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business notices.
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?Hl"'?"1 ' , k-. . " 'Bftho' fo? ? nnartel
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Exotusio?; ? IW.tr.K ?v. Co., Kashi iv.e
Hat 14/?, He- >*? Bn.adwoy.'rwp.ctfa)ly scheitln? a'.tea
?ton ?ftkair p*tr or a aal :n? public gesera'.ly. to the Sjrmg
Faahiaa tot geotlemei.? IIa'?. aIpcq they will uitradoee
tat ioltjrtlmf. th? Mth day of February. B. k Co. i%?T aa
BBfM <i<a' tbie ? > It " .eouuuend :t?e.f t? tho hat *?a'
kaf community. aad will ibiu's ' h" atme ?be rat pa'ronatw
which they lurrt her?tof?ra reo? rod V B. Hau of ?uv
ttjle.to suit tue BVatt faM.dioos. wj he furu.sh<d Bttha
aMtltet hotftw. _
"It IB HOT F?R a dae, BIT FoB AML
TiMB."-kMta. IBBTU'I Co d Caadv ?tili eontinioe Ho-?aa
fuhtta? ia cate? ot Cool?., Cot?.. Hoarewaess. 8orafTwee.,
Wiioaona Coutk As'ha.?. *<? ? u by Mrs W. JBBVls,
No W iL . . zi.--. Ph?ad.Iphi. Readme ?oe
toa . GBauBB, WathiaffB . Weight a Co , New-. Orleans .
aad by diugriate jene. ?i *
Wa larils th? stieoiion vi r?'?>ien ??? "r"?? atylf.,
/.r ?ia "y ?HtBAtDT. Moirirc t P im i hH N > ii
Ladies, the Labt Chance.?In CMStv
caisceofthe tr? ?t ictwoHy?I Ca?for-Bia Gold. Dutt. G
|f. Bodink will eloso out tae bala?c<) of h-.a Fall aad Wiu
tor Dry Oooda, at ab >ut hall thaat f ?rmar prices, c .ausirug
of B?kt. Shaw!?. Mer aas, Paramattas, D? Lamas mwi
Casbmerea, Ulk Velvets. Lad es Ctotha, Flaanelt, Blan
ktta, Clotbs. Casaimerea \a . A' Gieat bartaios may >??
Bisected, aa tho? g - da moet all be sold, in order to make
room f?r Sanng Oooda. Ladita, com? early, aud secure
treat bartauaa _ ,
l?flt O At Bo. tsr.No 3*1 Grand-a' ,OOf.Orchard.
Women's DbEbM GaMTM DatPABThtaUrT.?"
A very eibSBsrte as**i'iri>at ?f Barege de Lamas Parti
mouth Lawaa. m?n-he?t?r Moali/i d? Lt-ae?, tte, . for
sals by Twimv, MoCLTOw A Pi iwi row Nu 47 Broad?
Wet GoODB?QbuIAT E.Y' I i t.ME.M
Ths sileravte il1? sl VSTet IRrfada BtG M bVMMBB'B ttfll
coatitos a fsw days !oi rar Ladies resiumt at a diatsace
aiiu all thoas who have not had an opportunity or callirg
before will find it ceallv to tbeir lo'rrest by riving ua aa
early rai, as ll.ess foods ars ssIIibc at a'"Ojt ',<> par r-?nt.
evtlow mtaafactuiera' prices?caataialiusT of Tatile Liaeaa,
PhirtiM Liaena, Toweiiac?, I.men Napkma. Marseilles
4J nlta Ac.Ao Now is yvur'iaie foi bargains,
laf St ? M BOI IBI . No i.l <..'?? BT. On i cd
Print and GneaUM Department.?
Boma new sdles Mernmaa i'iat opening Bras a Baa BaM <f
Glasgow Smghams. for sale by tWBADT.MOl LTOtt k
Pi 'mi tob, No. 47 Hi ad *a/.
A mlgaM pfison would say, ,l A
shan't a ahirt-what matter about the shape "' Wa aay
tha ahapo is stsiy'hing laask at the unrivaled ttiirtt
mads to aider by Gar.r.a. No 1 As'or H <ire TAieircon
tonr,the accaraey with wimk they tit. the workmanship,
material, aot, til duii them emphatic ally as thswurtsof
tW Mts. .Ikrv ir'h Cold <'amly is as fa?
miliar ia the mouths of the ca> gh ridden as household
words. The -asthma'' tasse for it, t!,(; rouaumptfra
smdss aa nn.isble, '? ? d ?-a. weak, vtbita aimle. aa he
airstrhes out hisemur a ed pals hand for itsreherisclnret -
etir-e Bold by Mrs. W. JKBVir, No Wi Broadway, and by
druggitta (eatrtlly. ITI It
Sonora (Join Minino COMPANY ?Office
Nu. S Wa'l at , Naw-Yorh, re*m No. 4 serond floor. Capi?
tal Stock. $IW,tO0?sbarss SUO earh. I he books "f sub
scriptusB for stork in ibis Company are bow open at their
office, whom parties deaironv af becr.mmi; atockhoMera
mav obtain caninsates of sAioh and painplileta. with laws,
by tawa, besides sll .m < eaiary lafonuaiioa rslative to lb?
ornrcts Bad ptosnertt el theCceapauy.
Having (nearly v.< u.pleied) a steam engine of eigh'.v
horse power. w th stamp woiks?l the iargesl class, aad
poaseauBf s m ne wf *> ba? provid to be oae t f the most
va.nable in ths Bts'e of Cnhforsis. loca'ed in theimme
dl? te vmun'y of the fMtj of Snnors, on Woods C.sea, it is
the paiyos? ,of Ihe Trustees lo Broaeentt the work wBh
tifor aad wiihout da'ay, with a Tat w to profit from the
business of mining The eater, rise ca'tnueods ilsoll to th?
larlieulsr stteaii'n and < (.afiteai e ol capita isla Ilia
iieamed iMtcsressar) to ealer into a < alculation as lo pi BB1
Ms profits, it having beau aatnfartorily demonstrated Ihal
Vain MiaiBf ia la be the gr?al business of Caluforaia, and
that ci aapastes a>ia>'dy lurpetativa with |ood n achinery,
hart bsan emineetl) aurcessfal.
Ths Tinateae have dstai m aed that the employees of the
( nipaay in all Napoaal >le p< ntni.s shall be shareholders,
?elected with spsi ia| SBfBid 11 fiiaeas. and lerjiurad to give
I u dt wnh auiatii s. ai d m im h StriasaBbbb} beidjsjaiattl
a Ihrient te guard the interests of ihe Company ; aad I ar?
il, er. that none but well ttitd aud ap,>rov?il machinery for
c uiniat aad au atsaniktn k >haH be med, and that sxpOTi
insats of a costly nature, whiok heretofors havs proved so
diiaatatoua to the iatei?>i* of eompaaiea, ?hall be caiefuliy
avoiCed and piovided aga.nvt.
PsrsoB'i yeaidn (OBi of tbee.lv nnv obtain at< ck, |>a<nph
lets.or any iBtoima',ou bi aCdraaaiug the Treasurer, poet
paid, by mail D. w lamaaaonL, l'i attilenl
Tims B sfaSTlROB. Tieati.rey 171 itTuThkS
17* Iis -mi i. 1 intoattratioit is delicious.
II lubricates and heali wuh toothing truthfulnea? a aore
atiroai, breaks s dry, hard cough, relieves a distressing
aastiNa, aad gives l i tha throat sad lungs a healthy lone
unknown ta akeplica Ihe above aeseilious ars prsvsn
truo by eertibestea Irom lbs grsstest men of the c uialry,
sad. baaidvs, it has Staad ih? leal ol tune Mrs. Jniivi> ?
Cold Csrdy is sold i > Mrs W JbN\ n, Wo. 3'* Bioadway,
and by dragguts generativ yf|
I.Aiii.? am) Pphkmpioky Sale <<k BffUa
i>.. I.ot1 *i Ali riOR.? Our rs ad era will antstst thai 4.N
ilit mt J Unit. Kti, art hell at auction TttiaDAT.at II
s'clnck, st Ihs Men liaica' Firhsneet ab ..it tin deairable
lots of gioand aituaie.l on ilh. 6 h and "th-ava , and ob
?Ah, IM, Did !?3<l, V?th, 90th aad In th t?s Bjsa. S lota
tmlkHh it . near I th av , II lots ta 119th at. aad 5th av ,
tha ra aahls house and lo? a fee. No 10. and the leasehold
premises Noa 31 and ii Chailtnn-st. Sa e poaiiis*. tu 'be
highest biddir Maps of lae alniya lola oaa be ha I It tha
aucUoB rooaa. No 7 Broao an. U.alt)
Kbware '?I rifnds (lit, in appalling Bi
leore.arouad spectial hsttsta.thaitaflaot?Bitatatlhlaa
iu chambera whoso ley wa'la fear^^l') echo ba lk the cough
r.iMeu Mia Jut .;>'-Cold Candy aaaaaa tn-iuiug with
tha healmg wa>mih of woaaaa'a Baaofioaec. l'a geaial
niiaialratnvB is ?oolhmgly delieieaa. and itt dace in every
diawer. and oa svery taai tel piece, and in ao manv
" mouths of wueit cemure,'' prove it lo havs stood the
leal . f time Bold by Mrs JbbvIm.No J66 Broadway.
17f ai
fip* House kt'cpr is and nil othcis, in want
?i BeCdiaa' Badatea.li, kc . woald d > well to call at M.
Wit labd's oiv aatablieni d Vuicumi, No. IM Chatham
at corset ol Mu b?' " *' ? he found tha largest
aaa'oitmeal of aiticles iZ bia hags ever olleied to tha public,
coBsiatlugof F?athers. B'rta, M?tlrcases Ac. Pa'en. Screw
Bedstemla and Cola, wh..losala and retail, 117 ImTuThkS*
rF"' Eowi,'-?u vVblls, IMiriMinIoafists and
fuhliahsra J llBtonHa!l, No. Ill Nassau-it , Ntw tula,
mm No fti tv nahingtea s' , Boston.
17'Dr. S. A. Wbavik's well-known
'rjBakat and Sali Rhaui-i Syrnp, Ca-ker Cure and Cerate,
'?Taaold tatkte City by m Ward B Co.. No 81 Maiden
Lane. Olcwt. MrKei<a? A Bobbins. No. 117 Ma-den
Lane. PetfoM, Clay A C" . Bo 4 Fietrher-at ; J Minor
A C? . No 114 Fulton at.. E M. llama. No. 1st Bswen I
Krol.rii Mosa, comn : lli.uid and Cum n als . C t
M.wsmi ler.No 174 Blh av ; CtSBlbsB, ( uuer ol Bowery
and Hoi..t. n eta u R Ha l. No in Bleack?r-st . E H
Payton, No ?'6 Oiesaw rh at; Or j m Smt h. No ao
w , -t It ..mm', wav ill ImTaThaB
OF* As ?aeailv -in they BUwUhnrB tlow of
watet ?rat tha rsl'gn ua'y mssiiiug N.agara Falle, ii the
demand for Mra JaAtya's t?ald Caildy Paoole may ami's,
aad call it a ' mere randv." bot n baa on mm ug led w ith the
sogar?which ia used to maiathe maJicinal propartieaeasy
totaAe?asdif mtied a Sim I icity, aad aa happy a couch t on
of anlure'a hrib? aa ever hnisan uuaiatration ever ap^lisd
to pvi'aaanair complain'! StM by Mta JBkTla, Ms 3AA
Biosdaay l'ftt
1 sap ?ob a DoCAT! Dead' ' ?
8? Hamlet laid,
L^ ON no ducat aska,
tins . f bia disks.
Coaling i?u hal> a iUI ar,
Badnog ?r? ach.?Sv,
Will kill. Than buy.
Aad BOgfoot nliea will follow
l.\ SB a Magnstio Powder and Pilts, No at Broadway
Itaf at* _
Political Movements.?A tMinBa^paMKl?
ont, at Vfaahiagton, says things are jtotng on ihera
which would astonish tha verdant sous of a pi a us
Pilgrim aaoaatry. Of the truth of this stitamoot
wa think thar* can bo ao dnubt. Tha sama corraa
poadant aay a that the 1 ttlt Giant and his fnen Ji u
the Ocaan Stoatner line are laying themselves oat
tsry inrgaly ttrth a view tv> r.is no tunatioa for Pmb
ident. Tha pae-uniary meaaa at tho comma; J of tha
Giant are amplo and ha entertains luxuriously and
lKuarout.lv, ott ib,??o fluoi t a?d liberal principles
winch belong to cno who ia at the ume a .Northern.
Eastern. Wettein aad Soothe in man, accoi to
tho Apostolic maxim. As to the result of Ihskat ef
fortg our ct?rrts,>ondenl tadu'gej in ii ? ?
Tirxsioa OiMcr, Febnianr, Maa
Tlie auhjoinitl refutation o(%hm lVpaii
ment ispubltshtd for the information ?f all poraoti?
eoncetneu j ? Hrath.
Coatralasrouor of Penai )ut
DEiaHTMKsrr o> tut l\rtsioR. i
, _ Er,'. vr ,r, s_ U)t ;
Whet as ??>.. ' . ; >s and de.laya ba\e .i.seu ia
tho traaaacduia of iho bussneaa M the Paaa1
the marltiplwiity of iiidiaori c aaie and vague aopeal? from '
ttt aWeataaas, without alattog the parnr ilar tr uuds of :
dattaat from such de. ui.m?, the bAmo, ia order tofaai -
into the boaitea? i f ihe i nie?, aud lata e a apoBelt aaaar
nuaatioaof all cajwa lbe? ia. n laa N>u iaataasts I -r
to Salopt ska lOllow n,{ iva ii a' a
Aay parsoa dee rin^ t . <aae aa appeal frimada s. u '
the Peesion O.fice, shall adalisaa the applicaliou to .he
Secretary uf th? Intern.r. aad will tea roguired to ?tat? lue
prseisa (rounds on which the appeal ib based . whstksr lbs
? rrort ai)?g?d ha ;n :l, c M?ti . i uoftnalaw or in that
? f the evidence , and, U in racard to the evidei.-e. ? 'ie :.??
taaa tauaS aa maau ba spa rial ly rated Tb? Comstissuaar
at hit rapoit. and U?8ecr?'.ai. m his d-ciai r, will aotica
oady tks grounds ?.> ?u.. the ataaoi
ALBt H H Stvsat Sev ,
~Nf;W YORK. TUESDAY, FEB. I'. 195?.
For Euroi?#.
T I r.ert number of The TrUnme f? atareaeant
Cw?*V*m trill be issued THIS MORSINd, at
3 o'clock It will contain all the Litest News uj?
to the. time of goitu toprees. The Europa tat:?
fMM Boston To-Mor owat 12 o'clock
Louden Aaency for tho Tribaae.
W Thooaj. 19 and ti ("atharme-atrr-et Strand, >s ?1
I Uui?x?l te receive eutiecnptions and adtertiaemenu lit
TV /n'-uwrin London _,
I o >r fnend* in Great Briton and Tretae*. bf re nittnut
a, v Tt'"tiaa. aa aWe, lie. ul , l.y P .st-otfi'-* urder, will
reretve this paj>*r <>oe year.
t'.???;<? otf the Jflorniaif;.
f The following mattert, occurring in tht rUf, or re
cexxfi by MaJ or T'lerriph, will be found, more or Utt
mt length, in our c?.'t<mne fair m'jrmng ]
We are overwhelmed with news this
morning, and are lorced to hol i over Editorial
at.il other matters in type-.
We have live days later news from Sari
Francisco. The steamer D Dorado irom Chi
gres on the 5th inst. arrived early in the evening,
ar.d closely in her wake followed the L'nited
States with two days later intelligence from Cha
gres. The summary by our intelligent carrrs
r ondent will be read with interest.
A new pass has been discovered in the
.Sierra Nevada, by which the transit is graatly
The U. S. troops embarked in the Falcon
for San Francisco, have been fulfilling their
manifest destiny at Janaica and Panama.
The cholera has abated at Jamaica.
In theU. S. .Senate yesterday the great
er part of the day waa spent in considering the
Iowa Rtilroad Land bill. Mr. Deli, of Tenn ,
discussed pretty much every topic of interest to
this and other countries, and ended by urging us
to prepaie for the war in which we are to tin 1
ourselves engaged in about three years.
In the House, a left-handed Mileage Re
torm bill was discussed, without any definite re?
sult. One of the California Members insinuated
that the United States should foot the bills for
mule-fet ri and grog, which costs a quarter a glass
and which he had served out to himself and his
constituents by fifty or a hundred glasses. If
MM-leed comes under mileage, we see no jus?
tice in excluding drink for the other animals'
Our State Senate passe 1 the day in de?
bating Saving Hank securitiee on a proposition
to enlarge the power of investment in the (Jnen
wich Savings Hank.
In tbe Assembly a resolution relating to
the Shakers at Lebanon occasioned a iong de?
Prof, Kiiiklt is at Louisville.
LBTgC fin at Milwaukee.
Tbe Queen Victoria in distress at iJ tlti
ii i ore.
The crew ut the ('ompioini.se mutinied.
The Maine Liquor Law will not go down
in Indiana? omit the word law ami it will.
On the Sixth p3ge a spicy Washington
letter from each ol our three Washington corres?
pondents , Presidential Appointments with s.gn
Senatorial, City Items and Local Affairs suin
n.am I . Court Pntceedintrs ; doings .\Idermaruc ,
lie port of the Controller ol the City, and some
shot: news items.
On the Sorenth page, Things in Romi;
Items bv the Pacific ; Mail ('leanings, a column ,
Liatol Patents, Steamship Appointments, Tel
tflOBB Items ami Shipping Intelligence.
t.ntn , to I ul.lor tin.
' All the woild ' seems bent on a trip to
the Gold Region. If there were steamship
accommodation on the Panama and Nicara?
gua lines for taking Fifty Thousand pas?
sengers through in the courso of the next
two months, we believe it would all be ea?
gerly taken up. An immense army will
this year cross the Plains and the Sierra;
and, though many will perish or stop on the
way. we cannot estimate the emigrants
dining 1S?C to California at less than One
Hundred Thousand ; and, should mears of
transportation be provided and the ner-.^
In.in the Pacific continue cheering, it may
even exceed that number.
?We believe in California, and always
ui<i. Our judgment was early made up and
?'lix-laimed that its product of Gold would
exceed that of any other country known to
History. We believe it has in the main a
good ? ?r.?r*te aitd an abundance of fruit?
ful soil, though it has probably more
that is rugged and imprActicable. And we
do not doubt that, for those who go well
prepared and provided, theie arc as good 1
chances in California now as there eter
w ere. Vet the rage of the Forer at pres?
ent is rather appalling. What are all these
thousands to Jo in California ! Gold-wash?
ing must- in the nature of things, grow less
and it?bS productive : there wist be rich
1 pockets 1 and ' holes ' for years yet; but a
good deal of the ground has been gone over,
and fifty thousand digger* in 1659 can hardly
hopo to average as much of the shining sand
as five thousai.d did in 1849. Many will do
well; but washing must naturally grow
less turn nil and more precarious. Quartz
Mn mix, or rock-crushing, seems to be ^en
eiaPv doing very well; but there will hardly
be one set of adequate machinery in the
GoM Re :i. n this summer to every thou?
sand gold-seekers. How are all the rest
to be employ B*i .:
We do not doubt the lin k of a stron?j,
Vsftafi two-banded man, who knows how
to chop, team, plow, dig, blast, tire, ar.d
can t'o three or four of them ire//. A first
rate blacksmith, sawyer, carpenter or build?
er, who can turn his hand readily to some?
thing else where his owe. trade happens to
be glutted, will be apt to get along. But
we hear of men setting out for California
who have never been able to hold tkeir own
here, and who have very little rough and
i ready capacity for manual labor. Most of
these, wo apprehend, will rue the day they
left their Atlantic homes. Even damtv
women *re trying to get across, with the
idea tltat there must be chances for them
to make fortunes on the Sacramento. So
Uieie may be ; but for any but the stoutest
sort of tugged workers, who can cook,
wash, make beds, utend clothes, and do.;'t
mind doing each exposed to a burning sun
or a pciiring rain?for the miners' houses
u ti t ike atigg?if? in b ?"/ BtaWtift
? wp fear C^alifotcia will prove anything
M an Erjen.
Friends all orer the Country ' be careful'
Remember that 4 All is not gold that glit?
ters.' If yu'i don't know how to make a
goud living here, we fear you will hardly i.n
pioveyour condition by crossing the con?
tinent. Do cot go empty-hinded ; do nut
trust blindly to lu^k ; and do not fincy your?
selves ruined if obliged to stiy ?n this side.
There are very |**jd 'placers' even here for
those who know how and are willing tt
work Tr y one'
Controlleu's Rbport.?On the Sixth
page ol this morning's paper, will be found an
exhibit of the City's financial condition, drawn
up with great clearness and conciseness, by Jos.
R. Taylor, Esq , Controller. The document
will be read with interest by all tax-payers, es?
pecially in these piping times oi Retrenchment
and Reform. _
A Warning.?We are credibly taio n
that petitions are circulating (bt signatures
among the mechanics of the City aWOS/edlf f<?
the purpose of inducing the Legislature to pro?
tect workmen at various trades from the compe?
tition of States' Prison labor, but that the design
is to a; pend the names thus obtained to liquor
dealers'petitions against the Mait.c Law. Friends
o< Temperance I be on your guard
KossllH and thf irish state PkIS
SSlal,? At a large meeting of the people of St#
Louis lield Feb. 4. the Mayor presiding, a Com?
mittee was appointed to wait on Kossuih. on his
his visit to that city, and request him to sign a
Beytitl 'ii foi the release of the Irish Stat- Pris?
VVi are in receipt of the Msw**0r R'j?i!
'icano to Jan Oo, three week* I iterthan previous ad?
vices Congress was opened oa the 1st with the
usual speech by President Arista. He began by
statins: that the nation had fallen into an abyss of
evils, bringing it near ruin, and that their sublime
mission was to save it. The attempts at revolution
ary disturbance in the extremities of the Republic
are spoken of at length, especially those set on foot
by adventurers who were not content wiiri the chas?
tisement they had received on the shores of Cuba>
but came to seek for rengeant e and booty on the
barks >f Ihe Rio Bravo, under the banner and pro?
tection of a traitor who so'd to them his country and
his conscience. Thtse attempts had endangered the
friendly relatiois lately established with a neigh?
boring Gorernntent. Difficulties and dangers have
also arisen in the Republic from the law of Nov. IB,
IBBO, reg-ii.iting the debt The execution of this law
has been entirely impracticable, ar.d the country h is
?fail be en obliged to tail in keeping Its engagements
thus tbe List > ear has eic'ed t?ith misery, distress and
iLluietude ii. the interior . ar.d abroad discredit
a war Mg? and trie risk of losing the friendship
ai.d even the esteem of all friends. But by Tief ?
*or of FfevtdeBCS the revolution?re danger has be. n
extinguished, and by the good offices of the dipl>
malic corps the trouble about the debt has been a1
lajed, at least for the present. Iiunng the past
inrea months new germs of hops hare been pro?
duced by the arrlral of a representative of the Holy
>t a, though legal obstacle- have prevented the real?
isation of all the bei efrs to be antici.? it'-d from h <
mission With regard to the Ameri can citizens who
bat ? troubled the frontier-, the (I ivernmerit ims
abundant proofs that the authorities of the United
States not only have iiot prevented their crianu -.l
acts, but have even tolerated and protected trteia
ami the Mtalater ol that Republic at Mexico Baa ao
opetated w.th the Government, and its President has
manifested a will to keep the obligations of tae
nation inviolate But there i? the most jus*
ground for a demand of indemnity for the ei
penses ai.d damages caused by so unholy an m
rssion. Another cause of dtttelltT w.th thai
Kepubi.c is the failure to comply with ihe Utk
article of the Treaty of Guadeloupe, and keep
the frontiers free from Indian Inraslon, but this, it
is hoped, will speedily he removed by the negntia
tioi.s now in progress. The President then speaks
of the Tehiiantepec business. In general terms, and
expresses; the hope that the present negotiations
with the .A?mister of the United States with reipect
thereto BMJ be brought to a successful issue if not,
the jutstiou will again be brought before Congress.
S> xt. the dangers of conflict between, the States
and the Federal Government are dwelt on with
gteosBj anticipations and fears The treasury is
in i miserable condition The income of tae year
em'ing Oe'ober 2'J. was, from import duties. BS,?
BTf.tW; from extraordinary tources, *2,*J1,772
tLe dtm.iiids on the Gorernment exclusive
of the n ierior debt were $7,023.239 . of this sum
anepaid of ordiaaiy expenses, $5,s68,5ol i ex
trsordit ary. *236,S5t), leanug a deficit of f '! > i5
cue to the national seivnnts and other obligations
hardly less imperative Io making payments alj
possible equity has been used. Troops in the field
have received a portion of their pay for the current i
year, and the whole of it for the last year while I
others have been paid only up to November or He
cernber. Tat, employees of the civil list have Ured
worse, havu g received r.o par since August two j
BaOtitBa ai.d a half pay due them from the preceding
Administration also remains in arrear. Tne courts
nave teen paid from their own funds. The funds
destined to pay the ii.tcrior debt have been necessa- !
uly used to tare the national existence in the pay?
ment of the foreign t'ebt. To meet this debt other '
etiurts are to still to be made, or the nation will still j
go to destruction. Tha army must also be increased. |
The federal judiciary requires to be ?trenghtened.
The President concludes his not very explicit and
definite speech by recommencing Congress to go
about their duties wuh courage, faith and reliance in
Providern e
\ proposition for the ab.>:iuon of the Senate has
been rejected in the Chamber of Deputies by * vote
of 59 to 23 1 he Committee of the Senate, to which
was if fened the question of protecting the frontier
States against Indian invasion, had reported in favor
of establishing military colonies near the line be?
tween Mexico and tha United States, ar.d also re?
commending that the power of treating with Inaixa
tribes be taken from the individual States and given
to tho Gereral Government solely, as is done in the
I nitri Slates. The military colonies are to be made
ap exclusively of Mexican families each family to
receive a lot of a square mile of latd, house.agrieal
teral utensils, an.mnls, seeds, and food for a year
Cnnnuala sentenced to prison for a year or more are
to be seat to these colonies Mexican families going
to them from Texas or New-Mexico get a quarter
more laad. Lane in the same States wi? aUo ^
given to fortign immigrants who speak Spaauh.
A petition for a modification of the Railroad ?;rant
from Vera Cruz to the City of Mexico, u before the
Chueberof Dep.itiea. One of its points is that the
chatter shsll be extended to 140 years.
A violent Noither occurred at Vera Crux on Jaa
M and 13 Twelro vessels were driven ashore and 1
lost They were the French bark Prtncets Fraa
casern, crew saved. Spanish bark Judio Errnute.4
men lost American bark Rosina. cargo of merch i
due. not known whether any men lo-t or aot Be'
gian bark Filotuena, crew sareJ American bark E I
Wilton, cargo of co d, craw saved French brig |
1 artahra, crea saved Esg'.uh brig Susan Green, i
aot knotsr. whether crew were saved er not Arne- '
tit an schooner Robert Spedden, 1 man loat Amen
??Bt, schooner John, crew saved American schooner i
Helen Mar, crew of 4 men lost the others were
Mexican vessels The Custom-House at Vera Crux
tost #30? OOP, which it wo Id hare receive: for du
tiea on the cargoes of these vessels. The losses of i
ships and cargoes eicetded Al.'XW.OOO
CF" Edwarti W. Johoston, E<
eea, in ltd AVt-tsenrf Wartha: fcu canaecuan w;;tt
that paper as E^t >r uai >ae >* Bs proprietors t%t\t
k 'ta date
M.U'MUMM) in C.old Dast.
Passengers. Marriages and Dcatli>. &c. &e.
The steamships HiBfallil and Golden
Gatt) ha! arrived at Panama from San Fraa'iico,
the* latter in 1*2 days 14 hours, including 16 hou'S de?
tention at Acapulco. She tailed from San Fran?
cisco Jan. 91, arriving at Panama Feb 3 The II
Dorado left Caagres Fab 5, and Jamaica Feb. 9.
Tho following gentlemen started from Panama
in n.'-e'iBtely on their arriv.il in the G >!d??n C.ate and
arrived on board the El Dorado orT Chagrea in etact
ip 11 da?s from Saa Francisco, including all itap
pagei Louis McLioe, Jr. U.S. Austin, of B illi
n. <re thai. L. Case, of New York . I apt. Vict ir
( oritaxt, (apt. George Ponsland, of Boston; J
Howlard, of Xew-Uedford . t. V. Sundford, of
The Fi Dorado arrived at Quar inUnt, Feb. If,
at 5 P.M. Running time, including cro?sirg the
Isthmus, C3i days. This is tr> quickest time vet
made between tte two ports. The El Dorad? has
experienced very heary weather coming on the coatt,
a> alto in crossing the ( irr:bbe.in Sea.
The rams on the Isthmus have cei.rJ and the
Goigona road i? in first-nte order Fire up the
river in small beds, $1 et # j. The I^.hmus Is re?
markably healthy Thepi<?e! girt at I'maou *\ere
leaving rapidly in aaiiing * esse It, bur.g obi. ?r i tS
pay full prices. All persons holding tickets in the
Pacific Mail Co's sh p?, were Milt f.: r ward with ."t
any delay. Steamer tt.kets were selling at qaitS an
aiJvsr.cc. the Coinpar> having steamers nfiiccnt ;o
forward all Huldn.,r through tickets .'run IBS IB
Salt ;rosiiiom w,re scllirg .it very hifjhr^cs f r
ship a' ;'.crcs. Ten barrels of beef luring b..r. aOttl
at $1,001 by Garrison as Fritz. The propeller
Pijr.eer had arrived at t li gres. and many of her
paster a- rs were crossing with the expectation of
meeting lai Monumental City, bat she bad left
neaily a month before, and they would be ttWtfatl IB
wait for her or go in sailing vessels. Stean-nMp
United States arrived at Chores about the 3d and
Kingston mi the Ml. Expe -ted to s.u. same .light
for New Yoik. At Kingston steamship Iniep'ud
ence, Captain Sto.iJart, IWBBtolaf, ma ihinery, would]
probably .'ail in ihree or four we< ks destination
uncertain. Ail well.
The following perron? lanaal p issai ;;er< la the B|
Lome Mel ane, J-, fHa? . L. Case tad tagOT.C S.t
greavis t b. A . Mi Ken,F C Bandford, .11 r? Morrl.
?aa,childaaaattno.li ,T Aaatt*. f Rowland, Baataal
Taylor and seivaat Gu* tvymoar I' S. M Ast. This. K.
Leavitr, (Adau.a A Co )MajorOrmehea,C W ?'alnrone,
McCav.u. J. Lemons, w H Howleod. I H h. I rian. K.
D. steamed .J Del lea. w h llumn, J , Caannaings, Jac<
Jaunen. J. A Gi hert. ( 1. 1". Assy, Cant \ Constant,
Capt Ceo Pcrialtrid.t^pt. HaakalLCapt. B Maaeaeator,
M. Caaalar, G L Hewitt Esq., hidj and 'servant, Mus
LnevNaal, Y Hudson <; Bate, A B Catdwnll .1 B.
CaldwelLA B Bt.ae. T A. Mills, K. BidweB CS Mar.
?t.all.J Tinmaa.J. gpekatda aadladr.J Chrnri! and Ith ,
Ouim-j AD.rr.i. J Slenbsa. P Miller, cr naol, J. Delh.n,
11 J Metca'f, B I. Burrall, Bulbus, A Chaevebro, H J.
Astrarder.M snort. W Bteakeaeon, w. N H .lines. J C.
Lergett. M. C 'l't ABOBttB, Botla.Dr ?J ixJeil. Wnraeise
mer. C B B-ao dim. L Bte n. W F 0.i...r>i-, .'.Wo.!',
is Abralanu, B MoCorcvck. H. CaaneM h G ITard.
A h V charde. Cha? Fo?. ?I Yoel J R Ke?Jer, tV.
Nu ?I ck, .1 M. McOrader, T IfcDormot, .?. Mitchell,
Wat. Brooks, G. W Grid lev. J. Landoribia, M Mod raw.
A.M. Addmat.m. W A', thai ? P Pec.a, P Peck, Jr ,
<; Hsaaler 0 Steward.H IJ'iin^i. ,M Henry J Gumbert,
Wm Bell. J A Beil. J M alt] i Braodoa Dr Hough
maa. J. Hoogaaiaa aVhlosiager, I! Cook, C Oiilis. W.
Stis?er.J.Le?.:i.esrer.J.Wilson F M.Glossy,J.H Yotiag,
h Y .^.leis.M Y Har. i. m.M Pout h H ibins. A H.
Gaaaaataa.fl Mrtekela, N. B Hortoa.J Ward, J. M Bar,
j Holbraak, Jaa Brown, w Cotliaa.C CoiUaa,J Hamas,
\ l.e Ceaon i. ? Huse. J. Murpt.?, .1 itia Murphr. Jos.
Wilson, t h Seele. W. Dioint J C PaArOO, H Sher
rri.n. I Deljn. Fraiik Lee. I. Griflil tad frttad, Rijara,
P Pnnwii .c Baedoa B. H.Gun. J. C Tc-Uman, C. Wat
?? ii I. DiawMdia B 1- Bow hi s a w Hartev.A II olds,
P. Waltabaagher, P. Hibbert. G W Hodgbora J. R ?bin
s.a. A K Se> sr. 8. V. Follin F Bnoth. 8 1 .nniaa J H
Mveis.e Borvhi-m. S W h let, B. Be. k aitb. A.Fowlor,
V Lin.nt C Rane.B Kane, J S i; r.V S ,ee<. K Ch iu
mta. h.Bmwn. Mr B'mler. C Eddy, W S Bona, W.
Williams. W. Miller. W Kaasell. W Snantler, 8 Cix, J.
C 1. Fusua, h Martin, 1. .M irr Q W Gilaon, C. Tal
h. t.W Pierce.J Wr it J Be.r, D S. Mager, J. Witt,
D. And lev. J Fmick. Mr Kr/pat'irk. K. Phil ps, C Sea?
man . V M<d.ly. J C Henn. J. Davis. J B Mint 8.
. R I' Hi ?ie>. c. M'ller, H S, Koakhn. W A
Morrison. J Pevine.F Richard?on, W. Benner. F Mey
r< St 1 tea Daspes V H Baaitfa J Jennmgt, J Cnlberi',
A Walch, B Wanier T Moll o irn
f'hairrt to K<nnslitn?3ft.
K,n,jt;on ti, A/etJ York? Mr. Waremau.
Ttt follo wing is the specie list of the El Dorado
Aeau * k Co.$1 '1,501 lohn M. Forbes. $9,00?
ao M- Baal.aTn.SN|H AH. Freeman k
Baigotna A PToat*.. IM.ata] c >. g,.M0
Drevs h. ns. ii a Co M.atWlsloed Wadefc Co.... 7,joo
Cbtn.Leis i Heitar.. 20 : 0 Beul?. Mclick ft De
Brewa,Brot ftOa... isc.oi Witt. ? tao
D?et?i \. Co. ui Chambers ft Mtiaar.. 1,4SI
B'o> il. \ Ci sne_ ll.Ouii lohn Cum inrham... 6 I S)
Sp'irord. Tii.a-rn ii IH l A Oa. I2.il
Co. 12/.D2 Dl rar. Fay ft Sons . ?,0.*
Weeks, Kellr A Co.. 11.'Hi .Collins, Casb naa A
V A teSJaaO. 10 Mil Co. 5??0
B O. Horn. H'.0?olN Retcio.. 5,??0
Caao ft Frotmnn_ lo,soo|DeBham ft Moore... i.iuo
( rainj A Co. :*.e>oii!He<? lit Lees A Co .. 7 '115
I D Kimb'e. ),SM|G i, til Corliu_ 1.1,71
Fn mbiev ,* Lams n. 5."OU T W BayaudftCo.. l.SIJ
N. R Rogers A Co... 1,11211.oma Neybaar. 1 ?7?
A VanValkoabargk IJMlattat. Bave.... I.aho
Peter Navlor. 11()2| A. W. Canfiald. I '.81
Bthlsai. Btaa. ft Co.. 3.7Jfi|Wm C Tt.lor. l?w
Bit (ham A Bei nolds. 5 1*1 Wm F Burgess. 1.20(1
Btn-slei ft Diull_ s well SammTagt. 1.193
AmoaR luo. 3,S0<liW H.Talniadte S; Co. 1 ill
Hhbe-ts ft Biown .... 3 ?OOiThompson ft Hunttr. 1 i'?
DjJI. Aottin A Co.... I.J.5IIF Probt?. 751
kichatlM. 2,i.4:|Wiii;aii,s &. Palter.... e.M
C W A Tboi.at.... 2 9< tiiTo order. 2JMB
Jont> ft Witt. I,uv0[ -
To'al._.$992 711
Aniorg I'aaaasera.lO.ooo
Kvtrett ii Brown.1 trink, Ihoiupsoa ft Hitchcock. 1 bot
Things in wan Francisco.
The Challenge: Case.?The trial? grow?
ing out if tha voyage of the ship Challeuge are st 11
progressing before the 1.8. District Court m this
city. On the 6th iost. Capt. \Vaterman and James
Douglass were put upon trial for the cruel and un?
usual punishment ol George I.essig. seaman. The
trial continued through two days, and after the Jury
had been out eighteen hours, without beiag able to
agree on a vercict, tbey were disi barged. James
Douglass, mate, was then put upon trial lor the beat
trg and wounding ol .Michael Ca.itgb.er, carpenter.
On the 12lb, the Jury re.urned a verdict of guilty,
a, c?D'panied with a recommendation to the mercy
of the l otiit. The reit morning, Douglass was put
upcntnai for the malicious beating of Tons Mill,
seaman, and on the Mlh the Jury brought in a ver?
dict of guiltv. On the ITth. 1 ree'erick Birkenshaw
IBd \ etinder Cogill, sf tiucn, were put ur>oq trial
on ?n itidtrtment for assaulting Do-iglggg, the mate,
and endeavoring to incite a mutiny on board the ship
t ha lei ge. The trial resulted la the an juittalof the
actis? .1 It is understood tbat, with this last, the
proceeding! against the officers and crew of tha
Challenge will ne dropped, for the preient at least.
The trials have been atten ded with very (onsid
arab'e expense to the Goven.mei t, sad no pains
have been spared to give the history of the voyage a
thorough and impartial mvestig ition
The extreme penaltv attaar.ed to the of ensei of
which the captain and mate have been found guilty,
is five years' impruonment rnd fl.f'U fine-either
orbcthof whicn, or less, may be itnpoied at ths
t;s< ret cBof tie Court
In tlu- District Court, in this City, on the
?rth in.'t., Dar.it! F. Wr.:'liden, a s:?erige passenger
by the steamship Northen er on Lc: paAwBfS to this
port is September last, brought an .ctton against
Henry Karcall. ber commainer. claiming damages
:. S'. ,018, for assshlt and falsa imprisonment.
tVhiiiiden alleged that when w hoard at was, with?
out ;ust cause, put in irons, ar. l onfined for four
days in the run of the vessel and after his arrival
here taken to the room of the Vi?rl .u ;e Committee
gg u kepg in irons tor too hours The Jury were out
ten hours witr.r.ut tiretug .,l a verdict,' A.id were
(k ally c.(charted.
I 'i the evoraii z of Jas. while the
messenger of Adams & Co a Express was crossing
the p act tha* led from the steamer New World to
her wharf, it slipped f om its fastenings, and precipi?
tated b.m into tne water. He earned down a bag of
gold dusL valued at ISMoo, which was recovered a
day or two afterntrfls, with the help of a submarine
armor, beug found lmbeoced ta the mud to tne
depth of three feet The party recovering it. de
m^tided and received th* exorbitant sum of $3,000.
Tha; bianch of the Dttmcratic party of
IBM citt. known as Protesters, met on the ITth, and
chose twenty-six delegates to the State Convention,
l <.:? e v\ a:c Cooin.it'.ees and Inspectors of Electioa
So mt re are two Democraue organiziiions in Ban
the lajt term of the Sipreme Court, Mr. Eugene
Cassert) was daclarod to be Bute Pntter, aid Got.
.\ Duugtl wxa lnracud Ly usue bin a ^onuausioo
samch. This kr had before doae for Mr Ol K
Pitch, ?ad he declined to repeat the per'orman e
Sood after, the District Court lsiuei an alternative
mandamus, to know ?hr he manifested aucooss.i
aaey, or rather, whv a peremptory mandamus ehouid
not issue. Tottis the Governor paid no attention,
and t peremptory ?tondamos ctm issue, directing
him to (tire a commission to Mr. Casserly Tots
was cisregart ed, on the ground that the JadMaary
bad no right to lniciiere witft the Executive Tne
Court thea entered a tee of $1 UN ngstnst the Gov
ernor. and empowered the Controller to re-erve
the amount from his salary, bat as th? offen iar ?rat
rot at the time a creditor of the State, trie amount
wa.? cot collected.
Miners' Coarentien.
A Settlers and Miners' Convention has
assembled in Bat rameato, and has continue! in
session from day to day. a series of resolutions
at ere adopted, setting Icrth the newt of the Con?
vention relative to the disposition proper to be mare
of the m ncral ai d agrn uliural Itodsoftbe State.
They claim that the public domain should be donated
to actual settlers, in paicels of 160 acres, that, in
i the settlement of private land c.l -uns. ?? it is tne day
I of GoverLiuent to give no more ?il.ii.ty to any con?
cession or grant than it already possesses." under
) the Mexican law, and that no latitude should ha
j given Id the confirmation of such graatS; that the
I Hoard ot Land Commissioners should not receive
i tbe f< rmrr customs of ( aliform > os evidence in the
: settlement of titles . that tbe swamp and title lands
ShcuU'. in no instance, be granted in Urge quanti?
ties, that, in regard to city an t town lots, a Mil
' oci tipsms should have the right to purchase at uomi
| nal rates.
The elettntb resclition recommends a General
1 i cr.vt. ? , ,. of >':, v- for "lie purpose ol draitnig
laws to protect the mining interests, Ac. In refer
i ence to toe aimers, the twelfth resolution sets forth,
I as general pruicip.es, that priority of claim should
I be uniformly retpected that, in quartz mining,
I claims shall not exceed one hundred and fntr feet
in the direction ol the ledge, ?d< uolc claims beirg
allowed to discoverers, tnat in Cammiog and flu
mirg, no prior company shall back water upon the
cl?im of another for more than o?.e season, and not
at all, if the subsequent company will conduct the
wa'er it to the flume or ra<-e ol the first . that the
extent et claims being governed r>v their richness
aed accessibility, no ?ystent of laws can be made
uniformly applicable in all districts.
AboTBTER TaAORDY.?A d ? can ful tragedy
was anaeasd at i\r:>'s t .imp. on the Calaveras
River, a wetk mh o. a ilfEOOBy originated at a
fanc'ur.go, at whih Americans and Mexicans ware
gathered. Knives were drawn, and pistols fired,
and the Hifray resulted in the killing of Alexander
McDowell, and the wounding of damea Pa u mal I.
The next day, the Americans, being terribly exas?
perated, captured two of the Mexicans known to
hove beer concerned iu the light, and after a trial,
hung them at 8 o'clock in the evening.
A Ru h Lead.?We learn from The Xe~
rttsfa Jenrmetthai an auriferous rein, lately disco?
vered by Dr. Weaver, in that vicinity, yields, in
gome parts, $200 to the pan of earth.
Quartz Minim;.?Q.iattz Mining still at
tiacts tbe attentiou of the mining population, al?
though they are beginning to Und the difference be.
i?een prospecting a rich quartz lead, and obtaining
the necessary machinery to wort: the same. We be?
lieve only one Company in this state has, as yet,
paid any dividend . and this honor is claimed by the
Gold Hill tjuaitz Mining CO. Of i.rase Va'ley, who,
. n the loth lust., declared a dividend of in per cent,
on their capital. Tins Company bus been in opera?
tion about four months . and, although they have
ottn thus successful, yet their works are rude,and
tht y consider quartz mining to be > et in its infancy
? in a measure an experiment and one, too, which
lias proved very OOStly to many, as w itness the al?
most er tire failure ot several prominent companies
ii. tl a Southern .Mines The prisent quartz opera?
tor- arc experimenting for their successors' benefit
No doubt remains t ow in the minds of those no
,-iR'i.tcd with the subject that the god bearingijuartz
Will avaragO from tWO to three ciiits vaiue ol gold
?o the [ii uiid of natural quartz, and, when the proper
machinery and mode ol working it are hit upon.it
will prove a groat and flourishire interest in Call
fori ta. (San Francisco Picayune.
l>ni.\N TrBATT.?Dr. <> If. Wuzen
craft, C. S Indian Commisstoi.er, ha* ju>t returned
from the Southern country, hat lag m a brief sp u e,
ronr u?'td a treaty with the Cabuilia, Pablo, fallen
to ai.d Baa Luis Key Indians, which stipulates that,
in consideration of piesrntsof iron, cattle, clothing,
Be, and tho setting oil to tkoaa of a tract of land,
'urty niilcs long by thirty miles wide, commencing
at Tamecula, and running north to San Gorgonio,
notlb-eaatto the San Uernaic > no Mountains , thence
M uili oaat to the I)< -.it . thence ulonjj tho line of tha
Desert to Waraar's rwrM*h"i end tkf ftt south-west
to Tamecula, tney will forever remain at peace with
?t.i I i l td state* The f omnusMoner promised
tkat he would tadsavot to purchase Tamac-ula for
them Sdii l'r.uirisco Picayune.
tbe Con-mission for ?urreyinr, the boundary between
Mexico and the United States Territories have ar?
rived at S?n Dies > The patty arrived are from the
Glla Surveying i.x|ieuitioii, under Mr Gray. The
survey ol tne Gila was comraericel in the latter part
ol October, under the most unf.ivoiahle auspices,
aad prosecuted for ulsout three hundred and lifty
miles, and was only al aiidoned ut the last moment,
when the party h.m no alternative but starvation.?
T he survey was abandoned about sixt) miles above
the confluence of the Gila and Colorado.
Jjii 20? S...rt our review of the n arkets fat the steamer
I sili notkiag of aia'erisl imperial ce has taaea
place. Taeie is no spn ilative Irri ng manifest in any
k.nd"t merchandise, ai d our qcut ttlaaa el that da-.e are
? oirrct. Tfce amva s fr< in onr At'ant o ports are light,
hut frum Lnicpetcey are juite considerable, particalarly
of tiqoeraand wiaes tin. hemr the case,it wnl take a
b eg nil e to relieve ths ? ukat.as U ia jaite evidsnt ma;
vtrhnre more than a twalvaaMolk stock,
Bi ll Ditto M stehlals are ia good detnand at r-n.nna a
siag rile.- atd ts a I tine number i f buck buildings are in
proaieaa ol ereitiov. and man* more r otetnpured, we
?'??'? undoubtedly hav- a g.**! tad e ntiaued demand for
bi ks u.d Live Coal, costineea to ba in go,id de
Dtaaa. aa J ti e boat Welch is worth at least $n) and other
CoaXBin pr uortion. Klouh kerps steady, wBhoaJ any
\?< ..a'ive ii elm< GRAM is radio' du'l, wilh a fair
SUOk. Tbl Dmrket for Goors in seteral is ?cry folly
stj| plod, and beast inserts will have a depressing effect,
i be want ol fx us is cperatin^ unfaroraoty fur the aiming
.iitereft ^
S'aie 1 V ei.t b ui's. 1 to 7 ? ml less principal and int.
Sta'e ? P ceat Ix.avs itirn,). Sft, a,;7i
State 12 r eeot.aaada...._.lOByfl
M^te anr miabie wan ants.'.".'.SO vis
Mate fur dklile warraiita."to <si,l
Sla'swsr warrants..tt Btl
I its It f cent, bonds, ver-. tirui;..s..eatAMTi
City 3 t" ceat. scrip.9J?psr
f. CcatreUer's warrants.Vn7 dis
Ceaat] scrip,(aeee ding to date;.Sa?par
tWisn erto Cit> bonds, according to issue>..._u ?ic,
lVlu il Wtarl sha.es.7j ^gg
TraaaaettOM in all Aisds of Stocas hare been unas taily
Is-^e and close verv tirss. wita an npward tendency.
M aey easy.BoaittotBotnl oi. stocs collateral Ground
i'Ci Bdlnt
At tbe OrlestiH House. Sacramento, in the l?th Jsu.. by
Ju?tce J. B. Mitchell, Mr. Juba(^an.cy Adsine to Miss
An .It Bend.
In San Frnacirce, Jim. 2 by Rrr. Albert Williams, Mr.
Hen'v Van Nets to Miss Mary Ann K.liot.
I . tea Braaeawo, oa tbe itt. j?0 . n, Ke? Albert Wil
bataa. fkir James G'-sl.ug to Sirs Kb/sbetr, h<,iftu.
In Sai, Ti ili is' o, Jan iZ.brHes Albeit w Mljams, Mr.
Augutius 0 brecht to Miss Ann Hot aid
In Vun.l.iil County, O T , Jan 1, by Bar. J W. Miller,
IMr.s:. (,' Bostor, fornerly *f Illinms. and late ef Cine
Iiia\, to M.st Claitissa McCain, of Yamhdl, formerly of
At t rn'eiville, Grsss Valley. o. T , Jan. 8,by T. j. Bur
?tss. Es i . Edv. aid Ii Blair io Mar; Pebns Patsrs
At tbe mu e tin e aid place, by the san.s, Levi t'outei to
Ftsncst B Pal is
At Uta O- esn H >'is*. Ss. rsaisnM. on the Mth Jsn iary,
tfct elftes ef tins ttwt wound. J"kn ijt ucr Adams.
In F?n *"r?i ehteo, J xu 7. ??{ Psnania or sb.p lever, John
Meartlla. oi illmeis. ^ged abont it years.
Id San Fraucisco, Jan 13. at 3 o'clock in the morning, of
t\, bio lever, Jaa.es McGregor, aged tl yean,late of Uti
ea N. Y.
lot I o.ia Dec KJ ii.ii. Haary Want, >a Enghshaoaa
b? bii'b. ji? foimerlyof t ailao Peru
In Sttcfttvo.ra ike 10-.B Jsaaary, Mr. Win P. Kug'.er,
I I'Dir iy of St Loute, a?ed in years.
In F?rbest, wn, on tne C.h Jan , >i smallpox. Robert
B?vtea f raerly ef Teraa
Ia BBaata, SnastaCo . California, Sept ii, Rev. Jona
( .', b, f .ixerlyof Bew-Brusswrk.
AtCeyete.ea r issdav, Dec V.Coi G?orge Lewis agsd
? Bt JO, of Biasswick. Me.
f liMe-it n Sondsy oreLicg. Jsn ta .at the Ith month
ot L.tase. t'ransliD henry sac xd ,on <.f Lory W aad
bsriiuei C. Gray.
V? We are ir-IeUed to P. A. HriBsraade,
Bsq . BdikM of The .Sun Francisco Post, who arrived
in this Cn> last r.ight by the steamer United States,
for important ar.d raluable favors. Out cordial
thai ks are tendered to the gentlemanly Purser of
tae E Dot lo k Q F Barney, Parser of the Unwind
States, and to Adams dc Gregory s Express for then
BBM M dtbrery of our California papers and lerten.
The U. S. Steamer SogQITBkTABBA.?
we bare been politely furnished with a copy of Tht
SyZS" (( i4p* of Good U*P0) Mm* of the 23th
? ?? last. The steamer Sasquehanna w*? At ..
time'lyire ic Table B.y, and was to sail for EaastkU
on tte ?9th of the same month. T*r Mm' says the
venel anc her officere had won most fivoralle opin
\'hLl ~Crr' o^lf ''"T?'* *u,tcrs ,Ju""l! "?r stay at
IYya'1 Publ,?*?? the following list of
AO Sutqetani a s pru.cipal officers,
t < nmoc Te?J. H A lirs. cominaar'ii.c Past I
r k;.??!7.i C^u??fSfarine?_w.B ?Iscs t..?r.n
H^JL.._xs.M*^ Mi?sn?a-?n-B?ni.eu and BS
ati<!aruptn?n--Th3rbirB, .Stie^toa, glaatew. H e n.u. .
?* Msal Mar I Washington it tf
The steamship I'uited States, Herrr,
, from Chagres Peb. 6, at 4 P. M . and t days a d II
hours from Kingston. Jamaica
Left at Chagros steamship P.oaoor. far New-York,
Mai bug I.uey, Brewer, for New Orleans. Bteaa
sbip Georgia, froro New-York m Haraaa, arriv*.
;ust before the I'nited States left.
11th inst. at 10 A. M , orT east end of ( aba, s?w a
?'.earner bound south-we t, snpposei to he ho free
ceat City, from New-iork for Chagres l ift u
Kingston, steamer Independence, Stoddard, rta*u>.
ire . esperted to be completed in 10 or 13 days.
i'er>. IS, at 4 P. M . lat 2rT U N , long 71 if W,
ax changed signals with a ship of I aion Lire New
Urleans packets, bound to New c-leans
Feb. 13, at 4 P. M . 30 miles north of Cape Bat,
tersi saw two steamers bound south.
I ba I n.ted State* ,ett Kingston Tuo?day, (Atsj
, n.St., at ICi A M
The following is a Bat of panengcrs ser tteaaer
l need States
l\ P. Mo-re.F Areeati.P. A. Br aaaia le. Cast ff u
j W>sa K 1. Of.I... lr.a. Allen A H.H. C V fl O.kk.
and lady. Col J. 1) Mumford, Capt. Ueor;r fees, C HtU
H w B< aoeda B Ca.. K h liarr.s. V M Satatern.'
Henry G. Gordon. G W Britta. II Be*. 1) W P?rier H
l.e%? S.S Bt?"B. A. S'alr. A. Morris, 1' l'i?t Mr Mat
Ml Faiirhilds. Mr Dowahtf, Mr fx tar, P W Btwaua'
Joseph Cram 8 D M?..re. Ii Memtt, I) M tei.
i Jehu G. Si.ni. 11 B Purd,. Wm M Hogaa, Joha AtbJtr'
l hvir? B , e. y. Cat i.Ml J-seph Mr J.???,?h,? Mr. Ja
r-.'.Vri' ei Mr! Bier, Mr |lfoah. Mr. Noah. aVW
\ . n S ? htl Mr Adder, Mr Burns. Mr. Smith, t W
F.."dam and\* " b- ??. J G -iweer aad t1* ? h jt. W. Eatan
and s.a. Mr. 8 nrlair. P. C Arte, J 8 Myera, A W.
Brcwa a| w gather, C L aurber. A Lam* A 0 H?.n.
i 8 Mae;.,u. 0 1< I HOB, W B Broaa. B H. Raakia,
Hu?ti ivi.niaou. J B Boauaaa.S MeClaro, A c Barttaa,
Wm We Is. J M Hafte. J W K< aa. W G Bgaa, N.
> V if f h B Haar;? G Whcuev. F. Joseph. J Bobia
n ,JasC Ha.i.it.J H WUey.H IsaMsaoa.W I''.bit*.
Ibbbc la.in an. H .' Lee W it. Ill orb try. Law 'amei.
NM i? J. Ist*. I B Fu'ler.U K Pat, Q. Woolf, P.
H Goes vrJ. M faaAat, F Ca Iv J I.ery J Cavaase,
MaikWalioa.F Down or. H M Jamea m l.'a.o.u**.
Hoitor. .lamrt Cite >n. C Kaden U Sweety, M. Carver,
Ge.> Mapc-ie. I F.Man . m I *we, Mr. Pishae ;
1 ti Taaay. Taoa Maishall, j*o c Oiaata.A WilMaau
i J Stanc?...8 A Iv'.-'!. J BilO] , W N I h ne;son. Wiu
I Fiaher. 1 . F. Camr.be,i N.Saaipl B i 'I Miles 'at ?.
BrniUi.O Scott, P N Oe'ee.B. A Nichols, I. T iioa, 8
Kein,, f, joha W Cadi Jas. Bel, C H Parser, |,
! Rudrer? W P CasasaiBfa.S A Cuter. M. ahelaoa. T
{ V Will .ii.a, M.S. A l'?r or. L S lerkias
The Pa< itiMail Steamship ('ompanjr s
I ship the (ioU'en (Lite left S in l ran.-isco for Paa
amaatlOl o'clock P M . en tt.r* 21st of January.
Her hi'ur for sailing had baaa laasllot 12 o'clock of
that day. but on casting oil from the a harf the strong
ebb tibe swept her afoul of two I csaels. and it was
found impossible to clear her from them till after a
charge of tide. Very little damage was done to the
Golden Gate, the collision earn ing away only her
laiboard waist boat and a few of her awning staa.
ehh Bt Thii steamer was put or. the route out of bar
re :tt!ar time in ordert > aff rrd the eirliest practicable
conveyance to California of the great number of pas.
>engers who, it was understood, were waiting at
Panama for passage tip It was a!?o intended, by
srndirg her direct to Panama, touching only at Aca
pulco, to forward passengers bound to the Atlantic
Slates by the same conveyance from Chtgres that
?rastotaka the passengers am! mails which came
fetwai 1 on the Califj nit, which KS euer sailed from
Sun Kiaiiciscoon the morning of the l'Uli of Januaty.
The most unqualified assurance was given by the
t en i any's agent at San Francisco that sach would
be ti e case. It was expo, ted that the Illinois would
be in waiting at Chagres. The'.olden Gate made
her passage to Panama in exactly 12 days running
time, and exclusive of her detention al A. apuloo.
She aimed at Panama on theaftenioin of Tuesday,
the 3d of February. But the California had arrived
on the 8tmday previous, and her passeugers, mails
and treasure had gone forward to ( hagres. A f?w
of the Golden Gate's patsengeis. by reason of push
irig en by night and day, rea< hod ( hagres in ti ne to
get on board the El Dorado, and she left at 10 A M
on Thursday, the Oth Lust , lea-, ng tho remainder of
the Golden Gate's passengers, who were known to
be hurrying down the riv. r, to rind their way from
Chagres as best they might.
Fortunately for most of thoie who had. not taken
through pastuge tickets at Sau Francisco, the
steamer I tilted States, ( apt Merry, whleh had bean
put t.p for New Orleans, was induced to change her
<1?-t.i atiou for New-York, ami soma 120 embarked
on board of her and sailed on Friday, the Atb inst., at
1 . ? lock, P. M. The passage of the I'nited state*
from ( uagrei to New-York, including 21 houri
dett ntton at Kingston, has been made in 04 days
and her passengers ha\e been M the route front Ban
FlMCatca M days.
Tha Gold n Gate met the P. M. S 9 Company's
steamer tb<- Rsptjblifl bound for San Kraaclsso,
mid also the steamer I'ncirV, of Vanderbilt's liae,
upward bound, going <>ut of the turbnr of Actpul.-o
as the Golden Gate was going in She was crowded
Had that been the case in the in-tar.ee of the pas
seligere by the I 'nited States., they would eaiily have
been landed in Now-Yoik m twenty-one days from
San Francis.-o, witli p.ssei.geis by the Nicaragua
route,many of whom were represented at Acapald t
as suffering from sickness.
The propeller Com. Stockton was lying at Acapwl
do, in charge of the authorities of the plate, waiting
instructions, expected by the I S. Consul from tha
Aiiencan Minister at Mexico, in re?pect totliafi
lure disposition lobe made of her.
At Panama there were, betide the Golden Gate
the learners ( aliforma and the New-Orleans, all lo
leave In a few days for Baa Francisco. The Califor?
nia was taken ap entirely for the conveyance of the
Government troops that went forward on the Fal?
con. The New Orlears had secured nearly her full
compliment of passengers before Ihe arrival of the
thousands who were landed at Chagres front the El
Dorado, the 1 nited States, the Pioneer, the Georgia
and the brig Lucy, which was chartered at San Juan
de Nicaragua to carry tho passengers of the ateaoait
Alaban a from New-()r!eaai.
The Golden Gate will probably take away about
1.c0o?but after the departure of Ihe three stoaiaen
from Panama above . 1 uu." ! thcr- will be left as
the Isthmus not less, probably ,tha.> ...<A)0 to wait for
passage on the steamers nast to ?rrve from Califor?
Of the Agents of the s*veral K ,preee*s from Cali?
fornia to the Atlantic States, who caiae forward by
the Califarnia and the Golden Gate, Mr Gregory's
took passage from Chagres on the United States,
Adams & ( o 's on the Li Dorado Elliott'-, so the
Pn.nter, ai d Berford's on the Georgia
InipreTegaentt ou Macrameato KJv?r- . id
tVaahlaa-Leaialailve Proeeedlaga.
Can sail aaaaea of The N y Tribune.
BtsasiiB Ooaobi Gatb, Taeeday, (
FtO 3, I-Ml. j
To the t*B*tayi of Th' Tr'bont
The Golden Gut*? bririi?s oates fire day*
later from Caiiforn.a than those Waich Cime for
ward by the regular mails or by the steamers o
Yardeibilt'i line via Nicaragua There are, haw'
e.ier, some items of interest tnat hive u it appeal**)
in the Atlaxtic prints IIb i toe rise of the wtiers,
occaiioned by the winter rains, a compaay of enter?
prising capitalists nave demons'rate 1 the pre usa?
bility ofextendicg the navigation of t .e Sacrar.eiti
River by meani of steamboats of liglitdrsft, to Iba
distance of more thin two htttdred miles abavi
Sacramento City It it believed that this navigaUon
uiay be kept up through the greater part of tha year
evtia in the driest seasons , ana it is the p'iiiwae of
the patties concerned ;n the ttttipris? w t>"l,J af> *
c ity at the head of navigation, and which will be m
the terv heart of the mist valuable mineral ani
agricultural regions o( the noft?>?'n *****
A!,otLer enttrpr. ie which will be likely to be ei
'?rsnely imitated, ar J will lead to u-o?t taluama
rcsullb to 'he muung mtrnmrn of t'thfornia, n on^
just entered up-n w.thm s.x:cen miles of Sa. raaten
to i tty. tor su;irg water for gold waiimg *peia
tkmt where rich alluvial deposit! arc found at cor.
sicerabie distance from the rived nank. A ter,
lame plateau, or plain, to the extent ol >eterei bun?
dled of acres, tesembl.ng in its forraauon the river
Lars on which the placer gold WM ongm?l 1 Wtatl,
has been discoiered tocooiain neb deposits of t*rr
fine gold, and r,uiie equally distntMited throJga
tTOty part. 'This pi A baa neeu take* ap by between
ot.e *Ld two Li-.usaiid miners, under rules re*uia..ag
their ngbu of claims established ajiong the -
uiad have contracted with capitalDUof Baa Vnw
Cisco to s'.ppl/them with water, to be rasat I a>

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