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ly TfIf:raph to the Stw-Vork Tribune.
f^j^n Utfmtu Til*f** 'H**i, ttntr ?/ /(???? *f Hie r * ?*?
. ai?N*wa fre? the FrevUseee-Total I,?m ?r
ike ??.?*m-r'r?P?Hr? HrsLaklle?ttsUlraaa
M?>fil?* *,|r Jaho Uarvey Boing, te Ess.
lu?.l. SB* *f? H*Lir*x. Saturday. May 17.
The bob arrival orthe eteem S?X> stall SS Fra-ihlin
at her asual lime fron Newfound]and, cave mu:h
a?eMiDeBBdon^ith'' weeV T? dmy ?"t?|l><?eoce
receded hereof her total Iota on the -vor:-,
rce of Ttrff Land N?rn?i, Iale de Hyre. five
i, Br?0Bt from 8'.. Johns. She struck about ,
A 11. il b*'0* YerJ 'of*y mt ti,e "rne' ?* !*? Cor
b?B cannot account ist the accident, he had
been ste?nng for two hoars S.-3.W. and 8. ?V.
prtvioas to it-iking She sank in firty fee:
water, *>tb her westh- r rail under. Very little
? ill be aa^ed. Fortunately, oo lives we.re ioat.
A partial maorsnce ha<i bsnnj etT.-.t-d. Tu? yas
?'! ?"-? ar 0 if,a ifrom the wrecked vesselreached
t v-< to day
Tre LegiiiBtu-e is still m sessrm. An a'tonn^t
hat here made in the BtXBS to aSJAtJ the tax oilof
? B.'t. books, seta end icea?hut it failed.
The seal fisheries have not tarued out as well
as trtt si t ? ??? bl average fare being all that
cso be hoped for.
Tba health Bf St. Johns is reported to be exceed?
ingly bed, more than one member of svery family
being S?* tad with influenza.
Mr. Lishorne haa returned, having entirely sa
needed in his telegraphic arrangements.
A great Ks<iroad meeting was held here on
Thursday. Karl Orey a proposition touching io-i
Halifax and (Jaehcn Ksilsrsy w?s unaum >u?iy
accepted The old p'edgeof live thousand pounds
sterling; per annum in aid of the enterprise wss
Sir John Harrey. Governor, is going to England,
tnd chief military olbcer Colonel O'Neill Hazz'e
Sttte IS to be awuru in forthwith for tbe a im
tration of the Government. The hero of Lundy'a
LtBe is in feeble health, and is going home to
?i9' Br. John's, N. B , Friday, May lb.
ThomAS Harding has been elected Mayor of
Fredtri'-ktoWD, over James Taylor.
The Him ItruMirxckir considers the eleot'on of
Hardmg another expression of popular opinion
against the Government and ita supporters.
The Kxecutive Council are to meet Bo day. The
appointment of a delegate to the Government
Convention in Canada will probably be one of the
sut ircts /or their consideration.
Burhatorhe, Kent County, has been appointed
a free port for foreign trade.
Late aorouiita from Prince I'd ward ? Island
stsie that the new Lieutenant-Governor hadav
< .pled the retignation of the members of his Ex?
ecutive Coum ii, ami many other public officers,
and apjoiuted others
I'hllndelohla Items.
PaULAOl i psua, Sunday, May 18.
Hiship Whittingham held a Confirmation in
three churches to day
The Coroners ury to-day returned a Terdi "t
tbst Join Mennder died on Tuesday night fron a
blow rect i*? d on tbe r<th iMt on board the ich i
ner I'atri k Henry, on the Potomac Hii or, f.-oii
Captain Powell, given in self defence
The Kerenilen of Mr. Webster nt Hullilo.
Bum o. BMlirdaj May 17-P M.
The reception of Mr. Webster was very enthu?
siastic liom those who knew ol his arrival. Ab ut
bve hunt red heard of his coining, and they made
tbe denn nttration. It was nut known that no
Wtold aruve to day, as the Preiioent did not Tt+
seise any answer to a telegraphic dispBtoh so it
to Mr W. to atcertain when he might he ex
pi-ctd. Vet tbo news spread like wild tire par?
ticularly as the boat ha i Borne dt:!i ? uIty in gctti i|
to the wharf. Abtut five hundred persons marc be 1
alter the carriage, which drove to Pnelp s H 4aL
She people clamored lor a speech, a.-id Mr vV. b>
Ster addressed them from the balcony. He sai I.
Ciiueos of letale I iliank you fir the interest you m
iftst it Bj? BtaeM l r ?r l.> y on r ritv I congratulate ?>u
upo' ii? rapid and wide iBBfSwsaSaasBSsa?s I had the in- t
ture ef -/Irlt'ng ll some eleven ye?rt ago V. n Brisk m- Is
sddit n> Jem \ iaj trrt lafgass as ssssti s spat cult n'sjii,
MS I am Lot gSSaj SB leave your city inimedir.teiT | ,u
will lave an opportubilv of calling on me. It i, night -
Saiurtisg tigtt tVawaattattoBB lor mm sisfet,lav>dor
IJiai we may the better ottacaarga ih? ilu Isa oj It BMtTOW
tT'od n'ghi. geoilruieu, and i hope ,o bsve t in pleasure of
set'Sg yon nil Monday
Mr W'rhater then retlftst The people d s
peieed. afier giviug nino c heers to the Champion
of the Constiturfou.
Tlie President is st his father's, at Aurora, and
the Cabinet went to the Fa'ls to day.
Arrival el Hi*. Webster nt Kntlale.
Bi rsAleB) Sanitday, Msy IV?Sj P M
Mr Wtb'ter ami his son (who is better) have I
jast arriven from Dunkirk in the Niagara, one of
the U ate i f the Krie tlailroad Company, whi-h
are lo ctmne' i the line to Detroit. He was Bt>
companudby Mr Hialey.at whose house he staid
while at Dunkirk. Mr. Nottingham, agmit of tne
Krie Hailroad Company, and a number ul frieuda.
Were invited on the occasion Last ni^'ht lie made
S long speech.
The HuHaloiiians are making preparations to
give a complimentary dinner to VV'r. Webster
on Monday next. Ob Tueeday neat, the Presi?
dent with his cabinet, will take express train to
New York, and will go from the Albany boat to
the Philadelphia Hailroad, and immediately pro
ccsd southward. He wrl decline making Speeches
on tbe route, intending to arrivo at Washington
as soon aa he possibly CBB.
Telegraph ('?eventlen at Dunkirk.
Di'KkiBK Ba.uiday. May 17.
Deli gates from several Telegraph Ootapantes
embraced in the routes from New York, Cincin
skti.Bt. Lou is and the Lakes, are hold tag a Oos>
seniionto organize a more perfect union between
the several Companies, correct auch defects as
have been discovered in the system, and adopt
Such improvements of the line, as their anited ex?
perience hss suggested. The Oonvetntou was
organized bv the S|IBIiialBSSMl of Col J 8. Speed,
Jr of Detroit, President, ond 8. W. Hotchkiaa or
Milwaukee, and J. H Wade of Columbus, Secre?
taries. _
Virginia < eaventlon.
atlCW?B| \ i. Baturday, May 17
Tbe Committee SB day reported to the Couven
ton the compromise as adopted yesterday, with
?xxIiIksiioiis A mction made to strike out bi
snnial sessions waa rejected. Mr Ho.?ckottered
an ammdint nt, which waa laid on the table and
ordered to he printed. Monday now standa for
the .uestiou as t>> the representation on the white
population and the ?hole taxation being submit
ltd to tbe voters.
Severe Minn ai Washington.
WasanaTOJI, Sunday May 18.
A violent rain storm visited here this morning
Sbout Ho clock, accompanied with terntie ttMoxltM
and liahti.ii g The bam and stables of W, J.
Stone, near Columbian College were totally OOSV
eumed by i re, lOgtsMbtl witii - valuable horses,
rarrisgee, Ac The !<ghtiiing stru -k several other
bouses here and in Georgetown, but without do
iag serious nan,age _
Bom on, May 14. IBM.
Oa Saturday afternoon a gentleman named
William Kacr.e'der, luanufac.urerol b.v:./e goods,
on H road a ay arrivsii in thia City, in pursuit of
bis wile sbM chnd, who had absconded wit! a
fancy painter, named Charles UeOeil The miss?
ing two were im ad at a bctardu.g hotue on Tnird
St., Kait Cambridge, and were taken into cuttody
en a charge of adultery. They were comm tted
?o jail. Tbe principal object of Mr. Bache!,ier'a
pursuit waa to obtain possession of his child, an
uileretimg JM aTe years old
Vhe Trip fr#ra Dunkirk to Banale.
_ BtrraLO, Bsturday, May 17,1851.
UB Friday, at V.Jo'clock, thebsautifal sleaner
Msy Flower, Cipt. Van Allen, arrived at Dunkirk
with tee Major and Corporation of B?ffa*?OB
board, for the parpose of convey iflg President
Fiilmore and cabinet to that city. At LI o'clock
bs ?aa recencd on board by the Mayor, who
mace a neat spee, h on tbe occasion
Air Ftllmore repl ed, and thanked the Mayor
!0,'h* ?>rdiai reception given to him. He said
Be knew it was not intended for him particularly,
mm tbst it wss a botaage paid to him by his old
irisocB and associates, to ths institutions of our
??mmoD o. entry. At inch he received it. and
f* "Fited leave to say to the Mavor, aad through
turn to bis fellow citizens of Bud?io. that no ela?
tion ia bis life atJordad him so much pleasure as a
rtuBioB with bis fellow citixene o? Baffakv [Ap
P ante Be was happy to eee them all. and he
?tuId be under their protection. He concluded
tV'u re,urnir? thanks.
, M*7 Flower then put to sea with flags ty
'?gBtidb?Bdspla,itg. receiving, as she ps.1.
b i BIMsaaj salute from the l otted Ststes Btss
??eWBBB, which lustned up and escorted ihe
May 7 lower to Buffalo. Among those on b ?aH
were Commodore Perry, Gen. Kiiey, ex L
Got Pattenon, ex Gor Marcy, Reorder Tel
trade* D 3. Dickinson, Senator Douglas, and tne
New York Corporation.
At l r>'dock, all on board aat down tr> a SB tap
taous dinner, comprising all the laxuries of the
When the cloth was removed, and whi'e the
wine was circulating, with areat rapidity. the
Hon. Mr. Mi, who waa at the head of the.
tahlf, roae ?n 1 proposed the health of tne. Preti
dent ' r the fj cited States, who, ha said, had a
few minutee previ ualy left the table, and added,
we trect him, With a e ?rriai wni^ome, among his
oid friends ana associates [Drank standi.'.g, with
three cheere J
Tbe health of the Secretary or* tho Navy was
then proposed snd drank, to whi^n the Pr-jsi
dent added, that ho was no is welcome so
But'a o because he 1'ved South of Mason an 1
Dixon's lice.
Mr riKiHiM tat<i be vn ar.-:se-! to t.j>>;|e sp"atlog:
bat be eouid rot refrain u j-.u ibsatal ig I lass luw Ullsaaaww
the e nClal mat net In v. hleo they bad t.eeo pieseei to s?.
come the stitouor-me-.i of hie Baaao, aod to ose agieeebte
alloilnr which bid beer, made to .he bibcb of h s reetde.ee
and the sect:'d of tbe c tea rjr ib wbieh he lived, Borne dAf.
feience o'rpl-lon bad arisen among the people, as t? in?
matner in wed tbe g-.ve mei t sh.> ud tie BdaaAaAstorod bat
be hopeo Its. by fr? rfueelty mustering .ogeiher weaboa'o
uroee?tBrdescbo'h?rf.etter loweeeeai mar, Bad batter to
sdbere to ih* coveoecta of RsBCooataWMloa ouwh'ehour
Dover, meet I? ' b?'d. TbBt CotJSlirulkW was transmitted
t'? OS by nor fataer*. and If we are irue u> ourselves, we
shall transom |i pure ar.,1 unlrtin ne ed ui (Mir rVMlerliy.
I don't Intend lo detain you, feliow-eul/eos, and, there,
f. re, be/ leave to offer tlie f .. .n< ten l; men l If I ??'?
to give vent to tbe fee.lngt Inspire 1 s me on thisocraal *.
Ski ing rs I sre, on the wsiers of Lake Krie, the a'-ne. of
ihe gio-lout victory of Perry, covered, as II Is. with the
commerce of a flourlsnleg and growing country. I avoal 1
hreal .he p'r^ge wh'ch I made to myself when I stood up.
not to make a speech. I w,li therefore propose
Late Kile- Protperi y s'd hsppttess to ail ? h ? to beb i
Its sh irts and sail u; or, ::t waters. ITreinttEiout BS>
p ause J
Mr. Crittenden s dea th was next proposed, bat
he was excused trom responding in consequence
cf his suffering ander a severe hoaraei ess
Mr Most i i men roso and propoaed the health
of Air. Bali Postmaster General, who responded
in a few plain remarks. He said
Pe l iw ?t / ns-1 satterS ih?te has neen a league for in-- I
Swell St me Ui con pe> ii? ;o ? m a spleen oa this nccs
smn I ni's the Anorcey .r* hascomhioed with
olh? rs to forre me to ap-ak But, gentle Jitn. I shall do no
suet, ib'ng. snd what I ahall say, I aha I ssv under protest
- I Laughter 1?for it Is r ot Uie hutinets of a Pos rnsster
Oererai, utioer any rircumtttneet. to make speeches Mi?
baataeSS Is SO see that ihe ar>eech*N of the P/ea|4enl a
Cabinet are trarnmiited ihr .ugh tbe crgan of ihe depart?
ment, through"!:', the world, wherever Brother J inaihan
has penetrated IL.ughier | And.gentlemen,ilia toeaoasb
f >r the Posmattet Uetersl (iecilemen, 1 am wl.llag . , i
ibe pack-botse of ihe administration, hull cannot allow
item to force me io set a pr?ce?Jer.t so entirely at
variance wlia Hie juit rights of niyte.f and ih'to woo
sie to come afierone 1 iksrsffpe BTOtesI in ine M?sl
solemn manner, on my own behalf and on bentif of tthMS
who a-e to c me a"er me, ihat It Is no part of the lUlslntkM
of a I'otirr as.Mr (Jenerni m make speeches. | Laughter j
Why, I vtrl y believe ibe w mle Cablnei are MajUSII
agalnaime, ai.o I believeIha Pres;1en;, too,has Indulged a
mischievous prnpe-tiij against me Ai we were coming
on the'B'ln Bd yesterday Ihey liitroluced ma to tbu pe.
sona sisembled as s man of letters and they til.'area th
Oar BSD pats on without permitting me t > say Iha' I was no
even a man of words, nor one of lefers. ut less by virtue or
ni> i Ihre. Oentierr-en. I sin psrtlcu'ariy unaliie lojav.
tbd I will appeal to f ?? AtlorDey-(}er.eral If I an not sus?
tained by the C'onslUiition ard the laws In my Soastl?i
but 1 have r.o right lo expect a fair t pinion fron, hitn shi-r
fttnltirg ktoassllgnlt) ves'eiday by saytof that hecou.d
n?i msk- a sp*ei h. bot that there were iwi or Ibras roaa|
men lie lit oil blm on the rar. aiiuilug lo myself snd Mr
('rshaiti. whose speeches were prepared, and who wavr-i
lefjUlk the worst way. [ Laughter. | My ftleni. the Iscfn
tary of the Na'y, BCrOsS the table, says I *??> a- rvn.g Mr
Cr, ttt-rdt o ri^ht s-.d to five || io hitn. |U.*eal ISBgh.
ter I 1 sii. an audible man. and I dun', thiua H u rtgbl
or fair lo lake aovai iare of the Attorney Osneral whaa
t e has noi tne power to mske a reply. I shall not, there ?
toie, Bakeeay moreeosnptoiatt against him, but i shs.i
SgsJcBI the Raiiroad Company, if you please They
ireated nt. lo hn sur?, very weil. But are we to be bribe.1
lo apeak In th*ir llvor 1 Way. I ihl'k they treated the
Pre?id"ni with ciretpeci?ibev siarted lite train to tud
den y at ajtaoal to throw him down Indeed, I taw a
Ctgn tary of thlt S a'e proslrsted by the action of the I >
reu.olive. Ileilrle doing I! at, ihey tcroinplltnrd more
ihan anybody elts hit done, for they divided the Ctblne;.
I>T trnd cg sop.'e pa one rsr tnd some on aro.her ?
[ConthueO Isughbr. snd cries of Hood. go?d | Now.
geaUesaee. I <? J you I would noi make s tpeem, and I
will d.i. [ laughter. | but my fileud at Ihe head of tne le?
bte haa OBtlUed to i>er lorm a very Imp "riant duty, a.,*
havlrg complained of m> folleagSS Id the Cabinet. ( m-.y
bow iiy io complain of blm. He ssld he should have pro
poied ihe heanli if ihe Secretary of B.a'.e, who it UtS
head of the Cabinet Ueutlemen, we have had mar y
Hecrrta Ira .-? Hiaie before hitn. and we may have tnarv
sf.er him, but we have bad and can have not oneDtoi-l
Wehetes. rr. it o. ? > ? -- 'l?.???-..?.-? .?-? 1 pro?
pose fellow rlllzSDS, ihn leaith of Daniel Wehste.-.
The Mayor of Huflalo *atd that It would be well
to turo a little to the otner end of the table, and
proposed the health of (iov. Hunt
Mr. Hunt responded . but he was in far distant
from the reporter that hia voice waa not heard.
Thus passed the time until tbe May flower
reached BatVgio, which she did et Ij o dock. Too
wharves Wart crowded by th iuiatids of people,
who bad assembled to witness toe President's
Me stood on the fore pan of the deck, wlih hit hat oil,
ltd as BOOB as he wss rerognVed he was cheered vehe?
A i at! -rat salute was then hred In hU honor, and In the
it Idii of a tceneo'exiiien etil which BuffVo i.as hJlseldoai
tthasSBSd,he sbd Ms Cai'inet il;tein''S'ke :
Be was sioorMd hi i a.- ?..-??.e, dtawn >>y bmt koreos,
and a it ar- n pat led bv the Mayor the Cabinet, the U, ?
BISjor, Htaieort.rers. Ar who followed In carriages.
The procettior was vety long and imposing. Il mjved
bj ihe outer n arked In Hie progran:me Wben I. res- li 1
-.fie Ps'k. Mr POImore alighted, and letnlcg on the am of
ti e Meat r. wslked to the pialloiui erecied for 1. s :>?? e.
lion, fol.i W?d by the cabineL
The Park was fuled, at leut 10,000 persons be?
ing present As soon as order was restored, tne
Mayor introduced Mr I'lllmore, and addressed
bias as follows i
Bia It Is with l OBST PBS emulation and h ?nent pri'-,
thai vi nr fri o? i'i:/rn? have come forth lo lay, to Wtl
ron e to hm home the Ctirl Mugi-trate of the nation. You
Sir now hold the noVeat civil poaiooo ol which human
lanne la eaBeh e There l? no Malier ttattoa, no tnoie
ItoDaWaial e? lioror. lo ? Mek uionai ctDaap.-e. Bad WS
reJoMS H at OB IkM OSCSSMSAj we can w-etand eicitae
awa. our fei ew ciu/eo, : r^! amoru' iai*? 11- ?'-?'- ?
it Hie rjalted Slates The pleasure ahttIi ^o'ir return
aflerds bs, Is greeATt Bagasse ted hi a tiajahisiMhsB is ihe
Isimtflfaie ekjrri i ? joar Tisli m weessrs New*Tort a
I, >? at lie wesa Ol human an and SStSBVartsOla JttMaOBO
y teed. Wit Bfnpoi ihelthe ps^Baliagsids et e aarina'i
? ulers ?t? uld 1 e? xieid'ii t ? po vaal an actnevrtneoi We
hsl it are as slolt no: increasing ni.erest end at'.eati n
en their pan, to the great car*-of lnienisl twpr see
IB ten this lome wail?. I'a free pe< p* is dtOtashod, WS
flcuitsb si dwbri H ts "egiecied, we decline, ojr owa
bs < u u: cv inn erclai p> BMHS ai lhe S3BI of ;hls i <si coa o
el Is and leas around whose m idStl Bad their srthatary
SOSSBBS mil tort of fteaSBBS 'eiled Ifca forest BLd feril'
l/rd ihe soil, and toward whose harbors ihe taut of ia
arinefl-et are ever let hat. we he'eve BOSSS hu't]'' B
c alin to ihe cot stdersllon of ihe ileuers 9eVeroSBS
W r fausw ourselves S r. ibst ir-e r.svigan e waters of ibia
ettbe repub 1c, over wh eh li e Nt'lona'ck <? ercttient ex
tirisesjartsdtiatoa are shout io receive mal snsonofi
wal, h la Jemsioed bv ibe rres.:cg OXtgOBCleB of a
Bfssah l p?'pu ait. b. Thus fa' 8ir, yoai aaiBllllsSTBiloa
t as bsaii OL? of peac-. sd.iua'n eni. arid a w se re^a-d f
the liit'eata and ?etls M Ihe wb ee roiciry Toai
II Brj. i.te itatof ABgooase, haa beoBto ptosorvolevto.
BIO tbe p'OSt-li bvunds of ibe ReruMic . and to tbe BBOVl
ractli u of every good cit'ten. yoo have, ihasitr t.
craafuilv foijro and rebuked that retileaa ajahldoa
whirbcaLrol brook rep?-se.but ,ooks forth upon tb-'a ea
of ire See ard the territories ,.f a f >re'?-t f I--JIV powsr
fo mote extended roLqueei and. Sir. if to the exeeuu .>n
ol ? e geceral p<> r\ M \ our adoilnlssfSAaOst, you hare n ?1
tail a as.lsheo a, pirtietand ? - t - ? a. thetsoee, yoo
Sl d ttoae bv wbi^e powerf.. a:d Ih- 0 vemtDenl la C>e
SM to. ha?e at least the sstisfsctlon o' seeibg ih-ae
u,es?i rit wh:. h mainiy BgBMStd BtapataacBltod,roes red
|r. sc-or ao.-e wl.h ibst policy Tte BSBMOOWSOSUtBlagte
at've hod] of ihe natiou are in the lire of n ustrl >ua pveot>
Cei t, and the fhttfSfllrSf Bnd duiy of your fellow clJ.'-i t
pu n pi thtm lo desire ibsi y mr fj>ure bbSbI lUAieil >n msv
be pearefsi. bi'lllsnt, useul. Impartial std bomnshle to
tit c ose To 0 e SMUgBbsBSd a sies r-o who accompany
you. pe.-n li me io lender our ibarlt for ibe edj-i taa
p.esi ure ? bleb ibeir preset re affords j a* d Is beha.f of ibe
Coi porailcn ef ibe ruv. ssJ ibe commltiee of our clu/eos.
it la n y prlvi,r(e io extend to you and lo ihem the hjspi
la. es I ' the c T
P esidi nt F11.LM0RE replied in tbe following
Isi guage:
Mr. .-<ayor and Kollow Cin.ess ? I need nMsay thai I
am 17 pressed wlia ibit rtK -p?oe I am very rrucb ovw
tthe.mrd wl b 11 Ii it one which a Roman ?eneral, In
he Bsoodetl dSJSttl the Kiwna! Ctty. mlget bs proud of
I Apt BBSS 1 can bardly believe thai ibe scene ts real.
It seems io me st if il was an baour-.sa sSB Mr Mtyor
ana ft- low elitBSaS. U appears to me as if tt ware out a
few dt)t Bat CO I traversed your city ss s fnetdless.
helpless tMiv. aid for all tbst 1 am. and for all that I nope
10 he. aid "for ail that I can So *x wf country. U ts 10
ycu thsl I am niaiu'y tccrbied To come OaCB under
r rh drewBBBasaeea as these, io my fei ow ciuxeot, w-iin
whin 1 hope to ttetd the remainder ct ir.y dsn. f -rces
as n% mini recol ecia rs that are overpiwor.cg f Ap?
plause I I bepe. MlOW ri'.l/ect. and 11 It the last hve
of uy heart, ibat I msy lay my nonet In yoider
srsve vard, with yours snd be pern lued by Pi >
Vdrne to mltg'e BTS dun wlih yours Use ibe
lea pest teased sal or. who roeras M 'orelgn iacis :n search
1 r ?taiib?like ibe tnerrbtnl abo vlalia every tea sr 1
evrrv clime?like the Callfornls gold dlgg w w jo endures
even baidah p. arhl.e a.: these bo pe lo return again ooce
a-ore amoi g vou, and lo spend ibe remainder of my davs
10 reaee sbd ?juleuess smorg ?ou I feel thai a I the
ton rs rorfened upon n,e are coBsearaliveiy va.ae ess.
1- e.a B-V c.wduct has the spproTa.i. n of .S^se a
erst 11 n j 'e rss been aperi | ABelsaaa \ Suu ft >m
rH ?? 11 row thai ?ho eoeora of thle rse-ptka are'an
Ititirsd or sie persona.)?. f?' frees i?. isev e -ne ?vo n
a ..a.ies of o.y ftUow citl/ens. from s;l psroea. .V ^
ts.d t.u.versos, bees every grade, as it were. <tJJ. r , - ,
color ; aid ff c tkn welcome irat ?H *xwi?i M BSB
? croae kSoin ?treel (aiBdkBSr*b aB*** ? ark*Bb wet IfMerl b
i. *. < tr , w r, M' !*rd Kl.ltnorn.") kB ihn
fluwere h?t were tnrown tntj the cayrl??;? t. m-. til *<?*
I - ,-jur.' J ff t v d tr.?r u?l':;iM. Unow mal a ? lh i Wae
!t ?n-ed ?? a t. bu'? u> ih' fctgh oaSee wh'-h I "ev^tbr
fc'Bor lo SU Ymr Mayor. !n a.udtog to in? wi -c . "a*
mtfb pleated toexpreia ipororteilon of Iber, u-ie SPkaek
I frei u my duty I.) puraue In adrnintiuring ihn aff?ri B*
ibe Oxieintr-nt 1 know fun weL. fei am lllaStaa.I?Ot 1
pelt ml bereave-nar.t of the laton brraght m? H Iba.
reid of ihe AcmiL'i'r??i n at a time o' gma: sarii mt
arxi'iy to if-c untry I ?n?w fuil wel. Iba; 'n p'-'f ?n.i'e;
what I* rtntdnted to he my dat*. I have wuunled ihe f?>
lngi ar.d !? it im eor.fdetf? tf mar.y In Wli rMH??ti'
r.lafe. Bh'B 1 loved and eitenmed. and wboee coofi
<.rrr wrnid r? the Meh?et rb)eei of idt a?Mr? ?
Bnt. f*>lH er eil reSS, tt '? najtJfylM to Snow that In ta*
mnir rrv crurie Ii srproved. and it Ii peu'rr to r-'V;
trat Me erpro-a! !? cot cotficed to my own oo.ltteaJ
party F?iii? c!'tr~t. ee pajitxar-e ~e milt alt?TMto
t^e nocet uf ericn metering the affaire of the tiovant
rt.?t.t: t ut when ibe Government Itee.r ti la j-ooerdy ?
?*?? ? i't ke abroad at the goats. a;.d ibowe
t-e ?taky r?ad at the North, ireri I hope to aee
the abandonment of tO party fee:tcg, aid to wli
irti a ra'iy <' petrt te of a I parttee. to the iur>P'rt of
nur common O >?-rtnier.t [Great outburst of aopiauee |
Fnllow-rt:- rut troet o' whm ha* Seen altri'tr.ei t> me,
la due to tbxar o!iiing'itib?J gentl-men who are aaaM at
ed wuh me n Ibe a"Ilia etrationof the G-ivern3)"nl But
we do not claim all the boror of Saving none lome'.blng
toward* nu-nting the egttalloriof the -oontrr. A e'ge
portion '* al*" eue to ifcoae dteitrgtilehed Dem vra'.t-In
C( rgreai. and out of Corgreia ? whngt?e ?? ihelrror.fi
denm and *upp.n, toiaveth- Cont'itaiton and tbe 1'at on.
And I reearc this leailmony of yonra. io-day. a* E it an ap?
proval of ny conr*? a one, but that of all thote ruin
t'uUhed ?tB'e*ri<"' who ?in d b? our common couctryla
tbe hour of peril [Applauae | YourlUnatrioue Mavor hu
j alao alluded with approhallon to tbe feet that the tiovern
rr.t-nt exerrn?^ It* power In pre*enttng: a^frenlon on the
1? rrtiory of a foreign Datlon wim wbtcb we ar-eat pea** lo
diieherglof- thai duty, l?iiow-cHlzere. the Oo*ernmenl wae
actuated by precisely ibeiame prloclplee ae Ii woi d beta
et forrlrg ir e law* of our own country There ? noii'ierty?
there Is i.o ?ecurlty for any one. unleos Isw, wbat-vrv ills. Is
enforced Tbeie woo d M to jusitceono'jrparttowar'ls
foreign con'.iriee. unleaa we maintained ibo** friendly rty
Ulli;!.*, atd eilend to them tbe rights which are due from
ore frleLd'y rooniry lo another V\> n -"t rueb bead?
ier k Into a cori,ueii of Cu'ia, or Into a war agatnet any
foreign power; hut don'l you S*?8 the ronaeqoeacea
that wr uld arise frem auch a state of things We w mid,
by so doing destroy tbe very principle un which "u' Oo
vertatbl 1? I aaed. and our ruin as a nttl~>n would be tie
reib t. Uli'only aeeurliv. therefore ja in our Justice,and
Id our rnoderatlo i. Hence our <>overnrnect. benro oar
Congress, n.e^e 1; a criminal offence to Invadethe territory
of any forelgc couttry with wMrh we are at p?aie | Ar
plattie.j Ji the surpreirlor, of ihe invaa m of C'ilia, I did
but ? xeruie the law wb! h I aworeoa the Hoy Evang?,lat
I would ezi cute, and which I again swear I wlii eoartkgtM
to execute, if G d. In bla prov.droce, ahall let me live
I Great applauae j I did not rise for Iks purpose of mak
l'g a speech. bOt iloiply lo return my hqarllell acinnw
ieegmrnis for the klni re<-epiton which you have ea
terdec' to rre Had I the language loOXPtatSS the em nt.ins
wiihwbtih my heart la overt! iwtng, I wooid isy more,
hut 1 cannot It la rot In speeches a'oie that I a>-e your
ktcccess?I see a sraJcoius ex enJsd 11 n- "n t'i" L:imer
t'US as*rinli|?ge grourr" me who are here lo meet rne, as
broihersaLi itf.r-rs. He, agalu thanked Uta atsenriii^e,
and ttro sat dowr.
There were loud cries tot Critfeniien.
The aJsjor said. Ps3^ifW^-tJbenS, such is the
state of tl a flerr*?*r} s ntalth. that he ?Jasircs me
i to state to this vast AisemL age that he is unable
to address you.
The criis continuing, Mr. Tritten ien, as well
as he ooulri, came forward and spoke, as follows i
Kelii w r'.i'zeus It would give me a great deal of
; I'Hiu-eiOriddress ycu.tf I was phyalcaliy ab e todo so :
*r d I win d meit wtl log y make mu some r? urn way
of a speech for yooi kiotnaaaX 1 bavn said enough to
?low j mi if at I am ur.anle, from waat ot voice, to epeak
Aorepttr.j IbSJ ka and tckn iwledgmeois.
Mr Graham was then called upon, and arter
thr? e cheers w,-re liivcn for him, he s?i<l i
F< low raUMSOf ihn nty of Buila'o-I did not expect
BSJtU I eri.errd I'mirtHi ofyoSU in*gi].::rrni cl'.y.to-ieca I
ed upon for t v. ord on thia ocruloo. I bad hop-sl tneduty
i f a kn iwodging the kind gre-u ^? wht -h y iu nive ex?
tended to ih- Pre*tder i i f ibe I nurd State?, anil those at
aoclairo wit! h,m, wou'd have devolved on tbt chiefoffiffer
Of tbe adml '?ira'lon. v. bo ii well innen to the country aa
titlr g In ibe ha'ill of enter alr.'iig tenatei a-.d popitiai aa- j
sen b agea, n d In a marner far more capable than I could
hoieiodo't He Is, h iwaver. unavoidably lefi behind. 1
bad ?iiil the exp-cia loi ihii my dlitlngniibed collesgue,
who haijuii later: tue teal, and whole far better known to
the counoy than I atn?who Is far beder ac pulntad with
ibe (roverrrettoi iban I am?acl who is far more fivora- '
v kci.wn ti ihe people t..f the country lhai I an -would
have ti de a sperrb otl J b'.i "Ccasl SS In a?kn iwledgment
of your k had BOSS. These resources hiving failed, I can
not [erndi il ia c-ca?'un lo pta* by wtthoui renderlag my
bumble iribuie lo ihe grerd a?d cordial receptiorj erhlcn
)(u have eiierded to ihe Preildent o( the l olled Htales
on bla van to bli home II la no ordinary event In oar
country, lor a clil/eo occupying lie rVn and ruo*t .lia
ttrgii'anrd t fficn. to return to 'r~rt?l*? Ihn grenilneiof hie
?SSgbbnrs sail friend*. Of hue aa a man, RSaWW-etvl
srajs?a) it ut>necenary thsi I ihou'd ipesk. Y >u know
him In iliat relation fai heiter ihan 1 <'n Of hn admlris
fatlot) of the I i.ivrrnu enl Ii li not fiung >h*.t I tr.ould
lay aryihli g. I am here for the purp^an of inndertog lo
you ii v il.ai.ka, aa be haa innaered ibem for the cor?
diality with winch w>u have received him?Mr ibe manner
In whlcb Ihn Ch'ef 'klagUtrate of y iur Cny haa ? \preaaed
your freiingi. ?Ld ibe manner In wbb'h you have de
piritralrd il err. on tbti occatton IGreat a, ; ich?
rsfllllS fllltSSkS. thlt It a vail c >uotry Sttn tog hern,
at I to. with my hack lo the dotutnloot of Oftaaj Britain.
BLd American territory In front, extending to ibe coo
lass of Mexico, and which reaches from me A'landc lo
tt,e Pac'.hc ocean. In ronietaplaling this. I am forcsd lo
exclaim. " No pent up I'tlca cootracte our powers?the
while hourd.eaa robtlnenl Is oora.*1 |t)mal app'aute |
Surb a rouniry, spread over rich a vast aorraBS), o'b
braclrg to many people deriving Iheir orlgla from eo
ruany d.ffeiet,! natlona?for It may he aaid mat thia la the
great crur.hie In which all ibe nallont of Knui are
tiled aid tHiprovid ?be greal'y mliiakei ihn nature and
chancier of our people who suppose ibai surb arxiQ.
t. y ran be goverLed on any narrow sectional oraeiMh
prlLclplea. |\ orlfnroua spplauae | Oor hea-t* and
nilLdi must be e rvated to ihn great task before ui; and
wfcrL It It lie-em iced what courie of p'ilicy to pursue,
we may differ at t > ine m >de of purtolog 11, rmiocn great
rid Is to he kepi lo view ? an obeervai ce of thnronsil
tt-tion and all its provisions, for which our falbere
abed tbe'.r Mi od and periled Ibnlr livea We must
be goveit.ed ha tbst, and beleg governed by It, we
BBSS and aha I preserve the usuots of ihnae Stales.
Our country, wl.h iurh a vaat territory, reij itrea and
drmicdi that n ben occatloni ari*e wkern dirJnreocea of
opUloD r xiat?w hen eacilt.li threatens seriim, and Hiaina
lb eaten Siatri-that we shall recur to the principle on
wbich tbe union of these 8ia>ee was formed, and govern
otirtc.vra livatber.rg to ihete principlea. lead lo what
rorti quer.cet they may I thai! not undertake, on this
occatiop, to go Into a dltteriaios ot ihtt subject; bat,
c. rxmg from a section of the country ^ heiredi^'ren' inttl
tullcui prevail, hut where there It at ttrong a 1 >ve fur the
Daw n aa there It In any other terlton. I have to exhort
at n. my fa low cltizent. under all circurunar cni to recur
to the Cortllludi n of the country?to look at the example
astd SssataCSss ef those who framed It, aid to real ibe an
tory of ibe ci nntrv from 11N to ihe present tltn?, atten?
tively . and wheneter ;. ou bad yourtelveii In any d ju^i,
a* tbe eariy Chiltitart did. you umil refer to to* orlg.
kasjl text, and lo tue wnttege of the faihe'i l.-f re
pr-jLd'ce sr. ae arc. dlierted akaaCMloa frorn the proptsr
MajeeS o'exaaiinail. n If we tbsjl do tli'i, we mail re?
train a united .and happy peope, we tbeil apreal orer
I! a roi llneri of ot.rt until we tball be nu i Imrnd n il by
twrrtlea, but by tundieda of inl.llont-| h-eri|-enj.>y
tt g the tame ttbeWty, Ibe aamn lawt an 1 ibe aa ue bapol
reti whirl: Still rxti: in ib:i g'eal e ?an.unity ol ojre.
Fellow ctureti. having vlilied your Slate for ihn pur
pi in of eitinming a great work of Iniern*! Im two ve?
st Sal I havn been (ratified not ot.'v on taring that,
but !n tee;r g Jje peop.n of your Siam To me, a itrange'
h*ie, known otiy lo Uioee wbou I acro'npir;:?!
on thlt oc-ation, it it t eource of gral' u)n ar-J de?
light tilt 1 .out on itij v?at aa*-' Mage arottad um, of
men whom I cae cai fe..ow cii'/?bi with a* m i -s nn
ct-nty ti ihcts ob um Boanoke. ihn Potomac tl - Mn*ie
?TP', or any BSkae greit river of iba Smib ICinnr
Ii g and waving of handkerchief* | I bope K wi Be al
wayi to. and if we adhere to ihe great pr*n*tont coo
la' ie.' in ^r ritaatllaSbta of the country: If we al wl'l
be guided by tbe d.axtint of .boie who fra otfd that C tnao
nitpa.sad iMs *:ewe af Its kaia saassiioa we man ee
taj .lib no: oattj ktt ouranJves, p?;i. ip.ea ol pore lioarty,
( ui I'srirutt Its oi lo our rem,,irti po*inrtiy Gtoi einen. I
art' exceedingly grai'bed for ihe comp irreetyou Stvecon?
ferred or Die I iba.l r ot aen toy again Y-uwt^noiie*
Hie ktkl. . tut wherever we mnv be. I b.nie we lla i al
way i rrco.'L'. e ran, oV r as) clngssks of a e >arei5n -ouo
try and I shall alwaya refer back to this dav wlU de.lgkt
an' bl-d halloo.
Mr Hai l, tbe Postmaster Geaeral, sps.? then
cttlled on, and spoke as bskosri
1 thank you mo*i ktadly. :?.low cit,/eaa for tbe warai
and gece'oLa greaui g y ou have ex *B.;ed loear.t tiv col
IratUey in the Cabinet and to rr.y longeittf rued u ? id L'iO
PraaMsskl of lbs i aJ mm S atn?n.e? raj -ano I :n o< yoa
not >?* cortlia ly. ?!:-n I cjB'ider thlt mit demo^-trarioa
Ssatat Qakawaed aiotc.-t per*onal re*p*ct 10 ui i". ri-rx-r
a* ? dtmoi ?tiaron of yawl . 'ia-iv?of your ?:!-?? for
the I atov. ata ?f )?'ur uricrm.uallun io rn*?>??-. ml inp
po' i ihe CoorLUiLi <n of LTn country Id n'ttate'i,. ? '.ais
ec. a*.i a kBadatlSSl touuiaav-ei lorm of eoear i?tioa'. i*
not my bci.if#eor psip<'*e The Preeideat hai roaim
gel Li 'i ei w tr capi'iV of aldre*>'ng t,": ;a ncS a
manner a* to .atere*t and ;s*-Tict you. outi ci-.i^t a ?p*
to d.< *o on th;* occaiKit, nip*e;a !y a* there are g-i.':-ai-D
preatnt who are part of lb* woru'abd eiaoueoce < vour
o*c Stale Yc:. bate before jcueneioc ? -. Ss i'r >ss
U**aSBa, aid eher ditfigoi??*^ geirjemen. wo m it witi
he ioar da tgbt and admire-lou tube*. I'eder auri c rrurn
itaact-t :t iVstlM he leexrutab.e ia me t> deprive you of
ihe lick treai Lbat you may ex pact fron ?,eae gear.- men.
Mr Ha ' gave way tn irov Hunt, wno Sb'd?
F- ,o* r:;:zrns I thall attempt Uu e more on t i ocea
s*op. ttsn twexpreei the i'ccere jra^mde u afforJa a?*W
m?i ny fe'low ci treci of BuS*.o. BaSaxabled bef . o a?y.
Itaflo'.'irre pecallaraaue'aeuon to atetrta pord " of ay
flow cti'zent toward wbora I fee. under doeo and a*uag
obligat'on for tte con*detee which many of yoa. .3 c >??
n: u wiih others o' ih* eat:ere part of '.n i State. B* /?be**n
pinasrd to repose in me . bat. gecLemeo true pir.isarels
greaVtff echaoced by the peculiar occaaijq wta'*a bas
t rr tgtt forth tbta mtgalficrnt and linking dem-?*;-aOon
I fr?>! it;iobe my duty 10 anUa wi_ tbe oozeo* of this
Con rr.-nwea.th. 10 pay btt.* to tbe Chief MegaJt-e of
tbe rolled Bastes, who re arti to meet his towuea eo *od
Sj ,raj rui/ers, w ho e'eva'ed biat lo the prood ?aldoe
whtcb be orropte?. I feel that In doteg tali, while | grat?
ify try own regard for tar dladogattlied frleadi. I am bat
g:*itg effert tn the bett manner 10 ihe eeetnaenn wblca
mi trite ir? people of the State o' h-vfirl I r?-| 1 ???
r n 1 tea -lira Ion core rip >c ally ' jt lb ? s
wh n n fur-1.rne of be d*-? dero.toi of the piv'*
so iht-r csu'ui;. ns. and ks ih? Sarai of i>iv-ram*at
?kiti wi* ctvra io ;he-'i by 'Bnlr fawee*. end
a s) ttey SPS bSJsbbI to sraserta sod irsrsall .0
pty, e-1 y I re* |a ;i tn -Tpreaal'n Of the pave:.- tr. !
wrhg? ae? a our poopta ds?aahteetof la*Oatuatt
"'? ioMar?ttr*a woilve;taw Ifaa nva-..'
c? >ti. , I 10?tut ri tr> pa v up? atitlaBsaaeK ? ? r*
" 1 ? P*'"Oi e 's^gna^e esp-vaaet by iBediailog lisaed
?**'?" *"? '' '" n ?? S i a- -i T- ? S? ???:?.-; >' . ??
S'av\ tin ?itj'eMr.^ rjja BjoBageof devot-.c ?rh^h aat
u p?(.pi? oc, ?, v (Jr.,_ \,-,rta r,j. bjj ,,ll-_
I -e ,ee.ffl ,,f AsWajCtBB (1 y,, l/aon BBJ r?f ITd f jc 'I*
? "t ?h'rb weinten f-on o.r't he-s III -
I air an'oitifo on tan occntoo. 11 .-ay thai la to o\r. of
fa** ~** 'tail mots attar hin? t ao ir laatl i^asaod
gr-e-rmet,t tear hj m g ?.? ?f n-w Y ?k taalaass
|t Wfftje BtM diftVeoresof opinion bsv?. occur-ed, VBtet)
htvesiC.Tes brrnjn'it 8 s.es an 1 naai IBlllos llllil ?>.a.
toea. snd wbiro spp?ar-d for the m ?mett to Ik -eaten, ir
not the perretoi-.y. at least h? Bavsaessaaee of Bka I'&i >i.
Vet lh?rehas always****, nnd-r these. iBettBga 9t eep
dsUols, sentiment, which BtWteJM over III the '???? a . I l
al ?rn't??ral sen tmeuis tha< may he produced Mr.
Hort lies proceeced <o r>>tlr?at tee present c tBdMsBB of
BlEso to what ii waa twenty veart ag > anl eoa
hy ptaiaing th? indoatry tod enterp-ite of B< peoa e
Senator DoVOLal of Iii. n-xt ipoke. He aai i:
OcmtiIura-The reception wnt< i ton hare it?n to
yoorfe..ow<:iit2eB, tbe Preal ieci of ibe i oited Slate*. !?
to mean tnieresti-g apeciac e ,t gitddect roy-*?:?
an Anier ran cmrou. and It maAea roe proud of my own
r. m im pet, wh-n I see an entire pops anon turn out
10 welcome the Cblef Magtatrata of this nauon. If you
had given him or !y a party recentlon . If ills vast ata-m
biege waarompotea of oe'y hla pe-soual frteoda. I woull
ht"L,""r : olr ;r? lr 1 'he- an American thou: 1 he pr -11
of. hot, fellow cutzeca. I trust .he day la fardlatant. thai
11 wl.l Lever coere, wnec ihe dlatiocii on of Wn;g and
Democrat, or any ether ptnv name, sba 1 os known on
the Vs't of a President oi the l'clted Bis'es t > any part of
Va twrlsaa L'r.h,n It is In this spirit that I hare pertlil
pttrd to ifce reception af the Prealdett U Is true that t!ie
Sh set o my vlsli si ibis time bed reference to the opening
i' thai I IgasUc work, khe Erie Railroad Bat li la the re
ceprot. enet,ded to the Eaerail?e and fts Cailnet? Ssoaa
di> tcakiabed geLilerren with wriom H has been my pride
ard p easure 'o bebt?claijy as ocisted In the General tJo?
ertmut, wttrh lrrparti a greater valne andafrsaier In
le-ea: to-h's ! nportant occialJB. I look on itta sase n.
hlsge srd ibis banlt of the American people In welcoming
tbrtr Cuss stsglsirate. and the high otfi.-t'rs of Q ivera
meet ss etrllenre of tie dero-.too of their sjstdjl of gj-t
ert neu, and to their Cnoat'tailon.
I 'ske It tor ?rsnted that every man within tbe heartng
of rry voice Is devcted to tkls glo-loaa Colon; taat to
wooid ahed b's blood, sod. If cecesssry, ? trfelt his life In
preaervtor It. If It were In real danger. B Jl w\ih me It Is
BeCeat -^h for a rsan to Set are bit devot'on to tte :
he nonat ailvoca-e Ita p'lnctples. and he mutt purtue ihat
courts of teitoa wh'cb It ctlcalated to preterve It It It I
not erorth that we content to recoge'/e our a't'er States
of the I q1 n Tbe ditlerent Stsirs of the American Coo*
fecerarv ate hreihren. and we are boaad t) atopt the
roaise of conduci toward them wbtcb one brouier ought :
to adopt toward anotn-r If are set ea thtt ptiSClple the -
will be no jealousy between the North sod the Suth.
or hstweeo the Csst and ine\v*st [VoctssToescheer,
log.] If we adopt thlt principle you never art!] hesr
the i,uea;;on aalrd whether an Amerlcaa It from the N >ria
or from ihe South, from the Kasi or fron Iba VVett?"ve?
rt?te we wi 1 he cne people, end sro-nmunity of atT-r i-jq
for esxb oO-er, as weil as of la-.etest <)eni'err.e.) I h-liere I
bsvesome little right to snesk to New-Yorkers. Baflalo ,
la cor eear cetghhor. It It osJvewS or two tumps from
ChleBsa to Buffalo. tVs bo-h drtrk o-ii of tbtj tt-ne ,
?rt ai pond cfwat-r, and we rteh in the ssTte Iskt. We
? re coorectel by everv tli of 'it-rest std so.--al Inter
I rciiise,aid why shou'd e,<i sn I! tnolsan speaatoa Nsw> |
1 v<-tker! {Lao^bier j Besaaor lio-iitias then described
the cci ci :.,<? ?' l*SW?l rt VShen h- ?.rntg'ited from tt
hetbou^hi hetbco d not g.i I'tck iiiore i an occatn a I'fe- |
lime, to see thote who were dear*ti to h m on earth B it 1
ten years afirrwarl. whet, on a pi grl nsge to see his old '
mother, be traveled as nu-h In 'our hoars ss he bad
prrviotialy Cone In two dsjs I have wa'.rned. said
I he. with great rcteresl, ihs progress of every
?. k of Imrroven ent that New-Yurk has made;
but for.'' Imactne ihs! are. In Its Weit treat all jealont |
o* t< u, for having v ,nr great trie c <naL and yoar lines of
Beilrosda Ton dusk they are joar Ooaale sssa yoar ftaU
roads, but we know th-y are oara?naughieri? beesuae
'hey enable at to tend our produce 10 vojr market, a- I tell
tt in cr n peijuoa with joura. and this we con d not do {
wnl.oin jrur internal iTprovemer :a Wneo yonreen-ral
Ba i mi Itslhweda were . Mehed.al in ?H Mississippi Volley
lo pr,} thai ton would bull i othe - r>r ws Inow ibat ac
roicirgtolhe lawg ol'c impelliion, i'reithts would In rot- |
SOfBSBCa be reduced We! , \o ir Krie Ra-lr ?Sil is now ;
i ren Oot.'t be a armed-pe'pieoi Budalo if it d ivsiermi
nate f no ea west of your ci y. it nou l hurt y ><i, for 1 tell
\mi ibai llN inrreat'n?' ptaWasBSM of the We?f demand
lot r n idl aa fast asyuncan make them, and f.ireverv one
V"U msk* siioiher will 1* necea.ary, in order to give an
Settel io Ihe produc ions of lh< (J.eet West | Appisuse )
ailwscia.iln ahoiiiuis. that you SSSSBOl BS lo p?y Irl >
ule to n n. But of that we do not complain much, for
we had the privilege of rem>l iiag sraoog you if we
pieisrd ll.trighbr | On the other band, we feel that
with JOST rief Colli snd the S 'U?dsct b eatings wbtca
provide-es I ss sh iwered on the great West, we can af
fold K> pay trthaba, and ailli beat vou In your own star
ki it Ft i w ci.i/ets. extend your worst of in le-na Irs
proveniei is Id every o'rectloo. tn 1 wherever tbe railroad
rsr thtll ran, or Ibe whistle of ihe lo-oinollve be beard,
lie- B)t? belravelacd malls, ard we shall sooo become
scjualr tad at lib each other. W- y Is ll tbat you have
a r'*Jor)lee agalnat ibe s .uih' It Is because ynudooot
know them. |<>ood, good?true, true | Why la It ihsl
? ulb-Careitns desires lo saver the sscred hoods of tbe
Uokm scd cut loos* from you ' Becsitt they do not
ki.ow you. j btugkter, tnd cries of true j If you knew
rech oiher heuer, you would both hod that all your preja
dieea sreii: f ut ded. and thai all secuoasl eg'tatlona achine
against your' e ghbors The 8 ulh would be ashamed of
the n.larrpretei lailocs which they dally make against the
North, and yeo would bluab for intarepreeeniailons wb<-b
yi n SttSI evert dsy agalntl thetn. How It this I'slon lo
coo li ue bound together ' slsse loirrnstlonsl tmorove
niema. snd es tivsle serial Inlerr >urse whh them, tllab
nth s r. mmunlty oi Interest with ibem
Mr Oeugissmsde a few more reaarBI In th" same strain
of ptirioiism std elciuence, Bad >heo lookbitseai amid
veheaient cheering
Th* it .-eili g was afterward addressed by Mr. Yrscyand
Co Mo roe. and ih" ceremonies were c in.-laded.
The pri.cfulnn wsa ttm forrred lo 1'ne, and Mr fill,
more a.;d the Cabinet wars escorted lo the Mansion
In -.be course of the evening tbey were waited apoo by a
number of prominent citizens.
Ualtltnere Fire t'empaalee-31arkeu and
Corretponlecce of Tbe Tribune.
PHiLtDiLPHit. Banday, May V.
The united Fire Company of Haitimore will ar?
rive here on Monday, tbe -d of June, tu rotte to
yoar city, where they propose spending s few
The c. it' \ market continues dul'. Sales of Cp'snd and
Raw.Ol et. ? hi ICBMBgS I' 3). oo lime for ordinary to fair
ousl ty. Ti e Ki oi a roertet Is very OSSaS, aod only a few
iLDored hSfieM taestern sold a. }\ H v barrel, and a
a ma I lui if scraped al $1. Bales l-i lott for ihe supply of
ir* cBa r-a er. ?rd ' at-.'t tt ft it. 11 is for tomm '-i and
te ert srssdSj B>S 6Bj ft1) lot exirs SSd fancy Rvr. Fi.oua
ia aba y ail) M A amn tt'e of Coas Mtai. al Bsfi
fPhMial litsi.t- Prices <f vt'besi sre siesly at fi d>I 10
a- rWatsseas i sk for Red .Cobs it ;o (* r de
Btaad I r ai pineal, nd)7 ( M buah->:a Yellow tv.ld St di cm.
ak Prtrty.vatla OaTS, in store.soid uMcf ouaa
ll Data saiBI mere Is more doipg Bia ta It lo sood
?''ti ai dasS p 'r?a lend apwird 8s es of Cubs and P rrio
Rico tt ri./t te f IB Thes'.l? Caans. Cspt DasTtoo, was
rsar.d lot Uvevfsaal ihlt ?Otatag, by M-ai-i (}* 'rga
McBeary k Co, witb the foi owi g trgeaitd rssashte
targe, vn IM baMeCcetoe I.MI a-i a P:^ur. in.v 1-'ash
Can, SB hhdshsrs. h-i. b'-;t Res'n. HhhdsCBai4sfthbM
Ivotj Bbach sue >" fikgs tuadrr merraardlse. She will
lake cat ?e oasasogsrt Wmtav tt lest active. Bales of
bb a at ? 'Ac ao-1 hhds si
fi i ? i i t btch. ks? rVt' Hua't - %~<<I Penn bt. uS. i.' .
BBSS Paoa Sa, he, 1SI|; BBsee WiimragioB (e, Wi %.
io... $ ssetM Mostiss.es i |i.llese,ssj I.'1 on do.
I'i. $.H. Reaeing'-a -".71. |i,'"?' do M, 74. Si5.l?ie
h-a r if Mo'l SS, U\ 1< \\ ll tUUCsm S'.d Amb ha 95;
? I* S> Nat taasw lat, a . 17 renn Rt, IS. IBB Reallog,
i ... So, M IT|| Ultra ar..i Me-bs Ba.
kB, fa? i 1 fBH HI, ISA 4<Uirari, U. . JN A Bk IS) It
Per not BA, USti 1 Com B?. BN
M.rwce- h. ,.Jt? V- Beading. Hi. $1 r,u R'adlBgr'S,
lei f ? , "it. '.Oi'Readui, biwn, IT|| ISO d t, a.j srn,
lt|; IM Co. a'l
4 K..,o-.f i Wb 8 Nsv ' a sod 'Bt, 4t ?7? Leb./',
ist. BSfi SB rka P.t *!>|. %.v?> Peon is SS; BjLSSSS C ty
. 'i t OSS Obs?: Canal na. Sftj I- **' B Nav es aol
1st,' * Mi) Spnog Oat dsn 6s, 1011. B> e Harrltoar g
B>sa BI
Aft r I ssrsj 1SI Read'eg s* S*7| 30? do. aV 27|, IN
- - i .Mj a\ Z7i ; UO to. '.T| 200 do, s5, 27|:
in so - .-, ^ do hi.lue do, bi, .t*.
BOARD.?To let, with board, the sei <>nd
aw of a house pleasantly ti mated tn Ntaeteeom si,
nearBr.oLd-sv , having tbe modern l op'ove.meets. bsth,
gat. Ac f Be advertisers family is sma:. 'oaving a I sotvd.
e.tor: yaitnd sgieeable; woaid use lo let the soove
spsrt-i et ui lo a geoiJemao and wife, or to not more than
nur persona Rent lunfarnlabed) fjo per moots; board
reasoashsS Address W. R si lb is ottice, with same. fcc.
I - .rt: tt .e efereocetg'vea aod required. P.oor laree
rootss deep Wttk two bedrooms. mylir it*
BOARD? Wanted by a gpatlemtn tnd
I s wife TbeywLl reYjalre s good sited, comforts
by-fui tuned room la a rrtpectatle teigBiorbood. Ifta
the apprr part o'u-e etiy. convenient to asttge route, wlixt
terms not exeeedj.f $9 (er week?the geniemaa dicing
dot?n t wn K- ? --tees gives and r*<juire~;. Address
HARRY at ?ilatmee. myl'r
HOARD?A private family, with no
? oar j e.? woo.d lata parlor and one or iwo bedrooms
eoo'.eci rg :o s gen eman and .ady. (no oi.ectl jos w cill?
ere e I Base, pe-asat t room oil second floor, arttb dreeatog
? ?- ? a-.. BsMaMe kWieosMtaaa aata IsswersBhsJs
geruemeB Atpiy si |r p.ui ? shasaBBfAvel. a few doors
frirt Brosdwsj Referee ?s ax changed- BtyUM
B<^AKD?At 112 Waverly-plkce, mBy
BS. with atpadoos. or-fursished froal rooin 00
iieseccd ^uor, or a furnished one 00 ihe tbird aerer
eLcearxcbexged. _"I1"1
BOARDING.?A front parlor, with pia
try si lac bed. with bedroom :f -estred for a gwitisaataa
sad his wi'-. or two or three tingle geotiemeo, eaa be bed
byappHhtCBUBMailSB M Refweaces eacaanged BP!
BUARD.?A~?ery"jiesssnf front Pallor
.i . ? aec, * flvjr , f B t- '. I <.-ia/i a --tar
Broadway ?ut.sne 'er a g-Bil-mao aad wife or a roopte
cftirgiegeoneaBo Tersss KOderate. Refereaces asuat
kaaaiKtsssaashla tiyl? V
OARD ? iretnrleraen and thfir wi<
EW CHEAP i;ouK5TUKE.-(i. R.
1 F("RST' .?THAL hege 10 lofofn ton puHtc UlAI Ha
r.a* open.-: a L' w ?..,, o ai/To B.ee. ?-r M oeer Barrow,
lot the Mahl of (fur. dard, Cie**t'.*J n to a' 1 M ?< ? a
caxut Bo ?* B ana B >- ti. Siailooerv Lttur ?ad Cap
Pipera. aid Ktfy Art.c e?, ail uf rnhkn wui no Bold ?4
li t very roa?e*i BfM*S A.: OBS M*ger Lea for taie aooa
MNkatBM Any tiKik* to be found In Um city wliLh*)
o?iBiL-j loir rr G B. Fl'R?iT E NTH AL,
I y I] italdv?. ABU* _ 27b B.Stv^l?BC
To ice Medlcai PrufeetK-o.-Jui Pa hi laced. Pan 22 of
TROSPECT-Jaly ? January. IUI -The) preeeot
aon-ber of'bit ]oc r*.ei ar:.l be found equally interesting i*
uv prufVaaloe with :u predeceaaora. containing, aa U doea,
a corzp.eaa aad re?abl* dlgeai ef ar haitver new dteeoetv
r.'a darr bees made la use Modle*, Science* ertiAia lAe
jit ? I :.- ?.BsajeaaTsaaBa' ... BBSBate)H
??*????... '-r. ???? '1 j::r|,.^.g
Taa?>?Per caterer. T^cecia, per annnna $1 90, and
.'or Use areu.e eerlee. No. 1 to 22, in Noa $13 Ja, c-oaad hi
* txiltv. $13, lararjtoiy la alvacce
OAJ?EL ilftf. PahlVeaar,
Iff lawDklaaWtf pfj p>_ujo-ec
? * *1**r)ne the Oraai Ezbibtuoa of all Nanooa, ft. P
COW DEB?T, Ceroeomater, Waica and Clock Maker 27
Ch*rr-t|ioc at New-Road Balm Paterae London (la
year* v'.UT P Cooper, ? CaJJwrpe-a*. Grsys Ica ftoad)
? eri io Ir form ihoee arbo inurod vtstung London ?bet teey
?ni, find \t\? a rued opportunity of inepeeang ma etocA of
fold aed ei v-r C aroeoesetee. Dnplex. and Larrer Weiebee.
?arrsBied of f. itnt* eyaeiliy. el pr*e* lo meet lb* Vin?*,
ft. P C beet uj orS rm taaaorvera of A * cae, laat ae ha* a
lerreiuxk of crubed Daaiet, Lerer and Center aeonori*
MoTntee:*. e.1 warrantee" of (be *x**t BBaTaaTy *t roe*i*ar
Bjkry :*r*y p-itea. ??* In UTbAB*
a.*? ?inr e gent ernea. caa be erA-ivnmoclai-d * B
pleaaaai R<? m* ud *u.. Board at 229 H caa-at . Broo* .a
wijun ihr?? remote*' waJA of loath Perry e? laa*
B< >A R P?T.?~ Let with B >?rd a It'i**
heeda-t* frccl P irlor on ibe second foor. la a Plea?
sant ae'gL?orhooJ. at 1j7 Alien at- Siagea paaa the door
cf :hi*? adu'ia f.mr children and on* *?r?aai ariah
to oetaln hoard Ii a r*ap?."iah> pr(r?ie 'a'b'.iy on the
Hadaon River. Bat higner up man Tarryioara A literal
P'lce wi : p?;d foe good room* Addree* B. f . boa ?4,
PoaiOaVe. ray? ff
FURNISH E 07r Unfureiehed R(X>MS.
? P eaaact 'rort Bo.>a<* on the eeeocd fl,K>r. viiih
pamrie? arbtl OT aataaaaal Board Aav a latf a:og!e gen.
t em en can he a-ccamodaled with pleeaaoi airy roo-na
Term* mo'eraie Apply at .'>. Caeai atreet. career of
Greenwich. mylm*
PARLORS and Bedroom.*, handaomely
furniabod. io let. to alngle gaatlemen. In a private
family. App.y at I; i Cramlx?. ? at myl- lap*
HOOMS.?Two large rieinji, saitalile
for gectlemen and their artvee. or for tingle gentle
m?r. wuh board Rsfeiecce given and repaired. Apply
at Tnbace Uttiee. my 16 M'
ROOM.?A Private Family haing morej
room than they re, 'itrv?, wU let a eecond tiory front
roora. furn'thed to teroting'e gentlemen, without board.
Et quire at 1 ?> Hod**>n-tt. 4 doore below Canal ml7 lw*
I>OOMS?Threej very pleasint Rooms
?- to lei on eecond aataT, without board. Io tingle gen
it men. In a private family at 13 Bond at, near Broadway,
f'jrrjlahed or unrurnlabed ray IT lay*
ROOMS.?A privat? family havin?r
more room ibtn ib?y need, wtll lei to a few tingle
gentlemen, fbmiibed or anfurnlthed room*, wiih or with
out par'ia hoard, in a new houte, havtag hot and cold
haiht ard eaa. and near teveral tinea of ?tage*, lagitrn at
I 1SI East Tweaty-Srat-aL ftnylt lw*
DOOMS. ? Furnished Rooms to Let.
-it lr:,;i.;re Mi Broadway. enirmoce In Kranklln-ei
my 12 lm
HOOM.?To let in a private family, a
back mom on aeeond floor, with paetriee ami c'.oaeta
attached euitah.e fat a gentleman aad bit wife, or twa
tingle geiit'eineo fum>alie.| or our i? n'abeai. with l>.?*r?t.
Apply al IGreene tl, hrtt door above H eevker. ray<2w*
TO LET? In East Brooklyn, to one or
two ilcg)* gentlemen, two extremely pleaeeoi front
n ''tri, with break fall, on the eecond rloor, In a ban liome
private bouae In H lllooghtiy it four hlorkt from the City
Ilk I BtSgas rtn'ng every five miautet within a block.
Por a'i'rut taSJairB at the irog tlore corner of Ballon and
Adam* it* Brooklyn. - -- myl'St*
N. v? R.H.ka Ja?l Pabltahed.
lfJ TI'RKB, at siiffernl hv the late Job Caudle-Wh
II nutrationt. cottainlng ill the Locrural from the laiatt
Eng Itch Ediium. Prict? !.s centa
1 BS (\untei.4 of Rudolitadt -Coniintiatt >n and corap'e
tion of Corenelo, by George Sand Prtcc "i0 cent*.
|fS| or The A'lvmiurea of Mr M-e Sandboy*?
U 1th ll.uttrkiior.* by Cruikihank By the author af " Loo
dob Lahor and rhe Lond m Poor," Vc Price 2*i cant*.
Lite of Jenny Lin.I New edition, with a ipeaktng Like,
eeia, etgTaved on Bieel By (i 0. Ro*en!ierg. I'rica
Tie Nlgtmgala b'org?t.-r. complete i'ontalaing tbei
wordtaad rm -coi one bundnxl and leveniynx Song*
Dketc, Tliori, Ac. Price V centa
Recently Iinuetl
Pub end finning. Reneed edition By frank Forrester.
Price 13
Litera-y Remain* of Willia Oaylord Clark. Fourth edi
loa Price $| SO.
U aiwnk Woodlaedi. By Frank Forraater Cloth, N
c*ata, paper. V) centa.
The Lorgnette. Comp ete in 2 volumea. Price |1 W.
ftlcha'd i:| V.rk or, The White Koae of Englaad.?
Pnee M) centu
Pope Joan or, Tb* Kamale PoaLif By Bayoolda.
Price sc rettl.
Anne Grey. By the aotkor of Oranby Price H eeala.
Coniaelo. By Oeorir* Hand Price So cent*.
The Kicklebury'i < | he Rhine. By Thackeray. 12| ctr
Self Deception By Mrt Kill* Parti Price T7| eta.
Light and Darkaen By Mri Crowe Price. M cent*.
niyJ9 ?ia 222 Broaalway, N. Y.
New EJ tlor. n iw ready
til Original Detlgat for ?omet?c aad Ornamental
Collagea, cotnecird wllh Landtcape (Jar Inning, by W
11 Ranletl. I volt, royal nuarto Price |W The whole
P rei t have been uoaclmout In their encomiums of this wort
We bkve room for hui few extracts
tt aareBaeasatd I*lb* v^ea^sisi ?t isaatsat ii'i* r'>mr??e .?'
ISWas. VVi [ e.ir bit* o?f.,r* Man * w'-r* o. Ar, a I*. '. ire e. ?all
adiput at tat BBBkl ol tit Aroer cm p*u(,ii | I SI Beat * ?u' h
la* irattirat H. 11 Ntninuu Si(u,m
IL* A>. i rtei t is ? ""ik adn.iranly i ti< '.1*1*4 kM tbn^ ebuiriia
ca<*? lakaaMaag, akaSkss be uruutiii or ttstal aaeaaaat
kvaaaa* Bipree*.
It* iurl? al uliii 1 ? ?r not b* tolltet by aay ..a* eao w.ll late
ike ******** iseeeaaati IkefaBe*waacal*ae*aaa*eti
Bkxtss ?i ka * r,*. in?! itciaassj ea.a v aa saa be r.i** ?t w,tb
,ice [ririuM *nJ a? Me*
kkabtba ifuiatiisaakarttl n*t oa* ca* at*ti*a<*???ruiri
? - in aTykl .,f a mi* 'hit ttr let b* ran t - U a H BW
Meet m mi ?> r'> to a hu, dr*4 a,mart, smallf pa t lor arckitertaral
tree lag* liaa ifaiaakli ~iik ' Journal el Ua?i*r. *.
\\ ? ieran ajet t I waS out <\ .? erat,?? to iha a tear ,.a of g*n
tlsaisals kltgl r y ?i t 'or tt* ce*t**t ol ?II luuotry i**i**ucee, gat
ttlBtSS IS ' Tr.ittB*
DE WITT k 0AVEN10RT, Pobdibars,
Trlbuue Bulidlogt, Nassau-si
' RH M - Teacners and thoae Interested in general ed?
ucation are reipecinjijy Invited lo call and examine
swain ? In t rovrd Pianetartam end sppsratus. wblcn baa
acquired a higb repuitiiun a.-.'.uttg Pr*>fataMtl and Teach
en in New Eteiar d. and wbtca cannot fall to 'Mere*; an*
who rray lake ihe'trou'i ? io examlna. MASON It LAW,
Booksellers and Pui.uaere. ii Park Row. myl* I or*
AN r. W BOOK.?Just published, The
- i Goveraess, or The Education of Circumstan?
ce! Iluu Price :'i cent*
" Tbl* It a Mg Ml lntereaitng and well written work "
mylviw JC BIKER, it, Paiton si.
Joat Panllabed
BY E. WALKER, U4 Fulton-st. tobe
bad of all ibe Booksellers, O. De Felice's History of
ibe Proieatants of Prance from the oeg.anlng of ihe ftefor
mailoo io Use preaeet tune
< 'r e v,,.uu.e. large ji-Lavo ti|0 pages
TP'Tbi* lova.uable book fill* up an Important vacuaru
In .c* bt*.ory of Pro.eeiaoU*a, and I* a wociby co'apenlva
lo D'Aublgne * Hiitorv of Ibe ftefoimadoo In Germany and
8w:i/?rar.d Price mi M myl^tus
I Jntt pob.itbed.
Tt" Epis. :ea of Insect Life, by A-beta Domestlca.?
Beeuufui.y .iua.e-1. prtcteC aad bounl.lx eeableattic
g' . h tctts;
And In HOftM we read ihe Book cf NkBtra, with al. iis
actual display aid ypw-aJ revraimen't, if we read not lata
-thai Ha who in every Episode of loseci Life is seen to
cot duel io good the bummer creature* of His rare, cannot
ay oi be doicg !eee. in ail the dlapenaatloee, be taey tor
rowfoi nr^oyooa, waica form the KptsoJes of our bam an,
aad, while bare, moai ln*ect lite etistioae
pyr.iieheo axd for sale ny J. ti RK?K1CLD,
mylblutAliW Cdntoa Hall.
Mll eV J BN N v L i LfO'0
prevVos to her v?*t ? to v^^, r? ?. w^wro New
York. Ute LeAea, Canada, BommI her final sopannrs for
Et roe*
The noble ere resperif. ? Informed lb*l leeeeCON.
Toe SIXTH URtsP i ?'xi TUT wi.l tue pare el
T4<ri.r HARDEN,
Osrrert Overture-. w ?) .Hmu
Art*? Ml. jl:o teso.o D ? 0 'vnoai).Mossrt
S ?o i Saliv
Duet--'Pfr:lacera ?-.:?? . Ii lureo la Italia Koetm'
a I a d- . t.l
BV:o ue the Canoe, t, aa ? t*v.>nu? tbeete,
fiom Salt a ' B f?tT,;?o Oin."
Buto K. Baoeul
Ptrtt Clarionet of H-r M. -a.>* Theater. LmIn.
Cavattna-?? Ecco IpejM ? O-m aa dl Vergy) DaVBaMI
MB r B*.jeltl
Seer sard At a? Pc ia ...a reate ? sruaa,'
I. tureo ta I .a. a.Roaala:
?"art" d
AM a M B B?-cr' ny.Brielow
Duet-'-aJl .act ft ,?,.,!: Barbiere)....RjaauU
S:g:t v BbJvI arid BeL'etO.
Arts- - BJse psve? .*.' i Saara megvoi.Moser t
Roman/a- Com e gene . ? ;i>,?o ras^a?.... DoalxsnJ
Sucor Sa.vt
The Bird Boot.Taabert
I.a Teraaieils. .Roaala.'
Btgoor Beileid
A Da.*car tan Melody
The Herdsman's Sorg rommoo.y called the
Echo Sorr
In coccltuloo. - Hati Co u ??i wui he per'ortned by the
CoaotcToa.~.M BCNKDICT
cutibtatng the tirai armsi-a. ta *nt ta America, miwbertag
nearly (MUC HI NltRKD
oartoi mera. Haa bee* eriraa-ed f\>r liieae Concei is
Th* n^\.u.m ad ih? Orramri tu nan re?? >ve,t tvelow,
BBd In. in tiof the nage, snd bv it it meant every etieirne
U 'o to tbe new of ibe eudieot-e wtil be avoided.
The prlre of YVSeta haa mmo ried at B . BiaadBI
each, acrordirr ts Inrattag tod a i of ibete tickets saBUe
tbe holdere i? NI M B t R?? aeeuriog ibelr teal*.
A tpe. If i ic-her of T cAtSS wi . r>e all 'lied to tbe Pob
Bt rtett. bevond wh! m sere will he NO f RKE TICK
KT8 bt at > person or un>ler any pretence whatever Tbe
low priese st which ticksts bare been fixed matt reodw
tbe rjie tbeolnlely perempt.rT.
An etfVe for 'he >a e , ? r . bet* will he opened at Joltte'o
Mtia'r S^ore, S*e Kr.*i?-ay. e??rv dav. except the Seb
' ? ra 1 AM to 9 P M , where diagram a may be teea
and aealt secured
Tbe 'ew renia'rter Par?v?eU Concertt will be glveo am
MONDAYS WEDNESDAYS and Pill D I Ys? at Alas tie
Ourdt i. or at Trip.''r Ha s at wi.l bo anaounred.
I' ?.tt o|-en at '?*, tVciocA, The Aloocert coatroeooot at i
0. - eta
Boots contalnlnf the word* of the toap may bo oh
laired at the it.xu Prteo 3Aeootaoaea\
Or TbeBK.V K .NTH iiKtVO fi'Xt'ERT wtU beflveo
la CAB1 LB 0AR?BN.
.u urONKIDAI KW.Mbii, May VI
myl -?I P t. BARNIM.
JKNNY LIN I) 8 Siarh (iranti Concert
at Cattle Oar ten. on M t. 1 av Kvenlng. I Kh tntiant
IK K I- TB 'or tbe rooti lealrabia s for all parte of too
house App.yat U BAlLLIr.UCB B t-iktlore.
myi? it*_??Broadway.
JE N NY LINlFst iKANH (\>tf
\i ,\ T kett I i - sea s io any pari ,.| tbebovao
ctu.hlsiced at BARTLK-rr v WH.r HOB Book?
store. No 7 Attor douse. my 14 II*
I i - Tirkeu tor rbon e seats b> an pans of the (louse eaa
he obtained at JAviC KB A BROTHER'S Mot* Store, SU
Broadway._atf I? It*
DKN Seats to ?::>?- s of the house may be bed al ihe
Bi . tsiore of ADRIANCK. SHERMAN k CO , 1 Attor
lb ute opposite ibe Mut? uiu atylS II*
IVIBLO 8.?Msnsijer. Mr. i<mn Skpton.
la-Tii-keta v renn, ptlvata Boxet, fJA-Plrti nlfbl
MONO A Y BVCMINO, Mtyli To commence with Ibo
favoitte Dooietiic Draiuaol
Orandfaiber Wbiuarad.Mr II Placido
Lou ia. .Mra HieoiSuaei.Mrt J Seftoo
An loiernilttioo of hi f an hour.durlnc wblcb Iba La
die? St.o, n will be thrown opeu. where Refreahraeoie of
tbe choicest kind ran he bad
To cLclude with a new Perce, railed the
11 R>T NIOHT . or A Peeo Hehind ibeBceaes.
Mott Arhine Talma Dufsrd. Prenrb Actor ..Mr. PlsctdS
H>rt?!n?My scted by hi u ti, Ameilra I
H Parnassus....Mr Jordan | CinUbs.Mrs Sloes
BURTON'S THEATER, Chembeiw-rf?
it r a a OS OITV -i a. i.l. Tie eearvasl TheatW SB
the large Hotels Oieirao.oti al 11 SOSBaaaaWS ai i| a^SMB
THIS EV ENINU May 19 win he piaveil ibe OSBSSif Ol
Sir Harcourt. Mr Hale L* t O a. Spanier. Mrt VVallBOk
To couslud mBs the Isughabie farce of
LKlMsOlM CKiatr.rl
Boxes, DreesClreie aiid Pejqii*ne. Sorts , Pamilv Strale
21 CIS. Orchestra Beau 'tri* Private bole*. SJ end $t
open 11 7|, locommeoce *t '| o'ebrrk -Prtoesol
AasilsSrou T< Ores* t'lrcJe and Paruusi eis, family
Cli:ie and Third Tie, tb eis (?aller? I2| eu Private
neiss, I*end BS THIS CV #;NIN?J. Msy I? wlllhepre
tesied ISO Orsrd Bonaarolc Bperisrie la l sets. eollUod
PAI STUB I Or. The Oeiuoo of Drscbeofe's
Kaualus, ibe <ierm<o Doctor...Mr llsrrls
Me, hlatopbUeS. Mr. OoBWOy I K"*ollo.Mrs Aribull
Previous to tbe Bpecacle, the Hul OH DIAMOND.
r T BARNI M Msnager and Pronrleuw fOBM
0BBBHWOOD, it, Aastetaai Meatisef r ? r it Y APT Kit
N'UiN AND BVRNIftO TH H ?VCBK Tue tiesutlful
sad Isktlted HAT! M \ N CB ILDBJEN, only am and eight
trars of Sge? tbe greaieal nro>- Isles of ihe nlneieenlA ceo
iuiy-are engaged for THIS SVKER ONLY, and will ap?
pear both afieio'run sad evening - in addltuio io other en,
lOrttfl n enit?Io an eoilrely taw place, written bt a eel*>
? r rrcii drtniaiisi. st.d BaOOad THE YOl.'NiJ
I < I Pl.t- The remarkable sdsptailun of ike characters
of Ibis piece o ihe oeeu'lar capacities of ibeae little girls
PfUtBI aTBO Io ibe sesasesaasM goiog puiitc
IN TH K AKTr ll.NOufs, at 1 o'clocS,
Henrletts ".',,??, .Mitt Kala Httaiaan
L' ?/,!? de Bei' ?l'ls.Mia* >..|eo Bateraso
1. slocharrl.Mr Rsel
Madair-i,. oi ' Bed . .MlssCbapmaa
. THE s.1. h NINO, st t befors l o'clock,
The fourta Act. ftrst Beaee >'
Sbyleck.Mias P.ii*o Bateraao.
Piiilla. Miaa Rate Bstemso
Hrnrlelis.?Hat bale Hatemso.
H. Mias Ebaa Bateiosn
tin son J' net .Mr Hadaway
(V During ibe eigs*emeoi of ihe Haiernao Cnlldreo.
ll> ffta List, with the exceptio? of lb* Press. ?Uetof B*>
SSesStl lie suipsLdcd.
Momkg vis inis ss uaosl, a/e almuted to the afteraooo
psiformai ce free. ...
Admltaino V> cer U | Chtldree aeder lb years, |2A ceo Is,
Seats in P*rquel at P.oil'i tbr .e. U4 cenuiesira. Beats tor
ibe eveLlng msy be secured during iA? dsy my,? M
' - Tbe Twenty nsib Anousi Eshliltloo of iho AlBSSaj
muj Is cow open to tbe pusnr ai their Oeiierles,. SB) BfueA
wsy, oppospe Bo- ? at BVM ? t M undl I" P M Admla
tsxce 'li> reats , season UcAeta 4" rents | 'ata.ogue* \i\ eis
By ord-r of me Council J ft. AHPosOOOE,
tM'W ConreeeeioOing aeeresary. N. A
fl'HK THIRD ~SER I es Of ?AT
J TLERB COSM0RAMA8, car of Broadway sad
I n at will be esuie.uid oo,y Oae Motta. These
trorls WArttWSatastOl a mruon of twenty at* Ylawe
of Beiope. AMsvMbtos,#rrle,tfts Holy Laad Egypt, No
bta, aad Arabia, and a/e ska* i ff ? MSSSS aad Pa-uied la
.'-of hau.er ACmtssioo 20 iMtate atyiS lw*
Fello WS' M l N3TrELs7 AT FEl7
L'/AH OPERA-BOO*B .u Broadway, lestweea
Howard and Oraud sis Opeo every nig hi surlae Baa
week Tfce relebraied eeiglnal and wetl Briown fellows
Minstreis M comprtsing %n erlirtsjot and versatile corps of
la.en ted sod experlerjcnd ymMirmers." under Use rnreedoo
of J B febows. wb.rse C atajatSS ta tbls cliy for i*e aaet
year have beeo received wuo the g> -aateet favor by the eilte
and 'ssnloe of tois great Mea-opoli* Their Concerts coav
i i of Buriet>,ae Itallao 0[>eia kV-emes VViuy Sayings. S*>
los Duets Coorusea Dancing and InslrBBtnrltl Parforov
SDCes. On Wedceeday and Saturday afterauooa a grand
Concert, for tbe erei,inu,odailoa nf ladle* asd Asrnillea,
exmmeoring at 3 ry'ioca, P M AdrsJsstoa SSoaals Doors
spee u S|. lo er.mmence at 7| all
ew-york AND erie ra(i.
ROAD Oo Mood*?, tbe li?Ji la*t*al ibe mTmwt??
trslas will tests New-Yors from Duaa* *l pWr ?ii far
Iber colice
gor OuLSl/k- Espiess Trslos st 6 A M asd h P M
Mai. Trais, via Pieronrr.t. at I P M.
The Evening Elp ?ss Tram connects at Dunkirk will.
Ue splendid steen ?rs Niagara, Key S.oneState sod Uraeer.
City, one of witch leaves imnio lately on the arrival of the
tram, for Detroit direct, mooing through |q bmmii Ho boor*
front New York u> Detroit sod io to C biet go
Tbe M raleg Espress Train cootectt with sp,*o<f |
BieesiBosu lor C e*ei*td dlreet, acd with otaer biais I ?
Erie,**/ iij Tots to, Ar P**seo|Ws t,y tris tinea
r1*e atC e?e atd to a-.*- in boo-a from New TorB
Pa* set i er i for Boft.ii eaa isS* etiSer Ex pre** Trt
sr.-) arrive by ibe Mo'o'ng Trale at Oeoeva. at nai' pait I
PM . aed at Buffalo the tame tight, by ihe Ereoj '
Tram arrite ear y toe neit raonitag, and proceed du-i
to Btlfalo.
W ay Trails for OtisvL *, at J Jo f sj , vie Pleraviai, s, |
s: ? P M . vts Jeraey City
fS Is/llcaos/s *U be given in s few dsys.
myi9 N. MARSH.
C (OM WELL. IM W . tsm st. ooeS***Below Pu!
' ?\ e ? *r?e a.i ,. tu.ei.t ut* tr*sao?b. Prtaic.lj
r', . tr d AT-r-r.o a rava B Boot*. a^rAwktttetMaMea
tt " i li'.i f'.'ar fa R uncj Straw Hail, flats sad Cais
A so Sirsw Brslds Trlroiel'g? BBB* Rlkhiae. and M
Ir-ryOoods of every fetrtlpiiee. The trade era In r\r
to etaa.ee aba assort*.tX wyl* I'aMkT:

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