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FAN( ? ARTICLES in VARIETY - atrarele:*
Fib* and Birgt in gewiibiiu: Diamaadi eaaiJ.im.Bl
Jewelry . Silver Cai.?. Napkin Riars. 's*?. 8p?tu, Br .
all ofltred at very low Prices, ?,J *"*^^J|'aaaN| '
t'd3 It* No I?!* Broadway, cornar of RanJe-et
WKW vi;\R PRESENTS for ike LA
II IiIES ?Tb'?e in want will find oae of the a<a' es
riad aid valuable assurta**att of Fancy Baakets. M'""
Baskets, Ri i'k Fl???r?t?nds and ottiar fanny a'lernet in
thiiline lo l< found la the c.ty, at the store '?f the saTeen
bsr. fi.lsd with Eao.ic I'lsnts. Choice aad raw Cot Fluw
rra arrant el in a atvlo to p!ee>e the gaeel faJ?lll?0?? ,,,t#
SM St* T DINLAP. Florist, No. sU Broadway.
DAYS -ft. W. ROWOBTH. No Jl fJiriaion .t re
spmftdlv tnfoimi the in.W rants of New York and vi
naity, that he baa aow on naad a rood rapplr of Con fee
tioaery, roo? rt.nri / Oraameatal Eru.t tad * anry Cske*.
Mottoee. Cornneopiaa. Faery Toys, ?am and Ordial
Drope.Jelh ( akea. aad other Crysta.i/.ed Confectionery.
Fertiea supplied with lee Cream. Jelliee, Cha'lotto de
Buna? Plaue Manre. Pyranii.il kr . of the vsry twit
(Snlity. and ??the lowest r>t.Mrbla pnosi._<U7 If
(^^0>FK<'TlV)\ARY and FRENCH
YEAR PRESEN is.?The subscribers her lesre to an
?aaayjathatthey hars completed their arrangements for
the holiday! I heir r* .? of this aeaaon will he
loasd anterior in every reiftet to aay heretofore ofiere.1 to
the pobllr WELLEB k SON, M-nufnct'irers arid Im?
porters of Camfectisaery, No. 713 Broadway dll t,1*
NEW FLOWERS fur the H<7l7dAYsT
? Tboee fond e/ Flowers are tarited to nut tde
?rerrlaee of the subscriber un 8 kit and lllth-st., where
they will find a plant of h , Vennita. core red with
its forraoua bloom, of when it will be ihern on New
Year morn, to decorate the tat.lee of our fair patroas.
dll7t? T. DUNLAP. Florist, No. <? Broadway.
F~RESH FRUITS.?Malaga (.rapes,
Malaga R-aiaire, he he -JOHN H OAS8NER. No.
let Cb'tr.aio it, effcra for sale, whole, half and qnarter
boret Zaate currants, Sultana raiiina. Madeira c iron,
ItSTtan citron, 'emona, ora* r< I, Era's applet, ladr apple?,
Bordeaex pru:;et ia boxes, Smyrna and Malara Ma,
Fryr-naa datei, Aral'ian dates, hitter almonds, Jo-ma
shelled almond*, frlhly ihrlled a'nvinds. almond puper
Bhell. he , flll*-ta. Bran! Bats, Madeira nilU, Pecan nuta,
coro note, peanuts, Onlabria {Sicily aad refined Iiconce,
reek I aiiily, ?.-'!?. ewidlei, all odors and different pricei ,
B|*rm oil, winter and (el i'rained . tweet oil, ia bottlea
ami liett'ew. iirdmae in oil; auch.ivies, olivet, rape re,
Biuihr'MaM aad toin.it. eatchap J pickled emona, walimtt,
(berkii i, kc. &e , Worcestershire iiauoe, together with a
gsiirral s*a rt:neut of Enrlith sauces
Also, sen sapatiot rreen and blai'k teas, a ' .It -es - ? -
Went; ai.d white and browa auRar*. all the ditlerent brande
at all pr.cet, rerfee.aaaiaortinerit. aiao routed and gmind
daily ; chocolate, prepared , eooaa and paste , cocoa tbellt;
spieet, whole .nil ground, warranted pure , Bakers brown,
pineapple, ra?oerry, lemon. Kinder, nrget, ami other syrnpt;
cbeir? and raaberry brands. i neb and delirious cordial ;
roidiela. fo'eirn aad ilomeetic. in bot!lei and on drsft ; old
ti.ah. 8e.itr.li, aad M .? whuky; aupsniir old
winei and ligoot, sn etteinire aoa-irtmeot . Kiirliah,
BVa ih, snd Aroerican ale ami portsr, in botwea; whits
eomb boLc v ; ri:..laa?ee and tyrup, brandy peaches and
ch traaij laBisa, Eutand Watt India preiervet, saptaso;
Siirlah and Aioaneaa ebene, he,
lluvans and Pnnct* ciears, vano'it brande aa.1 very
foe; Heidmck Cbamparne. ami olbor favorite brande,
a'wayi on btnd
T7 e above g"oJt a'e for tale, in oritmai sackaft ?r by
retail, ley JOHN B OASSNF.R, No !7i Cbathaai at
dStJl* Opp'Wite the National Theater,
IRON FURNITCRE, in erery ransty, paiticular'y
adapted far
No 110 Broadway, op ideale the Park. New-Yirk. d2i) Iw
VFH at SO.UIRF. k BROTHEUS. No 97 Faltoo-tt.
and No 182 B w.ry-WATOHKS. JKWKI.RY and SIL?
VER WARE.?Wo ran make it ihe mterett of thone win
wiah tha above .? .?'? f . new arrant;emeula ia Euro(ie and
the manufactoiiea here, of retiiat itooda from the firat
t an.in ? to make their , u I....-. ? at either store, No u; i.1,, .
ton it. or No. (at Bowery.
Beda Watchea. by t'i?i|*r. Tobias, Beetley and others
(1 >)d Pa'snt Lever Watchet. full jeweled
Oold Watchea correct timert, lor emtm -rt au 1 <? >n re -
tort ef HadroadS.
(lold Patent Levsr Watebetfor Lobet
i... .1 aad 8ilver Watebea of all kinds
Gold i h ...... tew article the Chatel.i'n for ladies
Geld We l Rma-a, niaaieeipreial? fjr that p up an-.
Oold L<M'keti, like Warebi -, H|ieB bath tides.
Sil., i Te i Kitte, Korkt, Summe, Lille?. Ac.
Silver W e it the prade ol our hiuineas and we are flstSt
aimed to ktrp ths repu'ationof se'.lue: all our Stlsar e<tual
todollan, aad that it vir wariantei! itaadard
Cake Ha ?. ? ?. Caalon, Caudlettickt, Waltera, fee.
Ol s Rl'il?All fiiHti warranted ;u re;ireeeate.l , eu li
srtM le hsa the prire marked plain ia .'ires.
One piirt ami cub only JM tJl
a 00 , N .. ill Broadway havinxcwnpieled their im
l ofaiioni f?, the apprnacbins Fettive Season, now
?fter for aale ?t the loweat remuniirative prieea, a lares
and eUeaot ..aaoTtiaent of RICH JEWELRY of tha
newest ttOia and tuner or woikmaaehip, eat with Dia
Pasaata, Rabies, Pearl? and other prerioui ttonei. in Brace
leu. Karnmt. Pins, Haas. Chatielam, L'h-keU, Chain?.
Pencil Caaes, Siude, ( baiai. Ar. FiaoMtatchet b, the
moat emment inxkeit. Sil\er W?ret, Elec'ro ami Sbeflaeld
l'ii ...i Uooda, i a ..j Marhe in endleia variety, China
S i#, lie. i .,]??'. .,-.,1, i>-?v?, kr .,..?.?w...k1 mahocauy
aad i amniamlel wo,d Woik'mxe?, Dreaaint Caaei, Wnt
Ui? I)e?kt o<|. r PssSS, Olove BoiSS, Se. Lea'her Deiks,
Bl-'ltei? Drea?uif Ca?ie, Puueteriea, Kavelnp Ca?e?, ko.
Card OaaW ae.l ?'..?| M<ou.a rm. ia ? .1,1, silver, oeail. Inr
tanee tbell k< . Work C.i?ee, Nellinx Botet, Scent Bot
tlee. Fruit Knives, Napkin K no. real Jet Ornamente,
Fraaklurl Enam. 1 Ware, |*arl, eaiolal wojd and at bar
Fane, aad au uiiaieaae vanetv of Earopoaa Faary (foods,
loo aumrrom to part ten tan ae. dll lit
JOHN J. MOFFAT, No. f.79 n'roadway,
iimp."d'e Nible'a) weald reinectfullv iafnrm his frienda
and the public, that he haa imported a lante aeaortmaat of
faacy boxet. Freach flowera, fruiis, fancy, snappimr ami
?tbar motloei. wlurh he will ilitpoau of at the lowest rste?.
Ms a.eo farafahet partie? with ire eream, fruit ich?, . Mine,
blase mance. Kinall lancy n et, buciiit ?Iare, boo sTacs,
paddlna glaee, nieriae'ie a la eteani, cieaiu liereroite, or
aameats and ryiaiuidt ol nourat, oraasea, Be , crystal*
ired end binn.lv truita, fan. |saiSS, plum cake, ball 'a rake,
he ; baaed turkeva. pattie?, ebieken mid inhaler ?ala.l,
jellied liaatuea, mealed oveteri, nyatere far atewuir, and
fry m? Li-aa* "i cbiaa, nlver forks, t|iooni, trays, cake
baakelt' punch bowl and lad'e. eamlelahraa, brackals. Ac.,
Ae. Wailon. aud i'eoka larniahed at the ahoitrst a.aioe.
dll |w*
aenbet would mil attestinn to hit vary Ursa stock,
so tumble for Holiday Preteste, ramtittiut of Muam Boies
la rosewood ami plain taaca, with tamhortne, piamiforte
ami cymbal attarhairata i. tin in everv style of tiaish,
elegant Atwordeoaa and Fluiiuas, Parlor Or-raaa, Viidlaa,
Flo'... Fkfeolotee. Drams, kc , be
__dl?UI* EDWARD BAACK, No 87 fultoa at.
nO ! for ihe HOLlI^YsT^New Kniit,
Tsaa, Cofleei, Busari. the be?t aad ehea;>ett. at the
" People'a Store," No liWCaaal-at , near Waat Broadway,
Black Teaa, from la ?d per lb . Urem. St. ml . Sardines.
Is, >.d n sad *?, per bot. French Chocolate, Ss , per Ib.:
RefUsUMaehrooii Catchup, 3a t-rr bottle, Cutars.?for Is ;
$1 per boa oi ISO; tdd Mannest Brsudr , dark and pale
Olarddo ; London Ose, South Side Madura, old Sherry,
Broich and In?h Whiskey, London aud Dublin Porter,
Broich and Ratt ladia Pale Ate, 1.000 lhi. eld Eiulith
i>airy Chetax. for aala cheap, te oloee a c miitninent
Alt.. * lot m Fe tUtb Biaudy Cheese. J Silk ALS
dl7 1l8TuhW'.
?The best asoerted sttark of India rubber fancy roods,
callable f>r holiday presents, ia tobe found at the ladia
rabber Store. N? IK William-it , betweea Fulton and
Jahr? ?i? , laclsdins beautifully dreaaed dolls , alee, beads
aad bodtee, or artua separate or atlaehed , alee, a cheap lot
ef India-1 lib'" i ballt, love, am mal?, ae ae.
HENRY DAVENPORT. Manisfactursr,
dlltw* No IK Wilhara-et
jf^AKES for ihe HOLIDAYS.?Public
?| ' ?tteiit ...ii it rsepeetfedly invited Ro the establiabmeat
of the andaraunied Hia leay; sij>erisucs sndcon'inued
soo-eae brad him to believe that he can yield the atm art
saliafaetiuTt to all whs satrust thsir orders to bun Hts
preoaratioai loi the apprnaehint fssttvitiea eiabracs all
bade <M gaamoaaajaaaal ef Plum. Ha lain. Pound. Aim aid,
Nsw-Yesr. Citron. Currants,Scotch, Leuly e Fuuters, Ar |
W DUNCAN. No 17) lth-av . cor r7th at.,
drill? formerly of No. M?Bew?ry
e ESTABLISHMENT cornet of CoUe-re-plaoe and
W.mao-et ?Thankful for the liberal natronae* heretolote
beatewed a|>on tfaie ettardrsbaieut. Hi Hunuutton woa'd
tntorwi the public that he i? aow prepared te fenuab all or?
ders for ths Holidava aad Pnrtiee. with all the usual vane
tieeal Faacy CaJte?, Ouafectionarr, he dt im
' The subaenber weald inform his inend? sad the pan
Be that he ia aow prepared to supoly them with the very
bast of all kinds of t akee, Bread aad Pma, warraaud
?anal to the beet ia the City, and as reasonable as any, at
hi* Bakery. No 1?S Bowery, a few doers an,"? Hr.? one at.,
east sids [dl tat*] T O UABBRECHT.
MAILL ARD A CO.. No 101 Broadway, cornet of
Walker at.. French Coalevtiouera aad Mauafv tmiers ?>(
Ch..oiate, have the ileaaurr at informing Ladies and
Oeutlemea that they have rrceived, by late artivala * - . n
Pane, a large aes.>rtateal of FANCY BOXES. BASK?
ETS. 61 RPRISES, FANCY MOrroBS, Ac. dwtia
l?iehed lor aovelty, eleeaare and beauty of forte and ma?
terial, w kkcb will Ne eibibiied. tcfetbsr wtah thair uttial
variety ef ehei e Roatoas OrnameataJ Pircaa. Ac, oa aad
trean the IHh ef thie Bhssth. A call i? pi.'itelv iea|ueetrj
frssa thoar also whe are not vet ready to parchase. Ordere
for Ha.U and Parviee. aaal She aaeely at the New-Year'a
Table, will be atteaded to. aad ia a raauaer
s?orvAy the repatation whack they re;?oa id ksvine ee*
eared dlltJl*
aVaTl1HffA^?Il~A,l1LAT15Ll,, ?????*? BOOK aad
ffTATIONLRY Store No ?i Ch.,- .am ejaare inear tae
Bowery.) AraauaU. Albuarae. Bihle*. Praver and a beaeh
?*' Seaerlrneat 'f oth.t rhoare Oift?, Juvenile and Craf
drens Booka A ? v \>*p,t Ma be, BlIIWIlT ac . Deiks.
Walk Bavaee Inastaade t-ap., Weiehu and Porte-snoanaia*
ZJT&JSCi ?ml f^KJ . Oamee. Puzrlee, and everv va?
riety .ef Statwnery and Fancy Artaslea, a ntal.le fat hea-ai,.
rml aa.il ?,.?? nee-ntt. whiek he wdl eell at verv low
pricee. wboleeal* ami retail. m eeii ai very low
A very eatenaive aad cAotee ttock of Note aad other Pa?
pers, amiable for invitations, Ball Cin ?Urs, kc to which
la osils paitiraJar atteukion dtt u>j . ?
WINES for the HOLIDAYS.?Wines
ol all kiuris by the gall.-a or half ration. .? dan, .
?Ras. st TU f IXB S Wboleeale W.ne Siore.
_ . No Ut Warren at.
Ordtraaeat to all parts of the city. dtl lw*
82 .? BBB8ENT8 ! -Fanrv Basken, raacy Yasas. Ueld
i J?" (,u,,>*". Canary Birdt and Oese?, Beudoir Pianos
s^olAei faacv articlee. lofether with the |reeteet and
aaoatsaleelraalleclion of Flowers, suitable fer New Year
Keeanle, lo be ohtaiaad at ike >tore et* the subscriber.
IjiT.1? ? '',#*** ???"' ,n,ir ordsrs early, at they
?? ??l'??sd in lotalwa aa ordered
INGER WINE? For the Holidays.?
Yoor fwmily Grocer wrTJ eoppty yoe, at a a^wiu
anr. with this dehrioos aad dehghtfal Wine, ferevenag
Mitd nsttora. It ? a never failing remedy '.rDja >ep
^V. ^nem of the Stomach he W. BCDKIN,
^jUm? Nr. 19 Beekmaa at . N Y.
MR. DECKER, No. 13 Ann-st., re
qtiesti his fnsads aad acquaintance! to eaod m th'ir
otde-a in ro*al season for the HobJaya, fx t) ?? iel aa)
Pick 'ad OYSTERS. d*t BN*
JemelrtJ, &t.
Great Salo of
1 f and PLATED WARE -W S WOOD, No. 3*7
Broadway, will sell /or tha aait twi mouths,|?daat a
great saenfic*. as be it desirous of making t change m am
: ta.uess The stock contains a larta amo>mt of
PLATE, sir. All Of WhlCO Will Ire sold with"'* resares.
This is a splendid opponunHy to puchaas neb aruclee,
lor Holiday.Presents, as thsy wiM ba sold low.
AH Gowda warranted rentuxe. aad as good as represented.
ThoreisBo Met urn about tarn, aa tha roods must bs sold
rerardleea sf ?.?t I And to accommodate all. the rtora will
Bot te closed before 9 o'clock each evening, dli 13?
subscriber, exiiectin* to receire several large mvoices of
WATCH E8 and JEWELRY f"r the Holidays, is bow ssll
|ns .ff bis present stock at greatly reduced nr.cea
Fib. Gold Lepinr. Watches, 4 hedes jeweled, for.$23
Fiue Gold Detartied Lerers, foil jeweled.JJ
Fine Gold Patent I.evere-.-M
-a id all other kinds of Watchea at equally low pnc.sa;
b's-j. all kinds uf Gold Chains, pure Gold Wedding Roes,
Gold Keys and Praia. Gold Peas and Pencils, Gold and Sil
?er Thimbles, Diamond Ringt aad Pias, BracaleU, Gold
Lu'.eu, Cuff Pin*. Ear-Rirjas, Gold and Silror Spectacles,
BrmatrdM, Finger Ringt, Silver Fruit Kajvei. Sterling Sil|
rer Sprtoni, Cute, Fork*, te... at mark less pnaei lb i any
.Hierb'.nae Gold Watchea as low as $20 each. W.tchee
end Jewelry exchanged. All Watches warranted to keen
aood ti-ne.orthe mvnev returned. Watehee, Clocks and
Jewelry repaired ia the beat manner, at much ions than the
nsoal pnee? OEO. C. ALLEN,
Ian rter of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and BetsiJ,
No 11 Wall et., near Broadway, up stein, formerly at
|<> 51 Wall-st. _sff if
e Y anderalgaed invites the at'eatioB of the poMtcte
hhl tpleartsa assortment of Watches, Jewelry and SHver
aartabta for holiday preaents. Tha stock is of the
u far-tare, aad warranted as represented
d4 m* JOHN B. GINOCHIO, No 11? C?nal-tt.
Cbanceo for Basineti ?ten.
REAL F.STATE.?The subscriber 13
Airciit foi the sale of a number of first aad aeronl
elate Heuser, with all the modern improvements, situated
ou the east mle, between 1st and ith ars, BBd oetween lat
I Itl I'l.rm rainiir Iroui $',,Vi.'to $11 0t?0. Alsa,
Several Lots, .-ittia'i d in Hie moat desirable pa t of the city.
Reatai .liar-' I, S..-. Office houra bef .re 10 A M and from
1 to 7 P. M. AUGUSTUS i,. I.KWH,
I No. 13 Staat >a st
STOCK for SALE ?The Store, No. 310 Btwery,
now doing u fine harJaraa. wrll be let, with the dwelliur,
:md altck .old, upon easy terms. The atook ia new and
complete in every rrapect. The owner harms anotliei
atori ia the reaaoa for oflerme tbia Apply teE.B.KINs
HIMLll.No. 3'.' 1th ar , or on the pretuisea d<7 It'
1MJ PHYSICIANS.?Fflf Sale, a good
Co'intry Practice and Reaidoiice. 18 miloa from the
c:tT. If not ao!d, a Par'ner will be taken Apaily to J.
KEVPER. No 3 11 B"wery, from Id Ii I 2 o'c' ? ?. a I Da'
Heal gstate Sot Quit.
VTALUAHLE FARM in Orange Count?
for sale, containing 106 acres, on the New-Windsor
Turnpike four milea from Cornwall Landing and 111 milas
from New burgh. 'This valuable farn. p neeeaea iinnraled
facilitiesaar dotegbambaeae.aa iii? ^ . ...
and rota heavy bunleDi of hay. A Hever-failiar stream of
water maa through its eutirc length, and the plow laud ii
cat. lienl, ol we.)* jiroducmg good crops of grain. Tae New
burah Branch, New.York and Erie Rmlioad, skirta the
south and ol the farm, and the depo' at Y'ail'a Gate is ha f
a ii.liedi'taut. Ttieiei? u substantial at..nedtvrlling-house,
turf'her with barn, bay-bouae. wagon house, tenan'-heuse,
fit Taraaaaaay. In nnrcof WM DALLY,N >,M B iwrry,
N Y., or r DALLY, Canterbury, tej miles frim the
pteniisea. dJ4 tw*
TM) (; A P 1 T A L I 8 TS?A RARE
stllare of Pwurbkeepaic, on Main, between Naaaau aad
W'aatuiigtnn ats , ofar tho ItaHroad Depot, twelre large
Lots of Ground, well situated fur immediate improvement.
YYill be aold on favorutde terms. Aiipl, at No. 191 Broad?
way.from 11 to it o'clock, or at No 3!? 3J ar.. carnor
? I Twenty stxeu.h t-t , of
WILL1AM8BURGH.?Foi sale, throe
Seat otaa. BRICK HOOSM, beaU keel ,?
costly style , Hre three it ones and batemrat birh, uader-cel
lar. loown atone aloopa, froat of ttaaeuinnt brown st.uie, true
rails aad balconiee, n.arble man'ela, srratoi, sluliog doors,
cornier*, center pieces, Idmda front and rear, tin roofs.
Fach rented fo< $.<? , rive blocks fron, the titrcr, aouth side.
Will be sold Sine Ues than coat. J. KEILLY.
d30 It* No 40 South 3d-?t.
Ij^OR SALE-^i,hiTC()?NTRY s"EAT,
the prepettj uf the late Joaathaa Lawrence, E?q , of
this city, situat..) at Howewell, ia the County of Durrheea,
about 8 inilei from the Muilsoa River. The property r .it
aieia of frmr acres of land in a huih state of imptovrmeut,
with an admirat'ia dweUiBg house, barn, carriare aad out
ho im a, all in etcellent repair la the ruidit uf a blfhlr*
ealttvated diMnct. c..unacted by plaak roedi with the vil
late of Pouehkecpaia and the Hudson River Railroad, and
in the immediate vicinity of a chutcb and echaol-hauaa. The
propelty in Qaaatioa oatara Bauaaal ladaeaaaaaM to those
deairini. a cheap, and m all res|.ects commodious couatry
residence F o Units, .. , y to
dI6 Sin HOMER MOHOAN. Ne I Pino-it.
Farm coittaimug aboat 65 acraa of land, inrlading
areod, aed meadow of eaceUeat soil, well adapted for
market gardeuiBK, situated at the head of Flv New
town, L. 1 , being J mtlee ftom Newtown a the road to
Jaiuait-a, and only bj miles from thr WiUiamsaurgh fernes,
4 niilesfiom FlBsniBC.iiiiilee from Jamaica Railroad depot
and 1 tmle north of Jamaica Plank Ruad. Il cammaadi aa
ritnilive pnei cct of Fluahim; Ray and Eist River. Oa
the premises there ia a h .use, bara, and other out-bulld
iBgs. Ai? > an orchard, well, and a barer-failing aprmg
of water. Also, about 32 acrei of laad of excelmiit aoil.
suscejitihle of being divided. Tbe situation u elevated
and plrmant. and ia opposite Ilia above aatm all froatiag
thr road It admir from Newtown to Jayajalca. | of a mils
from las Willianiabtirrh tanpika. Vftle undisputable.
Hall of tha i tirehaae ntoaey can remaia oa boud aad
aaertfage, Tar above was the propeity of the lat.
A Bnoadei Borpneaaed further particulars, apply to
ANTHONY.T BLEECKER. No f Broad art., ff. f
d27 |w
1?OR SALE?The brick front Houses
and Lots.N'os lit and 144Forayth at . near Delaocey
The lo'a are 25 by uo feet, having aa alley way oa each
side I bis prop, rty eoaM be so improved aa to rrali/e a
large tntereat upon the invrstnieiit. A ,. .it m of the pur
rhaat mottet cam remain oa boud and mortgage for a term
of seats at o i?er ccat. Apply t? RICHARD E ST1LL
W ELL. V. 8. Cottrts, New 6ty HaU. dl3 STuThaSi/
SALB -Ose of Ute must dearable m the riomity of
Baltimore? being abont half a mile from ths North Avon us
?in one of the most rrapectahl* and healthy asighbjc
litaidi, approached by a true road, and new aveauei opea
liu; to it ia several dirtcUone Ths plars eontaaa about 19
aci< a of Laad, in rood condition, well watered, aa isrehard
of < huKeSt tm.ta. he.,aeSBuaaaadlai views of the river aad
bsaj . ami of ths itirroundmr couutrv. The DarawM H >aee
i? ol the most tasteful character, receatly built of the best
ma't*rtal*. and in the m.et laletantial maaasr, isp'ste with
seer] .ouvemence and omitort for a ;ermaaeat lumaaer
and winter rt-aedeaice?erected lor the owaer, without re
raid toeiiense The bara and etahliag of like character.
Rarely a residence ao desirable in every way la to be met
with- w h'le, at aaa lamt ttm. , it orfere a >afe and protitalds
tareataaeaat, rrma its eleaa p'ttaimit, to a ? t: jy mur .ring
paataaaad Uie city, now being eitended towarxl it, bm
txher uvprovrnicata ia ita immediate vicinitv. Terms Ube
rwl Appltto T. J GOTf, Real Eatose Broker,
d20T?kThStJl Kc 13td at.Baltimore.
I^OR SALE.?A small new Cottage and
10 acres of good unimproved Farming Laad for SIM.
$100 caali dowa , the residae $.* , .sue: ?. (lern thaa city
real J Also, a hue 5 acre Lot for $100, near Holbrook Sta?
tion. Alao, 5,10, SO and 40 acre Lots, hetweea the Statioa
and 1 < ? _? leland Bay. Tbe abors Laads are the best of
the anamprovsd Laads im lue Island for farming aad
?aideuing purpoeea. and withm Ii hour*' ride on the n -
eoad A^ply to A. M? COTTER. No. 118 Fultoa-at. dWtw
p^OR SALE?Two genteel twestory
w*,/^agea wrth basements, (with tall lore.) madera
aao neiaked in the beet maniiec, both for convenience
and durabdity Thev are satnated on (hth-tt hetweea M
^..L*^.-?**^ "euthborh sal and are d, sarable far
aaajteei raailiBaai Apply to a. MiCtirrkR, No. m
> uiu.n Bt. jig }W
1 a* ESTATE ?For sale, a number
M ?oi lat Id am! 3d olaas Hasjaaa ia tht up^er part of ths
Bltv frsm Waehington-eanam to 3utb-tt aad'?w.-.w.sb Ux
my ton and Kb ava Tt,e BBklBlkaaia terminal attcul.oB will
bei:ventoappjcantaIorr>archaarfi.,?K, ,o ,?,?, , - a %?
dS im? ^E B KlNSHIa^Vj0,,, uh-Vvr,^
,^ARMS, mills and FACTORY for
- SALE ?The undrrsi*ned*>:rerB .k-.. v
eatnattd at Shaw?u,unk. Ci?,7r Caaadfc u^a^eeM
New have*. Oae of 5t mcrm. aad two of LM SS r%t^ ff
agta.id slate ?f cultivation, am! tmtably dirMj,.! ,n , ?\m
ploe- aad wotal Uad Also a met mil! :n pnm? virj? ' v
three ran of stones, a aaw mdl aad trap hamtn?, ^u- ?
mar bins ehep and fat-tory, aad machmerv bow ooc reitd'ia
eart*t niahiag The propertv it oa theWaBkill, ii m&#,
flami Newb'irs-h, ihres from Waldea. w".h a Bhtak road to
Newbnreh wrni a fall and never tailwr iu; ply of water The
aeid mill propert? will be a dd ar. arete or tont-.her, with a
inaaaaon hoaae and hi or more dweMlag b.' iaea, and land
attj. iaiiig to ami it will be sold lew on liberal terms The
location and country around't will compare with aar 'ti the
State. Refer 11 Abraham Cnat.N'o ti Wall st , Naar-Yo-t,
sr ibe aulecnbsr. at tkt iremi*et
I^OR SALE?A pKtd Bod s iHstantiai
two-story ami attic irauie House. Btbt ited ou 3d-av.,
mOOwAMS The bouse is well finished with mtrhle
manties,rTatea. Ac LottiiioO Pn.- $; t?ie. Sl.teScan
atajnajfeVaaesd. E B kinshimer.
*w Ma" N o. 319 1th bv ? I ?o 7 o'clock P 9f.
1IOFSE AND L0T.-Wa..:ed,t,i?ar
?*,..*h1n,-|,|'JI B*MBB. in a deairable 1
in. ash and strcka m a raaaufirtunur rorapaay ef high
s'.ndimtmihiacit,. Aldiee, G L t. P.*Oaao.
e^A. at* a
FOR SALE?A first-rate fram and rraas
FARM ir Virginia, tl milt*. from Aleeandna ?ad
?3 tr <m Veituir.h;. containing 1.J0 acres of eirellea*. C ??
loom tail, fronting on the main pott-road to Brent tri M, 'bt
C'.u.v.y town?ehun far* and *c*ii>olj in the vtcuaaty ? r
farther pertic dan apply to WM DAY. No 1(4 Libatr r>
All lettera poetpe-d * ill meet with immediate et'eat >*
PROPFRTY, n beautiful Country Residence, in the
V?lsgeof Wilton. C nn , tit utrd on the Danbury r~a I l|
Blilet frem the New Heren, and three minutea' walk fron
the Stan ford at d Danhury Ralroadi It cmsist. of a two
itory fran.e HOI SK. wnhan atur.aad me acre if iroaad,
la.fafnllv laid out, with treet and thrnhSery in abuodaere.
Tlie bouea and prsn.ises in rood order. It will be BsM low.
For further parwculars inquire of
IjOi/ No. US FaUna-st
FOR SALE?The barge Superior, now
running between Newbnreh md New-York aa a
freight and pa'?.;?9 boat. She ii well ralrniated for the
buMi.eea, having a aaloon with Bittern ttate-rooras i'i*
eienttirlhe aecommodatlon of forty p.-tiaengen, m addi?
tion to h?r accommodations below deck. For part-rulers
,n?': If ul" tl e Tuptam, >n t.oard, at the foot of W,.r- . at..
New-York, or the ?ub. -nbera, at Newburyli.
SCHOONER for SALE.?The fast sail?
ing irhoors-MARTIN VAN B?REN, row lying: ?
the foot of Chriitupher si , North River Said reteel B it
fee' lieam. 7 feet ho!d.6J feet keel; draw* 7 feet water,
w'.er. iraded ; rarriet 110 tuna burden She has been re
buil' from ber keel up thialaat Spring . the has new ngimif
and new tai l throiirhoot. Aleo everything com pine ami
IB rw-nms orderet an.- moment She la well ealr.ilated to
run t i Virginia in tbs pine wo d trade Said erbooaer can
be te'tielit low and or accommodating terms, by appl-. ine to
FKTEH CRAMER. Pouebkeepaie. er to
WM. DRAKE, Depiity8uer.tr,
dl Im?_City Ifall.N Y
Wenses to Cel.
Kl )OMS?With Stf am-Power te Rent in
Nrwborih, IssptayJtc T. Paoell It Co., Freighting
KatHbh.biTiet. IsquitS of GHENT E. EDGAR, ('ahmet
a: d Chair Matufa'u-er,Wtter-st ,HowbarfB. N. Y.
The shore w i! ha i tirst-rato location for a amah,
D-or and Bliud maksr._41? M*
1j*AGTORY to LET or LEASE.?The
BSW Ara-Ston BtLtMiaW, mat trundled. No 140 Ceutre
M . vety strongly buill and well lighted, bating windowtoa
tti?ee ndt t, ?ill bo rented together or m separat* atortes
ty ha desired Aaolf to MORGAN k 8 Bf ITH, No. 41
Cliff-at. or Nn ITS EaaAlSthr St., hl i'ie areirng.
-J light and spatatysal Letts over our BtOfo, No III
Hroadw. v. between Howard H 1 Grand et. , will b? |e* on
a leare u'de-tred. The first 1 It it about lOo feet deep, the
olbet llnee are aborji ejn feet.
di9 tl ALFRED MPNBOK at CO..Ko. in Broadway.
HPO LET?Part of a House on Fourth
JL avriite, r .ri.ii.ting of two pa-Ion. four tleepmg
rot nn. kitchen, wrli rang*, bath, fcr. Rent $300 psr an
bobi Also, a Shoe Store to let. Apply, finuS to 7 P. M , to
027 1 ? E B. KINSM1MEN, > II IF eir'li avenue.
'Po laKT?A lame Room suitable for a
.1 Club Room, or Private Parties ; alto Sleeping Apart?
ment* lu Ltt. Iinjaire st No 4 Murray xts. dljtf
fl-O RENT?Two line two-story G?T
1. TAU KS with buemente, situa'ed in the'Villagc of
Yorkvnle, containing $ reosns, an I ve-y convenient and
ptsasaal for family residences K<nt $130 PoaaaasaOO
given inunedi'itely. Apply to A. M'COTTER,
dia 2w No. Its F'ilt.m-rt.
LET?WeJUlbhted ROOMS, with
or without Srram Power, of any size. Inquire of
dIStf C. M. SIMONSOV. No 131 l.?wn-st.
Roused CDuntcd.
HOUSE.?A snuff two-story Hotiie
w anted bl a small family, in a pleasant neighboih ntd
on the Wl tt Has Slid shove Canal et. A ? derate am mint
U furuiluis would be purrhaaed, und Ihl hnaae taken for
the entuiug jtar. Adilrets H.JH M., at this office. .130 1*
IaU'RNlH.EI) HOUSE.? Wanted by
a small rnpectahle family until lit of Mir, or l inger
if the terms l>e nio.lota'e, a eonvenie.t ai/eil anlr.m
fortabll funnelled Hs 10. Addrels with lull partic dare,
to M T office of this i.aper. dI9 Mat*
*F?t!erti, aSardttiur*, <Cc.
sf * KATES andTENTTt^^
? ? LEY'S Orate and Fender Manufactory, No. 316
Brvouie-st. tbtee doors weet of the B .wer?, aijoiiriug Dr.
f'eue's Chuici. Builders and others who ara almut pur?
chasing would do well to call, as he i* cmiideatthat biepat
teaii*. lot variety and cheapnett. are amurpi-aeed ?) ? iw*
1NPICKA1JLE LOCKS?For doors of
? any kind, which rhallenge the world to pick t la fun,
" the htro id a hundred looea ' not eicepted It a* due to
the tmlilic that li-ek* thus inTered, should be fa rly tested
t o, tl,at |.ur,M.m. the proprietor offers to deiiosit Fl i H s
i/rrd dollara in jiropcr haaula f?. - e? - or ?*?? ?? >nei
won?ee a reward to the successful operato', on the fol?
lowing terms Any jierson may ?elei-t three bicki from
Unity?before rraimiiing them?and i ?. then eiauune the
the ren aming twenty-seven,ami have the uae of their keys
He may then have nee month to prepaie hit fucking luitru
menta, when he raott lietrm the picking operation, aud pay
one |.er cent. ... t day on the amount dep isited, till be picks
one of the three selected looks, or abend OOS it. the laat of
which he mar not do till hs ha* operated ten davs. When
he has picked one 1 irk. to the accf p'ance of a disinteroat
ed committee, he ha* ?u\f to )iro\e that he knows how to
pick them by picking the remaining two locks la the two
bUoerfanf days, to the acceptance of the same iioiumittee,
and take the $'iWi
The locks arc for aale by Baldwin A Many. No 52 .lohn?
st., Abrsms and Johnson, No 113 Bmadw ay. New York,
and b> the proprietor S E W'OODBRlDt.E, Perth Am
boy. N. J , at ny?l tlollari each .
tint mav certify that Mr. S E. Wo-efbridge has .leixia
ited in my'handa a eertilied cheek of $100, pavable at tbs
Hanover Bank. New-York, for the purpose named in the
aliove advertisement JAMES C BEACH,
u6 IO.d4,18A30 ? Paying Tellsr of the Hanorer Bank
I ?A naw ataa-k of aeaaonable Hardware, Plated,
Pltmahrd, Britannia, T-n and Worden Wire, comprising
ivory table cutlery, fine lea trayi, c iffee urns, tea aeta,
jelly moulds, steel nre sets/cesl hods, tabs, tauls. tnstts
and ether viefu! and otsiamental gooda. Also, s Isrge
et.H k of "tkatee," at low ? n.-??. it SIMPSON Si CO'8.
No 19 Canal, and No fd Lispenard-sU., 190 feetwsatol
Broadway._dM lm
ERS ?We take this msthod of cs'iUoauag our friends
and the hardware dealer* generally, aar a met certain Filss
maiiafartueed in America, and stamped " Ilibotaon"?said
alas are made by percent in no way connected with our
houte.aad the nan et being like oars, dealers should !>s
careful that they are a> t deceived. Oar FILES have
lumped ntatn each tang our own rinn, " IBBOTSON,
BROTHERS ft CO. '-alsoourcorTKarats man.. " Globe,'1
ss formerly. I. may lie sdvisable further In atate, that our
beat Cast Steel Royal Improved File* (universally kasown
by ihr old stamp, " Olobe^) are well known aa better
adapted for Euglucon' and MarktnnUa' purposes than any
now in lias IB the I'mted States.
Sheffield, England.
aMttf _OMoe No. til Peart st.. Naw-York.
KATES.?A sunerior assortment of
German, Buglteh and American eoiumoa and tancy
Skalet, ?AvaMad and uiu.n |rj
8LK1GH BELLS -A tail assortn.sBt of looee and fancy
rtra, peal Sleigh Bella.
CUTLERY, Ac ?Sett of leory sad Dessert Kmres and
Forki. and Knives enlr. Tea Trays. Pdashed Stiovels and
Time? Fire Stande, Ac. whaluaals and retail, by C. 8.
UTTLS. Nos 33 and 31 Fulton-it. aM JtnTu I biS
fs- Store Fronte, aanufartnrsd by the sabscriber. Also,
Silver Counter Cssee, for jewelry or other fanry itoret;
?Sow and Ciranter Caaea. of mahogany, pine, he , com
itaatly oa hsad, of every deeenptioa.
oti lm* No Ml Grand -at . near Broadway.
irTiacbinmi, &c.
BOILERS, cempTete, of ii horse power each, sad
the following terond band R?ders
One Locorrotive of M horse-power
Two Fine Boilers at 20 horse-power.
Four Cylinder Boilers, 23 horse-p iwoi each.
Two Low. jerttare Boilers. WO horse power
Two Pro|>eller Et giae*. second hand.
OfM Seven bores I. e n. to* Boiler, asw.
Oae Nine horse Lofomotir* Bodsr. asw.
Ons Twrlvs horse LucontoUvr Boiler, asw.
Engines, Beilen and Msc hiner repaired on th>rt nJ'Joe
We will manafasture
LAND and MARINE ENGINES, vertical M horu.et
tal, aid laitli and low-pietaare Engmsa. tad Boilsn of all
i ? - r . nt, Cait.ogt of Iron or Brate. Sn-.ithing. Turtum;,
Fmith'tig and Pstiern-mtknc in ill their brauchet, with
all kind* .f mach aw, at the Fl'I TON FOUNDRY,
foot at Cherrt aiadfiKit of Water streets. Eaat River. Of?
fice No 27 Coeleart-st.
d*7 .tl. as_PJE^SI. jk_>IURPHI
FOR CALIFORNIA.?The subscriber
aaalBtaaata keep up his well sale, ted aso'rtaisnt
of Miners and Gold P ea*. Pic-karee, shovels. Spadee,
Iii??. Area, Hatchstt Hunteia- Knjaes, G tas, Pistols, Re?
volver?. Monars and Peillei. Ii r its, Ifeltiaf Ladlei. Re
totta, Sand Cracit.lee. Gold Scale. ,.id ?(her aitiales,
faaansrssaf a Fsaaial ais.,rt*sent .d Hard wars, a^d Eire
Toadafor ahip and h >aae creeaters. .,pen. blai atiu.th*.
Ar. jaitieoiarh, ad..j.-ed tothe Cajil.ma market . (of
^r:jXimlTnt*Cumtt- . C S LITTLE,
did ImThSal u N sj 33 and 34 Fult a st
Br.!f..ri wmM.B!XmL * Gm <'kaad?hen, PeadaiU.
[^.?A^^W^ 'Waadtt] Pit!NTK-ST , third block
?itTatB!bi7fc,i^>^ ?aw?' "T,a o! tur
... . ,? "?'"?ri wkb (laa, to c?.l and era n.ne tia
^rrJfl l.^.,r?? c '^hasani elsewhere Hi* .lava
Masai ses a .arg. aaM.rtineol - f '.he fateet etvlss ,.id ?
era... and warrauted eqaal mnabty and a, r^^rib%
bower price, than ?eT olheiCeuanli.tmert in the Viut J
atTAtsa a^p-'we^ajojaaaat No. 7 John-at dli tws
M 1| u.ed F.r eaae whole-ale .ad ,e:atT?a T^-.'or,U
rtsrbra.at No ?*l Broadway, uiraire lerroonal
?laaaa* mUJkm ttOWB, dg?
BUTCHER A R E A I), Prawtutl
HOUSE aad SHIP PLUMBERS. No. US Watri (t ,
t de ra from Peck-ilip. AH orten or >nip:ly ?ue? V I to.
V I ?Jobbint done with nea'-neaa va t .1 .patch dj im?
DagnmeotTtpfe an& SngraDirig*.
?ml PRINTTNO OSVe. !41 F lu,B-st , N Y -bed?
ding Vuntu:*, AeMressand At Horas Cardi ic *be vwiy b?,t
r.vle'- Cake Bona Eavelope. he. b.c. sad ejffV ''Ate
mitm C*r&* for llthiUtroTt. 4U Im*
J n#w atid hestittfal nyle of Do?r Pi* ?<. Bali
PuL* Church Pew Num?*r Plates, Sliver Pelted ? ? i- at
Lettere kc , wholesale tod retail at arrestlv re,] seed
prices Every de* ripllou of Silver Pitt.ujt eieca ?J y,
superior manner.
U B The aUeo? e of those wf.j w.sb to buy t i tell
arun, I* ; V-irularly eol.citod
B?li Hanging executed with durability and d'spar.-n
dH Im? H. F ("KANE. No i)l,i!J it.N. Y.
Camp? mit Darning /lai?e.
iiil*cioritT of thia unuiue store Orate oarer every other, it
Dow so f?lle proved by the continued increasing femetd in
England that the patentees have appointed HEN'BY I
IBBOTSON, of New-York, tar>r A;em for the United
State* ? wbeie the end Orate m also patented). By tne use
of tin* ('fate there is a great saa.iig of fuel, aud all 'he hrtit
and heat are ao cmpleteh th own m e Uta room aa to at
ford a drrree of cheerfulness ml warmth wha-h t w ice the
arnouatof fuel would fmt torrdme in any ordinary lira
place. Said Stove Orates can be had either perfect!) pla<a
or w ith decorations , and mar lie seen now m OPontiBB at
tbe office of the Agent. N >. 218 Paar I-St., between M udou
lane and John-it d 12 tf
J OIL8?Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest market
Slice. A'ao, lamps of rvriy description at 0 F. DIKTZ,
to. 237 Greeawich-tt , 3 door* alsiva Ban ian st. nl* 3a*
T1HE LARGEST and best assortment of
Ltnpe, Gtrandolei. ebendaher*. Candelabra*. Hall
Lanterns of tbe latest styles and patterns mar b? found at
P S CONKLIN'S. No J'U Hudson-it All those who
dfs ^n pnrchasinr goods m the above line anil do well to
cat. and eaanime Hi* prices will 'ie found to be 25 per
cent, leaa than anv other establishment intbecitv Alsoiaa
1. .i,d a well ?ein ta d assortment of Glass aod Bntiania
Ware. OloaemSlaadea, Laaap Olaseet and WVki of every
dest.ript. 'B . |a<f and l.a'd Oil Cam ph BOS ajad Iluru.ng
Fi nd. Ooeda aeal to my pa.t ot" tbe rutt ar ctrt felly
pa ksdfat the r mi.ti r. ?3S ImT'iThAS*
ETS, CHANDELIERS, kc -The undersieued
wiaheati. direct public attei t'on to his larre and a** irted
?tackof Giraadolee, (kUamteliera. Bracket*, Cauiolahraa,
Ruler. Lard, Fluid, Pb ? isgene, Bad Oil Lam,??. Hail Lau?
tem* of which he has a be.int.Mil assortment of the la eat
styles and patterns. Also, a nets articla ?f CamphtBS mit
B-.il.u.I Fluid, warranted aot to eipiode; imie S,ieran.
Solar, Lard, and Whale Oil, Wicks of all kiaafj Alee, a
lame asaoitnent of Pajpar SI a les,aaal evert Bitlels COsV
nectetl with the trade, all warranti A, an 1 deurersd to any
part of the c:ty free of charee. Country merchants aap?
plied ob the mo*t artvantagt nut trrim Order* by post or
otherwise punctn?':, a'tended t.a SOLOMON 8 REI
I.V.No itsCaaal-n..eeraer if Laight: N> IS7Oraea
wori-s'. near Court!andt, and No 2'l Canal at . near
Hadion, New Y-rk d'iu tjl?
CLOTHING.?N>w-York Cash Clotli
ii.t Establiahmeat, kl 'he Jditand N'a 112 Fult n at.
near Bioatlway.
have tm hand a lsr?e and entire New Stor-k of Ready
made fill and winter IV,?Ihmr. which foratyle. durability
and cheapness in pnea ,stir:iiista any other store in New
Totk. Their Custiao Walk is attended by the m ist skill?
ful Cutters, aud ever r garment warrmted to lit. Shirts,
Diawers, Cravats, .stacks. Collar*, Olove?, and ev 'ry arti?
cle of gentlemeu's wi aiin? apparel.
Complete miti made to urdur at 21 h iura' n Hire
Rsmemlier the No. Ill Paltotj -'
d20 GtTnThlS
M ESSES ?Hi spital Department and families aupplied
with all kind* of Stores, at H W PKESC'OTT'S whole
lite establuhmeut. Sfo It Wall-st
Mr Preicvtt rerpectfully inform* hil fiiends anl tit*
cublie that he ha* associated erb him E C OSNET,
Eaq , wbe will devote hie atteatlon to the above buiuiras
Chore Wirei, Brinliei.Cordiali, I'-rt.-r, \' ? and Cider.
\ ? Fruit*. Preserve* and Ciran o( the belt quality cea
atantly ?* hand. d30 It*
?- at Oan Taylor's Hned-'inatters, No. 76 Fulton-at.,
rtomerof Cold- P. L. ROOER8, Commissary Oeaeral of
the above well-known es'.ablibbment, deeirea tu acqunat
hii patrons and the putmc, that he as now prepared to oiler
them an assortment Bs*I"ALL and WINTER CLOTIIINO
(made of snpeii? r natenala, and bv eiperieuced workman)
at wboleaale aid retail, cheaper and more varied in etile
than can be found in any other huuae la the city. The
. Mainaaluanran is utiuer ine auperviaioa of Mr J.
MllDKK. who will si ecui iy attend to tbe cuatom depart
n ent. thereby guaranteeing a perfect lit to all who pa?
tronize him. Remember,JNf. 7?; Fuiton at , oornerof (i tld
?Oea Ta)U,i's Heed-quaiters. d&UJl*
CJrTi <5oo&*.
STORE, haa givea ths propnatot* of this lastitatrun aa op.
ran tiinity to extend the advaatagea of their concern, and
ot'er more allurementi in ahape of bargain* to their patrea*
?i *hall offer aa follows
SH KWLS T8' j " ? reduction .f 33 per cent.
SILKS,' ' i
ALPACAS' f *'1 reu,,r,"n ,f M PS? e?at.
SmT5' I " ' ??' ?
ThiiwiU be oar airaagenent uBtit farther natice. W?
iiitead oar *a!ei of thu wesk shall be the Iarjsat sver
knows Bt
F. W GILLEY. i Propristors,
W F. 01LLEY.,' Maaagsrs and
d30 Ma T M'.MAHON, ) Daecton.
? lured Priesa, vi/ Blanket*, Flannel*. Mennoes,
Ca*limerea, Paramattas, Do Lames. A! a n Woolen
Plaidi.Shawli.hc , ?l?o, Table Cloth* Napkin*. Diyliee,
Danaa*ki, Diapers. Towel*, black Cloth*, Caseimerei,
Silk*, he , for *ale by
A* 3ti>* W MATHEWS A CO , No. M Catharine *t.
tints, tfaps, ?"r.
P^ALL FASHION.?Just finished, ele
gaat finished Silk Hat*, at th* low pnea of $3. asaelly
sold at $4 . aa aitaal* at $2 M and $2 13 , neat Hate SI
BROWN, No ) ..I Canal-at.
dd tm* Beit to the coraer of 8taBivaa-at.
j?oot?, Srjocs, Src,
the following pneee, vir ?La.iias' Galten at I tad II
Shilling*; Genta. Rubbers st i, C and 7a.j Men't itroag
Shoes, 6a prime | Boys' atrong Sluaae is j doitbla-sols gents
Calf Bouts SI 31; Ladies tine Kid Slips 3, I and is. , goals,
fine Patent Leather Sti ea.n l Otiten at less price thaat
elsewhere, at H MANN ft SON'S, No. JW Grand-at.
oil laaT iThhS*_
India Rabber ?oo?a.
ark India Rabber Manufacturing Company. No 39
Maiden-lane, have oa hand and oiler for *ala, Boots. SBees,
F?e4holds and Cloge of the most approved styles. India
Rubber Tors, ronniting of Liob*. Dois. Sheep, Bean,
Eatlei, Owls, Frogt, Ac Ballt trad Doll Hta.lt af Ufftr
entfauea aadqualicj. and other goo.li is the India B ibbsi
line, made ander Go<alysar's Patent Metallic India Ru'
ber. [dlilw?) H. HUTCHINSON. Prett.
DAY'S BIG STORE, No. 23 Court
andt at , is crowded from early till late, such ia the
rv-h t r hie new Paten: l '.a Rubber Spriar Shank > ' ,
Tbe public wai bear mmiadtbatDAYSPArBNTCLO:S
are capable of betegalengated between the i.e. I and ball
and itay oa without any strap The comhiaattoaara teek
tar to destroy the character of thu valuable tear disrevtry
by threw:ng on the ma: set a Cleg aolike the genuine in
every uietal quality, ricrpt beiar cut lie. Wba>sale
pricss, by ths ca?e, 71 and 71 eat* tor meu'i, and it)tad i*t
ceats tor woawa'*, all kmd*. Open every eveaing. it*
fniactilanroae ^iveniztvxtnt?.
11 TIYITIES -Every obs. thraugh the lese h ind
bread'.h of the laxd, should be ia [eatsrsioa of his Na:iv
itv It is a horoscope, or a book of rate re ace of fi .ire '
.??:.n all carefully caiealated and noted as pa:.er. after
the laieMun ths planets be on, upoa the des'iog of the in
iivuluel wuhm? hit aa'ivity All tot N'ativiasa are d*awn
and baaed opa the firtt pnnc'riies of aitural philaa i y
lti? a paper which every ore rftotjM have for c mau t ioa
i efoie entriirr on aay eaterprtse of hazard Ali let'en
to C W ROBACB. No rjWh.t? at , la , bljc.i hakaw
Brjadway, wall be at'eaded to. if pre-!>aiJ.
ZALfttrr frotnUtn li.r P.omproa. AfeeiVr ?''?
'rem "mo^DavtoM, uhle, Oct 27. II4J?Dear S r?Ac
n rr io promjae, I hereby ackaow.e ^e the receipt of
mt Nativity, which I had yo i to rest Up to thi* time two
? r the prediction* have happened aa you Lml ttiem wnttaa
doan I have, therefore ev :y e 'i-idrece m 'he le.uam
dee, ai.d daily leak for them. Youn, v ? , ae ,
D i TaoMraoa. M c
r c. w natjaa, Ha. 4 WUta m dmw
v f ^ nla Wet Man. la Home, dasaged a: tl.elfa
tire ia W il lamaburgh. For *al. t gether. or m L.U to BtvJ
at alowpnee. by tM D ANDKHWS,
?Mar? _ No lnchenr, aad N, i i tVatsr-st
PLUMBERS-v.fit d BtstM and Earthaa^are
HuVIn WY^PonKK,**1 ?"??"?"*? K
West 12tk it,
n. , Betwesa ?th and toth-avi . N. y.
Orden rrcetved at the P>?ery. or tnr orfice of the .seals.
u Ho rn bbjothebs
M ?AboM Med?eal Diploma boarnaf the BBfJBM ?f Bu
1 Asilcy Cooper. John AtxrLe.hr. Anlhm, Car ill*, anlh
I i unmet t all the Ft. uliv at the K.iyid Codege of Sur?
er re L>uj>b, 1B4? i>f till Apply to
dM im I? DE ?RAFF, No. tscHaisn it.
]yew AND rare flowers.?Bif>
la nvuil Vsnssta iBil other rhno-e varieties The.iiO
e? r ... i i tie,* for ttt* a choice rollretioe of ei.ttr plants,
t'Citi.er?ub IB innibbbbImi tan most rare uu ehdMM
cut ti .wrn taste fii'lv ar-emed u Bo.i juet*. Ba.ke-.a, at
K; i :tnti. a* m ay be desired, aad U-.pe* to merit a eh air of
the liberal , atroua^s :;e?sowed Bp SO him for the last
twfh.TMn. T DCNLAP.Fiona*.
i 'list* Ne M3 Broadway.
fashion style Sugni - House MafasssiS fa* eats at OCK
EKHAl ?EN S Sag u Ktilne,), N\. If am! II K say-st.
I cU< lm* _
fii cc< fRD'8 kTolian soap ? fPa>
iTl hnt i petardfa !? A ?a?r: ir arta !? fir .valuing,
I believed to ha) ej lASsM >?bo hare used ii better aud rhesr>er
ajaaai - sp bow ha BOS It ron-?in? a 'thing that will in
jar? Hie m.eri lielwato fab 1x1. or hirt the ham's Manu?
factured aad for vals hf v. m McCORD A CO.. No m
8allirafl.fi , *l il fJroCST* generally, dl? im?
IV ''raw til. ck s UPHO ls V RR V,
? ? a Hot'SK a..a Sh.;-Furn.*la:iif Warst.... . .".
133 G rand-r. New Torh,whara willbafoaad a oompleta
j assortment of the Ml rwiaj irr.clea ? Feather*,, half,moat
a.->i! h'ii?; alas)holla,ma*tr* set, ptiluuet and raifcioas.
? alaa, bedjte?dt ?f eeerj ihreenyriiaa, via: pe-teBt screw,
Uoa ,?tnt, bwa ;oin'. ir-n sc'ew r. iMjaaad trundlt BOta
Ar ; alao. k ?iilei IM rariaty 4 ' spat BaWCaaf, burden. Ar.
Mr. C wessJef call partJcalar etteeAioa to bis aew stria of
hair aud apnri m? re.sa? N. rt ?Old bedi tod mat
? i* ? re v,: .?1 h ,i ?. tail over equalta>bow, ay
w. i r LWBTTi k. No KMflraad il .grrrart
dS !x* door I .It jf Kim It
'1gs i?d TOI PEK3 ?The best A?d
rheajem i?. 's? Btt| rv. be foaad at PATCHt
T I VJ r#;ebra'ed Wit Faetor? No 4 Wai1 at il??f
tR ;?: : ii tali. M :fccsr Papal RTarah .??, N> fa
toa it
'?.'0 reami Sice snd White fap
J1I reame I etter. Hlne and White.
i? reami Ho. k Prurttif
t nan a Colored Med'Um
'? f leejr- White tad Bine Eelie Port
Ml lean a Whi e ami Odeeed Ti?*'ie?
l.( iraaataWh'tr iad Blwa Flat Caya
M rfam? Si/ro MediajM, 'or r. lafABI
.o reami Ca d Middhwa, ItaM
.' o raaana MaaillA aaaortad aizaa
mi M i nt. Tea and Cloth Pajier
'JO turn 20 ?: r. WhtU and Colored KaUBal
1 JNtlfef 3''r.J6inrh Olren and B;oe lluotiat
to tuna Straw Boards, auortod numbers.
7Q.0W lha Tr'ink and Hinders'B mrdi
Bloaehiaf Powdera. Boda Ash, Ultra Kar?M, Blaa,
Crude aid Gmund Alum. d.'t ti
IJiIRK HRI< ks, malt KILN FOjESj
TbRECL AT Ac ?The ml aatthaiB, laipMlail ai r in
Brie.i. Malt Klin Tilei Ac . line ciuatHUt*. o
Rl d " \xtA " V.'Ui'e Welsh" " Luter." " Bu fa | ? ' i?r>
brides." " Hukman." and CkaaaaHeW. Bad ' ~i tl
F Bricks, oomasoa an.l Buaoi shaaaa.
Ftrerhy w slab Loarpa an?: ('??utilea.
?fait Kda Tiiei.lj hole -a rerr supemti arttcla.
Coal? Bitnmtnoni and Acthrn'ite at si! deicrijr.' M IN
sale 'n ' its 11 tu. t ;?.? r- 1 ?? \- 'v to
aa! Sm? N> rsM.v' e S?? York
?Prop.^iala will be ieceire.1 h) the Monmo ilh I'oua
tr PlSl.k Bond Co til! the lit d ir of Mari b ueti. for build
tafsOOUBLI TRAt'K plank RO iDfroa Kevportto
piretold, Monniotitli Co.. N J.. a diatance of uj miles,
. the work to be c iiiii.tnced earlj- in the Stirn? and DSas
plete.1 by the lit r <) ? (>. t '.er nett, with the erceptlou of
three miles of satd null, for wt.ifi sep.irats pr iposais will
hi raearrod tillths ist dar ot Novesni er ucit, the srort tc
'j? roinmeueed imir.e.liately after the c-mtract is taken, and
?a ioimaeie.1 by the is', di/ of Jmi'iary neat Addrets
WKM., Mi'i?letnwa Point, N J , or the e>ihecnl>er. Key
?oit. N J ALS RTt WALLING, Secretary
o? lm*
(MI else a MILLS, a^tft-at, between
) 9th snd liHh en The lulitcribeis harinf c impleted
their SliaajSaiSBll lor canrtnr; on the M'llins; bannoss,
are now prepared to furnish Kresh Gro nd Eitra Flour,
OraJiam Floor. Im'ian Meal Humny, Whe.aten Grits,
Farina and Burkwhent > lour Tliey will i)ro prepare a
Mparior aftirda af Con FarRva, aataafoaayof the best pre
parntioiii aver mads for inralnli or children Gnan sent to
Si ill will be ?round with dispatch Corn. Oa's ami Feed
f,.rasle. O/der* sent to the Mill, or to tue Do pot, No. It
Baaaataa st. will meetwi'b Mtaanaa
I sale a lu-heise Eiuiiie aud lioiter.
r|!0 "ARCHITECTS.?The CorniTAis
M e' .ner* of Eimrration propose to erect s Hoipital
In, !.i.ii.? ob Ward'e Island, to e .nrain iOO bedt, so arranged
that it may hereafter be enlarged to r ?ntain double that
n in bar if n uuired. and with specialatWaltaa tofoatUa
tnai. waiming, ciaiking, bathing, he The Cominiasnmen
invite des'ens from architects, which should be sent to
either of the undersigned prior to the 31st Dec .amllbey
will pay $300 for the design w hern may be adopted br the
Board, with suitable ipecihi atious for the tame.
Id mi HI H MINTI/KN, l,.,?,...,,
ni hi I ci itnsN. (u "-,mu'"
afS TuThAStDll_
af^-loak Bnd DRES8MAKINO, Mraid
w^ mg tod Embroidering, in the nnatt mialeiBStyl ; I
pei: .'t: in all cases guaranteed, at No. 6? Oreeue
dltl Im*
i \ t% II BARMORE oiler :it their Man
As o Ufacory and WBIBHIlW. No 118 Bleeekei st , o
in r at (,'hsrles st , uu aasortmeal of rlegant PIANO
FoHTKS. with the metallic frame and reverse bridge, and
ail other modem iBspnwaaaaata, din 3ms
1jiano-fortes for the holidays.
? Fiariy P sao-Fortea, made by the celebrated home
ol 1' (iiil>ert as Co , U nion, are now ottered for tale at
prices to suit esattaaaers ai their N'sw-Y'irk Warerieiins,
N". JJ3 Bioadway, opposite Btisadwav Theater, and No.
147. below ?raad-st It will be fat the interest of all to
cail and see this letenuve atoah of Piano* before purchas
ing eliewbore Alto a good assortment of second band
Pianos, for sale or to rent HORACE WATERS, Agent.
dl<' liu
BROTHER. No je? Broadway, N Y , sgsnti for ths
following well-known Boetoe Piano Foils Establiihmenla,
ru : Hallett A Allen, (successors to Brown A Hallett.)
Wiaalward A Imai; A W Ladd ; W P Emert-a ?
Pru-ea from $173 te $300. Piauoa to rent and taned dl lai
SON, No ?i Caaal st . (wsrsroom Id story,) offsn for
ssle a splendid aiaortmsnt of Boaewoiid PIANOS of 4|
sad 7 oetsvee, wuh the lateat impruvemeats. daH) lm
PlANfJ-FORTEST?Hews' celebrated
Amenesn Patent Action, with or without the V. man,
N P B CUBTIS. Agent, warariaima, No 4t3 Bromlway.
Also s good assonment of Boudwir Pmuios. dl lm*
MCDONALD <t II ROTH ER having er^
largsd their Msnafactory and Wsrsrooma, now offer
a large assortment of Rosewood Piaaoe, from 6, Si, t| and
7 .irtaraa, at the lowest manufacturing prices. All instru?
ment* war ran tod in every reeiiect, far two yean, and tuned
oae year gratia M DONALD A BROTHER, No. Ml
Bowery, near Hudsoa-st. do lm
/ < REEK.?Mr. .1. WHITE, A. M.,giFt>j
VR pnrste lesaona m the Greek Laagaags, Sanred and
Secular, with lha|liuhrst triticuun to begmuers or advanced
ttiidenit For addreaa apply to Meaere BarfJott a Wel
i t . booksollen, Attor House. Mr Watford, No, 434
Grand-st., or Mis. Hansell, No. 167 Dinsion-st
dt? MTuA8?_
I tern ?Clsaset ars rtcelving instruction in this Lan?
guage, ander the lirecuon of Prof. EICHHORN, author
of Ueimaa Graiumar, at hit Booms, No. it Mh-av , near
Waihingtoo v;uar? Indies meet from i to 3, sad Gen?
tlemen fmui 7 to < P M on Mi-udaya aa l Thursdays.
030 ItTuATh* _
e PA1NTINO ACADEMY, No 473 Broadws. -Wi b
the New Year begins aoMher ruarss of Drawiag aud Pain'
ins Separate < lass for Lsdies. A Satardsy i ltat for Fe?
male Teachers.
Evimisk; Class Foa Gestldsen ?Drawing from plat?
ter caeit, from 7 to I a'cloek, P.M. For particulars sss
ciieular. dtt ays
TVOTICE.?Mrs. MEARS has remoyed
ll her French sad Eugiiah BOABDINO sad DAY
SCHOOL for Young Ladiss ta No. tl West 13th St., (bslosr
the 3lh-av ) where she has increased arcotnmodataoa for
Ii ?rding aad Day Panda Ctrculan si No 2i Waat 13th
st er at Messrs ROE LOCK WOOD B SON'S, Ne. Ill
Enaadway. SB lm
PRIVATE Instriiction in SPANISH.
-C GORRIN will give lesaona ib the ure Cas
titiaB laaireage. e.iher at bis resideaee er that of p ipila.?
Apply at No .41 3%h-st .Bear Id-ar. dll lm*
ALADY haying a nortion of hor time
nnem: loved, would b? wi.lnag to g.re lessoas ib ths
rudiments of tns English Laag'iase to adulta wtioae eda
ra'-ioo baa i.- a t g -??*.??! in early hie; also, instructio*
en tke Piano-Forte rf rsquvsd. Terms rsasonabls. In?
quire at No 103 Leoaard st. ti ha*
Dancing Sctjoois.
I NO ACADEMY, corner of Brsadwsy and 13th ?I ?
Mis* PARKER w .hes bo inform her fnends aad patrons
that me i* forming rAAssM for ths second ,'iaxter at bar
Acadesnr in broad war. Days t< tuition, WEDNESDAYS
and SATURDAYS ll 1 o'rleo-.fwr Ladies. Miaeea anl
Maateis. The new delces. La S-ciilien seid LsOraciera,
wit he iBtiiaiw ed. diu Jt*
s st ths Shskspere Hotel, No Ml William st.
The second <\ iarter will commeaee ea Satsrdsy, Jsa. I.
Hoaisof Tuitioa-Ti.esda.s aad Saturdays, st i o'clock
for louag Ladiss aad Children, and at I o clock for Gea
Wen rn A: plicatiutia to be made ai the Academv d iring
the boun of tuition. di" tw*
sad WALTZING ACADEMY, at No M Baad-ct..
it spss every day for Lad.st aad Genllemea wh i wish to
learn the aew Jaacee ta the ahorteet poesih'e tuns. Soirees
eirlaaave to patmaa. Acadeauee end famdiee attended ?
Mr. 8. writ form elaasea for ths second qawter after the
ii.?\? lit V.W, afflj Mltmt. 4-i^si'
\ DODWORTkYS Din-ins Acarlcmf.
Jaa i, m e'cJoca (Kui fiiin ?1- . t . ,.u?4 __
p.?e>e call b#r r? that Unas tU satrr lhr,r ._
Clasi. f ? tU ,.ra. t.. ? i I I I . . . taarh lUdTaL
Gorhtra. and alt th? atheg feeh.oaabfa Dan.-?? m Ma>
Jana.! I karsda] s. and ? .-Jue. t:.l Ka'ardtra.
Gai.t.'en *n . aa ( jii inen. ? at ili tiast I.alia* aaJ i'aiT
drrn ? C a??es aa the Mira dar? at I aid I a'etoek P M
8oi*ec< every twe tsr-n
It i? w:-h g ea* ? iti.fa ? r I i n ; , ? , f. ,x >, tn|
thepublr in .t I I. aar. an.? ?.| ?,.: ,(J ...j, iiOi?i>.
I i i I v ehtirei? na? and wuithy ,f h,,BC laindtK aj la
thosBeciag worl if tin* ftf.
Tbl?Ml a>iH b* 'aught daaaai Hal Mail I Barm a* 11 as
aajaaj n.y fr eatta, thai Be .?,nc I ! irayet h? ! tUa pleaiere
of in'r-dusiag lolhftii, L is promise! to prase >a aaiisfae
titrv Is ti ia UM g)4 !??
CLASS! s IN MfiKK MONflU V.1R Jje_
llKRk CHARLES ? Kl I ! ? ?: ..
Muaap. I "?? to iLloirn Um m airil puMir u( Ne? Yjfl
that hi tl (cing to opart ladies' tad catlt ssSB * .Tsassa ,u
t u r. ogt. Bass, fr.ni Jaa t>, II'.'
A u ? ugh stud), under 'be Uirect: >n rf ths rrf- > a'ed
UtOTffarjaaj,TojBaeetl - in Prag'te. ai writ-a rai'i'traiV
art ?Cisco in rismpositiuw and trr stu<iy af 'or g-eat aT'ira.
|te?n r. mp-airi, ?aat>V h m to giro iha >>aat lestrietioa ia
the ab.,vr Mat rh The taste fir Beset iu lb s iMr va.liy
lasjaia?Jaa|. make* au-h an hast lettaa d>?.'? :>?.and is*
BUSataribw f'attrra hiiiiaou habeahla at lease s >iai al iie
bering telen' f,e u.aar' ami eaaap >ai'iaa
??DDI A noMa
1 Fenr i u, ili will i rin a c'an
t l'w,t h> ava wlli ho ,!evoted to ea.-h leae.ie
3. TTaa whala science ?,:i ha tau/h' u? at ktoseM
I Teimi-?>i .ach, payable in sdvam .?
A| [ .'cattoat to be trade at No Hi H>?utf,?n-it . Mar
Breads, ay eveiyi'iy ft >ic 3 t > 6 o'rloct P M t -mnne
till the irh fan ir> CHAKLK* WBLt.
Ja"? ?: l i i it vS? No H4 Htaataai at
AYOUNG laADY?Temchcr of Vocal
and Plan.I 1'ortr Mua..-, lul a ir ultia'a of lb. >
brav : Caatartati Ira tl Praaaa, ittaa lataaat m a ua.aiaru
aetaatile and ta<r atria, attktr ia tl,? ,n ,r Bi.k.vi.u
Laaaaaa (ivaa ia aatarliah Oarataa a atraaaai. aa tha papal
raardetire Ptrtoaa dtttnai lettoat trill pleaat apptf al
St Pi PENT ft CO ? Matteftara, Na. tlT 1 aadwai >.
p>,aiie 'heCit. HalL d3u>.luara*
\Titofrooutiia'. NetiXM.
I^tGKNEi aSSBRLI L":"jT -raati
j the paaaahM al h a taaMaaiaa a? u. Xtataaaa ami
Cnaaatiltt atLa^.m the Car af laa Fraatntrm, wiP.gia-?
b:s attaattoa t > larh business as mar ha confided to tum.
r a tha a efdaatt laati tta, ac . la aar
pa'? of the fate of Calu ro;a ?S*r Frti;r ac... Sept. tj.
Oil ?>.<< i . -a ; ? ?
ffllK (AIPARTNERS11D' beretofort
a . uatitaa kattwaaa the lahaeribara, aaaVi the mm of
HAM. MORKHOI 8E B >1 i:hHI IT it tln.dat dattilrrdl
bv its own hin.tal'>a The bua itraa wi'l t>a setiled be
Mthoi ' iha trttiert. at the orTJet oi MORalllOUSB ft
1'tUKin. Mo Jl| P.i.. at.
PHILIP II MKlvitll'i
New-Yo-a I> -eaiber I, |Sil.
LIMITED PARTNEBSHIP.?The aaefasaMsad? .a
jparaaaace ?I the prariatatat al (he Bat >?h,t. ? .?f
" l.i.i. Vd Paitueiah. a," h tUia d ir lonaed a Limited
Partnership j tint tie aatae at firm aadea ah ich auch
Ktrli., ruh . is t be r .toted ia " MORKIDCSE ft
StRRKIlT," that the geestral aatart al tl baataeai la>
t' in.et. t'i be trausaciei is tii ? do.ilmr in Home, tat Orr
Qoedl on Coaatnatmoa; that the reue'al partner, are
K i' i a reepett al] reaidt ia tbe t > i 1m York,
hi .1 that the Special Partoer ia RICHARD P H \KT, who
t.iSea a the I in ?< Ne? York . that the itid |ae>
i] i' uioer ? ravatad to tb.aiaaea etat I aha ?.im
al twi ..ir Bva thoaaaad dellan , that the aal ?' arhteft
?aid Parin, laftip la to commaaaTt is the area da; at Deeaav
b. i..me ib. i: ai.d siklii huudred and laty oue. tad tha
period a which it willtermkaate at the list day of 0 ? ?
??i,, i.'? ' li .udiedand titlr thrse
' ???-? '?? '?. Dt ember I, ISH
I'llll IP H. MEKKI IT,
Watet Care.
CORK?SoBlft Orai ?s, Etaet Co , New Jaiae, -JO?
SEPH A S'KDkia, M P . Pbva., iaa to the t ...
Ytar.ora from Niw-York Itaatths foot of Certlead-it al
*.o'clock..' V a tl * aadI .. o ?.P.M. ?r if
15 Laight-st., New-York ?la tddltaoa to all the
?a al apphanrea tor wa'er-traatmen' HKS. TRALL a
HOKPORD h,?e estabhsbed a departmeut for the sparial
treatment of Pri.lapaus, and other female diseases raqajirtag
mechan cal and amaical BMMCeaaatM N H -A few uaoie
b-ianleis lesiiing s pliraioloea ai diet, eaa lie taaeataBB*
dated. aa '<??
THA? The wonder and doubt full Uy thu medi. al fm ultr
whea Dr Hattiags procla'med the curahitry of pafta >a try
e.iisiio.,?.br tho use of Naphtha at a remedial Meat, baa
bow, after right jtara of trial, aettled down into a deep cea
vtctsoa that there are few or bo eases in which conaamp
tion cannot In cured bf Dr HASTiNOPS COMPOUND
SYRUP OP NAPHTHA. In every rasa m whirh it has
beea tried in Eaglaad or the United State! it has beea fol?
lowed by immediate rolirf and nl'ini.tte a are la the Bisa.
beun Free Dispensary, under the charge ni Dr Hiatiags
dum.? fire yeara that tke Naphtha hat beea iu use, tksre
has not been a ungle death from disease of tin lungs, wtule
prerioui't/ patienti had died almost every week, la inript
ent stages af conaumption the afreet of the Naphtha Srrup
ts aMteaS miraeulaua. an,I a cure efTeete.1 in aa inorediblf
al, 41 spaa e of time In the more advanred atages, aad area
fii the third or last dreadful tlivisloa of thie bithertu iai-ara?
ble disease its effect n> >. .ua.lr witnderful Thia - I ia
Baarked by the ev;ieet'iratioa of the tuheri-leafta rhrese
bk? partieles mued with pus, mucus, klasii ate , and tuoet
generally acr .mpanied with severe diarrhea. Oaadmav.
nrterin ? the Ntphtha ap I Bp ths formation of the tubercles
is almost instantly arrmted, tint f ireign matter thrown off,
the tubercles slready fonuod ars deatroye.1, aad the brseth
mg immedialelf beramea ????. r aad the patient on aha
third night, after brat takiag the Srrap, is oftea able to sa
Jtrf aqutet Bight's rest, a tlung Bnknown for weekt prsrt
la all that ia asked by the proprietor to prove this medioiae
to he all that has tin stated.
Bronchitis hat in this remedy a tura and ipeedy ours,
and i* acknowledgtd by all the medical faculty to be with?
out a rival in the ipeedy ? are of bronchitis, both acute aad
yield to the influence ti the Naphtha Syrup, often u I a
ahtirt tpace of forty, eixht hours
This distressing and weakening arcompannneut to oost
lumption an 1 other disease! is lastautly i by the ase
of the Niphtha Syrup.
The mott levere atticki of spitting of Meed baveiova
nably been stopped within the ihort apace of thirty man?
atee, and all dispveitain to recurrence of the lair.e pre?
vented In eoaclumon, the proprietor B arrants ths Naob
tha Syrup to be not oaly the bait, but tht mir oertaia i MS
for Pulmonary Cimaumptioa, and all other diisates of ths
The short epare of a aewapaper advertisement will not
admit af the publication of the many hundred rortilicatea
rmeivad by the agent, in this city and also from erery part
of the Uaited State?, but every pera m interested is re
aueeted to eeiJ and per use them at the office,No |j| Greaev
wich-at , where pamphlets sad every laformaie.a will t>e
freely*?urBieked Noae genuine without the writtea sig?
nature of M. A V HARRISON on the wrappsr ot sach
bettle fl per b-Atle, or an bottlei for %i
Principal Office. No l.'l Greeawicl, at .New York. Alee
for tale at the foilowmg placet E M. Guioa, N> LIT
Bowery ; Jno B Dodd, No. 771 Broadway , J A L Otm*
4. rat aa, Ma. 3^3 Hudeoa-it.
Beware of counterfeits. dlS leiTaTbkS*
BjaSI mrueuded by the a.oat diatiorauhad of tht Pre
fwsaaoa at this city, (ms Cirt .lara at odi.e ) ApplicatoMU
*jt admisatoa. ateatiaajll, <,t b* letter, rear tie made to
JAMES KENNEDY. M D , No iKDueae Park.
dtlmTiThftS*_ _
are three < ? of qaacka that ths dsaf sho ill be
arara at*', the trat ft th avs pr ,f?*sing to cure all dea/aeat
with Pruaeic And Yapo'i. tue "od. with Oils. nd the
tbsrit, a ierson profemi?! to he an eipeneuced aanst of
mush'roon. Uke growth and nothing but a glaring advor
lisement to i.c.mmtnd lum. Dr LUTEXKR. Na ??
Broadway is the only recigmzed aarut m the toiled
Sta si. *? ?*?__
DYE ?BATCHELOB'S Liqaid is ss eelsbratad aad
iucresaral, that it s an -t.ng tha cm .dity M a k?*it ef lat
lti'ori Tue public muat be careful to get tke geaa.ne at
BATCHELOB'S Wig Mmiu/actory, No i Wall st^, where
jt^ soU wb-leaal? and retail, or anplisd. Tail Dys tea
beea ia isceeesfaJ operatioa for tha last twslvt rsan. tUtf
? instantly aad psrvsnantly eeevarta red or gT*r kalt
Fi brtrwa or blaei without staintBg the skia. Warraa_ed,sr
ao Bar .at S7 Walkar^t. aear Breadwae ?*
Vi oprooti hair from few forshtadi or jay part of the
body gaicaly a?a Mfely I-I^CTD B'H <?E ItT.pafeJaaa
ar.d cheeks LILY WHITE for ?<"h*d. riugh ta3ow
skias. at DR GOURAUD'S old tattaSLkthsd Leboratery,
f? Walkar-et . aear Broadway m
4 State at , foroerly the Battery, far tbt tP-aimeut
?t Dutr -eVcf& Ere j Jf. - *? "L^^S
as?_aad br Mr. Wfilar, of tha M. Marki O^.Ba.iaie
C ?21 Dub?" eud >?r MrKanrne.of tht lliasx-?*? Bye
iffl, BcVltasT Orfic. hour, fr |m19tsl
o i keek daily Please obeerve the addreai. N*. IBMaat?
?r_w-j. ftl Beturj. ^

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