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Chance? for Bir*.ne?t ?**
FM)H sVlR?Th? Sioel. and Fixtures
1 f aaOYI l-ERu Rl riue?Mt!ITiAI^?^
Itisattod no in t?.e latest ?!>?* ??'?" ?Tioof th? ?>??
thoipethfarea .r. -r. ?t* Ah*-tb* Bloclt. H?r?., .ad
Waat* of ? PEED >.T??E ? Kiihor J?.l b? ? >M'srleaa
thaatbri' value 10 nreal N ' i*?rb tt . latha Salaoa.
after I u'cloek !? Iba normt, ?? ?" .
tt.j iUUl ?FOR SALE the. COOD
t7*?,\ri H f. WILL, LI W aad FfXri-'BEi of
. hiittaase wh-rh ?rill t?***r ?? ?n ?, ri .jM. tb* Bai?"?
r??Blr*xJ, '?BT ? ?. 1 Vorj ibbbbbb.BnM bo
p,.. Gr soliii.r. Adln i x Ii. <1 RV, et lt,ir.mty
with IMl Birne Bblj
?akcain -i -.... - -aj -f WhSol.
BB Bid aat.bli.r-ed | S.W.HM <'?Vr- '..>? i ? ? ?'
B?b^^ ? j,;
IV) PHWICIAN?.?Fw Site, ? .">,H
. mt^mU? rVarrwill be I v j
ffyajta?|A BV^B/y.rro?, !?ti 1 ?oVlf*? dl HP'
Milliner v RS ' iex]
FO R fALE -TS* t*bek ? ll ofa M?Rbbt,
i BJBlrtBir-'-- ? i rst siraett lathe
StY Vor p.rt.e-.:*,. Bi-r-'y et*? . saa-BL.^aarth
Wm%W'__?_??_ _. ?_
Egg-For ??!< cheap fr cash, a superior Imperial
Mo 4 B*wi?a Printir.it Pinea mmlc bjr H.we A C. . Nrw
YoW M*T Ire mUU a> ? L V a.N/A.V M.N ???*"
aj ?'*"
fieul %f state /or dale.
HOUSE POE SALE?MtBB*a in a -err d*aira'.;e
aatcbsarbecd. eod "b ledke rro-ind, hstiOK a 'err* of ream
*et torero The h. nse it 'n a'1"* order.eoeAaaaa ail the
mod*tn iisprsvr n-tn's. ?ad m ". >???' I ? laOBBiral I
raetdeace Por patti' uisrt. sil liest L M E.Trib neOf.
boo. V ??
FOR SALE?Two raluable Lota on 3080
at..BBsr MadBtB BT. JO by half the hlocV. Thay con
Uia a Cottas*. Houee. and taro ?tablea. House reuls for
tlit). Stables (136. Also, a property on U av . laea/ 17th
at Lot at by IOC -contains a lata BY y bra I Hosts* oa
front aad s tbre* f ory hne> i?h .p "b rear. Fries $1.10?.
Ahat, other ea*?r> pmrony in the upper part of the city
Apply toE B. KINhHIMER.Ko. tilrlth ,? . from e to ;
BalaAerlsV.lock BJlm*
tJM) BU1LDEBS.?A nurnbcrof BaUding
JB. LoU. with |1B,BM vo ad-?nr. n. a buildint loan, for
rala .?tparatol? or 10(1 tner. Thete lots aie i ?? s.tna'c l
in tbii ?ldat of iu>prov< o uts, and nor twen*.; ininat-s dis
taatlrom Wall ?t . .'l-;ios a Sat n la If to rai n of
ertsrorisa. ApM to a <\ ihaw, No i Ntaasaa ?t .
ahsfd story. r.t-i ! I
HOMES! EA?3.?Bloomingdale Lota
fmraleaatth>. .BBiaa4M a-sts ?? was*tth aad
lath-ars. The natftli'i "Oed w lapidit improving, and is Iren
jjaai all aaltaansa. ar aaat aail tfr-f?TTii? rhi |.?operty
isaoet el'slbly aitBatad, ?ml effer? i .nc induronmn ' t>
narsotas d'-nioos of s?. ntn e i n-n.< ?t. ail. <o mattne an
tBTiwlnirtt Terms viiF ha mi !?? ? ii-v. and the t He tea
ttoatabla. Aajdy ta WILLIAM VENVILL,
dl twMkTIi* Att'y M Law, ?u lOBYaadlway
LHtHTH A\ EM E UAii ROAD.- Iti??e Lota
are sitastesj on the We-t. he?:?'? ? e . j the Harlan Hu er,
between McComb'a DaBi Br dye au I the Hsfb Bl
A ay person aoquainisd withth^ tabatba usf this eitjr, will
psrctivs, oa tiewn s Iba Harb Hr .'re Lota, lhal then p.?
ssss irreat advant..aas Bay reaaJeaeBt orer al I sr
list aaaat Ike clip, aad thai hsj i ibbi than any
other property a>. ae. 1 vitna wl lhe lull ' r the It'h sr.
MBBaad bbsui beea sifi dbytisaMat i tha road will bB
. ????> , ioe.t fuithw.th, lud spaodil? tni:,hed. (Plaa?e li>
aaata aad Man Ihefm | The fure forth* ratireleocth
<sf road is 1. he hut .e .'its It:, aeen.-r. . r'-o niod
iroai k'insst etety pari of this pr. pe ty is eTreedirif Iv in
tereatinK.einbrai baa Baost baaaU/al vi. wsoi I aad aad a ater.
This propert. also I as a witja froal Bp m the 11 irlem B i ar.
therel/y nfloidinc ? tarj faoiUty Bit H*atni| aad nahiue. For
maps and Btaer informain>n apple to
aaVilws D ii. wim'O.N BJb.71 Cedar at.,cor.IfaBsaa
FOR SALE or Exchantre for City Pro
MiBj, shout M aStea paed.Laatt, m the rsUaga of
Essl Chestei, adji'iiiinc M- mil \ Biaoa iBOnlrB "I
*:i tw? CEAAIOall BICH, 1
TO SJ LI.EKS - L Ih- nii'ltMH'ii.i'.l. Sec
ratal) of snern' H'iildiue Bad I. an AaBOOiatioas.
keeps a temater 1 Bit the ms pect ras. of aaaaibsra and n hei t
of all prviatityi.flerii! t. r site, hithia City, Brookljra and
Wllllinmil. .'ta I'eisous Iiuviiik h<m es or Iota fM sale,
seMaee,aiBBad it K'saily t? the t adt mtaee to leaeea
desrriptini siu pah i of thei' pieaarti *r,th I. PEC AHE.
Oitir.e >f<> bm Hi ?'??! at . nor Cental
n 1 Paiaoae daaiiaaa of Btiinliaalin in leaswuT heaaea
or lots, atai ami thtuiselvet ny egaai ata| the inbsrriber'i
rsaatei. all Ba*
FOR SALE?\ nrat-rategrain and bpbbb
I AHM n Viru'uiia. MatUaa from Aleiiu.ini not
?3 fron. Washii rl> n . "i. a:n sr 'i 1 -n res ? t esot lleal I lai
bsJtn toil, fianliot OB the aiain post-te id to Rreatsvtle, ths
<?oanty towa?< hnn hea mid tcBoois IB the victnily. For
farther |>artieolnrsHt.pi\ to \V >; DAY No III l.il.-ity et
All letteis p. s'na.d wdl meet will, i ttenlioii.
SCHOONER for SALE.?Thi faal Bail
- itl ifbnint'MAIITIN YAS HIKES. BUW lyiBf Bt
the loot of Cknttopher tt , North Km r. Hn .1 rstael ia It
fact beans, 7 feel hol.i t>j feat keel, straws 7 foot water,
wbsa li nde t . canles IM tuns h irden. BhoBBS boeara>
hailt froat bsr keel op this Ins- Bansg . rhc hat aew riffiai
htdaew i alia (hi < '. t I t a . ... !
is mamas; orderst BBI in tnent She is well ealc ll ite I la
lunta Vireiaia la the pirc wo.el trade. B ud BCBBoaereaa
' e boaeht low and en at e*aaato lattaa lentis, bv a;. l\ laa to
PEIFR CIlAYIFK. Ponf hkeepaie. ar to
?AM. D1CAKI . De| t> Bh r .
dt hBl* City II dl. N Y
lionoro to Let.
npo LET.-e-Tliree Brown Stone Front
M H-iaaee la laa aaa^asvas raw m pdc:m- ?t . staaaa
Hmid and Ne?lB^ >'s , Bauth Brook pa, the Id, sth und
ath haue* tr< in me i ? f rst Boa aswaadfiaisB i, th
lbs Bindet a inipiovements. Gas taturaa, lit h room and
Kitchen Ion . Knit ims A opt, al So I Will i
Hro..klrB at si '.he of! ra Bf jame8 i I M keh <> d > .
n? at J"bu al , New*Yeah u < i ?
LET?-Partof a House rery pleaa
BBtlr sttaatsd in the upieipiut el the OsVr, BB the
weal side. The Hpartmenls a < vary eocvBBISBt, with
? losets, ktti-rrn aa.i bath r.^m, and well edap'ril lor the
sccrmniodatMsn if a s nail and respectable fanulv For
t ttther patttculart additrw " ii W. I," Box Nu I 301 l'.*t
Orica. dl2f
ttae Iwa at. t> Hi.iiee, n? it. Willow-vt P'?tetsioB
given iti.me.hai. I. t..r laitKuiars. apply oa th* eraaa
0 LET oi LKASE?Thai tint daaa
Mot. , biawn t'one tr..Bt s. Chaaabera-al , a
tew door*, hi<w Bta dwa) TBaaBaishcd aboal tl
Jiaaaiy lr. n u N BHOOK.
nl" It* No. Mi Ctiambera-tt.
TO LET?A aew Iwa Blau nt..'. baae*
BteatHOl'SF or. list at , betwsea 9th and loth-avs.
Boat vet, spesttrat* aad passetsion saten isBBtdiatalT,
Pwat ItBOS of states ma to the pre o?rt lu;ure oi
?AKFKS. Rri.ly a CO , No O Wall st . oi SAND
IHIBJ).POETKEa STRtKER. S ' ; ?r.. id-.< .. ?:?> i,..?
t^onore Ulantcii.
APARTMENTS wanted for a Btnati
family, twa oi three ?y?aafetini;, within ths mc.aits
of BTaSMtstwap, ,w iwi a ?ls_* taale reras BtBBt be tuodsr
?I? Adders* H J K Tribunal M dl Jt?
11 oese.?nv'anted, a lwt>atorj :inti attic
* ** * Ihree-story House, ra some pleasaul location, or
wou d hire tt?.- lawai |*rt. wiUlov 3ro..ms oath
??alii the 1st ?f May A note avktre^aeai to H , ;,UJ .? t ?t
taw otb.-e will meet ?ilh altaatloa dt 3t?
Cutlnm, tjarbroarc, aC*c.
. V S? , ??kJ*B i haiienrs the wo*U ta Beck taaa*.
? iha hwaaf ? Handrad bvks net ateei led It ia faa ?
is? Mtblac thai lock-, tk isartarsd. aaaaVl i* fairli tested
, ,**li'un>0*r i rovtialc^iwflltrtti dejHis.t
aeeafdiSlaiB ib i>t?-,*i kMids tor rare f?rt?ll not ?,. . ,,
wi*>-as a rawartl la tke IBBCIltfttl . .?r:,i,v. on ibetol
Is^wtBi lerata Abi i?r*,sa aiay talaet this* bvks from
Hutti?in lere s\a- iniBeT thoat?ami mai thru examine Ue
th* raiiisjun?; tweut, te>rr,,aad Kav* lhe us* ol thm,?,.
He may tliea have ose month t* rretare bit -a-Mr.. luatrn
manls, when he ta isi Ivsjia the pHvkiiut spsrstssa. and say
oa* ;>*r ceat pet day oa th* aim j at dor n-'te,!, till he pAc?a
eaWaf the thte* sshcted kwas. r ahaad -us ... the last of
which La may But do nil aa has m-etai-d ?en t*W * \> ben
ha haa pecked on* lock, lo the Btyvpt.ince of a donate real
r,l c,.m.??ij?. ,,n)T tl TTT-?#:h?th' l.n..w- sesrta
i-ica taetn b\ pn v RK |..? rsot...a. . '.?c locxt m the tao
sxajoweaa_ 4a??. to the ax-copiaa?? uf tne tau e i o.usaitte,.
and tak* th* A
tBc lofAe Sie lot aal? bv Rskl>v? a M Mm Bkj SJ John?
s? . Abraais and JoJinexin. Sa tu Bt. a ... S wYork
aad br the prcieiet. i 8 B WoOPBKlPi E. 1'srth Ana
b?r.M i . at ei ikl 4v:l?rs eacB
tjiat ma .-ettuy that Mr 8. B H'oi'dbr ite has tjtssji
iteu ia bis ^htuvJs a i (i ? ;.,d Wk af $->??'. pen Me at the
Hsai iTBiaa\Tkaw.York. tW U ;.th;
r3?'*?*JAMESV Bl u H
no aw.dl.ls.VM >,* Kann*- Ts?ar .J lt.* Hanovea Ban;
SjlLVFR and BRASS S \SHEs, for
e^Mar* Froat* manufa,-tar**J ay the sabscrioer Also.
BWwat l eoelee I aaea. |v* ,?w?lry ?* oU,tt 1XB0? ?orM
2!.Ti ammS,MU*9' Cbbbb.01 Mahearaay. pia*. kc. cW
"saUy oa kaad, at tveiy daaaarmivaa.
amasaa ? *al/h> *wderton.
**' p*> _N?. lat Oraaal-at , Mar Broad w\y
S^^^'?A superior assortment of
mmwF!^**mmmm] A': rmmm caw-aaa aad iaacy
fawiTt toitr*fmJ! 1 ^ ^1 tVacy
F'r, s?^da a ?T1>, Poi??hed Sh*v. and
UTTLS. Nos 33 and 14 I lUtoa at. ajv fu r^j^
jrjHEAP STOVKS.-Hot..,k,v;.,rti aV
*J strvasof aiiTbaties rsxel Ssovea wdl find aa *i:ea
?ra ?arestv oflVsnl and Weed CsSkSM SioTosrsC2
Hssl tad oUsar St.xos. 5 the baat ?tvUa.il N^s^t BtS Um
?B b* Akra, a aeBsval aasutlaotat copae, tm aS
fJ^V** * WkUTsLJa.
" ? ' Btoree re- i.-ed aad rat ap. all leas
CMTT N-ULB.?Aa m11 tilg_-*fggfc
* tonerr-AlW^J^ \^^*<&
st j_T-jn?Uha*
:i? ?Vesawieh-?
jnachmt-TTj. #c.
Ful'on Fotutdr
FOR SALE.?Four new Flu*; Builers.
_Ifb i m ??, i-reewh, tilk i r
rerve*, i H <?;?. < Rr,M Ole* '.V
A*ct>cs C?pp*r P.pe*. ke Alt* i?* '?Uo*tn<5?so_ .
Hill- Boilers :
1 VIm Bot-er, of 10 H?r,? Pu?".
2 K oe Rotler? of W Horm Pwf
I Five M m, of i H P.?w*r
' l...w Pre.-lire B Ihtvt V I H l ower ta?h
I PTrorllf Rag iewt J'. H.^?/*Sf_ ? .
I Ne.? Lie B ??'-.^?-i^^ir
dl 311 _B_Tu Office No 17 Coriesr* it , cor. Cherry.
SEV\ ING MACmiSfES, of Tarious p_t
Kru Bewe'l Fsiet.t. .he bos'erer offered, bow far
?seat No Ml B-oo!?-.? ?C?utioo-Ail ^trennt mtkitif:.
?e!U_e "r oiuu a.nr .tl.en will t.e protocitod to the full
eiteat of the !>iw Also. Howe'? new fasten:?? for On'
rota ? 'k? aad *y*t. ae.. a
heant.Ml mid flcair tirle article, now con.inr, into treter?!
ti.?e..u; at e la-tit Bad retail, aad applied te eent.e
men't pants, by the lareuior and proprietor. f-LIA.J
HOWE Jr. No an Ttroa.lea.r. op ttairt. *? '
STEAM I5m!|,,:r.S I <?r SALE ?One
? ew hi?h-p-e??nre Boiler, i fe. t diameter, J6 feet Im*,,
with two It, inrti ?1.iee: a'ar, one ?ecotiJ band LoceweOT*
Haler S fret .od*-, s leet frort. n inrhet diameter, In-naca
2 feet by < feet 6 inches, with ties in dram. Toe loeomottre
boiler is turlr ne?. For ptrticulari io<itur* of SBfOB k
LNDEK1ULI., i : HA a ? y. Bwei. at' *?*
Camp? ant. ?nrning Jluibf.
- FLUID LA MP3. at the la'est styles and best iiuish,
tad every rariety f pat ten. Ai> o 't lar?* astortmeot of
li ra: (b.let for mantel ornaments, with a new ar.d beauti
fnl flower drop, to which pa'tieoUr attention is rei^eet.
fnllv called. C .i-i-liene und Huii4. Olohoa. Wtcaa Tam
bier? he , ;.t wholesale ai>d retail at the lowest m?rtet
piie.a. [nil In.* i ( A BALDWIN. N<> A H..wery
? " ter. aril Manufacturer On Cl.anrielstrs. Pendant*,
Bracket*, Be ,N ? lltaadltl PRINCE AT., wird hit- k
east of llro;ulw..r. I.efS leare to C'.ll tbe ntt*Bt|.>B of tfo.se
about fi'tinr th' ir hoo?< s with Otis, to cnl! und etamme bis
su?k ofrasix' iresb.: rt purPBasiBf els?wk*f*. Hn tt?k
comprises a laree assoitment ni'the latest style* and pat
tetns. tad warranted eooil in qualitr and at rontoletab's
lo<*?r pnerathan snv other eetaMirhment m the I'nited
Mate* . ; e seen at No 7 John-it. nU Ina*
Jnbia Rnbbcr (5oor)5.
n_Y'S PATENT ELASTIC < [,?>(.s.
- 1? is BBataBBBd i leeant article, the -hrf d'vurre of
all iewtwtio*? n.ml* in the oretthoe, co-rpntiae perfect
fieiAoeafortb*fo*< when incbaed. and an ?Inttli'tty00
rAo they are T*rad*r*d ae lAe?BibroBf e, lewdre tat
raatttoa kt thl ?irtof partial them on. or t.kme them off.
i% a* lvp*du?setat to th* riodntion of the j>*rjpira i a
wkicki*fr**)a?Btlrtke e*a* wttk the .Id ityleeof *v*rs
rAu*. la -tout, DAV I BraaeatathaiaaMat ultram tbe
i. mboe, to tht aafdea i rth* a?b_e, with tbe folest c*a
Adware that a* aocm at it? units are tested, it wfll aaat*
i t tr |i ?? i "ttcile i lalbo city at least I n.l other tt>les.
-Nit ? H DAT.UfaiaiaiiaaItii IIriieaaafl M
-1i0bek1 M.KI.H. No 1.V? Cmal-et., hat ou
Baad, h? re'ail. a lull assortment of India K'ibber ttver
ibooa, baeladint the new t'jle of p.ter.t tpeiaa Bhaai
Cti |* Prices low. dt t-'.Tn I hkS*
tjato, <Tapo. sCc.
F^ALL FASHION ?Jn.H hn.fhtd, eift
nwt ."'..?ihei' F.Ik H-.ts, at the low pra e of B] usual?
ly lolifat |4 ; as trut la a'. |2 50, and 12 13 , Baal Ha'i |'
BKOWN. f.- -???..
ala 1m* aetl to the comet of ftul'iran-tt.
M at lit* Tor!'r"t Heail uittarters. No 7* "-"olton-tt..
c,inier of Uo'd ?P L. RiH;I k\ ('omn.iaaary Oenetal of
th* above well known estnlihalrrent desires la acquaint
bit patrons and tbe public, tl.ai be is now prepare! to offitl
ia*ta aa aaaot-tataat ol FALL ?nd WIN! KH CLOTHING
(made of taaarlor ?t*t*ri*st,natd by aaa*ri*aaad irarki as)
at wbotaeauw aud re'ail. cheaper and more railed in
style than .an he loumi at any other honae in thia rity
Tbe entire estith'.ishmi nt is nmlar ll.e so arriiio* ot Jar,
J. bOLDEN. wba will ?per u'iy ttUaad to roe eaatoej de
partrnrn'., thereby C'traDteeiiitT a perfect fit to all who pa
irobii* him. Beatataber, 71 Fulton st., c "usr u?l<i?Ot .
Tavlor'e Head Wnaiters all 1m*
\\'M. s. VANDERBILT wou.M mTu
? v the attention of his cuatome-a and the public !t?
rally, to lnr well-seloi U.d ttnrk ef Ckttk*, Casstwers, Veil
int,:.nd Fall and Wihte, Good*, Ol till CASil
TAILOHINO LSTAllLISM.tli'Nr. Ill Br .adwas.
avhe.e he is prepared ta> mak* up OBNTLEAIHN'8 aud
BOY'S CLOTHlKO, in the most l.vhiouail.le
He alto keep! a wi 11 selected hssortment ol OFMTl.E
Ml'.tlS aiH? 11. i\K III' AIIV MAIIU lllalTHIMK
Also, a penernl assurliiieni of ev jr,Ihtrjt found in a
?JVNTI s Ki r.MSIli.so h?TsBLISUMIiS i.
s;S tm*
Soy lljc tioli?tino.
Wliail TOYS for the Holidays, and
iC^oriiiiniciits fol Oiko.oii rekl MBla terms, WBsd - la
ami retail, i: \ LECOMTE'S Conftcttaawnttare, Ne?MB
(ItreawH h-*t . N. Y' , ?bin * mild ruid eib.ctive larnwdf
to destroy worn.* in rhildn n can be tound. u?l liu*
? 1 The tuhtcriber would tefoc** ka Maada aad tke asjb
Ue,that be aaowpraearvdi. ?>i|u.'y them wttk tb* eon
? ot all ticdi ..: Lake*, Bread aad i'n-a, watTaatae
Dalh the I. tin Ik* City i and as reasonable as ;r.y, at
Ii s Bakery, No l< I li iwer , . :i? tV i r? above Itro >me st.,
i??t aide. 1dl lm'J T G OARHKEC1M'.
* ESTABLISHMENT, eorwei t' Ut???) i ?and
Wkitwaa*!.?Tknakfal far tke liberal' paMwaaaa betet .re
?'ttrtriTrid wpitathw**ta*rlhdiBieBt. Mr Huanagti a u d
loinim the poMie th t he is ao? prey>artd 'o fnrni'b s.il or
dtis lot tin II i dayaaad Parties, with all the usual rxras.
ties.i raatrjrakoa rnafaellnaaij.Be dt tm
flliecclluntous Q\bticrti?ement3.
pi*AG8 of ALL NA'I'IONS oa b-ae
a. aad awd* to *td*r BtnittT Btaaaia. MIIBaij Cma
pea] > Silk Standtnts aud tJuide Flass rol up With ntatiiew
si o dia; atr li. Ball r<Kiu?Jes'orated at short notice, k' at*
and H'lntu-r to hire, .it ihn Flat; and Awniur I)< ? i !
BroadwB] aad P*arl at. aiatoalte tke N.Y Heeeaal. a7 ua*
K?SSi [WS REt E PI" I ON.-A.re I
ral asfoitine:.*. of Aniero ui l la^a lor ?lecrn'ms;
par - o>e?. ?ith ra itee to last, for tal* or th* auaafaotu
ran.atwhalaaali tad retaal.WM. M. riBKBaCo No.
II ( otiitlandt st . and No. Ml 1? mal at. Jl li*
Ftttopian S.neiae B.Ms, per ship Ella, from Brrmi n.
ta*avAaeaflwraveryrtjjreetlaut call the ationtnatof th*
I, iers .u ??eet **~fril*l Hirdt in their new ini;.ortati,io. Ooa
' 1 I.tit' Hotmail Cutanea, selected by Chat Keicb*
j.sr'i. n'arlv for tb* .i musical Boies such at leldont Uavt
lasen hiardln Ihn caimtry. M Skrlarkt. iO W mail arks
rebea,Ntth-B al*t, Baaekoapt V aureitea, Bekea k*d
bre ? a, a.,- a I iarrood b*altkaad aluawfa. u* kaaa,
tit ii the btst MeUi?n Lout'ireeal Canaries, tupervir in
ihaia-aad color t., au\ ottered fee sale ia tint mat let All
r* Basted Buds are ot'ered tor tale at a remarkably
en as Ri ii'iit a. BhV >
uta t. ? No ii N rib \V:lltAiu-?t .near Chatb im
For Wo- ten M .nufactnren. of a tupenur qf.ality
aiul at rerr low arhMB, ntade b* the sut*cnli*r. aad da>
Itscretl iree al chare* at anv .>f the tessel land!ne> m rail
r-aid dejs'ta ia this aad the N'ew-Eiisland Sutet. Pis Soap
is wairanted as (rrssl as the beat in m .rtet, or bo sale Or?
den respectfal'.y solicited, and will tie pMirntlr attewdesi
te. JAMES KABTNESS, Scsanectady, .?,>?.Y^k
. I '' 1 ' "' v ? *? Osed by a lart* number ef
Blilia m Nsw-Y.ua.MaaBBeka**tt*.Coaiwcta t andU <
is-aad ilu StcruTtiAS*'
DRUSH MAM 1 \( ItiRY. Ne. 337
?uf',r-''- i Eraaalin-tquare -The anbscnt^r raspeet
^?icisrij cosh en er* aud tbe public tauerallt that
he hat ou hand a larre att >rtiiu al of BBUSHEB. ?f ererr
d. s,tioa. wuob he it sellmt at the lowest pricea. wool.'
tale and letmi N I.- Mackiae Bntabe* wad* to order
tltlmTuThAS* JOHN K HOPPEL M?P,ar:-.i
/ j HELSKA MILLS. OTtihat., tsatwwaa
w Mb aad I th a?t. Tke tabaaribtrt haniur cmpleted
iliew arraaeeeteats for cbjtv.ih ,.n the M:!!if<r t.naines?
5 C J?I. ?* ? ??? ?* ? Fr??h Or. to Eitra r%tm
..lahaiM Float, Indian .Mn. HoavAhV. W'beatea OrKi.
1 " " ' ' J wheat T] u They ?uU akto prwwh
?ata* ol t\ra Fanna, b.ioi one ot thjTbeatpr*.
.?-j. v., lbsabaher chfuirea (inaSM*
i. -"a'ai. ' J '* "' ?*??'***? Cora. Oat* and Feed
M*a"?an w5^?^ J5? " U U* M? '*
Bpaaav aTaaahaa m w ^^TsT ^ *^*h ?ItrBktlOU
1 s BU N8QN ft WILLIS.
UfESSRS mil .v COLBTkave jMit
?tda.aMra.lea. I ? Wands?t;;. .
es- iuality erea:^. ;sartv aad ball ttoD;*??^*
11. a *ed toile' Fbl rsa-t ol the haii.ttomeet: fabn,?? ?t-5
only al thatr eetabtath.-neat. No. SM BraaeVaT a
ftw Spraw-tt dtitTuThhs^
th* fi-llowm^ tricot, tit ?Ls, !;:??? Outers at land a
ihillinci i Oeata. Rubbert at 3. a and "s , Mac t ttrsaur
Shore, ua prirs* , B. s' stn-m- So. um ii . d?>iMe-so's ret.la
CbaU Bsvts Si |B; Las':*! tine KM S..,.t i i aad Je.; (acts
* Pat Mat Leai/ier Sh.s*? and livterv at krat prr* iksa
e sew here, at H MANN h BOITA Nt Or aad-t;
ol* AaTaThasS*
v v i Ki 1 st; . Furaishiiyr, Warenxmit, Re.
a.*} t.raad-st., New. Yoik, wl.er* w Jl be fottad a c.aap.e'e
assortawBt ef ibe i". tl-.waar aJticlat : Feathers, kair, muse
and a isk , alt. bad*, mattreasta. palliaasos aad eaakaaat:
also, baxlsteatlt of erery deaPTjpt:on. ?;r: iutt?al errs sr.
troaioiat. lock joust, iron terew. cott .te aad tniadt* oats
. alt?. ? tpieiidhi *axaWy al paper tiaar**, N?rr)*rt. he
?r c. woaJdcall par-.x?lar attenuua to hie new tirht et
ts.ritid ipnar mattress**. N B ?Old assda . xt.
..r.tea ra.ioiate.laa ,1 n ade ?wer e.calto new, k<
.... **. CRAWBI OR N ,
ai ,"- deee eat* *t Bhyaaa a*
.3v?'r.^, T '?: / V T:vi
,JL ^mmI Mi evtiu Eeo? I.adl.st. S4 ca ? .
?Wlea-am$L rtMI?Wl*t DtvlM a'?d mui rsi? la fell.ee
rlrdiM'o'it* oraeftt and MNtli? eiras-Lai ?t. ?
T.m-lrmb* tl ? Nativities ralcultl*d-Ltd ?I e/j-Cee
liT* s t> it wd will n-eotv. iTm-"1'?!eVVViiH fie
UlUUe'wT ??? "?''r Astrol ste-sl Alnsaasct Ml
U ,, .. d ?t ths office, sta?s. ?>??'
(^ei)ar boards.?Now l\;Aioz, imi
J for sal*. 100 m t?* ?f c?a?r BMC Also.
M Mi*. sevt nl Sloop. Md Set vV-'iv ; . -
baiCso, I?0 root lull imVjM-T. Bl NTOrt. ragossta-at
J M PS B tCES ke-The r-eatset ie*BrtaBaat .f the
\il'\ J? Ko. J*- an st . r 3 n tajL
Iand WARRANTS boiigtit, Bold or
uji)i elsimt of Beldsete,wr Bntdwr'a Ltir*
c .ilec'ei AipJv at Bouaty Laad Office, No 3j *'at.-tt
i.-..*' _ __
MUSIC LESSONS.?A vosjog German
is desirous of fi I. BtM th* Pisno aad m the
fjafM Lat,?t:?eo. in a tsmdv wher* Lie instruction wmld
be cnwio? red at an <>qii?a rtit i r hit board In .u-re at
KEKSIEG B BBEl SINO 8 Music Store, No. 121 Br>ai
rpEACJUNG.?A Gentleman who has
X bad teversl ystrs ? rpencm e in tsachmr the Piano
fmtt torrthtf ?ruh tbe English breaches, -tiers h i ter
tic?. 'to Schools ttiid KaitoJi*. 1? ? tea' U.r of aatk* r the
aboes bravfce?, orof botht.cfher W Vd w scha pa t
?f mm ti dav 10 ticl.anre for b'arJ. Re.'trcueet t;tven
Address GEORCB D Tnbttac OfBc._dl K*
MUSIC.?A bury, experienced in teach
ine w.sbe. to obtain um? dsily :.<ipi!t am the Piano
Eo^e and S.nsinr. to whom sftc wonld eive ImIimIBh at
Uieir own houses, or st her retulenoe. No. 'Si Walter-tt ?
8/hooli attended ' n moderate let ma. alt mTaTaAB*
T|f U8IC.?A Lady Teacher of the Piano
IT I Md Sinejtot:, w:.! receive a lew mere pnpili at bet
nMtiaro ot ?0 Id attaatd atthi pa ila1 uitdaaoa Ic
cmefor .V SIC IVACHLH. No .. l-t *???>?
MUSIC?A Votin? Lady who ha? re
oaivid 1 er m"?irtl eiliination from the best 1111?''",
and is eminent)? Tialttied for teaclnin. it denroor. uf .b
taiii.Mi a few BTOta papOs fof the I'lan ' Potts r??!\s?
lltpsa (ifisrlrr fnr the Piano, and $1 e-.trn for Btiriat
v.b -.< -s Mitt T . Teach'r o, t..e P*no-Kort?, at i . - I Bos.
Dancing Schools.
BVBDA?GHTEB r.st ectf.dly ann .uoce that their
i !aes< s as sbssss are no? ooaMMMtBI >l Conititu'.i.'n Hall,
No fM Broadwar, at No 196 I>eUh s* ,aad at<. "...
HaB. Brooklra Por tsarticulars,saaotrealar.to be hail as
share Classes for fseainBari are aoa faetasat every ifter
mamm mm\ t,t N. B -Ti e BJxti ? Btm eg Chiss for
elder 1? IB ?. trill roainiei.ee at b and on*in' .. BAttt't.
1>IANaF0RTE fur SALE?A apletv
did Hi.fe-.m.ou P.-ino forte.made bj (Ji'.bert, f Bee.
icn raaad< sraera,Mahed to ttsad ta n ni.ilc of the
mm.p. ii mi etJMrjr. Thai can be l.a! at a creat bar train fat
cask or food MPei Inquire at Wo SI Oli-etlp. pstain
,n iw? JOHN NOBfON, Jr.
itKiUHI.K No. tat Breed (raj, ft. Y ater.tt rbrthe
fullowm.' well-known Kott.m l-iano Poite EStabUahnen'e.
v./ Hallett k Allen, iueraaiofatti Brotra k Haiiett i
Woodward B Brewa; a B I add W P Emet-ia ?
Puces from $!7 i to BB t. Pianos t I real mJ '.titled dl lai
IstlANO.? Tor .-ale. a haBdaonte rooe
w. od PI AaTO-PORTB, fat the *er> httt j nce . f -\ ti,
if spj.lieil for curly, as the present owi.ar list M room lor it.
Any t? ism wishiB( a co*l m'trument for the BMMy will
nu tint worthy ol etssnjaut ion ti has been mute bat
?ib ul tbrre uii-Kths, .md wiB 'ie sheaea hf add;.-ssisr It.
dm MB ^ Poit-Otlire Jt Bt*
1IIAN0S.?A ?i octare rosewood Piano,
nearly new. pnee ill..; 1 tor BM . i do , at ??b Btl
?I ?3i . 1 in ?' ro?'-wn.>d PtMM. oi t.. to 7 octaves, fot sale
?? ms , I Mel.sie..ii?, I" Music S-ie.ls, lc (:o!d Wati lies,
Hr, liiodss kaMa for psdaiors,DrtsssiB| Bo\e? Deaka, ?
Balamaade? Safe.&.<? . Jtc. Cash advanced..n niorchandisa
ni d personnl prvpi rt> eei. inlly, .md |O0M bourht aad
sold oa ceassssesBoa. |t,BMa anted for a terta of raars, oa
:l .- bestsreuntv, at 7 ;.cr cent I. P JONES
d] ?t* No M Atn-st .t>\ tlwr.
E L o DEO N S. ? < vRH\Kl &
NBEORAM, BtuafaetTtrarB af Ca'lmrt's Pateat
MaladaMt Wa era bm.No 191 Brsadwar; MsaaJaetory
N ? ".East C.hst.N Y Puce fr..m $Mi to fyiiHI ii?? Im
1WAN0-F0RTES.?Hews7 celebral
Amerioar I'a'ent Action, w Ith or with... t t he .1' drio.
t. f. U. cuiiriis. ilsisli n si si SSI?, Sta ?.a ??sssl" ?s
Also a fooil ?s?..r'ment of IJo.nl.or Pisnos. ill lat*
PIANOS fur Sale and to \lur. it 7 i^ar
clay-st , opposite ths Astor House, ficai ?, to 7 oc?
taves, in rosewood sad mnhesrsny ease.
0^1 tn ? JAS THOMPM1N laie leilman Si Ktn'ei'.
HAYING admitted mv brother, NAM
l El. MAI'HE WS, to an bj tercet in my business. D.s
t: oi hereafter - ill bekaoera taWlt.l.lAM Mxi'HKWS
at co , No? i; aad M Patkariatn
fVUl: C?PARTNERSHIP lieretol ?
1 sxhathMbotwaM ths sabacrtbtrrs, aader tka Ina of
HABT. MoKKHOl SB Si MEhBlTT i> tins da? .lissolveA
ta its own limitation. Ths bus nets will l.e settled >r
oi.bet of 'he partaera, at the office ol MOBEHOl SB v.
MfcRklTT. No. Jl Pine-al
New -York. Dei ember 1, ism.
LIMITED PABTNXBBHIP Tlo -h. ier?;rns.l. n
pitiansxi-e ol the urjvisious of the Revise.I BtatatSI of
" Limited Partasiships," have tins dav loruieJ a Limited
Psrtnership that tie Banis M r i uadet ttktak nek
PattBsrshis it to ha BoastBetti t? ' BlOBEHOtr8E a.
MkltHITT:" that the general iiii'uie of tin bu-iue?s in
teaded to t* tmnsscted us Ikedeall r in Dome-in Off
<;.<., s on Commission, tli.t II. e ^- le'ul nirtcers are
BITT, Who resje.tively reside in the City ol New-Vors,
and thai the Bp*rial lUrtnei is KICI1ABD P It AKT. srha
ahsB ifsides M tka Orti uf Natt-York; utat la* itid S;.e
cai' Partner has cop.triboted to the common st Ite ?
Ol fttenty live thoaaaad dollsrs . that the period at winch
said Partnershii' is to cornaii aet is the Bral day oi Dei i ia
ber,oae ikoasMd euht haadrsd an ! fiftj oaa, usdthe
pernid at which it will terminal! u the Brst dai >.i PtOMt
bee,eaetekeaaaadabjM haadredaad it . rie
Dated, New-Yolk, Dt r-ember I. ISM.
i HILiP II .MLKill I r.
eitsttne t*iv re:, labBerBsssa nndee ths riru
OBEOOBYk POOTB is dissolved by m<i|iial caeaeal
Oeargt k Paota mt sJom aatA^arized ta aetPVs the Wit ness
:aid ti a*BUtS name of tfie late linn in bjo ids'ion New.
i.H'Kt.L II rooTB
COPARTNERSHIP - The i.d.*.hrB?.i bars tht. il
fot med a Cofartasrshia ttadei trie Srm afGEOBOB I
r'OOTE A BBOTHKB, and will coatiau* the Clol B ?
neea at No. (IS William at. New-York. Dec I l?Jl
j ' _ KB ANC18 1 Hit HE
tTtpVt'SGCS, iCc.
1 a I INE'- is diM attanrf ior this seas.a. ow;nr t-.'he
latiessed loll opoaUie Lakes. AUG-sisls wiB be forwarded
kj Bipieas.-OrTce Anertcsa Etntess Co, No. I Krte
plaM, De. 1. 18jl. ii D rice, l.eueral Atent
d3 il? f.u New-Yark aad Eric Railtuad Bouie
1>V Ll'HJA ?\? ti: r ATti-s.meat ?D.LEECH k CO I
LINE ?Creat Di.pati h-W. bare made erranrementtta
cain rnodtthron:h from Philadeli hiaU) Pittsburch dursa*
lb* ?u?pcati.?o| Caaal navniarion, n.itin tu dm from I!.*
skkeaaat aad at low ratet
E.>r fnrtBer information, bd.s uf ladme ate ai/olr at
? v ' *Ml MARI CS REARE?
New-Y oik. D.. I, llil. Aernt for D Law I kC
u3 m s_
Profcoeional Xoticto.
EUGENE t ASSFRLVharin-resumed
i the pract^e ot hit ?rof*atoa a> aa Attornav
1 Pity ol Sea t'rmnciees.. ,HU
his atteath a to ?ach bi.wa?s? at mar be cwfided to i.im
MfsecsaJb ui ths coUevctioa of dabta. -?adcwcHta, Ac In say
;.ait of the Stal* vi CaJil'?.-a.t ?Saa >'ra.ocasr? Sent l/
XiA- "il TalhAfflia* '
Drn ?00?6.
1 adies' *-LOTUS.? TRm'v. ir.
WIN*: CO lave rece. e a iiul assortment i C. un
tor uuhtm w.ar. comprtaur. Drabs af all shsde*. etv.ltt,
.ii'.itstrtv hr .aa. Bitte, ereea. maroon !.(?ea, i\at. UJ
|"JsJ, .hiratln/^tr lot -ale cheap BIN.. W Manien
dl 1st?
?): Hl s BtMUBI1A on Ss;??^ ttt R B. Co 1
?"a-, TI?? CsAAjresitira. aJtWev. uui |
IN 93S h ? ? ' ALL8 of TEN 1>oL
tiJtX*&H\imV'?U t>W ' iSWckof
C^aar "?* bf ?* ' ?? I^eoTir," t?i
AM Stos-khseier pre- mcjto psy bcth ?1UBa.hei?
da. et tMeatabee u,t .,T ,? . , a\, *'o ?J .
j^STuff?* m ]'"
Th. iarn. li'. :? tt '* n.sJa t? ths ,-r*.' t e." r?ir mt p.
BEY MOCB r- seurev, mi ta- a?c* I J E 1 ilt.'r a
b oU.r. BoaUsa . Btns af Lb* St. s af New Yevk i, [a.
C,7 of New -Yoik ; Baak mt Syracasa. Bank of Aasera!
.of the R.>-.iee... Otts Bank a-J ceridcavss of t,, 1,1
BrUtclsahirsraU'el ta | - v , -a ^a i,-x.u ?,a
Blse be r?s e red
ir* MaafSfcl CKA?Lrj 5TYli372.T:.x. ;?r.
1n poad -Tb? wmt. ? - nv*?i-<- ? aafstk? c-.-> ? .
Stock of ihr N?w Y?k 111 lleat.a B. >, ad, cwik tr.e
?? .? r 1 im r* r ??s ?. t?. 1.1. - o; \; ? e. , CA 1
? BJfTBI k YRRM1LYE4 N? 4? Wall N
1 HAU.KS R AL?OP ) Ctram.'.: ?
1 HO? ,1 ? DDisON, V far
WM f H ?.<-'>- - ? f ? ?v ?-? ?-.<
K.w Y j.r, D*- J, Httl, M
DIVIDEND.?Office?**tl - N ntta \
ikii t ir* luu !?? OMMWM N? **i -t ?
N-w Y. tb. 1??. rrr.'?er l. '.Iii Thn PresSaat a*4 Qsr?Ct
0. ? l*>i wfoiajetl a ?en?i *j.:i m 1? . fT*t ?? 1 11
I 1 ikta .u d?xt?d k # Bi.r.L. KiXswii.ni
c: jha
iNTi-nrsT sr"u?n v >v .? ;*i n-iwru -
Tt.r C'-ttjv.M IBs ir t ?1 ob :ha Be*,.ad Ni->-.ri Pn<i
of ih? ll'u**p? Brv*f r* kowJ Cott aey t*tht |:l
will be raid on praeeatatroa at the Baak or (Sana* ee, m
N?*-York, La aci alter tset tay N??-V . a Boe-aar
1. J M lOI'KI
dl ::?? Trtesver
DRAFTS?Farfort amount on ?t!e, pay?
able in aay of the ?aitad Kiacdota Parcel* trad
Pirk bat? forwanled to rfi part v kr wnrld b? th* For
??* Bipr-*s of K.DWARJiS ftAXFOBDkCO , *t AJe-nj
a f.. 0 No ww?iu.t ??
?V.0 (MIO 10 1 "AN a *
ai I I ?al *p?ard. on imri ^?*d ,,r?i??r?T u ;!, , c ??
t ? kl r. AdJrr**, wrh da*e ipttea *f - atari ,it*raise,
tne ?mooDt c>*ir*d atl tue a .mixr oiyeart ta ms. U D .
P,i N.i Po H|te
Jena uataa 8ai> \.)?? j -.er c<. i payaM* ?*ur-ann tally ia
-it 2w No <i WkIi uu st
C?aUr Cnre.
15 laajkl al. Nm-YiT? ?la tawrttaa to all ta*
?ii al tritiairi-t for ntitrr-trtBtmfBt. DRS TRAXL *
lloSKOhD b itt ? ?t?t.|i?hi-,1 t.!?,.,?!imcut :.?t t:???;?>.?. il
traai intal of Pro s. ?in., at d utboi raaaala dj**at*> rej-maur
n>>rb3b et! rnd taieical itiaaarcairrit N B ?Af*w taora
hoarttara, tVtaainai 'i ;li)-t:o;oexal ?itt, an t.t ari-oaini?
dnted ,11 u*
RiToiiinn BO) i bf UM w*tt dntinr?islie<l 01" Iba Pr ??
fratioa in Ibis ritt. !*'?* t irr .'a-i at aRjce.l Appliettiona
lor a.lnuta'on. rrrtinaJI;. or br httor. navhe mad* to
JAM LS KENN I li\ . M 1) . N t. ? Uuaiit Park
!t lraT iThfcS'
BEAUTIFUL kack nmi II\M).
Ihr aj?frti.-er 1? .11 poaaataMraal aa Mlglaa] im
Ikeaaaaltaf r t|?nttn ntal trat? a?d particular at'idy. by
wbich the Face tnae be rra'lerrd aoft. '?eautital ?n>l white,
araay rude imprest op ot wu her or unteenry rouehr.ee*
removed, Makattka Haaa.ftkatdtstinfuiahie?;mstk ?\'
mXatf belteataleSaaavekl Mid tiilnrity.j all hard us?te
rimovtd.deUaaej of Marekraatored, ibi! 'he ttaloi ?
e nc* ?ecnir.!. howeesr unpn inisinr it? ; raeen'. condition
Tiie Ri , ,p? s.iM.r r ..'.-J. ir.ei..?n?.;t. a.o! 1 ntirelr
ui-e fi-ro am- .1 arkx ? i**Jity The B*ci ? ".II b* tup
? l il h- ratara 1!' mad t* n. 1 adt ur nttteman.on receipt
edollar AddroaaMn L E YATES, Rocheiter,
N Y Ii J C FoTUtS*
<r>rfQn ?teamero, &c.
l*ANY?Mi iBitkip ?;oLDEN OATE ?Faatilat* and
1 tkeraOCaatl ?fdataag n rotate lO Cauiornia. are informed
llint tlie abort Bane 1! ttl u.er. wi^.te re| Uta inn I r <[>?? J
aad apt laiiainilaliiia baa beea hrretofore aaaer ted by
aar ttean'er nfl??*. "ill l*ara Faaaat* for Baa rtaaeMoa
1 n or ill "tit tlie t r.it ihr M .lanrtar nett, ? Kb the Geren?
a 1 *< Ma: s I in- aHate-Borna lasoetit nre Ittad -p ia toe
im.rt n riii':' 1 1 ut a.; la, bb alao rv ryorptrtmeut of the rcs
t*L Pan-el jets laarfcf Ntw-Yorl oe U s M;ul
tit aaaer *f Dee. 11. ?1I1 be in liaaa te coanaet with tba
GOLUEN GATE at PananiH I . n.. A ? the
oflice No. Wett-si corner .1 Vk'ariru tttf
I >a(111( m aTjT s7!7!: \ nTsin i? < < ?m
M pa N v OalfThraeeh Lbs* fe* Saa Fraaoiee*. via
Caaaret.?Fart Bedeced?SATURDAY, Dee. Mb, at 3
P.M.- rbai tndidattamahipCHEBOKEE.IM
t 'ta I urden. H. Wraale, Coniaaaader, will tail on SAI
LKDAY. Dei '. M precite}) [o'clock,P.M:. (reej bee
i'ii r foot of Warraa tt., N It . tor tha^res, eeaaatebaa
with tin faToritt oat! tttaasihip Baaaata.taaad wttkeat
aar delar far Baa Fraacbar* raraaiTlraJ i tka paaeaatteri
.tu', mails t Pannin* lor p?ts-ic? -r t ? - - ? 11 * a: i'
t;o Ott:,.. No ITT West st .eerner ,.f Warrens' . N ft
N B ?All tnlli of ladt**; signed at the oiHce on Ik*
awfalaytf the 6th. Jl Mtk
I^OR NEW-ORLEANS, t?.u.-liin<: at
Hayiu b ta land naaMawere - Tka aw* latlanyleadkl
few bit eafrtea tMaattliii1 I'NlnV. Itnliard Adaaaoeom*
uianier, wll If are n:ei N> 4 Nortii Xivr on KONBAY,
Dei?mbei I'it J a'eloel P M , ;?'?<? i?ety.
Ta* Uaitaa will remaia al Haraaa oalyi McMMt ntto
? ad aaaieaaeiB,aad tkeaaaaceei ?.. Ni w-orl* nn.
S 1 c;e '.ni* taken oa fn i|bl to Havaaa
i ?r Irekrbl ap; it aa be ltd. where all oil's altediaa will
lay aiaaedby the Ptirter.aao 1 r a**tsae*tthe riaatia*;<
.is Lei N.. 1. ti^uth *A.
?Vhs oult TbrouA-h Line viu Nieat mil i ? A 1.011.1* ?
thi.ner that, any ntker Ro ate -Ootapi ?*.' *f th? folio ?tn|
first i'ltae ??eaiuibii.'s. h-iaeti' NEW-YOHK a.. 1 ?N
The PhOMLi He I'M 1 kttrckl
The DANIEL W IVWls*! t R. 1* i;.t Ht .|w,n
And bs'.veeu SAX J^'AN PEL BtjBaad BAN FfRAN
t b* NORTH \MI.RIi A, Cap! HVther.
The P aco IC, Cai: JarrM.
Tin INPKPk VDENtIB, Caat W-.*e'?ar.
7na?e tteaniert are a!) new,built eipresaiy for tint raata,
and for spaed, as'et. inj a-<-otiimi?lit'iooa, are BaasUfBtaea,
The PROM KTHEL'S will lease Nea-Yotk. frwat Pl*l
Xt 1. Itirth Btrar. na taa Tth at tank ?oalk. at t t .
P. M ,e**auieacbaf Oetober 7th.
Ib* DANIEL WKtth; i.R. .j tu? .:.! 'feachuimt.
eontiiturine Oatobei JOd.
The da>i ,t le-ivme SAN FRANCLSt O artllbeBk* l?i
tnil I f eu< :< iuou'.c
Wben the B'atste dny* fall on S?*dart. the day of laioaf
null be Hi* Moadsy Mlowia*
Fl 11. ?AN M AN DB NlfARAGC'A to SAN Jl Aft
DEL SliR, pasaepirer* will be pn ui| t:> OtWMfBd eearthe
New Transit Rioite of the Nicirsfin Coatp* f,h .'1 | MB
weire miles of I,.ml T "?aportnteui. ?ml at thai potal
aiabark, in one of tpe Mona n.vnad fac |t?e..ii.ee? '? 1
The treat tasdaf of diitine^ by tb'a Root* over '4h?rt
baiMaluie ?atitLthed'and a aaeadj tnd comfort .hi*
transrt twtwsen tli* tW 'Ocean*, thronrh a bearn fn: .ud
lluful ci untry. oifcr iiulureiteuti to :lte l.-aieUaf peb
:a: egnaled bv tu? other Line
No paaaarre t*c:red uatil p*:J foe, Bad hut a jib.ted
a amba? of usraei ei m will be taken
IVr Ere rht 01 p. -s.._e, .? ;.!? ? n!r it *:k? ONVe of i.ht
L'B? No ?B:. trT>-Pla.e.urt*?'.rt D B. ALLEN.
Ali peraoaa BIB 1 rbid trv*::** any "ae ob ace ? ib: of '.hi
BboTe i o itt 03,1
1>a< il ic MAIL STEAMSHIP CO.?
I Oall f) reaak Ltae 'irlau Ersm'.sco.viB Chajres
res?.-Eun Redaresl-Oi THURSDAY. Dr.-. ll.it 2
o'rlk P M ?Tlietplcnduldonbl*-en."netteamihtnOHIO.
ttqualvd k .r uaMncsaarjuat aad aaead^leMAtaa?, J
Eiodlai ScI.eB.*, nuauaaader. ?ill tail "it Tilt RSDAY.
Dec. II,at 1 o'clu. k P. M . prei laelv. rmm her taer itf* '. ?
W ai .-u si , N K . ' ''It H.e ' ?>'?? i:. '???til M ills. d.'e. ? I -t
("liiuiea <?? 1 Liu-fu r; with the mariuiiceBt new and louMe
,, ,1 >. atai Mi ? ? OOLDEN GATE, t* tail
iWlthottl aa i'. iay.f r S .n rrtWUBMt on atnral of li.e
as*, raten ar,d Bini!* at Panama 1 or wa*sa*e or fn urbt.
anpli al the aBie* N ? IT) W<?t > BT. W arrsn at , North
Hirer N.H- a. tel.iol laoju' sitaed at the . Be 11
IM Be BrM| I : ??- :ith. J2tli
1 ? UNI - F 1 Ml * OBLRAKB, via KAYANA
Cbspee .f.Saii.r.e Day 1 ?e ap'eudid tteamabo EMI'IUE
? HY.2otSit n#. J. Tailor, coinrato.ltr. will tsil f an
?p. akai attne tmA . f Warr**-ti., NortU River, oa l UKSa
DAY 0?c 9, ttlo'etsek.a* M precuelr
I s..,. ? Sai.su. B?i*.U.-.|TI
Alter io do.-."I
k.au-atdw do. ... ? .?? ie
g 1 . rar- d" .la
S ? e oi.l. taaruob tteiekt to Hasina
Nu Ulla of'lauiior v. .11 he sornesl alter the strainer has
N II. S. T i. rt ?r.- -e . ???'*.! t . tu; .1- niM-ite< a th
the Ccmpaay ? bill* of ladire, <s inch mar b* had ea spi-At
?alien at the udi. t No other form w;ll be ti(L*J.
r .- ttt .1' 1. at ? ? ? . 1? io
M O RoBERLS. N ? in Weet-tt.,
i2tto'< c iraer of Warrea.
itqai Notices.
/ft in an< for the Co-.taty nf Mew-Yoi , at tki - -
t?!t'? Office, ia the City ? ; N^w-Y .1. . on : i- ?? ?? n'saa'a
oi NevcfJ bor. tett* 'tar one tt.ocaand t .'bt lUndred at.d
nit; oca Prsseat, Aletaader W. Bradtord. S moeau. ia
the matter of thu application la moruxe, lease *f sell the
-eai estate ot Fretttri. k Jlolitor. deceased On ret, t:
eswl tiaawr the spplfc-ataoa 01 ELIZABKIH Mtil.ilOK.
the Adiiiftastratit . fk'rtOeite? Blatttae late of Use Ca? t
Itt* Tttb dt cease. 1. far tn?uir.ty : tr. .-??*-??*. leato or
tell ih* real ret sie el the taul Joreated tor the payraeot of
, j ,'. ?* . it is ordered, that a.1 per? -ej ateyested :n the
eeUts at the said Eredentu YI i:t?.r. ileeet?..1. aptear
IsHiie the SutTtsrat* of the C-'trt. ? f New-Y' ^rt, at hia
"f?c*. in the C'.'.y of Nrw-Yotk on th* thlrtieta day of
Levember next. a'. M o'c aak, :r the tutaassua f if^t <!*~.
IT-il aiul Ihere to allow cause a tkoa'* tiioijd not I?
t:tenuiiti< s.vid Bdejmttratnx ta moett-are, lease oeaell
to BOCh 01 Ike real estv.e >4 U.e *itd Ereaeu-x * M aa I
deceased ~? shall be ?uif.rirnt U pa| Ma de' ts.
Jnorl R. ?i-tssiEiv Attwaeef r th* idatraietratru.
lull*1 A W BHAl'l ORD.Surriarite
Y'ws ? Nalhaaasl BLFeaa*hT.WaIrani P < < srd
1 !.?r*es E. r.*k. i laintisfit, ?< nr^t Lesi Marktes, Jr.. and
1'an.el Cronm. deleedanta ?Saamtoa* for moaey den ?od
.11 larahail Cfiii tot ?er - to utd DRFERtOANTS
Yea are hereby ntauuoasd ax. 1 tawahhsd at ait ? *r the
r-aiBpttVs? u. iti? as-tin n. wban. wilt be filed in tk* oaSce of j
tb* Ork ??f the Cit. asd Cone: ol N*w-Y'"r?. at th* Cits
Hall oi Us* t ity of N*w- York, aad to ten* a cpr of your
,(.,ntr to tlie ia-d coaipiaiat n ths ?ubecr.ber, at hi* 1
tafce. No bi J.An street. ? the City -f New -Yost, ?'aha
tn *tj iMjt after the **n 0- f il* ?umm c* >a to.. n
d trv*otmmday*f tuck tarvie*: aa-1 l yon fad '.?< aaa
? ? t ilit am I ceen|da.nt wKBut tki time ifareeaul. the plaoa
..ii. ? et?, r. *ii take ? rt.ee: i st ? a t a tr e
r reehuBdred and w-.'.r 's'saad aOy-on*
-e.-ts \ ih ii ?*re*t t'roat ate tweety r.tatn Itv ni ?neust,
or..' ItotsBiid r.ih'. kn*s*re?l ar.d fifty aae, tssaadeatne cset*
?.i Uta act .tu ? Dated Srvtert bar if., ltil
J ?HN' M EAGER. P!a.atitl*' Attorney
TT* ta. I c rr >' vrrt w-s *il*C f. the arfes . ta* Ctera of
?> sx.. r.e;s-y f New-Yo-k. ,* as* rah Jay of
O l.li?. It. Ds'-s' f?-ts er> -Lii
. :'. J >KN hi i.A ? KB ??' a' . v. ??
SliPRFWR OOIJRT.--fatha mtutx af
tfc- ?. ' Vf m ?*~tfe# Mir e Aa'erwie? ??? Oaas*Ba*>
ti'ttt'U Ctty ! New-V*'? roie'*ve *>t** UPt^iMa
iMlBXrKMdtONat ? UHlNurOft-? ?BB1 I ? '?*
1'ceVBl tsm l.i?~.sb tu U*?s*vi-:..v*e ?' Its.. *? -b he
IXuk W?ji .fsa.si Oktav Tb* ?ciieeibar*. Com u a? o*er*
?(Emuc* evi Am. **m*ml ia the eS>** ?*??'- I k *r.
dtny apponirdh? s cale *f IA* 8>.?* Coirt. fi ?> *-'Ues?,
pnrenait ui'.V tw : res?-.-, Ii;.?, l '? ??t:-.-*
.4 itriwiMctiidU'? ?f N?? . <?. BUM ' A% ?rt
to twrod va Art ?aliCea aa Art M red-toe Mtti ? ?: r*
laute earte-elaMy U> ihe Oy ot Ham Y?rV'3*? ?**? Aet,
j >aas>^ A-rU9. li t " l?M ArnlU. t*?. tA?i <?*?*>
nrvi i? rfce ?-ti?e*'.* ?aj ssssa*>a.eal ofth* *.? ??? ?'???"?am
ig !!n*.'if Pitt?' rl'liFilCII'* "t" r " * *'?*'??/
thr loUaaaoSMd.tb*B?aeer*af h KBM.Be" ? ?**???
n th? rni? i ! .* Comrr.iswHssy** *. t e?tiar with *?*b
matt aad UMMBonai of -uf+mmtmi. whether f?e Jaiac*.
a?btaeBli sue als* ih tka aflUtvi-s ss.li-ss*. ?u ?Ji
doc so., b's a ai : ? sod i, v. a Cmmm >? .-ars. .a ?Oh?
rts therr r*pon h??rbaaa da: ??? v ' ...':.<". C* na*B>
r a*r ?Of*M?.'-b* City aai C aaty af Bae> Yark,MttaB
iaa>*eeBaa "f a Snt,*<T?r it ata. - ?acM-a , ihtnu. n naa
Ar ai 1?**' t It] dirt tiatora 'he ? ommwssoo*** :aa*? .asir
reportta tt??< S pv*- e Oaait, ai in? "m? ?rd pls.a*
h r-ss'. r ?es-maed Ami the la.J c^'^paartroo'tfartaaf ,
preov h-* parawaattotaaro*j -?n.en't'Bf h? ?.?? itl*d
" Ac Ao; to s?end to A< t ?tu Ii d ?.> A*i ia r**la! ?-?< to .be
r.iIVti. c . i ta-ese-rentst-ai' Tatwmtl?e?tTaad\>>aatg i
i Nett Ti ra ?b.1 I I ? ??? i '.a?a*.l Vaf \i 1*4? "
p.ittard Mt? " IM!: U? iha .???r ji ,i?B*rt.iKV .a?nt ii'
capaafaafallas Btad na.-i >?J .>r aj.aMintail iaadaa/
ft -i?0 lABrabf,! latlBtr karBB*1Bltlt*il i?ait VU:i.-!ia:ea-tl
r: ? iad ritalin Btratar is ?*...???.*? ?' -*4
ibatrby, aed v?h.-> tnaj !>? opposed M :ae taute, a.-s ra
enr?ied ts :.'e?eo' tbrir ;k;i-. t: at :n sr.C'': t. M.M
??OKI? L. MAI oMbPK. ... t-h*irB?*-. o:'lli-ra 1 i'o-a
. es,tat*ibata ..ithecfbceot v?alartj k6???b?. N .WwaU**
ttiree :at!>aCit? of .Ven-t'o' , tttliuB IhUtT .M,S IroSB i
Ihr dr.le ml Ihm Bottc*. Ai.a Lual in* Iitutts ss.bit.'ed bf
1 this aweasinri.l ar? a> foUotjrB, thai ttt* SBI Atl tBBt
ettla upiiiv ur pan-. ! >? toi! t t rata. 1/ia* ard br H ia
the OKt et Htm Yorh nd ^'?>^^lt.H! nt\* Bart) 1 iha
?atatAatrWMaVsmt '.Ith st;i -t taihweoaMibTlka aoeiMrb 1
BhM 4 (.Beter ort ?Ire?'. on the eo5t 1 v t! i> ra-'- '? ? Je
] ofWasklBCtoa ????et ulud *n: by la? ,aud ? a tue arettbf
the w rs'erl* **4set V> aat.iux. n-etreet, as la.J ? s* br law.
Atd als.? ai! thosB !ots, ?.scss er parest? -t taaJ. tnalmc
I on the r.ate'Ir t-de ?f waat-nft.:: et, between rhrist.*
p'-er t' an 1 Pe-r? ?t . ?na ?'?>.? a ! tl tri. - *vct -t
i patcelsoi land fteBtiBf eptka ereaMeJh ? Met w??!?'sr
t.ifl et i*tnr*t l hnei .t.her-et Hvr> at. And alas
a. the I-t? piA-ei nr , tr ? 'e . ->..l-i ' i tbe? eatt
| arly and we-.i?i!. ?ide? ..( TfastllsatiTB rt ba'??'-?- P?rr?.
S?. ai.d IIanin..ik.l tl . n J BhM IM lot .a the SOBaBMIJ
. t: le el Han.Bin? 1-at . ku.-vn as No til Haauaoad st .
I sad also the lots known as !Tos t*-5 arJ T Perr.-?t \?d
I the |ct kcown at No 7*1 Wethir tioei $t Asd also all
ttioeeother 1<ks, ptcoes or Mt.'elsof land frontuit ob th* :
?. . ' a: d BBjierl| t.dae at Wtiiuastoo ?; ? ?a
Hair:i"*cd it iad bi.u it . ai ?I a;?> ih* idta known br
the Niw 111, IM, tt?. IK. i !<. IM, 1W Baak ? . and a'so
] the b*t .>n the rior'h-rast i>>iner *f wMhtnxton and Baak- I
' s*? ; sod als? ihre* lots, ?ach tt feet front and r*ar. and
us)feet on cid- t de. and trhieh 'iirea lata toeoikarae*
!-..nidri n the | .r'h ?> Ike ?on'herir ?nie t Bank ?t ,
1 and ob tii* *?tt bra lines ;>arallsi or nearly ??? ?ruh lh* <
? Cittarlj I I* ot We^ntjlvn it , and distant SO feet waat
atlp tkertrrota; md also the lots katas he the BTm tBk
Ul'. Lit. m and !?! Ha- moad-st r?J th* '..i on tbs
i Bot h v eai i. m*r : H'to i iiJ and Wuhnutv.* tts ?
Arid a'so all tkoM I te.: teeet -r par . U flM.l frontia? ob
theeBstati) utdweetenynd * cWaekasebM-M iistoeaa
Ksns-at and OeawBTBaet st As i aCo all the 1-ts fmal- .
?ne . r'i. ?h'e . t tline st . be-.ween t ..0? Jlfant
! 1|7 feet I iml;es eastrrlt Ir tn thee?et*'lv std*" tt Wuh
irr* n it , an.! the ev ? t ? f Wvrt!ii?t-*B at and
alsoaBtkaas o'i.er lots* fronftor on the oor.herl tid*o| !
i Kin. ?i e'sr?Btba waetarl] *1?- -t tYsshSact a tt ^nd
I a line di*'ant HJ feet I iti ti westerly tlieretrom Asia's*
?ii'h. lota,] seaseeparoatsol latsa .r?>u>e?.-uth>- soath
.r!.s,.!e st Itethnrest b*tW*m B um dietMl l'.lfeal>
iacBeaaaatarly fraaa the aaateilyrAae ?t Wsshtntt.m s*. ,
sad a ha* itsttSBl IBB fmri $ park?l wssierlr f.-mn lh* west?
erly side 'f Wash n?t.m st And als * ail th* lota, pieeM
' or pan els ' .and froi'u t m the BBSAkatrly s |* gif Be
, tbuue st , b*tw*,-B a liue die' tut l"i leet I inches easterly
i fmn. the easterly ?nie of Wasb.iurt.in it , nad a Ua" dwtsnt
r>, Cm ta stei tpfraai th* w*tu:lr ? d* of W.vbiaetM at.
Ant ikwalltkelataIrsflrtta*mtaesoatbel] ? I* tl T\ <?
?t.. NitMeea s I ma distaat let feet j ia-he, aaatarly troa
ti e easterly tnls af Washinjtoa st . a:i t i l ue dtstSBt 171
feet westsrirlfp'tn the westerly aid* of Waeh.ntt >n tt
Auil e.sn e i :. e . le. ? eee. .4 ?: eels-a .not Iru.o a:
Ike north sid* of Tr*iy.*t., lietwawn a lin* dittau'. Kifeel
. h eaaterb (rBBtthe * ist*riv si ie at WaakkMBaeeel .
am! a line distant l"h be' weiterU f'om lU* BTSsfrly t:da
nf Tfaakhsftiai it AaAakwaMlka loti plaeaaoi sreala
oi I .ml tion'inr *>a the tOttthSSt* ti Jan*.si , between a |
iun distal.t tri t ., trrt.et easier]/ fr?ui tl.. .-.isler'.s j
? ' W sshhttoWa f . .ml a 1 ne : Van' iTt Let westeilr ?
frt m the wseterl; aids * f Wx?hiart.in-tt. And ai.?aal! tu*
l .ts. -.ler, s . r rsrrete of laad fr n.tme -n the aatth ?iJe f .
Jane it , be-v, ;i'-n* .li?!a?t u"' leet j bsehl ? easterly !
from Hi* aaatarly side ot Washineton st , and a line ilia- j
am Ml leet ? ?stet hj tr BBtte*w*starly*td< if Wj?hirgrt n **
And sin. alt Ut* lotS,pBSBMOr i**rc*ls tt laud IVsaiBM "
tb* no :n si > .1 llor^t... .t . r.etweea a liae dkrtaat ttl 1
lee; I 1 , i,. I.,i.i islerly Iroi'i t'- e *att*ily side o( IB aslant
toa-kt ,and a line distant Itl leer weterlr In.in the .?*s'.er
lyelite ot Wvliiuatia-st And ala, aBtkeleM ptMMM
aarealaol laadfToarinit aithe i. .rfh side ?i Horatki-at.,
between a itcc distant 2iU feet 9 inehne easMrlr from the '
sasterlt side of Waeli'iiirtoi. It . sad e ?m dis'ai.. I d feel
weeierir in in tha waatetty aale oi VTaahiaatw si. Aad
also all tbs lots, pise,s jr ^?r. ? !? . f land ;r. i.tmt ua the 1
s.-vh tide ? t Qaasstuort st between a IkMdkTtaal Joa
fe?t en.stcily ftoatkaaaatBrty aaka al VYeahaactoa-el. aast
a line ilrntru t Ml feet ?) inches *ester'y frBBI IBS ueslerly ,
t de of w ait.iar.'n .. And also all the '.?%.<< (r.u.tiai oa
the ? astirly ?nie ..f Washinetin.-st, ami on a tee*e ..| 1 utd 1
bsioBfiaptii tkoCUy of N*w^Ystk.batwwMUaaesvaset?
>t lad ISth st., and ihre dl the lotsoa the n-rth l it*
af (laaeeii lal s* . batwsM '-he aaetetty side .if Wash
latleai at aad a : ue i'is'ant til f,et i haskaa ?ns'sr
li thai ill IM; aid al?.. all the lots on '.Be ?..uth'ily
snt* of 12th st . ' -lire, i |h ? snsterly sole of Wselntift >u
?t and sTllM I'istant Ul leet : uicti eastsrl* tbarawoiu.
Ai.d alas all the lots i a tka n rtherlj side. t \nh st. he
taatiatke eaatsrl) aMe vi IMh at aad a liae lahdaat we
fe.-i i.,?*er!) Iharrfloat, aad also :,ll tbe b.'s frontiar na
ix. Ii ei.te? .r null st In rireeii (tie inotaeri, enle oi l|tb st
..n.l tbe ?...riberly sole of I llh-at . |i?e>h*r with a bl.s-k
IH) fret BBMiaal she sotUh-west corner ot leth s.r and 12th- j
*t Ami alsa all thai satt I la piece or plot of cronml b oindesl
sud deeciiiesl a? follows, to ?it heziiiBiae* at.'b* so .th
eaatirly POtBBI af llth st aud West et . aad ruin-ins;
tin m e alaaa the saaMtaj ihle ..t West it ir?t fact, tkaaM
BBSS at 1] 1?! Ran ? n.chei, thsi.ee ?.ytlierlv i'Jt le*t 1 inch**,
tkaaM easterly aksMthe a. rth rtysaisol OaaMMerts>et.
lMfeat.tbenrenorthetly alot u ths weeterlt teds of VVssliiaa
loti at.sill l**e' tj ...i i.e.,',' i.-i.i . westerly ai..na th*southerly
s 'i ? ' tl"i"i . i -t st Ml feet it inches, to tl dtce ef bo
? iif.i,." .??.:? e, ".e - i: 'i i. .irs.,|..t .hirereao
're.M.ei oBVr r< m'iie ile.-re eatrtb-l mslter a ill'.o m?d*
sad presented to ths Basis, m Cewrl oi tka Mateef N*w
York af a ti e.nl term ? I the s?.id I' orrt, to b i hel I at t!i*
l'.'r Ha'l ' I 'ne l'.'r oi N? v t ark, on ">a irlar,'he luh
d ivci January, laM at tka apeaka*. tt the Caan on mat
dar, or .is >. I, therssjflcr asoowasasotmhe ba ud -Hated
New-Y'.i?. Noeeather I. in.'.i
CooUUMwb aar*
HBNB1 i DATIBJ. AtterMy aad (*--r?' a>> ? it
S?PKi ME U0UK1 ?In the nmUerof
the appllCBl >n .f the Mayor, Aldsriuea anil I wiimon
atti/of th. < ty o| Now-York, relatite t* tb* OPKMNU
?t Mi !(T> |Ot Ki ll SI Kt.1.1', fro,,, y.h ar u th*
Madtoa Bnrar. ia the City of New-York. Th**u'ie?:rib*ra,
CBBBatBMOMraol ll. tin.ste and Assessaieut in tbe aburs
snt.tlH matter, ibdy appeeatBd by a ml" of tha Suprsm*
I I'ourt. rne notice, pursuant to tli* r*<iniremenls .f an Ac*
of 'lie l.et ?lalure of the pe-;.leof tbe Sta'e ..I \.-w y ? ,
Mtttlad ' Au a?i ti. ?u!,ei;.i ia Ant a an tied m Act to rs
doce SOTaiai laws rnlatin* p*wtie Isrly tn Ihe City ?>! Sear
Twh.iatOOM tel.;ji?. d Aj-ni * III; -,as*e?i April m
HCItl. that t'.e abstiel t ol tbe estimate an.) i???.,-.ment of
IkeCoaMianrasstan in th* abo\e ma.'ar. ou'ainiux Iba i
BBBMB ai the owners of IBB SSBSBBasaaBd, th* ? BtbBtB af
s .. h lot , 1? :? . v ear ? u loe ?,,? J tlo I'..iunussii4iers I
tofBther with si.ch iiia,s, and Ikaaaasaatof essestateal,
?!,i U:er Car BaBUkfa or 'eimit, and d-uail the asadarka,
eetimataeaad other doctiroMta, winch wer* seed by ih*
CtBTM unaonsn fa runkins their rejeir?. hare betn MDeetted
ut tbeStree' C'-mnjeaioter's 'i't>r of ih* Tit. v..d County
?>f .\ew-Yorv,for Ike MMetnya of traeaMeetw it may
cncorn, ih*-ete remain for ai least sitty dayi te?f..re tb*
OoaiasBTaBsaeri Make ibair rapael to the ttinf snjr n.e
Cot n at tka aaaa aad pfcaoa hsiasaafkaf meatioutii. Ami |
the said Comm'sat. i etsfur't.e? fr* m tk-e. pataaaM tt ihs
raatikBaii als of tka set .eaMtled "An Actt. amerwt aa A"t i
entitled an Ac; :n relation tntr*. coMaetssB oi Assaaaraeata
andTueiiali.ei'ityejidC'iunri/oi't'aw.V srk andtvolMet ?
parpos. t.pasaad Yla, u, lata,' passed May LMfJ . i>. tka
owner .,r...- .*..- . i.t r . . en's <?( e'l I, is*, aad
inipr-?*d Bt ui lurprestd land* arS . ted thereby, tiiat lliwf '
hate run., bttsd their EBtUMtt an ' A-?e*su., nt. u.tl U...t all
person* wh'<** lataraet* art- affseted than-b/.aad who may i
he ippot. J to the san.e, srs reanaatsd to preseat the j
op;otti.*ns m iTTiUnK'.o K Oelafi. Id Bnutii, the Cnajrmaa
of tn* sa.ii CoaaKawsOtSetBat his oflic*. No It Nassau at ,
in tbe Ci'y cf New Y'irk. within thirty Bars from ths data
of this aatsea. Aad that the BauM eabr-v-ed *y thus aisesa
?aMaMMBaBowa, dbMiataaap Aiithtfpartofmth-st.,
a* tin sairr is 1 ,:r! sttt b, law, between t!.* wa*ter!v tide of
tbe'Ah-ar andtheb&col hit It water mark -m Ui* Maina
Birer. And slso ail Ilia: OBtt un | ibm <>r parrel of land
bounded on the east by tha wijttcrly side of Utk s* , ua the
west by the *aste?u side .4 iOth-ar., ob tli* m.rth by th*
line 01 the eonter of the bBM .. between sub-at sad tBh-lt
and ue. the ...ufj. br l..s .ine of II.e ? i.' r ' nl.e-. ba
twsan St st. and Ud st . as laid out ob the Commissi..Mr*.
BHM sow or. :.le as afor SSid, hi the Street C?niin.?*tuuer'e
OfBee of the City of New-York. And also ail that , attain
other ; iecenr rmreeloi land bom. Je.) .utbe eaett rtne waa
terl - list* .1 t'lth-sr , oi ths west hr ra? eaeterl, n-1. .fth*
I', saaah f? a r s<t eBaasBwat a tbe ?? t
t.'.eeenur ":. M e, t.etwtenrith st andtj st .sadontke
south by t'.e I,a* /tke cctater >l the block betweec M**B] aad J
Od-it ,s?la.d oulaathr (.',irnn assei*-r'lmaNsewss file M I
aniresai'l n. Ue Street l'.>ir.n..s*iuC*r'iOlhce ot the I'ajr of j
Baw-Yorl Asda>, all mat certamothci piece irr parrel >f
lai.d bound.'! ? ii tb* east ,a .he westerly aid*of t" Bl<e4n
aSBBlalBefoad tl Broadway. ,sat!..- weal b> thai aalorly ml*
of the llth-ar . n Ue north by Uie tine of tlir c n'er of tha
block b*twe< n ttth- it and k>h-*t . and ot> tbi untt? bt the
Lue oi itt eaaBae af tne block bbMbi *b w^n-et. aad sud-st.,
as lap! B*st .?* tlatC im.asMm, r'a maps now oa file aa afWa
?B'.' tt tl.e S- rret C aBtr-'it-aoi.er's -..Tics .,f th. ('ity af Vsw
Y rk ?Aad d-j all tbat rer*am et] er a. es or parcel of
lard, I Btaaded or. tb" e-.st by the w.itt'l. Bide ..fth* llth
ar ?n tl.e west by the easterly u*-e of the Uta***., oa the
aortii by tke bs*S I 'aer. atar of tha klj? a bet BBM ?Ith-St.
seel kBaVet.. s -.t on tue sooth be the line of tu*
etUer ai tne block, betwaM BfBh sr. and ?3i!-*t .
?s laul .-ui Uie i ..n.n.iss-eutr ? rr?- e :.-,.?> -a
fit a* aYifeMid, n th* Street Cr: .?'iiatic*aer't ofl>e. ia tha
City ol New Y'*? ? Im: the satn (omriua*loners Mf mhar
{.*? m !.. ? t .1 their report in lh<- aho*** en'ssled mraiar
?eil' e u.asi* tad presrnud tu toe Saprsrti.e to Ktof tha
".he St-ile of N, v?Tejk, at a *? a< .al term ut the said C.urt
t. u h*!! a' th* CiC Hall of th* City ..l N*w-Yafs.oa
Batar'ay th* Sltfc da/ of jMuary.lhet. at tie* lepssna.* of
Ik* Coar. on 'f at Jar, ot at loon theresfler aa ..wous*l rata
kve i.esrd. ar.d thst -te-i ai.d tUe-? i ', ' (,
thstthe su.o report beeeaeknat d ? DaBad, *f?"-Yor. atW
?mbarJ is/1
Gl nh'.;. f < LABK, C ? -
IBEDBRK K ! V l i.l ) **??**
Hl.MY E DATiha. It met ?t a i tj I*
Gl PREME COURT?( h od Co -t.
^3 i New Y s?r -ISAAC DLTHLfill-i.k .?a rast
k'-KLBI 11. COl LD --Snmrr.-sB* tor a mueet deinatel cat
<?*ntrart [Cam tut ut Tu the above nan.ad ilei'and
tmt Y. a XT' bsewby semmvossi aad rw.nsred to acewcr
the trtr-latnt in tL-s art um. whirk wilt be tUsid ir. tha tt
' re I lue Clerk et* the <'ri< anil ( aaty ,| N?? V Tk.at
bat City Hall .fth* City af Naw-Yotk. and to serve a
csjspj of yotu answer M lb* stsd eomplaael ? th**:t?arrr>
bar.al bat akVe. Kb . Nassau at, is *a,d City, witaia
twenty day* after the service of this sammose oa yea, et
Maakrecf -he Jay s-f inch service . aad of yoa rail iu to?
la er the ttod coasplaiat with a the tun* afavssatd, the
t laiatid re this ictkss wjt take adsrvnetit asraras* yon for taa
mm i e, e tho'.sMd thre* huaarr*d dollaia, with interest
f. uw. ih* Kh day of Jily. oae vhaasaaj egthc. bundrwd aa!
t f>y. l-wJttf. taa OsssU al tan? aotina - liatad N?er-Yotk,
i"; tt, li.t OAYIU P HALL,
_ ?taieliTs Atlotsses.Na 1 Naset-i st
N B - be i5omi#lt4i.; was Usd ia the Clsrk e O^as aa
N ? York, tu th* (t'.L its at Oarta**
^ ? ? '-"tllBII I fl ? -asai
alts 01 ? t ' i Na? \ rl . i. m? v ''I'Hiiij
?irirrv Niwri-ti [??? . .* ?,.w.u??, ?u*,
,,-1 ... H?a Ysufc ; ? isV. ., ,? Qaaj .,..??,?,,,,
?si.r?i- t?l Atoceaaeet ir. th* iVit? ,a^,it4 a.ait?
I ;*??.'rsl ty a Ktltofthe Star-me Cam tie* Pin!
?????.rtioi**' U' ibtreasi-tree't of La */-t f Lb* 1.****
It- :.? < I It* Pf>j. ? of la* ??*?* of New Y*rt.??uaai
'As Art to tuead uA.tr. Uflad ?* A M M retaAWe?-seal
law* i -lau oar pattr i titjp .<t I Nit I v% mm
mmAtx -i*..?.l trni ? ;? i. ;.???** A;.-it ;?r*,'taa
? mi f Um Kali ? * ??? Asa**tnu*a .4 a? '"
aiiMioa*'* nttht t' w* ' *tt*? ? -t i n > r, h* Bwna*f??t
.???r? i?f'K* lot* t?**o*?.t th* B*?fca'? 4 ??. i ;*i* *>
'jfllmwN It* ?b,a '4 Ik* O-naaiaaiesarB,t?*a***?
. ,t .a . i?a ? v... ? ,i ?ie.j,,
i ? Ml i ^
and ? -let d -*a?at*U. wt-iri, ?rr* 'i^4 b? la* Ceaeaa.
? aet* ib Baku.*; Ihafc m^I.hii ts** Ce,>at?t?i m tat)
S H i a ? ?; i i ? ? - i ; it* , ut t*4 c**ti? at
New Y -it. f r th* l*tuvu t.fali . ?*?* a ai.
care, that* t* MB* t PM st l-a<t ally a i *sf ~ .?
C .o. nissiuBers mas* i. fir teport U aa ?aj* * inn
t . wl.al iba tiase aad pie. e lt*rei-. .-r ssied/Aa*
IBM] C- * BUJM ?*?-? . ? ? [trt attita ttrsittst at
it rc.mttri**'* ** 'am aet.**lit??d -as Ami tj taaa**) ta
Ai ! eaiitertl ta Ar' ic lata'iva to L? r<alV*ioa *f \t tm
p . i ? Bast I ?ie* IB tk* l'i ) at 4 Coaatr ?| Nee-Yetk.ead
|. i > irr Bt rt?**?. t i***d >t*r !l I***," aattta Mat?
I II, to tk* t*Mt o: i > u tt. i?.v ;->aat or aeoaiaata *f til
L* ?**, aiid in fi oted ii BBUnprined i tads a?eo|*s lk*ra
t' iktt tare hat*e**tpltt*4 ikair E* ttaaiv ta4 A ?****,.
? ? ? ? M Bl r.'.t? ata ttated
?*,. >,-;.i o ?? .? ' >(?!:? k**a*B*.B*Br***Mt*>
a, 'U ?'???-?? r ? r--t it i*. ?r.t!b< ta AARvIM rj
HI Kb ih* Cht nt ta f tk* Baal C* aaaaaaaB u *?
k aat N.- H Ui tatl *? .* tk* cat* of Nra Y*-k.a*Aia
Iktitj <art Ik -ti Ik* dat* ' il * aafiea a a* that tat
Iran? rail m i't h.? a*a**arn?B)t *rt aa folloat. tka??
|**a* ? Allth? aut) ait ii .la. I* trj at.. I . tt*t i* tk* CVf mj
\ . York, heta*** tk* ?****n> *t*W af V*>a* ta* taa.
ei ttJaof *tk-*i ta* Xtmrn mi tW ******* tftht tioek**.
t*r**a ? ik >t tad (Bk at . atu the uaa of taa c?ai*t at
i k k*ta*t >'.h at abj '3at., a* laid oat aatkt
r b.1 t'i.'uf t iaai t it .ii :Y? S'.reml ('.-am^**atra
.it* ihr f.tv ot .New-Y-*t A::d alaealltkr iaatctt.
at*. I).t? and beta*, in tt,* Caty N*a fork. s*t???a tk*
11 ih* tatttetr aaa r Ttk ?*.. tk*
; i ? ? I' l\e -et.'-r f ? ke t?P ? ''?' ' ?' n ' *? at <" 'tttk a
at it the lata I fca* ri f ftk* I tea iriawi -KB-* ta]
:.uh at as l.t.d i ut o* llie I'. ru'itiutoueia tnap*. *a Ik) b
ii y. -. ; i . ' -- p-r'? I'll> the I'ltf ol N*a-Y?rk.
Ami also tli<* Ursl tit aal? I ?: tnd I'eiot i* th*CRf**
K*ar-Y< is. hetata n :.e ?e.ieA) ?o:<- t *'.k as . tK**t*s,
erlf a?t* t?f ttk it .theltaa mi taa eeakti ot ih* sUek**.
t?een " i 1 ?I. >t ?0,1 cue tie* oi Ik* ?altr *f
the rs k hetweaa ?h *t tad 5*tk Bt., at liM mmt *hBj
C wat* ttrt lee. oa tilt m tk* 8tt*at C**t*Baal i**rk
i .i N*? York And ih? ?*.J t'?aaa
u.Brra I rther rrr* t taa* that lhak it strl ia ika *'a?t
e. 1 t'rd Bttttet will la- Bt-t le Bad pi****t' d toth.t S?xra*
f ?? ? f lh*Siati f Naw-Y rfc.at a tt>*r'al t*na tk*
s ud Co'irt t- '?<? keM si the City fall of the fit* tl Jt?a
\ hiJba'n la; .Itl i ? I r-p'ii-?ry isit.at ta*
.i ikaCaartaa thai itay.orst sos? ihirtafterB
i M? .. ii h* lei"! U i thai lk*? and ttatet in >;**?
I. i i-s i ada ttat iki ?s'?l rt aeat o* i..*:'irme?l -l*at*d,
Ktw-York, NotooiIm-i tt, it>i
\ tBON C Hl RH. )
II NRY lit U I H"t 1' t't Bt i ia*r*.
HL.NH\ E.OAVll?,Attotaay. atitfu
QUPREMf CO( KT.?lattM auiltio.
*o tk* an.-''?utll i . ? - >Ihji.i, Ald*na*a anal t'<i*b***>
ill*ef the Citv few-t. at ? >PCNIN#
it k'lf I \ N I N I'M R , Hl KT r mm l*tk *? to la* p<vi*A
where*a?d Wth-?l imoisw'* tk*ttt> ?*? ??d Hn.adway ?
Is... e - i N NM s I.'? s-ia As**
U.-NI m tke BkiuTB emit>?sl m tiler, dal) ap?xntesl by a tele
of tk* Sapraaaa Ci ui tue ?..tue. pursosui tnh* r***a*a
Bents.m utaat fthet??ci*laiar?ofth*paaplteftkaauBhl
o(N*w-York.*atltl*d 'AaA ??< - .! ?n toieativled
an Act t i re.l"re *cv*ts! l?*s iflatint itrf'Cilerlt U f
c . 4 New-Y >rk.n : <oa* Act,| m IAatila,tStf.naaa>
?i April 20. IKJ9, that the a* ?tra.it oi the Kstiwate tad
Awo.i> e' I ol ih? I n.mian ne,-? in theah-i** iu?lt*r.*oB
siiona ih* u?n,e?ol tii* owr.ara ol th* lot* ititwtd. taa
i .i?.i taeh lota a* ti-nv appear .mthe oiiuaorika
i oi- lifts oneis t.eether with ?ich maps, and tke a at* aal
' t.?e-?mei I v> .etlier 'or .!:iii't?e or heuent; and lit*Be!
t . e air.! i ts eatiBa't* and id i*i duewsneata, i k i k ware
ated h the romaait* s e ? ia maktag their rep.irt,kB*a
heea d**ioeit*d m lha HI **M t'..t?*i"n*r's. .t-c*. ?i the
. uia C*oat| et*Nt i \ rk.hu Ike haayaB ???* ?fwhee*
aoetet t met aoaeera, there lo teataia ferst l*ast?ti*'
aai ibefhro ta*Ci mma*i a*raaa*hs ihsti !*;??? 11.? tlt**a*a
Bapr*B* Coart,etthetinteaad . ?'eieiaar.*r at*un*a
?>! A id the ?a'd CoBBaBat.'iters further tise notice, p**>
tuaat t t th* r**,mr*?*atB*i *u>- aet, aaiitlad " Ab Aet ta
iinet?i ta Art eatrxktd *a \< t lahralatiea lo ta* cetltreaaa
? i A as* BS* tat* tad l'sxss a taa CM* and Conot* of Nsw
Yura. tad p-r other pnrp****, pa??ed .May it, itil." inattd
M-i? riu to u.e .? ne ,i i er-, .?say aal >r ?eaa?
?aai* ot ?!? I ???es ami Intffi red at ? a*aaare**d landa .f
fedadahereby,thai th-v nave i-..i?,.ieted their esumet*
i-te??...ei,l. so., h .' <'?'? i e-s,im ah.?se nitareatt*ret>
fectedtketeby, and who nm be of* -ed t ? I ka ?ante,are
rtoaeatad to uiaatal then sbyactiatia >a wntutt lot'aarlaa
S \vo* ..tt. 1,iki ehairmaaoi I i**aalOnaaBBaaaBkasi
i tthe(dice of J Baaeroft fttereita, Nu m Wa.l-at, ia tk
. . ? V I il ::i tliirt. ttavs ftoin the date.tflkht
Aad .'.a' thi loaataeaal r cad t. ihi?a?aea
ar? ? Mlowi that it totay: All thai certa-a t*aaa tr
u^'ce! ol land, ftlm.ts, lym* and Ikmih in the thtr of New
York, and tv. nded.deerrtBesI n .l. uiatniut tt folt*wB,
that i? i'i< i? Btauiaia*; ai iwkMtatha i**tt*if akk)ta
i?th-*T , aaataai ill ieei j ineket t .itiier'r fr an th*
anathteiy aid* mt JStk at.a* tke tune
aud rniiiiiiif then * easterly atoee a Ir
aitid aotitherlv au'e i Mtk -tieft, tadtU
ia. f et amtherly therefroB aoo feat to the weatedraat
... Hk ie.,tatacsaertltarlt ai >ot ?sid ?eeii ii? ads ef
. .? ati ti. t la Inch** t* t... mt iu ??id aaauai
: ith-tT.. akttUBI MIO feet "t iiuhea n t' .er'- fm
.i ' fierly ?ide i V't! -t . - ? 'i. ..met to he opened,
tie n e we*t?r!y. ia aatraiefct hu?. SM teet. ta a poiBtia tke
eiater'y Ilde?! "tp it distant I no teet J tin hot Bortherhr
IB the uoitherlr sid* ol MHk-tt as tka tameut* ho
uIna**' 'no . - i iie'Iy iloiis mid ?s.t?rlr aid* of >Bk
?i . at the ***** it p. ke oatutd, wi iei t m nicks*, t* tk*
p in* ar ptaeeal healaatBi Ar I ?'??? nil that ?-?rtaia oihB
I B0c**r*arc*l 4 laad.Mtuaie Ij t s.ni ' e ut ia ta* cit?
? ?? Ne-.< Y'-.'s and keaBdad, de., i l.?.| and ctateiaiac
f. Hoiss, that u '<? aay BetiBinut at a poiat where ?
so' therly side >>f VHh-at . aa I he aamn ui t.< be opeaad, Bt
taraaeta the eaalerlr ante ef Vtb us , ?od IBBBBl IBSB**
aoiitberly al*BJ laid *ast*il> side of tth at IM feel t
the act t*at*rl| doaa a lue parallel with aaaf
m utherl) sid? of S?tk at . tad djtdaat hm feet t lu kei
aiatherly tkeret?nn. *>t) t.?t to the .?est. rl r *ide .iflth *rj
' thence northerly klnaa ?nd westerly ?Hie of Ith ar , 1ST
feel IP im hits, to the potal where Ibe w**l*llr*id* of the
Bli?>niiu*dale road intersect* the wt-?t*rly aid* ef Ith a*,
thenm BOttkarl) del ? sod we?tsrly swts'4ltk-a* Iff
feet in.i-ii**. tk*Bc* westerly ilsa*tk*Ika*at the aaaBB
ol thebl.sk In :w..ei, Wtk ?( aud boih st . *t|fast I BYbbVJB
to the ?aoterty Otia ol Btk ar . then.-..southerly aloa* ssmI
: ensterly il'la "> the'Hh-ss ,10* fee' . in. lies, lathe BMBl or
I lace of hegiaBin* Ami tlso, ail tk t> i srtaia tore .if lead
[n said City, be i?l d aad tieejenhad a* follow*, t* wk! Be
tmmi jst a point ?here 'he vtett. ily side ?f Ilk a* w
tertects the eaa'nrly side .: the llheajnurdsle rtMul.sad raa
Btnt thence northeily ah nt aaid westerly ante of Ith-ar S
fe?t't inches, then. ?? ? a?fer!y a! m< n line W feet I uvthea
to a poir' in the h laMrlrside of the BJ<eMninrda!?r<>*d,dis?
tant ie teet 7| inches northerly iron the potal ol tiaeiai.ina i
tbencetoiil ? at *t srl ai*V if Ike lvi -eaua(
dale roatl M lent "| im has to th* place ef betnaaiBAT, Aad
we.theaaid C***ABa*d*a*t*< do further (it* o-itw* that
oar r*a*rt la tk* su.se *;itit,*.| Batter will i.* isaJe aad
p-iwi ted to the Nnpreme Coart. st a S)| a. i .1 Teno ef the
taid Court, to he held at the City Hall ol the Cite of New
Yo.k.o* Sat .iJ.i?. the ISth da? of Oes einher, K I? IML
a- tk* *p*Bia* of ta* C*art oa tlust day .? at *?<** tks?*ef>
l? < tl ?llhan and Iber* a ate
tiua will be aiade that the id re Mii.in.ed
t H till Efl B \\ y.Ht iiTT, )
lAWKK.M EODKI.L, ><? oiim.*?i inert.
De ed New-Y ork, Sept 27th, A I* i|Jt (IttUII
SI PREME I <'l RT, < ity and Ctratvlf
i Ne a Y .rk ?Molt Caaaaa aad Zetu* Seail*. Kt?
. i' stei* of the last will and tes'ainenl <tt
M tl 8 f'BnB**.dartBBSll. atuinat Willis? I) I'stl t -
moo* for I liel I na served , Y , Will.I lM
it CANNON, fanaaat YoaateBerebyawtsaaaaedbbb
f qaired to answer thu compliunl ia tlitt a> tion which will
hi Audio the Otfl e* Ol the Clerk .1 the Citj and l'o?*tr B
New Y ork at thet.'ily Hall in ta d t ity. and Ut **r?e a copf
. iswerl the latdcoBplainl*nth* tabecntier alba
.?'.e.N.. bU N i??a'i-s'. , In laid City, wi'.luu IweBly d?r*
tk* wrric* af tkai **Btts*a* aa row, **al**t*o mltM
da. of auch tertue, and if fan fail to aaswer Us* tsaf
r inplajnt within the time a fort said, the plaintiff in till* **?
In n ai!l appll to tt.. Coui' for the relief demaatUd IB th*
i mpliiitt fisti d Aartist 11, IH?l
t il ISLI I Ml LOCK, P suttirts' Aliotaef
I In aaid c.aaidatiit waadli d mtli the sat.1 Cbtrk.se a/ere>
is d. ob th* ITth day .f N n einher, lev?l Detail N*w- Y*rk.
I HARI.I.S Mi l.oi.'K.
? yiaintilf*' Altotna*
iineriy tr an uia
is to he opes**,
line parallel with
iistanl Ii? feet t
Sl'PRBME COURT.?William *. Iiil?
k 7 man aeuir*t iravnl Kan.ltll aad other* ?Sumnioa* ?
? ? - IAM1-.vs KANI'I.I.I., bit. fit Kit
It Hthl-.l- I.D.tArlli SMII'AKD uatl HKI.KSkM
eft b AI F.XANDKB YAltMN aad MAlY ?V
? Wift aad each of tbea Y< i areherehj tomnvned aad
r. ,nrred t. laawerth* cm, I tint in thu actiua. wkick waa
l !> d tit tk* Aftern of th* fierk oi the C*tt aad t-oi.it mt
New i ~ at) oi .New-Y*rk, oa
t a 2Btk day of Jana, ISJI, and t., ?erve a c-py of y?*r *a>
? til* ? aa ., ib ?? lb* s'lbscrPa-r, Bt Itl* o/tne,
N T* Nasaau-sl in tke >anl city, withn. taeutr darsafter
tit* sen.' e -e thai snmmone on ye'i.an lisire ortbs day of
tat i* B and if vo'i fail lu saawer the >asd *aat*te*at
viihtnth. time afat**Bttf. the rhtta'.in in thu actiou wi'j
ta i. toe < ? ort for the rslief de:i.ande>l in Hit via
pTajtaJ -UaUd lit* Itlt day of Ortntssr, l?/l
?>'? .wwitv. rh i: KtTCHUM. PtasataTa AWo*T**f.
IS P?RSUA SCE ol in ortlar .if th?
at* of th* Ceatstf of New>Y*rk, Notice tab
all .rs-tia h r. a? r'.aiu,* atraiust KL
vr-r '. t t'*f ?aatyofN*w-Y**t, Noiaa*atdaaMBJ
' all .atrveit hat air claims aramst ELIJA?
1 ISHEK, iat*. i the City i New-York, daceaayea. Be r***
? - ? ri.< w:*n e'er? then of to the s 'iscnBer, Bl
hir res.Ki-we N?-. IIP W Jnth st. m th* < ily of Nesr-Yerk,
i - or betbr* Uie first day of Marek u-it?Dated Newa
Y-rk tbertiidB. <t Auirurt.lMI
sal * aaTb' hjU K rtSHER, Ailiajaitarwlritt.
N PURSUANCE <.f Moreli r?.f the Sur.
r .'e . t t:,.- IV intf ,,( BJi -a -Y ''s. m-tica is her***;
?ireiitoall persons bat nur claims at?iu?t EPf I'llANY D U
A I?, la'e ,.f t:,- Cttj ?.( K. -Tort, Boca ?~ <i. u> prasasat
t. ? .am*. *a/li roLcl.i.r? tin ri .,1, to'i- ?.?? il-cr. at BB)
?* i H rd-?t, the City ol N< w-Yora, ea
or befnr? the T.tent)-Ei*hth daj of Janearr aast --Oatea
New-York, the T' entr-third dav of Jaly, laH
tin./'ii* CtiRlstOPHKR KtSlt. Erecwisr.
IN PI KM AM I! of ? oHcr of lb?
Sarr.e .'e i t e ( . .,r,;y f V o-Y -rk. a 4at* ?
hereht . '-Iium a?a*itet HAK?
RANI Kl I. CttytdN . ka ?mmt.tm
[reaet.t the aair.e.aith t.-r-chers thereof, tu the inlasertkat.
at his st..re. No i/> P*ar! ?t. ia th*Cdy al X. w Y*rk,?
at he furs the siit.h day ( .M .rca u.;it -~OaleJ, Nrw-Ysrk,
the tl tl-zy of f eptemtter. lk<l.
mt UwtaaTk' JOSEPH E Mo' NT. Atli..juat**t*r
1 .\ P?R8U aNC E of an order of the 9m
m r&tate mt the f ? >.nt> i N^t.-Ystk, BtoUC* i* l-arekf
ton to sil i-ersnirs l.a?i*f claims against MARIA a
CAMMEYEI Ci k ? i ai d. aao**e>**
I r'tent the same with t Btbart lk*W**)f tm Bh* BBBB**awB|
at nisplace of b isiare*. No i, Kerry-etleet. ia tk* I'rtf ?*
N< w-Yerk. ou or laaf.are the first day of Fe'iniarr *?!?-?"
t>.te<l N- , ... re-, f t J..I, |t,l
a^^?mT^l? JOHN V. CAMMEYEB. Et*c**?*
IVOTICE ia ItfJTebj firM to all p?r*^nj
1 tkinat rlaaioi aeaiuat the E*tal? of SlV.y^fJt
BQCIEB. late oi the town of NorthnVld. aVkjasaa
1 .mr.'y. ders-saed, to pttsaeat th* same, enth tk* ?"******
Ueero-af, to eiU.er ol the utai.e-wtoe.!. st their lawp**"'!
rtBilBBf in saai County, on or before taa* l?to *** "
January b*it, aad all ?*r?.*j itadehtad ta -aid ****^JT
raiqaeattel la make ;mn?odnte payixteat a* aaw?*?***?*"*
a *-*n Lstaad.JvJf Ah. IUI
A B L)P?"KPR {ct-v-tlir*.
;,I4 UwaJjcTk* SAMVFL S<dV|Eril {

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