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jreir ruBUCATioxs.
LIPb. AM> EPIPTLP.* OK .T PAtL. By tii I
v ' , tl ind tbe R.T. J. - MtWtO* ?
|ro ' htr 't Ba
f_, republication of tl.i* work?by fnr th.
Kirtiot on tbe nii- I tru v*. whi.-h b t
ap|care<lin the Engliah langua.'e -_.ll be w.-l
0-ei'. lr- everj n.t. Iligent atu,h nt of th.* ."AewTeet4
ast, nolita than by tbe pn.f.**ed theologian. xVI
B>agb a prodiiction of varioui andaccurate learu.ng
litill p..-_r8*e* a popular charac'_r. and to many
iadera ia adapted to pnaeat a more rivid and cotn
Lhtwive view of tbe lifi of tho Apoatle thau any
?lnme now extent. The deriiin of the writ.ra ha*
??., fo furoi-h a lucid, n-oral r.prea-ntotioii of St.
?tnl biruaelf, aod of tbe cirruruatanoM in wbich he
\t_-u.. and 'auRht. and laborcd. In order to accom
\mu. tbi* ia an eflective manntr. all the reaoure.-.i of
latrad aud clamical anti.,uity have 1?. >-n Iaid BadM
jgtr.lw .ii A new tran.!?i"ii i? givtfl >>f tbe
^B_*w vvLieL are int.twoven with tbe narrative,
-fonl.f .? t" the OOBBMBBt* ord-r of cvcntn. The
tp&ot hiaforical and gaographii ll kaowMgo wbi-h
.Mocgh' to bear ujh.i. tbe illu?fation of tl.e . u'.j.-.-t.
0ffi fcrm a large Library of iteelf. Avoiding, in a
?Mnier-'ire. tbe mtrol pi.inta of dogmaBfl Aaology,
kflfuthort -io not faii to i xprt-aa tbemaelvci clcarly
. rrrard fo " the pecnliar form of nnbelicf m -et eur
flOt ? tbe preaeftt day''?namoJy. tke mytliical origin
j Cbri?ianity?alllioufth their vicwa aj.pear to be
-ipawl,*! aoft'-ned down from tbe aeverity of the
afient creed. For in?anec. tne exp anation whi b
Iflyprea'ut of tbe aupornatural 'gift of tonguea"
flflsld bardly bave paawd niu.t.-r before tbe
featBiinr'er Aatembly. "Tbe gifi of taagBBB,"
bey My. " traa not Iho knowledge of for
Mn lauituatrea, aa ia often auppoaod." aa it waa
exemaed for the ronvQiaii.B of foreign BOtlaaa,
_it wai tha. rceult ef a euiM.-u ip?-ruatiiral Iflflafl
rticb tame upon tbe neopbytt- nfter bia bapti-cn.
pder the influence of which tbe excrciae of the un
Imtanduig waa suapended aud tl.e apirit rapt into a
MMcf rutaoy by tb* baaoodioM communicttion of
lalpiflt of Ood. "Iu tl.ia ee.tatic traaoethe be
brv wa* oonatramed by au irreaiBtible power to pour
Mtb hi* feeliuge of tfiajiksgiving and rapture in worda
?yet tbt- worda which iaaued fn.m biamouth were not
p4o**-~be waa even uaually ignorant of their mttmV
b>-Ibt-.A *ere the worde of aome foreign languago, ,
bm! ?? mtelligible to tbe by. tandera unleaa nativca ot
brc-tntry where Bm laagaage waa apokeu. IhoM
lfrecoiiv(r_ant than ouraelva with tbe roarv.!. af
_.-rn apiritualiaiu aaaert thut they have def b 1
iailar jiLeuoinena to tbe aboA.-in their own expi ri
ttt. Burauperficial and abullow analogieafurni-h
ab?ia eitber for science or tbeology.
Tbe preaent edition, though ofTtred at one-half tl ie
Mt of tbe London copy, haa not received a'iy
ibrid_._i.nt, but has been preeervod complete in
mty reipect. It is illuatrati-d by n vark-ty of SB>
ravinga mapa and plan*. an.l in point of typogru
akal ei'-'ution, ia all that th<- moat faatidious taate
t-uld demand. .
Sl'HODl. KEAKER AND DKPINEIl 3 v?i. Pl.ilidoi ;
ptna k'.klik/tLi.
A new iaatte of tbia valuable ?eri_8 for primary in
b-ction in reading. will afTor.i an occaaion for pro- ,
onal toacbera who have i?>t already inet with tho
totk. to beeome acquainted witb ita rare mcrita. It j
? recomu.tnded by aeverai otiirinal featuroe. Amoog -
Ibeae. atanda foremo? ite atrictly projrreaeive ebarac
ttt. Tbe tir? part containa uo worda of BBM* than
ftirei- lettera, nt^d coinpriaee all tbe word of two and ;
pBTOa lettera in tbe Kngliah lani;tiai;e. This faet aloue
khowa the I ttreme .-are with whi. h the leaaona have
keen pnpared, and auppoac. an oxtraordinary pa- .
lienre and akiil, ontbe part of the cnnipilcr. Anotber
In.po t....' feature in tbe BM th it i. made of pietorial
il!l_Btra'i.>tH. Kverv ainele ol.iei t oceurrin^ in tk*
courrc ih rOfOOOOflaad by a UrgO and attraetive cn
^ravin;;. In tbe second part wc have a colleetion of i
rtadin_;a in pro.e and poetry . in worda of one ayllable
.niy, from the eanieat to the moat diHicult in the luu
gua^e. Tbe third part containa i.o word flf BBBM than
two ayllable.. Excrri.ea iu wf_fl_BJ and initiatory
modelB for drawinp, inlended to forin a taai. f,.r d?
Uga, and to occupy tLe pupil in tln- it-^rvala of Mpdy,
accorrpauy each part. A 0MBM of epollin.;, do
Inioat aud pronouncinn leaaotia ia given. formiuii a
complfU- di'-tionary oftbe ivork. ull th< .l.-tinition- of
which are In diaayllablee. BoldOM bave MM admira
ble jadgaMflfl aud refined taflM beeu devoted to
|he compoaition of a work in any branc-h of
Erimary cducation aa are cnapicuoua throuuhnut
? B88 rerica. Tbe eoiiiprebi-naive ehflfBOtM
of Bl e.ntcnta, tlie orifrinHlity af ita plan, and I
tbe ekiH of ita eset-ution. ehaBflBf* tho acrutiny of
tearhi-ra and we are ronfidentthat uo intellitrtnt edu
tfltor can examine ita elaime without doeming our
eommendntivti puite too faint.
8TATES By (itoiur Aaa Sttiti.t.in. 8vo pp. V_J.
Charlei Sctibner
(it tbe Chief .luaticea. whoae biograpbiee are here
cii ,ti Mr. Jay ia tbe only ont- af wh..m an elaborate
Mcinoir haa yet been preaented M the public. BooMm
the Lii* of Mr. Jay. the voluine couipriae* tbat of
Ru-b-Jge Kllawortb, Marahall. und tbe preaent eb'n I"
- tbe DaiOfld rttat" Court, Mr. Jflflfieo Taney. The
planof tbe work reatricta tbe nn rt ly b-Ognphiool de
taila to narrow limita. but devotea moro ample spacc
io tbe judicial hiatory and publi. 008800 of ita emi
ientr.ui.je. t-i. It, aaooodhajlj ooahoaooa a aaeoiaol
tiew of tbeConatitutioiialJuriaprudi'iiceof tbe I'nited
Itatee at 1 althougb by no meana doatitute of p 'i?u
ar int.u" I presenta a more imm.diate claim on pro
kaaionai r *<i< ra.
IERM1T .* HKLL: Kiow thb Dltav or a PBB-ILLfB
l2mo. pp- S*5 '? -? Uerby.
DevoUl to deatcriptioua of rural !ife and narTat'iAea
llnmantic intereat, thia pleaainc volumo will win
hrorable uplaioao by iu froeh and natural rtyle and
lw punty and juatneta of ita s. ntiraenta. With no
lyptal- to a morbid love of tAiiU'ineut, it albounde
a paa^^ea of aimplc patbo* aml ffllM beauty. xVe a
iMipaniitt) In a woodland ramble or by a winter *
aarth tbil roBoeBoa 0f hooa* laVo picturea can hard
1 be hurpa.a.d bj any of the current worka ol a aim
//fT?,_'.?(-riJ-.i>ro/Ar_,tTau8!ated from theGerman
tolcilcbratid irodtrn idyl in a proae version. With
toaatrifeof tbeoriginal fonn. tbe fineat apirit of
ba poem muat OVapooaOO, but it may gratify the
?rioaiik of aaany readera to \*ottett even thi* dim
?IBO od a cbaraiteriatic production of Oerman
Tbe at. rt iaaue of Little, Brown k Co. a BflOtflB
dki'.ii ..f The Bntrth PoeU compria-* the Pocuib ol"
itta-ll'k (lAT. 1'AKkElL, BBd TltKIIL, wiih CO
fwtk biegraphical and critical noticet. Tho typo
paphical h-auty of tbeae voluu-_t fully austainethe
agh tept.tation of the edition, and will make them a
a_Ufui ornament to tbe ohoka- library. (Naw
lork 1. ana tV Dickenbon.'
__-_ti<t<_/ Bktttkt* of 8tate*men in the time of
-Mige III, bv Lord Bbocohab, in two volumo*. ii
*aad by Perry k M( Millan. Pbiladelphia,-a work
?kiek aill toeg hold a bigh rank for iU abundaut bia
mktl inform?ion, and ita rich and vigoroua atyle.
Idd by I)'. Witt k Dav.nport.
* aew edition of the American Catllt Doctor, by
-B. DtDD, ia publiahcl by C. M Saxton. It not
8jy give* a ..omplet. etatet" nt of th* principlM of
R-PMtd viteruaary medication, but furuiahee a large
?aaaa gatberum of agri. ultur- knowle.ige in gen
?B i _mo. pp. 3'>..
Bttn~n,4tg ar.d Ettnutg I'.xernret. by William
??? The conc.adJng volumM of thia popular dev..
?Hoiaork ara LMUcd by B. Cart.- dt Brolbora.
Tbe n-Iigioua worVl need Dit to be infonned of iti ox
traordinary mcrit*.
Tke Pnnciplet tf Anxmal and Yegefable Pkyti
ology. by J- BlOlflaOOOJ BBflOMAS, ii a raluable
maunnl flf pbyaiob.gical acience reprinted from a
treatiac in " Orr at'irclc of t_.e8c.en.c_>, by Btancb
ard &. Lea. Sold by Da Witt A; Uavenport.;
Kedfield haa publiahod Tht Scont or TU Black
Ridert of Ct'tgaret in hii comptote edition of tlie
Worki of W. QlLMOBB HlMMl.
QaaatB Mt.i-.cr I Poentt, already noticed in Thc
TaiBOBB, bave been brought out by J. C. Derby, in
a neat daodwinao voltune of BM pagea.
A new edition of the old biblieal ?andbyCniDis'.
Concordanee. ia iaatte.1 by M. W. Ilodd. in alarge oc
Uao volume.
A new imaginative work. de voted to the aame pur
poae aa Mr*. Bbi.uiR BTOWB'l " I'ncle T?.m," i*
j aibing tbroneb theprer* of 88 cminent publi.L'.ng
house in Bo?on, and will be preaented to the public
iu a few weckB. Tbe title of thia volume baa not yet
tranapired, but we are informed by OOOBpfl tent iudget,
vibo bave ixauiiued lb<- advaneeaj aliwU. that it haa
nn intenaely ii.tirt-atiug plot. and numeroua dcacrip
tiena of Si.utbcrn life and maunera rare-ry aurpa|_c-d
in thc moat exciting productione of the day.
"The Loat Heireaa ?by Mra. Kmm.a I>. Si.ith
aa orth?will be publi*___d in a ft w daya, by T. B.
Peteraon, Ko. IH Cbeatnut-at.. PLiladelpbia. Thia
new work by Mra. Routhwortb. ia aaid to be auperior
lo any former work ever written by thia popultr
Amcriean authore... it containa a beautilul portrait
of tl.e autbor. witb a fuc timilc of ber autograpL.
executi-d on ?*?_, ia tbe fine? etyle of liill an.l etipple
AtTOHiof.KAPHi ar P. T. Barwi m.?Among the
tbinga tbat are to be, ia the life of the gre? abowman,
written by bimielf. We are now to have the aecret
Liati.ry of all tbe great "hurnbtig" enterpriaea, in
which be baa li.-cn engaged; Joicc Henth. PfljOO HflO
maida, Torn Tbumb, tbe Woolly BofBO, the Jcnny
l.ind apcculation and all. Thc volume may fairly be
?appaood to contain more curio. iti.-a thtn tht- far
famed Mu-cuii. itaelf Darley ia already cngaged on
tbe tlluatrationa, and Wedfield ie to be the publiaher.
Dfatii or TBB B8B. JamBI Kikm A.n.? Thia
oeiitleiiiHii, a iii.-inl.er flf the AH-eini.lv la?t win'er,
from Cattaraugua Co.. died at INai/Bharg, in that
county, ou tl..- .'th ult. Hia deuth waa cauaed i.y
paralyti*. produ.-eil l.y fulluig from bia wagmt. MBM
weeka ago. He waa 4.'. yenr. of BBB Ile l.eld ? eve
ral atatioua ot bonor aud truat iu bia county, and waa
greatly rtapectcd.
BSJkLTB Of OlBIIO PmIB| the ruonthof Augu.t
-1 peraoue died in Oawego, 'J7 of whom died of eliol
tiii. lnthc aame month laet vear tbe mortality waa
Hkai.ih Bf Bt bbAt.o.?ITuring tke montli of
Aujtu.t la-t "" ' ilfl?kfltiliiiBIIld 11. tbe City of Butlalo.
ef wbi.h ehalan Bhaaohod HO.
hue in crnkit-sT.
V. -i. I'.lay inoniing iibout 3 0 clock. a tire broke out
in tbe buililitig No. 14'' ('eilai-t., oecupied l.y T. dt
.1. BaehwBhBsaa oil an.l vandab ?ata. The fire
originatcd in Iho aecond Btory, but how, or iu what
iiiMi.n. r, hM int yet hooa aaeoftohMd. Tha alona
wu* promptly uiven, und Ibfl tir. inen r-.ou arrived ou
tho groflfld. Il.t baa a ra a?iaaaiahed b.-fore
lnut )i ilomage occuned. Hnd the tire bave gain.-d
iinn h b. adway it wouhi bav* prorod very daBH-truis.
Thi lo.-a kt .il not probably oacioed 1-00. la?md
ABB08 A.M' _B8l I.
An attempt Ava.-niade to sct Irotltho hoaoo flf
Mr. K. I>. Breworton. No. 47 W.-at Ballie-at., llrook
lyn, on Satutday eveaiag, l.y biaahiag <>ut Ih* lower
panel of the frent haBMBCM doOT, and ii;iiitiag 8ome
conibuatiblc muteriala. Tbe tire did not inake mueh
BfflgnM, hiiw.-ker. hat?MJ di*d ont for want of fuel.
Tl.e Hpertnre tbue u.ad'' euabled aome IhitVBI to
futer, Atlio lariied off aeverai vnluable niautle'>rna
n.cnt*. The tniiiily v on- ubwnt at tbo time.
Anotbcr fire broke out on tbe corner of llamilton
iiv BBd N. l-on-at.. early yeaterday morning. whleb
wa* aaBflgB?hod by tbe ni-ighbor* before tbe llamoa
had time to rpiend. Tho hou.e wiib uuo.cupied, and
the erideaOM tliua far are thMt it waa aet on fii*e.
pu_ ui jsaasi . 11 a .
Late <>ti Naday nigbt a fire broke out in tbe fourth
atory oftbe American drug inilla. liregory it Joue*
proprietora, corncr of Waaluugton (iud Morgan-KtH.,
J?MoyC-ty. TLcfirt_i.il were prom|.tiA Ba baad,
nnd PBMOja water being BOOy Of 080000, IhO rtain-a
a?80 M*B extiuguiahed. The prineipal 'n?_> wua froin
daaMgahy aratot, aad wiil pn.babiy oat*xo**d looo.
They were fully inbured.
Tbe Avtathfi. yesterday, ww aery cool aud.. ur,
with a bttok breeaa Orooaooai aaw quite pbaty
early in tl.e inorning.
CoMMlMtOaBBI ... PilLI. b?Ari'0l_TMI(..T <>F
CaPTAMB.? Mr. Q*0Vg* W. Norrie. for many y.-.-a
ont- of the Chief l _p*__- Aid_. wua yesterday np
aoiflMd Ly BwCMMBkaBaMn tt P*Bt 1 a* Ca]
the Teiitb I'atrol Di.triit in tlie place of Capt. Brad
ford. whoae tcrmof OOTvieohM t \pm-l. The CaOb*
tniaaiou.ra alao rt'-iippointcd Capt. Cliurl.M S. Turn
blill Of tbe Elghth Waid. Capi. Cbarlea S. Bnaa, il of
thc Tbirtecnib Ward, and Capt. ThOMM llflVOOBOfl
of tb*B__t*eath Ward.
We are indebti-d to lidward Fowler, BgOBtfbr the
Shaker Society ? Hflfl ItohOBOa, for a bot of a new
apeeiee of grape raia.il bv the Shaker- froin tbe a.<-d.
which tbey call tLe early Xorthcru Muaeadiuc. It 1*
of a very doBeaM BflWOf, and ia aaid lo be auperior t.>
the Uabilla nnd Catawba grape lor BBM tntking a*
well as for table uac. It ri* .-na mu, h a ._ner thm tlie
Iaabella, and we think muat l.e found a very valuable
addition to our v:uietiia flf thia dtlicioua fruit.
Thc Late BuflOOIP DBATB 01 V."i_""i ?
Coroner O DeOMeB yeat.-rilay beld an in.iue- at N'o.
llii) Weat Niuc'ccnthat , upon tbe body of Agntt
Kincaid, eeven years of ago, the child who wa* aup
poaaed to have b<*n kiiled by blows from aome
frngmeuta of a pitcber wbich foll upon ber head from
tbe band* of a Mr-. Da. m, the pitcber baving beaa
broken while in her hand by a blow aim<d at ber by
Walttr l.Aucb, a uiilkman. The evMence went U?
ahow that tbe injuriea .be received were not the cause
ad deatb, but tbat soon after ahe waa attacked with
cholera, atd though attended by an eminent phy
aician, dietl at . o clock on Sunday morntug. Tne
Jury aceord'mgly rcndertnl a verdi.t of " D.ath fmrn
"cholera. I'pon tbe rendition of the verdict. t'.e
milkman and Mr*. Davia. who had been am?ed,
wero diacharged from cu?ody.
KnikD ba a Thiudav. Kailroad Cak.?Coro?
ner Oan.bli ye-terday held an inqueet at the New
York Hf_.pita_ upon tlie body of Patrick McDennott,
a native of Irelund, M year* of age, wbo died from
injuric* receiv. .1 on Saturday evening by being run
over^i tbe Bowery near Spring-at. by a Third-av.
car. The cvidence adduced went bfl *how that de
OSMOi, witb otber*. waa crcating the track in ad
vanee of the car. the driver of which c-led out to
bim t?. get out of the way, and at the aatn* time ap
-tod tbe brake, but too late to Map the car, whicb
paaetd over bim. Tbe Jury rtodered a vcnlict of
deatb from injuriea accidt-nt-dly received.
Fioiit BBtar-RB TiRC-cflA dagraccful figbt
,00k place on Sundav afternoon. at the coraar of
Broadwav nnd Amity--.. between aomeof the tnem
ETS Kngine Company No. IR. and ft*M of Kngt.ie
Company No. 30. A falf- alana of fire ,. MflM to hoa*
..ompany -a -_f afforiimr aa oppor
beeo raiMd for the purpora P aaoruiua r.
uniiy to thooo rompaaie* to 88888 ont and here a fi_?_t
Capt. Pilk* with a force ofthe Fifteenth W'arr! Police
*.->.,n aMfRRRal tb. fi_rhteri and arreated Riehard
Hurna, a memb.-r af No. io. He wm committed by
Juatice Ht._:art.
Tnr HtxiiD Ttna ta Skpterber asd thi
Chi.oi.?Tlie heated term in So t- rcber, 1-34. coro
menccd on SuBday, thc id. and tcrminated ritk Bat*
arday, the 9th. ita durarion _*_Tti cmaecutive day..
Tle ata/imum temperatnree at my place of oboerva
tion on Brsaklya HeL-hta werea. fcHowB:
BaRBB9ttkl l P. jbl.tk* Tliarvivr. 7th . aad 4 P.U.MP
MoL_iy,4ik. 11 A. M.HI Ftidta .., X! ..f
Tu.Kiiy ..t_)._ ,.,t_ P. tt.tn .-.aturday. Sah, lt P. M.B
VVrflt.tr,, ? , . p M. .. i
Tbe ?iairnum temperature dnrinjj the entirf term
waa f.:. at .'? o clock A. M.. '-n r'nday. th. -th.
At IB P. M. of Saturday, the 9th. the temperature
htliiR aaaaai haa. aail uailia.lt.-'.
w.th BtRla -ed e-.u.librated term* nnti, to'dB
ii ornii?<_. when it reai-hi-d l" . Kain 8888?88881
falline ht re nt I T, M. of Satur-lay. tbe 'th, an 1 cn
tiiiutil with aaeaataaal tatara_SMat antil Sandty
I....1. tle lbih. A gale of wind wu* blowinc dunn.:
the whole day af the Mtk
Tbia heated ti-rm aaaapreealal by n taaa >f Ught
,,inrr rtnr?f, which eomrr.enc.-- on the rx-ean and at
New-Orfoaae oa Taaaday, Aaa. tt eaatbaaal ttB s
Lake ai.d TonatB. Cppet Canada, ami m it ? \
County. N. Y., <m Waaa -day.'Iretrttb: atTecumea-h,
l rper Canana. on 'Ibnraday.'the :u*t: at Clevelantl,
('bm. o*i t ri ay, S-pt. 1: ai R,?t .n nn! to th
tl.at an oatRtday nliibt, tba Od, andin Kaaraa <' aaty,
Bi Ti, on Sunday, the n.i. From -uii-t-t of Wednett
lay ni.l.i (6th) to saatiaa af Thaaalay "th_nf.-i.-Mi
ami terrifii thunder rtorm prxal-d i vt a _rr> at ,-\
t* i.t ef aarfaaa. Batailay ni.l.t, tthjihaatat anil
liirlitnirj? were in ntti-adaaee at Bm etaaiog o( thf
Io atnl ktiii. Thuait will be seefl Ibat Ihi b ?
li'a'l 11 nmi lir.
On thaavaaiag --f Wtdaaalay, Aag. JO, a BMteonta
traver-t d Iba nether heavena, and wa* aeen for anme
iiiii.nte- in the vminity ,.( Baataa, M?.* atid Porta
RKkRlb, N. 11. 'l'tiet'ill of rain nn Saturday Right,the
!*th ami Bnaday,tbe l"th. in mv rain gRRge was eqtial
t-. ? _'.tx-tne }h.i.n.I-. ..r'.';-; L-iillniiri nf water on the
ynr.i aipinre oj -ui'.if. Dart-f mt beawieal of tha
rnin the thermnnieti r- 888aa ?! t" it wt
loa er thaa tboaaabettarad fr-.m tl.e rain. Tbataab
paratareof It al l tbb aorniag lalieateaafaltaf
BBRW on tba bhjh inn iDtaiii.-aii'jth af la'. 44 .
Tbis heated term, fal it* irileviiy ami larabBB, ia
imieh like that <.f leptaaba, '.--'-'. tba laatyelloa
fi x.r x. nr in N-w-York. when. frnm luth to I'.th. it
188888 IBr aev?ii c..n.<a ntive dava mnxnn n > aa foi
ih, 80 . l!th. 84?; Ittb, 81 ; 18th 81 . Uth,
th, 80 : 18th, M . xxitli thundi-r ami lightaiag
on 11th, 13th and 14th. L. Mhuiam.
Mirnday, A. M
To tht F.dttor nf Tht .V. Y. Tribme.
Sik: liaixin_.'noticeil in ynur RRperaf th- I
my 88888 aa ii.__.iit ofthe Ncw-York Kama. l-.inii.rant
Society, I Would atat.- for the 888881 of tbe publi",
tbat the only aj>ent af aaid Sntie-ty is Mr. I
Waiter. a-rentlcman xi ho ia familiar wi'h tkt Wmi
and eveiy way rpialificd f->r hia reaponsible p??"iti m
The nl, .1 tl nl thnt Leau-iie are purely.and ealj for the
pur|-oae of Colnni/itii.'Kanaaa with free inn. I.x ?_?,?.
?g taaaB_Rna4s all tbe fadlitiaa of rai aoad rataa Rf
iati..n. and prov. tmn frotn IflMMeitfo?
lt mav ba well. in tfaia < lnm-i timi. t i Btata, that a
ci ii i bb] b otRaaiaiag ta thie city, aal ia alrealy ta
i ..1,-p.'.m-ei.ce with ditl'erent p u I- ot 'the 1
whieh haa aathlBR ta Ir with the aahjaet ofeaaigra
tion any fnrlln-i tl.an to iiv.nl it.-. it nl tha a it aulaget
rn:, ,, ,-,'i ix ibe Nea l"il Baaaaa Leagaa for
piiij.t.-i - ? 1 iln t''in-p..rtnti..n Bf ita men!. . I b ?
title nl llraancnty .- the Ameriean Scttleu - I
aaay: ita daiga I- lo fora a eottlaaaaal ?f a aaiie u
citi/.ei.a. who are in (avor 04 Tnt l.a'e.r u. I FfM
spi ech, I H a Bahaala ami t Ttm Ttt -*, ami aha are
kr.mx ii t.. ln ni i.'1-.in. ninrnl chnia. t. r.
ih,- eaaq aay aiita Ba aataal aaVaatage iu
Oikkiii..' a MW a.'lth ina-nt, tnr wl tah pRTpaM thay pm
vide then, n lur xvith a gl?t-BBlll, saw-iii-.l.. ami Rll
lha applint ce. ni i.Ii-rn .ixili/.at:-)ii win-h will vu\
ble tb. m to i ninir.i aoa b -.ri. tr-.tm -li ' i-i?'. Oar ae a
|., r. ? ? -' "i titiini rs, merbanios >( lll
trn.!.-, lliBtilieiB, Ar. A 8ih..'.|. a prinliii.' preaa,
? ? e lil.rarv, fot wbit'i arraafemenb ara
mail.-. wiil be Mtabibhed tbb fal aa I
the tirM coiiipai y. Bo far, arraagementi are aln i!..
in i rogreM of tbe fatare, are h-.i! ....
?:' ihe company .
ii ll. BTEBBIN-a
? X kll
, , ? ?r..,|t)r?:
nat ki iMuiii I tr th- t*"~- ?i No IIORiomwi*.
N'on iioix Dibpbbbabt.?Tba (bBowtag is tba 18
portlor Aug. 1858; Whole namber ot patiaau 1,088.
At lhairfa ?- UTi al tha 1'i-p-n--iry. i 13 total,
Mr 1 - 1 I. ;ii'il. < I .1 total, l.o'-'. Iri'laud.
i-- 1'iiit..! Ma'.-!.. ' ,i: l.i:-l-iml. Tt >'? tlnii'l. 13
(la-rmiiiix. 14 olh. i OMMd. ? - ""
Milt l ilr. d or rcli. xi.l. >.'i''i: xn. ciiiatc'l i died, '
horpitai. ' . r. imtii...???. :.- tatal I.'"-' W i--'.- tiuiii
bn .i pr. -eiipti.u i ? : anaber _
HO; lea-t 4' . A-.- . ? pi I d ij
v\, i .i.i tn iiiii ii the laeeal daath af C. V. 8,
K:i- -., l.r-i . iiiiiii-ell'-i- B( I BB . .1' thn Citv. HiiWft*
th, t-"i id Iirn-dvniif af ktaaay, a ili-linciiia'i.'! iii. r
aarihaat "ia tbe ol li n tiaae of tha Mfth
Ihe Mohawk . -? ' " !v
ohore di .ccapj a praainaat poaitioB ia
ftn ntt. Or
Hr. Kaa iBoth r wm r Vaa RobeUajBe of Alba
ki ni uu old Duti h family.
*11... .i.'ci rn-. ii I ? .! n I.. ili poaition at tbe bwof thu
State and 11 jojed ibe anii i r-ai n -,' i'
: riiii,. Be waa at one time tbe parttierof Col Joba
! B. Vaa Rebaick of Albany, . of th* nnwl
pliahid tn-ti nt bta Iay, aal afterwarl of Cbartei
Clii.tim, Kii, tbe aoa nt Oov. Clinion. Mr. Kaaa
i vmr- a o. v.ite.i . m. nn all'r.-tiniiiiti- br..ther. ami aa a
i aaa wm noted for hia aaiable, polubed ami sincera
BU : ? _ l( .iiiiiiii-reial A'.x.
ACClBKBTlLt.1 PaOWBBik, ? CbtOWtt '? Ponm-ll
\. -H i- iix b- l'i n:i imi'ii-t :.t 1. imlnli'* Llaiid uimn
tln- im.iv"nt Oaiga Lewaid a li.l - jraan
ti bo wa. ? ?? ?' I.. ?! xv: . ed had
rl.li nttfix n. in ll,.- ciiitliMly ol th. W'-iral. ii
I athins alooa, oo itranr lo '.he nlaa, wbi a ha l?iel bit
iife. Tbe ,inrv iiaaarad a x ? ,
ilei.tli. _
| ,i Ih.oxxm ii.?Coroiii r Olbinn.-i x ? -
(fal bodj ?'!' ('..rt., lia- I.- i-y B
, - xe.r. M age, who wa. i tad
i drowaedal P laalay altet-ao-. ll- ?aa
m u.. ii nf mt. mper.ite habifa. amt hai I.n i
-.t . . 1 'ri.lay lai-t. Ih- .lury rendeied a vatdiel M
?? Daath by Da wa
t bbp Drowbbp?Caraaer O-taaoell jreataiday
benl un iii.ji.t-a* upon the botly .-! H ? >...-.-on. 8
aatWeoi bttaaa, 81 ve.,ra of aaa, abowm faaal
tlnixxi.fd.m Sntnr-iav ni-h'at tb- taseth.
nt., B. B. Hf fnriiierly I v.-d at Ho. Ti I'erry -t. 1 ne
jury i.inieit.i a veniii-i af .i.-ath b\ dbaaraiag.
AI..XBM AT Pl EKiKILL ? Tiu- pf-"!. af th
?iUaaa rr tbaBRRtaa wara .<>?.-'. I. rni.iy -tnr
,v bv the alaBn of tire. Tbe imoka ? I
10 pr-'ci-l from the b'.uff "n tbe u oib .1 k
l,,^,, N . - ro ila w.r. RB tir. aa I lha
-i.ttai'ii). : pldlv. A RRatbar af IwalBagB befatg ob
ti,.- r-outli of tbia"bliitl. in ? taa paaxtaait) t" ataare the
i .- ra_;in_.'. aaoh uneaainew waa m-i'.itt I
man'* Thc lahahilBBttofth( x ...
out aal Ibeel gina w. re put la ai-.- I
taeaaeafacad. ByHggiBKtiaat-Mia froal
freit vx..- :-,,?: ba8btR RWOh ?'. - i.-e wa* douo.
Tbis waa cerlainlv a v.ry narmw .? upe. lf the wiad
bid basa frta tba aaatb tiu riBaga must haaaaBf
i ftred aeverely.
Puk.-omi.?Among the arrivah. at the difforent
i botell wenoticethefoUowini,':
At tbr M.TBOrOUTt, H^rai^l^^^MkB., ?
ST* l- Vi^'v -i-R - .<* BtcVl".,-..
__'lkSVV L.t l. PtaW-lfbi-i W '?,. -Buimb. 8a0jteJ^
MWa_?t-r N ( M. Zkatna. ( kD.lk, E t Uiit.Btoc.
! Vrr^ li-i.'Jrl.it WooJ. fal B T Huwdl. U.g Ittaud;
AiV ?i"sTe SUHOLt, lli.TIL-HuU P.'? Bow*. t-ktMB..
^_r__^ ___lm
| Rd.iaRp.?t.T JjOg-fc-W^^SitaSftWtaC
i ub; >uoii Job?. Tnt?; tb. Hm_ A. l_ '?**'_?'.. '2?"
I S__aa.^__?sS___r,*Ha!:
?SR&__?pg - ...S:
,i,_;?.",V,'."w t'iii'.M'SiSJ1^7_$
Wukicftea.D. C.
. UB.?a-C-atl
f A Gof.i. PiiBbioiiMii.-T ai !." prove it to your
? <Icb#bm . kj dt'iaaatiBf y.ror chtnift.r.ti
] ptcB.'ikxii.. ? fi" n.r- itantely tbaa yoar owb motk.rco*)4
' - .eka?ln tk* .: . i ? i Mivd tod phiiao
fjaaa B*t?re eyer diat^ad. It tnkivreaal! th. hamta
* t tkawiat ,-4 ttbmt material* we
tr. romp<ad.Ai.d l.a-r tn tmttmt th... lb? thi-polut k?_r
, Blibtp vA ' V' | - - - - i -avt
i . - ? . ...
. prrfrrt 1 le of
, iretl io *l .-..--.?
? : eaient i I. f I
. tkrf wri.eii af th.
- Mtnn rmn'ii: t laa* f-ii Phrar.ol tt m -be
rnMe ?? ? tha ttndmi . - - A%Tk>
rt.:.1?er. ? t p?b.ir _eoe!?. - - "
Pr?Mbbbb?aaaaMatBaa .uth.r. tnd *?*??* aaartf
- hkr.r-ar f.?n dn'.t ij !h. Bltfllttt l"*ut?
tbeir Raimt Sn. JM Brr-tdwia
I AdtarTt-atneBt)
ARBOB'a Pl'.' ERREOI .11-. ? Largw *\*r tm
. -,-.-;- .-! ur. M a waa??b aa pat
'.' i riar and f.r riry rent. t
ird iwire tte att. af ikote tt .ther placea. AV1..1 t, No. ott
BroMwty. o|poi_> Merr.ipo.ita-. liot.lt
Advertlaement. ]
WEPOOM IlARM ? An a*aortment of F.t f.r
< . - .-? . o. Ak.dJ.n_ . ar.V Ba*?or-- I
? .iibeLi- tp| Bl! kl poir to .By pi
, -.. ?t| IDaLL ?
I'UlLl .'?
(,.-? GA8!-._.8M ?ylea of fiaa Fixture* iti
n.rderBmd .r. nine lulfla*j*_f*t C?1 kt tb* ir.an'i'
? 4.,'i.t AA.i.rv t> S ?? BrtftdwiT wh'r.
w il! 1-. f?_i d ihe Urteii itt.-k rn Amern alao snrtab'a n. ir
iiritaf. 4e.iii.rd tor .noa. ry reiidancet. rhnrcLei ,ar fartoriea.
lAlniMiai- 1
N.atkiNAI. Tiif.aii '( ?Tlie B8W Local Dnma
ba Ba," wa. t BMflt drruied h.- at th*
k. **r '.tt -tr.,:i,| Oa ata R ta-aif I wb !. - . orl-l .
H..?.ld.a Ik* Slr.wi.err. ..ir! Mr 1 R Sri.tt wnl alas Bf.
aetl *t AA fUhtm m tl.r ,!rtmi ? B.trk Ered Sutan. ind tke
ptrforaaxica teru ina'.. * nl. Al ? n "
Sr.ro-ri) Foi t. Plat.?AadBflJOflM wa* b>. i.i on
!*unday '_ tbe BMPfl of flraveaen 1. by CMMMf I)only.
up.ui the hady of a man whi. h ~a_- found tb.ating in
tbe water at Bay Bidg*. PpOO the uppeirance ofthe
body i' ii *uppoe??<l t.. have bt ?i fh.- vi-tim of f nl I
play, a* the netk waa nearly cut ofj the.iu?ular ve iu |
hnving hoaa acA.-r. !. I bodj waa enfin-ly nude. |
tbn- MtveaBag IdoaHli ?ioa by the. lotbiug. It had
in.t been in the wafer ot -r ti\ ?? day*. Thfl wrdiet
BM ia 0800088881 B-th Ibfl faoB aa atated, whou th- ;
Lrdy wua eaaayyad to tho A_mo>Bmmi buryiug
_xoun_ at Flatbuab. where it wm faaOMVOd.
W -.I'Si rttt iv BaoaaLTB bu.?leaflerdar the
Braohlyo Weaddbayaio, in ooaaonaoaoa of iiu* <?_
? ? ot tb. BOCOOMfiM of life. adk.ui. ?
. -'.-.nt. a .ut tm "ak and pi.n a.1, and 11
ea-nta for b.i k IfJ .
EkrDDCB Dbktii Al. Poaald lami- died au-l
.l.-i.lv m tlie raaUtaei of Mi.hn.l O-toaaafl. aa the
.. 11 . r . > f Columl.ia aud Imn-ta. ye-t. r.tiy inorn
mg. hai inc eiiinyed apparnit gnodhaolth lo withiu
a tew tninutra of tbe tiun- "f hi^ il.-nu.-t-.
Hibt. it t Br atiob-Bocbb. - A aaaa aaaaed Joha
f._r| l,i 11 Atiia botagkl to Ika I.ad Di?ri? st iii ia
ll...;-. on Sui.'iat Blflhl I.A Otli-er Curren. ah* had
loin..) i un lytag tfl BM dt**, near K-ilt.in Party ka
..-!.. :-..ii.|t:o .. Wbea broii.'ht in bfl Wi
v. n h.w, in wbii.h .!.?.:-ie ...i.tiiiuf. . .til yettefdaj
., v bta I't died.
II. ~t) Cnitit. Jadg*Oraeaweod pr-.ilin_.met !
At.-tu. lny Hlilea'iiiineiii ' d l.-.-i IBI l.y tnkin,' np tkt
eivil i ileii'inr. 08808888dag nt No. ..
B.'i.T Bif.Tbrt.i. ?The l.'.ly "f on. ..f thehaada
rd tke atexniKr AA . at Kt. !. w!in BM dl-Bflfld
ob '! baraday of la? w-.-k. w .- r.rewd oe Bandai.
; ..t i.f r.n..... .;., hat. i,' beea waabtdia
by tb* neii.ni of tbt tide. Coruaer B? l l.eld nn in
.[ii.rt. nt.d a A.-rii.-tiii accordano* BM nadtnd.
'I ni Mi i i . . .. i.o VfiraBAB Pab ? l ? ?
? A:'orii.-t ..I Buffotk I'mli.ty bak.n.'.. . .
I ririe n.i.j "i.i-. r b tht ctae of Be?lehau.
? , I. roerei o i roa? of retotioflohtp M tbt family
ot the ni.ir.ler. d i*rni BB, Ifc* Aftoii.k-ll.-n. r^l ~| tii
S(a'. ha. depated Abx. Haddea, Eaq., ol tkl* Ctr
ceit lo io'- ??? i-'iat oaa
Thc Poartb EM?ilef 1'oliee ar- rnvklag -
tO i;o ou h ta.L'et rk. iii>!'.n to Siatnu 1*1*1? od
the 1 llii of Bt? r>?-li'li.
A.-II rOTHB WATBRWOBKI To-.i.-ii a'i. o .'loeli
the ( ou.un.i rie.ii.il .,< .1. r-' k City, OJ ,'it itn'ion.
l?,!l ar, , ol' \\ nt. r I 'in ...- -
t ii to Ibe .!> BBJ < '.. AA nf. r Woffcf '? I lki
parpi at "i ' ii -uiii.i r in vkitb Ihtj ha**
i : !.ni t, ,i aad -I -i.-," -i" ?riaad
,.tl er p. :i :- . J katl rt a' ou th.-ir 1-..UI... i ? - work- ?r
iu iu. eeaflOaJ apMatfoo.
Militabt, Te?arday aftoraaofl Bm Ph?adelpbii
('tbTiilit li" p.Cnpt Drtktr.ol riiii'i.i. Ipkia
.\. ? Brk. 11 ? ?'? mtn raaeiv. . t tht d. ?? t bi Ihe
; . II. r-' (Jii.n.l Capt flf i-' !i "t \ ?
accotrpanied i.y Rabaaaa'i Bevtrh Brflfl Bned,
.uni. ?;. Tlie'two .
at. ii..; tbr.,ui.li Broad t. I ,rk place flfcara iIi.-a nn
r, \,, v. n! it liri.'- li'i Milltr. They thaa Mtde a
at?,ri |, tke citj after ? leb '!?
n; t!'. .'.-.. ? ' tt,. I'ii'ui'.i
trota.No. nt Bark?tt. I - daj tk*j riak
. oiK. rbey will aai in aNtwa
raa am m /ernl daj - , ' "' varioui f-tet.
I. | ;.- K..i vn.- l'i Siitnl-iy morning aa M
Wbittnktr. the n.aa.i. :;t Ika w __*-r?Uflg mili- Bl I
? i kn i,r t>. ..|- t. tle, 'naii-h..|. .n. --a|--Tf.ire - ?
? ? ?
on the l.otfi.m ot Iha Black
-lr. Ak Ufcm, an
, mpioj ic it"*< ?? tht, -no ha- b.-en UU-?1 bf t*-'
. ua. 1 a* acovB-iag M Ibt
of tbi itack ou Ike oppo.it ? tide,
? \. ? I !.. :
.. Bfdaiea thal Mr U ilka had hU a la ahUa
:n- work n.-nr thu
aptrtan bytbal .il-r-. I h ? ipenan ia at I**? faar
-! w !t. aad i' adi ii.:.> the i'a.-k
tl,r..__l. hi. '.nh. Tlie .l.ptii i- I
tbeaech MotbeeMtk jeabeallhn b?
A bov 11 AeB_a i.faor-. toa af Mr. O! tdiah Tomp
?. ..ii .?._tur.i?i. i-ll il.I"
tbe riA.r anl wa- I lli* b--> at** re
Uuly Bia* daall * d i" N'-w.tk
... ahijJi ahowa a BMlaoialdi era
by il.at diaeat*.
W.-'.tarn tliat fbe roeoBl _-_-Brbaa*e ia tbi
l ;
g,?] t) i: ? latt _?> k wera ttr* oaa_eroaf
!v nttei'!.?'. BtaarkDadj Mareary.
aat, Tim
,, . . CABAJ ktn fllDl ?
? ? ( poaed .t* vip
ttmlier irrm Aittirday. Tharaaaaa ob -
ajaaM to Bm ahav* eaaj. JadgeWat
f,.r?. wioin. a* oueof the JadgM, it waa h**rd] form
, ,.f thc C'.urt. Jadge Uts*?Ae!t Chief ?/ua
- ". -?. it..! -hat tln- Coflrf bad uuatiimouely ion
. io allirm tLe detBlioB 3t .Sjrt-e;al Ter :
?? . - : BflOMBlfl
-? arica-ut?_> tna: tht: app.il ia tot ms'. t n- '..
anc tl.e *p*_flfl| mu-t pn.'-oed ualea* furtber a_d tin?
BBpoolhiMadeayaV ..t.j.it .t..t.- t ,,-rt oi Ap
pvala. No poitita of the d<rc___i wert ttated by tne
Judge. bat we injuir-d of Ju.lge Wat_..Q- who
wrotr. ?t- ur.ii.-rt.faud. lh- opiuion in tlu-oaaar,?tnd
a. rr .nf.ni.e'l that lli- pmi.u af tlie Ju.i^e at BBM i kl
Ttrm Judge Booaevelt*'were .uatairied Ihiaflghaal
W. uiidervtand fnm totue trt' tbe p*_rti_a that the ca_e
will probably be appeak-d ni_t*a -oau- arrangemeut
can ne male by wbich not t<- t?-ar 0<>wn the l.u,id
ilie*_,ifctL-e of fli_r_iLg wdl be nearly a tn:!. -
tii! iit-it May. in whi.h caa*, und- rt... ebrtaMBBMBM,
tbe appti? Tfiil not proLahly be aaotod tc tne hii(h__4
DCATH Ol 8. B. RLCVT. C.q.
W. C- Boyao, Em.. nne aud annoumed tb.. death.
lince the laat meeting af tbe Curt. .tf Ur. Bluat.
u,j _oovt?l tL? tLe mtolutiOBi aco[4ed al a
meetiug of tbe Bur be enten-d, out of rtapect I ? hu
mtmorv at leogth on the inioute*. flf tht Court. In
makitig tht n.. tion he did n.-t. be iai.1. mean t_ ni-te
eitt nded remark a* to ihe charaeter of docea--d. ' Mr
N. tben made aomt chaate. but bnef. remarki m to
the charae'er of Mr. B
Tbe motion waa Beconded by C. P. Kirkland. Eaq.
wbo -laded to the great ability of Mr Blunt. ?>oth a*
nalated M crimin? law and to tnali ? nia priaa.
Vt bilt hi* dutt aa a cnminal offictr waa well per
formed, it wac -wayi admini-ter-d aith k-k-ataa and
aierrr. Mr. K. alhidrd to iba ini?r?._in_r fact. ha
uud, that tte lait mot a ot"tnt Bl " f rutiect to the
meoio.) "t an_.ml.er lf th. a**Raat-B(-Jaaga n*r
eala had been maue b* Mr.Bl_.ut previoas to hia
,,'odge Mitrh .1
look Itii'.-itt M '
? ? ?
-? .-n au
the minutee.
. l-f- '?' THF ?' 41 . -r.E.
M. r,t.M. d tha* i ".sea not n-arty wh. -
aa t! ? Caleti'l.ar. w !l aal be -ft.!..?? .... au;.
u'ardr.x __
Oaiaa ta thfre Ibr?g aa lalgata kell Cuvrat
' M rrtanet intandimr to reaume iii: "ctober?
thi-Coi.rt wa. bIjrrtJbI ii. Welaaelay, 88th
whnli tm i Jir'-r- .ir>- Bl att- 8 -I.
St'PERRiR COl'RT ?B-Bbe JotUr Hor. fl ? a
| a t.: 1 O Baal Hrury U BeanaRl ini
8 i ttt.l.
Motiea for inj BBctioe to raalraia defoadaa -
partiiK with aix iiitceti ho. i aaah. (aaaa
brra tfitfii puip--rtiiii_ io hnTf b. 8 tafltal bj Ihe
Har'.m Kailma.. Co . aul aUaaal iu tha eaatpiaint to
-, n taralidly obtai Jvhuy
- annie otlur patBBa. tba bttait art- th. re
knowb m M r. B -- Oaa af tha __e0M_daata
1} pl'.e.! nt tht ..tiu t oi th. C Btpaay, it xxa, aUt.d.
f..r paymtot ol the coupoi a. or intereit. atnountint;
to 4l.*i 00 ? aeh baal. They were auap-. t. .1 ta have
baaa Baaaaa tba ba-mi. all. Jreti to have baaa Intalidly
iraued. ami apj.i.eniw.u madel-y MeSHB. Sat . 11".? .'? i a,ni
i i -uii.a.1 t..r tb.- c.imp'anf. fc-r lajaact-oa to
- itn :'li parttaa ftta begotiating or partiag w'th
tlien.. A tt-mpi-ray n j ;:..'t;..;i wa. gtaBBtl,
dCPR-mi. COBJRT 8iatm Ttaa.
In th- BBRttM of 4-p0nbtt BBTaaly thild tt , frotn
Third-bv. tn Eaat Riv r. CaaaaiaBawan appahaBal.
? M.lwairti ut .1 8 Kofkw.ii
Th.- rit lii:.-? t ibaJaattae baiag u.>on tho whole
.-xi.lftue .iibitntr.-ti ,'B both ri.lf", .-aannt B88BR
. BiaMMB mi. Cl*. irihnu*n..t t.
: ty K-. iiiil__.rn.-nt timi 88888088
to.taiid a- -e. unlR. aiui 'lefe-ndaiit b- allowe.l to put
in anawer ai4 .1 81 BBR.
?? - COMM-t-OOHBRra OPFtCR Raltaa Cea?RtataaM
Ciipi. l.ui-i Cnrlo >.-ni. m lha Italtaa briglppa
ariffo waa inaallllil oa a charge ot h-tvin_. arnusr
?led Into thia port, wttb Intant tu reaaa,
ii large uuaatitj oi'-ilkt-. vehrata. aalotbar article*. to
tbe vtt.i ? - '?' ?'? blaawaa appaaral for
tl.e li.it. d Statt-a nnd Mr. May for li f
cxrn- li.- ll. an bapector at Ihe CaatoM Htaae,
t. itifti -I to bavtog tak.-ii poaeeeiBB ol 18 paeka ?
? tbe -tiiri-ii Br. Patorald - !t - I'-arl-st..
iiday, H ii I b lira tioa of
Mr. Coehraa.tbe lervajrorofthe Tott: thRCRBM were
abORl ll.i.'-fe.-t In-h by twn ai-.i-. au-l M".inalii'r
mund tw.- aaaa bt tba ? ? aal tary, whieh bal baaa
.,,i, nmi wbich eoataiaal aiUa C.I theolher
t.n eaaaa m mt appa lafti ahaal Bjoh hoMofoai
ol th.-ca-e* in-f.i mi-I"..*. Mr 1'ivticalli- put !ua
? ii .t mx -n . , n- .1 rt.-lv.4 me what I wtu. __.iii._,'
to.l.-xviih it: rtaM?atoRRta tbaCaaaaa Botua
ta Mr. ( ... bran. who wntiid tfiv.- Iaai every ,88.1818
___,, i,, Mid aa aaaa got the lt osbm d.wnand
them totha pablic ilnra, >'??? - H-i.al-.r.
Ml .1. ai hiuuaeii. Al ' I D tttrt Att'.rm
..ntt .1 an ap| rai-. im i t of the arrn I. - t aal lal
moanfingta vahu- to 04.700. beBBg I ti ttm
ai.k- BR- xel'.n*. I
ttm ? - :: cn-- A Oi UalantRal
|, ? ?? irvi x.r. Mr. B.nedict, that the}
tamt- frotn tle brig IppogrtBb in Ka*t Kiver.
Aievaiider Laaea. In.pei tor, taatilal t" harlag
r -.-i.t Ibe Surxtv.r ud I'-iu'v C .|l.-t..r
? ..1 Mr. I.i-ll
i.iid witi .-i- thi-v ?. re marked tuvertial A. and P
. mi rerj Ibm mtttot
., ... klorgaa iworn -aiaacaraaaa, Ba
- ? n llriii.ib.t. V\'illtaaah Wgk '<> ctrrin_r t'.-r
C.nic, No
(,,,_., .. ,-.-,t. before mw him ob board
akrigal ibe balkbaad adjoiaiag Yiot V-. ME. B.;
ni iiiformed 'liat liermune wtia (ln- I;.;in.-nrl i
1'inii lhat brig 88 CRBR8 t-> -'"-. *i F'-arl
Bt.; I ha ?' ' public
m,.:-. Icarta-d il'-ui Bt -t-Tereoi nrntn betaa ?
\ . ,-t taaa oi then-. la ll ? BMMater, a
| .-? . \ ii : othi n -.1" rttta clock
i ur-t re-aaaatel l... Mr BaawatogRta
.I i.i, l .iul imt kaaa wbat I wa. to
i i -nu Oaat, Berra ami lha oaaw.oaBaak; aaw
? ,. Mr Hro-.ii- tbe liiat tim.- they _r<\ ?? me t pipc
,i ?ii. |r tul.f f Whit- -t aal tabi ma ta eall aexl
BMirning, whua Ibaj cax. bm ai.nth. . Mr. Browa
?i it I- .ii I unl. nnd
- wiih directtaaa ta tani tbaa at
a, . ?,- v .; ', ? i ,'i aezt .iai l took ll
ti .. -iinif | tace. Mr. lir. -v* Il . BBM
:. i me t.r iuit .... ? n * rroin Nn. M
l,,if. ;..?, t. .','-. - l-ar.-t aadldMaai Iitave
board ti.- vra*.! taaagi iaapartor, aar
;.| ili lelix.-.i; ; r'_a_tit it BO. -?
l'ear! 8l.
Ctom Mataedr-Haa-rd 1 uaata that tbe
i i, rn ,.i ; naarvel aaaal l
?li'i to'oti boarl byCapt. s*rra and Mr,
Hiowi, I toB-tkooa |tbiogCapt. 8 -aid. but h
ii ??).. i....? aos t.-r im- ta bark up tk
, ? , ie etabsoat; I hara aaaa Mr.
Biawn fo# about a year or taa aa ba raaal Bo.
|l iln imt 'ai.i.vx l:.:i"t h bad any p'.ai t -?! _M_Ba I
ib. io- k ... tl.at I i x. ? read Ihe D88M 08 tba vea-el
-_. T-irt"..: Ithtah l xxent to lha
...,_...:- . aeh timi-;
-l. M oli Whli-J I lil Im' gRt ai.y
i,, i,"t knoa tbereaaon did not take notice
? iBiiy Im] ector ..'i board Mi -fa. kiinaaeaind tbe
. n.i been liaectedtog. xxm-ti rn- Inepeetor
( nr; i ?tirrirt-t. .ir - MM 888888 tO
y (..??? wfabk tha laapaetor gRTa
u ? .
Mi Bayi
ofthe i laminal ' :" ahaw
? ., i, .?? ir. ? ? arhea
? : -.n I'lijour:. bbbI acoor__baj_y.
r jfRt c- . -1'.
m- ___ ..,.(,. .. , _i? ,._
puff) b. .1 Ji ? ' ' Itel oo
. ot reeeivtaa ? taaaa Eppaa
l, -ru v> ..?:??! ,t -i i.m- oBbaaa
0 DeeokaawMtrielfor baiatRry or Bbi
.-,.>., - i ?. :i gRiity
o'' pellt i.n.. i. ?
Maria (hil'i'-'vai i al of atcaliuir
roa ( jt-',ii- M.. aulf.v by kadncing bia,
r i.t. ? a houae ,( ili fam-j with
__?. n oa - year-.
t Ba odkted Ibr Ugbwayrobbary,
pleaded gaHij la aeaaaR aiid batttay. Tba C mrt
? - aaaa lal for aaataaea.
, trii i aal a- .-. .:ti--i ia i
? , t' Haabi.
1 he I
roi'BT ? . BD T.-Ti' > :>\T
I , T - ? ' 11. 14
10 87, aud Itv.
. * . '
i imtAJt-iB - ,. _ti______
"? "t- VV Br.ok- ?? llnrtil. loMiM L;Id..
\viLbP.T.v-l ? v'*.P,'.'f
Mr ..,.,. . .rilvara M Iai S.r.h P Wn.titut
% ?-'.-_NCNHBSTE-t-H['DPON--lr _ 'T;'- ? 'k. -Traini oi
' Ll.n*. H Min-ti.-.-r
,- ,%--_*)._: th. MUie lt!-.
bj "li ____ ZV?*
? ? ? i Uadaaaai B?4ab VI
mVaiLR CBAE'ii-On Tharadi*. tbe 7tb iatt bx -br
B.V_-r^.rt_.a- Mr Mta Vt Mr? . letmj C:_, ?
j.aUi-i Bi- t-.kli o: aaa lira.
BRRRT -~ 94
__ ..a, b-ii-j. aa_ untrt Mi eh.rw
? R -1 a e
..... -ti, i *?-? ? -or iat.r_b.nl.
? lu. 14. kVtt. M.
Tboopior. E.q ? rtr.-r.T pr-.pri.toi i( Tti Peokx R L
WIBHART?Ob Baali. iflnaMa tb- I88h e_t Mi*t.r
jaRa Bi .-a tbi Un ir*r .i ki* aaa.
--B ra ao4 tM relklxvea kuat Bb
- I hi* f*B?ra; .
i't *B-i
r. a Nk. t Bo. Vm ii.tlj _ w .ihn???
Wiiin liroi'.i Dl*t_u M tb* C.17 af Brooklj-B br tb.
w--i laab iBt . _
Bai-la. 71: IlllLil ??? . Ai.'tTt tl fklLB.rt *7
Bp-ti-x* . . '>ntMB.I I ?,_ )(Baw?li. 1
rskiiltal Ihoptr . .. lBB_a ofUaait. 1
:.iT-r.... 1 DrODtTlo tbe R'4t l-HatB o'URi. 5
CUl.ri._? DrowBii. ' I'fl*m ol S?om . i
rh.il-rk lbfaBti-B.1* Diwatrr* . 1 MkraimiM'.?*
Cbe..i?Marbai. .1-a.Pnrr. Coi-tur I.Pwi.
aai. l'P.y.r R.-lttiBt. 1 Pai-J-.
CoafnticB Brala. 5: frtet. Trpbo.u . f^0??._'..J
?Sn2Sr._ .^IL^'o-abj
CaB*-laaai. i|HtAmaRotaa..... L
b**- t.? ,Bjk-_?(?-Sftv;.1 r T%m
__-** wt tB* -tark K.r-t?. _
.SkfT lt.
Ol.MtKT Ca Ma_ 98 r*-F.t uu* \ 18?4
. 1 C R R
5.(*a? *a> . ?t .1
li. D.
IftCtaK i
I ? t?
im> a..
,im d.>.
. : .
4-4) dO.
l.W do ...
200 do.
)M d.t.
J00 4o.
sen 0*
.. 44
'. I 14
do ....
do. |
. 44
*> .. li
...kt.. 411
.1 41
do.... IU
... M
? Al i K R ,
fl| !_*Rx_lB? 8..
M 8*4] -..pf. 1! -P. lf
TVSt. k Mark- - the Firat Board wm active.
I ut not a-1'vi.-tainrd inpr.i't.. OBOOpBag Krie. At
the Stvonai Board tbare wa* a atroogwr f_.!ii~r aad
Trie advWBBd rapidlj BJ MJ, cWBg ? 44 lr_l-_a
? - ?. ? ? af I f rrnt. The party opcraliag
for i ri.?e haoajbl fnely *?? were aeaiited br tha
pur.'^ascr* of tl.r aherta. TVrre appeirt* aito to bc a
atnic? at".. .ir.tik-a BCttoa Voiu .piartera not iio
ini. lia Alt , ..im.. ti-4 wrjib eitber pany 7Vnlt4 ?"
tbt- dn.' na bad 7,1 "0 almeat. a Vrgv portio- of wbich
?na. for ?tah or tktft option*. At tlie tioi-c-ti Board
tfcerv wa.raih. r ~.orr BOaOflBbflaO?BVahf th.bhOBBBOe
at-tl. Tb?aecent C'-'n*;4t--allt-ri-c baa hnd th. u-,i?
t flki-t, at. I _bOM Vnr . Teralora. if _e4 more, wt?t nn
ahto t" mpead lo tttk BoakaoOB Ketdmir w*e
haaay Caobnl taapfavad , P oooabi Hariem wa*
ateaoy HadnaBtl r dinimil j Pitnf . Cunilvr
laud ii.ip: -a . ' PaaaJ -kti.igua \ 9 ceut., Cva
v* e> ut . PflaaBM laold at i *>, an advaata
of l ? > ent Ci-v?.;_nd MkdlUadan lv_.ce.l | V ot.,
A B In Railroir* Bonda ther? wa* .a Mir Naainea* do
' - . ....d at : i a .i.t line ?>! j 4? OflBB.
The lalt* are no-.r _B*?1] hl pa?Im ronlitieg produ
on k.aei parahBaM A MBfll ?_*" fld Virgir.M ti* waa
made at pnr an-I BBBM Ulin.ua lotcrnai ImprtvilBlM
at -i
_.xc__u>_t ;a tirm but B8t80_yBpBvaOl -"-"Sif-f
v .". ;:i, ., ;, '' i for Krane-a.
i-'.-. - .-.t laUvMpeol for Craiiwtth
engnk'et' ? baflheloCata ot :r _? ld.; afew
IhatoaCaOMflM |d.i Daadaaighoatl -?*i-/.
I',. I.. i. - ?t|.irita Turpenti.>n private
ttrtna .'i?i tuu- Men* in-ment, 1" _ fM . loo tuaa
OBCaka, '?'? - To HaTi-e. Cotton |a. Aebartcrof
a AC-eel of about 0,000 bbl*. waa made at about 8.>,*H1
? - ;;- au.l back ?;th tla- privil-ge ef two port*.
About half a nii'iliot. of uold wiil g<> forwar-t t'-uior
row for tLe Boafoti MBOBMO of Wedt-oaday.
Tin Weohlj Beah Statemtut mow* a favorable
. if thoae itiatitufiona, nnd an unexpected in
en_*eot coin u view oftbe ahipment. >f a uiillion
and a balf diirin_ th- week. The iaaeOOM i* due to
II | Baaafbrh] Iha Mtn-banM Bank af a tuilboB of
doBonof th-Mt-xican fnnd from apeci? depo*it to
t. Knowing tl.i* fnet,
waa in.tauppi.4td the ajiei ie NMTB wo * I.l .h.aw any
ii.-.n? Tbe I/.-an?''ion a ui'derate inereaee, aud
.r ? n liinlioii. 1 be ti_ure? are:
Coaraaavivi i.o... ?>* Ma Raaa* 9pmm i-t.?rkttt,m un* tt?
... (Ar fiiiaJbi ..f Iht f'.fy ?>' tet. lat*. f,rr tkt *.twk.
nJii-i - , ? . Ut4.n..d Saturd.1*. Stpt 0 l?V4
I. tdti ? i-.tptuii u/a.M Hortn *t tht itxll? dutt.
-8*rT i_.?? 8trr 9-,
Au, . u, Atrr.fr Avriifr, Av.rkf*. Ay.r'fa
' tm. ,_l im Bl .1 imimni' et I- I'llA nf
Il. i,,i - ? ? t. iiperl.
,t .,.r b t
' J.l'-l'.**
rSul.l.eriA ll , liv .'.'
( ti.lral. _->_
< lli..II.' ..
ll.... 1 ?-.'"?
, ,?ff ..,..',- .
l..iH:.'- ... II "?" Aei.ITi
Kl|hth -at Bl I......... !I7"|A
HiB.ter : ' l '. '
Li.i..! I ? .
I.??:!.. . Ai.i.. ? ? ?
4" ? 8
i wj.tib
. ..
,i . i;l _*l
?ta ll. .
... ?
r. >il
... ,.t
'. a. i at
I. l-a.
. ? ? M
?i. in
? i
.'I Vt*
I' t'*4
... ??*
-lt. .
ti;.-..- i . i -
I >i; *l
? k | A"
Mrr 11
klrr -I"
N.ri. ..
.s a : .
H V Eiti?_
- ?. ? . .
-i. ff.. ...
? ? ..;.
2Bt.ni l '!_?_*
? .". f|
; i I'l Ji .
V:7 TW
Ji I
? ?,;- am;
.1 7" !7I 7!
? .
__.ua '
II All i
?,... Hia t .' 7.i
71 |.+" ..n tnj'
.11...w 47*
. . IM.IIO
i .1 ? | I B
I - ,i < 2M.8M
- l.WT.JH
. -.041 I
? u . ,
. I .1.V.8'
? , ?- 117
I 171
i, m i .
7'' 111 i .!''Mi| IT*T0
II ".
Vil .'17
. 1.4
II 47*
I' ,-_4
7. '.II
? . .pl
Toikl.i -? t ? " , ? -
- .-?.-. -t .-. |t a (-11 T1IJII T,tai
. i i ; -.S.J44.
1. rn tia-tf ... - 814.441 'lt
.? nri . - turr.t ?_?
\ | . '. |tf* Atr xr
of t...?.
, . ? ?
raiafa l?-po*ii. rBlaf'B
- 2fl 1?
lii _4A 4 1)1 -M l"l C'
r.2l, 10-4 88" rt
.- . . ? -
7". . I.J-*Tt*
A*n ? .
Arorn- .
hi o- tti ?
_ r- '
Kk. bta!- I .
.. ...t, '
? 1 '
. ??
('?nir.. o
4 trrrj K wkiBjt. 8
b i*L_ A
' y_ ii
- ... *
. '.
I . I '
I ?. I
? .
Hn.t ? ?
'*-. ?
U.-r Bk'iAa.-.
H-ch A rr? r. *
o -
Nh.ol -.
North I
N V b:
Pa . .
Kbti..i .
8eiw*-h AA'lM
. v Letioa.
aa ?
Pofot .
k. im
*> .7.'
IW 77.
; 4. tttn
liri ll.
."i 1
.. ! .1
i. ;2M
- ...
87 4*.|l_.?l-B
,,-?! BJ.9W
; ii i'. ? ; 11 il i
? 91.MJ
? l.t'l
??, T.
.84 1-7
17.' 7 M
,. II.
?<? *47 JJM8M
IM ni
_.JW 15J.M
M',13 MI.IM
,. f mt*
nt**. !!<!_-*
II77II inn***
if AM 11*jM*i
.oi.;, i-i.i-i
? .
-J7.I'. 4..tJ.4_.
.S7W 417 lit
i '.1 '.-?._-.
. :_?_.*!
.11 \*
, :_4,i:?.
?rttu tfit.tr.
12* 4S4
M wx
11* "VI
..1 . s.
?.JT.* Il4-k.( Axaank
.?,!?? I5r?
*>o rta tm l?< _Mt4M
2M.I.I MAM! 11..MO
161 *_? ?.174| B>^_*
71LVI it .>. ""i il'
.? .!
, t,-M4*_8 Total
?^'V;.<_f___t, S.i_ - M_B?JB? Ta-treraM
_!_?Daac*. t -ey; .. 07: _-, *J7 To'.i aa'te ta-t Ctftr.
XirTkreTS. ?? * 7.7 *__. kf.. __.-tB.i__-a._-M0
B7. Ml JM _
Ibe -88BJM ? w.tn laal waek 1* a* Wowa
' SS s2-5
1?4 8-2
8.1 AJf J44
BNtiS aa-Ti-iajai u '*-? Sia a*" va
Tb-Ci-aring-Hou-* traaaactiaB* MMOi
b..'h__|e.wfw*ead?v| Mf( 4. l_?s_.aM
a.rbiB_-.wa*ea_tof--p4 II.4 S^Ml
.ark eadtof Sept 11
TmI Iiraiio.l. -tt-?;? ? ?
Btlaaea* week -n4tBfa.pt 4.
Ba-aee* warfc-bBM 0*ft 11 ..
TxtaiaWaa-a'* __?.

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