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Hudson RIVER KaILRoaD.?
ws-W YORK t.. ALBANY aj d TROY. Wmfer
'?,%? On WEDNE*DAY. b.c. 3. the Trains
"ji ?etd farther * ties, ran at follows:
1nJa* Nbw-Y<>"?? l*M *> ?"?? 'ro* ta? "me# ****
rwber.st At 7 A M for Peetskdl, stopping at all
^ At R A M W?? Ma l Tra a fat Albany ana
CL ,\c* < itc <??? ?'? -k-ckill end all stations n rth "I that
^'.,^3, and connecting- ?? B trv.is f..r'h" West
1!f?ji-L Atta A M Express Pretxht and Emigrant
Ttm for Attan? ?Bd Tr. y At l; P M . batM Traia foe
r.fr:, aad Tne?. stopping onlv at PeekskiiL, Cold Ipnoa,
H..??kW?:'.a aadHodecsn c waaatiag w .s. .?. ?:
Noithein Tra.ni At Ij PM for Poughkeepaie,
?aJ-JSt a?dpf-Ba'irci train.] ropfang at all way itaUoaa
io PM for Pecghkee^e.etoprAag at way stations,?
aftVlf gjai! Trau ? for Albany and Troy, ttopniag at
iLkiid ardall ?tatront Nortl laoaaa stgnal
VttiPM Peekakil.^abipptag ataJI wtyatatjoni.
1aaTrP??'?tr?',l1,lt' ?*1"a"v a:,u Tf"! *' M A M ? 'or
?JaE^dBesteuere, stopping at way tta'ioxta
"tSra Albany aad Tr-r engine-ta'ioo. g<uag *>nth at 7}
/aiilai) Tram tor Naw-Y'-ra, s.ping at aP way sta
ii-Vabere there are mads to te received and del,rereal ?
a, ii A M P or- ?? ' ..("???.? ? < ; a . -to a< a'
f?A*r?i?.eetS HndaxsB.O^hiTl, T.v.,|, Khme^o..
K. Park. Poughkeepeie New-Hamburgh, FieAklU,
&lT ?-ii i P - ? ? .I. 6ing S.?t I
ffiTOr'y. aiid Yonters. A '.. P M . Fnight and Pnt
21, Train ft,r Po ighhee'de HApptngal all way ttattana.
KpM ft"?paVaen.ar. f.,
ik J?.. utuvvetant t oxsantre. H ''t>'in. Ii "i. P ?tig'i
J^^Naw tl?ih. Pttkkdl. t-.M Sor,::g Petk.kill.
?V. T.ri.t, wn Dobb a Parry aad Yonkara A? 8,
p'^^^'^lVtra.n fr,n'he Weet.)N.ght Mat]
fra" for Raw-York, atoppiog oaly to del rar paaaeegera
Laar? Poeghkeepere for !%e w-kers ?'a ?I sfppiag
at way etatsnr-a At M A. If. 'or AasCBt aid pa?*> n
aeis. atoppin* at war rta'mos.
Lear? Pees.so'l for Ne?-Y.~k at ij A M. itoK-.i.g at
?jay ttatiout. At 4i P.M. stopping at war sT.ttioxta.
Pa.jcrtera wtllbr^'-n Ticket* i.ef. re -art .r.gthe Cart.
Ijgw-Tirk.Dec- J, 1831. 'd.',; W. (\ YOUNG Prea*t.
?OWN. HIOHL A/? r> DOCKS. *nu RKI. BANK. High
Emd pack and Ooeaa Hfiw when nra< lit able. The
Stadi?lea.l.d ataaatl.*HOM s I rf?NT, Cant. A. H.
t||arty,wil! lea?e Nc a-Itav?u Per. w??t tidePirt tLp
Et RTtr. daily as I ?w?
faayJay. D??-- 2." A.M.Ibaonday, Dec. Ml A .M.
t/eAtttday.-- 3. Hi roatday. -? ?. z f U.
?TkMday. " ?. ' P M. Wednetday, ' 3. 3
vL>'t\ ?? 'J. 1 A M Monday. - 8. 8 A M.
Tttiacar, II, ?J
r,,<!?j* ?- IV iJ
W(dne?day " 1?,
ntjraday, " II, io
Eriiiav ?- It. In,
Monday. " li. in
a rda*. ? P M
tgagaj will I* an readiness t<i itoare) pataangara to all
MtttefAieconntrT dl Im*
CDaUr Cult-.
U Laight-tt., New-York.?la addition la all tbe
u? ?1 tpplrtsee? for a itsi treatment, DRs TUVI.L v
HOSEORD bare established a depB'tment for the even il
treanneBi i f Pro'a|>aua, and other tern ile dissassi resjainng
?MMBMI and auraksa] iniiimn ment N. li?Afawaioie
Bnardert, deairiug a phyaioio?? al diet, r un bo acooani -
Pal llB<
1 iE^TNESS, WSi ff.M.'f. KS frontb?
J 'VAU. aad M'l'ES in Ike MEAD Ci'KRD.-A
ft^eraragb edacaikaa obtained in tereralol ihebe^t Medical
$alleges in the world, many rents derDted ta diaea*et of the
ar, with saores of certificate? oTcorea of eases prono ineeil
avrurshle \>y emiient Norgeon?, sre the eii'est gaarantex ?
efDr HPA H'Sskil1 and auccess, and ilie best ?afenuards
tgaiattiiaai kniy aril iaiposil nui in lAe stiape of self at) lad
taiists. (hear oils, drops and ear fnnatalM Near Buht also
?wed Artiheiai Eyes inserted OSlca No. 261 Broadway,
frtB 9k> I, aad from 7 to 8 in the ereaJng No i harte f -r
aSBsaltstioa CemmaaicaU<ina should be plain and Cun
esw Tbe poor treated gratia.
Yea cured me of a discharge from my ear of 30 venre.
Biter baring been trrnted by si rer.ilSu'irennt of the h ehest
repulstioainNew York. JOHN SCOTS d? ITnk?'
tt%ai Nonces.
SUPREME COURT.?In the matter of
the apidiration of the Mayor, Aldermen ami ('otaas.ua
thl of the City of New-V'n , relative la the OPENING
? BOBTY-FOVRTH-6TREET. rron 9th ar to the
HadioB River in the C t) of Naw-Tarb Theauhnrrlhera,
CoBiniiMionert of E?lituate and Asseasmeut m the above
IBtilJed matter, dulg appeiiited by a rule of the Supreme
Court, grve notice, punuant to the requirements of an Act
ef the Legislature of tbe people of the State of New-York,
entitled 1 An Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to re?
duce teveral lawt relating particularly to the City ol New
fork, into uns Act, passed April 9, 1813." passed April it).
MM. that the abstract of the estimate and assessment if
aha Conim'samnera in the above matter, OOBtBtning the
Barnes of tbe owners of the lots assessed, the Bninbers of
lanh lots as they ? ?'? >? >n the MaM ol tie (' .iiioiisaion'ra,
togalher with s o h maps, and the amount of assessment,
whether for damate or benefit, and also all the affidavits,
estimates and other lo. rt Bit which were used by the
Cum11 i?s,iiiiei?fa uiakms their rapael hav. beendtoptatilM
in theStre.i Oa?nn?kaaioMr'i OMm ol the Cit. und County
of" New York, lor the iMMBteM oi wh.iuaoever it may
ecasrern . IBSaa to rrii.n.n tor ?? kseast ?ist?- days Ix fore Uw
Coinii lasii.ners iiial.e tlo ir report ty n,r suureui?
Court, ;.t tbe tun. and , act I.nufAtr ?BBliMid And
the said Commissioiieit further give notice, punuant to i!.e
reaairenii Nts of the) nl, eatitJtxJ "tu Act io amend an Act
eatitlrt! un Act in relation to the ool lection of Aasestmentt
aad Tai et in the Ci'v nui Count i ol New-York and for other
parpoM S, passed May II, 1810,*' passed May 7, 1841 , to ihe
ewaer oi ow uere, occiipaiK or oroupaats of all house, and
hapt. vad or unimproved handt aJlected theieby, that they
hat? roaiph leilthen Est untte snd Aseeasinettt, aitilthatall
rtoasahttssuitefeatsait aller tt d then y,and aIio may
nppi?t d to the tame, are raaMited to present thaii
?yMaetieest ba wrrUag to B Delanald Bnuth, the Chainaaa
of let laid I oniiiiissioii. -s at his odice. No II Nassau si ,
la the City 11 Ni w York, within thirty days frCM the date
ef tint notice. Ami tkal tin liuuts embraced bj this tsteta
SBM art aa follows. IkAtta toBB1 All that part of 84th-at.
?t the saint is laut Otlt B) law, be'ween the .vesterlv side of
the9th-ar and the lint of hiKh waiermarkoa Ihe Hilda ib
Bivt r. Anil also nil that MTtail peace or atrce] of laud
belli..!eil on the e?>. h] Iht WMterl) side of ?th av . M Ihe
weat by the eastrtrl.v si b- I null <\ . oi tlie north tiylhe
line ol the ceuier i i the l.lock between Iii. h et ami 8,'Hh-sl.
and on tae tottlh in IM Um of Ho ci atai a] LAe bloak be?
tween 81 st and 83.1 st . as laid i Bt n t o ('..iniiiissiouers,
Map* uow un file as afiutts.tiil in the Street Couiinisaioiier'e
Ctin c ol th, C.i. ... N. w Yo.k And also .,:) that certain
ether po oa ?> Barst] of lead baaadt d mi me aastbr ine wea
tetlj ante ol Ittk-a*..OB the weal hi the eiuterly aide of the
BWaBJUigda t road >r Uioi.dwav. on tr.e Borth hv the (me f
theeeatt - ol: .. hi ?? ?? ? ? . -t and It. ? St.. and out ha
tuBthby the lint ol the cental uf Us* bit ck between 81-st and
Bd-st ,a? laid out en the Commteaioner ? maranow aa file as
tloretaid in tue Strcri Commissioiit i B Ottice of the City of
Baa-York Aad alao all that oartara at har niece w n raw f
had boaaded uatMaaat b] Ike weatarly aide of tke Bhsim
IlirdsJe ron.l ot Broadway, oa the west by tbeeas'erly side
efihe 1 Uli a. . OB the north by the line oi the c. ut.-r oi the
Meek between 84th st and 8.*>th-tt , and on the south by the
aae ol the t-entei of the block between 84th-at. and 83d-et.,
te laid out on thaCoaaiaiattaaaat^ maps now on file as afore
taid. in the Strt at Coi,musMo..er's ..rlice of theCitt of New
Yoik ?And also all that esjetaiB otMi pteoaet parcel of
lead, tiouasli d t u the east by the weattvrl) si I- of the Uth
ar , un the w?atbv the easterly side nt th. IJth ir..oatag
Borth by the line of tMOBBtl r the block between 81th it
and gsth st.. and ?n the south by the line oi the
?enter Bi the blttck, between 84th et. and 83d-?t ,
at laid out on the Comnuatiouer't nie;.? now on
IVeaa aftireea'd, in Ute Street Commitsnmei't .dtlce. in the
Cllf ul New Yolk ? Ami tbe ?nid Commissi..nci? da further
gtveaotue Ihntihcii report in the above ?alstled ma ter
will ter uiatle aad tuesi uted te the Su. reiue Couilof the
the State of New- Yolk, at a apt cist term ,i the sa.d (loai..
te ba held at the City Hall of the City of Ne# York, . a
Satuiday the Statt da> of Jaanurv. l8o3, at the ot-< lu u f
lbs Court on that dir, M at MM D there.tOt r as counsel itnu
he beard, and that then and there a nsotioa will be mtale
that the said report Ik Contimit d ?l>ated, N? w- Yurk, No e
?Blbtt i. Hi!
GEORGE P ci.AKK, } Cnsniaiaainnir*
PREDERK kl. \ l I TE, )
RINRV E. DAV1ES. At'oniey ami CoBJtasl a) UU
fiUPREME COI R T.-!,. ?mj rta?tttwof
A? tke upplicatioB of the Mat or. Aide in. I and Cum ta?
in ef the Cits of New York relative I ihe OPEN1M I
OPPirTY-NINTH-ST .ftrrtttiith av t Brotateray, m .i.v
vll) of New \ rt * The Uudf rsiene t. CIB*?titBIIIBBII oi
ai'taatt and Asteseotent la tie above entitled matter,
htltb) g.ve Bot IM, tint the costa. rbargtsand disburse
Mtta mt urrrtt by reason ot the art'Ceediag* in Ihe iboTB
Mitled aaattti a I be taxed bj Haa loaaB Kdatowda,
?a* of the JaaUcet af the Sopreaat Coart, (or m t-??e of his
Jbtetre, br Baa ol lh? ether Justices ol said Court, tt the
Jeaifnie Cavil t haanbnra, la the t ity Hall.atf Hie City of
Bert-York . oa Wedaeeday . (he lath day of December, 18^1,
Mtu't'Uck to Iht ioienoen ? lute.I, New-York.December
itllil. AARON C BI RK. )
HENRY BERTH01 P. CoxnaatsBKaMrB.
Hiaat E. DtMgs Attort.. d6 tilth
. ^**?foi the Cuuuty . f New-York, at the 8utrtt
g?'? iOttee,ut tke Cttv of New York, ou the aeveiiteeath
**S i?li'? 'ear one thousand e.sht hundred and
Bi.tit, Pretsat, Alexander W lliadiord. SurioaaU In
aae matter of the applu-.tion to inorteage, lease or sell the
af eVatartek MoiBar, deceased Ou .etdoig
?. -- ? orderet!, trat til aereoM inteimt?d in the
^r** ** tbe aaid Predersea Midi tor, de.eaaed. appear
^Z*9** Sarrt fat? ot the t'-ujitv rf New-Y'oik, at hi*
lT5* {? '? ? t New-Y -rk, on t?e ttlitieth .'ay 4
"B't, st lOu'c oes. in tue t MB ? SB of that day,
"taiiiir.r t..iiu.? eaaaa whj tathoiitj thotiM Mtba
L? s ,'*d adaainrslratrii ta mortgage. It ?se i<rsaj
XT *Mtaaf the real estate of the ta.d Ecederit k Mahtor,
jTT*u.'i^*'1 rw sult'icient to nay hie debts,
laai*.]- BoaasMTtiN. Alt. ?n?r f.* Ute Adotinistr.t-ru.
? * A U EUADPORD.Surrogate
?A, "bk bj iht I race af Ood, flM aad independent
Eft H'e*txsiBt?ie.t,.| .? the Es'ae of WILLIAM H.
Zj^BND, lale uf ihe t it* of New -York. de. eased, aa
Py.'rtittt ueitoi kin, or ?tkerwtsa eead great'
"jt ten and each of yen are herehj iad reqa ad,
txaarVT/i'' b,.?Lj -Pi?xt ?" S imtgata of Kit.
" of New ?
Jf' B?* Yolk, ut h.s office m the Cit. o
fJJ/?ja Ike ninth dar of March eext, at eleveao'..
i of that day. then and their to attend tbe final
u,i" , ine act-o.in' ol pi ^eetlrai^ ot wnliatn M
C'J^JjjJr aedGeurgt Ireland Jr . a* Ear. ati ra oi the
U ?7. *"1 'c?,a?aat of said ds r.m?.1
"^?J**hereof, have caused the seal ol sxfice uf
f, . , 8?ne?;?'e to be here.into a.nxed Witness,
? ! *'???*der W Brat'f,*,l, 8urrt?ate of our snd
ft,, ^"ty. ?? the CM, S .v-Y .s th* 3d dar ol
k*t7ZT' 'f,XJ'* M our Lord ou* thousand eight
dj d?? fty A W. BRADFORD.
-_ _ So negate
J\0TI< k ,s hkhf.HY r.lVKN. ;??.
I^mIipwvnK' i?.*" h*n"? cla,m? *f>uim
faattr . . ' " ''"? "' I '? '
*^a^U^!t^L "* .Vr' 5"" paired to exlubit the
MBi.t^.w. EBW1N COFFIN, I _
mm lawtrng. FRANCIS V IN ION, j Executora.
SUPREME COURT.?In the matter ?/
th? ?; i... ?u< u >.f th? Mi i, a >;<?? ?? ? .
alt) ?fthe Citv of Near-York. relative to the OPENING
and EXTENSION of W AaHlNQTOB-ETBE T.f. .... :te
rrei>iit tern -ation at O ausevoort-st to ISth \t. ,n 'he
Xth Ward of said City.?The lutncnbers,Ok? atta i*n
of Estin ate and Ass.-ionaetit in the akare eatttled autter,
duly ?|>; ..iD'r.l hy a rn!e ef the f-npreaae 0OW1. "re n line,
pursuant |o the re?jt>irer .en's "fan Act of t n? '.. r ?Iii i re
of he people of the State ot*New-York, entiled " An Act
toamend an A. I entitled an let te satraee several lawe re>
latiug earur.ulany to the Ci-y of New- Vor?, into ?h? Act,
pa>... .1 Aeril 9. 18'3." passed t,.-.. 2i). "'. . thai thai ah
?tr;.< t oi tue eatu-. ite and **??-.? ? teatei * isAstahvAm
in the'ii>o*e matter, c. ntamii.c the aarao* toe owner*of
the Iota iaae?aed.ta*n'i.at.er? of each Uli? a* . bey appear
on trte map* (rf t!,e Cu-uiinseroeer*, '..aether with aoch
irisji* anJ tne?niount of assessment, aiie'ht: tor dan
or benefit; ??d aia? aft ?'?? t.t.'i.u ?? -? .'e- <r
u.e tnien'r ?? 'h were u??tl by the I OSaauMJ. uers Dt ataA
il.g their T^ixiTt. h tea rieeu .1 ?; eaitad .,: ::?? i'reet Covmui
Blor er'aOfTceofthe C'y pa I i ???tnty ?f New-Y' .rk, for the
ii.*i-e< 1.01. i4 whomsoever it may on. *r . . laeie to re.nain
f. r at le.i?' aiity dan before 1 i.e < loenm ?ra r-iake tne?r
report to the sa.d S pteme Court, a', the . BM aid place
heicina t. r meu'iuued. And the aai>: Commissi.- uer.fii'ther
rive no'ice. puiaaant to '.he roe draa ? r.isoftbeacttea.stled
Ac Ac*, to tmctid an Act et.tr I. d an Act in relatmu to the
eolleclionof Awetsni'ritsaflrt Tares in theCitv and C ?? ty
of New-York, and for ..'her purposes, rone! May 14.1310.''
passed Ma?7. mil; to the owner "r tra uers/ ciaantorno
copanta ot ail nouses ar.d improved or unimproved landsaf
fea-ied thereby,that they bavecoaaala e!?ieir BAtiBttteaad]
AsseearueBt: aietl that -ill i.eeaoria ? h '?einterev* are *?!??'" ed
thjetabl, and ?1... may be oppoe*,l to me?aiiie, are re?
quested to i.reseiii their object.. in in writing- to
KORD L WACOM BER, the Chairvnaa rtAeaaid Coav
m.tai, Here, at the office ef Willard a Bwaaajj, If OX 16 Wall
alreet in the City of New- York. Withia i rty da?s from
thi date ef Una notice. And that the hums embraced by
1 this :um r*n.e:.t are H f llowa, that is to say i All that'
cera r r.iec-> r p.ir" ! >f lati 1. v\ ir?. ly m and k??r ia
the City of New-York, and bounded on the northbr tbe
southerly side of Utk street, on the south by'.he northerly
? side of (,ansev(Hirt-street, on the east hy the resteer* side
? of Wasmnaton street.** laid out by law, and on the west by
tee westerly a.de of H'tiliinr' .B ri-. t, as laid ooi by law.
And aleoaD those lota,pioeea or pireel* of land, fronting
on ll,e east* rly side ?,f Washington-?t., oetw?.-n Christ?
ph*r at and Perry-?t,j and also all those ?th'-r piecsss or
; p-i' i la of land fio'.ting on the weste'ly Bade nf Wt?hing
l*a it.. between Chr,atopn*r-st. and I, rv-a'. And a!*e
a 1 the lotB, piei es or par? Is of land froatXBB on t'.e east?
erly rind westerly sides ol Wash..agt-m-st.. between Perrv
st rmd Hammor.il st.. ai d also tbe lot 'B th* southerly
si.'e of Bsaaasea 1st . anown a* No I31 lla.mnonu st
a id alao 'he lots known as No*. Uiarid 137 Periy-et and
the lot known as np, 7ot Wnsh'iig-'>n st And also all
thaaaatkan ksta,pieeee or pauoaiaea laad fn uting'm the
ens er'y ni.ii .e-ler y sides of ?Vvdii'>irr. ,n St., a tweec
llaiai?ad et ai d Baak-at., aad a!?<> the o.es suownby
the Noa lid, 116, 118, 1*0, lit, 124. Ill Bank - : and also
the h.t .1 Mit. norib-eaat e oner of Wash ntr'.ni ind Hiri?
sta ; and also three 1.4s. each 22 feet froet and rear, and
lOCfifton r.ai*b side, and WhsAk three iota . 'cetber a ?
boaadad eaj the nor'h by the southerly ?nie .,t" Kank-st ,
and on the Baal by a luie parallel or Beany bo with the
waateriy able of rTaaklattiai at biii! illst 1111 Kl fi si .v*?t
erly Ikerefn ? ; ar.d also the l-;!s kaowo by the N.is. 129,
111, !33 13'., 13? and 141 Hammond it..and the I : on the
nor'h ??s? ,?. rner of H irnii, rd avd Wa-1. :i- ? .n sis ?
a\ad aleo all thoae sets, asace* or parcel* flau frmtingin
the ea>leriy and westerly sides of Washitiston-st , between
Bank-st and llam-eviion at And .11-.. all the ? '? front
IBaeatkaatarrtk ?1.le ..f Ha iK-?t , between a line distant
1*7yaat4 tachaa a^aAes-lar(roan thee* tarlj Hart of Wa?h
. ksAtcaVS?f and the e uler y aide of Wasaiasjtras-et., and
I also all II.<se other lots frontmr on fit 1 Ml nerlv side of
B..nk st iketweeathe weetorly aide <.t rYaakAvtrtoa-M and
: a Baa diataat 141 net 1 back westerly tAmfresa And als?.
all the lata, pieces or parcels of luud 'rontiti* 011 the Boatk
! erlvstde at Bethune st., batweaaaliaedwtaat 163 feet I
; iBcbes easterly from the rasterlv g;r*e ai Washinglim-st .
and a line distart 16b feet 8 inches westerly from the wrst
: erly ride of Washingtou-st. And also all the lots, piece*
or parcel* of land frortinr on the northerly stile of Be
thaae-sl . i^iweena tkae dart aal pj feat tmcheaeas'. r v
from th. Marterl] n:.|e of WaaauasAoa *4 . an I m line distant
, 176feetweeterlyfroai the weaterlv side ..f VaaUawtoa-at
And also all the lots froutintr on trie " Btkely 1 I* ot Troy
st., batwaaa a Baa distant Iftn feet } tachee easterly irosa
the easterly side of Wushinrton-st , bad 1 line .listml 178
feet weaterlylfri in the westerly side of Washington-at
Anil also all the lots, pieces or paroelaof land fronUng oa
the north aide of Troy si., lettween a line d'.ataut 111 f<. t
1 in< h easterly from tbe easterly side of Washington-*! ,
and a line distant 176 feet westerly from th* westerly aid*
of Waakbagtora-sl And a'so all the Jots, pieces or jurcel*
of Iund fnintiiig on the south side of Jaue-st , between a
lme dis'an! IKu (?et jiu'des easleily from the easterly
side ,.| WaahiBirtssa at., and a line disAAal I7', f.et weaterlr
from the westerly aide of Wa?biugton-st. Ami also all the
lots, pitcea or part els of laud fronting on the re.rt'i side of
Jaae-el , betweea a liaedistaal i?'* iaet ilache* easterly
In.i , ',',?: ?a*t*ily side of WaaklartOfl st . and a line dis
ant 191 feet westerlyfromtheweslerlvsuleofWashington-st
AudalMialt the lots, pieces or parcel* of land fmuimKon
th* south side <d Horatio st.. between a line distant Ml
feet 1 1 a inches easterly from the euste.lv aid. 1 f Waahuig
tnti-st and a line distant ,'91 lee! we4erlv troin the wester?
ly side ol Washington-st. And also all th* Intl IBBCSt nf
BBieela ol land fronting on the nortb side of Horatio-st.,
between a line distant M feet 9 inches easterly from the
easterly sr.le of W ashin*i.?i-st . and a line distant 191 feet
?ee'er'y fruWJ the weslerly side of Washmtton ?t. And
alao all the lot*, pieets or parcel* of land fronting on the
BQBtA aide ol Oaiteevoort-at. between 11 line distant 2.>0
ftet easterly f,om the ea?t*i ly side ol WaaklaWliaB at and
* lme itrrtaal 182 f?et 8iachee weeterly from ihe irsatari)
s de of Waal.iiiKt. ii st And aUoall'ihe kstaiTaatsaa ..u
the ?>?? 11) aide el VV iu>bingtoii-sl , and 011 a piece , f land
itelongitf to the City of New-Ycra, betweea Oassmaatt
st. aad 12th st , and also all the lots on the north line
of (Janscruort at , l-etw?*n the easterlv side ,,f Wash
ington-st , ami :i liae distant 187 iiet 4 :nc:.< ? easter?
ly there from, and also all the lots ou the soutberly
sid*of ltin ?t , between tbe easterly side of Wasfuneton
ut ?nd ? UsmlaTsptasal ssi r^et 1 ueih esrasteftr tbaf?smee*.
And elan all the I.** ea Ike BinrfTaartf sr.le ?/ l?th st . be?
tween rl,. . ..teilv side of Ifith av and a I111? dial ant 664)
It er eaatarly Ibeiefr.un, and also all the l.-le fronting oa
bo b sides of I0th-i.v Ik tween the uortherly side of l|th-*t.
und tlii southerly hide of ItlA-et . t bji hei wan a hlooA
106 feel m.u.ii 1 at the kouth- west ta.ruei of lUlh-nv and 12'li?
st Ami sjso all that eertain piece or plot if st .awdboaaded
and deacribod aa follows, to wit : beginuiiiK at the south
eniterly corner ef Itth *t. and West-st , and runinuir
thence along the easterly side raf Waal at. 100 feet.tbeuce
aaraail) iti ft et h iachee,themce*vajthayrlj7 2'H feet 3inche?,
thence easterly along the northerly akda >l (linievo iri-st.
1M feet.thenct le rlheriy ulonsTtiie waetBTly Bads of Washing?
ton at icrjeet e; i*ehe?,' hence westerly alonf the southei 'l
side of flaiikevoort st 'it7 feet 3J inches, to the '.lice "f he
gin nine And ?e, the iaa/dCoaauasioaera,du f miner give no?
tice, that oar report in 'he aleiveentitled milter will beinade
and pit et 11.<d t? the Snpieme OeSart of the State if Naw
York at a si rt nil'enn . f the said Court, to be held at tka
Citjr Hall of tk< City 01 New York. ??a Safurday, the 2itb
sjaytal Jaaaaiy. IfsIS, at Ike opaaiaa uf the Court ou th at
dav, or as ?eon ti t re aflt r as . un:,e! can 1.? heaid.- Da', d
New-York. November!, 18M
Caa rusei, n*r*
HENKY I DAV1ES. Attorney nut! t'oansel no t 24
E^ liam L Emg m,J Wife cr Sarah A. OefdcaBad Otb'
ers- Hill to- foredoanre?-EMKRSON k PBICHARD ol
the City of New-York Pills Solrs ? D ANIEL D T. DOR*
HO> . er e , I the defendants in tout cause, wht?e place of
r. sir', rec is in Nun Kruno?ro. 111 the State ol Calitornia, ts
ree, re 1 te appear in this cause by the twenty-fifth day of
Jamihiv nett, or the bill tried thefeiu will he taken a*r..a
feesedhy him.-Dated New- York, Ot tob? 21. 1(01.
i&S law8wS
ja Hi pursuance of un t rd< i ol the Chancellor of the Stale
te" New-Jerrey. notice Is hereby given, that the CREDIT?
ORS ol the Corporatron stvled THE PRESIDENT. Di?
lti ( 1 OKS and (OMPANY of the PEOPLE'S BANK of
PATERSON are required to present their elabns and de?
fends to the subioibers. Receivers for the Creditors and
Mi t ?holi'er? ot Mitl Bank, and to prove the same, it re
qah?ed, to the ?atis'st tiou t.f said Receiver*, withm sig
ii our ha horn the tifteenth day of November, 1851. or they
will be BXCtuded from the benefit of inch dividend* as mav
lieaeefttr In- declared b) the ('hem.e lor upon the pi.^-ees!*
.?i the ell. 1 in 1 I Mad CorpsaTauosa,
The Receivus at* no* ready to reruv such ansABs, md
to issiit Ceru:'< ?t< s tbt rt for. at their (sfllea ia Afaia ft., Pa?
tt 1.-en, N J ?Dattd Novsinber 15. 18?l
WILLIAM W DAY } Receiver*
n2y|Bw3m? JACOB VAN ARSD\LE. )
?\'(>T1('E of Application for the ilischru
1 1 ol an insolvent from hu debts, purmant to the :.ro
viaiou* of tb* third article of Hi* tltttlti*e| the Iftk
c! .pter of the second part of the Kev>e,l Star ttts, s\M
El>N S. K 1MB ALL. t.f the City mid County of New
Yotk Notice first pubbahed Oct. 25. 1851 Creditors to
ail.ar bet. ie the Hon Lewis B Wovdruil. one of th*
Judges of the Court ot Common Pleas of the Cat] and
Cl Bat] oi New York, at the City Hail, City of Nsw-York,
i n the i'ii day of January. 1852. at 11 n'cl.nii in th* tore?
ro, n D IRA BARER. Alt..n;*\ for said Insolv*ut,
,-.o : ,w 'iv' No. 11 Nusaau-st. Baw-Ysffc.
IN lM'H^l'ANCE of a;i ordcy of the
Sun.*Jate of th* C ? uty of New-Y rk. nohce 1* hereb*
given to all rssraoa* liavilir claim* ai-ainst'ERANCIe
O'NILL. late Bf the Citv of New-Y ik. tltrehsed. to -..re?
st r.t the same, with voucl.ers thereof, to John (t. Gottsl-er
ger. Jr .at hi* Mere, No. II Centre-street, iu the City of
New-York, on or before the Firat day of Mart h in$,
Dated New-York, tbe twrnty-secoBd dav of A igust. 1851:
JOHN i; UOTTSBERCER, Jr .) Adru urstrator*.
JCHN t> NIEL, Ik t.'ie will aa
auJ31aw6ni8*t* neied.
I N PURSUAlSTE^f an t?Vder oflhe Sur
-1 rogateof the County of New-Y',uk n.'tiee ,s hereb*
gvn. t all panow hariBg ciauns acarust ALKXANDKR
H HARPER, la'i . t ti e i . MBilea.des7eessed.te
present tbe ?eine with v. acher* thereof to the sur-Maiber.
at hi* reside no . Hutis 11, tt 1 Mm r u-?:n-et. in the City ef
New York, on or hatllf the tiftb dny of January neit. Da
te?l New-Y'ork, the 17th day of June, 1811._
je28 law6udS? CALEB S. BTJ ITS, Eiet utor
IN PURSUANCE of an order of the
SniTogat!- of the Co'iut | of New -Y\ k. D..'.a e is hereby
gum t, ..;.?ts a*kariasclairaaMaiaal ANW WYMBS]
late of tbe Citv of New-Yolk, widow, deceased, to t>r*:
sent the same with voucher* there .f to the sabstrriber,
at bi? voice. No 138 Bowery, ia the Citv nf Nr .. Tath, *
,r bebte thesev. utli day of A pill next.-Dated New-Yt>rk.
tbe thud dav ,.| Ocu leer. IMI ,_.
.?: lswonsS HI OH KELLY, Adnunisrrator.
IN PI RSUANCE of BBOidei -of the Sur
rcgate tl th* County of N*w-Y'ork. noUce re berehsy
wen to all persou* ti?virgt kamis *gruu>t M AKY' CBOSTM
47AI 1 E, late of the CBj of New-Y, rk. widow, Jeceaacd,
... . . the '.er- ? - rtefthai us r b. r.
at his .free, eeeaef of Bowery ami Jd-st , in '.he CBy of
New York, aa or btfote tbe twenti-second day of April
Beit?D?'etl New York, the ?ixte*iit>i dav ,,f iVober. 1851.
la 11 Sar WILLIAM H VAN COTT. Eiecut .r
IN PURSUANCE of an order of the
Surrogate ai the Coantv of New-York, notice ia here
Iv given to all persons having claims against ANNE
HAMILTON. I.t e of NorthainptoB. Mas*a*>hu?ett?, de
cesstd, (o p'esent U.e same with voucher* thereof to the
-i bed her, at h* office. No 4lLtb*rtY-*t , in tbe Ctty of
\, ? Y rk, oa r ? fore tbe e>tbtb dav of Job* aert.
1 at. d New-York, th* fifth dav of De? ember. IUI.
d6 tawfiii.S* M VRCl S w ILHC H. El. it r
IN PURSUANCE of an order of the Sur
rogateof tbe Counts ofN*w-York, aotic* m bereby
ivvb to all person* having claims against CHARLES
ARKiHT.raie of th* City of N?w-Y.irk. merchant, de
ge***d,to pr*s*at the seme with voucher* thereof tu Uta
aLtsK-riber, at the office of W. A 8e*ly, No 184 l^ioo-a*..
iB th* Citv of New-York, on or before the twenty 1, urth
day of Apiti aeit-Dated N?w Yoik. the tweBir-^irddv
ef Octolir. IUI. tUZA J WRIUHT,
*25 law|v.S AAraiiiayttAsWl.
?e^FFREME COURT.?Tn the raattu
tie Tf>h?-4ti?n nl the Mayor, AMennea ?j,d C ? ?1 *
elf f taa C* v of New-Tort, retatrea tothe OPE,-.
jfnyrv.SIMH-ST.frtnyhat. to Br .adartr m
Cry of New Y rh The 9nSwtrir?r?, Coamtiaxoflera
K?i<raat- and Asw>?>ment in the a'erre entitled n?ter
dot} ai t-Motttl ?)? i Kale at* the Su rem- Court, s-.a S<
tie ; araaaxrl t., the ret .iiren>*i,ta uf an Art ?f thi Lern
latore tf the Pe iplfl b] -.tie ante of lie*. YoT*,-utir,ed
An Act to anend ai. Act entitled an Act toreJu.es vt.-al
Hire rr.??.;?- l,t-,M'trl, T. ??,, r,'T of V. e Vor?;.'It'
one Act. ....... d April I Igli," aaaaaaa AarR IB. itts; u
theat rtti , f (,. E'tmafe a: I Aeteastro-a'<T 're C *
'?? * ? % IB t hi ?So n. U ... ,.t n.rcha el m %-f
o-wner?. t I he lett asse.se I, the on abaci ..f isjch beta at
Uie> appear on ihe ipiij n of the CtaMBMittaBrB, taaaathar
*B 1 :< ?' >:. f, am ...tit .f t... ...n'n', -sr ,e-ner
I for dantare r beaafit . and a'e-. all 'he .iffi !avi><, eataaMtoa
uml otbrr dfcuinee'i. tahiLh were u>ed by the C ? nmte
noaeri !? Balii ? thear re . rt hare b*aadapoaitad .a the
'et (''.tunijmni ' Office ..f the Chat and County ot
New Y .i?. !or ti e nMMcttaa af arhavMaajrar u anre .n
cern. thereto remain for at 1? ait stfy da-a befire *he
C'T tiiiaiiotKr? inane their report to the said 3 iar-mc
Court, at the time and pi ace hereinafter mentioned And
the ia;d C'on.iiijeaionera further fire ao'.ice. pursuant to
the requirements ?f theaat.eatitlet] "An Act to amend an
Art entitled an A-1 m ret.i.i :., the collection of A.??ee?
menie and Tatra in the City and Counts of Near-Y ..-k.and
f r er -t|f?-d M..y 14. im..." pa??t.| M .. 7
ICH : f.. the awntr or ow ncrt, occupant "r neenpau'-s of all
hatW . I, and loiptored ..r nnirnpro.ed lands affected there?
by, that they hare co^pl^d i beir Ks imate and Aesese
ment; and that a'! pe'iont whose interest! are affected
thetef.y. and ?h wan 11 opposed :?? :he same, are re-ia??!
eti to ptBBtBt their BhtoetiBaai in -tnting t.. AARON C.
BCRR. the Chairman ef the taid CommtaaiVraarB,Bl hit
home. No 88 Grand et. m the citr of New York. withiB
thirtj dart (roaa tne date ..f thia not.ee. And thai tne
1 wits embraced by that aaeemment are as fnile/wa. that it
to say ?All the land situate. Ling and i emg ia the Cuy of
New-York, between the westerly erde of ith-ar . the et-t
erlv w.!e .>f 6tfe-av . the liar of the center of (ha block be
twe.niMh'l aid MhrBa , aid the line of the centerof
the Uctch hBtwacB Nth tt. and M at., as laid mmt on the
f. miiiifsitme, a'n.aj.i on file in the Street C inun.so laer'a
Off.re f theCitn.i New-Yot* And alaaall the land atta
ate, !yrrr Bad b. ? n ti e City ?f New-fork,between the
weaTerly tide tif 6th-ar . the eaaterly eide uf 7:h-ar., the
line ? f the renter of the hitx-k bet we,, a JAfh-st. an ! rjotb-tt..
atid the Uae t tlie cen'er ..f the l>N?ck !>etween Nth-Bl, anfl
idth-tt .at laid out on 'he C?mrnitsionert' met "n file in
the Street D ?miN'sai.pner'i OlTieeof the t'tly of >? .v-York.
And also tin- land situate, lyini- and Iflini; ia ''ieCityof
New-Y'..rk, between the westerly side of 7th av . the ratt
erly t de of 8th-av . the line of the renter of UM blocB lt>
hr?flsj Mth-al and'Othst ,aud the line of the center of
the h'.sk batvtflflB i9'h-at. and jftih tt . n laid - it mi the
C ??? p e ??. i * '-. r r s' i-.apa. ..n file m the St re-: t' ? ...i ?i-uier'a
Omcfl of the Cit] of Ne*v Y-.rk. And the ana* Commie
r ii'-it further civ? at tire, that their report la the abnie
* > t ? r d i..ittdt ?nU bfl maile and preienti d t ? ga rsatfl
i art i tbflStatt Ntw-York.at a tpemal term of the
?aid Court, to he held it the Cuy Hall or the Ctty If?w
York oa Sarardar/, the I4'h day of fehrunry ts't.at the
tMntagrd thfl Caeirt aa that Bery,er at eooa (hereafter aa
CoBBaiilcaa be beard, and that than and the-? ? motion
w il n ?de that the satd report be c?iflrmed.?Dated, I
Nbw-Yi is. rYaeaaabflr ti, 1851.
HEN BT BERTH* )I.K j CuBiidaaiitjaiB.
HENRY E. DAVIrlS, Attorney. atitFll
?UPREME COURT.?In the mattei- of
b<-7 the tppBcatiOB of the Mayor, Aldennea and Co.nmon
Bltyot bl ? ll Vew-Y.ok, relative tu the OPENING
Or nFTY-N1 NTH-STREET,frota icth-av t.. the p..,ut
where taid i9th->t mtersecia the 8th av. and Broadway ?
iTieeiihsr riliert, C.'mmitsiouert of Eat?nat? mid Asteae
Bieut in the al ove entitled matter, duly .tp; ...n-e..! by a rula
?jf the SHpreme Court,rive notice, p'trtuaut to the reouirc
ejtjti tool aa act of the L*?;nlatare ..f the pe. pie f theS-ate
of Ne-.v-YDffc, entitif d " An Act to amend an Act entitled
an Act to reduce several laws relatmr particulaily to the
City of New-York.lnto one Act, paated Apnl 9,1813,"patt?
ed April 20, 1 f...'i. that the abetract of the Estimate and
Assessment of the CotBaBaMflBBIB in the nbore matter,c a
'Binin( tha nainrt of the ownert of the lots aaaessetl, the
?BBtbfltlof such lots at they appear on the inapr of the
Commissioners, toeetber with auch BaBBB, ami the amount
of Aseesameiit. whether fer d ilutee or batsUt j and altnall
the ??idavit?, estimate*, and ..ther SaeBBBBBU, which were
need by the Commissioners in making- their reoort, have
been deisis.ti d in the Street Commissioner s office, of the
City and County of New-Y..rk, for the inspectma ..fwhoin
aoever it mar concern , there to remain for at leant siity
dayt hefore the Comm ssioneri Bah tt hair reistrttothetaid
Snprerrt t'ourr. at the time and place hereinafter ?tWlttB
ad. And the said C..mmia*i..nera further tire notice, pur
tH.-at to '.he retjiiirementaof the act, entitled M An Act to
a i.iml an Act ? untied an Act in relation to the collection
.ml Tanaa iB the City and C oiiitv oi New
Y"iK, ,ni.| for otherpurpoeee. patted May 14, 1810," passed
May 7, Ifill , to the owner ..r owners, occupant or ... cn
BBBlaol i ... rt.,,1 i i.. rovedor 'inimiiroveil lands af
toctfldthereby.thai thet aare coaipletoa their estimate
aud asaeasment. and that ai! Dflrsons whose intareetaareaf
fectod thereby, and who ma) l?e opposed to ihesarae.are
r^u'iested to present their oojatStknt* ia wntmt to Charlet
8 Weerott, Eeq , the chainnan of the tuid Couumetionert,
ttthe ifttCBaf J. IItne-oft Stevens, No. 10 Wall-st , in the
City of New Yors t% it hin 'htrtv dara from the date of this
Botice. And 'Jiat the hunt* embraced bv tin* aasesstnent
areas follow*, that is to say : All that cert.ua pit. e -r
parcel ot Und. situate, lying and being in the Citr of New
York, and bounded, described and Containing at follow*,
that i* to any : Beginning at a im int in the easterly ude of
RRh-an distant Kin feet 5 inchei tontherlr from ?',e
tontheriy tide of ytih-tt , at the tame is to be opened,
ami running thence easterly along a line parallel with
eaid southerly aide of Mill, street, and distant 100 feet 3
Inchei southerly therefr. in 80(1 feet to the westerly tide
of Srth-ar . t.'i. uce nortl'trlv al nig said weete-ly tide ef
9th- iv SittO let t iu Inches to a . . .nt in taid westerly tide
ii9th-av.. distant 109 fret i mchet northerly frota the
I northerly aidt of J9th tt., .it the same is to be opened:
*??Jge weetlsls. fas aetratahl line, noo f?,t. to a point ia the
easterly title,.f leth av. tlintiuit loo (Mt 5 uo l.e. norUierl.
from the northerly aide ,.f ?#ih-st .at the lame la tn IB
oneueti . Lhet.cD souUierlr^loiot >a,U ???t?.i> uda mi sota
tt . aa tne same i? to he opened, irx) feet 10 lachet, to the
point or pl'ni of beginning. Ami also all that certain ...fter
piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being bt Use fits
of New-York, and bouuded, described and containing aa
follows, that u to any : Beginmns at a point ahsre the
aouthany eide of 5Bth st , as the same is tobaepenad, ?
teraecta the eaeterlyr.de of 9th av , and running thence
?ontheely along taid easterly tide of 9th ar !Wl feet 3
htthai . thence ea.'erly along a line parallal with said
aoutheri) side of Mb st . and distant 100 feet I. mchee
lotithrrl. the-eform, CbO feel to the westerly side of 8th ar .:
thenre northerly along said westerly tide of Hth-av , 127
fett 19inches, to the point where the weslcrlf tide of the
BRsrsjtiagdtla road balartacta the westerly aide Rh-BB.j
thence northerly along said westerly side of 8'h-ar 173
feet giiichet; theme westerly along the line of the center
of the Meet beta tail ttth-at, kDd With at .'678 feet 6 inchei
te the t atterly snle of 9th-av ; tbeuce'southcrly along aaid
easterly aide .J the 9th av.. 160 fee', i inches, to the point or
pit* e of begiBniag, And tlto, all that certain gore of laud
In ? iid CB), bottaaad tad descnl>ed as follows, to wit: Be
giiutiug at ii point where the weeterly tide of 8th-ar in?
tersects tn. tat tri] s'de ot the Bloumingtlale-i ad,aud -ua
ting thatsM i.. r'beily aloug aawl westerly sole .| (th-av tt
feet 9 inches: thence weeterly along a line 20 feet ? mchee
to a (sunt in the easterly side of the Blooriiincdale rotd.dia
taut so feet *( iaehti Bortharly frofltthe poial afhttlBtitg ;
thaacflBOOtheTly along the easterly ?de of the Be-, m: g
dale road 3b b et 7f ai. ties t.. (he place ol beginning. And
we, the aaid Commissioners, do further give notice, that
. rt ia thfl above eut.tled matter will lie made and
(iissenled to the S iprci'ie ( otirt, at a Special Term of the
a i d Court, to ht in Id at the City Hall of the Cite of N9w
Yerk. on Saturday, the 13th day of December. A. D 1831,
t: the opening of the Court on that day, or a* *oou 'here if
tflf hi Connie) CBI i I heard ; and that then and there a u.o
tu n will be made that ti e Mud report be confirmed.
CH \ HI BBS Wk-o OTT, )
Dated New-York, Sept. Tth, A . D. 1131 ettlDll
CHs and Coanty
Hay and DaaMl M l> vitt
?lh i.?t Thomat Harknast.?Summons for money dam tad
oa coBtrert?(Ciflu. no* ?er !?T .THOMAS HAKK HESS,
tt.e above defendant Yon are hereby summoned and ra
qaired to aaawev thecomplaial m tint action, which wdj
be filed m the office ef the Clerk of the City and County of
New-Yor -i v Hell .d th" City of New-York, and
to seive a ts py ot t..tr answer to the aaid comt laiat .>n the
luherribers, il their office. No 52 John tt, in the City of
Nim York, within IWflBty dtvs after the eereice of tbit
aumnu ns on you, ?tclasire of the dny of each tatrica; and
if rim fail to answer the aaid miuplaint wtlhiu the time
aioresaid, the plaintiffs in tine act-.on will take judgment
atamat you for the tum of iwchehundred and uinety-seren
dollars 13 cciita. with n.teiest from 'he 2t! day of December,
Hie theusand eigh? hundied aud Ifty-one, lieaidee the
costa of thai action.?Dated Nfl? Tort Dec. j. ik3I
BEI L a COB, Plaiatim' Attoraeya, No it John-it
The complaint win tiled to this action with the Clerk of
the City am' CoBBty of Ntw- Y< rk, a the i h nf l)e. ember,
MM. tASUrrCwt.'] BELL A COE. P.a:c,titli ttt ys
II c'.t charge of aa ineorvent from hit debts, rurs iant to
trovwiins of the third attirlt of t Irtl Utlt of the
fifth chapter of the jecond part of the Revised Ste'uee.
t'NIN D CASK f the City and Counts ? N- York, an
Iiiswhrent Debtor Notice rirst tabiwhed December 8.
IB3I. Crrditoratoaprearbefo'e Baa W R. B. ebe, City
JuOge tf the City and County of New-York, on *he 20th d ty
uf Jtuuary neit ensnirg. at It o'aloak m forenoun at h:a
i f er in tie City Hall 11 tiding..!, the i ty of New York,
to show cause, il auv ther have, why ar, assignment th .aid
n.t be made of taid Insolvent estate, an 1 ht be dt?-h trged
ft ? ? hdflisia GEO HCDSoV.
PI f ? m s Attorney ftl Into'veut.
IN P?R8UANCEtfBBOTdwTwfthe Sur
ranM tf tha C.unty of New-Tork. notice is hereby
riven to all prraom having claim* against BERNARD
KERLEY. late of the City of New-Yora. Grocer, deceaeed.
raatal the same w ith voachers.thareof to thehrabeonbera
?tf.e rt? et St :i..n, No. Ii5 Ea-st Sixtaflath
?treet. in the City uf New-York. ?n or before the tweaty
ninth day of jWuarv aext ? Daled New-York, the twea y
fifth day of July. 1831.
JtMFI StLMON. )r, , . _
jyte lawgmSat* DANIEL HAYDEN. I
SUPPLIES -Deem.'.er 6, 1831 -TO BU1XDBBS
? Sealed proptsalt wdl be received ai Ihe Office ot tne
ConiBiitfit'ctr . f Repai's ar..' Snpnliet. No 1 New C:;?
Hail, untd Tuetday, December 16, a: 11 o'elotk.M. at
which time they will 1^ publicly opeaad. for the erec t in
sfa FIRE ALARM BEI L 1 (?WEB uear Je.rera.m Mar
Vtt Estiraalei will be received sept rarely for t Woodea.
ai d also tor i.a Ir?n Tower A plan and ipflci.tcaMoa of
the work, and a. I u lotBatiea in regard thereto, can be had
at the Office of the S'lpennfendeat af Repair* t Pob'ic
BnBdbtge, No 19 EltxabetA-st Blank eet:mates cm *.e
had at eitht r t :Vci N. B ?The Cu;:i":i?s ner resstrvee
the right of re ettiar sB or any of tha eatima'es. if deemed
for thfl nterei. cj the Corporation. WM AD AM^.
d< Commttaioner of Repain an ! Su.-::es
Sl'PPLIES-December 6. 1B31.-TO BCILDERS -
Sealed Prop eale w ill do received at the ofB. e of the Com
aiisiioner ol R. pairs aaJ Suppliet, No. 1 Xe* Citr Ha':,
ant.I Tueedar. Dec. 16. at II u cloeA M.. at whah ti.-ne
tbey wdl be p'ubl t Iv opeced, for the erection ct a Bl ILD
1NG * THikTY mrRT>STREET, batweaa 9th and i-*-h
n?* .tobe attdu a Police 8tation-ho itt for the XXlh
Pclice Di*trirt. Bwldtrs will eitimate i'-jt 'he mas.seiind
tari.Btei flrert lepartteiy. A plan and epflcifi-ation of the
Builliiii re'i'iired. and all mfoniiatK.B in reeard taeret...
can be had Bt the .e*csr of the gnpflriafflndant af Repairs
te Public Buildmte. No. 19 Elixaheth et. B.euk ettiaiatei
eta be had al either office N B ?The Cumn-.i?sH.aer re
serrrt the right ef re ectxsg all or atv of the eetimatea. if
eeased for the interest of the Corporation
william ADAMS,
dt Ctmn.jsioner of Repa.ra ?aJ Su.plia?.
^ of New York ?William Ha
Fihb in Ba?oor.?The Uottarianr hureh
at Banger?Rrr. J. h. All?n t-wat destroyed "jy
nrf oa Surtdav mornirig The ln?a it ajtiayated at
liO.OOO. it I.? BUJ.pi.Jfd that iht tiff a as ca'>e-0 t.jr
it I *?htt Idft ia a ?o?7<l?b re ?sc!
Eitaet of a tetter la ?k?> evlton of Th
r'"'"* Alf"?', d-ceo November M
I thii.ti. fi,.m ?11 j can ><ra frmn goj 1 viitiinty,
and from t?er?ors wj, , knew tbe ? ..nntrv ind tie
men weal, that ? rriM?':nn in Fi tern HarstaO
"i1"" \i * ,l't r'lk ks ?????? a chance toianxaiata
IM Neitean r?-,.- ii c.? on the H ? ? ;?-.,?? le with
?mi ? fr? ?i, ;i i; Unerteaa 1 - ??? .? -.? free of
duty. l!row.n:.ic j.a- r,,, n r tptdiy going down
within the laat grx month? in c mm i'ience of the
?evere w tti h kept bv ?M Mexican intborittws over
the BBttMhrja, auJ in rx>B*eerr*aaoc \mtilull?i r i?c
axu ptchc.l into Um \!ext.-an a :;n..r tic . Th e i
wae loM bj ? genUefnaa frota OaJvestoa. wh > hil
just returned fron BrowaariHo, Ml who had livcl
there lone acongk . ? ,-iy t,. beesMM M tvr He
says trie town w..s ic;:k' Ss&Sftaa^OR account of
u'?*ot Jfa?j?. Hence Lk< leieliilhaa
I he Ter. ? Leg.r' r ?,- tapnt to rw determined
to ?et I cngrcsa to pa;* aa ac.t rcpe .Im/that ueoeiae
Iii iearoe.', kill, t,y whi.-a $3.000,000of the lintel
states Block, to beiaraed to Tasas, are to be re?
tained by the Baited States TrtMMi'.T until the
creditors .,f Tcxa?. for *bose"claims the Republic's
lmpoat i.nttr* were plc lecl u security, <rxtil all
have Uaaj w.th the Treasurer releases of their
ciaims sgaiasl the I nited States. Tka Texas. Legis?
lator- \?:-h themselvfs : fi e release* to the Fnited
Mater, to take the resirved $.">no no <t.>ck into
their own hand?, and settle v*i"i their umVUn in
ti< r rjaysj ?;,v. There are minv of tho Claim?
v' rbetn which they artU seile-i e. pav wha'
the State received, not what tiie claims bear on their
fare A hea- v claim holder is here from the North,
log rolling and caucusing, but I don't think he will
?sjeet a : to tka extent he ?o-il<l wish.
I I.e 'erorid. class claims amo-mtiu? to over $*jiNi,
i <". due to citizens of Texas for services rendered,
or loaaea incurred is the service of the State, .via
undoubtedly be paid in full. The liovernor re.o.n
mends it strongly, and the disposition is general to
pa*t an appropriation at an eany period for the pur
MSt), la the course of three montns the<e claims
will be at. or very near par. They arc now wortn
fifty and nxtv cent* on the Collar, with the privi?
lege of a rue for sixty days. Few are offering, n iw
ev*r. A month or ?<> ag) they were worth from
twriry to thirty cents on the dollar.
The Legislature will not Like up the excifrg (pics
tion of tue M state I)rbt" for sometime yet?until
Congress meets. - It i< very prohabia ?tut ti? state
representation in Congress will be instructed to in?
sist on the measure 1 have above ircntioneJ..
Court Calbmdar?This Daw. ~ I /OMMOi
PLEAs-Part!.?Not. 1 213, lists I,tf7, 1431, IJM,
1.241, 1.2H, 1,2!:?, LM9, 1,231. I.IStV, 1,187, I,*j'>3. 1,45.1,
I.J55. Part IL?Ifoi I.win. si'l. *>C2. sjo, S32.
Mn. k'.'j. "f>, f-S. '.'.-j. i-:i, '.134, ,'l l. yjs, >."> >
( IBCI IT COI RT ?This Din ?N"08. Mk9, 10, MI.M2,
S4.r). t-45, MC, 42T, M4, 847,S4& -3 1 -...',419.2,142.
?ursaioi Court ? tfeadaw.?Not. l?. T3. 7V, BS,
H, '.in. I(i5. 13". Ifn. i.i. p>. I'd, ?; 13. j.r. 211.213,
214. 213, 216.117,S18, S19, SSO, 221. ss4, 8S7, SSO, SSV,
stfO, If., 2!>, 43, 63, 71,181. IM, II, SSI, '-'3'.'. Sit, 23...
Sitrtme Coixt?Cltner.i! Term ? lf< n./ay. -N'os.
95, SO, so, so to II,
Sipkbior Covil?Bolbif Jndgi San.I
foid ? U m. J. Hrrntn, and uthtr*, :igt deors* tVrif
?S?m .? By lumber merchants, to recover of an owner
of lota ia Tairty-nrat-at., between Fourth and l.ex
ingtoii-avs , the amount of a bill of lumber For de
fend ant it ia tald that Mr B. made an agreement
with Richard McNulty that the i tUer should build,
aid after the building* were up. [oattain advances to
he madO^ to uive .? deed and take back a mortgage,
aiid that the lumber in ij ie-tion v\ is boaghl bv Mr.
McN. This was denied, Mr Meff. sayitxg that he
ordered by authority of Mr II on Mr B.'S ,t. ?otiat.
Verdict for plaintiff, bs04, betnsr amount
Before laosa Oakley
Hinry J Tepnel agau tt Wm. T?pr.? To recover for |
astaoll and battery, already referred te Verdict far
plaintiff, $6(i.
SirPBBiOR Coort?Before Judge o.ik
ley ?Ji.hn Hi.rnt and u-ift ?Rains: i ify of .V'ie-For*.
? To recover damage for injury from a stone in
blasting rock m Fortt-lnt- I . aln sdy referred to.
Verdict for plaintiff, $230.
? ? e?
SuphKMi Coobt.?Special Ttrm. ?Be
forc Judge King.? Htrnm H. t oon again-t Surah
Frirn< m i oon ?On the furnishing of certain paj>erf
decree of divorce granted
Samud ffsTTf asriiist JT Herr? ?Defendants name
does not clearly appear Case t? commence anew.
CiacuiT Coort?Before Jodge King.?
? Ans. /. l'?Mif a t o. a?r <.??. P,iVn>. - To recover
$33 M lor alleged breach of contract in the Limmer
mi iHtai. so slssssewe a.asx Ssssm aselai ?.?!.%??iksll Us
ven. Penn mount tin coal at $1 03, an't chesnut
eeal at "3 et- per tun. 1 he co il was to be delivered
on Canal boats. A break o. cihmo in the canal ami
plaintiffs offered to laJve it at the 1 aiding, but defend
ent contendtil as there were no can.? boats and no
( anel Co. rails tunning to the mines, they were not
bound to deliver ? also that the contract was not
binding. Verdict thi* forenoon.
U. S. CutcfJiT i (h ut.?Before .!mi_'p
Betts?The suit for alleged Libel against Mr. Tap
pan in relation to an en'ry in hi- mere inttlc SfOBSf
register, is ?tftil on krfTlinent m it heard vester.Uy
as to whether the entry was privileged to be entered
this forenoon
Coiui ok Common Pleas. ? Before Judge
Wood mil ?Jii'in Pan Antittrp agt IthtNMS ' Sfstftw.
Sherifl ?To recover ralaaol a .span of horsea levied
upon as haloafing to M r Port ridge, already referred
to The Jurv eoold not agree an?l were discharged.
StaetH IT?lcM nui ./lor.rv (?' Htnn'tt.?Action lor
>l, coataioed in aparaaraptiia deffnd
?nt'i paper which, after staling that indictmenta
agaiaM the Mes^rs. Drury are being tried at the
Set-none, and one against Arlington Ueunett to fol?
low, MJI there i? one llso against Siaioa Wilcox,
which Will present aome curious developmentu in
relation to some land transaction a, part of which
was disclosed on a late trial br Wilcox again<t the
Herald. A.
Motion was made hv Mr Cutler, counsel for de?
fence, for {udgmeiit for defendant, on the ground
that tht Htiiwer. tai oath, sets up that what waa
stated waa true, and alt.? that the publication was
privileged. Bad that the reply to th. BMWer does not
denv '.hat this was the case. The motion was op
ptsed by Messrs. Palmer and Waterman, counsel
for plaintiff, but allowed by aht Court, and a verdict
ordered for defendant
Fran' i." i a< SMtfS agt. Jaka Rurru. ktr ? To recover
damage*, amount laid at 10,080, for firing a pistol at
plaintifl. and wounding him in the right arm and
thigh, while he erai SBaawtvtiog to get into the
house in which I.e resided on night of the 17th De
I i ii I t r. It
Defendant, it whs stated fa German] owm a
house and lot on 3d av , between 3'Ah and 4<ith-sts ,
and plaintiff hired a roe?m and bed-room of htm in
the 4th story Defendant also resided in the house,
and difficulty occurred between their wives as to the
children playing in tke yard, and Mr. and Mra. C.
wmt out to iaofc for otter apertaataMi leav.ng four
children in their room. They were delainr d longer
than they expected to be. anit returned to the house
tibout 11 o'clock in the etening. and found the front
door locked. They knocked for a long tune, but no
one coming to tke door, Mr. O. caught up a stone
and threw it at the door with a view to for-e it open,
when Mr B. fired a pistol at him. severely wound
agiiim. and causing him to be sick for some tune,
ana prevented him from pur uu.g his business, w inch
was that o' a carman
In defense it is said that plaintiff broke the lower
part o( the door m. aiid that defendant, at trie time
of firing tie pistol iwhich he always kept ijaded)
supposed it to be a burglar also, that ptainUff, pre
vh hs to bis finrg. asseuited Inm Tim waa denied.
The case it on.
Bcf. re Judse Dal. >.
Vaud /cenrragt Eli$ha Ru kvian ?To recover fuU
wbarfage for oy-ttr barge, hu g head on at bulk?
head, bttween Tit \ andTulton-ets , North River, al?
ready referred to. '
The boats have a platform from the bow {which it
sqnare] connecur.g with the bulkhead Nine of
them lay thu way in the slip. Tbe Corporation
charged them$5" a year wharfage ea. h but Mr. J ,
after taking lease of the wharf and bulA?ead, inflated
upon $73 the first year, and the succeeding year re?
quired full wharfage, according to tunnage, at the
rate prnndtd bv the statute winch mate the wharf?
age $181
In a suit at the Marine Court against one of the
b?rget (not Mr R - it Bras held that the bargee
loading directly from the bulkhead, are liable for full
wharfage, which decision was suat-uned. on appeal,
by the General Term of this Court.
The Jucge. in the present instance, however, held
the bargee to be peeu.iar cases, not contemplated by
Use .".atue, and most proper for a special agreement,
not to exceed the highest rate of the statute. In the
at -eure of aay specific agreement the foil wharfage
?lest lying at the pier; cannot be allowed and
even at bait w harfage it would be more than con?
templated by the ?-tatute. which waa for vessels mov?
ing in and out. and not permanent, at these are. If
the Jury < < nuder the notice of change from $7} was
|irea srixhia reasonable time, they wiU :dlow wharf?
age, but not exceeding half wharfage, as directed by
statute far outside veeseis The charge was except?
ed to by counsel forplain?ff. The Jury gare a ver?
dict for plaintiff :or $93, half wharfage, and also for
a former balance, m all $153. which amount Mr R
ei.dered previous to the suit, so that he is enti?
tled to costs.
Siecul Tibm?Before Judge Ingrahana?rVe
I e>arfmiaf Fund agt August Summtrt. John Th?mp
f ?. John Vfiiaa and T??m?e Haff -Suit- to recover
$5otiaga.nsteach for alleged infringement of fire
laws. Jucgmeatforplamuffof$3ovin each case.
i i crt of Common Pleas ? Before
Judge Woodmff.-Carrfea M?ltr agt l> JsjQM JsfBj
end Mmm lntamet Ce.-To recover $l,00$iats?rt4
rn the life of Ra'ph Hi<r'rut Wilier, who gn>*equent
!y ?j:e.i. M ?s * lid, i> < uku'i i 'ha proof af dwvth
Ml te j g ??. dm irtej i< s.t2ic:i-i ly esu dished.
r-laiEttrf had rearra to -?tth? raw a Juicr. and the
??lite w:H bnV? tn bt) i I Mel N '. kM *
Bef.ve Tiifjn M|
' ttrr.'er w La**, against y. j ' Stilt* : ttmt ?
Artir n of eectment ttjAihltl tftMlll of r>rcini*ct on
Wett tide of SeveMh-ae. netr Thtrtt ?utt-.et Mr
T. nar orr.ir an: i'greoj with >tr. Ori-strid,
bin'eter. to ?'vp ai'eett e'ter rri*in bo i tme* ?pre
r-t-t in?. Daderd start ? i (? ? if ander Mr.
<i . su.d be w?s satltkd in ^>e them possession.
The ia?e it o:i.
Carat or CskMMSJ. i leas?Hefore
Jn?*ge Wcair?-?. f*rVa I Cat) ??;:./* set JoU Barrurkrr
? Tore.-.-??r - ? ? a' i wm a p't'o; u a*d wo'iml
irr Mr C . who i. ? , ' el .: red .if Mr B '? '? m e. n
w- ch tf.rk.nl rat m?, abtadl irerred t.>. Verdict for
p'a.n IB, 43*o
fVirrt.-eiiMirer.aeA Thr K :qle I r ad lulth Co.?
To rrrttrer $',(!(.. ir?n etl en In* life .tf Ra'ph Haibart
Milter wa.iwei,-. ?oandd'ed at C?l f trnia the Botiei h?y.
int hatB el ect.il !> tha idsui'.f. hie i.e. ther. Bel ire de
. . neetl lef-.\e?-Y.nt HUM ?? .. ,.!? ,B....: ..,..rr ?ban
$i.ffld to his hr. ther laootAl tad p ??% ue. iad w.,s ..> hare
half h*t caraiag for acertain taws [Oaa i ie?tt..r. whether
an .tdranct if'hit kind eiret an hWtrati m> aa to enable the
pii". .idranc to;et t.n.r? i> .. f i : .. ?l;..r \V vl
w. Mb. n arsaerefetre.it.. h in C S ' a a Man Se-t 185'
p W.) held that i* was. The point wasalsoaUowetl.it tt
said b\ the Court ?B demurrer, but defendant c .meri ted
that itdcet not 1 To be continued
Be...-e l-idre D.'r.
Kf/fri MmmmW agt Jnmrs fr-: is.< ? ArLon ?ffest
meut. aid for tents. *. t. a batch ar*! than tB d natal R be?
teten V band ttt it whi, Irr? e. e t., Iltle oa pi a i at ifT'e
lot, fiut which h.ts since f eeu retr>..ve l The defence is
that Itave was ri??n bt Mr M Verdict for plaintiff $13 'A
which, being ib laud. I all all costs.
CotTBT or GmMl Skssiuns ? Thiir<~
?v ? Ref.ee the Reorder, and Aid B?". and Oakle.- -
7'tr nrre of r'r?n*b./u IVoorf. atdscttd fa* ' ? ?e f?tw?w,?? ?
Oetlen HrtTitian. Enj , t'oanee! for th ? . feadaa' ip
peaied. with h.s etat at,la Cottrttbil mto n nt, arel m ?de a
BuUou "o quish tbc lndictu.ent on the sr..und that, if all
the char ras ci ntained ia :t were irue. thee t*o n >t ainouat
te auy offense Tha Mattaaaraa eppoaed b] Mr Hall, At
tts'ant U;t'rict Attorntr and the pa peri were submitted
to the Conrt wtthoBI artumcnt DeettUHl to ttttluM
John KtMr. formerly t mldiei tu the i' s Arm/, was
placed oa trial, rhsrced with stenlia? s ?eoreiatte, the
pi .petti of Richard McCann. residing at No :4 Oreea
wict-st. The Fury c iivided mm of .H-til ltrctn? only, as
no etnderre was Bndtaead ihowia| that he had take-; more
than 3 tor. re ms Ha trat sentenced to the PeaKcatiaiy
f r 6 months
tureh Vi^uiet. a lad i" .fin..) fl?t W? Ivlo
BBtadictmentchartiag hua wrth harnag on th* rithtilt
st. .tn a wt'li i c. ir.tiii.n- ? tjii in v.. .1 c n bernneiaf to
My. Michail PrtBtrmruoaa, while ia ihe ff*tfti riat aa
her palette fr. in Trer to this City, ir,.l aat sen'ett rd he
ttr Ci nrr Uithaftatt Priens f?f lyaai
Wm Dat s tndic'cd f..r bu.-Ury in the third dag IBB Hi
breitkirr Into the Kable ef Ednrard Taacaal, ttaeadeia.aad
l?ti mrt-:tnr to a'eal * se' of ha-neu. wit y t on trial The
im taeaaddauad did act,howarar,ia iheoptmcaof the
Juty, warrant a eoarictiua; he was therefore aciuttted,
but b> f.o e allowed la anil theCmrt he was eerrroiy ad
Maithtd t y '.ht <iforder.
CoVRT of GniBRAl Sessions. ? Fruiay.
? Bcfuicthe KfcortUr.ai.il aid. Ball aid O.ik'ey ?
Tht l ast ?/ Ftrnnndo N oorf, indv tfd fur IWn Prr
tfnsr*.?Tad decision of the Court relat:tc tu the
motion made yettenlav by Cv.len HoiTlBaBB, Bn . to
qttMk the mdirtment Ht.unst this tlefendant, which
tVMtO have been remlcreU tu tlay. was deferrctl.
Mr Blunt, the District Attorney. w:t? not present
yesterday when the motion was m.i.lc, tad an nii gp.
rear.-u.rt'in Court this morniiig. obiet ted to a de
daiOfl of the Court be'nj; rendered without argu
intnt, at least, from him tt^ilen Hftf?B. Baq^
counsel for defendant, beinc en..iced at ai.otuer
Conrt, aad aot at.fe to Bttand, and iha ntattag nraa
further pestponed
VtmUritk Hird was tried and conw ted of stealing
a cafe of needles from the store of John W. Stanley,
No 1( 0 William st He was-remanded for .sentence.
I'.dii iird Kilry was tried and convicted of petit lur
ceny. anil .sentenced to the Penitentiary for sn
Thomas Voran, indicted for grand I trceny, w as
triad and eOBTictcdof petit larceny. Me u i- Ma?
ll i. ed to the Penitentiary to six mouths.
John Hts'nhurz, indicted for tuirclarv, was tried
und convicted, lie was MIltaiMsd to tfcs fltatB Prl
sor. for 4 \? ars and 9 months.
Umrgtni TmjfUrwas tue.I and found guilty of re?
ceiving stolen cootls. She wai sen! to t.'ia I'eniti n
tiai] for .1 months.
Ant* t?wmrit, lmpleadcd with htr w i? tried Uad
ec*aviCtcdof petit larceny. She w u sent to the I'eni
tt i.tiary fur ' months
Adjournrd for the day.
l!?iAKii op Assistant Aldbbmbk.-*Sta
hd^f-K'i Wum.m t\. lite II. l.s.M.
Vrtmnt?K. A. Alvord. I'resnlt nt, in the i li t.r A
sistatit Aid. Motire. Haler, Mabbatt, McCarthy,
Boyca, BaiT, J. U. Webb, J. Webb, crane. Miller,
Smith. 1'ieni.iun. Pt arsall, ?bmU, Ward, Uol.ster,
Ely, Iltl\s artls.
/'rfrfioftt?Bv ASBtStaM Md II..tee, ?f W C Red
ITVl.1. (or innlMiim ..I ?ttuiiioul Isx 'I'? * onntlittae
. i. l boaaca.
Iiy Assistant Aid. J B. WebbjblU of Dr. C Marsh,
for medical services at \ 11th Ward Police Station.
Tu i ommittee on Police.
By BaMitaal Md TiaBtan. of paitiaBia ralatlon to
rebuilding Waahiimtou Maraet,for tha atsoption of
the minority Ktport. Paul on tlia table till the sub
jeet u taken up.
B) ftiMMBiif AM KIt remoBetranre of v l> \.<f
ton, ami some huiniit .i> of othen intMl the re
buiblmg of Washington .M.itkc ,.i pro
p. seil I.an' on the table, as above.
Utforts 1)1 < on.until e on Croton Aqtleduel De?
partment, to com iir to lay a .iter-p.pts in SJdVM be
I wee i ii 1st and 3d ars. Adopted.
(if ( ommittee on Sewers, in fator of .v.nr m
(.rt enwich st from Jay to Warren. Adopted by the
fo low nig role AMrinitu e?-The I'resitlei t, Assist?
ant Alt! .Meu.re, ll.ile v, M. Carlbv. Iloyce. Harr, J.
I: Webb, J Webt., Crane, Miller, Smith, Tieman,
Peartall, SandB, Ward, Bolster. Ely, Edwards 17.
.Vr;...!1!. . ? Assistant Alu. Ma
(m i oBUktittee on Police, in favor ef pmng bull
foe - dl einet fagajaned ihe \ \ il 1th \\ ard Stall in
lionee. also to concur to pay bill of Dr Olren Strop
BO} ami to pay medical bills ot Dra. S A Hill and
E < ? Franklin Adopted b> the folJxrwilig roll
A/.'///?uf ii e? The President, A-?..staut Aul. Moore.
Haley, ?labbalt, McCarthy. BoTi e. Il.irr. J H Webti.
J Webb, i rane. Miller. Smith, Tieuan, PeanaU,
Sani's, Ward, Bolster, Ely, Edwards
t.fi ommittee. on Lands and I'lace-s to concur to
place aew gates.it the east and nee*, itdee of the
l'a.k ttlopted by the foliowmc vule, t iz AJfir
rnalo e?The Pre sident. Assistant A i.i i ...r> Il i, .
Mabbatt, MeCarthj, Boyce, Barr, J U Weob. j.
Webt'.i rant, Mi ler. Smith, I n BHkB, Pearl .il. Bn?de,
Waid, Holster, Kl). Ldwauls.
Of ( oininittte on Ordinances, to concur to divide
XlXti Ward into fire eltctave dittrti ts. Ado;itedby
the I wing votes, viz A\MrnuUwt?The President,
Assistant Aid. Moore, Haley, Mabbatt, McCarthy,
Boyce,Barr,J.B Webb, J Webb, (rane, Miller,
Smith. Tieman, P<arsall,Sands. Ward, Bolster, E y,
'ihe papers in relation to the reboUdinf of Waabr
rn|ton Market were Iahen ap, and tsst \.i Mab*
bat! movteJ the adoption cf the majority rejiortin fa?
vor i f eoaenrring with the Board of Awennea to re?
build the mathet on its present site.
Aest. Aid. Tieman moved to amend by anbi'ltutinf
the minority report, an t Bdap*Jga] tne resolutions
recommendetl thereto, to ? rt- t a ne w in irket on the
gli -1i.fj wett of Wett-ttreet.
Alter (Jtt.atfc the aim .'ninieal a as lost, by the fol?
low mg vote, viz Aflirmatu t?AstLstant Aid. Haley,
J. B Webb. Tieman. I'earsall, EU?5. AVgofu r?
The President. a taj Staat Aid Moore, Mabbatt, Mc?
Carthy, Boyce. Barr, James Webb. Crane, Miller,
Smith, Mauds. Ward. Holster, Edward?-H
Assistant Aid Blynhtrredlo refer the wlm'etui>
jectbaek to the ( ommittee on Repairs and supplies,
when was lost.
The question wat then put on Assistant AM. Mab;
1 Btt'l motion to adopt the majority report, and the
same was carried ??>? the follow mg rote, viz Affir
n atut? The President. Assistant Aid Moore, Mab
r,..U. Met itithy, Boyce, llarr, J. Webb, ( rane, Mil
er, Smith, T leman, Sands, Ward, Bolster, Ed?
wards-13. Xegatn e? Astittajt Aid. Haley, J. b.
Webb. Pcarsall. ar.dEly-4.
Assistant Aid.Tieman then Mated that he had voted
in the majority for the purpi .-e of moriag a recon
uderation. and gave raobce that he w ould more sorb
rteentn!? ration at the next meeting of the Board.
Asttstatt Aid McCarthy then muted fort recon?
sideration of taid vote, which wat put, and lost, as
lollowt, ru J?rmutne? The President. Assistant
Aid Haley, J 11 Webb, Tieman, Pearsall. and Ely
? ft .VegrUur?Assistant Aid. Mrrore, Mabbatt, Mc
( attby. Boyce, Barr. J. Webb. Crane, Muter, Smith,
Sancs. Waid, Bolster. Edwards~l3
Er*ciafi?u-By Assistant Aid. Crane, that the
Counsel to the Corporation stay all proceeding! in
the matter of opening and extending Waarungtori
street from Gansevoort to Tweltlh-street, until the
fuither order of the ( ornmon Council. Adoptot.
By Asnstaitt Aid. Ely, that i^rrnis'ion be jtTMW
the Trustees of First Baptist Church to rernore trie
rgmains ot the dead buried m their ground in Hous?
ton street, from one part of aaid ground to tu? h oth?
er as may be reejuired. Adopted. n .?,,.,-.
The Board then a/ljourned to t nday afternoon
next, at 5 o'clock._?_. rt?L
Fr. m the mantes Ruh as-Scott, Itrk.
A RBP6T "n SC8PICIO!? or Grabd Lak
ccbt -f/oung man named Marshall Barber, ol
k .we r?oecta"le apoeaiance. was yesterday arrett
t i v ()ffi?r Dowiii^g of the Eighth Ward, on sut
* fWb ?aliag m &om the" store of Christian
t^^S^im^Z dealer in dnig^ at No ?
I- fiver-it It -PP??rs that the accused called at
ti e .f re te-ercay morning and asked for a rial of
itirranont. one was shown to him and while the i lark
?rent* ? baefepartof the -t.-irc to getacorklo
the tott-'e. it is suspe. ted that the accused Hole two
bank bnohs one roatamiiig $193 in bank bil's, and
the o'her a $100 bank note on the Leather Manufac?
turers Bank which were deposited in a bank box
lying upon the ccunter. As they were missing im?
mediately after he left the store, he was arrested a
n.ort tune afterwards, but no portion of the property
was found in his potsere on Justice Osbora held
him (ot eaimmilvon
\ Smai l Thief.?? ',:? t [Vl : i] _r?.
Mr v.nntiel S (?rar .< 'I ill ,-, t carrrafe :u
fr< 11 o' h.>u*e No 23 Wttn ? ? h-re he was. at
BaekBBf a call - .1 4ae lo w
took the opportunity to stca r a "laneeta wV "* h ?I
N en placed on the hor?ea t?? pro e t them fro u the
??Wise. eW. with which heio.? eoff But yeatif 1ty
morring, a felk>w aarned James Olvaay was ctoaht
offer in* the blaakeu for rale vt a livery at* Me in
v. i tg.mrv.,t. Uawaehe ed rar to tAe PsBs i
an?! lokedup to answer
CP" Tilt' ?holt- ni . ol HrtiTs killea
this season in Loiusvdie is 17,000.
smppnra fnte dUciNci
i.SUD. Il; i.
At Belfast zuh ult , ' r M tears Mea a "- neu,.
per ship ? I tin toa*. naiusd the Vim Kr? " hmista.' <<<vu*4
bv Mr J.iuies P Wirrt? Bad Masers w h te a Cnwer, awd
wiB he eeaaaaaaVd Ca A io hards. Alsaiessa
t . ?arxi ef* Carter. S ? - \ > *'?rk of ?4j taaa,
named the Ana Jehus. 11. ? >.-? " ?.i? R C J >t.as,>o,
H U Johnson, Asa Kjnr.ro. CtaTti r. Steohraana h Co aaJ
Oskes Amtier, aid will?< to*ananiledhyCaad Suinaer P
Lethrew. "
At Newcastle zun alt., fr?sa the rard of A aV.Aaatan.
1 fiat three de?bad i si . ituat Thas
la the largest ehh> eeer belli ia v >?-,,!.,. ?ad i,* twenty
ol ski . ii -larvaled by Bay
seer ta Me ? Bhi ? mi b ia i nterpntia*
Th? i e* shu re. ri1', eh ae.il .ti Warraa. aa,l sow at
Bath, i? toI? railed i!.. r
AtlisasristlM elt.h laasaeM Neat. E*u , -.bip <K>?
At R M the >ard of Cephas
Starr?tt ta-k I: \ . ; n.t in the ia.?et
thorough p.anner She ui SAted a ta good strle. and has
tea slate rem? Owned b? A. H K .. IV. has Mar
? '? ' ? Vt t V ' ' ? ? i- : i i l mi is: J
laoahasa, who is to comn and her
AtBathU '? >. ' Messrs Larrabee A
Jsaks. a bark of i.i'tar? nasnc.l the t.onion Ktihaaa. in
teti'ed \ i IBs China trade, ander en i.oiand of Cap*. Wte,
whue ol K, stvn. waa ?ith b ??-? <-i b.wiea, are her
aa nees
Al Harrasgtoa'a aVeack, CbbI ? ?:iae heat ed l?t
taaa, called the Leal .she is own. Messrs. Saai'l Buck
iisiii and htiwaitl II And , ? .? . iuioande.1 by
Capt Sainu-1 I ft .., \. oih utl , sehr Aloe
Mtrwe, .1 17? t >ns. owned !?? ?!.?-,? MowekCo tobe
einiasasulf?1 by C?| t Juhu C Piks, andbMeetletl /or Ue
eoaettai trade.
At Lu^ic. recently, i' i ki Mm M Knubt, a
hrif of tl'O tuns, named the Poui S ?? s, owned by Audrew
Ricr. Cs?j . and ietenrle,l for the i - <h irur trade.
At Mai Cars Me,lMheJi I Serard sYCaad wu
ba Carver,by I I. rfewasaa,b arhi i i>> tons, railed the
I Tinker, owned bv ('? ij. I i ler Heed Carver, sad
others, .'ird to he coa n aio'ed by OafM C. 1> Heed
llornestic Pert*.
APALACBICOLA.NeV It? An sklf CeMea Plaatar
Ifsrosn. Ne sr-Y"ik . lets Jelin Ueuhaui. I irer, do Vie
sell i .1 .-??>? . He ??n. boas New
Vork aaibae;Col i B s . sTisiakA. mjt\'
sin*, fr?:? rsaarpart, Wala*, aaitiae; Robert Patteu, Pu
Boetoa, wail ka Deobani. Orey,
fom N? ?? Voik, wait nr. \S> na, -, do. do , J. E
WillisBis, MasoB.de .:. schi ? ? ?. Wehe?, do. do.
DAI riMOBB. Dec Is-' - r . is t'rane. Bifb
v i oi. Krsemau, New
Orwaae;sebrs Wm Pvub. Kitr ? ral?UM. lohn*, Nicar
ii tRl.EAON \>v ? An ? .h p I '.eree. Pow
er,Philadelphia: Br.barkAeaw,Taroer,New \<>o old
bark George, Thole, lialses'ou r,\i.>, t,rig Vaada
lier. Penilleian. CaBsdea, .Me ' inkl David H Warner,
MuN. New. Voik . ehr Jaatse M. Bay lea, IIa? lee, New
York Mih? Arr.Br ahipVi ?... . l.iv*rp.Nd, Br.
bark Marchioness, of I rosedax s*? rusou, PBrtadelpBia
Id the on,ii*?Br. baik Lulaa,Cli * <\n\, bora Qlasfew ?
rMh Cleared?sAip gellivaa, r iw o.ig, New York ; bne
CliBttai. Walker. New-York; sen- K. Weaver, Brock,
Philadelphia Weut lo Sea Mi a Hajraeaat, Gardaer,
NewOrlean*. bark Globe Whitmor?, Brstaa
BABTGBKIMW1CH, Dec ?>r r ., Lssjer,
KAM MA MI AS, Nov.M E 1 scare Heary l.aurea*.
Nort. n, and Win Pope, Voeter,b , Verb
KIH.ARTowN. No. \ - llesiii.t, Foster, N
Yoikfni Boetoa: rAth,brigs II. .. ,? Itr > Stepheas, iroui
New-Yoik for Winds..r. N I - I. n oi. Soauldia* do
lor P. rt!aid . sclus ii Lv* UT.C lid. laeABlhaflBI I.IB
. onville ; Haunt v ksr.Bia P ladelekJe tat U s
too , W itchaAa,leave] Roadout forde.; Mary Ann, H?i>
kins, Stt.Biiiuton f?r do . Ai.tel. i e (l.BB, HiBgham for N
York ; EldoiH.I... W I Ik B . HKh. Mn
Ioia (Hr ).Stickten. New-York far st John, N B: Wsa.
Yoi.iie.(Hr) Atkins. Sarkvilie, N B lor New-York;
Brazilian Brsy, Bastpor' rer PhiladelpBia; O'Briew,Stew?
art, Machias for New Maxen. IS in. y Heacaa, Heaeaii,
irmn llanpor for New,ort, s.lr- PafrAA. Pueklia New
York for BaB|?r, Clarendon, i' wo, .lo f >r Belfast;
Maty Pelphina, Dav.v i . i fur N Maren , OeB I'tylor,
Wright. Noifiilk for Plwuonth. Iliuliant. Cettoo, dn. lov
A.ldison. Dec 2.1. In.as MaatruBS, Palmer, N. York for
PortlsMl , Orlaad ? Hall. F.a*i,?.ft I r N Y. rk. w.tb lose of
fore ?aril arm. Sid. Dec .'. brigs i i'Uneu, lota; AI, in poit
I A Vi . II S S IfB
KALI. HIVKR, Dec 1-Md si >'l Eusl, I^wis, New
York . 2d. bug Bunch Pratt. BrichUuaa, Mavaaa; sehr.
Kaloo'ali, Cla/ier Wilmington, N 0
KALL RIVER. Dec.J-Art sehr Kavonte. Turner, Al?
bany. SId. sl.Mip BsesB.CBsaasiaft Naw^YaetL i' -Sid
sehr. Foaataka, Bddy, Newpati - ,? i.aae II. Burden.
DiiBBing,-New York ... ?. . . .
QLOUCL8T 1 H. Nov. I!>?Air hne Nondk. Philadel
I'hm for Hi ?ton , a, los Marne! N. ?r|i, lull/ Philadel?
phia for Newburvpoit , larah. Libby, Norfolk for New
ban part; Mwaaeet, after ,1**? v .1 k be Portland Arr
3t4h,schrs Ariai'ue. Low. New York; Calista. McPad
??... Pioi.u'eli In i let tBMsbai) At iio.luiKht uf 13th,
R. l.?.t Kills, i,.sl?, vsaa ksurl.nl ..v,,rh.>ard by Use fjr?
l.ooni 1
(lAI.VUIoK, K..? i?-l? i.rt sht, s 1 l' .AibsBBBj
Moes. for New York Id* , Kaamu M >ms, do .1 >, B B
Milaoi Allen, for New Voik *tie, barks Oreenrield, Hep
burn for New-Yo'k, diseg . Man. nesier, for Boston, big ,
? tigs Pn.| ire. for New-Yoik. bar , Joseph, for do do,
Ckeetaw, wig cargo, schs Alioadia, for New-York,
ready ; McNeill (?' Port l.asac. a M?.
IIOLMBS'N Mill K. Dec. Z. P M -Arr brig Science
Wymaa Pri vidsrce lor Han* ?/ . s. krs Nohle, Ireland,
gel Crosby, Philadelphia for Be*tea, T R Jones, Clark,
N.? Voik I o do Abl y Mul . II wland. Plrmiiitfi
for Philadelphia. J S. Iligiuis. Pu i ... It.i for Faii
| er Adelan!* Cetler. Ti?iSBasloa for New York, Je*
laker, laves i.. klaae f.-r do.
SId bark Bases: br>.' M s' r real schrs Lacy Jane,
il. n r .vlor. Acedia (Ir .! Br ?.k-rille l.amartiae, Mail,
J. W lleath, Reiiowa Hill'nut Del Noile.barBstat.lt,
Arr. 3d, sebrs H L. Tav Caia. Ploladelpkw for Btetoa;
M)?l c, Red, New-Vork for do.; J Tinker, Beed, Sti?
initon fordo , Mount Vttaoa. Mai.l.eg, Bosbia for Taav
gier, Eu'iity. Mardiag do l r N. .-Bedford rillasB.SJkth
ardsun t'alaia for New-York ; harsh, Duacaa, Bad B B.
Pats, Spear. i! v for do . Maitn.*. .. Ssy.?. f??r do . John
Hussies. Pnseiitr. ilarito.r f.? N.ts- London , tt. II. Moni?
ten, Tuple. . Pangor lor Pr.onlsi.i ?
|)d sckia Ada 11 Hat.? t,. ( I < <>, nuns. AbbyM'>rbta.
? i. ? ? r ' i:,. vl.,ue. Mount Ver
n?u. /ulii.a. Sarah. R. B Pit's, Martin, Joha Higgler
H II Mnullou
In p it, at II A M . w,ud N. N W Berka Naarr Treat.
V. m Larrtbee . brigs An.lsrw Hing, Flora, Asa, Eliza
llodCard (Hr ,) TBIUpiCC Ii .1*. m, , ?re ; sehrs. Admiral.
n?-> yori H J. Merced Eliza Ws re?, 1 a W Krrics
sea, J C. Raiifoii. (' aflroos, ( u one, Bo;ae. Noble.
Flora,1 R Jsaes R L Tay J TiaktB.kUastl
lACBSOBVlLLl.No* >>. A,, sek Forest. Small,
Boetoa: 14,a I. I.i.ise l euor, r^.ihake, New-Y?ra
LEWIS. I'er ?,', P M -For the first time aia?:e M.u
i ?v, the News floht went <>ft wt-'t i. turned from Break?
water, this aAsrnooa, and repot s Uiat the packet ship
W i ii n r fat L*l > 11 sal, went lo sea ,esterday, at I P M .
and IhltSBOTBlBf, sit icltooaort i r s u'h*ru part* vest
out. The si bis Nictnus Mat Ida Olsnruy, Clara, J. A.
8 mi sod. Roibeii Maty Uroton si.d Lebanon, kaSJSa out
w.th <<>al, are in the B>.adstea?l All reseelsia our waters
rode out the gale in safety, and no'rune: of a d SMSJBBM
n .ture hseheen heard from the i , i?' Wind moderate
fr'SaW It W by N Weather ela olv, and very e.dd
MAI I! I AS, Nov IT?Arr. brigr ,-wris n I.am thorn Bo?
loa ; Sehrt Dene, Boss. New York; Msj >r Riaggold, Piak
din, Host' ii . Haulier l loino. Newtjajmparl , Medumai.
Ieal,d? Sid Wlh. sehr. Wat. hn.ar. Herruk. Boetoa.
MOBILE, Nov. t3-Arr hark Jec.lo Payae, Boetoa ,
Jfcll. si,,i Lady Mobart, I Br i Ands-son. Ne? York, via
I karleatoa. Chi itth, shipsCharles Mall-.ry, Parker,Liv
trpoel , South Carolina S.nford, Liverpool, bark A Pish,
(iabta. New-York . sehr Nat vs, M-tf. Oatveeloa
NEW BEDFORD, Dec Z-Air bug Wheatoa,-.
Dni.B. Ga ? .
NEW BEDFORD. Dec 3?Arr schrs Abi Marls,
Phinney. Albany, Richard H, Cbaae, Harwu b . Oeorgiaaa,
Bourte. Albany.
NEWPohT D'c 3?Kid bng C.nfideuct, Baca*k,N
Orleans. . . _
NOKKOLK, Dec 2-Arr sehrs. J .hn Siaina .ns, Saull
PrevimetoWB, Aleiaadtr, Robins New-Yoik
NEW ORLEANS, N-? 21- Arr ' h. s'.eaaser Visen.
Pensaciiis. ship Halv, Reed, Bremerhavoo; score Bra//>s,
J. nk ire, San Joau da Nuaragu?, ( rah. Porter, lira, s
Santiago, Chipnla, Blackaey.St. Marks. Cid steamship
I u Cur, Taaner. New-V ok. na Hsvaaa: ship C<>
I M.trns.New Yoik, bark Naa'.ua Monimer Phila?
delphia, brigs Eidelia. Jones, tie -rgeUrwa; Aag.ist is
Adiilpb. iPias.) Wagatr, Bordea ?. steaseer fthtJty,
Webb.Garveatnn, IHh-Air steainsr ip Louis aoa. ? orbes.
Indiai.ola. viaOalv?st<i!.?'br Oof H-fmeilR ro'.as,Pea
BBtxAA t Id ships Oea Wssl..n,- oi Berry. fron..a , J?ha
Cuansuace, Dwifbt. I.iverp-^l, Ch s M .moortaoB, Na?
sen, Hsvre . itean er Pearl ?? ?r lrr.sD. ?"*l*"m,l'lt/>H
PROVIDENCE, !>?' Z?Arr schi Win. L?pa#ton.
I. ,!?-.. P.,.la.Vi,'oa N *- " K -e L Buel, Phjad-d
,bia Haaser, I^vell. Albaay . slooi* Win. H. IVssvdAwtl.
}?, aesi. Ne* York. JajBOO Lawrtace, ^?ers New To?
Sid. bug Coadova, Dutch, Cardenas sehBB, tV W_ ?nu*v
a.d Palmer N'?V"i?. Ben, lirowa; *I?'P"?^
DalUs. Maw kais New-York Hebart (Kive.
PROVIDENCE, Dec 3-Arr "fclftJSffiiltt
BaJUasore , Mary, Dawso?. d . . L " Vraec? Hawkis..
Philadelphia, f/oraali; , ^^'miuimK^AMmwlmf^
Darluu.do. Hu dab Aaa West, *^*S^*Jil 'ajaaGS
S. a W.'cb. Well., toj^^^&lt&i??
Walla, do j.Capitol. Smitk. do * r j ~?JF e-J Bjfc
B*r Nrs Y?i SXmlmmtm P " ' H*w,U, for Pbila
.e|p!:" staCT BooUa c Newr-t. (to l.?d for W.iosiBg
delph-a ? ;1-Ir ^. App .by New-York
HHI1 VbEl .KM I A. D*< ?-Od schrs G4<*f Mams.
/; , ,,?.',,. Mary Har.ey. Gaak.U PiuVldoBca.
r fli a V I CriB.mer do J TiuiriHB.T.ilA?l,New.L?,o
Si f. r ?Ii Strout Salem. seh,. Kalo.. Daveapori,
"pM.i'Vl.Vl !-HIA",De;\-Au,,beT, Adele, Lee...
Cid .?l.r. N Molsae?, (i?xlfrey, New-York ; A. J. faotton,
?^S^SSSnS^Sie. S-Arr sehr I SillnnBa.CTuga.Al
? .ar Sid brig Sn.aa Duacan, MiUnell, Charloetoa, S.C ;
s< hr /ephvr Doyl*., SUn.for'l . . .
SMMHVlLl.t N < D'c ;-TheBr brig AasslaU. f.r
Cuba, tbt I rr Ktoka. * r Boet- a. .. I,rt. Mary ?? ?weil, L.
p Saa.ta. and Harrison Price, Jot Bi s?-York, sehr Blatte,
f?rNew-LoBduB.CcBB.,BBd scb'. s.'orisShiaav, fo* Balb
ai.,re. went t-s?a over Ue Maia Bv that *?iaisi Bng
lose. Tajlor.f.r Hav*aa,.?hr Ba e. loaa.fo.St Dwiwago.
ai.d A/or,an Naaaaa, lor N Prorideace, weak ta aaa oa
gatnrr'av HtktBBl . . _ ? -
SAV?NMaH. Nov. 29-Arr sh p.laaheOa. Maydea.
Bi?;t.a.ore bark Verwoo. Fa?s. New YoJk. tld. bug An?
gola H. ?es Seena 1? OraoCe. Cui.i Weal to sea, ship
SoDtt.,?il. McC?*Tg*?ck, New-Yoik Below, Br. sb'p
"iXco Nov. it-sehr. Mar iB.?ray. New York Doc I
^echr Fortsur. O Beasoa.Nsw York Dec J?Thestif
tr elo#?d lss* n:gb? _.. . ?
WEvTERLY De? I?Arr whr Sarah Wr*aAe?B.?? >r
.. r Ve? Vors Btdtd-ernr Jate, Hall. W^Vn,"*..
WILMIM.TON, Not. ?-Arr. bn?.i BUfa *7"f
Newfo.iBfiaad. A Baachard. BJaasOard. Mj an/a.
Dec I, bvi( BaeaaVi*ta.HiB'en, New York tld nm
Vi. bin P..ri..ter. Perk.a*. W^d?A^? M^f*/..**!"?'
Perk a. Boston, Dec ' ?''"/." V MlrtI1 i'arth - . ,
MB, Pon-.a-PilBce . bark OarlaasJ. ^^^^
kekjl Charles Henry. S.nsU. ^K^&W^V^^l
Ccaaal. Waat ladata; **?j?ZZ t^WU' *,W ^ouaum'
Cetkataiaa, WaaiwrAfAe, P

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