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B- T-*"~" ***** '
i.i Qaaaau, Waa-aaaay, \
?|Bt,(io?ia-iienthM iriBiupbi I
Itaiipaiirjrml., and th. pnbiic traBquilitu i? <* ibo
!_<._?? Of 88?f cemoatail.
Tlie r.-"IutH.r..iv bbB a_R_t ta a. tafa ? "
?a_eaattlfeBwPaBdl-t?RViR, Ir mmtt -? I ?
_?i iRMi-ialta ta Cararoa, haa mIiBb-I b> n'i 'be
MWTtatwi atiflmaraTindividualahave- bonn in-iuced
to take patt _B H ralying upon the offt-ra made to them
bycx-tJcneralPif .I " Tb.-j...,,,..
l_.oui.ht that aai xpcd'*"" <">"?" '"l"1 bjTttmb
?mnbinatinn with tbe eflbrta made by the refoRe-e in
T,....d?dai.dtheiD?imr._ioriin thc intcnor, w ruld
mo*sm a comptata triumph over the wtablubcd
x rcment. I...wev.-r, .'. vlav.. 1,.. ? e nll* lt*
ii in. int.-l Tb.ir cin. tati-ti. have aot baaa realncd.
I'aex bM iiot been ablal.''' ?"??**?
t,"ii m.r ba. I??? ahawa t'.e Uaat diapontiontaraa'abc
___?ef akariBf bta adhermt-' ariafcRtaaaj: bal Baaa
iUMKiMMT tln" I'*" ?>.ri havt, tx- n ablo to knrade
il,; country wuh a l?n.e __B_ament, ther. are vahaut
ehii fr, auch m Silva, Caatkw, i alton I ria-a and otliere,
H^ilv'li.nvercomehim. ______ ,,.,,.,
I'toplc are not waiittii..' here whii-eliexe lhal Phet
is ou hi. wky to tb'i* ooaatry, hartaf at h'.a di.-jK.aiti .n
two Bar-.tcamert and three millmna ..i tbgltr*. rbere
b a diltu.m? in Ibia laaaar: i Itbaa l'a. / < ta dlaj
thoae lltaaitiM acl hM not the necerary --.aru.'- ta
earry ih.-m in per.lo VaBR?aela arhi hai -
188888881 ai.d tln r. I.ia x'.cws are OOalaadtO invelv
tae hia countrjim n in * 88888888 revoUOoa, wb'n h
wUl bliog tl.a^iiua' and luin to Uu: comitiy.
Many Ott thc exile. reaid'niir ia t'uri
C'oro nn ... ...ii.t ?i Ibe r* x..!itii.i.M . .
i . rcaa. and b<- bdaea-1 then ta taha pirt ta the
battl" foufbt there, whirh i*brU< 1 ??'?"-,?
aaj.1 Cui.e-,...'? apt. tiarcea, bi. ton, and 8U
wh-le'if tln ta&ea aba aaaaafraa Catai ea-CeL H>
Hiinvt. Pmaaalaa. Cmaiaradant Batiata and Gouel
har-MBRBsaalaAva ataay pwaag ....-n f.-,l! vi.ti-m
in tbi. .iiyii_.,'.n--i.t Al.r bad bi en ne-umled by ottmr
eiilt. to take part io it. On. Fal con obtained two
rietorie* ta <m-- oaatroalag ?-.iiiplet'ly RM eaa
"''ibe'Iiinir'-ii'r T Baa 1'? lit. . ta(8taRt aith 88-88
feaaaa. aaaat ha Iba xxuy-f Nirciiati, Valenna and ia
Bejuma tbev met Gnin-rnl Caatro wilh troo,* afBha
Goveniini'ii' ""I BlaMrB ***_"_***aal Li.e..ly Ight
tha ii.aui-.-i-i.ti tuiTCTidure'l a' aaa_Rtla?
Oen Lf.uren.io silxHl.aix'.ic ttartad fromthe Cit7
of Valeneia, aurroui.ded wi:h hia numi rou
Rnlfouowen', mei in SaaCarloe with a rary'atroRg
L.ilj uftaaaigaala beadcd byatiin Bodri aaa,aal
aa aa '-'7th alL, bIBm a -?xer.- battle, lha btbm ef tba
<..._. n tt-. i.t obtalaal a trtaarh, bartag tahafl aara
than 1,000 priatonera nnd many luunitiom- of war.
(i.i eral Siiva ba* 8888 more ^OtloBily *
a,H, l,i- twarl th" li'.i.or ot I.i- oonatry, a.d bbtaiaad
aaaa aaara by hh afSrlatbi iriumphofiha
l.taiiiinat-, Oovi rnnx ol otbi thoperpol
of pnbli." peaee in Vaaaaaela. I think propi -
placi- to c.py it |Mira|<rapl. that we not.ie aRRRbOa
iIih nmi ut ii. r< t_iir_! to him:
i .,...,. ... mtkt 0 ... ?
B?fi wiaa." IBMllMt V i. I01T ..tnr in ?fi'-mi?; ? V irta.rT
whirh'* I-'. l. d.n.l'l 1. Ib* ak.ii,
Ol ll.e li.ar|.iiiil.iif. taiil. laa u. a l,.a.-r. a,.'! .....
ifr.ri'T d.r.rt.d ll. "-r-''.I H' ?' "?* '* Ih. tiaoai witb
ki* iir.n ? i'l I. ' ,"",rt ut '''t
*oMi.r.ind wh.rrt.rlli. r-nt... trntke W*n i .-ir.-l. hSWM
It ia aaaaatal tbat Uu-sroall parti.a ofia_wi
which may tie atill arme.1 brbImI tbe Oorerniiant w.ll
ha iiniiii'iii'i ly .nii.ii.i'il. Wt bnxe BRBaah n"**
from the oaatern iirovime*, Iml I am eaJla aure tii 11
Ihe BMRtBjaBll will baxt- no ^< ho IbMR ?n?l in <kBM af
aa invaaion the i.overnnicni Ib atrong cnouirh to put
Ihem down.
Tbe llacttaOB t.H.k place uuh t!y, aa 1 tncr.- ia nuch
an.neral npinioii in favor of (;iii. .lo*. T. HooaaM
tar next l'n *itt. nt of th? l.eput.li. tbat Ithatkbe
will li? unanimoualy electeil.
ll ia wirlliy 1" bo ri'iin ii.Ih ii -I that BOtaitbRtaaliBg
nll tha il.thniltio. tK-car-ioned by tlie remlutit.n. tba
(-overomeiit b?* paid Btli-niinu totbRBRbne a
tn*. It bM proinoUd the workuip nf the gall -BBaRR
ai . urnari, tne aleam nitvicaiinii [raa Laiiuaira to
(.iudad Bolivar. and the introdu. tim. of afrtaatBual
Tln- Hiplnniiili. Mn.iatcra maintain a onlial nini.r
BBBBaag with thc Cabinet. Tho Amincau Miiii-ur
haaaatBtal tata BagRltatlfiBB aith lha BaaatBaayol
Rtalu for re-ewing the treatx >.i eommi r ?? nmi nai i
yalioii aith tbe I'aitwl Stalen.
THE CTVIL V\ AK IN M( \g \n\ \.
ttom Our On ( tiitr.r ndrrrt.
(luAvxDA, Tucaday, Aug. BB. 1884.
Ilnxinj,- bten for the ]>aat two montba and more
eoBiplt-lely .hut np in thia attf atul thii' out from
RTcry other porti.ii of Ihe habitable _cIobe, I have
of Claiiric been compcllid to auajicnd my t?< .omaiii.-a
tioiii. but laaabBBfl lbt ?8aj tirat opportnnity t.. iv
aame them, an.l ?ill give vou a few >>f tlie iuci-b nta
whieh havc traiir.pin-il iu the intcriin.
Thc ('Mttilou party?or thc "fajeioaoa, aa the
OoTcmmcnt tiriii them, or thc " domocrati. o* " a*
_tty atvlt theiiia.-IxH I "tnptcri d aucc-waively Rivar,
Ran Junn .1.1 Sur, Vir_;io Hay, Sbh Carln. uml I'u
tillo Vitjo, about the tuiddle nf Junc, aince wbich
time to thc prcecnt, they have held them all in nndia
puted poM.vMiou. They had prcvioualy takeii tba
whole of that portion of tho Kcpublic aiti.at. .1 ,ii .n_
Ihe mata route from (iranad_L|o BaaMa, and were
bcteiiiiitr thia city at the datc ofmy laat letter.
The leRal (lox'ernuu'iit haa it* head-quartrrt here.
and ttill Iml-i" Se_;.ivia and t'tioiiialea. which t-xteuil
from ibe north shorea of Lakea Nicara.-na aud Mana
Fuato tbe line* of llondura.. For a Uini; time paat
every part af thc RaPB-Bc ba. bci n trnn.iuil. BX88B4
yoit in ami Bbaal tln. .ity: and eouhl Ornnada bo
Vtinquereil the war would ix al 0808 i-inled. Hut thia
appeara to be au obioot not bo ewily accompliatied.
tt tii. be.n Ht'B'.n ami *_;aiii attt iiipt?l, )>v ni^bt and
by day, and iu varioui ways, one of wh:. h wa* hy
biirninc it, but alaaya vtithnnt 8880888 Many of
Oranatta'a braveet men havc bein .a. i.ti.-c.l. but
other* have rieen up in their i-la.t-*, nmi to all ap
peaarBi.ee the (Jovernment of Chainorrn i. al tbi. mo
?eiit itrxmeer than it bai been aince the be_'ininn_r of
the war. Evcrvibtug here aeeuis double-bea-leil.?
Tbere are two _V_8_l8aats, iChamorroaud C_B08Bsa |
two admiia). af the lao .ip]>.>.itt' a.piadi'oiH on the
take. -orral ofthe ItaRaBBBaaal l?r. Si_;iir ofthe ille
gitimate ta.- 88888888^888 in-chiif, oue of Courae to
each of tbe citiiteiiilinc armiei.' and h-w inauy in .re
Roublii 1 will nol iimlertake to iay, hut ahould aup
no*a that eaa to each .lepartuient wmilil he far Iietter
for the country.
Thi artaaipal bnttle* have taken plact- on tbi l'lh
and .'''tb Junc. iih and l-.th July. and |he m\k oi the
lirt-ie.it in.-ntb. Sa.int. of tb*H'. na^iecially tho laat,
wi re apiritid and diaplayod conaiderable rallantry.
Bul m vet the Plara?tbe ooly plaBB which ii deeued
of mui li Importauco, to jud^'e from the i-are with
whicb il in nuuarded atill detiet the amvaultB of ti.e
Miemy. and eveiy timc it haa l^aen aMtiled, the aa
?iiiaiita have been driven backto theiriiitreiiohineut.
inthe Jaitexa. ln the l.-t t-n-ajrement Col. Pin.
luaually known aa A/n/or Poaai wa. wonntM it, the
grvin, and died in a few boura. Hi wm an Araeri
vttn, ?ud to bi. rtH-eiitly fmm Texaa, ant) waa hi|__hly
oiiied bv the llnvernment fnr hia k-owlodpe of war
ara. He waa buritai in the ..I.i ('..ra. .i,t ,,t s?n Fran
oieca? with mitaary honora, the only uuiance I have
kear.l of .in.t-t tbe commeiM-itmeBt of hottilitiea here.
ttatural oBira to ne_rot_ate a m ttlenient ,-f ib. ____.
eulue* betwten tbe two partie. baie beea mad. by I
CaiUlton Ibrtniaih hia atient*. bul to all of ihem tle '
OoTt?umetit h.a tnrned a doaf ear. Oou. (Somet of
lliiiitiura* "t.ine time abmit the In.t of July, Mnt a
eoamumcation tathe OorernuieBt baarhta ba view
thia nbjeet. to wlneh the rvply wm made. an>ii?'
other Unnji*. thal "linuiadft muero part. i).t*erin.l.
?Ora-oda may die, but wi-1 not eurreader. Tbere
are now wattiUK to be ri<e*iveal cmnmi?ionfira from
tiuatemala and Ma ttalvador. but it i. extremeW
di-abiful abrtl.i-r anv arrni)_;imrtii .-nn l.e made. lu
theaeantimc. buaiaeM u entirelv proatratt-d. anivb
loai very a _ree and exorbitantly doar, and the ba
foreih'Df ra who ar. tvoaipelled to lema-n here ara- in
the deepeit athiction.
Full ooa-lhird of tiranoda, and nnuiv ef her tineet
houaea are only maaaea of niin*. tbeir conteata aoat.
terrtl aud fton*?a total taaa Hecinnin.. at the t'.nrt
whiek saaaaaa tln t -ile Ktal. and paa*** in frotit .(
the i'hareh of Ihe Merced. a. vou look toward .1 aBaaa.
lha boaoM are either wholly de.m>l_ahed or tm_b
atroyeR bv cbbuob balb and ire. that thry a_e but
?aarai whieh poi.it to wbere oace "aome iroodlv
"Btracturci itfiod. and bappy familiea dw.lt, tmftf.
? Dfr 1-4'ice ami plenty. lt ia a aad apecta. Ic. and'aad
lo think what now' may )?? the fat,. of tbt?e wbo,
?M-apii'ir from the mii_tii<ht riame., Hed to eneonn*er
poTerty. the trnawin_{B of hunger, and miaery ta it*
taaaaand lorui*. Hut yMterday thay [Kt?ooaed tou
peteocy and . happy bome i to day waut .tare. them
ib tba !??'.. and their otitv hope i* io the eoM oharity
af lha itraaner. But lutfi-riut: ?? nnt akma x.-onn_M>d
10 the alrear. v homalaM. Men-bant* who*.t itor,.
haaaea.were mently Blled with 18888, aod othera
wbo?? hariaaaR. anriir?1 them a taiYx* vearly Ineeae,
on laid ttai-R redaie- to povarty. Tke roerchant s
goadB. for a laraa part of which be parhap. owaa in
y ifpr ?* 'bi I'aifad HiafM. ara tavicd aa aad nM
?t a r-b-oo* rax nfl.-e or d_t|..b;.Urd ? tfce i_W**.t ta
ll. ? of ntnuev. lubee* Uol MM8 of ntfnUtt m krou.-ht
toaaprady ?__?*, Nir?ra?u? will !?e aa p-r aa the
T.rirrt l-rpear witliti her bordrri.
Hut tf.ii>-'api* ?r BBfflasaaaaj ? r.-ia, aod from
what I eu learn, one party "r the otber ma? inbrn
I,, he mled hl ita B*BB88M*. The aooner the bt*t -,
for the eountry. and all forei_-er. will giadly hail t i
.?id fl tl.ia ruineui btroggle f.-r power.
f..rrni.D4'B-' of T7i? A'?UiWa Pi?vanr
Bfi i/? H'.u.lurar, Salurday. Aog. 10. 1".*_
1 hava only time to infonn you th? on Saturday
nifctit laat tbe buaineit pbrt of this town waa deitroyed
l,y fiie. It waa fjat aten Lttwexn two am?1 ahop*
nter tbe rnarkit flfljBflfO, and owiog to th. alartn anl
panic wLicb .preta like a pall over tLe who!. ...nmii
i 'a . it waa oliowed to deatroy tbe be? businta* por
Baa of our town. It ia e?itn?ed that about 10.)
Lousaa ar.d rtore-are de?royed, wi*_h r.
in loercbandiiie.
BodM8 itoeiurred. proviaiona wer?- very icarce and
hi^b, and now riea- fi-1, btflflA flflflf ,?.r_. ha?_* and
taflton are above thi. pocket* flf 8*88 lb ne who are in
n.odtrat. ek?BflatflBi BB, and -"tne f.fci lhat want wili
I i here bfldflTC we tan g. t anppli***.
Tbe fire MflriaoOod in the market 188888 8
-tor'a of Mi-aara. DiaeMorff. Valler CtttrtU I ? -
IVaCB, Wm. Ouild, B I'ot'e. Pe.pies. Wood,
liarna-y, Tflbtf ai.d tnni... ..tlitia of !.-? -
?a- re >'t tir.Iv dretrov.d. atid iren.rally wRh a
tl.ii,...,!. i.i-. Tbe pabl-cjoil and MI_i<m
BiBBMmagMni MflOjayci i." -bBm aaaoagi of
laablatkahM kasa botat, aad lh* Ira -pread "u
botkfidM-_d raa?eai threagh tkt f?wn. Truly
?hia ha? beCB r. ynr-.f r-il.niiry-the abaMra, the fc*
vn. a fkin.i.* ..'??! M ? I fire.
Ilakogaay, o-ckiasal, iadigo, 1 .-? i-l,_BM_ori*pv
i,;i? ireaii.kii g ui..!. r tbe war preaaare, *"d ran itow
-.?-.? to tttj j
tbaa Ibo ? ? I fll
A tflod apeCflhMioa may l.e tuade hy tbr |
wbo Gringa down bere i ctrgo *f laaiHer I ?
? itM*, hama,
d' ra, A ? fc*.
Tbe following letter ha* been couiinuuiral'-H to
ui by a friend: it appt_tn to ua. on Baaaaataf
i.me facti it coutaini, wtll worthy of aottae,
tboogh we beg our re-dera to remark tbat we do
not icdorae many of the icntiraent* which it ex
" Y' ti will ptrhtipa rcuit-mbcr ou.- eOMVOnataBfl tl.*
tttkm aight, aad Iho parvena Baaaai ia aaieh yaa
rnaintniiied _ho MO? p" paalMMM *f?BBM r.-; -
wbnt it ir BOW th>- fn.hion amonp aotni- itmii.
f.mali-a to call the ' BlghM ol WflflMOb 1 MB tufly
awarcithat all you iaid ianottbu flft
t).,i,B hul that y..u put it fortli uifiely f..r ur-.im-,it
?? Iha aoaa a, mj yoa, do not occupy tLe f
tLty ahould erroci: men. You deny their n.
on the world at large?ir.ark th? 1 do not aay that
*mm k i.y Bm ir i. aaaa* a la m v'y fl-ksh ia, with all
? ta the t.i'i'ii-i"-a, arttjMM-flaaraaa
af tho buinan family. Now I niuintain that the Ul
? woman ii parnmount in Ibfl w,,rld lo; ??vtd or
. I B? only in the fiffiir. of priA.it.- in.liri'iut!-,
0 la iho biflfiir. ofOflRiMMi oal 'Lal h_a
.?I wiii bn. if rfghlly iiii'ler-1' od by her, t? tho firat
elcmcnt of pro.rraa toward a atate af moral an 1 in
Mfloetail prifcction in man krOBOM ?t..n.Uid "I
Aiortb in tl.e hOMtO mind Ofld h**? _-M
BMfll i"T at ber alir'ni", 8V( r model WflBBBB. R
thii trutli i liarly in the councila af natioua 88* 008,
lor thtir hnppincas or for tbeir woe. govcrneit by a
lady?4rp< I iully abon mt __djra*v*P*lga La
than ii.i'i.intioiiHl v.iiee in tb'_te BOOBflBa L'bok at
" In private life, mothcr* froqurntly f-o:up 1 th -ir
daughtcra iuto umui.ablc inarriagta. au I ut the flVflt?
tl.e . vil wbii h may roault fi..!.. ?Heh, t.M. ..f'.-n crnel
BBflfl/flMoOb-l c.nfin. d to tl..- BMVBkfl narroir
liin t. tf a fnn.ily ai.d tle fan ly l BBM N ti-'t.-". In pri?
vate life. ftlro, th're it a reatraint in tho Bflfl-Marb
i edgrd niloa of an cxacting and ur.. harit .).!? -
1 wLi' li baflM .n tbe d< liiea an.) BBMBMB "f iM iud.t i I
| aai BMMhoia, aad CareM Bmm iflta'pfapfiotj; b?
tl.ia re?fRint dOM not c.viet in a higlier aph.rc, aul
whflM ia, 1 aek yon, tho man or woman who w.u! l
not Low low al the k'.ax iotia amile of thoa..t.
wbo, a.-re BB* horn iu laal axalMd p -eition, would
ladtlMJ d.n.r eloa?J ajraiiiet ber and every fa.io ,
BBBrt. .1. I lic.ryou iniitter betwet-n your t. .
word* ' public opinion, und I nditiit it. inMneiue, but J
not ai a j.n v. ntivein the aewo ofth. r.-ttraii.t placvl
l.y aiM-iely on ita inetnbair*. ' Piibi'.e opinion t'e.u.'h
a power vthich M88M nntioua, flflkd liko tbe aubterra
net'Ua thunden wbi.h prrrcio tho kflBtiaga of an j
tart'.quake. givia noti.-e of iflBpeadil di iovul
Maaa. Foblic opinion lacha atrcngtl. la raooh aud
atrike ternn int.. ilu- fenniie hoart aMoh oooapiM 0 I
(hr.'iit-, when that heurt, at tir-. vrir.-.i aud <t iwroiia. '
bai becu accrificcd tn i. cold aud hu.tb raaolvM af '
'unt rattund'Etut.
" Tl.e feu.ale he: it r.lii.l. throh* la Bm t^ulle
baOOM flf a limpleK'ni, lf l '"<'?? BMMd to uaate with a
man tht- bat.-a. rebala, and too ofit-n hei rflh?a-8
casta a jiloom over the i inle of her frion-i. an I a
t.iiii-h upon tl.< l.rokt* of her family BBM the ii.l
world arounil ber talk nnd .paltt-r the -;..|..- -.f un
cbnrit?ble ai.d nnforpit iu^' virtue upon her fair fanio
ud ap.'il it, forgctting, the more it pndca itao.t on ita '
rhriatianity.iin the ple?aurc ol coDdeinu'n *tkt i^lio b
able wordi of a forgiving (lod i
' Hr tkkt iiwlthool tui kmoaf job. '.-1 him l ra*. fflfl k ttot..
kl ber.'
until aome other wTock on the ot can of ln'e dlvflit. iu
kttention to otbet miafortuue*, and tbere ihe i\il
?? Bnt the ftmale hcart which beata in tbe prond
borom of a qncn. aaLiu cruabvd under tho withering
mand?e* of State j?4it-y?when *uih a Imart rvbela
kgaiuat ber opprtea.r.?it i. no wore U|kiu the brow
tf a few citirena that abe bringi tke crimaon huca of
ihainc it ii upon tbe aorrowing taci-a of a whole
nation? it ia a whole nation that avert tbeir fa.*ea?
the boud of umty whi.-h beld tt-gether the elate fabric
it broken? tbe wieked ai.d tbe corrupl cn.wd aroua 1
tbe thronc?the remon?rancc* of an injttred peiplo
are utbeard ?ic thucdor tlouda of ajiproa. inn/
. k tnt* gitb. r thick, and lowering in the politieal bor
iion?it bie?ka, and tbe thmne iiabaken to iM very
foundationa, and fur tbe truth of __J picturc look ?
?? 1 bappened to be in Spain at the epoch. *f tba
n.y? marriaicee, and g?ben-d aornt. fai-t* (-..ncernaig
tLeui Tkliitb will ititervnt you.
?? You ttmeniber tbe fameua eonference* at ' Ka
betwitn (ircat Bntaiu* qnoen and tho Ki__; ..f Ui?
V'Mi,h. In tb.i*e Ktnfert-nee* tbeSptaiah marria^e*
were tlioiftighly dia-uteetl ai-d th* priao-etea dia
pt^t*d of BBflOoflag t" poBBoal exigeuctneoa. It
wa* B^'rtcd bttwetn tle two aoverei^na. aa you
know. thkt the hand of the IpaaBh ;u.in ahould i.
be given to a French prmoe nor to a priuee allied to
tbe royal famiiy of Eugland and that t_e allian. o
of a French princt- witk tho iui'iu'a ahould tako pla>e
in tke cvect only ot the qtu-cu b*v:ng i-L.i l-.-n.
" You recollcct alao lhat three were tho '?ompeti
tor* tt tLe hand "f Iaaltel I. i D a Ku-i,ne. tbe
youngvr m of Don _ raxrciic. do Paula, thel^ucena
ucclt; Don Frauciaco de Aaia, ,the pr.eent Kiug,
and eldeat aoa of tLe _*__. Don IhflafliBOO Ofl I'oui* .
and a Priime of the Houtt- af CflhaB] i-r at tbat time
Count Trapuy t luit had beea ootupletely dB. anicJ.
mnch to the t^oeen ? tcgrrt, for ahc had been aome
wh? amittca by hia pcrtr?t, aecrrfly bu? iuiudi-|i
cioaaly ie? by the Kiag of Nai'ka, tirruogk the
French F.n.baaty.) by tb* hatml of tbe Spaniah ua
_oa. aronaed by Fret-ch iatritruta. 1_c i^jt.i
Mother. Dcta thristiaa. preferred a OflhflBJ bo'.au**
ibe !.*:..! and f.a_od Don F.mique, for wttom ihe
yonag t^Been B iaid to bave kad a likiug on aceuanr
of hie baviag aawittificly placed kitntelf by a maai
feato ? tbe head of the ProgreAfa pt
?' Esglaad ivunu nabced tbt b?t|** of Don Kuri.{a.
for Bie *ame ii-.otive of ba Lbvr? tendencies wbich
-endered kim ao oil'wa* fo tkt, Qaea>n M -th.-r Anl
France furtbetid. l.y e\*cy nieiuia iu hir;-).
prvti uakua* ol" D' u Frain mo do A.i*, becaiiae ali.
uilcaded, aa iitut* have prov.-d. to l.u'ry *a tk*
betw.ru tbe> Infanta eird- a K-roth Prioce.
who, by her calctdatioa* w-ald ia* ulrwiafxiy
?? ->r_d Bm Sp__.i*h thruoe. ?_?-' had a_art- nel -h-f
the young vVt_eet-*toald bave no chi-diw. at be*.t
ikcA ta* tkt rtport ef an _>_.__? pkyt.aan tke tat
tent tt8ptinbytktF't-.J. Caflrd . tnttmigaUtke
prolabiltttet ef tk* Qnetn laeiug -V :??*?*-d
Hboreover, _h?n)d Itabei become the wife of Don
Fra___i*c* de Aai*, it woald. tboa_-t abe, be *ddiB_
_ ertainty to aaBur-oce, for great waa the beli?f. not
only in the public, bat alao in the Boy- Family if
Spain. concenuag cef-a ___p*_iti_* aaid to bt tbe
B-Btorteae of tbe Friw-i projwaed af the ^.leeo*
?? Meuwhil* the Quei-a Moi2.traddre-ted a detnaud
'? to tLe head of tLe Coburp f-aiiy for t Piinee tm HM
Queen. A whole m-nth el-ipeed daring whicb the
Coburg* conialted tke wiabe* of Eo.la -1. bM Er_
land, faitLfnlto tbe ecgagementa eate.-ed in'o at Y.*\
refuaed. There reaiained. theref?.I. a. 9mm aherna
qvc but for the i/umi Motber to renootcch? i_a_aC
mtnt agtit't D*a Bariqai. *!_..m tho hakod Bpoa in
tbe li^lit "f * jaeraonal OmTmTf?mtmmt <} MB M
forego b?r di-.ik... w'.i. ) ? '? '? BBi-g
I'on Fruciece de Aris. The Oueen M _er. ttcrn.
v lErti- tive, a tyrant at bflflOt, informed the *Jqc?d, :c
IB-Jooiliia *ith Na. va. ?_. who wa* Pnme vfiniater.
- . aoald bavaMohoaM hotWOM noraarriat*
and a inarrieKe with horh?Bd e-'uain. It wa* m i
ni_l:t when this waa commanicated to tbt Vaeen. aad
il!v two l.outi were ghrafl h.rto maki her
TLoie hour* tht po-.r paaag ';_?*-n p___*d ia teara,
ai.d it ?rn witL n l".-'k ng baa? that ?k- nia_le up
Do* Fran ;??" I'.ii_?e-y a
m'MCn_er waa .iiipnte. ? d lo the Frcoch eq>ba_*y.
lour.t Brr-tton, Loui* Ph'.l ' p' I Li akfl .?1 <r,
BBI *l'_B8| ibe r.anlt. !' ? "??* p??*i*
ai . Ot-Madtd aaa? UBj '1"- odWal daaaad ?_
in itate a law day* taMv the baad of the la
_._ foi flf Montponver. and reccived ihe
"? Whaa aVa h a n m "r, ti.- ..!...-_
i ? bpI wiih Mirpriw, und tb- MM I-gMtaa
wiih i_di_.iaii, n. t" >.flBM0f-MB8jht
The r v- marriat'ea took pl*_o .a the 1 th of
OeMbar, 1044. ll.. Ir-__?*__< Qaaoaofpoavadia
p?l,;ie w ll, irr roy fll le tmtmi ? tmTffftt* I*
atd nn; a I
. , ita r.f h. r loyul subi. <"a '...at (till th*
bbIob akjhl pi PriaoaaatM
,,i,, ;:?, i,.. *n m itfi-i*. t-> -uth ...1.
M be 1 eni i-.t. .ii I ? - -' argaa a bb k, atiil. hM ia
?iRI,] , . rowd. But it roo . be'ame
spparfr.tthR- *. I lladd B*iv*l
bvervoa*. D r*d -t: otfoady a:
il . r.ei_l l. nrd. Daflj lh* ?/u- ? I ? B0BR _re* flflaf*
releiliotia. niitl *? "ti -l'e thnwof all reetrr.inf.
wi!!i_c even to abdieate her et*W8 ? 'one- than ab ib
. ,-iti i. r h..|: a? aatvadtoab*
Tbi li'. ? n Mfltb. r. th- B_aa_tn flMfbr
. -ii l'n l,i...r.l..r., iu'eif. ?? BfaMd anl lai
hol I r(u.;.t"! n <..B, bat a woman in ,
: i^ainat ber unnatnral mamnjr.
? \* .:..t_-ii. 1.. _!.^ -
Ibfl B-OBOItlJ of Sp-i'.n ii eol.jllii.lion wilh I'
aad i tpriri' ed I laa, haa falieu. I
miu. Binl latcr w ck.-d a:id ."rrupt m-n. t.' -k h.a
place tnd crowded rouii'l t_( *J: h..ri
I m ..I populnr arath h__ a_.pt t'i. ni frBBldbOMBBOi
aadlh* whole nntion ba. ba.i'0 tbrown iutoionvu!
aions Lt n ?
" Had tLe dciirct andhapp.ncaiof tboyoun_ laabel
?a warro-hearted, gencroua. tboagh le*8, une?lM n-d
i,irl?b?--n toiiaulted, wbo . nn ?ny lhat tbe eveota we
bava wttaraae*" would b*vt rtl ? ? -- be thi rc-orded
in Spain ? biat"fy for the laat few year* '
" Woman ia woman alwaya, ,n whatever .lat, in tl,"
ai..d-nt ..fLirth place* h.r. Lav* i* h*r Opfla
tkOflgl ' lh* .'..in.elii- I?BM 1 ' I -phere flf .Vition. lf
?he ha n lamaigB, Iet itateemen be? n?? "f crj-Linij
Li r fc.-linj'a aud hope* of bappiiica bene?h the old
irucltici of Btatu reaaon*. Su-b aaenfi.-e-" f. family
oi .".-i.l ?? nt. niei.ee in u.ore humble and "!>
.. un life may bting f'-rtl. rvlinirnble exaaiplea of the
-? i-i'fi'ing apirit nf woman but h >w atfould frail
. BMai* nnrn ? n tbe af. pa of a thronaihe l.*a,.n
t.u.ht to Ba M < t try ?tep in I'lnldhood. in youth and
ita .....'II ?
?'TbaMtlidiIgblafa*BMB M ?h'-rie her corn
paiiieu Uiroo^'h lile, waa violated in thoie marriagc,
ai.d Ib* cv il (.ii.. .;o. tif-e* of tbut aet have been pal
pi.l.i to tln wt.rl. ifl tl.eaoriciof .Atiiita af tlie laat
" I r light now t'ivn to privato lify. and ibow you
that in our .-Afry-.i.it iraniactioui we aro iurtuen. e.l
t.y t' . f. ri._!r - -i- t;. wc ftofaaatl I might abow you
tl.ht "i.t <' uainn i.t 'i.a . .'i.tiu'-iit of AflBB-M are ? a?
' ..t iullu. me. I lee you ?mile?y..u doubt '
Awtfdiflytfl] ear- I*it not elear that ibey frequent
.it..' f.n-.alc at. uty' Y.mra faitht'ully. ? ? ?
D(J/.V(, | IS i''r-V,_ CTICUT.
Ct rre-i-otidf art uf The N V Tiik.ice.
Lit. UMiLD, Conn.. .Vpt. :. 1N54.
A'l. r a mv. r. aiid BfMlBOflOd diouth, whicb baa
prf.k.d eapatially diaa.in.us to tbe mauufa. turin,'
iuter. -te ofthe Naujraturk V'alley, and greatly d.
rriniahed ihe agricultural producUof th'iahilly regiou,
wc were la.t tn/ht favured wilh a fine, refi.-hin.'
tbower, wLieh haa puritir.l the heal'-l atuioepliere
uiat.rially,revived the withering vegeiable k;n_- bun.
and proved miwt Bnivenolly wclcome to both man
acd bcaat. Many of the dii|_'*f wclli and it.< a.n'
in tl.ia County bave f?Icl, and the N'au?'atuck River,
nh.i b laat iprinir aaept away inli.. .Iwrlling* and
brid^e* iu iti wJd, impetuotia counc. ha* in mauy
plaiti daiu..l_4l to a .|'?u'* !iie_xltli aud will, ir oom
men with the ut iirhl . rinfc* riiera. reqa.re tntoy day*
of i oii.tai.t r ?it. t>. n-tore them io ihe w.ter _ "W r
oaadB-OBaaooOOMl l*r tLe reaumpiioin.f .nauufn'tur
lag i'p. rntio! - in lii' ..-t.rBl t)'jiin_hin- towaa af lh.4
i.i L and ii.ttnatiikf portioa of Uoaaa Real.
Tbi nett! ni.oi.tion of the aoe.irwt.1 rum traiTie la
tl.i* gaadaM HaM hflor.i. aagaaialaaaaa Iirhawta
Balailioa, amonrf al! cla*.. ? ? eBiataa, aad
avMi l?t iavMtrat inptri i .-tun knowi
appr..v? of th. pi i*
nnd illu.tra'iii^ it. L. imfieial efTect. by t-'.e'r owa r-..
i.vat.d api>4 ?ai.tr ?t.?l tLe iaapravi : .-?.. t.ii-n of
iiunlit.. Ittaas a f?%Li and tLoerin< .iiiht
ablohaowitflBBtdt laa ekri.in?.ai.,.. *t S .11-.
Atn. whcnOuv. Dutioti au: ..ih. r liflliagai_hcd li,'
...f'l. Mn'e .,.?|'j.-oilyaapaal
tnl iikielti^eiat aaditace iu favor al il.e iaid i afcraa
ii ? ii ..f li.i. u.'bk- l.w, whieo it wa* cooddeutly pr.;
*oi hl .?*. tr t..iii.aoB in iu. <-n.?i,: apMaaaa.
Tbe reuiaikaliy inncral aud reaiy aeqakMaBea of all
mun-i-ller. li tt..- ii. a law La a . .-i.ni- aa< iu
bBvmhI po^aiarity. It u- BBMWflnhv*gbb
mark tLat Caaaaen ut i< air.-a.'.t iKvouiiug a .and of
rtfugeforthe vn tiun . l ._t.ii.-.. r%n< ? iuoilitr -
aud teArr?iastaiicri have . ome to my knowl.
Aoorg men laaahaj Ne*-York Citj^ and t?kin< up
tf.ir rmkiaace ia thia no* empheti.4_!y "laad af
? . bahila," fur tb* pnrpoae of avukduigtbe ^iar
ing ttBiptatioiii and avfl ta*. t itiioru. wbicli |
thnkly beret them.
tin Wtdt_?adav laa:. tbe anunal tr..
Killourn Ciireofc_ic? Sontty wv< h.:M at Ba taaa
Kal!a, m Ike grov. b. i..|,j{iD< t<> Wm. P Kilboaru,
lliu bt-intr iiear the anitarral boui* ..f tbe firM pi.r
BtM* af tb. f.B'iljr in thi. _te. Thr atteuda:. | -
a family cathir_cg_ wai i,v.-. flhaat > ' y* reoL* of the
nau e aud tbeir d?*?rt__din'* btlag BBMlM
d.ff. r. ut Mataa aad (.'aua.. ? iflafaflflflMd,
thet_L bv far ihe Iflm? y Tt.08 BBB
Lit? firlJ < i-ut.ty ..t..i iu. 1'i.it-al ,- - . ??.,.,
tr? n tbt irttuing child af two yea.-. _j _hfl vauerahl
-r> t-i airrd .in- of f?ur a-ore and aeven. Th'j open
11,1: .itvotiofc? ezkrcwei w-re eefldacfladbj ;i.
Jimei KilLourc of Ea." Htddaai. abo al?o :
, tl. ii nual addrea*. Tru.-.an Kil'-.aru E*q., ? I
t. rl _'y. wia dMOOB Prriuient of tha: day, a__l PRyaa
K K |h 'tirn E-<| . ?f Li' Ltield ? -.'. | *.. Secre
tarv. At lo'r'.ork the comtAny aatd-.wn loaL'iuuiifui
? fbmfakcd by ihe ladfea ofthe nt'ighL'triioo-i,
wbodr.-erA. tLe bybe? pmiae f,.rthc_:
ir w'.ieh . a er; trii g wai done, aa w.ll a_f_rt_
fu.-it-u aud tiitli' . tLe refre*.
Bmorgi-tl.er i-i-mmuni a.:at;i f.-r m ab*ent inembtrra
of tLe ?- ief... a krry Mtonafiag vid.eaa from tbe
Hon. Byr. n I f Miiwlakee, wa*
rtad hy'thi ."aeiietary, who alao received bifffaly ap
pr. [ r '-<>_?.tn inicatiou* fmui tbe
II. n l?avi._ K'B-oni "f I-w* aad J..hu Ki'born, E_-j
of Maryliil- Iu tbt .".fi. iXooii el.KiaeDt *'.
?tre f.'ii'. ? r. ?'b.i Mr Want, editor of II. I.
iad Mr. Wh.-ht. artii: of Litchfiel!, b-.ta
?' wb.** BM-MM were Kilt^naa TLe meet.n.- waa
alao adaliea. d by olbarr itKiubarri of Uk taniilv fr.>io
N. a Hav n New Y.-rk Orwego. Bantam Fa'if. A v
the spscrbce txlnc iuteraf--r*ed w.tt maHie betl
and iBBtru-BCBla!, ard -"v-m Rt_88 eaaapt 8
praaalv (t.r ib* iKcaaion wi 18 luivr with gre__t anaia- |
Lon acd tffect.
Thia aniiuil 888*? re_inu>o aaa ihroughtrot ? n>mt
delijhiful *rd jovotii occanoa. it waa a ityriral
fr.ueht with the nt_.Hit i iter,-.tin*; anl hall ?wed .*
' iarji n??v* -J**00 ?f kindred Beart. and vn-e. ad
? rahix cabwlafed io iB?pi"> th. Baapl BRB8J --I pt'n
otic and ennoblin.: sentiment-i ofthe h tcaan heart.
It wm a fvi.il* f.ilval lon-*' 'o be -emenbered by all
preaent. _ ' - * ? *?
Corr?rm-m'i et Tba B T Trfbaaa
KtvT. C-inn., rr.aay. .?e; t. -
r-1.114h we lt_*e the Kaine Law in tai* "itate, and
it works well ta ihia town. a* well a. in other town. ot
th- State Iba pepw-* who lo*e rutn cau OOoUy fet it (
in tte State ut New-York. whifh Uii. to*.; ba_t tbo j
pretenl niiafoitrti.etoboriier BpRR, but wbich ll, i* to
hc boped will mon bo alleviatett hy the Biiae Law.
T?terday afternven Hiram Murphy a'-arted far tne l
pat .rv of, iBapbaa Titu.ox r ih. l..ie, mUareAaainK
ntter t_i__Rs#the __-ood crratare ia kept, But before
he got home b. expei ieoeeal <>ue ofthe l-oa-rRiatlariviai
from Gove?ter Horaiio -vevaaoara veto. After he
bad got atmut h-Ji way home ha wae takeu with a
druiiken nt en. in a :r-w ariaata. be wa. a bloatct
rnrpea. A c.*e iinnli_r lo ihb hoppeaed taet year,
but the cauie of bu r. Mth wm t'otunrvt..
New-York hajRRR. May you boor hav- thc Maine
Law. _
t i-W.per8ereioP-V>f f. t_k8B8_
Nivxiiui. N- J ? Satur-tav. >eu_ '. 1-jI.
Tlie frieiida -f k 1'roh.t i'.-ry Li t i-r Law are be
! i_i__m iboronfthlv or_: inizel throu,_hodt tl_ta Btate, (
i iniiMan evidenee i'''l.i.r intenti-n M be heirdin
, thecoi. . laubjota thareaotati-a.adopted
; with eotir* uoBBimity, by tha " NawJaray ????_
j --iory Liqu.-r Law Ambm i.ttimi, ata uieeUng liel i l.y
, tbi m ta-ha. c:.x laat t v._iii__:
FttJuJ TUt ??> * ?> di "t* -rr.prt-_?. lf t***T,
.B^ot'y.ifbiaiHlUlal.iftirll.* t>a^i.r. -f N-^J.r-y - ;
; ...IB, ?..:.'.?.'. (t.f. -IBJItl-R . Mrfa* i I
2<w-_m_I Ti.ai ?.m mtiHiBii to tb* frl-o.li et Trntnmn.m .
! ihrr.ibo. iha Bma ia tata IW laBakta tAmda atUytai _??..
... r.trl ttv?rt. tfl .h'.'ild ib. r*n
. . . - . - - IO ?B.tl -na*l
. . ,,?.,_..,._..,? ,-a_i-t.d*'. ba MBinatad
hearlren. Ttt* lbt PlB?-BIOBaBoBI 'be Ktiie ba reain-Meti
? a; tke? Kr.olBi'QB*.
? '
, .:.*?. of T>t?N IV -
w tr. r. i N Y.. laoaalay,Btpt
1I-.W..-na Taaperaaea i1-- latyaf theRtata of
Baa-Twb has jua' c?">_ed u nav-ion of i's Etccutixe
!.mi ihtaphMR whieh, I believe. wm very
! M'Ot.".' ' ...
i Tbe ntet-'tinf. of the eommittea wa* pnvate, but the
i.r.i.i it.al haatoeM ? I bal refaraaee ta tba
cuactii it.t . f il ? Maine Law it the 8881 aessiou of
tl. t . .-Inti.ie, towaid wbi. 'i they ait- .liiecting tbeir
n . ?t an.e.-t 8-88888.
Tiejhax.- .-nU ba.l f--nr leetnring i_t,'enta in the
? tli'd hitherto. but now have giaaa cn d.utiali to
elex.n in all. who wdl ?,..>ii ba M the field a* public
! speakers ob thia aubj-. t. Tba nauiea .-' tbaaa laa
turtii bave not tranapirtd. but it ia but juat to con
pln.te frn!" ?hf i-h.ract'r nf tbe co'iiniittet-, tbat tbey
aaall I "t H rd nut tacumretent women.
Thatalka aarpoM ihaiat thi Hooall
tbeir bteibara sball be taapUal with Maine Law
Ojbib nf ibtrai ptaiiwyaayba al the polla,
ti.v will rely moatly oa tha aaartB ia pnaaaa
ii, ib- "' le.
I r. v intind. kfpeaaitia tt haraaMaiBB Ltxv
L. iriaiiture and QoTcraer.
I!,. > ar. ta l,..l,l a-j-t'i-al T.-nxt-n; ..-, at ' ?
Ir October " ?-ne hw no; I.ceu matle pab?
lic bnt aill bs e'V"ii in daa tbaa
haa paaaa i a hall hera, at which
anaml < i offood -[???"! ? wer--mnii" '.y kir*. Vauchn,
l_i - li.h. Wra Albr.'. Mi-* Fniily I'lirk. Mr*. Fomlii
and Mr-. 9b -pberlof thji place. Tuo
n t-t linaa W888 aell att- n-lf-l nn-l tba a-l.Ire**fa wi-re
rttnv.d wuh g8B8ral aatiafa.-ti -ii. S .me of the.n
i altl-iia-.l ii. u. I. nliility, ainl aome prxjuilice f__jaiii?t
aaaaVl apeakin_r waa n iimxcl.
Cettetpoiadriar- of Tb. S V r
MKn i -.', Ka-urday, BRpi 8, 1444.
.. aterdiv waa ailh ua m.ti worthv, iuanuu- li aithe
i .:.--- .. of Ihe Btata Idiot Aaylum wa. laid, ac
I mmpaiiitdby appropri ta neraaanntaa Tha iite af
1 the- Inatitutinn u on a hiU, uoarly a mile Raa the
, heart of tba >:tx. an.l tba MUTRBRdkBR 888RRRy ia W.-ll
' cslciilatid to favorably talaaiBRI the BaBBttaaatM
] aho may be *- nt hither.
At iu - aily baaa a lar__e . ..u.-our-e ef -mr ? itiiena
anl many itrancnra 8888888-81 opon the gr-iund ta
witaeMtM -araataataa UtarbagtaaiakaaMtha Gaa?
. aa uot prerent. Att. r um- fn.ni thn B ?' l. 8
i praxt r froa lha Bav. W. H *.hl.y, ami -intciii.; by tln
I Aarcmbly, our wyrthy Ma-.-nr a|)oko briorly an.l pt rci
< nenllv. ai.,' '1 i ii laid iln- fiinier-aloua. Ihe metallic
' boa .i't ptritt d ui.ii. r he ?i ae aaataiaal xnrioua .1... -
ti re'ativc t.i tln- efforta maiie for the ameliora
tu.l nf tln uiei.t.d inuilil.i ll of Idiota, t..n.nln-r vvi,h
1 the uaual journali, and tln nam.i of thu dnoora for
. ib- -I'- nt the Ilintitutioii.
lir. Wilbur. Su^erinteu.lcnt of thc Ir.->titution, thei
ieal R .iifcii.ei b..tnr'. oftha Kew-Totk AaytRa for
I.lii.t-. but a. :ln- fact. . ontaine.I then iu were *aitini
; time riii.-i- v'it.n la JOBI rBBlletBlhiirOBgh lha e'litonal
I eotaaaa ol Taa Tbibcbb IforhawaiRpatitiaai Af*
\ ter auotbtr bymn,
Waahiagtaa Hunt, Bx-OovaraM af the BtaBa, thaa
I aiiilre'ted the ati.lif i ie. After a hrief review af the
, pul.lit' in.tituti_.il* titaliliit.e.i .ir bs48R -i hy ihe State
lor the rel.el of thc piror nnd the uuforiunate, be ob
: Bi rv td
Yet tl.ere n main-.l a r\_tt of unfnrtunate., the j
1 mott writi hed uud helplewof oar fi.-ilow-be.ogB. for
wliofe relit f rn. i tTort h?.l baaa ? ado. bti tiu ili ff- '
fort wm detme-1 iuipra. lieabia and lopeiee*. fhii
i?'. .t aaiatalh aaaiteslaeBacaafaeapaaaiaa, sallaaal
j by the paiuful retlection that hia forlorn couditioo a.1 ,
: n.it* of Baaaaeaiial lapiaaaaaaaB. Thouirh >r*a'. i
j in the human fonn, he appeara at tirat to be d.atitute '
j of all the moral nn-l intelioclual attribulo. ahieh <lia
j tiuguish man from "tbabratt -i.atp.r_ah.-th anl
in tno.t iBies thie d.-;radatiou i. a^gravated '
j jjree of pbvaieal iiii-apatiiy ahieh raalan Ua88888
tmpt.ieiit, in rcpert to hii want4, than the low. r '
| gra.tn-.f aaatala The AvtaegjJI ef reaaou, with
, ahieh oar Heavccly Fa:her en.lo ved the race of im
iii'.rtal* wimni he eBRRlRl iu kii oan ima-re, wm for- I
nitrly baliivid to be abanlutt.-ly withbeld fmni thn ,
' ordiDary aubja-ct'ii'i.Ji.n y. Hia hfe waa poreeived to ]
j ba a bailsatR bbaaalf aal ta atbaa. Aiike iiueosi- {
? ble to b.cii;. .-a nr reprnof, maternal adectiou wm Inv.
i-bfd in Tata apaa the idiot child. Ai a.1 v aociuu
x.- -it.ir.vi I ; . ta.ure at. 1 ktreiitrth. he w ..ften *u
i nlj.tt o r -i_-u-i. ami lii. riip'il.iTij preaence |
i' .r. e ni daily humiliaritta ami uuavaitiox .
? .i- I nreiit* a-i.l kitulr.-i -oute-mplate :
r. aith agaa?lag dmiMtir. Can wu eoii.il- '
?r;t.' hat, until a re-eiit per.o'l, the idi- !
an tr.-ated (-. x ti-tiiu** of au iuoxnr
. . .tlln), doomed to a state of dehasf mmit to., |
pr. i aal lo kduiit of amelioratiou ' How dith "i.r
?al lor many of ai to be penaadeil thtt thabt < m- :
?eeRtibla nf aaeal m m..-ot.'.l laatava
!,.? i.t ' W ith what t iiiottoii af groUitiide gal ailaira- ,
t.- u -Uh'ht we to regard t_be tfeneron. benefncinri who
; bkx f r> -. ' i-l thi. - ln-? af beiag. i-oint'-.' r.l.-_.*rada j
riBfiag thaa ttwm darkcf*. t.. lirbt. aad awak
? ? . ? B88, ihe liv i.n(_ .oui wbich aeeme-l |
la lf lo*t iii bitrht' lt wa. r.-fivi-.l for mod- ;
! ern ph;'.a_r_liropT M to di?roTer thnt th. idiot ii u-.t '
i,.;.iiii iharaataaf I aaltaaaaaaalraBa
by ictual rt.ult that he cetairu iti-ue latent (?? ruu ot
t abieu nmx ? *4 by paticit eahata,
1 acd that a lu_rt p I a.. clta* of anfTiM-n
'-) l.-allhl'ii diec-ip:
in .i?foi l__,!itr aii-1 rm?1,1 to a BaaaaaBB 1 f
f. r.:parativt . . ar.-l comf.-rt. Only a
1- 11.\. Btapaal *i.... m* tir?t ., h.aaiia f..r
tbe i_-ttr_.iti<n and traininK of :*li- t. were it.-' I k! :
in Earaaa. TLi aaa aa tl bba axaaaiaaat ta Fr._u.t_
-.tL.r nation. to foliow their exunple.
It 1 a. ln 11 trul. i-iid that to an etmneut citizea of
nar .ai. State beionira tbe hi^h h-.n -r af bahag the
br.t An... n< au le-ilator to adcxate the clairna of tha:
i.ii. I iC'l iiiit.aie 11 ea.u-t-a for hi* BaBaC Franieriek
1 bjikui. ihcn a Member of the Ntw-York iSenviar.
bm tbe hr?t ... briiij; for*ar.l a bill provid_n__; for the
aaafa biate A*vl__Bi for that pur,*.?,. My
own feebnzi, "eeonile.1 oy a aeute of peraonal jaitic?
ainl a pmper regard for truth ol bistury, Brompt me
10 tl-.a public aekuowledifetuen: of bb c.aimi upon
1 BargnMtu-:.-. ainl I eannol pfroLl the oa.--a.H-n to
pita aitl.out eon8ratuiaij)_. aaaatha auce-r 1 wh .
irii-i-'ii-'i hll ifilat-ra n tLla work ot bntniuity.
"PiatC Luih ter riattatao ?aad 888888?BJ to my
aat-BBta of woridly rtcown, the triutnpn whi^
. |flwl- bi* | biUi.iiir.ipic fffa.ri. 1. more trulygtoriout
tiain ihi Txior et by which oountrie. have boeodeao
laledRad IhR hapaiaaa of nan.iad tacridceii ahoo '
the altar ot uatiouil pmi* or petaonal ambition.
Got. Hukt revieat_d ihe c.orae ol Ie_fi*latkin on
iLe.ulji.t -f __.-? Aajlum, paid a verTh:..'!! *_1 d?
? Krved coiuplimeM :?. I'r. wiiju.-. and ceucJ irf.d hia
' Bt-dlBM a !? 1 ? .
llie tiertioB -f ih!*. ;Le tirat .Sui. Aarlum i.r
? ??( whicb iha bRuaaitaa hai RRVbRaalaai,
B_>i.u.d Lt. rifc-ai-i. ?! i ? M8aa__BB__8B_. bal the
? tn.tLti.i aayaaaBBtaba proMt-u'eti an<i ex
, t.B.'t 1 r naaliaa aaaaaa tchaota ta atha
. ..i a gaauuMB ?
aaaaa] _.??.? ?.-',. b . i;?? ,.tt)?r gg. . .
? i;.in ? 1 - ? >?oi".. tir forta 'ai*-r ?-..,: .1, .,.,,
afava?p*r_MB*fBB. I - ?'.'I havakt.' '-'y J
lapiHcd. Th. feaadatiai - tbo. Aayr*- ? a* ,
rv.nt a b w_l "? ba " aBh ??- " *_**.
-kiitai i ? hiart*. lt will earry **>?*??? .
_Ui--- .aay btMM ff-? W_KJ,,/T,*,
lulln.t* had l... n t auiab. d by t**|M*r"?a of tbtMflM
,.|,:i,|. It will bt cben-la-* ff''?\
the f eatMB8 offenng of - paM ?"?! ?>?* *ato u.-?
the _____ -f oor r_r>? k*a_a___7, [.. fc-hali a I
lloven.n . al turli-. wa-pto ikoorg--* to rW -
__?-.-.,] ,_d ?__?T-e-Jwly. i? a ?pcct_.k ot hi?C_
mmB_S. Wht. Oie ,.v,l,_.w.ri.:'
rl*v. d ub .aort* w tlevate ano im prove the coa-itiJO
i.f naatm o* tb**- *a _B-**>aa *-Jm""t ,li% iue- *" ' ?"?? **
re_ar*d, witkuM irrevervn,-e, a_ the iaatlBMMB I
n. .the rrpreiwiiUtioii "f l>- ty.
Mit-r. lyccaire. Con_er. the Haa. ChriflOM-M
Moirari tbe K. * B. J May, and Mr. Titm ..t N-w
__rk made apprepnat* speeche*. detailt _ tha
cotrteol ihe A.y lum. from i:? ineepuou to th- prea?
ent time aul heipt-akiBg for .t the m
rvp. retior.. ... whi.-r. et. ry MflBl "f buui. dty MBBM
but n?pa)*d Am. n.
Afier a btntiiicfion the aaecnr-lag- oruRe up.
Thi _fa__l__8B8 80 TBI Sttti Liviti. A-aliu
on D_. Banai. t -The aaasaaoMd NrifBoBaa by
I.r l.euedittof hi* p.at a* fl-fBOBab nii.ut flf the
State Lunaiie Aavlam. haa g-**B IBMMMBflk Q-flk
cuaaion. CLargei of a ?frakc> lB_BN W*f* p. - lerr.-l
aga'.n.t ihe M-iia?cr*, and inaiuuatioii* _.r..u*ly
nflVciing tbe __-?n*. "f their oiVi.-ial IfldflU vrere
aui-.mi by tl.e Iuii-t to go uncoutradict-d. *??*
'?., r.t fl Qt'.emen ani'.oua to learn from Dr. B. h._i.kli
tber-nacn of hia reii*n*tion, addrcaacd him ? 8040,1'
which in da* Hbm * reply "*? '"?."?' , '' *.'!"
the Board of Manajterr. in theirothn.il Kt port
?iadalga the h?pe that Pr. B.uedict a r_*i
"il.Eit iuawarii.cr aBooaR tm mt oriaMr, aaaj ba
?? tbe BiBBi tf i?tfiaghiafaap?rad li-tith. aud thit
"hemav on Lia return reaaove tbt rttpooaibt.
"t;on iu'the Aavlum flhtek he haa hitherti) rilied wiih
?-.ianal abil.tv knd effiiieuey, an.l ti..t only did they
iu-uice intLufhope, but preiacdtht Dr. total>ea -liorr
p.ii...l ofra- aalrelaaa&aa, t.. __aaad?bo' trauoktB
.f It futthcr appcars from the letter ot Dr. Baa*.
.Itet in replv io th.- eitir.en. thnt he ii'l lem . for ta?
. . tor a-.ort t.ni.'. an.l w.-ut Souih. (Inhi*
reiuru, late iu May. he ni? ie aU h:* arran_-iii- nt* ...
rt.iin.e ti.. daakfl of lu* -ffi.-o. *rkea ba r.i.lei.ik
l.aru.d that Mt aa-CBaoor kad bttfl Bppoiosodlaba
?? l.i save injfldf tretn an tinpleaaant d;!omma.
aad ilir part-M to thi.- taaaflflatiflflbflflM ?!'ni Ijadaad
aoald be itacuMiqaayi-M, 1 propMOd thnt my ..,._.
Btion fn>m th* AaytaM ihaald aat ha aarMaonabrp
tbat 1 ah..u"ld rt MBM t'ie .? hars.- of ll
tution till tl e fall and then retiro. Iha wnad -ciine 1.
and tbe wial.nof the !-.?__-, aaprevi.nuny evprv.r_.-l.
were, in an nrfeniive mauner. PtafBlBMd. Tbi* whole
haafavaa ia ita?f, nnd i" ?'"'"', I Ml to ba u_j_- an 1
... ar.d had 1 been oi.t: l-nt of the p.-riiiH
. . . . ..| my hottllli. and Iint iinier liu*" uu* '
ni .1 i.i,pl. i.'.u.i e.nuniitai.ies, eouid without
havodoao Milihoald bavo f-k it my duty, for tho
*8k*?.f the ii.atitiitia.il. and of my MkOOOMOf*, '" hat"
reaiet.-d to the utmiflt thia extraonliiiary pro**d_l-.
I'.i.l ii. . ibi part for. aud BOBBdOBMl BL tlie B ?
n Ia deatroyiad, Ihe coadltioa - the iaatitadon
btnia iu ? ktr rt*aa*M mmattracBva tka* arbea 1
h it it aad?hM li.li- >f Bta-BlnBB, wil. andiovit
i . ? - pi aad r. :? t,
Tlie literary exerciae* MMMflBad witb tbI '
uicnccmtnt of Brown I'niveraity, lait ueck.
k ni. nce. were of a hii;_. ord.r. and 88888
ing. Tbe lil-ia** htttt* tkt BoC-Mj of Mi?eionary
Iti'iuiry rnaby tbe B-v. Heiny W?id Bcec'ier. and
wsa wortby "f bia bi?b reputatiou. Tha .tupid BBB
a, ii., ,.f -00d_R__f honorary degrecs waa g.mo
IhiBBfh ? th on Wodaoodajr. The fattaaiag un
..fffiioiiig gentien.en *.n> Ibfl victiin.:
Daaaaa -. A.M tb* R.v. t.'.,rie Puk rbkar, etaa*- I
I847- Ct-rn OttktBi Curtia. rlta of l?4B| AiJr. w ruller
,li?of 1.43. tk* Rev. Slspkea Willll ?>
ofltV; Ef'.uax.. Tra.t Aliin*. ilaa i.f 18-M, tba Bry.Jama
Ba.l.w . ,u.ui..oa c'aa of IH'if, !4au...rl Pniuimau Raia. elut
of 1*51 John Sunuiierfielil Biay...... rlaa of UM. I lh
Tkiiaee rlaaol It'il; AV.n.u Tk_ldr.it AVala...
HukuBtiv Daaaai ... a M.->T__.Baa.CalvMl-Mabt.
la?atap?B, la i Otftaa I Tina.,, b'...t , ii ai.,n.4Mu. ?
. .o-if VA .1 ,"u . 'in ? b'a.t , Naw V.irk
Dr..*f. ... I. I) - lh'ft. t Cyrai RBfl-lury (Mla.iont.-y
tn thr ili..itw..i ci.a ... 1*1'; tl.e Bet. Haary Jaekaoti, '
Sewtrurt, rlaa ut 1-17; tl:* Rrr. Jatu4* N. Urta|er, Pruvl '
dn tc
Prtlir 01 LL. I> -Tbe Hon Edwtrd Me'.l-n. C'.:,, f Ji,.
trr ihe t mrt of I'-immoB I'lr.t, kftatLn.fi.cli.liif
WZS. lluth MUMr, Ediabnri, Samnel 11. T?>lor. rnutipal taf
.; ? AciJemy. Auilover. Mm
Tben BBBM a ?H'ial dintier, Dr. Way Und preaidiac '
at wbich ibe following aadly . V.cndod liat of frri_du. J
_ie. ?'... | nacd during tbe year waa read:
I llrt .... i'.. PliBBB, . !??? ul lli*. d.a,l tt llnrird,
Mia vi'tmixt . i" : ?- -? a tonire|ttiOBtl i-t.rfv
"* R. v AAni.tt. HtvT AVhiti.cIBM? IML dlad kt Lit
'?... ..tptruibor lt'_. He waa a Uuitariai.
...io ? t? irda.i.'.i it I.ivle'.'D 111 I4?7, tad th.r* Iptat Lit
3. IIoo. Jokiiuiv Th.tii. f '?*** of 180.1. 41. d a' OflflBa ...
M. ,8ifl?ak?i M, IM8 'II., ttu.i.rd I... ... Pn,. I
fl. irti'i .1 iu Mtiue, w!iet*b. Uei4 tavert -n
sffii. i.
4 II. a Jiat.a Tk-tfltOtl I.L. D . 'lia "f 17.
. lifliakll M 188 II-wiara.lv ,..,,;?-'I,.!,.
lui.li..1 a. a lawyn: iu 1 .1 I ttu rlerttd tu ( oofrew, 4,1.1 ih"n
.1. ? ,u .,1,1 (...t. rtn.r ..1 thr .SnO) of Naw York, ..u li.e tae..
I.rket wiih l)e AA iu Cuti'.io. In Itt.r iif? ke au ,,ne of 'h.
II i. -i j..O| tha Pr. .i.lanl ?f thr Alnril.41. In.v
. I1.-0 I'.iiriM Bl.u.lt .rlaa ?f 178., died it Watek*
Biokei, 111 ^etkoBk. Bia., Oc'.ibar 11, 1H?4. Ila nndied l.tw
11.1'ruviiifL -. tod lierr tttlltd >u tiie prtrtice of hii proleaioo. ,
10 HIA k? w.1 .ppi.tflted ( hi.-( Jaatire ..t the Snpra.ne ( urt,
?td ike ?.me ye.r w.. alai rr* t. .!?? Pnifaiaonliip ? Or.tjry
t_d .tllei Lettrei io the I niver.ity lnll_.Aha wit eiertrd ,
to tb* Hom. ol Hrprrientitivet tod flBflfl tn* clois of hl*
killlitot loof rrM..aal rirrer. he lived la retlrlm.Bt from pub- !
Ile IU' At tke tiu.e of hu detth, h. wm ont of tbe Tru. trei ?
?f the L'nivrrit-y
8. TheRef. _CTH ALnrv rltaof tail.dltd tt AVetth_rftu|h_ I
Mia. Ni.ttB.btr itfri. Ue waa * L'uiteriao c_ar||tnau, tu.l
wtt Milltdii. Liucola, Mia.
7. Tl.e Rev Sr.mkv Smiik Nri.iok,. laa* nf 17M,diad al I
An.lif.it, Meie. Drr. I ItM. Ha wm 1 Bai.fiat , lr 4,man.
md w.t mmttit* louthkeapair. Jf Y at .Vra_i!,t ... Mia ,
ar.d abtf?Baaa, dtiriut tbe I-... . t.i.Hl of li.iir 11. ui.niMrr
8 The Rtv Lit.iv. Wirtok ('Litn.rlia nf lHJV aied
lt .M..:.i:> l"H> A 1 lat'l.rv .' lfa4. Ile tt u ? Ciifremioc.! '
9. J01r.ru AViiioi rlta o! 114" died *l Ki.t Ureaowlrh '
I.tcta-.r 21. It_i II- wa . ineuii.-i.it lh. Kn .'le l?iu.d !
1" The Rev Jok tTHtv Bi.ir.i.ow, cliaol 1117, dird tt ___?
rlid. Uhio ftnnrt -8, la-'vl II. wit 1 (oofrettti'intl rlerfy- I
B.au. rdor.tad 11 Acdr.yrr tnd attled tt Luher Me , tt H.,, '
a.m.B. 11 ta , tnd tt k.'i. lid. Ubio.
II ALttilDta Uanwoi.1. Hr.viH.iw, c'ta 01 18,7, died ,
.a Ntw Y-rk. JtBiiin ;-). i.'l. 11. had tiadied :.?. k.t did
tat tt.(Ut :o itt piactii-r.
.J. (..Mil.il.L L>M1? UwnailT. cluaof lljit d.e.1 iu Pruv. I
dtoce ilix. I) IA, 1HJ4. II. wt. t nieiLbtr uf the Kl.ta.ir lalwid
U. Ti.e R.v. E> I'Hir F4T..I_a?ri?"-t,di-_i. Po.i__i_a!.- .
.V N Y . Mn.). 1. IM4 IU waa l-o* ihe ba_d ... I. jteh -a
Acadeiuv a. !'....thkaepar M? ??? Bt mi... <?t ip .'????!
.._ in 1841 ke 1?ca.n. PitBAaal? aValarvon* I , rf. ai.
but tfter ta. jetri, return. 4 to New-Yurk tod *u or4a.ua I
.nd atllrd ... Biptuii rl.riy.nir. n.tr P-,,i|bkaep.'.e
14 Lrwi. AV.tic I'Li.roK.. M. D cf r? d?o' -. c'ta of |
!?_?>, difi! 1; Hirtlord Aprl! I, Iflflt. H. had :om l.eea with
dritt: tit difU?a_ti| mtiady from tk. praciic. ot ,'u. pto- I
IA Citii.'T ren UiiiT Peiit < f Nawpcrt, cUm af tMD,
dird tt Pki:t-' itiu. Arni7. ItM He wa the'U-. ?
( oB.uiud-r. (Jliltr ti. Prrry. tl? ttttii B* 8*4
law tat |.n...f.d tb* l*t?tr u Ntv.'ia.rt. hi* i.i.ve 1 .?n.
1 Fkll*4*fpkB, wbltbarka kiit*..u? f. tih-fij. .f .
. ,io >te.
18 Tl.e Rrt JlMblTUOMfVOV D.D.,? a*. f 17 fl dird *.
R.rr. M.h. W.y 14. ItVk He wu a Uu.'.' at. n - r.yiia...
? ui-1. *.- i.d*i Bur. ia ID< I. tud lb*f* fn.rrl
b 11, uutrt.
.7 ( kBi 1 l.iiTHtor. claaof 181') d.ad II T
Mtv-1 Itw He readad in Ka?.n Mta acd w'.ila-rirw. ;
-. ?-.r.,WB lf*a ko rarr:... ...d .
I* I 'v, To.it, r!.a of lui), died at .Vewp.rl, Jao* 4. :
1 ? -4 ile .ia aa inrrum of yon*k. aod for mtay >e?ri wu
tt :hr keid r,f t pnvtte ackool ic New por*
U T110MU Pbiicii Cinritrrt - Ita of 1811 dird 11 Pr
Uetc* Jb.v 14 1164. Hc waa a ,-niix.f member ?l tke Provl
.1 itd wiib fr.kl . axm ki4 dcvoled ki* .ife to ike
pricticr of hi. ptofftuoB
.1 Tht II k L.vi If.il r.. rlaa af 1121. dia.; it 0
tM. Ht wm k lawyn-, tad fxoia 1MA to th. tlia*
M hM d.atl.. oaa of tk* Joetieaa of tk* ttyrttta* C.__rt nf
KLufa laiaMl. Ut wm .... ooe of tka Tnrni jf th. I .,
71 HliBV EilLt. cltaof i_?, die.1 it. P. .lideure Aif
?. 1164. Ha wm la early life (Mrnar.,1 1 Back >n Pr.iyid.ac.
bal fa ui.By year. kad been diaabied by 1 .ttii
l>r. Wati.asd toa-..! the (lovernor of Kbode
lalind, wbii.h functionary replie.!. Then the varitu*
rlaaex? w. re toaaied, and anewera made by the Kev.
Mr MllBO, x.cator lornR, and oth.ra. Uioitoa
WiLLitit Cl ktiv the pf*tof the Phi Beta Kappa,
r. ? .t. d - iH_rt.prai.diai acreed of ver*e <:x.mpliinnawy
Mtha Browo-bred Hoy. nnd jABBfT. BaaBV
followed mitli a funny apeech. Tde _f_C__^ - 11
" Hundred cloard thr Comnitnccmeat.
At a mn tti' oi the (.'- rporar.on held on Tliumday,
tti Bathoo B-i..p. A M. of Boauvn. wa_ a|.aao
n plMOOf tht Hon. Kii'bard b'lett her., lt ...
toa, rt?ijti-_. Ihe va. ancv..--.ionedby the re?***- i
tiou of ii;? |{,-v. Kahtrf K. |*BBlaaa, I). I> wa- not
bilcd. BtoahflB A. Chase of M-em. Ma... tn*_.ber
of tbe Sh it ty of r__B, tha mtjr, Charle. \\ i- , ,
deriof I'oncord, N. H., and 'h? Hon. Alfr.i !5 .a
BB) ?'!. . f Wtrr. B, wer. ftraOod rruifr^a. Hm aaeefl*
Ti.rt ..I' tht r..11 c: tr. i0r,. Hon. .fam.? TflOaaadgt
have tia.tiO.id the l.'ori ..ration nf a let-aiv of 81 c-io
left by kn. fo ibfl IdhflflB) lf tha loivernty.
H'ki im m l.ii.' ?<!. Iiiriu/ flo. . .-i.ar.ii .,'.
A ?-! jaa Heatl.an.-.-.rr.d intbfl City .,i |:
of . hi. b ah -I- ra abcorl... !
H? k' ih 01 t|--k.... i ? ?
11 | ".*.- ?<! in. friB."-.,. f wh ? ,.
era. ?!??.? tr.*i i rr.r'l, !a-*i..-:l
roio tno i* *?t m ? tnoi iv t
HM r DttleHK! Kft AT CHAKLIWni-,.
- *a-?
, rrrmTkt Ikatlrwae St+nd+nl. >*?/?_. 1
WL. n I- nninK oui weather p_ra__rat>h tor gaata
dnv * pRBer ?e bul 88 >?p8?8at_ea ti beaat mmAmj
caikd aaaa to farniah a nartial deornptioe of oae oi
Iba i - -t pr.-ir.il ("I. viiden aad .ie.t4-.lixe gtUm
. ri, Et i d in t!.;* Ja-i tion ef thc country. Alt.r
.,, |,,,-.,:. ly wuii'g, BraRataaaW hy heavy mmh, had
pirvail..; t. fr teveral .ta.a. a gali commenctd blow
ibc on i hureday niifht. ?ovn inereaBed to a t uioeit,
Mad ct-ntuiiicd to rag* Ihn.ii.boat y,?tentay *n.I laM
o_.j_.it wub ihe aiwt fr ??'??'?' f*ry. ??u riur-davoifbt
am! xe-t. i.l.i*.' foraasa i -1 ? *ji.i wm froui Ihe F.ttt
bv l! N. E.,"bot about iocl*k jeitentay afteraooa
BahMeii ta tbe -mih-f *-t.
_,i_ af iur i itiit'i* on an-nj. ywtantay moruBig;
Wir,. ?.iabed lo ti. I thiaitalaoa under the ae
t-.ailtx Ol irocuring Ia"?ta l.cfoi. they ?? aln le*ve
their lomicila. The lower itreeta were oorer J wna
U I in aotiH'- 1 them it waafroni ft foat I 1 *hre?
and four feet deep. Port m* oi Meetioa. Kia_r. Tradd.
I',!!.. .... Marktt ai..i olhir ative a wera cout
Boodrd ami in 10881 if tbaa BM ownen ->! *mJl
boats .i.ii an a-i'if KaBBMaetB Riij'ag thc 'tihab
itant* t.. terra llniia. _h veral h-iiiae* havo haa.ii b/wliy
damavni-iudetrtl. tln ro are bnt few btuldnvs m tba
..ty ibi.t have not h.t.l tBtt 88 .late. taken mr, win
? Ar. Iu aome inatatces thc j .
trattad wa watrr laat h.xe 1hh-i> either
wbolly or partiaily waaheii away. and aome af tba
- Utt- l.tei- li i in a .iiii-it.-ltt-niig; condition.
A :.xo atoryauda h.lt woiKiiu hailHag aa h.iii>.
_,t t?" 08D8R 888*1 .'-bnat. loriiterty iKVupicd by
Mr Hiih, wb8elB.1I.1I1t, wat w-aaptataty deaw__ahed
bvthexxii'.liiiiri'".' 'H'up'dftx i>i_.ht. It waa uuder
B.'.itii; i. . aia, 0. ii Ih.- i al.i-trophe f..i 4888884) hap
pt nc- ..ayedin ...
Qar retwater tata aaaalRg *t.w tkt rataa af atwo
?!di: .- t" at Iwd I cen di molidi.it ->pp.
ait.-lh tacelraek.
A .ii.uil woodeu ba. .bnt:. oci up.ed by Wm. Hrad
tori u.? a carpo-ilei ahep, aa Laureni-it., near Co-pcr
Kivfr waa t-i.-vMi --IT .....I earrled tatn tbe nx-r.
1!.. e__.8B8.Tabriek wataheaaaafMaaara HrownA.
|l,n? ?? Itrown ? wl.iuf. lilie-t witb trit-k* af salt.
waa iiivt.di.1 hv ibRWaaa IriRaa up the huh tide.
The rnit ->t>n li? lv?rd, ani vv kaa tb.- wn!,-r r 1888?1.
acarrtlj aaydktag aaa l-t'i la tho baka?8. aaapi
emptv rat'ks. ...
Auioi"- tbe l.iiil-li ? w,?r,' mjurtil were
tha followtag: Tha au ol the (.h-rbann II. ud an.l
alBRRB tba largo - - T..wuati_,l. l_rano
4 (-,, , a M. .'??- and ext nding from Market ta
Hayae .tr..waa literai.y rolled ap by the wind and
l,?,l.,i m lha .-i.'-i- j__ __?___
1 bl x ariaat atreeti -f the city proaentcd a truly
i.d anl det-larabla appeaiaaoe. Eaiga Baaben -t
tbe biautiftil ahnilc tr. .a. part* alariy the atata, hara
!,, r .-..?,..1 i.!v ,lfi,...li-l..d or de.pa.iled ot
lidewalha wen- taaaa w.th j*.r.
K*U A taaaa aaaaa.?i
th.- nrtaeipalconuw tviaJ booa i weie. I--*-! thninxh
outth. lat anl inatealof carta aad tka baaa al ba_ai?
,,,... n.i'xov. Boaghl waabearl battbR p 11 ?* roar
1,, rol the wind and tbo dmhitiir of ram.
Tlie pri-1. ami ?"'.' "' . ( ">-,[Uv !>?*?tj'?l
Hatt.ix- ..ii whirh -ni much tinn anl i.ioue*/ haa
,.,-.. a pmii.t w-u-te. Baarlp
*]] il .? -i-i'.' I't- im' BBtl Ina rikwaier. wliinh wn* he
i? .,,1 to bc eapaaaaaf wiiliitaudiiiB any ai-a ha.
baaa aatortally tajan - a a ?ahiaaaaaaa*
..l.t, !,,..;,!> over thc hiabat potttoni ot the Wftll
vi.t.nl.x ii.orn'.i":. Ht vxl, .1. tinn-Ihe -iw.-tif le waa
gublimeli raad and t.mtic Tha will. irreaiatthle
breaki t , 81 ?< ) '' bbal forwarl, cairn-d with tln-rn
ihe aaud-aarb, aad la aaaaa aataaaa . aaa iho itone
rt , ,, ___d ? lal would leave all a
, haotic wrxa k. 11- balbtag honaa xia, atill daadiag
1,-t... otag, but n.i) brVdge tuaaaollng it with the
Balli t x bal bea_ twepl awai, Tha tra a aa Wlute
I'.int -i.iidi n. whicb hail.it fength oommeoced gmw
il ' ll-clv. Blld \2.r\:<- pr--iii;-e Bt SROR 8-01-1 Bg tho
>ii.ii..'. n'.o..l ihada li.-m tha Baarrhiag ray* -.f lha
itin.ii.i :? a aun. havc been. tt ia antieipate-t, irretriev
ably ruihi-.l. Wa ;- trl U MtJaataa that it woald
enst ut leist twmtx tU-unaud dollara, aud ten yeara
of time, to laatore ibe Battary 11 Iba i .imlition it waa
in before iha eeaBRaaaaaaaBl of the atorm.
Th. shipping intcreala of Ibe citv have auA'crid
,-reallv. ihe \xl,arn?<, e.|ieciaily, navn 88888881
n-. .1 to 88 taaaaa amouut. S. veral off Bba pier
bearlahave baaa dti??8 la aal Bba plankin>; wn-h-l
axxnv. and at thiantni.-nt aome af them aro cmupara
tivi-'akelit-'i- ta whni llny xveretwo da
At rmtral Ubaif the aeh.ier Lu. y Whathaa
braka her i .-x* liattalaga Bal -int'i.-i with aaaah Ho
foaaaaaahattbaaokooaarJ.B Muir. H.ith xe.i*eii
?Tciivid aome injuxv to their bulwarka, Ac, by the
cnlli.ion. "..?.,,.
Tbe whnlt oi th. . abia m thc Btaataar PeKalb, ly
taaa \tlan!:n Wbi". w..- Iilonu ,,IV, leax, ?!__,' hor
hull ami aM??i ry > "in|ni t. ly azpaaas tt f.??.'.
mi nt*.
The ahip Lvdin puii.-il bor faataaiBga at Vau.ler
horat ? .Vharf'and driftel to Ad^er ? Jsoutli Wu..il,
wli.ro ib tn aet ..ml with bal UlBtag -iinutt <?.
Two ve.ii I* were artik at thMr mRortag*, ria: tba
a. 888888 I'ark.r ar ('.-iiiim cial Wharf, ainl ihe ?chr.
(harl- .lon Bt tbe f....i nt Market -t. 1 tny xvnre hnth
frnm (leorjcetowii.
Tba l-r'K Baraha, whieh wai Iving at Raathara
\sharf. partad h.r eablaaa?I Itiftadaaalaat tho atono
work of the Ln.f Hay -iii" ..f Ihe Hatlery. atrikinr.
nlniii' it-xxhi.l" leiiriii unid the dllahed llitn tho Aah
Icy Ktv IR. (ln liin.in- ahe mn late tl..' Haihing-h'in.a
ai.d ilid coiiaideriblc mbt'liiflf. Ttt were BMB8 ..??!,
bat eaaaot voaeh fot ihe foet.tbal iho ran up tha
r'? ri , tn iw.. ii the Hittt rv and tho Haihinn-hoiae,
cerryinij; witb hor tbe bsiaB8R aNo, that her i'aptaio
aha wa.? ti?*?.l ea boaid l.y Bakaaaa wa. ieacued
i't. in bu pi nloua porition by Mr. L'hai. Farrally, whi
l.a. hiili.-ito' IttiaRBiehal huaBslfoBtaaaaal.e.-aiioB.
whm buman IBb wai cn.laiigere.l. Tim Kun ?a att.r
ward pt Bied up th<- V.hley and fell on her broad
aide. When our repoilir taat aaw ber betwean 5
and o a clock in th. ev. i.in__ .no waa lytnu on b*w
l.-Bin aala *t Wappo - "'? hl'.; lt aolaabt a - aaaplata
Moit of Ihe ...ftineri prtx-eeileil to Aahly Kiver
early in tbo day, all of them in the vain expeetation
of t'liidiuK aafo quarlera.
Th.-*ii-amei* Haaaaaaat aal CoBba, win. l> have
been plyini* betwei'ii thc city and Hullivau a laland.
fi ii-1 ii % it impoaaible lo contiiiun their trip., ran roind
to tht: AiUev. Both were aahore oa the St. Andrew'i
eide of Iln-Aablej laa. t'Tei.ii,?, at ahieh li.ne i'. WM
tbought they wt ro in a itry precariou. iituation.
Tba leheuaar Hatawaa B .iItmi anhore in the .Vahley,
abren.at nl Weat I'mnt Milla.
'IbebriK (Ieo. L. Abbotr, prcvioualy reported at
Uu.rai.liue, Itagyal bor an.-hoi* aud weut oabore oa
Jamea a laland.
Tba Beaaaah bark Aeta ami bark Taaaaat -lra^gaii
th. ir am hora, butauatainod no material injury.
Tlje Mount Pleaanut Ferry-hou?. and wharf at tbt)
ii.it ..f Marbat at. weie w.*hetl away.
Not a tiiiL'le ve??-l arrived at, or lailed from, tbia
port y. at.-r.Tay. lt i. fea_ri-d ibat veaael* out.ide bave
t-xpi rn i.c.il taa aaaaa taatJUa weather that haa pre
ratled tn thi. ? ity, but it .ihoiied tbat they have lieoa
ablc to keep off iht comI uiul rule out the atorm ia
Th.n the fort. ofthe city th..U(ibperfe.:tly aafe,
aee in a very unenviahleprediitamftnt jmt atthia time!
They are cornpUtely iwilaleil?. nt off from aieiely
and tho world at large.
'1 he boat houae and whaif belon^inx to L'artle
PVackaay waa araabel Baa Bb pnidian, and ?!r.fr?-.l
it.tn Browu'B doek va'erday mornini;.
TbaanaataaaatOypaaRtabal n.non_f our i>.tit?ni
vi-.terdnv tivi-ninir rcpecting the cou_l;tioii of the
larjite aaaaaa Bf |n-r?oni 4xiugre./al4*l on Snlnvan ?
Liaml. Frnm tln BN at Ugbl af thn water in thia vi
einity, it was natnraliv luppored that the Laland was
oou.plett ly ftuhm.riff'l, and that the inbabitanta an-I
vuitora?many of whom make that place their homa
during tln- luinmer ?-aatin?wn. in *.,iuo di?treii.
To Bdd t>. tl.e anxi.-ty, tlie weather waa ao dark anl
the-ea apray and rain w.re ??> thick throu_:liout a
large portion of tl o .Iay tbat tln- .ibuid wtk Indd.-.i
from vitw. What waa atill wone, a rumor wm Mt
alloat il nt ibe roof of the Mo.il'rie Il-ntati wa* b?
lievid to l.a ve baaa leetrayed. Happily. thia at iry
wm dia-ipated iu ibe day by tln- fa.-t tnat tbe copola
ol the l.oti-l wm di.tii.. tly men from diff-renr jmin'.
il tbe etiy. Thu eireuraitauct;, howovor. did not al
laaatbar alley tbe ? , ...vug tht.-i. hivin.;
relativi r nnd fricclaon tbe ialmd, and 8RRi~ 88841
wa- i ale to imluii-pi-i.pln owniii^ v?wela to xentura
down for the purp?.a. of aa.., taii.injr the true bata of
attftira iLere.
Toaard i,ni,n, Iba kaallj.i.t (.'ipt. 1'ayne. of tha
B-Raaatag Ail, geaaraaaly coucluded that he would
BakRRR rwntt tw iRRftl tba I-'niid. II. gave order*
ta " Hr. -np. an.l at balt paat two o'clock hi. veeeel
left ber ii t-i-miBjs and itarte-l out on one of the m-jut
feaiful i v. Biaiaaa ever Tttaatarita aalRttabaa, U*oy
? r, who wre -.nti'iu. to hear f.-o:n tbctr
Meala aa Iba lal-u Ibal hM'iIyeon_?n-gi'al aa baaaa
?n-on_r tl i.n; onr 1888818-, x. bo. alihoagb an "old
IR-4,"hiateif,tttft ba i.ex. r aent upon a mon teio
or basardoai royaga Tho aaaaa bbbb
b ? 'ime, and the iriud wm
?vitb rat'e. T I.ilit three men were ata--.Ln_r
at tii. abt.l. tbe .'ale twej.t off the pilot houae and
ielt iltri.i [aiieeily e (. t-il. The Aid proceajdeR M
- at thi* , i.,1 ef tha I.l_nd a* ane aaaa
-m.v.i i.iji. g.t, ba! rmi;.; thn old I'oint H >u-c
.*"), it xv*, i .na-ln.Ifd unaafe t<) Ti-nture
fanl,. r 11 < 1'omt !!.? ae it will be borne in minl.
h.abnj^ in i,i tl.e ;._..'?. tothepi-iitaen ita-ir aay
tnlhi IT,.., The v..a'hir waaio thn-k an-I In.y,
ibat nnt ? baaaa an th. Llaal culdbeleiuriel ir>->m

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