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Pe-raa . _*_*?tarapha.
lons Q. bU-B, the legal wit, ia to read hia
| BB i fllBlfld "'New-Engiand,' before tbr Yoong Uea'f
..jflfldaflr?at Elmlrrt. on trhefrrh prox.
IIob. Johm II. CiiiKFoitu, pmspective Oov
oernor of Maflpachu*ctta., ha* gono to Boaton for the
Aaoa LkWF.r.arF, nf Bnaton, haa appropri
sted Bo.OOO for the IBflflf of the poor ln tbat city thk
Mr. Tiiacbi.rat ia in Boston, givint* hia
aeriefl of lecturea. He espect* to rcrurti to New York
about tbe middle of January. He lec'ured ia Prori
drnre a fcw day* lince.
Capt. Dabiei. KotLLT, aaeteran Lake naai
gator, died recently d (hk-apo.
Mr. Murooch is playing Shak?pere at St.
Alfrbh BflBB is at New-Bedlord, giving his
diamdlc leeture*.
Piof. Abiibr!?o*i in aaid to be looking for a
Tdace in thk City whereon to lor-rtte a Theatcr of Varie
_ if
.The Rot'ssr.T family are in Boaton thia
Madaine Bi.scaccia.vti will appear in Ir tlian
Opera in the new Frooch Thuater at .-*?_ Fr?nei_eo
orarly in January.
MadameSoNTAO gave tbe last of her serie*
of Coneert* at Waabington on the ?-2,1. Madaine 8.
arrived here ye.terday, to m.dte prej.ardiona for her
Opera aeaaon at Niblo'*. *
Joi.ia Wf.nKr.Tt is playing in St. Louia ; and
Juma DrANkat M'-mphla.
Madamo Thili.os commencei an engagc
nient ln Philad'-lphin thk week.
Madanie Anna Bishop ia playing at tbe Wa!
nut-i-t Tbeater, Philadelphia.
Mr?. Mowatt has been at Baltimore for
aome daya, where ahe ha* had gred *uccers. Her
lienefit took place on Haturday evt-nin-,'.
Mr*. iSiat'L.viR arrived at (.'harlcRton on
Monday lap.t, and the aame night played " Lady TeazK"
Miss BM9I Hi?__"___, ayoung debutante at
twfl Germania Conrert in liostou on Thunvlay night,
""ade a conaiderable aeneation, and i* very favorably
fo0 The Sprintrjield (Maaa.) liepuhFuan is
loo well cdlted to be under the necc?Mty of crediting
bo many item* to tbnt widely eireulated paper " An
?klunicii.nl I'lcelion - I.mvi !l, Haaa.
VVIiot. . . I-IUD.
Mayor Mark.lft">4 I Orav?.1878
fledtering. W | Mack'imt.j. 61
Popalation of St. lo.ui-., Mo.
18.10. 1819.
Total City population_77.44)5 iH.8l3?luereaae.. 17.311
Total Countv population.27.afl3 fl*,tfl4?Iaflfflflflfl.. 1,6*.)
Blavea in City aud County 6,914 4.0..J ?Hc. ro?_-.. 1,815
ln 1852, wlnte BBB?fl in tb* Citv BBflN.*V1,2.">1
White femal. a in tb? City.40,7?l
Whiti'i.,ab'? iu tho- C.iui.lV.14,8 ?
While femal.?iu tbe Cuflflfrj.11..-0
Free peraona of color, i.ial-- and feinotlr, iu the City
and Couuty. 1,341
Tbe lii.iKinn of lli.itory.
Last evening Kev. 8. Osgood do-livered u dis
courae in Ihe Church of the Meaeiah, upon tbe trenernl
tendenciee of of rriiginua opinion mnong theJewa. The
followlng waa tho- tcxt eho-cii by the reveren 1
prcachcr :
"For I would not, brrthrcii, that rfl BBOBBi be i_-no
ratit >>f tbk my*t? iy, (livt yi- Afltofldfl be wi*e iu your
own conceita)?thei Bflkfl*flBCfll ta )- r: la luppensd to
larael, until thcful!iii-*H ofthe Gaat?e* be o ..me in. And
ao all krael i-hall he hbvc.1 ; nn it i* wri-t-n, Tnere ahall
cortie out of B?ta Bflfl IMivercr, and -hall turu away uu
godlin?a from Jar.-.l,.'
Tliia (obpcivinl Mr. 0 ) wa. pecuH.irly tiie aeaaon of
Chrktian rejolcing, and even our pIea.urt-3 at thiatimo
l.ii.l a (iowjoel freabnejsa about B?BB, 19fl ware m.ved
to Itidulge in npnociations pec-.iliarly Chriitian?our
Ihoughta rcverted to tbe h-dy fninily?wfl liotenediu
Imitgiudion to the -iui..-h ofthe Angek. end the time of
tbe orlgin of tl.r Chrktiau U- liuion *>?- m< ol to u? aj if it
were brought down to tlie prceat pcrio-.l; diatunee
pnaaed away, and we once more BflBflflBfl :'aniil.tr,and kept
crmpany with eur t"avi<T and hir, Apo-tba wlien they
went out ujion their aacrrd mkaion. lt yvouI-1 not. por
liajp*, Ik- di.yiug away from the au?picei of the timo lf
lie indulged ln flflflBfl few tbou^hi-. flfOfl the raee t.
which Jeeu* belongcd, r.eeonling t'i the ilesb. Tne Jew
kh race hod b(i4tn for thouioaiid* of year i f he ''r?iat pu/il
ol hktory ; all our etlurtf to Bfllflfl itflfl eni^ni'i Iir.1 lOflO
fruitle.a, and our futuro eflort* in that Bflflfflflt wero
likely to be .ttendod with about the snm s am-reaa. The
tjeneral imj.rea.ioii in ragard totl.ia re-tiarkable prrople
?waa both rrroncoii* and very uiipbili)?(..r-!iieal. We
?were apt to tbink we ?Bflfllfllflod them, Bflfll could tix
Iheir i harartrr in a few offhand iBflflflflMkfll bflflfld upon
the curreut opiuioii in regard to tbe raee. We were
dirpoaed tocharaeirri.eth''Jew rjnniii-lividu.d at once
rtatii-nary at .1 ob^titiate, whuae nvt r ien tu -witic'.-. lle-oh
wa* ron.picuouH hj hk love of g.-ld?bia tr?ie " old
clo'," nnd hk cree.l ohl flflflfl hineiit*. The lew wa* uot
But-h an iudiviiltial. tak--u eoi-ipreb.ei.a'.>.-ly. Tiae Jew
waa, after all. a man liko ouraclve-, and wimt he bad
alwaya held in regard to oib.-riin-u :..-,-a-u-- aconrirmid
fart aome yeara rince in rolatiou to the J *w. 8ome
mlgbt aay that lor a Iflflaj time khflf had -cen the work
Ing of tlie apirit ot (iod on Juilniarn, aud wero apt to
BUppoec tbat the prineiple. of the bcliof had rccoivod
tbi ir death blow from the eompleti- toloration extended
tothemin thia country. But lt ?o happeued that in
?jiro'iortion r,* tolerutlon iu rcatard to their wor_lip in
rreau-Cil, n deairc to fall back upoti many ofthe old con
aervat-Teandortbodoxprineiplenofthi rcrt.iuatmente.l.
A* many vlrk*itude. nnd atage. bad BflflB paflflfli BBaflagl
Bf Judakm n* the Chrictkn reliaiion ever rnflountered.
The Kabl inical ?y-tem wna ratablkhe I nome time dur
ing the Perrian (lyna-ty, and wa* *ub-.e.]iiently iacorpo
rateal into the Talmtid. Tho .lewiah achok-Hiciflfll of
the Middle Age* ran uearly ioarall'1 wilh BBB Chriatlan
C'oming to later time*. the ?ame c-ntury that prridure
Ii.a Cartca gave I irth t?> Splne ? . and the latter waa aa
formidable an opponei.r .1 t KalLenicaJ teac-liiikga aa
the fottner w_ a rkilllul and -a-Jrcilo*-. di*rector of tho
tliH trinea of the lloman Ciiureh. To c unjiare the prog
re.. of Juddara and Clirktianity?to ruu ? iiarallel be?
tween the llalibin* and tle i'atben?mi^ht be lc*a
liurtful to the pilde ol" Chrktendora than m_iymii*ht
aapporfl. No doubt we woald.brlnk back w th avetaion
from the |*r_al of many of the rraiy !? faflffll of the
Talmud. Hut however wben we compttretl that Tal
mud with it* counterpnrt (not the new IVvtameat) but
Ihe act* an.l opinioa* of the fiatliera thr.t soverned tho ?
ecumenieal flflflBM tt rf tb" church, our oj-inion wjuli
uot lea.l aa tocxalt the at*U of tbe church to the de- :
preciation of the doctrince of the T-niud The IU\i
I in* nevetr taught any eupcretition m,.r.- mondroua
than thedenuncktion of marriage an ! flfll Bflflf-flflfl-flfll
of celibBcy. io etrne-tly p^ forward by the eaxly
rouncilf Uf tbe church. Ancient mjtlern Judakm
inight be divided into two gr.-at aect*?the Tha
ttaaflfl and tbe f-duce.**. Th- BBflflll were favor
able to progrea*?to greater Iditude in apintual
Bialtert?whibt thr latter were the cou-ervative party.
The oplnioaa ofthe .?*..dutt*e* were Bi:pr*oae_ to be more
geneiBlly rnteitaincd hy the wealtSy amon; the Jew*,
than tho*e? f th. ir braothrenletk* Bfltafflliai.fll to worhily
fucce*.. Indeed many Jewub journal* compluned
tbat the Bdh-cbllda . niertaiueol to a larsre extent the
4-.ti.ioi.* end feebn^a aftbe Saducee* of old. H.w
e?er ui regnrd to the IBflBBfll U?ne of opit.ion, it mtyrbt
be tbat tbe ortbodox (Pharkee) party waf *iill ia the
aacendant Mr. O tben proceeded to r-ay that he ldely
addreaoied twclve queationa to one of the most dktin
aukhed j rrarbew flmong tbe Jrw*. He ref.-rred to
Rev Dr.RflphaeUo which he n-ceiard a reply. from
whkh ba woald read an extract, aa going toahow
aomewbdof the doctrtaee of Jiidaiam, a* data.1 by on*
of their m4iat cel.brated mtniater* Dr n*}dia*l. in
.aU-aacc. write. ; All Jfld* beUcv thu tbore kone
<iod, eteraal. omuipotent. limiia*. rial and all V^nt
Cod k rerraled to maa by the BMflBfl of M -o. aud bv
meana of the Propbet* ; tlod reward- the srood and
f ui.iabe* tbe bad, both m tht* woild an.l in tbe next.
Ttaae tohrr-e *?entkl prineipl'-* are elucidated tu
tbe Creed whkb ct?i?in* thlrty article*. flfl to aetrt*.
Dr. RapJiael thcught there were no aect?. propeHy
.poaak.ng. aaooag the Jew*. A* ibia wa* a matter of
oo-alnioa. Mr O otaerTcd, he Jiffered with the Doctor
Tbe a_<_eut'c4iiduecea had been extiact ?Jtt?a bun
dred yeara. and ainre their extin-tiin there waa Bfl
mieh Tital4l_crence of o] laio:i a- formerly exivted br*
tween F-.docee and Pbariaee, or aj aow a-dvyg exixta b-*
BBBflfl t'tiiturian flta] I'r~by>r?n. or R-mian Cflfl_B_e
and I"; i-(< i-alkn. At tb* pre-ent dry ni-iete -, tw -.??
tii-tha ofthe uation ___flhflBflafl1 that the tradition of the
Bible waa of divine orir-ii,. wh;;,. t-ie nr.w trh. ^\ oaiy
r.-p"t'd the tradition aa batflBJ a rcference to th*
enrient nitigri ofthe people, end therefore to brr up
held *o far end no more. Tle.* waa, howevcr, a dk
tii etion ipf-twe -n tbe Jewj. not uaua'ly known perhip*
hy Chiiiotian*. Aeeordintr to tht Talm-.l, th* _-_??
oriB were, long prlor to tb**de-tr.ietion flf thcTenple
hy TituB, di-tinfrukhf d by their pr.ivincialkm?'hrrir
pixul-arity of pronunci-tdon, from the ?eat body of
tl,e people. That di.-tinctioa wa* pe-^-rttidcd to thii
di.y, and divided the G ?man from the Sp-itii'h an 1
rort-gue.e Jewj; and it wa* airen?rth--ned by thi in
trodiii tion of aereral liule difference* in r*jard to the
ritu-l a? perforxued Bmnnir eirher. P.ut a* both obeyed
the *_ne lawa, obeerved the aame u?i\i;',a. a^d re->gniz*l
each other aa orthodox, they would not be coaaidered
(ob-erved Dr. Raphall. in the eommunication alrevdy
refeiTed to)aa conatituting dktiact aerta. Mr. O. dif
fcrcd witli the Doctor in re^iird to the great bulb of the
people br ing IlabbiakU in opinion. It waa no more
Teafonable to aappoae ao, tbaa to imagine the ?ed m?
jority of the Prote?tant world were Catholic*, bec iuae
tbey saw pome thin^a in the Kciman Church to adtnirc.
He wa* irn lined to nsrribe to th? J-wkh people more
of aectariai,km than Dr. _BflflflBfll teemed to aupp-i.e
exktcd among them. The re\ erer.d |flfl|leman then, in
illiifltrniiiii, of apiritual I.U aitd po-neral totie of thou ;bt
' ri-'ir.' arr.ongthe r_-ent thepreient day, read oopi ,iu
extrBrta from the aermona of Salamona and P'ein, of
Frankfort, rep**e*entinf* the new achool, ar.d Bloaa.ier
and Mannl cimerof t'lirold achool. The forraer were the
lil.erfil or latitudinarian. the latter the conservative.
Heapeeting the pru*pecti. of the Jewkh race on t'ie
whole. he had no prophecy to utter ; for if the fut.re of
every natiea nnd religion so ofren defied couject-re,
what man wil! aay of a nation and religioa ex-'mited
from t'ie general fate of n-,t:on_.lity f Whd man
will any where England will be in a century,
or Franre in ten yeara. Wbo will aay what k
fo be the futurc of our own country, in view of the ro
mancc of her proiTese for the laat aeventy-five years!
It is very clear that Judainm k undergoine, through the
p?Bfll 1 illamination end toleranre of the timra, an
ordeal more pcriloua than tiie most cruel per
-'' i . n. He (Mr. O) conailered there waa a
brge number of unbelievera in \m"\ now vlmje,
yrt he waa inrlined lo thit.k th-y would become
leaa, rdher than mure und 88 the inlluen-e
of tbat type of the IflaVfljtaaflfl BflflflBJflBflfld by the new
rchool. The liberal philoaophy of Mo.iei Meadckjohn
waa now fnvored by the leadera ofthe ortho lox party,
hgel lh.- (ikpo.ition among that party to rlaim him Bl aa
orthodox Jew now, led tn tbe oj.itiion thd the ortho?
dox Jrwfl will hecome liberulized by theprogr flfllffl
apirit ofthe nge. AfterBornc latlBBT0hflflTBflHflB8Bt!
lowiiigup tlie train ofthou.-ht in-licated in th'- forego
lnjr, Mr. (). concluded hia ioteresting discour.e by r.
mnrkin-: Uint tbe Jew pcraecuted the CbriflflflB, and ha*
reed to aak hi? forgiveneaa- Tho per?ecutioa ol the
Church by the Jew* wa* the t'irning point of Chriitkn
hiptoiy in the apo.atolic age. After that tbe Cro*. wa*
pknted above the tlirone ofthe Ci-air*; the table*
were then turnci and for more than a fhoua.nd yeara
the Clirktinn per.ecuttd the Jew ; tlie Chrktian i* re
pentine, and k grantinz teleration, civi! and religiou*.
to tbelr.i'g-oppreseed childrcn of Judea. Let both re
pent, and a-k mutual forgivenej* ; let them botb loak
tothe true ShekiiiBh?to the hri,'btn ?*- of the Divin*
glory ina-liating the aoul of Je-us Cbri-t. Then I*r*el
ahtdl be aoved, and the fulneaa of the (lentilc -!i--il
come in."
? a?
"Gimi or Oerm ym Vrrtsr," edtted by
W. II. ftlflBBBfl (Philadelphia : YV. p. Haaard. 13'n,i.
pp. ~i'\?ln ed.lition to the admirablc tran-latioa hy the
Kditor of Pdiii.i.i'B's "Snig of the Lell," whi.-h Wfl
no*io?tl in tit Trilune on it* fir.t apjiearance, thit
'(..:.-." ofa vc lnme c m'.it:- flflaflffl] tranilatiana hy
PaaataflM _L_baaa, froai Cokiih:, _ta?a___ai and
otlter (ie.-miin poet*. one or twa ptaflflfl tran.ldod bf
N. L. Fboiiiinoiiam, BBfl one or two from the Fnraiga
Quai-erly. Mr. FflaflflH _?BB- givo.a an exqui-dte
veriitii of ItiiLAND'f "Min--trel'g Cur*e," which !?>
prt-durc* the original wii'.i frrc^it apirit in a atyle of
pur.- iiliinmlic F.ucl:*b. Tbe jioema are chiefly from
tho ahorter and well kuown |iriKlueti.m* flf th ;r uu
thorr, including Goithe'* " Krl Kin.'," 'The .?itiger,"
".-'piiit fitcetin,.'' "Tflfl Bflflf of tbe Angek" in
'? Faiut," Schiller'a " Pilgrim." Kiirner'* "Lutgiw*
Wild OhflBa," t'fi-1 a few ape-imeni from Uliland.
TtkBBA ti.i'.rl ,t":..io? deacrve the careful attention of the
ituol.i.t. They are moJel-iof tl.e ti?taflfl art oif ren
dcrirg thfl poetiy of one lanjunge into thd flf
ar.other. liarely nre such delicate bloaaom* change 1
into a tiew lorm, ivitiiout lo.oing tlie freabueaa of thair
BfltrfflflfflBMB Qn'fed wi:h a nch poetical te_a;ir>ra
ment, each oi tlie tranalatora whoae nam** we have
mentioiied, ha* enlivened the origiual with hi. own
.pirit, without iini'-.iri.'i r ita . '? -lriicteriatic expresaioo.
Iinlecd tbe verpiona are no le*. remtirkablcfoi lh"ir ri
dclity tbr.n their frrodom. Wn could aearce giveb.gh.-r
?kt-ai.e than thia. -.pirit. d triinflation* from the German
are ea?y enough of execulion, ?witne*n tbe experimonta
in thk way of ^ir Wnlter ficott, Lord (ijwer, Mhellev,
(\i!cri<!P-e. Bfld Bfl forth. which are rather iinitatfont
tban tran.lotiont,?but we re.dly know not wher* to
find auch a perfect reproduetion of the oritrintil, with
lutli a natural and bomc-like -u-e of the mothor tongue
a* in the flfflflflal volume. (lem hke it truly k, ai well
in .;\iH',iiy a*in aii>', and wiil be I'ound of grcat priee by
the knowing lapidary. Tbe foll-wins la by Rer. D.-.
Frotbingham, an.l abow* the rare tntatt-ry of ex
?MflfkB for whieb he k BflflBfli among hi* Irieuda and tar
tanied too;
raoM j. r. von zkdlitx.
At midnigtt ht.ur tlie drummcr
_e_ up lroin li:. ijrHvc ao low ,
With lii* drum Uf round he m?rchea,
t'.cpoa brirkly to and tVo.
Witb hk rla-hlesa ariut th- .lruuut'cka
II.- pli>-.. ui iiieBioureirue,
* St.ike* many a rnpul roil call,
Revtilie and idtiHt
Tlie drum aound. ?trange and ghcattly,
lt haa a nilghty b.-at .
Ti c .iaiu and nioulderiag a.jldier.,
Ri*eat it on their f.--t.
And they iu froat.a of BflflBtB,
All .Ufi fl-flh iBfl and donn;
And th> V that be m Italy,
VV flflflfl iliey find the earth too waraj,
They whom the Nile-tnu.1 covetfl,
Ami tb<- w-taMlfll ra.iil.
Taq .-talk out trom their charaili,
And muaket take _n hand
At midnight hour, the cornet
(ieU uji trom hk grare ao low
He p.?? into hi* iruuifH-f.
And nd-? forth to and tro.
Thi-non tlieirairy hur-ov,
OflflBfl tbe dead ndera okl :
The bloody vcteran aquadron*.
YY .th wea(?i_ uianiiold
Tlie whitene.1 ckull* are grinnin^.
bo?cath the belma they arear.
Aai pk.-l.<on the tin?ns
That Ihe long aabr? l>ear.
?* * . *
At mi-lnight hour tlie chietrain
i.et* up tVi_i hi* gTBre ao low ,
Hy ail hia .tafl atti n lexl.
He com? foitb raling alow.
He lritm a little hat,
And a coat quite plain ha. on .
And flbflflflBB i. tbe aword
Tiiat at nta *ide hang* down.
The rotain witb yHlow lu.-trr,
O er .11 the broau nel 1 ahir-? ,
The man with tbe __B_ hat.
l.oolu down aloug the hut-*.
The roink* pre*ent their nia.k-t*.
Then *houldt*r,?then a-vav,
With drum aad clanon ?<>urH-t-fl_.
Sa.. pa by tbe whele array.
Tbe ? aeral* and marabak
Stand rouml in ctrcle near,
TTta Chief apeak* to the nearea*
One low word in hk ear
Tbe word goc* reund that cirrle,
Then echoe. lar aad widc .
?? | raccc" k th.- watchword gwen,
? St. lielei- n^i?-*d
Tl?_ i* the grand Parade
ln tbe Klyooaa betJ,
Tbat, a. twrlve o'ctock u Btrik'_4
ii by dead Qflflfl] hcU,
E-fTrr.TAirritEifTs, &c.--The laat of Prof.
OLxtiTrii'g lerture. on Attronimy w'.Il be girea to
night, The aubjecU embrared are i M ition* A<noag
the Fixrd Ptara; tke Three Orders of Boliee compoa
ingthel'iiiYprse; Nebola-; Grand Mxbaaum of the
CniYrrre; Ner-j'ar Hypotheai*, Ac. *-uc"i B lecture
cannot frjl to be full of ia*trurtion
Wm FiaiTBorca will deliter thi- erenin; the tirat of
a seriei of leeturer, on Spirit Ra;ipiaz?, Ac.
A Masocir t*elebmioo will be gven by .*?:. J?hn'a
Grrnd Lodge at the ?:uyte*act Iastitute to-nuht, whea
an oration will be <lel;reredby W. li. Plaxi:, theactor.
The chief featurc tonight will be tae appearance of
Madame Albom in Opr-ra. a: the Rroadwty Theater.
IV B| era cbiiaen u lioMini'a " Cenerentola," in whieh
ihe will be arrirt/d hy SNUuiotanni. Rotere, Coletti,
Barili, "-"hrnore* AYozadro a: ,1 AlrH-rtazzi. with Arliti
a* conductor. Mueh care hu been taken to put this
pieee on the ttapc :n a manaer worthy of the greit
r. nown of ihe Prima Donna, and tbere i* oo doubtthat
the anxiety to hear her in opera will make the oceaaoa
one of cxtraordinary iutere-t in our muaical hiatory.
Wbile her sr-lertjon** herctofare girea ia tbe coacert
ro. m. hate been almoet niiirerrally appbudeJ a* wall
thoien, it may be reTriem'>>?r'd that aorac of her mMt
succefiful erlorti were the reproducion of crtain
part* of tbi* opern of ? Onerentola," e-T>rt* whicb
foreihsdow Inthe performance to-ni.'hta whole mine of
weal-b nf wl.irh we hate thut far hai only ri*h apeci
BBBBB, Notwith9tarir!;r..' tbe trrcat expenie r.f thii ua
dertaking. Mr. Marthall ha* tery judi.-iously put the
price* of admiaiion at (for Opera) a low figure, bi t'uat
the j ul.lic may largcly enjt.y thii nt*w muacal treat.
Berideetbe Opera, there ia a -allet txoupe, w'.io gite the
ilitertiseraerit "Roriti." T.i" pri3rip*l aitist* are
Mdle. Bnlan. Miia Pranria, Moaa. Corby. WeithoT.
Corcet Ar.
At Niblo's, the miminccnt E ;ueatrian Dramt
' Mazeppa," which was produced with great luccee*
on {"aturday nieht. will be repeafed, and will continue
every nigbt thi- week. Ft h'i* been ?ot up in excellent
At WAtLACK's, to-n'iiht the fine play ' Money " l.y
Bulwcr. with the -ame crurt that gave it iucb imm-Jitre
currency wben fint produced. To conclude with
"High Life b.-low Staira." On t"atur,lay night twj
i.rw pieces of corumic character were produced, with
fairsueccn. Thay were "My ChrUtmaa Dianer.'a ai
" My.-.eriouB Ilappings.'' t, be repeated to morrow.
At BlBTOXi, to-nlfht, tbe fine panoramic drarn*.
" Paris and London," will be repeated. It i, full af
Burton, 1'la. ide and fun. The oridnal farcc ?? The'
Work of ati Ani-t c.mpl't ?* the bill.
lUa.MM's Mtsrra ii juit now the Meeca of V.-in;
PiL-rms in search of holiday si-hts. The doraeatie
drams "Th* Pl rtf Thi.ve* " ha* iBBSfl pr.iluced in
excellentstyle. "Tom Thum"." ir ah at in nia little
ncrD, and other wonders are alwaya 0:1 haJiL
At tbe A.wpittTiiEATiB a f-re.-.t variety of anuse
t:ieiit?, eipe-ially arran_rel for tbe holidays, will be
produced. ir.cluding tb* Mazeppa ipe tacle. | -v.-r .!
. inineiit I'l-i-formers will appear.
Woon's Minstbels prcduce a n?w pro<r?ynm? to
nigbt. to a full bouse of course Th'-y htve giten a
greatcr variety of new thiuga thau any -itu.lar company
in tlie country. aml enjoy a wide popularity.
ilrLLKa's r-aloon of Wonders is becoming a p'.aee of
general r.-iort Hi* performance-in Btagfo Bf. truly
wondertul, and are received wiih loud applauae.
TUnvabd's Panoram? flf Pale-tine ia still on erhi
bition. One can eel a baftar i 1- a of pla.-e* BBtaBBBt*ai
in crcripture from this j BBaeBafBaBBtv* any other nieam.
It ia explained ly Mr fl. h:m*elf.
The Krtax <.iall'.ry o! CbristJBn Art e ;hibit* many
worki of rare mcrit.
The PirriiA.NT Oxrv are on exUibiti-m.
?? -
Thf Leco F"C'> PauaAtaiaa.?It is u.-n
n.lly conccdcd that tl.e " r"ofta" hare got the w'uip
hi.ti.l on tbe nrw f'.ni'il tt'--; they have de.-i-iv
virtoric* in st-ven WaaBBBj whilo the ?' Hard/' are
virtoriuu-in only tite. Th- rrm liuini; eight Ward.
will bo rontetf .1 . hn-, il thI or ?HU.'aliun be Beven
BaAt tafTB aaaxtd*, thr r- il* wiil ofcounc a.ltiiit a'l
tlieirawnfiiends?on tbe principle tiow soaerally re
rii*r.:zed whenever U.e pa.tyl.ave pow.-r, to adm:t
tlifii own friei.d- m every c-. e. et.tirely r-gar.lleaa of
junticeor rea/on. Howev-r, ii is no bujiue*. of our*.
InnicTit).?We understand that tho Grand
Jury has iudi-tcd four or tive per-or - rn.-.i^ed in the
riot at Tammany Hall at t*ie time tbe (1 -neral C >mu :
tee were niiaultel an 1 iliBpersed. l'rob ibly thi* l* the
tirrt aml tbe l.ut of the whole matter.
Tni? Cii.oaic Ship.?We understanl that
thia rLip will ct> into dock this week for coppcrlni*, an I
aa roon r.a that j<<!> la la.iii.vl will make her en,'in?er ?
trial tiip. II'r aatgaaaa have.lriven h'-r wheeU alldiy
at the r?to of t"J reYoluUooa per niinute with hut 7V
lls. rf presmre 1 <r s.piare incb. Th.? would mike a
mmi of nearly 14 mile* per hour. There wn uo ad
Yi.ntage what eter from current, aince the ahip Lea with?
in tin- dock. in detd water
ty The BiflflBBBflJ and raising Ciirttham-8t.
is a project rapldly gainin^ friend*, and will no douht
be amoni* tbe ?'arlie?t fortheiiniriu- BBBBBffaaTBB8J in
thut aertfoti of the Cuy. A gls-u-e a: tbe Ifafl*.88 *l*al
Trxbune C'lintine Kooui will gite a better idea of it
than csn ho conveyedln word' Bb '".." ! a.i'l r-ai.e.1.
a. tbere pro'>o*<d. it will i'onn (wiJi l'?*t r.r.aiwBt) a
broa.1 tborou:hfare froui the I'ark D (ir.a.l st. eaally
c.nnecting tlie Jersey City and lI,/..okcn with the
William.Bl.urgh 1 *rri. -. Th- BBB. f.'. ;*ulty of trati'l U
the valley in Chatham-st. ithirh it la prepoi 'd to otc
ci me by rai.-ii rom Duaae to Oliterata.?
Tbe inciea*.' in the ialue of the properry dir.-.-iiy
BBBaBBda would very piuhably tmy th* eutire l.--itimst<)
C'.nt ef tbe ojxratio:!.
We may add thut the -ilumate itaaaBBJ ofthe jradea
01 theBtr,-. a ... t'.e iirul BBBImbb] oi th- Kire i
bb alrei-dy tloic in a o,-e ?t?an.l th-ex
tensiuu <i Authoty r.. i:to Chethnm Bquare, Blthoutrh
not conuecictl witb the Chatham *t p!*n, i< pr*tty
t urr to result from the c mj'.eiit nof ti.e ltUer, and the
- : rtbrttttcr
Thoae who a*k for ar*nment- ia faror of iuch Im
j-roYcment*. ?re r.-ferret* to the icction of the City af
f.-ct.d hy the recent raisin? of lire*nwi.-h. Mjrri*.
BaaBB*, Thaiiie* < vxiar an-i Libcrty *U.. an 1 the wideu
ing of Dey and Liberty its.
t 'tf A proi'.-rty aaraat ou Heekmiu-st. seadt
ui a long article concennng the wibnin^ of that
thoroucblare 11 ?-? iay* that tlie pr.-j>rt ha* been 01
l.and for twenty year... md *eyerr.l atteinpt* hare beea
I'lade to <:o it up. l.ut un'il recen'Jy little reai progre**
ha* been m*dc. If Heekman i< ev. r bf b.*coro'* a buii
r.ea* rtrc-ef. B n.-ut 1 e wiJvoed | tiie oaly diffnrean-e i?.
bow aball it be don? ? A - Ua to widea it fi*teea feet
I ha* paaf-ed ao tar tLat the CumniL=i.oneriof A?*'*-im>- ".
1 aie ready to report to the **npreme Court. But a v.o
1. nt oppcaitien 1* ttinde and our correaponlent d??-ei
ad intere*ted ia tiie lurcea* of the project to do whit
! eter they can for ita early incce-*.
-?a ?
tB>* Tbe I o'clock, r. II, train from thia
City on the Hudaon River Railrjad, ran otT the trAck
cn **aiurd*y in the viajuty of Haating*. aud one of the
car* wa* aomewhat daraaced, but none ot" the paaaea
;er? ?n*tained airy iajury. Conaiderable deteatioa ol
that and other train* wa* occattoned by the aecidect.
Tbe T*rTytuwn train. dae here at'"-' P M . aad the Al
bany way train, due here at 9 P. M.. did not arrive unnl
half paat ten A numbcr of paaaerigerfl arho had been
waiting for BBBBB tiiae at MaahattaBtille, aaticipating
tbat a more aerioua accident had .*^ttrred. obtaaed
rarnagea. went acroa* tae uland. and came dajwn hy
the Harbrm road.
? -
Kailkoad Acciri.tr.?FireffuiB A'i.'/rJ.?
Tbe Hud?on Riter Railroad rnail aad freijht train,
which left Albany a; nixe oclock --aturdAy eteaint. r*n
! on to a rock ta the tunu^l about two milea abote Rhiae
' beck, and wa* thrjwa irom the track, inataatiy kilnag
the breman and badly breakin.' up the engine aal car*.
' So other jaaraon wa* lajared aad the track waa deared
10 that the train* paseed a* u*ual yeaterday.
8rtRiT or the PRBst.?The wt-Jj-infiir-Jfl-'-d
rdBora of Tke m*9*9J? A'la* hare the foOowiag para
l""**f ? . ;_
jmgfxl Wemt.'?Twetty tite caika of Latuor. *_*__
iak bbb. tl*aa oae BBBB**ad galiDn*, were aeized anl
.i.-rtr. yetl at Macbi** MBine.ootbe V*h laat. aader t?ve
'? tyraniucBl VsUJe law ."-uch an amount o4IItoo*
tv* " prt?rciry distribtted. would bate came.i ra- pn
i naary reerti. u> 1* two or thr*** warda of du* City. aa4
I ?? h * iiiait*-- ilw**-*. '??' **?-* ***
Chri'tmaj Ob-ebta.Bfks ?-Ma*h of the aa
"-ktraaterJ enjoaytoent of the day wa* preveated by the
d__a*ptreable eondition of* the wedher. The morning
"?"a* foaj-ry aad wa?_. aad though there wu aome ira
proTem_ri.t, the day ?i ??flrally of tbe aame charae?
Tbe fint Ltuine- of the day wa* "_**__Iflh -errit-e, of
which we have a few raote*. e.__rucir_g af ct*ur*e but a
.ma-] port:cn of the cht__b- ia which terriee* were
Triaity Charek. (Efjkeopd )-Div_e -oervii? ta'i
place at the __ro_ :_c.n_af hour. Aaetfertvedkeour**
BBBflBfa-kte to theoccarion wa* delivered by Rev Dr.
Dr. ilighec. t-Vtane good rctaaic wa? perfonned by th*
choir, in-ludi_g a Te De_n and a Jubilate. by Dr.
Ilodjfi TLe churrh waa *j_t___ly decorded.
St. rear* CkarrA, (Epkcopal)?On Chr*-?_> raorn
itg Rev II. Hobart. D. D. pr*arhed tb* re^ilar Cbri*t
mka ?e-TOt?, At'lbe cotkIh-wn of the gervieea ihe
Holy Con.mumon artk* tdminuter.* 1 to a 1 i-ge number.
Thedecoroion* of thk church are evceeiiin.ly be-tu
tiiu!; all thcc4___Ti_. in the buikling being eacinled
?jrith ahrnba, while gvlt-nd. and wredba orf everg??te
om? mrnt the flflflfl of the gaUene*. The apr?arance of
the whole k ned indotoel.
St John* CAopil. (Epkeopai)?A aer_on wa* given
d tbe __!__.' ?mce La tbi* church on Chr_t-?k?
Day. by I'.igbt Rev. Bkho p VV'aiawrl-ht T_e church
wa* appropriately dec_ra*e_
fjVot_-r Churck. tF.piscc.pfll) ?A largi* roa.'f-*-^-ion a'
f*r,;e.l Div_.'*eri.'o-inth:sC'-unh. Bflf Dr. TivKt
'. r.ja_-t-*d by l'.er. Mr Mt***tr*? T 1-* aermoa
waa delivered by tbe Piator. (Rev Dr. Taj lor, (tn 1 the
tr xt cboaea k to bc ftnind ln ld Tbaothy, 3 ch. 16 v. ;
" Aud Bflflbfll t c '.tTcrversy. great 1* tbe m
d wa. _B_____flrt ln the Atah,.
- ? ? ? ? flflfaaa. paaaaflad ?
lio v, ,| ci: :n thi-w, ri 1. received u;
During the courte of tli'* lervicea, the f-kllowing
cboice compoaitaon* were mo-t ex-eil'arly well rca
dered by the cfficient choir (much increa?d for the o_
eiv-ioi.) u-ider the able d.rection of Mr. YVm A. fl?flgj
the Organiat of the Church i V'enite, exultemua D t-n.
no ; (ilork Fdria, comporeai by VV". A. K:ng ; Te De i u
laudamua. comporoa.! by Richar.l Hi;.be-i; Ju'-jilde. ar
I?igcd ly I".. H. richem'.erhom, Ka j : 9flfaWl_f_I
Paalm, Ith and ."ith veraea, arrsuged from Beethoven, BBB
CLrktmaii day, by VV. A, Kftig ; Chrktmi* Hy na, w.th
GflflJB* Tatri, a new arrangement trom Mozart, by
W. A. ELng.
After U.e ifltflBflBt, Mra riod-t-'iii ffmnWOthj kfiaa J iil?
N.rthall) aang the " Intkmmafu-. ' fr -m Rioaint'*
".-"tabat Matcr," (fl laptid to other wB**dr_) in a atyle
ar.d man rr that reilected the atmiat etflfl*- upm thl
gifto d .injrer. The rendcrin, of thia -Mftflflfl ap-veareJ
to bc keenly reliahed by tl.e Urg* c >n .T.'srarlon preernf.
flfl" I'airick* (Itoman Catholic).-Rel ?". ti-W r-h p
ron.nrienred nta very earlybourin tlie iiiorniarin all
the Koman Caiholic Chur-he- in thia City. Atthe*
Catiiednd tl.e fir.t n-.a?* waa offere.l up at '. o clo. k.
hnd a ma!. wa* celebra*ed every kflrifBflBI BflBB t'u'
time tdl f1 o'clock, wl.en a aolemu Hijl M*'* waa
At thk ma?? all ti:e BB?b_flfl B .nncctod with
tbe Bflflflfli of tbe Si-ter* of Morcy. nu-nbering over
? i ifli, Tltia aotleiiiu ri-..'id n .'i i:i,-li 1-* u-.-i!
near 9 o'clock, when b>w nia-.ea agion began to be
Bflflfffld, and were contiuned every hBlf h-nr a* before,
ui.:.1 llj o rlock, when the M,i*t I'-.er-'t 1 Arehb_*hip
Huglte.o (lhtided aa Uigh "Pneat *t the rcl bration of a
ioUtr.nl"ontifiral High M-a. K.v. Mr. Ilreret (who
wa* at one time a Protr.-tant Epk-opaltan cl-rcvmin)
aa Deacr n, ar.d RevMr Baflta?-Bfl-flfl Bfl flfflfleflB. Al
thk maaa. ArclllloflflV p MOflk-flJJBB, of Saata F-, Bogota, -
al?o i-?i-ted Ro v Hr lu.ly. ibe *_fflflflflfl_r4fljr*8 flflflflfl>
tary, |)reacbcd an clo-jti'-nt .ormon. The hi^li altar
and l?oth ?idealtar*. were ta-tefully -afll?Bftflfll an.l
dtcoratcd. The attendance at each ot the#e mvaaei ,
wa. numrrtii* and d tbe fir.t maa* at tl o'clo.-k i'i >.?
| or-. fla <rl B l.a.1 pewa in tb-- chnr.h. aad who had n<>t j
arrivd very early. had greit -tirfi ti'y andahivy
prflflfl to centend with befire tlny eou'.J gei to their
reat*. Frem I o'clock until the entire ??'rvite* ofthe
n.,iir.ii i were finiabed tl.e cr.wd wa* .? grc >t that tb*
y.ro ol the church wa* crowded to the very e lajfl flf
the ridewalk of the dreet There were Y'e.per* in th"
, v> i t ;? at 3 o'clock, d which a'.l the clcr_yiiien of tlie
Clurch dtended. After Ve-pera, tbe pri.1*'* went to
tli4> Confeational, where they pnnnined until n*ir I
o'tlock at niglit. prejiaring their penitenta for holy
communion next inorniiu-.
ldfl*flflBflarflfl CAiorcA (Itoman Cdhclic.)?At the
Chunh of tlie Hedem*?tori.-t lathera, in Thinl af., tiie
nliiiou?cxerckt* commenced ao early a* 3 o'click,
wl.en tlie clert-ynien enme Into tbe Church, and. d
ri.ted by the cl.mr an.l a pretty lar? eon^rent'on,
i hanted tbe Matin. .nd otber ?erTicea for the day aa
pre*cribed by tl.e Itoman Catholic rituaL At 4 o'clock
the prieata commciiced cel--brding muiw*. wben, a*
at -it. Patiick*. the Holy ""ncritice waa offered every
hall i- t.r. At tiie 7 o clock maaa aJl tho cbildren tun- I
BflflKd with tbe *ehool ofthe Church flfltaflflB-BJ BM
thtufand att.ndtd an-1 ?arig hyinna to th I Infant Jeau* |
during thu ei.lire time of ita celel.ration Th.-r* w.* a ,
aojemnlijh m* ? otl.-r- .1 Bf ..t-uclik by R Bfl Mr.
Muller, tl.e .-'uperii r of tbe Hoiue, aa_i*U-il by Kev. Mr.
( rif.i n ra Dflflfll **, BBd Kcr. Mr ll(**])alen u *ub>D ?*?
eon. I.-w maa c. were ag-in arleied until H). o'click, I
r. Bffla Bafl*?Bfl ii?h maaa celebrd *d. Tue ?
jecoodMovaof M-igart waa #unr' thi-. titn". and wi. ???.- ,
rt-llently perf. nncl by th* choir. under ? . .
of Mr Au..1 IBflBB* M 1-r Bfl -i-li-l ' ?'?
aiidtlik(oncludfd(fctn l.ttie after 1.'.. cli.'.) ta ' m ir-i
.:,_?'? flflai ti' f.?. Tliere were Vciper* in thfl flfl flflag
atter wb.. h rhe pn.-at* w. 11 la tiie CflflfflflfllflflM?\ar_fl8fl '
they remaicid till s Bflfltflfflr. We uidr-'.ooi tha!
. Bf Moaqtiera wa* expected to ankt on th-*
tioxtday (ye?te.day)ar flfl -flfflfll I - hurtb
Over ti e hi.b altar wa* a t; lei ,|i.l pai:.-.iD.' of the
?' n wiral.iping tb-1 fflfll JflflflI tfl t.'iocrallfl,
nd iu the c'.uudfl above were the li.'ure* of tar *e an
.ecteilbye Bcrdl fl-oav thecenrcrof tbei.,'
ure*. on which were the word*. "U'.ori. in IH
Deo, in terrfl pnx hominil-u*." From t'.e r.<nt of thene
Cturtr ihe ie.it eaflJtaflflflf a croa.'v
lower ptit of which rerted ou the aide of the cr. ii I in
whkhriV Infant repcifioBd.
Al ibe pi > ?Iur to ibe r.oaht ofthe principal one wa*
a repre-eritaiitn of Betblhem, the C '> "1 I'-orA, ia
j a?:cU?rd hou-.e. laid out iu atr4seta. flfll, and ako ter
erd fi0rtire* repre?ent:ng the rharact". flftbfll time ia
ler.-i.t avoeationJ cf lif-', with l.-urei af the
?io t t.aiil i: d mmp I. ah*ep. goflt*, Ac. Iu the fr-aut of
all wa. a repre*er.tatieu of ti.e door of the stable in
which fbi>t wa* boru. witb .-t Jt?-ph an-1 the
BBBfltflfll Virgin cu euh- r .ide, and on the t if a w;n,"*i
Ai.,;el wub a drawn ?wtrd in iu hand, to guard tbe
entr; nce. t*a the lide altar to tbe ler": wa* a _a:aidi_-*
itdueUibnngcof-f the Vtrgin and chiid. aa sbe ol"
!er-d 1 ini in tLeTemple. Tbea'tan werej-nrlandedacd
feattpoiacd in a beaatiful ix?nner, *. wm al.o aafl row af
pilkra on both *kle?, whkh aid in tbe aupport of tl?i
tooi if tLe cl.urrh.
Al th Frrt Potot*.? At thL' ploiee efTor.a were mad
tj tbe phii*_ktlu-opb.t* there en.a. *d to inclaie the
cbildren tf tbat locdion in tbe nui-'-cr who would re
mtmber with pleaaare tbe annu-l oceurrenee of
Chrktnuw. The cbildren ot* (h? Ra^ged Bflflaflflt. d I >.
17 Oraage at, which k ?upportad. we ualer*t-_-i, by
ti.emlper*of Mr. B<-<ee*ao?* can-regdion ia Brooklyn,
aeretreated to a .-ood Chr_ti__ d:nner on -i.turJay
dtern. on
In tta 'Houae of Ir?a-try. under tbe cha-g? of -Ir.
rea*t- where ? large namber of children are doiily *up
jbed wirh B4-p?oa Cbr_*tma* day ? extrtu" w-re
?dded to the ba-i(joet of ?oup. aad aingioar aa-l other
exerdat a took plK*e which. akoojether reader?l it a
good and plor-aeinf oecadoo-a merry Chrkt-n-t to tbeai.
Tlie Ch-ldrcn under tbe care of tba Ladiea' Home
Mkaicniry *-ociety were alao fafoperiy en'-ruudd ?
The Mieeiorjary. Rev. J. Luckey. totih ab<jut twenty of
them over to the VVaj_u_igtoo-*t. M F ("harrh. liraok
hn.by invitatioa oftUepadar. Rev, J. Kenoedy wie.e
? r.ate*Tri.ioi_?e--r_k<- took place. iWtare tbey
wi re } ledg.-d towmrd th- kafll ling to go up La
the place o: tbe Old Brewery : aad 9'*) worth of cto'Jiiag
were promifl-d ta the childrea of tbk Miation. to b;
.iven _i___ed-tdy. l':>on their return 11 the M_*d-n
rocm et tbe Five ?uLxU, a Iflrrel of Cbridnaa* cake,
whkh bo_d laaen preaented by the JefTorrMia laauraiice
C(?ip*_y, waa __BWbYat-rd to a larte number of tae
children. .
Tku* tbrou.b tbe kiaJnea* of .ympdhumr Inrn-U
wera tbe neglecied childrea of thd loaabt v rem^ded
of-he-*Br*y-a.mreBlized by the more fortunate chi.
dren of tea-?era-e pareau, who JweU ia a better flflflB
of K<:ety
.St. iiaryt Ckerck, (a?>man Cdbohe p-V, t und r
atand tbat the coBeetioB ta *3t Mary * Chixreh, C.raam
__, ofl Chnatxaa. day. for tto ?>rpi*aa*, waa nearly
?..-. fa*. iU'-fld CW-, DtM^i*. pxzh _a>
forme,t>? Chrt-tauu aemee wa* beid ia thu ehttTt-a,
ct^mrrasncing at 11 o'clock in the rnoruir.g. Th? "-"an
day 5choo! f^olara?between ninfty aod a baadred?
wrre arrayed in front of tbe pa'ptt, and fsring the
B-idienre. After prayer had b-en e-Tered by Dr Be
thtine. the schular* united ia aingiag aa apprnpriate
ChaTBttnas Hymn, writtea for tbe occa*ioo by D. M
.?HuBe. Ea**., of Tkt Jeatrauat af Cammerc*. tad Sapertn
tecdeat of the School. Thii tra* foflowcd by the read
iag of a portion of Scriptare from the firat eaapter o:
Matrhew, and another prayv-r The ehcrtr then aang
the ">*th P*ahn, comrnen. .ng :
? Joy to the worl.l, tbe I.orl i* cjate '
Let earth receive her Kirur.:
Let rv.-ry b.-artprepare huu room,
An.I Heaten and nat?rr -
Rer Dr Bethnne then proreeded to preach a di*
course from tbe following word* I
? Tl y hohr cb.ld Jesus. whotn thou ha* arroitAtad."
| Arts : Ith chapter. -"""tn verae.
Tbe thenie of hi* discoarac araa divided into three
teparate parts. aa folbwt:
Firat. The a.ltantage of early piety.
Steond The importance of leahiug Relijioo to the
ritrd. The child like spirit of true Chrittian'ty.
Theae tcteral heads were lUiiatraled and commeoted
upoc at conriderable length.
Firtt. Christ, said the prvecher, did not leare the
ipbrreof ch:l 'hood . but Hu piety wa* the o'-edieace
of s chikl. BBB life wa* spent iu the sahitary retirefiietit
if a gTowicj youth. We can never be,-in Cb.rUtian.ty
too early. We eommence the Chriitian lif-> ao early
but Chrut be^ran it hef'ore u* ; and etery hour we ipen.1
in fin. ini-narCB our distance from that hearea ot hii.
BBbBBBj we h .pe to attain. AU our aeal in after
year.. cannot make up for the de.-ieiency of o-jr eirly
yi-uh. I'lVKle*. tlie ililTc-jltiei of the fkri-tian l.re are
ir.oie eaaily otcrcome, and our atr.njth i* ane*ter
when we b-i;in it :n early life. We cannot f.riii tho-e
bsbiti too early. We r.-ap in our maahood, and our
age. the aBBBf harrc^t wa ?ow when youag.
Second. The importance o( teacbing the young rcli
eton. C i'riBt came a. a little child: aad tlius com
men.ie.ll.ftle ihi.lren to .-ur care and aift-crioB. B.*
lidci piety there I, nothiu.; iu human nature thut *.)
much rer. ml le* Chriat, a* a poor man, a uranger, and
? ';ld. Chri-t r.'-vcr ha.1 a hon.o. llewaapoor,
ai.d piead-.n.'in h:? i.cl,>le*?ne**. lle ram>* BB a 1.-th*
rhBdj thr.- ;rovinj that no heart ii too y.iun;t) re?
eei. e 'he Chri?tian ble-.*in^. When a child i* able to
learn anythit-g, he may le*irn Chr-t.a-ii t
Tkird. The child like ipirit of true Chri*tianity?
C! ildhoot! bai iti tiulti: but tho*e the Chr.stisn haa
to'l.un. but cluldbooil has ita laany ?ood ;
aod those tiie Chr-tian h*. to pre.?rre. We *hnilJ
fi llow Chrut in all th>* boly Yirtuci ot chiidhood . aad
asliewa* abely rhiid, w>> ouglit to be childlik-, like
him. A* the cinl.I relies BfBB tlie pareut, eren BB
il.ou'.l the Ci.risttan open l.i- h-.irt and mind BB God'i
t.arhi:.' and never dou'd :h>* t< Btituiuiy ofth ' Scr-p
tures. And a- tiie i hiid u lovn.a. trusttul and BBBBaBBB
?and r* Je-u* iva* ever full ot m-r. y aml 1 ve?.*>
BBBBtU BM Chti-tian, laysn,* asute all jealjuiiee, and
? ? r -i- BbBBB, 1 ve ull, and .-er.e all, and ?eek to
taveali. as did the boly child Je-u*.
lt ia to remitid u* of the?e dutiee and privilege*, that
the cu*:. m of ih<- Kcformed Churchea, eter *iuee they
ci.iiieout ol" l'opery, ba* beeo t-> r.-inembe-r Ciinat?
I.iitta I'uy, on thi* day of tho year. We do not cn
:? nd that thi*i*the tery aniiiven'ary of ChrittB birth?
eltlongh there are many atron; ivni-on* why iv.-iu.y
tl .r.k lhal it ii. Much ba*. he-n -uid .-n tun atibj-ct ;
ii .1 I re:-r.t to *ce th-u the l-ednig eiliiarial in Tkt
CBaBtaBB 'a'.'.Vr?C'r ui'ih a week i* d.-'voted to thi*
-raajaai .-Uil, it wm thecuitum '*f all Iho cl i cftea
and all tl-e Chri :inuB. exc-pt the haBBBB anl the ,
Probyterlan-i of lirrat Briuin. The men ol 1 rieae
land ard (iermany, nnd llcilelti'-rg, aud (iittievs, aiw
I o tm .-ry in tLi* i-uatom | end I do uot think th-it any
of ua who bate conie to^eth.-r thi* niortun toBblnk
ol th.Bethin**, stul to rt-joice to^e'h.-r over them, will
be auy tbo worre lor our rwlii-iou* .eitiee*).
'11.8 BBByBBB cloBt'd with tbe alngiug of auotlier
l.y n.:i, and the Doxulogy.
/.'r I*. Y-irleyt Ckurck BroeWya. (Unitarian).? *"er
% .i e it i,i held in tbi* church, eominenciugat 10^ o'clock
iu the mornin.'. The paitor prearhi*.! i di*cout*e upon
tl.e Inviniiy of Chriat,? takui?, a* hu text, th? follow
.iu wotd*:
? IL.hI hath ia th**e I*j4 daya Bpoken unto BB by hi*
.- ..n. wh. in he harli appointed hc-ir of ah tiiiu^ -. hy
whom al*.. be made tho world , wbo twiug tbe Iri-lit
ne?* ot hi* glory, aml the exp-e** iti.fi'.'B .il hi* *??r-i i,
BBd U(hi!illii4 aal L thing* l.v the word i f |B '".wer, f*aBB
lie I ml l.v hun 'll i 'iU- 1 our bibb. -at il.wn .ei lle'
riiht haad of the maj.>*ty on BafB"?He-brew*, I*t ch.
?J.l ind lld r?.
Plnglni; by the choir, and muaic upon the orgnn. ap
proprinte to th?- occsiion, wa* performed. The Church
wss tat'-fully ile.orate.1 with wreaths of erergre-'as.
Tl.e aftciulaiic.' wrta i|uitel?rge.
St Taiif a(F.piACopal) fkurck. flrnokl-in?Thi* church
wa* opened for public *.*rvice on C|_g8B*r*B8 mn BBBaj,
ir.d a acrmon apprupriate to the day. wu prea.hed hy
the paator. Ret Iiaac P. labagh. wbo took lor hi* text
l:.- 1 b and 17.h terses of the aecond chapter of rft.
I uke. The building I* of bnck, imall BBl plain, but
v. ry nce.f, and l* capable of arcomni al'ling a coii^ro
? ti. i, . f probably four humlnd people.
sabbaik Sehool Fettiral (Lrojklya)?The fA,'j*th
BetBBa1 attached to the 5*and* *t. M.-th di*t Epiiopal
Church BBtd a fettival on the O.'.tii iuit. (i 'hristiTias),
tbe ol-ject ot whicb, aa well as to atford s little hnli-lay
AintiB.rr.eut for tha jutenilea, waa to raise fund* in aid
of the Mis.ionary cauae. A meeting wu cuntened lu
M.e i'l,.:i. h B 10, o'clo. k 88 the morning, which wu
lirat ad.lreaaed by Ket JaBB ln-kip, of New York,
who wa* followed by R.-v. H.jnry Ue.|uo, Mlaaiuuary to
the Oneida Indian* we-st of lireen B/ty. There were
four Indinns preicnt, who accompanied Rer. Mr. Re
(?ua Irom the Wert, one uf whora (a Miniater) epoko a:
bbbbB leng'h in bi* native language, it bein< lnterprete.1
by another coe ofthe company. The Indisrualao *ang
aeveral bymn* ln their uatite tongoe. Ret. Heury J.
Fox. Paator of the Church, made a few remark*, ia
whicb he itated that the childr.-nof that Sabhath .-"chool
had raiaed by tbclr owu exertioru, within the la*t four
eteks, over f< ur l.uDlri.l dollar* for the benetit of th?
Mir.ionary cbu*c. Thcro wa* a cuntruution taken up
m church which added about one huudred dollara to
that -um After tlie m-eting in church the member*
ol ib. BBflBaflt I BB ol alj aflBBBl to the .-"abbatii rtchool
? where they partook of r..fre*hmeut*, which
had been pruiided lor the occation l.y M F.Oiell,
E*q., guperintecdent of the .Scheol. The room here
wBd beau'ifuily decorat.-d in the uaual (.hrutauat ityle
At tbe head of tbe room. on each iile of tbe ro*tnrn,
w re two impr?-ive in-cription*, worked with eYer
gietn in tLe form of a half circle. One wa*
" The wue *hall luhrnt g'ory ''
Tbe other.
- We ihall meet ag?-n "* He'ten."
The exercuefl of the .Iay were inter*pr*rsed witli
?;..i.!iig hy Ue icholar*. and Ihe accuracy and goo-1
ta*te with-wbich th? piece* were performeti ahowed
ii u< h tutorui^ and retU-cted credit upon the ?chool.
t* Peter't and St. /--af* C'harcA, IfiniaaM'.irr.r'i, (Ro
nwn Catholic >? Ma*a waa held at tfcl* church at 6, i,
ind M| c cioek. A lermo. waa delivered by Ret.
I- atbrr Malone, at I07 o'clock. The Church wi* tery
la.t.. J!y ifeeorat.d with evertrreeD*. L'^un the Blfar
wa* a large cumber of Ilgbted lampe.
St. kterkt t kurch. W.Uta*xto?Tgk. (EpiaVU>paJ).?A
leimcnwa* deUtered at thi* churth at lof A. M., bf
J'.et Mr. Il**tia..'?. the r^utor. Tae walU of thu
Churib were fe*ttx.ned aruh green bu*he? anl ever
pn aaa </n each =ide of tbe puipit w-re app-opria:e
?>arci Reformed ckurck, T,Ui4makergk.?-A feaUral of
tbe BjBaBB .-"xfaBXil .-vhoJari of thi* Charcb waa badd
a*. 1- ', A. M. An addreaa to th* ichjlara waa deUrerad
bt 888 sup.riatendeBt. Mr. rerris, aftar which the
! tchclart partook of a eolienon.
.if BTkfaBB Episcrpel Ckurck, H^tUtaaaaburgk.^K *er
mon wa* deiivered at thi* Church at 10j, A. M., by the
l'*?tor. Rev. E. L. J*ar*..
frraey'iriea Ckurck. irjli*Aad.urgh.?\\c* i. D
' Well* delhered a -ertaon at thia Ciinreh at 1 . A M.
Ceitara Ckarek. triUtarmaOurfk?Tb* *erYicei uf thia
Charch took plrce at 104. A. M , Odd Fellowa' Hall, ia
Sabbetk Sehool Aearrertaty, h'W'xmatar+H ?The
Fanday ?choiara ef the -*-juth-ril'th *r. M. E. Charc'a
: teld tbeir AtiniTer-ary at tbe al-ove Church on rlatur
| day night- An aiidre** wa* dehvered by Rev. R. .*".
Foater. HeveralCbrittrna* carols wer* tunz by tha
entire sckuci, under rhe direction of Mr. *alc<' ruh, their
Ittnae y.-Miont^-Jerteaj City.?The mimVn of the
Methodut l.jiucopai Church. York-*:. beid a Featital
t. Chr-'niA, for the parxroae of " rai-.n ? a ?'.-ri iuf
, i: ??:-.: :<t -. -ttaiB a M...u^i-t to lah?r a> ? <i the Q*t
maa f-0f*4k*-_aa of the City." Tae exero ??* cmm
m. eci t! d ? o'clock wflh *n?vlr_g by the Sabb.fi I ho?
rcbof.-?. Basaer *nd%B._e pra*?i:a*-t?? fdl.weo-*,
aad tbe wbole wa* C4_aci_iU-d by eMreoaoe f.- jbb threo
In.i_c?- -eOBot*i-at'ibe,i-jtal*T*4?. MaltiaiB of Mtw
A raeetiBg-rot _i baa been proivt-tad for Iha twa haa
drad ... rii.aii feaixhoe m ti.e rlty ; aad a co_lB***J*o_bl?
?BBfBBt oi aooney waa rataed d thu BBtaBflltf I??1
the rupport of a MiB*ion>ary for their eapevaal aflafl
Seeamar Okerrronce* ? Barr-. ing ia the aaad ta flflaflfl
miitfcoi by tbefog, wa* oae meexntof ?enjoj-i.af'tbfl
di y. A d. gen or morr c m;<ania> were adoat, of wbJ<_
Ihe M_.tir4.cld C.uard. Capt R. E. Aeby. (aaaaa I afier
il. Bry .-. m*_b,_ d. a prc_ua?-t ixtaanber of the Fiaa
I**-T-a.-tBiea*,) wrnt oa a tarj?; excardno to al?at
rroepect, to outemi fojr the Mlowtng lrwtB>a
priiea, vu. l?t prige, pr-,-i.t*d by U I Mat-rlo-l,
Ikq.* aplendid I_4iea brooach?flJOfl by I.ieat WUttaaa
J. Coey, Jr. Jd prtie, m-tket-woa by Jaba Wil
laam-oo. 3d pnie, a ailver gcb'**?woa by Bidaef
.-"mih. 4tb jrige, a lar-re hravy g 41 prncil? wafl by
D. Murray. .'flh pn*, a gold peacil? wou by Joha
K?*efV, BBfl) >"?? flflBBf, a tiv.- dolkr gold afljoe?wom
by U R Rooiue. Tth pri/e, five doUar gold piaee .
wou by Orderly Scrv ant VV ll Kt_e, Ka.p B-.h ?ira,
a hut?wen by P. 0_9flflfl *""th prige, a hd?waa
by J. 0. Ptrott 1 tb pr.re. ?;-1. n iid wr-ath-woa bf
C. B. I-cweai. Urh prire. a gplenolid aegar r_at??
wi n by latv.ee K*rr, F*q. lith prif e, a bat?woa
ly C. BflBfl Pogart. VY al'?.-e a ba_d arxom'*4*i_?>i tba
C.u.ri.'* on their excuraiaan.
Tbe I flflflflfly Bluo*. th* KxeeL?r (iiiaitla the I.eari*
C-uarda, the Mellen liuarda. the llenrje YY'hitt) (laarda,
the Bcvan (iuarda. the D__. Poaovtiu liaerdot, the
-.ararlx Lu*ht (iuarda, &.-.. were ako out.
A Irt-inj- feduae wa* the three or feur <*oro**4___afl
of Fantaj-ti-al*. the Fourth Ward Cbowikr '.uard, thfl
I. Drago. n*. A c . who *iici*oaede<! iq raakiDg theaa
roive* the lauhhiii. rtock of the town.
The cmpbiyee. of the variou. F.xpreoii Compaaiaa
"bitched tt Bm. and got up a horae-and wtgon proooe
ai. ti ef great Irngth. drove to Siryker'* Bay. devoarafl
a -I'len.lid liintif-r, and r.-tumed about dark.
I' .i i- . the day Bfld evening there waa more than Ihfl
tdrdinaiy anmant of drunVenneaa, and the prinelpd
dieet. were badly iufeded by Ihe reelmg and hrawhng
r.'.? wio?e appetite* had overeome their reaaoa
aaai rrtulcred them db? aceful to thera?lve* and a f*>
r.- ii* niincy aiu-e to olhoar*.
In tl.e ev.nlng, tbe variou* plaeea of a-n.i-eme?,
were jamnied more than full, and tbe day finally eloaed
without ac. id.-nt i.f uiirfortuiie, ao far ** w* oaa Iflara
?druukennflpB alway* except.-d.
Thr Ftn-T?It ia atated that tho flrat Vol
unteer Miliiary Cempaay ever formed in thk City, flfflfl
ef membera of Columbku Fire Kngiue Co. Bo. 14, who,
?? ' i i!-iiii- ? dav lOA. paraoled under Capt. A. Jiflt
nieicon, and went lo VV'ilLiamjburgb on a t-rfet flfl
Bflflfltl t .
CosTKBrrifltr IlewBun.?For a atago pro
prietir to do-bl.i the prlce of I'are in hk v-hicle. aa
B_BflBflJ*i **hen thoae lea*t able to pay taoat d*.iffl ta
ri.ie, i. bad eneugh at any time. but doablitig tha prlce
in a holidny and ke.-p.ng Ihe (people Igjiorant of tha
fn.t uitil they are f. Irly in the .tage, k a aort of mea_.
nt*. that ought to be rvbuked by wltbholding pdroa
agc from ruch a man furerer thercafter.
a ?
Arri.stok OakiBLkn.-i.?A young Bottonian
yUc-td.?A young man, nmiied John B I..*ar.*ck, tl
jcar* of ffie. wher tather earrl? on a am-'ltin^ pdab
lial.rr.ent in I'ctofl, arrived in tbk City on la_>t Wed
i f ,'ay week, w.th t).T75 ln hk jMaaeaaion, wbieh flfl
wa* in-trui to-.l by bk fall.. r to appropriate t.. tbe pur
, i .?. of iron, Ac. The young man pul up at klorene*'.
Hotel. wh. n- he had b--.ii l-ut a fi w hour*, when he waa
arroatr.l by . n.-n named Th.- White, a dool pl^eoa
for a gang tf gHmbler., who. after galnlng bk coal
d.-uce and a*. ert.ining wluat amoiint of money be had
with bim, invite.1 him to take a atroll about town. Tha
Bflfl aafl ti.o y made wa. d the houae Bo 110 Meroerat,
where. after drinking New Jeraey Cbarnpagne. tliey
conimencrd playing eardai witli two gaiuhlera, na?-kI
liiram Pearce and Jaa Meade, who managed to wla thfl
yoting tn.n'f gold, watcb and ch-in, wi.rth 9l"0. Faal
n.g deeply bk !?'.-, young leo.ro. k left tha place, re
?olving never agdn to vi.lt one of tha kind; tlie aaxt
evening. how ever, he wa. indaeed by White to call ta
a I ll.ar-t .-'al.din. kept OVflfl a publie houae knowa Bfl
the Arbor. at No. XXI llr-.a.l wiiy. .nd while th.-re, Wflfl
led |o> . gaanbling i.aiui <.!?,. o- Oio.- r_loun, whur* he Wflfl
Induced by a gang of black l.-g* to haxaroi d carda thfl
money wilh wbieh b* haol !"--u .intnuted by bk fatber.
He li Tt the pb.ri- Bflfl night minua f 1 -o ()n the follow
tug mght, Imi in. to retrieve hk Ioi*, aud by tbe aoUcl
r,',oii>,f IBBflfl of bia new made filenda, he agflla
viaited *->>. 33*.' Broadwuy, whare be waa -1-- > ...l ool oa*
l.i. laat dollar. After r--tl.-.ting for aome daya oa what
rourae tu punue, he fiually coucluded ln apply to Jaa
flflfl B?tflBl lor redro?., and on Baturday laat, bfl ap
|M-*rrd beforfl tbd ma^ktrate and made aa affldavlt,
?- tting forth tbe partieulara a* above *tated. A warrant
waa tl.o-n keued fur tbe arreat of ei.i.t individuak,
named Wm. Jnpaoa aiu.* lloiton, Wm Page, Hlraiu
Pearce, Jaa. 1 urto.lt Daakl 11.11 Darld Tatlman, Btflt
trring Jak* and l? M- a ie Tblluuin and Ilili ara tb.
koo-tier* of the g.mbhng ?hop over tlie Arbor. flar.
gent Taylor, of the Nrnth Ward Polke,, and (ifficer
F.lder, of the Lower Pollee Court, luceeadfid ln arred
ing J-i>om)ii aliaa Ikfltoa, and Page, both of whom wara
tiken before Juatice Btuart and loeked up. Hlram
I'.-r-rc- waa arreeted by Officer Ackinaon, of tha fllaflh
VV'.rd, but got away from bim befor* he arrived et tbe
,-tation HouiC. The re*t have not been arreatad, but
will probabiy bebronght in during the r.iurm of today.
Young I.i Hfak Ihe eompldnant, waa phc ed la cflfltfldf
ofan ..il.eo-r in order that he may l>e forfhrommg whea
i ail. .1 apon to te?tify.
I.EXABKkBi.K C'ATAiTRoraii.?On Friday
: pt a iu?iii ga. pipe in I'.roome ?l. oppoaite the booae
(A E. B. Ckyton, No. 419, broka in aome manner, aafl
th* e-cape of gaa waa ao great aa to fotco ita way
thmugh tbe rault into the lower part uf the houaa, aad
n> *rly to unfit tbe aervanta forthe perforti?nre ?f tk?lr
..'..?. Tlie family, *npp<p.ing lt to proeeoad from all?
attoca that were being made ln tbe r_lghr>of-?oed,
thougbt it would koon paaa awar. Ai, <ut dark taat
flfflflflflfl < oal being wantafd. Mr. Ciaytfin, foarful of aay
carele.ai.eafl on the partof tbe aervaat, took ta bk aaad
a *mall lantern, witb an oil lamp burning, and praeadad
tbe girl to tbe vault He entered ia advoance, aad whea
tboat three dep. down, tiie wbole volorn* of ara*, witk
wlkhtbe place wa. fllled, iguBcd, exploding witb a
report Iike tbd of the beavkat artillery. Ho tremon
doti* waa tbe coucii?>i.,n tbat three iloor*, oa* (a_t4B_le,
and two many f? t within tbe dwelllng were tora from
tb. ir h_grd, aad throwo urxin tba I ot?r-_ant ticer. Ut.
( layton waa unconad- u* uotd be founol bin__Lf ta Iba
atreet, with bk hi-d. tace, aad hanola very euaaadflflahly
burned. Tie unfortunate gtrl, direetly bdilad him,
from tb* .uriokmnable ndure of her coYothing, wa*
liidantly eiit.loped ia fla-gie., ia whkh draadful flgradi'
Bflfl .he ran back iuto U.e koXehe.-i, where it Waa eruin
L-ukbed by wa. r tbrowa apoa ber by ber aflrightwI
:? 'i. w *'-r ?? *i.v Her Uojariaj ar* ao e atenai ve tbat il ifl
ftared tbe cannct po-wibly rarvivr, tbaagh Ul that _aad
icd Jkill could 4rt*ect, ba* been exertad ta her kflhalf,
Mr. Clayron ba* tuiiered fererely, but k now doing u
wellaaeuahl be ezpected. Hk mjuri? appaar ta ba
-1 -ne'.)' upon ihe lurfoca, aa hk elothmg betnf ot waol
len, protf-rteol bim iroru tha effflo-t of tba Kemea. It k
tbougbt tbat bk Ld. wbieh waat.rraal.ed aud awe-Bt trom
hu head by tbe comruaaion, aloae autigated tha aboflk
Bii?a icntly to preterre him from ir_Uat 4iaftractk)a.
K-U-0 Br a YxLL?Rcntlt of Intemperontr
?The Coroner, ye.tcrday, he'.d aa irnraad d Wo. 7
ManhattBaalley. near Keedeaf, apon the k?y 44*
Jobn Crowley, wi>o wm fouad. yederday moratag.
; dead, upon t?*_e ?tone ftorpaol* No. j ?me ?Ib-y. ft
appeaied in evidenco tbat ba bad draak tlrflefy d.noog
.-. turiay. and teft tbe hooao- arhile i-itoad-oatcd, at 9
j o'ekotk, on the aame evening. No more wm heud
' from hin* until a Iad ndaad John Smtth, wbo roal_ed
ia tLe aorn* botue w_tb hha, dk?4-T?red btai lyla? oa
the dep?, aod flwriii-d hk wife TTia Jary raa-tarad a
verdirt flf d.att from iicjunea reeeiv4*d by fcHiaf dowa
tbecen*iwayofbo__efl-. o Ma.*_l_atta_. _ley, while ia
i a ita.te of iuUiXkeOL-fl,
Two Mr** Stabbbb _B tm? 8iith Wabb
L_wtevfl?ucgflyooa-imaB oAmoi Denak Lundy, liv
1 ingd No. 3? Mdtat.. wm aarerely atabofld b the Idt
! tbiab by a kiifc inthe haada of Da-rid Beardaa. a ptom
' itctt cfeitca of ibe Bioxh Wat_ -_a4 Aa:_?;?? Ud v^etac

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