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aar?.p*i_l'Bee ef Tk* 8 T. TnbaBA
Bt* Ji** ni ?WIBIQ88, Aag. 30, 1154.
I have -urt arrived bere from the Intcr.or. 11
Vanca l d" not inteaO any perauual 00 nj.ana-.ti
vilL IdM) <-n tbe rain* ot Canbagt, I am aeated 8
taite bloahaaod obbbbbbb] af toa oooe paMpoooto
tt-wn ?f fnn Juaa. 1-* beavy raina of thia aeaeon of
tte jear little aiiow of aurh an indulgcnco,! b_t BB*
itt the rot.f ff le*v_a of a n__~o a miaerablo not,
friin al... b tbe wnter drope urouod m- ; tli.pl."
wbrre I am aeat.-l hei_g th. only dryspot I tttki
ttd to write.
1 Mlure you that the rgbt i? a eorry one, ind eed.
At all t.rnaa tbe place waa dreary f nousrh. now it i*
abM.lutely beart rending. and any ote with OOtoflOhkaj
Ikr a bun.hii b.-art iu bi* boBom mnat r.irt- t'.o
traelty of thoae wbo could or .er and the pu-;.!v
n___ity of mind of tbote who eouid execatc lar-o au
eatrapc _a tbe one ihe reault. of which are now be
fo.? my eye.
T?>u cai.n"! kaaf-M the extent flf tbe m'u-ery B_*h
kaa becu inflirfed upon a hnrtnlea* popul?. in by the
wanion art of Commodorc Hollini and hi. :n?'!_"-f >r_.
Hod you liveil a acafon on tbia comt you n:?ht pi_
lure to your mind tbe IO_MBf_ __BM BBM B*** I* _re
ar.dtr*..,... . 'I br. ?-quarterk of ttie mba .itana are
atl,! Bitbout ah-iat ia tbe Baaa8,0BB*aad daraad
Bighl u. druitbiiig ruina w!.i. 1. load to* giaaadaad
OaOTIMI B IBM8 tnarrb, decitnatix 1 by fever and iu
BfM.e ? br. n by bliilKer. My iil<irl -iiikn wilh'.n ...e I*
khu.k ot it. . .. , .
But Iet me turn to a leaa unple*_ant .ubj. I -
eo_.m_T.naU; M you what aewi 1 have in MB
Coata Hiea anu Nicaiagna
All ia q..i.t m ib. l.-r;i.ei Ki pubhe. navarl
I ihonlU uol be lurpnaii-l if tki" ?taU) of qu't-ud- wt*
lo b4i?u.]oet.l> andere laag iuieriupted. I B
gecifor. .8 in MilB*40a. ahfl are in p .?*__u>-of
ltun., ti.e Bear-fl iowa ;?, il.? fraatiM tt Cawta '>'< .
bate iL.teictpted tl.e otlic?iniul aud mi!trrat*d tba
?fii. iki coor.el of C'.-'B Ki.H, wb.il, b.ta MkdtO** tlie
CatflflMBflBfl "I to? itafflb n lu ii..<-.-rut.t ?1 r.n n i
BJiaii. u wiib bi r lieiiibbor; ai't) 1 aiu aaturel by
Bia? BMlhi fMflnBfl.aaa it ia a paailiaatokaoa
Ihe truth f.f what tm y a*?ert. th*.! tot Co*ta tt; :an
M88_a_B_apk liaa t'"1 advi-ability <>f deaaruag f.on
Ibe neutral.ty tbe". bave proi-U.:;. L, aad ? a.'ui.'
*rtg?rou><) Bjala?tka paitoaa* ? Caat-toa, wbo.it
aa.pt ar* eaaBM I toaaa-toi. aith BSttaa* barbtiity,
lw n.i aa'tflt BVM ol lil-usiiii; a*
I_a l.*ve i'i.r.l of Um ptoject ol a :ra;.-.: road
throu?_b Gu.na'A. to tbe akarMf "f wliiCi nu. b-_-u
gr.i.te.i io .._. Au.tri.hii eaBBfaay k* toa <? i?MUM?al
ut ( ,.,t.. bi. ii. Tk- pr >je"t yciii _a_?iik*ly noi bi
tarrie'l tl r. -n. b, lor I -m iuforui'-'i th_l Mr. Krklm I
tne of toa fin.-ctoi* of tb.it .-.inptnt, btl l. I i
aay totbat OaiMMBMllQfl lr? laat? Itatatagrwod
B|_'l>. 'Hu* i'r.' k toa aaoo. f*a wiil aoon h.ar that
to. ir chait.r ha. been r.-voked.
li, ( . n?. J(. h k**iaeM b <l_II. oradit bad, __oo*>y
aaaii-c. 'I_. re ai.- baukruptciti, tn I tbe co
law* nre *o otficei... Bad tm k M lht> Bf., ? ' -
uf . i.i ..'.i.n tr.i.i _M WtM "I ii"'I t" fi 1 ui...- ?? r
ttiim, tbat il ia imptmiblc io l.ri..^ to n _o ?ion Ibt
U.l.lli.'u /.l.le MUlr ah*M tl Ip?ag fro o l_M_B lillll.n*.
1 touirt itiAt jon m.nt more iietail., but my bertb
Mao uni'leniiit.t. .ibe rn'm i* B*B tr.. kiin_ fr-. n tbe
BBfld dawa -fltoaaj Baaot. oad fldl 1 am a fortiaalt
tae ouioi g ib.?e aafortaaflMa,) Ik? I ata? eoanlade.
lu ii.v nt it I rbrtii wm.. to you at a Bftatot laaajtk,
lur I "kbkll t! rn ?nl. fiom MJ t"i.ii.iratively luiv
B**IIl lli KiVlu-.
pDOMD-ICAN repubuc.
8affap.id.Btt .f Tba BtiUtr.ore Nflfl*.
Sab Ubiitoval, Di ???!> "? St. Doatwao,;
SalurtUy, July M 1054. v;
I aaid bomrthing in a b.iin.r lett. r a'...ut Ikfl pro
Kk-ty nf B")tim-ire ojteiii'.K a direct trade witb th"
tf.linic.il 1tet.nl.fir , bt hlfiOfl?Bf ita o*n and I'co
^.i.ri.i.t ?aiaaaal f.?r ii. bouie peoBao?oa and tt
?t??i;e, ni.il bv o|>. Blag m-.re ilireet iv.-n.ie. for Ibi)
fc.1. t of intitnl. iii.m.^'ration anrt flaaual-? tfta, II M
Bmire wili inpyt? ? aarklag papO altoa m ich
? *<ip' r and b. tt. r '!.an tbn' can oiainlAiu iu.-lf iu a
ld*r aid more mgged eountry
But adincl trade will nhOMOa otlier tnirpfaei of
ao imall aoeial iiiiporiance. The fre<- OMMfld toktr.
tra wbich yoo cin well ip?re, and can ei_nly niik-i
Joofl bl Europenn emipraiion. k ahMllllalj n- .
?e lalnritl of .1. Domlngo to work Ibe w*.te Iin I-.
Ctffre gfOVM Bf* khii.doiied anl ..ver^rown with
Ora.hwiMt.1, for w*iil of tbe litile labor re-juirel to
keep tl,. n. ii. orri.-i mi't itnth.-r Ibe fruit. Qtfll *\e
?ken an.l t.am.ttr. are w:ui . .1 tn tbe mvb ><inv f.r
**l* 1 be wi-rkmnn -re iiiter.nr and uii?kilied iu ? 1
fcreue* ai d cr.if'*. aad itc-ly. hriarht nieob MalM tnl
fonnera would be ladoooaoaal here fr.tn the atart.
Tbty bave a fr.o title to a t..wn lot of about 50 f*_t
to.at nnd loo deep. gtoaa M t'.-m to build aa, aud on
toat tbey ma | Innt tb> ir baiutuaa nnd OOflBMl tr.-',
aad enjoy ihe fruit t'.d ihade of b>th iu ?ne year.
Tliere aie OOOMfld Americ__*, (but uulinkily thr..
are few Mtokflfllft BtntBg tbem.i w__> have ^rowing
tw *nch a lot, wit'iin nn enay walk of the tolpping
Where anvthing laa be aold. oraoge, lime, pltnt un.,
ban-.ua* and tnu.krin li. ba?dt keeping chickeue,
?groni and l.e.?, in any qutntity.
1 beM-are irrent helpa to family BOOBMIto, and in
toii cbiiKitc IBM* i? a aai'ttaainn of f.uit tbe abnlfl
year maud, aad I do not think tbee ia auv ono
?ontli in wbich there are not Ht leiai half a Baaaa
k?*8 ef fruit in leaeou, and and otiu J a-aort.u.-ni of
Iraab vegrtal.b* Green \*tn* aud lM?ai_t, and green
ttrn. for ii.iiance, art in .et_.ii almo.t al! ihe JOtt.
Bat 1 itmci ,vi- the advautage* of thii rouutry and
tTuiaie to be mo?t invitiu? u> un-n of -?> ne. n lil <-..'.
tol anii geod tarmmg capacitiea. Whh ln.oooor 0 i o.o
w.ll inveeted and priqierly niftiin/etl, a man cai. h t<e
?tre iniuriea, and a bitftn r aocia. poaitiou and in 1
paBda-nce here than iu tbe Cmted Si?te. with 010,000
?ipiul equ?Iv well m4Miai^.d. I api'tik only of Ui ??
wbo gt on a farm with the view of livitig ou it and
For tximplt. a baadiome, bealthy tract BBM two
Itfoitr buiidred aa.r_.of land cin be bougbt f.roue
tkautai d dollara. within *it milea M le_* from tne
OBOBOM City of S*m Do ain?o. Ou thia Ita-i itirr
ab.-ulii be wood and water. and thero B no ditfi.ulty
to fiiiduig ou? Witb aome fruit In-ee, nnd ibe re ll u i*
? btd. e* aud clearinn* left by the old S,._ iUh aaa*
art, whea they wtre driren away by the Hiytien to
taaioaa. Wiih two bundnst toflBBB a auug BOBloaO
af two or three pltaaant rootns can be built of tb.
takbage |_dm, bougl.t at any time at half a <l .11 tr tht
Bt.ti-n. four luebea wide and about lw. lve tttt toag.
Tbe reof i* th*tcbed with tbe leavee of tbe BBBMBaltn
tk? prmfuce* the bOATtia, and wilh tbe help of a cu
fit of native hand*, an an.ve man ought to have a
tottkce built an.l bia bome lot femed tn in.l planted
la two nioi.tbi ?ter hi* arriv?. 8uppo-e he landa m
Ki.ven.l'. r or D.i tniber, tbo ba? m .uthi of th- yitr
for hii puipoec. he b?i the dry, t*tl MBRM8 h?M*
him for chooking hii nrom_.d and bail<,ii.c and ?ter
B'kl ii tioi.e be 8BB go on puttiun m . rop. of ooe
kmd or thr otber the whole year.
1 bave elloaa-fl twelve hni'r. .1 dollan for tbe land
aa? eottagr, ai.d we muat ?low thn* bopdred m.tre
tor tbe t > pa n*e of coining oat, for fariniog t.-..'* au 1
provieiou tapplie* ur.ul their farm pro.iuc.ytthem anl
Mere will nmain *??>' out of two tbomand dollar*.
for tbe purcboae tf atoak. Cal'Je are iC.hk! h-r", aa :
lb* hon.* active and htirdy, tbou.-h im.ll Sto-k :*
?n.At a*di-ar in St IV.mingoa* ia theCuite.1 btoBM
toi.Btb 11-.nt ot uiider??od why, a* Uiey are r?_ed
llnwi wilbout liakiui; alVr, and there are oo brt.l*
tt pny ou the ialaud to diaturb the yoaag.
8_-BB Oat Owa C*nataataat
yi _.KE4, llon lay, Sept. 4, IKA
k few daya ago 1 came dowa the great river of
whirh tbe uavigation ia m_de free to Amerii-tu
tat-ie!* by tbe Reciproeity treaty?the St L*_
ttarc. Iti D-tvigaticn would be impoaaible to
otrangera, ronld they not avail them _4lTea of tbe
aid of pilota; but with their aaaiatance it bt
att-tte* ea*y In many piare* tbe nver ia aeverai
aiileawide: but it ia itudded with thoaaaadi <>f
Blai.tt ol ?1 ?aj^* ai? kiza*. aad ibe ab..*?> aod
a*( idt with which it abouud* rti?er ibe tfreat*? po
?ble i?Mfl?*8 i.tcarr?Afy to keep the vea? ia tbe
aat igible rbaunel*. lt i* aell >icnt"d: but tbere tre
BajaSaa of it which earnoi bt n*vig*t*d ia tht night.
txii pt by l ri>,h: mot.ul.gbt. Tu***> ?*? ibe diffe.eut
raiiO*. *?v in numb-r. vi*.; Ibe I.aag S..:. tht
Ct.*r*. tbe Sp!it Koek. the Caao-dta, aul tb ?
Ltrhi.i" rap:da. Of ibtte, tht ftrat ocvura btl.w
C. ruwall, atd the reaoauidtr art -1 b?.wten that
Miot Btifl Moutrw?. Tb* _*y-_a_ioa of tbt** rapi.1t.
wkirb are. ult.^t-tber, ?evtr- rniUt m len^th, w prar
t?eal.;e ouly by aieaatara. 8?ling veaa-a htve M
takc tke eaaaB. both in goiue up aa? down cmi
rtru. teff bv tbe *ide of the nver lo overeom* tktrap
ito. ABdrvcnik-afner* rtunol atrvnd the rapjli.
b aoing up thn, too, bave to ttkc tbe c?n?.. The
ranali nre of coora* only long en-.ugh toovervue
tot rapi-i; tbe other parta of tl.e river, all kiad. ot
araft ko up aad down. It i*. fl aiiujultr faet, bM it tt
a fiet neitrll le**, that the R. latwreoe* -*ua_*
iavaritblk opeu irom 90 to 34'day* iivuer thaa Ibe
Whether tbe larjr* bodr of w?er th? ttur*** down |
tbe 8t. I_twrence branki ap the we early in the
BJftof, tr from whatever came, water ii Iet into tho |
eaaaaiBkd 8a*%at_aa of IhoM 80m8M_ooo eaaaotora .
Hy nv>Dfr than that of the Erie Can?. The north
ehanncl of tbe Laaa Saut ha. a'.waya be*n cout d-r. I
the a-ort da_gen.ua of tbeac rapiai. The two chin- !
Ball at tii. point ot tbe river are formed by alaree t
_daz.d in the OOBBM, or pcrbapa a little netrcr tn. l
B.Ti'.h tban tbe north ihore. Of tbe two, the no-tb j
tl?;,-i.l b- tb' ?!,...-:?-t aud ._. wAtera are t_? more I
vio!<nt. Tbe aouth cbannel ii not l.-a diffi -al*. to j
novigate, on accoat.f af it* boOBBj nam.wer anl iu
w:_.i_j-s more .udien. The north chantie', which
wa. for a !'>ng BBM ci". 1 th- " !..?t Ohao
row tle one umvtnaJ'.y uied by tha mtf** rta of
.tehi.ra. Ih*Ae l_-eii down Ito'b tbe-e chinueii
withiat-i l-tor). " mostha. In the north eh
Ibe water. rBB BUhtrBBBBdoW raaURy, cvrry'mg
the v.ba.1. it we are to believe Capt. Camier of the
N't-w Era, at t'ne rnte ff f.rty mi!-. an bflflf VTnen
(,.rk-- - down tbib cbannd, apm >n 03
dick w.'Ui-i -upp. "? tbat tbe witl w 1* Mawtag
18? 1'i.le. No aaattor h*w mild tbe day in.)' ;
wil! ? e reie. The gale. however. ia only i.nazinarjr.
Tb.- .trti.b th ol tbe iurr.nt of *_r i* dae BoWy
rapidity witi.wh.tii yonart .arriud a__n... T. 1 ".kat
?hekg.trted wa'tr. taaibfiaaovcr tb* bi-dan r.- -? .t
? nifftte river. witb ther tr?ak;:_ *****
arrflth-* bfaahanth? Oaa ?
:...?.. tb. i.l. a ..: .
beitreiglbewJ; !>ut il iifKily BOOOMan -? la*
tle uiaiiu-tuibcl foliag. of toi BflM on tho laaadfl "r
dt river bankr, 'o 'Jiapci tbe illusru. In _ ..nird.wn
<._e ?.f tbe raj.i.le, ii. ? t efwiad 1- vrr
itronp. In atflM ot _k*M tb. anitaticn of t:.- fl
*i-ff..in.t to gl?* -ht va? 1 a pttckai ??'??>? 1 1 ':"<
u!t aa :bn aaaaa m a Mooarat?v-tttai
Amot'i tbe tbaaaida ll.at w.i_l k
1 BL-.
S . imi.n.va iiibi w.i)>l
:.'.. s lit Rock rap.08 ;.- *_m lhal t)-1 alaayt
. -.,| diagtrm i i aa _??? 1 fwfl 1 i"?i'J
r.ik. which !,.-? too t..ar to* _u;f..? I ll
t.pi.i. of rebk. ?i_e bite _::;?
'Il.t pflpMlawal "* Pa ? >? - - ai
to blait'tbebi rocka aai per_o__ hivc bteaen
toaaake ib* preDminan >-i-.->.'..vi-.-. H - _u,lrr
atood tbat a n.w chaasal ba* been _iir-.v-._i. and
to? tht __?_?*g prutUM '.!.!'i,l"l wiil bow b*
luidwrd fltiimro?ary Difll I ? I oavigatioo
.f Ikta* r'.pi'if BBJ Bt.pfir M a ;.-.-.
toaad At.ib ... 1, M?tara, ii ia a fac t..?t 1
tLy ai'ciuinta bave oocwrrtd in tne;n. 1" ?
toity rtfltlatt ii"-i aid?j I? ? *4ja W*n at tttar
bf; and 10 loag a.- tkt phat BBI t.-i.
ti tr., ti.t -!" ritg afparatM - -
w?v. tl,. .<? taa l.'!.. .? r. B- ri ti"' ehauM
wbtch t-'.ii'pi! tie 1 - fivt ?
mii-i I" iii'l.i'l t" i"'-'? -''I ?? :--- :' 1 ? - r r"--t
or bHLk apon wbi.ii it ti.i.nt Oedrrvaa. I 1
bj ahirh lb***. ._:?"!. _'" ..v... -..ii- ara oiaougthe
fiu.H in the world. beu.g flf aaBaiaal
11. iii-ae, ?- ef t!.- larg*? ? taaan oaLakaO
ruiM.'itui'e ia lb? ih.-y ar* n >i ? -
to admit Ike latat? ? r^ft wkkh cr.mt : I ?
YAl.tt: llll V W.H- !:U1 t tlieV __* UfRfl eBOBgll
? . llll. ..I A.a-. la tbat -iell ir.*-. . I I
lut tl.'- 1.11.11 ncy ba. 01 In"- b'i:i to in
tl..- ,..,. aad -*aaag* af -??._"''._ a.
1, : -. , 1. . ,1 :. ;?;?' I'T thi (
e-tml., aad in ii, _ eaMToronf 1 ?
. I I. I p. it ol Ibi d.i. . I tth.1..- b?w? n I...-?! t ? 1 I" I
Dppei Caaada. Ihav* r... I. o maofa ?
t.n.i 111.. r i.iiKtHi. 1.1.- io ii.. aai
Lawi ii, Ik? toa raadara I mgerof
I ? n i. i.o " ll. I. in I
r'lAtr. 1.. t hia BOt, howi . r. . b.-ri-n tl. ? . ?
aml Miatokan Ue*. IWa k aaeh "i 1 m aaviJ{a-ioo
.,! -,, ii- . 1.1 ah ? ?'? . I ?: ??.
I fl t" ika tra ??!? 1 fr,"n the -
inii'y wl..b Ibe ? Waad* a__fd. A
tni niuii.t'M. ItiTi..' loapptaradth
II n 1 and ?!Iim<ii.ii.* to tb* vWlaa* ." waiarin^
iBtb laci reding y.ar. A r. ???_ .
ei iiip. freaa ToroaUi t" t;.e I . ? takto
pli.it tl.i* buu.u.ir. a ir_.n* af *x___ro*oaa
alloc?her u. w K eeatlv a party left thu city
ii, ;i. I>...- kt Ai.i.co.t., aad hat* ii"! yet re
ttltli. d. Th* rt -'l' BBJ ?- '
lit.. pl ?<.- .,f Miii.ni. r .< tn ' 11- ? ? ?? r tha fl
\,. r.e : A'ii. r. IBI I ?? '
in il.t- r owu rrnfl.
S. n.r ad tbe j. i.rnn!* which prof. m lo bf w 'I ....
fi-rir .1' bava i'li-i. niiiioui < 11 ? the apaa Iv vil .lm wt
in n i.ii.ie departura af Lor* Blgtu. T!." trnib U,
bowt-vtr, th? tht time for I not Ixtd,
ai.n it .-. rtni. ly will .,..t m-. ur foi wvar? imj*.
Fr. bi lb*r "wi < nrra.,?ti*rBt
QOBMCi W. lineflilay. Sept. <'.. 1"?4.
1 eat. rdtij. tt I o'cid.k. tbe Govi'inor-Geoeral
cp( ned the firit keition of the R.-i'.irme.l l'^rlia
n.< nt pto forma, leavin; tbo Baaaa to ele -t ita
bpiikrr. ind mtending to return to tho Legiila
tive Couu -il Cb.mber t"-day to deliver tbe royal
ijiet-ch. Tbe itate of tbe Speakeribip qii"ition
wa* peenlikr. At a caucu* of Liberal 111 -luber*
beld jettrrday morniug. it Wai reiolvcd tbat
tbere ihould be no Mi_iifenal no.tiin..- for the
Spi-kker'i rbair. Two billoti were cail to de
tirniinewbo the partiea preient ibouli mpport.
Ou tbe br.t ballot acattering 08881 were cut for
f. ur nainri; on tbe 88888-. the 0881 ?1_.1l t'? f?r
ktr Cartler, a Ermch Canadian favorable t<> the
Miiiittry. and 1_ for Mr. ex-Speaker 8a_dtield
Mkcdonald. Tbe reiult of thii ballot. b wever, '
gave uo eertain indicution of what mit'bt be done ,
in tbe Baaoa. All tbe Liberal MOflMOia from
l I I. . I'kt.kda. except two. Were preaent at the ;
eaaaaai but the Rouget afLaaoai t'aua.u bad u?t
accepted the invitation to bc orei.nt, and it waa
notoriotii that the Toriei had hargaincd to tup- \
furt Mr. Macdonald. The Rottgt* roaolved to j
ave notbinc t<> do with eitber party, but tai mp
port a caiiditlate of their own cboice, tb?u_b tho .
peutlrniau pitched upon waa not exartly one of I
tbeir ouniber?Mr. Sicotle. The fir.t 08080B pro
poi. .1 waa Mr. Cartier, next Mr. _B8*atB, Bad
tbm Mr. Macdonald. Mr. Spence, who in-.v,. 1
Mr. Cartii r. took OOOOOtoa ta> declare. over aud ,
?aar ag.in that thegeiitl.-man he !>r..u^ht forward
wai nct the nominee of tl c GoTcniuiont, but w*. i
taken up by the party indepi-udcntlv.
The nomination ot Mr. Sicotte was moved by a
tiukgt, and aecouded by an CpperCinaJ t iieiurm
er, Mr. Hartman. Wben the vote came to be
taken on the pr. poial to elect Mr. Cartier, ail the
Toriea and all tbe Rntgt't were found ?aMaftB'
getL. r in tipp4.*iiioti to tb.- n.t.Uon. Th ? ehadao
wai now t-tvAccii Mr. Sandhe.J JfaedflBald and
Mr. Sicotte; and the reiultiaaaadai entirely upoa
tbe way in which the I'rieudi of the Go.eruiueiit
wotld vote. All tbe membera of the QaoOMMMaO
aud a laigenutubiT of their lupporten aapp..rta-.i
iir. Sict tte, aud. in ipite of tne combined oppo
lition of the Ti ri.-a and the frieude of Mr. Mar
lio^^:d, be wai e.ected by s m.y'ritA of :V._the
Aote ita ml ing 75 a_?iiiit 41. Ibe ao! for Mr.
Cartier bad 8BMBIW againit t>_. flf eourae uo
vote waa t-ait lor Mr. Macdonald; but hia aup
porttik may be counted by tbe uiii.ority eu the Tote
liat OOOObOd Mr. .-.cotu-, 41. Mr. Macd.uaJd b ..I
canvaned the whole eountry from Dan ta. B.-r
ileeba, ae the eppmition candidate for Bpoohaf.
Tbe mott flCBB-Bflat faet in thii affair it tha
oltcttoR of tbe canoiilate of the A'-.a^r party f. r
Srraker. He was, however, not eleeted by tbe
totei of the party that propo?ed him. but by the
aupportera ot the Government, who preferrrd him
tothe aTowrd Uppeiition candidate.
Ike Rouges bare taken tbeir aeata in a nauipaet
body, at tbe upp.-r rnd of tbe Hoaae, on the b-ft
hand of tbeSpeaker and immediau-.A tp{t'*:tc the
memberi of the Goverament. Aiuong tbem are
Mrnn. I'apin, Jobln. Yalois, Holuin, D A mat.
De Witt, S. iVirion. Boreau, Prevoat, I_at>fr_e.
T. B. E. m.rion, Bourraaaa, Machildon ami
BaaaatoaaC Tbey are moat of them yoau_ m_
a:o have alrrady given ai^niof renurkable lot|ua
(itv. They are all French Canadiaua. ex.-ept -dr.
Ei-.ton tnu Mr. De Witt. and with three exeep
titi.8 are ?1 new membera. It 11 erideut from
wtat tock place yn?<-rday that there will be about
aa muth Ermch ai Engliih ipeakiug iu Iho H .
lt 11 under? ood that the membrr. of the
party are dirided among themselTe* on q i
tt public policy. thwugh tbey may generaliy be
found tot.Lg ttagetber. Whtther aay eoaafltotorj
eflect wiil be pro_uced by thr Miniatry ?u*tai__Bg
tteir ncu.roee for Speaker re-uaiua to be ?*ro.
Ibr wttbdrawsi of tbe imilitary from tbi* Croa
ince i* about lo take place. Only 1 ne company of
arti.lery and ion e Canadian Riflea are to remain. '
Tbe artillerv wJl be dirid.d hoOVM nthii city aod 1
Kingiii b. Tbe txu?? un ol riubhiking tou.e pr_
vincial eorpf will doubt'.** ?>__<? up thi. *.-iiiou.
Lord Elgin'i v.tt.irawkl _TMB tm* 08*80808
General ahip i* experted to tokaatoaalaahaal a
n nuth. It ii ncf true, a* >tate.i M -..me provio
rial paper*. ti.a: ho ba. 88*8 0ffOMto_d lioAcrnor
Oen.ral af I__J.a. That be will oaecerd L..:J |
Dalhoatir ii ahnoit eertaia, but the appeiatrarnt
bai not yet taken place.
At the opcning eataaaaay _Ua afterpooa, aa the
de.nerv ut ihe tptetb, tln; aalBRBa xterc ci-wticd
la ni i'.i. TLe bOaa _8f M . ? ? >j y of tne spcech
tnn. tte thrnce. dc.iT.rtd b> ma Ei.ellcBcy the
CuTfrtiOT f.rcera!:
? ? /,,.. ., ?'etirtnf tke Ifrtilrtt'e* C M
l,.a raaft rf tk, RtMjaS 8f _BBBBBtl>i U afT-rd. ne
mnchaitiiitctionto meet y-I. Tne inr-reeee
a ..f lha I-.ga v??- *t. .1. ... Rl
_.?.ct nnccr the ,-ta'u:e abieh aaaM _at i
i . ??-.! thae ea Mta ,-. m ? ??' ->f tbi
? b, wiB, Itr !._??? a:i tincu *re_.'h:
I.. iit JifihaiaahBBl ofth. Le?i-latur>, aad
? than bn* htrct..t....
tbe .im? re(-.-.etiteL'.'ti lll l'mliimeut oi a i . I
in tii- I'rnxii.i.
?? Sii'.ti-Ta of gn-.t m*g-.i!"'!e aad imptwttt
lx ...ui-uwi-r x..:-.r . ..ii-,lera;iiiii-li
? -itin ti ia _nw c iui_ne_.i i8f
?Tu. Iti'j-t-rin; I'aril.'ii-i.i, ?!vai.. tag ii 8
reuc atn! ka tb. eaaia aflthafai. -jribI
wbitl. it la. Inlli'tnli'i U'
two acu whirh i?{f>at ol thia Le.iatatore re?
- ? :" a verx graie cb-racier.
" (n,e of ib.-.') _ U en.jKi*et- ih. L'anaiian Porlia
n_e-t io altertht-1 oaatil attaa ot tha L-_ ? aural la ir
<? I. 11 ? ? ' I
tion for that of nomir.Lt-i-n i\ mt CiawalH ihe tp
--.t .??' 8 BB '.-r- ?? i *t :--!.- B *?*
Ittb ul i ? __.c_i:v. in the I i. II
TJ..I Little * <: eaa
raaMtal and minM_t_n .1 t
. ? n ',:
part aahaattBta Iba i '
? '
? ? ? ? '
braril - f th.
| ? .
w.i, l i
' I l . .,:.. r a. I .1 ll ?? li,- r al l'.i. n Ba B< M
BM D .-t pr. -
? - ??
:. -, -t, a. i
i ? i ?
,t ,'i :. i..,.! I. r Ihi ? -
fki'b ba- been a--?. *
1',..-.,, " lt ii
. - ; r. ? thtt a Iaai
trnviTiy abouldtaki ,,'i,-e w ?!, ,,- .: \ I ?, ? i ??
I'lOX.i '
!? i - ; . -a ?. .: I iBe-VlllMR
w . . ,.'. - ii .1 :' alt] I" i 8
- | . t wh h Will
gixi ti l'i 1. I ati-..,.
" l |.. ?' -Oaaf
. - ?. n lll IX bt
-.i.r. i.tt. i.t, ii at nn eorly i^rl.-l wiihavtaa
f-.ii.ii ef - - ? -' - ? 'he n
-!?<-.i-e wlli.nii d--rri-na.-it
?., tl i tn of _ '
V,,i. w i|| , ., .1. "I.I .ea .1 e l.ll,. .1 IBU. I
tbia lul.i' ct ? '
? '?? I.
- ? ? - ? -n'-,',, i.i
it.,? , I ?
i. - ? ( , . ? i ? ?
e: .! ti. :? r- m*l nf lbt i'-r that p.
*l .1. in BBe_bbori?g ...uutry Maflorlod eyja4ie_al
bii aoala
" 1 .ii n.iiy | i' ,1-ftl ix t-i- rattOO thc ex
\| ,i . .-.. .1 I i--i: iln. .? .1
t'ootit tn mi f.n- ?
IB :l < rxil. :n xxl.ii ! - ? ? . ) t- -? ? .
le t:.- pr ? . <?' - ?? ??! i
i ., ni.., aho "i eai.tog '?- '.
, f t:. 1 . ? i nl tbe M iii'i ?.'.
r.n.'A.t fi., ii .*?? end .liie- * ih;
|.o'Ti,i.it ii.. ..auita will b?- aubu.itieti f..r >?.ir d.-liS??
"(,..".-' ttcftkt li..,: ?" A.trtnhty I will d;
r.itiii ! ' BBtafat iti" p.-: M8t -el ih-i
ta for tbe cui ? ui t. ui I" l-?- ta ?! BRt-tR y?-1
Bl d 1 !? -. -aa- th ln ' rttttf
j i.n ... - l'i. aerviC".
?? llt . . i, ? Raaa i faa mxy
I n 1 el Ix I e nf i'| inii.ti tb-t th- pruipef
nl tb. i. xi i ne altnrd- aa .),.,-.iti..i '. ? -
? tt,. eaU___8_|
: Bill a vtaar to tl,. mMoval af each da'ta* aa
: Bft tt r: w RMt-nalsempI yodin Bbip-baililia
nlltr bllilnli. Bf tliillillai'iiiri' Wllll.ll lll" I*
? t ..tt,. i. t.. wbi.h a.t.. I-- en
- Ining larg'lt inin the fRRRaa-ftiea of tlie penple
ai. i aa ii.bj.ct.
? I a lil '?"y i.t i'"re mu th" cojit of a troaty a
) ) | , . ,, I ln I .!..? .! I I Ul all llel M _. -'t v
<;? x. rt n.i :.t of he Iti t. u S a'ea. f.r i .,.? a . i i
. f vartaai i(u.-ii'i. bi'. . tio| tba. mum il inter.-i> . -f
Ber Mi Wiiy't Habjeeti ,n Britiah HtRth Aueriea.io
il. ? ?.') i'.i, aad af tbe ein/.i-i-of iba 0
i.n the ntber, ai.d I riCiia.uiend !?> f>tttt 8 wMUaral-Ma
tl.e pr.'[.iitlt <-i auiti'iting Ibe an piv-e.i iu 18481m
Ihl I . > in:i:,.rr.i.i. n.t.> C.iin.l/i ,.l .erini ? i :
tl.i pviw-hnraiRRaet-MBottht t'uitt-l Btataa,aoM
la l.ni.f it iiiio haaaaoRj with ibe iiroviiinu. of thii
"Ibe G"xrrr,'nen( ?lid ('?iii^rvaa ofthe Cmt ? 1
St'itta heve evu.ccri a liberal an i fnaally di-p aiiioa
i g ?iil li, a *i> j.-'t, a.l I traal th tt tn-v w:ll
bt met m a eanaapaaoiBg aoiril by iln i'Mviuaal
1 . ? ' . nrea.
"Ib. it im ix tii of iinti. * nn ih.- haRRrtaaaa -if the
n- ti tii BB docta cl C-Jihda, into tbe miirkeu ..f the
t'i iii .1 Sal.?, w .11 ii ntay be h _tot\ have ? t*n leticy
to p> r| i tuate aid iitenil the araaRBnty w neti ti_*
j it vadrd of tate to ao reuinrkabli- a degreo iu th.
proxku. ________________________________________________
BT OCH atn BA.HI-BOZol'B ? |W tt. THACKtRAT.j
From Pmatk
iaatl cjk Akib l'ai-..a. Tu.i'-*.lty.
Diar StR: I r-aun e mx aa-ti Binl cmitinue my ac
88884 of .mr airge I iniouij?tay tbe BS wah-traw
it i;a, ahitL yi u wjl ^iear- la u-vt- 8-Mal hy ftkyat
ji *? i.- at I.t Blt. Tlie one I ba.e hiv. ily dak-'iel ?> l'
ul thia pag. repreet-n:* tn *? If ju-t nnw w.tu a luue
: tl,.t btmytl 1-1. I gix---yi.u my ti.n .r I wu
at tbilaflM laaatj itaw Bbrtb latha ...Lll., ..r a
iln tri-tthi- tba- I ! d : i.'care t" reai-ve ttie th-U.
l.i.t let it blaxe aaay at it. taMBra, I' only biRaaj
liii'in, Lit. Iibi.jj.ht a few nii-rureg i.fm.i-:!
n ..bt |,i.*r. ib. gi bal baaa aaayea wRItalMaaM
tl.i art_at yi-o cot; ioy mikra me 4 j. i, m 1 BBRft. nr
if I .urx.ve tl.ii tit^e, we be lo hi_n ou uiy rtturii
Praitf. Aimtt liapRtahiag ta*t h"l* buiineM?ith
tl.t eCrtll. I a^|t>Ulltd thi ',,ill .,-|.|,U,-*i? ia-aJ
ta it a aaiaai Jbata naarrlat t:.- , _tahir_a
my fkill.tLl fiieiiil. (I * " *. \i,dti .l.tturitnce
aay toii'I'ly take pl.ce on accou'it ?>( iho a
n tata, tln- Pa.t * la eaaaawia! of tuo laaa aaturaily
ihavi ?:., patroBBRa if bebnttki ail ih*ae
illlt.kitg tntniii. !r, I rl.oll nnl be * wn.t ;_u; j_lt of
IBI ;<:- ity t. u.ji.', wl. Ii I a.u ple?.-ed _* aBRBI
ttrx fii.e.
__kwat*tmi the _l.fun.-t Hmhethl- qaarter. aod a?
let tw i st of bi. iUk k auch tbiog. aa aa.ted me. T i
latr *,..nii. B|p.a/k tn bave bid an ajipeiite (>r p a i
dtr. I L.iv) bta hai reumi^e lahana ?
I bl ia h.- r-?ur-:':L-:_,-ii RBty btui-'ja-i
BW-raal h_: Brr8Brrb8 pitteru-.
Mectttl tnr e*ery day irtri piuB pcliaie, ydliw
tn tnt. tn '' a *l*.l rn.ntl my fr.r f.r-aa eltya ?
R_bt Mui Ckthtr.ire Atta Qitt'i. Shalw-ir* itri(>-l
|.e.-tr^-n ?? - ?-. aritn
ail*ir*purr: uod E.-i.t'.r ... a'.. BtafaM drtiM ftir
chargf?tle re*t I .!'.atrit'_i'.-l auioug my men. Be
b.? l f.i.ii..t ajrf.rii th- v.'ain ? elf?ct*?
A I'tk, ick.ttl M J T Jt?-? ct/B-a r, | ul circi
l.rt.t. . a ibi. tt. i.os I_*aat J eei Ca . - 1
tkt tL-ralai Wttrr rtur Bttl ?r Jebi T* m.t* loaett mtua
lir*. i at a Mr i . <___y tiiat tity tata BaTc tka tat* am*
?galc mta ttr g
? ? Bath fawt ptft
I tg: lara i. tt. n. aaa rob.aia.u.g a tatk of Lu aal iiisa-4
tcuitair t artirttcl Ant Ra.-ia
Jfci-ra ? joaiaai ix* t'.t d ?? _._? .aa hU. llt kipttvri bo heat
hiaa-.i_.it* w.h much t gk.i . , ,
A Ui of l,.i? . , a....-.* a . R... _____ [-,._.. of wtach I
?wb I. tati.i anr.li .i.. er. b; | Iai oo. iif ioy Ciptaiai,
tiiiiiillam whtt wa*loallap.*_-al aoal
Tb* tlna.ai-r:i.r r*B aicttg .'na-a ? ..|B*rar. TH. OtikM,
Ita. itwr* m BBB. Iit. __-?* u*-b ty ,_.._. aal w-re
aael'i t'k'ki-. S.*b?' | rn*. A Ca.uf r*u.k?_-it rai.-i
itt:. j. tr M.j. r - kir I forthar I
A k.'ki. cl ?It. r-wucat ai raa ?!? aal a nuSai witk a
Bl ? f ...ll. al fiiti :i - - wi h ttrtaa-rra! tf ib-?
lat* liiB tata, aa I ka*- b__i oaach imm ta ...g tr, rotkri
?< na n > i 1- watguii.
I ? ? I ? j- ualy
1 1 BfU
Pn ?? airioM 14(a.iiverad:
8-aaaM MMtaR MMbBBbrb -wtm lailtur _*__rl _m,
-* .1 Ba?aa bmi a kaa _i hai *..t.r j.
I 4 ' . i. _n a_.ua ?I n a_i
- < ?-.TI..tl_.| .- . , .
tad ?ak. aa iral iba. RM
uii" Ita... ? lir, au.atei bad baaa ta Iraaaa wtlk tk*
aw*l aba.ll i
A itn'iskbt.ii a_ar8rl " _.;_ 'mihtr" iiralnaini la*
!<-.. T J BBBBBaaBB
birarktiiia rtlltri iai k.: t^k- ? hbB *--k itr tt-n* attrk
, ..???. . x, -. ...
Aal ._L'ytiB.nta. Irr^txi c**? ratbrr * htnAa. a th it
?ib. hM ciul.dJ T J ,. JiibartaMit
kni'tii Tb. ? ik.i IV..t (a st ]__,__<_._
t Br*1 at . .an I Te>| to abom a p> I
tran ltl. rg-. ittiked otlx ? Warranti-d 8.8*1 I-e-aih
trt Cf rt.BIT*a II i'c i.-a -r. .t ? . . -r. I
fottti th. lii. ? _u?t r ^.1 la-aaRB. I 1 I
aaladaaaaarm ii i x .'*-.?. aLen i r*;n
ia art tnd w.ery vut H ac trtDxhra TUalMtiur
errtainhr kad mbbed flotwhody, and waaahwlaw
vil?.i, ahaM bfe waa ri*;h_ly *??xificea t.hiacB
pio tv.
t-'iu'drry ? Pnrr.i.d my rrpim'Tit. and -.'tve t'ltm
frtr'e. n I .'iti H ?'?' an?*. II?f _> _h*?ti-e aaveo <>r
c>ht tf tbtm ?h"wii.|r Iheai *f*tjt *'??I - - ? ' '
- | I .-.,.. . . ; a , ? wtii'h
i.uu!.. I'tn r .i.i. kaf**r,*ad oaal Hm
.-..I.t- hflrh M18* f?JV. 0* lki* .av we rv.-ei.al
i' f.-'malot ib ?u*'r_ liat a Ruvia" oorjv* waf vi
Ai,i. .nt out af ti.e l) ?bn-l-'i |y_a K-iso.-a.
>/. .. -.y.? Y\ kj_ai.tr- are MOCtJf _ ?'- ??" mt hviie
..f tl ? G-..-1 ftpa P"i .atloB-MMt. Hm?W Bio.ia
? i ? I t. ba.n _.? i !'-'ki_a !.-??' tn.'h'.rR.i.t'ki tc
lkl.l t rttr.'t.it ?_? toOO w I iri'lt
i .. . wbi.ethe oid c'Dt'Cinac w.vt *; t ir ii. Heag
?? k( ... .'. ?? h Sprmk j S-.e ??/
' .?". t l'_n I'.^At" to the la :., ., w ,_ w. r. .
to tr.r?.
Aferl bad : rpttybt b-Ki >i".in-'y__i
?. ia toa toi bb Bisa4_i| ..-iivebjiad
rt-focling tk. I?a tt.iita wi h i... ru_j___al, h*g__?
? > ' >. . . 4 ' , - .
I'r.iJa my rramlitinir. *o r_ly
.-.- aen* tbe i..tnpli>n>-t!'-1 ? irt*...
irroiai ep|a aaa**. di of a certam Coiou.l of
. -bi B..I" ?'.
t , rttf wi .ie. anf Bt had an
i I :
i.- . i ? -? ?
i man tlui.ii on tb> ria.^ot iirrvl
... I 1 b-i't tbe oll
- a. tually pichfa . crai ib* off tbo table ? i _ '
i .' ? by 'l.I rejn
.' t ka ka* a wary oaaaf _rtob_ tod *r?
u-i,: am* .; h "iv lli_ ah* ?'
tfetu ? -I tu ?;? ? I
- ' t'.v tb' li.jA-i.ii.-t. witb a
am ty atohi
- ? ? . '..v '.'
? ii ..I >r, Boo| i. P" i --.. -'" gkted at
? :- . , . ? ' vi r? a.' *l to
tf. n.e.
I ,- ? | ? ? :. Qwa Ika i.i * :* ?a t.io
; . I? A likei. A
: wi b : ? lUaui-Ba.x.foki - ..w.r.l
a < I t t fr-n b-.t II
. .,1 I . -. h I :?-.. f ..ui.iv ?-"i '.'" H er
of th. Ltbbaki <? gvtM aa ?_ >l flotafort Poor
i . ? i
. ii !' Seeh ialifc.
II 11. pi > ny. ? -..
BJ..I " ._...,
a i..M-ti ut-t.i aigbt. l,..,k..... c-''i ?* iu jr,-.it
j ,'?_.).' .?!. :? ok u,' I.- i".i'
I al-.rr 1 ? -ii ti lf
v . ; ( . i n . .. ll - .-..ii.r . 1.-. "," I'- . t i? i.i ii
? k.i't' bi* hr i.l ha ???
aaaa* b ' ?broikt ckifot ia enratr *up
l ' : i i,,: al .1 ' .- lluif I... I ? .."I. whiath ?ai J ,i-.'.u
n oi Ia bu.-, ikt atltar hB la _?? u nbn-li-i
1 . tu i-1 %' a*.' t' two
I- - . m !??? "f'..'ir ;.-"i?!n< 1. ft Mwaida A lh ?.
i ~ l..r r.^l.r ua lh* Dt.'.il" . Ha -t ai ? >-i .1 .. a
I ;? i' ti_a . H tttrii.*. ti, ?
. ?
|| . ? t fi.- lOtl ai. . I - I: - :.'t lit? ? ?
11. .i. i t -. ? -? ?? tn
|i|. ?.-. Arao ltb.i. tha B?-?i It ?<i i_i ,
. . . A ' rl i- i - B b Ck. l^i'i
g * M i. "f _tara>
mtl : .. i?n Cotow 1. M i
I ,...,. I, , be l,K t. I li.e. -n.-i l.y. l'.H.r, ;.?... r i.l I" tt I"- i
. eCot '? - i .it OBl bk Hi' I '?? Ul t . ...
fi. f ei '_1yt.il ir' -a- n- ? pr - i.i--i'l if.i.'B
|, I 1, ! B /'??.." k. ,.t flp i.l ? -im- |
tO. 'i. ? ? i. teaan BBOnarfaoBlyw.liaarvad. i
Bvaty oi.- ..{ tb. ,r bi.li. bit T_-ntt-f .ur poaad
' .l.i.i.. <k"' 1. tt. - I wa ri_.!i... ".tt of my in.il.
,. ?i H.'kiiii A.'t, C-nn
: : > C nij. fl i'l or!. r :,, !i - f
'? lu ii. ? i.tti..- kigl qaafter M M.t "i ? acd rn
aartiof 1,000 000irqaini t?> bun/ my kaadtoUoa*
im ? . j | D .1 mi iul|_".r b"! ? Ur.l -lictviot
! f..ti.nt ..1 alaradaaih* i,. M :i ii>- Sttteruig
i -ii i *ie > p'i ".??-' Af--.. Mr* I'.ilypb: i.b i-j- I
ti. l.-vk At ik - B-kj nt n.e.
:t. Piwtbmm BM trmainir ratber s.'areo in my
, qi,.ttei-. aad "i-i I'ol.pl.i.. ..-.,..-..:. io irmm'.le.
j .-I r am j. r. I a..- tke bfiad Ba 1 _i" ?1 .tr
i t. ". My .ppatite ?-1 ? M . P. anl ny 1 tti .
i * :.| ,.ii. t..iu i. i liiile ?ort?.
_...,. i: .|.i...i.oii I'.-i.t ni.-ti*, rt liom I tiavit Bfl
, ,,t .. lt.il.,.:...',,..-, wi... ran a.uy 4B>
giacafall) m*t ii . i aaafal la th*** U:ta?r
!, t in. .-nut. I.. or fr.'in tb" .' 'inin.tn br
"lt;ri!...... latk* .all* we m .1. I .-'io'i,-, .S,.iri
,i.i i... harkvtri > -ny lato toa taaa|f' ?
;. t r nn uuibi. lii: it wa* lb ? ..ld pri.-.i ?, ail
in i br t inii .l'n a ii my fword, I kad b*> a eoa?ralaed
to i.-i- n m ..i... apoke. BaCaataeh C.deaal'i eyu
ab" w* i. ?k;i | t.iu-a. if v. rv (ttii.-n.u- in 'r >i.t.
A'-a ItM grawtof ral.tr ri. b in ct.-h. itj*il*
U piaaln* al . .. w 'b un-. I nav.i,
A ..... i .. -ml.,.. t*.n-my?*-i.
Mia..... r . -a
..???- I.j ll r lawl f wtr.
A . a ,, afl I. l w.ti. 'hr [> - ? ***** trt _i .'i
? . . ? .1.. ib~ ...?-r... ir,-,-4r _...? ii M?-k*Maaa*al*aa
? ... . - - M.j-.ly H H
...i _l.ui. .".il U :l, w'tirOi I >:ew in the lecuod Itt: tl oo tk.
1 tr.lye li'ta. fl'- ,-|tr"r.-i, |. | . . . f Bf!? tt I'.'OM *f M
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-. ii - ? .1 Ptp. I.. ... ...'I M t p.ee.al
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llll...: lh..- LCL. IB 'tl1_f p<aMtM...Ii of t!i* talliiio BBB.
|kt.c a. I.I it_ dr.
A .s!4 t. wl. t pirta** fiiiue ditto d.i'u. bb4 b nli.r am
thal ?fc ib >('iiiiioL wi. .batrau^iiial la BtaaOflOfl fur 'aa
t: a 'hi .1 M ? ikr k 111 raal bail l.v I .!..
ih'.ritrt.t motr ;biD :_? !.-!..- |,ir. u t.ay wara t .
? 1 . ..... . rtr-B. aaa. Iifa; ia4t 4. I aBtiuld hai.
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Ei . ud suBufaituif f.rtu l<, aie wi h ibe ii.fil eir >f .
Jta_bf.t_i.i B4-.III BO/.DI'n.
A great detl ha* been wntt.-n about tbe nuna ?
Gran (^uivira and ('a?i? Grandrt in Niv-Mexioo,
wi iflh b.ve been au[ poied to be r> Im ?f nomo tnia
lerioci p. ople tt.t. rior to tho imvil of Kurope-uia oa
tbi* contu ent. Wr now Hnd in Tke tit. />. _u Rermb
l.rnn of tbe ..d in*.aot a long namuive by 11 ijor
Carletnn who a jiiunl thea.* .ix-tiht.e. 111 De tttnber
lad at tbe bra.i of a squailron of C. 8. diaco-iu* in
I triu-t of the Aparb.--. anl who farnithe* the f..ll..w
iH(e ac.unt of ibeae D.yaferiou* niiu- whi.-h he ittrib
utt. uot to any kule-hie'oric pe-'ple, bit to the Snt
Spanirb adventurtr* in tbat eountry. The exp.1iit.0a
naxhed Grtn '^ui.iraon Dectmber 91, aad found tae
iu i,? to be a* foiliiwa :
" At 11 o cb,' k in tbe forenoon we eanre bi tbe la-t
bi^b riffkr, on th.- point of whicb 'be ruia* art ?itu
a;..i T'> rid.e ia e..aq.iaed of dark blu. BOBMOOl
lin.erfot ? wb'. 1. cr..p? uat in .eient! plaBM aloog it*
ob| re. Tbt eu ent 1- quiie abrup' on every h ind et
ci pt toaard the .tt, tbe ridge i* MatoaflBd to lh ?
diiti tk... for ??tefil mdefl. We?Ifelt rejou.-ei tb?
Cl.al.V we hart tttu I fl 11 place about Bhiflk Ofl BBBllk
kad m flffetofl a:,i yM BO !il!e hid retlly beea
iimn Wbnirvi-r BMf !. .ve i?-eii tbe BlflBdaW Bfl 1
ua. i___ct iceof thia place iu a^ee inngp'Mt. it*ore_ent
<i(l t*t*i ce aad '? -i.'i ? -,n nre *+niy 'l.-acri'.t. I. We
I. __d lh* rnina of Gr-.u liaitirn to cu-iat of the re
BiKit * . f e large ehur h or ctfhedra! witb t mona.le'y
ati.f 1. .1 to it. a an. .11 r bur. h or fll to-l an I HM rui.it
of a town ex'endii'. nine hun<ired feet in a dirctioa
t?rt ai d Wttt, anii tbrer hui.'in-l feet BBTth a id
M Btk All tba ae hdil.hu^a ha.1 been conitru.-ted 01
tl t '!?rk bl). l.'t.aat. i,e vAflh btoaad in tbe vicinitv.
"Ihe eatht.ral wbich we had Been teoru bv
guna da In Pu -rta. ;* one hundred vel forty f*et
?Ot, witk tke wafleetarlt .it f.*t in ibick
.aity W. 1.- 8 , wi.h the
?r< at eL'rin. e in tl e en.tarn end The ?tar w te ia
ii- BtaltrBtad. [dki t/>? rborchtaat AboaodUavr
ra, it ii.etrk-1... 11, tne n.rio of tha cruaa. rrotn
rwaj at ibt foot of tho croa* to the tran*-pt, it
ja tight) foar AM i-?en iot-bta, acreaa tbe tMBMBl
it ia tartat] aaa f--t Ma ia8ba*i and tben,-? to
the b. ao of the cn<-8 it ia tweuty two f_et ee*ea
ii.Lt. mtkttgthoI?alIflfljgto, h?***,a?M hundred
and t?tL->-i._-t . ibe* The wdfh of
ti . titta 1. t_.ri.ik-?v.-i, .Vat, ih. Un.gthinaide ofthe
? 1 < 11 .rn; . f f 11 .-??-* _. ihirtTiit fa. t. A g .lhry ex
l. 1 r..i h , 1 r t; . l-a-i3, uf tfie cothed-- f..r th--'fir-t
t?.i t; :'? ur f. .t ^.^.e ..: toa t?-vu_a wincti ?a.4:_a?ed
f Itiitca ,.{ tai i.f tbe p_!e-? tbat ?-..?
?Im/ itdtr tl-.- .n-1-fit wbi.h wt. oeinvt to tbn
a'ar. *rt Mtohcf*; tbe bermi iu * tx?ler?bly t^rrti
* a a ..f j rittn.?foa, Ik* piilara very tnucti deoiye.1.
Ib.y .r. . f B*M wo.nl Bi)d vry el*b..ra'ed carved
- *!... wl.tt i^rbaji. u.i?ht be ternied an euub
Mtl f I' [ 1 .. til L tk- ': B .' "I .' e .-A) *?* _,.,;
..! in tb- naiu anll of tb. . hu'-cli Tbia '.
t*i dm | rl?.' Bag by eaynghkeeu ire-het or tw.>
f.ttu w.. tl. It W carvsd van bamutifally inlttxl
ki.l.if. bi:? bm* ,iy ^rt-t ikilfitithe ate of ?tri .-n
k.I tie . ? '.. . la. but rxr;ui-.f- ta.t.- ,.n tkt ptrt af th '
?. _ :!.? ..ii.! 11. B_M af thr k.-arr,. Tbeai
tnn. aad ? w.tiM tae ao i.n.uv-olui
ki- ? iho p'ta-ut <1*t.
" Vte !lTt rnf aflfl f tl. htvna into th?a. p% _ v,
ftke he. k w tl. ne Tbe er.Ublaxare. nt) aa
a>t ut tb. w.O. we *r.- unaaale ta. prucu'r a ptwe^ of
BM u . 11 e beA.. *jr.. ^OLre ti 4 are cati *-I on toraa
..... .-..,r ((- ,hf. ?jt, rT . ,_,j n t!|
?-',--?: bat tbe 1 . -
??""?' ia.d to ih*- tnrfru-r with ?"??_
. ?re Vl . a..w j ... .,, &l| .h? . J, , ,,, ^
aaaaatf a '? ..-.. Tf.e u.artr.r waa.uate
fr-m ti.c trd__ar_ toil _._*.) on the fpwt, It -Tjrd.
I btti a peer cement to reaiat the ac ficn nf the elemeotB
' ai H tbe -RR-MpR raTBgee of time The w.ll* af the
! cathniril art ti*i alK.ot BB fwt in higbt lt w M cti
?atit,ttem tha_n*Utaaatky af ataawa ahieh hare
fh't_i,t<wr. ' '!: i g a Kerf ef la!.;i BRlbwitb*.
' wall. ard i ut-:'t oi :bcm lhat <irigin__y thfa bat. 1
B-g waaaD af BB fi M iu higln Tbere U a ian-il iwa
i to he'__.ht ii x.o e:it.r tl.. rtt.'.i l-a.'. aad .aai - r
i n? mwi.nl- i> v. rv larp, ami -
?i:h t! t n ah) body of IBa buiidta^-y a d R* *: BM
l.it . f dn trnt-i.-i i. Thera wm b*. aaM n?iii<"?'i"i
. n'l.ia laaaja ro-.m and the BBBRBtary, or kve
II.. bnti'l ia :3u fvxt fttm ih ca * &*?*?_
iog Lt Ul ttci krtu outa -ie. ano 34 fe t in widiU. It.
1 w?Ita a-- 11 - B-haa ia thicknee*. U i*ap,i?
r.nth in a betttr fate of paRaRrration '"batha eat-R
draLhal x.i ....;.. al n.r Emmm bnm.iI * *_*
?.t it. A ibnrt datioi.e from the ehapel thore ia an
ii ,-l.wuu-al.i. h ?.- .u;}*.^.-! RRR tb# _RR_M RBBR"
"^The r, traine .-f the town are but B__8Bt af
' with htrc _u.d thirt. lomd Bailaaaat of MR-V 888848
ranaiBR r.ariv aaat aal ?nt ai.<* n-nh vud ajuth.
B.t,i, t,. tr...'.t. IhRRB btBttttt *_?__*?
,.,.,, BaswbN iii .tth. tbi* of *e..t gtaataabtaaay.
, Ih.raie bleacbcU wl..t- by the aaatbar. and are
: dgVplyBRaa-lhytlSato-thaf tiaaa ?"??? .')?*
drri irfti. which airrcircularRBdaallelariaadl-ta
i Well.. >\. Iw-lieMal tbelll tn 1-f.in- t" "*?"? "' ' +
umr- ii..vwer. oot d-, p enough f t w, ll.. s . n-v
? |a*e it.r.luoed thay WR
. , ix i,.t ii.'.-th -I the aat] ? ? Bia 88V
....-,? . Tbis. tw. w.-ll aatheeta
t.rta aarprob.il.ly u.ade fn cl!.. l tha rata water
ahieh ran from the lU.erent buih! ?'.-- 1 -wanl tho
rrrt W.--/.W ? weli d. tl.'. .1 road, a I. ? . ?....'?? nl;.'
. t, baai t.i: larle, aad tbaa tu-ci iff mwi.-.i
tl, anuih-eail wb.'ie all Ihrther v?-tigi.-.f it are tata
ir iln-aai.d. Wl,,re it ia the moet pli.nly mvhed
??. ann in; ?'' tbe ridR* aimii tar..* ittdae traaR
.n 'I," vulil.lio of it. Tbtvo U".'*
|... k lo be Vcrv cld "id.'Ctl.
" ln i vety direi tion ab.-iit the ruiBf wn founl gr. vt
(inantiti- afhroteB j- tt*-v. aaaay i|iii(iaaaa af
Wbich ae lntve ...il.e'.ii IO 'ai.it.t-i Ai>..l'|'lerrj*e.
S n t ul it il hai i:.-. tt t'.v m.irke.l .ind well glvrol.
Vx. gJm f. uml -a-vernl Btuaaawt h wr?R ev^.l-uly
rn. i; nt e- rrn-'.'???. 1-888 MBtRtM 8Rl la tkM tB
di. d*. lo rn'. h.i .-.rn upon infil it haraaaai a
.I,,,;! I, -uiUl.l. t?it-49 kneivded iu'.. C4.k.-a . .tllod
v\ .? bave lelected taa whieh wa ahall take
h. n;e aith nr. T'- ??? ir-.x.-.l t-> ai ibal tha naoiant
i, hi biti ara of 0 11_ x;ra kaew 'h ? bm al eora
ii it. BB '?'< O' too*.. ll-t-re i* in.kgll 'htt t'ic_.r.iil' .1
III 1! e v.. ;l itj h'. i x.r I" '. cultiv .'cl. an 1 BO tattk
wl t ?? x.r ..i'iirigi.'.n. ?! le .?-? lii' in "''lii.
nr ni-i a.in.ni ? t. cuuW n' t. it ta bi ? -.1 B kre
'.'..i_.l t w-t.r ta ihe Ct-nn Qairwa; f>" tii- ;i 'ii* "c
by tl. !,.Titifli j ...a ln l>e C'ill-i.li r.ibly in_'' I
?'. '.li-T.-utniti .? caaatry.
II , it- I- lioill'll. a' li.l. r|| al tlltte*. illlh' .111 <lf S'lilll
wm RverMalptareri ar pa-.m.-I m. ar.x f i- i.i ? ?-.. -.u
. ,. | ii,e fnei* an r. 1'ir.N .''?? -'>!<? "f -ir-ht
? i ? ti., p n ..ra of aiu aanadoct, dn n
glt.an l.x ihiajntirbiil. aviee with Ina atn-e n-ii'. Mr.
Q ,gt n'u-t lave deacribal tbaa ;??? aa.i thia
plee, fn in wi.i.! ' - !:??? ri '.n'-ut it; b.r on all th '*o
ig ,,i wbi. Ii h- aro'.'tr -Mperin , .' nh ? t i U>%
li iini.at in-I.i t aiitl-rity. Pedp le CRBtanada
Bt,i*d Fiai'i-.'i V-ati'iet d" ('".a ln iu''H
gnnt ixi" it ? n t" il." North ta taarchol joU Ho
aroti nli-'.ry of the eRMpai_|a (J-i rai vaaquoa
.it (Uriiixna b: rix.il ina eRBBiry ?Meh W8B ??altaal
Q?-nratatba o-.i.tb iii JiiDf, i I'!. lf tht- prni-nt
r,.;i...t (iran tjakvirR 888 UB 8 IRRhlfl i i.-nli.'-ai wi'h
ti e i.niviia ti en v'.-nnl i'lniy' ot-jte
xxli.ii Ceataaada tays ..f i ail tf ii? luhahltaata:
, . ? ._,,, .... hotrhab arybm_ oae r'?'?: tt
n ,.i..i?ii. brie io h. |-i.'ii.|rl Fon?.itl waa :
li ?! -tlip.-JBtab.BW.il f-i-eli.fi r ,?Btry. I'l | I
..... ! Spt n: iiluirti. gnp'?. ia'i.
. giilt. Okit BIBBMBJBl, B-taB-B-a,BBB t_t, |
i. Di'iv. lo bo! lu'irie bictiio ih y d.) aot liii -r
, . ht -i.e i t il Th.tr iDitiBrriia. rBi'.i.uaaie tb. ii'iia
lt It.i. .! l-i ? BBd tbe Tillii*. r.-irtuM. tli.i-.lf ."**?
BbbIb Tleli.B_.t tr- ii.uud ae.l baaa *? wallii IBeMai-M
>i. I,!- bift.. th. loof. treiifttriw T'j. i .babiltuU tl. .a
| ro. la nd ibrrr tti.v ke.p kl! tbet |) -M.?t'
"'Ibe jitcamt ruin* an Ret ihe r.niii.u, oftha rnund l
wi'b r.M fa n-'atrnw which Caa aimli deaenbe. ,
mlhalaelliaaa .f thc tahahiiaala af C^jivin. 114
y, aiaago ainl il th.y had had in 88888 8888 tna'ru
n . nt-1.. Bhaaa aad aame th..-e aaaaiifal beivnA aa l
jillaia ait'l entabl-ilur. a. 'h.-y w.iu!il hirl! ? havI M -1
l.a I I la* ?? tlt- t-.'-l- <??" ntl-la.- il' BB t ii,;; 11 j, tll,- bufl
wbbh they bal kUtad H.-nba Iba Mdataaaa baaa
fi.ui.it ara ahaaal paaRlva paaaf Bkatahaaaaaiaarba
i.'. d berc ate ai I...k1 tnrtilla^ ni MM Bt aara ;
while froa Ciataoaila'i anfaaal. onn ie iihltjjtrtf fn tta .
l.ne tbat ti.e ibhaliit-mta of the couu'ry ahieh he .
: vtrt iift] eirirely upon thn fle.in of tbe ;
iLflaln, aa the Caniaiii lii<a do at thn pre*e.it day.
Caataaaaa taya likewiae, tbit 'thn UaaaBBBf the
, .1.1. ix bn.l n'i iiliet g.'.l imr ailver. and w. 88 881 88
qnaiBted aith iba piaatnaa ahaiala Th.-.' .iji;.. ? >r
fii hi- brt-aat a pla'e of copper, whi. h B8 heidin tlJ3 I
^i.Bteit 88BM ni
' kliii.y hexe BBBaaaaf that thc ancient Axtoci I
Iniit tl.e (nl.ti.-ei (.'ran (jiiitira, AS., au.I l^ , irra .
(itiricg tbeir uugratmn from Aztlan toward A'l-iuv, j
tl at tbe it.il . ii'-w f..un I in tbe Sivatjn, nn-l the ,
i a mt Oi maaa. ahlflh ata atill to be anen tlnug ihn i
(.na Itix.r, wata Luilt bx tbe laine i.i'l.-. and a:
Bhoat tte aaiin ptilndnt timc. _88- JohRRtaa, af
tte Iai Dtagaeaa rtaitel the mina nfih-(Jiia River .
tn Niviii.l.ir, 1844, Kroia l.i.diM-.ipti.iii.if aaa af tht !
CasaaOraaai _alaaaaataal bea'of any h. eaa? |
at taa direoxer i.o pnn.t af iRnaatbUaaa aRtayaaait
ai.dil.tie now hefursaa. Clavigero, tho biatoriao, :
bi lievea that ihi* great umvement nf the Atttia from j
th? n Rth laaaad tim ...uth aaaaakeaaal about
ti.e imr af <-dr I/ord 1188, ainl lliit ilie (aat*
Oraala waaa buiit by'tbaaa at wiou* hiin whieh
il. y iiiiile iii their lircQi'oui juuniey toward tho
\illiy nf M.-iien. It bn. been ihnwo thi' in
If!'.' there were no bui ning* of tbe aize and cfavac
l. i ..t tl.e Chaaa (irande, nr au.th aa aru f.iutid hera
ntw, in all the couutry called (juvira whicb Cm
taiiada viaited and dew ru.ed. N. nue inu-t e.iofla-le
tl.at ao far aa tbe Azteca w. r. i-oncernetl. wbatnver
tl..y inny bave ha-l to do witb tho buildiug of the
ld-lraa eilber in tbe Navajoceuntry or on Ift*- GiU,
nr thoae Ib_B '1 BN BBRB nortliwird o( Cnihu thua,
tl ' x ci-ver planmal or caioatructrd th'Me at flran
" Hiitory repreacnta tbat Vaaifiez dn C nunvia,
fitding no gold during hia great exix. aitmn, miuraeti
tu IL mid. wln-re he full int. diegraee au4 dicel m 88*
acurity. Ibe Spaniard. did not rcturn t*t .uliiuixn
the province of New Mexico until tbe year lnVl, and
tb. i t.Li.try rould not be eoiVnlered a. .-..nn'iere-l
ui.til MBB. For eighty Cve year. after thii tbe i:ol..ny
a.i u r tn bave pn^^ered and tn have grown in iio-er.
TnKLr and villat ea were built, aud vaiuahie minea of
g. Id .nd aiixi r were f.nind and wnrked wi-h iiccesa.
The Catholic . U-rgy were anled in their. tfnru t-i iion
vert ihe ladiaua to Cbriilianity by ihe Guvern?a-nt,
at ahiie rxpeiiB*- l*r.- chur. bt* were .-i>. '. d in dif
f. rn.i part* ol the province of New Mexico, 888188*
j-ni.itii g aith the *n> tun.t which were bnlt for tho
Mn.e purpnae and at ahout tbe aa-ne period in the
iil.r prnxii.. ei ef Ttixi-i and C-liforuia. It wm
doiiiig thi. time doubtli>?) tbat tbe large edidoet at
Abo, t^uarro and flrau Quivira were erecteL It ia
more tban probabU. tbat valuab'.- mima ef the pre
tiooa rr.ttala were found in their vicinity, anl wnrked
BSltl tl.e dir. iliou of tlie Siniuiir a, by the lul ana
aho l.nii been lubugated, lor there ia overy 188888
? xe that tl.e BBBaaBataa eaet af thc Km (Jra-ide
are nt 'bia day rich ia gnld and ailver. I: appeur*
that during the*c eighty-five year. the Spauiard.
irtatid the Indiani with the moat cruel o_j\ir?m*uta,
nntil finally, the latier revolted againct ihe-b Tne
ritln of the 13th of Augu-t, lt-0, wa? the time Mt
tl r-i.t.11 i.t all New Mexuo, when tbe Inaliaoa.booli
rii? ai.d make ao indiacrimiiuitu maMiacro ?f all the
hpaniareiin tbe country. Thi.plot wn mtdo known
to li. ,i Ai.tou.. de Otermin, then the Gorcroor and
J roo.ni.iidniit of tne pr.ivince, by tw., lodion
chietr. Every effort wm ma.lc fnr defensa and to
av.it the comii'g ?t_oruri. bot without RaeaaaBk, The
li.fl.aoB rot* aa atrreed upon, and aiter varioiia con
n ia, U.ty d.itrnyed great na>uberi of tbe iaaabit
ai.t?, and, finally, bv tbe tatter eud af September of
wai year, aoxceeded ia driving all the r.al, witb
Gi-T.ixi-r Oteraiu) includ. <1, to __ Paen -tai Norte, ;
entirtlv beyond the conluM of the Ierntory. We
have aaaa iaaat?Hl l__t there ia now a irrulitino
anotg tbe Indian., that a. ioon ?a tue:r f irefathfra
lad ttuxne aneoeaiful in etj^liing the S-jaoitrd*,
thiy Eilie up and coni-iued ail trare* of tue uuaea
wl er, tkey hid toil.d and auffered for io mtoy yeara,
-iiliiirgtLe penalty to be torture aud deatn lo aoy |
one w| t, ahouli] agkib aaha known ther locaii'y.
" ' '!d kir. (.'h?*.?, who .i?ertook u? M-m afier nir
>rriv*| at Gran a^uivira infoiuied ll.e r( _. .-iou Ibat I
%tr had lu tn tobl wben in bu> youtb by very old mo- {
I le. tt?t a Ini c ot Indian* oo. e liv.-.l bere called th^ i
nataa of Quix ,rn, tbat tbe Spaniah pre*t* came and
ln rn an.t.tg ll.e oi ui |.ei- e ami a-coniy f.ir t-RBRR i
ytaia, thatdoring iln. pi-ri'rd theae Urge churane. ;
8881 iriCt.d,ii.-nl lhat at the Unve of tne great _n_?*?
cr*, ih.re arr... v.Tty pn.tta and motika rMidiug j
ItB all of wt.om ae-e butchered ex'-eptinr two, wu> !
catrivid tn mak.- ib'ir ccape. That pr.-vioua ti> j
ti.arn.ar.arit :l.e prierti bnd had ii.iiw ttinn of the !
*l prokt ba-ir danger. rlJ bnd not nnly b.i .t_d _ ... i-Q. '
n.n .e ti.e.urei wh i h lia.1 bi:tn ciille'-ti-i) bjt c m
riil.n I'krwita: the bellr nf theebnreb,* _ ,t'ottay j
reasaaaaaT ik. \,o,u- oi Vuivira had di. d ntr antu '
mttt U w n u.-.luen , lhat one of Ibe-aj, a i.-m "...taot nf :
Ibi il.if, kpf* vhata the b-RRRRM w -.- hnried: '
? r-it ? -i t . | the triVe af ? ?
' ll "'1 r l'i . I . .8 ',.-.nw El Tn-., n
i, *' j x.Bia ago in a|| n.an aaaaf iha
BW.Iall ' ?! re ln,,, fr.,?, ?;, , ,,.-.
ri.ai ii.a.'.r.a i .? ??: !.rt, eaaaaaW. (kotkt v
t Rf Ihl . : , ? ? -i,.; BB8 n,ar-._. re ef th^ '
BKLhBBBd JI-aBH B t ?01i_a-ril?- Ul lil a rOC.'lt, M
' BBil at tl.e fii.a! iOOM "' 'nd rravov- of ihe peopfc
wboero- bv?" b.re. "iret-! bo doubt bat ibat M
' ,u.rvt.,|.:!'vM: Cbnv -i- n.i!-' t. Tke
a,, :n t nf ti - "I the b'lti anl t_:e tt_.
art ra aaid l*> bav* h*M oriitafl '!"?" ?' pvan froe
tbt llll ofthe laat Ca. i't--ot tUo VJj.v _-,. who.M
11. i.ii.ebe B.*.leU-e ? .- '.nmurr, wa* i.i jag *wiy bt
foa MaaaiUa oa the ._?1. ... tkU - iht nvtr. T.*re
.,. iloiill but lh* ." "ti lb? ? !_?_* -m..nt
of i.-o'd *_._ adv.r hna 'ca b_r...i h r.. !._..,f4
ttn t .rof Aeer. l?ea-n.";. t.P etVe.-taim. i. AVe __<f
:r, ;b< aatbttoa*. aad ia Ufo uhapii. Ia *?>_> paotola
tbe moBirltry, Lu OfltlJ B888d ol" itoma in tke
t.i_!._.-r_.__t. *_?! " ? ?? J -boclloaltoaal ',.i"na
lar. e bi lt * du? in tnnn> ; lacr* to the depth ot t*a
kH. by tl'fioe wlbo ba..nn. fema t?OO t<> ?. n_ to
ict-k for thtt* hidden _ao_BB88R 8?me of theae belai
lw '.aaa* >f(bey w. i" . ? ie niiraihau aceutury ago,
whilfl othcia *kp?ar Ui '?? 8*8* rillM BvaajM
.' 'bed'-n.' bm.t -*OB Wft flBrdf?Bl.
.e exploratioii" Ncar the ek-t aad ofth.
il.jtl wetaw wbere t'e pt-ople wi*_ had been int ,
__,*. |,*J tirtownup *_i- d u.aii, b..u.AJ. I..'ii. ., wb.i'k
? ? ?? K-aitertd abo- t. Kro Q 'fu _e Wfl h iv
?i ohatt* to Mad tofl oao ah* 1* #kil!fl in tht
ict.Lce ct oraoiokvv. ti??: he mav itetermine, if r__>.
..i,i.,to w.af tace .' .*??_? ikey 88*8 !'*lonj,td.
Iht*. ikulla aro thou^i t ?.. bfl u_a_u?Iy Ur_o.
? Hirt. rt. - Sxte. i -:'! toet ap tke dt-crlptiofla
of thta* tuiia *Ld Utd ._. ? ._-?y oaaaag tto br tran*
.. ti, ne n* doounier"- M deep int.-ree'. VenertbD
an.l le_i..ti etbik.. I m d.ie.t
r and bb__k-Wtier i nmr* ot" antiqiutv tor som*
?tic a... .mi ofi al r-e* of*a*a who re*rv_l
ano then ahandot.cd aa " -. mtt. B_: to th_m..:aont
tlrir leetarchea h_At \*m*t*4 fniiilee*. aod Ok*abiry
tt:. a tu k i* atUl rtcm... ;u aa uii-.i*la .1 l>o -k ' Oar
... b tot tb- wbieh wiil j.-nuit u. t > cl.tbo
wiib in.a.ii-* ? io veetift* of8 P*tf I*
wi...-raiiiiel-i.be. n ? Brd ! !\ Ul IM MB of U*
t. lr 1...1 Ib- ?hi. !i Bfl -ll .w ua li'il" loni'lillge tu
?h-iaflfl ipeculationf a- tmh.ir rac or their laa
1 !,.... t! .. ,.- '?? Mtg '.. .io- l-i" *_M pliiloaK
I h..-. V\ ifh oll tbonc pii 8 Jit rei wtoi ?d |8 "ato*
iM , ', . v. I .< I, lb. - nwnv nere on a 'Icert are
io wo;._,rtuliv cb Ifl I M BflflkflB Bt c u. h??t
ii..il.,t.? to uo. We 8*B e bero lo BflOfl reahtiea; and
I...W t) ,i foMO WO bn' e -e.ll tbe tb_..nea we have
r,. ,i ?: - - ?? ? ?. tlie tritiii.m* wo hava
fc_*r*__*J "I 'tt. li.tf. ani.l il" ' H''i?i'">a to
y.: . h we b.ive eotti" C BBII-f tbi* tni.r.->?i_K
pn. a n.e .11 Atpii.ti \ .!-.. ?i\ei lethiag
tv adaaia - di ati - ia ol.'. arad bj mAmb *
el. .-.1 of ui'Ofitniiity M t ? leat-e tutu ii _roun'l tor new
? aad t. r pert ? ? u'"r'' **?- mm aaa
elu*i >lia.
?-; / i.i.A.
-.LdCBf.of Tl.. . v.n !, A-ii.-.i.
I'iK.. ta B?flailajl Au^,' I ', i- l
Our Preni-'ertinl .'. tioac_flia_.aeed ber**al_a
Ut nnd niii.1 "i '!"' *"'' '" "*'? n-ul'i-_'ii'h-el.ivt
(ien. J**0 T.i.!.'.. At.-.i,__ ... to th* l'i. ei.i.-ik'y,
bt - ii it-.- a. ?-..? ? ? ? .? aa pie.
Tk* rwaolattoaarjr ouibrvaha whleb aaaa place itt
two.r tbr." t'ti'vu'i.' of tka Bfl-iBbUo have hoen
pui .'own ly.i.'<>".' ?-?? tnmpa "id tl... I't'l'Ta
, ,i ..i'.'ib A. ?t. ? nre pawarle*a todohortn,
owtoatoiha pafatork] ? ? ah* flroaflrf BaaaaolvB, ha
vt ili i o doubt .L..W i! n i. iu i.-y l>> gr .niiig tbem
a pardoa, on tbe prooii i f -Btar* good b. ka
C.ffetl* iciirce aad klfk, lhaorapi kaytag be?u
iiinrlvrll ali|pet. H a corn* in .lovly nnd ar*
al.e.it in p.l.e. All" I "i provi.iotM aie i'l good
aujply, witn a ino'icrat. daflUflfl. Aaii.o.
LatfR ffov Tiir t'trt or Gimn If... t.?Tbt
elipper I?'k Silver Clo>: , Capt. Lowto wb. h ia lod
in ni CapaToora, Jalj M armadal toM garl paMto
tlny afiernooo Wo BN MoBBod M E BaftagMOk
l'.'.,. f..r | BBM* ap to JuU 10, frotn whicb we /lean a
li . iti tr* ot n.felli.
Oa tb. l.'.tb of Jniy, l.ible Bty waa vi.i'ed by ono
of tbe tmvei.it ifule. tt ,.,,-u ha* bnpi?.?o.| f..r BMB8
year*. Tbre. Hrin-li a .-? oii were dnveu aiboro. and
oi < man wne drowned.
It is pn-t "ice to eatnbli-h an electric tclograpb lin*
b. haaaa Sim.-ii* Bny *. .1 Cami-Town
1 he firnt Parlian.4 -tir unler tti? new ('on?itufion waa
in .aiiii'ti. nn" wa. . .'ii:."..platiuir a BBMB80 of liberal
ai.d rt f.mi.aiory m.-oaui. * [B >*'ou Ailna, 9ih.
Krom NiAv-BRCaiAA i'??St. John paper. are te
Septiiinber .. Krom ihOM we learn bat ?I tliirat ou
ll e all! jt. I *)f clli.lelA I. i't aubeided. Ili <"U-i-qU.lira
cf wnr with Ru*fia, tbt inilit.iry eatabliebmenta bfl all
Ibt eatoatoa *'e to be praatly iwdacad. The 54th, f
? ??tb ..ntl : I.t Ki fiHi. ni-. at* ta. ba w.fl.driwn fmm
f'lia.le, no.' only Ike "ih ai.d the Canntiian Riflt
Ci.ri i will be !. ft. Ib. T.'.I i* t? be ..nt home froM
jtoin S. otin, nud on!> .regiment. tho ?.ith, will bt
r> ti'i ?.l in tbe two Bi.ik i|..-.a. A ...mp-.nv of R >y?l ,
ArttUtrrj tl aliaaadarordaM fn.m N.'.i-.Brnn*wick. '
Ihe C.'i..ii'in.ari.t DopaftflBaBj bave ndvertiaed f.r
1.1.. . in, and a ihip to cairy home tbu trotqn froin I
Tkt St. Jikn Sev-Hi unttcti-kir ba* tho following
on tl e tulject of tbe rnt.fli-ation of tbe Kc-iprocity
"Ihe proile of thr.e Coloniet now appe.tr dt- 1
t. ni.ii.t.l ou thi. poii... Altboufb JouatliMn ia aJ
' l.aro one' in making t.ariraina, bo i* not a. t.vl a fel a
low ?tei all, iBtwRtMai ilBB hi* pfnrnant for bura I
hf down tho towna of l.i* l.-an p..werf..l ...-.itblKwa, \
Bad Mpprtpriatiau il. r l-ro'd BMM to hi* own unt.
A* Mxin aa we gel m.r. . tt> u.ively a.qua.i.te.l with
bim we rrny improva bi* manntri in tbn reipoct, ai.d
eau.e bnii to avoid haaoo fr-tiltie*, whi.-h, i.owever,
may be conaidered inc;itttt to hutnauity."
Cf84.?By the arrival af the bark Mariel, Capt. '
Waaa, from Za/a Aug. -'J, we learn th? that port will
be rjo-ed na the lot Sept., and gtoat exciteu-cnt prt- i
vad-d in couaeqiience m th- *Uve trade. '-'
riBt l!4 BL0KIDOI.ST.
About IJ o'cloek on Snturlay morning a fire brehe
out in tbe bnkery of Kredenek Ad?o_*, Ne. l'JO Q
driagr-tt- The flatr.fs were extinguiahed btfort
aiurh damage occurr. <1. i
riBK ia kVASHi -CToa-ir. t
? About 3 o'elock laBtodap nioruiutf a fire broke o?"
in tbe lowar part of No 4._ Waahingion ?., occupied
by Nr.il dt UoRb O Dot.nell aa a cooper ahop. The
fire orifiaaied ia tl.i b. .b part of tbe cellar, and be?
fore it waa diaoovt-.-eo Die flanie. h-oi burnt tUriagb
tbe < eilu.p to the at>op on tbe firat rl.or. Tbe tirerneo
were early on tbe pround, but before they could sub
doe the 8_n_? ihe atox k aad lower port of tlie build
ing waa ooneiderably .fuma^ed. The upper part oi'
Ihe building, orccpieft nn a i.'.ijrd'nir-bouae, waa unia i
jnred. Meaara. O Donr.< II eatimate their loaa ? ahouf
? _"o. hfock and fixfur-a inaured l_00 in the Hrotd
way Ituuranoe 0MBB? -y.
The ?ann of fire at . o'elock on 8?ur!ny ni_ht
waa occoaioned by tbe h-.iratimr of a cumphene Ump
in an exebange ihop k.pt by II r. Howard, at No. 14C
Weaf Broadway. No .laiuage of any e/onae.|uenee
waa dono.
riRK lf t.iltfSkVICH-IT.
At ll j o clock Satui'iay nigbt a fire broke tut ia
ihe lower part of No. I. i) Greimwicbwit., occtpied 1 j
Tboma* Curran aa a btato atore. Tbe on^iu of ihe
fire baa not yet been r, er-aniod. The tiretneu were j
early on the .round, aod by tiooding the 4tore ?k>b
aubdued the tfan.e*. Ibe damage *u?Ume,| waa pnn
cipaliy by water. Tbe tipper portioo ofthe building,
ocrupied by Mn. fliie-k a* a boarding houoe, e*
ea[*fi ii jury. Tbe o.-< t.panta were grtaily ?armed,
acd aever? of tbem lle.l u. ihe atreet in Uieir night
elotbee. riRc ta .vitik-it.
Laat evening about 7 ..clock a fire war di* .overed
by the Eoorth Ward I'.uce in tbe tiv. otory bnck
building No. 5-7 Wtb-r-.t., occupied by G Merle a*
a itoroge warehouae. Tha baildtug 884 ?t-.r. I from
top to bottom with cotion, lugar, aud other nKirrban
Ibealannwia pwaaptli rcipondd to by the tirc
men nf tke D.itri. t, | | i!.y.i. it diiTL j
ei.lty in gt-Miug water iq-?D tlie fire, iu io-._ ; .--n- j
of tbe iron *i_do?-.t_ < ? in fn.nt lieinir leeurely
ftet. Lf d on the miide Ihe fire originoted in the
fourth *tory, tnd tl - nce coiT.inurn. _t"l to tlit
f.fih ii.n.r. Both of tbi -i- i-oriet were ifowed full of
Cf tl. i; ia balea. la a iliort time the firemen boMled
tii 11 o*e upon the to;,. ? the atjoining houaea, aad
1 BWRkj rnt tol. i in tb<- - ,f 0f the burn ng budding,
I't:.-. . opiaui ktreau,* t' routth tbe aperture* thufl
i.t.. the fifih rk'ti. Iu thB manner the dtflt-B
"reipe-dily Bor-utd.
The firetmn at lengti anccwdod in tnttrlng tht
| when the tMl i' at r.td thtreia waa tnrowo
i lo ihe riiret aad Mtu.-.i'-f wiib water, toprv-.tut H
? n m again igaiting. li h damage wai dono by
A. tbo rloperty in f' I idingbtlongetitodiltre?
I i-i ? * i -x cor.ei t tri.i.- .-an a* yet b* arriTtil ?
leiitiTt to Ae !o"-ea aur!

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