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mmtrnM bTr?*ee.--that .sthr question next form to
1 mmZ Just bv appeal * the dt*Wity of the Congreee
?7th??Dited Aaiee, bysoHcitiag the r<-pietv..uis^ves
t>( the Cor-grereof the t nited State? to vindicate, th. ir
own dignity; and that we prrtpoee to do UN
i At nltaw i But If tkey do not v m bc.at?- their own
Vnlty what thenI U Vetoe-PtH down the ahaw
,|nv#)rn?npH?n?e | The? I ft* inn-' be im t by
it end np|lau*v 1 And rloeabttJ SouthCsroilnt~ wlra
or c fraiieth onh of the vvlrtt.- im n 01 this Union, win*
it ran trtWM awl jW.ey-.Vo ???- ???'"? 5
tiTwwwl laniihtea.] faetrwetJ s wti.bejwetjg
wofwtber intone K." ''''k ^^U;
wette. |I*n*m.T] The re are.mote free ?,, . , n
Within *JM L3> of la* p!?tf rmthan...
?f Sentb iWira. ?? - ??-t- in
r,K,m to sustain o?r g^^!^ JxarTZ w?'i t: ?
th. ir tw-ato CPPf-^^',' ^"ve^ir^ and ? -
nJJwJ A 3th all bis eiha ?*.
iKnOuibiote, Ca.ijrh'. r, a noble, hi-l.-n.:t.d? 1 geutle.
man who teetned to t?nrh hi- adversary NBarmed. bat
rn.thitna'wT.N-.w.ti, BfwnlatMM h open letd, hk- ?
true rbival.ie'knvht ft 01 IM Mr. Sn?, ? . MW I] to
liken the nnele of |Ul nephew to thvt distinguishi d
man, he ha* been knock? <i 0*1 the head aad carried
down to the rotoo t dt ath. I think Benote Sooner
wade a very inaccurate iiOBOMrinoa or> that oeeaoiou
that the ueele is not 'i l?on (f'aixot?- af a'l; ami in the
name of that konoial...- Sp*vn.-h gti.il.mm I pro* ?1
agan** the compaii oi. (baejd applooae).
Mr. Wm.M. EfanTOtbe ipit BendedCham ii Klira,
LI. I)., and raid:
fltaaTaniiia. allow me again to introdmc r. geatle
?aau to roine of you, though hs ?much better known
to most of you than 1 an i-- any of you, and that la,
CwaMLM Kl.ao, I'm lutl oi < olumbia College.
Mr. King wan r< ce.ved with a storm of cht-i-.
When they had meusure.lily subsided he oakh
sperm or ft ?MI kiscj.
Mr. PttKsinr.sT Alto (Jf.sti.emk.* j.Mr K'nt' wa*
again intenupted by throe ehe.re]: It it not without
gn at hesitation that ;ti t?u- pookioa wMoh 1 nowoc
cnpy, and whieh na- ?sesaakriry oeparated me asan
much from nil political meetings, that I havecou?ente<i
to come hete to-night, und at t he request of some of
x.ur friends, to utter tie- v, ry lew IHBteBPtl wi b which
1 shall trouble you. Hut thai is is not an ordi?
nary politu til assembly; this m no* un occasion
on wtiieh any nan in wleee heart beats
tke blood of the <?? tu.try dan asWl nf biOMeh (cheers).
1 U-long to a race that lad 01 me band in furming that
Conttitiiticii, the prows outni-re iinon which has?-n!l<- I
you here to-night. 11 I kasre rideMty to anythioaj, it iv
to that Constituiion, and if Bay life has bt OB rloTOted
t-i any one principle BBor*. than nnotner, it to fhnr ot
F?e Thon^dt, l ue lojeeou und a fteo E*reaa[loud
applause]. And when I aoeoji tkese strack doam?
Struth ('own by brutal,cowardly oh-oim.ms i tremendous
eheersj ? I may not tamo conn n I cither of n.y p^siitiouor
?>f my years, of toy g'Uy bead ami my 1-ui,' service, >o
h'dd back and rwfrata vooa oaatea; wkai is o i toy lips
tossy, and wbat my tsMUi wYsBld b^- dastardly Ifll (Od
Bot ray. I scorn t ho m L I s?)ora ?IIoateo^taiioas, and
I scorn especially the ignoble on bm of all Slaver/
I tremendous iheeii, bug etsitimt i, with waiving .?f
hats BLd handkerchief-]. I jnoiroti)nifw a fioaa aaiag
any exciting word or duelling nixm any exciting topi ?.
I bad seme misgivings w!i n 1 . ot np l Qo on. go
en;'* "Oive it to them"|. I ieiol too deeply tobe
quite sure that win n I commit BB/oelf to BkteiMOe 1
Iohall be on (lUcreet us 1 ought to b?; |" No danger;''
"Oeou, go on' ]. But, gentb-men, I nm here to
speak the voice ot Mow-York ?Abe roioeof men who
a>re born free and menu to die free [kwd S^MlaaWo] -
?f men who claim tor themselves the larg? st liberty of
opeeob, and who insist upon allowing it and defending
it for oibeis j"Oo>d, po<Hi.' L-?ud cbeer?|. It has
been well said by the gflOJ?i tnnn who preeodosj me
tbat the reign of force has begun, the reign of the
bully, the bludgeon ["The blackguard J, wnvsroos M
bad only beoa the reign of Freedom,'the reig i of
thought and the reign ot patriotism. AM that is over?
ruled. This is not th< tiinf laotanOQ. Tiiis very ses?
sion we have seen tin ken down in the street* of VV'ii-h
ington a man who, of all men that i know, aaooi
eballeoges, as I nppielu nd, the raopnel of tins
?otnmuriity for bis aarvaBOO fpf the Viee l'rens. [Im
xneiise cbectiiig and waving of bats. Mr. King at?
tempted to pro? i i d. but was prevented by ' Three
"cheeu for BBOraeS iireeby." which were given with
a will. J We talk very OsV u of high courage in mili?
tary and naval acts. I know no bnataasM of Ugher
moral courage than t but in whiok, taking Ins In.- bj his
kand, and knowing that every hour of his stay in
Washington his life was ia joopaftly. was OTBaOod by
Horace (ireeley. [BeaVOWed IlhosslBB J He w.uit
tliere totell the truth; he did tell the truth; and he was
felled there on the iivcnuc for telling tuo truth. Now,
fientlemen, there are inaiiv of you who do not agree
with Horace (Ireeley; but I d < admire and re.peci the
Courage which seeks to find the truth and ..arcs to
utb r it let who may opoo.e [Uosetinfasa applan -e.j
And now let Uie. say alioi iici wind, 1 have n tendi-i
nees, 1 insv Bensoni way. tut the PakkVs 1'r^so. The
t? a1 years of my life hav<- been paesed with the i> ibiie
pn fs. 1 < < nsmer Iii? TttcalaiTa tn an Mitel?las!; do
partlsni if HI othrn tae his;heat roeixiosi wkaok oanl
MglBUjej to uioiial mini b a Kipmilu- |Cbeoro], I
< oweisk r the man that in ch.-ngi- of a paper h in. silv,
beid}y.aani oeanwjSaawaawjr oapissooo ins opinion, asek.
ir g to oe right. 1 ftpnotdfi ti.ut man the ben (set -i of
hi- oosantry [Appiaaoe], Weit, tkoat, 1 bare tsaokea of
Horace Gre? l> v. I In n-is now in Jooayostdy t1 Wash?
ington, im e ntor v? hom I k' uw wi II, a uitn who i? not
a'rnid of anything in the ?h ipe of man or In a t
j( beers], mil that man, tiH>, Jasawa Watsoa Webb,
(bi u- W' u okaon] ?tl at man there in the inicst of the
? 'i.v. [Throe owmbts were given fci Jaaaoo WaMosi
Webb]?in the mif'.-t <d th '-c who are irlllkuj a'all
timeoto attai k the weak ami the undefended, will be
let alone [Ixiud applause|. But his merit Will be BO
less. He is there in the mtd-t of the ?? t db ot t i
enemy, who would willingly put Una out.
who would willingly a-sail hini. Oat tkwi he hi a in Is
piece of a porcupine |Applause|. Ooatsesaeu, tin
Free pTess ciinnot lie traiumelled. Free s.cii may
be silenced as Summ i was silenced?by li'ud ??
t> it if tic* si.. ???., of Mr. Sutnnei die n ma sflout fai
b'yood what tke blowa of that assnssia kare eflii t .1
[A noise was reared by sotne porona in the gaUnries,
whiuk wertt srowded to an nlannu^ sVogTOe, " l'u
biui out, put him ont."| O, let him stay inhere, i
do not poopese to detain you longer [4)o on, go on.'']
I have ei.id all that 1 meant to BMJT, an I BB04 Mini
meant to any. I menly pr?veut?d tojtmM kere ia
?rder that, so far an BBJ na BS aad my voice could give
any influence to tics nnsotiBg, I itgkl give it. [ am
here with all tnv h?-?n and soul aad blood Load
clie?-rs]. I am her. pledged (<> wha*. v< i miv U the
nsceesary c? n-equei.oe.s of ti is me-u-u', < ? ???? ih?-y
Srkenj they may, or ho,v He y in iv Tue
tiniej Las com?- wb? n we must talk just so,
and wb. n w?- BBBat a-1 up t?i <iur talk jti.eat
applause]. Now all ties may aaeat rush [*' 't(1 u ba'f
envugk"), but an i bj doobo . ia .. t . raok,
youug fellows, and my . 'atv at In lisjltaia tn.-x rasb
n?se. Aad v i ??, ite.i rnyaelf attoaiy oattl for
daily esouniuiuoii wuh ti.. ii nobeo api I?, srilk noarts
that beat to fiee gc,,-i on- BOXl BSVtrtoteO eOBOtiOB il 1
es.uld feel eth.rwi-e Ikwsj 1 do, aast, .i i-.-?,A .? l
do, 1 ???uld tail kOSp ak when -vei tksct a .,,? -.
opportunity [aaWkaasunwIk okoetkng),
l?nd ciie.s tor " Beeeks i, Boot mmi
War. M. \ui -, eoq .
Al'ew m? gentlemen, t ? introduce to yortr attention
an honorable gentlemae, a citi/en of our > u*c, a pub
li ? mail of our State, w be wn - not afr tie] to I i ? ?-rt- re to
raise Mr. Sunn.or, th m,-: >? ?-o - Jllefl bin [Entbu
sjsstic and Hclooged Bpplai - |, who h.il rsof irthat
if be gave help to a scn-'les . bleeding maa, w? > aad
tbe mtsfortuiie to corn, tn.in a Northern Rtstfe.tti .t h.?
motive* would be tuost-onstuied -the Hon. B Iwin B.
Morgan, who Hist r.-.,.|.-r?'?! nid in I.is mortal - ic-s ;.,
the Hon. Mr. Suumci [ia >.
of kaosokei'-hiers], wbonow. as lu're'otore [ft r?-e ?'h??ers
fer Mr Ifeigou], rapreoeuti n aae Cengr "' ?
IrniUd States th?-Cayuga dimric f \< .-n -k.
The Hon. Kowin B. Moitoax, Momber of the
House of KepieaeiiUU?res fioin the ( ivuga L?>:ri.tt,
in this Stn:- , w.is tktn culled out, and si> ike cs loi
aWaWal fjf tJ?v? B i?. MOM vs.
UfcNTutMXB?1 have bu* ?? . ngie worti to say. 1
i 1 B*v*r ?ddn-ssed u pjblic assemlily; and this, of
m paces in tt? w?.rid. is Iks lasf i sea lo aaako ts.
otst attetnpt f <lo ? a. go ic,, ' and applause I. I ?> .
?-ytbe m.-r?M smiI.- ikal I? I twites .. ;<,i.' ?
n .?21? *VN .'"Sri?? lApplause]. Business called
^?*f*t_ While in ??< r,v? , -?tl ..n to
LZsTjC ll', 1 '?"u,i l'!"w"p-u our friood Haosaar s
w?7d '?^?y ?rwitd wn . aayooif pieoood u*.
tW s^si*-?" K Lh'' ???' oaUrs [< g >od,
is no aim i,*,,d ?? ''? SW to any m?n. Ii.s-a i-e th-re
sad ejtvsal'l u bav?i.h.i,ct:,eHa-ne |"'J. .
culd, ther. r?-smp up as rapidly ,,s I ,, ,
fron, tk* mvol\%r?:a\?>y "' I - BIW 1 -
t he blows reje^^? o? h. H I u Chain I
bimkaare l''liluu - r,,,? tbe- rksal do m?|
^ce*aaask'? ? aa^aaa^TS?;.'.',.? bttju-,' -, ratta,''
Thoss blows wer. ?r.veawo?' , K? ??". ' an
six feet two or thr*e baZa tt 5" '""' t ^ * ? BOJB
uy on a poor, unoflendu k. ma? .*h ?"""'?I i?- Mtilv o it
sefcair, with bia feet andea- tKe? Ww" **** ? H-a uis
an'rising, trn tbe flrat k*,w lhw *? * ? ?
^iTOl v*!e UP ,0 ,h" "?^5 lX:\ * ?1w
shoe d think litteen or t weajSy btViws hJ. i 1 1
dmmatke abort apsc? of Um?--, A r,:? n ?>?-ii,
brut>j-aay frbTd, .Mr. Murrav!^^,H?>",a a
opptiente direction, spring aronnj u?i mJlc*? J tsss
same instant of tira. wfta myself, and aii,rbt'',ii lh?
lain by tbe arm. (Lsuideh. -r - ? (i!! T"'
^0<)osWTlt1afB, that's thef.rLt; Boaigg , t,,..r)J,ri,
''better.) At the same hanlMI of I BM .? w.s n!)
l m nlare mv-cl? between lbe two nod
t ,,,..!> ( i. tl,. ti< or 1 here he Ulla arrie. 1. H-,?-.1
V . " L MYOftJ u mutes b.s he.,.i Id, ding . ..piously
! , ', ike fntcMiul wound*, and the blood saturating
"? Mbee .fknme]. That, in short, In the hdatori of
g ..tier While -tandir.g there, several S-nntoi*
gad man) bystander* were complacently looking on,
eithout the Wort uiteLtion of aesi-tiug [Suauie . ;,
Voicte?Nenn them.
Mr. M< aaaa? You ?II know who U ey are [" Xnm.
tlem' I. Tooaabi was one |t;*-oau2i for 1o,iuibi| ?
I)c??,'aM was ai.t.thor I"Shame' j. Other aaetnbert
t,.:. th.n. II..rt is nil, QaotieSawa. Tho res, j ?
km.w. What piriisbinent will be ineeted '<> Bra it
! carrot ptOBBue. Tb- matter is n..w before ?.!?<
Wheat Mr. Morgan retired lo*id cmks for " Heecber '
e. re n-Ktle, but in the mid?tof tfe in *tr Eiski- :n
ttttiiK-Mi .tons a . Srtnaa, ftetidoaa,atf Um Baah 4
Cotnni n >.
BP! ?:< ?i OF john A. (TTJEl i as
Knn w.ciTsVK.sa: I c<?me here entirelyuiprepared
to bake any remark.'-, but tinea l fa v. been apou this
piatfouii, t'b. re have been thos ? I., re w.'.o have sai.l
that if I do awe <?nine forward, 1 ? ili not be considered
ae baring r'oi.e n y du*y, I have been cor.-" h i '. n
n< t fully psii.eipe.tmg ha theneaptiaaeataad tUafaaet*
itig. Hut J viieb to way hen- li...i I do fully parti, ipa a
in than |Loud cheers), and I wiil n >t be In Id
by any (tn.e'ib rat tbrd I am wh-dly U'ipre
Dated from addneaing you [Cheers]. 1 have pr?
paiad no course of retr.e.rk". It I had .1 IfJ
so J thoold hi ve found a'l my v<"vs were anticipat 1
iathereeolutionelaid before you, and Btartha atao
rer m which they htve b< en enforo d and elucidated
by the gentlemen who have prect de.j me I ooejd add
DOttdaWtvtfM constitutional expoeifog?nothing ihn'
1 as not bet n a'read) said by abler heads,ami which
will bfl ir...intaii.. tl by ttronger nrni^ thai uii'i" [Load
eh? er. |. 1 only desire to sny that I heartily lattorae
tbeoe tt solutions |C*;eersj. 1 wr..- not ptrtraiiait of
then) until I heard tbtm h, re, and as lar as 1 did he*r
th< in they ore an abio, ln'i.inoiir a:.d urgent M*p ?sititm
of ibis most disastrous 0000, which, m lias been well
said, is bot the cause (.f individual >, bu* is the cause
of tha who! - laaaiaaillilfy thai cause of Free Speech?
of Fi,e Thai l.t.
a Von K?And an outrage against the North.
Mr, Sim i II ?And whe'her we BUnU maintitin what
our for- lafl.ei ? |i Dght. bleilaiid died for; whether we
shall mr ii tain what is set forth in the Constitution
Of the United State, or whether we shall, at the dis?
tance of a single gen* ration, prove ours. Iv. s nimble to
nit irtn in the noble iiihcritiir.ee they bequeathed to US,
?nowtbeqnettion. Itat the time has com for me?
ted, debberetr, i ereist, at and pfiiatiTeriin action [loud
aim pro or gad cheers]?action that sha:l pal rl two all
violence, a I attempts toraetialntha freedomof apoech,
tt e fret ilt.m of the piess, jreodoBB of p.-rsonal eenver
sulhri, end th. freedom of inuivi.lual expression and
ia pout im ft* Wnshingtoii [ee ntintied ohoeral.
It baa btCI well said, Mr. I'n-i
dent that we must moik the individutl [Ciies of
"Tea! yea I"] Wa n.us; hold an poHtrOal or ssa iul
rt lat oi s with ar.y man whose highest argument -n
gutta perebn sti? k [Cheenand laughterj. When one
roan atfin l.s nnother, I watt at l. u-t the fair plav of
the prize ring thur never pi i mils him to i-trike I b foe
whin b bj down [Load cassava]. Hut what is tha
ceirme of action to be taken I It is not rim?
ply that this course of proceedings shall bo
frotw.i d down with the indignation of every town, vil?
lage mil hamlet. It mast be by united action [loud
o new] thai such men bo longer poseesn the Govern
metit [( b Bra]. It must be by sinkihg nil miner eon
aideralioni to nutatahi tha Conetdatioii of tha I nited
S'nl..-. .i-jt wie given 1.1 u [Cl,eer.-]. It is our sa
cn d eit ty to hnr.'Tit t'. our j.o-t. Ity, nv | that than be
aniou at thi ballct-boi [Benewed cheers]. We must
not trike thb mini or that mini because of our personal
Caeling toward him to elevate to office, but ??.? no 1 t
tahe good men, true men, who will nnrntdi', the Con?
stitution of the coatry [Cheers]. I think there is no
necessity for any feeling that this country kt to bo
overthrown tniti Institutions because a few raefcleta
aat . chose to t on,mil violence: but if Violenc ? It to be
con n jt;.,), j v,-. uld meet it with violence [Cheers].
Benewed calls were made tor Mr Heeeber, but an
be did do! appear, Joar i'ii Hoxn st> pped lot ward on
the plitt. rn,
Wr. BOXU said: Mr. Evatts, will y'U be kind
enough to introduce' me [ Luughter],
Mr, Evarti?It is not m i csaary,
I am it ioic, d to know, Mi. President, that \ ?an
appear beJbre you without an tatTodartlna of nay fien
Uetnaa [l-aughtei j. The 'nimble in lividuni who
atasda betora jou haa been rather familiiuly
known in tins community toi u go... I
many yearn past by tue cognomen of "Old
Joe lliixn' (loud clieeis). il mu'II listen a mo m n*, 1
vill viv< \ou the Ik st part of my speech, whieh is that
ii . to b mighty abort (laughter). 1 ..id not ooaae
hereto make a speech, but to partieipate with you
in the expression ol the m M-m. et i of fr'-e
nm, in regard to the greatest outnge that bus
cttr He ri petpatiattd in tnls country since
tic fjirnttitnlnra ??? adapted (load ahetirah to
sny with you bet..re our AI tki r that DO nrm
u Mneaatlna in his pernoti a navereiga State of this
I'n on shall be struck ..own by the hand of au assassin
[IThlhaoiatin cheers]. Thin outrngc, my fin uds, as?
sumes all its eronuety ia my vim, not bceau-e a des
pi rado has assailed and beuten a IwsattloOi had MOf
fi odirg cttiat b. Tho-e on:i ages oootS in bJI c' inmuni
ti. s and in ail'climes. Hut I1"- gi - at feitute oft I sci-c
which should ttioiise every feeling of lnoignation in the
bu ahaai Is m at tha Btah - ..t .1 i Uum Anno which
ti?ia gent;, men who direotlv or badirei tly psutidpatad
in this outinge, btVS bytb ir pteas or by their nioti'li-,
Bai cl oned and nppiovetl an outrage thin i- i oatglw M
to the whole cm ntry | lx)ud cheers], >\'o have s SB
outrages betone. Muitb N lave been c.?:iimi't,d iu
our .tie. Is, und the l.iw, 'ometimes, I am sorry to say,
is turdy?has been brought to btaf ii|m>ii thiw Iwaoali
whotrai sgr, ss it. Hu nevei be'on- I at I en-gravi
s. i.ator- in the Senate Chamber of the Oaiea sny that
they did not int? fere btCBUBQ ttiev hui no parlicihir
rj n. pal by ? Ith the man asenii- <i ft Met of*| Bhaxaae 1 j.
No lellew i itizens; it was not tin- mat ?.t w us the
;. \ utign Siateof th? Ciuoii that Wti- sought to be
ell Ut k ..own by tb' Ml' hill .1 t 1 tliHt uvus-i.i [lxn'.d
cheer*]. Frihtn lalilOBO. if bwawstOi Se want or Semator
1 i-h were as^ailcd m the BetkBteohanalsaf nretxldaha
mdigniy r? st upon t lie lit liana I No! Bvery hioN
vtl.ich sbwsjM full upon liicin, would full i'(> >u tha gn at
State of New-York, which liny rsjaan st ui la thai body,
tu il iil on the cilizins of Ii.is :'c it in. .on. l.very blow
ii.ll cti ; li| oil the head of -lie unoffending >Ullll: r is a
I oi. tttuesi upon youi head and mine, (low doe-athe
press ai ti. Boaah dtatgnaie th.? ?.utra;.'c I Ho* ,le>e.s
II eohl. stui 1 Saitonal iH'tHtifr'Hrx-r tv. \\ a-liii.gion.and
how does 'J /if r/adaw. tho mouth-piece tu this accnr'eel
Adkrvjaaatradsaoi [applan*. |, doainatr this outrage?
I'll i, < gio.ii * were I., i. c.iiicil for 1'r.si.ent l'u-r, ??
nt ii tsiy t?ere given wi'h a right beertv good wi l.|
Th, v goohnata i" by th, tmine of an " unfortunate oc
tl ricnte." t>h, gentlemen, ii it au uuroitu ia'e tHre'iir
isaaco wajchdaaO calied Usgetktr oa large au mtdfeiicj
a-Hhis, i.ijd ?he lit. of which I aeve-r s^w gathered
witl.in IheOe walls hetOBB 1 Au unf.ji' itunu. otvur.
rtt ,, ' M) word toi it, gl utlemeii, if htVl . t .tlem, n,
I il that fc-e'iititor bad Bad been i lla'.-k.,l Uii.i^.ircs, || H
ttweobs-r convictiou ??f myJatlgaaoB*^ tltal the BjsphsMl
j Pt I is to ale [bawhtsr] w. *d have fom 1 it a ntoa] na
; Pottnnate ea-curretce fen l.msslr. lApplnu*?.] 1 t !d
? y, u i akoadd u ?(u o very khaai spc.ch. [Crn , irom
fc'l j ait-e>f the hou-e, ?? ?;,) oi,''"go on.] Now wiia'
, haa bttu done ha? ben done. (I.t-.tgLu r. ] As
pitM ticai nit'L?-as pU n, Commo i s. ns.- men?
: fit us In irg thi- ?jie-lion rig:.: L ? ne, . 1
' anil ? U's, lv< i wl af i- our duty and my dat] un :ir
?he eircuu st :. eoa [Cries of Thnt 's ii, tnv''s h j.
Jb?*i itvple who know uie know to wa r. -t\>.
DB 1 have Im long, d let 11 great m^i y I in I Vc
?o? v Leu- to night and Ui?l o.l my pidilbal aanoeia
i. is tor thi * eaea-ieui, with lev w U-u i eOaTM
in. ax>d 1 desire M ? io forget all peel pol 'i ? a- . i
tie DS. 1 intend BOW, GOO BBSvWjBg mv Ufo, to |
wl at* v? i t'<n-is i, il ol in,?ii..it .-i...: ... v.. ,u v,.'c
"Hut It 's good"]?to u-drl Ihe cxi-t. ,c< ol ' w Slave
atrfrer eel this aataatry [Ctsto of " flood. g .,Ki.'' at |
in, st v> ct-n^s i^saritar]. 1 *u- ? it BaMtaaaiead
Hat 1 eui gomg to esk two qua i<?u<, anu oaalj
two, afUr this of ti e l.'< m< s* i:tiiii\ e whom I mnv
vote for '0 send to Congress. I i .i.ui to k k
kim in the find place, "Can yen irh'."' [Afrhn |
If he ,aj s ** Ve*," then 1 BJI to i-\ h ;r', ? i\'ii
fight [?ietvt checji'ig and avpawaaa]! Ii heaaVeyan
tin te tWO qUeSt.oil* iu tie- llilif llli In, i > ?y ej,:er
tt.n what ,'piiiitu* he pleases apuq nay , I every
tetter queetiou [Laughter and (dicers]. It I tuonvht 1
ti :?'.' II l'u-Dec Iliyo'd p?'".c?i ftieU-le ? Lo b ve been
Inboiii k' w.tl. me lot '.?tn'y-Cve years, 1 a-ould _'o \>
ili ir itiiies. lireeidee and worh-.-bope? I wolnd way
la\ tic .< in :,.? slnels ai... bs-g tl.eiii t jf iu- r,> s stke,
ha 'ir?xK ins sake lor liberty* sak'. to lay aside
si' lorn** politicul o, ii.iotis an 1 Opposition avid
Baitj ho*. ujMUi mt ii who aid slaud by tue?
meti utioiie of the i-s'un.ry Ltaaaal appinuv |.
I an willing foi one, if a man should te selected us
our standard bear? r with whom I have le en m opposi
tion ever -.tee 1 .'.tvt given a vote, aa il be suousi be
a man with whom 1 ba\e uosocial rel.vi<>us. and whom
1 Co not .peak to in tie atraet, If ha b" only faithful
and I oBOaa, 1 will walk and vats fur biui a-1 would for
asj I otbr lAppl ;. Ii we do ti.,:. I**a b
m. \ k t..... It* at tho a ? nhag , V eti ? ia Sot aaabar.
we w.U sorget our Ittia b*NM ? al bickaruaga, and ec w
mrward in the dignity vf Aw. risen f .. in ??, ?.?!
??oaty. we will never i * ar of n . v luftieraU'cmp .-at
^?**atatkvn in the aVna-e Ckam'ssr ' Ireat a(.pj?u
braV. '^V"' "i do ",,ch ,1,>*u' a" tbeav" are th, aaaat
ha* ti . w * :'itiger, and I hw^aohaasi I
, ? tK ^Cgt.-, tift >!y ,n tt. of tl... i'.s
tar.ce betw-en them aad the party ?h?y opr-o-e I
< ire rot ?ho may be the leader we may elect in the
coming; election. I have no previous pred?e ti'?n? or
aniroi sit* e to gratify. I wans men to ?Und up in the
dignity Of then manhood am! aaleet th-ir -tandiri
hi arer, and be aba!) ha\ t my efirce?t and individual
auppe.rt. Thp Chairman of the meeting, instead of
introdur ir.g thp gentleman wro p.-ceded me, Mj.
Stevens,) the President of the Bank of Commerce, and
a gentleman welt brorn to you all, I Intended t >
havewt.k?d up tb'; Mood in your ne.\r?a hy t-Hing
y-utlat he a-as the-<,i, of the aaaa that . jramsnd ??!
torn ett'l>iy at Sarafo./? and Vork'own. [Aafsaaae.]
lie > tin remember who t*>e other M|ttlotWB wne that
mtKtded bbnf '(-its ef Uj, jnl] I am aot prise
to ta'k alnuf ha web's nephew', ftaugkUr.; b'.t I
alhide to the ooa of the boaored ard larnented Kufas
King [npphviscl. Near by me on okastageoitathe
gtntbn.an in whose veins flews the ?arje b'-to! tnif
? ourced in tko veins..," that BJoat infiinM fri- nd of *be
latl'r of hi- eout.trv, Oen. A>xardet Hamilton [up
|.!au?c|. 1 have be. n in this BaBM n grear m'inv Hates,
and I have seta it crowded upon political occasions
but v ken I f. .- h'-re to-night, occupying the chair, the
oldtet B3t rehatit of wl oaj w>-cm lionet in thin groat
city?a man who baa di-firgtti?hed bliuonlf in ootmv-r
cial tTiteij,ri-e- for m?>r ? than half a century, and
wl.-n i h* e ar? und tin-the nr.';- .im nf i-.d" diVin
gti.-led men of which this gT. a' tity may well feel
proud. I feel thankful forth.- honor ciif-Tred upon
me in receiving at la I Halloa to r.ddress yon, which I
fee] to be far beyondBry d'-aerts, and in having my
l?e?,r uaWOttkry name aesreiafed wi'h 'hose tfistin
gui-hid meu who arc assembled her.-upon t tits plat
Imi. Now with OM henrt and one mind, let uj re
whrato act together from this time forth, until thin
outrage ia rebuked ard until th< se gentlemen [etrloj of
ereiituree, erentorea ] shall understand tha? there are
blewB to receive 8a weil as blows to give, and may
God bless and fJWfM1 the right [Great applause].
Mr. Wa M. Etabts pusoajtnil bimi if amid loud
ealli for Beecher, and said:
?b.PuaiBUT: It is not with the intention ??!
n.akii g a speech that I am n?w before you. The hou
of ten i.? t.owairiv.d [ Votes If erat Bated the hour)
Bat while the aaeethlf is ye t fall it is desirable that
you have an oppoitBflity to express your sentiments
iii en what yon have tjg to be a public and decisive
piot DM iation of vow thoii^Lte. by adopt ag the rOJBO"
natkibS tLat have been i< ad to you [CbeeisJ.
Air. Eraita CBBcladcd amid mihiisiaatir iluers.
The reaolniioao wore then put by tie- President and
adopted frith bear.y unanmty. The audience, who
had thn tighout the meeting called for Boochor, th-n
?lou'td " Bee cht r," 14 Beecher, " "we mas. hev
Beecher," but a motion wns put to uljmm, and tti
Prooidt i.t declared tin mi etil g adjourned. Th<? audi?
ence, Lowevtr, would not adjourn. Ag tttMBBM in
the gnih ry, at the back of the platform, b ap-d up
m <1 'aid:
" Fn.t ow.Citizen?: I suppose a very large ma
jority of you desire to hear the Kev. Hoary vVard
Bi i cht r, who ia now preserd."
A tight hearty assent VtJ returned by tin audience,
Bi d Mi. Beechei left his place m tliu gaJh y and came
upon the plaUbrsn, the officers of the bi feting aad
many jx ruital Iriends, wantily welcoiniughiin When
he madi his appearance befb.'oo the SMsdieaes he was
reoexved with the aaooi mHtlod and nattering ap
].lause,end lounti.sof .bceisofi repea'el. When he
had obtained silt t i e be Midi
RPCeCH Or Tilt: ret. IH'.N'RY WARD IIF.r'.l iir.rt.
1 im not llMOSsllWo to the sentiments which have
been eiprttotd this evoalng, I di<l not desire, ho.v
c-vtr, to speak at this meeting?not boeauoe 1 OOtsld
n< t ejripatnize with it, for | have sympathi/.oij t.i a
<1< (.mi ? wbieh I can truly say I hardly ever f it befbtO.
in ivi iy re olatioo. in its general?i .it an^l in its special
longaage, aad in all the ipocckoa that have beoaaaade,
But I did riot wi-h .ii any v i-c t,, interrupt tie course of
a nieitirg innugurnt.il so wis.lv,directed?odi-erectly,
liisii/ned und calcu'ated to have steh weight with all
pni I ii s, and with a li men that OVO men, throughout the
w hole i ciuitty. If there is one t BBBg that 070 ought to
fi o. t, it is that we have evei hi en JIlMed citizen. If
11.. re i. one thii o that we ought to remember, it is
that vvc me i.i Itad citi/.eim now |great applause).
1 know not, ff we bad had tin ordering
of all things, that we eotuild have conceived
anything men ootunmhsately wiao( lookhagki reaaots
and final results to arouse the dominnt teeling of the
Biastk, than these things winch have now braonp nd ia
tie order, Iis I must think, of a wise and watchful
Provkkaee, I think the more readily that the present
evento bare taken plaee, Deeoawo I know that some.
MflM I I'lovidei.ce employe inlrrnal tntfrumt'nf* to do
bis will (I.hi , I.t' i j. i lud Senator Simmer been a
tnnn id war, or a nmnof brawling w 'rds?ht-l h ? been
sliy otl.i r than I.? wuh?the cui-e con 1.1 not have been
sc strong. I know not that il wt Icol gone Ibrongli
our wU>le lam1, from OM end to the Otkor, WO oassTd
have found n man so tit to bo OsTort d as ii soeritiue of
Ul arty open Iba groal aita* of bk country [Oroaf ap
p'auee). No aspiiing politician has he been. A lav
lefb) prod s-ion, a scholar by instmete and halnte, a
ii nil of D he d f 000, ? I soi ml and est In! g t it,s, tn
WBS M ized by ore- ot those Midden WllVes of p ipulai
f,, lag that flow fsbvasjgb the BSttioa and In ar uwav
i in- mm, upon their OOfOOa. as otic of (i Ofgt St?-< til
cUppeVB, that has lieen bull ling on the shore, would be
lifts d by M.me Spring-tide ti.ai has rloo . ? mi far in a
to buoy I.t r up and luuncti her into the
SCSI IA. . c ' OfsVo sought him, and to t mm
t? luct'iire,; for nhL'e bk)eksBHOawaj yet a Madbag
qmstioii, I bad tka paaawara sat a convtusaiion with
him, in bis ollii e, ss u private genticmau: 1, being a
rli r^ man, acted BOBBtwhal a-conft ssor ou tnutocca
-k i. and he toM aae tko secrets of kkt hoart. And I
am lUtethat, nlthoiigh ho had nn ho: . .: - and man?
ly ambition, the office to which he w.is elected
wi s not taskgkt nor aV sired by him. Ibntsl
|. i ? ?- been ii vVushinglon. his coiu-se ha- been that
win h b. can e a liiMU, a genlleman. a s'atesuian, u
n I e.i.r, a (Christian (tirtat and er thusiastic applause).
He boa everywhere not aas very okoorvad the raks of
dei oiuin, but wuh ti ur "cbivnlry," wi'h Ike nobte.t
amsdoea of a gi ntbmar, be has umiutaiaed bakaaaht
vosn ri*m\saw ? So that tl a oar/eoaBpkdaithoJ I bavo
t v i r i Mad against S. aases Sutnuer ua. b. en, that by
bis slink.ng ana sensitive nature tn; waj mK
tit for the "l'ltgh aid tumble' of politics in
our day [Boewwed applause). It was beeausc
he I eld jiin re f bSM k, as he ill 1. ttiat he wits MMOaobad
ard icprovid, aad input goaded by the lll-j-jdg'd
?i.i.i baM of i-iM iis, be at'.empti d at l??t tosp*e-.- and
rt -spiee his reuisiks. It v. a-not the complaint that
ttiy bad Ix tu t?s.? high, or too keen, or lu ouew'j?
t?o orkhtaJ oi MVie. But every man in speak
icg, mnst tollt w the rule of bis owu nifure.
To rtbmpt to peak, as is not in his na ore, k a
mi-'akt t? r any may. N-nator Sumn> r, howeve', did
not commit it; forwhtiinc b? -,'ini t i spe ik, ins*.
ii-tei,ing to to tl - ii L-t k- ri . oiin,. ! ,,t ti- frieuUs, he
tt.i kthi belter counsel of'tis own judgment au i ii i
tutt, and spok ? from his conscience a. t
his beert (ep plans.). Aid a
nt d':sguise<i!y far that utterunce, thai ba was pro?
stis'- d by a IsSMl's hie w. Ah. it tMBaMaaal It
toutbt' OM OM it- k cilv.n, but M ? man. I ,. i
no*, walk I be - it I and see ??!, rij,-. .[ Wl |(!u
rt nik by a Baa v. hp wie- bis superior, or iu cucum
BtaatM which :-.ut Inm advantage, without sMhag
my Uoodbasi [ApfdaaM). IjWko oagkt m ba a bmb
ol pe.:ce, pet s< \, 'h?t to ilefel.d a Weak 1 ?v,,u>| u,,t
bt alt ass ? bmbmm to peril ktb aad bath iLmdap
Una i |. I leii >? ii that yon may go througn the Five'
Pt inta end rake to tu-bottem, ami MOtesaBMbraM
up the most dt grau?' wrett? or ^amb.i i of ua. wbu '
hi beea obm a aoaa srho, hi yea oaoaal oak him'
?'\V. u ?i yen -'r:kc .i man w, > ; do??u 'citivti,
bMikjiiait' ?t 'i .pi.-ii .' Lo o . , ',^tlJ
may go tlnour-b Iko Coarta whe. ? we kav- tw |
a--tint td it tie ia~t few months a leaned
bush of iiigiioi* [lenng'itcri: you may take ti,e
wide of IhOMj b?.P.in ana ?a<l over thc naui.s
?I lb" fcit.fr, SOOOXdSi bottl-holter?all the w^y i ,
U ?? 11 lieu.? ai I yo.. can' ot find one wno siU not h,\e
BMI tinese croi.' h k II in Lim to saw - "?4jr ^y u'
jewei"' K.irat l .ugttet am: B| p BBM;. It iUAy bol lT
ki ?t>? t > ail wi y? it that Mr. sumn. r nas tka wh-ch
by tutstiit ai.ilt- uiiesy, bi U^-aii pstbgaaanahaaBi t'
exboieraiis a man hwM tko perforuL.ijee ofimUUrv
iutfi foril a n an be *<ar-iigt(eti, it ia uke? ti
granted that Le raunet flgbt to advantage, jj, ^m
a? r is near-.nd. >. In the ss.1 of wilting, be i, ii)t
vv< i s have been I ? ht down, and even wuta h.- Uji. d
Li- ? yts. ba must t.ave bem liable to uu ?vet t\u ai
vi tsury even at a litb'e liittauce. T al was |fc t jn"
Hittte, ?Leu kB mm BtU? keu by the ?ktvsjrx!,
of Cuvbiie?South Ci-io ina ' Chivalry | |.
is juet that Cluvaliy thai ?\?ul.l be mmv?
aaited if a Lund maa Wnre Walking wi^i
trtiruVus atet?s along your stieet; and saua mm
ahM s.ii bum -teal ;,g mat from a cimcr on snag, and
I uocging the po-'ae ehouii strike the Loud axau lown
MsBBsBajihl Iris lust kmd of ahieahj that,,.
' mop a; phykt Uito a wo-uan's thumb..: andgive ner
bow with a bitttV*?1? ov.r the kea.1 on she slept on '
l-t ii.! ?* Vr l V - . Atfask u Ii an -..;: v , , ' , ,
in il- iki., >- t.- nub no otk< r eeoiion Uiaha
ten! Ais' *l aasTO. U: tue ey m.ol ui t?.. N^Lk is
tl. pen; nv ? vmbol ot tk.. Snub w tke
(Icuel and kvag ?ff*""'! f hm.w of ba> tw? ot tke
ciub-hc:o? - bi -vi" ttrs Bro.?ks, one in mythical ;ra
?lit oi aid OOV Ml es bbm kletoiy. II ere ales Was a
binli h-ro ef t&e elnh. bet even H-ixnes, j0 tfc,
of nvtKbayj nl cim uatitw, need bis ub
only aga.te- , .ttn.'s, hvans, and other ?a-mie, ?f
i-aitty-ntver s^u.-s. a.sk and uuarm d-? u.
uU.er hero of MO ciu* i? sa, red, it is Cain. And
tkisHrcoksistVb. ??nexemlyot the cane but C*m
b c srlf 'Applau- 1. But vrr.y do I epc ,k .n n .ence
to this a. t which .s but ok single bamc t at Has bur*
out updei enr'..f ' Us: which happened in vt a-biag.
too is but a famt echo of thai whieh ia taking plac*
where a whole empire is clubbed and a wr ml.; Me',
kno< k?<l deiwn by the tactic*. At thi? hour the Qot
I HBtfi of the I nited States a'.ands in precisely the
Banne ralstioa toward K?nens an Brooks su-'ained to
Senator Suoir.? r (Load applau**-]. A thunder ?troke
? now hi -ir i an oan Wanton pHins, of which that was
> ut a faint aeho whi b wo attend in Washing
tit' It il rfoim in Teiae; it it storm in
! \\ a-hmgtori: and by and by it wi I be stormy aloig
the a Me horuon, tin1's? there- if a spiri' that ri'o* up
an?! rt,y- io tl.e madmen. "Thus far have ye rn!-d
and "c n,?, bnt no farther" [Loud eheer?]. I
will nof a'b nipt to inspire yoa wi'h any
.?r. Bgel ftt mg. V"U krow full well what my thongh?
nie. For I tank that thie fa but a pimple, and the
!-.? ? Km down deeper. There aft principle* that
aie af war; and w- m.? n of deeds are-out the in?fr>i
Bentowaiei principles are ? mploying, in a conflict
whtth will be sever l, and in its tin ti victory more
Broatrioaa thai iitowi which has booi BeeneYed.
Bj tie fores < f Liberty?by the force of Civilization.
?w! ich eon ? * lh m ti e I.m of Ch-i-tianity?by the
H'll 0 inf CblhwIoaMj Itataf. WO shall yet, in our lib
Halt or in thai of our chilJrei.?we shill jet achieve
the Victery of Liberty. And when at la-'. tLU conn
tiy si aU rn a* tl t I oi of Liberty, a- the man inth^
gi r ptana. exorcised of the Devil, sat af the feet of
( brade?Waea ai last thil country sh^ll eit at the In I
Of AtmifJ.ty God and say 'Tnou hast ordained me
W I this work," then thai time shall cune. predicted in
the Apoeiuyi se, when " Mtan shall be seized ard
' be ilud and ca-t into a pit for a tlxeuand v i and
I. bind shall be le ft peace, purity, and prosp, . May
Oed speed the day [Tumultuous appla j*> j.
^\ ben Mr. He eebei bad BOBadaded the aude gave
him three Uaafl three wih a will, and thei a im
n ei ??? e -st mblage -!e?Iy d spers. d, aid fo Iran
hour afterward Broadway, in the vicinity of tl I at
:...;>. ri \t lln rated with their cheers.
THE mass mi:i:ii.vg OUTSIDE
So great was the crowd that hundreds ( :'dgct
II itl>er within sight nor hearing of thp speak ?, and
fo cordirgly seme perrons i-Ttemjiori/.ed a meeting ont
tidi the banaiavf. Several ipoaehea wan aaada to
t! s tmpn mptu gathering, the tone of which were in
coire.-poi di nee with the language1 un d by the regular
spakers it Um oreeing r , i/i,u-.. -m was as
great outside as within, and the only regret of tlie ex
cluded thousands seemed to be- that ?mj eoaldnot
ji in the multitude from which they were only sepa?
rated by aaaynpaaUaasf walls, in iweDbag the mighty
cr.oius in deiiunciatu n of slDvedtivio* outrage and
audacity. _
To tht Editor ,J The if, Y. Trtbunt.
Sik: The fr<i(ueutand vehemfnt declaration mode
by Biioksand bia Soathori colleagues, to the efbe<
that the assault ujson Mr. IbbW was an aJtofOthi t
unj re-meditate d affair, inducis me to relate a little
conversation which I overheard last Winter at a
Washington hotel.
How min b I shall invalidate- the fesh'waaji of the
persons whose remarks I chanced to cab h, by giving a
oi m i :ption ol tin ir cn-t of countenance and frame, I do
not know; but I think such a doaoripti ? Beeeeeary to
the full aj.pr? citifion of what I have to coniiiiuuicir.e in
quotation marks:
Two men entered the reading rOOan at about tin
o'eloeh in the morning, ergaged in a hmd dispute?the
one was a shtrt, corpulent individual with a very red
f. . . ; the other was of medium bight, thinly built,
shaip Haa tend, scrupulously dressed and thoroughly
drunk accordicg to the latest style. For distinction a
sake WO will call tin former Dotrkr aud the latter
\\ hatcver is < harm teii-i a- ia -oi.timent or profanity
in the subjoined conversation is quoted to the letter.
Tin ir di-pute appealed to be on the merits of a man
l y the name oi Nicholson, who, according to tLi<-ii
words, hud sotosatully exerted bis influence to get
Howler au office, but bad turued u < old shoulder ou
t\ inkle.
II ihtft? " I SSI Ire it a it? d scoundrel' "
!>? wtrt - Hob 1 Nicbcitou bu bean niv ?>-?? friend. I ?mir.
thuniib l'vs known you Iwj lean, you unut nut ?ay anything
araiimt hue, it yoa do. I'll tigbi ynu.'*
The dispute- proceeded for some fifteen minute* or
n.ore, in the iihii.f whieh time many BBtlOBI
ti?ags were said of oaaay high public laBtctiosntriea,
iml re.ii bed this conclusion:
HoAi'e?'? Weil, never mind; let Xi:ho!aon so. I'm drunk.
I In i o"
/ . B >r- " No; I BfBBnaaaaaawaBBBB, or a ?at,?f? tioo for
? bsl ? In-%e ask! ; mm . r trie nruer I mu.r have."
W n.tie?' W hat eai 'ai jtii n .;o yon want! I'm renly to fire
an SBBtai ntion, but I'm drunk, 1 believe."
DaajaW?M1 kaew you are; but I mint have Sttaahf 'iSO
//,i?.r, yaa! Bob, I'll Mit yon if yon don'tre'rsrt."
II u.hit?" Oh ! I'll rttrott; Nicuol-uu ia oi,e of the hues
R is. la li e w< rid. I retract?y.m know I'm drunk?forgive
?tat I tar Nicholson n a fine fell.,..?Im drank, vou
kaow?It's eU rkjht?hay 1"
/, ? ',, (Bta| ?.- i,.,. 1\ ?" \\>ll, I'llp/oruiee y iu t.'iia lima
i l , i u.i.tt l a ea'i eil n bat you aay; lor Nkholaou haa atuod
u'|orn.e. 1 swecr."
? lla'lo ' there gnea Rre.-.ka of South Csrollna, (rviintina ?o a
.1 |. -eit t the window). 1 lell tou. Hob, be' is a King!
It,- iK n . eid earle. by-! He aaya he ia ready for any of tue
i?4 ah. lithniatslu that H'nss. He waata aslaint at old Old
,ln ft, I y-: He taw he wul make old lireeley tie hit shoe*,
lAdbeU Sf hit head lite t man, yet ' He awesrt he'll set a
I. : f s.,,u uiaaii-f au apr ropristiun for ,-,tton landings on the
?IsawshyBf ItWd{Baa be'U h ?-e Samner and SewaM sent to
dr ?e ri I t Dae. Iis tits there with hi* piatol* und-r bar iv.
like an ? Id ettie. h>-' He tayt thai he will thool the ti, M
c'-,1 fret foiSS that geta in hi* w?y."
A few years ago we were subdued, quite subdued,
In the Migar-canes and cotton-stalks of the fjeodh.
Sin r e, r imiteiiul has been found requisite in latOf
tiai?p. It appears to n,e that we an- ut 'hat cri-.s
? li' ii the- charming i omedy BO long reacted with shilV
ingtidi trsaes, that nrsjtBtly itly entJ :.d ?? All en Ooe
Sid, , is passing mto that elevating diauuti: akMta,
'? |v, ( an 1'lay at That liun'. c. a s.
Kh > ik, May '?', is.'ei._
A- BO time in In r history did Council No. 5 come so
ti ai to a coiiajise- as upju Saturday evening las:. H ri
Ii w 1....1 a-si mbled ..'. the appoint, d hou', and ajioag
that t. v Hn?. \\ hi u mt wa- um, nor wu- an) expla
mtioti there foi him. II.s prcv ous prec;-,ou, together
with his conui ainling aagl ity, had become sei wov-n
info th,- very vitals of the fraternity as to be a'm '-t
ltd:,j. . r,?tble. It. reft of these, and uot notified of it,
at d t Lly rouie f. urt. eu brothers to help sabtaintbe
L< n aveuient, tilings presented a squally aspect.
A1*L QoiWIiai ?ra.-besought la take tue chair, but
?V ?. d, on tl a irround of having something to eeea?
it.i.r i? at, wlieb quired bis presence as a lljor nK-m
b* r. Bio llKook- wo* also solicited, but he too de
tliciii, " se> a* to sssi-t Hro. tirilHlha. ' You'll b?:
'?"Nd if you lei us have BOB*WOT," ?a:d the Alderman.
" A i \'.?. dy dl do for this tii ?> in the chair, ' said
Bio. UrtooKs. I nder this suggestmn, Bio. Ja Kaon
a i ,n led t. Bjaji i. . Ii s first move wnli the gavel
gave rvideece of irability, and cast even a deeper
\W ? ? i ver the a ouin^rs. A< the Council bad organ
laed, fay tb? paanjaao of haaabag wlutt new as
temi-hrrf nt" the Alderman had I?r them, tlnnsrs were
I Bilked along to -.'ive him an opportunity.
It will bo r<;r,. mix red that the subject of aleotiag
T BStaaO was laid over from the last meeting, lo tin I a
I r, I er resj 0B-ib!e for t--'5. This matter was seized
njs n by tbc Ald' iman to redeem Uaawatt II is nat
utudy a bold aaBJt, and an itiBeu:e>us man. For hi*
bo'iJwts, s?.e hie vote for Mr Irvng. Vat hi* ingi
i u ly, see hi- exr i?e tor tba: voti " Mr. Irving is a
'? native-be in citi/en." Bet his ingenuity is even
i.r,ni?r than iL,*. I'nbcknowr. to the brothers, aid
? n ti e hope to leap completely back mt-. litvor by one
?l u.ense f at ot lofty finsn ,.,1 rumbling. I called
^up. n lire. Jacob V. OakW. I:rta Aldtrrmn of the
F, u:th Ward, bat now A*?t-sror und'-r Uro. Joe Tay
bar, und i resident of lbs* ttajth >Var,l, and stated the
Btetiaafji of tinding a man ailung and able to stand
ntaai r Ibt ? H A* fir?t Bro. J kCOl wa- in. redii'ous,
'f. Bio. ilhiiuTiu, fee ling the iirprjrtanoe ol suocea-,
:'d io ii i raawt t,it.unr_\ iLat uulcrw sucu a
a a was I un I, or rnocey raier?, the Osjaatail would
L< ,\ et'd--wot id !??; driven from a mom which had
U' ? h ? h lloivid be ?:- !| . II-..; !- , < ; ,\. J r ,;.,.'!,*
' ? i ?- l?>" Jacob, being a kind man, aud w aiuug to
IsBOta. lid n i n true fn,.^ ^ tJ?. r?llACi D,u ^ ex_
netly wantieg ?4 stand spwnenr, lest his Democrttie I
fii.-ads night l.,ar of hl- devoten to " AmericaQ pnn
cijl.s, pr prt-d to pay the money down, and thus
BWaM sn> tu I e the matter Cpon thus Bro. Gair
riiH.to.kfh"-a- eey, and this it was he fcoJjUf?
ay I . c the a-?err bled wiadom.
Nv tcanaer l td AK OniyrtvH. at?te4 the aaatter
fairy than one spontaneous roar of joy resound* i ft ?
the entire coogTegnted J|o?t of fourteen native Ism
Atnercan citiz. v?. The Alderman, supposing it was
! n olf they w. _-. raised hia voice a little
higher, straightened up bis head a little straight-r, as
hen-dt'i.lo bt fore the cotifirmatiou of Mr. Irving,
and cosclndtd win an opinion that bi ha<l been the
humble means of plan ing the Council eutirely beyond
the possibility of want. No sooner wap he seated
: than a motion wn- made to thank Bio. Jaooh f >r his
generosity. Bros. Stovvr.t and Vas Dr^nt wanted
to krew .f the Umtliers Marl mean to thank Bro.
(iriffiths; didnt understand how it was they cilled
Jake Oakb-y by the name of Bro. Oakley; would like
to ktow n 1.? n and where he was initiated; und why,
though he had lived two years in Ike Ward, he had
never (MM intoCoun.il No. X Bro. B BOO Kl replied:
Fn ui bk et im etioa with Jtanj Taylor. was able to say
Uro. t'akley has a country seat on L >rg I^lai'l
was rtgnlnrly inn iff ed down there, the same as Bro.
l>ot'Iey was up in West? hoster County; didn't know
that it made any difference whether lie was a invmher
L If he paid bk rnoajey hs oagkt to be fhr.tikc.l
Thi uchf it a pretty caper for a lot of "old oparts,"
who revt r thiak of a>kmg a man who 1-te wall them,
oa the reoait of <i faro bank or a hocae-f aoo whether
h* hi a member ot a okateh or a Know-Nothing Lodga,
to come in here and atk who Bro. Oakley is.
' Brothera," says Jerry. " we're got biadaol; now let s
' tlmrk him. You all take any man's money when
'' you win. Besides this, I know he feels right toward
"thecause. Behaaoften "ad th-- reports in Tut
" Thibi ne of our money affairs, ami Ins repeat-'Jly
"expressed himself aliotit it. Hm. PalMBB Off M i
the vote ot thanks. Was optswjed to leOrag out the
Council to Jof TtTL'jR, or any of his crowd. Belt n I
this to be a prrfect " selb Bro. \ i\ Dvaaa again
spoke. Got ap baa old Peaaocratki steam to auch a
pitch a? to declare Bro. J ton to be nothing but a
" Loco'oco politician of the meau? -t kiud.' Uro. CoB
a m * hbswd in also. How i oald he remain silent when
aa good an opjNutunity presented to sde with the Ma?
jority ' He too opposed the vote of thanks. Consid?
ered it the most extraordinary state of things he ever
bt aid of. Though heJotaed with 'he Br?then in giv?
ing the slmut of joy when Ilm. (Irttrrn us told of the
matt* r. he did not mean thereby te endorse either Bro.
fiHif fit/hi or this man they called Bro. O iklf.v. He
only i?joic< '1 1" i ause tin- < mncii hud got the uinti >y.
IJk* d Bio. BaooCI I idea exactly. Didn't care whpre
the aaOBOy came from, th'-rcf uc had uo thank* for
anybody. Believed that to 1.? a true sportsman's phi
lostphy. Thought Uro. B boo El wa- n it fair way to
gi t better potted, as he was learning fa-d?very. Bra
Bail of pony memory?aio-e He favored tin
vote of thanks. In addition tlieieti, would freely
give Bro. Osklft a ride extra, around the Ward.
Would rig his ponies and wagon in gala, with stream
pis flying for the occasion. Bro. J ?.ckson, who until
n w had dene remarkably well aa Chairman, under
teok to ?peak. His efforts were cheeked by Bio. Cob*
son, who objecttd unless he left the Chair. Tai*
tout bed the dignity of the youth, and he replied with
tremendous strokes Of* the gavel and cries of "Sit
" down, Sir, I say sit down. Bang, bang, bang, w.nt
the lianimei, until Bro. < lOBaoa, rinding all attempts at
speaking useless, yielded, th nigh not without inufter
it g a threat that he would have Bio. Win tr in there
at the next meeting anyhow.
The c< nfusion had now beOOBM so great BI f 0 drown
all rounds, or rather merge them in one din of discord.
A piping vnice moved an adjournment. Bio. Wain
vvkioht sprang to his feet; hoped the brothers would
not adjourn: de-sired them to accept his resignation as
delegate to the Onind Council; but all to no use.
Bro. Jack-on, from a sense of inability to navigate the
ship sab ly through the storm, paid no attention to the
appeals of brothers to hold on until tbe regular bttsi
Bam was closed, and put the question on adjournment.
Then, with one ecstatic concussion of the gavel and a
bound EMai his chair, declared the Council closed.
Whereupon the most of them, especially those who
had come arrned with a BBtpoaoa or a IhiBB OOBt pfoc
10 tbM>w into the hat, now rushed around to
" Frer k's" to tmile over the clean profits to the Order
through the gtLerotis donation of Bro. Jaoob F.
Oakley. _
The Anti-Fillmore Americans held u State Conven?
tion at Albany on Wednesday, the Pjajj inst. The
Convention was called to order by the Hon. Kuu. i
II. Hi <..,!.> - of St, ?ben, and the Hon. I). N\ Wkh.ht
BBI ohoOOB President, with leTOril Vice-presidents
BI d .Secretaries. The following delegates were chosen
to attend the National Convention to be held in this
city on the Itth of June:
Vlltgntet. Mtfrnattt.
Ost r.e Lsw. Hsvard (Isrko.
Silt* Seymour. K K. Norton.
I'ifl. heUaaHi Altrrnatt:
I..P. U. T. Ourdon. S. Brsd'ord
i>..F. W. Wilier. I. W Smith.
3. .H N. Vv?de. Joel O. Ke* r:.
M Hull well. V. Biooki.
5..K W Andrew?. C. Porter.
6..C Shsfler. Kr<deh<k Werner.
7..ftobert rinSSIOII Anibrm ? Me\uu?.
S. R.i-'ird .Mott. It. 8 Mi. jb'irv
?. WUllas Daftkr. 9. W. A'sterbiiry:
10. ,t. T. Ltoi ? r. j. Buckley.
II..John If. Si.ryeer. (j. A. 1 ? u.l..- ?.
IZ..C. Kdwsr'? Leiter. nitherti.i
11.. airksrd It i Meli Klih? Snmh.
II..S. ii. n.oiiJ B, V Uoyr1.
15..?. W. Croehy. D. Dessntessy.
o..j. b. Batist. J. B.Hnvsas
I7..B. Harnuru. L I. Lowell.
IS..tieor(e nn.ilh. S). H. Scbsiek.
19..? A. Ls?. H. J Csmpbe.l.
i?..P?lert Krs-er. S M. fern. e.
C. KstteU. M f. Lewj
a..Irs Bens I. Cooper.
23..0"i-ar ??,.- ??. I., t] llsmmoud
24..lien. O Jcnei. >'red. liotner
-j..B. ?. La?ton o. W. Myritl.
3i'..A R ?leiten. Case. Lee.
X$..M m I)oi v. K Vlckry.
BJ..f.l Kassie? Abrse, |e?akW.
aa..JaSBOS Wuod.jr J. C. .Sillier
: a.. Ambrt.ee Stevelie s. C. Cauuuif biiu.
Jl. J Jiti M. Oievee. B. L Cbsss.
St..C. C. Briatol. Ansostne A. Reynur.
33..F. V. P?iu.^r. U Bs, kilo.
S. II. Hammond, esq., from the Committee on Bes
olutions, after a few olotnaaat re .iaiks, EBidthe tol*
Icwing resolutions, which Were unanimously adopted:
Whrrtat, By the eetlon of tbe Coov-ntion held at I'oilsde1.
pL.s on ti e &<i Feb. lest t cai.dMat* for 'hs Preeel?uey was B>
ten,peed to te trr.-e l opon t ie Amsririo Perty, who hat never
by ? word ]'.hi cly spokea, by s line pt.?kly written, l.y *ay
sinfJe act of hie life, testified his aympeihy with the Ameriran
eaa?e; a esndiaate who, by Iiis ? itecedente, his past stalls
tif'Li and rte**ni asasalstiens. the aeannef of uii ii.im
instu.'. lad tbe iLrlneiK ee araick ptodnooi it, Ignored the
antveissl eeutm.ei.t uf lue Korth Ba th' lahjecl ot ih^oxteusiou
of tn m.ii Slavery, whtrh i-puuiated elite ths letter aad the
spirit it >t> ly Jt deration ot pri < ip'ej a? Silon'sd oy the 8fste
Cwsneil of st err Free 8'ete, thos not ot:!j three i:i< away every
ui,i' . [ iii e-i * , 'he Auioi.iii P'tty. '.m: vts:h.js '-j
it.tke idltni ul Hla ??? , prupegsuuaua?en.i waeraas ? S V-n-ri
een I arty ol rh? State ' f Ne York hss Bot .ih4iid,.:.ed its poei
tl< a i r ite pitornnV t. anal will unt ba scceaeorv to the exteiieiuu
of Sls?ery itto terrkorj c n.eers'ed Vj ' anci^u! aud, ase
ieO'U rotafeete rn Free' !?Vvr and Fr-e in?'rtatiens??ist
?Leo'ss ui the tuppoit of the nominees at tee i'ttue-ie.ptua Cetv
ee. iici , tt wcuM t' ccmpellcd to do l <tb, ? A '.a t.csr of theie
?le i 'mthi. si .) in the vDd c j'ii t, of the jwior'i l?e it ha? j.ro
is<sed,tiid ihe pahe> it aa? suueared m tiudicaiioo or its
owe ii trfri'y 'n the east, si ' Its c'o.n to poj ilinoaMonts
:. I futnre. the Air erican Pir'r ot tte ttrau of Xew-York is
eet' ;elled to repuuists aud cenoaxu:? tne trsui perpetrated
t'I< l it. ?cd whll- .t respodlt to tu- call for a NatioiaT Aired
rt-. i ooveLtion, by the aapomtuie , of l)elexate.s "hereto, t>
declare its adhereeca to 'he prit c.p'es. and all the pri' clnlei, xi
errni rtated by the Sute Council held at Bi ..ifiamton a Aniuat
lax? lh?.-?fcre
Kx-Mitd, Ihst the AmentST. pit'-J of the Sute of New
lcrk.sa repreeeuted by th.e danveM SB, ra-ntrlrnoe the Jecltrs
tioa tl priLcclea ss sosptel bv tue o'ele i ooiatil a- Uu> ??
H? ./cd That i-i ?r-o*daiee vel'h the trie '?aai- Utt BBjesBBfl
f.f -jet ne. ..relief, ee urur.y re,->adloa aua d? .on-ic? the re
tesj i f the Mieeouri e?u.proaii e.we mteilt ie:.<i'iu.:eaiidrep|.
diau art) deuoouee the poHcy a* li.itieted bv the pre?-ut A I
-?ration ia us Kansas Nebiaee? measure, tae object aisl
H'ri ne i f which sii to extend BUVMJ into 'Mr-ut Tstlitorles
si l '.Itin.atelv tr forte them into the I oiouai ? ave Stares that
*?e uiterh r?H*nteassJ oetoui.. c the outrsfs* odruruvoA ui
Kesaaj, the .estimate reai.'t of that measure Thtr we atterfy
tiic s'ev.d abhor iteeaira?ee|i?rDe(rateS I? Bskaht?sSaa IBS
tish. r .1 eeMu- less of sivias away to the rleleaJ aas IBSTalllBB
ap r r? ^ ,v rj r oraraiidtein.
Hi oftid, lL*t tte two sreet tentinieiiu preva im? tse An.*r
ib . ?' . tthe Sti'e if Nea-Toxk. are?Flr?t, th-Aaierban
OtsaaBM ?? ureat Seeoudly, Oppoallyw. to the ealen
Skaoi hLi^uj Sis very. Alu hat Uiese two eeii'na > its as eiu
.T! .*r.,i.,n plstf^-m.wersontraxed by the pr-te 11
f i .??Fhia .jou-iLstion. 1 hat rhe noralneee Aid a ,t repre
BBsataa Auu.-rs:auaudProta4taoteenuiBeat,wa.,u n.r. eWii-j
pT-s. r.f rhe Pro-.?:ayerr eentiment of ;he Sou" - f' o e b.
Lie aolecedeuia, his past affiliations, sad preaent sea ?uucius.
Bf las n.ji.n. i ot lue Loaoiiietiou aud the ludaeoees whs h
ri? > "I It aud tin ether by bis psblle deelenttlon made In
i he i. station ittat BotBe.a'td him, sod beeai^e taey thas
rSrre-.'i t seine it lea n.J useesnres si.tasuiustica.' to those
be i am ?"o?l"l Ly <h? Aioeriesa party, we repaliate end
je^et tlen;. I
Fierr. On Cwl Correspondent,
London, Fri.lay, May pf, irt?b.
I wrote to you last Tuesday, and whit I then
nil of the gene ral ?t?te of public affairs h ?tili true.
We are in the Whitauntide holiday-, with uo Par
lianient, and little going on. Th > grivat topic of
the <l*y ia the trial of William Palmer?aa event
which causes unparalleled interest, from the man'it
pe* it ion. from the horrible nature of the charge*,
and from the fact that p-dsoniog aeems to bo
? specially the crime of the d.*y. There is, no
doubt, a fashion in Crimea as in everything else.
They vary according to the- periods. Science m
active, and is always being d'fl'ised iu boohs; and
h i ce the fatal * fleets of drugs are easy to learn,
as also the difficulty of investigating into theso
? fleet - . IV- 4VllM . what with railways and tho
telegraph, no man can hope to escape undetected
alter a rio/tnt crime. Again: consider the new?
temptations afforded by Insurance, and it beeoraea
clear that giveu a criminal (in every iff. Aeis much
the same follow)?secret poisoning is a probable
way in which he will goto work. This is so widely
felt, and such suspicious stories have been set
afloat by Insurance Companies, that we all feel that
Palmer's case is a great representative affair. Tht?
common public think him guilty, and fear if he get*
off through scientific difficulties that it will be an
ci coiirageuieut to murderers in postt. lawyers
think that the case will be diiffciilt, delicate and
refined?which ia fArir interest in the matter: and)
I know that at consultations up to the very time ol
the trial, both sices were confident of success. So,
altogether, the trial began on Wednesday wirb
tieiiietidi us interest M all bauds; aud it fills whole*
sheets of the papers. The Lord Chief Justice pre?
sides, aud every circle- of the building is crammed'
with spectators from Lord Derby ana Lord (!rey,
down. The prisoner was a racing man, and I sup?
pose Lord Derby, who is a racing uifiii too, feels a
kind id' philosophical interest in seeing how the eaeci
goes. Your readers, in the absence of political
news, will not be sorry to hear how it proceeds,
1'aimer, you have no doubt heard, was a Staff?
ordshire surgeon, living in Kugeley ther?\ of decent
middle-class education aud position. He don't
look a villain, but is an oruinary-looking, ruddy
man. with a good forehead, too, and somewhat
coarse and plausible iu air. The family seem tei
have been rather a bud lot. as people' say, in their
private lives. He himself was not remarkable
one art] or the other, I believe?rather popular,
ii dee.'?a shrewd, clever surgeon, fond of the)
turf He kept racers, betted, knocked about If
gland among the same class of men. aud latterly
only '? practiced" a little, apparently. Thechargo .
on which he ia now being tried (there are othera
in reserve) is for the murder of one of his intimate*
friends?another eporting man of the same class
in life?John Parsons Cook. He is accused oi
poisouing him at Kugeley, iu November last, with
antimony and with sfrvchuine.
It is quite certain that Palmer's money affairs
were desperate. Cook had just made a "hit."
and it is supposed not oajl) had money in his pos?
session, but had Hanns against I'.-liner. In No?
vember they were both at Ifugeley together,on the
usual intimate teima?Cook at the Talbot Arms
Inn, Palmer running in and out to see him, and
having him quite uuder his control, obviously. For
Cook was a weak, foolish creature?a kind
of mild " fast man"?not debauched, but
a man of pleasure?and obviously felt that Palmer's
was the stronger nature. This is a kind of rela?
tion that one sees every day between this kind of
men?something like that between Sir Mulberry
Hawk and Verisopht. Well, it comes out in the
evidence already heard?the hotel servants' and
local surgeou's evidence?that Calmer acted at
once as "chum" aud as surgeon to poor Cook;
carried pills to bim, or broth, or braudy and water,
as the case might be; that Cook was taken sick
alter some broth so carried (and which turned sick
a servant also who tasted it); that alter being sieh
be was seized one night with terrible convulsions;
that again Palmer was with hin ,- that next night
tic u ,i a again seized with convulsions, and so died.
I'almer is throughout on tho scene? before the
sickness, before the convulsions, before the death.
Calmer has abundant opportunities ; Palmer s
visits suit the times, and Palmer in known to have?
books on poisoning, and to buy poison. On tho
other hand, if the man did not die bv poison, how
did he die ' Not, say the doctors, by epilepsy or
apoplexy, but with all the symptoms of tetanus,
which is n known result of strychnine. Tho man
being dead, Palmer is about the room, and money
and betting-book d'sappear. The man being dis
sected, Palmer endeavors to prevent the jar con?
taining a part of the body from reaching London
safely. Here, surely, are a number of circum?
stances all pointing to Palmer's guilt. Of course,
you will understand that mine, too, is a most bar?
ren iiiinmary of what, in its abridged tonn, iu a
newspaper even, fills lanes of type. The defense,
I hear, is to consist of minute iioHjical evidence, ??
to the nature of tetanus and aa to the appearance*
on dissection. There are fears expresssd that all
this will bewilder and dazzle the jury; but then
the lawyers arc prepared for it, and Campbell will
sum up. no doubt, with a spec al eye to making it
all intelligible. If the man escapes in the ease of
Cook, theie are the cases of his brother aud bis
wife waiting lor him; and should be ooaifomm
law I fancy he would have a scratch 11 escape the
populace. liut I scarcely think he w ill rjaoiPO tha
law, and I am sure he will have a fair trial. In?
deed, it is a spectacle of do common dignity--fto
grand care of ?-verybody to be impartial. This it ia
ai I , livesreven nee to law and security to iif-.,and
I an. quite sure that of the tarn partiea, criminal
ai ii cietj, criminal in England 1 ii now the best
cibi.ee, gentially speaking. B) the way, 1 have
11. m coute apropos of Calmer ami efugoley. When
i - ::.iir lint came out, newspiipt-r men ?w ,rm--d
in Bfaferdihlro to ferro? out the atorj and all oon>
n- ( ted with it. Among these sj as ;t v.-r, cl>-. ,-r radi?
cal writer, well known lirlitilimiotilalii)unljlluUi,
who attended Uteri for a distinguish d weekly
paper. It so happero-d that one day he was in a
ii < ii in the town, when the respectable clergymsu
place i!Topped in, and seeing a str inger,
ratu rally began to talk of M e great topic ol fehf
time ai.d place. " Horrible event, tins, '-ir; il
quite carries us back to the daya of lk)fk,.i'"?
" What oid be do I ' growled the Radical. " Pol
?om d three cardinals," answered tho parsou
? Tl.anl; fJod!" was the fervent response of-,
arUeft must have shocked the reverend gentleman
a terxl deal. 1 record tiiis bit of character, be
? laaa now-a-dayi the tnlkiui: class par ticdlemu
viz., literary men about towu?rarelv tali either
nith character or point. Character is rare, and
wit still rarer?so a characteristic bit of fuo is re?
peat, d as a bun-mot. \\ heu tue Q,jartrr!y in the
recent es*ay on " table-talk ' said that converss
ti< n was at a low ebb in England - Peter Canmnr
ham < bserved in bist- dumnin TAe fHiittrattdA?aw
(" 'I own ar.d Table-Talk")?that it was nottTn*.
?ai.d quoted the well-known lines of HeaumooOJ
" W tnt tini a* list* ws *eeo.
Done ?t tb* Mcruialt'-"
? Peter could only have beeu thinking of &eJ**
of whom it is admitted that be is a brilliant a*?
talk?and, who, indeed, ia uliuded to, io the 's"4**
ti r!y Review aa an exception proving '^e
Peter should have added that he was generally ?*?
butt, and so did some service to the raeav, of w
?i nversaticu was going, himself! J'hia. * -.^
bia modesty prevented. For iuktauae. "f*Ji-g.
he told a certain club that be had been ^llD^{i
strange dish for dinner?scch a diah?thsf-y
never gueae what?and so on?till rUl^^f^??.
all ask. " Wr.at waiit t" "Csdve^tm"rWJ|
8W? red at last. .
" Extrtmts meet '" exclaimed .'errolJ, '** jjj
-which I think an e\celleni ;ui,?roUip:*- ^
bai never been printed in Kiui.-ud and l i
Americana will ie< I obliged to 1'eter for
it Hut all this ii a digression, only you 9WL.
know something of what is running tinder l-J y
tree of public life: and a litt I- -alt will to*j
taife of the strychnine out of your moa "jv^
hate these raases ellebrtt for liliina
with borrora, making one fancy there ^."j^m
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