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BOB**?I HBBBBR-BBB at Tbe 8 T Trfbaa*
Wa.hiB4.T08, Satorday, Feb 2., WA
The rhief ?rgan of the preaent Adn.umtratioB ia
earaeat io the ?upport of the great me?ure of Mr
Doagl&a, which M firat it reptkd-ted and eooittnaM
MGeatl?B)ew luepreaeB-tivee to Conirreaa. it ei
?k-B-.a. ?' do paaa the Nebraaka bill. It t* a very amall
? watter. and aot at all oae to get ag'-'e<1 ---??*
? Oaly ***; Hlirery m?y go U? Nebrtaka. It aever *??'?'?
- aod to there ia no bartn a* aayior it yoa know. It
? will plekM the Seuth, and tbea everytbing wiil be *?
? hannoaioo*. Vou know we bad a terrible t.me in
- liwV>. Oor Sc_thern birt-reo got rery motb ex?
-peraled b*4-a*e their .l.ve. wrra to be exc'o IrJ
- fr..?, our BBB Tenitorie. Ttey BRBa u* to do tne
-aawe tli-g aow a* we did then only m-.re BB, and
?? jaat let thra. carry their a_rea where they like. It
?i. ? very M all th*f J?? ?*>w to *ay that very little
-w*rd Ve*. It will take -ut aa in.tant, aod it w,ll
- B1811 Ul"| go ao aaiafrly Aai then you uoed
- cot fc aa) tbLBg invre _R .Siarery tbi. MH_aH Oaly
-iast let the g.'aveboldera have ali tbe Tea__R__e*
?eoa.* aew. wont yoo ' Pr?J do. Tbo Northern
-ptcple weat core. Tbey iJway. BBgeiMia, you
? katrw There will be a fi?* for only a very little
?aBiiVaad theti etr-rythBBJ wBI he a* q _i?t aa thou<h
? yoa bad not done anytbing wirked.'
Thiaia the apirit, if not Le very kflfB-f*. of The
Cmtoo. But t?L_t iii.pudet-re and falaehca.! it i*'
flavery willI cot ge bta Nebrakka ' Tnen why thi*
deaiJly ?tr>i?i> af ?8 _8fl_ to raaaaa tbe reitricfioo
apon it I If it R?I not go there. the NBB? of the M.4
eeari Fet-pn u. ge i? a groea mockery. aa reg.rJa the
Kotitb, and a w*i,t_n in*i It t,, tl.e Wt'i Ta fcaaaaJ
therepcal cf tte reatriction ia to deanand an un?v_il
iag hamilia?>n. But Slavery trtll jro into N*ebrs?ka.
Tkt tt.no ttWttt it will I and Mr. Atchiaon. with i.i?
eiglty *!ave* aear tbe k" _i*a. bouodary, know* rt will.
lt is *n i-excusal-.e f/a.d tof-Bat 11 it will BBB,
And it i* for thi* tbat the ippeal of Tiu t'nion to
He Nortb i* to lurreuiler, ?urreu')er, surremler, to tbe
de?.andaof fcdavery. Give up your free *o I* give up
yoer ricb inh< ritoin-e. yctir ?)oriou* birthrigb.*. to the
kanelcl ianitntion of Airicnn Be?RRja liVli.i'.'iith
your irte ipirit. turn your b_rk nn Berfiaitmmiry
8M?aaiga, ab_??R flRf iuVas of liberty aud tlu
?orrery. and rrurn paR-B-TM 88888*80) iato tta
arai of tLe paif?Rkl I'clilah that will slicar you of all
yoer Itv k?, aid Ioieter fcMB you to grmd iu RgRtaBN
__itry in the pri.on houic of tbe Pl?to?898
Poch are tle falie BRHaail or t'.ie traiton
who have deinocraey upon upon their Hpa, and
dnpti eru in tbeir bear'i. To the N'ortti tney are
full of pruftaeio-B of at?'!iucot to laeaVHeaa in
atitutiom, full of becird tvord*. !uii of tttt bl?i<_g_
Bkccta, and all for tbe f. il purpose of beguliug tbeir
deaired victin, on to t'it abhaeiiient the inoat bitter,
and iafatt y tbe mo?t bla*ti_g Tothc Nortb it ir Vield,
Yield, IB?I to tb? South aaal to BbfBfJf, (live all tbat
ia uked?give all to day and ?_ ta aafMW, but pea-e
with Sl.very at any price. .ubuiit, tjubmit. subuiit,
is tte rorjithi't eravi n cry.
Ii there, then, uoNorih ? I? tbe apirit af nortbei
adipt-ndf-nee fled fon ver ' Are we all tra:t..r* aud
poltre.iis togetli r' Ia there nu BM_lH8M no ba?;k
boae left T Ia there no iterliug ipirit of iu lepen leaoe
anioiigiur D.mocratic bretbren,to itoa &n.l an,re dowu
thete _raa_g crie*. theie cowardly suppiicatioBI for
iBl?iit?i(_' Vv'here hre tb" lufiy hgpir.tious of tbe
Deaiot Tkt.e pany' ?? thp frcat h<"art 0l th? ,u'*l^,
oniCcd I I* lk'iiieciaey but a wbited aepulc'ier. fillcd
oaly with dead aten'a bonea I Are tbt *e laere ina
chines or ghukti. who. iu tbo ahape of men, annually
earry Ibeir BflBeM af votea to tbe balloi-box f
Tte bave an undiimncd fai'.h tbat we thitll bohold a
aniverial upriiiDg ofthe people of tbe North in behilf
ol tbeir own rikt'.t., ia bebhlfof tbeir own p><*teritv. in
bthalf of MBB?B DBHocrnry. and in utter 8?oittBiia
tUn of tbe l.fi.tar.l proalavery republieaniam of this
hoiir. We apeak of no one elaaa of citizei,*: but of
Wbig*. aud Democrata, and Free Soilera alike. North
era frcemen of all abade* of opinioo will unite to eou
deoin the ninnster fraud in pregreai: to auitein and
acajuiiae in which theie appeuli of a lervile preaiaro
The North and tbe whole Ncrth will unite to main
tain it* rigbti; for tbe South ha* uuited to assail
them. A solid phalaux of aggreiaion reura its black
head every where aouth of Maaon aud Dixen's liue,
banded for the propagation of Mavery all *ver the cou- '
ttocct It ia n.t ceutent with iti proipects iu the far
(routh, io Meiico, in Central Ameriea, in tbe Carib- :
hean Sea. It turns oorthward and invades a territory
wbicb itaclf onee yielded to the North, and upon which
K hrlpcd aflix the inscription " Fkii.dom PO__f_B.n
That ii the greun.l it now invaiei, that it the toil it aow
preiuniei to w re?t from it* lawful proprieten. Suoh
aggreiiion and invatian enn be met but in one way.
We can no loniier look for lovera of juatiee, for tho ad
voeate* of pligbtcd faith, in the South. Tbey bave de
arrted and gona over to tbe coaimon enomy of free
inatitutior-a. Tbe Nortb muit take up the gaustlet
they bave thrown down. ." _e mu*t defead heraelf aud
the great intereit* of poiterity.
The dnty ef every iodependeut man. ef erery work
ing man iu tbe Not tb. i* plain before bi v Party liaei,
long gtoaiiig d'uti, uiust be utterly ebliterated. Wo
sauit l.o loager hnow Whiga, Democrata, Vrae Soilers
M turh. Theie diviiioni uiust be blotted out. Old
leaderaiiiugtbe nothiug. old partiea nothing. We mu.t
care snthing for old aaaociation*. Indeed. we eanoot
We want no mere majoritiea in the great ooming werk,
bnt a fraternal tinanimity wiich euly great oceaiiont
caa hriag forth. The past ahall be tbe paat, aud be
buried in oldivion.
Let it not be aaid the North ig to fail. Mr. Theodore
Puhcr ia aa cminent preacher, but he ia a poor poli
tician. Becauae the Couipromiae of KViwas a.qui
e.c. d in, and beranae a northeru party could aol be
raiied on the haais of a rcpeal of the Fugit.ve
Slave law, thi* distinguithed WB?M aad talker appre
hetuja tbat the North cannot lorm oae on aay eHer.
We itiuit be permitied to t.y that. howeror able and
aagaoiouatLi* eininent diviae may be n other respeeta,
he know* litaJe of the *tren?th or weaknen of polit
ieal queationa. To the eye of every practioo- fmatBMiaa
there never waa the thadow of a chatco to r.uige the
North to Bjbb a party for tha re peal of the Fagitiro law
A large majotity of tbo people, aud tbe leg.l authoritie.
ererywhere, believed it and proaouneed it Cengtitu
BM?. 1 he law for catvhirg net;roe* wa* an act we all
seoreed. but that it had the aanctioo of ibe C.attita
R4ro, pvtitive or implied, wa* not to be doubted. The
Noith had ettirely too much hard aeuae to bo eaugbt
to th. supreme lb_r of atemptiug to raiec a party on
the baaa of it* repcal. Ard oinetoen t -ventieth* of
those who ha'cd it, a.id deridtvl it, asd ipit up-_ >t,
ajways contitlerrd *nch an atempt utter lolly l'he
reat of '.he Comproiuite acta, when p-$*ovl, bo-'aue
accmpli*. .dfact*. Kepealed they cauld uo.. e. There
wu aothir_ more to be done about them To likon
the atate of thinge at Hia time. iherefore. to what it
waa wben thoae ueagurea were paaaed. and to infer
the *__.c acquieaci'uce uoder the repcal of tbe Miteotiri
Compre?iae a*..Uowed the puaage *f thoae measure*.
ia to make a grea; miaako. Tbe rererenl gentletaaa
may be unured tha there ia no noed of hia apprehea
aior>a that he will have to hack down ia the comiug
fight.and rrtreat at Ustiato the sea froa Pl.. *e_Bh li *.-k
Prelfy aear twotfairdsof the Coagresienal lvepreieota
tive l>istrift? are iu tle (rce StAtea. acd we have ao shiv
eriBgapprthfuions ihat the traitora aregoiag to ke al
lowed to ctrry one in tea or t_ein UitLerto we hare
leen sold by koders. aad tho tune thing Is now propos.-d
agaia ; tut wilh thi* hnp <rtuit diflei-i-oe: ia tbe
.?trabiftT*, ti.e p. "ple hnve tae! ao chaaM to
.B-h tbe bujAin. They wcm robbttl i>o4 ib'.' \M*!
I delirered ovar before the rigbtfal o-nar bad a chaac*
? to lay hia kud ob it. It a aat ao aow The traitora
! att tr-nat>r. bnt tbe PeoPle exa r-*la.m Tbo terrt
' tery l*i*r aartb ef 36 eV w no tbtdowy antotaaee to
elnde onr gr.ap in aMeroptiDg itt reeorery It itthere,
aad it wi;l remaLo tbere fortrer. And wbile it re
t_aii.t, md until it it rveotered to freedom. i*. w.ll rA
tl.eob.ftt of aCr-e itr-gkl-. Come baeb it o\-gt
It Lu been ordaited to ? kref.dom PUBEtHL That
pledre gtkll be aaterled. That ordinatton *ball be
r ntorced.
I . t it rot be sxd tte aim at agiUtion. or exeiteroent,
or tbe brmatron of a northem party for any ohject bat
one ot tbe moit contiderate and pr..|if-r ehara-Ur
We iecab ceither eman.-ipation n>.r abolitaBb, n?r any
enr.uad.ne_t BBBB the ilare-bolling mcmberg of thia
eaadbdefaay. Wa aim only at tbe aaaabaaatiaaafa
icuiid, eanicit nortbern lentimeot. wh.jh ihali tytte
icaifailj jiurtue la th'ir rec*4ery. tbe righu now
tLrcatined to le wrested by tbeuaiiti band of tbo
ala4e poaer. If nortbeni Territori. crNiued to fr.-e
dom torever by tbe ia 08 ''t North ? Bd Baath, ia to l?e
iii4 6c't-<l tnd torn from ui in Ibbb-M of a 8888888 co:u
j .n t ai.d a piigt.tvd fai'b notbini: ean I.e 88880 rfar-.o
able than tbat we ibould intitt upoa Ua re*tnriti..n.
And Ibo aaeataaa c?n aeoas be MiabaA -~i ?atat
BsBtMtfH tt,_t ro*u!t igobuiced. Wt.ile theT'-rritory
rtu B-B8 tbe*effort will bc made unril tiiat rettoration
takeat.aie We do n?t cooaeut to the conte-iplttfl
MffNBBBX. W? ni ver rLall an 1 we never ehj.ll
acaalraea tl.ere;n Li'i_g and dying weih.ll-?e_k
aad work for the reeov.-ry ot tbal rreit d.ungi u
Again.t fc-laver* in tbe Ttrritory aortto of .)& ?' I. ?
wp^i eten.al BBd active war. We aha.ll oppoaa it
in tLe 'Itniforica. ar.d we ahall opr.ose it, uuleta auc
eeea tbnil earlier croan our eilurt*, iu tbe fiaateg to
ba n.adi- thfretri.m.
But thf*Vortb bave ealj to icnd down the rigtt kind
oi ii.dTi iiiio tb,- Hoiiieoi I'epreiefjtatired, to aet tle
tbis qtu-tfion. rtf-n ifrua eMBptratwa *h_rT BOW BBO
(?< ed It tbey Viill bu' elf tt brm nieu and ttoOBTRBia -<1
rm-n. they ail! acei.ii.pliih tbit rekt.lt al fb'-ir lir*t
?aaaaaa. If a raBtotatiaa Houne doea i'a duty. the
S. i nt,- v. il] i ,.t aa in th.- w a), uor tli**; PlBaUost he iu
tbe wbv. -Lit (ioverxi Ktit wsi BMMle togaaatbroe
lent It caritiot i'o on two least ol ail caa if ire on
BB*. A i*cti rmiiif.l lloif*. Ind tnnii tb* B4*0flc aad
bar-ked bj then-. ran rnfcree the elalflbS of rho poopl*.
If B aaa bare a PwaideBt to aat aritb it very ersjlL
Bat it c_d a.. w.tb..t.t tbat Tbe Cofliiooaa aaa itaad
aleae. Aud, in Criiily tealaadlag Jastiee aad I
ri, bta, ih. 4 aiaal aia bji be iiaeeietible
Ltt to cravct sppreliiiit'on* exi>t. th n?let no dis
tn -i 11- fi It o' tbapOOple wben aplaiu.taii_i il i.ptaaef
oijif-tiaaajf before tbea lt i* ii.?(?? Biblej to i
L.iii.-ru mea figlt fer ai BbatraetioB. i'be coaapara*
titfi TfatiaTjia al th< PreaBoU pertj baa arieea frao
'. ? ?- t tbat ita forri'8 b_ve 8008 call .1 Bf IB ?'? bfal and
egaiu to n art-b t? tl a polla toaaaert u ?t-uiiiiiei.t. Now
t. c- ir f(.? bbi li t-r.. tteoleeaaatatbe aortbd ra peeplc
for tbat, Eut give them a fpBBl ti't t,i 4torL lor, aad
let il.ein be fiilly pcraaaded thal right it on theil
and tbe n.i(,ht will fLo* ttaeK. Ia* vait torntnry
iti.t aftb* Mlaaiaalifl and herth ef 36 '.?>> i* tba
great hatereet aow et ttake. I belooi tofreedooiaad
the freo Btataa If ib( > are to be plaadared af it hy
tli- s.i.tl. adtd by nortbern traitora, tbea i's re
u.ury will be thognat abjoet of Borlboia eibrl
Tnlk ol iic.iuieacence I Will tt at mahe the robbery
aaj tb* id-a hn oufrine' Will eeatioaed eoataDk
platiol ofthe frcud IBCBBCUtl the Nortb to the pitieBt
wtittador of tbit rlcb haritage 1 No! Ten thoaaaid I
tiiirrNd: Tkaratyael 44ili bal Btiaailata aud lir.
tle ti eueureH of retlaariatioD. Tbe c-ry will be, " It
" ibi 11 88 roatatl i '" The appeal for 4'iiet and acqiii
cicin.c ? _il BOggoatiaaa ot l.artn..ny and aabtniaaioa,
vvill butudd fuel to tbe flatue'? for it will be addiug
intult to itijury Tba n-ply will be. " We eare not for
?? pcace, for trarquilli'y, for bartuony, ao leug aa weare
?ditpgtdd of oiii jurt licht*' Gtreia our rigbtB, of
'? wbich we bavc been dtlrauiled." L.ery con*ideni
ti.ii will fu.le into iuti?;nifirance before thit irreat de
nar.d. ISo Jong aa tbe ti -rr itory nortb ol 30 '?'< ?. b]
lolciLn fon.'pact ccngccrafcd to frecdom Cworer, ahall
ba klaekeaed nnd aaaTit**i wBb thi cua* af 81an_y.
afilcrg ihallnn BBIjtBg warbe waged for itaespuNioa.
Netcr. uiilil all teine ofjua'iee, and indi.uation ot
iri.t.it. and love of lib<rt) aball be eitnigiiiibed ut the
North r hall a tlarc Btat* hc .dmittad frorn that vast
i'i ii a ti J I P.
(otrr-pr?deBre of The N. Y. Trib-in*
Lonhok, Friilay, F?b. 10, 18M
The feveriah eieitement of 13 ar,d VI has been fol?
low, d by a laag pcrlod of aputhy, iuiliffereccc aud d;t
iippoiutHGint ib Lui.'ipe. dnringwbieti I bave writtcn but
?tw lettera teTnr. Tkipi.mi. In eueh a itata of public
fetling politi.B have little interoat to withdraw utteu
tien from profettional purtuitt and acientitic etudiee:
aud tbeie have occ-up ed ae fully. I'lihlic ipirit it,
hoivever, now beginning to revive. eipecially in Ln
glanl, t4bere conTultiori bave not utterly prottrated
tl.e contending pariiet. at in contineatal Kurepe. Tbe
liuttian lh ar bai rouied JohnBUl. who aceiui inclined
to gere bim. Tbe people are almoat uneniuioui ia thit
pucBtcious mood. but wbat the polii y of Mioittera may
be, in vagitg war to con.c at peace, ia not familiarly
kuovtn. Tbey teem to be truttiog al'egether to tbe
dapter ot acridentt for a debnite view ef what ii to
be doae for Turkey, whea tbe Czar bat beea defcated
for a time. Wbat kird of a I'ro'tectorate the Wettern
I'owert, if rictoriou* in anni, will ettabliil orer Tur?
key, or bow tbey wiU iiidemnify themitlvet for tbe
fxpecKt ol tbe aar,aie queatioaa tbat bate not been
publicly diacuued, uor it it known wbat riewa the Mia
iptert n hj i ut.i itin among tkein*t-lxc* on tbe4e and
otber ccott important pointt. Thcrc it no d?u-t. bow
eier, that tbet* q>ie*tioBi aiuit bare oc rupied their
n i-.ouf tbonghta. aad they BB* quite aa couipetent to
di al witb tbemat any men in England. Thoro aerer
waa, ia my *pinio*i, a more a'-le let af men ataeeiateJ
in a aitgle Cabinet. \\ itb pnblic epinioa to urge them
ca, th. i will d* woadrra; and they baxe tenae enuu^b
to tee the ute ot aJ-BBfl-f with tbe timet, althou*h
they aay not pet.onally like the cb?ngrt which necet
ait) ia pote* upon growing aationt and decliaiug ineti
ttitioog. Graham, l'almeriton and Bmb il are inp^oaed
to be averie to cbatpet in parliameatary and BBatraato
ttitatioBa] aiTkugenient*. but the. art- too prudeut to
otTer tny aerioua obttruction to mewurea wbicb are
calitd lor by tLe grow !ng intelligenoe af tbo pceple.
Tbey tee ui, m fact, to ge before tho tiaet in tome u>f
thrir prepotala. in order to caneiLate the pu&iic t'-int
ol rel'vrui. The Cjaeen't Spee;-h uett-r bofore aaaRabBll
to-.any pi opegal* ef legal 8*aJaal*Btaal -
coamercial, ccllegia'e, tecial aal p*Bt1<ll raformi.
Tle Miuiktry neua toun-'ert-ke Tol'iniaidy m.iretban
c?:; be aWi-omplikhtd in oue temon of I'.-rlxmcut. ll
. . '-. r lo baaaal oppoaitit.n aad coucilia:. tLe uia<*et.
TLit looka well, and wil], 1 hopo, be quite iBceeufui.
The Mlcittetial party aad tbeir daily organt seei:: to
ga* to be at pretect far akead of tbeir KadicaJ and Tory
eoo petitorg aLii oppoce.ta. both tn co____ob t?_*e. in
klligencx" aad pru.eut eoergy. Tbty ba-.e learaol a
lepion frcm tbe reToluriena- ?. :._>? au,.l *8iuioai ef
1- .-. aid are eadekxoring to i_...e goal use o.'it,
while tkeir opiH>nenra. both Kepu: lic.aau.l Maaaiabb
cal. seea. to ra\e at blindly aal tnreu haIIt ti ia 888*1
eiiitid tin.e*. Tbere ii a cat;>e 80*08181, for the
. :at pea.eaffer'ag of ^^!ai*?-l ia tl.e v:,,e8'i
fjerch: tery ?er ? t ? *
pnl Ha mhti nth rrg.rd t* U.e in*.
. ,.r I a _c- abaj i
icrt aaay.peeted of onderLatd aeiailiag with BRiaigB
dip'onaty. acd Ibe Prim* Mia'uter of betng favor* de
, U.r. Luiiicrt tiaitttr bad tpraai a lely.and
tbe ^Cvf B tfi* J,er bdriien hadbeceme aUrmed More
than uao _ abilitary proc?ition* were taken to eeeor.
the c_aeen to Farl-ateat and ha-k to Me
la!" 4 ; aod th'-gh tbe*e aa.bbbbbr were
?*B _rrei*.ry. not a few wn_cle_t_e ecunde fell upoa tbe
r.?jyal ear, bat *li?ht!y neurt-ized by ple__t cbeepg
TheTurk.ib Fnbargador alone bad all the Imnora af viv
ciferou?ap{.l*u.e. This, how. rer. i* aiere iy_ptfhy
U.t iie ? little frllow" who i* tbr?a?cne_ by a " bigger
?? b?ly ;" for tbe Tuik ii a Mahomedan. a detpot aud
a tyraiit over Cbriitiani, by bal.it and eonvierion, and
can berdly be a man of progres. movirifr han.l ,o _Bd
w itb CLri*tian men. Tbe Ea?tern qaeetiou ia a eompli
cated th?f, and we can tar.ily foreioe w_at 8i*y yet
come ?nt af it. The Turks are jealom of their Chria
tii-n i-lle* who want to have a I8M8 in tkt Conncil* of
the 1 Haan u.a: tbey may know what eentimetit* prevail
thrrtin ati'' what are tLe meaaure* to be carried oa in
688-81- Tl.e Ot?H?I -.t ?eem* to be ii
t itita on tai* p< I_t. aud a ct.ange of mini.try ia an
iii ur-ced to h.ve t?!*eii jdaee in _finee_ue_ce The fa
tatital Mahotni'.iai1888BM te diaiike an.l diatrn-t hia
wt-iterii C'l riitian frir-nd ilaott a* much aa Lia n.T'.h
?ra tf IfhbOf ? and tLe aeeiet rouacil i* .lletrag-t-d be
tvitn ar.tij.athj tnd t'i ar ou eitber iic!e. The __riiti_n
riilj'ftf ef rhe Turk fc?M t<. Iree tl>em.e]ie*an<l lorra
an iBiifpendtnt nation. and tbe F't.ggian* .re e..c.ur*g
ii g corifpirtitor* te> plot a IBTotBtiea Nuaierom ar
! ri atitioi.k tave b. en made in aeveral of tbe ebief eit>*
ol Turkey to Furope. and tbe reiult ia, a foa_Bf of in
irctiiity ?n.i np, ?11 parrie* Thi* BBWaiBf i-tLeittU?
(f the whole wirld at present. o.i thi* si le et th? At
lr-t.'ie : nd tLe Simery '_'ie*tii>n wi?n y.m, _n. ti *
( ' D8M HTola?BHITJ war aud Ifeito8 and Boatb
An.erica aetm tlao to lorebotle _o po.cc. It i. a war ,.f
iatereeta ai >i epiatoaa l?etwe?n growiag ; |
, ead dacHatog toatilaltoaa. toiagrj' BHbi?aa aad cru*-y
; cld pern'cner*.
11 ;-i i .-. r-.'.-tr . .ie l-'-.veen aU aB*J n.w idea*.
; will, in B] ?'[ totoa, ba an excellfLt BrBBB afprogreu;
liotl.il g e.r vx, tild l.i:ng ou diBaUltiOB to tl i losterto_
. i.r ..,1, .ru-a BP-?I h a_ ti the rnoral wnae ol ji-t,-8 .."1
11 -.; _,-. t^e pro.rci* ofthe werld. Iu _Bgto?I we
l.-i .e had * ii-. 11 war, llitt ii to -ay. a qui.t airuggle l.e
tw(in capiial ami labor iu tbe m.'inufartuiiniT digtrift*
tl ti.e Nortb. Tbe BHBB?cturer* htJ lived in _o*M
oi., ii _ B?BJ jfur? Md blesaM < Bara omly ri>-h l,y the
_?reaetog np] I] af l.bor beiug in execu of the de
ii M..I while tle bca, tor waaI af ofgaiiiraltoa, Iae, i i
1 n.raii*('i .'htaii'ing a l_ir price bf their tobof Thii
Bt?ed nniutul to the li ak'.ert, bOMBM ti.''.' ?'" ;
...,.,,.. _ t, ? . . uniidt
BTtl to *Le _bai?fl BOB i'.d woiuen. 804?BU t'ey
could t.'t live deciitly witiiout r iatog their haahb bi
rxeen n toil; tka tvtttn ccntetd tbat tha princtple
trf aappl) hLil dtij._i.il is the (utiy true principle ; tbe
? ,,, , titul recrea
tion -ie ili'.er prtociple8, and qoita <~ true. The talk
la? I.iated a aayieare,aBd riow t. igrowiaf __*?faa_a
ci tle voiLn | 1'.," La* taagkt tbea ta tt
?cmrelTes to trade _ni< :.e. tai aapport aaeh tthat in
the wu of arikea whea pToperwagei bb
_t v ? i u BMtera iu a r-i-i'i toealitj. Tbe p,-e?ent
* tr ua ?_ it- baa to?ed n an. aoetba at Praatoa, iu Luaa
ahite, and tbe arorbtog elaaM- throa. boal ?agtoi i
.ca?ind l.;.,e robutibc-aa_athtaglike threetboBHad
m i ?,'. j'-r week, to n.pport tbeoporatiTM Tl e B__
i.ivi.eic si.iig tLis. an b4g.na_gt0calculate.and Iad,
/>,? r/eB ezctiii<-tiea, tl._t tbrj 1 an ttoti to pay tba 11
j er (. i.t d..riiaiidfd. Tba n.iuiettia and iiiil BBttoIiuetI
it i'arii.KJi nt are iba af 0; totoa noir. that a law of
? liu.>tf.il liabllity," enabltoftba workiugmen toeave ,
lleir money bi;d bfd.l hbares in the eapital of tba
inills ttd manufactviiea, in which tLey work.
w. 1.1.1 be a cood ?tag togive them iproporttoa aftba
profits ef eapital, ai well as a daily stipeud for their
1.11 1. Thia priiiciple WM (|.iite a* well unileratood by
ail partin yeara a^o. but a? lt-ugaa tu workiag p<oplo
were unal le to rcift the matters in lowerme the
. lecordtog ta Iba ab??bbm of *'i|.piy, theae
to1?Iigaal fiBllnBMB ild not want to lo'c tbeir own
! adTaBtofCa, bj "'Irenmiig ' of liuiuauity, uiorali'y, and
1. iiiii.y aaaatolion Tha aaeeaaaIU war of the opera
tivi i bta bclpcu than to ni.'ler?-nd tbe ueceisity of at
Uh.t afoae part ofthe dreaiiiini! thcry. Thia, aa well
nimany otber tl.ingi.ahowi tbat rea.on ia but BflNB??
witl tut ti.e heelthy t_B_Maaat of aliitle- w_r. or a
cieht itnipcle to sharpen the intellect* of interenfed
obitructivc*. The worl.i weuld uot be able to pro.ress
witl f..it MrtafM?H or eutaiiiaiii i for Satan is the name
of an advfr.ary. and all otistrnctioOB require adversar
it? to remove tbem It i* then good tbtt Satan ?ov
: erna the world a little, now and tbe 111 for without him
we iLould not be able to rcove on. In tbe hsor qics
ti.ii. as lu many other queitions. tbere is doubtle**
n.uch to be said on either lidc I but tb.n *ome people
uiaBoge to isy only tbat which luits the temper of one
tide alone. Ha 'fi-f? this rery morning hx* a fling at
: the " indiscretioa of the operatives ol i're.ton. whBa
it chroniclei tbe coaauieaeeineut of tbeir rii tory 18
, anotter page ; aLd ia advocating the principle ef lim
ited liability, aa if it were a tbing but receutly diecov
ered, a* a leci.latiiolioon.
The woikmg elaaici. I am bappy to ?ay, are imprev
irg fast iu know !ed)-e and inteliicence, aad they will
diive tbemid.ile and tbe BffM8?BBB ou-.vard: by fore
ingthcin to Itok at beth lidei of erery social que-tisa.
>ow, tbey only lf*k at oue, aad thnt oue, their owa
yertotitl interttt, tn thr prtttnt itatrflftltiori Whatan
etber and a better state ol thic.i mi-hi do for all par
ti. 8. tbey do not enre to cxaniiue, simjdy bec..u?e mere
seltiihceis is in a burry ?? to make hay wbile the iun
*' ibicee," in the hepe of gaUieriag it in before a rt?
comea on Some few aueceed in part, but tbey tretuble
: at the thougbt of what a hurricane may do, even wbaa
i the erop* ue housed. In France and Italy and Oer
\ mtny tbings are very quiatly ttaeaay. 1 .s-onteat aud
raue and fear are imoldering in myriads ef minds, and
1 iiuiet and guepen-e *eem mited to tbe temper of all
parties. A !riet.d writcs me word tha; Fuii is a
taudy repulcber, iu which the aeetLiug tentiments are
I -.irit.l in tbe gaily attireei bodie* of tbe peeple obliged
to seem bsppy, not to he tuspected of high treason.
And y et N'Bpoleou ba* been a fortunate event, for France
! waa fast beceimiug an arei.a of mo*t frantic struggles
i OpiniiiCi were chaotie. apprebeagiort* were delirioas,
Bab?toaa 8N8a intenee ai.d reckle*?e*a atark llind,
, wbenhe atepped in to put strait walstcoata on the
leaderg, itep the moutii* of all the brawlers, ani dis
1 perae the -aming elemtbt* of eent?gr?,< u The cvup
i dftat wai a fortnntte event for the whole nation. but
j an ujly eiinen lor Napc'eon. He inay psrbapa, do wcB
a.* 1.1 _ ia he haa nothing stroBuvr ro contend a.%in.t
than ihe vain ut! weak repnM'u_n and B88?Bat, legiti
n i.t and fusioniat pretonders, with tbeir inuJl aad
i icattered btnds of followers lut tae progr"? of
t'piaitB and the -ccertaiBlies of war may hring about
snch cbar ees. aa nar.e of as c_n yet foreeee. and Frauee
will certaicly require a Gever__ieBt of ho_e*t ani
?Rlfbi?B_RMRtW?hM without the coacent ani co
; cperatioa of Napoleon. Hi'.u Lmmiertt.
RV8BlA....Jat II
* ?
bt aa B_-4?_Jnaaua 01- the r-raaia.
THE 1 /*._ RB M v
The BBfJ BM I >ke_i Iota July ath. IT Jti, i. aowr tii'ty
se.tn yesrsof age la 1 in ra:are imp<-iBg ir m.ea. aad
, 'n oncommen beauty *f fa. e, be haa wha i*
' M?Rt IdtFttmtjot _a f g.re f.r his p*rt He
ia tmly the e-aaarvh !n bi* app**ran ?. Ha gait. ?>
he.vy ard rather B?T.eertatolj '? ..ntirf in jra-a. bnt
* itreB_th aiJp*?ar lii ?_ui* .? w . 1 1
- -.c.rt.i aad plea.aat II 1 faatuiB are rv?ar. aau
11BBBI ?M a redal afhi '? aaaa
typi fl.. ty*. B?RB ?L .1. ara ? j* md pr .taaeat bara
** 8>eth,Bg ah-Ra bah aa. aaa a aad when aaa ?.ke
ral aaal gtg.diiy i__? tbem _. . ,.-:u of ki. bgaary dia
a. peaa aah* r in hi* tat-e-* ax?erati- ui hia paianaa, aad
-? of aBshrtHg b_?ary dia_pEae br tbe pow .r oi
Lt vrrr nain"i*. b?
?Mlr witb n.. regard ta ibo-* of bad. drin_J bat Lttto
wtae. aad ibat mttd wuh watar. raa early and lab-w.
b?rd thragb rafcrt-_atr!y w:th fcth* d**i---eB- The
n_:_c:t d. tallf of mihtary coftam*. pvsdea and reriewt ah
aoib narb mcre of b_t Une than tto weighty alT-ra aad
B-atertal anea* -ti.* <4 th* Empir* Df-81 the bnn-r he
bt.towi bturt momeatt oniy he deTotee to th* ealtaof real
-c-y tcd tc t- ? i. i wlii | tn -.'Lt br.Lg bim real glory. The
bBffi r (n. -bi DB BBd c h.<1 harv fer rbe m*re end-nt i* it
bca firaxei y * m_ktaken conrte .an mia'cad the iaaat
qoAbiif* BefOa a mo tapp?i;i'gpr*)fofh'*r**r-ef*x:rl*y
af tbaraiter ia a c.n amttai:,? wb:< 1. occ-m-d at *it.P**t-B
bnrc dcrng tbe I'oliah War of 1 - I
4,xL.>tL? .Loltra wu rac-ng thtre a. tnot l.nae. th*
k.ti rclaarea ba am* way t.ok it into their bead- bat the
, piA tn > Bi* a-t -? ratt-d hy poiion thr .wu tt* the w_iL? by
1 !?- Tl. rumf.rat:a.i:td wiile crtdtac. aad tbe poaa
anta. to tbe nambtr of acme waXjkm ro**, aal vfld ?:th
rtpe. peracul tbt nr't'.t a?-aee:natinreviry ha* .-acrtbey
n-rt Th.y _**._-bif.l laaBj :. th. Plmtt Sitnaa.a. and
witb fr^hi.l <r<a cf !iry axd drm-kenn**. menaered th*
Ctp ia . i r 1 a Tbfa wu eo aueb the more to be
dngdtd. aa tt tht iron. tt then- w re co tr*ope at hia 1
\\ b..* ?:.. r.ot wu at ita 1. 18888881
Btaateaager -? lla rnp.TarBA--.eBA.tp.ov IiIb." ?.? ara
(omptniedbyapingie Ad- ... i'amp. and loilowed by hardly
a l.utiditd (rvuikg He moved oa tlowly and pteadi'y
. ._ ? i : :.- ' ' "t vi-y rentrr ol tbe in.ur
ncucn. acd thi r* taafc-Bg itAadfaetly around. w'.th ua
I'atLf' ?-? n to...* af tl.Bb8bT II-.wb iipm
? >. r i-1 it* I t< t >"-ir knev* aak perdou from yoar God
*?jou r ae fnim me
1 he imn ei . rbfai aaaaaaaai Bfa _oiu at that
? ? ? nt,.:.. d w:th iu*h an cibibirion of d*rii'g aad .onr
tft t.g.tkf-r aub tba i fftit of ihe m.-bty and aouor.'B*
..-_..r:aB V | _?* La: tL-yw.th
aaeaereH ka>it tii-r iBafataaea t a
ftw ui tba Caaaaeh* iciaed aud beaad many af (bafa nu?.
I r r laa -BJ an'ma'f ii.to boat.. by whi h
'? ..,?? iraaopefBd aa aae baaaa wbaaa Thervid-i
rti?> d in t.ar*r, ai.d tbe re! ellicro wu qa hid u U by en
(Ll-tl ?
1.. th. *?? vrr*'.-n in thi* n-c.mrct *f eaeeea draw any
? >* 'i-rt>n Ir. m I] Did he !earn that
aaaars may boforeratd bj t.ieral powtr u wtll u by
btata bm ' Not tt ail Oa ih- roatrary he drew the
coli li a cn rt kt thi y mait Away* he ralcd by Krror aad
. rr-.Tik ii-d at air..; ., ta bef. ??-. .hat if
b g'-eoptawa BU m I - ;ifnn *. and tho ."hae-Ut-irnei:: oi
tl e it'i ? : i ? < t - Dcif-taary, it wu hia imprrativ*
datj a- a !:.:).cr to make that ch:luho*d u happy *.? pou;
lie ll. lu-j.n; th- flbigbty taeegy e4 ehaeactar ia tba
Btri ai tbd Ol n ii r aaployil b il Ba,A opt aaaaBBOl .,
oriagrriag r. tuomi *b<1 acoaaaaiee] hndaoeyta hia ad
n itir'r :, n lie ba ra'.h-r plaud witb lu pc.wer thia
l.b. :. d a ith ,t ti r tl ??*??--*-.!
. ,i,i , i .'- tbael - ? -k . . li..n u a .r-ut n -r
? r ? ? i.. i,i-, b _?? tr,',:.' bara ba n a (.T' .f bbb bal be the
wtat of a tru* Liilf-iifaneiie af the idea of jrood.
Tet bb coadaet oa B red rrrd a.uio iia -t vt of
I'a life. wbin trtn froa !,.- ? i ; arooaadtba
? t - ?. ui ,i all abe I ? l ? !?! it, bt*o ay owa, wh-, '*el
ratL.r relaetxatto eoaftaBi l'.!;u-:i?u) apeo ruch a -a';e I
I tr.urt k'-.mit thtt I ttes p;it.<k with admira'ion. 8ceafea
. ? | | , | : . ? ;,, t , r.f' -' '..y
it. 1 i ' : ... ahea J rt tb* part ol lb ^ i >*'n of
? i eryiag C*ar. tboa art bnt a aaa
'Ibe dir:re of accura' y in nr- rhet- hr * uyf ra mo to I
tbi abora aaerdoti oitb ooaofan appoail ^. Br k
On aai oceaatoa th* Eatpaor a bawaa and tbe .-ontract-d
BBBacfaa of L't bee onnounctd au appreachin^outbreak.
H ? d ef ?tdt!icn hiid ? ?.""'? -a,
afpabBd ti.Br.ult ari< ar.d aadPriaed !).,l--..r.iw.aky,
i....... .1 ii. ii. ihe p.li.i ,? Ij l oia-o which baadad tiie C"iiy
| ,,w b'.. waa wi'h b'm, anii'iu'l;.-awulted ibe tbaa
..rl.i'.t lb* ll j erial ire "NMiat ie that' cred tha
( nr:-. .1* l'licic in the a-.ifi.l ton. .ol the /','_*<? Sieunn a.
ei ei).. i.ied to a ipetapea ihe tabteci?.L' ihe Prtoee
naato'igaleabesal NafatfaBy retiring. the Kap-ror u
little tearbed by tbe laapeetbl 'ubmi_*i'-n *f the eonrticr.
up fiitr.rly by that of lh* paaaaata, kicked the Grand
. i f iL? Court the nio.-t iBiportan' peraotiaje of bi*
kui'e and oae af Iba urpt digaltaria ef 'b* limpire.
Ui* ptivato life i* u full ef i "iitraai '.ioue u hi* pablic ?
tht natural .cnfc^ucnci of aa utter want of any aolid buil
f, r.nl- d uj. n soun.l m*;al pr'neijle Ilt- i? an afl'e. tionat*
fatker. t(t fynnnirea ovtr bia . hlldr. n, aho !car and ?hun
bba Bi - b goodheabaaAyetheopa mirtrt-p.-ea and *x
1. b.ta :him to bi: Court. u if dctyine any cb* to attampt to
- At one timu he i* kind aml hu-nane. al
aio'l.cr l...r-h. (iu. 1 and infli-k.biV, a- ibe fit lake* him.
De iri.r .ni.f.itle aRgbtaB dLfbraaee of opinion, yet
lulltf forh. araLte farIbceagaBtyef rleeoodcbbbbb,aaal
faa . viry kicdof corrnpt bu. rnaa. Ilc will forgiva tbo
. of moral turpiti..'..- in hi* fav..r fe* v. t pan
fahtba fma'h tt coatradi. tioa ef 1 ?;.,-,,,,nc.'..,-1 notiont
ai h iniplacabie icTerity I)i'me*t;' ail'ctio'i, friend-bip
luve ot lountry, tidehty to rcbgiout or pohtical principl*.
arr all io many , rin.it in bb *y8R when at var.am a BBb
Li* 'dta.' er when th.y beiome j.r.?.f* of i,ul. p. ndi nce of
. h?rB< ter in tu.,-c wbo BB8BBR- them. How ia it potfible to
rovtru a lomacunity. wbattver il* nature. from which all
icedt of rrgor a_d gT.atr.raa are crugbad oat. and th* only
mrata cmplojed aie ?a.h utindto ,-orrupt *i,d J.atroy
it' V*l tha ide* ia th. k-y to tbe ayrtem of Ni-ho
lag' Ih'p tirttm will jtt work out tbe punitbaantof hia
pridc-a aB to he BBJBBB-A for Ua mtu had every advan
tage Beeeaaary t" btrc enabled him to pnraue aa opp*?lt*
t.urte. Pato plactd bba upon a bight too l*fty f*rbim?
? j ?fdtkjoticau'hortybMbadi'Jidty; hecoull
iB.xtBPt it gpaia by eril meant and theee ia the end
tEBft aak out hia dteiruition.
Mai y o< i urrtmea ia bia privato lift ar'ae ia my m mory
wbi. b iiluBlrate tbe .oulradictii-na *f wbi.-h I have b**n
Thua I *aw bim refua a tiight commntation of tbe aa
time of a p-bli al offcader 6d,twith?tar.J.ni,- tbo aarneat ea
trea'ie* of tb* Fmprea aad tbe bitter tear* of a d'uiTa, tad
B-oihrr BBd 8JM ut ibe -amc- time I mjMrlf beard hia ulier,
ia 1 rkalf of 8 favorite, wordg too momorable net to be re
eoidtd Lfre
<;,n BIbikeC nowMlcUterof tbe InKrior. tli?n Oovcrnor
Geaesaleftbse* P-aotaeBa bad atthe b-a.1 of tbe Court
cf -har.fry a rnaa whj xotorieuply plandtrrcd, without
mricT the inhabiuuiB of th.ae tbree proT-ai*et. but who
riaid for hia piivibged robbtry in tbe ih*rm* af big wif*.
who becam* tbe G*?eraJ * avowtd miafree*, w.th th* full
.onitEtrf tbe ct-aplaccnt hubacd. Wh'nthia ihataaful .
tracacLrn rcached tba f an af the IJnpercr ha cipreaad
the dep intenta he felt in the eoadition oftaori thaa
I of hia -ubjVt- in tbe renvuk. " I^rt him alone'
add'inp in alluioa :o the icdmacj ietwef-B tb^ Generaland
tbe (.banctLcr* wi:x We mtut oreriook aomething for
"CBT flielidg'
Tbu*. u may b- imagin-d cyrrnption goe* oa apa, e,
aitbemt let or hitdrarc.'. Tbe btwwiag proof of tbU, l f*al
eure. wLl hardy b* 88881 --d by my rcadert u haring oc
ct.ntd Ln cbc of tha ao calltd ci-_i_ed OaBBtB of Europe.
Tb* Empre** w'abing t* preuct wroe m*rk of e?teem to
tht; faacou rii ger Kubini. pr?xured a watcb riehly a-t wiih
diarcoad*. wh;ch abe wbibhed at an evenin^ party at court
to :k* _tnc.-*l ada-ation of ihoee proaent. anvng wboa
Bttatbe rriacc of Prx-ti*. l.erbrotber .Vfter tho aplen.i d
itw.l 1 ad Ueii duly examincd and adaired, it wu hauled
U> tbe Mar-hal of tbt canrt to be preaented to ibe ainger
Two da>* after thr PT.nee ef Praiat*. meGtin? Kabiai .n
i.-l af L'.ui h,jw h* wu pb"a_*d with the gift
of thi F.irprep* I I'pon Ilnb ni'< takin.- it out tbe Prin.'O
g*w to b-4 *MocitL_Q?nt only ? c i-auaon goid watch. the
ecaireLi d one havxg appareatly melcd away in tho handt
af tl.e courti. ra
Sccb rxa:.-plea Ulneaale for.-i'oiy my aaertion. tbat aa
eeatrohd p<,wer tend* powerfully to evil. Ab energetic
i lara. itr ai. I Blaag aB may BttaBBfl to cbeck the curr*-:.t,
bat ic rabR Bal Baaa ? an be ro b_r:__r mt to the gradaal
; men: of ccrniption and Initiu-ty, for ib.ae are aeee*
_M tr umeota of d e*p otik- aa.
Tke rmp.ru N'ichoiu i* de*tiaed to ber-ome ? leuoa to
I * rid that the ucity of ali the aaieriad for.-ea .>f aaa
ticB. tbe ceoc*Btrari*eof ail p?.it *1 pewerin enebaad.
teabined wub the eter_7 of will iuberant ia achara-ter
ean td from tbe btrirg rock, are aet tafficient le pruk-rve
axd aavt from dtaoartion a priai l|la tabv -.-.iv- af aberty,
B-*r?!!:y axd tfce d'geity *f buruAcity taat a_.'i.n erea.
a .U icfaary, cut to rnb-d in 8888088888 with the
laat *i rradiial ru-aa ipa.ior. acd derrlai*>.**! thit it U
m^t'f ? t? a p**pbi int* a rctra.-rade couraa and
tki I i.e m_B - ga kaxe f*aer iuffiaient to itay th* lawg of
Ptorideaa > ; axdinfa_Ub',epr?'raii.
At ttt pr*.. ai B-..nte*t, a'-*r a lonr n ,-n of thVy y-art,
we we 11 Lnpetar ot Laa a tm 11 u> r.*k ali big tOA-ica
I8BOB t .-?? b8bA w.th all tke int*re*t* -f
. .rt-a-. meteriai irr-Ti.viaf-r.t ?l1
it' oa agair >t him. Let b m aufier one teriout dtfeat aad
tobl.t \4l .. . u pi*. td hia. in thi* poaition ' Ifaffll
fomtpeadeaea elTOe K. T. Ttttatoa.
CoLCB.lAltA. llond.v. F. b 11 l?4
I hare been a eoortant rt-ad.r of Tiia T_t~nt for many
rr ar*. acd oeeaaiona'ly notice ia it* colamns an advartiee
r?nt Botifyicg the pnbhe grn*r_lly. and rrern afl
t_ulailv. h'* firtut.es may be made witbout labor. a
c.p;t_ ai.d without MMBM *ave ard 8B88fl only #1, ti
or 15, ?* tle c*?e may be. to be in. lo**.- in a letter, on re
r ,i whi'h thevet-snt will be supplied w th k I
ticts a* to hcw the thicg is done I propoae to inforna your
.atiocr- ind yoi.r M I N Ifl?h ra, iM af ah?fB?
rrurk the i,l.r_i:y of tb" o.Ter l.ee afa_B8R>_h8W for
tune* are made .way oot here in Coiumb an. 0 'U-ty. B
tbe gr- at State ( f Obio. ir. the li* fcurth y- R
.ct bu;._nd. acd tn the a.-e 14 caeap MflBfap
,,_,,_ bbbb Bad n ? RBbbb w baM i.bor.
?-BUllUfHIl in a to* I.' ' _BB8,8B_ B?HM
gy-Btry-Xiag tbe BBBHl poWBB Indtcd.it ia BS< c.cn
- ary B tay He BM-. bMHr, baw -ra-.
a, v aV Bad le u_dcretood acd perbap* l taB] I
*?-..: i laa-f uubla ard br wha fca bbm*/
MifcttcBLb to e ien-i*e f.itb in al hlBBs a
. .. , - p tocngagein the latert and mo*t aj-provod
...v cf tr.'- ag a baay tmntat and. to cicr.:?e this faih.
i: R rrf rc RBH? tttt I man _aaM have a* mn. h amittt
_ tb* li.'* Dan'itF We> - . r paaaaa_d An inv!>t af
ura fa r taiilre tLan Ut wou'd BBBWU ti e IHBHI HB-Mj
A ebort tim. .po a party of innoce' t and ?BBBB
, - * piBhad th.ir tt-nt? in tho ri.icity ot
BawI?hOfl BM oucty town. acd ttt -.me v*v.k*
- v. ry Iri.-k art.i prvi.: -? the wty
. tbe lartoto af _a l__ajaal
hVli aaoagb i'or tVe labjool i ] ' aai aee
en dillare wtnh. trcLf.ldcg ir alditn ..:. ? Bl
aaaatoikta Iha ab !? nafi af tmtttt ***** , r.i Ha IM
i.t a? .i'.'.Uii. t.ady aay ,.n* haif c-*h nud Ha
.?L.r I nlf ?at'-fiff-. chicken*. btttcr. tr aoy of the otber
g ,d :h'.r..-of thia life. It ia ncareiiv
. peep tere?al ly IM B ei ? asd He
Dora. F..rw!,. areald ba Baij'l" aa wgh ?>? eua tor
, h t jul'l be pracared for re little '
[nbai trareli btu ai?! Ihroagtf"-. ' ";
oi n.tBmer* ind la tba practitx ol her liw ...
iie- whooe tw r. 1
-bcw aba wu oat, foaad iicr wartol ?? ??'.
- ti ib * lownship. II- r nnl v inl im
:. arof a i n. v,';c.i ererrl I
ihemuikei roi.nl of the du u*r h .ra
v. tv . . : : . - lt,_e>
,.,?-,, .,' . . -"-... ? ? ? al tho
abi.h inritai oaraa, rerj Heatatlf ac
cectcd li, f.rc tl.e ., rei.'].'.!'an,.-. i a
.. Iberkir? I - -
with a rtrotg ?are of b*r bbbsbbih gyel tacting piety,
,,. ;l,t,l. won th. | itn_yiur
H Mr. 1 ? '
ey friend li.ci.d BB00 bi-n with _t . l
ob n grsal utoa -i n .i.t, and II aa*
1. bad made atd the tho itfhl Iba ?*?
i too BaeaaUOB* m .i itupaadou to b"
ccnf-.titdti ii tr.t tn uiun. Bhe Herefer* mi.l" a
.1. ,i brrail of II bf ini. ratlag Mr D - ? itslte
i uvlhaddia
?gardtol .-ii F wasuovv Mr.
ti rn to ii" aBoaiehed, wbo, witha natarally
. - . *, oM iiieii.', ing from I "i the aatoa
ittreaareol ? wae baried oa aU _r_,
,.!, ba beti a ?- rpa. led,bul whi h '??
I ( | | naigh
[ke b. .',. w a ?-:; luiteei aod en.erly ? rall i i
dowa ii wrut. II. waated _egald,to
... aad sbe eonld sj?. BM haw I Varyaufi
.. aaald cemmeace bi fttn ?Ing bia I 00 ia go I
tuln. ii wu lc.,.-.-i.rv, bowerer, fat i u tob.-tvo H.
- . _ap* t,> fi^ht'-u iha i th.u
alwaya gaard hldd?i u bnned trra.ir". a_o, ___*_d,
1 ave'tLt i t.nie BTO?loa fer paper monea, that a witch ha
for a brvom stick or a horse *8oa. ?r. Pa Bbndae i
i 'or it, with full ctiiiseut uf iii* wit'e, ay-tid oiVto
Naa-Llsbaa o-r tb* papai tnoaey, end aa he i* tt boaaa,
t'r_|<:... ai..: it itii-'.rioB* farmtr. whoee BOtO II good for
io,' BDoaMbew?Bfraotopap, b*. btul no difltoaltyia
i ani. -larly aa he had a lioo
?. toi Iri. ti in view. and eould b?Bfld tt par a
Sare ThearKmej aaoaaoalBthahaiada ofthe alaaa,
UinieraMted aad far aa_g Glpay, who piaaM aaa?m
eaeearetopafterUMtberover it aatil II vam perroetly
lecare, aadfafter matterlag tb ? aaeeaeary wardi ovent
toMr I'. RbodM t" depoail in a ltr^e ima p?t,
in bl r rreience. and then. hy li. r di.-.cii**
i'r.l u . l.uh ... iii.lv over the pM, aad *et it aw.y ia
nt " black ?pirit"I aad white " On tii* next day
.1. rclanwd, aad Mr De _hodes, byhu direc_o_.opea I
.. IcoaatrdthoBMBBJ HtUrigi ??-heibwi
I... R BJ ca bi toie, pul anoihar ip. 11 an i;, un l guvo it
i,, Xlr Vt Whades badep?4. la IbepB patheHi-day
ihe r. turneii aad put the tinal nnd U*t fpell on Ik* -
f^e afterw|feb it ?** depesi?d ln th* po4 by Ul De
i thrre t* isinain unilisturhcd for ?',. da*i ab. .
? l it ui.,.., h* eorara?I take out hi* 8.,oooia g dl.
A' l.< i li -I v ,*it i , .. liiiii-tan, e oceurrtvl wli'nli waa Haa
. ei', but which Mr. De Khodrs nuw u di*i)?.*cd to
i.tKct wttkthe glaay".B?laeid aparattoa. After Mr.
1 >c Khcdrr, bi. witc and tin ci|_y had n tircl to a private
raii.itofoimaaaaraaad .in*. and d" the aood?Iover
the paekagc, tbe gipey becum* greatly alanned bj bear
?g Ber boiM breeb leaee a thed.or -Mr D. raa to tha
doereadMri l> t., tht- wiudow, but tbe botM bad aM
I icki n lo- ?? . tLe gip*y waa miitakta, that wa* all. 'iha
cereaoay paefl*aaaaai aud the iia.kag. w.a .gaio.
ar.d for the laat time, placed in the naml* ot'
Mr De Kbiid.a to <l. po*it in tbe pot. Of coiir*e
it wa* the aime y..kuge. ahe did nt ehaoge it
af nothii;; whtii ber hora* broke away. Tbe
paika.r wa* rn.t tobatli-tii.hrdfiii.ix day*. il it wa*,
tbe valo'le amount w.'uld be loat not ani" io, but curaea
t-rr.l'i. t. raleB woald ba riaBodoa Hr I) _adhto__a>
Hy. IbtTtfore, the money icmair.ed undiBturbed, but tb*
iJng loi.ked for day ut laet arriv. ,1. and Mr D , e_g*r l"
BOaB hi* gold and'rctnrn hia borrewed m*ney, roa* b?f >r*
dayli(.bl aud unioveied lb. pot, when lot la hii uttur
aa.az. u,f i.i ai.d ilheppil?iBIBBl tbe g-.ld wa* not tbere?
nt'tbiag but th" | Bekaga *f m*nev, juat aa h. ha 1 pla-.J
it. But aiadd, r iliiappoiiiimentawait-d him Tba paab
age war untitd . fold aitar fold wat aadene. out.l h. .am.
t>> th. monev whi, b. lik* ihe I?__B_B a flea, wheu ba
placed bia Land* on iv -. ? not tbere. but in it* ro.ua. a
j a, kege of lUge ef BOB paper, >h?p* aud tkt* cirraauontl
iag wuhtbMaf baak Botea .'u-t about that __bh- d.
rad thai ke wa* e.ld. ISearcb waa immodiately
u.ada ttt the Qlneh s, kut. like tbe Bknaay. tlvy *?? wer*
goaa A liberal reward was otferad fair tb tir ajiprebon
.ion tleM.rllT af our CVunty nraeod them. aa be be
Bera H Bew Jarae*, hal lo-t tboir trail after they bad
cro.atd the Detowen Bay, aud retarned wiihoat them or
tbe monev Mr Dc Itbode* baa ainco ratuaad tb* moaey
berrewtdfortbe (peculation. aud ia, to day, a w_*r ani a
Letter man, havingpaid*?metcaortwelve b'indr..| d.dlara
for . little btt of mtormation. which he could readUy hare
| r,? uifd f,r .De d>,llar iu tbe -hap* of a ?ub*cription to
yonr Wl??.1 Tbim BB, for 1 am rcry "uro that no roader
of your ( a. f-r i BBM tbua bave beau uuposed apoo aud tJ
8BHM1 itully r.teccd
Baa ipaadrDce of Tbe N T Trtbuse.
Ca- amiai.,1 a. Wedueaday, Feb. M. H'iI.
M\ i arlieit retoilecti. na of this place"bring to mr mind
the i.niet atattl i.*t* af ita oli famiiiea aad Ha taatefol lax
itry of wealth witkont ambitiou.* oateatation It oti^iit
bave been ju.tly termed tbe- Atbens of the Weat, if Attic
, le.arice aad anrertraJdigniiy would hare been aaurlici.nt
title but the Atlieuiau-pirit of enterpriae waa nat thura -
wealth atd fau.il. ______aa mffieea tir tlie gr*__B8B_B
of tbe pride of Ita eitiztaa? tba buatle of bnaineaa. tbe
eager [i.-auit . f traele, had no < harua. for them. Yet there
were cot wactir.ij profer.ional celebrity and uurara culti
Ihe." are name* ae.ocialed with Caaaoduria
a t.i. li b_aa| tu our iiittional tii.toiy, .o_.*riic*ou? .taoag
whi. h are thoee .ji (iiileon (irang. r, of tni> ol I*r e lueria,
wl b la* been many venr. iie,ra*ed,i aad John C Spen
rer. wbo. tfcoBeh the" junior of tha formar, ia now aai ot
a v. ry ft w of tne rlia iuktuiebed men *f an Bflrly peri'kd wbo
etiil icrvivc. Du.lley_a.vin and hfark II bibley, both
deceated. wiil be remember.l BBBBJ the celebritie* ef tlie
Ua. ? Uf oth- r. wbo are atill living it would perhapa be
:e t" ti *ak.
lo oi? wbo bae -. r.n Canaiidaigu* mauy year.
ba< k tbere would b. on rat_?BBf it now oa
afrrteal-ie anrprire at the unchar,*d ar.pe.ranre
? Id fami'y aaaatoaa. Harv of tiieta b.ve
, tl * -*me titerior aad tl.e atd a:<.uriena.ce8?
bttarir.K a laah of r-tne aatiquity yet an* dilitpid?ai.
>u'h _e ta. aid iratdeaces af Judge llowell, Mr liran
ger,ipaaaaraadatbuai but wniieth".*? are uaoba'tgel
ecme new baiidiaga btrt- beon ere .ted in which muob ar
..ral tarte ha.. b^en diaplayed aad which g-ive aifnu
u.in. cf a im Itrn aape.i io tbe tBWR which other wue
BB ).f'i e.ranthj ated
Mr. Grei/iiaa c-ly nnd beaatifol itru.itnre, and tho
irrounds a<ijoining r<'rr*'p-_i(l in eoatlinea* audirood i?te.
TkoCaaaaaaigaa Il/t-l _u.*t not be oatitad in tha aaa
merai. ri ol the notabilitiaa ef the place. Tha baildiag
?i the mcat ipaeion*. airy and pl*. .ee.nt ta ot ia any
ahefetol and tbe general arraniremeat, (tyle ia
akichil ir- furi lihtd. aad at*de of *ntcit?.ia-,em\ mty
cfcallirgeecmpariiOB witb tha beat oi .ur m.tr.politaa
boteb. Ihere i*, it i* une, Iba of aMMH?aa aad ne^-i
leie exrecie in tha furcituxe of tbe perlore and aorae few
lod^itg t{anment* tban may be found iu 8"t.
ttlain N r. i- -, bM Bowl tte. I aaatflrate aar, ia th.
t- t.ral aoattort oi |ue*ta b.tter provided tor than ia tnia
1 fbould taiua it wouid b* a I . . r rea*rt.
Iteaaa .- riawoft-elak gaos?i
ward, rtuii t ? ii. n aa *.- too,
? tst ?h.,w te Bf*!ti^l.a__r'e, withiue
? i.i fkral.bery.
i faw travt'em aoed be in
_kot .bl by aaaaa a drawback tka Iba
r.Uioad ia go Ltarthe boi.-l, and it it aotn*wbat annoyine
t.? hf ar tlu: bRtoaaa ??
Ihat?s . lay Ba
?neh an aataa
- ? ^
mrreation tban tbe nvoat beaotifal pr,-?poct with?aS?to
88- BBOTirg '?' ? B ^
Ibe Gre*k poet who tr->aka of th. ntauurw "_r_.^.
"ing apon the ahore andae.inj- tbip. toa**d bx ttoa_
- ai ,1 *f lookinc froi.i tt,e aioal.,w of a ? ,??!.? *i>d **aJto^ ?
- b?ttle below. if he had Kved io our dar woafl boAbbI '
bax* add.d llieyi. w of eteara I.- .nv.'ie.., wiih thtoC
train* of cbi-, tea.-irg aloag tbtir way w.th farioa* grjajt
Hut to Ibiae ergaged ib gra.-r ar**"at:opt ;-, ti^jg
building acrou tbe way frotn the II tal. tamrrt.r,e t^3
jf Biilaa fa arj ?kt**r *"?* -?'"?" ' t Uaatb
. nvirened r-r, two ...If* by an iron irea i.vUUft.* ,f.J
. - i ? k ..... *:.--- ..*...;..,_? .?.. .l-:...,.. _j_a . aa
that migbttun.ce f-rthiae rfbtnrbc a?.f judetxl ni??
paaa bf?bat ltw d p t b*ing t>f u, wlirre ii it u-^Z
I.r manv train* to chaflge tbtir tra.-a, th* ai.*-,^
naak? wi'v for '!.?? f "tf r, or m etiq* triiru topvaata
other. tbere i* ? prancing brwaiil^nl h*ok f**^
a-hl* t xe t'gether .t i? r. -t a l?le tngablg
. , . -. ?hax be-., etuxal
n violation of tbe lawi tha* a-e t.'..** adanatoerM
lh* >erv graoad '.;-'n whi.h ti" ?I. y ludw* t^
I!.*. c.?*. Ail tbgpg
ha* beOOaSOl W ertlai.d, a re*-i< -ry bv lh- iiaperriBa
ot Ihe l .-B.r. io a:. e ertaacatta t hy -.irtu,> wherufn?
nifhta .-iiell the infrudiv**, but bj fartberpr*.
a b*T.' been tal.en
C.-uit w. *kip of eoarae abtsxy ti:no. Triere it aat atv I
[tlftra*. tb* preatig* ofjudg** ao-l <-.mi?el that %3 I
i. ner wa-wl.cn rbe.lulgee at the oil s i, ..-? ;oe Cmna*. '
y '..! tbreegb *:i tbeeoai lie* attended by ttttrtytf^
Uagafahed coanul froa rark f tbd ^'?i* tat
l',T, ,.j.,,,! |Mv ti ., e ta-itfa'!?' 'll t->lii.*nflt p.-tett>to
tba Btoaateyttea hr abicb t1 ?.r. x.-.. . au Ih- trfe* ^
,.r- (.ii.. r ..,.?"*..ti"n. H?t t'-e p-.'frs-e.| rtteU ef
Ulal wbich ta? now lacomeuBBathaa it-ev.l TV wx_g
.1" di?|-alcb mtkia it eipanaive to ti >ie who baro t? wgj
t'.-ir luin aod t<> bai" tl.eii wlto. ???? * in ?t'? ,-?.*, "-^ /
uter tetm, 888888888-888 bappoa*. tx'fi*rt'theirt'aMai*wV|
l c *i I ed. , .
-. - -xhoh.llj tl: < mrt. ia ono oi tipfc*
. , ha* done rredl to tlie eiptrimiatM
bkircmadi i. a* to th* n<U it
atetaj ?ly.-aa* .
tl a:. :';.. : ? " ? ? ' ?!.* "' a**H |
rl,B , gi foi (iidi-iai ottieea, which .tii*
Ve b.p*d n.-ivl ... ?-.!*.? iu h* ?. '?? ? ? ir*'*. ieaBBJ '
o-bcr Dtotrl ti ixL.ih 1 do not dam i: ne.'e**a.-y to ?**.
i II o.
THE CASAL 1 '??'?' ]
Wo give below ofli. al reiuuia ficon rifty tut\ *f tbi
Ifty bid* Conntie* in th* litate Tne maj ir.ry m firarf
the ptopoad amtidaeat to tho Conttliution i? 1.IB*,
ahiih adl b? rc?lu..d to abou t ii... >Xi?f
Tor Ailkat
A'tanx.8,381 0-7
AU , a':.v. J.'0J i.iog
1 . '.-:? tn
Coyoga. *'*3 Laa
Cattaiaagui. '?" * tti
Cl,_'..tai.,u.. 3.HI 738
Cheauni. '' ? U-**
Cl.i.iiig. LjbTI 1,187
(Leluml'ia. L*? 143
Cottland. I.MI l'l
Pelaware. 775 J*3l
? .--. -Ml l.lrM
| , .? ? " ir*
yl.. ? . LU- SUI
l'iPik'.iu. ?? li**
lu'ton and Humilton.. 1.5M -38
Geneaoe. A4Tg 88
Qroew. tti 1,8*1
ll.ik.c.r. '-'??'-I LI7I
j*ffer-oa. :I??'?-, -.*?
Kingi. ' ?l
I 1 . l."'"* w
Uriagaton. *?' ?" M? I
baa. ? 5??
Moune.I3?t33 ?*
Ilootgeeaery. *AH 311
Niagara ..'.. **TS U4
Murlorb.i"t?i -.'? '
(in.i.la. '."'I 1*H
tinonda(.a. - 7-T
Oaiaito. :t."a^ "1
Orange. L?*8 -,354
Oitaaaa. *.?'??? 'I
Oriiei. ?.o - t.*-te
Otaage. >.-177 VU u
PBtoaa. a:* 37t %W
st. 85? tko
L'.n.-.le. 1 . M'- !.<"?
-nd. m *B
Bkl.d.'-1 *3r
Saihl.-a. MI
Reae-B. ?.??8 81*
>. I? 11,1 l.i.l.. 1'"' MI
bcboherie... ?-," '-MI
gteaboa. -,:'*? iftot
st Lawreaoe. l.-'Jt 3,iu
S llivan. 84f) L0>?
sutr.-ik. 377 i.ari
li,,pa. -Sl I.t-8
l.unkin. 1 181 1.443
l'1-tir. ","J7 '"J
Weebh*ftoR . '',*','? m
\\ 11 cni.g. MM 371
\\_iieu. 8451 W4
>Va>ne. f-...44 518
V\,'i. I e-i-r. 1,458 918
Iaaa. 1.?'???? *>4
Total.1*5,32* 59,383
Ti.ii I Mn 11 ? 8 - - - Si Aoriarif - Tho followiBg Superrbl
wtie ch?.Bcn tt tbe lato electiun.
iiiiict Dm.
M/BAria-Jeba H. gley / B '.-.'. Ilara** I) Phtlpt
li.la.a II W Ruil-Ton I ? J ,!,n if.ckerata.
K-.r i_ i/> I'a Oraff M ../.i.-.M KI .tri IwaXO
SfAoAarw-AIIIn ? Ilea. .V....*-\i H.llaulr
HIM jtAaria-M Deniyella.
r... ?? 1i1u.11 l'..rij.inln. 8tmm,t D.aidL Hil-r
.. C t.are, (lioyeaer. XV.yir -loha llautiat
t UU1ktU-De1.it'. SUner ? '- -Not haatd from
J fr, tan No P...4 .,0111
("kattt.Hi'jve ?Below ia tbo reauli *t tb* Town Kl*clfaa*?
btld ia th p Couaty on the '-Ut, u bl u a-'-ertained
Wi.'Oi Wiii*
Jrtmtickt-l.xi Btllwia. toirtoil iiniothyJtlaa
J't.rii 'ibfttn Pt bt'-r t< 1 . 11*4.
ar I'ti* l4t.lt. _-, ?,?/.,.. Mg.aunJ M*aa.
Cltmtr St*t.h*B 4V Stawal 4Hi/.,?f. 8 J C.diii
JJ.'-k- iraflaikiaa DaM
4-f ctir-Heaty Baker Ctrroll-Wm II H Litta
rtw.,4 I r,ri - Nehemiab R.yea (1.1.-.-/*-J.ba M r.tUta.
(,.7,1, -fladae. i; f.lu.rr /t.*^?r ?Hirta 8".ltb.
JJ-, mwiie-Jobn Stewail. (i-ott-.4 HtrritoB.
Ai.jBft.*? Hibi KifJ4er K-i/WJ Jjahaa .4 Uihcx-8.
/?-.?/' fI? H Inn. K Smilb
ttoiryCraek Klllngio., Mlaa, Polinl anl Vllleaua to be aa
,<tevUn- Tho ISoard ttaad* 1. Whiga to 17 ? flaraV*
and "Hofta" Lut year tbe Ikardetood 13 Whigit* 1*
Whio Dr.a.
AgBbaB?O**. W. Oar. X**** B II H-.niai
fdaiit'l- Sr.l. m*n J Teep'.*. R- 4-P..1 tl d-a>ek. Har4.
r.'-.--.-P*i*. ( toa*. Braa/w*- i?ba i/boli. Matt
d'. ,./,?*!*?- (1 1 Mcl'.w.ll Ct t (1 Mnl.r
r....!?:;-Joha M.y ad '"'e wd ?oha Daxii, Bardt
f'...iiff.-x->'B B j.tn*. H-M-d Anw! Honte lltrl.
/AsKtr./re?Joell irr-ugtan llirttnlte t. Itot
*.-??.--??? nei Kiwib. ? ".*_*. .ii--Wa Beaclt ItrA
Heniy-t 4V Mtirew. ' . 1 siul iletaait liaii
Jeijer- if.t* Bi'.. r*'-< " .- .4 Joaii'i Lewll
Oaajf AB Nf.fonjk, T-. ,./ ,',.r,,\- WifliaB, r*atr?t*.
to i.ney-JaalU Dunlaji. f-'i.ti Morrla Hmwa
7krt??- >,a.r|t ( ui lla..- A aen t Will iaaa.
H?Vfo?--M M Pai.tia. 8V-.r-_ T>.em[-aa
rtoodAull-ieeA-aol-. M-. C_-ta?W rlbarmaa
ritr.r ?- Jnh. Xexe.
/_m , ..o - E C. Anlroa
Mu Hir.AT.-The Free 8oil jiarty inet in Conventioa al
Ja,ki-n *ad made th* followiar, nitminati*na:
lor >,oxen.tr. llen X i -i.gkau.. fur .'.i..it*Baat-flaaa*aifi
Nitnaa Place tf C.b.'.t. f.r gidiui ,?*a*nl Pbiieta Ktya*
cf 4ia Itu.*n. for Auaraay Oea.ral, Il.r.y K Clarke -f "?)*_
fer hVeielarr.f 8tat*. l^-.i Mm? of K*.t. I.r rtup^netealeaa
P'lhllc lr,.tr.ni,,r,. Kiljih Pilebar *f len.B... f.r f^m'exaymm
of Lan.1 Otf'ce. ?,-ya.air B Tr*U?*H uf Jackaoa . for rttar. Traa?
:*r. Siae M Helmraof W.yo., fa M-.r-Ur ot Howi ef ElaCtBtt.
Uaat P Cbri.ti.acy of Mrarta- f.iur W iig aal fir? D _k**r-a
i.e.-. .,.
fluiPGiA ? The Leglelatnre adjearoed *n the 17th tof-e
?fter adoptiag 323 aota, j-rivate and p-iblic '/>-*
Udg,rtiU Fedrral L'nion give* the followitig naiuet of aaa
Onntie* orpii i/ed by tl t, I.e^itlaiur* :
Ptti a ftcai f'nloB 1*4 Oilmer, pi. .ea.frotn Olira.rtai t^fra
t a ( . oota fr-tB W.lker u* Wkit:.elu. P.lt*. fnwo Ot tala,
t >airahucl.e? from M.iagu.al Mar.a* B' ^bafeu* ''-*??'M
?'? i ah'tB tfm biker a.4 Rarlj O. .gf.-ry fiea f*.t?' we tb'
fre?, fiBoly ..* Irwia ( . froa Raat. * i iBl-*ft| al.-U m*a?
T.lft.r. Irwia Cliaeb aa. War., lia.t ,._, Catalaa, Hu*. ?.?
Elbettaal rraaklia
1)I-1XCCT14_ P.RK |ig CltriTTAri?About II oVIu*
laat Lii.ht.8 fiie farako out in U H Mcaklnkr* laney M*fB
on tbe north fide of Fnurth *t, bww. en un aml ?y?W
more. Tb* flame* cniiouBiraf 1 fo tb"'r*o-ii tk ,--g a*
eupi.-dby Mr .11 n (lev-r, u furaitarf warcra' :.i> a-.i'lte
the f.oro onrJie'i : -'.n, napM>
odical depot, Tlie ettablu-baert of Mr Gayer wta tt .jtf
tbo mutexteceire io ibe city ard hia 1-* wl" '-? t*?
Leiivv. cot le*a, probably. than ? -.000 or *?: w*t_B
lapaftially Inaund. Tbe largo fuetUry briek buB-Bf
un the we*t.aleo o?<upied by Mr G yer. wa* ea_M
dratroyed Ibit if ibe tecoud t::i - Bi G ,,.-r -M to?
burnt out with p the lut ei|-bae?n montht.
Owing t* tho latonee* of tbe bour, it wu im">H*ia>l* a
aacertaiu tbe lo*?e* of Beura. Meaking* aod i,'4*"*_B"
The building* were owned by Menar*. Oeyer and B- **?
AIw'd. ?b,1 wen pa.tially ineured ^.
Adjoiuitr Mr G rer'a. on the weat, tu a ttoafl boaa
i.y Mr Jo*-pli I'ick.rlBg u * f*??r
Bfa tofp i*1!! ae aboat 15,000. Th* eatir* letoW
b ,U a t fall far ibort ?>( i .
? b, f.re ? ? r- were on tl.e ground er.r.y V*
worked nobly l< t.*re th* lumundiag bu.ldiB^t At I
k tbla i arabaj aVay i> ?? pnii bard at *2(
', - ?
Ihi MtkTiit Wuhibotob C> t-Arrtst ??/_fr/__
tutfor Uurdtr end Art*n.? kin ijrtBt Math* WataT
t..n" -e ibat Laa i.ar to loug ap .o 1 abaartoJ la* twm
? :*.?.? ...-.! ,.! _e?tf-n. '? a
t i leeie'ten '''Lttt
:_? at thal L ? ? ? -iaitt* in l-a tFmr
a r*rta*-t*oe n-J
:j *.??"
mnr: .ov*dio betM*.

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