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~tarkt onfin.nre ha? pa^ed the City
XrflVirtSsM Meise, abolishing the 'aw egalea ? n *
j,u?) ba-inew men of Providence are
of erectin? a Merchants' Exchewe in that
_V\mC meeting, commim* of full numbers of the mo*t
> enw?e*> nsa v b4Ml ,ml<l 0,1 Ltie subject.
(friendsof the Maine La?r held a
Ion at Deeham yesterday. Neal Dow, of Port.
^ < pan Horace Mann were expected to be present.
'Oasian E. Dodge ha? purc hased The
i Masses?, and entered upon editotial life.
i ax., this oat Ajro ivKrnto,
r Otto GolnVhoudt?Last Coacert.
j tseeee?O. V Hr.?*.?Cor??-*? Smt ers- :\ P.M.
? Ullis Asna Tbl I km?Dstifliter of the K-t ? i-nt,
a?Loie Uootes?<'?rnev,l a Seville?7 4* I U.
-Founded en Farts-To^ile?. Sic-7 P. M.
jTjaMtsr Mr Little Adupted-A Roiaad for aaOeeer, ftr.
a> ?Jttsua. (Day sod Eveeiotl?The Vuxr of VY?kse>ld.
ifAjieeeeeteS MntHer and < >nM ? )>?? and Kermma
-View? ie A*is Miaor?Day and Fvseinf
We had a Sunday of delightful
yesterday; a mixture of sun and shade, m tic
eg a^ the temperature In which one feeis an aim rat
" i desire to be out of doors. The streets were
r thronged all the day and evening, not altogether
*0 church goers, either, as adjacent villages suddenly
grown popnlar amply testified.
Our Boll's ConcEaT.?Nine years a?o
fjie Bull, then little known in America, made his debut
tt the old Park Theater Those who remember the
?lowing enthusiasm of that evening, and the triumphal
garner of which H was the prelude, will understand the
btereat with which the news of his reoeot arrival
eajgcg ass was rased i set, and the eager curiosity to know
yr^iwe* again to witch our world. On Saturday even
?w. tfcst cutloeity was salisticd by the reappearance of
si* treat violinist, and the revelation of undimttiisbed
The andlence was In itself a triumph, on Saturday
tuning, in the midst of the present musics! excitement
ajrndaat upon Madame Goldschmidt's farewell series
To gather three thousand people in Metropolitan Hall,
arat an evidence of cordial and admiring remembrance,
epsJ of genuine homage to genius of which any artist
griffet be justly proud. Since Ole Bull played here be
fm% our musical experience is enlarged and deepened.
0?/ audience is no longer unused to fine performance,
h hat heard much of the best, and its approbation Is
gesre dlfcriminating, and therefore more flattering.
That Ole Bull's success on Saturday evening was very
great, it Is unnecessary to say. For no audience, (ox.
eept the French,) however critical and severe, can
aatape the electrical touch of genius. One word,
oac glance, one sweep, if it is Informed with
enagnetic power, leaves all rales ia the rear, and
asserts its own supremacy. Here Is the character
htk) end charm of Ole Bull. Like Pagsnini, hs it
to exceptional person. Like every man of remarkable
gad pronounced genius, he is a phenomenon. He is his
own standard ; he makes his own rules. It is useless to
pursue kirn with the traditional rules. His orbit will not
he proseiibed or prophesied, for it is eccentric. In all
that he does, the traditional temperament of genius be?
trays itself. He Is tremulous and tender, but also rugged,
and stem, and strong as hit native mountains. He Is no
sjaapt type of his Norway, with its sunny but breezy
Mjhts, with its dark and solemn depths, and, over all,
In dear, blue heaven. In his mien and manner, ih his
Basic and his playing, the same thing Is constantly felt.
Tkey are all wonderfully suggestive, but mainly of bold
tod melancholy outlines. For the pathos which inheres
b afl Northern story and character permeates all that he
does, not as lachrymose sentiment, but as a genuine mi?
aor tone of feeling. ?
It will not be difficult to infer the impression of hit
Bode and of bis performance. It is all subjugated to
hlnttelf. It Is all means of expression for his own indi?
viduality. He aims not so mu^h at u pure representation
Of the subject treated by his music, as at his own pecu?
liarity of perception in regarding it The hearer must
know It as it struck him, and In the way he chooses, and
111 ten Js to impress upon that hearer the individuality
of the *rtb t Hence Ole Bull stands In direct opposi
Hon to the? " Classical " school, of which the peculiarity
b to subdue the artist to the music. He is essentially
romantic. His performance, beyond any we have
ever beard, Is picturesque. He use music as color, and
b nutters nothing to him, If the treatment be more or
less elaborate, or rhythmical, or detailed, if it succeed
b striking the hearer with the vivid impression sought
A is sasvoioable, therefore, that he ia sailed a charlatan
It is natural that the classical artists are a nrtzed at thi
bold buccaneer roving the great sea of musical appro
cation, and CHpturiug the costliest prizes of applause
1st these prizes are never permanently held by weakness
Tbey surrender only to majestic power. Hence we
Itre the strange spectacle of an immense and rniscella"
httmi audience hanging enchanted upon this won?
drous bow, through performances of a length which, in
ktett, would be enough to wreck most success. Like
* lbs voice ol an orator speaking for a people its hopes,
he ?vdigsetion, its pity an 1 sorrow, so this violin sings
fcr those who listen, their own shitting, wild and vajue
Maries. It is because the artist magnetizes them, for
be thee, and they think and dream as he chooses.
Ole Ball's mastery of his violin Is Imperial Tue proud
sstjesty of bis person imparts itself in feeling to his com'
Mad of tke Instrument, and artist.o rchestra and perform
?not only magnify the man. We can, of courte, hare
M quarrel with those who do not like it If the hearer
the want of subtle musical elaboration In the
don?if he complains of its ponderous p/tw<ti<iU4
?If be it angry at the submission of the orchestra to the
Vbtaaao,?we have nothing to say, but that certaluly he
has reason, and that If without those there were no
besetj, no grandeur, no long haunting Imagery in the
Mtsd, then there would be little hope for our artist?
Bat every man like Ole Bull shows that these are not
essentials,?he shows that the heart, and imagination,
yield ageiutt all wishes, and precedents, and rules,
Ole Bull h precisely "an Irrefragable fact" sgaiast
Which criticism may dash it* head at leisure. Tne pub?
ic heart will follow him and applaud, because he plays
hpon its ?ringt as deftly as upon those of his violin.?
Possessed of a nature whose moods tymnet lire with
tote of the mass of men, and that in broad and ttrik
sag reaches?nut too linoly spun?not of a Cbopla-like
tretjubest, which is rather the preternatural state of a
eWb tad excited organization, but of a broad humanity
m Mi tig eta and shades?so full of life and overflowing
?bar that ha must impart that tympathy, and will scorn
al raste la burning and branding it upon his audience,
-hat no marvel that this eccentric artist sways his
nsarer te he will, and U as secure of victory as Napo
If we turn more directly to hit performance, we rind
? parity, a firmness, a sweetness and breadth of tone
which b anprecedented. The violin has no secrets
from bin. Itewaitt upon him as Ariel upon Prospero.
sVre-biwIeJdbleftiniL It sings, and shouts, and
weeps at he wills. It b an orchestra, or a flute, or an J
harp, at the mood seizes him. The bri'llancy,
toredlbb articulation, and the rapidity of hb oxecu
*>? upest sew string or four ttriags?with all kinds of
Maneloas effects and whams, with the Intensity and
t?WMosj of hb bowing, are la harmony with all the
y s\ey are called tricks, but they are only such
at the wind and clouds play; they are only such
to**** en at tut of his organisation who loves the
??ds and capacities of hit Instrument, for their own
nmst neceeoarUy displsy. He rejoices In this be
???tsg of the strings, with a kind of physical delight
be uses that witchery so well, with such richness
?tvitbaiMs, that the susceptible listener doee not
?H testet. We bare left ourselves no space to follow
periorirsaiiQp m detail, which we shall do upon occa*
V* ?f the next concert, at which, in the Carftiral of
f***> bb supreme mastery of the violin will be
*r. Alfred Jaeil is of the most brilliant school of
**?**? Hb auceett on Saturday evening was tri.
tonhsax. He carried the audience by acclamation, and
**toh>rty filled tke greet space of Metropolitan Halt,
K of lUelf, conclusive evidence of the force of
j*2?M. The ?uency?the neatness?the sparkle? the
Jr*' * hb execution are Inspiring. The fullness of
Use result of effort, for no prayer b tso.s
j?!***toata>a. With more delicacy thasi Leopold
*** tWisoattsst as if hb fingers
Zr*T?"* **? ?n""?????. end reeled along the
*%I?H OsUnWation.
'??t pbee, 4 $%mumm Dm; in Atewey, by WUimer,
^'?^tahiiaatss^Mfo melody, w sich U never lost
in all the elaboration of tbe fantasia, and constantly !
holds the interest and attention of the andiene?. Tbe j
Rifolttto and Carnivalt di Venttiu were very (Uttering. J
ape* imer.a of musical alelght-of hand, and cbarmed the
audience, who tumultuously demanded a repetition.
Mr. Jaell's popularity, which ha* been very great ia
Boston, we now find Is justly deserved. Tbers has
been no pianist among us so sure to fascinate an au?
dience as be, since De Meyer.
Of the Germania Orchestra we hare but to continue
Our praises. It ia small, but well drilled, and per
formed both overtures?the Martha and tbe Midsummer
Kigkt'i Dream?in a manner which left little to be de
aired. It ia already well known for its earnestness and
conacientJousness, skillfully blending the popular with
the els aural styles. Th* next concert is on Thursday
The New Opera House.?This is to
be a fable no longer. a lot has been obtained on the
north east corner of Fourteenth-st. and Irving place,
204 feet on Fourteenth-st and 122 feet on Irving pi ice.
Th* building is to be an edifice ornamental to the City,
will comfortably accommodate from 4,000 to 5,000 per
?oi s, and the price of admission to no part of the house
Is to exceed one dollar. The yearly rent is to aecu' e 7
par cent upon each share, and there are to be seventy
performance*, or opera-nights, every year. Each sub?
scriber is to have one of tbe beet eeate for every ebare
of $1,000, the choice of seats among the stockholders
to be decided by lot The lessee Is to pay ail taxes, and
ssiensietits, and repairs, license and insurance. The
building is net to cost more than 9300.000, and no mon*y
is to be collected fron subscriber* until 1.7) eharee are
subscribed. The books are now open at Messrs. Dun?
can <fc Sherman's, and some 950,0)0 haa been already
subscribed. The establishment will bo called * Th*
New-York Academy of Music," and is already Incor?
porated. The Commissioner* named in the charter are
Messrs. James Phalen, John Paine, Cortland Palmer,
Renben Withers, Wm. C. 11. Waddell, Thos. E. Davis,
Charles Augustue Davis.
The Sixth Avenue Railroad.?The
Board of Assistant Alderm-n are especially called upon
to prevent tbe absurd and ruinous change of route In
this important road which the Aldermen have lately
adopted. Why any body could possibly leave the easy
and natural route through Varick and Carmtne-et
(where all the corners but one would be turned upon
obtuse angle* of long curves, and aleo the tolerable
route through Thompson and Fourteenth sts.) and try
to force cars from Carmine into Bleecksr-et in a place
extremely narrow and now the channel of an Immense
amount of travel?and, further, to get Into and out of
Canal-it. by an acute angle difficult and dangerous to turn,
no one outside of the tea-room can tell. If the Assistants
have a proper regard for the convenience of the people
and the usefulnea* of the Road, they will insist upon the
Varick and Carmlne-st. route. The property owners
In Bleecker-st are juatly indignant at the attempt to put
the rails down at the narrow and difficult place to which
we have alluded. Bleecker-st is there only 25 feet 2
Inches wide between the curb stones, and the turning
of cars in and out would ruin It for all other travel
The Road has been violently and derperately opposed,
ever since the idea was first broached, by certain reel
dents of tbe Fifteenth Ward, who are able te ride in
their own carriages and can't see what the people want
of railroade to choke the streets and spoil the pave?
ment*. But the Road was chartered In spile of these
enemies ; and now we trust they will not be allowed to
spoil It by crowding it Into places wbare no one ever
asked to have it go.
Let the Company and the Aldermen stick to the Var
ick-st route, and they will do the people aarvicc. But if
that route cannot be had?if the humbug argument that
in Varick at the road will interfere with another road
not yet built, and that quite possibly never will be, Is to
bold good?then stick to the Thompson an i Fourth st
route, and do n't let the personal Interest* of the tlder
man and Assistant of the Fifteenth Ward (both of whom,
unfortunately, live in Fourth-st) prevail, to do great
damage to the road and the City. Messrs. Ward and
Barker ought to remember that Fourth-st was made for
th* people at large, and not exclusively for them.
A Ht'.vuKKD Thousand at a Dash_
On Friday night the Aldermen rushed through the New
Potter* F'ield Bill, whereby the City (against reason,
justice, and the will of tbe people) Is made to pay fifteen
hundred dollars per acre for alxty-nlne acres of the
rocks and salt marshea of Ward'* Island . in all, 9103,
500. When the principal Is to be paid, and where it is
to come from, we cannot say ; but probably these re?
form financiers will borrow the asoney from the owner
of the lands, and issue "Potters Field Six Per Cents,
No. 1." Four years ago, the City purchased the whole
of Randall's Island for ti&i per acre?lest than a third
of this Ward's Island price, and a great dual better land.
It really seems as if the present Common Council, upon
th* occasion of a veto. refinacted these outrageous Uws
just to ahow their contempt for the Chief Magistrate
and hi* opinions. They will have a reckoning with the
people one of these days._
VS^The Sunday Times publishes a case
of rowdyism which we should be glad forthesakeof the
City, to believe exaggerated | but there is no rojm left
for doubt. The case is detailed by the writer as fol?
"I am the proprietor of a store, situated in Spring
street, where the nttetnpt to levy black-mail i* still con?
tinuing, the police to the contrary notwithstanding.?
This store 1* let to a very quiet, honet Englishman,who
is rather past the age ol active self-defense. Shortly af?
ter opening his establu'imeat, he was attacked by a par?
ty of ruffians, in open day, who pretended to get up a
tight, walked into the back ro mi, aud, amidst tbe confu?
sion of the sham rencounter, stole bit articles of trade.
My tenant complained to me. and 1 wrote a note to the
Chief of Police, stating the facts. Within four day* nit ?r
tiiis information, he was again attacked, and was aastWi i
to shut up his store three times in one day. Thi* affair
as* timed a very serious aspect, and of the alternatives to
arm and defer d the props-rty, or make another appeal
to the police, 1 pieferred the latter. I had an Interview
with oar Mayor and Chief of Polles together, and iu
tonned them of the persecutions of my utilortunat* ten?
ant Mr Mattel] said it should be attended to. Yester?
day I received a note from my tenant, ir. wh en he says :
'The young ruffian* still continue their molestations,and
seem to defy the police. I calculate th it about two dot
Inrs' worth of oranges have been pilfered, besides other
things. The freebooters have br< ken pane* of glass io
my presence, and I believe the name* if two of them
are Lynn or Glynu. I am Informed by W-thnt :h ay
have been frequently taken up, but always manage to
procure bail and to get oft' "
We need not repeat vvhat every one knows, that these
gangs of young villains are created by office-seeker* and
mused in grog-shops and still viler places. They prowl
the City like wolves, and prey upon the weak and de?
fenseless with an Impunity that few except the sufferers
axe aware of. Even the rumaellert themselves are at
their mercy. In gangs of a dozen or more they go from
place to place, call for drink and then walk off without
offering to pay, and if the owner (especially if be is a
"Dutchman") venture* to remonstrate, they break up
bis furniture, beat his face to a jelly, and go on to the
store ot the next victim. By tbe favor of these wretches
Aldermen, Policemen, and even Magistrate*, hold their
offices; so that all attempts to punish them are sure to
fail. When honest citizens repudiate party politica in
local affairs, and nominate and elect te office men who
are the sworn enemies of rrwdyism, then may the peo?
ple hope to subdue and suppress the gangs that now
curse the City Hi themselves by Uvea of depravity
hardly exceeded by the crininals in any State Prison or
penal colony in tbe wsrld.
Laborers1 Union Benevolent SOCIE?
ty.? At a large and enthusiastic meeting of the five Dl
vuioL < of tbe above Society, at Montgomery Hall tbe
President (Mr. Maaterson) read the call of the meeting
explaining the object* of the gathering, viz i to hoar if
there were any of th* member* suffering under any
grievances produced by the strike on the 3d of May
On making this announcement, with a loud cheer, the
cry waa " No! Ten shilling* or No Bread!"
The meeting was then addressed by Mr.
John A. Collins, followed by Mr. Patrick Dillon who ad.
dressed his fellow member* who hand ed the pick and
?hovel, upon the exorbitant taxation of landlord* and
capitalist*. Mow, brother members, to take into consid?
eration the difficulties that we undergo, ?triring to get
an honest subsistence for our ft mi lit* at one dollar and
twenty -five cents per day?we who wear the I very of the
scorching sun by its noontide fury and receive the cold
of winter from piercing front and snow. Now, brother
member*, I am happy to see you acting together and
uniting In a solid mas* for the reward of your labor, re
?o2v*d that it ttu? not be lea* ?Jim ten alulliiigs per day,
? fcich merely maintains a fimily In New York. Tber?
1* one mini; more I wish you to beer In mind?the* im, not
to work unless you receive ten so filing" perdiy. Do not
be alarmed?we have plenty of money in our fund*, and
we will pay you fur every day yen are bile. Call to your
respective meeting rojms on each Monday evening,
wbere you will receive your psy. Much of tbe grtev
ancee we suffer sre produced by unjust and lldbsraJ le?
gislation. So long aa wealth corrupt* our legislative
hall* by its power and influence, the laborer will be
crushed to tbe earth unless we are organized and on
our guard. Mr. Dillon ended his discourse amid loud
James Cummlngs moved the publication of these pro?
ceeding* in the daily papers. In order to inform the boa*
builders that the laborers will support the members of
the Society on a strike. It was moved that anj* member
working for less should have his name stricken from tbe
list of members, and never restored again.
The meeting adjourned by giving three eheers for ten
shillings for ten hour*' labor.
Sunday Liquor- Selling.?According
to promise, the Alderman of the Fifth Ward made aa
attempt yesterday to stop the shameless violation of
law by rum-sellers in hi* district. A great many
places were promptly closed, aa far as outward
appearances could show; but still a large number
of the worst sort were yawning as wide as ever.
Por instance, at least three of the most vile dens
of prostitution, gambling and wholeaale robbery, but
ostensibly "porter houses," were in the full tide of
successful business, doors open, window* up, and
bar-keepers mixing the liqaors, the fetid fumes of
which must have been peculiarly grateful to the olfacto?
ries of tfce policeman, whose station is immediately un?
der the windows of one of tbe den*. Passing this li?
censed den of thieves, our informant was about to
rejoice at the snug appearance- of an apparently closed
corner grocery of some notoriety a* a very low and
dirty resort, when he was badly shocked by r tigh con?
tact with a drunken negro who was secre:ly and
swiftly shot forth from the " closed" grog shop. Alder
man Boyce may mean well and do as well as be can;
bat he ought to know that Rum has been the dominant
power In tnis City too long to submit to law, especially
on the day when ita customers have nothing to do but
spend their week's earnings In gambling and getang
drunk. It Is too late to talk about " regulating'' and
"gpntrolllng'' the demon ; you might as well attempt to
regulate and control a conflagration, the only safety in
cither case is to apply the cold water cure, and put out
the fire altogether. In extermination alone is there
Van Wagner's 44 Big Tent'' on
Ninth-strkkt.?A large audience gathered under this
spacious ?' Pavilion" last evening and listened with great
Interest to able and eloquent addresses from Mr. Van
Wagner, followed by Mr C. C. Leigh and Col. Snow.
The numbers and interest at these meetings Increase
from night to night Tbe singing and the arrangements
are excellent.
at?" A mass meeting of the citizens of
the Tenth Ward will be held this evening at 8 o'clock,
in the Lecture Room of the Allen-sL Presbyterian
Church, for the purpose of expressing their feelings of
abhorence against the wholesale and illegal manner of
granting Rum Licenses by the Board of Excise.
KS*" The Mayor visited and inspected
the frigate Prince of Orange on Saturday. Several of
the officers of the frigate were In the City, and vUited
the Law Courts and other solemn and ioterestlnz
bcvFA number of the personal friends of
Mary Taylor (Mr*. F]wen) have presented her with a
set of sliver plate, as a token of esteem for her as an
actress and as a woman.
IW Grace Greenwood goes to Europe in
the Atlantic, on the 29th. to be gone a year.
Extraordinary Telegraphic Feat.?
Mr. Webster's great speech, delivered In Faneuil Hall,
Boston, Saturday evening, was telegraphed to The
Trii*ne, otoi Data's Meichants' Line, In the short space
of three hour* and forty minutes. Those familitr with aha
bwdaesa of telegraphing, will appreciate the feat when
we atate that the speech is composed of about five thou?
sand words, and was furnished to us an exact fac similie
of the original copy, with every mark of punctuation
correctly inserted.
Great Engine Playing.?On Saturday
afternoon, the Diligent Engine Company of Philadel?
phia, not to be outdone by the Independent of Balti?
more, tested their engine at Jayne's Immense buildiug
in Chcsnut-st-, and succeeded in playlnq a perpeadlcu
lar stream ISi feet, 1 eing AW feet higher than the Inde?
pendent Thi* ia considered the beat fire engine play?
ing ever performed in thi* country.
Fires,?About 10 o'clock Friday night,
a fire was discovered in the lower part of the building,
No. SO Morrlt-st, occupied by a mm named Goldstein,
as a tailor's shop. Tbe flames were extinguished with
a few pails of water by citizens residing in tbe neigh?
borhood, without any alarm being given. Capt. Silvey
of tbe 1st Ward, with several of his men, were on the
ground, and on examlLine. the premises after the flames
were extinguished, became satisfied that the tire was
the work of design. From fact* subsequently made
known to Capt Silvey, in te.ard to the origin of the
tire, he arrested Goldstein, the proprietor of the shop,
who, ou being taken before the Chief on Saturday morn
intr, was held for examination.
On Saturday morning, about 2 o'clock, a fire broke
out in the team pUulng and sawmill of Tisdale ,v Co.,
at Astoria, which also communicated to the lumber-yard
adjoining. The prompt arrival cd the firemen on the
ground prevented the flames from extending any fur?
ther. The loss is esti mate d at 110,000.
On Saturday evening, about ???5 o'clock, a fire broke
out on the third floor of No. 3-J9 Bowery, occupied by
Abel Cook a* a cabinetmaker's shop. The tire was ex?
tinguished before any material damage occurred. It is
supposed to have originated from the carelessness of
one of the men employed In the shop, whs, when
spc ken to, was very abusive in his language.
At LarVt o'clock yesterday morning a tire broke out In
the building Na 26S Thirteenth-st It was speedily
The alarm of fire at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon was
caused by the taking hre of some rubbish in the store
No. YX) Maiden-lane, occupied by Wm. Nort is, dealer
in drugs. Tbe fire was soon extinguished. Damage
About lf*j o'clock this morning a fire broke out In the
premises corner of North Moore and West st*. Tue
upper part (in which the tire originated) was used as a
pattern shop for one of the adjacent foundries, the con?
tents of which were mostly destroyed. The lower floor
was occupied by William Harrison, as a porter house,
and was damaged by watsr only.
The Late Case of Infanticide.?The
lady who gave the first developments in regard to this
case has been found. This person is Mr*. Ann Beattie,
of No. *0 Charlton-tt, and the tost'e-.'d before Justice
Bogart that on the evening of the 13th inst, when she
entered the private apartment for females at the South
Ferry, she saw the accused, Mary McGuire, leaning over
the water closet, but the opening of the door startled
her and the sat quickly down upon a scat, Wmle she
was thus sitting the voice of an infant about a we* k old
was heard Issuing from beneath the folds of her shawl,
and she immediately cave it nursing and spoke to It
Mrs. Beattie states that she saw the child and ahould
judge It to have been about a week old. The conduct of
the woman some what aroused the suspicions of Mrs. U,
and as the came out she communicate d them to her hus?
band, who advised her to tell the bridgrmi-n about it
Scarcely bad this advice been given, when the accused
was seen coming from the place, holding her arms be?
neath her shawl as If she desired to convey the Im?
pression that she was carry; ig her infant Mrs. B how?
ever instantly discovered the deception ana exclaimed,
"My God, she has murdered her child." Mr. BirdssJl
the bridgernan, at once rushed forward and secured tbe
wretched woman, and the absence of the child conti, m
lng the dreadful suspicion, at instant search wa* made,
the river was dragged ia vain, the ride having bore the
hole innocent far ?vra r. The accused, after being taken
to the Pobee Court, mf.de a mil confsiatna of her guilt
to Justice Bocart and Mr. Johi-von, the CTark, aud *****
th? the child tu an ?lf^?rn??** ?ad the had no
meant to prm We for St a hearing ia the cane waa had
yesterday, bin the accused was quite untrefl and unable
to attend. The matter trill be brought up again to day,
when the will probably be committed for trial
Public Carts and Cartmen.? The
Cart Inspector, on Saturday but arrested snd brought
before Justice 8 tew art between 20 and :W drivers of
dirt carte, charged with being without license to drive
dirt cart*, aa required by the Corporation Ordinance.
a brief examination showed that these men were iu the
employment of contractors wbo owned the horses and
carts, which were properly licensed and in relation to
which there was no complaint the charge being that
the drivers were njt hcensed in accordance with the
provision requiiixg that no person shall keep, use, or
drirt a public cart for the transportation of anything
whatsoever without license. The Justice decided, that
although it was necessary tor dirt a* wt 11 as public carts
to be licensed, still, that dirt carts were not public carts
witLin the meaning of the ordinance, and that it was
not necessary, therefore, for the drivers of dirt cart* to
take out liceaie. The Inspector urged that drivers of
dirt carts had always been required to take license, snd
that it had been the universal practice of Magistrates H
inipoee a fine on all such cases. The Justice remarked
that all the money demanded and paid for license to
drive dirt carts, and all exacted from those driving with
out tuch license by way of tines, had been taken un
justly snd without the authority of law from these labor?
ing men, and that he should discharge those then be?
im e bun, which he did, to the evident satisfaction of a
crowd of drivers, and to the greet surprise of the wor?
thy Inspector.
Important Arrest?Hkavt Larceny.
?Two brothers, named William and Samuel Downing,
alias Davis, were arrested on Saturday by Officer* Bel?
ger and Davie, of the Jefferson Police Court?the for?
mer chsrged with robbing the store of his employer,
Mr. Thomst T?te, st No. 86 Canal st, of a large
amount ol ailks, satins, crape shawls, gloves, dec; and
the lalter with receiving the property, knowing It to
have been stolen, and offering it for tale at his ttore in
(Jreenwich tt A considerable portion of the stolen
property w.u found in possession of the accused, and
ecket* for more were found, which led to its recovery
at Simpson's ^awn shop. In CbatliAm-?t They are also
charged with stealing a gold watcb, valued at 6-50, the
property of Mrs. Grace Henshaw, residing in Broad?
way, near Fourth-st., who carelessly left it lying upon a
counter in Mr. Tate's store, fro-n which it was taken by
Wm. Downing, and pawned at Simpson's, where it was
found. Three elegant gold watches and chains were
fonnd on the persons of the accused, which are believed
to have been stolen, and for which owners are wanted
at the Jefferson Market Police Court
Wm. Downing wa* arrested about a ye&r alnce for
stealing Rt the store of Wm. Beck, io Broadway, plea led
guilty to the charge when brought up far trial, and the
Court, in hopet of his not repeating the offente, sus?
pends*! judgment It has not yet been ascertained
what amount of property has been stolen from Mr. T?te,
aa tbe examination of tbe st'x-k, which ia now progress?
ing, is not completed ; sufficient is, however, known to
show that nearly i 1,000 hat been embezzled. Tha ac?
cused were taken before Justice Stewart and locked up.
Stealing from a Steamboat.?A man
named John Lyons was arrested on Saturday on board
the steamer Bay State, in the act of escaping with the
cost of a passenger beloncing to Newport, who had left
it in the cabin. Officer Allison, of the First Ward, who
'srrested Lyons, on searching him, found 877 in Eutern
money in his pocket sJl of which he offered to the offi?
cer ii he would allow him to escape. He was, however,
taken before Ju?tice Bou'srt and committed to prison,
but will probably get off for want of evidence, unless
tome persons appear to claim the money, as the owner
of the coat lias laft the city.
BUMLARI in Maidkn-LANK.?The store
No. SM M,.iden lane was entered by burglar* at a late
hour on Saturday right, and robbed of v >rth of
cloths, vesting*, and latin*, the property of Mr. S. B.
Hickurd, one of the occupants of tho building. The
front door of the establishment was generally bill open,
and the inside doors appeared to have been forced open
by a jiminry. Tbe burglars effected their escape.
Brctal Assault.?A fellow named
Patrick McAlany waa arrested on Saturday mornina,
for fighting in the ttreet and assaulting Mrs. Mary liil.-y,
of No. 5?ti Fourth-st, whom he so much abused that her
lite is considered In danger. She, It Is understood, it tar
sJvanced in pregnancy, and this circumstance has con?
tributed to render her recovery doubtful. The accused
was held for exaoiination.
Found Drowned.?The bodies' of no
lets than four men who are unknown have been
found since Saturday, in the Fast and North Rivers.
One at pier No. 8 North Rivor, another at pier
No. 5, the third at the foot of King-tt and the
fouth at the fott of One Hundred and Pourteenth-tt,
near Manhattanrille:. The bodlet have thus far been
kept for recognition, but unless claimed this morning
they will be buried after the Coroner shall have held
inquests upon them.
Run Over and Killed.?A littlo girl
named Finely Barry, retiding with her parents at No.
2? 1 MuluerT*-tt., was run over on Saturday while in
Broadway, near Houston tt and killed. The body was
taken to the retidence of Mrs Barry, where the Coroner
was notified to hold an inouest
EF* The body of an infant was found on
Sunday in the out bouse of premises No. 39 Taomsa-st
The Coroner was notified to hold an inquest upon it
Brutal Assault.?Thos. ToyI, a car?
penter, residing at No. 142 Amity st, was yesterday ar
retted by Officer Wildey, of the Jefferson Police Court,
charged with heating and kicking bis wile, and with re?
fusing to provide for bit family. He wa* taken before
Justice Stewart and locked up for trial.
The Assault upon Ald. Smith.?
Patrick Kearns, who it charged with having some
weckt since assaulted Aid. Wesley Smith at the City
Hall, was on Saturday arrested on a bench war rait
issued l>y the Court oi General Sessions and commit?
ted for trial.
A Desperado.?A black fellow, named
Chas. Sand, wst arrested on Saturday night at No. 11)
Mulberry tt charged with ttabbing a whit* girl, {named
Ju'is Baker. The wound wet severe, but not dangerous.
When the officer attempted to arrest him he swore that
be would shoot any white man who laid hand-, upon
him. He was, however, soon captured, when four
loaded pistols were found in his pockets. He was
locked up by Justice Bogart tor trial
Row in Roosevelt-street?Despe?
rat* FigkL?The police of the Fourth Ward, under Capt
I 'itchett, were called upon between the hours of one and
two o'clock on Saturday morning to quell a disturbance
of a serious nature, at a butcher * thop at No. 2* Root*.
vclt-st, kept by one Martin Shay. Knives, cleavers,
Ac, were used freely, and the police had much diffi?
culty in subduing and arresting the rioters. Peter
McMar?n, James Hughes, John U urn*, Patrick O'Don
neU, Martin and James Shay and Pat Ryan were arrest?
ed and taken before Justice Bogart, wbo committed
them to the tombs. John Monkton had bis nose cut off
Patrick Uyaii.head was badly cut with a cleaver and one
of his hands was disabled. Martin Davis was danger?
ously wounded alsiut the head and lost an ear. He was
taken home by his friends. Several others were more
or less injured.
The Center-st. Stabbing Case.?The
inquisition of the Coroner relative to the cause of death
of lies?. T. Murphy, who was tabbed in the neck in Cen?
ter-st, on the i-.i.ht of Sunday, the9tb last, and died at
the New-York Hospital yesterday morning in conse?
quence of his injuries, wa* concluded at a late hour on
Friday night The Jury rendered the tollowing ver?
dict viz i We find that the deceased came to his death
by a stub in the nock. The Jury do not nod any testi?
mony by whleh they esn fix the act upon any party,
and there.' ^re say that the said stab was indicted by a
party to this Jury unknown.
Run Over.?A aoa of Mrs. Maloney,
residing in Thirty i-rtt tt.. wee ran over and eerioaeiy injured
on Saturday evening bv a horse and wagon, belonging to Mr.
Btstkwnght, cj Nf 12 AJjingdoc square yhe tad was taken
home. *
More (.rand Larcenies.?Officer Is":
t*tt. of the Nm-tr-t ?.. Win), U* x:t*<- i a i. a
rarred Earnest Rodrr.an. cliaried with atrsajin*, a now worth
|5.\ the piupaat) of John Strwsrt, residing in fch *v? near
?th-st Th* accrued was committed hj Jc*t:ce Stewart fx
Frederics Oers, a Oerman wornan, win arrested trr OfB?r
TV Camp, of the Eighth Want, charted with stcebtig #??i?
fold com, the property of Frederic* Lerct-. r-etdisg to
Woomter-at Two fS* gold piece* and one f> piece were
found in p? aeration of the a voted, end were ijaaalilld a*
rart of the atolen money. She eat committed by Ja*aew
Stewart for trial
At imvNTALLT Burned.?A fermle*)
Btmad Wiley living at No. IS Djwuiag-et w**??verely
burred on ?j;:.r.Ja?. her clothe* bavin* taken St* from ? fur?
nace. She ran into tbe atreet and . ?! Hanuipar of th*
Nir.tb Ward, extinguished the name*. Ilia effort* to save hf*
wa* successful, but painful to hlirmlf. a* hi* left band w*j
burned m a shocking manner.
Threatening to Shoot.?Aljjnamed
Michael D. Haggerty wa* a it rated, charted tu., threaten?
ing to aheot rmm hnyt in franKfurt Kreet aad challenging
them to tight bim He had in hi* poawarkm a pistol which
proved t j be loaded with powoer and hail. J iuuce.Boc.arl
committed him to prison.
Court Calendar.? This Day.?Su
PRFvr Covbt? PnObahed on Saturday.
I I r>isT?icTCorj?T.-rifth claa*.?No*. 26, 77, 32,
33, M, a> 3ri. 37, 3d.
CoiasiOM Pleas.?General Term for ?he submission of ap?
peal*. Calendar from Manne aud Justices' Court, first 1 j
Supreme Court? Special Term?In the
matter of Sixty-sccond-st Report of theCommissionerscou
In ihe matter of Albany-at. Adjourned for one week.
In the matter of extending Canal-**, Ac. Kurther argu?
ment am h- *:d and the raa* ad>norued.
Prunkt? agt. >'ro*t ?Motioe that sureties file new under?
taking in place of that tiled id No*. 1849. Denied.
Belmr Jutiar Koosevrlt.
D e c i * i o n ? Putnam agt. Putnam ? Tlii* was a motion
to amend the pleadings In a suit for divorce, so as to obtain ?
limited divarce on the grouod that it weuld be unsafe for
pla otit) to live with defendant.
The ortgn al cbaige, and which was tried, wa* on the
ground of infidelity ml a verdict given for defendant. There
was no other allegation, and the defendant came prepared to
meet ro otter.
Th* Court at nstders that it would be improper to change
the pleadings, and ti e morion was denied.
In r. card te the motion as to the child, that it be permit?
ted to remain with its mother, as there is a bill of except: ns
pending in the case w Itich will probably be heard next gene
rsl term, the child will remain where it is, till that ha* been
Us S. District Court?Before Ja'ige
Bett*.?D e c i ? i o n s.? Walter MiUard und othert, owner*
of >r?u ?' ..at. agt Jut. F. Crmk) and other; owneit of scow
(Hobt.? Decided that collision occurred through mutual fault
of parties. Libel dismissed, without cost*.
Itaar f'.uibiu) agt. The tmmmmr Sarah and Abigail.?De?
cree lor hbell int, MM with 6 per e-nt. interest
Morgan (VConntU and Michael lio;ld agt. TH' brig Tally
Hn?Derive for libellant* Ut recover the fBsM of the re. go
a' port ef dea inatien, ur the proceeds thereof at Payal at
their election. Reference.
(t'r". H- ti WrWea agt TAc ?rAoone? Harriet SniilH.?De?
cree for libellant* for tbe value of the cigar* shipped, and
reference to ascertain amount.
H's*. C'ohb *at Jahn T. Howard rind othert ? Decree for
libellant, #l,5is)aiid interest; f.-Mi of lua demand disallowed.
r.tiAa Heerkman at ? it of Ham Crath and ot\ >:?Mo?
tion that liteliants hie security tor cost* denied.
Thr brig Sutan IliVlled a* being engaged in the (lave
trade) at s'ni: of the United States ?Motion to rescind order
for ceitiiii ate of probable cauae denied,
Gsrsrrd ft'. Lrnktmrnm a<t. JartJ j. Areas** ?.?Pec.la
that can age to cargo is not chargeable t5 defen .anc Libe
11 sflseax lhpkina agt Jimei K. Wood and "fAsrs.?Decided
thst the vessel delivered the coal laden on board her, and
the libellant is entitled to full height without deduction for
short Wright of cargo at port delivery.
Huhatd Totien agt. Stnimboat HaM.-Decreed that libel
lent has not proved collision a* alleged in libel, nor fault oa
the part of the steamboat. Libel, with coat*.
Um. h'. Schmidt if Ceo. Halrhtn agt t\* bark Su/ierb.?
Decided that hhe lant* were entitled to be paid the amount
of decree out of funda in Court in priority to dcm.i.id ol Wil
kei k Co.
II n TVsea sgt. A. IWlnonl.?Case settled with the amend?
ment, as allowed.
Before Judgff Jndson.
Sen'encei.?Wiilism Johnson, tried on an indictment fir
rcii.u.m ?iiil nitcimg false Mexican quarter dollars, hut found
guilty id llie Hlh count, u Inch wa* >ur passing two counterfeit
rjuaiter collars, known g them to be counterfeit, and recoiu
mer.ded to men y, w as iuourht up fnr sentence.
Mr. II. II, Allen, hisremael, who appeared gratuitously
on his Kehalf. addressed the Court in mitigation ut punish?
ment, lie alluded to the hitherto ?xcellent character of de
fendanl, considered that if he had committed what has been
charged in him, he did it througn poverty, having Become
reduced in hta circumstance*, and hi* wile and two little
children actually in want. He read application* to the
Judge in mitigation, f om aeve'al gentlemen of high ataud
ing. Until a year, (when he Waal to Yonksr*,) he had been
an ofticeroi IB* Spring-st Church, and enjoyed th* unlimited
confidence am! respect of all who knew bun. Mr. A. sug?
gested to I he Judge that ? noinii al pun'shment would better
si i se. \ e theaima of juatice than a severe at*
Mr. Hall. District Attorney, alluded to th* e..a* of
other peisona who had iuat been seutenced to hand labor for
a stmlrar crime. He would not tlirosr ? stiaar in the man'*
way, but he suppose* Ihe law knows notniug about any dif?
ference. Mr. Ali-:, med? a remark, when the District At?
torney said, a man who is a man of education does nut pre?
sent the same excuse that a man who is ignorant due*.
Judge J addressed lbs defendant?allnded to hi* former
higl character? that he had had tne benefit of a good ed<ica
Hod, enjoysd the benefit of c'tinitian aocn-ry and aas><cia
lion?aslvanfage* which it would seem were ditriciant to
have kept him in the path of duty; referred to tbe p..Mod of
Ha* of e*B*li<aUt, now t!ir?e scjre yeaia, and admonished
him, ptnicularly if he knew he wa* guilt/, to repeat of
what lie had done. Tho Judge al*o alluded to the sorrow
and 'stiima, in tome ineasura, wide1! hi* conduct had caused
to other*.
The Jada*said the ***salty for Dm aatkaaaa, providsd Wy
statute, is a fine uut aavsaajtVasJI l^.tSh. and impria uiment u jt
exceeoicg ten year*?the Court doe* not mean to go to the
extent at the law, hut gi fatly to relieve it. Aa to what the
counsel has said iu rtitard to nominal punishment, (ahnougb
ii admires ihe iiouiner In which tost counsel has to*
C'. urt does riot consider itself authoiued to that eltect?the
object of punishment is to reform apurty who hai area guil?
ty of an ottensr, *nd to Jeter othet* tiom thecommtssioa of
dime. A* to the conns-1'* remark that it was done through
poverty, the Court ciin iot so consider it. In this country
every man, by iudiistiv andcare, ran obtain the means hon?
estly ai.dromfutahly to maintain himself and family. The in
tcil.geiicot stowtssMMf knew that he was committing an
offense ngainst the laws, and one of a most serious nature.
In regaid to the sea truce it would be uselea*. from all that
Ml ***? said, la impose a heavy pecuniary p..n?lty, aud it
w ill be nominal in that n*spect.
The sentence of the Cent is that yen be imp i?med, at
hard labor, for three years, aud pay a tine of one dollar.
A yotng woinsn named Mary riar-ingtoi, *nd anianoamed
Tracy, convicted of patsiug counterfeit iitif dollars, wer*
sentenced, the former to one year and the la'.ter to t*re
years, at haid labor. [The Court said a., th- parties wer*
strangers, and perhaps isnorantof our laws, the ptinisnmeut
was made hp liter th in it would otherwise.]
Six seamen of the sMa New World, charged with at* at?
tempt at revolt, in refuting to doduty after the arrival of the
?hip at Quarantine, were sentenced ?ach ten day* i*ipn*on
meut and In pay a tine of ft?
In the case of a man muned Alvard, who plead guilry sa
an u.ilii tinent of pv-ing counterfeit sovereigns, tne paper*
on both side* were (ubmi'ted to the Court for decision a*
to whether an ottei.ee had been perpetrated.
Superior Court?General Term.?De
ClsioL*.? C. H'htttitr. I y htr next friend, agt John II Ifair
tn-1 ? Suit to dls*oi\e the ma'nage m the ground tiiat Sis de?
fendant at the time of its taking place wa* a lawatir. The
ca's was referred and the rel-res'* rejort brought before
Jurgi Da** for t.nal decree. The Judge, la consulting with
the other member* of the Court, eons dors tint the statute,
under the i In inns'*n*is does not warrant the dr.oice. Re?
port set aaada, and complai.it diseharged.
MorriU Htrtthjtldt ?jt. Jm Akitn.? lVm. d. Wrtt ?gt
tame.?Application was made to due)large ao atta-bmeot
g-ai ted by a Judge at dpecial Term, on lae ground that 'he
u oticn ahsuld have been made at the general Term. Th*
Court rounder* that an application may oe made to any tri?
bunal provided the afiidav t upon which it 1* made shows
why it is not made to the Judge who greeted the attach?
ment : and where it is made on additional arlidavits it may
be made to any Judge without ?howing any reaam.
Kujut tl. Crane agt Wos?r>n l,e>ir ?Motion granted. In?
junction continued and receiver granted. Defendant may
apply for leave to file *worn an*war in ten day*. Stay of
j'idguieM till then.
j i II a Urn agt. H. I'ott, implmded tetth Freeman R. Lewis.
?Complaint dismissed unless service be made ou defendant
Freeman within thirty days, /sc.
ToUrtun *gt. Ho-Ait.?Motten denied on plaintiff verifying
complaint, ex.
Court of Common Pleas.?Before
Judge Woodruff.?Samuel S. Hemanand Wife agt. lieorn* 9.
Grtm aad l.tora? S. Kadftrd.?To recover damage* fur al?
leged eviction of plaintirt. from No. 1 Astor 11 jus-:, already
relened to. Verd.ct lor oondant*.
Marine Court.?Before JudgeCowles.
?Jckm Mct?v?e agt. Paul At/en, landlord and tenant
Summary proceed leg to disc oases* the tenant, the proceed?
ing being under the landlord and tenant law, on a claim fit
I ' alleged to be due 8th May, mat?
in February last, it appeared, a part of tbe rent was due,
and in May f :?>? would be due. The tenant, with s .?? .er
person, gave a note to the landlord at three montras. in pay?
ment or said rent. Tbe landlord paid tbe note away, but it
was protested and nnpaid. After this prne*ediog was >o*tl
ratea, tbe landlord again potsesaed himself of the note, and
it was produced at the trial.
The tenant contended that thi* note wa* taken ia payment
of the real, and passed out of the landlord'* hand*, and
that ao rent was due.
Tbe Court held that it did aot appear tbe note had been
taken an rraaly la payment- The note wa* sot paid, a d
the landlord had not received any rent. Ordered that a war?
rant issue
' a ' " *J?-':.?'.v j
t3T Perfection in any art is sure to bring
popularity and Inner. and perfection is the great reason .
why those who wish Daguerreotype* crowd toward Root's
weU-knawn rooms, at 3bd Broadway. His work u faultl?a
[AdYSTtisasaeat. 7
Cvj?* Sera-Bathing, at once the most tle
Lghlful and mvigorating enjoyment af Sommer, i* oow in
full practice at the Rahineau Bath*, south side of CsjjOe u*jr
den Bridge. Tbe proprietor* Me?ar*. Sns^aaD k Hsu,
have put evervthmgm excellent erd*r; they n"fl
nutg hath for men. 90 by ?Of***; and one f*t s*a ' o/
? Th* laafie? asloou u bcauur\dJy fitted ej. and weil at
urcded. Tb. fine vlew of the ^^i^J 'TJ^Z
dow, t. well worth a ^<?**? Z??,?kZ?lZZZ
and health thrmii secar* sea*** aud ransuj ucacia usussa
eaaUly. _ m
A Cool 0
a fellrw cfgenteel .
proceedlog to a room
?? hooM v*y *4ek, atsde ? '?*?>?ftt *?*a?in*tte?iof Mb?
4rtw*rTmM 'h^*iT ?*tes*?s. TV I"rs?ld h-ertot ? oeasa,
UxMxht it w*ese*ve ?onterol the totally, but wm snesi eu
deceived h, the eres?. "t? etreege enan l? spar*
?<***. who' with eeetO0?"* ?arimtmj remarked, A*.
?tck, eh! SorrV Will ?.*" Wu? snd f**JJ l^JT
?rerw lf ml The brll wa. uSk-?*?'?'* ran* end Mr.
t?t r? |.n-t.ir. irwnre h A?bv ??es *?c*r>4.tMitb**mm
ami the Uuef raanintdowo. but ???fv 'fe htm to k* ? fnaod te
m??l'*m pa c ?!<< pertv rdei atteutvi to hina. VfO* I
im hu wi?'? room he w aa infor<n*d of th? anran
?rartee in r nv: t, bot thetsntor had, 'u tnemaaa nnw.tsade
himself acerce.
Military.?An election for officer* of
t!-e Brook Ire Lls.hr, Ora<e.-n* took pier* last, weak and rw
?-ilt*d aafeUew* ? 'ohn Wend, Car?atsj; R as Mi Ms***,
Lieut, rant; John Cat lead su do., Ben.. Cefiela, M sV.
*A m H. Stone. O.derly Serreant
lTw**A disturbance occurred on board of a
canal beet tjiug at the foot of C'MiaTeaa-eueet, yietsilay
tnnrnit a. originating fiom an attempt maAo with intent to
kill, open a w man named Margaret Cumeaiug*. by a aaaa
oained Jesar Corey The t>oiice uitanini?, ant ihiBga ua **.
per and took Corey iatv custody.
Assault.?A wanton assault waa com
mitted en Wm. Bsant, a roetrector, at Red Hook Pol at, oa
Saturday, hy a party of fifteen aaaa employed ia the ohesa
ical wuiVs of Mr. Henry BaV.*-k. It appear* that a dispetjo
arose between Beard and Babeeek abeat tke mws*n ot a
certain piece ot groand, wbieh was tae cease of the 4i!nc?l<y
Mr Beard wa* badly injured, and the i|ji sseiui were aft ar
rested and lodfee in jell.
Another Boot Focnd.?Tne body ot m
drowned man fVatrd ashore on Red Hock Polat on Setur
day ertorDit g. It wa* not idenonVd. and the ueeal ?erahnt aa
such cases wa* rendered by th* Coroner** Jary.
Improvements.?Within a fear day?
past around ha* been broken for new NntMres* ia a large
number of place? in tliia cite. Several htoefcs have beeal
menred oa 9" u lion-a v, end aa? aa Cltnbna W. t
OsSaterdsy tU mac, br H?. tt Ttsurrto* tsM. J.
til ai BR*.E?K Io AI C.CbTA K .daasbisr o< us* leu Aa*s
H. I s ?rrn ?, sll ?I Uus Gap.
IIa Wednesday s.enis*. ' "h iast.br Mas. I. i Hob, ntOOMK
I MYERS, gsq .to Mi? MARY A. H?CKER. Jamhtst a? Use
1st? lLsiel Harter all n?" Ibw G v
lsElbrNlae.Msj 10, bj He. Mr ?hsefcx k, M.-. oilbekt hai.L
to M sah Ml A. HAl.E. *::... IlbnSs?.
I? West k !.t:s r. Cos i ? ?<o IS. br Raw. t o iu?. o. V.
CAPRON, K~).. to CHARLOTTE Tlf-pAKf, slrfaH saafbter af
Henry L. Uaiurlsva, K-1
1)1 KU.
On ?atafeay n.om,a?,tS, i; ism , t'ORMKt.irt M G AXE, *?*r
chsnt. of Uu> C tt is Ihe sms year of his ???
The *-<e*is ssd rebilossof Us Is truly, sod of Ike ite sessd, we
respe. t'a'ty isviiMlm atvn I tin lunsrs! this ?*.ernr?a f M'-siay i at
I ? ? i Isle re,.me. No. *>"? East IrJtfc ?L, wiUWsl far?
ther is?iutioa
?ear,tad -t. v: i/\i>K.rn si rm Rr san t. .?b?sr
?f WU on A. ami KLzsbeiti BraSsitsw, as*S j years, * ?~'s^ lad
IS ii?y v
fVe t tads *f lhs ?'?... ? srs r*sd*rll'nlty isirited Io attsaS lbs ?*
nerxl tl.ia ,M..a??T. ?Itwuve? st i u ilock, Inua Us rsateeace of be*
tsther. No. 'W Greene ?t.
M reeaMetas**, ?n Sstnr.iay mornms. May tt, M ?tthkvt /.
MYKHS. s*eoSI.
Oa S< relxv tin.rnin*. M >? t3. of. on?umpto>n, Mr. JOHtf M. WA*
I I K Hill SK. in Uie ifth rear iM h_?t*.
Tb* Iisees snd ?i q i?.ut?n, e? ot the lim > are rsape. tfutly
sit eil ha sttenS Hi. tuners I on Tseolat. May St. at 4 o'elort I*, tt.
It. ir. bit late rrndrts e. No. lit Btak tt, vilkoet AtrtbeS aatataw
Hi. r aasae ?>U ??> raten to Ssswaereael
I! tneeil em of Nu*ara Chapter .a... SS. <l. I* A . tad the saeat
: . r- : U ?? Ol.'ei |eliei4' ?. ill-' l -pe, tl'ully imile.1 I? Site?!.
H H stKI.LING.C elC.
Oa Sstunlay even n*. May ti, ?III UM hinj A Mit, soa of Mat
tSM Col. John Benjamin, w Slr.ll. rj. Cons ,a*-d TS rears.
The Iriroda et lb* tannly ssd of Ina aoas, Wilhass Baajisiia. Je,
and Krrrsrd Btajamia, snd of his tos is law, C. C. tloeeoe. Me sa
Tited to attend the luneral ?srviresst Na tat Pearl st, sear M|litt
**., Brooklyn, st 3 oVkx k this day. May 84.
- ?.??..M.y a.i I. AKA auklaidk, only ckU of tbe lato
K.lmuad BadatSI, a*ed 10 inontha
Ii, l.of the laniily are ietpei'tl'i"y invited to attead Uer fb
B?ral od raesday at i o'tlo. k.at No. No. Canal st.
sn rti,sand ,1<h. ten* ....I
VI gns Kailroad.
Alt do.
te, d.. ...io
lim I-on* Ulasd Kailroad ...
Sole? at the Stock Kxebance....MAr ?.
tS.nno V. s fls, '?S.lOttj i SO PorUmoath Dry Dock.. sV%
I.Vti de.UN AO do., tm
4.in? V. 8. As. 'te.I IS** 7A Me, Trsaat Co. At
3.100 ilo., TU, Coup.1*..1141% let) Morns Cseal. It?|
t,0tW do , "67.IIS*]1 ~ ?
ntd PesotyNssia As.9?h
J im City 7?, "AT.10S
IJs) F'.elmotne Hi.
I1.0U) foe h.Con?. Bds., '71 n
10,010 so.boo ink,
A.KO da., 'fit.???? Nor. and Wor. Itsifread. AO
: 00t H.rlero Its. Ctf.. eO '
in .so rortlaadCiiyB<ls....llil
A Bank Amr-rna.I IT
4ft State Baak.iOT
40 Chalbsiu It.nk.'?H
io Baal Beesen.im\
3A Metro^.lK.in Hank.IUI <%
to So.bMO no
?0 do. .110
M in la Last A Trs.i.m\
no C m.ton Co.s3 St
1(0 do.<*> et
. .. B*aasri itt Uaas] Co.... th
I .Ml n._ I.,
100 do
. Nn i* Bl*n. Ill1*
<io. Atta
do.bio m>%
. A isdisesa'a R.a.iatli
V?.l St Indisas*'.
tuasd ay.ua
M Paeama ft. It..lit
?0 do.||3
Vto ITesdilll K. It.
1IU0 do.
II?) do.
too dn.aaa 7TV
?i Harlem R R.TT?,
300 do.bODIIk
tu Nortbera Iiidiana p> a..lllk
l:0 9toaiB*toa R. R.SO*
second bos an.
tl.OTO En? r., 1st M. Dda .IIS , M Eos r.Tsatdty *S*s
M Del * Hud. Canal.117 AUU Readin* RH.?10 Tea
AO Minrssna Ttsbs. Co .3* ?jleuT) do. TI
IS*B*si'b Caasi. tx\ mo do.....be tt|
. B*w Jeretf tats. 11 3.HI do.
ion t ?rt. * < <>. ?: no iio. ttI
:?? I-" HI! ' , |..i Hat istn RR.sit Til
109 do . .i ,1?.bio Tit
no d.-jo', I an do.set Tit
.1 A tt.-!. I! It. t . .1 ,!., .?*? Jil
til Ens R.R. SSSg AW do. a3 Tit
SS *?.bJ r?.?i I bO tton,n|U.n RR.'..'.". blO Hb
lO iu. Stittl
Pi IFnUrali BALM ok Niocki, Saturday,
Mure? IM fb-rt B |i r s Renk, |?, r.w n.rard B.ok.
'?'? ..M.h.i-. W U. ... ti . hi i.,,ar.|, 12\ , I Ri'tdinses.
oa H i; NO as., 1S% i |f thasstav'aa]
I - Hm i K K., 47 . ?. It It ns, loTlsj j 9H0 fLs
let Mi el QUO Pan sssa Meet 11 ~", . ? . .i ? v.. >,.,
?.tj M> I .iira-a rn Aa, at. A, ; *7*l Sea* Ca aal Sa, TO** I et.aSJTQiasay
bs, TO, Idsk . 1 S. Am. Ukok, 117 V ; 1 Psoa BL, 117*. ; Sl.Sf?
h. ? ? i ?? '
.Orrr Hauru -lit) fl.r.rJ, ?A, lit, ; JA {aTatjt Nav. Stoet, \*t\t |
Ml AIU.ll.eny Cans I. 1:1 (j ; 100 Realm*. tSjk.
AVc.iad fios.w. ? nf. sutea Bank, :lAaj; Sl.fOI) t' Sutsa Ss, TW,
r an t ,.. ItSh | tlOiKI >*?diaa II. It. ha, TO, no. i ?11 It.vlia*)
1' i' ,***; ? <.?rard file * Trust, Jib , tijnTD Chea?p?ak* ?
OsL As, K7h, -V??j Kradin* It. It. te, 7U, SSki 03,000 lute
As, 'if.?4.
/ /; .,../ o 1.1, ,\ Nav , \\, MO Krai R RbA.MUi
3?i,'o. ?A, rek ; 100 da. W. M,\ ; HO do hl, Ts!* ; tau do. sA, 3*1? s
so oA,?s\ , no J...,an'.,, no i.ofl| i.iasd, i<%.
Satvboat, May 23?P If.
The tendency of the Stock market for
the Fancies was downward at the First Board. That
change In prices, howsrer, was not Important Thera
was some reaction at the Second Board, and with a
better demand for Reeding, Harlem, Erie, Ate, the qao>
tslitiLS recorered to the price* of Friday. The deoUaa
of the week hss been caused mainly by cash stock pat
npon the market, a* tbe bear intereat does not ?tont el
sll dUposed to tell ?bort ttoek to soy extent, sad that
fact la one of the principal reasons of the apathy la tbe
8tock market.
The features of the market for sound Slocks rrsneha
unchanged. UoTeraoaent and Bute Stocks are ut de?
mand at full prices, Diridend paying Rsilrosds are
also Arm and wanted. Nearly 300 shares Madison wore
sold st I? ?'.;. s further adraaee, and for other Btntas af
timilar chsracter piertous prices were freely bid. Madt.
aen will pay 10 P cent liividead this year, aad thow a
turplus of tlOOOOO.
Metropolitan Bank took a jump to-day, selling at 110,
an sd ranee of 1 -: p cent
There is not much doing in Sterliaf;, bat
the market 1* steady at I0ti\0\ for best neos we, Franco
5. lb'.a a ~> 1&. The tupply of Exchange Is moderata.
Freight to Liverpool is lese firm again.
Engagements, 1,000 bales Cotton, >?d, u ?1 tybaio,
12,001 bbla. Flour, lOd.; 10,000 bush. Wheat, 34*4.; 30t
bbls. liesia, 9d.; 999 Oars, \d., 500 Handspikes, lVasl
The steamer Crest Britain has Flour at led, aad Cottott
at1 ?d. To London the rate* are Id. tor Flour, aad 1/
for Natal Storea. To Clasgow 100 bbla. Flow, 1 j 6. Te
Barre, there will be no packet oa the ?ttth, bat] a
trsnsVnt ship to go that dsy, to nearly full at Vd>;%e.
for Cotton, with Ashes at reduced rate*?rjje packet 1st
June hs* tome Potash at *)?>, aad Cotton Vac. To Rotts**
dam, -"0 beies Cotton, V.c. To Antsrorp, 9,000 bags
C<rflee. I ;<?,, and to Bremen, hy the VVaahiagton, Tahao
co:M , Sains tlO, aad Li^bt tsooda tri w f> tea, T*>
Lisbon, a brig was taken up at $!!?<,* S" J? for light aad
heavy Pipe Pures; a Swede at $1'( a$19, and a Neapots
taa at 990 00 for beary Upo. T o Buenos Ayrsa, a bark
with Lumber at 911 T Rrtof/,1 Channel front mX Joha,
N it. a thip with Deal* at 15/. To LlTorpooi frosa St
Stephen, one at 6T>, >>. To < .rimsby from Bltssthtjtle, a
Pra*sisabarkat80/. Tu New Vork from WU*^tatrtoa|
B.C., ? tcbr. with Sawed Lumber at ?7. To New- York
trcm Trinidad and Zaas. Cuba, two brigs at ,T7\4je. f\09
tu for thda .an i $1 W* f* box for Sugar, and ?y .Vlfor
Molasses oa deck. Tj California, there is more ortering,
ar.d farther er gag essents of Coal hs?o heea ntsde at
f.) 7 50, the prerlr.u* price, but for Meaeoriaafl (roods,
dippers nearly 'lUll are getting much higher ratet thaa
but week. 1<, Port Philip, Australia, 73c f Boot
The bi da for the Lawrence barg and Mia
tissij.pl rrailroad Bonds were issued today by Messrs.
De Lti-.nay, iselin & Clarke. The eatount bid for was
over $et?1,01 si, ranging from Hi to 93. The takiag bids
we' a ss foUowt:
r*k,nw.98?j fUlKs).,.n.m
?SSes.w? m,?es.?t.M.
-Out of bisM of re,(>S? at ?1. iJ-K?.
111000.ft .4

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