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IS'kw-Yokk Laundry, H Spruce-street,
/near n*??*a y-To New ghirt Dealer*. Faindi**. Hotol*.
JBS* tJawUeaaen. kr . kc -TV atot E?"f^.
i>,ten*t*e m the United State*, he. i-een P?rfrcled at gres.
Vtpnm, and ran replete 4M d ore:, pie*-*, attest Per
k^TSiru. u. any grant* and r?er_ ?yl*. done
trade, (w holeaale dealer* and 8r>. idw?. ?tor<^j,; pI
Mid in the very beat stele Colla? ironed
Jfannlv ( lothe* purelv washed, clearly "^"""a
aant.r ironed, at a few hour*' a**" e ? ben re<i 1,r '
ma and rough drying at two ?bili'n?* **/ V_*f }_?.? , . <r
Siaw wishing to iron at boon. ? r.nkinx ofaU ?nnca lor
nierrhar t ts.W rlotlurn. Ac., at t... ?!'f^J_^:*lnrtjn
TB L.undrv .omhiae.
_JLv.ro, ,,m/ort and dispatch I Traveler* and t;i>,,
2^th.rrty la harte can have t..elr clothes wa*hedaad
Ironed in the he* manner within thn e !. u-v 2 Mo mate
Z* m the Washing I> pa-.m-it ? u pure our. oil
S^-td ; ?^?rs
!l2noiiter. a. thev are carefully handled, and all use of
?aTwSboaitl and wriamng by h.o.d cntir-w avmd.-d -
LlZER dre**esand all ttne art loi aa eii-en
^LTrr^vhTKu^rt^ i ?taiaa.iak-^aad atddjrw
Sum' - The shirt hand* <fcr starch l*di*?. Br-ad??
Sd^ther work) are of the best 7 AU article, coUectod
Z4 returned bv war n, carefully protected, free of charge.
Apply or send by rout to n y Laundry, U Spruce-*t. _
Rockt MocintAW Silvbry Beayek
Bat?, without shitcbb.-Bvnmsii
eawnared to furnish Mf?MssSOO about Ii * v.mt Euro,* luring
K World-? IwhutriiJ Is?iUUai w London with this great
_&*r^c? SuoTmer Hal. whose year. of popularity are
ijMledunJy by its couifert, elegane-.- and unique manu
??C1? ? . a c* Hatters, end Iead?r* of fashion for Gentlo
rcen'. Ha*, No* i. I and* a Atter Heu,.. iny3 tf
Khoxologv.?A term applied to the ser
eine of hat-tnakiii*. owing to the great prortnenrv acquired
Zfl h*iter named k.soi m the mai.nfa. tur? ..fllia Fiat,?
(US^Tht^ far hMUr. KROI of 12? Fultoi.-st Mm,
.jZLTaaaanthiaaaaaon .fall competitors, and Ins dashing
Brxky Mountain l)eav*r*. hit light .iiuimor. and attract!vo
itxaw hau and general aaaortment of artic e* i>f ?mad-goar
are eliciting general prass. from all who tall upon hin In
ioleetmo Summer Hat, do not forget KKOI.
rejecting > _
Gbnin's Summer Hats for 1851?The
stilendid Rocky Mu .ntajn Beaver Hat, intended MOIsIII'I
le^admgdresa style for the IsasaasT, it now out torether
wdth a variety of undress Summer Hats, light . a.h.ns and
id the best material, and tha mghesl finish. W nie addm ;
eyery ses*/.n iK.ine valuable improve.n?nt to his fabric >.
Ogaisj adheres unalterably to his old and m<da?te prices
?g?lx. 21? Broadway, opposite St. Pauls.
By Ibjbijbtbt we Tiirivb.?We aim at
no lusunou* establishment, with its gay and eoatly trappings
ajid aiurndage*. neither io we seek for notoriety, ba OtTMI
that we may dazzle the multitude ami lor. them into our
aupport We akasply claim our nrhts; the M.nhasaVaa'
nght* -and we stai..l or fall, u| >ui our no ri:. as workmen
Mean oppression gsaaipattod us t.. aeann** owfergootal jh>
?ition, and with undaunted republican norro, w. will inain
tau our ground, we will contend t:> the last for prfcM i;.le,
which the world knows arc right, .ad wg will Thiumi h
W. aim at excellence m oorcalhng. Wc v. ou'd dazzle only
by the si.lendor of our prodnctions ; and desire that fame
only which is of trne desert and Iv-titc We cordially in
rit. ererybody to come and see ns. and satisfy theiiiselrns
that we aro not " all talk and no ciCfl r
H*T 1'i.nisiihK' ' i Most, 11 Park r iw,
my2( 2tWkF* o; poaiM i *J ftrttit Hooai
Simmkk I1ai>in thki t Vakiett.?The
Bloat popular styles offered to the public, at the law priftl
dtore, I2t Canal-st. Call and etanuiie.
Gentlemen's Sl'mmku Hats.?BlBO,
eorner Puie and Nassau *ts , tariti ? attention to his new
and eiet nit style of aztra lurl.t Prench grey bearer HM lot
Summer wear, inanufactiinsl from n rare and beautiful le
lection of fur of .seceding rtoaaaa* of oator aad flaass M of
texture Also.the pur? Rocky Mountain white aad drab
beaver Hats, bxethci with sevetal other style,. f fur, Straw ?
and Panama Hats, adaptud to the saai m.
in.-.'. Im limp, cor Pinn and Narsau sts.
A New? Schmek Hai--The Gontlo
nan'i Summer Hat ?Warwick*, Hatters, have grent nh i
aure in announcing that they will introdaco, Tills DaY,
May Z2, a now and most beautiful style of light fur Hat for
gantlonien's Summer wear This new and beautiful Hat is
manufactured of an excaisJirutly rare species of Prench srav
bearer, never liefore attem|4e.l for a simitar purpose in tin-.
Country, and Jst**>ao**ss, indepemleni of OOlor, fwhich is a
eh arm in itself,) incomparable merit The weight of this
Mat I* nlmttt three and u half ounces ; and wo feel war?
ranted in believing that then- ha* never lie. n a hat pro?
duced |. ? s. -so - so nmeh intrinsic fitness for a gentleman's
Mumrrei Hat as the Vren h Oral Heaver, now Introduced
fiv us WaMNOCKs, Hatters, Irving House,
aySttf _ Broadway
f t? M. ('. St. John, Hatter, reswvtfu!
ly calls the attention of lus cuatomers and tho public to the
g|ew ?tylo of Kreuch gray beaver Hat, now for the first time
introduced to public favor This Hat is manufa, :nr...l from
a rich and Iwauliful selection of lur, and eicee.lingiy well
tvlapte.1 to Summer wear,.xoelling in lightness and IIuti
kality auythiug previ..*?iy aaMred t ith* pahlif
my'ti iw? M c Bt John,ooi Pma aad Na?snn sts
rV' Finn tlinutsaiitl yards supcrioi red
check and white Canton Matting, of . at to aaeaadakalf
yard* widn, at very low nnree.at '?9 Bowery, Hiham ARDBB.
son's Als? English Ploor Oil Cloth, eight yard* wide,
from which will i? rut to fit at., size hail or loom, he at
astonishing prices
Importe? Carpets.?Pctrbsom & Him
rilHKV, T79 Iliosalwav . eorner White-st have tust loc.iv?.i
per packet ship Nomaith, an addltittaal supply of rich aad
elegant CuriHStiug. new ih atgaoaad.xtra auauly. Also an in
Voice of Henderson's eelebruted Bruvsels Caiis-ts, which
are offered at the I west pi*sible cash pi ices, and full 10 por
cent less than anv other store -. :.ng siiuilar goods mitfi.i ! .
The Art oe Shirtmakino.?There is no
article in the ooMam.of a geatleaiaa, whioh ka. koeaiao
difficult t? obtain as an eleeanti. Ill*Big slmt ?V taU
promise, however, that Waoavei leaves Ins BMaBtlltl w.tli
UHElN.No I Ast.u House, will n...I ao shad.ov ol emt
for Coli i taut! w In ii his older is i ii I lit**] Perfection in the
article, and dispatch and punctuality, are the character
istics cl ties fushi. nu'.ie and p..j i.'.ai tUIUIshillg establish
(itH.ukmiiii 10 Ills i'l'Pii.s \Mi ill*: I'l li
UC-Mi C.ol hsMl i u ie*|,ei Afall) unites itlen'.ion fa Hie
fact thai the triumphs >.f the 11.t i m?and n niosl trium
phanl one it ha* la-en-ate closing Not a pupil, under any
Circumstances, i >n i i roi. ived al the half prices afler Sa i
t'Rl'av nut. May '.i Tho*. . iln i. fore, who seek the ad
vantages of the best tuition in Penmanship, at tin- choapoal
rate, ii u?t apply at .'St) Broadway, to-day, Weiluesdav,
Thttraday. Erulay or Saturday Baal this in mind
r<> Ladies' Tumpkuasi i DlBlNSSAlrOON,
No la Packman M ad d.s.r f.i N.i-a'i-?t ?We would in?
form the. ladiee that w? have opaaod a nlaaaaal room at Ihn
alxive. N.? 12, trhera taaj run !* rveu with aaoats m van
on* forms for sit cent, a plate AI. -. p aldings and pastry
forsu cent* Pan country milk with either bread, rice,
mush, hominy, or cracker. t> cents a laiwl Tea. c .ffee or
fxsroa. s cent* per cup Call and in
JOHN N bavery
m)27?? iyl. ester t handler
\W S,,],.,uli,l l-'reii, .1' Wkdhini: cards,
ailvei kwaatatl aatd plain |?>re<-laiii. ei?,"1"1"' ,'.n,, flls,.''S
ably engiaved and pi int. d in gold silver anil . "1"r'' . A."*
a very laiae aamirtnieut of elegant i dver emlsstse.1 aJ 1 *'"
|??rcela u Hi idal ?In?, lop. s. Ho?, s ami W ater. ,.| the la-.*.-'
and richest designs and pattern., I.i the uio.t ce.elirat.sl
uiaiiutactciers ot PWm and Lond.-u. at EvLKntl l 's Broad
wax, Cauuci D iane st uiv.T 4t*
Dr. 1'hinnkv's v'brrtablb Family
flkis d?? not gripe. *.cken or leave :i.c asakl I sue hnl
in a flee and natui ,! .tale Cor sale, wholesale and ret ,,l
by A R KV Sam's. im Paltoa-ii No. York PiVooaJ
Spring Millinery.? L. A' \. Undbuhll.
Jobheravvi Millinetv il.sslt.have i . moved fioiii 6 to 2T John,
at., (north aale, near Nassau st ) w here, during the remain.
2**,7 they will uktpose of tho balance of then
Wiuing sj.s k, conipusuig a lar?- ?asorunent of eterv article
,.ioan?ry one. al oHKAT BABOAlNs, on account ol
BOBM ol lh*in liav.nx lasoen slightly damaged by dampness.
mW RtMkd the advt^rtisiMiitMits on another
page headetl Ekroi tcM's AlTOW-RoM Starch
Bit* laiMWAE
RabRVM ? Mi ski m. ? Men, women and
ckildien gathei tagethi i bv thousands, dav afler dat. t?>see
the Batciiiaiu hilJu a p.rfatal This aitein .on and eve
matt they ate to ap(a?ar We piedict that it proves
tobe * mi at festive iKvasion All should endeavor to Ik
praaaat at an rail) hour
rt? Tho splriuhil Oratorio of Absalom
?ntire. will Tllta v Wclnewlav) KvusttMO Inj neu'umed at
the Rutgeis-at Church The aaloa will be suMiuned by aev
aeal enuaeat uaerr*. and th* choru* bv several hundrast
teacher* and amateur*, uow in altamlti i at the Teacher*
Convention tiom aliu.s>t everv State in the I nun. Leader
a1 the t>u he*tra. Mi C.Koana WaJAAi K Dnecter. Prot
J. R. WOOPBCBT Ticket* ZJ cents, for *al* at the jfcsgg
r^'The iirfttirst (.Irl m town will Msg
up ami down Rle..\r- street eterv i.t. rn ? .-.i mm ?e.k
dreeard a la Turk The best point otwert atu n is at Tailor
M> ktsisi s. it t armoie-m , where al*. can t>e seen the
ui.et csnplet. .1... s oi Clothing u i.oiham mv.u f.,
BxORRBIOIs to Straytonport.? The
apleudal atoanilaiat Isi and Citv. Captain Hern.dds, col.
asaadei. will prvseaxl to Ike above beautiful place on i'hurs
slat aett, May .'S. having a full bend ot mustc an bs.ard She
will atari ftoin Eultvtu Ferry al I o'cloc* m the morning,
and will land !>assenger* directly on the new dock, vforvluu
tout hout* to visitors to view the budding site and onjov the
delightful scenery which has so much charmed every ob
earver, and juatlr obtaiaed for it a. much rvirbritv and pay*
aatjMTty TheSaWnptioa Book will be open oa the ground,
wkack w dl adurd partae* an optsiituuitv of clioxatmg tkeir
lots anil .Bitnediatslv plae'.cx Uu .r name .?u tho list of sub?
scriber* ?Vr turther pamculars tee alvvrtisemeat N B
? flute will >*? reltcshmenU ca the spot
l>" Sutir Carpets are now sold at aston
BaSUS" r"c**? at M Bower. HiaaM AMOBBSOB's -
Be.uiifiil isxiurn ol Vanetiaa Slau carpet*. 2a. a*, and 4*
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Stair.Caria-i. to, Br?*eU Stan Carpel, to. a p*r.snt
lews than can be t. und ^
r? 1 care not for old prejudices. Did
the lu.c.vtoi* of steam ot telegraph hid* their disc .veries
for feat of n.4 being belwvad? and thatl I hes ta'e't - a
?ounce the benign at*ret *f tue Auasrhty in rranlirit
apeciti. that will diMiithrall toansiiul from haa'their ills?
diung more pcauUve <.ssl than all the .Hriet dises^ene* that
he has p.-miiUcsi to tat mad* ? It ia as sure to eure Ut.we
hsr.toStfe railed incur*hit dssraaeo (Coaaamptioa, Coavul
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R'aTTs NgvisV. 4.'4 viivsnwsr^ . wlmrethe poor will be
oader no more obligate.-* to raoan - il no. than th a?e ?b ?
ran afford it to pat a dollar Da peg fur Warts* Nervous An?
tidote. IM Nassau ?t
Rr*'Twentv Thousan.. Yards beautiful
Floor Od CI.Htha,. n'< Ja t* and J* per yard. oe. aad fmt
yasrU wale, at 99 Rowert. HiBsM Anobbsom's Ahu.
?agtiak Ploor Uli Cloth*, it feel w.de. to to go per yard, of
ejagaat tapearary. raarul* aiat. kiuta rleure*, th* !*rt***t a*
aatfavMt t.found
XW English Imperial Three-ply Gar?
net** nfn?w and beautiful f??ii?n? f>r Sprint; sale*, at 9?
I ESS/r. Hiss* A?DU'o?'? This nrm-nine twenty hales
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Carpets, as 6d. 7?, A* and 9s per yard Call and sew theas.
News from the World's Fair.
Ltoti'i Powder they ?ay,
Barms orer the way,
In Enxland to make a eenaation
Roaches, bed-bur and fleia,
And the insects on tree*.
It ia killmc ail orer the natvm
Depot f>r Lvo? > Mra.-netir Powders, deadly to injects,
hut harmless t?. man, tit Rr .adway Lyon'? MagTietic p,.,,.
for the destruction of nts .md inic*. also sold there
Dr. S. B. Smith's Torpedo Magnetic
Mii llitnti. for the cure of all manner of disease*, neatly
put up in ro?ewot*l rase* Retail ptr-e. %U. To Agents
and those who first introduee them in a plare, $9 Can I?
sent by express to all parts of the Union Ali orders punc?
tually attended to Address S B SMITH, gag] Broadway,
N. V my2S It*
Ft"** Fowi.bhs & Werls. PluOMttagMn.
and Publishers, Clinton Hall. 13! Nassau-st near the Park.
NE\V^i^h~ WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1851.
To onr Subscribers.
In jiistiee to our rarriers, we would state that the late
hour at which The Tnbunt has been served for two or three
mornings past, has t.cen m consequence of moving OW
printing press from the basement to the ran!* Hereafter
we intend that there shall be no cause f?r complain'
Massai. BI'sktts El.ki tio.v --At the Congr-s
sioual Election in the lid, IVth and VNth Dis?
tricts on Monday. Robet.t Rantoci., Jr. (Free
Soil Loco) wasche^?.-? in the lid by a largo vote.
In the IVtli it is a tight squeeze, bat the- proba?
bility is Bknjamin W. Thompson (Whig) is
chosen. Still, further returns may cut down his
plurality to nothing. The- latest dispatch gives
him only 30. ,
In the VNth District, we were startled by the
report that H< nry W, Bishop (Loco) had a plu?
rality over Co!. John Z. GOOOBICH (Free S ii!
Whig.) This si eincd impossible, but m '.hese
days one is ready to bolt) ve in anything m the
way of political treachery and blindness. Subse?
quent and perfectly reliable accounts, howBTSf,
put the right face on the matter. Col. Goodrich
is elected by BOt far from MO ma ority. We con?
gratulate him ar.d the tnie-hearted Msssachu<
setts Whigs who have work'd zertlmis'y to se?
cure his election.
Cavaignac and the French Prbsidbncy.?
Our telegraphic dispatch from Halifax received
late on Monday night and published reSterdsTi
announced that Gefl CsYSsflUK it put forward
as a candidate for the Presidency m Fran/c. and
that Entile deliirardin favors Ins election. Tins
we xenture to say is impossible. It would have
about as much se:i.-e to say that Get) Foote, of
Mississippi, was nominated for President in tlii>
country, and that Th4 TWgejtg WBS among his
Connkctu i r.?The Legislature of this Stnte
will make an attempt to elect a Senator of the
United Btataein place id Hon. K S Balitwim,
on Thursday nc.vt Mr Baldwin has boon nomi?
nated by tho \\ big members lor ret lection, and
we hope he will be leliirned, but in view of re
cent proceedings at the ConneCttCUl CSpitOl, we
shall venture no prophesy as to the rsstlll of the
ballotings. _
1 Im Kiot Ht lloliokcii.
That spirit id' riol and disorder so summa
lily ami beneficially quellet] ut Astor Place.
has again manifested itself in fearful out?
rage in our vicinity. The details of the
riot as given in The Tnbun- of yesterday?
and tliis morning, may well arrest the utien
tion of every j>erson concerned 111 the order
and welfare of the city.
The LVt.s, bs far as our reporters have
been able to ascertain them, are, that the
not was provoked in the first instance, by
a gtflg of bullies wlio, iiiuler various epi?
thets-, have for seme time peat in tested this
community, and whose members cultivate
brutality and pursue outrage as i profession
and amusement. On Monday these persona
beset the German! peaceably assembled at
Hoboken with their wives and children, to
celebrate their National Festival of Pente?
cost, as they have done lor several years
past. The intruders had refreshments for
which they refused to pay; and when the
demand was IrUstStC-d on. responded bv
breaking tip the btxHhe at w hielt they had
been entertained. Thus I BBS il till and pro?
voked to fight, the Germans iiatur.iMv t >ok
the matter into their own hands and a dread
lul riot ensued, in w hich both parties seem
tC bave fought with equal ferocity. Neither
police nor military force were at hand to
slop it, and the one or two magisir.uos who
sought to intervene, were knocked down
and injured by the ombatants. and for
some hours the battle raged with fury, the
Germans finally proving victorious and
bringing off their women and children to
this side of the river. Life was lost, se?
verest omuls received, and property de?
These we t ike to be the facts, alth High i
different story is put forth in In half of the
Short Roys, as the more prominent antago?
nists of the Germans designate themselves.
Whether our judgment is correct or not,
will, we trust, soon be decided by a ihor
BjBjgfc judicial inquiry ; and meantime there
is no injustice in saying that the probabilities
are altogether against the party whom we
have desiunatt d as the aggressors. Thrv are
notorious bullies, vagabonds and rampant
disturbers of the pmi, w hile the Ger?
mans in general, btar the character of or?
derly, industrious and useful citizen;.. This
i? the fifth year that we have know D of thi lit
Mattest at Hoboken, and never before has
it been attended by any disturbance The 1
inference from ail the facts about th-'iii, is
that it* they had not been assailed, it would
now have passed off with the usual gaiety
and good feeling which form prominent ele?
ment* of their national character.
Serious blame rests somewhere for the
absence of a respectable police force at
Hoboken on this oceasio:.. We do not
know what are the arrangements or nMMJ
ces of the mag.stra'.es in that Hlhbgt; but
it is certain that a ; ia ?. reported \~> for pur?
poses of amusement by such numbers and
varieties of people, ought not to be without
proper agent*, and enough of them, for the
enforcement of order. Had constables been
u{Kin the spot to cheek this affa.: IB its in?
ception, and arrest the offenders, it is proba?
ble that the melancholy sequel BJtbght in?e
been avoided. VV> know not who is a:
fault in this, but a fault there is, and that a
heavy one.
Were the lesson needed, this affair might
impress it on every mind that in the case of
a riotous and furious mob the most rigorous
and decided action is both wisdom and mer
cv. Prompt suppression is far more neces?
sary than future punishment, and will be
found ten times as efficient in preventing a
recurrence of the evil. This is a truth
that might well be appreciated an I borne in
mind in other places than Huboken. The
usual forms and penalties of the law are
known to the professors and heroes of such
melees only to be evaded or despised, but
for ball cartridges they have an unfeigned
respect. The builets fired at Astor-Place
and the lives lost there caused a profound
and painful shock to the people of our city,
but who can cstimato tiic service they ren?
dered in securing its peace, or the evil now
engendered, not for the Jersey shore only,
but for New-York as well, by the fact that
the present riot was suffered to have free
course and renew itself again and again,
in spite of. or in the absence of tho civil
and military power ?
Iris undeniable that there ferments .in
the bosom of our American society, a mass
of wanton and obstreperous brutality which
either does not exist elsewhere or is not al?
lowed to attain such lusty fullness of mani?
festation. In no country where the princi?
ple of authority has yet a foothold, would
each pings is our Killers and .Short
Boys be suffered to exist for a day out
of prison. Here they defy the Police
and, except in ease of some glaring crime,
laugh at t lie terror of the law. If their ranks
are thinned by calamity, or their semi-savage
organisations dissolved, they find new
recruits and straightway reappear in new
forms. Their very existence is thought by
some to be an omen of awful calamity to the
country where they are so luxuriantly pro?
duced, and many excellent persons behob!
them almost with despair. For our part,
while we admit the full extent of tho evil,
we cannot regard it as other than incidental
to a purely transitional social condition. In
America, the great problem which thinkers
elsewhere speculate upon, the concilia?
tion of Freedom and Order, is receiving
gradually and progressively a practical solu?
tion, and that on the ground that ilic two
may not merely be harmonized, but are es?
sentially identical. Preparatory to it, as
by the hand of Providence, the restraints,
such as respect for mere authority, super?
stitious obedience to tradition, regard to
classes and persons, which do so much, and
indeed,often do all to keep the socislmachine
in equilibrium in older countries, have here
been removed. Our democratic experiment
has, of necessity] dispensed with them, and
as we advance ii our career their absence
is felt in this irregular and violent action of
elements in our population for which the
requisite culture and sphere si useful activ?
ity have not yet been provided. It is cer?
tainly conceivable tbat these wild energies,
which nevi so often rage with a brutality com?
mensurate w ith their native force, should in
another and better stale of things he ab?
sorbed and employed foi their own and the
universe] good, [tw no reason to suspect So?
ciety on the democratic basis id'being a fail?
ure, because it produces these odious pheno?
mena, which, indeed, only despotism is alto?
gether free from. And while we wisely use
the means s1 our hand to suppress and [ire
vent such outrages as have led to these re?
marks, and while wo frown upon and dis?
courage the influences that favor and main?
tain the spirit of blackguardism, it should
not be forgotten that the most efficient, and
in truth, the sole real and permanent pre?
vention lies in the elevation of Society with
all its classes ; and that the nearer we ap?
proach tin- ideal contemplated by our Ameri?
can institutions, the more entirely will these
baten! socidents disappear, and give place
to leeial characteristics which DO man and BO
community will have reason to regard with
either shame or anxiety.
VW Hon. Simeon Baldwin, a venerable
and eminent citizui of t oiuucticu!. Bs I .it SSI resi?
dence in New-Han B on the morning ol tl.eCfith uist
in the Sh'tli year si his age Mr. Baldwin was th.
BjBBM Ot 11 -i BOfa* S. Baldwin, late 17. B Senator.
IK was a centlemua ot fine education aad brilliant
talents, and had enjoyed throuirn hfe th'- confidence
of hus leliow-citizcns to a remarkable degrf'e. baring
served the public in the various capacities of Clerk
of the Circuit Court of the I*. S., Member of Con
sre>.?. J:..!ce the Superior Court and Court of Er?
rors ( rial* .ininissiomr. Mayor ol Ncvs-lUren, Ac
FWeaj Hio Janeiko.?We learn from the
Captain of the bark Gipsy, from Rio Janeiro, April T,
that fine Teier had nine li abated. Freight* to United
State? rather 6all .V mmtl rate $1 rxr bag. Cole,
in good demand Wcuilu r OBa BBS] week, fine ani
pleasant, and favorable to shipp.i.i: Coffee.
The Tenth CesSBUBT.?To-night the
Tenth Concert ot the Farewell Ser.es will be given
at tv-MS H.dl There it a charming priurr mime
Jenny Lind sings " Inn race," ?? Ptr-ke nan ho del
Mala," uO Staat in the I.ord." fr.>m Mendelssohn's
Elij di. tl.c < .er electrical KCaSBSBjP thio' the Rye,"
aiul ?? J.-! ii Anderson, my jo."?the latter for the first
BBSS, KJs stas r singer bu: Jenny Lu.O teaaJM dare to
s'rg ti e lairiuiar ballads of fore.gn tongue, in the
very s'.>".e arid sentiment of a native singer. But to
th..t in rv llocs voice .ind :h i' r..re ia% .le ?: nothing
seems .m ..i
The Italian Opes a.?Maietiah'a Iulian
Opcia Troup? will posi?vely give Ce:r trst perform j
anee at the Astor-piacc Opera Hous-. on Monday I
?MB BJ Bl xt The Opera has been rcmtrkablv su.*- !
cess.'ui in Boston, wr.ere Bosao ani I:, ,.avc cre. ?
ated quite an ex* cement. The la::.': ippcx-s to be j
regarded as one ot the finest tenors we have had !
an -_
Mexican Awards.
A;; erroi eous impression seeming to pre?
vail abroad in reirard to the iate payments it the
Treasury of Um $lcx:can awards, the t Bsaf Clark i
raqotwaatMtsl suit-that tho*e payments wre ia..;.
by requiatUQ?s ami warrants passing thro-igh ti ?
airei t.vc heads cf which, and the clerk* therein,
aver) Rente? lue for ties prompt and latiafsnnu |
manner :n w hie a the views ot the Secretary wer ?
carrtev iWasb Hep
the canal hill triumphant
Tiiblnf. Om k, Wedne*)aT. Mar 27?| a m
Our returns are not so full as we hoped to
receive, hut they are enough to show tint
we have carried at least three out of the
twelve Senators, and probably there arv
some more of the same sort left. This is
j enough to prevent anv further conspiracy in
the Senate, and insure the passage of the
( anal Bill. The revulsion against the dis?
organizes has ban tremendous.
Charles A. Mann, the leader of the rev?
olutionists, is defeated by above 2,000 ma?
jority in a District (Oneida) winch last Fall
gave the Opposition candidate for Governor
a majority of eleven hundred !
In the XXth (Oswego and Madison) Dis?
trict, Moses P. Hatch is certainls looted.
Ami in the VHIth (Dutehess am! Colum
l?ia), Joseph Halstead is no doubt chosen
by a sufficient majority.
From the XVIth we have not sufficient
returns to speak with certainty, but there is
reason to hope that John Santo^d (Whig)
is chosen over George H. Fox, (ILvusant.)
At anv rate the revolutionists arc beaten!
That is enough for this morning. Here are
the figures, as received by telegiaph and
express ?
Election Returns.
1'tica, Toseday,rMay 27.
The majority against Mann in this city, 979.
The vote is quite light. Every Ward gives a
majority for Huntmeion. Wbiteatown gives
Huntington to'2 majority. Mann is probably de
fated by 2,0o0 votes New-Hart:or; 219 ma?
jority. Mann has 13 majority ::i Marev. i
Pot otiKEErsiE. Dutchess Co.. May SB?1 A M.
Potighkeppsie gives BO majority for Halsted ;
Rhtnabecki 48; I'monvale. 48; Beekman, 68.
and H\de Park, no. Le Orand gives or, maj. for
in tii nnantown, Halsted has t>j majority . in
Hud>on. 00 . ("lavcrack, 0 , Btockport, 126 . Ca
naan, 8 ; One District in Otllatin 4 ; Auster
dtz, 55.
In Chatham. Snydcr has 33 majority ; Ghent.
10; New-!.e!.anan. .V? ; Kenderh-mk. (one Mist.)
IT ; Clennont, 80 ; Taghkanick is reported 115.
albanv, Tuned ijr. May 2T.
Rome, Oneida Co., gives Huntington 385 maj
Oswego City gives l.ooo ma;, lor Hatch.
Valatie. Colunbia Co.. gives Bnyder 1 7. Hud?
son, Halstead, 69.
svRAcrsE. Tweed ay. May 27
Watrrtown. 100 for Lyon. Oswego, 1061
lor Hatch. Rome, 3*5 for Huntington.
I'..nT Plaim. Tm sday, May IT.
Amsterdam, majority for Sanford, Whig,
107; Palatine, 100; Florida, 63. Canajoluurie, 65,
Glenn. 169; Mohawk, 67. Minden. 131. Sanford's
majority will probably be 900.
In llerkiiner, Fox has 800 majority rep. Tie 1.
Uri' A, Tuesthv, M.irW
1 tloa 979 for Huntington, Whitestowii
?102 do . N. w-Hartford 210 do , Rome 3s5 do. Hun?
tington'* majority in t ounty over 2.000.
Tui ?basspiik, Toesdsy, May 2".
Halstead's majority in the town is six
Gosiien. Tuesday, May 17?0 P. M.
The town of Goshen liree Curtis 66 ma
jonty Walkill, two Districts j?ivc Sweet 20 majori?
ty. Tin- F.I?iH?>n paWSVd oil <|<tie?ljr Nul mot.. than
halt the votes were [Milled.
New Bt no, Taaaday, May 27.
The vote in this village was very small.
James C. Curtis. Opp., h.is 109 majority '1'he town
WiUpCObabtj give him 175.
Alban v. Tseeaay, Eay 27.
Little Falls, Sanford, 15; Oswego City,
Hatch, 1.064 Home, Huntington, 385. official; Plcas
iii.t Valley. IrntrboM. flSTikir, 09, Columbia, valatie,
Bnyder, 47. Stoekoort, Hatch, III; Livingston, 8ny?
der, 15 . Mniilgomerv. Amsterdam, SOOtO 4'?o for San?
ford Town llcrkimi r riot on r 90 Fox . W.itcrtown,
Lyons. 100.
,'i I Comparison
1)1 /?'? i f. ,' M i ;tf f,.r Stnator.1 nur utth thif
for (jovcrnor in 1850
EIGHTH district
1801. I MO.
Wkif, Esee. Hunt. S'y'mr
Pleasant Valley. ? 60. ? 63
Valatie. ? 47. ? ?
Stockport.. 186 ?. 117 ?
Livingston. ? 15. ? ?
!'. ugkeepsie ... 890 ?. 118 ?
Hudson. 68 ?. 20 ?
Rhinebeck. 48 ?. ? 27
Union Vale. 48 ?. ? ?
Beekman. 68 ?. ? ?
Hyde Park. 30 ?. 56 ?
t.ermantown ... 65 ?. ?
Cl.narack. t> ?. 55
Canaan. 8 ?. ?
ABStSllilS. 55 ?. ?
i i grange. ? 66. ? 38
Chatham. ? 33. ?
Ghent. ? 10. -
New-Lebanon .. ? 55. ?
Kmdeihook. ? 47. ?
Clermont. ? 80. ?
Taghkanick_ ? 115. J7
Little Falls. 15 ?. ?
Amsterdam- 497 ?. ?
Palatine. loo ?. ?
Honda- 63 ?. ?
Canaiohane- 65 ?. ?
Glenn. 100 ?. ?
Mohawk. ?7 ?. ?
Minden. 131 ?. ?
Herkimer Co... ? 300. ? BJJ04
Montgomery Co. 900 ?. 100
NINETEENTH district.
Dtfea.079 ?. ? 140
\\! ttettowa_ HO ?. 250 ?
Marev. ? 13. ? 101
Ni w-Hartford... 818 ?. 110 ?
Ren.c. 385 ?. ? 125
Oswego.MM ?. 18 ?
Watertown.loo ?. ? ?
Arrest ok ClTBAJ Revolc i ioxisrs.?
The Satunnak Xtvs has the following letter
St. Jaoo m Ciba. Wedm aday. May 7
\ ? .mberof arrests have bet .. Made It 0t Jag?,
de Cuba. Papers were taken wtuch discovered a
i lot ;.<. ??ii.i?..-i ? .. i.M.rrt;..;i ?.-.:.;..? on a ?rr-m :
p.irsde, and the insurgents had taken measures to
i apturc the head-quarters of the eity, and to sec?ir?
thi landir.tr of Garibaldi w;th f^OO men. At the
rain? time Lopez would have effected his 1-in.tins' in
i-1 Bail at Harana The Judge, after I tvingcon
c'?: ltd the proceedings, sentence! to death four and
:.. ^.i r;ctual punishment three of tne principal oai
. t r - . aaai to ten years haid labor a sergeant of the
mirieea aad two privates The trotor w!h> be?
trayed them was released. This senten-c ha- been
BfBSored by the Capu.n General .it llavana.
Thi MvsTiitT in regard to the
*. 1. mm.er Flirt. win.-a w i> kl i:;.s .??rt iasl w. r*. is
explatned tt ?eem? that 'hose who purchased her
?wi ;.t off arith the ve sel without paying their debts,
and this mvsltrioiis condu?-t about here was to avaia
?sea cr-i-htors a ir'.ter fn>m New-York to a g<sn
ttemas tn this town ..: ? . ip .v.~..- ?ae m-r
[Newport News.
I V The tornado at St. Li..as , n the I7t;i
.,f May. previously re-< rtedby telegraph, injured not
. -s Ibas one htm Ire j buildings, 'the front of Mrs
Merel'a millmery estaLl^hrnent was blown out, and
. Mr- y... *.<\ wx-L' r:nl ::i :h>- r'ua- md much m
;i:red. The nnc steeple of the Baptiet i harca, i orner
of Sixth and Locust-streets, waa blown .town. A gen?
tleman was knocked off his horse by a tailing shutter
Ri oft, chimneys ard waUs were blown down and
much other d.image done The boats bl the nve.- Hd
not suffer
By Telegraph to the New-York Tribune.
Aeartersj IBBJBBBM TrUr-JP* ?ffi<*- <vr**T of Hanovtmd
ifeararr StrrtU
For further flfrfraUBBBj Ihspatckr* MM YUh Pa?'
The secretary ot state at L'tlca.
I'm a, Tuesdiy, M'r ?
Hon. Daniel Wehttef ami suite, arrived
?1 th.' c.rs. I*>t evening. ..t 11 o'clock. AH we
inet at tlie rar? bv a large cOfkOQUfTO tat people, ana
y J A. Spencer. Mr Wewer briefly
aedress? d the assemblage, after which a score of BP
rih i pa ; Um r n mcta to Ma at Bragg*! Motel.
Mr WetosJef left al II o'clock this morning, for Al?
Later from Port-nri-Prince- Uostou stock Ei
cb a line.
Boston. Tuesday. May 17.
CapC. Allen, of schooner ('ommeree. BT
litaaj t.>-ilay from r<?rt-.tii-Pn;i.v. May 10. reports a'.l
cpnet when' he left
Mr. Walsh, laatj American Consul, left on th- RUB
tor Ja.* km el.
Prince Bo!? was ?tili in the mountains There
was but little Coffee in market, and price* were in
consequence higher.
'1 he stock market this forenoon presented little a*
tivity. hul quotations generally unproved Canton
closed at 74), taping an advance of B| peg cent Kea?!
ing n as nrm at Ml cents.
Anti-Slavery Convention.
Boston. Tuesday. .Mav B7.
The Auti-Slarerv ("onventioti commenced
this morning. Edmoii.i vjuiney was elected Presi?
dent, and, m his opening speech, wo very severe
upon the authorities for Dot lcttiaz the Siciety havo
Faneuil Hall.
No tuisiiiess of impoiUiiiv lias been traiisaote I Bf
to the closing of the dispatch.
The lruoa of Assocutio.-.-.sts met last night, la
lUo abseiH'e of Horace GrMley, President. Mr.
Dwight was called to the Chair.
Tho annual address was delivered by W F. Ciitn
Bi?g _
Daniel Webster at Albaay.
Albamt, Tuesday, Mat Bf, is\j|.
Paniel Weitster arrived here tins after
... .. lie w as mot at Scucneela.lv bv ,i committe
ItsHB IbiaCity, where lie was culled out Bad made a
- i speech At Alban v UM tram was stopped in
Broadway, and Mr. Webster and the committee got
iato a. ..i.awe and proceeded 10 UM rooms prepared
c..i * . ? Hall Herecearea callsthis evening,and
tO-morrow risita our public buisdiBg*. Cemetery, A-c.
?will rpeak Irtan the Capitol, lAd subsequently dine
will' the \(Oii.ar men of our city.
Late front HBTBUs) TtMl Isabel at Charleston.
Charleston, Monday. M.iviti
The steamer Isahel arrived yesterd.iv al
temoon from Havana. The rumors of the Intended
LopOI Invasion had created DO great Benaation there.
Gnat vsgilance however continued to be obnrrod
around Iba Coast.
The eran Of the Petita were sale.
The rioridu BtiBTBMMBni
Savannah, I'le-.l iy. May 27
Tlie Steamship Florid*, I 'apt. Lyon, ai?
med at her wharf Bt 4 o'clock this morning, m ikun;
the passage in 60 hours from wharf to a hart.
?southern Item?.
Hsi.rivn.rk. Tuesday. May 27.
Tlie Southern mail, as late as due, is re?
Hod. BUaa Parsons. Judge of the Bupn tac Court of
Al.il'.una. lia> r< aiuned.
Mr t oke, formerly ? Congressman Iroin a000aUM>i
V.l.. i? dec!.
Thomas Patter on bai bona convicted at Xcw-Or.
leans t f killing Thomas K >ss
Destructive l ire in Pittsburu -Twelve Houses
It unit.
PiTT^DiRo,Monday, Miy26\ol' N
A fire broke out this afternoon in Kays1
carpenter h op, on I'iikhi-alley. The building, to?
gether willi the tools anil conlciils, was entirely de?
stroyed. The flumes spread with gre it rapidity to
Wiloy-Mrcet. destroying Mr J. llavs' l arge brick
dwelling. Use lane brick dwelling of Sir R LatTerty.
ii .! 11c fraiiic iniihlings owiicil i.y Messrs McQuiro,
liarnes. Robinson and .Stevenson The flames then, o
extended to Chatham-street, destroying live more
houses, owne.l by Mr JaOobHarsand MiStevenson
The two brick houses were partially insured.
The Rescue ol' Mimlrui Ii the Fugitive Slave.
BOSTOM, Tuesday. May??
Tho trial of Janus Scott, (colored man,)
Bss aSsBBnfl SBakva l<?l?- Hl.irr reacue hin prngressi i no
further than the ernpenelling of a Jury, after cot iid
erable srguineal i>v t ounsej The nfowteg gum
tions wore put before qusiifyini the JaiysaeD?FirM
Hare >..u formed oeeipresaed aa opinion ajjatuM Um
i i mal h Ml isMaMlHy uf Ilia liagitive Blare Law Beeond
Would ?tieh doubts prevent yu trom liiuling a ver
dMitOf guilty it the Court should instruct you that the
Law is constitutional Thud Do you hold any
opinion in regard to the Ptujitiva Lau mI leh would
pre\.>nt von from KodiOg a verdict If the facts are
proved BgainM the acMnued, and the Court should m
?triK t von thai the Law is i 'rnMBitttonal After satis?
factorily resiM.iiilinK to the aliove ipiestions, a Jury
a) m MBpsju Qed, cnjlit of whom arc roidcnts of llos
tOB, two Of Chelsea, and tu., of ( liarlotown. The
SrMthirteea Cayuntachargn the ptisooei wiih aitftm
Bhadraeb t.> ate ape, stated in difNirenl ways Tho
but trin e of resisung an officer of the l iuicd states.
TliStiinony in the ease will coinineni c lo in m m
Arrivnl or the >1nrion.
CaTADtBSTOR, Tuosdajr, May 20.
The new atetJDShip Manon, I'apt. Herrv,
ttxm four |?'rt. armed al aiX o'clock this moniinir,'
BlUklkVI ol the steamer Prairie Uird.
LtM Isv iLl.e, Tuesday, May 17
AecotjBta have beea reeoiTed of tke
sinking of the steamer Prairie Bird, in the Illinois
The sterner Pi miywitt, BfMoa was sunk in the
Aik ii.-a. Kivcr, is a total Iom
.Markets . Ii, . ::.ji:.i. M.v r,
Tlierr is no clkBBge to Bjotioe in our in ir
kct. Sales of 2.51X1 bu heisot Valley vTgOAT BatvU
bl 11 Bladi in small lotg at $1 to I 03 We hear of I
nil of 4M UUa ..f Ploi r .it 4 M, Tho MMotgnt of
Whkat. Cobm aad Plod a that has paused th
Wglga-loch 01 Uug city, for the week < ailing at I?
o'clock to-day. is .?.- follows WiiKAr. 33.213 bush :
Coav, 14*2.5?? do , Thon, w g?3 bbla
.Markets. Bi.nu. . M .y Z7
Tho reeeipta tiaee our Isaf have beea .
Flour. 7,500 bbla; WhSAT,none Coav, 7,000 bush.
The Flo va market has beeM dull fa bsssbMBBmbbm of
the steamer's news, und we hear of BJOBMMof BaV
pcrtance Wheat is dull, but prices Bfo tjuX Cosa
is firm, and in good demand, with sales of B**JM
i nsli at 47i for iinse.t Western Ohio vFaUMII is
Btaaiy sa tie FaiMWMM aat with-mt chiingo
? a>
Markets .. JkLaaBT, Hay IT
The past t24 hours' roceipta hav<* been as
follows: I'LulB, 13.0(si bbls Wheat. 2,500 bush..
CoBU, 10,000 hrMDett, Flobi ig bj in<slerate.|ein,ni l,
but the market is heavy and tends slightly dewoward
?the sales were lu.uou bbls. The market for CoBB
is auial aad prteaa an aaaiar. 12.000 buajttaai a*an
-ailJ at 56 for Mixesi Vfaatern aad 57i for Round Vel
The weather is very rainy.
.Markets CBaalaaMu, M >y, M
CoTTOBl baatjaclined fe to-dav with sales
:' -IS. ' ||l<. at 61 ttS,
Markets Cmvki.k- n.i. M i >s
The marker, for Sluars were unaltered,
Bad l.tt> or no eJMOsJi bad taken place -n MoLasagt.
Fibiotmts had an upward tendency
[From some uuegplaine-l can . . m- :.a.. u.:.-1 to
n OJ In al oaf one-third of our Halifax fasaaaMfg, Th.:
following 1? aa that had n.-ache : this . :ty a', th hour
of tromi; to pd H |
Arr fm Philadelphia. May 12. W'm y-xm Bj Liv-rpo.l
- ' : -r ftulailelphia May iri. 1 iru-ian, l>- ?-i!ertnt. fm Ho
ehelre; i^h.sav-inm |jv??;ooi Arr fas slaltiaaara Mayf,
i hrys'-o t ( adi/ s,.| |?r Ba.Urnofe May ij. < iiai>ng^,
fm * arum Arr fm Savstmah .Ma/ L M.-uamtli. w -
{'a'1,. Cohanst. Laerisml, Samuel, do, i', h, Pnnoe ?>(
"alas . tin N. a - Orleans. May ' Acton atTr^ast, 3d.
B??aalia. CbnMiaaaa; MB tlsphea \ ??nun, Bordeam. Ith,
Ma.y Hannah. Belfast. Burdeaus. *h. Maria of Orl.-siu.
Maria, ICth. May PUwe-r. Antwerp. Haaaaa. B. : ...
Thomas Church. Lirarpaol, Maatttray At i^noa iah.
Biuius. Lmi ip.<.;. Raaev Plaialaos Bordeaas DetoasUir.'
Jo, ALb. lt Lara, d^. KaLahswa.do. South Carolina, eat
t.. n-bo Hurtu. the ClyJc. nth. Ljtj, do. I'nter Marcy.
Lnerp. el. Putrxk Henry. Dobhn, IXh, lladoata. Lirer
POOli MSi-dali-na. do. Pith, Jenny Lad to; OttaBBect >. d >.
Ba.'ntora. '-ft Liv-?r:. \ irgiaia. Bor.lern?, 9th Bella
Bern; nth. Prince Ainert, bor i- sut. l.th. K is-era
Qseea 1----;.?,:. Utk,Coraahaa,da. Arr fmcha.-iuston
Aftti ML ( an AutcostatChrisUana. N apt one, Cmnatadt,
May i, t kSBBVB, ireiuslry. Mtivi, St? Seoatns. the ?'iyd?.
" ?" i SB, i raar. Hrciurn, fruela. kugeiia. i uir-in i/
ran, I uTiblanin. LiSaWpsssi; Cuadur. Bonlo^im SorMerr
? Mi. Biiauu ni, Ijieiu-.i. lath. MaesareA. do Sid tv
? Batiaasaa fu. Liroraeol May I, J?u..?CaUi. r. (or (jo- u
An>d l<> < kriatiana Iss Be-rea; May u. liritnd. (ju..
er*A, 7lh. D-aalouald, d... Mb. Thomas Bai.?.. Ba at
land, fch^ Wuliaas Broralmlak, th. < : :.. rJazaheth Deal.
't?w: Lteipo..:, Plymooth, v.a Cork. !9th, Hope Fleet.
?'??- ( m -..w. . i. . :.. P.L'T.ui.Waterf >r ), AlU.wa.
E nafal I j :,<..:'\ACtA Oomi? Keren', Pil?^
New Kc*s Miueent.de. l?h Peggt SAiehls. via tia!w;,r.
Wrangell. fm Bnst..!. Jeiin?-!!, sunaiertan?; Kaili-^ ,,'
?>th. Arab, Deal; l?h. JeAs^ Uverpoin Ha.le.1 i? MJn
in do, p.nk.Ti.. H i
Ann Lersrpoid k:
treed tm St John, Msr 1, Seswahaeo-- Clyde tMgk 41,.
Bn.Kii. Gloucester. i Ah. Patr
**"??*? Invert*)*.*! Iixl Iiis
Jo. Coniprtili.ni. Clyde, l*th. Sn.rar.jar.. IJ,.^^ rV
do. Here:. .,!,. Sailed f.r S< T .tin. Ms. J, WrdiVf- ?*'
Hauena. ?h. Perse?eraiM.- lJlb BriL?h A?vT?^ t 1 v
tool, Charles, Yjuxhal Armed from St a-Jv?'."?
pj. A*on. at Mi I w ?. ?4?
TT.c Cn.h.r. Grrfeille. of CW.est.m {? ,n, Harnhcrri k>
to F.ologne, having sprung a '.fait after bain* ??t abasT.
w eek ?
The hull ?f a ?esse!, apparently American of lie t^,
mssts cr.e t.> deek.N.wsrTi*. and c.bh.* m white' -.lai- v-^.'.'
.t same eo: ir. two white ?tar? oa stern frJW1^
with April SI. fu'l of wa'er and a^athioned ' ' ' *
The f.etttia of W.rh-ach. fr-m tk. Clp?? ,, ajs?,
in ?nh mnw.ini state Ajnl n (.re* tasen oHwT
seme, arrne?! at Hansgate Mar II
Tl.e Msi i D from 0*d iff" t? O^-eis*- was ?>?- \ ?j
111 a uni.nix ?t?te April t'rew. u>m 1.? Gibraltar !^
V... u...... I... L * ? ?
tfarwafhai is.ik
Spoke Albion. Qalaai. t.> New Yark, Mat
V v*.
Couk. to NHamnshire. fifth. Aiu??r?-.t. ,.f NrVJforl bsa2
West. 21th April; Ami. Liverp.)..; to NY-.rk. flat KonLTZ
? - , : NY :k. NUrleans to C ub/, April Si. Bahratal*
(Jres'tuCk. fcuo Jaaau I N V .?. March SC. strata** Ball?
I nrerpooi 1 NYork. Mw 11. off Potnt Lvnas. CaararS'
Hnmhur?h to NYork. Apnl si. OduniSin, NYork t w,.
?eilen, t*. Harm -ny. L-fetnoai t > NYork. Jane,tetrotTav
I arowa. Hottartlan, April ??. Aust bars Lain. Trssstst?
NYork, nth. IHan.le tot NV>r? Mir i. lat >l N. tea l|w
Noiwae. l.i?erjs?'l t.. St Andrew?, Aj.ru St, Para-sie J
Storkt?n for Philadelphia. i'iiii. Psr'uanient >f B.?,t.m
emifanU. ?trenn* *>*?' /*h, St *....'.rew?.Csd?i t,. yjv .1,
;'tth. 811 Bo?*it P.e.. NYurk to L?.ud.>u > 1th. }?,
Orlaiis to Ijvevr,*..! iSth ^
Ilolliugshrad. Fsilf A- t'o.'s Circnlar.
Liverpool. Fnd??, Mv it
Our Cattaa aavkat ha? bean in a uacular aaj aaaatara!
state thu? wo.'k for soino tiiu.i :x\i thrre aaJ Uwa ?vk ?
Konrrai AaatN to sell that the weekly Jecha* of Man ?u
unpn eetlrnti U, hut this weok the . onduct of koiJeraia srei
imx sales, a as such, that a crisis a as eratentlj w. t?S
ar.il. r.c irrest cause ?<{ ths rapiJ Jcclint in ocr markst, u'
ilectl the fnnciple cause, nust be attnbnted to lbs orisn
riffinltr.'m the shippers of Oottn in Ute Vaitsu %xit%
fo sisll irrespei'tire of pnce. hut of course, ainaerjaf, *t*a
such arSfltl were iriven, to .?Main lf?t i.? a! per assaf
sls.w ou praaaal rates The practical effects .vf *vi
mils. thsl. with perhaps .tal.400 hales .laily <m sale, ssj?.
a AsaaMal for i.COn to 4,0iS). it follow.-,! as a matter of cur?
that almost cacli sale was at a de.-line apOB th? [Ww^s,
one. M the redui U.Mi in price. m> far fr?nu m.In. nw
to taka a large quantity, almost invariably ha.!aMalr%ry
effect The market ha* at l.uurth takcu a turn Thartv,
i.lsnty of bnyaia, and no louitcr an laiaatssaos U mU.
Prices of American descriptions. h.iwe\cr. ir." still Jd |
lb !o?cr than quote! in our last Circa) 1 , altb ;,-fi thers 4
a recovery of ft f tb upon sales nivlr Mandat aad Tneslif
last 17th May ol'smi prires I'pland middling. >hfwltV
Pair, >la>a^<t: Mohiie murdlta?, i(d; Pur, ?;J , M,v
Orleans nuddhng. Hi , Pair, ij.l
? ? a?
Mr mid M.s Job. Mr Bad Mil i'M "'i. Mr vi I M-s 11 ?
ham, Mr ami Mrs hpev. Mr and Mrs Barker, M' and Str,
Murphy, He* Mr w'.mrster 1 ? .' ; ? I. Mrs n . ,
Mrs Hall, Mrsa Wheeler, M ?, Kobtiuov Vi^,. , 1.,
Lisle, M. K n . IVIels.-M-lu/e. M ur. L.ri'in. <.i i-r .
KiatsT, Wienae, H Iallairg n P tn..ni Rai ell. warren
RtsJcera, Worcester, Jnntei DsOuar, Keaie I ? ,
?all, Haiard. Carter.Fell.Baith.ft hw irlraii Cm 4 M.
COa?isg?, W l.v itt. K N .1.:
a WU8M WMim Tins kyi; \; v |
JttPt o's- Open at 6r?" Paaasl lartrtaa," and " Pr?
BRO?;'w *Y TltKtTFH-O; en at 7 H.'i'-l tt*M His,
aaaa," and M a MattMBg Call "
Bii?ti>n'.i TiiEATi.r-opeu at 1~P Taasnt Qaahar,*aai
" Wandahn| Miaatral "
BaBJIVII'i MtrsStrM?Opaa all day?nft>ru>'n and stsamf
Iicifi'miaiic.'s, Curi.^itu s. Ac
Amf.ri. an Akt DlHSS Ml SiaaiaaJ Osaaafl day
Tkii lkr Hill rwafml
Pei tow's Mt?*TRi:i.s?Openm t>i?Nerro Mei.slies snj
Burlesque Opera Scenes
SaTTi.er's OstMOBAAtAa cmbsi af IT .aJ?ji ,ia.l rtrn
teeuth-st ?Open day and ere 111.k
?TtTIOHil A. ademt or DisioN?Drosdway
Fiiik.?Tito sehr. Advance, Ivmj at, thd
foot ot I30th ft.. took tiro on .Mond.iv afternoon, M
consequence of sonic matches, which were lyinsj ci
ppaad Hi the eabui, haWlB| been ignite 1 by thcrayiof
the sun. which shone throm-h the wia-low of Up
cabui DaMMfS itbou' $30
SltMT RttTOilO.?S?? adveruse-itent ti
J. Rail A Co.
?? -
r*?"" The Al.I.KliH ANIANS Will gtTi I ?',iii
cert in Albany on \Ve<lnes.l,iy and Thursday e?r
Bings We hOBS our Albany Ineiid.s will not loseth.'
oiiisirtunity Oi he.inn? these charmnw vo. allst.
New MOSIO.?The " Keepsake I'olki,'
eomjiosed by II I, IstflSil ttS 14 ODS) WslNMv'
by C. Wells, an-! the " Pleasant Hour W ilues," i t
W.illeiih.iil|it, are the new issues of music [ortfj
past week from (lie hsMSS of Fit th, I'oiel AC'
Omasmmm tali ia?A Ctttd,?Lueiw
s>. ( onustock. Ti) I nion-place, who M an elder brothrt
has made a complaint against us t? 1 r (rhtaialBS, '.' ;:<? '
from the I'ost Othce '?e/oniri?? (nut nddrrsu'd) in hm
The letlers 111 dispute v\ere ttnttti '* < iiiist.'.'k*
Co."-an old firm of which oat ti H MM a member
and the letters of winch are claimed by him aril by
Lucius S i omstii, k Wo expeei bo -Imw mo?
elt arly our rn;lit to these iattatl but WS da aal W
pi'Ct to SSSSpS the malice und pafafHIM?Otl ? h it i>p'ir
6inn? us
We hup?- sot to tie hxjttrad i.i the estiiiui. ,;i.,(a*
public by this wie,;cl attempt to COtHaJS m !?? '
pn-on J. C a Oso. Wkli.s < om .r cat
Aui-t. fi. May '.??, 1H5I
IeovMi RIOAVtOa 1
Nkw-Vouk Piano*Pot11 ('omfaW.?
Tins Compajtr. whose plan of opwratioa ia i i
that of liie Buudlnf Aaaoi iatsoas, m now rapidly cts
inx up its first list 0! subscribers. The obiaol ,,
hurain ISS ncrw and good Ptanoa, worth SStM eaoa,ki
lisi aobacribcra, bf paving *mall monthly in I ?
The payments fall liirhtly upon the members Trios'
who ?et the privilege oi the in -i Pi.ipos ot course pj!
more than t&OM who havi the suee.-e hwv one- It U1
syatsai of mutual beaaftt, and will be peirotusaasy
hundreds '1 he hrst Im? members have nearly ,dlM>
asrlbod, l ias la a Mop in advance-of the nines, ant
nmat greatly u>M to the omf.iris of the rospeeMM
poor Those oi our readers who wish, aboutdwh
sr-nte duringttM w eek, at the often of the Comoanr
Jocolyn, WataoTt A Purcvii, 'inn Broadwaji rtxss
5 Lat.oce Hull.lines
1 sDvr.KTisgMKvr )
Poei OrnM. No I rVaroa Hovaf?Vi
sr.v strkk r?T he mails for KlltgatOn, ('hagTOts Ptr
llama, and Ban Pranrtai o, postagi 10 cent lot -1 ?
ParbsC port! and Sandwich Islands, |??st.in'i' li c.'fl''
Willcloae m 1 P M . ibis day, Wednesday M?r
rJsasM and others have an opportunity of sen biurou
tw<? i!a> s later news, with the maaatstoa Ilia' th*'
letters will be delivered al their ilcstltiiltmn ill ad
rsore of tno 11 g Mali, which left the Sfth inst
11. u. A I 0 . 'i AftOT Ho is,-, V, j ?t
Rata AMTY < oi pi.K1) WITH Ohloroposm
?On HSg Saturday night boom dUtrlns rillais entered
the cabin of the packet sehr T P Joimson,/ring ?'
Plot No so North Itoer, where the mate, Wttu im h
Qoian, waj. lying asleep, and applied a ualot. b >r
form to hta aoatnla,rendering him senseiast lleti*
rifled hi>: poekata of a aaO bank m.te stole stl ? AjU
w ith the initials of M r t^ npon them, and then brake
open and rifled the deaka, besidei which he ci.n^
off a trunk, the contents of wine;. .tr. ralui d at
On the following morning Mr. yuinn returned to hj|
suis?.? with an intense pain in lus head, an'l '?? ". 1;
eyes so mueh swollen that he could scarcely ?. H
w supposed that the scoundrel w a' alle a i ?rr?
amount of mon?.y whn h was in the e.den a fa v day
previoaa,bat winch had frrrtunateivboonracaeaM
So clue to the nerpctrain.'Of the NMMfJ has Si
Leen discovered
Shot in a How.?A ttian ruraed Lv*
renrc Caswdy, while ejaarrelutg .,? Monday aijh'
? a agSMa oi ajajgaaa A, U Iwaen Tiurn-enva aal
roavteefsth sis. with four peraotta, iraaahotMM*
hand by or.e of them and had three of his flrigefi
carried away and the flesh of the hand dre elfullr U
cerated, la the dlatoibanea the b>lividuaJ ^ 11 acid
lbs i i.-t'.i laMed a as if toln ?'1 laasdy, whaaM*
latter cotight hold of the muzzle arsd raeaarodtM
contents a.s staU d. lie was uuin.sliately lak-ot"'
the Peilev i;e Hospital The DHB Wbfl li I !i ? (>
Dkaih ( ai .skd bv Mi uns?A i i .jif*1
was yerterday held at the City lloaptUl -a-*4
body? Ann I'arrtll, a native of Ireland, tinrt/"'0*
years of ?je, wl.o was ad initasj t/> the lioipae j
the |3tli oof. suffering from extensive burr^
she rr eetved from her clothe s having caught Ire
a hfavod i andie. MJm glad yeaterdaj osoraiof/ ?he
de t... eoroingiy.
Ai-i Ksi op a HtttTMAirr roa Foaaasr^
A vraing man nan e,! T. e.-l-.o.-h ?, t."."!?**
doing business at 13a I'enri it . -.rrt. yeater: l) arM*
cd by r flji er Pattoraoa of the Lower Poii?* W*.
and Nevins of the Ui.?trict Attorney's offn e. >''lV<V
with fomi.g the nan..- ?.f his iiere r. Julia delatoA
to the hack of a DOte,of which he fol!.)*:nf
NM :
J2.CC Si Nxw-Y<>mk N.? ifh. rf
Sir la.-nths aftar d-its we i,r <a?i?* i" >?? to ii?* ??'?*!*
Mr J,^n Mciut. ah, ta i th i .viikI an i f .riy-iWe 1> (W
lais.atfl,, t33Pearl-Kt (Skcpail
thomas M IVMSH
Mr Wn L Taaafyhe nf the n.-m of Vandyke ?
Kc+be. of ? William si i, the holder of the gSMj
whn i, o'i .emii^ to rna"ir.tv rer?:une ) ur.pa>d,
on it* lei-g p'-seuted v> v.r Joha Yfr.Inbi.sh,
gentleman pronounced it a forgery Th* esncef?
nave for seieraJ day* iiaal i*-rn ai tart lie ao?-'is*<l. aiw
they finally found linn yesterday at his rewioace Is'1
3 MhasvaWaaMM Ms was c<aeimitte.t toutieea je
i.vai: eiam nation. wtin I, will ;jie j. ., ?Otis iu"'\
ingbefcreJuali. e Bleak'- ey

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