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~ coMMERca wrra Paraguay.
Aaueviea .?oBarapbUal aa.l BMaatataBal Wi
?jr*nace ?ft?-?"-'?1 K?-eilen. W"*
faracaar ??<>
Faere aae * '"' tiderabie tuaieeee us t
mgkt at tke rooms cf the New-York Il.etor. life
?ry, m me Pi ?'? ? .' oa Iba m esaoaef the and
agbiie meetirg "f tbe AaterkOB CMBBjnfftBBal Ual
fUet:?t;< V B\ ety.
Mr Joshua Lea?.it. Vice I'm. Itnt.in tbe a h*cnee
at Henry Cnni.ei . PtBtidoat,caBedtiai aieet.Bg :o
rrder, and ia a ?hurt speech ?et f< rth in d'stinet and
pertinent terms t..e f.be't ir.d v. i'e"graprii
ta* axd atatie'.i ?I knowledge, winca aad tat I
called the two eye? of hutory. Tbn Sc. ety kvi
been farmed for the purpose ef collecting ail etna,
knowledge as might be valuat.le to the paofeti and,
ta proper t::r.e. t-? <- these ' .? *. t t.l wer tin
aruuai reports Mr i eanad t>y intr<Amdag Mr
E A- Hopkins, lute 1 n ted Sut"? fhajMttth a*BBV
I Before the reading < f tbe \ aper of Mr. Hnpttat
thanks were roitd to the Htatorkeal BaeBBty forme
use of their rooms
Oa motion of Mr. %. Dewitt B.oodgoot,the tnanks
cfthe Society were v ted to Foreign ' nsuis pres
cot at the w-eet'ne. wn-ri iseBaphaaeet wa? ac
kaewtedged ty the ? canal at tun petl for Belgium
Mr. Hi?pku,s was then katre kl s i,. n) proceeded
to read his very int' re?tin? pii'-r. kae Bsoee ? ttef al
portions of Blieb we g.ve bei..*.
pai tsi *> saati ii ot fan cocai by
The trat laflitoiy, formerly known by the appel?
lation of Paraguay, eaBBprtBBd a.l tna. portion of
hotiih America? hiek aae bounded on the north by
the iicrtaeir, ll?llai of the po.nnees S.iuta < rBS
de la Stern aa I t harcas, in K south latitude , oa
the souUi t-y t.r Mr-nts of Magellaa oy Brazil oa
the ea?t, mei byChall ei I : ?? ?ci. B t
the country aww dietingu shed by that name is en
laaly eoatainad within tne ?iioresoi the Caragnty
and Pates a kUvera, boimuar
veith Braath .? ..?? ait i' 8. l . to th - . -i in
r.?8 L. The oh- oftheeer.
kaearreet at one, sith i ?.I tae netter
inown (..?.'.no o the world itlll they i esafllcient
to give the stuCer.1 ih ' \t "nt-.-. I idea of the
eooree I .?.- eke i eleol these i r r< 1'he
an. ce i .. PlaJ 11 foraM I by Bba nflui n ? of me
I'ruguay witn tin. I'.ra i . mi.', fiuai aen a to the
enema, it la <? mail il Ii for its ,? .... -, and
shallow w?t? r?. . '..I shoakl properly be coiuwdered
aa e?tn ary ot the It
The River Parana tit - the ??? tori ?<.p?of
the hiitblam - sear the seaboard, to the uortiwest
ward '.l Riedl Janeiro, and glaring westerly and
south-?estetiy to it! lunetlonwita the Paraguay,
ooatiuutr a aeatkarlyand aoothaaaterly course to
theo<ean. In this eearee. through 10 of latitude
and as many ol longitude, it navii itw.
aarrepted ie one placs ai latitude S3 in, Here the
river flows forlaagaes through a hi-cm gorge,
which it has ksirat through tha chaii of mountaius
runniLK from tiie prone ie of Baa l'aulo, in Dra/tl,
treetararO till thai ari loet before reaching the Cor
ttilleras t'rehiiu'iy no Uving white man has ever
seen ihese extraordinary rnp 'is. The? were des
cubed in IBM \>\ I) Pauxd keara, from hearsay,
because, owing to dotneatic d I teen iona, barbarism
baa greatly eacroache I up in the frontiers originalh
eaaaeesed front tht tbongl ... :??-*.??..?
Immediatel> above these rapids the river it IV.Oou
leet wie?-, but this enormous width 1?suddenly re
dejiad to aatagle cfcanaal of ibp feel wi ie, down
whn h the eholi mass of w .*. r is pr, 'ipjt in i with
iHBaeadoaa fury The aratei falls on auit lined
plane of Mi .fomuiir aa haunediate dei >nt of about
ka teat, ami the netea n beard for i Semites, ncnor
aVaaaeaieea*kaeepiaaoataataext to Niagara, tin
uihemoit remuraaMi e.it.ir i tin th w oi l. from
He exteaaioii, and the amount ol its waters. Bute
keaasr aad above th! < itaraeti itrioutanes,
many of tkais larger tb d tie..-.a : riversofKu
ropa. send their ww.ers to swell its gigantic food
But the btigt ?i and m 11 import ml ol t.v m <i! is tae
river Paraeaay, ?in h empti nto i .? p..- .mat
v7 ' M muin latltu Ii
This nver is undnobti dip the meet p.-rfe -t, for the
sajneeeaal navigation, ol uij in the knoan world
anu us peas\uea,mrelaree a lo differt ? t ? mntries,
i? of theuimoat Importance, Its first sources are in
IS' south im ad II kvi I m Rio de J.tn.
Thence it m -re u>es rapidly and majestietlly.
In faei. its pfamttlTC foui; uns an o pie iful, bain
in aaaaber aad la a tar, it in a very short di-tance
Bnaa them U i? uread] fall) i bie Its bed,
spotte,! with gold aad brl iants ndi ites that u is
si t>e the no' ? ti mi el of th im rn
Kouth kmertca On the east In ie U i ? i i
ptewtaei ol Matto i.ro.-- . ? ? ... i
eontaiusTio wo inhabit mts, and is itu iti d in I .t. I'.
M tip-.n tht ke kaof tk s I ... ? . ;*'.le
tssaaary of the Par uru >.
The est) i- sarroundi I by as iral caUhlish
laeuts, weil stocked wit.i eattleoi enormous si/e,
.md i'? aataeeol gold i i d li.unu - l'h< popuia
tion ol thieprovince i m 'ti ..', I at 11 .... On the
west, deseentliiii:. wemeel vith the three iroi '.popu?
lous pro* in ?? , ,i t) , , Sau*. 11 ru i
Niens, ami ?!hk|U los, from w
Feruviau Bark ia e:n, il? procurad m.o '..?.. < it
is at paeeeal earned rthe
Aedes, and exported fro i i ? i .ri
possessed by Bolivia, a i.,. ,
dhotes, by doubling Cap
Floating fur'ner dowa, we I t'rtr 1 .er
Ja..ai. Which ie i it lie he art ol
the pretiaoe of ci .? ? .1
ta latitude ta .leu. the n* ei Verde i
tbe weiieru I aak, dona to < y <>i .? i F, ,o
the Vaaaan, ail te a primitn . *.
by the abtuigmtl But we
partafem oourss, t?" i ? ? -
of Ihe alBsost Im - >it.<-. rhey a lie
aad Bermejo, I in 1
are thiekl) populati l by ate of theH
while man - use Is te rig then banks being ofl
na*ur|>a?s<.it value In pro tu. i rt
The PVuaoauiyo rkne
bilden, near the : > > . I I'o . i Bolivia
aad (towing tot ih-ertstwardly,
eapilal of 8o!i>: i euten liitj the p i n . , ?- -.
leagues south of the City .1 \ ei . , , >l
Faragua* I be i from
laaeoateni elope ol the uni loa ? hrou^h
lh?? |<onuloi.s provin e ot Sal t, Jn , Cat
aad Sau Juan, al?oempiies ? >the p r> v in
????L.. opposite the nercial) t of > .'.del
Filai, a,ol near the ei sol tF i , l
twyagei ofdiatxi ?r* on tkel' . >m * . ad Bi i n
accompli ?heil .1* no
Sorts, deinonsti ate on eren ige the ce : .
s'a?n.'uf thi ir autbtirs at thi ticl
taai OOBatry on their banks md fully ova that ti e
regions ihr?. ?? t which the)
moatbeaekcent gifts >t I t ?. f, the
teai l?ge, companies were loi u< 1 ,; ?(. -
m latreduciag t:.ito . ?,-? ';, .. . ..
gtei a, aad several t , ?, aM
w? re set m nperaliu I >i I hi . i lure ?e v
aagnrlorIndigo. Butcivdv rs i haltaa
tou.-h by-aad ?>...., i
I?. icoadi be i , liver Ban I
reaBB, en tne eastward. ?
tatrapted One ot white p i?... . ?
Us, i', the papula i i , an i
the count.* is Lati i .' I i ritt ,.i :aen
?ir lesa n tvigah ?? lb it ; > ? n . ,v , to lift*
leeeue* Tae River Ti uri le'the
am. fc) Was fully explored |7ro bj
weil ae la-i *e..r b? n sell 1
agaaeibuali ol : v ft for etghti
Lank? are tn , kl* ? , ,
exteat Daa endii ?i i i
the eaateta ahores ol ihel'ai u ' . .i
eight eines, low. lands ret tl e pr un et
??i Caaiiaatei a ;
Raaaned and gfl* il \ , ,
tion, aeaerdmg to th< i t.-.
place the e\i. i f i i ?
Man at not lass than
which, in .. >| ile ol natun
Bmpti'i hi ui in i. ,. ......
sireanta, is !omi .... ,
depeadeeturx4i tn a i a . , ', ..
? iih rta
lMr. H here g . < | ;:t;ro$tiagviewof I
the Feliu.'il attBhsTj ti Pai ? ev
?>rdtaar) w..' .' Oi tator Fraacli
whose monau-ous , maes were rfrall] delmealed. It
te well known th t Fraacia skat Paragvaa) u tn
lawrcaurse aith the world, i ,,i Q it aftei ' ? at a
his fellow tain l at af 1
sent bBBBkaaa! th th tmen a. :?<. iaed aaalb
*o;.tinued Ue.? ,-. ? .
?ajaajk Bwaoli aae the oady read fraai Para. tbe
**oiid. Mr.akwdeta id
lias d?iiK ii. Re- s
I t 1st Si 1 Ni' N . ? ,
* ? lei Kin iv desei , - *?
e-ffect. Mr. Meal 1
The pattuc.U ? -. : ? e. ? P.,r..-u.?
H'aat.'.tharia t. > i: ???. ? .| M , ?
worthy af ?i r ?a .< ?s; ? ?. ?? . - - ?
SwettBI re. ml l'hev J ? .-'r ,? \ ? ?
uoaa aad date. ai.:.at:v>: ?. ?* . I, a.
with the most ban sue ? r aoiplee ... iken
Bate been perfect. Stent ,
???na. Taey a?*e iavited foreigners, v. i leirc
'si am) coaamerce p-.b:. bed ..^ reg
twnfle and custom... ?I
*a*d? andea.Jusjte rights tori', i.ro ucu'on f
?s earn, end all neefu? macaiaes aad imple.netts of
^unu;se?n,1',f!r K<K-K't 1,1 :'- ? '
In relereace to ihc , . . ,;uio-> o' th*? ?
cotmtiua, it may well be Imagined [halt erelsi .
lor great improvement. Vet.!
n.enUU' iiuiwieinajB, i; wou.J ?\
gaMe aaj t*?rt ,.f ihe m>rl<t wkt... lm , nM m
IV V.fft ?Pw-taneous profutiea Bolivia,
aW aad r^rmmn are the agritvaHtiral reatoos
?M > ' 1 ' m*J * ,mh the rhrfcaat bob ueree
waits tht reg?* mm ?he atlantie Oj*M tield jj
the proCueliOBS ol at er' -Uivu. extent..! ?????*? '
ec...tries. |;;..MIt^li? \ .'i
wt.tr* Buropeai en., i an
f?Mfor coB?t...?? p?fw ?? ????? ^ **?'?] v"1 :
fere nub those : lb? ?"*Hv* l'',n"'-r- , 1 e
hi.e?.e..ce arm'. pr<T?a< ?UKjr,<? l?'"* V?' *5r'"
culture, it meagre ta the extrem? and although la
I'twu-w the* are principally an agricultural peo?
ple. Ii *? .now eery little ol the science. I t) i-<
m the greateet wee.t of all agrtec total i ap emente
u'ot, each of ac. -h ta-: :atr. la er aa U H naeea
tatet, t lor ten peers.
I K0;>< i r ;? s? ? > ???:.* fi' ? i
Beginning.;h t .e ? ? .: aatertoftheRiver 1 ??
guay, we ir.d the proouctioes utxia the Braa/ii^a
?: e'to be cid and ,.f?. i".i* ?-. *a<'.r, in .>'?????.
bidetof extraordinary alae, ha r. t?: wat. deer
?ii?: tieer rki..?. witn mt, i rrn, aril the different
Baanaanetarea ot tat ?aaeaaca root, in iotteta^taht
ar.d precious stones, silver. mmtm\ emaanoeeo ty
goes! tadaoo tob* ?? M< a-, and Hrniviui
b?rk Tneagk natoaaaadly, *e eaakl draw fro ia
dtaaatwocaaatn laeany other produi o?*eftr .
n .l Amert'-a. vet n :s in Tara-usy tn it we fi..'l the
trcaiot wea.th ef ^li tnese valleys. Of th:a country
hadttsiinaisaeirtal resources, i can saoekwtththe
g.-r alettrerieintv. from :r?y?wn t*rsc.':ti sr. ?ue-ae.
* lm??t divided ay the aapac at Canrtoeea, Ba ear?
fare i* like a cness-ooan!, i-hackl re-, ue'e eed there
with basutlful pastures an ?acaraeeakfuiosta. I n
bneafl other Binde srtth whksh 1 aoa aequeiated, it
i?ems ciestii ec e-r* ?? 1 ktt the I d nation of man.
Bare, ta tat ensterr peitjoaol ear awa lead, tae
fir-t settlers food the whole ee stry totered wttk
waade. V.'estof the kliseiteippl tne otherextreme
exists, in toe vast extent of prairie, derutute of tun
ber. Ia the aerth ef Brazil, in a am ar manner, are
unbroken Btreeta in ha tsooikara parts aad through
aat tan Baad a Oiioalal Eatre Rabe, Corrsentes, and
the Arge:.me Rspehue, we find continuous pampas,
likeoarpratrtee.aamant menu e- witbootbearing
the aaeeeaarj f .ei eien for leoeaeBoki psnrpoeaa
Not sota Par?gum w are, added to a aaaVaaaey for
kaliemg leeta al a taaaaahal aaaaaaeea, Ha I reek
t? ? aa v Rh e .ei> deei rietten oi eraaaaetaad aa 1 a*
ful woods.
'1 be ?-?ge?bte kn | lorn of ' araguay ; reaeat tha
rrchesi attra tieaa, aot merelj u> trie peaassaeeaal
botanist, bat to thai important ? am ?ti. a is da voted
to aseroeatile enterprise. The modicina - ?
n kick abouad in the greatei profaaio ur- rhu trb,
- utepfirilla, jalep, t?r><- iat. is ? leeah is,ha
voor'. iJrano.i'.-h.ood, balsa i ol in . ! v rovat*
ee, Uaaaeiee aad (tager. Of dye*etuBTs, V >, there h
. kauaease variety the eetauaeel, whioh is i deed
aa iasaet, bm requiring for ih teod a apoctee ef trie
c letat t:..lit two dial actkii laoJ la '..;??. i sgetable
vansiUaoat, saaYaat, golden roi, wj otaei ana
producing all the tints af dark re l, b aeb ai d green
If aar efthe forest knaee yield vaJoaMe guats, i ? I
i iiliar to commerce or medicine. \ L tl eoaa
pel ?? i u,e of tbe most denaeeut peifuaaea w I m
e< i.se that' ,-i,i ne )ni ?aim .1. ' ? to rs, again, a'e like
an.her?hard, brrtle, and .nviluMi in wa er <0(nt
eedaie riaid a gam equal to gum Arabic others,
a tare] glae, which, whei once dried, la a dfeeted
by ?,i m daatpaoea The tsratga, or rabbertree,
ii e pa ad eul of irhlck is aowalnsoal a bsbb .;>oiy with
Para, and also the IV-io .Santo, which Bttmaoeatae
gum gale ones, croud the feraeta, leady to gtta bp
ih< ir i a hes to the IrateouM and me attaet-naeeved
Vanilla modestly fl on riehst, as if mtitntg the Bead
of man.
IJpoa the kiUe, tha oelebrated r^rha Matte, wraieb
tin i ti lu-ive Im \era ?? i.l one hall of >o ltn Arne
? lea. has oiil, '.i I e ?_? ,t:.'-< d I' ( ret-iratu-n i- Hi
an ?xceedingly eru'ic ?t ite, ar. i ooald he beat 5 htl?
Iptnaaroaed byaaptoyingaoaae of oare m-mllfa
and preataVh aa use rxmM be iBATOdaced into this
ROtlntl) wHi a 11 lid e.'f
I pen the firt.li a.luvia'. t..ink* of so many 1 tri/e
ttTeama, engei e ne, cottaa, lebeece of ? tups lor
i lity, rice, mandoea, ladi a ooea,aad atheaaaad
otaat ; rodur tiii.'i?, ragetate w.th profuaioa, white
sever, varieties of Um bsmhoo im the river banks
aad dot the fre> ueut lakes eitk islets, ol teaeaiaj
t BButj. Oatthepiahati aiBlilies of h'i'e?, h ..r,h ana,
banco. taOow, dta., are loatfot erant ol transporta?
tion. It we goto the foic.M'-.wf findtWOOl three h udl
of kemp,vastqaa^kUasoi wax,the mm iaaaasce,ai
soap nut.tht < ocoa, and veaetable oila in a indanci ,
witht?o hinds of wild r t' >,, al:i r. '.!? .tap ed
for the menu! i' fire o' \ ?per
B'.t It ia with the fores j uroeanl Paragaej tl ,t l
love most to dweU. Glanti tl re the] iae,eaataad
noble In their aspect, and abld, at it were, to attar
for theaasolves the aublima maai< af the wilder em
s:\ty ?>-r etlee i [yea :> I an, furnlah timfa n ol all
kii tu lad OOtOfl and Si .. r'i'* Ot >'.???: a. UttT, ' 1 is.: dt]
aid buoyaaoy. laan i seea Umbers of tat Lapaeho
thai bate tupported the raofk ol louses, Quaooi
,\\:.?? r ai ,i tk in two )? lb bad ie ra Tkat are
now as sou. J as ever. u.l to all appe tnti e. i . .
' of perfermina the tme service to the end of tha
v f'1'. \ ' " f.', o' f.,... ,? :.. wo >d. h ilf i n' ?d Ie '.
in the eroin.d. and in uke 1 " lf.,12,-- belonged to the
'lent .1? ei of the boa ?? which I Inhabited mtl a city
.1 Aaangk . i p nth. cloaeat rnapection, it waa ia
a Mate ,,t pfrie. t nr'sertation Sevi ral .ther
woods of this fame variety are sj heavy as to sink
hi water, a. i aU, ahili ? ' iltt. Lvtiratahoaeas,
form, under a itrong draft, a lire almost c pul to
??"i e e ai in i '< I | It
knothertree,tbe *..'?? wh i ere n.
end eeft aa cork, and can be cut like aa apple but
when dry, it is s ihard at afmoal t-> ;iefy the action of
?te? l. kgain, wa have the 1 alode Vivora, eeaake
Irr i, w hi se Iraves ar, an inf illihh- -nre foi thepoi
tenons bh>? of serpents. The Palo -n I.e he. ur
m.'kt'ee may be called a vegetable cow, and the
P?!n do ?oi raoebo, or dreaki ttree. nv?a . hi Us
ttUory. The latca rr?in loaad i i a roota <>f
tri .?Hier gremsd, md i? ?? natural pitch,ready
-1 1!-|- :
: :i v ih
Eagland '
fttTTrtTlec mt?y\op^uce: ^ f Jj ' : " ,
CiL'-leu ..; - a.ilar product....,.* ,i *. 1 '."
Mr. ilopiics -.>cu.?-;j ,'o- a mo,,;; :;. u ? ?
? nafrliiBUBBii n ktok aaeejld mdaaa us aa Bajaaa be
po.i y i. ... ..te! :a c*y Mem
? ...a' \v ms. . . i uUenly ihamlem ;
Bm jaaaasat, Taait i taniiiairtlBBiaiaUj Li_
ta tie 1 mted States. Ro^asis now the great oheu
cat te the optniog of the great risers to oar com |
? - be dm .mes to ,?4ke treaties with u?. saving j
ihal ki Bai not the power, wh ie 3: thearae ttave be I
IM Mflid tret.' -ei %r.h Fr ?'' * ! ^ ?! ftmVm TlMMJ
i, BBB a mWh tu.it * A* (r'-.'a Fraa*: urni ut:
v.. :?: i'?at?.,T a.v! <' ? eo.it.li-?,?1 ?
t: <?t*.'e ?. ef ' ?::*'Vt " ? UttJ kMJ if M ?"
t '? : * . . >< d .
T' it ?
BUMS * .v
>.ii'*f ata? ii
t*JfMMl Hl
ie*. i * ??
a-.d ie? he:
Gortrament of tae Foiled
rprsaaatod bi tka I are rd
bM MI ? UkM HM] k?*s I M
? ner ?hau U ii.o? ? t.e *
Kr. Tne oner m ? I
r.*ti".*.' i ??.? tu ????;>??: >r
?aaM ttt our r, i ? bsp
i h .re ni'.herto bat poorly
mm tm ?m m ol nh
!i ?nn. il?-i f: >u ibe i i
?re p *Jt r!n! t ? * - or ?. ? ?
i?ir if :f?- u'.'i nj; an 1 tue
:jf v ??iire it IBeauelre*. *
icW Of O'ir
V t? MCf 0
tl '?' il a >?'::'?.? Mos t': .*e?ofthe Pitti Kot,
a tboueb such t ti bet n her eta meter.??I aa am... >
atii'e to f.r< -e. ?: ? al Bl *?* r.ti ?Ith am BaMMOC
fataf fn.ri! bp, t...t t?c contrary.
I haas now among; nay ptoers ??nie re< oraa, I'
cured from tneale? of tne Oriental Legation ai Pari*
io/TJaf Uff I > rat t t.lere. which raniotlie Toer
aia a laartayniiilnira tinrlar Hitt of Dt:. It. 1841,
between Sei. or EUauri, Um Oriental Minuter, nj
(.?n. < BBB, .ur Minister at Pari?, m Wksek th" for?
mer, in a^coriianr-e with ?peria! inrtrnetifu" an 1
t ?< re, which he bad receited for that purpose, ?f?
ters to make a ire?', of friendship, commerce and
?.avieation witii the I BfSBd State? Tom, be it re
marktit. ras in a ttBM of ;<H)'o'ind pBBeS for tae
B and a Oriental, ai A while '.en. K.>?ae was sewatjad
in t^bdunz tbe upper tr-rentine provinre* GOB.
( ass utter his wan; of ltistrueUOBB, ani apni-.- to
h '? GorerrtiBaRlt Hi* lioverii ntnt?that * the Got
erT.roent of tbe i nitei Btatea.?answersMot, aad
he rei lea u>th*> Oriental Minister, under dsie of
Merah 5, !-4'.>
"I have bee . tti i ted i i ioforni you u, ata'
thoi:?h the I aitad States arc ttaetretaj t'> exten?! at 1
ti:i|>rot? oemBoreMl aadfrieadli relatioai w:tu '.u
Gorerninei.ti. ot the Western lie.a s.i-ier.. .:<*'. \>
place tbtm uncertne high naMMa ol ooatentionkJ
tti] nlattoa*! <et. under exiatiuir ctioanntiBMi, aa|
paittoauarly whi'e w*r reatttaaM between tne t>
tcnllafi BoiWhitf and your i.oTernmerit, and whi.*
ihat rei.'inii is :ti an itBOMtlod had U 'int Bl ha t
rn"in( M doe- not ???< in favorable to the deve.oprnent
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la a lerer t.i bm of Oct 30. Ik'd. ^tn >r EUauB
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my aattoaraaa takaa taa taitaaava, to totlta tkea
to celebrate treMiei ot Irieadakip, eoraaarrca aod
natlahUoa, fat been that of the I uited States. ariti
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Ubaalj bmbbbbtji for taa GorMBaaaM of tae Hai?
led States to fita to Ibbm c-vintncs UkM iBtpalM
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opea to thaai a new era.! ?ra 'c-.r aad napptnan.
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etddeo t. laTjaetofl I la siabtdayi to tha t?te
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Plata, afur bar raa t.mch'd. in fc trot at tne
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>ld World aad ir, 'h. Mew.to thfl Fa .. . Bfl . o
ksst BtoM n .. i .. .. proj Mi I a word, to the
peniagol ? nttre re a- world to oar si ararisa.
iS fi> let the pj Ity rJJp froraos r p,u ba
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h America,
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X:s! 'Vales-*.' rtrd Baak, Mi* laaj
But ?7; IWfch Baak. I ! P?-?*. ??us. W j
I > . ... t ..irt City <?*? *?, ?
T'mfnsrrt Arrived
... ? r , ... a ? MMMft-T] MM Ik
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j e,.j b B I U I E F * V.
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Af'ics. (Br.) Harrison. Liverpwl, E. Canard, Jr.
Brutt?Trlla. TtktaVtoa. <a,r>. nhax-n via i ii'f.fs'M
F eeakMeiackc I w Raddkirt, Brem ICMiai kjaa
<1 i?. 8,3 ".a Maker. ^ . . ,
r, , ,irtt?Hr-itn Gerard, Haai ma, k ? . n ?nl. Ma"
ler X Lord; Ce'ar.v t. Pn-e. S?.?aimah, N L Mi "- tdj
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ii in a Co. R H Mm I ... ! a er.Trmklad. Cube. H. 0
Brwkman; Vreaot, tm?i. Ant Cayts, H 0 Brookmaa;
In! Ii* ?* Lowd a, Ba'.nn re I W M . J. R
Kind?'l. H.ackweli, Uiailalojt?. M. M. V'rreinu k 0a>
Brratkitn r11t. I s M I Idron, LiTaitu ib N r..'?r?i t?
S. L Btarkel] J:>n. 11.1 it P M.,atf Mattetet,txakaafM
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fcl.iti Ai!i!::n, ir >t:, f^a? iiin i.'i n ,1 ij?, ni.l?<- U, P v
Cat kart.
Brie F:r>>':i . Kosfif (of rkoaiaatoa) Ctattaa, Ju.
? ruk Itdjajt, tamber, bwaad to Br.lt?r?>rt. Jan I, ia
ktf 32 it. lot: ?. ia a lakl from X W . ia) t>. It f. >n-f.
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frtre Itertoik. k -.:r.i to Rio at Jaatite
Bnr Haniet K?w?l!, Warrca, Darii-a It day*, aMBt r,.
I>rk ti Cti'irrh.
B'? Dural DaaVJ, Pod.er, Wilt. a.:..a. S.f . :.d?r.
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Bear.Ot !?'-??. Ni ita?Riekaeadlaad RoeiMk It koara,
?ate. toC H Ki"r?"a. TaeO. fcat taii'led away ker< re
ti.a.t.nni! wat ?eut-rda? af:?Tt.. ,m ' . '. a r tnttdi
,c..i .1 Hock.
leal Oraraa, tfCaaellay fJoa^My. Plymauth X t .
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fr.'u. the thifCl :ti- 'a'n. af ; r'; ..n Pli 'a 'e ploa . >? ?.-.?
f,.,?t. ??s-.-iiiid '. '?.<? S V*' v e ..! Rimer Sh TV
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the H? ? aad remained than t ilthn meraiac, al * d ??.
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ewar for the Crt. la rdertoretni reraeaaadttaitttUtht
Soar .-plr:..: ' I ? !??? . V.r-ia' i i::! to X.' v.
Bahr.Catantia, Byn. WaMBtghas N J . t da??, n.ir?l
s du Poluiabta, Wut t.Koi I I i ad t.ta ir
|ee, Cleai Man k I o.
<<'f. Dan:?'' B t er. V ttl I * V 11 I | j <) >r ? .
S.'lir. Dual Ki-!et , ? I : * . ~. V ||a 3 d fa, m ?> i
S hr.Richard Law Chappell virfia . it .-? t ?,lMuadta
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Bchr. Catkariae Thomas, Wtwdhoaae, \: |iaia M Bovra,
beaad la Raw. Hares
lehr Villare Belli. W< 1 nere, Virgiaia 21 konrs, boaad
11 Raw. Hat n
B?-hr. Mail. fre?. e-, Vtrjt-nia 2: li 'ire, .? 'jal t. We w
1 tat? .1
Baai Ckai v. Btnttey, iffia, Vtn i W i i,1.1
!? v. W-H .
Bchr. Mary 4., a . \ M heart, id te
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Vehr LeriXowe, Wedaim,VI |iaiaStkoart, wwad to
Kehr Causa Hol kkiae.l um Virc?tiaM kfl - ?ai
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e.i dHirev '. ! . erer derk load of wVlaelee
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aaae.friv. Ntw Vac.,1 ? '**?* "'
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reported to hare cone uhore, btlet.1. and fill* wt.a
wjter ,t ,1. ,. 1 c;- .tit
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far teat lad? at I F?eii ? 1 V[
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in ai Miyioritioa, lad ken irro ? bei .-???<. irr? I w,th
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?tA'Mthat ? letter If. m h 1 I .n?:r al tl I 171 I N .vr-aitier
ret,or ? thri'emitJlii'Rarati Pand* axhu-e helo'vtbatplat-a.
Oaa tapott la tbit ttm Ttt'l ? leet, aad laoth rtaatanaai
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?11 fron, iba Far:fie 1 where the bai bean m Tn? *ba
Malt two r;.:? between I'An^n :i sn.i S-ni 1' i-tieo M
r rkutd ria Now-Yitt.
To Itlnrlner?.
Mr. |! i!e?tier. ?U lat? H. S Biir?? M Baaak ?oMira
AaM. etat. ? Ike poi tiaa of tae Hi mi '"ir?l. Lick' kaaaa, 10
th.- MMitaol Sn'.*atHre.a:tie ?iitr..?.-. ? ' e i'b.ua itaa.
whack waa to ba Btated ap oa or al attka ttaf Jaaaary.
imi. ta M m !at t MM., laa IW .'. K al Oiaaawtah,
hearn e tr. r.i S.ar ipi re Ji 1 I ' ?. aud :: wllat
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?rertt aci,oiiini9'!ati.>n to niariieM. A r.^l Iktal 1? ekeara,
aad It M 1 an to ilawMKIttok it fraai ?tiier lianta ia that
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ikeaaeaetaaataOMII < 1 aattoal ireeraH raloaaaaae
abual Aut. 1
Arr :?t Lakaiaa Ho\ r. Faleoa, Bniith, New-Bedfird.
.r. ? < > iketak Sea, .it ia, 1 1 ah., I) Pn
baae; ttk,Octarl ,llucaai, New.Bedford, frata \rrt.r. :i
awe., ''.'in.. t,l Iwj . :M ? 1 Iba boat lelterion, Hunt
tat. 8 H , from de.. 11 mue , I ?wh .3'. ft .. Iiis h >a?
('ill at <! > i lit W,al ' ? ? "ii.e. \t' Whi .* J. M we. "J ( .
HiilliO de Iii ."M >r-e, I'.H.; II st. Onn. P.I.e. Baker,
N L ; Coral,Shermaa, New-Bed ,. . !.r. < + .!>"????
Bedford; Nor 1.1 ilumbia.Ca?h,N?ot; Bteob.Mtia, Terrr,
N. ? ?? ' ? , ' .. II I ?. N. i 11 -Jl ir...
M... Baak, Ba ia, \? i rea; Fi 0 1 n. L ah. X.lt . bj 1
aoajaaela, Baabar IN 8 Ith, t da 1 Barker, Ifortoa,
N B.i llth.On.eia.riihar.F M Ale- l?der,Loaf,Hoao*
lalu; n.iwii t. ii. w .t.ir-,r if B arrea, forde
Arr. atHile.Nat 1 PlaaaU, Brewater, S i. , ti mm
k letter freat Cap) Dawrenea, ihip Addiaoa, of New.
Bad ford, reporta aai *' Talparaiaa, Nor. Si, wttk iMl ti^ia
?.1 at,arad aaerviie,aas 1 ed te be it ktaas la
J'rie ant
.?.'(., ;m-V '. I BJ loa W? R ii ? t Murne o,
of ai d from New>Btdfurd for Nortli Paeille.
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J*:. 'i.t II,loa 11 ji.m-hr Kmir Philip, iraSj St.
IJ ? im." for Bo .itrokeaaak >nr
Jan ft, ay Point Judith, wg Pearl, far BjosMs for Wow*
1 awdea
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'?' ?. Bkaaek al t New York.
.Nav M, mi Baach) Heed, ikl All mr. B*ri-v, freat
ii- . data 1 r Niw-York
Dee .let 11 loa M, sMi " Oxford," f reea Harre fat
>ew Ot.fxa*, waa raiard UM tlay a large Am. abip.
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whiti ? 1?' a it!i -i bl ? i, hi ihoi in it.
N. J?te. ?? . iaa 71 W,warkWm Baawr.ef Massea,
hi. beediBf teath we?r.
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Oate,Freeeiaa,from New*Yark.fOet. 111 for 8?u Iran
? - ky kki r Bafla, Woippla, from Piuladelptua via
Kirhmon.l.ai Rio de Janeiro, Not >, .ia?l r* named mo..
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f -J 1.000 Bi raa Pel t a. jtor*. ,s* n jLdiuf Iks n?*
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"CaeawBI a 'aehtd?payablt Ut April und Oetnber.
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??'. - ?? I 1' I I 441- tVj.e at
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i BOaN :? i - \ |,i, _k ^ yi
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, ?. ,,tr. i.-eanrig 'Uerii atAn
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i.r.L t..'.'0 DUNU|\ I B ro ,
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, heute duly awora I Catktar M laid
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J-u . lt.,t. Ijef..,, .A.. J.dia Hetainaa. Oat ..! [). edt
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rpo CONTB/ ' HlRS.- i UK rtjp,.
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Wilham Radford R TiUb B! l?ett. i: mun.! Onia
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rpHE BOARD oi tki s i kks ta??h|
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?a the i aintal (ti < k foi the | > 1 til atuatiie. aarahle *%??
inaad at the i Blee in C at nn ati, or ?u the tOth ia?t. at at
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Yotk due aa ible I'ebrnary i, ISM, will he paf a
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Chaashstlala of the City, at the !t|?rhaute?' ii??, N?b
w?l ?? the Traaifsr B-xiki ?rill be etoeed w'*.l?*ei?|.
'?.!..nr . V, laSS, *? . a'otu, I ?I _?vrnl.wr'? UflM,
NswYork.D^i II,IUI JUet. H rATLUfj
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Chieaaw Vakoa Railroad in per rent B >at?,psr?ai
imii pearli in N? - ^ :' Mi'MBukae .?d Mataatai
Kailioail i'ir?t .".!..-*-u* M >i- <--d'. U mU yi ?Ida III
?eiirly in Wev. i - I'ay tale ht
i'llni * STTRACHAM ft BCOTT, Na V, WHIiMk-et
i si ?.. k ta's < >t ics,i
Itoaati B ?an wo? i Tv.a R?ilroad Co , Dte lUXi
nn ID END.? i Difidi 'I i f .we M'i
? m i al pet ? it Preferred Stach ?*?*
Ceaapaar, has thisd?y a* n Ie !-.<-<l. .at?tue at UeBpt
ferAeeat't, No. ill wnl , Snn V r' urn aattse
the IJthilayel .1 ? a nett The Traa?fer Beefaff
- ' ? the 17th ad ftitvr
?est i i; .- .. i. PRRKINB.Ttcssvjk
BANK , rj .??,<,?R0.1
DAY, I HLhhD \ v aad BATt tl??V. fata iwlM
i Ina Itistitutiea p-.yipi r cei t interest .a all liairaeiaad
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' 1 ? -'ie. CJ H.WiUia.ne, T..ke I?a?. Ml*.
Kohert Rostra ., ?, . r.'hpelav
W.W.CemalH I. B. i 0 Wauleil. L. Haailtine,
M. Mfl k.il.. I, I , , , , 4_ ^??j
8ea w.Ti I. Gilbert j A Yae K.mi
^A.t "oLLOfh* P-ersest
ka?-..s tt Li i , Tr
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1 1 >"?? -v ' Bi i . a i h ? laatitntia will a
eeive epoaite aati) lie lltb .1 r. i r/, i?Jt. aad eJl<>?ish>
eal thi i. i. - as ii i'itJ I#iled . ? Mid .irsl --New-Yat
De. II,ll,i '.MBHOap < I'INHSLAND Prearl
C 1. Ml'itt',' Ist V.. r.fr.aidett J
T lUlth (11I.BLR1 I.KI.WI), id^lei py
REM I I I .\ M h.^to KN(;ia\NI) la$- ,
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rial h-otheta fc (
Paasaarae In ro L... ,. . ,
Ta.. Lanes, teatia| I . t. .ad 2i?t i L
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be un .. .....I ..wee asfss
URIN LI.. MlrtrCKN h SC?
?ei jo_No. 71 Bo'ita-ai N#w-T??l
I ' .'m.i ABLE PAIN I I mis. iiv Ihjnttl
' ' I ,rm (s BrMSf,
?jefnrniehedftarcopvuia-, I 'thin ..1 . n water c-Uat. *
>. . 1 r. .,r Ncw-y ,ii i n:\fraity. It Saa"
( '?'LD BRACELE r.^Loal, ? J**'
n ? ? Weet I6lh?tj
???? COLD RRACBI.ET. hattM mX
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?aital i.- trdedom ? -,?.,., t, 8 Lift ,1
Noa i it.n ,t i -2 Len-vt |RJ!.
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DVM BOOK, i t ,.. s a .sie pawreoveMJ
tied ?ri. it-. ,.| e b ib?ral'r ????
td I ? irtu;u.HK to N it., Brooalin.fj
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/IlisccllciTifotisi ^ynermtm^11'
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Ja L ara new ad C OTTAORS, *** "S
liiaatris oaatVas. Una >ar.i, sn feUol ?i>, fM* g
baau probte PaiUofl '.a SoJta W*fZ
also r ..n.s. UfnireofB '. 1 <?W s?KMD.R'rt ^
? ? itavLNNLR i. DOVKUM H'mtU>? tf
Iti i?k_^ ;
hUORsS! DOORS !-S??-e?, Blifj^
th I)-. ? ? .. . ? .v . '?1 "*f a>
best v... ?lied , , ..?.l.-muBfd iswSMJj
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OUOOKL,. . i r.,\| vuE \i AHKjJ
J J* JoraJetu. n n - . ,J(; i ,r M, a. ? f'*'Se|
?k n : .an latteveau reeetaed b? a? ?"Sf.
t ml im?! earl hu > nut ii : f,r^ will see i'
" i Ml SIC II n.il H HA BY Kl I E
. iisl), v.u i'HL'RBI) v Y, Ja? ii A -aa- - ? ,
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