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""?Tg, tinjjjri Firi \>-nihilator.? We
A-tand that this invention will be tested for th?
?"^^ ?, thi? City, some time during the present
1a\ UIKJe' the direction of the President of the
"iSirsn (otnpany. Mr Wh tr ey We quote UV
.....emtof a trial in Baltimore from 7*"'
^'"Ihat city
?f/JLiV the Annihilafor ?a? had in this at v M
?nerooon, in the presence of a Bttm
^^?^It-s.rtlemen. in the yard the Merchants'
Et ? g ' -i he machine is one of several which
*>t -len importe 1 b) MoanTt I-1 wards. San ford
MJ* ~3 Adam* A < "'s t- ore en Expros-. an -
*. _v?i i* called the house size, or the rmallesl
rtured it* cost in England, with a number
fcj^l?. Hf tsKNKRAl Siastoxs, v.,,-. 8
rTiy1'' ' BtOrr -nd AU yraH?.n CH I 0. rr - 7'r
m J?*"" ' ?ecea?-Samuel Jones w i? tried and env. :? .
' : ' ? ? M sli i i . . - ? :
sauLs .i ? Joh* ? Nepearrtoi Me its Canal si
???T,. , "aj e't August T\. proof ?ras peettve ?- u
l^wja IM ia ih. set ?ud the ckith was fund in hi? ...
je reale ?cad t.. the State Pi sen i.r rare >rr,r?
tJT.'Y' '" ? -?;e.'rce ladt r- n en! .t in Ml rs
eas.'?-* . Wlth bursary, I leaded c ultvto a petit .at
JaL t. "' ? siheeeornb. w . ;h St, front the tu u.e of
" i PreVrhitl. N,? t? West Twe ? ita-at r .
DJ"*" ted awl .? ft were seat to the fl
eaT5J ??' *y*M Peesrawss.?Frasler ? Hiaath arm i
ea?p? *l! t*'*uu'Ut rift. tea-., . i paper, a :th . l
BiaaaVas** ? f's'*-? P*pei dealers ol Nos ?
OES a ' * iaMe represents! at The rvinplain?nts
^satli*' the drlendaut ret >n seated h.aiself eO bet.;,
?aitAall* * ' ?"?'?eine known si tl tacks Panacea, and
w^wisa>|irtoi that re:?reseutatr>n the ? ?
eh?W?^,V'r"V:' On It a]'however BO . roof wa-addn. ,,!
auastfJ B* ""t the seaprietoi lafthe Baedseaai
iaSS : "rrI tad uad lh< District Attoraei in
?>?sre V*" f*w?*rl tti ia ittt eras rendered
^??tJk a^."*OA" ?TA Das,-Ciaceix
*l ?* *** ^ *?? -*?. Me. il i, It,
os??'.n p',*:*" *<-? ?
Hulss " S^MON ?? THE HoaRI) Of A I -
i'.a tJ,*1-!^,""'-^' ^ ??' Mc??aai Es
*ea,tai... ????*?<? l??slee stun,,.. Oaklo I u
M-t.,'it \ ?? ?-M r.S li , ..it. .
^TV e.V^?.'^,,',? * '"kiut. Coatkina. Dcatl?i
hl?, ; . -'n?-i Hreaident pro teta
aJ^^-JsTata rTm^t1 **** tr^ sad iseavrsal
^OieirT., A,J '?"???? NtthsaiofH N li dtk t o
CiB,/^.'- ?hicli sv?,. tsnnaMMI .efrrredtoUta SUarl
rs being i"3- The experiroeati wen ai der
?i ct'f, ' .f Mr ~ e M s.v. ui l
S Mr Wm Petera, and Mr Ueorge \. Raw
IJ * , antaesat her of eeittlt
PRS had been invited to I < preea at St raral
??J of sbariagi aad chipe, uturated with
JJJStai and fully igmte ! were easily extingu
tarpatV ' , thrown from it into the barrel. A fur
?1 ^JTef!jritnt was mite yesterdayaftensoon ti>
**^J^.hi'criiaker and Peters, ia aa open lot ad
^'aw'l'r V'iiear Iron Workl i f MeoaTt N irrav A
sjf^lifw-t. i* presence ol a aomoer of gentlemen
*iobsto'te?t the utility and etil iency of this .m
*S?Li u itattif * tar-barrel tboronghly satu
1**?.,) filled with ?ha - ing?, at I dry boards *\ lit
ts'ea'-o '? well soaked with turpentine, was set
n end ?n an iron frame to admit of free draft
a^ heio? and ignite ' ia ai aviBaat taweoajtonti
enteletie'l "aine which rose with violence
rant or ten feet above the edge of the barret.?
*^m?i* ahen the combustion was most intense.
Alfthe heal bad Wily taken bold of the boarda aad.
**f"jr!> f,( the barrel, the inatrumeal was put in
a-iaiwu i a stream of the gaaeona Stud, which
' xstan'.iV generated, difet '< i upon the flaming
*f* The effect was astonishing. Although proba
Be under l?e aaaadtnataVge Ol an apphs^ttwat in the
omb air twt ainrsll proportion of the gas evolved by
the in?trun.nit ass actually discharged upon the
iarne the whole ?as extinguished in twenty-five
;,' f.r r> t! ? i.re. ting bar?
Tji ftff} a? hfaedt. aharred aad moiateae < atentt
\rA a ?psrk was to he s< an. w t the power ol the m
gnii?r''t BOt oahetlatofl until aoBM lime after ,t
UnaNMphehed its work "
Hoakh ok Si pk? visous.?This Board
I, .; , ?e?. ..t. y .'er.lat after' n, but no 'j'l-'ine's
J piftii'tilar moment w its trans tCtt 1.
.1 discu-v on took place as to an alleged rule adopt.
ej t>gr the < omnnttee ?m Tax?--, not lo interfere with
i r?i rrg! '.."ir laid by the aese -or-, considering
ajitthe parties had opportunity to have the Aaaeaaon
(ofrectit.if wrong Mi ei objected to the rule,
sjtttMli sect.on of the law oi l?...i giring to the 8 t
aarvisor. an\ time within til montlii full power to
Igaagai itv rMECoMORBM?CoitMierGoer
reitrrday held an inquesl at No. 170 Elerenth-st.,
Bjsuithe bod) of Bridget [.ongham a native of Ireland,
tl tears of age, wlMMe death wai raoeed by conges
hob ol the brain, in const quem e of a blow received
oo the ?ide of her lace From I lie evidence tefbre
U> tororcr, it appeared that the deceased w
found by h' r daughter OO Sunday afternoon, suffer
agiaai an mjury on the left akii of her face, and
ISstaSacontinued to mow worse until yeeterday,
akradted:' d On being ijim n oned by bei daughter,
n, to the cause of the in ury, he MsSed that she
gad hurt la raelf, but did nol describe in w hat man
arr The deceased and her husband were in the
habit of aetting intoxicated, and '.'.hen m that state
ijaaireled, winch often resulted in blows between
iatm A pa I msrfeia examination ?.i> made by tin
S?dan, when the whole brim wm found to be
roirestc) No evidence beirs Btadaet 1 ihowing
Bit the violence wai inflicted n tier hnsbsnd, the
Sy rendered a verdict that dei:eased came to her
awth br a blow received on the left eide oi the face,
ftusini! e?ii i\ siition an 1 conge.iurn of the brain,
sad that the .aid blow wai inflicted by the handa of
?one person to this Jury aakaawa.
Niblo'-- Garden.?annul Extra Night,
tntjii mf Munt Blondm, on which occasion ha vvii
Masstsleil b) the entire Company of the Havel Farn
ihr * The entertainments cho.cn are ntoM'attractive
The woinieritil Blondinon the Tight Hope. Three
GUdiatois. (iodenski, and Kim-Ka, the two latter
gi ahu ll Gabriel enacts hit original comic pirt-.
EjBCTMENI OF PlOB.?One of tho lesi
StaMef Harlem oom|dains thai . drunken man in
tided Ins pig-atystm Baaday sight, turned out the
?ew ami eight jroon| hogs, iuid lodged in their atraw
limsrlf, sisking so much muse as to disturb the
aentlibor. He wa. not discovered bj 'In Police.
Asrisi op v I'l i.mvK pbom Philadel
mu - Daatel C Baaeiracaa, a ycasng fellow of dnih
Bg appearance, arai reaterday arrested hytnfirer
Crossett, ol lite Lower Police < unit, a- being a fugi?
tive from Philadelphia, when he itandi charged
Bees she commission ol a forgery. He waa detained,
BmHslorj lobetenl back for trial. A number of
skfletiui k. \ ? and ttthet burglariOUl iinpleinent. were
found m hi - n-ml.. and he i? said to be an expert ho?
tel tlnei Emerson is i lid lo be a Boston inn and his
hther ia a men limit of high Maading la that city.
Fatal Accidekt.?A young Inshin ni. 18
Bjsra "i ace. named Palrk k Haja.apprentice to Mr
?Btli, carpenter, si Manhsttanv?le. was inatantlt
killed resterdaj aftentoon by tin falling of a bries
from tie top oi anew building in Otte-hujtdred-and
twenty Aftti s|. where he was engaged al work, tht
(oroiut w .. notified and will investigate thecaae
tbu- swriui g
BVPRRBK I'OfRT- Special Term ? lie ore
Judf r Kin^ In the ease of Charles tdimi leataaosd tij
aCaart Martial, and hi. dischnree di landed oa habeas
eerpos, the.in.it'e decided tlmt lie iaai enable to the ha
erMuamei t i Court Martial, although hiatanaed eel tin
ei laird 'I run i tie t. i n. ol in,.... meat, and reaaaaded
SWtalhe . i -'...ii oi ihe iggceii 11 is \ itth-C?dina.
Th* anttti. the Court aai.l. ia detained ia eiiat.^iv oa
hawdihe I S receiving ahit) Nortk-Carohaa, n virtue of
a leafing oi a Co art Matiial. w h ? It aentenoed aita to soh
Ineeaaaeroeat, wilhont truss, on board iheM C.lytag
alike Bioosi, n ,\av t vnul. t'. r Ihn e nmutha, for miianoiia
?Mta-t r-n hoard the I s trng Didphin, aud the term of
an taipii-oi.ttieiit has no; yel evened
The ansne, .aisles iiuju is .mm at I- unl o. t il. beca'ise
M has bees detained, ia punuanct id .a?i aaateace. fui
?ore than Hurt, dats alter ihe arrrval id Ho' reasel In
?kick he M-iv?d- that the iierust t o winch he enlisted
Slfltf-I in Apnl. 18.il. the IM| liui up then at sen, and
?riiseit at this |s>tt June
Taejsrassaer tsBei apon the act nl Consraas ei Feh M,
JJJVRa Matatw at Large p Tti, ind the art amended,
Jtagutut,' ii Large, i. 141, which provala that when the
term rtruisa. at sea. the aetviee sh ill r. mam till alter an i
vaiat ihmi m ulei i.-.-iilai discharge, prevsdodlattei tleea
aot: icaed 3 id ivi. it aJao pi ovale, thai " hea iha tana e\.
pirss cat aoatd a r s veeaetoa ? foreign station the . trtt
skaii Ih-aitai.ir.) the raeaas t,. i?t irato Iha t' i . aalaee
Jm f.iWi, v ;c,* req lm hia deteatnui. and thai he ihall
as eatuie.1 lo lase-foortk addilivaal pat for tinsa detained
?n>i Nrnrt i ?
**? C'ut ivoasnters, agreeahl; ? i n case ofWifkei
uani-t Daatsaaa.1 Hi ward s k . ap, ? wh.rh t tie oam
B****1 ? ' "? KiMonng Expedition was lusatied in in
y~plt '"" s.nt |m.ii an taaiv 4 ti who n-lus. t do
J* ist lern, had axpited, thai ?tan an and aurineia
jajaaaject to the ?sin,- lagulauoaa atti. terni expurei sa
?aare.*!. tliatlhev cannot.in . rvliiia t case., he ilisaiaiil
aar than th.iit da?, arter anisal ut . ..it the prison, r
atai?i??e i- not d. tamed puriuant toeither of Ihe ah -ve,
'' ? UBater thesentenre of a Court Martial Bv
TL*** '?' * Itresa : . two Statut - U targe. i
?^Wenaies tsaaauttrdhj ... rM.n. ... the N" .v -
trail ar..t punish went hp a Court Martial, and
jaeae tlaii thai at at nay, ia svh iteari raa i
saeMpua..liahie i>> death or impiisoanwnt, xe. The a.'
iwvairs s-... .t riuel or unusual ; inishment.bat there is
Mime n i .. iw whash hmite the danttran of Ihepnmsh
Pll I he r or i w u.e ? ? -? M ? v . t \ ss , i
aaat.Apol. iHJo,ahow?that i t'o.irt Martial has pawet
*t SBss before the earsWatasa ol that art] eav.,t..tiv an,I
MBS i <? uses
TheJiuU.' after arviag hia views, t el aha-h the ahovt at
wiksti,. i . ..mi|i des as follows "it ippeaneg t me
wattha aa d Charles Adams i? detaiaed m caetody ai del
asasut,: . t i Court of comp, tent urisdtction dareetiai
aaaapti.,,nii.ei.t ii* a period not ret etpirad. he must )>?
??asaaVd t . tie >ame ciisl.^lv iron, whi' a hr !ia? hrea
Clin: Cot it?Before Judge King?Ckmt.
**?'?'. i< i sal t her'? rti.srn ?Plaiutiff is a printer,
ajlHinns to have left a foal g" guiaU Pica m the udics i
jar* he v>... torenian. t'h. tj t . tea by the ghee
ZlTi 'r ' : rsalevin. but laid to have been ap
g * sa exarntKl \ stslirt foi . . US I ?
By Alii. Miller. Petit?..?, of Leoeard L J.mB?.n?nd oth
ear*. f .r the rearing of7th-?t t-etwtra Avenues C and D
H> ferred to Committee on Street!.
By Aid .'haw Petit:,? of Ann Jav to hare a certain
?..re ..f Und m Canal-lit . re-deeded to her?which * a?. * j
m- tun ot Aid. Briitop. laid ii tha table
By Ali) (..ok, Petitum of H P Shaphnfr BBatotaers to
Base tbe Lilertv pule at the fflaeXJaa of Division arc! Hea?
ter..!* removed?referred la Committee I? Street*
Ii Aid Ball. Pejtttfon ? f F A Taflsasdee an-: rakers
to tiave the tat M the eunier of Mth-at and 7lh-3* fenee.i
,r Vt hen lite n Id f.. I ;..es??-e.] 'he f.ll-.Miriere?-a-i
tu n. x.z Rrtob'd, That the lot comer Of Hth-st tad
't.i av ha fene-i in ni.der th' .l.r.rt.,.n of the Street C-ru
? "loner?which was. b.either with the petilioo. referred
it the Ccenautte* on Streets , _ _
B? Aid Smith, Petltitel of Daniel C K:nr?lnnd and
i ?.?neini? K SnttiaD for penBetnea to hndce eel the water
f.. t ..f Chant, n-t ? N K ?TefetT J I i CnnnBttll ?
WbarTea. Pier* and *br>?
I,.; Aid Mode?. Petition of John Bniee tor the remt?
?j a ofseveral aeoonrnaoaeta a *.??; ? ?:?? rty?referrelt<?th*
I unuMttee ?i 1,?? Dopartnaata,
Bi Aid. Deiaoiater. Peta'aoaof nanhariof EagiaeC*
Mo II for a new Eiien.e-referred to CaWadths* aa Fire
Der.artm ent
Be Aid. Button. Pet:t: n "f TT?oma? S ffem and otheri
tor a ?ewer :n Frail -t from .! l.n to F dtea-M ?referred
t" Con m.;tee un Sewtrs
Bi thenaaee,aatattea of M ? *? Lane tobe appointed a
I n,ni'u "ner -if Dee.;* Heferred t ? Committee ?? S alar
|e? and office*.
n> tii< mmm, paUttaa *t Pe-er OeaM for correction >f
tav. ReferredtoCeenmittee onPnaaaen
Bv Aid Dooley, petitioa nf Ttaaail Gallarher. Map
n.ci.t of balance of moot v? due mi eertain c.mlraet*. Ke
fi rr> d la CoaaaMtti < oa iana ?
By the tan.e. petition of Ji.f.n C Par'.* r Bad other*, for
a ,.ier at the foot ol flth-M . E. 11. Ren nad OaMBfttee
or: wharves, Picrt ar.d Snips.
By Aid Chaiman, paUtiea ot Samuel H. Cornell and
o*her?, for a Sewer in Diane-?t . fr>m the crown between
Hadaon and lireenw;rh-st* to the North River Referred
I? I "ii B?ltes "ri Sewer-.
B] Aid GMSJa, petitiea of 0 B ABea, for the ereluuie
'.f the northern half of Pier ffo I North River
VV: . r?ii|.on Aid (?nffui peSBBBtad the follo? m- r'-?olntion.
?ii rii waa adopted, ru /.''..'/?'. nt. That I he bhiIbMib aaa
? i ti. noithnrly mde of pen No. i. {forth Birer.be aad
the .am* i* herebv, panted to D B Allea, Eat)., for the
ate and occttpatioa or th* line of Breanahipa running be
iwe?n ihi? citv ard tin ;?? rtBaa Jnaa da ft* aragwa
B*iA!d Shaw?Petitum of Dame! F Stewart fur aid la
deve'ope a knowledge of the resuurc?-* of Am.-riea in Ba?
rops ?eh a vo w to promote LIO..-C. .-. Befarred to
C? if mit tee on A rt and Bciem es
Bj Aid Stiirterant, FeMn-fc "f I (J Ma:iultun and
othen to have tbe prooeMeaagB retotire the extowaion af
llbanr-a discontinued wbereapoa Aid. St-irtevant pre.
?eatea the follow bra resol t..,n, vir
AataJeai. That ali procee^im.**.* ikeeebyeii of opaaias
and eilendmr Album st be Ktik|i*ndcd until alter the
CaaoBittee have reverted ?athe reMoaatraaeasthai have
be. n piasaaled
W ....aas, tr father with thi remonstrance*, referred t.i
Con Bi -tei on Birr* t
I ?? A d Bntton, Petition i It w Martin to have taxes
pad in error upon (SOS, !'..' and tol Ith-vt . ref?tided,
wbeteaiaa Aid. 1: tttaa i raaaatad the foilawm.' resolu?
tion. VI/
0 er e* it appears" by 'tie annexed reeeinf* that R. W.
.Miir'in baa mm thi i?'e? on propaKy Ifos aM and I'.i tth
*? XVI Ith ward for thi rear IMS twice, aad t'n aaxoaata
He * reeeivni were .!?, v paid lata the City "freaaary as
Bfipean bi 'be oertiAeal* of Ike nrs' Clerk la the Tax ? if
tire, t harelbre
/...?./!#.;. Thai the Controller dran lua warrant in tnrar
of H W .Martin fur the sm af iw, v.. being the tax aad
.t.i. ust paid by biai in arror oa prwpart] N'.s aft aad aM
ith ?i. xvilth Ward for the >?*' 1613. aad charge the
aaai t,. the aatwaat iaf' Ettoiiand I^unqaenotes, aad
ibe receipt bud glraa be fiie.i la Iba iffice f the Cwa>
tr.dl. i
Vi Inch "a.- adoptee on i dsnnea, |BJiwefirr?
Aid iinmn. Dodre. Btnrteraal, Oakler,Chapman,Kail .
thePreenfent, Aid. Smith. BnU,Hnwa.MtUer.B ' 1
Bard, BfBtoa, Delamater, Franklin, Conckhn and Doo
h? ud Smith, pel tit ion ofn embers ot Hose Company no
I'., f.-r a Fire Hydrant hxfrootof their ho BOB WBerexrpoB
\ld Batith presented the follow me resolution, rrr
Bad, Tb >t a Bra h yd mal Bs placed hi Irraeaaal
iisai Ilia boa as of Unas f*n Mo BL aadsr law directsua of
t . Crotoa Boaral, aad the sum of ><<i beaadlhaaaiBaai
heiahf BMaopriatod to paj for thi sail.*?wiucn was adopt
edonsdirisu>n,ri] A* aefiie? Aid Grafttn, T^xtge.Btnr
fevmit Oaklet Ctuuntaa, K. 11,the President, tld.Smith,
Pall.Ha??. Miller, shaiv. Coot, Ban). Hr ttoa, Danwaatar,
PraakliB, Ooaeklat f>wlep?lB.
r? Hi.'oititio-?.?Aid Bard preaeatsd the lallotrlBgraaofa
tion, w bich wa? ieterre.1 to the CiBBinillai *m Fiaaaca, viz
Jflgfflla. That tiie Cohtroller be and lie is bereb] auth
ted to pay Jona Mace thi balance due oa his bills for
ibe funeral expenses of Lieatenants Mampt aaad Boyta,
aad thai Iha'saai of *33a 'iijiie a;.!.r..pri!Oe.l the re Bar
A Id Chapman preset.led Hie follivsriai IBaolotioa, which
?as referred to Ike Coa*mittee oa streets, v m
A/.-o.'iii/. Th?t the snl. walks ib boat.u prBBSISa* BOS, St,
U , i.i. BS, Bt, M aad ;o? Kead-.i be reoairedaad cur?
aad tvttar raset,aadai tae diraettoa of the stre.t Com
ui baioaer
Aid Chapasut ptaaaatad 'b* Bruow in? laanfalioa, which
wssrefened to the Coouxut'et on Streets, rut
/??.??/i?.f. That Hie snlev.ii'k- in irxial f premiae* No* Mi,
M, M, ML bl ML SB, '.2. M, ' j. TI,7S,gl,Bi,M Bl. BLtLBB
Ha, US. IIB, iirte. III. 133. 13J. i t:. Ill, Itf aad in we*
Broadseay. be lajjaliad aad earh and guttai r-*. t. Baaartaa
d?eCtHlBOl lh- Streit C iinmiskloiier
I If Cull,mi'tee on St reels, m favor f repairing snlew.ilk*
in I ? aal f Bo* M.M.M.SB.St, M, TS, R, M, Ii,SB,'??.
and in Fuhoa-a .with reealatica aad seraaaaes Bhaea*
im , which waa adopted oaa divauoa.vii IJIi wefia*
A'.d. i.riflin, Dodee, Bturteraat, Oakley. Chapawa, Keilv.
Ihi President, Aid Ball,Hbwb. MiBer, Shan Ca k.Bard.
Dehaaati r, Praaklie, Coaeklia aad Dooley-?IT.
t if the same, in BtVet offOMViag sidewalk currier ol
On saw ich aad laajM rii . with rea Intioa aad erdiaaace
Iherwha?which aaa aawatad ea a drraaoa.vii ijnrm?
riie?Ahl. QriBha, Dodge, Startevant, Oakley,Chapman,
Belly, thi President. Aid Smith, Ball, Haws, Miller,
?haw, Cook, Hied. Dalaatater, Praaklia, Coaeaba and
in th. am.. mi taint oi rapairmi Bdewalki ia front of
Rob i. it. IB, IS, SB, ti, It, M, ?k and N Laeaaid-al .Mea
SI, BS, IT, B) und Sm) Iraaklia-Bt., aad N-* *a to M| Li?i-e
aara-at , with thi rsaolarnn and ordbaaaci tbare for ?m hieb
wai adopt ad so a drviaioB.via gjl' waftee?AM (inrhn.
Dodge, Btartevaatj Oakley. Chapman, Kelly, the Praat
.lent. .\l.t Smith. B-.'.l. Haws.Miller, Shaw,Co*tk,IMIa
, Franklbl.Conkhn aad Dooley- ;:
Of the Mim* m tawir ol r. pauiaa wdewalki iu froat of
N. s is, IB, ls,M,BLtS,ll.elSA1M wast-Br aiwwy, wBh
ri ?ol itioa and ordjaaa. <? then (hi-?which was :.d i t.-d oa
a Bavadoa?vii AMisisfiw Aid Origin,Si irterant, Oak?
ley, Ckapmaa, Kelly, ihe Ptrsident, f i Smith, Bill.
Iii?.. Miller,Shaw,Cook, DslaaaBter, Praakha, Ooaag*
i. and Paolo*?It
tu ikeCemauttee aa tssesea*eats,aiB fav-u ..i latarnaa]
thi aase*.mi nt |i?i f.*r regxuatingtld-si . betweenSd aaa
bi n.- t,, tki Street Coiniaiaaiaaai for reeiaauaatioa?
?Ii . h was adopted
Of tka Coiioniii. > oa Fire fjwpartareat, ia favor i ergaa
i Bg a Hook and Ladder Ctaapaay, to he located in tftk st .
which was adopted.
Oa leave, Ahl c. n< klm presented th* fullowiat n*.,;u
tion. which waataBaiad to tin Coaunittee oa Btroeti, rii
Knot,i,!. That 3l?t->t , from 3 1 t LexiBgton-avi , be
paved, Also. LerjBgtea av . IromSMhtnMta ?*s Al*o,
i-d -i ,B m ?I. toM us Also,Md st .fr.m. ghtoMad
i*oa-av Alto. Mk>Bv . rrteaietb to |Mh-*4 , nadar the di?
rectum et tin Street CommiBSiuair.
A'./.or .. Krttifiid ?Of the Committee ..n stre?'?, :n faror
i paving Broadway, betweaa Whitehall aad Fourteenth
*? . w ith tin Rbbb pavemeat, waer* it i* n..i si read) laid,
n hich was oa aetjoa of kid c?-..*. laM on the table
Fran bu ffaaee, ike Meyer.?A naaaaga wai laeafred
fri ui hut Honor, the MSTOf ti.in.mittine a i "intii'Uii. Btloa
i . Oararaotaof Uks Aim Hoaas iaralatiaa to the
pteseal canditioa of Patten Field, which wa* reBnred to
ti.. s. i i ial Ci mmitti. . .. the rabieet of Potters Fi.sd
Oa leave, Aid Franklin peeaaaaid tkn BMlawiagraaola*
tn ii
K> nh Tha?'he Chief Fneui. er ,.t tbe F: e De;.art
Bieat ba directed to .i..rn t.? tae Hoae Caaipaia receatlt
Begaai rdLboba loeataa ra Mott-st., the number "in.'*
tinil so much of the res dull at BarateaWa passed gMa|
said BOnbW 10 a new ll*r CoiiU'SB) ill I8lh-st . lie ia>
nil d.i. .Old Iber be dentn.ited In some otner nnmbi r ,
wl ch ? is adopted
Aid Coach ba aroved that the Board ao now adfoara,
nkjak wa* eari it-ti.
Wkereapoa, th* Brtrndeal aaaouaead thai tka Board
st,.i.! adioaraed ontil to-nerrow, Ith instant, at i o'clock,
P. M D T. Vtl EKTINC,Clerk
Military Exci rbiorb.?Yt stoninv being
the BSTetbaa Aninrcrsarv of tfie 1 nion Blues, t apt.
Burnett, thai company pracaeded to Btaten Island bo
celebrate the dav at tariret practice
The steuben Ouagdl, ol Williaaubxtrg, passed
Ikgxaagktkil city en route for Fast New-Vork. al-o
b>r the pur| ose ot ta'uet tiring Uoih tajajpflBdei were
act .imp.lined by excellent Band- of Mus.e
The Bagaatid Oaarda, Cajit loBSHtoa,arRh a mi
BWfoas aasesahgagg of utiRad gnesks, peneeeded te
Hastingi i>n a ptc nie excursion
This kviivheid itsanawa] aaaetfnajal btuokiyn. N.V..
SB Weilnesilay. Sept at II o'clock. A laree MHkV
ber of delegates from the \anoils local AASOetBlnMM
were presti.t. ajaj perha; - .in atjaa] nuinber of other
tn nistris BeBaJ present, were im Bed to aRnseor
responding member* DelagaMfl were a!*o present
fioin the fiel.era! kMOl lationsol Conaecticnt, Mas
bacsaasatta,MkiBigaa ad Illinois and from the oen
eral CoBTSBRBBM of \ ennoii! and Wisconsin, and
from the tieneral ritaiOfiBtlna af Bkoaa Island.
The meeting was orcaiuzed bv thejcleotioti of Rev.
Tertiu* S i fVki Moderator Uev li Ji Parsons,
Bctibe,aadKet Wbj M.Ri hards,AaaaRaatSesnw.
The afternoon of We ires.iav arai detaMed to the
inip?vrtanl business ot hearing reports on the state of
re.tgion m the churches. "No general revival of re?
ligion hud pervaded the churches, but I state of
harmony and pawRhj peaaniftty aadooaataaf aa
largt nienl was rep. ltd d
In the evening the annual Mnnoii Was preached
!\ Re\ Pr Vtann ve. of KanVaMb, vu 1 the Church
I of thi .iMtis tio.:. wh:, h is the pilliir and ground of
the fr- fl "?the preacher endear oring to deinonstrate
; the unity of the church in the Wi.rld.-that this unity
b real th.uuh iiivisib!i.- that it leloi gs ?o no partic
! umr orgaanaataaaa of t nrstians. but embmces t aris
, ""I " all itc n:/ .': >i.-. and even outM.'e ot all ..r
naannnosa*?awal tta exhibition of. mid corre*i>on
i i tee to. the truth. the grand criterion of a true
j church, and that dependem-e on anv forms ororgam
; rations to the SatBanujaMai ot this principle, is
i rather e\ idence against the pretense of any so-oailed
I i htireh.
On Thursday morning, after votuig thanks to the
preacher for hi* scrinon. and n solving to publish it
? in pamphlet form, and in T*?. Independent, the Asso
. BmBmi apfioaahad iu next annual meet'ng at Canan
i daigaa
Among the layogts of daktaataa toother rorlaai
?I idkodiea, that et tka tMaagaBM to the Oeaaeal
\-?,mM> New Sckooi) attracted >;e;.. ral attention
I on account of the pri isistti.ni of Pnd. Hopkins, the
I last Delegat, to th.s bod) , to li?. ii;itinue tl is coeret
pondence, because the treatment, last year, by th*
'?eneral Asaot .atnm. of 'juctiorrs at iasao beta)000
thf two Isv'ies respecting church jwTliry and church
exte; Sjon, w as offensive to the representatives of
l*M .-bvt< nanism. Some sharp remarks were made,
but the kindest eottntwls prsTsilod The delegate of
the Assembly. Rev Dr. ? OS, Oral r^eeived w -h ! -
tmgutsbed regard, and resr-on-ied. fraternally, to all
the Christian feeling expressed to war I s church
The Asm c at ion def.ned Hi position in the following
roaoluth n
R/tclied. Tt-.at this A?a.*-iati<*. mil he RBHS hi mn?
tafcl a rormpnndenre. by in tnterrhanre f Delegate.,
with at ) aiiaiatenal .rerrlesiast*-alD?idy, holding substan?
tially th?- same d'w tnna! vtews with those ?et forth in lt?
MTB articles af faith
R'tohed, That in the view ..f this Ass.?-.ati.at. such an
ttiterr hante of euurteeira an p. ?es no eeaalatmn upon either
b. d to ri ll.Uli ff..in the dix us*., n ??( .no t..pt. >. ar the
adoption of any measures relative la in. >wn laaaf and de
n. . tnatn na. .uteri sts
lr: the afternoon, thei orr.munton of the Lord's Bop>
pat mi rrlebnted. Rev Mr.KedSM, of Michigan.
pr< ached the sermon, and President Blanchard. of
Illinois, and Rev Mr. Powell, of ?w-York. offi?
ciated at the table. In the evening. Rev Mr Blanch
i, Pn lidt of of Knox College! Ill. preached a aor
Mat, Fndat morning w as chiefly occupied fat die
josirp of an overture from the Or t .no ASBOCsStkNe,
respecting a plan for the formatton of a Oongrera
tional I nion. winch should cmbodv the whole Con?
gregational mtere?t of the country This topic
opened a w ide ranjre of thacuawjoat, ernbractne the re?
lation of the ( htircbes to Slavery. to the Amen, tin
Home Missionary Sucit tv. and to other denomina?
tions, and especially to the Pre-byterians. with whom
the (ongregauersabjta codpotste, andw tth whom
there is supposed t. be some competition. e?perially
tn the Home Missionary field. The Association re?
solved lhat it wa? not exjiedient at present to form
any men ptrroomeni organization, but in view of ex?
isting circumstances they
Resolved. Thar thai Association r.-spectfoilv ?ng.-est tu
Congregational maltsters and churches in this rountrv. -he
propriety of holdiM a General Convention, f.. consider the
relations of the Congregational church patty to Home
Missions, and generally to the spread the g .s;.e1 ia th..
Respired. Thal s cmnuttee lie appointed to corresjiond
?ith t?oi>greeati<aaaJi?ts ui other States, in relati'sn to the
tune and means of calhur im h a I'onvention. to CO a ?rate
with aennlar cnmittreathai ma. he raised in other State*,
and in air. event to .sane a call foi mich :> Convent,. .! .;,
the vi,i,i.g .< 1 Si.'
Bor. j. P, Thompson. Rev. II yv Boat her. and
Rev. Dr. Lansing were appointed that commtt'ee ?
Other matters of less general interest occupied the
attention of the body. Their whole proceedings
were adapted to make the linttression that this Asso?
ciation, and the ehtwchos and ministers represented
in it, are occupying a wide and important li d 1 of
till flllllSSI
Deaths,?The following i- the Week?
ly Report of Death- in the < itv of BrOOkhTB, for tiie
week ermine Sept. t, 1*51
Abaeeaa.2 Dtala?tes. I IndBBBBB'B BlBBl 3
Casual!}.I Diarrhea.3 Inrlane dowels . 3
Cliolera'. 1 Drops) . I Inf! on of I,uns- 2
Cho'erainfantum liDropeya head... ijjaaadire .I
Cholera Morbus i Dyseater).3 Malfonaatioa ... l
Cone.-st.on loam 1 C motive P. verj Marasmus . . ti
Congest ton lung! 1 S. arl.i P. .er_5|01d Age. I
Consumption.... ITrpheid Ferer I Small Pol.t
Convulsions.... iTvphn. Fev. r... I Still B.>m.3
Croup.1 Hooping Cough. I Teething.3
Ma.es, 3n. Females, Mj Adults, il, CSohfrea, >t. Ta>
1*1, M
Si n Strvcb.?Yesterday morning sbout
II o'clock, as a laboring man named Michael htcMa
hon was engaged in laying down gaspipei in Lrr
ingston-st., near Hoyt, he roddenly nil to I he ground
insensible from the effects of earsoU ooliel, PaVera
t^iiin itiitl Gilmore, of the Tadra Diatrict,coareyed
the man to tin City Hocpitsl,whereevery saststsncs
was administered, but bis recovery was extremal)
Impudent Assault.?On Suntitj night,
alanit It; o'cloi k. as a stanger m the city, named Me.
Vey. was going down A11 untie-st toward the South
Ferry, he was accosted by an iigly-lookingcustomer.
who took the liberty of retching him by tue co it for
the alleged purpose off impnnng whether he had a
knite or fire arms about tum. The stranger not
knowing hut that the fellow night he a watchman,
rtplied that he had not, when he was iminediatel)
struck down The police came up at the time and
am slid the ruth an on a charge of attempted high?
way robbery. Yi sterday morning, however, he was
brought up, when he gave his name as Thomas
Joyce, ana was convicted and lined Slo for the ?Ha?
nls aaaanlt,
? ae?
Addition ro the " Citt op Chueches,'1
?Dr Bethune'i < horch |Reformed Dutch)on Brook?
lyn Ilights, Pierreponl rt. i- well sdranesd and will
be finishe<l and dedicated before the aloes of Autumn
Its architecture (We quote IrOIR Ti' ' "lineri is a
leatiiiful combinatioa Of sevt-ral of the classic -tyles
It represents two front... the principal one of which
is located on Pit liaprml M. tbe other ea Munroe
place, the former has for its fa-ado. proiecttono ol
live flit from the flanking aides, composed of four
plla-iers on pedestals which support the pedteaSM 1
and all the parts that appertain to the Roman Co?
rinthian Order the tower and ItOOplc are located 00
Monroe-place, as, also, ia a large doom ay and ves?
tibule through Which BOCOM i- had to the lecture
room or chapel on the first floor, and hv an easy flight
of stairs, to the Sabbath School room and Trustees
rooms, on the teeond floor. Both front, are of brow n :
stone, from ? nun a Bsldwin'a quarries neat Newark.
.Ntw-Jersey. There it a lot on the corner twetitv ?
five :ei t by one hundred, on which i perron age is to
be built The two fronts will appear to form two
litst^iet deiigna. The architeet has therefore, for ;
llie convenience of erecting a st< ep.e connected
with a eh?rch edifice which ha< lor its predomin in'
ft ature- detail, of classic arehttootnte, brtroduoed i
.tv le Which .titke. the behol ler as being peculiarly
adapted to Mrueturei of rtaeple form, and winch
aroidstheonaigbUyand inconsistent application of
a steeple srtridi a portico form ol front Tbs design
of the Steeple la singular ill form and details, and tn
aome extern orhrtnal but when it is finished it ia
1 dieted that it will be free from any it.n-t-tent <.r
distort! d b attires. The extension of the boiMUng ia
ol the Roman Corinthian order, and contain, tea
columns and twenty-four pilasters "Uniting upon
ptdisiais. The ceiling i? formed of lon^itu !:na! itid
tranirerse segmeulsl arehei. oeet and on the noes
of whiih Stands a dome thirty-six feet in diameter,
resting on pendestirea The legmewlal arches,
pendentires and dome are highly ornamented with
iarce an.l bold pannels and rich moulding. The I
interior is to be lighted bv plates of glass lour Vet
by five, and tliree-eighths'of an inch in thicknc.
fitted in the roof through which the UgbtaBSSes,
and i. < onrt yed by inner plates of glass fitted in the
I tnnels and segntentsl arches to the interior. Lach ;
piat? hassnornamental regirtei bywhieh the leas
potattve of the alrnosphaTTfi wittun t- regulated
there art also ? large sky-light and a ventilator in j
the dome and six ventilators under each gallery, i
thtough which impure air may pas- thai cannot find
it. way to the Bare, all of arhicn arc uie'er the con?
trol ol the leXtOS at cue place. The polpil or rhait* |
cc. of this sdtBee is decidedly unlike that of am
other ytt elected in tins country, the peeuliar tie
it srhi h, as well as of the lighting Uiroogh the roof,
were suggested to the srehitect by Dr Bethune. lt.. .
pr< mini nt feature 11 that the chancel is formed of
and in a stylobate of alauit four feet in light, on '
whit h stands an inner temple-like poctiro, rising ?..
the full l ight of the entablature at the base o! UM
ceiling. Tins tt tuple, or }>ortico. is ornamented
With heavy and n. h drapery, falling tastefully from .
Ithind the columns and pilasters, and separating
about six feet from the tops of the columns, giving
j as.age to a stream of light from ail aperture aUive'.
curing the dav. and from ga< burnt r. ingeniously
nanged, at night, insoehs manner as to throw a
halo around the .peaker while in the position of <td
drsaaiag the audience, which cannot fail of giv.ng a \
most pleasing effect to the entire chancel and its ]
locality 'I he entraBte to the puip.t, or temple, i
COBSM acted is such a manner as to ronreal ?M pastor,
when entering, from the v tew of his Bongregation
until he arrives beyond the column, and dranervrof
the t? saple. The gas l.ght. are app.itsi on the abac II
ol the COlonmi and pilaster-, and -o arranged as not
to t xpOM the burners or r1 nine to the v :ew. t x ept at
the n.o.t distant points. Tin organ present-itsell
m the form of a s* reen. eery highly ornamented,
and directly eesuaeeted with ihe ?am wail of the
fron; end Oi the nave it :.? being built by Messrs.
Hall A- La! augh, and i. .1? signed tone verv powerful j
andgif tlae Erst elaai The entire ediAce, when fin- ?
ished,arill have eivst between giO.ouO and gSo.niO. j
Tin archite.: ia Ltfevre. of New-York, and this i
>,;;..? will i.t j.tove inferior lo his best work. I
Tritrl y not HCepMd. This is a!.out the fortieth |
etaansh of which he has been the architect.
?s? i
CnMV.A Cm \( 11. -l.'.t l. . Li Wee.-.!'. ? et
in. of -h - I i ?; lace last rraBSBf. Aid P *G Tsr- |
lor. Preawleat,ha the ehaSr. Among Use hvamess btoa^ht |
.1 i -iie lloard is the loilewin.
CsltSCBI I en C'Strrerv Auorvition ? A petition was i
?rat ted ti atesnaaaaaf jtea York Hro?k(.aaad vtil- |
naatsbwrg, atatsag that there is a tract >f 21 acres of nud <
helotigleg to an wa-iati.ia of re?pvctable people of color,
srtnate in the IXth Ward ef tkm caty, ahsrh the. are de
?.r.'U? ? I ??? to?it.ua int.. a Ceuteterv for bena. pur;..ae?. i
and pray the Baarafte Sake sack aessaa in the prenu-es. ai 1
? '. ? ablet bei 'to Use alidoectip. the .aid tract for the j
SjheeB i ur|?es. under the UUsastSB " Citizens' l"n. on
i .n ? :<?> A-- i lie* "
Add11 final Bremen?A resolution aras adopted alloaiBg j
aMil a oi tea snaihin to Monk and Ladder C N 1
1 St .-//ut.?r.. ? A Resolution w as id. ted ref .si: g to !
; ajrdur budding or repainn? any Sehool hoaae destroyed ?' i
?ij leO by lier. unles? -ui h fa?u<? t?- in.ured to order ?f
the Board of Ed call i
PS ? <md PWS [te~j"rrm'nti ?A I .nnuunication was re- i
ceiv.d fr. m the Chief Eneaieer / l ire D?paitnc it.
askisa f.? the passage of an Ord.nance dennasg the
.lat e. a| patateaMawhsM at f.rea, which ?u retVrr? : I
Pishes Cmaawltas There lias been c.aasidenMe tn'ible
fhdi bstweea the Firemsa anal the Police The former
?? ia "'Smth. latter are n.t ..ftco ... aad oftea
tetfeie v, ithTben. ? h.le il the hgitiaiite dm-harge .d their
("?rr r .a :he Slr'els ?A resolution was adopted It
ins the Chief at Police to direct the poiaremen andVi his
departn ent to cause all neat cattle, horses, B< . ronniiur a?
laise :n the t utlic stresHs ba be Jrivea to one of the puhlie
[sends aid delivered in charge ofthe keeper there.d
/'( /. ? ears ind firs tftai ? A rsaatatiaa w a* adopted ftt it
ti. v? ??"???? ' sf prssaaaiaaBS she ai eT Bros ? .
ejxnreen?* w eip-eis by i-diretnen tie referred ? 'he Pdic*
< Dirj'f? for report. - me setian reiag c -n-idered i.e.--?
ge! ?The Coun?Hi.,r of" 'he Board it a* been directed t.<
t nte, int.. ? r .ntn. t w ith the Wilhamsre-y, Gel Cwst-sn*
t.. lieht th? -rreeL ,<f the Seventh Wart. and . i .rt. ?!.?
i a,- Eleventh w .rd a* ere not alreidv lighted by the
Bi - klyn C? Iitht Companr. a? the Council mat direct,
v-. ..r.l;r.e t. the teri,? and r..ndiu.n? ;*>t?.i?.vj hy th
braer c. awt.nhKh are $i pee IMO cubic feet The
;nce cnarrej by the BrosAIvn C. mp-tnr u SS I?, per l.ww
?-Titvr feef
e ?
'? nvtvrjii trios '
InlKiy ( , bb:>,.M A I v...i Crow:, juarte,
>e? v at Baaael H bwbbb,:? Nas*au *t. itui
Though we have on several BaMMnRgMhi
expnsre.l our nttaganla opinion >>; th,-edition of
?M Bible. >et we take ;>;< t.v.re in giving the follow,
me brief notice from the pea of a clergyman, whose
tidement our fnend? may rely on
1 his i?, without exception, the most elegant anl
desirable Fam?v Dibie which has yet bean printed,
.m l -houid be m the hinds of all who desire the
poniaVbafc published ma last.ng and durable form
U 1 ? mkiaaa adfaauama -."..messed bp n.> other edi?
tion of the present day. The plan in. hides notes noi
extended nor of a critical character, but judiciously
explaining, bj a few wor la, such part, bj .ire likely
to answer the .n^'iirie. of ordinary laadkeja, improved
readings thrown :n:o the text and inchxej in brack?
ets to distinguish them the metrical form of the
practical passage* and book*. be .utifu. pi 'tonal il?
lustration* ..f Eastern manners Baxlf bbBbbmiIiOIIIIiI
io in the Bible the ( hnuiological order of the nan
ects . new headings to Hie Chapters, an) QaentfcBU
to assist in family reading Besides the above pevu- .
U ir features there are several others, among which
ire ? t marking of certain passages m thicX bracket*,
wbli h. e tally catch.ng the eve, will enable the read?
er to cmit some portions which rnav not be alwnvs
adapted for profitable perusal before the voting or
Dagodfj The printing, binding. A c . are extremely
el? gant
The Grim llurri. nne at ihe >oinli ?Further
\\ r learn that the hurricane wlm-h swept1
w th such fury over Florida on the gM ult . extended
south to the We*t-Inilie* The Maainhip Georg a
encountered it on the 28th, in the hTaraqaaaa P is- iga,
on her outward voyage to Jamaica an 1 I hagres,
from this port It is described as a terrible gale. She
laid to upward ot forty hours under the lee of the
island, but all her MUa were blown away,aad her
topsail yard waa lost. The Ooofgia, anawtaa gnWt
made several feet of water before she put into Ja?
The British Uov... Hail Bteamar Great We st* m.
on her way to St. Thotn.i*. met Ihe hurricane in the
Mona Passage She was knocked down upon her
leimi ends, sfupped several heavy seas, carried
;.way her wheel-house, and was several hours in
imminent danger of being lost. She was greatlv
The loss of vessels and live, m the West ladlCB,
by wrecks, it is expcclad, to wry great. Maay ?aa?
se I* must have beea lost at *ea that WiU never In
heard from.
The hurricane was (Ml at Jamaica, but nol so
severely ai in other islands. aO AM .is information
I at been re. oived
1 re island of Porto Rico kaa nttferad graatfy.
Most of the plantations .re uilerlv rtuni d beyond re
Kuscitation for one or two years. Thousands of c it
lle and horses and other annuals were killed, and
man) persons io*t their Ines. The plains were m
undattd, and in the vicinity of the mountains worked
into immense undies, by the force of ihe torrents
A gentlemen who slatted the mountains on Porto
Rico, to view the surrounding country ol one of the
most fertile regions, describe! it bj oao entire mom
of destruction and desolation, by the ariadl and wa?
The hurricane was not felt in ChagTCa Wo-t ited.
on yesterday, that it nma baUarad the gale had not
reached Key Weal aad the southwestern ? oast ot
Florida. We believe our informant may have been
mistaken, and that we may receive, in a few .lavs.
distressing ?coouati from thatregion of wraoka and
losses of life. The sea on the coast of Porto IIico,
and on ihe Gulf toast, at St. Mark*. Apalachicola.
and I ape St. Bias, by the accounts already publi-hel,
rose several leet higher than has art r before been
known, and it nuM haveaflected the Kaya and isouth?
ern coast it appear a, alao, thai the ateanbtr Uaion
felt the gale in the GttU Stream, on Iba cistern coast
ot Florida, ofl ( ape EaraavaeaL
It >cems that the first account, winch reached Us
conveyed no adequate Idea of the deetrtu tum oauaad
by the hurricane m Florida, as the foBoXTtag letter to
Tkt TWJstkorae* Rtwaafawn atU -how
Apalai bioola, Wadaeoday, Aug 17, IS31.
1 sil u'own to one ot the mos' | iinhil tsvkeof ara
life?to di pu t to\ou the scene ol destruction and
suffering our town has just been visited by We
have just had our annual gale, and i more terrific
and destructive hurricane has never been known on
our coast, tin the night of the -.'"Jd, about II o'clock,
the wind blew hard frotn S S B. and the tide rose
nv?-r the wharves, and by dayUahl waa in the Mrecta.
I came ilown town at II o'clock at night \t i
o'clock in the morning the tide was st 11 natna. At
daylight, although Ihe tide was within two feet of
tbe sidewalk, the wind railed, aad it was generally
thought that the worst of the ? lie was ou r Vt sun?
rise the wind freakened, and fioan th.it Uaaa the tide
rose with learlul rapbdMy.
The wooden ndewalk wai tust iimlwlaoil. and
in spite of chains and ropes floated away. I will
not iitti rnpt to teil ran lully of the destruction I
witness! .1 on Saturday, the tad, the gale continuing
tile i lit re da) AI } o'clock A. M.,the w ind changed
from S E to s W.,thatado being at il? lught. It
was in Markt t-street. in the porches, and the scene
around was one vast sheet of wann*. The whole
ikiiiiI was a scene of confusion and distress. Judge
1I-? , whose house Jo out af town, found his hou-e
surrounded by water, aad aaved himooll aad family
by getting from the second stor\ window. Judge
s>? S house wu pYsMtreted Severa. other residen?
ces' were f lown down or on Irniune.l by the sea.
Tnepromena/'e wasovaiatrarn,aadh)now a perfect
pond. The Preabytarhin Church wai btowa down ,
flat. Ihe windoWl >nd doon Of the Episcopal
Church are down, t'f the chmu.ei ? aad fence, and
palings,ft n areManding in town
1*1 i era, WBIOllWIlOaand nghat teiieiueut? are ?lovv n
down, and others ban beam oaorad by the tload aad
wind The br-ech has receded several leet in some
part* of the punt. Iriaktowaia a perfaet wreak I
cannot deacribe il dns?taatlir. The eld brick agency
ol Ihe < harleston Bank, at tne corner of Center-?t.
and W.-ter. .s razi d to the grouad. The P D. war< -
hoiisi '? bl'.wn through, part of thi Exchange is
cone . the Peg Island tight is gone, as alao the t ape
St. Bias light I I*' "r s;i ..vis wi rt lOOtBl Dog
Is'and. A ship In the East Paoo, Mtppoood fo be the
iir.ti-fi ship John Bryan, is high ind dn ashore.
Thelsteann r Falci n. on the w c> at Old Woman's
Bltitf, waa washedoi aad bkrwn across the bav to '
l'i ohooh Paint, in the wo?sis.
\ Span.?h brig was wrecked at 'fie Hau..-ver near
Cat e S' Bins, and seventeen lues were lost the
rest ol The crew are in the city She w as Io ..led with
tisb. onions. Ac., and bound from St JagJDto Havana.
Samuel Smith, who was on lai.tr 1 the t.rig Saratoga,
wri cked in Isll, -il! wa- trie only one saved, wai
i'nwned- Six or seven thousand ..? k. ol -alt. in '
Mote, owned l y Liverpool housi *. are entirely lost
Tb> John Bryan had 1,708 bale* of cotton for l.iver
tajol on board, iiis .r u.ee elected chiertv in .New
Vcrk The steamer .Magnolia is supsose.l to be lost.
Tl e shun is strewn with tree, and drift wimkJ. and
pM ( es of w re. iiv
Advices ?t?te that the hurricane extended ip the
ipahitJBjrola nver mi N-th -idis. The plantations
01 bath MdM of the river for thirty miles are laid
waste. At Mariana and in it. viciiutv intiiy housu
were biowii down, ai.d oUiers unroofed. Um houses
gpd scrtws dre aonegalff blown down, and fences
di -troyed The storm exter.ded up nearly to Macon.
(ieomia. Ihoagh the dumage is not so extensive and 1
severe fa the interior. At Bambrttfge. Baawgta,Ot
at ( hatta. the junction of the i hatt-tiioiKilie and ,
Halt t:\trs.) Ihe daaaage was very great "'onie |
lives vi ere tool by hoi>es falling upon thera The |
-ugar. tobacco, ai d cotton . rop- are injured ver\
graatry. Net nag half of dm oodntary eoAkan crop t
w ill be saved
T ? Tdlu-kasttt SmttHtl contains Mill further par ,
Ui ulftrs, whii h we subjoin
In Tallaha-ste the i apitol wa.. injured, the tin
n ?fing of the porticoes tom off. a window blown in
the Representative ha.l, and eenenl misfortune
among the gia.s Bond', warehouse, (bncki un?
roof* u and '^lowii down Wilana'l "Exthange"'
buiIt'ir?. tui peeled off. uaitaaMd, and timbers of the
roof araMared ia al directions City Hotel, piazza
parkt) biown taown down. Miller 4 Lrotuw'*Urge
starts.east half untinned .MtMullm's corner. oe>
. iinfaif] by Meaara < l ira A Bestwnck, as stores, par
" i v rfrooie.'
1 The brick and slated building occupied by Messrs.
Kn.dcn. half unroofed, and very badlyiBJiuad K.
BaywagxTi ,-.ew n^aa^aoaaoa. parti] raajaaed.?
Clark'- t,t w . am age -hop, badly inured Bryant's
-'? r>. ;:azra Mown down Kicharc.-on'- stane on
: di ed l ? Lkell'i ?? : t ? i i roof aavted
Mai kit house blown down.
Anderson's new bnek dwelling bouse, "infinish- i
- |Bhla i mil mil i IdBinaji M a m Barer
kitcht n .nid other chimm y? were proslrate.1. and
I a.?msother mjunt* were inlLcte<i, too BBBtatOBJI
Io mention The fer.ci? wtre.n .1 state of woful
d?amd -.tion. and the pro-trate shade-tree- were ai
ri counting
vTi haacn froui BL Marks that the water rose
atsjie ail previous water-marks upon the old Fort.
Puriions of this old toruheation. which had with
-"<-< d the fl.H ds of ages, were swept away, and the
t uilding within it ail destroyed Tbe Custom-house
books and papers are ail gone?nothing aeing left of
...-fluent but the iruti safe
I he rr ,rne ouie . pied b\ Mr Bir-hett. the
Deputy Culler tor, on the point ?f -unction of the ft,
Mark s and WaattllU, oroi raised from it.. rbun I t
t:on<. broke in the renter, and ?a. dashed to frag?
ments against the old fort Mr B lo*t everything in
the shape of eiotfrngand household toll tin All the
houses at the old St. Marks, .generally small frame
s)USee of little value,, w?rt earrti.l i?.? T'.c ?a
?, - . .t ted to have n?en itleast I are! re Met atanie
ordinary tado-Mvei
At the tetmintt?, the railroad arassrastht S mm a> tar
a- the bot? ! The water was two f, ?t d< ep in the
a ir. houses, par* of the foots sTaOaasd up. rid con
teatOi principal!] baganag ?nI eais,asnwd deal ra
jured. Cotton shed foor torn up and tie) hales adrift.
Wharf gone and TO I bis resin with it t ottoa press
mured Boat*! HoleJ Ml much in ured?the other
buildings gone.
As the water rose. ? tram of hafSJ >ge BOH was pre?
pared, and w.'i. n >;. Mark* ar.d the T? nimm* easts
? ~?-r habitable, the people repaired I > the ,- irs
on planks a'.d in Niats :ind pushes! up into the
lugtet pirn woods.
At Newport, there appears to 'lave been an aver
ag. of five or Mi fti t 01 water The wharves ire ma
earned ..way. but no buildings are deslroeed. H hr
n* we Can learn I he gixsls bt StOaW-hOUSSS have
sustained mit. h damage
The steamer Bpray,drawing tsarfeast, bsefc mi* -
-engers through the streets to the hotel, the ?r>t floor
of w hteh w as eo\ ereJ a foot. The greatest sufferer
is reported to be Mr La id, in whose .tore house
"he w.i'tr is Raid to have ii.tj.he-! ou r thai counter
His loss is estimated at Srj.liai. McNaught A Or?
mond are reported to have sustained damage to the
amount Of $3.eoo.
tn Extra of 7V tt d aJBs T ?i*a estimate* theloss
st glStssi, wfu,-!i, from the report* we hate re
eetved.we SSBUbM infer was a vt-rv moderate es?
We are rind to hear that si! are safe at the St.
M o*. tight aousa, sad that the house tnd premises
h ive suffered no material damage The breakwater
:? carried awsv in two places, but the damage is
rojpnoeed not to exceed si.son ?
There were, besides the keeper* family, some six
or eight visiters at the lighthouse Trier had, of
COttrae, ? most ansJOUl and alarming time, till aUiut
ten o'clock Saturday night, when the vet ring of the
witi.l a littlr to the westward permitted the water to
re. ede. and thev returned to the keeper's house
During the hight of 'he gale and sea. the light?
house ?hook to it* lowest stone, and the terror and
discomfort of the fugitives was greatl) increased by
the fotenaj at Of the iron door, and the sprav dashing
tip into the structure.
More timber is blown down than ever wae knows
to be before ai much, we are told, a* mam three
stortrs whtch have visited Florida w IthhB the last 15
or to tears We are told there are, fbr iaataaoe, a
hundred and eigbtv odd trees iytng anon the Miccass
.iikie load, within a distance short M ten miles tioin
tow b.
What damage ha. been done to the c >ltou crop, it
is Jaooeetbea So .av nor eaa it lie delrrmitied, until
are hi ?a what aort of rreather succeeds the atorm
I ire?Honor as Judge \A oodburv.
CavrsaotaaSeaee mi Ites N v Mb as
PaiLABI I rai v. Monday. Sept g, |gg|
The company of Jersei ('itv I Continent ils
contemplate a vt.it to Philadelphia oa the Nth.
They will be accompanied hv Adams'. BtBSS Hand
of vom City, which] w hile here, anil give a Concert
in cosmeetkm with Buries 'a Brass Hand of this pia s.
At an early hour thi. morning, the Hagle Cotton
Factory, situate on Willow .t . between Sehtivlktll,
Second and Third-.I. , was completely destroyed In?
nre. Total loss about Stiii.tNSI. The principal loser
i* Mr Richard Holt, the proprietor of the factory
Messrs. Hnii at Stedman. who occupied the <econd
story for printing wall paper, suffered considerably
An unknown voung in in. about s3 yean of age.
Very genteety dressed, was attacked 111 t liesnut *t.
last ughl with lyaaptetns ef inoplsst He eras im?
mediately removed to the hospital, Wlbtrohs eypired
at II O'clock. There Was nothing tound Upon his
person by winch lie could be identified. Ab original
niece of poctrv. headed ?? I'll Think of Thee.'' BTSS
found in one of hi* pockets
John Kline Bras detected in a burglarious act this
morning, and cooasnitted, in default of glJMB hail, to
anawi r
The 1 tr. tut and DistTaSt Cotlttl of the Fritted
State* met tin. morning - present, Judges Oner and
Kane. John \\. A.hint ad, Bag., l . s District At
torney, announced the decease of lion Lost wood
Imrv. ? v.t?te Justice of the SuproUM Court
He sketched briefly his public career, and paid a
high tribute to Ins judicial talent He then moved
the ad .imminent of the Court.
Hon. George M. Dallas seconded the motion, and
made a brief nut impuwailS ipeech upon the rhitBS
ter and -ervt. c of the dseesssd
Judge Orier,speehhag for Judge Kane and bun.
self, expressed tiie entire concurreiiee ot Diet ourt
in the remarksmade by the gentlemen, and spoke
feelingly ol the loss SM tamed by the Supremo
Bench and by the country, in the death of their dis?
tinguished brother He then adjourned the Courts
till to-morrow.
Cotton continue* m u<..-tS demand und nin e* are fall.
Unit nta red BASS IB Bel IBq und after. BBfl BO -ab I bat a
transpired. 'Ihe FLOt'b market >s firmer Sab s of ami
hi.i* fresh groomi. nrrasgaBMat, Bt St flip bnl . kssm
h?dibsse, bowaeee. .*ili aal aeassss tin* mi.- Tt?*.,? at a
Btodeiali deaaaadl far tlo-supply of the city trade at st II j
?* %i fiir roBIBMsa and select hrauds. and f. I I.'; a *l jo for
chiNei Imndaaad Batra BysPloi a i. nominal .o il ?
Cons .tint is but Little iiiimreil tftei a BBmI -ale it
s2?7, I bbl Ttii tapplm ist War it rnataaaa aaaall. and
theie more inqairj IbrBj tales of IJMSto9,Mbaaaeai
giaat and prime new Soiithern lied .it Hlc V '.u?h Kvkis
witfth i.fa'.le Cor? is scarce mid mil. h wanted A .insJI
sale of Yellow at Mr .afloat, which jea further adraBBS
Oat* are ia good dastand at teSJSJe S baeh Sf atssr ia
he'd rirmly . sales of bhls Si and hluls SttfC.
S.tllts ol Sf K ? ? t.nt floir./- sj.iaiii Teiuie**ee
l.'i.i"!). ii.Tst Lchigh kfort.ln . IdSi Lesieh hat .tu;
SI.4S01 he- tS.tdi ISIS l.eh'gh lilt . HI j , IdJSlU 8 ti>.
'?7, ll'i . 17 Louisville Bk . latj: ?> Henna H B , II. Ml
I ni.Ii , ISO K.hag K b.,bS,tTli da ,bl. v mt JOT.
.Xf.wi/i Beerel- MMCoaatt 7i. i g um Head K K .
II^Su Stuie i*. i'U|, 11,OH Chea a Del Caaal ta,
?ST. !C, SI ..i.ii He id K B ?.a. '*i. 7Z . Sl.JiNi Sta'e ?. <l| .
t) Morru Caaal.lt; ISOhrard Bk . Ill. IJMS) Nomstowa
B K ,6s, S3; I N A Bk . m>, , St.?? C 8 '.s. >,t. it',; .
Wjajodo IMi ? lasasrh BTar., ?
Later I'rotii Mexico.
Hv the arrival of the schooner K?dert
Bpsdden, Copt Redorieh. we h ive received file, of
pal er- to the tt"Jd instant from \ era < HIS, and to the
Jt'th from the capital
Hv tin* arrival we have account* sf IS outbreak in
Vera I rus, which at one tinte taveatestad to So seel'
DOS, It seem* that the people are very mm h op
presse.l by oiieroti* taxes, and accordingly, on the
SIM natant, i large niimhcr of thsm. inrlinfinsj soase
ot the National On.ird assein'ded to i.iv their rom
plan t- before the AviiiitaJiiiento.
Some of the-oldiers were ordered out lOOppOSS
Ihem. when the peSBSS retired to their houses and
armt d them-elv es. Alter UsSS there was a ?nsk firing
kept Op, by which three pstBOBS were k.lled and a
half dosen wounded The National Ousrd, with it.
arfillerv, then turned out to defend the ja-ople, but
no further collision took place, the Ayqntamieoto
having asaeml led, and gieldod to the demand* of the
p. ople.
Vrepereehrs bythsjwpaws, thstths tworeasela,
the tllllSgltll and the Sarabia. ?ent from this city to
the Isthnttts ol Ternsantepoc, were, on their arrival
at the Coetsaeoaleee. issntod^atssy aeixed by the
Mexican authorities The captains entered aprotest
Tin Teta Cruz paper* insist that these ressel* were
m nt down only to get a pretext for a disturbance, and
for the rnterhtrenee of ine V I Ooranuueut,
'I he Senate of Mexico ha- [ a*-ed SB act. intro
ittlind by Sc:,or 'I'ornel. rerommeiiding the BStab
UshaUeatOf a genera! confederation among the gpaa
i-h American Kepublics The chief points iri this
plan are a general t 'ongres*. a uniform political ays
ti in. a general act of iiavigation sad commerce, an
offenarre and aadOaMre ariiame, a tribunal for the
?< ttii saent of diBereni eg, Ac.
C. Rafael Rtiiz, a celebrated .reober, ha- been tsav
'.eneed to death in Memo
A BUOSUBS Of the Governor- of Ihe Slates had as
sembied at the Capital. Their session w a* to com.
rt.enee on the -sth
Tin- new Minister of Prussia bbs BBSa formally
present ad la Gen Arista
Tie Sight says that a report prevailed in the f rty
of Mexico to the effect thai Ihe Admiral of the Eng
iah aaaadaaa of Isasaiea ha-i row>ediaatrac<saaa
irom the British OlIISIBBISl IS SeTST bar BirtftT
to the English Minister in Mexico, in case it might
be aecessi n ' enforce the payment of :he English
C ? .N O Pie. Aug. Jl.
(jold Mibbs is Cab aba.?The discos*
,rv of gold in the raahty ot the river ( hand,, n
caused no uttl. excitement during the present sum
sier imoiig the .nhabitants of the *urrounding coun
try. and numbers have been induced to try their for
t es in sear' hing along the numerous tributaries
b ? ii ii flou into either side of that river .No fewer
than five hundred American*, and many from New
Er.;..?;, a and Lower,! snada. hav.-oeen M prospect
ing " the place, bei as' few have any knowledge of
gold washing, disappointment has generally been the
re-uit. and nearly all hare returned home, nndrr.g it
more | isftshls topUTSUS their ordmary occupations.
There >tn. re mam fire different companies, some
meeting w ith good success, and others boding suffl
cicnl to warrant mere ezteaerre preparations, it is
an important fact that no one has returned without
rrying awa) -fa-cimens of the precious meuls,
thus showmg eom-ltastrely thnt every sttuamlhrough
d i .arge sSttSM of UiaiSsll contain* a depoiit Of
gold, which, though not vet I s ort redss abundance,
u.av after thorough explanation, enrich the ?djen
turer and become an important source of ?eaUB to
the country .iguebe. Time.
Ur u ih of Krw-OatJSaJn ?We are m
express.oly gratnisd hs being able
^unueirem^kaUi, f'^'?
from an, ,,..,..gnam - ^ the Ibssh* of
ha, ? -en eice.s.ve.> ..ppre?
. . aaW- imong us, but we
-n sod ^^'-;--^tfr? ordinary diseases of
have heard oUo J- ^n
* " " f: . n I -m.'emie or epidemic
"?? ' i -V.-'r?v tables, there ha; .een
fmS awcleaaaas sf death, fhsPhsj the past three
By Teleraph to the Xew-York Tribuw.
1**mmm\ oa*. ?w h*m~~ #,j
Cuban Liberates -Depariare 0r ,he WiaBelJ
V v 02!s4?v 8v.ur! i). Sept 6. 1*11
Thi Cohan c\ ;?.ittion protects are now ea
tireh ? irrdoaaaJ and there are | great many
liberator* in'hi? ritv without the mean* of re
turning 10 'heir 1: >tt:e Ther demanded money
or the Cuban I.'. :n nut tec w h.-tj game disturb
itnci II - I arrant! wen* ina?Je,tiut nothing
serious ha* .vcnrreii I&MB) tar The Police are
out in force hi case of anv outbreak
The ateaniship W. itttie!i Scott sailed tv.Uy
rag New York
I ubaw alTair* ?in Maiaitra*
ram una. Saturday. napt 6. ibm.
The Arg-.? arrived at this port with Matanzt*
dates to :he 39th ultimo, reports that aJaaaj hh)
ot* the prisoners takevj had heea executed; It
on board the P*aafN . being part ol the pri**>n
crs brought in bv tu-crocs on the IslamJ
Tl >' Bpanjania niagaee much contempi lor th*
Creole a for inducing Lopez ho undVrtik* the in?
vasion ami then ileaerting him. Americans al Mi
tan/a* were a;>prchen%jve tor tliorr ? cety. th*
Spaniards being mach excited
The Delaware Murder Great Fx. Itemrat.
Wiuataatwa, Dal. Monday, Sept f* issi
t'n Saturday evening about )o'clock.a man named
Bdward Dura, during a familv .piarrel. sl ot Henry
Prttckard in th* ivreast. killing hint instantly Th*
ritTuntatanrea that lad to the murder, as 1 learn
ftcHit a young gentlemen who returned from th*
SCeaa th;. nicrnmr, are as follows
The parties resided at a place called Cat "Swamp,
about three aallee fro* E kboa Dout is married, or
supposed to be, to a stater ot Tin* aaa il Thev all
[ leu a kind of dissolute life, and on Saturday after -
noon, a quarrel ensued between Pinn and his wife.
She had a child in her arms at the time. Her hus?
band took the child from her and tired a pistol at her
breast. Fortunatelv. the wound w is but slight
vi thi> time hi r brother (Mi Hear] I'mchardi
came up. when Ptnn sired al h in. wounding him in
the hand and arm. Pntchard returned home, as ia
ruppoa for the purport of irnuag kimanM He
then started back for his iister*i haaaa, whciehe
was mat bt Pinn rhoqanrral wai renew cd, when
Dion rarran a pun and shot bun in the bra ??t Pnt?
chard died instantly
The murdei i luaed a tremendoni excitement in
the neighborhood, and during \esterday, about MO
were acourtae the count rj round In pursuit of the
murderer He had not. however, been arrested
when our inforniaal let! this morning
The Knute Conen Kaden Destroyed by Kir*.
Puii.tPKt.riiu. Monday, Baal % i*.M.
The Bagto Cotton F.utorv, .ituatcl near Fair
mount, was destroyed b) fire this morning. Th*
I,.-, ii |B0,00B, tiro-thirds of w hich is insured
Stabbing Cane Murder.
Pittsbi ao. Maaday. Bepi t, MM
our greinen had ispieadid parade on >aturday,
the Enterprise Co. ot VVellsburg, \ i? mining th*
procession Two lireim u named Mi Knight and
Gardinei quarreled In the procession and met m tha
evening to -etile their dtAcultica, wkan McKiugkt
-t.i: ed flardrner. it M (eared. fatally
tyoaag man named Forschan, a-on ol l?r For
-i ban ol i iu< inmtti. was nmrdeied il M. Kecspoet
b> William Pickev. formerly a police otticer
Southern Mail Items.
BaLTiaoag, Monday. Sept S, IrtSI.
Hotb the New-Orleans papers ue Ihrotiah but the
content* of the papers hive been goaarally aatbia*
The Southern Hight* men had a large gathcria*
at Columbia. SC. on the 5th in-t , and nominated
10 n Owens and Dtxon II lines a. Delegates (o th*
Southern i ongreei
John Wi n.eicd has declined running for Congress
in the llld District of Maryland
?e ?
The New-Orb uns t'ollrctorshlp.
\\, aiaa ! s, Mondnj. ?> pt I, thai.
We learn thai Hoben 11 Stttie, Lturveyer of th*
Port of New Orleans, has been removed from that
poet, and Col Wm Chrhvty arajointed ins successor.
Tin- mm etiient has In en prompted bv Ihe reuiissnesa
-hown in relation to the Cuban Ktpcdilion.
Fatal Rtaaho or n ipiarrel.
Bal riMOBB, Mm.,lav, Sept MM
XI a place called Cat Swamp, near Flktoil, on
s.itui laj eveaiag) ? man naaaad Bdward Dtaa.ear?
ing a family quarrel, shot Henry Pritehard, killing
lum instantly He bral attempted the Ufe of PtrB
cbard'a gist*r, with whom bawai llrlng The par
tie* all bar* a bad reputation Pinn has escapaa.
The I.rent Dale in Florida Los* of a Spanish
vIii ii i M nr.
Moan i Pi Id .v Beat .,, iti|
Wc ronl line to receive the mo-t ilisastrous to
counts o| the aale in I- lorida At Apalachicola, pur?
port \ to a M iv large amoonl has bean deetroyaa, and
(be place we |f| a mo-t gl iiiliiv a?|M'ct
On tha hai or, i -. mish man-of-war waa -trand
i d. and several lives lust
Hlo. Unite ol ihe MIssKsppi -Later Ironi 111 Pas* .
\ci\ OuLBars, Friday. Baal I, UN.
The i B steamai Plxut railed from PanaaoolaoM
the M inst, io hloekade the mouth of the Mi*si?
Itppi, and int* io ;ii anv expedition tu d ? t) attempt
In leave with a view of their luv ailing Cuba
Th< tuen t I-1 ? en Iving it I'cnsacola for seve
raldayi past undergoaig repaira, but the pressing
11 dure of her Ofdan hai compelled her to leave
without Imshing (hem, and but one <d her boilers ia
tit for use.
We have later adv ices itom W Pa-so, uut there
is no new s of anpeilen**,
Petrin ti v r Murin In denrgia.
i ui.i vim -. Balnrda), leaf ft. IBII.
I in ihii-i diaaifrrrai aawrn kaaaaiapf over lower
Qai g| i. ahich has proved wrv lestructive to build
iagi ind the crop- Thouaaada of dollar* worth of
propert) have been earned away.
Ilie MeeeaMI Magnolia and Falcon, near this
ue io i i ? complete wreck* by the hurricane.
Market* A i ban v. Sept. i.
Tk* racsapts ol tha paM lam days have baan aa
follows Ptoon, 4.SB0 boll Wm, i : Vni bushela ,
Conn, "-''ui do BaBLIV, IBJMM do Fun a is in
lair demand i* itead) prices gagg bbai so hi.
\Niii:ai is in lair demand, butoper itloiisareoheckad
by the grmnesa of holders i mis is firm and the ta
I is t/Ho?! *2rt,iiiMi Ini-h sold at 50c a.M|c for
unsound Wootirn, ami Wc a y c fag Prime. it,ooB
four rowed IUbi.ki .old at T6V a,7Tc Oars
..re .lull .nid lower, selling at 33n? ?,34c.
?? - -
Markets ..Bi rr*i n, Bep? ?
The past l" hour*' receipt* have beau -Plobu,
17,000 bbls Whbst. I'ki.ihsi bushels . tloBB.BaVBBa
d>. Western Fi o a has been in fair demand . IJJBB
boll Michigan sold at BK ii>u%3 37 Wmi.it ia
!.. . r, tbe supplies of Waatara au>*d being larger.
Miesau u ishels at 70c. for Ohio. < oats continues
in deanaad BO,000 brishalfl sobi al He for WesUrn
mixed Oats ar< al lie. ladare Bail Pniaaarr
quotations are,FaaVB l?e , Wm ar 13c , and Cona
a ?
Market* . Bti. naoBl, Haul g
IJBBbkai L'itj Milis Fi.m g clianged hands to-day
at $3 17, (? a a j > i- without change
afurket* Krw Oiii i ta?, Bepi 6.
i . i i an M <? .... bad the -ale* of tin day have been
only bales, at a decline of .'? OH Middling of tha
new crop, which is quoted at (Sic.
Iii.Aiii off as Ilm um ?Mr. S. If. Hart
lett. editor of Th' Qaaarp fill I W'^ig, died a few days
BBC* Mr 11 wa- one of the oldest editors in Illl
Dois, and Ihi H Bl/, under his man igeinent, was one
of the rno-t efficient organs of the party in the State.
Tka Oceaa Staaaxars.
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All Letter* Bad Newspapers oa t.aud for f.xiagtad, trsUad
aad 8- iitlan* are *ent by the first ateaaaer, bo Butter if what
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letters the Havre Line ainst ha prepaid twenty-fnat
cent* per ri aif innre. Island Peg are to be added, except ta
Great Bntaia
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Inland P atare n.net be added <*n Leoer* and N? niipiW
W the Coauaewt 4 Carupe, by the Havr* ? d Breeses? L?*es.
sTitara. to abbi- i raoa Bvaora.
HlAOABA-aaded fr.eti Ijvei;??.l i r N*w York, Aug BL
Ps um . BaBadnaaa LrrirpaslBarBJea V'srk.Sept 1
r.BBOrA-Sailed from Ijverj.e.l f .r h\?<-m Sept 4
WAsaiS'.ios-Sailefr ti. * '.?livmitw.fxff Terk.Sera ta

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