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Aid H \? o,i> demanded thrt yean ends nays?Car?
ried, 10 ?o t.
AI' r'"i moved Ihot the farther madiM bo dis
jewed wi h.
Aid. IIm.mck wen'ed te h>ar ab??1. tSa buH-io,,..
It w?i tim.iv decides t?i r?ed 'he report of Q -<4.e
1I??0-II, ihotaio-, to t!,?. C.rfc o't ? Ootiri of Cam
Dion P oa?, ortve? k*J made hn et;.:i.',*ti >u o bosjuie ?
r 'i?en ia which he pus (Jeoito dowa amocg hia
rl iloren.
AM, L,?Rn wished to rev 't to t1?? srTi Invit afLMltt
It w kift, WA, (e, , lo glli p M ? ? ?, n. < ... 4
fentera, Mm. Finn, fortru-r v MeFW r, Md h-,1 h*doir
?"'"">? o in h?r f?o?, hii-1 ?tin ab* fiMloi-,,1 ?
for htr? Kii.n. " h?r daa*.b era enuovd % no voas
*'irea u!a'Mi of the bancs snd jaws, sao.S as she
? lifter ?ito.a ed on tha mott pa1 .fat acca?- >os "
Tb;s an- the bod-dor a"d Iba revolwr affidavit aTStw
trad, andatUst the fo lowing preaa.b.e and roe^ln
H trttct Th? cifea o< Chief of Pr.llee of ?h* f ny of N?w
\u.k Mi> *?i i- a f<? ? H.Ueh el-en. itilir j?, -.it ?!??.? It)
Beit i>M tii,..lore, r. vtihid iha b .,.i?, *o? ifi iattaes 10
h*J<J tBM4; ihv.. aa,
tttto trd That ihr. . ffct -if ChUfef Pellet of the ('tv of
pew-Twr* ? fcareey ess w<& ??c? t
Ao. Baieai inovtd >he a.oplo? of the preemblo
a*d renal ittoa
Aid. noVASA hoped that that woud nil ntSB. It
?ras oil.uo, for Mr. Mv-el kadb , . befon tie Co..
Kit!**, ano .worn that bit mother bal tvld him toat
fee wee born tl. B < ,u , .. ,f , , y ?rj0ll d a,, t
tbst. every tM. Mng rim wonli he Ula?dna-? 1. And
Welli thet might 1 hrae ?edlowa had boon <n ih*
Cuoi s -re ?* tor fonr or five years, s*d tb*y ottnu to
|ua huo lo to d ihe.ru he wauls v>ie for it if ?vy
wood show kcod rauee. Ani so wsuH any mtn
Whom ta* ?utb V\ fcTd won'd ?Mjd -er- for that Varl
?ras proTftbial for iu hones y | au/VcrJ, a ;d for s. ;.d
itirf me ? there wr? <i?re voe to urn s>iy man out of
Bfiior H he did wioiy. \Vi,0 ko? w whather this Mat
ae'l, wl -eh the UrsLdon r?,? ?t, r rtfjrred to w*sour
COWf, aid whether this HoLry v\ asoiogtoa Jackson
Ostsmaaia Ahceel was his eon. Hu o?nid finl]uo! ii g.
Ilsre waa a men who wee Isaaaaafag around h^r? every
?Jay, ssjeooi ci.ly to the dmektlD man, without any
ymWSS ? no. (.f MpfMHt; he had b en arr">ij(f a lot of
?Id worn- ? o a it uo these utii lavi s aid a*?>ald tkey
turn a r?*|?e?abie man ou' i t edBoS <>" sues alii Iftri s
asthtaoi II? wii in f,*i r of ei. o i ,g the Chi-f of
Polite. Heaan'cd Mnta.ll to have to come Irefore
the pso'.e sv.ry :l,r..- <e,-a. ?u' he %
tanrsk- < nn ..ut so. I: was a cr dit to these m?-o,
lists. ii and Com ol y, the' ?he? weiv Icqiisc | oi be Of
?Jic'b; i. rh.wed tit a: no'inoj; else eouid bo brjught
?take! I.oin for if they cculd have broight a-iy
tbisjr e'er B-ain?t t"1? in they woald njt ha^ b en re
sluoed to sti h r .ilieulou? cbargts. He would lito to
?bow wb. re. th<r* men < ?n?o f o:n?Gol only knew,
lie ve>\ much <iueetior,e>d wbe . er any of hi era eo ltd
fro bask more than ore or two K'uera'i <ss. II-.
Wd'reH Huso im?n?o d Inckfr amon/the rsai?thai
tl.ore wool i .. me a day wto ? 'Vey w^uld rWMOt this.
Aid. H v Tl in miio thai if Mr. MtUell was not
An a -1 ibowotood Ibis Hoard woull not 'era bin
?at; if he we<e he ougnt noMa have the offi >e. He
pbssjli weoa wi'hout f-ar er favor for the res>l?tion.
Aid Bawos sail thnt siooe it had bseo prored I a'.
Mr. Ma seil W16 en ali-i i.e ballot deaUd it. There
was io ' BaWOS lor a doubt in the a aw of c >u ? ,?tr ot
les'.inonv ?rbiek all provrd that he was an all n.
Wss a<>t > t o airl or of the ^barter by win. ii offl ten
held thnr??ii- aa for Ii1??a f< r. hjij Knchsa law ' Had
hat'?', had Oosrttwl of thi city florwiiojosit?control of
nWI^aWataxeI IUd he u>t be*n Mavor for many
yvars prv* 1 Tt ia time he had fou-i I -hat be had got
Bold ot a hone and le aoulc not b? Mayor,but if it bad
hern a mare be would have been May or. Was ho
?ot mas er of tl i? atandiu< army her-*, made np
mostly of f?n igrers ? He (*.ld. Brtsrgsi did not intend
to ro i'lo such ninufe i^veefigatioi when heli*gaii,
aed sbouli ro t hive done so if he had used sui i du?
plicity. In h;s n port 1 e had retur/ ed to foreigners of
?ay accou; t as bavi'g l??n in t ri.on. He returned
none from the First \Wd. He (Aid B'iggs) had
railed up IM.':? men from that ward aad fro.n othera
? lere no men bad been re'urnei as bavin* boon in
t'isoB, und 'luv swore that they had be <n io prison.
Ibthe Thirteenth Wat : b fes Americans who bad
been in ib* v. at h-l ouse woeparsded as having )>essa
h prison, whi c tortu t t- *ho had been gu> ty of the
tTosi britems ? rttnea were pM??ed over. Mr. Briggs
toBcbirgly allurted to the de parte 1 bl^ck trunk. They
all knew that the Chi. fa offi e was the most corrupt
bole in the city. No stolen property that went in the.'S
svsr wei t out except at the back way.
Aid. Loin sa d 'le re had been a caucus in which <
twelve members bad pf dged thi mscives to vote for
this resolut on.
Aid. Ki t would savs the gentlsmaa's tims by de?
claring on his own responsibility that there had been
?o caucus.
Aid. Fox concurred in the declaration.
A d. I>oitn proioeeed to say that t'.at only prov?d
{at tlose ycnrlemen had beea kept in iguorance. Bs
e leaving the Beard, which he intended to do
srtlj. ho intended to make such explanations aa he
emed neoeneery. It bad been s'a'ed that Mr. >!?'
il had Bworn that be bad been born in this country.
,1 this wat a mis ake He had onl) ata'e-l that hia
othn told bim so. And tor this w as a man's char
???A^^,.^ be biaeledT The fact waa, that the who ?
HeV < t of this movement was that Mr. Ma'sell had re
pef d r?oru Ameiica-is as havinur been in prison than
I real'v wer?. This waa the identical tsmpett io the
? identical teapot which bad so ofieu besn ro
J frireel to. What matter if the Cnief wer? au
?n<iiahm(.a7 Was anything brought a/ainst
i fci ?nsnjsBtt'SaW. Mr. iAird proeeedod to take ei
' esptioa to the testimony ss a lawyer, becauso ths
Oviriernvwa- nen ly exparte. Tne report wbi 'h hal
been brought up here, in whic h (;<orge Matse l set
down OsH'rge as his aon. had l?een found in the cellar
Cf the C ity Hall, vhcre it might bave been p'aced by
anybody. The authenticity of th? Brandon Register
depetde'd not npon the veracity of Mr Sedgeick or
the A it. oi i can Minister, bo: only upon the ralicity of
the statement of the indefatigable Branch, whose dis
nertatisns he had rear) wi h io much interest. To oaas
this iteolution would be the groeeeet piece of torn
feolrry which the Board could commit The Board
bad no' the |>ower t > remove the huTibloat l'olioeman.
Aid. Voorhis did i.ot eee the relevaaoy of a gre't
Eiriion of his friemi's n marks. Tbs reason aaaigned
r reiiuvoik: UmOblaf wm tbs' he was aa Kmtliab.
alien, sad the testimony adduced was satisfactory to
him, he would not like to b*> triesl for his life on it
Aid. Voorhis proceeded to review the eTideae?, which
was very com luiivt to his mind, he raid. If it were
not so, why did not toe Chief bring op bis sister Mary,
wbo wps twenty four yaaxs old when tbev came over.
Bess fi mly believed that Matsell was b*rn in Es?
Bead aa that bo himself was born in the l uited States,
e thought that we had aoiue Americans wbo could
do the- Vt icf 's work as well as be The Ckief knew
all about the gambling bouses which were so plenty
m the city, and cid b? ever make a descent upon themT
last 8, ring the Mayor ordered an arrest, but before it
waa mass informa'im bad been sent in advance to the
gamblers, and C-ey were prepared.
During the Al.Jenna .'s s.a-ech, " Sam,"' who waa
Bumerouifly ropn-sented in the lo^iby, bequentlr made
demonatratiotis of sari-faction, which were with diffl
Culty n^reased. , , .
Aid. Bmooa re?ad, iu anawer to the opinion or Aid.
Lord that the Board oould not remove the Chief of
Poli<*. the following from the opinion of Wm. Curtis
iSotes. eeq.: ....
' WOSlsas as t?e r.,mtnr.ti fvmnril has ths i?t>eral le-itlativs
Bawer %mi control of iht City Owvrroment,' mnd th* t\Jtccri a%4
'eitrk* thrrtmj: ?p,< are bonsd to tee that the lawv af-ttirt til
airy ofH<-?r. are fa'th'Ti Iv obterved aiS ?aplied (Charter of let!*.
Bee SI, Dtvlat, p. ari.lt It co-opetent for at h?r branch, or'or I
Soil louche* of th? Common CoaaaU, to detltre tbtt ths otb ?
?f Thief ( f roltre It Tte*nt by reawa of bit aitaaaga (If tbatfatt
ha ttttbtlihtd apoa e.lstDee attitftctory to th?m), aod to aall
asaatk* apfx-lattcs powar to proeaal to fill tha varaacy, aad i
Bpoa the proper au horltita to putoah th^ luarpa ioa."
Aid. F.i t proceeded to give a succinct biatory of tn? j
Crigla and growth of the Chief, geograohicallv consid?
ered. He was afraid that it would be of little use.
He thought it should have diree'od the public prose
euterto proceed agaioet the Chief as an a'ien. But he
was rcaoy to vote .'or the resolution, simply dec ariag
the office vacan'. , ,
Aid. Wa. ITcaaa arded his denial to that of
Messrs. Kl v and Fox to the statement of Mr. Lord that
the re had been a caucus. He didn't like to bear Mr.
Braach spoken 1 ?hdy o'. 11s had deserred well of
bw country. He had produced onch a chain of evi?
dence that be (the alrermani could almoat takeln
?ata that Mataell was born ia Koglaad.
Crlea cf ''Question, queetioii "
Aid. Huwakii moved aa adjournment to Sixty's
The resolution was than adopted.
Avst- MMtra WWaSBBSa, Matt foi, Wm\ Taekar, ??*??
hit Tr?nb. da?, Brant Bejk?r Ckrj?u?, Klv, C IL Packer
and IVat-ll
?> *? ? ? Browa, RatrS, Ucffmir*, Hon., kaaara,
isfd, H-rrtek and \ ante.
Sam expressed his spnrobation by vociferous cheers.
Tke l^omri. adjourned ta Tbureday night
'?Three cbeere for Branch and Brigga" were given
With a tiger. " Three more ' were given with a gut's.
" Three groans for the Knglishmaa' followed, and tha
ball waa cleared.
Durarg the deba'e the President, Aid. Barker, sent
?own to the Chief t (HKee for politemen to preaarva
?sdsr. None were sent ap._
BOklll) Of C0C5CILMEN.
Mosnar, Doc. 3 -D. D. Cosovna, Katj., President,
at tbs chair.
irtxtwn* Rrferrrd-ny Mr. Bsa-fT-Of' OosjdhM
knd etheta for steam fire-engines in I^ower District.
kttfUultoMt?Wj Mr. C'LirTtia?Preamble, with res
aiatioa, appropristiLg |i00, or as much of it aa may
?bs aeeessary, for fitting ap elee?on polls ia the differ
tat Wards. Kef or red. .
By Mr. Ktto-Praambls, with resoUtk>?. that aU
nibhiak obstractirg th? carriago way of tValker street
be removed at the expense of tea owners, sad tkat the
?asaat oU la said street be fanced. Ketsrcd
tot?* pre-eat in-r-r??*, rvaat.lic? 0f if,,,
Mei oeeeent of p, >.,vil,f frea w
?moob and i!if.pf;rv, r*.uiu<- ma y M , '
*..rm? Hi i h tm tbej of St. iWiT?
(Nee thud pof? f?, CrWlfOilOT. Report I
Mh i m of, rop. tj fat ?row Ul I oVorT
AtWwt?te*--Ba or'sof Cornau tee ou A<wr
n.f Btj |., UTOf ? f f Ol T"jr,?in, rnfj ijgjgjfjjagj i
ai:ri BpM ntirg I,?1C Etwards Co'.ector tb (refer. w?r*
Ot rr-n*?Adverse to reUivine- Micba*l Ca-roll,
Ooatrsrtor for sewer ia Thir?v.'.hir? (treat, t-etwo-o
rieoud avenue Ar.d East Hirer;' adverse to oorr- ? n<
'rrrr in paynens ?f oOMOaaOOO ajar fla,'jjia< lh'rty
?nt a net, o^ f itition of F. YV. Oeuvtojtiatuiar. Both
(>t carre?In favor of OOatfratfhaf vamai atOMr*
taaO)aaentOOt ?n?t?trt Htntaii.
?tetH.it? In favor ot" Inoaaoalaaj tbo a'.l iwano? to 'be
Soeoerj, t. r LL? Reformation of Juvenil* Dot tnueats.
I.-j ort?In favor of paying Hoae 0*moanv No. 1,
ISO, aaneoai e xpene?i by tbem for reo?, sa'd ti pay
the trat of tl.?-ir house UN ti.oy ?re put iu doeasatioa
of >b< ir near honte. *eop?ed.
1; ;,,,rt?In favor of i.'iroha-inf a 'ot near the Pn*t
Oftire n? a ?i*e Ux a Boil lower a;,d a loc.tioa for
lloae ('ou par y No !? Loet
Reporte in'avor .f ? rrwervey of tbe gradine, of
Oat bandred an ! tw nty-thirl rtte t, s<>'a<i<-i Alrd
?venaeaod Avenue A: u favoro* arcar-.iig, o t,fnet
lot flneuiof; 'I biro avOaao frona Fore-fourth to Sil y
firs? atr?t fa to S C. fmk r. Boh odop o L
RepertS to f ivor of nwnrc'i'g aantroosfof paring,
?Ye, Eleweatk aateeifrom DiyDoeb *tr*e* toEait
Jiivrr to E. Matrui Ol in favor ?f onatirjiinif naa-d
ol ooawawal for fla|/ji?o', aVo , Tu ny iourt'i n'r-et
httartn Ffh avri.ue aad Hroa<l*-iy, in fav r ot
"e-kTri'i V. a%,ltftl ?;de of Carminr) and C ark ? m
?? ?rt'fiom S'o. 78Caro?aoofaoot lailadeoaatroot,
AH oaVMOtaA,
Bepoil in favarof MytOf T. Hunt extr? for m?>-)n
woik o:: ?gbtoearta ?YarO Station Hoaaoaad Union
ainrkii Laid oa thr. table.
The Board th a a ?> nod to We'eeeday aftaraooa.
at s o\ look.
The ai n-iM oaaaajajg af the Nrw-Vo k Hort ejlca^ai
eV ciaty took piara la%t eve' wj at. their r i >mt
CUatoa Had. Tne faoowing ia tbe list of offloera and
OomBBi'teea e'eeted for the year 1 - Ot
I'io'Om - In k OOOaaMl Viv Prm- Van'.*? *S nV?n A.
Loaaar,araaibald taaaill H M screeftlta.f taaoaay,
rtrurlora HL?*; Tf a*enr?D| Jam** K affbti U'r ? ' i
ercr??a/y?'et?r B McaH; 0 n'9tf>uA\nt liwatai) t. W,
Toaatla*) Hhf l?a J latioa 0 aaataaaa j Ma*ary Oouiantloa?
rat#rB. Mf?<t. Aofl-rm R?id; Kiaaac? t>>multt?a -?"a:*? W.
li-cii*j.F W. Tonllri, Fratri* fp?ar; P'oui-Qin Co an tea
- i aal ri Hot4 'o;ir Baebanaal Frnir Cnianjit-?? C- or u
Mud, avajiann H i'arpcnttr, Jaba Ba'ttai CloaaialiiaB oa
01801 an arB flantj?Tboma* Vhaa - Natorat 10,isha
0 e.er?'?"; Ccinuiititre oa Vnyatabi-t? WiilitoB ?Jtaattsaa,
Alfrei Fri-'iPasB. P tar Head twaa| Comajlttaaaa oatJa
JctiL (ilmt.O, Cairb f, L'ad*le), I)r Jin ? K'.tattt.
After the t'tt 'on of oAoori Mr. Qboshob oeeanled
the cbeir, ar.d Mr. M-an acted n- Seoretar/. Mr.
Mean propoeed that hereafter a portion of the miuth
l\ bo etiBga be devote-d to conver.ationa per.aiaIi g ?
Bartioalta a Agreed to.
Mr. Boon broagbt np the fiubiw't of a OOBBaO of !<? ?
turr? bototo Ibe Society, and mdveH tnat D'. Tom he
engaged to deliver kaeture*npoi Vegotable Pbytioiogj
aa ftp; lie ti to Hoiiii nl'ure Tae motion wa< uoa'a
inonaly approved, and the following named gentietni-a
Bppetntee a eommiiteo to wait upon the l)r wi'.h
a vi< w of niaiirg- Ibe nee. 8-.ary anaiigemenU: Mbsh*.
A. Lrirjgexan, Jaa. Hogg, and Dr. Rnignt.
Tbeae-aion waa oj>ened with prayer.
JadgC Edaaoadflaabmitttd hia au'.hori iee for claim
bag tbat tho triftec-a of the church abound be allowdd
tq testify in tbe case.
Mr. Chatiield lopttod, deryina; the applicability of
of the authoritits produrvd by .luiigo F.doionds. Tue
decision of Iba Ohairma 1 was reeerved.
John ,1. WVrle w ?.* aaorri aod said. I an ac
quaiatri] ia tb? virioity of .M*Ji?jb SSj*atO| tbera it no Me h>
eblfharrb ia tha' aaiabWbogdi tbate 1* a laije aumbsr of
atatlicxtUl f.ml ia?.
Mr. C'batlield said it was not an i*sue before then
wl ether a Methodist Cnuroh was needed upt>wa.
Mr. Knmonrs explained fhn* ho doomed it accessary
to show the propriety of tbe action of the Trustees.
Mr. Skaffi r was willing to Admit that Mjtbodist
Chun bra were needed up town, also in WcstchtaUrr
County ttu? OVSS iu New-.lersey.
Testimony of Mr. 'Wandle, re?utned? 1 have bann
f'lul Ur Ibe alclnl'j of thti Church aad kco? that tbate
k*a baca a (real raaof a ia the chtraaiar of tbe bad.lio,* in to'<
Vtabiwyi tb* atoraa bav* >ua*laiit?d Iba J??lllo? b ia*e*; I
ab< olu ttii .k about eaa ha.f; a asnahOS af Cbuicho? bava boan
rtuia*ad up tow a.
Craaa-cxaaoard by Mr Sb*rTar? I da aot think tbera
BSBfB ft erlitt* \? tba tbre? lowar warm tbaa there were lit
aeaii shw] , I r>ot tbo k tbur* ?re more p?r*oai ilvluft diwa
i_ w*i I lafab ibe uuaiber of nutria aaii bvirdiot bju*e? lure
iacrrktrS; tbsia are a cumber of Uerutaus, bat 1 vbiuk they ar*
u?i nirat rrtideola
The Bav. Hiram Jlattison waa sworn, and testified:
IwaipMtoral tbia,(:barrh Iroaa Autu*t, lr5^ U? Mar, 18h ; wi
bad tl r?* diataurte* r-m Sibbath aad a KrldtT e??riia? imc are
at b>*t. bet tbe af.eraooe aeirua wai abaad jne.l pamj S*0*ae*
bh btalib wa* aoot. aad because lb* co?frt>|*ti ?* w<? tnal,
aaS 1 ih'i *l.t it a waste of abvr; lbs Snlaa ereai?n Ir^turea
arete at SwWa*B*aaed bt abotit oae haadr->i p?r*oo?, bat the
andlrcc* drriireO du.-Lcfr the last p-rt f trie aeat to l*t???a alaht
?KWtsrD'.y pirson*, aad atoae tine I areachM to oar ptraiai;
tb*r> wna o Btfead aecieaaeio tb:-aum*ar<au* it tbe i?tof Mat;
duilif b- br?l >f ar i f bit raima'jj aj aio'tiuj e;n?' t*ti ,11
Diait" 'f1 ?b< n< dttOi twtlt drataaaad tnO secin* mi ?, *? >rt
waie ma:'e by advertiaameuui, ao*lar?, tc , to keep up the c >*?
?r- lati.m ; tb?ra *v a l?r*e a>op . lioa of aLrae*sre in my c 'ti
?rrcatu t n e eorlal are?tic?* wrre at) drcieaaiti| in atteod
aur> ; tbera were a auiubrr of ai'niaert wh m I ne*?r aaw
hate ; iow r i 1 ibtm rraided a dittacee from the chuich; I re
aorte* tbe Lumber af uarmnera tit iba ct urck to tbe Coaferetiee
wl lie I waa I ere: tbe cjatnbutiaor, a* a geaeial thio?, came
rtona member* of tbr akarrk 1 Uiere was a itiaesrr.' elatt,
which was attetideS each SubbatJ noon by font right ta
30 prreoae; th?r* wer* S5 aa-mSrr* of my claw:
tl ? :r waa aoane talk cf noving tbe rbureh b?'..i* I leO ; 1 '??
kVI.WO a ytar aad my bouse-ratt; Iba c >ilectiant danog two
y< a ? 1 wat patter brttaiaourited to *>t 3 ?* I Jid Bot tb ek tbs
down lewb popula'ton wa* lariratUg dnrim th?t tloir; there
arOtoAflaOa < oavertiaaa Sotiag ai uraitirt here; 1 am not to
anuc to faroref Iba rem*?a> of this ebnreh a* i bare beer., I
Ihiah tba chareb could do good bate if eoauaa'd.
John Henuley, sworn?Testified that rhc average at
t*i.daace at tbe churrb tlare tbe middle of June lait b? beea
*C a> both ??t?iort aod st Ibe ?ubtatn Stkooi HC. at atttitaiatS
by aaiaat coaou
t rttt-*atmlaea by Mr. Cvia'nelS?The srera|e att*D^anra
atibatBSraltg atrvtea wat iis: I was preeeo. at tbs ebureh
latt errtit g aad taw u p-rnu at the altar.
John Harper, ef tbe firm of Harper A- Brothers, was
?wrra.anS tMtllleS tbat be rrddet at tba eoroer of Twenty,
tbiaa'nat aa. Fifth atreuue, one block from Mullto* ajua-e;
ni? biotl.ei? Heichar aadJtiuea are m-mbert or tbltchjreb:
Ihne are a atituber of faml let ia that aelabboiuvod who wool*
aura* a Mt botlat cbarcb at MaaUou t^^are. Tba wi neat
gate a litt of thirtj nine fauiidet htlng ia tbr upper par: of tha
city who had exareaaed a wtth to bate k Metlijditl churah at
Mad >on ?quarr, wbith tbey w.uld attend.
Craat examined?Tbera i.? been kboat O'P OiX) tubt?r:b*d ta
wardarbairb; three lote oa tba tri are w-u d coat OSO.&Oj
bare beard tome of the pertoat named la tba litt apeak id guest
af th* ;a ?? ard retac'a. Ot Joba (treat Cbarcb; torn* of tbctu
ar* wtalihy mea.
P rert, round- Tbe-e were err air. ooa^itloat 1* the rab
(cilptM.a( af O'P.OlO which wteld prtttnt tb* appllcatiaa of
kbit ?am to tblt pripoaed atw cbarcb oa Meiuea iquare; a
Urge aaub-r ot waaltay famlh** realie la tbe na ghbjro jad of
kui-.uu tosare, aad aoaua power fatal..e* are liriag ia tb*
trine nelglhtibood.
elelati Hroww, Treaaurer of the Hoard of Trustees of
tbe Jeba etiret MatOeStat Cbarcb, tastifitd relative to tbe re
tripte, by icieraat aaa aellecctewt, af th* charca, aad its ear
real cxfcaciluxea Ad.ioeraed.
The great ?ubject of Mataell s nativity occupied tbe
attoation of tbe Board of Aldermen last evening, and
after much discr.ssion tbe report declaring the oSc * of
tbe Chief of Police vacant, wat adopted. Tha Board
received from tbo Croton Aqueduet Department tbe
working plan for laad ordered tbe same to bs
printed. Wo give an abstract of the docameot in
another column. The sum required for next year is
estimated at $315,900. After the adj urcment of tbe
Board tbree .leers were given for B-iggs and three
groans for MattelL
Tni Lstb Fatal Bow is Chambbbs ?tobet ?
C*rea?r 0 Deaaali held aa I et, a tat yattarcay aa tae body of
Joba MtK'aaey, who tiled aa SaaSty aftaraoea at tba New
Yeik HiayitaJ. aad tbe J try rrederrd tba fo.lowiag rariict:
"Tbat Jaba MaXlaaay, tba ISBBSBBaV caase la bia death by
?' IsNftaBB kr*?***. tremtiar-Iy caatad by aa lajary MtStwl
h VT Laaala Kacaka, aad tbat w? einaerat* tail Knoake f r ?
o k'atwa." Tbe itceaaed, it woi be reaaeinba-ad. wa* eue af a
^aIt* of yoaeg mea at* oa Tbaakaginaa tight eaterad tbe
Ctrl af at'. Rat rka la Cbawhart ?rtet wbi'e latoziaaui, aad
Wtaate Mr K. refsaed tbeaa Itqa?r, aaaaaltaS bjaa aii la
caatrrt *bain, Ot . aad la re?ara wtre eratk with a catlaat
wblrb Vi I (M rrotw ander tae aeaatar aad aetd ta aelf
Saftata. Tba t? etwee af 0? Dash, ttae of to* boat* targteat
at tba Ile.ritei, abowed IbU the wjaad wbiab McKlaaey ra
a*l?*d wee oa the right tide cf the bead o?ar tba forab-aJ. aad
weaeltgta'. a? te'y lavolrtag tha Bret witboet axtattng tba
baa*. Tba moraiag after b* wa* aweuuea. delinaa^ treaea*
tat la. as* tkia waa probably preaaa are y lateaad >y tb*
weead bat tkaiatur wa* ia iteelf a* aaaaaat aaatb. r*ribar.
tb* ttceated ha* aiuatloat e?er hi body?aaotber etiaaaoa af
diteeee. A poiilea af tke krala wte f ned (a be eoeawtied.
bat oa the part of tb* bead where Iba weead wat thve wat a*
epaeereare of ecr gwetlaw 0r etat**** ta tba braia. Mr K.eake.
wha. wiik bi* coaweel, (Bawart Jaba at oae, ae* ) bed bwea pr*a>
wat Sarlag tba laqa'uUea, waa apea tbe raadJtioa of the rar
Slat. *uhba/ged by baa tarwaar.
Chakox or Kmbbizi.ntatf aaD MAiinoBs Mit?
ral tr -tarea t. Ilaetea a y'.ug man r?mar1y ia the eeaaiey
(aa nwckkwetMrl ef Mt Abwar h. Oiakeaaad. prea'iaaw af th*
It .eh aiew* Baaaa rarwaraf Wtrraaetraat aad OabBBB ??!***.
wa* jeete.-dtf wraataS by Otaaar Marray * kh* Lawat t? h
mmrna t>* t?t o> o*?.k.. ?*
fTMi off-oe-r kw itn -a>t>er- el |,ten hit ni nya, r-a. *?r
? ?U.lUl.f nr-.- ,) ,T,rt, fest o,,,.f t t>( H-Lai
Beertet.1 w. k ??.S?-.,1,-b..,,^p.r re.,.,-,.-,,, lld Tll
? ?*. m ** ? Iba t. .,dr? ., ??,.,j .?._.?,
? rj.!-->,?. | |?a ?'-?? ,,B,l,ri g.l; o-lll,.,,
'* , tV" *' k*s,c' ??*?? aWjeedeotke-'t-.i
? |M nil n t. .. c/>l , .*? .? y., rJO't**, ?tu,, ,ltt
tat r rt.i-nt t er-b-t Ii m*m *? i.h 'eat tad -ore tt? pw>,r
ff ir I?. w. ,, ,M ,.i>.rirl.. d-fi.o-el the pr-m.?*?. t,?, wt,
'???? betort Jv.ie W...I aid cerau.:.i?d vi um titalm
Tat I.ATI FaTM PoftSOfJIM C*n ? Cnn-er H. ?
tar. -r.-?r Bay, pan BS? Bad Sr. aj u aal N x ?13 -i-en.d ??? aa
ti-fj-i-hrf Vt .tat ??.-.?.? , t hiy ?-.oa-t-ay-.r. of
*b??ithrM??tl.M, iL?-?Bi,(.n.lj pa-oekoft i??? aa t
? ?.r.w. , b*w leeeA eaj e ?lale ta fe? 'th-.'--.? f
Jam.g hi ? en, eom?r < f T? i.ti a? ariaal t> .i "b'r.l a*e>
V i.0", *'1 ,ld 1 ,,m '?" efJ-ee afwnw** 'h- b>?
Irr kf Ii (,uo b!t ii.t ;. aia nnw eari aa y i L Tie C <i
Inn* i- ftp ?* Me t ? i'-ar- tat ?>(>n-'f es witaeaeaaof ?o
p?-ote *i-wir ?Vo ?'*?-<) ta? jvifO'. <aih??r-?t nr f r?
what aariyei- arai tber* placed, th? na tb?tev??*at eeesl i-d
?> | >'J r? ,r? t ob- i |S ' 'c' - i 'hi* w?-t.,ef w*-n
t/e t qtlejttei, triil b* Iii i' -h? uiEe-rf a? ?"V* i?r An?
r*'?OTi r> .?n.fd ?f 11 * 4aatra< Laf-raa ioa. wN foth?rta?
ai<!i tf in?t|c? b? rki r# na rh? r.)rrB.r M tk~ aber, laea-d
plaf (i ? f. r i?d'' nf th? pik * were a?* -aad tod fton i m
erB?itt ff?r?n i aa?l aiavaaaf* ? ""hu pu'?>?o.in? i,
? | >fd ? ll>? atraai fr tl"! pnrp ?? o' oj'-.g * tt,
raw. ai' vtti *Wl r?aarlt l? tbiadtni io i^a n i,hv>r'
booa, a> rl ???? r?i if ftr-?? aaim? ? Va-? t.cutlt bMi kos-i'a
dkl ?or d-a ? fro?fi rh" ?fT-rtkof p-.U n V.," rt.'.t taaTI at ata
in ?! a ViaJaMj -n r?l* iop aa ib? ma't?r. *Ld -T#?rj ?ffirt i? "nluj
BaOTaaakat?v tue u ?h> aiblaaaa, w aa/ ia* Uaat,
auch rr-?< c? ?itr,!? .
Ai rr-T r.r ToVTC fiAMBi.r??.?T*?e T?e tvJ
a? i ni \S i d p.j ,aa rr?d- a d??^-r I o Sno^ay avai'tf ?r>- ?
ila b***n?M ff .So. bM .?-T-tth wanaB, ?a?r- 'h?t fnfd rir i
'?? ti' laaab fnt fo> pr-i.i l.? al. <>? "b r? t rj arr *t?a, ?aa
?i'b thrit Mik BI in n a-DLir?, e/tiTryd t*-ara aafota fa ti-a
fpr?ra W, wk b? d >(rh ?f t ? ?m -o a i ro l?*p tta p-i ? i i
BBMB? and mCaeaBadtM bank f^r mm ba'.-e-. af ?>a o-? >r.
Hb also 61 ?d rr* k. ? j?r >Yrbe p *<??> y I'. P-rhapa th- talias
iftb-i ar?r w?-i# ai i'o !->? La mropl? al t'.e r h atbna uf
<h? ? ur?. kj cr ? ?t t-y f.-nr ion a f -Li? Iff e ta-abl ni krl a.
BTltl 'aaaact o. yl'yr a>J0(i'J,ar:;h aaiaaaf ?ml <r\ i.< ih*r
do It t
I7ai r. nr Yoi tiiii i linwtui?.-On Sni-fay mi\$f>
r<Hin Lbs r r-tk W'rd Po,!-? BalaBtaJ '?? rty beta par'ofa
*kiig CKilrd "ynaai bor aia " for pUjt.'f ball ib lb* -treeta.
"a*"'"!.and otbai laotdarla eaadaoa, ib?> ware l?-?ad dj
i? ;b* rtxlcc Bisrlpa fcs tr,? Bkfwt, sad yoatoiasybtAaa in
Coarl wkwia aaa.a w-(e eona. t^d f^r cxtanaat.i.a at i
ct- en di.itiarf.il witS a rerrln.%id
BoBBMf ff Ool dCoib ? John Me Mann? a?oin?
I rial - in ?n }> i<r a' Hrsatod, r ???t ?i:k a>? 'd| (Aa
IB ,??? rofafrtm Pstiltk A Ira, of No tfl Mi^aia ? r, i
? |.r..r. mi i a tha i k'- af 7r-'?diT aa' Ii- tee men w-ra
'? t?? BOtBar-kaeil ct oaa L?n,rh ?< , ca ? -? af Jun**ali.> aal
BVatar ewaal e?d afttr tint, tt, .ir- p.l.at t (father. AI aa
? ';,* - '-i Issvieg, waa a? la a af a 1 'n
by SiVn a< ?ha . hht,i ? rfce Briaowar waatakan
bali.ra Joitlrk Wa.ab aaJ case htad fir Blsataetl .a.
IbXioI i A' rinrsTs ? PI ilip Mclrvor, a hand on
bs'td Iba at??m?hip At antic ??.-erda? ?t"t?ri'0-?n fa I is o 'b?
? acbirrrj arfcila I waa in ai -tlon at h? Beak flatl nf OaSal
????iL waa tertiHy araakea. 11? waa t<kea ia a Jjnu i a
t. M r. io t'r '(? T.ik ff<>? fit-1
Foix rt k. i o r i I f-t.m the er va Irres of th? ?tAam
er (?o ?e Law ?ra erd?? aft'ticKin Ii .h? d?ri ? diitkar? rf
?JWM Lti? f-?r. iir ?r?. aaeaayad t > Oi? Ne? Ym-? h .j .?j
wl'h a f BCtati i aroa aad l?f and p:*red tu BBN af Dr. Oatk.
CtUBOI or ftKk.ati Lai.i im?Wm. Br?vln?'d, a
ealor?< koa, waa jea riday ?rra'tad charted wl"i b-eicf i
k?r'a?a?n i-.?tol" s'otaiagtotke tu' l f *|j fma thj
BsaBBlaaa af Dl <* ? \ aa tina-a. N0 ? loi.d ?ki?ei tnapr??
tr't ?i? wand la r*aa??? <.b of tie acco'ea. mi S soLfaaacd kla
|udt and waa lecktdtap i i Jasdes l'a?ra?r fa Iritl
[ kd?prtia-m?at |
PfTBtTrrilfrfiT BTisBlntiiaall with Charts and
Wiittsa Daacrlrtioat af ( haraetar, f:eaa Diilt aad Eras
ia. ? at the kUatca af FoWLSa aad a'em ?. No > i Biaadway
|Adaa ti* m?at |
ElJUrnc, Dl rAI'I T. am) UNSfmiXK-anLB.
On a?ii-!/r\tad
81, k. W?oi?b, and Marino
I \aia?,nars a^n Dnwait
poaiMsu f v..?) qaalttj adapuaa 'Ji-m to ibe aaaaas.
Tkaj are aott, ataati?, daiakla, auil eitreine ? ebaaa.
A. Kakata k Co., Hoaara,
Na. !?>! Bawery.
(AdTertiaemert |
FiLK?, Brawls, Vki.ve is Mi:rti\o.s.
T? an > 'taa. I a fiSBkttt. P.ti.la f 'lotha, i'ta'?iji?*ea.
Blaakats, fiaana'a, kfaraelllaa QbQ a, Cluta fakls Creen,
DiBiiak Tsbls Qotaa, Na?kini, kc-. aai?tif at irnat radactioa
tioari foiBiar pricaa. (? M. Bonica,
No. 323 Utand >t LL-raer of Orcba'd.
[ AdvertUMBienl ]
DfSHPinORF Om.i.krv ? The now Paintings re
oettl-put upcn rxtiili'ioa at tLia ftvorita reaort ar? drtwuf
peate-awdki Tk'aOallary ianowoaaof tka oio>t a'traccta
lea'in aa o'the t "y. aad akoald ba ei?nad by a.l whecatiap
pirciat* ib? oeautifct nA I
f AdTertlaa4xeat.J
FlLK", Filks.? Croat hale of Silks this week
frtm Aui'lon, c.-hatatitf of riek field tor ?/, ? aad I* par
\v ?! %?(.'?'? A i - i? 8tlka at fraat ba'aa ua. A fan Htnpad,
brici'i* aad FIOb* Hilaa at half i? ie?.
U. M. Bcuiar, No, ail Uraad tL a^raar Orubard.
i Adapi-riaemavt |
Anson's Large Size Dat.t F.nitF.otypf.s for Fifty
Ob'a. cnjmed u.d ui oiea Caaea, twi a a< l.rfa aa otberatakea
for fiftj oecta. and a^^al to thoi? rnrda elaewbera for +i A>
?as'l, Si*. Saw ill jadway, oppuaita tMatiopo.ikaa rtoial.
I AdTrniaem tit. l
The mist saerr*ilnl operatiou of iato has beoi
tka Icni.rcciua of Loaan'a Par -at Pea and PaariL, meda by
A'u ????-. m, : fn ?? k. * A o I in* *' >r aeaatt, e.efiae* BBS
Bra p. i i j. it aaarjut fail Io atnke tha pa>>lia aa tka beat tamf of
tka t it eeor iwu-d. Wi.njir k baa na- aeeiy atbai aty.c of
fas aad i ?? ii Cats ir <Jold Pais for aala
[iliailaaaaaBf 1
JrsT KFi riVKi)?A sjdendid loa of French
Car lim T?. aad ara bow prepared la tha meat dniielon? BSSSe
im, kBki aarl ri:fi.d, or Mama'a i a?ea, cr Maroa'a daaaiaea,
by Usasr Maillasd, Ceofectuuar, Na. Sil Broadway.
i Ad-eruatnaeDt-l
Wnsox's Daxdi.lion Chu lk?For Dyspepsia,
ltdlfe*tiua, Slrk ll-adaahe, Bilioaa ml LItbt Di?eiara, aad ia
eeprciaJI) racommeaoed to eeraoaa of delicti* eoaati nl.ooa.
Bold ty all irapectabla Apotbecarioa, aid at tha piiaupal
depot, ooraar ot 27ih at. and 3d a*.
I Ad-a-tiaeineat. |
Bkaitifi'I. Teeth?Tin: B.ai3i of a Tnor?aVD
ELOwasi.?Tbu wo'ld renowned cosmetic u BBS oaly artltle
aver yei diecv-eied that wi.l betoiify Iba eouiplei'oa, leatiog
ike tbiD par*, ?oft an* whit?. It ai-aa a p-a/iy wbli?n?a? ia
Ibe taeik st.d a delieiaui frssrant* to the kreub. Prieaor iy
bC (in For aale by all Drot|i*-e thrortf hoot tha L'oi ed a at**
aid Cankd*. In. . .1 k Co., FraakUa tqatre, New-Ytrk.
Price, ot ij bt teats.
I Ad-ardaeaiaatl
Gas! Gab!!?Seaeral new styles of G\i Fll
Tcsca, tarpaaaiBj 1b Watty aad watktaauaklp aaytk*a| etac
pftred b*f..r* Oar ?????? ?.? ara protacitf aa* aad *? .
atylaa aaaaUatly. Alae, tka Bait rosTiat.a On Weasa fbc
prfiat* a wt litca, charakaa, at fart rfiaa la mm aaaaary. tail
at ear paat Miaafaaaviaf Depot, Na 3'S Broadway.
A a ait A Wassss.
[ ''??;??.; l 1
The Ladies are all visiting ( om mkian II \n .
tt*. 3S1 Oraad al, ta par.hate D>eea OaadA Tka Btaaare.
Ttwi a k to. kava atarkad dewa tkeir -atira tt i l. aad are
aelllaf tiLBS at 4 aad S a yard, ench aa ara aald eiaewbar* at
Si aad 1; Bichkjotaa AnTfsJVBS aaly #J a yard wf>'tk #3
Wtaiko ri.AUi T.'yFot a Shili i?..? w*r'k Six. fassen
attttaoii, >. t SHlLLlkbt w*rtb ()>a Dot.LAS. T ? beat
quality rtcaak Usrkt***. aaly Oas DotLaa a yard.worth
S.12S. _ _
Ttie nnBAT Imim.ixg Kemedt for Asthrtan,
CoBt*Bpii*a, aad all SSBSnSSS af tka throat aad taafa: Di. CVv
rit't Uvkisaaa. Tbaotiadt bare bars raeered ?? ketiak tha
paat year by tka Hyflaaja*. Pnarlpai o?9c?, Ne. MS BreaJway,
ana eat by C ll.Ktac.Na. braadway. Pnt* salt * . a
par late Dr. t t am ?rill ba at tka ettBt* utily traaa It u I
a'ekaak, whara k* say ba eaatajtad fraa af ikarta.
I Adv*meem*bl I
Ftiff AI'VTipsiok.?A splendid assortment of
Fairy B, xet. Pat a tta Toys. Sorpnaea, sad Cjafectlosery?all
ot tli* rewiat BtalS aid aeiectr.1 with the f.-eat*at pott bit car*
? will be rra<iy for exhibitioB oa D*c 17, at H. MAiLLaasf*.
Mo. S21 Broadway, the pr.'j i: ara reapectfally iaal'idto aa.1
and fxamiaa this rare aatortseat ketur* paichaaaf alt*wk*t*.
Tin Citt Cc^RT.?Tae crintiaal bnsineas for the
rot,lb waa ccma.tB<ed la iMs < cart y?*terday b-foee Jacte
Calver aad Sa-wryiaora Striker aad Allen John kfartla wat
tned aid *tnei?t*d on a . inn of eaaaalt and battery with it
t?tt to kill. Tb* prcaavutirif wirseaa ta Ibe raan wat 1
Do?f lata, a Folicaataa of U* third t>.-trict. wbo id hit Saysslta
aa as cfia*r west to tr e*. tb* Cer^adant i r dtturderly eoadaet,
ta?rly, whlpplaf kSS wire arid martby dlttarbtaf he a*lfb
berbcod. The ecjaard rea.ated ih* offiwr with a batch*! and
inflicted a er-ere srSSBal oa k:a bead. Tha Jary recoramtciad
tte arm car tc the m*'ry of the >nrt.
lnrte bo?s named Andrew I fro am, C*orge Ssyder,
aad Joaeph Ociaaoa. weit ti:i|?i ca im et vita - | ???
in the third dear**, BS ea'enef a boo** ia Car- dl place aad
? ? ? t -'x>m a qatatiry *f l*ad : .? TB* brat aam?4
plead*.- salty, aad tk* tw* eikara ware tri el aal ejavietad.
?esiracat raaaryad.
Tur Gamx Law?.?The Snpersisors of Saffolk
Coaaty bate rtpeaied tk* law far tb* ?r*aerTati?B cf {*??
pitted Noy*o.b*r. I?*4- Aa act fjc tha p-*??r-t -u dear
waa pawed oa tk* lHk it. which fotbili tb* ki liof *f aay
beck da* or fawa, sader tk* pact ty of mot Kir See yaart frnia
the tat of Derrinker iaat Af er tka exptrahoa of tan taraa it I*
lawfn) ta heat ihtna der.at th* rxomik of Kaeeoikar aa.y, udar
a panaiay af ?b lot SSSt aBant*._
Nkwauk abd BoBokts Ba ii ro a p.?An apphta
li will b* B*dt ta tb* New l*ia*y !.??- - ? ?r- a tta arxt aaw
tiea io fraat a charter liar a BSawSSkf tram llobokaa ?? Newark.
Raii iioak Tins ?A new tin- bill areot m'o affect
ea tka New Jeteay Sal read yattardty. Tb* 10 o'clack i a.
trala fa rkilaaVtlpkia will tat? at II ?'?teak a aa. Boat**tk*r
ehaafee -?.ai ?4 ta war eUliea* bay* b?ea wad*
The rergreeai.on of o* Floajssef Priyor? hptsoopal,
Newark beta nlJwoed a eat: BS BVa Is*. W. SkarknlfarS af
St. Maty a Cbarak. Brett .? la bataawt Skatf Bectw, aad aa
Ua, aaeaptad ub* aaU.
m >'.! 'am hoo'.e.
0001.T OF OT kb, aWD TlkM|?EA--Baf.r? ihj la,
Jiolke RoutrTrLT
"*V.Mo.D.Ti ,
Tie fou't of &?*'%) lotais** UriBf kWOlOtrad
?<?e?J*J moit-kg fur LB* L?e.*ajt?*r larBB, lb -a iatb r
;?,t.t. r. Bl r.e trial of Il.ikc- irBfl artaterialI?lira
iied owir I to ibe fact ?I t'erw Uinir Su tl.eoaeroui
open All the tpnoe In BB) COOTt room, kjWQtat, was
oc. apieO. At 10 o'clock the Coa t was i p net %ni
n*.h ft'ter the t ?* wn p-rCeeo>d with. Ttio hi iw
iigt?dlhi Bel evidaxee #*? aMaBwl
j.rsI, .? b. M< (.<jbr, ?worn? I re-i eatN? Plntod .
a treat. 1 rDT? ii bb fiiu-io??> ? |r eten : I taw |> \rr Od
thr i MM tf toe -itj of Er liru iry at Ln. *. t ^r er ol
Br. fcti-a) Canal i-tt.ci, a> out 11 e g ? * s ; H Mit
1J\ .r, *)0 '?'?'?"> ftbd Pm tie Were t-tr . A dr-.w*
* < r t ??'k I ?tie? PtM I-. i ?a*r htm in tu early
pattot tu? ert?te*; 1 ?bbo?m a' ttanwii II? Ub?I
e<.tii.r>*r, Baitr *v tbe-o, at L Bar's, ab ut 19 min?
ute ; hi BtBB . o . t-1' ?it g * .th ItJBBfl o hi. n ? ?, I 1?
uo' B ar kilt. ra\ a: ytLtOg ab j any .-.-en r? uce that
hi,b ; II Ot? fco? y 'on me ?,,d toatl ot er? that btj b* I
Mi-t!- eiafkalt] w.'.b Mr Poete Unati.i h a' fttnawil
Mail, Rater standing by arhea MmilBoar
anta e tbe nirarB; r e tia no: tar Bay tb raw; I
ttard ef the alTray a*, tin .v. .Vh,!a* bsnre
I went 'o I.iik' , am iot cert.. . thai I j ?r
Vm, pe t bj d Ltna w?re a' Lti g -; 1 rnnainrd tnero
ul'iI Ii>A*r. Pb?iite w j i.t eta ??m ou*. a.'iunt*
man tianwo Cai.ni:?l ern went oat aim If niiaBiii.
be eaia be wat going ;?. .Mr. attoa's m Lisp | tf i
a ie?t; It- a-hec ny it . woulu e}.ow Bj a> :'ie pu ??
Hylaf BtiaaA bbbjb traB ejneaget] m eoiiTarBaiioai trill
BBS romelo?) BBBM d af tr*ard and taid ilorri--??
t?a-?t A l<; ll}t-t lafk *t> g? tbtbTt) ttitJi iota body
ein. Bakert?fetoa1 BtBtrMtwikataj; tte p?rty araj
UawBaj auioi>K tietiik?l?ea; Baler eat one jf tae
p i j , BybTI whs taJB Lg; to oe ell t^e trat .. i ?> p/oj
tijet?; Morrii-a-y w-e o'ui'k a d bit Irieadttraatad ta
t-ke Mai i ? tu . tr |. fj ?,x.r. afar I we t in, Baavar,
Esu^ete ai o 'btm wen', ou. t??ei?>tr. t ai>\ not nenr
tletij tty a i K'b ?">>' tt ay ayartj l^baag akaa tb-y w. nt
tat; oid Let nee aajy we?pi't? aitu tht ji; Mnrri*???y
kotd bbb taat Paate aatj aa had etaera pa*taat at 8taa>
an Hal'; Ibt Party i i-a. kaea ..one abcu* Ira uiiBjt.a
a i en I left UbVi ? p tea
Cior-i-eii'm; Bed? rtVBB aatfjaj trorr Jl in 'die habit
of aad in. Utaj I; I uia not iLu.t there waa any BB*
t.?c\ maii'eted bj tl.*?e ptrl^a.
Cba'UaS lurLbnll, BarofB?I am I'a f*i:i of tha
Kyl'h I>i"'iut Patira, and wi? to in hVbrnar* lt?t:
J aa* ot >t.!,wli Hal' oo the r i.h. of .biaatf tiraN-ut
l|o'aJacki i <:i 1 not eee Hut cha; o;l.h : I ee it to
Ltsl'*abtyai 10'ejack; 1 niHjr ?ianvifirlUker'h?re
bateidt.0 to 'i hi 'i ?li"i I irri^ei a* 1 Lag ? 1 to i id
my n*n tta uii g on the walk; I demau-ied entr.i". |
Ljos n fueeo 1 th?n burste? open the door aad weat
bai I too; d Vaa Pelt, Tarter, ati i P*a?aaB tbara;
trit ayaj in ti e tecoLd ttery: I tea*, a ?e ,e?.nt up
atatte loieeifaiy persona were here; I did not tee
hcLt r that i.i?bt; 1 a at at l.u ir t atvotr two tioura or
iinoe. I U i a umii m clia.-g'.' aod went hack vo Staa>
vrta He'l.
I m re-namiLcd?When I went to Liar*! I de
maLrt? d edniiiat re, I ?a;.l 'o Li"tr ".l^hn or>on the
(]. ? he ?aic be would not d ? it, v wa - b't caa* e and
he would proteel it, 1 mriri.a Van Pwit; ba catna
willinghi with me; a decor waa Inaaliig 'l irnar'i
a n . there we*re eotne Cftoen or twen y iu 'he rnuji;
tkt .i-^niwts full; dti tiot ohsorve the ehurart.-r ol
Tanxr'B Wwapdj I arrrtted Tii'ne', at-d at 'he do."tor
said i would i ot Co to more hia I left a largeaat i.i
??Lar-to: litus oneolmynien i ?ni tT Moore, arrefed
r(M.| ? m tho *arl> part ?f tbo evu.i )/, Baker, an I ray
Kit hare been tyiooOly; he wat loraotly a ptivac
Utidaf 'i e he wat then deiailed; ho teeigaed in Janu?
ary, 1-. .*>.
("rawto d Martin, ?worn?I live in Fif ioth street
aid atop a lit try staMe: in tba Biabt <: iU* fl at
tfl.-riv I caw MoCTwtey, Hak -r, liviu^. Lo/ier, a man
tamed Poat, at stou?ix Hall; l'ojle was tbere; I
w< nt in lure; Mott se-y was ttiking Ui Irving and
some frier, s in tht> corner ahen I wen bo with a
fiieail of mu.e named I' -?. l'or: and I wt re cpnting
wkeii Mo r ?sey came up to Host and .: ? Vou s m
" cf a b?h, have you come to kick me in the head
'? Haiti'" Motrirsey then snapped a pi^'ol twioe
over the 11 ads oi -he crowd a: Poole; I cid n<* see
Baker doiraj h<^' >/? be was lea'ing Btraitat tba
n icole ot tbo bar, ha had BOthlltg in hia nand; !'?> ????
was stm.diiig alongside of Cj. Miay, herweea the
?a'irkr ar.d cribbing? tar; I saw no ,'ietol? x-ept the J
oie Moriiaery had; did not observe how liaaer waa
?reise I Othcer Hogan came and took Pool? to the
Eifcbth VVi'il Sta1 ion Honte, Morrutfy went with an
o'Ji? r effloer.
I ro?a eiaininod? I cid net bear any cor<vernation
bet we. u linker and Maguire: Hiker waa thn-e *rht>n
I artarl in: all the conv?r?at on ab Mit na iouHUty Lap
l>eted before I came io; wh^n Morris??/ crew . u pit
tcl I cid tot hrar him say " Now stiool l'o>ie,' itiure
weie abot' torty people iu tae room at th* t:rne.
Jaaaea M. Murray, sworn?I am a Police Court
t !* ik at dctfvrton Marktt: Iwut;r9aont at tbe BZ
smu.b ion oa the h ol" K.hruarv, be no Jadge
i n i nnn: I was bIk.i Property Clerk at.It iTers.in Mar
Bet; I rfoMv?-! a pistol fioai Ju-in e BltHiiBB. I have
it r ew (a Cob ?a iovimvoi waj kate broduc^d by wi
nee.J: B is uotv in the sama iA>udiiion in which 1 ro
ceised it.
( aaj ei'jiiined?I have not the. dentition* taken
tbat day, I do not know whe-e Uiev are n<?w; th-y
?er- e?nt. I '.: nk. to trie 1'MtM ? \ orocy ? otfi <?.
to tie best ot my knowledge 'he atlna?i a' pu diahed
ia ? *r Htrrid the nixtday nftrr tho muriertv? e DOT
rs? t i oplei of LkOBB taki n before Jodgn Hr-?rjna i; the
j isto, is nun.I ? r?d --4.3; it ia a tivo shooter; it is
loaced atd c?pi>ed.
Matihew S. Hreunan, sworn?I have been a Po'ic*
Justice tit ce tha Is' of January last: in February 1
was eta ioned at Jefferaou market; 'his ; iatal was put
en the deak hrfora rre on the examiaa ita 11 Pebraaty
last by an oAeOT; it waa capp*d; I do not know that
it waa loaded; I banded it to Mr. Murray, the Clerk;
1 r? cured it about lo o'clock.
( ."*?-?iae ii.i.. ? 1 waa ot Poole's hoaae, tot the tirst
tine, about fire da>t after this ?? < orren c. Too e tent
for me; Poole's overcoat was sbown me tb' u by Snay;
Mrs. Pools brougnt it op; I did not take it; I did not
ajkj for the coat; 1 have not tbe atiioavus taken by
n.a; 1 took dcp.-i-iuons of Cy. Shay, Cy. H tri is,
((i'l.ry Jack, Dean, Ai kerson and Jo^n A. keisrn:
I took a cepoeitien on a charge of a?a ilt, as Po>le
wa* not then dead: in these depositions shay, Harri?,
aid Co?bey Jack cid aot ata-o they had tir-O, (men
their atattmsnt. 1 knew of no other tiring except hy
Raker axd Torner; notbim; was said about LoaktrS
atrikirg Baker- they were sworn to sail all they kaew
abou* it; if they bad stated that he fired four stmta, I
should bave held bun as well as otters: tbe lira . I
km w of >hay s tiring waa bit ttatement thootucrday
in eviderce bere: tho statemen'a made ltf.ro met j
regarded aa oce sided; 1 did not see B-.kcr btf ire he
araat away; 1 dii not receive this lotaOf fraaa Baker. I
produced bere. unt;l after Haker was brought baca; I
res-n>. d it from l ?meer E den.
Mr. Clark said that be'oie Baker had left he had
written a Utter to Justice Hrennan, aa tbe magistrate
having d arge of tbe exauira'ioa, givia?r hia 'ta'*
mect of tbe wbolc affair ana bis reasons fjr leaving a-t
be did. Juljie Stuart got the letter, and kept it in nia
pottesricn until after Haker waa brought back from
the Ceaery Islanda.
W ; ? ti resumiip1?Thia letter ia si^raed I^wit
Raker: I do not know tbe handwriting; 1 bave known
Haker ever ?inte I have been coiire? ?,-d with the po?
lice; I tever beard anytniri; againat hit character; as
fsr it I know he was a man of unexceptionable char
?Ott* ana good Lature; 1 n.-ter had. any trouble with
If you had re?eived a cntnmunL'ation from
Rater, w. uld you not hsv^ publiebod :t to the world '
(,l et u-o to bv Mr. V> biting.J
Witneea?I ihinA it waa Orikvr Auatin wh r gave
me the parat; 1 visited Hater three times ia tbe
pri on; tbeCoart room wu crowded when t?e examina
Mi ttok pace before me; there wa* noc .u?sel there:
Mr. Shay was tbe moat active avan tnere; 1 wu no
m. rr ftieidly with Haker than with Peoie; I spoke to
th? m both ?v'ben I met them.
To Mr. Wbiti?g?No oce elae told me the witntaaea
naiuet t u- Mr sEm I made a call at the deek f?>r any
tenon in the room wao knew any facts to came for?
To Mr. Clark?I examined Corkey Ja:k, Dear,
Diegle, Cucpbel], Shay, and tome otbert: 1 had un
dertioo-t tbat there was a letter for ma in Judge
> uart s bates, and 1 called oo Hater after he returned
to learn the fact.
To Mr. Whitirg?I saw Councilman Kerrigan I
think dnring the Sanday morning of tba exatnirit'ioa,
but do aot know that I saw him ia the Court rooa.
I do no: know that ha wa* sc'ive.
LavT*tce Aaa'in awt>rn?I ant a private in the
Eigbtb Ward Poli e; 1 handed a piatol to Judge Hren
i aa between 9 and 10 o clock on >unday morning, the
-'th of February. I received it from Corkcy Jt.-k
after I bad arrested Psst?ne, about 3 o clock that
marlon?*; I gave tbo pistol to Lieut. S-age. I re.'etved
it rre.m hitn that rnorniog and then gave it to Ja ire
lire; t an wbea I r?ctived it from Corkey Jack it waa
loadsdwib full tharge and capped: it was pretty
rlcaa and might at that tiate; it tt rutty now; I gave
it to 8tage m the aawo .???edition a* when I received it,
and it waa alao ia the aanao cmdition when Stage gave
it to a a *
(Voea-eiamined?I have kno?t Corkey Jack for
twelre or foarteea yeara; I aaw him las: abtut *ix or
sevtB Btoaths tgo a Broadway bo was a batcher by
trade, be wsa Wenn? about geaerally k'tti sac*
aa lUaekwoll a U aad I do aot kaew what boo t?te if I
[4 ? kr.-w mU a" ka* en, N did tot
et?? ii ? ? i ?i i 'U> !i?d M i? Pv?*> rttT frew ih?
tV,r a? > *,?-?? i wtv-n I rot tH-r?; I ?tw l'iar.
J-ka A-i.eta.ra .Ii* \ -erm-n. C?ik?r J ???? ? ?
e</e-?t? ?T, tie r>?t f t f 1 ever saw thai pi< o t u
?I 'I ? ? r-l? BfJ saaaaaj o"S.?.'t ? ti>i '"? tl* M Bkwlwil
I! rrat ? pipfo; tad best. p'< kw off from tl* fl >*r.
?."?? r i a' t. I tu t '.b.re I *ent for a do.' or. and lei".
?*. I ...r-?n Ik Wt <l p.ilic. mmM to k'ep tt* p-"??r?
iiaireliere e*!wirt*C *h?j| for w t?0???wa I
mfi *. h?/*k I t'-a weal ?wu 'o a <f Hti r. I ar-r?t?l
I' o,er.e SLd br< age* hm to 'b? o^h u?**: S'lt*
*i?t ot e-* ca ? to ibe iiv'..iu' gi]M>, fj Tie* Jac?.
aid no >M r-e, Cj Bkay at Cr. Harm lad p'ij-.
loMr. whl i o S'ar.wit Had, ta-we
?nr lei or tare Tt r>et?ors prsaaal- I saw ao p iu>l
trvte I i.id not ?<v Baker *1 at iii^i. '
t>. I> : \.>i ki ii* wo* re the jd-'oi raxe 'ran. f A. i
C'-'kn Ja? k aa?r
M>. r.f*r* ?You teed mts'a'e that.
akti aa-- 1 taw the overcoat a' Vanwix Hall which
I'", k* 1 ad on; I t'uiik thin OM here proiuo?d i* tae
ort fc?- hari ol; I ?aw *iu>tboe* in the w?i;, txd I
asked vt? ?etil p\m>^Jri t?lt.y tola] ,nt, Btker and
Pi aoaaraoea were aaSBStnanaj aa aav:ri< mtmi
I i- 1.1> ?x-et-t Hakr-r? party: Acierson, L itii", Cr.
Sh?v ?B' ( )? 1! 'nil t. la me a'>.iat thi avOoUa*.; I
WM il V-r ?r a mt n-ar Hou-'on M eet, whea I
h. sr. th*- r.;efts of nistols, and I Beat enuiiil tty he
?ai "t Moua'ou itriet a* qtucklv as piateitjle to ?ttex
? ?x Hall.
lo M". Whitinr?I did not ask Shay ani o*hers
ibf e if ?! ha^l avot.
1 ! - ?? , 'worn?I am a li^n'.^ art .>f th*>
Cialtb Dia riet Pwt'OOi en the nyht of the -.M-hof
p. Imaiy Offii?f Anitin haoiled me rhia p'? ->i, I
loekrditt?; be iw-xl arwrtil | f let^e it t> bin to
?. . ttntk JtaVaYfOn M k kat J'jIi m C >urt. it
a>aa os i?o aud eaj jred; I anould iaiaj-* thi* waa the
C'i?m ? xarairM d?I wis ther? wh*;n a potnea aaid to
b- Cork-> Ja<k irave it 'o A i?'in.
kit far a mSA tha* he had a wrneaain ecur. for tie
fJik: -c wao wga ehiut to l*avc tea dry, aoi with
tl e i onret t oi tii- Court, tha coanael for the State waa
? illlt'C it ni l,i> abouia he ?.nami.ed uow. The Coott
u?i\ i Ka en ? 11
Betrj N NV?rka 'or the defe a?> aworn-I rrvii le
r >? ??Tori I I ?v f. rnxriy a meci.'a! man; I am a
e< alr?--l?-r No. M Afuroey atiee*; unti a part of 'ii
hu I n ?>:?. < d in Ca'ilorLia. d-inny 1890 aud l?51
I WMeeiM mi wi'h In l'oiie Pepar'ne .t ??"San
Frai ?i'(o; ?l.oo-irtf o CTr*tTwna*awwenfianrnawl there;
I bare a*eB a anaaber af iaaataawet wheieaho-s wee
tiin tl roogfa coate, at,<! in or.c or two uiata c*a I waa
?tarn' ahiu :1'C tt o'a were fired teroui.ii kjarmeuta;
I raw oi.e cloak which waa ou a mwi who dred
tl rootrh i*.
t^i Hnroyni ineb eiprijenoa an to leil by mm ap.
pfmaiHWnf >aaytaraarl ftom whica aide a eb.H Lai
b*en hied lb oaah i I A I oaht nuke up my tainl
bfj BJanifp i try Ci tii lily if t*e gaiinut waa
n rial ?*tne t* rulitloB aa it waa immediately fjf*aT
the rtor wee tind.
t,? Wi I J"U I* ' we, on ex*,tr>iu?{ tha' (rarrxent, from
which aide ? f tti' aaim^n: the at ot waa tirod '
air. Wk tirg objet 'id to the evulcnce.
Mr. Hracv ciiiauUnd that thi* waa a caae for an
1 ba * curt?Waii yon preaert in 8an ?"raaafjano whon
tba litiu/ took piaOS ibrnti^h the Ka men-.' A. 1 wa*.
W aa il.i re aiiy irt tLao that there wan a onot
Iti ? by anj- o-Ler jien-ou than ?he indiridu al who had
i ii ? 11 cloak ' A. Tl i ta w?a riene wliareyer.
Il'oole a overcoat waa ha&rfed to witreaa |
\\ .t.rra?i'horo four hoiea, which are tojrather, I
?i i k wtrc niniie t. om a plixil fired luaiJe of the coat,
and tbia rant waa Date* b] tiri' g from the outiije;
it i te a>e nil in tie n.h' Hap; i the wi-De?, at the re
i;t.i ?t i t tl e icui-el, put on t'te overcoat ; the holeo
-!???? f ? t;i .'. u.? tie 1 eouM ehoot wi'h my left hand
placed b< i i no, the two bulea low down io the
?l.iit I tliii k were ibot irom the on'eide; the four
U It s rfsr tr>k( tfcer were from the iaslde; in the cata of
lbefOtirkoWatO(Ottar the lining is burned; in thos?
lower c own tue cloth ia bnrntU; in fj her cane t le pU
lo k niurt have bttu very nt-ai the cloth when toe
thota were fired.
A Jimr- la 'here anything in th?? appearance of the
anni whirl waaild lead ynn to awppoae thni tko peraon
wi o I: ad on the coat had tired through the Bkiru* / A.
I cant <>t nk <d that
to .Mr. \\ fiitiii;,'?1 thick if I had the piatol in my
left band rtenunK aid? wine, it would he aaay to tire
i brae h ur balls through tne spot when they are; I
OOnM rrake the four ?ii< s ebb my ri.h*. hud being
bla< <d under tne shut, |a pair of panul joub adtnu'ed
iu t?w> Lmu i ii I'oole at the time he wai shot was
o'acea in wi'nes-'sband; ] wben tnene (tantaloona were
t.aLted to me I had thought that the pistol-shot in ttie
ki.ee ttowed evidence of Ute clvtn haviog been
bururc, but I oaniiut now oe cottain of i'; tue tenuro
of tt e clo'h hss been ai idf-.itly di>*?rrtBxed.
(j. Suppose the pis ol hai bceii In does proximity
witli the aa ert-oat, eoul l not the *aino auot nave
pes led thruuati the oorucr of tlie akir; and then into
tue kite .' A. I th nk it ? ould. |I'oole s vatst was
I en bar ced to wirnes-.J I should thiua that tie pi.t I
iiu-' I e.ve been Bred within two fee: ol tni* rea , and
perbajn olantri tl.o hole iu tVi iapel of the vest U a
litt at higher up than tnc on* in the lioly of the vett,
tbia aou ii I-ad u t to supine that the |nrsjn who had
in, il > real ?as Im low 'tie one wno rind, Oy Iwlo-r, I
tntriD Ihn' the bt ?vi snd eh'ijlc r* of tho [tenon shoot
UK wert I ijrr up than troae of the p.rson ahn'..
Boberl ?icnn, a wi'u-st tor t e State, sworn?I keep
a -ho-tit > so bry ander the S- Nichilas; I kuaw
Pdi ?, th it looks like I'oole o piftoi, bat I OOOid BOt
inoartoitj it waa just such a j-i-tol as this tha*. he
o?Led; I loidtd a pii'ol for him ibe fore part of the
laat wash iu Ja> nary . hi* i-<->ka like my loading, but
1 caiiiot sareti: to it; l tieei a tW ramrod?nomo use a
aanearnraaiwoi i I aaaCtal si apn. bo' some'ituus use
Iba (l. I? Bane; 'his aria haled with a tl?'. ranrod; 1
(?honed and lo*ced Poolt s pi?t :l for him
CiOai t xamincd?I lovltd I'o?le's pistol two or thr e
tines. I co ant know how many pis ols fco owned, I
loactd (.rohhbly the tame pi-t<d; I< an find a thousand
pistols jus*, like this, so tha: they cannot be told a, .
t\>-i>t 1>) tbe numbers: I do not know whtrre he car?
ried h a \ la'ol. I Lever MW bim shoot
Ta Mr. >\ I . up;?I hud I'oole s pii'ol repaired the
lset time I loaded It; it woull not revolve, aud I took
it to Mr. al'irston in r u'.'.on atroet: 1 waiu d until it
W?e ret*iited.
To Mr. Clark?I put one bail to each barrel of
Fio a'l piatol when I loaded it.
tair Claik called fjr the pistol of Baker, which
WBB prodnead. It was also a Coit's revolver, num
be:rar 7!i,r,'.r2 ) ,
V. i n?as?Ibis pistol iJtaker'ai is of the sane si/.e
aid aauufic urc aa the li it pistol shorn mo; loan
Lot lay positively that I cleaned i'oole i pistol the last
tie e I lutved it.
Henry W, Junes, sworn?I am a sergeant of the
hi^hta i\ srd i'olice: on the night of the aifrsy I was
in the vutni'y ot" s anwix II. Ii. I was on my way
toward the Ilsll about 1 o clock when I saw a man
rtit,r in*? down without a hat; as he came Sows I ran
toward him to atoo him wiin my club: he turned off
aid tired his pistol at ms; hs ran into the mi Idle of
ol the ettcet to tie comer where a small crowd was
standirg: acme of them said: " Here *e are." Iran
toward him in the attitare of striking, aad when he
taw me be fired and iheered off iato the StHBJt) It was
inntr who tired at me; I thea ran to the S'otiou
II' use to turn out the men, and then came to Staawix
Hall, when I got there diey were layiog Poole on t ie
counter; I ?aw Cnarles Lozier Mere, and also the
l?i per of t-.e bouse; they were all I knew; 1
len.aired there ar'il three or four o clock; I
had charge cf the offices there: only those who were
witneatea woe preveated from going oat and in;
I MM maa bad a pistol there: he said he had picked it
ctl the door, I do not know what Became of the man
wi'h the pis ol, the last i saw of t ie pist 1 it wai ia
that men ? hands, Turner leveled the pistol at ans and
fired at me: be did not fire i: ap In the air. this was in
Broadway, beiow Pt ince street. there were one or two
' r-bots fired over on the opposite corner of Pnnee and
hroa. way j Turner did not hit me; Taner was on the
sicewalk wen be fi ed after ee fired be turned
arouiid, aid I then saw his face aad recognized hiss
aa Tuner; at toe time he fired the o'Oer part ma were
ji the Metn>p? itnn Hotel, ccrner of Prince street.
(aj.?Did fsaj bear anybody say,' Don't leave rae V
A?I beard so-ae person ba loo near Slanwix Hall;
thi- was aboot wben 1 un ? r fired.
Abram D. Puaseli. sworn?I am a eoansetor at law;
I was cooniel for Poole for a number of years; oa
Saturday Feb .'< Poole waa in my office; when be
came, agentl. man named Miller was setting in my
back cilice. Poole wanted to ipeak to me privately
about an iiidictment petdu g against him: I went in toe
in nt room with him; hs bsd on s ligb: drab overcoat;
te put bii hand in the pochet and pulled out a revol?
ver, adjus ed it and pu: it back; the pistol here pro?
duced Icoks sornetiioc like the one hs showed, I have
seen him adjost it in his pocket liefere; it worked out;
I connot say this is the same pis-ol.
Cn ti examined?I cannot say tbia is the same pistol
he bad then; Poole was indicted for assault and ba'
tery with intent to bi'l; I nevsr heard Pools waa lef>
bsnded: 1 thoofbt I'oole had remarkably lang arms
he was remarkably rpiick in ai. bis moveaents I
dot t receillect that I ever heard Poole talk about or
mal? thr-ais arairst Baker; I have known Baker for
from twelve to tifaen year*: I think I have said to
Biker that he bad betttr \m cautious about Pools sa4
k?ep out of bis way tais may have been a ?*
months before Poole'a death, I always believed BsJtsr
to I? a quiet and ?TB?emanly f-n0w I aJwavs foartd
bis temper goad and mild; 1 was oooasal O P***0 l"
ssesuit and battery eases. .
W. Wa* Pc>oleireqrjtntJymvslvedmdidical3?^
nit out of alleged asaaaJ's aid batteries' A. i nave
ki osn bias to ae involved in several- .....
'< On sa h octets yea defcaadsd kin A. lit
. w- ?t;., .-*#-* c-s4nststnsl; in such
teaseaHa?gusss?? j p'.??ed rudt?, I MTeritf ? aa
I' l aa i 1 -?w him 'o pri-ae; I nad*r*'eal' tia'. v"ew
IVH it a i "a'h-r'n law of Kichard Piett a frieel ef
Pasta*"?' V?.? M'n at* eleu: now. I aaver award
Bt" l^ri i t li?kcr .v?iiitl'H.>
To Mr. V\ h iirt??Tha rao"ve I has Ibr e4v'ei?wr
Boke* to keep c'? ?r front poo'e w*? 'oqn'ei opo* 'ha
act tbnt bf hvi had ? o'tftral ? with bits, aa< whan
IMltbl I- le'uorbawooj'i tornsttas* abaae hia Waal
Hi am LWad, sworn?1 arn a'-ach-d tetSe D*tj->k.
Af o-re. >* r? ?t I 1 ??? asa*** >v?r? effort u? 0.U
( otk*v .lark, ta Sawes to re' h? e "objeoaed aa a wit
I, ? r. 'hi* .'?a**': eou d not tint tu a.
1. r? Malaie?, IwO-I -neguomaVarta FePee
abaeti nt>tan a \c*' ara Mr Hoc? ?wejaht -na ? et ?tat
ro b*_ r*tei er*: '> ?? '<> >ka llan ?ha BtearMi I oaanot
.vt.a- IV !n i? t. r p *'?' : f><?r* i- u vi.oa? )a .??
-.x-fn^rapi-earareeri tb? n*aeol wioeh iadicua* that
istheoie I r-pair?d; I rapairral wiet a called tha
? bard; ' it waa ?h?rt, and w.ta'd no', revolva thes-l
i t>r far t.-.u^', I i??etb*n-?i it ont a litOe; [
?raoctNJ i?. rowuver. and I rpiglt not now ha ah a ta
't.owtii 't'- rape! i; 1 aseedd aaw *wear to tba pi*'**
ma wa?. (witntOS hereto* tbo pU'ol apart aad ex
Bwiaed ttt tan 1 camot awoar to thia piatof
Un if Iba co I r-paired-, I ta na the baa i of Ml
paste* ha* be- a ?rawn < Mb
Cuaa SiaaiiiWaS let time the htad go's short
sfer ff?quent irtv-; trey bare ofren to b* repairs i ia
tbia m*Bi. r; the Vnkt i ai r o'" tii" band tao :aickeeee
Ol a pi oa Ot ;?,>er would tu? ?c;)'.-ieut ?o~ietirnt.*i
It* bo- ti hammered out, but 1 cannot aaj
bow much.
V . i, Kr^wrr. ?*orr- Tara abit'rhtrb? prof aba-onr
1 ku w Bake. I in ? POotfj I know no'htur aHoat
tbe affray at Star am Rail; l *-? not thte, I had
rever had at y erat vr??:;'n w:th B ?\er aiout Poo'oj
I hate tear.. Pnk-r apeak of Ptvnle, t>ot not wary
fin i tl?; I think it waa a'ojt JaMat*] l?.at vkll
pnker waa a* n.y rvn?-? taking % liitlo prirat? onak
arttk mt . he bad a pif'ol attb him I tbrbkk; a yaa?<
tam*dAlezandrrMaoon araj ?ith H*ier. I aadw
lto< ?I Haker to ffcy thaj if Po >!e ?v-r iu'?rf-rad wikb
tn ba troaJd ?boot bim a* qn k aa he wo tlJ a r*'^
be bad b% pta'Ol i'- bbl hoi I then; he ?\iiujtbiaf
tt at 1 hi ard aSout what pi. t- i he akoutd u*e.
C ro?* eaamit et4? 1'?'* rnoviTM i ?t wi* b^arbt
OtJI bv ^,ra?r j. > f < n attaek wtieh h*1 boeo mate trw
PoeV'.poe *v'a't?r Ma*on. AVekVb-other: Pojlebai
ataaa<ted Mi on v-ry ? v- relr, at.J had rhon eabwd ia
? ? fiee ? ?; I t a t th?m arre*'ed; i- waa in rn/ernaao
t? tbtt a';. * of P'0,Mi,i<n Maaoj tbat f>ia remark
wa* brou'ht out; Hak?r repriaeehed m< '"??r oe'. inlor
oiii.- i p ? ttho at ?-k of P.i'lo on VVa I? a! i*o?;
tbafafta wer 'ha Ponte wa* brouxbt oat of hi* bod.
t whip V\ ^:|y Maaon su ! 11* brot <r A!e<ik; taoy had
dine : othiifc to Poole, tor be wa* arted and aaleop. BO
?? oalled up by a man named lohn H t'ellinr, w?*
bad ) ad eorne dhncaltj with the M von?; ha want and!
Cfjled poo e, wio had had no fJifBc t'ty with tha Uv
. ileefc Maaofl ariaal lot -#l^epinfhe ohair wtaa
l'oo'e l-uU. d hitn ctf and b?at him aaworaty; ha waa
there asleep ?''?n he wa* attatked; Ho^liinraal
a ataa Mtned Poet ai tho *ani? time atta-kad \7*llf
Majori; Wa! v Mroou i* a vt ry weak man, and Aleok
i* omauahle to lake h1* oou part: both wore rorp
anayorolp beatoa; Wnl r waa nevly kill*"!; he wil
ti ? r?*/er bad mtaneabei*ooiTOd]| furM?quaatly(
when ore were apeakuf of the tna* tor, Hater aaid bf
rNaole bterfered with him ia that way he w >ald ahoot
him dowi Hu a rat.
Q, foowoakj too, wou'd you notT A. Tea, 8:r,
l wuu .i Pooli [eve oo nafleo t? tho aatapiwai aaaa.
If yon bad boti in mypoai ion you would hare tat
M?*y a* ('???* a? I did; P at I roiaVrd a? a parfaot <aa
t'? tr'an, but he w ? a M od i I rSyoOt'l; P ?*?. wat tbo
fliit oiiaicteor. and toon Poolo WOO aaaa faff to eowa
there acd fi.l t, i.ot knowing anytbi'isr about taa
kfaaotw; I kept a l u'ili ? bouse tben; tuiswasattho
oonerof Porrj ?n? tlnenwich stroefa; thit oouvoraa
tioe iieearrod about tiroo week* a'ter thea'tactoa
th*- M-o. ns.
Tbeiinae K. Barton, awern-I am a Polt1? offlear,
attatbed to the Coart of b>ie?000i I weat iu tha
Orapesbot 'n search of Haker; wo arrr-ited him on tha
17th of Aitil oppooHo the City cf Palm as, Oread
Canary lsiends. abuut two miles to two ani a half
ft. m ihe shore; M was ou boanl of the brig Isatroila
.If wett; we boa: red ?he brir somevacift In tboualtb
In raood ef I o'c'o^k in the trorn'ng, after heavier; ber
to; no anei-tcd Hai<r ohoat ainiiabipa; whwi wo
left the buk in ?l.e boat we nxw Hak.r at tho wW
. n\at the brir lato ao aneharafoi he tboa pa***d
fotwaid and lo< kod at tie boat in wh'cb ro were; aa
we near?d tlio brig be walked about amidaht is; wa
boarded ihe brig in the main chans, and mit Mr. Ba?
ker very near the center of the brig, aiatdahipe; one of
Lao i a ty, Mr. Vitranu', spoke tv> the captain, and tali
him that be tae a man on hnard hia veaael na nod
I^w5* Baki r, snd we wanfid him; Btk-r wa* tboa
prchab'y fifterti shot ctT. The c i; tain said be h\i no
such man on heatd; Mr. kVamaua theu aaid: I'ni* ia
the mar, poi' tirjr to Hake; by tun Mm* that this neo
v? rsaiiou nevd ctoeed, Mr. Baker had approaubsd aa
so that Veamsna toot hold of him; 1 approiihaet
Haki r mj BOhf, aaUawadod ui? hand to him aad shook
bitndf; /^afktd him how ha wa?; Bakor was atuioaa
to hot if to the cabin; ho aaid we had no rigot to take
hin away witt.otit the consent of tho Covaraor of tea
port; he said ho Winten to have an interview wich tha
Captair; 1 said the ro was no use of parleying ab >at
the matter, ana I told th -m to put a pair of haudoaffs
rnbim, this wru done, after whieu he wai pit iato
tv.e be it; 1 then pro -eecr-d to tho cabin of the J*watt
to gel Mr. Baker's trank ami thloawi I thea expelned
to the Cuptnin of the Jcwett how tha fao't wore;
B-Lcr returned with ua ia the (Irapesbot; wo ainvoi
Leic in May.
('roso miThbtd BolnaT a??ed me to lot klas bring
bis 0 uibes wi n khn in wtii';b he had been shot at
Btanwiz Ball; ?u i id n>l ttt h'u? do it; tcia retitaat
was after wo were on board the Uru|Hahol, aud had
eiptaioo aaay fur home; he may have made tue ra
i,ii' it when ayo \.(ri in the boat, leaving tlie Joaattj
1 oid not hear it; wiien we had equarud away, tha
wtatLcr wna light acd d>ing oat fo*t; 1 think whan
Baker n.adu tie re<puest that I hoard we Lad ail aa?a
set, ex> * tit ibe atutcicg saiht; when Baker made tha
request I went up acd asked ihe Captain; be aaid tbat
the wind was not sueh th.ti he could reach too Jowott,
aid if tbe clothoo were wan'.ed they could begot whaaa
the Jtwett arrived here; he an** < ->1 ma ratnor
Mr Clarke oftVred to prove Baker's explanations of
the affair at Manaix Hall, and alao bia autiaaaent ox
plsnatory of bi* motivee for flickt.
ObySOted by the prteecutor aod objection aattaiaed
b> tue Court. Exceptiooe wa* taken to tha ruling.
Hober. Maraton, recalled?Ihe chargee ia tho putef
have been ao lorir in that I cannot draw them.
Caravtopber HoKan, sworn?I am an officer; I waa
at Stanwix Had about f o'clock ou the *>*? ef Kaa>
raorvj I was llttita in tne back room, Ha n. Suydaax,
Capt. Ix-wis, AI Wallace and Uyler were there; Mor
rutrj came in; wo sat down ami called for a bottle at*
wine; we aat there some fif'een or twenty min?
utes, when 1 heard some loud talking outside; I
thought IrMiki ./' .l Pooka's voice; Morriaeey, Kay
cam acd II? i r went outside, and 1 aat tnere alone; I
b*aid loud and angry words used, and I got op aod
went ont; wUn I got out tbere Mr. Poolo was atanoV
big between tbe eating aad drinking counters agaiaat
ibe-wall; very ajaaaateo language waa used by bota
partkai Monissey went ap toward Poo'e, aad Irving
pot in from ol Morrieaey and aaid, " Don't go there,
" you're a d?d root, you'd get ahot;" I took particav
lar notice of Poolo then; he had a pi*t>l in hia hand;
be appealed to be holding it cown with hi* thnnb,
pla)U'g with Ibe baaimer of hia pistol: tbe muzzle waa
(lointed toward the floor: I then went out to took oat
for the otkh er on the beat; I could not find him; I
then came back again; whan I came in I saw Mor
rissey with a tsjme Ac Blunt pistol ia his hand, aaat
taiking altut shooting: 1 saw Monissey raise ap buy
pistol: be made aorce remark, "Why dont you shoot P*
acd thea snapped it two or three tiroes; Poole, at toet
tirxe, wsa a'iJl holding bia pistol in the aatae p xidoa
a* I raw it before; I then went out again and aaw thai
otlicer; 1 told him to give the alarm rap, as I an? n
paied a aithcalty; aix or seven officers cams ba
response to tbe rap: as I came in again Dean aaid la
me, Hogan, I want you to arrest tueae parties''; I
ca !ed bj the policemen then; I told one man to ae
reatMorrietiey; some;body said, " Why don't yoaarrawt
Poole.'' 1 Ihenwentopto Poole sad held nira; I wanted
him togotothebtautc-Houae wrhme. beaudtetao
aou bave not got a atar: 1 pulled out my atar aad pot
it on my coat, Puote then came with me; I tried to
get out by the way of Mercer atreet, but in gtaiag
acme of the party i am pod b-twoen me and P?*lf
jerked my scarf; by that tune they h?d got a littl*i the
?'art of me; Cy. Shay waa behind PooJe and 1bahua*]
Cy ; wewect on a kind of* ?"* tJ
Houte: when we got there Poole ItjF+njfJ*?
Captain; Mr. St we said bo wa. not in ig^^*^
he wan ed to preTr a charge <f^^ ^
lue was bj danger front hmj ^
coma acd m*M sco<^,pToole waa damiatod;
f',.he Zlt homo 1 did not see whore Mor
I then ??,hiol7!8tol from | Mortals pistaf
riaaey f^Jy^a .honller and tjoiatod toward
u^u^lUle^eontinaed taUag to Momtaey, aad had
l ?tA Donted to tbe floor; when I aborted my atar
lud he*ou\d go with me; he pat no bis oistof
?ben Uotr i***7 wa* snapping bis p ttol toward Poolo;
ajtguire, Officer Oreeo, Offioar Moore, Hyler. Jerav
miah Haiy, Sam. Sudam, CapL Lewia. Jaaaaa Patter*
ton and raamuel Koa* were preeeat; I did aat ate Pan
gene, Lino, or Yea Pelt there; I waa there oa bant
ae**.acd I did not think at first I had bettor oet; [
aupposed the friet da ot the partieo wo aid atop tbera.
Crc*)aexaaairaed?Tbe first pio'cJ I aaw that aigkt
wsa ia Poole's hand, it was foar or f vo miautet a*e?re
I saw tbe piatel in Mannwey'a band; I hoard wcwn*eer
call for a pi*toi; ha wu qoiet whaa bo wu io the bask
rooot; Harmli came ia the bask rooaa aad oaagkt ataa
tuialy aad asked kua to ge out, aad toko o ortok; bo

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