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?rr.ral of assist nice, the dunes w?re
mZZ*mt* n Buren damage wa lom Mr. Bs
?table situated al Ibil ?pol ruraeddowa
v .now Ksrape ? At the upper ,.art of
I r*. ?w r,-? building* ire proarreae
iv14*' ? . a ? <>? r ' - ' : " '
?ajfcfjJL t* carnage ?..i oath. - ?
a*ll-*w?V ?. ? a i..J t-. < ? .v. ? ' r, . -he-> ?<
0??*rt*? ,', ,j.e Dile. ?hau 11 r* ire? eorae art
,'. ii e Dart oi ???< Ir.' ? ' ? -' '
pi***0-)","bribe other. On Wedaeaday aa
iead/1"^ rwjnareel was pro e< i.sj I ' " ?
Jlr tsa.'V ,.,lr. tie driver ??: . ? .1 lu oTinibus -.
ft&a ??'"?? - by a I ranch "' tm *' ' ?>r'
fcf ??"' , . ? ??, we : n.. i.\ ? . ? :. - r.eil
tjadaa??', ^oi.^-mtr one of hia eyes
|gojfaeraa . ? _ ^
ioCTBjrjiT.?Oa SiuaJav last, Mr,
' <d Jan aica, left here ior .New-York,
fa****'; accompanied by ir- two daughters,
n?cam?s ; w cll(. (rrand-children.aa1 when
^-,fc!JL? a lull in the tillage ol Astoria, the boll
i?*" . -eil out. and he being unable to stop
c^^ rurriaire. it a/,o , little girl, the
oft?*! yr j.,nn M. Johnson, h id er irm be Uy
?*i^wnipound Ira -':re Mi Johnso is con
orok?^ iVd, and the re si stiffen : jererelr,
osaaff/J^l^ujiT. The littleg r, we ux>derstaad,
???well acanbeexpecn I
e At&t ?a?
1..tuik iccibert from BrJCE PlUBM
?K* ares- ibool noon Wednesday,as Or
? ?"L^aeca^ettog along Myrtle-ar.. near Kent.
s%!Tneeodeaeored to pass betweenapile ? f
cxtendt''. eonsidtrably on the carriage
*??>? , ,??,.is. wnen III i a'i . ., ' e.t .i'W.tli
aagr.sso sn ^|hjown from his carriage and -e
5J?5^ ?
a ..., r.?On Wednesday night an af
i ', .ire m ?W towei end of State-si , be>
(?v i,?.i i-ar , Martin Ryan and John
? ahleh thefonner bit the faee of the latter,
^.V.f enreJitin a mo-t shocking minner. Hie
aas taken Mio custody, and hrouirut before
W*2tt Kmg, whe sentenced bun to the Peaitea
Jj^fmssfA*. ^
treiPEM? Robert Chare hill, a colored
ua ated ?houl i>l >'':irs- *U 'r'"" :i hay-mow, on
^?Elises ol Mr. Nathaniel Smith, of Jamaica, a
JSCt 0r fiiieen feet, breaking bia ?r-i in two
?jasisavt fracturing his under iaw in a most aatock
f-pjyu.er Or Kissam renderedatu i surgical i.-l
jjaasrnjui'cd. and 'w ? > u i D| well.
Cwil Robbekt.?The police of tin- I-'ir-r
I,.,,- r laired information yesterday tnal some
iuaa ihiei had coolly mounted the boa of a carriage
Shwbefori Iheshopol Air. kllard, in Atlantic
aostiie pf v:ous evening about dusk, and drove
if Tht 11"*' "supposed to have been from .New
i<*? ?
('mini Court?-Hefore Judge Barculo.
?JSga Scar //< again si Prtcr Hturttr.?Tbia waaaa
aftjdii u> recover damages foi . isaull and battery
,.onrujttci bj i < fendai I on the person ol the plain
tjiaw--- ishurg. The jury returned a verdict of
$|as daaiat,es.
Ne? Clipper Sbip.?The -l<?in Sttw
aaagj be I iubcIm I al b o'clock tbia afternoon from
lt()irtl of Perine, Patterson 4 Stack. She is 1,700
tum fardel1. fei ? long on da k. 19 fi et I baches
Lreadth if beam, and SU fei t deep. She i- inters led
?jagaLiverpool trade, and t i hi conun aided hi
Op! Wai -o.i Pi rru ^
Nkw-J: ii-i v HlSTORlt \i. Sin ii iv.?An
BBgMBaathai bean made with the Central Rail
mf/t Coaapsny, which wrlll en.d ie thoae attending
Rtnaaaaaj al bomerville, on lac nth Last., to re
fcni in the evening. as extra tram of car* will
mi?i then 17 c/ckock P. M , coftnertiag al .KUaa
SBsVWBWith the late train- lor New-York, tlnr
eaVnperariea are requested to notice the arrange
htroRMED Dutch Church hi Horoken.
-We undei land thai this Infanteburch,cffganised
h> the ? oi - - j ot Bergen some months since, ismah
nut lamioi ii i Oorti to obtain subscriptiona to erect a
aaitahli hou ?> <>|
worshipnl that paarte Oonation
a lie church will be tec el red and daly fovarnrdsd
sy ?in of i e ministera of the claaaia of Beigenoi
Ar? \in k
f, The arotnan who was killed onTues>
asy amnurg (>\ the accklenl on the Morn- and
larx llailm id, iirovea to tu- an Engltah lad) nami d
Kobm-on. a aidow with three children, residing
hnYrffieliL-t. She was on the way to Orange, anu
Mrrtiiiiiini' her son went there yesterday to look
tier act. when tin Bildend to which she had come
svn.i. i m.inifi -t
? a?
A Shank, Inland.?On Thursday last
Basalem standard states, a shark was seen ia SJa*
ktrt t nek. in al the Tin-- Bridge tbOUt 7 Si-ei o'
gamsaatii was aeen abovi the -urfaee al one time
fchsnpaosed to i c the first instance ol one bain | ao
titjjtt up from the oi < an
Fatal Iccipent yi Paterson. ? \ man
by tin- aame ol Keith, 7V Parrraaa rail ngaa rr
atatis. a hibori r at the lirn-k t hureh In that place,
kilutt a 11 idei among a lot of lumbs r. on Monday
lot. ami aa? so seveaary Injuiad thai he died in a
in? bean sfsei n aad
Dele .al.-- in 0|>i>. BtBle < nui ? lllioil.
M Ca i Jon 11 ii iv II ill, Jr.
Or.-i;,,- ; tii.ui,.. Clark? Springnald.
I. . l Sim'i p Got i a, Brignton.
wet raC John Shi brill.
A'.. ,, c?_.;t \\ M | XKl, \] Gaiooe, Na
bWrmb Ca ?JbjcVjs Jonsi
laamrftw Ca?i lion William Russbll.
stekgai a lathe It his Rlna Ceaveatlea,
ssVasgeas ' f. i kann a \i Mitchrli
CSJBaaeaeenaeal at Oherlla Celtage,
Obi ki.is. Saturday, Aug. IISN.
Ts ra- ajgjsan ?, l v N , ;. m
ihc .Ini tial ComitM m emeat of tin- ('ol
?P t<h>k place hag Hlh and STth Mae poung
-*b?a gra<tailed trom the four years' Murss of
?*?-?. urn i UtaMYoung Iaillss* ruaiaa."all id
?kamrca.: iheu l-i iduating Rasa) oa the aRaiaoon
?- ike Mb, doing honor t>\ th. r ibilitj both to
?aBssrvra and to taeu u ideaiic tramiag.
ikjih,. tTUi thegradaakeeol the ragatarCallage
'ha,vtr nine young genUemen and three prang
t.vk part in the public aisrrieea. the eeaaya
"?an >o-. ladies beiag read by theU teaeaara
?aalaated ttiue of general excelleaca charaetea xe.i
???Upen i inances
custom obtain- :n this College of bringing for
**Ma// the graduates un Commencement occasiooa,
?sstad ot?, ectiBg the most tateatt d or aaaidjussaa la
aad , pug :-.u-k out oi tig hi the lern talented
?tktUHiir indolent. On uus B) -lein t n -inullius
te ciiHt snd imptoveaneat :- m?? la to bearapoa
f,rt? >m., i ?
^^ht Charlea i. Kinaey ia elected PraaMssAof
?*twlege. and ha-entered upon the dtacaargaaf
hi this relatioo la addition to hii chair ol
ha now take.- the general re-; iiawsliililj of
"?rta-rot Mental and Morn P* ooofhy
8,,lirurK Pack, el Rocheatar. New-York, la
hotiaaoa ol tsacred Rketetsa and agj tact
2**?'?' Mental and Mora! Philosoph) Ratkol
2*frptuntmeats are eminently i itisias lory to we
gglrj?*eliege wa- nevermore proaperoua than
^?^tlie ye?r Inno pn-vious yem baa we
jy, '.'' ' -a : 1- :? .f.- ? i : ?? -a . ; r.
alj_j~n,,*te hanaouy prevailed amor ? both p iptta
^-?"?"?v? ? ui iioi.? has there - ea m atfested a
sf s.aV''"' *' ?svotionand fervent love on the part
wacbrra and taught for their wsork. i t> ?
Bl9??*? toi:?ct has been emuieutlv
t,t . ? ' i a.-.- .-? Xovi bet
?Rio.*5'1 '* e** ^be mark having neenset it
Tb, V V:' " i *"-?< have r>e.i alreadv p e Iged.
l * tt'ti>: be kueddui ng Uu snsuuaj As
atiia, College works on the principle af
Bgi'r.1' *'? '?h?r at trrmtm . - a ;. - < ii-t - i
nora.tr*", ""' *"h itscoursi . -u..!.. It knows
???immJi t-ither color i?r co-adition. it aims to give
least t- 1 l'"**M'* ?' e ' moil lor the
ta<^ ,"*'? spd inus in fat ? to .uu the eh Hcesl
was.'?,,'' K?ca?o? * ? -he re: h - I c v
haj 1,1 *"?"?? ?'ko I' ires hearti 1 eno I i
????aii . ' ol u : -' ? ? "ri i II
aireai"-'. " 1 " ' ';' - '"t a .. m ti ,%e
MBase.i iwtural pathway to usefulness
rrrvtr,"l! ?????"" I '-t.e n a. Ire I- noa
ha J^ '' ,hrni,? ?I??1 ?-iaa course La lac 11
hsu.|ol.. '??'?? -a i ilu, re see
samana J ,'*,tt,,?" l'? massesol .:;,?,:.... ?
ffatra laadew. In -' vnri*. I 1.
The America's Mails reache>l th;
yeeti rday morning.
The match between the yacht America an I the j
Tiiama o: Mr J I S:?; hcn-cn. M J* . .? ?.
far ?100 Mr Btajeaaat'i challenge for IO.ooj
guineaaIhm not boom aeee ted It is sai l that
Mr Bu ,?.. mi ? bM na ? rl ikea this race only to
?a\cr.' iMBMVOi Kry-**^V/wehter? from tliP atain
111 re ? lafiag t'? take Bp th<- Yankee's provo
!n Mancse-vr th'- ?..: a:.-i re-;, e?a/e;,. m,.....
!'???? .") (,"ii! ia ? <>.. whose i a n/ies ami ,.: ;..
?' ? . i. ??-..' J
'i < taihrn of Meters. : rassr ai I Li rhtfbot, Et?t
Ii IIa BM re iaate, M am-ounce 1. The r liabilities are
Ms i d M CSO and trie cause isslgne : f ?r the su-.
I? : on ,s that their aw t?. w>. i< h are put down at
i..'.::': ii, were not immediately convertible
?.?>:?* re ef British Iraaica
The IIa iliniia built Larpeat, of IMtuai reg iter
only 7 year* old, belonging to Mr Thoraaa lupley,
an?' ci mmande I hy Mr Giltoa, left Liverpool a to
lfeth May last,ob a royageto Sbangb to th. tea a I
tout, including .Mr. Mand. orotner > Mr. |; .m !. of
the firm ol Shaw . Bland A I o , of Sn IBjfb M a p is
senger. acting ai third male, auatbenag II Thi
Larpent passed An er OB the lath tUfMt Withour
ship intelligence of the 7th seat, 1830, arg I ?
follow ing " The Ait* rt E'. a at onthi Ibt b I igest,
was in company with Ihe bark Larpent, boondto
Shanghai , in I at. 7 .V. lone. M- Mi E. lud light
winds and line weither ad npine Chins Boa, a i! n >
srrioui gales during thi voyage.
Fifteen days alter being thus ipoken by the Ail ?-?
Edward. v is., on thi llth Bepf . in the forenoon, the
Larpent passed Botel Tobego ginn, a I dry la in I,
three or four ii.il? s in extent, bearing ea-t half north
from the South I ape. fOtTD isa. from Wh 1 b it il liS
lS lit thirteen leagues. The aw athet Ii sai: 11 Mei
bee: thick and ramv at Ihil lime, wind moderate Bl
north-east, blowing erf th? iltore. AtOj I' M all
hands wi re alarmed at the ship Ml h'enlv llTih Dg OD
a rock. By backing the head.-ails, however, the
ship came ofl almost immediately, but. oa - Mad ng
the pumps.no (eta than -even feel of vratei wen
found in the hold. All hands were forthwith busily
ki pt nt pumping until 2.* A. M on the following day,
w in n. a- there was no prospect ol gaining on the
leak. < apt Gilaoa ordered the quarter boats 1 i
lowered.and the launch torn hoisted OOl In the
Imrr> the lolly-boal More and beoaaae osoleaa. The
Captain, mate and six men. then got into the si ar
board quarter boat,theremaining member. <>' tha
crew taking to the launch, in winch itunc prorutioiu
had b<' n placed.
On tin we. Mu r clearing up s little. .,t da* ight,
they found them-elve- clo-e loi'ic?aore -"'tiewheri'
in the vicinity of the place dt Eignated on the map ol
Formosa. Mat faer Her? they aU landed for thi pur?
pose ol getting fresh water, and with thi Intention,
also, of caulking the Uxnc-b .at, which arai foun 1 to
"leak like a vcw." But m these purposes they
were prevented, the natives coaling down in great
number-, and plundering them ot every movable.
So situated, Captain Gilaoa determined on putting
to sea again, a- be raid, to endeavor to rea th Hons
Kong, a distance ol f"ur hundred milet an I :;ov ,rd.
Both boats -larted together, but the launch, - ill
leaking considerably, was unable to keep up aritb
the lighter boat, ami partial rompany.ebe wasnevi
roori m i n. although || wa- afterward heard thai
( apt. Gilson had landed near South Cape, and pro.
curl d water, (there indeed he Btight havi bees m ir- I
den d, or taken captive, and may ?: ill be in slat ary I
for aught we are require i to believe to the contrary.
At day light on thelith.the launcb hat Dgroand
ed the extieme point, the crea lande t on a helving
beach, surrounded by bushes, Intending, before pro
feeding any further, to do tiie;r best lo repair the
boat. About - \ M . almost without any previous
waning, Ihey iauad themaolvei in the midst of a 1
deadly fire of matCt?OCkl Viuiii? Mr. II au I w IS
observed Io spring a great highl into the air and fall |
flat on hi- ho e, dead . those who could -w mi imOQ -
dlately took lo the water, from whence the IS1 up -
wore sein, with long kiiive-, Mabbtag thooe win.
were wounded, and iminediati ly cutting off i m ir
beads, which, to the number of nineteen, were then j
thrown into a terrible heap. Blake, the joiner, ssyi
thai, although wounded bv a shot w hen in the wa
lev. he swam for leveralotuei across a broad bight, !
und ba ! landed ander a huge sugar-loaf rock, ftmr
I ougfaty exhausted, thinking be waa the only one
! saved, when, turning In- eve-seaward, be Observed
I ihe hoy Hill puraueu bv an enormous shark, The
I lad appeared marly exhausted, and arai about to
I Sink DUt. cheered bv his voice, lie cave (.ia ntOTB
? strokes, and grounded in aboal aater, from whence
t he dragged himsi if ov er the coral to the place w hen
j Blake vv SI sitting.
Hen they had not remained long when two natives
' with matchlocks were seen tiareising the beach M
1 anaur dlManrr apparently m pursuit of them Hat
I tin y sueci t iled in Hiding thein-clves for Ihe time,
mid afterwards escaped to the mountaias, where
1 they remaiaed until the loth, Exhausted n*t :re
could hold out no lOOgl r, and. at a lime when lllake
aays the feelingi of a raanibal had ariaea In bit
breast, aad he inaanely lltoughtoi partaking tn his
is atradi - blood, rather than remain longer without
I '.thev wandered into t leid where some vi'ii
l'ii- vvite .d Work From them the] ..'tuned a
laeal ol nce md shelter, aad wen afterwards made
.' wor^ With the v dlage la'iorcr.s from ,lav light until
dark.a rm tun, - m boats dii ing tot large iheB-tsh,
it Others With hoea aboul tne paddy ground The
man Berti ami anetber had landed at adifereal
I place,from wheacethey tried to reachaiuak, in
I winch one of them (Uarrisoai succeeded, bail vv.t
I almo't intaediatoly shot and decapitated in sight of
bis comrade. Hens appears aubsequeotlj to have
toiaed Blake am. Hdi. ihe latter ol whom being un?
able lo do so much Work as Ihe others. WMSUbjOCtOd
lo very aeven treattnent, and has dmb b it ucb al
ai ihe expiration of tiie month-, tin km I-hearts l
villagers sold them to boom neighbor! for uxdoUan
apiece ihe aarehaaerl proviag to be of a more
ItiWBlfy rilrpnailion than the origins) holder? On
..iriv dat Bhangiute, a voluminous narrative of the
-even months and -.xti? n davs' , aptiv it) vv i- taken
l.v Mr. Consul Alcocb The slnpwrecked men tell
ot Mvmgseeaoa thi beach, neat where thev land?
ed, aa anchor of about 1,000 cwt., chain cable, a'
and top Plucks, iron knees. :; bronzi flgun -he id. four 1
1 feet loin, ai d other sl ip gear, the poasi -ion ot
' whirl might be a clue to the fate of several vessels
of which we ate -till In igrvvrance-->he kaaerican
bai i, i ",,ui ii(. for instaw e, the British t?arK Kelpie, j
aad others. They also heard of two white menbemg
, in cajjaivity, but could not for certainty ascertain
, whin
en ihe rerun ol the Pilot, we are informed that
1 Her Majesty*! ship Cleopatia will proceed to ir?
on's, i- for what purpo-i we are Boi advised. The
' externunalionof every Btomberol the blood thirsty ,
i Ian inhabit nu the MWlhOTB promontory oi Formosa
WOUkl be but an a. t id justifiable vengeance !"it, iii
race of the Mdhoaiag leeuag of raise humanity per
vadiag a great number ol our Beaators at horas
there a noproepectol any actioa of tats km I. uf
lids,however, we are fullv certified?Formosa is a
part ai d parcel of the Chiang dominions and in
teiiiisof our treaty witti the Government, that Gov
en n i: i w..- bound lo inform us of the disaster that
had < ecttrred . for ii is f.Hiiisii to suppose that it ha* 1
BO! i i ii long known and bruited ..bout. The day of
retribution wid eventually ooane, and Gully, and the
crews ol the taa, the NerhtaJda, and the Larpent,
numb, ring upa ans <>i '.'ik' -,>ni>. a ho hav ? n, en bru
t . \ maaaacred m cold blood oa those mhospitable
-n< re-. mttsT ttien be fearfully aveogod.
Durtag the ? aptivtty oi Blake, itili. and Bi m?, sev?
eral vei-sele were boom to pa-s close to the island,
oiu , in January laat, proves to have been Her htijes
tv - ship Coatost, trem whence, a', a distance of two
miles and a half, thi s,. aaJoftuaates were plainly
si i a Bvaking extraotxtuiary gast in .?. Cant Spencer'a
fee BOOS, wc hear, for BO) -eis dog ,i boots crea t" as?
certain i> irttculare, ta ing the fe ?r ol sopardistng the
ivi - of in- ti.cn. [Chaaa Mail. May m
>lisi rllaaeeaa Iteass.
?Bteaavera are aboul to bogu plying fortnightly
i ii the Nik. t?eiween Cain aad the IrM eatai id,
- aluchdaasaga is s.u.! to have been done to the
cortei laetatHHit ia Ceyloo bi large swarms of rats
?In? hhave rei ia t!v ina.ie lln ir ippearati >
a I'rt n b paper bm : bons that tti?- tows eeaaftl
of iirlfa: s his granted . as ary ot ?10 a tear to a
let torn on |he ait of graft ug aad pruning fruii trees,
Excasssoa Iscketi for Madeira ind the West
ti >::e- ate M WiM ?d bj ?M Roj al Wi -l India Mall
Me ,t:.-; BOkl t COSB) . I v
- .Mi?- tnaaZerr.adistitiguavhedsiagar ot Vien?
na, I a- bun excloj i 1 from tha Mage and put under
the - tve: ..'ci nf the I'ol'.ce. becau-f. when in
Laandon ... ?ly,abi ai rei I to -ing at i cooceti tor the
bi sat of thia Buaganaa refugees, though illness
pr? v1111.1 her Iraaa ringing.
Thran ladleaiaUM "Bioomii"cuoMaae.a coedaag
to Tm* B* res? St r. matte their debut on the
promeaads near that Iowa oa Sundav w eek. Trie
?? B "?'int i. ? , ach i an e ituaatod oi a satin \;<ttc
ot CI ?'. , n iM 'e. an u i;, r tuna- of the same mv
teeiel but of adiaaiaat tnti, aad u??* naualin trou
-i rs. fasti ne roeMvJeinMv above 'he ankle -so ne
whnl aittr :'i mannci of those worn tiv Tu.-ki-h
- f ' -' nt I . ."? ? I :? a'lcvvi .1 to t nt r V i
I oa. ait* .i aadciMBBdiag thai it Mall not expose
tfce ctahonesty of Ua Neapo tea Govern meal
? \ ten i.. explosion ,. M i bare in .. .-.?Iherv
ai t\. .-? 'i itim, bogiaad M i^-rvui. ware s ne i
? At r.'n-.tao -a MBSMCtod With i"V
.v nn ? . Mes.*rK Sarr.ots A I mj, have been con
cm . el a Im to MS BsMttha*, tne -e *ofe] t ? i '.ree
asaptha' mprn BBsea*. aad each Baad l.wof.. for an
art..' i OA ihe Tea mei I ? b land !'\ political :?r:son
eraatlh lo Isle ItMi aired that the depautm?nt
oi u r irdeehs will bo declared la i Mate of siege
? Aa old Saattsiy Refoxtaer propasi in a London
pump;, i f to -urn the aite et Bautaaald M .r., 11 ? a
n i.t.i by ersTttag ' i ibue aaarhot. t--,:-, ait
washheaeee ut sucn a wav mtooecapy the whole
.?.v. lehlc ?rra Of grototd s::h thOM UrJ ?.-.?.?ain
stead of Ac naahl fern of raof,: 16 >ver UM wh i'?
Ol tne-Laie, u .?..-' t .e - one i- . vae,-in. w Ii i r*> >f.
i so a> hO NMttm :i SB i ol < ar.a on : -o.l. loar or five
I fret thick, oa which to form the park aad gardens?
re-hiiic.-.i <?. .-<? to ?; * i .:'<?(: o.wii-r mi. en- ot an
j r f 11 B ifay k n. i . ? ??> lern \a I fefl art n | BCMB e
Bush! then claim 10 horn haae ? m? SSaag for UM
I wins nnc dattrkten of the citizens of i. ? !
wbea ikey cult. ... Um im ! i ??: Um r work! re
aasaaed i it] inks a hj r i ? .r \ ? a m m an 1
a hi:!' <?? mc'i x. .? n a: ,ot,z . '?. tree- a:. ! > jw ry
port a, er re* Ilm :;ithai rasjasy frotlo, watching the
fount in - play it- 1 ''.<? 8-h * ? ? .. an '. :?- . ? it
the Magtl I of fa rda ni-o. ns joyously as the ancient
c'iecr?- of Ha >:???, co-., . co. in ;:. .- ,,; ;.. ,t
erf a* t\ "
?la Jam the Cholera, aftr r tasking moetfearfol
fi.-,??-. hi- L'reatiy sua-ici ;. Throughout tne
Dutch po?-M-?..?i? i:? it that from 12a>">to
11.888 were art . kl thkTatMJ UM lata - :-.ia".joa. of
which Duml i r fu I; ? at -h ill n rtsbed
?Mr Minter Morgan, Um English So uUtstwTstar,
ia about to iaaoaa new roiuma w ar. this title
?? Tiie Triumph Or,that ooatsg Aga of Christi laity "
Sc! f .in- fro.n luthor-,
i ,..,-r> Ra ? our . . i Phi o-.;?hical,
on Uta Ksesaaat] of
Earlv and i onaiata el Training,
l\o!?aa tnai. Tsachaag,
and on
Tl.i nttvaanSgM of ? Ota : Iks PrtJ ipla c
undivided inter*>-T.- amor:; .ul the Members of
soeieti. aa eaeet Dal :?> its Cootrnual
Progn as in KkMwledge. Virtue
and Happiness. and to
Tin I'eni.al f tit A-< : dni, i an ! I ; r-t r-n.
Prevail a, i oi i hn-tian Love,
?if the ?tr?it< of Laad n were put togeiker,
thev would e:Af nd9'-' " ?' miiea in lencth. trie mam
laboroughfana re ffa reread by 3,006 onu sjaeeand
3.5oo cabs, employing -Ki.tsju horses, in IMP, tbe
Metropolia alone consumed I.6W.00? quarten of
wheat, si ".(Mi' bullocks, l,T(K),oOo sheep, 28.000 calrea
aid 1 ' ? .???. < o' t-.arkel a.one - . : t.-'-J4.|ao
head o. aatie London 'hr - : .-? year. a*e 3,'?H. ini
nfawni whs h were w isd > d I rw n I v I3JSM 00 I gall
of port? r arid ale, 9, * i.OOO g tili ins of aptrtts, an I BS,
i ": pe-ofw:tc. l.i.i! i i-iittsarc yearly re pure,;
for London milk, and rockoaiiiig two aausona a dav
irotn evi r> cow, w.- hare here, aap 7S,0SS gaUoaaof
?? London pecul ar' i osumed, If not aajoyed, by the
London inhabitants, 38tL080 gas-lighu fringe thi
afreets, London1! arterial or water system ^ap
plieatheenorn iai entity oi 14,383.318gaUonaper
sthot isd - ; tre employed in bringing in
. oLondoi I 1,000 tuns ot coal, aad to clothe
a I wail . ii London's people we have no fewer
? m ?-" tai ore, 18470 bootmaken, 10.880 milii
... dn asmi -.?r- and 188.701 dome-tie serranta.
Leaden Maaey Market,
Toe Anisen ? - .1" srfcet aas heea i it ream leqvuat see
tin ?eek w th very utileduuu kfeeara I) BeU.gaall
Co. report the 1 i ring as thspreeeat qoutataaa
Rade at i Is. U i I a prscea
finted States i per eat. Bonds..ISSS. 93 a*?l
Ditto 6 i*rcent Beads.mj ti?
Ditto ? ereent I! eats...<?,?. _llJMUi
Onto 6 ; . i cent v - a.!?li |'ii|
New-York Citt it er cent s'k ls.5>-70 . '.ki 'it
Bi?to?i l it. J ; er cent Bonds .. .i8j8-62. 93 13|
Pen-vlvntiia 5 per cant. Stock _. ftl ?.'
Mas-ni hiisettsi per cent.i3kh.l?aj l'?j
.Mar- land i.e .. i SI Ba Ii . St M
Canada 6 per cent Bonds' , ..ISN. luSf 109?
Theekwharp es f I aa IbmM raestati ifthestat
Ii'? marl-et ha> not implored. There hare fie-n g.-reral
irrnal? dtirme the wenk, ii'lhi?eil iiii by the We-' Ind.a
?fenr-ier. ?Iin h oriiiiri. op aboat one edition doll irs value.
<-f wliteh tw..-th,r.i-.< silver The advance in Etchanre
has eht-i ke.l demand, and i be marke! Ii quiet, end doe anal
if pnce> can l>e maintained In .niry n-r I' n- l> ir inteude I
fnrtbi East i Dtma*s, aad further eaavrta to thai iiuaner
,- lo>iked fi.r Gold and DonMoona atmut name as la-t
ijUoted Money ii m^i-ateri ,i.-'.aiid Oiffer rate? ,
mal,d, d
Fnreirn Gold in Ban Btaadard) . - Psa.3 17 I
Bdvei ia hn> Stai dard I...... t- ??/. > I
Gold Cmn. Portugal pea. ? se.. .Jfl 1
Doubloons, Pntrioa.l-m_IM ?,
Ditto Snaaba .Saa . IN I
Napoleons....fa_I ' > t
I? Guilder pea .Pea ? IN
Silver C?in. Mei indfi Asser Dola P oa ..I i
Spaaiah Pillar Dal .e(,/ ..o s \\
R i. - n Prector*a Circalar.
Corresi ndenceoftbi N Y lid,,me
Ln i arooi. Pridsy, Ausrast u.
sin Coatiausd ma waalhsi neaab ag ? .ur farmera to
rather then inri. eropeoi train m the anas) possible con?
dition The irade Col th.at im- assqw utl. snathe n-.
aiidattlin.il in ii?'- .in kit tin: IniMiieMi ,n a.o arti? it
was lira,ted in retail - ssanta ?. st prio - sol properly lower,
i, t weaker than on i leadar !.i?t laarew ana mack rouoi
for furtlier de line on present rates
Very reapoctfnU] reur ebedieat servaat,
Geera? Hell -\ t e.'s Circalar.
CnnseiiiasileiM s ol The New-York rnbtms
P/r.ir?i?riro.) I.iM.itroot, Rndaf,AagSt,N5I.
The atsady sad settled t,,n<- of oar Cottom market, aa
reported in -mr |iTSvlona Bircntsrs, alter Stach a h-'ir -Ii
|iression, and which ti n. !?? en tr,,w ini: u.-mn n? d'e :.u ???
I reM.,,1? Iw,? nr t!.? et- \-11 L- o . earne?t nr-in-e'li it " ?
decline Mid downward c,.tir?e I,ml ?xliaii-ted it ?Ii an I
lullie t,, an end, and mir i-P-ei-ei m ? t ni? w i-ek. lenu ,n
lh- - one din e'l.ai. ar>- . i'in- am >le cntitiimatiini ><l? w hnt
l,ii. f..ia- >,.?(,,ie
Tas recent Isrse hoahsesa hartag tu itly red need the
?tucks of holders, and the) linviasj io eaeet i awsspusg de
maad on each sneeeedina daj "i I lie weak, has forced
the market |d I' !' mi the inlddlina -'.rtunl Aineric in.
and d on the hi -t and tin WOT* . lbs red >| all MM ?< I! e
latle. In in? ... alaii.daul ,n >tm k a? tu U- alniott im-ala
ble, i ii sgl at a low pries
In other ak n riptsoui tbere i- sol mach setae! ebaage ia
price. Imt nil nuns Cotton of all kind- i- a httis in e
The Comanttee of Itr.- place "fkir" I ataada > -I .
Mn*,ile , i . ai,,i i ii,, ana d
!. i.Aassricaa, i^MSaiat, md IM Peraam havt bean
taken on-i-e, dH'i 'ii. ami 14,IN laasiiran. l.THSnrst. lit
M '-a-, and ism Pi inaaa t reai -ri
Ssiee to-dav, I. N bales
GEORGE HOLT a CO., Cottw Brokers
\\ in. Oardaer -v Ca.'a ? Ircalar.
Corres poadeaoe of The N Y Tribnas
,"f r Asm ri a Ln aarooL, Pridajr, Aag. ?2. it',t
I ha Market i ot Bl 11 baa beea without say on roi saamt.
the dealers 'my tparnutly, and holders ol inuldlinr -ort
laine aasious sellers, rices ot -hi hare a.- on t'ecn in
favor of : iner-.
i i. train.-? t,'Ii-in Poll-, lim tu . n i;iai ;.? Ttaii*. . the
?tea h "i v bm rana a -mad
Ii ? re i h ??? 11, lees doing m Bsi on. lbs raaatrj Sealers
Iimm i t iieen ire. burars, aad tha Ptioa el weal Bnow
on hand ii ton hirh for thi Irish Buuael HaJis eeatmns
a dull alii) .'t iSsoln: lale S|n<l I.I'HK- .vi- ?h.wlv
rbeaaleeoi LaaD reach aewta IM ums, at aa advance
of IS to St per cwt ,:, lid the market i Ime? \r:v tirili.
Thrte baa beea a huriaqairy far Chbssi, wilhsel dta>
? uii, n in price
I a market is about i ear of Gaaaai Rottbr, but the
asesoe i- i!iin*i'.i i
"I ill- a i? ni'tiai '.' ';?. w t iV-iri-r
Then a aa inquiry I e las-i11 Caasa, bmthenaaaoni
as re
'I lie I, nd. M v of tin- COBS BKSrkOi lUH OOBthaaad dawn
I uaidifui all articles, sad partarruhwl] foriafsriorqaaaties
of Aaeriean Plocb, wluea hare been naaaaad oaal nr.
' low prices Ai to-day'i asarfcet thadnuasaai asannsd la
til n> srlv the cl ie waen buyi ? came i rward rather saora
i fieelv, at the reduced rates. Bvineetfullv. vonrs.
? vi Q IRDNER a. ( '>
Jamea WeHeary'e Circalar.
i o -i apt seV ace ol l hi N \ rtinaraa
PrrAsarrir?.] I.mho ol.Aug.St, 1831.
Ii?, n . nea a| laaaUy, at 'i'ju. 1? cwt far Long
ht iddles (new, and SM ITs i r C%uabnund Cal
Afra -ai- r It at saw aeaa made at a further r^
?.u tn i. in valas Meaa,SS9)7aa P Ustbs. The itock is
l.. i. - - r aa here that the anotsUons srs qutte
ti in ms! Mem, NaMa PbhL.sad Pnaas Mam tiajisa
SlIl/l I "hli- Hie Wl'hnut (inline, at <!i..l.'&> ' *t.
Vi I w prices MBiMs accepted Iba Haas, ara at*
tt id : l- - Ii.r :.'.!< n'l.-n l.t them
CHEasI ;.r.-,:ii- in-tliatK noi hi re;->rt Fan . Ma IJ-..
V ' wl . und I i-,. :..,ri J. ,i J- -
LABI hasagaha aavain ed?ITs hi - la-en made for small
inrci I?
i)'. i h?'. rai s Baas i? ier?- inn
1 at i "v .- rati., r dearer, aad i?ren mbtble
BrsaaOn - . iet, ?d rina iiaa aaoua iih tfo- ?an., as
last.,- sd Ol P islb Ou the market where Linn
nil. mil c:.?ei! i ?? il.c linih ;ru, s t Lard, has i f en ?-M
ai (41
LinssBO On t'iK k i? in-ii h wanted, aad eriS sell rea-L
1> <<n arrnal at improved ratei.
In Ki ?..,!, inot] sanewton par!
rhen iBOStreniT'l a.ri ts mi'lt l When <ale? are
sesssed lower\ too* bars be taken TtweaaaasBaasm
? - .i. r...!/.-... .-ir. ai... the -ii , , ? f, :n Frauce and
elsewhere, temporarily, si least, alackea; aoaae imarovs
ssentmsj t;-. r- n --fe.v ba I >'ke?! Ibc Weeaota west?
ern Canal Flocb al ?:a-?e- phM ; Pkdsdslpkaa, tassim.
t.d . Ilaltiii n-. I' u i'n 'k! . St I.tmii and Ohio. IHailf.:
Caaadisa a ; Boat aad H--ate,i, a a a;- . K--1
WaSAT, - M a M P tt Be . Wt.ite ? ? . ii 1,1 j
?*? M.i M ted de ,3a Id.?Ja N . Warts laaun Coaa.
tfs "e itt, . Mixed do . ?>*. ?,i . TaUsa in ..%?.
1 - i ""l I rei.lii Murker.
Prsisbu to the Called StsSaa havi net varied nwl I r
lni t!? ...?? unk 1? a . We ha- ' ? u ra' :n r .- -? ,
UlaLend t :n.i-r ruti - are ri t lull. i-istam-1 Veeri_-e
paieini ra srs a ?? sdatt; prkse sfnaaaags to New
Tort , W taute freight to Slew-York_Dead
Weicht, in -?! BS 1j? P tun . line f.?<o>. Its BL t., ! ,s .
! tirdwar?. i.~ . saithoawara, j?. Tn BeeSoa lie,.!
We.nlit ' ,> r'ne t , hardware. 17? fid . eartti
enaate.?.? P ? kjs Di Ml Ws gM ISatoUa laa
if ialS|Ma hardware,Ml . earthenware, -a. Bal'ituore
D?ad ?f <nt '.- Ul. to Iii . fine roods, 2i? . har lnjre.
?.i- j sataeraware, ?>. Nsw-Orlsnas Daaat Weighs, Its ;
tie. foash . - ? - iwa.-e, it- ?d . earth?nware. 7,
tun _
Leaadaa Pr.<:ii?? Market Sag .')
S-. . vK- T. ? Sen aad far Weal In.!, a -,u:*t. aad inferior
h.w.r .'i , ? ? I, .'i ? a-ii. Bsa?sg LSM f-r t:.e
V . . Bgsd . ?r.?.?d gllMMir Haapa Re-in-d
- H bm dealers ca ? a, sad hr??wn lu-ilie ed t > e,?
MantaUt >- Al a'a t. s, Li I 'ain *"!d i tel.aw . tj? t,, ji? ,
ai., .:...???? . ? Set:.-ai-1.2ii ',a--w- ? ,- r? 1
: its.; far B ires?rtaoj aMte. i7i, and veil ??. ij.
Yen : tt.r i ss ii foreata sad aneaa sneSaagad Cor
} i ?-\ !? -de. siid btt'e dene teirstelr . pmi, n
rales bai Ir Biaintaiaed; Nativ* Cesiea, Ms Taadail of
-ale. ita! f ".er lefl -urpocted with di?eultr Kl E
?art ,-. am ^ncesteawteaeawsenrani Cottob?Goodbasi
a i ....i, ted I na? 11 a u h.t tier. ?das
., lain Sarai ad 1 ? Madm Ti: low -r> ?east
?? ?*!. md .. ? ? a. i -,ia i . nr* Y (" dCs i!
Eaajtlah Market?.
Tl Ii ? , . Is'.wnho t ranatina in nrice?. > m ?
..-raidi ? : - t i. P -I' i. :.aj l e n ? -e : .' n i' ,t us*
e . - r- n t e assiksT Banm tSakaa _ t ? j- Sa
\ ? Para Ghwi a,A Pressm r?te- -i i teeri
Mi. i ? i ar Nad R?l?. ti i!W> , Krag it
Sheet T Id No I S Ich P:ir. t?7*
la*heaae*al i :,t..: ?. a tan aaaa inatliiatt lh
...o i.'. -, ', ,.f fl er ?it?, 1,1 >".e.l.s.. Sir-..
ii ,r? -ir L.'t ?t? tr?n>u ti..D? tnrrpoet r.>pprn? in <"-?l
?-.n^.u. sad j -A ?'. sad C a -a- maea
war'i-d r.;tiihTn if witf, -,r ,ltefi?iafj Of f j?iea
Tl ?.'lt.f,,rMa.f(;1J,.. ? WtheBeertet?TtE
|.<:r:.:iJ-t tAe week, wbjctl Ii? .ad 1 . -'- f dater
m -?!?>? mm , |g s . her, do t- ... ? , , ? l%
' , ;? ' r Lead i rat ha ?
..if .1 . Iff i.i ? r. ,. .: I i?. niai.rl f r anna* ?h irr? I .
?li J ", ? ' ? ireatei part at* Um prseaaC ?eeafc,
:'" ' -* ' ??-? ????;nr.-r?. : i lira
. :? were present, d :> %aer-.Tr
fii.i i ? ? r* a- ... .ai
Hy TelerTapfl to the Kew?T?rk Tribune.
D^Slh ol Jualiir W ......Ihcrf.
? >?:om. Friday. Sop? 5
We hate just received the intelligence that
?T l* w ?BBCBT - x: ::>?'. at h> res: tea**, in
Pi'.-fMM uth. at :>j .iVltvk las: night
Exa ?i-i'- .? I i ri at t hirace.
caeo, Th ir-d.iv. Sept t.
\ aft r rohe out] Mg ngti: oa Clark-el'. raauuiming
Dinet*! pfeci itora, Joaoa A Patr -k'. ex
change B ??. Atxins'i mi are try itora AeadaiBua**
nuUmery, Nswhall'i trull ateea, .tt.d Chapeaaa'i te>
' " 1 on I .im -?t . ?'altert A Bart-tow's hal
-tore. Leopoid'i clotJuag -tore. J. v Le'eier's fur
-tore. Thompson tl ? <??< oil and punt and
A.\ Hr ' ?:.?, l ,,'. b Trie *:?< ??'int .if
? -.-?-.- and ir.-nra:. e a- , r i nett
Him ..ol' Mr. Pealliri f oop. r.
The f. Dowii addn rated to tha Bmfmlo
? ' --t.iii ! t\ th it paper to have i-orne from a
irre entitled ti Ibt I .!.? -:.?? .-: !et ittoa -
" Will you ? kind enough to coatradtet tae vari?
ous ^d unauthenticati I rumors which havi i.ite.v
appean I c i en ngthi th-f Mr J Prnimtrrr
i . er It is rumored tn MreialNew-Tothpapers,
that Dr. Francis, of thai etty, had been summoned
io Cooperstown, expieealyto router atth Mr C.*i
att< rn.n ; lyncmi thi (BCtl ..re thea Mr
C ? . ? r a .- . - ? -ii ti d l?r Franc ia. who M
anfjold ai iiuaintani e of hi*. The iaOcr, upon hearing;
o' Mr ?'ooDer's critical illness, came at ence to
Cooperstown, uninvited and from motives of mere
personal fnendship In regard to Mr C*a pre asm
situation, I am InfOI lived t!u? morning by letter from
( ooperstown, thai a r.<w coursi iif Inaliaoiil has
ber n adopted, and thai a t; <? gh lotnewhsi ?? iktf
t' re. -oi r\. o: h.s .yi:i'>*oms are in it fa?
vorable. Permit meto add thai in easea ike the
ti -i i.f. ? \ . .' rate.: and ; aa.:u, r. per*-, w inch in .-'
ru - -ar Iy ricite the wont B| | n :.t';.?:.Hi.o: tn ndl
and relatives in all parts of the country, ought not
.to fun: a place in tne corumnsof any respectable our
nal, except upon tl.e most relial Ie authority "
iLLEGgD KoBGgaiBS IM < iNi ivwii.?
I T'nr i mi innnti t 'ommrrctal says i
I -i;. r' arai tu er etat! m ysateiUay, thai tne
nanu ol two wall known mtnai tile BTmam thil
? ? i p n eni ) forged, b) Mr. Benjamin Daven?
port, who. tt is said, hai raised from tw,OWto(Me,.
nil, upon notesdraaraby himself, and purport ngt..
e lur'orscd \ E. Morgan ?V Co., and J. A. Jamesd
It'o. The indorsements turn oul to befbtgeriea v
warrant was i.-siied. yesterday, by the Mayor upon
the affidavit of F. W. Schwartz, a whomoaeof
? se note- lor 0300 w as passed. Three warraats
wen ??:?-? ? ? ntiy iwornoutbefbn Es.; Bnelbaaer
?one chars ng thi party with passing two forged
in lies for ??' each, and one for Ol.5W.
How mailt bate -utar'--. t;..? extensive fraud
i-a?y?: unknown, but it is certain that the paper i
axter.sively circulated antong most ol the private
banking-houses of the city. and numcou* iitdivat
0 ls,wi i are occaatonalty in tne habit of that ng
notes, are also sufferers, >,? tar as we hare tx a abb
to ? : it a. nut of toss raetained bj any one
b\i king-house is rot snrtirifiit to al all endanger
their credit, Itisnoa lupposed that these forgei ei
have I" ? ii carried.>n for two .rt'iree veirs ?Mr
Davenport always ] iymg the notes al nxaturity, thus
avoiding detection
I ba frail I was detected I r one of the forged notes
lie.ng lost and advertised by the hohler and pur?
chaser The supposed Indorssr hainmniiig to we
the adrertiaement. had hi* suspicious excited,and
upon relerring to hit booki found hi bad never In?
dorsed suchanote. Mr.Davenport bad occaiion
v used Ihe gramai indorsemenl of the above
Arms, a!. ch bl mg gl tu I ally known among bankers
in I moneyed men, added to the wi II '> townn tponsf
? lityofthi names forged, i ide it an easy matter to
?p ie of the paper it Ian ported Mr D has left
The Anaual < kinunenci ment of Bowdoin < ollego, at
Biunswick, Me . began on thi Id Lnat
m the mi eting ol tha Pencinl m a? I Whi oi 'ti Bo>
1 at is. lion John8. Tenney.ol No-. k.was
< bosi n Pn iid? nt ol tha former, lor the ? n iing ye ir
Rev. Eliiah Kellogg, ol Harpewell, Vi l-President,
and ' nd l> s, wan. Bsq .of Bath, Becretarji Both
Associations appointed Comroitteei to confer with
the i ollega < orporation relative to erecting a build*
ing h rtiie better aoooBBBtodatioa of their Ubrarioa
IM entanets
The oration t efore tin- Literary Bo a tie a is pro?
no': ia a d 11 la rata T. Bau., LL D., auperintoraient
Of the Mel im ii Vstli.in, Soiueri llle. Mass ill- -11 r >
ect a is?? The Prevailing Errorio Modern Educa?
tion, the N- a-Education of the Fei lb rs "
The Poem was delivered by Joan G Sax
111 eveamg w as devoted to several exercises,
i it candprivate, A Concert by the band attract so
nuib an autnenci. md a respectable number ol the
Atamni convened at Commons n ill. where speeches )
were listened to from severs ol th? o lergraduatei
Josepb l II bey, ol the class of Ifttl, a i- c ille l to the
i ba r. ind > ? i mmittee was appointed b> m ike ar
riiligi 11.1-4 fs for eeii . t il I - thi S, ii.i-I euteniiul \ll
niverssryol the I'oBego,which oecura nexl \- ,r
A listol Ihe death* ol ? mm during the past year,
was n ad I i Prof P- u I
Mormoriim.?A corresr^indeol of Th*
PhiiaiU pi. io i.i < it .writing from N iuvoo,ststes thai
'? Mormon ism at this 'lav is ai uTei ri ind distincl
from ai '.ih nc i b the Prophet S lithevertanghl
orordaiiiidas Mahonietanismii luTereatfroml mi
tianity. 'I he sei i ii alrea Ij *p II Into sevea dia^tfoal
UHlie*. i i ii repudiating the other These are a
follow - " Kigdonilee, who are the i non pure of the
sect, are scattered through the land . Brtghamites,
tuurpers, occupying the valleys ol i tab Straagites,
at I orce. Beaver tslsad, Lui Michigan B) item
squat ft rs on the .itrveyed public lands In West?
ern Iowa Kanesvi te their he i Iquarterx ? iitleriles,
f ttk d on Silver t'n eh, Hill* eo mi y, Iowa Bra -v
-uritrs, at Socorro, new-M i o Biahopites, al
Kirkland, Lake county, 0 The Strangites,
BnwStentes, md Biahopites, .r new lights; the
Cutlrntes are refortners an.i the 11 v Lite* are tae
Whig branch of th<-usurpers of the aoverojUOBl of
the i burch after the an uann ation ol Prophet Smith.'1
SUameljips, &t. far (Sttropr.
Oi EAN >n:\M>llii' < >M>'\\\ at
NEW-ENGLAND ? ? be I ret as ?oftl i hae, " s
S I i V, Is 'fa t l'.'ii' will luv II"?! i I rl.it.
,.uTill I.M? vV ihi .'.?? davof Sestember Ih - - leadto
-te.-iinsiii; is i.ii." ituu boidea, i- baitt m the ? -t rabetaa
tiaJ maia.rr. l oth as rtnatds ha! a ul m vebiaery.b i- a- it.
diaeoa il l.racr? thi uvdiout. ?imilai t? the f l.ti-miii;. i' the
fell in? i line, and ta every laapeel rally equal ia posst iaf
?tteDittli aod in tea inataiea, to SB] ?te.n.e- a.1.>at Her
at corn ni dataonsf rpasseaiari tri i a r i-.i-1 asri ?a
f<rt,eleiance aad rentilatioa Het coaaauutdar, Castam
t"?le,iaweli-ki .? : ?rm-r "ci-ter fths saoketahip
Orpbens, lietwrea (tee I -ti. ia I Isvarpo .l.ainl late .fthe
sti-ai:.-:.i: Ti :ita ?-ee
K,v i rah t. ?- ?-'? i. in Hon'ou to Livrr i -
i*ruad calaa (aot foxtad).. ai
Frtan Liverpool to Boa a, ftrat eabis .
rrasshttoraaefood*.OOj partaaoff ? u*.,- t.-et
As sxparieaead rargei a ia ittai ai i to the .hip.
t'..r t.. ihl oi ; ?e>aee, ap ily to
II kKDEN a ? 11 . Bro al a a] Wew-Yorll
II vKi'lA a CO., ? ? Bi i - -' B -t ?
., i.i HARDEN ACQ .* Corlsre.Lirei
I/OK LIVERPOOL.?United Statea
Mail Steanuhc,' AlLANTK-. i . ' laasM f/sal
Thai ?teemer mil d? art vrtth the I 1 Mails la K'ir?;,e
pueiuvely <aa IATCRDAT. Bspl II ?? 2 ' . ? -. M . i
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tDHAUnk COLLINS. No a Wall-el
The .ir.ui.>!,., F.ttTKU* *il\ tooceed the ATLANTIC,
and sail S*l-t tJ, al
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iniptoa I aetaad, lo iaml tha mail? iml pa.??nrer?, ?a
gATt'RDAT.Si ? at. tr- ta tar Ne. i Worth River
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All letter, araat pas* thrsagh tne H-tt o.:.. i
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V r E.e.it.t Ks.aaee. in atral ' ?? ? ad I n-.. . -
bj t M?LLER, BAND i. HIER \
\ Br ? a N 1
TW St, a,- WASHINGTON will si dike HER?
MANN, . thi r.. October. ?]
HKW-YORE lad LITERPOOL, dtraet; aad batweea
BOS1KN aad UVEBPOOL?TheaVaatoa*tupe<>alyeaU
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tBABIA, Caps.? AJTRiCA.A. Rvna
PEttalA Capi ? El'Ki)P\ K a I.-.u
i-i.i (J HI NIAGARA. J I as
AMERICA.h Shaaaue CANADA.M rterrreua
i AMBBXA.J lilted
T ?v???el? ram u e>,- wh.'e U--:.t -t aust-neaO,
tri aa es itarbi ara '.. .?, ixateaaefl
\l i.Ii a. fr -.. NEW Y*'RK. Wrdneaday. Aar.I?
CAN \I % fn-ni BOSTON. Wedaes ly.Sept. 1
aslA.fi ai NEW.YORK. Wadasaday.asal to
AMERICA froai BOSTON. Wedneedey, Sept l
M .'.vi. \ i ? SEa Y'thk WeeWewlar,aept u
gl ho ha m BOSTON B'? ties iv.Ort I.
? i hit a tr?at N! W-Y< >BK. Wi daea Ii Oet.i
t tNADA fnan BjOeJTOM Waoaa*day, Oel IA
jislA rt bi NEW-YORK WedaaaOay. Oet a
fr fixen h. Caiatsa tail ?her tVwetsw OeaaU. received
? : a tiro'irtit n,, ?msouii w.tb Bnriim Geud*. ThrougU bai*
el lauair a-e ritrn in H*> rr f,-r Near-gavh
I'vmo hew RexswYorb or B ?toni? Lorrpool, $1B>.
Jlrrt: . Ba4 .?c ,.-,d ':n!il f*nl f's*
gia?thi ?nU <?, aargad ?p?"as bay .n-t aa aaeeawt ter
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Mi ei;?-r-.? nrrd Surre? a "? t?>ard.
it AB baaaraaad aewsgaaemataad ;??? throurb the
l -Sit:-? E-.r n ? ? .?ai- , ?.. to
E CL'NABD Jr . JI Br?aiwar
fu^l.^.$..,,i. Bad Ca ji. ??3i.'
i m.-n,- tin* line a-r Ibe
A 1 hNTIC < a : Vm, PACIFIC. Caal Nee
ARCTIC, Casa 1 ... n vi.r!' r. I c ,-.
adki xtio r ' .r..^
? >!.? I,..tf I?,;, hu?; l'i ? .i.ta ? ?. . . - .. | f r
I. ?en.ii.ii.'. mmce Every, arena* !n? l^?g ;n their
PStreel .. j? IM :b thcsr Rafta .. ? naM ? -tn :.e'h
?.**>'. ai ' - : i ? ...... .i % t' .- . ..... .t.-. are
? i- : rrlrsai o - r . .>nif..rt I'm r .?: . ?? ...
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at ? row - SSI D ? I reef ? Newt ... ^j. iB
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I 5i ?l NK? XOAK kr -V I t? BSSMS
I.Ant .'. IttllWeaansaakai km ?. ttM
Smi rda.leg :k.'s^' Weeawwaws, Aai M,ISM
Sa? iw??-Aag.ha. ItotiWsdassday... Se.n l.i.Ji
- ? _ >? ? j w, ?. ? IV s t '
Saturday.Sept.17. I Ui Wednesday.Oct. I, tall
Satarraa. Or* II, tail Weehsrsdsi Ort i>. mi
Sa'unliy. ivt ti, IUI W,-,t;,eads. .. .OH *?. Hit
Svi-'av. . \ t :. ? . W.-.-Mi. . iv \ .f I.'. I.?I
k' .x??? 2.'. ;.o Iknin*.:.., n.,? >. :-t,|
Satnrda*.Dec. 6. IIUl Satunla. .Ore |J, |gj|
" ? '*e' ?'? ? -ii rJ.? IW 17. tail
, f ' ? - r .... . . ? v DVi \KH k COLI IMS,
N 'XX.i -.-.New-Yr. UK' iw X. SHIPLEY A CO
Liverpool: E.O BOSXBT8 A CO., N?i ! Kan ? A rail
Iii. I.' ral a.N IA .? Son) urtre P i .
Afir :}>..? :>t I A r. ?.. .? ?; ,. ?, -. t - ? r ?
i i ?? -r- amen fr -ai I.n> r.?? i ... ; . .. r, ; . ?, ,j
MEN?TheSteeerarn . ?(. . i . .. . I end renter!)
i ? ? t oats, aa 1 seni ?
Pi i \ . ? v
WASHINGTON Cap! W G. Floyd. Saturda tenet I
? ISHINGTON Cb I ii w I" Satunla Ort. I
V. ASHINGTON. (' t. W. G. F I. Saturdar. X.>i
1:1 KM \N V.O.i ? I: Cra T'- v; ,, I , i ' ?
HERMANN, Capt K Orabtn e.Satirdar. S. I 6
HERMANN,taun KC' <? s.r-.r o Not I
Hl RMANN.C ' V: i a t Saturdsr Dei 17
Pnen Hn BM t: r . v ? ? ? .?
WASHINGTON, Fridar, July II W>dne*lay lui> ii>
WASHINGTON Friday, S< , Wedaeedaj - i
v? ISHINGTON, fr la) ?'. I j Wednei \ N \ ,
Ml KM.lW Pi d Im ? t Weilneadav.J
M i XI INN frnl .n a .??.?? . XV.- Inet.,, \ ? ? II
Hf.KM ANN. Fratay, Ocl J Wednaodaj Od *
HKKMANN, Fralar.N % w..> ;>
Pre ? : iirawe Irom New-York t.> s.>utham;it.<n ..r Hre
mi n. ri?: i-i.'.in SU'" . teevinii! . j'al
la execs axed Sarci . ? tacaadaaaaahiSlaaaMr.
Poi fressi I ?* sssaes a. to
? LLKH MVPx l.l CK t, N - !!? i ? ?, X. v
i \ HEINCKEN * t'O i i
x? \i !>l LIN, Havn . i.?
Sil \ xi SHIP t'o . la tend r. :i< than new t>:. > r'tHtr is
CITY OF PlTTSBtTBO, Msa,CaM W C St ?-? n
CM V OF ?l xsi.i .w. S.Cap*. M ? L.
Ci I 1 iFMOLAl'f 1 r-.ii l ? ? ' : ?
? ?i rwmanaxpaia
CITY OF M Wi ll! -ik'H i n . X ?
CUV OP lit. ISG< >W', i -1, .
OnT OP PTTTSBUBO. .\ it Ss - - i,
> ? i ? i rann
CITY Of M XNi Hl -I Ui, Pl . .! lU 2.5
CITY OF GLASGOW. Wedneedsp, lac eat IS
CI' Y CK PITTSBU ?;. ' ? Octobsi
h V I r - OP PASS kOl
MMMSatLa??i ?:- ; tin h t.!-?.;roi:
Bal-w.10* Doilsrs I Sal a ........ i irarss
fa|iiB.if D an i i li'in .13 Ga as ??
Tin--- i. !.'. 1 . ? . ,a ! >-e ' . , ? ? i|
Bjol \x i.... .,, Liquors, which eaa ba I I rhe
0 ?. i ? ?k" al . -. . . ,\ ,. ? .f. ;,. ... .? ,ad
?' - , imi .i
I ... ? m ? e ? ... ? i >>? . 1 i . ;
fHavre ... I... .... ?., ?-. ., . .1 ..,
atneie? ?.? -1 ? I SarnenB w:!l be r irr.,1. ? ?
sari a Pn rat a . ds Ma par tan, asai pi a
Pi ? ? oral aaa ? ?? iplj te
THOMAS BICHABDSON II E nhaar place New-Tort
si i ? xv dnal ? I . Phi delphia
Patrick Henderson a ca >. ?? IT?
(Iraofl for the IVortlj iinii ItJfst.
\|i i;m\(. I im; toi V LB ANY'-?
>?l . ? lelessBtttea REINDEER Caal
Alien DeajTot*, will leava N- ? Y-r. iV..m pier foot ?(
Marraa ?? ,eren MONDAY, ttl'UXlMnv and FBI- .
I 'A X' IHOR.MXG, i ? i'clnek.andn Mr- ? !-.,,. Albany
IT ES DA YS, l?r-'ix.n md 8ATVBOAYS it ike
aaaas hour, aaakina the il landiaassaeh wai Bw**Moa'a
-?i ven .a. hoard Pare t.. Newlmnrh sie I P . .?
cen'a V B Pea furthet n .rm.-i-n ipply to JAMES
BISHOPBCo., No.3Baavwr-et., New-York al ?i
?Th hsrga ? LINTON, Catx Mdtsw, every MON?
DAY; EXCHANGE, Cap! Roeekrsns. svsii THV'lvS
DAY; POUGHKEEP81E Capi HoiBnaa,arary lATDR*
DAY,al io'eloch P M.,troaifoal sfMarrsr-it Or pas
ssnfarsaadi sight Tbe ahwee bar<ei are elesan'l/fnr* '
aashsd withstato rwasna i "i? i.-nen .ii<l i-umturiii'ie eis?
Ins,and apreea . kttadap f>?f the)aoasiue4 ?ad enve
an >f i -Mn- ?-. md ar ,.e <t Psaahktesrsi^ nt u.am
aar the a m n,Sharon. Pine Ptaua sat New ? if .m pea
farthariadbraul i ml lard haSsnraa,orn
?' >a._a-11 i i i m-:, ,v a v AM.. |s4 Wai ,'
dractl for ii)e dontt).
1 IN.-., Y i uaj Philadelphia d ? I l.*nite.l Stitee
v I ? Pari irhini fioois,v?New-JerseyRadroad
Psis radecrd toSIfoi :. -? class, isd It M I?r aecoul
. i-- Lean Ren i rt ?. A .XI , from fn i ??; o Haut
-i an?l " \ XI , I- \| . ir i i ..,t ,.i Liberty-it.
I i" .1 ?, his at i and I \. M. Bad j P M.. tram the I
foot of a shsot .t
i BaxTtaoaa, WasataoToa. on Chabi.bitoh ?
Throashtsaksts era sold lathe thovehaes A throinrh |
e. Ii.ha t.,r. will, fnriii, Ii I'tnrra ?? e|.ic um nmei the
train Isovraa nt , P M Pseeensera sail bamtase in this
Ma 11 aUlM traaiported dim llj tl roinrh fr..m ,l, ;.oi t,> Jo- |
the rmiti , re_
lfiprc00ca, c\*c.
I I!.Ml S HOTELS.?Cha^rea ' Cru
IBvInGHOUSE, it Chasjes?W, t* Wdliaois fe Htuh j
Iii lei
PANAMA BAILBOAD hotel, d Oorsona A B.
M lei
amebican HOTEL st Croeee?H.Miller.ir ie'/-'
Cegal LVoticrt.
SI PHfcM I i I Ol K P.?In tht mawr of
?,.. ?-i. i'.., if iki Mej i, t. iivin-a ami r ? i-iii >i
all r of the Cm f New-1 ???.. lehn ra u Um "i sneM "I '
hl X ! x--Ki i .sum u i f i. i- i, ab-ai t.. itavav.,
the ? in .r v* ifork? Poalh NeSsee i- hereby 1
green ? las Mar er, AJdesaass sad Coaaaaaaett) sTUks
( ?. ? i .N>.? Perk '., -'. Mat to -t. u'e ia iw a , a-e ? i,|e
and pro*ah d. that the said the Ma) *, A dsnnoe sad i loot
aiowaltv of the City <f New-V atend te asaks aapHra
boa in ths Snprens I mrtofthi Itato of New-Yerk, at a
Speele] Ten- -.1 the-mi Court, to he hold al IheCtf) Hdl |
rthel ? ? /New-York,imfhit'inlay,theMUiday i p
tea bar, i it. si Iks ? ? ? aa -i the i ? r ua thM 'iav.ar ai ,
>? b Uieresfter as Coeaeel ona be hi ird. La ??..<? a point
,,?1'.,.? in t? t K-t iiale md Auesimeiit in liie
aiwvi sniatltd swWtsr; that law aataieeaM astentoftha
unprovsjaenl herahf rateadsd u the saaahaj ni <>'A
?' . Sen RtVaa t-> the aih-a-. . in the Oitv "f
New-York, as laid dm apaa the ma|i pa nlan of tbe
Cityoi Ni s X ? idol ujd b| ?irtue iS* in aet st the
l .... a -im I.. Pi Is f the Mate of Row-Yeefc, ow
t,! ni ? An ict rahUivt to iii.n w an it- I aehtea the lay
.i. ,,- fatreetsaad ruadsia thsI ty of New-rork,sad
i r.. ... r esa --i-ii April Id 1017.?Dated, Nsw?
fork.A - ? til \ti HKNRT E DAYIES,
aaSi tSaptM 1 i ?>% ' '.i-l ?? i natnni
hJ i PHKJM K ' I ?i RT?Cityand 1 bounty of
k3 Neu X Ds tot hfayet sad
Ba : in ion:;a .me. eoenuf J, be M ?? Henry Piataadieri
sad Ba?aei I >!"?-. - ? unnions fie a money demand oo con
tiact Coai. Botsei I IOHN xi?.s-; HENBV PBI
DENBEBG and SA xil i I. MOSS X "i ire hereby nimv
am il mi.! rt-; irnl lo oueo-r tlie eoMBhsnSl m tin- BSlteB.
which ?,ii I? r.ie.i .11 in.- ..flire e*ths Clerk "f tt.e Oft and
0 i.mi t New Y'-rk. at tne i 'ay Hall, hi the <"nv ,^ N<- * -
York, sad to serve s eawy of reaar aoiwerto the aaadi
1 mint .11 tlie ?u?M-riter at Ini -f?re. Nu IIW ill-irr.it,
( ,!i , f Neu-Y rk. within twei I dara ifti i ti.e Barnes >,i
f. - - irin.ai.? Ii inn. eielniixeoi the day of inch SSrviOS i
bi ,i ii ...ii fad I.. ai.swer th- mal eoaai .a.ut trahai tne tane
?: r>-ai l. the ? la.i.t.*!? n ttus irti-,n -vill 'ake jwl/euieut
agamM pon fce ti.e iaw ofTwerra Heaatied and Put Pat
l.ir? m .1 Naietv-one eewto, iw'ti ir-.tere?t fr.m th-- beaSk
de] ??! A.n.. r- ? . Bsaanl ? mt haaaaed and ntty-ine,
t)..?ti f't.i. ii- -IMti I xt-,.- m, a.I
lll.ii TAX l.liK, P ..i.t.ir.
.??, iawowSat WWsB-sttWSt
MiiMsssasai and srat. f Row Pork -Ts DAYID
xli.xMs u-ieodsnt Y m nehereki Mansasonedtoaa*>
? or si b smi -i WM ADAMS,PlaiataT whsnoom
?Bitai ares toed m the Clerk'? "Ihre of the laid CsaetJ ?t
>l i n et . ai tl.-e 'a da. .1 A-r ?t. ISil, a "f
which .- in; .aiitt Ii barste niiie,e.i and M iierew.tl. Bent d
psa ? >o, and to >er.- a easy el rasas au.,*er aaaa wa .?.
? v it .:.. I, er.- . M-i.te- * ? :i.:?. N'e*
x r. wsuuatwoM) daysariartheeervsneas thatsawaswaa
u;? ii reo,esessswvi r has da] ?f aw k -en <-?, and if trie
-id aaaaadaal fnustoaawwar aead eseaplaaal, ai hsawby
required,theplaasiaT wdl lake e.-,-. ?raitut the de?
hn,for Owe Handasd aial I?eiay-?.i iJoilar? md
^ . , w ? . ii in mm\ thoaswa ataa t he Mh saxr of Aa.
e< ?t basadea ooeti of this ae'ion ? Cansiuharie, N.
naM lawissrl PlanattaT'a Atteraey
rfnHE si l'l? .MK COl RT of the Sun
MRAl asd SIMON STRA CBS Toaaie kaaehyrs
u red ??? saowwf the ooaa) huM in thai acte ai and or" ?
r. py ad reaar aim?er oo meat tbe City >ANew-Y..rk. withie
?v. jays attar the ssmne of thai lanaisi, ea save j
Ua i. Xsorriee; east you are aiso aotiSad thM if I ;!'
la aawwer theeoBplsaM. ths phuatatb ?dl Own ?sl there
ta?e alsaaaBtar srxthe aadnnsa laadrad ,ri'?'5""rf
? d ?ara? tfc interest. ITooi 'he lhirtis*a naj ?\
? \ I) :a,i. ??im1?. 1 Tnaeueaphunt wUI ?e??
eayfaadtatha s:.. f tlteChTik Mass Cay saaiceeasaf ss ?
.n. ?.v,r, ?New-York, a .. . ? -'- ,
alberi mathbws.
P iMtafi to ra. v ? w \; *s
T rb- defendant!, lienr. Stra m and sub"" swwwww
i . j ?? s
IN PURSUANCE of anuHeroi the Sor
.s I l " / v a Y -'k a *
resjate r -he t laty of Wg jaGELs.
en to nil ;^~-ii?hsv:u<c-?iaJ ^^^^,?.1. v,. ^eirut
late of the . Hi Z the ., t-rrrf?r%t h-r
th- aeaaa ^..^^JjlT^uLoear of Naw-Terfc.?
...... N < aaad^tn ^ . url. _r>aud Hew
rbeaori .-*K m.. mil
S' ro' ' - 1 " ? ?? trfKkmn
IhV i'tVrl r Itan. L .J UflT" f?0 Matilda. M, w,f.'
? At.irl.c Han?. a* the COy of Brwakl,,, Ba?r>B?rd
K i:r.J a WooWr. and Ii ?ratio a o?a,,^73!wBii
" 1? I"* mart , .'i n.-i ?r-,.-,' T . M V i ll 1? i .? ? u
[ OCK.wi* v. Urt n i (VI f *j i,.',,^'^
?.! -rd toarawerthe, flipiamt in Ina..
which us* 1,1 In the oOVe uf the Clerk .-f the
f Ems* dtbeCilvHa BthetV? m i'r..,?i.? '
? . v im mV ?dt .. . , i
' ?..??.?? m ihe ? i -..- . .??;?. s.. ca
Hi ad?a>.iaU.e Citj and C iatv of N.w Y rk. ?ahm
.' ??. .--I. n. .at y. a.
........ .1. : i au m t - - arc it run i ail I,, aa -
?w*r the ? ? ?> <??* >? -. I, the
? : ? 11 * ,*'_|L. I m -Tf* "**rrtl'*
SAMI r 1. W JlTVSO.N.PIaintif e Alleeaev,
ita) kwSwSal' \ o ? ?> .< \. ?r-v.*a
i ? .:: i : Vw V r. --V? ?'?a* T !?.<??
i laVi>!>*> i ? v . M < ? Summ Hia for
owlrart IV? SAMl'EI M')?t:?,
.!?ti t .lat.t Yea art serebf a Maoasd and re;uirr.( to
i>wi ikr eoe :t t * thia art a ah a ??? -Bed in the
ottict : the t'nv the Can ar..i Coast] 4 New-Y?*h.
? ti . i mH.. - i't, ?| >rn V ?? ... ?M i-- dv*
t- ?? 1 ?.r\ i . ..| i I ?' an.wrr I.? the
?.al ca tn : hi ? a ttVeaeharnbei t k i at* a No M laBa
-? atkeC New-Yoeh >? a tweat) ?,?? aftv- the
?er? er "I ih ? ? mm m >n ??-.. eu-l i? ?e ?I th# dav ntf
tuck ten re, seal t | m fad la aaaan ihi laM risasaaBJ
it. t ii.e ?? >re>a.d the -tl tnil.'Si la lhi? actma will
?a.< ?' :tt?i :ui n?i t : r t . . i ; F? ?< Hundred
i.'. !:.;?!. ?-.?-? ? 1? .' to an.! 1 ??? tt ? t |ViC*. wdh r.ter
r*t :t m th< loth da* of Jaaearv. vine Th>ttaaad Eutht
}??: Ired IB Ka't. Oae. awaa*e* thecoata -i thia acii .a. -
I \ . N . ?..??.?.'.'?>?
SABtl El WILLIAMS. PI* ati Fa lit ? ?
au?1 Um'.wS N . m J..'in ?t
ha!! PHKMK V?[ K I" ?f Ihe c,tv .nul
** i Bat] fXae > r, 4"AN0IIX) lOAUOlN Dl
EKEIII V> 1 tRKKI atainat lll.>M\s it SANUM
am JOSEPH KEItSMAW v aa ? i i ? mm *V
Bvaed ? .... tr i-To rtlOMAI it SAN OS tow are
berebf ?onae Bed and r*^Bared t. a:i.-.?.-r thr .?.tmi-te.in' in
taw actiea,of whaoh aea a aarewvth ?e-?ed ?>?n ?oa.
i'i.. ' -r tr > ? ? ?? >ai I . n unl
t ti .Ii t ... .ft:, ii ?... t.i?. . .. ??? u ..ml . i fr'the
aa* ofiwwatr-eu heaatred and ??Mi ?. i?lit MUaV* awl
eiaht?-nine ceata, with tntereet ( an ilu- t?.?t, tint .1??
t M i.. i in in n.-tiul nahl hnialrrd and nOt-.iu.'. I?>..de
the C.*t.'ft:. ?a. !...!? IViti.l i .!? IS. I .!
A It BEI KN \ IV Pia il BY ft.mift
\'?>?'? '"i are furtherntitifleti t: d th< . eaalaiatm Uua
-<t. ti ":i? it.! in fir ..f the Cterl . t the Cat* an I
i at) . r N.w Verk.en the t.M .1.? of % gmt, u>i -
i< led luffiwl j. not
waf r.t-.ts \ it BELKMAP, PhBhBhjVAtVy
01 l< E is HEREBY EN, nr>
? ? li> 1 i t d| :. ?? la havia clauaaataaaat
J11! ? V st 1 1 HH ti l\ iii ' ? ? i ??? i Hi mkI a. de
reeeea, that thev are re?uired loetl hit the Hate, eilh the
i ? rr*then ;. i Wd in I I at re rk. at tti ?reaaV
I : f Nr?-V .tk. .11 ?! l, Ihr IXll d ii
mt N v. nilH-r ne?l.? DaUd M i, J, 1831.
? . mi ,\i'!t ?Ol t iiw ii:?:.
9 \ PI RSI V N<' E of tn order of Uaf
I S". ? ratref the ai h of Ne?? V rt, ?> i ra i? lavreAi
tivetil - . au . , mm UEOBOE W
EK\ INl>), r i i V \ , dr. eea?'d. t.. pie
*eat i taaie wit rata hi ra I . >? i In the . taa-nhar, at
S Rroadw* ? ?< Citj at N iw-Vora, aa
I it. i N t, in'i r in ?t Oit. I New
York t .id .1 n . f M it. is.t
satS* KoBERl v WINSI.OW. Aanaatateahar.
J N i'i RSI \N? E ol an onto ol the
Is- f that :. - f New-Yiark,an) ???? la hotah*
i? all eraen* avine cla nia ? ? n?l I'd tNCIt
ii N,l I b ol et.tyol New \ 1. dec. Med.te are
?eattheaaBM am loneher*th< auf,toJahati llettaaai
a. r. Jr. at ha .lute. N.. Ii I'i iitre-.tree*, m IBB CttJ it
Ni ? Volk, ua ol til ra r l?a* E.r?t dm Man h net!.
Dated Net \ Iwentv-aei'nad dav of Ana i?t. i8.il
UN ( ?OT1 SBERtiER. Ir, tdi iiwi it?ra.
Jl H> O'NIEL, i ??iih tue will aa
aa9 lawitiism? aeaad
h \ PURSl INCEof m order of the Sur
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. r> ? - iviac claia* aaaiuat BERNARD
KCRLEY. late oft . i b/ofNe? v rk.lhrueer, ?laeaaatf
!? ,-. iai awrthviaicher*thereof lothe^haerthava
at i i i ? e Jaaiea Ralanaa, No, IJJ Raal Butt* nth
IbeCit] ' N.-w \ ik. ii <rheAire the leaali
bid I. ?! ? 't ' no* Bert?Dated New Verk, the twat,
i en dai of Jalr.l I
I nil s SALMON I ,, , _
v?i hat? DANIEL H hYDEN.j
5\ i'i RS \ \< i. of .in onJn ol llht
Banegati ufiheCoaati m Wee v-ik ata>eaaawahy
Firn I i. un* havui*.i unat DEI >U'iE II
LOTHIAN, , ol Ih* City H New > rk, a> ia**d. la
, rientthei an with ?.her* thereiaf to the *uherrtf?BV,
at hi* "Sire, V. 71 John ttreet, in the COi .?! Net. Y.nk.
mi r I'ln thi Btlti i'iiIIi dai -I .?.??'? i i.i it Duled
Ni York, the Klevi nth d ii ??( kprd, I an
s- m RpHI nm CR INE, run alar
I \ I'I KSI VNCE "i ,.. onlcrofUve Sur
Ii i i' .a New \ ?? . Bottre i.rebj mirt
? ? ueei 11'm:vil \H KEEL
I ?, its id he City of NevM .Ii i ? laed i i peeai m tha
?in .. ?Ith ?ow i an then of, t,. tl ? ml aertbei. a) Bel ir.i
ii. N.. m Lavta.l-etreet, . , Ih* i rti ..t X?w Vmh.
ttt.ii l.tt'i .la, N ?>, .i m ?I ll-ilmt
Ni ? y rk, Ihi tweni ? nith dai of M n . him
I,, s i i i/ \ ki l l l.li tdmiaial itm
H I in HERKBi EN, ae.
Ivn Hin.: i.. i ih, i. ? ii '. ??! is ii. bavin*, ei ii in- aaaaavt
Jiill.N rASSIE, latoof the I ij if Rrookiia. ElanDaaa>
t i.i 11 ... a. thai the) i? ? " i ? ? ' ? ? ileint the -mir,
with iti? louehi s ? t... ? i i ? " iilwnbera,al the Kuma
i i i . i in',., i1,. i ' -i Bnaatlya,.i i .i?
Ike Ira) da) ??! Ni n ail.. ?. -t Dated, lard ib. ih.iI
i I 1/ Mil I II I issii: \,|?,. uatl ?tri?
IN I'I RSI W< i: -I an Ofdef of til**
aarroeata ftasl am. 4Stm York, aolMw0 Ihsrsay
riven In ill .ii- ir ii rlaim* ivmnva JAMBB A.
DONALDSON, lateoftha Caj i ? York, aaeeeaaa,
tu prrarnt the saai* with veurhera thereof to Ike aa?t*avi>>
tier, .c I- .??(i.e. Nn 11'' w irrea itrei t la 'In- i'iii ?f New.
York, mi is before the tenth da 1 N ? adwr nut Mai
Ni i -ik ti.. - t. ni 1 de? of May, lall
n,i7 lawsaov JiiHN a \i rON,EiBiasf
I \ I'I RSI INCH ..i an order af aa?
l> 1 1 '. f the Cotaaty of Nee fork, Natags a hwreke
ri?. 11 t' ."ii .111. ha?mi rlaima agaiaal s t VI I EL
JONES Ml MEUHD, late ofthi 1 h of New feek, Sav
ci U'rit, tu (in Mail Ih? aamr i Ith ?midier? thereof, t? Ih*
loleori sr,atthi otaeeol lohnM'CahdlaEaq s.. 11 Wall
?1 . in th* l it' uf Ne? York "ii ??' before the 11 ir.l dai of
N.,teiii'.' net) Dated New York, th? l'?enta nfth da? m
\ I ALONZO < 1 m ks.iS.
1 ' IswOaa* tiliiuui.lr it,,r
IN PI Kl H? NCE of an order ..1 ihe
Barrafateial Ik* Coaati "i New York, aotiss Is kayaks
If ?.. 11 In ,1.1 , ? ii- hat . 1 . 111, tl,' 1 1.* S t VII m. ff.
it INDELL, late <af the erl of New York, CoaOnaalar, de
e. ....I. tu rreeattheaaaa* with eher* tlianmi, ??> Has
1 ?,. 1 l 11 M t 1 >i, N'i at Ne
f New-Yori a ?. Sue the E.rtaen'.h
da f October ne*( Dated N? ? fork, tue 1 .?niy nrat
i!., i .VlaieJi. ii..!
I I u is M I MRREE ' . ,? ? ?
. Rai*] w.Vl II 1 iihvi.l. i V.l.?. n .t.et rw.
I\ I'I RSI \ NCE of aa oiderofUt? s.ir
rofatei 1 Iba Ceaati -I Ni ? V efc, aotar* a berriie
rireal all [asruaia haviBf claim? aeaiB** ALEXANDER
ii HARPER, >? at the Ptetnet of Ctdaaitaa, *j*aa*aead. 0?
, t ? 1 ? - bm w.o. t .... I,.?- Iheraol hi the .'iimiciier,
1? ? ? rei hare, Butt* H?fel, M rray alraat, la Ihs thtyel
N.w York, ua or bBsars the hiti. .lay of faa utry nnt Da
led New York,the Xttk day of fine ISVSl
?. ataaS* CALEI I II i ts. Baassaai
I\ I'i RSI W< K of an order of th?
Bars n'!*? of the Cooafy ?i N*w-Yorfc, Botie* k kerahr
men t.. all uiraua* hevaai < ianna aeaaaal WALTON
I DOE. latr II Lul-rn, .V|..iin?- I .Hint,, and Stair .4 Ala?
bama, '!? ? ?.... .I. t,. pred nt the . ua* * ,tL roaehen there,4
t. 'I,, ??/.<'.I.r. attbe naaeeof ti.,t?rt a Mirrw.id, No.
Eivs Wall-Btreet.ia ti.. CRjr id New-York.oa "f la-fur tha
Iwent) i ft!, da) nfSepUBiber m it -Datrd NVw -Yurk.tha
I t, ntii th da) i Man h. IS>I
avtt lawtaai* JACOB M COOK,AaeaaasaraMr,
JN PURSUANCE of* aa order of taa Sur
naat* uftk* I n.t *f N*? rork. aote-e a? herahytrvsa
i , , i r..,..?. iierUuma urailkcl JOsEPII Hit EER
IM.. ,atr ?/ Ih. Cat) .f Net* V ark. deeraard. to praaaut
rt.. ..iu.r win, V..U, her. Ukarwof, toona taf tnr t>ilmt riintr*,
i' . r.? ? - ,N ktEaat Tweat) ?? . ? ith .trn-t, m the
111 ?| V ?' Yorl .? .rlnlir. t'.r twi ii'.rih.la. uf (M..W
nril -Dat-d N w fork, the lath da. d April, lail
HI' II iIII' I I KNf.H. / , . ??..,.,?
alSlawSmS* DANIEL LIKELY, ( Ailui.iii?trator?.
iforuoration Xoticte.
mt Baa res - Paftate B*t*ei 1? he*wh) sure, that the
f 1. .'?ii,? ??? i .*? ii hu her ii ;.r,-.ei.'?,l in 'he Hoard i,t
Aldanaaa raata lit LEHEAD Hi: si NK m the V.rth
H.ver at the uteri i mt hetwaea Itth aad rJth *ta, and
?t. isarebehind the mn HE KILLED IN All pemeu
h.ternted liat.ii* oi iectinua thereto, are r*i?e*ted to pre
??:.'. 'heui. ei * nr.nr t., tha 'lnoerairned. at hl* oaVe.oa or
tc-tore the |i>tb 'lay of Setaemlie*. mat ?Sept (. IUI
e. jwiiN 1 DQDOE. Baiaal t^asMasaaSK
V MUNT -TO CONTBAtTOBS Sealed Pr.^al*.
?.i?e,i pr. p,av*l f..rbiiil'iin*aSE*KRiulllth ** .' will
me. ? J litt? - ? i . i' ? .:. \ ,'n?d-.ii l?;te?rt
mem Ro? nda P.-k letd MONDAY, the Mh d*r 'jf
H, at ri.a-a P.M.. I ?dd a .sK* ER. with
the tie.. ?aar) reeemiwlavawn and< ul?ert*. m ?''!**?
? ie. t >e-t ? f '-'h-av . tu and tbr-nrh 7tb-*? to Iwb *t ,
heiscta lei-rtb tJmmS ?*??*?? Tha ^J^^TVi
a, i . e. ?'ati<a,i f..r tha binl'I.Bf <it th* *a?e. aad all
?" e, ,?:... ':?. re. fi t ' ere-.,. . u, ?- -f-UiaeO ./Oap
? y-ii^r?'
' .y lit Pre, e?i i the < r et.,1, AriediiitDepajteaBat.
17 of Record.-p ' ?
, .- -?-rii .-. ?' i.??'I a 'he H.?od of A*.
uit A t ... I hl.p.t v e <i jluesaaa * . Umm
., ... .. ?I, ad In FILL IB the ^??1 ' -rm-r
Vanekaad Fraaklia-*ta t.. pave EM .t . fr... m a*
In Ea?t Roer All p?r*ou? in'?re?!ed havnar 'ihjecti.at*
tl ? -e-.-. J." re..i.. Ce.l t? (,re??.it them Ih writlBB tOtBS OS
pawned il ? lev B cm eSwethe UtkmmmtBbbA,
... ? . , JOHN I DoDtiE.
s--?. ?(' -innueMooer.
a^ /Bee I'.' rmattemmheranyfivaw?hatita*SbU
??????? '. ?ewn il 10 il.e Roars mt AU
aVanaea PAVI .1 . . I ,r (Wet thron/h ?:de
walk* 'I????' f"? ott i* le Reer, te
> IM 1 V A( AM I UI.? n '!.. dl m ? fr. nled b? let
axd ' . .'. ila.1 h e i .1 rwia*, fVi ti ?
1 H\K nt-m let?een Io?r. -not I'th- ??? All p*t
-. n, :b..!? a Lit. me i,i, c'? in Oiwe <? ie r??|?e?'e.Ha
I ..r? ? ? ? re la writing r. the ai aVri eaeal.sl hi? orti-a,
.,..?>??? . ?, . ir,.i d?i .f ?? a in<* -*?w? *. II?"
?W aHMAIJ 1. leOarWE.I

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