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"T~ VmTU**? ??<* Uallfkl Kallwav
Hai irar. 1 aaeOaf, J "i -*.
i*i*Nli'" tM.rffHr?>(l!!n*lbf Hnm* Gar
*ret M " ' ?' 1 ' l'
?IbfW <; vfi,"'t ?.. > ? tri i ?nstru I
[roro the Halifax * <| ~ /
t*^5& f r. hi of ti e road t' Portland iheref?r
spend >i
\c"w.Brm.*wi i
n?VaVnntwi ? ' laiifax aril
quit* reter.-irne
Ditmlssai. Death.
WaaaiaoTva, Toetday, faa ff, 18SI
Three eJatki m the Sixth a tutor's otase al tha
Treasury I'tpai rii ? net ?
fttay af* all rap rtedtor* a tat West?
?eoof them *? lito
Bjcbsrd W. 01)1, clerk of the Court of Appeals of
..?srylead. died at Annapolis last nigm.
Statistics aT Hog Clicking in rhr West.
ClHCllSHaTI. lUM'lir.JU ?7. UJi
Tar/Yv* Cttrrrnt lias r jailed its -isuai ste'emf-at uf
atjj park?? ia tA* We?: betnrat rrass ? Ihtrdeofihe
?sckiaa pern's lael eis*. Pleeee, give a
fatal aumher ef fMtUU, taa net l.i-.ijs? la?t ye.r. obi >
bdiaaa aatl Bastecky. ?&??* **?"?? ?' inereaiH of
1<t<? lathis city 312.n?U hue ->??? r-a-red, ?t>x?t
J33 ** last rea/ , , ., .
Ihataaw aaetisu?*. arJ the Rm r has risen 8 m:'he*
^?jee last eveaatg. It bow aieasurrs i Hal t i.<-h*?.
DeiUuiiiett er Che Aina/oB- I rUhtrol Loss
of Life.
The Aa?*"" w;ii i rery fine tasarrea
tel *as ejtha Waat ladla Mail Si am Pa ket Cam
pact's equedroB Ihe ha i salted ho a 8 luthemptoa
on the afternoon of Prsdaj thetdof January. By
midnigat oa SatarJay ene had got well clear of the
Scilly Islands and had ma' e BBOUt 110 ED) I ia a
W.8 W. aeurse from this p-U'tt At twsntj
before ort?, on Sunday ntoraing the alarm at tra
ua? given In a few minu es tie fUme* had burst
i.a the fore and main hatch wa?e, and had spread
nke ?ildSr? along the recks Tr.ere was a heavy
sea on at the time, and the wind i? u?-,-.r.be<. as
"blowing half a gale," from the *o>i?h-wes?. The
alarm hell was instantly rui g, *n! the rre w and ;> >'?
sergers-as many of them U were not loffOi 4 < : by
ihe smoke ia tbeir berths-rushed apoa d< k. Cap*.
Strnon.- immediately r?n up on deck la hi? shirt ana
u asers. The attempt,0' coarse, was at hrsl to
extiagtiisb the flames The propre?* of the destniO
tire element wa . however, so rai ,d as 10 sat all
huir an struggles at *>* lai e The engine>P0C? wal
nrtf nable, and the hose could not be bfoofhl to
ai t. Something, ladSirt, apejee/S to have been done
id the wjy of heaving overboard a Itoi k of hay, bdt
tbr task was simply Eopalets from t.'ic ( ommtii e
ment The tregedy then m BrOfreal was ti negin
mdead in the space of twenty saiaotea. As soon as
the oncers weie con need that tbe fire had decisively
gamed the mastery, thtir next ?Hort was to get the
beats clesred away. There were plenty of boats on
board, including three lifeboats. Could thoy have
been lowered in ra'ety, there wotnd have bcoa BO
eommodatioa for si. par SOBS on br>ard. .So ha;-3v a
result was not ol.tamed In the midst of the con
fnsioa that prevmled, aiid of Use wild terror ef tba
psfsengeis with a rrt^'n.' >eaar.<l " ? ? lie ol wind,
order and unity of acut n were no doubl lost, i'neri'
appears to bare been the greatest difficulty in eet'ing
the boats clear of the ship . the lime allowed for the
necessary arrar.gen ens was itimtely small. Waat*
ever at) have been the cause, only one lifeboat was
At I o'clock, just 2u in 'iuU s after Cie fire broke
out. three beats bud got clear of the burning
vessel. One ol time BT as alasOSt instantly found to
be useless, but the persona : n in x sri n p.itkeiapby
one of ihe other boats, a Oroeo*i life>bOat, It is
from those who escaped in the boat laat-maatlonod
that the tidiags were received on Tuesday. Nothing
was known of the fale of the remaining boat. The
survivors and spectators o' the scene e him lere 1 it
most imprt.bable that s'ie could live |oB| .u st
stormy a sea. lie this as it asay, at I o'clock on
Sundav momini;. just M m ntins after the lire had
broken out. no man could reman., oa the ds-c.K of tbe
Amazoa aad live. Her magazine afterward exploled,
and by 5i o'clock in the aaoraisf, then wasuo roa
ttga laft af tins noble ship Wbeathe tmai a left
Southampton, she ha 1 en !i >ar l Ie> 1 paaseagars, and
only 21 wero picked up ia the life boat by a lei ne,
ward brig, the llaiaaaa, and hraaajhi lato Plyoaouthu
i'aplain H)nv>ns was- a mad ves-il known for hii com
petent skill, eoiirage sad r? i tttaa
The scene 00 the deck Oi the roetel, of which w.
get glimpses through the few graohM particalart
reported, was horribly appalling Whea tue il i nes
had approaebed the atli I rosapsaion. two male pas
scngers came up fr"m the salooa, ail in tUui-s ani
runuiDi, all. fell on the deck. A tall la ly, eu ip ?^eJ
to be Mrs Maclaitn, entreated SOSM I tl
rare of her child, but sue womd aal sate] either of
the boats Dineiord, nie quarterma ker. plao
!ady paseenger in a boat . Iiut she tieuig ev
agitated, got out Bgaia, a/ d .. though lleur^ Wil?
liams aad .m.other, used gome force, and begged her
to go m, she psiatated in rearaiaiagon board. Tha
stewardess. Mrs Scott, with bar bonne I aad shawl
>>n. and lOBsethnig ia i.er Nan-i. rir>' ,i*i?e i S;eer to
put h< r in the diugy and then left for a larger bo a.
\t the tune til lesvinp soflkS of those win yet lived
weie kneeling en tue dl ok praying to God f r me -
c\, while Others, atBaOel la as.ate ot nudity, wee
runniig shout seremnu u with horror Willi lias and
Pass more had to ciimi tha Mat board . i
through the flames ami bojokc rttey aucceeded Ct* r
thiee attempts, and thai Slid down Baads, uid I I
ovtl the paddle box into the tm?a several wri t dovrn
b> the tackles Two of the wa;ch hi low, ( VV lliams
Bad I'osteiibad their hair berat walls comin; on
tit i k t . plain lyatoai on i red no one t<> 11: Into
the Imats This order eras eaayed ntttil the peopio
saw the flsines ovrrpt^werirg th?'ship He was last
seen with (he man at Hit wheel, erdemu the helm to
be put up so as to keep the ship before ihe wir. I His
last wurde acre. --It i- ill IVOI n Ih her" Mr.
Hniiy Kobeit*. chief officer,la uis stiirt onty. was
tivelv assisting ine c i, tain . he w is l,..st steu ?o
ng through the comp U mu dou n to the mam deck,
and is supposed In have i e.l-ned there Mr Lewis,
third officer, Mr. Cito tru'ge, lourib officer, and the
two midshipmen, some uf ?ho*e berths were for?
ward, on the port side ol the main deck, w, re prob?
ably suffocated, aa were also the chief engineer Mr.
Ceo Aagus,aud Mr V !? n niper.mending engineer
under Mr. Sewaid, ut thi \ were at I in t M i
toom ten n,;uute> Bt lore the hie hrok< out soil | (01
ward, there bring no poeatbility of then ttturn
through the Isms. Tha .n .... engineer, Mr.
William Angus was on tbe spar deck, between the
funnel and the ctaik B^nttsja, pulling oars, and
thaawtng taatn aut ef tbe way of the Are oa thi ? k,
near the boats
Among the passengeis eras Mr Eliot Vfaffcurtoa,
the well know a aaaaor, whohti teen deputed oy
the Atlantic aad Paoino Juu.tiou Company taooate
to a iiieiuiiy ui..i? i? i in t with the tribes ot In?
diana ana inhabit the Isthmus of Dtrui It was
also the latention oi Mr Warburtonto make hnn
eelf perfectlv aeqaaJktad with every part of theie
districts, anil with vth.it?\-r telerrtd to their topeg
rapby. eimiate, aud tasaaroaa
Not the least iiitereatlog ii '"s'? I i the tragedy is
the esihpe of tbe dirgy, narnted be low, and due to
the calmness and intrepidity ot young Mr Vinceat,
who, though a meie I >v .in' . .1 Mniself a
ttuuiiugh man aadta. He i >i
only guided bis small no <l n> itftir Uli he joined H e
lifeboat, but thane he took IraBistnsii eoearaaad as
tcperiot (fficer, and did ?-veryiHitg in hit noway, to
sustain the courage of the crew tirougtiout Ciat
dieadful night Prom a written Bsatemeat laid by
hitibefore theeirectorsot the Coiup?uy,ou Wednes?
day, we ettiart some Interactingparliealarsrespect
sag tha attempt lu la in Ii the l?>.t-. ml >k ri ?
oeing to theo peculiar nun ge. but m > e to the speed
of the vessel and the roll ot the sea, so laineutablv
failed '
? The wail boat,'' writes Mr. Vmeen'. "when
leatred, was imti.ei n.tcly swamped, wuh about
tweiity-five people in hei. all ol ?ima weie lost
The ptanaoe, when lowered, sheered across tke sea
before the people in h?r , saht tiahook Hie tore
tackle. They were then i waaba I out, mil the
^oat remamed hanging b> the bo* Wmle clearing
away tbe second c Ul I I sea struck her an t r ose I
her oil ice ctanes and uah viked the bow-ta;kle.
aha facaaad unmadiati | fell down, ani tha peo
p.'eiaher, wi.h the et.ep.Mii ol two. who hung
doubled over the thwarts, were Btuctpttated latoths
tea and Cleaned. S:?i?en BM n iiuctuding two pas
strgert) suceeedtd. in c.earinx a way aad lowering
the life-boat on the siaiN>.ud side Tftev used every
aedtavor to save those in the water, but were swept
past so rapidly ?hat im t exertions were without
avail. \t about the s-ime time 1. eith tie chief
stew aid, one paaaeagci, and two seamen, got into
ai d lowered the dingy, and ware picked up bv the
life-UMt about a hall an h mr afterward, when we
IsjuBw* lately look the small boat in tow. an 1 stood
i\?n for the ihip. but the wind an i tea Inoreasing
and the dingy being upset, and ourselves being near?
ly fwan.'ped, we weie obliged to let tbe sma l boat
go, aad keep the life boat with her head t ? the su?.
' ? ? ? About! AM it rained heavily, wutd shifted
to northward, e'eerra* rg sea, confused, but going
down put the boat about, and kept before it. At
five the maaaziae aaploded, ami at> .ut halt an hour
afterwmd the funntis went over tne side, soon after
which Ii e ship wei : ' ea x?fy."
Alter this ihe boat was pulled before the aea and
wind, thiiikiag to make the French c.iatt, w i ,
as they thought, tbe nearest Mr \ haaeat*! monkey
jacket, being mounted on an oar. was ihnr oalv sail,
and the boat was kept dry by billing her with Ma
boots So they proceeded until rescued by the
M trader
The auventures of Mr Thomas Sisley. one of the
paasaagers taken out of '.he dingy,and saved in the
after li'tboat, on board '.he A tuazou, are aim >?i fabo>
>*hs. Mr Sisley was in bed ?heu tbe ft re raged,
aaduas awakened by ?M tierth oemg filled with
saaoke he jumped out immedi.tet y. and, snatching
J|P the leerest garment, a coat belongim: to nis
niend. hsttily rushed through the cabin to trie deck.
Tee horrible scene wnica now presented itse.f
?????vi asm the case ol most ot '.he survivors, to
paralysed bis et uses, and to have temp jraj.iy
i disturbed bit reeoilecuon. Havhatr rot from the
burl ing snip i .loor* ttf i.ir- b-,a's which foaled her
' tackle, re ?: s precptt ite l ir'.o the set, an J, provi
Oentiali* f??r tum. su-ee?ded by swimming in felting
onboard the dingy. On iHt.dtr.gnt Plyum r ? 'n ?
?t?te ei nudity, be sent for an ?10 friend. Mr Henry
Keen en. bv whom he was speev'ily provided wit'i t'??
i ocesmries fc so iniich n-<)ui ed Mr. Hieb y's attr>
nose as to ti e r-.n?* of ino fir* t?, that it e ?mmenced
au.oif Um eoal which, bring ro ved in tirre.1 bags,
| wouk be riad;y ignited when j?:?ci i near the e.
l>e c tire of the rj#>ftjW!t?M o' The tmazif is un?
known ?he aas unoer steam from tt;e time of her
dinanu r to tae ptnod of tne aoctdasti, As i? usual
with new machinery, water was kept .dm stconti
i.uallv playii g <n the b? armgs o' tne engine* On
account of tbt l.eat of these bearings tliesh.j Oat
' stoppet' < ff tie by] ol Portend on Friday n ht, be?
tween tht tr.Vi of I BSd It, and r?>'il tne Same
perlon on Saturraj night she was Mopped for itso
hours in? a iiaif .' however, the necessity for lue
operation of wetting th?-s* pirts was decreasing, as
the main tenter bearingt ?er? getting more sueni
snd the engine sJtegetaef m bettet orter. John
BlttxtttfU inteliifeat frem i "'iteiihat in playing
the water on tbt cranks a quant.ty fed on the wood
and teK oi the boilers, ami ti rtt elves that these
?ub*Ur,ces. when tae water was driel f.-om them,
would ignite the <;u:< kcr for the operation, an J hence
the accident.
The value of the Amazon when ready for sea was
about X'1C0,(CO, and she it unrterstood to have cost
the Royal Mail Kteam Packet Company nitty mat
sum. it is said that she is not insureJ, an 1 the loss
will consequently fall entirely upon the insurance
fund of the company?a fund exclusively devoted
from, annual grants derived from the profits of the
cimpany toward ?asualtiesot shipwrecks and loss
of their vessels. The value of the specie, quick- I
silier, ?arg?>, Ac , when added tothe value of the
ship will give a total loss af property of little less I
than JWio,i((' sterling. The ?ives, families, friends, j
and rnnnartjftll of most of tne crew of the Amazon
reside in Romhanip'on, and the melancholy event
has caused a Ceep gloom in the town. Many of tae
officers, engineers, seamen, rVr , have wives and
families depending upon their ext rtions for support,
and to the Jots of their hu.-oam's, sons, and brothers,
asrtl ecase may fe, isadutd, in evera! eav i, the
proiunaie lees of tne mSBQl of sub.sisteime. Hut
prompt n easuree of relief will betaken. A subscrip?
tion hat already tuen commenced at Southampton
fortncir betiol i the Mayor of Bo itliatnpton, Mr. R.
Andrews, bt n n g the list of delation With tht) Sum
OlXlO. It is Imp* d that subscription Will not be con?
fined to tint ion n ?.Ion?-, but th*! contributions from
other jiaits of the kirpdom will flow in when A Com?
mote* has Ix en formed '. public meeting has been
called to facilitate this, for Mom a,-, at the Guildhall,
Captain Bytnoat was only ptovhdonnfJy appointed
to the Aamnaa, in rensnquoano of the a?s>cnc'e fr?im
England of ( aptn n f nnpman, of the Ttv, who was
defined to fc her jrritairnt c mm u.-tr. tho I)i
rectort hnvnu? intended tape BysttOSAttt assume the
command of the new steamer Oronooo, now in tho
Thames, and nearly rcadv. Just prior to the sailing
of the Amazon, Cip*.tJn Syatons receivi-d a cuinoli
mentaiy letter from the Baited States Mail Steam?
ship Company, ot New-York, accompanied by a
magnificent stiver speaking-trumpet.
laeutei ai t Bihdy, R N . the Admiralty Arrert of
the Amazon, was sent on board to take charge of the
mails at the Ihm moment, in the place of Lieutenant
Wilkintoi. R N., who was prevented from embark?
ing bv a sudden indisposition, and whos.fi life has
thus been providentially pit served at the expense of
that of Lit utenaat HraCy
The following is an extract of a letter to The
Morning CAreati V, dattd at Bre.-r. Jan. 8, The let?
ter states that the Dahl h vessel Certruida, Funde
ler, anived on that day, w ith twenty five of the ship
wre? ked perrons from the Amazon,picked up in two
boats. The first tso.tt was fallen in with on Sunday
i venirg at I'i o'< lo? k, a ' tv;e other at 7 o'clock on
the folio wing morning. On th?ur raoelHag intelli?
gent e of 1 be disaster, ti e I tern h authorities, on tne
application of the lliituh Consul, unmeciatcly ?>rder
.l the steam01 Bouifleur, in the uope that it
might fall in vvi'h seme of the other bouts, the fa'e of
all which was then unknown The letter oroceeds
10 ttate the following particular.-- relative to the per
soi.s rescued, a list of whom is given i
The whole of the fhipwr? Ked p,;r?erger8 and
i rew, who armed by tne litrtiuidu, luve been
brought ashore in boats, ami a more melancholy
>:>eclaele than they presente 1 e.iuld not 6e.pic.ture I.
Amorg then- :-re two ladies and a child . und their
lulleiug* may be [conceived iiom the tact that, be?
sides all the other horrors they have gone throni:;i,
ihev were exposed to all the in; leniency of the
wialher, ? iini g nearly fertf-elght hours, aim is', in
a state ol nuuiiy. lmmti.i..i?-iy on the news of their
arrival lure, seve.al ladies hastened to send theiu
the clothing which thev so much wanted The famt
11 o| tlr Anthony Feiner also hurried to the assist?
ant af thtii ii.-iifvs?d country vomon, and, with
their oidinarv humanity ha< the two ladies ami their
i mni removed to their house, where they are now
receiving ihe care and UieM on whi- h they so
much require One of the ladu .?Mrs. Liear.or Ro?
per Mel Imnon?it severely bumf, but not to the
Osnger of ner life During tot wh de of the periol
between the alarm of fire and the tune she lef; the
?top. she ClUPg w :t!i u aternal di votion to her child,
(a boy 1H inoi ths old), and, wnen so many others
peiished, contrived to save the lives of both. Per
husband who w as in ?W emplov nent of the Govern
iixiitat Demerarnfwat ajaoon boar.i. Bhetostttl
ignorant of liu, late, believing lint he hat escaped m
one of iLeoti.tr boats; but nor compenloan ttTmat
fortune declare thai thev think he wa< blown up in
the tltlatOI w In n the magaslnt "le. a up. Theother
lad] passenger, who has arrived here?Miss Anna
Maria Batyta^ootntt fr>>m Dablin, and I un lerttand
was aa her way to Porto Kico, to join a lamily in
which she was to bo goroinooo. Tne male pojttttv
nettalt all iciofoiianiv ua ^i,. at a hotel here, by
atNCtiOfl of Int Vit e Counrtl l'hey *re also com
pettly dootitote,both of moi.ty and clolhing.bat
have b?ei nmp v protided with shoes, hats and wear
ii ig-apparel, by In* t lot-Coaeai, who hat ahm secured
means to convey tnem with tne least posttbledelay
to Motlaix, where thet will in shipped for ling.and.
I hav e omv lo add that Contain Fundeb-r, of the
OrrtrutOb, m.s acted w,th iho most praiseworthy
humanly. II? DOtonly pinned everything, on board
hit ve.-sel at the ditaotnl of our shipwrecked coun?
trymen, but had ir?u:e rial of his track to carry tl.eui
to the nenne: Car bor.
l.itl ul PoMtnoeii (/ii bontJ tht AatasOW- Messrs. lie
fate ft Doigado, Lionl de ? Mr. Fol loon, h??.Mr.
.ii 4 Mis Winten. Ml JjOOl. Ml Bl '. Mr Au teiovabd
Mr. Hanultoa, Jamaica j Mi Bos aad sorvaat, Mr ht,ii
k*Uy, AI*?'?!? Call*od*r a fUrlhtg, ?nu Mr. AJjavao,
Paibadues. Mr Jehnttor, Mr Uuriu it, aui Mr unlMra
Scotland, Trinidad. Mr nick,Mr and Mi? McCdaaow,
mi Mr. Kodsoa(saved) Domorara; Mr K. Warbtrton
uhe aaatagt laaad | Met art. rvsi*y (sited) A Qoraaa,
Mont and Miete Laciiu 1 M ei? Kerstrsoe,
Mi. CiLia hir. Ke lacota m il Mi. L'rlleiuaic. Coaprts ;
Mr.M Del Km, Margaret e*ilsgerajd. Man?. Kerne', Mr.
Qlenaio Mettrt Heeks (saved) A Keirear, ilrac ? H.?air,
Mi Sti boo, Di d Mr Qraaior. V*raCi < . Ma< s-ij'ii,
Fast*AUCO, Mr. t uU'in Lg Mr BvaaS, aad Mr Creve
oowst, 8t.thesaat; Mi smrdsaaas, Bants Martha ; Mr.
l.e Part. Oaadalaaso
.Ncnifje' iv Lost and Mtsata* Crem ?\t ili tm gftteas,
coBiinundtt, Hear) Botet ta, at, ch*foii;>er, Owaaart j
Cliarle? Tirrwerke. S3, tec 'iid uflica-r. Milogan: .Inha
l.e?it 2t, iluid "fluer. Kinr-toD. Jamaica, U**nr* D.
Oi drtdge. ll, loarth > Besr, KauLtun ; jaurt W Fuller
toa, )7. ?uigi. t eeant) oi Da teal; M H Bt ? t, 13,
i.uitet. Aliud.rift. Fraacit Btatoirarth 16, n. ,i?ii,iu?a,
> ??tlml'rt. Wi Uam K 8 aart. 15, nmiilupnian, I illrbm ,
Themes Walter Shaiaott ts, i>m??.'e aaaie'ant, .soott.i tap- I
Ira; Datid Davit, to, Ii. utswaiu. Ctrlnma Jamos Mar
('iis. 31 Cmpao?or. Avr: .tamct Bryaat, to, *arr?*ator's
?tote ?uJ >"iin. li->na'nB, Watt, Jusepa Kav., 41, uietf.
ai-ainn. B?lten, Ooovg* Deal. ?t, gaartsr sna?ter, Br.?'?
u.rt. Aletaiidi: King, u:, qaartoraaotor, Itromaom:
Wduam Alarm. 33. rrtartartaaatar, farenam , Kuba d
l'aiier, tu. A. H .Pupulai; P*t*r Kelly. It *.. It, Abar
dt*n , T aan Bmwn, -'".A B . \ arsaoathi; Ooorge Webb,
3*. A. B . t?t ahaiu loa; taamuci Fairy,at, A B . Hall ? ,
Kscktrd L Tallssadge. 3l A B U ltra; Hcurv Wr'gM,
?8,a B.Oaapert; J.l.nM W i. ?? .. :'ti. a It l.?a
euu ; Jeoaah WelkiuaB, A K , C'evcDpoit . William
For. 21. A B. Al-horp. Ihoint? Halt, St, A. II. Kent;
IIqaiteOl**, M. .*. I Ureeu' ck ' .!? ha Claik, 11. a. U .
burnt.au.. William BtOtaOtaa. ?3, A B. Arr. Jainet
Dove, 36 A B Me ef Wight i OoorgO Ha ah. 29 thip't
i . eft, Mi e-enl j Juli? Forte. 3?. elhcere" ?t rtant, ?^?'?r .
Hchtrd Harm, i?; dapoosnii buy.lsle ot Wight; William
Kni IT I'nv, Pa niouin. Daaie'. Tr m'ling, II. boy. K arel ;
r. 8. Wall, ii, \n r, Southampton : Ch tries Loddra. 17,
hov.St Iv*s;Otorg* Aagao, M, i hiai'?ngmoar,?uubar;
Wilcaia Ai et?. Ji soeoad ragt tear, nmtmr. w.lhara
Htulia. in, thud t'Dgn-rar; Alnlumfaiai William Stuue. 37,
foarth aagiBaer, Ladaaen ; ?ndie? Pergutnn. 2). tif'h
ecguieer. tin ? I s . .inn ? Uarer 2*. mth ai.ginerr,
ttattci , laaac Kubertt, 36. boilei maker. Ho )head , John
l.arae at.it fin mi. J?r*?-> ; Ch >>1?S l-l?niiDgt >u. -'.? tire -
rutB, Merten; l.eorge K*? vet, tt, ti reman. Braune . Caaa.
l.aug, it.'ireaian. Alrtrattike . Mtrhael Fax, 3*>. I'tretatB.
Hlaii.tv . Jobu Few ler. 38, Breataa, Old k'md. ileurga
Harding tb. nrtniau. Cia>ft rd . Nathan Wigiv.33. lire
taaa,Fat 't-cia* , lun.au A'.wovd, It, ttemaa, at tea;
Peter M KirCv, 3J. fireman. It. tlust J. liu Kicna dt. tt,
firtiiiku. Mulbacoke . Kobeit Furl. 36. firemau. P utiet.
w ii. I- : ? . 31. Altaian. .- ? i. ?? ' n . Jwha W.
Wilts, Itomoa, Southampton; Will am Scott. 19, fire
man. Hjrw .i t . Wiu. J. Laae, 3i, firemiu aaataSWftaaj
lleno Dar. tt fiietaaa, Walton . Gauge Tncker. ll, coai
tnu ii.er. Waltoa, W. Januaa, In, coal-tuuraer. Ports*a;
W GeotuiiD. 12, coat-tnuiarr. Li>ni ob ; Cnas Dcndney.
25, enal-inmsner, Hrntmgt; W. Lticaa. tu, c>ai t itamer,
1 raatal ri H> C?nri,li. coil trtauaar, Bonthaiiiptua,
AbriLar. Buiuv. 33. Ceal-tnrnu er, Lea;>; W. WaU. ti,
coal tun n.rr. W'stikbaia ; Jona FiCttr. 23. cea1 -tr.taater,
Wvlir . gtaaaaj L*??. iJ. cual ttianuar, WwlverfintaptoB;
Tho*, Footer. SI, real trimmer. Suites; Augat Mi Kaan,
I* lamfp tnttiajtf, Foitwiliam. W. N->ma, 18, eagiaecrt'
tttvaat,gwa'haaaptoo; Michael OoalJj, v., h?ai waiter,
KirCtrtV* . W G 1 1 ' < rt .'I 'Citri. Ch li'il.1 w
Adittt. II, water. 8hiiit>, lehn Haace, 10. waiter,
Boatxtmnii u . Johu B'kke. in, bediiHim ateward. H ft ? ;
Ti. -n.ai Pblll;i>lt, 31, terrrootti ?'.?ward, Ramtgtt*. Rob?
ert Liaial. 21. ?alot? roi k, BtlhnaH-greaa . DebrayTae
eililr Frei cu co k. Fiance ; Cb vrl*t Mil.t, tl. ttcjad
cock and icitllioB. Hniley I J<weph Kirbr. It. baker. Ho it a
i a ft on . JthaWat n. X2. bo.at. aViuiiini[Cou ; Jiiaea E
8iioud. to. butcl,*r aad ?lock keet>er. rnaicham. Frater
ich FaJkaor. 33, itora-keerer, Mivtdirtei; at Bci'lt. 14,
' ntwaidest Baut). Qm soOvmi 17.h y.SaOBi Jtaits
Bi*aa. ll. ahlo aaiasa. Hanta
The surviving potttM I f tht ere v, who had been
landed at Plymouth, were immediately tanrtOS bt
n '.tb-.. fin u the avhiawrt had Marsanrt' f>aea>
ty. Tbe direcloit have determined on proctwdtng
to the Utter port on this day, to hold an mvestiga
Uon as u> tha cause of the disaster, when all these
men will of course be examined. Th* following
gentlemen will condtut the investigation Mr.
TftManai BAtinc, M. P, deputy-Chairman of tho
Company . Captain Sheppard, Chairman E. I Com
Eany . ("apt Nolson. elder brother ol the Trinity
cose Capt. Mangles, M P.. manager R. M. 8. P.
( oinpai y . Mr. MaMerson, M. P . Colonel Short, a
Director ( apt ( happen. R N . Secretary to tho
Company, and (.'apt. bartoa, BL N., C?)*tipaay'a
Bupenntendioit at Southampton.
I Lu' c) ihr ALf tw, _K?H.rt Neiiawa. Rrq , T inter,
j >*i , U. Vtireil, Jr Dii.l m?Di <? . Mr Jam** * if
inward. M Juan DiLrfinl ?} mta-ru?. >r. O*
i ? .r a H . nseaaaeCarney a H : J?m?.M..
B ; Jetr.fiM .well. A B , ?liiiani Steett, A 8.. ?'i
haaa Ssvrii.n. a 11 Hen?r ?d um?. A B. fUor?
Pkttrui: wi.liurt Dnwmsr, Jobs Niirik; Willta*
uassnam ?ai?r tttdrr Jam** White, tir*iuia: J.fcn
Strain* frrir.an, <;<<o er Kief, triaraee; Cbai. Te^ra.
i ?-ai?a , Jobs Hawk*. *u?ri(? aaaaeaseg
Al i rinse)) as we can r-alculate, the sad account
c H i ai d death slant's tMis at present
Ship's Ci lupaxT.-.. .110
.'..;? ?. armt. I
8???h bytee Messdea. *i
hear Ira XLt Freiirb ?tieie.._.?5? ?6
Mis.irg seppoeed all '-ensbed. Hi
Loss ef tbe Celunibns.
V\'atkhfohd, .Ian. ?.?'Ihe Coiust mm, -,\
Nrw-York, M'Cerien, from New Meant '.>' Liver?
pool with a va ua; le c*rgo. OeaUBitttBg .if SJB] biles
cotton and 5,0'? harrels can, went on shore Jast
r.f ht on the rocks at the e istern tirfe of tae entrance
of this harbor, BBd bas f one to piece* Four pas
tensers, (two jacies and two tteerate.) with eight of
the crew, wtra drowned. The remaiader, n in
run-be, bctadiBf the mnrter sadirstnndsecond
n.ates. were eared. About l.uo'i bales of cot inn
luve l<< n got oa IBB IB, aUdBetilJ gfaaiBf quantity
will p.'cbabl) be tk*ed to-morrow.
Thr l.rirjitol Merrury of Jan. '?? rays "Thit
n crruri's rannt BBS brought intelligence of the total
wrcik. of! Wa'?rfor<\ ? c Wtdnesdav. of Uie fine
Americhri rhip Columbus ( apt. Mc arren. The
vrs.'el wt 1 3notuns burden, an 1 left .New Orlean*
for thi* port or. the 4th of December last."
The V in,-'- r n Imliroglle?Pnlmeratan's Re?
The Moriiih* Herald contained an ac
C4ii.nl of th azSBalaseJ of Lord Palmcrston, whicb we
cite below teztuslly
" Before the Cabinet differences respecting the
Finsbury-Kossi.'.h affair had been arraigen w.ta his
?ol)eaguf6 arm in higher quarters by Lord Palrner
ston, t oiiii. Waiewski calied on the not),e ex Secre?
tary for Fore'gn Affairs and communicated to him
the fact of tbe snap d'rtat wh en had been accom?
plished by the Prince President, together with the
leasont by which Louis Napoleon cousidered him?
self comp' lied lo take tue slept which he had
adapted Lord Palmerston on that oceaaion, aa tha
result of the interview, approved of tnc course
adopted by the French Pi esidcnt, considering that
fie i, ?fuii, ?tsicnnl for it by Count WaiewtKi were
sufficient to juanf> it.
"These fails, having been made known to Lord
John Russell, the Premier tent a written remon?
strance to Lord Palmerston, complaining that the
Foieign Secretary had taken a siep to Importanl as
that of an approval of the i say dVfuf of L mis Nape
Iron, without consulting DM colleagues, whom he
hai; tlitis (ommitted to it.
" The reply ol Lord Palm? re ton to this written re
itionstrant e was, that his interview with Count
Walrwski had been a private conversation, and that
aeithei its t? rms nor the res'.iitjcouimitted the (Jov
tii.iiart to naj paitn bJbIcourse of action, and that
the British Fat OBttVS n.ight, if it pleaded, go to war
a uh France even then, without violating any orhcial
pledge given by Llm?that Count Walewski had
arotud to h.m, r>) unquestionable documents, that
Loots Napoiecn would have been arres'ed m a few
t st t by the op|k?site part) in the Assembly (wb > had
prepared their i bus safe! ) and would have been shut
i.n >n Vir.eei nes. had he not struck the fust Mow?
whn h he had thus been oobsm Led lo strike. Thus i
far ItLid Palmers-ton approved of the c ourse adopted
b> the Pr? ridcit but heiirted. he had nntlhen been
maceacquainted wub the ariests, the fighting, and
the other circuu.ftani t a winch had immediately fol?
lowed the new state of atlaiis, and, therefore, be did
cot .hu.k it necessary touonsi.lt formally his col
It agues as to circumstances which had only been in?
itiated. Moreover, he did not oosJSSdet it necessary
for a Secretary of State?tue acknowledged bead of
of a Department, toconsuit his colleagues as toevery
trai saction which came properly and positively tin- :
ti his at'ministration.
? This reply to the Premier Lord Palmerston con- I
sidered would be thoiccghly futisfat t?rv, and he I
rdiher t xjiicttd the amende honorable but to Ins
amazement he received a asBisnd for tne trmsmis
tion ol Ins teaisof ofhea to tne Kirs. Minist? r of the
(.town. ?
"On Monday the 22d ultimo, the Cabinet met.
1 te members of the Administration were, op to that
time, perfect'} lpnoran: of the above mentioned oc
enrrences, it was then tney were lust informed of
tLe lartthat Luid Paimt rtton was no longer in office.
As bis ditroissal wasafait ac< oatp i, there of course
was not any opportunity for discussion, or for an at?
tempt at reconciliation.
?? After Ihe ?oui.nl, the Premier procee ied to
WiLdtor Castle, and oommunicated trie (act of the
r.oble brd's disiuirsal. We leavethe pti?lic to judge
with what feelings the announcement was received.
" Four It tiers were subsequently a. dressed to
Lord PaJjaersion by four of his recant r^Ueagaoa.
Th ree i f tht^e w??re from part'ei- whri had been (
considered to be minien] to the general policy of
the noole viiecunt theieforr, whether or not they j
weie pas tang acts of coartcsy. the more ealittl for
It cause they w ere the le.-s to be ex;>ected on ordi?
nary grounds, we submit to public opinion. All the
facts are now before our readers."
'1 his statement is given, not as a rumor, but as the
t'ue t.ibtoncal account of the afTair. The Herald
? oes not even coinmrnl upon it , placing it be'ore
the pub.ic nakedlv as above givaa, with the eioap
tsOB ol a few introdui tory remarks Hflirming the ab?
teilte Ii Ulli of the Lairative.
The Cabinet met on Tnurrdny. the S*h inst. but
i i tb:ng aai oaa d nut respecting its uecisiou. Lord
t..,i sc iwne was present Humor is still busy, but
?? i g is known of the actual state of Lord John's
private chaos in Downing st Tkt TVasss BtTBtOli
OUfly biatnuatesthO revival of a Protectionist < ah
u.? t, and paints a de^pe^ate future for tne country.
e * .
Thill tin u.Mirpcr DUtfllfloquently sliariows
forth BM falBta pasatl in Ihe leaJing DBga of the
Mctuttur J'urmtti.
Louis Nanolaaa Boaapaite hat come to inaugu?
rate the rsE'e of ttniretsal peace. This tinnersil
} ri1 ce, the aurora ot s)| the pr??gress ot the future,
wkiuh will concu t civiliz..tiou towards unknown
>lnres this paaoa. which wih f? r ?vtr cl >se the
abyss ol civil as well as mternatit nal wars, ?i i be
promolgatcd in the faci of the arofid by the Consti?
tution, the preparation of which tne BMhisiritO of
Peccmber 2 hus confided to its elect. The necessity
< f Europe and the whole world is a strong power,
pretOCtlBg all interests, and as?ur ng unirersal right
--that right of which our revolutions here s.-arcely
ever been anything bjt tue usurj ation Louis Na?
poleon hat not made any coup tf Mat, LdSBS N'a'-o
ii on has not attempted any victory by force. He
bas deliverec the people from a conventional dicta
ture. the r? membihrce of which, since lWS. will be
?in hoe ud in the negation of ameliorations which the
situation tf the lnbonng classes imperiously re?
claim The laborious clssses. grateful to the
nitior of their couutrv, hare conicei to him their
futuie fate Louis Napoleon has understood it.
There is his force, because there is to b? fouud the
real aatsOB of the enlarged ideas of the Emperor at
the e|H)t h of the peace of the world Europe, shud?
dering ?t the pro.-pect of IBM, hhs ralliei to the act
of Dec. 2, which has preserved the ciriluition of
Ihe Itth < SBtary from anew invaimn of barbarians.
Fiance, the eternal advanced guard of -rrea i.ess of
thought, wiil roon Safarto Europe the type of jier
manent eenstitutions?permaneit because they are
liberal BBd protective of alt rights. Liberty bom re?
sides only in tutelary authority. This autnomy is
wtli frunded. No one will raise a hand against it,
foi it is protected ty Cod L berty at tbe base of
tacSOtT, tired up to thit time at a machine of dis?
organization, bas disappeared. L'^erty at the apex,
a light fed by onivetsal MaaTBge, will recreate har
moity in genera] politics.
The above was given through his un
rempu.ousand cither ternfi?d or suborned tool. The
following is his ciscourte through his Minister and
BOOOa pltce. ii. uply to the toast of the Presilent at
du 111 at the Hotel de TgTJs
GtBTtBMBB : 1 cannot listen to there enthuiiastic
acclalnationt addressed to Louis Napoleon without
deep emotion, lor ro one knows better than I do
how n.tn h be deserves th> m. No one has been in a
belter position than myself to appreciate bis long pa
ttei e, his self-dental, and, finally, his courage aad
devoCfn to tfie salvation of the country. Yes. Mon?
sieur le Prefet, your wishes will be granted' This
power, whose Arm establishment you desire, will
consolidate itself, for the finger of Pruridence is ev
Idi: t in all the events that have been accomplished,
an 1 Providence does not do things by halves. Now,
gentlemen, 1 think 1 speak the sentiments of the
Prince in thinking you for the zeal with which you
have ct me to Pans to bring him the testimony of
your sympathies, and of tbe gratuuee of the people,
and in bis name I drink to the delegates from all the
departments of France
The Journal des Dcbats of the ?*th
; contains the opinions of "My i ncle," respecting
the authority of the Legislative branch of Govern?
In 1503, he said that Constitutions ought to be
j loose instiuments, and that a true Constitution could
only be the work of t!u.r The Senate he described
as a body of imbeciles, e t er SO years old. If we had
anything to fsar frtm it he would throw in some
fi:tr yOBBfJ Counsel! us of State.
In IHM, the L(0islature thould only busy itself
with taxes and tae sjgffl laws?a session of a month
or six weeks u. the year The foreign or domestic
policy of the country was beyond the range of their
duties. The iocg residence of the Depuues in tbe
c untrv rendered tuem unlit for such duties
Pabis, Ftiiiay, Jan. 9, i>5-.\?\ con
spiracy has t*en discovered, the object of wnlf*
wiuto let ioote the con vita al 'be Hullsof ?oene
feri. Butty persons have been arrested at Montpeuer
on charges coanected with the late disturbances.
It isannouPcH that the publication of th?
Kle inst, to allow ume for the publication of the
Mtl urgent of the organic laws.
^!'THiii('?,rt,miu ? 1 ne prisoners of Hem hare
ccen to. at linen* on the frontier, with injunction-,
not to retoro to Prance
P?*is Bovb-k?Fives, irs Threes. 71
ihe Updone of' Turin, of the lib. mat,
< ouams uie following, under date Florence, 3ist
ulr ?
"Ibis tear ends aa sadly as it had .commenced.
5la !?{ t his ma^ed it* termination, ii we ex -p:
SAW pa!n,ul event whicn occurred yesterday on tb*
K' are ?t the Cathedral. A young Englishman,
?0, m fcroi? n* acarriage. ran against an Aeetrian
olhrrr. received, from tr>e latter a cut Of* a S*rerd on
the head. Having been conveted lo me hWOOtttl,
??tent ?ltiud by Mr. Scarlett, the temporary Ca*r*-u
c Anjuretof Erg.and n Tux-tnv, whoawbosqeent
ly aridrtsie.. eneraetrc rem m-tra! ??? t > tue ?o.r
eiiiment aganu ;ne to.? fre.juei t au-eol brutal
'*'" ?' 0,1 'i? part of the Imperial trooes. It is an d
that a tommtksion of Aus:n*u odtcers WAUed tp i
IM M ill g XT .,, .,,? ,,f!,.re3 !,;?, U ,p ,, ,|V<
I'aial Picht with Negroes m Lag**.
At the moment that the screw company a
( ape mail packet Harbmger was leaving Sierra
Leone for England, on tne 17th Dec , her MajesU.s
mew 'tup .Niger, 14, Commander Heath, arrived
from Lagos and boarded Her. with disp itches from
j fommoflore Bruce for England. Tfiete tit patches,
it was nedf rstood, contain official inf.irrii itioa to
the AumirSiiy ol aoerperate and latal light with the
I negroes at Lagos by the Niger ship's company . in
which affair Messrs. Dver and Ha:', m vs of the
Niger, were killed, and nine men were C o killed
siidacuLded. It appe.rs that fat Sosas ttmo thoro
has teen a display of some very Hi feeling between
ttose on the coast w no are denrous of suppressing
slavery, ?nd a party whose ?? occupation has gone"
by tht atttritj of tiie cruisers kt putting do wa i ie
slave trade i ne former patty nave been (Oaloas
in their endeavors to prevent tae latter from bring?
ing sli.ves Irom the interior t > the t net :u*rkct a U
the s avers, on the other hand.ha e atte.upteJ by
even means to coerce our frteEds, until at length
thej hari c< me to Mows.
Tbc IVlger. CSVlatag on tlic coMt, ii?t>-rmining on
a cemootivauoa ? gainst the blacks, lauded her Doits
to protect ruraihe- > rd to ('nvo i 1 their eiieiii.-s.
a her a I o tni ..nUre sued, ana the seunen
ano mariners of the Nicer, being overpowpred r>>
numbeis. wire obliged to retreat, fighting their wa)
to their t oa's, wnh the ittaatNMg casualties above
repnited. The Commander-in-chief. Commander
Biv.re, ,u tbt Penelope, IB steam-tngste Captain
I.yeter, w.lh the Sealark, b. and one or two other
men of-war arrived oft Lagos, from Ascension, after
the fight, and remaining there, dispa cued the Niger
to sietra Leone, to complete provisions, end to t ike
town a detachment of the \Ve-t India regiment,
a hen it w as expected the Commodore would com?
mence active operations agaiLSt the slave-dealing
wreti hes.
Medeia Peel* and Teeir Critics.
a lectikk. m
I he Third Lecture of the Poople'i
Course, was deairsred at the liroaiwav Taber?
nacle last night, before a very good audience, by
WiLLian D. GaLLaoiiEu.of Cincinnati. Iiis ?in?
ject wat ?? .Modern Poets aDd Their Critics," ?nd
additional interest was manift<led in the lecture
from the fsct that Mr. <J. himself occupies a con?
spicuous position as one of the matt popular Poe.s
of our tYf etern country.
.Mr. 0. '.aid he feared the title of his lecture mig'it
have raised expectations which would not be real?
ized. This lecture was a tort of abridgement of
li t bet anu second ot a tonne of six Lec?
tures which he had planned in defense of Mol?
en: Poetry against Cutemp <rancous Criticism.?
lit precedti to explain his views of the
? jCtry ? W Lat is Poetry ' There bad been various
explanations, widely difltreiit he was on the -i'Je
of j* j uLr judggttnt, H?sl against critical canons
wm, n he could not understand. Any attempt to de?
tente poetry by its internal peculiarity mutt fail
He thought the external form ol poetry inn it be rc
i tivtd as its scholastic distinction from prose?Hie
tytnni mubt bellte distinguubiiig feature. Air. G
quoted BanUtt'l definition, winch tuough rather
vague was probably near the mark. Uul the gre a
critic explains this lo a* to make it j ist no defini?
tion at ah. To my apprehecvoj;, said Mr. 0-, Po
t try suggests itself to be tue life of the soul au t of
the affections, while Prose is tue langu.'ite of the
pattiont. The tubllme poetry of Milton was car
taiuly tha voice of the soul. At man It lower tha i
the angels, so are the afTcctious lower than the soul.
The lecturer explained that Prose wat tho language
of life which 11 red only in tr.t present aad looked
iurnofuture. Hs utteiance was the jaagl?ag voic
of trade and hi.man toil and Etruggft I'ae bo uiJary
bttHctii Poetry and i'toee is a palpable Bhalt Po
e;ry, the luv isloit lifo of ti e Wal, a.i i ver.se its vis ?
bit- form of es^reseion. It is noi an expression to
the attnd aeiy.hat to the tyo and the ear. rat lec?
turer referien to theenrront disparaging remark
upon tht i'ottry of the Day . In reviews, raaga/.mes
hia. papers we find taaerl at Modern Pot ts ani
Metern Peetry. He tajd,a lectirer bet?re the Smith?
sonian Institut ? i. had lately c? Itrered a vioient pmi
Upfc gp< nModen Poetry, which the Bev gnuieinan
Caaractertted a> Irath teat disgraced our tnerature,
and this pbulipic will probably form tae hi lament of
rrany jstrsons upon this abused brau h ot literature,
lint tLis leclur. r was only <>ne of a mas- ot r erary
n n< bunt? w bo sell tht lr ellorts weekly and monthly
ft r publication This war upon Modem Poetry is
?Ot a rew thing?it is the old battle between i bt>
Miv.it.sm ana Piwmtn, begun by the Invite; in
I Is i,.seilte with the ?oi.toi? in the temple, and aae>
tintied down to fhe present day. by the nook minds
ol every age. It is now mnuly developed
in a struggle between monarchy a d rejubli
Caiiifin on the field of political stufe. .Mr. U.
spoke sarcastically ar.d se.erely of thise critics
w ho rattled the ury b-nes of the Past and o died it
a.usic. while they t ould see no merit in the free
guihinj tongs of the Pretsnt II;. lorn! la kin< tnese
entstt succeed in inisleadmi; the public aad decry?
ing mttit Hut w hat is Poetry * What tho Ancient
Poetry, which is so much lauded' What the Mod
tra Po*Atv, waieh it so much decried I Mr.c went
back to Homer. Tne Iliad is a finished, polished
^:.d sonorous a ir-poem . its imagery is supernatu?
ral its hero is a litt rune and its heroine a prom.
tats its poetry is false, and a sham. Then came
Audition, Pu-dar and tne Athenian diamatists
1 heir language is often forced arid ofienar licen?
tious. Tne Eueid came, it is but a shadow of the
Ibai. The Art of Love foUowtd though pobsbed
it is often vu<gar. The lloratian odes are beau?
tiful, tut the beauty neither came nor died with
tl.rai What then is the merit ot ancient Po?try '
I'uit you say 1 hare not given a view of that pietry
No, out i have named tne chiefs of it. Tne lecturer
Canst text to LcgUti. Poetry. He thought thai ui
aJI noble essenials of poetry, the Paradise Lost
tiansceoced tht Iliad. It was purer and m <rea ' ipti I
to the i lata-room aud the domestic circle, ludra
; BtSt ,",itr) Heitumont and Fleb:her, Mastmger
ajit oil era of the age of Euzsbeth were tar anea Jof
??f tirtek cramatists Hut who Msatwaaatet for
Anacteonl 1 say,li.om&s Moore We bare th*
wie? of Coli ridge in place of those of,Pindar We
hak* Sprn.-er, Drvden. Pope, for Virgil, Ovid and
Horace. And after thus balancing these ages, tae
? ?tier t il has its Sua?spere.its Burns and us Byron
Where among all that is Kornau ?a i l we lind the
gorgeous lmagfi atien of a Tempest, tae keen wit of
? kug John ' Wim wnl set Dp Horauan odet tot
Tam O'ehanter, the Cotter's Saturday Night,
and other tongs of Burns' W'nere is the an?
cient i i.ilde Harold, the Giaour, the Dream,
tie Hebrew Melodies Where can we hud a
s i,they, a Coleridge, a BbMlty. ? l?eats But
we have sod enough on this point There are some
who admit and aamue these writers, but haatst that
for thirty y ears the spirit of Poetry has been >ure.y
(jyitg out But facts whico stare every luvn in the
face, from the works of Tennyson. Mo.aerweU,
Hood, bktity. and ths Brownings, tontradict this,
and prove tnt proposition absuid. Ail erer the
pagts of mcdern poetry are scattered ge:ni lite
stais, town broadcast from Heaven. But there is
yet another class who rush to the magazines and re?
views to revile especially the poets of our ?an coun?
try. This class arose in Li giaxd, where they first
. ried '? VFhO read* an Amencin ?o<?k ' lJutthis
cry has been Crowned in th* c lncreds of American
books issued from the English pros*. They now say
Axerica has pioduced g od wocjen nu megt, but
DO IVetrv. 1 would here be silent, but it mil
rot always answer to treat witn coHtempt
that whicn :s really oontempujle. The lecturer
then came daectiy ta tttathse poetry, la tae day t
? f John Trumburl and Freneau, Am-nc m p-setry
began to improve There were good satire, keen
all and high patriotism . but European modelt were
Jiiiviatdy f?i.?aed. Ii wat not until ite ru?e of Hal
ieck. Spragne, Dana, Brya*:, Pterpont, Drak*.
that we could claim a stand in poetry Atistou. Mrs^
Brooks, llillhouse. Dana and others were qur.ed and
praised in Ei giiih reviews, especially Mra. Brooks s
??Zonal*!." which was highlv appreciated by
?southey Mr. Gallagher referred by name to many
of the beet poem* of that day He then cam* to
?at own period. All ovei the lana bards
appear Lie meteors, blaze a moment and
foout. But what if their woikbe no: permanent
I answers its purpose . it relieves the sercharge?
beart, which tellsits . ys am. w-vestf.'or M otaer
?urpo?e just to hear b?w they will sound >?aall
there be no brooks becaute they cam ot ail be riv
ers! or shail tliertvers sink .i t-> t?te *aru he ? it
thtrj vsxvn.t sli be *?*? rj?r-1 *V u *nu at Lo?^
fellow, Vthmirr. 9Jt Us Ltparei ?-. t feu aha *i?ve
taken a h'gh miik in the w<vrid af letter* Wa
will undertake to ?ev thtt the writing* of these
men are not Dretry * But ''????are uti all Let
we lrqaner turn ?<>'be nrwinrtiana of mure taji
? rncate. to Btytrd Tr.rlor Stoddard. Bocer, Mor?
ns. Holmes, Pal, and aa .ny other* i mi horn in* >
turer named.) and he wil. pud trie protry Mr a
prorteded te my . we must BOt (>>->k in thi* age fir
Iliads and Knetdi tue Im is rrtil tan p*?t. and tr?
would let it rem, n me nate im reed of it P*r?
I ?B?e Lost we hare it is ours as BSBeh at it
wet our father? Pmdr? in kBit is| hse a
cifterept inum'se and ad'if-re'.t p>irrv..? Df if.
bares were at'a<h*? ol Hingt and Courts poet-y
was a luxury forCie few it had little sympathy wi;h
Uie misses But knowledge be ame lein asm* ?
Use many we-e lere ad up ,o trie few tne erei nj
men were turntd from max to humanity.' froa.
tourtsfo r immer, e. from K- s to artisans Tne
people <?bed mr ?ou.r:h.i | i .,t te -?e feata Its Bp s
am. l.uca'iocs trie heait of hum mit? wanted some?
thing to touch ita chord*. frib^e. Sbellev and E hot
arose sr.d touched these ehnr ? which will vtb-ate
IZWI.. /"k* ~T"f* ?l:???iied and cupelled the
narktiessof ihemiLd.jKHi ec. b, m upon tbe ? willed
heart and healed its woes. And this is the mittun
ofthe poets of our own Und. Tbe? sine for a'l hu
I tnanr.y, ana humanity wil! Iis'en whether cri?cs do
or not For modern p.ietiy. taking its scope and pur
rse into new. I einsai a meed of praise as great as
can allow lo the demigod* of antiquity and
in all it* humanities much more Tne true
Poetry of Humanity was reserved for our own
age. it come* not from a wandering minstrel here
and there it comes not fron a kr.it of e mrtiers,
and now and tnen a solitary ?tu lent but, like the
flowers that bloom in every valley, an t like the
waters that gush from every BiQssUB, it issues redo?
lent and glistening from tbe common font It i* the
voice of Cod, now fim leg fuil end free expression
in the iouI of man . it is Faith. Horns and Cnanty . it
is a perpetual ei ho of tbe heaver Iv tones that were
heard on the Mount of Ofgvos and iu the (harden of
Oettie* mane eighteen huad.ed years ago Let him
who W?L dttMt it; it s.ill moves i almlv on its a.t,
dropping balm into many a wounded heart, bearing
consolanon to many a bruised spirit, arousing manv
a fettered f on I to mightiest puro>ses. and nerv;ng
fordeathlessdeedssntny al;siie?< arm Itgathers
i o : unltioi s of war it ;ets i o sened ranks n m v
tion , it iticartardires no sea, and makes no plain
stipwen with hltssei haded but where there is mb
su I suffering, where there is want and wo?, BrfeeiO
tbtre is boneage of seel or body, there ara irssaeet
? I si itls miBtstratiena Its sntrit is aot that waren
aacks cities, which devastates fruitful atitds. which
mwrs t.> ?t ii? sBnAdariaw, etaHass . but that which
teaches man for h ie much nobler things thaa these
he wan Ol Itfd tf at which spike the cannon, and
blunts the javeftn, utd breaks the sword.
Mr. (lallagheia eloquent Ltalaia ailllstBaail to
witli ciius'tal attention, broks-n only b/oc, asional
:ipplat|fe \t the atoas he was greeted by heartv
th' er?.
The next Lecture af thit popular Course, will be
on Tuesday evening rext. at the tarn* pla-e, by
Hi Hcpry Ward Feeeher of Brooklyn
The Problem of Human Destiny
nv skv. iib. bKWKV.
lkctcbk r
'I"tic course of lectures liy Rev. Orvilh*
Deaey, on the Problem o! Human Destiny, wat
opened last evening in the < fun h of the Messith
before a numercus audience. The special interest
of the problem, said Pr Dewey, which He proposed
to discuss consisted in the fact of the existence <?f
evil. Withoat thit the condition of man on earth
would present few mysteries. Floating down the
easy current of existence, he would be a mere par
taker of enjoyment he would observe, but would
not question ? and content wiih the present, wjuld
not attempt to explore the fuluio for the solution of
his doubts. But evil exists It throws its dark
shadow over the tauest venet of our present life
We are exposed to physical evil, which is pain, and
to moral evil, which is sin. An irresistible mvim t
has always compelled the human intellect to pry
into the reason of this con 'if.on of our being.
It n ay be said that the subject is above our corn
prehension. Man, in attempting to penetrate its
depth*, has been compared to I liy. attempting to ex?
plain the revolution of a wheel, by which ho is car?
ried round But with this mock modesty, said Dr.
I) , 1 do not sympathize It is the sentiment of the
atheist or skeptic. It proceeds from arrogance rath?
er llian humility. Fran the famous saying of So.
crates, that ba knew nothing but hxs own ignorance,
had Its origin in intellectual pride For my own
part, co'.nnued the lectu-er, I make no claim to this
philosophical ignorance. 1 renlure lo believe that I
know something about the subject, ar d stand here to
tell what it it. Not that I pretend to have wholly
fathomed ill infinite depths. I hare not exhausted
its i Ujaitabla wealth. Nor doOS the emigrant to
California exhaust tbe affluent stores of her goUen
placers. But this fart does not forbid our eiigagfBg
in tha research with confidence, for we mmj be t>r
tatn that some precious fruit will await our laior.
. or after ah, it is a protdei? which we j.
discuss. And s problim. by us etymol"gypr<i ta o
Ureek. nieuaasouaeAhiug wbieh u thrown on fee a i
Btdorattoo, MtaetBiag to bo exassined on u. >? i-i
like u ball wbicb islo be kept rolling. We ma) ton
.. i. a the universe to a ball, aroaad round wita tne
myrtenet of life, of which we endeavor to c itch a
glimp.se in us rapid revolution, even if we cannot
fathom Its vatt piofuu titles After a teries of com?
ments on the argument of LaibatU, *- set forth IB
the Tin, ice, L>r D. aasi that he siiould etplaui
the existence of evil on the foil iwaig principles
It is no limitation of the attributes of tae'Deity to
assert that he cannot make a contradiction pusible.
1 he illustration is often used to it (,od cannot make
two mountains without a valley between the at, B it
the qeetth n does not tavolva th.- noaatOetstifta of
i ower, in the slightest degree, it is not correct to
say, that flod cannot do the thing, but that the thing
cannot be It i an absurdity, iu the nature of things
It follows from tup nature of a triangle, that the sum
of its ang.es ih e<;uil to three right aiiirlei Itcaa
not be otherwise. To ask whether Ood BOUld not
make a triangle, the three angles of which should be
eipial to fire or set en right angles, is the same as to
ask whether he coulu construct a figure, whioh
should be a triangle and not i tiungle at the same
time, or in other words, whether he could make an
impostibility possible.
Applying these pnr.ciplei to the question of the
origin of evil, Dr. D argued that the present system
! - creati d. it not self-exitient, does not depend on
its own inherent enrridea Hence, it must be
limited Thit it lavoived in tne fact of creation.
The thing created cannot share the fuliuuti of the
Creator. The finite mutt by the Basare of the case
be inferior to the Infinite on wnich it depends.
Hence, it must be imperfect, and hence kwl,natural
und niora' It is inherent in tbe very idea of cre?
ation. Its absenre would be an lmpostitulity, won d
imply a ceiitrauiction for if the created being were
not liable to evil, it would be perfet. but perfection
is an attribute of the t rtator. The oreature and
the Creator, on this .suppos.tion, would oe identical.
Evil must therefors be inevitable iu any system of
neat on.
'I l.e si>me thought may be presented in another
I kht. All created being DHtSt begin somewhere.
1 he 'act of beginning imj lies infancy, or imperfec?
tion, or in other woict evil The first time a thing
is done, the result must be inferior to the BXceUaaee
which tomes from long practice This is another
illustration of the insvitaoieness of evil in a created
Proceeding from tbe te viewt, to tbe fact of Ihe
moral freedom of man. !>r D showed that evil was
an etsti.t.al coBttogaBl IB tbe discipline by which he
was trained to virtue and hsppiaess. Thu petal
was elucidated by a variety of con^iderati'ins. with
?ha b the lecture was finady brought to a close.
At A J- ty'mtour t Jormerl? Lunch 4 G*srV?LS?| WmM M
%%&%? 7 A M N*>a. IP M JP M.
January 27.23 ? Jl ^
OptnuTK Mai rees.?There was a pretty
good house at Aitor-piace last eretmg to hear Bel?
lini's Puruani. Ihe opera was given in s splendid
style. Salti, the only arti-t #ver heard in thi* eoua
try who could do justice to the music of this piece,
sang with a degree of power aad a brilliancy of effect
which we have hardly ever hetrd from him. S:erTe
nose's rich and full voice and admirable manner hir?
not often been exh.bited to greater advantage, nor
erer won more deterred applause. Marini did jus?
tice to hi* part, snd even Beneventano. catching the
infection of excellence, sang with a moderation and
good taste for which it was impossible not to be
Tne neit performance A th.sho ise will M
with Steffaaone in tha principal character
At Niblo's this evening the Smnnamh-tij will ?e
OP nWssllllHlll to-right at NiMo'a.
1^ Dr. C. ?. (.nswold vriU dolaver a
Lecture on tba Physical Structure of Man '?efore the
New-York Library Association, thu evening
Tu Episcopalians.?Attantidn is solicit?
ed to the Ldveit semea: on >'*r fourth page with
r*feren:? to ?t. - sc>nel im b at YarkviUe.
Ii.* HvftOABUl Fi nn < lea i inn rKe.
s.i a rm-'tir-,; ??? ihe <>,,..rt| Hangaiiaa ' n,? : ?,
hat cemrg at th<* \st>r H>ute, proof sheets ware
I rt?? Mrd t./ theCsrt'lcatet fortae Hungarian Peadi
ta tae d.Keren, denominations of tlot, #40, git. |?,
?n. $1 They are a'! ?r-graved tn the h ehest ttyieof
ait. anc reflect grest cred't on the etlibluhineat of
l Metels i>an!o;th, Enid a l o , ai which Ute? wate
tir, ?'ei a vote of tnanh|t? tho?e> g*atiem*n was
? ' ??...,...?....? ? ? .t?e. n ? it fol?
lowing terms
A'tn/Veet Teat tae OrafAa of llrit C?*sa??t#? ta ika
? *uC? a Laset r atd Mati?aai Rlhia. as
wet. ?* tot Maw** vat, keWadarea i i Motor* Da*'* th,
I a d \ I ? .or the literal Ouaao,. ai?j, sr ik?* ta too
Hui ??.??'?.? c, ?* *ks f? w ? i t!.? ?.ta itoi aaJ evi j*v
>??eng*?*d a'anforiha Huaeanee ? ?ad. of wb-ce
U* ; ? i skttu hi*- btaa :?.? ,v*a taiJ rwfaie lAas
Ciaun,:' tf
lie portraits oi koaauth oaajaaaaed >m la*** differ?
ent plate* ara *xe,ut>:te indeed Tner are sard ta
be lai inpoiktt to nily >e: issued, in reaomhlasice no
ved.tsin Ix-anty of execution Oa some of them
tl c figure is at full length on others the head ami
eh-uhers mly *p,t*r. It is not rur to decide
whicn to j re'er This new IMM of "piper money "
M destined, we no;.e and believe, tea p?ettr wide
?tri v.lat'ou throughout the lergih and breadth of this
country We heartily recommend to any of oar
friends who may hare a soiled or crumpled tit or
$5, or ever, tl- m bis pocket to send it to the Com
nuttee and get it exchanged for one of these bean
tiful sheets, the possession of which wiil always be
an honor to himself and a worthy heirloom to ats
chili reu The smaller denominations are signed bp
I fensJmils of the name of Kosmth the larger oaee
will hare his own autograph slggotniQ. aad w*
ne that some of our fitends will thiak It wel|
w Ith a hundred dollars for a copy of that auto
AkoiHkK Awrn. Mii.ntK pgji Monnv ?
Ttatsaaaf metaaag about 7i o'clock. Mr &o&?rt
Roach.resu ing at .No. 2 tiarrison-ttrert, while pitt?
ing along the walk oa the west side of th* Battery,
midway between the light-house and Castle Garden
di.-cove i d geott ?f blooCs leading from oae of the
beachebto the railing, over which he looked anddisv
overed the bod) of a man ai.h a terrible wound oa
his bead ai d perfectly dead. Mr. Koauh imme?
diately gave iiiforuiation to t apt. StUey of the
First Wali Police, ?'io lent > duets MarthaU, Col
.11 - and Money, to resent th* body from its post
lion, which they did, and conveyed it to tht Station
House, where an awlul wound was ditcovsrod oa
the nght side of the head which fracture ,1 th* skull,
aud was appaiemly utlioted by an iron bar, siuag
ahot or some other dt aoly weapon
The news of the marcer spread rap! Hy throat*
the Ward, and the deceased waa soon i emitted as
i'barles Geoii. a.German, who yesteiday took lodg?
ings at No lei Greenwich-at., he having re moved
fr<uu the Dornten boarding-beneo, No 17 Keotor-st.,
from the keeper of which he on Sunday received the
sum ot g.O 25 in gold coin and bink bilis, which had
been forwarded to bim recently from bis father living
at Kostadt on the Phi no, for the purpose of convey
ing him back to h>s native country (l is ?ut>posed
that the deceased, whoon Monday wat fine unwell,
wa- known to be in possession of th* money hy his
mnrdntett, ?h? at a late four last night, decoyed
him on the Batten and murdered n.m
vvaOB feoad, the pockets of deceased wereritlod
and tinned mimic mi; Mm pocket knife, on which
weie-pots of blood, wa* fount I vine a?n the ronks
near bis side, assistant lapl sun 'gr i*?, on taking
a view ot the place where the body was fouu l, die
got * it d that Ml od was on the bench and on the Bat?
ter) ta. mg he saw tstn&ll quantity of ttalaavUn
lodged there whi n he was truo.vn over-ward No
clue has been ootained of the perpetrators of this
aggravated murder, although after the nody was
found t apt iSilvey caused te b* arrested several sus?
picions dura -ters w ho msy prove to be the guilty
parties, or have some knowledge of th> fmatter
In the titernoon < roncr IvexheHan in<;ue?iupon
the bony at the Kirst Ward Htation-house. Htnrg
todktrs Aeimor, of No. IT Km-tur-st.. was the trst
witness sworn, and testified as follows 1 have
known th* decease! 'or about ten weeks Yeilardaf
mmning he left my house with tho intern nm of going
|0 (fo [tt Oreonwtch'tt.; he was a man of steady
habits, and girier my retired in bed at vi o'clock in the
evening, I hare not seen huo alive since t) o'clooh
yesterday morning, at which l'mo h? left iny house
witb hi* trunk upou his shoulder, lie had $"15 in
bills ami co n when be left. Tuis money had he*o
deposited with my wife for him. and she gave it to
him in the pretence of a man named Weder There
are four boarder* in my Intus?, all of wh im retired
la?t night belote 11 o'clock, ami did not Icare the
bouse until 7 o'clock thia morning They ?? mid nut
have got out ol the hause withmtt my kr owmg It
( ttaftas Ualitr, residing at No. IM laierty st,
sw rn, t.i. ? that he hat knowu the deceased for live
or six weeks. He called at my house yeilerday, aad
wh le there remarked that his father hod teat him
1 100 guilders. He complained of headaeha
Kttmond Reach, the individual who discovered the
body of the deceased near th* Battery wall, was en*
aliened, and Ins testimony agroed wiih the acoouat
given shove.
rr.ii 9, >:r?tf keeper of the boarding house No.
ICt Ore on wleh-ot.) wut esamined, bat nothing of
Importance was elicited He referred th* Coruaer
to hbl baiteeper
ll'nty strahe, barkeeper at No 100 Greenwtch-st.,
watthrn sworn He bad not teen the doc. at*d
tn.ee t o'clock I'. M. ou Monday. Haooased was
then in company with two men who called to see
him They hau along ? cavertation togothe be'ore
leaving One >f them is a blacksmith, by the nasno
of Ren ard Hates
lltrtiard Hat'? appealed as a witness, and there be?
ing no probability of completing the invest gallon
last evening, the inquisition was adjourned to II
o'c.oek this n ornnig i'he last named witness was
detained at the police station
ATTBMFi A i BtfBOLART.?Ulliror Dickt,
of.ihs Pifttonth VVard,whil?oii duty at an early hour
ytstetda* morning, Uncovered two men worting
aw a) at the |eweliy store of tla-iuoa A Timure. No.
'Ji2 bowery On teeing tl.? othcer they fled, and
the officer on going to the premises ditcovered that
they ha<l made an attempt to entar the stoie by
loreingoM the iron bar from the win tows and re?
moving th* shutters. They had attache 1 a rope to
tue knob oi the* nor, fattening it to the winlow, I*
prevent any peiton who might be inside from oom
ing out. In their hatte to **cap* they l*ft a small
iron crow-bar. _
W "Tlie IJottle ' is run niter by every?
body, and tire* it has been localized and the argn
tn*nt about the Maine Law added to n, Rtrnum's
M cum wnl scarcely hold the crowds that rush to
sae it.
ri*J La?t uiglit, nliout 7J o'clock, At tho
Pect slip ferry-boat was crossing to Williamt'iurgh,
a crunk? n man walked off the boat, and it was with
?treat difficulty he w as rescued, lie barely escaped
CtJVST Calindah?Tfm Day? Supcmoa
Coi ST -Not 167. t(i3. TA, W 160. IT. 05. 171, tt,
te, 21 v -IH. 21'.', fhi M. Tttl ?4 t*t. til,
231 I, C H5. 209, 47. Tt, 1V3. HM. 46, tJ7, 13?, t39.
CiBcurr Coi ar -Nos 16?, 113, 196, 1K7, 1*1,190
to lt<?, I JOi.
Tun LVATI fli rtAoc at Tan Anttoat in
C??Taa-s<TaeBT ? '1'Hrea men naroai Oaraa 1'ianh
ctt, Jaeob Hvaaa and John Orima, were y**tardsy
arrested by ( apt. Oc.atlitf, of the 1 mrtaenth Ward
I'oIm e, charged with b?u g the parties con'oroel la
the gross outiaga committed ?: on Bndgtt Henry, on
Mii Jay night, at tae Armory in the upper aiory of
Center Maihet. The at:cutea4 have baea idonuAod
by the young woman, and ncsv stand commuted foi
examination. _
Malae t>i<i\wr Law -The WaalUer-?amfi
and aascka.
c*rrt*tnao*a?4> af Tka Ti t Tnh-iaa
PniLann -ma, Tuesday, Jan *7, MtJk
Severnl iiieeti ia;? favorAble lo the adop?
tion in oar State of tho Maine Liquor Law have
been held in this c ty recently. Tue sutjectex .it**
much atteblioa as 1 interest.
\\?alherc<Md*e to-day, and clear. The Delaware
is tight yet.
B snett cn?t .aaet aicewivel; d dl Cot re> it is 1?*i
tU4 it .ue.t, oe.ho ,i ehaort i? pr.ctt T** fMf?M*.z*
Fneoa coatir.at aaiall, aad tb* ttoct it matatnvll? ran*
eed Baltt'/T KtbMt ttaiel.rd ???? rm\\,Zh?
I*new tb* mtaftem a.k.arr*i*. aatt ?"**?\ "I^ ? 'TL
? r , :u?at a. t< t7,. Tker. - a ^'^^^
ssatmai '.Qwitaia the raaga ''' V. tVsL-t. Rra
fcoeer^.trabraeda. aad fa-^r I- ? **??* "?**' ?"
rtOC'i M kera wacht r?adlly ?**>'??*1 '?*! .|J? ?f'
k? . /baJeVf Co?? Ntun. tad ?j? ?? ?J ?
bbl which it aa adrato- Tb* marstt cm, mora ia/a M
vs h? cfo.s aud law an areattdat mi ^
7j25?mi * M M F**?!??**?? Oais a.M tt i* 9
t,,,,t*l Wi. ss.v uuthsai <d danatad andatlissiawly at
' ti c i? kW*. ta? 2'e in hkda ? ?
tic,V ' K? l-s ! t i-*Allachaar
Coaaty ? R **. W: U Miaehi I R R , 71. i Paaa *)k
fii, l, A Uf a Del Caaalte. JO. tt. gl*? T*
B.-h. Mav , 11: $J>0 Ratal fc R t*.'TJ. Jti. $JfjjUHf
m .. Caaal 6*7 St U*?< *t. *.2J*t2Lu i B* 'tT
Caa. A Am RR? j*. W| a , t| ,
$'^N f -K^x JmJS Cm\lil%tT*?a^ Baak.
. V'.T^*^^ai^awA?r ?d. *fa? t. 4 U |l>4
? ^..a^aT^il^fc dOL K? ? :? M?cA Btt.tU. Btt*
% Unti.U*lB.ft.li. gia>.Ctarat4.a
tU AaaaoyBB - >' ?t.liP**a B-a-.UI

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