit) wilt be
bald on BAB BATH EVENING next, April b Addresses
may be expected from Rev. Dr. HL TTuN andlBe Pastor,
Rev. Mr. DICKENBON. Bervlces comaaence al 7 o'c.jc*
JtW"^I^Swsra?.?Profeaaor Win. CAMPBKLL. former
ly or ibe Dublin University, will lecture on Monday eve
Bios, April 7, lo the Leclur? room of the New York Socle
It Library Subject: " Woman?her Mlttlou-herBov-ial
Poaltlon ? D ?ora open at 6|. and lecture u> commooce at
71 o'clock. Admlttlun. ceEts a? 2t*
t9 iBTsportitac Kren l.rciarca its l.adlea la
Bro?lil>B.-Dr BANNIMO will, al ihe urgent requeii
of taveral ladles of Brooklyo, deliver a Prne Lerturn |q
thai city liila A ?t KB NOON and KVERY DAY THIS
WEKR, at H o'clock p M., at the Brooklyn lostliuie,
lo V\ ttblu!. ton tt. near Concord. Mothers aod daughters
afTltrted with, or who are lnt?rette<l in ihe causes, preveo
ventlon and cure of bodily deformity, general debility, or
aay of ihe Protean group of aymptoina termed female
weaknesses; who would cultivate In inemeHvi-a, or see
cultivated In others, a symmetrical and graceful for n of
body, arecernrally Invited to ailecd. al 2t
IV Operative Untiere' l'aloo.-A meetlnr ol the
aliove IM m will be held at the Houm- of Call Itl Grand.
BLTH1? EVENING, April 5, and every Saturday ax the
tame lin t und pl<ce, for rtc?iv.u? duet and > ntennir mem?
bers A Keeptr of Ihe Rounis .s to be iktcted to night A
full aitendaoce of uiembert it requested. AI*o, the annual
elect't n of officers lakes place next SatU'dav evening. Apni
12 The Rooms are open dallv. that bost'et may be tap
plied with good, steady men. Chair taken at 8 o'clock.
j Z ren nie, PruildenL
J. Robebtbon, Rsc. Bee. ai It
Bar** New-York t> pstRrnphlcal Weeleiy.-a
k Bo vv lb dg cm t m ?The fuilowiuK eowiiriuulcatlon. In
rioslog achech for $107 90, waa received by the New-York
Typ.?graphical Society oq Saturday eveolug last, and or
dated to be published i
BBSBW 0? rat Bin Tims 9??, Man h 18. UM.
DaaaStt Wa dar.va ? rat plaasme from being niaoV Iba majium
of traoa mia-'on of Iba it.. loearl tbtct lor onahuadreil and taven dol
hot tk? ninety ttnta.
Tkiaaitiobi.tia ptaM'.ttd to tha N?w York Typographical S.ic t
ar 1 fir* Librari, by aftttrt. Cofrrntn A Mat.ol Uta Aator
Huuia , and i outlet of tl e aat profit act ruins from toe compl.nienta
ry tapper ?i>ru by ouraalteflo Cel. Riibtrd M Ho?, on toe ib.b ol
Jaauaty laat
Wi.loig due proapetity to the Sor.r'.y represented by you. tad
to 'ha Pira Library -e< r ttb eetab lahaJ uedar lie auapn-aa. wa eul
err ibe tqt.elTe. Vary Itulv ynuia, HE ICH BKOTHER1.
A Ceaataaaaa, Bjaa, Preaiiient ol Iba Bew York Typ itnphica]
s. of,
Upon ibe reception af the above commanlcallon by ihn
Rorleiy. Iba followicg leaolutljB was uoanlin ?utly
ad< pted
AswJeWet, That tlio thanks of the Society are due, andere
hereby tendered, to Messrs. Coleman A Stetson, of ihe
Astor House, for the r litteral donallon of s)l07 :hi toward
the funds of the Tenters' Library, transmitted UiruuaU
Mt-eers Beach Broil tri. Bx wi?~*?*-> i" * ?
a if R H johnston. Secretary.
%W l.rssad Ulvlaltsas, 8.alT , N. V.?The aecond
Uuarierly Hestion ol Ibis body will convene al Port r.d
?rard, Washington Co., on Wednesdsy, Hih insl., at 7*
o clock, P.M. By order
"or 1. O. O. P.- I'alUBBtbla l.adHe, Nw. I.-Toe
clfcere ai d infrnbers of this Lodge are requested lo rueot
lu ton room. Odd Psllows' Hall, oa Sunday. April 6. at 11
o'clock, P M , lor ibe purpoae of pat log ihe last tribute of
mp (i tt. Bro Alex. Johoaon. a member of WaablnaTton
Loogn. No I. Baltimore, who tinforuiuately wasdrowaed
In Jai uary last. His body havlog besa buljust recovareJ,
las, lo ibe absence af all relatives, bat? taken tn charge by
ealii Lodge for lotermeot Members of other Lodges are
earctttly requeeied to unite with us on Ibis occasion.
W. II. Goduarii, Secretary^_a5 It*
; " ?.ein nil *?ot lel? of HeeltHniceiinil Tntttee
aaefa of the City of Neev-York.-A Special Meeting of the
?octe-tv will be heid at ajet liatilcs' Had. 17. Broadway,
line tBATl'KDA V ) eveulng, at one hour afier auosel
aftll _THOMAS EARLE. Secretary
rV Uarpwi-tulwa Natloes. ? The Committee on
StrerU of Ibe Boaid of Aldtrmen will meet Al parlies In
terrain) |n the widening of Wa'l at , alao Ibe widening of
Liberty-st. on Thursday. April 10 at 3 o'clock, P. M. tn the
Chamber of ibe Board of Aldermen. City Hail
WABRKN I'll APMAN. ; Com. on Birnau.
Hew.York, April 3, It3|._al tAlO
IV PtMf-OnSoe, Naw-York.-NOTICE.?The
Malis per l' S Mau 8i-anier KR AN k LIN will c ose at Iiis
oflice on SATURDAY, ihe Sth ton . at 10* a m. Leiters
tor the Continent, per PiankUo, nitiat be prepaid^
as 21 W. V. BRADY, P.M.
?mr Naiirs.-Bteainahlp BALTIC, from Liverpool, is
aiaciarndiifuhflur ounorn or irr. mn uf fiuaJih ?*/Vu
tgaett please attaud to receipt of Uieirsoodii ^
ao ER t 'I.I.I
~jgr Nswlsrk atktsl Ustvrt) Kxpreew.-8te?vner
THAN KLIN ? Paiceia will be lecelved tor ihe Pranalln,
b) tall for Havre on ihe nh of April next Ordinary aatr
ales. Bl eVh. L1V1NOSTON. WELLS A CO..
al6t _6 Wall at
fV Tb* iiavaka?The artist, while at work paloitng
the abo> e tub|eci, propoeea to have Ibe room open to vis?
itors, from 9 A M. to A P M , and fron 7| until 10 In He
?vsalng Milter's Ticket, tl; single admUston, 12| c t ?
or three for ii eta. Commeoclng ibe picture Monday eve
klBf, April II. Room 13. New-York University, where
uckeu may be bad by those wit hing to witness the pro?
gress of ibe picture.
Biagttig iBBv also be Introduced from painted banners ?
canlrg the elemeats of masic In their appllcaiion to the
highett purposes_|a5 3tis| a. C. MOSES.
bV TweMeclsnolca' Inatliate has removed to the
BVfe bunding at the lunctlon of Divitlon et- and the Bow?
ery. ,7 Bowery,) and will there open a MKCU ANICAL
at ike neceasary arrasgeeaeoU can be made. lavanlwre
aod Ariitact. desirous to bring their works into public no
Oca, will please rouimunlcate wiih Ike Actuary. The Lt
braiv a nd Reeding Room has been tastefully filled uo, on
ika first floor, ankle now open for members and appreo
Tanss of Meniln-rsblp-S; 00 lnlUe?ou (ee. and $200
?Barle dueA Appreaiteea free.
kiraxa-ere led eeafailug men art Invited to visit the
fteadtot: Room, at their rleaeur*. durin.- tbetr stay In toe
Ciry ZADOCK PRATr. President
T. c. Dooi), Actuary. _m? 6tM WB
nr ttrtsiiwfer Kasltwh -4t>eela-Of alldaacrtptlona
(Milcuituial. tlower. AC I with fuii deexripiloos and dlnsc
n?tB BC. cuipanving the same, received by LIN 1NUSTON.
hells kCO.b Wallst, where calAloiru.es and prices
may be teen._al 2wTuTbAB
^|^>-? Werld-a l^lr.-Those^whojntaod vWtln?
Koaa are requeued to drop In at TI TTLE S Emporium.
JtA Brt adway, aod examine his excellent aseorunentol
kAveleti' dressing cases, portmanteau a y'^"?wiC2o??
Kloae, pocket and cane umireliaa, Ac. At TL XTuS] 9
poituin Btay be tound the largest assortment of fancy
tad eaefu) aitvlea lo this country, embracing opera glasses,
B tkns. doaaloo masks, gold and silver pencils, motte
buses, work boxes, baby Junpera, wye, 4.C The prioes
are twenty per cent leas than the ueusJ rates for fancy goods,
kad u.e pilce U disUfiCily maiked ou each article YU1U rs
sJways welcome. al StTuThSl
OfHialsa Ialajaa Psuaey DyiaC EetabMeh
aeeai.-odice. No ? John st. New York. TkeProprte
tors of tide satabilt*"!?-<i. whose Dying and ItnlaAlnf
aavs i reo so toog and favorably known to the commuoiiy.
ate ready to receive orders for dying and clsaalug Sl!k,
Woolen, Cotton, Linen and Paacy goods of every dascrtp
uor. In 'be best maanor. _. ,
tfT Maria* FevehUa. 1S3I.-MONARQLK, of
eBIBowery, raUe tue alteauioo of bis cutlomers and toe
sabllc to ike new at vie ol Hats, which, tot beauty of fialab
and rr.ai.-r al. WlU vie w'.th aoy BaTs ' I BJ rt:a.k?;
asS) <U* _J H. MOMAkQL'E. Ml Bo?ary.
OT Til* BejsAadfal Trwweaoreew^y and velvety
Mature of ihe complexion, and Doe. giosav exuberance or
batr which distinguish ibe more lovely Btnong ibe female
a?x. areprodaretfby the use of Bog ley, H?T>eaiona. and
Hyperion Plutd. ?b!ck are aneooalied tor their beaaiifytrg
aid preservative properties. Bold by ihe lavaAVtor WIL?
LIAM BOGLE, 8T7 Washlngton-al. Boston. A. B A D.
Saudi. ieo Pultoa-sa.. Rnahton. Clarke A Ca, 273 Broad?
way . W H Cary k Co .aod Brtdgman A Day, Peari-at,
and Dtugglsts ihroughooi the country_ao It
?/si ibe Deer.-eoatempkbted Removai -Dr LUTE.
RfcR'S Ear tut.m ary for the Ercluslve Treatment ef Ear
AS Chambermaid and Plain Sewer, by
? respeclei ?Irl. i ? h , o .1 vtr,. er an I r ? -r
Would have no objection to go lo the country for lha Sum?
mer. Can be teen till ihe 9lh at S5 Pierrepont-al, Brook?
lyn. Can be well recommended from her laat place. a'> it*
AS General Housemaid, by a young
Woman lo a amall p> >-ate family, a good wasber and
Ironer, and plain cook 1 ha best of Ctty reference given.
Call at 256 Tfc'.rd-ave, betw een Twenty.first and Tweaty
aeccnd lit Can Ire teen for two days, at BP
AS Genekal Housemaid by a respect?
able young wowan In a small private family. Sheila
a good plain cook, a first rate washer and Ironer or would
dorhmihsnvork and wblllng. Cail at 130 Korsvth-sl tn
the rt sr. second :'? -or. frontronm, for two days. Cao give
Ibe liest of city reference If required. a5 2l*
Embroidery and Needlework to children, by a young
German girl. Apply at 51 Charles st. corner ol Fourth.
AS Houpereeper, by a Widow Lsdy;
or would assume the management of a boose for a
bomber of Oentlemeti. or Uenllttueo and their Wives; or
would lie willing to take the care and charge of a house In
the alsaence of a family who Intend visiting or traveling
abroad; or would act as Saleswoman In a Gentlemen's
Kurntshirg Store For all of which she is competent and
well qualified. The heat of references given and required.
Addreaa A. l. T., Tribune Ottiee. a3 St*
AS NuMB, by a respectable Protestant
Girl, to travel with a lady. Has no objections to going
to Europe Address for 3 days a; 41 Ninth sL Best city
references given. a9 St*
AS Wet nur9k?By t heiltny young
married woman, with fresh breasts of milt Apply
at ? ?-. Delancy-at, rear buildtog, first floor. a=> It4
A" GEN TST?Wanted 100 Agents. From
$50 to $1(0 a month, clear of experts**, can be ma le
In selling a new work for families, containing the famous
washing receipt Address, post-paid. ' American Family
f uMtcaiton Eatabuahment," 128 Nassvati-at, second Soor.
m34 lm*_
AGENTS.?Wsnted, 15 or 2u young
men of gerxl *<)ure*s and genteel appearaace, to en?
gage in a pleasant, lucrative ana highly respectable busl
neia. Kor an outfit one to five dollars required. For par?
ticular*, call at 87 Naseau-sL. Sun building, from 9 to t
O'clock._|a5 Jt")_THOMPSON, 4)
AGENTS.?Wanted, Young Men from
the conn try, who do not wish to work on a farm, can
mike from 40 to $100 per month on Dr Skinner's new fern.
Ilv Work. Call Immediately, or addreaa L W PA KM KS
TER. 83 Nassau-SL. eost paid._m221m?
AGENTS.?To Persons Out of Em?
ployment?Agecu are wanted tn every ssy-tloo of
the United States lo sell New and Popular Pictorial Work*
for psvUculars. please call, or address ipostpaid)
ROBERT SEARS. 128 Nasaaa-st
Now Readv? The ''Family VUtter.'' for April, a hand?
some Pictorial Sheet, or " Gold* to the World s Falr.'*
Price ct cents single. $4 per 100-_ma IrnPAW
BUILDING LOTS.?Wanted, several
Bnl'dlng Lou, (on not lea* than five years tlme.l for
inmediate In p/ovemeoL either in WiiliaiMbur^h. 8oBth
Brooklyn, or in the neighborhood of Harlem. YorkvLu* or
Kiftletb-*t The price most be reasonable, and property
free of all ineumbrance. with perfect title, Addr***
BUILDER. Tribune office, stating locality of LoU. price.
BUSINESS.?For Sale. A good Busi?
ness, that paya weil, can be purchased on reasonable,
terms Amount t>f capital reonl -ed from $4,0"" to $*a\*<.
A line addressed Bl SINESS, Tribune Office, will receive
atientlon. _m29 StMWS'
CARPENTERS?Wanted at Bedford,
Brooklyn. L. I. four good Carpenters to whom steady
eraplovment will be gtveo to the oral of August Ice .'re
Of j AM es McKee._aSSt'
(^LsERK.?Wanted, a Young Man about
J18 or 2i'. of good addrew, tnaa Embroidery and Fancy
Store None need apply but ihoaa well acquainted with
the business Good releret.ee* required. Apply lame>
diaiely at 3ot> Bowery._at BT
("mTeRK.?Wanted a Clerk in an office.
J - A man of good appearance and address, a good pea
man, active. totoiHgent. and familiar with the city and
vicibliv Irish not wasted. Call at 10? CUarubers-SL office,
before'9 A M. or after 4 P.M._a5 11
(^OOK.?Wanted a neat, tidy woman,
J Protestier! t preferred, to cook, was* sod Iron N >-e
need arr'y hat Ihoee who can bring good recommends
tu ns for honesty acd capability. Call at ? Msrket-ta froai
9 uatil l o doca._SI BP
(^OOK.?Wanted, a Protestant woman
J tot samSBSj as-?tiawwork, at 6S4 Broadway. a5 It*
DRUG CLERK.?A Drag Cleik, com
petett, and with city reference, will hear of a good
dt,.tp with good A?l'"$?%tT?OH.
1 NVESTMENT.?$5,000.?Any person
I desiring to Invest five or six ihousaad dollar* to a safe
at d profitable maaner, can Warn bow to do so by k>d<ira*?.
Ing iS A.M . BOX e*J, rost OSke aSSV
AT <-l?tt. Wrard Whig Kcasylatloas.-AtaReg
ular Meeting of ibe Slxui Ward Wh g Commtite*, hell at
the North An erlcan Hot-1. corner of Bowery and Btyard
st, on Tuesday EvetIng, Mar b 25. usi, the fol'osring
Preamble at.d Reeolutloue were unanimously adopted and
ordered published
n- Aerco,. At the late Whig m-e.it.gs held tn tMs city tor
ine election or Representatives fro-n the several Wards to
the Senior and Young Men's General Whig Committees. a
system of conspiracy. Tlolenre and fraud waa organl/e-d.
totally alien and repugnant to Wiig practices and Wr.ig
jsj"""1 "D<1 nlt?'? <li?sraceful to ihe parties Implicated.
Wlurtat, The regularly eleet-d Repres-n'alives of s??v.
era! v\ an s were, i,y ? precouc-rie* system of violeore
and wrong, connoted In sr?ret cauens, with ml any rejrard
I" f?.??"fi "f l>>* Wn,*? of those Wards, excluded from
both Commute**, and persons ? ho were noi Whigs -who
were opponenu lo Taylor, Clay, an-l Fllmore-who have
b-en ere, arid will be?? all ubtoxs to all men " wriere " thrift
may follow fswnlng '-who were e>e<:ted byl/ici Focos,
SSSH. \or p*Ti or eoospirlng with tfw, degenemie
Whigs hiring ihem, to 'iisgrace aud cestroy the Whig
pany: Atd ' "
K'rVrrcn We deny the authority of ihe persons thus hav.
Irg themselves elected to the Breadway House Junto
to apeak or act fur any psny not toe hired Loco Poeo
conspirsuirs whose votes gave them a sbuw of Claim to
Iben arais ihere; And
Whntiit, Tiseae ennticued acu of wrung and outrage on
the Whig pa ly and Its hltberui fair fanerall Ioudly fur the
piompt ai d empbaiic rubdemnatioo of all who desire to
berpetuate the puruy sod power of that psrly; we, the
W big Committee oi the 8111b Ward, chiraeo according to
custom abd regularity, aiopt the folio wiog
UitUttd, That the Broadway House junto do not and
chboot repreaeiii, or att for Hie Wblg party of this city.
Iltuilttd, ThallLuse whop.nderfor the support of the
corrupt ai.d beae, valuntaniy forfeit the suiiponofihe bon
eat and hisb minded.
UtwlttJ. Tbst tboae who acknowledge, or i|aote ihe au
tborlty of said Junto, a* repreaecitlng tbe Whlsr aeotlment
or feeling of u,la cltv. eaoction a fraud and give counte?
nance 10 a system of political vll alnv deaervlng prompt
reprobation, which the Whigs of this Ward will make mau
I t ?t throtigl. ibe ballot bos.
Kt'oUed, That the Minority of the D.-'e/sti-i from other
Wards, who disfranchised the Whigs of Uils Ward In said
Jun.o, and bnsewho bydod ing the vote permiued that
uonoilty to p?rputrale ine outrage, are registered In tbe
bearu of the Wbi*s of this Ward for future coinpebSAtloii.
m.f!i\^ltrrd<^V:ml 21 .* vhara aveswaaa ale-avs stood,
wim LM Wfelga of the Vnmm oi Hie oU Whig pU4f..riji
and kB*tail lbs old Whig fl*g. aim heart throbbing for
the wl,o;?: Lbi m, *bJ a fsiib iil>*r*J eiiou?;li for all boiett
?nen tiitul.?eiil.et-j It
Kudtid, Thai to osirreise from lh? p?rly tbosa who dif?
fer slightly from us or who c.aunot >ee every objectnxactly
as we see iL Is tot oaly political folly but p jli leal suicide,
IictoUed, Tbst we retder out moat betrly support lo tbe
Whig Ailmlr lsua lons of t ur Union, State acd City.
Rfulttd That tberst. a.ltv agaiuai wbtcb we are now
contending, has B0 prostituted aud dlsgrsced oar system of
p-lmaiy elections tbat Ihoir re'orm or aiiaudouoiL-Ql aibu
gebherls Inevitable
Hetohtd. That It was the da'.v of all ?he Whig Members
of be Le.taJature lo attei d ibe Wblg caucus for tbe nomi?
nation of a Whig caadiaate f.ir U 8 8 -net >r for the vacan?
cy recenily occurring aad u vole fer the caacidale fairly
nominated bv that caucus.
Rnolttd. That we rejoice In the election of Hamilton
Fish as Senator of the Linked Slates. The entire Whig
vote of this s ale waa given to two of her diatluguUhed
Bobslo'4-i-Mtiiard Filltboreand Hamilton Flsb, aa Vice
President and Governor, saw ting them to these two dis?
tinguished positions? they have both, equally In tbelr res?
pective spheres, proved theucelves worthy of and still re
lain the r 01 fid once of over 2(0.1 (1(1 of her citizen Whigs
Het lud. That tbe conduct of Richard B Wl.ilams, Sena?
tor, and of Charles II. Swords. Member if Assem'ily. fiom
this Dlstr'ct. In despising ihe advice of the Wir? uelegales
froni ibis Ward In the Broad way liouae Junto, and la vot?
ing for Hamilton Flab as U 8. Senator, nieeU with our
hearty approbation.
Rttolttd That we are opposed to all unnecessary agita?
tion calculated to weaken ihe bonds uf our beloved Union,
and that the steady opposition of the Whig members of
our Legls'ature to the introduction of renewed agitation on
tbe subject In the State Legislature, must meet with the
approbation of all honest and disinterested friends of the
Rttolrtd, That b'trg chosen by ihe Whigs of this Ward
as the only Whig Ward Committee alerted by regular and
long esia'' lined custom, and utterly repudiating ice auJio
illy of the Broadway House Junto, we shall holJ our regu?
lar meetings at the old Whig Headquarters, and consult for
ibe benetr of the Walg party of ih- w-rj
wm. E. ROBINSON. Ohelrreert
L^DINRURciH.?An B-gHsh family r*
-i?i?iri: f lo the virility of the Educational Iattltu ton,
wi.h 10 it art w three or few young ladles to boari w. a
ifrm Beard, lieludlcg Educational Fe*? at th* in.:: r>
tine, e-ghtv ?Vr?ts r?r arnom. Board and private tv
lion under an acromp.lebed, governess, e>*ieed *>y maiitce
iu Munr, K-ench. Drawing and Deceit r. one tan'.re 1
?vJaaai per iriMim Ref-renees g rtn and req-.tred 4'
drees Mr*. Ml'NDELL, S North Cbarlotte-et., Edinburgh
{Employment?At in Na??u-*t.
?' Employment epeedtly obtained for boofc-ke-pwrs,
Salesmen clerks porters, her kee; -ra,roi?ebmeo,(ardlier?,
weitere, men on fir ait, and boye ti learn tr?det
?Sir3 f H0H4.S 3PINK. AreeL
ARM .?Wanted.?T?e sab+criber
tibes to purchase a small farm, from 5 to So acres, of
rood land, la either of the ow sg Cou.iiies? Duchess,
L'.'eter, O-trge or Weetchester, with or wlthoot buildinga
A n?er view preferred. Address H V. W. JONES, New
York, pott-paid, stating location and price, and wnen an
ltiierriew can be bad. al 31
FARMER.?Wanted I thorough FRr
n ?? to take a farm of 7" acres, about one hour's ride
by Retimed from New-York, sod wltbln two minutes
waik of the the Depot, on a lease or npoa shares, with toe
laUlB of purchasing. Apply 10 E. MARTINDALE, 1
Nataau >t third ttory. tv> it*
jpOUND? A Green Silk PsrRsol, in one
R of the Dry Dock Omnibuses. The owner can hare it
by calling at this officA a5 it*
FOUND.?A Pocket-book containing
Checkt on Cliy Banks, amounting o upward of I sou.
The owoer can ot ttlo them by caning at this ofTiee. e3 It*
L?'RNIT?R E.?The Subscriber is
-Sl about fumlehlng a large Hotel, and la desirous
or purchasing the entire furniture of sereral families
breaking np houeekeeping The goods mar be delivered
any time du'log the monib of Ap-il. Cash on taking pos
etnlon. Address a line to A C C , Box 1.821. Poti Office.
ti 6t*
L^URNITURE?A family breaking up
housekeeping will sell the furniture of a moderate
alzed house on very reasonable terms, to a caah customer.
Address, post-paid, ALBRO office of The Tribune. a5it*
( U ?VKRNESS. ? A Lady desires a
situation as OOVERNES3 In We family ofa Widow,
tr. with children She la an excellent Musician, and hat
beinergared in Teaching mans t ears Address EL0I3K,
Post-Office, New-Rocbelle, N. Y" State. a) *t
HOUSE?Psrt of r House (two rooms
and two bedrcomt) wanted from the 1st of May. by a
atnal), genteel family. In a quiet respectable neigh?wrhood,
not over tifieen minutes' walk from Hohsiod sl Kerry.
AdHreie TENANT. box 19$, East River Post-Office.
nOlSE.?Wanted, a three -tory, or
two story and atilc bo'tse. between Chamber and
Pcuith sts. near Broadway. Baal not to exceed sJ??a Ap?
ply toOEO. w. STEVENSON, ?O Nassau st. a.S3f
IIOUSE.?Wanted, a 3-story House, in
? * a respectable location, west side of Broadway pre?
ferred, I wltb It to accommodate a few hoarders The
rent paid la advance, If not taken out In board. Reference
g ven and required. Direct R. E. Tribune Office ml3 Irr*
i IOUSE.?WTanted to Hire or Lea>e,
M-M. fnrfa term of i ears, a genteel House, by a email,
quiet faml.y. at a moderate rent; or part of a bouse would
be rented-tsy two rooms sod two bedrooms, with or
?iiboul basement; or would untie with another faintly In
rtMing and dividing a house. Unexc-ptfoDtble reference*
given Address, staling ttrme, location. Ac, Box 1,671
Post Office. ad 3t*
MOUSE.?Wanted to rent from May
let, a small Hi-uee, or the liwer pat of a House, for
a family of fmir pen' ns, convergent to a stage route. Rent
n< 11 ver Bvoo. jVfetenees |glven end required. Address
A , this office. al fit*
AD.?Wanted, in a Lawyer's otlice, a
? lad ofabout 16 years of ere, who writes s good hand.
None otter peed apply. Call from 4 to 6 o'clock P M
only. U'IG HTM AN A, CLARK, 2 Wall-at. aS??
LADIES.?Ladies of good address, char?
acter and education, can find a respectable employ -
went, with a liberal lalarj, by addreseing A PALMER A
CO.. 8 Barclay it. The beet of references will be required.
aS i.1*
11ATRON?Wanted an active Woman,
J_" I quick with the neaedle and arcuaiomed to sewing
C.u.h. to act at neainttreit sad. AJsjrijy.m jjf U?*taW?Svjy:
st J 1 Twenty serontTet. " a* 3f
i\| ERCHA NTS?Wanted, by a gentle
Lv J man of thorough commercial habits about entering
is to a coir mitt ion business, with support from Europe, a
I oung n an Laving a perfect knowledge of the commerce
and mercaiitile waje of this country, to engage at head?
man; one tbat could command a moderate capital might
obtain a share in the buslneti Strictett secresy may tie
relied on. Address L. at the office of this paper. A> it*
Iva tit-mi.? an. from Paris, deeiies to Had a Situation aa
PRIVATE TEACHER In some respectable Kernily, where
ho would Teach Kreuch and Music to perseni somewhat
advanced in Murlc, who de-.re to perfect daaaatlrai bat I
In comet execution and musical expression; aided by the
ai conipeninicU of the violin with hit pupil he flatten him
telf his serviert will be considered Tamable. The most
aatufactorv references given aa to character and tkill.
Address "MUSIC," box 1,797, Post-Office, p. 8. Tue
advertiser would also take the leading of a Church Choir.
al 3t*_
|\ URSE.?Wanted, a Protestant middle
1 v at'ed woman as Nurse - Scotch or English. She must
bring sstisfartory recommendations of her character and of
her experience as a nurse. None others need apply. 83
Clinton-place a? it*
RUAN 1ST.?Situation wanted, from
'the lat of May, In any Church or Chapel In the city or
vicinity of New-York, by a first-rate organist, who can (lee
the beet refereneea about his character and musical abllitiM
sa an orgauut and leader of a ckobr. Addreaa N- N , Or?
ganist, Tribune Office. al el*
PARTNER.?WanUd, a Partner, ac
live or tilent, with from $500 to $:.''"', in one of the
most wotcerful Exhibitions the world ever produced.
Now readv to be exhibited. Address, post paid, \ AN 0 .
181 \v ctt Twtmy ninth it , New- York, or for pertoosl In?
terview apply to the counter of Dunlap's Hotel, 13? Pulton
at. New-York, from 16 to 11 o'clock A M. and from 2 to 1
t at._u ar
PIANO WORKERS.?Wanted two Pi
ano Perle Case makers and one Pintther, at R.
(iLENN'S, 194 Pultoe-St a33l
PLASTERERS.?WRnted two ot three
good P'asterers to go s short distance In the country,
ai It* W.\ L WOOD, 1? front eu
tleman now engaged, as he has been for many years,
In giving tnttructkiu in Chemistry and tae connected sci?
ences, will receive into his laboratory and lcttni'. t a nam?
ed number of students Any department tnsy be pursued.
Address Box i,Sii Poet Office. a3 6t*
OUTK?Wanted to sell, a Route of
abscribers for thk Msgaztnes arid Books now pub?
lishing in numbers. The business pays f3 to #.2 per week.
Apply to Room 6,83 Nassau-at. at 3t*
SALESMEN?WRnted. a few first-rate
salesmen for the sale of a patent article, waated to
every family, and patent right; we have erects making
over I.' v per mouth An agent wanted for Jersey, with a
capital of tlOO. Also, an American Boy to run errands.?
Apply, or address, post-paid, JOHNSON. 12 Nassau at,,
room 6. a4 St*
S~ ER VANTS.?Families in want of good
oelp, lor city or country, well recommended and salt
able for all stations, can obtain each at the Office, 94*
Grexd-el. near the Boweiy. where none but those of food
m< ral character and whom I believe to be sinctlv honest
and sober are allowed to remain, [at if | |. WATTS
atioei are wanted (or Cooks, Chsmbermi tis, Nurses,
Laundresses, (reneral Houseworkera, xc.'Americans.
En(.u>b. Irish, Scotch and Germans?at^be A .tacy, 5 Clin?
ton-st BrooL'yn, near Pultoa. a5 It*
SILVERSMITHS?Wanted, two or
three frstra'.e Plate Makers. Apply si 277 Spring st.
SITUATIONS.?WRnted, situations for
Protestant cooks, cbambermaide, general aet-rania,
nurses, seamstresses, 1 sand runs, coecAmea, waiters,
farmers, gardeners, he , st the office of ike Protestant Em?
ployment Society, 7 Carmine-si.?tne original and only
true Protestant Ageeey in bis city fJ. B.-Oaly thoaa
who -an enow thai they are smart, tidy, sober, honest and
capable, are offered iituaiiena_aSSt*
SITUATIONS?Wanted, situations for
first class servants of every domes lie station, females
and inalee, at the Office of the Society for the Encourage,
meniof Paiihful Domestics. MS Chamberest. eatabllebed
1D6. N B ?This Agency is patronized by the most re
spec table fern Lies, and la about the only one resorted U by
lie ve.-y best servants The terms are reduced. Open
every dsy from 8 A- M to 6 P M._a5 3t*
SITUATION S.?Situations are wanted
for a great variety of good Servants, at C MASON'S
Offices, ifc' and 424 Broadway, and 1*? Bowery. Over WO
are eonaianily on band. Great pales are taken lo collect
good ones. Terms- Yearly subscription. So cents; otner
wlst. 36 cents. Men and Boys can be had for any respect?
able employment,_al 6:*
S" TEAM ENGINE?WRnted, a good
second-hand Steam Engine, of slghi-horse power, or
larger, with a large BoMer. Address SIMON MOP PIT,
Newport. R. 1._mSl Iw
fpu t'A PITA LISTS. ? A gentleman
Jk w'efctag to become Ittereeted In an mveattaa rejttir
Irg bet a moderate expenditure of mjoey In tu deret-in
men'H mar b?ar of an oppormnliy for uvsattneut bvai
drcssiri CLRvILlN?*R Tribuneotgee. a5it*
'PEACH ER?Wan'ed. a L-Jy exp-vi
? meed in leeching, of tape .or literary at-tmtravneat
ar d rr :".nci manner*, to take clik-g? rat the f"oi*ie> de??
r.i-rt p tie A.-aJem. at (.}.,? u , v<C >in;(.Nir
York. Salary |>no to ftiofi. Aw j t.i [) L Tl)W?,R. i
Gerben, giving full particular* of qualincatl >na mi 7Ua*
TO OWN?RS.?A ?-*l*7rk down town,
?*** who ka* some lelmre, want* to take'cht-ge of Urg-*
premise* for >be ocnipaoey of many tenants, and a'tend to
'ba totttof and collecting of tbe -Vat*. Taree o'the e?er
ments oe the premises, for himselfand wife, will heerrrjjid
??reo a remuneration for hi* f meet. Good re'ere^ce
givea Address A. E, C , tbia off-.-*, il A*
TmJTOR?A Orarlnnte of F. C. D.,
betng deslroa* of forming an engagement aa Resident
Air ?um *t a a<-bool. or Tutor in a prlveia faaily. bega to
etnicnee b!a eourte of lnarroetion ru cm pr.ting Ossel.-*.
Frecrh. Erel?*h in all tta brande?. Sr-'i-nre. Bellea Let.
tret, Arithmetic, kc Reference t aa to character and aiill
WSS.'1 rJT,'>e*"t,*r,le tnd ?a?aiactory. rieaae addreaa
UAMM A. Tilbuc* office. *5 3t*
tlaer having *hop tool*. Ae , would contract to get oat light
woi k In wood, brant, ttee!, or Iron, or would let part of bla
stop, situated down towu. with use of screw pre**. Ac
Adrt<eatMECHANIC,TriboneOfnce. ?3 St*
ft 1< UI?? N Y~GENTLEMAN ha ^ Jig
t*c "-F? Pa. 'etuis amount avslisblef >r In.mediate ate (on*
well verted In the De**uerrean art pre'erred.) mat hear of
an epportunfy for Investing the same in orte of the firti sit?
uation* In the city. Address, postpaid. DAOl'EflRE,
Union grfaaia Pott Office *4 St
APARTMENTS?Wanted for a small
f-uilly. with one child seven -rears old Genteel
rooms dealred, w lib a good yard attached. The family
have but verv little company, and will assist to furnish tili
balls, lie Those who look to the tenant raiher than the
sir cum of rent they can get, will do well to answer ihte.
Rent fiotu *i;i'io$,,xi Address HENRY Y. TH?R.
Bl'RN. Box T, Tribun* Otke. at SP
BOARD.?A Gentleman and his Lady
wbb Botrd, with a large room and pantries. In New
Teak orHobokee. The l.a-ly is aa aceomplUbod "tanlat
ard Llogntat, and would wish to give tostru-rUon la Jtus.c,
S ngtng, Precch or German, aa part payment. Addreaa
FRANCOIS, Tribune office. tfi it*
BOARD.?A gentleman and his wifi t
be handsomely accommodate! In a small family, . n
a liabo'tome form ar d back parlor, with bedroom and nao
triee, together or separate, on second fl ror, lu bouse 72 Hud
aoa St i ear Cbamliers. No removing at May. *? U*
BOARD?Ur^skfatit and tea in the
Seretith Wa d, wHthioom. staxionarv time of break -
rast, fo one j ear. Addiets O. D. L., this office, till 3th tust *
BOARD?Two single gentlemen can
be ecrommod v~d ?villi board and rooms at ?7 Irving
place. A suit of 'rooms will be vacant very soon. The
oi at.on It very desirable, and covenlent to cars and
sisae*._ *ssr
BOARD.?Two very pleasant Gentle
tren can secure Breakfast and Tea and Dinner on
Sundays, 'n one of those pleasant cottages on Ntmh-av.
for BJ 2i each per week. Eor further particulars aldres*
NORM AN. Tribune Ofj ce. ?3 3t*
BOARD, with handstime suites of rooms,
may i>e bad for the coming year at 74 East T vvntr
ihiiil-st, a ibort distance above Uaion-park. The bouse
is one of Ira elegant block extending from Kourth to Lex?
ington sv? and is furtiisbed with gas, Crotoa water, hot,
cmil and shower baths, and is within sixty yaids of the
II arlei R n ad. ai it*
OARD.?A Gentleman and his Wife
'or three Single Gentlemen can obtain pleasant Rooms
?Hb fall or partial Board, at 426 Hudson-st. Location de?
sirable, at Si*
BOARD.?A handsome Furnished and
commodious suit of Apartments on the second fl jor tn
? private family, consisting of Two Pan irs and Two Bed?
rooms rail eomnrantcBttcg with e'oseta, Bsths hot and cold,
Ac, Piano Ferte tf required. In a rer tral and genteel loca?
tion, with full or partial Board Reference required. In
quirecfGEIB A JACKSON.361 Broadway *43t?
BOARD, with unfurnished apartments
In Brooklyn.?A gentleman and his wife car be ac_
eoBtfawdatat] mm,r\w LittUaCMi ./flrrfa'hcr really coa-Tort
ab'e board. In a respectable family, without children i fir*
nilcuies" walk from Fulton Ferry. Apply at 62 San.l* st.,
comer er rssn et n
OARD?A Gentleman and his Wife
? 'can find good Board and a very pleasant backroom,
with a pantry, and newly painted, In a private family at 31
Bank-tL a3 3t*
BOARD?A handsome furnished suit of
apartment* to let with a private table. The suit coo
sist* of ihrt* rooms with Cosels and a wardrobe In n.?
second story. Tbe bouse is supplied wuh hot and cold
bail.sand lb* usual iroproven-enu No other hoarders taken.
Teeth st near tbe 8econd av. Rrferenctis required. Ad
dress B. L'nlon si(uare Post Office. el St*
BOARD.?Single gentlemen can be ac
coKmodated with pleasant rooms and board. also,
gentlemen and their wives, on or befrre May I, In a house
p esssntly locates, with convenience of hot, cold and
shower baths, at 46 Seccnd-st. Broadway stages pass the
di-or. r*21w*
BOAR D?In Abingdon-8(iuare?The
second floor of a pleasantly-located bouse, where
there u111 be but few boarders, can Ire obtained, fumiabed
or unfinished, after the first of May, by addressing S M.
office of this paper. ail w'
BOARD.?A gontieman and his wife, or
two single gentlemen, can be pleasantly accommo?
dated In a gcnteelfamlly, where all the comforts of a home
may be realized. (After the first of May.) Location la
ElKhteecib-st, between Seventh and Eighth ar* Address
M. L office of this paper. *2 1 w*
BOARD.?Three or four single gentle?
men can he accommodated with pleasant rooms and
partial hoard, at 177 Henry-et., Brooklyn, near the South
Ferry. znlS lm*
BOARD.?After the 1st of May, supe
i lor Board can be obtained in one of the moat pleeav
IBt IVf-StJops on Brooklyn lil^bts. eiiiaer by slngle sjeotln
rcea, or faralitea without young children Reference* of
the highest n-speciabUiiy will be offered and expected.
Eor particulars, apply to Ueyt-st next to tbe corner of
Bute-st. Brooklyn. _mz2 2aw3wWAS?
BOARD?Wanted, by a small family,
on the 1st of May, rooms on tbe second floor, or two
on the second and one on the third r! -or. The Seventh
Ward Preferred. Address A C Ibis Office. a5 3t*
BOARD.?Wanted to hire a room and
bedroom communicating with pantries, fall or partial
Beard, for three persons Location above Broo aeaad aear
Broadway. Address T. S. R. Tribune office. **> 2t*
BOARD?Wanted in a respectable pri?
vat* family by two Gentlemen and their Wives The
terms must be moderat*. Address HENRY, Tribune Of
gee._ a? It*
BOARDING?G7 Varick-st. near St.
Jt.bc* Park. One large room on in* second jot
with pa-uy attached, tewly painted *nd la sxeatlen'. eoa
cittion; also one oa the third fl jor. either furnlabed or aa
f?rbisheJ. < n moderate term* Immediate pcssessit o can
te bad N B No rem -rai on the brat of Mar. atk*
BOARDING?A small private family,
havng more rocm than they require, would like to ac
eomrcoiate two gentlemen and their wtvea, or four stigln
gentlemen, with foil or partial board. Applr at 67T^H i-is
BOARDING?Gentlemen and their
Wives can be accommodated with pleasant mum*
and with bedrooms and pan tne* attach-, i, from the fist of
May Apply at 1?6 East Broadway. Reference eacuaaged.
alt lm*_
BOAh DING?Pleasant Rooms, suita
abl* km Gentlerr.ee and their Wives or Stsgl* Q'ntie
n-cn can b* bad at 1j7 Adaau-st., n**r th* Folton Ferry,
Brooklyn-_t"25 1??*
BOARDING?Two or three Gentlemen
ctu be accommodated with board at 482 Pearl-at. *5tt*
BOARDING?A gentleman and lady
can be accommodated with * parlor and bedroom oa
tLe tecowl floor; and lik^wiae two genUemwt wuh tingle
rcotbs, ai tU Broadway,_t5 2t*
I HOARDING?A gentleman and lady.or
JS 9 two sragle gertle-aen, can be accommodaiad with a
large room on the aecoed floor, pleaaamly sitaaied, and
Board, where tftey can secure the comfort* of ? koras, by
apprytrg at 2*1 West-Eigb-.eenth-st, betwetra r^adi aad
Nutih avennea. Refereacet exchanged. a5 2t*
few tingle gtnilemea, or gsx.llextu and iJietr wlma,
ran be aco cmod.ied with pleaaaat rooiii* and Board ?
the large 3-story brick boose519 Broadway usr Breoaaast.
For panic Liars apply on the prattrttaa 519 aVosMway. aa it
of roosn* fandak-ad, on Ute ?erjod flw, f|?-*r4^ aaid
bedr-joms communicatingi in the marble house J
way, opposite the Bowling Ur*ea. to it wilk board to
gecuemen and their wives, or to farni?** of frown per?
son*._A* lW
bsxtlso-Mstooat and B*droom oa second floor
Rooms lor G*m*>atsti wiih foil or partial Board A salt
oi rooms by IS of April. Hot BBtl cold Baiha Apply at
B?*dway, fear door* above Loioc-park. Do act
move 1st of May._**"
ROOMS t J let without bewrd. Apply at l> SVmwtcJi
tL ? X
A from perior tod bedroom on tbeeeeood flow. W 11
r>*ib-'iotu attached (tun ant co.d water,) will be h*, ua
rerniehed. to a (c*tjt rnm tad lady, or a eingle geo>lemae,
will rail or pe-tial board, fron th? I at of May next Tba
loraikn l* ; -eeer.tend desirable, being within a few steps
<f the raliroad Apply aim Eatt Eiitmeenih-et. between
Pokrlh-at and Broadway Reference exchanged. t( 3i*
man and wife can he ac ?omrrodet'-d with a r>y>m and
bed-nxiir. with Board at 22 Sandt' (l oppoalia 8t Ann a
C'o rh. aitw
a widow lady and t w j danghtert. Beti of refe-ecees
ir vt-n and required. Address Box 64 Poat Office. New.
York._as art
E J* three tingle gentlemen -an *>? accommodated with
pleasant ror mi. hresfast and tea. with dlaner on Sandayt.
in a private family, a few mtnutea' with from Fulton Ferry.
Apply at 162 W Ashing ton-it. ml< at*
Two gentlemen and their wives, furnlahlag '.heir own
rocmt. ran obtain, from ibe let of May. hoard In a heeithy
aid pleaaant location, convenient u the South Ferry.
Brooklyn, In a tmait prlrate family Reft.rencee 11 vea and
required. Apply to M D ORMSBEE, 4,' Broadway,
New-York._mM 61MWS*
Ja-* A genteel private Boarding House will be opened
Mav let. In Sonth-Eightk at, A mite of roome?room and
bed room? Tor famine*, and roome for gentlemen. Those
who want pare air. and a quiet home, can, for partlculare,
call ai * Broadway, up entire, front room, or addreae C.
box *. Wujiamaburg!: PostOtllcs References e\chaiged.
A gentleman and bis wife and one or two singlerea
Hem en, can fin I pleasant rooms, with BOARD, at ? Pi rat?
et . one misute't walk from Peck-anp Ferry. Boalt run
every five minutre during tke day. mr) lm*
?OARD WANTED for the Summer
, In the country, within fifty miles of New Yo k,
f r a family requtrtng two or three rooms. A farm house
preferred. Addreaa. ror tha text fortnight, JO Market eU
ttat og terms, locatton, etc. ao u
for a Gentleman. Lady, Child and Servant, on or be?
fore the lei of May. Location below Chambera-at. prefer?
red Beet of n fee-ncee given and required. Addreae S D.
Box 1 041. Post Office. aSMw*
OARD WANTED-With a migrate
1 sized tic furnished room having a tire-place or fii.e, by
a maiden lady, iptlvate famllv preferred ) Twins nine, be
mi derate-jay prompt. Address Mies 8. LOWrER.M
Bank st, N Y. al lw*
>? J wlahes to procure board" la the country during the
Hummer months for his wife, three children aod nurse A
h> a ihv lixstlon on the New-Hsven or Huiton River Rai.
road prelerrtd References exchanged. Address, with
asme and terms, j. \v. st the office of tide paper, a i 31'
- 1st o' May, for geatlemen and their wlvea, ani sin
k. ? gentlemen, at 45 and 47 Enet Broadway. The two
dwellings will be connected Ho., cold and ehower Rathe.
Apply at 4S East-Broadway el 2w*
ROOMS.?Wanted two or three unfur
nlthed R.i me. by a man and his wife. In a private
family, in ibe upper part of the City. Addiess S. J. (j.
Tribune Office a3 Jt*
?OOMS? Furnished Rnd unfurnished,
to let with board to gentlemen and their wives. or
Would sccommidate a few alngle gentlemen wlto full or
partial hoard, In a first claee bouse Warm and cold baths
in hoiiae Location pleasant and convenient lo sieges
A'so, for lbs foilowlog se?soo, rooms In H?usloo-sl, near
Broadway, In a vsrv deiliable location Apply, for further
parilculara. at 150 Waverley place. Terms moderate. Re
fereocet exchanged. al St*
ROOMS' Furnished Rooms for single
Uemiemea, with or without break fast and lea. caa
lie obtained at %s\ Fourth-av, near L'nlon-square. None
but gentlemen of the first reepectebilUy need apply. aU lm'
~?OMS TO LET-With Board in a
Rower'ha h* In the house. Apply al 35 Sevenih-evenue,
cor of Thin. enib-sL al lm*
OOM8 TO Li KT?A small private
'amity will let from May I, to a respectabie man and
bis We, a large pleasant fron room or> the second loor,
snd room In ibe stile, of s hone-a fewdoort above Ceth.v
rine. In Madison si. Referenda Required. Apply at IBJ
Soutb-sL, after 9 AM al 5t*
TO LET?With BOARD, a large u7
fumlehed Room, suitable for a Oentleman an I his
Wife, with bain room adjoining, and a room for a single
renileman. Also, rooms from the 1st of May neu, at 145
Hudion-tt. opposite Si. John's Park. Reference required.
TO RENT?Rooms ?nfurnished snd
without Board, to gentlemen only. The house is en?
tirely new, with baths. 1 c Location most desirable. Ap?
ply on the ptsmlses, 71 Crosby-st near Spring. a5 It*
T~^l?ENf LEMEN Rnd their wives',
or a small ramllv, can lie accommodated with ail the
comforts and convenience of a home, In a private family,
from lei May next, at 241 Eaat Broadway. Two handsome
uofiimlshed parlors on second floor, with nice penui**. hot,
cold and ehower baiha, Ac . attached, to lot. with board.
Beet of references required and given. Apply at 204
Broome-et al lw*
T~WO OR THREE gentlemen can be
accommodated with pleasant rooms and breakfast and
Ira, in a private family, where borne comforts may he en?
joyed, by applying at 61 Rivlngton-tL al 3t*
Y^A?TED?By two single gentlemen
? v a eatt of rooms containing a parlor, furnished, and
two bedrooms, unfurnierte.I In a pleasant eimei'o-i, n or
near Broadway, between C en el-el. and Union-square ?
Rent oot to exceed $300 per annum. Address A. A office
o' ihia paper. ad it*
WM. H. CARY <fc CO. 243 and 244
Pear! st (between Jona and Fulton ate.) Invite the
auentloo of the city and distant Jobbing Trade
to tkew Carol and torvd trace of Good*,
which they offer at tne lowest rales, either for cash or ap?
proved credit.
Under iretr present arrangements t-.sr cai offer great
Inducements on all their Foreign Goods, and will give
their enstomere the benefit of the larot discounti which
they have gained by the Increased amount of their pur?
They pledge ihemselves to sell many styles ot AMERI?
Their stock will be kept full during the whole year,
J Ofden win be promptly supplied. Th<
vlie the MEXICAN snd SOI Til AM El
,? . - ? .. ??
They particularly In
MERJ CAN dealers to
examine their stock of Jewelry, manufactured expressly
for those markets, also their stock of Ivory Combs, adapted
for exportation.
The following articles ronetlmte s part of their stock
Linen Threads.
Varloas makers, plain and sails finished, Mack, drab,
whlty brown and colored, Noa. 2Ux**X
Spool Coltoa.
Clark's, Alexander's, Smith's Eagle, and ? ?fflftf*aa*a
white, black and colored, Noa. l^xlSP. 25 to 300 yards.
Tapes and Bobblas.
Ui.rr. and euttje. aajafted ,rt t .d tuts
Razors. Antvee. Shears. Scissors and Table Ralves and
Forks. Wads A Butcher's, Wostenholm's, Rodger*', and
oiler celebrated cal-re
B rth e a
Hair, cloth, teetk, paint, varnish, akavtng,shoe, crumb,
hoise, scrubbtag, Ac. Ac. m great variety.
M u etc al Instruments
Aecordeocs. VtoUu. Flutes, Fifes. ClerSoriiete, Uannoal
cane, Ac. Fsns.
A large and rich assemaect, eocslsting of beautifully
carved pear!, tvary, bone and wood sticks; also phyla
sOcks. with rlaln.rac'7 ?cd tt.vered paper.
Ivery Combs.
Fine 8. SS, BBS. and NP'U. 14x14 Inchea.
Plain and farcy tack, dressing, pocket and side, of snail,
bufaio snd bom.
On 08.
Single and double, English and American, real and lmJ,
twTtea twist; aJjo.a variety of Rifles.
EtgUsh and Oerman pcckn, belt and holster, ColTs sad
Allen A Tharber'e Revolvers. Also, a coakpeaat aaaaftwaaal
of Spcrurg Apparats
Lfiblss Msagenet A Coudray'a, Fiver's. Ptnaod's and
L:c 1 ' ie aTswTtwSS
Low's white and brown Windsor and Uoaey. Lobtn'e.
Ouerisia s. Plnaud a. and Ms^geaet A Cocdray't aaaor-^d
sq.es, Ac Ac
Perenssson Caps, Needles, Phis, Hooka and Eyes.Steel
Pens, Bass eaters. Batxoaw, of all styles, Pocket Books.
Part MoaaawA, fnraak, Stationary, Beads. Wbalakoai,
Looking 0 Aases, Ac Ac
"jha^rTsrtets* 8km% frort. SUU, Horm Tim?, sjs. for
rssaltie-it* hi the FRENCH, SPANISH. OERMAM
aad EJlflUBH hatrtacaa._pi taMwa?ista
ROOM. 106 Btmary-l>adtefL EiisTtlsa, BestiA 1^
aad Oerama Papers ewery waeA Oy^ea dally mif lm*
SEED BARliEY,?Dorsetshire of supe?
rior quality, very brig hi aad heavy, just arrived from
'if "s; _ _&rTt MIL BAHR. Jr M MAdlswst.
BRACES aod other sneeitaalca) appl'aseea. Ohece,
M] Brt edway U* relief of Coasumptloa, Dyapwpsta. Qo.
aerai Dsollity, he a4 if is
Freren and Frgitsa Chlr* -'ch and pim* C'lt i> ?**,
ANU GENERAL Hi < >} .-' KVSHING G i 'J*.
*ke saber rit er? di-str- ;o ,-e i** auection of the r frende
apd Um, putJio. to aoaaa Dew and hawacarai sty has ol 9u
? racial., aJanu-i 1,1,-nis. Feed sate, Ar .jam
r*eei?-<J tru** ihe w-'l-known manufactory of uaa M??*
CoraeliBs k Co.. Pbuadelproe Tbafr raaaortaa*u mar
pssars aay tht?g .of the i nj tbey have eswr be/oee ex?
hibited, ard at aavra rerir asi-ch lower then their forosw
Ttolr tu-t tiao aaaar?r-a an extensive IIUI nT
Tea and Toi.et ao. and tste, Cbmt Ware of ?very daavrtp.
Tbey reepertfo'lv levtte Oa* Meede sad etatocnsir* n
visit their thine l-ecvretu)*- ??? where es*a be a*an
every variety of porcelain gv,<!.Va ,'he eoaraeof decora
Uo*. from lae moat rostiv port, ai'a aad uev re* down to
the pletneal style of finlah Porraaeare eaa select from
ratora than oca honored oitfereot siytat, arad have tkenr
services crroraieo In arv i*e>i e. e i.br'r vrtxa i la a li ciraata at
Irin ait, aa ibey aiav wi*b.
The auhecrtaere "hare orte raaf inelr reost -rtpciieraced
rlerkt residing ?..ernaie:y la Parte and at the OM*wfajeas*jw
at Vavaaaaa, Frarc-, arfto it cvrataalty aalecnng new
ttvlee at.u \ ai.erne. wekb. i?tether ?Ith ihttr otra deat^-a.
glee them advantage* poeteeteo ny few other*.
Tbey brave ata* an eneneiv?. aa* mi meet of
Of ijje newest and oioat beauUful dealgea Thetr manufac?
tory being located <* their preiateee. aol under thetr own
Immediate ?upervUloe, tbey are thut eoab'ed to furnish
tats am de la Iba aaoei rreWrkr ttvl* and ort ik* asset
teetotal- e terras
In order to carry out their new siisiigissttili. arail to
make room for theo* new good* tbey have concluded to
? ue the importation of I'laird \v are. Japaaed and
Papier MacfA Goods, Cutlery, he. aad would tavite Ute
aitectioa of thetr cuatomertto ihefollowtag artttlaa, what*
they sal] atrlcily at the coal of importation, and tome aru
dea if a little tolled lower titll.
Thelt Mtt riti em la Ibla lu.ecoodets prioripally of Plated
Baakrt*. Caatora, I'm, Waltert Re-ibee, Knives, Forks.
Spoon* Lao lea, tc; Tea Trayt In teta and single. Cutlery
in teta and d< rent, an I numerous other article* I r<1 it pent*
hi* la ib* bvuee-rlirntehing tit* Country rwarckaat* la
ptitlcular will find ll to iheir advantage 10 call and exam
Ice ire ?lock before Mpch??lr,: e!a?wnere
WoRaM A HALUHWUL T -el and ?4? Broadway
N B - Private bouses, Hoteui Store* aad Public Build
tugs fined up with Iron Ga* Pipe* in a vary tu pert or m in?
ner at J at price* escerdtn* y low.
e.:-.a*Hwl.V>k8k..,lW _
VVpAPrR DEPOT fDR 8ALE-The Leae- S'..H-k,
Flxturea and tiood \\ t 1 of a Cheep Publication and Newa
rape- Depot for Sale, ttuiated la one of the beat ihoruagb*
.?are* In the City, wl.hln * few door* of Broadway now
dotny a good t utlne**, and contttnily tacreatlng. Toe ealy
iea*on of lb* tubacrtber'* leaving the butlaeaa It a necsaaary
terrporary abaence from the City. A pereon having a capi?
tal of t&) or $?i'. will riud ihl* a rare opportunity o> tnveat
It aafely Por fuitherptrUcuIart. addrett LINNEI A. Box
Z Tribun* Ottic*._ao U"
A Genuine 8.einer Vtoiln, Learly 290 yeart old. aad a
f.so A mail, may be area f?r a fee dav* at Chri*truae*
miiaic trore, ?t 4 Pearl ?t Tbey will be *oU lor uiacli Veea
i! uii Uietr Tmlue In Curope, but *hhs?ecflricaMl. mA rtt*
'Tt'KE felling at a <<>od bargain at 9 Sprueavtt Otfie*
furniture, mahogany chair*, rvckrrs, bureaue, beottertda,
wifhattndt. com lert. pine, cherry and black walnut
talnea cottage bediteada. con. maitretaea loukitg gl at tat.
to ar lamp*, rice, tuen and woolen bottom chalra.lavalld*'
chain, card tthlet, qaartette tables, bel.ing, oil clolh AttV
Stja, large lot of common b*dste*dt chetp, aho? caae*
and wardrobe*. _AS U*
I can lotiiurt any person how to be handaom*.
I leach bow to make brown tkiu fait ai d clear.
I learb how to remove tan. piiuplea ami freckle*.
I teach how to change the tallow face Into one of betMtty.
I leach how to make the wrinkled tkin tmooth.
I teach how to rrake brown teeth a* while aa pearl*.
1 teach how to make dlaraaed guiut bard and found.
I teach bow to make ofleneive breath perfeclly street.
I teach how tti make bard, brown hauda, soft and white
I teach bow to make Ike hair grow uxuriaiitlv
I ran hasten the growth of whiskers, rioustachtu*, Ac.
I teach kow to have bright and sparsling eyes).
I teach how to preserve lae eye-*lgbt lor US*.
I teach how to restoretuipalrsat eye *'sbl
I teach how to change gray hair to n original color
I leach how to change the color of u.nhalr aa deetrwd
I ttach how to make the hair soft, rich aad glossy.
I leach how to make the lips aad cheeks red.
I te?ch how to ren oveinperfluimi hair.
I know they are all perfectly hannles*
I know they Sre all very rb-ap and pleat int.
I know every peraoa will Ifke them oa trial.
I sive direction* lo make and ose ih?-s* compound*.
I snow they are belter than anv advertised soape.
I ask ONLY ONE DOLLAR ht all this Information
I receive no leitet? ar l??* poet paid.
Address M. LAVASSE. Kreuch Chemist, lot Nassau si.
comer of Ann, New Vork-ba will seed the work by
mail. a'> rilM WAS
Broadway ? The above namrd premises are now
optn, ? nli sn eatlrelv new sml extensive Importation of
the very Isust detlgn* of Mantilla*, from the most dtstln
v, -l,d fa.br.caoL,.^1*1?,.^?^
appendaget of ladiea' a'tire, the proprietor deems It neee*
s*ry t<> observe, thai while hi* constant study will be to
present I lie wrv latest anil most apnioved fas* Ions, h? i a
als? JetsvroiMd thai chietjiqass aliall be a leading charac
terislerisilc of hi* e*tshllshmeat; and beingcorin**ree: rsiin
some of the very t rsl houses ia the Prt-och capital, he poa
?etries in usual faiilitles for accoinpliabmg these object*,
ftoveliie* will be conatan'ly received by everv Enropean
simmer The Inspection of ladies Is most respsctfully so
licited- |aA 21*] Qiq SULP1N, SSI Broadway.
inTt?A fine opportunity now ofT-rs to any person who
may wish u> Irsnsfer a good DaySchxil f ir young ladle*
on moderate lentis. Tne .-a- -r mast be In this elly or
Immediate vicinity. Apply anon lo the U 8. School Agen?
cy, 4*1 Broadway. Esubllshed Int7 Correspondenc*
throughout the I Lion. E H. Wil.COX. Prvprhsor.
ALADY who has had nint h experience
in TEACHING. Is about organizing a class of eight
pupils oniy, who will bo rereiredTnto her family,and to th*
fridrucilon of whom b?r lime will be devoted Paran a
des roua of placing tbelr daughters In the country, where
every attention will be paid to their moral, waatai aad phy
deal education, will do well to apply. Term* rKaaonable.
None received under twelve years of age t; nomui.iraUoss
with New York teveral times dally, by means of the New
York and New Haven Railroad Ctrculan can be pro?
cured at uiebookiloraofMARK 11 NEWMAN A CO. IM
Broadway. aA It*
'INO ROOMS, 389 Broadway, firti corner above th*
Irving House?Terms reduced one half? vis t)2 Vi for 10
Ie*sotis, one hour each -Stationery Mt rents ; or W Isjssobs
for Si, Including Stationery-payable on subscribing La?
dles' Classes at II A m and IJ oVbvk P m dally, except
t!;g SaturHays Gentlemen at I AM and I, 7 and N o'clock
PM da.ly, exeeptbig Saturday Private Int.molioo, (at
the Room* only) f 15. for sale, GoldamlUia tjiem* of p en
man t hip, |1 IR *i lay*
ADVERTISEMENTS ara Inserted la
the beat Papers of other Cities and Towns at V. B.
PALMER S Advertising Agency, Tribune Building. <U4 if
CGMP ANY. of the City of New York, to b* locsted
In the Bark ng House of the People's Baak uf the City of
New-York, \TJ Canal st.
Jeremiah Terbell, O. B Hubbell, Joha Moaeypaeay,
Preeman Csmpbeel,Gideon D Angelis.George D Crag In,
John W Lewis, J sates S. Brouwer.Charlee T Pierson,
J P Telverton, Benalah 0 Stokes,Wm. m WllsoO,
h. S. TerbelJ. Jotbam C Mreker Wabam Leggatt,
David D. Crane, W. B. Corning, Edward p Clara,
John Mace, Solomon Hanta, Thorns* Wlllleia*,
George Youngs, ( barVs Crane, Mortimer Brow a,
loa* N i.-um, George Werner, Robert C V.wrttJes,
SimoaShlndier, Chris. Owyer. Philip J Bonesteei,
r .wsjd Nelson. WlUiam J Buck, Charles Uiiaataad,
Cb*s. I' M' liilyie, Matlblaa Clark.
The undertign*! ConiraiMtoners glv* aoUce that book*
of subscription to lb* Capital Stork of this Company will
be opened by ibern on Monday, the 7th dsy uf Aprl aezt,
Bi t -onilnue open until tae 12th dsy of April, between the
hours of 11 o. toek A M ari?i_S o clock P M of each day, at
le Hanking Houee of th* People s Bank of the City of
New-ierk. l71C*tel *t.
CHARLES h M INTIRE, {W???*<?w*?
Orm r. or the Moaais CtatL aPV Saaaiite Cost }
raav or IM4. Jersey City, Merck, 14, lkftl. J
\(/I'ICE is hereby Riven .Bat the Anneal
1" E'ecuon will be held at the office of Use Company la
Jersey City, on Monday the7tfc day of Apr l text, for th*
ebote* cf llva Directors in piace o? Class No. I. wImssj
term of service wUJ Um* expire. The Poll will he op**)
frosn 12 o'clock. M . Sbtu 3PM of that day The MkatM
books will be closed on and from th* 18th lust until the ttk
day of April [nil?tAp7'| JOHN P. FOSL Stfy.
inured on th* public storks of lb* elly of New-York,
du* acd pejabie. May lit, 1*51. will be paid oa tkaS
day. by Shepnerd Krapp. E*.; , Cb an, tear lata of Ike elly,
a lie Mectai ca Bank, 33 Wai|-at The Uanafer book*
will b* cioeed W*da**d*y, April 9. at 4 tfeloea. f. M?
For ike accommodalion of stockkoUsra, traratfars wtll be
permlUad daring the period Its* Books remain cU?**d,lo
t*k*eSTecl Mat isl J. R- TAYLOR, Controller
New-Tork,Marek?. 1SS1._al UMyS
Iv?TICE.?The uadersigned, ALBERT
llsroTZ nss this day taken BENJAMIN TMOMAB
as a parle er with htm la tk* jewelry bastnese Said oust
rrn wLl hereafter be tyrr.ducls'1 by the undersigned, an
dw the arm of SfOTZ k THOMAS at n> Ma at New
York. March 17. ISM. ALBERT SfGT/..
Flcssc Ttas NoTtca.-On and afwr ike 1st of May
th* *rtabUshmeot will tr* retno/td to 1J 8?s* rrotn st
TVOTICE.?Albion Minin? Compa.it.
11 ?The Board of Directors have ordsrrsjd aa astssamanl
of FIFTY CENTS on ssxb share of the stock tssm^s*
said Company, payable oa S* before the I'nh day A April
aawt By order, D. l> has kell Serretaty
BJsjW-T rt Marr- iAM. _ _ _*11 TaW<*_
CA U T I O N.?Persons are cap*i''n*?*
sgalnat Mgodatiag for a riots drawn brS*a*>*llA
rrice, d*t*d March lMttl. at aU saoatha, fcF*^,f^*E
twenty-ihre* dollars txd .tttl.ty one eenlsv f***f^
ordtr of A M Sbiree it Baaing been losT" Ny*l"< Irom
WJktty-1* Broadway to onr ^j^rkFBJCE.

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