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VOL. XI.NO. 3114.
Shwn lOiLOi.-o-, cobjibb cr Mac" ard ra?
?* ?? ^?.?tribt.. wrotiTt w^^'
-rtf, r(^nVlW?P*H>?)r- Dally Paper* r*>
ft* Tribune are not aUtwrtrtany dlferawen.
* vJlv iaBOBPAPKR ro.i th i COUNTRT, t?
IftnH se^A*A?r<*"r *-?P.? *? low rmoe rvf ftl
? Zs^ Elgfc? copies for ?10 or iwwtf
? ,7?iirr-"~~* for $2". tad the paper tn oo cat* con.
J^Staiwia No charted a i-la. 'ST.lQOrttchlBtWrtlOtX
Ja Sttbilsbed every Wednesday and ?tturrtaf nj i-nlng.?
?rvw awpar annum. Two coplet for fA Tea for $2?>.
XJiMtawtnrnii ? ceo it a line each intertJoo.
rot boaopear circulation
to iii>l?n>i1 mi tkir "*~1?'"?*?** Mall Steamer for Yv
araool. Fries St eta a copy, or Si per year, pottage Included
ra?CAtiroa*u.<?aaoo?j tau the * ard wich islard*
fa aahUsbed oa (he eVpartu re of each M all Steamer for Che?
er**. F rice, 6* eeoti per copy.
OREELEY h McELRATH. Pabnsbeea.
tW Lecture oa Itereat Event* la Italy.-Tn*
Third Lecture of ibit Courte (which was pot off oa eceouet
m ibe norm.) ?dl b* deliverer! THIS EVENING, at Me
Hew-York University, at"j o'clock. sin If
Or The Thirty-filth Aaalveraarn of th-i NEW.
YORK FEMALE HI ULIS SOCIETY will be held at the
Anieilran Bible Soctety't Hoate, 115 Nattau-sl, THIS
DA Y tTburtdtv i. at IS o'clock, whim the Annual Repsrta
will be preseuied. and eeverai Add rettet deilrered. La
dirt are respectfully invited to attend._alO It*
MT* New-Verk Aeaiateaay ef .rledielae. -In view
of in* lamented deceate H Protestor J. S. tat I an hon?
ored Fellow of the Academy, a Soeritl M -n-tiug will be
heed TO MORROW (Friday) EVENING, lo adopt suci
aveesurra at a.ay be deemed appropriate I > tbn occatlon.
alO It* ALEX. H. 8TEVENS, FreeideoL
tW !**?? Artav-SION?i" rMATTI, Sculpt )-, fron
Italy, having bntthed two large Mamie Suttutee for Moni ?
ateritt In ttreeaw >od Cemeteiry. Invitee hit friends and all
arraeeureof the Fine Arts, to vttlt bit atutto, weich wll
be open for the Free Exhibit >n of the taid Statute*, from
MONDAY lhe<7ih unUi TUESDAY, the IM of April at 1!2
fcati Tweu'y f'tl-tt. a? \>
AnBOirl AT1UN !? Sbaree 8)>J"0-M' mhiy duet oaiyf J;
Hook* are now open to receive *u ? Ip lont. at tie Sov -
ttrVt otice, 80 Na**au tt. where Auls*. Proapeitu.ee anl
any inforn a Ion, win b*i ehewrfnly furnished. Toe advan?
tage* offered by tblt attoctatlon are far tupert tr. and tie
pr)oclp?t trorellbertl than my that bare heretofore beea
presented lo ibe public. Pertont de*irous of joining at ibe
preaent raiet, mutt do to at once, oaring to tbe great k>
create of the value of ?bare*. OSCARP HA WL8Y,
ad 3tta* Freeideot pro tern.
' t7 I a ad A aaor ia 11 ea~ INDEPE HDKXt HOM5
AhhOClATION ho itieei every THCKSDAY EVEN
INU.aiiaeBakert.HoutewfCail. 1270 aod^t near Broal
v. ay at ?J o'clock. Tboae wbo detlre to acquire a M > n ?
Mead wltbott allowing to tpecolaio't a large per eentaga
an therlr porchate of a village lot, will avail tbemteaelvo*
of the plan offered by ' No 2." Weekly Inttalineota oo
one arrt, #2. ball acre, ?I i qoarter acre, ao oenut.
aJ 2i* K A BalLEY, PietldenL
fJT A. H. miller A l a.'a (Jalitornla Kxproaa
WliidUpatrh tbelrnext frelgbu per CRKSCENT CITY,
April IV. Tottle tbeonly California Eiprett with ihrtr
awn faclllilet oo the Ittbinut, and that baa tbe conti lew*
a'tbe New-York Inaurance Companiea. Our good*, p?r
Creacant City, Feb SB, werttthlpped irom Panama, Marth
IS, per roeil aieemer Oregon, and documents now la mir
otboe, 14 Wall tt , New-York. Aefer to the Atlor Mutual
loiurtnce Co., Ac. a < at'
tW Ordera far Eaallah P*eeda - Of all descriptions
(agitcnituisi, flower, Ate ) with full descriptions and direr
Hot,* accompanying the same, received by LIVINGSTON
WELLS A CO, 6 Wall si, where catalogues and pries
?ay be seen al 2wTuThA3
Foat-Ofllce, New- V ark.?Notice.?The mails per
I' a stall sieaiiier UtlOUOl A, will c ost* at Oils oihce on
FRIDAY, I litt lust, al 2 r.M. Letters for British IVesl
India Islands, Hsvaria, Cbagres and Panama, mm lie pre>
l|ald1_[al(i^i| IVM .\ BrlA?Y.P M.
r|?* farla Mantlllaa.-Tbe MANTILLA EMPO
RlLM. h-St Broaoway, (exdutlvely approprlau<d to tie
importation aid manufacture of theee elegant appendages
ol Ladlea' stltrei waaonen>d on Taeaday, the 1st of Ap-1',
and is now replete with a most superb and exteuiiv.- \ v
riety of ibe very latest Psrlitan designs, In every rich a d
ftiblouable material The Inspection of Ladles is rnspen
fully solicited . - UEO. BULPIN, ?I Broadway.
tST T*> Furniers and Ylet uuiilca. The A?y
na for ri lend lea* Buys," having undents ("large a num?
ber of lada bei wenn tbe ages of nlue and sixteen, capab.e
of rendering tlieinselves useful, and the Managers of Uns
loiitmiton being dsdroua of obtaining for tnem gool
bomrt, ta hure their r.ioral and rellgtout toteretlt will be
cared fur, request persons needing tbe services of su -h
Soya io uiaae application lo UHU W PtlAKCgf. Mui.tr.
Ii lei dt ni of its A*y lu/n. If.' Baiik-sl, or lo any of the O Il?
ten of said Inttluttloo
N. B ?Editors of country papers who feel sufficient In?
terest la the cause to copy the above, without compensa?
tion, will cooler a favor upon Ibe Institution bysodolcg.
Or Hutten leletuil Kituoy Oriu? K-..?blisli
aaeat,-OrBce, No d John si, New- Yora. The Proprie?
tors of ibis establishmeini, wboee Dying and Fluisnlug
have beea so rung aad favorably know i to the community,
are ready to receive orders for dying and cleaning 8ti?,
Woolen, Cmi in Linen and Fancy good* of every deecrip
a<m In the, nest manner.
Talk* Deaf. Contemplated Removal ? Or. LUTIu
NIA'I Ear Intirieary for the Exclutlve Treatment ef Ear
?tseases will be remoeed on the lai of May, to971 Broad
Way During tbe Interim he can be consulted from 9 Uli I
at it* Broadway ; entrance through Waierbury't Furnish,
log Store._rnlHIri*
XW T? .Men of Ttvatsy.?Tnose who wish to posses
a healthy and lutuitanl bead of hair, avoid baldness, and
desiderate ireeCom of the scalp from dandruf and oilier
paitsi leal accuinulaiioua, vthlch destroy vtualtiy la ihe
aa r, should use Boci s's Hyperion Fluid, famed over the
Utiloa lor Its preservative and beautifying aeTecta Sold
by the laveulor, Wm llot.it. al 277 Watbtogion-tt, Bos
Ion ; A. B. A 1). Sands, li>(> Fulton st i Rusbton. l inko A
Co Bi. *.v?a\ . W.U. Ctry A Co , and Brldgetnan
1 Day, Pearl at, Pearl at. and Druggttu ihroughooi the
ctotieuy. altt U
"BT Dr. J. W\ Redfleld, PHYSIOGNOMIST, 41
Barclay-at. a
Iff Clav VaatlTtkl AaaoelattsjB.-The sixth an
anal Festival In commemoration of the natal day of Hbnry
Clav will be held at the Apollo, on tbe evening of the 12th
feu Doort open al 6 o'clock , Festival commencing at 7
precisely. Tickets can be had on application to ibe Agent
at the Eipress newspaper othce, cor. Wall and Nassau-si
By order of the Executive Committee
Isaac Wm. Smith, Secretary. a7 lw'
safT NeJftoo tat la** PubllOe-CiTv Irspcctob's Dr
raaTMSNT - It having come to ihe knowledge of this Oe
pariuieni tbai large quaniluea of unwholesome and pots m
ous veal, by reason ol being diseased froa various causes,
hatheeu and la dally Introduced MM the City for ihe pur?
poses of sale aad consumption: and whereas, a highly
deleterious rfleel may be exerted on tbe puMn- health by
the use of auch dtwaiad veal, therefor* the public ate
hereby r.au lonrd again it lit purchase or use.
The Hee-lb Wardens are hereby Instructed to be vigi?
lant tn their efforts lo delect persons thus violating ihe
laws relative lo tbe Public Health
Captains of PoJictkjCierka uf tbe Public Markets, aad
other persons, are requested to aid this Depa* linen i lo
detect and ipprebend persons vending or peddling socb
dUeeeeHi meat A. W. WHITE, City Inspector.
New-York, April7, mi._ * a?bfi
rr Tatlrtt Aaalvereary Dlaaer of the A?4ERT.
CAN I ? ft a ai .a T11 Kl Nt> ASsoC. ATION will lake
paeeTHIS EVENING (Thurtdty). April 10,1851, al the
Altar House. DUaar oa table at 6 o'clock.
HENRY 0. srEBBINS, Est].
Jota MrKeon. Esq. William B Chapman.iTatj..
J. Ptetetnt Hail, Kaq , Jarr-ea T, Brady, Eaq .
Taot. 8 Hamb'ln, Eaq.
mi t ratsioamii.
John Van Buren, Etq , Hon. VV Kent,
Dunning Duer, Etq , Simeon Draper, Esq.
li t w ARDS 00 TH R bvxnino,
The Directors of th* Association
Oeatleman are requested to deliver their tickets al lb*
door, aa none will be admitted without a.
CsT I arparailaa Nadoo. - Tbe CommlUee on
Bu>tu i f ibs Board of Aldermen will meet all parties la
twested in Um widen log of Wail at, also tbe widening of
Lberty at, on Thursday. April 10. al 8 o'clock, P. M. In the
Chamber of ike Board of A.dermen, City Hall.
WARREN CHAPMAN, } Com. on Streets.
_Naw-York. AptU 3, mi. a4 UIB
AT ROUKUS S New KAncy Store,
Broac way, ta ust received every variety of Waiker's
exeeiisat Crochet NEEDLES and Pattern Bo^ks. together
OaT V ,e kaaorioaent of bts justly celebrated Queeo'a
\* "???'?**, wsrranted superior to aey other tn use, and
iT^L'Llt t"*^ Victoria aad Jenny lind caeea Also,
ILl F AkT.-v0l<?^,dw R?g??ab- Oermae and Cbt
?witL.r,U1! TVllT\it. Roger*, la eoaaec
^"^^?^??v* B*,,ar In Oxford-tL. London, can
CMl'-AP FAN?v ?V.^ b,< P'?~ 1B ??^?bj THK
man." fsaalaaaAaM ci"> mb"9 ,he D'W"1
?M a?w?iaaaMs>aa4t arualas can he bad at tbe lowest poa
7~ svte?w-_as 2aslawfn
VjT cL PATlON -Tb*. mly*r,u.r wuf coaim^lcaTe lo
aay lady or gentleman Printed lattruedoMie7-., he. ...
ata bat ajB outlay ?be,^.,^.,.urVro^^^iTrdJ^
aab lUed up! aad a comforiahle laeaiw7 eaenrla
frodaciiiworarticles In constant demand
}Hm\ writes -1 have turned your lr,.^,?i -
f*e^*?5ouot the artiel* being la great reqaest ka tka^lasZ
??'ksaA I employ myself early and late eoaw *?Tt
Yk* IBSUo<Dost will be punctually forwarded by return
?f mall lo aey part of the l ulled .Slate*, free of pusta**. f?
?I. by addiessing P. L. JEl NKHOli^aiE*^ X
alt NfJAstW*_lUtrhaaiai.i, T.
^BOOM, Bowery-Leading English. Scotch. Irish
"?* Wernaan Papers every woeA Open daily. nt?t? tm?
AS Chambermaid, by a Protestant Young
Wc nan IIa ?rni<jim? I t> du Sae wasi'ng
?td Irre-kg. Oo.?d city refereores can he glv?n. Apply
M .''I Ntu*u?er.;h-?t. be?w*-n Six h end Seventh aveauea
AS Ciiamkerm.md, or General Hmie
n kid In * private fsaiilv. hy a re* reclame yonar
woman Ii a grind waibr and lrouer. Ha? no objection
10 go a st ort C stance le the country. Haa good rliy refer
eree. Cm be teen at 10 Staoton it. front baaement. fir 3
day*. nW3i*
AS Chambermaid, OaMrrnl Hmsemtid,
ItC by two rewpectabi* girls, one aa rTainWmaid and
walirr??. < r to aat'ai In washing and ironing; the other as
geaeral nnneemald In a bw?a'l fsrntly. Beat of rl.y refer?
ence can be given. Call at 433 Hudaoo al, back In oje rear.
3d floor. alOH'
AS Chambermaid and Seamstress, or to
do washing and Ironing, by a respectable Protest?
ant Girl, whh good city reference Call at 85 Cbrystle-st.
11 the rear. Can h? seen for two dsys. alO
AS Chambermaid and Waiter, by a re
s per lab e Voaog Woman in a private family Would
wlab to travel with a lady. Good city rerereoce Aip y
at VI Ninth at, beiwrcn Second and Third avs, wlie.ro she
can be seen for two days. alO It*
AS Chambermaid and Waiter, or to
take care of children, by a Piotea'ant Girl; can pr..
duee reference ; can be seen for two days at 139 Twen y
fifth st between Second and Third avenues, back room,
up stairs_alO It*
S Chambermaid or Washer, by a re
?-lepeetahle Voting Woman. In a mal private family, or
get era! housework. Will make hereof useful aa possible.
Good city reference given, If required. Call at 2& White
ball st second floor. alO it*
AS Chambermaid and to assist U 8m
Warning and Ironing, or to take charm of grown
Cbl'dren and Sew, by a respectable Yoong Girl Is a good
sewer Tbe vest of city reference given. Call at the c >r
?er of Snith and WyckotT sts, nest door to Smttn-st
Market Brooklyn. aio it*
AS Chambermaid and to assist in Wash?
ing and Ironing, by a respectable Protestait Girl ?
Good referee cea can be given. Can be seen for two dan
at 1 Elaventb-st cor. of Pourih-av. Bin it*
AS Chambermaid and to assist in Wash?
ing and Ironing, by a highly respectable Young Wo
man, or sb Nurse and Seamstress. Is a Protestant with
good cliy reference Hss no ob|ectlon logo to tae country.
Caa be seen llllfsulted at 96 Duane st. aio it*'
AS Chambermaid, or to assist in Wash?
ing and Ironing, by a respectable Yonng Woman
or to go es regular Laundress; would have no obieciion to
going to ibe country. Good reference If required. Inq lire
at l.sTweifib-st.. between Fifth and Sixth avenues da
he seen for two days Bl02t*
8 Chambermaid and to assist in the
>-"'ashing and Ironing, or as Chambermaid and Wait?
ress, by a respectable Prot?? taut girl Best of city refer?
ence given. Can be seen for two days at 115 ?lizabeth-*i,
second floor. ain |t*
4S Cook, by a middle-aged American
'* Woman In a small respectable family. Has no objec
li ti lose.latin washing arid Ironing. Good ctly reference
can be given as to capability and character. Call at 19
Slxlb-ev.. a bakery alO It*
AS Cook, Chambermaid, Waiter, dec.,
by two respectah'e Girls ; one as plain cook, waslur
sod Iraner, the other as chambermaid and watfess, or to
mind children and do plain sowing. Both can give good
city referrrce Apply at 223 Twentieth-si., between Eighth
and Ninth avs. alO It*
AS Cook, Washer and Ironer, by two
respectable Young Women . oneas good cook, wasb
er and Ironer, the other a* chambermaid and waitress, or
to lake care of children and do plain sewiog, or general
housework. Can give tbe best of city reference. Apply
at tiK Bowery, In the hosiery store alO 2r
AS Cook, Washer and Ironer, by a
respectable Young Woman lo a private family. Haa
no objection to go a snort distance In tbe cooulry Good
cli, reference can be given. Call at 321 iNlnlh-st., between
Avei.ua A and B. It*
AS Cook, Washer and Ironer by a re?
spectable Young Woman, who has the best of cl y re?
ferences. Ir quire at 217 Nlotb-av., between Twenty fount
and Twenty-bfth sts. Can be seen for three days. alOlt*
^S good Cook, and first rate Washer
aaallAed lo do general housework Id a* mall faruliv. N ?
? diiectloca to a short distance in the couotry. Apply .
Pearl-it. up stairs, front room. aio It*
AS good Cook by a respectable middle
aged Woman i can be highly recommended from her
Isst place. She la desirous of hut moderate wagea Ca'l
at 3n7 Molt, between Bitecker and Houston sis. Can be
seen for two days. ?10 It*
AS first-rate Cook, Washer and Ironer,
by a respectable, yourg woman Haa no objection bs
do Ob?n.her work Has lived three ?e?rs in her last place
Be?t of city reference. Call at 55 East-Broadway.
AS plain Cook, Washer and Ironer, or
as general HouBemald In a small family, by a respec?
table young won an, who lived four years wlih her last
employer, to whom sho refers. Apply at IN Eigaieenih
si between Eighth and Ninth avs . lo the rear ?10 H*
AS plain Cook, first-rate Washer ami
Irooer, by a respectable Young Woman, or wou'd do
geteibl housewcrk of small private faulty The beat of
ctiv reference If required. P.ease to call at ISO Eorsythat.
In the rear, 2d floor, front room. atO It*
AS good plain Cook, and to assist in
Washing ard Ironing. In a private family, by a re
spectable middle-Bred Woman, with good cltv reference
Apply ai Morris a Fowlet's Grocery, corner of University
piscw and Tweifib-st. alO li*
AS good plain Cook and first-rate
* aV_| l.auidress, by a respectable woman who can give
the best of cltv reference a small private family pre?
ferred. Csll at 12 Cottage place. Haacoek-at a t 2i*
AS good plain Cook, Washer and
Ironer. or CbamberraaH, br a respectable young
G<rl?Is willing ti assist In washing sfid Ironing. In a pri?
vate family. Has the beat of city reforenen. Csll at2J7
West Ntnrieenib-Bt, between Eighth and Ninth avs. It*
S good plain Cook, and to assist in
Washing and 1 roolng, by a respectable Girl In a p't
vale family; la willing to make herself generally aseful
Can give ine h -si city reference. Call at 121 Twelfth st
between fifth and Sixth avs. Can be seen for two days. ?
AS good plain Cook, Washer and
Ironer by a respectable Young Woman. She would
do general housewoik lo a sins'I private family. She can
give tbe best of city reference from her last place where
?he lived teree year's, pleaae to call at No. 5 Second ?t
Can be seen for two dsys. alO It*
AS general Housemaid, and as Plain
Cook, by a smart, udy, wall recommended girl, la s
gcod washer and Ironer. Call at 87 avenue 0. third floor,
fror t room. alS It*
AS general Housemaid in a small pri?
vate family by a respectable Youeg Woman with
??est of cliy reference, inquire at grocery store cor. I'm
versliy-place and Twelf I.-at. alO li*
AS Lady's Maid, by a neat Colored Wo?
man i would l.ke a voyage, batng accustomed to the
sea. or some waten g place. Apply at 79 Mercer at.
AS Nurse, by a respectable Woman who
ha* been accustomed to take car* of children for sev?
eral years, and can take care of an Infant Best of city rtv
fereBra. Caa be seat) for three days at 72 Spring st tn the
store. alOH*
AS Nurse, bv a young woman, of a will?
ing and kind disposition, she has no objections to
tiavel wlih alady. 1 squire at 128 Vartck-aL alOJt*
AS Nurse by a respectable young wo?
man. Shots an experienced aura*, can cut and t:
cbl drrna' clothes, would have no objection to do chamber
Wwth tr wa'ton tbe table. Please call at Na 126Smith st,
corner of Butler, on the second Soor, back room, Brook?
lyn, l 1,_tUO It*
A^S Nurse and Seamstress, or as Cham
girl Good city reference given. Apply at Ion Spring-at ?
berniald and Waitress, by a reepecteble Protestant
AS Nurse aid Seamstress, by a person
who M competed to cat and fit children's clothe*.
Asa ao objection lu living In the country or lo travel with
alady. BaiiafWctory reference can 1* given. 138 Thomp?
son near Prince. ajo li*
S Nurse and Seamstress, or as Ch-tra
. ?barmaid by one, and aa Waller or to do Chamber
work and Wallte* by lb* other, by two very experienced
Girls, with good cily reference Call at 74 Sixth-av , In the
book store. _ |i?
AS ( .i*s Ni h-t ami Seamstress, or a*
Lady's Maid, by a Young Woman who ran bring the
Heat city r ee<mmeodatlon for honeatry and toduaary_
Also, as P ain Cook, by aa Elderly Woman, who is *c
quatnu d with b< r business. Apply at ITS Av. B aio 2i*
AS Child's Nurse and Chambt-rmRid,
by a respectable > oung woman Can be sewn at 66
Twelfth st wbeie she is at present employed. aUSi
AS Seamstress, or Lady's Maid, by a
respectable young woman, or as Cham barmaid. Can
make herself useful In any situation required No ohjec.
hobs lo cny or rounlrv. Can snow aa nndetlable reference
from her last place. Can he aeea two daya Call at 312
Nlfctbel Lo Avenue C.' rsi floor. In the back room, aio It"
ALaut wishes to get * goo . sitaati m
'or ? doinenle tow lo ber service, es Chtn-beraia d
ard Wsju*r. Sliectu be teen tt i? Broadway for two
A Miii.J!.~-a^-?l Protestant Woman
?- * wp.ru ? tt.mt'.ro. Would pre*er wei lng arvonanold
Isdv. Hm ro obj-rtlon to go ?d th* eoun'ry for iheeum
mer, arte N?w"H*.ven Cnn cm? well re.-omn-ni?d.
Cen lie ?een f.,r ? week. Call at * 9 Tht'd-av ?7 41?
\Pmt. .stint Gikl wishes a sitairi .n
to u'lit wltb tbe care of Children and do Ighl Cbtra
berwork or Plain Sewing. Inquire at 20 Sixth a?., back
faorment _M*
A"GEN TS.?Wanted, active, intelligent
ro*m m A tent* for tbe Union Mutual Life loeu'ance
Company in New Jeney and Connecticut Refere-jees
required, and liberal eommttt'ont given. Alto, one It
wanted for Hilt eltv and Brooklyn, apply, by letter or In
person, to JUDD a HOLLI6TER, 37 Well-el over Orew,
Robinson a Co 's office._aio 6iTaTbAS
AGENTS.?Wanted to circulate a new
and popular Matrazlne of useful information ?
None need apply but experienced men, to whom eeelery.
or lit eral terms will ba offered. Apply at 122 Nastau-au
third story._alO 11*
AGENTS.?Wanted, eiuhr or t**n rdor
ough going and Intelligent men. to sell a valuable
business publication throughout New.York and the Rait
em States. Also, a competent man to sell tn Boston and
riciaity. Por paiticn'ars, lnqotre personally, or, if by let?
ter, postpaid, lo MERCANTILE, 189 Broadway, eacond
floor._a7 3f
AGENTS.?Wanted 100 Agents. From
RSI to tli 0 a month, clear of expenses, can be made
In sel.ing a new work for families, containing the ft moot
wathing receipt. Address, post-pud. ' American Faintly
Publication Establishment,'' 123 Naesau-si., second floor.
m24 Im'_
AGENTS.?Wanted, Young Men from
tbe country, who do not wish to work on a farm, can
m ike from 4" to ilW per montk on Or Skinner's new f am
! v Work Call Immediately, or address i. W. PAk.men
T r R s3 Nassau-sL, post paid. m?i 1m*
GENTS.?To Persons Out or Em
pi ovmekt ?Agents are warned In every section of
the United States to sell New and Popular Pictorial Works
Por particulars, please call, or address i postpaid)
ROBERT SEARS. 128 Na*sao-aL
Now Ready- Tue " Feuillv Vislter," for April, a band
some Pictorial Sr. or 5 Quids to the World's Pair."?
Price 6t cents single, ft per 100. xnZl IroD.VW
BOY.?Wanted in an office, a Bt?y who
can write a fsir band and give good references One
who Urea with hit parents would be preferred. Apply at5
Broad-it from 2 to 5 o dock P M. a9 21
(CARPENTERS.?Wanted at Bedford,
J Brooklyn, L i , four good Carpenters to wbom steady
employment will be glveu to the first of August. Inqti're
of JAMES McKee. _a8 3t'
C' ARTENTERS.-Wanted, four good
bands immediately, to wbom the highest wages will
be given. Apply to LrMAN HAY1LAND, 144 Atlantic
si Brooklyn. aio it*
COOK.?Wanted, a cook to go in the
country, 10 mtlea from City Hall, one who thoroughly
underttandt her butlnett and can be well recommended
with a personal re'erene* to her lati employer, none other
need call. Apply at 1ss Frankltn-at. from in a.M. to 2 P.M.
OUND?April 3d, in one of the Har*
lern Railroad Cars, a Shawl. Inquire at 137 Broome
a9 2f
URN I T U R E.?The Subscriber is
about furnlthlng a large Hotel, and Is detlroas
of purchasing the entire furniture of eeveral famillea
breaking up housekeeping The goods may be delivered
any time duilng the mon.n of Ap il. Cash on taking pos?
session. Address a Una to A. C. C , Box I. 22, Post Office.
s4 61*
(MRLS. ? Wanted 15 Girls at light
Rwork Apply at 22 Clarkson st In the roar. alO it*
HORSE.?Wanted, a good Family
Horse, about 16 hands high. Any person having
such a one fir tale at a moderate price, may bear of a pur?
chaser bv addresilng iitaUng piice and where be can be
teen)T X , Box 283, P.O. alb It
M~~ ?USE.?WaTitedT part of a small
modern House, for a family of four persons Tbe
Honie to be on tbe West side of Broadway, between
Prince and Eigliteenth-sL, or board io a quiet family
would answer. Address " LIBER" Tribune office.
IOUSE.? Wanted, aTTatory House, in
a respectable location, west side of Broadway pre?
ferred, i wish It to accommodate a few boarders Tbe
rent paid la advance, If not taken out In board. Reference
given and required. Direct R. E. Tribune Office. mISIm*
MOUSE.?Part of a modem-built House
wanted by a family of three g-own persons? say sec
end floor aid basement, or would divide a luuse with an?
other faaily. Address O r 3., Tribune offlje. ai 2t*
HOUSEKEEPER.?A young Woman,
fully experienced tn the duties of a Housekeeper,
desires a situation She can give good referencea at to
ability and character. Wages not so much an object ss a
respectable and agreeable situation. A note addressed to
U. N. W., Tribune Office, will receive a tendon, a St*
INSTRUCTRESS.?Wanted, a Lady
of pleasant and cheerful disposition to take charge of
tbe education of four Otrls, under 12 years of age, in a fain
1 y a few milea from tbe city. None need apply except
tbeyean furnish the best recommendations of capacity of
teaching all the bracchea of a good English education.
Address COUNTAY, at this office, with relorences. a8 3i*
INSTRUCTRESS.?A Lady who has
been employed In leaching some time, wishes for a
situation In a family or school; wouid Instruct In English,
French, Music, Singing and Drawing. Most respectable
reference! can be given. Address M H. Tribane Office.
Bl0 2lTbAS*
JEWELER?Wanted, a Journeyman
Jeweler competent to do the repairing of a store, and
to manufacture. To such good wages and constant em
ployment wtd be given Ap.dy tin ue*.lately at TICE A
ROOERS'S, 127 Atlantic-it,, Brooklyn. aB 3t*
JKWiLERS.?Wanted, one used to re?
pairing tine Jewelry and making good wora. Can hare
a permanent tltuatton at good wagea.
m0 3i* JAS. W. FAUI.RfiER.SM Broadway.
1/ EEPER.?A Man and his Wife, with
JX out children, would take charge of a boose that Is oc?
cupied aa offices. They wouid keep the offices, bouse and
premises clean, and attend to all necessary requirements,
for a reasonable compensation. They can give good re?
ferencea tt to honesty and trust worthiness. A note ad*
drested to TAP, at thit office, w?l be attended to It*
LADIES.?Ladies of good address char?
acter and education, can find a respectable emoloy*
ment, with a liberal salary, by addressing A. PALMER A
CO , ft Barclay-si Tbe best of references wi 1 be required,
aio St*
ITHOGRA PHER.?A first rate Litho
'grapher wanted i one who understand* both Crayon
and Ink work, would be preferred. Good reference*
would be required. Address J. H. BUFKOHD, 26*
Washington-el Boston, Mass, staling terms, Itc e? 1 w*
IOST.?Do^uble^rvalu? will btptid
-dforthe recovery o'a small gold pencil case with a
piece cf chain attached, together with a watch key. Lost
pn bably tn or near (Pear*** on Saturday, Mb lost Apply
at 27 Weat-at_ . alO li?
Teacher of experience will instruct ta schools or pri?
vate pupils in Arithmetic, Algebra, Oeontetry. Navigation.
Surveying,Engineering. Drawing, Perspective, with plans,
profiles, charts, Ac Address Trigonometry, Tribune- Jf
nce. a71m*
W1LLWRIGHT?Wanted, by an ex
perieneed young man of steady habits, employment
mMUiFright udSiuerup. Address M. W. N-, Tribune
office. el St*
ONEY.?Wanted, $120, for which
good security in this dry will be give*, and a bonus
of Iii per month, (jt a few months. Address " MONEY."
Trlbnne Ori.ce. with name and place of Interview. alO It*
W"lJSxC TEACHER.?Wanted a young
Lady fully eeopeteet to Instruct a few pupils on the
Piano in a Select School, three hours from lb* city ?
Wanted, also, a youag Lady, a native of France, to teach
tbe French Language. Apply lo Mrs. J-, 46 West Wash?
ington place. . alO Si*
OCCUPATION. ? A Gentleman from
the Country of established character, warts to be
connected with some active business In this city. He
m ouid accept the place of Clerk or Assistant until ha be
cvxe familiar wuh city arrangementt Ate'weld he
would bfcotae a partner, and invest from three to tire
hunlred dollars He has a faniilv, and can give Ute boat of
reference. Address COUNTRY, at The Tribune oftc*.
as 3r_
RGAN 1ST.?Situation wanted, from
the 1st of May, la any Church or Chapel in the city or
vicinity of New-York, by a firstrsle organist, who can give
the best referereee about his character and musical aHl'tles
a* an organist and leader of a choir. Address N- N , Or?
ganist, Tribune Office. as et*
aged respectable woman, lately left a widow, bei ig
desirous lo return to England, offer? her servier s as ei.eo
dant lo a lady or children on the voyage, upon vary moder?
ate terms. She underttandt French, la clever at ooedle
wo*k. and w.il do all she can to give eeitsfaetlon. Latter*
acdreased (pre-nsid) to L H . office of the Commercial
Advertiser. Buffalo, N Y. will receive prompt eiienuoa.
aid 3t'_
PARASOL ?A parasol left in the Pae
nix stag* ys*4*rday, la at 436 Eigbth-av. ale it*
I3ARTNER.?Wanted, a Partner,
?* Kjlworiilfni, wlib fron f r<li.i$i W.lo a light aid
grBtrel bt.atpe,, already ?|,huh>H fwS TiilDM ?111
s ?y 4*0 per r*n Tbefuol* r*-ri itr*>| are ?tnr?,! to m?-i
?Vture ?'ock f. r iale. Addre**, poaipaid, A 8. Cnaiham
Sonera Poet Office pj
OARTNKK.?a person having; S-nou in
M rash. wouM l'ke f? connect ??ms-i'with *o ne one In
a well esiih.ubed erd respectshle hu.looae to Uta city Of
In tbocrmair? tot far et*'?' t T?? r-?si of rrf. reoce girea
oM required Addreaa PARTNER. r> atpai-. at tbti
office. Butler the Hod of nnair ?** and ?lfr? Alteoamu
p lea Hons will be eoo?triered ?trictl7 confidential, a* 4t*
pARTNER.?Warjted, a person with a
?? csihctrlial off2f?vi, to par-baa* half ibelnterrei In a
valuable Irren?.-n. recently secured, and la required la
eveiy city In the L'olon. A ho?ln#** roan wll) h* pre'e-red
l*;**nt}oo I. In the band* of WINDER A EMGEL
BRKCHT, 257 Bro?d*rav for negotiation. Apply between
the hours of ii sxd 3 o'clock. aio it*
pLACES? Wanted situations for Pro
si testsnt Servants, of the first class, and every domestic
station, ai the office of the ProtesUnt Employ mem S nrtety.
7 Carmlne.it, the original and only true Prntesani A_?Lry
in tMa dty Also, excellent Protestant and Csihuilr Ser?
vants, at iheold Society Office, 1" ti Chsmaori-sL T* ma
reduced. |9 at*
PLACES.?Wanted situations fur two
Protestant gtr's, one cook, toe other chambermaid and
waiter; alto for nan and wife, man aa farmer, his wife as
cook; boy wsBts to learn a trade: also situations for over
60t> gtrla. Catholic ard Proteetaot for city and country ?
Cooks, housework. Ac and the best place for (rood ser
? sn'* N. T Errploymeut Office, 47S Broadway.
?I? ??* _ T. P SAU NDER3
PLACES.?At 114 Nassau-st. Sale*,
men, Book-keeper*, Drug CWks. Porterr., Barkeep?
ers. Coachmen, Gardners, W?!t?rs. men on fsrms boys
to learn respectable traces, i.e. profitable ant respd-tabie
?iitieitoBB._ |alO It*J TUOS. SPINK.
ed. situations for most excellent Protestant s-rvt-'s.
In all the various domestic aietiou*, at the Protective Pro
ttstai t Agere j. 432 Hudson-st
N. B -Tli's is the heat and only reliable Protestatl
Agercy In the city Worthy, deserving Protestants are
given places free of charge. a7 tit*
ROOM and two BID ROOMS waud-d
'ins reepectab'e neigbbirhood for a widow l.dv ?
rttr not to evcerd f it*1? sstsrSBss 'l'htrd tmi Sevenths.'*,
preferred. Ben of references given and required. Ad
drees J. A B this office e'l 3f
RICHARD DONOHOL', from Bintry,
lieland, who lefi New-Haven a ?vit threeyear? ?ine.,
is requested to write to i Is sls'er JULIA, care <f Mr. Tim
oihyDwIgbl New-Baven Conn. alOUDAW*
CaTES-AVOMAN.? Wanted in New
^- Vor k or Brooklyn, frnm the lit of M?y, a situstloo by a
youDg Lady as a Sales-Woman Is a Plower, Lace or P*ncy
Store Satisfactory reference given, Address ? R MAT,
Brooklyn. _a?lw*
SITUATIONS.?Situations are wanted
for agreai variety of good Servant*, at C MASON'S
Offices 450 ard ltd Breadway, and 139 Bowery. Over 500
are constantly on hand Great pain* are taken to collect
good ones. Term*? Yeary subscription, 5o cents; ether
wise. 2.S cent*. Men and Boys caa be bad for any respect?
able employment at 6t*
S" Tt"U ? TI O N S?An American Sick
Nurie so American Chambermaid, a Bcotcb Traveling
Maid an Engliai Nurse for.travellng, at.d so"eral other
hrst-clsaa Servanis. are wanting Situation? at " Employer*'
and BervBtts' Protective Agency," 148 Grand-at It*
STORE.?A small Store, or part of a
Store, In Broadway, wanted. The window will be
required to exhibit Heraldic Drawing aed Paintings la.
Direct letters, stating ret t to
a8 3i* WM. R. CLAPPERTON, Jti7 Sixth avenue.
S?R^Ty?R, RANGER, ice?Want
ed. a competent young man to take charge of a large
tract of wild land In Northern New York. Be will be em
p oyed In furr.Uhlng topographical reports of the land, pro?
tects g the Umber from waste ad BS* h other management
ss may be required. The country abounds with ga'ne.
Address, with in aim d-d reference as to character, aod the
lowest salary, to w? Box 2,367 Post Office. N York. e8 3t*
TE ACH ERS.?Assistant Teachers
wanted, one Lady and Gentleman In an Actdemy,
nearly 100 mile* from the city Pl?esa send applications,
giving age, references, qua ificsll >bs, amount of saiarv ex?
pected In addition to board, Vc , directed to AC A DE Ml i.
Tribune effice miJ 3i*
TIMJROCERS.?The Advertiser, a sin
gle man. and hiving the requisite means, w wild like
to conned oimaeir avrtiVeiy won p.,??
keeplrg a respectable family grocery. Any thriving gro?
cery man who may need tn Increase of mean*, ad iidooal
help, conspquer.il} increase of custom, can address T T.,
Ti .buns Office, al"2i*
TO JEWELERS.?A young man who
thorough y BadSBMtM ds the Wa ch ai.d Jewelry hu*t
pe?a, woold like a situation as S* e man Apply atT'K
PANY, YOl'.NO 6. ELLIS'S, g7i Hroadway. al'UV
t( )~ST E r EO T y P E~l' INIS H ~E R
M. Wanted. t=ro good STEaKOTYPB FINlSrlER.S.
Also, a bot thai Im* worked at tbo busin*es to 'earn Ap?
ply to VINCENT DILL, jr., Stereotype Ardst, 21 and 2:
Ann-st.NY. alO It*
?.) I}( }| I ? The Mills," Machinery and
eara" evFI "aPixture* complete, for the grinding of
drugs spices, mustard. Ac . now running in g rod order, to
t e exchar gcii lor merchanlise, (dry goods or groceries
piefeirei.) A r re opportunity fir a man wi*h acaottal of
?*l w 0 toS* '1 tndoub'e his money every three months.
Ac tires* IMMEDIATELY._alO 2f
k . ^M Xi I T?~$2.000.?TO MANU
CH.ANT8. sn Interest In some respectable Manufacturing
or Commlssloo ouslnee*.?Wanted, ny an active peraoo
of thorough commercial habita, an Interest In some re?
spectable manufacturing buatneaa Will loveat iheabove
amount, and wtll solicit orders, do the outdoor buslnea*,
fcc , Ac. I* a single person, and has an exieusive acquaint?
ance in tblsCliy, Boaion. Philadelphia and Baltimore. The
best of references glveo and required Address C. W. B .
Tribune Office, which will be considered strictly confiden?
tial, as 5t*
BOARD.?A Gentleman and his fam?
ily can be handsomely accommodated with a silt of
rooms on the 21 floor, together or separate, In a private
family by calling at No. 63Hudson-*!, near Chamber*, op?
posite J?y._aio 2t*
OARD.?Board and an unfarnished
n om wanted for a lady In *ome ptoo* family, w iere
there aie few or no boarder* lakeo ; lo uie vicinity of D.
D Wii ama's Church, (Amlty-*t) Unesceptli na ile lefer
ences a-ven and re>,uu-ed. Address X. Y., Trlbuae, for 3
dsy*^_aio If
BOARD.?A gentleman and his wife, or
two sirgle gent'emen, can ba accom-nodatad with
board m a private family, back room, on first floor, unfur?
nished, at so Pounb-st alO 3i*
BOARD.?A Lady has taken a house
fron the first of May next In St Mark's place, with
all the modern Improvements, and can accommodate a
gentltmMi and wife, or a few ?lngle gentlemen, with board
and rooms, furnished or untarnished. Apply at 152 Toomp
aon-at, from 9 ar.nl 12 o'clock. M ;
BOARD in a private family may be ob?
tained tn a pleasant part of the Seventh Ward for
two get lien eo and their wives or one small family. Toe
apartments are airy and convenient. Address H /, Po?i
Offica, box 1,828. as St*
BOARD.?Two single Gentlemen can
b*> accommodated with Board and Rooms at 37 Irv?
ing place A satt of room* wtll b* vacant very soon. Tne
location Is very desirable, and convenient to ears and
Biagee. a9 4t*
BOARD.?Furnished rooms, with or
without full or partial Board, for two or three dogie
gentlemen or other persons, may be bad of a small private
family occupying a house possessing every convaolaoce.
A fioe beeJtnful location, near the Blind Inalltutl m, with a
good raaisiirant near, and four stage roots* wlthlo ha f a
blc ck Only persons of corre-rt habit* and those wi Hog to
pay a liberal though not extravagant price need apply ?
Box ?V*2l, roat Office. _at lw*
BOARD.?Second fl >or to let, furnished,
wlib or without partial board, to one or two single
gentlemen, containing a sleeping room, bath room, large
front parlor, pan trie*, Ac Rooms on the 3d floor can be
spared if retired. The house I* occupted by a private
family, situate tn Fraxkilnet, near Brotdway. Address
A I. at ttli office. a8 St*
OARD.?Three or four single gentle
'men caa ba accommodated with pleaamol rooms and
partla. board, at in Heory-et., Brooklyn, iwer the ?Vasfe
Perry. _mil lm?
BOARDING.?A gentleman and his
wife, or sirgle gentlemen, can be a-commod tied w.th
a snit or nnrurniatted Rooms in a private family where
there are no children. In one of the moat airy and piessat. t
locaiinc* It the dry. Cars and itage* pa** tue do jr. Ap? y
ait? ft-cm place._
BOARDING.-Gentlemen and their
Wit-, can be aceocamodaied with pleasant wni
B'd with bedroom* and paatrte* a"eft?ed. m?m ^"'*V"'
Mar Apciy at 15S Eaat Broadway. ttBSsresire excnawgeo,
a3 im*
BOARDING.?Pleasant Rooms, suita
abie for Gentlemeoand their Wlveeor Single 0-mu>
iren can i. had at 157 ASsnis-si, oear the f uiton Per y,
Brook rye._?*> 1ST
Handsome Parlo.*,wPb Bed-rooii* sttacbed, Buita
BBB for Grntaaan sad their Wive*, and like wise -wo/***"
Lernen ean L* accommodated with alogl* roosna. sdSM*
of rooott furnished, oo the second fl.wr. (r?*rlors a I1
BWioorr. commontem-trl in tie me-tve boote 7 Bros'
??v. rresvttte the lowing Orr*?, m let wtih Brawl to
r?ni>ic?D end their wlv*e, or to faml.ies ol grown per?
?*-?*?*___?I jar
A handsome Room and Bedroom oo asroad floor?
I Rooms 'or Oen Jemen wtta full or partial hoe'A A autt of
( rot ma hy lAb of April Hot and old Beth*. Aoply at
"? Fr aiwav. BPBf BOori a ...ve I u: jo park. Oo l?i
I rnove ltd of May. n8 3t*
lhr?e t'ngte gertlem-n <-an be ice.im-rio'a'-d with
pleasant rot me, breekfaet and ea. with dinner oa Sundays,
i lo a private family a few in in nee' walk iroat Kmwa Ferry.
I Aop'y at 162 Waeklr-rvm-tt alO It*
man at d wife eaa be ac ?omu.odated with a room and
bed-room, with Board at 22 Sauds' at, opposite St Ana a
Ctuich. allw
Gentlemen end thrtr wive*, or tlogie g*r>tier**a eai
obtain board at 9 Uuloo-pltre, after the brat of May App'y
before the riret of May at ?i Til e-y-at at> 6t*
LT N.?Handsome Ro. n.s with Board lu a healthy,
pleasant location, can be obtained at a moderate price, eight
almttes walk from South Perry st d one square from oaoi
bas for Pulten Kerry. Parties wishing Board can se-ure
Ute comforts of a borne lo a de*lrah|? boose wb?re there are
hat few boarders, with Booms and Bedrooms, Pentries, Ac.
to suit applicants. Possession can be had, If required, tin
meclatelr, as there is no removal. Address P. S. Brooklyn
Post Office._a> St TaTBABat
A genteel private Boarding Hons* will be opened
Ma* 1st. In Souih-Eijthlh si A suite of room*?room atid
bed room? for fsmiile*. and rooms for gentiemea. Those
who want pore air, and a quiet home, can, for p?rtleul*r*,
rail at K) Broadway, up s'alrs, front room, or ad I res s C,
toxin, WlUtaiDsburgh Post Office Referenees exchanged.
a5 2w*
BOARD Tn~w7llIAVlSBU^?t?
A small private family having more loom t"i?n .'. v
wl?b to occupy, can accommodate a gantleinsa aad his
wife, ?cd two or three single gentlemen with board and
pleasant rooma There la a bot. cold and thiwerhttbii
the bouse. Apply si 60 South fourth *i References ex
charged. No moving 1st May. aJ 3t*
A NO by Two Gentlemen and their Wives fro-n 1st of
Mav t? 1st Nevember Bttuatl ^n must be near tb? ahore;
vklniiyof New-Brighton preferred Addreas B. B 8 ,at
this office. It*
?OARD WANTED?From the first of
May. for two Young Led es In a private family, or
I where but few hoarders are taken. Two unfurnished
' rooms will be required. Location must he, between A.uilr
tt and Ublon-patk, and tbe Fourth and Fifth avs. Uoaxcep
iionable refere ces given and required. Address L R T ,
Union-square P. O._alO 3t?
BOARD'wAJlTeD-With anTnfir
nlsbed room for a ger.tleman ard wife. In a p'ala pri?
vate family. Terms must be moderate, west of Broadway,
not above Tenth it Address A. A. Tribune Office. It*
OARD WANTED?A Gentleman Rod
Ma lister wish one large and <>oe email room. In a re?
spectable private family, between K eer ier and Canal us.
Address ALPHA, at UUs office. References uxchauged.
alt 21?_
BOARD WANTED?In a privatefam
lly, by a Young Lady, who would be at home in
Sundays only. Re erence given and required. L jcsUoo
above Houston st. preferred. Addreas j. M at this office.
Board WANTED-For a ?entlernan
and Wife, and a Olid about s year old. in a private
family, In the See, nth Ward, below Clioton-at. References
exebsnged. Address CR. ibis office. alO St*
BOARD WANTED-AtStaten Island,
for a respectable ..erman family with three ehlldrea,
for the month of Mav. Three rooms are required. L >c*
tlon lo be near the Qutentlne, or BBS next landing place.
Address Latter Box 2,306, Pott-Office, New-York. alO jl*
BOARD WANTED?For a Lady with
two Daughters. A parlor with two bedrooms will
be required. LocalIsn between Eighteenth and Twenty
elgb'b'Hts. snd Second and Fi'ih art. References ex?
changed. Apply at 65 Lexlaglon-ev. t < SlTuThA*}*
BOARD WANTED?In the immediate
nelghbo'ho.'d of Crotby and Bleecker m , by a Gen?
tleman wao wuhaa to commence on or before the G-ttof
May. Addreit Box 1,(2*1, P.O. ??et*
BOARD WANTED-For a gentleman
tod hit wife (lecoud story front room preferred) ?
A to a room t>iitalile for a phyilelsn i office, In either of the
following streets i Twenty-seeood-st between Eighth and
Ninth avs, Twenlythlrd-eL between Seventh and Ninth
avs , Twenty-eighth and Twenty-nimh s's between Eighth
snd Ninth avs. Address H. W N TrlouneOffice, an V
B~?ARD WANTED?In the vicinity of
8econd-av. and Fifteenth si by a gent'e nan?room
unfurnished, lultabie for an office. References exchanged.
Address S. G. J., office of this psper. a9 2.'
BOABD WANTED for a family of
four persons who will furnish ther own rooms; a
mechatic's family preferred ; must oe east of Broadway.
Address M , Bowery Post office. so V
teenlb-st?A private faml.y. occupying a Hoi c, i
home would like to dispose of* frunt parlor, and bsdroora
edlololng. on ibe tecond ?' ...r to er.*?? and oil wile,
and a large front room on the thir floor to oue or two tin
Sie leailemeD. either furnltlied or unfurnUbed. TO ?> bouse
llgbtrd with gts and a line of sieges pass the door
Apply at 218 Fourteenth-**., between Eighth and Ninth
avs SlO 5t*
House" and fur^Tt?re want
ED.?Tne subscriber would Uieto blre a inadlum
str.ed house In a good neighborhood ; price not to exceed
'-<?>' ort' ".tear the railroad or ttage line. He will pur
cbtte ihs furniture at a fair cash price, and take possession
Immediately, or be win purchase the furaltore of ery family
without the house, if not too expensive. Address T UOMP
SON, Tribune Office. aiodt*
smsll unfurnished Room attached, la wsoteJ by a sin?
gle (ien?eman. In the vicinity of Thlrteeaih-si. kuu i/nirv,
slty-pisee. Rent not lo exceed ?tee to |<00 per annum. A
private family having the required room m?y bow secure
a permsneni inmate by addressing B. CP, al this office.
Board Is not wanted. li*
ROOMS.?A private family, up town,
having nore Rooms than they require, would let a
Parlor and Bed-Room on the firs' or second floor to a
gentleman and lady. Tbe house is new and furnished with
all tbe modern improvements, the location retired aad
healthy. Unexceptionable references given and required
Address W. M , Tribune Office. aiu 2t*
ROOMS? Furnished Rooms for single
Gentlemen, with or wi'hout breakfast and lea, can
be obtained at 251 Pormh-av, near Union-square. None
but gentlemen of the first rapeelsblilty need apply. a21st*
ROOMS TO LET?With B^ard in a
pleasant location, oo a stage route. Hot. cold and
shower beihs In tbe bouse, Apply at 3a Seventh-avenue,
cor. of Thlrieenib-at ai lar*
ROOMS TO LET?To single gentlemen,
with breakfasts 'n the r rooms, (er without break
'mi ''ii irr ail private family, 3i Howtrd-tt near Broad?
way c twisting of two parlo-s with wardrobe a'd closets
b^tweee, snd bad bedroom on the same floor, all haad
tomeJy lunxisned Oooil reference* given and required.
aid 3i?
Irl st > f Mav, f?r gentlemen and their wivee aad siagle
gentiemea, at St George'i-place. Taiit-oen??-?t Tbehouee
has all the modern Improvements, hot aad cold baths, Ac.
Aeferences given and required. Address M, box 1-216,
I/ower Post-office a9 if
? 1st of Mty, for gentlemen and their wir 't, and sin?
gle gentlemen, at 45 ard 47 East Broadway. Tbe two
dweutngt will be eoan&iad Hot, cold and shower Bubs.
Apply at 45 East-Broadway._al '2w*
Commodioes Roorne with Board, frvra 1st May for a
Oentiemtn aad Wt e or Siegle Geatlemen. at 2-3 Fourth
av , ttear Uar"B P?'B Bath Room ?" <be tame flvw. U?>
tacep?oetble reterences reqtitred aad give a alO It*
I I RS can be accommodated the coming Summer with
Board and Booms, at a very pleasant country seat, distant
from the clir20 Bailee by Railroad or stags The bouse It
Itr e and alrv. >be giout-ds spec*-us and fuU of trees sarufi?
ber* ard flower* A f*rm of ioa acre* attached, aad loee
ii. n beeJth'ul. Address Box 705, Poet Office. a9 3t*
/m the best Papers of other Ctrlea and Towns al V. B
PALM ER'8 Atfrree-JataVg Ageacy. Tribane Balidtng. dMS
keri fttil HERRIN98, jagl landed in fine order. For
sale In lots to suit, by A W, WIMANi. _
sie It* 10 Broadway, errewsref a>sw**str?ta.
J. JEWELERS ?-To let, a kaadsrarse m* ot|or
6c*S. eoaslstlng of three roosas oe IS* leaned SfaOT** Of
botldlrg 60 sfiaiia It near Maiden-i.na Apply IhU
mortlngto [alOlfl a^BBtNMa^RgTHER fJ>Joha-sC
Notice It hereby given lAatan eiec Ion f ,r Director*
o' Tbe Chartters' CsoaJ Compaoy. will be held at the oifl e
of it^CruiVaoTy st Ort' Harbor, on the Obto River, near
nlU?Uf| ' THOMAS MtELRkTH, Preskleon
R Wtrtroe Ciaa. Secrstary- al TuTkAStM15
CTATK MoNEY-B.?*..,? at Tp?r
VS *y a. ? c am: 4 c?.
27 Wan**.
B?K* BILLS Waat?, ai, pa, e^t 4^^,^
Mm* of od* hundred doLar. ami upward, a* 1
a? ?*_A. B CA*t A Co. 27 Walt at
jVOTlCE.?Albion Mimif? Comply
1 ' ?The Board of Director* have ordered aa assaas*Mau
of FiPTY CENTS 00 tau b eher* of tea stock laaearf h*
eald Company, parable 00 or before uv? i*Hh eay of AaeU
neu. By order. 0. L. HA6KELL. aWr****T
Now-York. Marrb in. IUI. all TraSiia
OCEAN l^Nt-Niw Yob*, April ft,
1631 ? At aa #>?ct?oe fc? Id 1 hi* d*y, the rollovr naf f*s>
t erat n were chosen Direr'era fir the raeuieg year:
D R Martin. Benj A Maerurd. 1-o.cwe D CoaaM,
Maicattol Weed, Saarn 8 | ??man, Oeayrge Elder,
Valeo-Jre R rby. Oor iW H ,return J >*eph M Broare.
lichen H?) deck, learn Beece, Marcus Spring.
... SliaaK Everett.
A tut Mcssr*.
O. W. aturievart, John C Hu.l. William J. rorbea,
were chosen lospecto re of ibe text Annual Eleeltoa.
And at a ?Jbeeijurrai sMet-ng of ike Board of D rector*.
D R. MatTts, Ed] , wee unset <*oealv r-? ecied President
? 1>?_J S. GIBSONS.'
ROAD COMPANY wfflra?etv? pi\.po**j* uodl the lasts
day of April next Inclusive, te be ssHrassed to the under
?Uned.atlh* Company's Office, 54 Wall-at New-Tort,
tor building on the Company'? groanda. opooatus ih* City
ol Albany.
One Locomotive Er ?Ine H?u*e of size to coataht Kt|w>
teea Engine*.
Ol? Smith*' Shop, 100 (net sou Are, and two Machine
Shop*, 58 by 1(0 feet each. T1m outside walla to be of
brick. 22 feet high, and the r ?of covered with BAeAaaaSS
boards and tin. Plan* and ?pedfica?on* may be seen at
1:0 Resident Engineer* OsVe. Ml Broadway. Albany,
where sealed proposition* say a* left, u wall aa at the
Orfcetn New York.
The buildings to be fialsuaw on or Before the Bret day of
Separator next, tor a specified an - Dated MarchXV, ibm.
rn?MAll UM 0 Y( M NO, Chief En {I near.
* ? EMIGRATION COMPANY - At a meeUdg of soar* -
holders held at the Company* oBS.ce March 4, IUI, at loO
Broadway. New-York, it waa
" Rssa/aed, That io coaaaaiueore of the lamented death ot
the PiesuWi. Perils P*U. and the real.uaUon of ilia Maua
ger. Thomas Rawltoge. the Company tie o?w dlMoUod.
?xdthatT A. Emmet wjJ T. RawBaf* ba and they are
hereby empowered to close the affairs of said Ceaipeaiy
and legally distribute any moneys that may be due U?
said Compaay, hot oot to make aay new obligation* tor or
on behalf of said Company. All person* who have any
claim against said Company are requested to send la their
account In order that the aame may be examined and d's
charged." T. A EMM KT. Treasurer, ate.
The subscriber will carry 00 the business be ret orb re con
ducted by said Company on hi* own accouo1. vis: To ne?
gotiate Lands sx.l Real Estate oe the Continent of Europe
aud In this country. THOMAS RA WUNO?,
IM Bioadway. N T.
All letters must be postpaid. tm?i 6tTha.S*
U*~?i\RTOilLY~B EPORT.?Statement
showing the true condition of the OC KAN BANK,
of the city of New York, an Associated Bank, 00 the
morning of Saturday, iHth of March, 1*61 s
assot acs*.
l oans and discounts, except to directors.f 1,374,866 48
Mi sums due from director* of this bank. 52,688 OS
All mm* due from brokers.
Resl estate. w,.*>l 56
Stocks. 100,746 ?4
Loss and expense account. 6,668 79
Overdraft*. MM St
Specie. 143.441 4a>
Cash items, consisting of checks aad drafts on
other banks, payable on prea-ntattoo. t*S,BS4 S9
Bills of solvent backt oa Band. 30.511 00
Due from solvent banks oa demand. 51,611 76
$Aliw,?ot H
Capital.$1 ,?00,000 00
Prcliis. 62,901 0?
Registered bsnk notes received
from the Controller end not re?
turned.*l <7 00
Less on band. SMI I 00
Leaves registered bank notes In circulation.. 123,816 0?
Due depositors on demand . 087,11178
Due hanks on demsnd. 06,402 7J
Due stockholder*, tor dividend. 630 00
Cot ?iv or New Yobk bb-O RANDOLPH MARTIN,
fieetdent, atd JAMES S. GIBSONS, Cashier of said
Bank, belog duly affirmed, severally d-pote aud say thai
they are the President and Cashier a* eforeeeld, aod that
ibe foregoing Is, to all respects, a fun statement of the
rondit'oo of said Bank, before ihn Iran sect loa of anv bust
Lees, 00 III* morning of tbe iwetiiy-nln'h day of March,
IUI, (being the day specified In he notice of the Con?
troller, Becietary ol Stale, aud Treaaurer, next preceding
the date of this report, requiring the rarue.) according 10
ibe beat of their knowledge and lie tef| thai the said Baak
Is ao Associated Bsuk, sna Is l?eai located to New York, In
the County of New York, wli?r? It ha* a Banking House
for ibe transaction of lie HSaawes aod that fro.a the tenth
day of December. 1841.1 being the day the said Bank weal
Into operation,) up 10 the d*v of making this report, the
business thereof was transa-ied at aucn location
1). R. M aRVIN rresident.
J 8 OlHBOPM, Cashier
Subscribed and sli nurd by bulb depooeula, this seveatb
day of April, ltaol, before 111?
SIS 11 JAS HEOEMAN, Coia'r of Deed*
QUARTER I. V K EP< >RT ? Staunt
? howlng the true cor.dlon of ibe SK\ ENTII WARD
BANK, an Incorporated 11* I on them .ruing of Saturday,
tbe 29.h dsv of March, 1851 1
1.' ans snc Discounts, except 10 Dneciors and
Brokers.tl.132.716 2S
Loans and Discounts to Directors or this Bank 43,139 58
Ail other itabil ties, absolute or contingent, of
Dirrctors of ih's Bank.84,6*0 00
All sums due from Brokers. 117,406 16
BealEltAte. 3 ,.675 00.
Kxpense account. 4jw9 77
C'vardraft*. 118 60
Spiele. 122,727 14
Catb items, constating of th? following dem*, vU
Cteck* aud draft* 00 uibsr banks and Lausers. 77,114 SS
Una of solvent banks 00 hand. 17,131 00
Due from banks, vU From solvent banks on
demand. 78.464 37
Capital. 8500.000
Profit*. 67.11? 67
Old emission bank notes not destroyed or
returned to the Controller.|2,890 OS
Less old emission bank note* on
hud. 10 Oft
Leave* old emission bank notes In cirru'atlen. 2,160 00
Registered bank note* received f-ora tbe
Controller and rot returned...847,||0 00
Less registered bank not** on
bacd.71 770 00
Leave* registered bsnk notes Io circulation.. 275 840 OS
Ddsueprr.::?'* on demand.. 725,880 U
Due for dividend*.... . 007 76
Due banks on demand. 43,258 70
Total.fM* 772 90
Cii v tno County 01 New- York, SB. -JOHN w
LAWRENCE, President, snd ALftaoS P?*?kh, CAstier
of said Bank, being duly sworn, severally depose and sap
that they are tbe President and Cashier as aforesaid, and
that the foregoing Is, in a'l respects, a true statement of the
condition of the said Bsnk, before ibe transaction of any
business on the morning of tbe twenty-nloth day of March,
1"S|, (belrf lb* day specified In the notice of the Coa
tro ler, Secretary of State aad Treaaurer, next preceding;
the dale cf thl* report snd requiring the same,) according
to the best of their knowledge and belief
JNO. W LAWftEffOB, I resident.
A. 8 ERASER. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn,by botbdepon* ntt.ihis eighth day
of April, 1 ?51, before me, JACOB RAM ERM AN,
Bio 11 Commissioner of Deed*
?bowing the true condition of tbe BROAD WAT
BANK, of the City of New Vors. an A?*orlaled Senh.oe
Ihe morning of Saturday, tbe2<Mh day of March, 1661.
Loans and D'ecouat* except 10 Director* tod
Broker*.Sjl.OOMIS OS
All siMdue from Director* or ibis Batik.... 71,6(17 81
Real Eatsie, (belog amount paid 00 account
of purchase of Baakmr Houae,) . 500 00
ante., i N Y Stale 8 A* Ceet.. Bi27.??8 45
BUXM' J ?BlledBietoB o>Ceat- 1?863 50
-287,730 75
Loss and Expense Account. 5,134 56
Overdrafts.. 686 01
Specie.. 101400 46
Caan Items, consisting of tbe following
items. Tlx :
Checks and Draft* on other City
Banks.#81,043 SS
Principally of Check* and Draft*
00 Porei
reign Banks.. 5,461 55
ti% o*
Billsof Solvent Barks cm hand. 88,386 1
Doe from Banks, r\i 1 Prom Solvent Bans*
on demand. vij/77 17
Total. SIA16JS? SS
Cspltai. #M6\ss8 00
P? . . .. . . . . . . ... ?.413 W
Reeisiered Bank Mote* received from lb*
Controller aod not returned.1227,308
Lee*Registered Bsnk Note*00 bead 16*68
Leave* Registered Bank Note* la clreu 'aaloa. 218,687 90
liueDepoViiorsoo dera*nd. TrS !?
irue Backs on demand...,.,......|....vy. l*>xee* |j
?27 pj
D*m*aSBpa1 not included under either ?f use
Sksrosbev s. ueingtor iripald D.niends...
Presidet/i. aad Johs L Evsairr, Caabier of said Baak,
being duly sworn, severally depose aod sey. that Ihey are
the Praatafasjl sad Caeeaer a* atorrwald and that the fore
gotag Is, In ail respects, % true siateaneai of the cuasirtsa
of tbe said bank, before lh* trersacuoo of aay buatoea* 00
tie more log of ibe 1 w-aiy-oloih day or March, IS.il. (testae
the day sped bed in the notice of the Controller, Seereiery
o/ State and Tiaaaaiw oexi prec-dinr ihe dale of this re?
port, BCd requiring U?e muo*\) ar?>r<ilog 10 tbe teas* of (Awtr
ieowiedge and (erlief; that tba said Bank is an amurdstsd
Bsnk aed l*loeaiecIntheCHyrrfNew-York,lauseCeuaty
of New York, where It ba* a Banking Hoeae for io* waaa
artion of it* bostoess.and lh*( from the almhday of Asu^Mt,
184?, up to the day of making i?*s report, the , iitsnssr
thereot wss iracoacied at eueb i"c*tloo.
(Signed) FRANCIS P PALMER, FreMdent.
(8?ge?d) JOHN L EVBRiTr. C*?***r.
stubeerihed Bod sworn, by bothdeponeei*. i*t* m7*ma
d^prUrlOM.^mt, (^J^^^

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