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No. <!?' FolKTH- \ VENI E, \-TOR t'l.Af fc
?W H Di-brow . hnvu-r lateral i !r Ii, Ni w/ptwtlihn
stud of ho**??, will 'pen hi* Rnlinr Aead-my for the re?
ception ">f put* la uri Monday, September ? Mr D ?dl >?
happ) **' In* fo-mei ; iU. th' r friend?. and th? pub?
lic eeaatally, at their earli' *r unreal?ee, ? ? Imr him
?< f ? ivaintain the re;peeU'jJin an:'n i, > it
baa ever enjoyed. ?'?
The Hat-Kimhhe,,-' Fmon.?The pub
Ireareaot forretf,! of thia enterprj.nr Aaa-ifMtt<m. '?<??
areUvishir lestowir.ir tipon tuem Ihi ; at r nae* f hat' ney
?o weil de-en e Tbeiri i- the weritorwwa wwTE ft mm
taiaine the d rarty of labor; an.) tn-T are eminently tjr
reaaftil Ih?:r errei>nt ?..rkman?'.ip ?;'??' longer tttan
nay saewd of ; raise that ?** bsaSsn* T:>' I ?? *J ? ?a
ft".; II Burn-row. op p.-t. :l e a r H ??.?? ?J }t
(sEMS TO Hl> hl?MK-Havir.i- DM!
Be tosae year. BB?a the I III 11 *hl?Umm^^M^Uw^ejbte.
Gl.il-1 retard* the ?a-'e c^rnmnntty as hi* fnen.ls 1.
ha* ewdeaV-re.; I
?..1 I.M,.|?.,.,.e.t h.ta m.-le in the t n;te.J Btat4W lot four
da'lar. twenty e? nt ader fl n?, ? - T?.e
?;T, f."Xieftw iaji. hew* nfidenl ? rrsiaaet n ma-*
rnt7eU?ts*.e ".Un**--.,.,
plasbed and this ?mtWenee i- ? idtwed i I demand ?h*sh
has ne'er been rtwlisi d the ( I ?emsal ;f Uty Sea?
son, by it.) hattei Ji lb* I uAex) Hl.,*, Gli ftnv
' ?,-? 2,i Br...J* i. ??.?Pi.
Wood, the HaTTI m?NiMo'i Karde-n.
No sWBi.au!?ai.-FsJ)style(ie?t!etn-.tr. Hats now ready
Jtemember. an art >? * rWlJV Che*n mn*t be r**Jl.
*.**!?yrw* alone ??? tattsnon of real chesvi*-- Ft ? i
dewralde ?ad elerar.t Hat esJJ on WoOD.No msb-a I
Nibh.'s Garden Als?., rape, ean?s and umi.reUn*_
Where Sham. I ('<>> '?The f J' "f
the ereat ?tatesn.an u frequently rebates! bt thosewho
are particular in the ?eler lion of their Fall Hats, and f. ir
ful that they will he led astray, we direct attention I lb.
world-famo'i" Ha? establishment of Km, No ''it E'iltou?
st Hi* Hat? of thu ?ensue are besotif I Every article
ui hi* estaMivhnient ba? leen m ole under hi* , i r?onal
luptmwn, of the fme.t and thine***, materials, and hi*
once i? Put ?I S", rentlemen, the ;: .< e to r>, to ,?
garni *_ a9 2t
The New Fashion r<>n (.hii.kvkv'.
Hsts? Wakno'-k.' Hatter -, mint* iaapaottoa ..f ttieir
New 8?.'e Hai-, f >r the Fa,'! am! Winter Whaler
have **en the men* of fawnoi.' bathotto mtr ?l'ire.J, or
attratiTwr.e** of other* no'* ..SereJ. f ,r nthaasi and ranty
?at app?rter>ai.i e?. diirtut) isat naiUrt] if tnwtoaf, thiaaat
laat i* te- Ml .|oe*tmn, unrnaled. WaaMOCKS ,
Nu n% Broadway. Ir-amr II iQse
Vi* Leakv & Co., Lkadems ruid intro
duier* of EasMIOM fur t>-ntlei..ei.-? H..t?. No* I. fail I
AstoV-house, thisdav. prene.it theo y \K rtKi.Y Pi i rut
PT Gemtlemkn's Hrtr. Kam, Stvi?
Biat> as* Fine and Naaaai nta . ?oliciti the attan'ioa of
bm rn'*iomer? snd Ike anhiie to the new Myhl ..f Hit tot
Ihiaalaaia leaaoa It will i>e mir.?i .. . i ' iraday,
?ttb inst , and i? if psnsable of enhanced qoalrty of fabric,
and ter\ elegant in propottioM ?n.t Aaiiab
Au?u?t ?-?Hi, Ikil Bimi... Fine and N,waau-ahi
H NamavoRT?Boot'itukeiR'UoMMi vsso?
olattea Root*.Shoes k Gaiters at retail for wholesale prices.
I'he Ari <>e I>heisiw(s Wem?.? The
bo*otn. eatlar Bad wrwthand* of the shirt are leadhlg
feature* in Hie font eii?unble of a man .?! fa?hi'm , and we
think that, in these and other |.arti< olar*. the shirts made
beefiar at OkStat'? FiirMahaar Store for Oeallaaien, i A*
tor House, are ijn<-|oalle.|. Twsre r* anotber went of ibi*
at.ee wliM-h we must not ..nut to name?punctuality ui n
erutnig oiden.
XtJ New Fall Silks as well aa elegant
Caafeaawe Plaidt, baaatifhl Eaii DeLaau Jtterin. r, plain
and |.riii ed Cashmeres and every kind f Pall Bl ' WlBV ?
Ureas Oood*. a* well as every rariety af Hou raw ifsor fan
ily Dry Oooos, ius> be Inend Bl Hit< Mote k k Liaobbat
t.H'". Pi.- Ml feroastwar, i ..in?t of Leaaaard ?t, one of the
beat aonsee la the ertyTor retail Drj Goa -
?I will; sell, to dealers, Mar, Issvis's Oolb Cab ?
atwhstaswaleprtcsa,which mil iasan ?-? m.,1 prtalle, The
(ood reputation of th i Ca .tb Cand) all thai < aa n id mast
now bin. W Jln\ i., No. 966Rrwadwar,
???? Principal Omie.
ri* Fen ion's I'aieni I i.im Bramrl
WaNK Wholesnl* and Retail Hep..', No V.? Itr .
a staat Pilaee-a uaas i Casi
tVatrims's \t.ivi.r rJoinc business is the
?nly rufhi one, vi/ to sire eastomen (XxU) the worth of
their money and selhnjr in. inferior article* Stramrer* and
vili/env wantin:.' Root* and Slow ? tb'.t ran ??? de..ended o,
a re re. on Bs*WSM .1 to . nil at iii Cult m ?? *6 3te.nl
rV? YViNiMivv Shades at graa,| harj iuis
at Ri k at a 11, k Ml. ii 11 ? s*i. * Rooai. No UI Pearl-el
Rtlens.ve facilities and long setiehewca ia manufa luring,
aorabine.l with BsoderBli personal and store **p*ii.,
bl* us to offer our stork at low. i price* Ihaa aai .'lo t
bouse in the city Cotta! i r men hunt, and the public teile
rally will do well to (ive us a . all We have also s large
ascoitiueiit ol (Jilt Cornici *. Cuitam Hands, Picture Cod
ami Taa?ei?, Paper Haagutgs, Fin-'board Print*. Preach
Rord.-r*. ic by al I'ni ik8*
New-Yokk LtAUNDRl . No. is Spin cr-st.,
oral Nassau?Tothe i iti/en* ef New-York and Brooklyn
?New- Shut.. IB am .n.intity ami it Ityl. . ik>u. Bp be I
the traue Paatil) clothes wa heil, ?larrhed ai ml
ironed at sboit liotire. mid pioiuptl returned W;t,!rnc
and numb, drv m* at i w,, *Uillin;. per doaea \,iere?, nsdud- I
bbjthelaraealartictee lot thoai waawagto ironal heaaa
Cotton traaaiaa curarurtars, Inr*,.- oouaterpaneB, blankets,
aud sll othei Beat) bed . verum, washed in tin BMWl
Uwtoagh aiaaaer M oa* day's BiHir. Ladies'dressai utd
all fine articlesdoa* npbv an et|ieoenced laundreta Stains. ?
ink spois. ami mildew fsatoved am irtwiee ooUetttea
and returned throughout tin* n'r and Brooklyn, by wagon,
aaiefull prolsrled, net o| rbarte Appl oi lead by post
to New-toik Laundry, Nu If Spruce si
\~\f~ Faiuilii s wi>hing t good and pure
artirlsof Pale. Tal*?? m Browa swap, Ree Irom Bahoi]
ami other ksapurs nioi oflanslse iaersdient*?also, white
scented and all the tine Boapf br la NU. t and hath use. C IB
obtainrbem at am manufacti ty, Nie lag, i ic und 11 { CluT
st Gaada seat free ol charge to all parts ol New-York lad
Hr n kUn [BBCt*] W hcll's son.
To Brirtirs amr Publishers.? Tho
Nkwtob Caapaai nbm tfalh/'i I tin r ? aoi P
tsr* snd Pahhahera to then uwpi.I l?pe and Stereotype
Plate?, be The imiirosaiiieail oonust* m civiag tnthsms
eopyist faci-. *i aheui one third ishutbina] c*t. lothal their
diitnbditv i? bacrenaed m direel nrnpsrtieato lb* ruperwt
tenacity of eswpss over type uieial, is lurh. arronlii.?, r..i
reri saperiments,a it II Isle Froi - ? faei it
will at aaea t* peraereed lhatalhinfa sufouppei must
paeBiliBenliaaiTaaduraaoi topriutmg iurfacee,and si
penaaoe has fulhrprevsd lachlohethe case TheCuiu
psny hareaecarea satten patent ? rthe?npi ?. m at,and
thev aie prepaie.l to receive and eiecute onl*r* at Iheir es
tablishineail, t North William ?t . New-York
The lulloweut papera are printed in thei eipei faced type
New-Y'ork Courier and Enquirer, Nee Turk Daily Trib
iine, Boston l>ai!i Journal. Boston Kim ,f Our DnHia;
Ibialan Pu t.mal Drawnm Ro. iu Cotnpani n . New Yurh
Orean. and others Ni .n roN I OaBANV
? 1*11 Tni ba.Mi ? North William-at . N. Y
Bs*" AatoaMahing reduction in the prices
of Eii*li*b and Ana i M an Is?> ? i il 1 bree-pl] I .rix-t uir, at
NaSfRawat] Hiaaa Amdbbion'* .OneladlaTp*i
isidioi aewchotce Carpsls Aln.Tlira v u eti tl
6s. aud 7s per >*rd Splendid IlifTBlB Car, els at I. Ifl
ami ?*. im l?rd i ibli snd Pia rars rei rheai
Hearth Rur?. IUI? ear! Ewglwh D Hi-'i-lv 4? to ... pee
vard. The en atest harraui. en red oileied in this cantrv
Rkb \ni? Valvabu 8tocr,?Meura
Paria sob B Haaraaar, bwpertera and dealers aCar
p. tines, a. ,SaaBrandwaj runwr of WhiU-s . ,
im noil at ion*, have btreell IBBTIBIlf theo Hoch the tnsi
J?d riebet un.dil.es of Carpeting Bt late arm als from
London and Havre, thei hate recejivml ttis- 1st. n patterns
aai Saagai of rich Velvet, Tapestry n..! Hi which
thev are enabled to *. i lea p. r , . i,t Una IhsB prerions
impottstiriis. aad win. h readei then il * * a oestionihl)
the most lieh and BtBgnitceat, and ratio s, eve, otfered in
P."""\:*1' *''-K't0'l Cloths of every quality and price,
BjBaa,araga,Table Cevera, WioeVaw Shid?t am, in tseu
ol*veiy knowndes, iu.u.i, are comprised in th< : .,,
sortnient onVred .1 ihi. ti il> n, ,?,on. vnt wareh.nme
Fi.ook 'luths?w , i| aeasoned and
(wsi tret, st t* (H I \ai,l
Thtee-thread Btussel* CajrpeU at 3*
Three ph < od | alM| il
Bvll II X Rhoi mkbs.
No tM Pearl-it
Near Chat riam.
lvpoitini CaJAPRTIR?,-PbTBRBOR vV
179 Broadway, corner : W hite st ,
aa** iu*t lecetvrJ ret ?,.*. hat sin,. New Y eh, additMsnnl
anpplieii of r .ti and el*rani Velvet, rnpestry and iir Is
lew hieb thev ilvitr the attention ol th* public and m*i
vhanta trom the countiv. aKsnnar th. m our stech w
favuraldy coau.iai* wwh a)l.wbersnow lathe city Weener
then lull t? l>el cell! lev. v5 1v??
Havana and rHuMCtPB CmaabB,?Jamks
BtPLUB.No. 1*7 Broadway. "Fraiuhn B bduut. wisuhl
re?p*h-lhilI> ii.lorn. h.? trteml* aii.1 the ,.in... ttx.:
just r*m-eived a lar** aad i. rs caotc* aaaorlm. nl of Hi
and Principe Clear*. >< vwrtawi brand.. ?hn h >u ,.rl?rs t.,r
aale at reason 1mb ones ? **h< r wb . >,., u ? ?i 1 %m',.%
liiii in.ieHin.bii> "rranblia BaiMiaga ~ at t
itv ?The relcbrated liiyeenat.,! Bitt. rs art worthy the
attmUs* id all wae are afflicted with thee* iroabawaaa
ronipl* fts o ? - ?? ? a: ?!? :
and del uwed state Bl C < Bajeel a *>-tem
brybImui n\, Biiivg Dr. Barrinb'b
Patent B-*ii Biateeandnersr fkil?ai Ruptur? ri i?*e*. .<
k.s Traveliiis Companion, b. whsch**a-si, suess, . eut.te
2prevented, and th. ertr.: . i ever) knsd el ?olaageotB
*t?lv reaioved, may rii.J the saasi at ba* oBtc* No If
ercer-st., near Canal ? I m
IV Peddieksake venoivu
Some vile ?ttifl, pretendine
Twill ird vou .if lasest? aad vermin .
T is put up like 1 > l * -
Bat all those who try oace,
To mmb it uo akorewiu awterauaa.
He war? IXi n.< use it
should v.ni uttroduce it
In c'isjuber. or iwntrv. or sl.^e.
You mat wndi?too 1st* taiuthl ?
Pill* and Powd?r vou M Uiualht
bb Brondw a\ ^t Foi g-Ta k> i \ to: !<
5,K!l*Ll-llaL?i! lm? ??le of Lvoaa RDaywetsr rVwder
.mill'illi. So in Bn?j?? ^jj,.
New Cvai for Salt RalRl'm a>p Eky
ell-lLA- -l!.ew.doM-,,e.p,, WlI, , , nnu!
than ra geneial v ?upixawsl. ?, in#T apwr ^ ^
vartoi^ben?. .t w, i. a ut>.,t :..f ,.l4,,??j;j,,,.,,.
J' P* y^?:* C^atatwejAenjtBhaaiBr?wnew^
with tn* I "ill . Bee the adv. rtwrasent in an.dherc lua"
et the trttlv weaderfnl cure af a web) kw.w"ciunw. o/^oe
VHitnitt. erlei tualrv. aloe* b, Ibewt n,e,l,r,n?i
s* ItSkl'ti Rai'? av a Co . AeeBts, let Fultsw-at n V
l4*~ Fowlers e* Wells, PWeaaggsaigfa
aad PubUher,, Cuut-a 1UB W Nassaa-st u*ar tnr Para
Hividk5D.?The Dim-tors of this ?''tri
tant have tnisdsr r!*rla-rd a sean-ann 'al ditalauj >f ?u
sei eat. Ml ataal and firrtar Rt ir.-t
a t a. "_.1 MlLTtiX SMITH. <- - >
Tor Earea*.
The nest aurjban of 7?' Irsswae/s* asWaveaa
CircuUtUm will ba issued TO-MORROW
MOWING at 9 o'clock. It wiU contain all the
lat? st news up to tne time of going to pre>s. The
Arnim aa?s fro?thiaport Tomorrowat 12 o'clock
r/i?' Another arti-le on British Free
Trade is crowdeii upon our Sixth Page 'Ins u.-.rn
inp. We omit a ran'-ty of other editorial* to
make room for the SOWS.
The Topic? of the Vfernin.':.
The Cuban excitement at New-Orlean
has ceased,and all the invading projects arp
abandoned since the receipt of the Mffl
from the island, and the riotous disposition
which before found vent against Spaniards
now seeks to expend itself on the Liberat?
ing Committee, hecnuse they will not fur?
nish monev to carry their undeceived fol?
lowers bark to their home*.
At Matanzas it seems that it wits repOT
j ted on the *29th that three hundred invaders
' had been executed on board the PiiaiTO
This is no doubt merely an cxa-Tjerated ru?
mor. The Spaniards there are said to c\
preai theineelvea with contempt for the
Creoles who got Lopez to come and then
ii< .?erteil him.
Col. Win, I'linstv hri> been appointed
Surveyor at New-Orleaaa rice Hobert H.
Hill removed lor connivance ni the sailing
ol tlie ( uban expedition.
We publish sr.me interesting details of
the hurricane which raged in Florida, the
C? till'and the Weal Indies, commencing on
the Md tilt.
The Washington Republic of yesterday
has a strong; ami elaborate article in defense.
of the President and the Administration
against the attacks of individuals and press?
es who are thus seeking to divert the pub?
lic indignation from their own folly and
crime in urging on the ''uban expedition.
The murder near Elkton, Del., has caused
s tremendous exciu ment in tin- neighbor
hood, and on Sunday three hundred persons
were scouring the eountrv in pursuit if the
I murderer. _
The staff Ceiivriition?.
! Tin- State Nominating Convention of
tha opposition partji will convene at Syracuse
on Wedneeday (to-morrow ) It will ba eery
lolly attenped, inside ami out. A maturity of
Huiiki r Delegates are choosn, bnl il isnretti
generally believed thai they an- not disposed to
crowd the mourners by attemptinf to indorse
the Kugimc Slave Law li they let that alone
it is hoped thai 'lie sittmif will be bsrUsOnioua
]\>nry H Btmmitm 'i sans to DO Controller or Se?
cretary of state, ami probably will b> it he gets
nominated and elected Lew 8 Ckmtfittd waata
to be rOWOntinati d ior Attorney Oenoral, ami the
Whigs want him renoininated, ao we think the
Convention w ill hsvs to gratify them
?Tha Whig Convention rneets in the ssnte
fit\ nt ,\t day. Tin- nnderatandinf sppeara to be
th.it tin Delegates will heartily agree on Whig
principles ami a Whig ticket ami psas over those
quaalioiii on which they disagree in ailoace It
1? oaderslood thai ihe candidates will be lolectad
in part from each BOCtion of the partv M?sl ii
not all ti.e present Slate officers decline a re?
election We best ment rotted the names of Sen?
ator Jassoa M Cook ol Saratoga for Controller,
Senator Babcock ot Krie. and Hon Joseph Muh
bin oi Jcflersoa for Secretarj ol State, l>aniei
1 Uaan oi tins City for Attomey.General, boeidoa
several b i cmal Commiaaiooer and Prison in?
spector. Ws cannot say how far the use of the
names shove stated has bean authorised by the
genilenn n who bear them We anticipate a har?
monious Convention,
? Next week, the Mate Agricultural Fair
comes ort at Rechnetet?tddreaa by Hon Bte
arten v Douglas, I s Senator fron UlinoU
Tatars will doatbthaaj be an iminense attendance
? probably not less than |i?(i,(Kai pi rreons,
?We mean lo look in, is a reporter, on all
till SC L'.ll: I Mill's
Tn Conan Expcditiom.?One of the
rnmets that have roacbod us In connection with
this disastrous expedition is. that whan it sailed
trom New-Orleans, the intention was to proceed
10 Puerto Principe. hut that on arriving at Key
Wot, Lopei fount! than a letier from .-. well
known speculator ot Havana, with whosa he
had before had aorae correspondence, informing
him lalst?;>? that the Yuelta da Aba.o sad I'tnar
del Kio were in lull revolt, and that he would
accordingly do well to go there with his torces.
This advice he decidt.; to follow, not inspecting
it? treachery, and so foil into a snare set lor hen
b] Concha It is well known that he had hardN
debarked at Bahia Hoanis before he found aim
sell surrounded by Spanish torces tn numbers
t.ir Miperior to those usually kept in that district,
am! that could not have 1 eeti sent Irom Havana
after the news ot Ui tnrniil hrn! teen sent
there. He landed at IIP M . finding the
village deserted, am! the very next morn
tag ha.! ho li-ht a larye Spanish torce. Thi
11 It it i ce. ol COUTSa, i?. that SO Was SXaected,
and that due preparations had been made
ior his destruction it this be the fact, the
invaders wage, fossa the | cginmng. outwit
ed by then em a n s quite as much as th? v were
aaseitad and left alone by their friends.
Tc thi ?ahrer q? J W .v v. Tniaar ?
awn You w ill please to inform a reader of
your valaable paper as to the law ad tax.tu'property
in Nest-York sa, % poor man ^ liwl
v.o..ars. and pay, ,t for a lol o( ,?M< hc ^ ^
ro-astwo tliousana to bsaVI rus house-the hou?e
and lot taxed |J.vm-? he MShta for the ^sbo,e
anioiuit. alter rvtving - per cent, for monev I If H
would it Ml be tetter for poor BMH to bmid ao
houses tour answer will tsc looked for '
A Txx s i\?? i r thi XTllini Wsna,
HT ,4?.?irer ?We incline to the belief
'). t: a mail mav l>e!:cr live in another man's
house than U>rrow money u buil?! one ol hi
own But are consider that the amoui.t of tax
; a:.! h) the hOanV r on a Mortgage ought alwsv
to bs- i!e?!ucted from the tax on the mortgaged
i roperty. There is no SthaW ; roperty in the case
other than the house or farm . and the mortgage
shows that this property is not enure!) owned
brj one man. but that another has an interest or
share in it Tht Tax should be. though b> our
present hwra it ts not. let led and paid accord- ,'
[Mi Try* 1
The Whius of" M assaehiisetts hold thci:
State Content.on at Springfield to-morrow The
attendance w t!l be vr*rv ltrze The expressions
at the Pn i art' Mcctinc- render cprtair. the nom?
ination of H> R >bfet C WnrrsnaOf I r ' ?
ernor ChaWES he should be overloaded, we
th:nk he can run in, aBrtoaigh the rare made
against him is a pK-keyine one?two nag? started,
one of them onlv to Ucfc ? bl.ndiniT ahsSt,
w hile the other is hooked to go ha. We don't
believe W nthrop is to he I* atei: m 'his w av. ;?nt
(it) Delecatra to Oaanaaitiea ?>iate < .... .,
lust. J>rlwtr: Substitute
1 Mi. inn. m'mnv. Henry Nicoll
I Few la B. Cl TTtM, None
3.?BB81 J aViAnn, ChairleaH t.. ana
I.Eatam i i. B. H\kt. John D. Dtsoa
S EdwardC Wttrr, Edward C Gtaeu
s.Daviax E Bicklbb, Jahn Wilson
7.FBBBBAN CaaTPSKLL, Law n nee Van W 111
?* Jo?n'h M Mvi;?h. JacobMseeioie
b.JuirsC Wiiabt, Wuatnni D. ( rait
10. CnaBLca CPConon, Daniel F Froaaaan
11 Stephen H. Feeeb, Gilbert C. Doaae
l.-.Mi' hoi. TronET, None
13.Daniel W N"Rm-. John E. Koaa.
11. N J. W t:i ni' kl' Josephs H><w rh
1.5 John" Cot HRtv.' Thomas F JetWtniel
16 Loni ?10 11 Bui i tKii. Roval Phclps.
The odaeis lepported?a?s. hut the Baraoatraen
-iv thai afeea of them are ad good a? thev want. in<l
will vote imams; crowding the PagBirc Hare Law
down their throats.
? I'ji to ?M N BWtv, ?ixty nven' days had been con
?umed ::i receiving evidence upon this extraordinary
rase, mid the counsel were then prepared to cotn
Bioara ItiaWWiOg up. Imt so greiit teas the crowd as
-emblcd to bear, that theCourt-TOOm w,,? not large
eaeaah le hold them, and the Court adjourned to
Fin men'- H.ill, said to be the Unrest hail in the . ity.
On Thursday, the 1th last, Mr. Van Annan >om
n.meed his argument on the part of the prosecution,
U Inch it w a.' thouuht would occupy two days. He is
tobe followed by Mr. Fnnk. for the defense to
whom the prosecuting attontt), Mr D >tuart will
reply Wat, A Boward, Es.| . and Hon. Win. H.
itward will then Basal for the d. fen-e. and the ar?
gument will beekwed bv Mr. James v Van Dyke, for
tht prosecution This case is hardly paralleled in
the whole history of tin -jurisprudence of ihe country,
for the vast mas* of evidence introduce ! on both
?idea,and the Jtidce ail! have no enviable task in
pir-entu a ttl tniportant points to the jurv
Spanish Ambbk t\ Repubi,n \msm.?it
is I tit a dnj or two ago that new - was received ol the
bfl aklBg out of a formidable revolution in Nicaragua,
resulting ha the overthrow ol the Gorenuaent, the
i apture of tin' Preaideni end I 'ahiaet, and the organ?
ization of a new administration by the " usurper-," or
?' taenrgenta," " revolutionists," '? traitor-." or vv haf
.viii i?c dm]he called ihe part) of G< m rahi Munoi
ami sioolenegro, ihr matter ?pints of the revolt.
I Exanaaj
U ta no crime not lo understand minutely the
affairs ol foreign countries, but it is not wiee to
to write about them in that case, it T Et
pret.? had read the othei journals of the City U Ith
ita ueaal vigilance, it would have learned that
Mr. Montegro, so lar from baring been a master
sj nit in tins Nicataguaii revolt, has been chosen
by the patty turned out ol power by it, to the
nominal office OA President, with the hopeless
<!?-ifii of roppreeeing that aame revolt. <>ur
neighbori OUghl to be more cautious . such little
blunders rum the hardest-earned reputation foi
accuracy and reliabilitv
The Boston Railroad Jubilee.?The
City Council of Boston have muted Gea Johal
Tyler to officiate aa Cbiel Marshal on the occasion
of the approaching Railroad Jubilee, and ha haa aa
nepted the post. We leurn from Tkt Courier thai
many Canadian tnareJiaarta have already arrived, and
recured quartets for Um ir families, who are to arrive
in the coarse ol the week. Inamg the sainsa of dls?
tlDgUiebed British Army Officers who are expected,
we notice those of Sir II l>alrvmplc and t'apt. t'ock
htirn _
Pnoposan Link op Stbambes rbtwbbm
t^i kbsc ami Ei aoi-k ?The Quebec Board ol lYsda,
at a late meeting, adopted a series ,>f resolution-, art
t;i i-' forth the adrantagea of a line of steaineii direct
betweenQuebet and Europe,which they state would
gri ath benefit one of the most fertile region- on this
continent, and furnish the needed fafriHtiOl lor a ast
immigration to thai region. A memorial to the Gov?
ernor and Council, based upon the resolutions, ?Ks
?10,000 from the (loveriiment in ud of the enter
Power from Ceatrif anal Force?
Wc have receivetl a large pile of answers
to our retpiest foi ? plain atatement oi the rea?
sons wh) the alleged new llotot won'* go. '
(We had alreadv itivcn the reasons why its ad.
v.catcs maintain that it Will go, snd of course
did not wiah to reproduct I am.] Some of the
.illicit s sent in answer to <<\ r re., icst ari need
lessly long, others opaque, and some don't sseai
to unrrstand whst ta really m dispute We are
in daily expectation ol an article on that tide
from a mat I ematiciaa oi eminent reputation
Meantime, we gist the fcdlowing as the most ;
direct and lucid of tin articles in opposition to
the Centrifugal Foreetheoriate which has reached
us. We omit a preli'i inar> statement ot the
questiou as needle is, and come si once t?i: be
point :
u Place npon a whirlmg-table a dozen ounce
weights, snd when, bj raj id revolution, the> tly
irom their positions, mstantlv replace them by
droppini twt vt- on nee-weights npon the diae
wheel. Nisa- will these newly added hodisi
apeaSaweeoe/s naaa the nreadar >n<iti?n mf th>ir y
Sil .....<-;* Without " taxin,'" the t 'rce which driv. s
the w heel Assuredly not. The application is
rli ar Kvery crop ot mercury which issues from
the tubes m our torn.er experiment has come (run
a canter, which is of course atatieaary, or ma)
i e considered so, to a rapidly mOTiagCaTCUmfer
ence, to reach which it doe ? '*tax" the driving
lower to ovrcitne its inertia-, and when it ha>.
at the expense ot that power, acquired a velocity
eaaa] to that ot the circuinlereuce. it lesvt s the
wheel to :e repiaced bv a ..ro.. irom the atStSC
center Hence we see that i very 'imp BuUtea ?
.'raft upon the wheel tor power enough to urge
it from a state of rest, (si the canter, to I al lit
ot rapid it otion. (at the circumference. | Thil is
the reason the "New Motive Power" won't
work " it kines BO more power than it receives
rirw Gieaada
Niw-Voax, Saturday. Sept. t'.. ls?t I
To tkt Lditvrt o' t>i( S Y Tribune
Beius desirous that you should he made
fully acquainted with the disposition of my Qoiaia
? I toward the patriotic defenders of Liberty, of
a hatever nation they may be, I beg to tn' lose to raw
an extract from a dispatch recently received from
the cituen-Pre*,dent of the New liren.ida Republic.
Hilaris Lopez
?? You will pay another visit to the Oaasrala t;.m
bald: and AvessSBa, le wham you w;h ?3^ ? ',
thev sril] SflBOl our am I ita bv entering its ranks thev
hate only to notify t 1 : er-wi.i.-r.^, ?
acc?,:thc offer, and thev will bs imsaSShdatyad<
niitted 111 their class If tie Executive of the Re?
public had the power, it would of itself m.iketl e
M [lunation, as a tribute uf respect due to the ?acri
r.'esai.? the devoted patriotism ?-t
men . as likew ise in consequence of the military tal?
ents displayed bv them m their contest tonkas ,' mm
m mens?-1 y superior forces "
Allots asa to sutascr.be myself, Me-srs Editors
tour very i?bedieiit serrant. '
tieneral J. M. Oiltal, I aWSBa^asaaasnl
''mo ?L. A lime. Editor nf Tht Cm
unnah sfaapai flf, is a candidate for the State
Senate m Hamilton Co
t**v Pakow |st? a C^Bcerl at S , .
held (Mas- | on M..nJa)-etung 1 ^
Drlecatr? to the M bis ?itate Convention.
On t.daza Co.??,. Eiiward B. Jud.*on.
Win,'-' Cr ? i Alexander William*
Fuhon To?\V;:!:.r.. Q WaM
Gtrerni Ca.?1 Rums H King. C Memt Oa
i - r.,?\ Alfred Post. I GtMrje M
Grin . i Hodaoa M.-Firlan.
C?? Se* tixtk fMf? tor ?CfTtlfJ - i'l'irnn*
? ?f BRSM
r? TW bn ather wa> Latoierablj hot ves
terdav?-carcrly a movement in the air. although
there was sone threat of rain. Th?' evening wa.?
verv wann until near midnight
TaU Cox m il ?Th?1 domus haf. mihi
arm net important. Much of the business was re
rerticn of petitions, order.ne pavement?, sewer*.
Ac. Engine Co. Ho 10. petit.on for a new engine
k Hi ok and Ladder I ompary is to be on!?nii?*J in
Tw?n*>-fourth ?I. The north side of Pier No. 2.
N R i* In be leased to Yanderbilt's Nicaragua
SM HM i - Both Boards meet this afternoon
A Nstm PouThCAi? Party.?We rind in
the A hr*iAz"'':ic the prozrammr of ,t new part\
which has sprung or is about to spring tSAO existence
It is caKcd ?? the Platform of the Herman Free Soil
DeBUCiaeyof New-York," whi'h part) i*to be or?
ganised at a mas* meeting of the M Men of Political
and Social Progress," w hich is . ailed for Thursday
next at some place not stated. The programme is
d.i t'eJ into two parts the first, on national politics,
goea to eivc the public lands in imitc 1 rp.iantities to
actual sett.er?, the State, however, stiil remaining
tlieir sole proprietor . for the abohtioii of the Fugitive
S] ? Law. the adniission of r.<> tiM>r?' .'l ire States or
TSHBhMB*S| ae mist a I nited State? Hank and nil mo?
nopolizing corporations. u>r free trade, but with the
?lOiaHnaafr of Hba tarHT agi mom* of protection
against oilier commercial nation-, for the improve
i men; of Barbara and ittrtn By ? ongress, for the
lui'dingof th? Pacific railroad bv the nation, and
; for ||g e!? etion by the people ot all the otficers of the
I , ',, .1 Government In respect of Mate Politics,
the [ r> i ramme is for BBulBIBal ?'ifJrace without di
tiuctien of . ol. r. direct election of all officers bv the
pi ople -ubiiu**:on 0< ail important measures to
? ( ahu 11 te for the paaraga <?' 11? I author.zing and
t. uni it'tin the turning out of ofaa ?? by the people of a
let rc*? illative or other officer who hasn't i MM up to
t|. nath amendment of 'he homestead exemption
law . i ..na! laxatiun and exemption of the poor . ex
u and improvement of the school law . aboli?
tion of :he death penalty improvement of the State
priMMt, and abolition of the cellular svstem . iimr.a
litsn of the hours of labor to If Of 6 hours for adults,
Hid S fur children encouragement and incorpora?
tion ot u dustri.il associations with ihe?ame char
ters, i (ihts and pri\ilexes as otlbfl commercial and
maaafact mng corporation* in the letting of public
wotks nn j, lajociolbiwbt to have the preference
?Such are the principal ponds in the Bleed of this
nt w party. Sonn of them ire first rate The title
.,f CiTin.o, Drmoi racy -ci m - la Bg ?? mistake The
?tltbotf of the programme do not sign their names.
? e
Birth Day op Lafaybttb.?The anni
I eraary af the birth ol Ibis liistmitni-hcil ?<>luier w is
celebratedyeMerday try the French Gaidaa l.ifav
i IIa, 'I haj bad a I'lirade and festival at M.tiihaU in
Thi N vsm -II tvi-s Pibrmkb.? Puuntsin
Pitt Engkac ? natpaay. No I, of Near-Harea, will
arrive la our efly next Friday, Ittk laM., aad aill be
thegtwttof I'roie.tur Fire BagiM Co . No bl It
s the inttnliWI to have a Tor. h-light Pro. . Mian ui
IBS i vi mug A BbSettag Of officers is to bf held at
|| e l,i dos of Humane BOSS Co , No. B9, this ev eiuna
ai - o'jaOefci to naks all neu eaeary anaagaaiaatt
Wobdirpvl FaillT.?Win. f. Bull, "1
4~b Proadwa). near BriMinie st , ?ill have on ?.ilc
tud.iv all suits of tropical and native fru I kg i
mpt i iiiieii of paaekaa, ks ikowad us one lastaisjk
w. thing II oagbCaa, raised near Key|m>r'. N. J its
i hi iiinfi'ii ine is I.. n,i he>. Mr.B.kaatkis?orhv
il i two lyrej in full fruit His bazaar will be a great
? uriositv tu (j.n
1 Hunt has decided to suspend the death |wn.ilty in
the case of James Wall, who was convicted of stab
bias. man m Center-st . who had preMouslv struck
him. Wall will be imprisoned at Siag >mg for life
He waa to have bean axacutad oa the i^th
sTbubi Cabval.?Should tin BpplieBtion
fornnew trial in this case fail, canial w llU-exe
Ctlted 00 the I'Jth, the dav fixed tor tin e ve. ittoa 0
Btookej Got. ll'u.t hasbaea apfkUadto Corfartkei
resjute. bttl we understand that he lias rsftUSd to in?
tGoura Momb.?Prederika Bremer, the
Swedlfh Noreliat, wil, start for home in the Atlantic
on Satord iy next Hani Hremer has been here MNM
tw.i >? nrs, daiiag which time she ha.s traveled in all
the Atlantic and M:s>is*ippi St tie- and has sem
much of American Soi iety and scenery. Soon after
her return she will piHbrk ktt BOtas lad obrerva
iKrna, and Marv llowiti will translate .tint publish at
fetajdjon an Knglish edition afhai Urem? r will leave
many warm tYMgaji in this country
Abothbi Voluhtbrb (.dm: ?We regret
tuleamthat Private OatTOt Banal of (oinpun K,
Naw-Togk Yoluriteers, is dead T iere will be a
meeting of the Ki gunent 'his evening at I rr.uc*.
at the Mercer House, to make arranirement* for hi
l~v A voiinj/ Pole, ut pleasing DUMtnera
and if.n>l reriiiiiinemiiition-, who ?jieaks uid write.
Praaek, Oacaasa and English with laoacy aad c
n etat.. rk -.re. t.' f.i e employment as a t.-.u-her "r
traaahafeae. We shou.: l? glad ;o kaai vf i -uitat'
aJaes lor him.
stkam8mip 8 ol iiiKitNtK.?We le-arn
frun the Charleston papers of Thursday 'hal the
-Namer Scu'Jitmer will aot leave '.hat p?irt at her
usual time, in consequence of sb ac. idenl to the
m.ii lanery.
SiiiiKkK GuARBB.?The BCBaJhflaYf of
I e.ti/ens who paraded la?t BOSSM under the
above ? aaa, are makiiiR psapagaMoaa tor anuth.-r
cxi 'irsion, which wili take place on or about the l'rth
pf Oesakag
l*Y CoBjplsint is riia.ii1 that New-York
D?;? -t? rs are bj the habit of plastering their plac?
ard? Ox i r Biooklja t ills The Police are after thern
( oLoMZATioN.?The brig .^eaniew has
u-t raBBBbsd fri'in a verv rm essfu;tnp The >'??*
York Colonization Society have, in rense<pience,
i harttrtd the i>r.g Zeno for L.teria. :o S4il on Satur
day next. There are upward ot I" person*, intelli?
gent and having some means, who are preparing to
.-? ??. A.bany. Hartforl, Pnn.uie.pii.a . Hht
H*> are reudv at Baltimore
ThTJBf Dbtbi roK.?An excelli nt inren
t;< j. for the protection of the houseiiold and Ute de
ttot cn of th.eve?, ha* been brought out by Mr.
LafL aftndi < ;ty. and B fay sale by smith. Torrey A
Ce i Ka, M Maiden-.*:. The instrument B si
Lrass, IkfOS bB he> km length, and can be conreaient
I .rr td in the pocket Baanibjie? a Detector, in
?. .iM.:n, a Nighr-b. it, a D.at and Winden Nnrht
BaBsaanT, and Pi-toi the Utter ^eing I havrged. or
Bl t. at pleasure. By affixing it to the casing of the
aaag or window, an alarm is produced oy any at.
t?n,pi to .?'?en thern from the oaaaaBi i tianimer
falling npon a purr u> si on-tap, causing an explosion
sufEi icntiy loud to waken the household The aa>
ctiliar advantages of this c.nitrrani e will commend
it to public Bn or It ment* examination.
Sab A.? ihent by Poison ?We publish?
ed m ycterdav's Evening Edition an aaeaaajl of the
poisociag of a whole farm!) in Pru - e-?t. ;?ser put.
VI of tka roornuig's ed-Lon ; la the afternoon, > aa>
terday. Corooeer BtVi held xa inquest oeer theae
a bo tad die 1. when the fac.s a* Ml forth in our ac
? rr ?rre felly proved, and the Jury returned the
Mio? tng rerdict
?The deceased BSSasBS ?ante to their death* by
partakine. of corrosive DOaaOaV which arm ur.njr, ed m
thsrt food through mistake No blame ran be attach?
ed to any person "
Wr arc clad to learn that the remaining persons
who partook of the BSSBaa are in better condition,
and will probablf ic. over
Wrmi Rfp >kt ot DBATBhi ?The fol?
lowing i? the a eekly rep0'1 ?f Deaths tn the City
and County of New-York, from the 30th lay a| t iri't
to thefth day of S>ptenir>er. KM Mctm"" Woaien.
.4 aWya,ltl Girls 1*5 Tot.?. Ml
ctsaasss i Manage. m-aasts
Abcesa.t. Drope? ib head.. lo lot a ot Kaiser* 1
AaaeeiMB- S Dropav in cheet .1 " of Luaa-a . Ii
Ar>t>le?>.Il ll^ainl.1, .a' Stj:ii-?-h 4
A-tama.: |--senterv.i.i t I jeer ... t
Atropa.?. > Krysapelsa llJaaasahee. t
Anr/ria- ... !l'v;i- < shall I Miibanuata-n ... t
Meeshaa.i r??.i Mirv?mn< .?
Br nehm?.. . |j Ht'.i.ws i Mi tales .I
Caans i... i ? lattan. start i MtsrrirVraUoa_I
PaeajeJtafa..41 ? Puerper-,1 .. iivd A.e .4
Cholera iaatatntSI fceaiTleal 3 tSesi . . . ..1
Ch.'lera Mortal Ji - kartet.. . t Prrii.aturr Bnth i
( I ..1, ? Tvtihoid.... t> Fletjiun .I
Ciaasaaipti a... ?? ?? tyjihaa .. . 3 Bagtare.l
font il*i.>n>- ;'8i l od^Miv' : sVtvf.ta.J
; Crotip.it) ? Neivus... I.Sraail Pox..4
Corte?'r:.ut_? i Heart. Disease od l Sa artde . .. I
ivtility.. . t Hooping coneh. teething _ .. ?
Detarreas Irem I lalaer Bladder. 1 ruin?r . t
lfcetrr.ea .... ...tt of Brain 't Cahaona _1
Da \->j ........ *j ?? ? Bowel? a]
Age?Crder 1 ?rar. X?. 11<> 1 tears. 79. Jtoi.lo it..
IS,i; io is jo. ts. fur i?. tti. je as at, >i. uj t..?. a. kj
tt ft, it. sj tn "u.; i, n t.> tt, j . St) t.> \m. J
Pl*-e- otNitivitv-l 'nf. d S'strs i*4 . Iretja.). *3. Vm
lar.d. 7 Sco'land. ? . t?-rnuui). ?! France. .'. Pii??ia t.
Brawh Ptssseeahrai in Ninth Ament a, l. West Indira, t,
'm kr>>an. It
Prora Hoe Belles ? .. Peeuteeataary, Htti-.well's
lalsad. i ABi.oat tml tie A ??'?>? i.lor Iaaane,I, i .t. Hea
!?tal. I; Aln - Hoaaa BtaadtaaMa laeaa-d, 3. Oeasrsd Baane,
j 3. Cesared poaasaan-S
There i? a slight reduction |H tront the last report
t holera Infantum and l)v?entery are abating slowly .
Otbei diseases remain as the\ were Mi>rt;f;'\ IMSg
theyounc has increa-ed cui-idi tably lit! percent, of
all the deaths w> re ot persous under S t ears of age.
\W give the mortality of the youneer BtMHrihM ftotn
the 1st of Jul>
rrrrrllaataj 'asae t ir?j. tins irom Mf<>?0
Jttlv 4. 149 64 C 17 17
J ;ly IJ.Jtrj i7 ?I M ti
Julr I?. .. .:tO 89 19 .'I t)
JiiIt a.113 w> lo n |7
A ur I.Ifj St oj II Ii
lag; i_. isj :? t.' .*? M
A'li' IS. ISj Sj 4t 17 Ii
Aas n Ui at M ta II
tug !? . U3 sM II II 18
sVpt ti.Ii., N ii a Hi
Total. BB 7.J ~\t? Ith
The whole mortality since the l-t ot Ju!v haa been
II fi>llow
IPeegeneaaf /^.ittj v?s Baaara, Hot* 'or'r.
JiiH i.4i? J7 Hi lit 113
Juls U.ioi X7 H tot I >*
Julx 19.4ii?> '.? J? 1*1 lit
Jttlv K.VIT *l G l* I?
Am . tai a ti tat tt?
Aus. 9...49J si 31 III 141
Ana ii._M T8 7g 184 III
Aut- 7J.413 *i ?I ifj 119
Atu to.397 itt *i tin ha
Sept 6.J89 ?7 61 Jlli Hj
Total...". 4,447 m STJ* I,t>i3 \,U?>
?? ?
Tup Pbima Dobha'i N'mn i.? To?ni :ht.
the charming /Vwu /???nn.i. iMRtNU I atOi t ikes
her benefit at Castle Carden Ttl the thousand- ot
tier atlmirerk, the mere announcement of the ahovc
fa. t is sufficient
Ta -tr.isigers in the 4"? ty. Imwetet. audio thoea not
Ugulai v i-itor- t? Usf Oaan, we would remark, that
notwithstandinu the extra attraction- ottered. s|,j.
n< aa Beate retains the popular and low price of lit)
cents that for this trifling mm, the inagnilh etit Op
i r.i ot '? Puritani," as well as selections from " Cm
dtrclia," and other i hotce tnusical MOfCeatll will be
irree aad that hadepeadaal el the hug henaBeinrpSi
el.um?, the rii'ertaitiments :u;e well woith four tune
Ike ptTM a of adasisstna
BatlffRATJOH.? DstlsslfJ 'lit' litst week ot
Repteaaber there hare been thirty 4bui aaaignual ar
rrvall at this port, Irom the following j.laces in
latasana, . u Otaaesa.is*
Bteasaa. 7? tii^leoliur?; 3<l
b1 sate ... tt HatalHirg 337
Caidlg..'3 Havre ...... M
? ork. 317 Lirnrasjol J.it7
|lli>.hl> 210 i n.'. n .s-U
Calwst lil -
. aas a. m Ma].7.na
Fob Bermuda, die.?The Britieh mail
-teainer Merlin, < aptain Sampson, sailed from letiej
I |iv at Itl o'clock vesterdav, with nine pa-?em;er
for Betmuda and ten for W Thomas. jiuI gi.iKNi ui
Fob Kew-Oblbah?.?The itesjuahip
1 aioB, < aplaia Btadd, will paeittvelf s.ni for How*
Oticaaa tJaa afternoon. M taaaL, leatiai phw No. 1
North Kiver, at 5 oVtoek,
Demi Pos ?Thestesjabooi1 m.nioi S tt
urdav night did 1 ot reach Boston lul i I' M Sunday,
in eenM(|Beaas af the deuse fog ob the Bob si
Collision oh tu East Ritkb.?[)urinij
? ei e log on lalafday evening, the ferrv-hoals
Niagara and t anatts came is Pfflltoins The Niagara
Wal -truck aaailsMpS, and her wheel Old engine
aero oeaaMeeshiy damaged The t mhbJb hbsboi
hurt No pOraoa ??- taUUVel The Niagara ha
.1 ? 11 laid up to repair It is said the .V was damaged
to the amount of two or three thousand dollars \
month or more will probably elapse bet?re she will
i i in a condition to resume her -tation on the ferry,
(the Peek-slip )
?a> ?
The vViiaro abb hif VVioou ?We
bSWS '- lore Be,bill cannot piihlt-h al length for want
of room. rssshrtiOM ol the Fowth Ward Pofles,
thanking Prof Anderson for the gMSMUSBSBtsM
wbieli he gave to the widow ol Mi. h od Foster
TlM whop synipatbv ot the MfaBSSl 1-de-?-rn-dl>
commetided T'lie Professor is ?tili a.-toniihing the I
world at Tnpler Hail
>i H int-:. ?Yesterday ai'terimoii a gtMllkg
BenaSB, named (leorge-, residing at the corner
ol Ctaiid and Llm-ats.. committiil-uteide b] 'nnging
himself. He was employed in a distillery, we he
in ve. .ui-! wa? ooserved in tjir ^tlenioon BOaaBacSiag
himself m his usual manner Suddenly he disap?
peared, S>l BOSSS time after, on search being made
lorhim.be WSI f'jund in the garret of the house
hanging bv the neck and dead lie hail passed a
c.othe- ime around a rafter got on a large tub. put
the rope around his neck, and, there not l>eiiig POSH
for him to swing, bail fallen forward, having the
weight of his b?aly on the rope and bis feet on the
tub. II.- neck wa? horribly lacerate.! out not broken.
Effort- wen in-tantly made to re-u-eitate him, but
in raftS II? had teen marr.id 0I1.V BBSUl twoWeeks
Tn Hattbes ibb Ms Bbbbb.?Lbsi
night came off at the Astor House the proposed tea
timonial to Win H Beebe _bv the Journeymen Hat?
ter- aad other friends of that gentleman. Shelton'a
Band; wa? Hi attendance and gave ibui.danoe of
music. There were asaeruf led -onie five or six hun- |
dred persr.ri-. a ma.oritv being women The 1 lu.r
wa-taken by Georg; II Richard-, as*.-ted by aar- .
eral Vice-President* and Secretaries I be ? hair
man then 1 xplained the sbjeel ot the meeting lo be
?In j.ie-et.'alien ?.. Mr. Bee e f a -s ,-tanti il '.-..
t onial in ?bt ?hapt of a pur-t of go.d He read
the resolutions under which ttie purse had been I
v. CstaaaMtSSS thru .ntroduced Air Beche. who wa
reiriveu w.ih heart) appia>:?e The ? hairtuaii ex?
plained to him trie oBieet <>f the meeting, and :ntro
ini e : Mr ?. SOrgd ll. Tiffin, who prefaced thi' [.re*
BSataUea bj a brief speech, highly compumen'ary to
Mr BeeU- He nid the trade were very MtTTBS
tart w-.'.i on- wly^ -ad beea so valuable to them
rheyweri rstreaer] giisrsd to hear of the essasr
ra*-i: 1 > .r mi..'i[io? ji which he waa pUe !. and
le'erieil to more prosperous dafs. He ?losej hy
pn-entrntto Mr Beeve a bug containing |3.5o? in
sold -in ; .v isk.r.g taat i.e ?i,ou. 1 ace: tin- nag, but
'!?*? the gall M be eh ,?e
Mr Bert, replied. He bad ha.1 three occasions i
wi'h.n -.X month- to stand in his present condition.
He w;,? gratified to kaowthat he bsddooe something
for the . ra/t which he hail pursued from boyhoodT I
Mr Ii n iirrtd to the ( tncinn.it 1 presentation, of '
wl.n h wi hsve heretofore spoken. He spoke at
-1 n.-- .?: .-i> oi the pr.-per relation between the trade
and its rnxpeoyeea He thanked them warmly for
th - 1 obfe testimonial He advised his youngfrietal
10 wnle " Excelsior" on their banner*, and goon
perret rtBgly in the path of rectitude and iielustry
W . ? ... - were over. Jean/.le K'-vt.ald
10a tha ? rUy I -ttish n?calist, was introduced and
naagta ? ?;<{ marl .t.- Hsjlshaal mett>lte?
Vt cleft the company enjoying themselves *m
- mm nad m i I awnM Th* aocaMaa wa ??-r? gr?t.',
tne to all engaged '
Tbe bfnjbMTI the following ir.vrip'-.or.
"T*?t ae i. el to ft it l im H Reib*, b, ?be Jinv,
treu Hat Finish*:* and hu i^nvia. BMaan, M t tatea at
?ben? neard |.?r him a* % taan aaJ n ? aieckar. S?.
Y ri. As'or House. $er* I, IUI * '.
Fikcs?tast night, ahout |?] o clock, ?
frr broke out 1:1 the large two-story frame btutnW,
No*. 7*3 and "i Wa>h.ri*io:iel. .vcupied by three
poor families, l.amed M C rue. .Malloo, and Miller
The butidirg being very oi.i .?. ! dry the Sitae?
?pread rapidn . .and :t was on it wt'h the greatest di( '
Beult v that the initiales e*vap?*d *?t:h their lire*
The ? hiidren ot one of the fanuite* were taken froes
the second story window b> ? f.tein.ui The rare
corom 1 laicaled to a frame stable ed;oitiing. MIMfhjj
bi Ftedcnch Muller. inwhi. h a horse, rained at
$100, wasburned to death IfM lw?m%\Jj hou?e mgt
stable wen' anwewteaeiaaty asnwewywd r:.e famuie?
lost al! their ehsthing Loss. BkaM ?*>?>- no msur
xbout I oVIo. k la>t evening, a camphen* iaaay
burst in a store?, ? Seventeenth ?' . near Vinte r?
It was eitingui?hesi before any mxteral damage ???
j curred. bv the ptoinpt arris al of the Fire depart?
<" \<i 1 >y S 1 o >kv\ ?G el. Hi xr Dsvusg,
to ixriarttl -The fo!lowi..< letter Ironi Go*
Hunt to Shentt tarn lev w.l; in.- read with mteeea
!?'. .unoe with the term* of his >ert<>n?v
lb . s,\ m-.st kej c xcctited >-n Fintav af next week.
i'tnoiil Sr.r? BJ .Nkw-Yobb. .
t \ n rttri lb ituivT, J
VLasw. Sept 4. |sU| 1
I 7*0 T**>n?es ( .rew.'e?. *?;*, . SHtrjr.if tir < ,ty i**-'Van
It tfmf .Vew> Vera.
In l have eatrtttllv considered the appheatiae
for a ccinn.illation of the sentence 01 .ictth ur\>
i nounced upon Aaron B Itookty. to be rxeewhM gg
, ti Uh IBth :nst !.>r the murder ot /.e.tdy Moore
I have weighed the evidence with an anxious d*.
.ire to gi?c toni the benefit of every em uinsiaiMe
wh.i'h t? i.d> to evi? nua 1 BlBgntH MB alter mtt ire
deliberation 1 am elr-art) ot ofaatoa that hu convtc
tion was merited, and that the ends of public justice
require the , xecuion of Ina icaMBCO
The facts disclosed on tus trial were sufficient, be?
yond all doubt, foooustitute the crime ot wilful niur
der It is contended that most of the material ayg>
, Hess? s for the prosecution were penwM of infamon?
character and unwochv of credit Making all due
allowance for this objection, the proot of his guilt u
so complete and mat wBolliitog, as to preclude an
ft ubt, ai.d 111 tact no material fact alleged by an) of
the wiM e?s, 1 (USI gCI called in i;uest;on bv the coa
tief cr ..is friends.
It appears that Btookei nut hienafNtuaafw ?u-tua
rattvally in one of the public itrwetaed > our cm 11*
waa irnu'dw th bdvadt] tronpon,which hi usuaii)
c trued about hM person I pon proviK'alion which,
if not wholly 1 in miliar \, was too trivial to 1 tint 1 * y even
?in montar* reaewtotent, andapeatrentl| with iiocviiier
motive th ui the indulgence of wanton an I brutal
, passion, after tir*t instigating his comrade to com
nut violence ujain Mooea, he declared hiaotrn mV
tSMthoa to kill hun, and BbB mil) stabbed loin to the
To paJlilti Ike enormity ot this afganajk it has
bean uleged that Btookai was labcsruig annWB*a>
; 1 rnV] ab d On >t intellect, and w.i? m.irallT BhTBr
pabtool an mteutional and deliberate crime Seie
lal .'tfidiivits have been placed before me intended m
mstatn iktokypotheaia, DaanaBbf >t wtf duty to oe
ti.Miantegof y e\ ntaaasi on m im tonal a tsutit be
fore ivinin ? to ,1 final decision. I have caused an it
y< itlgn?on to be made ot all th? tacts baarBa] uiaai
Ihi iiuesliou of inaanity, aad the tesuIt proves thai
there are no sulhi ieiit ground- for such an assump?
It >a IBOWB that Sti'okey. for s.inn ve.ir? p.ta. ,'isd
I l?d a life of disaipation aad debeaioacty that tu*
I moral nature was tfapravad, aad hi* mmm] il faculties
impaired, bv a loin course r( ucioiis 11:,! i,'?, h,t
and in this general degradation ol akMMW ?o?
sists ihi null reason thai has been aadaeed tbt
doubting that he was consciotii of ar?,aai still re
: tan.eil these powers ol moral perception which are
Itvea todtfcem between irirtae aaaTetiaM All the
llsaal pheii< nil 1 a ui himiuU and lunacy ire want?
ing There w.i> nothing m his conduct to indicate
tl.aldestitution of reasnii whnh absolves men (turn
moral and legal taapoaattaUt)
M) lynpaiUueg have tuen deeply moved bv '.he
t arnest appeals made in bekali ot youi prisoner by
j his worth) ri I itive? and friends. | ha petition, pre
-eiili d to me bear the 11.um s id m ini iiifluelill il oid
le-pected citi/eiis. whese opituotis .leseive the high
eti daran m e and regard Ii Ii ? pakarul oihce to tat
1 coinpelled In resist these iag? Hi and atlei ling soln 1
raltoai Rui ail ntaal laaMaahai ii la tkafaataaf
iBelaa winch eoadeaaaa the aatodaeae 10death ?
'I hi- penalfv . the most dre MffBI w filch hum in power
can infill t. is imposed no! la a ?piril of retaliation or
,'l vi i.i'i .nice. Im! froai a cmiv Id inn nf Its liiu'easity,
lot the lirotectuiu nl sm iety and the -ecurilv ill man
ktad 1 kg leverrt) at tka law M this reaparl km it?
-i mi ? in taa tarred rwgard for koatan iiie which
pi rv.nl? s ,|,| gft lli/ed Coiiilliil iii ties
it pgaektfcM in advaaea, hi ail w ims,' atrtl pa.sums
iii.ty pgl in|it to Baasja ol blornl and vengeance, the
inifiTisslve warning, that wlmsoever sh ill lake the
UfaofafeBoa being akall taareb) lorfaU his own
Tins stern mandate is conceived not 111 cruelty, but
in hiiaiiiii ktesaapaMaMBajtlbt lanoaaal rathet
than a wtUinaaesi to destroy tin- giultv it origin?
ates in the obligation winch locietyowei 10 all its
bagfakan la pratecl UbaniIroai uuiawtui vioienae,
and It* true 11m > to prevent Imlh crime* and pun
Bhniaali bj reMratonaj tboee akoeanaBti bed*
leired Ironi tl 1 ,\.,rst Of oft DM - i'\ the MM terrilc
penallli -
I am aware that lenotii diaTaraaoM ol agtauoa ??
isi Innung 1 i ll, l.ii i,eil legialators in respect tu the
justice BM teadei 1 > of a nenal ? ude which birfeits
the life ol IkooBetaoer in eaaaef murder It doe*
Bogeoaac wniiin no [imviiicr tu discuss Him prinei
pkl 111 Iba dnV barge 11i IB) erecutive duties. The
law as it ktandi 11 i-t u- my guide, so lung a* It re
maiaa la Bare It ia tiaonstawkiai and hghesiof
mi obfigattoai to tee thai it is failkAill) eaioutod
Tka pen.ills win. bl be St.it? b is pre--nla d, a. 1
piiniakmewt for Ike rriaa ol wiiiui DMtrdar,awtll
enforced 111 all cases where the offense is e*i itili?besl
li> eli ar and siifhi lent proofs. This r? sp?uisitiility.
weighty and dill,cult at all tun? *. derives MMMM
inree from the alarming incraaaa of etnaai uimiae
r*orttoni Of our Mate, and especially in )imr dlf
1 Tfce de-tiuctiiiii of life bv criminal violence has be
? 1 ine an evi'iil ol ilmust dally m currence My re
j rleettons ii|ki|i this subject have pimlin rd ,1 firm con?
viction that this deplorable evil i* to be checked, oi l
I the lives of on pi - .ireful 1 itizens efteetiMllv ?hieldeil
I /r? 111 danger onl) by in igficieiit, faithful aud 1111
I ? wet ring execatioa of tea Ian Tka peace aad cnBBf
of siciet) are too anctad to be IbMardad hi them
i duigeni i of IkOM noaagoaa *)iiipilhu ? whlihthe
fate ol the convict is so well calculated tu ereile.
Tne demands ol u -tu e and an enlightened regard
for the public seii,r,i\ must ptWI ail over the ;ilead
uh/ 1 ?<l 1 iiinpassiori
II remains for yov lOtfiM barge the most tr)iiigduly
of vour offii 1 as l nuw do mine ri r> nagMitfully,
W'a.uia., 1 oa Mi ai
P. ? I iBtiadad to have remarked thai Htooke)'.
1 r.me may be traced lir?-ci:y to the habil he had
adeplod of carrying a dangerous weapon macealed
1'. .1 hi. 1 er-1.1, ilia fate should be a warning to
a.l who indulge m this reprehensible practice It
cannot t?' too strongly impressed npaa their rninda
thatperaHM Win? ehiKise to carry com e.iled arm ?
will Be held to a rigid responslbi.it) for the mmt they
may make of them and for all con sequences lb ,1 rnav
? e
.Feniii tbe aVtaaBaV Assert at
IIaih HKHgoTVPE PktTVRBB.?A tew days
?Bm 1 we Mapped hate the elegant aaloew Of Messrs
M t.d I Itoot, DaBaarraaa Artist*, No :ui3 Hmad
w.i> w?- aofjead aaMag the .up?-rb rkMMon
? sJi.''.tior. i .if.i . ea ? ll>i-ti.itr.e ui the ?eiitl
nseTBta enabracad in hlbMtouckaag vnig, HTki old
trini hair" Tka eooaonrttoa ia ana of tne happiest
luu we ha. a iaen lor * long I lane, and the esoaaBM
MMobitnahlgkeMeradn npoataaartlaCi Weee
U 1 in it an obiert of rare iiita ri-?t, unl advise all our
fro ida, who have tne ..poor'unit). to call 111 and take
n took. The above geatseiaea are taooad M wne B
the wide world for their skill in the art of Using
good picture*
^i- IHM ? Ad rBaTJPI ?A ! id BBBntaj J im ?
Ml I art, while nding 111 a baker's wagon as
Hudson-*! , one of the wheels ol the vehicle came
of, arid precipitated Mcl ait to the pavement WCh
grr .it force, arid Itaiduring tus Mali in a dread'u!
manner He was rucked up and earrw<l '<? the Nea*
Vork Hospital, wher? he lie- in a dangerous con
Kbocbbb Dowb.? A nmn. bbbbj
It ,ui ed, w.-s hwoehed down hari mgiii In Broadway
aaar tne Martntm. try ? fTraad ft Trig* TBapeMet
the -tage 1'rui k BBB it: the br?-ast, and lie I'emeJto
kt ba U| hurt.
Arhesi foK Amdh 1 ion ?A sailor lit
name of Jas. Thompson was arresteil by i*^eet *^'
t.,n, of the Lower Polne Court. ? lurgiil with *>
dtxr?og a girl 11 vears of age, narnesi Mary *aa
Redwood. It appears that the accused came ovarb
f? w days since from Liver;?ool 111 the same 'hip
wnaekbri areata of taa girl arpe^ngJT"
to this port that, on the pa..age, he became s*.^
oatnti girl, aad a en tbe veatel ?rr,l,ri
peraAiaded ,irt-. leave her parenlt, who are bota
si. k, ami gowiUihun. She 0id to, aad he refaiee
to tell her whereabouts l be o igaaM of the gin
are Bappiog ' He M Draeaan .. -t. *here an*
tnfom.ation relative to their lost danghterem M
most tbankfuily rei en ed Tbe accused waaeeat
1 to the Ton.iis for further ?1 imitiatioo
?Tt? We underntaful that the Joseph Tay?
lor, arrested for obtaining peacbe? by frauJulea' ree
ri mentations, u not a regular rent-pay hat hTBaWa
Wa-hiiigVin Market, but one of the m>r> kaowe **

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