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* ?I
r, 0m?K(i tn THK noi^E.
,Y7rri .kouu base f ached .. ?hrj-j
P*u MBjaai.i*afly taeareaili?? A,? rat tu .f
teat, ??? 5 ?, "' tw0 Ucasea x? We llMM p-i-oca. B por
_/ Tka N V. Tribun?.
We !!'\?.iov, August It, lose,
^nfcpe IIMHI^ <l J y.<ord*.yut 11
vVvk and continued .t until 4J p m , when it I rofc r.
r?*r?< for two honrx tvnd a ha;f, reassembled at 7 in
If,,. rTsrlrjr, and ? "Titinmd in itntBtOB nitil 4| O'clock
bfskiBaamiBtfi when it adjourned to moot tomorrow
atomcc, at 1o'clock.
An imntente ?janntity of business wae crowded
through, as the letVfrBphiC win ? have already indica?
tes*. Among Uie imjiortant me.vurrs settled in the
early part of the day was the bill making appropria?
tion* for the transportation ol the 1?niu<d Mat*-a Mail
l_ Otamm Steemeie, and otherwise, during the flecal
jtar ?ndiiig Uie 30th of Jane, 1847. Tin- queatioa was
opon s(;?i < mg to the am? adaa all of tho Comtaaftoa of
the Whole, Ibe eateeaiBBenl to gfee notice to terten*
Ban^e the addittoanl aflowaace t<> the Collins I nr of
sieamets was mix urn d m?Yeas, I4)| Nay, 17? aa
YKAS-Meair?. ? k-a. Albright. Al'Va >;>. Bell, Barboar, Bar
otay Barbae ale Btiu.eti el Mit? BlMi B fl S.B )*' Bl
ehaw erai .h llroi.-oB.B'i i' I' Ititrfoa, Baraeta, Cad wait
aet, Camr'sll of IV. Cenabell ' I .By.. CarlUe, (artithera
Cseaie Ck??ee, Clat* efCena , iV.w-on. ("1 DfOMO, t obt? of
am. CaBjM .CinaSal Cove Is.Cfasln.CnmWk, 'la.nre.l.Devil
Mti, l)av>a el Mass.. Di sn Diek^UarfM I die, Edmn ,&,<>., E L
evaaajt. Knuts Enalieb, Kami? Keen, sViitnsf, 9i"ren*e fat
Mi rnUntot r? OUbert, OooCe OieeuweaA, Orair, Uall "f
Ma'ta. Harlan, Hsxikraf Md.. Hdr.li of Ala . Harris of III..
Hamann, Haven. Herbert. Ilirkti.ati, HoOVau, Hoimn-ajr, Hor
t??i ot N. V . Hettae of Okie, BoaaBaai, Howard, J >dh of
Tenn., K.Jwel., K. ^ ><_, KadgUt. Kuowltoa, f\i."t, Kuukei.
Las.. Uns?, L kbei Mace, A. K M'.rthali .it Ky . H. Mar
alialio'Kv Max we I isrfiity. MeV :,, Mi uu-en, Miller
a?N Y aIIUa.n. Hiehrla, Netten, <>r>, I'a'kar, fack. Patry,
TeiUt, i'balia Pit" I'orUr, Powell P'-:i?> Quiiiijan, Ri
caao, Hisksiaana, Uran, Bebarta, Rasnn, Bast, Si^dMae,
Hapa. Baxair. a\ H ~. - ? Srr.oh of Va . eiui'h of Ala.,
Sri.ei! Bab.cei Btantoi Btaphsas, Btearast Talbatt, Taspan,
TajUr, To.i.i,Trafte-i Tilppa,Tysoa, i aeaiwaod.VaU, \alK
Wade, tt al' ri.'ao, Waldnan, Ua.as., 'A artor \\ aaoharne ot
Wla W'a?bbun e ol 1.1 , Wot?on t\ inalo?. WoodrnIT, V\'ovi
woi tb.W'.i.ln ot .".IiM . W hj. .fra:.u.,a'd ZollasoaV.
hAV?-MeSSta Be::aon, Bllharbnrat, Bi.ho|>, ( arke r.f
N. V.. I? ek^ir , |?o.ld. (odir ea, t.raiiter, Matt- mtj. Maxwell,
Wlllwa>d. Morgan. M I M im I Olivet ot N. f., ivitot,
Bj'ebie Siu ii ma Ruarabaa, Tbnaatoa, Mrianesna. Waah
barbif Mr., Wi lia. ^V^lrB!ef, whitnay, ^ Uiiama, tt'ood.
ABbENT - k DOPOEO?Meaaia Bell. BetwettofV. Y.,
Biethain. Bocork. Btoaka. Barlo ?aoif> Campbell of Ohio.
{'hiUaCobb.t (.a. Cox. Crai?<? Crawf-ird, Cnllen, Davit ol
Ale, Hay. Deu-er, Da Witt, Uowaell, Dtnm. BUtott Ethar
Uft, Flatter, k"oll..r of Maine, Oailuway. Hall of low?, H?tt.
*toc, Jtwctt Jor.?i r.f l*a., Keio, Ke.iv Ka>aey, Keun-tt,
KJtif, I.lnd'.ey, I.orr.pkin, Mertha. of Iii., Me itharri atill't oi
lad , Moore. Met, O. ?er of Mo . 1'acw. Paiaa Pats I
Paa,du!(ton, Pnrvlaiiae. l ory. ar, Hea.t?. Kaady, llob^na, ii >bi
toa, Babui, eaaa K- ward. Buort?r, Simtb of Tenn., Bwope.
Tbcriiittoi, Watktns, Welch
The bill, amended M us to leuve the trniatportntioo
eeaaa ti a fair et>mpelitioD, traa read n third time and
The Bonie went intj Cotntnittee of tha Whole on
thePrrvate C alendar. The Coaaaaittea diapooed of
Bnaeiwaa btlla, ai d aro?f- reporttag to the Heaae tbe
following lulls, which m \ < rally passed:
A MB for th- relief ( f Arr.r ? B. f'orwine.
A bill for tbe ifl'f! ol OaatfS Ii OkCi Utfa, condictor lor r*r
lysas tba 0aha4 Btaiaa toad oat iwste No *
Seta'e bi I tor the relief of John II. Bciaatoa ai.d Ja n-- M.
The Civil App'oprintion bill was then tn!.en from
the table, and ibe Senate amendment-1 thereto were
consider* d. That striking out the proviso that after
the 1Mb of November the erection of peblsC biuld
b?gs, other than for defen-ive- pnrpoaea, shall not bl?
ander the saperintendaace of military officers, wa
oonenrred it?ieas Nays Of. So that the pabhc
buildings are in future, u beretofofB, to be under
tbe uulitiiry managen? nt of tlie War Department,
Ihere not beany dtriihtaa ewotagh In the ooantry c unpe.
tent to d.s-c! arge the dntiea 1
Ute BBMindim nl appropriating five hundred then,
sand dollars for THtantrg tho tonstruclion of the
WasLir.L'ton aqaednet was non?< oneurr? d in?Teas ".ti;
Ways Ml.
The iBMit rbxirnl appropriating $100,000 for eontiau.
ing the connrui tion of the new dome of the Capitol
wae coccun-ed in?Yaae \*~; Nays 67.
On motion of Mr. Cami-bmi, the House con?
curred in tbe balance of tha Semite ninoiu'.inents.
Cowaittecaef eonfeeeace were then appointed oo
tbe part <d the House to meet similar Committees of
the S?-Dat*- oa the tl asgreeing v tt ? oftbc two lloutu -
on the Kaaaai pravaoa to tbe above bill, and tho
Army ApproptiatioB bill
Mr. CaMPBKLI of Pa, from the CoBatait*00 of
Oonfcwaee apoe the disagreement of tbe ttvoHoas j
on the Indiun Appropriatkn bill, submitted a report
which wns agreed to.
Mr. Coal of fji , from tb< Comtn.'.tee ol Confer?
ence on tii* dhmgreemeuta of the two Houses on the
Le-gislutrve, Kxtcutivo aud Jlldk'iniy bill, reported
that the llollfe- do net lie lloin ccii?iii amcnelincut-?,
the Senate havinir receded from some of theirs. This
recommendation was airre.-d to, leaving only oight in
Banagroeflasat, laeradtng the throe Kaaaaa prorisos, A
aeeond committee was appointed.
Keports from Committees were mude, and
Tbe Committee of the Whole considered a large
number of private bills and repente d the- to,lowing to
the House, winch, tbeie hemp, no objection tothl aOBM
were passed:
Ad act for tbe relief I f Je.hr. T?rkei.
Au act fot tbe teilet ot Ji.einh b>. Little.
Ad act f> r ibe re .-1 of ADtbouv Kaukin, of Tanaaaeaa.
An act for tbe teilet ol the he -a of Jab- . H. Itookor. >?
An act foi the r. ; ? of Kall; T. Mntl.ewa.
An acl fot tba teiief ef John M. Mclntiae
An act fot tbo rel ef ol Isaac Cook and oiheis.
An act for tbe relief ot ?? A. Cunningham, payu.ut-.r l ure.:
Sv. ee Aimy.
An act fert tbe tehtf ol James DavMicn of Keutu-ky.
Aa act tiaoUcf a penaion to lleLi .aou Berry, t ?ol...er ol tbe
An ft trantlus n Kernlv.'ionarT rention to Sttah Bloont.
Ad aal fot the r. ... i of (lebsrea Haleey, widow ot ifsfbtnlltl
Malaet, an OtSrer of tba KeTolnt-on.
Ad act fu: tbe taUet of Nancy Bowen and S .tab Larrabee.
Aa act irai.tiua a M-aalon to NaLry M. OanaaBy, formerly
widow of Lymaii M. Kirhinimd, ,leceaar>d.
Ati act ftt'iitu tBre yeat.' haltpay tv Mrt. Aan Turuer.a idow
af D'l 'Ott Tun.er. deceated.
An act fot tt.- reitet et Kranek Taylor.
An act for the rel ef of Ambrose. I.attear of Li uitlaoa.
Aa a. I fot the relief of Elate It McNeill
An act for tbe relief of Naibe" M Louusborv.
An act for tba relief of Hannibal Fault and K.lha 8. Co.lb i
(formerly wioou Scrilen.and (be lielti nadle;al rspn .eatnttvt"
Of" BeL^mia Scriber.elecsated.
An act for tbe relief of A lain l>. Steuurt and of Alsxaadar
SUimI. 11,-xeet'or tt Hax.lt Kantiull
A raw lotion fot the Vr.et ? ot Sutau Derate, WbfefJ ef
t'auitoodote Mephen Oer htm. late of tbe Inioid reihtet Navy.
An act tot tbe reli-t of .lohn H ftcranteu aul .lamest..
Hunt, ownere ot the aieamet Major Toinvtiaa.
An art fot the tallef of Abrabaio Kuittluf.
An acl fat the relief al PtandS A. (.itbout ai.u FtWcleX.
Alter passing uj?on a larje number of importaat
BBMaaiaa^ the Heaae waa eeled upon to act anon tke
provisos appe nd, d to the Civil Appropriation b ll.
Several > otiferenccs were had with the Scnnte, and J
bota braochta baiated upon the BCttOI they hud sever?
ally taken on the eahject. First, Mr. I ?rr m ?\ enl t hal
another Comn ittee of Ceafarsot'S he u; Mated, with
instruct ions to recommend that the House recede
from the Sherman Kui*as amendment, and tue m dion
was lost by a rote ed ?. I7 CM to - -Nay, as folio tea:
YEAS - Meaara. Alton. Ba kada<?, Boa a, B I
Brooks. Broem, Btinieo, c.i!w..'u .-r ( n Iba, Caratnara t'.v
a a< C.? atnaa. ? obb t I >a , Cabl et Als, Cat Craifo,
DavlSton, Davis of Md., Der.tor, Dowde?, l.?du.nnd
aoD, El iott. EuatU, BvaaS, raalJUnsr. K.o^ea-s. 1..
fee, Fuilar at Pa., Fallet oi Me , Uools. HresuwojU,
tlanU of Md., Harm of Ala, Harri, ot Ul Harri? .
IIa.en Htrhett. Hikmai . Bafataa, Hoo.ton. Jouei oi Teuu.,
Je nee of Penu.,K?liy, tiielwtil. Lake Late hot, i.u nr-t ia, A K.
Btaraballof Kv , II Mar^tto el Ky.. Maraba-'lof Ii!., Maxwell,
M. Huillii. Mrejoaaii M'llsr of del . alnlaon. Mo us. Oliver
Mt','9".' Poelp. I'orter, Poaoll, Puryear. Idnitrita.
Ricaad Rlcbardtcn, Rivera. Kufrin. Ratt. Bat.didie. Sav^r,e.
K-ward. shorter Baolh of V?., rjmiih ot Ala., Sne-J, Merbens,
B*?yAw??>*?'?.Tetbtat;.yMbr. Tbur.tve. Trijpe Trson.
Cr*Woud,\ail \.lk, Wi'k,.,, W.ttia, Wellt, Wbeelet.
*L ii.^,-'^. of Mtaa.Wristtof
.ftl-' A>J A.bo.ht Aic^d, Ba... Barbout Ba.c .T.
gWag.*! * 1? J****. ltl IfkiVat, Bi.boj., li iaa. B^ad
?la- 'TEL \ V '1' C?.i P'01'"' Penn .Cai'uVw' ,fOoV,
ChaBee ?.l?ia C* ( ?nn Mraa, folf?. Coi.'i s Co%..d...
aitdatt-.finb.t,'a\ i?^:
w2L??l?M] 2 hH ?Wo, Howard. "ntb.*u.
Laeiat Matte .ou. MaCarty. Miller of N V * ?,? '
?iott Money BtOeaa.iWtea, OUm?TN V r?.. ' KfL?'
Pelton, *?*ttJtW?tJ* *' ?''?o '-oia e BdwhlaXb'
art* Sate. Bs??, OacH. Baataaaa^Mattaoaa, flriu,?r Btaatan
Btranahar, Tan'an, Tlu.n. t.ou, Todd, Trafion. W?l. it, k'-'
a>a?, t*?lbr. It*. WaMsaa, Waai.burw al \V ? , U ttbo-irna ..f
E, Waabbar;. of Me. weleoa, W,.cJ>. \v.,d u""r "
ABSENT ANO OOOOKO-Meaira Bell. Bfiaett 4
Maw. Bi..abairi, B >:v ? B-irtuttaruo, Caj.r'.c J of Ky r Ua
V'? 1 ?V< " ?*att,?a Xur'
flktb, Jftbarilfa. Halof Iowa. Jewett. Ke.i-.K.Loe" L- r
jttea. Miawhaaa, MOhrari. Packei p.. . W . ? ? n? I'
/ aj? H i-..i - a-. ? --it I, Bautt . ia ..
The juest >n then n. am i i pon the mot n cf 17; ?
ell f >bb, tha: the H.aae .-e^?J^ f:->in I** < ws ax. ? i
saent ?e'isjff a\ppriyrtal?OBe kf seppart the ? ?ecaUv, j
to 1 JidHM h. a:>chCJ jf tae lernt ? tl yntOtm nt
aaiii ihe Free Stato pri*JDeri*bavi L?\ -. been riieaeeai,
aac ?t carried by a \ ut..- ol M to ?-. a* tttfc**'
\? 4S Mum ilkse iii?atjQ leaiitt B'*'.,k)
h ? e.ll , e.Brai.ea.nrc-.m.B . jsM.Cedwa.^*,S\T9T^
Ohl?, Carl.'.., Canithert,C.ekJe. tniatytt*?.? nob ?>< ''? . '
li Let .< ut V -.,r,ti?'?, l?a?Wtj*r.. Bafts of Ma . Iieut-r.
tW.fl,??? ... "*.?, Kill r".?c'?, C ? ?, r.> ?..-r. ?*?.
er ? K-J-i .1 Penn., F-?ll.-r .1 Me., Oie-uweMid, berrtt ,
? ,har.>a i HI , tUnl.oD. Haren Heraer*, Hi.j?ma-.. tC)e,
cm Heeetee.Je?ieee*fJeaa.Jade* of Pe in , iveii',, l,*tB,
i. her 1 ekiu A tt. Marshall erf h.tt ??nejMl ef Kt.,
> a..eel I ut 111 , Muwei:, MaMaUat, rtcQoe- a, MU'eroi D.d.,
htnltei tltlward, Olir. i ot .Mo. On, Fe?. Ptieipa. I'or
ter reareUi 1'.ryevr, Qohmaa, Ri *->d. Kiehanltou, green,
R.ffiu, H rt, S?tiHi?jie Hivaia. S?arar.l, *fa r'er, SearOj
OlTrnn.Mi ith Ol V?., .^inltl n? Ale., stteed. Saphena Stew?
art Berel* I tibi ?t, la- lor. Tk .ir?o .n, '{.im? (rata, I rider
word \ a. Aa.k. Walker. Wellt, W be?la*, v\ brtaaj. Vt ....icn
as tna-'ow^W njht ot .Mir- . Wriaht 11 Tei d, /..ilicofier-l*.
NaY S-- M?-tiii Alr.ri?ht. Alllton. Bali. Bet'i-ur. Han-ley,
Bs..trtt nl N Y. BtDaou, BOllaekaiet, Blahou. Bliat, Brad
?Law, Hin t, r., Bofl : ton, Ca*it.t'Hut l'..na.. C:;a!fue, (.'larkv
ol N. >i , tlartol Conn., < lawaou. 1'olfsi, CtSBtts, ( ->.,?>,
i aap bee*, Dtaaiell. l?? la oi Mass .De*a.,l>ichs*o,Dot JLper fce,
l^ r Emrt*, Ktialt-r. Geloeay <>."?... U, Oilo-rt. Ilraueer
llrow, Ballot Mae*, HaeUe. HePosray, Bjelo* of If. \ Bar
lea ol Ol.lo. Howard, ilasattui, Kelaey, Kins, Koapp, Kuuw,
tir. Kto*. RtaJtel, Lnwr. Mat tum, tUCarty,hiMltr?t s.
V..Moi? b,Monlll, Ifott. Murray, Nleaola. Ifertoa, Oh ,rnf
N T.. raiker. Peerce, Peftoa Pei nltft?a,reny PettJt, Pike,
Pr.i ile, Hi t.srl?. Hai-, H?fp ITi irtj tiliaaiB. aflnieeea
ier,Kiaiton. ^tieniaee. tape*.. Teerl: a*en, T.--.1. w ?a?.
\\ ibea ?ii. W Mbru'ie. WrMtei , U hunaof v. - <*!****>?
b>.io? ot 111 . W n.bl nrn ol .Ms., Wat*jn, Welck W^oJ,
Utodriitt Wcodeortb-'>.'.
A6-i M' AMi NOT VOTINO?Bell, Bin than. i aeki
liurltnaanie Caaakali ef Ky? Cbilea, Craftat, Urae-ford, Uay,
leWut Ii.et, baaa, Kiinaiiia Eag?afc, Bta*rld*a, r'*et*r,
<iin.ilr Hall <T l"?ra, Heine cf Ala , Jewell, Ketu, Keaaetl
bldwell Ktitbt, Llneley Mace Mearba.-: . Ma-.r^, iVrk^r.
Patae. Partial e*. Eeade jteedy, Riteai*, Rob it, R
8ah:n, Tl 1 D t\ rut r. W ttkiut.
Tbe qoeetks then lecurred btjxhi recWbg from Mr.
i ,:m n Bam r dim it, and it waa i irricd by a \ot'- of '?
tn HI, ??? follow?:
YKA*? Meam Aikin. BarktjL'.':, B li it ui Muh , Bor h k,
li, etia Bejee, K:t an, Brtx n. B .rneu, ad r. Ca: ile,
i niiithi t. Caakie, Clinraseo, < ? bbor O*., CobaafaJa., Cos,
( ruire ( ullen, [ravieeoti, Lmv.tbf Md , Oenver, Do*Je i fcd
i ai '?ob. Ella :?. k iatle, Etui.*. fr*i.:fet>^r. Hi :*yr*, rotlei
ot J>. r. fiiiii-r I Mi . Hoov?, Orei r w.. il, iinnu ot Md.,
iltirrithf ill Heriita*, Baeea. H^rbatt, Biekaaa, li 'fnnu,
IT. ?ton Joaeeol TeiiB.,Jeneeol Peaa .Ketiy,L*kefLeiea*r.
LuDiikio.A K Meitiia!i i f Ky.. (I aitr-i o: Kr, Ma*?liall
at lit 7Saxwell Me Waft n IteUeeea.all ref I-!.. M..-. .
at mi ?ei?. Oliver at kfa, t'rr. Peak, Phelpe, l/ormr Po?eit,
parjiat.flahaa** BteaTril Prrbertfrrii, Rivera, h ,?ju. Hu?t,
h;'i o.d^t, .a."?tweiii Sbort*r, Bmhh ol Teno., Smito ?f
\b ,fcaanboi tla . Btieed. Site-art, .Swum, T?i'?it, Taylor,
Thareteii, Trlpie, T-..<n, llLderwaed, s?io Vala. w?i?or
Wellt W bra lei WaHue . a tl) aru.t, VVU .low, Wrijht of
Mus . W'r .h1 i f Ter t . /.< Ilk vr-lHi
BJATBL? Meawa Atbtiabt, aUlaan, Ball. Berbear. Barclay.
Babtatttf N \.. B*uaoa, Biltiarbatei f'o.h p, aim. Biai
?lue, pBreatoi, BaffinHn, ^anjh. ii af v-nu , Caearbrll of
Okie, CbatTee, Claikaol N T.. Cl?ik af Coan., Cnwaon,
C>tits. Comint Coeeev*. ( ataback, DemreH, DaeW of M.?
tli an. Ittrtun. DBihl Daina Bale, fcoria Klealer. Oallowae,
UMe?vs* OUbeit,Oraner,dre?r,Ha>lel afate,. ttarlaa, toi
lo*>ay, li itoii if Ohio Rawen, Haabitee, Ktleeg, Kin.-.
Knpe, Ki .lit, i<no*i on K ?x, Knniiri, batter, M.tte?on
Milltrof N. S., Moriati. Mnrrill, Muff, M'irfty. N?bole. Hor
toa ("liver of N.Y , Paikcr, Peatee Petto*), Pn. ibiftaa, Perry,
paint, I'ike, Pti*ue, Br.berte, >ete. Bapp, Sot aaenneo
mu i?r, Bt*i loa Btranab a.Taaaaa. Th tria|tan Tod l. w-ul*
\\ al.n.a?, \\-Ibti'i.e, "VafjlOB, vVamilon f ? f W'n , Watb
burie ot III., Watblirn.- of Me., Weleb, Wood, Woodruff.
Uo'. WOT til?91.
AB8BJNT ami NOT VOTINO. Mcttn Ball, Btarbana
Bitcaa Barlliaaa?*, fainaball of Kv.. t'bii.u, Cr*a.n.
< ikntord Dav. De \\ Itt, Dka, Dana.Bdwaia*, iCiciiab Btbe
ikfe,Feetei llnii of Iov. v. liarrit nf Ala, Efottorj i i N
Jawett, Kti't. Krnelt. KmwrJ, l.ii rtlcy, .Mace, McCeity,
? ? an. Moor?, Paekar, Pabui Pasriu.ce y* . .??
Bit kie, Bi bbbba, Roti.o... .! 1..i, nlainawia. Biepaena, 1 raltea,
\\ tri er, tVatklni W/atto-.
Tbe Howe tbm agreed to adhere to it- refute] to
appropriate *-:0 "00 t<>r l'oinpeiiuation, Mileage, .V'.
to tht Territorial Lrgielnture ol rTaaeBf, and tbi Sc:.
atc nbetqucntly needed.
Tie Ami) bill bad u Kaneae rider, which pTOTi nt. d
ita peanege lathe Bennte. A CotnoBHtee of Con for
? BOt wna appointed, but could not agree, and upon >
reporting to tbe House, that body, upon mot im tha*
itneede, decided iu the negative by | vote of 93 t>.
93, as follows
YF.AP?iiswr?. Alken, BaiWale, Hcii.ro oi Mix.. Beet I b,
Bowie,Beyee, Braach Broom liun.e't, l!aowalaler, Can
tbeia. Cu.L.". i liaamaB, Coi.b of '.a Cebb ' i a. i.x.i reift
t alle*, Oavidti a, BerieefMd . Dearver. Deerdell, Bdaraaeaee
KJ .?s?t. Beet!*, lanlki.er. f 'orai.e, in'ler at Me., li" ?le
Ort en wood, il??n?i.i .Md . Ilarnt of i1e, Herbert, Bueeaeu,
ii. \.t't.ii. Jmea of Teiui Jons? ot Pt uu . Ke'.y l.tir, Lett tier.
Laavefti* A. K Mai.ba.l of Kv ii. .Var.l. .1 of Kr, tl lab ail
ol iii.,.Max well, M. Mullen. MrCluaen, Miller of lad,, MUlao.i,
tMivtr <?! Ma,Orr, Pork. Pittite, foiter. Powell, Puryt.ir,
Qnllataa.Bttaiul, BJebardtoa, Rirere, Baata, l(u?t, Saunidus,
hu aao, Sewaril, trnnb of Ten*., fvnii'b ol v a , Mint i uf Ala.,
Stete, Mewait. Swom,Talbott, Teylot, Tnppe, Tv*>n. I
d*iwood. Vail, Velk, Waatler, Whitney, Wfl'lanMi, VVimiow,
W'iirM o? Mm. Wiight ol Teun ./oluc .tier?US.
NAYS? Meati?. Alirifbt. Alliton B .11, Haroo. r, Barrlav,
Bt'i.nelt tt N Y., Btusoi Buln ' Luret, Blua, llrajanaw, Bron
to:,, Ilufliiiton. Caiupbell . t P*Ul, Can.pbt-11 of Obie, Ctiaflee,
Cl-jrke o? N. Y , Clark ol Conn. Claw*..n, Colfn, Coini^a,
(ovodf, ('uuiback, Damri II. Davit of .Mb.a., Dean. Dirkaoa,
Di tltl, Dtirlt-e. Kdte, Kn.rie, rltfUr, Galloway. OttWrae*,Oil
tiert, Ui alter, Urow, iiaii uf Alaaa , ijanaii. HtrkaTlt*, a oil
way, ilortou of N. V . Horton ui OUo, Howard, BoaBBtoa,
Ke*m\, Kt*rT< Bnlaht, Buowltoa, Kuox Kunkol. Letter,
Matteton, Itttltrtj, Blillrrnt N Y.. Mi'luaril Morr.n, Morn.I.
Moft. Murray NicBolt, Norton. Olivet of N f.. Parker, Peun a.
Pehea. Peauaitcrj, Perr>. Pettlt, Piiaata, Bob* nt, rsaits. r~..<?p,
Bt ItvBbetinabaB] an*r,Blauten,BtraeabHi,Tappaa, rboricg.
to ,Thansen, Toiitl, Wade. Wakeuian, Wallirid?e W. i
Wtslihit'ie if Wit, Wntll,an,r of 11., Wa.bburu ol Ma,
Welch, Ws It. w,od, Weoaiatf, Woodwortb ta
The proviso just adhered to was adopted by tbe
House on tbe I Ith, and is as follows:
J'rc .thri, nt trihdttt, awd if i* hen hn elrredl,
That no phit of the inilitaty futot of the Carted states,
(or thempport of wbicn r.pproprintious areuui'i by
thin ti t, shall be employed in aid of tho enfoecemenl
of arv ennoto ^ot of ein? hotly elattwiiekw t?? baa tha Tor
riiotial Li't;isJatuie of Kaus?a, until euch annctlOeitt
shall bavt- licen afii'iiieii and ap]>roved by CsOttgraatj
but this psoriae shall not be so lonstrued an to preeent
tin I'm sin? nt frmn employing an adequate tail] ary
lorco, but it eball be bis duty to employ -nob force to
prevent the invasion of said Territory by aruied bands
oi non-nrir cuts, or any other body of nou n .siflcnts
a. tu k, or claimini,' to act, as n pout cvmilal >g of any
t.lici i in said Ten .tory, in the enforcement of anysu/n
eiactmtnte. tad to proteel the peraoot ntdpropertr
therein, ami upon tbe national bighWUJtW)0fling to suid
Territory, from nil unlaw ful si a cht s and soixurea; and
it slmii be his furthtr duty to take efioH t t moaturea
to compt I the letum of, and to Withhold all urn - ot
tbt I'nit.d States, distiibuted in, or to, sai l Teilitury,
in pursuance of any law of tht Uailee States author
i/faag the distribution of anus to tbo Mutet and Ti-rri
Mr f?tld^nns made a very able speech showing tbt
l.ecf-sity of tbt House adhering, and ita right to do so.
Mr. Campbell, in a speech of great force-, gUYC noti.-o
to tbe in nute that tbe House had let eded as far as it
would ?o, and tbat here nj?on the pnn :so of the Army
bill would it take its stand.
Daring the tpeeoh of Mr. Glddiagt, tbat venerable
I w?r-hoise tookoeetetento say tbat men tbould act
i without having before them the fear of bullit-e or
I bhidjjcci l lina ks, very much excited, started to his
ft 11 and inquired if the gentleman from Otno menu'
lnm. The Sja okt-r instantly called Drooks to order,
and ordered hfan to take hit sent. Spouker Hanks, 11 -
serving a disinclination on tbe part of Bnok- to obey ,
iisiantly gave orders tbat the Sergeant-at Arms bo
culled, llrooks bearing Ihu hastily took bis scat. He
sub.-i qittntly tpehtjited to Mi. Giddings for hi- ioido
Another CeDUtitteoOi Conference was appointed t.'
eonwdi r tin Army prov t- ., at-d there uie many ni
liH.iH of coi. i ? heal on i.o 1 tidet, but I get nctMrg
dt finite.
The House will me it at 9 o'clock a. ni. to-morrow
iad adjourn nt IS Bt, H.
-? ?
DIPLOMATIC and (h.nmi.m; m;i;\ki:.
HIM. to Bainlattfhs Dlplea ? lie end c<i.tai?r Ivstatnt ?
Vaited ittati a.
i-i taffatt i
KBCTtoi i Kneeta thai Pmhttirndern, ?ntoj a Eitra
. rdinary and Ministers Pitnlpotestianr, Miaistcn re i
dent, Cetntnateatatea, Cbargje d'Affsaret tad Sect -
turns ot |? pat ion, shall bo entitled to nompottttti at
at the rate aa?istka>ed, wins Bmbas?ad< ?-, l?avoyt Kv
aary aid MinieUrs Pieedritttaatiaryr, :!? full
Btnount tht rt-foi to BebethtleAi Miaksten resident ai.l
( t ii.u i.sioner', 73 p. r cent, and Seerettri. I ol 1^ ga.
tu.? 1 .per c.p' of the s-dd arnonats re-pociivi iv. pn
aided tbat the rwtnpentstfaee ot teeStcretery of tbe
U (rat* a to t bina, a. than as interpreter, anal] be ti
the rate of 10^000, aad if not acting at rech et the
tote Of ?3,000, and that of Secretary of L. gatu. . to
1 Utk?y, acting as Dtegeotea, at the rat. of*>3o(Mj
end it not tralnn us si.eh, at the rut,- ,.t *w,iaX'p?r
tt in i i i i A.
lirent lintain and Franc , each 917,5(0,
kwstia, Bfastn, Ai>-tra, Preaaaa, Bsaai . Matero a- i
China, each 011,000.
All e?tb? r eauiutne-, i acl. 110.000.
Me. fl Atenesttet the Pri staeat to app.,ut i..r ee? h
rf the Legations at I/ondoi. a-d l'a:,- (t. a?.>;4;:,
Serietnry ot Lgation, who shall be entitled to < ?ia
pi rsotion at the- rate of $1,000 per annum: for the Lo
yatiew ta Chane, aa>laee?yisjat wbati tht Hecrettry
of lyegatum shall not be aciliu? c.s se - h? srbo sbitl b
entitled to cxmi|.ec?a'K>n at the rate of e."<,ooi?; out! lor
the I ? ?? at ion to rurki-v. a Drftirouiau? whsaj the eke
retary "f Ivt-gatitvn sball not b>- acting as aaoii?Wtio
shad MooBttlad to rjtaerpeeeetioa af the ran |
pse anti'im.
Si . J KekT'jstes the compei;<t,tion for I teeirt
'. tbCaetult,aod Congaeai .. Igtet*,m a iri
an ??? e ,f h ii-,e fblfcrwlng
bV mi i tf r.
BrituA ?? ?'. i-.ie'i.<\?a>n;f.?',
British ilUKi,^.C,?jcVtt*. ?? (W)0 '-?.r*J fwta
laTsoc i
E0'}J*-Ab x^crtv, 11900.
Jaf.m,.-\ moxa> f;, ooo.
^'??--liaTana, 000.
*v,y.?Conettnu. ipio, |0 <-), t*>-1 fr'tn
>. . o
irtmsMUic tirj Free t.?Frankfort-:>n-t'.e.Me.2,
*3,0<K?, (ruihc.l fron? 12,000.]
n, . ossci -.
fr'rr.7' Britaim, liooBpoel ani London, aa '
17,508, Melbourne, ItOOO, H?ng King, 13.300,
IBBM d from |3yO90.] t'.ht'gow, U.otfO, [oat dovn
m in ? l \!-iiir:io? und Singap-.re, fft-u. It,300.
Belfast, Cork, I?un<J.-.. I i--ru? rrin?, lltliftx, King*?!
.Inn nu n'. Leetr*, Nv?m N'. w-I'r ividen.v , *nl
'lurks Lslund, each, 0200. Prance Kdwara s i-Unl.
I raaer.--Havre, v ' .It.-.-. ? Mtr- ?
?8,500. Bordeaux, 02.000 La BochebV and Lj me,
each ?1 SOO. [Rai?ed from ?l.'Hvi.j
Buut? ?Berel, Moteow, Od-ste, tad St. Peter*
bnrg, eat b 12,00 [store! und Moscow araaa? Con
r-iuiiti ?. ("dir.-it ia raised ::- in 11,509, and flt P '?
burjr reduced from id ?"<?.]
Dpa in.? M ? u aaa, Tr Bi'addi < uba. and Sanrtugo
Je Cuba, it, H 500. [Metaaxat an I Trin lad 'tr.'
let act d f'iTn *:t ooo and Beattaee i sited tr 'in 12,0 0. ?
San Juan, (Porte Kit.. | 13,. Cadiz, Malaga, ar-1
Piece, (Ftrte 1; i o,) ? too. II 3 0.
d n*/ria.?Tntete, 11,(00. VTeaae, 11,500.
Wnutio.' A i !? uhanaa'a lt,S00,
CatiM ?Caataa and jaaagaaai aaoa at,WO.
[Raiard fi?.m ejoooj PooChue,$3,900. (Ktwd
l:?m lt,500 j An-ty a d S I a\?>i ea-h 13,000.
[Raited iiota 12 '"O.j
Turkey.- BeyruBl and Smyrna, each ?OO?U. Jeru?
salem, Ii SO " ,
S'tkeriundt.? IMfi'lam, ?-,-00. Amsterdam,
Btigii'm.?At twt rp, 12 500.
Portogtd.?FmbaX, L~-s.m and Oport?, eaeu
el 809,
Jhnmnrk.?>>\. Tuouuw, *l1 00. L'.tineur, 11,300,
Sardinia.? Oenna, 'o.
Sntzir 'on,!. ? Hn-!e, ltf000, and Cer.eva, ? 1,508
Basle ra,'.-. <) 'loin II SOU |
fl i,- Meaeiua .Vaptea and Pa enno, 11,500.
BmVt Bp.?Ll ip-ic, 4I.O?O.
jiui arm.?Maafa o, *1 jOU.
Tuteaup.?Lector*, #1 500.
II >r'?mbtrg.?Stuttgatdt, *1 500,
Haneee re aaid Fret Ctfa Bremen aid llambur?,
each 08,01 I?. ,
Barbery Stain ?Taaglcn, Tripoli aid Tun..-., each
13 I 00. [Baktetl from ."?o0 )
Brazil?Wo de Janeiro, 10,000, Peruambnco,
taVnVT?i Vftra Cnts, 03,300. Acapuloo, -.'."oo.
J'rrv.?CaTlao, S 1,500
Chili.?Vulparairo. #1,000.
Humus Ayn.1.?Iiut-Lof Arree, t2,'1"t:.
.ti.wag mi.? Sun Juan deJS r, 01
i\tu-(jranudit.? Panama, *'?,i"u. Aapinwall,
PcaeaiM 'tr.?Lagaajia. *i ,500,
8 ' '? h Irlands.?llonoiulu, OlcOO. LaUina,
111 -rnMirRMtl. Ai.KST?.
KicaragHa.?r\tk Joan del N'ortt- tS,'^"1.
St Damage {Island . ? Port aa nrtuee, #e,ty?i'?. St.
Doattb go i .i) , ?i,.'.oo.
geafoui e C.
r/r. i/ Zw?,>,,.,,.? Capetown aud Kalklund Inlands,
? at h 11,000
yt?>-. ,.r,_v?nice. * ?|.
l'r<ii..,n ?SMiin, 11,000. [laatoad Of fcea and lih
*trt% to tia?ie.]
Tuihi;/.?Caadia and Cyprus, t-ach al.ooo. [Cypnis
is a at w C.'n-nlat? .|
Setkeriande, Betaria, 01 ooo.
Portugal.- Fayat, and laatiago iCbjk.- de Verdes),
t ach e-T.'.o.
I', i '? irk,- Snii.t Cro't, 0,
Sardinia.? Bfarasia, li.ooo.
Orrrcr.?Atbeaa, 11,000.
Mum-it.- Zan/ihar, ?1 000.
l,n.Mi.hn Miiranhaiu Ulead, Para and R.o
Grande, t acb ei.ooo.
lltxieo.?Matamoraa, Mezio city), and Tanpioe,
?ach 11,000. Peso del fforte, and TebaacOi aa ?
/ i,?Payta, ard Tumbes, eacb 1500.
ftuii ?Talsabuaoe, It,000,
iVctr*(1 remada.? Carttagena, and SavanUla, ev h
Honduras. -Ontoa, tl,0Oo.
Svttty Itlanns.? Tahiti 01,000, [Hi tt Cotteuleta. I
A'< lr> '/.i alum! ?Pay ef Islands, 01,000. [New Con?
sulate. I
/?, ucudor.?Oitayaojuil, t". *.o.
Batttia.- Cobtjtt, 0300.
/ ri/f 'inn ? Montevideo, 11,000.
.\.', igaiore' Island.? Ajm *1 ooo.
Pi u J-'ii i-h.? l.nithn'^, -l.'sOO.
it. coataaa? tat aoi ni -.
PertugaJ.?BL Paul daliOMda Aagola) 11,000, [Iu
itead oi let ? tad tr*<i.-j.
/. >? rm.? Monrov ia an I Gaboon, 11 ,"oo each.
St. I>oivinz<i(IslandJ.?Cupe ll?jt:?u, 11,000; Aiu
Cayea, -
Mtsttia .nAnt.?ABMorRirer, 11,000. [New Con
suii.t- |.
r-' i. i Paatrfa that Consuls-Geaeral, Consu's, ami
CcatBM reinl Agents, not sBtbraoed it Sobodalca B and
O, ? l?il bo ebUtipd.as PoaipCinatlim for their servie. s.
10 sock fees ai tney mav eedlect iu pursuance of the
provisions ot tlo-? a. t, fnapoctlsniy.
St <. 5 Prohibits any Consul" General, Consul, or
Commt ri ml A^ent, white be boldn Ins ofliee, to be In?
terested iu or liansnctany businese us atiadrr, or a-* a
clftk or other a>t?iit for anv such tiersoti within the
bmii- of I.is Consulate, directly or indiredy, eitle r in
his: os n name, or in the name or throug'i the agency o
any other jtcrson.
BKT. 6 Auiboi laea the apj ointment by the President
of tbitc Chinese uaesiatoi? at a rate not to aaesed
-1.1 oo p. i annum.
Src. ". Aattawisea the President tt) appoint consular
pupils lor mtiselatea. who shall be oomiwaaated a* a
rate i"t to t aaeeel 41,.> fn r aunuin.
Si i . 0, Parties appointed to otlhe only entitled to
comp? n atton when they reach their respective po-'s.
si r. If to any diplomatic otth t aaotaei be sup -r
n. ??? ?:. the party holding such will be allowed addi?
tional compcnsiit ion.
Si i io. While any Bo crate ry of Legation act as
Cbhrof d'AdUiea. be thall be aOoaad couipen?ation
at the raleallowad to aaoh Charge 'i'AtJaires.
Src. II. If any consular efficer Reauthorized to
peifotBI diplomatic functions in the ub.-eiicc of the
HgBiai illtiMiWialhi itfllrst. ho aha! 1 a compensated at
tht rrte alurwee for a Secretary of Legat Km.
Src. 12. tin consular officer ehnlljexerci-t diji'omatic
lui Otitri s without express authonty.
n 8i i:t Br irriTta fnaf ariry Crmrnl flanntal, Coeaal,
at.d Con.mi rciul Bgent, si .ill OBU r it to bonds an! give
uretics lor She faiiLful | iinilBUBCr of his du'y.
Sic 11 Authorizes tbe Presideu* to Celine the t-x
tent of country to be unbraced within any ron-ulate,
and to provuli for the api-oiutiKcDt of Vi >e-Ctiusuls, iV \
sii. is. Vies CoataflsandYkat-Cotnmsreial agents
are entitled to so lnuch of the cotiipcn-jition of the
principe! officer Iii abase place he may be appointed
aa :'t Pies ideal -hall deteraaiae, sVc
Kcc. id Pr< > <l< nt to pr, -< nb. tt.. tariff of fees,
Peel?. Consular o?ic ct.-to give rtceip;.- for feco|
pet aity inflioted for overchari,Hcg.
sii. is bepuiutte the Bcouaatiag of feeacoOeoted
tt. tht Secretary of the IVeaaaiy, she
Si i. l;i. Nt> diptorudtu officer to be ab-ont from bit
port fot ti klu-'cr period ibin t"C dnjt at .?? e fan
without pi-iii. s on, r.or skull any < ouipecsa'ion be
a?owtd during tiWenee i xcept iu ra.- sot siekecss.
gl r. 80. (\ u p< nsatioi. ptovride I by tnis act U ia full
ft i Frit ice at.J j^rsonal expenses which may be
hat um d
Si (. ill. CotnjK tisation provided, by this ac^ shall no*.
1- app'i.'abk to ptrisaan boloing oganewho ure not
t tttat ns.
> i Bt, l'rtsident to provide at pi blic expens; for
tthiioii i v. A s.f (1f Icnthaas A i.
Si i. -1 Piundea for the iiSuiug of pa-sports by the
Sec star] ot s ate.
Sl.?\ -1 Authorizes nny Secretvrw of Loga*ion and
( onsnla: Otricer to adinini icrou'ls, Ac.
Thatdeecrtioool aeameo ?haii beoaaeially
autbtltic I? c at the port or place of the Cousnlat-.1
: ? v 'is; \ Bftad by the vessel.
S. i. 26. That, ot tht application of ?< UJbM for d.s
hnrpe, if it shall unpeor to the C"ii-u! ir (MBoet that
. o a .:.: : . a io it, be ebaii grand it.
.. Lvery Ceoaalar officer shu'.l keep a de?
tailed hat of ail -cumin slipo-d aul d.s-ha'ged by
biw : a so, piirt-icuims ol vesecte atriv. d e.nd depattM.
Pat. I. Sverj ahipaaaater. when h? baaocjaaloa
?cr ' ihcial s. rwiet a, must apply t.. the Ci ..-u a- LMJ .
ai d frtiy the ii?e-ss?ry fete.
inc. tt, if nny dimes ehall dit abro.iJ, oid by
Instant rotary dkaporidoe shall I. aee special airecti>os
tot tht Btni tu* it tut of bi* personal pwip>ity hy the
Ctaisttlnr Oriic'r. the latter ahail ttr^tiy obr"erv?. the
direetioaa, A e.
si .. Peel to be collected in the coin of Iba
(Jailed Stareeoral its rep ? ? v v . m htfirnhiarn
S . ' In tht constracttoe of ?!! other a?-ts u.?on
tl is seMeot wl.ioh shall te-maia it. Ian a ai>?r ibis so^ll
t.:l e ? rt*.. t, tbey snail oe deemed t.. incdada and a,>o'y
to a I et neular officers as Ibo .,;!! tbey Wele tfx-. illy
i mi.til ihcn in.
gee, '. t'oDtular off! "ers de ''a-i J liable ia Jaiu^g..
-e> of a fa B*gleet, mnireasance or abu?e rat
I'twer, t<? ibe party '- '".rtd, pr jvid^d that <u hs: :'
shall BofprHneica the Itirm t the Uakted dtataa,
11 ,33 l-i BOataf it parts of j: .er a h) reaeth !.
d' . 34. TM*aa>tWJake e?re."teat! let cf J .toa-y ;
It it.
( .-n remert n ltd a l*m? cf t?*aewu.,.
CerrretteiioD tiJ auet?:?! ^1 ler**ttBtaarttl w-1
Ast.U'oeJ, i:ww? 1 .. .der .aere'ted cm.*. i?.t,o:?...
Cempeeeatkit iletfveert tuj ?aipljyeee ;f Svitte....
Cm til pse* ?i petto >l the Senate. * * * '
< .n.is;,?iw i j( ??Ktit ?-U cii.p Jjree* of U.-*? of
P.,-pi?te uUflvrt. .
CoLtarrV. ev.e let af Houte if Repretenat t, vu
BMlBI Jo-.-mrLU.?:li.ft,>"
tan-lure, repalra ar.d rt'iTiety. is ? ''
Horaea, c*ir.at:??. fuel vitd .14b'*. *>
*?'?.? 0; ape:i ret XW ban. W Vsl
Eaeteeica aar) UtaatiasOlae, . b? 0*0
P lir,?1 ui\.eanaaaoaa !. *V?'>
Pttet, laborsra rotiert. Ate. FC?
F r *?,r..? ?aolV.. ?Ld iojft>'i;i. V!','1
Bindlrt .tun*.
Reportu-t aeb?te-, K.rit Seeeico. *?.
<1 Ol
For library t ?ngraa? tad lltfailalai vtltt af Pi ? (i
Pate: rMairad rot put t..$ 4 . ini Serovl <-tti"n ...
Pott. 1 ' ! ?beSecoid See* t, Tmrty fjirth < a
fi*t.. U'22
I iinitimih 11 uf Iba rieeMnat nf tha T'nfttrl TttrtTr
I on.pr: aaritrn of the \ re-Tr'alde: t *ialBi:se .
Ca b pel ?all n 1 f ae.-retary la .-r-i pa'?ri't.
t :. tt Met M 01 Secretary 1: State ?ad ?aap. s/ett
Pnb ifbitt the ,a*t of i-mgree*.
Coi.i!a?riit uper-te? &f State flerartmenf. M?5tt
I 1. ittti to of the ?rc:etarr of'he Tredri.-y. at
tiattttt aid emi-Ioyret. I J,
Cui ta ptDl eipeuaet of Treatnt y Department.? " M"0
O cpiii:itii, if the ^f.-ntary of the !. fetior, com
n lttioLen it i employee. 11 Mm
Ccn'ii .fiit eip*:tet ! terior D-r r?ment. 1 ...
Strvty.rt ,f Pabtk Ur.a*. ttd tLeir . lark*.. I1'
C10 pet tatiou ti tbe Secretary 01 War, cieikt aod _
impkeeea. 1
Colin f-t.e ?xpectee of the War Departiwut. ?Ml
1. n {???."..' 1 ije .>nia*4ty f tr 1 Sa.y. '
ar d rai luTe*?.,.
roBttrOTM ripostes ol the Ne-.y Deparmeut.?
Cicf tae'iou ol cbe Poatuit.ter 1 lei.eral, c.erkaai.d
. a
17 *'l
1SS hib
Continent ei(?r>t
1 ot
Pjet-oitice 0-taartaaeat. isi.nco
!77 js>
11. M
Kapene>eel kilotai Pni!al?!phia
I xpeiittt'it Mtal Neri Uileen..
F.sieoet vi lUattt Clavtttte.M ?
f M i.t V. !i?h..?: ? ?a. <i*
hipet??*? it Mit.? ?t San FraLCirco. . tri TO
Fipei*eiot M t tt Ha?*?ark Aatay uthoe.
hi.r Tanitarial Ot .t-rLu-f^t?Ore*')-;.
ror Trr itatial Ooverrnuent? Mti/i.ewt*.
For Terntrnel Uoi.mroenr- Naw Mexice.
For Tem:oriel TaiMlioei '?I.tab.
F.jr Ten h n? OortnuDaat. waahwifwr.
For Tei..'onal Oo- rrrrueiit? Netcattt.
f ? Ten .'i iu. Oon r:in r t?Kai tea.
Ciniper-?tion of Sui-ct aie Oaatt ?11 Uittri t Jtidtet
Con 1 ei.tttlon ot AttolDer-Oi'jiierti tud Dtttrict At- ^
tori.nyt. -M.JtrO
Baf i<ort at ite Court af ClataM. ^
Bappi rt oi ti? Ittieaeaeeal Tretmry .
f>'i[?lK>Tt o' the BMaaai land fveteai..
^ui.po'tof Di?'net Peal fOtiary.
For defitiixt the et euet ol the L'oitetl Ste'et
Coin.... ???.??!
Ceatmreat eaperaee of Suiteyoei neiera1.
C' BtiLtent tx^iiin oi th* pn>>lic trviadein Wttb
imt. .
F*or ihe taLpcr*. ol '.he Ami) ?
Amt) pro"?.NI
Arii.oriet, ar^rs?t and miiMti n i ol war. IHS.MS
Bliliury scad'my. . ITttBI
Kortilii-stioui tnd other wi xkt of d 'teute. l,7|?.*i'
Suiv.jt. ic. 1 >'"'-'
Mix tUaaeeaa oxiecte. 1 .tef? orei
I 2 JM
II too
?ii set
167 tot
For ti e lopa"'t nf the Ntvj ?
Ntvy pn.per. 8,UJ,||S
MnLeeen*. MlOia
Sp..-n?l ?hje. tt. t.?? tri
I irvrj of 'be AtUi.lio BBt (iolf Cotttt. t*3t,0*l
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Support of the Lkbt-llo'ite et'ttbl.nbiiieBt. 1 JOO.jlu
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For tbe ptjtnetit of i.ertaui per ren'ate t^ .StiH t
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Marirn Noapital fund. IM.JBM
For the pajrneL* of atbatltartt, ditwbtckt and
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F'ii eLtei of uitii trmaportation lor tbe teveral de
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For new dome ou Itpita!.
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I eBotukly Land act of thbaetaioa wfllditn
BtUlione of Berta, but tbe bi-.a of ti.c- Penal m ilat^au
oat |h*0 no idea td th ? piobabiV iiuantify.
Byaat Oai Baaeial CenaepeatVeat.
StRAToot, Stturday, Aug. IG, is??.
Among ihe Rieateet junglee which ox'.ernal uaturo
plajn are the mint phenomena of the valliee a* uur
ve)? d from tbe hillt. In the nlowint,' coals of a
cheerful lire the imagination can trace aq'iiline
iiorrp, clussic I'lrcheail*, mdulating forms, aud any
amount of BO0kg*| so, too, in the stumps and tu>
dribrushot the lorest viewed pcrsffCtively, clfs,
goblins, leafcre, and mail-rubbers rise intoquablicd
rt-adiies; so also, in the clouds, a camel or a saw?
mill respectively pnmienade Of operate to tho eye
that is amiable md accominoddMDg In such mutters;
but tho valley'a mist as it lay before mo early yes?
terday morning as I looked from tbo p trtico of
Sharon .Sprin",h rtipuircd no condescension to tnalce
it teem as a lake, vast, cold and fog-crowned?
whieb only >icldtd its disguise to the hot Jeti of
the Summer sun. Then tbe performance of the
da) bcuan with tbe birds and the ST}aim Is, and tbe
colts and their mumnias, and tbe cahes and their
iiiamuias. and all other bucolic odds and ends too
numerous to mention. And thia beautiful matutinal
dream floated by as a merry party of us drove
aw a) from the Springt to tbe railroad station, a
distance of some ten miles.
We then took our places, booked for Saratoga,
but poeeiMy geblgfUftbcf?to etcruit)?owing to
tbe peculiar iustiiulion which exists on our rail?
roads. But we were whirled throujjh a beautiful
country?valley, hill, river?to .Scbenectady, and
Waiting there over an hour, took the train to Sura
toga, tin- landscape much inferior to that just
passed through.
1 hat old Balrton Spa?a terpeif horean cemetery,
where flash the ghosts of myriad balls, flirtations,
conquests, loves; where leg-of-mutton slee.es,
(ieorjtelNth coronation buttons, with long-tailed
blues, once floiirirhed?now all gone; tbe place
used as a Begleefeitl spout through which pour tho
DeH streams of ton, wealth, display, grace, loveli?
ness! What shadows we are, and what shadows
we pur.ue'
Saratoga was ue\er fuller. I am not one of
those who condemn watering places ; on the con?
trary, they teach people how to dress ami behave
themselves. They biing. too, people from all the
n o ote qaerteiBOr! the country?as well as foreign
courtries? into closer contact?into better ititi
ti m il s? into tbe economies of acquaintance mak?
ing, ami display, amid whatever drawbacks of
fashion and toll), a balance in tavor of amenity,
good breeding, and the inter-soj-al culture, which
has as much to do with keeping us a united na'ion
bs laws .nid material calculations. I be world at
hir.e t nly Knows men through newspapers. A
st'ob. with an Honorable handle to his name, imy
he known from Maine to California, v. hi e a genius
is known to bis own set only. B'it that set, too,
eit?mis through every State, and may be one, be
coute it meets as a bappy lauiily each Suuimer at
the treat watering place, so, too, thissoci il uuity
bas its individual celebrities, not in print, but
drawn from ail points of the compass, uml inter?
twining the fibres o| the national heart by the re?
ligion of courtesy and mntual liking.
The errat of the season was the great ball of last
night. The orchestra sang sonorously with all the
delirium of the new ly-born musical idealis n of the
dunce, and chromatically tinted dresses came
over tbe scene, thick as the foreat-coverim; pii?>ous
of autumn. Tbe women were all rtyijr iffliaacd.
atd the mi u w? re all plainly dreteed.
The long lieet take their placet fir tbe qimd
ril.v?that graceful foetil which survives tlfe
wrath of change. All tbe rainbowt of all tbe
heavi us are now peripatetic. Ceufle hands aud
early hearts are here, and love and hope and joy.
but the nieu are all in black, and, amid the gor?
geous flutter of the scene, look like crows iu a
i'. v.i r-gtrdcD. What a magnificent sight must
the ineffably glorLut Versailles have been?the
grand n oui, which should be seen to be measured
? when tilled with the superb rabble) of hingt tod
nobles?tho men splendidly attired at the women,
and manners as soft v,d ffNfiU at pride* were
vast and il) igieal' Butmwwe havo no COIIQO
pond?n- "s of ;utW be^watt mtt?."J;D? and >err?
ln'oa attire. Tit* wotnea l?vo a inenopory 0/ :t,
tod th? men roll aoiely en ? ftwwrt -rut,
wi.hio a eertaia hin?! f ?r their drei* effeet??.'olor
being denied them. }olD *feD?och and Tho nan
Jefferson wore scarlet breeches and pea-green
velvet coata; but tho one wr tt? Lin nine tirat to
tbe Declaration of InJepeBiea',e which the other
Let me essay a rude descri pCon of some of the lein
iunedresees. AmoDg the moa'. promiaent were the
following: A yellow brocade silk, the figure of
wbieh wan a rich bfliiqu*tof parti colored flowers,
M natural aud individuated that the real teejqoH
in the hand of the wearer mi^ht be considered ?
part ef the dreae. A ri -h. deep bio* cape over
the shoulders, and ditmond Cfoao, very brilliant,
set the dress.
Another dresa of pink nioire antique, in vie
rigorously bi?h, with rich lace appendages on the
iboulders. Magniti'ent diamoua tiara and pcu*
d>DtJ- e l , ? L
A heavy claret brocade, embroidered with an
beequa figures in the richtet possible lace appa?
rently spriDgiraj from the floor nearly to tba cor?
sskc. '1 hia ore's could not be exceeded iu its ef
A white silk dress, the flowers of which dis?
played its elaboiata lace embroidery. Round the
neck a white, transparent scarf, which gave |Mtt
ligbtncea to the tigure.
Aujoiia; the young ladies was the usual array ol
white India muslins, dotted, embroidered or aim
pie, tulles of the lighter colored ei'ks of that airy
labric known as piua, auch as pink and blue or
of happy combinations of several materials and
colors. Of the latter the prettiest were of white
u.Ub?u with cherry ribbons or with lilac ribbons,
bome of the younger dresses were of more solid
cbar.net? r, one particu'arly, of white silk, tbO
prominent eolo- of tho flounces boiii*- ureeu. with
p?rti-colored flowers, bouquets arete not carried
to excess. .I. wcls. however, were, even some of
ti e joiing ladies making elegaut displata iu this
For several seasons, dancim? at the great ball?
room of the I'nited State- Hotel here, has fallen
through. Lat-t jear, hail a dozen couples at moat
could l>e seen on the floor, beauty earrring itaelf
Tolnntaru) to the waU'flower business. Hut now,
daocing has broken ont i? au epidemic. The
Boor, last tight, w s filled. Loveliues? floated
from its retreat Into the circnJar peoaa, aad knag
arjd Ute the orchestra pealed its ictus to the
wulrz's liokiiurs. Hut it ia now over?dead r
i saumietichus.
K utsel Tiiuiir-RY, Bth month, 1st, 1050,
EmBMnD Faitat: Although a great deal has been
wnften respaottag the oatrafaa committed ae the
ptacefnl and unoflbndlag inhabttanta of this nnfbetn.
natc country, many of which accounts have bicn
contradicted, und iu all probability discredited by our
ftk nds in n mote places, who w.'U d naturally conclude
that the hearts of men in this enlightened age ceahd
tot be so desperately wicked 0? to perpetrate such
cru. l acts of barbaritv ou thtir id! 'w couutrymcn and
i> gbbora, Hut. alas' it is true?the half had not
been told. 1 have been in this l\ 1 ntory lor yoais. I
h\.d here wh.n (ndinsi were its only inhabit iut.
exctpt a few, who were engaged in arUiaiag these
??s'lvs^,. p.-opl.-. In ai! the tune I have beeu bore I
n> set he aid of more I baa b df a dozen Bierden aasoag
Um m people. 1 have ataay Ubm i admir d how p.
ably they bred tegetber, and haw tbey pwopnted.
Hut, abi-1 again, what nehaago bare I I aappot
civilizatioa wr.s to bo sent here in order to take the
plaee of burbar^m. The pool Indians must leave
btre, or retain only entail tribal reaerrvataOnaef luud,
become citizens, imitate the examples of our ''Chris?
tian race, and thu- lay u-.Je tavagc li e, and em?
brace the rei*gtoe art! laws of tin white man, \c.
Well, we have I nd a trial of this sytetn OOO lor
r.cnrly two y< ars; and what has been the result ' I
Will % <nt urc toanswtr, bygivitgil ai aiy opinion that
more than one hundred willful, deliberate murders
have be< s committed on our ci'uens within that time,
and an inunense amount of property stolen and de?
stroyed. Mm have \? cd murdered in a manner which
would DO revolting to a barbarian. I may instance
1 oc ' use amorK* manj?that is of a man by the name
of Hill (an Iri.-hmam, who was on his way to W\ st
poit with a wagon and team after provisions, and had
with him ItHI to purchase a load. Ou Ids way in, be
was ar-i;Ud by a gatg of rutfians, and robbed ot his
morey and his team. Not yet satisfied weh their bru?
tal course, they took bim off from the road, tied him
fast, hand and tout, gagged htm severely to prevent
his being heard, und tlien left h.m m that dismal con?
dition to perish alone on the open prairie. Hut after
I)ui!? for some time, he I touened h's feet, and walked
1 svea Bilk ? with his hai d.- bound and a severe (tag
in hie month to tlu> borne of a Freu-Si.ite mao, where
io- was tnken care ot, and when able to travel, re?
turned to bkl distressed tumily with t he murks of the
gag Mill rale in his mouth. Oh, how snoeking to ha
manity WBI thu h.'ivujre tot on a stranger, au unoflond
ir^r man 1 Many more such or as brutal acts ini>rht be
I (failed here, but niy limits will not admit of it; and
outrages hue are too rovoIUl g to my feelings to enu?
merate, but I know tin so almoet innumerable outrages
and tiarbarities an-being committedalonoil daily. I
know that DM ti an afraid to travel the ro*d from lu re
to the Stute where our supphes aro to be nad, for bar
of befatg lobbed an 1 muidi red. We aro well aware
that we have to ;ri t our bread a' tie- risk of our lives.
Men luve foe,) to Kansas and West port lor provis?
ions; aiany pay for it there, tad aa eo >n as they eroee
into the Territory, are overtaken by robber*, their
teurr s and loaels tnkerj, some murden d, otbent abused
and insulted, and barely e-*eape with their lives.
hi ay we not appeal to our friends in ttie North atd
\Ae<r (in the feelings almost of despair) foi
help ' We appreciate the sympathy you feel for
us; we are encouraged by your liberality tis
ward us; but 1 will t<n you what kind of
ma will be effectual, and nothing she will.
I.i t the RepnblictrDs io the Ikuso oi Boprcei ntative
l.old on to our Constitution; w. have adopted it as our
owe tree obasee; we ofgnt to befrsej weoJabB tho
riRhts of Amern ans; we wan'none of Douglas's, nor
loonbs s, nor at.ylsMly .-lie's Constitutions nor bills
stuired on us; we claim our righta, and have- a ri-?ht
to do so. I repeat that I hope the tJousB will adhere
to our own Constitution, tirsf, last, and foiever. until
the t.ovcrnrncit once more gets iuto the hands of
honest men. W e have salmi a gnat deal, but wo
nad tatber sutler more yet than to have any Southern
?eaaare lon ed over us. Let every Liberty man m
i Iiu.'"*;d !'? l''8 dut7 uow for Fremont and Dayton.
I I^t tbe liishmcn do their duty. It was one ol their
eoun'.rjntn (a ? .od man. too.i who was tied hand and
I fjoti aad uairged, and left to die on the phtius of Kan?
sas iwh. re he bad BOagbt a home) and be de voured \>j
WUdbeeetni Let them do their duty; let them bear in
mind at the bebet box .hat ibe perpetrators of that
n.oet atrocious deed run unpunished by the I'nited
Rtatcs authorities here. Let all reaaaaatii r that Coaa
n an, the told blooded murderer of p<xir unfortunate
Dow, is now in this Temto-y, ruu ung at large ut the
head of a large gang ot robbers, and ao arrest ordered
cut for biim. and so with every saarierer in ink euan
tty, while Oov. Kobltu-on, an upright, and just man, ai
well ss othi rs, are- now in cruel b it.da^e under a guard
of I nr.e?l .S'afee soldi-rv, an 1 th.;yiiii\e injured no
n an's pi rson or property.
I attended the Convention at Topeka on last month,
and tt? re I saw, I believe, more r-.an gftaeu hundred
men, who bsd come from altn.jet ev?ry part ol tie
leintoi-y, BJ ord^r to take into .,0a. U r..tioi. the d.->
tiessed condition ot the country, very (aw who were
there tad anna w;th'.?..ni anc pt three or foar cuca
peafea who came prepan d mr any eoierger.cy, those
were mostly rOtOg c . u, bj; "he BBBM aai composed
M I It ztos many aged ntu, and I kiion their motives
in irnag there were ersiireJy | tcific und laudable,
rtoti ii g kaiab ? r biflammatorr waadoaaorthreatened
t at tinvent! n was very Urz", was veryoreeriy
was d B posed of American ciU/ens, had asecmbb'ii
; ea.. abi) in order to Ukaatepsto have oar grievances
redreaaed, ne had a right to tranev t our own buei
ntf%end know how to do it, but ir. the midst of our
?lebbetatious, comes lorward BOBBB United dtatSB Offi
e?rs uith prociamat.or.? ia order to deter the peoole
there met, and light? u t^.r heels eomta acvera com*
panrca oi diag ?no with deaely weapons, who formed
.ii fiont cf the Convention, ra ordc- to prevent the
ftsecn blirg of lb? Legwla'ure, which ou!v iotended to
meet and viourn, m order bj coutmao iLeir exist.oc
as a U -islam e ooCy BBtil toe ratatcetioa of our lifflB.
st.tution. Al. this boked st ang, r?Se "Scatter
Sovtrti^ns. ? i^mn i
In OBBcfarkWi, I weal I appo j to ail our fricndi .-v m
whtrefor aidfor Kausaa. ^BBt ro'..-, olarj uSTJf
you, for Fremont a,d Dayt.,,.. K:e : txZ and We
aekno mote aid, oa y for rnen BO set ?nfrom?
l reo Mates to p,u .a bers i, thaai lade .i*tu , J5?
sr"^11' littst
down the Bt;*a.-i-i Riv;r. D -?o* b f>na \ > %
haa>a? rarrt-rry. T)3 Head ? VatV, 1
Ol Widucadey the 21 tt if May, I Meowed etns
mk\mt? on the FotaweJUenie Creeh a m.-^efr^,
Lawrence to the effect that * larire company 01fnor>
J. r Kiifrlai-s w' re, congregated pew thai p! ye gjt
avowed pujrpor? of dietroying the town. I inia>t4,
ately mounted 4 Imrwe end n-de- ten mile* up ^
Cretk t' ?OfMj tht " I vta* atomic* and by t
o'clock ;n the . v?nmg thirty tour men, armed ^
equipped, nut at the rendezvous at the jcD'Ufl of
the O-nwattamie with toe California r *\d. Tat
"Mar..*. Riflea' and ' Porneroy Guards, fern Oh.
wnttamic, had promised to meet us lo re by agree,
mext, but < i.'y two ip? a cam*', a!,.' rceertel that
an"t! ? ' ! '? ??' *? r f.iui Ijawrencc bvJ v ,ed tod
contradicted th* loruier report, and that, tharefjra,
tht?< 'ratvattttmie I ompani? I wot.'d awa.t f.rthertjr.
drr>. The Potawatamtta, bowo*Of, agri'd to ptth
on to L?HTc::c. M.d a-c. n?;i. t! ? !'?? ?r for tLentMrrea,
Ac? < rdmgly, we moved on, at.d two m ice fioot th*
Merideaetit ire met aim -ei g r fnui near Laereoc?,
who report d that the Holder Kuffian* hv! Iahen tae
tow 11 witLotit aty reeustanco, and with raz .ig to thi
'1 f ttartling tie w*. waaraoetY'd is?erx*
by the eotnpeay. Than thi w-ord ''Cmward^wei
paare I a!o: g the bee, ard aUhou^l. s'-*"*iy %
void was spoken the thOOjghtl of ei ry mia
could be 'cad in hie coni.t-t an.Wo MM on,
and a UMMIBlfor wa? dispatch, i to an 1 oar tba sett-er?
at Osnwattumie. At Preith* C'y w.< teamed that
there ?1- pe oegotiood Piee State force ia Lawrence,
and tint the Border K .tVur.e w. rc in poaa-eaMa of
B' ant on' - Bridge, osel had aaoaoabled m for a-. |a>
i < inptou. W e conduced to encamp at PrrurV Ci'.y
and await iefloJbfe?Meafe. On tae 9 id are were
ioined by Company i' ot Konsa* tfeieeteace, under
the irmmand ol Capt. Shore* and Major Jdeuhlnay,
Dd tbe Pomeraj Guards, ('apt. Dayto:;. On the
tveningof the - d Lr-knu^'that Gov. K <\> n*.a wai
00 hie way from Weetpert t. L*-c*xnptoo a prisoner,
guarded by Hord-r ltuftiaoe, we 1 ninci.at. 7 atra< k
oar teete and Meed to Palawa, iateeding torea^u*
him is hopawrd thai wav Here tn wer.- Joiaed bj
tbe Maiioo Brflea, Cant I>legraff.
On the 15th, Copt .tobu Known, Jr., Of the ' Pota
watam e Rifle s,' With a ?COerieg parly wontia'o Law.
retce, and on his ieti.ru top rted tt.o trce-> kte llixel
and Gov Bt>biD*oo'e boeae were horned tot ?????luud,
and the " Herald " and Fri 1 -S arc preapi t destroyed,
nna the* tOVI MChod rwcorcinp to " Iwia and (? der'
by a poaae Of tOO Soutli ( an.l uians, fJhlOrgieMj and
liider LtiTiaus, heeded by LT. S- MeraheJ PoeplMe
auo '?Sherifl Jones. I'pon t?e receipt.... ?! .* nee-,
a council waa held, and it was d. ruled tbar ifi:;?>Law
r, tci 1 H tens 1 ould not unite iy dofMttieg tWOMaeMM
BgeiMt thi couun(?nencn.v,tuatweiouidiiotn?r,a- ::.. o
butt', s ah ne. Aocorxihagiy wo ?rohe up Ott cejBP,
eachconpaa] ret .rmukrto it- t<.sp?otivo kKalitj) the
dm i. d spt ii-.-'e to tbi Ir nocnee.
On om ri turn from Palmyra we received n'. J.geoee
of a dittutbunce on Pofa'eatanne Creek, .0 which
Bve mtn were hilled. On arririu are found the aet.
tkmcnl inaternble ateteof exeiteaneot. A immVr
of ii Ditii - lnc left for tbe N nti ?. and those hivihhj
had en 1. d a m? ?ttn^' will out cisiinc 1011 of party, and
paeeed rt solution* pledging tba*eeal*ee to eeeaflIthe
bioence tn th. ir i^wer to pro'ect each other from
d>obe or invacing foe* of either party. Ho^e arell
th?( pit dges wire kept bv tbe Pto .ry MetfcMS, I
Will n.deavcr to *how. <'?n fv'ednesday, the inh ot
Mav, ] obtained infortr.atan from a relia'ji? si.r.e,
tl at a company of 100 mounted men was 0*OBM*J into
tbo Mttllnil nf I start, d iuuoe.liaiely in 1 .mivaoy
wilb two 11 flat Dtial Pro S.avery Bettlern bppj Ml IsMOa.
We tound tbem to It- a e n pane of Pro-Sb?\,ery mm
from Sugar Creek, Bull Creek, and Stentm, com?
manded 1>y Cnpt. Atbuckle aud Genera. LofJe'e irotn
near West port. Their avowed pOaMMO in laiminir,
ivastoamst the men tbat had killed the fvemeo
hef'n spoken of. Tbev immediately arrested me tor
a wiliess, as they eaid, without a romor.stiarxo or
at v intorlereece Ol the part of my Pro-SUeery
fhenea. (^n the contrary, they a~. unpumed
the mob, aim! rossintid to art.*t all (ourteea) tho a're?
Stati men that tboy could tind in that vicinity, and
take their arms. We were then uiarchej tsrenty
mile* in tbe heat of tne day to i'aoli, the i'ro-Slaverw
beadiitinrtirs of tbat part of tbe Territory, whet*
we anived on the evening of the 8'Jta, and paasej
ii reviewbtttee, arid ?ubject to tha taunt* BJMh>
su is 11 two oompanice of " Horder Kuiliei.-'' |a*V
from W estpoit und one from llunUvIll-), Which WOfO
drawn op to reeeiaa nr. Wa arera thee nloeoeTh* the
charge Ol Deputy Cnitod States Marshal lla/eawbo
put us in a room aad guarded us with four arni'd
luflinns" night and day. It may bo prop. .' for a*
to state hue Uiut up to thi* time, and during all the
time we wen in custody, not one ol those in.l?f?l?
Waaeereed w ith any w arrants 01 writs of any kimf.
Wo b und nt I n Capt .lohn llrown, jun., aui dasoo
his brother, wbo had been arrested a day or 1 to -
fore, ne ar Osiiwattatuie, and had their boure" beret 1.
Cnpt. Brown was then in?ane on account of the anx?
iety and trouble** of the- past two Wi eka. 11 j tbo 31-1,
('apt. Brown was flctivereu into the charm of Cant.
W oid of tbe United ShaG? army, wbo pvn. med bis
am s behind his back, and tie d a rope to bis h&uds, one
t nd of which was cive n to a soldier on hone beak,
and he wan obliged to keep a head of tbe hors.te ma
march of eigbt miles, under a broiling ami The ? tL<
which bound his arms were drawn ao tight thtt be
will probably carry tho se-ars to tbe grave. Or. the
1st of Jone, six of the r*anSMnlne prisoners, v; 1 I ... ?>
Brown. Wm. Partridge, S. B. Morse, Win. Kiliourn,
P. Mime?, aud niyeclf, wen .taken to Osawa Utuu-,
and placed in the chtuec of the l'nited State i troops
under tbe cvuunand of Capt. Wood. Ihe roe' >ftn?
MIM m - were discnar^cd, one of them losing a v a' q able
Lore, which he was ruing when be was takou prNonr.
Capt. Wood, alter r.<oiving ua in bis charge, u>J our
hanos b> hind us with a strong cord, for ote day and
night. He then procured chains, and fastened us t*o
and two, with the chain looked around o*jT ank'-*.
Copt. Brown by this has was a raving m&. ,v\ \Ve
pa*vtd tin first Light in u tent, on tho damp "round,
wiihout an] blanket*, and, io fact, wbil-t in el'arge ..I
Cnpt. W.od would ha\< lad to do so all the time hid
11 .1 our friends supphod u- wi'h what we needed.' On
Tuescay, the >d Jun., .1 Benjamin, from Pota ea'atnie.
Creek, was uneeUdby tbe company of Border KurUms
60m W< rtpoit, win* burnt dowu hu store, with tl,.VJ0
worth of dry Koode, groct riee aud provisiona, and then
delivered him into the charge of Capt. W'wd, who
confined him in tbo same way and in the same f nl
with the reat of tb< pi.soners. After reiiiaimug a'
Oeuwattamie a week, we wore one morning, a;t< r tea
min ut an1 notiee, w dared into line, chained inaMlipt ae
umal, and mure bed N mllie under a scor^aiog sau,
w itlxait anything being furaiah? d for us to eat from au
early breakfast untii we< i.rrived at Prair..; C.'.y, tbo
.tidof our joumey. Siane ot the praawMiB entreetodJ
Lieut. I\nn.u, who bad us ia charge dur.ug the
match, to take the ehams ofl' while we were on the
road, but were sternly refused. At Prairie
oi?tr* were given to" our guards, il" oar
attempted a rocuf, to shoot us down a' once,
and the cuatd prepared their arena ewwd ng'y.
After ttn cay r-'e online meet at Prairie City, we w.10
all put into a Government wagon and carried So Li
ce mpton. escorted by a suard, and there delivere d
into the hand-of H.puty Marshal Cramer, and e in
tine d all night in the second story of a new buiiiing.
Our guard told us tbat ,l e^ur friends atte mpted to in
cue us he should blow np tbe building, as he i.vl a
keg of powder placed Utre for that purrejee. in the
DMtaingwe wen again placed in a Government
wegon, drawn by six wila mnlr,. and driven try a
?Jim.ken drive r. We-tart"! for Tc-cumrmh? a doi-n
Ot Beaufort's men accoini^nymiK' us aa a guard. At
Big Kprejaette mule* could not be ppatioOad by Iheif
aiunke n din tr, and ran uwuy, and dai-bed with fright
ful 111 j kJity townrd a deep aud dange-roue raves. I
succeeded in toning my boot fnun my foot, and b< 1 ??
tbue ccat erf the chain, jump?-?l from the wagon, b? log
(ollOWtd by tue Mat Ot the ptieonois, without any oae
being soue.uely hurt. Our need ?vkeel a* why we
1 Id 1 ot tun away wh. u we jumja d from the wagon
Thee foebt beare beee gbni to have us try, as taep
would tin n have had an t vcuee to alio-jt u*. \V.
wulhtd the rett of the way to Tecumeeh. Ut e we
wen -. uvoediirto the Cherg? of Caked states M^r
ri ?i Donaldson. ofLawn nco notmioty, who tOid im
that the charge auaiuat us was ?igh Treas im We
were e-. iitined heiaaeyeral days. June |L we were
tektnbelore I nitod iStatte Comnuasioner Uoag'and
and examined. Caj.t. Brown, ir.,aud myself weie ful re
ci mmtttt ! to await the action of the O-and Jurv.
Ihe fact tbat we were membera ol the General As
>-ea?bly of tbe Btate ot Kansas 00 doubt had great
weight with Con.aii#;.?jner Hoglacd, as tie knew that
it be committed us we would not be ab!? to meet with
thefJi neral Assembly tit Topeko on the ith of Jaiy.
Be it re n.iint.eii d tiuit iry feljoer-prl?"?"!^?Ja*io
Brown, ?. B. Moise, W iu. Kilbouru, and P. Maxe*?
wtn- artiste dou the c-;h of May irkhoei ? preeeoi 01
sl.ut.ow of authority u:.d kepttSthe^tlaf of Jane,
and ti.i r. '...-(l.avV. ni.:t.ng Uing found c?i n<
them: aid that J. Bei.ium.n was arrested on the 3.1 ol
.Inly and koj t tiii the '^lrt, his boose ami ciexe, w.tb
?l.soo vveath of goods, U dng burwal ami deehsOped by
tbe party wlio ai esttd bim, and ho was tuen dis?
ci argod, t?>tre being no eharga against him. The
charge of High Tnasoa against Wm. Partridge was
dismiss, d. bet he wan laMMted and hehl re bad 03 a
charge of COOaJaTbM? ogaiLet the t'oirilorial (fovent
n ent. On the ."-d, Marshal Donaldson to'tk Capt.
Biown, jr., BLd mj-tlf to Lecomptoo, and getttaaed
us into tbe e hatj'e ol ( -.pt. Walker, Ce teO ?i'a'e-*
Arary, whore we fbeasj fioe, Itobmaon, (?. W. Hm ")
Oo aa J-nh ts, G. W. Dotteler. and O. W. H'oern,
oeadead Mr the -ame rime l..au tn?as".r. ll."? ?*
wiokep* 'loeebr g pj de d, at a am p a ">?o *x4t\ r.<\
^"-jtvVu, mi tn-j in of Jt'y. wL.. s>e we-e ra

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