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gy " Lectures on Histolooy," by
tcmt QtBKBTT, (r?vo. pp. 21" B. Ballllere.) Hlatology 1*
ogm aame of a ao recent a acience, that few readera pro;
fcably know wbat lt mean* It ireata i the mlnute atrnc
?are of the orgaoa of animala and pl?,_, aa revealed by
tha mierotcope, and ia der'.ved iVom the (Jreek word alg
wl|v?g a tlaaue c r weh. Tuia vo'ume cooakt* of Leo
*meedetivrn 1 belore the Ro)al College of Surgaona,
*B Lond.n. 'l'be ?ubject* are dl*en*eed ln a populax
mmattax, tni are IUuatrated by a great variety of excel
jgat eogravlrga. _____
l,_tot-0*." by BtuuMVHD Wkicbv, (12mo.,pp. m
Joba Wlley) preaenta an exposil'ou of the atructura and
jyrlaciple* of the Magyar laoguage, wiih a aelection of
.JJiaairrr eaeTc",aea io reading Sorne of the moat
Dopalar Hungartan tooga a. e lrc'uded ln the volume.
|3Jr"THK Mas*ACH08ETT9 StATE Reo
agtxxk," by flBOBOB Adam-, fo' lf?.'.2, la a complete
.repertery of ataiiatical infermation on the ol.l Ray BaO*
gmi insM fo?m an lndl*pen?able manual ol referenee for
aatnen.a* claaaoa of buaineaa men and othera. (8vo.
*-*> ?>_
" f&r "('ii 4.MBER3' Papers FOR the Peo
yL_H? Tbe Kitth volume oi tbi* admlrable aerlea for
Inttractivf popu?x readlng, la Itaued by J. W. Moore,
P??deiphia. _
_,/ TMottrurt, (formerty Lytuh t, CUvkt) 25\f P/***t
flflS. 6 A.M. fcoua. 3 P. ii. 6 P. hf.
kMmm'a.6? T7 T3 70
Cmmfitrnrn Haliwl? C.tarin*?Tne Mi l?ra? Ruuaael gamily.
tfak>'. Gariien e,.ne-.ly ? Uati. r., Ir.:.
artaufw.y llieau-r lir'.and aa il I, . It a llie OaatstB , Omn.bu*.
Baraaa'. Muaearn?CeroUi 81 n'pture, C..;.i-oy, Drataa, Bc
K.uoaal Ararlerny of I>e*i?*, So f?.1 l!r. adw^.
fct*?".r?-..,?-*?- ?-.wa la *?? 41 ? . r??, aaa B?*_ne.
4*a>r Plaea? Dwoatti'* Conw T?aaa Traio^ (k?~aJ*.
__** Tbe weather was remarkably cool
yeaterday, with a cloudy aky and protpect at night of
rain. Woolen gar_eiita were b/ no meani uncom
The Ratiucatio.n.?The Whi^s of
New i ork will meet to night at the Broadway Hooae to
ratify tbe no_lr-ation 8* Scott and (laaiiAM. Many
pri'mtnent apeakera have been invltcd, and an old
_ahloned time may be exprcted.
Ba^The Common CoueU finished their
June aeaalon laat night. No important buaineaa waa
dooe. Tbe Nlneteenth Ward Klection caao waa laid
orer. It will be acted upon probably about a 4goek be?
fore the Alderm?lic election of _03.
Madame Albo.m's Deblt im America.
?Albonl haa acblcved a trlumptt even more briliiant
than we bad anticipatrd. The bigbly wrought public
expecUtion tbat precedea ah tirat appeamncea acarcely
knowa at the tirat moraent if It be aatisned or not; but lf
aa in tbia caae, lt ia a matter of aupreme excellence ln
Ita kiti.l, ciirloeity gradually y lelda to dellgfit, whlch con
Btanily rlaea utitil it reaulu ln tbat glowing ovation a1
?hlch four thouaand peraona aaaiated laat eveniug. The
aea*on la late aud unfavorablc, but tbe hall waa crowded
-with "a brill?nt and fauhionable" Hudlence. Among
the reat we notlced Ole Bull, en rouU for Vlrgtolt.
There acemed to be no trouble about aoaw, and at elght
o'clock Biguor Ardiri and hl* Orcheatratooa their place*
The ndtling, runbbng, characterltlic oveiture to La
Ga::a Ladra opened the concert. Koaatni'a aparkllng
vlvaclty alwaya dlaarme critioiam, and melt* th<- froarn
of doubt Into a amile. It hhd not taded when Signor
8angiovamii caine forward and waa cordially received
by the audience. He aang the cavatlna, Langulr her
?aa btlla, fiom L'llaliana in Algeri. He ia deatined to
oure aucciaa. Hia votce is a Jellcate lenor, of rare
aweetnc**, purity and flexlbility. lt* (juality ia eyrapa
thetle to that degree tbat ae are roiatautly reiulnded of
the tradttiona ol Hubiota wonderlul organ. To tbia ex
qutaite quality of volce Slgoor Sanglovanul add* an
equal cultivaiioo, aingirg with a rluent, Iloipld grace,
and with a bnlliancy of fiorlture remarkable in ao young
and?not to my lt eligbtlpgly?ao unknown a alnger.
Hia abake la clear, hia ahde* and rouladea accurate
and true. Hta organ, however, la far from powerful.
We weie fortuoate ln iluing near enoagh to appreclate
?very abade, every nuance of intooatioo, hut muat
doubt whether dioee near the door could eutirely ahare
onr dellght. We do not recull any Unor of tenderer
tone. In the beauiiful duet wiih Alboul from Don Tai
OmtU, thi* waa e*peclally evldeot. 8an6lovanni BBBgl
Uk.- a young man, atill, too carefully for a maater; but
bia falling tn thU patticula- leau* to viitui a aidr. It la
dellcate, exquiattc an.l toucb'ng atiglng; not lorciblr.
gior grand, nor electrical. If you rnnember that and
lbrteti with your aoul aa well a* your ear, you will hare
rarepleaaure in bOBtlog 8ignor Sanglovanul.
With Siatior Hovere, the Baato. we were not ao much
pleaaed. lle ba* a good, full volce, not atrlklng lu any
partirular, and BO ?luga with kimwledge aud facility
In a coBcerted moveinenl he 1* e*aenti?I and efloctlve
But hela much too exag^erated. Hia fun la too funny,
hta Bcccnt quite too ataccato, hia acdon altogether de
cldedly untulted to the concert room If the muitc haa
aot charncter rnough to exprn.) luelf without dramatlc
Bction irom the alnger, then that plaoa of mualc requirea
Ibe atagf, and abould not be aelected for a concert. It
wm evtdent laat evmiug that tbe attention of the audi?
ence waa diverted from tbe song to the ainger, whlch la
B fatal fault In ctrcnmttaricea where dramatlc actlon ia
Impoaalble, and neceaaarily impertinent. Yet be enter*
lotobla acmga with aucb apirit, aud delivera thern mj
Tigoroualy, that we can readily faucy bim an etrective
aad lndi*pen*able meuiber of an operallc foupe.
Madatne Albonl, ln a tloucced whlte ailk dresa, low
oeeked and ahort-sleeved, (SO a learned and lovely aaid)
With a aliiglr dlamond bracelet upon her right arin, her
abort l.l.rk hair uuadomid, and holdlng a fan, hand
herchlit, and a aheet of _utlc, wa* Ied forward by Si.;
aor Ardldand waa receivcl with prolinge.1 and re
oewed app!au-f. tfhe acknowledged her tUttcrtng, but
folcclata, reception by a trank aud amillng obei,iance,
?bent agaln and again. 88 the plaudita continued, howed
finally to the conducu>r aud tbe orcheatra, aml pltcblly
awahed the ceeeatlon ot clapplng. Her delivery of the
recitative BtOBBOl oftaB i" Habhilo-iia di-pl.yed lmme
tl?tely the Lreadth aod entlre laM of her manner, the
unpHia11,1. d i^*e and exqui.lte tl. xll.i'iiy of her dellv
ary,?and the whole * *na revealed Uie range, the quali?
ty and the power of ber volce. It l? a pure contralto,
but Ita hlfrb notea, whi. h are ve.y hl,-h, are roun.l and,
wbat la very remarkaMe, prre aud aaroet. Sbe atan.l,
Hke a *tatue, and tbe niu.ic tlowa, without tbe .-<:tghfe*t
effort, Irom her moutb. ln all the mo*t crltlcal, and?
for a idtigrr?dangerout and dilicult paBBBjaay it poura
on aa full aud unrncuniberrd at ever. gh.liog through
tbe moat elHiM.rate and exqulala \\>rt>ure aa eaiily an a
tnobeam ihrougb apace. Her aiugiug i-< truly aba.le?
II* ?'lect* in the piauo paa -te? are peucileil with e-rlal
delicacy . ber fortt i* atroiu, broad aml i lear, and her
"-ctll it tba we'l't buSbling, the bird'a warble."
Over all theae bue de'ail* presidea the aupremeat aente
of power. Her atngiug euai* ber no more etiort than
gracelul raovement coat* a natural, graceful peraon . and
wefelt lait evenlng wbat we felt ihe tir.t eveulng we
heard her, four yoar* *iure, tiut b."-e i* a g.-nial I?lian,
|UVed with a woader.u! volce, vinlch ahe haa bad the
Bood aenaeto cutlvate and devel.v lo it* extremeat
Ocaalbllity. Ctuiaequertly lt U aa aatUfactory t? hear
her ln tbe cmcert rooui aa in tbe opera. The charm
begtna and t nd* la the volce. Tna leelio.' for the p.r
?oa la that hcarty cordiailty whlch her own Inapirra
?ha haa not the dramatlc povrer wbich reaulta from
feaula, ?id from a remarkable indiv. lutlity, but her
trae taete ln ?ingiog, and tte magniricent organ con
Ealled by that taate, tcduce u* into aaking no queetiona,
8ato anaking ao demanda. We are ontent not to re
aaatabor. Uuatnng Tokay of the aubtlett aroma, we do
?otaavy tbe (Jiari* tbeir necttr?we only a.k lor more.
Tba Rrivdui broughtdoan the ftrat lumultaou* ap
y*tu?e. lt waa takaa ln a quick time and dellvered
**hk perfect t_jpbetty. 8he allowed heraelf but a *in
1*0 oraaaieut, one pure and perfect abake, at tf iudeed
" ttfTrMio ptr ttttr fttiu were bubbling through her
?pa; aad tha fiual meaaure ahe varied by deeceodlng,
?hhf^arnilngpbr?iug, qulte Into tbe deptha of ber
??h5*. To ihe __almoua encore ahe graolooaly re
?P??ded by repeaUng the laat veree.
?a tha duet with SaogioTaaai, JVaoail a 4w ch*
m'tm ', from Vo% Pat.piaU, the lame baatr-f- ilmp*fci7
wa* avldcDt nat lei* in the genersl delivery ttu- in the
full, fin* *weop st the clo?e. In tbe firat few bers, eepe
clatly, PangioYannl'i yoJcowm eofiaa moonllfht Iu
freah sweetnesa mingled delldoualy wlth the gnuhing
freednm ofthe contralto. " It had a dyiag fall," lt was
a perauasive atrain of the nweet South.
Tbe concert cloaed wlth Son piu mesto. Thia ara*
slway g one of Albanl ? grest trlumphE, but never greatar
tbEn lEEt evenlng. Tbe profusion of *klll, tbe prodbralt
ty of perfect vocBlUBiion, with wbicb tbia brllliant rando
waa dellvered, waa the bnal drop of ecftary tn the trven
Ine a deltght Tbe lntoxlcsted Eudlence could not con
taln ltaelf, but burtt ln npnn tbe cloaing notas, thought
le??ly rendering them Inaudible. But the ImpertarbsMe
ilcger smlled?her oyea awatn with pleasure at the
plcaaure she guve, abe trilled, ahe warbW?,, abe alld,ahe
roula.led, ahe aoared, ahe aank?and endlng, ahe bowed,
in rctlrlng, witb a spsrkling .mile, advancing again
to the unlntermlttei applauae?-the criea? the waviag
bexdkerchlefe; aad, laden with bjuqueta, repeated tbe
allegro of the aang aa freahly and nimbly aa lf ahe h*d
nwt anng for a rnontb. There were more ahouta, Uow
en ai d ecatariea. It waa, ai we said, aa ovatlon.
? Of courae we ahall be saked, " What do yor. think
nox / Ia tbere no ainger but Jenny I-Ind ln the world '"
?snd we ahall reply by an snecioto. One fireclan
dsy l'ania saked i'iru* what he thougbt of i'or-.;.. Pirui
BBEwered, " I tblnk him a great fighter, but I atti bave
my own viewa of a great (ieneral " We, hkewiee.
think Alboni a great ainger, but we have .till oar own
views t f a grest srtta.
iy The Tabernacle was well filled by
ourGermsn ctdzeni la-t evening to hear tbe partiog ad?
dreaa of Kosauth. Mr. Pbilip Merckly wu cslled to the
(,'baJr, and wai support-*d by s large number of Vice
Presldenti and -ecrctsrles. Oar, K. and luite ar.ived
about "M2 o'clock, and siter being welcom?d ln a thort
speech by a gentleman, who*e nsme we did oot cttch,
the Governor proceeded to read the speech wnicn ho
had prepared for the occation. An Ellution toward the
cloaeoftbe apeeicb, to tbe plat.'orma of the two gres
polltics] psrties made recent'y at Baltimore, aforded an
opportunlty for a aerlea of reaolutlona, which were
brougbt forward Et tbe cloae of tbe apeecb. The glat of
thcio rcaolYoa U that the Whig party, in ita plttforru
adopted at I'sltimore, bat plrdged ltaelf EgE<ntt all in
terventlon in fsvor of Europesn llberty ; thst the Dema'
cratic party ls, in ita princlplct at Icaet, the moit ftvors
ble to the hopea snd withe ? of the Uerman*. unplcdged
on the queatton of interveut'on, and bence the party
moat wortiy tbe votea ofthe German populatlon in the
coming Preaidential contesL The reaolution* were
adopted almoat unanlmoualy, and it waa Yoted to aen 1
them to the National Commiitee* and the candidates of
both the Whige and Democrata.
A New Printi-ig Press.?Messrs.
Pratt A Portor have constructed snd now exbibit st A.
II. Taylor'*, No. 1 Htgne 3t, a new Rrtary or Cylinder
Prlntlng Preaa?thefor.n or form* revolvtng on b large
and tbe aheeta belng fed on a niniller cylinder, or m ire
than one, alter tbe fssbion of the great H >e I'reas. On
tbia Preas both aidea of a journal may be prlnted at once
?tbat U, the firat ?ide of one abeet and the aecood of
another?10 that wbena thouiand white aheeta ahall
have been fed *imultaneoualy by two dirterent feedera,
they will all be prlnted on both sidea. Or s job snd a
new.paper, or either and a book-form, or two joba en
tirely unlike in 0?0 and tbape, may be printed at the
?ame tUne.
Tbe Press now worklng takes a sbeet 26 by II Incbes,
aod 1* fed by two men on the same cyboder, printing
(tbe builders estimate) 2,."?JU nheett on botk *ide* every
kear. Tbl* Preas, with all necasury fixture* they otfer
to furnlsh lo any extent for 8-''<X) each ; while the addi tion
al feeding cylinder, Ac, required to give a chance for
two more feeders and double theproduct, wjuld only
Thia Preas ls extremely simple ln all iu psrts, does
not wt-igh one tifth so much a* the Hoe Pre??, and i*
built st one twentieth the cost of tbe Istter. lt is eUo
more spproachable, roquires far leaa power, (tbii one
being run by band.i and, hEving fsr fewer screwa,
wbeela, plnlon*, Ac, would *eem much leaaliable to get
out of order. Ifit l.e all lt ?.-?? n?, it utu.t c-eata a r,iv,
tutlon la New*paper Printing ; but it ha* yet to bear the
otdeal* of experience aDd hoatile critlcLin. Tlie print
era who sca-ued it yestcrday were atrongly prepoa
.-, aat.l ln Ita fsvor.
tW A New Fi.ax-Drisser has been io
vented snd pstented by Mr. L. S. Chicheater, No. 5?
Cbainbera-aL, which we bave examlned at the Ag.icul
tural Implament Factory of F. Neabwltz, VVilbarna
burgh. Tbe tlax atraw la fed eudwlse, at one alde of the
macbine, pataea between two palra of revolvingcylln
dera (compoaed of eaat Iron alata aliernaielv tina and
yielding to pressure?the firm one above meedng tbe
elattlc below and ric* rer*a,)Bnd iadollvercdihorou.'bty
broken Et tbe otber *lde. Thi* machine ta not Lrge,
but might perhapa, if drlven by a horae power, with *?o
men to feed and one to clear away, break out ht'f a tun
uliea-Jed) per day. Mr. Chicheater haa no d jul.t of hia
abillty to bulld one tbat will delW.-r a full tun of well
broken Flax per day. He alto Intend* to *o sdaptand
extend hia machlnery be to fted unroUed Flar Stra* at
one end and oV'.rw aii tkefiber tpun into fine, *trong. tven
thrtad at th* other. The machine aeeined, for a tintone,
to work snd promlse well. but our readera will hear af
ita merite, pnce, Ac, tbrough our advertiatog coluoin*.
An IfTICIIIT Oifher.?Mr. Henry
ArculErlua, the Loco-Foco Comaal. ioner of Streeta and
l.iimpt, instead of doing anythlu,- toward puriiy.u,- the
etreets, comea blubbennj to the Common Couucil, ani,
like a wblpped school boy, co nplaim tbat he can't get
Croton wster enough towaah into tbe dewerath-i^atter
filtb which he latoo lazy to ?weep up andcart away. ln
default af wnter, he bope* that w large .pjEutity of Itme
will be procured lo deodoii/e the decaying yegetable*
End puitid roud which ha t *n find no 808088 for. Wnat
a tiue tbtng it ii to hEve an _fiiiV.it head to the Streat
Departinent, etpeclally when tbe Cb dersls cominj to
wsrd us.
Citt Raii.roads.?Some of our cotem
persiiei are qulte bewlldered upon thli toplc snd mit
up the Evenue* in the mo*t sbsurd rnanner. The Pntt
ba* an Eccount of brltk work on tbe Eir;hth sv R ivd;
but we understand that it lt our e*_aVoa Kiad ttat la
golng ob ao flnely. Tbe City Kathera have pretty
? ftectBally kllled the Eighthav. concern?but for what,
let thelr pockets acawer.
tV The Grave oi Aaron Bcrr, at
TriMeton, N J., hu been dsguerreotyped by II. E
lns't-y, No. 311 Rroadway. Not a atone marka the apit,
though Burr is understood to have lelt a wealthy widow,
and hia asbes lie aurrounded by the lmpreaaive monu
ir.enta of Jonatban Edwar.la, John Witberspooo, Ashoel
Green, and otber decea^d ofbeer. of Princetou College,
wbereof Kurr'a father waa ouce PresidenL Such ia the
end of evil greatneaE.
l_P* Mons. Petin is not floinj up with
bia balloon In thi* City, on the :>ih of July, but will try lt
at Brldgepoit, Conn.
Krection or a Beacon on Romer
8hoaxs ?Anlroa acrew-pile beacon haa just been corn
pleted on tbe Romer Shoal in the Lower B.y, ondtr
tbe auperintendence of Mr. J. W. P. Lewia, clvl! en
- a
Inji'red bt GcM'tirYDEi.?At 9 o'clock
laat evening, in the vicinity of tbeintertectijn of Thirty
first at End I.exin_to__v. hve, tsda were seri lualy ln
jnr^d by the burnlng of powder They were t__klng
" volcanoe*," and while Erranging a quantity of powder
on the ground, wettln^ a porrlon of it and laying a traln
to lt, e little girlstandtng by, threw a fire crscker apoa
tbe powder, wbicb, exploding, burned the Isda aertoua
ly, blowiog one of them acroaa tbe rtraet, aad burnln.
thelr clolhea neariy off. Tbe oldest of tbeae laia waa
vbnut 17 yeara of agw, son of Mr. Bache. Two eona of
Mr. Cbv. H. Haiwell, of No 14M &xington sv, are *e
vercly burned. One lad of Ur. Brondhouee, of 4ttt av.,
ia conaiderably lnjured, aod s lad of Mr. Dsyton 1* alao
bsdiy burned. Tbey all reside tn that nelgbborbood.
Meilical attendance waa procured, and the aufferera
were aonn-wbEt rt-eved. They aro not consldered
dangerou*ly Injuxed or mauaed, but may ba tooicwhat
t_T Those who wish to spend a day of
true t njoytneut we a ould advlae to accompany M Or
?barC *t and Murray at. Univeraaliat Sabbath Schuola
ou tbeir annual plr-nlc exeural ? to Vonk.ra, on rrld*y,
the i.'4h lnat Addrrtaea by E. H. Chapln, Kay, aod
othera. flaa advertitcment)
New-York a-d Liberiv Ac;Rirc_TC
a.L Scx nmr.?- meeting af thia aeeo.lat.on, whoae ol
Ject iato provide a aettlement in Llberla for tbe colored
emigranta thry aend out, waa held at the Shilob Church.
eorner of Pnnce and Mariou-aU , laat evenlng. F. J.
CunnlngUn acted aa Prealdtnt, and J. X Rirbari*3n **
Secretary The latter gave a brief aecount of the or
gmnUation of the Society Some time .lnce. after col)e?
lng the neceaaary funda, they aant out Mr. Abraham
Cautdwell, to trest vrith the 1're.ident of tbe Repub'Jc,
Mr. Roberta, for the purcha-e of land. Sio.-e th?a they
had received letter. from him, dated Monrovia, April 5,
wbich he proceeded to read. In tne firat he nt-itea
tbat, on hu arrival, he ealled on the Preei.leot, who told
him that he had >een infirmed of hi* mi*?io_ Mr.
Cauldwell then a-ked bim would he irrant alx bundred
_rn>? of ten acre* to the AiuocbtUon. Mr. R iberts an
swertd in the affirr?itive. and aaid that he would be
atow lt aa a gift Tbe land fronta on _e 8:. Paul'a R:r
er, whlch la navi_%ble for ves.eJa of a large c! ?t, and i*
regarded a* iaamoit beauttful apot. atxlaith" haalthieit
location of any ln the Republte. Ue promlaed ta pur
cbaae aix bundrei acre* adjutulng lt at the June aale,
the coat of whieh will probaoly not excerd $1 per acre,
and aa the Hi-poaition of peraon. i- to nuy t?r_a acd
aot large trarta of land, be think. he wul not bave
much oppokliion Tbe wrtter g.ie* on to eay that all
that ia waoted here 1- a little. m-ar,? and energy, with
out wbich pera?-na arrivicg adil b* like a veaael without
a cabU or ancbor, but now tbia evil ta rc_.:_?d hy the
aaaoclallon, who bave pravided comfortab'e hou.e. for
th ae going out. !!??*?viaea, howev.r, rha' tho*e per?
aona who are afraid to we rk in New York ne? not
come. All he wanted wa* meana, when he w aB? ba
able to put up mez?y tbouaand liouaea. Tne ie;ter con
cludea with tbe price r.fvariou* articka in Loaria. and
deairing that provialona which aell we'l tbere. be *ent
out together with fariulDg BBBMHa and crpeuten't ..'a,
aa tbetei* no aaw-mill ou tbe St. i'.ul'* liver. Head
vlaea *ll hia MB?BB to e-rlgrate to I.iberia and .ettle on
farm*, where they will be able to live comfurta'dy by
worklrg two houii in the d*y. In aiotaer laBBBTBB
aay* tbat if a*m.ll *t>-Hm!"iat waa pmvided Ba ruo up
and down the eeaat, It wsu'd be the making ofthe
eountry. and u mu:h wanted.
Rev. Mr. Roberta, brothf-r ofthe Prealdent of Mheria,
waa then cal ed on. II- aaid tbat he waa wil'ing to give
every U'onnalion ln bi* power, If aiked, reUtire to the
aoil, climate and pnducu.jrn ot that c lutitrv. I'e h?d
lett Lloeria lor a vi?lt to tne I'oltei Statea, for hia own
lnteieat, and would return aa aooo at that wat c-ni
pleted. Therefore, wbatever he wculd aay, would be
aa a dUlntere.ted p.r?on A realdencc of twenty-three
yeara tbere, h..i mxde bim aomew-Imt H?"<|-ialnfd with
the aur.ject, and f< r h'? nwn p?rr, ne wnu'd not ejehange
hia poaitlon there wi h that ut any one tn thit Ciry.
To ihe aeriea of ciueationa aaked, be replied aa Ulooa
With regard to the aoil, thtre i* n<>tr>mg objectionable.
Cnrteecanbe raiied toere tn abutidance. ao alao can
sugar, rlce and p.jtatoee. A farmer with whoea he ta
acquainted, made laat year 4.000 pound* augar, whlch
he waa able to tell at a lower price than what wa. im
ported. There are mrtny famiiie* io LioeMa *yno are no
lorger dependent upon a foreian eoOBBVy for tbeir
coffre, and In a few yeara tney wiil be .ble to export tt
('ntion al*o grow* there, but a* yet li'tle attentloa haa
been gtven to lt. There ll not a man in Near-York but
wi.uld lietter hi* condition in a few yeir* there, If he
pne*ea*ea induttiy. Here he aeea that tbey never can,
a. only a few are lajinga found iii <n for a futureday.
Wtth regard to tbe climate there it nothing to dread.?
BoaOB year* ago. when he irat went there, the African
fever wa* very formid.bl.-, hu' *ince that time, phy
alclana have been raiaed up wbo have graduatei here,
and they underatand ao well lu manacemeut that bat
few fat-,1 caaea occur : out of a eommny of 1.10 BOfOSOB
at one time aita.'k.d only two dled. Tae cltnutel*
much coi'ler than what la Ima.lned He never i.dtao
warm a day in l.thera, durlng the tweiity three y.-ar*
be lived there, aa be ha. lu thit City, aud no mia can
rerrmln tbere .me year but will corrohortte th. aa
aertlon. Toe aame clotbea are worn ?* here, and he ha*
ciftrnfell thp uae ofa cloak eroiQiOO?BOBT cunfortable.
Wben atingle mti. goe* to l.ioeri* heirec-ivea live acret,
*nd all tbeooligHtiuu he U under to (! lverntient 1. ti
improve lt, or it bOBOOBBB f irlelted. A MaBof family
rticivr* ten acre* a* a fftt, and ou putlins up a hou*e it
pre*ei.ted with a deed and fee aimple. Tnere are four
Scho.il* in M'.nrovia and proviilon* oo ao extended baaii
have been made tor the edu:ation ofthe yo<iug, and
atudenta wirbing to enter the profeaai in* Batogol otber
queationa were propo*ed and antwered to the arattdca
tlon of tbe audiencc. Tae mnctlag then adjourued.
Deatii of Davip (Jraham.?Court of
A:<pralt, .To te |R ? At the openlag ol the Court, N.Bow
ditrh lilunt addretaedthe Court:
May it fakktt your Honor*?The duty haa been aa
aignrd to Baa, hy my t.n-tni -n, ol aooounclng to tho
Court the death ol our Ute br.Hb.r, IIavio Uaanaw.
at..i "I auimlltlnir ft.r th<'cnn.iiiera'inu i.i yoOT HuaOW
Ih.- proccedinga of * meeting "I the m.-ioierg of tne Bar
iu Htter.iLrire upon thi* C >urt ln n Utiou theretu
ln the performatce ot tbia duty I aak th- ln Ir',- nen
ot the C.iurtin the u'terance nl a few remnrta rxiirea
?ive ol th?' cWacter of our d.-ei-aaed a-aociata, and of
my own leelmc*. at the laaBBBtod loit <<f ooe who waa
to me "aa a fi.cud, a* cl.*e a* a bnither."
?todaota together In ti at hen imlie prufetaion of
wbich be wa* a dUtlnguiah.-d ti.einljer tcr a petlod of
twi-nty hve yeara. we wire uull.'d n >t mer. Iy by the
hotida < i proteaatonal brotherhiKid, but * > the atroug
and un*?>er?lrik'tle* of wann peraon.1 friecdiblp. In
tbe walka ol private life, am:d the turmoii of pi!tl:al
atrlfe, and the keen and ardeut euciantnra oi ajrofa>
alotiai contention, i: waa our r.re lagBOOB oever to n*ve
fivrn or received an unkind wo-d a: each other'abaoda.
f there are any, who, igmorant of the rn>'utal *u-f r
Ing* and phytical axouv, wbich lor many yeara be aa>
dured. ,il-...ut'li aeaoBalaal oy the *iriini{ iplrituf tae
mao) bave atippoard that tbere w? at ti n.*i. .'xh'.-il
tiona of an Impatient aplrit in bia ett.iru at tbe Rt-, to
them I can truly ?ay, th? no BOO tn .re deeolj regret'ed
than himaelf thoae caaual ndMof*. wnicb, BOOOrla*
duced by badily anguitb, may htve aaaumi d the ap
pearance of irrttability, wben ln f*cl paaaion did not
A* an advocate, be waa el.wpient and fearlee*. He
reahzeo the tni>'cbaracier of tbi* important brancb ot
profeiaional lalu r, and ln the di*ch.rire of bl* duty,
nelther the threata of angry frienia, tne BaOBBj of he.t-d
partitaoa. n.ir the denuuciatlou* ot the public prea*,
could awerve him from hi* couraa; bJt b.-t? vu the
aoiitary individu.l. even thougn the guil.leat wret.-h la
hia lowrat eatate. and the etaaaOrOOB <>ufcry o! tn. ex
cit.d mu tltude, he itood 'rni at hi* p.wt, to *ee tbat the
fonna of law wora not vi BOta I, *"d uint the victbn ?e
rot Ulegally oflerei a aacrl.ii-e up >n tbe alur ol public
Aa a jurUt, be waa widtdv kr.'.wn, and hit Induttry
and abillty are e\biblled tn bia worka, many of w'llch
have l"Uaf been re.-ognlred aa tiyvhook. in the pr'' ?*
aii n. and are famillar at houaehold wurds to th-j uiiad ot
every lawyrr.
Aa a man, he waa urbane ln bia depnrtm.nt, iiur'.eou*
in bia B?Oaora, giru mu* lu hu ?yinpatniea, warm and
ai<-lfcl in bi* fnei Irhipa.
In hl* nadve city he tilled many Impartint clvil afl ??'
with honor to I tiin.l'. ?ud t_vaataga to hl* fellow citi
zena, and derlood thi high hoaor teud-red him by _B
pilitice) a?fo.iatea ff a notiii.iuM n to ihe otbee of cbiel
tragi'trhte of tbat great c-'imiii'TiiaJ empotium After
jeara of ppliact'd aurli liof, d jnng mo.t ot whica ni.
proteati. nal lafMir. weie contniued, he terminared Li.
briel and bnlllai.i care,-r on th- i la.tic tborea of Ittly.
at the early age M N ar.d ln a apirit > f Ctiri.tlan rj,ig
iia'ion. at.il wiih a Chrinii.c ? nope, aurrendered hit
apirit BB Ihe IJud wh > r.ve it
1 will detain y.mr H mora oo longer, but aubmit the
procfcdii g I bave ln charge
At a ni'etingof the memberaof th. Bar ofthe State
of New-York, ln atteodenceat the Court of AKpeal*?
beld in the jJ-?nate (^'hain'ier. at the Capiaat, la Ihe Cny
ot Albauy, on S.turday. the 1 ? b of Jme. 189^ for the
porpoae af c-xpre**lng their re*p,'ct b,r tne tne n iry of
I>?vui liraham, d.cea.- -d. H .q. daaOOOl B .rd.Icy waa,
en nii.tlcu ii N lloaii'.' h Rluut, ealled kj the chair, and
on BBOB?B of Uon. i bn A. I.Mtt, Kl'-holaa Hlil. ir., wat
apiH.iou-d Secn-tary.
4)n modon of Charlea (ic'onor. aeconded hy John
Ga.nacn, the lollowing re*o! .ti >ut were unanimiu.ly
hr>4trJ. That we hava learned with drep regret the ,!e
cea*e of our lafe rwfeerred bmtl?r, Davii f.raharo. wBoae
!?!/? i ? -**io BleharaBBaraadyntfau w nh b*,* for t__y
je,r. . oaa ma- ded rot rewpert atrl c iri'ideoce
Reomird. Tbat ia tha sart) decrare of o;r latn.oted *na
cia'e, we iaaOaaa the Ij*. of out ??_ ara. aa or.i_i*nt to
th* p'ofe..!.)!! ?t whirh ? e waa a memV-. a v.'c -d f. ,-ui
and wc rthj atid uaetul citizeo. In;eminu*m bi* mtercouraa
with !.'* l.rethreL. Mai.ro'i* ic i. t-llect, a rtyt arholar aod
a ai.tn rui*h,d junit, wecberuhbla oiemuiy a* deaerving
our h'ghraf rrga fl
Retutred, Tbat we tender tn tlie faiti'ly of nur dV eaaad
fiiend onr warm*at aytnpattn. aad that we un!l wa_ _?
nritl b?dg. c f motimirg
Retolrrd, Ttiat a cup> of theae reBDl'.:i-)n>. at'.ea'rri hv the
omcer* cf thia me.'ina, beoOBBaated I ilia Coart nf Ap
p?a!?, wiih a raquo*l that the. ? anterrd upon tb. -nlnataa
ofthe C.iirt fiv'L Bi kKDvLtv. ( ha'rman.
Nichoi a? Hill, Jon. Stcretarj.
The (Uiurttben took up tbe calendar. and ealled No.
13, Tuckerand .jthera, appellanta. ogt The R^tor. lt'..,
of 8t Cl. rnent a Chureb, and othera, ree^rood.nt*. wbii
bad been irt down for today. Argued, B. P B 'nuey
for appeilanU . MurrBy and Horfman for rea^ndoau,
cencluded. ?
Board or Assistast Alderme-.?
Speria! ILlfll'. rTednrtdtry -The ''re-dent aaoounaaJ
tbat thia Board waa convened, purauant to a call of HU
Honor the Mayor, under the third 8888-0 ofthe amend
ed Cbarter, tor the porpoao of adopting eatoble reeolu
tioaa tn relation to the death of the late Davld Graham,
%q.pe- from the Board of Aldermea. heiag o ooowu
nicaUoafrom HU Honor the Mayor, and the foUowio*
Reaoiuliona were thea tahea up :
wmw*m r____rtS'___K__rt?JB_B8.
oawaerDavidOTaham, Eaa.. _at-raatalaoO, (otaaaaw
) lr of tbe Corr-reon Conncil. an?t for a long ptnod Oa-SisJly
os-ects- witb ibe City OovarBmant.
Reaolrtd. 1 ba] we deeplv tyuiDEtb-e vrith the fans'.ly of
th^derraar.-, in their aatt berravemei.t. aad tbat t"* m? a
bets of bt th Boaraa sad Hu Hrntor tbe Msyor, toaeUier with
ihr cf-cersot the t"_nntoo Coun' il, will a'.t-n.i hit fiaaral,
wnb tbeir ita tea of oftioa on tbe arrival of hu reru4li_ in
tbia roaa rv frvm hia la:e re*td*n, r. aoA th.t Cotarniltae*
fr ia _>th Boarda be app-iatett to aaa*ag with th- f.-r ily io
rxaking tl.e orceawary a-raj]grmenU for bia tjnera! mktWtw
Rnriitd, TliEt tba M*trber?o' tha Comuion Cooncil I I
Et the City HsMon SaiBrnav aOg raooa n-it. .1 ttir -
to ECrnd tbe fuorral nf tba lata Dav:d (i-sl.-n. f iti tha
retiderc- af bi* family, No. 91 West Tairueolh ttreat.
w.th their siEvea of oHiea. antt tbat they wear tba atial
badge of rrr arutng for thirty ,laya
Un the papera being n?ad, Aaalafirt Iftt. Btrkar m*e
and Braaaaatd remarka aooaajaO?I of tbe bi-b cbavracter
of the deceaaed.
Asalstspt Md rtout. >n moved that the _aaoaas-k-l
from the B>ard of Aldermen be csncurred in, Eni tbey
were in, unmirorraaly.
AsaUtant Aid Bwfbflr then mnved that a tpeelal Cotn
iritfre of three be appotnted on the part ot thi. B lard.
Carried. ard Atti.Unt Aid. B.rker, Mctiowan sad An
deraoB apj otntrd auch Comralttee
On motion, the Board then adjourned.
Firks.?Last rvening a'oout t?n oYlivk,
a fire hroke out ln the third tt iry of the l?rg? buildio j
Noa. 17. 1 ', and 2\ Canal at, oeeopfed aa a at?im ?-w
arill by Lym.B and BunnH The ft-e_en were e irrj
on the ground. but th'ir aervicej were not Baaiad, at
tbe t*a nea were exlinfruished with a few piila .f w.ter.
About 11 o'rlnek 1a*t nlght a fire br ike out in a row of
frarre ?hartiea owned Iy J M*ban. la the rear of No.
_t_ Thlrtern'h tt.. and oocuptrdby a numher of carmen
aa ttahlea. The rl.m-a apread raut'lly and cnrtrnTni, a
tr.i to tbeframebulMIng No S_l. iXTUrb- by <i. M BT
phy, butcher; alao to Ne. -.Ml, occuiied aa a grocery
atoreby J Mehan. 1"he _ra_aa were e.rly on the
ground . but n.AwithaUnding th?ir K erti.-n*. the abtVfO
bnHding*. together with the atable.-, were entirely een
tnmed. The boraea were got ou: from the hurning
bt'ilding* wlthout I' ury Moat of th-4 limldlniz. in the
vicinity w. re of wood. and eeaaated hy p?v>r f.miliea,
aaoog whom the greatest contt-"n: ti"n prevailed.
Many of ffern tled b*?ti!y in th.tr Baft- cl Uhea, levvtng
their alltn the devourin-t element hur. fortiiaatwly fnr
thcnr,,t>e (.r.igi.??. ,,t th.- :'<?ie. waa ehei'ite.! hy tbe en
twmj ofthe fV?.mer<. 'pie total 1 i4a wl!! a-ni int to abont
I Mr Mrhan Mtiinatca bia loaa at*;.'KK)?iaaured
$1,800 in the Bowery Ina. Co.
At an early h >ur on Tuesrlay morninaT
a fire broke out in s mest ibop, in Kivlngton ?t- nesr
Norfolk The tl.met were ex_offulahed wlth a few
patl* of water.
HoMr'.sicK.?A voing Irish woman.
raroed S.rrh ( arvln, wa? arreated on Tuetdsy even?
ing. by Oftirer Hj'den, or the Kour.il Word, OawVOJOd
witb D.'rdin^ the ttreeU tn tnale atttra. When ,|i?4
tliaii d by Jn.i're OaflkrEra, t"\e *tatod that she had been
ln ibe country but thrre mooth*, aii becom;ng very
bnme.'rk. rnd not havltg tbe wherewithal to o.v for
ber pattage lark. abe bad cnn ,'elved and rarri.'.l ou'.
the Idea nf di.pna'ng nf her r'->rhtng and ptirch*?ing
with the proceedr a t.iilor . rig. ln which fctrb she in
lended ttt .b'p on board some veaael bouod forT.tver
pco' Tbe rr.glstr.te eonmutted ber ln pri?.ir until
fuitber Inijiiby in her caae thnuld be m?de. Mr Kd
mfnea, kreper of ihe City I'rii >n, on hetring her ^t.l^r,
becrfme quite tntereaied ln her bebalf, and l* now
makios an fffort to procure a free paasage fnr her.
Ihe seMura dre*a was laid aalde hy her, and l_e
cb.'thing tuhable to her scx wsi *u;at'tutod.
Death rt Drowm.nu.?Mrs. MaryAnn
Wlley, who reaided at tbe corner of Broadway and
Thirty ninth ?t, left her home on l*?t Thursday after
n, on. for _e avowed parr>we af calllng upoa a frlend
In Thlrty-fourtb-at., near Ninth av , and w.s not atraln
bearE frrm unill her >ody wa* yeaterday found ln the
dnek foot of TwentYlhlrd it, N>nh Klver 81'JO in
gold coln wa* founrl tn tbe aajohaOB of her tlreaa She
waa a widow, snd leavea five children to mnurn her
Ina*. Tbe Coroner au nutibed to hold an (tnjueat upon
tbe body. _
Deatii of a> Aur.n Citi/.e>.?Patrick
Brady, a natlve of Ireland, Iffl year* of aga, died on
Tueaday nlght at hia reaidence, No. Kll (Ireeneat, of
old age. On tbe day previous to hi* death, the de
ce**ed appearrd to be In gixnl health Mr. Brady wa*
a ?b"4n'.k.'r by trade and hat re*iied in thi. ciuntry
fnr tbe patt 19 year*. An inquest wa* huld upon the
body. ^
Sntinr..?Conratl Toxton. o German
tallor, cotr.niltted sulclde at an enrly hnur yea'erd.y
aoinini... ?t bia pL.-e nf re"-ideace, No _V?i Klrat-av., by
ci.tiing M? throat with a ra? t When ditr.ivered at
ah ut 7 o'i 1oi-k In the mornlng llfe anis extln't. The
chuie of the raih act has not heerj dUti.'ictly atcer
t.ined, but it la thougbt he waa led I > Ita commlaston
frnm dewpondeacy cauied by thn death ol hia wife,
wbicb took place about three montba since.
The Cotoner held an ln.(ueat upon tbe body.
SunnE> Death.?A man named Philips,
whn for th, lut three ul.liU haa li iged at No. 17 Ana
?t, wai found dead in hit bed yeaterday mornlng. Thn
(,'oroner held au Inriurst upon the hwdy. and a verdlct
ot death from natural cautea waa ren lered iy tbe Jury.
CoL'i* de Soleil.?A lahnrer named
Tao*. Fit/patrick wa* aun itruck on Tueadar sfteronnn,
wblleat work tn Soutb-.r..Bnd w .atekeu h .rneiiy t) H -er
Mimmont, ol tho decond Ward, and medlc.l aid waa
Attkmi>tei) BuMUVART.?TuMi.aynight
al.< ut m o'rlm k. an ain rrpt wa* made to effert aa
eilrai BB _?B the hi ute af SHinuel ^rnl'h, No. 1H-1 Uenry
near Jrfl'er.on at. In order to ventilate tbe 81 smry, a
wltdow evcrlooklngtfe pWialu the rear waa lettopen ;
Ihe liurgl.r tui-ceeded in reaching tbe HKif at the pl.zrt,
and commeneed cutiug the lu.ide shutter to raaaBsO
hrnk which fattena them fosether, wh.n a very w.k-f'i!
teniale e.r, on tbe aame tb.or, he.rd an unutual n'Ue,
tbon^h ,'xceediugly slight Hhe roae frotn her led, in
the Iront rtM.m ot ihe hulldlng, pa_-ed throu.'h the halt,
lntheii*ik.ai,d operied the door of the l.ithroitn.
whi nce the Bt?M of Ihe baratag Bl ifeeteled, nnd tnerel.y
dltconceite.l bia achrme*. for that time. I.et the clti
ziti. look well to rear plaztas.
Blrhlart am> Arrkst.?Tlie book
and ?tMttotery rtore of WaS. Prlce A Bros., No 4iW
lludfon st., waa fori ihly entered batween the houra of
1! aiid 3 o'clock yesterdt) morning, an.l roh'ied ofga >d4
ot variou* (le>.ii|,ii,iii., tn ibe v.lue ot 4l."> U_aS?f
li.tiVr, oi the Ninth Ward, while pstrolliog bl* be-t
thartly after tne rohbery w.s BdawOM, aoaorvad tao
tuipl'i,,u* bOkbtBg men ran virig haakrts. wh nn he lo'
lowed ai il arres'ed wlth Uie atolen property ln ih.-tr
pn*.*a*i, i.. Thiy were faken before Juatlee Htuart aml
ccintntited to pilaou under lha namea of Jaa. Taylor
and iien/y Mi.la.
CiiABoK oi Lar? ent?A yoiia.; man
nkii , it V\ rn. I., gl". waa yeaterday ai re.t?d by OtwOBY
Mu'phy, o| tbe Kourtb Ward, ch?rgrtd wi'h .toabng a
waliet robtaitiiikg ^-'J, the property of Mr. (iooiwln.
lle wa* committed by Juatice OtSorn for examination.
Board ok ALnERMt-Y?Wtdnetday.?
Ilichard T. ComploD, E^ij, in the Cn.ir ? Petitui'nt re
ftrred?Of ie?ldenta nl K rty ei_;hih at and K:ght_ aud
.Vuth a< t , tor h srwe-r. fif ibe Klre Deptrt n>-ut (ii
f.ci-i* dolng duty ir. ibe 7'l.ird and Faturih Diatneia, Ba
bsve powi i given to Uie 8?ard flf Kngineeri to apoolnt
n.lt.til^ per^n i ,m the tower bejig erected at Jenerain
Market. Ot P. J Kertineand otherg, to have Wegt at.
aatwaaa Dooaoaai Jaj-tt. p.itin rrjMir. Of H'weCo
No. 16. for s new ho*e isnlata Of/aaaa Nmh &
Son snd olbers, to hav.- a pier tiuilt >.t flie tu it of Twen
tyarcnrdat E_t Iliv. r. flf Bntirm tt Biajaadaaad
i tber?, to bave a bulk hea8 buiit from Kourtaen'Ji to
Twetly thlrii-tt> , Eaat kiver.
Inritatiirn? Krom Uillwm Merrl.-k, I.t?ut Col. ofthe
ThnJ il- g_B* i.t llu-sar?, torevie w Bbe Kegimentin (roal
of tbo Ci') BolL Accepted, and the Board took a re
cei. for Uiat pvpOM
Tbe Board having rea>*cmblcd, procetded witb bu*l
Rtiolutm <i adnptid?To remove ihe heap i f dlrt that
obttruci* Broadway at tbe head of Bialtoggrieu itii
durt xritiLg iber.-tV. in b^ing a nuitnoce. Tnat tbe
n.*mNTB M the Common Couccil in^et at the City
Hall, on !"aiurday alirrnonn nevt at Joilock, to attend
the funeral of the Ute David tirahtrn, from tnere.iianea
? I \j i..nily, No. .'1 West Thirtt-enUi-tt.. witn tiielr
ittui of . _?ce and tbat liiey wear the B4Utl badge of
rr,our_iog lor thirty days. Ca'llng upon tbe Cojn.el of
the (', r\? 'H'lon to anvite tbe Board a* ta whether ic re
quire* a majoruy ot the meuubcr. elected to contirm ap
Muutrr* Mirratet.?A meafage wa* received from tbe
Maji.r notrinating Alexanler B. Whiting aa Healih
Conircitalot.er, t?nicb waa accepted, and the aomlnatioa
rejected by a part) vote. Another me_**ge wa* re
ci-ited nomin.ting M. ae* C. Kdwsrd* sa In*p-cior of
Veaael* int'ead ot T T Jackton, reafgned. and laid
upon tbe table Thli waa done Elter a vote wsa taEen
toconfittn. The vote to conflrrayjot behu by amajjrity
tt tie niemberaelfcted, tbe Pr.-aldent d-clded th-t U
waa loat aith.ugh tbe m.joiity of tbo*e preaetit were in
favor of tbe appuintmen-. ,
g*__aaa8l ?'_-./ sT-aaaa. ? wu sgreed to defer
tbe scticn to be t-ken in referet.ce to tbe Nme*ee__,
Wardeier-ion totbe rtr.t Mocday Ib July.
Ortaakan-aui'.ra-Ffomtbe Croton Arjueduct Depart.
menttu " reKtton to tbe unop-nrd btds for tbe cou
atmcilon ot 1800880." Ls-t on tbe Uble and ordered to
Uf?tt\\*t***mi -a-To plEce . gas Ismp ln front
nt -he Bapti,t Cbarrh in Twelltb *t. betwren Tturd
,_d Fouriaaa.; to relsy the croeawaJka, eomer of
HudHiDBBd Mortoa-tt.. to pave Tbirtynlntbat from
Tentb to Twelf.h *v*. li^bted wtlh od; to b,ve Twenty.
fot-tb-at. carrlage-w.y reti-lrettI to tmm9tOaUm\
Jr*_? Chatr.ber. to Pe-H-a*.; to fld *u_ken lott ia Tblr
*^,*Bdmj7,.nii88 cM
Klre Department, returning ompl.int*, ex^iuiaona, Ac
Rcfenr.d to s Coror-i-re Krooi Uie Commiaaloner of
Repaira and euppllea, aurimittiDg a aUtement of tba
^cour.tt cf ba department Wt May. Tne' total ex
DeLdtture. were 8>, 614 70, *? lollow. Pu-iltc Bulld
Lbbe 81i.4l2?; Fire Dep*ar-_e_t, 84,600 47'; 8treat
Pavhjg. aatifii lf. Roada aad Avenuaa, tfj,lad il.
t;rdored JC li
[Ad??r_enie.1 J
M_D_?I Ai.ko.ni. ? The only p'ctaro of
fhi* tniiaipbant prtniaduriiaaver laken in Amen. a wa* dflBO
kl.w daya aure by KooT, at So. ?i I Broad w.]. Call and
aee it, ar.d get yrrtu own.
Elevkntii Ward Scott anii Ukiiiim
Ai .oci.vTto.N ?An cnthualaaUc meetlngof th. Wnlg. of
tfia Ward wa. held I i.t uvening nt the " Luudy '<ne
lUiracrka," eorner of Myrt'e av and Raymond at, in an
? wer to f e followlpg ca'l:
? V4 e the uridera gn.-d, rl.-t tnr.of th. Kleieiilli 44 ar* of
the City ofBrrxllvu iKimi oat-ruorie,) t?i ua. eaarykarere
h'e exeition to elerati. (ieii. \4iuiieKl S. ..it la in? ligt'eat
i Baa iu Uie aift of afree pe .plo. d? heieb. ?uuacrl'ja our
tarueatothe foliowing eat?lb_aal
?? Hi-Ai>ui?amr>. LooovLaafl ?aaaacsa,]
Elive.nth 4V.\aii f;iry or laooaLTB S
The underaigi ed, ii. ?ub*c/l'iiiig BOBBalaaa, da anverally
proojtae to do all ln our power, u*iug avary houorabl. exer
!:?!. iu rl.-ct 'he douiiucc* of tlie vV'hu paity (S.i.itt aml
l.raL.ii.j to the liijili aml p*ageaa_la ofl ? ea to wulco th.y
Dave been nuniinatrd und BBN* uiy du
Ttrmti i r ntiotmmt.- I'er un* of nerv.iua fe?perament
and .ubiei t to JkmttammiM aat, under any cir.-ii-nstauj*.,
I.e ?nioll.d. Tlie t-rm tl arrwee .hall m t cl.iae until tha end
ut the rainr aian, and ea. ti recruit will be expecttd to l irui.li
ll. mtn equip'i.eiil*.
The eall i**l*ord by a lar,re num'j.r of tba m nt in
tlurntal wurklng VAriaain the Waid.
The meeting waa ealled to order ahout I u clock by
tbe appoiuin i tit of l.aac l'. ri. Bryant K.<|., Cnai'iiitn,
BOdWai B. I.?wi*. rteiretery On taktug the ch?lr,
Mr Biyai.l gtatrd that the ineetin:: bad BBBO mXuti for
Ihe purpoar ot |..rming ao Aaaoclalion wuh th-, .iew of
?draaetaaj thr VVhig c.uw, ln the Ward, and he waa
.Jtar.d to aiinnunce that .irnllar rnivementa wire go
ing forwaid id eviry Ward in the City.
The AirociaUon wa- tbeD, on motioo, nanned " I.undy
I.hi r Barracka," and a Curarnittef., o n.LUng of VVtn.
VV. Wal?h, Jati e, K Megie and K.Tert B .diii.oa, were
aiipjinted to report prrm BBM l bb ?-r* A 0no BBBBaa
vn.a iilii. apiolntro lo prepare a code of Hy I.aw* for
the if. \eriirnent of tbr A?*i-lation. Aiter me ap^jint
MfctofO?arr CoooB?BOBa BB procure a tuifV.ile pU'-e
tnr futuie BSaattOfB, and to invite tbe Wniaa i.f the
Wi.td t . utilBa with thr ?? lUrrark*" ao Mdaf ev ning,
tor ihepurpo.eof marrhlng ln a I. aly to ibe VVnig
Katiticati. n M.eang. they adjuurned, to mert at tne
.an ?'place oo Tue*d?y eveatag neat Three ghOOTB
wm- then given lor the cai did.tea, and a nuniTr of
?eoM Bod (ir?b*m t<wgi were *_ir AU pa*?ed ort ln
barminy and good order.
Plea?ure Jadmt.?A nnmber of tlie
membera it thr Comtnon Council aodotneraconoec?'d
wirh the admlDlttratlon of ci.y arttir*. p.'d a ?lalt to
C'oney lafead yeaterday, in compli-nce with an Invitv
1?0 tro? Al.Jern an f*. r.-n Tbe party, contitttog of
aeveral ttagt- l-ad*. etarted from tiie C'lf H.'l about ??>
oil. cl. ai.d prooeediug or tbeir j.unt. enjoyed a very
p'?ai?nt line. They r.turned Ba the eity early ia ihe
evcnlng, well ple?ed with the afternoon * proceodlng*.
Whig Ratihcatio.t Mr:rri>o.?-A
call for a ma*. roawtinr of the Whi.e to raoiy the romi
nati.n of 8a lt -ad OralM- j - heeo e.ilr-d'or rnday
ev. nlng, rt tbe Ctty BeOrf Oof Jone*. of Tei.- .^,
Lr*1'. Co?0* of KeDtucky, aod other promineal VV mga
l.o\e Uen iii*U'C> to tddre*a the aaaemolag''
Fol.m) Dbow >ed.?Coroner Don'ey, of
Graveaend.bildaninque.ton Tue-dayon the bodyol
an uikrowen maa louod drowued at O .1 . lievl. N-w
Vork Bay aad tb?jury retumed averlict ia accjrdaoce
witb tb? f'acre I)ecea#ed waa attlred io airiped c aaab
mrr. patiUloon*. blue roand jacket, blui v??t. inualla
ab'rt. bea/Ing tbe Intt?la " P. M ." aod a palr of coarae
konta. rieveral Utirr* and papera in the i.ertatnlan
gmBk. ar d a amall aum of anoney, were found ah.rut bi*
peraon (-fe* of tbe lettera l* mrerted BB Autoo Hege
rr ?n. Cbicago, III., and anc ther paper la a p?_ieuger'*
tlrket, from wbich lt appeara that I'eter Muller, (tba
aamaoif ihe deceaaed. probably.) bad eagaged paaaaae
forbimaelf wlfe and five chll.lreo ln the ahlp Fraahlin
Klng, wbich ealled Irom aome Kuropeaa port on tho
I ith M.y.
man named Jame* Mainney, a aeaman on b>j*rd the
Prituh al.ip New Br_lawleh. ying at the Atl.ntlc Doek,
wa* driavn, 1 oo Tueaday eveblair while hathiog. Hia
hooy wa* pl.-ked upat K?d Hoo* fofnr. yeaterdar morn?
ing. aod iaoueat waa held upon lt by Coroner BalL Ver
dlct ln accordance.
Seriocs Accidest.?Yeat?rday after
DOon a *hrp carpeoter ampkiyed la the Navy Tar.J, while
enga -e.1 tn bewiag a pieea af ttrnber, eat both BM feet
nearty ot!, by a o_Mtroka of tho axa. HU aaaaa coold
mM bo aecerta?od.
JCi-oert* A.UrpUri-To rtag Ihe aldev, ilk aotirti atrle of
29th .t. betweea aA and l,eirinirt..n ava, to tl*? "de
?alk?in 2?l>*t, te-rween .Mh atd M?di*oa ava ; t) pur
cha?c ground on tfce aouth aide ot Cftarle* at. ai'aateB
73 feet from MBBliar Bi.aW ? ! <-*tion f..r tne I o'ice
Suti n ofthe Nlnth Ward, anl approprlatlng ?4,'JlW for
tbr pur .
Strtrt Prpartmrmt ? k communicafion wm recelvei
!:. m Ilerry An u!i*fi-.;a K*.).. CBBBMlBBBBBOe af ^trvnta
and I-ampa, cuuiplaiaing of not b?viog aulfi.-lent w^ar
allow.d by tbe (roton A'lU'.tuct Oe^artment to cle.a
the gitter*. and a?k:n? for about LiUu barreia ot llme to
ljr.e t>e gxttera llberalla. AUo. a?king action ln reter
encetotheincumhrareo ofthe a'reef*. Refeired to the
CommiBee oB NM? H??alth, with power.
Tbe Board ad;ourneO to the tirat Monday ln July.
U. S. District CorRT?Kefore Ja<i?e
- <*-*tm.-f ?Geo. E Lee. colored mia, c vk "I
tbr bark Wi liam O. Alden. io.dU.-ted for larceoy at aea,
bi ttealing awo, In ailvi r. durlog the voyaga of the vea
arl to thi. port, aod p'eaded not guilty, wtthlre ? hi*
plea yeaterday ar.d pleaded guilty. He waa eenteoced
to one y ear'r tmprlaot rr.? nt
Jatr,ea Smith. a ae.man. lodi.-ted in r.'Uti m to the
?ame trBn<.clion. hu? pleaded aot guilty, wa* di"charged
by conaent of the Diatrict Attoraey, on bia owa recog
a ?
Si i'krior Coirt?Bffore Jod^e Boa
worth ?J.iwra Af HVrtfagat. rTiUutm and Jnkt R>k~f*
? Plainti-', m I>ecemb-.r, oceupied thelower *?ore af
buiidirc No 1?'' Prarlat ai a hardware atore. ai.-a.ra.
R aOBBf?d the aecond and third atnrlea. Pipei for the
Oot.n water are in tbe atore. On the night af the Cl >t
Pecember the water. from 0*0800*8 inthe aei-ond ttory,
ran through the ceiltng. damaging platr-ifTt ^o< i* t.)
tbe value, he aava, ot ?190, au.l he hriura BBK to re
c.ver tbe amount. ln defenae it la aaid the w.t ?r
?b.nild bave been ahut ott tn the celiar hy plain?!', and
that the fault waa with tbe lai?>r, ani tbat M-n^r* R.'*
gcoda were itijur,-d to the extent af tOfki, |br whieh they
cUlm iU'l*inent It i* d.tiied thal plaiutirt wa* in fault.
\ erdict for plaintirt. #150 acd costi.
CoCRT or Commoji Plbai ? Before
Ju.l.e tagBBBBJm?7 4n rVtei agtinit Johi M-Ponomfk.
?To rrcover $?.'.'.', amount of ch*..el mortgaae pdd by
plalut'rt i n rixiure* ot aal.aio coroer of Can*.'. t and
Broadway, bot tie knowled,. of whlch, on purchaae
from deferdant, BBBiUl be wthheld, a.'re?dr re errad
to. Jud.meDt for pla'aHft, with ca_tgei. $'?'' 1
Jacoh Mou'ter. anJ Mary. hu ot'fe, agam. t Wm. Snhn ?
Tn ifi-.vrr dam-gea for atrgaO a?aault ani barteey.
Pl.. Im ??? i. a butcheratwo. M Avenue I) Da
wbo i* al*o a butchrr. ramr to p'?'t '1:V* pr, .i ' aa, ll ia
cbaritrd. abc.ct 8 o'clock :n tbe eveaiiijr, an.l d.-inan Ied
peymrntipi a hill. Plain irt'eooa'ierin*. il i* ard. trat
ilebrd^nt had been dtlaktng a.ked him to call next
r.iort.'nir. and hf wou'd teule (ar any in? he aarod,
ar.d left tte thop to avoid any d'thculty with def.nd .nt,
but refurred in a few ?inutt-.. and f-und de.rndart
beafing tie wi.e of p!?.intir*. and al?o itru.-k h'- mother
without cau-e. Thertamejea are la'd at |l,rxi Toe
charj/e*. in ? .-. ry p.rticular, are deried. To be c ??
tirued thi* i'orenoon.
Court or Ormkral Skssioms?Wed
nnday ? Before the Recorder and Al.l Oenman and
Ward.? Trial firr F' rtrry. ? 4t the opeiilng ofthe Court
Ceo Rowne. ladfatad forf irglng a cneck on the Caeml
ca> Bank tor #l<ii. and a tning to lt a ntme pjrportiiig v\
bethat olMr Roht H. BtBBk waaiall.il up for t'UI.
Ex Recorder Tallmadge moved to h??e fhe trial poat
pored on account of th. abtence of Mr. Jordan, tbe
other counael rngaged with bim for the defe-iae. Tne
motion wa* dBOlad and the trial waa pei-x-eexlwl wlrh.
Kdward Wiwdrufl, the Ix.y who waa uaed by K 'we,
Bowne and other* tmpltcated io tbe matter for tbe pur
poa* of piereetlng the forurd check* for pty?enl wa*
examined. Nothing wa* elirited hut wh?t app?ared dur
ing the hearing after the urreat ot tbe partle*. The
caae waa not concluded when the Court adjouru.il
Cocrt Cai.enbar?This Day?Cdm
M"*I'i F.4S? Partl ?S*inea*ve?ti'rdav.ex*e'pflng l.aVi.
Part II -Noa K>i <>V2. !>2?. 'W6, 'HU, !>30,!?.'.?', .?.M, Kt,
'MV, Ofj(), 'X,n, :>ti4, 9K !MV. ')7ii
Srrraioa Cooat Waa h;I7. IM, 8.V1. 874. MM, M9.
(r.r>. 7 tl. fX\ KI4, W7. m%\ !>40, !I4I, BM, 'Ul Hl 9*M\
M8,9B7,9a9.890,KltaSakBM, 933, 9Sh\ Mdt| M7 to
077 Inclutlve
CiBCOfT rot-BT-aoa. I, MB, IW.IUr. 313, 4-^.425,
im, nt), tni.isi,ii-j. 434,oa,4:n;
U. 8 Distbict CoiaT-N.?i. M, If, -,6 to M, i?5.
Am UrTDflPtTTABU Pact.?We woald
appeal to any lady In thia City nr onuntry, who ar. in the
hal.n ot tra.iing at ('oliirnbiau Hall. N.i 881 ll and at., to *ay
it there 1* a hcuae ln thi* City where may he obtainet rlohaf
<i.x d?, nrat lower pric... tha.i at tha aNj.e hou*., eap^-iatly
aneh Oi. d. a* are ln tnoat demand at thu *e?aon of the year.
Itai Rich Titaura. Orenadiuee, Alnuiniiir* Inrlia Silt*.
Baregr*, Jaconrta and Pnnie.i l.awn. I.adie* who iniend
viait.. k the ditleteal waleriug (ilace* thi* i?ken and whu
would a?toni.h the natlvea, ahould vuit Culuinlaau Hall ba
fure their departura.
A Pi.aim Tai.r 4VMH tiik Public?
I.von, of No. t'M Broadway i??ln. put ,1'an t*.a pri. . of
bO Moaiiet'. I'nwner and Pi!la to ?"'. i-eut, the canl.tnr and
hox, w.iiilil aiitify the public ihat the t rine- i* the only pra
iikiaiiiii in lha known wurlri whnh will certain'y doa'roT
eed-liug*, roarli.a *nrl all ti. iiniu iiiw.-ia , and thal th. c.r
tiflr.te* ot the twro rreateac ehen.i.ta of .merl-a, f ?.-e wrap
per. 1 rlei-lar. It to bw enftre'y free from anything d, leteri ju*
tothe lie.lin of huiii.ii h-uiy. Hnware ul lu.poatera aad
lliair .puriou. deadlj .-omponnda
wrLLiA.MsnrRf.ir itkms.
The Hdpso.i River Bapti?*t Associa
tioiy.?gramd Dtry -Tbe Coaven'ioa met at <> o'-oel
A. M , yeaierday. to reaunrje hnsinesE. The clrcular f-a
ter to the Church-* wee read, adnpl-d and ordered t
I beprlnied Tbe Mt#s'?nar- C..fn _lf_?w? reprrte*! to.
I Hnricgthw laat year tbe ComrniUao bave aweurwri %?J
tor elY. leebleCbBrebva.lLfhehouadsolthe A**nct._a?,
I snd Brepr,<-uri?? the aame-..'. than; and. al*n. to ob
I t.ln aa aaa-BOOOl hOrOtaoory f?r tha Owrrri.n piwyulaltoa
j ol New Vcrk. A prwamble ao 1 rewnl.iil.r_, ofJero*" by
C W Uougbton, K*q., menti >_rd tbat Ibe fj-rmaa
p pulailoB ln Ne,wV...k ?nd vblnlty ia v9MUt
i whoae htwerit hut nne B.pti't Mlaaionary ta provtitevl ,
I and ss tbe emplvytreBt of another has beWB rwetrn
| tmadrd. be prop.wed tbat 8l.<?At Ihy r.laaJ hy iodirt
du.l plidgraL-r ibe l.erinan Mleaton lu New Vork artd
vlcinlly. After a very IntereaongdiaeuasinB, tba ?'.nOO
watrateed Partial plwdga* wer* made to rdee 8?V>'J0
rroretoenlarge tbe tierman Miaat Ob aadfartbegea
er?l purpoaea nf tb*> Cmenttoa The Cn.lr appxatad
llie Mlaal-nary Cvmmltteaa f ,r tbe en.ni?g year
Kea Rufu.. Rabrock, t> D.tben ad.trcssed tba aaao
ciadon Ib belalt n'the Am- rk__ an.1 F.irwitjo rWble So
clety ?nd Rev O P.?-ge, ln behalf of Ihe Am-ncaa
Bafiial Mi.sineary I'ninn. i
The B?tenionB *ea?ion c^rBin?vece.l at lHA o'clxto.
Hoy C KaodaJI apoar. ln behalf of the Aroeri ao Wmf
Oat Pub'lcation tWiety ReanluttnBe epproba-iry of
thal 8rcie*y, nnd rvaromrweiidlag t nnual cnutmutloa* ta
it f'otn U-e churcbea, aa l? done to otber iaaioio ?a* of
tb-d.oot_in._too. were einptod. K*v B M Hiit wiada
ao addieta in behalf of ib- Awertoan Bapttat Hotua
Mi**ina "loctery Re* J. M Bv-kna ?poke for the ?ew.
"t ork B*pt_t t'ninn tor Mb laterlal Ldueati-B. aad ReY.
F. Kvan* io behalf the Amari-aa TWt I rnVf, ?"?r.fOl
weie rv-Bewed mflll up tbe pledgwa fnr the aAdiiiwjal
9*4tio, and #l.uOO waa auHacrtoea for tbe New Y.arb
Bapiiat .""late Co-vent'oB. Tha Comiait-te oa I>.4ief .taa
reported tbat a pa.tor and 3 deleg?toe. aod ooe addl
tion.l fjbf -ach 75 mem->era be beretlter alloared.
Adopted __ .
The moBereontributed oa Ti?aad?Ye,eBlBgr.>rrninl*
tertal tduc.tioo. wa* ordeie.1 to bw dlvided b-twewo t_0
(.errean Claaa1* In Rnchrater and HatatltoB aqually.
Tbe next annual .easloB of thts AsaocUloa waa d*>
tenrlnrd to be helJ at the Central llapilat Church,
ro?shk?ep.le The Intrndoctnry sermnn I* to be de
| ,..-.,! bf Rev J Weaentt ahercate, Rev Mr tlodgO,
I> 1> ; and that tbe c'reul.r letter ba writtaa by Raa.
E K L TaYlor. ttwa* decldad that tha 8rat evening
of t^eneat ?ea?loB bede,.<ed to tbe Sabhatb Aehool
inailtotinn of the denomtiiBtt, n. A ibjest of tba let
t.r* ?'B tbe ?tite of rch_loo, wa* orderedto b?< prlatrvf.
The Treatur, r af the. t_st year reported hl* rrveSvte
an.l dUknrtementa at ai.lWO. Delejate* were appoiatatt
to the Cnrre.pording AMociatloa*.
R.v K. Y. 1. Taylor, waa elea-ted &?ri"*-po_dtng
Secretary nf Ihe Sute Cnnventlnn. whleh ia tt> mraai
Bt>ni,t ihe ndddle nf iVt >her next tn the City of rlreaob'
lyn Tbe Aetort.ii-n then cloaed ir* aaatloo, havlag,
by remarkabla unaetmlty aad dispaicb, perfortaad lai
lalwra ln two daya' Uuw.
Fii.lmore 1-lace.?A strret by thia
name Meatrs Miller snd Clock hEva tHimt-Oncwd npea
in.- al ihiir cwn expenae It wl'l eatend fror_ Knurtb
toHi>btt. tvtween llrand aod Narth-Ktrat g_a It la ba
be entirely buill up wlth .plendid realdencea
Arrebt?A man who has krpt a diaor
deily boute Bt tbe corner nf \\ yckolt" and iwena*. ba
wheh drlnklng llqunr, tighling and daaring hsve heaa
practta, d. w?? Brreate,). aud beld to bail for trial Bl tba
next i.' in of tbe Courta
BvHaiMI Match.?A matrh for S.r>00
aslde hefweeB Corepanlee Noa. 1 and <* wUlcone*8
about the ltith of Jnly.
i.y the Wiea of tbe iUpiiat Clurcb will huld s Straw
et ry h'ettlval nt Cmnmerelal Hall, corner ot MoatgoBta
ery snd UreeneBtreeta
PaVAHI Ro.M> ?A meftinjr of tho M ?ard
of Dirertera of the Jeraey City and P.,t*"-a m Plank
It.ail, waa h l.t Bt the American Hotel, on Tueaday.
The tubjert of tbe rnutea waa dlarua*ed, but n.ma dm
cldcd upon. Tbe w, rk of tba comtruction ol tbia
road wt 1 aoon bo commenced.
Sai.e oi Lots.?On Tueaday a oalo of
nlnety two city lot* ln the weatern aectloo of the city,
loofe , l.ce. They will probsbly be tba ?ccoa ot luuna
ilitte impnivemtBt.
Ward Mietinos.?Tho Whig Ward
Astoclatii nt ot the Srxoint, Third and Kourth Wards
l,?. r i -11. .1 meellngt lorl-tutday evening aoalto nom
inato Whig candtdate. for Aldermen,
Ol ilrtM.hy R*?. P? Kluy l_b_h A. WMITT i.BMtfT A.
W4 IklNB, all.,1 H,a I .iy
ln N.w laat Ju.? a,k| Raa Sam.,.1 <>.*?-, Mr Wtf.l.lklf
tt. r AUI. iu a_B Jt?118 MACKI.K4IK. ..I lila-a?w,a.-..i:a.i.|
?? i.e- K.iu, n i . aa ses oil. laa., H.a 8_aBataf M*N
lY.I. CAKVAI.LU, Int,,, Iilia, t,l,i,arr a..l Niauvr PlMiaataa
uaty ,? ,.,,!,, t.. *.?.?ii> j iui tu, __8baa ?/ Joim au_r,
Baa, i." "' it'" 4'ir.
ll? ll-iUl ,.,.!. I,. It-v C II Fav. Mr J4Mk1 Y WETBI1II,
Jr.toMia JE*-r. BM7.A rnRI'MAM, J.ught*r ,.l th. I.lr I al-b
I. li.rJl...... K?a, UHJi of lli,. (ur
Ofl WtJ.aa.lag mnrr.ing, 13* ,n.l , Ba-88 JAMK pBOBBM rfc.WJ
oKirora*!! .n.i M.ry KMimr*. ag?,| II year., * aa latk. aa I lt
II,. rrlaliar. .wi frieaA* ar. ra.p*.-lf?,|lly i.?i'?l ta atlraj hrr f?
nrt.l, fri.ni ibs rwti,U_* ,,f hrr para.u. "?. IUT BUIndg. ,i_. oa
Ihurtatay .ArrrMMie .t li.'i lurk.
I... t..r.rl.y night. .1.1 io.t.,aii,l,l?ilv. I'.l't iHlllll. C. BER
u ?, Cmb_aaaa ol thr ata.m?i,g I'n.tad Sutra, ... Ui* tutk g*ar af
BW ag. .
11.* rrla'i.-a __ i'ii.a.1. ,,r tl,. Iimily, .al l'.p,..a.al ?_awli ia
pi.rl. arr rraparirullr in?,t..l ln alt.n.l ik. I',in*n.l nroa, hia l.,? r.?
d.ni. ,n l..wri-iu'r ,!., u*.r r>ilt,,n .?., k*a>a?klYB, '? l-artalat ai*
l.-"" ti 4 e'cAwA Th. fur.ra1 tarvk m *,,u ba Mi ia at, Eaa'a
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a B*. A. Baak.lMk..
U'rovriD*!, June _l?F. M.
Theri* waa BorrtP rcactinn thia mornint;
ln tbe fsnei-s snd ia tbe Coal stoek*. wbicb have recr_.
ly been so rruojant After the Board s pnrrJoa of tba
decliae wa* reenYered.but at tb- Heeond Board tbe t_sr
b**_ws* aot ao flran, bat dosed ateady. reBB*ylvEi_E
Coal C. fell off to 110, aold after la tbe atraat at 1H *ad
finally clotwd at 11 Ha.. Daapbtn weat to 86 aad Ibea
recoYered to ?>?, cltnlng at h*71*. I lelaware sad UmUom
aold Bt 1.7 W. ReaKllBgWBEwrUb-dMfM'a.wllbEBod.
arata aaie. Erle fell offto W**, Caaaoa ta Waj. Nla.
Ersg'iato j_'4. Korwlrh Imprtwe.! ta f aaaa. 8tea
lngtoo waa rel. Zlac l* firas, elotlngM I-**t Hudaoa
River fell of) to 06**.
GoYenuDaalEBd 8MU Stoek* are ia good dar_ea?
snd firmly held. iBveatnieat Sbarea _?? tiao irm. Klrat
caae* RaUrtw- 1+oad* ara aot B4*lre. bat f,rm^klM- k
tale of 8>1<> 99 CoBverdble* ot lr**i w%a ?__? M aar,
wbicb U sa sdvaaee of 13*. f> 8808. okea BbM loaa aaa
Tn Stetl'wg there ia nothing doiaf, bat
tbe taarba I* t\rm al 10^_1<M*? lor baabm' biba.
fraaoE,-rV| __.Uk,
In Freighu tbare io coowderaWa ana

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