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XJLcOUNTRY RESIDENCE for Sale or w l^***-On
boa* lelaad mi ?V? Ocmo -Bulldlog* etpaeioit, and
Oeelly tmUbed; grouadt hendeotne y arranged, and slocked
Willi aha/1* and fratt tr**?. ?veirgreen*. peroefjal r?*?*
f rape*. uwrt|M, ae Farm SB artree. (or more If wanted)
eare.leot land, higftly euinva.ed. Wlil be told iOW. on
eaay lerma 01 eireaneed fur a dwelling In or cur in*
liy Apply ai 'i*> Froot-et._ml* "?
DENCB AND FARM FO* 8A'rE?,,,u*"*' ?*:
tajtaj?B* "** pub'lr ht(b?<r. one Hille froip Cama.own u l
heir mile* from Newark. In Ee**x Ct*w?7. New Jereey,
?MrMBtetoc S acre* of L?nd wuhane* law Mn and au'c
dwellm*" out* blO a g new hero t^do'h*' oat-hou*e*. all
to eire lem order There areno i#* promisee, a fine garden
atiarbed ?o the h Bate with fr k? ??"*'? "t every dojciptioa.
three fiae orrharda. 3^ acrea ?/ a-eaiow land, beeide? pa*,
tare aatbclent for hfteeo ie* eighteen head of cattle, and
eight erreaof tb? woo<t?~rf- ">e realdue of I?*???>)??
oared for erowinir rro** l'otu.re of J AM ES VV WHITE,
B**| Nassau-.t*T.?f fveW-Torfc; DANIEL CO JH
LaK Wh%i"iy.*? Mornslown.or of JOHN BYRNE,
on lb* premise*_** *'w*
AT PRIVATE SALE.?The 4-story,
aaaJaTC noil', brown stooe front HOUSE, and LOT,
?g VYsetBereoierjulh-st, near the Fifth avenue Tue above
la or* oft * moa' bewuttfui. well hjlit and highly finished
buasea la the city, having been el* iteen mooilis In Iis eree
Uao, by day's wora, and ouder he lmmedlaie direction of
aVs owner, for bis own residence, and ha* all the m idem
Improvement Terms easy. Immediateoccupaiion given.
Can he aeen at any time. Apply lo COLE A CHI LTON,
Auctioneers. 9 Wail-aU_a3 lw
CORNErHLsOTS?Sixty-eighth-st. and
Broadway, one of the best locations on the Bloom.
tngdaie Eoed ; 5 Lou on Fifitein-si near Broadway; sev
eral lot* on Mur-ay Hill, between Fifth aod Blxih avenaea.
The above lou are as we: I situated as any In the cltv, and
are rapidly Improving la value. Apply to HlLL A
OROEBBECK, 4"> Pearl-st._mflja*
subscriber having purchased an estate In Pennsyl?
vania, ha* determined to soli hli country residence, lying
on Long Island Bound, In tue town of 1 airfield, near ihe
city of Bridgeport. Connecticut, and known as I RANI 8
TAN VILLA The coaaervatorlea, granaries, outhouase,
Ac . are complete, and It la believed that no more pleaaaot
or f eeirahle place can be found in New England for a gen?
tleman of elsure, or one aoKaved In business In New-York.
It wl'l be sold for oae-ibird less than coat, either with or
wttboat the furniture The gardens and grounds contain
twelve aces Forty aerea of farming land, lying within
ha'fa mile of the bouse, will also be sold at re**oosble
prices Also, horses, oxer,, cowa, and farming utensils.?
Blxty per cent of the purchase money csn remain on bond
and mortgage at six per ceot. for a term of years. If not
disposed of ai pilvate aale, the whole will be aold at AUC?
TION, without the til*?iu st reserve, to the highest bidder,
cn THURSDAY, lha 1'uh day of June next, at one o'clock,
P. M. For further particulars inquire of PHILO V BAR
MUM, Brldgepoit, Conn |*9lw] P. T. BARNL'M.
AND?For sale, a eonventent and well built brick
bouse, about IJ mile from Vanderbtii's Landing, near ihe
Richmond Road, provided with furnace, cisterns,bethronn,
atable, carriage bouae, he The b >uae la placed on an en;
Bence. rommarding pro.pectt of sea and land. n'.:n >.
nueeoslled for t>-auty aod extent Toe garden and orch tri
are richly stocked with 6ue fruit. Four acres, chiefly
woodland, will lie s >ld with the house aod more if desired
Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain on in jrl
gage for a term of veara Apnly to
um 3wW8* EMERSON A f RICHARD, 10 Wa'l st.
80 N FOR SALE ? A FARM of about 80 acrea?about
SDof woodland?In the village of Haatlara, 21 miles north
of the city, bouse new, or atone; substantial, modern
atyle, 13 rooms, with commanding river scenery; nolle*
beauty and convenience In an uuuaoal degree; ten minute*
walk Prom the depot of the Hudson River Railroad,
tjroand* In tbe best order, supplied with a variety of fruit;
Stable* and tre-houee on the prmntses. The whole or a
part will be told by application on the premise* to the pro?
Hamln/s. Westchester Co., or to
m26 1 mM WS* 18 Beek man sL
A Wemsy say what we like about tbe Land of fim>
dorn, hol Ii tirltei me the freed m Is all on one side, when
oar landlord adCt another $iS to the rent, at thsy have el
tnoet all doae tbla year, and because we hesitate, lie tells
as we are free to evacuate his premises. The fact Is. the
Immense advance In iherenta this year hat op-mod tin
eyet of lb* pubdc , who are beglming to perceive that,
with a little management, ibey can have a home of their
own, far more healthy tnd agreeaM* ihta what they have
been accosu-mrd to. The conseq'teoee of this U, that
many parcels of Isnd have been laid out In village Iota,
varying from 2r? by ICO feet to half acre parcela and over.
There are. however, many tbiugt to ba considered biforo
making up our mtndi where we Intend tolocate. In the
first place, it should be ?ithin an easy and accessible dis?
tance from the city ; next, the expense of getting there
matt be trifling ; the place muit he healthy: the price must
be rotverate, and the terms of payment mads easy. I
kaow of no place w>ere an tb"8e a? vantagea are so emi?
nently eoaibli ed at at tbe village of Biraliuu Pott, within
eight mllet of ibe city, to which, next week, a stetnab > it
will be runnlog. The fare It only to be six cenU during
the Bummer, and ten eenla during the Wmier, buslde
tuatree running cors'anily throughout ilia day. The d
llfhiful bathing and tie pure air most ln*ar* good hialth
Tbe lou ?*? real by lie vary rrotu ?>*" to ai^, the tormvr
belay aa yood aa tbe attar, wtUi the axenpiion of tbetr not
being quite to near lo tae water, aatd tee - ..r
beautiful pi ace bave determined to bring It witnln the
it ran* <>f all, by roqu ring a very small sum as a first de
Poalt. never over 8-i. and the balance payable in monthly
lriialmerii, totult the convenience of the purchaser!. As
tte place Is so eaay of acceas. it la presumed few will pur?
chase wl bout first paylug U a visit; consequently we r. -
frain from any praises, at, were we tn too at all we think,
our readxra would suppose It waa ilie Harden *>f Ednu we
were deecrlblug. ioaieadTskf the village, ol Sirallou I'ort ?
There la an excellent dock, extending Sim feet Into the
river, and tbe road bsa recently been put In xood order
which conneeu it with ihe town of Flushing, a Hille over a
quarter of a mile dlt'ant There It also a good plank side
walk for pedestrians By applying at the offi -.e of Mr.
KLAMMER, til Wooster-si. eve: r Information will be
cheerfully gtvea. ai 3ta
P?IRM^?rT SALE?A splendid Farm
of 46 acrea, pleasantly tiiuated within halt a mtie of
Plait field DepoL On the premise* is a large bouse, barn,
cairiage-bouae and two cow houaes, with other necessary
out-buildiriK's Also a large orcbatd of good fru't. lo acres
of heavy Umber This la a most desirable farm and win e?
aold a bargain For further parilculara call on JACOB
LAINO on the premises. JOHN W I.A1NJ ai Laings't
Hotel, or STEPHEN VAIL, at the Plaloliold DepoL
F"^RM~FOR SALE.?4Uacres of Land,
wibln three mllet < f Btmih Am boy landing. Said
rann contains t small house, S,l>oti bearing peach feet, and
two acre* lu strawberry beds. The whole is otlored for
$l,**>>, half of whi-h may r- ma'.o on hood and mortgage.
For ptrtlculara inquire ai lib Maldeu-lane.dk
ai lw*_WaT. a WEST.
FARM FOR SALE?Containing about
SS acre* of Land under a high a ate of cuitiration, a
pleaaaui dwelling, iwo barot, one granary. Ac 4e. all la
good repair Alto, a choice assortment of Fruit. Th*
above Farm Is pleasantly located In the township of Bloom
Bald, N.J. IS mile* from New York City. For further par?
ticular*. Inquire of
lTftmMWS' SO Front-tt
FARM FOR SALE-On? of the bes;
Banna la the town of Eattcheaier, about a mile an i
a quarter from Brooxvllle Depat, of aboat 125 acre* li
Will be aold In patc-is or together Ioqlire of LORIN.l
ANDREWS, m Oold-si, JOrtN TAYLOR, 10 Wale
ISAAC WARD. Bowery Ravtogt Hank, or on ihe pr*
mlaetof [m?> IniM WS'| CALEB MORtlAN.
OR SALE.?A house and lot in Tmr
ty second si, near the Ninth are Lot 18 by 71 feet;
boutelk by j7 ft, price |l,.YXi. |l,6*xi can remain o i bond
and mor trage Kor further Information luquirv? o' J. V.
UNDERDONE, I4:< Twenty firel at, after 6 o clock tn the
evening ; or between 7 lo tbe morutug and 6 la Ihee/eouig
at FOWLER .v BILLINGS, carpeoler't ahop, lnTwenly
thlrd an, between Fifth and Slxih-ave. at) I w*
Id^OR SALE?A three story, basement
ard under cellar brick HOUSE and Lot. with ai the
modern Improvement*, i * Weal TwentieuS-sl. between
Eighth aod Ninth avenue* Part of ihe purchase utouey
can remain upon bond and mortgage
D. IRA BAKER, Attjruev at Law,
as St?_ 11 Naaaau-sL
FOR SALE.?A FARM of about i?0
acre*, handaomely aliuaied In Rockland Ca, N. Y,
about *4 mllet from Sprlog V alley, on the N*w-York and
En* Raiiroad. and about 6J from Haverttraw Landtag,
?uiiebiy divided into wood arable and meadow land, build
lugt and foocae good, well wate-ed, with an abaiidaoce of
the cbolreal variety of fruit and abrubbery; In thort, pot
eetaing all the requtallea of a good farm. Terms easy ;
dtie good ; p.?eee*tlon given immediately. Ipquire ef JO?
SEPH W REEVE 18 Coc*ul>e*-?t Wttllamt >urgh ar of
DANIEL B SECOR. oa the pienntet. Titce >
acre._a? 3w*
f""jH>R SALE?A modefn-built HOUSE,
wlih one acre of excetlemt Land, situ tied on the cor?
ner of South aod vviiiow tit, lu the vi l?ge of Sit afaaf,
Coon , wlibia bve mlautaa wa>S of the Railroad Depot ?
Tbe House it about 47 feet square with a he pletaa run
Blag arroea ihe enure froal There ta alto a > i
and wall tula bed baaameol. hot air furnace, cooking range,
el*i*ra and good wall of water. likewise a large a<. ! mj -
modloo* ctatcb-bouse aod alab.e, all in perfect order. A
larr* porUoo of the purcaase mooey may remain on i ?? d
tUid mortgage. If deeired. For lerttt inquire ou pre n:,-?.
ml2lf No. i Br .ad ac
POR SALE?A small House an? aix
acre* of Land oa the Hiadaon River R* .road, iwo
Bbilee beiow Oarriaou't, and three balow Wett Point Tae
tVvute M 84 by 2? feat, two ttorkta high and a bateiaenk
?ouiaioa ae?eo ro->ma and It tn gixd r*j*tr. frtee 8jBuS|
b*?f of Which can remain on mortgage fir a term of \ -art
tneftlr* of David Curry, near the preratae*. or br I'-i.er to
.u . WM H DENNIS i.
"Sa*_FVteAIII Landing, Dutch-^t C ?i"iv.
IT'ORSaLK]?The four story, hik-n o*-?o
R mem, Vrtck b rute and lot, 217 Lennox p v-i
5a2! T ?t beuweee to* eighth and N.oJt a s It
1. hobt tn the rtuat su^sla^ull*l manner, and e mta at ? I the
T^J? J^.rwTm**mlf For term*, apoly to A J.
BILE EC RE a. 7 Braad^t or at 210 Waat Tweoty-a- m t
St. T*raa*a**y. *,
F3R SALE ?South Brooklyn L *ts, urtar
Ham* in a avenue, on Coiambla. Carro , Sumait
Woodha I and H eta at* ; eleo, oo the ea* al.,
aJnavpace. betwarn Harnaou and Uarraw at*. T' ??-, I ua
Are all eH?lhly ttlutled lor l-?e?ad!ale I npror ? ?-. t.
Bra free of locumbmnca, and liberal advance* wjjid be
raade to ra*pxm*inle porcha*era, lo aid ka tbe BO***
eVdaairable baiidlnt;* An.
BtSflm* I A O M SfEBBINI. M) Broalway
FOR SALE?In the (Sty of New
Brunaarfck. N. J , two nie? dwelling houses la com?
plete order, end l"?uilfu.'T situated -one to M i(n-r?-l-nl ,
oppoeli*'he College Meid boute it abrut In feet square,
lot 7* feet from end rear, by over 2"" feet deep, with en
ahandanee of fruit tree*,. ?Ine*. he. The other tn G*orge
. et, opposite the Preefenft II Both ere 1-tirtVe re?
sidences, end in as h- adhy location, as can eeatlv he f >u-i-.
For terme Inquire of Mr K W TOvVNBOBL M Cetsr.
at, or T. GARRISON.on l?e ;,reriiiae*. Po?*es*toa givao.
Immediately, at ivr*
FOR SALE-A delightful CottBgej R
aldence in Poug hke*p*|e, (K | i.h. sivle,) two *tf>ri-a
high er' baaein-i.t. I,ot 58 feet fro t and resr b) l.': hot
deep. Has ?i>1tng doors, ma-be ma'iteis. ate?Veranda
on three tide*- replete with varton* cooveaixnees?a row.
lag c stern, htih-rooro, pantr.?*. china c!o*?t, ttitttaa
press, he., Itc?well hallt throughout The house at?>i it
beck 24 f> et f-om iheatreet, giving a nett lawn a id beak
In fro-1, thede, and fruit tree*, he . lie Has a ire view of
Catabtll atoomaini, Collere Hiii Bemlna-y, tc. It Mewsj
of ihe very beat r.?igh'K)ihoods in the village Potaeetlon
UtofMay Ircnlreof
at 1W ABAHEL JONES, Eeq . 26"? Broadway, N Y.
FOR SALE ?A splendid WATER
POW ER equal to l*n borae thelynar round, with four
or five acre* ? LAND, dtuated at Beekmantown, Waat*
cheater Count*, distant from the City Hall twenty-eight
miles, andfwlihin a few minute*' walk of Hudson Ri er
and the Hudson River Railroad OepOi Apr v to JOSEPH
L'BTER, on the premises, or Q. & BEEK MAN. 38 Wy.
Uam-SL. tf Y._mil Im?
HOl'SEB and LOTS on Twenty-nlnth-st west of
Broadway, No* 48 and AO, well located tor private resi?
dences. The building* are small, 2 storiee and attic* high,
with basement and coaiiter cellar. All the Improve nints
to make the homes comfortable, ?uch a* cooking range,
(????.? r water, bathing,cold and warm, and gat all 'bro'iuh.
The houses are two rooms deep, with addition* o' 12 feet.
The bou*ea are well built In every put. Tue location la
one of the beet In the city. Tbebou**e are new, and will
be finltbed by ihe lit of May cxt Price ?5,300 each One
half of the amount mav remel \ aad more If desired. In?
quire of J. H. OOTTKER, on the premises, M 1" AM. and
FOR SALE?A three story brick House
In 27th-st, between First and Second avenaea AI*o,
3 Lots of Ground in Fifty-third tt, near Lexington-avenue.
Ir quire In the baaement, 311 Bowery, from 10 till 2 o'clock.
m21 lm*
F" OR SALE?A Plot of LAND contain
ing sixty-*ix acre*, sttoated on the east bank of the
Hudson, H inlies south of the vtusgeof Sinti BaBf, and four
mile* from Tarrytown The land la In the very highest
date of cultivation, aud command* from every point a vie*
of Tappan Bay and the Hudton Biver for more than fity
mt'es In extern. Forty-Sve sere* of It sre covered with an
Orchard of the choicest grafted Fruit and a variety of other
rueful aid ornamental Trees. There are two good Barns,
with water convenient, and the annual product of the soil
now pays s good Interest oa the price asked. There Is a
Protestant Epitcop*! Church within ten miautet' walk of
Ibepreralte* It la In the inldiiof a liewillfnl country, sur
rcunded on every tide by the seats of tome oTour miKt
eminent citizen*, and, with the addittou of suitable build?
ings, would make one of the most delightful and con?
venient reslder.ee* on the bank* of the Hudton, a* It is but
one hi.uit' ride by Piailroar, l'rnui Thlity-flrst-et, For term*,
inquire of .I M KNOWLTON. on ihe premlset, or of J.
B. YOl NO, 44 Wall-st a2 2swJ?rWV.S*
- tag? SDd lour lots of ground, tltuate on One-hundred
arid twei.ty i I nth* St , betweeen Fourth acd Fifth avenue*
The cottage contain* eight rooms snd nine pantrin*, and It
In perfect order The lot* run through from One hundred
and-twerdy-nlDth tl to One-bundred-and-thlrtleib-tt On
said premtce* *-e a'so a stable, carriage-home, low, ..vis?,
wood-bou*e a d and Ice bouse, all In perfect order ? nd
repair. The place I? well (locked with the choicest fruit
trees, vinesard shrubbery, and It within five mluutee' walk
of the Rai1 road. For Tinner particular* Inquire of
e51w* HENHY P. McGOWN, 40 Naasau-aL
F~ OR SALE CHEAP, or will be ex
changed for City property or Stocks, two beautiful and
highly culrlvated Farm* ?ituttcvl on the north shore of
Long' la'auid, about 40 nrlea from the city?one of 46 seres,
one of 75 acres . both adjacent the water, with excellent
buildings, orcharding and oth-r advantages, andeisy of
access from theci'y. A large proportion of th* pircbaae
money mav remain for a term of years on hosd and mort?
gage;' will lie sold eeparateiy Anplv sooa to HENRY J.
ICUODER, Attorney at Law, SO Well sf, mil tf
LtX)R SALE~CHEAP?Three valuable
R Tiact* ot Land on Long Island, distant about 40 inues
from the City; one of 70 acre*, within 30 rods of Long
Island Railroad . one of So acres, about 3 miles from North*
port Steamboat Landing; one of 36 acres, about 3 intlea
from Railroad Sold separate or together. Term* easy. Ap?
ply to HENRY J. 8CUDDKR, An y at Law,
mil ImMWS-_so Wall-st.
splendid FARM of aboat 30 acres of good land. 2f
miles of Plalntield. N J , and one-half mile from the DepOi;
with a new Dwelling of 9 large room*, cellar and garret, 2
kltclie'.s.b-tm.carriage bouse. Icehouse, and chicken botite.
Apply at 220 Tbonipson-st, orto S. VAIL. I Courtlandt-te.
from M tilt 2 every Saturday?other day* Platnneld.raitt lm*
?e* 7>i Leonard ?t 3' o feet west from Broadway. Lot
27x110, Building 27x54, four dories, wall* 24 iocbe* and
heavily timbered. In excellent order, and can be converted
Into a building fur manufacturtnr purposes at a moderate
*v.p..d.?. Applylo ANDREW 8. 8NELLIN?.
U lW* _ 6?t Wall st.
I gam home* In BROOKLYN for sale or to let They
are on the lending thoroughfare, aiages patsiag continually.
For hesttln locaiion and quality of water, nothing batter
can be found any where, and families with children can use
s held of five; acres of plav-grouud. For furtuer particulars
Inquire at 22 I'me-tt upstair*._m29 2w
FOR CITY PROPERTY, In the fl mriahlug village
Nort, Tarrytown. within 4 ' minute* ride of the ?tailon at
Tit. ty-firal-aL a very deali able the for a country reddenee.
The preinUea contain about lour a-re* of land, and are *ltu
aiad on a point between the Railroad and the liver, em?
bracing a river 'ront of tome 3no yards. A beautiful na?
tural grove bordera ihe lot on the river, and there are b??
atdt- over a hundred fruit and ehide tree* on the promts**.
The lot Is bounded on the tomb side bv Beektnaa-d., a dis?
tance of aboat ?00 yards, and It admirably tltuatel to divide
Into villa plot*. It has already been surveyed, snd tf nut
sold log? iber, will be so disposed uf. Oue half of the pur?
chase money may remain on bond and mortgage at 6 per
rent for a term nf vaar*. For further paritc.uKra Inquire of
J F. CHAMBERLAIN, at the Incitiuilon far the Blind,
or or Mr STATES HAMMOND, near the premUe*.
al lm* _
TlN ILLINOIS?The Trustee*of the State Bank or
Illinois, with a view to finally doting Its affairs, will sell at
auction to tbe blgbeat bidder, at the place* atd titnti men?
tioned below, ail of the real ?State belonging to ihe Bank,
embracing many thousand acres of improved and unim?
proved '..r;..: . and property In many of the elite*
and towna. A considerable portion of the land* are tn
the neighborhood of ihe Central Railroad and Its Branches,
and other internal Impruvemtnia
In ad. mot. to the above there will be sold In Springfield
on the Mh ol Jane, 167 shares of the Block of the Alton Ma?
rine Fire Insurance Corrpsny; 125 shares of the Stock uf
the Alton Manufacturing Company, and tome other Stock*,
Ac. The notts. certificates and bonda of the State Bank will
be received at par tn paymeat. One third uf ihaerouint
of purcbaae will be required to he paid al the aale, and a
credit of tlx and twelve months will be given on the re?
mainder. Ll*t* of the land* and town prop-rty will be
publUbed In bsmlbtlls aad In the newipapere uf the neigh?
borhood* in which the property lies, to enable purchasers
to examine it before the sale. The sales will tie bold i
At Ottswa. in La Salle Co . on Thursday. 1st of May.
At Qu'ti y, :n Adams Co., on Monday, 19th May.
Al Oa'coa. In Jo Davteas Co., on Monday, 26tb May.
At Springfield, tn Mangan on Co., on Thursday, 5th June.
At Carlinwle. tn Maeountn Co. on Thursday. 12th June.
At Bnllville, in St Cialr Co ,on Thurtday, ; uh June.
Al Vasdaiia, In Kayeue Co .onTburtday, 26ih June.
V MANLY. STrustees.
BpringfieiJ. HI., March 20.1851._aSSw
HIGH BR1DGKV1LLE, situsted on
the Westcbcatier side of Harlem River, between Mc
Coomb's Dam Bridge and the High Bridge.?Tbl* property
commandaa fin* view ol ibe Hlgn Bridge Harlem River,
and a great variety of other beautiful sceoery. Size of lota
from half an acre to three acre*?price* low and term* easy.
Mapa for distribution will be ready on Wednesday, tbe 19th
lnat, but In tbe mean time an original map may be aeea at
th*ok?ceof D B. WINTON.71 Cedar at m!4 lm?
HOMESTEADS?The subscriber has
for sale about two hundred acre* of LAND, tn the
County of Weeiebester, lying oc the Harlem River, half a
mile north of New-York Island, and admirably adapted for
village purp.?se* The attention of capitalist* and associ?
ations Is requeeted to tbe above-named property, aa It Is
well located and easily reached by land or water?the
Hndaon River Railroad running directly throngh It, aad a
substantial dock having been erected on ihe River for the
accommodation of steemooeia. On the premises I* a spa
clous stone Dweillug-boo.ee. with garden, fruit-yard, out?
buildings. Ac. attached, which will b* eold aeparaleiy, if
deetred. A valuable alone quarry ha* been opened, and la
now worked?atone of the best quality Air building pur
poses, In any quantity, being easily obtained. A rare
chance la now offered to an association of mechanics or
others wtthtng to obtain booiesieads al a low price where
property mutt rapidly advance lu value. Apply to the
subscriber, 193 Broadway, from 10 A M to 2 P M.
et._m!4 lm*
ton, northerly aide, near Hud*oe-*L A hand* >me
and (ubeutiilal tiouse, with every desirable convenience;
lot'. bv feet aid beautifully Improved. Can be ex*
eni'.oed from 10 to S o'clock and after 4 P M. Terms easy.
Inqube uf J. BARROW, at the bouse, or at 137 Fulton-at,
from 10 to H P M._a7 MWAPif
on Ihe LOWRIE PARM. W'eetrheeler-Dl'MONT k
HOSACK. II Wa-l-st or A. FIND LAY near the premises,
offer at private sale a number of email FARMS, with
VILLA SiTES, 12 mile* from th* Ctty Hail. N Y. Tbe
views are attractive and tbe location be*llhy. Toe d stance
Is short from a railroad depot and from a steamboat land?
tag, and there Is aeonveoleol wbsrf on the preniwee lor
veeeela trading to the town of Westrheeter The dlspoei
don of ground la laying out the premie** ha* been wich ss
to furnish any quantity of land to in* purchaser, from one
acre to lb* limits of tho whole tract, he he Title to the
property perfect Terms liberal Mar* aad runner Inf ?r
tanrra obtained of the above pa/tie*. tm\t IMMWS'
RIV ATE SALE.-4,000 Acres of Land
oa Loos Island, la th* town of Brookl-aven. Suff >lk
Ca the Ratlr.'td running th-ougb Ii. It will be soli In par
c*ls, ot th* whole, to suit pu'chssers It It about sixty
mile* from New York City Tbe soil Is well adapted fir
gras* ai d crot t of every kind Por further partim art ap?
ply to A J. BLEECKER, Auci'r, 7 Boad tL
a7 lw
1 1 OB SoOth Kith h I'T B0OIB*BB Bt. J-r*e>v CltT. OJ+IIBT?
f-..und. earb 22 2 9 fret front by |M fee <>*p /* By*
I .mo, with k trsritthag loan equal in atnoo.u La >r.e.h? Iib*
Ictpr frmrai. over and aiove lie purchase money. a!i of
wutbcan remain ou bon 1 and in ? ?r; ^ ??T ?5 at u per cm for
sin b a term of Mara a* may he agreed a .ion. A AOtf >cmU
tt in sivje for the front* will be reunited, a sketch af whtrb
nay be seen at-d further tnf.itmei'./o oM at* <-d. by apply lag
to M**ir* CLERK V B\Cf>r Arebttect*.
BtlwMWAF* 13 Mongomery-st Jersey City
aaJalfB I***, vbj taWJUBkktsaad bj ihe te b*b ft ie
ar.d cotiaiy of ?VrBirbr-ater, ana ne disposed of tn aMse*
p'ola to suit purrVavrr* Th? iSorr- lot* Bra tri'* ? Imic*.
oly elmated,oo a treajtirlfui rt-'e" nf land, e vty f?e< a'n)*e
tide water, and iw?n'y n.ile* from New- Vor*, bnn.tded i?e
the one side by ihe Boston turnpike road, and bavin? the
New-York end Hawifla?? BajjraBjl ransiat? uVoa^aaa
center of the and. No spot in ih* toeaty QdJari 'nor? ad?
vantage* (ban tbe above, for building alte?, being an eighth
of a mile from th- M*riia'<>ne*-k Station ? ki Limg It and
Sound, a fin? view of whi :b may be had from m'j*t p?m of
tbe land. The iloop lancing, two cporrhee. and icliool
bouse* are Imicedlate y adjacent to the property ?t. no
convenience* arewa'tirg A train of rar* will land oe*.
senger* In New-York before 7 o'clo :k AM and ret'irn,
reaching the village at tire eame hour In th* evening. Five
ether train* *top al the Station dtiring the day- tue coin
nutation I* lea* then teveri cent* On tbe lot* *re two
Itrgedwellingbouar*. nearly new; bam*, carriage housee,
tic. which will be ao'd at low price* Term* of *ale are
10 per cent on *ah*cr1btng for a lot or plot, the balance nine
rnoptha, payable mont'iiv, wb-n a warrantee de-d will he
given. Inquire of the owner*. O. BARRY and n TOUP
KINS. at the off.ee. 107 Bowerv. where llthographie map*,
and the price of each lot, from Son to SI1-1, can be *een.
ml5 ImMWS*_
RTVATESALE.?At Glen Cove, L mg
t eland-A FARM of 15" acres most eligibly stm ktcd
for r>t e or more hoilltng si'es, commanding nve*v exten?
sive riew ol ihe Bound and the State* of Connecticut, New
Jersey, 4c Ac. Said property i* ?itua'ed within a (hort
distance of r>e rdeamboar landing. whe*e rbere 1* diily
t omi win cation to and from the city The land is eaiity
cultivated h%* a large tract of lociiet and other timber, a
rood apple orchard and other fruit tree*. For further par?
ticular*, apply to A. J. BLEECRER, Auctioneer.
a7 lw _7 Broad st
TO CAPITALISTS.?Sogar Lands for
Bale.?A tuperb tract of Sagar Land, of about five
tbouaand acte*, in Texaa, ?Ituaied on the La Bacea River,
h few mile* fr >m the aaa; the rlrer ahtordlng with fiah
nod covered with wild Fowl; tbe land I* highly fertile and
admirably adapted for railing Sogar. Cotton, Corn, and
Tobacco, also the Grape. Orange, and PlteAppie, Deer
and Game In abundance, aad toe climate I* dedgbifully
mild and lalubriou* Title Indisputable. If sold to a
Company, It would make forty or fifty Farm* of one hundred
ttcre* each. For price, term*and further particular*, apply
b9 lw Auctioneer, 7 Broad-st.
TURING COMPANY (Fiihkill Landing, N. Y.,) have a
erge anionnt of Water Power, which lh?y Wlfl !?*?? or
?en upon very advantageous terms, in quantities of Five
Horae Power and upward, wlih a sufficient amount of Lend
for the erection of all neceeeary b ill tnirs This Is a very
4e?lrable location for those who are crampod for room ma
have to pay for expensive steam power In the city, Th*i
property Is within haif a mlleof the Hudson River Railroad,
si a the Hartford, Providence and Plihklll Railroad will
pass it rough the premises, thereby making It qatte a* con?
venient for many kinds of business as If located In the city.
For terms, Itc , apply al the o*ce of the Company, or, 11 by
lel'er, (pc.?t-pald,| addressed as ahjve
Kiihhtll Lsndir.g, March 24, IHM._m24 2rnWS?
the beat L0T8 on Sevenib-av., weal side between
Tweaty second anc" Twenty-third at*.; two LOTS on
Tweniv-eecond-et and two on Twentv first si. near
Seventb-av. The Improvement* making and to be made
on this Avenne. and In the vicinity, rendsr this property
very desirable. Apply to
26f tf E. W. CHESTER, 51 Wallet.
v RA LE?On Trtnliv-plnce and Thames ?t. firming an
L of 31, feet frort on Thatnes-at and Hi fr-et front on Tftn
liy-i lace Apply U) ANTHONY J. BLERCKER,
a7 lw 7 Broad-st.
6 lots south side Twenty-fifthet, between Ninth aud
Tenth avenues.
6 lots eait tide of Tenth avenue, between Twenty-fourth
and Twenty-firth it*
4 lot* well ilde of Tenth avenue, between Twenty f >urth
and Twenty-fif h iti, including a comer lot
ti lots north side of Twenty.fourtk-st, bet wee i Ninth and
Tenth avenue*.
A 'to, a water grant eoverine 11 lots, being the west part
of tne eouth half of tbe same olock, together with the pro
emptlon rlgbl to 20 lots In front thereof, extending from
Eleventh to Twelfth avenues Inquire of BEVER I E V
Twentv-etyhih-sl. between Eighth and Ninth avenues.
estern lands wanted. ?
Thoae disposed to sojl Western Land* very low,
for all cat;, down, may find a purrliaaer for one to *even
tl ousand acrea, bv addressing, post-pail. Post Office box
157 Cleveland. Ohio, glvhjg deecriD'len and prices
ja saws*_ _
LA I ms for BTiU n t y land, p en
J atlllNS PAY. tic proaeculrai iMoiupUy. ar.o t-?'-J
WarTaria and Cant Patente purrh?^4, hy OaSfMBOB
WOODMAN. 49 Wiillam st. near Wall, Ciun*?!'ir at Law
?od Commuisloaer for Wisconsin, UllDots, Inllana, Ken
.ocky, Ac Mr. W. will attend to locating ttand Warranis
ipon carefully selected pnbllc lands. ISf 2in*
T^b hoteI, and tavern keep*
ERS ?To Lei, od favorable terms, a good t end for a
Country Hot*). ? ?.?* a good nuslnets as a Store can alsr
tie done,If deslrei The homed new and conven'ent. with
a good garden ard large barn and she>ls. "H-n htuse
and stab es. Th? property is situated al a Railroad DSpOt,
about 7\ hours ride from the City of New-York, and to a
competent man, with some means of his own. a go id op
norluidiy Isoflered. Apply to WM C, DAVIS, 117 John
st New-York._*8 3i?
A""PLEASANT ROOM?For lot1gin*T,
In a private faudly, near 8t .'..kr si -.??> Unison
et T ) LET. Terms moderate. Address J. J. B.. Trbuoe
Office. alt dt*
a small family Poeseaaloo r Immediately.?
lt. t t ?. . . Rooms are froht hasemeot, whole of second
nlory.ard iwo rooms on Ihirtl?Ctoton baths, &e. Apply
at 57 West Twenly-elghth-st. Best of references giv.-n
and required. aJ 2t*
OF TS TO LET, and possession given
av-e1 immediately-The fourth and fif h lofit al No 4 Dey
it. (Kratiklin lloute.) well adapted for aov H?ht manafae
turlng purpotet. Apply lo WHITING, DODD 1 CO.,
t? at* 53 Cortlaud Bt
TO LET?Part of House No. 38 Sixth
?t, to a small, genteel family, without children. s7 2t*
LET?The Dwelling House No. 114
Norfolk, the first above RIvlngion-tL?will aecommc
late two famiites. and will be put in good order. Inquire
at 134 Rtvingion-it a ? 41*
T~? LET.?A Pleasant three story
HOUSE In Broome-st, near Hudson. The Hone
baa 12 rooms, a front and back basement, and good yard,
t'roton water In the yard, and House. A private family
preferred Rent f 650. Inqalreat 584 Broome tt, 3 doors
Iroin Hudson. i lw*
IX) LET?A beautiful two story and at?
tic Cottage, situated on 7 lots of ground oo north side
of Thirty-eighth st. Iietween Madison aud Fourlh-avt. coo
lalniBg two parlors and kttebea, with range and wash-room
on 1st floor, six rooms on 2d floor and four attic-room* It
hss a cupola on the lop, ei closed from which a r.ae view Is
had of the city and vicinity. Tbe ground la In a fiae state
of cultivation, having fruit trees, strawberry bed*, vegeta?
ble*. Ae. Bent *???1 Al**, one Cottage ad|olning, Iwo
parlors and kitchen, and six rooms BeoiB-nn Apply to
? B KINSH IM ER. 319 Fourtb-av. after 2 P.M. and before
y A. EL_mW. 6tM W8*
1^0 LET.?Elizabethtown. N.J.?A
B two ttory dwelling, containing twelve rooms, stmaiad
on Water st, within a lew minute* walk of the Railroad
Depot and in the immediate vicinity of several churches.
TM garden Is famished with grape vine*, shrubbery, vc,
snd altogether compotes a desirable reaidenee. Rent low
10 a good tenant For further pa'iiculars apply to W. P.
MULFORD. Waier-st . E.lrabeihlowo, or J. M B. BO
OERT, 42 Stone-st New-York a7 lw*
TO LET?A country residence situated
about half way between WiUlamburgb and the village
of Newtown. Long Islsnd, 2f miles from the terry at
Wllltamsburth. on ihe Newtown mmpike, which Is to be
a plank mad by the 4ih of July. The fruit on the place con?
sist* of cherries, gooaeberrte*. raspberries, strawberries,
pears, apple*, currants aod p.urn*. Address J. W CRANE,
11 Leroy-place, New-York. m3I SwMWS
T" O LET.?A neat Gothic COTTAGE
and UABDKN ahoai two miles from New- York; aleo
atwoetory manufactory, 2?x* feet with anew eegtae,
now at work, of six horae power. The above will be let
logeth-r or separate. For farther partculars apply to
AARoN HARDMAN. 121 Grand-?t foor doora east of
Broadway. a4 lay*
1^0 LIT?A House and aboat one acre
of go. d Land, at Kort Lee, N J , within tire miout**'
walk of the ferry hi* one of the planaan'eet place* on
ihe Hudson River for a summer reaidenee. For further par?
ticular* Inquire of ROBERT ANNETT, Fort Lee. or
JAMES ANNETT corner of York aad Adam sis . Brook?
lyn^_ _a7 2w*
TO LET?A Basement, First. Second
and Fourth Store*, aboat 25 by M Feet, well lighted
with three and four very large windows on three side*.
Verv suitable for mar ufar'urijg with st*am power. Also,
a Stare and Back Room, at ri* Beekman-st and 47 Artn-tt
Inquire on the premise* ml5 Im*
TO LET.?A prominent Corae**Store to
Lei. In the opper part of the dty. on K?a\b av bow
occupied a* a Drag Store. Will b* let for the ** re. or any
other huitnee* except retailing liquor. Il ha* a back Room
and frort Raaemeot atiached Apply to E. ;3. KlNStil
MER. 319 Fourth av | lo I A M after2 P M. m?tSlMeVS?
TO LET? In~Flatbush, L I., tjooSUM
dlona Dwetlteg House, together with St tale and one
acre of Laad, beautifully situated oa the turttpiae In the
center of the village, opooaila the reaidenee af Meinnw
C arkton. Apply to UM. W. STORY. Port Warden*
Ottce, lot Wallet - a* HR*
TO LET?The new House (hafiuk-? or
I rooms) and four lots of ground. SluaiVfa rain ?-ta?
ble and con verlern iv retired, on Broad way. bet wean
K'gf.t, third and Eigbiy-fourlh sis Fo: terniikSply at t[
Westet. Nonh River ai lw*
To LFT - Six HEW brick DWELL
? I IjMh ? Ml Werner.*. 2' r-w>ai? to ea-h
bcWM-. CfwtOB Water r?ch SIOT*. Court Y?ri1 in fri.nt
Pui- I ? appiyuC PAirRIOGK iallif Stmo k??iul
tag oil Thir; -?ixin-i near S?veiith-av ?5 2w*
IV) LET ?The -u-^oTjfTflKir and ba.-k
I ?a?e-eer? Bf a f H P9M M ? <t1%1'. fvnl't Ca i
k*r*r***l |< a-t . fei ? ?? Crc-tun water oo second Caor.
h-.r a f Hj H ? t FVb. at,_?7 ;.?
ri1U LET.? A Stntw on Sixth avenue, a
I h'rtt--*je Mawi Ms? D't Om>w, ? T? w or Setter,
A>0, a r :in '?? r < f mar m-nla to let Ap >tj to PKIROfi
it SrOaTriVANT.7.iT?iHMU_e7 lw*
fWH > LE J' ?Storr? i?7 J<-hn at., a very '?e
I ?? as'e iBcalog f?r tlmott ar-y bu*ine?* Aroirto
JAM Ft? PA OLIKK. 234 Broadway._a?
^ikvlet- Bloonrng'tale MtA-kn Hou-.e.
jl KSgbty^ rib et end Hudton River, eouututog 40
R. on:t Apply or tie premiere._>7 3.*
HTilSK and store 327 Fulton-st.,
Brock/ire. io rent?The ?boreIt directly oppoti'e toe
Ciry Meli ?od it j'iit rntt' e . and will belrented for
apply to VALENTINEG HALL, 16 Gmaiarey Perk,
>.??? Twen Ittt-tt, New-York._k73t*
f~OFTS opposite THE ASTOR
Lt" HOUSE. TO LET ?The third, fourth end fifth ftorlee
of store now f nlehlng, ?3 Ptrk-ruw, opposite the As'or.
II ate. eel faring the Ptrk They ?re 25 feet by MttS
t.z<-. ?try light, and here n coTninodlou? rear enrrtxre, tt
well t* front. Apply to
roS tf MASON A LAW. 216 Peerl-el
i^T?R"ES TO LET.?The first doors,
4^with one basement, of the r-pedou* hontet Not 4 and
6 W*rr*o *t. near Broadway. The terminus ff the Erie
Railrotvi and the depot of the greet Hud?on Ri'er Rail
reed, which 1* to extend from Clamber to Warren*'*,
witb the extensive hotel, and the numeroua wholesale
?tore* to be opened in W?Twn-*t. adjoining thi* properly,
on the lat of Mar. will render it one of the beat ocation* la
the city for mercantile huaineaa Alto Parlor* and Bed
Room* to let with or without furniture Oentlemen who
desire pleeeani room* kept In perfect order, alioit'd make
early application to HOLDEDGES Book Store, ltd Ful?
ton tt m.2 tmyl
MONEY LOANED?In large or small
turns on Plate. Watchea. Jewelry, Wearing Apparel,
F'eno*. or Personal Property o'every description. Addreas
CON r I DENTIAL; Tribune, ff.ee. ' aSlniMWSc
?^fliafWl TO LOAN on BOND
S??^ "t" rAJPl 'AND MORTGAGE on Real Et'ateln
thla rltv and Brooklyn. Apply to ANTHONY J.
BLEEC'ker. Auctioneer, 7 Broed-et at lw
room* loo by 25 feet, with Steam Power. Inquire of
J31 tf C M 8IMON80N. 181 Lewts-st
' ta>e of tix hor?e power Can he ?#en ?t work by ap?
plying to e. GOODWIN a BROTHER. 153 Sjuth-tt.
a7 lw*_
qteam engine and machine
*^RV ? The tubtrrlber I* preparing to manufacture Steam
Engine* and Machtnerv of all sunt'.? with di*pe<ch Several
small Engines ob band. H WATERMAN,
al lm* Clinton Foundry, ?31 Cherry at
SCHOONER F(Tr^a17e.?The sub
tcrtber offer* for tale, atehoonernow lying at Po'keep
tle. 6.jfeet keel, 24 feet kwasa.si feet nold, and car.lea 150
tut*, and Grawt about 7| feet water when loaded. She
wat rebuilt from the keel up the put Winter, and is In first
rate order. Terms accommodating For further Informa?
tion apply William Drake, Citv Halt. n?w Yo-k, or the
?ub*criberat Poughkeepaie. ' PETER s CRAMER.
m29 2w*
Boat, barge; race club, life
and FANCY BOAT BUILDER.?From ms Ml 50->
Boat* alwty* on band N B.? BnaM of all tle*;rlptiona
built st the ?bortest notice, at ?Sn 8. .iuV*t.
t^or SALE.?A yonng Horse, fast trav
A eler, sound and gentle; for a family bone he has not
Ma ?upeiior. Inquire at the coal odice, lu7 Acihuny-st_
Alto, a light douuie harnest aittf
I^OR SALE.?A second hand Catting
Machine, size No 3. Alte a second hand Copper
PlatePreat; both equal to new. Will be ?old cheap. Ap?
ply to F. J. AUSTIN, Pre** Maker, Centre-*'., cor of
Reade. a5 6l*
SALE-The Salamander Works are offered for sale
on reasonable terms For fur her particulars spp'y at the
work* at Wood bridge. N. J., or at the office and 14do\ s
Car..??? New-York. ml4 Im*
Tbe subscriber? respe4.tAiliy inform their friend* sud the
public, it a ihny have on hand and are continuity nun
jfacuirlng, Ftreworkt of eyery deacription, both large and
?mall, which they offer to dea er* at manufacturer'* prieea.
Also Joseph J Edge'* Im proved Signal Rockel* for (hlpptng
Theee Rockels can be *een five mile* further than any other
now In use.
Alto. Signal Lights, Port Fire*, Line Rocket* and *o forrb.
ml4 I21MWS* J. G. A ISAAC edge 3d. Pyrotechnists.
PatenI Marrunv MM. ri???? mm
Farmp, Yard*, rark*. Ste. Tarred Packet Fence msdeby
patent mac.hii ery and furnithed at fr jin 4 to 30 cea.s per
foot, Bcr<;rolr g to rtyle and patlern, and may be set either
with or without poit* It Is *o put up that the freight trill
lie bat tnfllng It Is cheaper bv from 25 to 50 per cent than
uny Fence of the **n.e durability and appearance now In
use. Particular* furnlahed by a.'dreealng the tubtcriber at
Troy,N.Y. |?3 2wD4tw' | N. 8T RAT TON.
Fishing tackle ?j. 6t J, c
CONROY. Msnufaciurers snd Imp >rter*. 52 Fulton
at corner of Cliff, invite the attention of purchaser* of Fl?h
Hook* and Fiebing Tackle to their eiteoalve and varied
uwortuier.t. Merchant* accommodated In large ortmall
quantities on rraionahle tenet. m2> lm*
Gun wadding.?eley's cLoth
GUN WADDING, the best and cheapest article used
Eley's Percuttion Cap*, Wir* Cartridge*, ke. A large and
?omplete a**ortment of the above Just received and for sale
bv the manufa-turer's Sole Arents,
4m tf No 6 Maiden lane.
India rubber goods?Manofac
tured under OOODVEAR'B Patent. The Newark
India Rubber Manufacturing Company, store r>9 Maiden*
lane, New-York; factory, Newark, Near Jersey ?This
Conipary are manufacturer* and wholesale dealers in all
the different ardclea oow manufactured ander GoodyearS
Pater.t. and guarantee all ibetr goodt as bring equal In
quality to representation Merchant* are reqnefted to call.
All good* are warranted to stand any climate. The most
'IbersJ term* to country deeJere.
Wasben AckKkataa. Bncreiarr. m24 2mOA8tW*
-?'every description, et .her for the mimuVnire. drawing
or hottliiig of Soda Water, manu'actured and for tale by
jonN Matthews, Fmt-av. comer jrti. ?t. n. r. a
Lithographeo Plare with primed inatrsctiona for tiie manu?
facture of Soda Water, Syrup*, kc ? likewise Jor the man*
agement of tlie Appararaa, accompanies each Apparahia.
E*er.- information in relation to the above business wtllbe
ebeerfullv given upon application by letter as above
ml3 lm*_
TO PHYSICIANS.?A rareopportuni
tv - A? aged Pbydclan wltbet to dlipose of a long
eetahltihed butlteta. together wlib(or without) the cot?
tage, h jite, carriage*, kc.., neceasary to enter lmmadlately
on a good paying buttuee*. The advertiser wishes t'ldoa*
the business ss soon a* possible, certainly within two
taetk*. For location and aiaer particular* Inquire of J. D.
BROWN and E H WARNER, 39 Wiliiam-at, room 12.
V. B. a Homiropatb would do beat a4 1 w*
T~?~PH[YSICl?NS.?For sale, a good
Country Practica, Dwelling, S acre*. Ac. Ac, lna
pieaaant village 18 mile* from the city; or would exchange
with a r'tv Phvatdan. Apply to 1. KEY SKR. 311 Bowery,
from 16 titl 2 o'clock. oi21 lm*
BLE -These great ornaments to the feature*, and aid
to iperch snd dlgeatlon, are Inserted In a solid manner,
without pals, on the best gold, and warranted, try
Dr. NAPOLEON PRETERRE. Dentis., from Paris,
333 Broadway, up stairs, corner Anthoay st.
Term* moderate. m27 lm*
Patent weather strip for
at the bottom. Th'a apparatus excludes all wind, duet,
and the moat driving storms, thut making a graat earing
of fuel, keeping the floor and sill from decay, aad the car?
pel from fading. It Is vary easily attached to Inside er
outside doors, snd, rather tia- dianrnriog them, tt Is oraav
msntal. For sale by F. WOODBRIDOE A CO..
a4 1 m* 314 Broadway, wholesale snd retail.
band snd made to order, of anreize or quality; aleo,
Seihee, glazed or not glazed, of the latest and beat ?yie* |
Inside axd outside Blinds and Shutters. For sa.e by lb*
suite.Iber. 41 Beekman-aL
D15 lrnMWS* If. P KIMBALL.
CEMENT SHEATHING mUesaebeap, Ugbt aad
durable roof- done on ron^b pack for ? cents par foxii?
on tin or shtcgli s. 34 ercts per foot.and warranted Omen
2h3 Spring.it near Hudton. *3 lm*
TIN ROOFS PAINTED for | centper
foot-Leaky Tic Ro**s Pak ted and fixed for one cent
per fcot with the Art! Corroetve Aephalleaied Palnu and
warranted, by 8. GOODWIN, 283 Spring*!, near Hudson.
a3 lm*
Itbed. the most tp>ndld article ever offered E.egant
FRENCH silk hats at Iba low price of fl, u*aaUy
soldaiBt Also, an axlicte at $2 5fl. Neat Hau at S3,
BROWN, 158 Canal at,
ar*B Im*_One door from Sullivan.
style* of Hau, and six new pattern* Cap* for reoue
man. youths and buys I think I can sail von now. Tb*
recent improvement In the manufacture of Hau of which I
have availed myeetf. enable* me to So them up BROWN
12? Cbaiham-at.. nearly oppoaiie the National Theater,
tall lm*
55 Co.tinbta.at? Ladle* al>oul pjrrhaatrg Shoe* for
themselv * ibetr friecds or children, would do well ha call
aiidtxan.in. our asaor iu. tt rmf.Ke porehaalng e;aewhere
thirassormeti of La.iirs .Mmw and Children'* Shoe* are
all of our own maaufac.iu mil, aad are ?aee v* the .?et mv
?"SB V1*1 *<"tut%n*h p BURR A RANDALL,
mz" In.
? ? fktt'tree erti whoiaeal* dealer, Invite* 00* ?'-v
mereh*,'i? b4 tee retail tred? generailv. local*! an I **?
unite ? arge UM'nniHI, ? hien anil be tout at BM lowaai
p-tr-ee In* the raeeio dozen
N B -The Jenny Llbd Tlee end /?UMio'l -???
m* <:.?? -'arn-er* jut bo sinadeel ih ? >***nj>ltehaepl
Btipaa man* A O ?ALE 22r> Peart et.
u . . r com-r P./iu-at New-Vora.
(ki'i>aMi shoks.?k, BLANCH*
ARD ' ? .?** ?!? ??*'?'? P-JJ-I ?: t ' ?
?hov? ?iwr h** ha* and w1'fr*c-?4ve from tt|*? *it-e
?n? through th* seats :.. the h*>?. as* lime-.t af .'<
* ?:. . . ???: Brogi:.i kj tie rliy. whl.-n will t?? f
tftw? ??I p? uft.1 ha ouirheaert East r** : *.
KROAOWAY <?*?>* f.r tai* da'ly, at hie stand, ?44
BJgeattWaTj?jWW)B*tta*J??aj County Beef. Milton end hue
\ eel, and til other meaie In their ee.eon
A BROADWAY. M4 Broadway.
m3I SniMWS* firet di>or a'-ov* rh.irl~eutb.-al
Inline TEA?.--fhe c?ntoB To
A Company her?*y apprise ihe pabttc tbai they tra now
? re pared to retail every variety of TEA at lower price*
?nan ary other eetahliahraeat can oalforraly do. Their eg
tcntir* whol*ea.a trade a wave requiring them to keep on
hand a eery large aaaortm.-nt, the purchaser ai ret*, aece*
*art*y derive* many atvarHage* by *j*e<iiag wilt thera
which be wl'l fall to obtain el?ews*)re. City aid coot try
'arr'ltee woald greatly eo*i*nJi thetr Inieretta t y duly re
gardln* thte advertserrerit Thte It'he oMeat Tet Com
*?eny tn the city. Their only eatabiUnmeut I* at UM Chat
fam-it hetw-es Pearl ani Roomiveli. faTal they have new
n ' branch *toree.
Ororert supplied to small rruac title* a* low a* by the
abaau_ i-3 *">*
JVOTICE ? Th- undersigned being **n
i 1 gaged in the manu trture. bottltug and selling of Soda
ard Mineral watera. Porter, Ale and tiderin bottle* wtth
our name* and other nark* tramped liereen. do hereby
pehlir-b the foil-.wing lese iption of the tame* and other
mark* re need by u* apon our three style* of bottle*, viz
, R. C * T 1 Stamped in raised capital block letters
1 NEW-IORK 5 on one *ie> thereof
? R.CkT ^?u\v)Nnt^OLTUtampe,lat^oro
* HE W.YORK, i J?ttR) f de,crtbed
. R.C.1T. I ((JX. 1 < Stamped at above
NRW.YORK. J rev(^rde) ( -bribed
A* *ur bottle* are never told bv ua, we hereby caution
all ptTkont against selling, tnd all bottle dealers or keeper*
of junk shop* against purchaetug any of oor botr .e* eo
marked or stamped S ich offender* will thereby becone
nable to the penalties of the law of this State, pa-ced May
7, 1H47. for whi-b penalties tbey will certal* y be prose?
cuted bv ua?NewYurL April iA*>l
ad 6w* 37t> Bowery.
eriib-st betw-H-n NiMi tnd Tenth tvs.?The subscri?
ber having taken the large tnd cowmodiout buildings In
Twenty-seventh st 'ttely occupied by Reisey A Boo., Is
now preptred to furxirb Keed, Oats and Corn in any quan?
tity. Grain sent to the Mill to he ground, will be dellr
ered free of cartage and with dispatch. He will a so man?
ufacture a superior article of P?rtn*, Wlietten Ortie. Ho.n
lnv, Graham Kloor, and Eifa Eamlly Pi..ir for family u?e.
He will ano preptre tLd mrclth a s'Tenor ar.lc'e of
Corn Farina, which hat already met wtih great fav r 'ro n
tliepub'-c. All orders sent to the Mill, or to the Depot, 10
Beekmsn-st. where sample* will be kept, will -reel with
attention. [m2S lm*| JAMES H ML'NSON.
MitANDOLES, Fluid, Solar, and Cam
phene Lamp*, all of the lalett patierns, and at the
lowest cash prices Also Hall Lamps Globes,Campheo*
Oil and Baiuln*: Fluid of the best quality, at wholesale and
retail, at C A. BALD Wl S S.
Bl2G lm* Bowery, next to Walke- at
i etz'broth ers~?scl:o7i3rwiT
_ rilam su New York,
Maru'sclurert of every vflely of L\MPS OHANDE
C^as. oas fitting, GA9 KIX
jrTUIl?:S fr. in Me,-rs. CORN'ELIl S4t CO. of Pl.iln
de!phia-J 8TOUVENFL A CO. No 'rM Broadway,
next toNiblo'e, h?vejUBtopeii-d and will have oona antly
on bapd, the large?t r.evte-t and cheap* ?t a?* ?riment in
thxcity, vf Gas Chandeliers, Bracket* and Pendant*; Man
tel Ornaments for Has and Caudles; new style of itima
Dinar r. 1 ).??*< rt end Tea Set*; plain white ?ol l hard, Bad
ttmej decorated, of ? ur itro importatio is; Bronze Candela?
bra*, t locks, kc , China and Ola-s Vaaea, T-ma Cotta
ware, new Solar Chandeliers and Lamp*, (lirandole* of
new styles. Fluid and Camp'iene L?in;>e. ?ud cut plain,
ai d pressed Glass, from our o>vn mtriufar torv. No lR an<i
gC \ eaey-et. Goods loaned to parties. Wo !???*.?? and re
tail _?7 Uu*
LASS-WARE cheap for caoh at tna
?T Manufacturer's DSpOt 33 Cedar-aC up stairs I sell *i
nei price*, by the package only?put no itsve on and tit a
no dlteounu of. AAR()N BUTTON. 23 Cedar tt
N.B ?Glut of all kinda rcadt to order perfumers wit
do well to call and see. I2C Sr'
Finch A Carter.
?TBowery, New-York -All kinds of Ga* and Water fix?
ture* made to order. Chai.dellera, PeudanU, Brarkeu,
Bath Tubs. Shower Baths. Water Closets Ac tie. Orders
from the Country solicited. Job bieg punctually attended
to. m4 3m*
AM KS ?. MOEKET.-Ga? Fitter and
Manufacturer of Chandelier and Gat fixture* of aVeiy
description, htvtng removed fron bit late store. Cej Kuliou
11. to 7 J?lin-ti, alew doors from Broadway, takeatnta op?
portunity of Infonniug bis patrons and the public In general
that having made extensive alterations tn hit factory 119 and
121 Prince-tt, he Is now entiled to supply Chandeliers and
other Gss Fixtures at the lowest market prices Those In
wtnt of there trtlclet would do well to call on bun before
uchatlng eltewhere Gat l'er.dantt tnd Brackett. So'ar,
'luid and Lard Lamps, Girandoles and Candelaoraa, c
siantJy or, band, tu a great variety of patterns. a2 2m*
ING FILTERS-These article* are on an entirely
new principle, being m?de of stone, simple in construc?
tion, poiUOie. chttp, anl durable They received the
highest premium at the last Fair The Public are respect
fady invited local) and examine, where th, tuoerlorliy of
theae Flit, re, over til Ulbert, will become apparent Sold,
wholesale and retail, at 127 Anthony-tt Agents wanted
for the tale of the obove trtlclet a3 lm*
removed from '257 to 371 Broadway ?Water and other
ilquidt perfectly clarified by this simple apptrttui, adapted
fortbens-r of steam bollere, paper makers, bleachers and
others who reqnire pure limpid water. A tltnpie and con?
venient sprartlut It made lor Iraveie** and ship's use The
Untied State* Rotary Force Pump.uaed on board all Unitei
Bittet rette s. to beobtair.ed with leading and auction hote,
at the Diaphragm Flltvr offi e. 37t Broadway.
a8 lm WALTER M GIBSON, Proprietor.
The i enalty fixed >>y the Water Board for leaving a
Hydrant or Cock running when not lo acuai use. Is the
stopping of tbesupply forthwith. The BARTHOLOMEW
Patent Hydrai it and Cocks comply with the requirements
of the Board The Hydrant* have been in c?nauuii ute for
five year*, are tubttantlaJ, durable, not lltely to get out of
order, and etiily i?p*ired, without digging op, do tot
burtt the pipe, not liable to freeze, aad betna aelf-atopplng.
are never left running Portale by the Humbert gene?
rally. Beware of Inuiaiiont and Infringement!
m21 12tMWS"_
TO PRINTERS?For S'ale, one or
more large Cylinder Prettet made by R Hoe 6. Co.,
thirty one by fifty Inches?said Presset tr* In running
order, and will be told low or eatb or ef-h?iige>i fi>r me
I it proved A.'tins' Piett. Apply to F. SOMERS, 117 Naa
aau t?., New Vork. at Iw*
ia"rTden er> and faIrming
UTENSILS?A chole* aelectlon of Bush Hoots
Hand PUaogha, Ga/d-n Reel*, Hoet. Rake*, Shade*, ke.
Garden Trowels, Pruning Knlveaaid Shear* Ora*t Cuttert
Garden Syringe*, Grape Cutter*. Lead Who for Grapt
Vine* Ac. kc- in great vaiietv. for tale by
tri" lm C. B LITTLE S3 and 34 rnlioa-*t
A large tetorUneat of every deerrtpdoa >f fine and
low-priced Table and Pocket Cutlery, of the latnet pan fi *
direct from ttM manufteturere and for sale low by
FRANCIS TOMtlS k SONS. No ft Maiden-lane,
laporiers and Dealers la Guns. Hardware and Fancy
Goods. 4m if
GUARD RA7.ORS.-Tbe tnbtcHbert eontinae to re
eeive regnlar supplies of thl* eeiebraied Razor for sake
at wholesale jo y by FRANCIS TOMES at SONS t
Maiden lane, aole agent* for C. Stewart A Co, Cbanne
Croat, Loodoe. ta4 tr
cleaned equal to ttw at 31, Carmine et tn28 lm*
CUT N AILS.?Anasavyrt^
TON CUT NAILS ronaun?y on hand tnd for tale by
33 **d 34 Ft'tyon-sy.. orrostTc thi Uhitio Statu
f ; Naw-Yoaa
Oe uw and American Hardware, Cujerr, Edge Toola
Ac, reapetpectfuily Invitee the aueniion of Country M*r
ehante Meet an lea and other*, making their Spring and
Bummer purchase*, to hi* very extensive at* ir?neu. com
pitting every thing tn the line, ru>d to which new and cor>
?tantiupplie* are bring added; all of which are offered at
the lowed price*, for eatb ur approvtd credit:
Cot and Wrought Nelia, Lock*. Latches,
KniveatPd Fork*. Pea and Pocket Ret vet,
Raz< rs Seisso's ard Shears In great variety;
SboveU. Spade*, Hoe*. Fcrk*. Scythe* and Snalha, Rifle*
Coorta's Tools in great variety, ol the most celebrated
manufacuirera, AJtrertaoo, Congerjj.Horton, Barum and
Honte rmd Ship Ctneate-'i Toola. Blrackaxolth'aTJola
Houte and Ship Builder t Hardware.
Iron. Brat*. Copper, Steal and Lead Wtre,
Ame/t Pump Algert and Riuimera
_mil SmMWS DA3raiowW
1telegraph wire.?icha bod
WASH BURN A CO Mtnofacturert or ail kind* et
Iron Wire from Foreign Refined Iron. Telegraph Wire
? right Annealed, and Spring Wire Al' klndt of Round
Flat Angniar, or Oval Wire kett adapted lo Mtehlne put
?otet. ttralghtr*ned and cut to any length Wre-cottar
'Tbtt tnlcle differt from the Bmwb Paint of thl*
er uriry lu aeveral important retpecu, being cheaper, a
brighter and more duraole color, having all the fire and
weather proof queltilee Palmers and others wisMog a
tuperor ptlot for rooft of itn or wood; also for huildiogt
of wood, stuoe or brick will had the above at ion Water
tt N.l. Jai lmMWS'J GBO. R F1TCU A CO.
mm p?mt In BOT f., Um-., or mh? nv ?j m,
'aces *<<'-*\r.>rj 8 T JOIM? CO t^.Tv
U.S D?v D.m.? Orrun. Ntv* Ttao i
Messrs w ff jof,tl?, B*? . rb,.?d*pM, '
r,cnil,mr* -I tmea ???>'....<,.,, Iri?t?*i .(ja 2i*c fafM ??>.
cetveo f i ? aua**estate]****** k->i ? abaarSSaBa
MatTf) 11 ? ? ,?< d aaaftlsW. I bav- f?> jaj.l It fa it amaj tl
eH >.*i ..f H I >,?d .me t>i?.drt.mg er.ra* ?tMk
eXt.%?? MJ UV w-air-er r*i lei w|la ? ?,,?,?, an, drew/
u *^wa. war^Mi?
kae****** wer of raJa ?rniaa tsisd two ?tr? ant a*
"? ???? tthe I ? 'i . .fW the worm, MaMM lb#> pain kera
am i-rVn Tree..,i. r ?/,.- ..... e, a-e p*,/,,.. . pr i-^uai
\ ii fr*** the aveaaaer, a 1 wnee? B:mK ?, i*.,^, u,
I treat srd .it ?.'.r. ih- taltt In perfoc'iy mntiM t here
aiaa im'ee it pa wood ai*i fji.d It rh-ap-r and (tetter tht*
?:>"<? e' pale? I hare ever seei, Wm 1.1 r (.? r%ln4>
It f our WCtXJI t in 1 he spring If too, can aui pit ut Fries
eoavwsattuaeoa thasaehtat wtta u'v-r,?? ,,,n e?d p^aier
I-the Navy Yum, I he-e rx< d.-i'.; batst eritt, ?':?, t bar
leet.be sted exclusively In the Navv Yard* 'l nee.]
wish vi?i ^h> nj.-r.-s? y. ur paint 4?Mr>at
u.2*' JmMWrt R.tp'y yoart truly. J T DEAN
hO'l'KAW P iPSR _ 20,00<J re.If?, auit
eJahM) tor ah*apa*| 'or??,e low ?OHNC ROHErtTS,
Conn leati-e Paper Warehouse. Iltf J"ho-tt
V\ RAPPiNOPAPKR b<?Oreere* eNae. hag, te*.*tr*.
wir-.c'oih arc Mai 11? Pap?-r*. for ta e ow br J'?HN C
Rt>Bf RTS t> mrrutlxt, Tap-r WeeeCtovia* |-i I - ?L
WRITlNO PAPER lufMr?*J**n h:ueand wh te anetihal
p!?ln ftp* ar"4 L'tte-e. te querer, ha f eeri whole raeaa
t'V ihe rate or In nialler quantl-tea \o tutl. Itr ta'e 'ow hr
JOHN C. ROBTRTS, Commttalon Pape' W? ehoute,
l<4Jooa-ai. aadl tw*
MINUS, hy O K KIK K.RICO Imp-uter? ao4
manuftviurere of Trai.apaiei,i WiihIow Rria.1ita. E' tStah
and OerwarOli Clothe BufTaod Wime t'oem kr MMaph
taie and retail. ?l the oMeei net*!, lahmem Id the Called
Staiet, No 1 Si Cm . tham -it and defy all rotnpetiiion. and
wtll tell any of their tloeh at lawaf prve? than <?*., tafiaiod
In thlt Cliv All 8ha.tee warranted run to rjrl or 1 Irk
N B ?The trai e fuitilthed with Er,<ll?h aid A werte**
Samhrlr*. Palcu. Itc at ihe loweat pr.r^t
mil 1m*_ 6 K Rl K ER k CO.
* * e HOI 9E and Ship-Purnlthlng Warerooma. SM
?rand tt New-York, where will he found a complete
aaeorunrnt of the folloarlng artlc'e? : Peaibert. hair moes
and htttk , ahkk, r>edt, matfeaaea, paiilaatea an* mthlijaai
alao. bedtteadt af -very deecnptliHi. rix patent arrow,
Iron Jrrtnt, !i>ck Joint, 1r"" acrew rnttage and trundlecokk,
kc ; aj?< , a tplendtd ranety of paper hanging, bordara,
hr. Mr C would call particular attention bi hit new ttyle
of heir and tprtng maitreeae* N R ?Old hedt and ma*.
treeee* renorated ae.t rt'a.ie over equal to new, hy
W, CRA W'BCCK. S.V. Or*ud *t ?ecund door
a9 Ira* ?aei of Eaaex at
ERB ever oflr red 'or tale at M WILLARD S Wa.en .uaa,
US CbBlham etrret. corner of Malln-rry The alt" t'..* of
Houatkreper* and other. I* particularly called to WILL?
Paltnl Right ai d Left .i rr? Bedaieed. Old Bed* reno?
vated Cot* wholr?ale and retail. mH la'
e, raSlcdtwj m men lit', of price* tmee lit of April,
?ad ere koW te ilng cheaptr lh*n ever. T ie Sperry* are
gentilr* liianufarnirer*, ane eel. at tranil'ac'urer'* prlte*;
Pnm1*btt| ?t d Plato g Dej i t, Pearl *t, rteiwe**
Bieii'ni kmivVrrrtta, Mi?*
* a. r.? de*1rou* of pU'chaelng thlt beaal ful My* of
iaiafeniii are Informed that ihev can ne ?upp led at mtaa
'a< lure'*' prltet, bv calling at ?!l lieen tt.
a9 1n.? MATHEWS k (lll.LIBS.
I KR8-Tb<?? who WMh, to PO'cfctaa W^irtee, lea*.
elry and Si ver. W are, Mthwf ?l wholettle or retail, will had
It gre?llv W ifetr ?dvaniage to call on the ?ub?ert'>er whe
ie coneientlv receiving a I deerrt tttoM of SM n end Sliver
Wa che*, frorr ih. m?P'jl?ciurer? In Keg'and frtnee MM
Swlizeriar d w-drh he it aentng at wboletale and reiau, M
the very Inwril pr'ce*.
Splendid Hold f hionometer* and l)up ?x Watci 't
Pn e QoM ai 1 Si vrr Engllah Patent Lever VVaurhet, hg
Cooper. Toblea. He. t'ey and othert
Gold and silver Detached Lever and Leptne Wa
Q ,i,iirru f< b a''?* veat ciaiu*.
Chatelaine chain* for I*'lea
P. re Qo c W ttttltni Rtnga
lio d ituard Ke\e Pob Keva and Seai*
(ioid ?ort Snver Pencl * and Gold Riug*
Ladle*' Bracelet*. U dd Locke.*, Gold and Hirer
Chain* for Watete*. Gold and Sliver Spectacle*
Sierlir n Mllver Spoon*. Copt. K"nl*. ItC
Gold Watchee a* low a* $.i< to 9. > each.
A I Wau-hea warranted to keep good time, or thenunay
Water-**, Cltx-k* and Jewebv repaired In the beat mate
Der, ant arranir-d at much law* man the uauai price
f.r.O AI.I.EN. Importer of Watchet nr .1 J-w-trf,
M.e.ale and Retail, SI Wail-et up-aiaira.
ri*" G. C ALLEN after Mav I, wiil re.nov- u ll
Wall-tl corner of New tl Brat corner from Broadway,
up-etaira. _** ?
Watches, j r. welr v, c5cc
retpectfuily Irifornn bit cuttoiii-re ar.d the public, that be
keepa tt uaual a very large eaeorloiem of fine G ild a*4
?liver Weichet, r'Cb ?nd faahb table Jewelrv aod Silver
av~? ..c?~- -i.e-ftailoa livery article warranted as
r-piepeiue.l, and ?1 tbe t.ivteet i ..?,l'i:e i'dce* Wetrftos,
Jewelr, M, v. W.... .,?.,
repaired P.S. California Gold made up to order,
al Im*
.IING and PLATE PRINTING. Office 111 PMHsMste
N Y-Book and Magaxlne work Portr? t*, Map*, SIB.
Head* Circular* Diploma*. Card*, Patent Medtcne |^a>
beta. Al*t>. Yankee Card Press, ttc mid Im*
EXCELSIOR SO A P, manufat-tured
solely bj
:adwell. paysgn a co,
Corner of Itivlngum and Casio* *i? . N.-w- York.
Tbl* Soap I* far superior to suy other offered 10 the pub?
lic. It removes ?tslns. greace. paint tar and ink, and
WMhe* In ?oft. hard or ?all water, aatthou'. the * Mr blast
Injury to ?ny hbric or |o the tkm Sea Ctptslm. W.iohra
Manufacttirer*. and all engaged In the trade, are especially
Invited to lett Its value md tf
S..11111 er Term of thlt Irilll Ule v?n ..pen iiu in? irtt Tuea?
day of May best, and will continue live mouth*. JaOWS
Bedgwlck. A M , A ?social? Prtndpa! of the Senool, will be
lo New-York froui the 7ih to tbe I .in of April, an 1 may b*
aeeo at ihe Broadway HoteSS ipe.?ee:ri Hie B r*rt o' 0 A M.
and 2PM Circular* mav r>e ob ained by addrnaelng in*
Principal, E W. ANDREWS, Cornwall, Coun, a?aw
BOYS, at Wilt n. Conn-A B LOCK WOOD Prtn.
el) at - In thi? li.e ttution tbe usual brauchet of an Eogllab
Education will be thoroughly tau/ht The ex;mn tea are
tbO per term, Including Board, TulBOB, Washing snd
Mending. Clreu ar*. eoniainlng particular*, can be uhule?
ad of W H. DIKEMAN, Controller'? oifice A STAN
LEY, 41 Bowery, and 8 B. STHRGES 7r,| Chaihaiu-sL,
NY m??wWkrt^a*
a heaiihv arid rVII*hifully tltuated Boardtnr School,
out of the City, will receive Applies kW t f .r PC I'll,Sat
?9 Mnrray tt, April 7 fl and 9, between, the h >u-t i ll snd
S o'clock, where references and every parUcu:ar can be
obtained. a7 St
number of children (girl*) from i lo 16 year* old caa
be accommodated tn a pieaeett part of the c niritry. test
miles from the city, with board and tuition In 'he various
Ergltsh braxrhrs. DMfcediBf irrench and Muttc If r- pilred
Peculiar advsnttges are otfere*) by this oppor unity for
children without n oibers For particulars, apply al 4M
ijreer wirh-tL, where tettimonlalt, he. will be ?I own.
OARD1N?? school for VoiTNO
'LADIES, Norwalk.Conn . M't LOUISA S SVHTH.
Principal - Circular*, ttaitng term*, he. may be . r .-d
at the no<>k-ttoret 1 f T J. tr ?wen, fm Brosdwsy, snd M.
H Newman. 1*19 Bro<dw?y.
Perto. ? detln 11* of ?n In'ervlew wl h the Principal, can
have an opportunity of dots*- *o until tbe leih i-*t by
leaving their ad<ire?? ti .h*? offi.-e_a7 at*
atOrrrrwicb, Conn-Z. B NICHOLS Prin. ip*J -
Term* ? .'? per anr.uni The Sumiuer Term wui corn
mer.ee on the ,'at da j of April Circular* c q'aiu.ng per*
Kcuiars mav te obtained of M H N?wmanltCo, 19*
Broadway and at the store of Wells Miller a Provott. Iii
Front at, N Y. a7 lvr*_
at New-Canaan, Cl. DAVID 8 ROCKWELL. Prla*
etpal. a**t*red by hi* Son - This Institution. wbl< b Is onset
Ihe oldeel of the kind in the SUa a. twtatwjel Iis Su.nwST
Term on the let of May The vacancies are ee*r>y Mi
fiUrd. Early appi eatlot *Qouid lie mads to Ule Prow****
In order lo tntur ? admlealoe Address D. 8 ROCKWEUe
New-Cansan, Fairh.ld County, Ct m.l ?*?_
AT STAN WICH. CONN , U7 u.t -s 'ru-i New Tert
Clti.-Teru* t r board, lulilon, wasninf and meediagj
> eayrar l*k* Principal can be -raooaiy*
Mr Ravnor'?,7b Boaaery, on every Wedue*d*ytn AP*Sj
bet?ren the roore of larS3 P M. wtaere eirciiiWteBa.
talmng fbll peril uia-a. wi h rere^r.cee may al eeyaew
I eobtained. |*3Jw-] THEODORE IUNE, PjTnrq-?_
ING SCHOOL Stamford. Cone. R E RICE A M,
Pnr cipal-Tbl* Institution Is I ?rsted In the vidtg* "
Sism'ord, .'?b miles MB *Je?i-V'ora. Tne Sjium*r0*
?Ion win c rnrr etieeor, THURSDA?, Hay l.anocioUJ**
fivemoait* The course of ?tody pur**-d is deajgses
be thorough snd eornprebe'*lve, ?/>d So ?d*P ed Mja?
wai.l? ..f ihe pupils as u? prepare trH-rn for *dmla?t'>* w
College, or for the verton? departments of h"?1"***., ta
per?<?nal Interview caa lev had wuh tbe rriidw M?"
ard M, froa k ... ia ., w. ca A M and 4 t<?S P M . ai t?
... mo.e pf M H Newn.an *. Co . 1*9
wPl rail the |iih. I th, v*h and *- in """*"*?.. a*
le.ve their sddress at ?am p'ace. where Circular* '???
ibt.tned c,r a riKler.r.*, rc-eretce*. and ether lLlorasw
l I etpecPig Ihesrhool ?? jet
Hiauiroro AP'H7 Is-M_JT
r bold. Moruoub CotaMf, "/J'lJ'-S 7? of
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