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.ml Wro. P AnreM. ?tat*. 'Pnsna Iaspe
i ''T^LjTiOO eldnty m violati >n of an act |?as?e
JH^'lll^^ltirCnapUf 1?
**S*2ea*ued. Md ? re-iiut-on adopting a call on
^.aaralr ioc ?f dmv m
*Jf*^7^u<?d. an 1 a re?oi.?
PP^^w, to take auch measures as ?hall m
?** ^Sksrceroent o! the ia* .n relation to tonnet
t^L!^wisTor of abotishng the present contract
At'r^* made, and the form ol a rnemon.il to be
*"Z*7l> the tef i.'U. ure ^cV^T^^lZ
fa* *wswag?sfor lahon.ne, men. wasalnpted.
k^^Zrnttee to pre?c; I oori ? for the ui
^ Mtht Public lands u the State of Near
fk^iJawted a resolution which was adopted,
Ta*J"*T~*!t Lejisiatute be requested to pat- a
?^Jtsr-tStfor *' PT-bltc Lands
ar*^^^r*K1to fiftrarre f^rm lots, and one- icre
^? lots and granting a i.'le'.o one of either,
^m\\a all aetoaJ letilera, not poeaeaaed of
fajfrf y^..,^ 10 the amount
?**f n?JiST dmcu**'"1is ?
BBS J*JJij wU- ?,jt amendment On motion,
?* iSanning Waahburn ?? James 1
?^?wa-ited'a ' 1 ? ? the frauds
^?tjonsatpr. - Dl
aWJstfr"* ,j?. jrorks. ... te of the pro
ot**> "5 fnstituti..i." ehar ? ? kdoptnd
X^Jut?' rr-.ifot am ' ion zed to circulate
thifl^etoa Pnce > ;
irB*"rtn>. um n ov . n :t anal Reform
5gf^Comn-.uec be a]mted for the ?u.a.
*caU -lei New-tori
^^?ijohn v - ????? tnQ0* a'"1
Ka? ^hport, Ja. r . Alban)
Mjp-" J" J < ohoes, Ja nes Oi 1 \ 1
r'~Xk\\mmw^-> ? ? !' Trey.John G
?Sagf9%?,Gilbert W -Mart."
iaaaaa, js?? Couni
sfrtW'agSrf. of 1 fat/or of a
tlecidedpeiiucw , - ,. to ir.tei
Wf"f^S?4c..ai.1 offered ihr f dlowmg
**^ili^!?Mltslby it
? -<???? ?.. to ?ui'p Tt our measures, the
S.t^J^""* rtmt State Can
^?detaie stksoed, arhen 'he resolution to go
me report was hi ard.
In* report 'f a* < '? ? lt? eon the M. ?
/J^^m?dopteJ, sr.: ti. t Price,o New-York,
io?sn and Leo O. ? r ' ' R<* hesti r,
JJ~ appoirted a ( ominitfe. 10 carry out thi object!
ffanCtsjaaa^tee to whom wa.< referred|the resolu
. inline uron the I? aislature of Uns Mate to en
i^?cultural < .1' ,t-aMM. rha deal School,
LlaaSaf a rejs.rt approt ngoi l object, but r? ?
CS|Sa<tta ijesakaaration to 1 ipecial l mvi
^TtcTihen aaoceedad to ballot for Statt offic
rnoanhirti the folio* ma were declared tbenoroi
^ies of the party fort ne Pall election : Judge of the
(ourtof Awssal's. L Ward Smith, Ho ?
Murrof ?ute. Jeremiah 8. Waahburn, Wens 1 ?
Jv, ( ontrollcr. Henry B. Stanton, Seneca < o..
?Mr Treasurer. John Win -t kttorney-Ge 're.
in.rTabor, Albany Stati En eerand surveyor,
!_oosrt Paelarm, New-York Canal Cornmiaaionera,
rSlMs^Lyonsdale lii?pe,torofStati Pi
Eli?? Titus, Bditor of TA? American, Poughkeepeie.
Tks (ionreation adjourned to meet again to-mor
?Vflth.ll., to attend the public meeting at the
rat Sail thin evening,
BMsaarby tb* >at:?uia' Reform Dcmocratu <?r
'fgTaBtPs.enl State ('entral Committee have
anasj a call for ? st.it? t onn 1 lion to be B
LaSrfk Hotel, K\bt . -? I Ih.to be com
pct/ipi ?ii b< ietj.it? s from tin ( ountiesol llena
SSBbSBaany,Delaware, 1 unib i.andScho urie
lalhar Delegates from Dutchess, Oreen, Sullivan,
IkjaBaaaery. Otsego. Onelda, Steuben, and si he -
Mft?2v _ m
Menbenv ille Ituilrond.
PlTTsBl RO, Than 1 IT, Sr|rt. !, 1851.
' iiiaieetuiv, of the Diiet toi - cl the Pittaburg and
MeuDeniiile Railroad, the following ofllcera were
tkeseii Ckiet Eagineer, David Mitchell, Jr. Corr
5h Bagiarar Milner Roberts Treasurer, a.
Bdl Secretary, Chaih - Naylo
JUver two feet three inclu i. Weather pleasant.
? ? e?
Death of Ataeraei <-?u- itobar.u.
St. Loata, Wadaeaday, sept i, Itat.
Mr A. Rohards, Ait rrney Gi b< raJ ol the state,
Jiei ihu moniuiR at Jefferaoa Barrm ka, of cholera
Arrideio on the Hudson Kivcr Itailromt.
Albsnv, Tharaday, sept. 4, lssi.
A gravel train on the Hudson Rirei Railroad ran
otfi some hogs near Stuyresant, this aftemoon,
tkrowiaa ihe engine <dl the track, and, it is reported,
killing three of the Railroad laborers, and sen rely
injuring several others
II re.
SBauvaaa, Conn.. Tharaday, Sepl i IM1
'Ihe workshop and toolaol P Diaon,Eaq.,were
Jritnurdby are this evtmng. Loss. $1,600.
Denth ot Blshei DaUatw.
Si Jons. Tin tday, Sept 5, 1851
We learn that Ihe Right R< ? Mr DoUard, Roman
(sthoiit- Mahopol Nova 8 otia, diedal Predertck
kaou Ihe 19th uh
Markets At ihnv, Sept i
Iheamrala foi the !a-i twenty-fom hours Bare
hwa-oi Ki.oi a. ft,000bhls Wmbat,none Cosa,
low bush in Plovb the market is arm, with a
aatarate business . 1,000 bbls were sold. Coaa il
atood reoiii st al bettet pnee- 'I lie sales reached
UMbaakatftSc foi sountl Western muedLaad sic,
? )l,> lot damaued IU rs are steady, and MUiBg
it Bl?c
? ? a - ?
?Baurhaai .. Bi rrMo s, i t i
The arrivals .sinee >cst? id.iv have beta of Flovb,
T,aoatsiiis, of w ui a i. I5,oo01 ash ?>? i own, :i5,iski.
Funb?The maikit fi r common mid fan hiandsol
aastera is somewhat lower, w lth a deinaiid lot the
home ttade and export, i be sales hare beea l,SSf
hah iBMugan at gli 85? g:i 'il W in \r Tin sup
plies af Western are largi r, and prices eonscipieisUy
hnvy. Ohio inought 70e ' oan ii in good r<
?t better pru cs. A lot of nun i vVestemsjold it ihe
Markets V ? I FtlS - v. Sept I,
Ikaaa Mahh Howard al wen sold t AM at gl,
tad l.Msil.l.l. fdt hliUs al IS II Waas Pi in Bed
UBtr CsaaJiiaii White, rello? .,.
(als- Hwxjj, V?iii?mv. - Hsrost-Westi ? hides
lie.SISsold ShatUleiv I sold Hams, west
'llii iited, loan, .I.QMSsi'M'
- - ? ?
Markeis N ? ?>i.. . c. . s.
t ottos -There has ben n : irih? r adi anci ol an
?jpa to a quarter Tablea cleared. Sales-3,<KH)
bales at Sic. for nudiilinc. The news by thi Imenca
has srniisii.btit ataotret pul
^Poax firm. Haaa $M50 Ui at] Itift BitTaBftaj
? e?
Markets. MSw> OaLaaaa, Saat. S
tarran has adrauced a | to of a rent since the
j^ptuf ihe Atlantic's n? ws. Thi -ales hare beea
'.at'tanes, al Mc lor Bundling Plovb Ihsad]
Mnrkeu.tr. Lavtn,Seat 4,
MestlVtt, gltt SO,
n no a >t buc a
U 'ston. Thuis.tay, Sept. I. In'.I.
VTaifgna, late Conaul al the United
>l?iet at Trieste, am! KditOl .i LeOjraTa BBara]
r*h?t, aaa keen expelled trcm the Austrian t? r
The Rmperor issued iheordei binkaelf,
*aas kta displeasure al etUoa winch
*' Warrens had ,shi'\Mi to artaia goraraaaaBlal
*? Knglish last, BBSBkl kmm nil Parker, which
">* ?ppeared oil Trieate, had created a profound
"sstuoa at v .i Una. us It area tkougkt to hart ? i .<?
T*wsiion wiih Lord PahBerctonr ipeech oa for.
"?^?ftaa. Thr < al.u-ir. say a. the mos: im
J"*** feature in '.his ease ;, . . o..u, t on which
^?adaits way Into the diplomatic circles, that
determined te u ? .. grit] I
J^>rte. whenevet ? - aaaallail
e/ r",l", < thinks the protection of
^??aili aahtos tt ?' Porte te onaaplj with Pal
^j"**WB)haa Ui ragwrd i tha Huaajariu Ret
f^ljm*m Tt"'" ?f Ihe Od lays, the kjueen and
aJhett went off to the Needlea to see the
J^*J*| ?*? that the Coy;.: \ BOhf keOOBI] kB e I
, Tati^a pan of the w ay on hei return. The
2 *^aaafly Baeradoa
?im* i: ' ;" " :e k< ' I seelared tha
tart ' * ?<*oiu?t oi uregaUhty i I MU?
m 01 the America
|il2f2 '? r?MM1? Scicim.s?AbaMt
WMmmmmJmMimr*y akormnn. a raaa named Jenes
*a*aiaW i'r.sidiiii; 1,1 1
^kTeli.e " ww-Ble byeuttmg his tkroai
ws* a?Thiri!! A ?nous gash w as uuhcted in his
*erij>?r,^lrr*>rn,,>J If"? executing his de
>Mc.'^f ' 'turner..- . .... >...:?.
WnVrrhi:i":".X')???' !? ! tC Ihe NOW Vets
?5aatar\ tk 1 lu"e ' ? - entertained of
%u^^tt{in^'M**yyil h ieJ latheraahaol
?lc^?euHLHl ,K'>IKKv ^ usiejiaasaai, wiQ
^"fladieswh.ir 1 "?,?r..,:i.e,s,v,.
* N Bkvn?^ ' ,:>,,>,; "?nd will ai
*r? ?up,: ' ?''??J=?iaes is ihe
- ? ?
Steamships to Ireland.?This Evninq,
the Aterrhaut* and other citizens of New-York arc
?anted to aseemble at the < oliseum, 45? Broadway,
to hear what has been done toward the establish?
ment of a line of Pas?enger, Mail and Emigrant
Steamships between this Cftf and Ga'wayor some
other Western port of Ireland, and to hear on what
grounds the friends of the enterprise confide in its
sucress and ask the cooperation of others. Aware
that many of our aUaal citizens are out of town
1 and nearly all averse to public meetin^sjat this sea
a|n. sTe entreat those who can come to be present,
and a e are sure they mw be interested m and cheered
t v the facts which the Provisional C ommittee are
piepared to dev elop.
W The- wentlior b still grO/TOBA?cool,
b.imy, somnifir?-just the sort for sleeping in beatific
enjoyment?always b irring tne musket'ic
frr* Hr.ili I'fiinls of tho Conrniion Coun?
cil stand adjourned to Monday afternoon. 'Till then,
we must possess our souls hj patience.
The Opera.?Max Maretzek had
erowded housr I ddrmg the afternoon and evening
yesterday, and must have netted five or six thousand
dollars. We were not able to see Surma, but hear
great things of tin Performance of that eharacter by
Madame I>e Yrif?, from the most competent < r.tie.s
die was received with the utmost cordiality by the
audience. As to the P>.nlam. we can testify that it
wiis admirably rna'trel. We have never before
heard it so perfectly m g in this country'- Bosio's
soaitmiti vaaaaaat inui Jflicious, aad har fad la rare
?aoal trrardring aad ht enthral, <ien with Jenny i.in i?
incomparable singing of ;t lingering in the mind.
The fair suicrr. every w ay taaa of thr- greatest favor?
ites ever seen on the stage in this City, was recalled
acain and again after this song. While she wa?
singing it, some score of brxjuets were flung to her,
and Marmi hasii MBf in going about the stage and
picking them up, a pieee of politeness well enough in
its plaoe, but ib seil lag tat Baaaea aa displayed on this
occasion. Tha grant daet aaaai fa frwaiee teas ntasj
nifieent. Mannt -reined almost to forget himself in
the gloriou? enthusiasm of the music, and liadiah'
rich voice Bad BaBBl* Style were nevermore succc?s
fully called knto BCtfjOB. Salvi, too, sang with great
sjnrii and with that mastrrlv usage of his powers in
which he hn- BO wpertOT. Altogether the perform?
ance was a great inumph, and w e hope to hear the
ojiera several time w ,th this < Bat. We rammt anliet
pate hearing it with a better
? During the afternoon Mr Maretzek uncxpeet
cu I? received the prc-cnl of|aa elegant silver drinking
servier-from tin- krtitta of hi- Company After the
m . olid art of tlie ParifaBH he w a* ealleJ out and made
a neat speech, full of feeling, which ?a- warnuy re
ciivedbylho audience. Among other things he re?
marked that tha* day was the third anniversary of
ins arttral tn ibis country.
The opera for thai < venme is Ihe (ssMtasaata a.
Tim: New Joubral.?Wt pabluuied jres
leu'ay tin- prospectus of a new daily paper to be
called Iaa .\ni-Yurk hm'y T. tea, wlneh will make
it* appearance in thatetty within a few days under
the editorial chlTgt tat He.nrv J. RaYBOHO, 1's.j
Mr. llaymond is one of the ablest and most ac?
complished journalists in this country. and i anno*,
but make a valuable paper The Daily Times
ptomisis to be decidedly OOBIOHBtitO m its tone,
in the discussion of political, social and other ipies
tions. but not to be the organ of any party or sect
We cordially welcome thi? addition to our daily pi BOB*
Thb CoisUaa Plats.?The tnajrrtsUtcent
gold plate service, of which we gave 111 description
some weeks ? im 10, was piaOBBled lo Mr Collins on
thcWth ult., as w ill be seen by the letters which we
publish below. Tins plate, the BMNrt splendid ever
product.ii i Amern .i, wa minnfa-tured at the ex?
tensile establishment ol Ball, Tompkins A Black,
comer of Broadway and Murray-st This firm have
turned on! many ptOM ntation BStS within a few
years.bul nolhinu to equal 'his in rn lines- although
Mu ir silver wink mav have been qOttB as beautiful
in design and as elaborate in execution.
The Collins plate is u inagnihcent production.
Imth as a spei lint n of ait and as a testimonial of the
services to the nation of the man to whom it i* pre?
sented. We Should like lo bear of it? exhibition
among Ihe yooil 1 limits of 0U1 people at tin World's
Nkw-Yprk. Friday, hog It,ibm.
. B. K. Cotuna. Bag.
Sa : The iiBottalgBod. i Committee of ciflaeni of
Mew-York, have prepared Ba yon. on behalf oi those
t hey represent, the BOeooanBaying " Tesiiinoniiil.''
win'ih boars upon it ihe following merited at "rip.
- it is service of Plat,
i? presented by Ciutear, of New Tot , t.
EDWARD K ?'>l i.i.Ns.
Ilitfstiini.iiy.il then ib?aae.I Hn- STOOl lion..i and ad
eaatags which aan beta paafhtred npea tha CR) aad
the whole ecu.in. be his eaerg* aad larsereraacs in
tin- sm ei-isf i i -tahlishniriit ..fun American Ism of
traiikatlantir sti.in.i r?
ai,n't'. Infi."
In fulfilling ihe design of those who bare thus
Dshtt d on it. i-id 'i s ir a; nrt ciabon of the indomita?
ble energy yon have exhibited with such preeminent
taoooaa, tool otatiiitteti diem that their duly would
iu Put Imperfectly periotnaed if Um y did not declare
theirnaatqualed priooaa Americans Lathnamarking
toar highly ? ucee.-t fu! efforts in a ?reit nationalen
ti rprisc. and thtrj bt | yam to accept this golden ser?
vice of Plate, .is an earni >t expression of Iheil deep
aaaas of \ our great pahUe sei \ loa La tiuis placing ihe
American aloomers foremost upon the ocean
( . M I.LI TP
Nbw-Yobb, Priday, tag. Is, Mil.
QBBTLSaiTt i bare the honor to acknowledge
the reeeipt ol gout letter of tins date, aoootnpanying
aasreioo of plato, pteaaaitid to me by my fellow
cttiaeaa a.-- a testimonial of '.heir appreciation of my
set Mi es, m having placed our tr.iilslantic >>U-um rs
in a aoartsoo wrsrtay of out nation bad m making
this acknowledgment, permit me to state, that
without the poarotfal aid of my as?o, iates. ti.e shlpa
of tais line would not have boon built, uad l.iake
this occasion. ,i? an Ainericiui. to thank thota for
tl eir patriot.i- dc-.ot.ot- to the SBOCOBB ol this enter?
prise Lot aao aaaure you, that the high honor y ou
have ihia day onafarfed oa bm, will eror bo ajrato
fally remembered.
I am. gentlemen, retry respectfully, vof.r obe.lient
m riant.~ BD WD K i OLLINS.
To Mt?sis \ ( BtttfjaJsad, 8. Piajei. F S Lath
rOfX Wilson G Hunt, Joshua J. Henry, tl I) ii
GUJaapta, i M Leupp, CaatmisYre.
e ?
The Fatb oi BouiM.?Wo don't feel
like giving the laal rid cen: to the Shylock who di -
mniids gvl.iKsi for the ransom af the sieged fugitive
slave Boldnig but il any are inclined to lorget
the rapacious man-seller in sympathy for his help?
less victim, we would iwaabsdtaaaa that tins, as we
i ::Jerstand the terms exacted, is the ?rrl ofay ou
which the offer of Anderson stands open, and that
the tnonev must be raisetlto day or it mav be forever
too late. We have received from .Mr. f, gld, and
irom Mr M $5, wbjch is at the disposal of those act?
ing for bag rt .ease of Bolduig, as will be any farther
sums which may reach us. but we won't solicit any
The Ci.akkmdon-Our citizens, and
those ot the more Southara States, who are now
dropping ai from their BAjMBBai ira\ els or w atcruig
places^ are often BaaaOyed at finding their favorite
dowa-town Hotels sin row \ed that they BOB aataht
no comfortable quarters Ta such and to all we
heartily commend The Clvrsscon,corner ol Fourth
Avenue and Eighteenth-st. by I'ruoa Square. Its
asaaai and their furniture are the best we ever :ucd,
j and we are guile sure that no Hotel in Etrope IBB>
; passes DaBBB in comfort and convenience. Mr. Put
najn, the Undlord. thoroughly tinderstands his busi?
ness his table is unexcelled and the house ha? an
air of quiet and neatness which cannot fail to render
.. dar w.t.t the w.a'thy ami f.isttdiou-.
- ?e-?
I.Ani.i ARaUTALS OaT g*-TTn>aTt?TVle
an vedai this port yesterday 3.9:i eiuigrants, nnn
opally ftom London. 1 iierpool and Havre.
rTF Tho Baaif I. DtMihani. |oo tuns bau>
} dtn. built by Wnx Clark, BN Heury M. Allen and
! others, of SippicBi:, Me. was lanched at t?ippu-an
j OBagahBat. She i> lnttmied ;or a cotton freighter.
\ and will >aji from Nrw-\tHk ute et con: nand of
j C .pt. Ilus,'c! Gray, iiile oflsrt, Hir.J, of ?sippicaa.
An interlude, not down in the btlLs.
took place at Castle Garden last everniig, dannf the
performance of the Punt am The actor* were Mr
E. Forrest. traged.an. and Mr R. S.nclair. keeper of
a popular restaurant The y struck each other in the
true dramatic style, and most of the audience row 1:1
alarm at the squabble, suprs-w-ng the biuse to be on
fire. The combatants were, however, promptly sep?
arated and the pBBth* terrors allayed, after which
the regular entertainment of the cTenmg w.\? con?
Who began this little fight we are unable to say.
not having had the advant.ige of bemg close at hand
while itwaa in the full tide of successful eipen
ment Each party, Lowers, charges the other witn
having inflamed his ire. Ac< ording to one story, Mr.
Sinclair in?u;tcj Mr Forrt-t according to anotner.
Mr. Forrest was looking at Mr Sinclair with a trag?
edy .scowl, and ujx)n being asked the reason of so
peculiar a regard, answere.i with eonturnelMiis
word*. whereu[>on Mr Mm' lair let him have a blow
on the side af the head, which was returned with a
cane which Mr. F hail fas los hand*. We have noth?
ing to do with the private history 01 the matter, but
simply record the fad of such I pat-'i^f .Var-r't for
the instruction of oi.r reader1 and the benef.t of fu?
ture h:stonars of the countrv
AjjTOTgftl Ml rdf.r i\ I HE Sl\IH VVaBO.
? Las', evening a man named Austin A. Luscher. by
trade a jeweler, living and doing business at No. Ii!
Chiistir-st., entered ihe porter-house No. 16 Doycr
st. where a p..rly of men wr;e playing c u !-. S. me
words cncued between one of the party and Mr.
I.usch? r. when the latter wen: into the street soon
after which he was aaeeoJted and ?rruck a violent
blow la the Back of '.he nci-k by some unkm>\? n mm,
knoekinc luni fat in the street. WtlJsBSJiGfDOB, a
colored man. residing in Phiiadelphia, w itnessed the
assault, and obse rving that I.u?el,er did not regain
his feet, .md also fearing that the latter was badlv
hurt, railed Uta police, who picked bias ap, md
whih convey hie him to the Stj,,,tio:i-hoj.se he died.
His face was cut and severely bnu.-ed. bat whether
from the effects of the fall or a blow fr. ai I ,c h in-i of
the assailant is not known
Gibbefleet 1 Iba 1than man whei struck the iaceaaad
as being to all appearance a sailor, he having on a
round jacket and a cap He is not ab:e to BtMBifj
the man giving the blow, as the latter made ins es.
cape immediately and has not beea seen since by
the aothorittei < apt I tarty,of lha Sixth w.odpo
ln e , u>ed every exertion to gal .it the truth of the
matter, hut there being so n.any ? ontlii tm-- state?
ments ,n circulation, it was impossible to arrtvi
Bt the tralh. The body of the deceased was taken
to the Sixth Ward station-house, where the Coroner
v ill hoid an inquest to-day The deceased has left
a wife aad three children, w ho, up to an early hour
this DMCatatg, had not been informed 01 the unfortu?
nate occurrence-. Other facts in the matter wiil
probably be- developed to-day
- a -
Mori Bi ii.-Baitini;.?\ 1 i lav boom
reck lese BatBOBI were drivim; two steers down
Doaneat., when they became infuriated With strange I
sipht.s and bottaaa, and rushed madiy through HodaOD
to Chambers-si. and up West Broadway, thence ;
they went down Puane to the River, where thev ,
we r?- M cured. In their course they kno ked down
two sunn n. bruising them, tearmg their dollies,
and laitOBlly injuring them. Seve ral gentlemen ;
BDd childre n we re obliged run for their live?
?Will the Ahh rmen hurry up that prohibitory
law ?
?*? . , I
11 s ? rv.n* ?A ineetino ol hatten was held '
at the Astor last night, and preparations 111 ide to
preaaat a valuable testimonial to Peebe, of Ilroad
way The ceremonies will come off in a few days 1
ft' The Controller's Report from the 1st
of faaaaiy to tiie ist of-August. ibm, was re. sin I
bv tha hoard of Aldermen, on Wednesday night, and
oiderrd to he printed. The folmw Big 1? an abstract
of the rece ipts, .ijipropriaiions aad expenditures, for
Ihe ahoi a period
avarwrr.M s ?T^'?^
Alms House. g3M,. %tXiJ&S1 il
A'Ciedlirt Repaus. Ij.aOK MM M
liuilduies ami Repairs to
Buildings and Alms House. .ifl.iKN .
Board of Health. lo.oesi .
C..ers l ees. K'.lSKl 8.JSI 37
i Claaaha] Dorks and Slips_ lo.co 7,10(1111
CoaUaersnl Eapeasee Cum
men Cool cu . M BN IM" 7?
Chwn?ssxBtraata.IM,M NJblM II.M9 t)
Connti Cuntuirmiles.Irt.isKJ .1
I).k ks .ai.I Blips (i rw work 1.. 1111.1HSI tyi.M! II
!??? do Ke|?us. IliiSHi 38,lloii INI
Do.Bulkheadat Ganse- ort st lia,tei it...?i M
Cilv li >|icctor's lie tart incut. 25U00 2l,t77 6? ft j|
DtasaUoas. . li.otio fjnt i,
tlaetloaa. MM MM
i Ti.*s ami Urlinnili l.< les_ J.I (al I III ?I
FireOaaarBaent . ;?.<,w in.?.7 us
Int on Kn Hni.il?. 'w.is'il U.i il m,
Intestate Kstate. MM IJTI Tl
LaaaaaaadGaa.rsj.ise 113.110 to
Lands aoil I'laccs. :,*si T.rs: M
? nki-ts. . na z.jisi m
Maysrattj es. i*> 11.
OfticeiN- Pees.JH.ISill 2.' ," .1 I ?
Police.jlO.ISSI M.UJi
Fi iiitms;. IMM 2S.U/8 21
Ran] llstate. . MM! IMM M
Kent*.. 8.IH.U I.TU II
Repaiis and Sutyut >_ . Gu.iNO Jo.ilt, |>
Reads and Avenues. ja.OC? I ,. ... ...
?? Ktrhth avenue. n.OHO 1 ?"?"u "
Rial Lsiait Expenses.1*1.000 1)1,42? 21
fiewen repaaiag and claaa*
inti. M.W'ii 3.v* P. 12 "
siati, 1 ? ry. Uj.'Sni i^.ni n
Salaries.220,000 II7..M? 3.
Water Pipes.119,441 HJB7M
Btathslteai taMe t ratcciAqae
il ct lVpaitmeLI. mm 7:n is!
Sales personal BSWMfty. ...... 1 lif'll
Collectors ui cetu U ? nsettled ._129 pi
gtjiiyjat Irill 81j ii 3T13S ii
Tntaj RacssiBts. B tat Jt
Net Erpenditnra of City G reminewtti \ gast
I. iwi.l.rT.ro :s
Froat the Rasport are laanthat darhuj tha abora
juried gioo.i oo ol the permanent debt of the Oiy,
redeemable from the Sinkme Lund, and gjo.issi (>l
the funded debt, tedeemablf from taxation, have
been paid. The amount af tax levied for the w ar
1S51, and now in the COttrae o! collection, is
g^.WI.-i'.C '.'I. The e ontrolli r. bv virtue of due.
tions from the (. onunoii Council. BBI borrowed, from
ttBM to time since January 1st. in anticipation of the
! revenue of 1851. the following amounts, for Which
' the'l'evenue Bonds of the City have bobb BMMd,
'? viz. gtM,Ss50. with interest at 4 per cent g'Jl.'e'-'
j with lntere^t ut I percent. Bad 2l.l.'.!>. with inter*
I est at I per cent making a total af $1 031 M9?.
BlsABTkaM OF I'oT RoCX.?Ob Woiinfiday
i aftenioon, the seventeenth Blaat was fired at Pot
\ Rock, and in the eve nine anotht r on W ay s Reef.mak
inc mall twenty, 'ince the "ffffBUlBIBl of present
Operation? The Masting on Pot Rock, oh tlus oc
! eaajhaj, was effected ty two charscs of rurpowder,
I oi a of 'i lbs , the other of 1*25 lbs. The immediate
ob e-et of attack w as a ledge nineteen feet below low*
water mark The tirst explosion took plack it time
minutes after four o'clock the second, tiurte? a
minutes later. No rocks or splintei? made their ap.
[leara/ice above but a volcuie at water was raised
ui sohd mass af aaakVaal fh..pe af sufRcent s.zc if
crvsta;i7i-d to sc;\<> for the cupola of the Crysta'
Palace' The i;.mr {ajrticn of the ccr.c almost in
stantiv s'lbsidetl. leavmc for a moment the outer
shell, like a watery ve.l or gigantic bubble. On piss?
ing over the spo: immediately alter, we fo'..nd the
w.c.er cx'n i .c.y lurtnd. of bruwmstt color, and ap
pearing as though its motion on the surface had haao
for a thaa atveated Wapaaaaal baloa the :irstde
tenntaata itatcaaaal of aay rrogress hitherto made.
oPtauied from a c.ajram of Lieut Rartlett of the
I'nited Btatea I orp* ot Topoirraph.cal Enj.iieer?,
who ha* come here cjider the direction of Profes-or
Bache, and will remain till the completion of the
nadertsdring. Pet Rock may be taken as cxtendmg
IM.? feet m length, and M Beat in average breadth.
PreVBeaatf U> present operations, the highest point
of the rock was eicht feet in depth from low-v.aier
iu.uk . no part of the rock is now reai hed at a less
depth thaa twelve Beet, hj thi laaaa measurenient.
Oividjig tie ret k koagmsdiaally into sections of
three feet, we o'.itain. in order, the following souiid
iiiBS from iow? a a'.t r mark 33 ket. 27 feet 1 inches
-.'I feet 21 ;eel ? inches . *| feet. IT feet (1 lachte
N feet 3 it:. he> 16 feet I tnehe? 1? feet 6 inches
IS feet J UK ot s . 1" It et * incSes . 17 feet 8 inches.
17 ftet 4 imi.es. 12 feet 4 inches Ii feet is feet
17 feel 1*1 U it I laaaa is feet 6 inches. 17 feet 5
mehes . Is feet 4 inches 17 fe>ct Is feet It* feet 3
inches r feet. It! feet 21 feet 10 inches 21 feet 6
inches . s5 ,'eet %* feet . 27 feet. St led. Thus re?
sult has betn obtained by sivtcen blastings. As a
minute survev is neccesaiily tedious, and i, apt to
delay work, another will net probably be made for
some time I he blasting of a portion of Way s Reel
was made at twer.tv minutes past five o'clock, last
? i .-.ii rr.:,? tl e Bay State was passim, n. hMeauMkBI
esaapl naal la ? gentleman en twa.-u. slis has iskco
treat interest in the full execution of the desyrn Ar
eooa as the time of morning tide allows, t?o blasts
will be made each day. We hare onlr ba ad !. th.it
Lieut. Bartlettha* sect to W asJim-rtom for the m tpof
Hurl Gate channel,by the officers of the United States
t oast Survey, and the engraving of which on copper
has ins: hern completed, for the purpo?e of testing
more nicely its accuracy in respect to ex sting rook*,
and mapping dotvn such alterations in these and in
cirrei't- ;i. n.ay be effected A change in the current
about Pot nock is already ili-.oovera.b4e There
were present vesterday, to witness the oneratiou,
Hugh MOXWOU, Collector of this P^rt. Walter I
Jones, Jarr.es E King, and others. ;i ourier.
If? We see it stated that Etlarifl Font rat,
the actor, has sued Thirlow Weed. Editor of Ter
AVr.ny F. ntms Journal, for ten thousand dollars
damages, on account of some publication in that
paper n reference to Mr. Forrest
TaTB Raii.r ?\r?>.?The fonn of agree?
ment between the < ity and the builders of the Sixth
ar.d Eighth a.r. ue Railroads. Ml now arranged, aud
we are toi l That the work will be at or.ee ommenced.
VA'hm. Ktr.< TioNs.?Our readera arfll not
forget the election of Deleave* to the Syracuse Con?
vention. The oo... will be open this evening at the
u-ual ptat?a.
Amiijcsvi hin) FnitEK.sf Bibli Socibtt.
? We learn that the receipts of the American and
Foreign Bible Seciety. for the month of Aui.tx.-t, ex?
ceeded ly llylBg those of August, lilt, and that the
ti eiptl of toosVra fionlhs now BaOOOd exceed tliosc
of thf correspondtrg months of! i-t yeir by about
|Mt. The forthcoming pejnotbi a! paper, we under
-rand, will gr o a jseosaliee view of thai eyaraCaotaa
(,f the Society, with interesting item- of foreign
DteOJgi n< e.
< iffOOITlOg Dei k< ai k>.?DeJegsdlea have
becnrho'fnto the Syracuse Convention from this
City in all. except tin Xth and XlVth Di-tr: ta.
The follow mg are the n ames.
/... i. tU iaa. Orcapeal mm,
I..Michael Moray.L [iaa asHer
2. Francis 11. ? iit'ine.Lawyer.
3.. Hi. iv J A 111 a.Law j I l
f..Kmanne! B. Hart.Broker
ft..Kttward C. West.Lawyr .
a..Daniel E Sicklea.I.awver
'. t-'re, man < ainpl>ell.l.uml>er-'leaier
V.Jo-i ph Marsh.Insurance agent.
B.J unoa ( WiBel.Hoots and BB008.
10..iPro! iblylCbaa. ot onor..Lawyer.
I1..8teahea R, Peeks.Bettung
Ii..Michael Tncanoy.Lh{OAa>wtdJer.
].>..I.,ii,i< I Wi.orris.Lleoty atahleii.
IS..John Cochraa.Lawyer.
If. Lai a 01u B BBOMld.Leaver
certainly the moot i.-i-h list of occupationsthai
?? The I nttirilied" 1 i\e scared op for a lour lunr. It
-inkcs oa thai there is a pretty thick sprlahlhsgof Iaa -
vrr- for a u h ir.i-C-te.i" delegation, but the Tam?
many folks my it bl all rich!, and of CANUM it i-.
A \V hp n k Scibbcb.? Preaident Al
totd. of the Bonn! of \-si-!;uiS. h-t ri'ght presented
a preamble and resolutions, which went to a Select
rutuoillloa, piii'ioaliig an Obmi ratory, wBh propot
appa rati' s, al Murray RBI Battai hate than never
k t us hare one gUmSee of Boiesa a in this benighte I
El r Certain frieanig of Hearj ( lay, in
this t ity. have invited the old TtltTtHMtn to rlatj u
His reply is not yet rooeiTod.
CoKCKBT.?Wb relei the reader loan
adieillafisatiil ol a grand concert al the Apollo on
M inlay, by Madame Luigi Hru- iMl, and others
MlLTTABT,?Wt notlc< d ye-tenl:i\ a line
Droop of Light Horse Artillery oa parade
(I The new aehoofaei Norfolk Picket,
gal added to Jsaaof Bedell Meaart. Bturgaaa,
? ieaiaaaa g i 0*l line af Norfolk and Dartmouth
packets, ia for also, strength, basely of model and
baiah of cabin, ? ijti.il to any vessel bearing the name
? if s, h, oi.cr which we have irolieed. she lies at
I ier 14. B, It.. and a .11 s.nl on Monday. I ha M Ii laat .
lor Nor'olk. Ya
- e ?
A SuooESTioif.?The Corporation, it
would appear,BIO about voting "an additional ap?
propriation of *.'."',. for conducting repairs m En?
gine houses," Ac. Why not build all Iba Engine
houses of nun, adopting some taateM and uniform
design, and when aa tniproroaeeat of citj property
hi to be maic and aa Baglno-hoaae sacrtaced ton.
* m this ir?.ti rtroeture to aianthsrr vacant lot, with?
out losing the in.it? rials, tune aad i BOBBSe Of buill
ag mother I Aad lot lhaaa hoaaea be aa much . itu
;r perry aatha cludri and fonttture of tha council
chambers, which ire not loet to os when liar re seed
mom ia eased for \n iron Rnglna houae would be
wmething aaa nadar tho ana. \ Tax-Paraa.
Moag Pari JtowTjxb?Thn Aaaistaat
kldannaa af Iha IVth Waid last night tuTered a
resolution, which | i.--cd the under Board, to si .v
j rOCt adhtgl La 'h^ aatttl r of opemng Jones'- Woods
nr :. public j ark alleging tha' the -tips already
'akin were premature under the lav,. There |.,t
itioag aBort oa foot to daatat Um win of tho people
ta tfcaa aaetter, hot tee ara oaBdent thai the iugglen
will fail. They v.nl be.ir wati hing, hoarert i
TaTJ Sakti Pioraga poi Salb.-ss>B3 n
feience to our auction sales it will be seen tint on
Monday week the OOUbtatOd and highly v ii uible
Anatomical, Phy-.ologiea! and PataaaVogk d eras
pswoatafaoaa of taa taba Proaaaam Bartl aril] bo of?
fered egpaafas]aala Tothoa a 10hatreaoaa these
ftaures, we BOOd not apoah but for the bem BJ of
!:-v :tmi s who?e manage>s hata no' had the op?
portunity <d a ptisonal judi/inent. we would state
thi '. these are the most valuable and accurate prepa
lions ever brought lo this eouniry. SB i? amply testi
fied by thecoititnendction- of uch men > ' .lieutinc
MottaadJohaC. Warroa. Werisoahlbagtadh
tl.tm secured to thi.- t ity, as BaotaWM ' f aeol
loetsoaa btehwoald te of ea-y acecs, aad of c anaa
of inimcr.se tcnefit both to .-lucent- and the pwhtte.
At any rate they mu t BOtgoanl of tl.< c-mtry .
They aaoaa>adad here, aad the only %tra? an ? a
bJytH aa to which city shall possess them. They
bio tat aiianilBBB for IBS rrese:;t at tue so- :cr> L>
biary, lllBBfaiaj
Nini.o's.?The Havel? repeal tin . I hi.
neaa Pantomin e, Ibanded on the m.sfortunes of on
.Er'.naut. who voyages to the Central Empire in a
balloon Tlil< |. thi urmiad-Aor* of a -erv ..t'.a
bfn Pastceaitne hPues Praak aad Oatariol ueifotas.
SiKiiiK bt iakim. Lai dam rat.? The
Coroner held an ini;ues| yesterday at No. 31 Jatne
st . on the body of Cordelia Lccrnlgc a aatireof
t ? i.i ct;c ? 23 yi us of age, whose death wascaiued
ay .in overdose of laudanum. a.)nuni?ter?d by batn - i!
aar '>?' e ptapaaa of m if-destruction. Praaatheert.
Boa eadtlui etl BOBOta the Jury.it appearedtuattor.live
davs previous to her death sue had Leen living nitB
ayoangman by tin mm of .No-hois, arhotustilod
to her having lived for tue past tliree year- a v> rv in
?i ui; - rtt'i 1 :e, am! thai on Wednesday ??,. *o- k from
a ta ttle labeled lainjanum scrrraldrafV, and died on
the IM e evii..!.-. \ edict in accordant c with these
PbabaBLY FataJ, Atiempi a; 8n< mr.
--Coaakdarrahle cxetteaaaal was created ye-terday
aBssraoaa at has sseintty of the ?? Taaaba. in eoaaa>
i.ueuce if a tep?.rt of a married woman aaaaesj
Mary Du.Ty. res.uti-g at No li'.'Le urd-st., having
comimtieu suniUe. < apt. Garret, c: tlie fixth Ward
pal'.ce. a: ence repa_red to ih? house, and fotxad tae
::.iw" iiatc wi,:-..a"i. ??..? ru.g in htr tdood. s.n aj
atablttl laStaeU sareral t;me? in the abdomen. at;l
finally Lad cut !.t r tun *t wi'a a sh irn spring dirk
kn.fe. Medical aStandanea was soon procured, a;.'I
the wounds were liresaed. but scarcely any poanbtU
?y i '.?r racorery *x He. Her Lu-band. who is a
journeymen tatear,was absent at tbe time, and in
order ta oamva haa uestnction, she, previous to the
? i aanaaaaoa of the a t. -r-nt her Lttle daughter on an
BStaad The ca >e which probably leu to the com
u.i>s:on of the ra.-h act is suppose! to be great elis
ue-sof mind in cor.!equcnceof aprotractedsickness,
and her baring buried a young child but a few days
since Since wntm^ the above, her physician has
cawed her lease* d ba Baa Iserer-Tfeeh DeaaaaaL
Arbk-it8'bv the Polh e.?Ja- Mcehan
was yesteniav arrested bv officer Dowdican. of the
Sixth Ward, charred with stealing g?u the property
of John Kyan. c siding in Frai.klu, -t. i he a. cuaed
was held lor examination
Lewis Cudier wa* i.rresied atto^caaak ye?t, rd?v
r.iptumgin the Seientcenth Ward, charged with ah
aaaaaat aal. u tri.t to kill officer Voss while in the
discharge of L,.s duty. He w.u held for i-x lOimatnai.
l-'a. ;' I1 :i' u-i .r ^>k aa? t ,ki i. .i t > OM-touy bv a
pal eaaaaof UmTaiid W..rd,on su?pic:oi. ot l mag
t 4m ??>?>. tm y -pTlT ol tier Wn*rbt.rf?i4;rt M
XSo. I'M Vese- si lie ?1 cooxaau'.ed r>? Ju?t. . . ,
thropfor exauiir.atKvn
Some (idf-ire; thief on Wednesday even-rig stole
a horse, wagon ami harness rjelonging to J t M u
tin.con.fr of Eighth-av and Porty-ninth-st. which
was .standing id trout oi the premises ot D. Vachorn.
""it of Thin' .v and s-eventn-ih-st Yesterday
morning 'he horse went to Irs .?table, mmn? the h ir
I nese.ar.il t. c w.ieon wa> found much broken in a
deep cut o.'L\c li.o .ct.. I; ii',ii.!, near > tt> ;.. ;. .;
j II was eridently thrown there b) the ti.ief. No ar?
rest ha.? been ? Ml
i Chas. Kfllenholi. a Herman, was ve-'ctlty ar?
rested b> officer \N.-od. ol ihe l'r.i;.l W M I c.iarg-d
, with having n Caw wanks since iktste n from Um town
i toat I'tica a v alise, containing money and clothing
? to the value of Bet). He was committed to ;< :?.??? rrj
Jnstice L .throp for examina'.em
' Tl H. lit) f At i lOFN r. ? l.:isl ? ?emno a1.,.-,'
j 9o'clock, a man named Hi nry Fli cker. raaaltl ; ?
No. Ii I.< or,aid->;. w hile at work in Harris's Sogar
Fa. tory. No H s.,nie street, fell through the ha . h
, way. from the second story of the bunding to t m
I ground foor. breaking hts back arid also six <v his
r;l"s. He was p.eked up and cor.?evctl to the New
Y'i'k Hospital, wherejhe wa> p!? e i un let lie ,? i I
? of Dr Allen, it is haras] he cannot teeoiot (rasa
his lahsjiaa.
PlBB.?At i o'clock \e>tciiia\ BBKBMfl
a Are broke out in a dwelling m the rear of No. M
Mi tcc. -t. The flames were -,>.. .!.!\ e\'.:::s"i:-;.i d
with triflirg los.s ol propertv
SbBIOBB AcCIDUT. ? tfetiiv Mtwe:-. I
.street-sweeper, while engaged at work in Lioei.t!.
1 at., aear I'mversity-placc on Waataeaast) asaaaraoon,
was run o*er b> agtoeoe^ wagon aadaaraiair ia
??red He *.i< takenta hathinlt me by a Polio
man of the PTltee&th Ware*.
Boabb oi ASBtBTAIT Ai.BinafBB?Stmttd
BMtBa ? Till Ksi. > v. Sept i. lojl
t'rtft il? I lie Pres.o. at, A A Aieml Kv| .1:1 ll.e Chair,
Asatataat Aid Moore. Hale). Mebbatt, Wet'anlif. Bi.vce,
Um r. J B Webb, Jeassee W .-, b, Crane M?h r. Smith, T ? ?
in .in. i't art all, Sands, w srd. Batatar, Bly, ci? ?>i?
I'tnt o'is- BpAsetstani Aid rssaiaa, at* inhabit.?.sin
1. tie .v . 1, t ? i r. llSth ami tilth ,;? . I ii well and ,>u.np
ToCcaaasttai aa Reads.
Ev Asssataal AM Baads,of Traateea i St Patrk k n Ca?
thedral, for rerewal ot lease |" i tip foot ot Od st . E It
? Ceeai fas on ParrMs
B' A-s i .! ? \i ? ? ? W t : ??. >| ?,?,.. i r r 'il'u '1
meiie<- "aid f..r danisres t.'r CM >n wvr. fa Cemraittee
oa Fiaaaee.
Bipeets Of Coauaittcc aa Btieete, ia fat >r of laytrg
caesewalks aad 'epaum* s,iew^iks ia Madaaaist. ha
twtcn tlnvn ami .Mai .et ? s A,io|>tvd In the fojlowmr
\ a,- IB ? warier?The Preaident. a seiet aal tld M
Hale? Ifal ill McCarthy, Ba .?>?."? or. J I B/eah.Jaraea
B11 ?. Crane, Millar, Bauth, srnnaa. Prarrall. Banih.
W aid. Bolster. Ell. L'dwardk
i)i laaM.ta bmoi af ja?:iiL uiJ laj hsf 1 maa walba in
Laxnartaw-ai ,from )Ka toStth-st. Aitopted bj tlie f.d
I, u ng i la [fwm ?? ? The Pri s?!e,it. Assistant Aid.
M Ilali'. Msh'att. McCattnv. Hone. Ban. .1 II
v . Jansss Webb, Crane, MUler, Smith, Tstasaa, sVar*
.ganda, a ard, H lati r. v..-.. Bda area,
in ? ana . hi faii r oi Baggiaa and repturuM ?ide-walks ia
Mad - ii si r frees ISdto IWh sts AOopred try the toiiow -
ipij\,?r ? /h "i.? The Pre?ident,As?ietanl t!.l Moore,
H ley, M batt, .Vet irth; Boyoe. Barr. J B Wehn.
James Wehh, Crane, Miuar, im Ma, Tieatan, Peir*all.
Bands ? ltd, Botsti r, Kt?. l-..iwanl?
in ?.in..-, to aa nr la lessee rar aal La? ia I Ba-sl . he*
l\.< ei. ^,1 ai d 3<l-a> X Ado,.led In the MloWlBg rote .1/
re?The Prrahtent, Atsiaiaal AM M >re. ll ilev.
Mahbatt, McCarthy. Boyce, Barr. .1 II WeM>. James
W, I Ii. Ci o.e. Miliri. Si uili. ThVaiaa, Peatsall, Bauds,
W nr.'. Bolster. P.ly. Edwards.
Uf Caeaaiatae ea Ptaaaet.tr eoaeai to rente wrs"n*l
lax of Eioa LaoaHa. Ai!'[>tr?J
Of saase? thai pouboa oi Caarlea Baits be referred t i
Beard at s j'i n ana Aattpted
Of Centn ktee m p. i ee, ? faro* >( paria; Aar madseal at
frndaaisen Aashew Tranip, potireman WIHO' Ward.
Ailopletl i'V llie folluisirx vole ?l*re^e^er?The Pres:
? LAstwlaatam Moore, Halev, MaMsxtl, Mci tuhv,
I re, Bair. J B Webb, .Im.e. Webb. Crane,!Miller,
Bnuth, Tieuvaa. PearaaU laa its. Ward, Boltter, Ely. Ed
a irds.
of c mmlttte ia Repairs and Sappliee, to caaear ta an
nronriatl Si u for rewtllst. i and nithuu; apihiratns (.u
\ IIIlhWardMtliea hnwai AslMtedb) ilia follow memta
IBnaafiae?The Praasrh t. tssislant Aid Moors,Halev,
Hal !,.,?. .Met', rthy, Boyce, Ban , .1 U. Wane, J.,? Webb,
i rsne, hi liar, s'm.iii, rtssaaa, Paanall, Saads, Ward,
w tter.El]. Edwamai
ot i iniunitteeoa Poi re la throe "i payiagaiedical hill
of i?r E i' rraaklia, c the IXth w.oj gtaltoa kssaas
Adapted bj the hawrtnB vole \girmatn-r?The Hre?i
dent. AsssttnuAld v.'ore, Hale\. Mahbatt, HeCar
II v. p.. ee. i!arr..l ? Weht?, lamas weic ( ruin Miller,
(smith, Tieniaa, PaareaU, Baaea, Ward, lioist. r, Ely, Ed
W Hills
OJ' I i.|iiii',,:i i n Sa ie >s .ui.I OTii'i-, in l'iioi l ui
. ii - im pa) of Health w trdeaa iYom | ?>*> to leas pei vest,
in.in I?t January last Adopted I v ll.e followiiit \ntt
ijh-svil t- Ho- Prat dmt. Ajaaataal Aid. M....ie, luirv,
Mahbatt. McCarthy, II. ret, Ban . J B. Webb, J?s Webb,
C in?. Mdler, Bauth, rieeaaa Paanall, Baads. Ward, Bat
?tar. BI ?. Ciiwards.
01 (' 'ii mittel "ii Striets, m laior .?! rs rtax^an side
' walkt in llth-st , brtween kl-av and Irvuix |dace Adopted
l<. the following vol.- AJBiaialire? 1 he President, Ataast*
hi Aid Moore, Halev, Mabbatt, McCarthy. Boyce, Barr.
.1 B. Wetiii. JimetWebb,( ran*. Milter.BeaBh, Tieman,
p, uraaU Baada, Ward. Bettler, Bly. Kdwuni?
i if tasae, la Brroe ol lawns eraaawalkt aaraat Whstehalt
-l lll'd Hilllei,-(ill., e A.U>|.ted I.V tint |. Ilnw lilt Sott Af.
u, matin? ll.e Pr. md. id, Ass.?taiif Aid Mooie. Hal.-,.
Mafibitt, McCarthy. Boyce, Barr. J B Webb, Jas Webb,
i' tae.Milltr,Bauth, rieiuaa, Ptaraall,Baada, Ward, BoJ
t< r. El) Berwarda.
OrOMBtBlaa oa Police, in uvur of naviiiu bill oi l>r
, M Sirpheusoa.forinedieid ?rivfcts at \IVih WerdBta*
I ? ,. li me Ado|,ttd l?r Ihe follow .n* rota iSB'wallt??
l I e President, As?istain Aid MiN.re. Hale,, Malibatl. Mr
Carthy, H- ice, Barr. J B Webb, Jajaea Wtbb, Crane,
Millei Fmrth, Ttaama, PearaaU, Baada, B ird. Holster,
Kty, Falwardt.
(.'., - H. il rf. .if,i, a i.r-iirif.' Vounes and W m
I Vai".'? a* papaaeal af asaaeyaaapaBwd tyiaeea mde
!? ? 'in': - "'s ast.. laaettem al porehaae w* a m >i taCesa
? it, >? ii Praaats -
of Denton Pearvall.for let-e ,,f Houston st ^? Williams
lue: I Fern , oll, i tu i a. s f ? i ear for ten ve'irs, and
t. . ui . i. l.i e ,i : als tlmu i.ow utrd Kelerred to Commit,
1 lee on Vernes
B) BatBltnl .Old Edwards, oi ( l.ail. s Mi.l.ilr'..n. for
1 ,. tu.......'ii to aartgn lease of ls( M Chathaa>sl To Com
i ittce i ii Eiaaaes
Urperi?Of the Coaimittae on Pira DapartaMvat t> nun
mm riaresal Bona toaBer hoaea i EngiaeCo No 20
Ado;' i ,t
Of Cotamiltee on fteade. ia (ai-?r >.f perntg Kk-ai imm
? i? in lid its \'' I 'd >?? I'.'- aaaswiagruts i^r"i<i
efirs?The Pratioeni, A??is* in Aid Moore, Haley, M i?>
batl MrCtnhr, H...,e. Harr. J II Wel.b. James W ebb,
< ?.. Mslli r. sm ta liemaa,Pesaaall, Sand?, Wa d, Bol
s'-" I ? Edwards
p. tu tea? Bj ttsistaal IM Mwarda "/That the sunk
i n I' ts hatwreii I2d ae.l I*!- -t-. and llr> adwa? and (jili at ,
. ui oi BcfeiredtaCianautta eaBtmaai
B) Assistant Aid Pu.itle ll.atal o llwliaot he plaied
uiAi i at in suitable (.luce betweaaTth und 'mints.,
, aad t: %$i be tpprepnatcd therefor Adopted bv the
foUewinarota Atfrmut ee?The Preaident, Astaaaal \ld
Moore, Haler, Maii.ntt, McCarthy, Baree, Han, .1 u.
Webb. Jas Webb, Crime, Mnler, hiinlli. I lenian, Pear
uT.Paads. Ward, B< tsti r, HI . Edwards.
B' AssisiantAid sands?Whereat the Chief Eaejiaeer ol
thi i re DapaitJBSBt, in hi? roeaal Ana itl Be|m,it m nie tu
tie CoaiBson Conned, recommend in alteraluia in the
Hhsglawt i.oi aianaaaeea lasativs m ihe haiMint and
repairs to the tni sratm. noil tiouset ?f ihe depa/traenl,the
BpnaBttnaeal er MB-rianra. tad the trial .,f eases of uv
? .!? idtbal* a uun BK In? ii.embers the several coin
pai its, ami whereas the >a'd raeoauM adalion, if earned
out, may I.? j r>?luctne of nmch x?nd to the l ire Uej?rl
?ant, and materially aal itaegb wncy.tliarafora
I ' red, Thai it 1 e rafom I te i'. Cesamittaa oa tha
Pan DepeJtuwmtotaportti IkieB ? I at totaeexpediency
i ti.ui.. . * iah a.tern*, n in ti aaxietttB nrdiaancea of the
1 ' t WBl e. the ?u d seen . im ndatuui .?I the Chief
I ? gern er Adoi led
Bf laawtaal AM. Bmiih?That thi pay of the door maa
uf the diBereai PoliceBtat) ahessaea oe atrreaaed turn
?i - ? . i ??. :.r ToCamm tee Balariei o,.j i >iheet
I. Ast steal Aid MUlai?Tliai EMridga-at., from tlrand
: I rs.'er lie 1 bted wah gaa wBlw'it Jelajf Ailsplsd.
Ii Ai ttttat Aid Ewwaraa Tattthe t'owrmtiei of Ba
I an - a;.U gwp|d i s cau-e i lie a ell ai. I tamp aa lOth-av , be?
inern . tad Mta*sin., t.. Npentad wBhenl delay.
By Aasislaat Aid. Boaster Wasrasi B ap.?rais that m
.la. a' 1 ?r .scieriii iiu clcnn s aid laboriw men were
k Bed. aad ethers tevetelr hanred, by tha fiiliug of a ?u
slorv boildu in list st . '.' tween >th ar.d?th avs and mal
madaaaf and mai . il attiailami travafaswisasMl, w n ap
peais, bv Dr Hasted, i 6th- r., aear the place eif tha dss
Biter; tlieiefo.-e. i* it
fUttirt*. That the bill f Pr Heated tu> referred ta the
I . .. Coaunlttee, to in.pure .uto the mutter, sad ir, >?
rtte.r "i'lnien. it is ror'ect. tv allow a reawmanle curiit>eiisa
ti> n there'..r. and re; <.r' the -tine to this Board AdojCed
Bv Asaiataal Al i l rar.
Bmaiaeal, That au o.i iamu u ;,i?eed >n Baas-c . s.?u'b
tjdtf between \t ??tnurtoii onl Weal at Adaptecs
fcv Asaistant Aid. Mi Cartl j
Isiafeis*. Thai the Corporalioa Ctsaaaal '.e, and hew
l.erel.i d.reeled n. cancel ell inln ? - .. .1 f.r - ? 'diagj i^ken
i m, .i.' . iii b) virtue . f aa act saUtlad "Ante!
relatha t" the paw i rs aad dut.e? rfthe Ma.or, Aldermen,
stnl CetaaKiaent) .,t tl.e citv of Ne *-Vork. ,n tl,e matter
liag p>ssef?ion ? f, and la', lag sal ?trta.a lands for a
public Park ia the WIWU W'aad of said c.tv, passed J ily
llthTiaU Athsslad
/? tm Bsanl ?} Akin mm Btiaahsthm to epea and w?,rs
MSd-M , frot'i Km.'? Br <'t* read to iah-ai fo Coinnut
ite n h' ads
Rtsolntion tonurchaaa from Gee H S'."rd?, the house
ami e I No HI M"ieer-st f.r a gtat.oB-HoU.se f^rthe lilh
War !, ai d the sum > f ?I 20* t? a:?pr>; riated Coarurred
in by ti.e t tlow.ne v<-te Affm-hir? The Pre?let.t, As
. , tat Aid Mea e. Haley, Mai.natt. McCarthy, Bsrree,
I .ui J B Wabk., Jaawrs Webb, Cnusa. Miller, Bmrth. Tia
mtn, Peaisall, Sand*. Ward. Bolster, Fly, Edwards.
i ........ .. m Pr^ni tie Counsel'., the Corporate?,
w I ? - "?? ii ei.t and resolut.otu relating to the tth aad MB
. ha.In ' ('. ti' u.redm b. Ihe following vote I Birma
M -The President. Assistant Aid Moire, Hale}-. Mah
>!(?< :.r*.ar. ? fc?> BSIT, J B Wahk, June. Wehe,
i . . il ? s? ? . 1 .r-i, an, Petrsaii. Sands. W ard, Bol
|| ? Ely, L'dwvds ?
ia -By the Prematat. ra tarer of aa Ohaas-raiary
it M"ns Hnl [Will ha iaasiird ia nar as it ]
i l ti sdssa Ii?.! t i Maneej ahasaaaaaaalfM
io'rlaek I'r'.r:. the uunutea
Jo.is Ii C? IXBfts Clelk pro leoi
CoCBT or I <a>f?do.N I'l KAs?Ikl'ore Judife
\. C :1 ? Ja-us t'ervoton vsau.St J-tmn K rMu'mt. W m
.-.I /> tt,H.mi.?For all? seil r.?t?Mi,?tiuo. by ia
flitaaciAl pL.?tiJ '? Wim to i *u.u.ence suit for divurr*. Urs
ng to kis howse, ac., (t?ofwtucJi era. twsassl.1
.!:.ina;es !a.,< it iJ/. si?sJ-' ui. referred to.
Oa taa.ii ram, foe Court, tl e Judge ..ate., to thi I .r
IBM noli..! r -h.tev.r ti?* ?Dl-arr.1 ?^ .?' w .it i..?
^me.teatunoai was ih/.aB as to ksft'?l* / '",, ^
f, ..?, ,o i., d v i,, h he tod"; mag ^^'^
??' ? ' ' ,.': rka7MV Wh ?...jwra.-1
? . - es. It Skassa!?. <? ^
mm aartsmmtaw/aem *^'JtZ\irr IT, b.^tdoS
''^^>*'rft?^,^Mlit kJielorciixred a, l, Mr.
u* act?ax'hal |?? .'..from nul <o,rut uut..ltrted oa
Whitin-.orlhatstrUes??^ ,,,frc-ll^, of Mrs f
: >? i , , . ,,u,
SWawiar . e,
M ? Jen* ?6 ch /-ur?*rw ? TT?* /
? het bee IV Cdeeieal k- w ww^VTm, ? ? a^Sfc
lh( r ?hu ?t\?nrt \tl wOiMa< 1?
I -od-ol!rBi;.to t karri yj?
with teMoiecaedeber ?o him . I -^^T *''*'* ^
1 ? ? ia* ?-?- tSJ,
* ?Iii V ? IV:i>i?.?u ?? the eelaiit . i
i.-entr.i la bn Ibal if il stele ta lui IITS .
I*caaav* ?> "Ii tu I. a JL-aafS^l*
*??? a er. at deal of .. . ,V ,? *-awifil!?'
-t Id satisfy he1 kr ttieee?S!
i ? : 1??.- an B< in ?ii.pic.oii? . | ?rut (nr a?2?Z
'.' i v lew la .? g JL?*
1 '?' ? ? . t ' ad Bet* Si
!,'/,."."'? ,'? " 1 r,,J '????eMjni
sera i t it i u.HiMbe ?> her h<?o.se oa a ?sarta-atar aW
Mr I x . . ...v,, aH
. tnul, ; i > -.n lan lharr and it ???U eat
f-kewlwei ? I ... i vi? at tha J*tr.?a4i
Dr. C waa . rata |j ate by Mrs Karra.? i
? i irate)w t, Mr K ,t i, ..haiw'ai
? m .-.I . 11.-id him il il uua he Mi l'i
sa.u..: e wo,.hi Use w.tu him a?a.u tiajKa.aa* eaea read
?*:d he Ul tnNuit to Ihe i aaferwaev v. ;h is.
ted 1 called toDr C..who wa*ia the bark.ieeaL
:,T ?'.'?'" c" ??">?'tn ni..t st?:, *nd leiae tliera le
icthci . Mi Ja ?na ?n. it ,.| the back to..** wnb tie
1 ' rerraiaa beenm aagry aad ernered hi a
il N r. t .1 t . .,nj i t..i,! him thia atae Mr Korea
? Boheaei aadM Mr f arderedba?e?aa>amlaa aj
i i a weal oat, and M- k eaBewed hun. but ?hat ht?a
i ice in the entry, if Mr V struck hire er act, I de Bot
ka ? .Mi I tr 'ini.-d .?n,|ih#n alm.?t itiime-hatelf af?er
?aisii ut .-ut huaeat/, kearee* Dr C ma mr uLse* I
ba Iba Durt.'r hr h t.l :-.<-.,!,,? aii<i? '-r see>n< thai -air
aaa Ibete, and ?r eroeM .'.>?? to hit omre iMr
I'm la* ?? I. it tins l.mr. a coal-.ard near there I
1 -.. j to II Doctor,lei ai ro dowe and ?er it elm.
i t ret thi* buaiaeee recoit.ihd,. it ha* hern mr habit
ut ha?i *.>r a lvW4 time, ?f endeirvna? te recuacile
?' ?.:.??% hi ii th. > ? r, -i Mi J iheii.-?lees ia in*
htiM-e-s we ?rot down l.. il ? hsd h?ee ui
>tr i ? I); i i i,,.?f ealaf eaaes*s?M at
redae 11 -t. ?? that eeaa eMreajaeeaatate
i ssriiltl.t re i.> Iu* *.?!.citation lo inUr.-ede with hit v,ite'
i .11,..no' \,r. raarh ? ur ll *hrr? a maa inlrrleiea
bt t?rrn n baaaeead wnl wire, hr <rt. ih.- araeal .>f it Ta
farther qneatm?*, Mr w a nd ? i here base aeaataaaa
X, '.-?!!? 1 . '?' : ,Mr*.?' kae lern ?uceaafal. i raae
thi is-il..i kaockedabeal wentlolhe h?tise mJMr?T
r .:i.rr lau. lrt are ia. Iber .svuierd a bo.iw wha*4
h.-dtaen occiiBeed b> Mr* IV i.i. vtous lo her etarnaee
Mr Caineriatwaatae centlrmau who iiilrw i.e.1 M . K
to met II .n.inrcce the ?uit."
Mr I, >t w art : <i ?ttetweai.
: " i X! K ttivr rx.irrased duaatai
hi tna as te Dr.C .end i ???..! i ::..m
l>r ai '.t.Ur (hiev min, r ,,ihr, res.vrctjhlr ah*.
?*i'."'r ?*??'??? ad* ..? .. j w,fe lo ukereuhaca
earl] nOctotwe, itm ik ?a. etatad tbst ta* suit a n ?i
ret -.ttl.d ls-mf laVrn up. j,i..bablr, atain.-ai aeaeej )
Mr r wwhfdtoaek laeetioae about ihr t>..nd. kc bal ae
Di i had a ahiae t? do w ith that. ih< Co irt wnalj net al
Ittw M Mr K usr.1 s?\, .?' ..irstmne. h it n.4buu of ear.
' c i .? ataeaeaet r
Ml K. runs, n ,:l?i ,|14t ,|? j , mated iu* testun,?' had
u U.:.,. iod thr. M,<re aot prepared
? th aj \ i.i > n s'.ni. njr, and Ihe case would leet
Mr. Aadri ??. oer 11 ihr. eaaei I for Mr.f .. laea made
i ti .e ai'|a-al t<> the Jurv <>ii thr .>:eoiar of the IVmrl ha
l.mlareiied aeitinit thr case a* to Sir Whilm? Iwia? du
Bueeed. I ut w a* osrrrule.l h, th. Juder ) ii* , iiiru tesl
Ibal Irespaee h J i-een st?..Mli and the whole ea?e wae .-ae
? iich oallrd fi r rteni|darr ilamare* Dom the Jury
I he Court chargedthatM was eolal] a <iue*ti.>a ae le
hrthrr Dr i' I. ?.? nrrr orilrrnl ..nt ?? Mr k and did inH
jo A?toi'r(' heaaa ia Iba h e sr. laare ?asnoiraauaae
[l e ? ae k null, d h, > hr w i.? .a. ? ? n.uit ot plaintiff, he
Im.l :i ntl ? il rir . and in a.lihtioii to ?hirh.it ?as ?Vi?a
thai hr hud hern Mi- K \ ftuaU) j losiciaii, and a.-rua
taed to raat Ihe aaatUJ
The Jurr, niter a ?holt ?hsriicr, fmn.l a terdict ,u ue,a
of d, (l ndikht
U i N ' oianst John f si.*i *,i? - Hv a soldirr of the
Mcireaaa irto reoorertheralaeof alaaereratraat, th*
d< ii bm hi ?s ha 'i a i-, it recerred it ill it ? si mthr oeeraa
11 lo.Sinei.., .11.1 sell Iml?.i Irr.,,!, rrlailml to |he ll >
? Id n.a iiu-r... ind a rrr da? hur?, d
Hr.gham 4 Co afnmsl K V. II rtmor* d Co -Mr. tVa|.
M No* receired a draft far t*M froai strveneia k Perlet,
ut Freneteco, on kt v w a t o ,a' Meaura, ?hi. hthsr
led i . i .i .1. in idaak, *o a* to
?isr t intotKih.r, In Mr .Vv, ind idaced h, bun in the
Honk for ret leer loo, bal takeo net befoie d?e. it
... ml Baaathorrretl, by a clerk .if Mr N , ?h . sold it ia
?>il .i . aad il wwj tinaliy aerrhaeed by pletatitr? The
sti h n lug '.. ea ill.'; rd la hare iieen ftaudalealb lsli*a
urn the beak, aad a naht to it claleaed u? Mr NT, Maura.
\v eere ia douM who to aar il lo TV Court raaaMetad
t ' Mi N.hai : iadoreed Kaaadeil aiaidkihla.aad he
i'. i.Id i.ot, lu'in axainst a Nma tide Imldr: lor value Ver
>lii i lor i laintiffain amount audinlere.t
tferv r innri, i i arst .V* i'tr/ r iniraa* ? Suit for slander
neanist i i.r. thrr m 11? Kor derV-ns?, it was averred that
[damns iaa eaenied weaaaa, und tho action should bare
heea bnaiehl leeatli ra the aaeao eeTber hoabaael IVtdbhl
il aas rr| iied.lhal Ihr Iinabaiiil lall her, in i bae hern re
-!?<?*??? elsewbere for 11 ieai?. and il was ronlended, ia
-in h a caeO, n woman Ii is a ri^lit to sue oi hn own name
I hr Co it bold ih it ehe i Beat eel, and leVe l omplemt waa
dismiss, d
? ??
Brpasm CwVlt.? flhasreaf 7V,>? ?llelore
ladaa B^aa??de.--peeiaiaaa.?-Mkaria t Pjnerfi e?i
II Hh?m Deaadi -Motion BjrallMuot]. (it beaaj sioea that
|> I is n,i i rt ha* sj.ii inl.ank, and the t nie Item? that a aifa
runin.I have tloiK.nv nor m e menus lo eariy on the init
? hrtu ihr ha? Im am In isrlf.) driued
VetAea*ei D faVea*aeagl foseeera C //. war-Mint for
i force Re port eerefereee Iwhbrh ?as m farm <f Mi*
ii ) sei Beide, ai.d eedee at Oet in. IBM, aacaled
'orn,/ie Oritmmtn nvt Ji.-nH Cr'tlmHrn ? Dmnee
I raat ad
Saaaara U? * ant UuluA tin \ - Suit for ditnn-e Tlie
artaa wen ararried iaUenaa . i? a* laal kan h's wif*
aadcaaveteMew-Torhabeal Iwahra tear* a?o 8b* ha*
beaa here (ni a fr? months The euit i* for raSeV litr a*
to baaroprii t> of ? oadaol beta Door. <? <r:im?d
It ?/,?,,, r Utrton ut Lmerttta M Horton ? Disarm
ih lord
daaa M laaVarafl John Andm - Dir-ife* rranted
? a?
CotlBf Off GSBJRSAI Si HtaMa ?Si pt I ?
BeeneeJad e Bebee oaf Aid MBtaraad Traahlai
/.. 1,1 beerte Hm ?? fee it?et-*The inal of l.swie
i' el, charred wrth thoutiar. with iateat te kill, Ja-oh
Clouse eathi Oth of M*rrb Ia*t, wee aaataaaeaf Baat|*a>
I- ' > ii> fefaadaat iatrudeced ae Bear wiinrase* i>ui
?id. Ii.,. .1 ot, li.r lt|.o;l,. irue, <>| tlie lO.e.f o.'feied
hj ll* Slate tml room ??. rhlioratal, tumioad af by
..hi-. I |..r the d, I. n.r. and lo tin- tssiltint District
Atiarai | f.r the pnaaeeittlua Tha i a?r ?as tbnu unea le
* . Jory. uadar fhe chars* af tha Caarf, aad aaVav a ffaa
t m ti d . >n ee, ? ' i rdli t n| sn?ll was rumlerad, dermo
lb i Mi i ri oraa ? i lina to ihe taoeey af tbe
i rt, rbe j-raaaier wee thee raaMuedod Bar eaaBaaee
n Oreael ' or i >r l.'. i.ftt Moian WMffUtaad >n
trial, i bar red ?Ith etealraa si> from iha i-ocket ei Pe'r^B
t onaiaeaaae.oi Nee .rk. ,s .1 . ea ihr m<bt of ihr lath of
J ? . il an oretei oallar, m BeveateeaUi ?t . ke|tt by Joba
I' ?> i i ' I he ? i i]> lie, did (...( - Usl Hin thr ludirtliieal.
tl m mi ?ea icq netted aad daKhaisad Adonrned
I r the de>
COVBT (ni mmr- Am I'iu -f'iRi tit
( ot a i ? Nee nn II, , -j, BS, M, BaT, m. m, M?, MS,
ill MS il l. ill, Hi
m rai aa Coi ar - Special Term - No* pi, h, m to 77
CostaoB Pica* N > if, MA, TK. S77, lrJt\ MS, Mt,OM,
. i. i. ,hi>, j?7, m, m. m, jw, m, jm, <m
TatB Aldi AIT I'ikkmiv.?Tin* iiH'iii'inr*
? d D D T'.inpkias i ?, Nu. s of Albany, accompa?
nied bv I delegation of their < nlertaineri (\o 34, of
KatVl OfBt) arrived in hOAsUfB Nesterday.and after
ii.?[.< ctu.p the extensive npiary on .Montague-plana,
psoeeeejad to Orot nw aad ot four af Kipp a Browne
TBOy returned from their ev nrsion alxmt S
o'clock, and crossed to New \ork. Tins anoriiine;
i . kagora 'i< pan lag gBhaa
?- #-?
Jf.\n!i Cgjaj,? Ve-f nliv alterinioii a
i. in i am? ! Samuel l.ippe , a llnag.irian, was found
in the cehar of hou?e No. 15 Stale-st., furing lata
Ii i re :ek and aithout atl< ri'lam e for wveral day*
[ a t When diM'Oiered he wa' almost on the rerire
? . ,- i o. i i.t hoi BhJ ha.) a morsel to eat for the
. ri in I? hour*. Officers Suii|?*<m and Murphy
eoniejed him M ihe City Hall, wnere Ins neeestities
aiir provided for by the rUiperiiitenderPs of tbe
gaaa >'< had aaaVJ eaai ntiy SB) upied an apartment
in the SBBMV [Mirtion of ihe hmldius, but a family
ii he waa Compelled la leave, and thereafter
Ilde? d al li i ir tit upon a bed of shavun<s in the cellar
where ba was found.
? a- ? -
SbBIOVS Ar? idum ?-On VN eiliieswlay
eveniT'S hist a hoy. named l awieto o i luney, fell
? own a flight of stair-, in a paper manufactory in
Sclif rmerfiorn st , and tn hi,'!? vei' -truck upoa the
i 'we of one of the steps, tearing the fleeh almost
mpUteli froao U.-. thro.it He was conreyed to
ti e< ,t> ifai! hy <iffi'er Mcl.angiiliii, and hi* mjuriee
..tu aded '.o b> Dr Vot bran, After his woun.i? were
C:t tu a I ?? wa> -?-i.t to *hc iwaaakaal a of his parente
n \ anderbilt-ae.
Mil l r ak v?The annual iii-tM-ctiori pa?
rade of the Fifth Dni(a.!e, <,en. H. B. Duryea, is or
d. rt 1 to take place on MeBadaf, S?th met. Tha
tnxips will be renewed by Major-Genaral Aaroa
Ward, ai d it fio]>C'l th-'' th<- < ommarider in t hief
t.oiimorilunt and staff, and Gtn. Wool, of tbe f.
s. A . a ill represent on the occasion
l,)i ggl's I 'uiMl .-'l *M OjaanggaaaW liare
,-: . ;. J tint-.- Ma inte Ich Itate 10 Sir l' u-e
* klebkatioa at PATBBBBOI 'lo-i^AT.?
Tbl i all br..'..on of the I nitad Amencaru at Pater
. on pionue? * to be a grand affair Large numbers of
bay !rom New ^k wBJ > m attendance. Thejr
are to .s-cmble at an early hour, altemted by tha
>?, Cee ? 11 ? .Is < apt lfa;.d, aud the New
lit, bad pOBOaahi hi the northern pro
ia uof the ci'.y. where all will be conveyed in
I ? 1 ? ' inlinealals are to hare
aa assigned them tn the procceaioa.
F'kkh'i - Boat Slbk.?The s,t?'am ferry
boal : u BBBg fiom < oopei's Point to Arch it wharf,
i i : k a ?la) or two ago, near the 1 er eery
... leu wr.a itt e N?
I ?? \?-i

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