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?ffc 0^,1 ll.d.e. und Captain Long a<
iWalef? WlEU' K*> ' MUrof The
Fttnmf JawmK i- n traveling >n Kit
d writing interea'tc ? letun to his paper.
I?P* - 'etu-r dated -Nl!!r'<! ''s> l' ranc?,? Jan l5?
??;ike the followii.w en net tout Inn? the re
j^oMtuth dificl ?ot tl ? -
?eh basbeea said i ? iv-smtb difli- j t
lanTlct cows* eadeavc red t> lu'orm myself
*V?Ji\c* Mr. H?*M i ? ill very frankly
etc tee who ? 1 . . . out I nail
.(lJUlfe ?i.--: ?? >e. it'"'"Ud be reinem
fflVi^t rtpeeiai.y in lial] and France, they re?
nte hoaeuiB aa a ?ort?.' l..rpe?o, that would
' it? cd exelo <e if a."j ^ to into ti.tir er. es.
IK erased ainiety to our offl i is Com. Morgan
?wM ? ?? Long.IB .cite-- -'i ? I'> i - re ?01, *p; -ised
W\ \ * before their arma hi e, that their Guest
\,a . M..ub.r?on.e c.ji<ae:, Ol w nutn they were
natel *. nous to ?e quit. . ._ w
wh-n the steamer MiaBawlppi arrived here, Mr
Heer-- received a letter lr -i K rseutn, desring hira
too n from th? <'" rmiesioBto lane]
Bbd pass tsroagh Fram e t> EeglaBO, fcdding that if
Iba jV>< t ??* **?' *l " ? l> '" K'aut ,Q" Pef,nl?
aioD a request that he s* ? me application,
by te ? t'*r*>10 ln* x' " ': 'er*or Ht P*ns.
Ihe J'.eftct.on whom Mi ti Ige called, said tint it
was impnesib e ; that the G neoiaitnt was apprised
A? K- tub's views arc i i traced him how to
act The perinitsion to kTavwl by land through
iriM'inouid not tie given i era ;? wi.ii.-ig to
titan- i.'sorter here by ? on ,.g Koi i r.h to laud.?
Mr.H" I* however, eotil he a ti prosi the latter
point, n.itthDg that the rtgi eol hospitality should
geaht wfoJBdtBBttBBgeii Finally, oat receiving l
I pledge 'lOtB the < o; i i ? I s Guest should avoid
crowf'- 'I'd forhoar ap. < ? ' \ '? , the Prefect
gave p-imi'Sion to Ks IUI run htS family aud
cneac, to ,?nu This arai < n SaTooraad amid a
large i >aeawsM00f people, ? i we I quiet a-_l or
dsny in theevesaing, wr U? go :;i>:'.e'i K .ISuth
to sec, . */iy him to a I ? : I at tliu Prefect's,
tut as l ( did not caie le bk . i the Austrian and Raw
gkyjCoi u!s,hodeeitnad la see afternoon of the
1(110* i g Skap, Koseiitn lasoraaesl liie Consul, thai as
the ei -ei se of living on BOkufO was mare than he
eould i thud, be h id v on t toreentbarfc. Mr.
Hodge ir'oraed him that ho was preparing apart
nients ho-h:m snd his far ' i I sown house, hut
he adhered to hiap.r; -<-e ..? lip. J
In the rneaatime an kd got out among
the j?,. ?/? th:tK"*>'t'i ' 11 return to the sup
Cissaii?'' d with tre Autbnti is i, and a larrr" crowd,
anaaBBtiBf to several (hoc . Bsiembied. >ir.
Hollge walked with Mm lo ik ahnxf, amidpopulai
cries.Mh rhgieatly alarm d tne Autbontiee.
The Ire'et, a replj to his re legi pb i i i-y,
^sjBatai eieil ihsi Uns ml i I wane! ufedl.?
This fee esaaaaraVntented to ' e > <> m-e1 *>/ '?"er
Tne Coneui went immedi ? ??. board with this in
/oima. 11 . aud a1, hoss iiii s request, gave him the
Prefect'* Letter, nhico a, p me 1 the next morning,
In La V< vpu. Tne Preface, immediately wrote to
the Ct/tti.lexjtressiiig ?uj-. i an : tbaj his le ter
hsdbee . published. T, r i \ il exp i I ' i 'he
Prefer' In the meai' Iine the People in Inrge niaV
henlwrronnded the Mieelssiopl in lioats,. heeru.g
jXossutn aj.d sinsit? th-' M u ? s, Kossuth ap
aenrtag ' ccasiorally and \p.iu-na them forthir do
toonstr it. .n? of sympathy. eVc rhu increased the
apprebt i tioiut of tne Pis ant, who eapreassd his
ears of to outoreak fron tea groal nunation oi refn
geaa n tin eilp.
Mr. Ii-.'.'ge. w ho had p'e-*ged h'inself for his guest,
and w o w as em''arr.is* ?1 f.y the puolication of a
letter v in. h be ought nvt so have allowed to go out
ef^his iMads, wrote to Capt. L.uig expressing fears
that if c'iflitulties occurred cat our Government and
flag inn lit be compromised, tad asking him to request
Koesuih not to eddreoo those who gathered aronatl
she ship f 'apt. Long,partmi ?tteg In the apprehen
sions o* the Conanl, cemmunicaied that part of the
tonso,'- letter io Kossnth lie regarded the Missis?
sippi as little better than the prison from whleh he
had be- n releHseal, end said be would appeal to the
Amern in people agains-. iheu representstivea
abroad, lie then wrote b letter to the Consttl justt.
fylngtf c publicationo! the Pre'e t'a letter, sse
('apt Long, is much trouble, btstened his prepar?
ations to sail. He had hurried away frn-u an Italian
fort to avoid troubles innre, ?? . was oompeile.l lo
sake eoi.l hero, liut he .?<?> to Ma *% eooa as possible.
Kow 1 suppose that tne real truth of the- matter
was, tl at the Fretch Government nad better reasons
than wie known fur ''te- n.- Kotsuth's reqaest
ascent event* have shown that dangers wero tnick
ealng. It wa- known that Kosenih was in commu?
nication with the op^osit on, ?nd that it was possiole
atat h*- might hatten an taaoafe.
Mr. Iloiiao, who is an nasartean all over, hsd the
higbett fHtanl for Kossuth, and desired to pay In in
every marl of respect He < bt lined permission for
him to l-nd, by personallv p'e<'ging himself that no
Popular < icrteuient shomd ne oreatod. l'he publica
sioB of a letUr of the Pie'cct couipromised him. 1
am sure, therefore, that whoa ail tne facts an i cir
eunistancos are known, Mr HOC go's conduct will be
entirely .pnroved.
Oa the other hand, except in ihe publication of that
letter, 1 see nothing to blame in Kossuth's course
here He desired to awaken a'l the i> fluni e and
svmpatby In France, loi rua enteM, thai he could.
This was only being faithlul to his mission. Should
hs be censured for that ? Brtaialj not liut the
French (.overnmont, tnoogh a protessmg Republic,
could i "t ?ilord it Tne eouniry was nfo with
strong p. lilieal enmtion It sui '.-a-ej ttven. end is
believe -, row, that if K >??utb h ,d r>een permitted to
pass I' i- ute ) through France, the " ; ablte tr UMjntt*
lity"(that'elha term in use; would haveueenserious
It Ml i t s J._
Tia Pai al AcciDUt i ??n the Ettir Rail
B?*n -On inquiry at the cdSeB of the Company yes
terday nioraing we weie unable to obtiin any addi?
tional mtelltponce relative to this calamity, the guard
In atten dance at the tune of the accident not having
yrtari iedln New-York, and :hc enly memoranduiu
at theofT ct s is to the ellec' th.tt two bodies have been |
toeove i et\ and that none of the other passen^ei s have
been u j-treti w ith the e xceptior of a fo w slight bruises,
dte. Fvery nec.easarv Bsskstenoe h*s been forward?
ed by the Company lo the scene of destruction In
the eseotof any detailed particulars arriving in the
eourse of the Cay our readers srtll be duly informed.
The names of the sufferers have not yet transpired.
?P. 8 - We h?ve just heard from the scene of the
accident Theie are but two persons killed?Mr.
Hyatt t'liienteoucd yeste-rdsty tnornint') ami a German
peddler from UulTalo, name uuknowu. The car has
teen get out ol the river, and no bodies were found
in it
St MMABT OK LllCAL A I 1 AIRs ?The Up?
per p. it of Wall street is to undergo, at the opening
of epnng, esacntial changes. The building occu- ;
pied bi Hsraden A Co., No. d, is to be lorn down,
and give place to a handsome structure designed to
torm husiaees and law offices. This improvement
Is made by Mr. I). B Fearing, who has purchased
ihepioperty Harnden ?< ( o will occupy No. Tt
Broadway, nearly opposite Judson's Hotel, rauaiag
through into New-street. Adams a- Co. will also
remove, sad ocoupy No 59 Broadway, running back
two Tnnity-place. No U Wall street is also to be
saksndowa, and a building, to be occupied by offi?
ces, aijj be erected on Us site, by Mr. C. 0. llalsted.
I*"supposed the Bank of North America will build
ea another tot close bv, s year from next spring,
"si's I Uo , will remain as at present.
? In hdtlitiou to the legtWMl of Miohtel
ailen, Esq , of Pittsburgh, a bequest of |4,OO0 to the
Ameucan Tr.tct Society should bo recorded show
big that tue interest in religious charities exlenled
bsyoBd the pale of his own denomination.
??There were in port on Tuesday, 30
steamships. 10? ships, gfl barks, 105 brigs, and IT!
echooneis, ex.lueive of s'.eainboatd, barges, canal
boats and Sloops
? lhe Operative Masons of this Uitj
have letolvcd that they Wttl no longer take work
from sub contractors Ttiev want their {ejM directly
from the owner or first contr ?clor, so thit they may
have a living pure for their labor.
? I hei Mayor lias sent a Meysmge u> the
Board SB VWcnnen. reco r. ue-.dint; the ( civt .a
I'ooactl to makr the ncces- urj preparations tee the
celesta'..an of Washington's H:rthday. A Coaeaja.
tee of Five have been ai>po.uicd. eossltBllB| of vi
dtrattn Peek, tl#H?ll. Gliafef, Ward an1 Baajrie
'?at,ai.d ll.thh) appropriated to aVatra] ex, inawa,
*-lhe Ia>l of the CO r--1 of leeUires l o?
se? the Catholic Institute will be delivered to mor
tewevetung.by Rev. T. f. Preston, of Yonkcrs.^
*??jtct " The Church a pe I Mmaker."
*^The Sii,aha are oiitiiuinhereJ at last.
Asateeeasus of the Cat* of Berlin has brought to
Ught w tee
beam g the name of Bea>mltse, at
??et so says an English p .; cr but pewbably the
aaaxe Sehnltae'' is only the vercarula- for the
Ittier appellation ' 1
~~Hu?. Chief Justict Day, of Montreal.
jeniheUalennlnoe Hotel vesterdav, (whe^e he has
been for the past two mor-ths) for Canvi?
--The faintly uf His Exceller.-y Don
de U Ro?a, the Mexican naintater, also left
1 aioa plane Hotel yesterday for W ashingtoti.
*So??Uote since, Daniel W. Tawnsand,
was arrested on a warrant issued by Jnstiee Oiborae,
chergirg h m with orai..u ? moneys from (/beater
Dnggs anC othere. by false preten?e?, jn selling
?fork in the New-York Croton steam Faiir.it Manu?
facturing Compar y. located at No (S3 and 6i Centre
?itett. At the tirneof the arrest, a q ioetioa of law
?U submitted to the magi-trete. by the counsel on
beth sides, since which time the Junticehas deoided
e< w r?e to rk r/I iv me Ti ? matter will now nave
to anderro e. full :a vcst'gstiou before the Coer'..
?We h'- tr of a Keportinir. Michine in?
vented at Aberdeen, a*, one end of which the report?
er's fhort hsr.d no'es are p! ;c?<!, and at the other ead
of wh:rh, a frw Tart's off. trey are prodosed at the
oro'ir ary rate of speaVmg, in clear, bold, long-band,
ready for heirs put into the hv.ds of the printer. A
few of them would find ready sale here, although we
now hare io h of reporters who aie nothing netter
than tnsrfcir es- nor. in fart, so good, sinne they are
mechanical without accuracy, and inacearate with?
out juC.snient.
? The [fifth papers tell aw tint a new
Swan of Lnn is fully pledgrd tmi about to in?ke
her debut in tlo world of song. Her name is Heahy
her native place, Limerick
? W e thai! not have the pleasure of see
iiig t' e new ( urard steamer Arabia at New York
She 1a? be< n sold to supply the olace of the il'.-fat-' d
Amazon. ^
Nev-Yokk City indcstigu. CojrwRlM.
?Last nigf, tbe 3f5th session c^me off at the New j
City Hall, Ps.n'Ei Willis presiding . ?. C. Hen 'er
son. Secretary.
Mr. Croly'l resolution indorsing the Maine Liquor
Lowers taki up and discussed affirmatively by
Messrs. I? G Croly, M. Hyan, G W. Barrett, J. H.
Keveer xi'iJ Wii!:am V. Barr,ant'opposed by Messrs.
Jchn White, John A Smith, and Victor Hannot
On reciticn of Benjamin Pri^e, the resolution,
wl, eh it ,is i Iowa, i% ispoetponed to the next ses
rtoi of ti e Coi gress by four majority, John A Simth
j?r? siting
li hsveat, A smpsaMBI is now bef..?e oor g'ata Lezisla
? an tu [?striol and ahohsh the liquoi trathe; ami, u-V'Sas,
sa.d tranV >* ea.'reutiy pernicious to all e'atses of society,
bat awe especially to wnrkioemen, beeanse the piserry,
paeperi-n, mil c one resulting f'on it fa 1 heanent n^m
il in., and, whereas, M is the manifest duty of Gjverttneut
te rtsTiic' sad extinguish ?very sonrca of enl in our
?k**t Taocefavo.
/ ssared. Thai we. the ladeslilsl Cl mgnse of Ibis Cily.
hail v i>h pleessne tfce efforts new beieg made to suj.pre.s
the sale of totoatcaihVg Mahe; and we would earmtlv
reocibmai d the law, onurjonly sroveo as the Maiao L>l
qs Lav to our Legislators,as beug the best calculated
to eoeSBS I hat el d.
i ion. horacb aajra
The Ta'ierrartle was densely tilled last
light to hear the "People's Lecture" on the above
b ect,by lion Horace Mann. We have room on?
ly to not; e ma of the chief points of his remarks.
After abrief view of the condition of Woman, he
raid he was not one who would flatter her, he would
i d u "i her at once to the high- St eu'ies and re
I dsJ ties. He said that in this tdav, a new theory
of equality of the sexes?or Woman's Rights?had
spread abroad. The leader of this sect in Europe is
Helen Maria V'< ber.of Hamburgh, who dresses and
behaves like a man, and claims an equality with
tie sterrer ses But the deeira and the very
works of (;od have forbidden this comming
;n ij. To ?fldce or modify the great dis
tinguishlng U ."ures which separate the sexes woold
be to defy tat Maker himself. The human soul and
the huii .in te* lings were cre.tted male and female,
as much so as their bodies were. The lion Gentle?
man wi I I i.i. to speak with COnsSderaOIe ?trcaim ol
the various similarities and dissimilarities which ex?
ist between tlie texts. As a general law, Man is
Superior in Strength and reason, but Woman Is su
potior in beauty faith, love and purity. This paral
1*1 was pursued with many eloquent anl quaint
illustrativ no. As a spct im< n of Woman's moral
powei h. cited the labors of the philanthropic Miss
Dlz, who has won iinre Legislatures than ever Na?
poleon old kirgdoms. The lecturer next drew a
vived picture of the afJectionsjof woman as a mother,
marking ihe most notable instances on record. Wo?
man has jest of animti! passion, and more of reliirious
devotion and faith than man The capacities of
woman for tirue unsurpassed or for vice unima?
ginable were the same. Do not all these facts, said
he, pioie that there is no equality between the
loses I Katvee and forks and hooks and eyes migit
hs well qiiaritl about equality as man and woman.
Equality iu numbers is the point where tbe sexes
are nearest alike, and almost the only point But
what Luve ium the rank and inflaence of Woman
for G.UtO years' She might have conquered more
i ..lions lor vutue than man has for aggrandizement;,
but man has immensely degraded' her. she has |
bet B Itttte more than the mothers of the race, and |
nieb u race that it may be doubte 1 if us in -rease
wnl te. n benefit to the world. If all things are
to go on Be they have cone, it mav be ques?
tioned i! li)diipatl.v bo not the only cure for the
maladies ot such a planet. If Wounnbad playedthe
nait for which she was designed, the earth would
have been relieved from most of iis bestialities and
SatanisSSa l or (.000 rear*, the Je\vi-h Women did
nothing but give birth to a race of uiiinerciul, stiff
necked men. The speaker rioted the extreme rarity
of worthy and notable Women in the History of the
Jewish people So bad indeed were they, that the
wife of the ore righteous man of Sodom, could
?>t ly be preserved by being turned into salt.?
Where aie the Grecian Women of lenowu'
Why was there but one Aspenia for oratory,
but Ofie Sappho for song?and these of a
moral character that we hesitate to mention.?
lu Home theie was not one worthily notaole woman
for each hundred years of its history. He proceeded
to depict the degraded condition of Woman during
the Hark Ages. It was a wonder that the last spark
of virtue was not crushed out of the female race
daring that long night of oppression, when >'ic was
i en*, the sert of serfs. But thisdreadfuv! ago passed
away. Protestantism and Civil Liberty rose in
strength, and Man and Woman began to assume
better and more appropriate \ stations. He re?
ferred at considerable length to the long eon
lir.uru oppret-Mons which Woman haseiidured, as in
some degree an excuse fur any rebellion or any ab?
surd assertion of Woman's Kichts. Mr. M. thea pro?
ceeded to speah of the condition of Women who la?
bor for a livelihood in cities, at home and abroad, '
and of tr-e degrading pursuits of Women in out-door
w< rk in Europe The universal control by man of
Woman's property, and oven her earnings, was al?
luded to ; and then tbe inequalities and inadequaeies
' v ages paid to females?the starvation pnoes
which result m the moral and physical destruction of
Woman. The inadequate provision for female
education was next oucus<ed, and the speaker
expressed tbe opinion that any given amount
Od cate bestowed upon a female mint would
; ti d Mm a rh her narvest than iu the in
Stance Of a tnale pupil. We have no free academies
for Wom.in, unit when we come to colleges, we may
..s welt conclcde that Woman is no portion of Crea?
tion. Mr M. n s'anced Mrs. Sonierulle iu Astrono
my, and Urs Potnarn ia Modem History, as show
ii g tbe capacities of the female mind Mr M was
elnd to except Obtrlin Institute from the Colleges :
w loch h ive never opened theirdoors to Woman. At '
all otter doors, the Gog and Mauog ot Monopoly,
in the foims of custom and prejudice, sund at
the threshold and forbid her to enter The lec- ;
tnrrr Vgsjnd ia the most forcible manner the no
(s^tv lor placing Woman ia the most ad?
vantageous position for education, as a mat?
ter of tne utmost importance to the world. Her j.k>
silion at Ihr enk le lsono in -reno!.le and more fruit?
ful ol tapoeinat consequences than any that Man
can ever attain How important, then, that she
should have the most enlarged and pra u:cal ki.o sl?
edge, the most varied and minute acquirements, the
most paie and elevated moral character, to guide to
the right path the helpless beings w ho are to be the
future ' lords ol creation " Various pursuits aaJ
studies which migntbe advantageously followed by
Woman suggested themselves to the le.-tjier. but
lie lime was >!u ttand he closed by saying that he
must defer ti.ese suggestions until some fulaieday.
We ? (deletesfllilt Mr Mann will conclude the
Sub jet t on Friday night.
nil.. PS 'Hi Ell or HUMAN DBSTINY.
LB> m gl VII_by BKV. pr. nitW'ky.
In i p< mi o the Seventh Lecture on this
sub'ect. Dr. Det>ey observed that he was about to
eontidrr . erta'n conditions of human l.'e which
were nSBSlij n girced as mos*, perplexing aud rays
tenous. They present themselves before us in grim
array, cl ?::fngti g investigation, and demanliugus
to rec; node them w;th the order of Providence. In
every aie they have caused many anxious doubts.
The sublime mind of Plato seems at times to have
?taggered beneath their weight, as whan he describes
I them as the worh of some inferior, malicious demon
; ?Unough on the whole, he appeara to have inclined
; to the theory if aecoeslty, as developed in the pro
; sent course This is the only key to the mystery, as
I lias!, i Ilm y staled. The Creator was subject
to ei Editions inherent in the nature of things, aad
could Lot have avoided the evils of whioh we com?
plain, witnoul involving a conti auction.
1 Faiv This was ore of the most terrisle fea?
tures in human lifo. 1 shrink, said Dr. I) , from the
endurance of pain, with unspeakable aveision. It
may, lOvieeti. Ue retarded as it was bv Montaigne, as
tbe sum total of a.l ply steal evil-iheeletueui whioh
glvee a ettng to poverty, eiohaees aad death It
would be bard to b?ar ta* pain of hini; a Hagar
chopped ofl. or a tooth extras-tod every dar oat
I seme puson* are dojmrd to more interne NfjrJa]
j than Una thrruth their whole lire*. Bat pa n is
' irce'tary aa a lesson of prudence If it were not
for the nm.istiy of this agent wnuh utters its
pia**i,u?e voice, the body would often re-eive fatal
" es. Thal woodman's ai, toe carpeaier's siw,
tho farmer's barro*. wnu d tear and lacerate our
; fieth and in the end destroy our Ines, if we cil not
reewtra Ihe frktmdly warnings of pain. Itaotsoa
li.e sutface, for the dreper we cut. to* I es* is tie
pail ai,d tnus prevtLt* thflOO lesions and bruises
! which would be destructive of life.
I HsBSDiTABT Evil. This grow* oat of the gen?
eral law of hered.t-u} des-ant of qualities, wnioh is
e.t tbe foundation of the differences in national char?
acter. The Frenchman exhibits the same trails
which sre ooLspicimns in a long line of ancestor!
We night not to obieet to tho consequences of a
beceficeLt law.
I Jtath He had no stronger convictions, siid
Dr. D., than those rtlaung 10 the beaefl .ten.to of
this appomtment. It was the aabjeetof all others
which had been shrouded in the aloom of eupersti
bjotj but in reality, it ?ai among tbe strongest
< vide tees of the ben jrn'ty o* the Creator.
The lecturer then went into adi?ctission of certain
evils, at exhibited in history, namely, polytheisns,
e-ix'tism, war, and the prevalence of error. None
n! tft.t were to ba: as tney seemed. Taey have
all been of service, at the time of their existence.
They should rot be 'nexorati y rot demnei. Eir-n
the a orahlp of awaits bad its interesting, beautiful
i: -auitary features. Wo wondcrattle Egyp:nn*
?ho paid homage to tho orooodilo sad tho net; but
the aaiaavle wttaoat epeeeh, la their mysterious ex
tetence, express something of the ufp of nature. I
cannot said Dr D , see a rnacs cat stealing past in
tbi tw,light without a suptrstitious shudder . aad
Do ? t he old aCorers of anima s were cor.-tantly
l ST) pressed with a similar emotion. Despotism has
it.' I oi rors, but it may teach us some useful lesons in
tbst'i yof clamor for equal r'ghtt So to> of war.
He would not say with Cousin that every battle had
aria hi sir'e. and that side always triumphed but war
hl IM nattily contributed to the intercomse of na?
tion*-, and thus advanced the progress of humanity.
Tt e i ett lecture will close tho course on Human
?cpbriob Court.?Before Judge Camp*
I Umreite* i'terrunp, adm.. att John .t Ct'jrgt
\ portioa af Messrs H's buildings, erected
r mLli m Cherry-si., gave way last year, aad
g< .pi tittti Ol brick, , alto several thousand I
ol v it r. red in that part which gave way, j
> the )an), area aad kitchen of Mr. Fleming, I
I"."' h< rry) killing a little daughter of .Mr. F'.'s, I
w,'o waa in the kit. ben. 11? brags action, as ad- I
at ?? i aun and neat of kin ol deceased, to reccryeg 1
i .... .. 14 fc r hi r t'< UaV
fne suit is brought ander the law of 1847, tvhtea
pt in it: a next of kin to brirg suit where a relative
rtaa been killed by negligence of a third part r, and
the damages laic at $ j.n 0.
Tbe Flour null had recently been erected on four I
lots. The portion next to the house of Mr. P. was
irtenc"(d for storage of grain, pud contained ten
equal szed hint, ea? p bin commencii - near the fltor I
ai.d going up, without any ceiltne. or partition to the
top. a distance of 55 feet. The Dial v. ere divided
from e. eh oilu-r by walls.
On the day ic'crrcd to, one of tho bins b id been I
filled with Philadelphia wheat, which is said to be I
very heavy and compact, ai d the pressure burst out I
I spnee of the aaU, '15 feet in hgtit by nine'in I
breadth, throwing the wheat and rubbish on the I
pr? ni'sis of Mr F., as stated.
Ol tin- part of Mr F. it is contended that the
buildiug w as insufficient for the purpo;e, unless left
to diy lor a whole year before being used, whu ri I
was not tbe case, but it was dried bya-artificial
means, ahich impaired the strength of ho walls, I
Ac. Also, il.at the other bins were empty at the
time, and the machinery kept to work, which shoik
the buildings. He contends that the death of de?
ceased wan owing to neglect on the part of defen?
dants, or their aci nts.
In defense, it is denied that the buildings were in
lufhciett-OB the contrary the inner and outer walls
were strongly sicuied hy iron rods ard plates, and
the runs bad frequently been filled and refilled be- I
fore the accident happened . and that the tmrstln? of
the tun was caaood by the earth underthe foundation I
givii.gway. To be continued this forenoon.
Before Judge Oakley.
Charit? C. Grtauugk against Pw&iflc Mitt Steam I
< n.nm.y.?PI until) agreed with the Couipmy for a
itar, to be employed as thief Engineer between
Panama and San F'ranclsco He was appointed by
the Company to tbe steamship Oregon, at Panama,
in January, 1*51, but was discharged on the 15th of
February, lt<5l, on tbe ship arriving at San Fran?
cisco. He contends thai it was without cause, and
the present suit is to recover four months' wages,
at $1'.?5 a month, iiji to May, the time the suit was
commenced, less an amount paid. The contract ,
also agreed to five plaintiff a bonus of Sl.ooOover I
and at'ovr bis s? atres, in the event of good service, '
Ac for tbe year, O'.t nothing is said as to that in the ?
present suit I j
Tie dtfei sc is, that the service was aot well per- .
formed, also, that pi lintiff had been guilty of latnb
oiilmation, in not cheying tho captain, etc The I '
peintawere denied. \erdnt forplaintiiTtJls.be- I
il g claim. .
Aheh Hiilta-il A. Hohmn aja'ns' Alhrrt Jvimnf
andPittT V i lark ?To rtcjver ?2*"l,value o'goods
Tberefense la, that an agreement was mile, by
which .Messrs J tid O. were to furnish J. 8. Hail I
? rh goods to the v.rlcc cf $6dC>, an 1 defer, i.in's were I
tu receive an equal amount in unibrella? and pin- I
tolt from plaintiffs tti.<t Ciey cid si deliver, but re- I
< t Mid hack from | lairtilli only the amount in '? n
Ooa, and that pi ilntiffs owe thim instead of they t!ic I
p amtina. scaled vcic el
? ??
SoPIBIOk Cur ii i.? 15? fore Judge Oakloy.
~A!ra'i Hnll and Andrew llohme agt. Alhrrt Jiurneitf
a Cav?-Ta recover for n quantity of umbrellas, Ac.
??.?Id, iilready rrferred to. the defense to wl i hwas,
that X es.-rs. J. ft Co wt re induced to deliver to T.
S. Hail, of Vermont, (brother of Mr. H ) goods to the
amount of fflf.O, on the understanding that HasaiS
J. A Co. were to obtain, m pay, umbrellas and para
SS s Mi in establishment of plaiali.Ts, as they might
Waat tl em, snd that the bill in question was a part of
the arrangement. Tins was denied. The agree?
ment that plaintifis should pav was not made oat by
proof. Vtrdirt for plaii.tifls $tt*0, being amount
IfAttHfi Court? Before ludKe I.ynoh.?
Be it inder the Lies Law? Michael BsTgWt, At
'. against John Hemer, oxener, John A Hrown,
???tractor. A plasterer named Byrne, worked for a
sab-CoatractCrr on a house for Mr Beaver, after the
c. ntractor had given up the contract and receive!aU
tbe payment specified but the last, which was not t)
I c, till after the house was finishe l, made bis lien,
and assigned tbe claim, which is now in suit.
He < ourt considers that under the lien law of
1891,1st section, ar owrer is bound for work to the
lull amount of his original e intragt with the con?
tractor, ihe work having been done, no matter
wt ether there is any money due to the contractor,
as in the old law, at the time of filing the lien, or
not Judgment tor plainlitT
ro?t-Offlce Operations
The Postmaster (.encral h;i- established the fol?
lowing new Post-Offices for the week ending Febru?
ary It. lr>.'>2.
fjgfcig. _!_gSgafo. |N<afe. I'ontrnattrr.^
s- b "Pus u h . 'HviMoutb -Mass Will am Clark
Mortis.villa.. Cbistar Pa Cr.-t P.Morioa
S> h (Ituntwirk. >,idil!et<i ../If. J... Alias.Tarhime
ToMtataa. ... Haavttot Okie i- VT.M'i-dock
(ItarFait.Faolield. S4-n.HP.1nar
si a-;.?vill# .. Hifhlsad J .ha 8. sfart
Kock Bluff 1 iim h.,Oa. 1 JesseW.Carter
Ans'iu.Buckinglitm Vt Jos. S Watton
Oilboa.. Lovteia Nel Lintcatab
Medgv lie. Panola.Mui N R Sledga
i'.tsl aia.Sobabib.fa ... 9 V Kaller
I 1 nee.I afayette.... irk 0 H R-dder
Notmawda... Tq-'on. la. I 0 Vaadev'nr
Ba k'l ferner s. Marshall ' A H Buck man
Me<e':ne Ptrke . Nicb Matbora
Aysville.Tavis.1 A. H Bugher
S Prna.ng on.. D?. atur .. MlPeaaingtoa
DiscosTtaoin.?Prsepaet Mills. L?cuain? Couaty.
Pi in , iJtiiB'ie'il. Muse '?et County, ft, Bmok s Cross
u e.fct Cresa County. Wit.
>.?>??> CBAMoan ?Mineral Sprngt, Aadertoa C>aaty,
S f ?mine r.bangrd to " WilliBnist.in; Sumrcar, Ange?
ln a County, Teias?tame eh an ted to " HsTiagton,''
Waltuut frees. Claibeme Panab. I.a ?nsa.e changed ts
' HayresviUe ." Line, Fult .a Coanty Ky ?n^uie chanKed
i.. ?? ft wpnaaiBW "
fF' A inari)-iinii>, it is stated, has been
errved upon the < anal Board, at the int'ance of oa*
1 of the successful In < ers, directing tbe Board to ap?
prove or annul h;s contract, cr ahow cause why a
pereiriptoiv mandamus should not issue, compelling
at fon by the Boarit, one way or the other The wtii
! was issued by Juttu e Cadt 0! the Faajth D:?"
, and is returnahle before him Attorney (leneral
( HATiiFLi) is to apjiear on behalf of the State ot?
eara, This proceeding brings up the question of the
? \tst? aoa Bad extent of the power of ine Board over
1 He cs i.trac's. .listinctly for aftiudic it:on Th.s qie?
Ueta, :t arUJ h- recollected, the Can A Ito-rd request
id'.ht Ltd 1* 'tare to Ormg before the t ourt of Ap
j peals by law The adverse leport of the J edict try
i Committee of tbe Senate was promptly affirmed r>y
ihattcdv. It now comes up in due course, by the
; action of a party to a contratt, and is m a psaiuon
la te udicully determined. [ Albany Argus.
James II. Lovg ? Extract from a letter
from PACIFIC Citt, Oregon, dated
Dxcimbeb. 1831
Jamts H. I^>ve, firmerlr punial of New-Vork
Cur. where his wife and child are Still supposed to
reside, waa ktlled near Pacific City by cutting tns
a 1 basa the under side of a large tree, which haa
Ken failed, and thus dropping the body of the tree
BB himself. He left a little property Mr Lov*^wsa
nearly a stranger to me, and there i* no one here ac?
quainted with the residence of his family, nor do
ihe papers or leaers wkwh I have been aNS to ana
give dednite information His wi> or ralativoa, oy
j applicanon to mo, arttiunittmlor of his estau. wui
I raooive an account ?I b.? effecU. ?
I Signed, *?>'* ? H#w*
Bj Tele^ to the ffew-Yort Tribune.
Departure ot the Europa.
TN- Royal Vail steaoishtp Eiropa. Cap;. Lott,
sal co at i,wn to-day fur LtTtrpool via Ra'irag, with
IS j stewi - ?? rtbef rtnerp rt and ? lor ttio latter,
she takes< ? * pj Ot kaxwrteaa -ol i.
P"f*frr* forUttri eet-Misa So* !. Meesr. tViashtwe
udiW,York; Mf, oratdeo. Mia* Grard a, 0.
MamMoOiaMhoaed Adeaat: ti J aba. N. B.; P
he ftwi (;#,:d ?. kfeXiaei, Caaad?. H.
Jirar, t li.ladt 1| Baa, aad 7 i r Hilifax.
Nomination by Telegraph.
The Washington Telegraph hits the fo!
, wieg azceOeot snifjeetithl as to Pre.-iden
tial nominations
"Hrw 'bf-n ran the common consent of the
people of the nation be ascertained, in order
make up an issue between the most prominent
c inoiMutea wi?, My h* pr,.,pn(ej |1)r the first
and ereond offices of tbe government P The
answer is readily suggested bj the glonoi
ag.ncy placed at our service by the skill an
enterprise of an honored citizen ol our country
Let the Magnetic Teler/rsph be the melm-n
Let representative*, chosen by every State
m l aabta on a certain day at the capital or com
mi rc:sl metroj olis of each State. I.wt. a centra!
poant be agreed upon . and let each State, by her
representative* thus assembled, speak out her
honest wishes, and de'end and maintain them
in an honorable conflict with the rest, until, by
repeats*, ball, t,rigs, there shall be ? general
acquiescence in the selection o< a particular
?? By this means not only would the intrigue
of the National Capital he avoided, but the State
delegates would he free and uninfluenced by the
personal solicitations, inionnal contracts or prom
ises, and intimidations that constantly beset
them in the National Conventi >n-. As a Boas
lire of economy and dispatch, aho, this mode
w< nfd rWCeynimeBtl itself lo favor But the abiii
ty. in many instances, of a State de'eeate to con
still wnh portions of his constituency, with rel
. rer ce to novel aad unexpected pr.'positions
Would be of inestimable value in inanv a crisis'
VInil Gleaning;*, Ac.
I". Mr. II. N. Ileughtoti. of Bergen,
New-Jersey, has taken measures to secure a patent
for a b:i<gr. to extend over navigable rivers, and to
avoid a!'the oriections heretofore brought against
SUCh itlUCtttreS. Tht Scientifi -Amm-an of the 14th
ir.?t., contains a plan and description of this bridge
The nature of the invention consists in erreenng
piers of a grest bight aad place a double track rail
road on the same, sufficiently high to allow the
rousts of ships to pass freely underneath during the
bighett freshets or tides. A suspension carriage (or
crnares) en ployed, it is bung to run on the
track above, and the platform of it is hung so far
below the track cn the piers, as to allow person.!
and carriages to pass on the suspension carriage
or pisiform, from the main track, and to be pro?
pelled to the other side. The invention looks
riTW Mr. Nichols has just gained a ver?
dict of of $3,3(0 against the Auburn and Syracuse
Railroad as e'amages for an injnry to Mrs Nichols,
by a collision which happened on the lUilroad be?
tween Auuurn and 8y -acuse, nearly four years since
Mrs. N. was injured on the back part of her head,
but at tbe time it was thought so slightly that noth?
ing Krioaa would result from it Subsequently,
however, it was found that she had sustained a se?
vere in ury, for very soon after the accident she he
came a raring maniac and continued insane erer
The Illinois papers say that Mr.
Charles Dcntou, of Peoria, ha* invented a reaping
machine which surpasses McCormick's, cutting the
grain, whether standing or lodged, green or dry,
upon rough or uneven surface, laying it in bundles,
and doing it well.
When the Grand Jury was being
empanneled at Cambridge, Mass . last week, a juror
asked to be excused on the ground that ho was deaf
of one ear, and could only hear on one side. Judge
Hoar replied that that did uot appear to be a sulTi
?;cnt exowae, since, at a Grand Juror, lit ions only rx
ptcted It hear ont ttdt '
tW A family of live Cheppew.i Indians,
from Michigan, arrived in West Chester, i*<t, on
Saturday evening On Sunday two of them atteud
ed church The old Chief was decorated to the
costume of the aborigines of the forest, and] was
quite an object of attraction.
ErF' The remains of a human body wore
found among the smouldering ruins of the American
Botel at PortlanJ, on Saturday last, supposed to
have been those of Joseph Liusco.t, of Brunswick
H Two burglars, giving tlifir names us
Marshall W. Lelaird and James P. Marlin, were ar
rested in Albany the other evening in the act of rob
birg the Middle Hutch Church of the silver com
muiiioii plate
l*? We learn by telegraph from ColarhV
b a, Pa., that the bridge at that place, notwithstand
ii c rumor to the contrary, 's perfectly safe, and has
bet! in no serious danger in consequence of the re
et I Rood in the Suequehanna.
On Saturday the large itn* hat and
tonnet manufactory of George W Kichardeon, in
South I-'ramingham, was entirely destroyed by fire.
About tixty hands, mostly girls, were employed in
the establishment.
B The Milwaukee Stntmel advocates
the nomination of Edward Bates, of Missouri, for
Pfi th ent, and Robert C. Winthrop, of Massachs
setts, for Vice-President
rVJ Tne machine shop and foundry of Na?
thaniel Hanson, at Alton, III., with contents, were
totally consumed by fire, a few days since. Loss $1*.
000or gtt^hM insurance #5,1*0
( \ in ichine for mowing has recently
Urn introduced into Dutchess County, which it is
believed will prove of great advantage to farmers.
t During the year lfi'il there was ex?
po Hid from the port of Vera Cru;-. $7,111,011 silvar.
n tars.snd $tl WTgold, in ingots.
r The loss by the recent flood at
Nrrih L'ennirgion, Vt., is said to be glw.OCu.
tr P. S. Loughborough, an eminentlaw
iar of Locisvi?e, died recently m Liberty, Missouri.
{, [n the 1 -le of Man they have Cats
? . "a.
MoRI Slaves kok California.?.fames
<;ic.i.en. of eW.h Carohra. wrces to ihe Shrere; ut. La.,
I b?t a cli'ny uf plaatars is ersarc I Be ?
< violins, to emigrate to Car itetn'.a with trom dee t'i eight
ngidied traves. They Rs" sent a meaur.a! ti theCalr
tggnia Legislattne.ukiaj: leave to settle theie wi-k their
?Isres. and n g-iair ibe aveiland rute.they ee:>ect to lie
B"o-se:ed br a Uoven.iuent farea
This is cool' Souta Carolina declares thnt no
free man of color shell come within her borders
without beiLg impruoced, and yet ter citizens h ve
the impudence to ask a free State to permit the in?
troduction of slaves' Even though the Legislature
ot California should puss a law as requested, no Hu?
man tnbuaal would have the power to enforce i:.
Ibe ( onstitutien excludes Slaverf, and no L-iaiala
ure enactment can introdu:e it.
But tha request is modesty itself eompa-e l wita
the 'mpudence embodied in the idea tha" these si tve
drivers are to have an armed escort of I u.?edI States
troops! Ar It i- much more ltkelv that the Eta in
wiO cbange his skin than that our sosdiers w?l be
losnee for any sucn infamous purpose, fn.se brazen
Carolinians had better begin to Deal up:^r vo. i ? i
m act as a body-gnard lo their " blark Utle. i ne
fU w roth 1 p.ion Safety Committee urgV be m
tmtmt. from their love for tbe " peculiar institution,
. , ,ir..fer [Albany Evening Journal
?tcnntboiUG tinb Unilroiiijo.
1 ' nOhTWAUC atd danbcky -The jSS?
,. BCrrearrer PACIFIC, uastead M the D^''lr
sted) Capt H W T'sr ,weTl?wi
r r ia ooaaecUuB *i-h the Iiaahory aadjfc'^ ! ?
to esuag at South Norwsik. ?.fM/2a^;Yw?DNK
;eiv ng Norms k Bndge every MO.fPAT, WEUtV?
PAYasdrklUAT . d .1, a-.r. V.r- H,r*r
BdantsTBtewil] 'ea.e the ?est ?de Peck IIfetM sawer,
or; Tl'KiDAY, THPrngPAT aad * ATCBDaT.
Psisnge. 571 faata Kre sBt rakea "Sf^etTS
sr.. promnel) aueaded to t>T AM at es-h ead,ef the
r-u.. gr IIIBSnS ?< freght appl, ^8*XTOie a
wkhfc N? litfae? at.,erth70sswaaaaa,aaamL
UaeaoucewiH begiveoaf the hears el loavsaaj
New- Ywh ?Vh. it, tSSS. I** ?
A rincn -?'. ihaii: h>.?.lt Ju. D.UnTrxu* ? ;,
antil rentes aptiee.ria u fotiuwi.
I Mr* New-Tort going NertA. fr*** tse >*** seer
Caamrw-n-et. At 54 A M for throagh fr* gBt *o j.imn
i.* fmti Ii?-? ) At T A M for p???t"> t* Pa?ks
< i er,. ?' tatermed'a'e itatisae- At I A If .Mali Tra,*
foi Alba?; im Troy, stopping at Peetskili and al Btatlaae
aettRef thai plan* ?a signs! At Si A.M..for wir *nd
?? oagh fr?ajht eely. (*t*jtiag froea Slat at ) At 1| P M .
Exp-eo* ... for Albany aad Trey. ?topp4ng >? at
Peekski .Ccld tana* rtikki!!. Peegakeepa e. RBiiseiwsk
aad V - a At \\P M , pieaeagers and Ireght to Peaks
sill. al? ?teppiat at all war sta'.usaa. At 4 P SI . patseo
t?ra to PifkikiM oaly. it.>pp.ag at war ?tatioa* At:
P M Slal TTmia Ter Albaas and Trey, itop nx it P*esa
kill. Cold Sprag.rtahkiP. rtaw-Hamt *rtb*". * Peteeoeie,
aad all ra'toms asm* ef that slice oa < t ? Al ?4 P M ,
'?r P'ta/hteeawie, si ?.. t at all ?rar-* atssa* At Ii P M .
'.- 1 a ' ii-s an* ttr ugh r'??**'. ?i. y (? m list 1
Q* a* rVuth. !**?* fro* Farm* B^tMOL at 7. A M . 1*1
A V. a d t lato. P M Lear* AlSaay at H A M., fat
thrvaf b usukt oaly, (ftuai Cast AI ?aar) At T| AM ,
Mil! Tn:i fur New Yoik, stopp.es a. a.i way statioai
where tbrra are are aia?et* ba rere Twl aad Wr**rM *?!
SAM . for wiyfreigwt eats, (frees Baat A bias ) At 11
A M . F.xarasa Traia for New-York itoppiag only at Hud
? I R] ? ? Snck.P.nuBAes;.*!*, F.abkill and Peatakill At
;t I V far psateBjters to N?w Y>rk. itoop'og at way
?Ml ?? ? si* a*!* ?? ?? P.M.. (tVim fa*- Alkaai
Ni'lt Hail T>ii
I ?? ? (hkeep'" 'o. ti? York ax &| A M.. step
> m iuti, a*
I -a-- Peetak?! for New- TaiS s; S| ill , aesaeager*
r?r (fa r'ork.*ti ir.nu *i svas-*?atioa*. At t* A St , ae?
fc'^f-a d l reicht to New-York lUmoia* at wav-statioB*.
it I ')B*ee*rers bl New-York. stopping a' an-sta
?aCNa, . _
Tum i.-r-ra will n'aear* T:c**t* fcsf^r* r*ter.a*:h? C ars
Ker v rk.Jaa. l>. !842. L)lJl BOBT. HI G HAM.Sap't.
M I *"i'F'GHT ARRANGEMENT. December 15. ISii
f raj I lad emigrant* geiag NorUkaad Waat will 0* re
ee vr at Caaal-st. Preight Hoa?*. Fr*ieh' arr t.a* fr*a>
.k. > rth aad West will be naloaded andde'irerad at tba
bBI 1.1 .at'.oaoB Weat-rt.BRd aa allowance ef tt eeata
pi rl : be mads fur eartafe oa propetry *> imgaed at
or mu'S of Canal tt Lire frtock. Hay. *? . arlP be re
ee red ard deliTered nel* at ll?t-at.
.117 tf _ROBERT HIOHAM. Sapertateadeat.
] h,\^ -YORK and KK1E RAILROAD.
?Traiaa leave a* followe (Saad ira axeepted) from
n at of Uaaaa-ai.:
SIL >*i.a at I A. M for DaaBitk aad all StatioB*.
' ! R' N KlPBltSH Ta?l?J It 4 P. M
? it Trais, at 4 F V . foi c tfatai Oxrard aad tatar
late Station* _ _ . _ _
tfsimo Kxrili* TSAII4 at 5 P. tt for D'tnsirk, c?a
bbj with tbs Dvnsirk and Statt Line ar.i Br eaci
tb ? ist Badroaifs. for Pre. Pa
CKAA8. MINOT, <ij a'eadeni
S* 1B5TT
N*w-Yerk,Dee SS Igjtr dJS tf
f V 1NTBB ARRANllEMENY, aetwaaa Philadelphia
I ? ' ' urr.thrcmth in fWSWTV rotlB HnUBX.?Ob aad
a'tir 1 *e II, P*i?en<eri will ba ci'ne.l br the PeanirNa
id C mpiny, be'neen Khiladi ,)!?.-.a aad Pitta
bvj| ??''w?ntr four Hcara, with only tt u . i -t
ret vi , lea'leat Turupike F'are ftl
Ii'. * -he (bortett and but rout* betwe'.i th. Oreat
At Bl I M r?,and the jcwiimm ?ntwu
k f ': d re.p?:ti ol the h:nneat character. The htiprria
Thro' r, Tiain (in 24 b?nia,) l*avee tie MpoS,Market,
west of Broad st , *T*rT*T*nin? at M o'clock. Tb* Mora
iui War Tram leases the eaiue place at I o'clock. A K.
Br tbitliLe, Pa**eac*r* will be earned tbroa<;hia}4 houn,
with a r.' night'* r**t at Holhdayiburr.
The abnra Line! paaa through La* aster, Harrisbu-g,
Lowutowa, llwntiagdoa, Johnstown, Be, marm? 'ki
y^Bptajni by dar-ught .?Philadelphia, Dec I IBS I
dlt Jm Agent P**n*yiT-*ai* Railroad Compaa/
Y Y ?Tram* ef Michigan Southern aad Northera fa
d.ana Railroads run daily (8un<lavi eseeuted) aaiollosra :
Leave Monroe aad Toledo at s.ii A.M.; arrive at be*
pirte at 6.MP. M. : thance paaseigers go by stage oa
Flaak Road II anlea to Mirbigaa City ; thence hy oar* C
miles to Aiaiworth , and by itage 11 mile* to Chicago. Af
t-ir Feb. 1, by ears through te CniCBgo.
Retarn.ng to Lapone same way?ears leav* L?ppte at
T 31 A M., aad arnve at Monroe aad Toledo at 4 4i P M.
Daily stagei connect with Fort Wayne at Sturgia; with
Loga a* port, LaFavdl* and Indianapolis, at South Bend ,
aad at other places on th* hue with the principal towos
Bonh sad soath. _ ...
At Toledo this lifce e. unecU at i 45 P M or 7 A M. with
the Lake Erie South Shore route by stage and railroad te
( live.and , thenee by railroad and stage to Erie ; thence
by railroad via Bunkirk to New-York, or by stag* frcm
Dunkirk to BatTalo, and by cars after S*b. I.
TheJ P M. train on the New York and Ene Read, ca?
ses ts wiih the Lake shore tram.
Paaseager* at Cleveland can take ear* all tae way to
Pittilmrih-tlienc* by railroad and IS lo'les itagtng to
Ftiiladalj.lua an* Haw York. or H ? ? ??. ??? ?r I Wutof.
sob. F. P. WILLIAMS. 8up*rint*Dd?nt
Adrian, Jsn 14, IUI._?? *'
I' r() R S II It E VV S H I! R V, L ONO
BR\NCH. OCEA*?: HOUSE. fwheB oracticsb!?,)
tMiddletowB.) and bED BANK.?New aad splendid
sttamhoat TIIOMAS HUN1' Captain A. h. Hanerty,
fr- at New-Haven pier, East River ?* follow* t
Leave* N*w- York. L*eve Shrewsberry.
Tueiday, Fob, It. in A M Wed'wlBy.Feb.ll-.IO A M.
I holiday, -' 1J..ii ?' Fnd?y, " w.-ij,
Sa-aiday. " IL. I P.M.Monday. ' 1?.. H P. M.
Tuesday, " 17.. t W*d'?d*y, " U-- ft L
Thunday, " 19.. 2\ Friday, " 20.. 8 A. M.
S.turday, - 31-- 8 A M Monday. | j3-. 9 \\
1ue?d?y, ?? St.. 9 |Wed'id?y, " M..M
Tbunday, " S8..10 " riiday, "" ST."10. ? ?,
Saturday. - t8. .121 P. M. M< aday. March 1.. 1 P.M.
Ta* stsxei for Square and Fieuhold will run ib connec?
tion wiihlioat. S'ages to o<>nv*y pa**?ngers to all par's of
the rocalry Al. persons are forbid troaling ta* ab.ive biet
en the accoant of the owaers^_lit tMl
none*, tne 4 o oloc* P. *1 Traia from Worcester M Previ
iaaee.WlU lie dct?i*ed at Worcester antil i? o'clock. If
recessary, to cannec' with the " Kxrree*Train" waieh
leave* New-York at I o'clock A M .of the lame day.
i bis will BWSBB a connection, anleasthe Etareaa Traia
is delayed by tome aanaual cauae._ ?
jjltf ISAAC h. 8Q?THW1CB. So* t.
New-York at S A M. and 4J P. M .foot ofC*urt!.mdt *'. |
at 11 A.M. Ifreisnt) *?d 4 It P.M., Pier No. 1, R*rtf
g.wer?for El'7abetbp.>n, ll rsbeth'-own, WtBBBttd,BeittB
?Inns i'laieBeld, Boaadlniok, Sumarville, Barf ta, White
Hoaaa. Eaaton. Be. al tf
ami EXPKESS LINES- Tl-.rough w 4, b?nra-N*W;J?'
ie? Railroad via Jeriey Ci'y. leaving New-Yorr at S A M.
foot of Coartlaadt-*t ; ? A M. and I P. M. Ljh?rty-st.
Leave* Philadelphia Huue hoar* from foot of Waluat st
Far* reduced to II for first clas* and MM fay IH*UJIM
ttiruagh ticket* sold in ta* bpovb liaea, and tluuigh bag
cage carried lata*} f. M. Una fiom New-York. wttB
taroagB eoadaotor*._dittr
roPU and TAUNTON-Th* steamer* COMMODORE
aid MASSACHUSKrrS. of thi* ?ne. ? SfSSS
a. beretofor*. *lt*niat*ly leaviag Pier No. I, Nor.h River,
fiat wbarfabove Battery -place, daily, SuBdayi axeepted. at
4 it P. M. The East era Steamboat Mail i* aow u***
p. .iti d by this route as formerly. -..
Ftr Ireight or pa??*g* apply at th* office. No. to Bs?ery.
place,or on board the boat*. ?"
LINE for PHILADELPHIA, ?t 1? e'clock, A.M.
from pier No 1 North River, fool of Bettery-alaee by
ataaXrt JOHN POTTER, J1'?.'Sacdays 5*2nmdMHa!
riving at Philad.lplua at 2? P M. Fare IJ , ?eoead-elaa*.
flJUaTfa.tliM.ttiP.M. '??i V,,,^,.
fP **AI L BJVBR.-Tb*s?l*ndid aadsapenor *t?aaBars
naU dar? (Saaday* erceiited Pier No. I, N. B .aear la*
i 1851 -Trans*To*t ef New York leave aear eeraer ef
C Aa f^^r:it^ leav. for N.w Have, at 7 and
I i 't A M 4 aad 4 5F.M iB*ll.llA..VLraasiBeo?
ia.Tioa wrtb Traia tro. New Har*. t? Hartford a.d
= ..uaf,?1.! aad wit* Train over the Canal Road
F^al V Taaw .for N.w-Havaa. Hsn/.rd. Sprnrf. d.
f*,^ct . at ICver BB.I V.nnont Railro^., to Order..
a. -gh and Mantraal.) Boatoa and Worcester, at I A. M..
, .,p2 .t Sts" ford aJd B.Mi.epor:.) a?d iV M.. hum. ?
B *tofd. Norwali aad Bridgeport ;) time, aboil It Uoari
to BoSonl The I A. M. coaiieeU with tne H?u*iot,c aad
N.u? Biilroad. at Brut^-rt, *ad Canal fcUraad
at Naw-Havea. The 3 o'clock P. M wits NBuga.ar*
Rs us.adat Bridgeport. _
Srti i*t Taaiss for Port Cheater, at I ? A. M aad (a
P >I Stop at Mom' Veru >a aad F elhamvUle.
I anas ?TO Ntw-Yoas -Ac^rami-dat.oa TraiB* laav*
SeaXasV28.1 aad S? 35 A M .a"JJ.M.
r. "wall a- BtaaifoH 1 Vav.ug B.?ssoa at S A. M.. and
' K'rv'uX Taaiai :*are Port Cheater at 5 St A. M., aad
1 / hi- ' tin Laiaaaastf ia*du-.i-a ?>?*? *ad
??'iins.s.r. * aeuaii?taa>*aai
legal Notices.
rVOTlCE fjf!NT?Ntl*>N to FORM
iN .s iS'SURtfCE COMPANY -Ca?. '-'.'. t,. kI
- s aaeh -Thirty p.r ceat
t i ? t'v aaWaatl P*l era' in n tel. M leaiaia in th*
h iL 1 i.T'.b l'a- Th* ?olerseae.l U.rely rise
. ^ i util? lateii-a t. firm aa Its.-.suis C.-n
L ? . ? ?c?r<i r."t.e City ..f Naw-Yoik. a.d ta
- ; , ?.,?., v -M , - iM . - F'.;v
lN?Tl kance COMPANY," for the anrpoie of n*aki*f
? ruraice.t dwall s| hoa MS. a-ores. reaU. and afj a t.d*
ci l'.v-d?g*!a.d upoa houMhidd farat are *??^'j?.
., ? ueryiotieity. ag*1** "f "T ?1??>??8 b7 l^
i * 1 h ii iclnsil t avigat oa and tran.nsrtai'.n. as expressed
n ih. 2d inbdivwio, of the lit aeeiio. of the act to pr-v'de
! The iLCorpoiatiou ?f las ua*c*Cocapaa.e.. Bisse.1 AprU
1 , 1643 ?Dated New York. Febraary 5, 1851.
rilBg' tors ?
( alet,S Woedharl. 8,0?*^ rjraaer. MMH ^i**"'
1. J Ka.-tnd. AlpheiiaBanaiBg. J;rba L
/ .'.ran. sVakasaaa, Casper C Childs. L^LTKaaVT
aee, S lumon Jessraraa, Warren ?sraar.
Ct-lit. ?n. H Bnr **. ^?"'hTii'
. B-raard. JohnJ Y.lloti. ^VHoii.
. :, i,i.e., Walt? keel*r. ^ y q.
Heavy M .lor, , Qm*f} W;*?*r jM a D-aaldsea.
r-W; ?|r? fvi^sE
Ststtssit*. J?i.irawr.>eawtarr. ? ,rr<iw
SUPREME COURT.?In the matter ?
the ?,*> ?.i- a theMayer. Aldermaaaad"-maaal
atful UaOtrai New York. r? a tka OPEN IN?
Of ?ury ;;,?s! ^( (Yea to tfat Baleen
? '". 'a tha City ?(* Naw- ferk Tha ? i ?-??. Cwn
a s*i strs >/ytetmata aad .taaaatli la tha s ?"? ?sm?
iled astUr.uVy ar *< aled by an'* of tke Supreme CearL
CT? Botwa partsaal U the rr<; i:r?MiU of aa A at of
L/*S;""*"**jf aaaoaa ofth* stat*, rHa? Y*rk. ?a
? - " ab Art u tossed aa Aot taut ad aa Aat (a laiaao
ee-etal law. dialing parucalerlr to la* City ef New Tor*.
? ,TV W P*N*T? Apnl ? '* ??" ?k*?.d a?-.! at. isjb.
tha. the_ab.tTar . of ;he ..? mat* ata. ???,.,,..: mj the
?' w *at1ai r-nta.a-nt tka eaatea
C*esa ?*:on?rs seas a h*o r*>wrt to vha sail Baa
Oavt, <: tiie :.?? aad place bereite/.ar atea-vaad A ?4
tka eaid 1'oe ruttsiessra f* h*r sire aoiioe, aartaaai to tea
reeu iteiili ?f "A* an:, entitled Aa Act to erased aa AM
Bath td aa A t la r*l*u<B to the collection *f AasaaesaensB
aad Teas* ib ta* C"r aad Oaaty *f N*w. Y*rk ,a*d far -'hat
[?mod May 14 IS40 BBBBBnJ, Mar T HO . to the
?w?e or inn * tarinaat or acr ?parte of all haasaa. and
naaro?,*" ?i wo'mproeed taada adarted ;|?sr*by. (Aat tha*
havaeon,. ? at tki Eat male aad A?ae?*eaoat, aad thaiafl
nei?oae w hoae interests are erfec'ed thereey, tad who aatf
'??ip ,:'.. a ,..:?,. ?-? -r, Oes?*' '.a steseat tho r oo
ort IB wm-m.U MOSES MAYNARD. J r E*t . too
Chatra-.an. i Use taid ('? mannet..aers, at the ? fflce of JaasoB
8. SauidVd. ]*j .No 7| Broadwsy ib the C y of New
York, m It ?L'r'.jr dsys front the date of thia aot wo Aad
trat the lire's embraced by the taa*Hautet aro aa f ** eara.
that i?tc ?? All the lete, piscas or parewt* ?r lend isWhe
Tut of N.? Tat? < ascribed aad beeaded aa follewe.ha
wit : O. the eest, ?y the wetter)* liae or m4U 9
lS'h bt , na Ike weet, by the eaa'erlt Umm ur aato
of lltha? , oa the Borth, by the hue */ the oaataw
of the iil^ck ae'wtea tltt-et aad J2d-?l . aad oa aha
south, hr tu* hlO et the renter of the block hetoeea tust
tt aad .??? si Aad also al i the lou. aieaee er Barrels of
lead awaale, 'put sad heia? ia said Citr. 4**> rtjaod aad
heaneaVtd as K mmm to wit. On thooaat \>j tka weaaarkr
liae or std* at lIth-*? j mm ihm wi ? tha *aet?rlr laaa
or sid* of tnh BO., aad hj th* lio* of high oaUr ne>rt ??
tha Hu,Uob Ki>*r; oa th* ? r a. bj th* Umm *f th*
saatas ?? th* . .??? H?tw*?B sad-et.: aai
oa th* r>?ih by \\t ut mi th* c*at*r of tho tlooA
between list st aad JO'.h st Ai.4 the aaal llooaus
atoaers 'mtlisr g re n ?tice, that their reaort sa tan
shore eutitled aialter anil be aiade aad aroMated t* the)
Seatta* Cnort of the 8-ate of IVew Yotk. at a <?*asal
TVm of th* sa d Coart, to be bald at the City Hall of tan
City of New-York, oa Satarday the mh day of Maxen,
ls.v, a' the opeaiag of tke Court oa that day, or as eaaa
thereafter as Coaasel raa he heard . aad that toes aad
theie.a aut'oa will bo made that laid Krp-ut he ewadtaaod.
D.rec New-York. Jaa. I ISjI
JAMKS3 SAMDKD, . . t, <c?i
WILLI AM 8 t?KK<ji)RY. >
Hanar I Danss, Attorney illtnTa*
SUPREME COURT.?Ii the mstter ml
the applicatioa of tha Mayor. Aldermen aad Caen*
awaalt] ol the City of Now Yoik, relative to the KX
TKNDINtl of CANAL ST . m the said city la a stra?dal
line, aa til II lateraeeta W alker st.; and the WlOKNllsat
mi W AI KKH SI . iu u >l cit<. <u the uortherly aide, se aa
to fotui a street uf 11 leet in width la Kaiser? st , and aha
thrrwtag of the gore foraied by the latrriee.ticB tg Oaav
tre. Orange Walker and Caaal sts . late the s'raet. -Tno
acilersisried, Coniniisrioners of Ks'iinats aad Ai****bm
U) the above eutitled matter, hereby gire notice, j? irsus_
ts the reqnireroeatt of an Act of tha Legislature at* the
people of the State of New-Y >rk, entitled " Aa Act to
amend an Act, aatitled aa Act to reduce several laws re?
lating particularly to the City nr* New. York lataoee Aat,"
pissed April 20,1839 . aad also the Act eatrled ''Aa Aetna
aiixnd sn Act, ?atitled so Act in relatioa t* the eellee'sea
ol aeses-inienta and taiee in the Cit? and Couatr or* New
York. Bad for other parnoeea, riaseed Slay 14. ISiS " paaawd
May i, 1841. to tha owaer or owners, occupant or *? ?apanSa
of all hecset, and improved or oniatpreved lands nfeeted
thereby, that they have codipleted their suon'smental *e
tiuiare aad aueasmeat ia the above eatitled ma"*r, aaal
that all persons a hose interests are affected <h*r*hy,aad
who may lie oupoeed to the easne, are reouested o pra?
se i ? their obiections, in writing, to RICHARD J. SKI rtf.
*s, the Chairaiaaof the said t Omiiusskiaars, athia hoono.
No. 90 HivitioB st , ia th* City of New-Yoik. withes shirtf
days from the date of ttua notice ; and that the liauu eaa
brsced by the supplemental ssttmste aad assessasent are
as fallows, that it is lo say . All tha lota, pieces aad par?
se l> os?lane acioded witkia the fullowiag Uraits, that at so
ts) : begitinii g at a point oa the southerly s'de of Divnv
ion st , diataat M feet eaaterly from tho *aeterly aide ef
Ptke-oi.: tfaoace ruumng easterly along *aid (oathorbr eaia
o! Difkuoa at to the tatereacuea or the same with taw
westerly sale of Oouveraear St.; theace soatherly a'aavg
said weaterly side of Oiuveraeur-et to the Eaet Hirer:
theace wtetsrly along the Bast River to a point distant
M feel eaaeerfy from the aattarly side of Pike shp;
thence aertkerly aloiic a liae distent >S feet easterly fraaa
tb* easterly s d* of Pike st sad Pike slip, aad parallel
therewith totbaplac* ol beatuBiag. And aleu all th* loss,
pieces or parcels oi lead fionltn* ou Walker St.. east ar
the Bmsery. to the tenniBitioa of Walker tt. aad sitead
lng a diNtaace aot etoeeding ISO fe*t north aad south fraaa
th* northerly and souther!? sidoa of \V? ? r St., i .cladiaf
lMfeet north arid south or Walker-st oa all the sOaatB
in" laectieg Ws'ker st. from the easterly iu* or side ad
the Bowery to the westerly line or aide of Kaoes et .laolts?
sive. Andalsoall the lots known be th* nomnere f4 tmt
:s Mot' at . Nos.'9l,?3, 9J.9H and 97 Mulberry etj Mae.
tO, 97,99, ldl and 114 Orange st ; Nne 139 aad 141 r*utre
st i the lot or piece ol ground fronting ob Ceativet., ao
tweea Wh-te and Praakiia-sts.. and numiiernd on the
ConiOHiocoiier?' K"n< lit Map 1,043: Lota Nos. It. 100,
111. 113. 111. 117. II?. 131. lit. Its. 111. Hi aad IN
Walker-st L >te Noe 70. 73. 74 and 76 Caaal -et.. I ..an
N . 1 ar.d 9 Mercor-st . Lot No It Wooetes-st i Lean
Noa 410| and 111 Broadway , and Lota Noe.40 and 41 for
aylb-at. And the snid Commisatcnera furthev give aothsa.
that the sunrlemeutal abatract of the said I 'ore mi ?i oaora,
rontainiBS Ihe names of the owners of the lota ass eaaa 4L
the numbers of such lots aa tbsy appear oa tke maps of
the Coat in isaicuers, tegether w.th SWOB maps, aad taw
aasonat uf the a*se?*meiit, whether for damage er aeaeit;
and also all th* affidavits, estuna'ee aad other dunaassoBB
which were osmI by tha Comraiiwioaera la making thaajr
su^plesaeiilalea'imate and a*ees*iu*ut, have heea dejy^Muaan
in the Ktreat I'ommiaasooftr'* 4)r1le* ml th* Ciliar Smw
York, th*r* to lapiaiB for at least thirty days before tho
said CoDioiiMioiier* make their ?optdeiorntel r?p.?rt at taw
t.n e aud place hereinafter meat'oiied And the aald Cons
mtaeioneis farther g^vo notice, that the said sopolomeaSal
report will be preaiaetod to tbe Si:pr*me Coar of th* 8tata
"f IVrw y ash. at a special term of the said Court, to he
held at ihe City Hall of IhoCsts ef New York, ea Satar?
day, the Slat dav ol Vebiuary, 18 >3. at tha opeinag of the
Court oa that nay ; and that '-h*a and th*r*. or a* seen
thereafter as Counsel can be heard, a motion will 1 - narto
thai tke aaid supplemental report, t 'gather with the orig?
inal report of the C inmltsiouors la the ahove witltlasd
matter,he cnnfira,rd And notice is further givea. that Saw
soppleaneutal cists, charges and disbursements ia the i
aatitled matter, will be taied by Hon Hoary F. Edwarde,
or, ia ea?? ol his abaeane, by one of the inker Joetkwe ef
the is'd Cunit, at tha Hnpieii'O Court Chaailior*, at Uaa
City Hn'l of Ihe City of New York, oa 8af<lrdar, 'mm Hat
day of Janvary, 18)3, at t o'clock la the forwaoon - l>ated
New Yoik, Jaa. 13. 1SV3
()' ;i)KN ! : < a \ HD8^ SCest/. is., ..an
HENRY K LAV 1 Eh. Attoraer ill
UliPKEME COURT, late Mu prent?
tv^CoBit in Euuity?(Late ia Ckaarery, before the Ywe
ChsBcrl'oruf tbe Kirs'. Circuit.)?BeBiasroa Dtshrow aad
Phohe Di^tow, his wife, aad Sassa?) W Dwbrea aad Sa
mli Dsbruw, hw wife agaiest Courtaey Hell, C*ena*w
Hall, f>'z?cal*r of Ihe hist will snd Uttamaat of Hannah
Hail,d?c*attd Wara Hall, Pb*bo ?'ichett. Meleaey Pea
cork, wife of Allen Peaeock, Al.'ea P*a<mm. Naaaa Wara,
w fe ol Abraham Wara. Abraham Wasa. aad Mar? Hresre,
wife of Jothun Brown, J ishua Browa. Haaiy rs. Dwhrew.
Eh/a L Woods. John O Diabsow. Rllea Dishrow. ?lien
1> ? !?>?. Adaiiatetratrisof Krancia Dmbrow.deeeaesd.Bit
za Aim Oi-hrowaiid Mary R I) shro*.inraa's.J*aee Htrker
ami Miry Barker ,his wife, P am eel W Disbrew, rraasts L.
liiabrow, aa lafaut. Ana Woeds, El sa D Uses, WilLeen
Joaes aad DoretheaM Job**, hi* wifs, .laliaOdlass. Jalsa
O?lum Adsaiaisliatia of 1 !,.?.?* B Odfua, decetaod.
. ? i ??., II .1 '. .i ? ti Jaraea M Wara, Tl.oeaee M Wi't,
John W. Mwsenger and Margaist 8 Messenger, his wife,
William T Pattea aad 4?athanne B. I'Utee. hi* wif*. Or
viL* : i 'de *Ld Ana M Dibble, hi* wife, Willises B-.
.Mcigan, Joha Jewel aad I. rv? I. Jewel, his wife, As sa
Dewi'i aad Haatsh Dewi't.his wife, TBossaa Wara. WuV
|iaar G Laaclry, Oscar Harri<-B l.aagley aad Ma ia I^ea
ikh Langlev.infaa's, Thomas W. LeUs, Charles M Leiht,
Allied B Lette. Andrew Campbell snd Mary B Caavp
bell, his wife, James M. Letts, TBomas Taylor aad aarah
Ana Taylor, his wife, late Sarah Ana led. Jeha Haeaa.
Margaret C Burr s. H >rscs Yo iug aad f'sllariae Yoaaa,
Ins wife, Augustas N. Si.ith aad Eliza C. Siaith, h s w.sa.
I. tsurr.s asd J<:lia(l Barns, lafaala, Malhaasel
L Lord, Heary Newton Van tVhasck. Chrtstiphar
Wolfe aed James L Pbelp*. maior -la parsaaaew
of a loilgmeatef th* Saprem* Court, made ia th* aawew
rant*. ?,11 ?*ioid, ender Ihe direction ol lb* aehaortear.
Hie Referee thereio. by AMI ay / Hie*rk*r k Co , aaav
tiOLee's, at oublir aac'.i ?r. *'. the Meralian**' Eiehaage UB
Ihe Citvof New-York. <? Saturday, the third dag of Aartl
aeit, at twalve o'rlsx-k at aioa, all these ?ertaut leta,
pieces or osrcels sf Ised si'?at*. lyiag aad beiag la taa
C.tyof New-York,and a >w kaown aat distinga shel as
D'aubera th rty (H0i Hamilton st'eet, s urabeis uaa asadfed
and thuty sine (t?). oao hundrad aad forty (1401. ana
drei! and forty oaa (14!) and oae handred aad foiif.
?a , (147) Cherry street, ?ud nua,har* four huadrjO ataf
?? ehe '413) atd four hsr.dred and foartaea (tit) Waase
n . at -lUte.l New-York. K?l,raary 17. 1?M
JOSEPH BOrilHliiW.aveferae.
jABtBS Men BtXr, Pl'lfs' Att y, 3? Wall st. 19f UaTlTh
SUPREME COURT.?In the matter of
the eppneatiea of the Major, Alderaeoe and 4'esa
avaa'ty of th* <,'ty of New York, relativ* U th* OPBll
8T fron th* Old Chairh Road to tke Sth av , ta the Caf
o* New-York. Pabhn notica s berehy givea, by the Mayor,
A'.ie-iriee and C- aimnnahy of the City of Nser York.psr
ntu to statute ia soca case aiade aad provided, U^attno
s i Iba Mayor. AldermeB aad I' oomona!ty ef the C^hy at
j,? f wrk, lataad to mske appliratioa to the Sapiees
: thoSUie of New-York,U a *P???lJ'?^*i""
a ,ii ran to he held at the Ci'y Ha'i of '.** Oswaw *sew
\..t>. .oD 8a crrfay ti.e Jitt day of Fchraary, lssl, mnm
eysti Ii e ..(the Coin -n that day. or as aooa tBawwawayaa
i.?e oaa he heard f >r the spaotatmeataf C*aasBtataaa>
ssi ?.?if ?? d a'eessiaoBt ia the aiKive *b:*i*? ew?
Ur; that :l . ? -r. 1 ri'.^ot of th* '"?ro,?"?(lVV?3
iMeaded. is the rp-r.irg et l'ith-st . fr '"v?? ?J5 ,^'3
??.e Oty ^N,w Xr. lTae^an
on the s.a., or plan f sajd Ci<f ^rrf**. g^^af hTess
?.*!>-. siataie of th* i^ooia '/ Maiaaaf
y . . tin i 1 ' A a Art '?i??,T?^^Xl^'a?W^
"?' a"'' r?!i.t April 3 ISftl-DatOd
V.,-a aad aar ether part - tirNH Y B DAVIBI.
y ew-Yoik.Jaa ts.itJ rvstsawlit*tke(>tnetnt?aav.
.;i tF31_vtmmwm-a
\ ,..md nw tb.Coaarr of New York, attkw ?artw
, ?. Aft". SB the f itv ofVlow.Yerk.entU twaadMe
' ; I',", S jslaao . bs tu? rear mm Jf^mmmflaasM hsa>
i- prrser.t A?iu.d.rW ?radferd ^'
. e^Inth.in^erofikewplkas^anUBtegen^^
h.ieaJ .rate sf leUWlL \i^%A^?^^
en ree/irg aad tliag doe awf. by **-JJ^Tj Vi.i
, f s* irder rariinag Beaismia Nathaa, Jg**? v Jadah,
.ic Marian Judsh.th* Adaiai* s*d s?ew
..isiasd, t* a^P??"?l?i, Ca " ,^e*.taasw
. ..,.* why they should aot he re^mje ^ , f(j wajaat
r.? real ertaMorUessv^aa?*? ? ^ saatasOWi
. r a dahts . aad.ao . ad m theeataie
: a.-i.itis ^^.^^daa-aat: . a-ear ?wfo a the
: h- sead fcamaei N. !*, ?,.^?li at hi* "moe. in tka
I trceausflhec>s?tr*f Ma- I Man l? Belt, at SOS
. ;t, of New-York. oa th* ?.'" ? r ^ ,k#r,
,. r^erh to the for.^ ,/t?et, to tB. .. d Adwa^
ran** wh? eerbonty *liouju ^ ( h rf ^ ^ ^
..?^.rat-t-. '* " ' . <!-? --..LaashJlbeoal.
?llV.1, Lr?i*e A W,atatAD*OUD.iartotaU.

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