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???1 Fr?-? Trade Seve? ? ?-r.n???????"???
8ydr,ey Smr.h f on.pl8ir.ed of "the tynrv
are air word",'* and assuredly no more re?
markable rare ?.f th*t tyranny ccild be ad
daced than is found in the n?e of the words
"free- trade " by the advocates in England
and this country of the system that looks to
establishing in the former a m<m?p"bj of
tae power to supply the world witii doth
aad iron, at.<i of the power to compel the
farmers and plant, r* of the world to bring
to England ail ?M eossaaeadatiea they re?
duce, there to hare fixed MM pn<-? ef ^
they desire to bnv, and of til tbey r ? . .:
to sell. Point out to thorn ttut trttrjwllfJW
tiua ajsteru of trade, reanlta in the rum of
the planter and fanner, and the ejnatnatsaa
of the jow. r ti coasn ne I iUer CrOth or inn,
aad the answer ia foluMi is the cry of "Fres
Trade!" Show Uiem that ia Ireland aad
India, and everywhere indeed, the estab
Iiahmcnt el Baiaeah power ever trade ie fol?
lowed by a diinim.tion <;f the power to
trade, and a diminution in the freedom of
man, and tire ai.swor still repeated is " Free
Trade !" W e have tnii- throughout the world
aa attempt to substitute words for things,
precisely as in the < ase of Church and
8tate, und other of the words of which the
witty canon so much complained.
1 an same error teems to have found a
place even in a mind as strong and as well
?fiseiplined as that of KoaaOM . and bs>
nausc we so profoundly admire him and -
deeply sympathize with his po'itical aims
id general, we fee)] ourselves the more free
to refer to a case in which we arc unable
to admit the eearectneas of his reasoning
In his speech*is in England he has every?
where been seen as the advocate of 1 > al
?clf-govcrnment, and the opponent of i en
tralization. Ol the latter he speaks as
of a " fatal sicknes- " spreading over Eu
rape, and he tells us that be and a few
friends had " struggled against the to ra,
egainatthose rnshing waves coming over
the epint of Enrons-. because he re
gurded and ever should regard municipal
life ac a public benefit without which there
ia ao practical freedom whatever;*1 and yet
he also appean aa the adTocate of th.it
which in Manchester i- styled freedom
of trade, but which everywhere proves
ituelf the foe to freedom of man, beeause
it aims at the establishment of monopoly,
and seeks to attain it*- ends by aid of the
popular cry of " Free Trade."
Hut a few days since tre offered our
readers an extract from the writings of one
of the most distinguished authors of the
age, (Waller Savage I.audor.) in a/hi h he
says that by reason of the perpetual gro \ n
of centralization in England the liberties of
the people are "losing their strength an 1
freshness every day and vet it is to the
aystem under which centralization is thus
eitending itself hourly?the system under
which government commissions are almost
daily supplanting municipal institutions?
under which the people arc beeonving
daily poorer, while the bankers and broken
sue t'ailv more and more monoptdixin*] the
land, that Kessuth looks for aid in the estab?
lishment of free institutions in Hungary ! \
more remarkable case of the tyranny of
wire's has rarely, we think, been seen.
In his Manchester speech Kossuth tells
bit* he;,reis that the freedom of Europe
is directly connected with tin extension
of bed trade, ami asks " w hat would be the
market of Manchester, if commerce were
free and Hungary were developed !The
asawer to this question pnjgbt be found in Ire?
land, where Manchester tree trade has firm
ilimed the peopletland*owners and laborers,
and is now driving them out, that their
places may be occupied by the Barings and
the Rothschilds, the Hudsons ami the Peels.
It mioht be found in Scotland, where thou*
aands and tens ol thousands of the descend?
ants of the first occupants of the s:>il have
hern opellcd to make room for sheep, and
hundred* ol thousands live from vcir to
year on the brink of starvation. It might
again tse found in India, where Manchester
face trade lias annihilated the whole class
of smaller proprietors, who but little inure
thnuhalfii century since had tie 11 system
of local government lor the management of
tlnr local concerns It nuv now be
foand even in England itaelf, where there
is a daily diminution of the power to < \
ekange labor for the iimmrili ef life,
?ad a daily increasing temlcn y toward
the monopoly of ?ie land. If. then. Man?
chester free trade has tmjy rained lie
laud preparatory. accordin_' to UM frei t.a |?
Timer, to its total abandonment, why siiould
the ?nur ayataaa band ta tan improvement
of (.eimanyJ If H has depopulated Scot*
land, can it profit Hungary ! If n has
dfstioyed the local institutions ol' India,
rau it aid in the establishment of munici?
pal institutions in Italy ! If nadi r it the
liberties ef the people of England an
losing their stieagth and fresh aoae ever)
day, can it aid any where in the eataJ ih
aaent of freedom 1 Wo answer unhesita?
tingly tliat it cannot, and the reason whv it
esaaet is that it Is everj when J i advo ate
of that Centralization which is despotism
in its worst faiaa the despotism ai traders
?such a deopotisni as were those ef Vent e
and tleiioa, tuf the lLnse towns, sm i B .'
laud, ready to commit any aet of il tisti c
provided n promised a frvejaal kl ' ?!.hk s 11
the ledger, precisely as is the -ase notf
with ErgUnd, which pltinu'ei* tie pe ,f)l, ,.f
sScinde ?ad the Punjaub, hoping thereby tl
cxtei d the rturkl>i lor her (.loth. anJ df
?troys the cities of Ckma aud luuri. rs Us
aahahiUntathat she may thereby ?ecure the
power to jsoiaon the remameler with ofiojaa.
The late ceasuo ml the Daated Kmganwa
aas brought to Jiarht the utraur ' .
ta?-1, fh,,. ,u f^afjajajj we |TM {t enj?| - r
atmoet the whole grrwt'j si reputation for
the list t?n years, an** that if we extend onr
examination to Hir'ningham and M-inche?
ter, Liverpool awd fiia?gow, Dublin ar?d
Iklfast, ?nd wtknW towns and cities, we
^^&H find the, town p -pulatio'i greater aud
the country population htf, bj 'n>re *h*.n
half a mil'ion. than it was at the pTCTWai
census. London thus flOWl bjf the depop?
ulation ol Ireland, S--oU*t.il and India, as
(.'abriiUa growi ly the eiatrahzation of the.
wea?thari<l power, of Jf tr.dost-.n.and as Rome
tMwW the IMiaan?4toi Bad 'toj.opul.i'inn of
Italy and Siciiv, Greece, Fgvpt ?n I Asia.
The monoply of lai d grew with the
growth ef Rome, as it now grow- uith
the growth of Ca! utta and of Lindon?and
the monopoly of land is the centralization
of power Look where rer we may through?
out the Britta? Empire, we find an increas?
ing tendency to centralization, the result
of a determination to tax the world for the
maintenance of Hritish power over t ie
manufactures and trade of the world, and it
is to this system that Kossuth seems dis?
posed to lend bis aid. seduced thereto by the
magical cry of free trade issuing from the
threats of men the adoption cf wh.)< poli >
has produced a f^taf' of things that threat?
ens, to nsethe words of The London TWo ?,
a general collapse" of all Pritish institu?
tions, wit* the Intal destruction of the power
to aid Hungary or even to sustain herself".
The exports to the United States in the
past three \cars have averaged, as we are
told, ten shillings per head, while those to
Russia have been hut ail peace, and those
to Austria have been hut four pence, and
tiieneo it is inferred that an extension
of Untish free trade would he attended
with increase of trade. That it would he
attended with increase of foreign trade, is
not to he doubted . but the great qaeatioa is,
would it be attended with increase in the
total (jiiantity of trade ' That sm-h would
not be necessarily the cue, is proved by
the fact that, notwithstanding the rant in?
crease of population in America, Wi consume
far let?s iron and far less cotton and woolen
cloth thai, we did three vears since, and thit
of what w e do consume, a large portion is
now bought on credit, where before we
paid for all we bought. That it would not
probably be the cafe, is proved by the fart,
th;tt until the formation of the Zollvertin,
the coMtunption of cotton in Northern Ger
man v was very small, and tended very
slowly to increase, whereas, since the
adoption of protection, the increase has been
most rapid. That it certainly would not be
the case. will, we think, be manifest to an\
one who studies the rapid growth of manu?
factures in Russia, and the improvement m
the condition of its people, and then com
pari s this with the exhaustion and depopti
tion of Ireland, Portugal, and India, and the
other countries ?objected to the Manchester
system of " free trade."
Throughout the world freedom ha? <-omu
with the growth of wealth and population,and
it has diminished as wealth and population
hat, ile. lined. The ito/uilation and wealth of
Britain have declined and are declining, and
hence it ia that her municipal institutions
an gradually disappearing and centializa
tion, or despotism,taincreasing. The popu?
lation and wealth of Ireland have diminiahed
and are diminishing, and, therefore, it is that
W( see all the land of the kingdom chang?
ing hands under a law of Parliament that su?
persedes the modes of proceeding under the
laws that have grown with the growth of
the people, and that should have strength?
ened w ith their strength. The population
and w ealth of India have diminished and are
diminishing, and hence it is that after rtiin
inc the village proprietors and the large
landed proprietors that succeeded them, th 5
"courts are now,*' as Mr. Macanlaji in?
forms, us, "inactive for want of somebody
to ruin." Look where we may, liberty de?
clines Utvdsi Manchester free trade, and it
.Ices so because this whole tendency of the
sy st? in is toward centralization?toward
the accumulation of power in tlie hands of
the few at the expense of the many. Pro?
tection is an act ei resistance to the system,
and it is because the people of Northern
(ieimany have adopted protection against
the British system that li leicy is now grad?
ually making its way, ultimately to triumph
ovtr despotism?becsnas BeUgUBB has
adopted prote? tion against the system that
it is now the freest and most tmqoil por?
tion of Coi tinental Riropo end because
this country has adopted protection against
the SystSSn tiut its peop.e are able to con?
sume almost four times the quantity, per
aead,of cloth and iron that is consumed in the
Sdjasaiaa Blitish Provinces, subject, as tiiev
are, to the centralizing and destructive s. s
teni of Manchester fjaw trade.
Nor* ?The abcte article baa basa ia type atid
deferred fir se?cral week*, which aocoantt for ill
reference tu au avsnt n, re BN aa ihe Manchester
BoARB oi Si PaRvisons ? TutsJau? Re
S"!' ' ' f? [svat oi the aeewter aenplny.
diet not agree to per.orra Sunday aerr.ee eulwut ad-'
diuoaaJ con pel ratioa. ?weea ? an
l'etaioi? Oi ax-JaataM s evens and Dani-l u
i >i Clert of I ppw j'oii. e. lor ?un?ay .arTi'. ?
K. feneo bilia ol Jaaaoo Tailor, keeper i t me rti'i
for it u irer-nu-ir:.-? ? tec tea room ordere.? r.,'
tc|ad. ??n*_to
* . ... : L ware tUnC'iirc. Siio. and A. J. \\ ;i,*,rd.
Sum nouaael feefor araaaac tba mauu^ nus o ir,
i;on a? to I ev: S. t'.'.aTjt.'.'., Fo..r: ? i ?Vard e.ec
ticn. Baaartod,
Se-reral peuuena for coirce??->a of let afBBS ace
sected at*: aaaaiwd
FiKt~.\t i o'elaen en rnesdny a?er
aoon a hre broke cut ia a cftau fectory be ionei.-if to
Kenn .\utc?j\ on tar seventh-a.- .v* acru 11../:
eth aa?j Tairar-avei ?t Tno ?asaeial kerb a very tn
2a?nn. .b!e. the d.anes s, cu ?* ta cict'ra? :itv.
entirely c'eitrey.ng Hie faa-vy outi-u.?. : ^etaer
?US teo ?mal! fiasss dwell ine Loi.e? ?di.iiniag.
The fireaaaa were pruu.- th .... the gn i. I and ere>
veaied an fciber CeMru in n
It a a* fortanalo tkis lire did ret cvvjr at u eh* at
a mm: ..II tae buildup; in the vieicitv are frvue aa 1
oecapaad bv j-oor fatnlie*. The total loea la ab int
S CC?ret !. anrance
? apt Ste?er.?on, of lliaoanfll Sf ? v >? ,. ..
Ibsnsfgnw evr c-3 the pt rad
Dolor? en Tuesday.
(Mil} ' f lit b*l 0?'H t?r s were im type rh Wedeee
<?; BBBBaaeg sal <???? iit???l -n?-l
JH. M. Prof clion Society aa.t ko??ntii.
<?n Monday might* Mr. J??hrt <\?nmer
(ndMftill before* larre a*teia>y, l>?iri rvti'V
member" ?4 Mee.lai ies M H' U PluMettort ? ? lerr
fse ti,BMTflf, anl BBleiOltBBa, argument or, u. ? ft
gajian aarftieia, intervention, eke At tue tloee er
hu r*nanrte,tke fllllemlejg resolutions were unan;
BOW hj r.depted.
Krrsfrtd tea tajeaiaatiaa; eaaa t tnt rerard the la*e
fr>r.le ?f Huuearr inonlib ??h l?r .tse!fiU>?n form o(
j veteain t .is .1? uaC'.uoiol 'i?V?arith: wairn pore.d
f..,n, Iba ii nerei t raiactpli ? I loot* i aad a nebt ?bica ?t
au owe. reu am? n ihe oeeale; ae declare that whe-v
evr aOeieiateiai il-t*" 'reel tee ?'?e. ra.<.e* <f r?j
?rrRtea arwrasthtfeelaMani u We aaajeeo, rash 8oe
areaiei . rtei i an Wain ta '.ar-tr PS i?<r attit htnen M
'/*>'.. Tl al h: h Asalria bed lAOS reiu.e.l b) sbb>
enarrr lie pledged priweuioo, tne paopto el H ? ,g? ?
;rc ' ' alterBitiai ' ?? t ? labiMlto beeaSM a ituaaat.tr,
Ikea-ere abirrt ilaree ol the djrca ty of Halbier, or to
take or arn e the la'ter an was -e-.irtrd to, and no oo-eer
t>h oM BaeeBeea permitted lotake eidei wr.n th" iraits
treoar Is ?h tn aa arf"rn?Dt etasbta4iaa>
Httohtd. That in the uVeTforoaee <>f Kim i ta tae af
faira f Hr.r rv ? * 1,-h tne c ncieaee ?iia nh cnifte
trapptet on- er frei the ia? ?i aaUieaav Ia thia act ihe
aaroaie*. in bei anoraDce of to supi-reo me ?tit-ola- i
ti, na of IM " de <>r irbitBI le th >. I i.str'ir'e the i'ipreoiecy I
af her!a?le? ttranir. '
littobtti. Thatthis BMOthtg C atealer IttM duty of thai
Gere i nist.t to dsclarr fr <d lifueel>un as '.he ?-?ulilia*etl
ariaeipls of Ihe An,* h aa peeyle, that the? anil mi permit
KoatKt, or ar.y otlur QofOraotOBI, to .aurfere ,u the ae:
tlernetit of the in'rrnal tifltairtiei of aattooi
?r.'0/t'd. That the ttrusi'e al the Huog* ua p'n'e
haeirr '??! to thetr irde; ein t nr-e and na'iooality *i\ v.-t >e
of the fact that the Aaetnaa ar-: let ??>re dnren lierond
the Iwnrila M I of Ber territory, and from the fiirt'ier feet
that no ern.y cot ?t l'.ted under her lie i.e r'tuld e?er a?.-*in
make a n,eo???.fiil iDuvemeni. tne Bteri uaterfereaee f
Unit.a in aaarehiBf t" ihe iaaj?fationof Hepgary aeaa
not iittalidate the j^iei ion ef tltal imle|>erideiic?
hoianth and the Lntllca.
T' F.-i>ar. Dec if., MM.
Missrs. Editors Perceifiiig in this
tnotBBM'a "Ir.tHve that the t.ovcmor of Hut rary
bbi ? n.--? i. ted to arro the lad lea of Ne*-\'ork en
laterrtew, l ,ut. felt tndined to suKgest that e* h
laey be adaattted for the ?urn of one dollar at the
lean . if any feel diifo*ed to |iva more, let it be
accepted but aa there are nany nho feel anxiona
to rontiibiite hA they feel able to J5iv?>, I think it
won d l e iiiju? k'lous a1- well ,t? uiiain-l lo pi tee tlie
price ol adnn^ion aDove their ir.t'.tr.i A l.aov.
The Indnatrial < onirre-a?H> innathy far
If nngarr.
A Cornmitiee of Five was Appointed last
nigMto rrport on the t>er? meanf of aiding the Hun*
jrwrnin can e, on the part of tlie Workingnien of
tili? City. A public hi*eting i* ii ooeiternplBiion.
WiLLtaa J Toeaa, (one Ol the Delegates from
the Nation il Re'orm Errcutive Comniiitce.'? o( the
Eighteenth w.nd. [ reitrited the blloa Ing proaaable
ami reaolution In reference to the aeatimonl nttore I
l>\ Gor Kosaoth, ol Hangary, m his reply to the
(nd oat rial I orcre?t> on ; recent oc Melon ? ' after
ai. tari:r;t fJeOAte, u v til h ir.u !i sympitliy a.ii
tip .?se?i! 'ax the nnngnriaa ?i^e. and in.ui> tri ?
nit"- paid tit the Ulusttiona exilo and guest 0' the
natii n, tney were laid over to the next meeting.
IVaerear, n reply to tbe addreaa af that Ci?u.Tesa tehna,
M Koaatrrn oiaAea the foUewiag obaai i af iea. to wit;
? 1 ha! eveiy ration en tin- eartli has, b] the 'or-. .|
t..i atl?aaeeeoire,wkeaii baa the naesioai t.'he masvr
i.f i>? own tale , mil it a Ballon, provided by UiMl'ibleainc
with tlna racally, l<> hi- ma?'er el kU etra fa'e, hasn'i'
?i<Bertke aae^rotaaidiBf or the wiU, ar the resol iti in t..
be< i me :i? hippy as BHU eaa oa e trth. lueh ? it ttittn de
ibi raa eel leVa aasoy." raereeore,
RearAKd, That aade ?*< i.tment ihe luator"- fant.tbat
i niiuiit hare lallen throagh ihe inherent wea.nesa *n i
I ass ... bi ii,an. ue are preai to beliese lhat the ?in tri ms
fell hat heretofote beea t haraeabiete the fen ia ah ? the
pee [ le have trailed ami Let le the niasars. mil that this
eeatuneat of M Kosm rttahoold rein mate aad tdmaaiah
im lo eeareb't reforaiatory lahor, ai il itand inperpet 1
re'ehf le our piiMie men. who are ever preae to favor
Wealth ?Dil cletsre in pref'tenee to Hie interests of la'mr
i*r it en. the wt h'i h md hulwarkol a n.i'.on, aud to ? hose
wellne a 1 leeielatioii tliould lead
A memorial to ihe < ongroeaof the United Btatei
aas prerentcd by llir.n A,Gntld of tne Pftatora'
i nioa, aymptthlirng wltn the niaaiori of hi Koeau a.
and r. ni' tioi ing the p liieiplc of Deinoerauc and
Republican movemenu in Europe', and commending
tne adoption, upon the part of our Govenunoat, of
?lliui h meafiires aa may prevent Intervention on
ti e part of despota with the rujliti of Hungary, that
can be adopted with cafety and credit.
It in evident the InJustrial ("ongresg will sitggru
roaoething practical la aid of the Haagariaa cause.
Floqnent Leiter front a I.adv.
Noawn ii. Conn , Dae. IS, is^i
llont'ftu Sir? Words cannot express 1
Interest with whtefc I have listened to the tale of
] our country's *tr tiggles for freedom?that great-it
earthly good?nor the deep reap?et ami admiration
lhat ? ver> lit art aiive to sympathy with no'de a . i
heroie ceedi must teel wherever tne naine ot ?? Ko
rutL" is spoken. Words and svinpatliy however
avail but llltia. aad b? the obnitao mi <aay Sat i
i as- wt.ere " active exertiona even Ina noblscause
ue forbidden. Since I eaa do bo bboto, pardon me,
1 pray tou, il I venture to oaTei for yoar glorious
cense ihe one kissel mai Tn it it is the merest
trifle I well haow still, it 1? all lhaveto;ivp und
I beseech you not to scorn if, for thjugh but a drop
in the OCOani >et if joined with thou-aunls of ot iei
drops, itSMj do good service some day. and my
beert ?tili let I happier if, by your acceptance, you
will allow no to neiieve that 1 have done what little
1 might to aid another in proi-uring that glorious
liberty, which, 1 thank Heaven, is mv l>;ithright.
With heartfelt pnyers for your COUBjtry'a Speedy
and anal aocceaa, 1 am. with deep respe. t, your
humble servant, BlXBB C.Gbbimwoop.
fiov. koist'TH.
Invitation trout Itlmca.
A tender of the hospitalities of the town
of Ithaca was made to Kossuth yesterday through
(!en. Haleey, The letter informed him that the BO
tfaoritiei would not trouble hint with n long adtlre?.-.,
as he was unwell, bot they would aid the ca ise ol
Hungary, and honor ho--i?tli if he should risitthom
hoRiuih in 1'hiladelphla.
Seven companiea of military froan Potts
vilk have reported to Ma the alooaaatk eaaaaratarii
also all the ? a<le|i of Temperance. 1,0*) strong ln
t'cpindencc Pull i< to be hung with the Hangarta ..
Toiaubanil the I'nited Stalt? flags, pauatet! by Ra?
mon, a toiii.g iliingariaii artitt
Keeavth Mrerinii in \ my.
(iov. Hunt, Ex*Got Marcy, Braatua
Coining. I.lent. llov. ( hur< b. Fr.mkiia To i
Frit nd Humphrey, and nrmy of the influential 0 ti
zerr- of Albany hare called a meeting for Friday
evening at the Capitol for the purpose ol appottiag
Finance i oniuuttee.
Koisuth In Washington.
The President will send the Booolatioq
of l otrgiesi to hosiuth. aceoiupanied by a let'ei
written m the spirit of the resolutiou itself. The
guest will be poraaittod to adtlress Coftgroas, U
cenrcs to do ^o. and it i- lctendej to sppOtnt b 00 b
mutee of each Hoa.-e to receive and introduce Ko*
suth, on his, visiting the ( anatoL it is alao eoatooa
P'ateu 10 give Bhat a eli.nier?the eipetise tobe de
Ira) td out ot the ticket?
vt steeeday's froceedlabia.
This morning Governor Kossith being
unwell, from the eiert; jus of the previous night,
did not rue as early as usual, and he was not pre
paied to rtt eive the deputation- in w aiting so early
as 10 o'clock
At 12 o'clock list nijjBfl some 900 (ier
il.o ataaors ?<r?i.adtd Koasuth aad Ittaaaurtr at the
Lnil I UOOSI Kdsauth, Punzkv, and several officera
anl im ies atre introduced, aad Uov K brteily re
luriied his tnaiiks to the singers, sad trusted fia'ther
woi.iu ever be touiid U thfua to iBBratlBBUf ttea lorn
Philadelphia Deputation.
A numler of rrent.'enien who were de?
puted b> thee tiztub of Pni:ailelpaia, waited anon
hotsuih this aaoentag, anj obtained anuilerview at
a lutie De-ore II oYiovk. The great ohjoot of trie
vi?it was lo invite the lUoatrrooa mm to a oaxum-i
lo te given hy the cmzei?. and whl h will be tae
ctiiini.encernei.tof thai movement m p. .. . iaipau for
practical aid, which will most serve the cai-e of
llungajy. The rtsputatioaCaTBstatodof Mr. Gastava
Ken ak. barn?t?r Mr A.exander Cum-ning t'. or
ot IBs gsreBiii Hull-tin. Mr Beatanxnt M Brearo.
I Mr Ij**(' R Da*is, inerehant Mr
, Won < Luda:g. aer.'hai.t I?r ls^ac.N M f-e'is
and Hr. j^iou Steiner, awchaat; ?ai they Brsira
I accompanu 1 ov Mr ilja.ird G Farqaaar, Praot lent
of tlie Select ComOTIttee ot the Common Coun i;
On tteu.ti... iie-itin ..t Ko*Miia t,,-r... i i-u-n 'tee
the t b?i.n.an. Mr. Rrmak. addrei>c^ him,obicrrine
that ar a Committee frcia the Citizens of Pan ilei*
? pbid. wtHin. tr.tt represented, taey du not hack an*
I MBatTBUSBi tt : hin, peis.i.aily. siUough the r?ecl
?a? to do a,. :hs J eooid tor me .-ause ol 11 in i tri
i 7i\T???\0t Tlim nrirl* wtmki ,r'*tt h"u rani
o.% t ,rZ mri't:" ,uo?- " *M "?tue ca tae
' . ' 111 ex>t.. I ... t ^
il,t ,? * ,u,e "ul,*??t?". "le^cd to mu an bin
tation o .. .a. .;ue t. aad tat mo. t meat * ?t"".
e^v\\tt:^m.i'^ K aadtoani^Sr*.
T l.jt?r>t?r it' uuii ?
In. siav. a sir Imprei-ed with taat baundle-s
A^aaWB forycur pnv.,te v,n ies and pu-tiic Jeexlr
wbir/i. trcm tee i omraencemeat of the g.eet ?ro.-'
rle Itrf frets-mi :n yooj native Land, through ? i ,7*
vicissitao'ef nh i reverses ?t home and abroad the en
tire rivxUaed wot d, aa aiuu one iuuA ao?aaarl has
eberishsd for ;.t"'. honorel S.r. tee /T"aie?i an 1
aaeel i>Tote*l ' hsaspion of tne cause of libetty and
hanaaauty feeliay in roam oa a .^i even tn, ? bettei
irpaeLra] ? this fkirioai iad happy ft].?
reoren/ vour beloved and eppies*ed II ir.gin 'iaims,
r?I only the r-yeipathiea, but tne pr sctical aid of tHe
Arerie^n People, whone honored g'ie?? ?mi ? I *
me. The eitiMM of tie f it? of Pm'iCelp'Ye,
whence :n ' the t ine which triet m's'i ?.xil?" eiua
D?tei tr>?tgi ruilM chaitrr of the r <h ? of min.rvl
nati? n?. the Declaration of Inccps deuce of ihese
Corel etat??, .ire eolicrtnus of meeting yen at the
f?itt?i b?a d thertUi rhrMatoymrfimn eMojiral
?i r* r>K Vec u* I ra 'or n if ? ?ountrvN ca .***. mir.?
off>r:ri their moe open the aaoaod sltarcf Liberty,
torai'e t:e opMeaaad and to rindMaM right mm
justn e
The Committee charged with the pie ?sine ueh
toeitrfi to you aa invitation n .????Tail et the cm
zers of the City and Conaty of Philadelphia, to a
Hatcfue!. to be glTMI Wf them during fOMItlleTeiod
?i?it to their city, in bmmf et yonr preieoM im .,
thean. b^r* of yen. in perfo'mine thie d ry, to a t at
iliiif im us Bir. thie f? ehle mark of their a*.t ich n?
for yen ar.'i the ynr.r.ipiee you Npreeant, tad t.i
name a day when, tritnoat iaMrfering with reea
elbe' rnpagemenU.it w:l he /c. st MelfMMMlfM
yru to gr .tify ih? ir ?:she?
We rsatuiB, Sir. with the peV^otiBdeft retard, your
t'ercte't admirer*.
Gvstatpi Rfmak, A. Cvvjutwa,
Brnr. 1 Parv?TEa. laaael Daria,
Wir V. I.rnwio. I<aicN Uabselis,
Jscor SrriNER.
I*ftff? it>iIWi Ok ip. Mi
RMgQTR I rkpl1.
Will you allow me gent'emen to have the kind
j ern :??:. n to ask- hare I 'he ho: or to :> .1 M'c???m
oy ? conmittee of the Cifzersor acommittee of
the Corporation of Pbil.ulelphta.
The < ha.rniar. said th.tt the movement emanated
froni the citizens, but ??? approved by th* Cooaoaoo
Council, arc* the 1 hat-man of tn it Counci.s com
mittM act OMWU?M tl.e deputation.
Kcs--in Th s was a, qaeettoo I had a wish to
unders?an?', that I nity Know apon ?hat ground I
1 war irvitcd. At to the nub e e.mpiib) of the
' citizens, of the city c' '? Brother r Low" which
! you pteaie to express in yo.ir iddresi I m
1 um MM :<> tu>e the houor and the boaeSt
[ ct a !dr?>?;rrs th?'.'.i .it large, an 1 you will ptfMit DM
I todc'ay mr answer to yonr invitation to the ouvpiet
of the c.turns ti.l after mv arrival in til* City. I
only eipteaa my kumbla WOW as to what I think
best, bat I Tory nraelt respect year iaeltatloa. Htv
tng. on the lecroid or t;,iru day alter mv arri?al here.
MoaiTMt aa adtfreia fiom your City Couactl, ?hi. n
c?? p'mr an fr*itatmn to emit you. and which I a?-.
reptu'. 1 feel th t. by tkii acooptanco, I h.iv* pweafl
?yeatfia Ute kaada of tao Cennmon d traeil, aad 1
have a ilicpoMtion to be gaieJod t . it? roui nittee.?
Tharafwo, liouevrr Boy UkotodiepoM <?;' -ue irttb
the harmoiy of the eftiMPj of Pmla telphia. I shall
be lontect, am< 1 shall be honored bv receiving and
acecpUai this lariiatloa Groai tne etttaaaa, but I aaa>
aotM) how or when I can aeeopl It Will vou,
gentlemen, consult with the authoriMe?. ae I am
with you. ar.d 1 think vou. an I fr-el gr tteful f??r yooi
s>mria:hy. which I knoer will lr benr (Via! to me.
1 for trie eitlMne of Pltiladelpbia an- re?">iut?-. ;icti\e
? men, who will .uid material benefit to the ciuse. I
1 ngaic tt.i.ik \ou. gentlemen, and.it von will enter
into ragaatiinitalbna ?;th th?' CoaMaoa I'4mm il.then
1 1 will be glad to Meet yoo .it yonr n imiuet.
The f lisirman ?nid Iha? Iba I'reni ti-n! :>f the Com
I nutter of the Common Council was pre Mat with the
I I cnimittee of the Citizen?.
Ki -M in?Vee, gontteaaen b": y.>.; n?k me If I
can a''i e;it your oflcr of .1 pnhUe datteT, and I con?
sent, but will not enter into anv prtratc arraaco
nif at w itaoot the raaettaa of the i loaaatoa Counefl.
TbnaMeabereof tae CoMmtttee w?uc tio?u tntr.>
riurfd Mperaterj . and the DepMbaUon hail; a pri?
vate ltterview w::1: Korsuth, for the purpose of
talk;:.; about bualuoii concern.Dg the raising of
iiiiuis In a short tiane thegentlMaen retired.
? e ?
Deputation of Toiiuv >Ten.
At a little* past ireTen oVIook, a large
1). jiiit.ition of the ronag Men of the City of Ne v
fork, waited upon Koasnfi by app'iin'ment, m tde
in aoaMqMWM of the fofiowroe coinnaunication,
which was forwarded to htm on Monday
7o Ifta tare/reacy, /..,,?* h-.-s, th, tree .,/ H,?".n,.
The under?igneO| a i ommittee ?>> IToung H?a of
the Cttrof NeW'Ytftit, desire to have .?". iut .*rviee
with Hi Bxeellfflhy,Got.Koaaotb,on Mon hv.Dc ?.
Ii. 1SJI. at 1" o'clock M? on a m.ittcr that w*lt osl
enpy the attention of Hit Eieelieoc> but iic? mo
iiient.". Signed by
Da rid \t?bb. 1 aairatan; C 1 Mather. Wm u.
Miehle, Q H. Btryker, Jr., E D. Smith, G. \ h .
togham,Joka Merebanl Car.'.)**'-, h s p'vt
lipa,Johnr1 White, Ianne H Bailey E. B Mnllai
J w. Bradley; s. I! Hayward, Robert s Lroa,
Thei iiore stolid \ ? I' .r. , ?. c, . I', c'.cham 8 w
FeJtowe, Joha F. Bakar, Ch-ia 8 Webb, C W H -
row, H.D. Frost.
The geathttnen re<juc.,ted to ha prieately iii*.rodu
cedto Dnrarror Koaanta, and reponeri* were aot
praaant when the confereaci tool place Itwneaf*
tcrwardi understood that ,1 propoa lion was uncle to
bold a large meeting in one of tic 1 itv 11 .Us, *a 1 t >
charge $3 for admission at which Koaautli waa de>
ureil in inaak. Ha Hgreed to Hie euitgeMi-in, on 1
would, 11 posmble, be glad to aeeil carried or. -
nontd appoint a tiaM for tha raooung m aoou as he
was able, but he could not th( 0 p II
The aepOtanOn tb?n rfirr.l a' I r- ?? .?ed the
thnT'fcsof Kestuth as ihr \ left tha n uu
1 n\Itatloa rreai ??rllaatea.
A deputation from the Mayor and Town
Council of the UitJ ot Burlington, N.J , w.i.ted upon
Koaanth et about IrJ o'clock, to prereiii him wiih an
re^s and a eony of the resolution* ol the Council
im uu g him to visit the citv. The depot uiofl eon
Bister! >.' Mr A. W. Hums, CrcMileri' ol the Council,
Dr. Holleiiiback, Mr * Iw* I.ippeneott. and Othera,
and when teuooaoadJ to Koaenii he g.ne tiu m a
iic .rty atelcona.
Mr. A W. U'irnu ihm advanced ind addressed
KoMOth, InfOTBrrng h:m that tie gen'lemen nrc??'Bt
were a deputation from the Mayor nnd Common
Conaetl ol the 1 tty <>f Burlington, NJ., wh isent
them to waleome aim to ihc Morea of America ?
Thev looked bmw bun M the] looked upon U
lngton, as a father and a friend ?0 his MUntry, and
the ?mile Of Cod was upon him and upon hist ause.
lie ror.eluded by presenting the rOMiatiOM of tha
Council and inviting Kossutli to Blait the Bj
gOMCTl I It bplt.
Gl BTXSam I tiiank yon k 1 n i>? fnrthasympi'.hy
ycu have axpreaaod la the cause of Hungary, ami
rotCaatyoa lla^eeipressei f?>r aM,aolarai 1 iiim
the honor to be c onnected with the great principle
of frrcdom. which oppoaed bathe polii y of all ihc
despotic iiHtiom rt Bnropn. I ka 1 a th 1'. New Jer
Bay was one of tre first St itet to m.ue a movement
and to itnke for the in lepandem a of Amenea aa 1.
animated by Kepuriln an prtncipb <? the iico.t'?i nij
ported the great Father ol his Country Wasbiog'
ton. It line rue p!ea?ure '.'? sre ">u inns -n w.i'r-r
111111 aaaianaula la (hvorof the Repobth aa pnuci
pies of Preedom, and K will cheer bm la my itrai
eles when I return to Hungary. I thank you for the
invitati .11 which you hive niven BM in UM name of
your ancient city, but I cannot give >ouadellnttc
answer at present. 1 hare on yt*<?or ihrnadayi
longer to remain in .New -Vor1?, *nd then I shall have
to go to the ( apitol of your country, as <' jugress has
ter.t'ered me tne hinh oeachtof a geacrnl ant nation?
al welccnie. and my duty calls me to go, as it 1*
there, in that place, where I must come lu my pra --
Heal desires, as to the top es of iatpottaaoa ?hl I
will benent art piw country <>n mv return to the
City of Newport l -0 aM known it **\ my
ein aanahUU?l Wi I'-ause rue to let, ai my duty will
decide ihe OOMM, for 1 am not a man of icy osa
flearure, but ci e who att?nd?io dnty aiil, if that
?he.uld allow me to enioy the s. n.r afnes .in I aov
talities of the cili/'-ns Of BwnaftM , it will give me
plena WO to meet taein
1 he deputation were then irdro lu -ed to him in.
vly.and afterward Mr U irues, Ihe I nairman. w*j
sdmitud to a private interview
? Workinitmeu'ii Donation to Hungary.
At 1?'} o'clock, a iiuuibei of the woia
men who are emplojedat tne Piano Forte Mana:..
lory ol Bteaars oenon A Karen, on Cenler-st, wait?
ed upon the illustrious Hung*ruu Ml ine Irmg
House, for the purpose of presenting bun witb a * i>
tcnption ol to the - Kos?uu 1 una.'' un ma
!?? :i g introduced,
Mr Francis Bacon sal 1 ted guOMtk and s^id ihe
object they bad 111 visiting him ?a? to present aim
mth that practical dd wnich waa the est ayatpatap
in the cause ol Hui eary. The donation they were
abontto prcMnt wea irom the MManata kt a large
Piano-Forte manufactory, *nd it nal oeeii contnou
ted by men fr?m all nations, oho w jhtd to offer htm
the folio* ice address, wh.cn he read.
To Loom Komi rn, Gov ta.soa os H. 50ear?Htn
t-rtd Btr We Ika ?orsiuen tn the Piano Forte Man?
ufactory of Messrs. gfcMOB <k Raven. .New-Vorh,
deine to preterit you th.? ts.'i do! are, ai our free
will ofleriiig to the glorious cause of H n.garisn In
ilepe Biliare
Ue are KuiSians. Swedes. Danes. II inganais,
I I lecchmen. Germans, Englishmen, Irishmen.
Scotchmen, aiid Iaiettnaaa, eui we ail are in fact or
intention Liiizeiia ol the I nited States, and glory in
the prrnciples of liberty eubo-liei in our Dec lar 1
tion ol InJcpenden. a, ana cesire taeir extensioii to
all the nations of ine eorio.
V%e recognize in you. one who. like fie lilurtrt
ous men ol 'T6. has pledged M Lite, Fortone and sa?
cred Hoocr" M tr.e aSMBBBSU of tuese pnncipl ?e,
ami h>wever giare bwBeSMS maj uemur to j'.ur
claims upon us as a NatioD, ue wui not eitno.dour
aid and our cbeer? trom the glorious nora in which
you are ergaged.
The weight of Austrian ?nd keMBHI 'espot.sm
wtieh now cr .s:.es Hung iry il aearier thin coiid
pcisibly nave fa?ien upon our country at tne Revo
;utiurt . so is your rifM ?f resi^.ance more ;u?t.
tVe hon. r it l ayeiie and 1 ran> e for taeir inter
raatMO n ur M ria.f. ?0 ?e *. J .nterfere :a all wise
BUB Mann ??<?>; IB bebaifof Bunumty, amlthe >p
prefftd of Eu'.'pe. and would ur^e our countryinea
to i.n.i'ar acti'-n
The extent of cur ln^rferenee ut ia t^r fnt 'e.
'Sudieieiit un'.o the day is the e?:l tliercof.' B ,t
pnnciples are for all liana We tic. act ipon ;a >?e
which are necessary t? mai.e W-irbington anl La
lo>tt:t rc.i "er lhaa ?? .1 t.a;tora
ana r?i.cg: res. and 3- ak r Hill, M tno-th a d
Veeaaowa j.ore tbi a fkl^s of l k>I. tre ^on a.id
Bunter, 11 ae nie lit. -t ?r ? .au\r jea-of
Ihf 1 . ltd 'true-.
Ac- ept eur g.fl uvd lie* it in the ? p >? kji i).- ,
r ent n ay ,lic.at* f?r th< ' rl?er so it'- toseo! j
T'ttiomu mi country nai b.1 ei oi?n?: in
fi-r-e-.rv. must BjeaewaneWOea^SsaaWHI ????m?'?(our
father lam?. nil all F i?>pe sba i repal ? "? ">?* esBea
ii g niCorf'ltiifici al i.e^ftT ? ?I? i' i' ni iie?nul
ir caraaied with tboee t tat, Walhaoo, :Um;?4rn,
Emnaetl anc Wl all >,t<'n
Vkah all aa,)
IlkMiY Hj .11?. CasansBoe.
Da?u Dr. ;;>:r.i
Iibbjbib aaa^raal to the adores* la al e'.vpieit
?petch ir. whi h BS rute-atcd loaM of Uta eo
mint* br had um a :n Castta Qardea He ?a d the
|.ft wh ih hu: .'Iii : en We *a< vcv vUuiblebo
emiseevery im'lirgof ttaraaeanohhad bv hiving ahe
eoaditten ol labor attaeaad ha rt It wt? laboftttet
npjt itec the aatiea nnd raised, the e w 'tti >n of tae
profile, aad laboreraaadarorkinj neu woro tha aaiaj
nsefnl portion o'eeetety. The eaaae af Hungary
em '.he cn,?e of the freedom of E iro[>e an I am >ng
ftte r. allere labor was reopected a.nl supp >r;e?l,
therefore tlie freedom of Hungary was .?question
that aaVeted the worhtrginen of European nations,
Heweaef opinon that ts.ere arei diattnct difference
between the Rusnan people and tie Raa*) ta nation,
as repiis-entcd by the 0 or orate at He lovad and
? ?teemed the Russian people aa well a* an?
people in the world, and he wa? of optBtea tint
tr-.r rppresse?' people of Russn claimed p?bele svm
pathy, foe tae hopes had ?cntiniert.? or the pnoate
wore on the ride of freedo: . a hich w miU -leae d t|
riee over thenation Roaeta waa the greal support
of all the tyrants in Europe, for the weaker despot*
leanedopott her fi t inpport,and .viistni * i< one
The reei'tn.tion of the Independence of Hungary
would o*> equal to the Independence ot E ir ipo, tot
?1 ? would preset.t a barrier to Rii**u. and eBOW her
ato dfrcnt if the alteupt, d to can her d<s.xc.i?m
rcvordher ptaoOBt Oouiu'.aries freedom is tnedes
tiny of mankind, ana laoOBaBOB as we hue one coin
nier. Father in heaven. m> have we one l o nmon
drstirv. ami frei dean will yet i>e the doatiny of 't'i?
sia. In thanking iLeen fortheir aid to Hungary, ha
?ii proad that workn gmen had rei, lered t*<etr
?uppoit, and the larger the number wno dt i BOthai
tetter He liked to have their lytnp Civ. for h? aal
t een accustomed all his life to earn his bread h\ the
hardest of labor.
In eoreiudtpg his aildrc?* he p-^li elv took his leave
of Ihe deputation, ami they retired.
(intern* Rescntie nml Proetarlal ExpOBfcat
tnres.-Tlie Election-?A Majority lor ihr
I? os ernntrni- A Singular Spec, ti, a. e.. h e.
ToBo.iio. tatardny, Dae. m. hoi.
The increase ia the CTUtOtBl : ev einie in
the present over last year ;< $>:.3:?'* ?>. nearly rer
eiiti i n per cent. There is al?o an mere ise in the
revenue dOttved from public works, but it scar.-ely
exeee<'? eight per eeat The total increase under
this head is S.1i JAg [| wiiiid be a in.-t t\e t I re r ird
these'acts as furnishing eaaso for congiatu> ettaa,
The truth is, as I stated in my !:*\the Provinceit
i ci, trait ing debts which it has no uvaila'de in-.ins of
p?ving. In 1M0. the uivoice value of the goodo im?
ported into the province, and the rhltiOl paid thereon,
ainounted to 113,7191,784, If to this sum we ,i<M the
ccst of freight ami agencies, lag am Mint will be
sw.iisu lo $15,8oa,ooo. Agalnet this woeanortedia
tt st t ear products to the value of a little over IMOI -
11 o leavtag a balance against us of over $ ",,inii,,?-.
Iri 1860 the ..line,! our imports,and the custom*
dntMl paid thereon, rose U>$t9 M4,0l 0 It to thts we
add the colt of frcignt and rwency. tits total anount
av ill excei d $3S,C 0,000, While OQT exports did ii"l
i n eeil 111,4 a\0SO, 11 living a del aaa ) of Atl.,sic -
000 In Ihe tao >eari the cool of Ott! im wrted
gooda, with datiee, freight, nu'eticies an 1 ? < iran 'e.
ix see, by $17,000,000,the ralae of oar exports No
doobt the ca>>e i> even worse for IStVl. i e-lon it is ibst
there >* an inuw n^e mcrtaie in the a nouBt tad cost
of iBporta. duties ai d other chargee, w1;ito it is not
at ail pri/bab e ih.t there is aaytbiag likei a cor
resimniiing Increase in the ralne of <"ir expert*
Thrre is no doubt snincrease ia the anwoial,bol
theiee. ill be very 1 tile in the \,Rue. 1' lscerluu
that poy tat) u an come some time, and before long
aad it is lo Mrocertaia that it will br ing with it a
1 i ? i kol erialsthai will cause a very wide-spread
Danliruptcy. There are other as>cts. however, watch
i hai i net rained, but they will f tl. rery far --hori ot
Baaktag up the doawtortOT, They ersnaist ol'theniil:
lary experidif ire and the in ou y brOOghl into the
ectiBtry by sadarantv. The Im Item *rill be con
lidetable, thoaigh 1 cannot at this moment lay my
Load upon the exact arooanl The leooadl will be
very Inconsiderable, no et 0 emtgr it ts si ill not bring
much capital into the country and even against this
we mast place the amoiiutscat nut of the couatryby
emifraats lo enable their friends to follow them . so
that tats rtoaa sill stwullo vary Uttlo indeed, it is
evn'i nl anoogh, I think, that we are on the ver^"' o
a Iii ar.cia ciin.s. whieh cannot be Staved oll m ich
langer. The ro renne from caaWocne will o? small
enough next year and allnoiigh the I'roviiii ial ex
eat <iuer BOB groans under a plethora of cash, it will
:. poraed bolero teasea i>f thai a^avaaWaaav eaf ai aasaaaaai
tnat cannot be itoppeu.
The election roiares come m s'ow'y The (;,..
SniBHatt Will have I good WOrhtag majority and
lu.it is at( nt i.ll that eaa be laid of the matter at
prasent. Not one oi the Miaistora found the slightest
diaBeultj la locaiiaa ais rrttira tit rariiaanaat: and.
as; predicted, .Mr. tiuieks bus bees returned for two i
?pool t'anaila coiiotituencies Mr. hfachOBBto has
been roturned for Ualdnraaad by a la re mapiritv I
At the declaration of poll la talscity, yeetorday, a .
curious anaexatioa aortofapeoch wasmsde or ons
of trie Torv candidate* elect. He eoi.tr tiled our
tyetom of go-ret n men! srrth that ol the Stale of af an
SSschuaeXtS, and drew t'onclusions gre.i'.lv in farer of
the latter. M.in>ach'isetts, he laid, had BCOSBpSrBs
tin-Iy sterile soil, of which any one of on, fanners
vt on Id refuse to at crpt a Ihousai d a. res us a gift, yi i
the pos?le <sf that Mate are tat BBOfOprosper, 'latiian
ours. 1'he meet.ante gets better paid for his labor,
end has far le.-s taxes to pay. The whole public datW
BBSJOaatStoonh a few shillings * head, while ours
amounts to Sir) per head of ihr enure |aipuiation.
Sut h is a ipeclBM n oi the arvutOBtl ih it r t ne from
the lipr. of a man who owes hia return : ? Ormge in?
fluence. He dlsfilaiaard all deal re to annex this
1.evince to the I lilted Sta'ei but tie Urett hu in?
tention to B'tearptto induce tne Logialatiirs to adopt
Aintrir.tn ir.*t;tutions. His speech was higalv a(?
p'aiidetl b\ the aiseuibled Oraii.'cinen. t c.
Hleklaaa Kb i lion.
? ?I Iks k_oVCasnrraaaaraalDutrtctt
I HAI, lh)4V.
r-iee. il dley, MeCiellaad, I. tOej ho. Harry,
inei Oeaat es IV t>T'? r' S t?i?p
I. kasa .13 * i/8i _ nt iai
1 magstea ... .. oji fSB.... . 6->b i,o?t
Uisnlrna?. 1.370 l.:'l,_ >,ii^, 1 H7l
Wives. 1.41? 2 M ..i mi i in
II Branch.Ill t,7,.BBI l,n7i
t'aai. <i7 SI9. oil) I'll
Hd'idsle. TM I,Bid.IJ71 i.lwi
l.eaawce.1,178 1.781.1,791 l.tBI
At ur e. 271 1,4:8. ?lt 8SS
St Jsseph.. 3j8 747. Hi-j 1,041
iii. Al'i-gsn. ii'i 317. ,MJ j1l'
har'y.or BBJ. ill ?im
herr.ea- ... 47J 5*7. . tUS '30I
Calheas.... - - 'to i.tio . .i>i; i.ijo
Phtiaa. ru 2?>o. An 2us
Eat a. a#; ajg. 4ot tu
first ot. .(.New &j ilty )
lonss. 141 the. <?l' fsj
KaUBtazoei. ?7?. t:?8. 8"i 843
Kent. 61J 7li. tit 7it
I -?". ... ...(NewCoaaty j
htaita. .i Noi Peeaay i
Meatcalai. it ?7. ,
Mait,uetie. li 8.iffOW Qsanty.l
Nestaggo. ii 72.' New t' >oaty )
Ojeaaas. .fit a a f*nsati i
Otii.aa. in', 277. IM 2J1 1
Vao Bar OB . :<?> i'.i. 3'M 471
IV. Ch ;etsa. 17 >l. il 0j
Ooeeee. 59t ?lt) . jI7 7;i
???????'.? ii. (No ret'iras.j. M 84
Huo.o. ..NewCoua'yi
Itiltiaaa. 4? 638. 187 fsj
I epeei. 2?0 4*0. 3fil 4?7
Mi'kw/p.w. I JO. 71 Hi
hlicartO. 3a?, 770. 718 1,17?
Matrsad. .(NewCoun'.y )
OaSlaLd.IJH 1 r?.|.rt 2 481
Uat itsguB. . .. .. .'.W* C) ilty I
Set na?. 12'. 220. Ill is.
St l.lair. 201 415. 511 731
t'auilie. 11 82. Nr-w C ?Wlty 1
S>r,;aicraft. .I.VteCtu r)
Sh aaassee. ?>i . IS) I
Tmcula. SI ii._.i_New Co mtv ) I
T.tai.tidjci tiTtrr.}ij4o iTiif
Jit < lelland i majority, f.,/HJ Baxr> 's, 4,iv7.
The rote for Lieut-Governor at the recent eie>
t on WOO, for Geerge Hazeiton. I vVmg) Id.irz). and
t'aivin Britain, 'Opp ) 23 rVW5?majori'/ for Britain,
raVMb I- ISOa (.eorge A. I'oe [WaafJ had H,m\m
aid Win. M. PaaBoa ('>pp>27.:^?. *Thig BSal Free
Soil I OLgrt*sicaal votn in I'M, 30.231 Oppjiitn: ,
29 2"o- Whig ami Free-Soil majority, 1 661. In 1 ,s
(.en- Taylor had 23 Ml; Lewis, i 'a?a. s.) :'H7 Martin
\ an B'i'rn, |a\M and the Gerr.t Str.ith ticket had
a few hi r.dred vote* _
erableand es'imnole ciinen die last nig* at hut
reiidenee BJ Waterrtie: He emirate-! frcin Scot
atd axd took up his residence in this c:ty ia l^.S.
!:. >.'j,he removed to Watervliet. where he bat
ever ?ince vended, engaged tu active buxiaers, aad
aajWJ uig the rerpet t and friendship of all who knew
him. He died w,thin i few da, ? o' tae close of Ins
T5tr ?ear.after abrief l.ineas of a week. He had
been prominent!) lJciiW/ied with most of the impor?
tant pu .uc etterpriats whu h hare been carneil lor
wail during the last forty years?has snceaifullv
manage i an extensive and complicated buanneaa?
atcuii.Llated an ample fortune-aaJ alw.,yi main
ta.r.ed tie character of a pure, upnght and uonora
t.eman. Fewamongthe many . enerable eitizeas
who itili linger aicopg ui wou.d more missed or
nii-re SBCately mourred He gcei t<. hts reit after a
long life ofacttro uaefulnesi. analenvee bshind h i
P raaaaj cdo- af i anal u. -ne."
'AJiaay gve-... J,, rrtal. kW
Bj Tcifgrauh rx Um Ik w-torg Tnl.oc?.
Hestgeatloa oi nr. day.
Waaa ?. .? Paa v, \h,\
Than la a Maoes, . ,. ,t Mr ri>y ^
immediately reeigu . ?"<hate
to allow the u ::. . l . . ?. Keatu.fcy te
meg* 11?' ?. ... ?? : i >?aat,i|toMttxfawL.
Ih.lMr M.r. ? , -h ,. ... t Mr tU.i
Dstnci in u.r . ? ? o..v v ..'.irnVw
01 wacompromise >? ??, ..?,?? .^' t1
oiMr. Cnttan' en and Mr o!xoT
as Berth amea*a*
Th* Tirr- at Ralciki. t (1. seiluifrr, -
?teha i i. , ,i0, kf
The roaflagrXn'a't ?V^h*2?'
BMn?*di*ai ??l . Lt^^.^t
and burnt U| aeai law? J v,
Poet-OaVe and Telegr, ....,:?*
t a arreste* with gunpj.eer i ?, are^ra?l!o7
I an tng at the dare . ? . ? ... tna hrjJ
rated M the banding*occ< -<\ v (i q riZlv^"
M kinccn. Falncra Rams..) W leeeeaawTj
The tathtiw Mail a .... aTawL n
wasdelayedmm nigiit b) n? ctn BMeaw la
A Southern Ri^ti i MM i for. h,? beea railed m
in tne Virgiaia ele loa lit MwaatM Maa >?h
eon (Opa | tor Oorara r 8 um ma >ntr.
Was. Hunter.Chiel i lerl ia lie Depart*,*, i M
State, ?accispitch'" I N, ? \,.rt restercsr heir'
batheresolutionel Welcome bj roagrew u> not
I'rer soil "fntleanl ChaaaaMMa
?FaaaiMToa raeedey. Doe le. irci
I leant from a BM H M of the free Sou
National executive CeexmitM*, MM aa taforeui
meeting has been be! in h 11 lip. which was snen
ded by a large aaaYberol Iba - MMMBM and M i
respectable portion ol IM Proa I il delcg.Oioti,.0
Ccngre**. at wl. all um ai i <? raoaM ol tae pMir
for the approaching c impel in wer.- generali* tu?,
{ into ceinsideration. It ear agMOd n> rereaunenl
that the National Coaveal o i bo laid at "irMjaii.
and not until aftei tbi n AiOMef awatEl
1 panies have taken p ,
I Among those earned aa luJidal * for tae fit*,.
oeeary, ihe m..ft i?r..;u . ? ..*. ire tee lloa Join a
I)ix. of N*w-York. Joshua It i. diagvand Join
P Hale. Porta* Vi e Pre mmm M taw
Hon. Charles Dnrkee, i?l Wi i>bmb, and lion
Chailea Allen,ol HaM,a . . lei
? I'l.. ?*li;,?.? In.. . i.
The Chriatlaaa freaeaa i ????*
P*""f w"i W i tneaday, Dm i:. ikm
The matter of the Chti*tiaae*TiMwaa Cmm h
again batet* the ? our t.> d i* ["be Parttlrt Attor
ney stated he lud enteret prOMpMM all the
treason bills- that detail.. i? h,.! ' e. n looted again*!
all the prisoner* b\ UM i 'h.rti* ..f l^ucister
County?ami that Ihn ?i b 'uen nere st the
convenience ol the .Marshal Thos.> aot lonvicteJ
will be brought bac.x to t><? tried on the uusdemeanoi
a ? -
Mark. i* -X'-pcrlrd *? l>UtrtypA
Cincinnaii Tuescay, Dee. 16, HOI.
Koos are lino at gl f>'?g4 ,S 300 bhls bless
I' f k vidat gi? l*aaaaasbor of ileo* a/nredto
thsereni'ig is m*\gag hg,i;.Nt Mljgg at the tame
date last year. _
The Kxpre** nu.l The Herald.
r r.'Mt I lie i i pa*M
Tkt NttV'Yofm Hrriiil \i\m Uu manv
years been tiv?X to gel a rertMtagt M*MUMMl
enlatiOBi but in vam, olth t> e , x, epiion of eh?ren< i
MabrJa, who arliartlaa anoayntoaely, and ?iua. a doc
leva,oreorporattonl ol ?.?in?. Kind, the reasoa being
thst bnt few men Oisb to i .???hen uan.es appeal
la it* columns, the Infi rni ten being that toead>
rerttMunenl ia eatorted fioa fiem iu ?onseviuence.,.
iobm blank bmII tareal attend b?< ause of mm*
great error. >ignal lolly, or crime . ommitted rabb>
i iit. of which * Tf ? ? - ire i.4 dreaded Hence 7>#
/:?,....:. nec*Mful t<> h me eateai la oi?taiaing acu
en ' ' n is without a !\c t *iag <>f any amoua*,just
as it is nnhoat Infruence m principle. Ta**oaima
uity will aot advi rttse la il I n u.e rommuiniy ,to
aeterno bar H aad Mh i rerttnr lh*n gets more
harm from suspieinaa attaching t? hi* aime, thaa
good lioni the < m cl itii 11 t giraa him
To do away wuh Ihiaaigasl public enndcmnation.
the editor often parade* .? peeteaeed eirruUtion
againal what he., leg? t.' t.?. tne eMeateahm "f oth
? - araala all being tu aoinagoef i> ? <?*" ' "
What that p.ipe. i i b*n BgatMtaatanot a*a
bo aim Mtbal belpa bun or a bat it *?y? for bkst, leii
iajanaain. On alloc mbm*. at Ml Ucee*, and in
?I i ice*, we prefM . ? aoaaa la iia praise, and
whether it states .acts or faJtwhooi *, it is a mat rr af
?ber uMUftnaM to a* i b<* a* ?uihonty.no
w? ight, no ehanctei iier<. and whether it print* ??
in * aheele a* then m leave* in IM taa*M,M eane
at all, it It powarlea* tO iln g.?. t or to do U om here
to m) one wIiom) i harn. Ml ia BOt already gone, K
y *r Hrrald **Mf mI>u??? m ? n I ir? . . i. r . r ||
til. i'ooniMlay. or Mia apri sent ourh isine** aitairs at
pleasure,but it c in t r g> I ailrcltMcaf in K*n
vodt City, aa loaa m it is enapfcioaa for, or an hi
ji ry to to. an a 'w. liter to pay ag the RdlfeM
money in that form to k<? p it.II abeeji,M to refr?it
from alaiMOg him It- aal I ol ehanOMf '* Ihe MBM*
of it* want of mn > ? 'il' I o- v< r r m *'epre*Mrta
linn* it make* of it* OOtOMpOMIMa* biismeo, bu' in
depose* LiiMiiessfxiu n toaaac.tlon it in the use of it*
advertising co!umna lue difflouity nuw wiui i -
Hrra J i a<Hertl.Mi.it 1 oluMBI is. thai people believe
a BankM Railroad Comoany Is rotten, or is br at
ii g. w hich gOM tbeie to pr rpitiMO it* malice b. an
advarttseflaeat, or tha' the tadioMaal who doesuia
in the BditOt'l power b> h iviag so tally oi hn.m iei -
ingly been guilty oi tome Bigaal folly, or gTMt
wrong Th*people bmv be wrong in a?> belleviu ?.
biO, MVMthaMMi <Ul his I ?.. i bmvi >?' U H ;i
the whole community. Wne i Tu H< ro/.f. byyeir*
of g**d aMtOact aad fair dealing, csTreet* ibia fatal
Impression, it can ha.< the alvrt.?i*g wio h
latMM aauaily hringi bai n. rer boron,and tnebmmhi
arias down tha bnaioMa ?# iu aaigaaon Mm k ana
it reaJlv rry up it.- own.
The Propeller Ptaa***,
Nkw.V.ikk Monday. I>er 15. In-,|
Te IK* BnhJBN oj thr B | Tr hum*:
Ab I liavr- jii-i ii. Uvhotj an m ean voyaf*)
in the fir't Screw Pn pellet vshich baa run be w?eu
New-TMb and Liverpool, it may interest the paMie
to hear ?omethir g of our succeis
1 he Pioneer left Liverpool Nov g*, aad in the
first III hour* pi ad I lOOlleaalf whit her Billing
projertie* were We ht.r'e.l in c inpany wit i tho
America and the Krank'oit, the Uu the finest pn*
peller In the British m irine. The wind was fre*b
on our (juarter, anc. da I'it? the great dilfcrei. . | '
steam-power against the PMn*M, In a few no ir?
?e had ?listanced tin n. both However, th-- ? im?
i.ua itiet which Bat*d us then, told asjaiBrt us when
we were farther out Ihe lior.rer is an ex. elieut
nller With a goedfrnnd, but with the wind ahead,
her bfavy ?pars - - . is rigged like a barb impede
Mrr, and wot m ill powei rorepand arigh her .m
niei se weight. ? . is 11: i -? Saw **Bt ia a stoimy
s. ..i. n
I hare no q neat ton ia tl ?? api ng ??! sum met ?e?J
sen*, she will beat any propeller afloat , but in lb*
winttr, not so ameh eaa < esaaaMM] fMM her.
However, we man* ?mi Sn-t ~l1 to mile* in lit dsj*
t.'.eujih, curing ti a' lia < ?. d afterward, we did not
have one eatterl) wind A st .rmier \ \ft:* over
tae Atlan'ie ecu d not *ft*a be erpericn "1 than
mm aara oaa coi.'.inue.i aaoe Meto* ei be vtj g*Jo*
Bad head wind*.
I i rr, * thtf vcr> trial of th* PMOMM on aei first
voj age will recomu.end i er i e'.ter to the travel.ng
public than anything alee. Such a thorough shaking*
..re' bat te ring, aaal Mrainfna, "o abip eeeM of ea
bai and she proved beriolf deeidooly one M me
Le< ica-veaMla on the AU?nli?. besreeiy a mi of
ai > amount MM IBi] , M an i lh'iii|tt a B*M ?ersel,
the lekkage ?a.? a n.orl u 'h ng. Our Captain ?
Cap! E:r!rcilge la one of ice most tboroavh *es~
u.ei on the ocean?a nein arao never teem* to reit
. i ? rep while in eharga of Ins eh.p a maa, leo,
ii ai'e to ? iniman !, il any d ui/er ?honhi occur? te
? boil, the ratj off rr lor any of me per.is oi the
tormy attaatfe.
Deapttc t.,e itoraM, mm veyag* mm *an**xihaafgr'
lnterettuig?rem:* ieJ doub.> m by the presence of
a most ltitelligent family ot gcottiab vocalists on
board the ship. 1 aax*edMgl) rejoice taat dr.
Faa?r.a is about to intreviuce tho?e unequal, d HkoU
tish tonga to our {>? ?; I '1 'hey are nttie known
with us, yet nothii.g in all the range of ma>K is t>
simple end beautiful.
It was a ?Uabge < or.'.rast M BM ?r,va?e to kf
liatenini, amid the h iwi ngs < f the storm, to ttioee
fiesh mountain seing one eonM alabaat baaryhtav
self ata n on the BnathM and tothegleaiof okf
? o: and. Mr. ? his a doub.e e ialm upon us, i*
that he h.is am in a But *h KUlespfiaon tor hia
beroie efloits for Beatlaad.
An.ong our pasn ngera I must he allowed :o mea?
tn a, for the -ake of making ft anown to y <ur >.er
n.aii leacer* the rarre oi Edwsbd GasT.aOMtaV
<ui?hed elerayrnafl in .Naasau, % loiloaerof RoMoSt
Bad banished tor ?p , eor-.'s for FreedoM.
Ma> he receive from h.s coumrymon the sympathy
and welcome whrh hta eloquent efforts ia (.e.-mar.y
and his ?utferingi in tLe good MMM claim tor him
Truly yours,_C. L. Bases
Mi DOWM oil's \\ il.L.? The Bct.rn Wf
iaurieoN say*that MeDaae | pVl ? x? ltd reaubmi-ed
hi* "Vt ill to fire of the most eminent *?o? ?l* ' ?
I'ana. u,d that the unanimoua aiuwet is m /???" ul
>? validity _
V$ Samuel Mettea, a man about 40 veaz*
of age. bar keeper in tne public h .use No 91 doutb
?t,?a? found dead in ha - hnr at that plare aio
o'clock on Tueadav avorning >ri i^,ue?t ?ui oo
to ld on the body Hut n.oriiuuf
I? J F Po.i. .??iK?iiRrr?rcvrtbe?*JeeJ
] rrftmna

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