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._a^en he Ban! H ' "
5stt ? h>r?. ???40 ?
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J27U?nn l*aioe of IB. Chi?, cCj r
Tben.'Joainf? lebet lo 7V .var Un,i rlrrovo li ve*
?fcapo/tieuiars of the dteBlltta ( BttB ?J Ui"
wacet?" 'ier Gea. X wloge, ,,-,"r- ?.'""^
A ?tu' ", wiIK " '<*> H
ftft,: . I STaB IID OlULD: A* Wo a*t*
?riptit'' ? courier arrived t'. General Alteret'?
,a*5Tuart.;. I . .. ? ?
lahttenie that fitter*! Zaloega wita bit entire
caoanevd ootnpoeed of ? >om ??" Santa Anaea select
Bnrt. ipi bad rich all their areas and mnni*
insttef aar.' Bpltulnbd or to aaa a patriol ex,?re?
. od aaa ptonouxi i .i .u Utor an-* j tiai d Iba c >n
?aaa of A w/. Hv tbio ?be lAOa?al party ia tbfl
S-vtt are n - bforct d with 1 oou regnler troop* and of?
ficer!, tOfktht* oith ? WO good n a<k?tt, -o m i's
|00do at*laltlnat if wir. aod I laid p ec-**, autli
fcrutiy ample to bid df tja.r.< ?s to any addtltoaal troapo
hate a\aaa mt ordar to Iba 8oetl - ? - v ?it
isgly fjaMstionab!?. as he r.'i Coat' It tuily coavin. .td
it the abfuidny of another at'?ipt to dofetl Ai^r-/
?nd bat chi.ftain, <;> n*-r ?i < '"m ibfort, the I it er wh.iaa
hlen's aid literal leatiaientt and f-tjiinx t >war j* um?
tidy bia own countrymen but foreigners, eminently
'oalify turn for the Boat Ob vated p<,-i KM i'l the gift
>f the Mil OaJM a BWtOtt ml telioa ' iul<i n it be rn vie,
or be aioLe appear* to be tbe man who can barno
?e "Mtaib aad boutb " and pravoal tbi* Kt
tablk irctu ein nit-1. ng itij ini..^Lifi( ^nt la4apoaaaal
Iba v ( tory was re'etiratid in tbi? po t.oa the 2 ti,
iy kbO firing of at atijLai ral ite, and ct'ier demon
<Uatior>* of rtjoteiagi lb? vbola foroa, *obm MM
troop*, are in Uieir marc'i tor tbm piace, and m iy bu
loafcad fmt la a'ew day*
Iba t n Lcb filtrate' I.a Forte efa are-1 on the Ah for
falla?. Oa tbo lOlb IboMaaiooo lebaoaaf Aurirblo
i.rlived v. nh a cargo of Boar, Boiog 17 days from
tiuaytn a< Mo r> jkit'-ti" nlotkaoe fittn
port, ibatSaataa\a?a baaao raoaal* tj tft oal Tbo
Amtricaa rcboouir Hung f>urt, CapL Fdrtotn, ar
riv?d on Ibe lib, with ? rs'^n tif |ir"V1-''"*. an 1
made the passage from Stn I-ran " in 13 dtys.
Boata Aaaakiatlll io tbo Capital, aad bat ao< i ?
flaetioa progrtaalag vitb ataaoaffoj repbJitTj bianeur
?teamirti of war ate qakttjy la Iba pott of Vera Craa,
for w ai t of crew* and thus ends the tar faaaid ptp-r
blocfcada, au3 the attitnpt to defeat AlraiOS.
Tnr C'iiMim. CtLBBBaTIOB.-Oa Fiilav eveniug
:**t, a aaaatbaj a as at Id u' the residence of Dm da
inun \'a'.i' rn o, in m < on BBX ? with tee j, i diabed hi
vitation, for the afloptjoa of BtBBaaraa taMabla to the
"eh t ia,;"n 11 Ibaopaabagol law RaUraad.
( oiisiiieiable tnthunia-m wa. dbtpiayad by the gaa>
tl mm prirent. and the ben* lit of the r iad, the un
pvrtane. of the wmk, aad the propriety of tbo root.
4tnta of San Feh, e mak ing a public deinou?tra'.ion
loce'tbrate tbo OBaaptVtbja of IBB wmk were f?v"ra
hiy 4b)l i.s?ed.
Ibe i>l.owing batijtOM was k*0a0O0tod at the
A oaaMoJItoo, foi a* ad ol Mis?m Harlaao a\txaaaaaa*
m\ ,1, n. Miui -i bo Hurt ado Jo*t Maa Ar/" it id
hau.< a \ a i hi ??. atat Booaed la t ogratolate, Iba
W* r.'H. Caapaaj la tbo peraooof Col Tottoo, tor
the bbm lusion of the kflkpartaal work undsr hit
clisrni?. a'.'i to ii v tea the Dtreetor?, Bapatlaiaadaale,
liegiBu ai d otherorBelalt wim aiay be oe the Isih
aaa at the towe ol tbo taaMaiattoa of the road, to
Btbaad aettret, ar bell, whtoh tbe leaidoatt of .s?u
PI :ipe ncrpt*e giv BBJ, IB honor of the iv -it
At otter ceinmiMi-.- wu- h-uh 1 tu miIk it the Pro?
aiieiai OeteiBBBtBil fur paraBbaaa for threedaya'
public r.juicing, and (oi bun l*thtiaejeadborae racing
?this ObeBBBttOe to Bltoad to thu uiinagi-in.'iit of
thtia f< ttit itie*.
Aiotbi r cnininitlei was nppoinb d to make the ik
COtsary Biraagl mt Btt lot the ball and rupptir.
AaOfUetly, aeowbiitei ??? app'iiaied to raiee a
lubacuji'ion amotj; the reel da at* of Man Felipe, fee
the oeiiaj it g of the aweeeeoi] oapoaaae of the fore
t'llIJg CC < blHtlnl rt
>'nii?i i:ik Ibtbbiob ?The inferior of thecoaatry
BBBaaa in |ieiie< t baaqal'lty, aad lbs Adaiieaetra
tier, at tl a neat; i f ?bici i- ttie Vice Trorid-.-nt, Juan
lit Uba i ia, baa | ablioBed lit pn g"t a oe, under date
ol tbe I 'lb alt., v. iit tl. ol j.c cf g lsrantecing li'i
irt> hi <? pub ic ( rder, ai d -.o cuppoit the welfare of
tbe eucLtiy.
tictio "tb o' DaoeinberGee Jos.- Taibabteaagaa
?a* I lociaiu.id Piaesdeat ot Veaeaeea bp the Coa<
t: BB "ur llwn I", rr- **aoO*l M
hataba, Thursday, Feb. IS. 1*7,5.
iltio at Dat in a we hat a alaaoal bi aa thrown lato
tu hi leiirt, i.ei\. iis people have?by two
Praaltiealieai from Ibe Ci ptabt-Geoeral, published in
tbe oftii ial no?i>paper of the 13th, (Jon Concha has
deemed it requisite t > ce -lare this Inland in a state of
ai< go atid block nde, by the Bi ol of tbo .n of Spain,
lud fliat rm vessel will be allowed to i nter any ol* the
port* of this Iabu.d without first ha 'iug her paper*
rbjWOatry eiBekiaet and. should any be found laden
abb people, tbaagh tbeir pap era any bo nil correct,
the I will be simply ri qnlred to ret WU w bile, if they
are found laden with arm* and ammunition, tlcy will
bateaaidertd enetoiee,aad trevttd as pirates' in
v uitii r, to tbi*, volunt. ere have beiea, ami eoatiaaa
to lie, enlisted between the ft^es of H and ??'> years,
' if all |{Ood Spaniard" of both beinisplo res. Tbes3
ii.returt*. t? )outxny suppose, have had t?eir eril
'< upon trade; and agnail man who purchaee*
largely the products of thla lalaad, for ahlpaeal In the
I'nited States, statt d la my pieeBaoo, y - erday after?
noon, that the pr-ce of btbeeao, eepeeifl Iv, had fsdlen
rotiiderably within the pent, two day* Indeed, from
the wording of the Pro lamatmn, some person- are
t'uBbtful if tbe kVaeb Warrior, daa from your port
thismirn'rg will bepotjatttedto eoaieintothiabar
bar, tbctild fbe i hat.ee to bring a full c.implement of
Tht ro have been, I am told, several m..re arrests of
highlj respectable and InlneotlaJ men.
The llrittsh sh;|>*'o!-war Boeeawea and Medea?
tlii batb r a atean.i r. aul haviug BpeaUh troops on
bierd? llQ this harbor rt?U.rd*y.
F?I '.V Tl V 18.
PVaai ib* Haw "ri^im tv-aiasf
ibe ?leenu-Lip PsieaTtieaoa. Cept. PI bob, atrlrad
bab)aaornaaw troaa QalreBtoa, bringing ca^rs to the
th taat five days later than we bad by the ?team
sL'p M i
The Aikn. cf tbe 154+4, ha* foll.ieing paragraphs
Jel'L S. lord Ks'i , t'tiMtuiati of the Deal wratic
( .it:a! Feat Bill It I of tbo State, has kwaed teall on
t: e party to *i led delegates to ?tt-nd tbe Siate C.>n
teMataal Uantatille,oe the .'ist of April, for the
I vrj ose of noininalu g candid ites for tl iveruor. l.ieu
Mtieat-Geteraoe', anie Ceatwanstoate of the Geaeral
lataSOaaOOa A candidate tor Congress iu the West
? ill be nouiit tied at the MMN ti ne au I place. Tne
Citgu taaaal read id ate ia the Raa? all! be t elected
t'v aConveLtion at a"}bM on the BBOoad Monday ia
1! e Au?!'n par>. rs of the loth inst e.vntain ex?iting
Ifidisn nee*. Mr ,i Ii Brown,froaa the frontier,
r.peit* nutnerous i epredet ou? comm'tted by the red
' tu i'j tl e Me.ii a Sa'c ". (Jua Ulu,'-, I'erdiuaie?,
l^een. aid San Svba Within the la-t Ivo weeks
ettni u rn ba\e been kilb'd, and four taken prison
aia, Oj, Wtdiieedav Mr. Hrown sa* one oflhio mur
^tiedtamio, Iben.as HeaL on the Austin real, If.
t'ft mi'<* ftuui Predetlcktharg. He was lying on
ti* road, dieacfuily niarglt d, w.tti fifteen arrow* iu
la* body.
Of eonrae tbe frcnt er settlers are great!/ eacited.
"Bay have a^eembled their families together fjr m.i
taal protsslion, while aaaall parties ar.- ooaetaatly out
"t tbe scoul in every ill Of I eta I nroe Indians hav e
'^Hki' id. lud.an* have leeoatly baeaBeta* thirty
TT'?-'e* aboa i A at ? the Pre Jem ksburg r..vl.
it w?u;d epps-w H at the Iudiai.* are making a simul
(ttaoas altesk in karet at various po nts.
*ive companie* of trooae are being or^anixet at
Cbaxihoarce. toproeBOd Bgoiatt IBB 8oBtherfl
Wtttacha* as BOOB as j tj\ .eicns for the CVjicJ.tion
wtiuppVd. I
?** rtetr-s say* "The Southern CoakBBOh as are
. ^*,'i*K for the up-couatry. Tb>y deeLgn joining the
aHafaVara baid*. ShaicJ tore up a^ his paper* ani 1
I HnM Iber* wa* Mlasse* peace II? took Vi, bvid
i?f left for the h?*d #f th? Caaed[?et. Tbe gsn
etat iti'???'iim Utaartewarhiir?svit?ble," Rh* ?>
i* a t.< ti?' rh irtr-. r, and ?oo of Hin Btief wh ?
kiUc ii. Raa Antonie ia Mio II- bat , .? ?/,,.. (
triff v et ptt riet irr i ai.d rr.urdnr*.
Mr Brown tiii'?l-h' it t>?-'"i..fi iVoeetfte fr??liar
ff tt'i r*. prat ii m (Inv.rnn Paete t, take m-tsur? far
th>-'r prutectior. Ihn <i ?rt'-r...? betag ab ? >.', aod
tl ?? me'tei nraral Mr. It-, a,. n.vl? a eall aa tlre
ci'izfiiato fi-Ott aa *tpeditioa, to ehmtaie tlM In
diai s by a qait-h *> I dsehdes aleer. Iii hat lag
ot".t?d Hroenatfare, tn t'ie Qetdatapa, whtre ta?
.San Antonio road . r....?* aa the pl*. - <.i rendo*vous,
ii the -Ith laat. at tin time.
We Vave from our reporterstaefbilewiag piquint
rkttrb of iiiiiii.inht aniuse mrat* in Broadway on
fcaturdaj. in which aerin! pi r-ons of notoriety par
titlpattd. Aa tbe fun waa all among themselves,
at.d coLduced very oppr>pna r!y in a i.jtioi itore,
o i i rebj the mote orderly portion of the people
w, to safe ftom danger, it it hardly worth while
to watte word* in comtni-iitic? upon tho enter?
tainment. The teader can look over the fa?ti
for hiniicl', and be rejniced or grieved, aa the
humor taku him. at the ?omewaat utuatis'ac
toty r'fult:
About 10 o'clock in tlie evening. John Morriaay,
pagilbrt, ?aa in tbe bark room ot the saloon, when
Fooleentered id called for a drink. Morrisy, no
ticing hia arrival. stepped up to the bar. and, h i*
aJlegtd, Intnl'ed him ia the gro?*e*t manner. Meesr*.
I?ean A Deegle erat for apoticemoa to lemore Mar.
rissy and restore order. OfBOen aoon arrived, bat
before they did ao, Morritiy Struck Mr. Doan uuo or
two vio'.eot blna*a. fin the airi.ai of tue Palte?, Mr.
f tt nil reqneeted that M< r-i-sy be taken te tho Eighth
Ward Btation-Hoait and bo would there appear aad
n one a < harte of araiult ar.d battery a<ainat him.
(>M < t ibe ] ol i etr.en tbaa toeh bun fro n the leloon,
bot let bun (jo a* IOOO io> be rea< In d tbe ?t'eet,
Thedaitvhaaeeneweaaoaed tobe at an cad, bat
another and more serious one occurred. At Hi
O'clock, alter tbi aelooo bail boon cloned for tbe niK'bt.
.lim Turner, Lowte liakcr, at gollooaSBII, Pa'
M'Laughlia aliaa Patgjoae, a notorious vagabond.
John Kyler, and a few o'bi r> of the same itamp, pro
tented then.reive* at the front door and Jo ntt-dod ad
rr.ia-inn. Tbe bouse beinj? eloaed, thin was denied
Ibens, wbsteopoa tbey burst opeo the door and
man In <1 up to tbe bar. crowding other* back and bc
bevteg in the niost iniultinif and on'rageout manner.
Pools being there, sober and ijuie?, I'trgeneaivancod
to bini at.d said, in a defeat tori*. "J can and will
l.i k yon." Ponle deeIIatd Bghtirg with bim, and
I'arni ne then sei/.td titn by tne coat-collar and tpat
twice in hit faCO. Turner advanced, pistol iu hand.
' when Pccle raid, " lion t murder mo ' ' Turner then
tin d at Poole, bit b'ui iu the bate, arid Pools f.li in
ttaiitly. Baker Iben jumped upon him, a'.d draviti/
a lix-baireJed revolver, eaid, wi'b an ot'h. " Now I
have yon, and will put you out of the way ' He
OiCU f.red io'juick eui i eaeion t*ic? ?t the pro-t rate
li aii Ike balls tattering bis left breast near tbo re?
gion of tin-heart. Several other shot* were tired at
Po '( by tbe guiitf, or e of obicfa sTuck Cha*. Loiiet
in the head, and another in tbe leg. Jun Tamer,
obiie resting a ptttoi aerees hi* arm, previoos to die
? barging it at Poole polled the trigger too so m, and
Ike charge took i flirt in bis arm, fracturing it in a
flightful manaer. Oucor two other* wi re aU.) shot
and more or In? WOBBded, aad liaker is said to be
em-id tbi m. Poole bod a pistol with him, but did
Lot use it. and the Shot* v. re all tired by tke gSOg
Who arfniUd l im.
Tbe row OCCnpied but about live m.nutts, and a*
soon rif it was over tbe whole gau.' rn-b.-l n it. A
Potieemaa, who at thi* momeat ?a? rattering the
taloon, and attempted to arrei-t SOmt of tbe Kani;. waa
fired at sereral tm.es by them, but fortunately ot
enpt d ir jury.
lairnedialfily after the ealooe wan brtkea iase, tbo
proprietor! su,t tot Cap! Tora boll wiocane n*
qnicbly aa pooaible, with a party of bia otTicors, bu!
btforc be arrived the violence hod hi n a ? i'np?nhi I.
and tbe perpetratora bad goae. Drs. Cbeesmsa and
Patmnn aero railed iu to attend Poole, and both
p,i iitleint n proiiouiic? d bis reeov ery to be almost im
poisiblc. He, at hi* n 'jui+t, waa removed to hit rod
don, c, No. 161 Cbrietopber-st., tosterday mornbag.
Bnker made bis eoosayo, but the police are making
exlratwdiaery et-rtion* to i li aha anl Charles
Iat zii r.
Capt, TarahnJ] MOD afu r tho aflfray kiarnlng tkat
Pargeoe, 'lnn.<-r. and Nan l'elt. bad itur t,. tt,,.
^an.biiiK In u-e of John l.yng, cdrner of ("anal st,
nid Broadway, proceeded timber with so ne of bis
i tbi tie and demanded atlmittance, but ttiia being re?
ft icd, bi broke open the door and succeeded in *e
i Bring them, and they were locked up iu the Statiou
Ilonee for the algbt Noae othe i, poi l rely knoan
to bate beta engaged in tke fight, eoeld be foes L
it i* tkeagfcl by Ike police, that LftheofBoarwbo
ancsted Moriisey daring Ike first part of the disturb?
ance, bad taken hi u to the SintJoa-floose, inttead
i f letiin^; bim go otT, the whole of tbe bloody ? jne
miebt base bten prevoLttd, aa ho, it i* stated, on
te^einitg hi* liberty, proceeded to colic t the cant?
for Ibe sole purpose af rnak ink' an attm k upon Poole.
Teatetdaj afternoon, Iba parte* arrested wore
takm before J sat ice Bten nan, and an eiamination
waa held. A aamber of persons gare testiinony, nn l
fron it the above fa?'* wrre procur. d All of tbe
?itnt>M i- ti stifitd to a ?iuiilar *tatc of fact*. We *ub
joiu tbe stBdat it of one:
('. \v Campball, bt inp swero, sav* that on tha nlghl
if the -t ? h inrt., he was at gtoawia Hall. Broadway,
aitli set t ral L-er tit men at SttppOTi Mr. Morrn-ty waa
a'so taking hu supp> r iu a back room, an 1 soon came
h.lo tl e front room wher*. Pa >le wa* standingtalkag
to a Mr Janeway, and other gentlemen \\, \ Ueyl .?
n.< 'alily -aid to Pot Ie, '?A1', it* there you are, you
black n'r.idtritc ton of ah? h." Mr' l'o >le mil?
lion ply?M tbm attempttd to go toward him, bat
?sv. pr,tented by .lames Irvin M tb~n drew a pistol
and snapptd it twice or thrice at Pools, but it did not
no off, m tbi< momeat a poUoemas cam" and took Mr.
I'oo'e cut ot tbe bark door and i irticr-r Ku. I -. \] -
ri*ty out ofthsftt nl doorai d said be had mm in char.;e
Pix I WtBttO tbe Station House to make n ^
agaiail Mortlssy, at.d witaeee went with him: the
I tl n r failed to B|i:>ear tbere with Morrissy, and no
oownlaintwae atode against hia; I'ooie then lett the
Statn n lb OSS ai.d want bt. k to make apol to
the pro| rit tors of Staxwix IUI! he renaiue l there
with others un'il after the outside d ier of tbe pla-e
bid b. tri.loeed for tbe night, and ab i it two hour*
after be hsd returned from the S'ation-Hoas*. Lean
[taker, Jame* la rear, Pargeoe i/ia* l'a*. MiT.ao<h
lm, Charlee \ an I'e t and Noels l.tnn aeats in P ir
tei e iinn'tiiiati 1) wer t up lo Poole aud *aii, "? You
F>la< k muzzled *on ol a b-a, 1 want to tight
yen " Pi ole said to b'm. ''(lo away, yon are not
?erth r Pargeoe theo eoagel PO'dis ay the coal
? i cllar at.d fpat two or ihne time* in bit face: Poole
got away and went to the end of tbe COBBter, f illjwed
bl Patgeae; Turner then stepped up. and thr.twinr
offktscoal ?a'd, " I/ft ui sail in. and he drew a
i : from hi* pocket at d Uvshsd it on bi* 1-ft arm
toaard P a>!r tbe pistol went off and shot himself in
tbe arm be till to the tl wr and kept din barque hi*
tistol at Poole, who was shot in tie big above the
me and fell, a hile down. Pak. r got noon him aad
lirvd and Iben escaped out ot" the door Poole arot up
end ttars'ered to the door. Float, the ex itement
?rblob pti vailed, the witntts wai unable to recollect
what furtl.tr occurred.
Tb, so arrest, d were leaked up in the Tomb#t >
await tbe roaaltof tie ir.iuric?to PSOSO. Morriaay
was rot pnseet at tbe second disturbance, bat a war?
rant for hi* arrest has been is?u?d for the firrt atttck
upon Poole.
In justiie \ tie proprietors of the MMOa, we
a. ubl *'a*e tbat the police report that they bare,
sirce tbty opened at the above number in Broadway,
always kept a vir> quiet and orderly boaae and that
their place i? not a n*.?rt of such characters ai en
Und it on tbe night in queeticm. The police further
say 'bat since the Meywr baa i*?ued hi* order to have
sinclar p'i r<s mV m ?! or. tlio SiV.a'h, they have coin
plitd ?t.-ictly ei'h it.
safe Ml ReIIa.\ TS.
Seg??*? Sa.it!, of tbt Low-,. PoHoe Conrt. oa
RatBI do?, to. I. lata rat'. .); en & warrar.t Ratted by
Jnsine OlberBO J?tr It,r un ai C, W :cVr enl Lab?
J BairiaajtOB, Jr., Eeoj., ?ttehaatt, '-ngt>2s?d in th?
?oaafaetare and tale tf Paatat Ba*te, at N>. Ml
F< ar! st , win ftan"1 faVaratd wn!. tbt crw of por
it:-y or. ruth ,.r a*. f '.,?r , ? V. <:-e*<.r?. a!?. %
I ntrtfcint ?,f I Ml City.
toeaatplalaasAteta forth h hitnaUartt,nVat**t
or atn ut tbe l*b day ef ITwuililI las', tie tV%an?avni
w.'lfol t. rfnnp'ly. and lalsrly ?wnrc to re tain mat
t? rs rr.au tial to ihr i-?ur in a tait th?n pending in the
InptiaeCcattnt" the Mat* efVo**Totk. In view
of substantiating tbe complaint, several v d'minnu*
ahtnleeRa bate bean tnk'.n, end remain a* trldnaee
witb tie Megistra'c.
The pertiis complained >.f were takea bl f ro .Ina
tke i Irb.m ai d bl U to l.ail earli hi the -uti ef I: i
to await an i lamination, which was n-.m-rd lot
Fridey ef'p-coon n'-xt.
Mr. Bcrjonbl J Harrington, of No. 161 Pearl at ,
tie owner of a farfory and baildirv lot* in the C ty
of Brooblyn, becasie boodttnna fat dm dodaadeati
trbo thereapon were libemtad troai cob tody, Tney,
intbtir formal exam "nation bcfcre the magistrate,
?It ad not grdity to the r .rr plaint,
Imtrifdiatriy attrr thr-ha l wa* given,t?Vaeoaaool
f'.-.v mn Wilder? Rairiagtoa approa-hed a re
p< t'cr ptmal attb whom a conversation in sab
>t?! re *<? follow! ft-Ofd:
fi.nii'/-Tbi* m*t,?r trtntt not 1?? pabHtbad.
Utvofter?That i* tot n wary taaUeeoaaly w?y ..f
n a*mg a re>;ut*t. paiticuiariy if you wish to have it
tr? 11. d
C'-nr,tnl '?roiirg tfowr I will now make a re jus.'t
tl at it fl ali r...i he pul.lir.rfd.
Rtmottt*? Ttat round* dcobladly better.
CVnetrf .a;>ptren'ly truth excited ? I cow make a
d.msni"- ti*. a intttmi aad I mean it. that it ?hall
tot bepabDabed. I dare j.m to puVi-hit; and I
wib hold eterv paper Ittpoatibla for libel which re
? ort? the care.
I!,, eoaaed afr.r thai reBerbny,bfaanthf, left the
Coort, and daring the tfttraaea took the trouble to
a I'd * note In Tut Tatacni, inqaaolteg that no
I ubliretior. of the alb ged perjury should take plav?.
How he taooaodnd by this id ate he weQ knows, aad
we hope Ohe eoaaool aey pet lite to learn that tb? 1
business < f a Keportor is to lay a'l facts, in hi* line of
duty, bt'ore the Kditor of a paj>er employing hi n,
? it .? regard to the rtfTOntli nr ibrooll of oa) |-.
sea abateTsr; and that the Editor al ?ne U the one i
t.. .1. ?tat to pabibh ead what to reject. Tni*
taaeCoaneeBar, teeae nuke agn, ma.ic similar re
rjueet* of another Reporter, at the Jotlerooa Msik.t
Police Caart, hut hit atasaad, on that occasion,
avail, d hiaa ae littkt e* la the preeeatinelaBea The
< ITc.r air. ttfasg tbe def. ndants. ab*9 coinpla'ns of it
lohnt language atd abuse trim tbi* lawy. r, while in
tic t in baifl rt his duty.
? the above arc unt i* fumi?Lf?l by ear Reporter,
l>nt as be l as omitted the name of the Counsellor al?
luded to, we will rectBy' kis omission by publishing
tbe note sent to u?, since we conceive it really too
bad to h avo tho world in the dark as to the personal
Ky of ?aeb a d^eUagababed aad brilliant light of the
1? ^ai preBmtrja:
Re I Pro Od Way Saturday. P?h. M 1845,
To ihr Bean* *) Ts, s v 7.1/?,?*
Sik I am informed that yonr Police Reporter
intioistfs an InttatioB to pablleb tont aiater* m
refeitBoe to a eherte of one Gregory again-t B. G.
Wik ? r an.! Lahe Harrlngioa, .lr.. before Jnatica Ot
berte, altbnach he has bien reqnetted by oi? aal b.
r'o 10, a? tbi re hu? be.-o no iiivfstiga*i ?a a* yet in
th, merer, and as I beat gentlemen utt.-rly deny the
albgatiOBI n[ion wbtch tin charge is based. th"y de
site that 5011 should r? train fr..m any publication in
le'er. nee to the matt, r until an investigation shall
be had. Wry rotpoctfalli poart,
.-' IbtTXAT, 01 Cbsbs-I.
For seme rr OBtba past, largo qaaatRb s of Hour hnve
btm stelec from the Goremmerit Wan b )ii?os oa the
Atlnt.tic liork. and the fa< t having at hangih leaked
out, n 1 s-llti s at re t ik- n to .let.- It the gaUty par'i-s
If peteibLa, Witb tbki rtow, CoBaoter Brffbad, eat,
ployed BtrgeoBl CoakHB Smith, and Otaoar Joba
Mbtbcw* of the Kir*' DbRriel PoMeo, of Breohtya,
to ft rn t OBI Ibe perfObTBaOrO?the Offset rs having ptw
tloatlj rtlnttdibahrtaaptaieae, a? obtebted fr-.nob
*? r?Bti< n. to the Colb etor. The 00 -ers laaaaad i' f
te* BbOBl tl ? bnsii. in hand, and sti woi ded, on Fri
cay laf t, in arn itbag \N'm Kelie] al as Oratty Kelly,
FredtrickTettaase, I'atriek Kagan. Itobert Fam-ll
Hi,.) Matbew Harphy, Emvloyelee aboal the Ware
hoatst, OBIBtpiciOB of he'Bg the offenders. It ap?
pear* that the suspicion of the eaVan was tir*t oa>
ct<d frtmtl i fact that large .juati*.ties of Hour hai
lien sold about tbe 1 ity at a gTBBl redaetioaOa the
nhiket tahtO. t'n inquiry, they ascer'ained that it
eantt fr< m Ibe Atleatk) Dockti whereupon they se*
lowatNcbkegtbe maneuvers of tho omploj. e* abmt
the Oeeiraateal Sort*, and eventually fouml lbs*
naatbete of eaipty Barrett were tekea t.. the store* in
carls, a:d tub barrel* Ban bad away by t'te tame
roBToyaaeae. The afbaaai followed the rabloloa,
en KTiral ocrasiont, an! ur the Hour Bel 1
tied at a nun.b.r ol private BOBBM about the
city. They then aal BbOBMtVao t> work.
Bad dhveOTBTOd that empty barrels w. re takea
Irom one *toie ob tbe doi k to ai.other, and in a ?ho-t
time a full bane! would be rolled out, taken to another
HetO, at d ile|-oeittd inside, where it would be visible
for a few ininutis. and then Mtddoaly di-app?ar. The
off c?t* witnessed this several t mi*, but coull not
account for it, and so selected another potittoBi At
Ii t cth, OB Friday last, after severial days sp. nt in .,b
??eiaing tie a<tict* of those engaged about there.
they aew b eart leaded witb some t wen*y-five empty
bantis stop at a store and unload. Tae cart was
:l < n tabea to a I hod about two haadred yarda dletant,
Bad tbe bareetree aabaraaated Ihatb 1erlaaitiaed
out of sight for five hours, wh> n he ro harnes-el the
bo'te and driving up to store No It, on the outsile
of the dock, I. adid the cart with full barrel', and
dri ve iff, followed by two laborer*. The eAeOIB
hej.t within view of the partie* un D the eirt stopped
in beat of Matihew Marphy s home, in Am
;. W i low. when they came up and arretted tb.
driver, Wat. Ktlly. and took the fhar and the prisoner
tc. the Station-]louar. Tat other* were tabooqaaatlp
amitcd, and the laborer* informed the offi-ert that
Marphy bad tmpioud them to take throe barrel* to
kit baaee, at d (old each of th< m a barrel at IB, on
t rtdit. Tbeamo'int of Hoar stolen is valued a* fr>m
|3P,eoo to 110 (s>o. Tbe BBOaaad were all brougb'
bttete Mr. Hilljcr. the C. S. Ma-s!..i! in New-York
on Saturday, and committed to prison in default o
05.CC0 bail 80* b.
- -..ant Leflerte, of tbe Reterva Corpe, aad khi
s^utd, essXed by Capt. Wabiog. of tiie B tjbateatb
Ward police, and a iet t.oa of h s men on Sitarday
night ma. e a dess-ent upon a gambling-bouse kept by 1
Wm. O'Doanell, at Bo. 3 2 Third av , andamste-i
1 'te'ti n persons, who. at the time w> re engaged in ?
gsnbbtg for astaey. Some of the oiiicert entered ,
tire room in aarlaeaa drest. early .n the eten
irg. and itahkuated themsel. e* mto the company a<
it tlev wtre a part f it tl- ? -? -? -. it.. !
nnti! a signal was given, when they rm-hrd in and
seenrtdtbe whole {arty, th. tigh all used their beat
1 tenets to <?cape. The prisoner* wen' taken to the
Eirhtcentb Ward Polite Station, and locked up until
., -t rdaj mote ng. when they were taken before Jus?
tice Orb?rne. who held three of them to bail in 03 000
each to answer. The nemea of these are Thoma? W.
Weeks, a carman. Kd. T. Hide, book-Under, and
Geo. Slater, a cltrk. The other* were held to appear
as wi'netsft.
A*otmib Hsct ? Between : and I 0 clock yet'-er
dty mortirg tbt Sitth Ward Folie? made a visit to
tl ?? " a- r IBBri < f ? min mm'd Sex'on. No 51 M ,'
terry ?t . ard arr?.-t?d tlx ycaag m?n wh?m th
ftrr.d t*?abi.r_- f. r money. Ibe pr.aincra w.
t???n batata Jae'ire CanvBefly, aal aoomifhtd I
? lamir ation.
77.7; 1.4 r/T POIBONTNQ CASK.
On Fr: Tey last we noticed th? death of Enget ?.
Wlta, a Hi m an woman, f.-.-im the tnV-u St p>*in
?rt r r-< d to bave be> u drank in !a^-r b. c . e-ij V-.
tbe fact tbat s.x Btbsfl were p;*e oed, to ? ur-*.'er ..r
latacjt.ft, a| tbe ?am? tJaaa. Core-.- r BDteawai
eagsged en Friday snd. St'urday ia in"' al gt'iag ta..
eise, an i a larce amcur.t of tcst mony wat ei;.~.t>d.
7be evidence went to shew tbat Wise waam .v;ng
ir.'o tie bow kTa Ml Six?h-av., on tbe ltd of Janu?
ary !a-t, aad] at noon hi* family and ?it? frttaaO, '
in all. sat down to dinner, and eat of htm an 1 bread,
aod drat k three quart* of lager beer, bat only lit eat
fftbefciin. Aboat tn er six days after thi*. tb'i?e
eke ant at* the kam b*iame ?ick, and tw> of them.
Mr aad gfra, U gat gtroasly, and tvey were taken
t ?! .N. w Vork Ilonpi'.aJ. The Coroner, in oon
dmtirg the inrratigaxior. aa to tho roil rann?
of dt-ath, first intituled an inquiry aa to the
. lara.te-r of the brew, r from who'n the legal
base; aid bten piarchased, and fottni that
be had tranaaitci a large buiinois, ?elling
upward of t harrt'i per ..'ay. be idea retailing about
t kcb*?arh day. (iat of these last it w?t theeee
tom at* the liewer to dr'nk, bhn*elf, two or three
glasses, and on tie day he sold tbe beer to WUe he
drerk aomrcf it bimael:'. From thii and also from
tbe fact th at tbe seventh person who draok tbo boat
was net peitei. ?'. tb- f m :?? r ?? as led to baaVitl th tt
it was tbe bam that did tho mY-hief. Mr. Wiee bad
purchased tb" ham t"i"tn a Herman butcher, but bit
name ' r residence 1 ouid n-d be vcortained. a- he waa
too ill to give any testimony wha'ev BT. The follow?
ing leafiaiony, wkleb it inte-neting aud to the pur
j -? ?s" (bt r. tsk> r
Tin? C. Finne*], M D being rworn, anya: lam
familiar with tbe actiou of poisons on tkesystaa;
pteteited *nd smoked m-at* wi'l occasionally pro
?ture ail tbe svmptoms exhibited in t^.e easo the
deceased; this ij rjue to the presence ot a fatty 1 I
generated dariag their pianarratkai; abont the year
.", ovi r? perrons were p ktowad by earing inns
and -ansage* in \\ .r'eir.bsrg fl*r*neoyj 'I tb St,
mrre than died; ?jint-t.cns of p >i toning . aa.?
fji in tan to ten day* after tbe mett* wer- SOtOOl on
a 1 bi n.ii al analysis, a fatty acid wa* detected, whi li
wsa-nppoetd to be tbe cause of the pois-imng: it is
no* BI tenant y for a bam to I.? in a ata'e of decotnpo.
irtion te prodnc-poironrm effects, on examinati >o.
after cea i. it. the 've< I have spoken ot, tbe throat
was dry. tbe mm it membrane white aod ?li<btly
tbieheaed and the stomach and infe?tine? pn^ent^d
si.nsof ir.tlan otatory action all persons ar? no ta*>
ceptiblo to tho action of p"iaon? to tho *am<; extent,
front the history of this im**., and tl >? ?la >? ..f tbe body
? f tbi dacease?, afti r di atb, I am led to heitere tbat
death was caused bj 'he polooaoai etfei-t* of tiie m-r?.
in question.
Tfe Jury readetod the fillowin^ verdict
" I bat Mrs Whaj i atne to boo death fro n the - :1 1 ?
of aoatoa, and fn ta the fact ? f five others, ?n i par
I'M k id the dinner in .j t> stma with the de.'etMd. nav.
ii g sine? licbeaed in a soinlar manner to 'ha' which
caustd death, we are unable to rater tha death of .le
1 eased to ntht 1 than some pobMBOBI [ pyerty in the
bam of which they a'e on that OCCeeion."
Tbc daeaaaad was a native ef Oenaaay, ?-' I years of
Race the above testimony w>.s taken Mr. Wies
died at tbe New York Hoepttal from the effeeta of tbe
poi?on spoktn of. Coroner Hilton will hold an iu
.;ui st npon the b. dy t i day.
Two of tho others, who had been po'ione !, have
lost ?11 Baak tlesh that tbey are almost reduced to
skeletons. It ia, however, thought they will recover
Shirt* Mtnr i on * Sim r.110.?On Saturday last ,
Mr. Davfct, aahirt-eeUcr ia Warren at. was sent for
by the Mayor, to an?wer a charge (aa given la Titrt
1 Kit. 1 vi o| Saturday morning made agatntt him by
Margaret llyrrie, to the 1 iTvet that, in P'ply to an ad- ,
vi rtieeineLt in The Sun new-paper, tbo bad applied
fot BOtk, as a shirt maker to Davis, who required Bt 1
toOBfoaottheeoatof M with him a? ncarity,aad
then cat" b'T materialtWthreeaOtirtl, far th? mak
irir i t whi, h aha waa to receive the sum of If cents
each. Tbe girl tinisbt'l her work in threedaye, OOd
took them to the ?h.ro, when Havi* said only 0110 of
tbi in was made c on. tly. and refused lo |.ny b-r uny
Ibiag aBtO the ether too were altered. Tae girl than
asked for her It, ??ying the wcubl charge nothing
for hi r work if be would only refand tho aaaoaat
whii h she bad di paattad with bun. Tai* he refused
t? da. and liually be threaten-d to ki k I.-r out of
?in.?? ucb as she went out of hi* store.
In answer to tbe MMaOBi "f the Mayer, I?iv it
son appealed, and at i ever having ?.?>n
thegfari, or kaawatg aaytfcing aaootbar, but evoBt
uaily be nil admit that be bad given her the shirt*
to n ake. t xa^'ting as security I.'. He said the y bed
10 mat.y women who attemp'oi to imp.,*' on tbaBB
by proft**irg to k'W well, and then after *p >iliug
rJieir wink, demanding pay for it, in addtiou to the re?
turn of the aOpeeat-aBOBey, that he alwavt to >k t; at
security. 1
Ibe Mayor gravely and severely repri-nand-d him
for -in b BM an aaadai t, and asked what be OOBld ei?
ltet (reel poor crea'area whom be and o*h irs of hit
ahaa compelled 11 labor three days and nigh'* for
thie. ?bdlii gs. Heperfii tIyundcr?to.'?l tho atrociout
?jtU in -a *) stem that did tuui h to drive pOOl and
dtc? nt l'ir's to infamy and ruin, and be was d-'er
min'd tn put a stop to the practices and imgotitioiw
of those et gaged in it.
lie shut* were exhibited, and appeared to be well
aaaeo, aad Daria admitted that tb-re wa* not much
Ikeaatlrrwtakeitker of tboa, aad *aid that the m i
tttiala oi neither ui tbem were in any way injured.
1 be Major Otdl P. 1 that tba girl be paid her i : M.
The y01,1 x man attempted to leave without paying,
but was ?topja-d by an otH.-t-r, wh?m bo refusod to pay
aiiati.ii I unltsa he wa* OOB^ollod to.
An arbdatit wa* then taken from tkogirl byJattice
i irbotne. ?1 tthn] t. rth the fm tt above antieilod, and
aVat aTiebafaiTad Ikat tke abdtrefDasat ia takkngaai
H, inteoded to defraud her out af tV SMaO, and that
the giving out tt the *hirt* was but a c'.oakfjr
tbe furtherance of her dishonorable designs.
The sister 01 I>at 1* waa then arrested ani brought
bt fore .li.stice- O-Uirne. when it appeared in et kiaaao
tbat Dati* en ploys from Wt to 5ov women and
girls in makinr ihirr* -that tlie value of the material*
of the three ibirt* amennted to It cents only, but
thai Davis told b'? sea and daagkOBf never to take
hat tlian I - for aecuti'y.
i lite will be beard farther to day at : A. M.
ti r ECBOI 7..?The I'. S. Mail steamship Waebiog
t. c. ( apt. Caveacy, tailed from thi* port on *ata-diy
last for Southampton and Bremen with sotae forty
pasrenttr- ani IIM ?? ? in ipei :.
PaTAl Ad ran at St*.?Toe ship Manilla ar
rited a: thi* port on Swarday from Callao vi* S
Ib- mas, with a cargo of guano. She exaerionced
heavy weather on the passage and wa* ?ight day* off
( ape Hatter?'' in gales. On the l-th inat, Ant itdo
I^man. one of the cre w, fell from the mainyard to the
d>. k ar d was instantly k.llod.
Tie Chntttan Serrttarf it informed that the Rev.
Mr. Brady cf Middletown, nephew of the late Father
Bra 'y. of Hartford, ha* been ordered to remove to an
?!?--?? ?? n ? r?. - ? t' :h- : a.-, be t "dt n
lelsTwalllif mis* at Fttbtr Braiv t fan-ral. in viola
tu n of the Bitbop a order*.
Co*?*' ti. i t.?Colin M Iagers-dl Vebraaka hv
addressed a note to the Editors of Tke .Vr?e//area
Wetptttr declining a re com-nation for Congreaa.
VtaatSta.? At a recent meetinr of the Stat* Dara
,- rat:,; ExeruMve Committee of K chrao-d Col. John
Kotb-rtord. preaiding. Coa?rr>a*??nal, Seaatonal and
t outty El-eiJ.-a were appoiaui.
Wk*k* k Ids h . *.B wiJ iriTlllHi , mi
r.l .lalaM c.? uf ?ttpr?. new u%nold
' rtv? rrKt.-h.wb,,,, rn?. ,. p.* ,?,?.
lir 1n',h'"uv<- ???>?? -it. .,
a .v?.?... .aal tt,tt-hb. big ia %. ftr...t .?:
?? tweei tt m w than :?? p-,^?...?^. v ,.. .
>? ?rt?a Bii -ri.-orapcf.-nen af C r.aUa Tttthts
lie I'. BtTtat] OOWvaOMeeWhnH* ?aarpened bjtab,
- -??-b Itfal Menb -rfaaaf. abrna raarfaialil_|
"nil' ?hJ.I] tppetfti Battfaagaset* goeathe
beth of the :".-r-*t be ? > reins to be re-isted. It was
sc atujually unccrn'ortabic lay to tbe touch, tb nigh
t?tr Magi to the eye.
A< ?r iv, pa Mi Hi ?Tbe op-Tn of Bspasaw?, so
<ar*fu!ly at ,| elaborately pat on the ?tage at the
AeaatBj, rearttaalhvei.' arBJ be p'ayed to-night rar
tie f. urth time, A neer opera must be heard serera!
tines sr..l ??.II naaallaiasl Ufor*. to adequate julg
n.ett can le atwenil aha, kj, ,f it h,TH tTlBlgll
. acagb to run oeer the first Light or two. Tc? p.-ac
t;?. a| haatBj hnjgb. g cf opera* needs a-non lmont
Othar : e v. 111 n are fa rr, Parati* .nndanee tenor,
jn.?t atr iw d, mill bt I ? ard this week.
Forttriri Tn-areBT.?Mra, Centlivrcs pi?y 0f
The Busy Bed) is to be produced at Wallvk * to
Tie rowpUaaeatarp bon.t't to Mr. WaaaVaa,
ir*r?(;rr of the Bowt?y, take* piece to-nght.
The ben-tit of tbo ' Infant Betten wJi -ecu- to
night at Burton s.
A new 1, itl drams. " llstelle ('rant,' from a re
cut story in a City paper. Is tobe brought out tw?
ilight at tl e N'ati? uai.
Erniorian ?? blaeh version of "Macbeth, by
fie late l?r. Northall, ia in rehearsal by Christy >\
Wand a capital band af Miu*tr?-la.
Buckley's gtraanltra otter the "Tare Poespoya, a
anabsal piece jaal got up.
The Hlaik Swan will give two c.mcert* tbi' wcok
at tbo TabcnuH by, aaab)ti I by a teaoc Indian named
Mil io.
Nru Plat?DlBCI Mr. Davenport will present
a r< w {lay at Iba Broadway, on WedBeod ty evening,
enlhsl " Tbe Rgypttaa, written by the late Mr.
Vilkit a, author of ' St. Man .' and " CiviltiatiOB.'
Mips Fat ny Viiirg, an KnglLsh aetrer* of great
? I-! r:ty, will appear for the first time in this r yiutry,
at Mr. Davenport s aetn tit. on Friday orealagi
?;T PoMtVi 0 ?We ??a;n eal' attention t > tbOBOtice
of a lectoro, be be girai al Clinton llnll, this Mon?
day evei ing. by Charles W. Elliott,
Mom tt itt.- The total number of dettbt iu this
City during tie past week was Ml, tit 101 men, '7
?.?r>ie larboyo, aid in girl*, showmga de-rease of
29 oa tbe mortality of the previous week. Therohas
beea aa alarming inrreaso during the week of fetal
eaoeeof dis?as?s of the throat,huge, Ac. For tho
wok endo 1-th instant there wer? 101 dea'hs from
i out] leinte of th'n character, arhl a f >r the past we. k
193ererrported an ircre*.*?? el ro,oroae a?ttbofthe
to'al inortnlUy. Tbi re at re .1? alba ef Broach!tit, 10
of Congestioa of the Laage, .3 of Coaaataptlea, 87 >f
Ii Ban a ition of bVa Laage, I af Dieoeeo of the Laage,
19efCeogcation ef the Itrain. 'of Hnrrhoa. I? of
'lyjibus Ferae, ) ti lypheaJ Fever, io of iniiamma
tion of the Brain, * of Disease of rhe Heart. II of Io>
Baauaalloa of tbe Beaeaa, lef Saaall ;?? an 1 I of
Plenriey Over llfty per eeal of tbe dealhe were ebil
drcn Back r tec } ears of age. Of these M died af Con
rah ion* i MafCroep, 8 of Debility, ifnf laatbat Pa?
ver Sof Whoop'ng Cengh Sof bfarasaiae, aad a nf
M' nab a. Tbi re a era also 11 preaaataro blrtbe, and 39
? ar<s of stOl-bera reperbtd The following s the i las
f.. a'ioti of the diseases. Bonos, joints, Ac, brain
and Dcrvs. 101; generalivo orgene. ?. heart and
blood at-sei-, Ii) lutg?, throat, Ac , 1-:., oll ag", i
eraptivnOtTi a, skin, *e.. iT: atBIberaoad praoaa>
tnre births. 3], stomai b, bowels, and other dig'^t ivo
organs. M>; uncertain s< at and general levers. 13; un
kroen. i. Tbawa *> tt lea d? ati.s from rioleal eoaaao,
?nd absely-dve at thepaaUo laaalbrtbtaOi Tba aativiip
table givie 301 natives of the Cnited S-atcs. : ? of Ire
! Ld. i ? oi i., naaay, and to of Bagbaa 1.
A*-' rn11: Paiarca Ooan\-?Dbal, on Balaraay
an rn ag Charles HcDevltl, Jmsot i l ban] Ma al Mr.
1 - f. i - m Devltt, whe is known oad eaOsenaed et one
of the eldeot end heel prfartoro iu this City, having
dene tan ice in tbe craft tor over forty-five ycare, some
thirty of whicb have bren iu oooajootioi with Tht
fietc- York Afsrrtr ?? its tbrentan Poaag Mr. hfe
Devilt was the inheritor of his farher s character an I
virtuce, and was an honor to the craft, and an orna
n.rnt to the social circle in whi< b be moved. He was
rilv>sn (t thu-iastic fireman, boiagOBO of the founders
of It v [eg Heao Company.
CborbjaK. BbrdeaBbaa beea appointed a Judge of
tbe Marian Ceart ef this city, iu piaieof Alfresi A.
ri.'olip', ri - gl. d. Mr. Bitdsall iJ a Wing a m-phow
of ?x Judge Btobo, and a rwid'-nt of the Ninth Want.
Ciu.ar Pavtl ? Oraaget and b-mon* are noa vary
. . ? ; ?!.,' lath r bt.ng far I boOBOO than appb-s. At
the late re^idar sale, oranges wetit f-r about i.' ?>? |?jr
1 ox. and baawOBI for %i. In tho streets lemons of
? a ? lb nt qaaftry aera rit?ib-d at ten cunts per
CBal i 01 PoBOBBI ?.I?ltd W. II- II. printer, of
.v.. i- Bi ad way, waeyettcrdey emoted by OaVoer
S; ? i r. of il e Diebrii t Attnvae] < tOtbn, oa a warrant
Itaaed by tbe Court of Sessions, on an indictment
el.arg : g him with having forged the indorsements
>( Messrs Coleman A Stetson, of the Astor Hou*e,
to two prou. se. ? y tatet aaoaafod Jnly i 1033, tat
. aad the other dated July l 1033 tor 1173,both
purport:rr to have been drawn by ni l Bed ani is
med hj loin and M .tber of wh.ch w. n p ci.! at matu?
rity. Tbnaaaaead aeeeoetsritttd toprinoabyJaa*
th e Stoart ino'fault of gSOOO baiL The a< ?uaci
fornetly stta^d high as a buain it man in the com
u. unity.
Tai Pnaroeco Baaovax >r ifi ibabtibbV--The
f. .;? vs.ng LetbH r .m Dr. C'oi, l'hysician-in Chief
to the Kn.igrax.te Hospital, on tho propoeed removal
rf t/'iaraii'n c seta forth some cog/ nt reasons again*'
th?- ibiend'-d ? han^?..
Ii ? ?C1 *a< v rtri svea. FrM*t Cun.mlWrs Em.*rtUoa:
Dr tK Sih?In reply to your note r>*|ij**tiog an
op11,on on the subject of tbe bill now before the
Leg tint ire tf this Mate, havirg for it* object tbe
0. ;.. dot il epinpeity n Beaten Inland ooeapied as
aQntrtnliat iTotpttal, tad the removal ol the pa
tiet.lt now there, tnd of all imn.igrante arriving at
ti.it pert ?i. k ot Other disease* than veuSw fever t.*
Ihn tospllth under tbe charge of the CttBalBBbnaan
on \V ard s l.-lar.d, 1 b*g V> say that the transfer of
patients ?t.fftricg f.".m di-^aew <.f a contagions and
nf. elk us c harai ter. such as tbtp-ftvar, cholera and
rn al! p< x to these hoepitals, wuuld, in my ju ig-ne-.t,
be in the hiebest d> *re?, ittpetwkt, and of tn nn than
qaattkMBbbl humanity Not only voahl those hot
i Lu? eetessd. bat iIm beadra*4 o( lefuita ee4 eta'ts
, ? ?? . a ioi ? i.oa>e m ?>?? fc?h.*t. wauU aiao
be ii elm i Kakle n. saOefi ?et froee tb? coeeuat ian-reean?
BM ou.t? 9 bi the tUlu ;< iri?ai? IB Bttli sire r?.?.i??s mm
r?-rj b?/t ol' .am rilj lA :be eoDtoasl ps??ii? of boa's r>i
... .,-.1 ,ro ?ri?*t nnencrsata frum the ebioe
. rtmrm ? L ine nVeaab ifcet (sateeai 'i?'U?'?i" tas
Ii.: Rieai the ? ?? of eooiBiaai-st -< 'S.oss 4i?-a?o.
Bowl s >U b I wo-jll ims* ir.Hi
U 6* trrmf'* I wot, d ssodtic- ik I ---i?s tetOM) te tbo
sirs ti.*n.s?!fss. %ra e? tr- o? its trer.-|.o-terle* eat the Bat*
e< ? 'id n the mas : ? tm tbe tijsisa'ue ee?hor?r? to
t'era'i . sc* Ii ? w* ? imn tbn m?ej *r? staiutet ti
L- li-.e/as- as H.?-.'a. a ree-tr trim as ,hips, ia a e-ry '?*>
b . fotSiUca. wt-... rrqu r? nBdotl.ai' *ct cereSol etteauea.
tit che*- r? .'H-cia-f laeovasj ??:?*:??..y Si-it* ta? .-. -
-t j >ftbawtwterease a xev. aot lIj ? f*ry matent. f
teeeeoed hat e i.ats a^iencse -u. r destrsied, sre toey
f i.e i.sch ibeii Issuances tsae * es itOei ?f ?r.* fsseread
I . .itent ok that A II tl lttt eed IUI. ev?r tptBl
ocnr or.* ina-Vrt of BOtVastS wfl] ktts 'o be cr<wt*( lete
j.sii va'sro ? i* snt ho*|/ltols. ?Bleu Will Of ?? bot Be i OA
tor tbe prtsliit'W* of oornxx omrtoX ?oases ?hieb hate bitors
bees -1. ?et ** ? m.oos of pri'acl ui le iBaaSB *?rr ot-r??ea
?* tie C '? ?-d s beasaeo csaailerttlosi ve :he sauareate taesv
o* ??s
VA mto ?l ?tU-m* das??is hu pr?*e 'mi Isr'e* th? passes*
to tb.? p-<t'. tb* Health Otie?r ba* d?ex?d I er >p*r to *?t*.s
IxmWOI oasbar*. wilbia ta* jm'io' Uutitins tb*
ti a?B.o?- "l p*a*?B**r? aot t*tW| smeb *?'.??tua ??to*
oor?*Atrj for *b? peop*r elaeajta* of pe.aana aad s'atbia*.
bales* U?y ?h? aid b* a.>o?*d t* **l*r tb* Ci?y taas at ittol
ae *a*MVft?aWy by ca?/?? et* ?ial i.- te iaetrey tea jsrai,
axj a^tri ferA-r :ns,ae,,: . * ?-?*- ?'*? ?/.'L7 It
? M?l Ik ?s ^ /1. ?. I ~.< ii?v.a ia **.-? -awaa e-. ??
W.-J ibe *eaeataa** '? mmi r M ***t i???-'.*t?tf ie
IksCktJ lk?IS u?'fM?i i? ?isla ?. wba' |? nbat.*. w*f
i ? ? a j. ??cm
1t.- ri ? a f?. ? ? -? ? !. ?: ? . I a .- aa ?. p j'eeI It*
r . i >. ? Feat *" >? :>?? aal ? h*i it patea '????' >?
r.- a . ro i Am* M| PHI MWt at* lk* (* Skate S ..i|? p
?' f t?'?.-i \ ri ? la, b?'*eve? th* Utb 'aaamml tke If]
" V-*-tWi ? i.r it 't ,.??? I a d~a < aal i ? i ?' ?? t
tt S..*v?.l lo >?? irr ? mt Ju'l| ? Un- If. ISoktf
BMthaf fih 1*1*** j till "rum . *-.'er? by r-n ii' l| %i. .?*
? . , mir.' t **B AWtMl ??*? p'??li l?f tt
?f. i f( !hr"i<Fr<"irF 'i ? ? , k ' a- f r? - *'a at ?? ? r*
pa rea ' ? m: . ~~ t Mitt ' I ? ~ ? M ? ?-???*
arete r* ."ifrr* q' >. ? t t ? ih-" -n''? ; * l r?*
" r " ? ??? - ? i ikt it i ik* I ?astral1 n'*<tt??
m in ?| t {.,.. ..., , H .,, j . .i i, mmA et a it
******bb*a?? tl Aaaa I* m> fteme la i'ir t'i '? ''*?'. ??*
?" ? " i > <?*???? ;ta 'i ? ta neural *-?n* laBtrnmur
wi t ta* iLvn e.att.d
t-.tKTf -be ,r I trrotarr-.-<l>a? ;'?!-.? P\>*iat t*?
t.:?. Ita ?. -.? mm* tap) i , Th* <-*aa?ct:*a of tt* t.-ai
art t BLt><??'*!>?-:? ??.ii t* Ftiav.?>?..!. u aaarraaat
batistae* b..t.? .paci ?. .^u., ,b4 hujk Ml| ,.-.e.aa
?''''* ?? ''? ' U ?-l w ?.* f ' f ?i.u1
? ..i.r ? *r:.-*i ta rt-pu. ?*. aa..;^. ? ...',*,?
cri taa.rae ."if tme
' * ?' ' ? * ??*?? ' " * '? ?'* '*????. '-r. w '..?()
??? ? i. ?? iir- i.i?v : . s ? m?;i -i-., ,
B**t kaaeta*] h**ac* aa iba **t>ii?.y < ?..l d ?* if tat* t-?at
a if i i, aa* toepet**at s?t****iaaat*tk* eatatt (mt waAtS
II f. IJt f.?r' r? H**a't Kaa ai attUt ?c* *n. f,|
Stmt i t*, t b D, KVi, liEMftV d C(>\
' tdt?*i*na?ol I
71? I || iriialataf Nfarch U*t**M*iB? the kites
? vi ., , tad aaa ta*a at *?a>** i? ?? **aa*aa
??? -it - atartj tl? Ora a- vv ? -i . Pl . (), ,r, nr h i -t. at.
Bl ?.'w?> trr-. ai.M tp Ftiilit in* ? ?> to* t . ? ?? Ta*
? ir- ii,'f, la. aid ?t? t :(..t * tl
tr.HL ? ii tt p'ftair*
t tdtrrttt. n **t )
Oi l SIV ,,| >,.( |M. J , _\\ ,. ...,,.1
T. D-t atCat.trMlua IUli . he tttilruitt. iat.tcMaf
Ruh P!? t u.j .-.j |?J silt..a' ri'.n an :i.'i t tat* Wa
Kaa* i? ihe liir.. Litt*. D*M**S* *H r a 111? hi* tt fit
[a* ctih*b?i.i a.t: uV ?'f>. I>aa.**ii.'ll..lf.f ?<
tii*t tattaftaw at?taaltaiaiat1*prie* ti* i^.'pi^??
aLTJI!*!!01"!***?" m'"h '*?> ; *' 1 l>*tta
raiatt Mtiitaawt M?laa ***** s M t G T.tti* a Ca.
* ?' '.f '',,*.u *.ro* Ntra.t. *?ttJ tt I." f< otem. wmtth *t
?r.rt 1! .id a t?ra* ?o. t i I .. .. r^ rrult bmm,? %i %mt
naa ? aw taat, laat tttaa ?.?i_--*imtantau?'
I tdTFrm*-?Ft_l i
Niw Sttlm mrini. MaxTtLLAi, ? MoLr*
MitH.it Nn v Caeei .i . aaahl aarl Ita irtta lia al ajaa
cr*m ta ? i aaatttla.faaaca MtBTULai i <*t r*
tr ni frrto P.-lt TS d r ?, .?,? In.nn'.a..r*
wrrt!- latBtnraa M c fi n- th? !*??., <?...? . . ? vv.
?ti trd ?? , ' ? ? v v .- , . , , ,
Jt ?!)'*. "
'Al.'rri?*ui*pi t
1,000 pii'i'i'* rieh Bpriaf SUet, obI; I , i tuj
I aat laal Alt* lactai f> ml*_b?w aa*aaai la itaaliartaif.
?h- h?:*: tail IIa ?lautatacl will I ? * lef el t. ?.i ?v-'
riff?. i> 11 B. li ti N.. .Iii lltto^ ?! cjf Ur-h.r*
PROMTni llABCUtl ST.FlBB.?a%aV,00???ja*aB
..i v\. i Oeee* trmn Aofii.-n htfaaa .-.'a^uio'i waataaaai
fr*a Inn .'tla cr ii in^, wnl he . tlert fait Witatiaa kr
v^.,.. i Baatea RaaaaBCa N.. BM Otaad ?. Mm ah*
Ft. ic? Iat* "om VV irtFr a I.. |.. Firm*it* i"t| .-,
rlrb Prirh* Shtwl*. plan I .. ? Kr -it-IU d i . t?* ???ifmt
s-tia* ipi'iim1.!; 18', i. of iIf-i. Mn.'ln i'aft.i". *if D-tpa
rj; It.ntt Irnh I.-f.f.. mrnmi tta*j .>t litniwk l'tKli> i -ta*
aid ri.p-n MaaAlra, Dm ll*a TwIti Ms**'!** ?n4 *hlrt
la ft; .* lot* 11 Mtrtri lt. Ui'l'i .r* I' onlt p.n*. T"l* tlKia*
Geea* ball? tba asai etalt*lot* btviej ,*rt^ d?ai*t* ?aa
b* olf.r..! .1 b.r/aiLt II nwl.tp-n' tftFn'.ua
tilt Uiectia' lo a n llroli a*al i.i lal part .il lb* city *ral*r.
t Adtartltrir.f'Bl. I
"EtTTELLC QBA?T" will he iiri..!ui<.'.l t.. nijjrtt
?? lie S.u..mi li run ti.d a ii h n ih? L.iia.bat *?i
l*Mja*elt'iaDBB Ntu t. TV*MBllaaalla aaa lirtat * fi'*
i*i* bum.rM. ti.d Maaaavi rmd. b> ala tja ,.b ih* ...n w*a
tata iba Wat tetaltj be Bi* fmu mm\
f A.l.*ni**uirnt |
Tias - If. bi-Kt n*?iirttn.rit nf Fi\?: Tr.ts will
be fmir at Hat I ibto* Tr . i m. ..? ? i f *c?1*1 aal
??*,?. i ?? ?? H? iCaa ??at,(b?rtr**a Paarlawl Baaaa
t?lt .'? I il " e.iie.i Te* ..atal.lkBh>? ent In tha rut WV a**are
rar r*a*Vra ib.jr rta Ho h*rt?r h-r- fbta elMwhat*. * Ibat al
aholriain or retail No hram b MUM
I AdTertl?f>m?nf |
I'H. .Inns 111 M rtARMAPARII I t ?I*tlie mu*t
ertritval pariaat oi tha hlojd and all tha **cri"iorjt ot tha
t un an *t*t. "i Oat i asl aaUaial pkyalelaa* tu wheat MB
ci n.|K>ili"n Ii** brrr. irtAit* tn. wo ) rroiiuin M it to b* t*
l*BBaf*LBDToBIC Mrci.itr for liidli'iili.o. Df*p*e*i* mmi
I. i.r Cunialtlata *?tl, wtalaaal* ar.d r.iail. al Or. Jnaa
Kiii '. atirclpal vflUa, No I Coottlaaltal i?. d i.n. Intaa
biuaUMty P la ... tt. Bl ***B, at I tattlaa Bar BA.
tAdtartlteairot |
si. Domingo im> Tot *n un p L'Ol v kkti kh.
c \\ t LLiaTT, k*"i ttf L.trnjo* fiti too aaaa aaa.
p.iei t llaaeaia* np.n rhit Heu of in? Bit. tt. Toiititiar
I OftaatllBI .1 i 11 ?? II lat| -l'i'**le in ?4 II .iii.-.-v ?Tfi re
M*?| ibat >ob wllldrli.tr H lor Ilm b*u<riit of lb - N*ar T*rk
i..bi*i* AtaorUtloa, aa aacfe a* aatf a* will taat pear eea*a>
L ri ra. V.r> r.tpTi'u l t ie.,
ti f A Urn PatHel N Beaaaa, Rm..nn K tv.v. u-*.
i . ir .it i Pra laa a la ? PVlwaja Rfkm
llarbai laoiaa McCaaa lonth, Wiiii.in i WlaataJA.ib*rt
Kcli..n?a1, i oka h c hi n .... vv n < ii Cart**, K1U* m.
Pattar.Ckarlt*L ?>lll*aaa ? Baa Tatl beb rn i?..
ToWi*.ri k*i i Ra??.s BY aa i UaeaBBca, mmm attaat
i Fttarwaa I atll la akttaaat i ran ? i taataa* jtu in roar
rt* it* lof i'll in pr. voj.i.t > or plan lor a Libia'?. ' tlak,
I? od? cl Ita .F'y t^if r-'u Be*!* d. ?i.e. ana in"..tf tny b.artf
apitaaai. II j BWUIapfakai th* Mate, I will ?>.* ?ou a m*
Lutleal DUreai** npnn 'hat rruiarttble man, 1 i'*t?i*T
L'Oi vtarvai af wbbbi tha bia. t* bw *t!l b* proad. aa*
wlivni tl.* willigt n.i,lil iromlti.: \ our* rrtame fan?.
C W Ki.liott.
Ri . Tl- i1 t? Iretafa wll be al.-n on Motiuv
BvraiBa k. t. .n t v,. a' ibe V rttarfja Li .rt.p L*."ur?
.11 latat'i a., taaaaiMaaaaatIaNalaak. |*>?? a.i...n?*
U.tl.1 I
f*d??r..w...'iit I
WtWVti nvi I'm i l.i m -,? (' m I w in ? I'tom
tmj i l*kai|i i.ttimn*. ili.i i.i CoMrAai.ua ? Ai.tlpitB.
BleitiBg, d ? fin Ir.tt i ii 111 tus N* fi Bt - Percpti >o mt
ckataai**, ?utitia Hi ?%n v - f'r.i*.i*ra..i, blaotn.**, met
Mia*.Ta > -a i h er .'< *t?I f tan.1 r,a'li.na, w.iti??rt<'i.o deacrttt
ii ti et tbaitfirr t.j PiaC *ohi ? ?, No, n I Bratlwtp.
IfoBTALITI Trier? wer? H death* in the Cilf
i f llretklyn, in the week ending Feb 84. C'i>n*ti'ap
ti..r . at: id . IT II, Kalei iNBabM It, A lulte
M| Uiiiort la-.
Dim i ii roR i nr. Pooa.?Oa Tue* lay evaiiintr
tba h'v j. a I' n p ?? ? i H M rtk PiM m M K.
Ckaitk 'or lk* baa*at of lb' taior BorirF. ? ? at t. tp
pat ? a ita Mai aaal rioaaeiiti M*i*a
Hall *t.d o h. rt t*u; b* praaaa* and a.lJr- aa Ihe oiaetwia
1 I.f 1 f. aau't 01 the He.If! <*fpartru?*ut b** ba?B etardrawo?
ai J iLf app. a a ol t'a ...ite.i^^ u.nat Ua uubaaal**. a a lata
lall her KataltattaM are mad*
THI ClTl IfoiPITIt. There are n.iw I *f pati?at?
bj il a Ii.ttliutii.ii mt wLi.h M are atir*ittl aa* 1) meaiiral.
Tbi Korp Hoi 5t Aiao* iatiob. 1'hettxth weekly
reTK.it ci tklaA***clatlaaatawBttat 1 All fataOa* i w m *a
iaat'w* - ? ta w*al I a. Iava*a(ta| lAalpi aaaa
war* *a|| **j wak aaaa Tta eeaoaat mi i*ak rtvtatra*] la aai
ol th* A*aoc.*tioa ap lo lad htiurdaj wa* kl,Jti9 5l
Cmarcc oi it a i-?v -Oa Sn'':rd*y. Jattleo WoeaV
m Itk ' Ik* ri|tllB?Blt Ward comail'l** Jo*a*b tear.? at
ih* Caaaly lall, to await foal aaa rb.ra* ..f r.p. *poa a
lual I flalatBa pjlal Bane! Marital Uon* tha cumiaailiea
It waa akawa lia me moth, r of iL? *.rl ao* tecuaw* Ural tw*
a. Il ? aa ? ai. v < ? ''
Kt'teo.ti kn iiitar ? On Haturday avaatoe, ao
Ike wHk af Mi Hf, ry Aaaiin wi o ia* aaar tta I mm
laaaa aa Baraea Bill ??* *taa*Ha| on the ttar* of ta* B*w
fail aal Pn* Ballratl. Bt IB* Or-ei.aat eroaato?. near tta
<!*yt lo Jene? tltr. her lefi fcta ?ta 'it oit tta ut tba
?liF.in.ftlei dFrtttai-lelt.it lor.-ui'i it. ?hieb wa* baaaa
iwhck** tVaai oaatrack n laatfcat tu. *ti i ny*red t.. tta
tiew fork Botpial, alii* her ia;ar*l Htak ?a la^tatal.
Hiin... ..i I.ivioh I).t;i A ..-et n< .?f a
?at *l r.?ore w*a oal* at PitakWa "? m laraep Cl j aa
Pfdaj e.eLIB? tij 'k? ini'lH datier* and tte.r 'riei.oa I . le,
an to little eioitatuio tr tae defttl mt tta Ii |t it ?tl. in tba
a.D... ... Sf . Jf,.f, a 1 >?-n* a'.pi *'ra t.?*B ij??rl
, i. ' f appro*, r r i i .i n ? atw'.i;*
ita m aakaaM u?o? ?..i ttid.ialf b* tue r*u.|f9.-*aot
Tai Albi Hoi -r oa s. s r? *?. ? Thi* w?". man aged
if atilol.'.o. Ba* ir Bka aupFfln'Fiid tae ol Mr ta . -r p> >
?.ou a qntat .id aalatiya*a**i oo to* Sa-,b*iL. ?* te*a'aa
* ia ta btiBiaal ?**laa*t **l ra it.Itt .:.a^ y A -?<?.. .*ik
lakai -a beul tl I o clock, on rtaal?r *u.rLo.,B*. wbic* a
*il*B**l kv mmtt tl rtp mttaa?ktllraa ??<?? a.,ma i* io tta
huiloir.? i' ? F.?.*?ria*l bj Mr* loho Cmmmtj ataata mf
tbra* -i f, .^ ea A obrarr of auodat aVhool aoeA* ba* ***?
r, la-t-iaa fa* Lb* mmm of Ita ?kO*raa Dt.ia* wrtiao* mrm hall
at If V ef nd.Ldaj ?i BkeSk ir.? C.ij M tt.-uuj rnrnttllg
i.a.c*'ea ^^^^^^^
Kt PlPf? COfRT-a*?tlaL T.?w-r?? it
? '? -i Raj ? 4 ' >?? I il'indreal ann Thirty third ?* -Tat
I eel "0* io repart tra to h* 8l?d tbi* w*a?k.
>?me a* to Seven'y Cfthat.
' i^-Lii if hle-renth *v.?Arifmrisnt po*t>>oaJ
Kxtet*ion of the Bowery to i'eari .1 -Thi* *****
rat* ia t,?!i,a objeetloa* to tb* r?port aaa taa i? '*?*'*" rf
He tarn.,* ofeatU which eo?<# *r* *JI**w* ia M" 9mm
!..?.* kt to nvoalt* rat* A a- ' ??* t'*m*nimm.
Il rn..tit?.-Be*V.'. JUte B a*.*"!-'
thi allksss aateiAa tteBsryrrs. .
Two sf iMNrsJsaBsjiiia ^
atlbltocrr a ne Km.e-.emm d;i ??J lvLrM> e. Urn
it Deren.b*r to* ??'? ".o**^'JT,mm tmemumtm, ?*.**? i
Zttmt y^uJttmZm *7* ikalWBklll
f*** IJ^L. o*a of !*-?? t*.* that taw*** taaaar by
,W n^id BBH tmi m rv.u'm Tn-y hat*
? ? ,;.?-?-.... ?..*?.-. - nv^u or in aa, pOaaa,
1^ t.a alel *.t *-?**r of tta attar t?*r mmt **a*.
"Tr.- "it- wtuaitwta tta *?it -< tb* Cttr aa
L u.. o ttar* Mt^-at Bka lauot ac'?? of paaaara ia pwt
^Tjata-. * - ? P*?* BBBt la i k*altk aal a Jla| li work

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