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?aas ,u o i' wMur-.vHt Hiikof
t? f futn .im
1 ?raeth i nderUm Kgaatur,oaItoili
M ,?pf the Irnaxen, and eatenchng trom the
aaeree af the Atlantic tn tha base of taa Araioe,
, , p,, v .. t ><? Paw Ui the laifi ?t aad at >*t for 1
Uli paslaai ol ihr ntaguificcnl Empire of Brazil,
v ah ? i Uaaets??; p rpataal rffraaranr, >hn ?? I bp
th, Iniwrfhaei >>i the gigantic primeval tort -t.
?? ,m udaw, ui di liciotia apices and aromatic plants,
inhabited l?v tribes el untamed Indiana, whibit
mg r-tt ? artlcaa prolusion of bright ptanMgjad icrd-.
ataaafji aniiii.iis wtkietfaaual tag tropical wilder
i?!??..'. m j < ? it? ? i irillinnt color and enoctnoas
rear, tin* reejidn presents at imaiatitilo raitu
i thedntlogjt r a % c c r, traeea laaa af romantic j
*, venture aataani him bale tin* most remote do
amnaaef artta aad aateBefaaa aaftata The City
e r ?*.??. mtuated on thi tout hern breach of tan
* anon, it taa Caga^Md ot the Pact ante, Mr.
Warrra fttea a Urelj sketch ol his first imprcn
? ? .? mi ruining ike city, wi.icii presents a
, ,?-?>,. inj taTsnsnge and civilised baa.
The general aspect of the place, with lt? low
ttixl raw rrdde looking buiiduigi of solid stone,
its masH -c i hiir.hi - and in.grown ru.ns. its red
Hh I loots sad dinar a hits n alar Ihr beanufnl trees
?>i its canien?. ami groups ?>i tall ban ma plants peep?
ing up here and there among the houses, constituted
certaaUj asceeeof novelty,if not of eleganoi and
l he t,r-t spot larls which arrested our attention on
lae.'.ini! was that olr.'.im' er ol; i r-o:i- "I noth -ere
ad .ii< -. !>..;;....i! . ...? ?.''? ? Hot ni
Wehns of ihe rivar, in a atate entire nudity. We ob?
served mm?: them aereral Inely formet fa ban ibis
< : < i?e< :u.g tnautv. i!a-.'iin? a! .e;t in tie- w..ier tiki
a troop oi happy Baermaals. The heal of the Sun
??. ?. use, Uml ?i ourselrea were almost tempt*
ni to ssek r, oaf from Its even <>?? rmg inirneneeby
plunging pi*1 nil ale Mr amid the foyous throng of
sw a on rs lini w> I'oiN.rt
The names of I'nra are very cleanly, and indulge
in daily nMwtrtrnt our do the) cooline their baths to
th, saahy hoars ol evening, but mar i>e sein iwun
ming ahmt the public a harf* ai all hours of the day.
The t.o?? r mm ni h i- ssads several feeble efforts to
pan a rastraiat upon thi a public exposures but at
the nxns of our at nurture ail rules and regulations on
th, subject wen totally disregarded bj the aatirea.
Th, cit] it 'aid oi ? a itfi coat <h rabli ta?te and regu?
larity . but the -tri ? : ire very narrow , and m>cra
My pave l with large and um i en rtont ?
Tkit b uahngS k. i,< rally are bul of one storv in
hight ?e i sse, trkh few sseepttons, entirely de-u
tuteo: g.a-s nrladowi j a Kind ol latticed blind is
v.'hstiturri. whn h ;.- -.i con trocte! thai il affordi the
mom within an ofiportunity of seeing whatever
take* place in tie* Mreet, a tnoul being observed m
return This lattice opens loa iri- the rtrcet,aad
ttMaatords great facditiet to the beaux andgentle
nun of gnflantry i who. bj stepping under lie*
Mverksg, cm ban an agreeable fcie-e-7?-/? with their
fair mistresses, a^ secretly almost as if they were in
a trr IbM I arN.r togi t'.er.
We in t:i ad aereral Mrengi sn el icle* as w> -n.w.
ry walked througb the eity. venders of fruit with
titige backet? on their tie tds, filled with Iu motu or
?nasaJananas, mi ngoen, pineapph ?, and ? >t!?? rchoice
BasMnf the tropics groups or-blarks carrying iin
in?n?e bunlen? m the same manner; inralids re
dining n thnr hanustocks, or hadiei riding m their
I'.iy . o>i reil p.il.iii.jii.li1-. -upporteil .iiuiehV s.i iul
tV is aad nraV i s mihsu mot ing along by ihe ?nie of
their heavdyl i'lcn aotOM or mulOS
Pkatlty, we no t w uh a party of mme thirty \? fortv
bsaeka, each one of them bearing* a largi basket of
tapioc.i m hM head. They were perfectly ntyked to
tkayMaranas^nad won eaty i pur ol pantaloons oi
vi rv coarse ssattilal They man ne I on at a slow
and ?meowed pa ??. chanting al Ihe same !>iaoa
siiigularlv mwaotOIIOUa mr, to wlm h they Ix-at tune
w itnthetr hnadt
Soon alter his arrivalat I'aia. the author meets
an old n< liool n.nte, w hoar lather, a wealthy real
daat of tha city, invited the Aaserican party tp
lake up tln ir al"".'e al i delightful country-aeai,
nituati d nliouf I Btik Iro n the town, on the dor
d, rs oi the lurch! Providin| theinselvi's with
ihe motertoJs for bacheloi house-keeping, ami
<hurtetiiik n dozen blocki to carry their luggage,
lliey men found thciiiHelvcs coiniortably eu
seeaka d in tha Iragrcnt retirementa oi the " Uo
Bceaia da Notere.*1 The autaaion wnaalarge,
one sion ediice, covered a il h rarthen tiles, sur
foiindi ii l>\ gspsaMOM aovarsaj veranda, ami al
most eatboaoun d in tier- ami shrnbl>er)
II, re wr were al !a>t. in the lovelv land we had so
kaag desired to are,?.tenant a oi an estate, which
Kw Mealy and rnncty mrpaaaad any we had ever
seen iKlore True. w< wen ahme, and on thr very
beeaersid the boundless wddemean , imi would wi
not simiii Und ?uffi. art I companionship in the natural
beauties by a hieb Wi Wi re orrounded, in the tri es,
tile plants. Um flowers: iu>d, montol all, theioyous.
bftgat'wmged birtla ' lt. fort and around u? Nature
sefsaed emthed in her fan^tl rhanm (Jay flowers
kasaaaed amut the shrubbery b:r.t> vane ami. hattensl
nawag the tree* . a --eiiti.tv .?<., nut w.,? Khakion
it> ptmai like hn.e? in Ihr saet t ?cented bree/.e,
hno -i.mhI hke a m rd net lost before Ike po
On the following morning we wen aroused from
our slumber- al I, a-: an Ii.hii before sunrise bvlhe
noisy i hat Ii'11 ne ol the hu U n, ihevieilllly of the
house We oreootrodonra reaspei lily in our shoot?
uigiastnme, drank a ? ij oi *trwin eotlcc. .ui.l stlin d
lorih, racoasMny with an bsdian guide, on our first
hnntiaa ? i|wsiition in a irooii e fores)
\\ i had ndv meed a rMsalernbie distance in the
aoiHo. when the Mm aiUSt lr?.iu hia gohlen euch in
th, east, and abed a flood of light over thi sy lvan
ksadscape The daw glittered like jewels on the
,e?v, m bassets Is a ii to uumate the ntinus nierv,
ami gorm ous pluuuu, ,1 blltla to -Iv irom tree I i tree.
Thepalhwi !,.?.; t.,k, uw.t- i \tr, in< Iv narrow, and
mi ehoaki il op w in weed* aad running ?im s, thai we
wer,' obligcO lo eel a passage Ivlore us witn our
" trncados," or ?im! k.u\i>. aa we slowlv auti cau
tiouslv psacot <ie>! 1'heee loag knives are a!r?,?lutel)
ujdispeaaoble ho one liavaang la a Hi u ilian lorest .
in tact, etcvbimv von ine,-i ?im. b'acKs, In nans,
women, aiift? n.uiii i.. in, e'ovM,with iiie.u
The lile tit MnoOM, wtlh its combination oi
fon st sjgndnstegajldreamy n pose s,?. ma to have
ielt the aMMt dt IsMOUS iinpn sa on* on the memo?
ry if the traveler it was i tune ol great verd
anev i': his e\perienee. no Mag than ill iho um
brageous Natute, where l.c wa- .?>, ! m
lliintoig w.i- ,..11 priiM'ipal ainuseuifiit, and hardly
? day Masedby wnhoai out engaging in u Many
were tie nek plumnged buds thai in k- led, while
aatu'etuiK aaud their own beautiful haunts manv
the curious animals that met with a srwrsly death
fron? oi r tru-iy gnai and bj no means few the num
pH oi t right-tun.i serrn an and horrible lookiiut rep?
tiles that we eaugai i law hag thnaigh the ta.i grasn,
or stonhag beneath ihe thick ahrubbert of the forest'
Oneexettraoa* were ?!?m> undertaken early in
the morning Hctore the aun had ihr I h s f.r-t beams
ovii tat enchanting vi nerv oi the garden, we wer,
aiwavsup and iccoulrod for our daiiy bunt
thir Imlian hiintei. Joaquim, generally accom
pnWodua,and grateful arc ae to htm ior ihr nima
sporting lactic- into win, h he initiate,! I s. aad for Ihe
poaaeassoa of manv apleadrd aun ra;v bins, whicn
we shonhf not priibabfr ha\a procured without hts
sgwaaaaos He was t^uae youug. bcius aot moo than
?aaMaeaei tweatj raa sal ana, ol ugbi olive coin
pktxiesh ? at ifoot kpa?p a mna, axnl i-modelof a
sp, it-man in ru n ?, ;si M ihe urori The .slighto:
soaad Btvoi failed to eatoh his attentive ear?iu a
iiiomeu' ha lutea srosn waal Vm.i of a '"r.i or animal
It MHOedt d. and preivtivil Ii'.iu.m I \> e ? tueous
actku: lodc.cateiv wen:.-, hcmori onward lowarvl
hMftwr, srarcerj touching the around with hia uu
.iH>vcrc<l teei crom king aoskilfully beneath the .?!u?
tering bu-hes a* h ir- v to ivo.i?tou .1 vu-ration .,: a
single icai Satd rrtthaul aai intimation being given
ta taa aaftartaaaie bird oi animal of his ipproarh .
havmy Once fixed hisej e upon h1? v ictim, escape was
useless? ', ath was ce^rtaJB i Raising his tight flint
lech gen w ilk Quickneet t.< i.^s eve. hts aim was s,;re,
aai tbe siHrtln.n icimit which followed was the m
evitab'e ah ath-kl rllof I - ; rej
While in the forest, Joaquim v ore no thing save
a pair of coarse pantaloons?a common powdrr-thnrii
WM Strang around his symmetric I neck i small
pouch olsliot aMsaspoadad from bis ? . al in his
right hand was his loagj knife, in his left his faithful
gun. and thi> w?> h:- enbrt i q lipOM
wo ssaaam apeal saorathan o s oi two hours in
the woexts ka aha mwtnnj returning >i - cua.
we regaled our-eiw - v.? . ?-<...
und, r the icraiul.,. rei.U, r,s! the iikui de.', ??'nun
the exrreise we had taken, and the circumstances
urairr wlorh ??? .li-|Mt,-h,-,l it
Atter this meal.'he ee?t .. rat; :i \ ,. i :
?naarea the li st apeclsaeaa ol ia, gey p luage I
runts we hail killed in the lores! Pur this purpose.
my amiable companion was wore t ? . ? ..
long tabli-. on the eastern M.'.e o: the buildiiur, w
he prepared the spe, uneii? with Um s? ., .,, vl.
perirtu'ixi artist ThehoSMearan first taken out. a
tittle arsetuc then sprinkled on thi 'all rfa re if thi '*m,
and. lastlv, the skins arere filled out a
their natural sue. then put into propel shape ??*!
placed on a iMi.iTirri.ss,^' ?-?po??'d sfi Can-, to !.\
A paroawt, xadead,waf ta* Roacen ide.N'aj
moonlight -aMC.nd lai, n ' bulalas! ?> I
Hvi ? S?? numi rou? wer, Ihe l.o-u! ! irdeti
that they constitute,! a fairvlike gnu.- aad ilhie*
ht rnat'id ti>e?ther were thi braac ?? ? ?? r*iea Mcai
ihe llKHUibealiis li ll'.k. OShOWClofg I tir i.,'
I, harf 'I ?'?? I' at i aught tn.? ???
it,, r reapsfi aai .?g ihe trc , ark e . lie I
?inning insert- wir? bents.'?.?:.-,?.'-. r.fa - Thoait
ttaslf wmre<UiU nt w:th thr sweetestperiunae,and
?r. perhaps, were enjoying '.he lovely erentrtT an l?JT
the raraada of the cottage ntaer in uikingarit -
buruers, or Ihn pretty Indian au : . i
w .it? theo prsssn ? the flowery -had<? of our be iti
fnj iwaenv
All our moment- were miete mitt] eUJOJIUietXt.-?
\S ? v. (r?- <??:.!< 'hsrspy! ?:.' w hy rhoa I are not be,
livine: together tn such ? romantic aad 1 rmings] ?
wi?re Lba flower.- Uooom ! throoghool the year.aad
where every thing sppean u beamoasted * aa
ly, :n rfuSBS, ar;! ?.??.'.? ? Beaak limate? I
euch extmedasa parity, ao aioamtic -a th ti .- ?????.-?
of fnvti-o. and of ? .i lt ,J. - Man !ae**.?' it
w :,- '.rt.iy ? . in v ,rv : ? :? ere- .?
M,- V. i irren - ? lentry passed boom leaas iu
the<. t r.afwho* ; ef reee/us i toans he gtVee
mi BBBfed description Hu acv ::t - "?
?oteral i u ur-igM hii the rior, are related
srrihgwatseat, in a?aadnf ? awceeanriooea* epi
*. .?> wiinh. tr-ont-h f!"f! arkt the esa
ra'? : tint" of a tropical ciimate, certainly pos?
sess 3d irre-:.--4:4 le ta -.nation, whethi r re zu led
in the I.l'lt Ol MM tkaJ eaab ".?a.ecnt. SOOt grave
i,i-t. "c?: BSnstrre The w hmai i? rieb at fhe
fMleiht afwtinl history, lor WBAch the matc
tahleaataaaffjiod m profusion by th fearning
aaltaama "i tSc ?x ata laaeriean Coreaa Not l? ?s
I exei'iei4'are many of th?- jactfeatS Which fall hi
the ?... of <h" v. r.-". and V/hiCl he i.as pre
' arnted with a vividness of itatement aad e n t h u - t
aiasm of feeling which arill indaeoil i woi"k from
the reproach of dull eaa\aadeata dk ? law rep* I *? ,
Imbi aa an nawiiahlo rtiiUnostrir of astute. He oc- j
eaaiorjaJlyindulges, it is trie, in a superfluity of
ibetOli al f!'.nr,-'i ? hut this i" only when le-sots J
ghoul Ins writiai b en aaal ee prej mm The mo
newt he nets halo ihe we.ods, and among his be?
ll v. ?) beenta, ia natural a;, i .;,.:!' Hia
hooh hon given aa er?-?? nleaanri. and we shall :.??
thanked hy <>ur leader! lor roenmending .t to .
their Bttenten. f ir Summer ret:tttt| M of an at ;
Icmoaai" Wi lala our leare of ;t with one '
jj^or- exlraet. asaBCribing
Ifnay wildhoeaea are atill eangbl >x? ajuebro One
day a party of eight or tea of the native-, aiounted .
on well iiiM-iiiiiwii steeds, ami headed hy the Bnglish- ?
man. went out on thi- oaaMMM for tin- purpose ?
perched amid.e mehei oi a tail ir? e. I bad an ex
tersivi riew ot the grassy plauv and wa abli '..
tiaetly to oaaem ?dl Um MMwsmsnti of I ?,:. -
The keeaoaaea were rsdias rapidrj la the dire-.i
of a BBUtU grove, wl.?-a Mi.l-.iei.lv a troop of t .rty or 1
idly of the wi.d crssturss emerged irom behind .
aasassoadsdawsy wilh aaaoaishiiig mha ij.i thi
f artoa A spmted chase was now comaaeacedbi
Um awoati d aauvi . s hi strain J their - ? ifl anin ?:
i ? Uavir greatest capacity . m v?r did I witoew a
aaors lateaseh exc ting etaele than the one which
wtm new befors aae Tin annas and taijj ol the
baa ( wir? It ing wildly In the air. whilesnaasaof
baoffeware risiaa and isliiai witharapidit) which
showed how ughl y <-)i<ihk were the nuscJes ol the
To asy sorarise Um Bnglishnuui kept Um wad, and
wh? ol.v n.i.-'v gsinina upon the quicA-fbotad fugi
iiv?-?. i eauag up s ith I hem, bs Mixed in-1 isso, ai i
bsgaa mrnrtng ii around hu bead, gradually enlarg
hag the etrelea by perauttuig thi smooth rope to slip
gently through his Sagen
H) a auddsa nwttjoa, st the aasse iastaot plunging
Ike saun into hi.- charger, in order to increass hi
-p??ii ii possible, he dashed quickly ftwnrard,and
hurisd ajslaaso a Ilk intoning skill biiiiiimI Ihe neck
of the Viemo-t horse. The herd wer?- noa Ihr ism
ii:l?' a fiani?-. and WkswUng around in their course,
taey wars coasplctsly surrounded by their pursuers
Bsvarsl were hwsoedb) Ihe asUres, and the remain?
der kept together by two or three of the horsemen, '
w1 o wi re i onUnuairy eurcliaa around then not one
Biospedi ami ere an hour had elapsed, they were
driv?ii safeli intooasof tin- pens al i ajoelro, neigh
tag lomiiv, and thtrir BKisUhsoorerad vrith creamy j
foam. 1m beat horses beuigsell itsd from the herd,
aad properly M-cured, tha ?xben srsra agsm turned
Bt larto
The nods adopted hy Um natit mol breaking tin do
BSSUMtbi stysaaby any other term than that of bai
bsraaw i yet it ia so efncacioua that the pooramnsls |
are i? ad? red perfectly docile and man igeabts is I w
i OUISe ol two OI three dav
Oassflsraoonanopportunlt) wa- aaTorded me of t
ailnsasin| Um opt rattoa, in the largest iaclosure
proudl) stoodone ol Ihe m^iesticanimals, kicking up
the t ilth w ith ait hoofi. ana ihakingthe hesry mane !
on in i,m |y curvedm ? ktWbile bia brighti yet |lanc? l
fnarfull) around bun, aad lus loudtaugnmg voice ;
ringing wildly in tha quiet air, seemed to bi ea tag
en hu lar-ofl compasucBM lor ri lie!
Tin Sery creature w...- held by a strong halteroi
at least liftn ii i? ei in li ngth, m inn d bj ihree of tin- '?
muscular and bare-chested naurei Soon a noose
was thrown aroand his a eck by a couple of powei
ful blacks ststkmsd on the oppositi tidi oi thi in
closurs They then pulled with all theirstrength one
wbj . whue those w In- had bold ol the halter exerted
themselves vehemently m the rontrary uirection -
Tit object evklently was to effect partial itranguls
Uoa, in oid? rthal Ihej night weaken snd tempoi inly
ovt reoiue the won-iei nil power of the spirited r- i
Violent Weit Ihe pluageS of IhS . BpllVS -i. , da- he
?oii|-hi in mi i,, hj superhumaneaertioas, .> free him
sell fron tlx- graap oi bat cruel tonaentora, v\ he stood
like hearth -a demon around huu Hi-1. rrlftc leaps
oady ssrvsd to draw the cord lighter and tighter aUuil
bia Beek kit bsmUujhj bsoaaaB note an - more d BI
cult, and migbl ban been beard audibij .;. . :?
tuaoeof sfuiasag His heart beat as if ii w aid burst
ii, in bis bearing boson, and hia v? ns stood out in
j ridges along Ids quirenna flesh Al liiat.overwhelin
j ed with the nwensity ot ::? agony, and powei ta
from iiufbcsUOn, be f< ?'. and tor u instsai ho with
oatasnasoi motion upon Um ground Tn.- i.-i
assInsMdisteh loosed shoutnt* tee) imlshorth
i returnisg i ?ui?eiousne>s began to imhi in.- gia/ed
I ryes tin fresh air swelled his nostnls, and his tre<
i Basndoas chest rose and fell Uke the billows ol ihs
J tea It the r sparst km of fifteen uunatet he w asosee
I naBrS oa his feet, but how differeet from thi magni
scent animal who had stood, ip hiana?v? prid? .. ,.i
dignity, pawing that aaady toil an i.i be rs
Weak?hardly able to stand his besd droopuag, ml
bia eyes withoutsmy.be looki I like a misers
specter of hM formei telf^?Uke s iao. . .. |
Dambssthrone, v^im ass bscB teoii atb\ utote
whan bs bad bafbri dsap?aed, an! forcad to be a
snaSrhsd aad ausssabla ilave 1
The persseataesi ot the horss n .-now t-\ aomnuu
eaacraord assoonsshi bad recovered somewhat
trom hat esbanaUoUi h?- waa atouatad by sasked
I-!,' s, who was iswaidsd far Bia teruwrty ny being
uarowatoa sesMMSeral ?? distance orsr the bead
Iheanunal rue asUve, iio.v-vi;. aras bat i .;. i
hlllt. lila! IHN lew BKMaCBtJ again . e ib B I .1 - . 1
geroasaeal This tun- ha kept hit place, not* ?
-4 ndiua tt..- varteanrh-ol rhesanas t- ?
till land lbshofsi ...id tn- .r, bau ofneai .
Ihs i aw color, it. ught virility to my mind ?
in? mi .i ? ?? o- aa an nl ? sni tut
Tn n iaaad was aoa bald turhi v ? . loag ....
aast sarosd as nan rouad odround ...... tVnen
svsr he tagged, or i.....u-:, , ., , ...
a asUve, aim a heavily Itaotu . <>i...? ;.. a . ,
kis he -d wen u irivt ? .-'ti en i vonh .
i;a paii m aaiehwsj aunostsuSJ icn to.i
b i : i Uradus i .. i ? .<-.,. e.o,. , ?. .,". ,
psunttre, aad at 'be asasi ?>i ana - - - r w .
?to.., i -cen hnt thai , aadrel I :
pBtaags t?e.itig asarl] .. ... ... .- |
hoi ?.;:, ..... . 1'. ..i 1, . ., ;? ir . , , ... '...
ef i! e Qt a ] BSgfl oaso ? r -
nn rXfljj IK * in ?, i :ir t ?.: -44 ? ??? n vi4 ?; ?
in. sni. i ia, Dkatm iBoa Old A
jkisl ' s. .M l> . s :.. m
l Ik ,;, ot o: asM bool ?? :?<? > | ?. (
te^\ srordS Bat i?4>s kssaaj snd n;o.-- t.,i |
Thii. .toe air .. t a - .-? t ,.|
loug lile II? rtaaotw with Bgooddaaluf plsu
sib.i.iv .? i sdiuei? ui -..v r. ,, ,....
in gasaaj rl ??? u * , - aUi a, and u be .:. . aot
i ii re that lit. nais/hl be j.r, traeea I bi
osauM sf sisal ??? r a(aol i apolristt - ?
one caai ??? haraaei I ttrynuj ihe egissiiiMiBM
It may 4.- :???!.? ; :. ?? sun . t.. wail a ,, in
oi in, nj mm lb ? rsosUt, b Ml i ? ?? - aa rthsi
n- ? - to t -I t'.c ?, BSJthl - I Th4 :
liiiiic nature af :;t to ? asA wi.d voti with
.'. s'.... ' i t , ti ?,!,?}, , -i,!. , t Ii |)r
Ui stwick's l ountt rauhst asjainst broad, whieh he
lainka aalfM we i i- hbbm ???? Mstal af
?!?'sth," inaasasj of th.- uatnl ai lass," asssauVi
not ? ?? atanaa ant bj the ?tperii ?. Uassd
WB> tot Bsaaaaatsss nasBnaaaaj Cm a hnishad
,i -. r ea find mtiel: fault with the p'e in
sot sulalitutes which he suggest foi its uiordi
liate ese
txeeedas to the author, th. ass i\ artsiagj fas n
.'? i i is owing to the amount of e.irtnt partj
sasw w|ujch ?fjatJ Uteir oray into ihe blood,? \ at
1* r i*l. choke u|> the circulation The ?ml> ?Iii
fefi in i in i1 e i.e.! v between oi' up and -'his
j t? r . ? ? i all' - lo its com ls*n
I 11 in? i ...ti to. ,-i. aj ii.i gaj ? IIm ..
!* 'II It
i in :
the bJeetL The blood i? renewe J. therefore.
Ifcfoegh Mt< rml n u runtrJnrke pfnvmsnea, Brent the
food ?!>:?.''..:?. whet, ? an?nh thr batty. Thelot I
?jjd dnnJt. occortiinglr. are the primary source
of the earthy u.ait. r which is nlriijitort depes
ite.i in the van* u* iiasnci ol the body, prodeVmif
old age. decrepitude, and ml I v'-..? j
Herire Dt, Boat wick maintaina, thai I in taay
bo rrratly protracted by the uao oi such artirlet
of d ei a* w:)ta a a anu . '' an of
earth v matter In " I rm * ' daaa
terious substances erewheaten ioer, Indian com J
and sail, which contain from or. to two p. r rent.
cipal fniits, vegetables and meats Tar)' how ana
fitth to one tree-htflstrreth part of tha: p.-o? >rt: n.
No one can Llame the author for his attach
i.t ti> .-r.-pes
The bah i ata n a larger ssaomvl ef earl i than
anv "ther I ? ? - " ? ?' ? 1 '?" 1 '"
is generally trie from earth, sometimes only a mer?
trat eis found. Crai i1. t. eiefore, are a ry t md w re
j<, \*\u'.\ . n<it only n ron??-queni? of Vine ?r- from
f iruv) matter, brt thei possess the power of thin- I
rune (be bli I md gently stimulating rt, and mm as
r> to m sent through nil the countless cara^Uary ves?
sels. And those who have n? ver observer th*1 fsjet, j
u' l b?-p'o-j.n--! to ' e to"d Ihe w. N," -
and ? Iber parti of the body are very much dried an,
will rapidly become soft, and the little rente Is that
have for years been closed, a ,11 reappear, as also
will the fine vessels of the cheeks again pot on the
hue of ve-i\h v"f. the bow*,
w.ii t*von.< r g-i;:. ? tv . t ' nbs mdaason
buovanl spin* .ire sure t.> oa i <.<-?? ?? c plen?
tifully of good jrrapes. The old man will again be
cone \ ? nag
But lew wni accord with hit tan go in vi vi
in regard to the possible duration ot h tat in life : 1
As lonp a- we can supply fuel to a fire, an'! keen '
it from from the ashes, il a U contatae to bum. If !
th:? can be done 'or one hundred or.? Barnsen 1 ages, :
the f.re will COBtiKr.e t?. war:;, aa 1 enuvi ?. :..r ? , it '
period m>mthesana msanter,il wecaasuppl] the
body with proper food, and keep it free ir the ,
??! n'.v ria l'r.'*:.e a-i ? - ??:;-:: e; oke it up. will it
rtcntinue to live. Time, or the muni rofyt its, hai
nothingwhatever todnwith old ago or death. A j
man is old, or deer* pit when he i? choked up. or j
consolidated, to a 11 rt inn extent w bet! er he it t m,
fifty, or or.e hundred year*. It li Ihechenucal ehani -
that occur m the body, that produce disi ise, <? i -
tude,and death; and theee an most carefullycon
sieer. The* wild hoc. the rsran, the parrot, eagle, i
and other creatures, are known to ic e periods of
several hundred v-.u"- the whale, aad others, for a
taoaaaad yean while mrpeata are believed by
many naturalists to avoid n Ah all igether The
ancient Unions, an 1 others, on . ega ta At
only iiK.ii "to fto dorm h ii" at a hundn I md
twenty, or a hundred and thirty yean of ag-- ?
Reader! what, art thou :>?-;.. t. a i :-? , wac.au
eagle, a pair,.:, a toad, or a aerpeal or thine mice? ,
tois ' I? ,1 nol sheer ignor. ol ihj oi ition
?in short, is it not il > ignorance of Go t an I nature/*
laws ahme w inch kilts thai I
The votorac is c rtainiy liigen.oiis. pres. ntine
a variety of curioot ati tittii t, tn I well wi rt'i tl e
attention oi readen who are fond of pbysiologj e
speculations. Bu' we cannot admit thai the
author has made out his case m a :?? 'fort
ti.;.nner. The abandonment ol bread to the de?
gree which he contemplate*, depriving the ays- '
tern ol the "grit" for which our Yankee coun
try mi n are provi rbial, would probal ly be atl in !?
ed with evils on the otl .* m !>?. ol which he '
makes no account I' is si as ; id I ihave out
hones turned into India rubber as into chalk
v\ e i.avi no quarrel with thi grap for which
I?r Boatwickcheriahesaafervenl inenth liaam
as it he hal been reared in the vineyards of
Eshcol, but we should not i !??: e mi friends in
Genesee County to stop grindingal pros nt for
anythina h? h 11 laid
f I ?? History of thi Can neu in R iat- |
raaor. Dtatsaahi of a seties ot .<a dla otii aas. m which
thi ; reseni ; i-'or oi the church gathers up s store oi
ancient ecclesiasttcaJ reminiscences. The Brattle- |
st. c hurch is nott I n Nassachnsetts Congregatam
n'lsm for the diatinguiahed talent with which, u? nainh>
irv has bei ? filled,nth oastaof theeen i.I n ? k
minsU r, thi most accomplished Kbolar of his day in
Kew-EngUnd, indof Evirettar.d Palfrey sin.-,; so
honorably signalixed In a leculai career. Wean
tempted to extract the aecount of Edward Everett,
winch. :o those who hare known ban only in tha
sj tn p 11 i olittcs, w:.i j r a :.t rather a aunoui I .t of
biogiaph) Mr Lothrop *pi .us ot the ?? lief, use oi .
Christianity'1 ia lermsoi what may appear to away
as exaggerated praise, bnt the remarkable eratBtaai
ei tlmt work? irrespective of ItsMyh end argument,
certainl) iniiihs it to the rharacter ol aprodig) ol
yoathfal l? araiag.
KlU i 11 i <;i ath of Mr Bin kminstl r the pulpil was
supplied for more inanayearby temporary engage?
ment! with rnrtons rlorgymen, no one of whom
preached as a candidate lla.:, in ths autumn of
i-ix the attt ntion ol the parish m< duecte I to Mr
l..i ??? ?. v. i.. !;.?.nluated at Harvard Colhsgi two
\< ars ! i lere. v\ ;:.'!.i hiebest honors ot his , u-"s,
and aa aaanrpaati dreratationfoi talents and ? holar
ih p. md w. ? >\a- al ihn t bmpun ling in- theologi?
cal > ti it Cambridge He was int rh I to preach
, as a candidate on the lOUtof Deoe other, i??i:t. and,
after lupplymg tbe i ilpil four Ihindays, recei red a
unanimous it tatfon i" tweoitie 'hi na?ioro| thi
? n j The iiniiaiion wa? acc? ptcd. atrl i- v. ?
ordami I on the 9tl of February, 1811. Mr Bt rett'i
ministry lasted but thirteen month*. Early in the
year ISIS, hi acceptei the appointmentteodeml hmi
by the I orp ration oi Han o I? oUege.ot Boot Pro?
fessor oi Greek l terature, sad bis connection with
th;s tocH t\ v.a-.' isolvi d on the .">: a oi Mar. h of thai
>eai "'on did i ?,-.er? r blow tad more unett
i ecti dly upon a i irn than this sever n a a too
lutuu t: a pastoral onnection rnore reluctantly ac?
quiesced m. 1 mak i no undue claim for the clerical 1
profession bul I am not disposed io admit tha* there j
i* an] h i ier atand-poml for human etfort than the ,
leak ol rt itkms instruction.-ar.v apnere m whicfa
learning, talent, genius, all the energies of a noble
mind and a generous heart, can do more good, exert
an tr,m w lasting, more important influence, than
?:? ''??' 1' i it.. :>? in! v the free i , nirregaLonalpul- I
pit, oi tnunes and it must aJwaysbe saarter oi re
whennperaon bat ag these nea gifts and an
dowments steps down (romthe did]at to mingle in
the dust and strife of secular afsurs, In the case of
Mi Everett, however, tha regret (ait, aad winch
-on e, who c-t .' -t.v restesnhor Urn thirty seven
tear- a-o as I'.e.youthti.l paster , i this I'hurch. feel
ftroni t ti thi thi regrel that taleata ao eaa
?' ? : sho . h ve been thua early loat to the pulpit,? |
- mum ?? al !- .;-. ai, ,j by the tact, that at every
s b? in ah .'; they bavi rmi a been i ert d, 11
f.i:> iftaa a I.? h they hat e since hopored and adorn
? a the balls ol legislation, in tbehighei ?h.ks of
uiplemi j ? :ic-'. ti:i.- r? treats.-md the vir Ithl
oflearnuig -c.enci,?they hare been eron I
with enuLcnt si < i >s ;u,,! eminent usefulness, ha ?
evet bet exerted oa the Mae of religion < rt e
'' " " ' ta the brand, full meaning of theword.
??Li inicei I. h. lain .:. am! um ii.l a- Mr. II., r, ;? .-.
been and i-. ,t m.,v be,- a wise prophet muht almost
? wuture ihe prarhrliaa, >i may be n c tea
? ilown to posit-rev as .-onne ted with :h. r. ' j ...i
nMhmrthaa Um aeenlni kistory of the country
ii.avl.etli.it. when all eise ihn :., has !o a* -
have l.e, n ; <r-v t en.-its : e:. -' j lv- I n
Manor art intorrel wham pro nei he aifj ?re?
nn ml i ri .1 an . tu* name most fn vn uiionrd
and quoted in connection aith his "'Defense ol
t hnaiianity,'*?a work wrtttcn befor? he reached his
R-a.oi ty, an ! put Us!? ! with.:, i f, .. mo . hj,afti ' us
?rdn.at a ttrtsdesk This work, presenting. a< u '
? '.'?s. a\, , able aignaaeat in rapport i thi pro
. phecH s, ? :>.. ?i ? T.it,-: ? md'Ve.r rn aruiir uisin '
the truth sx :.. nginofthe i hristian religMai
a as rci arded it i i ta , , uhI hi i\ - h u ia !?'?
fd.pfthemott original and most important i
theological words that h I ??? beea wrtttaa in
kaarra . It was i ..,,: brtk I j Um l les.a si com
weti ly met Um name ui Um tme.? fiaerdacal ten
??ei e ? ap-.r.o:i ?| ih> I'.in.mim'v wire it tn it
perxw itroi rlvmanifested indtnhm ? nn aa n
' : ? x u : 1 ? 'i an ' .,' i* ? ? I . ,.'., p_.
arty .Mr n H Ba ? th then r , ? . i
fr. ir. Europe, ha ? atl ii ..??'< hnati ?'? >. ,? ? , '
Old 'I est im? ni pnm i irh thr , '' I
Bt v.... a. eageriya :,.s*.'v,.u V. \ K iu.Zl i
ttNtas foil ni ,'. - ?d .,-,1'-, . ? i
latin to da ii u h n urr I has.? .? .
rttei ptstoai -. im -V/l J ' ? r?* i
w,o not em ? ? . S o "? 1
u-. m? i:? hi .. . '*r "rx\
? ? , , u t in, ai r md i
m" "b ??Mi i e.l immediately a |
.... ' ' " ' ' !'C r" '"ii 'i;- - 'I ' 'i. ;..C I.- .?! i, i
"?'.in li lo me, l i, |,-in|m?rarv eriKencr, ' Is a
' i ? or nr, in I of ?, ii, permanent
: . when wr i-.,n?i?lrr .,li the ein mi
' ,V:' r ,W ,'. '' " ' w' ''' ' I. ilreine
" ' / '-' ' ' '?' fha^brnsf penad to whash rt was
, . ,r ??'/??amitur u bniitf? Mtether well
' ' ' ,r' " '? tlirrl'iTiii'.,, i i[, rr.nmiiu
nwime i ai ages, IM . ...w and Ii i ,?i ,,i i . eUniiienee
an ! ... sad the efiWt M pr.-i?.r... ? ,?.,., ,M. ..
ki. wl.-rige,l,,iH "i the aaost etlraofd nary aooki
? ? im? i ul \miT\ -an ?< I .i.. , ,. ... \t , ,
t ,r, i iw. o..t .ut itllr kn ,w,-. to ih" jmum i
r< ? I i ?taay aho near tie, ti ooaaly ?o,
I w ' ' ? lem ' ?nt .il In, la, l thai ?Ir flrrirtt ,? \ r ., ?
,,r" "' ' to
, . i .? ? ' I .. ,i, a| I in,- . , , ?, i?
not ?oeressfitl. ber-ansr tat ?- . Ith an '. , n,' isernent.?
?(" Id not aawaatef ms ?iving Um w-irk Ui Athorough
r'-..?t--n wMchthe ;? item ? n- * e-l.'.iu.i nx.g.il
rs TbM it to be rsanstted tor. without any
d : rarement : thee>-r-^ ? < has done indth .. >.. IS
hi ha* attain. : ... >th r . e.-artuu i t?. I ?Mi.:. ?; >at
tl It ?-!'..!. .1 ta-'t . tliV ."??.? evrnt Oi i? . ;' . ...
ew-orl or labor, ?? art eft. os ?.-:-??si aats al
W h. ? ;a.-vr ../ t: - i h r.-b. Mr Et
? ... r , - r, .if 1 ' I -. I .:..?-.??? t?
faithful an 1 devot? ! to his work while m this dealt,
and the records, shosnns fourteen ackhttoaa to the
Chur i..Ithirty-sixba] .- lurinj re . brio;
tninistrr, are sa et Jene? that the orrnnsneei sfrs>
Ihjioi did sol -.p.. ahm -?: -1 In iifstration
, i.:... ...;. us Boston Cr*ashy A v..-a i
- ?
r"r We li:ive re.-t i\e?l the Ninth YohuM
../ Hit.: 1 i!????> ??!,???,sv ??r s stimc
WoRs?,'Vontauniisj a i s i I greatly ealatgml edf?
tioii of Prof. N'ich w Aaca rsersss or the
Heav-css," printed in the best style of London ty?
po graph; The adratMi In istumRiik il knoarh kys
has :< t:i .-a. treat 5ir.ee th.s work w is fir-'
that the present editu a may be regarded a.- a new
pablication. Tbs tessetsspAe discorsries with the
m.'.er..feei:t mstrimei.ts f. P ?r*ov.*: .wn ,ir< record* !
in detail, throw n? a new lisi.t on me.: y ob?eure
j oints. and making a large addition'o t'? , r.
store of well-established fa-t? The splendid rhet
one with which Plwf Nichols cipatiatei tar the
grandeur of his fans :. ., ,, iniparti a glow as
his technical description, sad invests the study of
the ?;? d universe arrth a p collar chsrn Few
writ; rs :. mo :. :;. ti-.u ban < I_??. I with more SSV
tbiiM&rtic ardor ta the task M popularisnag the rc
su.ts oi the most profonad mrestigation ? tsassaog
meanwhile, the sscrificc oi s -ien'i'ic accuracy for
the sokt ol mon facile and general comprehension.
I! im ksrani i' be rt it I without a constant w ake
fi .I mind, bot the*, richly reward attention
L< it;; v;: r iaim of th> tr iastructkna and their fe- j
lit .tons ai ' beautifu] eatpreaaioB. ttro. pp. 3no.
! 11y 11 t:. Baillicre.)
t ' " >< : vki'.v or ti.K WiSITI Mot s
t..:.\?.' : ? VAil'hm 0*:;r.- A new a id portable
( men ol tbi! ? so a al coUectioa of news oi tne
Wh.t" Mt unta rta' >c. norr is published by Crosby &
>ichol The letter-pre sa description are from the
pen of an enthtuisstic-krrerof nature, and ? keen so?
??< r-er id' r el aiiu iat phase-. In he lithotrrapiiie
, ,\. lave tha mcst mpressin Features of
the iai.dm-ape in Um v o aityoftbsWhj i MountainSi
di nested with ij rit, and vn should judge, with
Li, at fidelity. The voluni Is too largt for a travel
.... . n.bn oi "a i routd taki tha favorite
mi ur.tain tour of is sr-?ngland, without aaiiihwasly
ti suiting its agreeable paces. .?'. Frano-,v
? ?,?
t '* Blbmbu rs of Anili rtcAL GiostsV
Ttii ." 1 y Al BEBT B. tut Sri:. i- a r.cw tr":iti-. by the
1'iofi sor of MaUnnaUca Ln the Vnited States Mill
t t rv tcademy. It is (bonded on UM standard mat:
of Biot on the atme mint t. i.M' Willi ->:--h ehanges
bo'h in tl.i sir tngi bm al and matter, ai am med bi -
et s.-si v to a ',<;>; ii to the i t net d .-Indent. sb I ? ike
it an attractive aa well as useful text-book Alane
linn,la i td practk al ? ramples are green at the eines
of tbi , ilitme win, h add ?- entiallv to it.-, val ie as a
manual. (Svo pp. sot. 0. P Putassa.)
E 1 uPltm<m in vNo tin: Pilgrims,"by
Jo?! ph r\nv Ait".!- i briel history of the pronin al
events in the lir-t establistunenl of the Plymouth Col?
on v Ii is mtended to fom, tbt Int rohuaa of a
series, embodying the most important Incidents ha
t!i history of Um United States, sad with special ref
erenci to the popumi nsmd The nantaUre ia thia
volumi i clear and aa cmct, but a certam per railing
monotony nakes it aloa readutg. (Ithno pp. SSS
Gould at Lincoln.'
I : ' I ii Lipi mo CaiAtactbs op Jonn
Pa11. J. ai - .' t) Joas Hsasr Bhsbbitbbi a second
and imprOTed edition of tie- ti iirraphv o( the great
naval fire-eater ia pol lisbcd bj a h. ince, Sherman
,\ ( e (?\o pp, t, I l
[ JovaJIAIi ? (r ?1 VoTAOS i i* lilrl
Nile, "i \ As Amibicar, isarepi nlof i s little work
appemled to Dr Hawk's "Egypt and its Monuments
, Isaac . p IM BbH do Painnej i Co
M \!."i LAND.
Vote on the Acceptance of the Htn CsasUta>
Usa, a e.
i ointtrs. tor. rt: t .t,
Anne Arundi I. StS 1113 I
Allegaay.IStJ W
Baltimore. 113S *|i
Baltimore t rv. Mid SSM I
Cecil.071 SM
< arobna. ITS IM
< ksrlea. IM M7
t arroll.! tT:: ISM 17
Calretl. 174
Dorchester. Ii l"* 4 \
Frederick.117* SU I
liarford.1133 fTi i
Kim.m mi
Moatg?aiery. MS 717
Princt Ceorgi -.SS7 SM i
Queen Anne'-. BS7
SoaneiM t. b'K SB
St. Msry'a. IM IM
Talbot..?H MS
Washington.im IM
Won ester. *?J i 4
Total.BBjSM l-.'.b".
m.o lor the New ConaUtutioa, 10,400 blsnki 1
The New CoastituUon goes into operation on the
4th of July, and wa- tahmttted to lbs people on the
till tit June
A Mate CooveattoB of Loco Poeoa Is to ? hi Id tl
Bahiraore oa the itith oi Beptemlier tor the mttmna
UOB Of State oAo r
Win Pmkaey WhyU is the Opposition rand
forCoagresa nUM IVih DuArMi . -. llWardsof
i aiHltdstes are a'rt a !y t < mg antioiin -e?'. :u ? 11rt< r
eat parts ol the Stats for m at.- m the next Leguls
ture, ill succeeding Legulatures onlj ut once tn
l wo years, from the i si Wednesday ... I >. iarj to
ti.i i thof Marchi,a little orertsro month
LAW- lo li. . i. . I-:. nt. St I :.. . :-t. v I : R'l
To Bppoial two i omnin oners to Codify, thai i?.
to arraii'ie the iaw?. and ott? or more i ommi*
asaaersto rertse. simpaty a ?:::.:?? . .<? rules oi
pra, tice. p!e.,.l iu-. lorn.- of . o..,. ya.. inc. and nn>
, redingi in tl,. t Ourti of t':* v' its
^or m i-i.nn.-' a >? j to; ? r- tietu f.- !t ' . f
kmhostiaaS,sad I ras arutgthessbmto ..ir ..
?lit a ,.',i r tar death
For eiessptina i erasaae - .?: ol propertj
from ezecutaon not exesedtng SAoc .
Forsumformsystem . b?rget bUmosI at
i ouaty i larks ami ii. l i ol U tili
For ergsaming th< Tra saury DcparUnsM of I a
M ile. at. .' to ' ., si ?! '1 i i- ?'< I
Fi r k icribtai ti.t duta ..ii I :.v ..- ? '? ??;
the i omm ssi ? ersol Pul k Works
For r- n zuig the i o :ei'i-?:oner? o| e,e ii fo'ln".
t ash ??: a aural t r, Stj OMn psarsra, t> ?? ???
, i oil a
Fm i > us a it'.* tof i ?? St i'e
To par- all I iw .,- mat I <? i ? ? ?- i". r
earn.tu i'o t- on. ti.t power- vt .?? 1 :v tin
l oll Ututi n
To pa-- gel el ' '; '
mu ??>: ??
For i a-t - oi conti Ii 1< ? tions.
Fm kwfi ? ire ?.>, I penaftH . , ? -? isq v
lor otgaatsmg ii^??irtsof Baltimore< t,. wd
?. r gast I -'a :?. r bna ?>: thi .?. gas ..t tv Oi. ? ?..
i oarl of thsPtati
and i ? iblt ? e e it h >
ia - -in wA Wardt
to de-iknati Ihrir t oin|?
i in ? sMesn w,i.i
lust es of t*ir Peace
,.,, itnctoi Lhei
? ? ?, ,' arm taurt of C'ha . ? t. ual tot the ? po
!;i-i > : rui Missiiiippt.?
mi prsdarlsd a heavier os/srflow oi
lona.r ? eat) .1 ssi .thSSS ?? ... 1 < .
1 Ii ided Kit- tra.r urn] w.-..,
tbs fasts ws esprssss I
'11 n 1? iii,:, ' irmtng r *t
r. r 1, 1 , npp, ? n.er- I' .. 1...
up 10 the highes! level of the presc-t vexr. where
Um > fia<! b? .um ? > ?ut>M.V. but :o . re ite a ptWSSMMS o(
i i ?| iImssTbsji ipiiM fcWBUJU tn b 11> i t.i'ion t?o
?o \- .>
But tbi I:.: -::-. I ?- I Bf) t< the MiSBOWrl
\ ? . I tested affl - ??! a hi 4?v ri?e m that tm r
?ere i ?-, h at ti. - pases rsststuay seatthedaj be
foe. i :?? ; .....t- !.i*:i in utiinV'
nrpted ?? bbj bot timber b ? b Ita rapid an I sd fy>
uk -ur act. arc! !>c-iiie are have posit ire intelligence
u .? r y, f r r M- m the waters
of thi : if the Pali rchof rivers f m
. It
ta ? :
[iaunhb.? l\u- SfsU RtgisUr, Q- see
H '. ' IBS //?.'. >'..?>. I' -r- 't
V- ii '. > ..'.|..i .4 fix-a/', and
fV M tri have al] bofal d the tume of
Sti-phi . A I>. .. for the Presidency?suh
l . W. 'I - . . -.!'- I '?* ? / j .1 ''- '?' - .1
loath :? at ? t tha people
I.b*t**i Bxawrnoa ?The I aVfcrs1 Per m
- ? tl I this ben lea:.: A t of : m I ist Logitlatore
.?:!.. .s-...-c . ; Ultmrtt. boss into operaUamoaUm
Iii. la] . . July?i on pot ? - I rtaat \ ver> appro
pr itr v M ti \ i fair? \ v? .i . <???? -?'<? ?? Indepeu
d? r.- e" mat vi- it. e\?T the :? ngth n I readthOf OUT
vi .; v ? ../ i;,! coi.n-.. .?:,c-? ti.it .val "inJe
p. nth ' iv" from tile fear- of dl -t I .foe. hi Bl . ? -* .i<
?ured to tin m.
?It is proposed tn have an extra ?? anhat, of IhJ La>
gi-!.tti:rt 'Ii DctObl r
? The in liis.tr::?1 fisgitlatiin Worsting me n't State
11 Bri i ? ? i e. ?? also :n Oeto ? t
- Thi ? ti ur i D argisi paper edited
it J.:.. Wentwi ?. .saral si ? . nfJ ritt 1
to my tha* Mr Van Buren ia williaa to tigs a letti1
in eoajnaaSssa with Gas Case, wiriaishnlng au i:
'.:* e...un-t. r *:.. Pre-;..- .c.. tor .vike of h.ir
aanai tii ?? thi Pemocr if. ; ir* v "
? The Iearian eonunanitj ,? ffanioo not Indian
it cemi .vi n: to -en : Deleg itel loUs \ I i N ?* ins
Industrial Congress. addrr.--e l acommunu ation to
that bods, irmpafhisins with lUobjeeta.
Pbuusi i.\ im.v.?The Cms papers ire
publishing BflBM of Buchanans orations denounc?
ing the Democratic party dnruag the i tot W .tr
\Mt" Great Bits?! T* ? ?? FcierViK" pro
lim :i.m.< . t Mr B :.o.;n. i:. r eon-t iere.i ot a
p.eei with his present eneoc kgemenf of the
Secessionists of the South
?Portiona of the Oppoaition Btnte Licitei are
li tli i; oppo-i ii !.\ ii'..in\ ot Fee ' F<?co pre>< -
? A grand Mass Meeting oi Land tnd Labor
Reformen i> to take place in thdependenci
square, Philadelphia, Jolj i. to which Dsauj Its
tingniahed reformen base been invited A
thorough organisation w ein?; to exist among the
worhingmi n ol Pbiladi '.y i sn I Pi ansylvania.
? The late tassasp ot th ? Petes' !\ mi ? Leg
laturs closed the term of service ot eh sen State
Senators, .n foUoU -
DMT i>l?i
; W?lnueS. i*r?t.'?. ti u J t cmi,!., ii en. it
.' Pelen It Savsry, w u. latai Hasss,Ose
i. it t m- Iii ?kt ? Massi llafcCai i.i
: .1 - Korusauu ?r, H :t Q rrsV Lawrence, it'
: |i, . I Stia u 18. Tisaoth) lv? Op ?
: i K ert M Prick, it.
Later tram the Mewntnlae.
PMnUssll LosW fslsUissnesr,SM ah I
Wi hsTe had the pteaeure ol meeting a th
Dt P, |i Papia, who,with about Mothers,esgaged
.n the services ol the ?nerii in Pur Company, hiu
just reached this citj bi thi tteamer Duroe, from the
ktisamiri. Thesegentfemen left Port Puan , on" of 1
the trading estabhahments ol Messrs P.I bouts au,
Jr a t o ,Bosse four week- Uncs, wfth -ix ktacki ?
boatt, b adi .1 with robei and lui -. On the isth mat.
they arrive,! in safety at Belvoe, at which point they
trau-', m .! themselves and fie cargoes of their hosts
to the Duroc. The ireiudit araaqmte huge, sad per
bapB more valuabh than an) that has come to hand
(bi -eme months.
Mr Papin report- ti' it i great di al of nortality
prevsiled among the Sioux tribe ol Indians, during
' thi Isst adnter, wad that si least 4,000 fell vicUms to
those terrible scoutgea, the chok ra and wnall-pox.?
j Tiie latti r disease wsi -t:!i raging, snd it was reared
j tl at it.- iliri till int'iien, i wniiid I ? extended to other
tritx - Dunng the tribulation felt by the uasortnaan
I Indians, the traders in the i mploy of Mes<r- i'
Chouteau, Jr. 0; Co., were untinng in their eiior1
to afford rebi t. Being well prov bled by t;.e company
with on diem and vaccine matter, thei wsrealwayi
prepared to attend on Um aflheted, sad by their tklil
; and atti ntion probsbly tared the lives ol thousands
The more creduloot "t tiie Red men. are hrtnlv
of the opinion, thst they owe the imrodnctaaa ot
I the dbn ass into their eoonUry, to 'in- larsja CsUsorma
I emigrationwhichlhastroaseothe pbunaanace IWS
I ?., agents of um American Fur Company|hsve
I dorn no.eh. bowerer, to removeUus errosseousUa
j pressmn frsm the Bunds ol these children of nature.
Mr I'll"!! ' rthet -r.it#--. fiat on the SSth Hit.,
! whili ta- was it tin- Big ? " ' nne. in o Grand riser,
he nut the Express which, was conveying I) li
Mitchtll's invitationlothe rarioua tribes to aasess*
bleat i'ort Lssmie. Si an i ar.v dB) Thil expedi?
tion :\ II ROUI| "li With L'reat rapid tv. Which I- ? a
i area) measure to he attributed to the facilities af
I fooled bi tie energetic lloaore Piiotta, Bsg^ths
agent at iVor* Pierre, who fernishsd tha nsost coes
pli te arraiiLi DM BtS (Ol > ..rrv.... OUl tin- plan- <>t the
, Govern meal in this SMittsi n arasthe geaeral im
pn -am. that fie invitation w.i lid !?e n HJNMdsdtO in
] a friendly manner, t-v a BM?orit) of thstrtbss,and
; iinleai ihe trek nett oonUauet to prevsd, grsat nuss
. hi r- of Indians wUI hi prew nl al ihe F?rt.
i Siesssaa on rai Rivbb.?Tbs tteaaaar at vnvfo
! wa- met. on the Mtt in-t . by UM Duroe.-ome ju
1 mi.i - at oi i Belvue There had already been toaas
-., km ti on 'in BI kngi. ind 'tn- ? an re live de Shs
Iron cholera, snd two others were not expected to
? lira, The favorable rhSIMJB in thi Breath) r bad,
bewseer.cheeked thersragesol thedisssss,sod ii
wascsmasamtly hoped thai inn *onlvi bsnoaanrci
' mortality dm ng the rorsas
1 it trill t-e recollected tn.it tin st Aaae,unlse a
, i harter to UM Ann ra iui Pal l ompoa) . b it :,er? I i-'.
wsehfor Yellowstoae She took up a IsrgequaaU
tv oi ?iure? tor the ,|itteren' tort- owned by tiie I OBM
fa:.v. an 1 SBBpSW her p i--< Bgsn were Rai Pal I
lie .-ii,,,l: BBd Van IIa kin, the ?Usti.uui.-ile.l ;...?
-.ol,,, a -
CaptsanJ a * re. of the knei n arConapanyi
retarned to Um city yesterday on Um Dune
Ma or IllSISa. SB Indian tgsnt, who was [so a
passenger on Um Duroe, left Um Ost, it Si Loais,to
tram ? m en buaunsa ,
If au Ai. nts is rut WgST.?It is stated
in several qtBUten that James It. . ayerwea'her,
i. i . ol Ibirtir.uton. Iowa :n liern notified that Ins
isiiMiw as Wprelsl Mail tgent for the Statsbol IUI
um- and atiBBonri will bei peaaed vrwk after the
ek -e i f ths ; ri -en: in. nth, u ,? . lerstand that Uus
- then .;.:? , : ., rsgulntlowOl ths liepartme.it.
W a.i ,i at'i I,! - .ire to ' e si eeli I tiolll the ?1 .'< .,
which tn. r ?er\MOB ITS M bS Bmploysd ll is pr ??
posed to appoint a spectsl ai for atiasouri and
oln t, r l.hl.ols, a;.,' i- Ml ? . -vi Ith r r? le- a
lews at eil,, no wt isose, to far n thaws I eassn
ironcerned, is dispensed with Other igeats will ??
.1 : . : f d t< r MlSBOni I 1.: BO -
Bt Loohl d' p .. can. June IS
kwi SOT ion 9*fl70OLIgfl kffO ATTtMPT M
DbowbaI -i a Ho isOrncsa Collector Hyde
,r11 -od 'wo - .en on lbs '-' iol June 'or tmi - | 1 -
i,: m Uli a 11 to iirown Insj ector Andrew Su .v.iri
\\ , Mi s Wil on ditty lions ths rtvsr s aaaali crafl
|.,ii.i,-,l it thi diK-k -?!-??? ? ! in.' all w is not nsht. lie
ttepped i ?! ? Bid to examins ber cargo, whan one..'
t. i :. n ???'.<?:. h.m > n :;: ? to .: 1 W.tll a -ta'.- a :
kaocki 1 dm ia the rivsr. la :.. Ball, however, Mi
- , ,, . .i :/i. fellow . pu.ieil him m lb '
I oth ? ceeedi-d in gettingoot, when me two person
rhs Ok ana Sa um? rs.
u?/t*w tiaiwiBB ras ia.. wsarrnse joli
Ni?K?ia. K.-nsi N V Jul. larLtsstpaa)
Ircts I.N i ) .. . I : I ? ? :
Bja .,. rnsa M i I I < karli ?
i ? . I r, n S V J ?. , I -.!..'
MerUi Pn 'NY' Ij I I rBrrm dak SM ?
y ?? ... i r...i, Beet J r 1 i rLrvsn
BroaiN.y July II V rChtffn.lr
Mil MUM I ' I" N li I II ???.as , .
PtSSMUMOII I rem N V J'lly II K'rSn'iJ SS.C UV
Lsls>?tU I rum Hie: I si] Ml PutCSsSTM
\ ? ? 1 ? .1. N V i,. e l ...
?' ,. . I I ,|ii BlSt.J? l I
f. mkUl ' ? ? n v i . y, M i, r. k si , ? ? i . ,
i ? n v |a ?> i if, , .,
II! Lettre* ami Xrw? ??? ?? ' i i K ..-.wl. !?,;
?? s. , ; ur ?,,,,' :',j (Ii, lir?t >..ai, r iu uallvr > ? .1
LaCMtt "?< Msssai .!'.???. rihsCotxnrs 1 ?,
?sMas prsfaMtwaM] .?- i -auls rats, estsat aw
'i. ??.
I.". . i the Canuaaat uf tur-ps ??r Um CSSsSS Lass
"' *? ' " '- ' *?>' *' 1 1 ?'?. ? I. loth m
rr.. ? , i. ? . f .... : ., i> ,. ... , _ , ,
GrraiB loa .a.,?i.,...........
No.., .,o.lr, rr L.i.e.l ..?. .nil. in ..t r?
snd t ..
'?? 1 ' Ii.' -' I* I.Mr.I .1. I.in',,- ?,????
?' ' ' ? . i I i v II.. H.v ? HI.,1 Itlrllw L.l ??
it - ?:-;????? .? ? ? ' -? , , .
\ l-.u in i VVON^ERFl L DISCOS K
Ii BY?T** Sunt- Pel* dac ?*ted. ?od lb* Mm
11 ??.
r. a ?? . r :.: ? : ? ,i ??!.. . la. anil li-.r ? I and n
?i nrr" Ceara**; it will timid*
- r.i \a . ..,.! lie.. : i ? i -I ;ne Mrs
? -'-.'v;.'. I is !,y JoiiN?SHEDON MILL
LE.< . ?? . . r. .. >. s. ?.ji i??-. rl ??
IHK IM EN riUN.?^j ?oi:M ?-tll it
trnl ? S ? - * - i* * - ? ? tS* ??tilitT.f
?.hrn V K Jt
?n? lett ? I ? ! ? i ? I !(u?| \?t
i .. .
N ? 'S - 1 t, ? ft. KlPPB A Hr-'. ??J X
.. . .?VAx.?-m ' ? i .1 Lin
1VESM1TH a CO. havo retWYed |a5g
* ? I .1 ?- .. X. ? , ??
VSSAYER'S office, Brottfoy, 1-1.
mm i ? ?: .?. x.m v m , ?riu? ? ?.?i/.u amem
? i? .-? ii, that it uiv* it- full
?i.l find t!n? a .?1 ?';,?>. t unit. t>> .rnvrUin th* :ral value
: ?' i rcri ? rkti ' l.W Kl.t.KK
SWEi:rs.5>TELNIXG8. Am ? t at Ute hurheet no*B
npiiE m i?Ni ri< telegraph ?-?.
MORI '.? ISKIXt.TON X. . \ kOAVi ? ..?er ><t
HANOVER j BEAVEB ?TS . raw *f tin Kv.fi.ui*?.
Tha PIONEER LINE ?rata Rhu ?n esfruaa Waahiartoa
tu New V k. havi ,* ..?> it X.? York,J?ra*< tX.tr.
Na wart, Mom Bruaaavk. I't.r. alaa, Tleatoa, rti.uJri
phm, Wumiaftoa, Harr? da Urara, n ,a. >. ,. aal Wash
mpm Pity, I cuaa bafl wiMt all the ('"<? t M me
Laaa. Baal, Waal, x. ?.. mad Saath tarn I aj uu ua?
:nr I.mada estaaatr* reywcaof tha line, g ?? itlj tn
tn.I ht fi. itttaaad bmb* Ihor mi .y ?-?? ?? i ? I ???
?. ..:?;>??? i ?'.?Hi- ?-i. n and ii. ?Ii1 ..|' delcer, if ??!??
?at**, in aoa ? red to ????*???? traaaaut nan aadarae
aa* aaaitav?af awaaaaaa rafaaadI rtkaan.Ii i
tlir panne, aitli .hi i . ?in?, i ......(.in-?? ,n.i ti-i.-i if
hitherto aawqaalled Tax teiW- .;?;>?,* >-,*??...? ..i tha
pabttr a. thataliai. raapi tntUy wdicaaa, at i ?? |ka -r
ii, f Haaorci aad I? I ar
0 !>M\V r U M M Stt A IN l\- -i.' r.t
4 Dt ERT1SKMEN I > in * i i
jfa'ha >??t : I fr? a ataei ? taaa^ I ?? d V B.
PAXMBBf Adaartaaaa aaaae* hltnukaBai ??? * *u
OHN W . LEON \UI>. Tim.-!, r ofPhoI
acaTapar, Aaaaatwtiaai ami Raportar, at Aaa. ami no
kmhariMV.Naw.York Trim. Ufa U h ?- ?.? Ott Im*
I l\ \ M'i VI.
PIN (DENT) NOTICE.- Thti Seroi-An
anal n u ?> ?? ? dnai da ? m tha dn aa tha krteaj "f
Jufr [inmnxi, cm tha M aUuj aaaaad aaoatttaa, w.ii ix?
i mil n .ir.ii liter thai mmf, at tha ajar*at aaa aaaaaakpaaa),
i.ii ; lewiiMt ii i tin i. ('"in ?,/
T! a lui.xns ,4 tha R \ n *i INDIAN \. f i laakJn
put; "m ?. tanned a ItM, ha ' ?r Ott siJ-.m.'h" Laaa, I-'ivk
pn cc in r
The CITY of PITTaBVBOH. Pa., BOIfDf, .id to
theOhni uulPeiiaayhaaaa Bailtnail Caawyay, ^l\ PhTJI
The CITY of ALLJCOHANY Pa., BONM hwand ka
tbeOhioaud PrnnayhmaktMail aJ Ctaa aay,aU I'KIt
f k x r
The BOND! t - , CITY af fNJYUVOTON, Kenia -v.
uwui-,1 tothe t'ovia ? na aal Leaat ? ? laaa ?<! Co., MX
PEB i knr
rae BONTRI f the CITY of NEW kJLBANY, lad., av
roed to the New-Alaai aa lahaa kVutread C , aaVBM
PBB < i m
ThePBAMaXIN COUNTY,Ohm, HoNl>\ aaaad ta
thr cierelnnd, Colnaabaa out Cat Iaaatl K dtn ad Ckasaa*
The GREEN COUNTY, Oaa BOtTBI awed to tha
Coliinii.ii* mill Baakt kMthaad Coaaaay, MYaW PMI
t t:x i
rh* BONDS af the fXiUNTY at IT ABB Oka* aaaad
t.. ihr OhM ami IV:.! -? It inn It ? Ii I II'" i, BB . >l V PEK
i V N r
Th?-Bonus. ;t:.. cm nit ?*CHAMPAI :X'E.OI,....
haued to the Columbaa, Pataa and lailiaaa Bath f - ,
Sl.\ I N PEN I i.n r
The ho.xds i laa CO?NT1 t tl LBGHENY, Pi.
Ipei at L.t$1i a%a m\ pbb CENT
K it - SJINSLOW, LANIEB ft CO., o W.ill ?t
INTEREST on < ITV stdck.s ?Tha
lalaraat ia tkapahlii Btaeka af tha Cay I Hi I V n?.
da*aadnayaMa \ a) ia,Rk>l, anM haaaal aaUHtl *t*t
by SHEPHERD KNAPP, Eao., I uunliei .,? i nl thet' tjr,
at lha MECHANIC!) IltXK. Nu n WaU-aieel Tim
aaaafarhouk*ai I - ? *.i WEDNESDAY, Jn ? .
at I o'clock, PM Purthe ascomnealnl.i Htorkbolilera
Maaatara 111 cej.? naatad dartna th* |.riind i ha '??.??ri*
auua elnaad, to laa* anV < i in, ml bit, mo ?i ..m, tndler'e
OAVe.Nee Vork.Ju .. 10th, iiIjI.
It fAat JOSEPH N i V\ LOB, C aptroUei
ra*t>taata'i ii,>k. Nsw-YoaB, laaatt,UDt,
nlVIDENO.?A s. uu annual dividand
af Ihiea fliillaia a ikara alll ta peal to I aM rkl I
an of thia Rank on and nft*r Taaraday, the at J ,
aw Bj "r.'n of iim Board
attlw BACHABD BBMBY, Caatat
It*tarn Warb Rimk. Torfc,J aaSftkW
nl\ IDEM).? \ diYtdt ind "i futii ni'l
aaaftaU ? I p*r eeal aiBne pant ta la* lockh m
af tha Bank, on and after lha it ?f Juli Mil By .i.r
afth* Board .. I iw] A s PBASER, Caahiar.
Irl-MENl I. auti,l PIPTV DOLL \ltS
l?r?l. r>- a th* i ? in! uf thia Baak a r*qatr*dTto h*
i I at th* Bank H i M WaU-a oa Wadaeaday, tha
kth day af Jaly east- x. , kaas, JaaalT, Uttl,
By uidei <,i tha Board of Diri^rnn
ktlM ?t J I WILLI a VE Canaan
.Ml.. ha all I' IBS raiBRI ? R*nk. >
Nee \ .r?, (mir IT, ihjI I
V< I ICE tu the > I ??? KlIOLDER?
lakafal Riran that nn alei^tna for DIBBI ro KS of Uu*
lai il itn n ? ill b, 1 ? Id a ... mm uad Pw iaai ?>( lafyaei*.
attheBaakau ii mm IG iad-a alaoat MinaUmaaaa
plaeea . ? ..... . . Cm ihr*. INHPkU.TORS i
Ukeaeit rUctioa th*r*afti aaaatag lot DOactutaofaaMI
1 hr (?.11 ml; e open front t to So'clock, P M
H. rdk i i Um B ? I, I. l> Kltos", s i hier
Op'FH K foi PA I i:\TS, 5 WnU-at?
Pateatt f"r INVENTION! pnearai i> ?n Mrta*f
Em a, thai - Puha thi Rrtsda, aad ta the Uaaaa
- The Pnteai Lean of JJNatiuaa ta a* *t>*aaaa]
a* th ? I r. l eal a?o aM ,, Pne* ti
Il IBEPN P p1rsson
- Pa ii <? -it -'..It i.' I.. ; ;wt? ??! Iirlaitt! i"-' ?4.?
.. Iriah I ? traal .>???*? II Cl am an at
1 i i UOBV DILLON, Pr' -i.laot.
JABS* StvaST.'Tr*a in Mvsar'*
\ N K Op S , LISBURV ?Netaa af
-I |i ? - . y| ,, ,| -. ,|,,. ad 0 1 j.ar
? ., i. hoi i Hio.n.
ft!?? U * iluaai it
ST. LOI 18 |!( iNDS.?"?*"?,<?"<>.?Tli?
? ??. rdadkt * ? taaaea?tan aeck.u^ r>*?t and
ante lari itmi at*, the mi per real tareaty year ? - f the
ntf of St Louu Lud acmt-acnial intarea,
,t Phana ? Bank ? i N ? \- r? V?,- r?iuudrr 'nnu a*, aaf*
an tn??a new i. iernro*ni ?i s',t. \, ...,. ad th*y
ran < had ata pran n rieh ?... aid a mack ^rc?',r av
The Cay of M I?? i> m a m.?t (louru i ruadifMm.
.?,n?i dwara i **t* n* romlRniaa promptly Th* rrvauna*
uf th* caty tar ta* pr*eant vomt eul *aoa*d h*,f a aaaiaaa
ut dollar*, aad by - , < ? 1 elauai ta ta* Cdy Charter, Um m
toraa ? k*r kaadad debt maat he arataaad kaBaa aaaaa*
' . aa are aiada for utaat uhiaca The dab *f the tap
wiH aut aic?*d on* and a hau ?dlioaa of dtdlaci *t the
aadattaay*ar aad her aaraaa, m n -,r ?. ta Maty,
?m UHiml >,, tnr AudiU.r. cunautuui ?ae.rj,?!..(.,,'
eatar eorki, landi, k and .~^rrrr?ta-n:..l
by tat d ir?
full purtic'iura ivtll to furu.?:.a.|. ?nideeSRMabj riaar
?t the nrenaal auaa i f the at ? kaaacat, t'ta n
laiiaad dy rail ma at ? o ac?
k. w ? LABK, i>oim;i; k CO
Milt imr-.l A W ill ?t
? f M v. y i ? i <- kLBi . I -iM:*
VOBB STOCK BANK ha* thia da) Uad in tha fiff *
I J' 11' N i HOMPSON f at*
ctfyufNew-1 r. ia larnitatlieri leantwn ifiWeaeakv
t.i. U. '? * ., rr?.???.?.. u .fall _uxinaaff
? . id ...... a/'j
"Annrtt *nirnd I i M**raJ arta r*latiacto lncorp*anaa
Buaka, I,... I. ? ??-... ,;..?a, aad ladmdeal Ba*****,
j.:i med ?-i r., 17 Iii
? ? '? DANIEI li si JOHN,Bat? '.t'wi*01
l i, X I l\U MM, ? . I?, . I, iii?lin th ...firr
t . i HENKY C 1 AN NEB, 'i ??
i ty.,f N??-Y. r> . . ?..??! f..i t!,r i.demiai- u f.tartreaa
?nan..'. . Owrtii. r ? a', a i,i,? ,ti.,n uir Iii' i. ???*nin*rat
l'(Vkila?U?l.l>l..il r. sail nl, aast? ._'fl,f. **!*??
yann DANlPl B Kl j'oliN,8? ei (?adaM
19 NEW-YOBK I -^ .1 .r Ukn
i \ \ k
ill xRl P.
. ?1 f
DAMKi i j' ilX.a ,? ? i *de*t

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