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TLj?I Sc<-rHarv of Sl.V * fw IVvifl Affair*; nn I
r^IrrV'V Emi-eeeAdorofEngland el Peria,
'^ICMii?P-md O'off, M'fnbf-r of tho Crvrm*il
?!w FVrt and ? ' ??''-??.?'.-??rAt of th* K n
?\Zmi Uu-ri?. a? i B ?? ?> l*run?>w, ?,1? Kor ir
^?d-aaiy nn-1 M.... ... P.VnipoU-ntiary to the
V-uw ic Confederation. ...
'jjjii s-.khiku? The ' V?aVr Me<sin?od Ascgliu,
aaSjaf. ol ti e Kiticdom ?f Sardinia.
Too T' Kurt?a i I'""' '?rno i rister of bit Mi
^ttl.i S'.l'.oi. fl.i.i M- ..? Kj. o.i' V- y .. . K.t
Landet at Pari*. ......
JVe omission of P"i-? a from tun tut in'icsles that
?jat power will baWS no part ia the t'onfereaee
WW% however, r.u - a rain adrainnee, at>r raprn>
?,-ftir a wool') be If. .I'Alveru'eben wl.o sat in the
SaaVti OaaJevaotS of an<l M. o> tsari^r.
agavfer at Cailsruhc. a*ic*wsipa*4ec' t.y af. lu'u-i, ua>
,r {secretary of State for FereigB AlTaira.
JV Paris papers? ici e-a*< ia!'r the .SVc^*--'>eg:,i
throw light an tL< i|U'?tioa of the admission of
r.asir'* a?d the Gennas Mate* to tbe C asJereeoe.
f>an*V briefly b-iy tha' the mheteaeo at several e?l.
,<ial bii.ts it that the hs gerent l'ower>. w.?h An?'ri*
3a as* liaior. will sJaM discuss *hs irst Four PoinM
asjti. ae*J io the formal basi* of negotiation (inas
0th a* those point* bars reference to the war oaly,;
jjthr.t i" ibm nssingtL? fifth article, having referem-*
tie (.""era! ustA'**** a ft Europe, tVieaiia sal th*
jffsasn St'.'e* will claim par'hlipaiion. U is thi*
S arli< la wl.ich the En.|?eror Napoleon is report el
akave aa*ared the li. peiu of A*-1 it ill be inter
gated " Neither in th- Spirit of au attorney nor of a
lajaswur''?tie ltt'er expression being a palpable
Ix at Erpb.nd.
ffa Bai mine other statement* on Ibis Subject thus:
fk? l'.er!:a (lazr'tf it li ('r?ix say* thvt Prussia will
ajratam ber neutrali'y in the fare of the (.' inference,
?aj that she will not enter into any engagement ten.ling
|4irji port tbe proj< rte of the We-tcrn Power* against
XMH&t, but will await I' ? course of event*.
The aVeadoa .Vor? cotrespon do'ie- frost V.eann,
catesthat lVineeftorrb ikotT. when signing the BeotOC >',
?Aedthnt Piitf-i- anight r>e invited to tike part in
laiCeufeieoers. Cnfswt Bnolsejatpnrted tbe de nied.
?V* Frenrh :.nd Englidi envoy* said thev must refc
?t nwtter to their t i<.r?.riiineiits. 'SuhHoq.ient ad
fgss throw ilirH-redit on this statement.)
Corre"p"ndenee fro-n i source at Berlin thu? de
(fribea the preiv-nt Bit Hade of too Prus-dan Cabinet:
K<*hing is ehang. d touching the con lit.oas on
wbwb Plrnseia seeks aeanisoioo tome Confcrenee*. Siie
prepared to resume her place upon her own Unna,
lie leading *? ature. f wUoa i? esjrneal BO. o.-ra'ioa in
Ire work of peace, but complete irrespoiiaiLility aa r*
ratds roii-equi nces and chan.-e*.''
(Perl npa thi* and the SireU't account indicate, as
mm > as , -v.ble, the tmtb.)
A Bv I I dispatch, dated on the evening of the Ctb,
'Anxi?ty begins to be felt as to the manner in
atich the Frankfort l>itt will receive the Austrian
copoei'ion*. It is believed that the secondary and
'iiinor fieiman States will endeavor to avoH a de?nite j
itsolution. but will seek ?o obtain the admission of a
rspress ntslive fiom the Diet at the Pari- CoiTerences,
abd it is felt that this mav throw an impediment iu the
?ray of Prussia, on the plea that she will besuiliciently
represented iu that manner. Prussia wi?he* to be
jjvited, not only in ber <>wn interest, but as chamnion
cf tbe general intci? -d* of (lenuany. The BtBtnaaOBli',
rontinna ly repeate l, that the Cabinet of Berlin is
itdirTeieiit nlioiit admission into the Conference may
be tab. u as mere talk."
The Paris P'iyt says.
" Prussia, in view of the r.fl'er of tin peace proposi?
tions for recognition in i be (i< nnanic Diet, baa merely
rairid some objections relative to the fifth point,
which shi consider* ... 1? too vti?ue to !>?? accepted
without previaw int.innntion as to its real meaning,
fee be* a*ked thai before any vote of the Diet the
sAJlica of December should come to an uoden-tund
iag io d- tail b< twoen themeelTfa us to the value and
lasting of the ffi| point, so that (J. rmany may know
what sic is about when she proceeds to discus-the
natter She indulges the L..pe that a difference may
arise between Fiance and 11..gland \> hen it comes to
tbr transformation ofth;? nriiele into rs formal stipula?
tion. Pruvia is thus more exacting thoD B Jssia. who
eaiaatrfsed her Plenipotentiarp to sign the piutooul of
February I without rai-in?: any dial Ball* an to the
tfftb Mtat, tin dttCUealOB of wh'cb is re-e'rvfd for the
t'oDgriss of Paris. The conduct of PrttAlia is, Bft
must coiJcss, to us a Baost obscure enigimi."
The Paris .luur* </ <!? r />. bn'r liaaalou^and labored
article to prove thai up to the present point th* in
tsreets rd Irance and Keghstsd are idaatiool, bat thai
a contiiitiniice of the war, efther in the Butie or in
Atia, wcuid oidy subserve the private bstereota of
ttiirs.[ti. .?:.??. it T..? I.. ? T....e
pABII ".N ednesday, Feb. li?I p. m.
A b tier from St. Ptteiabuig. under date of tue 27tb
nit., ibsinbe* the. tuet produced there by the Beer*
< I tbe acceptance by Bawahl of tbe Anittrlaa BCBpoal
UoaOi l'h? following ore extracts:
To the nstotiislittieiit- I ehotibf rather ray the
IIa] efur tion?produce,! I.y the decision of the Ifith of
January have BBOeooaOa rerlcciion and com:neiits.
l'eople begin to dis. u-s causes and re-ults; and the
coii'cqticnce is thet i?eas of pence are becoming de
ridedlv popalar. The liiand Duke Coustantine bi.ri
tvlf, the most wailike ol the laapSaial fum.ly, has
Lrowu ij'iiie conciliatory in hi* language. Conversing
lere with the Military Co*Bratis*s)s>aer of a foreign
ronrl at St. Petcrslmrg. the Prim e is said to have ox
ptessstsl l.itm? If Ilms: ' Ml er nil, my brother Alexan?
der bos to ted wi-ely in adhering to the pioi.o-.iion ol
Austria. P< BOB has, no doebt, its merit, und it put- a
Atop to the calannlic-s KuiotH- has -u?K :e 1 the last two
aeans; it is, adhered*, n aort ofgloiy arkdob uisy be
eui'y rsjaol to any other.'
,f' *t out Highness feels, theu,' was the reply, 1 that
lie area I at war had r,reat danger fat Basale, and that
ike Muscovite Kmpin-. leaaBted from the rest of Eu?
rope, was approaching a . Ma-trophe.'
???Sucb u not my opinion.' fj.-incd the ('rand
l^uke. 1 Baaaia wunld nave defeaaed beraohf to the
BaOt with bero'sm; und in *pite of the f .nniibiblc
Breparatk ns of thobtdliMreBt Powers, I am convinced
that the next campiiL"'. LB ?M Ba'lic won'.I have eou
anirod nothing ob oeu*rsdrarsariee. But the latarnal
eOaailliua of the eoantry I .s obangi-d my scntimeiit?,
nnd 1 n< w think thai the Kmptror has adonted a pra
?lei.t (on.-. .'
"Now, if the opjnhmi of the .sstensilile leader of
the w in part] ata anodifle i to aaeb an extent, roa may
?arsfAof the'cLan^'e that ha* been picincesl aanOBOJ
ehe eeartieiBs
"Atrst. ivtershnrg Prl * A v adet M'-nchikotT i*
Ibe oaty pcrsou of lanpottaaoe arho indu'.g?a iu resxiaa
iuatiou*. lie ask* why the arisi<s iacy do not protest
against an act which he loadJjj OOndernaa Tbe truth
i#, the aiiatoeraey lav?' borne bUthenrebghtof the
war. Tt . y have BBavVrod ( voliy, and are blheivto
tulTei long'aftr r th?' war -hu'l hav'c urmiuat?Hl. While
fighting was the only ord< r of th- ?luv lighting for the
wtlnHi. \ faith of St. Vladimir: while the higher aud
lew. r ehis?. s of thi ch'iyy pi, ached .ipon tiie di ffuse
?fthe na?.n, aud promised the dVBehtl of eternal
he** to the marly rs of ft. taathj and, ab-.ve all, while
the S..v? n i.'n ajq>< an-.l .iiipoacd to coit'um ..?? the
field of battle die iTtHtf"fl of bii presjeoiaaore, the
Bobillly, froaa paUlotlsen and nrieV sBBaold tho etna
?lard at tbe Empire. A'i ?ai lu ir aafl gtOTMraa in the
sVginniiig; tbeyeaajtat)hseeonlyeaw in the war iu.
means of adding military rank to their family tith.-s.
But it was noon felt that e..t was eaaWaataaaj f{uss.a;
?thai it ailticiid erfl aa 111 iraateol n i soari --, her og
>tcttrture; and that tic blockade Baaihiaated bet
Yoriign tioile. winch is iu lavpeooabk :?? m r iinmeuse
ci]Ktndilure and ber credit, which is M ?Bin to her
aoervatitce aaeentsoea.
*' In spite of thia Prince Mcnchih >fl' e 'uiiuues ho?
tle to everything in the shape of an niTangssnient.
?A Lenhe loun tthat the i'raud Duk. CtaMtnatlaa h.m
ataf dla?iad aVoai him, L> declared to al who a,>
I laaohed bim. that there was no longer n drop of Mur
eesihV blood m the empire. Daring an audience with
the Kmpsrw be complained bitterly that the high and
BaaUe BaaaOp of the Citar N*icbola?."a'.one w- Tthy <>f a
iiue Mu-eovite, waa at,iii..;..ti. .1. Hie visil had fv>r il?
a.tysv-t, it La said, Io be aaaned th* rcpr.aeotativc of
BtusAia at the ('? ? .r. ?-of pari?, fl e E-np. ror po?.
lively I( fused to intrust so impon .r.t a mission to tbe
Brian who ws* the immol ate cau-e af the war. and he
jttanaated Maae Menchikoff. t. long bim that it woald
lav,- been much I? Met and mach more e*efu! had he
slUplaytd at tbe batMe of the Alma, wies*, an appor
lumty' was givrn for th ^ display of real Leroi-:n, a
r?aduct nmrr in asx^oidas ??? w ith the haughtiness
? f his preaent langnage. This n ? ? '?- the A.lnurnl
tnede BaMrsaet atttT.pt wlib the t.ia* I D.'.he, with
atbOBI be has long Irren a 'avo-itc; but tic Pron e re
taaail to receive bun, and ordered him, through an
euee-tb-samp, toprts ? ed to CrvnsirAdt. ts> psrfbnn the
?laties which the Eraps ror Ltd tntrust?sJ t.) hiim What
Irnentiou relative to the ??rfiments of the nobility
pshr applies to the ca.tital. ?r at mo*i U> thi* prov,ace.
J kitely stated that the news from the government* of
?he laterior, aa received by telegra|>h, was opposed to
ids00 of peace. Such is tbe ease, an I i' i* conOrmed
hy every post that com.0 from th- province*. It i* iu
J"dila *ia, pamculnrlv, that the gVt- .test dis?atistV
?oa i, f, it with the lbs'.- <?? of the ('x?r. The pesvpU",
?heath ia a state of destitution, declare that Itusaia i?
f<^.and that ahe isabamlonesi hy the great Vladimir!"
."The Caar, as I Lave already informed \ ?>u, adopts* 1
?IJ^oelf, and without any one eiportmg' ?, the reeo
?"sato noce|)t the Austriaa pro|K??itioiis. Thu is
? beynrd a donbt, though it tn also tme thai he
hat? : < <l to t?.i rIMBM !M of twHM prudent M r?-.,i-. T.ie
two i Inie hake rf* have done mat h. Tke inrluencs of
'l< <.|,f> u | .1 j,i ,, ?-?,t- litis. .? at VbrBBB wbs grea';
nid ,t in fort u... te tbbt the Caar ha? tnneh conti l. noa
ii Iii? dkiksuialie BiBBasaooo lad ub?nv. Prince Mi
11 ? i \\ 1t? n/o'l, tl.e ei-< oinmander-nvChief of the
atJD) >>f tl.e Criui* a, did t ot wail for the hi t uj ,
t" ? ti> 1,?. iiiBcter <he real ?l;r ? ..i , _ |f,.
aba MB niu' t. weight with tka Emp.-ior, aad bat ?r
iivnl nt St. Peter-burg might be ooaafdknad Bl n for
? BBS ' vent by those who C?ai.e tHNio.!. J| ? w<k4 ^
... i m um aas .1 t? the Wtatt r Palace, and had a h.cr
aad j i .vate nu ijrnce with tl.e Kuip, r?r. ||*< viitted
lb< aoa* dny tke Graad linken Michael aad
Si bokaaad the WurMlnisler. Beforeemitting O !. .^*
; Moac-.w, aud laca St. iVteiaburgi he tf livcre l
?SS. '"II"'- ?ha Mwwa ba h*d been uw?*?>d
witi. roe active faroaa of Ku^i* in tue ivtiinani?
aie iii/w Ostia Bind ,,t about |B\000 n?en?iuoladinr iL?
division* of iiiuBtry. cavu'ry, urtillerv, rraaadinri
draM-Line* of Iba militias ?f Kaluga aad K rah i ?
artillery poeafsie* MO laid nitinoi, Tkm Corpa of Ob
?meist* oi Enjontorla, Thaodcaka, ?ad Keuch, are
Bi t ?otr.pnfce'. in that amount. It 0/aj on the Wh that
Oes. Li 'ler. aa?n.1 th- c. mrnand of the army oi the
south. Ol the following day Hon. Soubiionett? the
aaaaa wh.~. i ame ao oftoa ^avr oo?'a?ion to the Lin?
on or NieMaa bor laughter, waa u-ed t.? pun oa ii
thai: " Sott honi f.., , ( < p... ? ?w.? r. ? ., I ?*
i.i n. rnl-ii-( h ? ol the hoop* aaaoaed at O Ie?>a
Jh.- Military teoveraor of t'.-i* place. Oen,Kruaea
? aa* ? ?? n . j sterabt r ?.
" The feaia fek about M. de (?rl-.rt are unfounded
He ia an inl.lh.gent man, who, I sm sure, will I..- ?, Tj
oei.e iliating in Lhe diacueaioa wkiob b ahoat to open.
M. OrtaaT is, no doubt, very punctiliousnnd susceptible
wl en the houo; of his eounirv u cneennsd: but he ia
among the** reasonable nohle* whose- exaggerated
?uioi ptibiiny is not excited by the de. iaion of tbcir
mnater. Of M. Brunow it ia not ne. ea?ary t.? ?ay
much. He i? we!) known, and Lia r- putaUoB a<non|
European diplomat m:a is ? laadkojL
"ib? paper* here have been mueb more modorate.
Tie A^ii'i >?'?' .\ rd, tot.? rally ? i aggressive, aud whieh
ordy a tew daye bnek taauadorod agam. t Aaatrw, and her
propooMioa, Velten.ay published an ortioloqatto ro>Urur
m ii'tr. It now dv. i !.'.< on the aweev ol j.eaceand the
1 ? OBbMb of Bjfi,. ultuie. 11 begins thus:?'A rainbow
t.f pcaoa appear oi iko bariaoB,' A.., au<i the Raoaiaa
v. i ti r hfhrtri* that his nation arnl Fraiu e have cwr
b. en ?Ist' i?.
" In the cA.iae?'/-???,/?? activity i* -ti'.; /reat. (' >u
riera are eonatao*' Imnat..bed iroio our capital to ike
eapatakof Eatty , or to the priaoipal towaa of the
province*. At Odcoaa and Pudaad the pro?peet bn*
prodaood the great* it ? utLutiasm.
"Oa tkaSou tbo Ktnpemr roviewod Um <-r*'T\ <,
and tie winde ol the nrtiil ry. Hi wan ree.-ived w:tl,
lb* warm* tt neelauiation'', and the popularity he en?
joy* i? BBvraoatloaaUj owing to UadecBaaa of the \aiu,
Correspond. BOB from the camp, .Ian. 0", frtates that
information bad bctn receiv*'<l by |aa armies of the ae
ceptance by Raanifl of tu*" Austrian jiropo-itiona. At
firat the information waa fllbeBoved, and when at
1? i ;:th it waa oA ia! y announ. od, a feeling ot anxiety
wiihreaj.ee tonn anaJatioe BOjeoeoded. i'n-aious t<?
to the annouB? < mi nt both the Kr* nch and Lngnh-h
armi* a w? re kept on tka aleit Bigbi and *lay in eapect
ation of an atta* k by the 1'u-sian* on tbe position at
Haidar. Several BBOgMlfaBSfl had boOO <b itroyed at
Knmiesh. The Kiif-iana nominally k< ep mp a smart
Bit from the north foiH of Seve-topil. Some few
little afl'.iira had 00001rod, but none of POoaoipinaflfi.
GejuPriaca I'aiLaiewiteh diedal vTotmw oa ihe
HMrraleg of the tat mst.
?.? ?
A dispatch Irom ( on-tautinop'* anoaaOOl that the
Sultan has approved tka piayctof iattraal roaarte.
The projeet centaii s r'n* t' en n'tiele-, nrd nmc g tbeoa
aro provisions which rental all Iba Christian anbjooia
of the Porte eligible for public appointment*. Sepa?
rate and miv rj trfbaaala nre propoood for the adnauv
ist ration of justice eqnnlly to Moaleni and Christian.
AH persuasions may bold piojw ily on the same tenure.
The police of th. Empire is to be reorganised and es
tendod. Provision is ma'le for free education, nud
BenernOytko eoocfssiona nr* of the ino-t ample and
liberal kind. Lord Mi at fold de Kciciiffc drew up the
docaanent, which was afterward modified nod eaoonded
in repeated s?ss:..n? <>f th>- Ottonana r Ntncil.
An Art'ienian chnreb f? II nl Coaatanllnoplr on the
Sou of .laiiiiary, end killed or hurt al??ut thirty
p. rv ns.
The British steam frigate I'olypb* rnus w.ta totally
leal on the 89th ult., smith of Hnutsjiolm Ujrkt, on the
nottb-wt ?t i "a-* of Jntlnnd. Mn-ter ond foniteen nu n
drowned. <\.n<etf and f"-^ w*;- tkecaase of th*
Bccidr lit.
ihe session of th' Walktebian Divan for ifiM
upened al Buchnreat ow tba 14tb aH. Tbe Hoopodaa/a
Mts-ngc aaeations n onrplaa revenne tbe poet year of
8,j 0,00 ?. Ooweei aaoad Is in m gotlntion for the build?
ing i>f lailwa; i and Ibe lighting "i" Ike eaaftaL
Letters from ( onetaBttaapla (nt otieo tiiat the Aagia*
ii? linen Legion is to I *? sent t*> A-iri Minor.
'ihe OfnuU fiozttU oi COM?untiaopi* i.nnoiinees
the iUis'iiin Bo eptanoo, and adds:
" Tbt infaiination tknt ba* eoswe t<> rar know lodge
is to the effect, thai the Black s. n will haaoesnrtb pin
sent no danger t" the aanpiroi naif of HoaaaiaTila
tbe months of the Danwba, and the Aa^ttnaaaa of Ismaei
and Kiliii.wiii be rtotorad to the OttomanBoniea.
KetbrBM rendered necessary by the p'-?,*ent state ?.f
. i1 re uleo being pi*i>ar< d.'
'Jl.e I.overtime i ol II? sse ( in-el h.., instituted
p. ?.. dingl agali.st certain of it* subjects who huve
. aaea mtki Anglo-Geranen I/egion.
The JVew PrassHSB Uaxrtt* anuonnc. s, from St. Pe?
tersburg, that after peace bn? been prool USBOd the Czsr
will prticeed to Mo*eow t<> l>e erown*d.
Tie Emperor Alexande r i* sai'l to have written an
autofrnph letter to the Pope, aaiiBtloalng that ba n
about to rstabhsbrin Koman Cuiiiohc Bi ihojirics in '
1'olnud and in tbe Herman colonies of the Volga.
Tkt London Tin.ft draws attention to the heavy
lesti i. tions under which British iio-r-haate n-sident in ,
Ku?siB are alone j?* iiiiittcj to cany on b?i-in* ss, and
hones the aakjoet ii worthy of tka Btteatian of the
Li loaoaa Coagrt ss,
Pewnknrgjowrsak mewtion tkc aamhag by the Cam .
of si. acre* st?nioers_i ist ksnwobod a' \i hangci.
An satimwdlaaij st'-ry is circulating in th-- I'aria ?i
ions. Uerehia: Iowara tbe bug di>? ofJnnaniy, !?.*??, |
the CaarKlekolaa, al.-n*- bt bb)otady, saw all at owee
la fore lim a monk *'f gigantic Btalure,of wkoonke in- j
itantly demanded what he wanted 1 The monk re- j
plb d " 1 baiooeane t?. ?am yon. Ifyoa?adeatak<
?? thi? war from put' motives you wi'l site.. ?-d but if j
?? fljoaayarowa p<rnowal awWlioa ran will fail, y-mr i
'? BXBJBM will be vanquisb ?d. and "you yourself will ;
'?Coaaeto en nnt-.mely * i*d before ih- close of the f
??war'' Tbi tsar rush* d at bit visit..;-, and called ,
the guards fttWB the m le-cksjnber. Th? guardsowanc
: r d Iband th< ( xar c'u'ching at thin nil, and laitu- |
ing: ?? n.e monk' th* monk I who bus ae* u him '
??preaenthuKaci.pl-." Such I- the tele tLat Was ;
steakkiry wbhtpered m St. Peteeabweg ba tka ktal dnys
of January. If.'t. ami which wnewrttte n on th- let oi ,
February by a diplomatist th* u in Rsnwia, und trana
mitttd to Paris.
Qaaobal ncoonntaof the revenne of Oreat Britain
for the rear to Slat Dtooaabor, 1SSS, have iaat b?<en
pbbHsbrd 1 he baoeaao amawnat .11" JUa\Mi 99$, and
rzpenditnreto ?94,996,79?, srawbag a aVfanaaejoa
the vear o'over twenty-one m.?ioi.*. jotinds sterling,
ibe lx>r.'h'ii pWSBB* af1?-r gOlWg over the various kenn*.
are craTinced tkatanothoi loan of sixteen or twenty
B)| ; r.? ;vun*ls must be- iiiiteeeiintely la. I i t" uir t
cuiTiif liabiiiti* s.
?? ?
In the H'.uae of (.>mmons j*etititi-?n- Wen- crowding
? .against V.Sexliv'a vrenoacd WOI? -.pen the Na?
tional OaBery and British Maas um an bVawdaoa. Tue
hoiiorabl* gi u tie man had gitr* ti r.ticethat if bk mo?
tive be riuoieeessfui, h?- will b-ing forward anothi r to
the effe.-t that ali the London liak koaaaa be raaood on
the Sabbsth. Mr t heile- Napn- has a notice of
i otion on the K-.k f<o a sele.-i t '.toin uee la bnanlro
into the ..|?erttii ma of the Britlsn tWl in the Baltic in
1 ?'.".t and lr. *.
lArel l.yiidhu:-t, in the Hou**- of Lordn. mov?<) thai
a copy of th* tf rs patent purportiug to t rea'e tbe
I rbl Hoaarnbls Sir .Tame* Paike a baron of the
I'niteo Kingdom far life, be rei. rr* d to a Comtnitt* e
of FAiihVgoo, arkb dlreetleaa to examine and oonasaV ?
the ssn ?? and rejMirl !? tho HoBWa. S? far fr -n h
hnviug any {.?er-otia! objection to Si- James Pa ke, he
l od, thirtv years a^;o, reeaimtnendcd him ?. suitable
pi r*)D to"be raise-*lto the pei^rp.ge. bit bin oly.-crion
a en anaon arn* touoded oa the anal that aoiasuaee
bad oexmrred lot sou yeaiw in winch a commoner had
been raised to a Beat m that Hotue by a patent of
peerage for hi* ? ^o dv?uH sueh jseeragea wert cr-atM
[' [ I M*w. wa* f?n?,-,| . .,?,, !lt
Hrt M make Irr*? psex^*w-f,r t ? .r. ?t, .n..f ,So
t ? ? HM I? ?Uict. b? new re It 1 rtf.iH.ou. *.,u'.t b? a
gio>a vio.bU. b of Lbs CotUttntion.
Kert (-ranrnit defended the lerahiy of the at>
po;ntm..r.t, and adduced reriaia fact* m aupport of hu
l*oid .*(. l>-,Miij.i% wa? reoJy u leaTe mat th ? or-n
ti? ii wa* li i gn'.
'It. I Laid < i.anc :<* declared di-UBe'lr that the
erralIt. H Ikkami p waa a ogal aei wht'cn aatetio I
J*rU Weask rdala to a writ of e>.oimoi,. to ait ha
tt.? ir UBjtaVUfy a linns...
1-srd < ampWU di-approxd 01 th- r ation, a:.J
brtrd the itquiry of a committee would prov* that
tie ret was iL'' pal.
Ku.K.r.y ? xplaiaed flat no radical change ia the
coostitatioB ,.t tL" taeaaw ass rntimalsfil. hut
ru< raar to ?*ia>.i *h n prr-ce-a-nt for oTi^ihos.'? -i?;u^
" !? lothe !>? -r lloit'.
i Io Kaii of I?eil>T nupporv.t tL<- motien for a corn
mrttee. He Baad bt had oe*-B Ini j uusg fr.jm the earii
? -1 p**rifcdetaaitax earerire ol tue |-??rage was taat it
?io?ld U b( re<itary. If ifk rks f>?! mf tie hs-'htart
/a> "u < rottld ktsalrtjfeti Meniitmn vom-irch*.
Isitd Brougham apeki for, and th.- I)uke of Argvl*
? geii.et the n.<(n re, after whit b it was rt-ie-rre.l i? a
(i ?mitte, by a vote of f3a against 103.
lu ibe Bssasrei ?.f tL- -"th, lyjr.i Camplfil mad.- refer
(Lie to thcdeci.ion of their Lordships the. night be?
fore, in Ilse We aale j dale Peerage ease, and siig,o>s*>ti
liat it stead of the anettea f.ting ratastad le AOee**
rai ?< a of Prir#egjee, an a-Jdre.se should be areaaaa>ed
la fin flataa. pi a j lag bei Mali all Io max.- ?ke peer<
ape bei edit air.
TL? Marl Of Derby, while arressing ia the abstract to
tl.^sj soggestioe, oonld not undertake to declare tha
BMU her iu ?Uta the Tote of the Roaai abowld be fol?
lowed up.
'i Le Aat r? S L?<s flpp, art d establishing lh? new order
of unfit. Tie onter is to be styled tlie '? Victoria
Crose," aas] ia la be givee ony io Bseaabeeaef ine
atmy or i are ?ts> distinguish themselves brindiridual
a< i- of bravely ;n face af ansmeary, A pfain Melted
eroae ef bronxe. w.ih the motto 'for \alor," ^ the
d..<,re?ion of th< otder, and it is le Ire Ix-itowed indis
crimirinti ly on < Oieera and pi irate men. llo-ide I'e
<!. BOiatreO, n pen-ion of ft'10 p<r annum i-i attacked to
the Older,Wiek L3 for tach adii ional ela?p. The
aV eoration is to b< worn su p i dad o:i the left br. oat
by a n d i lolxin for the army and blue for the navy.
Tbe ilaeorotieo of taa*OreVrof the Itath has f>-rn
beef owed dtsrhag the pm-twok on 7 3 offie^ri of the
am y la tbe EeaC
Mre. CbUbUOW, relict Of Taeaooi ( larkson, the laU:
f miaeal AboraJooist, died oo I be .';l?t alt, al I'ayford
HaP, Bi or I j - t? ?< b. aged 83.
Mr. Su wild, Jui't'e ..f the Admiiahy Ourt of Nova
.^eotia. had an iaterriew with s? eretary Labooiebere,
at the ColonioJ 0000.
J be ??< at m< tropotitaa convi. t jirisorwi of Millbank
aadPialowvUo ore oaly half full. Tale ka ottrilrolod
n ore to tbe 'train out of the country of poaag men ou
the verge of crime to the war, Ihaii to any advanac in
) nl lie morals.
The Ber, Dr. Hugh Perry, Biabopof CaifJale, has
di eeaaed.
Theity ( oOegl. Dublin, has conferred the honorary
. ireeof Doctor of Lowe oa Wilden H. BasaeD, Tit
J^nJon Times' con. aaoadt nt.
Tl. lababitaBta of the Mauritius hsve pefi'i ir.ed the
11 ?>. ii to restore tlx m the Kreuch languaje a-the
< iT.o'a! laLgiinge of tbesVCOSDrta ofjustic-.
As a .s inn.? utary on Lord Caaieadeoa basaieaee to
Ifr.llucbauao, a lettei from Haatborg. in Is Vera\givee
an accoaat of tbe auiaasoa of l>r. Baefcer, wiio was
N at to I/.nd?.n by the tlire? Hans,' cities V> av-ure |!ic
J!'iti.-h GoTeraakUBl of the falsehood of the allegati.'n*
that war matt rial was Im ing t xpoiled then, e to K.is
sla. Lord Clareadoa roeei? ed the envoy "in a manner
" so little dip:. Daatic thtit a [raraHel is vsinlv sought ia
'?.Li-toiy,' wl ii<- Ia id Pahaeratoa triad out tatae midst
of tlo eapioaatioa, "Why, you llasabargeri arc
? nothing but a set of Smuggler*!'' Ali tUs. t?g- tbet
w l) -ui diy tlireats BaVlc by the two I^.rds, ua |rl0T
ously wounded the f. etings of the ejtieeaa of llarav
1 ntg.
? a>
A rsilliatna ecenrred ba tbeCbaa&el ?.if Bolbestuao,
ou Baadnyevening, the ad in?t., betweea tbe iron
e< rew steamer Maneetton. from IilmeiU k to London,
und the Ji sepbine ? |,( (>o tuns, fenan Loealoa ret
Nt w-Zealand, w it), s i Brat Mr cargo aud one hundred
eofll* < n board. The etenmer struck the suip amid
e'.i|.? and cat ber Io the aratera edge. Twenty-nine
ul tie pcsAsiigi rsuijd en w of tbe rub got on board
ti .? st. timer. Some few aft'iavnrl reached Kolkuaton.:
in n boat, nnd reported the abip aaab aad nb.rut sixty
p**jaeaa droa at L
Tbl Itritish (otven.mtiit refuse to allow the Britiah
subjeote who net hid the decoration of the legion of
honor at ti t- Pari? Eaposkloo to wear it in Britain.
AnotLer AltOttfl cxjii-difion i* talked of. with tlie
view of sear, hing for tbe leBca of Franklin end bis '
pnity. On tbe 90th of May next, eleven years will
nave ebijsjt-d -incc Franklin sailed from 8hn<meea.
Fiftten tboaaaad peeaaels are ahreadtj eoaVattod for
tl <? Nightingale Ho pttal for kradsdag nurse*, and Mm*
NigMibgale baa ci.i.^. n a. hei oooaael l/ord K l.-sm^ie,
Sidney Herbert, ("oh Jcbb, Sir John McNeill tbe
Deaa < f Hereford, Mr. Hin?? bridge, and tnree phyai
. tai >ir .laoies t'lruk, Dr. Itcuee dunes, and Mr.
Boan an.
letters ly the India And Clina mail are'o hand.
Tbe only noticeable article of new.-, addi iona to that
pnb'i-l.id, is thitt the trial of Mr. Kwenan, American
I'oneul at Hong Kong, ia poetjsme 1 on ucoount of the
sit knt s? of the Chief Justice.
The lint report <?i Bit John MeNeill and CoL Tul
lorh, tl.e Con missioners sent out last year by Lord
J'anmnrc to ii.iji.irc bnto tho atato of the army in the
< rinw a, 1 ns just bi en issui <t. It bears tlate ,fune 10,
arnl J,*.. then fort l.een seven months in the hand*
11 the (ioveniment. The Baopi of the report is that the
Colon i- ..!i/it [)epejtaaratoi theaimy should l~s re
u.osb '? d.
Bail If aH trf Auch lead. Plarb. tVeai Bottoa to Lou
ik.i , was abaii'lomd, wataoJogged and with masts eat
away, in let. M SO N., 'ou. ?1 M W.j mast-rand crew
rest mil by the Aim tiian sbip BkmBj, Captain Noyee,
? . rnranirtl. and lumled at l.i?eq..x>l ou Pri'lay,
l-l ibst.
l.ik. Oi i Obi (,*r<u>t. n.lesX
PABIM, fll. Bdaj, Feb. I, 1&56.
The probal ilitiea of a eoming peace are thought
to str. ngtl.cn almost from day to day. The official
annoono? mcntt of the ojieuing of conferences before
the 30th of February at Paris, of the signing by
the representative* ol Kiis-ta, I ratice, Ln^latii
tad Austria of tl.e protocol at Vienna L-oiiGrm the
bases of the geiieial hope of pence. The -.teady
ri.-c of the public funds, tLo increased activity iu
i !u o-t every di partim nt of commerce and industry
i tier a striking HVaf of tl.e degree of confidence
with which it is looked for. A grain of doubt,
bov\e\. r, tjua'.ifies faith in anna! miadt. Bad aoOSC
f- w ingi l.ieu* skeptics will lay out to you what
*e< hi to tin in good reasons for thinking that Itussis
ni.d the Allies W'll be at oi>en war m it 8ummer.
Pet my own parr, though in g. ueral I hold it bet?
ter to write Oaly as s reporter of th? opinions of
t th* r?, i do not mind in ladt cue t.v offer one of
bji 001B. It i* iiiad? up, not rashly, from suf
Irk fitly tlioughtful ami very wearisome penuai of
much tint haslx-i n written ttt the pust baj daysou
t. .- great question of the msnient by w eil-inforui-'d,
iugt-nit.us sptsT'ilatora. My Isai opit.iou is that
we are seven days nearer to a peace than we were
n arajak m.i>. Altliotuh I have not had iwfs to
the smailt st source of original information since I
last w rote on tbe Czar's motive* for aeceptiug tbe
terms of the Allies?in fact, never was in corre
ipOBtVaiTB with ai.y of tbe St. Pete<rsburg Cabi?
net? I atill bold that the Crar's motive for accejif
kV| terns nDd desiring to make pea.-e is the
rMiotal ceii\ictiou that he can strengthen bimtelf
faster by the art* of civi'iiation than by the art of
war. '1 Lat BOfJaa i* a growing?ue. public opin?
ion, which is becoming more and more to be con
siiUrtd by tbe ruler* of tbe earth as their court of
iieal appeal, is accepting this noto n in all it* mean
in. . It is bopad that the coiifereiice* about to bt
ht id in Paris, aar ill be affecttsl by t)ie presence of
pul lit <?! iaioa in this diraeeJaa). and that at it will
m Ci n.c. to a degree that no other diplomatic con?
ti n nee tver ha* been, a Peace Congress There
is al*o *? me araaad for hoping that its proceedings
will be lfsa clogged snd clouded than the proceed
i: gaol diplomatic s**embliea have been wonttobe,
l y tl.e p? i uiiar etiqu? ttc and rhetoric of old diplo
ti ai i Taaat old forme are falling into contempt
It is seen that tlie abV?t diplomacy of the past two
yrarf?tbe diplomacy of Prsnce?Las expressed
its, 1:' in the eiterest, most intell gible phra?eolof.y.
Hie ?.iu.plicity of form obeerred by American a*<o
tiators?going straight to their cbjeet io a buai
n< ss-like manner?ia public'* c*?mtiie&Jod in foreign
josimala to f*V> io taUon v Rnroa?-aa statesmen
W? have a ?tnKiue ii ..,]?-,? instance of o!J fasb
? *? 1 ' ? Mio I '? ? tu e in the r.-. ent coacr
fad beiw..w Austria fci.j RtH Na Mj-in-T is it
i?.r?d Ii Mi li e ud* n-tied partim d.ea. ree upm
the gab rprttarH'D of it| pro\isu.n*. Cardinal
wise man. taking Lp its d> Unse tha other da*
paka?! the ' p**j aiai English prejudice." told his
maaiaf aaftaaA that though th*
rumrordat was f atnbtg but a simple treaty, nohedy
but step's in ewerskaat iea 1' atra aaaJi uudemuad
,t. F*^u*<"*'^-1 iiplaaiatat I atha. it rail w**
klaaajMfa abina. the profoundeet student of aba
olasaic*. and evaa af iaw Latin writers, ooald not
ui.de rtUrd.
1 hi re ia a deal of idle taik in and out of tha
earaals |aat now on the question whether l'russia
it a* ?*kc j'in in lie) I an* conferences < r only in
treat*. After, or extemporaneous y with the
uetotinb ra, are to come, *? rumor begins to sir,
iuiI oi tl ? ir r> speotire sovereigns a* hare not
already made triir trip to Earn Alexander, the
HtaKaB, Iranois Joseph, aud some, of the Hoyel
and ducal little ones fr<-in (rermary. About
Ike rime time th? new French atiaaa eiBaybodf
is agreed that it shail be a prince?i* expected.
'Re story always goea that the Finpresi trill
be de he red at St. < loud. She does not. but re?
it ?iL? at tl e Tiulerii ? a* j?olioy roquir** that she
ah u'd. The heir of France eboabf first see light
in the palace, which is, par tJulUrut, the tradi
tirnal rctiditcc of her rulers. A palsce that to?
day, a" ben ti e iuileries and Louvrearo completed,
. is the largest, grandest palace of the world.
( ritice nay quarrel about its want of
1 aru ony its rupture of the rule*, but
tie wealth of ornan.ert, and the beauty of
detail*, in the ihre rent put* ot this immense e-li -
fice, excite the admiration <>f every spectator who
v?ill trust his own eye and si n>e r.-.ther than a
critic's rarpicg. The cos* of the Bs w parts of the
builc'ir.c?the n ' rument w Lieh I.o'.i? Nspule >a has
brrn rau-irg to 1 is memory fortbe lust fire, yeara?
1 ai bee* tl u? far Iweaty-aevea and a hall"millions
of lr.ir.es. To complete the work will require still
ri'ont foarteta millions. I'aa anay enJcnlate Iba
politieal nkpcrtarice of this outlay as aanraaaaf
pacifylag 1'aiis, when jiu learn that th? first moo
tioaed sum has jaid, among other things, for
2,167,97S dara' work. The soundness of toe pol
ji y here di?p1?y ed. however it may ho judged by
Americana ami EngHahBaeB, i* hardly eiiled in
qoeatioa bare by friends nr opponents of the exist
irgOoxemmelit. I spoke a moment of tue
wealib of ornament? to give any definite notion
of it would be difficult for an artist in forms and
words? for Die. impossible. A little statement
if Ii cur? swill justify what I have said in grn
eisl, and may iu ItB! If iutrrost the reader. The
faiadi s of the newly constructed portions- of th ?
flau du t'arrourrl and of the newly christened
Flacr Sopolron ? both these great squares bciog
sin ply courts ot the palace?are ornamented with
an gle atatnee, eariatidea, grnaaa in full and figures
in Li*.L Bad lew relief, to the number id'two hun
drtd and sutj-one, executed by one hundred aud
Efi?.fi?a sculptors, at an expense of more than a
nillioa and a half of fmnea [$300,000].
With till it.a'.ntticcnt monument, to show them
r.n.l a gri.nd baptismal cen t.iony. to which if peace
and the l'ope csn be brought in uid. will be a cor
( nntit n ceremony. the Birreni Emperor may ex?
cite the env) of the proud* st of his legitiojately
rotal gnests?and nothing will tickle the French
more thsii that. II w e can judge of their admira?
tion of the mail by the esci mess with which they
IB0 for admission to the imperial presence, many
of OBI modi 1 American J.'epuliiioani will be equally
pleased with his triumph in such caae.
Ifi od friend l'oupurd asks rery embarrassing
qneotiaoa abotli ih.s ea.'erneaa of certain of our
n publicans to be permitted to ?'?< i pi? ar rai
tl ( nt, for the sake < f being tool ? aa em|>e
ror. And I'oupard, furthermore, ia paraled at
AnericM: aybpathi with antaaratio Kaaoia, as
sa?iust Fraaea *ud Ertflaad. Mini with imperial
liatue as r.^rt'nst constitutional England, and
with Proaoia Bird Austria, the real all es of Russia,
as agaiaat Germaa liberalism ami ilaBgariaa aod
Ptdisb und It.ilian nntionality. HelBpOlzlad to
leatn that the most intelligent people it. the world,
with the lest constitution in the World, eaBBOt cet
tienwlrea gorernad by that constitution; bait
Iba rej rescotstive? of the most intelligaul people
in Um woild cannot form tboaaoolroa into a legis?
lature alter more than a bundr* d attaanpta to do
so; that the gioat r.bsteeli to tl.? ,r pei :.< rnanive
Oi fur.t tit i;s for srbicb uione they an ra eboaea and
are paiil by the frei -t, only s> It gofl road p toplo n
tli world," is a dispute nbout Slatery; that the
aeuie doctin eait, in w hieb the freely cb-seu spokes
uann of the In cat people in Iba o/orid maintains
absolutely the I'reedom of the seas, r-onta'us an
araaa ent the driitcf orb leb is ta dbteasd slavery
0i lain). I Bit piiz/ed myself. I can ouly say to
hi. Louparii w hat I lieht oe'i i oi lateral neighbor at
a .New totk hotel said to h m, when the gri at
humoiist expressed hi" surprise at seeinga gentle
man in the OpptwitO side of the table pick bis teeth
with a fork: ' Ah, you foreign) ra do not under?
stand out institutions."
Tba difficulty, by |baway, wbieb (Wrelgoora hare
in a tl aVari landing our InstitntionB a*)d other matter?
?f IIBiall Pill* ll'Blllilbli It illipre-sea itself tho
n i re forcibly on nu Ami rican mind from the fict
ti.ht we bate not the least d.theulfy in the world
in ni <l< rstaiK'ii | institutions, MtsaaSal rhMBOtBfBl
tics, DBBBBI ra, etc. af any and nil foreign nations
A loreigi.cr goes to the I uited States, remains
tbara aereraJ years, and shows at the end of the
tine, whither he be. on es a oiti/en und rotes, or
author ami writes a book, that be cannot judge us
lightly. An American, on the contrary, who landed
at Uti rj col last aaaatb, at Honlagna last week,
will tell j< ii d< f.i itely what all the Fng ;sh are,
what elf tbe Freaeb are. Wiaa ba rotnraa oeil
JanatVom hioonanprebenaiTi tour through l-lgypt,
Italy, Lt rii ai.v 1,1.d Li.-sin. L s mind is made up
as to ti e ri fpi ctit e pci pies of thoee courrrics?
sid, \ hit is pieasaut, is made up without prejn
?ea BBsj rightly. It is noticeable enough in this
at Ban xion that arbUa the English are full of insular
prejadieo, boasMui, ami rude withal in their tnan
nei?, we their deacendants, are free from those do
?.its, wl ah ore replace bj n brand eaeBaapalitiaaa,
I I II.i ilesty. and i ttjcetul po.'iteri-s*. Let B0J En
git/1 u.r.n w; o donhts the statement frequent tho
stn< king n ? ni ot the Hotel du Loam of an oven
ii I whi n there is a full attendance ot American
?.\> ^s.
A i ortii n of the Americans ia Fan's tue pre
I stir a* to dsnce to the memory of the father ot bis
lontiryon tie VJd of this month. Our efficient
< 11< n .lie repr.-entstive m ar the < onrt of the
J liile-rii s, assisted by bis secretary of legation and
bis pr.tate Beerttary, are to be among the ball
maeagers. Col. Wapshot inlorn,- me that no
? e I'orts will be spared to make it eminently rs
"ifcrail* aad palisnth1" la aacara the former
quality, the ti'ii ts aro pat at a>'>; the latter will
he n pris? iit? d ly the star sowed ban?i r;-Iaay
star rowed b inni r, rather than star-spangled, in
aaceffdance wi'h the true state of our national
In:tilg. Waaebat, who is much mt*rested ttiat
the thirg gbswld le ? Ttrherek*. and done up
brtwn"?lor Waasbad despises anything Iowas
ii n< h as/mit idab decs in ?oldsmi'h's play, and
exfreisn i ? sei t;n.er ts on the |K>mt in phrase
tr.o sin iisr to Aininidab s to be here reported?
Waasjiot, I say, oddly enough th.i.ks that 1 rench
clarity balls ait- Tery ridh ulois; y.t te hold* that
Bear to ettirg ixt dlinking, there is r.o better way
? f ejoii g lotor to the me Bsirj of a departed great
rusn tl an dsncing cn his tombstone. That is no
letter tocial way. At tba same time it beeom"*
tba pOQjle Bt large la betoken their admiratioo
and tratitude by erecting a hkfBw round bouse with
i < - '.-.sal chimney pro'ecting from its roof.
The Bannarar t* ha treat the ii.-ni|>otentiar-s to a
^?s:.d ievi, si ,,f 140,000 in.-a unil. r arn?e.
The Pi bocobAi annta Bet t;.vte. daaghterof Pr|n*e
( har'e* B.*s[^irte. was msr-ied to her eousia, l'rinee
Csbri. M, at the chapel of th* Tail-tva. the Kmp^rje
Tue M t of Bsdstaai has voted hVa tmpea- kmeat if
? he Um aw er Sc heel.
1 Irani '>f the >i-m<ai?tef* i? ??w pro*?? ii*g.
*' ' ? g r --ii'.
hi i u i . sunsat gf 'he ?th nJ'.. paWssk mnwrs ?f
.i i in -y , ( <\ ,1 rv| l aey in fheltvepi- peoV,DC"d
??? IU C- v.ni. r.o-'f - flu i%) t ii m ? :! v. ar.y
mh ?rr-po, ? t i vesv
Ihr eitr.iattr <-f F nance i-Ten.te to withdraw the
i \ ii i tai liiiiii ti i.
Idd ('*nn .11 Ha n.|;!>d fDron R '. hat ' Id
? re? .'I. r I. M, rs of Spanish Bonde. tint tSe
IB MM Lu >t. r at kleintl will He uietraeted " to arivke
"mum pri e> rut*,'* t?> the Spaaed", (tovemai aal ie
"nay ilduor lb, in, wi h. ut f.; ,b-r delaj, to rSOOg
" i irr tit jtat eiaBM of the bondholders.'
lei i ia bava aV at Baa '? damage at e-rilV.
.N t bangste* fie ever Jitgenc? truoi (Ire-.: !?-..>
Aim mi wee rvr.jt dowa a .str-am. eeadai - I
ieAs.r.g:tpsi. hd. _
A.v-. uita fo m Vienna .-t'ite tb?t tbe Baanatai ki,
r.. t t'r.i V. i.t il e it vo.'utioasry t v. nta of hh >, ia t.ia
I a awlasnw Yrastlaa K nr.'oin, a. a" f>? haneiiiob
' I .. i , ui.it i o i i.r be fcei aa f./ith di*t..rbe?l for tbe p..rt
1 P '.' ? k in li o?** ataTtaTaj timea.
(?y Tti'tjrai* frtm J.nmJern tu I.tvtrmnoi.j
7" I Twaaw, Fib. 9, in a leading article, renews
ti e r? nr?e tski r. bj Iba BfegBafe Cabinet on the one
bsid aid Iba Ct.'Vi i? n et.! of Washington on the
otiorin r?fen-cc? to t.' t i \ ? bag laBoaUaa; aad, after
nnaikirg tl it evin tbe humility we hare shown
n t ?t I a?c its lin its. conclude* a* follo-sra: " We a'.>
" dtatti 11. f pence an Mr. Cobden cas he; bnt w
' ki< w that wh> n a nation biff Bit t.h> proud to listen
" to ri as. r>, tbe Daly arp< al i? to arm?."
7?e / onJ'^n I>,n ? A''*?* city Batista of Friday eooa>
u g Seyai
Ho fin d.? to day wi re firm, sBbtajgh bsVaSSSTS ar is
bi-s active. An? i radag 1 p seat, bt . pri.is
(?;<-.(! I I* eeit. higher than y.s'cnlnr. In seenS
.j' ; it. n tb< re i* a dlBpOSttloa to restrict open'' SM
RBifl fftirthe arrtvnl of th- next packe from the
i |. '. d St/.tes, I.i.t tbeflrSBafBSof the market proves
ti st BO bsv k us i.| prebei ?i'>n? ate gearfaBy e BlortBtaed
as ngsida tba pendssg tMapare arkth tho tJ>v eminent
it tint c. iit try. Men> f was more wanted in tic*
fifth tarhsaga, at Hats' P osbI oa Oavarasaaal so
ii rn At I'm is, to-day, tbe piice of tbe three |>er
c< n'e i i> s< d i P cent. lower than yesf< nlay. The re
ti.tn cf the Park of Fuelled shows an iiicveaee af
fat9,779 in tbe stoik of bullion. In the l.ailway
M,sn n.ark. t, tiVi'ay, there were several variations of
in joi'ar.e. Borth Partei ii stoek rose about I Pcent.
OB tbe th dotation ot a IJ 4? et nt. dividend.
7as Lend a f/isM City Article of Friday evenin'
'?The Engbah funds have sgsts bossi thai Is) dar,
BraJ I r.ve . I. asd rit tin advance af | on tbe prices of
Itist i \ 11.t g, aad thi PS kiu u gt neral tend-m y to ba>
pnv<Sr4tt which wa- ebs shad OSdy by a pn-vsure !or
titLty. Ths ii. maud intheStot-k Fxebange is still
t. nil ten t tl, in tl in tin Discount inurkct nothm;' u
il. i 8 bi law rates. 1 hi Continental letters lo-day ineti
t.< Dtl.at nt nil the prinoipal cilita tho rate of ex. hange
<ii I 11.<i. i: pressatcd a very firm appearance. At
pi o I uitr the'e bt uti battrewsed d.-uuind for uionev and
thi nde of dafOonal has retun t.l to 5 %)* cent."
iit pu 'j?i ti.s has l.'ii is-u. d of mi aaaWtasdag
srHh landted BabBity, to bo rodasoj tha National Dis?
ci. K .iiiety. lassprnajaaod capital is I'l,000,000,
ii sFarrs of ?tt aad tho hot of Dirocion Bsasaaaoad
11 bsasssrsa aasaea, Tha tiiiLsacti..iis af the Coss>
j !?} i t li be of a similar character to IbOaOOf the
t! -? i : lit I.t list -, ni.tl it is not l<> at t iu any respect a
a hm k.
C< 111 V. BoteThasy, the An-trinn Ambaasatl ?r bis
I m i in* eery popoJar al st. Bt t< atharg, The pro*.
j 111- i f paOl e ate ^,t in rslly regarded with great s itis
I (tit r.
EaiaaoaoM Etacrtos ?Mr. Adam Hlaek s^daed
tl e eh et., ii by a bilge iin jonty. The aaasbesa at the
roes were Blaeh, 1,439) Douglas?, 1,799--BtaotCs
ii i joiity, 6IX
( iMBaTDOB l>Mit:-t)t Blt?TTO0.?-At the close
cf tL ireood day's poll, Mr. Wslpole bad received
? tl, ni <i Mr. D? i.innn NC
F caitTta Fin not..- ili. polling waa finally an
astaaeed as fo Beers i Mnitm, 1471 Bedtla. Ils\
BoosaaoU Tm ops i? thu Caiaas ?From the
et n rr.t t< em cut if tb< wur up to tbe pre.t ut true the
Boards bhvt furnisb? d to tin- army of Du F ist Olli,
aits, H3| sergvaaia, I99| dium.i.ti-, 89; rmk and
tie, *," I'?-t< tid, ?". s7. Taoansoaatof the loss on
tit 1 itt!o fit M, in the trenches ni.d from diseaso has
bsea i tit hi tdBser, laatatadas, ii tabsdseraa, sa aer
geanta, 14 drasnraafw, 1,973 ranfe and tile The bbbbm
: MUXiber of ile Qaards Brigade bnvalidt d aa on?t tor
I r< .' :n the C'nti < h is 1.? en N arrgoante, i i draav
I BStrs, aad 911 rei.k and file.
irrst!? . Ilroiliera At S'a.'a C'irenlnr.
J er Atta.] I.eNoos, Kretsy, F.;l>. *. IS 10?Vs. si.
H< Sef ressloa aattaaa' in t.ur ia?i laaavt aaaSnsaas Sa am
< ii s1 m,i, 1; r> i.i I r'?1.... i. >ikr'<. M.tSat is la aBBBBasI
a i p ? ?'' ' *?>' as irate ee st Slr9)9l| Sht aavaey aast 9t|
, 'it 'Is srn.to.i bt-t r?n l>oLL?et 5;, iH'ia.r.ei. liar
bltvai S/l| .-.'j'li smt rkai. l>oti Looss 71, n.
1 let in saI firti -.&C fata Hr..y.i.Tss (ch rflj iflrar) aoM at
.*,;.? 4, fir efdbatj to ii.id..)insi oriliusry Mleck, I <*l/l; |.r>)
|ai ft'i>.m s J ,-r. S/f'te?.'?: ?7 ?>ais Tensrii.V 1 m i i tor
u .... >(,. ..:?. . I laSS, ai.il SfOaW II SB] ho. tu food aWver,
{ U ii l sety ii .1 ra ee.
( t 11? r -111 ." eiSst has IVsd s'eeHr l.ut i.r.t eetire. 110
1 tr.l?. IM las* I' vi te'loa Ceylon realise-.!61 . <.''?' liirlowru.d.
ti it .1 bait o e r\ fti s t.rtl. aS/O 0x499 l>*s? *Va i?e .?elf ?
I few le*e were lekeO et Al; for ?ool t,rJ. 11 <> case. Malabar
an i.tli'ii *> 1/ fcl inst tt> fine i>ti\ ht.l.l sata Of I.V40
I - Mnli i"i ?'l I oi'i.ii was dlaf. >?<l of al I *l, ejve.if ??;
a itiSSiS tar fair le SfeS earaa aarsML A ?..?!: |>?rcal NaO
! fltm lillr fe . he.rl w, a'"; f<"arneJI la fair I old (.allsB. 704
i .. -i . P . % I aolil at iR a V, tor good orth rrso.
i 11 ii ra- Fi eh*k s'eadj ? a la rear i*ai Aiwut tw> tins
. tin ai ( t 1> I', elsi ?itl kai <is al t I?.
SttleCeaaaisrletee Mesalaj,ttaAaak in;niyof Knuliah
a teat nse saasll, sat a Ibsbb apaartry bad Bern Ian setvnera
i i.. I re.it.es week \ lasers ?t.ul.t i,nt iff., eaeent et a ra*
, , i , tt .'? p qr i'r 'he List i.itu i'l.,ii?d eeeaaaeei othsr
, c, sti? kr* rest are cit.ld. 9ara|Mi nsSasee skoal la valw?,
i v, 'h i 'if (i)'i'? I sat arrt's avrrsfs prie? of Raelisb tVbeat
as." I ti I Si $?*. lataraaal Today laeeS was ralker
bio ii.. I i.kiir.i to iLy ??? <l i r e. s were Do h.wec.
rem*- IK< ke'ei Surs, kavs bsao lakaa atijo .j.i aa
' a.! i ,, 1 saelSU kelaeMalsasat4tA ft.r e.uA io fine .'.?
I efrat I ..od'lewieiic' |r<.iis'?iiyeatrrUay'?qtiti;aliou? t< -
' i . 6rie<i - vt> II94SB >? fh.
tiarsa. ><? laraaaai tasesr 09 a?r? par. ij tiered et
; C... it. earfc, tel?s e decline ,,f pi Onto Arabia?-Of 2W??!,!.,??
' |'t B !ti t i eenan was aoM .l>,8sr3//6 for nd. to bbd4 Bale
I..- in ( .; nl ? 1II b'se Lisbon s id at X'j IS t* it . I.' a
tetakl li.'.' iVLh. Quit kailter ' ft.
I tbCiee Tbtra IB a SWaW r-'ail toatnesa (or eonao'n;rion ?t
M B>l| aSvaceeai lasS reite* ra?e? faa 'ieclarstl.,ns lor til
aa>? i ? a" ? > et eii.oui.t to 9.1 i'l t l es'e.
j l.r r Iseeiy Brra Ceswaea Pie MM i" *xta iv .
lac-r ? ssa ra itasab Fsj ? sen? sttsy, Tb? ?asasl
h't* i I .J?eC -ii.
LfaSBBtV- lie ari?al> r^?. h .'It lilt <jra feam abs Ka>t
ii lea Wa anale Hiatk s>s stSl/asi | f:??t iwiu.t w, <#
I" , *>it) Ititli'flt dt.ii f st the e t.j>. as t.-. !? r, ar ? ,?
? i ! i(ti ftiaaa ttk ?t * rr?iaerd press ..Ifeiad.
i ts?l ?.!> I asi ??'I i err ? r<- Im?, ra to a lair ei'rut of f.rfrii('i
deaeril'It I a. rloa'or in l?e? ? Iii I' .
f il.*- I u?ees) Lee feilen to at/ afctk BBBM ?ip?.rt denen.1.
hate sees] wataet Ka;??rn. isi eeOaaaeaafsBt &3y | keaera
La. keel icsxce) e9 at ? faei raaashe aad enalsanaa Cocoa
N.i* . a:\ 1. r < ' hi. I aim tl,.
I iii Is 1 en flei an'th. t- w pa r. Ia inUiclJl t tf.-rsdwere
teiro ... It fctll at f..r lewpj. I'r B'yBy, V'O? ber?
i o I . Vuu ii.- , kai asd 1... 4s at 11 0911/9, and V9 teas wb;u>
Bti gel (r?| i ii s litit aita*) a* 13 ?, laaaVM betai Bensee may e^
q. , '..I .1. h.atr.
btttl raedinees ttnU wi'l eal aay bt.-ti.?-?s ??report.
I i s ? W . I a- e ? dVt 1 i e if 14.944. to n.'ece In |i-rn?rara.
wl b i 111 I eel -t k s' j S erat f
friCSa?leBts :? I ,*M? hs*a Sinfapure Blerk.twe 'birds
steidli.?er?e 'l<?a ? '??....? t.eifb'114S4-?. VtTdte raaliaed
[4. I in ' i '.:'?? ? tai-tfel.d Sl.l Oi c-n lUranJi
BOiraSsee beeB j !?<-?c fr.-n tl a V' for e>n?'i tofo sl bold.
I Scaas ^taet I - r.e Ns's.ei> Bra*,' f.t.m ,iJ , i for ? nail to
stop I (1aeet I its le a Aa: i.\,tt !.a>e ls-e'i taken from
41 . ij . f( r I ?? >t, scod
Ssiirsur-*. Ua? Ben.al bi ri he-1, c.-tiose-l of et sue
tUr ^t ... t . fcr 71 I* eei.t, eu.1 . -'ss -1 fof^-|ioti
a '?i i taSrse u .
M c>S-'llr ti aike- BBS been ei'reo ly flvt, -sritb an e'aeaoi
a tot eaiiaaaatei kekesaatradei u?r? ere ra
Me t n . - ? ? r ? '. ? '? ansveoi ?hieb baue beea priaauls axe
ft ed ss ? tUekno ot I a I S ojcp Usf we?k'? re'es. All the
jsrrela | ? U. iy t Cerssi bate been kaaalrl ia. with the eeeaneieo
111|? f.. It ? ii t: ?sf bsfa Manrl-lne a< SS/ for l.,w mid.. a few
I.t. I?i.i7 a- seit, fsj aaa4 B A. hroeti to aud. y low,
I (t< lead l ais- Bates/ 'or f't^l rsi. ,w I late IS .) '0 47/ tut
f,.???.. Tts .eireot Ue?i Ineb) ar- ??<. kUi I'el a-eir.
.t .- Ia?e ' ?< p oade 11 17-0 bare fn?l MaaiHe el ?i.tfit
Idee I ii a li reiaew Be a at aaV. StS bars ?""t white et 4?, Sa?
CS/S eat '< a?da.fjerbresra siaHre-. at 3S:. The folewt-if
SVettrs tar;-?a hsre eba-ifsd bands: t. fK bar? low l'araiha,
B . nr. i lire et laiOrt lar oer-iBB, at ii , end teas clay ?d
S'ni '.a 1't.n I ro' u ?or~i et 77
i?-?-,- a In te I Banaraa b*?beet.d>re in febest II i
f rain s? 4. .3 I*. PB rj?e ef<A. with ao tr*?asc*.,oes to Dote.
1 fLl i'w- ir isat at '7,See the
lie Tee u aiket <a teey dull, aid thaxe ere ready aatleri af
f.rnn Crif. r. et 1 id. fs m.
Ivtrt stim ?eeie el aar. eU of Rboab be e been cleared et
P,5 P|iiC? 'e?e faend i?a?ty baysta at S4i ?45/ f?r Au.er?aa
In ee#?? f wl th letter yriem 'ha trerks' remain* Wrox.
A ir' * * Crncas-Are isyeesaaa, on sty-onat ,.f the as
I Sill lad I BS to '>?* r'ias|<iis he'Wrea tbe I'litad Stetea and
I'tsleis eid era U*"f. re. i Ser. I at s rednrtioa lr. oar are
rtoas [rtees.
Rlrkatretaaa, sipefxce 4k C'n.'a Ciremlar.
r~ At** J i.,?f esooc. Feb. I ifm\
Ii? ?tiek't eiTSrti* eaoaat U ?341 bneb. W HIaT.C.eil
base Csss*, aa4 tjUt bUs rtaes, trass tba ******, * ?? i
et*. \'>r?r h in Tfjy* ?id ?* .,*? ?i 4 !.'Oimt\t Kl?*?
fr* |' n r?>
?| ? - ; -?????
. I ??* I'.??.?.,...? v ? i . \,r m lm+ pm.
? ?ja*? Iroa. Till of bor***, ?aO
I .4 Iii ? . ii? .1 ? I I C .?;j .KVl
lit!-' I r ffl *?*? S.s,,TT?>. rd t* b? ?eae disk*
? ? ? Ii ? ? ? ? ? ? <<-?> i...? i? mitM ? K--??We?*b,
I ?i i ? T ? ? ??'? ? ?' " h? ,t wr* tail l? i ,.-nn?d ?i ort?
Ilf fc.fltl I i wm
. f> VI ei ?v ?i iwul ?Jmjii* ia
|ri.r are* ?.*r? ?sIt letfr ioeng
? n p irW >tn wm toaso(faeaU'trtimamtij Pat Rag
v ret? ?tflySl ?o " if f Ii ia<!t?rt ?h??iMwail ruhoraar*
t ? ? l*** "U?i ?i ? * t. iaf
t.r B.d.trd H/ktoU If M ? Wf. TW Vtlktf t*. W<(ir
iIIU . ??tl . : r ' i ' ?.' ? u *? l'twm N?a?. V?*fc
trs it': CVe aad half a)S Ki.it??Kaiiia- '??(? i i ? ? ,4.
" *. ? .d WeelBraa ?| 14*
? *h mttmi Bs* a m V t?r ?o??d, ?*?*
? <? i ?' H | rs ? ii < rt ?rs >x w to bo?*r?; f b?r? ?r* ??mal
1."l (Ml?? tuartrt ; m wm f* j aal I?**
t a? ?itv? Wsu toi. ti.
I nrbii ti.. . ? ??? t?'*'I .'?mos-d, snd trieo* #w Bae ?
"* -Klr strode. bat ?*r
' f im '.rr ? ? , ,., s ?, b? ?Lto*.
I <???-?. e . .. ? ? - -? K.?? ?ji, J otpeettr e*a*J
WjlWy iw ?tr? rcmrl (-"??r? ii irr qKXfieei
I i v r ?.i??i-?Ii l! rr, ? ?
M?t.B?tto* hllim oVIiMNitt? oxperteA
1 ftM i. ii ii? ir?i usmoad, aad sontluo In im M/ u (2/ <*
" ?J-''"?:?'l i?-.?.? fji? ??r,i mij ?i I.?
'l 'ilfwr ?rk Serreoosd, ?od ar?e?tinn? aocnlMl.
Pi ?in ti. r?'rer Irl'?' :-.)?????. eu.1 - -Vvlt hubre
f <IV Di rc i qar J fr; ?cd ?U?'j kt |llo*
lilTia?Tla Mlhat spaaed firm w.ih ?? ?,-tt,# daraaadi
??/??? 1 ' **? wta**!??*?t"W*Um, wtik verv Bwstj
i I", . I lfNMlr?*nM M *4****SM* i.nllv??
r kid i ?" c tL. ?? *4 Ii 'ii OriMM *r? (?llum ?? |.|, j_ t* |Z
'ii i>' i\i- Ii r r?'r? i i 'ha ??/ ? fort tk? ?r?i,
I | Ifdkii tl J Ml dl#, WkatlMI ? *l*ai ?r Ibu itk? ?>rl??k?*
IM wkkoBt I >'??. |*alM *'tj. Mi Ssa W?a dn*^
? tri??? In' t ? i:?.i ?l /H'l?. ?MvUiu*" <'iIhm *td>
ViUi, 5 1. I?d. i I'? laliV?. A H IM. IV
? ???*%*?
Th* Tfmi. or M at?r.ii 'I Ml trial, nrt. r *i*ib*V
?i; a ticiu ,ty if u- n< rriii.arkaMr* m it baa btwa
t. n. nie. ?ti ?i iii.!ud>?J Saturday aftain ?. i Mi.
Rradyall ?...'''. mtifi.at.- *l" Ikt ('?lWu* af Aaa
la j tu ' ?? \ nt im ai i > idaf *, *??! tin' <?*??? waa el<?w?d.
M Noycatba* .?? .i; ?-1- Mi t'-nt, tkat d<*t'?a<Uai
? ??? boffl ru .:' tf>, ? aubj M M t!r<?at Mritati; ??*>
oi ', tin; Iin v.r waa lutumli/*!; tl irdlv. tkat kia
fatli m.r ?TOI OOlBTOhaiid a.i na t.? uaturalixe kirnt
ni d, Uallj. thai t! <? dcdbadanl wa* bmind to pn>re hi*
?I I . *r a due natura!isai:<>a of kin
P*tWt*, and thai be bad faiU-d wb.dly Unaake a ay
anckptnii*. Mm * mm lahmdniliiy remarka, Mb
Brady, it wmnih?f ap,atatad IkM V did not cooattar
? root nary to n?*irnr tW nB>*^Uon that Mr kfataaB
w?.? an a!:< r. 1 be ratuial r.ati. n of th* elder Mal*?**,
os it nj>j< ai(d from the record" of tho Marine Court,
'Ii. ikd the ijtiertion if hi* n'ti/enthip evea if he
wi ic m> nliep. Mr. Brady cited a few authorities, aad
oloood I ? arfrnawnt within twenty minute* of caaa
?meJog it. Mr Noye* replied at irreater lenrth. He
h] i ke mi tie kfOkOMMM of the effenae wh'rb had
' i Oenn Med, ni.d ritt I United the wild, it'nl iniaule
neeawM w! Irk hi* pa?t life knd >.n traced to tkn
utei]i? tion of I'rovidenee. lie then reviewed th*
? i kk DOOttl tl e etoo, und argue.'- thai the naturalian
I i i. M tlx- elder Mhtxell, even if il were all that Uta
d< 1.1 deal claim, d, wan not b gal und ?uftVicut.
The deci-ioii ot tl e Board wa* ten iv. d.
Tin- L*TI AtOMioa Ca-i.?The exaruiaation o<"
Dr. Ccbel, charged nitk rnnotng tho dawtll of OoMMv
i ne de l'n Tie by producing au abortion, look pinna
in Saturday, before Coavmc Perry, The pn?onar
t.tid i Inn In-i? ii net im of Germany, year* of*
? e(Lyprolei knnphyokton, andrenieloent*fo> tu
Y - riaireet. Ir re leti<.it to the i liar'0 agaijiat hina,
1 ? laid ti nt it wan fhaW] Hint he never prulncrd na
abortiea Upon the fVooOOedl that be admiuiaterrd Iw
I . r f.i lb, pui|x>ai' of curing her of dangeroua irreifw
Uritil ? ill Ii e iyete*n |>?'culirtr te> fenvalea. lie further
'tilled that, to the boat of his bolief, -he wa* not ??
( (aarwbea she et dm to board with him, und that ?h*
? .1 him v\illi comiiiitl.il); a |TOea ci imc whde ahtt
naa hi u statt oftT*ea?*| pttajnaad by taking
I. isvni tiH ilrucH without hia k:io? led| c. At the cl?i
nf tbi < 'mi;iii. ii, l>r. ('. bad wa^ eanaoMtaad to gs
to nwnil the uctu n of the Craud Jury.
ClTI MoKTALirr.?According to the om-ial report
oftb< t ity Inspector tbeie were 3H7 death- i* this
cilj dnriag the loot we alt, namely: i,i men, Id wa?
in a, I."- bo_\ * and 11<> girla?an bsOfi Bee of lu on the
Diortality of the week prartaai 'I: ? ?? re ?? deatna
i i i j i plexy, M of hioi.chitia 13 ". couauraption, T of
tOBgO*tioa the Int.ga, It of i. tl .m'iialion of the
lungs, 4 of aongeotionof th* le?in, 13 of dro|??/ ia
th< heatf, e of hnakanantsonef the braan,fol laennsVBa>
inn of ti c boarohs, M of *e-arl?t haror, of typha*
for er, I of disease of the heart, 7 of snisll-poi, H of eoiv
rasMoaa (infaolilcl, II ofenmp, V of debility linfaulilsa),
I- of n'iira?niu? (infantile), S of mea?l?t, and I of hoopw
II s pongb. Th< re were 7 pretnaenre birtlia, :i'Jcaa. a taf
:. I. ir. si dd. mh? from viol, n: c.iitse*. Ot flicwholn
Dem bei 190 Wi re nadi r t< n y.-ai^i of age, and 17 ninataa
? f the public instil ii tioiii.. Thai following lathe cla?*il?a
ti. ii oldiaoOOee: Horn ?>,joint*, Itc , 11 lirain and uerre?,
? i noatntiv' oi ana, rt; b? art and blood vtweel*, Iti
: longa, throat,S%0 , 10*j ?kin, Stc.t and eruptive U tin,
! I; stillborn nmi jiunuitur. birth, M| slo.naoh, bowedn
aid other digestive orgaao, t..; nawtaahi aaalaai
> prnoral fevers, IS) urinary or-aii-. I| old age, j. TKe
ii' ? :. lie givea WI native* of the I'i't.'d State?,
17 11 tretend, II of Germany, II ?>i l.i glaml, nod
Um balenoe af rarioai foreign oaanssTti
I?aRim. e\aaaaxr aan Hdaaa lioiiaaiir.?A rneaa
dai n/ r. bbety and aaenuit was OOsnwdltad on Malar
day nft.rri en at the house of JJr. Jaaaaa Levirille,
> u. S13 W ant 1 lorty fifth atrcet. It eppc.n? that two
kuigh re enternd Ike hanan by nu an* of fates baya and
hi . ds tooted, ooon sfter, by Mr*. fyirirOlo ia the aM
uf rubbing the drawer* of a bureau. She ii-lantly
rn;-? il BB elanc, when one of the burglar a, Unding hina
til dteeovered, streck th* ladythree tiuna on tho
beadwilba alung-ahot knock.eg lo r sciuudes* to tho
Boor, Mr I.. Bool after mode h.s appearance and wia
aba strach by one of the aeaaMdrata? Two of th*
TaiMllUi Ward Police theu nubed in and secured
on e.f the burglars in whose p<*v< ssioti they found a
geld aratathaad <i.oin, a jm.r of gold apasAinsaa '???
a mtmjt tka Baapwrty at Mr. Latrvirllloi BsWa
11 arh oi lb last IB keys, Ink-pick* and a jimmy. Tka
ntiacMrgBVOkteaaaai a- John Andrews, a bde.rer,
. . ;</ir*o' eg.-. Hilm, .ill ni died as tic- uue Who
< on nutted the assaults, and wa* locke d <tp at the Sea
end liisti.et Police Court for trial.
in ti )am r aatena fiaaiasi faent J'kIuhi, e?f
lie I n-t V\ ard Pol < e was CO led to t. et? u- inent Mo.
in V I d. hall rtn . ten Satuiday night, to ? ttl.-a diffi
I cltv w biid. wa* going ? I I- t... < n Ii r. ? (? ui.il" a. O*
r. ne big the bouse be fooliei two Ol ibeia, liaiisnd
Kate oid Kiicalw-th Hyan. k -hia.: and poumbng th*
'bird, .Ii hur.im Bo'.sert*. whom tlie-s hud bcnt> u teni
bry. He am sled the aJanMnaTB, ur.<l they were toekad
up to answe r. A |?bys.< inn v.as ealledto '.i>i.elUse
ii ;nred w< man, whoae e-oaej.tion lie proriounoe-- i<> Im?
eritie al.
MjOBB l>eiwriTt?M.?<m Sntonlay aaaanaj n gante
<f road <s int. re..1 the ?;??.-. of V. Msm-tto, No. XU
8? ve nth avenue, from al .eb the y ate.b some tnftng
nr < Ic. ai d whe n re-rne,,i?trttte-J with by the proprietor,
ore of then;, named John Mcf 'arty, elrew a hrs.fr and
slaLbed 1 im in ? e arm. If.- w is arrested and loeked
np, but hi* companions eacape d, ,
A ?e an ? us nrth .e, ? nidi Sil] intended to injure an*
?idrhefsa Vers Uetsl, haa keen telett????.!? I etntjd laja***
. t t)s rfulT t*|sr?.irl?iBf tbr o?i*V ?o t.edersUsd tb?t I ??.
0 lailii i ir- i?T?iirae und thai Iwa? ?Soat t.. ?stl out * e?
?i(u tk? h *t\. tmrcl'vn. ?c. I sas leidaesd to i^ Uce ti tea*.
tU i' In n ?t ?c*>r?e?xal tks Svta.
I.-?Ii., . mM I Into p*rt?sr?l..p wl?h Cnrtls
4 lo tttm *?rft>lU??rtr?. hsvt'i* diaciiv
sred ilat Jod?, l l?c ????.-.,<<* . ? t*o aor* Uta ke bad vu:
but) il ' i ? rtaeroU* ?? c.jiuf but ? jar*** aavrav: tka* e*?*s)
i. , ui kutlbasntk* ?e^a??. aad tkst he w?* a.p-Wli te
w,?ti,l?utUi|v4iiiw)o> bo. heoo a f irhair u*? of ek*
\\,, rBderadfl of ti^p?r?asT?Menri hwrrwn IwdlT^melau'??C
1.11 Mssasljr, t>* tbe *Ui lssc#toh?r, 1144, I heaeat oat ail has
j- steel in lie lartaeoblp. and *nt of narr? hliaietaa ?eaaantss}
<t tire k'Bi ai d kis wife roipiorm*8t, so aa w farulafc Kssai
? i b tka men ? t* live.
? riel i-ri.^J I have rerulueeed the IcaeJ, mmt *?
n er u ptrv v*>?. and anee ble nrtteeiaaat ka?a aaaa-tSaad
I Si nr.. .nhatof 0? b*?al, ??Siilllrait. mtcmnmy
Jadect, bw e< o,Wi.sd avi ,?a.m of hi* l^dtvtdvel ctedltara Sa
11 - ?v..i to r. ak? ra- t?ki* for W* IWleWoaJ debt* The or*
di ae? of Ik* l.aeri Bo- A om *is>r do t\f>rot**mioo from tka* ?t
? inpec* i bet sort of J '<ds*a ?-d hi* prlT?U eia4Nor?.
I Baser be-e reauaipJaied le iBftlf ?*? l?> ?** b>s*i. *ad

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