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I fharcluU, l*urvr Hopkins. and o'.h-yr offleer? affjui
I ^mir. Tbe? say IU it r" elf >ria hste >< e i vei
joeoaUibule to lh"ir com'.<rt, nude lae cere be?
stowed uj>on the a* k snerttl t eireafnnflaal frrati'u'tft.
The .'ojlowing particulars nth regard to the Nwi
rsfte ''m? "aw comrouui. at. 1 by i ,.^t. Vamterbilt
Viiois Bay. Weetoeedap, Nor. I?, 1831.
n fv -w?to' 7"v ?? y 1 - - ...
<i?j?Ti.*siis luu are ??t:i aware I toft
York i* the oesr ateamei i .. i ... \ m*?? i i oathe
"Id Ort kl i"w rtl "!? st?dk?naoip Uaaael Wi ?
mm atsiiae to Lake Nicai v ia vu SM J u en, tor thai
?aner r' ""?[?'?"T UM im men line fr >ni??r
Norkto < aJ.foMi ia. I afiii loathe Lake iu thi
stautiful ttennier, of 3T4 luns burden. altOl
.r|?. ?h cifli' uit.es at H i. in ' i1 i IBB r ?er ."i the
l?hmst., an 1 proci < '. <t:'- L tan to Virgin
tar. when I found tue pesoeaasm .?f thai Pamio,
where they had !?? er- * Ifngsti k four day I i
?n'-rardtoteiy sot n ire< houra were on
ojatjaray to New-? or k, where ibcy will ainre a the
iHaBuhip PfOnaathoua, ail Ihe way b> mean.
; lL;yUnaf ?>?s ' war
oroVturt-'i^e ??? y k>ad ?? U on iny part of
remote arc' hol ir '?' it \ r
tie Bay ,nr I'toaaetheui wool 1 have Seen in Nea
y'lirt ?'! time earSfei tnaa MM < *.w now he,
wince miM oe the eaae hereafter as the ateaaatf
tdlaow alaay be in readim s on the Lake, which
eateertalter remedy the loiun r delaveof the line.
Kr-i?ee'itiiiy, youra, f3 VAaaaaati,T.
tVe are BetMtaOd to fl S ll ipkfaa, Eetj , Parser
a] iln ftometawae, far t.;s e >Ughag a*, eatioa'.
?t?te el" Hie civil War. arc
from o r ?? a CoVTCeaoadanat.
SasJiA- ni.l .Son. i., 'i'hu>> lay. >ov.5'?,Kd.
The lomor tliat Hoodoran and San fial
,?r!orha't read relief to tin- Gjanadiaa ProYtn
ion*! (?oieinmont i- true, bat the relief came fa
,e i'ornt of bargain and i-ale. lur Pteeaflaill
Pmeda seal to those Govern me nta toajneetiai
a.dawl frmmmmg to pay the BoMtere There
ply was, that they roubt not spare them. At
lerftk Pineda raise! srtui Ihooeaad lo.'ais, and
arsta erat oy a epeetel naahneadat ko theee Gov?
ernment* the kaeney be had r uat d, when taree hun
?.??od oaen were eiih?-te<! u id?-- tfi" an^p:?-* of the
(iomntnsi''-. :" 1 th? comraaad aataigBadl ka CaL
i arrero, eel the CKiatamaliaa - k eitain, '?< it ? at ere
usewle < a'ieio. one who h boweier, k>ahed
his sword in the domestic wars of llond..
Tbeee soldiers compose part of ChonaotTO'i army
?hich 1 think hai i in oaatl rt ; Uuaai ere Util. for
laelves dars sir.ee, my Granada OOtTeepraadeaak
wrole nie that he hud lieard lb it MttfaOJ had moved
from beoi tnw.ar l < bamorro'.. enc..mp:uent, with
tbetatention of attaeking him Mttaoa ia confldeat
in his strength, but a cautious and discreet soldier,
ltdhtlakiU is acknowledged to be superior to that
ufsnyoti ei oaaoerol Ceatral Amerfoa,not except?
ing even tde 'aumus f'arrero, of fJuatamalian celeb?
rity. It may be thai these diaVsalties will all be -et
tied by ?egoliatmn or compriuai'e . but Mono/ is
voo Demm-ratle to suit the ideas of the wealthy men
of the cenutr/ and erea if - battle slioulj take
place, tad Muim/ be conquered, if he i? not takeu
prirouai, he will, forthmth, through the aid of sym
:stbi/mg Kagii-hinen ami laiericaaj, 04 enabled
to raise ane'her army.
Mwonhas ei[>ended the whole of bis own private
income for >ears, on behalf of Nicaragua, in arm
,Bg and equipping their s<,Mi, r,, and be is rruite too
l.erse?era's aid aaerjalio to I'.'jhtly abandon the
halmn wlnn only half regei?>: ited. half cirilixod,
The poaitiiin of our ('harni ia Si saragua is rather
? peculiar me. and it ia nlao true that he has advised
pasmig Americans to reft aha fiom taking part in the
war. He baa fearlessly ex;ir, ? e l h. opinion that the
f?asttnei.t of Americans by MofiOl was a violation of
.'Uraanon.il neutrality and lsrery dm kM in censtir
?Bg those who have accepted comnus ions uuder
Mniiot. kl the tune of Mr. Kerr s reception by the
haeda Cabfaot, at his Irak foatoreaoe with Secre
iry Caatvllon qaoaHont arose which forbade his be
syiewediked to them jaat thea, and upem the heoki
Ithisthu Rev.ilution ( aim , w ith the midnight abdue
.MDof Pineda and his Ministers. Notwithstanding
iht. Mr Kerr is now m Leon with hOaaO sort of
'ifkts, dalimiit to denrte, however, under the Pineda
iilamustrali io
No owe csn tell the laattei f thete I en'ral American
There is one piece of information with regard to
Mr White', doings in thiw country, wbn h 1 lad
i'oa looking bei k 1 have not cooamualcated to you.
Itis.that Mi White, finding his own eflortatoin
Cueetbe u Mont- negro " cabinet to grant him the
monopoly lutiie, wcni to Seuor Tejada, aa intoUi
|t?at rdu-.ilisi native of t arthageu i residing in lira
Mat, and gavi htm the sum of $aO,000 to bring the
refractory Nsraraguan Miaisters to kerma. Tejada
*ai?ucce?4iiul. Truly yours, it. l. s.
Vassal.s iw Tori ?Ung BrickerbofT, just arrived
ktoi New-Yoik . sehr Home.Jttst arrivodfrom New*
i'tieaiia ach. Jeaaie. Hii Meaquitian htajeaty'arere?
iscuttei oi naan-oi-wai , 11 U. M brig of .war Ba
?r-n, Bora) Mail steamer Avon , at'' unship PrOiaO
6fus. The new steamer Central knterica h is, as I
psiHeted ta nay laat, reached the Lake The steam
?Mp Alabama sailed f"r Na v-Orleani on the I'J.li
' karokee, :or < hagres, on the l'.'lh. B. l. s.
Mi?-. Hatm. ? A (vlegraphic dispatch
uj.iHinces the sudden indisposition of Miss Hayes
il Hockeeter. on Sattirdnv rnn'.t, U I n h obliged her
0 teure on two occasions, h*i voice having alto
le'her failed ket _
!"?-* Ilciiio evif&Mvt ty courteoui und lul
swely polite is not. as a general thing, an American
uhng . but we are occasiomi'ly amused with exhi.
-JMof UiM ridiculous vanitv, wh|< b Hre, to say the
'?.??, pitIfhtlIy ludicrous \s, far haatance t bane
'u given for a worthy object of charity, and ? ? >rc
?fartieta ?olunteer, but wet one oi them r in appe ir
leapt wall the most servile flattery to athirdiHir
?a ??the celebrated Mias Terpsichore will appear,
"'tkekmdponuusioiiof BroNtigrug Smith. El [U
e reiv liberal mianager rf Ihe Backw ood? Spout
**p." " Ma. Oajlinh t.or.ciroesse and his remark able
'weed hed^elm ;, aVoM ih< Hot il Bliaaiahed Tbc f
willperlorin theircelebrated nJhVa terv in Wn it
"Tocallit, by the ealraeidmary i cndeseension Ol
"eaknpme flaiiak a. ria.aaie.Mn aaAoeps^aiaej PireekaW
the lli hi-lo Mensagerta," . , eae^esta iraaa.
"nil- politeness la right and agreeable, but this
??alaveni,^ a person w ith all the nattering aJ ectivea j
1 the dictwnarv. merely because he has not pre- ;
?Med somebody from doing a charitable a -tion. or
bnaaj| he hat lent a broken w inded piano to gro ta
irneaiations at a concert, is ??i.seemlv. aboardaad
Cl'paceftil. The idea that any such sentiment of
?"vpowenng gratifmle bj felt, is all moonshine the
ttlprtt under the gallows could not enrage lower i r
** oaare ... -i to *a?e kit life than many Ol
r-t "Srst cUi7.eii4" often appear to do in i
?'ereolyped advertlseirient* I'ah' it is disgustuig.
MM NlW Tark Kii.i.bd ? Jtidpe Bd
??rds, of the Mipieme Court, has refused to appoint
rum.s-: ,i ri , in the m?Uei 11 the pioposed rurai
?katJoaevs Woods. Thw .a very pro ably the
^P de grace 1.1 ihepro.ect
? -? l
Skrmom o.n rBR LhTI Cai.AMHY.?
- piaaaive aad eh\|uent Sermon was delivered by
Thomas E Armitage, of the Norfolk st B?p
*"thareh. respect in < the great ealam-.tv in QroOtV
^k-av. tie took his teat Hem tb? second chapter
*Uwepit!iebT James, I3tb vtrae. "^Merei re 9h eth
?W** judgment
?hirhi? remark? upon Die above, be alee, i nttk
*'"'^M ta khe caatdrest ejosuaeeaed with the 9
*?y School of Ule said church The church was
* , ^.aad Beamed f?ll? te ai preciate the re
^Baafj b> the ,,h-.k, r
i. ^ ?? ?
ti rio? ? There is a et>ar?e looklDg man
^Ut 54 'f*r* of age, under tbe nievlmai hight. v\ ho
^?ln* "hout the City askmg money for an baitt I
?^t?!" tU ^ *" ,he l'orMrol Ninth av. BO 1 T ? M
I here is no such Inst.t rticn there. Hi*
?**r*^c' ?a teckles-, his nrmtiou? r.it.'ier ;a I
^ breath fuil of atooh 4, hiosUU oeatt
^?'vose.aud his two hoaampllees arc won i
kimuij. He was formerly nonaerbfirl arith ?
^"?*?>hM uistitutmn ru tVs < tr-. v\h.-b .
^??f^wuiascd. and he may a. .cn.ly be kaosra h.
... neahewetenpeaitheperaaaa tatknttas -
01 *bo katvtakad oe the BIOSlBtt) of h-s n^sakkti il
Hot/B OF Pasadb.?Ges. 3ttif'>r?j haa is?
sued Ml cedOl dire Hi Bg tha formation oft)* lion,
forthorecSpOofl of Ktaeaeth, to ho ll A N. instead
ef 1 P. If. The Um ryill he formed aa the Bailer*,
the right oa Wind hall-at
TaTJ FmbBSTI I)ivoi'.or f'AHB.?In the
ll patioi I BOTl \< Nan ay morning this ran?? waa
caller, but I aad ovSJffortBBl daran aerosol of tho
(? ;: ? of Mr. 0*4 "not tn a cangfj in eastaer
i <-i:rt.
? ? ?>...?
\ i v \(,i.k Honwril).?Wrt jire the
followta ? atatlstl M of the New-York HSBBasSl, far
U*e month ending Nov. 301
Ri ? tining. October 3:. 1331.Ml
?' itted ;ii:r11 j- November.82? i
TlOatl i < BJ Bg onth.Jy'lO 1
Dfa barged.....I."...237 !
I trtj deaths daring (aa month, M of which were
from srTpre Injury, renaming but a few hours under
J.h-f.n-.es.?Tbl fVWing arft tlio lit?
re i?o Statistics for November, as t aken from the
'?" "as of Asbcr Taylor, 1 its: Marshal:
Public ( aits.Vj'I, reoeired for same Bit.'' 5i
Dirt Carts. 10, ?? || Bg
Porten. a, ?* *? \ oo
< an oa; Peddatri_ 5, ('rcnswoj.j ?? 2 31
Taverns.102, ?- ? |jBJg go
EnstgraattTVa House I, ?? luoi
Emigrant Booh eta... ?? ?? 23 oo
< artmcn UeaaBBB... 16, " " 3d Oi
Btaaa. -? -? si 5n
Total amount paid into the City Treasury tl.Moli'"
T'cMtn on ErucAiioN?T?te President.
E C. Benedict. Beg., in the ( hair. The President
announced as foitjjv.e i
The calamity in Ward School No. SB, is the otv
eaaieaiol my calttng >om together at this time, i
should have done tins imifiedmteiy arter the fatal
a enrreaee, had rot th" aaaaaar aud cause of t'io
accident be?n male the subject of Inqairj af
I Coroner*a Jury, and it seemed more roapeotral
"?the legal investigation to wait its termination
' I'av my personal attention to these proceeding*.
? . r.ful as it wb8; and now that their res ill
is known, invite your attention bo the subject,
that the Hoard may t ike SUCh imasurcs as may,:*
aipedteat. On the cay after the accident, 1 ar
eutd, the Coronal and the Jury to the
deBBlata dwellings of the i>arents, to view
the hodisa and nothmg but the anguish of
the immediate relatives could BUrpasa the
Borrow with which we all looked upon
thi a dead children, who, with the exception of a
few who were a little bruised, seernad to hare gone
BD than! death calmly as to a night's repose, and to
reflect ia their look* of innocence the purity with
which, we trust, their spirits entered their final
home During the week following, the in v.-sti
gaUoa was continued daily, and resulted in
the verdict of the Jury, entirely acquitting
the teachers of any fault. A copy of the ver?
de! is herewith laut before yon, and I fully con?
cur with the jury m their verdict. The iury also
accompanied their verdict with an informal state?
ment, in which they pass some cenMire, and make
?."?ine auggestiOBB, which are of importanoe. This
statement I al<?o lay before you, and a copv of the
testimony aa reported m one of the daily journals
School Hooee No. 2fi was a very large building,
and ti e school, although spoken of as one school,
was, in substance, twenty-three schools, in as many
rooms, under the care ot twenty-six instructors, a?
iianeiH hfcNally, Principal. N fcjfors. kilted.
Josiah Zabriskic.30 ?
Lewis \V. Annan.50 ?
Joaeph a. Btkkney.64 ?
PI il am Herring.S3 ?
Mies Edith L. Ashley.81 -
Miss Anna 11 Dunbar.67 I
M'ss Laura ll. Cildcrsleere.70 I
Will-am M. .IrlufT. 49
Miss Put be J. Whallcy. 56 ?
Total.'ui ?F
ir-'si.n BBTASTntnrr.
Abby Harrison. Principal.
Julm E Van V!e<"k.46 ?
Louisa Scott.51 ?
Margaret Arnout.83 2
M trgaratta 8. smith.m> n
Conielia L. Harnes.121 ?
SiraJi Nixon.118 7-18
iBivtay BBrAaTantarr.
Susanna Whitney, Principal.
Hannah Clinton.gg 7
Loolaa MeFarlane..no I
Anselme Horton.Ott ?
Mary E. IliffKins.fW I
M. \ irginia K?hler.II i
Caroline M. Eoaui h.im i
Ell? Ii I). Trap'iagan.08 1
Mary E Cootlwm.83 ?
Total..761 M
(irand total.1841 42
The fatal panic was not shown to be the result of
any kn> wn adequate eanae. it ooauneooad by
B tcrcjin from a large num'-er of young laJies,
thi n under th?' cute of Mi*s Harrison and Miss Van
Noch, in a room qBite tm the rear af the building?
th, > al iln s.,iiie instant rushed past their teachers
lato Miss Boott'l room. None of the young
ladirs who screamed were examined to explain the
Baun of their alarm; but their unexplained screams,
Bad sudden bursting into another room, a as cause of
alarm to the Utygirla in that room.vThoimineJiatoly
took Lbe panic by ?] mpaahy and joiaied the rush for the
entrance to the stairway. Miss gcott held the doer,aad
they theneecapedthroegha s-.dc door into Miss Ar
BOUt's room ol eight] -three jtirls, aad rvahiag tliro'Jgh
that, spreading terror there, they, and how many
aaore tfoea not appear, eaoaped by tha fatal stairway
before it feU. This tumul aroneed and excited all
the other caaaaea i and there appear* to have been a
general rush for the ataira, at the foot of winch the
? .(ft. three fee aide, waa open. The numbers ,>:t?s
sag down the ataira broke aw ay the newel and the
banlateta, imdthe awful death<rl those who stood
below, and others who tell from above upnii them
and upon each ether, was as certain as it was sodden.
The woadot isthat de loss of life was not much
greater. There is no reason to suppose that so much
av two miOUtei elapsed between the unfortunate
screams and the final catastrophe It is ?pute
clear that BO exertion*, within or without, could
have kept the scholars m their rooms. Theprevad
ine apprehension was of foe, but without any cau-e.
Tl at u.i^ the report carried to the street and to the
BtataOn-bouaBi a few rod* distant. The police ran to
the spot but Penth had then done his work. A passer
bv, w hen only a few feet from the door, saw the
c aild reo running out, wa'ked only so me twenty feet,
to the door, and-n an instant saw the rail and the
chihlrea OOtne down together. There arc many in?
cidents, but thi- is all the story of the Breide? md
.ts cause.
It is not necessary to remit.d the Bosrd that trhea
this besjBB wa? built,the law placed the construc?
tion ot flehool HOtJBBB -n the hands of tho Com
tniai men and Inspectors al the Ward, aad this
Hoard Baeroiaed bo lapari'tsien ot the matter.
The aw of last July, hotrerer, throars upon this
Board hereafter a in.-^t important rosponelhitity for
the safe buihiinf of Schoo!-Bouaei
1 fully ngTee w Bh the Jury, that stair as is of this
i e: struction are dangerous. Life i-rohably would
hut been sacrificed if the newel had not given way.
for. in der no circuuistaucea could even one thousand
children, of nU Bgt s and ai?es, and of both sexes,
rush doe n the ?ame stair case without great danger
to li'e and limb . b it there can be no reasonable
doubt that this los? ol lite as .? t ially occasioned
by the un ing nnj ol the newel, w hich was the mam
support of this immense weitthr oi winding bania
ter 1 lave the fullest ( onfi.lencc in the conscien?
tious oare of tJaoae who tuperiateaded the building
of the School-house. Thcv" followed m their plant
an unsuspected example a> to the stairs for the pub?
lic building* ol the I ity. ..s such stairs are very
ooaaBtott, but they are aeveethsaeeea danserou*. The
defect in the newelWU not risible till it was tarn
BWBT . and no one could suspect so great au over
sigbt and none the school oAcen aie ui that re
spi ? t? hargeeb a with aeghgeaoe
The tuggestion of the Jury as to separate fire proof
stsir cases, is <l ere at ii.ip ?rtauce. aal those
f..r the little children of the Primary Department
should t e excluaiva, and adapted to tat ir shorter
?:,,lbs v . w r
There is no difficulty m m imug scboid-houses of
ihissi/eassa'e a-sma'.lt i ones, if the ptssagea are
stilBcienUy a :de, and the stairs and dor nitorres suf
. ict'.v numero-is and wide, and properly arranged .
and I ain unable t - aarse with the Jury in tho opia
. ii thai the School-House was too high or teo large
buttooaaaay i holara were bMbbsbI to atten.it.
roots than it is Itted to aooaaaaaOBlata . many of its
rooms are too crowded . and the samcistTUeof
meal of the tatet ?;.d better buUttcliooi'Ileuaee, mJ
espei uillv those watre, as ia this c ise. a'tcntire
sea Mnl oaaoara, and a most excellent body of tear'U
ers, hate e?t..li:.-hed a high leputatiou tor the
l'?achers and TTUItses disp.ke to exclude any?
one tor whom Iba y can had a place . and this must
continue to be so, to long "a* su h BB uoers of
chilcrrn are unprovided with School-Houses tea
whah they <-an be properly BeeeeaaaadaSal, and
while our school topuiationia increasing faster than
our leeioela , .
The most in pot' U I leseoe that it should teach u<
all ia, thai ho oerSeheoai prudei.t, oanthrna, seif
control should be .1 tai > laealesssd aa a matier <>f
positive educatlou a>>d discipline, llai tma be^u
dei-e, a pamc na I il aethers arisea. at least with
""l WOUkl r? apeetfuify surcrst to the rto ird the ex
Dcdiencr of BBpomtirki ;? Coeamis*ee,ae wham ttna
sahiectrna] ben < rn I. wtthdlraoatoastoataaatea
?il ii e Waul School- Hoe see wtahanl Behky.aaSteeiorl
VN?U!! . itiotu IM necess.ry Barl ?< |S
ifrtj Oi>al-.'...i>ea>il\naa*^C'JUlim.kt,,n!los;
'?r.tehoult* be t> gfv< coealeat tteattea I* fa*
au jecf.
? <<>r..rn?aion?-T Kichol of\ I | re* tatiBB BN the
[ appointment of a < ?"amn^* ta rurrrit; il< too
Warrf school rmi<es in re'crea.-- t. ta ? m ie of
Heir bail jr bcil!, Ac.
An amir.'meot -?u? proposed t?1?* ts? tValii
S'-hoo! Society Im re*iu??te . als?, t ?i?! a ?onil?r
Ccrne .'?<e.
i>L? or two members tV>u::M th- a'nen'msa'. ta
not comuu' witt.in ihr iota or the n
Ob* elBas bbbbsbbtb relate iW itirttn-e ?b*rt
a u.fto arna'ently a m im ?c ra*he': mi* one o'? >p
*i hocis the day before the calamity, causing a jq.
virs.l ?crcam anrj a rash to tie tttirs. and hit there
ne?-n awe I-bole lo the st^rs, the eosaSB iseoees ana l
hare been Val
1 l.e resolution of inquiry was ad v>tei. and Com
mistior.er* Nichols, Ku.se, and the I'rssideul, wore
appointed the Commute*
] Uttl ?OBMoBdlaj M tan BBSg ? fin ttWIt?
n d jn Eighty-f;f:h st n sr Third at . eaaamd bar a,
at ire pipebeing overne ,ted. It was extinguished
be'rire any material Camaer occurred
Sm.Ca) niehl a fiie broke ont ttt the ba.ement of
No r> (hi try at. which wan soon en n,'Uishea.
L?smhi,e timing.
All RESTS for QmAMB LaBCHXT.?It'll'-.
P-mids, a foreigi,er. n as stunted on Sunday b* ohV
enraPatterson aid Westlake of the Lower Pohles
f ourt, cktreed with having, on th? mornm.: il the
tv,ri ult., Stobra a gild watch, vnlued at ??".'). ;-.e
picpeitjo' John Fetny, r.siJu.g at N i I s Or,ta?e
tt. Feu Ids, it appears, was a bstawdot in Ute house
of the complainant, ani w in rau;ht by Elisabeth
I eary. a M r- art in trie family, trtta Ike Sewnsae of a
bttroaa, Whdih cont i.re < t:?e watch, la hi. . ion*. O.i
discovering that he oae detected, be at onee drOBM I
the drawer and l? t the hmise. Mra Teeny wastaeu
made acquainted with the c rcumstuncei. a.a 1 u.i
?earrh,iiff :ue lirnncr fount) that the WaStlh h.?a 'teen
earned on. Sti-mcion then rested <o: Post Ids who
returned la Bsa hoaee al a lata hour on the saaae
o?v "1/ wbi h the sifh w.it stolen A Boraptalnt
was therefore preferred to Justice I.othmp. before
whom he was taken and committed to prison for
?Officer Hicks, of the Tnird Ward, on Saturday
arre>ud Mary LaOBOU, a SSI?SUt in the family of Mr.
li Bear, No hs Greenwich et-, charged with steal
Inge geld wateh r?hd chaw, together with some tew
elry and a shawl, value I in aS it about BStg, from
the ton e <.' i>er employar. Must of tne stolen
property was rocowerod Hie oeaeer, and these
coai d wa- ti ken before Justice Lothrop arid cam
nutted to prison for trial.
1 hi Gbjai Forokby C'.sf.?Theiarea
tiga km relatire to the eitarges ml Fotgegy reeently
preferml g| n-r ( apt Howe, (ieo. Bowa, and
othere, was resumed on Saturday aftcmo?n, beforo
Justice Osborn. The cross ezanunntwa of yoaag
Woodrug by I ounsel for < a^t Howe, was the f.r-t
? attei taken up. and it Oeropisd nearly t^e whole
afternoon. Nothing of the slightest importance,
material to the matter at issue aras eltettod. T:\
bov was merely qneatioood as to ins aRe. a.ij the
eult rente mploi inents at which he had been engaged.
Not a shadow rjf evidence, tending to ahake his tes
t'ti.nry greea on direct examination, was ehe hied.
He stides tha? he was born at Philadelphia in 18X1.
After these proi eedings were dieponed of flsmael
Stock weather, of No jj winu-st., waa sworn far the
pt'yp.c \b. deo Boau. He sa;s tint he his been
ir.tiriiatr iy acquainted with Bowa since the gprtag
of i-i '. ai I thai Boiva at is hi Ins othV s at Coopera*
town for ce-.eia! years . th?t he ii thntili ir with h;s
kandwntlng, and that the sicnaturea of the name
" Howne*'on two checks on the Bank of New York.
Um am dated tprii to, 1851. for $I7a, aad the oil ir
April CS 1>01. for gnon, ire in his handwriting. The
tettio obj hire closed for ihe day, and the eiamitia
tSOO Wai fttrthei postponed until Wednesday next.
SbopliPTBBI AititF.srED.?-.lolm .tm'< Ro
?SOUtaPalknn, and their daughter Ann, a chill 10
\. are of age, were on aWtosday arrested ay oiF.'nr
Gambling and Aekemmn of the sixteenth Ward,
charged w ith stealing a large amount of drv goods
from diflrimt stores, prim ipallv In the Kuhtn-av.
The child was detected ronoeeline some ?,??>??*
about at r person in the stor- of Mr. Donohue in the
Bjgbth-af , and was immediately arrested an ! taken
bclore Justice McGrath. to whom she made die*
eloaarai which led to the sewcltias of the resi
di nee of her parents, rto.gtWetl EightOOBth at.,
wnrre the UCaoers found a lar^e trunk liked with
?toll n d'v pool's, most of Wadoh were subse piently
"lei.tified by dtaeraat sawleri m the Bignth*ae.
The tiarents, legether with their daughter, were
then coir.nutted lo prison by ttc magistiate.
Thrown , kom a Hobbi and KlLLRD.?
Oi Priday last a lad asmsrt Wat flpenrm fleeBaaa.
II years Of age, who resided in Fortieth st., between
Na Iii and TiiPh-avs. while ridina on horebaek
through Thirty*eizth-st. w as thrown from los harse,
ami Tsllii'g upon his head, fractured the ekull. caiu
ingdeath in a few boon afterward. Aid.Ball of
the Ninth Ward, on Saturday, held an impiest upon
lh< i and a verdict aocording with the .??..?.-*
statenii-nt was rendered.
Death itdisbabi orm Hiabt.?Aid.
ConrkUa held an mattest on Bnaday at Second Ward
I'oiu <: station upon ihn body of turn. Co ldmgton, i
natneol this State. 10 years of age. who, oi Satur?
day afternoon, while standing upon his cart, oa the
cornerol Inn and Wilham-ata., suiii'onlv foil and
instant!v ixpircd. \ verdict of death Uy disei-c of
. he heart w as rendered by The Jury. Heceased rc
Miled at No. f Jl Wasbuck n St., where he ha- lift I
wife and lliree children to mourn his loss.
Attempt to Cobtiui Sukiidb.?A.man
named Andrew Ackert, on Saturday afternoon,
while ou board of one of the HamiltOA-arenas ferry
be ats, which w as Jymg In her dock, mmped over?
board uud was near'y drowiied, vs hou he was rcs
nii .1 hv the cxer:i"i I of Mr. John 11. Puller, a citi?
zen He is supposed to have been temporally in?
sane at ihe time of nil m iking the attempt upon his
Satbd prom DaowwtiNB.?Msihew Datv
oboe, a lad s veara of a?c. rcidinu at No. .1921 West
?I , ofl Saturday morning fell into the dock at the
foot of ( hsistopher-st., bi|t waa fortunately s ivcd
from drowning bv the exertions of ofiicer Bennett of
ihe N inth W aid Police, who rescued him from bis per?
ilous situation, and afterwards conveyed him to his
place of residence._
Svpbbmi Cor/Bf?6peci?l Term.??e
fdrs .lodge Hdmonds ?i>c ? l si ou -?In Ike mailer
Pmrk.?The Court said the Constitution
provides that private property cannot be taken for
publi n tthoul ' ompensatioD, and that such
compensation shall t>e determined bv an impartial
tribunal, subject to the control of neither parly, but
to be :u pointed by a Court of Record.
In tins case the statute enacts that the tribunal
abaU be Ivo ooasmaasioner*. to be appoialed by tue
Court,and their award shall SO <m\e''t to revision in
thki Court
But tt also onactl that it shall be subject to the
sathdaedion ol the common council, no that undoes
Il c amouiit of compensation to be awarded shad be
noceptahle so the paity which istotaS? nnd own pn
> i \ pro] arty aeamat trie owner t consent, the award
carte? t be cenfinned bv or even be presented to the
t curt, at the same tiaie that no su-h pnviloge is
started to such owners, but thev may be concluded
bv the award. This is in Ott Sil t with the manifest
intention of the?OatetBestSaa, and the notion for the
appointment of t onm issionersmust be denieJ.
fi?.".. var.m V.l. /'.f.- Wiil .-Will ext.- ited
ahroad, sad, oi comnihueon returned, will a .'mdted
t* probate as a will both of real and personal e'late.
.' ah re ragahsol Lsoarsoaa^?Dirasos granted, and
en.--, h ol the children awarded] to tu? ptaaBMaT, but
ic.. Don for alimony denied.
? ??? ,, !$ ro.tk.-~Motion to modify decree ani lo I
vacate the i,e exeat denied, a ?h co.-'.s. but without
prejudii e to its being renewed.
l. '.i n".ur-t Lath.?Applicatnvaford.vorce danaadi
f ' n. n i against Strcn-.* ? Hitymon agunst ? i-n?.?
In a >uit against a non-resi lent, the re-'eree re ports
Bterel] hat -ng namined tlie plaintiff, hut has ta
ao svmence to prove t!.i SmSanad. Ky.. i 1>i
jadgment dsnaWdl
SiPatBtOS f'iu Ri ?]?efore Judjo Sand
ford.? Fcrmt agt. Forrrs! ?This cause wa? CsBodt
Mr Van Buren, ;n behalf of Mr. I . stated thai Uie
special or struck "ir? wbfchhad been ordered, haa
not been summoned- ttont the pi uiitifj bad potter to
see that they were summoned, but not the d< fe ^.m'.
and Le moved that the cau-c prooced with the ordS
naryjurv- Mr Chaae, in behalf of Mrs. F.,remaike.t
that Mr. O'Conor. his associate, ia engaged in tne I .
S Court, and he wished the matter laid ever till Mr.
0 ? should get through. The Judge said it ia a rule
of this Court to reserve a cans* where ? .mittel ia
iictu '.llf n gaged at the time in another Coatl ?
was rererved.
Ihecnreof h"?.'/i agt Pou'eWirasalaocam ..in
hg saBMBl reesrvedl
Sipep.ii'p. Cos/BT.?(ieneral Term.?
Pec ist oi'*.?Ordered, that Robert G. CaagsheU,
Bsq . I oun-ellor at law. be clerk of the superior
Ceuit. v.ce D.S. i'ioyd Jones, whose term of ?rfiee
bas expired. ... ,
7*e tify of -Vn.~ York at auit of Join L. BN err ?
Judgment afiirmed.
, steaaoi Pairs against T -t P- ssawameaa?
8*r>an'iti -. Hi-n/u.ir' i, against C*j* K Hunt
' m*iam? S..me ...
Ifsrdl Prruth Baphtt > Sur. I at suit of ft ans ror
\ gi..??/ - Motion for new inal demed-.iudgmeii: (tn
\ taw*, we bSShrsi. o; MM Church.! arhnned. Am wed
by default. *
Bef rt I . !t? Onkler
Javt* Frrfratea ai;t. M ..'fiarn .Voma.?Mrs 1 ereu
: sen, Imsen BOT marriage to Mr. P . was a
r,(Mri nahiaiSS 1 and loaned to the ?uteeath s..
! Bsittst Caanwlh snd the North Ben*h l-hnrcli l-X'sud,
i (gvj-xij t3 oi e and fl.MOO M the other ? After her
inutr see to Mrs F.. and difficultv r^arnng^tw^a
y.t sasi Mrs I, the sMBjej a t* asanaJ i?y ?irs r.as
I be paid bark te her. tm! * \e baa'**, ot her y . t g\rn
I up. whirr- ??. <ioT,e Mf Nome, wbi wa? t fr *nl
j oi mt. P., loamed m tb* Cavel?0?,tt i? Mid. Vif
m'rey fa p-j Mr* / , aii to A o.nU ia a..< osra
ni in".
'I Ii praseMMit is ?g? M Mr. If, Mr F .-rt.ramx
thnf t.y h i mam,** to Mr- ft ho beesaM BB title]
to her rroLej, *w u>et Mr. N oa IVr o'kalf. woag.
fu i) asr lawd to piaastiir, get tha PiUiey. Test:
tnorr?M takea. aad ? rrn?u:t aikai for on Ce
grovad that u rtttm< has v^b shawe boyued the fam
? l Mr. N. ;os. f-i t<e BtBSSBy M the UmreMlM
tere np the l>oroi of Mr K Tae ? .-.job far aua
ruit *a. ;?.\a;cd
CocaTor< '<<im.s Pma ObsmisITbibi
? P*. 1*1001.-/111 p Tty'->- and >i\?ri ? _ ,,?
SkfU?*-P. r*mTta ?**?* a*isfed lib-d by itataai i
ii.* Pet i*tr? of IteiriaBiile \aeacy as Maina M
Cotaa?bea,hits*.is wtnoli a rerd.t wn* gieee (at
plimt.L.s for |r> s.,, saaU 1137 ITe?**'*. Jal.? tat
ail" n.i d
Thi faOowtai hadaaeata ware abai ifirmef, a th
eo'ts ?
9m Dai ?an ajyaiMt Csttaaasft mwt seaVes: 0a s
' ' - W -; M rl s SMS -nd ef sr?* ; ?
Bra and (MrsRatestHeafcsu;fTwtoagaiai
Pahaar Bgaraat Wmnt; /.?n-law ?falbst /> n- ?
.4 i ws ga.i.*l Dans, Hotter against SM'
i.ren? ?pnm't Lmr-rv ; H?'g a;\init JhTei aaa.
Jrdgmrr?? r?v*rse*. rix':
1 ? ' *r aeatnst Haaaa . Isselay aarttast aMhV
M /' r..y BfBtaat f>*r ? ( mis ?et ut !c?afii rme I as
to aa es nt.
Free1 gaiast T^akasarg ? \ a ount reduced.
It aganst v.*r.' ? Affirmed.
.- .'??? i/.i ?t .Yeuion and Hmr.m>n4 against Hm
zf.rit ?Appeal? nfflrmed
Saats aa to PmnajTAinrt Ptni-err? aid Dasta
.?raJi.C Ii.i/.'t.
FlBBS it Brooklyn.? About 13 o'clock
Bataagay u:gal a fire broke out in a frame hui'd
itg on Iludfon-ar.. opposite Water st , i>. cup'.ed as
.i but. her ? shop by George MiM aae, WBtoi was
' urrcd down. An ae"j ning building, smnl trly oc
ad by Darnel Fitzpatriek, was also consumed,
ai I a ccni'^'ious d weiling ho'tc". owned by Patrick |
Pi a an ar.d occupied by Owea Ferguson, wasdam
u .ii to the extent of about (HI There were in
thi sh.p? eight b arrels of co'T.-i he ef atid a Urge
aabtJt] tn sh meat, ail of which was destroyed
qoaa th* stalls. bhM ha,tooat, mc Mr. htoCaha lost
at^mi liOO, and les'.red for aj'TO hi the OraeaM*
Insaraaoa Co., New-York. Mr Pitspatrick'a loss
exceeds $3W?insured for *0CO in the New-York
:tatc Mutual It. so ranee ( o. of the same city. Mr.
Porgaaoa earriad oa ttohahieg beaineas oa ihe ftr?t
!'< er of his h"use, and h id a large qaaattfj of Soar
i :? head,which was urettlt a . .. igt; by wet r. Us
lattkat r.d to the extent of his loss ia tha Eagle L>
finance Co. Broohtya.
? Aaother fire waaaaBBorered asoet .1 o'clock on
Bnaday DOrnina tn a Iotit rarije ot frame ti-nidia?*,
ia1 opted by J UadarhiU * Ce. as an oil cloth iiisa
ubictorr. situate ! m Dnan-st nppaelM ClintiM ar,
(fermriiy known as panaentier s tiarleu.' which
burr.ed with such rapiditytli.it tiic whole atra tura
waa eerisiuned, with all its . ontents iaacoaapara?
lively short tune aiVrwaid The FireDeparuaeat
prciiij t'v hatasaed to the scene of conf.agfanert, but
m cone qtteace oi ihecaeahaeti ble nature ef tae ma
teria1 -. their?I .,-ts were laaffretire, au.l it was left
to its fate, together with the B?H-hooae,wxwkahop
hr.O oathnlleiags belongtag to the establishment.
Tw-oiif-iehbornig dwalliaa>houMa, ocenptad reapee?
titc.v bp Mr <?< m^e Hudson aad Mrs. Uilli| ir, and
a s'. iDle belonpirirfo the former, wre C')i.s,.l?.ra')ly
daaragl d I Dt tri n saved from a Uka fate by the ex
eitu.iis of the riremtn and [since inrce. Tne factory
hi d not been m opsrattoa for the past four nv>nth?.
aad It ia there fate preeoaard th it it wMparpeeelp
? i ' aa I re The total loea anaoeata ta *? nar
tialiy covert d by insuranrt in Uie Marthiiaeaiean
i i aayai y, N \ .
? a
Disti mi tXCI at PtSBS.?Charles fitrrh
i y si< ane'ied en Batarday iit^ht for rioleatlj
s?'!:',!tire Assistant ( aptain Call, Fourth District
Potffe, at the fire in Hudson-av . w hile in the per
rerflaanee of his duty, and John layd was alas takei
rate ewatody for throwing stones al the ftnasaot,
Beth wsrs locked up Is anfwer.
RtX'MfBta Sioi.em Goods.mCharles
Ifiaraa. (eoseredj Mieeted by osaaef Brown, of the
Pint Diatrtet Police, on the above ehsrge, was
broiigtit hefore Jurti se King on Saturday, w hen he
\ as waiad gaflty on three eeSBBJahate, and was sen
Dncrdoncaeh to -it months' imprt-ontiicttt in the
ttarj. and a fine of $|is?.
Pbix Otbbboabd.?Jamo> DnoUp,while
list i at ihe lire foot of Hudson iv , on ' iMirdav
night, accidentally fell into the dock, but was soon
extricated fiom his rather aaeoMfortable liteatioa
by Uie foreman of No. 1 Kni-ine tai.
Sham Fight at Tbiwtok.?-The Jersej
Dli'es snd Meroar ituir- ,,t Treeioa h ire res >lred to
rcltbi ate the antnversarr of the Uattle of Trenton by
a Bham l-'itht on the SSta of DeeeeBber, and appoint?
ed Col. S DiekiaaOB, Major w N'apii.n. and I ipj B.
Mniford, T.D. Hutchinson ard J faaSlcklaal '
miltee to extend invitations an 1 BSBhaBITBBganiSllfI
C Lfoo, TOwTfSBMB K. ( HH.rY met.
we an- informed bv Ttir Jw.kion Pttrimt, With a
most seriousac-Mdenton Saturday, these*!- He w is
aitendirij a ibjeehina maehtae. in winch his clothes
tot somehow- aatattgaad, aad befor.? he could be et
Bricated. Bate Of his *b<>u!cers was l.r >ken, aad the
other dsaeeatsd.
Dbstbuotitb FntR.?The Detroit Dtttltt
7V ii ur contains an account of a fire which laid one
side of the principal business street in the village of
i oldwater in ashes. On tbe first ot March ta the
current year, the other side shared the same f-'.e
The loss is verv serious, and as is asaal where it
t.dls the heaviest or can liast be BSfltS, then :j no
ti'" The Portland Titties, (O, T.) of the
IN Ckst-tfiTei the particulars of a waatoa m Bnsaa
cri inn'ted by a young man natnel Creed Turner, of
Kentrsrky, oh the aenoa of E. t Bradbaxy, ef ? in
OBBasti, at taat place. Both lived to the a urn hoase,
and it is said :ealou-y was the incitement of the un?
happy BMWdSf._
Tlie annexed stateinent Bhosri the Bb>
j.K>rts from this p. rt for the werk ending Nov. Vi.
I iveaeoot ?3 'ai5bb:s I'lour. ts eas .> Port Wim, 7,j?7
I iah. W heat, f ,Bf3 Bw. B*c-ib. t. -t Jo f.ard. 1.J .fat*.
Vsh^lein), IJBS hi'** Qsrsaa, IjMI bbl?. Itesia. ..?> t,.i
Beef. 3: bbhi to., t.mSl ???*. a I. "* lb* Caeeie, Jl pin
Old Metal, tat eaaea Cteefca, i-'.SJJ bmh Cera, iU baas.
Oaei, ii? it s. B'< t
.. - a.. >. * P.- :. - ! ? n? ''?><? ?'???.
3.K<kba>k Kta'ir. 'eJ?bs Lsfwond. tii tiOBm. RasiB. l o3'
ll.aa S.ra>>f- tO."tl Haaa lii.tot BsaBV Wliaat, :>nl ton,
CntTBal. AvWRi- a?3 ca?ea Cluti.ii!*. 7 J... S.e*?. 10
do.de S..a;-. 30a "A'?.aa, a Jo Beer u id Calar, M ' Su^ar.
1 v. , \ icrg-tr,IO< J > P-tati?s. <UOJa.CO*e?e. It.w Kwt.
tjbbi*. Apples, tse a Lard, as.sse CIcaSB, I .?se B H Ma*
i ct?? i aiicv Oc-it?. 131 da P.ckle* ai:d Pretem i. <i >.
Sartisaea. M da Piaaartad Sfeata. IJffl laWaa, t Storv*.
313 bl In 1 KM r. 3 M V > r-u-? I BBBB. WdMw WaSB, ii
belt Oaieaa, ta d r?.r?,s?s. . ? noirs. ;.; ? i*ts Brandy.
. s calls. Jo. . .
.*, i -("sk^m ? ?3i;b-d* Kl-eir. I Ja A;.;.'ei. 3? otn.
Cn*? ttii Bat .t*. i II? irar?. II cue* Imttt
Xw, I r<:.-.al?. j -kas ftt-wst i| er?. J* il? t?la?. 171ea?*?
Pkh-!.???>*Sc.. todi?. S.1V*. 1 baleCorka. H" ar. eta Wine,
jSf'ii Caaata, t^ ix* Sisal, Ipkga S k' t-ary. I !u Oil
ten Mssresra, llbaasCai r?: a ?a?-t. j i-.ua? Sar
dajaas.ltaiga l'ariats..-e.li,..e ?r8taU.3ibl.i? S!ai?-l.f"?d.
.. is rda. Wtaseea*Ckak, It Casts, itMtraOakaas, i
caa. t ra, ? a. I' C krst Paint. Is A or hois, 'it btila. .'o.ato??,
tjgo N?? .1 Stores, tBpkfS Pi?? >!?.??. 10 da. Be IBB, 1
ixiir*\jp*: Sn-aafatan: Leatter. toi jikf ?. Dr it
i-asf .i l!a> Jt*. 2 d ? Watcai? taJ J**r?av. J ? Laeea, ta al
eha. Hratd?. SpuwsWiae. J7v Dem.-Jim?, iti bit*. '>bt?
uii. i' t'?ra Shelisfs. \\> kecaShot. labs!*. Hoar. I i,>r?>
jTira-Ciaekar?, lt< k. its tiiep-wcer. 3 Tuaib-Stona?, I case
I?mi* ia krt* iseip- brtid. Ja Ir m l'iate?. IH?' I >r.r.
j Can left l Sco.ai aWpe, i.wai ir?-cr.cM, I ?a.e D -ct.. Ju
ama_- .
Kra.su Wi- Is- _i?bei? Beans..aa Sear.4 tt
Sa* - ffkvadlaaBartsaa. H tat aaap, UI -ta. A>.
L|7S 9 CasBtaa. IS Bega Tenawse. 17 jasefcafae Iron si -e.
lobt's. Spmt?alT.rT"?ut.ue. I. astt Boat* aMSa-m* I >
p*c?a*e? DriiKi. I.i7> 2> Lard,-aar Pep -er, 1 bar Curt a*.
jj at? Ca?va. t et?*t. ig?.t->it ? Batter, it MxeiOaa
ia**Baoa, llphata* Ir.n. i WS r?ll >as whale
i,,.. * I" .-? ..-v r*a-? P?. r ir. |..r.aae? Hj.
rkeaary. 7 317 ft Oteea*. 1C ; ant Meal. 11< W '? Patat'^*,
t?6dc KLireu.t, do. Api,l??. D. -.1 ' Fat ii ??* 3Ia-x
erei.r nbtU. Tobacr o. t.r.j lb Maaifaea '?.. 1 ?? v.
lblf.P..rs.7daBeef, 10.^1. I Hams. JZ HI 1' H\*,6it
. ?a*y**rn IXiaiesU'-*, IS' A. - I ?
Brau, i Bt?st?. i pa. aaae- Hard war*, SB B **nsa I as.-s
Coppsr. IMS Si Pork, a: pace* M*U Staelsaeiy, i^>ct
' Stu ,s?d Beel.
A.'Al'l L< O.StCI ICO? 7'.ltlHi?C*t
BlL>os Ar SE.??. KU D?k i n [* ? Lnui ? ' .
?ee t.hli. Crmaat 23 case* Ms* kas it! Uurulle*
Skinilrf. Ml Oak Mani.. "?1 Picii?'i j-1 JotW ll
t/LtU-es Bcarc-.
Bar.isn Wr-r Is':;-'?.-?' Bsas-it es. n r .. ?
Caiocs. tin eaai.* r\aatacs, li. ?'>- -. Che***. ? barrels
- pica, tl taah. Pe??. ? j^U. Meal. :ild?. Past, UM
Haius. 7,M?i do. Btjtter. 1 bSl*. Bi'e. r?'s. Bs"Jt.
':<??? Otaaaaar*. us bbi?. Braad.al 1 ?, tibia.
arts. 3 do Lan| ?.tro. rtatebata, l*~ hall bj j Be-f
1 0.3 r.bt* Ploar, li.sya:k* Lard, m ralioB* L*'d 00,
I? Uiin M< 4 Landiea. 1^ p?.-??. Pea, M *)*?? sUl?*b*.
Si ia Mob laruui a.-t 'aJ abi? Flaar. is ??
r,. nu'artared Tubaa-. o. l.oSO ' aahet* Wheat, MMattaBl
CLavpaaa*. X ebe?t? Tea, '?? bruha's Cora, tWila
l*t-f, I.TiOSiar**. Ceaaks rsfwd Sujar. I30I lbs Cwtaaa.
Ilbbl? Appea.?d?. Ota.itts, i J ii'ta lianu,?.'? l atarae*
i :. n oHa* Iad.a Kobl*/ foods. I t>a>? Hapa, 6.3X.
IM. I utter ? lMM
MaLEtaa-atibbai riour. Uli ?ks? Cravker*. I*?**
s?as?. tttaS if-*. Bafe?. J 116 Pis on C.?e, 3 ?1? APitle*.
Ucasks Bare, rt-ts. 3;?ie?C?i :..?. I ia-rbbah ? ,rn
dar.? ? a 'm**f*Lr
?er. *.?*?? ata Fu < ? <!? tmJ?kt-?'
l:Sioie* Hetr a^-. -t pk*s Haanea-tv. I" <*''?* ,maJM*lT*i
llbbl* Oxoot*. 10 Ja A;.plV? I pttf ^wk.w??!??**?.
Ita 1 - c. v-'so*. ?? - -e* r.'"? l" cr- 1
mm ? ^?^?^^^^????????aaaa^^H
I L? VWiMf?, . ' . 'iu , > . ?
I a. - ??? s i i,t??,?.e< ti??<|? atteau ????,
- ? * b?l? r *W. II r -?<??? i i, Htr
?,' " I I ? i > r, . ki n i I .a aptm
Pj? i u.?i.?J . k?4a Maul Atarea, M taae I^?.m4
'*'? I. .. ? 5 .. .- \ a. ... h.i ? i. >.i ... ... L<ai*.
i;. ?in r.
S?*:\-lia?*.a>. Canda*. M.U. Boat', lei .V? ?;????
f !*? a-ftSlota M?ho??uf. l?; fun < ar-eer. iirbai*.
Uft.JKtmrtCoHoo. Ii t.-s. ,|a , |? t<i?* Fasts*, wtiai
i;t W'ft' Its,. jo>,b'i Be.?
J* 1 tl i> ar.a, li J tat ??;ara
rr, \
'?" ? ?' '.'ksf Am r-??etj j i r jj /rj.,
i ? >' ' v ??-*???: J. ca?t a id e '
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NEWPORT. H"v J?-Arr brie Ho;>e. Sw*?e?, Bar*
deeai !? r Philai)eli>lna ; Sharkfurd .Cnoniba. E?at|?tit for '
? i ?. ?il.ra op* Mir. R-??. Philadelphia: Priacuaa. Mr* '
riel.Alt.any. I .ire?t, ('rawljr, A'idivm, for New-V"i? .
.Taliea, Snnn Thi'iuaaten for un \ liuaan, fjrneTaaa. P.?it
I i. .1 for <l<> . On.m. Clarke, Calaia, for do.. I.adr Claatna, '
Ed an rda War, haaa rat .1" . Al?r.it Whitman. Pltmiuth
f.ir Jo.. Pal aeon, Cue. llarwi'h. for de.i Fawn, (J%v,
P.rt-sm ? ill for Piuladalphia Vir^m.a. Br.liaeton, t Rir
?; l r ?:?> , Had* n ISt. ui(. Pro! ?!': /?:..,, fir li..a'?a . k
I':i en.hi. Kr?cman, BOataa for Vvaiaia ?!(>? Re[, ili|ie
Sou I.-. S rtedi.'id h>r New V.,rs , M l.omtn, Bennett,
Brnrtol for in. i^tb, air achra. Croaaae, Hi^lev. Kdenntou
f.ir New \ot? lianr.tr, I.ot?!I, Albany earftopj K??h
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Foreikjii Porta.
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An ?' si leba.M B .MataasI >>? ? D'iv.i.M'wh?'- Boa
t.aa fur Wme't'ie. f.at aa for a harbor; *!d, berks Frederick,
Ba Ith, Wll ii Ml ?. N i i Moaawall, Ini^n. Ne*-Y jr? .
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(hi'. , J?el li ' r. Irfc, CoaeB, Maw-York ;
BM ?Ml Teoman. Pardea Mew \"rk br? Baa, B'o
t.'.era tin ;-?hra Echo, H .'er 'lo. 'Sr. 8 iwree and
Heniaaphaee,( ro ?, Boaton , tlliver ? r- ?i, Hni<lh. Bith
( IJ lilt ? r. ? f'..tii?t. Krtta. AI* tamlr ia
A' Leadea, lata mat.. aU:j. Manlm.. Ba??r. for Harra
Lett :.: to take peaeeaeera t<> New-Y *
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l?ei?. I'Hih Kremlan, B< ar??, tot V-w-Y .rk tea n.xej t.>
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i'cty A. ?e?sel in port
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York, fir Matan/as. T>, "Steal p'it in >n d'etre*", and ^ ri?
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I tn * I ' r s l.u- r Ann kellar.da Bbf ?'*. Irnrk
r?.e-r. a t enant, Fraiklsa, Mth, tn?a M.-raiue Siar,
Ceti, Newjtprlaana: 16ta. Flora, If oord BaBisnara;
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Paaaeetii Port?.
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Bra -Torh , Atao, Beaks, Boston . Star Oeo Baad, R??d
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Rarsi. Queen Esther, Pendlet*.. ????????''??. \ ;??
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BATH.Nea *? ? 't.#V.r M* ?J ??r,r *.*?**RSar
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Harr n Oata aa H>?a?. bn; Ctl*e I. Kielt. ItalJ
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Nea Yara for Labac <7ih- A'?.? a r arhr Marwttaa,
Naw'Tarl Um rttmmtmltmmm\ rtirhant C%> >4m. Ua
for St J. im N R;alS -. I.r. lar.raaaa Juetaaa. Ua>aw
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I I* * Miiv?auk?*. 8;jr^?, oa . AlfiaS S"
Howe, V at. n. Ja
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mona,Cabul, laahrlla.
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latt, Ne? York tot Piramiik, Kli/.*hatb Halaiaa, da for
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i" nd. Arm, Carver, I 1 tlaa). Alrara
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Kh'hardraia. Naa >*ik lat da , Wdliam, t'omn???, Bastaa
fur fhil-iiiiJi'i.' i
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thick aad loss*.
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raaa; ahipPataathtaaT. I"ard B<?t..n. Hr^m nark BktataM,
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Hirralt N k, liht.in'ia. Wlln'n, Liaerpied. H idaaa,
Wlu'e New York, lni( Hrownaai'la, H"ic?r* Htsa <? S*a
lia** No? 11 a.r Haw M*t*ae, Laalsaa, N??r Y*rh;
i' s *t**ai*r P**aion, Hater, ladiaaaia: ?hiii ii*n?h**,
v i .? hi..I,, faaaira; bark Clsatflina w n?ht. Bai'la.aa,
?a-lir Half (Joates, from the Co?*t. Cid aa* Meiaaa,
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NEWlaaNDON. N..? tt- Arr Hr!*. Win J W.teaa,
ft aai N II for Batba'iima. a?hr Jaaee HaaJ,
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fr N*? Yi.rk . ito Raaoak*, T.tas, tram Alt.??/ foe
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I . L. i W*at-I*dl*a -J-.i hr South randlaia*. WaJ
"i , .1 Ma/a, Daves New-Yai*
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x.t,e Thomas Hull Millar, N*w V ia Hid . Unat Wild**
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1 ? Alba?) Rwabairr Saara, rlrtetol. ta fisttab fovluaj
? . ? 4- \^ s Hawtass Haii i.i
PHILADCLPHI* N < i Art brtf Oatmam, Tttrram.
Pan I ran laea rS'h.tean f*aa E P .ti? I'raase. New?
. i ta* II Hei.utf Wmemote da ?
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(?;?: thai P < ( ?raun. N> a-Yoit , Baa**
i, Lvs< h. hwe S\\ t
PORTLAND 1" Arr '.,*r. h/.lent Peaaeil,*!?* tb,
bnaMataasaa ->t'i>?r Pec-mLith. eo***
fa*mn. Warns D"-r Isl* for Haltamor* ; CUa, Adasa?,
r 1*1* far N ? iwrar, Dear lata f*r
\>w-Yoi ' ? S. ' J ' er na ?>! >*w H*
n ' harle* Ba all, Slab le
1-OrflSSH'l Ml, N..a.-Ji ? Arr * hr N?Br:y Millf*ll
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maad Martetta, Saaeka-ni Phdadelpbi* . ?< hr I-*t*l>?e.
rt--- rrrdkaa, N?* yw? I H
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B ? ., .r 'ie... Ifatria. Oarma*.
A ' Ml V l H rO,.i.(ia/U? Wiiliaaw
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Vuek 1' t.i I i -d. K T?an**B?t. MSSBaf,Ba.,
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I RANCiaCO-C ?.red Oet Ti, bark Mouat Wash
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' ? s i k v i H N? I ' I heir* Lara?. P?rk. Saara?
Vli oa V.?i--t.? L?.?.* W^ttaaaa bnra Maaaa. WBS>
a* aVwtoa Srr?n?-jn, 0>?!fr?) Naw-Yart. kat*aow?
r*"* s., m?u?. Mat aar** whr. M. M?baw*r. Oorasw,
F!s\VsNNAlLN?v 2*-Arr 1 | B.r?aj*tWi?Ai,
. - , I ft'iithaa*. (aaa HowSlatU. Beta.
\f. f i.i L?*cl. t antsnaaea, S*ob*at*?. ?BtBBlM , ?eJar. .
,\, B V, ?: . ? ev, C..r?on, Pnil*d*iphl*
I tl.EaS.MaVf I Md Mht Wn, M Baird. Stj. .ka.
i i.a.ieivhi* *i..v ?S. arr. twrk BMar^KaBpeseh, Ch*?
i t n huet..^ A area. *chr* Maria There**, Biiialaay.
' ii I Vater*.i?. to , Maitt.a Mai.a,Saift,
N . a m Oatoi t rjra*.do
STOB Not T,? Art sehr. Raso ni, F/raeb. N??
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WM hl KD N v r-Arr.*fp Hok C irdio*r AlSaae
W II MIM.TH.V, N?v t>r Arr * al. Orl.aa St. L?k*J.
I'iOb^d.Mataa/as. rt.'it^h?.5I*iiie*lV,fa;uU.N'a ??<?.
.!.*.'. 1 Phii ia . Mary H*a?/d. M*aaa*il.
Bra-1 a. 'v II - ..!... Hannaa.do a-ka Hm
aaa l P . N ? y a . M?vr Paw?i?.s r.
P?w?.l, It. bi ; K?-*? Vstart. Ra* *a

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