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? u hi a lUr? tust B rtweei '? Bad
??l faV even.rc ??.-?'?>' ', ?" f***
eienirc. ; ? <?? ? ..ca.... ..... .
4(iVNC? ??? : ^ ,, j.j?t>, ir? |'.?rl -row . l'i take cm
t*vX? -laced a w t. r. v. p. Mr. t oi lers no? t.
??st* V."on<> onles- tin spp.Vstit for admission
??** .'.' 'nnr onl? *? t?.? applicant for admission
^.^iodtipht- BHDV vVith these m*truc.
$m*9W\ .,. ? n.t.i ' irrooni. won after
Pst*1*,;nsjued Will: m ? i numuwon
ataa**1;"., ?.{?, .?.!?.-. fi m irred to the (Je
?ie*P;'-.., :.wn>_*i:er. ipon Ihe inter knocked
?***? ??Oer and entered the forttaktea room
?<*???'?' irajrti 1 1 f up ad klenly, m
TV ', .t- . . .nd whenWil
fcra** '. . . ? ? ?everal
???*'.. ??!
?i ?**.'*' Ml annul. - 1 ne fr eiadaol W ?luaaa
in 1
^.-V-re in w' ' -?? ?' '?'."'?
taaaaawe j(. . ... v Injun
??^?e. . ? vv rd 1'" ' in' L
T:t I* tV : miivl !?? ? ' '?? fol'oaed by
??S '? l'--,s'
l?**IE,r-^ti.proa??coH. were heard byAldcr
fgmS Sdu*narg. ? '
dss JaXnviun.K. when '? ' ? will be adjadi
? oa**1- . ..... i..... Hall of Ju?
^fffSJrc-eate?J ? i ??? ? m in llu
i^Jwrar I oabigto I ' 1 ::,>"r|f,v"f
?waaroft:.*:'"'^ ?
,?,?? f VMM' Pal rBlBBBS. A BBBB
ii -B DaaBr- ? taaaunVturer rc
aB?ai llamrdwer s> wu . u jnt0 custody by
eui?f't f^^iftn' of ihr- i ??? '".n. oa
j^,, ? j ?,_y*' c |t)) t>..- employ of Jere
eaBBBVU b oJt<.r doing I u ... - ut No. :
ni.abboii.a.-s. -* u.. u ..; nah having on
WdB-et. *~ obtaine I - .n the ?um of
jVgejBel ; -'^j^ea repn sent itions. The
ajafbyaili '?' f *" ii ? ???? I p and able
<;oaB ?ot I '^nu^d tbe aetef left, some of winch.
th^-?'^? worthla?.Oa
ualKu.--.;.t.a;iei.lhei....e-. .-??e due. the ac
? Jjll . sinawAepafirn- .-. !.. -.:. rx
'"^ki's...-ticoi the paraow whoei note* ha bald
JjJat^Jwl^linthe^ BMOtoaaaenif the
er?rf.e ?
Thi i*te ^ b'',kk or 1 th '
, h^i ? ?' iinatad Batanuel Jat i ... tailoi attach*
2tooaeof the -Black bWTIum ol ?aatrea
r' Ju. .-rf.'?d h> officer Niren, ol the District At
KaVt, to be detained .v i rvitneM against
\^utit Lceex, who stands charged with murderm?
ffilfT'fr.ialraPolicnn,,, of tin IVth War)
uZ dated dud hf was told I j ?a id< ra, the shlp
mstt of Lopes, that lie (Sander-, stabbed the officer.
?3eaie?he knife to Lopez, v. h. ... e told to < - ape
yaitUxkeditpaaawrtneit fault of
ten- __a_
\kki.i an Svancioii.? l( :> late hour
m fa?aaai i"gl '. oascer Lord ol the Sixth Ward
arre-ted two young men named We.. Dann and John
jfl*Won?u?picion of Baring in their poeaeariona
Sai 3 asoaej stolen from thi Westi rle) Bank.
h 1 ibott?twi> ie:ir- since, by Tom Kan..use and
Lerif'oie. both of whom are now in ?t?tr Prison for
.Lsoffsaw- rhe accused were attempting to pans a
Ii Stan that hank t<> Mr. t. Borst, hence the bub.
Mc?n Juo.. e Lathrop held. ?uspeetted parties
it* furti n sxaauaatioa.
AsKfchl ON ^ KeM-II-WAmI\M ? A W.i
bbb Mind Ann McGraita, undei iadicAnieal for
iraad Brcent -aii- arrested on a bench-warraal by
aatosVirers, of the IVth Ward, ami committed to
prwoo'oi Irtal. _
Pm'.'i.iisii i ?On Toeaday, b woman j
?Bown i 'Betsey Haker" WU hb/ratcd from jail
at Newark where she had been imprisoned for shop
liftms Oace free, she weal direci la the store where
sat ha I bee . ight aad ttoh | ? ce ol ai|>.. sf
but a hilt rann lag off with it ?e run over by an
IBMsfeai 'i d li .d ia r arm trokcr
A Hie rax Hibbabb ibb Katbtbb.?Uffi
.? Ully, of the vith Ward, on Taesday nighl ar
leeBalaac Patei Baaaiaaa, who stands changed i.\
tin wife Ann with BllMsjBlll| to t ike her hie and
that oi he' raildren, hy splitting their heads open
aith a bh'dg oa sha iiiiBBjalBliisnl. with her cail
Ina. escaped from his clutches and took refuge in
the Station-liou.-e Justice J.a!'.n t cfctir idled him
Bl prison Bn trial.
PaTAl EffBOTg oi Is i u\|i A i ion.?
Ceiaaar (leei resterday held an inaiuesl at the house
No *6 Batat i on thebodj ol an Irish woman.
HyaaBBef ays, aaiMd Catherine Glllen. who early
irsterda) iiioricti^ w..s supj>o?e.l to ne killed l>v Se
nits Mi LauahJu,anothet interapi.. U woman, while
in a hrht The erideace, how nr went to rhow
that on Mm do. evening the woman Hillen fi il
down a pa:: of Bhtsrs, adiaBaset ol 13feet, -trikirm
barlaaslsialnll) against a stom <i ill. sh,- ?;,s
. ?med up Mans ana du d yesterday nsarning. The
Jurv renderrl thefol'owing rerdicl That the de?
ceased cMi.e to her death by accidentally falling
down Hairs while la a state ol iatoalcBlsaa. and
?inking - e..ily upon |,er bead The woman M. -
LaasAuT ahowas arrested,ws . >hargedbythe
ICOIDBBT i hum Kl/BIO! - ?BIV1NU.? \
man ii umsi N...Mirii, a stout pa'.. r in IBB employ
?u the l oij .nation.aa TuBS?B) aftl moon, while it
work aa las oaraai of Bseventn it aad .'ifih-nv.,
wa? run oset ha a huteim'- cart, drivea bj one
Jaaass aradJej si mal meed, md m riouslj injured
??ii tin breast,Baad, Be lir rraai in was called to
dreas the womids. after which Nabora erat seal to
his home .,i Tinrii -u cond-st Lr. illey was arreeti i
?aaaaaaaltted lopsasoaby Juslici Blaakele)
? Not in ? \ - . no m ?(I 1 ? i -,i;iv t'vt'ii
aiglheseieiil.enth Ward PolMM fan din the ?treet
I man Bach intoxicated, named Janu s Balden,
wiiosejaa-isine w.is fractured Inconsequeaceof e
?vul-i ait, Bom which he fell, paeeinf oral Bis heu l
ainlsis-k i wna attessded Dt Di Budd and then
sritt home
J)eaih i iuivi Injvhibb.? The lad, John
IkJddi.w .. fell troin ihe fourth ?dor\ ot a new
Bilkin g in I'enter-sl , on Tuesday evening died yee
terdav morn ng In the City Hoepital from hi- min
nts. The Cortwase arill Bold aa ancj i
An iDBBTALti Dbowxbd. ? Vestortlav
BMaBag, about tl o'clock, the body >? Bdarard Paar?
rn.aiio was Jrownod on 8andaj afteniooa while
baihing at the fool of Seventh-tl . East River, ?.i
fouud jajating m the water .it the tool ol Fifteenth
?t Tie Catoaat held aa iaqueel .?: the body. The
deceasrdw.i. 19 years of age,bo . a Ireland, and
esidisi u N.i :r Biviagte i*al
? -
Vn Rix arrtoB oi im New-V ok a Ki
its Costaaai -r?- a mmm At..is mi Ute i-.'th-iv?
The> V K'.'!i men weie re.-ent.! ..?!..i doc<. footoi
Hamil'on at undei . salute ol csjuton \.-ro?s
UsBiiMot.-t was suspended a bannet lanatsoniery
Baaaaied, rad oa arMca w ere the aroids
Bt *th," - ai inns, ??? wrl< ? He i
lutUh i, pun the lu.c ol march a is a large flag
WBaai ?'???> Broadway fro .? \ iotv of the
kgaia .cross Uudsoii- I wa? suspended
L^BBaaaiiati flag, and across Broadwav, from the
f'*"*1* w a atothi r. with a .... agle hol;
?|ui,tsisak a wreath Ihe e n em ol friendship
yBaasi :u?i the following wer.:-, i Large tetters,
BPhssj ai aPraeeth
? ytiaiti r*,.! the N V W K
r?^*i "t4', >mfl "ivough aheartaeip il -tieits of the
ja*. u> ItBsmsa escorted IBs it guesti totheirauar<
l^^-s'niwiv Hall and m the . ungthey nude
2? rP*' the" charactenstii u< rman -
iii. s.w Vorki - in da in tce?ent i
Syw' ' itv, and won tor Iheatsi ?i - ni.inv com
'oi then lOkiier-hAi ..; ,s ..ran. e -t!u .r
?jaaamitssaitottti md their discipi?u The Kirtemen
?jjscity tjie hosts ol the oct sesow, ada thetr ap
.s.JU*!H* l' tu tr new uniform, a) .? i nearly a
2. ;-s N' ? ? >rki rs' T. .
^?1* ?<? sBjuiL's oa Ihe rrtn n a u re the
tW su iM 1 l! ln*" U{*''-- > returned to
tt'CMrrlfl*J,i' "here a dinnei aws ed lh< a, d I
"jsp i tot ue to return i. \ . kork thu
? ri l ^
BoA.i, luiiKMtx^.Sv ... .\.,,?.??
i*M^' BugusJ 13. IN?
BjjS^b Mos^gaas, Eni . President, kid
.BjbXb?!?*.*' ^"rtc?????. t'siklt \. t r..,. man. Ke.lv.
jT^f?11' Haws Miller. Shaw, look, Bard, Brit
aajBht '' '' aitaseel arerert ad cid ap
H *k'?Ti V'1 S:i ,H ' fr? ol
Jjj^J"? **aJds r i'ivmpany No. R, for an mcreaseof
aaaaeiw, at i-onu... iv Referred to Gosav
b* sTi *Vr ^l^rtni, t.t
??'eer, 1> ',"" P*tsBj*T?cl Walter U Maohay,
tcrnlT. .! . - . ut Referred
S, ; ? '.; v- ?? ? t
,*-s?? t i>a*i*Ti pettuoo of JoB w Ueyt und
?bi ai '* a ,: -: P*08! 1 I I Btweaa i-t
sioAer * ?tueB sraa iwaarml to Street Cobubis
sBan^/1'1;'. P :,L"1-?" Wni ^ Drasr ai, !others.
?ctAr'i , ,;. 'V ' I*6 " ? N' " I ? Rderred
????on.tnit'ee oa Wh,,.,.. Pversa .= S ips
BafafsaT*! l**10?1104 Wm i un e for wrec.
AsrsiaitL K'-h "?sl ?o the i omit:.",, oa Kutane.
tv-aa~7" V ;; * m i in m
aaaTTa?^1 '! , 1 s *h!P s? ' an ren - to nail
jtp^'- ^l ich w-asBccepied. a:H \;d Franklin,
?^lataw. \lZ . ^PomW a s,s,,. t, , oountttee
^nissA^, -tt , PrcMu.ud the follow
h*ttt ." u:"1 *k*ado|
ff^Sd^f1s''h,~?;'uT*',r.r ?rR?P'^ sad Bai?
**>*m ^T*. ??. N! ai He Bl
*fcl i ? '"Js-rnmie iBeratiawi
rj ?^' "? pirented tbefoUowm, seswaaBaaa,
R.*>.'"4, That OksCrStoa W stei hi IStf -! ? S I '?' I
(?'??? i ?> Clark's omtm, wiUi ? *-.!, Ii*?in ar.l d tier,, tad tl ?t
Il < - in, ..( Im-, and i* her?-'.y ??;?;,r Ited f H the ? ISM,
.1 Ithai M.e Cesasaavessaes?fi:e,*?:rs tad .-> .,>'>;. ?.
'I t f+tnr to t*r- famed !t.t ? eff.-ct,
W hieh uns adopted on a din-ion. nr. ddr>? ntw
A d. Cr.fT.n, Oakley, Chapman. Kelly, Ihe Pratadant,
AV. Mr::ith Pali, Miller, Sr.aw. < o >*. :ii:d. Brit'on.
ii imater, Fr.n.ktin and Dooley?13
hid. Statt vard ranaeaded th' follow::,;; n , ilution.
a Lach mat adopted
tk efard That at he resansdto the Coraamanatr od Be
r?ir? and supplies t ? *ar*rtsia ai 1 report is 'hi- Board the
eitease of |.iiuma op ra each of the Sta in hose, at Bah
fit., , swita'le ual ptopae hadhasg-tae,abBarer<4Btt <ad
hid. aVtttoa |,r<OBtstsd the following resolution,
v>: iol wa.- Bdoadad. ria
Jreastsed, Thai the Craaadssiaase <<i K> pran m, : v ippevas
ie directed ??? pruesrs Bar tha <?" ? of CommuMumiI <tt
la . ? a tu 'al le fire-proof im? safe,fur the better raetee
i r. f the X- es*tr< l.t ?eM.k? e,d ptiper* C-iatanv-J tr. that
ft ae.
I d ?.rifliu presented ?M following resolution,
S '..eh was adopted, viz
f"oi' * ' That tha Craatnissioij.-r f Repes and flanplsti
i* directed to rrraut aa additiiaad ?aetrne-raaaa. Panaerly
le onriwtt'. Hook and Ladder I u N .', t. in.-- Co No
Bearer -t.? d ? ch otltar atteiataraa Bad reparn ia
...i required to carry the eanee bate eSbcS.
v. d. Griffin presented the following resolution,
/>.'0'*e(/. That tin- CaeMaaaBaaee oi Repairs ani Bap.
I ? s u-directed t<> rrc.?e ihe house ol Engine Ce Be ra,
ei Temple ?t, to be raised aad altered bj :?t make -?.J
h?ii?e three ?n ra hirht. and the >u-ti $' Si is hereby
ippropneted as an additional appropriation to e irrv the
same into effect
lid Franklin moved that it !>e referred t-> the
(omrnitteeon Fire DepartaM at, arhtch was mat on a
division, riz Afrrn\aU\ s? Aid. Miller, Shaw, took,
Bard, Delamater, Franklfa aad Dooley?7 iVaja>
<>? \.d Gr fnn. Dod -e. ?t-eeviM. O.kbv. I Imp
man. Kelly, the President, Smith. Bill andCoMB
Tha BBBM was then adopted on a ill I BBS IB. til
idru?i-Griffin, Dodge, Oakley,c ham-nan.
Kelly, smith. Ball, Shaw. Cook, Bard and f'onrk
II. Yeaerrrr? Aid. Stnrtevar.t, the President.
Aid. Han Miller. Delamater, Franklin and Doo
hid. Haws presented the follow intr preamble and
resolution, viz
lV*rre"*?. Tliere a.-rive 1 ,n (?ir Itfirlior a few BBeaaBMe
the steamship Mogedete, attaohed to the BeBaafir >f
> ? at.ee, our aneiet.r aUy~TkareBaa, be it
Hnoioti. That ;f the Board of naaaitaBt lldarBrearue
cor, Hal the Inapitaliliei of the Cdy be a-id tt.et are
|.ir<?.\ tenderr d to the dnrtingniahed oScer of the steam
ihip Nrigodore, und ti.it i S; er al Comatittee be app-nnted.
in connect n-n w ith His Honor the Mayer, leeerr thii ??
lolnti n ii to it:< et
\i '. i h was adopted, and Aid Sturtev.int. Brilton
aro Bard appoitrfed such I ommittc-.
Aid Oakloj BfBBBnted the following preamble and
ti Kdiitions. which were adopted:
Br?srees. An sOast is aow iieaie nude bj Mterpsisrag
?itaei s of this City to ssSabHah ateaai roaiaiiiair stina be?
tween New-York and daray; Bad,whereas,s c.i -irujrct
is emu ently calculated to promote the interests ,.f. .r:a
iii? in hi ii facilitate emigration and inteeeonrsc brtrreoa
Nr a-York and the British Islands?Therefore,
BtasBred, Th it ere irttiaeTt] ree saaead the enterprise lo
Ii,? mptest sad eaeoarageaieal ef the oaauam it *. '-ehe ?
inr that the establishment f tin- proposed sonic erill aaa
tertallr eheapsa aad expedite loanaiialralka betweee tin
Carted states sad Bmope
Bcesceed, That n copy ef Ihi sbors ; reaarele and iseoln
lion- la- dcly eatCTedapoa the adaotes and published bj
?|el oi| nraflUB papers
Aid. Brrttos preaented the following resolution.
whii h was adopted, and the BOOTS Special Commit
Ii t appointed to cany the Same into eilcct?viz
Ktmtomi, Tliat the haeartalitaea of the Cite be tendered
to Captain .f..-lei i R. Sands an,! t e .,!(]., m d the I S
ri^ate st Lawrence
Ii ji'irts?Of tin- Cottunittee on Fire Department,
in lavoi of organizing a HoMCotopany in90th-at.
near 3d . with a resolution therefor. wInch oral
Of the latibr wi favor of organixini aHoaeCom
pany, to he located in 18th4t. Dear 8th-ar., whicfa
w .is adopted
of Committee on Hewers, In favor of refairingthe
communication from the < roton hqoodaol Deport?
inent (in relation to building B eower in 3sth-st .be
tween 6thand 'th-ars.) to the i omrnitteeon i.mi
Department, which was adopted. '
Of tin- same, oono'irri'ii* with the BoBldof As?
sistants .ti the adoption of resolution and ordinance !
to build a sewer in J7th-st. between 7th and Btk-ars . .
which vas adopted on a rhrtsion, Tis AX?rmatirt? \
Aid Dixirje, siurtev.tnt, Oakley, Chapman, Keiiv.
the President, Aid Ball, Hawa, Miller, Shaw, Bard,
Delamater, Franklin, * oncklin, Dooley?15.
Ol the sinne, OOncttRillg With the Board of A--.-I
?oils m the adoption of resolution and ordinance to
build a sewer in llth-st. between Avenues \ anJ B,
which was adopted on a diriaion, viz .x thr.nntn i???
Aid Griffin, Dodge, Sturterant. Oakley, Chapman,
Ke.K. the President, hid. Ball, Haars, Miller, simw. ;
Coot, Hani, Biitton, Delamater, Franklin, Cones
lax*. Dooli y- 18.
Md. Button mined a suspension of the rulet In
order lo lake up I 'ommtu?catkma from Depatttnents,
whieb w is earned.
Preai PtpBrnatnte?-A report of the Street Com- i
nu>sioiitr, ! i cornmending tha' BUsaheth-at. be re?
numbered, with a resolution therefor, which was
A communication was received from Ihe Con?
troller, submitting ptnaoeala for supplying coal f?n
the Departments, which were continue i
a communication was received from the * Ity In- !
spietor, submitting for appointment the nomination
ot Thos T Jack-on as Health Warden for the XI Ith
Ward, which vmis cankrtnad on a division, vir
iidb...aii i r?A id OhAn, l)o,!..'e, Bturterant. Oakley,
thspman, Kelly, tin- President, Aid. Ball. Haw-,
Millet, shaw. (look, Bard.Button, Delamater, Frank?
lin, t oncklin and Dooley- it>.
A communication eras ru i ned from the Qotrer
nora ol the Alma House, in relation lo b new Potter'i
Field, which was referred lothe Special committee
on that aubjeel
The Chiel Engineei presented the anneal report
oi the Fiic Deputment.which was rsnsrred to the
i diu tin ttee on Fire Department.
tUtmwti r>su sied, tu the Committee on Law Dc- [
partment, in reference '<? proceedingi had in reis?
Istion to extend ins Canal-st. and the widening of
WaUsst., with the follow in j resolution, which was
.i<l,.t>t. d, vi7.
B>asfrrd, Thai it is the Bati ofth< coonaet t" tin c -i
peeatsoato taW. ehaneofsnd eoadoet all the legal ;iro
egi dauptH eaasarj mint abort nd u- ,1 mstti r. aad to pre
, an- mi the papers noeeseaiy Ihenaa, and assha :,n,l aeea*
all asnessaiT aiirtinaa la i rum the snil inatterto t filial
leraitasAion for the beat mterestsul tneCiV And thai ra
, 1^, ins aaid.Cti''iaisl shall mi* in abb lain aaoh chaise
and control of said matter, aad the possession of all tar
papeisconnectedIherewIth,toeaable himi icondnct amd
pgt eeadiag, that then ths said Couaael be r.> Itsessse
to BS 'itf?ente?l |0 Ihe S'lt'ren.e Co lit. far , ,'lllir.natioii.
las orsgtaal reisei oi the DsaaBMwsrgsen af sstaaets isd
n--, lan sal ssads ib ? id matte; . and thai ll the s.nd C lun
<i i sl.ou'd 1 -I.i ti - i< h .hiue .i?i,l c.i .trul. that he then
il ntot ghte siarnBie the ah Ii i ? a i ags t'm> far. and at
Ihe seat September Session l 'lie Common Conned lie
ii a! s i st la flail report of all -a..' r ?< eedingi op to thai
ti lie, ? Ith h.s opaui ti l I .e i.-i o| i OBtiaaiBg amd
n. rk, a d. .1 il i ? esataubsd, ahal i-'he propereonrse to |
pairs ae ihsisdbr, er whether is his irpismn it is ev|>edietit
lo dia atiaus the san.e
vM Haw - wag bare called to the ch.ur.
Aid. I hupmi.ii moved a raspensionof the roles, for
the purpose of taking up document No j'J. the same
being the communication from the Counsel to the
Corpoiation. innanUttiBg an agreement relat.ng to
the railroads on the ata and wh avs , (which was
laid upon the table tugwat 11,1s31, which waa loel
on a division, via t/ft> . ..? ? hid Gnnla, Dodkm,
Sturtavant, Chapman, the President, Aid. Ball, Mil- i
let 7. iVgfsdne>-AkL Oakley, Kelly, Smith, Hawa,
Shaw, Cook, Bard, Britton, DslanMter, Franklin, '
? ,.i cklin, and Dooley.
Aid Britton moved a raspeaaion of the rule- tor
the purpose of taking up DOC No. i.l, the same being
the conununication from the i ouaael to the Corpo?
ration, transmitting a draft lease of Catharine u'erry.
hud on the tablB Aue. IfklSftl, which was adopt?
ed on a dn bvlon, \;/. IMrMMttvo?Aid. Criaan, Dodge,
stuitet .mt. Chapman, the President, kid Smith,
rlslLHaws, M.l'.er.t ook, Britton.Delamater.< -uu-k
lid. Dooley?id AVeuf'i e-A!d. Oakley. Kelly. Bard.
ranklin- i. <
'li.e same was then oottsiderad.
kM Starte van! movsd that the lease u approved.
\1J. Kelly moved that the lease t-e referred back
to ttx the time fot runninc of the beads, which was
[ earned
Of tin Committee on Streets, in favor of hc-iuga
? roMwalk in BroaJvym opposite the Art-l'nion,with
a resolntion and orainancc Urerei r. wnach was
adopted on a division, viz .\fKr safrrr?Aid Qriski .
isturtevsnt, Oakley, t hap:na:i. Kelly, the President.
I d Smith, Hall. Haw-, Shaw, i ook, Sard. Britton.
Delamater. Frank'.:.:. Concklin, D- oh v ?17
Of the t ominittee on Fire Department, in i ivor of
building a row hot:<e for the r.se of Engine Co. No.
I. wa:ch w .is adopted on a uiv ision, ri] {t?tmftn ?
?Aid. GrUBs, Sturterant, Oa^.e\, i h inman, Kelly,
the Prt trdei t. kid Smith, Ball, Haws, Miller, Shaw,
t'oi'k. nun'. Delantater, Ft a iklin, Concklin, Doolei
? 17.
hid Kelly BBUvedtlmt the Board do now adjourn,
which was lost on a division, v.z Afflrman< t? Aid.
O.ikiev. Kellv, Smith. Shaw. Cook, Bard. Delamatet
?7. .S'fgiifn? ? A J GrirTin. s:ur:eva::t, ( hapnian.
the Ficsident. Aid Bail. Haws. Miller. Bri'.'on.
Franklin.! OBOkUo and Doohy?11.
AW. Sturtevant moved Cat when the Beard a I
journs,it a ill adjourn to meet on Mottdav next, at 5
O'clock P M .which was carried.
On BSOtKMl ot \:d Miller, the Board then adjottrnevl.
J. M Wil-o\. Di p ? lerk.
BoAsn 11 Assistant Ilbbbmsji?Stated
.\r?*ie??WruMsDav, Aucust 13, ISSl.
IVsesal A A \lv ord. Es,; . President, in the ( hau,
V-sist^a hid MOON, llalev. .Mabtatt. Bov.. . Barr.
J B Weeb. James Webb. Crane, Miller. Smith.
IVar-a'.o Sands. \Y. id, BotsU r Bfy, Edwards.
I'rtitunt? By Ass-staut add. Mabbatt, of Oliver 1
Co-., 'or Relief from egsaaaSOBa 'aa ToCgBnaBB
???? on Finance
By the PregrrgVnL af Tooiai Lawrence. Wm 11
, \\ IIa ii ind others, :.>r a new Hose Co . lo be .rg*n
iaed ia the XYIlTlh vTard. To Contaainee at ''ire
Herartr.t it.
Ky same, of J t; Farntiiiton. to be gaid for a
pump. To Committee on Fiuanc?
Bv same, of Health Wantsas. lor naereaa of ?aiary.
To CtysWattttse on Salaries and offices.
l!v same, of Trustees of Columbia College, ae to
grade of property owned bj them in tstti st, bet seen
' Mh and igh-.ivs To Conuuitt?? on Road
K ;*irta Of CogBBsstttB BO Streets, in favor of trac?
ing vacant lots in lOth-st., Utwcen avenues AondU
hdessted by the mnViahsg v de dkdBl'sa adi's i -1" ?
\Tt9 .dent At LttfJJd Aid Moore. Rasey, MsbbitT,
Bnjrre, B >rr. J II WoSti, J.,me, Wet*. rr?ne. Mil?
ler. Smith, rtmnaU,Baadi, Ward, B .. ? r. Ey, Bd
w aid*
Of SUBSe, : I n i' sfabaH ff Mn if N Mini
? BaViated By tue fonowiug rote ??rm*
'?'.-Tie Prt-'iJent ft is l it eel am Moon- Haley,
MaM it Boye* llur, J B Weib. Jeasr* W'?
Craae Miller.>m tth,Pearaall,Bands,Ward no,.vr,
Ely Edwards
Of the Chief Engineer, "Punittng co:n->! data of 1
EB fire Co No ntfataat Bagtae Co He. M Hose
( o N<> n aapiaM Hose ( o No *.?, inj nonater rom
j_'ia.t. Boee i o No.'3} against Haae i ?> No 16
To Committee or. Pin- Departments
Of CoUMtitteeon Roads, rfmtnm^n.Jing thai peti
'ton for flit: z riir::re low gro-tn I -rt v i.itv of
ill'h at Bjad Bd-ar. \r? r.-.'enej t.> City Imps iloi
a jop'ed
Of f ommittee or: Wh ir% ???. iafaeor of awardiaeto
Robert Haadley contract for bulling a pier at the
BMtof ISlat-et -n plaee of James \ i ev-on. ah)
Oer line i to take tea raid work Adopt* I
fit Coaaauttei on Crotoa Aqaedaet Peptiuaeat,
;tdrer>e at ;ir-**-itt the streets aut being aiaded are
tonatttJoni (or wver-ptpc- la Ota*et. between M
and a.!-*-. - n I Bt47laot between IIth end 11th- '
ars. Adopted.
(if same, if faverof tree hvlrant at i-orti. i BtaV It
tad NtB-41 AdofBed
Of -ami- op .a petBietl tor -a ? r-pipes in | tat-el
be I tree a But aad fth-aea., and ?*tth sr. betweea ad
aad tt.'i-a? -- saying that they w;ii be . i, t as early a*
practicable, bsti prutahtj not t,u ? >xt spring. ;
Of lame, t > >?? ?it.-r to pay Rum Mi 1171?-. ?.VI 'or
daaaam to f'i atttt . precipitated :n a setrer-aeaB in
?.'fth--l Aoopted by the following vote I *ri/i
ti'-? The President. Assistant Aid Moore. Hale,.
''I.1.KWI Hove. SI a IT J. H Weh'i. James Webb.
t'raae. Milier. Smith Pearsall, Baads Ward, aster, 1
Ely. Edwards
of Committee on streets, m faror af Bagging rah?- I
?ndka m 4'th el .from Bd la ith-a.s \ 1 >pv-i by 1
the follow lag vote Afirmntn-??? The Prt'M lent, \s.
uataatAld Moore, Haley, MabbattBoyce, Barr.J
B Webb. Jam. s Webb. 1 r.ne. Miller. <:niti,, l?< ir- 1
U?1, Bstads Wird. Holster. Ely, Edaar.Js
Of saaae, to cosseui to Bag ssdasratk laSTth at., be- I
Uveen Ith aad Madtsotvevi kdsnted i>> the follow- I
ingrote t^fr"..ir/ f-The Presetent. Aasist mt Aid. I
Mi^re. Baley, MaMastt. Boyre. B.rr. ,f. B Webb, ;
Jam. - Webb, I rme. Miller. Smith, Peata ill, Bands,
Ward Bolster, Ely, Mwarda.
Of same, to coacar to pare Madia m at . nrom BSth
to BXh at Adopted by^tne bUotnaa^vote .i/ffr<
The President, Anuaaal Aid. Moore, Haley,
dahbatt Boyre, Harr. J. B Webb, James Webb,
? raoe. Miller, 8m ih, Pearsall, Bands, Ward, Bolster,
Ely. Edwards.
of 1 ommtttee Koid-, in f ivoi .it ii..i '..I1
llth-st, from llih-ar to North Blear. Referred back
1 if ( ommittee on streets, to aonvconcur to para
iiei set cnrh and gutter la BOth-St., from 1st- .-, to '
Baal Rrtet ^'t< pted
Of aame, to coBCtir to pare, and wt curb aad patter >
in IBth-at.. been lat-ar to East Rtrer, ant atth-at., !
crom Ist-at toAseane a. Referred back
of same, in fai or of adhering to resolution in favor '
of ipriwfchwg Boas pat.'merit, which w as non conctu ?
red in by Hoard ol Aldermen. Adopt* 1.
of lamr, to orrncnr tn regulate, aet curb and gut?
tat and BaflOth-at frotn Ntb to lsd-st. kdoptel ?
by the follow mc vr>te Afbmmth't The President,
Usiataal Aid Moore. Haley, Mabbatt, Boyce, Barr,
.1 B We!.?.. Jamei Webb, Crane, Miller. Smith,
PaaraalL Baada, Ward, Holster, Illy, i: twar!-.
Of saaae, to concur to regulate and sr.ide Mth-st.,
from 3d-av to East Hirer. Adopted bj the follow ing
vote A?kmati\a?The President, Assistant Aid.
Moore, Haley, Mabbatt, Boyce, Barr, J I! Webb.J
Webb, Crane. Miller, Bmith, Pearsall, Sands, Ward,
Holster. El). Edtrardi
Of Committee on Sewers, to concut ; <?r lesrer in
:i5ih-?t . between 'i<\ and ad-are. Adopted by the fol?
lowing vote Affirninli> f?T)\P I'resi lent. Auftaut
Ahl Moore,Haler.Mabbatt,Boyce, Harr. J B.Webb.
.1. Webl>. crane. Miller. Smith. Pearsall,Sands, Ely,
Ward. Belau r. Bdwai Is
of Mune,adrprae to petition tor sewer In BHt-at ,
be'ween 39th and :ioth-st? Adopted
Of same, adverse to petition for ?evvet in tl 11 .
'.etwei n 10th :i id IMbets Adopted
K'-.tni if/n'iK?By Aasistanl Ahl Tieaian
Besetrsd, rim" :? frea hvdrant he she ed ea the ?-.?, ? 1 r el
ui?t st und An . .<? \. and thai las sum ,.i >..i i>. t|i; n>
;mated therefor. I . i m.unit.a Crutoa Aqnadtict Ds
H\ lame
Referred', Th . Eire II dranl he phv sd .c cernei >f
Manhattan ?t and Bloominad sli ?? re sd TosasaeCeasasBtee
H\ Assistanl Aid. James Webb
Rreareed, 1 hat t:..- racaal |.>t? Bstwssa 3itii .a 1 Mta-?ta .
ai.ditli iv uid Broadwar,betenoed a PoCn >mrttse<?
By lasistaal kid Hair
Brsafieaf, That Mas Baperrotendent el Repain 0.1 Sap*
alies i.e an.i in is berebi .lire, te.i toeatet it.t. a ' ?trad
with tlie I.." rsi bidder, t>> rruei. the Haes 1 iremcat, from
Chambers-st t" Cortlaad -t .to Broadway,to he rruored
111 the astne nianuei .- that whstrh n bow laidia Bruadwar,
between Bleeekerand Antitt --s . sad thai Ihr seaaa he
done before 1st Dry no si In Coniauttee oa Streets
By AaaiMaal Ud Blabbatt
R/ArraH, 1 preamble toul r. dnti as, lawataer ?ttn an as
diaaaee, passsd the Board an Um- irtii day of Oeei saber,
iKtti, direetmg the 8*reel QomaiBwiisner 10 rmn bate a eea
Uact with Heart L'anklin, lor eolarging the Batterr, in ao
rordance w 'tl. the plans md - " - ficati sis pnMtshed b said
natal Ccaaaadsssssksr.on the ;ist.\..\ ItM, said Ceaklia 1
brine the l?weet eatisssti fur said work, ? oa eetiaaale beta|
triTll.and wakA said earn was by aaal reestatiaai appro,
priated ftir the riratpletioa ol sunl w..rk-a:id
prarrras. tins B.md does ie>t deeai H espedsi nl thai s.n.l
wi tk abot hi um..11. ui thai the str. it C aarniaa.rsheakl 1
make ui such euniiaet wtth taid Cissklia for the saiai
Therefore In- it
gaaoSsed, raai -...d awaaskW. sad re ilution, and said or?
? linani e. 1 e and tin -an., ire In re;,, re- laded
My the aame
ReesAwaf, Thai Ih doeaassal jasl read b.t reit rred t,, the
Law Coaunittee.l ? ssi rtam if lac Beard 1 is r.s, aal the
acthai ol 1 preek n Board, where lbs iabjeel t,. a hieh the
l?iicr refers has md stbeooaa a law Aaowted
l!\ Vssistant Aid Crane
Jaassfese, That the croaa walk a rues Pen -? . west side
.d'H-id. -I . be re Und Aaeptsd
Hv the Presidi nl
Baaofwd, Thai tSd-M be pared fraaa tth to Xh-ai To
C.anmittee on Miei i.
1. mi mum uti* hi - Pram the Comnuseionei af Tl.
pwtre ami etsppliea, wtth rssaolution* for lias bfaildina
ol 1 aearet iron VthW&rd SUUon-itouac towtrei
in Weil Broadwaj Adopted by the follow lag vote
i/'r Nsttre?Tht President, \ssi?tant Aid Moore,
lia'ev, Mai hatt Boyce, Harr. J It. Webb. JaBaM
Webb, 1 rane, Miller. Smith, Pearsall, Bands, Ward,
Bettti i. Eli. Edwards,
/v./s.r'?(^1 i oHMBttlea on Put Ponailmaat. to
ccaacur to pay Jaasfa Badth 150 tor a heee leader,
furnished Engine Company No, 11. Adopted by the
following roll ddsVaMftre?The President. Assist
.mt .\!d. Moon. Bali v. Mabbatt, Boyce, Hair. J.
H Webb, J Weh'., i rane. Miller, 81 uth, Pearsall,
Beads, Ward. Bolstei Ely, Edwards.
p. r//..??B) Assistant Aid. Harr, of Trustees of
Bt Matthew's Church, in WaDter-at., foi gas lamps
n trout ol ^aid ( burch. Granted.
Itemtru Of the Committoe of the Lau Depart*
meat, in favor of confirming the foUowtng Bsecae
meal lists, \:z Pot Illing in sunken lot- bete/Baa \
ISUl and Mth-its.. and 1st and Id-are. for sewer m j
Hi d.'on .-t. from Clarkson to and through Leroy-at.
to aboul MX) feel east of Hudson-si . tor regulating
Bkl-st, t etwi 1 n Bd md Id-ara. also, for uppotntmg
\; m r Saafoi I collector ia aai h caac therefor, Con
armed by the followiBg vote Ajfrm?Utt)*i?The Pre?
sidi nt, kssistanl a d Hi ore, Hah j, Mabbatt, Boyce,
Hair. J B Wehn. James Webb,Crane, Millar,Smith,
Pearta . Baads, Want, B deter, Ely, L'lwar.l-.
rVem Ike BBard 0/ .1 rferi ra?Report with an ordi
Bam e Ixiag the salar.es ol the mem >ers of the Po
lice Deparanenl Concurred in by the following
vote jyjaiafii t The President, Asaisranl Aid.
Moore, Haley. Mabbatt, Boyce, Ban, J B Wt
James Webb, Crane, MiUer.omith Pearaall, Saada, j
Ward, Bo Her. Hi>- Edwards
Resolution to pay plumber's bill of Mr (jmnn. I
Coucuned m hv the mUosring vote .t/ffrnatvt -
The President, kssistanl .via Moore. Baley, M.n
Uatt, Be^ree, Harr. J. U Webb, J.imtM Webb, t rane.
Miller, smith. Pearaall, Barala, w.nd. Baaatar,Ely,
Accepting laritatioa to risil r D frigate st
Lawrence (oncurred Lb
Beaolotti 1. teadartaf boapttallties of the t ity to
l apt Saids an J the OBBCen of the Bt I.awren e
t oBcaried la, aad kratataal ai.i J H Webb, Ward.
and Sands appointed the Committee on the part of
thie Board.
Resolution tendering [oh-p t...:t;e- of the City to
the officers of the French ?teai .-hin Mogador. t on
curred in. sad Assistant Aid. Ely, t nac and Kootl
ipooiated on the part of thi? Board
Resolution for neu boot aad Iron railing ia vnith
District station-house Cot mi ad tn by the totlow
mg rote l/fr ietn ?The President, Asaiataat Aid
Moote, Haley, Mah af. Boyce. Barr. J B Webb. Ja?
Webb, * nu.e. Mi .er. Smith. Pearsall, 8 m.l?. Ward,
Bolster, Ihv.Edwards.
I Resolution to remove pump, ere., m Laertae tl. 1
near H'.a. ser i oiieurn d hfl
Report ;n faror of pa\ing ICth-?: . from 3d to l?t- (
av , aad setttogenrh aaa gutter. To loninuttceon
Report iatelatiaa toia.?ir,g and regulating. Ac .
Greeiiwicli. W is.hington. and .c.iier streets. To same
Report to p.ive atBAvst trom Madteon to Bth-av. I
To same.
Report to rtag sidewalks m 3Mh-st , jet ween iBh j
and Hitii-avs To same.
Report do 11 23d-st. from 1st av to Ea.?* River
To same.
Rensart toraferpsriadaaof Praaees Pearsall. Eliza !
1 OiMbidaad atheta, wsthpasati. To committee on
I Finance.
Report to remit pataaaal tax af Hilanl A Parke.
I To stfUa*
i Repoit to -et curt' and .'utter, and tia^ 33d-*t..
ttweetitc: aadBth-atra To Committee on street*
Repoittorep.i i auteweJksa Iront 01 an aad AM
Bm an a bj To saaas
Beaaarta toitaul pacaopal tea if Gee L Prate, M.
I) Uralter. Wm Kerr and Jas t . Faulkner, W. Huls
s. [der, t . S Powell. James R Leaning corres't
1 aaraaaal taa af R J LaaaaaBba Tn Caaaaiiitnr m I
I Report to redui c tit on Odd F. iiow.1 Hall CBB>
euned ?
Reptirt to s, led 1 Ttc for -emndis or i.en Worth
To Special Committee
The Ikur.l -hen id nun Th' r-i i\ ifi.?"i.?>n
Bl oV..? k
l'r.<ii tne minutes
Mtoi m Caukanaxas. Clpsja pee tees.
Nrt* Rotrra?Omiuhusc, snsj vehicles
>., OoWBaVBB tai rieighborho jJ ire e-^r.rcng M
travel kf Matt v , I t_cw pi.ink road HIljBsjBBlslj
been on-red an.l thence >v the Thirl ar.. thus
n(...":nj :????',:; hmodal Ike PeBraTf Bridge Thi
I road is in r t!!? i/.-.?d.tttior. Ski i>.-pen for i bs>
tance of tw j mil- ..
KBkMit>vi \Vi??-?hip.?A btreevtdJl* a >.
-hip :- ... .-...ir-. ..f , oinpl?tni for Cm Komati
Catn'uic prmulatass of How anus It H) a kan lsom-'
frame !*.ildmg ."?' if ct :ri?nt t>y 9-i fee' in depth, ani
is ralcu'ated t> rest 7SS pe>rv>n? an 1 seat ahead
ds.isw ii (riii be leaipiN oeasoerstiea ahead th ?
1st of Serstember, and ? to beaadertki psaneasaxp
of Iii \ Mr Mr faugh flat
Pee i pnsKii ? rhfjI'oioyner had povstpo it. i
:b?' ?neuest oo tl e .- are of :h?- i bob lag loamofaaa
'*Mt !?* tiit Jackson rVir> bo.il. *fierob) Strah 8 r
Im aad Jeannette Moaack arete dr araed. Oa Tues?
day there :- to be 4 thorough iafesttgsgBea
I am -i \ KvitvMX?.?<>n- (ii" the ;(>ts mi
Kulton-sl .opposite the < ity Hal!, h-s been BBllBlpl
ine excavation tor the last live- oi >ix inontas. .in I
during that time hs* been kept open, la the detriment
of t lie public, as ury oeenaaaiag a) aiget adghi tili
m and he kiiie<t. on TeasOBy asahft, a ooal, oakee
? ? tgiag to J.,mc- DtJCfc. who haa a . ..il. \ ? .
adjoining, hariog been aadersatnad bj the steam
loptuej over a let it-il into th? c.twtx tiial I;.,'
neeii dug beside it I he onVe. srbaek aru i - ,t
vsooden affair - ..it ot much vain* , tint it > mm? be
removed veil m*i| bcmg taken io pie, ea
- - ?? -
I!i?m. \ m -KMKtTR.?We bear thai sn
ex-eteputyShenl wasaesorely hot isnlilppsd el Bay
siue on Monday Wh.it he h.i 1 been doing to nee v.
the rdsaatawasaat, we an- not sees t<? -: ae
? e -
VlOLATtPKJ HO' (?ami - I,,\\\ - -Bl tn Ii*;
De gm? John Mora, and John Van Beek, were flned
g25each, and committed to prison in default ofpey
rm nv for ihootlng blackhtrai on the lands of P- :er
w>ek ft at ?owaatu
Brims Bbokkm.? On Tuesday Bight
about 13 o'clock, as one of tbeSontk Ferry boats en?
tered 'he wharf at the foot of All intic-st., Ute bridge.
?\ sou,,- misliap, broke from tu- i h uns teal support
edit, and -unk veral feet bekOW the level of the
-leantboat deek. the ? nd of the bridue next to the Ii ret
letting coaaaderabty under tin- water tireai con
rternatioa reigned on deck, particularly mating ihn
|sxhes,bol nothing very ?enous oecmred, aad m a
?..?it rone Ike bndge urns raised, and ill banded
safelv. _
Tub Furies?A petition luTing been
pn -i nted to the Trustees, . omniummg of ihe Bran I?
st. md Peck-slip Pun lee, a Special committee has
bet i. ippointe ' by 'hat ho hjr to inquire into Ike tab
;cct The ItTOBg tide and poeiHOB of the ferr e
eatns oeeasioiisl mjttry and dehn to the boats,bat on
the whole, ihr Company ? we think, h ive done trail
W e are * Bd to see the Trustee- take the matt, I uj
band, though doubt has hem expressed, from good
souri es, as '.<> the propriety "i the.r doing so. The
fei r:i I, Ol i OUrte, are the avenues to in 1 frm New- 1
York,and il la String the Trustee- .should exercise
an interest bj Ihen We have no rJoobl tin- I'errv
i ompany wlB be able felly to aattafy the committee
that they are doing pverything posamle to make a
ouiek and exeelli nt lorry, and th it the repoel of the
i emmktee vviii w latiafactory eve i to tin- petitioo
en Ihemselvret
Yihf.?Between 1 and o*cIo< k on Mon?
day, a Sre oocuned at the bottsa if Mr ( bliest b, tut
nerofEwen ami Johnaon-sts.,but It was toon as
UiiBuished. An alarm in tke erening was falae
Falsi Ht mob ? \ rumor has been in cir*
eulation, and got into Tkt RV/asaisBarg nasse, thai
Mi Patrick fioiih ii. whose wifi-und daughter were
recently killed by Riley, has been ignis utallied.
Ti e repott is untrue
MoMl'MBlf 1 WO IHK V'illaos?The Spc
i iall ommittee ma le a n-^irt to I he i t astass oa Moa
day,statiag thai Mr Daniel Ewen las surveyor
who laid out the village, aad tin- drafter of whit i*
know n a- Ewen's map) w ui survey and ataoi bound?
ary monuments :n tin village, agreeably to the hats
law , for gt 000 Smie of the menu.its were Ut f n or
of accepting h s offer, but a motion to a Iverti-?- pro.
po-als also fiom other Surveyors prev uled In a
case of such deep importanoo, it aoold bbbbb desira?
ble that Mr. Ewen, Ireat tin- greal experience be ha
had in the laying ort. and bit knowledge of the
present boundary murks ot the rillage, dsrsaldbs
StntnAt OstRistTSBs.?The Jeunj Und
I.me havmg, by a majority oi oas m tin- Board of
Trustees, -<>iiic tune Staco, obtained leave io run on
Sunday, while the other UneBWdte prohibiti-d, and
Ikey having recently taken the South Fourth -t.
route. ,on account of freding, we b? iieve. going on
in Division-ax .? the South PsaitkrSt. line, and oth?
er-, also came out on Sunday last, and there w.is a
general omnibus racing throughout the day, a-i?i
some disturbam ?? took place at the Ferries, the pas
senxers in most instances jviag those residing out of
\\ tlamsburg On Monday erening the Troatsss
tuopted an amendment of tin ordusanca a- to >t iges.
imposing a hue of ?ij m tiie owner of aay s' a^e
running on Sunday nonaa of the proprietor* are ut
faror of the new measure, it is aald, a they would
r.iitr have tkeli BtNBBs and men rest on that day
Steamer lex Cabn lasral Vews?*Marketa Bad
Cerresi.dears oi the Mew-Turk I- mum
PiiiLxpi.Le.it*. wedassdar, Aug 14, j?ji
The steamer Sarsnac sailed from the nav y
yard this Bternusg anth -eau-d order- Her rleatlna
a it lupposodto ha I Boa.
k'oong Inodlebaok's friends have s-uu'iied tnoit
Intention to urge a civil prosecution airainst paltre
offl ii Perkenptae, who snot him sonn Btorningt
- ? eo, during a flieiiien'i not. The She rill na- srri ? d
. i/Kiie upon I'l-rkenpiiie. and he has r.een tie!d in
Bg^oi ball, the -ame sum required oi bun n the
criminal ami by Judire Farsoii.
pstrick Biany died at Blaaayunk, on i iieeday, la
coaseo '.uce of iniurtes receive '. by icing run over
on the Nematowa Railroad oa tn.it say
On MoralsT * ?ttla daaghter of Mr, Morn* u.
\ oung, tesiduNj in Schuylkill EigathnB., as <r Lo n
b.-.rd. i*u from a bs Irony la the ground and wss
rhoclungll injured.
I he iteamship " * ity ot Mancheeter ' i- now Boat*
in> up iheriser, she > expectid loamrc at ner
wfiarl at >O'clock this aftenioon
T... ?teumer A.r.ea ? advice*. imLlisue-t tin* inoru.i,(. *:>
eo oblePM Cotton, aad hare caused a better Isebas in
thi i ar..-'. rt '?'? lalesoaatiaBe hmrted The FLm.'* |
. let, - n tttnactTYS The ears free ?e.:<-rs d si r
bat there is ao exaost desaaad tad reryhttle t'rc.t.
e, rsanapn a, asthedealers sraparvcaaMasodl bm the*
,p ,.ft:.e:r immediate vant- IriHvK Fl')' * ani C.?\
\|,,,. kalee kaee bees nported W* [note ths former
itfjtl ml the latter at SS Ut * bbl Vmbst is dallsad
,-:.-..-r lower. Bales t j. ?-? - ?? gesd a ad prsao
,,'d Fem.? hraaia white at 91 BSIct* .andnew Soutkern al
- et eta el- sael BrX aVtSsaetrre. CRN .?.n l.rnc
it essiaad lain nt*?nrisjlr-'''?**,~"? itB ??-> ent*.
and nnvej Western at J? cent- BtOATS SO ehsnge rhS
BssaaadlM WatsarahaaBad; aaleeat BSbbbBs at bath
hr ?'?. and ' hi*.
sut - i r Btocxs?ThrttBserd SI Peaa Baak,IH { :
Jo .12. - K. i h ? .- ,d. ij . Ai do . IM I?
- <? He;., .i..- k K <j*.' > S9| ? Peas ? ?1 'ii a R R . r .
. Morns Cssal, m
sV^iw ?oeri/? A) M- adlli* R K . l> * do . BLSSS
R. K R Ss.TS.Bi ?>> teuard Baak, Urft; . Meehsa*
Ba Baak.St; ?3 NTeaa as. SI; Man Ansehse Ceaaty
Bs, i
From Hienos Av?e-.?Wi hnvi re
ei .ved kJat 'f Ti- hint rWeBsf, of ahBSBBS Avres.
io the ldth June. Tlie political new ms of little im
We .tv. T?- P < &*f* -uinman , as fol?
low -
The rgrasatd I .av BS denominated trie snort wees,
as at traa usherad u wMk a opanaBsjaan akH of rain
on Sunday. AiviiMlay and Tuemiay, tha: eflectually
-?^.-.pended all business and jitercourse. in the
iicigbborhoo.- of this capita, at .eas*. we may now
?peak of ti e .ate and long continued drouth as a
?i.uigthat i'.i> . aiat we trust the oie?.-;i,g tias ex
U Dded :ar md w.de. Fortur.aa y.::ie wea:.ier w.v
,. mparative v mi.d and gen.al. and w-h the rtc-te
boa "f ., S/w verv voung lamts. Ojf ij.-e-- ? trie
-tis-k hum* have prooabiv been incons^ler cj:c. as
regard- our future piospe 'ts. r.ot to spea< of the
.< i the change is most important,and our
B OBl aratetul M Know'iedgments are j istiv ?l'ie to
'? Him wno ruleth among the na'ioflj "
With the exception of sou e fltx i Msoteri
deo.thtre has been a iener.0 all li political gosstp.
a iin a gi ailasL hat detwhsdlj da a aa iidtaBBkn tj ?
:;.e monev market. Our latest accounts, dsrcel flS a
Fnrre-Kioe, represent the Pnra -e asp.-rfeetty btaa
1 rpnLwahao uidication whatever of nostue move
i BBSBBn> Tae ?vmptoms ot d.sarJe-uon axe i'onrined to
' t.'.e piibi.i pres?, and a " seiect coterie,"' wno d.splay
the fervor of their patriotism kf -eren ides. dancs-s
i and caruu-ais. with ?hieb the aBBB*asmik)l it BBBJB
I ? cucesiia i u-pid ?v inpath)
kaan g lee leeent official ippouitmert*. we notice
j I - ii -iictor. ti On* of Itev. Dr> Mor. ?
' Per. i-1 bapiai j ii UasOapife teoesgaatent
The (?nr's,i?n ni *??i?rt.
The San ft we iatro pnaeii pvrhlieh 9teert*a
osfesaion Bl full It M j roost istoni-hin* r* *ord of
? ::??, :i -nikm^y cohabit., the -ut - li ? viety in
i California, mi the inefirtenc) >* tie regular
authorities lo protect lift art! propcrtj The en
J tire cor.fev..on is :.>,, long tor eei teJaeete. Ran*
: plic.it?1, . i umbei >f poaptSi bet the.- Basra of mmy
jf th. m ?r" ?M;>pr?"*sf*l :. o-det ";at , ,.::c- m .,
he taker, for their irre-r >tn ut rem ?? meea Ml N >r.
i- Isitowa
Left Kngia:..! .i'hu-i jo reenofage ssmsadaad
forgery, um ?- < i.tNew-Soath Wa eefo life ia>
tetters ha oi friends pnvip l rmearinelbei (reai
there t.? South-Australis. Vde;li le stave I meM kee
year*, then went to Caliee, v>a? aboel 2 ream
snoeki: i about the South, hi Conti Rent fnattf
iBtaaaed Panama shipped mils Peaeteeeees ami
-?am?. ;.. >.j, Fiancisco, lite dav Iarmed, kee fei
Sftcnunento in the Senat* next la] neat to Mart*
rille tum WsrysTilie to Fester's Bar Moeel the
K.vk Mm:ns i erne my, as j went to ?? ork 17 ? em
company;, and lei employed in cwfting ? race
worked in rhu lompanv neen*ooth i "treds\! n -
seat,the witnessert?sppcaredaeraaetme, he ?ork
n m\ Bjaet far M month thee, went karre Hat
river .about 'our Bntot, lad snsrktd :> BrfteU
mining, aroiked :?omix. vi nseit. a eat ee aad
lured:? man to wo-k in Sale* m*i piece jn l took him
with me finished hie month oat cown the rirer. tad 1
two days'eatra wort paaghfmgdjg nn this a eel
to Foster's Bar torn ?r I then bought soother claim i
or the neat comp-ur iindpasdfSWfot t ought a Ills- 1
'H<at for MM mbseq neatly leal this boed to .-mother
eompany. and they arorked I nn half iBarss ai a lain i
eel then wet- withSauirantoSlate Bange, ahoedl
ii ilea Baak* r u;. era bought put of i claim sad pant
wSf each an aasrked this claim for half ol a at]
ai.inotpaj weh enough let":iftoliiraa thereaadre
turned to PosBe r's Kir thoaght I woal i ret urn and
work in the Winter went t ? woik and Unix ied the
raee and turned the rises lent the Mi soanCom
paay g3SB to anisfi their hnstnrsa tt.? lay the raee
wae tamed, Ibaad the etsha arwaU not pay aaom
than gig, an i ilamdoned t thee wem low.-, the
r;v? i r.> ti e o. ! ; ,r 1 work" I three w .-e';? >r o>e
month innrer ha I aroa with coi Preen > left aad
errntupto Foster's Bat lae ot usaudsa tuten,
si 1 Ho vet) well bairt myself a house suhseqoeat
.?? > I uo work si Blag receired about gd pet brt
trtaaaryhoal [] Iths claimI paidgtoe for toothers,
and'Lev gave me i -hue lor prirtlege ol working
;t .? ied frees |loto$ltpetday from Ik i I then
rook a partner. Uernard Feather, i Oenaaa? ied
eon.n.it: id -torekreptag ia my boase was ore
noasfj 'ti the rsaM rnmpaay a- myself the Kock
Minine Con panj did aothnsg Isr a week, sad be
cam? tired ol tin- cotstdadedto staj a'i Wetter,
md eommetii'td Nuldiag a house, the btlgeel OtM
there, for boeidatl, did not Imsk .i the rsas>
p n.y to whom 11? it ihr aH'Si oerer paid me the)
iett I trough! of Dank ! Casey, ine of this e itnpant.
all the things The company bad ill lestcMag
their hou.-e. 1 found a trunk the uaab aas open sad
rullof clothes I look tin-in l wort pari the
? iwthr- duriag The temal ider ol my -nn me : iget
afterw.od 1 went to Mi Dodge's tawse and bada
game of uionte lost I siipnoee that nigl t I; 11 c m
s.dered I was el.esli I, aad thought I woaM '" area
w iththem . so I Mopped i at night up n a n i ( ;?
him put his momy in s chest when i i id got to
-!eep. weal m ami took the . liest opening the ehest.
fouMfJOuO; h id in r , eee worth about gl ..v>s an?
other gTM the rest i dust,and about ggooinsilrer,
I took all this im! sei n ten most of t ig rat i lldoa
I itien went to work again as asual worked about
tin days afterward l was then apprebeaded lot
-t? aling the timik :iavmg bought all in the iiousa,
eoaitderad the clothes belonging to mo also was
ai'untud to bail m gMO to appear il MarysrUIe tot
trial, and deposited the money three Iiis after
ward was taken up f ir stealing the gl.ltnit fr? that
I was committed again to MarysriUe, on charge of
grand lareenv the mob that oighl wanted t> keag
me the Judge swore in aboul sixty men to protect
me the next morning Cant. Dodge, the largeat loser,
came io nn .md said d I would give bim the
motte) he wouid let me go. and see tliit I was
not hint Anoticr party CSOM to ms an I hold
me thai bis wife and family were suffering at
home, so I concluded to give it up. and all but
Voi.i gl.'hi was found allowed I bad loot 'his .
remained with the Me r.tl this atternoon, and then
as keil the Judge about -i llmg my thing* ralle I an
auction! sold ary things, .md gate mi boat an ij lo a
trieinl my things broughl aboul gl,170. The Sher?
iff kepi this money u his possession (Edward Barr,
siieritf went out at i :^ht to eoUsel poase of this
money, and whilegoos Iiis oookeasas tome .nil
-.mi. "if he was In my place he'd go " told bim I
couldn't weil 111 withoutasoaej keeantlhad bet i
!? r go without il I con-i ipienily went weal about
three miles thai night, odd took a mure m il Bight,
about 10 o*cloek arnred in Sacramento mM the
mare the next dai itatB the mare had do BBMB)
to luv one staid in Sue ran into about a RMtBigM
got acmiainted with two or three kmericBMBadono
Sydr.ey man . they did nothing BOB -teal horses and
mule I Used tO -ill tBdBU lei tlitlll. H*S CBOtSIB
broke oul BSacrsmanto the names of the men are '
" Dun, "James Peate.Johnn) Origttks Ohniths was
getting aw ay from prison-brig sitk irons on, and urat
drowned went down to nail aimotd a BO) loU
OrUBtbS I bet e was a brig in the nvei with a goo I
deal of money ob boBid, aboul SSB^SO, we wool
a'siard the brig ami got all there as? ihoul
glB^BOS; went on boaroarith OruMths, (dead.) Hl
wards. Brown, dead.j uex> 'la. we agreed to
come down to s,,n Francisco Ed wards loid u
we could gd -Dine iiioiiev out Oi I VBSISl in
the haroor a man oaaie doarn anth as called " Jwa*
inv -fiom-towii," Borai came down m the New
World " Jimuiv-fiom-town " robbed a ipaalerd oa
board of tbfrt] ouaosa ut coin ["Jimmy from aswa*1
n a- st,,w ed aa ii b) me on board the Teonesso .he
gave me the BMahey, aad It sratdiridad a.ag lour
of u.s ;he -ume muht we went BBOBffd Hill rOaOSi in
Sun ''ramisco and robbed her mrself, lllwurds,
Brown, and Smith aft ompltshed theileed the rBBBBi
was Um J i is,,i had same hard lahtmg on board;
the Captain was leaporsfe^BOd we left him almost
.lea-i in tin- liybt t. - w ifeeams out of the eaBBB w Kb
.1 -Wo ! in 11 i hand I tooa || uwav Ram her I art
eil as captain in that mofa li ft the othai in charge ol
11. i 'fan we w l re all mSlked. 1 -r a relied 1 he c i
liiii Bit wile |8VB lue up whaT BBBBBy there was en
board I then aske-: her if 'here were any arms on
board she gave DM.e o! Mien'- -is BhoOtOIS,letgB
si^e I gave the moOSt and pistol to one of the party
do md n BtBSlI er which the ?oin.ni bi gged me not
to take her husband's hie I -aid I did not btbrJ to do
it. if he would be quiet I thru looked mthe eeMa
andean thai she bad ? trdtndid goldekraaoabsest
watch the bopsd l would no' lake ,t, .is bai mother
had given it to her I sent, **On tkeao conditions I
will not lake tin- watch"' the others kickid up I
row foi not taking it 1 bold gham I w i- ma*ifT lae|
made me so, and I would act aa I liked tied the
i iptaia*! ham:- .'hind him, ai 1 BBBl him in the j
cabin told bis wifenol to speak lor two hour-, i- I
should not ravethsship ano tied aamBBoyswhe !
wrre on board ut the time, and then went ashore
sn pposeil we should get gij.'-"'! r glA^OM, and oah
jrot $l*n he advertised ? io-- of g#SO when kit
wife rare me the nasaey, ike teid ins had seal it
tu ariy a.i home m the prsvtoi s paehi t. or we should
have got it. no doubt. Staid in i-an PrsjSCISCO live or
.?ix dav s tri? <l to rob(Irayson eOuihfi ?tote Mopped
.Ii it a . ? :.e .. ^:.T. Igd fOUBd 1 could not do it waut
ed nctiling I I "..?? money, but could not get it . the
safe was too heavy three or bbut days arasTwaid l
weit to Saerejneato alons -topped at Moores
kouse ni.-' ? laething ant play cards, and won
a deal of more) sold mules and BOtses for others,
as they wan laughi in, in the name of CaxBBBSaU;
Ml ? ie. who m pt '.lie house, died bough' his wile
out for gl50 paid $70 rent all the things Stoiefl
...i SacrsmsntO wire brought lo ttu, hon-e . John
Gl Tri-.:. John J'me-. (boy, lilll Nek?a??, and
?ii^ Ja .' acre esrden "t reiae ? few days
afterward, tirirlths was arre-ted for ptek ng a
maa't pocket .u gSM m .m aoctioa avaaeoa J-sl,
on Vlo'n.'?V lie was committed to UWpttSOB ting
w.-s ailed n ths sum of glJSB they were kicking
up a row in Sacrainente at th*Oeaa, aad wtwld not
go straw-bail?ol took . tasm, losded itnwB m>
lw.se wtth -tolen goo-l*. and -fared for Mormo-.
Is. ,nd sold all Mormon l?.imdand Salmon "-'alU, i
a.: ref.i:.. to -aciumento (,o .ut> went u. the ,
Sheriff of Sacramento, procured .m order to goea
. irdbngte ?eeGrattthi got oaboBs<d,Baa1 faaad 1
that t>,, ught ..ton-..:. trriBJ K e?c?pe. Ue was j
?Irowne-' w h ie I had rot.e To ?.Iie'unnes. -ome one
robbee an louae of .vervtm. i did bb4 miss it j
worth while to open another house, and we.it to lue
iiiksinisMli e oear tike bun ugfround a few days
a'tTr v a- arre-te.: Tor hoi.^-oreakmg. and emp^ye-i
Mr P'x,r\ be got am out of tt be onajei my naaa
-we ir ng raise Did JatTh -wre false I gate kun
tm md Mr Piilev aereed to get me out ol the
ra,.e if 1 would give him gio more 1 told Fuley >
1 ?a, d ,.ty at, -it B week 01 '.en l ?y - alter OBB ar
re-ted ai/a a for breaking nto a house in s lumbar- i
. I ver near BMI " .<*??through my ha?
..' a., event-. BDI Baken, ?:.U OOBimrBTed a.ei?_- l
?he br i for tnsl prev.o'isiv robbed a BOOBB Su q.
? ? Th: orner Front and k*-streets, clotikntg-Bbr^a,
.vrtn Mat Hopw* ' ! by name ,f Big Hrurr .:i,.
Bydaeymsn . |ot troat gdasl io ?>?'worth of pr?- i
parti ahoottwo layaafkai i w*?on toasn brr^. em
p oyed Mr Pit.ev again and said him $M e',*,j p?.j
:iixri g? for B.? ?rimmy. for robb:ng a wi)ir4n two
C.v- or I hall ?:. ? i MMirl pnsot.-br.g A
bit -ut *- town (rem auhojn and ktanSj ae.: me a
ottng '-.he Sheriff of kub irn two or tbiee keana
af'erwarl? two more constables came ?on >?ard?e?ue
fn m Fester's bar ?ini one from Mary ?viljc the one
fti ;., s'eeter^Bar SifBttied BM a- *tl:e man liavun
, ommiited murder a: Fo?ter'?Bar? ase t.'ha?. Moore
:. a- , ? rrrani Bary go or. ?nore to Judge
Sackett he ?avetnem m order ?.o bnn* me ashore
take me to the Judge's ornce in J-?t Mr Pixley ap?
peared for me. aad would not allow the Judge to ex
iina.ei!.' wh* then ?ent or. aoard brig ?<?*'? "?e
Judierhen ga-e "hertff on?,er to taka me to ?f**
v tile sheriff came for nie the next morning, an t Mr
Px.e- : tumtkal as warrant was not legal.am.
t '.,ke in., -o be ?ad to go to Mary sviile
or anotltr i I'-?'? ' ,*e Mr Pistol mjJ&*JC?
.lurd to w. iah out f M tod at order lor Sl?. aha h
I r told BM eked ect and would pay me next .lav
the s^uiemgut 1 made my escitw; Irooi tae .ng I
w.e.-i!!...'.'.' lo Pry Crer-k-halfaaj lo Btnahtim ,
p.ld.yt;.'. .. St.sk' ,.. t.S' "? ;??~" f Sid
? te? ? *,, Ki ,n. ??? . , ,. ... ?.,. ,?,,.,-?,
IBe aud rU of IV. . .r.r**r bYssb at? ,,. | dipped i?
hJ w arde s ton*.- in Syun.'* Vai;. j
lie immt-e.aU ly formed a connection with svretat
: ?( laaraaaaj, who igawar ks have had nuBM tad
a*t?ia <Jk*. rent par*i?f thecily Tlier? bbbjjj
' : - ?: J ???' ?? '?' - ?? au? .herd out>i.1# ag?aU
He eon.'e.?**?? to their naurg made attempt* to carry
r! the aajbaj a| Mir.tuin A to, Maoniiav vi.?
l!.,<*?. !.?..!. -w .t i'i M>| "thi r n.e.-rn o.- . ?"-Mhea
pi e. r? :.> ?tescr.tv the murderous attack on Mr.
J iu*en and the robben ot hi? ?tore |
Morgan went tnt.< Jau*cti* -tore tirv. llie rwat
MM ?:; tka lad Whlti.iker an ! myself \t.v>] at
?::i!iw rrariaa lau fa at i taweajBl ;-e wa? t.? !?>n*t
aid w. ?.. ? <rt : o r ??:<??> ?o i wen! ;n :<? hin? .
i at half-way op the sh?p beb?aJ the counter heard
Javaner a-k hforaaa whst he w aate-d !*:??,'? M>rgitit
: lold tum ik ii :u aaakodto laak d waat blanket*, ae
turns round, lad m?cs me behind the aoaaBM &Us?
loM hin I wanted hlarket? He sleppe-1 a^url ???.?
j ardent *.:..w ms btanaees, are had aaaeaeea
trwadaannse l hat bau oa ?bt head wrilh itBMau
?tot and kn.vt.rst htm -!. ?wri I theti left Morgan
i 'o take charge .'I ham. while I looked alter the
t BBOtary I oaly h:t hnn on.e. <aaaaaaj ?? dt?*. auJ kaa
>ut a shot Km roul:ttn:i.|t mone/
We then c irricd tltc monev home to *>>Hne? Vd
, . \ I . .irr e.i ?' e money I counted tee mone* .
there was SI,MBin gold rota, we divided tt :n etgat
I art>. aaaaaaj gl'?f> ea.-.'i we then . a me down Iowa
ejaiB, went int? Urs Hegaa** ?top.ied there tri
or three haar* aad taea weal beeaa uraia Mr> IIa
tMavedot Baaaaaee-ei ivt.u? there ?? guite
i *it.-< ?stetet towa aa uat aal ??wuun more tot?
herieaarh le the men arretted tot ?tnkmg ' i.ar?
aen i i .'.u tri.ii. aa we .lid m t wi-h them hung, a?
mn aren laaeceat. ?\, would have *hot mtv mea
than the* daooid hare beaa hung We igrced
thai it the Cow tuen wen' bung, wlueh we eapeeeed
t< > areaad heoa Beadaj aifM. t.? h aja d.>we Ui?*
h wn.
TaeMaawiafl aeeetaatel aVaarkal ii BktpaMW
eaaceraed at taa ro?<l*erv of the fu*t.>inH.>'i .e it
Monier? \ |teai i ? mt remarkable picture .*t Uflf
? aum of a aalar i iw
.Next raetl me I hoed a h.>r?e al a st ?!ia> in I ro'e
to M.m.i. rev \t tin* lime I had m*t taken the name
.< Car bale prrrioaal) waa called ''atnirhrll The
I arrtred al Mcaterer Ike men were about 1.? be
trtexl for rohh.ng .Monterey t u>tom houae Mf
thing* arere led at l?tcaeaa, and h ue heen th?>ie
ever ?ince I went :.> Moaterey ptirpceel) to attcnJ
taa Uiai Weal le the traeatHaaaaa and ?aw the
Bnaaaera. I'1 <? *e. oud nuhtmv hor*e wa* stolen
trora me D , k Oam at a 'ir^i put on trial Pi
'?mt went down treat *>*n Fraacueeo to defead him,
ii d l appealed aa a attoeea la hi* atrer. Whittakei
a i* il>o al Monti ?? v Kitchen arrived at Monterey
la the steamer llneg* w a* Ihen in ewsto ly We all
ki ew the partu * were niltj Vllhough they l.xik
113,000doa u fron Baa Krancvo. .ill that wasrohtasl
waa |a,naa, tbooeh Raadall ?<ij he ha I baa ISMIB
! he tacl i*. that Parbort, McDoaatd atnl Judge Met
? ' were eoai al for priaoaeta, and Cej Weiler,
Hott? and Wallace tor proweution . there waa s
wi. it deal ot awearuaj falaely aad !>nt>i*ry All the
? \ ?.(> taken beat the ptaaaaetai taa Caart
h re, uaroaMuaj ?.?> $i.m?i. waa first takea out,
and the balaacee. |la\a.aj,aa) lit Iff a at aqaallp
diva i dbatwaea I be prtaoners' and pt*oeectr&ac cottar
I'he priMinen then pai I their own lawyers
Raw all got oat ball aad tae 11 ii laera taa otaat h?u
. bl\OM Morn iii. l oin sjiiu k and H> an wi-m
,ti .?l. hut Oeaaan wast, tad and < eaaeatfd to the Ji
vision I'arl'Uil told me to kit Iba prisoners .ml ?a
.. iad t broke tbi daw doara aad Em them out
\\e bate aal ipaee to follow fuitaei DjadabaaaaiMd
? reer of rillaay. Taati are two or throe aoahBBOM
a. lb ?I aal eati ad, which show the r?'.iiit> al the.iin
?ji i to whicb the I eliforniaai have beaa ami are ?tili
expose* I
Maee heard laadreah r?unk tare aval aW aae aaaif
* aaeaaae etwee this aaaatrpteewaibeaabaa tp Me a>M
aey pi \ We have ha I an an knrataaaaaj a?h |x?
.lin er* .,nd ? --for a lone time .
tiny were aaMeraad with us in lb/I robbery of
VotnUj/B Hank, next totiie \'.\ Dorado. Kyan was the
oah one waa roMted the Monterey, i aataai fkaaae
that reaped aaj baaeil i gave Pnvtlay aa ardai M
illloa Lowe, Uvea oa Proal M . Bacraaaaaao t ity
Moaep stolen Iron Jansen watdirhlad in l.'lw.ir?!?'
house, m ar i link's Point A ijuarnd betweea ?
aad IVhittakei waa oaiiied, becaaea aaay aaj
notMually divide the nvaaej it. abeaM rertaaeip
n,i' r /:rnl Ihr leva M rawe >r tmir /''?. M, bad Hhl '?i*a
r ./ tor <//.sInaaea?e?aaaaaf.
i allfaetala Faiatlaa
Mi I'oiier. who i is a latin al the I'x Mi-siiHtol
ina Joae, givee the iidlowiag aeeetaal ?>i let fara*
term nag m < 'aliaa ma
Piaai t'aai I farmed etaty aeraa la vartoaa awaali
of produce, but gathered nothing but dear ripen
? nee
Baeeaa Vaaa I aaa laiewa kato ceaJaaaaa on
aeeonnt of the goU uillles II?dp e.mld Ml I?' l'ir?*?l
ataaj price,aaal l am itiedadv mawaaaa that tlie
Q ivernor himrr i had to oooa hi*. i>wu meals I
tainted bail >? i v little, and tir.alh I e.iiiglu lt,e gold
lever on! Weal fcU 'I,.?linnet and there I caught the
lever und igui . and i- tun id '.? inv (arm t gathee
e?l nothiai (hesecond vear
i ii.lli' > i ik I made in,if. i ptcpatatious lor
farming I wasdalarmtnad not lobe " > >i.te.i,
imt faim I wi nid I could not lure hands for gidper
dat I tried to enter nto eopartin-ralup. Inn rould
DotaaeetM dl had rather go to tae nsaaw. Noncni
my brothers weretei in the . ..iintrv Hut I would
not be diaappointed I got the ass,stance al three
Indiana, ami we area! to the mountains, si miles
distant, aid ti.era we arorked at the red wood.
Cedars Ol I . : n t..r ??,.?? of theru are :tou fe?-t
high,] aatil we '-?.>! raus and ;K>st> ntaV taatla secure
Iii ??n a. res, w hieb I planted principally m potatoes.
I be produce gather* a was worth about gio.ono bm
' ?tunall ly I lost one hall oa'aeeoSHl of heary
?a us sittug in, aad the sttarciti al btdp Thus
i nded lea tinrd yeai
Peeara Vim M> younger breajaai sirtved in
. o. .., i', \\ a in inaaed to inn a soaaa nai aaaaa, and!
(arm |5tf, principall) in potatoes iad) ear esvpyatair
ad about as lot sew s
PiHata**? Iba i.t'ii....'i.l' i ,a..-.s tin m.mm
Ons ai lbs io.saMifH.iri? r iii.ss.iwe
i me e? I ha -iu.ai.Wlie.i . i' ? so.eOO
Beets Iiis t.cM Cha-keaa It*. iso
*? id ' i' i in.- Um w.ea Be(> . . eee jee
h iri n Vaaa, IBM We harestneed aaeal i.wo
icret .Hal have tanned We Want no ram lialll
Di et: da i. ad we will he rare le gather ef
i ? it we ii.uii iie.'ssi PutaiaUaa |waa W
Dm as s .??' s ,| a : ? ;?i, i, ji,iiu(>sioe.ne
i n |a Urn, i.O'.'Mi inekaaw see
j irnipa t cot l .^s .!?,/ i.sm
i iriutj l,MaiOakia Bsad Its* so?
t . ... t . , I Ml Beet H??-.l ... s?l
I at i bhsge Se ,i ise
To most ol the Kastern aorld who are unac
queiated with aui -.iii and elaaaBi khaabaweaa*
count will look almost impo-s ..- lint . onsnlerimj
,ve .h.iv.' din. moBthl out of twelve in which
w< eaa soat, uid aase ta wakta we aaa gainer, it i?
i. t dottbthil knd if ihera ?? ,t wat a countr) in
the 'plowman 0*01 took the reaper," Ca
mis - '..atone k huge a maual efataaunra aaal
d ? ji i a:.lot ni.t this vear for market
i bis vanity alone wait yseal aiiout
in, mii hasheai seasBaw, #.sseti.iaheUi???ar?.
u. ., Btaas, MBJ ?i?pm-s.
|ii;ni iBhsebMBs, Sit tans (..napkins,
,,.h leaMtaee, it*i grspirs,
; . I ?Vi MM bay.
wh.sr. ,>i.i.viivd.<llie?,l^|.?lil.a^o?
Besidi . . i" bete will baa ssjeatajaaaaanj
? a . mi, peae, mrltm-. aad baei garden sauce anJ
.I SBO .|ii*|i and liotr- ?? rides i atlle almost M
I..,ii sroUl a. the acres of hUsd over whleh they feed.
1 .. . ,.,,!.';?< res.,nr. . - weir fully developed.
wou - pi) '"ore than a million of |ioiiulation
? , f? I,, bavtawt
.pent :.?<? ?ears m the vaLi-y liiere are eoOJUra
acresol <nu*i iiilisi>i?r UumI wlthia its borders. TBa
ijore?t Will rieWtaOaJ ta*unds .i wueat or Oaissy.
. i d Bm 4c.'Ssi ;>oun<ijs of onaiiis per ai-re.
SotwithsUndingthe t>r*?ent prieciof labor, wtucb
r. o?i I'd per taaath, my ? sjcolatioaa, baaed
... Btei uaau . I. are aa h a?to war
rants agthatl iliforniacanssusrdiasa^ewai
, >? eef, rMik flo - i ley and all kinds of
I.et .? - a- ? bt .j; iad c i af.rr quality, than
:.? ? an ?? lupadiad from IB) ,'i.wter of the world
Vegetablea will be verv .heap thu year lata
? rrdibly o,formed tlait Mr t*teinUeger has par
... the best an i I 1 otetiei.ferBai
r tb res '"' "?' PM?< lt lfl*nM
\... August (aal I a.iform.? ?dl supply
o tj ;1rlev rj.it when she can s?p
pry nerse.f with Hour, is doubtful, as there are ao
nillt in the rsraatrj. aad rarnsen w Ulsai raise wheat
Vonrs, re-pe' tf'iiiv leMB M lioanna.
S:n.,m>?. PmsioM.?V\'e learn tttM Tke.
H'.dtm Rfr i hromrir that Governor HusBhaa
. ;j Daniel Hyruu aad franc is
... , : ? in a..-. ? onucted
ol rtot on the railroad at Poughkeepsie. sosne two
sears -met. and sentenced by Judge Bareuie to SI
v. ,,r- and 3 month.- each, \ "?ter ?,f Mc< srtyhad
come to the prisr-n to *ee him. as she suppoaedL
. .? ? ? <*? * imagined
when at the very moment, ?he impiired of the
War''.'.nr hi r brother, the latter was in the act
of breelinsg the ?rai??l envelop which contained
.. .? aim i free man.
We < 1 " aimer coraplaiat ia
ng in the pn*on to a considerable etteat, aad
(hat it aaauaaes qmta a ma.ignant forin About I By
now rooBaed to cots u:<! upward of ninety are
Tbi -.rector in charge devotee
in 10 raw - * u.d we understandtaat
every n.' ans ?hat care and skill can devise, are eat
ployi I to irrest the disease and save those already
itta. ..J sJevera! deaths have occurred, but Or
the Phv sician. infoma us that be hopts that
ihr disc ire r - now rcachad its lught. and that froea
this time it will gradnallv sidiaaJe.
fV WiUircs I iiii.elull, the oldest uxem
I. r eg theeditor.aiiiateni.i) uow iivingu?Tcanc*?se,
' ?s : ?. a att'vek with BwralyaU). iMeespaia Bag

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