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pjrt w based on a charitable foundation. There are
four element* the founders, the trustees, the mana?
gers, who conduct and distribute, and lastly the Con?
ferences The management is according to the in?
tention of the fonndcrs I ippo?e all the beneficia?
ries should have attempt*' I .'> alienate.. They would
have had no right Their right is enforced and man?
gled according to the scheue, and their riglft, wh?n
u? dispute and difficulty, by the Attorney General.
ur Wshowed a ? a.?e in ,V. w-llainiethire KeporU
where the ta?adcJariea atteatpted todirids the prop,
erty among themselves, ant* the Attorney General m
terfered. and the ( ourt heh it to be retained. If it is
.chanty, the/ have normte except uikderthe charity
j|r W al.uded to several cases. U may beset
down that the law rusts at eQenBBM law, and as
eiifoTCtl where the common lew SSJStS, although
the Statute of Elizabeth may not have been adopted
Has the law bOOB rejiealfd in this State by th"
Revised statute* ' If it has the Hook Concern Fund
?jttce acquired docs not come within charitable
uses, and must confess ther -arc l.-cisions by which
it has been repealed, but in tail case the claim It fal
lacious 1 tie chapter of the Statute that treats of pn
ratetniU of real property, doc-- not touch poidic
trusts nor personal profavtl Cm rharitabM isae The
two are different in their chars.r sad always treat?
ed different
In works whn h treat of haritabli osaa nothing Is
gajd of private trusts, with alight exception-.. Ti?
prosisior in the revised sti tut. ? u to perpetuities
ahowil has been repealed, where i/ropcrty cannot be
densed beyond two lives. Mr. W alluded to ?t!,. r
derasirin-. by which 1.? contended thai the law oi
cbantah.v u?es ha? not l-eer ihn is.I
The Methodist Episcopal ( hurra is a rchjio-is s'>
rJety, and prior to tin sen rod on the pert of plain
tiffs, ext. i 'ledthroughererj part of the unite 1 States
arid retigitwB society oi insi ti on existed taxier end
was sabjti t to the law of public or charitable uses.
In siij p< rt of rsrionspoints, Mr. \v quote.! field
re. vtesl, 0 Wend., SN Goaahill rs Pelton, 7 John?
son's ( h Reports, SSI Moti Garden Street
< hurch, :'Paige, ft Vide] r Gerard's execartors,
*l Howard's I'. s. Reports, IBS B ims' exert v.
Smith, 7 Vermont It., 241. Bukt n Funer, 9 \ i(
Rep.. Mo 1 Mass. it. ,. . 5J*J " lo . 277 1 0 do., l>7 I
15do. 4t.l IC do.. Ibb. 3 Mi r. 2 lllegh. 52*J 8 J.
f. Walker. 427. SO Pickering. 178. 7 Halstead, 2t>C 1
2 Raset II, lit Miller v- Gable, I Denio,4SI
One i I he eases (7 Halstead; was of a Dutch Re?
formed t Lurch?some persons eel up a new etaasxe,
juij eaih : teeaseehres the Tree l)ut.-h Reform.-1
< bnrcb,ai 1 dirtSerl sad it mi- held that the new I
body ci a d aol carry away any oi the property. In
em rlalrttrd there Is a case of a Presbyterian (Smirch
si Peril Indaajr, whs re one portion divided from the <
,?>,>. < W.I.? Ii? i I that t-,. '.v entitled to the i
propert) na? that which adhered to the Presbyterian
castes, and belonged to its jiidicatory. The id of
Ruastil shows a case where pew M?hlers cleiased a
right to vote os the ground ofiatcrest,aad divided off.
bat the rules gave them no right to vote and it a i
deoklsilIkny badnn Tight to the property. Mr. W. ,
auudedtd other essss A- n ales to plaintiffs, by
Iben owa declaration thee mimed a new Churea
under t: ? d c n om i nut i on M the Methodist Episcopal
church ?south. In such an agreemenl they leave
behind IM in the property, and o goes to those w ho
It is BOt pretended the re i? anv departure from do ?
BBSS M ti '.illationon the part ,,'( t|?. defendant. The
complan ' i? misconduct in lie affairs of the ehureh.
in S?government and itiscip me an I the misconduct
sat red it nee lo thai aaoel nnfortunate subject, w hich
mama to i h ate troniile in both Church aad State the
subject of slavery The Methodist Episcopal Church 1
hascerrii I out the eatin doctrin? isn I regulation- ol
the Chun h on that Importal l point, and there is no
laalground fietmnnlalal Thi- Church hat not un?
dertake-' to abolish slavery?-lu v have simplv earrie I 1
SSS those principles and new i a Sich have always cx- |
istcd in tin church, und in w hieb the brethren at the j
South ha i. alwayaconcurred They were of a prac?
tical eh ii icter, and designed to tubsenrs both North j
and South
In the early history of the Church there was, un?
der the auanicesof ihe Ibrtign members, adispoai
Uon to e' olish Slavery, hut tl e'y at 0ocs found it mi
ptarticiihie, and gave up a.i pn tensions to it. and j
adoptt.: ?hat was the Amerii an rule, to let .; alone,
aadleav. it with the state* themselves, and not to
interlere with it any more than was prop,.-r for the I
ahatosoine conducting of the affair1-of the Church
Their doctrine, 1W4. settle I down to the principle
that individuals could hold slaves or not, as they 1
thought proper, but officers it the Church were re
eaaxaa to free their slaves when practicable, and it ;
iatstTrayt htion masatslnrid that Bishipaahouldnot I
be the holders of Slaves, and until the time of |
Bishop Andrews there never was a -live-holding I
Bishop in this ( hurch, although t w o-t turds of the .
Bishops belonged to the South?so that usage, in the '
absence ol any express provieion is oonctaatre as
lb what are the principles ol the Church. There w a
in this in thing at all hostile lo the domestic InStitU
tiona of Hit South The major,lv belived il would he
tetter Hot to have slaves if it could he Btuhlod bul
SB] the abstract question thev considered that the '
principle ot mirfa m Rusaia ahouldnot rtrist alt .
that the condition ,,f th*' lahoffen m England ?
ahould be l'ct.?r?their condition being really a ?
great deal Worn than that of our States?but they 1
?Would not he so (Juixotii as lo attempt abolishing '
the piiiu Iple of terfa in Russia nrto nnsapel aehaagti
at to labor in Enghinii, aStaeaagfe saeh ntxiii?iims; j
nughl do goo ! So as to Slav(rv. thev leave to each |
State to work out ot it as tin v please. Hut in regard
to officers of the church, who are required to go into
different parts thev say they niu-t etnanicipate them
where it is practn aide, and that Bishops shall not be
elected who are the Bsitden oi si iret The principle
Itthat while the holding of slaves would not injure
their usetulness at the South, it night do so w In n he
goes, in H.e line of his duty, to l ice States. Stil
they would treat the matter as recomrnondodby Si
Paul u: :th chap. 2d Coiintbians, MBJ and 21s
verses, i I cy are disposed to leave their domestic
institutions to those who au coosSstSksd m them
to act B Utah own w.,v. Some of the early
bishops onttt sg Iroas abroad undertook to go
further and meddle m the >.?? inest and turned
fMsStxe, bul th. v did not succeed The church
took the plan of the primitive apostles, who. when
tSSffoanda runaway alave,SO I bin to go hack to
his ma- ci and act BS he ttiOUld All the Church
wants isr ii ? oatt ? rt to in- abli. In their Itinerancy,
lo be ali iinngs to all men hi the seaae in which St
Paul seed IBS term They telectl d those Bjf OSBOSrS
wbodivi i ot hohl -luvt s. and where there are minis?
ters in abundance who do not. the land they cultivate
is Envo nel's land It is o le of the radical
?doctrines ot the ( hurch th it Iheil ministers shall
travel, and scatter the seeds ol the Gospel through
OVUlaiiil and tin it !'V wert totravi I. each and all ol
them, Ihr.'Ugh every portion of 'he laud. Until a
arery re ent period Hie system hat continued with
?M the s ightest ilifficultv We firs- heard of the dit
tculty in 1K44. The ioreiga abolitionists atteaipted
by the aut of foreign Bishops to meddle with institu?
tions which thev had no concern with, and meddle
?Ith Oar tan ints. many of wtiom were better off
than many of their OWrn people at home, and is it
surpnwigthal there should be In liri lual sssmlisri ot
lbs Conference who would undertake to flood the
Conference, as tin v undertook to Sood Congress tot
a numU i veins, bat ked by a gi ntlemaa of great re?
spectalul.lv. but acting, 1 have always thought, very
errone nslj
Mr VI conti n led that notw Bastimding all the sf
IsrSiiaat had been Bande to mftueacc the General
Coaference, ei t rv thing was dune in a proper manner.
and tint th. ie was no act ot miscondoctonthcu
i-art wihi'ii could authorise a socesaion He trpoks
tatbntnatn two and three boura, ind will conclude
this Sxvnooe, when lion Reverdy Johnson, for
plauititi, will dose the case
? ??
Q?cial j Hoard of Alderiurn.
ST ATI D BXS8JOM-. Mcsr-sv. Mar BS
i';> y?t.? MiooiAN MoaOAJISi BsAj I'rcs
klsnt \..l tlr.tbii. iVsU*\ Stnrtevant. itaWlev. Cha;imaii.
Kai r, S? Ith, Ball, )ls?i. atlller, l h.k. Hanl. Hr.tt. n. 1>?
laniatir. i raaktua, Cowckua, ish.'.c.
Ihr aunatca oi tho last mi-rtnit ".-re rrstl ?ml ?;>|.r??t>.l
re nrioMs
??she PraeaieBt?t^ttaaeaotC S|ilea t.-t*c-.m'wn?aieti
for lists ul horse on ? harl at Mau.'i ittausilitt Beferr*d to
Committee on Kinstu t
B. ihe snint?tvniion of James W Baskama and ot.iers.
that^isi straetbatBlS ^iwdssl until Ihr craylt- lines have
berude eiliiint.l Bpea Bef. ricl l.. ( .eniu.ttee on B.?ads
Bv the i isat?IViitum of William I. Kirbv lo purchase a
MSwf s.t iat?sl on the t. : N rth M-sire-street
said V.e?l-Hr.sulw;u. Kelcrre.l t.- t:,c Ccuinuttce oa l'i
ti. a Biillin rstBinB nf fnka V WsaaaLaad ctkert,
foraStw.i in JSth-stU'tt. ti. ui tl,- Otti to the Sthaveii.t
K.leii.v! 1, tie. C mmiitee . a Sew. -s
By A Id Giiltut?Petitum oi t:.- less ?- t tti ? ?
aal* ul fa i No 14 tor the aXetUBIVS use of the BOtM BW QJ
aaHof >.i..l laer Referretl to Csmaaittsi a fassiari
ByAK! IH'l.uuatrr?frtiiion ot m?asBeT* ol Kagiu.- C >
No Sklot* alluwsd iviatlditumal nu-u Kelrrrrd to C >i"
santa . t,,, tv artaaeat
SrA.l Irsjvlniii-r'rtitionof H.sseCo N? 5. tohave ti.-w
doors r-h.ctsj ,n |r, nt ,,( their House Keterml to C iiim.t
?i"** oi. gjia fjai sitisai
H? t IViaiuatrr?Fetition of Hrnrs Concklm. for a
r?rr? ui ?(>. i ?,| ?( ssth-strtsi-t. Nona Kivrr RtiieinsJ to
Coiaaet'.r on Krrnrs BakasjBaaatrjr Aid Miller moved a
tassaaatataiasa of aaal rrtert me. ??hat, was earned It*
th*aa.,v.d itiiU it Is leferic.l to th- t'oaimitte ou Abbat
?"?ra AM Haws moved thai 0 be rt teiird to the Commit
te* ??a I'r nr??WllK-h ?l> lost ca ?.t:v s ,<u. Til .U?"*t
Bft Jklri Sxartcvaat, Ihr Pnrsi .t. AM. Smith, Bali.
Haws, liaiA.iu-Ntt*krt? Aid o??l.t, Chapman,
?UUt.C oi.. Kard, Mntt ou. IV! on v. C n klin. D?o!rjr??
OaaaiUoB.Aid Ketty waaeseusi k a > ?mr, Th.-nues
twaw??-. . Ltakeaon the ro.?li I 1 Millfis? whi.-h
was car - ,
By A 1.1 startcvniit ?fetiUon of |..a-i T K ftanVolsoa th*
behalt ot Iv.nnthsn Ka com. to he re irtssl from erroue ?1*
tax Skderred to the CmaraBt? ? t'maao*
BrAkl Kraakha?PaUUua f J W lla.lh>ld to supn'..
?>? ?Ve \\ .rWs f- r th* fourth --f July Ksfonnl to lb*
apee-al C-i'unittea ihi thai sui..
ByAUl C -tie*lin? rVtili.? -I t'has II Hart, to have tho
aaktwalis .4 Ut'i-slreet. brt?... V?, , .. A and Virst ,o
avaae at fmi ts ale Keferretl loC aiaiittee imStratts
*> Aal C.sJ,?Petitiouof lilwanl Ualy audiaherstohar*
Norf.iis-^ITC.i '.nhted with 11? tteftrrad to th* Committee
?-ii Laai(?Hud 0 is
S? AW franklin? Pet-tum of K A \Vr-s?* to be relieved
i?? "rtisas as lax Keft-:ra.t t itbt C o.nmittee oa Kmaice
Br Aid Ctajcklm?l'et-ii 'u of Mi Msllea and others lor
?"?"?i a?ruA street, trom .1 aveane oM avea-e Be
m**:C amuttee -n Sewers
BT A l KaUT-rVtui.m of ?eu-.u? l erg isiw to lwr*lie*s,l
U aii.a.?v.ttaTas of lUt Krferred a* C 'lamitte* >u IV
,?^L l)"ol?w-l??titi.m i-I Pete- st-is'irsan and o!hers
I"* BStea Jfch-i* l?-t ????-. Hroadwa, aad Tth
araa.,* Haferrad a* Committee ue H *d*
By the same?Petition of Rnjpne O NI | tm , n,w x*.
VZoZSSmT'localJ,n u
The ComnulU* on AiMuaunti praMnte.l a re>,rt sJ
verse to the petition of John Oongh for refunding amount
<>f ?nnnnjBM paid by turn in error, which wU adonted
ami the paper* ordered on file.
The Committee on Aues&mcnt* presented a re-wet ?i
jer?e to the petition of Udbert. Prent?, k Tattle ruklnr
for par f^a crow-walk laid by themselre, ln front %f th-i*
reared fm |ye,M^',trTO,? WIU Md the
Aid Bntton. on learn, presented th- fallowing lanajaejaa
-Retoltt? That the Commissioner of Kepair, all S
be directed to cause the pump in Amitv ,-Vee: Zw H- .i?
?X'Jted. re aaJ the W?1J "S wax
Ahl Hard, on leare. nr^.nted the BsDawBB* re, BnsBsss
tilTv**'"?- Th.at H5?,,r,ln, ?t^tarai.n.J place hf
the ( rotoa Aoue.lu.-t Deaertanatt raafanow-arreetVeuteiir
aide ??**?Springand print*, eta., and that the m ?
?"fty-fivf dollar, ra hereby am.i,.nate,] Ibrtha iaJD*-which
?aaarjMlad ?i dtrnaoa.ria 4JsraWt.?< Aid 8tu ;.
Ball Haw,, Miller Co .a. Bat ,1. Britta. Delairralo.-. Freak
1m. Cricklm and Doolev?16
Aid Ball BfBBUatlll the f .11 wmz NO latj m. v /-?r
ror-rd. That the mdewaU in Blcerker-street.fr oa Vrm
?tr?et northerly be repaired?which was a looted' s iV,"
oueutlv Aid l>lama:er mnyed a rnnraaaasiai n f the
r.-te ail..[itinr?ai.l res-il-ifi n, w hich wm camel-in t tie
?hi ,- was referred ?.. the ( mmiUsc ? v.ree's
Ah) Ball presented the following res .luti-.n. which was
r< f-rie.lt.. the Committee ..i, Streets. A>?,-,..,y r,,
Ihe H.dewa.k? m (ire*tna i. h-aveuue. fram Pe ry-i reel
northerly, I* retired
RFtVIiT- kr.>' MF.H
Jhet oii.nutte.' Ai>s. sm... .. ;.t? 1 a ,, , ,-? ,]
v. rse to the [..;tit;..i. .f .T.i.hc.s B.,..rrnaii
ten t., 'he sewer in tit I -a.i.i.uc, (: ... J ?..
xi Inch w as adopted and the papers ordered on file
The Coararitti ? ?. fin n. partm.::.* an saat? Iri r ? m at
favor p| repents* Bell-tow er at Jaaaraoa auuitet?whieh
a :i? BBaBtBU
'Ine Committee oo Fire !)??; artme-t? pi lead I Ml in
ntvoraf lauaiiiuf Honaa of Hoe* Cmaiawi No It)?watch
? ?.adaaiaa
Ihe Committee on Fire Department pres?ne1 a -coot m
favor of fencing in rround in the rear of H.i i?e, ..; fcnriif
Co No 29 and Tl.me Co V? II?winch was adopt- I
raraai raoai oti saraian
A eoasasirairstloa waa racuised ftasn th< Street C imm.s
si. ncr with a if port un.l olaim of f .em.., m s crate
.. I -::??. .t.s ai. 1 i. .-lo i. -1.... a /_? 1 - ...... ., ; ? 1
to th. Comnutte. i n R ads.
A cr.inniuiucation v a? r. ceived from the Bureau of aucss
aisalf eabaarttian; the .rdmanc? ap;..>inti.na a -s t. a,
?<-s? theeirienseoi nilms; n mken lot? between 21th and 3 V
streets arid the 1st and ? ', aveii'ies Also beta.iMthaBa
Ifih-otraeta and btii an'l nth-avenues?hich vj, ?.i ;,te i
on a division, viz : ASirmntirr?Aid CJnrlin, Bt'irteraat,
Oak lay. ( hapasaa, Kelly, the President. AM (smith, Bell,
Haws. Miller. Co.-k. Hard. Britioii. !>? honao r, (
ami Dis.ley?16
The Stre. t C'..iiiiiiis-. i.. r j.resent. 1 an BMOTtlsnsSSat of
assissnient in the matter of biuldirie a sewer u. 9;h-st.
Aiwi, an apportionaseal >.f iis>ei?siiit;iit m the malfw ..f
rcmilalu f and n ttinir i int. and cutti i stones in S .-nli-st
b< twaaa Pik. and Cathanw -ts . which were a.l,.pte.i
A communication was rai ein l fr >m th. Coouaisaioaar of
Streets and Lamp* with a stalansant of Ike rcc. ...t- awl . i
p. mht'ires -f 1.,-.;. paitmrnt for the ma?rtor ea lins. .March
SI. IUI, which was laid "ii the table and directed to be
A c-aiuiiiinicati :i i< fr. -t: ' .<? ('? ?? - -: .tier .f
Hepaira and Supplies, with resolution, at-pr .j.natiru- *
for repairs t? house ol Hose Co (fa R3, waiek was adopted
on a division, viz: Aid Unfln, Btartavaat. Oakley Cnap
man, Kelly, the President ; Al.l Smith, Hall. Haws. >|
('...?k. Hard. Bntt..n. Dalaaiatar, Coaol tin Bad I?..... r? (
A enauaaicatioa was reeetvad fr.cn the Crotna Aqaa
duct Department, -ui.Hunt a statement ..f the contract*
entered into since th* last siniilai noasaiuakaili.. . via For
water uip?;s for the year ItUI j f..r tapper's boxes. f.n Ina-s
c.aik? for the year IUI; f..r sapplriaa skunaaae with water
f..r three years from the 1-t Apnl mil. fordr*dBias ...t
Harlem Kiver at Hiiih Bridee . l.u inserting J.U'JiJ tap*la
the street mains with wi.a'h to connect service p.i.c? I ?r
dwelbnes-kc; together with abstract of estimates; for a
sewer in Fulton stroal fr ea On < aw* u 11 n.ar Broa I way;
for sewer in Broadwa) from Canal to mar Whit* street;
for sew. r ;n Hroadwio from Spring to Beat Ho retofl -.
fur sewn in tlst-?treal fron Hudson kuvei to or ai Rh-avi -
hue , for newer in 7lli-aveiiue fr..in Itth-atraet to and tlirouen
I7ih-?lreet to 100 feet went of Ith aveaue; l?raewa n ire
nue A from iRthtoltth street, frith braaehe*in Ttth and
I7th streets , for sewer in ID ii-slieet fromtth-av*BU*Uj '..i l",
west of Broadway , tut s. \m-r in 3.ttl,-sti....| fi<>in % t . ?, hv
for ?..wer in Columbia--! from Staatoa to neej Rivingtosi
fct , f..i sewer in City Hall-plaoe. from Dnaa* taaaarCnam
bcrs-kt . for sewer iaWatTenaadOreenwiehBta froaiMar
ray-stthrouah Greenwich and Warrensti to Nfaatwest
of Chapel st. ; for sewer in Hudson -t fr *nMWai in Clark
son st to and throuirh Ler?y-el 'Joo feet east, fir srwer in
3ist st from the sewer m Madiaon-av to a petal lift , feet
west of 4th av : for sewer in 37th st from th" sawer n '.?!h
nv. ton jk.int 37j frotwastoffth air ; for MsrerinItsWI
from 8Hi-av to y6 feet west of Tth-as . far sewer la tlst-al
from 3d av to 2c laet ea*t of leTiaatna sv , for sewer in
9'li-st from nearSd-as toawartkhsai , for -ewer hi 4th--'
from the westerly nde .<i th* Bewarj la Bear Latayatt*
pluee?which waa accept,'.l and the paa*raMdaiad >.i SI*
raraa* rao i raa boaku oi aaaisTANTs
A (Sflsaasuaseatioa froai the Btraal Coassainsiassi in rela?
tion to 'he grades of BtrOOt* between Hatlery-place and
t'ortland-street with a resobitlon therefor?which wa- re?
ferred to the Committee oa Streets
A Report of the Cnmiuittee oa Financr in fav q ..f |ftrrH|
premises No HI Boosevelt-strcet for the term .f Bvaraan
from the 1st of May, IBjI. at the animal rent oi $T?it.i Hcn
rv Cornell?w hich w as c nc irred in oa B dlVSSlon, til
/C/?rfsnliir-Ald Crillui. Stiirtevant, Oak lev, Chapman,
Kelly, the President, AW South, Bail, Haws Mil er.Cook,
Bard, Bntton Delamatei. ami C.aickbtt?It
A MMtl of the I'.-mmiiiee on Kiino.ee ia favor of paying
Arthur Killer for s*rvio**randerad as Ball tunaei upon the
City Hull fr.aa the !Mh oi .iHiiaary to Ike ^.'?th ..f Mav. mo
Ahl lluws ajuved to refei to Ilia OaaiaHUui .-n Fia*ao*
which was rained on u division, via AJhmnlnr? Aid
Hturtevant, ciiapman, the PisMaueat, Aid Basitk, Hall.
llu? s. Jli.ttoii. lielaiiiatei. Franklin ami Doulev? II rVl /
u/nr-A'J Oodge. Oakley. Kelly, Millar, Cook, Uar.l.
A Report of the Committee ,.n Finance, hi BtVM of rc
niittmg the Personal Tai on it" fstatc of Thoataf H
Fearee, No 3 Hatten plaOS, "huh was relcrred to the
Committee en Finance
A Ke|sirtof the Committee ?n Finn-ic. m Co .<r a! remit?
ting Tax in Hie church of the " Kost Holy Redeeaier." ia
'llur.l Ward, which w;is reh rre.! !?.<' IBllitai.Pkaafl M
A Re|sirt of the Committee on Finance, in favor of ra?
nnt ting the Personal Tai oa the Batata of Hiram Jo.. N.<
39 Warren straet, Third Ward, waiek waa rasarred to the
Committee nn Pinaaos
A R. ,h.rt of the Committee on Finnin e, in favor ..f remit?
ting the Peiseiiai 1 ..x ,a. th. Lstateot Joseph Caiv.a, Thir?
teenth Waid, w ha h wa.s rtf. tred to the Couuuilti" >.a i'e
A Hc;xTt of Ihs Committee on Fuc DapailBsent, la favor
of amcndin* the Raanlataai adopted by this H.?ini. May 19,
IHil, i'lovnling for the t.uilding ot a Ben Ka-uie l.u ('. NO
Iis? which Wils roue ai led in oa a rhviaksa,?u A?im <t ?
Ahl Hollge, SI rtevant.Oaklev, Chapman, K.-lo . the I'res
i.lent. A I.I Smith, BaB. Haws, Miuer, Cook, ?Bisl, Br.t
lOB, Frankiin. l>s.lev?lt>
A r, i^.it of the Oi Buaittec oa Fir.. Be part asset ib I .."i
of inuugiung to Una* Co No I oa* of the Hose Carriaaa*
ordered to be built oa 14 Paaa"B ataa," which eras eaaour*
led ,11
A report of tlie fjoesjauttee oo nre DsoartkMal in Cm i
..f purchasing a site in 2jth-st for the pur|Hise of erectiai
thcicii a Hiiuse for Kng.uc Co No ? Aid F mkll .
urn\ed to amend the n s autioa Bttachsd I ? the rap >rt b> in
keiting therein the words, "Im the PJtrpoa* * ereetinj, ?
House, the .-.Hue behtf for the bbs of F.ngitir Co Ha I lad
Ibse Co No 39." which was earned The rspOSl as
nniemled was then OOBCWied in
A report of th* ('ommitl. e oa Streels in fivor of Paviaf
Mndison ax betweea -3d tad Ltiih-sts . and Here-g Ihs
mc. walks therein, w ith an t Ir.linance llleref >r, winch w ,is
referred to the Cxnannitte* oa streets
A rejsut of the Committee oa Roads a nw?i ii *? Of
Btth-st fioiuwh to uah-io ,whsDhwaslesiriadtothi 0**a>
mittee oa Road* .
A report of the (Nimaailtee oa Fire Department ib f*. . r
..f n nutating loaeph i>. l ion- m the Fir* D*partai*Bt
which waa otavcurrad m
A report ot th* Comauttee on Boad* in fav.-r of aarnti
Iltfth-st fr. in tin Sd-uv to tin HliKimingdale Road worked
ss a Country Road?which was referred to th. Committee
on Hands _,
A report of tb* Committee on BMBkuSiafBVM 01 w..ik:ns
lOih-BS from 174th to IMth streets as a country road?which
\. is n !' ired to >hi CoBUBittee on Koads
A rep..it of Ihe Committee on Sewer* .'. fav >r ?! ' a ! !:ti ?
asewai ia Itlh al Betw*aatlthaBals?Jiavaaueawith aaar
daiaiu e lln iefor?which was lel'erred to th* Committee nu
S. weis
A n |-'it of th* Committee on SVw. rs m favor ..f Boil bSBJ
a sewer in Grand, Ckhati* and Hestei stieet?, with an o.di
Baacw las*ein, whkit aas raaatred la Um Daaaa?tt** oa
S. Weis ,. ,,
: ? report ol the Cominitlrv on Sewers in lai i t '?aa.ling
B s. v-cr in Fi arl-str. rt from sewer in Uroad-street lo t'-.. :i
t.es Mi,?with an ordinance then for. which was concurred
I in on a division, via Affirm.itm?Aid linmu, Dodc*. B*nr
Kvant, Oakley. Ckapniaa Kellv.thi Pre* at ?an, Aid Pant a,
Ha... Haws. Miller. Cook. Bard, Untton. franklin BBS
1 Dsafiy at
I A ivpsirt ot the Connn'tt. e ?:; Sewer* m lav r ot amen t
Ine; etiiinaaee foe a ran*er at IQth-atioet. uataaaa wa?a* H
and C-with an ofdanaajO* therelor?wtnch wa* concurred
m 0B a illusion, viz AfBrsaafSS*?Aid liiilh" lkiilge,
Bturlavant.Oakley, Ckapasaa, Ke;;>, ik? Pre?id*nl, Aid
sii. i i. Ball, Hawa,Mdler,Cook,Bard, aVsttoa, Fiankha
and lVs.lev?16
A e|*.rl of Ihe Coniii. lt.. oi. S'.reei- im .! .1 is nnit
taaj he Kuss j.a\. m. nt to is sprinkled with water-?waaSh
wa- . lened to the Committal onttraata.
A ir|*>it of the Committee on Streets in favor ?! paying
rartmen for cartiur manure twenty cents par h?d. oa and
i::n the last du\ ol Juu u. xt?w'Li. h w jj> rSiBrr* ! t. the
Committee ill. .eaan.i; sticet.
A Report ot the CoBsjnittca on Street* ia fav ? ftTJnai
sci.kenli.ts betwavn it.th and 17th sts an.l i*h and !7lh rts.
m ar 1st aven'ie. with an onhnance therefor?w inch was
n ferred to ihe Commute* . n Streets
A rcjs.rt of the C. urn nice on Street? ia fax I ri
s nk ui io!? la'twtsrn 'Jtn and I ah sts . 1st an 1 3d ars .
wna an orduiance t be re for?which ?u reler-ed t> th*
C. i. .,utee on streets
A iejH>rl of Uie C.-innuitee .-n Streets m far r >i ri 'm; in
;:. .i .lit i-lh-'Oce' Cifl. the i??h- ..en e I ? tie ex
lehu 1 ne. wnh an ordinance therefor?which was referred
t C> u.mit:ee >>n Street
\ ., rt oi the Ci mmittif on Street* iu fav..; ,i allow?
ing owners .*f pr.^ertj in Unssdwav. west sale, t>e'.?een
Jith lad ; -' : ? a :? : I f!ag 'he sidewalks ? front thereof?
w ueh ? ?.- laej ned ;.. the t aaawatteeea St... is
A report vf th* CesaBJittea oa Btreata sa hvror ol re| datuig
?: ? , ti.:..- . :l ai.Jullt ?1 lies in Jblh streit.'-etwee i 1st
ui.,1 3-1 an :.u,.*.?.'.I. jii .U.....1. i-?liic.oii? ? ? ? .
d.i.- ii. vii Aid (. :" ... V *'.'? . Start -m-t. Oak
IcCnaimaa. K*!!v. the P- -? L,Aid Sasitk.Hal Haw*.
M ley Shaw. Cook. Ha ' H: t: -n. IVlamater Franklm,
Ccncklin aiai I>H.ley-ti
A report of the C.mnattee on Sewer* DI f?? >r ?! .'..n
s. ? rttmraaewa* bitjra?iwsgk *tiw*l irom K?:uie i > Jxy,
w ?' orxtli t:ee there lor? w hicU was relVrre 1 !> the
Coaaaun** am Saw***
\ n-js-rt of ihe C.vimitt.? on Police to." of idnenng
to'their foneer a,'ts>n. und r. n-cairurnug ia i.^ r-s-dutian
? ? .X \'.-.s 11. aiV li.e. vis,' of the ot. s S tsstW* V'u
A sport of the l\sii.natUv on W tiane?. P.. ? ... I I . -
in favor of gnuung jcrmisaku to John mMLs in to br.dia
, l' n front of :he hulkhesd or West sTe.o . ?.- vi r; a
??nt- whi. h waa refirrcd to the Cone ..ttae >a Whinti.
Pll rs a.il Sli, s.
\ re ort i I the Ciwcnif.ee on Repair* UM b>T9a*?m In
fax a el repaihaa tue U>?eineut ol rr.inkim M ?????. x-i :
? Oing f>n? Utaiass* *hark asas radsrrad a* ta
, U ? ?..er . n Ke-sair. and[ Supp?- .
? S"1^ p'n-miUX? I? appoint*! on thu p*rt af this
' fr*rVi>*llSn *??c?j-rH?i. and Ute President spt?o,'t*d AM
I * raaklm, Britton and Cook such Com-mU*? Oa motion
Ali) Cook ?u excused fr..m seniag ??'?''" ?n" f11* aad
I the Presalent appointed Aid Dodg* in his stead
A resolution that Wm C Smith. Jr. b* reajpo atad a
Coouniasioner of Deods for tho City aad County A New
i York, which waa concurred in.
I A resignation of B F Corns, of the offi-e of T "ist? I*
' Common Schools of the Ninth Ward, m*,1 h? said
; Board Also, a resolnticn apporatmg James W l-?th in
; h:s ciare, wh"-h wss roncnrTH in
Aid Conrkho mored to take um Dir No J4, bevwrthe re
ports of the Committee on Strebt? in fs?"r .if ? d?nin*
Reekman-street between Park-row and Pexrl-?tr-?t . also.
' in fa?..r of improving ihr grade? of C1..T and Rrenuan sU.
at the.r junction, whirh was earned To? report ?u widen
n.g Beckmau-s'.reet sat Srst i orualercd Aid Hawtmored
to amend the resol ution appended le the re :<urt t?, . rovidiag
. that the widening take place on the 1st dar of Mx-. lait.
which was accepted The laa.e was thea adapted as
Jn.cnded. on a Civisisn. tiz .aj|iTwiani.-?-Ald Griffin.
, Dodge. Stnrteraat, Oakley, Ctiajman. Keily.the P-esMrn:.
Aid Mn.tr.. Ha... Haw?. Miller. Coo*. Bari. Br,:t?ia. Del
amat'-r, Franklin. Coodika and D ?>:?y?it
1 he report on improving the grades uf Curf and B- ekman
I streets, at their junction, seat ftsssVns***B?*l**V with ata *t
diiiance therefor (FhttBaBte the same was ado;^?.| on a
division, ti/ A?rm>'^> r? AM Griffin. D-k-- s ml,
Oakley, t heaa ? Ks ..th- Pi?alia I AM Simta. Ball!
Haws M i ok,Bard, Britto?. Dalaiaatsr, Franuhn.
C-ttt Mal -i I I) - ,t??it
A rt It..!' ... , ,f., . i) ; I-.:...;.;. ... fav Jf
of reinstating (1. ,rre Brcidmi ?er as a .member of tae Fire
DeMttaaeaS-^aich ? i. adopted
A r-: rt : (' i..:i..n Streets.m far - . extend
A.har.y-r* frtxtt Sa pres. tit tersninati--aat OieauaiaiB tl
to Tnn:t>-r.ace?vhxh was BBS BBthetaBsl and directed
to he printed
A..i Mwtovaal assted tha? SaaaxaxttS fa it at made
ti.e special orier fat the n-xt meeting at Ihe Board?wrn.-i
v. ???. carried
AM CetieSJJa - i at the Board d<? n?w adjourn?
whith was cameil --n a il.vision, viz 4SV*tatB*S?AM
Sturt. rant. Oakiev. Chapman. K-il.. ft .1. B ird. Delaina
ttr, Franklin. Cmklin. Dooler?it fYeaaflsa AM Grif?
ts. I) Sgl. Um Pit B*V at, Aid Sax ilk, Haws. M.lfer. C -k.
Wheat -u n the President anr. ci nee J tha: the Board
atood adjourned until Tuesday, -rrthinst . at J o'clock. P M.
It I VAl.ENn.N't;. Ciark.
Ojjfncl; Doard or Assistant Aldermen.
MATED SESSION.. M..n..,y, Mi. -"I
Prutni?A. A. Alyobo, ESsq. Presirli at,
in i,.- ('I.?.A?am Moore. Hai?v. Malihatt, Mc
Carthy, Boye?. Harr. .1 Ii Ue'.h, Jai Webb, Crane. Mil
?' ? .?-. . !.. 1 ,. )?.,a-Su;. .-. U ... j IJ....... .-, |;... K.J.
BvAsst AM Ticman?Of inha' .-ai.tsa! >:;; hue fHir
leai l^ulrcad. to have rr.-re traaaeal trains, aad fare rs
dureJ l*o t rr. oa streets.
By same?Of I>r s A Hills, for par of bul tor ?rriees at
Ulh Ward Station Hoose To Com on Polio*
B> As?t Aid BaBth-. Of factooa Hose Co v it. f..r re
pai-s to iheir house To Cost on Fire Daiiai Isstal
By Asst Aid Ja? Wehl??Of A??t Cuptam Polaw Sxf
ail.hti- nai :?,? f., ( in iiSi.ariesiiiidOili. Mrs
BrAest Aid Mabbatt?Of Brooklyn Uasua Ferry Co *,r
relief from inane ir Crotta watei To Coat oaCrttoa
Aiiuetiui t
p.. Assiatai.t am Ely?of H.?s?)CoanaayHe M*Im tar
m.ssi.? to ilsi tl.. r. ar ;>..rti.-u ?{ ihn f.ts ... v h.. U ti.. ir
h . stund.? To I ,.|.i ..ii Kin Dei artini;!.:.
Of theCoaatalttet on Firo Department t? pay Hose Co.
17. for repairs to their house?and that the su-iject of
re; ainiis; the house r*- referred to C .immttee if R-pairs aad
Supplies Adoptt I
Of th.- CouBfttea on Wie Pspiilanal 111 m la n pur
house of Hose Co It, ia Third-etraal Adopted by the fal?
lowing vole Afirmnlivr? The President. Assistant AM
MiKire, Haley, Mal.liatt, McCarthy. Hove. Barr. J b
Wi-i.n, .Ihs w.i.i,. Crane, Miller,South,Tieiaaa, Pearsall,
Sands, Ward, Bohrter. Klj, Batsraies
of same, to concur t.. appropriate tsstsfbt iiiipiiiiamaBll to
house of Hoae Co 41. m Wall-a) Adopted ay the i ?;: .w.iig
vote. A?.muiliir-lLv Pr.-sid.rat, Asaataat am Moore,
Haley, Mabbatt, McCarthy, B ijxs . Barr. J W w.-t.b. Ja?
Wil.l., Crane. M....r. Sun:;,, tu ma;.. P> arv?.;, St..:,
Ward. Ii. :?ti r. E ?.. Edwar..s
Ot same. t. oaoear to repair tins- ofsTesjaeOa He BJ
Adopted hy the followifl| vote AJknmUtm "The President.
Assistant AM Moore, Haiev, M ?? itt, McCarthy, Boi
Barr..i b Webii.Jas Webb,Craae,Milter, South,TMiaaxt,
PaaraaU, Baada, wnrd. Bolster, kiv, Edwards
Of same, a.Weise t<> puyment of lull for a "tender" for
Engine < .. No 11 Adopted
of ("omni,ii,-.. on An? ai..i Sctassoa.toosssoui tapteaatt
a standHiii of colors, to lie present. (1 to-.m Bagisseal n Y
State Mihtct Ado;.:. .1 la th-f..iio?.n.- , a.. I Htrm.,t?;
-The Pr.sMent, Assistant am Misire, Hie. .M.il.l.xU,
McCarthy, Boyco, Barr. J II Webb, Ja? Webb, ('ran..
Mill. r. Smith, T.t a...... 11 ..i?;.::. Bxukds, Ward, Bolster, Ely,
Edw ards
(it Ci imr.ittt e on Sew i is. m fav..r of Sewer in 11 i m
st , between Broadway ? id Oreen.--st Ad ipted hy thr t ?!
lowing voll A?krmmtivt?The Pre-dent. Assistant Aid
Moore, Haley. Mabbatt, McCarthy, Btqree, Barr. J H,
Webb, Jus Webh. Crane. Miller, Smith, fo m I Pearsa ..
S.-ii-ils. Ward, Bolster, E j. Bdsrsirds
i)f Committee on Crottas Aijaedueti oa svsdiy astttasM
for layuig C rot on pij-c* in the upper put of the city iskmt
to le diaehaired, the ?..rk tXtBBJ in in s OBOM IB iii i is i OBI
..r i,In,u( to b* so Adapted
Of same, to concur lor fire hydrant ui Temple si n. ir
CmIui Adoptnl by the IbUowxafl rote i <*>s*s*ass-? The
Piasideni, Assistant Aid Moore. Haley, Habhaft. MeOar
thy. l;...' H Wobt?. Jas Webb, Ci tae. Miller. Smith,
Tieman, Pearsall, Sands. Waid, b ilstar, By, Edwards
Of Mime, in favor i f free hydrant in ltth-st., bstwete
Fllkt-i.\ Mid ..v A Ad ted by thi 1 li ming vole A fflr
avjlitsr?'lbc President. Assistant AM Moor*. Hafey, Mab?
batt. McCarthy, Boye*, Barr. J B Webb, Ja? Webb,
Cmne. Miller. Smith, He man, Pi mail, Sani?. Ward.
Bolster, Ely. Edward.
< ?f same, f refer resolattOU to ,i-.\ ir I fl images to th* C ?
tractor for buddini Htm nr ia |Halaarj m to th-C.immitt.-e
on Etna nee Adopted
Of Committee OB th* L is Departi lenl in fasor of .? .nfirin
iiu ? ? li?'s i'm S.-sit in J7ili->t fruiu jib lo Slh
av , and ihroueb 6th-to to lUh-st . hiM for boildin* ilr nns
and till nt in suakaa lott Bttwaefl i.-h an.I I3th-?ts and
between avs Ii und C . Mel BMMtatiinr Aimer Saiifor.l e d?
it ctor then for Adopted by th* foU*WXB| sot* Aptrm
lot?The Piesuleiit, Assistant AM Moor*. Halt-.. Mabbatt,
McCarthy, Boro*, Barr. J it Webb, .i.e. Week, Oraao,
M.11? r. Baaita, ta iaaa, Pearsall. San !.,. Ward. Bolster. El.,
Bdu aids.
l it ( eiiiin ttee on Strcrts to 0 lie ir to rej-ilate and graile
iOtaOt betwete 9th and linh-av and setting curb and gul
Urr ateae* the rasa Ceaoanad at by tat following vote:
A?rmatnt?Th? President. AssaaUue A! I Moore, Haley,
Bttsbbatt. Mi' arthy. Boy, e, Ban j h w.-.b. Jus Webb,
Craaa,BuQar, snath, naaaxe, Baxats, Ware, b. l?'.er, Eir,
Ed wares
Of same, in favor oi |aaSfl| Bah a i.?? corner Chrvstie
and OraaeVat* Adopted bj tea follewiai vote iij?nii.i
iiu-Tl.t PranWnt, Assialanl Aid Moon. Halay, Mab?
batt, McCarthy, Boye?, Barr, j p. Wabe, Ja.? Webb,
Ciaaa, Millar, Bauth, Traaasa, s.il.Is, W urd. Bolster, EU,
By the I'resaient, that Oao?ft tire-:, and others, owners
of property en ^Jib-si be allowed to Construct a sewer in
sn d rtn 11 :.t their aw n -i; en .c To ( uum.tti-e on S. ? ??
b) Ast) IM Crane?Armed, Thai Pitt No 11 e k to
v ah Bed s I ten on a est sale Adopted
Bv As?l Ahl Edwards? Reto!rrd, That Jlst-st from
liit. r to K-ver is? lighted with oil as asm as the street is
icgi.latf d and staded Adopted
By Asel Aid Craaa.?jaanaW, The His H atot the
Mat i haraqaeetedteinform this Board n was) ?aaaya,
Bad what aatouat, aerre bate paal into the Mayor's orfico
i - licences to sell gunpowder for the year 18-sl Adojtted
b\ Asst Ah! Suiilh ? Rrsolvrd. That the open lot. be
tin.:. A.i., es i' .... I H. m i th-si eel t.e fenced ui ?
Ad pled
By Asst Aid Bead* ?Risolved. That the crosswalk i
li: ;. i ^::t.: fi au NE t ? S E c rner M alberry be relaid
Ad ; led
b. Asst Aid B I<ter ?Resolvei. That a ?ewer bt ?milt
in ?lh-street, fr. ? North Rrrw 11 asai lath av ?l o Otai
ell Sewer.
By the Pro dent ?Of ow ners anil s-c ipruits m Jlst-street
batweeaSdaad leafaxctoa avenue, to pave and dag ? f-i
Coin on S'reel?
racM soaaa ok a&aeana
Bapart to leaaat peraoMl tax of T A Hattaitl?ToCoai
on ? inn nee licport to remit |*rss"mai tat of Henrv W
Fel] ws - t ? same Bs?eti to remit |?rsoiial tat af N
(oa\ ? To same Kc(s>rt to ronut persoual tat OtOtatft
Boajers.?Ti oh
lo.:-! ... V. ... u.. Fa.::n.i:. ?erviee? rendered ?
1 i -sme.
BciHirt to pave, set curb and f tter. and flag sidewalks ,n 1
Ulh-strre'. t?iwcer. Avenue A and Ist-aven ie ?To Com
I B St.ee:? 1
lies :. t. -ei cal s -le-Ti-i -.; ?( rerratling. ia
South streat, ir. ie. xasssetesi to Catbarmr ?CUbd 'rred m
BaaoiuU?n that new carruutes tor Ho?e Co* 19 and Ii)
1 c ? nalm ? that tor No 3?. .n place af Pine's plan ?Con?
curred in
Bes.. n rei iating grale. tec of S->'ith-street fr-m
R.-.?e\e': i i Call'..nine COBB 'red in
Besol t?.n tu lem.ae p":u; cor Grand and Orchard st?
Be* .of Was Madden : t Iti M -it-street.
and repealing former resolution ?To Com on Finance
Kesol i i.n t.. rei air cair aie-wav ia Jtth-street. Utween
8th and 10th as* Coac irret in
Bos..! it* n thai J. ha Mt Bary t* appointe.l Com of Deeds
iB nlacc of JJetta Deaaet] 1 -C..m '* Salaries and Offices
Stat. mtnt at coetrad f: m Coouaxsawtaerof Str.-et* and
Laims . i miiiittt e on Bt pair* and Stipphcs
Report to remit personal tea el S M Bicnu.gham To
C mn.!-f. ? :. > manee
R.-i rt oa ap; si | <; egeA Witt for corracboe at
RfOft to pay btH at C AS Milhank To same
Beport to pave TJd-ol from '?: h aven 'ie t.? Bn?*dwa? To
C aunaae* oa Btraet*
Rtpoit mrsftrnd ,s-r*.iial tax lo Mar-- B TiI1.cj.ib To
Coauaittct ? n Fiaaam
Kejs.rt for sewer i . (r-M-s: .from Ferrv to Frankfort To
C. nimilte. on St-wt rs
Kelt iruaj i-> Utk ii of Robt .Merrill, for permission t ? erect
iron stalls, to Str.-. i ('? mm.ttt?-. ?.11. poser To Commit
it . l l. .s'ti,, t?
R.-s . .. : i:;.. thaXt ?\m-st . BOtWOt:. 1st aad Id avs
To same
Rtls-rt : bu.m . I'-.i it :a : t : Jj-.h s: . E R To
C ui mitit, :, v, :.a \ s a.
Bauart taaatSSasawtS Jtal :Dteea ?t, H R Ti
I be E. ard then a.I "im sd t? Turs.iav aftem> a. at j
o'ci et l- ? is* Buaatst J ii i hambeks.
Clerk, pn tem
? The swr.ih aas left un?e- urt 1. or turned the
Wfta k ?,.\. M the crossing just atsove the tunnel, on
the north side ot this city. XT.t afcrnoon. and a pas
BSBfSI brass ran into a rravt I train in conse^'icr.ce?
kuilit'g thru '.aS.rtrs on travel tra.u N\>:.e of
ttte pasaeusett were hart
P S -*.Vc just learn tha: only IWB persons were
Bided-the oll,er is s.ik1 to be not vet Je.al. hut will
not r*K>bably lire. The tTavel train ran on to the
Masai ro? ;, t?> let the passenger tram pass. The
switch man did r.ot turn his swr.ch ?a k. an 1 the
down train ran directly upon Bat gravel men. The
switch tender has not b?en seen since The aames
Of the lawtuttt kiiJ?sd were John Murpfiy. an 1 Ha?
lac.'.i i an v. Anthony Manun verv h.uilr injured
.lla.-ford Times. 2S
A LaasBJ Ba\&e)M.?The La-r-astar(ftu)
R,tt.>.in ?*ys tha: Mr John W:-e his nearly com?
pleted i ntsaimoih Bakooa, ca^ie of ho Kling W.uts)
i u: k to I ol ras, aad ? inyaaj up sixteen persons of
IsOpeuaseeaclk Heiatead make his ?r*t toy age
from the City of Philadelphia ?oo??
PPTTSM eoiivci.tioii ?>t' tli- Hl'ksite
Quakers eemmeneed m Mtil city on Monday
U. S. District Cocut.? The Grand Jury
came into Court and presented one or two bills, when
they were diKhargod for the term.
tt? "HRKMK ( OIRT? In the matter of
tft* sppUcatoa of the Maror. Aldenr.-a and C BU -
Wsw-Tet^rejaare te the OPENINU
Or SEVENTY FUtST ST . from Third-avenu- to S
renth-arenne. tn the Nineteenth W*H trf ?*i Crty ?Th*
um.?-sign-... C^min-wum-rs k???? ?-?1 Ass."sst-?v |
tr.e ah,^eentiried matter, duir rmte.! i - .? of the
^'l^t^r'L"-/1*'BO?"*??Pur*"?n? t? *e raaaaraaaaaai
sj an art of th? f>ri*,iti!re of ihr Pe???, ..f the S;.tt,,.f
J>cw-x?rk. entitled " Aa Act to amend an Act entitle.! aa
*?**? raaaeaaaieiailaws relating partacalarli iota* Cste
of N-?-Y. rk into one act. i^umI AnrdS, ISI1 " riair t
April 20. 1(39. thtl tbe ttxttixc:, f the KatuiuaU and Awo
mcnt uf the Mid C?trun?aion?r* .a the ai<ox, ?entlad
aiattrr. SOaSaaaaai the nann-i ..f th* owners oft
assessed, the cumbers of such IjU a* ther appear ">a
the map? of the Caans.- > I rather w-th s ich mass
and the am. unt of assexx-.en* tin1'..
benefit: and also all th. ,e=A'....': .J,?..",. L.t Jh'-T .?'.'
r-.ai,- :.
. nr mi.: U.iu ui... X r.ete. nth Ward oft!.*
C.tv of New-York, and bo.nded on th. -ant bv the
wotcilv hne or side of ; 1 a>. :. . . on the west
hr the east, rli Una or sido ..f Faorflk-aawa - ?a
the north by the hne of the center of the bl.ick be?
tween Sc- ?ntT-rirst-itrcet and S-vcn'v-seeo-td street,
and on the south by the lme or center of tr.o 1
beiaaea&n y ? firs* - s? ->?<?? ami sevmenstn-ntraat And ahm
all thoac other f.>t?, rieces or parcels of bead, sttrsate, lynag,
am) l^ing in the Nineteenth Wnnl of the (it \ of N-w-Y"rk.
si'.i t .uir.iied <>n the eaal by th* waotari] lese or asae af
F..'irlh-riT.'ti.ie . on the ?H bv the ea?'e'ii line ?? . :? >f
Fiflh-svenue. en the nertli I.? the line of the renter of Ihe
Mock, between loreaty-Srst-etraet and steeaale^ei ant
slieet. Slid on Ihe south lo ihr lin- of the e-ute. of the itnek
l.iw-.ri S. y> nt.-ri'?i--t > ? t and S. ?en\. ;h-sti.-et And
also all tboae other lot*, piorc* or pare. Is of land, s.tuaie.
l.ihC al.d hem.' i. - lie N nth Ward of the C.tv "f N*w
York. and bounded <.n the east hr the westerly line or side
? f F.f. a aw:.-. :-t!.cn...f t\ castcrl. l.r.e or side af
Sixth-avenue: oa the north by the line of the ceatar of the
' betwaea Seeaal Brei street and seventy-second?
s''-et ; and oa the south byte* ha* ..; the center of the
bleck tetw.en Seventy-first street and Seventieth-street.
And also all these other lots, pieces or parcels r land,
eit'S'e li me and l^in? m 'he N.neteenth Wait "f the City
?f N< w - Y-rk. and Is. m.led on the past b* the westerly line
or side of S'Xth-aveiiue . on the w-?t |.? the eastei iv bh* >r
sal* f Seventh-avean* ; n the aorta in the tan* of Hi*
r.Mt.r >.i tin- Monk betweenSe**wty-Sret *tr*ei hm he*
venU -second-street. and on Ihe sooth hv tlie l.neoftlie
i enter of the block bets****] S. ?entv-first-street Hal*.
sent* ih-stre.t And the sa.d Coa.missionsrs farther tire
la lie. that the.r report ic the BOOTS matter will ho made
?ad : real atad to the Supreme Co .rt of tier Statu of New
York, .: a Sua ml Term d the said Court, to be held at tho
Crtj Hall ./the Citv of New-York, on SATURDAY, tha
12th day of July. IkM.at the- opening of the C'ojrt on that
dav.o'as soon therealler as Coaasele*Si be heard; aal
'hat then and there a motion will be made that said report
be confirmed Dated. New-York. AnrU n, ISJI
Mi HOLAS ( K% ERtl l .>
JCMN w I'lRssii.N, ) Coiiiwwwsasri
. ? BLAgn s M-oiKt:, )_
?SUPREME COURT -In the nutter of
*-5tlies;.; ssatsoaol the Mayor, khioiBSSB andCemasoa
arty of the Crtrof New- York jralaiir* to the.vHFNIXO OF
RF/V ENTY-ElOHTH-eTTREET, from rhird-aranii* U
t Ulli ?veni.e, in tae Nineteenth Ward ?f said C.'y The
den -ne<! Contaakaiaasetaof Eatraaateaad Aaseasss. itia
the al .ae entili.sJ matter. .1 at] aop>unted t.v a r lie of the
Buprasse Cant, free aeues?sure aat lo las lotiuheiOBls
of an Act of the Ierhslaturc of tha people of the Stats of
Ni w \ k.thtitled "An Act to amend an Act entitled an
Act. to rtducc scvend laws relating parta-darly to the City
of New-York fin*, i one set. , t%-rd April 9th. 1513.".passed
\ I that the araxraet of tke Cstaaata aad As
ses.smrr.t of the said Ccmmnsioncrs. m the Shots entitled
matter, c ntainins ttir mn-.es of ihe owners of the lots as
ses-r.i. the numl em of aneh lots as thry appear on th? mips
of the C.immissioners. '..ge'her wth s ich mips snd the
?? f aaeeas?at, whether for daasaa* or naaadt. aad
aim. nil in* *0ta*til* **ia* rta* sisd other d'H5 iments, which
were'.?.-H l.y Ihe said Commissioners m making their Ke
l-.M. have teen <le|s>site,l in the Si r?-et ( omnu-slon-r - office
of Ihe Cilv und County of New-York, for UBS inspection oi
Whnatsoerei tt mav c.sicern . there to remain for st least
sixty dars. efore IBS - od Commissi ne: | make then Re|Mirt
to I fie said Sot r. me Co rt. ?t the tune and ,il.ice herein .f.er
mentioned And the ?a.d Commissioners further give no?
tice?pursuant tu the provisions of the Act, entitled "An
Act to amend in Act. entitled an Act. in relation to the col?
lection of asatssmenu and taxes in 'he City and Countj i
New-York, and for other purposes, passed May H, 1SIU,"
raised May 7. IBti-tothe owner nrownors.nccipant or .>c
eupsnts of all houses, and improved or unimproved laads.
arerte.l therchy. that 'h.v have completed the Estimate and
AssesMiicnt, arid tha' all persons, wh?e interests nre af?
fected therebv. and wh I mi. 11 oppaasd tatls* same, are re
qu**t*d to i.rejent their QBjentBBBB in writing, la JOHN M
WHITE, laeCaalrmaa of the said Commissioners, at his >.f
tct> !*>?? t. Wall ?( inlSsCIf ,.f Nav? Y..,k.wilhinlh.r>r
dais fr.ni the date of this notice, and that the limits em?
braced I v tins Assessment are as follows, that is to say All
those lots, i ieOBS uriwrcel* of land, siti.atc, lying and lieinr
in the Nine!, .nth Ward of the City of New-Y-rk. and
l.o nded. described and containing as follows, that is to say .
Begmninjt at ,x poial ? the easterly tin* or side oft he F i .rth
airn e. distant one trmdrcd and two | tU3) feet two (2: irch
cs northerly from the northerly line or side ofSeven'y-eighth
st'cct. and running thenr* easterly nil 'tut the center of the
I'. ck. rune h.udrcd (MO) feet tn the westerly line, or side ?<{
Ihe Third-sven. e , thence southerly nlong said westerly line,
ii s.d. I ihe 1 hud avii etwoh ndred andsnty t II l
feet, ftiirr (4)Baches ; lhence westerly along the Oewtei of the
I lock Baal bandied MO) Beat,to Ihe'easterly lute, or side of
the Foartk-avecraei theme northerly along s.ii-l easterly
hue. or side of Hie Fourth-aveiiiie, two hundred and s.xty
four 11.1.1! feet, fstir (I I inches, to Ihe wollt or place of !>??
K.niuiig And also all tle-sc other lots, piecsui or panels of
lead s.' i.r. . Iwug and l*ing in tlie Nineteenth hTard Of
the City ..f New Y .rk. and bounded, described and c >u
tausra(aa followa, th .t is to say Beginning at a point la
tha w, gttrly liae, or side o| the Fourth avenuf. distant one
hundred and two (102) feet, two (2) inches. southerly fiora
the a utherly lme, or side of Seventy eighth-street, and
rani nethaare weetarty, alone the center of tae hlc
huiidr. .!?!*?) feet toUN eaotsrly lrae, e sjao *f tk* lnfth
svenue . thence Bortherly along said easterly Im-, or side .?!
t |fth-a venue, two hum had and sn'y-l bar -'til tee'.f .-i' I)
Indus, to the center of the bl.ck . thence easterly, along
the center of the Uhek. rune hundred OM) BS*t to aw
erlylme.or side ..f the Fourth- .venue ; thence s .u'herly
along said we.-*?rlv line, or side ,.f th- F .uth-.iv. iiu-. two
hundred and silty-f-ur (M4) f**t,foWl I inea**.Ul the
pomtor j lace of beginning And the said Cornau**! ? ra
rnrthai gree aottee.thal Qseir lt*poft la the abirr* utter,
will t< made and presented t. the Supreme CeWtM Ihs
State of New-York, at a special t-rm of sa.d C art. ? . ho
he!.! st the Citv Hull of tbe Citv of Now-York. ? n SATUR?
DAY, th ? llth day . f June, ISM, at th? npSBIBI 'f the
Ceart on that day. or as soon thereafter as ('.>uns<d can be
b. nl that then and there a n.otion wall be mv**. that
the saal Report be eonrirmed ?Dated, New-York. March
?6. |Rii JOHN H white. I
A .1 MOS H rOMERY, > Commissioners
m2?tjeiith JlT.lt B HIU HCOOK.)
~ Jthe si plication of the Mayor. Aldermen and Commoa
Bltvol lh< City of New York, relative lo the wI DIN i NO
and OPENING OF HI.oomixodai.H ROAD, hi an
Stl. DCe of an Act ol the 1,-glslatii-r of the State of Vew
Y. ?. latitbrd ?? Ac ad le hnj ? ; ? ? ?? new str?t ia the I it*
?f New-Y-rk and ! s" ? ?'??'" * r-a t of 11'- Bl'?.
Buad for that purpo**." pa*?ed Aprn 17. ttUl PuM.c a ?SM
i? h. rebx given, by the >Iav..r. Aid. narn. and ComirasBBltl
of the Citv of New-York, pursuant to the statute ia MB I
c-*c made and provaie.1 tfcat the said the Mayor Aid. r
naii and Commonalty ef t.ie Cur at ixew- iors. lawu -o
nski a; plica'.on in the Supreme t ourt 01 the Sta.e ot R*W
York. St i social term ft he said C urt to be heldI at a t it y
Hall of th. City .f New-York.on SATLRDA Y th-? llth day
of June. 1851. at the opening of the Lourt an that diy or as
*?? thereafter as cmnsel nn bo heard, tn the if;?in
n ent t C.-ii.t: iss.tmers of Estimate and Asassaiae. I ?
xt..vc-untied matter, an- that the nature and etui, ol
rwement is the widening ami ..p-iving B..-..-eng 1
I< ?.i to the wal'h of 75 feet f'on. T? nth-avenue to Ligh'.y
"xih-.treei asithe san" is hud aat apaa th- map.-. ... '
ti - Cut if New-York by virtu* if an act *atsuad " An aet
rrtatrr* tnimprovemen's t..ui lung the Uv.ng oat of ?ir.^.',
ir "d r U >n *Ve C''v of N. w -York aA.1 for Othar ;.ar>.s. ?."
mmd A - ri'Vih 1S'7 a'nd ab? an' act folill. d A a ... : ?. ?
ar ont am-w st?et m the (".' v of New-V:k. sad tab ...
.- .'. ,. ? , ?'? ? ?? R .id f r that r ir. s. "
Dassed \-ni '"h ISil -Dat.-d New Yorl-. Asril t). 13j1
' HkNKV E DA Vits C ??
b-t s. .Jen to th? Corporation
l?^1 .im F M.nt aroinst Cathar.n- KetcJiam,Oarrst
m MavbeTaml Lvdia his wife Henry Maybe*. >n Pa:
vis J coh Alcof*rt*or Eiecntor of the lass *n!l sadtes
I u h p.'.gn-l"? d-ee-tse.1, Horn e L re
land James l' Adams William F Masoa l>avi.! H Btaa a,
Johjj h
rraa.W?liaaiM V? i-'-r r HssUiih l.e?u
h M l ?' ? < - i - i * Il? r"
W ,m u pJ-k I'rtm i, I hurch QewtsB <?' >rit, Jona
tl> V? t'r-emaj Harve* Ch r< b John H ?' eo.1
j . . n Clixk'^-To J A cob A robertson 5
HOsTacb u(\r.\.\s\Cw\\.i.\ im r. maso5. da
herrtv suraan-ned Bad r..; urx-d H BM a aa the a j
Citv ?ral C.jun:* si New Yors. at the l :ty Hi
w h - TZ '< '? .S.. t l -ae t-1 . - d '...?
Couri'V i.'New* YeSk, at tie City Ha.1. Ji the
?a-lw') . s'r'is?f'"'to the sari orap!a.r.t or. the
, ... I?Mo 01 Wsl s-r-.t.mth* said city,
?.ihm I.1.I.T.J".-'., ?se serfs-* "f thia Maaaaaaaea
y.. . , . , , , ,v ?r ?? ch serra-*, aad if you fail to
.V ! . lam' w ..hi.i tha a*ire*a*J, ifc*
idaiartsT -n lh?Lfi?* sill ai "i? lo th- Court for tk* reissf
-i'^'liev r V-V M.V '*
MM. tssyM law ,.vl; R H BO^NE. VxT* Art.
to um e tad c'1"-*' . ^ %jxT.^, Ald--Tn-?i and
aaai ginrasaxw anaii pyir,_ v>?. r - ?-r
-SZatmi b? the R .f Aide'men M*y U. lti!, ?.l JOted
' j i I 11 l fl !??-AWarasea May O. ISil. appen?!
b atyft ?wn'f mj0hn T DO DOE Street CsraBBaMl se*'
: gVPRKME COURT -la tv magm 4
ally of ihr City nf R#w-Yarft. I rHKOPEStRO
Or riST^sTKtET. Ira** jj oswa .. to TYS-ar***,*. u (So
1 Nineteenth U a.-d : ^aid Ctv S jt.re u her *hy rrf ItJuVt
the co?U, cia.-;*? an! di*fc irlaments irc jrrad by -m- >
the prc-ceed-n? in the ?bore entitled mare- will tated
??! -retbeM-B Jeaa M Eda mm, u- ?rth? J * m ?;'
this Onrt. Off m case of k? absence. t?ef.?re n*? >f tie Hb
er Jmbees of the ?a;d ('?? ort. at the S i-"e~et C? >-t t'asm
bna, in the City Had of the C ty af Nfw Y ifi. m the list
jay May. IBM, at ?i.Vior? :n tbef-wn.?.n ?D?'e! Sew.
i n, May lrth. idol
JOHN W PiKSStiN i-.v.. ..I ?'
BOll tJUl BX \SIlit m?H)kk. )
fiUPREME < OUR r - h tks BMatts* si
? the apr-itcnii.-ri if the Mav --. \ ,H-e~en Ml < SSM* ???
* 'Jefthe City of Sew-York, reistiv- t.. the OHKNINlJ .f
REVESTY? FIRST-STKEET. ft m 3d-a* i-.Tth-av ,,n .h?
N.i.-trenth Ward of said city?The ureters, *????' <
, Eataaata and AnwKni H the ?ls.?e Mitilied
iiiatfer. m rrl? ?ri?e 11 .r:,'e. that Ihr? wiB Btret *? toe house
I Hmi im C EVERETT. R?) . the Chairman <4 Ihr ?.d
I - - S :? W hit. xt thoCitt f New-York,
?a M j.,v af June. at I ?ei.** lathe afternoon.
mm> w.ti.n to the Asaeaeaioai
trace rt tea si.d c aimaaauaawa, an? latanai ir pen M ?11
may consider then.selves a_rr-ie?ed *y s-:eh estimate an t
v,..s?;...-. par ; v? York. Vat ;i. ISM
Nit ""I \s . y Vk'KKTT. )
ti>HV V? I'lk^SiiV r t-.iM.ner?.
CUPREME COURT.?StutttRoas fbrixaa.
K r..-> a?sasxd oa eaaatsst? laroa H Baaaaat it. a
g Chaat C ... not m r th? DEFENDANT
You are Benfe) taaaaoutd aad r>., aired to aasa. t the c n
;-!aiat .a th.s m U r.i.d ;a t:.- office of
'?ar* after the ?er? re of thai I MMB0BI on ye-., etct i?rr? of
theo... of juch aen e. . and t ???? fail t? answer the ?t:d
ct4B(.<aiat within th< i bmalbraaaat,laa'B4aaaSatTn ah ? a.
is'ti will take ;udn?eatacaaaal an if laa vaaaofaaat iaaae
dr-d .. ... I t> ire aaSl Ity-four OSSata. aith interest
front the 6 rat da. of .1 oaa? Isasaaaaal eieht haaatVaaaaal
fortt-uine. (?aide?tht cuati of thiaaatioa ?Dated SJavar.
Sa?SwtV_ _IVaut.rTs Att ?:;;??.. :j W all ?t
SUPREME COUR r of tho S Y \ I K of'
k^NE? VOHK - Hei ry Baker i I 111 laa ? te.
. . i ?! V> iam M 1 ?ndert .no Met \nn hl? wile. (War
Ta.lor anil Ei.en hia waak, Jokat a rtatutaeal k*aa< T aoa,
Oet.rSl J.'h.n -I'd A Ikird't. tlniUHle.allOr, Clrr-O ,r? .U"
.' . m ? . ........ ?s 11 , . , . > i inieal
d. ...lent. JOHN A TKOCT You are herehv I lawaotaai
.'O.d rtv "'t.' to answer the coninlain! in this atttiuii. whifh !
w*..i: i ! n ?.' i i l'tlo dork I lot' C.tt ai.dC id. .f
Stw-V rk.attht City Hall, ia the City of Now-York, ealfes
9th day of 5lat. ISM, and 11 serve a c n f roar aaaararte I
the s.-ud c. niplamt . n the s ihscnrers. at their office. RTo T9 ;
S.:s-a>!-street, 'n the City of New-Vor?, within twenty daya i
after the serriee of tail <-m- n< - v . etc vr >f ttio i
day f sneh lerrasj; tad if j m fad to answer the said e >m- |
? ? ? ii- .-re?s .i. the ? i n'itts in '?v ic'v-n ;
wilt apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the c.?m- |
Dated Ma >, lt>l AUSTIN ft I IMPBBIX,
?] i issSasW1 riaiiilaSk' Slliaaayt
W UPR^ME roi'KT, ( itv ?ml r.Mintv
' t v-" \ ? ., - ! i' . . ^l t ml -.: ? tassa
?in. i t m;>sn> ayatatl E M Khaball aad Mrhatl P
o'Herti ?SaattBoaa tor ? ptoaai aeanad on e .ntrnct ?TS
b. D atlMBALL Tea an aertby ,.
Bjotasd and nsanad la laawei Bat ateaa uai in this action,
-itui to sene a.- ?>?' > i . In list taal uajaaltiiil iia
.in- ?i i?. rrher. a) ait office m ?? - c ? | Wow-Yora, wchm
twttity il.it s after tht -..-rs ice iie .-..f. ,-it ois.ve of i he dsy of
h Mivi. e, aadrf yowtail taaats?or theaaal miaplaia|
wnhia tl > 'ii.- dbrsaaid no (daiatiSk la this astiiMi wil)
take .1 tinnit aicaiiut ...u for the sum of font handled and
?evoat) asaea dotlara. with imU rust on one koattrao wad St?
oat dollars frtaa the twenty soootid dai af Bsntsaihsr.
ItUO, iumI on three hundred and Isrtat) aiaoUars from the
t'ftot nth dai of March, one thousand aafht huuJred and ftf
, tbeaafe theeoataat ttuSattata; and take notice that
the cemplaint in this action was tiled in the office of the
i ? rk i the Citv and County of New-York, on the e'eeeath
: n r lard, iumi ?Dated Now. York. Am] It isji
?ISIawtraaJ H D. 8KDOW1CK. PlaaaiSri Attarat
CJUPREiSi E COURT, City attd Counts
E^ of How-York.?WuTtaat W E t aninot Haarj A Do
BsiBC?S. mui .ns f. r a m. unr demanded on r .ntrac*.?To
HENRY A 1)1 MINU Y-e ?- mmmc.laul
raqotred t. aaswt i the noanlslal La tins totioa . which was
:.l.-d in tlir i ?ffc t the Clark al the C.t. and Coanty of
N ? ? Y rk.at the City Hall, in the t its of Nsw-York. ?a
the Btth 'lay of May. Idol; and to serve a c ?; jr of y KSI an
rWM I tat said eceaptaaS ea me. al my .ttire. N- mher thir
teen Wall street. :n the City .?! New-York. wtthm twenty
.hits alter the servee hereof, eic: .sive of the Sty "f s-ieh
-ett ee Ami d [tm fnl to answer the complaint as afore?
said, the plaudit! will lake jniUment against yon tar the
sem of uaehaadred and twenty-five dollars, with interest
ft ? llie I'rst .lav of Eelirnary. line Thoasaml Ei<hl H oi
Jrad aad Fifty tsat htaatt la* c.?ts ??( this aotioa Dated
Mat Hat, hktl FRANCIS adams.
niytl lawOwW Pltuiitiir'^ Altorn?r
1 Y Edwin ft..r.. Biaatti*C Bsaattint aad Welooas* U
BocIn strain*! John H MoLaraa To Uw DEFEND
ANT Y. n .re In. i ? 1. > .11.11. el,. d lllu re.; und to a ,s a > i
the complaint in thai .u lion, of w ho !i a OOM is this Sat tiled
m tilt office of tlie Ork of tho City and Couutv of Nhw
York. and to serve a eopj f foor aaasrar to tho said com
plaint on the s<it?vribers, at out office. No 7? Wall street,
in ?an! city, w ith.n tw enty dats after the sei vice hereof, ex?
clusive of the d o ol s-ieh service ? and if yon fail to answer
the said romplamt wahta the time aforesaid, the plaintiffs
in this ai tit.n w ih Inka judgment aganw?t you for the sum of
? we hundred ami eivhtv-tive dulisrs and Sfty-tftfOO eents,
with mlereat iioin the tlutt.-tost day of March, oao thou
sand eight hundred oid tiitv one iMtside the a*0tl of till*
in lion - Dated Match II IKjl
bkttm k DONOIICE,
all lit^Cvi W? Plaintiff's Attorneys
? ' lice ia berliy given that PA tition? have tsSOa preseated
in the U...U.1 of Aasattaal AJaaaaata, ni.i foowim to the
Coll mitte? on S, h< ps, for a S*S*ej in Saeoad ?l . from Av?
enue a to the Bow en Also (or i Bowel ia rktirti ? atfe .t .
ftoni Avmiue A to the East Kiver Also, for Iteceiviug
Basins and Ctlherts at the south wot corner of Ninth av
and tlth st .and .it the s.u'h coat corner of l'wenty flrst-st
ar.d l hird av ab portoaa tauttteted at tat laasra, having
ob jection* thereto, an- reij'ita'eil to present the same in
writing .stating their eit.-ut of interest and pltee of husi
nes? or resjMlenee i lo the iinilersi jlioil, lit the office of the
Crotta" aquedurl DopartaMala "ti or twiore the 31it inst
Rv order of the Ciwui Itl.Ml Sowotl
AI.EX V DUlXtE. Sewer Clerk
Now-York Ma) II, ISM my^i i>a
X Y \.a,s here A |an, thai the ba] IBOe n-ms -> ii; .-I
the prissea-ds t>l I he anieof the reel sei als of V A EE N II NE
STEINDECKER, lata of.? ai -i Now-York. d?* umS.
intestate, lat. iv mad.- oaaai iho *itloi of laa Baiiiail* ot
the CoNi.iv of How Y'.os a* BaaMaiadaekor.Iho Adatia
istratris of nil arid sni.-'dar lie BOaKtk chattels and credits
of tat said int. state. Wol h? .1 ...111hutcd hy the sa.d S mu?
tate to and BBMaa. lat sndsarsaf the nttl laStotalo, in pta>
mtioa to then roopeetin daata, asseediat at law..it tho
8 iroaata'i Ofltoo, ai the City of Haw-Yort. on the Seventh
layorj ihj m it, .t ? :> rta o'eioek in ihn t waao m >t that
day Dated th:* l/hday -t Mas, Itol
?ryzl\jjf a w Bradeokd, Sorrogaat
11 bmi i a h irtaj : bh lyaiasl BOBKBT AINSLCC,
:*:<? of the dt. ..i Ni.% York, do. ? aaod, lo eaaiatttht >ame.
with the v.un hi rs. at the office of r 1 Thorne. it Wall st
on <r hef.,:c tin- ist i Aaaaat aaxt aJtawtmeSW
R I THORNE, lEiawitofa
VYM i t It I I s .M ) YES, 1 r-tecuiors
11 an aapia acawi will i? matte lo Um Legislatur.- af the
S'ate . f Ni * Yors, ut the na il sess,.,ii Uiere. f f.n an at t
to mi ori?inile tin A-*.-n now known as the ' KOi k'Y
BAU MINIM. COMPANY" to iw located ia th* City
of N. w Y in?, ha?in.- aj ap.ta! of olio luiilem of dollars
Daitd New-Y'.rk, Ma> 20, lij, n>,i\ ta vi* W
I N PURSUAN( Eofaa order of t?a Sur
I t sraie of the ('.. aity . f New York notice is BsWajW
<uen ta ill poroaf Batakf oiaaa* agani.t SAMUBX
UtOOM, late. f the City of Rew-Orleaaa, Louisiana, da
OSssSSsi. tesetit the same with ? MlOksSrs there..I". to the
? 1^-rder al the ...hce ,.l Kent ft Davie.v Esqis . No ?6
Wall *tieot, in ih? Cay af Now-YasS, on or l*f ire the
Tenth.In. f N teu.'-er net* ?Dated V.-w Y .rk *'..- f.fi
dav af M'av. itil WIHTHBOP BABOBBT
n.vT lawiwW. :? _Ef ? I r
IN PURSUANCE of an order of tin
Snrr-*aie i the i ....nty ?f New-Y -rk n-?iee .- lie e i
riven teat] pOfBtaS* lat n< claims Bgaasst CHARLES J
Rl I Li I de f the Cny of New-Yors, decease.1. to pre
sxstttaeaosXs*.w?k loutiio**tlsaeaof hstho s.ibjjorSss* a;
he-. flit , No SJ .?se.et.to-.treet. ? tft* Cit. ..f KasS-Y ?B.
isj ot hafni the Iwoaty third Jav af A apsat aoit Dated
Ri w Y a., the boveatai ath day t Fob* .?ry. i Si:
EDW.VKD BL ELL'S. Ad ...uastrat .r.
.wm 'A ? with th? willaaaeud
|.N PI RSUANCEofsn 01 in oi Um si^
I H ? '. - N
\* D t. a.i M :?o;.* i.awiig claiiiis .gaii.st MARY KEN
RKDY.ket! f tho Cd f N. \ . .. s ..*Ur, d*c-a*ed.
to Bfraatatthe sa.:.t w.u. , .-s.-. ..ft. the *tdi*cn.i*r.
at his rtsaltiu e at Abbotsford. in the towa of Oreeaburzti.
ciar D-m/s Ferry, Wesl^hc^r Count . , on or Ben* th .
fefth cay of July next -Dated Greetdioraa, th*JTta 'lay ot
rSflawSakW' _Adrrimntritor
I N t'l RSI \ N< K ..I oi onl-r ..I'tlif S ir
TON 1 ate of th* < ' * Row-York, deceased, to present
... en her f. hoi
,?.',., r, 'he r.-ne'eerrth day of J'jIjt nett-Dste.1 New
y k the I 'a* "f January. ;tAi
.j* lawaoiW- ANTOlHETTE LCtTON, Adwaataltattll
IN PURSUANCE at an order of tho
mmm mm ? t the Coantr f New-Y' -rs n-^ie- a he'ei*
giveotoallperaisBs havtna classa* agaias JAMES KEEL,
l.lr . f the ?*'??? New-Y.tr? deaei.eal lo presrlll Ul'StW!
wi'h the foorhrrs thereof l" the at the oftVe <4
W m I' .Morris No jU <?r.?e-?; . in the City of Sew- York.
on .rief-.re ti,? sixth day af (Mtasae aaat Di-ed N> i
lal ,*r<Mt*V{*I i.-signed i M SEENCER. Executor
N PURSUANT K of tin order ?1 ttte
iMYIDStMY, .ale .a-the Cay -f N> w-Y.*k. ?ul.w. i>
,.a??d.ts,pres?ui lh? same wiU. vaa^eriitaor* <f J" U>'>
ScaufS.* BD L Meeker. AU.*
oeys. ftc . No Ii Wal?-*lreet. ia tft* I *1*.srZ \"v
or betai Usi . lovoata mtf tTiVf.mmt. Dated Raw aasa.
*he u-veiu iL.-- i Jaaua'T 'tal
tlJwCu. *' JAMES C DA? IDe'ON. AdnuaoavatorAc.
N PI' RSI I \ NCE of u tmht <>. thr- Sur
r-ct'r of the t>-unry at N*w-York, a t? ne-ebv rrv
rer-?>ns hsvin* el*B**.u.maf .1 AM k it * V10
" 's ??? ' -? ' ' ' 1 ? - ,s?
>?????? h t.? eher? th?rt?f t.. the t daa-nher at 'he ifTlrj at
SM ft 1? E Mee.rr. A", nevs Ac \ . n Wal ?I least
.a the Oy ^Kew-Y ?V* ,*JaseYea Um * -ve?,. Jay of
I. r b*gt ?DettM >rs \,rt .lk? mtaU dir Ju ?n
mi ,J?mksc imWx^'
llMiklwM Ailai.Biatrsl.aj. de to*, tie
I \ PURSUANCE ... I -, .rr.i.'r.n theSurT
I ..^arr BJ BBS OssSJBly ?f Nrw > <??. n-<t-ee it hiiuBj)
-x es nv n< f i ? - ks aal KA I MICK T
HKWNNAV Lwe of Ike cmj at New-Vo's. merclUaa. 4*
caaaad.to picaet l th* ?*??* woh ?.?*? hers there*.f. toBBB
-..!?* nlwi. at the o*Ve of Jain > Ta.ksr. n.? (J Csika
na* ?tre*t wtkeCity of jc*?-York. on >w before thetktr
litlh Jar of* Au?'.*t ?est ? Dsvled X'? Vjii. Ilk* lw*atf
Cfh dai oi Frl.ri.a.. . Itsil
IAMES3 TATLOst AJosn.Mrstor
? ? \ '? . w ? H ANA VI.) NN AN \ ' .. :-.V.rat..s
1N PURSUANCE ?'..n wto of th.* 8*w>
1 r.at?r.-. f Ok* ?'..<.m? of rf**r-Y?rt, N.*?-?? i? heran*
? - . . . . ?, . si u H i i \| 0ON
.r. N. .. \ ... J. l or as sat
thesMM ?ith \ . ' ?? t Us* sekaernsse ?t the
Beaten ? ..f Stephen ii reeta, Ha :? Chena-eii***. bb
?'.(.:.,. N, ? V ... ?.. , .!., v.,;,;:. J*. .^Nj
. st Dated N ? Y - k A, nt ?*>, tut
STEPHEN H peeks. Eiacutor
a? taw?asW* _hemer CVNREY. BU*eutris
CHEJUFP SALE?Bj rirtM of an
E. Ctaei.thss lern* JirretrJ .n.l ,1, ?i.rnl I ?im**
? . 1' v eta* . i. WEDNESDAY Mat faih
lUi. at 11 o'eaork. M . at the ,**ur>..l* of tk* City Hall, tai
th* Coy of N*w-Y*rk. all Ike mat t.th sad mteraat at
HENKY atcVAY, which at had or. th> U.liday of March.
'.?::. cr at +um tin . aft, rward.-. .a w h is. -at. ur kaaat* tk*
scertaia 1 eaa* ?at?d ??v*m
her tatk taaj for t\ years frtan the Irti day of May. tea?,
.. i rearly ren" ! I ?r*r foil irs v. I ' tea, si! that certain
. ? of irr? -.! and .t?ae'*jn? h-> ?->? tk*r* n Mt-*au>d in th*
Utk ?vl at tk* t :'i af Near \ wfc, SI Ik* evate'ty BBtB
?I the la>t). Aveaua, l?'wr?-n J\'.l sikI ?rreels. k* >wn
sad auaitarrad a* B?u?* No m i.rS A?en ,. Said lo? of
M fea t iiiiehes.and.mil . ... ?!.. '. ..de n .lei-ih .? fee*
-Datral April lit! . It.l THOMAS CAKNEV. Sheriff
Ja? K 1'LKkY DaasaBjl aHli?Etia*Jt
st HPLIKS?No i. New Oity Hall Tv) Ml'tl.DBKS.
? a.w !, N'?. or,mo at tne odi.<e .a th* Cobs
mr*sii*i*i et Iteptur* iuit supplt** until WEDNESDAY,
1 4 o i' ..*, ?. M it win, h time lhe> will he ptihliely
I..-.', f. > mak'tig literal m>m and aiklKkirtaio Hoaa* at* Ba
Sine t o No II, ms W.aaiter-alieel A plan and apra'iticalsai
..I Ihr Hoik rcjumal. aiul all uiloinialion in retard : 1? reto,
. an U- lukl at to. .al,, ,.i the n.ia roilrivlrut of Repair* to
Puhls RuiMiaaa. No If El-aheta-at Klank Eauinata*
I b* fui tiv>lie.l itl eitle ? . iTi. o rtie t"..mmiaaioiier la
re* the pen,. of r. <. tui* all pr>.;a*Mls if d<r*ratal for lha
rest of the t'orpi.ration WM ADAMS,
mytr? t'om'r of Itepairs and Supolm.
po RPORATION N< iTIi K.-PuMic no.
\ 1 , ? ? Isataat ?-i?e>?. |l.u a tie'iti ni Baa Seen preaealed
iatka asMsnl ***AYaannaa an.i raasrrad t* the Caaawsltaa
oa Samara, f. i *awai ia N.neie?ntli <a friHii th* t*rntinau<*i
of th* pi*aaut sewer east of S*?*utli-s? to th* etwarat
Kishth av a.'.. ...? iiite-eat*.! in the alv.iv*. karuuf ob
? t. . - :. ? . i*tia**t*d to present the ?am* ia *n
tin*, (statin*: their eitent af interest aiuljilac* of baainMB
or lea'.Ier.ee. t. the BBthl SU' ed. at til* LTBaOS of th* I'rotoa
Agnednct Parartanent. on or bewee .luuet, im Bv >rd^r
of tne c b Sewon \l.EX E DO DUE, Sewee
f.rk New y uk, Mrtv :t>!_??3 hitie
"a aotJaa ia haael. tr**ak (hat petttkaai ha?* iw>en pre?
sent, d in the It. aid of All aiUHNS, an.I i. f. iie.l l<> the I'ain
?Bttaa .u Srsn., |..| t Sewei in E.ut> iiulh at from
Be adwsv t . Euhth ar Also, far a Sewei in Kiviugtt.ia
?? fro*tk* Buw*T) t Bhanff-*! Ai?.\ to . ?t?nd th? pro
poead Sawer ? Oreea-ai IVom Htsaatoa to auaeakM ?t All
peraotai Uktereetaal as tke above, haunx . i .ections thereto,
aie re.jueated to p-esrnt the san e in writine (statine th*ir
eitent of in'ereat and | lace ..| huaineas ..r residence' to the
'inilerstjroi'd. at the .?rti.'e of the I'roton A'pediiet !>ep?rt
aseat, ret or aafufa tk* aaeoard d?. .n Jam aaaf H? .uder
of the Cossmitt** on Saw*** New v.>rk. May (t, IBM
Bnrtt MtaB M.EX E D.UKJE. Sewer Clerk
t ?ORPOR .TI01N NOTICE ?Public no
w /' fee v Betel I given that a peti?. u has heon presentetl
in the Board i f Aide-men. and rrferrud I? th* Comiaitt**
ii-r? ra, fee < SOtrei in Beekrnan si from East of Wil
.n -.t to prop.av.sd .ewer ia lt?ld street All Persons
? U ?> Ited in the ?Is ve, having attaataaBB thereto, ar* re
H*laatad to present the ?-inte in is ruing I stating IB*ir *it**t
ui nteiest and pi ice of r.iiainesa or residrn, * , to the under
Signed, at IheOfliee I if the ClMtofl A.;n*.luot ItVpartment,
on or U foie Mil .lav of June lie(I H? order ?I the Com
i, uee oa Bean ra tl.EX E DO DOB,
New-York,MarM i'Ji fmijisioi) s*wer clerk
/ M((>T(Tn \g| I.til ( r IIKIVVU I'
" f MEM I" CONTRAI NOBS ll a Bill proposal*,
?aantwsd " Pronwal for Lmldins a SEW KK in ltth-*tr**t
will he rec ned :.t rli- < irti.w ? I IBB < rolon A iueduct lie
psirtasMll . Kotiind*. Park i on' I Ih'irvlav, the Xh day of
June, IHOI, at J oWBk, P M to huild a Sewer with th*
in. f.. in I.., .vini- oj-iii- and ewit srta, i* iith-?ireel, h*.
iwaaa lllh Bl BIM Hud??.ii Hi?er, la-mg in length shout
1 I. Ie. l Ho I .?Ii I the S. w. r and ?|#. .licatiolu l?r ih*
Dinldiaf of th? aaate, ..ml ail otkai Eaasawiasa lelatina
thereto .an la i I Uunod ..u applicatioa to the Conirvl
Ciuk, ut thai nk ?? Nicholas dean,
t . .id. ? ? I the Cr.tou A'l'iaduct Dc|>artme*t
Nvw Y rk. Ma. X. ItOI_mytl IOt
efBaowila Baanhad rhal iata I? sunk at th* north
hi,.I at IB* -...ill. - .Irs af Bigkt) wstk street, East Hivar, IB
a. rordaara v> ah Ik* plan drawa t<y Ed- m Smith, (tity Sur
v. v. i i.ii.lei th* dim tiua ?I the Strn?t Coii.moa.ouers, and
tl. it the sun, .,f right thousand dollats be. and th* sam* la,
ti. iat.v aulh..n/?d to I* taken from th* aupropriatioB foi
D< eks and Slips, to defray th* ptwpOBtfcM of th* et pa use to
t.o lerne la tin ( ...^.i,,;, ,n a s.ukuig and makuut said
piers; luid that the Stiect ( oiuiiiissioner gir* lh? aotice ra
' quired hy law to the ow ners or pro; rietors af th* lot* of I sad
ly ng opposite to w here said pier* are directed to h* sunk, to
tint* in defraying the e,.?t thereof, and to hear their respec?
tive pro; ort onsnf I he eyjamsss ss the same may^hn.-eime
due, and ia default uf the said propriBtisre signifying ihmr
wiliinriie.s to utnte in constructing sa d pi*ra, and of de?
fray.. .rtmaa al the aai *e.? Ikereaf, that it shall
lie the duly of the Street Comnuaivi.,neta to compiat* the
said pier* m sicnrdanc* wNA said plan, at th? eipena* of
Iii* respective propraetor* at the late af land I ring opposite
to where sau! wer? at* dirreteal lo las sunk Adopted hy III*
It. aid of Aaseitant ALI. imen, Nor 13, I tail. ad..|.L?d liy th*
11. aid e.1 Aideiin. ri, Jk'ov 19, ISM, apiuonsl hy tho Mayo*
N*v X. ISMl john J DO DOE,
my I 6w Street I 'oniuna* oa*r
r - ,.f Records ?Pwhlifl BBtaM ia hrrrhy given lhai lha
fallowing |?UtMsn* have Been nr. sent. .1 in the lv.wr.1 uf
Alderuirn Tu tat laaawalia ad 3*ih at iwtw. . i, ,...1
luth avs i f.a.t w ide, to pare, eat earh ana} tajsasr Baa flag
a ?| be* I f.rl w i.lr ,ii 33.1 at iM'twrrinitb and Sth av* . riiaipt
win ir air. ?dy done, U?lay . r.sia-walk iu Mercer st .opposite
the Pr. -tot. ruin t hun h . to pave sad set curh and gutter m
2d stre. t. t. tweeu 1st as and East Kiv. r Alsoths follow
Ith mg r. v.! ut ions , to regulate and grade ITth-at .from 3d to
I era , to ; aw hfadwon ar from 23d to 10th st , to regulate,
I grade end set curb and ratter m jTth st , fram Lenngton to
. ite and graileM'h st. from M ar to East
h .er la em ii I >?> m . from mli ?r to Hie?ming.lsle Moad ,
la open list *t ltruei IStk a? U Hudson Hirer AII jmrsons
having irfije. ti.ina thereto, ar* rrnueaied to pre
? nl 'hmi in w ntiiur tin the undersighed, at hi* oSlc*, <m or
ei.Ib. d day of Juan Best JOHN T DODOE.Strr?t
C.'m.iMioner myt3
E^ilo. Pal I SSBS u hereby given that tk* fol?
lowing Resolutions hare bei., ,,<< ntnl to the Ho inl ..-f Al
dermeii 'l o reset curb and gutter and relay tal*walks IB
froMof N.a. J, 7 and !? Holsik- n-st , to par* twh st Iss
tweaa Maoioin aiul ?th nr. to pav tfh it Iwt ween Madi?
son aad Stk av , to pave sod s. t curb Usd gutler in lath and
<*/ihsts tart ween Isl-av and East Ki?er , to Sag sidewalk
. ffi r.t of 'A asd V? Eullon-sl with m.gring four inrha*
Ik ? k seao at, mi, >;> hi, la, M, M, wi.to,, aiel le* Ful?
ton ?t be repaired and reflagged , lo reset curb and guitar
and r*n*tf -id. walks in front f N.? it. M. Hi and IS f ay at .
a*ee,iaa aaaawrkja petition -to lav cr.ssswalk Baaj north ?
wr-t loii.rr of Bowerv aad Chatham-auuar* to s,?Hk-eaat
c :i,rr *f ( Btaatrkaa and Dtvisiou st* All persons lolerestad
having ot iectioiis thereto, are requested to pres<:nt them in
writing to the undersigned, at his offlc*. oa or before the
6th day of June rert May V. 1811
inv/t_JOHN T I'Ol>OE.Str??tC<naiBi*si'mer
fRee. Puhl? N.rfH eis hereby sivao, ?tat ?s*sW
lowlag petlti na har* b**a presented b. th* Board of As
Bateal Ahl. ru.en To regulate, par* ar-i set curb Mat
gutter in 3l?t-st . hetwaen Ith and lOtkavs To flag asd*
w Ok N i tt tl-ar . cor Jth ?tro*t To ragulat* aadaaae
?..' in.17* nih st from nth a. to North ativar , tu r*fu
Id. st r n. ir.h to ina ..r Also Hi* following
1?lllalllWS Te reset curb and gutter, (aorth sid?.) tk*
m it snaaa. ' >v To ragniatn and grade
'8th .u , e. r Mth and Vnh s's 'Ihataeroas
walkb* s ' 11':'try ; lie-*, directly arr<m to tke
K.ttrry | o frnc.- vaeaaS lots.* south sale SS'.h *t , ha
Iweea i')i tad Leiinftoe bit* T-> flag sidewalk* .iau?aat*
N . i i..? I i st atreet A.l persons interested, hariag
..i reel ? i.s Us*r*l.mbi Mad la praaaaa mem ia wnuaet
. aastSeanreaa, at his ..if' e, <<u ?r l?f?re tbaStk day af
II ma r.rit JOHN T DoDOE, Street r .t,nn.es..?t.?r ?
M.v/7 IUI _ myZT
Ol REE1 DEP \ RTMENT, No 4, Hall
Mut r. aarda - Pub kt Botte* is hereby giveo that the ml
petit ns hav r**edked as tka Bassel et A**w
tant A hierrvn ; To fat sidewalk corner St Mark s Plana
snd Id sv Alant rrraf raaoluti'rfi? To fill in. raea
late and ffes ssdewaiks on Factor] M . bet weea Ckarlee east
Perry a>s . ea?t Mas n Perry-*t . f??rwern Pacti>ry-*t aad
Qfeeamreti a* ; I* reaaiate uei r?st e-jrh ?nd gutter, aad
r?pav* Wrst-al fr ii ? .r.r s- , *l.?ie rieceaa^rr^
v iv 1,'u.rn Maod Mtkete . to
reiareOt sl from Sta-av 'o Hmle.n River All patansaS
at.rest. .ill* . taecie.n.i tl.rrrto are r?*ioe***u lo pea*
a. 1.1 Ik. .1 m it'r,'',i /in th* cud rsi/ned. at Ins .itSJaT*. oa Of
before the ..: I Jut ... it JOHN T DODUE.aXraet
. . e-i KfolSSVU > - rree ,rl Stth*
vV "i , , ,T . 0^ ..,'.. ta..M*?tl. ISM,
.1 ? ? .Vtttm
.... ,, a a*t cuib. b BSaf su.1 brate*
Ztl i d r-. a. S,r st fr ai. < -a t.e. .hp U MaidaT
r {, ? v. rtsaial sluee leads T. regulato aard
-?? - ? ' ?,' :.; : ra a; iiweTka
tnm Lm*s*t'a plssjs toAseaass A. PUas.aaec
aad all Lfori:JsU>r. th*i*to ran b* had on a^lerwtee? so sj
i tmt Cktik U that D*partawnt - Ma-, tl. ltli_
i JOHN 1 DO DUE. Street c.itTiatisssoaer
the C??ainr ie?,,lule?as l.ava B*nWJ or?aente.l ia tl**
rf '.de/nwu To regulate regrmle. re?r* ae. <JSN aad
gutter >? each sal*, aad bsuld culversacr.aa earriaaa waf at
i.e-lk-alir?r. tr.?i Master.-Uc* V, S,.atii aii.-t l-> *J*'
the grade* of street* between Twent/-**fkfk **st
sce.wd str*tU. uicln?i?*.btlwean First *nJ Ta.rJ ar**a~>
t? r?iair *ale?..lk? aad reset curb aad *1 r-:* 'J^jJZt ?mima
Tl.TJand :i Wail-eireat AU pan,-** imv lastaa. ?wnmt
ob.eetioe* thereto, er* r*-in**t*e>to pra*W j^J
? " /? v^. ?? ? ? ".
arc inscrti'd ia
|a*tna at f B
4 I;\ KKTI.-i
j\ tU he.. Ptvers ,a J^rtf^ Btjidi?< Jet
fi\ 1 M LR'S Adver'i?osg Ag*a*7.

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