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1, ?? ^*1??3 iii tu>. of Bug iad?
S**^?abelci for irj .r> as to three 'or ner,
W**??r Reference to ascertain a-t- t
^rolJ??? ?
. a Commissioners <)k?I( licfore
U. ^-Bitdgbatu-Oi. the complaint already
C?^?bi"1e-11.it- ?'< I*'" sriipConuecUcu'.for
i**"* Jaacanse,, - * o*1**"1* p nJ
?????*!i\.duii-iMui I ?? Miet omn.iMtoner
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?ZiWO Reeerfe.-One of '.vre auit? be prtoru
yZZt* easterners tr the Falcon and Onio for
f?,r?e?twvit? yearao.to it,? .tor damage* frow
s Mar. ?ttanitbp i t. they luring bought
^et?'?b*T -Ueg?. for California, anl the contract
?'iied out. The ??ci- ?fori "?'?/??j?;
SM "I Marara. Montli ol <;re/?e-.."i'Tlafhe
Sfefaif. and Flteh Smith, of N?**"* >??
Sapltitt i* that the toed b-d,a?- thai _**<to
: 'erurth'of tji-a at
?SI The iiailf >" ?* * ?J2 ara '*,d ?
Ml he allegations of eomplanste art dem ?d.
^JeVe:it proceeding and testimony t .ken, at I ity
?all -a?
StpacM* OocaT"Spuml Term.?De
i nil -By Jur'gf E I wards.?Jis*ph 1'ph.an agt
cJtl i Rereoii-Motion to <:i8 barge from arrest
Motion to strike out p irt of the complaint
Relevant granted, each wuii $10 costs
i^ait 0 V?t??'" "id oiktrx agt. Juhn H. Fe.rsr>'fOn.
Mouon toduwolve injunction granted.
"(kasW hellox agt. < aa*. 0 /'oteer* and other* ?
wouoa to'tet ??id* judgment denied.
A Befo-e Jn?l?e Ku ?avel?.
I ?? HetsonsgX- Vattlittc Me Kaon -Judgment for
a.<Mdsnt oa report, with co?ts, unless plaintiiT slip
2S to allow each party to be examined as a wit
SeaVf.i but own behalf, ?uuje M to cross-examiaalien,
laTa"? w woduca his b,oks ?i ace .unt if required,
Jftbieb case the caute la rcf. rrtd back, costs to
^aTaWeaagl Ksata Oed/ref - To obtain the
V.r.? ?< ??>?! Trie t i.art said it had been
Z7i agietd that the cotuplajnt should be dismissed,
to eat h party coms. Pae I ourtdoaa not con
Sfer tb?t would he right 1/ tK< is nothing to be
SjMtelBJ to the will, the ease has no businets
hsre snd I do not see ?byaaytbing should be taker.
frW these children The Court thought it ought to
ieiisinissed'w.thout costs to either party. ?OSw
r.laiatdisirnised. _ .
sawV I'dell, Jr.. ?gt. Elim PotttT, executor, and
oihsr parties in inti.r. t wot the c^ ? '
s aTll--lbat of tbe late Samuel Udell. The testator
died m l*fS*. leasing a wide a (win U:ed the folio a
nt year) ami nine children, in ol them infants, and
leestillse. The will devi.e.d t ceitinn amount 'o
Iks widow during her life, an<' a terward to accumu
Ute till ibe youngest <h<ld atrived at the ag" of
tastily ore The Court thinks tne w ill can be ROl
uised, but wou.d like to hear aigument, which is ac
e?fdiii?;ly ordered.
Marink Couar?lief or o Ju/ge Cowlea.
fit Janeiro;/ es. I karte* W>f.'.?.?The defendant is
I Vilennarr Surgeon, and tooa cnargo of and stored
sileighol the olaintifrfrom 1st May until Ojt, IR19
Tkedelendant imured his property in the Colnmhiart
Lr,rtirani e Company, of 1'nila elp'na. for $2,300. and
rmtiaoi* s. hedule the sleigh of the plaint. I. -ted
proBlscd that if tne sai l sleigh should be destroyed
by Ire, and if he received any amount from the lai 1
Insursice Company for the s>icb, that he wo u 1
say the plaintiff stich amount. The property of the
erfentant, including t?e sleigh, was destroyed b>
Ire. and the defendant prosecuted the Iain ranee
toapsny in the Supreme Court and recovered $ I, H O,
tr s clam, he had against the Company foi about
$4,0Wi It bid not appear that any put of the said
$1.400 reroved waa lor tbe loss of the sleigh. JuCg
tMBt for defendant with costs.
I . S ('ommissionsr's Oppici.?Before
(eaamiationer Morton?large s/ Larcenye?11 eury
iirtin,a private in the Artillery, ata'.ioned at Fort
Islumbas, Now York llarbir, was etauuned on a
ci.arge of larceny, in steaiiug fiom tbe Major ( om
?ssoant two gold pencil; ase s, valued at $10 or $-d.
lt was stated bsteatiaaoay, that after th" Con>
stndut returned to his quarters trom the City on
le 7tb inst, hi was unable to unlock Ins door, an 1
I had to be picked On going m he f.mnd that a gold
Mocil case which bad been left OB the table was
Ce. Oa the 9th he dm on red that his trunk had
a broken open and ano'her gold pencil-case
earned off Martin was seen about there, and the
Mijorcsused bim to be arrested, when the pencil
rsses were found in his pocket. Committed.
Before OsaiBitisI aer Bridghaav
i hau* of dtiauli unt o / ? , ire ffeapei
i rutl and t'nuruat Pvmxkment ?A coinplalut of this
tied was enteted agmaat t apt Williams, of the
AipConaecticut, by John Foley.one of the eearnen.
llsp|Ksaied by the Ustrnony of Foley, that after
fj skip had anchored nisitle the Mo jk, 7th instant.
Boat l.iveipool, he wes called ..'t.but s.tid he could
tot go on account of a disa?less la his head, the
Itirotlaie, ou being called, r.e went, and tbe Cap*
Unasked him why he did not go to work . to which
k refilled he could not. ami the ( apt am told him to
?o aloft. but the mate, on hi? saving be could not, told
km to go to work. He alleges that a'terward the
li^Uia snd Mate severe y ass.niltod him, and the
(?ptaia, on Iiis seizmg bold of the rigging, struck
timrBi with a belaying pin. The Mate and Steward
lettined ditle rentlv in some particulars. Decision
Titf PIOBLEM (7f ill Man DESTINY.
tkeTCBK vi.nv rev. pBi BBWBT.
The Siith Lecture on tiie ProMem of Hu
aan Dsstiny was delivered on Thursday evening by
1st Dr. Dewey. The subject of this lecture was
Ike forms o( human activity and the conditions to
which they ate subjected, considered in their rela?
tions to spiritual culture. He was going to lead his
audience, said Dr. D. into tbe midst of common every
day themes. He did not pretend to be the teacher
of a transcendental philosophy, but trusted that he
? as able to expound tbe principles of common sense.
The various forms of human activity are founded in
Ike aecesaity of ihm?. They are no casual, arbi?
trary appointment. They are essential to the growth
and devsiopment of a nature like that with which
aianti endowed. It was a great error first put forth ;
by feudalism, and strengthened by the Institution of j
?lavery, that labor was diig raceful. whereas it is
Meal the primeval ordinances of the Creator, and I
at the basis of human improvement and dignity, '
The first branch of labor ia agriculture. The great
msjenty are farmers We are made like the trees
ir. being obliged to draw our nutriment from the bo
aom of tbe earth but they are provided with roote,
whueviaatt make use of our hands. The bu?
atai of farming is highly favorable to mental cul?
ture. The farmer muit not only work, but think.
Iis aast all end to the rotation of crops, the adapta?
tion of Blaatato the soil, the habits of animals and
tae ?tat* *f tke atmosphere. He must understand
?fTvrultura! chemistry, and animal and vegetable
Muesssy This cannot be done without an exer
tioo ol ha iBtellectual powers The same process
?fatsea kecalueates the soil, serves to s'.renghen '
**? sariehbit Bund >or lest propitious to mental ,
rj*?v*a?ttt are the various fum'.ions of the me- '
t?*o!e a/tisau. They stimulate ingenuity,
Jr itvention, and give a health;, miDUlse to
ffv'l**- rnemercauuie provs.-.nn, whose object ;
sira 1 x ?"hanges, sekom fails to cherish
"swcims, forecast, and sagacity. The learned
ttlliT.0** ^?old a high rank amoug then.sini
?aiai ues of human culture Much is said agataal
ttlFff^f; "?dieine. on ac<ouutof the couilict
litacinii.<f.,4ilfl,,f,eaX,rve,I,v Tae infalltbili:) of
k^ chance for observa'ioa, . ? ..
aaa. I - 7?. . "?cu? ^ f sv.npathy and tender
LTaLaa. , * there was room to doubt,
--^^????-laaste of thi ^racuoe. it
saeats*ilL..^le ethica U liUgettoa
^>tisesed by wnie asehpeteat pen in Of
eaisiali!!i^^ *f WouU oai> ^. that it era* he
^daiaatag p.?an 0f ?ij puriBJ,J ?
of mm^ZSO* w??dered at length the ateot
?^h*tu pursuits, ander eaieh n. 11 the u. .?: tin
J^Utementwaaihaj,!,,,, lofa? teB ..?.
e*JtZiLJh# ??? ??'m . e . u'et In the
?wsiitTWul ?*'?l?T?ui, ? ait, i eutgle at
^V^Ptia viea. Bad svei .
sasaZTl^f?Potency of geuiu.? If he wi?r<rd for a ?
gj^^Production irom the pencil or chisel, i
a^aaaZi t,null,ou ?' dol.are could not command
IjfctkT. ,VJt "h,ie tne miration ot a *ut>- ]
?a ",*B*e*all forth mua? l.sof genlut without
aaaZaa ? Quinary gain lie bad often b*eu
IBiiniTrJ*''10 ?ant-'id, moved to anger, by ex
tj^T^'olsvatpathy aad legtet on account of his
rsi^iTJ*^10 P'ea?h m au obscure place Such
eatair^Tad a profound ignorance of the object
*e ??na .v',se Preacher's oiii. e For hi.u*elf.
?aastaa, v I,"'lr!? on tne l?!e of ?notls, ttitu
ts* heaTa*' Vw,k- ?vherethe mmple hr arts of
Sjs?raaVr m,Wi'i ?e open to ti.e word of life. nrd
eritjesi7'r '* ,roiu tne dit?e of fathioaable
^^^?of human acti>i\. noticed by Di. L>,
BBBtB??vV'.CUon. illusion anl fluctuation. In :
t^aldaiu, H,Bl' ?* ?*td that many persona had a
Sssisd ?a 'f ootaia tbe ?b?olute trudi, but he
O^T^ "aether this was desirable. Remove the .
Q| ?)tucum which eovexa the universe, 1
< i'P*l nil ?he bright illusion* which now so str m -
ptowe tue imagination, let erefyihing be presrntci
-.. the paitand it*!"l reality, he double 1 whetiei
?Je I'ummi eye could bear the specta-le. A trr
liviR an elcjoect panegyric, on eieer?. under .ne
redii of flactOAtioa, with MM remarks on toe
iMieud lupeiioilt) ofengelsto men, ibe I.e...
iloeed h.s original and lnstiuctive Diicourae.
Tl l second and last of Prof. (JnvoT's
( aaalegjoede Lev enraa wns delivered on Friday night
at Hope Cbapel, before a good audience. The BB>
,e rt for the evening was the Second, or Geol Jgical
Period, including the last three days of the Creation
as recorded by Moses.
The Professor referred to the first lecture as ex.
plaining the first great period of creation, relating
especially to the organization of the Celestial Uni?
verse. This second lecture was to embrace the or
g i.le period, or the origin of vegetable aal BBiSxS
fife. Science gives a very clear commentary on
tl e: impls words of Moses . these words of Moses are
brief and not in detail. You have seen thai the
migu.al state of matter, or chaos, was gaseous, and
a:l the most learned teachers of Astronomy, Gaol
egy and .Natural History agree in this. The first de?
velopment Is the manifestation of light, as Her
thelTe examination of the Nebula: establishes, nex
11 the division of matter, or the separation of water*
fiosn waters, is U taught by Laplace and A!
< ander. ? he mir try, or mechanical geology, gives
Bl the third work, or consolidation of matter into
the globe, and all the globes, of which there arc un?
told millions, and the consequent appearance of
mud above or in the water, in the beginning of the
*econd penod, we fmd that the worauf the fourth
da) seems to belong to the preceding epo. b, toat is,
;le lormation and regulation of our solar system.
Cod now made the b in, Moon and Stars, OS'made
u ?n, to appear. Here is the first er.Uo!ish;n?-?t of
d?y and night, and of seasons, the regular su :ces?
sion of winch is so nccestary to the life of the ani
ii al i rention Tbl* succession of night,Cay, seasons,
y: ats. is the real basil of the animal creation. witn
cut It,BO li'e would have been pojsiole. DuriB|
I preeedini epoch ti.ere were immense caaniies
oi n.^t'.tr, sudden changes or contractions in the
? /i ui the earth . sudden increase of rotatory mo*
I oi no stability?the whole giobe at times an fa*
candescent mass. There things, could not take
pace without ter.-io.e heat, and equally terrae
puysical COBTUlsions, and of course no animal Ufe
can be lr oked for. But b) -aad-by this subside s. the
i nth solidifies, cot Is, incomes steady in its motion,
now for too Bret tinea wo nay have (regular day
ai u btgkt ol '.'l hours , and just at this moment, just
- I n as it can be done, the -succession of injut
; ,i.l darkness aad seasons is established Hut why
,t ?;,)d that God made the Sun and Moon, <tc , at
mat time, when it would seem that they ware already
nadei Tne wcrd employed in the Hebrew signifies
not " creation,n but the "making to appear"?ihe
(??r;her manifestatn n of the thing alrealy treated,
i i t re are nut three instances in which the Hebrew
word for creation (b na, is employed in this chapter,
\ iz in announcing the creation of the heavens tne
?reation oi animal Ute, and the creation of the hu
D <n soul. The Fn lessor further explained the ro?
ll ion of the Hebrew verbs which we translate
? cr^ateu" and " iui.de, * but it is hard.y expressible
ao si to be understood by the casual reider, and we
i ted Hebrew characters io elucidate the pmioio
. \. From the argument adduced, the Professor con?
duced that the w-ukof the fourth day was not a
real to, bat only a development af bodies elrtad)
created. He again referred to Laplace's theory of
li e creation. The outermost planets in all systems
a oi formed first, and came to a state of permanence
ar c nebitubility earlier than those nearer the center.
I hus, in our system, Neptune (of all the planets yet
d leovertd) wes the first created?the result of the
i renkwg up the firtt great ring which encircled the
rait renuiar chaos when that mass of elemental
n i t'er shrai k up under the influence of the mighty
. bernieal twees lot to work when the spirit of uod
n oted over the face of the great deep. After Nep
II be, HaisbeU or I i an us nroke from tne parent
< baoe; and then Saturn, Jupiter, Ac . do*n to the
bun itself. The Ealtb, then, Bast have been once
in the same stale that the Sun now is , thai is, in a
highly gaseous or uncondensed condition. We
sue) lefer to the Sun for a moment. We now see
fttijuentand vaiiaole sj>otsoutbe face of the Sun,
?r< in which we inter that the Sun is still envelope 1
in a robe or atmosphere of luminous gas, under
tins, adatk and heavy atmosphere, ana under fiat
i I ody of the Sun. When the gaseaus robe or
< loud is rent, wo see the opaque and reyleal body
ot the Sun itself. What is the luminous robe of the
Min ' It is the original gases under the p ) wc. lui
I lioa of electrical forces, which electricity is in- j
visible in opaque substaices, but becoaae* highly ;
? miiiiious in a rare atmosphere or in a vacuum, lie j
?I plained this by the common electrical light, or the |
production of u continuous and virid .spark from an
t Metrical machine As the Sun is not vet cooled
.own like the earth, this electrical action is still
>?I) (ower'ul, and, radiating in every direction, en?
robes the oib m the luminous atmosphere which sur
i i.sit. And aa the Sun now is, so the earth has
rem at one p< nod of its formation In the rery first
t ay of creation, as soon as tne earth had become a
globe by itself, it waa surrounded by this electrical
md luminous atmospheie?there was light, equable
constant and brilliant iipht not from the Sun. tor
thai does not appear until the fourth day?does not
i'pp< at until the earth is cooled and the electricity
tin own oil has bei ome too faint to illuminate the
upper atmosphere With regard to the production
<-i tail Oioetilcity. science has no doubt The fact
of its production shows that the first at*
BSOSpbere must Lave been exceedingly acid,
U Cause ol the precipitation of the alkaline
Seal a These ha?es, corroding in the acid
gasi s, and to the first crust of the earth,
: ro< need precisely the effect of an immense fire,
i he earth, then, in the Arm and a portion of the
second period, was in this state. And we have,
. ven now, in the Aurora tiorealis, a remnant of this.
L'le< trie currents \ a?*ing on* at the poles into a cold
.nd highly ratified atmosphere, is the most probable
reason of the Aurora, which is now geneially con
?ldeted to be the vanishing points of currents of
electricity reaching far above the earth and mingling
in sulhcient quantity to become visible. The earth,
then, needed not, indeed could not receive the light
Ol the sun . the light of the third day w as this electri?
cal robe; and only when the cooling of the globe
t estroyed the cause of this, was the sun necessary,
and he re, in the fourth day, it is made to appear. It is ia
this fourth day that the natural forces came to an
(Qulibtitiin. and i arth became fitted to receive animal
life A period of such consequence is fitly placed at the
beginning of the second great division of creation?
the first |>erson in the second great Trinity of Clone
tat. We pats uow to the geological understanding
of the lat-t three day s of the week of creation. We
have no more to look above the soil under our feet
contains all the facts which westek. The crust of
the earth is composed of a succession of layers,
which we find have peculiar characters always the
same, and always e'early defined. First and lowest
we have the primtt ve rocks, the granites, the gneiss
and the slates which belong to the earliest period of
epoeft These contain no traces of animal or rege
tab e life, ror of the action of water. The second
-i 'u s? callid the Silurian system, (from silurus, a
.-peeies of nsbj?embrace's sandstone, pebbles, con
crates, and holding iu everlasting petrefactton
tie earliest organic hie of which we have any
knowledge or suspicion?the " great whales" as Mo*
-t i, using a generic term, calls them This Silurian
i ?'i .-it is especially conspicuous on the eastern por
Host of this Continent. Next comes the rast layer
i t i mi .'tone and upon this, the coal beds which
are the Dtodni t of the rauk and gigantic vegetation
?I the thud and fourth cays. Above the coal, it
ant trier strata of sandstone?not so thuk as the older
one . the n an immense thickness of liuieit -me, espe
ca fy prominent in the Conti..ent of Europe and
lUa Above thts we have tte Oolitic (or uace
i ruled, B as>. >. the tertiary lints at tlaOl and
i g loans rates; and finally the drift or dilu
vI! mi which is the surface of the e.rth
at ihe present day, and which is constantly deposited
by 'loots axd tklt? and rivers. Aud this order of dt
pf.su ts regular . there is no reversal, no transposi?
tion it is every where the- same, it is, therefore,
eOttaae thai the. r< p saeal nges or peuocs of deee!*
i , B rut. as tin gl ia the bod) ol a lite represent
Ibeyearaof us existence. The Bttaeraiogieal de- i
vt-h pinent Is very trrcgol >r in tome st-at i there it
get eh, in others httlo or BOM al all Hut although '
ti ia brauch of Inquiry lBlmi >rtaBt,itiscom|iaratire- i
iy of no mtercst era* u pla ed bee - .t me o*gamc re |
ii eis w bl? h ?'..'' fit i. '. - - . i t v. - ??? i . tue lieo- ,
logical History of the Earth sad V m ? li eh we
. a with more cer... ...? it.:'... d re construct thB hlS
tot] I the prnn".tw .. ics, kk ? we Can it-store the
fai id chronicles of c^mparatrraly modem Bations ,
by atodyiBf their n I I all .nd their hieroglyph
icr. In tbeea foss?lemalns we observr trie Earth's
( I kclei engr.ivtd and pre.-sed upon the rockv
!<. ?.* of a long-reitled book Beside the gigantic
af the ear.lest petit d o' organic l.fe. we find
tar bones of the not Us* gigantic anima's that Stood
beneath their shade Beside the old we hud the
young, Bay, so luddealy wen the) overwhelmed
th?t we find instances where the stomach still coa
das the andlgBBtSd leavis and twigs of the tree
upon which the animal had been feeding It is veiy
Important '.ire to observe that these is:.o shadow
,' i oaaei Uon between the animal life of onepeitoi
. Bd of ihat pen- d which preceded or followed. At
U ri ic no mixing of strain, so there ii no mixing of
sniaaals The animals of one penod are entirely
i .-.net fr.-in al otaait they are a race in them*
H ves, cteated and rtasAJiiJIiil within the pe.sod in
w hu b their remains are found, in some of these
peilode tie i.on,her of g-neraand families is much
*,-taterlhaa that row existing on the globe. And
r>v these exits et races of animals, we mark the
n.cs of Ibe t rust of the glebe. According to the
.) .-it m of Pro'. Agassiz who is the neat authority oa
IB I point, we divide the w hole period into fout ages.
Ti u Proleseoi exoUlnad by means of adiarram 1
ret4,tw4 Keim?l loorgamc Matter se end, the
Hi ign of the Fisfces third, the Reiga ol the Mam
ij...: . . fo.irth, the Peign of Man lathe Brit perl
cd, we find no (tana of animal or vegetable Ufa o
?II kino, me fiery condition of the globe W*l in
compatible with auch development Tne n-st p 'nod
ended with the begtnmnr of the fourth day. The
?eroi d period is characterized by tbe great mass
wate r which probably covered nearly all the eartn
which then bad an equable atmosphere probably
(! j ai borne ac d . t>? that none but aquatic anim
of ti e lower order mated At this period there was
*n immense growth of ferm and other of tbe lo
est ol pianta, which hive been since converted
Motte nimen-e bot'iee of coil which ererywnere
esist The continents were nit yet made, o
a few points of land rose abore tne dank vegetable
swamp*. None but aquatic animals hare been
found previous to or below tte coal formation
Tne only forms of animal hfe w hich exs'.ed at tnn
period were of the type Ridiata.of which the (
Ri tdf hin the oldest, tne Molluscs, among wrt.ci an
the Trilobite* and the lowest forms of verteh-.ic:
animal* .'ach were the fauna and flora of th i
nod But the Reptiles of tail period iri rgi ireal
feature the immense Saurian?Ichthyosaurus. P
siosaurus, Aioeosauius, and otbeis of ffty feet
more in length. But tbe great preponderaii e >f one
species of animals w as the certain prophecy of their
destruction, and accordingly we find that none of
them everevhuted beyond this p?n >d. Then < om
tl,e Cretaceous fo.mation. an 1 ?'.1 th. *?? old kin;,
the eartb have disappeared The continents are no*
developed, and land animals, as soon as they have
p'ace 10 >tar d. as it weie. beim to appsar Tnis
iliegrfcnd period of ihe Mammalia, tne distinguish
ir g feature of the tertiary period. All animals are more
b ghly developed, and we lind now, cunou?ly enough
ti e monkey, the nearest resembhri'-e to man B it
niaik that we do fiml man the head of the crea
u< n. He belongs to the last, or Diluvial era. W
hs.vc never found a fossil mas, or anything tha
would arsue his existence previous to the diluvian
strata. The Professor recapitulated his argument
mo j rot ceded to speak of the gradutlor progressiv
cevelopment of life fiota the lowest to the highe
orders. In vegetable life he traced the same re
se mblances of development The last remark to be
made is that there is no connection between the
animate of the two epochs, there is no descent of
son from father, et cry age 11 complete in itself,
having 10 alliance of a physical character with
what follows. Every step of creation is sep
iratcd fr< m the one which went be
?ire byadiettaet and reanvtabJo gulf. As to th
i ?!, .ui its great revolutions were b the first great
?I Orb . in Iba second epoch cams the pre.it etMxngt
with M feience lo the inhabitants of Ibe earth. Moses
seyi t, at tre whole animal creation was nis'lernth
fi cay hut be mentions tnem tn exactly the sau.
orf tMeat ii.i y are fi end in tbe rocgy book of ge
? !<>:.?>. Theaeparatioa of tbeIftaaadsixthdays. ;s
after t' i cm ation of birds, aad bi fore the creation of
;.- an '. ?' a, a hieb s the at tual familj af ma? Tne
rt ol the i'x b day is divided into two parts?the
CteatioB liret ol a.I other mammals, and lastly of
Han I be mammals in one sei.re beong to man, or
um to tlein. Bet man was a separate work, be
cause he vuc the Crowning net?the only animal
bav/iveasoul The zoologirt* ?av ihtt men is the
sum of all the beauty air1 perfeotiOTl of anim tl ere
ation . with htm the prctent zoologli ,tl plan is com
plete. He is a bung with the power to develop? him
re'.t in commence the epoch of history,as he docs in
the very next chapter. After all (his progressive
creation, we have tne Age of Repose;?tne seventh
day, TN re la la a'l these diys only one exception
to (U.i't approval at the close of each day of bis
?oik' the exception is at the eo1 of the second
dny, when he merely says "it was so." because tliTe
was no important result finished at that time. At the
rloteof the whole work God I tw that it w as " very
*;ood He whs satisfied. He bad done He h i'l
placed man in a place for developement. and reste*
IB bialabor. The great Ooimogoioc week is com
pleted From this division of God's labors we have
?er week of tm.e, established forthe benefit of man
v., i are also a great week of history, the labbath
of which is foietold In the Revelation. We can
safely conclude ihnt, according to the best of our sei
entile knowledge, the book of Genen? and the
trachintts of science exa< tly i gree, and as science
... \ utcea, we lud that it never contradicts scripture,
but t xplams whatever is obscure. B:.t it is objected
that Mose? wrote when these facts were unknown
V\ e i.rttue that Moses was one of the great prophets
such as EsekieJ and Daniel . as these men were the
propl.eta of the future, Moses was the prophet of the
p;.st. ai d by an internal view he had a clear knowl
? gs 1f Iba prnr. l outlines of the creation. It is on
ihis propheuc hypothesis that we account for the
accuracy, of the record complied by the great Je wish
leader, and written by a fingerthat coulmv.crr. In
com ui mg b s argument, Prof. (;. regretted that the
time would not permit him to indu'ge in any length?
ened reflections upon the matters which he had pre
st n't el in Ins |?o lectures. He tnute l. however,
it..,t every person who felt'an interest in Chris?
tian teachings Or fat simple srience, would look into
ti e subject without prejudice, having only * sincere
desire to arme at the truth . aad he --ouid not doubt
that, by the increasing light of science, the hi in ret
would be led not only to recognize a perfe- t harmony
be tween Nature and Revelation, but would also find
that all the beautiful laws given in outline by Moses,
and tow confirmed in detail by scientific inveittga
'ion. were intended alike for the glory of the Maker
ai ' lbs tew long of Man.
The Professor returned his thanks for the kind
and B1 tea tire manner in which the audience had in
teaed to him and borne w ith the dilDculties of his
Impa [feet pronunciation of the English language.
.Tlnil < Ic.tnin;:-.
E We understand from The Hartford
Courant, that J. Hammond Tnimbull, Esq., has all
ready for the press the second volume of his Public
Records of the Colony of Connecticut. This vol
time will contain the records of Connecticut from
in :> to lt.T^, the period of the great Indian war, dur?
ing which time an exceedingly interesting corres?
pondence was carried on by the various Colonial
CT A lias been introdtifled into the
Louisiana House of Representatives to establish
fiee schools throughout the State and an act has
passed the tame House to admit the public statistics
and digests of other States in evidence.
Rr" The late severe cold weather has
injured the prospects of an abundant fruit crop
during the ensuing season. Letters and papers from
the South state thut the principal orange grovea of
the States bordering on the Uulf have been entirely
nr After the arrest of some persons in
Syrac use for aiding in the rescue of Jerry, it was
deemed adwtable to kindle a back-fire by com?
mencing a suit against one of the Deputy Mar?
thels for kidnapping. The trial is set down for this
week at Syracuse, before Judge Hubbard.
W One of the liest jokes of the season
It the statement that one of the candidates for Gov?
ernor in N ew-Hampshire, > ho is "stumping the
state," got some thirty miles into < anada, making
speecttsto the k'nocks, before he knew |he was out
of his own "bailiew iek "
Or" The Postmaster General has giyen
instructions to have the great Caste rn mail for St.
Louis, hereafter sent via Dayton, Indianapolis, and
Tene Haute. The schedule time from Washington
City to St. Louis is five days and ten hours.
f The Mormon Editor, Orson Hyde.
will remove his t'rvntur Guardian from Kanesvtlle,
Iowa, to Salt Lake City, in the Spring Most of the
Mormons in this country, now at Kanesville, will
emigrate to Salt Lake along with Brother Oraon.
The Houston (Texas) Ttle^raph re?
marks that the City of London stands upon fiilo acres
< f o.i.d, and ti e City of Houston upon 0,500 acres
Tiro, Houston is more than four t ines larger than
'he nit at Metropolis of Europe.
11 Swans, yvho shot Sprigg. at Cumber?
land, killing him instantly, has been arrested, and
bus confessed that it was- his intention to deliberately
muif er the deceased.
Tilt* Alabama House of Represent?
atives voted down the famous " Georgia Platform "
to l**. on a inoticn ordering the said Platform
to a reading.
fT Captain JIei.r\ A. Naglee, charged
with atteff pting to defraud the (Jovernment by pre?
senting false vouchere for claims, has been tried and ,
\ v President Fillmore haa received an
autograj h letter from Lou:- Napoleon, expressing a
de sue to cultivate friendly relations with the United
l~: Mrs. Montague, of Marer.go County,
Ala., Las received from a slave in California a lump
of pure gold, iust as it was picked up. weighing
about thiee po :nds, and valued at something over
l~h The population of Springfield. VLmtt .
M |1 |M\ an ir ( ?rase of 1.16? since the spring of 184
of the piestnt population 0.043 are males and 6,4'?
tl Py far the greatest Plank Road pro
ect in this'country, aays Tha Detroit Tnbune. is that
from Milwaukee to Mackinac, through the Counties
ItejBMW, Midland. Gladwin, Clare, Mi?saukee
Ome ns, Calkasca, Antrim, i bailevox and Sn,DO''"
gaa The line of aaid road is some two hundred
i rnilea long, extending through an unbroken wilder
1 nee*, and is an important and neeeeaary improve
ment, putting m m easy land communicatnB with
the immensely nch resources of Northern Michigan.
A Company i? organued for the conslnn turn of thu
road the stock has been taken, and partly paid in
and we understand an aeent has gone to Washington
to obtain an appropriation
CxF Kinkel, the (ierman revolutionist,
had jood luck at Mai hez . the German residents of
that city, stirred up by his eloquence, raised from
$(?00 to $ I.ton for the revolutionary loan.
BT The City authorities at Washington
bsve taken measures to procure a copy, in m irble, of
the statue, of Washington in the State House of Vir?
*??** It is understood in Washington thit
nearly or quite all the Southern Senators sriii vote
for Clarke's or some other Non-intervention reso?
W Large meetings hare recently hem
held in Rochester. Elmira, and other towns in west?
ern New York, to take measures for the establish?
ment of an Agricultural and Mechanical College.
VW The Whigs of CoMttticat are t?
?Old l ""late Convention at New-Haven on the <th of
March rext to nominate State officers and appoint
!)e legate- to the National Convention.
GTThe nomination of David A. Hekre
SS Navy Oftl er at this port, is said to hive been
unanimously confirmed by the l'. S. Senate yes
VW Oliver Saunders, a wealthy citizen
of Da>vert, Mass., expired suddenly on Thursday
last supposed to have been from ovei-exertion in
shoveling snow from the sidewalk.
tW Jeremiah Lee. an old merchant, and
formerly I'nited Stales Consul ia the Mediterranean,
diid at his residence' in Boston on Sundav evening
BP" Hon. Miami llaJl has informed the
Prcsii'ent that he will consent to remain in Cslifor
i Is r.s Coral Commissioner.
tV The non.inatio*) of Col. William
. as Surveyor < f the port of New Orleans,
hzr been confirmed by the D S. Senate.
VW Mon. Hendi bert, Consul at Lyons,
has btea icca!l<d, and it is said that George K
Holers, of New Orleans, has been appointed to fill
the p'arr.
Hi*'lion. Edmund Diliahunty, one of the
St de Judges of Tennessee, died at Columbia in that
State, on the Id inst
t~&J Thr Ban^?r C"?ncr chronicles the
departure of five more young men from Frankfort
on Taasday last, for California.
rtr Hrown Comity,Ohio,produced 1,31-1,
:il bushels of Wheat, and Ross Co., in the same
State, 2,91S,'.>3S bushels of Corn in 1950.
I I The Carpenters of Hakimore hare
?dopte! the ten-hour rule.
Stcnmbouis anb Uoilroabo.
I. 1851.?Tiaina out ef Naw-Yoik Istv* o?a' coiaer af
Umal-st. and Broadway.
A ? COmOBATtOa TAAHIS iaar* for New Havaa at 7 and
II. 31 a. M.; 4 aad 4 iP.M The 11.10 a. M runs in con
aswtioa with Train from Ne.w-Harea ta Hartford sad
SpriBfAeVI, and witn Traiu over the Canal Road.
iCxi-RIss TxalMS for New-Haven, Hartf rd, Srr::. Id,
(Connecticut River and V-rnmat Railroads, Ofdeas
or.reli and Montreal,) Roitou snd Worcester, *t DAM,
(stop* at 8t?mfoTd and Bridgeport,) aad 1 P M., (stasis at
Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport :) time, about l| boars
. Ih?ton. The S A. M. connects with tho Housatonic and
Na'ieatnrk Railroad* at Bridgeport, and Canal Railroad
it New-Kavaa. The I o'r'ock P. Bt. w.th Naugatuc.k
Bailroad at Bridgeport.
?lir 'ii. Tbai.n* for Port Chester, at S.5S A. M ?*iti
P.M. 8roj< at Monnt Vernoa ar.d Peihaairill?.
'f kaIisk i.nto Nkw-Yo?k?Aceonunodatioa Trains !???
iNew-Havrn at 5 IS, T, and 9 J5 A. M., and 4.JO P. M.
Die S Ji A. M. receive* pa?cmer? from SpnoraelJ ana
viartfnrd aad Canal Riilioad at New-Haven, ?nl from
?einiratiirk Railr? ad at Bride.port. Th* 4.20 P. M. re?
ceive* r-assenters from Hartford and Sprmgnrld Ra.'roaa.
ElPHtss Trains leave New Haven, oa arrival of Trains
fr.ru Bo?to?.at 1.15snd 8 45 P.M., (itoppiar, at Bndreport.
N'rwslk and Rtasaford:) learutg B-*Uos alt a.M., am!
I p. |f,
Srxcut, Thaim leave Part Chsster at 5 30 A. H tut
*'awe'laree bill of ad?.ri!r?m*iit at th* Station Haass and
a-nrna.1 Kotela OKO. W. WHISI'LEH, J?.,
?Trataa af BSi< huan Soi.tn.rn aud Northers In?
diana Railroade run Uail> (Sundaya excepted) a* foUow. :
Leave X< ,-? * and Toledo at 8.15 a. si. ; amre at Law
o< r'e at 6 3* P. M : thence yasseirerii so by (tare o*
P.aak Rond is nii'e* tu bli<-hi*;:iii City ; th.Bc.lir rara ?0
-ml st Aiaswortk; aad by stage l2mile?to Chica-o. Af
tar Feb. I, by rsrath'i" gh to Chicago.
Hetnrn'ite to l.siH/rr* same way?car* le.iv? Lea irt* *i
T su A M . aid arrive at Monroe and Toledo at 5 1. r 'n
Dailv stuesc aatct wi-.b Fort Wayne a: Sturris; with
L<ieau^p<'rt, LaFareite and Iudianapolia. at South Band ;
anil at nther puc*? on lh? 'ire, with th* ^nacipal towu*
aotih ?rd sooih.
AiTolaalothiiliDe eostaeetS ai 5 45 P M or 7 A. M. w:th
tl.e Lake Uno South 8t"i-e route by *ta** and raiiroad ta
C evs ar.d : th*tre by railroad and *tar? to Kne ; ttieni*
hy radroid via Bnnkirk to New-York, or br ?tax* frora
Dunkirk to Buffalo, and br car* after Fobi. I.
Th*5 P. Rt train on the New Yo'k aal Kne Roadoa
nerrs w.tl, ti e Lake shore traia.
Hak inrei* at Cleveland can take cars all th* ffi| t..
Koiil.nr? h?there* by r*itr?nd and SS sale* ??a<ing to
Hulaae'i-iiia ?ud N*w Yor?.or Baltimore and Washing
,r 1 E. P WILLIAMS, Susermtendent
Adrian. Jan. 14.1S5S,^_\}* U_
JP fall MTBO?Taespteadidaadsaaerase steamsn
CMPIRF PT>TK and SI ATE OF MAIN* leas* on a'ter
^t. da). (?nn.l.v* ?r,ieW) Pier No. I, % R-. near the
Batten, a'- 4 P. M. T"l>'?1*-h,tir^P,'Vl^nunirV * *
jtfaa^ l^i^'s^4^1^W?^-(t.
n-tice. the 4 ocl.*k P. M Tram from Forrester to Provi?
dence, will l.ed*tairedat Worcerter emUl Jt OMOCA, V
i.<-. iiarr, to connect ?ith the ? Lxptj**Tram ?hioh
leaves New-York at S o'cl.vk A M .of the *ame d*'.
This a ill insure a connection, unlessths Ktprew Trsia
,. delved by some annual SOIJTHWlrK. B(!J)T
?cgal Polices.
SUPREME CO?HT.?Ib the mat'.< r ot
the BBPUesslna of the Mayor. Aldermen and C.m
, "in.lrs of thi Cit? of Stew York, relative to the onem.f
1 rivrl^ l lRTsVA-T . f-. :.. 10 h .T. to th. Mnd...n
?5r intte Cey of Mew-Tort. The oaderragaod.C.Bi
? .*. ; . r.of Kst.ma-e and Aiserament in the above ea
lad r hereb* five not., e, that they will moet at the
office of Jamie* leadtord, Bssn. one of the aanl 0**a
oannars W". 78 HrrSal-av. ib the City of New
" oik on FRIDAY. .he S7th dar of February. 1852 at 1
. ?r .m k in the ?fterno..!.. for the purpose of heariog ia op
n,Vn. tl eVa'iv uie ai.d Assesamsnt mvde by th. saul
C ,- a. n aer* ib the at-ove entitled matter, any pers m or
ptrsmunrA* may consider taemseHea aearawel therebg.
iu, i vj-w.York. r < tirnary, 13,135Z.
Dated, N^y^ps MAVV?RD. Jr. )
jaMK-SS 8ANFOJU. Commiaaimers.
WILLIAM 8. r.RffOORY.) ?.,_.?_
iUsTBl E DAjnts.Attoraey._i}[tTlb"^
bJ?PllEME COURT, City and County
3 ,,*;.*.Yerk.-Schovl.-rH Mattiaoa a*,amit tUlah
l oVk^d-To THE DFTENDANT You are, feereby
t Tru and re. uu*d to answer the complaiBt in tnta
f , CoiiB'y al New-Terfc, a. the d r of Ne* Y.rrk.
/ , iry 12.IB5t.andta.erv.a copy of vour ss??to
,mVla>al on .he subecnbsis. at their ortic* Ho
I Kasaaa St.. New-York, w.thm twen y days alter tne
Li^t^reef, exclusive of the dar pfiuch sewtsej asBtsf
! "SS to saawer th. said complarat with.a she Urn*
J, r'."id.tb.plaiBt:.r.n tin* action wiU take nidfineat
^S ronlor th. Sttm of eleven hundred and tjeaty
r^dollu*. with interert from the si'h car ot sMsBeex.
Ler one ihv.iaad eiiht huidred andfiftr tne, beside*-b*
-,, ': i .)':..L -Da'-d V.irk.>eb'.,arv. a.I
r0*I,c Ei 1 I I bt'KRILL k DA\ litiV,
Plamt II a Altolueys, No 3 Naraao ?" .
ItftawiwM_ Wew-Yira.
II Pbi'i? W'. Kags sad 6jmoei F Ecg* ajalaal '-i'?'?*
tf goal* ?To GEORGE W SOCLE, defniJacr Yoa
"f herel" ?ammBBSd and reoaxsedU answer th* c?m
!maat i? thai aetaoa, which -a* tVed i. -he. asleoof the
ggk Of the City aad C 'tat. of V ? V.rs. a
1UI1 in.aidc.ty.onth? 1> h cs> of Jannary. 13-.2, at.d ?
,i,Tsacory..fyouraB.wer... the said comylamt eatBe
.nbreriher* Bt OBJ aftV *. N I I wa I -Si . : tU C*f*t
turn-Turk, witbm twenty das* after the ?erv.ee ol this
wesoaa o'b yoo. eselaaiv-- o the div of suchtsivici,; and
Ifvoa fad to anawer the said esas) laiat wrtkialAjtUM
iiirsaaid, the p aiat.lTa ;n ha.cti a ? ll tak.
!raiBat j..uf?rth*. m of. .e th-usind five
LnTctv e'eht d?:lar* aad t-eaty on. ceni*. "it" ? " '
Lfln'; the imrtv-first d r of January, "oe th-.-i od eirh.
gS3rW *nd h.ry-or-r.hemJ a the mat. of ti.. action -
I?u 1 J.nnary t'KISr A IH BST.
j,9 10?M Piianti.Ts' A torneys. No?>*?'? " .
IN PURSUANCE of an order of the Sur
maeto of th* Cmntv rt N*w York. *^ki*a\V2l
Kit J VF TI RSONU1,?? CiaruUnr
'l? ?wtaiB HABRIET DCNNING, Exscutrii.
IN PURSUANCETof an order of^the Sur?
re rate of th. Cotmtr ef N.w-Y?k ^Mwfk%?Fr'ff
Uir of the City of New-York, arce^-k r
2 ., adth voucher* thereof, t. th. \\?4mm
,. Nu. in Leonard-rt. m th. L\ij<*
! in or iesfcr* th. sixth day of Jan* next -Dates rtow-x *ra.
i ^^^AV4lHi HEATH. AJma-^ramx
CUPRfcME COURT.?In the nutter ef
M* lUSZSV ,f New-York. relativst? th- OrtniHm
Ki??t. ath.Ct.of N?w-Yo,k. Yb? iil^Wri c!T
?:t?ioti.r? nf Eav.i:aate u,d Aawn.ni :a tha shore ,ati
??re aiatt*r. duly apf4:B>4 by ? role of ta? Supreme Court,
?v. ? ehr**??t to tn? rec.iiir*a>?at* of ?3 Act of
?^J^??na^r??,fUap?o?l*of,ta?8??UtrW*w York ??
""?*" . ,Ab Aft to amend aa Act *BUtt#d aa .art to r?Jiic?
.,*,T"' :*Wi r< l?::se raj: en..1 , to the Ott? ol ft** York
art, ie?f?dApiill. 1*13 " pa***] A.nl M. 1839.'
?;? tha attract of tb?e?tnui:e and auecmoat of tbe
? ?: ? 1? .,r?;, ., ., ? Iglsyr.e r.U'.-..e l... oa::.-/
hum o?n.,,,r Uta late ast?u?d, th* n?o.hers of ?ich
, 'V! .'L*t^,*r ?? He Mapa of IMI ?.'?oeam.iaaioaers. to
irkisrwS mmm. ,ml lri* t""*at al aj??-.rtent
ffilm LVn * m*iln? li,'r '?>**. '???? deposited
?-? rilr.k-,orrU?? f-aoa-oa.tr it mar cob'
?era teere u remain t?r at leas; s;s:y Jar. helots th,
asioners mu. th.ir resort to tic ??1, s .?reme
Md ?3?*! ?"?*?f???o.mu.au TS
tkeaotd Cnu miaa^.eri faltbar ?,??? ao lr- pursuit t *he
r?s.ir?uieau of the act.?utitl?d Aa act toM.!Juirt
*r MM a. Act I. r.l.tio. to th. coil,^..^.???u
?1*. IB the Ct. .0(JC.-..r.^,N.?.v ,rt,?r.7fT th.r
aurpc*.,. pasted May U 1840. paa,?d Mar 7. iso to the
>wa*r or _ owner* smNIi ..r or- .pants ef at hooie< i*d
.1 peeved uruiim.p.-i.vod leads ?ifected '.heiehy that th?
a??eron,(,la?*d the.r titnuiud A.^n..?t ?n"th.V mA
' BS ?r<?? interests Br. aaW-ieu i^r?:.y, ?bo iat
tie ?ppuaad to the Mine, ara r*qomted to Bio.er.t tht r ,.h_
Kti us is writ;sf,to MOSES MAYNAHD. Jr. K..q tke
I )jairntSfl"f the said C tniriaei.isrrs, at the effice .>f Jan.cs
5. Saudford, Yj>q, . No 78 Bma-lw*;. iu th* Cl 7 ef New.
York, within thirty days front :hs date of this owt.ee .Ud
?h?t the limits embraced by Una aast-sameo111 re aa fhllewi
Lat into .ay: Al. tbe lots, (.ircaa or panels of lvid ia the
i.r.r01 New York, tttcnbtd and lv>uii.lrd as f.>Ilo?f tu
wit: Oa the test, by the westerly line or aids of
.??h a? j oa the west, by the eaaterly Lne or tide
?>f 1 Ith-at.; en the aorta, by the tins of the catar
IN it M Idock hetwesB Jlst-st. aad iJd-et.; aad oa the
toith by the bar ef tbecester of the bloea becwsen .5Jat
rt and seta at And also all the lota, piwxa or parcela of
and siuiate. lyuu aad heinr i. laul City. d*a nbed aad
no.Bdtd as follows, to wit: On th* east by the werter!?
line or *tde of ltth-av.; oath* weat, br the ee?t(rl? lie*
M i:Je of iJth aad b; th* 1m. of huh-.^r-ma'k aa
? ho Hude?, antraft.aa the north, by the tine of the
cootar of the block Utwaaa 51?. at. and i?d-at aad
?b th* ao.th, by tha lina of tha rouUr mt ik? M??k
betweca 3l*t-at. and 30th-at. Atd the eaid Comwia
?loLeri further ?.v? nonce, that their raiatr. m the
rarea ?utit 'cd matter will be made and pr.isented to the
learaai* C.jbM af the s:ate of Nrw-York. at a Special
re>Tti .1 the sa d C-ttrt, to be hald st tbo Citv Hni of (he
f N*w-York, ob Saturday, tli* 27th day ol March.
18?, at the i.peiiiu*, of tne Co art 00 that day, ?ras boos
then *.ter aa C raaael <?** baln>?r.': ai>d th*; then a>id
?1 re * niot'-n will he noide thv... i Rr>--; be c-fcttrmod.
D-.'e?1 New-York. Jaa. 8 IS'J
MOSKS MAYN aki?. Ja , )
james s SANFttRO, iCetsutowBoaoi
Hoiti e DavKs. Attont*r. ;UtMt7
WliPREMB COURT.?In tho^attcr of
th* applie^tioB of th* Mayor, Aldermea aad Cora
:uualtjr ot th* City of New-Yoik, r^Utwe to th? EX
f KNDlNtJ of CANAL 8T . in the laid city. 1a a ttrairht
bif.uBt.l it inlfrsettsWalkei it.; ant the wIDSXlJtQ
"f WaI.KER ST.,in ta d c.ty, on the uortherlf mJ?, so as
to I .tin a stiegt nf 7: tatet 1. width to Kuir?i*-*t., and th*
tbrowaR ol the r;i.r* formed b; ihe latereeettna of Caa
tre Oranr*. Walker and Canal t'a . in:o'h? a rest ?The
acderaiened, Con.iicaaioners of Estimate and Assessment
in the aoore emitted matter, herrhv ?.t? aotiea. pnrsnant
to tha reqturemek'.a of aa Act of ih? Leiislature of th*
ptofale of tbe Ftat* of N*w-York, en!:ti?d " An Act to
ani*b.* an Act, entitled an Act to reduce serertl laws re?
lating particularly to the Citr of New-York into one Act,"
pas??d April JO. 18J*). an.i also tho Art entitled "An Aot to
amend sa Act, entitled an Act in relation to the cxllec'ion
of assesaments and taxes m the Citv and County 0/ New
York, and for other nurpoee?, passed May 14. I811)." :>a*sed
Mar 7,1841, to the owner or owner*, occupant or occupant*
of all liaHs**, and improved or unimproved land* affected
tberehy, that they have omi<lfted their snpp'amoutvl <is
timaia aad aateasmeat 1. th* above SBtitled nia'ter, and
that all ;>ersoiui whose tarnrcsts are afiVotpd ihareh?,ind
who n..".y he opposed to the sane, nr* reoriented to
iri.t their ohjixiuona, in wntiug, to RICHARD J. SMITH,
F?.,. tl.o Chairmaaof the suit Ltaoamiar ,., at ha honaa.
No. 90 Divattoti st., m th* City of Now-Yoik within thirty
days front tee date of this u..::re ; and that tbe Imntaem
b'ac*d l y the *'.ipp!*nienta1 estima'* aad a**e*5ia*ijt ar*
as Mt.iws.tkit it it to say : All the lot* pieces and par?
otis of land 1. u.V.! within the MIowibc limita, that la to
My : beeixtutg at a point on tbe ?outherly s d* of D.vis
ioD ft .distant M fret easterly from tha easterly side of
Pike-et.j thence reaatat easterly alons said soatharlr side
of DivisHtn-st to the interaecion of the sanio Ai'h the
westerly aide of Oonv.nieur at., thence ?-utherly a'on?
said westerly side of (jouvprneur-st to the I t: River,
tl.eece westeilr n rt the East Riv*r to a point distant
5<i feat easterly fr >n> the eaaterly side of Pike slip;
thence Bertherl r alona a tin* distant io i>*t easterlv from
the eaateily t ce of Pike at. and Pike slip, and parallel
therewith totbeplace of be*innisc. Ard also si, Uta Iota,
pieces or parceli of hid fioutins on Walker St.. eaat ef
tbe H" ? ery. to the termination of Walker tt . and eitend
ir X a distance not eire^dinx 1*8 feet north aad south frnea
the northerly ar.d axutherlT si.lea of Walker at , including
IOC feet north and south of Walker-*t.. oa all the streets
intersect log WkI ker st. from the eaaterlv hue or side of
the p..every to the weiterly line or siiic of Etae.-tl . mein
tive. Ano also si! the lots know n by the nnuibers 74 snd
TtM?tt st.; Noo. 91. 9J. 9i, 9of and 97 Mulberry St.; Nos.
?0.97,99, If] and 1H Omnire-st ; No* 139 and 141C*b:re
st ; the'..t or piece)ol irotbsd l>i*jHna aa Centre-*?., h*
tween Whit* and >'rauklio-sta.. aud r.nni'iered on the
Coiuin!?siia.ei?' Bruetil Afap 1,s|2: I. >U Nos 09. 10s.
111. Ml. 115. 117. 1.9, 111. m. Ito. 131. 133 and ltd
WaUer-tt.: Lots N"s 70. 72. 7? anil 76 Caeal-st . Lot*
N'i* 1 and J Merrer-at ; Lot No. It Wooeter-rt ; Lots
No* 4IOi ami 112 Hroailway ; aad Lota Noa. 41 and 12 for
avtb-et. Aad the said t'onmiisstont ra further tive notice,
that 'Of sup. lejnrntal alivtra<-t of the sa.ul (' uuraissioner*,
ountainiB* the r?Ji.es ..f the owners of the lota aaseeaed.
the Btuabar* of such lots as they appear on the mape of
the Coii iicisionrts, trvce'her with such maps, sal th*
am. nn* of the aiseaement, whatbf r for damare or benefit;
aad also all thraffidariti, estin.a'es and other d..cumeatt
which war* n*evil by the CommieaKHiers in nu."i ? their
lupLlameDtaler.imHte and usessnient, have bee. dcjx?ited
in tl 1 Str*** Q^BaaataaStaaer'* Office of the Citv of New
York, the.p to" .main for at lesst thirty d.iya befire th*
said Comin'ernuiiers make their suppleiariilal report at tha
time and pUre hareiuafter steal I su d. Au.l the a. Id Coat
luian 010's further (ive Boiler, that tbe said tupolamnotal
report will he ,.re?e^led to ihe S.Sfesa* Cotirt uf (he Si its
nf New-Yoik, at a ?rectal teriu of the s?.d Court, te h*
held at the City n,i) ,,f the Crt] of New York, ou Satur?
day, the list da? of February, 18.>2. at the openm* of the
Court on that day ; and that then and there, or aa aooa
tLerra'ter aa Counsel can '>* heard, a motu n will he mad*
that the saul snpplemeu'.al rspoit, t ?eihar with the orif
ilia! retort of the ( on.miaaionera ia the above entitled
matter, be confiiii.ru Aud notice it further riven, that the
supplemental c:*ts. charges and ilisnunemeott lath* above
?Btitled matter, will be fared hy Hon. Hep.ry P. t. 'wards
Or. in ease of his ahaei.ee, hy one of the other Justice* of
the ss'd Coart, at th* v ????> e Court Cham'*- ? m th*
City Hall of the City of New. York, on 8atnrday, the lift
day of Jan.iary, !?>.'. at 9 ??. ? .. . ia th* foreaoo* ?Dated
New-York, J*.. It. ltit.
OUDEN EDWARDS. S C mmiaa: mars.
HENRY E DA VIED. Attorney. jit tril
SUPREME COURT.?In the matter of
the application of the Mayor, Aldermen aad Cora
monalty ot the C ty of New-York, relativ? to the OPEN
8T from the 01.1 Church Road to the 6th av., ia the City
of New-York. Pnhlic notice 1? herel.ysivea, by the Mayor,
Aldermea aad Commonalty of tbe City of New York, pur?
suant to sttt at* ui ??;. a raac made aad provided, that th*
laid, the Mayor. Aldermen and Commonalty of the City 01
New-York, iaiend to mak* application to th* Sapient*
I...nit <>f the State of New-York,at a Special Term of tne
e*i<! Court to Ire held at ihe City Hall el tk* City of New
York, on Sa arday. the Slit day ef t'ebrusry, ttjl, at the
opetu* of the Court on tkat day. or a* *m>. thereafter a*
eoucstl can be heard, for the ap;>oiutiii*Btof Commission?
er* r,f animate and auessraerit in the ah ive ?*ritle<i mat
tar . that tbe natare aad eiteat of th* improvemeat herer>?
intended is the opening of I2tth-st, from the Ohl Chrirek
Road te the Cth a?. ia the City of New-York, as laid out
00 the n.ap or plan of saul City aader and br nrtae of aa
act 01 tke Legislator* of the p*opl* af the State of New
Yotk, enutled " Aa Act relative to Improvements,touehutg
the ta.uif eat of streets and roada ib the City of New
York, and for other puvprnms." oasse-l Aprils. 1807?Dated
New-Voik.Jaa.SS. lSa HENRY e. DAVI04.
IM t>'li Ci.nbmI to tbe Corporatios.
1 X ai d f irtbsCouatyof New Yark.a? the Bu'rox*te>
Office, ib the City ol New York, oa the thirtet.th day of
Jaiiuary, in the year oee tie 'i.atd eight hundred and fifty
two Present. AletanCer W. Kradford. 8>ur<jgate ? la
;t,e matter ol" the aaehcatsaa t< aatprtfafS,tea** or *?H
th* real estate ef JOHN C SM ITH. deceased On read?
ing sxd fiiirr due proof of service ef a* order heretofore
?i..iibd na th s nia'ter on ANDRE*/ LEARY, etecutorof
.IidinC Smith deceased, reauirina him le aope^r in tin*
Ourt on tl>? first day ol Decsuihar last, and slioar catue
whi he ato ild not be reuotre? to mortga?? leaaeorsell
the real esta'e of s. j deceased for the pa/iuest of n a
detta; and ao cauae h ivieu beenahowBtothecontrary. il
is ordered tkat all person* iatere.tedi* tke eatate of th*
said Jona C. Smith d*cea?*d, ?ppear neSire ta* Surr*at*
of Ui* County oi New York, st his Office, la the t.ty ef
New-Yotk, oath" first d?y of Marc? nett, alten o clock
ic the foreBCti. of that dav. then and th*re to show cause
war authority should net be given to the said ?lecator t*
oioiegag*. lea** or Mil ?0 much ol th* real Mtste of the
aaid John C ftmiih. .leceaaed. aa will be ?uffiiieBt to pay
his debt* [Ji lawlwM'l A. W BRADFORD,8*rr?fate.
id ?nd for th.Coanty of New York, at th* Surro
gate's Office, in th* City of New-York, on the tweat. sev
ri. l.^ay of January, in the tea, in. > u
died aid fifty-two -Preaent, Al*xaad*r W. Bradlord. Sur
n?ai*-lBthe matter >f tbe appiieation ^m-.r'g it* leat*
or Mil th* teal estate ot SAMUEL N;. L'DA II? deee. .ed
Oa rsadiux and nlinc due P^>L by affidavit, of tbe wrv.ca
of a* order i*iuin?* Benjaii... Nathau, i heodors, J. ^ ^as
a^d Mar.aa Judah.the AJmmis ralersof 3a uuelN. Judah,
de.-eaMd. t. appear ia this Court oa th., day. and show
.-aueewbvtbe, thonld ?01 be req tired to mortga*;?. lea**
or ?eil th* real'eatat* ol th* saal deceased for la* pa. iBiat
of h t dartU ; and bo cause liavm.' h?ea sbo^ n to tu? c *v
t>r? It is ordere-1. that all MM8 :nt*re.-td IB the ******
S ine said Samuel N- Jadafi. deceaaad. appear t.*f...* be
e . IZpi C aatv ,( Ne* -Yortt, a' hi* ..ff.ee, in the
? V.^-York.o.Sh^^
0 ciaci n ihe forenoon *f thai dav, th*. aad there .e .how
L .? way authority ah -uld not be givee te the, said Ada s
1 - ? ? rs U mcrtoit*. 1??** or aell so mue-h of the- real as
la ta/ttsa r-i'i 6?tB J*l N ,TUdaU.deeea*ed,*..haU b* aul
t! , '"aJ a"cebU. A W hB.ADKORD.Sarrogs..
TY ? "oietic Ball >u asu Ehza">?th, his wj*. art
Htr? Vtc B t.t aodKuey, his wife. Joun Boat. B?rfc?t
Brat' Peter Ra-a and Amelia, hi* wif?. Liixaheta stoat,
D?u'!-1 P. b: J. h- B'-at. '"ksrle. Bont. Georg* Boat, Elisa
}iT Ji?et ? Lockwi?d aad Isaac Staple*, sttecutors ef
!. ? n,'re B at, deceased. John H. Baxter tad Jan*,
m ? . !;..?.?. A .??.?to. r114H Susan, hi* w.s* -
Ir p?rriti...-8uix.ava* f r Belief.?Te the dcteadaats.
J< H \ IwM l-tNikll. HONT aad JOHN BOXY:
\ -, ted : ? a.??*r;a?eoBs
plsitt in iki* acuoo. whieh wiii be filed iath* o*ae?ISSB*e
i ikofl ? 1 ( . aLty. tndeerr* a c ff ft r >*/ PfJE
,:. v. irket it. 11. the vtljax? of ro ga
? . tWMt) C.j s afL?r tie - ?**
the e*ry W aejch serv.ee?: ?^1 if JJ" ^iX't^
?? e, tue eeaaaiatni s? atoresaal. th*r^HfliToTe^Lhlitl
ti e Coeit forIhsreue/dar '? ;'Vr.* *C??tt>
O t.,i e. ?. is?t. B ?AKN**,i?^*aee.f th*
1 It t?B.piaiht ia this *e??oa wa? filed^la ttse ?aaee et aae
C 1 k ? 1 the r.uiity of UU^t. ae ttte Stthaar of Dsaisa
h XL'* e^%^AJaNAW>. riMMU* i*T
1 ^PREMECftURT-Aaron O Cr???,
*^ Jan.e. Tb m?oe ud T Daifht Cum?, actiatt IimJ
I - I ISA AC SON Yob arc hereby rnma Mi aadl
le aaewer ike e.Tana'eJn- is tka art ,?o. win -a a
Ui> <Ja? Sled in til* ofl.re .?(theC ?:* of o.e Citw \ci Coee
iro. Si?.Y..ik sttbe O'y Ha ) ia *?;d city wedle were*
I a a.?w#rt,th* ?ai.? oMajlaiat ?a th* ???
nI- v 1 V "* ' ' * ' No 31 J?*b at wet ib Ih* Cltf *f
-?>? rasa, wi tm taontr dar* alar th* tamo*af tbis
iT ? *?'><????-i the /arof aJ<-- e.mee;*s*t
r^y fy1.!* Saewna to.o i .1.. .lam- WttAia thaUaa*
IranaTl u*. ,r l?" ?? "a wfi! -ata .icm^t
r!i ^. ali mm^mmm ???dr*d aad if if fur
rci -v,/ s!/ * ?"?'??ta. w.|'hiata,??Mr iuthBt?atk
ia* heeVe!WTJ "" tb.' ':"d ,,?;'! nindrml a ad fifty.
)H UwSwM_T^t?^r^
Taaaele.dro*a.*d, aew'aat t-amuei L?atatre*t. ?ekoeaai
1 11 rt*. J<?a r.>BB. la. b6'i Cecilia, his via*. VaieTtaa*
0. Holland aB'i S?i??u I. ? * it'e. It* ?-e? T?i'.?? ?
j jbb l TuBLrl? an.i Mar?a-ei r .ane e _Simmiai_lEa*
h> iri -1? REBECCA I Rl( V.. ,<(,* ut tha aVtva
bauicS Defendant* -Yoa at* hereby mmaiwiej and r?
..?:ir<d t,> newer th* ctnplaist ia thia au-ti. o, llaaj ia tb*
Baa f tb* C ? ? ? *l BS City aad Count? of New York,
f opt*nit>er TJ. Igjl. ar>d to sc?f s cipw of y. 'ana wer la
lh* said omplaat oa tha aal *.ru?er, at hi* nth No. 19S
**?? "?i~?r. m ttr city .r Kow Bwark, .main iwi.i. ae.ro
sftrr th* **rv<* he-eo'. excluare ol the da> of?ach ?*r
? r. . and Ix ?o i fall taaaswar the ?aid oaplatat watasa
tb* in.. i! . r-aid the plaiBtifla in th a *.s. * will 1Mb
?otheCt.nitf.rth* i.litf den anded IB tb* oeuilejjl
I)a'#d New Y*?k.8ept. U l?.l
, 11 !awOwM W. K. THORN, PlaiaUaY Atfraar.
I h ef, ! (V:,er ari! Kraleia 8 Morran araiaat Hcary
f -"h-lo th* b1w?t? nan ad Oe'andant Y.?tt ara
1. ?rjl.y luBSBioaeil to aa*w*r th* rornnlaiai ia thia m'.kbb,
(whim was h ?d in th* ort?-* of tb* Cur? if tha Citr aad
f o.inty.l N*w Yoik at tb* Cn, Ha'l ia said city. *a th*
triirte?tthda.T of Jan iary ?? ,? , .< ,,, ? .. nt , ,<r
aii*?eroB ua at our i iSc*. No. M wall at.lath* Cli */
iNew? ^otk, within twenty ,la?s af.*r th* ?er?K-? her*?f.
eic.via t* of the ?ar ori.i.h seme* ; aad if y<m? fail to aa
awerlha rooaplaiat a* afoieaaid, th* ?lammt? will tah*
jnihirent acamat t-o for the mn of aiae hvadredaad
eial.tr .lollara jtddftr Ciaht iaru wita >v?~? ?-???.
.i. 'i... i i ieren r??r, IRVf. >?flde| th? c aata ?f thhS
actioa - Da'ed New York. January It. ISit.
BECK A Mr AHAM. Plw.ia.tiTw* Alton??-*.
j!9 !aw6wat N? ?! Wall ?t., N Y
Thorns* Tmalaw ?_??.?? qhm H Cottwahail aa*>
Mb-ut na. hi* wif*. C*oi*e D. C. *(*tha'l and L'mna has
wwV f a!ebC<'tfe?haJland HelenS ,hi?wife Klwe.^1 Wal
tei.Th.'iaa* Walter Sarah Walter El wood Wa'ter.jr . Sa?
na V> nltar, Slarsar. i Coteeahall aad Caoree W C'w*-**hall
t OGOEBHALL y . .?..- . ??!.<? . ..-i. aad rBoaJSan
to a.iawer th* ainaaded eomplao]' in thi* a.-tioa. whiob was
i l-.l in ike cifieaof the Clark of Urn Citr aad Couaty of
New -York at tb* Ctty Hall, m it. a City "f N? " York, oa
the 3iat da* of January 1851. and to aenre a copy of yoor
anawer to the saul c .iupliuut ob the au*aerit>er. a' hit ofirw,
No 61 WaR st ,ia th* City oi N,< v v . with a twealf
day* aflei the seivn-e ol thi* dinmoni ?? voa, ?irla?tT*of'
th* day of such *emre: aad tf , ?% rail la aa*wer ?h* aaai
nsnpattat wuhm th* tuna aforswaid, the plamutr ia ihi*
?et ?n ?will arpky t? the Court (at *h* r. ... i domandad ia th*
c>'BM>!aii.t ?Dtted New-Y. rk Ja. mir? jms?
21 lawo*M R ii HJWNK, Piainttn*** AtUraey.
Supreme COURT-*County of Sen
era ? Eaoch C. March axamst (>i>adiah It. Platt aad
Jan.ft N Reynold* -(??io.ihob? f..r reli*l. To OB \ 1)1 AH
hereby mnimooad sad required to aoawar the rixaolaiBt ia
th;* action, which was tiled in the oflic* of th* Clark of tha
Coni t) ,\f fteaeea, oa the I.I day nf Dwrnlwr. inwtant, and
to tare* a ropy of your aoawer to the (aid coianlaiBt oa tb*
SBbacnber. at hi* Oflic*. No. 15 Wal.-M N*w-York, wtta
ib iw*aty tiara after the nrriei of thi? lurannwa* *a yoa
aschiaave of th* dar of auch tamo*, aad if you faif to
au.-wer the said c.-ioplaint within the Mm* afaresaid, tb*
pla mill in Una actioa will aWsly to tha Court for th* r*luaf
deri.andrd in th* complaint ? Dated New-York ffiereraber
? (dSlawlzwMl C. B. OA Y. PlaiaUiT'i Att'r
N PURSUANCE of at. order of the Sur
r t ??? i the Couatr of New-York, Botioe la hereby
trr*B t* all peraon* hawinr clainia a*a?aat (iEtlROE BUB
MILL, lat* of tha City ?t New-York, d?-?aaed, to pra
*ent the (am*, with ?".irher* thereof, to th* suhaenhaea,
altbo <.?;.? of (HARLES Rl SWELL. No 733 How* oa
al .in the City of New-York, on or hefor* thelltt da* af
April next?Dated New-York, the 17th day of October.
i! 'mM* CHARLES BUSSELC I *-s*^avoia
I.N PURSUANCE of an onJtw road? by
tl.e tvipreni* ('?Bit of the Slat* of New York, ao'ica i*
lertln fiNcato all peraoaa harm*; e'aina* irntrnt NEIL
I.Ol'CHRIN. late of the City of New-Yolk, deceaaeo. ta
nreient said c airaa. with tb* ranch*rt there .1, to WIL?
LIAM H BTOBDILL, Rt-tere* at the Sharilf* offic*. at
th* City Hall, ia the City of New Y*rk, ob th* first da/ of
March >*it, at Io'clock in th* after.ioob of that day.?
Dt'ed New Yoik, Jaa. t?. I85t.
>2'i tawl h \ MiM l WM H. BTOdDILL. Rater**.
I" NPr ISSUANCE of an order of the Sor
rorateof th* Conoty of N??>-York. aotie* ia hereha
hit t.' all per*?*n* harm* claim* arninrt ARHAIlAta
L I I INI late of ilia City ol Now Yoik,dacaaaed. ta
pretcuttlie same with voucher* thereof, to the ?ubaenher,
c l.er ISaVtsSM, No 18 Ve?iry-st.,in Urn City of N*w
Yoik.nii or befoie the ninth aa| "f Jua* a'-it -Dated
?-Y..rk. the Jy b d.iyof Nowenibcr, 1851.
dl UwtmM MARY I R, ALI EN Ktorratnx.
IN rTJRSUANCE of Bfl order of the
BawiagatS <>i' the County of New-Y?r?, notice is hereby
fin to all pere-Mi* liiwui* claims acatiuit WILLI Aha
I HOBBY, late of the City ol N. w York, deceaaad.t*
nr. >. nt the lauie with yon. her* tlo rc .f to the wuhacrn
ner. at hw office. No. 127 Waeliington at . in th* City of
New-York, on or before the twei.lvieren'h day of Ma/
next ?D?ted New-York, th* twenir-??cond bbs of BTotoi
ber. 1851 Inll lawtimM'l JOHN B HOBBY. Exeeatac.
IN PURSUANCE of an order of tho
SeilOSBl* of tho County of New- fork, n.aica ia horahfr
gireu to all |>et?< n" hayiu* . Uiim iura met JAMES" I.'/Nr,
late rt the City of n*w York, Co. emot, to pr*?eat Ike
?aase witb m eher? there**fte the subsist Brer, 0 vau
QOTT, ai In* rosJeaaea, No i.5j|'Ii st .intba City of sr?ar
York on cr fcef. re th* mxth dat ol fttty next ?Date*]
New fork, ihe 3d diy <>f January. i 'M.
o van cfvrr. AeNsthsAetrai.r
i*. IswSmM* SAR\H LUNT, A lniri.trairir
Corrjoration Notices.
jpof'PoRATlO N NOTICE.?Public
" ' notice i* h*r*ny urea, that a i>*'.iti.iB baa >>*a* pro
rented in th* Boa'd ?! a '">? ,r f.r A SEWH-t la
THIRTY nun in rr**a Stb to Mtk-ae, All aseaaras
int*i*?trd hariBt i - thereto, are r*<ia*?ted t*
?ir?e i- the aama in writing, atating lh*irrxt*nt of i?t?r*st,
to th* C"B iact Clerk, atlhiiottic* on or balor* E?h. II,
ll'5t?Cr>-ton AiinedBfit Denafnieu'. V. h |l tfttt
HI lit N I CHOI \S DE AN. Proud.Bl
OBPARTMEN1 Ou repairs and
kcppi iks, Deeeaaeai zs. it5i -to contkac
10B^.'8(aied propoaala wi < U rrcaiwed a' tha udlc* of
the Cosnnuaasoaef of Bapairs and Hupplia*. No I. New
l .'. II.J1, (leaaanient.) nutil Krida/. February j*. lg?, at
12 c'cleck, Jlj at wlucli tin* tl.sy will >>? pirt.liely
??>ened. Tot (JRANITE BLOCKS, to b* delir*r*d in th ?
City of th* foilowiur leB(ih and aize, rn . ),(,T,I, Bad
'in has a^uare, and It incho* Ion*;, m qaaatitia* to pare
1.?aBare yaid* of each kind. Said pr.aiawals to ?**
brace f.aatera aa well aa other Oran:t?. Propaaala wiB
a'ate ' I * pricea of *ach ai/e aei.arately, aaJ alao tba tiaaa
r.<i'nred to f'.rawb the ism* in *anl quaatitioa Blaak wa
Ha a'eamnbe had at this uflic* n B -Th* Co:ar
? ? re-err** th* n?ht of reiectiB* all or say of th* **U
matea if aaeaesl far th* l*tar*?t ai ih* q?il??aft?BV_
ajg 8ia Cori.m:*?:..B?r of Raoair* aad SbbvIus*
("^IH'?RaTION NOTICE. ? Public
J uatie* ia hereby (ivra that petitn.aa haw* h**a pre
mile Uoari of Aldermen tor a SkWEH m th*
HOW ERY in.,,; HAYAhDto WAI KKK ST . *?d also ia
All peiaon* Uktereeted hawinr ahj?etion* lh*r?to, ara ta
1 leated ?<> prertnt Its ?w a wri'.ioir. at?tin? their ei?
tert ot int?r?*t. t? tb* Contract Clerk, at this OA)**, oa or
nefore Eeb. 17.18J3 ?Croto? A?u*durt Denartmeat, E*b.
7.IS.? l?r let] NICHOLAS DEAN. P.e*****^
rpo CARTMEN.?Sealed proposals ?rill
Jt l.*r*ceired at the Croto? Aqueduct D*:.art*i*n?, B?
tucda, Park, till k'ndsy. SUth inst.. at 3 o'clock P af.,
wh.n they will h* puhlrclr opened, to do all the CABn
IHQ squired by the D*c*rtai*at r .r one ?**r A cart,**
tt.H-oi t vta*..n, and a tru.'k n.u*t be furauhed
Piojx.iala will ?tat* lb* prie* per day for each, laolodiaa
adiitcr. and to ba alwa?? ia reacinea* wSea waaaaa.
Boid, wi'l. ?ure'y f.ir the raithful perrjrmaa.e .rftke ?,>?
trte?^.b.t b. m*. fffCHOLAS DEAN. PreaHaat.
of Record* -Psh'ic B*taM is h*r*br gieeo that th*
lolowmr petiti'.n* haw* been pr?*e*le.l ia ?h* Board or
A ???? u , hi:?;i LATE and .iRADE LEXlNOTM
AV.. tttweea lid ana M b ?U. T> ALTER the ClTT
MAP. tr r.oa?t Obterwatorw f,n?r* Al*o tb* Mr
iow.a* r??..lutioa to BKfiULATE ?ad CRADB I'lKTY
THIRD BT . fr?, m td to 6th *r, to coBlo-mio the re evatlr
sdoLted f.ade. All rj*r?o*? inter*?l*d barmg *bj*ctc?a*
Iherato. are requested to p'eseat lh*ro in writisg to th*
?i?*err- siied at^ hie clf.ee, on or before th* 19.h d*r ?I
Tehruary mst -Feb 9 185? . .
I JOHN T DODGE,8tre?t C'o*?au?*ioB*r.
PROTON aqueduct depart
\ ' MENT.-TO CONTR "-CTORS ?Sasled pr >po*al*.
Icdoreed ' Pr.in*?l f?r t.u.dist ? Sewer ia ill. ar." wall
be itcri-eu at tb*0ll'r*.f ih* Cioton A')u*dact D*p%'t
?.et,t.rRnta?da.Pa>k,}nBlll Monday the l?t ilayof March,
ISat,at 3 s'rioek P M . n. BLILD a SEWEsLwjihtko
Biceawvy Keren:tr Baain* aad Cb'tBTS, b tK ??TH
AV .f ina 31?t at io aad throoth 3Td *t to ?th ?r .twioj
ia l(i:tbabout IAet fe*f. The ?!aa af th* S?wer. aa*
? ? r the UiWior of the txr.t. aad a 1 o<***
ban rrraiioB relatag 'bsreiu ' ,n beottnnad <?.. eponea iaa
?'i'/Cntr..SCBrt m '^?V,C^;i%VoVaV;M'
14/ i t Pn.ieeot of i he Crotoa Aqtedsot DtiQJ******
? H.'l ol Ree ?,. ~C ? stau - t7. a.....
been priefced .a ?""",?''', ih and itb ars ,
,, l ... ? - .... ...de t..r .n ? ^ ,4 ? and Hal
'tS hVee ti"* b*s -a Uik aad I5th-n* ta
fl\aJ-i" and ^h ar.. toehnBge 'h* rrad* of llet
J ?twiaaTTth aoesth-.r. to c nforro to ? grad. fi ad aa
U ; ^t%ara*S eer'? Ofhc. aad ^tih* curb aad gat
r A .?r?*b. m'e'**'ed bawu r ebiwtioas th*r*o ar*
I ,, i u tu pre^nt ti.*us u wit it toth* aad?r*^B?d at
f . i b ol t?h re ih* Htb daw of Fehru.rr mat -F.b.
J"iaS ' JOHN T IJODOE^jtiyjj?**^.
n~lr7i~ ( ARTS. - NOTIOE.-AII 1+
cem.y to k*.n aad b.? D.? ??^f **>
tU date, an* ai?y be ?.j ,,a oihar
teai ii ?fi led for bafor* ta?" SBfBB?bb? a-o
wi*e. . awmtr wilt rroda?? Ih*
On Bi-pLeatloo for r**?waJ.ih* *^t^xtmTTwt%k tea
? s* aad SRaVULStaV e*?*'?* *?
? I n?v. r piaiaur. mt
*e tauter, uramto is It, aad f*r a r*ae*ral
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..... ...ahable -^^"/aylOR. rttBI MareaaL
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