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^piag comfortable accommodation to 1,000 o
U*r*lWTU-yi'.,Tr on V.tt
?**?itkt uiaxjt?, to p-it thernseltres in com man!
?*ie* J?th the proprietors of th" various means off
'Ton-aiM-.-.t<. t> .101 matt ?1
z' *rJto i.r.H ure ticket* IB. tBs pnneipBl Cltaee of
taeSMa?-r L;ve ;<rjVIm.a: ...
IrelaeAw Jf.r,irea tu Uj locality v.. hra the rsach
??ffSlVreefiierence in th?- I i I State?
oT-ns?- .uMoftaatawKtM I aa e laoota
^ ? ".?.???" ?--wir UM. ? I ' I
?4rl,rtthie? of the tVuiurd an: Col im !me
?e&4sW?ron Sew-Vork to G .rayhai i
T*?57 he 2.T3I mikM,?H . e? lethaol
j - b a' fi-rl? ?*:. in:-' -???< ' "
^abe^i'omaUsBed in eiahl I iyi aad.e t? i
t?** TiJua aiooid take tea day* icai y one ho
h i iv?-n?ol Ht tf - aa ne rate
^^tkatpotl tolrehu am ttoi re
""?3 rf'ae ahole of tho-e lent to the Brit
o? L_jj it Lireepool, an uei rm 1 l ?.'??;
?"J-*1?* By t.v proposed ne, el tolreta .
10 r^Tiiehtti?.r'le-tiiistioii a *. il .- ti ? it* ? \: er,
?r,VV,..j^car;,.-rtri r. bythepr ?
?? " .,?? are th> ;,.Jv i:."a-'- 1 '
? r i ??
be :>r->
?,rfl tr.cr. ff
. the ir-d-.K attention liaow invite I.
?.fi^Ves ?jTw.tHce to Ir-i , l by facillt ttl Ig
!-h.m?tixmr the eim?r?ttion ' ? ?-r pa ipte, rad
her intercourse w.-l, t - N.m w.ta
-V we is .ear St v. ar f- rnn.-.c ... rt-e.
*-r i,'?r.i bywiUHJraw.ngtuenou ofen rranl
, S which now taaeaates in the ae .-.-ir U ite?,aa i
ta ? . io alita - ws,. r< an be proata
^JT^^ree.bT-mieker.ina the Intercourse v
' ... n ? W. r d ?:.. I ie Ne ???
I? rB-arh sad aalB*rtnffi.j aaai
P^f^JTeaesttoa tne BBO^pa i bare stun i a ,
hicted hetf attention, well knowinz that r i u U-r
Sj^lmf thia nature can claim public confidi.i, -r
taiin-fo. ii . . eM : ? oatset it take
-?'?,'":'?/.. beau 3 oamme. enterprise, an-1
tri to ?t -tmporters am, kt re to 1 a-'.or
ra na isreataasat
a? dteeOTemreMigation of the pro ib eexpensei
?... i ?of the Ime has lad to the n lit which
l^exaibrted in the followmg s;;tt( :,,, nt. in the pre
*'nUoltol ?Ineli eare has Neri taken toaroidnJl
fi*rr*aBbo '11 regard lo acoaeeay --r aatkripalad
' bar sb awfce trw raaai1 i ??
aeaaaasf wathoajaaJp .I<
I ? , u i 1 I'""" ?' >: t>*r nionili Ii.ioo
. 5 JVaiuai per ?ouimI ?'.va*e. a' - l . r-.i.. '.i n-.i
i......i : i" ' ei,t . Ilis'ital.? e ;? r i ? ' l> , r. - ;
ruin* aad He;.a,m Ii ;*r caal -la all t r III.? ?
??1 on Si'"."". ??? , , >
iTi>?iM"B Bi 'i.ooust. .ran. ;..iss? apt ra,tH is I 0 /
nn^jreyafe,at Sie aei ?I ...v ? , ?saga a >? ?<
ieiur 4m k . ? - j
?J?gs Be Saw aaaaa ?aaaaagaia, al Hk . iooh?
j.?rtii.air> -. ?*">1 - "'-""y aipeaaaa._li'J?S
i ??T
a^saaa/aaasakaaaai aa (VfBMM at Sj per seal >."?o
re> ?.ii' r .
v?i.iiiu'V'i .1 tl- ..f?J.V00n
twrabiiiattaa.?SjBBI W?tt
k.,,iM?. ?31 ?'
OaiUr.. _-in.,?H'
Sil,ist m ??er 7 per caal timfit.
?jvm'.""'- at re<ii;t? OSM Bot r.'l'i.h- BakfBI <.r
''ffifli?.?! loeoaatrael aab pofl ... ti ..t Ijttt
??m i|i|aaaMi|iiii The aatiiBatc e ; ?e? her te earn
_y ga innii j :,ss,.|,:, is ..i, ,:.. ?. ii m.-warJ tni If
?i,nk?ul.l' ?rr) bei com?lnitent tm ilia hecaeward tr:
?hteoiidn'i'i S3SOB11" ker taoftti
In eons ii' nnir Hus mi;. < rt. tin n lersigned hare
saJaaMtod in oaonook ao obj< ction and to gtre rail
laBBtB ererj obstacle, Tin y hare, on the other
baaJiBSaitted t" eoanl mini contingeooieiwhich
?i,n;,l ? i a.l.l In i.it e'i.iii.-. - >?t s-? i ? i
fai bviaaaa ta tae BBaotiatol irarel which usual
It i? iiiiiin! lo folio a iacreaai .11 atilitk i.
Tat areoability (on which they conldently rely)
BaS dirset and saaj lateteoaraa wrtb thia Republic
? : aad to r us. tin social condition oi the lri.ii
mbbIb, ta create ia them aa inatastrtsl tnorgy, and
iii.i- to aaaia -;ieli an latarchaare ..f product!be
haesa the two coaBtriei a. win load the proposed
Mi aBadttpt ?.th proltable Ireight.
Tkeae, and other ?abioeti ol tarorable anticIpa
laavbari I ? en left oul ol net "<m' in thi nt lief that
H a wiser to promise only wlmt may be regarded a.
hi(tiili pro table, than to excite bopei whli ti maj oi
iiimv not t.<-1< aliaed
in 10 IV II HSSE HEN BY O 1(11 I LEY,
.IiillN II DILLON, k'BEl M \N in N I
.in.sl i" I ST I' \ltl'
Mr. (iai i i.i > beinc called upOBt^oka Itthstail
trail) as fol ..?< He Sid BtS ?appOBO, after the
Inciil stat,-in, i,i iu-t n ad, thai ha coold add mu b lo
ahat had been said, or throa asore light en the pro
ji el It bail 'a i-ii discussed, anil U > I warm friends,
amonfr mhorn ha waa oae, ami though be was noi
the most tai i;iii!u*. he considered its success demon?
strable, li we oaa i toss tin ocean in ten days, no
?.in am v would choose lo be al vi i Iweaty, thirty
or ntii i \- It is propooad that each uteamship
make it ii i or area i year, aad it n nol at all unrea
?aaabls lo c ilculate that on, u nth ol the emigration
will pn it i i team*passage to any olhei This will
give us all na p es,iiL,,.i - v t it .qui f. kftei Ihe ???
tablis|imi i.t ol thf line, WC ahould soon timl it ne.
rsaaary to put on lao, foirroi ? \ Mi unships; ami
thev woukl all becrowdad until IBO) ?ufliceil to carry
?t lea-1 ihe t migrant -
The a v il t.ot ( atWBy ,v a SCapotl have
until lately been imperfectly uaderstood Vo Irish
men I in n s,.|i? s the VN i-.ti-r a t'oasl lia- been rallier
aa ondocovi ted country I Btll the opening ol the
railway,'?st month, it was very for from the usual
renn s nt truvel, and Ihenroakei bad verj recently
passed .nt thai mail in us iii.t paying passeiuter
train ka a port, Ualwayhai pomt? .u superiority
ko liverpoul it is leas liable to obctiurlion at low
Bda, aad offen an ample roadstead True, it is
arged Unt Lirerpool is ibettered by Ireland, and
ih.il Galway in s upon "a lea ahore," open to the
SUaatie . bail ilu. doei not al all aib t the pitssaite
owtwatd front Galway here M ia not, then, an uu
rc.is.iital''i citlculatioii that a large majority of the
paaMaaateawd taa smiaratioa iri.to Irelana would
ssaj bj 11 >vvav i?..r iBipawoul-l avore^e l.ooo
SBBjgaals aad n*> pabia paaai agers to each ii in, an I
the pas- ir< i\. ui,i t.?. auMM lateadayn kc 'oruinglo
easNul eiccBlatKMis, the receipU ol the tirst stenm
sinp ot isti imr aroald ? gceed B9i O.ixhi per annum
?MS BUeraga paaaaagari ot poor emigrant* alone.
Tin red i, - io,m Inn; it would ultimately be lar?e,
a- .iw. it' -t bare the Malta al krait those for Ire
land ahichcouMbeetmreyed mori t \ .? '..:...asiy
bj^taisliaa laaa by anyctaei Bui wensk aal n>r
aSBM t< ..s, as IkSB UM sc knd in Ihr i.rs; place, we
are MS le 'i oV lor Nbacii] I 01 > ma ih '.,> those w ho
think aaft "i niutit Wb must havi lubscniHions to
BM mbobm ?i Haifa MiUaat '.?? buiM one ship
when ll i ., bauit,]>ualm Mandl r.aiv to build
saetai i She aiaecti them all t<> I a btuli here, and
ma BMSrrtals and laboi are to be employed in their
consiru, ion It inieiMlav suerHi.se the necessary
MBBpjsBjAUMui here, .n ten d.iv i more Dublin will
'?use .., bt ? De not u i it- Ilong i ..?.:? t i.., but
icvih, K III Bp ihe ? iDBCnpUon at I
Mr I ii iNi is k Tuxoi rt^arded las aubyect with
orepmtcre.st The iiieasur? s ui . .iitcinptatton not
MSTaaaaid to peoaaaiotas ooatwsienci of alargi
is.rtumoi maakiad, bot bad for tisttr obje t the ale
??tue; oi aa saareaaad aMtrra Taa establishment
Maaaaauii oa taa Waatarn Coaal ol I re 1 ami tm ihe
purp?..., s i ;, luijsi wouKI at eeaaanly a lu to the con
srvjuei i-i ?i In land The s|H-*kci ca.. trie t>ro t-, t
r;? he . .\ - ; ort.
Hon Um N |t;i: ?.?: NajfcTille,Tenn.,followed
laaksssasMsSaMfcalargumeaM tafafoi M t.aiwav
a* belu thai Irishmen were tadaatnoue, and that
MlBaaMBaree al hrlaad vsi'tn.i rapidly improve
JSSkaritit opetation ol lltepi .?oscdploi Her intn
Samtanaig aad Monaanical :....usii\ neeJi only en
'"urht. n , nt io place bei in the Ironi . .uu ol , om
nan ad tai am
Mr R-i: ,r.. o-,; aa ?>. Ji. a tt lane hiood with
'Besehest*! tor M the roanvanpat of ITIibbb " Ba
waBBttaail 4<t?t waal sad bssa laid, thai there
*?>tiee',.t anv further proof of the proatableases
tt the s, , it if ;. aaattw apoa a bkok ? vary aaaa
Jsst e*ta us own judgnaBOl It aaamed to aus thai
9*. siojn-i nughl be recommenJi : on other and
PjtaMirourids taaa that of Prodi sotery ? * after ( ,,
"Mabare other orsaai estoea their pocket! lie had
ecnjc t .M-s.H-,tc the :>r<"e, i becaaaa Be beuared t
?m saaaka ad bi the iaieteauol j isl .-?? aad ii
?mmm No aril reaaoo exists why thert ihouklba
* ';S"e-.. - the means of conreyanceb tweaa the
"ta aiai p,.oi. Upoa the land mt are rid of I i
2". ?he c i, iTOgOM i'V wr.rtit T TTPh Ta*lB, 1tB|h
?gey ot Mas state-cosa h, leares he poor naa in has
-^fc** Masaa ataaliMiiaj oa farboansd. steam >
??""sreat Republican ol tie an naoei aee it we
2^walks a v>:n, whai i? ss .m^iocr^lic !.;hui the
^r 0"6e aaaaooMMadedthai bastaSaNotsol I i
?com ;?., v demanded a . lose iti t our-e Com
**? ? i. ti:,- ?re?: driliaat aad day ^v day. u tao
J*?.* Skaaa hums wen- aaada to hwlaad,aha
. 1 > >i, a '! , ifaraol Unei .. md improve by
' ?Nu t Roatss- > made a lew ?wopy rem ir's?
<*> ihr p'Oject generalli lie called tor indiratel
l" .He.iji wA? male up of drofa ai-.d
aad ?i>p> are properly an.-n ie- to, :<v heel
ha ta." ^'???es. tho niaV, ?teamsh ps Hi aope I
TV >'^" v wl*lm>wl1 *Uh>- !d.tn jaopoeil
The aalaaaai BeaataiaaaB were taaa road as
lu,"?v Hvar, Bi
*r^i<i..fs ,,, ,.ai?i(> BBaaaaaais Ifeettec.
BsaaZr^:,' Ttla,s s,r*m wl" 0(14 ? mbbmbmI as
K'.:Vf*h, ,;'" '' >>ndged the ki
Ue o ? V ?nt-hr-nai. I the s :r 5Ua labor ol
aw- rsof tHe New? CC*UC' *lta *? 'TTMlsg re
s.?:.,,:i ! ' l^^ST m?"xmaV ?? ^"deration.
???*? toil, hl! m >lr U> *90rVl ******* anU prote,
mi wMaaai BaMgraau and to ji-igaie the.r
imfennjrs, deserves the faror ind active support af
all friend, of humanitv
3. Thai there M good ground ft* hope tint th ?
greatly increased intercourse between IrH irt 1 a". 1
ArxcnVa consequent on 'he esteldlihjaeat of the
pi HIM Old Line of ste-imsh.r>?. would stimulate the
i pint of commercial eaSsrprnaj and in iu?tnal nergj,
aha Ii has latterlv be-tun to manifest itself tn Ireland.
i Thai we warmly apptaad the rptril azhlbiae jIhr
UM prc-s ai.d people of Ireland aa IBB*, su . e.-i. We
exhort Uwaa to pel seesaw, aad, a'?ota all. aot to i ?
law basal eakannee ta asar the success o' a .:
? fruairr.t w;th tne best result* to tbejr wh o>
i i,;'n
9 Taat, hi view of the facts ?et lorth rathe '
.: ?...wUeh bean read to taamantles. lUrge
latnri aa Iansaaii al ia trie -to, h of tne In ft aad
:.i:.rr.< sti ari.-h:p ' "i..par:;. r: iy > ? ?? :e..t >
SI l|C ' Bled
i T: it the alternated saving of time, ia the eoo
?.(?.;::.( 11 mans to tr.e llr.t>fi l-UnS, .'i: i:; re
i ?; r- ia !\ t< Jrr.ar.'.. :. '?< tne < ? 'apany :..e
pat oni |c ol laa General Govei eat
; ! < .. o i.t.oij. wi r> .dopte : -r.aroin' , !y
Mr Dnxoa, in Ior.clusion. read the pro. eed:n?s
of a sin.dar amslingnranlly held in liuMin.at wh.ch
--..res wire taker, iri favor of the project.
Tba < ha:em*n announced that the books of rub
- ? j ?;' i. arc now c; ?-n at the oaVe of :\,< [rial an 1
siiiirsrsB ItnaaaUp I osnpoayi No M Wall a)
The ?ratiag ?Ma ad.oiimed.
.imiire ? onk11mi'-, Life laDaaser!
I ii read era eaa imrdlv nave forgotten
'..< _; 01 man in >>' Hon II. K. Smith, I ??
.- ara I i a Commissioner to Buna!", a ? :i
lie > id adicating the caae of the fog tive
Di n e|. that
? That -.aw shall go bark to Kentucky to ht*
i eater, aceordiag to MY riotIssow . aadifaayaaa
dare to o; po-e that decision, he suall t.e ?nuT
aaa s !"
As that slave I.'is not cone I'p.'k to Ki nf! ky.
hol i a-1 palled bt el' lor Caaada, by vtrtaa ol a
decision ol D 8 Dastricl Judge CoaaLina, ie
nous apprehensions for the fate of the esteemed
Jndgi ue v ry na:ural!> entertained. Wo are
i v la state that, up to the moment i f 001
. t -.vre. fron Auburn, JudgeConklfnghas
:. ? 11 heen " shot down."
By Telegraph to the New-York Tribune.
21c died Manfully.
Details of the Wewa in ihe Cherokee m
Ni ? tiKia sss. Wadaaaday, >ept. 1,1891,
The steamahip Cherokee, direct from IIa
viina. has arrived at her wharl From pa<-i :i
t'er-. we learn of the complete failure and anni?
hilation ol (be LopiS expedition in Cuba.
Paaaengera who a itoeseed the execution ..t
Lora /. state thai he ended hia lifo minfally
Tho failure of the Expedition i^ attributed t<>
I ?? paration ol Col. Critu nden's com aand
from the mam body under Lopes.
'i'l.i Patriots are Itated to hav e deserted Lopei
and lilt d to the Mountain.
.lust previous to tba capture ol Lopez, he had
but thirty remaining I'Mower., and they finally
deserted him in a woundt d condition( so that he
had tu t one remaining friend,- he nrandered slooe
lor some time, and araa final!] run down by
blood hounds. His last words were
" i ni i i . to: i it i i ii i '"?
The Spanish BCCOUnU state that ol the whole
nnmbei ot Patriota landed hv tba Pampero
ami from other quartern, SM have already bei n
ko i d and the r< il are now in prison
Pravioaato tht death ol I.ope/, he declared
thai he had been greatly deceived in regard to
promised aid in Cuba
A mi ? tine oi paeeengera araa held on board
th. steamer Cherokee, at which Gen Lane, i
Oregon, presided, and the following resolution
w as enammouslv passa d
'.That Mr Oarea,Um kmehcaaCoaaalal
Havana, baa forfeited arery right aad title to bi ri -
i- aided ..- aa taaerican elUana, thai he has notragnd
eterj Mntnaenl ol btimaaity, sad doccrvoa Um axi
? t .Mi ii oi em v friend ol Liberty
Anothir resolution requests his recall . \ :
tmi rican Goat ran ? al
VI i learn by tha Cherokee that ton IV.i.-i.
had : e. li killed at Pauas
WeewtUmIdlowiaffdarnasehfirtwa Tktft
^1 or t:Dsaiahai
I'll'Al I \T i . i .
Xi.? Kaunas, Rapt. i. I' M I
The steamship Cherokee lett Havana on the
Isi aistaiil. and arrive | al the Baltic tins morn
Krem dispatches to Tki !'? ... olfice, we
learn that Hen Lopez was captured at San
Chrietoval and brought to the eitj . t Havana,
when- he was pnblicl] . < led 0 I thi 1?'
All his Mien were likewise captured BU ! 0X1 ?
The inaurganta wi re atill mihMainiag theaa<
si Ires in the mountains ne a Puerto Principe.
The puiushiiient ol the narret is ana nbed BJ
placing the victim in an c??v chair,rlaaapiai hit
I ii.ba, placing a bead aroaad Um net k. ,uui gra I ...?
I n SSil I a n ii vs until Iba aeek is broken.;
addltiaaal t nbaa >< a?.
Pi l w -t'BLKAN v Thlirv'av. >t pt I, Iggl
\ ihepatch, dated Havana, 9apt I, aaya thai
oil who leA in the Pampero have been aithei
killi i; or made prisoiu r>
Lopes waa arrsabsd en the nth ultimo and
taken to s.u. Chris tot il He arrive I .:. Hat tni
oa the 31st and was garroted oe thafolloaring
moraing (ths ist ins: ) at ? o'clock.
t r.e hutidn ?.???' tiilv rive prisoner". naMtlf
An encai.s. arc m the possession of Government,
and it is >a. I t) I y hSVi be,:. aSPtsact d to the
Mcl ihr gnni '*r ten yean
The laaifgt nt> Still hoU ths :nouii..ui:s near
Mr I al i r. S, thi S; niish t'otisul in this citv.
arrived out at Havaua in the Empire City, and
said that he should have heen lynche : had hi
masaaatd at Mrw Orlnsm
i nimi Attair. la vTaaaJaisam.
>;,..a. fajSsaSfl m 7**?. ,\. v. 7V 'urn.
Wasaurei s, rratayt lept issi
i TKe c:?x is rail et contra.'.icton rajaoresare
, ii.'.rii ti Lepaa, aaaj ths nrsst me:.: is bateana
! 1 1 e account >.ixshe ?rat taken an.; glllHsd,Sill
h:s t: en shot fHiai a..-1-iunts of the same date
rnakt hi victcneus and sdvasaasaa cat
I I w ashirtften seeaaa to he rather behind the
light hew hi n tn; te Cnkaa ariau>.
_ [Erf. IVes
i rom \t aaalaaaaak
Waaanraraa ndav sept 9, m
The Presideal ha- traasfenad vTUaam Wilson.
Priaclnal cievh ta the IHaaHe Land l>cr?artnietit, io
i the t hief t lerk?h:p at t"c Naaaaa Othi e. v:v>e k" H.
1 S Evans, rc..<ne<l
The Southern Mail
B*lt:?< a." rriday. Sep:. 5. l->!
The 8 "."hf-m Hall bsaMiii?Bd, brat brnap aa n?ws
w..nh lata?ia| ?. :.r
ajtaaiMfppi r>"tinn.
I nrraui . - ! ;v ?????>, Ii 1*51
T hir* r-'hr' e> < our.ties nre about ?.uou mtontr
f..Mi.e 1 DSM Tacket There if only oaa eppositi ?
I aty a- Km ?? heard from
>e\r-YorW Btaw Industrial Legislature.
thiri? ibssmb.
Ats?*v. Fr. hay, Bast a, ItH
The Keh rm Mectine last night a: the City
lla:;-?a- firth- ' ??.:--.-??: .res P Cam :' S- ?> ?
> efc. f*i:ijr a --r ? r-r I K-f-n - :-.f ,;>v
TU l..i'i>'r.a. 1.- f > i- ? i :.t. n.e- : -? r
? 1 ? r .: t !. sad after s. 'me .uf-irou! esscaBSSBB t irnu
Um DeJefa'.e*, Ma" ??? a ?*> ? r-? ? --i? : ???
? ? ?e?> ? ?. -' M Rr *t. t ,. i.tdr . ?e ;? .??'??
Tn Free Scho, >. aid orreu thai the Cnventien should
take v.nr setn.n ? u t ie I .re Scriooi principle! He made
his remarks ?uilr to throw oat some suggestimu. but Sad
M Botjea M ? I et
j a BflMta, Cfeaanaaa of tiie pasMeaa C eaauttee, re?
i-f-te.i;... >.:.. ;.. i? ? .
- Tot'- h: ? th ?? ? ? S ;. ti \'* \'r~\
??The lii.IUi.UiaJ I.er -.::<? ??>. ? i> ' N-w V ?.
e :r. e .t.t. ? ??'..-??1 t f:em. md '????? n-?ti.-e re.
qneea that all appheet ant r.. ? -ir aoaorabte bad* Ihrap
;..ir :ir ? t- I ?t. ?. , . :;n.. ?e : . - : .:i >r
limited character ? di ere (aided natal ??.? State ? > '?
e..ineeti!.:.ed?..?et ?< it . - . c ? t.t ? ? :u.: . - - ?? ? f
which ?hall be ample lo .lefn?. the sspasess ea* the Coea
the inhshitaiil* of the eeeeral disirieui f ir the.r m-ans of
rapport r op) rtMW thereof*.'1
fcieefwet. Ti.ai theeaeeeaen ..f "he . .. laa $? ita Las ?
(Stun ? !? jUest. . ' "heir rt? t. . n_- i - . 1
lairdilV Blows of the & Bi-ul Law ... ,r.-.i.-_ sted in the
.????? pettti ?
William M anm tie. or* Albaar Co iked fort
m? nt ol a C t;.mit*ee to ?. r . ve... 11? aud m
.i ? ?. ractSH d oaeauai ai.??
Hrtoirrd, That a Commi'tee he a;.jN>mte,l for drawing op
inwnsorial le the laamlsl ra, rac aaien . a enact?
ment of no>re efli' ient swwaures to pretact the emigrants
who antra at th ? noaatrr
Mr..I A m th aaoaaci that the M n feeTeraiWeet.
eta Cities, in i-"iiii. < : >n w.tti t;.< '.; .< >i i N- ?? t ?: ?> '.ii
t?en niakiac anarnenient? for the protection "f emiSTsnts.
Ut. Wat. Arbuthnot said eon raeee res rhtto be taken,
i nndertbs present irraafi m its emit tsnts were i .wed
:iwir. .in?tmni '.at - .iK.i r.i.,: . :?
M A w .* * i-: an ah) ?taken in act m< ? -
sabfccttM he i ssasdaiad ths present law wss well eaoa(h
iMorcee TThe raaaersI las ... catwoai I ??
Ml dad to '. ntent the raastttutioBalttV ot the late law.
Rrn,h id. That ort oordtaDi ree; otu! to the nomination of
?M last NatxiaaJ Indnstnsl 1 aaresa, I H n bsae .'
? nik. r. i ? W MM m ssthe . wh ? ? fthi W '
ha Ihn rueiiliiaii ia" Ihn I'l led State?; recsi . t ..i .? u
the chsarprirn of the BirMs nt he Labors ,sadon< who. if
elsetsd. will asethelaSaesweol kiaeu n\ ?? ?? tha
j a?>h.'e ?I ?' eli . . .. . i- w . ?. ri.tv ! . r . i . ..i ..i
ee??nai ??! ail I..- i. C'.rni r.n '- ii. . . . .1 ?.
W oiiaii. .Mam..i.. i.-! -. ? : i re?. ! ? ? .' t ;*?
mi nt of rasanixed Cossaatteeeni three fi
Rslkrredto the state Ontral.wha sreinitrnctetl tonm
priK nre thi n.imei. I |(i f.^mers la'lie neveiai < inta ?. to
eorrespood witb.ue to political w'tiun anil tiie Irinapsi
hi I mi prim iplss
OaaesttaaorJ t Smith, the I Uoe sfwas . '
Ii adopted
ReseVW, That, as the Conatiei >f Resseelser, \
Iii .-.wate, (??.??ii,' i -mil Si". 'i .' ?' ir ? ntitled to - \
r> efstee each m the snnnal AntwB st State I ah
M niei i st Albaar, test U.aad the Cesratwaol ITIrter,
Oraea, So lire aa, Daschsas, M stfumery, Otsero, Oneida,
Steahi a -uiii Sehen? etsdy to fo .r !)? legal. . ? ? he Ra
fi.rii.erM.i these t oinit.i? siiould tit i.> it thai Liberal
men ir. . Ii. m i.
rasfeeet, That ths State Central Coaunittea b< ? I
i/i.it.. ipeaa i rrasp i tec i weh :ii> Itieasti ? i Eaaal
kntht?, and all otlii r ru.M. oniati./atioiie. u.il ' ? . ?
what coaiss of policy the. intend lo pniaue, md linaa
taerrco-onerataoa m Hie nceonipli.hnicnt ofrefbnn, and
In hnre about, it |.o>?il.|i . a uii...ii... all tli-in' r mi?
nts ii- in tin Stats
Jona WeSeter ol Kmr C" slso sdeocated the sppoatt*
a eat od tin* Cotamittae, aad laooj i del bsran i ttoa
eh old ba taken oa theit part, astho) rughl rat hold of
eaanj isSsreetsaj dereloi enti It was rerr well sown
thai a ih.n'i. ? I -I ?a? : o l h> i vi ' eiimr ni.t .1 md .
net* sad boanees wars also paid bj ihe raarchsati there
Ii ,i . f. i il.. ? m v ? ra erred hi the r . , ... ..n.-r
ot EmisTstion 1 In- nirpl ii moasji ?lemid l>e expended ia
eeadisa th< ? ? iarai ts to the | aU e lands ofthe w . sad
he intended saoviac in tki ssstter in Um Raw* York City In
dnstnal Coat n n
Tfhe resolntion was then adopted sad Mi ??r? im .
Msaning, Victor Hsaot.Hi.mT sspera, John Wei lei
am! .1 A Siio'h ?? re a. | Bled is 'h ? ssa "? i
OaapataaaofJ \ Sninh \>- \ s ak the fo .waie
ri Bolnts ii was nnas n.?.? id led
Mr Wrttenberg, ol DntcheeaC nud that it was on*
n?-i sssai f to holutwo Cunreatinnsol Refoi m^i? bi re ir.
sad ?oegssted tti il one be held the Aral Hood i> in a;.nl
oemile llie ree lar annual >e.s.t.ii of the IniliKtiiiil l.eirii
iatme Ut I e held si til ia< oa 111' rsl Wi Ineed n ? v.- .
toaabar, IUj.' Referred to taa Stale Central Comsuttei
Mr Manntngenoeed that the Lerislatnre rurl the W-n
caltotal mid lesohsncal rooms, the Hedical Collet md
tin Atbeaj PeaMaaDs r. t si id the arerkinsa \ the
peaitenini) systass, aasVn the > bwvm i Captain
p ibnrj
Mr Staart of Aul ira fas r* t'.- n naameadati i
/ ? rVei rsafi ??? H I m as oana of rafuiraari
p J.eti White, of New* York,the p hliahei oftnapaper
of* which a BBsabor wai ie?usd, aw e s few rsmarki
Victoi Hanoi, "i Ni w York ?. ud, th ii taa Oermaae had
iw.ell ; 1?i? al?o l ? NeM l'l?l'ti ihnie.
John A sinitii waa tor Iseiiaf all such pmtecti to inili
rid tleaterpnee, ind ihoald not deeire a ra unmen. i a
tot an. reform orgsnuratina,should be ?t irt one h bvm If, ss
!i> t' nrlit ..f doitir for t!ie St ite Central Committee
.1 so.it-i Sfash ira, ine Laml Beform candid te t ?
Secrttanrof Stati rafenredt t paper once elartad m At
baa '?? Mr raaaar.wharh dissrsrsdthsItsfrennrensi bj
i m i ."i i : k.ie r. \.-....,! Ii.. K- i-n.n lru-ii.1..
,tl ,1 alter i?,uii.i i Irn II ? ,.. il . ited
J. ? ? M Iir ?.,...?:?-..' ? I'auie - . ; i ? r. md
? .? i 'h it Mr W ? i ?! Ii w?i.-r. there wa? u .t a
t..w ii in Un Blate bat w u .t inbscrihe bbersll) to rneh s
t'?|ier. p'i i ind ' w:,? ?eil . o..li:e'e.l. .:.d he pledge.)
h raw it il it ('?? nea ? m .Ita ? i Ian--- nambei ?'
w 1 ism Mm.inn. i d i... v i ?? ild ?- ? t IM stih? -ritiersfrom
Iba Tm tot .? .u Coh. ? - l n .... ....... nut* I ? *
its own merits and I* liist ???'aliLshe.l He would use tut
Dtdneni ?? m ohtaiamg s ibacntars
John White said he had alreadt |>riM iireil '.'OH tabsCli.
Lets, sad ha ! no deaM 10'' nstaiti o ild be nntsisad H
felt enrvanagadl at Ike teeie of thi I ?. ..-. rasa to tha ???
wacy .a use Pn ?
Mr ( i..rk n-i ied i ? ; the ? . i-r
Jeaa A Bautash -wedth Beeessaj ..f nryaniratimi. sad
li e rajsiBg ol in? mis 'o arry on the war. in r n- :.n< :
t: i ? ? a'!:. ? , '.d ' e.r im u
Mr U ? id i, .-me- ? . ?'. !>? ? -
e?'i ti in ?? ii'nl. in ? -?!? r t ? ? e.'ia. ' ?? ? \ ...-?? : i ...?',
usf theprocaedmgi of tat Lapslsiure, tu asVptad
Mr Stuart, i \ . ors e m aass i taa) , " r ||
naiii/atiou shuakf l>e etles te.1 UuaaahaM the State, ami
, ? -i ? s. lue fi litleinei. as in. i ej? . Oman;/ it ion
l ' r,.'t:ei
Mr Brown inquired whether it was left o-.tmnal withthe
stall CentralCmaautteai call ? s un.- t*aareattea it
?.....iTi,! i't i . in >? i ?
K.-..J?.! . i thsaks ware UkeaMadatadI thaTrastees
of Um I i. i... M iarti - md thi Ii- -rter-* ho were
ii ?t : ?
The Lenslalais thee ad .med t aeai ra Ai'ianr
the fust Wedaesda. i Si ? u.-. r. '.. ji. '.. e . .dim.' -t a
Sprint Reform ConreaUon 't.m !e4". optaoaal weh the
N its sal Ri I r Dam -1 en st't. r. ? '..? m.tte,- a?
rhi Ci bt? rj a ... no I u ll a ek, a M i sail
BBOaUu U .er:. : lad I ?it t ..- hsSUI tti Ot 4 lot C? t
a 1 ui
Manv of the Ilele. ite. ate - -w a ?? e .\.?? . the 1'it.
The l> leit?t.> ?| nil a :? ? ? 'es ? I liovenior it
Ins i . md lioneiuor I!uat tieated ti.em i*i> re?,??-t
ttjJD i
Ala raal aa Ralbaad Kim in "few-Jersey ?trt
eral Hen killed The Milit?r) Called eat,
sTssaroa, Pa .l'r; ia\. sept j. i*ji
A titv si-nous difficulty has occurred among the
Ir:-!. h..::d- ?t:.; 1. yc ! Ml the New -Jer-i v Ceatnl
Railn . aaai spruce Rn, atnnu U aUlna fnea thai
It mi ::-'f. ' ?. ? irre took p'aee la?t s-.ridavbe
laraeatin aatitrea ?u the disTanss CtanktsM of Ire?
land. reUtmg to -eine lot ad differences in their own
<?i ut.tr> S'l.i-e tl a: tune th? laborers, e'tiploved al
SsfSfSat j it.ts of thi road, have tortnt i t:u ;i..e!w >
hato partial u I haTi h.: Mreni hnrfWi, i araiel
lia aiBMaaaa heaa nrealy aaed BsTatal asea hare
.<? -. " il 1 tw ? il :ea.?t are known to t>e k..ied
I f.e Shi r:r 1 a? ea. ed out the tn..it:iry. I .: as vet
thev have Bsade du- littst unreaasnapcMtai r oCan
1 - Irs i hav, |r,? .reJjnre-anns. and v. rt sen
oaa lre< I :?? u :? areii aU Blnag the baa nl the roa :.
k'sesareaytin Inaainsw ezpectad and hailpintaiiiil
Usl ti.-t.i?>t. I a -r lasj tiattie. Put up to last , icu.: g
noth.iig i i serious i haraeier had occurred
Mr Thoma? tleardoa.a Catholic pnestol Baal i
b is u>id h.? :i .'. :enee amon^t their, u. . ... t t:.i .
T..t a ii t i.t hb.. rhooO. . '. ,t>, ...... . state ol
great ere.ten.ti.t Their, .'.axv yesterday > -r ed
.:. t.-s.: c :... in: s from i party o! In...::.... i iri ail t
lo attars ai set. ar.u Ussy c.sp* r-t d 'I .?-. ire
?. with raaa, psaaobt aad ?.aad ooaapolUarU
fellow-.atsuers I .:. '.firm w Lethe; . - isedtodo
so or not
afaihsBB n a i ? ?? ? i h
Mis'd IVas; ??..:. :n urm .rket i! . , , :
v Mtr st :Jw^> wheat u ?t ii?w7ie Pipe s>-k. ?. *?*
dullattlaix- w O Hesi is.. SSa; HaiM BMBf HSl
Kr.i? Jt-a. h i> Hn: > i ??til*:>- 11 ,\?r i.*j : si
u.r.in. ui !l.|l Ii
Markets Bn 11aaai best
Balee were made to-day of UWhtas ii .**r:-t
ill i a a: art I7j U r Laic x.0 Chi.-..re I i m oat .:.
? ii ? r art.i .. s
Market? : ? .
The reeeipts of the past 21 hour* : in- r>"en
Plata, S.tOebbls VfaaaT, ISJasS binhiili I -as.
SBsfiSS basbela. Westera Ftara at ia fair aiand at
presious rates I bit) bbls. Michigan ???.! a'S3 Hi
S3 jr. Theie isiu.i much BarjaBry for Wut x i >a es
w? re made ot i.Siii pi.sliel? UIJo'it Tis- ?TS I saa
i.? ;i aitiie aai wi:.io it .S1.xi.4e Oats ata d Bat Saa
.Markets ... t: | ?st 5- ?
Tue fc ???.: -: . ?er- b?? n th* arrival? ?<? < a
'a.?T IJN b'. I?. VTHsaT, r.o-ie CefA*,
r.or.e Bast,;-. S.Shi? bastic:? Nuu::.. BSB beea
da tto bq wart! T- :?-sr -p....
f? JAMrs O. n rvoi. EsqM ha- b BB
appaeaasd h Na areas fcaaaJo, rice J. R. Barriaajr
ton. decease.< \(r p 5, , . r ,: .1 ?fit
r in. v? rriprr.'Ter al I orrv"
El Rr. N S. I? Bbmasj, Ii D., of
Tn .? .-. T :?'??? .. ?' :- ?
M V:'-; i H .'.-lies rta ' >n? 1: s-., r -
inter, the T.-r-s ,\ er; in inj the '.'. ..1 CatbadM
Er las JJn tm. ?.? Gttttjrt? C
? ti he.d tj ? ve?r at Uo>Vr. ?:. - V I h .?!. ! l*f;
1; :t. We bei e ?* .irrai.? :?? hv.-? . ca mab-1 ?
ticket Ihr .;. - ? thi.? :.t> 1:: lue rite? : Th ?
< oan ???;.> t ? Isteini m i tt 10 d f i a pa >?
posed 1 nresrasfirt ( ollsge, for wtuei evei * tvBM
I .??'??'. ??. ? .
' I TV ', rEMS.
r~ -So" >:\th an-i Seventh Paoes for
a variety of City Item?.
[ Im weather last night was o,ii!:-h
d foeey at :;m>-? the mist ?>?? u.i-' ..mos* the
character af rant, bat there wa*no rhower op to 1
A M.
Nosma.?This grand Opera will be gtsM
u>ni|St wtts Reea De Tries, Bettuu, Benevi rtaae
and * ?> .?it;. It v?.:. I. wi icomcd by ? f ill aa hence.
t'a Tuesdav mjii, V, -:o w... r.Ui a x-nenr
whin 1 Puiitani and other first ? e las* sRraethNM will
be giv<r. Thts ar.r ?.? ? and no taut irthaehas a
srS f c.r ie of ftistall who aril] rejoice in this oppor?
tunity of m in n? M ng in in e?pe< isl and Mthataattal
manner their appreciation of her claims. She ha?
won a pro ! .1 ; ? :?.??.? . n the ?h?rt pe?
ril d ?.' e :..i? ' ? .. with us, .11 d : o one can look with
1:1 re 1 ?!>:.!. 1 f .1 h .:'. r? -.???n<e whea'?.: r
names ur. before r'n ; Lsl Tuesday ni<h*
aaoa that we know r.ot ot-!y how to apprec di i
w to reward a tru* iad taleatad artiste,
lesra thai two steaaaen were aeartj bargained wt
to sail for Cuba, whoa the disaalruus news n a red
>e>t? rday noon 1; let d h :? postpone 1 thai nterprias.
One of the ships was the Kl Dora lo, for winch
ejD^floo had been oaVred, aad B70,0BS had 4
(en it r another. Both vessels were to hare sailed
w thin a (<??? la is w.ta as many ?? passengers" si
they ci ui?: earn . nnartni 1 . I Ci i.r>e, and in , ?? ia ;;?
doB to pr? ?cnt anv ptahahility of Mlauvs,
Witbis a i a da) 1 two brigi h ,??? ? died from thi?
|s.rt Cm Coba, but >>st? naiblj 1 laared for port- ta I m
(Ollf Hoth t'a se ?e--i Is were ia leu ??;t.'t arms, am
.. and provisions for the use ?f the Lopes
;.;.m iaCnba.
?There was no asctteaseat is town last nigbf
Ihe disastruui failure of the Liberating ?rmy,and
t. 1 -a.' of the deemed ??>! hi rs. ??..- 1 .? 11 r d
topic of conversation, but their fats was name I
r thei a grief thaa m rage The mnaafoota patriots
\. bo w. ie so e igt r to in I Dpi | wa..e h.< -Mr was
m the asca rid an) are do a now hi re ? 111 teen.
Thi WiiAtu ami mi: Widow.?They
till -i ma: v iii.ii? 1 .1, .s ??,.,,. of i' o.essor Ander
ion, thi Qreat Wizard ol th North, whose Magical
Bi reel at Tnplrr Mall are ?be talk 1; 'he town an I
the astonishmi nt ol thoasands, thai we are itlipnead
to state on? ran simple story, but one ao leas boao
rable to his Wisardaalp'a heart than the others are to
!--,.it- The story 1-th:? The Wizard has sei
.?; it' tin- n glu 1,0 the benefit ol the Widow ??t
Mil bael Posti r.tlie Pourth v? ird poll ti m in,who araa
kiilidsomi tune -iia'e while in the dischargeoflUS
duty. Tripler will be over-crowded to-nighl the
wondera oi the Wixard would naturall) fill it well,
but the -tiper-added henel.t ??t.l lea.e no-t ir, nn
I d. d. _
Caos ?0 .Idiiv Boldibo, inn Allbobo
Bi.??? 1 - Mr Taltaaadga,the'l s, klarahal,received
a telegraph dispatcb yesterday from ln> > ,u, .M.i.or
T . from < harleaton, B. C, ..iihik ho and ins isaVati
bad arrired therewith Botdiag,aad troold bauaa.
distely start for ColuadMa, B < . arhieh is about 100
nnas oil. .Mr. Anderson. M< claim nt ol llolJingi
stillremainaIn Mew-York, baiseen, in comsaay
with othera, Boldmg t?> the iar* whan be rtarterl
The iequired amoual i$t 008 ih>' na demanded
?having been railed by < claimanta aftei Iha
< oiiiii,,--:"iiei\ esankhastion to that amoual from
$1,710,) we DOderStSad ha< been all orneulyall
raise.;, and Maori' aril] probably be felesjaphod
10 day to l.riittr lloldinc I->.:? The sum i< nearlv
double what Boiding cost BameB and kndarson
Goldsmith's Wan inc. \> idbmt.? rhe
? t ganl room- oi tail d itioguiahe I t sac her of cltaro
graphywfll ba opeaodfor bm wtnmnal elaaaeaon
Hoaday,thi 8th inst.,al So.t&t Broad* i>-. Inatrue*
boa at grveaM the Acadsm) nf Mr Ooaaanatthu
Ihose vrho wish to perfeel Ihorasslres ia the urt of
??1 it .i.e. .eh.. !> [.riv.iti 1.11? m 111 general
1 las?? - II.? rooms, which are lilted ip with all the
hurttry of a 1 rivata parlor, are m rfsctl) jn ored .mJ
ijiuet, alfording the hi si opportunity to poptMWBO
j r 1 o-i to enjoy the advaiit 1. ? >l In- .1 !m:r 1! Ie I u >
and exper enee as an 111-:.-. - (leiitlemen and
ladiai Oaa here take lessons ?? Ith 1- innen KClUSkOD
tt hi thou own homes, Wittum; be lag obliged to until
their progress b? tin ivernge attainments of a class
The n nark iMe vuccesi of Mr QoMaeiith ia mtprov
ingthc most erabbeil aiid illec.; e h.uiJ-writing is
welt-knoern, .ui'i Ihoas who h ire resolved to reform
their jcnmaiisbip should not fail to avail themselves
of his nutructkoB. w? tuaSerstaad that the so dleat
. j--t- w.'. 11 lorn.ed of the earliest applicants,aad
we accordiagl) recommend bo pupils to enter tas?
ii.ilni s in sea.si :i Mr lioli.'smitit has in ub-the mosi 1
ue; la pH para mm tot ttl .ant mceeasia bai lepai -
im i.t. and ??e have ao doubt thM ha wm aotooly
lullt susT.iin but na reaaolna dready :;.?'? repel ition.
The under OSBCetSOi ?M I I ma:, steamer Her
amaahave aaowa their reapect farthotrlate 1 oat
ms arter. * .j I 1 r?: tn a, 1?the pnassgafJoo of a
silierpitt h< r We annex the. orrespoiideru-e, wh.ch
Is alike iMMOrablO to both parties We need not
sav that r apt t is every where reap U I M an eitl?
en nt and tru.-twi rthy OBaSsr, whose MMN ?-s? w,.l al
w .-.s -i ;. illid iv a:. trTf.i-.i..' circle .?! fru 1. Is
Niv? \> i:k. 1.- ?:? S-. t sail
Tin r I dlSTSIB ^ rSr We. trir uiu.ersiri.
t i-r- ,tr uailer ?.^nr rontu?ml. '-irt lean* to utter tue
... 1 ua.it.? Fiti rt us t< ?i-u 'I ? .r r?-s,..., : 11,0 es
- . .:. f. r> ttwui'iraia r : .? 1 ? ..- . :?
. -? ; ??. 1 .-..!> r ,t. 11 y . ?1 ?1. ? .?,;; 1. ?! ir ? r
ti:. :., ? of ar eaaaacnaa wah iaaaaie,laM 'mder r-aur
ti i.-.i! e.iii .?'i I. I,:.: i" a m\~t ?*.
S sraaaaa aar Skr. j ira et had asttarv as) ?
tt J Goeaua, Chief OSTlrev
1. S 1.? . a ?? i I Kl.? r
l - ihsaaml.I -..r .,t.-.?r on mm -..?..-r?-ra. -le
-aaraaaati ?
1 i h r> '. : 1 .?.; if I'r. ? ? -r ind L i
Bus:. ? hi 1 1 bad 1 agaa? r
l s >| ko s .... 1 Hasaasa
Nesr-T-erfc.rnday. Sept J, tsot i
1 ?>< mi'n Y.'ir B'.t?-. aeaaaMjaaevag ? vary aaaasal
' ? . 1 -sj :?-.a..- ? -??nl r- ar ia:- ? :imw't ????.?r
? ?-??- ?? f. ?:, :e I in t ir-l ?-t 1 c<--j ? ?
i ..... t, a- ?...ii I (r?d ai ? - ? ,s. '..sv
i'..s-.n(vr ! .-- i , ?: --vi .- ' -earwtthawtbs
?as- I.-. ?/! ?? ?? -i;... ?. ... ,t v.-: w.?h me n too
llermaat . re .? tint me - ? 11
aSea ... vtaaeaa aal m alt weataen We aa <?
c kUDi.nl t.::.j::t ti?.n? ?i.a-? ,:. 1 1 ?'. ?
? ?sj Fr..? itea> r iate .... ?t-?: ?.. ???.?:. las aaaavl
;?.?-. . Lti ?. t a- ? : i.l At.nel ?
t r.-on1.!, ur .-ailant shif. sa/r mtc ,s>.-;. I retire froaa thia
?er? te- nth hulian isTlivilj iiaiifiidai all I .:
'?' - I * ?Ad "i.-il3,ii,r.e.L?l Uf" ?*:?-*? ' ??"? tt si]
UBateheeaexecratedsyaachai I ... I rtei
? 'ii.- ? 's t ?. :n ? 'e ? -?s W ".
:: > ?-?-. ..... ? ,, .. ..u 1 m ??? 1 i-"- 1
rrma-ri ? ?u:t. io.ast truly, t i 'oiriai
? ? ?
PlBI tB \\'vrEK-tTKt;t;r ?AM .'. B -
clock last night a fire broke cut in the upper part Of
the .arse ?tcre .. \V.?ter ?t , tvse loon bslaa W i..
st.. ore; :eo ? v i .rt:.*. Mite .ei. ? I o.. oil faator?.
aiid M kagahs. etmaaaaaaso BMeaaaas Tfes Baas ?
aasss aabdaed as asesdaoaaMtars 1 steo ?
?tderi .-? 11 -. -ss-f-. tour :<:..???*?> ipf
stone* f the building The >#* is not e.f.rn .tel at
.??er? h.sr. firure. and i> fu.lv , o?e.--. ,.a ???
Thecau>e M the fire MM . 1 rUuicd.
-4s -?
tw* The Rousset Kami's base a ?e:,-.:.'
the Br idway to-n rhr -th'- r i?* awaaMWacs
i.- I ir.tiett. i' imii) i.j a pir'umime
To ms FunM or THS I'\'olTIVE,"*
, j hi Bcir<;?.i!.--I\v:){a!kt-t';iM<'. the p; we o: John"*
! residence,has sent tv.e rho-:<-:.' .tn. N.aeteen
m tm t ? p>:r h the.? cert'iyiiig t > the merit
. i^ris 'In'tn. end thcr desire for bis ret am. A'tMny.
?ti the renn tit kiI it* i od Mrs BoU an*! PatSar,
Ihm cut. $; I mi ny* ? v .. x mi reams' ?s> it
1731r re o ?? ir 1.1 Pwi -..-ir- n.>!Ur?
l ere ire neede ! to insure the safe am] ;,?y.> it re
turn of Jolr. to his anxious wire ...! !:er svmrut.V.*.
rttj Blends The : ttat ins v..' hit ...i.aiant.
v? i bob tottoett! I . :ree! te be v. H I -ipen
11 .? v..v'?. fw: -Tro? r.vrnu.t ihe ;v >r vi
. >? ?ir.fii !. hire eter te-i the:r BtSBnat, and hardly
* tm v.l.er? to the re?. ?.<? WlMta
aad generously step forth and h.''p to makeHp the
rr<ju'.N:e >um'
. r. :..*> > ; . '-. ' .?: .: w.i? the wife of one .?:
veu, .,? pa .- ? x agitated e ? . .it?.??. .
" ? "".< :.x..'v .?? h - ??>?:. tor this a-t Ott III :n
it red Do; .r? and ?v.p; ve 'h:.: voe.the!) <- iai ot
thai Mioa-stowssen wile ihaigsd w:1-1 lertaasbaj
tha: ot o s i r> .. ? ::. r-.ore ti.ai' s.,\.rv, were
?v? i.t;t : '! e -??.. ' v> -.? lie ?> ?? >-.- .-.. ?
t > t! e owrer-hip ot' another man tor life, or re?:ore
\ '? ';.. l.e- ird l> !p*d e..'. ta::..'.) T i 'x \o
i it One Hi.nilied P 'In i would Mibe I .'th
e.'t t'r.'in a 'hon-... ' ? r- <i.? > 'or Win irr >w
d .wt. ' ? \? ie wo't.dth.i? men >v. do'in ? v > :.
? ye "he mm bO that
W i' an :.. : per::. ?:? d t.v . i t ri -. .-it th. re art
it .-'a: . ex t:ie '?::.: ilre.t v rai-e i :.. . :.ii'?
. .-. that do honor lo oar coauson axaabeod Wi
trust aii will not be lost.? (t'om ;
'rvrnr or Mut. Mowatt.?At'.
lo's, thit popular a. tre? and lifted woman a.w ir.
for the last tuna lo-nagM la sersorssastceel a barewa
benefit. Tha | ?et - are ?? l he Straagns " aa t ?? Tha
Honey-Moon.' both Its we'.! known to Mad m uv
than naming Mra I M coarse ptays vi.? Mailar
aad Juliana, ami ia I A parts arrj] ra ihl) Mpporlatl
by the full force ol the eompanv li is beyond a
doubt there Will be a full and faphiOfl i >!e 1 i IsBBeS
loaaj pood v or a Hbm oat*i are uaal to thaiae>
rataaqdiahed mrarita ? I?r paarrai ua ereiinlMrs
acknow fed, and elahaai ir. of no ordinary
character. Mr. Beitoa la ileaaiiim m ich prahM
:??? civ rg .< an oppvrtu- .t. .?? seeing i? mu-'h a*
wi havr oi Mra. MoaraU*ahlal raak .. ilitiaa
Thi Bloohch I oat kit.?We met I utl
the Ploomer* i'ontrinp :'e cm nig thi ? 1 i-t i oneer
to-nifhl Ihe highly ropeetahle and 110ailed aiali
enees ol ti e prat kau I 'oiatarta, iadat ita the eatl Ma
ty of i i orerfloa Mile Nathalie Pita-Jamee Lai
Mona. Carreae an Inducements eanagh to tin the
house, especially as tins e> the last night of t it
Trouj e .i. .Ni w-\ork.
StrpERios ?".hi:, ?\ General Pe no'
th;- ( o'.rt will N- held this forenoon, at II oVloel?.
for thi i o (of appeala Iron ClMiahert oarj The
lief? ? i' Ti \> then ? ' .-rrn t il O ??> ..-r
t; l'o cuts) >o, ;mw. m and mm tint moti
laughable pantorntaM. the .Mv-st-r ? roaa, beeide the
oihi r ci in e dramas aad p intoniiaMi git en thai after
I Oi li an..' ev i Ding a'. U.irir.nn's MttSeUB.
%W I'l. "i en j of the M eint Wash
in|ton toilet ite It stitate. No. ??!?* nil M.,) for the
re. eption oi .t? out.... oMt been pialpiatnil aatil t ie
Uta ol s*eptember, when tue aahurgssasBl .i the
Lii.k:': g w ;.i I e . oiiiplrte.
iaitBsi pos BonoLABT.? \ von' ? man
named Mr Bntttb. well known to the polare,araa
resterdai arrested by onVer Ottrksr ot the .'ir*t
ward, charged with nariag on the aigbt of theSth
last.,buiglahouslyentered the cabin ot tin tehi
t oliini' .a. Miur.iv. master, l\ lag in the North Itiver.
and stealing therefrom eiotluna to the value of tjlt,
Tbn offense waa committed vaTbile ihe captain aa
ibeent, ai Ithefel ?? waa in tha set of learhsg arith
hi- plunder, when lie returne.! and Mined hi- in. t
li.- wai eommitted t,. the Toasbs Cm h i
Kstal rVct*iDii*T.? \ i s inquest was held
eesterdat al the Cttf Hospital upon tin bod) m
Henry Fletcher, a natire of Ireland, IS years ol igi .
who-e death v\ .i? eaused In injuries reeei.i i on
Thursday rrewtng, by falltagthraagh the hat ha .
ot tha sugar-honsa of Hartis S Co., No. wI.n
mi -' . to ' .. baiemi nt, i daasav a of about wi fee:
Hla apute and several of hit r?M arere broken, and
he -ill 11 veil Hie (all about * hoiir? ii ihMteS I fami
r residing st No 14 Leoaard-sl He had wurked ai
Ina Keiinerv batooe ita- previous to the a.'.'iienr,
and was ore; 11 i | to h ue :or hOBM wlun the Kti u
drt.t oe. nrn ?!
H' The|o |> a tide 111 tin' stTsirS I f 0100
which II lahea at the iIimhI ie ids on to i kcrtor] ind
Iben s., time beyoad vriueb to eadnre bacsanei ?
. ?.::. Such was the atateol ihlaga la tha Hatting
World when the New Hat Company Aral.
tin field at eompetitora for pablicfaror. Theeaoi
bit int pti.t Iva dollars bad thrown ., tha
reai h "t in n v a : i:e Bd faahtoaahhTI ililt In. a
new ara had arrived, aad tha asoaopoh that had lo
H i k triumphed ?>..' d toon dra.% to a ? lose, i. thi
; ui lie won .i not ri M lausfie i to pni an i an itaaous
pricei '11 e New Hat Company, therefore, tahing
sdrsntageol " ? poouc feauag at tha tune, st ?r?.-?t
out in the field "i ci mpetil on. fixing then Kan lard
price of Three I?"1 its, rsllsaed with i fsir sad rea?
sonable profit und mark the resnlt' Their success
has constantly been oaward aad apward. aol tat ?
fid w,ih hi t they i ei done bal oasi ml v tmpror
i;.g until ': ? v can i . w t.o i ? .il . i . I the .a.ist et
I m re H i* Ettal i inna ntaof the pit MM day thai
i roeii j '.\ their triumph over a'I oppoaittoH th d tie
pnbhe wiii s';.i,iiii ,n:\ booiraBIe and w.? h) evfbrt
Their sali?oomeara Noe I4S and I4S Naasaa-st.,
i ia : Bt diags
?? ?
I takROI or IftAVLI w i i II In i n i m
K ii tdiactubeacatook place on rhuradaj nig:/.
... Wfeet st., between a part) of tailors arho were
niakmg a great noise, whea ndBcen flillans. Mar
?hall .md Hays, of the Pirat Ward, wnai to l ss| ?
.Hid Bttostmtod to irrest the prineipil BCtOr, ? nun -
Nase. Tba latter Bod oa oaxd tin- barkPraai in,
lying at pier Nu n .North River, aaraaed byoSsoei
1.1..a.- i he liner attempted lo board the vessel,
wiii. two -unors betoagiBg to it, cansi : Lawrei
Hsmdoff and Dewii freader, laMraared to prtsrent
Blm Dill i . 'lie dislurbniiee a pistol was In. I, i . 1
s charge of shotarai i hjad ..i the breasl af a man
named Patrafth Dally, rianllng at Nrt IW Waihing
IoimS., wi.., had roaa to the ipol to laaMl t w osl ?? i
t'tl'n ers Marsh oi and llav? at tins moment came up.
sad the three arete tohea hato t nMudy aad cxw
toprisoabi J' itiea Lothrap to laawat ichargi al
bm ifl t with ii.I. a) to kill
Extkmiti Rosngai ot Golo Dcsi u
Ksiscli - IL ni Uft.eers l.ainont and tlMn.'ig. *t I
Lha < ...ci - oil; e, vesterdai arrsati d at I r? .?.. ? il ?
ti i a man i laaed W in 0*Keefs or, icioa of ata i ?
lug |SSS worth ol goM dust, a gohl wateh va.iiod at
s . . uatl I e I ??? .?.?: ? ? La, r ... the . irj-e -bag of a
i rtnet.man r.ai.'.ed Joseph Ai lulle I him , .n i
boarder al th.- li. tei It appears thai Mr < blaaiuay
arrived in this ? .u on Tn iisilay morning m the
rtramihtp Proa etheai Iroai I hagrna, aad put ap it
i r. .., - Mote. In the caurse of the asuantg 0
Keefeu.'ro Mn ed rmnseif to Mr r., and in intii ie y
soon inraaH up betwasa Ihsaa, wnen trie bbSbm
ihowt ifPsTssiS - .i.e ipaciBaaasol gold inst?and
itnted that hi had soottatatorabti bom um w..-.e.i
'.. spoeeof. D'KeafeatoaeeoffhiedbissarvireaM
: i :pun hewn uM tintwo narMd eat aad saeal
Um ? ? ia ersttiBg diffareal parts of ?a I is/. vsTuhi
out. Mr i hlMQli ?> pi i : . . ... . watch i-.r which
be paal $1SS, Daring the eveaiag hey retorned to*
aet.'ier to |hs hofe!. and Mr * . hat Lag Irans -< . er d
gtaateaoi braadt atfessossas of the Say, ttsssned ?
i t i retired to ins sjesBtAS PSOBI tsXSssTfjSSasBd by
hiaaew inend O keele Ti.e . tt'.er Wiu -' p
ahea Mr I ? ret.red. In tue Saasas oi an :., .r i r
twoMr.i w./?. ipand haaad hii bieadgnaa ir !
Ik nans ark, hat art laipaetiag aay alUaay he d i
r.ot get ap 1 lit.: sbisal '> oxa eft, whm :.e dlaooreri I
tl a n.s caxpet-r.ig i.ad :a-eii cpc.'.ed . drilled : s
. : . ?- Hi at.'.t Le.ni? and made -e h : r
0 H ? etc.wh.be(eaad andlwhea<Meel ii*-.r. v
t.vt totfat BMtter,haaeaaadlall kaoarkalga iboatit
Mr. C. fee ? -' ? ? m< ed :;...i he had taken his pr. *>
erty,jareferM ia Maspsaiai .eefore Jnatice Lothrop,
srh.carei led u Ua irrest of tha iccaaed, adas araa
eoa :.. M Ita ;.:..->-n for exnuuieatioa
- a ?
Til HrPoRtiii Ml kdtk CaSW.?TlbC
.t er e->'., :?. ..? . . i'?t st the ? r.i Ward
Potata-statMa, pot tha bad] af aaasbs a. lAM her,
saativi f Philadelphia.3f ye,.', ?f ,,ge. who aras
?. .. lo uien et a :, a uOient death on Thurs
rtgl: Di J. ha a I '.(? I of Mo N i'f I
' rtd a ; o-t n,orttrii siaauiiation of the bodr. when it
cared that 1 peraoal ra i ? m-r*? ,r">??n, ^
..... ... bes loncM the nee. sad thai
- ti e th w is eil r-nl ? sad v . piery, and to
? rtfet-i be J n ren .vuw'.'i ?*??' '
whl< b led to tne -ipryait or. that ha had Osenmir
,:t werea?foIlu%M He.mrompany wrth sever..
irdt x\ ;-rer h....-e No.
\t [?- e--t ?'?enaditfCTnvafwM^
- ti.e .J:" lie. ftowcisr. left irnxne l.atc
v' t. we ii ?:? the Mr?, when ?.roeperson ?tri *
htmVbT thetvacktrf the
ur mrm teem after taten by tne
,? fZ sil ?f ...?it*, wners he died. De
:;;1:r?:? ...i ^
a ? ' araa e st
-? ? ?? '? ' .,??.? ? V? ,?-> t > Ik* O*
? ?? ???'?! '??>?: ?.,*,, la<
..... V' ?? ','? * ;? '"";\> ' >'.u? ?nU ii, Tr??.
tt* ..??-.. . . .1M14,
' ?* ** "" ?-!? r?i? woner ie
1 lie wrete Dacl .. 1 tu t ? 1 i_a* thf MCV>
b?. rb Ith? '?Jr-i^juMn^
nu n ? .?. - ruii Mr h, u 1.1, s, -*t?ry.
? ? i. ?? . ?? ' ?:.?:.!< >.-??!? ra-MNlk?
? ii ?? ? ? * i ? ??!??: I? tt mm
? ??;>. .' , I arundid ?iil r?-?i MMMii-k
... ,: 1 ?,?.,. r ti ?1 ?-?.etat
? > eu m ? i* ? ?' ?v ? 1 ?? Km ? r > it* it*
ii.; thv .1 iiMti. .?I h ? ir ?i>..? \. tn I- i .:i 1; ??.II? him
W it, .,?.,.?.,', ? i-V . . I.? th*
- mm . , . . . ? , mt I. 1 ti in' I. %m4
' ??inn. v. ? : . , ., r.\. .. ?; th*
In .' >' t 'v 1 . ".i >?'.'?' ?:ii
?< ..: >???: >i. .- v.n.d ? ii.t?i*?? .* th*
?'???. a* toll it t :. ,? H<- .be I ?.!' MVJU*tltt|.h>,? e*taM>
? ?? ? ? r . .' . Mt G .? .. . .-v-d.
:.???. r? IV?! i?,***,
?. Ik i- ? . 1 ? t ? . arBat* erthe
aaveta, ai ? ? was afceat Uuttlrj ?**r?
M l*h* 1*0 t' l n?? i.-iaanf ul I,. : ?? ipim-sl ||\|MI a**
t? ?: * ?!<?..11. . .. , r ?Ii.*?*
1 ? MOM tateadrea? . ketr* ?it.! eisewheref
Mr ii. iij'i wmm klea ! II . aiawaa Hi* am., ml ol then
-' '?' .?'... -..nt ?i!.i?*d by
' -' " " ? mm .!.?> 1 ..1 i).?i?? for
. 1 r. aider! ? i,.i,,.n: eat a...! Hut lh?,-? ar* entitled
rtii' !?? ni it it it mm .? MP>
rt-.rtt v Coetr**.. h?t a gnimU io the fa an It.m UvvT.
"?? r'r ; . ? i. .? .a Ja. ?? .?: , u ,m tn* ii >? -
\ ??1:11, : ?. -,., , 1 , ,. , ....m-;r,t
** os C aa \ Pi ?. BoJbttj Judge
?' <"!tf.'l I . ? / !> . I ,??
' ' ?wa talon M 'i ? ? ?1?, i?r mjuiT.
.*' *? ?? *-; t?? Ii ., ?? laataai * IktaM ??r
haiobar ..... .t ??,..,, .1 . ,?.| t,,ttwM alts-hod to.
1 % ' ? ' < ."? ? "?'.i*i -*Wh-.t..'- *u
?1 ?? rn ,j ? , aMaral, XriJ.-i 1? ikaiawA
? . ? ? I ? h ? ?? ? iMMMMMa
.??? a 1 ' . . .In- ?'..ti. ..'.'??h
??aru.ruri . :? !. . .. .i. 1.1 ? .ml irun.( Ina
? '.a IVt:i .?r. 'i.l .1 $M* Tlifnuil ? .If
: \^ v.?i i.it11?, : ..r th? Osttaaav
' ? ti il '? ?? t .? <>| uniairl. t* y man
? >! - ??> ?'? : .1. t v.l* ..( 1 ,hi?l. 'Ii?-?
' Wi ? tu S . ? ? ind tkaCi ??!? tmU km ..?
Ijwtih .taaarl aMn ?1?.? ?*?
''- lit.and thai ,. -i [|h ? Ihn Naiwd v? a?.
?aaii i*?' h 1 . ,???', >?.<ra.aadh*a*ra*-ihaaaraa*if
Ciioi ii C'ii. 1 - .? m Khmj afaaM
" ?*? ?.!>' ? - ,1? ? ? _|t, -iliaaaaVal
N v . 1 , M***n i \M alt* w-rit? aai*>
Man . 1 ?. ? 1 i.aad Mr ? tv,.i?kt
laaai i>al far tkva?ala* 0/ ? itaatiir nf tkia?r Ii wa* *!?
kiith* x' 1. Mi 11 1 1 Hirin mt
ataaaia ai r?l niutk, uti Iba t*aM 1? itaaaM iii-> ?Mi ?
Ultra ol t t . at* **l . . r*d rti* Jury
. .?.?.' j.tiii.i ? . ar| Ihr f IM ni, Ihmiu; ?m mat..
? ?
I M if 1 RRBai BcatlDva." .v-pr |
9mt ' 1.I Aid. I aaklta .?.l MalW i ii*
I'.111*1 iii. t at th* iiaiial Ii >ur Ihn laonunt ha< ma k waeai
'??.'.... 1 1 1 ,. 1 1 . wri? div hata**d l*t
1 < . nid ? ''..'iii, 1 a au u'r*i
'? *?? ?' '*? 1?aa af Iba Di lad l?aMal in
|. 'i;.i .1 1 l:r 1 ...rt 1 f 11 tl w 1. ....ii-!,' t.. .1?. th* ii .? u*%a
aded il thi ?. uuh aalaaaa i tMM naara ?? 1? pi.?
? ? ri ?11 m Itw ? 1; .; .1 latad mim Iba OraaM
lnrr '!?'.' 111 ? 1 t . 1. ?? ?...,... klMrwaaw, im "h*
Cnuri rt.fc-i \ ?! 1 ?- kba ,1??.
? .
CortT f\;f\'uR ? V'.V? Bbw-Cl?cit|T
'?tu n ? ?.. ..>:,>?.i*,, ?ti.iio,iii
I ill JtJ ill, il*. JIT
1 MMoa pLr*"?Ni?a IM, r. rt, HD, Ml,Mt,Mt,MM,
M " I ' 1 V- 1 / rm-Moti-Ht da)
rRAROt OF Hi in.1 kftl ?I Iii*?. ?baV rann,
. aa Hharti ?? .t, r?toj arrvabad M aMMtaat nf
? i'.'. ? ir ? 11ini 11 ith oUaire, pn rtoual) arraMa I, m
brniina into Ihr dwrllina "i *>lr Ronaxilet, No in
Anil ^ |ii.u a, at aa earl) bow ao Irrt ?luv ot tmt m$
->t ! 11.01 Iii. Hi' \?.i? lit l.! tor txaokhl ition
?? a
Si'sncioM in (iiivsi* LaicBMr.?A
naa nanard Blh n Brorm, 1 mt kaa BBkrtB, araj mo>
terdai arroatcd broaoc*>i Bniluch, o4 th* t-'ita-ttiitra
Ward, oa rasplrioa ol rtraliaj 1 aralcb aad ehata,
? . rn .1 it $Si, th.' proyarti of .1 Oaberaa, ?>t No 101
1. lon-M M. waa hokl lor esamiarttoo
I kMBIBBI BxPLOOfOB ~-I.;i??t lilt*lit a
1 aaaplki ao 1 ibw la a Maaja at l'uit?>n K?'ir> ei
ploded, aeattortag lha btwatiuj ilm<l ?>?it the in-rmin
? ?I arrovaaa ??l"? iraalaMOa Uaawaa>mmmttfMOMj
burned, tbou|h not .0 aa bB en.'anr,a bM lib'
Pawvr fraai FoairifaMtBl Poaao,
ya rta ftMaa* ,,> aw \ f i>aaaa
Tin followinij bkbici Mill bJmim tin" trm*
< Itialll 11 "1 1 - .11 e\ ? t. I under the aoaaMBOB
ol Mn ' ai ' al Ratation, 1 la itMad bv a<il*MOfrJoa)pad
. 1.1 lotftortlfai
i/p.. u. lai 1 ,u>. -ti i*i AwaapaM I djaaraaaaj
I yviMT im I Ihr mmt* \ ttrl air \ l'o?rr.nr\ fmintu
, rafft rteefeei - BararaMai >-jal t'-trc*
lit. ..I 1 .. II tl ? ',,10
1 . ' 1 I I 1,, 'ri I |H.mn
GfH ? 1 I" 31, .'?11 j I3,4M
ail \ NO 4'i,-*M? I7:l,?*ff
'? I 100 I 11,'itiO I mn\r%M
i' ?Mi ii -len b) t oarafal asaaaaaatbMi ?>f ihn
.hi ti ' - I ?! '' 1 , ?ri'i' '? <>'? I'mH' I ??? ;?'ll le?l,
in i ., tu? tt' ? ? 111, 1. i nn?i n n , exhibited al the **mr
tuna anth < eatnl rbI (on e, aha 11 at aartart ?ei?m'i
ti?. i> tne ? ,r,r horoa
\'r .-,???< 1'. diarorar) eaaiairti la taa tool Baal
crutrifugal forri ii 1 prlnrtipia or real ataaaaaftol
power, and 1 in 11 u 1 mecttanlcaJ i.:< nt
ii i. m 1 ?1.1
' V' e p? iii!. t . 1 at ot as a H\no|inia ol
i..? Ceatrffugal t,..? .. ,i.?i<,n.^ ,..>%*.,-r ir,,u,
Rl ?' ? ., to that 11,.. \? i 11?., >, 1 .? ?1 ? 1 *t the theory
II a\ BDdl raCaad ?? h it ll M that l!..-v are ie?|uue?l
lOI futl bO OOf their ..rticN -. vvhl? h hate
reached ua do ta t seem t" i" baaoa oa acbaat
nntlei land in) "1 arhat ia claiaaed oa the shio of
IBM ? Stalk Pn s-ure EnglaO,' bUl we are |>Min
1-. 1 1 r< m? .'. ol thai 1 1 Hiii troin an ah!e ml
??. I known t iiheraaticiaa in taa eaaaaaaf a
d ? of t?v<i Ed
;? ..My 1 BM ?
it iiroad Ceatrovwrai la ladfaaa?
We nadantaad laal an hijuu. tion ha*
.. i. si ..,?? ?: bj k Judge bl Northern In luu i.oli the
. ition of the MMaigaa loathora bbmoJ raada
1 itaM ti e Mkrdiigsa 1 aaaral aad .Ne-a-.tihany and
Mi tn. Il 1.1;.,ad I i'tllpantl s, lo r?.train tt.em fr'*lu
I 11. ii .:./.!< the.r work- in NartBOBB Injiaiie 111 the
d rocuonofi hieago. n> the law <?f laaaaaa,aaav
juacttoa can bMBO unle?* there '^tend?)?' mHice
? ii '.. ' e 1 Ht r-e part) t" afifn-ar ati I shoe eaiiae
:r unii ? 1 I iat il pressingaaaMgjoaorbo
aisaic ool al h road r- c iiaaaastoalWwrtTthe
eiviagofootiee 'ihe Miehiaaa Coattai aad .New
\.: al ? .11.?1 rtalem Rallro id I Orapaaie- are engaged
in builong ahoot lit aatlas Of road in Indiana, 40
of which are u-twteti Mtchigaa CMyaad the Uli
SOU . i a tad tin- i;,*;. r 1? tn a v? ry forward
-1.1.1 ? I io;, ;.- .tion 1 el the > iaer|(i Hey *>,-.- iiiavle
. ,t -o r o great, and rha Aav,/it dbm th;u roavi
aould be math reforatae landayi osssjod wa? ao bav
1 . ? .?! iha -i .'iio' aotoal] treated las Bajaao*
in n <a taoftl 1 ?e. but ne Moni?] n?,t even delay ac
tioa UBtti the ? uuiuel for the ilelenda/itii i.ught arrive,
which tu ass told would bo la a few hour*, as the
Irien? ->1 :inn?- ? oinp oner, r.a! immediately di?
palehtH atessaragers aad MMv/rar^bae ?tmpati'hes for
Hoa. Hugh Waits and i: < Lib bfield, with their
Bl bB ilie ? xtre.i e north-w -'em l ountv
ol ladiana to inalu tne ap^.ieauon, paaauig through
1>. trott and La Porto, wh? re they knew the eoaaMjri
k 1 ti e ilefein' ,nt? 11 -1 ,r I ?aw and ??>nrerr?e>l With
ii.em, or one of tnem, hat never iattniaiel tlieir<r>>
1 t ih? -, t.n.eeeded by ?tealtA, knowme their
. . ,.m w.d i.ot ntiii .' and l**rfuJ of an
bo 1- .1. lust 1 oansal aasats arrtTT mrtT r
:lametion shoaid tie mavde.
i ... . uosol tor the deferMants arrtvad a few
1. rsaftar ta iaaaaa,orieii ti.em hiving traveled
nyr.tt two i ij<hu Uj get there, ami moved, a* we
erstand, lo laodify the In^mcttoa upon giving
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m nn< tic in which ?'.?pen-ii its elect for thtrty daya
by the bw ef that State, and .a in,- meantime a ill
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aetioa The work, therefore, upoa the
stood, we m ocrMaiid, will not be ?utpended.
I .? in inentwhiih - rim d ?., ha?* been u*e?l
wob ao B .> ?? eift ei t,y u.e eoimnel for the coea>
- ? - tnat money v???tight in the market,
? -? tin ?? ccasld seep up the opinion that iney
1 i-o .rul Lac-Mn higan, they co?il4
1, -e ?iiffieieut to continue their work. a
M ' '</, >ryt I, |?-o|

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