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Real ??taU lor 0d!e
HOTEL for S W.R.?Bf ?^rr "f lh?
PtobsleO urt f r M ?? -??nghl?? > t- Vt
? J ?*-??.?? Ho . , .Co- . h? ? / n .Ik V Ft
fLV ranTr of 'b* k?a ? ? '?MM of Brn'tlobor '. vt.,
^?^fcrad/o, aale Tata * 31 ? tho-ougbly bout
? imjm or-t r . hn 1 ? i C L H.ia th* twraaast ol
u?-' three s-or ? ? mi ? ? ?<?' ? aa II ,>vl ?a. ?dee?.
ISftiitTaiJ rea-Ug r..o?. ? i-eme.t Bed M Id', ncj-r
fT/ikola ?-.?... ui ail anew, tatahba bell ataetwheita
J?* v^aa tu feet by M mta ??o d-seaing rooma , 1 iee
?. kMM. U IM1 0? *o -iv? . ...u-*a*.i,, -.ww . . .....
LT?... ba.at ehrdaand < ariaae-bouts. ?II iwwm and
J^l^.t; i?faf t.?'?'/ r*-.. i - *#? Bseaaaary far a paalio
rSaVjOT'. all la* Fli RM1 LHE ol aaid Uo mm, m .*?. mi
akieb wsa new in ItUO.
rtVHotel IB Nr * ?.??< and can offer r'aatar ladsonmenU
lata? psrchsaar than tau-u n*BJra baa bad aid always
wu] uavs a g eet run t,f i . ?<, t n well kept ) li'emel
eoBi-dietaat betweoa the Vmi,out Avium f?r the Insane
?ad th? celebrated Old V.'? .* nstaMiahment. aod there?
fore ronv?i?>*Bl lor those w n ? n o bar* friends at a ther
else* Tha shore :>rnp?,rtj etna* oiforsd (or ?ala tag.Bar
?Ith a'l the parson*, p-. :*rti si the la * T C Lard, and if
ant dteiewed of lefote tue 17 a day of Maren n?it ths
stops I? will ha sold at PuMk- Auction, on WEDNES?
DAY the l"l' >'??' ? f M ''? ? ?>' Sa> of per. mal i?r>
tyart. t-?r>mlmen^eB? %*\ ?-?. ^ H Tbs House will ba
?old a> 3 o'clock, P M , a .1 the Faraatara altar the sals
^^'"aLVIN TO^ajLEY, { Admirustat >rt
CHA8. CHAPIN, fMmmmmmmwt
Brattleboro, Vt Ja?. 20. UM.
H. B. A part of the p'.rr I ata money fat tba Real Etta's
anil be rsqiiiicd at the avia of aase, and the balance remain
secarsd by atnrtrafia. Mars pi'ticular terms on day of
(ai? _jJl aawtoTsThfcS
PROPEHTY in Til 18 I'll V, a handsunia Cutty
Bet idea'e, consisting ol a unctern w ?41 built twu-storr
flams hoaae, with hard umsied walla, abiding do>rs, bail
* feat wide. Attached la a good two-etnry st'chaa ind
wood home, and also a r ? -1 tiara and carnage h miss,
stable and garden, with ?oou t* . acres of land?S tuatsJ
SB ths rillage of WoodbnCce N j , 23 miles Ironi New
Y*rk. ol 2 mdea frem the Hail road Dep-it, and I? mdea
from Steaoiboat laadiair and 4 miles west of Rahwar,
CoBSBiUBiratas with ti,i? city by Hailrnad and Steamboats
several timea s day ths Chore he. Srh'e.ia and Poat-Otlii?,
are wilbia i of a rr ile. Aop ? to i.KOOU X A Y A U! 11, ?
BCS, No ii Maidea-laoe. or to SlMKOtf w I'HIL
LIPS on the piemi.es Ji TaTaAiU
The p'opertT of the lata Sainoel Titos aboat half a
mils I rum ths tillage, aed snout 15 mmotes' walk from the
New-Hareb Bailioad Dapot Comionoir atom to and from
the city an times ,oer day . romoii'. ?: on low. Ths pltcs
? ontaiae aboat 12 acres, *nri trie Und is in a hub e'.ats of
roHtTatlon.oa which is a do iM? two atory Hoaae, bcilt n
mre'ero style, Carr.age hooaa. rtiabls Ac Itcoojm.ndaa
?pleadid tiswof Lost lalaaxl BsbbA and la wiitim a abort
d.atai.ee of It, wh eh aff -d. floe (urioint and fiihint Ths
plars is well storked w.tb t at fratt and ornamsata:
trees. A larac poitioa of >he purchaaa money can remam
onboadaad morttaga Inc..'-e -f KOHKKn Y TITL'L
New-Rochslia, er S BOW NE. Nr? Iii Mailison St.. New.
Yora. ISTaV
?L'OR SALE or to LET?Stanwix Hall,
I ParatutaS r.nsa V Y. This large aad coinmoAnnia
Hotel, fsilghtfulli locat a<l on the weit side of Broadway,
onedraar awnlh of Cn oi, m . I .i, in the nine I ate tie Bily
of Uoi'tresa Spring, will te at for a term of years, from
the 1st day of May Beit Tae H get la entirely new, and
the aatabliahment is in comp ets order. The looms are
laigs aad arrasged with Sipeeaa referance to the '?crom
piodalioB of familiss N> n.'te. bo'sl eatsbliihmeui for
wiatnr aa well as aummer bnsiasas. can hs f.itnd at Sara?
toga Pot further i.srt cn ?ra muiiries may bs rnsle of
LRSTKR A BAHTLEir Eaatl , al 'hie Tillage, or of lbs
t'lhsciHier on ths premises. I ns property is also lor sals
on reaaoBsbls terms JOHN H WHITE
Saratoga a>ra.ga, Fsh. 10.1U2 l?f tapli
Ig1 OR SALE ?A yalnalilfTtractof Liicka
waaaa Coal Lead, ailua'e r.ear the tloanahing toaa
a?l Piltstoa. sad ona mi e from ilm North Branch Caaal, is
Laterae Coaaty, I'a The HeBBtylaania Coal Compiay'a
Railroad passes through the tract, which will make it a ds
snabla location for mining the Coal, and a Railroad Depot,
coBta'Biag Hi acree, two thirds of which la cleared aad in
aaoatiatBBSof raltiaa'ivn The buildings thereon are all
adV. A good litis will begiven. lo'juirs of
Ibf lw* SIvioN HAW. Bethlehem,I'a
FOR SALE.?A oinall new cheap Oot
iage, with 10ansa timmproyed land, for JOS. t H
dowa. (ha balance gin inaathly. Aleo, .. 10, 20 and 40 acrs
Lete adp?MiiBg without cottatea at S20 par acrsaa fato'able
tern,a i bese lande are a ? . , a saar tae Long Island Rad
road M Soors rids from Ihr Oity ml Brook).n. Ths soil is
goad for farBsiBt or gardsnivg pnrpoass.ofessy tilings. Pias
er ona wars produced on the land* the last season Also this
aoll is wsll adapted for froit. On; es in paitmnlar. Ms
cbaaica sad othera wishinc s c"mf?rtahls hosta for them
aslvaa aad fanidiaa in aa pleasant and healthy a piacs aa
there hj ia ths State, ami for 'hs sum ?Imli m? would
Lave to pay for two or th'ee years' rent ia the City, omll ob
toe sabarciber and go aad eisaan s for youraslaea.
ill Im? A SlcCO rr ER. No l2tFBltoB-Bt.
1^()R"8a?LE?A va)ual)!e~Farm of 100
aetesof mat rate Isad with waler-powsr, io Oraaa
wirh. FauSahl Couaiy, (Ntaaeanrut Ob the premwea are
m lanra Maawioa House, (n the pointed style of aicaitec
l'ire.1 wNh atarble mania ? tiathmg roeat, kitchen range,
aid all ths modera impterame. Is; o?ach hoaae aad sta?
bles, cattle sheds, aad evs'tibiiig omplete for a geatlc
n itn t rauatry-seat- situated ou ths Byram Rivsr, in the
ti'laga of Olsnville one of ihemut beautiful and romaa
to- attuatmaa an the list al the New Haren Railroad.
Also ob the place, a hue wateifall ?f }g feet, wi'.h etone
I uildmg 70 by 10 feet, V) si oies with two sets of rollers,
for maaufariuriBg aheet i.ud furaai aa for red lead aad
lithaigs. gnat und oil mil , four srua'l dwslUng houses ;
tilackamith ab. p three waler ?heela, flaa stoac dsia :
agBsdua't, and machusiy ah an perfeoi order, well suited
far nay arsnafactaring Pua ne.e-it| m lea fn?m thed.>p<?t
ol the New Marek l(? lr ail a' Port, bea'er, 28 mi ea Ina
Mew Yolk On ths gtObslaiia are any n,?... fine building
Bites, kpi ?mg a view of the Mmim* aad nenhboriot caaatry,
aud '? ths riotaityoe g. ad >?b aag and rharchea Thia
propeitt wall be si Id MOOthoc or aspaiats. Poassaaiou
nay I-'had uo or before tr? IbtOl April. For tsnns auJ
partn nlars apply to P. C CORNELL, N? 243 Wstsr at
St aw-Tat a. 121 tw?
OR SALE t?i TO LKT-r-In Tarry
towa, Wealcbeater C'oiniy. 2S nulee from Igew York
City an.* distant aboat 3 .. van's from the Hudsaa River
hailrnad Dspot: a Hoase au i a ? t loar anrei of Land,
witn oat-hoaeaskr., BBS a ii>,d well la the kitchen. Ths
lUuae ?? H feet lu ft out two at.oi.a high, with a c ilonaUs
attendant ths whols front <<? 'ha roof For anew of the
P'ea? see mgaue . f MB POWELL, at the Railroad Da
p?r. Tanytowii Terata. Ac ,of N JARVIS, JR . No t
gagj igl. Nsw-Toik. nfat*
Ig*OR SALE?The premises bow occ.i
pied hy the aubsrnhsr, situated ir drees ?ich. Conn ,
ob the covBsr of the po?i read and the roast leadiag to
Cieotwich DApo'. i acta ii ng about ose acrs of land, well
titled Bp lor garden pal pea SB, n.cloaed with good at toe
wall and parket fence, en winch ??* a vatiely of -h > -e
Iie.it tieraaad ahrubbei) ibm t to d ngsmr a good (WS
stety haaas, four rooms > u ?acn llo r, ?ith hall thl Stgjh
the centat, aad pia//a lr? at ai d rim 'I. liaiatied baas
n sat and altic. 1 hstl n alan a g<H?d atote ou the corner,
o.i aidersd the beat stand toi b i.uiets in the Tillage , nleo,
i 1.1 i. lor, bars, and slants for seven horses, granary,
v ...a-b .ua. tee haaata.aaaeh* haaao,a? .all m go.id ra
?ai.: S<kI pit itn.ea wil. I" ?.. .1 o ac. omaii.d ting terms
> ' her partsculais. laqBWaaaf *J A BKOWN.No
177 Fotah at , or of I he eub.cnt.or on the nremt.es
,11 lawlm*Tn\ I t, PKTBR ACKER,
cl eats* ("o .17 milra <r ro New York, and c.tatlgooas
tolhs New-Yoik aud New Haven Ki.lrtitd Statioa.-Tha
anhai tihal oileia f t sale ihia i?t?a'i'p properlr The ptem
i"i c in i tiaelwo acresof aaa i, taolj ittUBted. and anelosad
with superior walla, the du.J isg. a rersotly liuiahsd,
BaBBBBsaM d. utl. n .use. hi r ?' .ge ilyls. and b i It ia ths
ii . at erifeet mannst; stye 34 fee' b> 24. with wing, two
atotiee ba-ement.cel'ar fc> , it umuiis,of which two ars
parieri, 19 feet by 13 each, ina>r?le ntuBle.s, walla of bard
Unlit, out butBtiuga in 'be BtV'OSBB of erection , a wall of
pavswslrt. ittme SBBtttB aard-aa , a valuable wioaght
sjuarty of Atsl uuality b?i dug store Whsa fully ooni
fletta this wilt be ou? of Us o etuesl nlaoes ia Rge, aud
ta a tent um? do't g bu.iasaa ia New.York, aad wbjhmg
to avul himself of ths ranr.a'i tor travel, it offers tidran
tare* sisponor perhaps to thosa of any other place in ths
town terms easy Spi',? to 1 AMES H PAttSoNS, No
73 IJHeily-sl Nr- 1. k ar to 'be subscriber, near ths
premises I Iff 2uiT?ATh? 1 SAMl 'L I BKRR1AN.
BROOKLYN FOB IALI and i*?seessioa tireu at
short maus*), situated \, iu Jay at . batwses Myrtls at.
and Johaaon al . ten mta<"ee' walk from the Futloa Feny
ard wit km sightr yaids of aa oiuBibut roats Let t5 by
Ii7i; twra-storv frame hou.s Al ed in with biirk, 20 by L),
with pwiBB front aad laatl matbla maatsls throughout,
wall bnAt ia svsry way, ia o ce - a style, in toad order and
al ptsssaA aecBpiad by the subscriber. Price, ly ?,10?
MaM ran vemaia oa montage ai T pa csat Can or isna
?*ety day (ram It to J Apply to OKOROE B OBAN
M18I. No. W Maiden-laaa Itf w ?
AT PRIVATE8Ala?-Leasehold Prop
atty an ttarrlay at -ths 'eaaa of the lot kaowa ta
N? )t Barolay at . from Colutab ? Co'lega, be ng for B>
ycare float the let of May la.I The lai is 11 sset I in b
NostiW ob Barclay at . tt feat .*? ths roar, by lit feat in
depth an owe eute. sad 114 fa. 11 inches on tea otksr side
The xround real ia f.1?? a year fee the neat three ysars,
and ?St) per ysar lor the reaidas of he tims Oa ths ab,ivs
lot there le a three story ?r , . Bu'ldiag. Fat price, torms
and faiths* , alto a'a.i. ?i i I? ta
l?f I? A J BLEECEBR. No 7 Brsad st
Ij^OR SALK?Hause and Lot No. la?
4th st. House isl-staay and attic, with Una basanisn?
an.I coaater collar, 2* ft. 1 mokasiBWagth by is ft an depth
with (aa.raiaa.-e, bah. Be aomoiete aad at par tact ordar '
Lot 101 teal deep Pnce S< - Eor forhsr oarth-aian
natal perm laatoa to ssa lha aaa.*, to B y BKt>W*f
Real Fa'ate Bt ker. No 7| Wall st . f(om lulP M ni
?vj B- DAVISON. No. t3 Codai-at. Itf lw*
F^OR SALE?The three story brick
HOC E. maavftc l""'i. sitostaal oa ths noitk-east
earnot of Bond and Paciaa' eta . Brooklyn. The abort
pre star bs are of the meat d*-msM? character, and wtiigas
Bold cheap A portion ot in* naan enn roarma on boee
anal maalgaga at 7 par eeal l-suar? nf WILLIAM
BOSTON at No. 11 Naama st ltf lw*
FathkiU Lnnahut. Aar stones high, pi ana in frost.
II kaa tl rooaaa. beas.1* har roass dining room and ktlrhsn,
two ce tare, tarn eaatsins. ir* boss*, one acrs of hand,
fruit tinea. Ac. near ths deoat on tk* Hadsaa River Rail
tvavl. the <*rry U, Niwt.u .1 aad at the term a t of tho
SrOHtceod Ptatvdasc* and Fiahk ll Railroad amiable f?ra
BygetA haaaydiae-hoe.s .a- wan c?r? aaublashatani la
gtlrs of AMANDA VAN \ o?'Bills, oa the ?rem^aa
at H B. OOWLZS. Kng. No. it Wall at. Nsw-Y*rk
Na M BtBts-at . heewana Hvkt a Hsnrr?-kra*
?mntsa walk Ire a 800th Ferry , lot Dil?*, bontaa taa>
tor** stories, basement aad asd*r cellar ; hitrhon >aage
faraace, free, hath roam. Ac . all in rood order Ala*.
Ma ITS Aaaaas at . sitkt auauUa walk from Pnltoa Esrrr .
Lot BtiallJ, hoaae 234144, three a.anna aad baeomeut.
aaarkts ataatBls. fttraaos. ucloead paatxa. frait ia ths
Ac Ptton lew and ut am easy Asnly to
,., ...?? *? TiiATIJt. Sa. it Baak man-st N. Y .
. IW 1,1_ ar No 54 mum at . Broaa.lya.B
I^OR SALE?A taaree-etorT brick House
* ??**??* Ud - , kM Batk Boas. . a
vat tae prnaaioas ,Uft,
I>UBLI0 BALE ?The proM-rty n,ii
???adiUi?ml<4 t, P H * r t??'.? -? ?
?,.?,, ? I. ? ~ .. .t,.i ? aale M ' \l ^Ay;M,^t,
?4 M A M ? B-he premises The) eeMLH"!
e.-e it? ' - dweiBe? boose H *1 ** w"? ?
wirgof two at ri'l ISr.y IS fat. aid treh*b
without u'd,.,. faeces and - i?er ia??r ?eemerrt. a ??.
dient ?ad iahTutteJ a dee C ' o'er*J ?,th t ie *b .re
nent r.|.d f.Bilettnt* n one of f'im*.lH?t>d u. ??? ?
??v 4g#*??.*?ici4i.??* ?>?<
ried a* ? ooeirri ??? r*,aed le ?* <?* '? '.' ?B? ?? T
eJjf.Ve bueii.ee. ?t? ^,* Ihe tow.. Tse white preav.es
arc f .rniehed wuh erecy cireatence Or a r rif .r.e'.le ?id
pi* i>?tt iei.uVi.re; _l?o. admirably atiaptre. iu pf.ot of li?
cit iotj ar.d ntherwi.e for en ex obi ?e store U-ioem MS
pr perty tain Oc upner put of the t.i|?t, the 1 it SH) feel
In nt oi the I. *?. ioe.1 . a ore hid ncrr? the res'of thi
jot. ptwee? Uo N>w Y >k end Er.e Hailrjad I .r farther
i.nfjf lire. Ii. ? ? to tie owners, on the p'em ?et ?Pier
... ,1- N V i tuny I jI. P H. TAULM IN
17f tMhl'_C TA'.LMAN
(^OUNTRl BEAT f??r S?.LE?in the
J pleuent vlli.ee of Greenwich. Cone, I new aid
townrtinae dnelhi.it bouae. with Steides. He , gaiden aa*
ibeottblte)Beree%i ai,.l Itianeir the Congregation%l.
Ep'tr.-pal laid Metr.idiat Cbarr.he*. and aiau to ( ?od
?. boola? aid has a f.i e v e? of the Sound. The perfect
healthiness of the aitua-ion. aiid tue *aci lty of accei? ny
tb* New-Haran Bailrood, render thia a rery deiirab'.e
residence for a gent eu.a'i done tms'aesa la tau city. Ap?
plyte J< N ITHAN D Bl ELLE No. ft W?i aw et.
17f iwTuTl.BS*_
Pioier') ?One of tbe meat bes'i'.iful and deei
ra lean all Farm* .a Wei'ern New-York.r jn-aiuiig abcut
forty actea I f ?i-i) t hoice and ncbly cult rated land, with
flwelliue hotiae, birr, carnage, aid other out-homes, of
tbe moetr n.plete oider. II it a large otehird ef gnlVed
apt.les. lad a great ebtmlaa'-e of the more rare and cbotce
rarieties of aurrn er fruit? Iu ?hart, there la uitl.nx
lurking to render it a eoorenient and perfect farm, ae well
?s a deearahl? residence being witbm hilf I mile of a depot
or. tbe Erie Canal, and same distant* from Syraooa* md
It. ehester Ralroed, n tbe intrfot of a moat bevitifu' country,
and an latoliepaat, moral, aod wealth* neighborhood. For
a more full description, Ac , addreia hu 2,1?7 Lower Poet
m e _Vt itrafcE'
V Var)ing m ar/.e from two to ten acres, or the entire
fatm of St st ies, uom- bBlewsJn to Hon E C Gray, of
B' st'ti. situate <? tbe lltchts of Eo-dhav. Westchesaer
C' un*), 11 milee from tbe City Hall. New- York, ( of a mile
ft. ii. l ;.per M.."i?ani? Dei>ot. Harlem Railroad. 1, ntllea
front the coitemplatid Eighth a*. Raitroad, ou Terh
Island, and , n.ile from tbe Hitrb Bridfe, buunded on the
weal bj Harlem Elver, and oe the enure nor;a b| Maujt
h oidbim the reiidei.ee of I.eens O Morns
Ap>lienti>? need r.o; be male nleas it la wanted for the
?1. ite oh.set, as Mr. Uray mends hiodinf the pi'chaser,
ai.d also h rosa'f. for tire yeera. ie>t to sell, leaae.orcm
tiact nay of the above preunaea. eireptinr f ir the uses as
heretofore mentioned Purr hasera will be biuad to erect
l/uildiiisa, vth ch shall not coat less than it '.Oi. on as h
p tsold. witlnn two veara from date of purchase The
oljectot the above reitricti ma and ir.juiiement* ta t i en
dravor to secure a rood neichboibo jd, and prevent ani
s .1 cesand little volume lots from beiaf laid out This lo
catien, indepei deut ef its retue l and beautif il scenery,
paaisecaeethe nostfroqaetal ami cheap c .mm-inicaiton to
and in m the city, and uniteathe double i i ? n.f. - of noun
sty isdcttrtberestrionad Trams of csra are me rua
nivr fiom th? cjt_- Hall 13 t inea dailv, as early aa 7 A. M.
Ii d i? late as II P M.. rmd re'nrnint; to the Citt Hall II
Iks ? s daily. aa early a' J li A M and as late as t P. M A
year!) conilimiati'a ticket ran be obtained for S3)
DmVinrs for | atdss worship of almo-t evnr? denomiia
I os, a- we as eood roads, are already established EaVau*
ly aupnlieaol the beet quality are readily and reastaaab'y
olcatiird. ai d if deal ed delirered at tbe do ,r Thiswhu'a
ride* of rouiitn . li .u. dini! mi Harlem River, from Kiss's
B i i?r lo theHisb il'idge, is now owned oy such para.us.
that a litt e caie and attention would secure sueh occupan?
cy (coiiiiecti d with Us peculiar adap'nesa i t-> make it me
of. if sot the ii oat desirable locations for villi reeilences
l,rar ihia rreat citf.
Eor furiber in'omiaticn, and lithorraubic maps, inquire
o4 J II GRIPPING No 22 Vesev at beiweeu the fioura
of 1 and te'eli ck. or of L G MORRIS, at Momt Ford
hum, BdyesBaBJ the premises
Tkhmx OS Sal-K? Oae quarter cash, three quar*? ahoad
and inortaraae. I'.f It
HOIiSES, IRILTiLNg" L'TfaS, an.1
FARMSfor sale or erchanre f H Ott} Pro-.erty.
Aeerj saleable Farm, ISSaeree. rroatxaf i.sot feet on
tie banks of the Hudson Rarer with msusion-hnuse, farm
booae, ,ce house, Ac., Ac, with a fine orchard of various
I Farms. .?! 100 aid 210screa. at Poosh'seepf ie
I Lti'e of Land, eai h 22 feet front by ill feet deep, with
tear bin kin.Idn.it. Noa. 114,126, and 121) S;h-et , Clmtua
7 luta on I0ith-*t , aoath aide, and 7 !eU on lu'th at ,
Borth side, between Broadway aad 10th av
1 lot ou IWb av , aoath wool c irner of lOjth-st
5 aiodoin built three-aiorv I.rick h .uses. Jijii?A. deep,
lot } 10?, 16th at .between 4th and I.eiim;tju avs
3 four story Miel buuaea Noa 223, US, and 227 East
I8i' St.
a wo-story. batement.a'tic and sub-cellar brick biases.
2,n ,. h t UKileet. N..a JU2 ami 101 Eoraytb-st . near Grand.
2 f hi?aaeey Irica houara, with stoiea. Ka 802 and 604
I ibieo-storv modern built lirick hnu?e. 2},it0 feet, in
Poplar st., and a Ihn e story buck bouse, pliin built, la
Vltie-st .near Kulten Petry, Rrooklyu.
Alto, several brick and brown s'one-front housei and
baildinx lota, rauoualy located ia Now YorK and Bro .k
1)8 Inquire of E. Al'ERBAPH, No. ?1 Jobs at , I to 3
o'clock, and No. Ill Norfolk at. from 7 lo M A. M and j
to 9 P.M. _Itf 3l?
(tVR SAL E?Stamford, Gon n. ?The late
I raeideBC* of Henry J Sanf <rd, Esq , in tke rillace of
Stain ford, Conn, .at a dfatance of one and a half hour's ride
from this catv Tbia place, bavins been fitted up by Mr.
Sauford for bia own residence, without regard to troable
*r expense, ta all that can be deaired as a tranteel boote for
any peatleman wha wiahea hia family to enjor the adean
tagea ot tba cuntrr, while he atlenda dail. lo nis buataoae
in lb* city. Tue Dw rlbng House is cool and airy ia sun.
aaer, ?sk beautiiul shade,and well inc'osod :in* warm n
wintei, with erery courenience. as furnace, hot and
sold water, l.alh room. Ac There are also surable
Stahlea, Coach llouae. lee-House, Garden with flowere
and Kh'itbbery. Iu abort, i* a residence, this plane s nn
bines all the advanta(*a of the oountry?its health, its
pleasi.ee, ita beu'itiee-with tbe moat unelera coaveai
eraces of a city home. Commutation to Staasford, on the
New York and New-llaren Railroad, liy all trains, SSI a
year f ?' drawn.eai and a more patticilar dea.:,-iption,
a - . lo J. IM ITH DODOK. No 2? U-.ud-at .NY. i > w
Is^OR SALE?To close an estate, a Farm
at New field, f?ar males from tbe Railroad Depot,
Stanafoid. Coan., where the New -H ,<*? Railiotd tram
paaeee atx times a dar The Farm r.-nlains |U7 aoies.Jt of
which ire Woodland, the balance P.ow, Meadow aad
Pastute lud, two Orchania, House, Ram, Carriage and
t'orw House, tw o excellent wells of wa'er, tu. , lroe frara
inratvibraiices atd will be so'd at a bargaiB Apply to
lit lw? DANIEL H. CURTIS. No. Si Liberty at
Fj'ARM for SALE?Of ISO and more
acres, at the towa of New w ? is Oiaag.<C<>nnty,
Nrw-Yorh, witluu five u nee of Newburgh and one of
Yaita tiate Depot ittie Railrimd 1 Thia Earm, which
fminod a pat' ..I ?m lomiestead of the late Samuel Towa
s i..' baa for a uumh?! ol years been subiec'.edt i the
m.wt casWal, thoreiigh and well c nsideied tillage There
me 1} acres Off eii el'ent wiKa'lai . The lands are in per?
fect rondinon for green or white crops and the bnrulings
am; feaeei ar* ii c.i mplete order Pos?easion tnsv he had
on tbe lat April Eor teems and pariiculars apply to
C11AS MAGI IRE. No 168 Front st M I?'
fj^OR SALE LOW?A go^Farm of 13?)
*-lea. at Blawenburgb. New-Jersey, sear Priacetna,
New-Bruuawick. and Some mile, the county aeat of Soin
eiset Conritv, The laid, aacent ten acrea of wood.isall
ondar ei.hNatn.n aud in a ! feiio* The daretliog-Bouae
mi of winal tilled in with buck, of two stone* high, sod s
wirg ou etther aide. The I arm bouae, earn vge houae,
I' -ins. and other <>ut buildings are larse andingoidro
pasi The bmlduiga c<?t erer ?t.Xt i. TBere la a well ef
etretlent wster. with a large garden aad good s'ook of
trait The neighborly od is hsalthr aad well settled, and
theie is easy accessio rhurcbea, schools, and good roils to
the eeighbwing cities Apdy to Al.LcOTr BROTH?
4? G renew ich at ,N Y llf StD.WSAMattW*
f^OR SALE?A good HORSE, war
tinted bittet and s Bod . sold for want of use Peiee
|IW. Apply to A C BARRY, No 137 Bi.wJway 171 if
OUNT V E R N 0N L( ITS for sale on
the lat 2d and 3d are Bear tbe Railroad Payment*
very eaav Also for aal*. Lota of ..no ??> five loroa. ad
. smog Mount Yeruon. Apply at No 4* Wdliaia st .f .nrib
aloiy. l-fli*
F^OR SALE?The Lease and Furniture
of a bona*, up tsars, contaiairra; sereaiteea rooaii,
s'.ajtable b>, 11enteel boarding hoieo The h >nte u far
a.shed with gaa, hot aad cold water, with bath room, aad
overs other convenience Apply to ANDRKWB a L \ M
PHlER No tc<Bi?adway. be.ween 1 ao.d I o'clock P M
171 It*
'inVt) First-Glass BROWN STONE
1 HOTBKS for SALE -Two of the new tint class
Houses i a 18th at Bear tbe Mh av., |j f**t frost by to
deap. 4 aloeie* bas*m*o; as4 onder-cellir, aad rtniahed in
tbe beat manner But a ?mall payment wdi he re.uireX
lauuiseof H C ADAMS. 13 Wail at.
Hf lw* _ Jiuaoey-couit.
A Lots beiutifu.lt aitnated oa Madisoi.av , com
Bierciag ISO feet east of Bedford av ?aize 15 kr (OS Put
ol the purcl.iie a. >cev can ten am 00 bond and moru-tge
Price SrJeach Addreaa BROOKLYN LOTS. Chatham
a. are Post Office 111 tt*
FOR SALE?Together or aeparatelr,
the <vvt three-st.>-T mart,:* froat Hoaaee oa tbe north
lade 11 ltd at., lot1 feet east float Sth ar Tne locatiee. ta
ana inasaed The 1. ?.-a are new aad -e ', t- with ail the
m?t!*rn impro?em*ais Counter col axe. CroBoa
?.'?? *f i>c ?? '?? *PbIy ta U D EBBNCh!
N J IU Nassau st . Cuaicw-ceurt. lbf ft*
P?R SAl7E or T?~LET?A House and
JA La*, situated ia tba vtllrga of Hyda Park, shout St*
Tv*B.W*,'.,**lk trom ,b* Hudsoa Ever Rai road de; >t
Tb. cuildiaas are in goad repair, and there ts a in* ransty
X M^wi* a^lU^HAltJiSONTNa tau Wall st.
POR SALE at HARLEM?A beautiful
-at Conatry Rrend*?r*. cn'smuag foir I eta of OrosmJ
oi the north sal. ?, 53 at bJtwTeiih. 4tb BsW ", '
rl*i .'!!. ..,1^,S,on?? ro?*?? ^w. eoatauuse amJ
roosa*. bbo. astabl.. cainaaje-Bonee. n^.ha.w. asdi .
bouse , also^brubbe-v. grape r je, aad oBui.-*e;Taas ?/
fiait lafBllbewrirg For pSt psAaaaj a ooItio
A' IW HENRY P MceJOWN. No. tt Nassxa-.:
FOR SALE-Two thwe-stirv B:i .
Housea. located m a reepoctab'e B?lgh^ .i-hjoJ ?e?r
St Maik'.CbBirh For t?.?. a,d *vZ? I
eiainme the premises apply to M ARTIN E THO?ll'S ) t
Na tW Broadway_ ,sf , J
Man *y.*t. b. 7 j mmt deer For terms aoi>!y t*
laTlw* MAR I IN L -
_ OR SALE?The Property on the ftj.
*' E. cora*. efMnrray aad Church-au . bel.amn
tb* F.^nk Vsitatiaa Church Th* Lo< is * f** w.d* o%
lo For term a lc , t*
THOMPSON N 2;' B'lidoiT
OR SALE-Thia House. . Jt trtiot, in
fall now of Csaoa Park,lot about asdeee, ia <ov.tf.sr
at nea.wiie ooeres e -. ??r./e. Alao Mntoitha Far
b'ture ard earlj iv?a.?. .| Callfr-.a ! to i
ytdTaAEtiw* JOHN U r h.1 ERA N? bvrj Bnalway
ABLE PBOPEBTY. heloivgiBe to the Er.tKt of
Oit'U Pwii created ? Will be??',.; j p i ': ^
THI F6DSY ?'??? M 1831 et !2oVi.??, It . st ibe H tit
,f H*M I i'l'tr.u-UVi, V i r .rC-tAj
P 10* ERR*. Auctioneer, th? feUetBtBe. Met. Eat at* L?
? ?' VI ls|?. viz
I The Mannen Honte. Green H.vit?, Bira an ? amtl
o'jt-btnldiigi. up< n *h<? lot No t.epoa he map Saul lit
l? iT.i flat 3 inrha? ? width in front on Boadway. i:, ban
I :rn he* :n w!d h an tie rear, ill anal 6 inchei ta d?ptn >a
one avda and l?7 foei 3 .ncties ir depth oa she o her iaj?
Th ?1 ii.e ra gs-.ers 1) known aa ins o mir rsiaJence at
Dr. B oodg<?<-d,d'raaae<l. Tbi'e h u; m tti a letTaltubla
lave '?*) fruit aid ornamental treei and ti.e groani it
tastefully ernrged the home was past in thirougare?
pair the peat year b> tha lata Certis P*ck ula'te and
p run term every c nvri lenca (or a laste and aeatoei family
It ia e, m *t denrabli eoaitry iciaeace from lha hmse
ted coirda ova men'ioned are h*a itiful aad Bltaaatse
tiewaefFletEnni Bay, tha village sad. aarroantiag mmw
U\ A!?o, vicant let No 2. ai per n.ap, being It/, fiit in
w;d h in f t i.t i n Brr a -wsy. 151 feet froat ..t B >wee-?v ,
by lea fee; Ceep on oia ?ade b) Iii fs"'. 9 lachet >a the
?j A'ao I d adr it'ine N?. I. bring 111 f-lt in front a
F. iwtie \? , Iii fett I inch'i in the rear, by 18t fie: in
I i. >t No. 4. adj ire nr No 3. taa:a< 151 'ee- treat a
B "ne iv , 155 tee; 9 inrhea rear, by 1 to wet deep. In
ft.! t ? I ?vc let Maud the re)el>. at>d Ft-t Onka
j. Lor No 4 ai'.nate on Davon at., beirut 161 feet 7 mcsaa
fi el II f*et b inches rear, he lit feet deep L>m Un
tat a?. th ee dwelnnit Honeea. m awed repur
t Lot Na. I, ac mini g He 5. be,eg III f-etTinche? fr mt
in Vtiou *t . oie nncdiad an.) auty feet ?i? moots ra the
rtai r.y me ii inrred and fiftv fr e. in .le;>th.
" L t N >. 7 adj mint M No 6, on tee eiroer of B-otd
*ay and I'nion it., UC feet fynt on Broadway, Kl faat 7
LB4 hea boat on l'ai?n at . by 160 fee:6 larhet dipth
The p-oiiroity of ttiar-e i 'a t i II I Oi;v of New , I M
w? las .heiy ira-ation in 'he village of Flushing, render
them dei.ratde liiaaieoas for Cmntry Re*idencei Jit a
i. leetytteeel .e Mara of the pr-ipertr ran be had in Naw
y ,.? .?,". thai o.e.-. THOMPSON PHCKkHIXOH.
[ i it if B-o^wsy and Uuane at . a'l.. at the reaidenre
of C P I.OWIRBE Auctioneer, in the nlUce of Kleih
mt Terms made known on the day of aa'a ? Flushing,
Feb I* leM. WITH PECK. (Eieeatjr..
I7f t2i Cl RTIal'Eok, Jr., |
\T PRIVATE SALK?Tin- three-story
brick Ho ne ami Late/GreObd kn? wa aa No. fJT
Jire nt., tooth *ide. betweaat the R-b and M avs Size of
L. I 22 fett CitiCbsiby M feet deep. The H >ne in 23 feet 6
inrhei by It feet in depth, with a twi-ttory alt? in.
mtkine the parlora threereutve detp Tha H .nee nbidt
in the beat manner for the owner'i own acrupat-oa. with
.11 ..odata ??^???-???i *TII??f^
17/lw AneataaatertHa T Brand ef
I/OR SALE.?A Country Phc^. '<?n
?nthtf of a Home lately built and half an vre of
eroonc, well fi led with fruit treea, utini'eu in Qritawicm,
Conn . thuty milei from New-Veik. Aboye ptv* rine'.y
nt.'nted near Lone Dlaiid Sound, ami lett th<n'enin.n
ntei walk fr.un the railroad deo it. und a danhraMa reti
dtvee for ore doing hu'ireai in tti* i itv App'v to
I2f (itTnThkS* EDWIN P WEED,Ho T.Wihamtt
1/OR SALE or TO LET?In York-sq.,
New Haten, Coan.. a fint rlaia Dwellnnr Houee,
with kitrhen-raree furnace, i'abla. gardenert hoaie. lee
hoeae, and a rtnety of fine fruit. The honte n ia the im
medinte virintty of the bait male and lemale arh?li. aud
withfn leven nirnutet' walk of the Collera Injure of
CHaBLEI ROBINSON, Eoq . New Haven, or of E.
KETCHCM. E?q , No 79 Naatau-et , New-York
if UwtwThfcS*_
F(-K SALE?Onr "i the finest Coantry
fent? in the vicmityof New-Y'ork . aittiated in the
T wnif Eattrbeater, about fifteen milei from the City
Ha l.and ah. ut one mile from the Depotaof the New.
Hataa and Harlem Railroadi. The Home. Barns and
Ci rnate Hoiiae are ?11 in romp'eta order, and a Farm of
ab t nthty a. rea of land attached, in the highest etate
of cultitalion.nhnndaiireof Frut: of etery daacri.ci >n on
the p-tttises. Poue.sion given on or before the 1st at
AprilBOtt For fmtber particulars, iaqtnre of
1 if 2wTuThB6* B. J. BROWN. Ne. 67 Wdliaa-st
and Lot No 75 Warren at, between Henry tad
( iinton eta . Sonth Brooklyn. Lot 24 7 t 170, with a well
arraBged Stable oa the roar, fronting Verandah-place
The houae waa built by the pretont occupant for hia own
ana,? the moat thoyough manner; hat all tha modern
improvement! and conteuieBCies, snch aa ras ligb's. hat.
nr farnaco, tpeaking tnbei, copper cylinder b.ulert,
rarge, force-pnmpa Ac .Ac Title indiipatable, tad pji
?eiaioB can be grrrn at any tune. $5,009 caa remaia on
bond ind mortgage three yeara Apply to
iifti lm 8AML. WHITNEY. No. eg Coentiee-ehp
FOR SALE?The elegant brick Hotiee,
with eiteaaion, replete with erery coereuiance?
aoi air fury are. gat, range. Ac , an Carroll-pi ace, third
beete from Court it., Brooklya. Will ba sold on any
termt, aad a larga portion may rema n on mortgage Aa
plttoJOHN H. KEYSER A CO . 51 Claffit ;8 tf
Oil NTH Y R ESI DE N (J ES.?Several
f delightful Country Retnlencea to Let in t pleaaint
tillage in Cannecticut. ob the line of New-York and New
Haven Rail.oad. Price of rent, from $50 to |t? per an?
num Also, three er four very fine placet, for aale, price
? on -I -,-i. to %. Inqnne of I. WHIT1NU. No it
Enal Broadway 3f lm
Fl'OR SALE?A three-story brick Heus?
and Lot. No. 138 West tltt-st .home Mzlt. lot 103 feet
deep Plica $5 Oto $3,0X0 can rnmatn ob bond snd nvirt
tag* Alto, 6 lull Loli sooth tide II Ith-at .between 3d and
rf avs .commencing 105 feetfiom I'A by. Price $250each.
Frr particulars iaquiio of DANIEL ?IDWEI.L,
lit lw? No. 2V4 Wailungion-at "
PROPERTY, a beantifal Coantry Raiidenca. in the
ullage of Wiltoa, Conn., iitualed ob tha Danbury road. 44
uole? from the New Haven, and three miuutee' walk from
???- Staanford and Danbury Radromla. It ronaistii of a two
Itnry frame HOUSE, with aa attic, and oni acre of gronad,
.aittefnlry laid out. with treei and ahrnbfieryiB abondsnce.
The home and premises in good ordir. It will ba Bold low
Por further particular! inquire of
ulltf No. 105 Fuitoa-ai
T PRIVATE SALE?The ttro-story
basemeBt and attic brick Hanta No. 110 Sallitan
et , weal tidn, between Prince and Soring-eti. The houaa
ia f niabed in the beat manner with tlie modern improve?
ments, having a back piazza, fee. Lot. 34 by lOu feet. If
not disposed of on or befois Fsh It. it will be sold at mo?
tion oa that day, at It o'clock, at the Msichants' Et
ch-i ne Anply to COLE A CHILTON, Anctmneera. Ho.
'jWall at. 1 If Iw
I,*OR SALE?A Hartvain?A small,
cheap and prodaclire Farm, containing 55 acrss
art able, wood and msadow lands, good beddings in r*m
nJtti . rder. 17 miles distant from tks City of New York.
Railroad pusses the preiutiea. Terms sasy. Poaattaiion
when desired. Fat terms. Ac . apply at the Reil Kit ale
Af 1 cy Office. No. 312 Broadway, Bp itanTi.
il :'wTBlha8
ALARM for SALE, at White Plains,
one mils from Iba Depot, containing fifty f "ir
aces oi good kiad Tillable Land, a comfortable two atory
Duelling. Ca-rug* Honaa and Barn, with a rood ai
? a Ban rf Fruit. Inqutrs of JOHN H. FERRIS. Hb.
V.-l Oiesuwn h tt , and JOHN F CNDERHILL, in the
ytailaea,_ 9f tf
M I the three story dwelling Heute? Not 89 and 9! Co
Iun bta at , near PtBeaople at . and tbe dwelling House No
IttlC I lea at , Brooklm. Terms eaav. Apply to
111 3t? 8 8. WOOD, No 231 Pearl st , New-Yart
limited in the eastern psrt of Coaaecticnt. in a
pleaaanl villags, easy sf access, with 30 toiu-borse (water)
oowar Com e, ted wnh thi Frntorv ate three Ttne
BM t a fani arge Oat-buildings, and twelve acres <af good
Land- buildiuga new snd in good order. Ths abovs prjp
ecv will be aold very cheap, on long credit, if desired . or
rented f. r a term . f ytara For paititulara. address
K L. P..Springfield, Mass. I4f DtfAltW
l/OR SALE?A fiTe-t^lrv brick House,
I with basemaat.in 4th at north s"ide. 10? fset watt of
dke Bowery badt in the most substantial manner, with the
m dem improvements Tsnns reasonahia. Uquirs of P.
HOl.LEY.No luWal!-st. If lm?
is i tleie . for sale, or will be eithsnged for a aloop or
tchvear on reasonaMs iftnu. For narticaiaira injured
B CARPENTER fc CO .Nswburgh. ntf lw*
FOR SALE?Tb? Lease^rH?iisel<o.
370 Broadway AdpIv oaths premises, or at No T5
Haaaaa-at , W F. BROWN S office. 10f5tTuThtS*
A'ONKERS LOTS-Situated en the
? banhi cf ths River, w ithiaa short distance of tks De?
pot, and c im: autln,? a fine new The ti?e ia indup iia
ble and a Inrts portioa of tha purchase mosey may rsraa o
on no ana mortgaga. For pnrticiilara inunira of
THOMAS LAWRENCE, Esq., No V, Beekman at L
W ITARR. No 181 WilLam-at . sr O. ROCKWELL
Franklin Home, Yonkors. Itfia*
Ig^OR SALE?A three-Storp and base
antat Cottage- Rose. No 40 East SOtk-it near fh \r
Lot 25a?t 9. Plies $4 500 A so No. 42. Lot sa nt
Pr.ce $3>t0. Apolyto KB KINSHIMEB. No. fo itb.
Bv_lrom I'... 7 P M.
Fl'OR SALE?ThcTTease of propert^
Ho. ?: Barclav-st . asit door to the Grocers' Bank
twraty fonryearsu rau.ni a fired gmnna rent Tnreareari
M twenty-one ytara, $!2i. payable veaiir oa Bka 1st of
Mat ^?nta of lot Mt7t. Apply at No. 44 Chj?tian?*t
FOR SALE?Two new four-story brick
BCILDINi.,3. a-.tuatad rm *lit st ?t roomt'on sard,
fl.xx. std are so constructed as to bs let kg teoemenia,
Tb.y will be sold at a pnre and oa terms that will snnk? a
a pndhable laveslaaent Ap;4v to A M COrTEB, Bo III
t eipned tin of ths eLgibls store. No tti Broad
wta Piatession nay t>e bad on the let of May A;J?,~
CEO P. PCTNAM. on the prrxlsaa. 7 l2
ijensca to Cel.
LET or for SALE-To 1st. ths tw. thre*
Hottsea Nob 1? and 104 Wes- tlst st. tvttrs^taSea aaAT^
av? three roonu ra s 5v.r. witk tab collar, water-cloaTt'
bath.BndCiotoalothsth rdrt.rT.w, n faa. aad re, -.-,
with every medeni c aarsaienca P vuestt an of ose . ??, ?!
gitan immediately To respontih'e tenants rhev wi lt?, i?
on feaaonsbie lertna. Apply ta B 8 HART, No At i;
at ,' wBsAi*ltoa-sqnarB,- or No 4 Hanover at u[ \\?
?HTO LET?A House up town, and Eurni
JB turs for aals. whack is neartv new ThetoiaswiU
Sa? J"*0^."* * '?If' " ""aVl f?m:ly. Tea lady ^- ?
the r use has as fistflr mj ber own in this c.ty. Let a.??
sr e , h rtrtt class breeu 'aar. aad tea boar dart. ?h .
Q LET?In the 9th av. between J5th
at and Sttk eta . a Btfle Tf Cbe'sea, to aearall re
ar????* :'''?"" ?.tweot in..?? eey seat aa.1 aswoe Stent
two-story, fir. 'uim'i.l ?nd ?lar cellar Cattage
Hocteet witt l.and?oa.egBr<!eea In front, it*,* vines, At.
kf Cntm watet IB. Ac Real. $150 Alao. om ?!??
very neat aad renseoiei.t aaaaJl H uses ad; siaiBgthe sane,
axil ficatilg ?? Kth , wth be'hs. Cr .mo wats-. A*
i,#tt from $2*1. to $'00 A?o,thr tipper part of Hin??
No 90 Caael at. oetpoette Church at TM? u a tirnt raw*
a'lnd 'or a go.-d rntUmrr and dress msker An? of Uta
?bore olsees ?aar be area between 'ha bout of <e aal I
S/l. th. d.y- Apply* ?m WKITC.
I1J lw*_No 5M Caual at.
0 LET?A Farm of 135 a^-res of on
_ rellent improved tillable band to th" Teara of I si ip.
.- . ? ?. co.. I. I . r<od farm h-ne.' im a.- Afich' ' ? .
the farm a'* M Mtraa of eiee?eat aalt sedge and bltek
g'-aaan.ea.l w. Nerehut a giod farmer w.;i. ?i::ici- it
means te carry on the farm aeed apply 5?rt-paid to WM
H Ll'DI OW, Sayriae.JLJ._171 Sc?
TO LEI'?The two-story and a.u
H -? end two lots at ground No 5! Nasen St.,
B' oWyn , the fcooie is la'ge aad in gco.1 repair, c-at sw?
ing 'an room* a'.ove the par ora Also ths wh da or a part
of the famitute for sals and possession lat March If re
r irad f.ar/unberpaitiroiars inquire of CYRUS SHAW,
fco li^ultoa it V._ ITfA.'
T(? LET? Possession immediately-, a
foar-stoiy sad biseneat House oa Uh sr., wi;b bath,
hot an i co d era'er to Jd floor, ransrs. Ac a0 in co -d ?oat
itrv a aJcra'c to l?t of May. and can be had for aait year.
Ai/o'l to K B KIN8HIMEH, No. I/? ?b ar .from t tu 7
P M and 8 to S A M. _16( **<:
0 LET?For one or more years, the
as two larre three-story Hooaee, No* if and 11 Car
radt-otace now On up cd by Profeesor Tappan lor Siitrdutf
and Day School. Apply to JNO I. MASON,
rfJiToTtAS* _No. 10 Naasati st
Tlj LET.?The basement, groiind-fW
sad atlic ef a congenita*, two strry h ? .ir.the sec*ai
?tory i which is occupied by two single gentlemen It is
bb agreeable ancl genteel rssideace f a a small femly
Apeb on the piemiiBs No. W4 Hoastot-st , from 5 to 6
p m ITf3truTI,sS
WO LET?A Steam Saw and Planing
.1 Md.. withoot the Marh.aery, corseting of groanJ
floor and ba?< ment.ij by 10 feet, well ligheJ. with a good
run of custom, wnb 6 or t horsepower. For particulars,
;7f if No 170 Jth St.
? r tnrae story Store to Let at No. 185 Waahiagton et.
Also to Let, on the MudsoB Rieer. twesry miiaa from ths
City, a seat Cottage sad Oardea, command ng as* of ths
i,,. riewa oa the Hud-on. within walking distance of
H R Raair, ad Dspot. r >?s?ssi?t on ths itb of April.
A'ddylo ROIHIRICK LAWRENCE. No. 'i Nisaau st ,
ftwil 10 A M to 1 P M_ITf tf
1^1? LET?A new House in Clifton,
States Island, with anew of New-York City and ihe
Bee. It has a dr .wicg ro. m. dinmg-r Ota, l.irirv and
kiuhen cr. the i.-r rloor. six be-L-oonis on the sac '?d?tory,
si d thneiB the attic Ths grounds see be in'ifh! :y loea'.Bd.
wi h a wood in the rear, si.d atab'e. kitche.i and kitchen
la 'ien hevoi <* plma of the intsri"r arrtBgeaneut may b?
seen a' No t*t Liherty-st.
T(3.' 'IP )Ri;V B RIP1.EY
TO LET?On farorable terms, the see
cr.d leaf i an etafast show roem of 70 feet fr.-nt on
Ct ohom-a* .) witt. a wide and ease entrar.. r, w.tB the 3,1
.n . rh Itorii l ,1 the anii.e dainensiona of the large hnil.l
hsg, ooraas <f M tt and Chathtn.-it , Chatham square.
Tiau la a n^.it ilstirable locaiioci for a wtoieiale and re?
tail uisi.ufactaring butiuesi Apply to
j har3en.
No 21 Wast lltn st., from 8 t, 11 A. M , and Wm \\ to
6j P M_.Sf tf
? LET?A thoroughly furnished
.? tlin?e. tl reo 'lnattera of a mile D m I.emu, in Berk
si :re. Muasarhtisetta For particulars inquire ef H D.
Loboi _*!{,w_
Til LET ? Convenient, well-bu'hted
BOOMS in 'he Ocean Bank bfiiUmg. corner of Eut
taa and (ireenwiah-sts , suitable for Artist?, Lawyers, Da
gtinrreotyoiat?, he. Apply to JOHN HOPPER m the
praaitsea ,:i'6tTuTBAS*
f^O LET?To a small f<imi!y,from the 1st
M ot May nett, the entire second story, c .ntiMine af
front and back parlor, with l mg doota and two bed
i aid the back basement in the houae No 129 ^brrs
tie st two Ceors fiom Broonie-st Inqnira at No 329
Broome-st Beit of reference require.! 17 If
TO RENT?Two Stores on Mroadwav,
sear 33d and ttth-si? ; rent, S200 to $3?0 Also,
that cloire Grocery, north-westcoruer of 7th a? and 2Hh
at Also, Eloora and ApnrtmeLta in email reapectablB
fanuuee. Also, f' "? to loan oa bond and aiottgage
Apply to R G PIERCE, 13 Wall et , or U West 38th at.,
Bear 5th-ar , at rrening. 17ftw?
TO LET?Upper part of a Cittage
Hoiiis in Mth st , 2d cottage ntwtti-enst of 3d a?
17f Jt?
a prirate family ooly, a haadsoenely furnuhed, modern
htu't three story and atuc house, pleasantly Incited in ths
' J. Waid, coniaming all the mndera improremeuta of Cr >
ton water, batha, hot air furnace, gaa Ac Address i with
name and addreee) to Box No. 380 Pest- Olhca. Kl 3l*
TO I.ET?All the Lofts in the builJia^
now BOaag erected at No 3 Park-row. Posaeaaiwa
gives on the let n| Mav Ir isireof
l?St CLARK, AUSTIN A CO . No. 20J Broad war.
cheap?Posaeision on the lit of March.?It c >ntn ns sine
orten rootna, sad in good ntdir. Rent >' . Aooly to
E B. KIN9HIMEK, No. J194h-ar , 2 to 7 P M. )6f3f
TO LET?From the 1st of May next, to
a email 'anulrwitiio.it children, tbe Sacond floor.
with Sleep!i g Rooms, id three-story brick House , > .<ant
lv eitaated, ihb the crner of Kmncton and Ludlow ata.
Said bouse fer ronvsntence cannot he enrpaissd. Rent rea
soBBblc. InquirsatNo 127 Broome-st 13f 2w*
1^0 LET.?The three-?tor\ House No.
- 194 Seventh st .between Avenue B and C. Rent {100.
lBqniree.fR. GLENN,No 194 Fultoa at. 13l lm
Separate or together, oa Fourth-av. The dwelling
parts cunaisl of 3 stonee above the stores, having 1 large
.'?il?.?. kitcbea with range, bath-room, and 9 or 10 rooms,
all is good order. Tbese are snitabls for geateel h lardmg
housos or private families Apply to E B. KINSHIM ER,
No 319 Itb av . 2 to 7 P. M. if lm*
TO LET?At Hoboken, several three
story sad basement brick dwell nt ho'isee. many of
which are ib the most ehgihlB sites in the vicntty of Nsw
Terfc, and finished in the handsomest stele Hot aad co'd
wa'er in kitchens, bath rooms, Ac. Iaquire at ths H H
oo?eo Land Office, of
iflm? W W 8HIPPEN, Agent
I II I SEILET. ?Two two-storv and
attic buck Houses in Skillman-tt New Park-av ,
East Brook! vs. about lit) feet from tne stage route Each
bouse coBtams eight rooms, and paatnes to each room.
Ttitr are Bewly built, and the water from the rittern 1 a
conveyed to the kitchen Rent $Mu. Apply- to C. KNOX.
No 128 Ealien-st 111 3t*
TM) LET?The fonr-story Store No. 119
Pearl-?t The lhr-e ? -.r. Dwelling Hoases Noe. 70,
ISA atd 104 West 2lst-st , and No IS Weattsth-at. TBe
Bboao houses, elegantly and auhataatially finished, with
mooern :n.pr. reinents, will be rented at from $J00 to $900
(er amum. App y to HE.NDRICKS A BROS.. No 77
Broad st 14/ 3,?
' *'t* BoeajM, with email roams attached, at No. 600
Br adway, suitsble for Socieliea Club Rooms. Drill Rooma
Ac Inqaire ef E V. HAUGHWOUT, No Ml Br .adway.
14f lw
1^0 LET?The three story and attic
brick House, No 3< 3 East Broadway, freatingon the
sq.i tie at the raacti. n of Grand st. Three linns of stagea
paae the door. Kent ... To be painted aad pj? in r >od
repair, lnqune of 8. DAYTpN. No 3"> Market- !0f tf
TO LET?From the 1st of Ma? next,
the 8*coad Floor of Dwelling House No 128 Brooene
-'.!... in ? of freat and back Parlor, with grate? aad
marble mantel-pieces two Bedroomsat.d Kitcben. aad two
Bedroomsif* alt e. The abore wtU be let to a small family
withnat ? hjalren, by inquiring aa abore. Uf st*
OUSE to LET?At YorkTille, cor
-ear of 4th stobbc aad 92d-sV. a new three itory
dwelling Louie Wti h modern tmprovementa?bath room
farnace innre, having 13 rooms and onveaient cleee a'
The location at obo of the most beautiful oa the laland?
rent low.oslr timX It may be eiiauoed at aar Hate from
8 AM. to 5 P. m Apply to the sabsenber at his offi te,
corner 11 Nuseau and Spruce sts.
lift*_ j B. PINXET.
. a large roon. oa the second story, and several rooms
m the npper atones SsJ the hui'ding oa the north west cor?
ner tf BrraJway end Bleeckar-st Poaaatrion imm?l>
ately. Inquire on tte premiaoa of
Uf**_JOHN W. BITCH, Arohiaoct.
N!w.u,Pu'yJ' "i,?bl? !<* ? Gardaaer. astnated oa the
baakiof the Hudaoa B rer, coBsialang oi ikiat II J_
Oa the premlaes is a good farm bouse, also a tenant house
bara. Ac , having a good sappir of fruu trace Tbe nia-e'
is dietaat about su miiaa fr^m tie city. The place wh
let ra rtaaonab'.e -erma to a g/s>d tenant Inquire of
i3i iw? james h Brush. No ys^ini 11
TO LET?Sevetral genteel 3-story and
baaemeat Hoasee oa 34th at , Ktb St., Leuaftoa-av
sod 4lh-ar
Also oae or two Cottages ea 30th-at. aear Ith SV
A so 8tore? an. Pwellmga, ae- ?rate r t-igeiher
ti lm* E B. KIN8HIA?EJlNo 319 4ta4r Vto7 P.M.
M ?LI.T ZSLVtiZTi S M ?????d on sD .. j?.
w-rth sve U eight hwrao power, to rent id New burgh. o,.[ .
site T. Powell a ( a a ttaigbtiag ea'abbsbmeat e*r Mb
tiea'ars iaeiuireof GRANT k edgar.
?*3 lm*_No. IT Water at , Newhurgh.
? f DOCK la LEASE -Tbe Attas'*- Owk Cm, ?,
w.:i lease Ut a term d saaie, as sew rema lota froatUaa
their haaia witaa a few fact ef the water, for tbe f U'oones
ef lumber, Lm*. or btrea je-ds. fsaadne. parsing es'ab
luhmeBts or aar baauteas roi au ng room rooventeat to
Causation. A: ply al their office. No Tl Br. adwer. 13f Su
bght aad spwcioae Lofu ever oar store, N.> 4'
Breadwsy^.eea Howard ana) Grand ata . wrll raa iat oa
a leaee if doenea The grot lett at aooat ISt fee: deaa t>?a
othaw tLree are about M IWt
dM tf ALFBE? MCVBOE A CO. Bo 4?t Broadway.
TO LEASE?Twelve to twenty LOTS
of GROUND. 25 by 1*>. for* tor* of ytan.iB Cherry
?i re-ween C dears ?sJ Estt Rirsr-sts. Isqairn ?? V'?'
?on Foundry Offce, No. 17 Coilears, o?nir?f C terry -at.
For sa'e. M second hi od Bout rs,
?cd RRARO PIANO! for BALE -Tb.? Bedr-aoen
Bad Dnare r.?>a? FutBilitra of Hie H .use N> -f t, .lira
ban BrunBlvB At?o-haniost inagB tirent Erard Oread
Paaoever !mi?*fted,i>erlec'ly asw. aad another but littia
;.ed alief whchwi.lheaildet a great taerihre Tt*B|
rm rrmaia on H?rspe tiee of eha'te until lbs let of Ms;,
i v. ji. ?ar raa ala . I>? bad f r a lo a? of Tsars *P?|T lj
To LET or FoR SALE?A Cob v
S *?. boaritifBilT located, titaa'.od rl sag br tae wi *
lagrof Jawair-a L I. Tba fa-m r .Bttint II arret. to lal'a
k e and 23 wo.aJland There >a a large dauhla irame house
w,:b k.trfcra a'taebed >B 'ho pren.nes. rt 'a ,r;'"1
chard, and accessary oubu Idmgt Rent will be 1 ,w to a
r-d tuant. Terms <f aale made rty Aas jr -n *ne
? i ???.'>r by latter directed (? M SKI.IOMAV 'i
jpaiea. L. I._ifiw.r',rilJt'!_
TO LET?At No. 37 WaJjVai., (Jaaa
court ) * emt of Rooms over IVew, Rohmaoa A C > a,
ircoad floor. Ths location and rooms are not surpassed im
ti e atraet Tad vtrt large fr.ntt room eta he awaaiai iat
mediately,the otaer oa ltt of Mar Aaatyoa ti? ?'???
kaas, to JIT>D A HOLUSTRR. Nj JT W*ll-et
if ItTuThAS_
TO LET?A fine large Stor* and *ev
era! well lieh-eu I.oftt in tho new lite stun B*at*
rl.isa brosm at >bb store, No. 311 ProOBtnea at., n^ti
l/uane, and in the immsdiate vicinity of the Ne?-Y>?rt
and Erie, and Kndtoa H:\ er Railroad drp>ta. where bus!
aaai i> raaadlj oaaapoatntaaa? The tir>t nad aaaaaal e-onea
ha .! aithed in rood stvle. French piste g a.s :n doora and
widows. Ac App.j to A F LAQRAVES, IIa J
Greenwich-it . or F. 8 MORRISON.No 130 Wssg 23J
at N B -Puaaeaaian of 1st, Id and 3J stoics can be had
nnmediatelv_?*> lmTul h?S?
1^0 LET?The Store and Dwelli?| So.
. 130 Chsmbera at . 8 ?>.?? N >. 41 Ctnal at , e\?: of
Bioadttar; Dwel inr House No. 49 C'harlton si . the 2d.
4th and ith atory lofta m Chamber* at., and a 'a ae ^ih
st <r? room No. 413 Broadway. Appl? to P DICKIE No
;n Chi era st _Hf StTaThH
TO I,F T or FOR SALE? Eight t*?v
ntajn and basement Cottaaaa. ae*lr finished, at
???hinrton Hichtt oa lMth at., and near Trinity Cemetery
ai.d High Bridre. beinc one of the most realthf i! and
1 es itilui locafipnt to l>e foand Con,:numcati >n with the
rata ereir hour by ttaraa The depot of the Hadeen Biter
R:.droad and the laidinc place of steuiiet Jenny I.'ad
?hi.h "ill ruu re^ i'.trli to the place thtonahont the sea?
son) aie but a few momenta walk fr.mi the premieee.
Ttiere are fourlots to each houae. aitinc ample t;.ti e for
endear They will br let to e >od tenants or aaM o . re *
??nableterms, and a larie part of the purrh:ute moa*?ran
remain on bond and morteare. AI??two stores.sachraila
b e for a tailor or thoemaker, with nine rooms attached.
Kent $330 Inqausol" Capt HARRIj. ai Pa*sss?or House,
fo i of 152th it , or of K, SMITH, corner same street and
i,i u.mt. Ml LaTsTAM
PROPERTY, in the city and ncta tv of New
Y-irk Let, and the RenU Collected, or Le.ised for a'.a/as
of \ears. and rhe rents ffuaranised, there suHrteut
iiolueeineita are otTered. Landeil and other e tin et
taken in custody aa Aceat or Attorney ; Real Estate, city
sidoonntry. (the' (rowing West" included) b .nyht, sold
and etrhanged. Money lurasted in stork*, or bun*.I OB
rood C?y Bonds snd Morton*?* ; interest Ac. collected ;
i : ; I letutus in all cases . oommtaaiona in sisrate
I H BKi.)??H
Office No. 71 Wall rt . from 1 to 2 P. M ; No. IWr Hous?
ton tt., fr-m7fo9A M., at 12 ami from 6 to I P. M.
kt l KBim ?: WillstsA Oo , No J?3 Penrl-st ; OsWCBSM
a Ca., No 6? South st.. Win H. Smith. INj . No 4
Maiden lana; L A V K.rbv.No 47 Codar-Si . S C. Wil
hams, Esq . Na A4 Wall St.; Harper k Br .thera, No 8t
C.ilf at. _)31 tf
I^O LET?The large and convenient
dwelling and out hoqass, including ice houss, Ac .and
ten acreh of lsnd, situate shout three uiilas soath- w?st of
ti e tillage of Newburah, irem the fl.at day Ol April aast
Tl.. pn nines are supplied witB gi isd well and cistern wn
ter. garden and an abundance of choice fruit snd sti.ida
fees. It commands as eitenaire prospect, and is a heal?
thy locatioB. For further particulars lO'iuirs of B H.
MATE or the Premlststor at N'ewbnrgh
TO LET?Well-lighted ROONfS, with
or with lit Steam Power, of anreite. InsBirs sf
dl?tf C. M. 8IMON80N. No HI Lewit-st
I^O LET?Parts of two four-story brick
8TOBE8, in New-st, with ,OfB. ts. Apply to NE8
MITH k CO . No. 52 Broad at. sad No 54) Now st )3u tf
^O LET?The two-stor. uvru!?.o House,
J on the north suit of Thirty-. ..oh. ., betwrsn Kifth
and Smh art , with tsn or m srs its uv hid Tilers is a
.arge barn on tho premises. Possessio- ? of May neit.
Apply to (If tf) NESM1TH A Co ,0. 50 Nsw-at.
OFFICES to LET?In tho building No.
252 Broadway, suitable for lawyers, architects art?
iste. Ac. Asply, on ihr premises, to C 8 FRANCIS A
CO. Uf-itTuThAS
WO LET?Several new Cottages, four
-I. new Stores, and aereral parta ol Houses to 1st in
Brooklyn Cheap rents laqatfoaa*
iff lm 8 P TOWNSEND, No 82 Nassau at.
STI^M-^?vV'ER.?Two Rooma, suita
- > . lor a gnat null or s printiB?-oflica, to rent Ia
quire at the Veit..t Soap Store Steam Works, Dry Doct,
o'of U2 1w?) 8. W. OOODBJDOBaiCO..No 84 Broad at.
TO LET?A large Basement on Broad?
way, con.er of 8priug-st., under tks CoQamoro
HoBBS 4f bf
t?on?ra (TJanteo.
HOUSE.?Wanted, a niodern-hu?t two
I r threa ttoiy HOI SE, for a ?mall lamily, not abota
llih-at . near an omnibus or railroad mute, from the 1st of
Mat, for the terra of one to lire years. Address, statiag;
ten s, No 67 RoiB-st , cor. Pearl at , I 2t*
I I OUSE ?Wanted, from l*t May noxt,
I I a seat two- itory House for a small family, situated
abort Clinton, and between Grand aad Madis<.a sis. Kant
Dm derat* Addicts >i , Tribune Ofhct. 1712tis*
WANTED, previous to the 1st uf April,
by a smail family, half of a House, in the upper
part of the City ?west snle would be preferred. Aay ona
fisTing inch will hear of a goad tenant by add raising
CHARLES, Bui No 1,009 Lower Post Office 17/ l;?Jfl
igjJTORE.?Wanted,in the Bowery, Orand?
an at or 3d-st .from the first of May oett. anitabla f >r a
mnluierv or fancy store Haa no objection to hiring a whola
house. Address, stating particulars, J. SMITH, Bat 3.050,
Post-Office. _HfltA
STORE.?Wanted, a good Store, 20 or
31 feet wids by 40 at 50 ftet Wong . in a thorouahfar?
or suitable location for a food ery business Address
C F C . Tribnne Offire_llf tt*
HOUSE8 WANTED.?Six or eifM
Houses, situated m the 7th, 1Mb. llih, I3tb and 17th
Wards aie waatsd, to be 1st to respectable Tenants, from
the 1st of May, Ikit Inquire of H. 8. GILBERT. Ns 143
Cherry st j3l lm?
13ART of a HOUSE.?Wanted by a
Gsnlleasn ud Wifs, psrt of t modnrn-bailt House,
;. ? ?? -rrr. locate.I . or the* would take and dirids a boute
in connection with a small family Addrsaa a line to C.
M A I. , this office. 14f IwToThAB
at COMPANIES -Offices to Let fn the Bassment of
the Grocet? Baak, coraor uf Barrlay-st. and Cai:sge
p srs, ona of tba atott dtsuabls locations on ths North
River a . for an Exchange Broker or Isauraaco Cora
psny Apply at ths Bank llf lw*
iUacinnerri &i
K Ths foUowiag letter has lately been receired by ths
"*w-Brgiand Car 8pnig Co. from ona of the largea'.,and
most respectable car builders in Philadslphia. to whieh
tns attsntioa 'g hail road Companioa, car buildars. aad
oihcra intereated .u the usa of India Rubber Car Spriart
ladUBctsa): "
nr u t> e. PjdI.atiEI.PHla. Tuesday, Jaa. 28, 1851
T M. Rat Ebb , President Nsw-England CaroVirint Co
DEAR SlK . Hating seen u advertisement kg TV RaU
rotid Journml of a pteminm ladian Rubhsr 8pnng ma le by
H H. Dsy of your city, we ordered soms ef them for tho
purpose of giving tttm atrial But during ths . ? aersra
coid weather, we foasd same of them that were ^osed to
the cold, fronen completely star and solid , their erasucitt
beang eaurelye dstroytd Aad feanag to use fcrhntt nf
fe< ted by aay sxtremes of cold or hsat of the atnoaiphara
we shall have to return thsm. sad depend ogan you for
S.rntsas heretofore; baiieving yours to be ths only rs
lisnle India Rnbbnr Springs under all nrr-ams,tares, and
lnaUsiateaof ihs alBiespaere, that aar? coma uadsr our
Haring used msn> hssdred of your Springs during the
tares reara last past, wa hare never kaowa one of taem
Be fad. snd as w? are dateru.iusd to usa Bone but the beat
B aterial sf every dracriBtiua in our bBsiueas. y >a wall
ot I gs aa by filling- our orders for Bpnngs as boob aa possible.
Yuan respectfully,
[ohgned] K(MBALL k GORTON
Oar object in publishing the aber?, it to prsveat aay ef
our other customa*s being mialed by parties advertising to
supply cheap India Rubber Cat Springt
?i t-.TuTfakSDAUW* No 104 Broadway. Nsw-Tork.
FOR SALE?Four new FLUE BollZ
ERS. with I flues of 25 horse power each, with 2 safe?
ty, valves, 4 sttaat-atopa, 4 brass slobs valves, t east iroa
tttant pfpaa,? cast- iron feed p.pes. i gaat iron iroata, aira
p'ele ; 4 caat-hTtn ai< l.ea, eopp*r ptpsa, kc. Also, tit fal
1 wingsercad hand ? larrs
F?? Flaa Boders. of 20 horse power tack, aecoBd-haad
Two Low-pteature Boiler a, Ko koraa power e?sh dj
Two Peo;?allsr Engines, go- home power eacb do'
Tbieeaew Locomotite Boilers.7 9an.l 19 bi's? Dower
17f 6tTuThwB Ho 17 Corlaars at-cc^aorChatir
T? PWNTERS.-For Sale,oWM
,w'1""_Ho II Ditrn-Bt
Tiff0^^1^---??^ EAIL
aate?ataatiiw K*?,***" fctT? ! **. \mm it ?
%3? Bra^aaife
I/'OR SALE CHRAP-Two ti;>nrht
? Tn*f u'sr B i'ete ?Vi r?eaM* of sspjry r I t i l h ?H
I ? BB AI?*, * d .able Ii?!?' J?-h 4-se pow.r. ?> t? .-et ,
??< ?1H1 p.oee la coeaect A a*, tlx at Fewadrv Tee's
m. S'oeh Applyto H. HIGBY. Rndeeooit Ct. \u j.?
Cntlm?, t3arutDart*. ?(.
2 ? LEYB Oral? aad Faa4*r Maaafa.- rv S i.S
?... three do, r* out .[ the Bowery %lt. at F>
( ??ae a Chares Hau.'era and .Ibers wB k, .
eka*ag wea.d do ?all U> caul, aa a? i* e?B?d*..i th at a>?
?a''?isa. for rar *-.y aad cheapaeta turn .
jM las*
IMG IRON.? 105 tuns BiiibbsB No. I
Foundry H i Iroa . IM tue? B?nt..e No t. d<> do
\j?4o. No I Si .<'.'. led and White do., it iura D???- Ne I
C. srea'dt roraalab. dudleyB PULLER A CO.
l It 6a*TajThBS H? 139 Gree-t-irh-at . craet Cedar.
f~~ji"oR CALIFORNIA ?The subscrirja?
oaatia'iaa to keep up bia well e*Vctad aaaoituiaat
?f Iftaera' aad O..I.I Veit. Pickaxes, Sri rail t visa,
Hoae. Aiee. Hatch*;* Heute-*' Kaiees, Oaaa. Pietttls. Ba>
eoleera Mortar* ami Pa*tt**. lag Mellieg Ltd!**. Kav
tru, Seed Crsritdee. 8 I f> iJee. and aiber art idee,
oompnting a geaerej aaaortaseut *f Hardware, and Edge
T io.s I ir any ai,J at****S OBI sea'e- ? t i > e-e N i a smiths.
Be . pnrtio*iarl> ad?>:>ied \o ti e CtUrforaia atnrket aad rar
traders ea th* Parii> Ceaat C. S LITTLE
a .? 3mThSaTu Boa 3t mid at FuiUa-si
-sal* by 111 BUSSING a C* . *?*<? 31 Cliff*.,
jij Jbi? Aieata Old Cd.?? Nad O*
? f WBTOOOM ?TV* nrwei >*r wtfl *p*a tan
?? ?? c 2j cases and Ma* .>! Wet ilani t mmt\ oe >( I
tarda wide linen sheetang worth Sa for 3a . I 4 whit*
in en damask w.etfc Tat, 3a 6-1 , S-4 brown do , w,trtb t? .
for IS (id . hne.'wtiaik napkins worth ts f ?r la.; ?*? erfla'
do. warthSa (id fb? la 6d . Sie bm-atbark and ?'r?-ich
tvwclang. It , I men do td worth it . iBorraine iieoa
Blurting. r? ,3?. od , 3B, 4* aad O . w trth d iu-h$ <r.? ? >aet.
rlr e ahirtiar. yard w de. 6d . aanerina de SJ .44 Sheeuac
led ; ?ti?* tia* brown ahertjn? rid ] i . atea prtat*. I tat
colon. 6d . woath la. , lit* pi*C*a l>* Lain**, ta , w irtii to ,
fin* tTttaea natura? d ? . la ?VI . aejaal la any at 1*
Iraa above tooda arc damaged M on> and will
he aoid at ?r*a<er I avrfama thaa ???' Batata o.'Urad iu IBt*
ii.T A I rar > ,-ali w.il y i?e to toer ?d?a il n?
Inf 3t*o No 43 3d-av .Between ith aad i h tta
OREMU8 & NIXON ?Since the
' dratrurtirn of ear Warehouse b) tir*. we at* ?? N>i
Hi Wiiliarn-atrert We *h*U, withia ten d tn. M ?rt la
Ilka tpatiia* atata Ttrt tl Bark p ?ce raaatas taj ,
Miim) at In th* meantime we are tnpoUimt aMWItaa
with a ir*?h atoah oi t.-a-d? We harr alraadi i
?everal c.i?*?, anoh ?? plain'aad fa; trad P''i?h, Bl
U rai J Damaaka. l.in?b Stirrtum?, Dtiuttk I) .,?<?-,.
Flat ke;a, Ita, ?i<-.. he . ao that we can tapaly h ,telt,
ttcaii fT?, and h. uaekeepeta >* e trraat o?r frirn ia ?raUttal
N B. Pattentraia fat Calif th.a tnpplud witb SUa
keta I0f I?
C. ii itia* of L'tiao". Dtapara T?bl* Clotht, M .
Itnt. Blaukrts. Br.t'icka he . are fur ta!* at the it nr of
11 tUt* W Id BJ \THKWS h CO . No 60 Cathanae-tt
A BARGAIN ?A secon.l-han.! Rose
1\ era d round-corner PI AN?) PORTE with allthe
rr'alero improtemeuta. mtd* by the very t>??t cttr makara,
v , h a auurantt* for 2 y*ais, will b* aolil fer$IM. Apply
at No. i Moarue it.. between ltin h iura of 10 and 1 P St
J& C. FISCHER, (late Nonns A Fia
a caiaTaJMaaarhototry aad warorao*?. No i?o tir*?i:
wich ?t ,00raoi of I)*r *t PIANO PORTES warrant* I.
with reveiae bridfo aud patent tuft* well cnlcilaled fjhff
ketpmr ia tan*. Pian?-Eoito* t in-d r*v*n*J and at
ehan?*d fil lea
larrtd th*ir Manafactory and War*ro.ima, new oder
a lareo aatortmant of R?e*wo?al Piano*, from a.',, ?| ?, ,t
T ictav**. at the lowaet mauafaeturitur pnooe A lattra
meuu warrantaad ut *v*ry r**p*et, foi two yea/a, aad tuned
en* veat rrati* V DONALD > rVHOTHBtt No ttl
atowoiy.aoar Madtaa at._ta* Ba*tt
NE1DHAM. manufai'turtn of Carhart't Pataat
Mebaloona. War*ri*im? No. IUI Broadway . Mam vt.it
No 73 Kent 13ttt-at , New York Pnce fiom ?5J to $tot
Tf lm?a_
BBOTHEB, No 3oS Broadway, N Y . aroiiUfor tha
following well known Boaton Piano-Eort* Baetalnieh
meata. vi? I Hallett A Allen, (tucc**aora to Hrnwa A Hal
tatt.) Woodward * Brown , A w |.*.i.i W. P. Kmmar
toa. Pncoa from $173 to tMt Piaauo to r*at aad tan?4
tf IWa_
(? A H. BARMORE offer at their Man.
'I ?faetory aad War* room, No 311 Rl*ert*r tt . aoi
ne' of ?'ha; lea at . an aaaortment of elegant PI A MO
FORTES, with th* metallic frame aad revera* bridge, aad
all other nnaleni improvement*. dlt tw*
I' Pi - n y k : k < ? ? - ' ?? i \? - y Hl
Jf2wTaThtS* Stnyreaant luat.tiite No i, ,'i llroadwat
PIA N O-KORTES.?HewB~ "c^ebratetl
Amencaa PatOBt Action, witb or watboat tb* AColiaa,
N.P. B. CUBTflB. Aren , warentoma. No 4tt Broadwav.
Alto, ajgwal aaeortnieat of Boadotr Pita.* f f 11#* a
F HARRISON lias remored his
? o manu'actory and wkiiihihi from No t3 Caaal-*t.
to No. 37 Merrer-at.. between Br.?nne nud Grand aU ,
where may be found a tplendid aaaortment of Piano
rortao._ill laa*
ji'OR SALE?Very cheap, an upright
- PIANO-FOBTE, la to .1 state maJe in Na? y . '
iewelrt), %*t.
FOR THE TBADE.-Article* of every deterrs'ioa
manufaitured for the Trade with pro aptneaa aud d.apatcA.
Blorekeeiiera. out of the city, ait invited to call and *iata
uue specimeBs. which, for workmanship and quality of iit
vei wnl compare favorably with tay o'ber estahluhmetl.
Tea Seta. Urns, Pitcher*. Cup*, Trumpet!, he | al*o,8pi>oa*
and Folk* ul a variety of patteraa.
G PECK. Ja. B CO . Na ta Duane it
j!3 ImTaThaS*
N. Y ?The location of tbia Inttltution it uuaurpaaaad.
Tarrytowa '.eing one of the oldeat aad moat agreeable
?.owe* in rl.o I cion, noted for m ?alabritv aad moralny.
and acctaaibie many timea a day liy tbe Hudtoa River
ha.lroad The sue ts lees n.au half a mile from tbe 4i?ol,
at d coBiD.audt ?. nie of the must chniming views ol tb*
vailey of the Hudson. The edifice, is t ouimodio.it.com
fotlable and well adapted Tha grounds, q nte rttirad,
embrace itveral acres, iik ludiLg a fine grove, a well ss
pmnUil ? Lassum, Sic
The Pr in- ? ?I it aaeiduons in his regard for tht Moial
welfare, the Phytical comfort, the Intellectual impre**
inenf, the u.stineis and pmsoual haoitt of his pupils. A
daily record, having rea|>ert to each of these intereets, is
kept, an at at net of wbicb ia forwardad to tht pertat. at
the close of evert mouth. Tbe Tutors and pupil* retld*
?a Iht family of the Principal, panake of the tame fare,
alerp under the aame roof, and conslit ite in a'l respects
on* fsnmv. Pupil* will attend the church dei.goated by
tbe parent, if practicable.
11. Coarec of Education mcludet all the branchat pre
para'ory for Collage or l.usihesa. for proftttimal or prsc
tieut life The Pincipai baa had iosg etpetieaoo, sad at
aided by com; etosat Tutore Instruction in eveiy .Itoart
n.rni wil! be thorough, aad elementary principles wil re?
ceive that strict a'teati'ii which their paramount i ?pert
acre demands Prench and Spanish by Native T*ack*rs,
resident at the Institute
Can ulart msy be had at Noa 303 and 'M Broadway, Ne
89 N-taami at , aad No 71 Bowery.
For further information addreea the in l-rstgaed
Priaoipai and Proprietor
Irving JaaUtu e, Jan., lail._
ING.?The advaatagee of this bow Work will be st
once poreeivod by Taacaera of Aeademiae and **U
teacbtra They are theee. It feraiaha* a complete **t e*
mercaatila accounta, buaiaeas Uaaaactiou*. forma aa.e eai
ealatiiibs (appropriately printed leciloraj: it embrace*,
beeide?, HXipaget of familiar esplaaatione, dated to apply
directly to all tb* eatrioe ib th* accouat book* , th* whole
to arranged to f*rm a moot bentrisial eourae of practice
for th* etudrn* to paaa through. 130 pp .cric* SI 33. hand?
s' naely t'.un.i Eor aala at th* Author a Couatmg Rooms
for th* prartuceof Bo-ik Ke*ping,No BN i> road way fame
wort in Spanah. pri'? Si 30. 2i imDttUWt
SCHOOL lor EN<,INKERS. No. ?50
H. aateavst., N Y ?Mr VIC TOB BEAUMONT,
Ovfl EugiB**r, grtduate from " L'Ecola Can.ral* dot
Art? et Mta iiactaree." of Paris, will commence ea tbe 1st
ol EBbraa'y neu anew ,iartor in the course of laatrBOt'oa
givsB st aas .-??'. i, ia ail tbe branches, theoraticsl sad
prsctieal. cooeectati with Civil Engineering. f?t a*"*
and refeteaces apply at the School. ,tt tfeod
sign, Nu. J?, Br .adwar where tbe beet issue*
tioa will ha |,v?a m the a/fa of drawmg sad a*ans?
Claaa price, f ia Uriu, it . . \,ut twaaaty l***wa* .f.*'-,"
id ai^saee. Kf
BASSET st . roatiaaes to gars leaeone ia Franob
and Spaniah at his rBaidecee No 364 Broadway, eoraer ?I
rrankliB-et He has aaw Cia*B*sjnst lormed. easataMaflB
thoae that w iah to at mm* nee the French
,-tdy aad mos
fcr tboae that are more Uvaaced. N B ?Private fsanlios
P'iactually atuaded to )M -m_
C OOBBIN eoatinaaa to g.rr losaoas m tha aerB
Caatnian {*eigner?., sithcr st bis reeideoc* or ?.??' *' ?*?
pSm. Apply at Ne 41 At st aear Sd-av Of I?
?etic. Algebra. Geometry, with appttca'iosa ta D-aw
lig, SurvetiBg. Eiigiceenag and Mochaaic Arts, by a i/eB
tlen sn of espeiiesxe Addreea TiaJ30.NOMErBY.Trik
aa* Omce._M l?*
TEM.-Ia additioa to tb* permanent Freacb ScbaeL
oosanaaerteO with tb* C1as*>ca! aad Matbeimaiw-sJ laavtMe
ttoa.N* MSth av. asar ' aatuagtoB Btjuare. Claaa** for
iaeh** ami ?.entlasset race ta n sti-jcti a are-y eecadar
evening, nr. ?r tte guter-** >f Prof V1LLEPLAJT
7f laa"

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