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pv* TV W V Tntwr*
Bl MMk '? OOBBXl
O. robe 5taf#T>? ?Vatebw? a: tbr door
*te*c< tbr Fair *?r*l' MlMg day by dap,
K'.auow h?? ?hv-ow MM ih? tbreahoM i ?r
Kea^) U) bear th?e fiomour ?wjhi away
Wi'B what be'earernertl ?bull Mr nation wake
On thai r?'J uiorm.?. alien ta? ???I bath fled
Orirf ?i ' Bf homes her eolemn piece <hall Uke.
And b' r.'H '.' iri', th >^?J.rf e;.. :,e tiVd.
Ww? BMfl the rnaii'.'e of tby ?re&taea* Bali
Wbcie ?hon Or take tbe burden ?orne by thine
Who ?? c d lo r< ? a*.' '?'??"?-:
Who e'er endure -.vitti pauesre so benign I
OB c?rerou? heart' so soon to beat rio more !
OBsBlMf MlM tne irurupet-t all of truth'
On wiz-id lips. ?o eloquent of yore,
W..uld ye were gifted with irnmorta! youth
When Death a', laat ?hall dote thoee eyes <o dear.
Aiid lay ttee down in lowr and dreamless ieep,
Hatred and imobt ?ball mourn beside thy bier,
lad tardy Justice there ?hall kneel and we- p
Tben Joaleusy no more shall blast tny name
All that hatb pained thee sha.l bej lud a*ide
?erei.e. eternal la kiatoric fame.
Thy eo'intry ?hall emb BM thee m her pride.
No holier toixij than thine or land shall know,
Rare that when- ?leejM the dust of Wa-hington
Aad future pilgrims. ? reverently ilow,"
Khali "?eek it sorrowing," froi" tMH i" ?on
t aim be the glory of tby da> I ?leeline ,
Cei.tie the ?Infi tfjt?. strikes the final olow.
Oh tbnatiaii Patriot be tbe riobory khMe,
tu (lud'? ffr?u>t nan", ??mi?'? it- Bade th' e go
K o? ? u 111 nn?t Fre?<I?tt?.
VVf following letter from (ior K n
lo the eaaiBteva ?f Pittsburgh, auggi sting
ways and ni?'ans Um Making operative aad
pru ti' al thr ayrapathjf of 001 People f?r
the oaaat of Hungary aid European Free?
dom, will im- u' lcuiii" f? ihoanatadl af ;?<??.
erotin heart* all aTOI flic rtrBtntfJ I ht y
hare thus far bet n Withheld from p0SHtt*e
action by doabtor indaeiaioo aat i tha l? it
anode of proceeding. Here are plins out?
lined liy the aaaater mind, winch ara tri
eure will !'?? uBaaadii ?-? Ij needed and acted
on. FiicntK ol Hunger] and ' edora'
the h<i?r iiiii.it -non sfikt?till! lit' t'haui
pionaoi torn cauae be aimed o defenaek i
?Baaagi v tu fed '
WaaaiBama, Tai My, Jaa, I, 1841.
Dbai Ski it i? with the laelinga <>i gyati*
lad? thai I received tii< ?? w o atioa
passed by the t.'ily ol Pittsburgh.
I take it lot mi first aMp irreal the pi ??
gn-ss ol abaolatiaoi on IM Corn sent al Europe .
{our giBBinhr. followed by everj city ni tha
'nmn, would !"? auflh k b1 to -to, lha oajaai
aiid pi rut i<*hI interference ol Roaaia in 'he do*
ineelir ntlalih ol the KorOpOBfl BBtiOBB. Wall
aware oi your agjnpathtaa, J ai opt with plea
euro your kiiel invitation, but I hope you will
eicut>e ate ii l caanol ii\ the proctaa 'lay on
winch I \mII be happy lo rieh P tta iurgh on 'tiy
way to the Wi -t n iWj I will be abli lo*
morrow to ?i\<? von i daeiaiei BBawer hi the
mean time ?"n Vi I lUaa BM tO gif? BD BOOM
lalorinatioii aboal a BMttei whicn ia in o i
aaataaelMaiwith lha ayropnthie ol ?'? !- iurgh,
I mean the qnoatiop ol the in bat ant iat aid for
My tret loading1 klea ia, that I b waya In which
the iwada for Hungary nbecn ad, art not leai
aaaMrtaat than tat.mi the u aciution.
(hau baadn d thouaaitd doltara au aei thad bj an?
hundred ilaonaand bm talli ? thai Qm -im
?um ???t.-.etiia .1 U' ii,. Itundi Aeallhy peopli
It in tlie aytapath) ol ?:.'? masaei net gtScs
Mtaattanae i" lha aulracrtptione, aud tin en
aertjrtioBeagain keep aj ..alive
goaare probobl] a wan olthe fact, that a C ?
BBBMae hau be, 0 Banned in New Yorkfort ia
ptirpoM'. ami that men ol all parties aad ol the
Blithe*-! re> ectabilit? w taken the trad r
this inoveim ni rhi wot ol aevaaa
iiiainii.ieiori' a hare formi Co mtteea antong
B%IBMelvcBi I ho ' Ihia. et< j' e ili be followed
in other ettk * loo, an I I neust aay, a I like Mil
?aaaraMeat everywhere, l feel conviaead I tl
aahgy Movaaaent which i b ? iuc iful, mnvl
develop itsrlt indopendenti) ia avgrj Ward,in
every ciiy, ia svaij Stale, not itaited m?r dj
lecteit in ihe lorma oi centre i Btion, which kill
the aaatatoe of individual ?n. tat aait? bt
ami and returning to the latnc cenMr.
I thhu therefori that the aafasl and tha con
veiitenl way lot gMliag IQbltantial Bid tor Hun
aar>, is to lorm aaaet etieaa ?i ih< t Baaa\i <i
ihtmgmiu. a vary mentbei pledging himself for
Im aaai tour aaon > o pa) twantj fivi . iti
monthly. e\ery install . I collected, to
l?e put in my disposition lot the berielit oi the
restoration oi Huagarj to Ireedo i and imlepend
encc. and by thiB, for i ?? .>? European
l-iiiertv I do not mean to exclude aubacnptnaie
oi a iarg?- amount- l iccapt than with the
greatest gratttudl . I tlutiK IUM i ihould be left to
the chone oi ti t Bubeeriberstopaj at ooca the
whole Baboanl lot tht foai Btonths, .*. i a ?
MM ahttfB them to do ao. in order tl it evan the
poorest Bt4ghl be aunablon aadntighi have an o ?
partaM^Mrapraae their sympathy in a practical
way, the ahara in everj ?n i?:! naut
small, that tin Baassesi ,> laol ;i excluded;
it i? bTtheirwetgb! ? *taiv tnat aid can lie afarde
to ihe cause ol liberty
Hut aeaa these cototnitteee end aasociatioiii
in the diilerent pUaea, ahould aulxiivide l u
action. Ilaergetical men who are fhenda i
cause, takiiK ihe ntattei in their beads, will
easily organize i ndt i aaeodattooa, v\ i
men's ??socisliona Military, asaociationa, tast>
ciatioaa oi the Baach and Bar, Democratic oi
V\ hi? parly asvcuiiions in one \ id they wtl
give an organic and corporative n*ame tothe
sympathy oi theBaassee u taixing i j' wii .
auy other part] idea, it i- ti ?.<?..y era]
avoiding every collisMti aiiMt^ out ot local oi
patty intertXs or > tl ".;?;e> 'n tin-- \>.i\ ,kie
cause raaaMas a" B ale bj a baa been,aad, I .?
will be, IMrependanl fr?n all these atrugglea
which belong entuciy to ymirdtntMlk fllBU'a
lile, aad will lorm a ne.\ um perhapa ah i
question. tnat of foreign polac] notdt
irom the now raiating partMe but recruiting ttie
mcrrbere ot Hit u-mv. .:? ? ?. rom a!! t'n paiti.-s
TtMMthe waj ia which the greatest auc aaa
i? to be enacted m the ahon iat tiaaa, gad youi
warm sympathy for the cause oi Hungary, whi
you, dear Sir, have proved so efficiently, gi\ea
me the ho, e. My,IM e :la ,.;\. thai v.'tiro r ?.
aasU laajtiit life M thia aghaaaa. aad anil i
it acconiuiv to the chrcumaMnct s ot jc
He!ie\e rue. dear Sir,
^ our abeibanl -er>.r t
I.. K >s. ,?
To K I' itaasAM, K?e . Pvtlaburah.
Apt Quotation.?'Ac /Vrinry/tsinia
SttUrt'na<\ ha> an article on the \ery remarkable
letter ot Mr. Jon\ N\ i' <K\^\. t ie piea
Clerk of no less a aad) thu the H aUM ot Bea>
rcscntstnt s, which a as tc.i.l among lha evj
on the Kor??? Trnml last Saturday , y way at
?lotto to its ooser? .ttio:i? V- .s rare mm o Mae
the following lines tro.n I BM
"t aano's a prorer mat let M MB Beta "
-If I etui lasten bm BM Ol B upon hna.
With that which hebvta iftoiik bvaighl ahn >
He B be aa full oi viertel? and orte. -
A? mj paaag auatreaa1 gag.'
" Now 'moB^s; the?
I mm af draakarda,
Aaa I to put our PaieM ia ?oaie aettOat,
Thai mat orleud the Isle "
<'oLi MRis, Ga.*-^alataeitj lu> tlgragd a
" Soatheru Rights " Mayor und Marshal. re
maindeiol city orlicers, M TJolOB Party ' MM,
Then were H,ur canduiates for each Ol tha af
icee cf Mayor and Marshal. A BBBBJ IBB issues
raised was the removal of the negro marts (rota
the city and the lecatu,., of factory oper'alix s on
Bat ;-:her aMB of the riTer
?.Icniflrnai F*eaie.
' < -f '?r?"r:*t c/ T?<" N. V Trffcae*.
V*, ??n!""'TO!?. J?n 11. lrw.
The week that ha- je* ?**** ?
ha? be. n aa eventful and important or.e. Mu:h
ha? occurre-: dorir.g the six davs th.:t have
passed to be lorn: remamtered-mnch to become
hrr^aiur important < HMneaM cf good or en!, of
1 advai c* rri*mt er ajejM eat a Dm ?f individual*
a:;.I ..I parties, aco v.'.- ^ t\ ? :? 'lire ". .v ? ?
velop and matur* th- .r i : laCOB. Tne
presentation of LoOIl I IOT1 td 1 tfa BtOaW
of Ccnerr-s. <c!d, hear'.Uaa and hatftSBf bIbBO!1
aa the form thereof may led . ton?.* ia r?*??!! i
great' rent. Im? one of it ? ft BU.UllQB?*OB thai
in^olee ?o much m I?WfiaTlhh" principle aa to
mark ar, epos h?an baaeertaai era. AJasaetin
spite of oureeivs WOhOVd t ,k? d 1 ? ttnTM tri
a* a nation. It wa* taken r.-iiictantiy, baatta<
tingiv. almost unwillingly I 2rant you, bat H h -
been taken, and th-- pr- ??'ir<* from with-it will
forbid any step backward. Our r.atmn throu/h
ita legislative OmeiiiBBaaf liaa. by tail -imple
i act of Congress, given in a p.i-venul intervention
in tatM of human right-, human freedom and
National In P] I? I 11 < ? True, this pow< I i
only a moral one. It may for the present HBO,
merit ??-ein less powerful than cannon and bayo?
net-? it may in the immediate a?pce? eftbJaga
seem evt r powerless Bad fOhBBteaa, but IB tha
and, be assured it will prove more potent tha i
many dream of. It Labial the fir* -urging Wl*d
of public opinion in ana'ready flee people, a Mi
power arid influence ha- bat begin to develop
itself To the powera ol dartuaead aad des -
tiam ita warning may te: prove oi bi ? ' >
ci.nscijiicnce Bl the Bpray which Wetl the -ea?
rn an s cheek, telliai him oi the mighty ware
that iKcvm noa fatlterini iti might to over*
whelm him
Ku-'i th'* reception bj U? two Hooaea of
Cettgreaa i* in itself a i rotost on the part ol tin*
couiitrv again*! Aaetri? fjppreaaiei and Boaaian
baterfi ranee. It ia the moral ??? eight ol th:a free
; i o, k Bfaioat dr-ji niain, and in favor of doartv
trodden humanity. Looked a poo i i thi? light it
coaaealoeeani ?aiinpoTiant?tbe cold tngMitt
of its ceremony p isses away from our vision.
Wt tee only the ?aal importaaaea oi the prisci
pie involved, an.! by if dot lared s ? ??.>. ia and
moment of the onward step taken, the hifhei
[.. ?it .. tached in oat n ttioaal care it.
Tins then may be regarded aa one ol the
great events oi the week a fire) atep that in?
volves .-, hing series a- an iiini' i' !" c-inse
atteaoe, whoee raagnitudi aad haaortaaea naj
onlv be spprcciated ben aftei aa time ahall do
Boaatrets tin-,, influence aad ro>u!ts.
The iliaricr to Koaaath Wednesday evening
WMaaotbei occasion fen iacideata and eronta
lull ol ;toii iee and future in um ut ' 'i i In- na
tun may be mentioned the gciier.il indications
.ii..I evidences "? increaaed lyntpaUt] foi tbe
principlea and cause hi- imperaonated, ool ibown
only in antpty cbearai paaaiof, evaneecent,
and Dtotaeatar] tnlereat, bol ia oatepoken dec
Uratioaaol uipoaoa pruaciplea, aad in sin
cereconvietjona. t>i tins nature, is its impor?
tant intim nee ?] en ethers, ra ay ing :.i tay min -
etherwiaa iaaceaeaible aaaoag oatraalvaa, an l
not without iiaportaal iniloettce a?-i..sv tin- v
lantic, must In- iecard:-il the spiv . ii ol tbe
Bactatarj ol State oa thai Dceaeion. Ita i spor.
tituii doi > no: -in-,' -c itiii'-h Irom what w.i?
sani by bin upoa thai occasraati as it doea front
the nbCl that be the one that sanl it. it is
? be c naeafdon ? to h?fl ing-.
^ 11 i ;? Lbet featora ol rutnre inter eel and no.
? at In ceasing party Btrifae and lp'rigues may
,-im. '.. |. ....-it .! ?';> cmanntta! ol ll.iL'OtaAl and
Case, 'he .no hall way. or rather knee- Yep. the
otheraptoll iveryeyee iath< newdoctrineaol
?? Inirm! n m i"i aotvialarvaatioo." On ihis
uctasion tlit j '"si okr mit in iiiefim:.'" Waat
tin > a.n i was i arefully lotted UowtVj and i- oow
on i he record Tbeii wtnttawiU be ratif rtbered
perhaps lor. peihaps arunst tht".. Ti.cy may
prei nat, "r (hey n ay < aa m then :" be placed at
the hi ad ol thi ii party in approau inn. r^asteata.
'I hi t caraad but ba atiaadod arttk aeaeoapaanoaa
oi p'-rsonal imp it tn-t,. UteataeWes, and it is
not uiijuobnble to IhCt! patty and to the country.
A,?allt the ? ele'.uation o! th? -th oi Jan. has
been anothei o cjsion for signifti ant events a itii
luiureinilut ntea aad proopective effects. Am jng
other ikaafa larealtadovred at Lhal orcaaion is the
hi.al end and o\eithi.e.v o; Bjajy Unarm i .
an> *ui h \\a> i \t r senonsh mt-'inplati I
That 1 BAabl .' ': .. SOTVOd tin t er) | nM purpose
oi streaa^hertini Loco Poaaaaat in Oeorgia, Ala
tiaiiia and Missisbippi. and si;ll more oi bringing
to the surface ol thaagaceartaia nembera ofthat
: rtj who t oih- t" ise have been kept in
pt;\ate lite It lias slso MVS I H a btiol period,
perhapa fai alaag One who know a?the Stic
raaaa awd tbe Tooaat to tbe aael This
!- m 'ced a -real and. inappreciao!" : .cismg ti it
the saving- in. doings at daekson Hull on
Tluir-day .im- atiumcan: that :he .n-coiis
BchaOta el a Dwoa party has i\ kt ad. Row
! 11 Coaa .oid Daati l Wi -1 ? ii r.-..i at alb
?oat ran < ... rrant tickets Tha great Union
leaden on that side ol the boose have given in
laeir adbeaaon tetb< pur Domocracy. *u i
tin* lovely/, bloojaaog fioaroi
It is w?athy o: a moment's reBOCtiOn,dovi 'hat
?he Union party ha* thui b en e > signed to the
tomb oi the Papakats, to aacertain, il wa can,
what has Been gained to their pa:;;, bf any
\Mng> who hive taken say pari m ita creatioa
Bofora it ex:>te.i the W higa wen, with bol lew
. KoafBsai s. tl ? . d , arty saat e Loeo*Focoa
in a large i I irtioo '..'.e Ihsunumsts. No well?
aafotaaod paaaaaafato loabl that bad
no Umob tty m. beea forma . tbe win;
pat:y oi t .<-e >! t:e> .\ev:!i oi :lt't -sitn ;;a\e
baaoteV rallyiagpouat al ail trae loven ol otir
free aaataaaaanaa, a 1 lid i.axe ttaaa if r.wd large
and important aoceajeaOBi , Ureagtb,and thai
have glon.'usly trionalMd m all these States.
Thus have tho-,- Soolhew W i:g* who -tarted
this scheme tar then Bwa artTaaraaaaol. faiilj
t'.rmd the:n-elves ou* a: doors in the operation
It has been a |00d btaeoii it i- ta be ho, e : u
has .ot beea ts'.gh: 08 at too high a price.
11 ii im
Can aadClai Hearr A. Wlac Beatf v. Creea
acain-l Daniel m rti?t. r.
Oa mm idaaeaal rt-x y T:.?>no*
aTaeaSMOaa, Monday. J?n 1-.'. MO.
The statement t!::it Mr. Clay had writ?
ten a letter ia fa\or I i.en. t lor Prevdent. was
BO doubt put forth Bl BJ Wi ? < :<te:i. waioh aar?
tarn politicians are pra.-ti rang. Brtth a view of fjr. -
txg the aoiuiti iUonoflttan i bat :?rihe I'rti.ieacr
upoa the Demo ratic psrly.
General FeOIB'l iate iu.?-:.>a te WaaBBsaloa
t'or. t or.ii'. ietten ah aattaai IK-i,.> ratic leaders,
aa.1 the course of 1 S - i 0 Co. an -oi a part o;' the
same *BjaBaa.
But there is ao shadoof Ua'Js in the ittte.aeat
that Mr. t lit has va ritte a a letter, to any aodv. us
faror of SOBBWOl ?- for the Presidency. The I
most he has done has .ecu to r.ij/, not writ; that I
among the Deunx ratn- a-pirant- for the I'rt ?adeatial
i hair, he esteems QaMBal ('*-- *? the nes: niau. ?
I'll this ba* been ?aid br Mr. < .?> m the belief taat
Mr ? IM i^ what he declare* h-ianeif to ;>e iu his
Mrral ?tr.ie*s^t.er' hii1! Mr. Wsav,aareaaadly oa
paesdM th- BBBlf BIOBBta* doetnaecf mterven
Bob in tlr affairs of Fi.rr.pean n?tor.r I and?'- I
ifsnd Inf (.etc alCir- hi? recently assure 1 Mr
Ci.it that, in hit opimon.it would be ntnous to
onrc.ur.trv M adept and e.rnr cut the prninle of
ateTTcnueB ia MsBafre af taa aBopegta ,yiftri of .
Eerore. tv.e dkBhngallkayd, Miehttaaler's f?- \
cv r :. *? ; -r.-f.' t;-d trfj to th? tie*! of
fTjeh influential seetluM, BilneM' *r'J attattagBBl Mi
rtarr ? - re mayde^re v-ta??. ar- -?
fullv tu w? and underM.xx1 i that noWy aifl 10?
qaiie a tolotwn cf Mi paaaaal MM heed po-moa on
taa Beet* " al latarfBBBleak
To-day the laijWataxa of Vir.-: r, >s Art
ele.-t;. nofa BeaaMffB I one. re-*, in place of Mr. r..
M. T.Hi stxb, lahaaa tern aq res on the 4th of
March, IMS. if aoon to c mcei I And, from raar?v
Virgi . T).!- tat? ? a- : ? BMTB| whom! have aaH
here on their wav to R eft aoad, < ^erv ?iroog etir
rent running m favor of tha OMetfca ta tlatd'erni'-i
and important po-t.;. the National Cotiaeilsof Hf.n
?v a Wtaa.of itiwaan atr.Warnfataota i .n 1 -
date lorthc- St .-.atonal OBBBB, hot should tk,e Le?i-Ja
tnre elect him. tbe whole country vaoald ackaoal
edge. ?:th one aOBBBBB, that \ kgtltfal hal now ?ent a
Mat to 'he ?enate.'f the i r.ited '??'.tes w.iob*.! I >c.'
more a'id eo'ild yet do more toward th" rrrrovemeut
of the Old Dominion, in the matter of schools, edu
Nation, and internal improvement", than iny one of
1,:-. predeci ?sors.
BanjAWra K lir.f'.v. Ea . ha? prepared a memo
rial to ? engross, which is to'* singed by himself
?r.d Ua Maar, <-'cn. Dt URni. and presentej
to CoDjrreks in a day or two. matii ^ aaanjM a-rnn-t
theoilie-il rondrtct of the t-erretary of Itate m the
malt? r of the Mexican Indemm'y and the payment
of its fear bMtatlflBWlB, through Me?sr? CoBoeaaa
A Rioas, Ute B.tRtvo?, Ac. in the mttterof BM T
huantei^-' 'i'rralt, the awards of tbe P )*rd t.f ?. ..
mtssioner* on Mexican claims. Ac A copy of the
memorial ha. been finished the President. I ? \ e
no opinion upon the merits of the niemor.a..
simply the faot of its existence Bad destination n a
certain point._ _
RejTieioa ot imp Tabiit.? ^ Waahiflf
ton eotieepoMdotn1 of Tk> Jon-imi mf Csame
states that Senator Jambs, oi Rhoda [aland, aaa
(ramed a pro bet tor a modification ot the Tar
if! oi lift, Bail rming consulted scroral mert
hers in real.: to it. w ill <oon pteoenl hi- BCBOBje
to il.e Senate, with the approbation of some ?i
the leading Opposition motabara ol 1 alt H ataea.
His plan i- snit! to look to a reduction ol the rate
of dunes on sonic articles of manufacture which
enter into general consumption, and in v
on finer fabrics. If proposes to add ten per cent,
to the present duties on iron, and the suite upon
fine i ottons, md fahricsoi cotton and wool, lei.v
|iij? '.lit pr? seotaysti 'ii othei wim? tvs it i?.
Ran diai ton.?Tha Engliah cradil >ra
Portugal a - ni iking a iu-> hecauae the 1 krvwn
mem ol that impoverished country hawj le
dared that they can t pay the interest on Us
debt, bat will, instead, five *h>- braadVaoiden
BOW scrip, to : b I BmonBt Of interest dOI
aaid new ecrip to beai : per cent, interest, trhaa
tolerahlc chance that fhis 4 percent, will be pv't
in like manner, and ?.. oh forei er. In fact, they
are only pnrv i.r.? ?. -nd.te sort ot lepm?ati i.
and the victime take ,t badly, cj scialf ilms.
in I':., land.
Now, it i- a Eacl tb t T ?rtug.il has enjoyed the I
ai advantagee oi free trade with Emiland tor
a longt r per. -d and 1 t a jr-mt-r e\tci:t tii in -n
other nation not ,:ii;?.? - ii.it<-1> ? n.ler I'i-; >
rule, she has no Timuficturcs oi her own,
hav ii " follow ed thai pi Bt and luminous princ
pit ol btiymc them in tin cheapest mariset.
?eiiiliii? the pretli ce ol tite - t- awav acn -s ih
ocean to pay lor thaBL It free trade v ith Kn?
laml he such a blaeaed thtafi Portugal ought to
l.e richer nn-l m oe ptaoymoua tliail any oil>?-i
eotuatry en the ghaba except Irt-! to! oi T lira, oi
paraaj - j bm c i and Canada. Still tbi actual
r-"tit is aaaa la e repadiation. Tlie United
State- Blade a DOtable experiment iii the san
line ol lire trade frOM 1833 to J-li. There
stilt was bo ie^ u i tt tot . We are noa "?Iking
another experiment. ihOBgB ?:i ? Jtmin
plan, and what the > ah >w that will . .ve have
yet to ^^???.
fT lien. Fbabvub Pibbcb it . ? acnted
to the Balttill >rcl' BvaBBBBB y tBB Ml a Itantp
Mira *-tnte Convention ai 1 the ; trty' aa a c a
didate, but art* ther for President or \ ice Preei
dent,tharj do not indicate. RHhet wBl deuht
't m be acceptal !e.
Tag Ai.ur 11 bCitii bub?Tmb Ibbi striai.
Cons aaaa, \\ j fotDkg has wntti .. i -tter
in ,iii?vAf r to Mi Whitneya aCaajrvatiBBa rehv
tiee to iHeignera, which lie .-haractenzes at
i;.nr.-w . unwise are! unsound. Ottbahetf?l th
li daatiaal Cuagraae, he - ty- ther- are ia it bat a
ante I aprinkhng oi lorelgnera and repi I rites
Mr. \\ bitney't baterference in what the i'ongre?
e bM th e. mi f.)r Baelf.
W< w< ild p ibliab Mr N Btug/a latB i Bl fat
Ba laagth, wlakh, ia aar Breeeat mowaed atata,
r- rid. ri Us I ilblicatMn impossible.
Nokioi k.\ t. -?The lie aaai ' lag <? a
t'-.m eeiebrate.i Ba torty-.-econ-i t?irailBlj ? ..
the -?Iii mat . ai.J eho-e oili- t rs BM BM fBBJ
Pre- 'i-:*. tJeorgaW Faraat Beeretary.Thoe.
0.Brengtttnfii -Tlie hfernoryoi Franklin"and
" ll Bdn Mtio-i" were among ihe toa-t
N? v -Hampshiiu:.?Hon. Rabnaad Barke
f.. toi v 77,. rVeerpart Argae, an ! formerly oi
Th. H'oraingferj f'moa, is the Delegate to Balti
i ore Imm the llld Ceaajieoeiea ?! D.=:r,c: ^ u>
stitute. W. 1 . Foatee
AaroTahttB ChgaiartABA TatAL.^Saauel
Wilhaais, a colored preacher, v. at put oa trial in
the I . S DkBBMI i OtUt, Phi.adelphn. before J rdge
K:me, on the MB m?t ., charged with tmedenieanar
tu giving infonuatMn to the aBaged -lates of Mr
t.orsuehthat the man-.hunters were oa their tracN
vfter considerable t me spent by counsel at t^ the
method of pro. ceding, a Jury emuane'led aad
the District Utornei, Mr (leorge L. A?h.ne* i, made
his opening speech Tlie res .It ot t.iu Ui?:, should
the paaaaaaalai aaBa a the chargaa, win ueteroun
w hether a person can be madi arnenable to tlie pen?
alties of the outrageous I'^gitive -lave law for
what ti tenned a con.'tru. uveoaatnetiou
tV The 1'nite.l State- mail steamer
I 1 Brata, Capl. Lrae, arrived yesterday .'or noon
from >avannah. . whei .e ?he ?al.ed on Sunt
day east. We are indebted to the ofCcer? f the
Florida ...r.d cur friends of T*e tea aaMI /: ? v t-i
Oeor:-i m and Jrfornin/ .Veve.* for late papers.
Sioavi and Loss oi Life.?-A t. rua lo
, occtined m Noaviheeio. Mi??, on the tHhaB
j ahich desuovedcrol.?anu Jw e.Lngs. The IBealOBi e
perfrv.a. one of ahem v, is Dr. P \ -.\ife wn.e m.
-?a: -.n s -ti. \ d,uera-.-. - reratya itaaead
-! ' ? - oi .a. it .e li* -erh.J a
broken. 1 aa p.aAtaUons of D D. MBaare r-ar
Jon Adam*, the planutioa of Mv.or Fe'.f.s. on OM
Kiver, ojiu -everal others. ?u hrel severely.
BeaTBBUaTrg to Liberi v.?FirtT>oae ne
sroes. emancipated by the wiU of the ivt'e Jotu W
BkMghMB, kaftata tmw on WednflafeTaaoraiasla -
ia tne ?teamer Hanco k. far -arann. a. on their
? ay to Liberia. They will leave in Ike packet war h
, ?expeciedtseaU from that port for Liberia Bl a
few days. Ample provision is made bv the a U ?or
en oatBt n r theaa. aad for thei.- ?upp?rt tor a re h
Maaaat Beat afur re. clung the t oloaj.
I Autu?ta C?artii '?aaai.?, Dt.'i
11 W g laidorsund that orders have bees
reeeifed at the post near this place, from Washiae
ton. -r tue removal of head .uarter? of tae ih \liii
urv DapeitmeM from thi?pjstto PmGaMoVaad
BM bm Bl aJi.inri.r: of in.- "iri ?i.faatr. ' '
irwt Baaaki vr* R.r.:?i
laterexttac LeBMt t>f?m \ew-Mexlee.
Ciiii i ii lim* rh.st. l- ...R-pibLf*.
Sa-itx ft, Munby.f? ,tW
The matter <>? <he -.t-'V. ?t aWBae^ jO
tl:;. ecintry. w eich Im bap;* aed aaee I ai:
to Ton. latreternr-utioo oi UM aen*rlnff***'
IiirjtaM e#. iLC tr.e return of ?Ii commander t ol.
Tfct troop* mar red tnatheN ^^ ."?f o^
a halt M tne ?? C*l n Bn-ro. ? B ch m es m .?? ad
In Col >untrer for the Ute of -Fe I Di H
Tut? rttflt n Btabowt Illy a?e? Boa M aa IMN
laadred ittna Br?te Fe _ j?
Win two companies of cTBgooaa, Col. Su n ei
' r>chedforardtothefamomii.fieile (orl'h-i) ca-.ta.
,,' ',, . , ,,, ft- e;..??.'.??! ? n' .e
mu>? ei ounieriur, IndUns twbuleway. Hedi-1
l not to through it. Tie ladiani were very annoy
ii ? .vr: n < '?e.-tui. : .> ? ? 11 t. :n?.: i.... ?'<?
throw a otrt oj?lr on one etce oi tne canon hid "=
- ? *. " '-!,: t;l;.r".:1v:,
x r?ncn. ;t r:.a; e a' ?? ? - t-> -!.. .?' ???
of ?caeoi rem readers, i- a ,n-> mtv.i. f^a^u?
; ,r or al eis ? g -?er, an I "'" " ? ' ? 1
?ardswal? M walls of the cka c ? ? .
IL pb.ts.t-.it* Iturtrad feel Um*. Ttojf
; an i-.en.y fr-m sm h a nitr'it. in i space so narr.?*,
Kit " ".'.1,11- . . .
If L-of. ?trmiier'e object wer to eel i poel d
the?a'i tf"*" retom, th. object Mi
heci ttaiaed Ii hhio wt n l efhiead root
rtr.-.-?.|Uhtte:- il vi ts ?u ;r.-ed .n *? t - ? '?>
I htanlf, wee te ter/tei the MangM? Ihne eh : ?
, antnal i laikd
I One Indian oi Ivweli* ' ir i? ' * " < '?' -?
?Ttfi he was killed by a rergetutt,wl >crept ?teelthu*
I be. ond the out-pos-. , ar.d wa?tJo sly t .r tie Navajo,
' wiioavasersepii.-rii't .;ni-iv ,""*'Tl- ' :C ' ?
j Tne NaTnos ^u>le fifteen beef eattle front the cjtaip
at HoMt.- ? -neof t.-ir s iidien was weoatlee, tnd be?
l i?een ttne and two herettred letaea and aaal i per?
I tahed for want tWiateaaaaoa
i \m ?!..-.het n.rturv cTtanfei ib thti rerntory,
m nie arten hare beet i entered froet ?aata reto
a plane cow .alle.'. "Fori i Baaa," bat formerly
called ? tar Bole in the Pratrte." Peel Batoa u
! near f. e M..f> ' -- ? on 'ft.- ? I.' -
i mi-ins Freea Fart Peiaaea ttlefoorhondredrotlei
1 [a this remoral. the tue of i large quantity of ralu.
: a^2e t-r- ; ertv, exeU in buil imus a: saata I?. haj
: hei'ni..-:. laat property, eonen ag of the boat aad
' o. h e".>(.' store-housea m me e mntry?ta ?im
Dtechaaiea' ;nope,stables, uclosarei, ehe. is worth
> aoaie #30,oco. The remoTal carried a large aa ?: .?
: of storee to a plaee where they were tot aaffir-iently
nr.." led fi ???? t1;- weather, tn the laidat ot tne
ranry reaesa?end a hi re they ittffered rtenalra
riai il. . a'..it l* rep?>rt?-d. lo i^u.r- $:? i.fxjolaore.
I I tatalI the abandoament ol Saata Fa aad the ae
leettoael 'ort L'akxa,twoaenoatarrora, had in
this optatoa, U I aan aotmlanthea, 1 aaborae oot
' by aii tin- weB-aforated v ,. r aai ol the rent?
V\ e prune. :is a m Itter of e,,nr?e. i^a' lue eaua>
i try will t- N'arajoa ti-.'i rrtatei ->r.
i tat order w<r.: .ti K -'.. v. r i.'ir" . an Iw t ,- -
, haada oa stork, ihey a at eara to rua It od Leal
week.eiabu mules ?*ra-i orivtn otJ hy two Nara*
|oa.(as wasi.< '?' k-/on!., eighteen
i A lew da - am ? ? ? fa* ?a(Pueb ?i
. hrous?'* ba a stoarri I.I that h id i aotand
I rroa we Man I ir th i t t i U a il ia ua
i dentoodthatuc I b ;,.teii'ts to try ta opei
saeae aegeUattena a Ith tha Nasejoa. But tbe time
I for itich procedures wrth these ladians has past. The
who'e com t\- .- ') : e -v : - : i i:i?t the .t,
aie'Joccht to I a.
\Ve have inform ltion III tt a -''err ai n, has been
evt red i" r I . I* .?<??! a '? "m' on ?'it
hv<- mile* from th I place. - B la Bl I the ore
hi'.ve l.ee.n te 'ii 11 t. o.- r.-.r-n foi.u l "? yie.d an
oaaee oi metal to tii? poaad ol or-. I drift has
t?, i c nr.. d do the ?!?? ol the biU, + I the a >.-k
is aaa bei i tarrh . oa '.vita puit by Mm r-j.
Wooten a W...1.11-. who sue pail roprieaore oi
The i tahs i ad IpaehM - IB reo ua friaadjy -?,>
f<r as pfotesM'ioBi aa I s ?tu ? ee from the* an ti
..'lira-,. > ran In re/arrtcil as a otaikel friendship.
Been h.-'i ?* co/.en tp,.-!n.r'.;....'.n-r (?!;?>?<
??tre in Iowa the otaer day. I'r.ev hail oome la
?hi it the ainrxWr of oai oi - aar tribe rj aatha
Ipa he. Tin Utahs l | ikol ire , small :>i.iil,
north ol laoe-HM Ifty lodges a all. Taeae I sbs
Ian heretofore e, nferJi.- ited arith tha tp ahm ? a?
ttaised, (the JtoarBBs,) aad both together, (not
aroxansttog, pt rb ipa, t>> * 01 thtag an a,j bare d >ne
m.ii the nueealel that ha* boon dorse ot this aada ol
Mam Fa
t ol. ?* i.Ti -r. *?? he- bee ??-.? - ' * a. r- ! <?* sti-nrner.
coBieatplated (he eatabliahneat of a bob inllltar)
aal in-r-r HOagn de Crado, (Hloo.l ol Christ.)b
Bonattajln said to coatain ini teoas de| ilta i gold,
I tha 1 tah eoBatry. about one huadred ad eighty
nr'ts Berth "t Bbbi i Po. 1 da prok ? iMbeea
.i aniloaed for the araeeM eeaoon,
i?i the foer Ine.an atei i ? -'-it. her- lri?t sum
! mer to.lc.k after the Indiana ol this Perrimrv. Mr
Ii reiner a Mteetabitehed hiasell atTaos,aad Is woik
? is lardtodo wh it liti le ??< i be done al pr?<-e it here
i>> -nch . n ageat Col. afoolej leal sntoai II a,
oae of theli weal M i ? a ettlemeats oa the Poooo,
with aa eja npea the j tattilBe a : tl aTaeoaretlos
or W| ;?? aTatnlaiB ?achea, arbooe I mala are IM
allesaoathof Baata Pa. r{ajor Wiagfield,antttaer
oi ;-:.?e i gents, iaaoa oaavtsil a use 8tates, and
VI.i or Wrvntiiii.n is i Hi-:. s;ate in Coi^re-.?.
BaabnM sre is aa as rely dull the retaB Irada
eapecisli) t. ?vuig inlTeri I floa the A'.tiidr.-.'.v.ti al
the iraope 'r.':p noch oi modi an lu id la rary
1 na??:i? ..-.'. i.r HA- as in is??v. a year Utnuu- foi
li e . i .intoy oioiial.i into Si.n.t.. . ??
'I Or er ipa rer e. tilt. ?ajailBSllj in- corn BIBa, has
taraad eat aaaat Detterthan? i satioipated, cea
ooasldering tne Uaaj and bat aaa dnrath .>f the
i .^rly )i.o' of the leaeoB.
Ita ge Watts has ju.-t retarai l fi >a Baa Mlgael
CoUBty, Whan he h..s teen hoi,'in? a terinol tiie Dis?
trict l our*., hi place of Xadge Uatrr, a.', > h is none
10 Wu-h.i i!ton
i roiu Texas.
The steajBahia Mexiee, Capt ik te*, ar<
irnd leeUiday haa Batnahaa, bitagtaa papan <>f
that place to tae JOth nit, bsrdiaaln, and the aaattj
from the interior
Thi Sun lafSBM Ledgvr learns fr^in a letter, dated
a' Bagh P as aa tha l th oil . thai tno i ir?.e partlaa
ni ladasaa nad aroaaad tha itio Oraade bom thai
ptaea a tha ?nerican tads and one ot thaa wm
[ ?een diiTing ofl Tom one to I ISO hxtndTOd borBOS and
aaraa, tdeat. Tylar, with thtrrjraea,hadBtarted
in pur.-iat ol tbe a Tage i
Two \e??r!? Birtved si GalreetMl leak .tfore last
fiom Bremen, with 2j" pHi?eiii/?r*
1 1 he Ansun eorrrs|.iLdei t of '/ ? < l | i-eSlSW liaar*
. .writing aadttdaleef the 18th alt., \yt the ac
tual laatoeeaBeal bill as beea peel ? i e-i to Ubs 1st
i i?t., and adds
**I dB) awllaMara any bill appropriating s portabn
(f the means, whi. h the ftate a IB realize from the
-ale of h.r territory te I ncle Sam, toi the pnjpuOM
of radroads wn. -..tsj.. ,ltb< uu'i lin-re . '.i-'ro.-ig
ftelu:g ia faror of theae works of improvement, and
.1 verv manifest in. .ma::on 10 ?raxit -tiarters and do?
nate :.inu to roch works. Several aaalfcralhBM for
t:b?rters have u.-. n m?de, one for a rai.road sou'h of
? from lied Ki?-er to the Soutb-eiut PaBB, con
? nectn.g -,v ith one from .New-ur.??n.. 1 his is a.i
appli.at:,: bondtlMaaol Naw-Orlaana. tr.other
propoaitiun is to run the road north of .V l... so
mm anataai with Vhanaarrg on the Mhniaaipid
Bevtral petitions and aeaaorMlS are before b^tn
H aMa [or charters freaournahaard,oaeof win. h
ii a petitn n Iroin (len. Hunt, forneriv of jo :r ??n\.
(or a . barter from Virghbia FoBM to U Paaa.'
t.ov Bell and Lieut. Gov. Henderson were mau
i euratedat Auitia a few days sin. e. The ai4re<i
tl.vered by the Coven.or OB the OK BltOB I IS BB
aaaaeat beyaad th. Ihafta of the state.
is. o rne Dei-^, ai uat.
\ Teva* CaleaeFa Barr.
'? No. my I'r.t,.-!."' -aid the '""lone! |o h:
grave C lnp inioB ?? So, it is eatirel. impossible for
one au.-ied as pan have evidently oeen. lutiie ian
, of lu\ur>-perhaps even m a ce'ile-J and fra^.e.i
I hotise-a ano^ aha we suflered here in .. | i
i ust tell you exactly how it was with DBB, ar.d ! have
seen aoth'.r.c?1>. nothing at all?to w?j'. >oni- h ire
i t ou see 1 was there in -aoine ? jaity?had a UttM
1 cabm v. t.ne wooes away :rom town ?o;-ie desan
tmlei. 1 .had a hundred cowj. twenty rn..rea. tev*n
? teen filliei and a w :e SBd .^,r..e . hild.cn?nut not B
dollar a the w-wid However, i wa- a law yer, and
, had engaged to defend a man for OBWHtaalini ,t
caurt in town next lay, for whi hlwa- to get two
] r uahels of n.eal. Vou see at t lotb.es had woluiiga
, won. out. and so i arppped with .? Be :i indiaa. -or
a *uit ot deer-skir. Dm \on ever see a real u.t ?/
! deer-ikm. stranger
1 ; Weli,I h.tve- r'' Me Veu -ee the Indian
?, ioii me to dye it tr dogwood oore. I did so you
kaow. le:t theai a. n n.jb: Kmxt ra >m;ng 1 was
o? early end o.l fore..art. ;or i neeced that BMal?
c ent hive Bnythag a u.e ha-i-. a i i Mveaar
i skin suit fttted well-bar taJiieU roaad the c itros
and ?kirt* WaU, t rcie out of tb? rnoi of ttaaoar :n
! ?hieb ay caou wai uuilt. on :o tbe prune tint
ttatched iL? real of the waj to town m the ana
I got hotter, the wet ?k - -von -et- i had to put t OB
, wet. for I m.. a be at court- had to cave that mca ?
, the wet ?ktn begui. to jret tiht ? P-?a>v.doi t
: mind, i^yi 1 hat ia hBBBay nur.ute-. p-hav.. tl .?-d
m.nd g. : ofl ta- mare out mere in that bro*i
I pra:ne with the roastiag, broiling, burnnut raavriBha
; ever rny head, and my ciothei creepmg up and coil
! mg tight around me like taeatefatahaa/ Mr ana
j were fa-ter.ed so by me sleeve, that i iidn'1 tel
; as aaa ki .fe to rip sartArhag. Mj I H a)oo4oatae
; evao uke the thoms of .. boud'arc. 0,the m ion
i the seneriag' the agony- Mi whole bod* was
I bound op and screwed logether at4J strangled.
Blood ru-hed to my i.eacouidi.'i gate, mv ;. ,rse.
; Wt;l, la;. tB-rc :;i the olmer.;ig-saa till >0..K-jodv
; going to court r. peer ed t-. , *as and rip -d me \,i
He cut me a two or thj. e paces, he mZ *a*iuiiic to
with basghu I v. bile he did it. Weil you see I rule
baca home-took the last vbeet in Ua hj-.v-cut it
oat-wife Miwed one lag while I ioaed ua tm
cth.-r got to court |usl a tiae ?nti, la ?illIt' guit
?. lean > ih?- aa . ..-.d got the taaaJ !"
. ?.. I.'ImI \
By Tele{!T&Nfl lo tht? Ifvt-V.iri Tribar.e
PTJXW-l t)ttK LttOll L tTl'KE.
ntfATI_taUSABT, Me'iday, Jan. tt, l-OJ
The Senat" met at II hi.
Tr.r- Ckair ennooe ed the ' - Ion-?; t pmautteoe
,', , , Me??r?. Jo?? W?J an I ?''?'?*?
i . ,>.,..-,i - -l ??ii H 'a""- ' **-' luduti.
i/a detb.lt, h, . s-\ aa<! rafMt
?' ., .' (?-. . . t ?? thai I M nrrm
.?.?V.r. ,,LiVn I- , -aiU: I \ .v.?l"rn
. , ,' ;<. ? i?it, C\ irh * d v : ider ..It.
,? - MeMa r?i Menea aad Oeeg-w
? ... ? ;?.?,?? aad ? 1
. , . r ? . n ., ? re- Bei ka m, T?v r
".VI i i ? K V. VI relass V.Vlar-..
ran i - lev. ??*?** *?'?
K<M/-,-..* ' l/fa ? <? foeMW COBaftra?Ward,Bea
?'V'.'.-V.-.?.--?-??.^.,.!' ..*.ndB.m!ett
Oa Indian .? rf..rs-|tTiso?l. Sal <*? and Hl.??.t
(.., , ? M/tar*?M<-Klwaia,Otie?ad HeeUagdM
('M irrut??? -mi/ l?/f< f>eae?Wpghl, t1l'? and sao?'.
, ? >i . ,. . .. r if?raad Beaeh.
. , . ' riark \?*.s ??d Corn* '.I
,.; , ...,. r,' u ;.i ,,,,??/ .--p.at.. b.n *'l
, v?., -'.?.;.?.--. -w. i .r
dB/;,,',.,, m. tn.ah. Dav* rt aad ?eweeiab.
i i ??..?? vt i' I'd ? in / I IiinUB.-.lo.-., Jon
*',?V } --Davenport, B eer;, ?nd M>
'*"?. \h.:-al .-'.??1/ Merl - ' "-v'n sr. Bart
lett aad Wrighl _ ,, ? ..
<??'.. Hfmufacimrt ? SaJr?Maarae,CesestiaedMow
On a BkaMbi ?Oj h as, Pkeree an?! IMai ?'?
t a t it,-s cn.i V\ mji? Merg?,WUBawaaMTaaasc
'(>': K t-n?. ' fl \Vr:.h' -.n<l M KIwaiB
Oaft 'f d*#Vri?i?Bebcat u. Pie-oe aad (Voley.
7cm.' Ubron 1 twaawfter ?Taher,Joaaaaad Beear.tn.
A commtiaicatton an received from the ' 1:1,1
Hoard. with a n tolutii n ia regard ta IIb I ?aal it ?
Beg* . ? %,
v eomainaic .t on was alao receired trom tne r.t
ceetive Commtttee ea Normal Schools.
Mr. Coaoia reported a bill relative to taa ^. Baaaa
l>rr\ Co.
Mr. Diti- ??> rapottadabiUui rafarancota papan
of the Nea-Yorb Bietoneal Society.
Mr ( oaoci save aotiaa tkal he would eall up trie
K.i-?ui|. reeolul one on Thureday.
Mr. Baaoaea i Bared a raaolutlon that the rinaaee
t'ominittce report the expediency oi reducmg tbe
one-ha f mill tax tv oaa-qa urtt i I lopted, and tnr
s? ,<a e taea edjoaraad.
* Keport fro n ?M Supern.iei.dent ol UbB Bank
Department arae receivea.
a iro. Reports frem tae I oeemleean Seaeral, la
-M.ter.!.ei;cr-I..uid Adii.t.nt t.tner.tl. Toev were
?red so be priateet.
a leeoletioa n? ..? receired Iran Bte i mal Beere,
MgjB| iB pare Ugatioa late tae < Baal Caaataat let
ttrits. .
\'r i ihir.iredthat ti imeeittae at tea Be
epp'iatetl to make tae ineastiBalatNi. Bottaa btal
Mr. riiAMiirRt ' tve . ? ,r .? a hill to amend
the a ? providiag for tae i'* .^ oi Bebaaeetaitf
inei.t- ot' ..ef..*.
Mr HcTcniiieoa gave n I of a biB te take bee
tuaeny in telegraph.
Mr. Wateai moved ajoiat reeolation direetiog
Ihepreaeat Canal Board to meeetieate the letttaBi
Vc-vrs Wttuaai aadSravia rjvtTedaoBetraBtee,
ahich v,i'? had oa Bm t ible.
l.overuor of >lnssiieliu-eii?.
Boetoa, Taeeday, Jan, It, IB9B,
The llou?e oi BepreeentBtiee, lo-.iay, elected
GaoaaB 8. Boi rwBLt, aa one oi tha traarthlBttt
to ba sent up to the Senate tor GoVBfnOf Oi
BJasrachaaetta, by two majority over all others,
He received 200 eotes, and Winthrop 194. The
election was made on the lir-t ballot, and - rttla
ih. queBtion oi Boat wall bi in^choean Oovern ?r,
a- tha Senate w.ll uiidouotially concur.
Reeisaatlaa af die Hex!eaa Mlateter,
W ? ? m. niN, Tuesday. J in. IS. !??>*.
M. De La Boea, the Bexicaa] MlaHtfT, aaa re
ahjaadaa ? bobbI af DJ heaitn. Be took leare ai
the President yesterday
T> i initiation ol a t.reai Law Soil.
Cincinnati, Monday,JBB. IB, ISM
PaagraMeaaaof Irwiavataea Laaggvmfh intol
t mg MupBily to the aamanl >f half a million doli at
aea ihaoklM ihla amraing by the Coart M favor oi
Irwfaa, (. Mabeetiia Coait eleven yean
The Sea Mara MalL
BALTittoaa, i aaa. i ?, j j . 13. i ?>>?.'.
TaeBeataera mail tiriiom nothiaa be fond Ma h
*io?emi iii? oi Pieibaeea Kinkel.
LooiaviLxa, Moadar. Ian IS, IBM.
Proles.- a l^i kel tt:t liere BHda* f?ir V-w-Or
lean?. Heepoke onee m this oity,BM n>? speech
.a- BOt teen punished.
?siui.ieii Beath.
Uos ron, Taeeday, Jaa. IS, i
? apt Rowlsnd R. ( rocker. Vic? PreetdeM oi tat
??ii aaeeatal Inanaaaaa i a ,ol New Be Kurd, died
suddenly yesterday, ef dtteaxB of tha heart, lie was
former.) ? abipmaster ia the Baurapeaa trade, s.oi
lii'.r Iroio New V or'..
?. Marc Bbeal ttie ExBteetea oi tae Mag aal la ?
BavaBBAB, Monttay, Jan. IS, IBMt,
It has now b?. n i inert el aad that BM aaeaber of
live- iost waa twelve They oompcieed the kaada ol
the boat.
tmiiii>i those injured was Mr Austin, the eaejBMar,
lieloiising to ,\ev?-korl4.
? a
Oettea ite, ^i|.t>.
Maaarixaa, Meaaday, Jaa. It,
The raeeiptaof Cottoaat Naahvuie, tins -ea? in,
have teen l" its bales against |g,ge7to the aaate
tune IbM \t .ir
Brret torre. ted.
Coli BBoa, Meeatay,Jaa. iStlBMa
The Intervent or. bill reported on > .tturday as pt?s
ed by the Ohio la gi iBttWe was laid on the table and
nrderad tobe printed
a ?
Mall ttoi.iier ai aated.
I IBC1BBATI, Monday, Jan. IS, IBM,
\ man r UBM?d D uiiel Dier, the driver of the mail
WMg.ni MtWeea the depot and Post-Uili -e, at I olan>
b is, ha-been arrested oa i ? harge of rohbmg the
mau, nnmerooa letters Mviag been found in his poe
session, lie was committed to aaewer In default of
|| SM bail.
Marken . . . .
Nxw-Obli taa, Prtd ijr, Jaa, a |8ML
i ott. n was in animated r!emand. On Kridav 7,0'tu
bales wire aold and pri ti faB) sustained. '> e-ler
tlay there was an advance. BtHct Middlmg i* OMOMd
M7 . Balaa of taa weak g,OM balae. stock to-night
IS1.0M bales. Receipts Bt all tiie southern ports
16*41 bales ahead of i MB \?..r Whisky has de?
clined BM barrels sold at 17e
The Alahame Baa arrived froaa I hi^res. Sea Jaaa,
Nk aragaa, .t b. No news.
No.-uioc. , Batnrday, J*n. lo, i-.vj.
I he qaot llioa tor rniddimg ? OttOB to d^y wh-.
Bales MBBbelea
BaXTiaoax,Tueeeay, Jaa. is, I"??.
t'ur market- are steady and price* a a ml the sa.nrm.
Tae wtiitner - ??? on o-tterly -old.
I'm Nkw-\uuk i v i r CoitOngATaiBB
got ran ? v. a mrfiag oi the Bew-Teek state Cot>
o.M/.auoii I n lety, held fan try 1. IBM, it was, <>,,
BMCaaa of Mr. G, P. Dteeaarey,
BeeefeM, Tkal Bte eaeadatoaui thanks af the New.
\..rk -'...'..? i ,.? , > .e.ety im pre?eated to
km Excellency, Goreraet Her*.'' New-Teifc, tat
tiie very able. ti. lepeadeat, aad favorable manner
in which he ti 11 rcierred M the irreat pi ut of Afri
? an Colonil it >,r., in it is n eeal annual message 10
I < LeaMI .rue ut o ir st Be.
Rcseteee. Thatara laadlaByaoaeai m the senti?
ment he exproooea ra tt.e tnhJiM iMl "thuie a
Wi rk ... whi? h ChriatlaneandpatrtoM< an unite their
eiiorts. without invotvtae t.ie oouatry in political or
i-eofrraphnal dissension.'
Rttoitei, Tha; we ai.-o uaite with him in the hope
'? ? I th< [^gialature of oar State **wiB deem it in
? wdaa e with justice tad poUey, aad aa raligM
encd public sentiment, to manifest their approv u of
the cause, by a liberal appropriation for the further
BB e o' .1-Lt i.evGientdesig: ''
. ? . AaeoB G, PiitLrs, President
J.B. 1 iv\r.Y, ( oir< spor. img St :retary.
An. re Ui Ni.ae.i.?An imiBTBtP llun
ii*- T !'r7;dlar Addr?s?-s new made try
aewn? ^ R'';[U'\?' ?-??'. Kl er, a. U. SnaUi,
N h ii". .., md De Hae i aaa Mr M.. Art?or read
?uad lre?. t., K..?. ? .. u.4 A 1) Smith, ?? , one t?
Ooerfiiar. ..?-rta f .,i ,u:c.....'. .1. f,rthe reeervat. .n ni
ibesif :u Haiiear?
ii'i Knesala writes u Uea. Beraaa w Maskat, Mav ?r
el Byraetue, tuai h? d>te* a-it .atend t.ileav? tbe Unin,.'
Btateewitk at| tauBca .. tvri.acaateo.Gav K
aa ? I wfll fesl aif h rranttM ?e te direct bi
u ta have tM baaav to stay at Syracase."
Lewi? B..iln.an aaebaea .eet'.nag ..a H wear al la,
Aemuee I K math > I we kite M deBveaadia Vaw.
Haven b\ ee-.ern.. cds ni V.v, ,?-,n | tirrXf
The Treat a N .1) -A nrki:.: :, .\.. , ,. . ?
w-d i., lante i.o.n? k.*?u:.-i t., ti.wt ;.l .-^ uithea leaf .i
Ihe State ti Nrw-Jfr?ey *
tl' iJJ " L' " iri Ward k iaaace Co i ma
te?iwere a:;*.iatec ead a?eru? af laeolatioM adopted
taking itriag ground ia behalf af G.,v fa math SBehBtmi
DsuTHor Hob. Lbmpei. Swwer.?We
ie^m that Hon. Lemuel >awyer. lor a number
of years a Kepre?entaiiveini ongre-s from the ^t tte
Of North Carolin?, djed in this city oa Friday mtyht
Of a di-t i?c of the heart, t W-iabiagtoa BBpaBBs
SiXill VV?'.i. SOAWOi l&AAUffATMejU,
\V?r<i School MB I IBS at k*| ''1-rj^
Ccuniv Supr-i 1 ' Tn ?'??'??? '^.?rale?.
us cap* ahed \ I? ? I i-ii*.
rartaiti.t th?re *? ?? '... .n'. ri-.-rir|%(
' .Mrs. :.:.<? v ' taw
a . as ti toft] beys ' ittli -*?-t I rear*
' tert-cl, at-5 ?*? ' r??.aai
|g tra hi?h?" n ,i ?? i rtktte wars tWaaaja.
v - ot arka's D?| tare ?an?^
t.-. >..r*. Tkap IlaiBlBgaaaaMb.
1 papaMW*t*tevora . nrated tpea b'tbeg.
,mnif r. who n . ' . i i *r<'. t*i?t thr elfrt#>)
wage much more ? ? .ythan at em prtr^
e\aj iju'k ?: 1 h<?? w r< . nt.ei.s ? ndjhjaan
? nerd >traa
hr Bot over-praised t KxsieiBor whealwiaj
" f adtoa. jbb hare prr I yoer datlss weenE
roar eaaooeo are la I < Uai roadil oatbaat **'bean
ie the Ii. \?' Departaaei i th< ra wen Ml beystBaa
Itoeaatiael Mr. J*u?e? s *? n? > ii tai
?aataaaaera. Thai ? > t las iafaataiajj
much under tht. can-e: .'!; *? ??? ecc? \ ;. .d Mr. (4,
lag her, who tei ? ta ! a wholly devoted to t^t r%
ests of the KBOOl. PIC ei 1 la *rita.ii? !?* Hj
cxreller.t. The Bmd laet, w.h nu?t of the ?da?
Oaaaaaaaadvtoaj i,eipi ' ??'n-taBj
evident pioerco a < ! ?? ?'.'. <" i> pupii?
Attack ip s tub City Rrhi-?Saep.?,
We lean: tha* al UM B I Ub| of tr.e Be .r.! if Star,
risers Mi.m'av, Ht- Ret m er r dou rropaned*.*,
solution that BO BM I B ?? Bl ?' I .r.die- heat
chased for i.-c Bj t! t ? ?) M ill. Tmt rt'SuluiiaaM
like a thuiaierbc't :>ru< um. ficed, ? ?Aj
don't ?eein to ha>e the slt( BMt BOtlOB ??! r>*taga;
the . feature t ...???? .? raaewaed tea %
roeea. tilev aoata 1 ? '.' ?? 4 ?Lag ?nd BoaanaaaBjaj
re>oluti. a ante referred, 1 to- Beflariaeat a baa
roan, aad el ..?> taard Btaai it eoaaaataata Ja
he has U:e | . c ? ti Bl Bl B BB1 ? | < *? rfuf ?i it*,,
more BBflBaeOBl part] in Wm favor
IV The JiMnimgaj t a *?t?1 aa latoo (,c j
minute* Monday, f. i wh ch th^y . harge the t*
;u?t two dollara per no . :t". >.nd erea at th*a
wagea they failed to do Bay considerable baiiaea
PollThe Taentieth Ward 1'oh. e wa< atea?
IIaaaa?aaaaaaCaaaata ai d Asuitaats
ITtaaall The NMaf. ?>chool Somett aaled la
$bt,Wi M, to make op drbcienrv of uaraaa niM
Mat Jaa. laat T?a waola ItobMBart for tie reg
wrrellAeVeM il
Ic* Wa laara that Prof. Sattlbb ?
ahool t<> reopaa B tins* t> tae eihmiK.n of ha
i BBaaaaaBaaa, waiekilBal wimer aadipratg inetaxt
such remark..t>le BaaOSBB among all ?lasset ef tat
I ..p.'.itiou. Wi laet i deaM they wttl noe u
eijually popular. Ptaf. BattlBt was un'oriua*M
aa to laaa aaveral paetarea al raaat m me tr m
great Bra at t'hdadelptua . this ftfaa hon anntbe
CBBttfl eii the lavorof the pu'm I
I'rkskm \: ion.?On Wedtteada) ?>einaj
AlBanaaa Moaoaa M.lira, of tae Beeaath Wat)
waapreoBBted a ;!ia BtagBlBeaal larafcaa al Paaj
by hl? V*?hj frtaada IB tli?' W?rl abieh Uebata
long and B8 ablv reprtM oteJ in the Board >f Aahf.
men. The BBrrhM BOBBiatad of seven piera-. .tad?t
each was the oUowtag ins ri| tio.i
A Ti.kra >>l K^?nee?fp
hfOltCAN MOB.GAIfe.Ba tleeiataa ef tha Tlh Wafj
Hv ins CeaaataeaiB, M d
I"? The property known aa the Clara>
don Hotel, situate on t::c j-it.fi east corner of Eir>
leenth-st. anil h our'.h av . .'):ial^'>. was sold at s'leBal
on Maaafay,hp a h. MaUar,feeBii.fTl 7"
Ronr.iNi; an EMiaaABTT?\ HaBD CAM
- Baaaaid I lark, Keeper of in llan^raut ?oarditif
lleii-i iBt 'herrv-st.. was arrested on Momiar caargai
with robbing Hltaha Moeney, an atahgraat, of the
coutentt"! aBBOStOf chM dug and . ?. o.r k.
together with a ?oid waten valued at f>aO Tht
circumatancea ot :h? eaaa are repn ?ent*<i as fal?
l b<* falhei ol the ooflipl daaat ?<th m* two daast
ten arriveil ia ti e ? it} (roia Ireland, In Sfpteaaei
last, avnli a it? oi pr i.-t.eiiim: :<> m.- v\r>-i oifs-l
tu. Mio kitealioos were, however, frasarated ly M
death, and Hie girls Were le t almost pOBBihakS, IS I
sMaagB lai.d rhe siatOI ot tne c .miil.Liiiant waaw
overpowered with and at me lova of her father as!
the proepei t ot futurs povetti that <be tx-cam* a
sane, ana ia now 10 inmati of the Luaattc \ )'...-.
Clark, the keeper oi 'n? hou-e where the] boarost
on their arm tl. u is t lege I, took advantage of tat
miserable and helpless condition of the taudly,a>f
robbed the aurvivos h?r ?!i Bhe ?>><?? be.-?a?
aware oi rti ?, tmt ooaM aatalfl n-> proof to ?,rt
his arrest ur.til ) aati May, whon ?evnal portmnsa
the stolen gaodS were foaad m his po*tr*i,ioa 0<
wits i ?Ken l>?.fore JaattOOOabOfB and beW farri
\ riik i db Si anOIOW.? I homae koonej.
Jeha Hay aad Wm IHaeanort (aU boye) werav
r< sted Plonday arMtaoon, by tnhccM Brown ad
Wilt v oi tin s, renteeath Ward Police, whne ?
theeorner Of the Lowery and S,.ring st . where Be
alleged tn .t t: i > ai re .??.en. rtiag to pate srorthlea
notes ' ii the ' o:n r ",1 II u.k at l'-rtii Mah?].
iN .J .. In payment forolettuog Tne fai t of oasel
the boys -l.ow-iig a ia sum ,1 in >nr>y es iteStM
luspicioi - ..f the bh r. i -it thi' ill was not rajkr
aad he aeeeajdhatly pr oared their arren. Ot
searcbmif Ihi m. the ? leers found on Root ?? I--"
who h he . 11., . ,1 \., Daveapart. |ibj ti au
found aa the person of Hoy. $100 of ttusuioaetj
in one bill on the North River Baak. A golu wakt,
toai tiler with a $3 illontn- ij .m? .i1 Orth tints)'
w.ia a SB found in prsseasioit of Davenport Tht
boys w? re l iken helore .lustier Mountfort fer sisa
laation. Tbe ottoers aie aadeaTortag mferrsto?
the bi attar.
v\ i ii ? A limit 11 ii clic k Mb?
day BSOralaf, ? i.erman. about lo years of aft
SB tared the porter-home No. 5i ( hrfstieit, whin
be complained of having been injured in his state
i ol a cart haruut run again?! nun II'
failedvcrv laal , | we won unable to speak.ssi
<!n i m .. few BSOB . ill r BBtoriaa the bo?a
H aewa* BOt aseert taed. The i oroner ???
ro'i&ed.aiid will hoid an imiuetton the body.
m..rks of rioleuee were visiule on his I^kI?.
A .mi i hbb Haul Robert, in Baoi liaott
w 41 -The ball of No. l:)? Ha?: Uro olway wai *
tared on Priday night last and sii overcoats tiie
tlierefrorn in the early pan of the evenmg. Neel?
to thetcunpi One of thtse sentry was fiiusdM
night tryiugthe nigt.tlock ot Mra. Kir.K'adoor.NsJB
by a lady arho overheard theroguo and weutts ar?
dour, which she opened s'nWei.ly, when he de-asa*
Hoi.iekee(.?rs cannot bo mo earefu! of tbetrBa*
door* at this season.
I5oakii ok AaaisaajiT Ai dshmkn?Stilt*
Ssesasa--Mobbat, Jbb. It, 1^2.
Pntmt?Jonathan Trotter, Esq , l're?:dent,aif
rhair AsststantAid. Brown,Tan, MaDbatt,0'lraa
Rodman, Brtaoei,. Woodward, U.og, Wells, ia*"
son. Boataa, MeGoeraa, Wrnrbt, Wheeian. b('
Kijrarii 01 Caaaaaaaaaaa v\ b?rve*, <vc .iih*.
Witl ? U . rs for piera and b :!??*** \
at BOth-St , E K , and to place another block BrPJJ
building at pier fool ot ttth-St , K II., and aettt>
the contra? tora. A c. \dapted by the followiMW?
re?The Preradeat, A,ai-iani iJd. W**
l ait, Mabbatt, O'Brien, Rodmaa, Breaden. Wsat
ward. Ring, Walla. Anderson, Bojataa, Maaaeaa
Wngnt, Wraaelaa, Met onkey.
( aawaaaaaasoB i r..ni tne CoBsaBaaMaaeel a>
pait* aid ?upplie?, with C rpy of a letter froiaJ*
B. (Orliei, Itattng that he has ac. epted the SS8BB?
lo robnlid washaigl Market, shall espset"*
performance of the same oa their part, of MM*
Aldermen, At. Or 'ered on tile.
*i.t Aid. Urtaden
H ?/??->.. ItheaccommodatioB for the po'jff*^
ol theMsth 1'atrol Di?in<H. situated at
ii entirely irMufftcieai for their j.reaeot w**tJw,
reralort. aad tt appears essential that wate etaa
place should he troeured.or additional 100*1 W
?ideU for the ai, therrtoi? ^
/.'?io.a.j, That it ba referred to the
on Police to Inquire ? to the preseat cooaitaa^
toe Burjoa-Uouae of aid Patrol iiistrn t, aasaew
such repor; t?? tin- L >.nd a* taey m ? deem
advisable fur the bstersst of the De1->artss???
By Assistant Aid. Met oi.key .^m
? I ate , H a uiig?i*?"j
t Also ii it the Bbarraa Bad asefs *U
atrcsU be also lighted with g*>, . great ua!*'mL*
i.i t. fu r w. *d 'or w nl ol r';^
light along oaid wharvi < aad piers . *l-o j Kr**_,g
of men l.andue i oattBMally exposed to ine awBaa
tion of thurrea, 4te Adoesed. ?
Uv Wistart Mn. Broaden, that M i\**iij.'ILi
< i .tth.tmt . w .liker it .be lighted w ih gas. A**fjT
B> tsi Ida II Rodman, l tl W sshu
from Reads to i anal, be lighted with gas. j^JB
Bv Asaistant xld Mcfiowan couimuiiieaUoa^
Deary G Nn-hoi.?, No 79 Waaeris., ealaag
lion of the Board lo a siteet-laotaim for ?a?. l*pf
posts. A c. To riaiiasBiea laa 1 aaspe aad ? I
From Hoard of Alsaiiwia r.aeolulioB that
Bon on returns ol Ba ?!/ a 1 0 No H. I?1 i,iuf>y
Juh . mil be ic-emdeo, tney h-?mr beea ?Sga*""'

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