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Ural %?0tate -for ?ale.
I.TOR SALE.?Yonkers Lot?, heauti
fully srtuetsd on the river a alert dist-saee abova
tae Depot, formal anil i irr the 610 ??. - ifej new, ud uaeur
, nmfji for aoener>, cmivemenoe an' l.'-aPh. oa the mart
reasnaahie terms' Apply * BALDWIN or 8 8.
BLACKWELL, Yoaaere. er L W ... ark. We iii Wil
PROPERTY-A beau: id .;wi,i the , J
lue at Kaat Cheater, ooutaiatru IS acree. cmven.ant bouae
and .eit-biulorar*. fr \ .-.. a .... 1 of r
I>otaVes aaa buck w neat In hara.w.ieat and Ii tuna of
aar Three beaciful aeeetaide rardrr.*, tare fine orwa,
aoiltry, ft*, kr ; withiu hfte?:, ? lea Of tee CftT. P <*s
aaalaa linmodiately. Tor p*rt?cul?'s n.,'iire of ?VILLI AW
MeCORD, No III Sulbvao-et.. N V. Aino, a fine eaddl*
or carrtsee Horse, and a carr-ai na for* Dioti
To be eeee at No III 8olli?ae->t. aat?Ua?
Fj"OK SALE.?Tket*ire?-atorY and Ettic
BTa-k Hees?, Na ktt Nil tweea the M aad M
mru,, aeaag M feet a raetw fraei. i
finished with all the rnnde'n : ? ? ? .AI? , sk of
ercAUaw ittuale oc the north mth ?;??.., between td
and saVsv? . belog 25 fee? frees lad rear, by I? fee' 3
inraei ertr The let to ideasaati? bv-ated in the nnnrty
of recent imr-rrvement? Ai; ? 1 I WA' KAHLA N,
auXTzw* Ni l?o feuth-a?. near M-iv.
FOR SALE?In the village of Vonkers,
S aneeaaiTided into 16 l"**-.1">??' '? a fiae new of the
n?era? fara*8ta"-n lilaed The soil ax rood .and wiD be
aoldiawt.-. e in ? V STEWART, No.
71 Horatm-rt . N V or J. 11 JKNNLNQS i I?. STEW.
ART, Teak era_an? 3w?
OR SALI'?Thr: rrc'Iern built t!iro"
atari one* HOCSE No l<*C W'es* MtbeeL, I uilt afthe
beat aateriala, aith Bath, Basge and ParaBCI. and a
good order. The Hou.e n> on leased ground , price S 1,000
Apply to JNO M STt'AHT. No ?Broadway. n?iw>
FOR SALE? Ob Suten lslan.i, roomy
l ,n ii- with or with' nt K'.nid .re, tnree Lota in
Osrden, Stable, Cani*ra bouse, ? i ai?!- for a geatleaaaii
in business in New-York, or Summer res de nee for a
So ithera family, a few aUaatea' aalk fr a North Shore
Apply it No 1 John at . New fork . i PINE It SNEDE
KER'e htore.onthe landin*. CaMiaton._?1 *w*
IjRlVATfTs??^HoiisT? id Lot on
the n ?rth mC* of East BM ?t , aetwaea let andtd-av* ,
bnck boaee. three atone* aad aaaeaieat, 18 met ?> fcaehaa
front, and 17 feet deep, with Cretoa-water, cat fixtures,
awl all the ii,.?lern nnj.ro?. in. nts 8)ZS of lot 18 feel i
ne h.? 1.? '? '.<?? i ?> u.ciie*. or half the block Foe gait* -
Ian apply 'o A i. ELENCKBR No. 7 Bread at
Also, a lot of gnund BB 'he inw r , f id ?? and 88th<tt
?3 la_
IJA KM (?r SALE?Near the New-Ha
?io Railmad St alien, ui hfaaurraaeck, oaataiatafM
aerea. Inquire of JOHN J MARSHALL, or of the iub
acrdier at Maaiaroiieck (aSlm*] W M H CORNELL
m SALE, atuated ui a pat uau > -The
house ia oa leaae gro >ud which haj if years urn in.n-d
tataawitheaeeaaatfor41 y?ara reiKwal. n tw^ ?t. ;. aad
attic with three parloia deep, and roii'a.na all the Modora
impn?ye?eiita. fai.bl'hing-tol*. Si' . ha h'-eu reriutly re?
fitted and painted, u in perfect cd' r. and ii one of the
?ota pMaaaat resMteacea to b , i.icil Addren
1 I H .Trt.Vine (M 'I i"
PRIVATE SALE.?Near Glen Cots,
on Laie Island, a fine EAtiM < f i .. ea, well tim?
bered with locust. < In .r.ut and itiii tuuber Haaaaay
ime Budding Sites Will be sold eeparately or together, to
amt nurchaieis for terms and parti tlai ap| yto A J,
IILEECK ER, An t nur 7 Bioad s'. - ! I t
NIA --The s'ibscriberotlers ? r a '-wdHys s-one very
aligildy aituaieil Lfi l's of varu.sr ?i '?s, i I'ritier Morrisa
ma, tlie? have bean resented from ' lie late sain and d sin
biitiou o/lhe Loury Trin t, and a"' now oflbred st prirata
sale, at tl.e original price, aad 01. favorable terms, if ap
plied for ?Mio. This property is aa surpassed for bee it| and
islahfMj. i imieakinl In the nf ifii. an I lha prase is far be
low what similar property, m s? lUai . A,udioati m oaa
be made it. the eiti to MO ROAN a CO., No Ml Pearl it,
si the Land OrTii e. Uppei Mona M| lad of the
aiibscnber. a* h.. resilience rear the property,
W'.ai JARVls, Agent for the aale ol ndproperty,
?3 It' C;.per M' irk B B, W I Btl ties',r Co
UESIDENTK for SALE.?A <\<>sir\Z
Me Riwiiiei.ec.it HevrifaewB, N .1 , withaboaltwa
aoraa i?f (?round, and aiaiut fifty rude frota the railroad
depot The home ami aetbailtliagi are in cod order
L'laiu the mound are ubmil iflO Trait-1 I ? es of the BhesBBBt
vim ties and m full b> a inc , ?.ni ?. ? .i ut/s. tic . luakini; a
c luveiiieut and pleaaunt reaid-ine for a tentiafn in dotag
baausBMiataecktj Theoaraleave atfivi ... liadiil
hours during the da. for Mometowu. Price ?7,(sjo Pot
f uither pal I" ulara n mire el
?Uli lOtMWkE* HOMER M '1; 1 A\. No. 1 Piae-st
I^OR s.ALi:?In l.ii.i.Myn, the tirt>
slary, lias.-metd. sub-mlla iml a'ic llui.r, with
? ?Iii Lou ol gnsaad, oa I> k. as . Its ?. Tumahiaa
and Marcy-ari The House laaew.liudi in modern style,
with tlurteeii giaana, mil n litnatcd in a very deairable
i . irhlsebocd. l'..r particular inuuire of JOHN AN
DERaON oa the met m . FOIIN W BITCH,/la
? I Hi undw i, i
-T10 LET or for SALE- if lloboken,
E a now three story Heues, witb ties*meal ami undor
lellar, on ii. ....e. si , liuislieil in Iba beat manner, warn
marble mantels mime, he Kent low to t lie Iii ,t of Msv
Apply to OHARLEl r PERR\ Otto Cottags. sioi*
I TONPOBT u beautifully situated nnPJushiag Bay.
witliia eight miles <4 (beCrti Nail, sota Harlem, aad
hsli a mis in m Eltohing The bat w Bated tor the aban
dance nl line tisb, I Pans, and waa The Village has I
large and rateablewalei prirlb ,aad (or baaatyof Hie
S'irrowating sceneri is nnsuri-ass. d. ? mbraoiag a new ol
the ifllagBa adjareai and the pici irei ue Sound, with its
ininirioiia is'ands It kt laid oat m village lota of atbi I I
feel eurb.wliM'h t an in prici Be. edlUg to loCBtioa,from
fii lo giro each A few cle.i" I ri uauasold Tha
terms of tale ari SiA at the lion of ai led kin, an I the
aace ga aieataly laitsliaeats nl | nradisojoat foroaah
l ot the a. c.iinin .Ji.tion of paitu w'.. des.re to are the
ai und. hi agaal will been I u the itetual ?' lalaad
Chty.wbasAleaveetaefootof P it il itt o'clock even
ii,nning, win. wgU bn happi Ii payen 1 attaatioa aad at
ford sreertafbf itisu ooaceraine iti itmrt toallwhu
aMpaaaara John .a ti.AWWCit.
aultl Im* N i ?inj lli.-a-i .'i.er o| An.n
T PRI\ SALE.?? beautiful
PARM. ixtaati I on ti? - ithaa* of Long Ial tad,
hriagoa bae Parapike balweea Mvrratk aad SuntS Oyster
Bay. freaaaagtaa Mai aadOceaa, i UuaiagM tores of
land, on which theie ale laeappll urchatdl md an a! IB
ban. i of all othet kinds of (rail, with Bitreanofpun m ab i
?aaBBtag ibtough the place Thi buddings oaasist of a large
tVmbie taoat.m house,MiM, containing 12 rooaat, with
siirhin altara*'d: huilt tathe best maaner, aad iitagood
retail Theic are, also, l'B'n?. i a r ? uae,graaary,aad
ill neeessarr mil ' lUikli un In ! itioniii tt deeira I?
and peifecil, health'. Ptsbiiitr ii-i.l I .'tie nit to be s i
passed on the Island The buTdlllf I Hnd ii i. res ol lau I
will las aohl aei.arale'i I .1. sir. t >? w ?. .?< i Text
kaaapaa one-half of the purchase mtsae) eaataamiaoa
bend and in ul<nce Porpncean.il I parttealara. ap
Si hi \NiiloNY.i RLE ECK ER AuoUoneer, N . 7
mad st , No*.Y.-rk au tl la
are situate! on the Westcbest-1 "de f the Harlem Ruer,
betwcee McComb s Da B? i1.? a t II II: ! e Any
peesaaargaauated with the saoarru tbii i iy,a II] 1
aaira.aaileaingthe Haya Bratga I ?? ? ial I iei |.ai
Biest aaSmaaVagaa (m iiniimria t*v*i ail ether looalitree
about tl.r Cay and that tasfare I ... m I lyothsi
troiayrty aa well s-tn it.d Ttie !? 11 i. r tv r . .c Hi r id
aving been akjaad '? ;hs Mai..r the raid ai I be. .m
ineineil forthwith and ar^eudal] auvihed tI'll .se in ure
mid leant 'be lid ) Thr fat. forth eatue loegth of tha
read ? aa ha hat & oeata I .? ?. .. >re*eated from at
ni*l im i, nir. of Una nrop*rti is e\cis Inudy tn'.nn s'.mt,
embracing di hI beniltilnl ?ie? ? . I la ...I n l wa'er This
txmprity ahvo has a wide front if at fhs Hartem Rii'T,
thereby alfndii.g ev?r, tin-Cit' or b ItJ i| and EUhlB| Pot
aaans aud othei wforniaiaiB bm
aalllm' DBWl.MO.N.V. tiCt iar ?t t\?>
VAC\NT LOTS foi SALE.?Two o*
Us beet LOTS oa Bat.i ?m ?nie, kelwiaa
TwsBtT-s*onBd aud Taiwiii-th id s.a . twa LOTS mi Twee
jg seoaad at aad two ou Twsaty-rlrst si , near Si veatb-a?. I
BwS UMprivrBMBta makuie sod to be made on 'his A venae,
aad ia aas vtewut?. ren tei lha n peny very dssu-Hi.'.. \u
plyte DNftf) E W iHEST?R.MWalln.
>KI\ ATE SA1 E ?Thi trge -<tore
and Lot at the At lain i Dock, II sdtlyo, a.' Had on
the cornet of Con mi ,?? at. , si.. .. h tlraal aul i i >
IM fat t m dop'h For farther panartxlan inuatre oi AS
ai la
tract* ft des.ralde Laud, mvutaah sitiia'.ed mi the
W rat. aie nnVrrd m exchanfi I I . i Merchvu.lis?
Persona deaiimg to b..rti : in thai wa> ai ti id it to their
iiitenwt to adJi. ss n.M Bf Jagaaa't liatal \ A a
lull dsacnpiiiiu <t the Lands ami ?? \s!. :t lefsrea ie aiU
Ihi (tvea .: J- ?
tjonoco (to Cel.
?TOO LET.?a)ii sr -mul tloor of buttdios
A lately kaown as Rathboa a KoleL I large ma. nU
coniiauuicatuuc. t.s\ing aCiuitiauA-u? froa' cn Hro.nlwa ?
37| teet, and a ileplh id it feet -a ??n la
aces tor aa laauraece Comi'aa.. Pans ag hoi a : ? itar
aiercant.Ucim.era?gee suih en- asst ? it at be ir,,\l the b>
cation ii unrivalled 11 uot .. I
the t?aVe* mar be had sciuuati ir Apply oa the pteeamee
from It to ?od.s-k. oi per Bvs? ti I N .;EI 1 athy,
No W? BroaJai; si |*??
F^ACTl )RI KsS, with WATR R-1\IW K li,
TO aiXNT?Situeled m the baara ??( Have.>traw
ItucklamlCxiuati.atKiit half a mi'.- from the N eta Ko"
There arc two substantial tu >t b ubl.nrs. our 96 root by tt,
and three atones high, with awgag, ?bv M, eaaitoie high .
the other ? by 40 feel, three stories, with I wins 53 by tt
toot. Each buddUng has a gtvxl watt l wheel, Uttel rliema
trr, and It feel breait There rs also the: bn .
?ag. seoaiaie frwra the abeve, T bj M ' This watet
poasr is worth, th* attantnw of any oae desiroaa of ea
Sagxag ia manufVt res. fh>m tta heal'thr and plaaiiat looa
Aiosuaad being only 3a> miles from thr cif. of New-York,
a ith givtg tvuiu runinng ?o aad from three times a day A
t"*"**'* (doe* to Ihe rasten d.Hir?. w hich trnniaate?
?*?**_ aees, aa the mar The ca'ire t reunaea have bees
savupied fm the jvsst rive loais I i Mrw, A ft K S Hig
aearpst fa. loay. and are wall t ale lUtesI for w.aaen
1 .J^i.,'*b.,*^*tM- ^hf? ,v':l u '?"??^ separa e .
ITiwi ai ?,?r*'T :?L.uUia. BBiaire of a? PECK a
wdiA? ?a.ilf ** ? ?''"?'JOHN I'KCK.Haieniraw.wha
wdlibowtheprrBiisew auUluieisl?
K ? Brosiklsu. luiUble fia any kmd of maaufan o-mg
purpoeea. laqmre at the oair, oi u,f Koauoks Saaail
Co.ruraiaa st . between Sat. an., J. i. oll n.,rSa
? erry
?3 lw?
- BXKIAIS lib)by t) feel, w-ith Sls?.i. p .... a-,-.,. .
in tf c m ntomoi, m ,t
TO LET-??0 a genwel, nkTe?**!?!'- Fa-n
i!r. ptrt of a very pt-rtly C-ittagc. tu Base n-nt.
ftiuotfi? <m fir?t the", and oneortw. .-n ta* third rise*
I . if) d.-:??H- Bent $16? or $ITi Ir<inire ef
Mr BAM.. Ma. lilt U n?t . up ?tauri, or at No. 1ST
Ith av. AW?, tu a gentleman of r .rrert habita one or
two ?er? pi* assart Kornu, unfunuahrd or partly faranhed
l-.vi.i. uaahove. '? It*
OFFICES to LET in No. 1*:7 Brood
?n Apply on the premises, from I? to 2 .'clock
The budding w 4a iioubmi btrUl to lot :n ?dfiese. aa>l cob
tains roomethat will he furd deairaUe for almoet any
b<ii;n?s? puepoae. Tl.e lacht is excellent.
rflO LET?The Lvm rJsxib>*J HOUSE,
I No. 130 ttli-at rorner rslBogath-M, W.lliams^rgh
The House u> pleasant, with n five miaute?' wn.a i?l tae
Kemee. and is suituie f rP?a families, if re-1 aired I
on t he ;rem ise*._ **
fMi LET.?The Upper part <>f House
I s,, mj] ?? ??? . i saaa Bra** aad Weoster,
eoaeaaUacaf foor BaaBBB and frac: basert-nt. Apply on
the premises li lw"
PWlfj j,j-;r?The two newthree-storj and
1 s'tie Brvk IInnans. Not 157 and 163 Itth-st he'we-ri
Id und Jd ara. The IMl ? -re 2j feet front With thre*
?aaa** deep, sad finished ?jth Blithe nviern imtirovenaenu
V - ? i. r:-> en mime.:, \ ?.. i MACKAKLAV
Pia iMIeMBM aaai M aa antr tw*
tha third ston of a h.-ilJtn? verr elirihly sitnatod for
an OFFICE, or f if anv bnaraan re-i-iinnr imhliaty Ap
to BAKKK. GODWIN A CO , No. 1 Sprnre-st . rj
aerof.Nssssn ? tf
Borises toantett.
I JO USE.?Wanti (I. f-an of a good, mod*
jLlera aaiU, eooveaieril Dwelling-Houai i ipai pa'
pr? ferrid A parlor, d.rnng room. kiXhea, h Bth room. MM
{wo or three tiry bed-rooms, eaareaieatly arranged for a
unaJJ ftnaHf Not particular a* t?. location, if M b pleasant
and healthy. A MUD, m *t. wh botiae,if at a ? .derate
rej.t. would lie taken. Address b it No i.Ma, P Ml Ofltee.m
apply t'. Mr. DA v l>. N ?. t! C :t.n.d?t tilt*
H0U8E.?W*Ufted, a 2t?t?'l SI or 3-story
House, w it!, the IP' dem ? ?pvehiaore?. e.-.he' as Of
down town, for whir h a literal resit will !*? paid Pnesea
assa oaMea srBBia i -lo.rttin.e A.M-esi Bo? Mo i.3i?.
p.-t-Office, at It*
]>ART ?.f a HOUSE?Wonted bp a
very .mall fannlv. :n a ph-aann- n. I ' ?pnetahie li.-irli
InaBaaaT. baeBat twa moma and tiedr- .m.. or thereahouu.
Would prefer n kesaaa abore Brooms-el bet wees Braad*
wav and l*t-ai ?ddn?? - l,t I Htil. at: . e tili
paper tttf?;
p?ll PtTH \ R ESIDE N < E.?W|nted
" 10 lore, aeoiit.t, . ; lar<? \.'lion tw,. T,. h.ur hoiis' ride
of New-York, with r...?l hnildin.?, rarden, fruit*, fcc, in.l
more or less land, sa mav he, near the water or Hudson
river, in a ro,.d neu: h Loin nod. It w-.etld taken for one
or more rears brained tenant, w ho woald Improve the
place b> C ilHiatliai and eaia. Hosseast.-n would l>e reneivcd
immediately, or at auf time durine the A-itnmn >.r Winter
Address, poelpasd.to .IKK. Bord'aC;ty Kn res- Peat,
No ISWiDian>at.,New-Yerfc, v/u fall rawtaoalari a-i^
pure ?3 3t?
1JOUSE.?Wanted to re t. either in
W W BrooUrn,betwaea Paltoa aadSettih IVrt.. *.
Hie appOf part of the eitr. modern hinlt, .0 a r.?nl MS itarm
A |.or.ion r.f the furniture would bepurchasedll .losire.l
Aim tarn, itattoaj paOiralaTa. S H N t\, p. arl-st
a3 1W
npo LESS F. ES and (rWNERS of
M HOUSES ?Wanted, a aomber or*good Ham -
s<e.flid and third < lass, to supplr applieatious Oood ten?
ants fomiahed. A a unher of Houses ii, let Apply to
?u?3 Im* No 3lfi Ch ar . 8 to 9 and atV I 2 i' M
t'ltmpG iinb Utnning fluiuo.
/Ml \S. ST\ai:. JR.] ,V CO, N... 117
? ' Faltaa al . > >tl? r fat Bale r\.r. vsi.e"-, ..i Lampe, la
eluding the i-elei.raled PATENT SAFETY OAS LAMP,
and Pbaaseae Oaa: slao, Bandne Plaid, sccotsd to noae m
las)market; alee,Camphmai el Sntqaaltty.
The at I rut ion of country de;.'.,-'. .?: art l narlv invited t?
theiiiHive aitkhe. aad au who da Mae a good liaki ..r.-re
.jin ated to i all and me tin PhoBsaae Oai Lampa. si im
No Oalirondwai, ke. p* Caroala, Modaators, reading or
Btadhj I amya rich CoaadeUara, t^madelahtaa, Rrsekeis,
llsli l.aitii s f,.r gas ..r read Irs Clennn.:, reaasuiaa, to
hronaias aad gtlnina; made la the iMftaattmBB. nie eel
Oil at '?> pci gallon, [regatala ) aulj Im*
fPAMPHENE?Beat ^ualitj CAM
" ; I'HKNE. for sale by the barrel, n
iettf DIETE. BHOTHEB k BO., IU Wi''utaeet
PliAS. for eale by the barrel bv
leztf DIET2. BKOTHKK'k CO.. IM WBBaai-al
LAMP WICK. NV land 2. B- : . v-TtaBral
lownneea !.' DIBTZ, BROIMIIH ICD,
.eftf IM Wtlliua-el.
(< \ RPETINGS, Floob <?U, CLOTHS,
BeaBe V\ lllkua, s.e now prepnretl to eilnt.it their Kali tare
jK.rtati .rs. citiptiMte.'t? lull sod coinaleir BMSnMBl ?t
Biah Ve'vi' Tfaaaatrj. Braaaek Ta;.. rtry,
rii.hrae.nn a BaTfa v; ra Ij of new andelemat pattern*.
A loll SeeeetmsmBoi all the various patterns, produce.!
by i Ileen dilti rent ni-iiiufai toiies. Kiirriiaseia r,u here
e I (? selectj a.. - Mab etoi very ?tyle el lurinshiiu, Bad Bl
the LOV. kit t ami PKICES, aul lint*
Bl AHI'l"I s. p. i.ia T- . I... a.aI per lard ???uns
cash I he siiesei il.. r n .vv oi'. rs '.is entire ft h s of Urns
?ila IJlCpetB, CnaapriB?aO, Bpwarda of lisj nieces, among
which are aare at variety at paltema, snitablr for pailar a,
hedrooius, iifjcea.kr kr B-i ara ara invBed baaa axaaar
nais n OEO E I. HYATT, Noa. Itt aad let Paarl-et.,
near'v ajipMllB WllBam-el BBMQUb*
DaciuciTcoMipco nn? ttn%tavin%9.
/? BOOMS, No Dread way, betwaea Bpfhsi and
Prince-ais -Tha raracriher hat iaa leaeed the ahora raaau
ati.i'.t'.d ti em up in asnpenor st.le, unites thnaa waut
asf a perfect hhcaaaa of iWmsiline or fiiendi to call and
axanuaa In? saacia m - Prom hB Iowa saparaawi ? (beiaa
oih .f the earliest operatorBla the ?r;) he is awahied to
give general tat refaction v? K KNAPP, n - B
til ..dvvay and IM 11 BW i fj , New-Volk. si Jtc sl?
j w (;,.,.t Daawt ?? - ? > I mh closed in head
aome eases) far St centa, at THOMPSON'S Skyhghl OgJ
lei > 31a Droadw ai liest onartty laatftuneatt anil mat* rials
nsrd , No 1 ,i|??rat"*s. sial all | ICtBfM |?araatl ed sat.als ??
t... t ail and see h in. at Jll Broadway. nr?t #m r - 1 ,w
th< CB] ll ?-; '. tun Im*
tad PRINTING OtVee, III PaltOBeat , ft. Y -Wed?
ding. Visiting, Ad.lies? aa.'. Al HoBM Cards, in the very best
tl>le, CakeUaix \ nvelop*. kc bt., aad engiaved f ,t*
sad M> Csrda lot It 'hllltan BOl lai*
a ??:
vlnllcvn, tjtubtvjiHf, sCr.
|^Na^\RGEMEN r..?CH IRLES s.
I ? LfTTLE, (tiir?eaaef I 'O.'s-nit; UttlaJ hariat ra
laired his pi.-n is,-. .s cupyiBf both l.uiid.nr?. No. ii nd
it PnHoa st . has.' wail, [aa enlaryremsrat, opened up m ad
ditioi, to las alreaoi ettenaive asaurtmeat.a new and %er?
kr . sud for the U ttrr information of hat friend* tad lie
pa bur, v. ho are not n.tanned at to the eiten: of h> BBBBfl
ii i i.t. H u)d state that in
? ?t Ni?s 3J and 31 ale kept C ,t and >\ ro'.c:.t Nails, Stukrs.
Horseshoes,BiTctt \nvi ?. Wacon Bcvs, Scotch Hone,
aa.l f.h* i t re, kiKHl?
rilE P1BS1 i i i 0B9 n ? . IND |El osp
tie oceapudBMial; i*iBhSkali ii.n.ds. Catlerjr. Badldera'
llaidwsre. Edre Ti?Js. aud Toohl f r me-; tat ? B rea? iL
..gel her w ith ? la
wsth Shovrlt laaaaa. lUty, Manara and Osrslee Fui - |' ..
ist,? II????, Vis*?, i haiaa, Cora and Coffr, Mills A.
IHK rillBD PI OOB i'K N ? ll
is devoted I., situ, 1.? of Tinned and Ja;mnned Ho''aw.
v.trv. Bance and I ryiss Ptu*. round tad oval Boilers,
lira.. KiAtles, raraacea, Sea'.r? Pcm; AttfafB aad I a
Btara, Mratice aad Bonn* Maraiaaf. Jaekacrewi Oaw,
Skatea, and soxds for the Cal-f >rni* market, kc.
of Nos 33and 31 contain H.<i?,S"\ih?.Rikev, Tacks, Vnii*.
Pviait s. Writ Chain and Sal urea, Sle.g'i BttlL s?d-iroas
I ii. kej Oil Sloiie. Sm d Cr- c;l.|es. Be.
oi V.? ii aad It. t is>i>er? Tris? Iiis. ? R. .? .. S^, -.ilr
ha.!..-. Haadrsa an? ,ie,l Bhkeh l.cadpois c^al Bode, \
Itie whole ramptwiBi a atara i omplele a-- etaaeal th ,a
. tu I* S.oud (.?.-eatnite?! a ti.v ose Mo;r i.i Ins line a. I
t. wbsahthe tttrnfa n tt in? Iriaaski skd 'lie tabhc wka
haw. ... long cilriail.al Ike i paKonajf la ..i? It ad
?4 9a K'kT' kM a ;t
I .'fT*! ?*?or^',''nl "?rT desrnption of tine and
ed Table and pw 1#: Cullerv ?; .he . a;,? t t::*rn*
direvx rnarn tb*' itmao,f*c|Urer9 %nd fjf ^,,'77, f^^*m\
h KAM LS? I-oMIlS a Svi.VS, No I Majdet-'.aaa
OTEWAl'TS Piantasenft Oturd RV
ZGlsS-Th* ribsrrtvrs eoaun le to receive regular
1 i Beef tkB .-elrtinilad it,j,T r ^ wholiaa.ll
on'.y h) KRAN I la lO.Ml.S a SONS. I Maiden-bane?
geauior C en*wart k Co.. Caa.-iag-c.-oet. Loudoa. mxji tf
(m UN sv a DDI N G.-KLK^g ?Mb
w. a (;fN WAJMMNO, th* Se*t tad cheapest trtsrlt naad
Elev's Prrc'imiou Oar*. W'-r* Cartridges, kc A ktraa sod
BaaealaBa tseortoieai of me above j'rat ractiveJ aad s?r s*:*
ky th* wtantsnnrrr's S>dr Axenta,
ml U F BAN CIS TOME? k sX>VI, t Maxtea-ltn?,
1Bl(? IRON.?100 tuns Boor.ton No. 1
loundn Pur Ir^n
SMtnsa Boontoa No. t foandrv Pur Iron.
301' ns IXwrr No 1 charcoal Pig Iron
lie tans Oxford Nos t aid 3 chareoa! Pw Inm
3? tana Saaset No. 3 a hit* Par I n
loa ton* Oartabenrie No 1 Pig Iroa.
Koi tale ia lots to aait purchasers, br
?wSI MkWTBJf* Ne lTSO-raawK-a-at
. litt? Wr .? cht v I ? V ?i 'y a 1
one at tbe Maanfacterer'e ?r-v prices k t aal?,
by CHARLES P DICKTE. 144 Ch imhart I
HaaV ip? p- ? < "- -j aaatm*
af * rates and fenders.?H. kel
?E I.Y ? G > ? aad TrntAet Ma - N
Brootr.e-?t . thr?? d\a?r? west ..f tbe B.. ?e-y. ? i ?n.n; Df
Coae's Church New-York Builders ?cd others wt,.? are
?boat perch vine a r,?j.; to well to rail, as he rerlsr >?6
Jnt that h.e ; ati'ras, f >r sj ietj ladrbeapanaaaan aavaaTs
paaerd. autS lie*
\1 ? 8 K ETs ? lo.ciiii United State?
-.?? Ml >KET?- ;n i -si o I er, * ??.
pate*, fcrs.leby D ? M.-'JIT.I.'.i i, (.
autitw? N" 1j 'Er .??.. ?t.
illarhincrn, $Ft.
rpo morocc< l ? id le ither M \N
E. CEACTCBEKS ?For eale. the pateit nrht if a
ntaehitie, for fim-biagir.or.icco. and roumg h???r leather,
f.i-'erand utter than any machine in e.ietence or tu
M e wiabuir to take an interest in IBO arMofactnr*
ti ai hin'.- a rare tsnparttnUM i- refered In ,.i:rr ?!
F F<KiKHi )t'T. Nj.,118 Nasaai-at ...y
. ,t* H CoCHEl No M Full *-at
I^OR SALE?A complete PLANT um a
small Snrar Refir.cr. or P.antation. t^oilinj ah >?;? ten
tnousand pot.ads of s rar p?r dar. contartuir of Blow-ape.
Bat Filters. Char do . (a*.< rr.v Varu-i t Pan H. . ? - K
t .rt? for re ? ?. ? Pits M V S- a'. W
cheap if applied tor Booa In ;uire at No UManhill at.
Baton.Mass > i'!.???? i ??.*'a. E
SETTINi; BOIXEBA?Oeisre rraa be re i ra.i for
the abose. ar.rl informal or fnnuahed aa t* : Ian and 'te sar
tar whir h has be*L effteud in nun eross rases
G?lamau?cr Giiu'o.
??W'lLDER S patent s al AM a n?
steal ttiree of Iii? Safe? have been Mb '.rated bj lire?
I a huh ioH? 1* true; iiul if ?". it is b :t ?.. "liny
! Matf in tutor of in? Patent BaJaaaaaM* s.,fe. added
to the BgBBy n..w aa reo.nl : which patent the .aid
I (;a\ler has esatteosvtli laftiaaed f--r aaora than lb r
yesrs past. Sir. Oajler asserts, "that darin* the pa-4
twenty rear? he has first ?Undated even val table im
aeoreaaeal now applied tn safes " Added to which he tells
the public," Oaybr's Safes are not fitlrd with ; lasrrr of
Pans, like most others," which statement the public will he
e'ow to be'tevc. w hen, in tart.he.tlie said Qayler.hasta
fntieed nr |.atent BraOe J?Be, !SIT.at which t:m'e I obtaraeil
jndrineu' agafaat aatd Oayler.mthe teas'ef SEJM, for b>
niaceinent of said patent up to thai time, by taa aatattof
iii'strr-of.Psits And he. the said flaylee, ha?. sim< .? ' ;|?,
In an order of the l?oart, iandtred ai strthly aoeoant under
osih.tosanl Court, of all Batea ia whJtdi he''i?e.| ilaatar of
Pana, atid on the l.Uh ??( July I .si, returned thirteen Safea
as sold the preeedimr Inonth, w lurh rontained ;.laster-of
N B ?Any ot.e in want MarrPataM aalaataader Salh
can obtain it of S C HERRINO. Es.) . Iii Water-*! , or .if
Meeara, ROEE. si EARNS k ( ;>. U5 Water-ai , who
have the eirlusive rirht to niake and ?eil s tie! Safes, an ! f
?0 bought,the b'iyej is net made a party to infrineemeitt,
lim! liable to a suit lor damages, a fact hut few- nmli rs'und
B G wilder
ROFF. STEARNS It Co f De,-1 tor the abort bite*
is at Nu. i to Waters at . where Ban be bbbb as rard of one
hundred Baltama Bad sines of W'dder's Fire-|.r ?.i Safes,
with A'aie's Patent Powaar arool Laeh Thi? l.s-k haa
beea m aaa Beeea years, aad a mdotted aO attempts .,f the
hnrLlar either lo panl d Ol ; low it Bp with | BtpowaVl D iv
k Neaalla Parantoptii i.i<k. (whieh haa caused ?o ni'ich
eicxfeaaenl at the werhla Fair, aad haa beea ordered foe
tat J ?.rs of the Bank of Knrland.) Butter-worth's I.oelc.
and the Lot t,s of other celebrated makers put on th> S.,:.-,
v, hen ordered
the only tnakera in the I tilted Statea ofWiider s Pa'ent
?a u aadei aoare, >. th Kn h'a laproreaaBBt, raauaoaly
knoa n as " Rich's Impioied Patent Salamander Safea "
aalf laaMWkF? _ _
hair been proaeil. by a imat si'vcre test, to hs superior to
lay . *hrr Safe, nuw in the market. and inde| . ndent >f the
pnl,la- trial made, idiow ing their snt.' nontr. a mere exam
melton of the construction of the Phenir Safe, cannot fail
totsaariaeeall nprejarlieed peraoaaof their inestimable
value Call ai d examine, and ii in w ant of a real Sale,
vou will pnrrhase a Pheail
B"2?i?w PIERCE ft VALENTINE, No IM Water-el
-Hiibta ttnbbcr C^oo?g.
INDIA RUBBER shoes.?fra1 D!
? After all the fraudulent attem;it? to dccene the
public, the " i ombinatioi." evidently aaraa to allow the ap?
pro*! hint !? nil Term OtTOotBtto pass without a Mal I
charri this now inudeanee, while then ia plenty time to
prepare?and I rail uj?in the combmnti OB to prod BOB WB>
neaaea?Adolph tu Stone aad .lohn c Bhihfatd. puiaata la
Iheir employ,agaiaal whom I i are attachments, to r oue
forward ami tue their lestimoni Thia they dare not
do, Slid the dsn i.ot come to trial before a Miry
I'lisr. 11 harte, Bad Bret Hint the pretended patents eta
a fraud, and I can and will prorra and establish it in Coart,
v henrier the coiubmatiou real ure to a trial befoie a inry
II they are innocent of this clmrge, allow the . . lies .. s ? ,
? ??me upoo the stand.aad aot kaaa taem BBcraged Bgiag
the case to tr.al before a inry. For Bight paare I h ire
charged the Ooodyaaa Patent to ha a Baad aast awtaaua
Ii not, let fbemeonte before a jury. Bmrlp Cntil this is
1 done, ahame sbonhi nap yea all from aar mere oowaratty
attacks ia the aewspapsri HORACE H DAY,
owner , t t: India Robber Patents, aad Manufacturer
WBishoBBe.nCsittaad at,New.Yon ?JatrM i tStf
" Warebeose 19 NASSAU ST . Nie- York, offer far
aale every .iccr tkaool OOODTEAE'8 Paten! MetaUtc
Indi i Rubber Hoods, comprising
CoatsaHBtyVSB, Ar. y and Nir Breast P i -,; a.
Dioaks aad Capaa, o.ssis. Svringe,,
Poaches, Etie BockBtS and tirnta' Metallic
Legem?, PkiIs. Baaher Shoaa,
Horse Coeera, Piaao PorteOoeera.Ladiea' do
Harsa B.?.i?, Cr.b Cloths, CbiMrraas'do,
laase gOOsls ire ?1! WurmntrU u..t to dccouipoae M soPea
hi lleut 81 be. .m.e rigid bv cold.
JAMES IMSllOP. President
WARREN At KERMAN, VicePresideat
iy2i Jm N williamson, Treasurer aad Sec'
INDIA ri'rrer GOODS? Ma-uifac
I tnred aadei BOOSTEAR1 Patent-The Newark
India Rnbhrr Manufurtnriug Company, store ?9 Manias
lane, New-Yorka? fait rv. Rowan, New Jerse? ? This
CoBBBay are mat.ut .cturer. and wh..leaarle dealers m all
haa ili'lerent articles now manufactured under iJ.Halyear'e
Patent, and guarantee all their gia.de as beir.g equal ia
gualily to repreeeii'atmti Merchants are requested to
eall All gcia are warranted to at and any climate. Tke
most UIhw .i term? tu c ;n'ry dealers
HIB am Hltch1nson Pre.Ida
Waas AB AitEBMaa. Beerst try auU ftaDaatW
iUiorcllnncotio Qlbpcrtiscmcnte.
IT No |?i, > :ia*a si ; ; .s.te the Bible Ho BBS -Eiasli
k B, PagaaCB Bad Economy ?The su'ocriher w ould inform
ha fiends n. id the paMiethat he haeaaaaeti taxed aad
rradv bo sn;,- at bis BtorO, n sp'emlid assortment of
H a i S AND C ai s
of tar PaU Myle, whitth for heaaty, dar ataBt] aad e heap
..i 's . aaaar) tssi i
I rcm a peaclBMl kaowiadaa ofhai haalaaaa, ins faeilatiaa
ofpraeai tag taa Baal faattrwli ami aaiaaaal - ?? aaa,
hi ran| aiaatae io Ins euaUHaera a prs'-rite article Hit
bawoald es;eciaii> laeaauaaad ia aaaal to Bautpaftaa
RHU dollar tats sold I y pulfers His gl ao Hat is a BBBB.
i BN a et i lr fog the price He has also a s .id assortment of
I mhrell a, I a.'s. Valu.es, Cai pet Ban, Brusnc. ac. kc.
all which will he sold low . PU.om call nid lodgs f u- M ir
formerlyo! No TI Caual-at
Coeuirrj Mercaaata i ppBed oa Mreral taraat.
sy ?? r lEsSatJ
AD. (.ALE. MftBUiftCtarer ftnd WhinV
s a..le Daalet fa BOOTS .ml IHOES, Birites buyers
to call and ria' iu.e a .arte and neuer*! assortment, which
will be a..)d at the lowest prices by cash, or Seel IHBl?
for aanaaad isnv i just call aad test the i sab +. n.
^ B ?A ptime assoitmsnt for Ladies' wear, of BAU oa
make A D OAl E V . P. ail at..
tiulD Jm Cor. Piatt-at , New-York
oakery.?G. BREEZE, Brea.i an-i
I 9 MaSbi Bssri. No 7?Cr eby-at.,betweaa Pnaceaml
Spnrff-ata., bege leave to maana the iaaalataate of New
V k i.l ii- ?,,,.< ,aaaS be I. a ?.aOc mm b adUa.unalo
i ts EBtaMahmnt, whereby he will be a'de to aa ag
FaBldana, Hotels and ImloOBe, with all kind, of IM ieiy
liest Birad. M'.flins tad Cnimpeta m all parts of the Caty
N II ?Hot Muflias fiom ths stoie freaa i o'i kick (ill if.
.a M All seders left at the aaoee aaaaber, wBl he tbaak>
fulli received, and punctu.illi BBmaaBBstBB. sjjw*
Plumbing.?To th SO who BAMltemV
plete BBBBamg, and wialung the r Plumbing work
a. ue in a manner that will insure satisfaction, on the moat
?ensoiialile tetuia. will tind it to thur interest by ralliot oa
AAOOD ft KNU.Hr, No LSa Broadw :r.. orurr ofa?b
at . where eierv bramU af PI aabtag is Btacafadbrex
ii f t med workmiu.
OeaUBBsea risidaag1 near tlx r t. isamirasg the Baerieeo
?i s Plumhrr ail] reosiTS rmmadia's attent
disssTgai ee et-paid) ta Wood t; KS'l. Ill
*****_Ma ^afSaaBadiBi
? ii:m,,\ m._i:. l. prindlei i)fl.
a ? set a> d ."a ?? kaa rem ? el frma Na 11 j aao it t ?
N ?0 Brosa-uay. Isrtween Spnns and Pnuci st where
iie wouldbe; l.a.rdto?er allaho f?>ut hun'wi Ua
1JI >>! v LEATHER.??0fj ikios Red
111* LEATHER t . narqaa
I :u 1 foi aa.'e m .ots to ?uit nun baaers, by
p_JOHN if HOOLE, No m Nassa , .t.
Prt. e < . - ?J Jt*
den Au>trai.ar. %'l.rat. .elrbrated f r iu -y, ??
I large berry, strength of stalk, aad Bot lutlc to rust ("aad'
'?r ao-nist Wbeat ? abaEar to the aN.ve. t ut oa,., . nn*.
ipuaiity irfno ty W fiite Flint. Sonic Hutchaas n a:al MeaV
tterrauean Wheat, aell known for st.-.en ,r ^i.*J,ti?* ..[ Jjt
lereat ki; ds New ilrass and 1*1 .ver s?eda and a graeral
! f*??Bseat ?.fFaid aadOarteueeeds ?? tae m.ait ,a^r..?e,l
kmds aVswral tftanaad Pi"*?, together wi:a aroooiew
ass. ttraag ?? |JJ atJmt Atnculiur.1 and H-a^e-tlturil ia
aaaae far taa home market, the West l-.?Le? South
i Atnenca. CsJ.fora.s Oreg..B. kc o-as, aoaia
*3 Jt'.A B ALLEN a, CO , Na I 8 ,t i Na .. Wavr-t
(J EN ts' lASlII?)NAi!Li: i'\l L
pHOimON PECK v NIXON Re > m- .
Im??.-at ; h,4e caaataaab on hand i gTxiaTa^rtW.T^r
mie aad fa>bi-?ai..e teaur mad* Clotaaaeartd FaribiBe
??"' '?-" v r Heater .. at s:\ i.^
Voaerseart, m* D.a-^ HantUerr^
AI*. Oesilemer. a Toilet art?ie> Shirt, aaado U orrfa-r
S3 C?amms-?^ ^ ",h' ^
WORK?. Na tan tnh-s: . ihr Ott I>srk ?Or
de?* received 1 'he ?>n, ?l.i it N'.i M H'o*J-^
s3l*s I w gOODBTDGl ft CO.
FALL FASHION _J,ht rinisW, s"?*>
cut imahed Si.k Mala, ii Uu mW price j: t J. ?-^tiI
1) maU at ?I , aa attnle ?? tt :?. aa l Sr i>. aeat H? j $t
BROWN. IJ* Ca-i?l-*l .
aarJwa* Mi to tae o ru?r af Ss?Uv?n-*t
4 Nl PERSON dcBJUiaTaf to d's^iM? >'f
2 m. r,r ? nr-hsse Pea: F.-- Ha i \av ?; .1 > B .- aaaa. ?r*
r-c >n armi-d i.?r,ii?tthe NLW-YORK RKAL EST ITC
OFF'( K Ni BH Rowery. a?the f-.arrrs irr m ?l-*at?.
and all transactions n.a.1? th*-r ?atisfactorr. Waat* 1. \*
a ava I nmrhec f Karr? at pnf? froTt S-"*" to $is.r>v?,
? ??> aaaxMI and lot* in ihr rity aad vvrin.ry . an, to ex?
change hatjsea aad lot* Paff farms Ai?,.'.ici*i ?es a-e ra
r?n?i for Ui' aarcftnae ?nd sa.s at H tea m-i atka* Baai
For far-.h-r particu'trs tpoly a: N ? iSl Broadway,
r irnrr M Am.'y au! 3 im*
? * I ? ' hasalws; j ob Baad an! l? ->;:.
r?mr{ Erg!..sk r.eored Sk ver?. ci ,red Calfskin*. Krre t
Tnekey Maroeea, Ruat:a K-d Leather, ?altrd Sp ita tat]
< .? t R,.'* r:,.'h, French. G-rrean jbJ Amenraa Mai I
Paper, ?nd ere77 aCkaf artiele required :at lundery A ltrr?
ssss.r* inest 'W tte.'tt* D .d'i*y's ?iipenor bark Skiver*, blank
Sl-e?i and la? Call, aiw-iyv, or. baud. All mi th* aa-ire tr*
??'ered for alt tt th* loweat rria-ket pr.rev >??
aafl im" J AMCS COOK. ?i. P*trl-al . N Y
* ' HEATH A WlaTB K.LI, contract f.?r all k.nds af
F .. dirr. lobhntl and Rr-anfeti, ia town ar c 'nntrr. at
short mrtica and on the m.wt reasonable terms. ALi.? r>tan?
ertwn t.. order in ?ny style. Order? left at the sh . . X ? it
>ii? rr.?t ,aeartaa Ba?dl Fany, N T.,will b?procaptly
attei.ded tu>. s.' 1?** '
kloRK and V. ASMIXUTOX New-York OaVoearwm of
HAN? ?V KR m.l BKAA'ER STS . rear ef the r> ? r*
Tu* PIONEER LINE, with fowrsrtreafrom Wash net
:? New-York, .'.*?:::< aBBCM at New-Y <rk, Jeraer City.
Newark, New-Bnaawick. PrateattaBj Trent-m, Phiilade.
ahia, Wilmingtna, Ht?re de Oraee, Btltimor* and Wash
c f. >n City, and r...,r,? :.ne ?Ith a.l the Greet Mors*
Lataa. Saat, Waat, Matth wt!Btwth This Ceeaaway has
hit lately niade extensive repairs of the line, (t-eaily in
?rej.ej :?? facilities, and n.om th awWaJf syvteiustned itt
bna.nes* m the transmission tad nosle at delirerr mi W0m>
sun, are bow prepared to reee.se, transmit and deLirti
any nnmher uf me^aers required f.>r the arcomin.dttioa of
the puhlir. wKh an tecoracr, promptnesa aa.d fidelity
BithertO unequalled The telreraphine basioest of the
pn^ar ia. therefore, resj^ctfully ?..'.icrted. tt the offlre, car
m-- at Haaovwf and Bearer sts
jriyMWP WM M.JWAIX Pmoidett
J HARDWARE MERf'HANTS -Sl.iUO.OOrt ?ante.!,.4
theAt Eaatary of the iremaerB>WB8,B*i *?ery daaaMptkaa at
A\e< in exchaner
Ihis faetorvLs Btoatad at Trenton. Nevv-Jerter. within
five minutes' w ilk of the Camden and A mhos Ra truad
Btatk I Trains pass f>ur UaaaaaVBty, t.> New-York and
P'irrhs.scit of Axes will rind It to their advantage t.i et
si nce this ?tock t*fore p irrhssing eisevshere.
L\ 1 ry deft riathaa of Ax tm ha.n.l and maite t.> ,>nler
a .11 'lines!? riloS R WILSON
CHINES ? Hl NNELL A HOLMES, Mai h a its. N 1 H
Duane it ,hatweaa Broadway and E m ?t ,Mai 1 1 ??: er
ot Improved Washing. Wringing and Mangling Ma
St* n Dri iat R^'Ois. \f , Be . f >: II Saht, Steam L MBMftM
and pnldir uatitatkM ?
B v H would eall the attention of the proprietors m the
shore najned eattlilwhmsidi to their ne.? and 1.
washing MAKHINEs which are Ihr superior I ta ?
thingereruatrodtaeavd into Iba imi*,! st,te, mrthlapar
pOBB \k an anted tm ?are 2 i issr rent OB the wear ol Iii*
< lolhaa from thaen a laastd b) h.uid, and IBS "?r aeat, ea Bka
1 Mtof labor.
W* are man faeturi rs. BBW, '?( Steam Engines and Boil?
ers. MiliwTighttac, tadExperia?aatal Mora at arery da*
?cnptXim?.all of w huh Will he e I rented at the ?hoTtOBl 11 ?
ttre ?I It*
J LOBB, I I.0THIKR8. a, ?Yew ktteatma * *a)i
ni#ii to ..in *il*a*liii staek of Ready Made Clothhef, which
h 1? i^-en ?aaaBtstiBfad wkthariawta the iaeraaam* da?
Bumd for goad* at wamtaaaat, af a aaparinr atyla aad oha
r a'ii Iroiuany heretofore fltmtad 111 tin* market, .?hieb
fron, long ex|*nenci. in the Insst trade af the city, am ar*
enahlfd to produce, and tt s ich price* .as render them '.he
must acceptable on the sc?>r* ol Bcmaotay,aadthai afafla
hle. in averting the inroads BSBByWOT laumes* w h.. Ii are
heair made hv the itinerant venders ,4 th* trash with
whuh th* Country is heuu uiuuda'ed In a ward, pur
it ear aetaolkihinaal h u e the ohihiui nlvantas*
ot ? -i kseAtaa ftati what mar he relied on a* the most
ftah ion able mil deotrabte gai taaali
WM r. JENNINGS li CO , No 'V Hr.eohv 1 ,
anii tr AaMtkaaa H-.tei
(^HINA CLAY.?30 tons Chiiu CUjr,
aaw laaaaaa. aatl lac aala by .
At their CaaNBBatBB Pt|>er Wareliouee, I0i Poil * st
I* HOTJBB and SHIP PLt/MBEVB, M Witer-st.l
?I . 01 fn m IV. a-slip All ordeia pr mnilj vtiemled to ?
M R JOBHING d. lie witk Beatae?? and di?o?t. h aal tm*
? ''Patent Shea'lung makes a tight, cheep and durald*
ro. 1 Done on r... .-h idank l >r I; ri-ot? i?-r l.wit ; on tin or
ahinglev, 3| .enla, und WWITanreit 1 nti.-e. No 2S.I S,.-ini|.
at . near llmlson nu2i) Im*
I FIRECLAY, Be ?The * - uteri i
Bne'.s. Mall Kiln files. Ac. have enaataBtll .nih.il ?
? Red and " WBB* w.'.sTi.' " Ltstar." "RuBord'sHtoar
hndge." MHakaaBB." and "( hance" do and "Garu.uk"
Fire Bricks,con.nion and fancy sa v es
Fireclay Ws!?h I.nnip* rind Ovsutiles
Malt Kiln Tilaa, 2> bole?a very ?u|?ermr article.
Coal- Biiuuitiioos and Anthracite of ail deacuptiMtB, (at
sale m Iota to auit purchasers. Appl to
Hi em* ?t? PHSrl-at. New-York,
in tlis P.itrn*. Office?Alter rears' ei.eriou.e bj
Ifta bubbIbilaihki of Eilten, in wi.irh h,re hem aaad
lanaal, felt. sand, charcoal. a[-nr*. ftc. as liWenai
?dii'tiis, all of which have t^en ahand ui.'.l. Mr .Jr.. , - a
has discovered s material. H POBOOI 0la8s." wbicft ebri
ate? all ..|.i?i lions and dirticulty a.herent ia Pdteri ai.de
with the aKiva mttenal* Th* Porssm 0 Ptltertar*
sell . leaning. ?srrsnted not to chose ap, wash out, ae
etuaalata twnttpW, "r have any orten.ive taate or amell
?in fact, give perfect ?atiilartioii Th^ae Kilter? .r.- . .
alicabls ta all water-fuings. fcffra-ptuapa, jM.rl dde tiltera.
hlt? 1 uig-itrs, Ac To l>c had. wholesale ami reiail. of
01 atlhc factory,371 Brissdwiy Pru e SI ?ito |1 Pi uiii
rrs, lioiise-fuiioshers and com.try Bwrchaata,siaptmed at a
liberal d^count. aalilar*
the beet |'\;er? 11 other eines ni l'owns a' V. B.
PAI.MllR'M Advertising Agem ,. Trlmn* Bailding aul3
H?GS! RAGS!! RAUS!!'?Hie
highest mer??t price* paid m Ctsn for
Rant. Gtsss Borg. W t ipriso Sto. <,
CaBT/AB, r?Rgr:r) Bort, sue
BaawoM, BaraCvTTTjaaa, Ota Parsaa,
STOI'g, bv
CTBUI w FIELD ft CO at thaff
i*2| In Rj* Warehouse, lei IbbImIB Bt . Nf. 'York.
1>APER W ?REHO?SE ? G?1 .N T &
DERRICKSON. i?i Palt? a aad 1? Aaa-al , bbTm f-r
IjV a Urge asso:1a ei^ sf ?1 :;nr. wrapniag, hang.iut,
pnntiug tod med pa:,*r*. at Maaalaraarara prioaa. Paper
1.1 any k:i.d made to order tt lh* ah rtegt ao'.n *. N B.
Rag wsrehoas* 139 Soota-ot_1*11 W
l.ENE ELY, No 39 Falton-at . lobbet in Paper and
Stall r.er>. n.d De ?t for the sali af Manilla Papata Bk the
ream and m r-1'a f..r Tadora, Pattem. Carpet, Patent
Iaatlkw.aadfarttatia1 use. ami gr"tt raiaaeaaBaaMaOBTad
t - conntry and city trade aalt Im*
PERU MERB.-Lonf sought for found at last ?H V
M is I HART. Wholesale Perftjmer. "> J ahnst., has
ebliaaxd a cneapiet*eel >.f Lahssla aaNabla tor every me
!-.;tle ai d drawn 11 a drug-store, m elegant gold eirrular
form. it th. low charge of (12 for l.fltl irime*. l-eing only
one cent etch, w ith a lil*rtl Mat ounl to the trade Alt",
PtlaWatary,faD Maaaaaal lower than an? house in the
rtt] 1 m ? < 1 1at BMpai Baa tt Uia store. Ma 7IJ-??in-*t.
t i26 2?*
Reduced from t: to j? Cent* per Bottle.
which ha. la-en l?-f..ie the American public for It
years, has been reduced to ?och a pnre a? will enalda sll to
become benrfittrd l.y it* rettonug aad cietnsuig s.itlilie*,
wbjch are par excellent fur restoring 'he hair where it has
ft.h 1 .11, or, ome thm. or decayed. It prevents grar hair,
andwd! cure all diseases of the skia rendering the hair
seit and slots' It roml'inet all the 'p.aliliraoi a ?lun iUnt,
a wash, and an od What is here pro. 1 %- 1 *i.' ? raa.-s .
te?d under t penalty of %M
Principal office. No 179 Broad * ar
A \ nts?RnrhtoB. Clark k ( o .dr oriata; Rica?Basith,
Mary (Been; C 11 R nur. Broadway and all dra^ rut. and
fattcv ttores in the Ciis.n . Ut lm*
T r e HOCKE aad Sh.s-Fart ar.irsr WBrafWaBBB, SM
Graad-*t . New-York, where will be fiMind a complete aa
tor'BMral ..f th* following trt^lee. Feathers, haar, a. we
tad husk ; alto, beds, mattreases, pa't aas^* and casByiss;
aA., lordsteailt of every dearnptioa, v-.x 1*1*1'. acres* ima
r.. . * a ,oint. iroa screw, cottag* tad tr indl* cots, Ac ;
Biso, a splendid rtnely of paser tan.- ng. borders, kc Mr.
C wouid call pana vdar ttten'.ioa to ins new r..l* f uau
ltd ?..r?g mattresses N B ?Old Beds tad i*a:.te***e
rsacvt-.ed and made over eonai ta B*w, l?y
W. 1 a a WBVCE. 3vl Graad-tt s*-'?4 <sor
sst la" ?tat ofEssei-et.
A. L DENNIS l CO . Ma ii Part nts the
AatOS Hauae, Importers and CousigTieas of the f.ilewnut
as 1 (,.*d,'.: m the oldest and Urreat haOaaa a
k ' P*
I HAMCLS SKINS, hy kip or hale
HI KSIA HIDIs. lYrsa nupartatem. ;ust referred
II K-KKY MohOCCO, English tiid Sw.?t. all. olav*
>K1 \ EBB. hand grain tie! glagcd.for hook hunters.
BA.ssNl LS. r?.. I ? ? ? - . -
ha'Uia' use
PARCHMENT of ail the di*rent si/e*. by the eta*
i ALF-SKINS, cat s-ed mA hm? tanned
SALTED Sri l.s RUA-Ns } 1 I'-llKS a.d rtLP
> ; El CEE! B SALTED, ard CALF SKINS in tUa
pii'rli"-r- ns ? ??rd to -all xnd ennxae Ifta above
si tm*
Ik? pen to hot rhuatrs. are respect/ally *,sbr*ted to call
?u JAMES PYLE. I^ssrrtl Agent. No I3B West-m. aad
?eesamp'e* of v ars^as trtarie* that aie tpectli) tdtpted t >
th>t Ttde. aad ttfard rvsam for 1? g-aad rsecuiat. as
si 3t?
yiNC PAINTS, Miii'jrj. Ui:H it n'?w
slW it r.;? ^pY-RI*.. , vo mixin.: p ,
The (Vraaeey is prepared. !? fattva * wMt or Uta
? - ?1. after ta-?*r*i yeari'tr..! a a
V pa and a the I Bated State?, ta retaia tBssr sew mal
' . va.i 3Tv<? ta properties. ??v?n*r O tar -state
Psas' a Sj>?n i Bear _
?vHiTi rawi p*ivt
? ssrrsj| as o, v .t fast and .a ?v-T*ated f"r?e tress aH
. , . .bn.'Trr It has so pnasaa-axa wif-f'Mia)
ebsef*jsasnhaB to ths health of aVaaaaW and w.i.a.uae u
*>.iie .a: el km.is at ..jrmen'e
17 Ull i NOT Tl'JiV ATI LOW
?l.fa eipoawd u ??luiisro is ar metihi'a.: eikalai. a?. -r
eves wbea thai up la a du?? MBBl nor M it vie.-* ad by
pa tares hont oa walla coaled with it Aa as sate*!*
P.. ; v ?.-..tan u ;re hasp** >i w-::.er S.-;'e: ? t?a
, any ut tier, not beta* liable ta tttra chanty trW Sfassssaa
aitd p.b aC It tray he worted with aar r>l >r. or wTh
water vid :1, >r \> .ta ?amjh instead a: jd. ttrieby |Pnmf
the ajr.lv celrbra'ed porrelaia hassh
? ? tun. RUCK AND COL
ORrD ZINC P AINTS, whwh are n - 'fl?
oat sat i<j"al for <i?tiut molt, sa'os. Basti aas?. I Btbaj
a.l a.' i''i or >th?r ?.e'allv ?ii-Ti.-ej Thra a.-* w '"a
metallic oxides.
and are 'ira?rvted by asJA walsf nr .-?her ttpoturs,less
tt .a any athat , tattt a tUai our ke.iwle.lre
In? and .ather aa. talado not oaalire whea coated wirb
tfcrm, and they ars rcmarkaole Im thru t?reurooi jrop?
er-iei Dealers ?'t?: '.*d os liberal terms 07
S r JoNfcj a VO . Aceu:?t*rthsi.'?svaev
bjtt im ?j Beai-e .NT.
vrw-JKRsr.v zinc tain ts -
i 1 H.o;?e and Ornamental Paintnw will be exec IteJ be
the ?us*cnr?rr. with the beautiful Whitr tad Colored
z-n. Patataof theNtw-Jen v.?, ...nut and m *
pativ, at a? low rncra as attb Wb.te Lead.
KADCMEE t'AKMAN No So Bare lav .t
B p Bl NK.PK k CO. N ' inrbimin at
PRINI E x MOON, Ship Painter*. Nj ITt Lew ? ?
SOIK ri .?;*"'< tfnl'.v inform* hat customer* and the
I : cMic crtirrallv. tl at he has remos e.l In* Cabinet Ware
roeaaa to N 1 Rriodwa.. nett taste to the Chinese Ma
?BBB He !. .? i. 11 hand a large and heaitd'il assort
? : e IWm at ti the nchest description, to which he
; mvitea attentn n He i< also ;>re,-.ircd m furmah to order
I the ranooa sfvies of choice Purniture now in use?such is
; liothic. Antiijrio. Elirabethiaa. Pre-rh and otber b-sitns.
and winch he wtH * arrant at the vary haal mavnls.
? wiekm niship and lini?h s| :m'
FOR BALE.?A small .-..Ho.-tM,, .it val?
uable Cabinet PAINTINGS, ontinals. bv the treat
! masters. N>a .tifiUW etrcuteal. and 111 a ondcrf'il preaer?s
, ti. n , will am; I] rej 11 'he .-onnoissenr snd real |o\rr >f
' art The proprietor ass "res the rentlem-'ii taste aad
; fort ne that thev a ll pro?e a valuable BeqasSttruei to ant
colleclii.ii ?!, this roi titrv or Knrooe? alttsssagh now in ob
1 acanty,bhs n.anv .1 trm and '?antifnl tower, waataaj thesr
swretnrs. .11 to. desert air Appli Bl No "" Pme-st . ?
1 No liaaa >! , New-Toti si
?fioclrn, vCc.
LONDON W \ h HES?To Importen
and others - K ? COWDEBOV, Nj If CharTaaa>
ton st . New Hoa.i M Pancris I oMH'N. , ir.irswth
T V C.s>[*r. No n QalAtaotpe at . Orav a Inn Road.) beta
to r,; rn iMBka lor the aaBonraeiai patrnaaia he has re.
0 in! from hat Amencas rrteaas and ui calime their at
tealina to bis preseal eateasiee a?oadi of CHBONOaf ?
riK, DLTLEX aad LEV KB WATCHES, aarraati
them of the Aaesl loality at th* lowest ajsaibls pness K
P C also baaa lesiet.. state that he baa MOVEMENTS
ot the same (oalati a ta*>aiaaaaa,allamrTaatadreweUd
katha t-nrst rut.- helaa, smbraoaaf all the btleat haarova*
inciits, t| the 1 wi st posaibat inces Visitors to trie Ure.tt
1 i bttion are mritta lo caQ aad ineprcA Orators to aay
aiisal imaalaallj Mliaaadla si imMHat'*
W.tRK ?t ?e.? hanja asaort n?nl of the uewset
I ileta ef rich Jewelry, of every pattora; Wie nU aud silver
aa 0..: tenth ? ? n't w . boo, *> i I .. ? Ware if I ?*
standard of dollara. at eery moderate prises, can he found
a' V W- PACH1-M INN'S Jew*!., Store P? Can.1st
W itrhea. Jewelry and Silver Warr madeteardor, ladeara.
ful 1 repaired Ca'ifonua Oeld taksa in aachaaae. and
made'i; t? order aull l:u*
- n
ACARD.? The? iltities of Um Sekaxia,
naal ailed hj hWr, Air ami Mrs U IL LETT, wera
renamed utiSepI 1 Pareata wiseuaga th.<h edneo
Itoa for their children in Einrlisb, |*reach and the i'.i? I.
are btvitad to place them alierr reasonable aapoetatieml of
m.prioi mint will he realized, as proved bl ? nif nin sue
cea. for several irars. Music taurht.aith plain and neaa.
Bbratal a tl. No Ji?8 llrnomc-st .near the Howeri sj Ufl
I fin Tiuiap I adteo. Ho TTtBuioiae el .bttirre Ii
wa> and Bower ,wiUraopeaeaMoeday,Sept 1 aoW7A*
VALE COLLEGE.?The Fall ami
1 Wiatm tana the Tale Coii.ui Law leheel will
-mmence ,a W LPNKSDA V. the ITt Is dai 01 Seplciiibei
Nra-Haven, Sept 3.18)1. a) |W*
tor.) wiU ooea, atwrthe aaasaatl raoattea ea M0NDAT,
Sept. 1st ?riii"
rjiHE 1 11? 1 v-sti n n:. No. Iii w
I Im a . ? BssOOt Classical and C nnnrrrial M , .
Peaaale Hath School of laaraiaAaae\aar, will commence its ras*
'Jar t all session on the 8th mat This Institution has two
mam ontTSOefOO one tu the Voaaf Ladies' and the sthsi to
tin Male Dtpettaieat, the departments 'einrentirelv to pa?
late I he lao's and ei.tr im es are also se.iaralr. C ni
nected with the schied, is also a do 'nahmt Primary lle
pattaaHII Parents, then ?fore, ma) entei their sons mil
danthteia of any nee, and at any time d itint the leur
C W M NICHOLS. Priii. i|Hsl
LAOROIX rsopoetfallj infonae hai Papibi und the
l.ad'ea and Oeatlemea of New Torh who ma, wish tolearn
I BE.M H practically aad thiavaghly,01 aretolj tonMala
tne e aaaaaad ol a Ion te I nnmher of 1' <tI'Mji|ial p'iraaea in
Ikeaaotteel poeeibla Ihme, that he will reaamo his teach
111.',aad Sana hie claaaa* Ibrthi eaeauat seamai oa MON?
DAY, se t LKh a' his Room, N s lined laLaParge
BniMiaaa, No IM Broadway Su Ptpali oiii> m eaeih
. bate, us aoratorl' Tonne ?i i>er moath
Applications rtcened from I In Wh of .Septe n'*r, befire
I iiVlork AM, and ..it. 1 ? 'clock.P M M mm L would
ttate that he was an Inotim Im m tks u*e laatitatiea of
lo t M tare John ..ml laaah Abaott, for th? last r..,
yean. fiat ae has btea ier tn .e t?.i st irt iu lae lattita
Uoe 1 Mi Pattern, No ?B Creene-street, aad i a 1 >en
last a that of .Mr. Kidder. No. U7 O/cont at MM'
lifADAME < IIIK.\R \ YS Boarding
a"l aad l> Sehe I farYoaaeI^dtea, I w i enet \
MadiwHi at ami ZMh st . New York ? Madam* Cheraray
respectfoBi tatonae ihe pajaatoaadgaaaamaaaf heir pa*
piia nid the public, 'ho tin ahora iaati utioa will he ra
opeaed oa Monday, leatember 1 >. tail lapoiM el tall
keitp Slid tran.|Oiiil>. Iht silnalion >l llo establishment is
uus'iri used. ?! I in ?
Miss HA YENS win iweHff? hsr School
for Yoiiuj Lad rs. a' the rrsub r,, r af her fa'her K.
Han Baa., no " NOah tt., (taeoad door west ,i [/as*
\trsitv olace.) oa Wetliesda.v. Hth of Septemlwr
A limited uumher of iM. trdert will l>? iee?i,ed late Hie
Cireulan may be had at aliort. also al the uCice ,,f ths
Reward taaaraata Ce No f. Wail .i , of Aieasrs Koteh*
Bm, Biwetl a Bement, N I I, W.U.am at . .tud ti K N
Hareaa, ?. q N 1 ?.i Wall-at au^gtf
SCHOOL for ENGINEERS, 850 ii i .
t. i. -t . N Y ?Mr VICTOR BKACMON T, Civil
Eafateer, pradaate from ''L'aVolt Centrale des Ana et
Mu'iiactuaea." of Part*, will tpaa oa the latofb* at abet
next, anew oourtO oetteaaae in lbs t'rssrU and K rial ma
laiuruarea, in all the branches, theoretic I ami practical,
i .ni,e. ted a ith Civil En/iueeriut Pol da'aats snd rnrr
rencetai'ply at tba Scaied aull tf
MISS s. A.TiiW\sK\irs BOARD
I"A 1NO and DAY SCHOOL ail he reopened on
Mouday.Sept l.tl.N iti Last loth-at corner of Irtiag
place aual t*'
Vol'NO LADIES, No IM Wartrlejr plaat Maw
DA V iea|*i 11 .11? aano'iiu ea li.it ahr will rto|>*a her SaaVaal
:. MONDAY, Se; | 8 ant.) tw?
AFTERNOON ami Kvenisu ('lasses
foe TOA7NO MEN. by i MeBBTH t M
has had right tears nui?*t.ily adaeatasa m Brttaia. hat
ni. at satisfai tary rnferenrea to families weil siiowum'h.a
cay, and man. .ears' ciiariai.ee m teachiny
Latm. 1 to 4 P M
Greek, i to 5 P M.
Matheinathics. J to 6 P M
' .rammar and Ki.alish Caaaposatioa, 11? /
Book keepinr, Wr.tuix. Antlimeta;, 7 to >
l'rench,9 to 19.
His method lotnres a thorough knowled<t of Latm and
Greet, and of Math-mat.^s in pare years. Terma ? .der?
ate. No i7ttth-a> aaaTfW*
ABBOTT. Principal. Spinaler I ? p. I . i
Autumn Seaanm will cmi i.eie e We.loe-.tav. Sent IT Pu
piia are restnaeted to be pnaetually peeataf at the <peUist
P.ierrises. at'j o'< l.s k A M.
New-Vork.M'mday,Aur M,BML suat iw
. -Pr f P. A JOHNSON. Reet-r The rim auarW
sf the Iradtm I jnr betaas ui tue 5tk of September The
peatM ti i a or brancbrt of the Dturbsh drpartmeut, and
the Caaaaaal and Matlieinaliral dep tr*meot, aftr a com?
plete roo/ae of at dies, upended to prepare pupils fir the
rnualmg room or the t'nisersit. Ctwalan mar be ob?
tained at the 1'iiiTsrslti. w sshi.i.-t.Mi-airiare. and at ths
b?a turret 4t HARLE! s i KAN' \ - P ,
KOI . Lot KWOOD a SON Bi*l.4.. snd HA ML EL
inJIlm Pnm:i|aal.
Sl?rT? T S< H??L? 1'nrier the . an.- .I'
Rev ISAAC PECK, will reopen oa Monday the 1st
SeptemU-r. fireulart s.ar be procured at the bcbool
r Ke J* Amity-st heiarence^ R(T Caarlet W
ll. . ? D D , Prafeas..r ,f MalheBBBtHl CofaathtaCot*
l?te, end Juan A lath on Vjh auta la.*
a?a .a. a he haa had tea yeaet eipa nmrn as i ttacher.
v. dldet.tc hia attention exclusively to a few young mea
? afar bm . Batata lae. It at dVttrable that appuv
dd b, from tweler loteventeen rrartof are the]
?.?..?u'.d.tl.v. be farmiiar with tht < ,,,, m?n Eii<li?h sraav: -a,
and must ene paanaa amaran/ r ,f , aal moral character
The use of the rud, or other caaurcur means, wdl never be
?'- v ?? '??>.' 'i* no : '-.fiil n., '.e retaiaed eg fails to B ...i
lest the utraret energy, rentier ess >f mannen aad tuadasss
for study In the flSBimti and Wrater manths they wdl Be
expected to reside wiUi their leacUer. at rsnoot places <a
the Northern. Middle and Southern Slates, aad whea *h
seat tr .m this city, will b* re ,a:red to ? pravided with n..l ?
aaj> and ordinary unaforn. Ktpeasas a U not stcaed 'ho^e
f first cia*, boardag arh*<ds Apvu ttaoot ma/ *as ad
d'saaedu. " MERCANTILE aCrIi>>L." Tr.buat oUice.
al StMWBps
I v
REV B R HALL, D D , if Ro? Hil
I.??r?i* N-?s..rtAi Or**** f>,K f , IwanSma .
to .rtte? ?od i -sW'?a -e ?a U rtNieoi.*!
anllD-NavlAWnH :
ni: N RY W R LTs sistbr-s
I)?s. ino icadem1 ~t*i nttel I .... - v.
ta- Hr.ajlwlr. t > ?;?*?? i>n ??e I V> V V?p? H Vtlk ^
taw.Mtl H Listed, h.tvs retiifsj Inn, tiMv >?>
; i iKit. iuvcim; r>-? a?,r
K>r?l tfir? l! ',f H >? A additiv >W f*\i W, ltd Hi the
S. Vs. * f.nr pcrvatetearh n* * Prta.se, u4 thev a as* aae
i s.' i, led i n*? <>?ir,i. w-th the ? <?? vo make d>a.i{.
. i i . ...'im betiih a* well a* * m-sii if i.%,?lnw
, the . a-t <i ?? ; ' tad rmtahed draotnirn' All 'a* m^m
, * alteea Q tdrsl t,Be , wiUbetaugM.* t:?* ,Um*mA
? \ ?II V? KI.IJI ami jyiT
' TkR, until * ,. daly ?Hilm*
\\ m h legge !T\> CLASS1GAL
T f ? NENl m . RNUUSH SCMO n w ,.
d I I Pr..??i. ?r..1 ia.Vm , wdl be reewoed ?Most.
1 ? \ % . Se:>t S C1 a!?-s mat he ,a.:v.nad at l^kvtsWv
, N ? Ill B tdwai . Bs ism ind Krtuia t. N. ?4? "?if
> r ? t! ? PrineipaJ. n a JTaVktl ??!?> |a?*
J.O N > IK' ? n I'. , . . . 1-4?! ...
anl't .it aied in ? heal It t and re'ired VsAssJI m, r
{ ?.??* 1? liarU in Rail r sad aatJ ttAf.
It i> Ihr desnm of thoaa ?h.~ ham establish*,! th* A ksssl
to Mmuah a than-agh English tVtsra'ioa at ai sliiala ?
to a I naitrd nnanber of ;ip:l?,whj in c warn ? .oa wt it.
; daily rrsrlasr >t ?? <1"? ?,ll alas attend t>tk*>start^
;??>:? ..i t prat i; c> . domes'i. ?>? ?u.Mn? Pie sdtu'tg?, ,,j
! s..oh we*! rat:. n,<-.>oit. - in? the ar?.??r ? vt?,?sJlTttH
I ? aaed .'.mimrad th.meelsn. ti< ese-y .ndtctsue nenstt
riaas- lith rise La ??? -*i N?-??oa a| T?aa??.tet
sVri,, B?ae4a .insrte''. la tsteaaee M ur as tnra
thaiee Tai1 |iex?i <a? <-..|i.nn-e<-r ?a the hi at Maadtsa mt
Mn -u u N >.n .... I'.i' . ... . "ill i* reraised at tat
tia><- Aap] rail sss * i tdsaiaaien h be atadt aiAaailaVka
Pin.0i| al .,r R.-? Or IIAKKIS. Whi..-IVam?. *? v
a .ft lasBrvBfa
UFTGN sriinnl. -Ei rlish.FrvadL
s? t'ltsairai Roard'tvc to.' Da) trkssol hi sweat l^eaa,
Vtiuleil.ilt Aseao* Cuft.si atatea lalaaJ m I m'
WOOD*. PraieiBal. The nett leim iti* this S. k ? witl t*.
(ib S*i.leui!'er 1.1 K.irllier inloi m.?tiea of il mt) ke Had
at I'itt. a..atia B Co ?, .1 P. iJw.ii. V .1 Vaesi
Aim. , . Bl'*Uw*?. tud oi ihr I'l.U. .(.si Ii Ihr S. Sag)
llfoi n r w \smi\i; roN ooLlI.
Lf I OlATI l\sri n rK. No III I o itth ?? r ? tss 4
M > ral. .HI V> k.'i ?> . .... will .. s-n ?? VfMk
i, a yrlI na MONDA1 I asattaiba *b*?
t'.e .'iilarrriueul "I7 II.e laKaol R.i.M.ne will be e .wp'Ht
D ia b.?|*.l that ihe ..la iuue mi thia In.'iiiinua afea list
bMertbaa uaaal will I? ui sri il.]>?.-.' ? ? .i t. u ...tiaala
as ? he kawaaaaJ a.ivantasea ih? ? w ii dense lV*aa taaaa*
tail 11 ..I a ?et ??: m W r?.m. f.'i In 11s* .?! the Sea ad, ttd
a earraaaaaaeaa a.l.! ti. u> i nut. .. i..mi m all th.' D*,?n>
Batata el Had]
GBO Vt 11 IKKI'. ( Pr.,.ne:..r.?ad
tt ti ja> r tNNlNii 1 Brawl
H VM W S 1 l.A?l? \l. and RNQ.
1*11 iCKOOl n.. H Baal kMb at, i>?raa* af b*>
*iag>phan* ?Pall tern. e.Miia.enre* M"nO .r, Sent S altlt*
ri .MMIMi's SCHOOL I'!:s|(;n,
" n ? mi ?11 in \\iiNi B, isa *a itWakairaaBa.
tkaa of pupils o it* 1
fif RS. GIBSON, So. 38 I nion s.juarf,
If 1 will bt BOAS SO and DtY 8VHO0I
toi Youne I.adira. im M aulst. Slh Si ptemher auts tw' ?
I YO?N0 1 \i>:i sn .
Hu.ts.vn si will i?o| i u on MONDAY.>.*|.l I auj? Im*
jlfTOAM A. C?I tan S I'leiirli and
L? I t'. f -11 n v ;iii -..
No n?a. Ri'.h.Im <\. aeai Ltassa ?^usre. ?> 11 ie *aaa *a
W .aim via.. Bt I. "her Id an J* la*
I 'LASSICAL - d M \ III I: M iflV\i
" M Hi 'i IL. Be SI RJj 11 . N,-? \ r. I ii. . .. .1 Wash,
tofteavaaaars hetsaeaa '.v e,t Waabjaataa pla a UsdOBB*
t 1 1 11. e--1 h?? iiislit'i'ioii 1 oe ra. nee. its wreath 1 sat ea
M adajr, i?t .1 Bept II .1
Ihelattractasam imparted p. n>e teeabeee, ?h > bare
reeeired > < etBsgiala adaeaiHia, and hart en? h h ul upwarda
ei HBeea yeara atpeitaaaa la Usati Bisataataia
With e an .'..... iharefora w^ nr*aeaiinR| m.iie mw
tei.l. who desire In Base then ..>ns th .r.i'itMy unshta
Ihe elru eutanf a ?.ui.d tad llhai .1 e l.i. ttSna, to. on.atafp
In ibeii aateriai b ulaeet, . ..lies.- .0 Ibi militai; mrmJmt,
l.i lurai till ae.iua.litai.ee wilh tin. ?. ho d
I alaloau. si .111 he obtained at the lollowiuf bisst itmsj
inlhiacilr.rii M.-eart G P P 'nun X,. ix> Maats
?a 1 ,.b. AnpletoB B Co., No 1" Bi .! >?., P J. Piaa.
na It f.. .No t 1 Broad* a Bohl ('arten k ltr..u*ri,
No .'?., B11 :ulw?r . R.? l,.rli*.??l a N..B. N > III |ksjtjB>
way; ttenra Kernot. No 533 Hroadwav , I) IH Millei.
No m.i Broadway , Anaon d P P?n .-.!;?!.. N.> tasBnsat
wav, ami 8ani..*l RnM.or. n.. It H?*?,
ibM lai* mH'ion i bbduwICK. PthaRpl
j\TOTI( K.?Tb? Fall T?rai "t ?mCbb.
I Iii?itte an.i CaeaaMretal lehaal, Be hk)Qtataaah.
will rue.n 1 oa M.'inla,. Ihe 1.M1 .'a, . (Sea.ilsii
?u3U7t* ,1AMUS N .Mi KI.I.IOOIT. I'raetpat
SCHOOIaS.?Mra! ME?RS'S \ <nwk
- at11IPntl.il bo IB DING AND D\Y Sl'IIOOl, Br
Ynaat I a 'le., 1 N.. I'M Hr..n.i? ij roraeral lath st JafJ
reopaa ?a TH I' BSD A Y. Bepl 1 aatt BBB
M M MisnNs s.' I for Y Mi< l.i.i... !?a 11
W-st.. will be reopened MONDAY, Bepl ? Mi*J A
MAsON w ill, tl the same 1 me. rraaaie her in.trui-twai la
p'ipil* on ih* piaie. Per teraM, aaatp aa abase tilt*
SKI.I 1 i S( HO?L foi li<?V.s-IR.
ip 11 .1 11 aw--p.1 11...? uiidei a. :..r ,n it*r, |l*. It*
It, IUi user II ini Eitra eham bit Mud*raLaaa>aBM
peat, ink and tounl The thuayeai of Una wheeladj
r.eaeara on the Mh af Bepteeaber, ?imi ihe taaBMBtB
w.il he hapfiy t" meet hia f .pit. Main liter then ?*???
Boa He le.pe. tihmf w,H he aa poiietual at MSBMBBI alia*
. ?iilllillieeliiei't ..| I he 1411 art #r I'll., sal .. ilhel ha, Blade
erraafeessBta to atsrarnmoilala a law baardinr s boltrs
in his taiinl., Whele 1 \ei> laeililf Wl I he .It'o de.l thaai
t'.r oh an.am 111 thnr edt|> nliou Pamphlet eLnalara eat
h. had .hi aj pi e Hi..ii
si MH N DUNN, A M Prtn. .pal
i"l D \V m HOOI N Ml West III N- > Y.oh -
Tl .>lil. . 1.UPHM Ii t \ s ,, ; Cir
ralart 1 nntanuaa f ill 1 artisvatara, ma. in ubl .uie.1 aa above.
ai rat*
rjpHK MISSES I. \l at,.! M ILGRKKN
B nail re-rtf^ea tltelr tVltnoi for Yoiin* lasUiev N> I >tk
ai . ii.t .loo from WtahtnaCoii aimre, 01 WEDlfRtV
ll \ i s. ,1 I... I. .1 |w*
INSTRUr/TlON.?A KenUeoMM?! nnnr
?????< riene* WtB instrmt 111 Mai I.e. n a' ire or Btf
hah, .1. private laailBea 01 ?raoula Pirin ulii |atie*ta*i
drra '" Anthii.e ie. Alfahra, Snrverln:. EniiasalsaB,
Piawtnt ul Man*. < hart*, Be Beet ..f itfereu ? C.rea
Addr*'*i.PoMKI'HV. I riba.I ? ttlss*
UEBMAN CtABSI , ?, He nsui 11. I?>n
u 11. No Biotdway. nest to AniBr st -Pr-faee?*
RH HAM) an.I voi ION rr?j?-cifii|i? inform Pafnls
that the. will BMB, ?1 Ml adaj . Mpta n.l>er dill, a B>?rdin|
.11.1 Da, Behoof in wim ii anneal and mwlera Uacaaiaa,
toprthrr with all the hither and losvor bia. r.hmm BBaaMf
ttueht iu Collefes, aill he fireB, srithoul .,iia'hsr|*
Tin plan of stud.ra 1. one of treat (>. rleetiou, tn'l odl BBs
pure st boltrt for Colleto, the Milita-, Icliied, ('.eientrtw.
an.i an ufthe active dutsTB of life Tl.* tun* oat ni stadf
. 1 Btfaadeaaad (herarereiBe,ealrilatedp.pr*
BoUhaaBJ aad taprevent indoleace p .1. ir. .ii?r?
taaassei slit*
w. J 1.dm si until. Iba Meet lath-el .third hiiaaaBtM
Rb B1 W M R Mlill.HTnN. Prm ,.?l. a?.i.led If
i, .i, I :. ir,t. Pl?n-?... i.r the i .eiu-h ....i f-aii.ia aa?v
ensaaaj Joel B..rb,w, in Drawuag sod Peaonaship,
James Rr"w n, Cla M . and Mn'heii.s, Jan.et A Joka
Boa. Musir , Mrs. Jane Rolfs, Prunary Depoftnieal
( m iliar? sn< psrtaulir- ?l ti,r.e,l at the ?eh *>\ ri*Amt.
Berlseoi-rear 1 lanarnleal I,IMI ainwi AM'
i ? rites (,..|al?of an? ?f? aivl tt auf time, tod fa*"**
then, will, .-???., .|e?n il le la. .1,1) ' " oo. , i,.i,K a tliorat^B
anil aee.anj.li.l. .! .due.it."n Terms re.sonal.le ??*
healthfulnesa . t I. e.at?.n anil r..aipleteii*s? .f arranae wata
this nutit'ition la prolial.lr .ir,Mi?e. d . au4 bei?* OB
. i.f'il n.a/tin of the I ??!.*< ie al R.?"r, near Ih* *?*'
U.artl,is*sa\ *f .u.e.. \.y New-Y.*k and HartAtrddBlW
strauilxasts At t minor eonaaleratioi., we wonlJ aJd .sat
the tetrl.era and p i; ila sre.furnisheil, it i rnisleraU > b*rj*.
b) tl.e -taloe ol II.' BliafMI, ?Ith well liained ?***?
heraea for roaaf ladies'ate < in .1?'? .' Ututiaf *.*?*
of the Bemintr, Building?, referen. '?. Ii< rtn 'w bad m
I bit! LYON A M .
E??ei May i?, IUI i a.MWir
I 07 GRBENE?8T.?ItMtiaMtsMB bJ
I el 4 keraeamvrdmMr tad Mrs KiDDUB'iK^I'W'?
1 r Y Ol NG 1. Milks a Moaday, I I f ?
tew 1 i< ant 1?. for hoanlers al IwM war
POINT Tkl* II i ated Ufioa awM'b*
aalhi a. a * .1 the H?d**a.
Iba beaotafal sei Hiclslaade It aawrd* pawy
fat .?..?..< t for lanaiami a IksurimaTh and a ? anmute*?*mw?
lion The mtart tpirosul nnr.t of MaiS^naattoi?Bm^
ed The pup?? are r?/?i:?rly amataad at *'"".,'
tad are textured to perform ??!? 'i M li'ary d its** ?*? *K
ft -j? amtfiilnrt* to ajae ; ne, ?.. heaita mm M ** omj
.rul tra> eful rtrnaee. . . ? M,
? en nmi Coi Lt?b, N V , l??.ttiMW_.
" I take plettnr- in staiait* my opinion thai Ih* twe" .
ml MalhemaU al s.!,..,! ..? ?/??' Point. N Y .aadsr
eha/ge of Edward V Kinalei A M . i* w.^hy of tae_emi
rh? aahaaaM JHJJ
? Ireea papd* re<:ei?"i m ^.V^'J*"
frtm that School, j thorough and o.da-.oos. ami "??.*??
eiplme ted moral. .ilture ?r ..nee eftcieat and SsSwm***";
1 I! \ I BIMO, LL D . Presalenl Columbm C?^lVaal
I .r further partieulai., ttldre? rh? rpWf?JfJv
1>ATT0N'S INSTITITlo.V for the
1 hi i Al luN ft botb. Ma U* l,rrrne-?t, *?*?
I H PATTON, A M. P?sB?*>m, W^?
rrop.\A aa MONDAY. Sept t That aaraaU>"f?"r
?r.\ with the ehararter of thw '?%m,m\J
rcfertnrc i* mad* to toeae >4 Xhnmt patrots who aa** ?j
soni as it from 'me to three years for the eBB* ? *~
?enieraretheirtd?ir*e*isals<.*;iv?B .. m.A alao*.
II R lUiraven. E., No II Hh-*v..nr N ' >/ffi-Rt
E J Blows. Raa. No IttBtb-m. or No f ^?*^La"Tt
Jaa P Tloaoaa. E?a . No ti sa Mtrk s-piav ?, ? *
IU . r s? w.- si p, N 11 Psat -I
2iiBr.adwav. T J Toemtead. . N? 1 isaraat 3oa?j
at. . Nathm. Surr. E*<; , No 7Great IiagM.tSM" a"
Water *t Walter Jtggar, Etq . No. IS Weel ?*?*"- "
Mo. at Wtll-at . Jta O Greamw. Baa,. Na. M
M M Van Beuren. Eau . No tl W**t llth-et
.1 IwBWkf _
?4_CH?OL for BOYS?AtNVTooHicIt*
*3 K . Brook!,* -Th* Psll Term of tka* last
cssmismaac oa MONDAY, Seas I. "J r,* **? ?
stai S V.. toMINrtS. A,M T?es?3?ve?.
l?twNWki* S G TAYLOB. AM. I

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