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B_0I_B_S8 -OTTOE*.
??_*- at Deabfueee. at- hoa n-daced th. urior of Saa bathiog
to lik cta . per ec.le bath, ot IB uketa for $1. Ha Croton
batbe at tl.e Aii,.., Irvirg, ai d Carltoti, ore open from nn
r_otilil>l' U. Fiv. tidkeUfl
Healtb Pbmebvino.?The Countrt
Ib__l *k" Km'xs Rihkv MoawTAia ?aavaa'a __._ ih.
FUor.-Th. BBOBt beautiful Rwky Monnuin Boavoo. in
troductd thia eeaaon. are thoee meaufncturod by Kn..x, aod
they ore univeraally popular lt you wteh boalth. oomf.rt,
?'peace and hapiuieae,'' weit Kmox's No. IM Kultaoat,
aad BBBBfla them all by eecunna. ooa of ha Beqvara._
J m mngs 6c Co.? Pi ~ Secret or THEIR
Baccr.ee ?Durng tfco tw-enty aaven yeon Jr.w-.a_a V Co.
bava been ln bueineee, the readv tnoda elothmg trade la
thie city haa multlplied a hundred fold. Yet thie c-lebrated
irm rttair th. lead thev U*,". et firat, by fui-iahiaa; wbat no
Oth.r eet.bluhmeut In tbe I'mte.l Statee hae ewr furnith.-,
?ta; rearfj-roade clotbing ae faahionahle in ent, aelaithfully
Baaia, ano ae beautifullv trimnoe. and finiehod^ae any made
_0-_Bae_re.n New-York, or any otlioi city. The eoor.ola*
aeur aee. at once that there ie an air, a atyle, a genuine ten
tility, aho-t their coata, eacke, veeu, paolaloone, etc, which
m looked for ln veio ln tha " cheap rea-y-made clotbing" of
tha day Their article. are not merely made up to eelL, but
toeatitfy the appreciatlnr fa-'e t.f ihediacrimioatiog portion
of tb. public, while thair pricea are at the aa.no time very
anodera-a Jenbimcb k Co , 231 BJuadway,Amerlcan Hotel.
GP" Don't forget to go itt SAinui 6c
Co., No. ?"! Orand et, on T.asn-Av. Yoa arlll hnd greiter
borgain.i- Dry fioode there th_n you have ever aeen before.
Silk RhiKTs.?Joat received per eteamer AfncR. three cuea
DotUdHwia Mualinaard two (iaea men'a Rilk Shirte, oa
a.rted qualitiea. For aale in 1 '.a t j aoit purchaaen.
Oai.t.swav, Bbother A ( o. No. 46 Brovlwav.
The Art or Dbkrsino Wkll.?The
boootn, collar and wrie'bantU of tl.e Shirt ara leading fea
tcre* in tl.e toot ena-mtilo of a man of faabion; an l wa
tnink tbat. in Ibeae paru.ulara, tl.a Shirta mada to order at
Gr_EH'_ rurniahUigRtor.forO-oUomeo-No. 1 .VeUr Houae,
ara UDeqtalcd._
~ b_TTo keep cool during the hot weRther
Itlaoooewaryto wear one ot tb%/rHHVK iNOERVEaTa, from
No. 104 Bowery; while they r.fr*>h the etrong, th.y etrensth
aa tha weok, aad proteet a.l. Give thema triel.
r A Rankib A Co- No. 104 Bowery.
UT Andrews & Lanphieb, Merchant
Vallore, _avo removed from No. 2"8 to No. ft-7 Broadway.
jBrewetor'e Marble Buildinea, betwt-.en Houat-n and Wa*
avaU-l wbere thay aro prepared to furnlah ar'.clee 10 their
?aa Bt thoehortoet notioe, and th. moat faehlooable matariala.
~~Boots ani) Shoks.?Ladiea' (ientle
?Mu'e and Chlldran'a Boota, Sboee and Oaitera of tho lateat
otylaaad beat ((..ality, and at th. moat reaaonable pricea.
All ordera promptly atter.ded.to.
Joiis Bt-BKE..-, 11. Hudaon, cor. North More-et.,
Laieol'-I'l Oroenwi.b-et.
Dress Shoes and Gaiters.? Hoar
much moiey ie thrown away by buying poor bota and ehoee.
Tra* ecohomy laacbea thal the beat article ia the cheapeet.
AgWaTBia/*, No. IM Kult'.n at.. non. but the beet.iuality
le aver otlertd. All the goode er.ld at that faahionnhle ee
Uhl.thniei.t can be warrant. d to wear well, and a aelection
eau be aaaaa trom the laigeat aaeortmeot ot etyle. in tho
L'oitod Sialea._
Cantkkm/s Krknch Gaiters.?La
diaewill find a euperior aeeortraent <>f French (iai'era at
CahTBB-X'i EetahliahmeM, No 3m Boaery, ae well ae a
very nperioi v.nety of Blippera, B.rekina, Tlea, _e.; ahoee
for Mas*era. Miesee, Yontlie, . 0 l?Oflfl reaaonable aod arti?
cle. unexcepti.nsbla_
or Ki.oor Coyerin-?Kev-Ect Wei.l!? Hiram Anker
ion, No <r. Bowery. iitrllir.i Eaglith Tapeatrv and Brua
aell. Carpfte at $1 per yard; Kloor Oilclothe, 2 K to I ;
Throo Ply Carpeta, ?lc. U> *l ; Inarain CarpeU, 2,.'., J . 4
to t.i per yard; Kaat, MbU, Mattio., Druraeta and fahle
and 1'ieno Covete Rl one-half tbeir real value.
Mueti'm in Parv-o.?Thia is the char
acter of rpoeta' Trunke. IWf are handaomtily made.iIiahL
convtr.i.jol ai.d toniniodloua. .-.av. your i.ioney and deal
with WBB, at hia pricea are very low. Call at hil mannia.
tory, No. -''il B iw.-rv, and etannne hiettock.
What siiall we Eat ??Munson's
Fartno, Homfny, Whe.ten Onta. le., aro juat the articlea
for Bumnir-r uee, being made of enperior grain Ordera loftat
the Chelae. Milla, No _54 Weet _7th-at..or No. 10 Bae___aa
Bt., will meet with attention^_Munsqn _. Win.ia.
13^ Dkady's National Gallery of Da
aneireolyt-ea, No. 2(5 Broadway. contuining the large-tcol
lectioi. of valnablo PortraiU m .xtateneo, will he open on
Moodtv, th'- ?_- ot July. from II A M. till 6 1*. M. All ln
want ol line P.ctuiee aro iovited to call.
t3T Fowlers & Wells, PhrenoIogiBtR
aad i-ohilahera. CllntoB Hall, No. 131 Naaaau-et, New-Vork,
aod No. 112 Waahinatonat^ Bttton. _
SiNhs Emi'tieh in At.mosphericPrks
a. rk?By which proceia, yard nilaarcea are removed in the
day tlrrc, with.mt any unplc-aut tfrluvia whatever. Or?
dere left at the offise of the N? W-YOBB PBEOMATIC Dhaim
is.. am. Mam iai iikini. Company, No. .1 M?lgin-et.,
will bt punctually attendt d to. _
a__T lliirty Second-Hand Piunos, from
fjft to $2f!f>- HALLET, DAVIS k CO'S celebrated _r;ollan
laooa Alao, Pianoa from 7 or 8 of tho beat makera. Per
at.D* aan Uiua coiupare, and aelect the beat. I'.icet low.?
Caah paid lor new or_d-hand Pianoa OOULD - BEKRY,
No Sfr BroadwajN_
B_r** Housekeepcrs and others in want of
Bedding, Bedatesda, Ac, wonld no well to call Rt Wil
_*_u'a old eauhliahed WflflBeaflflBBj No. 150 Chatham-et.,
aoraorof Mulbotryet., where may be found the lari.etaa
Bortmenl of articlea in hie line ever otf.red to th. public.
mtW" Cbistadoro's celebrated Liquid
Balr Dya, fur r.ilonug the Halr or Whlakera lnatanter, upoa
nataral piinciplee, and wairanted freo from all eauttio eub
atROCoa la appltnd daily, and aold wholeaale aud r-tail. at
Cribyadoro'b Wia anfl Bcalp K.Uhliabment, No. 6 Aator
Houaa N. B ? Private rooma for appMng tiie Dye aud
riiUagoa Wlf_ _
tW "I was utterly aBtonishrd at its ef
foct, ee I generally pgaSBBMB tu.-h thing? hnmbi.Ke. But,
81r. h. thia eaee it ie a verv agreeable reality, tlmt my hairia
lullv nat.'ird, after a hald.ieea cf 12 yeara. I can recom
mend with reiiainly Lvon's KaTHRIBOM to all who are
threatcB. d ?ith l?ldnoet or gray hair. R. B. BtTTTOB, FlM
nix, Ohio." I'rlco ouly .6 ceuU. Sold by every druggiat io
the I'mted Statea
I faam I \ s, No 161 Broadway, N. Y.
Hair Dte and' Wigs.?Batchelor's
Manufaetory for tliooe articlea ta eelehratad ln aii parta of
tha World; peraona wul.ina a ligl-.f, elngant and durahla
W'lj or Toupee can aureW bo r.iited. Hie Hair Dya
laapplled. (aeur. guaiantoe) or aold, Wholeaale or Retail,
01 No. 4 Wall a Copy tbe addreea, bawaro of lmiUliona.
Am. Nonsk-se! NoRnim!! No
BaBWB I ' ? So t.id a aeittle.?an when t .1.1 tl.at hia gray hair
oo.tld be t'hai.ged bark to itt or.Rinal ...lor, withcit
d>u,? ll. He waa, bowrver. pr-rrnaiied to try Dwis'a R.H
nsr, a?d found that it raprodoced the original natnral
eolor. 'I'I ia ia dorn-by t-allnik' u.to RCtion the lawe ,.f aui
mal chriiiletry, by BBDa|aaoTi ihe roote, and particularly on
that portion of the roote which ie the natural coloring _land.
Wairaxied. I'i ice W cente per bottle. Kor eale at lh.
Bcneral dt>>t. No 3.H. Orand tt., and at Noa. 1!*2 Broadway,
279 Waalnagtoii-at, Wi Hudaon at., 127 B^aery, N. Y.; 175
Fulton et., aod 11. Alloi.tic at., Urooklyn.
Tm: Eye. ? Waldstein iV: Bk< kel,
tha em.urtit Oplitiaoa fi oin Germanv, have removed from
Na 418 to No IM Rroadwiv. Havlng tcetod their akill
la araiaitg lanper'ect or itiipaired vuloa, wa ara ebleto
apeak warmly in ita favor. Tbeir TeJeecopea, Mtcroa-opaa,
0|nmr (.'lataea, Spectaclefl, -c.are unturpaaeed. [Tnbune.
Tbe caiiff Bed bnat lio.
R'ain on the inttant, hy a wbll
Ut Lvt.N'a Pt.ttder. \utt aa il
Aaiarl had hutll.ii by.
Ard draci ae Juhut Ca-aar, too,
The Kala and Mic. keel o't r,
Kor _,YOM"e Pilla tbeir I vuin??#? do,
Aod from their holee they come?vilo crew?
To di. upon the Boov.
: i .r 1 are B1 Pawdot and Pilla, (now aold at the ro*
pneo of i!> crnti the hux or fiaak,) No. 421 Broadway.
R. R. R.?-Nt) Mitmi IN ITS Quici
Atiit.s iaBvoflnw . . laaRaaw. ma nCAiriaar?
It you aie autfrriBg pain, B-BWAY*! lt' 101 K. .. .
trtlai.tly atoo tha moet aevt-ia paioxyau.a. If '.'rauipa,
lt lottantly ollaye irritation. acd imjiaita to every part ofthe
aratem hrat and healtb ; ii pr. .nt-.-t aa e-|ual cirtulatioa of
Moud. and inlneea hralth and ttrt-natb ii.to tlie wrak. dtaa
blod. !ame. dieeeaa-vaten hu.b and joirt. It _Si k Headahe
or N'ruiaif.a, it Dia/rhra ot Rhqameiiwa, .H'.u-t you. it
will inttaatly etop tho pain. and by tating it inutrnally
will clea.iat- andaaeclen the Stouicb, gireatrengti: und vi
Ulity to ihe nervie, rendri il.rui tt-tea and t'.rong, aid iron
01001 ooainet rrntw.d atlacke of pain. Katlwav t H-idy
Kalaa. arompoaod of active ai.d poainve propa.-uea; u.th
iog tn.rt or oaeli-aa, dRiu-eioi t ,>r poiannouR oiitera ita com
rtKm lt will olwava ri have pain, and cure ita came.
tt. K. No 3. Radarav'a lle.tiiati-rt. To Retulate
tbeBvtlra.. \\ ill clr-a..*? i,w Butvi-Ie from'all fi.alaDdra
taitr.l Humt-ra Price f> c.uta. R. R. R oitif* No. lbJ
F-lton-at, up etaiia
Da. Holumi's Dksi ription of
-^_-T.1*'..K> ?*'Hs Antii.i.i t: -"Tbat thedevelopuien'.aof
~"l**i__Baptit___i ia Tharapeia aho.ild hava botn to little
^ 5_l*** ?> "* diacoYerer iu. to advert?a it at a c-imrooa
d-j nl b
V?tiog patl
|.-i i .. i. . , . ,_ "Bvt taa i
_S_t_a-dX_!__?^*i_ ??*? ?*"'? agvat f*tha mia|.
._-._-_.. .^_______ _?"?_aUainaiiU with w'i'tb na
tl-JiT^a^Br-^at---.?.?* w?*?* _?**? ll" " "'?ir
aav. .. the Uw. o. iu ^^i\Z"^Th\tflik%tVt
Aahaa-a Nator. ? tbe u- ??? A*Zt\^tP_l T?_^?__
gj^k, O- Calvcrt ?___, ?.*&,?,??}.
X3T Hon. (Jeo. W. Tliomr>.uri, , ^
rvaenlBtlve lu Coe|r-OB frorr tbe Wheelio^ Dit'.rjct ?f
Vlr|ii.ii, ha? real|ned hli aeal !n that \y\y f r tho p-r
pt,*t> rd aaauB-inf the ..lh."- t.f C'r.-tiit J.. -,_ U !,?, (t 4.
For Prttident,
HIM-II-I.I. SCOTT af .New-Jer-ey.
For yiu-Pruidrrl,
WII.I.IAM A. a.KAHAM of Narth-Car-llna.
OT The Trxb.ne U arrved io thie City. Brooklya, Wll
Uamaburah and Jereey City for 12. oecU per woek, payable
to the carriere Nairea aent through tha Poot-Omeaoi Paooy
Poet will bo promptly plaead npon tha Carrioraf booka.
OT The Whig Almamac for 1?.S2. oontRlni tbe ooraplota
Yotefor Pnaidentio 1814 aad ltl_. For aai. at thUotBoe.
f rlce 12. centa. It eaa ba obuinad la Bolumoro, at Bar
|eae A Toylor'i. _
f\T hteom. DrRBY, t*M* k Co? Oenova, i-pply tha
_l_r_l_g Edition of Vvt Trihvnt at 4\ P- M
Ta Canreapeaileiita.
C. C II fcfTW---We do not con.ider it
neceaaary or polltic to republiah the faeta received by
yojir note. Let the dead reet
with intarest. Al London Ur. Aclulli has l.<?t
en Kev. Dr. JVewman, tiie ______ i'useyite, now
a Kotnan Catholic, in a auit for libel, on which the,
recorda of the Inquisition were produced in court
as cvidence. I'arliament haa talkcd much but
doue little, as uaual. I.ouis \apoleon haa trouble
with his Council ofState, and finds that the courae
of deapotisin doe? not run auiooth. He will fin.l it
leus rinooth an hc advancea. The French funds
are unquiet in canHequencaof thisdi-cord MvM
the Fmporor and hia fiatraps. Wr only wish they
niight bc diaturbed a great dr-al more.
CoifGREr-s.?In Senatf, yestenlay, Mr.
WXU?_ made a furious and moat savage attack
upon Mr. E~J im,, late .Senator from Ohio, in reply
to what .Mr. E. had said of him (Weller) while be
was ?n the Mexi<-nn Houndary. Mr. Wf.i.itk
ina.le a clean luca.-t of it, and anuihilated?in his
owneatiination?all that hnd ever been charged
upon him as to defktilting, liar.i drinking, lt c. The
Ser.ate did little heyond hcaring thia speech.
In tlie llnuM', notice was given of a bill to re
duce po.-tagt s. The Mexican I'wtin.larv Coarmia*
aianoccupied a brief time. .Mr. C__RDU_i fiilio
cated .rnd .Mr. St.ni.>- opposed the Collins
Steamcrs'appropriatiou. .Mr. Vkn.bi.k f.tllawed
in oppoaition, and .Mr. C .riti.r aml Mr. Bl i\
in fivor. Ailjourued without question.
Br Telegrapii.?We give thia niorning
the proceedingri of the Mative American National
Convention, which asscinbled at Trenton on Mon
d.'.v and adjourned titte die lust evening. The
main reault of the aeasion waa the nomination of
DARtSL WBBfTRJ. for l'resident, nnd (j.e>>r_-e C.
Waahington of Viiginin for Vice-President. The
" hi.rinony" amoog the iiici.il.cra waa not par
ticularly prni_eworthy. Sorae of them wunted to
get aquiire upon a Castle fJarden " I nion " plat?
form, and go atrong for the South. Othcrs dis
sgreed, and nome noisc ensued, but the sun rises
tnis morning juat aa if nothing had hapj.ened.
Next we have tha Masaachu.-ctts Anti-Slavery
Comention, ofthe (.mncy an.I Garrison stripe.
llaving clio-rii a c.lor.-.l man lor l'resident, Ed
iiitind (.nincv, Wcn.lell I'liillips, Kev. Tlico.lore
I'arkcr and oihara made speeches in their peculiar
mantu-r. 'J'he e\citcment w.-ls not great.
The Free Soil Statc Convention of Mussachu
.-.tt lar sicoedfl nll pre.iom expectation. a* to
nuiiibers nnd strength. The report sent tou- ll
nutnufacturtd most evidentiy by paitics who niean
to do the W'liigs all the injury possible, and huve
taken up Ihe Stute trick of BM?_g dislorted aud
cxaggerated stories lor tlmt purpoae.
The Monimicnt Convention in I'hila.lelpliia hava
recoimnended a thirtccn-sided s'ructure in Inde
iibdiIbbib bqb?ra. witit tlie Daclara?on cut in
Stili another Convention?one of Spiritualista?
is in f-eaaion at I leveland. Their daingg are moio
curious than important.
The N. V. fcitate Agrii ulturnl Society is to
have a triul of iiuplement. on the2Uth at L tica.
Wegive DOtkei of the Annivernary Celebration
I'reai vniious jiurta of tlie country, I'ollowing tlie
ininiite dctaiis oi'doings in aur imrue.linte vicinity.
The r.-inainB of Mr. Ci.ay reached Albauy on
Monili.y iti_lat, lumng l.-ft our City at 11 A. M.
Robeti Rantotll haa made his o.tentatiotiH sub
mission to the LoCD Fot-o I'lntform, and is once
more ti liuuker in .ood standing.
Mr. GrtttfJ deni.ifl tlmt he ha? been olfered the
*mhof Secret'iry 0. the .Navy ; Mr. (ientry ilflo
ielui.ee to btipj.ort (>'en. Scott.
ihe Whigs ofNaahv_fla ha\e ratitied Scott's
iH.inir.ution with great entliuaiasin.
Bj BB nrihal at .New-1'.edford we havo intereat
ing news trom tlie CajM ofGood Hoj.e.e.fthe
piogicaaol the Kaliir war. Sir (.eorgc I'aihcart
se.'ins diBpoiad to ann.'\ tlie ilott.-ntot territory.
and .liite the uutivea into tiie inlarior of the on
tin. ut.
We have later news fiom Taxaa. Iannijrranta
\s. re nrriving iu great nuinl.ers. There waa soma
rholcra arr ong them, at ludiauola. Tho com crop
ia iiiuiicnse. The Austm and Ura/.oa Kailroad
Company hus been organized.
A new line al ateamers from iVew-Orleans to
San Juan ia to be e.stnbliihed.
A moat di.graeelul hanging icrape took place
i .\ew-t .rleana on Friday.
The wires bring us a eold-blooded murder in
Baltia.ore, and other iteins of news, including a
diaaatroufl -teamhoat explosion at .\ew-Urleans
whereby nearly fifty peraons were killad.
?? m
The NaHcmml Intelligemer is faTored
with the ..rivilege of first ushering to the
world tho following :
\V_3HiNtiTOX, .-'aturilay, July.'t, Nt
To prevent all iiiiattike an.I misappreiienaion, r.e,
the lindersigned members of Corn-rrss, adopt thia
method of making ? ji.iut utat.-uifiit to our con
fltitnenta re>j>ectivel\, and to all vtho nrnv take an
interaht in the aubjecl, that we cannot and will not
euppoit (ien. BCOTT foi the IVesidency, as he
now utands before the Ameii.-rin poepte, for the
Ulowiag amimgothflr t**ml
lleobatinatrly rcfused, up to the time of hii
noiuinttioii, togive any public opinion in fnvor of
that senea of measurea ofthe laat Congresa known
BB tlie Con promise, the pcrumneut maintanance
ol whkh ? ,th us is a qucstion ol paramount iui
partaBOOa Nor has he aince his nomination made
any decliration of his ajpproral of tho.e rneasurefl
us a laa] adjustment of the iasues in i ontroversv.
It in true the nsolutiotis ofthe Convention that
iiommfited him are aa deiir and as explieit upon
this ,,uestion aa need i..-; but (ien. SCOTT, ia hifl
letler of a. eeptance, almh containa all that we
have Irom him on that miitter, doea not _i\e them
the approval of his jii.l.uient. Thia he BOBOM
Btudioualy t>. have avoi.U d. He a. eapta tha nom?
ination "\?it!i the NB8?I?0?BBJunexed.'' That i.s,
he takei tlie nomination 'Uvi ottert. as an indi?
vidual ttikoa an fFtate, with whatever tatri.ii
btancet it ABBJ be loadttl with. And the only
pledge and _uai anty hc uilera for hia " adherence
to tha priucipleB of the n>solutitins'' are "the
known incideiila ol a lomr poUk life." vVc
Amonjf these " knoitn tncidentt" of lun life thera
is nol one, ao f?r aa we are aware of, in favor al t he
principlea ofthe Coaipromise. In one, at least, ol
his public letters he haa txpressed sentimenta in
iiniinl to the institutiou^ of liftcen States ofthe
l nion. Smce the pasoa^e of tha Comproniis. ha
kmjt siillerr.l his BflflBM to be held up befora the
BOOflaol >e?eral ofthe Stttea aa a randidata for
the I'rtauleiicy by tha open aad avowed enemies
of thoae meaauffs. Aud iu lha Convention that
cai.ferr.d tl.is nomination upon l,:i? be permitted
BeflBflaftl laaaaaadha tbe Tree-Sentirrim UiRtUodv
>- -a.v_. _-U._r'ltL,iORl _._ __.. tt*inriB_W
(aii* e nf their a?li orary af theaa ineaaurf* ml'11"'
firn a.lhen nrr to the policv that austaineil tii'm.
To jiiin -un h roep. aml a'irl them tn coaiplatius
their triumnh over. and tarrifier of, Ihe true *irv
trird frier.lie of the Cn-Ut.ti.in, and tha f-'-thtal
difM-harre of all it* oblieatione, ia what we can _pv
er do. Thr dirUtta ol duty and patriotiain aUrn
lv fmhid il. ..
We coaai-CT Gaa. Bcarr a. the ftronu caa_
ilnto ofthe FreeSoil wm_ of the WI::., paMT
That hi.* policy, if ln Bbouid l.e altetod, w.itill hr
warjii*.! anl B_ape_ to coofbl-fl t'< t.nir ?*???? nn''
to elevatr them tu power in tlie .\.|n!*:*tr.ation nf
the tiavet?BBaaat. ran l.m Im- eaaai len-.l a. a kaarat
iiiinto i.ml jiriihahle iwaoH. \n.!. baHavhaf, aa we iln.
Ilint tlu-vif w* nf tlmt Inrtioii of mi*. iii.i
iireuanceroii* not oaly toth_j_Btaadce_-l_
a! ri_hte nl t'io Soutlieni Sfatr*, (whi.-li we 9*9*9'
sent ia part,) hat ta tha paace nml quiet ofth"
aa linii'iniiiitrv. n> I to lll-- |>er riaii'-nf iirtion 08 the
Stfttef*. we r< eard it a* tfie hi_iif-?t iluty of thf
avell-wiahen* ot tlie rniintra evervwhrre, whate*ver
else they may de, to at (___ Withlmldirom ftflfla
their .mipport. Thi* ara iiitcnd to do.
A-KXANDEl H * r"
CHAIU.HJI.* I Al I.KNIK, .1 a_
av. BKOOBB. ..? M:aa.
ALI a a\ hitk. ??? a a
JAMEJ Ji>rl.*.5<?. oi'Ga.
lor ren.onB to foine extent iaaTcat-d iaaaaaeh*
en and n.!.!re.*-e9 heretofore made ha thr tinder
fii'iied, thev ilrem it to be th?ir duty to wifhholl
their Fupport from (Jen. Sf orr a* a candidate for
thr Preaaleacy. If it iboald aeem to he nc.es
?_ry, va taill hereafter, in aotnc l-rm, oxliil.it Btarfl
full'v to our con.tituenta tlie f-nta and i-.-aaona
aahiih have hmiiirlit ti* to this iletr-rminatitin.
M F. liF.HTKT. Xttm
C H. WH.! I4M4, T. .
We have oftn been reminded, bnt never
mor. forcibly than by the above, of Hal
leck's primu donnas of an "arlier day,
?? aa>:.
And again. of a culprit on tlie gallows,
who, as described by an earlier bard,
?? na ? ???
A I of;- n t'.ok _?*?, h_ IM tparl
Here are Messrs. Toombs. Stcphens t_
Co. appearinn once more in the chara^-ter
of renouncing Whi^s?' Monsieur Toi
son come again '?with an assurm: e a?
cool and fragrant a? if they had not playad
that role some half a dozen times already.
Gentlernen, yoa are good actors, and the
public likes to see you ; but <?_ n't you vary
the pertormance a trille ! There ii a poa
?ibility of having too much of a good thing.
Nearly thrco yeara ago, Messrs. Toombs
and Stephens bolted from the Whi. party
on the election of Speaker of the last < on
gress, and helped (by indirection) to secure
the choice of their Opposition colleague,
Howell Cobb. The ombination thus ori
ginatcd wa9 found protitable and extended.
A 'Union' party was forraed in Georgia
and other States, i ooiposrd of a portion of
the 'Dcmocratic' with nearly all the Wtrig
party, but arowing not one distinrtive
Whig jirinciple, and this party elected Mr.
Cobb (iovernorof Georgia, returned .^lc^*r-,.
Toomba and Stephensto Congress, and chose
a Legislature which made Mr. ToomSs a
U. S. Senatnr for six years from the ith of
March next. These gentlomen have at no
time since that Georgia Election evinced
either interest in or sympathy with the
Whig party, but have uniformly av.iw^d
and in action exhibited their want of faith
in it. They disrouraged the sending of
Delegates irom (.eorgia to the Whi^ Na
tional Conventinn, though they kneav the
avowed and express object of so doingwas
the reneminatii-n of .Mr. Fillmore fir*.t,
and the defeat of Gen. Scott any how.
They have at no time evinced any anxiety
or made any ell'ort tosecure Mr. Fillmore's
and defeat Gen. Scott's nomination. But
now that (.en. Scott is tho Whig candidate,
they make hi*< sclection their main reason
for bolting. Judge whether it be a real
rea*on or only a prctext.
So with the fire gentlernen wb<> sign
their Manifeito. JXot one of them was
elected to this Coagress asa Whig, or upon
a Whig aomination. All were nominated
and ehosen by the 'TJaion' party, foundod
on the renunciation and aanihilatioa ofthe
Whig party of their respective States.?
Mr. Brooke is a Senator, ehosen by the
votes af legitlaton now opea and zealous
for Pierce and King. Mr. Faulkaer was
elected aa a ' Union' man, bul, long before
thr Whig National Convrntion aasenibled,
and while he had good reason to suppose
Mr. Fillmore would be its candidate, he
expresfily repudiatcd the Whig party as
aot raffidently jiro-Slavery and went over
ta the camp of the Sham Democracy. He
evideatly means to be the rcgular Oppos
ilion candidate far Congress in his District
at the next Election?and did ao before
Gen. Scolt was nominated.
Now that these gentle nen arc opposed
to Gen. Scott's election, we can very well
understand; but what right have they to
f-uunf-elor spi-ak for the great party which
they long since abandoned ? Why might
rn l St nator-i Hunter, Sumner and Chase,
h ! Messrs. l>ayly. Charles Allen, Gid
dings, and half a do/en others, who have
dropped ort from time to time during the
la*t do/en years?some because we were
too much, others because we were too little
4-Vnti-Slavery?cut and renounce the Whi_
pajty because of Gen. Seott'l nomination
as the si-uers of the above Manifesto
have done 1 Does not the above de
monstration involve a virtual framl, as if
Capt. Rjnders, Johnny .\ustin and Vankee
Sullivanwere to gravely set forth that the
nomination of (ien. Scott had rendered
their further codperation with the Whig
party impossible |
? We speak not here of Messrs. Gentry
atd Williams, who w. re recently Whigs,
and we hope still will be. We believe
th.y will yet recogni/e the propriety of
tupi?orting Gen. Scott, and do it heartiir.
But even were they to huld off, we cannot
believe that Tennt-asee will g0 against
him. She was very urgent that Northern
Whiga should suatain her favorite (.enera!
laat time, herscif giving him more thau
Eight Thousand Majority. We do not be?
lieve there are any five men who can de
prive Gen. Scott of all that majority. But
_le*w*. Go-Uy a-i W.4_a__? are ... JH*
n.er, and hitherto stetdfa . Whigs. They
have a right to counsel Whigf*, and their
MBld or remonstrances are entitled to
***** etfld consideratior.. Messrs. Toomb*),
b'tephens &; Co. atand on an entirely dif
f?rer.t fontinp/.
For do but consider what they say in thr
li_ht of notorioua facts. They broadly aa
errt that there is no ? knowa incident ' of
his life in favor of the principlea of the
Compromije. We reply that hi.attend
anre and remarks at the great Compromise
Meeting at Castle Garden refates this as
sertion. They complain that he does not
indorse the Compromise with sufficient e\
plicitnesa in his letter of acceptance?that
he does not give it the approval of his
judgment. But in truth Messrs. Toombs
A: Co. haae not been willing to permit the
exercise of any deliberate judgment in the
premises. They b< gan hy signing a Pledgc
not to vote for any man who did not op.-ri
ly and thoroughly approvc the Compro
misf?thus appealing from men's judgment
to their apprehensiors. And they have
gone on to thia time, not atteinpting to
make their prescription palatable and ac
11 ptaijlc to thu*e who they insisted should
swtllow it, but laboring to render it asbit
tor end revolting as po?ibl*?. "Refuse tc
swal'ow it if you dare! " has been theii
habitnal menace ; and when they had thus
forced it down. they turn round and -ay,
4 To be sure be has taken it, but I kn<> a he
did n't really like it, for he made horribly
wry facea.' Why. Sirs .' if it were the
choice.t dainty. no one could rclish it with
your clul) over his head. You do n't *?cem
to under?tand liuman nature.
? But. then. (ien.Scott was "the favor
i.e can.liilate of the Free Soil wing o.
the Whig party." Well, aa hat of it!
Gen. Taylor aa as the iavarite candiilate of
the anli-Free Soil wing of tiiat party : ^et
you aa ere very glad to have the help of QoT.
Seward. Mr. Weed. cVc, ia nominuting
ai.d clerting him. You did not eonaidor
him poitoBOd by such *-upport. You would
not allow ua to whom the dosc was a hard
one any Platlorm to sweetcn it, but made
u*. take it. *coIdi without.' Now you
have Gen. Scott aa ith a I'latform as Pro
Slav. ry and Hunkcr as heart could wi*h;
yet you bolt! Is this .loing as you were
very glnd to be done by ?
The real difficultv in the case is, that
Gen. Scott avill not pledge himself to pro
sciibc antl treat as enem'ns those VVrhigs
who, exercising the same liberty that they
frcely accord to him, dislike some featares
of tl.e Fu^itive Slave Law. If he wouid
only agree to make ? the finality of the
Compromise' the touchstone of ritness
for ollice under his administration, and
prornise to hald every Fre< Soiler unrit
for any appintment, he might possibly be
favored wirh the ntpport of Mr. Toombs
ai.d his bolting squad, however much or
little that might be worth. Hc could win
them vet by agreeing to break up the
Whig party and join their little aegmeat
ot a ' I'niou' party?union on the basis of
tnating every lover of Universal Freedom
as a disunionist. Lacking this assurance,
the squad go throgh the motions of renoun?
cing the Whig party once more. We on
!v aek that they ahall now stay out. and
nevermore pretend to be in for the .sake ol
going through the farce of kicking oat
Bgain. _
At two o'clock, on Monday morning, thr
rt'w.alnB of _____ Clat were removed irom the Oov
erner'. rci ri, in the City Hall, and ccorted byt!;e Com
niittee of the Common Council, the WaahlDuton fircy.
i,cd tho Clay Fe.tlval Awoclatlon, to the .teameoal
iracta C'lau., lying at thu l'oot of Murray et, Tkfl A.
?cciaUon acllng a. pall-beareri, and tlie " f irey., a* .
guard of honor. The *cene wa. .olinn and impreanlve,
a. the full muoB lent iu r*-a to lijjhten the pathw.-cf
the funeral proce.iion ; tlie *low inarcb, tha tolling bell,
and the mournfuJ roll of the iniifti.d cirum added lo tae
general aolemnity. The steambeat wr8 d>*corated in a
i.eat and appropriate manner?tba outalde belng fea
tuoned with black and wbtte rauslin, whilo the fl.i?.,
wbich hung balf i.iart, were trimmed wtth black. Tha
ladlea' cabin wai hung with crape, and In the center
wa. arranged a ceuotaph upon which the cofflnwa.
place.l. and then covere.l with a heavy black velvet palL
A Committee of slx of the Mllitary and ?lx of Ihe AmocI
atton, waited u guard uiitil the hour arrived for the
Loat to .tart The corre.pon.leut of The Ezpreu, who
accompanled the cortegO te Albany, give. the followtng
" The coffln, which re.U ln the nloon ofthe boat. U
covered with a ma^ntficent canopy of crape, and on tha
to p are .trewn flower. of the <_?ce?t kind. Near tae
head ii a bfautiful wreath made fioin thfi irnanortelle
.,r life everlMtlng tliwrn brought from Frar.ce, and
BB-M-lB- by Mn. An.v _. Stbpiik.vs. the Poete**. witb
a re'iueitthat it might bfl placodon the Tomb of ll_!*Bir
Cl.aa, in laentucky. ll U a brta-hl yollow, while a rroa*
. i a dark browa ofthe lame flower i. wirked ln it. It
I. afjmlrrd by f 11 a. a lit emblt-m to Ihe memory of
H_j_,1 ClAf who will llve forea-er in the heart* of hia
cc-untrymt-n. The dilc wreath preaentad by the Clay
Feitival Am< ciatlon, and with the ?arn<> reque.t, a.io
aHrrui the top, wbile the L.urel wreath, fnm I'm! idel
l,hl? nnd the H.^ueU, from Baltlaiore and Waihioiftoo.
BiejJaced aroucd it and itill malnu:n their fcgrance
h_d Liauiy."
At 11 o'clock a gun avaa tired, which wa. t.'ieiirrnal
for itarting? the I ell aOBB-MBM- t_.ing, ..nd the boat
wm leon undcrway. I he lollowing U a liat of the fu*
ncral cortf |i
Ml r??--T_r.ma. H. Clay^.on of Mr. Clay TI^nry
Clay, Jr . grandaon, I.exlngtim : Ilon. Mr. Wfclt 8 K:n
tucky ; 1!< o. Mr. Wi.llam., Ki-ntucxy , Mra C.rter.
S>t.ati < -llip. Mr. t'ndf-rwi.ed, II >n I. <".
Joce.. llon. Mr 4-tockton, Ilan. li. tith, Ilan. J*. iloua
cu, lirc. L C'_.
Iltbert B*ala, *-erg?-_ot ;.t Aim?, L. 8. -<__!?; Ia. r.
Andt-riiir, Asiiitant do. do. .
chame of _fl C'.;r-i-Mr Wood, Mr.
PutTiaro, Mr. I'brlp*. Mr. Ilorton, Mr. \V__ama, Mr.
_____tt?B of the C!?y Featival AwoclaUon, to ea
cort tbe remaln. lo i.exltgton.
( ...iiimoii Council of New-Vork.
WaihiLtton Grayi.
Clay f>.tiv*lA.i'.ct?Uon. _. , .
Dele_?ti?n* frum the (ienaral CjmaBttee.anl othera.
I'.aaut'' ap Ihe Klver.
Tbe bell of the ateamer waa kept con
itantly lolllnf, ?ci u we paaaed the ateamboat Eria
tn und for Naw-York, .he .topped aad commenced tol?
ling ker bell. Minute .una were al... ezchaoged aad
rjagi were lowercd at half matt. At all the landing. wa
oaa.edMrnllar demonatratioai were a_ow_ Juitaathe
?>?__ Clsna rr.tered tba Higbland*, tbe Ueanttful ateBta*
rr aWaring tbe name cf " rienry Clay bove la aight, hsr
ae_?.*r_-r* all anecver>-_ Bota boit* linmeHlaaalf
.; r. .'_Ul-_ 4__4.i_?C a*f?u |>-_waa ja_a_M_BI,aMCa
tot.t__ kmtta !.H'.t ai;,) ncing ealutro, ooe bore there
mair* of Henry Clay tha othar tha -aaaa of lhafraat
otateatnaB. AU?met tha fleaee oeeeo eraaeaaetai aa wa
met the laa ee C Smlth. Ai we aeared Weat Potat the
boomiag caaon reverberated from bill tu hilL Coziea'e
Hotel imn.ediately lowered tbe American tlog, aad ae
we poioed Weat l'olot a body of the cadett were drawa
ap Ib lire and etood oa the embankmeat wtth beada ua.
ooverrd. A national lalnte wai fired Irom tha boat?
while the bard itittonrd on aar boat ployod
At Newburgh, where the boat arrlved eoon aitor 3
0 clrck. aod where there waa a irrand ceiebratloa, rlt
Irene and drtnocrotic, the corteg* araa hoaored arith a
BB?BBB- aalutc ol thirteea gune, fired oae each mteuta.
Meaen. Hourton and Caaa, twj of the t'. S. Seeata Com
rniaee, were perfluaded to go on ifcere hare for a mo
ment, and ao ottempt w ai made to receire thetn with
cheen,?but io inapproprlate a circumstacce met with
the frowni of thoae on board. aod of many ea ihore.
Tbii wai the only itop made on tha way to Albaay.
At Poughkeepale a large number of citi/eni went
out in imall boate, Rnd preoetted bcat_eti of dowero, to
be placed oa the corhn. a
? Mr. (Inv", Kenoalns Ib Albaay.
It waa late in the erening when the
Santa Claus irrived near Albany, the Commlt-Be belng
detenntned not to mar the festlvihea of the day. The
Citi.eni, oirferent Sodettei, the Miiitary and Flnman
were RU'-mbled la front of the Hoaaioo llouie. A lig
nal run waa fired, when the bella af tlie several chorcbai
comraenccd tolling, and tiie proeeaaion aooved u
MilltRij BaS-Bt, _S__ Regt of New Vcrk Stoto MilitiB.
v .._.- UKARLRS.
Burgeeaea Corpa, aa a t.uard of Hooor.
CoDgreeeional Commltteea.
Committee of ArrRDgeaneaU.
Ihe Mayor, Keeorder and Common Council.
Iiie Kxcelleacy the (.n-em.r and Start', and
State ((iricera.
Reverend the Clergy and Phyalclam.
Judgci of the Court of Appeala and Supreme Court and
Membere ot tiie Albany MR
Fire i >epnr_r.ent, under the dlrection of the
Chlef Kngineer and Aeaiatante.
Civic So. l.-tlea aod Atioclati.na.
Clti/eue and Strangers.
The 2_th Reglment paraded and hall hour guns were
fired Rfter the RrnvRl to a late h,>ur, axd minute gunfl
duting the march.
[By T<-!?_rmp_.]
The It. i.inlni ei .Mr. Clay.
Albany. Tu^eday, Jaly .'>, lt*,
At 6 o'clock last evening. the steamboat
Baltir, havlng on board the Committee of Arrange
a?Lte, the Whig Ceneral Committee, a Delegatian of
the Demoeratlc C mmiuee, and one hundred of tha
Burgeae Corpi and cltizem, went down the river to meet
the Santa Claui, on board which boat were the remaine
of Henry Clav.
The Baltlc remalned at Caitleton, and at half pait .
o'cloi k tha approach ofthe Santa C aui wai announeed
by the tolling ol bella and Arlng of minute guni. The
Baltli 'i bell cemmenced tollio. and minute gun* were
tired ln reipome to the Santa CIrui.
""Tbe Albany Committee ef Arranifomantfl havlng beea
received on board tlie latter boat by the Committee of
the New-Yark Common Council, and introdi.ied to the
Senatorial Committee, the Baltlc led the way to Albany
The night waa perfectly etlll and not a aound wm heard
npon the watera but the tolling of the bella on the boaU
and the bootnlng of the minute gune, now anawered at
Alter at ine unavoldn.le delay, the !>o<iy waa taken
oflhore, and plac-d ln a flplendid funeral car, bullt by
J. D. \Y. Wemple, of thia city, when a proeeaaion of
niilitary, firemen, and citiaena generally, epeedily formed
notwlthetandlDg the lateneaa ofthe hoar?11 o'clock.
The Printar'e I'nlon, the St. Andrew'e Soclety, Wolla,
Buttertiel.l ? Co.'e expreie wagona beautifully .lecora
ted, with the attachee of the eetabllehment, all mouute-l
and joined the proceiaion. The public bulldlnga and
many ofthe atorea and houaee on the line of the procefl
eion were draped ln mourning.
Ae the proceulon pasied up Stote-it ahe firemen
baarlng torchei) the icene wai one of tbe moit Imprea
eive and remarkiiblethat has occurred alncethe remalm
left Waahlngton. Arrlved at the gatei of the Capitol,
the milltary epened to the rlghl and left, and the re
n-.tina wereiemoved from the car and :arried Into tha
ball ol the Capitol. The cloalng coremonlefl occupleJ
until near ii o'clock, when the .loora ofthe Capitol wera
cloaed acd the Burgeaa Corpa were left ln charge aa a
gtinrd of honor. At f'. o'clock thia morning tbe reaaaina
were remove.l from the Capitol, and, under the eecort
ofthe Burgeia Corpa, attended bythe Senate Commit?
tee, the Committee of our Common Council, tktX, lefton
their iad journey to the f.nal reating-place of Hk.iry
The Waibington Greya, who came on u a guard of
honor from New-York, have jmt returned from a vlalt
to the (iovernor.
I?ciiion-.tinii-ii?> of llenpeet nt \\ illliim-bnruh.
At the meeting of the Common Council
on Friday evening laat, theSpecial Committee prevtouily
appointed reported the following reaolutione, whiah
a.re adopted:
l\herteu, It havlng been ofliclally eoq_m_nicat-d to
tbia Coii.ii.au Council, by hia Honor tlie Mayor, that it
haa plcaaed the Almlghty liiapoier of human aveotfl ta
ii-move Henry Cla_, on the .'..th of June laat, from
the acenea ot hla trluinphe and ueel'ulneaa, and de.lrinjr
in common with our tellow cltizene of thia e\tended
land to r-_preee our great grlef at the loaa 0. one whoae
life, from early manhood to old age, waa deroted to
the gw-d and greatneee of hlf country, tberelore, be It
/Itivlred, Tb, t It ie with the moet profound feelinge
of rejjret that wo have received the ead intelllirenca of
tl.e lieeth of tha Patriot and Stateaman, lia.vav Clay?
b BBBO endrared to tha Amerlcan people by tha brtl
liancy of hia talenU aa ? Stateaman, the power of hia
eloquence aa an Orator, and th" f..'rv.nt and aHf-deuy
iDg love of country which diatlD.i.lr<had him ae a
Paerlot. 'J ho kitto.y ef hla ev^ntful life la a part ofthe
hlet'.iy cf hie country. Krulnent in the roaaallfl of the
Nation, cocapicuoua ln tlie ffoueeet Ii-fproaentatlvee,
In the Senate Chamber, in Ihe Ca.lnei, and the Stata
wi.ich wafl dletingulehed ai bia lile-long reaidence?the
Idol aad ornament of hla party, an.I, by the conceteion
01 Ul i o irical opponenta, ita foremoat man?poaeeaaiBg,
Ina rare de.rae. pereonal ouRlltiea wbich RttrRctaod
roiniiand RdroirRtion Rnd attatrhmeat?he will carry
wiil. bim to the grRve the Ritactione and regard of the
jtrr.erl.an (leopleto an extent which few public men
bave avBf attalned. Kmphatlcally may lt be iRid of
bim ti.at be waa galhered to hie tatheri full of yeire
acd bonoie.
Fitdred, That thU Common Council tender t. the
fi.ii.ily of the lamenled d-ceaaed, ln behaif oi the clti?
zena of Uillia__tbur.ii, whom we repreoent, their lin
cere rnodolence inthia tbe bourof their attltctlon.
BBB. That a copy of theae reeolutlom, ilgned by
tbe preil-tn,: ottcar, and attested by the Clerk, be trons
Oikted to tha tamily .f the d. eeaaed.
[Br TtUttnvh.1
Tlie >ln-am bii-ni. Merlety ef t'lnrli.natl aad
!1<-... y I lar.
Bo.ton, Tueaday, July I, U8_
Tl.e Mas?a' huaetts .Societyof Cin.innati
met hare yeeterdby. G?n. Franklln I'ierce, who Ifl a
member, was preaent. He was choeen a memberof
the 8tanding ' omrnittee. and alio Ch?rman of a Com?
mittee to dralt reiolutioni reladve to the death of
H-.vrv Clay. He aubeequ-titly reported a aeriea, wbich
he prefaced with Rn eloouer.t epeecb. which la hlgbly
epaken cf by thoae preaent Tbe reaolutione were
pasaed, and it waa reiolved to tend a copy to the re'.a
tlvea of tne deceaacd.
N'??ni rtlr. I Inv', Death.
New OaLKANi.'gThuriday, July ), l-~...
Tke reeeption of the intelligence of Mr.
Clav a death hag eaat a deep gloom over thia dty
w t.e-..- he tad many friende. The courta unme.ilotely
BB> urned, rtage were uiapiayed at half mut, belia
toileu, and -_nil_at_tiona of aorrow were every where
The ?lrmor> ot llrnry Clav.
BAiTiaoaa, Tueaday. July .;, U9_
Wc learn from Norfolk, Richatond and
Wiimington that extenalYO preparatlona are maklag ter
a grana luaerol pogeoat ia honor of Hknr . Clay.
Fi..u Houtkd!?The Middleiotcn
Ccnn.; Mt*, comefl to ni thia week with the na-ua of
Scott aad < Jbaham ot the heod of ita edltorlal oolamne.
Ti.e ArtM haa aiwaye been a pleaaant paper ro-I well
rdited, aad we are glad to Mt tt now taklng a right
atand upon topica on wbich thus far it bM beea eiient -
Connectleut n.uet give ber voto for Scott. aad we hall
with pleasure the new comb_t_nt la our ranka.
Tbe Courrier d/i Kttu- Ve.ii onnouncefl that U. La Comte
de -arttgea haa received hl* coag~. M. Uauldre de Bol
M-Ua, v-_a_-_i o*m<AmUm, U-aa Smmt0 o* Uua Lag^Bea.
*?>?*?. **ait?-?*u Peraona Drav.*^ ,
Arrl-eate ky Pew_er-M?-a?e **t*M**|_?.
Y erk-RawdyUa?--|rir???Oeearrt,^*^
HrooklvD. >\ illla___,af_a, JeraaTT*
:e. ^?
llolieken, A . . _ .
The celf bration of the National Anj^
aarj in thia City and neifhborhaod wm a^
on .Monday with aa nnwatited defrae of ___?
siaam, and unfortunataly witb a rA*****ij7**
ijuantity of accidentaand otfenae*. ^^
The day was niupniilcent. boing clear aaa: a
cienUy cool for eoinfort even under vi____^
The Milifia (Firat l)i.i?ioo) aaeemUWd aa __
Fifth-aa.at ?| o'clock. About 9, tbaB?ae?Jj
moved for a. ard in thi- fo'lowing order:
Firflt Reglmen", Maj. < .en Sandford aad *W
aedlng the .'ine, under commaad of CoL gyat |C_
Horae Artillery, with National Biad, mmialai ^*
Second i;egtm?nt, commanded by Col. a_fi__i_
pire Bard ; AmerU-an Kule*. 8t*te (iuard, HCg
J.aiti-r t.uard. aud CoatlneiiUla *?
Third Kegtaient?Coloael ru*tley?Umm*__
F.'urth Kegiment?Coloael . atea? AaUlarv t_W
ht-aded t?y company 8* Dra^oona. ' ^??a
t it tb Reglment?Col \V aroer?C.erman i.renafe
and Kifie companiea. *-?"??
t-isth Reitiment?Col. Peer.?Shettoai Baad.
Si venth Keglaent?CoL Duryea? Rf gu_r_t_| TttA
? National (iuard.
l.ightb Re,'i_eBf Col. Devoe? Troopof Uone-ju,
ktm Ranil. Waahington (irt-ya.
Nlo'h Reclment, Col. Kerrt.?Manahaa'. Ri__
Teotb H'vimeirt, Cot Halaey?i.ancer., P?itttert__
lnf.ctry Companle*.
I'.levi-Bth Kegiment, C_ WHterhonie? Gi-aaa^a
Marcy (Jifard, Continent.l., and Rirle Corpo.
Twelfth Reiimerf, Col. . tebblna?Dodw.rthi B__,
I.lghtGuard, Ofaaaattara. City liuard, T u_j>kla BiB_,
(ianrji-3 I.a Fayette, ard Unle nen.
8ixty Nlnth Kegi_e_t, ML Rjwe? hUh \\'\tmmt
Tiiev ****mi down Broadway, Ciu_il-?t., VY?t
Broadway, miil l'liaiiil.fi>-st. to the l'nt\, wbera
.Maaor Kingsland reviewed them.
Mr. Meaghar wm prenent l.y the inritatiottf
t!en. Samlford, and, after Ihe parade, partooa afi
dijenner at tha tietiaral's houae, in company a-itk
aeveral ofticera. Tbe addreaa whicli it waa et
peatcd Mr. Meaglier would deliver to tha baa
Kegiment. in Ca-tle (Jar.lcn, i* not to a* .I'hrrrfla.
for atleaat a woek.
Aatho Conipaiiies pastted the City II *ll u?
liled oll" in ilifTerent ilirn tion*, and __jMna_ Tka
S. viiitli Kegiment, (.National liuanl,) ex.-?ji__
the iitth company, tJien pquipj*d theiu.*.elv? ?
the hull with kuapeack*. blanketa, _c, an.l pr?
ceedcd to l><-k-*-li|>, where thi* ateamhont llara
waa in wttiting to convey them to Xew-llnven.
During the day, Cap*. Creighton, of tli. _
Company Nntioual (iuanl, received un elern*
aword from bia lirother aol.liei*, ai a tokea af
their estoain for li'in.
Tho Civic Hocietiea, iimUr the directionof Joba
McLeer, Kaq., forineo' on Uie ,d-av. Thay
majrehed nlong l ith-st. to Broadway, down |)r<i_.
way to the i 'ark, around tlu* I'nrk, throBgh Chtt
liam-tat. and Baaft Broadway to (Jrund ?t., :iUtt
(.rand-st. to the Bnwery, up the llowerr ta
I'rince-bt., in the following order:
rjhamroek Benevolent fckx-iety ol New-Yark*
Michael Donnelly.Marabitl.
Erin I'aternal lleucvolent !-oclety of ilrookJ?
?Charlea Cumming, .Marahal.
Ilitieniiiiii Utiiversaliat Benevolant Sin-iet. tf
New-Ytrk?Dennia Mone, Mar*hal.
Koman Catholic Total Abatinaace Society?
John Dwyer, Mar*hal.
Irinh-.\r.ierican Society? Patrick Kerr, MirihaL
Iliberniun Benevoleut Burial _u. iety?Wilkui
Kedmond, Mur-lml.
At llarleiii, a line diHplay of Fireworka toak
plaea in Maunt Moriin-ai|uare, uinl'-r Ihe .uper*
iiitendenea of Mr. Du'iiel Mortn. Manalua.
Band furninhed the inuaic. *
At Lamartine-sipiare the pyrotechni.tw.. Mr.
J.W. Hadficld. Hhelton's line Iniiil uttendnl.
At JaekBon-Hqiiare, corner ol' Thirt*en_-aL
and Kighlh-iiv., lirewoik-i by Imuc Kdge, aea.,
iiiu-iic ky \\ hitwoitir* Hand.
At Tompkina-aquare, tha grami ili.*pliiy of ara*
work,:. proa leVi! at the public expennA, und imder
tba aianagement of Ur. Inanc I'.lge, Hr., wa* auti
cipated for hours hy ainateur profeaaora ofthe art.
Skyrocketa hisaeil into the air from the roofiol
mar.y ol tha houaearoundabout. M'i.*kef*iaiiil pia*
tel-*, and Chinerae .rackria, lired andcrack!.-1, __
bla/ed away in every qi arier. At hut the graat
ha11ery opened ita guna witli a diacliarge oftra
rocketa, which, on hurating in Uie air, drnpind
ratare, and glohen, m.l diamouda, nml aarpeut* ia
? .ny ta.*t<-l'ul vanety nl i-iiiur and deai_n. 'I'liea
catne the Catharinc wheela, und the n-voKiag
Kiin*., nnd tbe jetr* canting up tiery balla?lilua,
L-n i ii, purple nnd yellow, whii h kept > Im.iaf
eacli nt h.-r through the air aa if throwu from tbfl
ii.Minl of aome grent Indian jiif^gler. All thaaa
.li |.i i\ * culled fuitli from tlie ga/.mg uiiili.iiiJae,
cxpref-fjioua of mliuiration and vaonder cerraapofl
iug with the beauty of the deaign. Bnt tba
grandcat I'eatiire of tbe ufTuir, wua Uie coneludug
one. An inh of rome twenty feat in hight waa
erected. having ovar ita bend a aort of 1'r.nne work
08* tbe tlng of the t'nion. L-'nderneath, in larfB
letter*, forming an are. of a circle, the waaJ
' IniJepainleiice.'' I nder tlmt, the Ameriea
Engle, with the el.ite " l??.i," an<l nt the haas,
tiie niime of " Wa.-hington." Tne >ideaoft_a
arch were nrranged in reiolving nuna, and apirala,
nndj.-ta. andCitheriiii- wbeelx nnd other benut__
deviecs, and tlie whole, wben illuininuted aal
lilii/im.' out in all their varioua colora, I'ormed a
moat iiingm'ficent tublfliui, ahedding u hrill___b
light over tha entire ac-ene. and teruunuting tba
cpectaele with a graml dia.-harge of roaket*.
At Madiaon-aquare, Mr. William Stantongavat
very beuutiful axhibition. The forca and baaat*
ofthe rocketa wa- reinarkable, and, together trm
the Koman candles, colored light. and oruaiueat
wheala, atronled an inde0 ribable exhibition _
brillianey wbiah waa rendered en. hanting by t*
eO'ect produced on tha nuraerous, gracetul aaa
atalwart trees. Thadinplay ended witb a triuafl8V
?nt arch aome forty feet in length, on wlik-h 9*
macribed ? l.iberty," and having underneatJB8B
equefltriflii delineation of the immortal WAia8ja*
rnv, nearly twenty feet in bigli.?the wholB*
ma*- of tlauiing lire, aml exliibitmg an ex.j.uaB
iliuatration of tlie attainmant of perfection in _?
pyrotetnic art. This beauUiul aquare waa croaw*
ed with ilelighted ?pectatora, and Dodwortfc*
bai.d, wbich had been cngaged lor the o<-caa__i
grvatly contribated ta tbe enebantiiig plea.ur888l
the avening.
AttheFark, the diapbay was ruperiuUrnded Bf
J.W. Had6ald. Adkint'a Band purf-mned b*9
tbe City Hall balcony. Thifl waa tlie great '?tty
i.; -j.i iiit of attractiou tbrougbout the whole City*
trom tbe raibng on riUier aide down to tb* ?1*
Uenie aoutb end of tha in<l_aur<>, wa4?_edeBB?
maaa of humin bainga, of all atgea, colur. bbb
i ountriee.
Tbe fiirworkfl were very fine. After Uie u??-?
at-ccnaion of rockaU, Uia exhiaitam opaned witb a
iuiga eight-pointad tUr aiatce, having double bflr
der bnea of ehryet*! colored fire, with eigbt rad
njaettea in tba mid-fc* of eaeh point, and a ???
vi-lving wbeel in tbe centorr of the piaee, ahofl-Bf
m nrgnfed eiilnft*. j* ^
'i_a._a.Al4~*-* *** - . ) ?*-**- ** ^*M**m* *'**'

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