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Rl( EIVi:? HY
__ D.pgltbtdTha'N. Y. Trlbana
*^ WaaT-lwBIBw' Friday. Sept. I, IWd.
Igforrrmtion baa boen IwawtTwd _(?*_ St M?atll|
__, re?|*et to tbe plai e of Kmbaasador bero, vaeagj,
iartl.e doath of >lr. Itoiiaoo. The Rnaaian 0"v
__ceot had namod to the plivo Connt M?-dan, who
-_jel't'- baa been tbo Ktuwian Envoy Kxtraordinary
_ llriiinotentiary Mni.t.r at Hio Janeiro, but tlie
fgunt k? rephed to the order to remcve to Waah
_t_i n wi'h a letter of tbanka for tbe bonor conferred
^oo bim by tbe nomination to a faajH >n of highcr
_,k Ibo American Fitibaeey ?tanda b'..!i"r on th
cajgian Hat than tlie Brazilian;; but Btating nt tho
jgrne time tbat he waa acrioudy aa_Barfahg foaa bn>n
___. f<r which be bad entered upon a i onrao of
jreattwi! tbat would roquire aome i/ioutha. He ao
' for-_p,y aaked pcrmi*?ion BO remain IbatO at leaat
for tbe |a_M nt, and it baa baaa aicoordod.
*" It b hifbly probnble th nt Mr. SWkl, the preeent
fhajpe ii Affnirte of Kuaeia, iw y be evcntutily ap
' ?,?.?<! tu the offiee whirb Couut MaaVoa tbaa .,.
|_rJe*. I leara tbat Ibe E -kMRTOf ie '.n the hi/heat dc
fl?a Mtiefied with bia negatiatinn of tbe neutrality
Tte ,.tt"rnpt to aettle tbe Greytown qaafRXM will
aeobobly be carried on at WoohaBartoa rather th in
London. Tbe queation will accordiugly be debated
between Mr. Marcy and Mr. (raini.ton. I ain unable
kjattti tbat tbe ii_.tr.ieti< _ of the latter are of a
aaaitive > haracter, and that under tbo preecnt citra
ardinary circumstane.?- _B*r1oa_ will net yield a
grbit of her old pretenaiona on that coaet Fifty-four
farty t .uc.it Britieh atafeawen that there wa* nothing
|o be fiari-d from a aham iJemocratic Adminiatration.
?Jmmm M. Young. D. -S. Cmsul at Curacoa, atarta
for New-York on Mo'iiiy. Seoretary Marcy fully
iBdirrw* bia courae, Bad the entire Adminiatration
comnom! Lim.
Tbe venerable B-a-R WbiUlllJ. Firat Comptrol
ler, bai. tendered bia reaitrnation. He takea to heart
fbe removal of hi* favoriti-elerk, and complaina of
jnterforet ee with bia du'ie. by tho Secretary.
Tho Troaty between the L'nitod Statea and tlie
Jfetber-hnda ia very ndvantageoun to ua. It prov'ul. .
Jbr tbe reeognition of American C.mau's in Dutch
JXTt?- , ,
Harvey W. Watteraon of Tenneaaee i* spOKen of
- il Mr. Davia BO Oovernor of Or. .:on.
Tb<- S.cretnry of tbe Treaaury has approved of the
ajaara]ga_aa for gold dollbw aud seut ordere to the
Mint to < (immenco Btriking them off.
Amoogthe biddeif fnr the eontraet for .the con
.tructioo of tbe aix new ateaa frigatea are tbe follow
irg from New-York i M.*gan Iron Works, T. & E.
Farren, Allairo Inm Worba, PwROO & Murphy, Jo-R
E. EricN*on, and J. Uurns Weat Point Founicry;
axid fron. Pbiladelpbia, Moasra. M.rriek 6l 8ona.
7/. Star aaaertJi tbat tbo St. Doa__gO iieiro^iation*
reftronlyto tle aecuring of a Wcat India port for
tbe u?e af American sbippiug, where their privilegos
will be . uperior to thoae of aU other nationb.
The miiird of tlie contrai*_ for tbo new maehinory
w'.ll be iimdc next wock. Tbo bidding ia quitc apir
Mf>e*r?. ErtcaaOii and Mengber arrived bere thia
tnornini.. The former habaaabl preBontin<; somethiug
new in relation to tbe engine* of tbe new Government
ateam i. uatee.
The kilnapping cams already alliidod to ia creating
aome excitement. The (,'irl htta bf?jn tracod and will
bo reeTyerod.
A violent gale wa* experieui cd thia afternoon for a
few minutoa, aud waa . iieeoe<l"d by a gentle rain for
0 brief period. Tbo wiud wa* from tbe 8 iQihward.
Stanl.v, the ariiat of tho lnlian Galiory at tlve
SmitbMitiian lnatitute, ba_ nebievt.1 ii mnmt triunij.h
in hia pi.norama of the .Wetorn Wilda, jnst tiniabod.
Ri* Imlian Pair baa been aecured for exbibition at
the Mii'banice' Fair, Baltimore.
8vRA<tsK, Friday, Sept. 8, l-:i.
Tbe l?emoerata bero tako tbe aetion of tbo lato
r?nventior*Jooolly. Some 3ay tbat if Proaton King.
g\bijahMann and their friend* do not tnke Hction for
an organi?Uion, ntieket mu*t bo made ut tbe Anburn
glnti-Nebraaka Canveution. Tke Standard hoiata
the ticket, but will not own tho Nebraskaneolutiona.
Seymour i? popular bore. .
\Vliij: I'rimary Bj?aO_Rfa were held in all tlie Warda
yeatenliiy, and nre eai.l to bave wora a Know-Notb
Inpian troi.is, Kiidny, .Sejit. -, 1-M.
Tl.e I'enioeratie Mam* Convcution, b.'ld to-day,
waa lurge and entbuaaatii'. Addroaae* were mailo by
the H<.n. S. A. Douglaa, Hon. Geo. E. Pugh and
Hon. Joeepb Laue, and arOYR woll neeived.
COjNGKKSSION.U. nomixatiov.
Philadklhua, Friday, Sept. H, IW,
Tbe Whig Confereuee ol Hmj Xtb C'licreaaional
Piatri.t met at Harriaburgh lant ni^bt.end noniinated
John ( ? Kunktl.
Tke Daily Eveninf Rreitter *u*|icnded publication
YF.l.LOW FKVF.K, &e.
* _LaATI-ORR, Friday, Sept. t, l."S4.
Xcw-titiean* papern of Saturday bave been re
Tlie lloward AeeiH iation iu New-Orloana had com
Hience*) taking eare of tho yellow fever pationtn.
The Saramwk Georgian givoe a melaeholy piiture
f.f _M 1 ? Ba_ Of Savaunah.
t_8_kaa_ nuinbera Are afadl, balf tbe boarding
LoB8e? BfO dieerted, and hotel proprictors are cloeing
up. l.unineea ia entirtdy *uapended.
From ibe -'7th of May to the 4th of September 131
deatba 1 ul oceurred, H of w-h? WOtB from yellow
Th. I i.ilitio* af Boboiloom, tbo abaBaa_*tiat| mer
chant fr.ni Auguata, ntnouct to thirly tboaHOad dol
IV (rnnd IgalfO to-i'.ay adopted the report of tbe
Commitr. .-i.fth.-YVh..!eon tbeaimiiJiHU'onr.titution,
and aft. iwHi-d adopted tbo new ('or._tit_ti.in by a vote
OfMaoo. The Oo*__dttM ou Credeutials reported
in favor of Mr. Clark for tbe ei-at from (ilito. but tlie
l_?dk'e by a vote of 5;; to 40, adopted a resolution that
neitber af the eonteetan:.. WON entitb.l to tbo eeat, in
00_tk-qui-!:ec of a_|aaagaj illp^-ajitv in the proeoediag*.
A pn>ti?t will be entired atraiuat the deei*iou. An
evenin_ *e??ion of aeveral hour* dural_*??, devoted to
the work of the Order, eommenced at 7 o'clock.
Tbe llraud I.odge 1. (?. O. V. laet ni-ht diaeuaaed
the BBOWOOod amendmeuta to ita eonatituti *_ _?hBRg
tho auiendmonta adopteil i* one fixin , tbe tiiue of
aanual iiueting on tbe tbird inatoad of tlie firat Mon
flay in September. Tbe aui.ndmenta witu tiually re?
ported to tbe Hou-e la>t ni.bt, and are BWORg iiitel
apon t) ia morning.
<*? "
THI XKW Sl'ATK ll'lol gVSTLVat
SiR?. : >K, Fn.'.ay, lapi R, ItM,
1 i.t uraer-etone of tbe u.-w l.liot jV-ylum waa laid
at 11 0*0?0? to-<iay, ou tlio o-round* at Goddea,
fornierly owned by Secretary l^venworth, who did
tbe hoiior*. AAer [irayer by tbe Kev. Mr. Aaliloy.
Koctorof St Paula Chunb, and niu*ie by Miller'a
baad, tbe atooe waa laid by Allce Monr_.>, in the
abaetice of Governor Seymour. P. R. Wilbur. Super
iatenilent of tho Inatitution waa tbe firat apeaker, an i
aaa felkwed by tbe Hon. Waahington Hunt, Ojrbo
aave a hiatory of tbe raovement. lte-marka were
aiio made by Dr. Seqaia, Mr Coager, aod otbera.
QriB-r, Friday. S- |
Thi* nflcrnoon Mr. Hinck.' madc a M nUierti! ex
planat on that when tbe Mimatry waa d-fe.v '
. kr-mhip. beroneluded it eould n >t ea'ry any
of it* prr.jccta, but bad intcnder) to h>.v.- tl.e A 1
dreoeea di bated and take bi* courae after*?ard. He
cbanged bi* determination, however, laat niglit, when
be louud tbe Minister* eould not ohtam from the
House twenty-four hour*' delay to deterra?e on their
courae regarding tbe privileged rjneetion ra__aa in
favorof tl.e Membir for Hagot. aud now tendered
their roignation*. whieb were acrcpted. No defiaite
progre** ba* been made toward tbe fomation af a
new Mini-try.
A FAMI1.Y _tTJ__bT_.0 TO DB4TH.
A-EA.M.'Friday, Bflft - .-", i.
On T :e*day niglit the houre of Mr. Bald^.n, at
Moriab, __ha_ County, waa bnrned down. and hiin
stlf, wife und f-ur childreit were burnr-d to death.
Coi.umhi*, Mi??., Friday, Sept. -. :-'??.
A detdnictive fire wcurrod in ihia town to-tlay.
Fourteen *tor<-? and dwellings were borntto the
jrround. Tbe bai:.? nnknown.
CiNt issati, Friday, Sept. J. '.J'.f.
Fraaci* l>i< k wa* executed at Dayton to-day, for
the murder of bi* inother-in-law and brother-.n-law.
He had pr.Yiou.ily _aa_*a-ai bi* euih.
?Sotne of the Engli-di paper* are talking about a
privafe arrangerncnt euppoaed to have bcen mile
between the Czar and Senator Douglaa when tbe lat
ter mado hi* famon* vi*it to St. Peaka-b*?| T<> thi*
eupponcd arrnngenient they att ibute Mr. Douglaa's
jrre.t movement to render Slavery gnpremo in thi*
lijflblki Ba, in old timoe, when a man wa* fouod Ra
bc a partieular villain, be waebi lieved to hav
aYvay bi* houI to tho devil. There *eem to be iu
groundlea* notion* now-a day* _ ei RT.
_Tkr Courrier de* Etntf L'uit ba* a department
ralled xhe Jltrue dtf Jonrnauj, the chief purpose of
whieb nppenrs 90 be to mn dowa iu cotemporarieii in
thi* city. Kepeeially it will not allow them to have
an opinionon the war; and anything thoy may *ay
tn it. that i* not entirely favorable to France and Kug
land, i* nothitu; but eontemptible aaaaoaao iu the view
of our infallihle Frciu h kwrajbbor. We ?ugge*t that it
might advajitagoou.-dy eultivate a litt'.e more modwty,
and ti.euiiYvh'.le for better iuforinntion on the prov.-.*_?
bagg in tbe war, we eommend it to the eolumn* of
/'?;,,/,. rin itn part iai and intell'gcnt Engliah journal,
whoae eritir.*m? on the iueftieieney of the allie* are
a* pnngent a* they ore true.
?Squicr* book on NVaraguo hr been trarvalitted
into (ierniftn, with uote* aud an iuti. luction, by Carl
Kitter, one of the moet eminent of modcrn geogra
phera. It is nn honor to our < ountryman to have Lis
work traiirlfited by aueh a man.
?Mr. oYCOteeby writca to The Loidnn M>rr\ af
rjgr_-d _ fnvor of grvtaf to the land diaeovercd by
I.kut. De llaven and bi* eompanion* north of Wel
lington Channel Ihe namo they affixed to it of " Orin
?? ncll Lacd." The Engliah who mibaeiment.y di?eov.
ered tbe Hanie territory, gave it anotb?r i.aine. a_ h
reinain* in tbeir charts, but Mr. I.a-Wahy < -ontend*
tbat justiee to tho Anieriean Expedition requirea tbe
adoption of the Ameriean narnt. No doubt it doi R,
aud we preeiune the remonstrince af RR RBX?R? an
aulboritiy will bave itn effeet.
?A rieh litir.en of Cologne ba* giY-en to that town
sonio ?70,oon to build a publie gallery flf tbe Fine
Art?. A good nample?whieb might bc follow-ed in
New-York. with great advantage to the publie.
- Shelle ar-afbbaf 100 Ht. were fired f.-om Laneas
ter'?long-nuige |*_i tbe other day on board a ve?*el
neiir the Irle of Wafbt with a *urpr_iin2; roeult- One
H Hf aent 4,ou0 yarde digtance, and reaehed the top of
it eliff 300 M lii^h. It wa* calculated that in a tran
quil *oa, fo that .ood aim eould be tnken, a tnark
?.ei'0 ynrds distant might be hit by thia _un.
? Tht M.ltle 7Vi/'?ae*ayg: "The trutb i*. the
"worldi* governod by word*. We alway* bud
jieeled tlmt journal of holding *ome euih doctrine.
Tbe very lntt"t by tt 1( ixraph from Londou and I*xT?
erpool, oiited Saturdny, Auptu>t M, wa* a private
J-apetllh p.-esented to u* by Oapt Harri-ou, of the
K. M. l-aaaa-_p Afriea, and be no doubt ia entitled
to credit for it.
~~THE ()l'ER~A.
An au'li. nee af not lo*a than !,'>00 persoc* attonded
the opera at CaMle Garden larrt niu'bt. The pieee af
the evenicg, Lucrezia Borgia, paaaed off ou the
part af Madame Gri?i und Signor Slnrio with
incrcnucd i-pirit, wbieh wa* responded to by vehement
nii'ieurc. Tbriee were they ealled before the cur
tain. In his Komanee, Signor Mario wa* n A "tily
eneored, but required a tbird time to reo-ivc the
homago af a multitude. Signor Suemi wa* not _ a>
pood vo.ee a* at the preeeding repre*entation, and
oid not a< cordingly have an encore for hi* pain*.
The elimaetirie nieuer- of tbe ttcmt and tbird act*
w.-re done with extraordinary pnwer by the prim i
pal*, aud the audienee fully nppreciated then.
There *e- med to be bnt one ?entimeut re*peiting
the grnnd dnimatic aetionaf Madame Orisi. The
CafAta ac a whole wa* an untx^ivcxa! triumph: and
if tbe howe* go on iuiprov?g a* they now ?eem to be
by tbielr.Ht c\ kbjRM e, th-re may be no eatise why Mr.
Harkettrhouid lct the voeeJi*'* throw up tbeir en
gngement, w hit b they are ready to do at the end af
next week if be requirc* it. Tbis i* a? ba_ele*a ru
mor, but the tact. If their eflorta to pleaae, sucb 03
bave e*tablirthed tlieir reputation in Europe and *u?
tained it during the lnst ?____*? until within one month
pa*t, are not adeqnateto the re.iuirementi of the City,
it ei t in- that bV re i> Bfl deaire on tht ir part to remain
to tbe di*advantage of Mr. Hai kett. The publie mmt
reniimber that the Opera is very expennively ren
dered, aud mueb cxtra remuneration ia ltaa_*j| to
BUBtain it. It i? xvortli 81 rtain'.y m.>re than a eom'-on
muaieal t'.i-h.
On Montlay we ehall have Xorma?n . haraeter
whieh Madamo Oriai ha* beld a* her o-.n without a
poeree*. It wnll offer an inducement for a large at
tondniK e by tbe publii-, both from ba renown and the
conipariaon wbieh it offer* witb tbe ?ame artiat a rep
jeatntation of Lucrezia.
Vermost.? Tbe Anti-Nebraaka victory i? more
overwhelming than wa* at fir*t reported. We
believe Judge ltoyee* msjority for Governor will
not fall below H'.CMX), wbile thoae of Gen.
FletcLer for Lieut.-Governor and Mr. Bate* for
Treaeurer will nm up to l-.iW?aome nattering
votea having been throw n againat Judge Royceaa
not aufficiently dertded on the Temperance que*
tioa. Partial return* indieate majoritie* for
Koyce aa follow*:
Wmdbam County. -. I
WtRb-at. -V*""
II. niiingt-'n.
Addiaon. :
( aledonia.. 3lM
Total, aofar.Jf??J"
I^moillemay have given a amall majonty tor
Merritt vDem.) but even that ia donbtful. aad we
believe he i* behind in every other Coanty.
Tbe Senate ii almoat entirrly Wh.g. Repub
? lican," '? Fu9ion." or whaterer elae you pl-Aae.
io that you mean hoatility to rierea. Doagl*? and
the Nebra*ka bill.
The Hou*e will be the aame way by aiwa. 1 *>
aaajetitY, iMRJ a I . h. .-en*tor of ta* nght
kUtiT. County frffirera ditto.
V ' ir:i i:..tr. N-tti! r I >".?, who baaarr.vedhere
;': ni \--i..-:.' I \_t-N.br_ka vi-to-y ic
? -. aaaralloL The ' '??? ;> b
? ? ? . - - ??? boa h^^ ;_
.;'.i a'ed
It ia r._der?to..d that tbe l_re*J atd Douzla* men
baro not.^arrici a Cmtmtf W S'na'ar w th, S't''?
not n mmvbm ttComtpm*, aor a v.a-e ?nV"r T-iv
r>ou_la_. a*BtaM i-oiinty r. tu na -- a_ti B tol Xebra*
ka ??'hat. ut of .JO mem'oeri'ciocteii, tha D._a,'l*j*
xnen wil". not bave 30.
A . rroopw*>deBa at R:.t'._u<l eer. ;t u.-t!.e teabo/tawt
BvTI ': il Vt.Thuradav S<pt 7, l-'i.
TffBTtd'.e_ra(.h r diapat.'h from Montpeher _ io y.t.
teroay e pa}*r, civee no m.iro IdOO ? >:' tne VO_oal
e'ection taaa the pieooat dry woatbor dao* I N
Read. We baro heaH of kajt/ I' ? -
. . . | , !r i. II t:.at leaves
\-1 n. braabaBRajoaity, -uat w_-.i ra?ke
i ' Tbere will aot I
men in tbn Aaeembly, anl probabh' not " ?_ in tbe
Snatf. Moarhaaaaan-jerity in tbb Ci>_,<r_eai..iu'_.
Daj-*trt, b oeywbere frnga
T) a n' era! roOBn will. I tnink. atkow no better for
Piereo ttan the reault ia IBM _ii tur Van Bu-en.
tc .- aot ic? ? f*J Dooro
rrat- oaly iro aJoeted from t!:;.- eoeary?t*
aad it i* jeat ao, and more ao, ail over tho
Mat.. ioura tnily. o. k. u.
In the rirct Co* jreseional Diatriet, Meachanx, Wmg,
haa 1,319 majority in tbe towna nce ved Rajtaw.
Thoae to be received will m-.'.cb inereaao this majority.
In the Hcmd tbe run i* alooor, owing lo the num
boa ..f M-atterin. fwtea. In fifty-three towaa -
ed. Morrill, Whig, ha# a majority of 446 over all .th?
ere. and ia nndoubtodly choacn.
Intbetbird, SabLn, Wbif, ha* art -.verwaelmirig
ftgaBka ""V"
A*(iia.o. 7 tawaa.II*
Oeaalaglna t ai*?i.fi;g
Cl.i't. Ldeo, ? towBt.15*1
f. aledon.a. I. t'.a-at.
FnvakliB.atow oa.a*3
" ?
Orletai llowna.3*|
OriBie. HitnWLa.
P.ntlaud. II towna.
Witdaor 16 towBt. j*
Windhtn. li tiwi.i.
WgiblDgt?_.5 Ujwli. S73
T.'.l tfftawa*. IA ?-'
Krw-Yorb Whii. EfoauBATioRO?Erte C>.?Ae
?.mbly. 4. BwtbW. Oo-dfR
Wiin. KoBHRaTloBB,?Oaw-tao f > ?ror Bbera?
i;,fu_ BawbfeoofOawcfo Haaatai of gaaooaably?
20 Diatrkt Lowki l\ H.avendorf. Loeal tltti. nr?
Brtij. V. b_o**eo of Palaabl Tiooaaror flonry C.
p.tk of Mexico: Supeiintenient of Poor? A. P.
Hart ol Pb.i-un. Jaatieoof BoaakOfia afaooa8a_iba?
rv Cottaaar- A?_ Whjg ofOoa .
' DRI l kYRI I I W-l IwYATR C -')<?>?
rof.V.?-'. Henil B_*BBO_
T)?rR*M, Wodoodoy Bopt ? ISM.
Tbe Ti-i|jn Co. Wblf CfWTOnlloiB aaot veaienlay,
the Mfa inet.. aad oppoteted B. F Traey E-q., o'ele
trnte 10 tbe Whiif Sthte CfJOTI nti.il W. I.
Sll,i miii IfoanBATtoi?O '?iro C?.?Aa
aenbly EaatarR Diattiet, Wiiham Angas:.n tv_oa,
Of lfAaKhOOtCT. _. . . _,,,.
PlOOaYLVABTA.?Ir tbo XVItb Diatnct. J. El.ir
Bonham the Nebraahahe Cb_r_br of tbi i?- ?
cratic S_te Co_B?ittoe, ond a politi. ian ..f tbe For
_., |i,?. .;,,. Bad Mkaabwippl r.-| u.iiatu.. acbool, ia
i,,;_ti-b:i. i eandidnta f..r < pngrrooa. l! ?
be oppoaed bY an Independent aoanoofl /' / ?r-?
, calla for _n Anti-Kebraaha Doaa
. t;. id a."-..aat ttotkham, aad laifaiato* that tbo
Wbwa will not m-minate. _______ _. . .
Tl.e Xel.raakaitea ef the \\I\th l> t'r : have
iioininai. d Dav i Borelay I I - k*,a_d :.':r.iw:i
, .\. ?' i a:.i I 'nrtie.
Cbarlea sbnler. a br. ther of ?? Rold-OTOr -
ia the Hrbraaba eaadidott in th- XXlat D'utriet aiad
Col M. 1 Btewail la ra lomaaondod oytbe sawe party
in the XXIl.i Diotrtel
Tbe Xehraaka I>-n. cra'-y ot the IXth P.-.r-.. t
Laaeaatot Cfkaatj ba\e noinmated Col WiUinui B.
Fordoo) i": Congri ** . _
piaaal Lvaau ?'111 Dei.atic c inferei i ol t!>??
Xlth (iin'.'r.-ti.ii.ai Dwtriet ooaRaaood of tbo eoun
tka of8ebnylkill and Sorthucab riaad. baro.
BatedJooephW Cakefoi CotifTeaa. rVax, 1. Doa
arl Eaq w? bo oa indopondont Iwmocratic caodi
iiatc Kiintierllleoeorio?0 *_M - "?? ai.l .Jamea
H Campbellthe Whi^' cniididale Th- illaatriotu
stratih .ei-m. t.. hav.le.ii averlooked alto
Wbai ? plM Lt if tbat tbe next I 'ongresa i.t to be de
prived of l.'ia wiedotn Th< iii.iion wll aal r aoaj ?.
(),!],, ? (ol. It I'. leRtTRB. 0*0 Of tho atton_-.<!
Hemoerate it th" Baeb-eyo Wata aad Piwaiiaal of
the Anti Kebtraaba 8uto Con-.eiition. haa l.een
aotninati d ** tbo Ri | nbli. ?' eaw ' late t-r Conareaa
in tbe WHI'h Dbwiici eompoood of Setarb, 8am
nrt a-i.i r..rteU'e CaaaoVaa Erery I'ounty wn?
fi.iiv ra.-r.-.-ttt-l. Kte'i "' Ibt ORR .
bia h*wrtieet and .tr>.n''e?t aapport tothono
Tho Fr-ei.I| i.' i! tl.e CoaToatMa wan tne llmi. K.
llad, I pr..iiiinent Doaaoci .i ol 8 _'_ I oi atjr.
[?i vm. Rrbnylei CoJfai aa 1 Di F. I ly raadl.
datca for Cougieaa fax tbo IXth Oi-tr'nt. \r* ataaxi bt*
thatDiatricttaawthor. Aportioaot tbe Doohot_raef
aboa a neatdunliab to the Nebraaka doae wbieb
I)r. L i.iv proj .'-?-? t" dia? BM t' th- m. and .
n, very BanuY iBapealtioa Dooflao'a uPoaalar
?>o>eriigiitv' ia too .-bal'ow a ii.\i<c for tba
Hni-'.i ra.
I'irn-.' - prioeipal ot_i<-iaN are atanaiBf BbO M^te
;?. \s hi-_v aa Nebraaka tioket.
Itt-iRQiB- JoahniR B. Okddiaga : <?ln.i cora
n an. i d tilling hia appcdataaaet by addroaa og th ? pee
ple of CTxk^OgToal Dooabo?l_b, Bapt i, aaraiaottbo
furiher aaarooi tu? at ot tbo Blara Pawor and iu favor
of Harbor ImproYOBaowta. Thofood ordoi pn
fbr twn fall hour* wa* equal!" that of any church ou
S. Arnold Donglaou announced,throt'.u'hb.i moatn
i.'n i'i at Chdcago, to a-id'caa th.- pooou at
Morri*. Ottawa. and La Saiie. and a Cbica_.. pap.-r
gava, that he baa not *.iv.ti up a.1 bope-of makiug
biiWlfuadoratood a: f_bk_ago, n-.-w-.tbaURdiactho
?- aoiaa htoi eoskf i? m whieb Bxteadod bia I .-t affort
H.'wti-t.. baYaooJ%btod tbofl D araay at
Imlianapoha yeatt-rday.
Si.ith CABotiBA*.?4atbo BWDkatriet i_?wren<a
M. Kaitt. tbojaraooat incumbeut. i* a aaadaiaN foa
. ' . -. C,.;. I-: !??.? I..:
Pariah, aHbo ia at proaoal - M Ue, and
will in t r.tum ur.ti'. attir tt.e OMMTtiofl i* orer, ia pro
pooedia oppooBtoa to _r._eitt. Twa ^.'iitleinen
in Bartiwill I>iatrict, the II n. J. 0. \N, I'un.au aud
CoLW. A (Iw'-uk oWlinob* a*r< indidatea.
MxiM?Tbo Uboral or NNibi-cat Dooaoerati of
tboVth \Var..i'..n- - Dtatri I hawa*a_8jinlad tbo
H..n. Aaa .<mith f>r C'..n.n *?. and ind-.r
(.ulernatorial aomiaatioa ol ibe Hon. Miepard Cary
and tbe Pi oborot I oaatY tieROt
_ASaAi i;' aRTT*.? '!'? o ?? ?" -;' ?' 1 ? r---r- ''? ?'At
[a. ti ttt tba DaaROOlwtaO State BoBRlari Committee
ilidoraed tbo P^ocre and ('iislun-' Adminiatratien ta
a call for a State fonvii.ti..n. Uutaorae "fthe
leaaer Dchta of Pomoerocy piO8_a>_*-0 thi' a:at.-ra^nt
-;.? WmtnUt Pmammn .ay?. what __*_>
ii. i,. irue that thia i* a uiatter >.f BOOOTtof imoor
tance to tbo pub'ic any r-xpn aai-n r.f anproval or
diaapproval of the Adminiatration would bave b. .n
an eitra-olli,lial aot, performed without aa?lority. It
-The r-et.Dt Atturarv iieDera! at \Ve_:rit.._ when i
?g-Bbff S tbe rommitte'e. ittempted oo eeveral oceaai-.-e
the , xe-c_ of c ..nat.-ictir* authonty t-T tbe cuo.tu'.t
met with aa .itt> fnor from the maaa of tke Democ._y ot
.U..Irbna ?!<. a. tbat r-drtidaal h-mwlfwoa_a.eet-tt_.lt
be abaald glv* thera an ipportumty to i? their jodl-'nt ujwq
hia cuima :o iheir eoaevi-rt I n
from Ov O?B CorreiponJenr
Xfu-Op.Li \s*. Wedneeday Aur N IRM
The lolbnr fever ia now deelared by many of our
fir*t pbvaiciana an epidemic; the report of the mor
talitv of laet wcek. hoROW, prove* the fect without
any'announi tment af doctor*. Wben the fever tirat
.p'pear. I b Dr.a_bja_a, 0_ ieadi-j? physi
cian. *tate<i pubiiily that he waa ionvinc.i that the
OaoaOO onsinotcd here and would become epidemic.
After the *< v.re acocrs* of th- BtMa aeaaon. wo *up
rMW. d we w _ald K ex .rr.pt Iaa yaaao an i th.aebv
.ion airi^ed at waa. that even oue uable to the iever
had tbe .'.iaeaee la.: luinnar. a_d that th.M' wv no
inate-'al :n tbe citv to caaee an epeieu.ii . fj a ha. a
... Bnardof Health or(raaize.i. and a? th^ tounael
have ad.ourneai for the ?ummer we ahali bavenone.
T'ie papVra bave | ? week to week the
n i.otrta of tbe aextona of the % anoui e metenea. and
the Ci^ner and -V.'.'.j bav. kept their readera ihwIj-j
ea to tbe proerera o:'the dUeaee Tl l f-.l_.w_g wul
abov the rapi'l proirretw of the fevr
Deatbe ap to Jalj l*^..-^. >*
Deetbt-erkeaif. ggfu.yS. ?
D-etha week endu-g Jo.y W. "
p-a-ha week .ading Aaji-t 6.. _J
DeetB. wrek eBiii.Tf A-treet !_.w
Deethi -? -k eo-iing Adjaat 2*. ??
D?al_ weed r_iaj Aag-t ? .?__
T -a. T-'.-Ow f-rer Wthi.____ga_
Moat .f t_a nwrtality haa beea in the Cb_nty H?
?atal 1 bava aado froqusai viaiU to th- i_?rot_a.
:ie pr<Y_Te*e of the _i_ew*. Ib.'
i-n?w/__f, tna-omnehcrowd Itaat-ienj
af ___ .i<>. a-ta t" b* pnt on the fl.-or Tbe H iwarrj
Aaa-K-iattoii ha?e an imrren** arnonut aa fa
a tbe nenm ... I>. .Iv and -RaaTaMyi*a_n>
utedby-'e North la?t B-a-aavyal theyha.eMk ?
nome_arr- to rolieve the dUtreaaei. <?ne of our
ta*p-B- account* for tne great mortaitty a* be.
-ii- | aagba the IfaOfit? iu '
9a_aaaa, aad -aaa*Raa peertoaaaaare
rr.-dicire or a*?i*taiiee when fir*t takeu hara, theo. ie
? ?-ea?Bar tba a*ei*tanc*. ofthe H .ward*. Ali
wbo .lie in tbe Charity H.-pital are put ia the II aa*
tal coffi r" te-r/rf'y n,'iked and carted off t<. the (Vne
i h. re ba* been *errraJ imprwvet_ent? mvl- in
li raatai ?n addi-ional wmg heW-Bf hai I ai- ? 1
?:,!itrw dead bouae ereeted. The poor patient*
have evxry care and i-omfort poaaibie in a buili
ip? ni irow'ied. but the wav they are bunaa i? rather
g howerer, the Di-ector* ofthe Ho-,'ital
are obli.td to c..r..1uct the affair* of Raa in-tuuti<vi
with creat eeonomy.
Tbe< itj l.e.ke more diaerted than la*t yea-. and aa
tbe fi vir'wa* **> teuch later breakin^ out than at '.a^t
.r^.,,. ii will no d.itiht cmiime nntil a froet.
? pulation at a hi_h eetimae u not over -0.000
a* the prt -w-nt time. Tbe .!.-?:h? laet w_ek ara..uut to
:i*-0. tbere havinc heaa inaaaRb* from other die
a:. t.Mr. Thi* i* a very ereat mortali'v a<
?oaaaa wheu tho city wa* full if
r'ree.era. 'he moftaJity fc- the week wa* under I IO.
Many of tne death* l*#t week were frotn Aaiati
d.olera The OeL't rnoru* the d-.ith of an enttre.
fnni.v i or ?i"tii .' ->f *aaf I"_ra_B_ I kaW d R >? ?er th*r
?n Thuradav ana were all buried on the ?ame
day, vntim* of tbnfera. 1'heweekJy report ba* beee
b-3? '. j ] -? by tolepraj b.
? T >e| !. Bylf_H ? Iba-Raai En?VII?J BrOYVN,
E*q. I'residetit, in tbe Cnair, and a quorum.
1, B-kOB lb?t the Coaaa_-*4**a? of ItVpair* and
Supplie* do BOt nake ai y eontraet for baUMiagl to be
ereeted. tfcc .funtil plan? and ?peeifira?ion* htve bewri
preaent'-d and approved. To Cominittee on He
pair*. &.c .....
Reroliition h* appoint A ( . Lawrenre an In*peetor
ol hie. ti.m in the l?t Diatrict, Fifth Ward. To C'oin
m,f>e "n fvilarii *. Ac.
1 .|rj,.n apiM'innnp.Tohn M B?nnett an In.pee
toro I ?!??< tion in r'ifth Ward. To Committe on S.l
orita Ac
v : YTIOVa
From tbe Hayer, in an-wt-r to reanlution aubmit
ting Potice lie'neral ()rd>r No. 40;, date.l Aul' 19,
i-... direiting that ,n . a.-.- of garbage .\, baiag
foutid ia the Itrei ? ai"l the pei>on who pla e.1 ir th. re
not am ated "r r. portad by th. ?er_ean: or polieeman
who-i UBl] .t ir t.. arre-t or rafaat thotn. aa? *e_d
i< nnan h .- aot l"-en Ba-fieaded, t!ie
Csptain of Polfce rhall be deemed guilty of ne,-hot
01 iaty. I.rti'l on tb" tahte ??" be pti?atL
Preaa Gea. Ward B. Ujruttt Kin>t K?_i-iient N. V.
Volaoteer* to be rafaadad tuonev* expa-uded by l.iui
- ,-x (??:- 11- t" raaip r*id ri.ieient .V>r the
arexkanwar. 1 e( geaa-M-aeaaFinance.
U, m Piai ? Of Thoma* Humphre.v*, for re
meaeieiioa *nr dkaa-ffti eaaaatlhy taiiin? d.?wn an
990baahax atuaBaeoad ov. l"i ni?irtaoaa l_aaa?
Bj Mr. JtaiaiAB?Of J. W. Hertell. pxdaplsoate
warreat for M-i i" plaee of oaa loet by hia-. Ke-o
laYeltl'.T'ol B'lopted.
Hv Mr N ir.rii?ll.a> CrotoB xVatet Bipea he laid
ir. 1 i-,. Hm ':rii oad T*n :hy -rir.-t?:.. from Ti.ir l-ux.
-,,, ?. ToCommitteeoaCrotaaAgaedaet.
. H.i T.? Tliat the I'.ii.ce for.e oi the S..v,-n
Ward be ?creawd hj an udd.ti.>n of three
:., Cnaiailttre oa Patao.
|i\ Mr. B ? ytek?TbatTwenty-third-*t.. IromThird
;., I.'. \.i.-.!. n-t.v.. be li^bted witbg.'ii. To Comuiit
tee 011 I.'iirip*. iiC.
);-. Mr. I i,m>* n.?Tbat Tbirty-acventh^t., be~
t.M.i Broadway aad?loTeath-aF., be re!<uiat?d aud
paT-d 1' Comuiittee on Stte. ta.
Bi Mr. Vahian?Ibat eaib and _utt->r at-*? iu
Tbittv iccoad-91.1 betweea Pirataad Seeond-av^.. ba
r. *e',' wl,< re nc-Otiwarj, and ineluded in tbe e nitra<;t
Rjtr pBTiag lturt; a.< ,'n>i-=t. To Co_-khJ 'i
aj CtAJtci ba tbe Caeir.
OfC 'ir.11.1lt. .? on Kin- Dep.rim-i.t. t... on. urto 4_a>
i.,i, .j.,.. . Cotnpaay Ko. 31. (rowariadha.
i. aajne M?r af pi_^*_bag BBW h.citioii I'or
j|. 1 1, , . Ni.e. -l and -il: 111 favor oi e\f.-'iil
i r. iiii'itr to . * ie> ' north. rl} ..t Korty-third
*'.' ii-.u, t'> North to tbe Ea ' K.\..-a. All to Oaa>
mitt. .? ofthe w
ii, 1 .1,1: ittee oa K..a.i<, m -avaref 9e9tiae;oarb
, r atone* aiiii Hag ridt-walk* faar feet wi.le ..n
One Hoi dre<i aud Twenty-?eventh-at. To t'ommitee
Of the V\ I
I" , Board th -ii wetit into t'i>iiiin;tt.-.- of tba Whde,
Mr. VbB-IILTI? the Cliai- an I took i:it?. aa_B-_ar_e
tion 9?iaaR paper* ahteh liad heell rel'erred to ;t.
Tbe CoBUnittee roee, Mr, M i. ikh iu tba ehmr, and
r-feorted, rui-nim. u-tii g ftwadoij-ioa, irithoal ^mend
mt n:. papi r? iu relntieu to I'uhlie Huildin.' Htoeh (fa.
i {)_'_; tb'-maji-ritv and miuorify report* in relation
t. _drert_a-a#, J'^ether with -hai re-peetin.- Ihe
Df-t-gofoU>Ca_eBt9, tVcwere made the *pe? iai
order for nexl WaY_-a_*_aj. Xhe report ia rel ition t,>
Mee.iu 1 " ?afioeawa*Rt-tT-wbaab to tbe^t'om
on r re 1?< partiivnt thnt the rr-OltttaoO .Tl
ia\. r' I pan haaiag l"u B-f-Ri af Vaientine* Jli^tory
tl Wew'vorh waa aaifnded hT Baabiag the numl.er
-.-d to a thir-l readb-f; th. raaortAhi re
n;^,ii ?,. I ??; Broadway paving ami tbe 1 vtenrion of
larar. Tb?iap*at9F-aae.
ei ptad
1 be D.'Hrd th>n adjouraed to Monday at't.rnoi.ii, at
4 o clotk.
T! , Clab he-i 1 IRf-b? niet tiag laax eveuiiig. pur
*u*i.t t<> publi. .all. at tbe t'luh Baaei Ho. I
[traadway. In the abseme of tbe I'renident, the
iha.rvxa.- tfkeii hy PaFI-I BaBKI, \'i' e-Treaideut.
Nn lock B I?.rick-..n aud Augu*t;ia _MaYald were
xVbj. B. Farrell wa* aleete I a
?>tauaiug CoRRnrlttee, iu plaee of BabRRx
.!, bi m a, r. ?i.i.'d.
Hj, t . m r> ! tbe following preamble and re*o
|( >,,.. .. Tbe rr. eot COBxeall-B of Ba Deuiocraur partx at
'iaract-rue.1 b\ the lianiiutiv
at* nuDu^ei 'l ''? B-lbtBl a:.J. ia xia__a_tta( Ib*
j ,-nt aa oa?l iu e_ch a-.d .very i?rt uf thie
An..r.an t iiii_aBBa*all9 af *cxrr.ig?lx. waeih.-r I
1 1 i.ieu * nrw raar-B-** ta the riglit* uf tbe
: ? on ai.rf .1 ikr ritat.a; iher-1
? -age ol the " .i.aj.ir*.ta rea.,in':ona" by
,ir.%., 1 _rt 7 1334 aro tag a* tbey ea tb*
man 11. ihe frrnpir- .?t*re nimn exery
? a ,.'e.-analh up..a the ure.t . ariiinal
rac.r?Berr ely tbe BeCMBI f -I a- l.-ilig to
. . ? v.e r n ? rie* exary rlgbt IibibiiIi- 1
_,.,,} b\ ??"? tne St*tra. io thr i-..-iiueiti raniily
elwbi-a tb*J *r* __ia_bai*?u.rrta with our t.,_t iroranl ?[?
rrjia_.?e_ Ti.a". Ib* ??' !i"tr. 1 lUaa af Hurario tW] aicnr. whil*
:, __ , o th- Ba? ah.i ia tiiuea of
toicb tnrluirne* Dilthue |:eaer..a ui.inoi iaii.-d BBB *_?>
tir.- t.rii ' ?'
aCnrrla at tl.e aarte tiice. the atpxigeat gnaratitee that ihe.
. a-niiDiatratioB will be indeiibly i nprraaed eo
- poliry o< tb*-tal* 11..i tha: our ci:iBe_a. wb?'rTer
a__a-BAti--al r'allicg or a.<a#loa they may pnraue. will be
?oaret. -'"' agaii.at e/erx m'ul-l of
..'jitifixr wbieh flMaatkaaXi, mi,..era_-e aud hyuuer^y e.ay
hrrdted Tbat tb* *n3i:natiot,a of the ('..nvearico ara aorh
a* ar* haartUy apaiBT* ot, ?*** ar* appeal t xery Uemoeratie
i.jrrtheoid oacnrr ahout tbe old war-cry.
\..i Y ktarj," aod %a la boia'.y au4 coufideotly to tne
1 . - -. - ?re rrrognje h:i right to lo ao. we e*r
??rat.. ai.,". a:'., '..' tatrly appeal Io Hiirat .. RbI*?aBI 9* r-aaa>
aaar ?** _?*lf* to ?thdr*w t.-om the puhuc arena, conaidena,
it u.wia. ai.d ?B*IR1f .o the extreme diaaatroua t > tb* pary,
and a irre| arable law* to the 8iata We eak him *aa* more to
aarrihae aa pr.aate wial.ea to do aax'.lic go<>d. aod lead .ia to
'dai^g hun.aa oarbaaaar baarrr. to toii'.w .
? tg may Irxd. aad to aupoo.'t him throagh thic* a_d
th:a wtatcier i.-.ax be the lajce
Mr. Harri-on .-econdedtheresolutiona, whieb were
pavex-d unanimoualv.
^omt bu.iiite* of detail wa* traneaetod, after wh.eh
the C-abaarjot?aeA
The (. ommitt. e on Araaraament* oi tbe Boarl of
?i. rj. to abom waa referred the matter of the
^v. *__M*r_meut. met ye?te>rday arternoon, pnr
ruant to *ojourament. in the Librafy, City Hall, for
:Le t>urp?'-e' of aearii.j{ tln- |__bW9j*_--R of partita in
tereatea in tbe glBYa-BR of the Second-av. The m?t
ine bavire ba^-n ralled to orl>r. Mr. Sir.t.'inx
n g,,^ tbe Committee. aad in tbe e >ur*e of
hia retnark* be read a paper *ettin?r forth the
fait* oftte caae. the iraprovemeota n.-t forth in the
nxjaimcnt roll*, the exper?n* ?aid to be inetirred.
an.i (hi ? hw ied. He waa of Ofaaa-B _iat
thi* w. rk eh..uld not have been BB-_-B-B_aa1 witbont
? ? _ at leaat a roajerity ef the property holder*
..Lti' Ih? "' ;:'" aweaaa. "Tbia bad aot boen djue.
wl.i< b wa* on. Jaal I au-e of ."mplaint. The _ro'in'-i
..t tb>- *w--<*nient were that the work would ifreatly
benerif propertv on thi* avrnaie. Hut were they ben
He bA-fd tbey were not. Tbe aoanaelor eoo
_t rome length upou the *ubject, ahawinat tbat
tbe a*ee??Tn*n, *uu out.-a_eupon prnperty h-lder*.
Mr Edvvahd Kit.hiji ueit aAldrea*e-the Com?
mittee ar.d read e namber of pepera from different
nartr* t-prea-ixe of their view* upoo the nvattar.
1 He ova-m.-ttee adjouraed tiil next T. --?.?.
At tl" phva'e mee-tiii_ oa Thuraday aafbt re?.HU
tii.na wpt. adr.pt.ii batbaraaac the Svre_ra.-*e Cvivaa
.iir_-a. praieine ex-t'? .lecto r Bronaon, and
paaaaiatac _h?i I ha Orrroraor, a '. -
?tration. Vaeanci.w in aoYaril
Warde w.refil?<! aCominittee to prepar" a
tl.e lYitiiiiry Kie. ti<?n ?aa na-ned, tu rapOai at a
apa > lal t_.'ti'tr to Ve held on the 14'bmst.. al'>m
mttie of one DetOgOBa fj .m . a<-h VTard wy? ?aaaod,
tu make arraneement* for a ratitication of ti
and Ceun'y _ ket?.
Tlie I'nitarian* of Williamajiur.b are about torm
int a new rel ickm* aociety, and bavo made arramce
n enU to have retrular rehgiou' aervieea hereafter on
I \.ry Sabbath moruing and evcniag- Their meet
bga are held at pree.nt in the la-ye hall of th-Oieon
Puildini.ii. OOlwOC of Sonth Fonrth and Fittli at. S*r
vicea were eomrnenced in the sjinnc by the R v. !?.
Be'lowi. who wa* BRataRBd-i by the other Cn'.r fian
olersrymen of thia City and nei/hborhv>d. Afier a
t _pet~ion of a few we. ka durinc tbe hot weathor the
ii OOahBH bave been reenmod. fno Kev. J. U. fea*
nanof Boeton cfflcia'e.1 laet Sunday, ard will aia >
preach on the eomLap Sabbatb.
Amikh is It: -' . Bf? IRTT.?Tbo re_.ilar l
of tho Board of Manat-rr*. wv held on Taoraday, the
7tb inat., Rt 41 o cloek. P. M., l>r. Thoma* Cock in
tba ibair, aa.!-te.i by the II n L Bradhtb, V. m. B.
Croaby, and Francis Hall. K-tr-a. HMO now aux. iv
? - ?.re r-erjgB>taed; three in W'i'conain. two in T.n
neaaee, one in Miwouri, one iu Kentueky. one in
To?aa, ard oao In Manland. t_ttor* wore po ?
from tbe Kev. (.eonre Smitb. of fh- F'int Ind I
rigjaj ot thi- M.lho.li't Fpiacopal Church, returuia.
tl.hgika for a grant from the B.mrd, and aaabJac ang
ceatione in re_anl to the new f008000) of _RO OjibWR
Teetami nt about to be prvpared un.it r the direettoa of
thia SiK'iety; from ahe Br.tiahand Forei_n BibleSocie
tv. in renard to the joint lahor* of the t-o aoeiotiea in
t jitiliahinc the Armeno-Turki-h ami ModeTR Anmnian
BibeORl t'miataiitinopli?.andModenilireek r^etament
in Athen-: irvi.-i tl.e L.-v. l>r. Bigga. -iththe paatora
an?l I. ading mem^ier* of tbo B??gej_ta] Chnrehea in
Coaotoi ti? ; le, i gAaioolag tbelr irratini .. f,r the
publicaiion >.f the AiaaeaoTarhba Biblo; frooa tbe
K? v. S K Kicrpaof Ijac qiii-pr.rl?> Miaeion. in re.ard
to tbe looa ef boek* bv the tire whi.-h dootiojoil th".r
BTOaaaaaa; troan tbe Hev. Dr. l'erkin* of Oroomiah,
aaa?jTaj_d-kttbo- eo_ple_mof tbo Bew Tootaaaoai
?n Modern S^riai. antl al?o m re.ard to publiahinir
the Old Teetament. S? veral valuable volumea were
laajajtod BBI tba I.ibrary (.ran t* werem*'!e afbooba
in varion* langoagea, to the American Tract S xtiety,
t,, ibo Cbweiaw _t_ioa, i_toaa Ytklaaaoa for the
I lind, ami |9M to aid in publiehiuK the Seripturea iu
Madura. ... . ,
Thr Jmtrpentlent C* thia week announi'i^t Ihe deaDi
of two IfiaoRf feniale iniaeionarit-e. th.. tirtt Mr.
Williatr.a of liOBBB, Ontida Cow, in thia b?to, arho
expired oo h.r littar ao tbo |rool a\aa-riaa Plala,
about I11 B-ik_OBal ofMoaali an.l Mn?. s.ra'i Hodge*
Notting.wita of Kev. Ooo. B. Nottiaf, whu departed
tlna li'e mi tho 8th of Jaly, al Aintab, in Syria.
riabablj the lnr_i*at < funp-ineefiutf that han 1.n
held for many yeara ia the mi. _f l'ort Cheetor, whieh
ri.n -tr.eiH-.d on Monday, Sept. 4, and will. oniiniie m
-.-,-iin until S.ttuiday, S.'f?t. 9. It in eatimatetl tbat
at leaet 50,000 t.eoule will attewd.
The Prrebyteriaa Byaad of I'dca roooatl* adopted
treport I y " tho Cfl8jnx_attoo ea tbo ralataoaaof tho
Pri ellyteriaa Cbaroh to Slavery.' which eela forth
that tba OlOOrol Asnembly of the t'hureli baa, in
. ; ued '? t'.iit tbo a_U_g 'Mir t'elnw tn.-n
? in tl. i "nili'ii)U,of'!-v-i-v. cxicpt in __BH B0OOI
"wbcrolt ~ anaYoidabk*by th.- lawa of the ^-nte.
??the obHgatkoBOofgaardioaablp, ortledoauoda of
"bumani'N. i- aa a4xei M in t1 a pawpot haaart of that
"?I_ ne 'i'?il in tbe Book of Diacipline. ebap. L.OOO.
"3, and shonlil be ia*Bai?ad aad trooaad in the aame
"mann. r aa other offtnae*." Antl further ehargeo
that tbe laoana wl.y aUYabohliag aaoaxbanof tbo
t'lmtih havo not heen htwRcbl ta dawdpHnolieola tbo
tn< i tloi' tbo Oeaoral g\aaaaanh ._aaot nrt ha the wav
ofd_cipl_a txc^ptoaappaBlxroaa an inferior jud
icatory, or by way of roYtew a..<i eoatrol oa iuapec
tii n oi tho looordo of tbo Bast low.nr tiidkaatoriaoi
Ap,iei tl.-tl t?tbo repor' were reaolutiona aflirtniti^
t'lat tbe Onirn! A?einl.!y ia deoidodly oppoood to
tbe offi BM .it'eiav-boidintc. and thatit would be com
pateatfbi tbaOoaaral __*aoahlyio enjoin flitelityin
??, . i.i iH on the Bakljadioaaorloo,
B_afcaaJ 11 at thia . rnud. in the na.ne of the L, .rd Jrant
riui.i r.M.'eat againat the ligialation of Conxrete, wh. li al 'he
beat li'iiid.) Kre.d. m toa I. t. I . ith _'?Te.y. and opena tke
rt, . . rtbi fnrtl ei i xleaab ??? ot thi* dU ra. I
?eeat-e:: ei earjhera al .ur .h.irc'iea te exert whateaer
lawfal powei teud'a aaevldaaa* ?n.i ti.-m Md I
ii ti 1 ruatiea* of tlie S'eve intereet. and to detend the .-aua.i M
the . v] ?' -aed. .
Tbe Smio.1 of Sen.-ca. at Ita late meetiuf, at PORR
V,,? rtaol-od t.. potltloR tbo Qoateral A*?embly for a
iliyi'ii.n. >.n Ibo groanad tbat the Synod i* laeoa
vein.ntK lar.'
Of the 248 Uiit'irian ininiaftr. in thiaeountry, nfty
nr B ..r> 0_? k til'h OrOTO bOTB n BoatOB. lodood, it
!- bighly prol abte that one-fourth bave aprjuu/ fr.in
tlmt I it'v.
>t. et pi?OChh_g hiui been rorlvod in Oroat I!r;*y;n
to a coaamerabVe exteat Xo le** aperaou than Dr.
Hanna, tba ao.i i:.!a? and blampiMUr of Dr. t'bal
? .i ragod _ atrool pri at__f.
.v/.l /i'/.N/: INTELUQENCE.
Till ARJtl ? BRI ITIOB IdAtftT Jli\ 0?
I'lMlim l?1 .-. nTIRO PabTKI >'.'.?A f.-w d.y*
af_fi we e'ated that ruinor. ? ere in .-ireuUtiou that
aararal Taaaahi woro arm.ng in thia [??rt, umler the
?ngpiceoof OeneraJ Alvanz and th- iw?olo__o_aV7
parfy - _0Rfco "iie o? the fir'f a.__II l inen'a of
wl... h wa." lo I > tbo tajitnre of the WVataRRear BAnta
Ai.a, iu?t Baitbed at tnis port, a* eoon an couvi.-ni.iit
alt.-r Mr ib-p -itu.-'- fcf V.-ra Cru/.
Iafiaaaactioa witb tbti aaarooaaat we may aa well
tr. ntion a piinor whii h ._:< rooubed ua, tlmt tbe
\ rrowedthree ?iHioaa af dillare
nT ni ia_Y_aa_ In Baa Fraaeioou f..r tbo poretkaaa "i'
rhi) - and niuiiii.'in* of war at thi* port. Je'i^n.d for
rov_atkoaary purpoata in Kesjco.
Auioiit' tl..- reooebi t>o?jgbt w-.th tmt oro4_ormoaoT,
-e are toM, W'-n- the a.-r.-w-teani.r B.'iiii!iiiD Frank
lia fciraaorlj raaabjf _am _fow-Torb to atow-CrlooRO,
and tbo bara Cothaaiae Aagtaita. Tbo propoDerwao
. Ilered and tirt.d np rec.ntly l,y Mr. Waa. Perint. at
Qrteap '' ' l-land, BO a war-atea;n?r. BoY
aidoo wore plereeo for taa nu'-"- and all tLe roqaiaito
,.... n aa datiot.e oara aaada la th.-interiorfor powder,
>? oa* .
Tkw ORaodHtoa ha* been in progTesn abeul tbroa
n.niiti..-, aud tbe at-Boot ? - booaoboor-od
bv thow: in'Te-'. .1 in it.
'Tbe bark Catbariaa Au,"i*tat<H>kon board powiler,
"un eafiiogoa and other axtbrfeo of anarfRro, at the
iaatoi BorthMooro-at laatwoob. The bar_
iathoNortb Bhrer, off tbo Batferv. ready to
t,.r "St. Tboinna and a markef. wi.;:i HIBORa any
li, BeBJaexfai rraablln Eo loa_od wh_h eool aad
BBBfOa ?nd a limiful qBOatiryof -raall arm-. Her
gaaoaadaaaarariHoa _n<i aa*oxtraaaapryof '-o.!.,
?rooo boord t; i CRk_arbaa JaBgvata, and - il b?
irair-f. rred ti.ihe Fr-mkliL M BOB. Tie Frtnkl.n i?
.,v to leave. nn.l will riroboMj ?
, Honoefor?0 aame deatmation, or BOt-RBR
r, r <;' , . .,
r,.wa,..n they will leave will depoed, probatOy, .
uponibe aaawaaaaaaa ef tbe Santa Anna. Oen. A'- j
moule, who ia t.robably informe?l of what n ar<>.?t, |
may detein tv e ia_ta Anna. in whk_ ''aae the *_bn^
ol'ther>.<?>.'"-1 may be r,. Bniti y lolayod.
11 e Fraiiklin will'carrv alwut ei.bty men, all fold,
amalortv.f wlmm are aaid to be eltizena of tbe
luiied Miitea. Her p"wder inagrazinea are in the
forward part of the 8_B, audI f.-ir Vtt-bo ea for
C_irhav.Si.en piene.1 mrward ef Oo BiaiMaWrj.
TU other two port-hob- are a' the rtem.
A!l *!.? - ?' botb iiartloo wUl aail from Now
Y-.rkui..:eril... Auu.rican da?. and every ?ailor baa j
bir.dbi:aeill_ one y._r aad the er.^ineer* for two.
Tbe Santa Anna H aearty iwadrto depart tor \era
Cruz ?'be will t.ike twelve Amenean aeamen bef.ire
tLe n;aat. .Sixty forei?;i_rs bave aito ahippad aa *e*v j
men, bat tl.ev w'.il ?o ooi _ paa.eneer?. ..he u wurtii
?- to OOO aad if th" Alvarea part; aai i ood _ captur
Ing ber tbev wil! eet --BfMaR of a pnze, blOHOUtllO
oftbe indemnity money whrthkhe will pp.bab.y take.
Tl e B? niaaxia Fraukiin wa* bought wt tbe Alvarez
exnedition'ov tbe aatent of the revolutiouary <eneral
and aome on? e!.-, f-.r ttljOM from Mejwr*. X. Ij.
M'cC'rtadv & Oo., BBaa_a__ . f thi. City. It _ gtated
that the e'-ine partiew have ntted OOR leocb the voaaelo
lor Sanu Anna and Oan. Alvan-x. Even tbe irun cir
ri_e?:*, varying in (juality for ?a<hateamer ?tbe Santa
At_a h_w_f them ir.iv!e of solid maboeany, and the
riropeller of live oak?were furniaherl ty tbe aanie
r-J c'-ntlrmen of higrh ataniing intheLmt.d
ftate* atd eletwlier.j are r.ptjrted to u* to be inter
eated in tbia n ..\ement. 1 ut w? witbhold their nameo
ontil the rei < rt re. ei\ i a lurUier ? onfinnation.
1 fRTeaicg Pwt.
Thi Miti.y om Board thi Babk Kiiiwha.
Frem Tht SuUm ReptttT we le?TJ fuxtbex tba: iet
ter* bave. been reteived in Saiem faaaB Cat.t. Mar
aball, givirif a full account ef tbe affair. It iwm*
that the Kanawha aailed ou the 14th of May from
Cadii to Haen-e Avrta. witha carjro of aalf. wine,
Irandv, and other artUlea. Tne elxief mate. John
McCae, united with thret oi tho aaitora-all four ne
ing Liehn.en-_id having broken opea tbe ?_?**_?
co_koaced bering the wine caak. aod getting drank.
The captaia pat Ukcba apea tho batcho*, bat tbo
mntim-er* pirked them. He then *pike_ bar* i
Uw- icwttle aaaea, but tbey wer* t.?re off, and he wa*
defUd by the raacal*. I>'urii?_ rhia *txt.- of a"air* tbe
mx-ortd roatf wa* *iek and coutinod to hi* ?tate-nx>rn.
and Capt.-..ii Mar-hil! wa* oh-*a*a] t.? keep the .l*vk
dayaik- n'irht. anned with piatole. for the ?*f*ty of
a rvatiou of the prxw> rtv enfraoteai
ar_e. Having; pnt mto I'ort PraYa, Captaia
Marrr'ad reieived all ntxi-aary aaat-taiica*. aud mal
.- . t. I pon h ? retftm. howev.T trrnj B
?'., Caaa-dea ?bor9. ht- f..__d that the tn?>n
? i another ea?k. and in a etata- of intovieatiuu
wer-el.vui. ea. h other about tbe <K k witli draww
I'ni'eal Stati. fri.-atrt C matitut.oa waa
,teiv baile.1. and an artri"?l l>oat ? erea? froaa
tl.at abip boArded the bark. aud havinc put tha
matineera in double iron* reiuoved them t.? tbe lower
I,.,lal of tl " t'ri).'ate, wbtrw they remaioed at la*t ae
Ab.ut two I uudW and thirty gallon* of
?riaw had baafl waated by the borinir aod *t?.ving of
tb" ea*ki. li.atou Journal. Sept. T.
HAtai ijgjiaae at th_ Baaaa?ta Nayt Yahd.
?At etghl 0 *-9<b yiaterday morniiitf aa iotereatuar
ai_ht t" tbe *tiM.,er waa preaetiti'd on the I . I
Mate* rwitUbg abip North Caroliaa at Hrooklxii
Nav v Yard. At thAt iio.ir ihe ceremony oi liiuataV
r?w cf tbe ntzee lu.lependenee waa be^un.
I u> waa called by bi* nauie. and he .piiekly ro
" ll.ie. air I On bi* gbouiler wa* eluiiirh?
barumo. k cntajniufr hi* ba>4?linkr, an i in hia rurht
ha o he h 1.1 hia ha*r af > h*_B-_a>
After b. bad an*wer?d to ha name he w. nt over
the _ai.wav ii.ta a _**_*. Whi n a atjuatl ,.f nlxiit
onehoid'ni wre otihoard tbe *<""w,thevweretakea
Baraai il ? river *nd tr_n?ferre?i to the Independenrei
at -i a wbaiC
1"; >.L tl , ir :. eept-OB oa boerd ofthe IndepeudenM,
they dep?>ite<i their hamuuvka in the nettin_* on that
guiiwaJ- ofthe ei.ip. and their <lothee-ha_a on racha
n ;' . 1. -'i> ,;? k. All theae Btotrementa wemexe
_?b-d with niilitary preeition. One bootload after
B_B_-har 1?e>!<??! at the 9B_9 of tne reiee, and when all
m bad been put on Ixiani the ma?tor roll waa
Bgabl call..!. te BBM rtain il* any had ruu away. Thia
iadone. we b. h.-ve. ta _uard a*rain?t dcwrtion trom
lh> M-rviee. Not a man. h.'wever. attempted to le*v*>
wl.ile l.it_ BTBI -terreii 1*0? the North Car?.lina.
At 10 o ' loek everybo.lv *rej on bo.vd of the ahip,
and everythir.g wa* reaoy f>r her dejiarturv, Th*j
ataa-Bbtaf; I.eviathan hove Raa-RRkVa. ol tbe ludeneo
aad took her in tow. BbR towed her out ol tha
vard t" the Ka?t Kiver. thenee to the North Kiver,
near KIlie'* lalanl. Here ?he ee.me to auehor for tha
Tl.e OflTaaatl af tl.e Iri.lepen.lenee are a* followa:
i Hoi>'o. tbe Paeia. loaaaroa ^4 iu btarx?; t'aptala,
J.wiab _B9aaU| I'aptalB ..f the Flaat, YVm. C. Nichni-no: Liea
t.oan'r l*t liuert iianrexe.<rt; ? II N. Harnaoo; *i, Joho
Haaaaxi 4'h Th.maiB Haa?| 3th. A!bert N Sniith. atb,
a aa al ihe K'ert. - - Piir? r Leari* YY arriigteu,
I'arae- Aaaiataot Suigeon. f M I'.'innell; A_.la;?i.t Suigeoaa,
llrnra 4 Ca_Wi ? 1-f-aT, t'liaplain. K.t. h YV.
M ? A li. liilleapie; Li.-iltena'll Adam M.
R?ari Ma-i.r YYm. N. la. i.. Paaaa-,1 Mdalnp.n.o E .4" Oraf
Cea, YY ui I' Mit'ar.u. A. T. Byrn... WaabiuatoB Tulteu. Ja*.
- J YV Heatrr; Mulahlpmeo. J..hn M. Stribliag,
Thom?a(l >elf. idf. Joho \V. M.ller; lliatawiia. O ?.>.?? II.
Lea.h; Ohtai Wai Bnrd.tr, Ca-B-BBaT, H. ti 1 honiaaa
Seiln.akrr. Janar* K l ki ?
lue eraw ol tl.e North Caroliua numbered 113 por
|-||awe: aeaa-OB, IROj ordiuarv a.v.meii, 133;
landftea 1-0 boja,*! tirat elaa* muaieian*. a.
Whi!' in tbe North Kiv. r the IiideiK'iidenee wiH
take in ner aaWa-BT, ?Ve. Her offieer* will be buaily
. u pl>.\. 'I ti r a few dav* in etationing the itioii aiid
exerckx?g theai in nlf the dath? pertainin^ to tho
r. r\ ;<?.?. lh. y ,ire r. i|'i:r. .1. atnon_ other HhaafJR, to
exetxriaeatu.oarter* r-ef_g aad furhnu, m.ikin/and
tabiogio IB-U ga*t-bg laaer Yvay. aadeoiuiugtoa?
, hor.
The li .upendeii.-e will probahly ?ail from thi* |x>rt
in le*? ll.au t? ? daya. Ht r A 9t-MaaA_ haa bisn aa
iioune.'ti aa tba I'aeirie.'to ra-l-TR tbR sf- l.awr?n.e.
I'.ut as i* '.* nported that the Kn_li.?h (tovorument
he\? aeal ? ? o?af batUe abip lo Qiayhvaa. tbe a-a-kj
of tbe lah ha?bat h_ nt hj ihe Cvane, it i? rumored
that the linii pendenee 9r_ go a lit'tle out of her rooto
to uiaki a -all at tbat plaee.
]? | rumored that the l'nite.1 Rjaa-03 frigate Ci>o
pr> aa. aow at the yanl. leRR bert't.-o out immetiiatoly
for tbe Mxiit. rtan. an eerviee. Slie onlv ntwla * rmw
111.. 1 B-ka-8, ati'l it would raaabo very httle time to g?A
ber raady far eoBi A pet-a?ef bar eumplement of
ni. n. ;u lin t. eould bR obfained from the reeeiviog
abip bow. we learn. heaaroe. tbat no au. ii i.r.lore
: -. ? ?et been received from Waahington relative ta
the * oaggi -?
'11.. ?tor< I ip Ri '???| ha_ aearly all af her atorea oa
imai'i for the liia/ii gqaaAtaaa sho wiil laaee tlw
tfavyTard for Kio J__*-_raaa Taaak-ay next. Her
,11., 999 w 11 I* the aaiii. that went itl her on the la*.
trip to !>."?
Captaia HtW?f. lato of 0*e ?!onp-of-war Cvane,
-etardai ta C-aaawtkare _*a-___R_i
tii?ib?01-9? ol tba Naval K.'nile/v.me nt New
Yi.rk. He wa* appointol Dt thie |nwt a few di\ a a^i?
bj .he bei retary ofthe Navy. in pJai.t C.uniii.Bder
Ni. hola n. wl." ge.-? niit in the liiile'ieiideiice a* eap>
tiiin of tl.e t!'"t. C.tptain llollin* will be un band fo'
.1 in New-York for the deetruefion of Amerieau
propaity atOieyteaa. (Eve. I*aah
Li?r er BB?TBI ox Boarii the U S B?9 .ItaaTO-a
I'l h M. HE*('*ll*E IY THI 1?1 lai.U.''MISa ANDjtPAM
-> tl - M i la-i ._. my .arrne b. 111 lo Pl.il.drlphia.dir_ at
_>a Ket. 14. U'.I. vr.f 27 y.ara. Johu Pil.igle. aeaiuan. bora
iu N< w York. dird at iiougKonx May 22 Ibjl agad 2* y*a*a.
l.a?,.i Strwaid. aean aii.lH.rn m Boaton. die_ at Ma.anNoa 30,
1451 aged 12 aeara R.tbard Pl-t-kar, laoil . I<r.. la Weahing
' too. -URal Haea. Det I*. IWl,aAe4 tlj-ara VY m Nugnot.
ae.iaan. bora iu Iraland de d at YY liampoa Ang 3. lavj agaaf
BkxaaiB T rr..'hv II \Y'aiker,M*-ter ar Arma, bora in Maaa,
' Y hamp..*. Aaf. I, if''2. aged ? yeara. Tlioa. H Deo
-.i. ibIb airwaid bora la Vlrainia,dl.d at I'um 4iag Mooa
A t t" '*?_:. aied 24 xeara. Oweo ilnghea, m* ine, l.oro in
I'l iladeii'ii* di.d at Cum Slng-Miwn,flaag l. I HR aaed 34
ytar*. Jainea Coraao. aeaaaii, bora lo Khlladeipma. diad ai
., i . |9 i?Y2 ated 31. yeaia YY'm Ylur^l.x, a?aman, baru
.;. .Sr? ion aa?at a-aaaa Nav. 4 !? Y2 aged 21 ;**i* Juba
BtaaBBB berB la Manie. died at ll'.ng K.ng Oer I*.
J&V2 aar.l 99 jaai* Tboniaa J.hn.oD. laarinr. boru Iu I'blla
(;^;ii,.a dird- a- W>*k BBBa* laa U, 1 -^i.ag-d 39 yeara. Joa.
I vtl. . nbia aoak l-orr. m 1'ln ailelplia died at kfatao May li,
|rA3 tard I" aeara. J?ni?*YV >l. aeamaa. N.ru iu ilatoa,
drd at Ma.ar. May II 1H.M ag-d 23 yeara Richard Hi. gata .
ii ai i.e in "i ia l'ii,.a.ie.|l.ia..l:.-d al HhannbaiSapt. 83, I3M,
?[<<i .1 yeara J"?u Roilto, <'ap'Min ?.f th" llo'd born la Pbil
i,lr pbia <i"d at -"haughai S-pi. .'. 1369, age_i?'i yeara jo?ph
Fie't. <>"?' f**.*3* ketB ' M ' ? ii*. ? -bA-a-al Da*. R,
UM, a?rd I xrara. llrorv 1'runible, aeaman boro in H,_-?o,
i _r4i.'vnri. lan.e* Kuth, arantau,
Born In S'-. V. a d.d at ara April 9, l">4.a|"d 45 yeara.
Holli* Harriiat. t. --ainaii !??? , n. Ilartford. Cat-L, died at
.. .i. I lalaad*. May * I VI agrd 12 yeara YVra.
YY'tyne aeai. au >? id ii. Itciei.d daed al aea Jalx I. I*Y4. gaal
' Y v an k.lwar.l YY a'a .,, aran au, boru in 1'hnadntphla. dwdl
1 at ara lalyll IBM. a?..i 3. a'ara. YVui. Hiolmid. aeauiaa,
lort i. Nra York .'.Ird at aea Joly 23. aged VI yeara.
TkU B-ATa-T II VTAN.?laR St. J/tun RepuUi
rnn ba* a letter from Salt Lake ( ity, dated Aog. 1,
? ahjeb ?ivee tba followin/ informafion a* !?> the cropa
i inth?Territory:
? Ht* p-aafaR? IbPafl altnidaiitharveathavabeaai
bi.hlv Hatterin.. until two weeka a+'o, when we wero
v ulited Iv - lomde of H^ in/ _Ta??hopp?r<, whieb fillod
the air like pr. aw faa a aaaw afeim They
i .ame froaa the oaaoa* hi the moun?ajiia,%nd ma
,,.,.? it fitue all the RaaR. of wbeat, gardaaa
! and LTHiri. a were lit.-r?lly alive witb them. Foara
i w.re tntertaiiied tbat they w.,uld de.tro) *verythir_g
ii tba -laje of ?r*in ond ve_i:table*. Fortunately
1 tl'.- wbeat erop* w.re ni'i.'ly r.;a?ly to harveat, aad
,, , d aot be tojarad. In ?aa_R B-a_aa tbey have d?
ttriyed taidaaa imd ti'Id* of late wbeat andeom,
anc! individual* will auff:r eon?iderable loaa. a**J*F*
. \ .-r, tbe d-Oa-kge will not I.e near *o exteiuive aa waa
tt. n> time t'-ar'-'!. NoiW__?tafl*a-bj our uaual aa -
DUBj hn ? pula'.-.ti by immij(rati'>.i, tbere
1 will doobtla? be a vaat aurplu* of grain in ihe Torri
t.,rv, f.r wbi'h we bave no inxrket, ouly tbe littio
e.v tbOM pa-?in_ tl.r-..i?b to the mitiOH. '
A-nWaT 01 A l>_LK'.ATr:TOTH_BAKV;l KsraCoB
AaaAl ii AVDBaTTKKr.?.Jameallufheo
..; New-Yotk. and a a-aaaJB? to tbe " Hoft Convetv
tui. at fSyraeu-e, wa* arrerte.?l at htanwix Hall in th?
ci'y thi* monniig*. cbar/eai with comutiuinic an aa
rai'lt exd battary upon Mr. linbert Alieu, a drovor,
iu the c*r* betw'een Syra. u-e and Ooeuia I>ep..t. It
ai;} ean ?hat tbey bad a oaavirMtiaa ^'Kether at tho
S:. Chariea Hotal at !Syra.uae, durin. whi. h anino
WoraA wre -rtere.d by_r.Alienatwhieb Mr. H'LjrbaW
?:? nae. and while lo tbe ear* they renewed it,
', wben Hu.be* dealt him aeveral blow*. B_a_a_-kJ taro
i of bi* teetb out axtil otherwuve woundir.jf him ou tho
, taee. Ailen .xlubited thia moniinic ? Peetty RM
1 li-.kiDaT face. one eye lieinir u< arly cUa?ed, aud *?
. ", ewbat, ut. Tl.e omcera bad a preiiy *harp
| run before tbey caagbt Hugbe* at the ^aKjJJ*
a roaaidarable time apent at the PoKe Olhc* be weaa
the re.,- etive tounael in re_ard to theM ^
! _met the ,??_, wa* t_*_y aettle-1 by Hughe. pay-.n*;
, 1.^,1 x-0. wh. n th^p-ti^leli.^ jo^_
,??,,... ? ixtLT.-Aletfar in Th*. Setrark Ad
"verajred over tflf daily. aod .0 deatb* dunog tha
we*.rtaat. tbou/b th* ^.puUUotj i* (rreatly fcb>
S3 lylS and taajZT i_N_ftr_S^,S
haWthe rKjpulation ha* aought refage elaewbere, the*w
r-V. b??VVover 300 deatba daily for a w-ak p-at.
S!I1 _Tca*ea are daUy reported at Leghorn, bat tho
rWulity k4 not Tery great. A few . -_*w ouly hava
reported a_ I-oaie-among tbem Caunt Spa.r,
the Ijavariaa Eir.ha_.ador. aod tbe ixuk-dy m flUBjf
rotfm. d to the poorer claeae.. Among the death^t
gftalat are PriicVd Act, lhike Lieto. three generala
and one eolonel Umbardy appeara to be exenjpi
fro_ tbe 'iiaeaae.
SToaa ? ALBANT.-Aboot e, oclach '^ffSmt
ddy evexiir* a beavy auarm broke over the C tyoj
AlUy. TtertorTocamafr-mthe-e-ta^a^
rivera of water through OYrer; atreot, 4vw*aHauyia*;
il wata aiach thuoder aad lig-tauxg.

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