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Addltioas'profits Sta'wre .-? ?-' I
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The Assets of tor (' 0B9BBB1 ? ti s 3ll'. Deeeas
orr.lByl. ?srs asf..: ?k
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Loans a, storks.. . ?4
Fremiusa accounts tj Bo el aed by Botss of
oeh. sr'ip ofsaadry M '. ,j .< Oa
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Marine pnaks
Tits sjoB/d of Trsatees k tee ibis Day deria r d ? d.u.
dsod of twai.ty fear p^r cm'. ? 'he sale ad premiums of
the tear oe4? f D?r 11,11)1 I t which sriitoatss will b
ieauad oa aad after the 7ua >>f a pell ?eat. Also aa iatoreai
of sit per coat, oa toe scrip kststsdote assessd, payable) bt
cash no and afertbe 31 it ti sraaiy.
By order of thf ii ard,
ELiWaKO A. STRONG, Borreti'y.
mi a i lie
Zstte iee c?ok Braasrie abuddy, P A. H. Rea t.
Thttti:as Tiles ton. f*n.'i B IhHreoJkl, Ct??*. C mnolly.
I* 8.1.aibr-p, Bbei B. Cro sr, Blasha Robaias,
Bidnei Brjoa*. Join A MrOsw, Ba il AMea.
?,eo. tjlriaweld, Jr ., Win >' Bad h key, ThosBBSDanhasa,
EJiss Poi<?s<l, Artboi > mufiian. W. Kent, 8j Cedar,
PC J B'own, JtuiiesS Hyde, Jona Harp?r.
s inie it k A. Ln . Wiln 'o Bijt e, James Mrera,
tieorge Bird J W fii'ttnt, James 8'nsrt,
Jwhn b Ki rhire B T. Woodward, 8>-rmel I. Boaii,
Alfred Baaratt, Tbe.alo-e ? rm.e, l'r .'s E. Caok,
C o Herd. koltert I.. Tay.i.r, Boei a M'tmf >rd
P'tlwurd AathoL ?, h B. Cbutsndea,
I b B'ewsttr. L. s Paad,
ZBBBD1 l. < ?OK, President.
I DWAhtO ANTHONY. V;re Pree-.deat.
Ei'wark A. VraosHi, Sac rotary, )II laaMWedBE*
" nr J. B. Miller, No. 134 Caail-Bt.
tins the larseat, hinds, n e?t and tost assortment of Ladies',
Mutet'aid Children s Hi t, r Shooe,ladiaBobbers.Be ,
to be bad lb New. Yoia Mr MlLLll'l ".rea. too. wb le
they ins a io aa artic's to be fatly 'ht ir v atth, are mo loTB i
aad teasoBal'le, ptaoiaR tham within th.- roacb of all.
Call at kit ft aoiiahii ? ^t, l..:i-, aad yoa will not reflet
\,,'ir visit
"It IS .mm bob a Dav. bui ?hr all
? imp.''?Mtts Jkbvis'i Cold Candy attU ooaaiaass is
oesfiilse.s in caies of r?u?hs, Colds. Hoarseness. 8 ,re
Tiireat, WsssOBshht, Oaiah, lalhaia,Be ,kc. Bold by Mm.
W. Jaails, No. 3si Broadwsy: Zieber, Phdadr 1 >hia;
Beddi?s. Boa loa : Oilman, W.ismoaton . Wright ?c Oa,
New Orlsaas, and o> driia*is's frnieraily. M lw
A. DoOWOBTH's Daxini; AcAO i i.
No 118 Biioos:r-ki' . nk?r BaVOADWAI ?A new Class for
bramntres is now fuiiniaa, for a short term of Eifhtoen
Lesions._71 ft
litNUAHiAN FtJiro NoiEs.? I'liitwe notes,
otths denonmalioB of It. $>. S'O. $3u and $liia, are
mi i il aid may bs bac of the untiers'itied, a^ual of ths
sYietatits Hunianaii CaaawiriSS. at the office of ths
I 'enbsu Compiiiy, Na Bit Broadway W P, LlDBT.
(/Ai.iKOBNiA Gold.?r?peciiun?is, Quartz
and Band, noo|bt byH SolOMdN v Oo.,0otl aud bilrsr
hteficsrs sou Asaayis's. Swrep Smelters aud cleaners it
earth's minerals, and nil known aubstancea that rontatn
the above metsjt O'd sold, silver, tliimonds sad precious
stoass beuihl. lewelero' aad ii'vemmths' sweeps, ores
aad s'l hard auhataiirss irri'uad at Ihr Rtliner?, No. 13
Abb st. Nsw York ill UlMWASA
rt*'Mevor;i! (itip KokawuiuJ Kboob to let,
aad a fttod atsoitmt'ii' ef SOI I ad haad Piantai for as'n r*iea,'
at ths wsre-ioon.s t i Um i n fe Bi nar, no. ny? Broad war.
a .nr. lef Hallst, llatis a Co.'O Boston Piano?, w th and
Wit hont lbs relsbiated .Evlian occ mpaBimeut t,| |t*
iW~ Wet jUmdb ! \\ <t Linena! without
ths si,(hit st daniute, may be 1 oad a'. Hi icip 0' KkLllD
BKATau's, No 3i7 Breadtray, casnor ol Lsousrd-st.
Also, orw and i.iaui fa] ?i hi e Do Lanes, at is a yard, of
alefaal pvteni and tmall fmures.
Rr*'"Tbe bt ifF nn which the foeble may
ho|al?IW lean." 1? M'? Jeli'l 's Cold Candy?a p.rket
i i,io,,iiBiob a loaf o] li.aad is uot more useful for Coueht.
eolos, hoataenats. Ac . >a a h. us^h ltd or boiaastead 8a1a
by Mrs W JiaviK, Ha set Broadway , by ZiBBSK. 3d,
belww C'l eaout at , Pluladelphia, aud ny DiaM?u
laily. _If lw_
fV I uitUKiV Wail.i.n, l'hreMioluo;iata tnel
rubbsBrra, Cliulou Hail. No Ml Nassan-st . New York,
aad No I.? 'A aabisnron St.,B BtOOl.
1 be bodies Iber viewtd. ..a the chamber floor strewed,
Atd this verdict of Ibo Ju, v recordsd
" Rracb. bed boa am) *'i 1.1! i .1 b> lo ?!? f.
And lo Lyon tbep-a sr be a a aided."
l?c|ait ft r LVos'n Masaatir Powders, aud Pills lot the
drslructiou o| iLiec'.s aud 11 rm.n, No Ui Broadway bftt1
l?T*Salt WlBBin, Kry.*>ipelas, Pruritus, a
seiere itt hia?, in ant part, or E'optioita, or RiBitworm,
Scald H<ail. casi kwOW I bv therhrmicalaudiulph ir vapor
bilk, at No. 86 8*0Otth sa.,Mai Orand.
Covbi mptivps, Riad!?Dr. Roobrb1
S>i?p ol Lttetwort, Tar und CaBchalairua, has tir.ecd
aaeteisxeeaifalthan .'i other rtiiiedmr known, for ths
. t r ,ii nt CU1S (d nil 'i.e earl, sla(rs ef Cansuin;, ? IB.
Those who denht lb ? -lit mint oil find .. . Is proof in
Iks pawpbleti accon,paB)ta| the mtaieine
Eor aale by A. L. 8co> h i aCo.,ai the D(;/ot. N' 3!?
Broadwav, and by all retail Di ueniste. Pr'ce? la lar^e
kwttie? $1, oi tarea k 4ties Isar ti ka
N at i BALni D CliTlBBlIB,?We BtBtCld a
tiny or two since that Mr. Benjamin, the newly
e.ected Senator of the l iuted State? from Louisi?
ana, ia a natiae of North Carolina Tma ia an er?
ror. It is atated in tho New Orleans papers that he
is ,ii at.to of St Thouus, an island bulonguia t >
Do Ulli at k
Lo ill Man a ia liberal to the r.atuialiaed citireua.
When Mr Downs'sterm expires she will be wholly
repteiented in the Senate by naturalized ntuen*
?Soult, a native ol Kra:.,. .and Ben.iainin aa above
She Wad reptoetited ia part in the same body, from
)??4 lo MBT, by Aleiander Ft>rter, an lriahtuaa. 11
linois has one BcBBtor (Shields) aa lriakmau, and
t?luo baa two uieinbefB of Congreae (Johnaon and
Harper) Inshmen. (The Blue Book says errone .as"
lv that II >T|>er is a native of Pa )
r?7 " UHOintR Jonathan's Wrlcomc TO
ht.'M tii-.\ l\?i in, price tea Cents," has juat been
trMud by Keddliig m Co.. Beaton a strtklug un?
like l ese of Kossuth absorbs most of the U.le page
The veike which follows is i cry poor. but. happily
thtie is r.ut much of it.
VW WtSIMINSItK frBfiliaTBl i? ?e?on to ha
tstabluhed in Western Nea York (near Uudalo or
t.t l est-eM.i .1? i the- patl -..age ol the Pre*b> ti i: si.s
An ? . cow on . i.t of aoo.toO is to be railed for it. O
that its fou-. deia would give il a Manual l.aboi
kag -
IT Kim amd C. Dklavam, of Albany,
long a pioneer tn the cause of temperance, who ha *
been for some weeks disabled in conaeouenee of a
fall, baa neatly recovered
The Temperance Cause la Albany,
t'oirsetwdeace ol ihsN Y.Tribuaa
Albasy, Friday, Feb. ft, ISit.
We had a latoo atid enthusiastic Tern
yei u i e a.ectirgin the St ee at Paptiat Church on
Th r.v'M evei.ii g. ?hu ti t - uA'rt.-si d l.\ Win H
j3ui!e?gb of Sirsnise Thurlow \Y Brown, ot Aa*
bum, ai.d 1 ol S. .-. . .. Representative frotu tour
t it) Mr Uroan rea. ant comuiented upon the
Jtemcpatiatce of the l.tejnor Dealers and their
dupes, ui.i cucuiii'.i.ig i. your City lor sifiia.
iitea. aid , uMi-^t 1 tu It* Hera.'J. His com
titiiu weie czeeediDglr e.nts'.ic, and railed forth
the loudest plaudiU of the House Col Saow elac
tritwd the audiei.ee wbeti. referring to that remon?
strance, he stated that he had that day brought with
fiiin In in Maw-Yotk. aa an I ffsrt to ii, the iiwiuea of
/k/fy-Aee ateasaaad prftfroaere /er e Utv pre^ik.lory e/
ttt Lay a or 7>u,* ' The meeting bold to a late ho u,
and was a moat ci'.eeiive one. Bcarrelr a mgb
tmaees but a simi ar dcinoiiMration is made in Al?
bany by the triends of Temperance k
( a r I T a L Pl.MSHMk.M in UlloDX \n I
?Thv Baal abolishine; t!i<? l\\\lh Penalt> pamd
the Senate ol Hh^ic I.->itn.i Bfl TaTatl? I '? bat b)
the following vote
Ayas?His Honor lhe Lieut t.overi.yr, lUaBN
*?*!?? U. Rail. Btillou. Barnes. Bradford. Chaeap a,
Church. Cioaa. N Creeue. llaWgtja. Mill. Mtpv,
Mapckeatei. p.irur. Wakataaaak, ?Yiicot-i:
Noas? Messrs Anthouy. toUloa. Duuan. 1 rar <
ft). A C. t.reeae. laa? tiree;a, HaxtrU, bla^aias.
fWtl, a^iCB, SfUtk, '>'? iai,U.-*i - i '
r*rr r?i*r??r?i?.
VC? -I,.H bate* THW HORNING The
Trtmm* ft Cmykni*, Ommt ant m taaaaairl
/iWi It will c<antam ? sum i ary of all the
Latest Foreign ami Domestic New* ?iure the sail
tug of tbe baal steamer, Money and Market Re
ports, Marriages, D^atha, &c.
Persons wishing copies of Ilia paper will
pleaae leave their or.iera earl* This M irnit.g
Price,sinirle numbers, sixpence.
For atatfaaja.
Tiie next number of Th' Tribun.' few mwrntmrn
Circulation will be issued on WEDNESDAY
MORNING, at I o'clock. It will contain all the
Latest News up to the tune of (,oin? to press. The
Xtagara aaila from this port on WedMOday, at 12
Topic* era* liar .nctrning.
iThe fo'.iouins matters, orrumne t* the COfh or re
rei"rl by Mail or Telegraph, m*m he fo-tr.i. mere or .'eat
at Itni^th, in our columns this rwrninf ]
In thfi United States Senate on Saturday.
Gen. Shiel'is of Illinois mad* a speech ha i?vor
the Joint Resolution for the K'kasc of the Irish
State Prisoners. W? doubt, howerer. whether
foinV of h:a statements will i.eet lb* approval
of his country".! u. We raseryel tdn.k that Irish?
men have abandoed all hope for freedom, some
time, to their country, though the General saya
all ht'pes of lor independence **are gone and
ciushed forever ;" nor will they agrc<? with lnna
that Maba h:;s no future but a dark one." He
states that two thirds ol ei*ili'zed Europe are of
the Celtic race. <5ov. Seward lias tli?" l) > u
Tbe BOOM ?a? not in awawiOB,
In our State Senate a Temperance BiU waa in?
troduced and debated, and a Divorce IMtpasaed.
A U tti r from the President ol the United
Statea informs us that Mr. Wtbater, with the.
President's approbation, had, some time since,
written to our Minister to England in lavor of
the UWlllhal ?i the Irish State Prisonere.
Wegivefoil details of the Foreign News by
the Niagara. The New Conatitution will at.
tract attentuii. Under the Foreign News will
be found I column of interesting English ItORM
prepared for The Tribun'.
Our Pan* letter gives an interesting sketch of
the Progress of the Usurpation and other mat?
Tbe Clay Ml dal will be presented to-day j the
Committee ha\ing arrived in Washington. The
President is to be prcaent.
Tbe Ladies have held a Mass Meeting in Pliil
ndelplra in favor of the Maine l.npior I.aw.
The dilhculty between Senator Borland and
Mr. Kennedy is settled by explanation
hater news from the Rio Grande. < - en. Har?
tley, it ia taid, has dispatched a detachment to
airest Caravaial.
The F.uropa arrived at Boston from Halifax
last evening
Some of the Philadelphia firemen indulged in
their usual Sunday recreation yesterday.
Operations at tha Philadelphia Mint for the
jm-t week in our Philadelphia Lottoi
('apt. McCcrren gives us a letter on the loss
of the ship Columbus.
The Forrest Divorce Case has broken out
B| Hi hi the newspapers; in a modified type,
Ko:eutb was received by the Ohio hegisla
tuie OB Saturday, and made a speech to that
body. He afterward addressed the Hungarian
Koasuth meetinga have been he!<l in Cincin?
nati and I ouisvdie.
A column of Mail Gleanings on tins Seventh
Tha < eriiul? rfvil NrspeeN en,
If any ingenious Plutarch shall rig a
parallel between the Uncli of his Nephew
and the Nephew of Ins Uncle, he will find
thepoiuta of reiemblanci far more nume
lutis than is generally supposed. The paro*
dist oi the Emperor, having just promul?
gated a Cor ?titrftioa whiofa renders htm ab
Mtlutfl Dictator and Autorrat of France,
coYeripg hii despotism with none but
the flawieet diigouei^of which Con?
stitution the best word that even lie can
s;iy for it is that it is almost :i copj of that
of the Empt ier Napoleon?has just run
another pereJlel by diaearding the woman
who has hitherto shared his prosperous as
she had previously done his adverse for?
tunes, preparatory to the espousal of a Roy.il
Princess from one of the reigning honiei
of Europe.
\\ l have in this aet a striking example
both of the servile imitation of the V tell
by tlie Nephew, and of his incapacity iree
to initine greatness rcspoctab'v.. Napoleon
hearth si-lv divorced the partner of hia
humhlet and his rising fortunes after rcach
aaVf the summit el power ; but Bot till after
she had for years ihlied with him the ex?
altation and aplendor of'Imperial sway;
he put her awn j baaely, if ton please, but
royally; witli tenderness, rehietance, Uld
every outward manifestation of regret . he
rende red B reason for his ietidelnv which
havd somsthiog of grnadetu ami loftiness m
it?in putting away an old wife for :i young
one, a child of the people fot a daughtei
i of the Caesars, he seemed to s-acririce his
personal hipf/j lei to aeeore that of France.
Josephine had still a palace, w ith queenly
atate and eonaideration ; though deserted
, by him who had avvorn to love ai i cherish
her through life, she was still honored and
esteemed betth by himaelf and by tbe world.
Bat the woman who ha* listened credulous?
ly to the tows and clung to the stormy for?
tunes of 1 Napoleon the Litlle' is turned
ItT in the first flush of his tiiuuiph as if
she were a camp-follower?banished from
France like a felon?e xpelled from Paria
by force, with the children of the Usurper
in her arma, and eompeHed to seek an asy?
lum in England from the Ugietl mJ Ttlain
whose vows she has been weak enough to
Can it be possible ?hat France will real
even one ftaM under the rule of a tyrant so
base and brutal I We will not believe it.
The erinu s of a conqueror, who rilled Eu?
rope w ith admiration of his genius and awe
of hia powfr, she n.ight endure ; but the
reigl of a Corninodus or Ca'igula in the
Fiur-ee of this century must be a short one.
We shall look, with moro curiosity than ia
tc:cit lo the aiu.ciu::?!5it-;t of l?: Ml
mir ai.ti A?>?n. 'ir, In " wktt grade of
nifn |tf rr...j be able t? bn'te t-i serve a$
screens f>r h:a du*t>lUB; b?l wc doubt
whtti.u bis mockery of a Legislature w?t
ever ssst hatPln i'.a'.ce might endure the ;
detiiorirm of a horoi criminal, btat not that
of a mir-creart. _
Hinf n?d Clay.
The Poston Commonuealth thus responds
to our recent strictures on ?te courae of
JBiir.ey <V Co. in 1841
I " Tkr Srv-Y"rk Tnb'tnt cannot forgive Mr. Bir
cey for having caused tri? defeat of Mr Clai in 184 >.
and therein, it ?aje, annexed Texas and extended
Slarerv lr.eefinite'iy. For this Mr. flimey is abused
a5 a h-pocrite aad a scoundrel, and the defett of
Clay is bewailed afieth. as the mast deplorable dis?
aster that liberty ever met ?i n Mr C'reelevmay
be s?.cere in this, bit rever v asarr.sri more rnis
taken, or more m^craily tarrjw in h.s range of
vision In his favor, however, we are giat to be
at"** to mp;x?sethat he w as nut up and dres,ed a*, the
tin e of ibe Missouri Compromise. Those friends of
Freedom who were cud ntvtr have taeir confl
dt nre it: Mr Clay restored Hal it not bera f ir his
magnetizing Infienoe, Here could not have brea
f, i d eiicufh trai'ors to Lnt rty r-> have g'rin '.bat
artt dacxslve victor] to the Slave Poai that tWaav
tain ol all cur tvi;.?. The fri'nlt of Ltaatrtf, once
?o aofaUi caaaled,did r.?t and cuid not trait Mr.
I Clay in 1844. The) ;i,ew him to ba ??> most dan
gesoaa u r t>. Lfbetty, because trie rnttt pru'ent
at d CatUalBg frlriMl lO Slavery. Hive event* unce
1844 ('w e *? ytal j lo ton* thesea ??',-> voted for
Ilirnty ir. 1844thai :r.e\ r: ?< a i**d WriTe's Clay
now Where is the erem vyaL| p irty ' Tney have
not or,!) sa: ctMiifd !.*?? extension ..: Slavery w-.en
tl ey had the p-nver to defeat it, b^ttriey h?ve pre
ju'jjeti CiCir poor apologies for souls by SsMattag the
Iii rat express co; stititt or..iI s.tia-an:err o'per-'mal
rights for the- pititul purpose of tecurutg the politi?
cal favor of kKtaappeta.
?We give The Coininohu-eaHh's atate
n.er t in fall, berause wa wish our readera
to t?ee, a- we thick thoy must, that prcju
diee and pass-ion, vindictivei.css and blind
personal hatred, controlled tlie action ofthe
bin elites in 18441, and caused the result
whi? h we so deeply deplore. We think
tliM tnitti mu.-t be evident to the intelligent
and p4M ' tratir.g reader, even from their own
story. This Abolition 'Commonwealth'
ia now the central organ of the Massachu?
setts Free Soil paitv,and active in the sup?
port of the tJnminant Coalition in that State.
In this capacity it has powerfully contrib?
uted to make George S. Poutwell Gov
eir.or. Has it any "confidence'' in Got.
IJoutwellas an Anti-Slavery man 7 Has he
ever asked them to repose any I < 'ertainly
not. Vet The CommontCOOlth and its co
laborers hare found no dihVulty in uroim:
Free S oilers as .-uc/i to vote in such man?
ne-! as to make Mr. Houtwell Governor.
Thev profess to see how Free Soil princi?
ples are thus promoted ; and they are their
own judges in the premises. Does not their
own action in 1H50-j1 emphatically con?
demn their course in 184141
Mr. Clay naked no ' confidence' from ' tho
friends of Freedom' in 1844; he made no
piofessions of sympathy with their efforts
Hut he did declare himself opposed to the
Annexation of Tcxai under the existing cir?
cumstances, or under any circumstances
while Mexico should protest against it or
any portion of our States should deem it
objectionable. He based his opposition on
high National grounds, having -,0 relation
to Slavery. We, with the Abolitionist^
were opposed tu It Ari thtraa nraaoaraj but
moreover because of our invinc ible hostility
to the increase of the Slave Power in our
Govetninent and the extension of Slavery
uv.de* the flag of our Union. We should
nave opposed the measure to the end, on
Anti-Slavery grounds, and thus rendered
its occurrence impossible with Mr. Clay'9
assent, because of the lesistance of our sec?
tion of tin- Union. It was within the power
of the Abolitionists, bathing with the North
era Wvigs on the basis of hostility to the
Annexation of Texas, to have carried the
LVoitfa and But, with a large proportion of
the Center and West, ami committed the
( h i- State Whigs to the principle of per
petnnl resistance to the Extension of Slave
Powt r. A triumph on this common plat,
fi rm would have changed the whole course
ot" events and of sentiment.*'. In short, the i
Abolitionists might have clut- hed the vie
torj w biehthey 1 vilely cast away.' by acting
ab sensibl*f and consistently as Month Caro- I
hna ai d the slaveholders did. They h\d no
mateiial piefereire forPolk over CJay, save
that llbtj saw that Uafl former's election
Would eiu'tble them to annex Texas, and
thus, (as Coy Hamilton phrased it,) M give
aliibraltar to the Smth," while Clay's elec?
tion w ould defeat it. They did not btop to
aik whether Polk was in favor of Annexa?
tion for the sake of eitendimr Slavery; if
tht y could 01-ly secure Annexation, they did
ni.t cart whttlier the instruments by which
they worked had the same end in view that
thf) had. his moiives were his own; his
acts were all they inquired into. And thus
slavery won a momentous triumph by being
trufc to ii6elf, while Abolition threw it aw ay
it. ordt r to wreak its malice on an individual.
? The Missouii Comprcmi e ?'i i n<'t ex?
tend the nrea of ?Laverv ; it rather con?
tracted it: and at the >ame time explicitly
n .:! lined (by Southern votes) th, right
af Coegreaa to rtral?bit Slavery in I. Ter?
ritories. We might ha\e done bi'tt-r still,"
? the North
em members had a. 1 been j
Northern in heart; but, as the proposition
of a slaveh'dding Representative, the Com
;;oii.:?e waa i;ot a bad basis of adjust?
ment. We ought to have secured m >re ?
hut the settlen.eni was not a disastrous
one. And Mr. 1 "lay is. now where he haa
ever been?opposed to the Extension of
Slavery by act of Congress. He his
avowed it in the Senate ; he acted ia con?
sistency with the avowal. He would have
regretted at any time to hear thu Now
Mexieo or Utah had legalized Slaverv .
he would have opposed an act of Cosgress
fastening it upon them. Nur has t(ie Whig
paity of the Free States bum tioned the
Extension of Slavery, tboujn ^ pirt of its
leaders have evinced less energy and reso?
lution in restating it than one could have
dearred. We have not a slueiow of doul>t
that the election 0? Mr. Omj 111 '41 would
have prevented the Arnexaiion of Teias,
f?kal under col Jitions which * oui I ruve
sectned the larger part of its soil to Free
I.; i. am! thus wen the approval and
oo?ptvata of the Anti-Slavery element in
our Courtry. How ran we f Tget how and
by ?lu m this result was prevented ?
Palpu Walto Evers ).?.?Decidedly
fjkj sassj remarkable thin!er and writer whom
this country has produced is Ralph Waldo Em?
erson . and his works mil be reed more widely
and laatirgly than those of any other author of
our age. Ho -thcr living man?not even Ctriy'.e
?has so magical a mastery of Language. In his
hanc's. w"'is become electric llaahes, lighting
by their Intensity depths of meaning in the uni?
verse and soul which were hitherto not only un?
sounded but unsuspected. ILs sentences glow
and kindle, because fresh from the central lire*
of Thought ar.d Genius. He is our bus r a chief
Poet. PI-ilos'.pher, Seer, and wi!! be more widely
read and admired a century hence than he now
j?. We know not another man of whom we
w. nld venture alike assertion.
? Mr. Emerson will lecture on ' Poweb* in
the Pe< pie's Course at the Tabernacle ti-morrow
,v<r.tve. I'nlikc most other great thinkers, his
idi as Batd fit utteiai.ee in hia elocution, which is
UM IM kl ? e have ever listened to. If the evening
be fair, we look for the largest audience of the
season , if H lie stormy, these who permit that
circumstance to keep them away arfll miscalcu?
late wofully. Such an intellectual baaqoet
many now here will not have offerad them again
in a lifetime. _
IMimstek to Roan.?It is t?te I that
Mr ktaaaicx,late BeaaSorof Maryland, is to auc
Cee-l Law is Ca-s Jr., as Mit ist? r to Korea
QB* We have waited some days for a contra?
diction of the above Telegraphic rumor, but
thus far in van*. Vet we must believe it without
foundation. Mr. Merrick, originally I Jackson
man, turned Whig from 1139 to 1834, and was
elected as a Whig to the C. S. Senate in 1837-8.
He went along pretty straight till John Tyler
turned traitor, Whoa Merrick followed at a re?
spectful distance, and *as one of the three
Whig Senators who wert used to carry the An?
nexation Ol Teias at tbe very close of Tyler's
term?rolk engineering the measure and sup?
plying the needed fuel to the engine by liberal
promises nt high places in or under his Adminis?
tration, some of which he fulfilled while other
seme he didn't. The other two Whig Senators
had the excuse ol a strong local sentiment in
their respective States to palliate their crime;
Merrick had none, but was universally regarded
and repudiated by his Whig constituents aa a
dishonored traitor. We cannot believe the
Pr?sident has given him an appointment.
Paris at Pisa but.?A gentleman long
resilient m Trance, writes us in a private letter,
that Pans is now the most disagreeable city in
the world. He tells u* that he had just heard a
relative of the President's say that Louis Nape
'eon had lost his senses, and that ho knew not
when or where to stop. "Tbe nation," added
the speaker, himselt a prominent French citizen,
"that endures such handling is a people of
lackers." Puch la no doubt the feeling of many
of the best men in France, but we ihmk they
are mistaken. _
Literary Iutellitirnce.
?The first volume of Mr. Bancroft's
History of the Revolution will aoon appear, simulta?
neously at Cotton and London. This is a distinct
work fxoin his ittsttry of th* 1'mtel States.
? Ik. MaBW. has in preparation & Histo?
ry of the Republic of Venn e. We shall await with
interest the fortunes of this popular author in a field
ao unlike those in which hia prevloiia sue. esse?
have been achieved. We learn that hia I>rea,n-Life
has already reached the tenth thousand.
?Mr. GsOBGfl W. CVBTII has completed
a second vidume of Oriental travel, forming the se?
quel to The !ftie-Notes of a Howadji, which willshort
ly appear in print. It will be ( idled, as we hear,
The Hou an utri Syria.
?Mr. Henkv James has in press a vol?
ume of Miscillames. It will contain the lectures
delivered in this City last winter upon Dernocn. y,
I'roj (rtf, Art aud Religion, along with various con?
tributions to public journals and occasional essays.
?We are happy to learn that Dr. Kank,
of!be (.rinnell Exploring Expedition, is preparing
a work upon that Expedition and upon the Arctic
Regions, fat which he h.is ample materials, only a
small pait of which are employed in his lectures
ui on the sub cct lately delivered at Washington,
and toon, we trust, to be repeated fa this City.
We lateiy had the pleasure of seeing a collection
of wa'tr co'.or sketches of Arctic scenes, made by
fcim, which were full of the grau lest n .taral fea?
tures, and exhibited effects of ujl.t little ktown to
dwellers in m?der latitudes.
? A private letter from our friend an 1
associate BavaBd Taylor, dated at Assjuao, on
the verge of the Nubian desert, informs us that BS
lias abandoned a resolution formed before leaving
1 j a, not lo make a book out of his present travels.
Hi I Is in those African regions such abundant
material, and With returning health the profestienal
propensity becomes so strong that he says a book n
inev.table. To thore who read hia lettera in our
eelurx us, all setting forth and e.oonruendation of its
certain quality a ere neeJlees.
? A long expected liook, the Life of
Margaret Fi.lUr Ussoii, by Ralph Wa&M Emebsos
and William HbbtBT t hasniso, wilt shortly appear,
being delayed only to allow of ita previous publi?
cation ui England It contains copious extracts
from her amines and ITOlTSrpoBdsnSB.
Maim.?The Opposition of this Sute
have (by Legislative Caucus) nominated Gov.
Hul.l ard for reelection, Hon. Rutus Mclutyre
of York Co and Hon. John C. Talbot, den., of
Washington Co. lor Senatorial Electors of Presi
dent. For Stale Delegates to the Baltimore
Convention, Hat). Asa W. EL Clapp of Portland
and Hob. Amos M. Roberts or Bangor were
chosen. Sheppard Carey o: Aroostook was first
proposed as Mr. Clapp's colleague, but laid on
the table, and he refused to be chosen at the ad
OLrned meeting, saying that if he went to Balti
moie, he must have a fair, even start? It is nn
ders'uod that Hunkensm ruled in the Caucus,
and tl at <?en. Cdss stands a fair chance lor the
v .te of the Delegation.
Conm i 11't' r.?The Opposition meet in
State Convention at Ne .v Haven on Wednesday,
March to nominate State Officers and Dele?
gate* |a Baltimore. A strong effort will be made
to ' pronounce'in iavur of (Jen. Sam. Houston.
Alabama.-A Sute Convention of
? Southern Rights' Clubs ia to be held at Mont?
gomery , March t, at which the question of a
repre>entation at Baltimore is to be urged.
G*h. Sam Hovstosj. ? The Galveston
;Texa?) CsMBssa haa hoisted, as its candidate for
the Presidency, the name of Gen. Seit HorsTox
the hero of San Jacinto. The Texas Opposi
lion papers generally, throughout the State,
\ are likewise done so
Rr** Madame Howard, the discarded mis
Iress of Louis Napoleon, aad the mother of his chil?
dren, is ssid tope an >meiican, toratn Biltuajr;.
Tut AxTti rniLtiKtM.?The theory of
?tui.r. which assigns ditertitf of origin or crea?
tion as the cauae of ttfference* of aspect at! color
im rig n er. rscetvrs no confirmtUoo, tn our view,
from a scrattny of tr.e lively, bri/hteyed miniatures
of liamamty from ( eetral America now exhibiting
in our City ai1 Aztecs.' Theae are far more unlike
the Caucasian Race than the Hottentot it, notwith?
standing their straight hur. lagtd ejtva complexions
end pleasing features If our beli*f in the 8: ilical
acccur t of the original creation of a first pair faoai
?h?re all the diverse races of men luve de: c . led,
had aeedtd strergthenmg, the contemplation ol
Ihese children would have contained it They are
wonderfully like-and unlike the men and women
who lire arJ move aroupJ us, and with whom
authenuc History deals Their intellectual facul?
ties are rather limited than deficient their most
obvious defect being that of speech, though they are
able to mate themselves understood, at well into
DM preherd wf at is raid to them. Thctr spirits a-e
BaaatTj buoyant, their apprehension is ? ; n;k and
r.aiuia! ?r.d the fact stated by the editor of the
.Y.tr-Vor* Ut*mtr that the gill remembercJ and
re rente J, on h:s return after an absence of f.vents
five d.i) s, bis pr^poal to cirry off her playmate au l
leave her alone, would of itself cispose of the sugges?
tion ttat they are idiots \ tt with nil thair vivacity
and ar< hi es-, they fail \ei\ far short of possessing
ar. aversje intellectual development and we doubt
whether the ? osl acute I .eologian would be able to
Imbue them with a con.potent notion of the ' Five
Points'Of Calvinism, the \\\I\ Articles of Epie
copar\, or almost any ether Creed which attempts
to embody in appreciable and credible propoaitiona
the great fundamentals of Divine Truth as aiiecting
Human Duty and Destiny. What ought to be done
for them in view of tiua fact, is a (Question for Doc?
tors of Dtvinity. And whether they have a sum.
citntly vivid perception of Right and Wrong?or
lather, of the weighty reasons for cleat nig to the
former ard shunning the latter?to justify the
? -Hinging up' of whieb*\ er of thera might, in a sud?
den fit of passionate resentment, take the life of the
other, let expetts in Medical aad Phrenologie Psy?
cholog) detei nine . we would rather be excused
from the tusk.
Devotees of Science and of Letters?Students of
Nataie and of Man?w ill a ad (aavl s c presume do find)
in an hour's contemplation of these 1 Montkins,' food
for many hours oi profitable reverie and contempla?
tion. The trains of thought they suggest lead acroaa
OCBaaS of Speculation to continents of vanished
History. That these gnomes are not freaks of Na?
ture, aa Tom Thumb is, \\t are a nifldent. th it their
JuniLUtive stature, mental and physical, is the result
of some inveterate disregard of Nature's require?
ments, we cannot doubt. The remote ancestors of
these pocket editions of Humanity were doubtless
.Native Americans of a peculiar strije?they ab?
horred 'he idea of intermarriage \Mth Foreigners,
and guarded the parity of their lUce by cousinly
intermarriages Dattel at length there were noca but
cousins or nearer relatives to marry?ah others
bating disappeared through the dwindling of the
population both in size and in number. The con?
summation (very nearly) of this poln y is before us.
?But while lew would consent to kg Aztecs, care,
free and playful al ihetr life would stem to be. there
ii no reason why any should refute to agg them
Tiny aie specimens of a Race which has probably
io other au n iv mg members? at least very few
Dthegl nd it is not probable that any others will
ever U MSI here. The wise and the siaipie, the
learned and the ignorant, hoary Age and curious
Childhood, n.ay derive both interest aud instruction
fn in an hour tpent in thur society, and we learn
with pleasuie that the number of their visitors is
sttadlly lncreasit g.
C*F'Jenny Lind was married by the Pro?
testant Epiuopil rite. Site is thirty-one years oil
ai.d her hutbar d twenty-lour. He l> a gentleman
and a man of genius?of Hebrew origin, we believe
\\ e well rt in ember his performm'es on the piano?
forte, too gi.nd lor the ,i'ar appreciation, and
.1 tit g from tfic reverUy o( art to draw out
the public plaudits by tricks of clap trap, win'h he
had dexterity ei ougli to do if he had cboscn. On
tl oaa occasions Jenny, who was not on the stage at
ti e noinent, used often t<> stand forward in her
put ate box and clap htr hands vigorously in sight of
tl e au,!.ri.ee, who b\ n ?.< .i?.- .n ? 1 to Mian- her
admiration for the pianist. However, she untler
s (.od bis mtiits a great deal better than th?y did.
The Irish State Priseurrs.
We are indebted to T/ie Kingston (Plster
Co.,) Journal for the following letter from the Presi?
dent of the United States, concerning the Irish
prisoners now fullering ia Van Dieiuan's Land, in
reply to Mr. Win. II. Romcyn, who wroto to the
President, conveying the petitions of the citizene of
that County to the President
km'l.y ok TBS i'll i s; ni:.n r.
WasiiiNoTON, Monday, Feb. 2,1851.
Dear Sir : I am in te eijc, of yoar favors of the
?Jritli and '.:7th ult., togcihir aitn UM accompanying
pctltioar, soliciting the Intercession of this Govern?
ment w.ih that a! Great Britain ft#r Hie liberaticnof
la< Ifiaa prisoners no w n xiu for politicaloifenses
grow lag oAit of the revo t of 1848, aud i have directed
them lo be hied in the Department of Slate.
Although She early and long-settled policy of tills
Government must ntee? ml / preelaue this matter
from being made the ground for any official action
OB lit i art, yet 1 am happy to say mat su. h measures
\i.\c i reaoi Lten taken to accomplish the object
ti ufcht by the petiDoners, as it was thought were
most like'j to procura lJie <JejireU result. Accord
intly, Ihe Secretary of State has, with m njprobt
Uoa, addressed a pnvate It tier bo our Minister in
England, rtuuestrng bin t > aaaks every eilort in tne
case that he could vtitn propriety.
1 shall continue to do what 1 can B rail with
the boaot ard dig ait] of our country, and sincerely
Inj e that ths i ?| dee in of their friends m thia
cum.tr> Bta| soon be gratified by their release.
Very respectfully .o.d sincerely tours,
Wv II. Rombt v. Era . KuiK:t<?n. N \.
KtMSVTI a.m. ^mw-Jemiy.?The !'o!
lowing is Kossuth's reply to the letter or Gjvernor
I'. it Uai ntittsog il,e ltesol Hio.'s of tbe Near-Jar
rty Legislature on the tubject of intervention, &<?.
CLSvt.LA.sD, Ohio, Tuesday, i ob. 3, 1 BMJ.
His Ex'-elUnrjf, Cm . Crorge F. F>rl :
ExcELLkJtcY Lieutenant CatO. S Caaaaa haa
deliveitd me )our kind li it*r and the Rtsoluti.ons
adopted by Iiie Legislature of New-Jirsev, whi h
as you were kind to assure me, met \our Bieai
lency'a cordial aaaaat ax,.i lag approbation of the
citizens of ymir State, which always wn the strong?
hold of Iba dot tune and principles of national inde
peadeai e.
Be pleased, Excelb ncy, to receive in 1 to express
10 the Legislature my B ost hearty taaaag lor the
honor the common wealth of New Jersey haa con?
ferred upon me, aad for the acknowledgment of tbe
gteat principle of non-intervention, declaring every
Lteivention of one government to alter,
11 cdif). Hbo?.-h or prescribe the form of government
ol aLotherni.tiot'.to bo an m'raction of the law of
r.auous lam truly conviLced that the Legislature
i : ti e GovWraaaaatol New Jersey will uka tne
iiecetsary steps that this great principle should he
acopted and respei ted.
I have the firm intention to avail unself of your
ctneroii: invitation before I leave the Lnned States,
bet it ia impossible for me to fix the precise frae of
my rtturn to the Lastern States.
allow n e also to express my high regards watch I
emeitaiij'or jour Excellent y, and for your ardent
M unpath) for the success of freedom and right at
Hi.Lgarv, which derexda so much apoa the action
Of the tailed States.
I h are the honor to be, with h gh re
Your obeeient servant. L. Kosslth.
CP* The atfamer Ro^er WUsaa^aasft, on her
psvage from Philadelphia to Nevr-Orleana, was
nred at live times, off the east coaat of Florid I ba
the I". S. cutter Crawford, notwithstiuidtng sae dis.
played tbe American fl*g at her peak She was two
miles distant at th timt. She immediately came to
Key West. Capt. Coat j, of the Crawford, probably
thought she wag er gaged in at.other invasion of
ti*3 A reriral is in progress in the Pres
bjteriaji Cfcu? h at Flemingtoo, N. J , uadg, the
care of Rev J.L Jana way. TwtatyperaoMjot.-.ed
OM -h- rch last Sabbath week. A revival has also
taken place tn the M E Cburch m Carndan. T rren
tv-three parson, 0E Wednesday night signified their
destre to betonte memtera.
rTThe tobacco crop of Missouri, for
IMI.ia titimatedat from U,m ta ls oaa hMs,
***** **** ?> 13,010 tha preceding year. Tha
qpastti a tau tofcefoc^.
Bt Teie?Tapb to the N>w-York Trir?ua#,
mm*h\ m TtU'ir*p\ Of e ,ror%rr of /'.'mwoTenf Bfumt %
rirsrntatlen of die Clay Medal
WasuinGton, K?M
Ti.e Committee Loin .New ? 'i ork, dele; r.td to
present UM great medal to Mr ("lay, are here.?
Tha tnctial has bwi seen by maoy, and 1* great
I)'admin d. The ceremony ol presentation arfll
necessarily be somewhat private, owing tttka
state of Mr. Clay'a health. The I>resideat. e
tire >enators, and some personal trier 1? of ata
Clay, together with the Committee ol Present*,
lion, will constitute the company on th. cc%.
sion. The Commute.1 consists oi Me.-srs ITBj.
matin, Price. I.eu; ;'. Pt-ckham. and Lattinaa,?
The presentation takes place to-morrow u three
irrn.ll or the Europa.
Bo?ros, Feh. S. njt
rti Earopa am red l.ere tms treatae, *t s?r?a
v., re: ?? thirs in the p tp.?ri of trite rev*,
in s. C.uon lo whnt las been already received o*ej
the wires 'rem HaltftH.
Senator Holland nn.i Mr. Kennedy-Mmtjjg,
lieu ot the Potoinae.
W ,?ii! v, r.'v. Feb ?? !sj|
TI e e< r.ci.rt of Sera'.or Dortand, in hi* t?.
raa wnfc Ml l\<n:?-?. 1 aatvatMitf < ..cinnnea.
lie l a* sent an apologetic let er la .Mr Kcnaedy.pa.
which Yt pleada mifoedetttaeding, Ac
Navigation en tue Patomae, below the bn'gt, at
now open, and tne steamcra a*e running rrrutacV
Many of the r . * tea n4 rteeeii ate ante.
mf A large earabero/ are leaving |p
tl.e .Norta te pur? hu e Uieir tjaraag supplies olgeelB.
1? e? ,
The ?otithrrn Mall?I atnl ( runHty on Sh'p
beard l.nttr Trani the Hio ?:?au.le
1 1 1 ? .. -,
The >i nLhera mad eame tnrougU to 11 | | ma
Ntw Orleans
Albert Martin, of New port. K !. ? passenger Ml
board the tcbo- i er summ tu' n o ki'letef
the Biazos, in ceataeqoence of the mam boom rtiaV
11.e 1 1111
The I nited States District ( curt aaa du'y orpaa
ed at Utawi ITtMe, Texas, on the Mil nit. tu J?d|t
There are mai > ? onflict r.g rumors with regard te
the movements of Caravijal It is generally ha.
llevtd that BM totce i> -1
Tht mmntv?lt says that ?.en Ilarneyhai
dispatihed Lieut. Camatte, with a small force,!?
the puip. ee of arresting * r ivio. .1 and fit? '?'l oaaaj,
w ho ate said to be ip a sullerli.g aid destitute asss
dition. _ _
Mavluarion Opened-Stariate Arrlvals-Laiaat
Muss Meeting In favor of the Maine I.itaer
.Our bay It now clear of ice, and a >.>ut thirty tail
ol leseelt eame up this afternoon, in. lu ting akj
steamship William Pern, und baks tiem, Nr*
dr. KU, Lin, ..nd ?.overnor Briggs, all
A Ladies' Dll<l meeting was he'd lest nncM 4Be
Chinese Museum, to consider the Maine I.aaa*
I .?. \t. iiiiini'i ,-c .-(mt.': .g" ? : eat
I ti el t. 1
Markets ?K . o- '???/ '1 T''r,rt$%
New itRLSANs, Friday, Feb. 6, 141,
Tl;e toi n s mark? t aas iuite a live to u.,y tBw
tLe receipt < f Ike Nm.Mra'a i.eaa. and ' ? leltt
reached nine thousand hales, at f ill pn ee Bat
II n?, T, a Tic . middling fair ^.? 1 ii' sale, of Be
w,ek hare been forty lour thousand ba'es Steak
on hand, to-night, one hundred ... d thirty mwm
thousand balea.
Pro\ no sei, l eb. g, 1HJ|. ,
Our market for ( ot i n has been ipoite a. icttse
duMiig the past wie*, rtith no in ueriil a terthaa
iii pnera Bjoei our 'orau r iptotatiout. U> -teete
.New Orleaaafaii atlu?lt?!. middling fair .'den.
: lu d !..ir, Hi 'i b do niidri,! (j lair. ? 1. raertata
I ad demand for all description-of V, 1 viltaey
tretake! fretlyat un advance. The lOlloeingM
tie .-ales Fierce, 15.'?00 ". .it prn ee rsnginn, fhaa
??o to3s(c Pulled, In .mi ,at pneca ran^iL,-(reB
24 to 13c foreign, in.tiin at ~'> to sTc. teil
iu s .if the week, lio ten I or I'rin riso 1 i.otsi
there has been an increased demand this w..ek,a*l
ptlcea urenrm. The sales are ll.BOOpleoea
NiiRroi.K. I eb v 1*M.
siiinw Corn dull, and uuchiingeJ. ?''rreiB
. a ?< at 7 to
4aflet? lor I'rieadlesa lloys-Public M-ethaf.
A niteling in In halt' of this praii tar*
thy institution waa held last night in the MeroeMl.
Ptesbyterian Church. V very lar -c a-idieacegnaV
lied the friem's of the Society by tluir s>uipitaaM
and contributions.
Afterttieueuiklpreliii.il >ry exerciaos, the first At
rnihl Report of thb Society was re d. it liatsw
In tl e s] mi j.' <>?' 1 -1 , a (>? * In ncv d 11 in I riiaab,
siiiotnate.; Lv me c -ire of ? npi-n'icf t1 <? . n .liaea
Of Jeveiiile Vagpu 1?, determined to ci iti 1 a Boye'
Bentfay Meeting in the Li<h h VV rl f our (.ity. A
room suitable for the purpose (No. \'. ..ler-at)
waa obtained, ur.d ope i.e l on me .'trat sonUla
April, w.th regions exercises, lui roots betas
pre teat
Feeling that the instruction cmr m 11,1celel oaoaa
?e< k might be remlrj,-,! more taoiouahi) eiiicaswsa
hv dall> ell. rts foi then good, it ^.as i?o a4?*r
hle t.??e!?et mip e pets ?11 wlm-i w;:o'e ' n- tSSSM
be employed u> lai.onng exc 1 .rUSM
'? ? ?-? \ Missionary was ttirr f re m . 1, . ? Jaat
Holb received to the amount of $l,r.< ?r aina
pirtotttis Misfionaiy, and the lurihi ^.jfteaa
plans aa it aheu d be ? eem> d expidienr. to c ory isle
operation. It was soon tourd. 'i>a' 1 ' t>a tag*
ti?r atUr.dants at the Sunday M. eting. h d naaae*
or f 1 iei.de, ami that the associations with w.nihtaef
were turrounded weie of auch a cunt irninktir f char*
arter aa tort ndertheir iinmediat?ieue v du >asash
l...untt ol trice necessary, or it won d oe I :.^a?M9ae
for sap human Lnstrnassetatity to save ttie.a (rssj
Mace n inpuratively little good could be aeeeav
plnhtd f r them in their present utaa'ioS, the
i.iu u bei.evolent li dividuula who lu i or ftaatei
aro supported the Sur.-'ay Meetinr, udrnetl BBS
IDC) sl' i'd he pla e l in rircuin-tan ei more
or able to a < ompiete reforma ion .\ ? rdiaajy,
rstly in the year 1d50, six destitute hoys sreBw
iei er ed li.m the family of th.s rui!>*i..n*ry, tvaarea
it rre cirrct ard sa utary influencecon'd be eiertea
ovir them Such wns the rue.cesa atterHiaf Igt
rxpeCment, and such tie elesire to reacue ?Sh*
" I rani i .'.,.iu the bi.rnu.g,'' that the allair sata*
i ' 1 ahlie and aa aasoe.iation of la'iiea ?as
0. |;*>i.i/< 0, ,n .Noveii r of the .fee year. WtSSt
.t waa to provide with a temporary tooiaaf
r ... > oi these outcasts us the coiitnoutio.H v( Sa?
' ' 1 ? < . : t we.ijld er aide the in to IliJWn t . q4 ISf
I -ui, ej ui suitable eltuationa ? oul 1 be obu.aedjsf
trein elsewhere. This Asso-Mtlon nonsta'eS el a
BtM id of hut) Malingers and nine Trustees 'StsBt'
ii ti I, who ah .uiu act as an A.uisory f iinimtSNSs
a 1 < are* referred to them hy tk.e I4d.es. Tata ?t
lice zed, the hoi.re No. I*r0 Bank-st. being SMtteatslj
.. iiun..na te a 1 ommodatt bet a h fifty aS?
1 is at a time, was hired lor one year, aai
cal'.rdtte " At)luni f>r Frtendteaa Boys OtaB)
?tea :. I .? >-.pertiiten<leal,withS|S^M
t< en toys, rerr.oved to the ^Vsyluin?ein. e wBjSt
tin e Iti b.jyt have been received into the lajSB**
1.1 n, ."I hi.ve b'er.fentto places, Ti rt-stor^dtagy'
?Hilf, Pstttt to the li.yii.-e of 11 efute. 4 di chasajBsV
Sgoi.etohea, I lent 10 BlackweU't is and, S ff^
trap. SO leniau.itK 111 the Asylum Of tne
1 ?jrtb? r, '?7 w. re Auc: I . o; eignet a.
To prove tlat thf. e ahsndr red onea w ere aatl
t m I) teat *o a l lmpiovement three or four of sat
|i i >-ni es wdi be it.>ert?d
the [J K , ' one to the Alylum of his oval
coid. lie ?min Aim-near, about fourteen
ol nire, entirely deatituie of either paren'a<>r BL_
1. 1 o* a rpt in a hed for tea raontna, and wUmQf
1 < t fvilorn.degr?. ad, and tUthy coi.ui 1 n it ?ra**
1 wb poirible to i. afcine a human being *? Bt
li.isC. Beirg proper:) rlSSBOSfl, S I ? {%%%}
oeeesrt an aie>, he was ^iioned t., m ? c wits Bp
rest. AI.er remauurg there P.r '.*.? monthr, astett
v. es prorured for him in the oountry, and hiS^^K
wntta :bat he is a good boy, withes to eta;, aaf ?
wi lug to be touri?.
v note er, an Irut boy, named J C friti.i^saastaa
c xptrt tbic,'. wfcn geLerall) tltpt ; r. .r>'
real boxea, entity crochery-. iatas. na ! <*'*
like placet, was a cnxtam auendani at
Baei ay Meecrg, So 26 Wnorer-et. Hannsjaea
Hit' itedforatealirg ourBuperut --destsfocessssie
d ect arjie and ??fteraiafocri.,usiri.U(fW '>r***T5
steer..- Im i-imveoei,^ ti e Loaerat Mitth aa?
kmoncas. in indue eg hm, to fort Oie 1 wearu-S.
1 e constantly practiced, and o'.taioed a P ft'JJ
t m in the eountiy, where be 1? doirf *e.L
iinploycr says he is a sn.art boy, an-de?.reoB?a??F
A third, (J. M.) sn orphan, ate 1 ab ?ut
jeais.waa brotigl t to ua by a Kind g*"'1*(n**,it?e
the Five Point?, in tui h a r.oodi'iott taat"*~rn
difficult matter to .tcettaiu the difference **^L.
him and the brule creation Iiis ?.t'.f aid
ing a; peuance add* 1 to a very e ti ^1';,"r,JIfAtta?
Uii'.iiene e of an exei "du.t v wi.-ke..: '**SJJ
him atsasSB aa 11 tuflerat > laiit.iu e. B 1? ?*CSr
and fcindi.? >r hare made Lim e: uri 1) AS*,'1*JJ^M
? .piiet, peaceable, ordeny - in ?-'?rr. ?? r l^^m\
deportment aa any of tbe pr?sent number.
the prenuim ron.e few wesil nnc? for bstas
bestbov ut the liislitutioa. r,
A U urlb. 1J.8) -r. Ai >?,i, .r, .. AM ? JT^
old, wna fouad aleepieg in a box in a ?a urt *e*
the apper part Ol tU? Cuy. V, Bet) t dt 2 lo a* mir

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