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tri..? dto"Fori WllNBoa,* whwh wap ro ni ?? lb<
Ina iia. wo cooM ?flktll '?' bad wkiehj 1.
that i?n,. ' Kcit Wsgoa K"\' ?eBM t,ctrutu?i
t.aiaud, i. Capt. WnlktJ f'i out et pedal prot c*ro.
II?- i?<k ix" on ii? t?-o mall ?4 <ibMh w?i ?
? i?f?- of tu, f.et betw.en H< l.ai-tcadeo the ipa ?
ictwc-i Iba cat.? on r?ch ridefrtthta/???"
Clkd with sack?, f corn ard barrel*of brand. M ?
of thr cab.-e. witBoel 0*1 wlnOows, ws were a . mm
tineC-t- v, ? men tad two hoi.. , wires o wo ol tut
frnxnoH .be ?" ^^^X&lX^
For toe- .? o .not aitffti t bub dawn* ^J^?.
wejrtre encamped a* ^ZTru* im
lowed to com. h//T;r7;!ftyhn(Joft. ni,. tl,
f.om Wow.pton j a."., - '7^ub/f,ft ol then,
night. Om Bight ?..?? take* to tha
??ff '/ '"Jhaap ht the gallant
tnpta;,.,- itanl n-at??1 . ? a a-j
t aptaii: On the ??L*i^k^- nnmiund and
jae CBeaBdsaBaants of Health met yesterday noon
., v.. > ?'?ntin.'e room, Otty Hall, aad aoUd npoa
fJaadbsaVning >t!*-?-!?? reported:
>i p i. i water, from < or ?-na->, with ?n^.:- aad wo
laaara, ar.ivcd lettb inat. Cargo to be lightered after
ten da?.*.
Brig Mary C. Hadtetf, from (' .-ufneg i?, with WJger
ind mo.arv'is l ?11> in-*. Two deaths in port and oae
On jia?eage. Chrajeto be light red after tea days.
Jirig CnaK. Heath, (roan Carl-nan, wPh sogar aad
nioiatwe?, lr-lh bast. Cargj to be ligbter-d aller ten
r> .g Mti:*n, froi Rio. naena, with wood and hides,
19th ins?. Cargo. except l?det, I be UghUrod to the
Bri<r Or* ad a, from Pence, nncjir and inolas^-s, lr>'.h
in? . Cargo to be Hg rtered to the city after ten days,
Hr_r l.h.nl, from l In intariamo, Cuba, Mi,?iirand
tobacco. iN b. Oargo to oe lightered to the city.
Brig lYnv.il Io, from Jen-ran. HeytL with logwood
and coffee, 19th brat. Cargo tobt lightered, to theeity.
Berk J. I?. Batooaa, fret; Hi . abb nehogaay,
I -th hast. A! owed to BfuOOed attcr vcntilali .a.
Berk Atsnrda from Haeaae, with lullast, 18th i-.-t.
1 Lirtv al Quarantine.
Ba V \V ii fire, from Vera Cruz, with logwood 'ml
hi Oae, lath hank Cargo, except hide, U be lightered
to the C t\ .
Scboor? r Marr Alb , Irena Ponoe. P. It.. with sugar
and moia?ees, lsth. Cargo to be lightered aftc
n hoot i r "i aaldjowB, from Petto CabeQo, w.;h coffee
and lide-, ; - L last, Cargo to be lightered to the t it;
aft. r Sfui n dayp.
gsjhecaer Jena nn.l Mary, from Hayti, with logifuod
and tnabogany, 18th, Cnr^o to be ughteredtotao
s? ooo'.h r Mnry Hagau, from Ponce, with sugar and
UDUeoee, 10th. Car>;?i to be lifhteeed U the city h?
ten day*-.
Schoom: Italtic, from Barcelona, wi'h hides and
bartie, 1Mb met. Cargo, aaoayi bidet, to b..- Bghtered
to tbe r.ty.
tVhoonei Ware, iY?m .Tiok^irviUe, Fl .rXa.wiUi
lunib r. AHowi d to proceed after vntilation.
Petition of owner of bug Delaflelol (rom Port-an
Ihiaoe July :io to be allowed to come tj th city, was
laid oe the table.
t?ch< oner Kaw TorkJroai Cnraoofl Aaa> 'i, with fus?
tic. Co.-^'o hek gdbreh arg d nad Teasel fans'gat I tho
HeaHhOmcei recoinaienoB that she be aDowed to
come vp. Concaried in.
8ch(h :. ' 1 icetw-.oJ, f.midi Sjvii'.i bi M tr, before
reperttd, on the reooeaeaemUtloa of tbe Healdj Oilicer
w?5 p. mii'teil to com.- to the ciiy.
far ami hip Taa>re Adrrr, frrm T/harlria'on I8ib lust.,
with pae.-ei ^'erj, was satt at the diooretkni of the
Hehl:;, (?flu er.
Bchoonet Paciltai was allowed to li'cbarg- i<>gi7.?od
Ou iigbtt rs.
A ct mmuntration was received from the captatB,
owners nt.d feaeigaeet of the bntk Ocriie Leslie,
which en.ved on the 18*h of Jaly from Cienfaegos,
?ev era., ci ritt* having oooiiried en the pn-eaj.-, -to
was ojaaraBtined tiirtydayj, Th-it time having ex
ptnto. and the ve-**;-. havmg be mi properly cleeaaed
ncd raardgated,the owmrs reqaeol that i?be maybe
aliiwtd io Come to the ji-y i ret Bisoharge her citgo,
Ti a ti-\.f * i - w as laid on the tab!?.
Commut'cbtioi s were also roceired frOW the COn>
aigaeei o' ti t -h p Lady Franklin, bu k .lulia Otifian,
bark h Ulr/dbags und brig N. Storets, reqaaa in/ that
they nun be allowed U cone up U the < ity. Tbey
Wt:c a'' horn ticklyporta a-id in a ret] taTeetloni
coiuilioL "n 11,11 Btrtrel b r?. Within afew days
Matthej .av beeaiwarared to the doath-weBt Spit
m (bet lofty ol Bendy Hook, roe matter was laid
OL the tat.'e.
A dor umeut was roceired !'r..ni the omere of the
ba-k Nar.. ebo, from Hnrnne ord redIhomGrave?, id
Bty tO Satty Hook, by a r> solution of the Btetrd OB
Friday last, wherein tiiov pro'ett a^.iiii^t '?io action of
the Coras. BBBbaate, on the to lowing grounds!
That at r.e but sca-goiti? rCBi dl can rid.- af tha'
place, a:. llghUra eaiinot he taken Bloagrida to di<
? barge t .< ir cargoes. They Btatw. also. I bal the deci?
sion 19 peculiarly and unnecessarily st:hg -n'. and un
lee. tie Heard recedes lVou. its former set ion, they
?La.! k-ave the ve-sel ar the dsBmetioa of the I .rnui.;
aionrrs, lor-ki- g to the City and Sttteof New-Tork for
n'l loss, dan at:c or Uoaareaienee which miy accrue to
said reaa 1 or enrgo, or nny portion thereof. Said
vessel ai ired at this port ra a rery sickly state. Her
caee m> reeoaaktseod, bnt th Board saw no r.-ason
to n ?citir then tormer act on. I'rotest laid upon the
A'-o a ceantnnnj all >n from fi. H. Drforeatdi Co*,
of No IN South streut, setting forth tlev* n Urge
?aanti|y of rotten ?r.i n baa been placed on piers N'o?.
ao and' 31, Kaet Birer, emltxiug a moat disagreeable
?aellj that aid grrnin was reiaored from .lame* ihp
b> th> Betaeri iea to the preaaal pUee. Tne petition
are ask novi lor its UiaaedUte remoraL Roferrsd to
f'.t\ ho; 61 lot.
T!.- !!?>; i then ac.j.uirued till to day.
'1 kspat, Aug. 19.?l're.-eiit, Mayor Hall, aui Aid.
pi kley W alsk, HunUey and Sba?'.
Appl'cbtion WM made to lishter cargo of IChOOaOt
Ee-i'tt, from ??uarantine. chared from Sa,ua !a
fjiiandc. ltefuMtl.
Aid. 0*11? etated, on the anthori'yof a Health
Wa'dtn, that tbe bark John Uird, from Sagua la
Crsade, arrived a few da)s ago, aril ba\inn' aoleaa
bill of heekk was permitted to oi*ehar.re her car^..
Inimec.at. y after breaking the bn k the cap a. i aa 1
in r>at of thi crew siehe neat, and he believed the BUptuU
bad since cicd.
Tht appliaatioe to land cnn,'o oi brig stower., from
Jlaai i m. d< led.
Hr. Bi who made the application, aikedifthe
Locv FffaiJtEn, which bad b.-.-n seat dowt to Ibe
Soaae Weal Sjit, would be aDowed to come U the .\t
lant-ic Deck and take in the remaindee of her eargo
bfcfce tbe miclclc of September ?
lie Haroa said betaooghl not.
The Hbalth Orr loan repored that aoiafoctlens
rjist-a-e in~ I" n MpattBd t<. iiitn dating the In-t 21
An arm icnHon being mad? to land a <-n.r?* of hides,
A o. (1111 11 Bands a motion to allow n>? mo' hides
lobe an U Brooklyn until t.fterthc latafOo ?her,
oi i a -. i id< pt?d.
I Mr. BirrR (j Itti en ajaoeared with a dalegnl i
Of ib? ii al-aante of the Eighth Ward, autl onrod
ti i fe. owing rciOUthanei
ht,,lt\! TL?t c jr O mmltts? * plr te 'he B&i-\ of Ifealili
01 th' ( :'\ ?? It ,vkl>u t-j ?top l?i?r?iltui'l ri-? i .'.. on l>?|. w
11. rtj t lib ?Oaet t.otil the s;> Jexic reaeaa, so 1 the Mavn
br Brewed a ; ?u?. n itilMta-iiial icerd hbcs t., ha e'^et ?j
BCiawfnbi e\pt;cp ?cutheru ?i.!e of Tbirtj-sixtt Straet.sad
t> i t- tt lbs pal a to ?top tba i esanal i and ararklni ej
tri/o.pa**. . . . t#paaanuita and ff?n the kasVeUd d.??rt ;.
U.at |Mau m aoikiLi iu tun ia>ett*-.l nwtri te laaabed ti ?'at
li at uul cf a>4 dutri..i Jurir x tbe aa.J ep'Jitiic, ao* prr-.eit
a'. unneceaai> c?mn;iuji. atioi? bj ai.) :-..-.o? with tai. :;i?X*
m)' alsuicl ? nitaj n e e|>i.|*o..r.
HruUta. Tut Um Po!,ce baUiatrti- *d to or'**!' a 1 bathin|
? t-e a ?t. ?'f lk? Bt|,batwoaa Boatb Karrvm4 Um Iff Has,
?' ?'??.' ' i' *' T "* ,0" ef-Wemit, b.\.,t dearn -1 Ii . ?
to healld aa rr jarcti ?Ina diaeaae.
Mr. Bl BJ i K Stated that the m.-asnr. s nsosooed wet ?
irooaaaaei dt d bj the nhystcUna in tl at rUlnlty, He
a^o m-'i twit tie Health OaVsr report ad that theie
frere t ?new ct.se?. Bs rup?m-..'j rhona ia tl? K rbtb
Ward wert not tiken brig acconnt, lor it r,v well
known thut p< tsotis were dying there erery .1 ,y.
Aid. O.'kiii liom d'be a b.p'i ,,. ,,; ; c tasolat:oBs,
dddLHrarui thought tha' than adoption would
citn'c uoniceseary oxtuteraeat, nni laggerted refer,
nee of tht ohattt t to t .?? Mayor w..'. p >w< r.
Tbe M* oi cid uot wi-i the ini tor referred I . him.
aadohoevwee that by b?arding np Third a.? !4i .t
wrruld ?hn'oat alargc-e. -'..r.' f lb potntryaa healthy
a-- any [.nttien of the city.
Tl 1 -tiot e were adopt.-d.
Mr Banan a eaui it wot l?l be aeiped ? %? the
pre?et ? t;wir to board Bp Tmrd arei bt entin V, as H
waa Beetaaa'i lor pbyaMaana nod sadartakeei W pass
lurre eviry duy. lit n'eo etated that u<- an not be.
I ? be inf t'ioti cairn fron. - .-?v1. in flra^'-'n i
Ba; brA ftaaa thoro wbkh frrt unload!ttr at (Jiaran.
Mae, and *.... t tt- inf ? ?< ?> aui*.?' h. re hna ? r Worn
1? or- rhf r? j 'i\ th ; iwrnUlrg w n. ?.
The Board tl a toots nw-roai i *; -a ? 'atat, aaj
i a':-ir a l< mi i.
AVI '.!( Are I NM 11 I TK PAKMKIt . ( I,UU.
I'M 1 A.e' t V? V TliCMPM>H II) ti ( ChBI
1*1* See ttevj ' *i' *v ? ' rnl frf efYetlag r rpr ?, ?rM -
j .,, oi - in x'MtsfiMi (hn ,;?? .li-tjrrtlK FrOtaton
l?.j>. rial H.*- '.? ?1 He tii L't: iv inrutii na k assseeJlM
? .? i'.. ?. i. ? I i . - A 11-!>"?it'oi) mmt
?,, i rnai'f Io f 'in i "dp- i (f l' t el in*. A papet f m
/'/., /.' >?!<<'?' ',???> 11 t r. ' jrr t of (n 1 r| hi
:.oil. MM iti i i ? li ? to 'he |.)lin1atio'i of
y ai.tH. Tha p". i s- t i.. rj pimple, and eoaeejrtag
ibepelkeH ota plnal I 'tha Hoa-.-t e>i Msnthor, anc
aitinfial colon anaj hi rbtn.'.ecl I>y the process.
K'i.v?! ?? a'-1 idi rionbh reneo! bt hybitrited. ft it
-?iiti .i t!... ' i b li iai c. pin t? an- longl r .:ved a? wri a
.m ptoductiro than the* tn . inal la aavhnala(h bjr<
brid, aa In tba Mule, Ii longer Heed and juitiervbat
ut.p:odu< iive of ii? ipeclea,
Apepei upcntbi graMM gave the rfoultl of analy
is, rui ning at whM stages ot' thi' growth ii is tlx
raoal vajuabli fiI Lay. Ti e table ii length" am!
minute, and po- rm a oenelo enable value. It trill be
pnnt id in thi tr?nte ii?i r of the Ii.: tnlc
An article fiom T*. London Farmer's Magazine
grrti tone iLttMttiog accountl of uriproverrienttin
ttook, and ettributat a good deal if it to tie public
? xkibitioni and pr'nte for tbe beet, Spain, it ka stated,
baacommenced Agneal'tual Fair?, or rattle shoes.
The tbiet Wie bet been held the pteeenl ? i-i.n. Seme
m v fine Ai.onlu-ian hor.-es wi re exhibited. The
Former's Magazine statee l l.at roil nlxnoet pure < ay
? an 1" ronvi tu i\ V in by the application of quick
FJpoi this rabject Solou RoMVlbsf made th- foi
lowing n.ati men) A farmer in Virginia lad a piece of
land called " pewter ," because it nit - tognthi r when
w?t, and rei i tablet that mital, aud is n compart as to
be unproductire 11< loned it, bywej of experiment,
at the rate ef wo beeheli an irre, and it raxed it of
bi OMbpacting n. d made it eeijr pfodactivo m. llow
Tht Si' 11 ' ' l Ntd a letter from N. T. Allison,
purser of ttie i'niitu Statin r-hip Haoedoeiou, con?
veying a email quantity of seeds Cor tht use ol tbe
Club. IN speakeof one of them at a eeiy valuable
o eprodni u o b. an largely crn ?n in Ci ir.a. and inuoh
Used for eulii a:y purposes
The Sr. ma!', exhibited n tpecinaea ei very tall
raakgtues, grown by Mr. Cotbee \?ry highly prized
at Si' ira Li on. Aim rt. It ;s-oinew'hat like millet, and
a wiitet in ( Kami "V Journal, thinks it would be a
va'uable grn-.- to introduce into cultivation, as it grows
rank inrnneiy lard, wi'.tuut mani.ro. Intact, il dins
beet with'nt manure, It il iasily erowu from Mod,
md it n.t'j be raluabll for soiling ptirpoe**.
Ktotemn Hair?k\ nee urtith tor mattreaaei wm ez
l.ibiti d b> A. JOSI - of this City, wl.ii I ia mm, la
tnn'd from I hl k>t g mose, or, a? it is sometimes fallest,
Spanish Moss, wt icti t.as been used for toe purpo-e,
with but little pn [ urntioo, ever rinCI thi.- i niLtrv was
-uttler1. Ti.e m. i ;'t. a- ii nnmeasured abunoanoe
npoi the lowland foraata <>t -evetal of the Southern
States. Tin objedtOII *r. it is tbat it cannot be need
fttmi itA inner bark, whieb wear.- of! by constant ultri
tiou and lotus a DUO duet. ltd advantage isthat it
never barbori vtnmn, is perfectly inodotvsao, end en?
tirely free if tu ai y at imal impurlt' a, seek as aOTie
Ihnei gi t in with hair. In thi present process, of man
nfactnring :ie n n, which Las eoninenoed npoo a
huge senb in tLis citp. ender n patent procesa, the
tine, blin k kail like tibe'r of the moes in tree d from it-i
Covering by steeping i'i some mineral solution, and
?fteiWMd in a s< lutioi (htirg? d with iron, that greei it
a g'ossy bin. k eppenraOOe, ukl on thr< ads, and being
veiy curly wben c ied, it i- one of the moet eieetie,
eesnnh, datable ami leg proof materiell f?. b? ds, and
w'thal very eneop. tbe preoettt price beintr tit a cvrt.
Mr. Join I Ii lU c t*itat h ample was sent to a house in
England, und an or.? r e use back by the fir?t post tot
tit'i en bail s.
Dr. Smith, me of tbe reporter!, inquired what ef.
feet dempntM b id npon tl ianew material?that is new
to b. m.
Ho to* Roi usi ??>?.?I willarrwer that qaeatioe,ke>T<
leg s'tn niiiot- of turs of the Mots growing not! in
ul its etetti s of decay, rxar .fai ture anc u-o. This
wiiy fibre is a mo*' icOest:uctible it will r-maioalong
time?looser tht?n wood on the damp ground without
decay, and :l any .-t?te if DXrtetnre is hot li .tie aaTect
eel; and rt is said that a matt re-a Made of It will not
carry e pii.cn ice! disea.-e.-. It ^rows ir. inch abunt atice
thai it < an be tVirniahed in anj di^ired qaaati'y, aanl
i ion h i d d< mand will cheapen the price. If thM pro
c ss of pepnriog tbei rnde me'i iiel foi hm com i lute
g neral us?, it will uCa another to our badtuArJal i"o
ueetf. fstrnieh w nee artluli ot i xpott, and cue 1? riet
and i b<a)., i b< 'Is to tb- peopll
T. V . 1'u.i i>?Ye?, neble the potr to ge'. more,
and mote wholeron i s'cep.
Dk. WaTEBnvav?Ant oheaj>, good substitute for
feiithe,8 will hn uci.tioua! bli ^.-j.g. I am glad to see
(his new ntticle aud to btar tt.e teiuaiks mooie upon it.
(, t rgia Peach I ? ('. M. ST-ton sen! in a In Li I oi
peacbi - fri m Aiiuu tu,da.. Kfiut-1 ich yellow frees xme.
Mi Fill i' stattd thai Mi. Sixtcn wa- in tbt weekly
:.. eil t "t this 1 i.o'ce fn it, Una fi r nuirbl ho could eee
v.e thai, havi- to ioek to th. S nth for a aipptyof
penebee, ebne the free -uns destined to fail entirely
in thin ednnte. The crlg inn! oiseu:^ of all tree-is
prC'pSkgeti d I., out .->.-l. m i i budding andgraftmu', bp
?biebwi oi'lyctmtmr logrtw Bmm ol the original
tms. If the tatmai life ol in apple rtee wee Bsodnt
a glee a period, say ISO years, the natural life of the
grafts would be the rame.
huti<r.??Tht subject ti it hi- beeaforppmotime
peMdiog w^s . a';i ?: opto bear u report .'torn Dr.
W ttinni id . lie -aic \
Thi aebjeet ofpiocuttionofbuttsrbDOt -ufti ien 'y
ippreehrteo, Nor i- the va'iie of ell oar dbfferrul
tups. Tekrngnllthe Noithtn States, ley crop is
th? n ost eolf able bnl Is not appreciatexl, necnaae it
it no' sold in it.- crude s'uti blu ezpoeted Idkaeottoa,
ane the4 hi not anything k. ai rarueble m Indian
com, wbiih ti" veiir* BgO was worth 0900.000,000. and
wheat 1100,000,000, Cotton was '?-s than wheat,
while eairy pfOOBCti Were m. to. Vet Whet p.'otce
tJoa. ot whet kghletioa does (soeereM over give di
nctly (..r btd reetrytoanything lot cettMi.
Dr. AVati I bury bad pnpatc <i a velunb'e and inter
aotrog tab'e, ei.ow ig the ti'mlur of cows ar.u pom ds
ot butter ami cbeeei proouced in each State . We
haeeon? lotm '..i the to-lowieg, ibowing the uvtr?^i
number of pounds of butter Made per cow in eereO af
the Stetes.
gaaaetvi Paanoartae nf eeaeeft tf Betlee east Ckeotr pro
11 hn reere St tae ?-if at 8 toter of Mr ITiasaa. V-tfarri
i reel .* ? Me .!????. C ? lm.titoti formen
Oy It'.
C.< b.
*M.'.?. t' tter. CheeM fflafes, is- tter. (Lee..-,
th. tt.. J M. it:
Vrirucmt. io .V' Wisslssbyf].ai I
N. a leek.81' CO , Viu.-la.RJ 2
N. w leid ......m i (?n -ta.23 t
CeacaaUaet."*> CJ iL'tea.& J
N,w llju.i?..). .- . .7' ii ' Si r'.b CateUaa..M
Masaaehnsaila tTT >l [ tHetiirt t?olaBtbla.l9 I
oi i<.M v> ilasM i.20
fniMviui.i:..so i Ar??-i?ai.IR
Malae'.....7e "J9 Aial.an.?..18
Mieliisaa.to lo Aaath Caiauee...U
RLo.i< i ioui.ist j. feaaa.10
Wiioorr n.'7 a i LoetOMM.ti
Uclawara.>V> .. K . rda. ?
(nrlaaa..M 2 llfiucfceota. 2
iitisads. 12 t iNewMeilse. I
Ki i.tat?\.in ' fain, ruia. Nun :
TeLiefsee.->'> " j
This eateelitkei i- beae i upon th.- 11 oaee tc turn.- of
is.">o. Iu jairtant changes br.v ? sinceoocurraO,parttc
ular.y in Cahfornta, wh>rv' bttto r is mad" DOW to a v'ou
sidi iiih.c- extc nt.
Mr. IVin D wii,tbuttei deatei ii. Kew?Tork
Qrijr,grvet t! e following dire91 ens foi manufacturing
arm pot iug up butter for tl i Merket:
1 Io. greati?: care ibould be '.r.ker. to free tbe bu'ter
enUrtl) fiom u .:k, by wcuk ng it and wa.-b.ng it nftei
cbuniit g at a tempe rature so iow as to prevent it from
Ire leg its gram a ?haracter and becoming t.r> a-y.
i en tract ei f the produf d ndi it irioat measure
ontheteMpcratjr f cbifritg etui w. rkirg, which
she old be Letweti: oi and u> tog, Fahrenheit, if free
bom miih, eight otttceeefAehl n sail toeanaeient for
n j.' ut. - va ra -a't -In aid never be used, a- II
injures tbe flavor. White pack Dg, tM COOtetU ofthe
fatkie ahoeld be kept fiom thi air by ra)earing with
sot muted bnr.e. Nr urti.-so'vt-i rft.t lh)uld t>e put la
the boitorr of i?e ii kit.
Qoahen butt i .-1 poled bett^tbongh nun b la pet
up ii nit at ion if it, and sold at thi mom pries Qraal
aere eh ltd b 'aki a to i ? \ e DrhlM neal and clear..
Xbti iboelcl bi ?fwhiti nuk. with bleknrj hoope, aad
g'ould hole about 'bs. Wood txclud'S all bett i
than -tone, an^ ooneequeutly kecja* better better,
Tel ?erebtttertl i pota,
Wettern bettet come? ia c ?n>c ngrp paekatei
evren ti. u at >. pork batreli are BMnetuMee used. M ich
of kv nuns lev. rhed orer aad rapeehad hew before it
v II gi '. I: reotn > ponti -s a good deal of milk,
aid if not re-worked sona becomet renefd. Im,roper
packing >n kega tco largt ant .-oihd on tbe otUsitte,
Daketat lenet i n cenua ?? nddifftreaee. What
evirtb< size :',i trkin it must be perfectly tight
aid qeite ffe'.l .fl-tttt-r -t tbat wb.tr. oj em d tho brn?,
thoogh prttcit, Will aot be f> c.nc . u tb< top
fL?ltbe B?ddlo of MV.. uV'yn ? u -i.ou.d pack iu
qaarter-tlrl i- -u?e will, white-.ek covers, an I
-tndcir<tiv to market no f:r'b better. Fn-tntlii
t toe Dnttl ' ' I"' I ff! :-. :: i c ft l-t litt'.t tbtCge IU
ci ler unrl i r wi? tb. ^anu curv. Mid it may be
pachtel in wbee'e t,.'-. >aa< kep Inacaelpleee. Fhe
Fell better thculi f. o be packec teparnterj atabe.
? geattald' noa*aVCte apoa tbe aabjectof
batter atdcow leed I'rof. Mai >.'* Mat a opecioMaVoj
Se'tgham whichiceoep c tblnfc WlH piovi a good
article for h iHog purpeves
Dr. Wi ? > taai! I was mu] iag that tarav rt
eoeld not lea:a tie- benefiti tl toi'ing rnttka He
tcoegbt the . nc wot.1'. tea whM] land aotild be eo
bigb thai 'v ., (. act iflcrd l< difote it to
] k'l ;i .
b>>Loa ht.<?i eO??That Li 'fr reOM wten latl
wo"t ?': i - e; , j.,, ^ rt
r,t ft* ' ?? ? t i i. a f e kte sTbhOi m :i butter Of
? ? < mi ? , Sappi ae look *vt the
' .<* Um Uet^tttdiKf' aJ for a?i*f oienkial er
* (? e '?' I ?'? -f. n Ca?. (. los
' V >' u rJ 1" r-rti'.ttk.r. b-j?tprtotij?>?tin
P?1 '> ftl iitiV I >t,i h: d b? tbr functions ff ?be b'?rv
? Kl leasoi of uat.
w ' f ? ? ' ?? -Nr. Fin i.aeid A beefl ?
01 m r. . u* Lrereii d mo b ? that t>u*t. and o .t n u
rtaodttg the brmeiet btrOt cd <attle tke people w'..
see better hsri fe loot t<. Rew-Verh *or asepply.
Mum faioxlie? who own Unrc hiiv.? nut r bav auf
im?. '
T?>? si ! ?T?f. dlstribnl d bobbqheaasthat caree
v '?? '-"t 1 ' r .| ?i. v?," .bto by "Old
Ftew>*in,"l aBBmhH.gnr?sairr, end hiesein, tust shay
keef u ha u?ia-iiv ? an tiity ytan, aoTertelliag e
bean tine eoouga to aro?. Itisabgbl yellow been,
aben! ihi ritt of m-dinu, whiti fiektbcuns, atidha-* a
?rdti j i inslee of a r? d ring.
10 COimiv.in H'th ?hat farmer* shouhi i'.o, Mr.
Bl HOI s of 1,. ng Island i'iaO rmme ptr'ineut remark*.
i pon t^t- inbjtctof lightning rode Her* ah d ?aoti j
( te of presentation o! a t?am provided w.th a ?n
?ortf r,
An lateieettng assBBBaioa followed upon the sub?
ject of needs anobow toi sW nun. itetbens. Mi. Ftsi d
tl ought that we+ds couW Im steile asterminatel and
kept out of tie soil, and mid be nad lately been ati
or et Ptcfetsor Mapea'i htm, which is abee nteiv free
Of wiice.
Mi bnnnai wi^htd Loan I ski ad fnmir* knew tbe
secret of keeping ciear ot weeds, as they wen the
greatcsl perl u bl' rt ;cbb(obo, d.
S LOB Boi in nn thought Long 1-lar.d farmer* mu-t
? eh* M iu growing nora, liUFC trey hauled tbe Bred
i.i no bv the wagon-leau io the ftt?b <? manu''- tbey
buy iu 1MB i dy. His n niMikji excited U good deal of
men d i .it.
Mr 1'av: tl -'iid nTrr"-t :': e rntire co-t of growing
gardes regttnhkswna in k< toping tne ground rb-ar of
weeds. For five year> he out erw rthtng tn compo.it,
t \l he got rid of weed seed, and the ct?i of raising
Il mwl I r:it.- did Dot eiceed ' t.irty * * nts a burht I.
Dr. Watrbsi *? maoe a ttntemetd to the tarns
tflVct; hi tbe use of eetrpee' he'jut rid of ireede,
Mr Asms Ooss oorroboti ???<: tsn-se rmirdona,
l>r hsui h mini cm ot^l ease of a Jarre ;n Bagktod
thai wu n ai un c mnnj yi are ni'h Bot hing bs > ?.-.
I Tafir. ?bi? ti ptodui l-d grtat t rop. an ! tio w<?ds; Ot -
ranee,once rxttrohnuted,nnd no seed ?o^ri la the
met nie, ne< dt <onld not tr,,w.
1m next meet ing ol the Club w.ll take place on the
tit-: Tuetdaj Is Stjdeenber.
Uie IbX'tBtigatiOD as to the fat and ejap-LejJiij^
tkt?b uhnu nt of Mr. Badkhtadht Woof Bereiteeath
Stritt, which WBB a!ige;i to be a nui-am e, and so
complained r to tht Board of Ileaitb, was contii led
ye'tetdsy by till Clt) Inspet !? r.
Belea Msnefsssd, residing in '!.. irieiaity of the
Fttablbshrnent, testified thai the has ! r< d in her pn'S
ltd Itratun aiaoa Inn Aprili aba docs not consider
the fhC'orj a nui.-nnee rr detnmenl I to i ul!ie I eaith.
thO place has been kept u- i .< uu as coolu bo ex
Mh'j.ar-t CaHahan, residing in the rear or !??! \o.
31K tTest bVn t.t'< Bth Ittt I wan n!-o examined; he
las livid there thtee ye.iirs: there was a bad nmell
bt-fete tlie boiler wue t-overi a, but -he did no: ku >w
thut it cvi-i iujpuirt? her beaithj a- far a^ -he ? con?
cerned, she coet noi oonaidei Mr. BacklamPa estab?
I tmtnt as now conducted a Buisance, and ehe never
baa keen readesed nncomfiirtsble by the aaaell, a!
ihorj<h living next doer.
Coll} Batea atd Lilt} Tionjea, also mighbots, teett*
i I II eh to the r-llirit- i Ii '.
b T. Ii eakh ;?.?(and e manufacturer, testified that
h<- had OSntnined Mr. It.'.? tptublishinent and could BOl
condemn it &r a aniaanoe. 'l ie- condense! attaeaed to
Ike boilei ciiu an ay w.tb ah the until. Hednlnol
(.kink the establistmenl detrimental to the health of
t' e i - j"' bi.:' od.
Tl e City Itipt Pier, hav'nir reviewed the whole tes?
timony, rama io the lotlowing manileaiuw, namelr:
'I'hat a : ub-ai ce bad hartb foil ia tied, ana Vr. Buck*
lure huxinp, tffeeted ncettnfa Inmrorenient iotctded
to tmecy the enl, and which be claims wtl do ao lot
tie pmpUl Of iboWtBg that euch tii., :ni e< ha-t OOaB
abatec, ore.t-ca tint ibe esasaiaatioB bepestpooed
oi e ?eik fiotn thio date, and thai the i< attoioay thea
to he received fhnll bo that oi peraoua to tae effect
tknt h iIi recenl imptwremenl in the uppsia'us end
cpsrarioBs of aaid tstahiaabment haa or hie not been
races afltul in reim vir?; tne < ?u-i a of i rrnaplaiai here to
fore 11 atii ??? 1 o? ?' i?.ui ? meat oat designed t > af?
ford t:rro tor pr?>\;t. by actttal op ratioas, tha* .-u h
abatrmett of taisanc i haa hi rn rfleeted.
On Monday evtningaftcr the perforrnanee ia wv
lt.'k - fi Iba bi 'fit of the Dramatic Kind a? a
tioa, a rersaade waagiren by a to\>: of dramatic art
to Mise Agtts Robtttei and Mr. 1? Boarcicuu t, sus?
tained b] ii lumber ol ck-rar artkra from the "Con
"setahtoin di Brtwselles," a-bi<h ?m, however, in
ti-iuptec on account of im dj rrasdithrn oi n>: In*
d I .cun! n Cm M'ighbothood.
iMi-oi i ?st Anno' mi vi>* ? i Irring the seasioe of
t; ? Ci'nmiiaiOaiTB ol llenlth ?mti idsy. the followm.
inportanl oetl Beate was roceired and orden d or. Oe
o>ii. i:o> Bonnn oi BcaLTB. )
Ni\\ snnaii, Aue- test \
I ? rtifj thai there is nol at tsiataste any nMtlleBant
oi oontaaV u.- < i - are ptawnikag in tut city of Baraa*
I ah, BJ . thai ot pteet 11 the benPfa of tun city Is unu
raaliy good, (gignrd) J. Daraaponr, Ckafrwtaa.
M\' 0 i*i Oi ii*i. Barannaa, Ausr. 19, i-.
I COBOUl it. the utx-v*-.
(B ? BDWAID C. AMiKRS?N, Nayer.
Tm Bnoaawai Hot aa ro ai Di bti a ran to Pat.
VfM ssd PaasnON I?aj the hour ot !? o'clock t!,i>
ii.i- sieg, Item the loft* .-t Rag-ataaT in the city?tha* Bl
il e t oim r of Grai d street end Broadway tae Ceatral
RepublieaaCfabfasteadto flhnj to the broeseaabav
?waaeAmerieaaflag bearisg the motto, MFnsioin
sad DatTO*." At S in the evening thl BBCiaBl bead.
rrnartcra obere, bt day* agone, the patriotic seuti
u t tits of Jlttiry Clay thri'k-d iheaaaada of respeaaira
bea-t-. Will be dt'licnbd to Fremont nnd Fr. edooa.
The Ron /.. Chaadlei of lMn.it, the Hon. H. B.
Btnttrn, Vea NNn;-t * r, the Pongfakeepsie BUckstniUi
noi? * f.. 1-, w Dspeak nt tha um tit g. The reom- will
be op*a erery day aad ironing during the caaipalgB
in: thepnrtt re of readanj?dtbe asn^ibnthsaof tio<u
flau pi a Fcrky Laasi.?Ia nanaaaco of a raao
In'i. l of the Common CoUic:!, appr..\ed by the
MnyerJal) to, tie) theaareathaarAiaaoftlM Amended
ChsfUr of IfSS, the Coi.troller yi-t.-rdty sold a"
public aai tit n, ir th- City Had, u uraut of the right t*'
*.s'.i blisb end BMtttain a b rty from the fool of Foity
?eon d i-?rcct, North Uror, to a point c> arty opp *-.t'
thereto in Mew Juny, incluoir.: the ri^ht to aaect
- : , bridges feny-bonn-aud nil otl? r appurtenance-'
qnittd for ftrrj ptupoicJ, with a'l tlie pririlagSB,
adraatagei and emolnmenta ari'intr from eaid f* rr/
fei :;,< t*'rr. of ten yen- Mr.J M. Mil er, BBCthssesr,
* ndccttd the sale, and IIsail] kn<ick*d dosn th.
lean la Mr. Francis Price at a^O peryenr, One of
?he eoadiiloas of paiehasewas, that the parehaaei
t' ould retabheb aateena bnj at Uie pia<a aaanrd, and
it n or* (I more boate before the let of May nt \.t.
Gorerncr Chase is expected h New faskoaTbi -
lap. II srjO ,tay at t b< St. Kicho w.
g)ecket Baakl of Waelnt-ton arund tu Iis *. ty
;.a} ni: atd bai taken tvotsj at the St.
P oholaa.
Col. V cniti' dhted with ibe Hon R. 1'. Hur!.-. Jr.,
? :! KicholaaHotel,yeeterday.
DtsTtsATioa r [irsnenAKTS.?The followir^ ha?
? i -t .v tsbJs, pr'pnrc? by Mr. Ktnn^dy, Sttptnn
let dent ol Caetl? Haiden, ahowa the destination und
? ..nt - fmc rev p-r-d by f.U tin .iin.J'ot \.m
:?: red at tbh p tuur.igthi alerraKoethspreri ai
to Julj ao, :-Sdi
fjBsrS " i.
-'?tee New-Kaftsad Wates.
ruuei a.ava Btatss aa4 IHtl Cai..
New \ik.
ti** Jaasai.
Pn: .-j isais.
t>b *>.
i: latif.
\v met .
Ina r.??11
Cs?fcrn ?. .
a i asiats.
O ?. .'
t ?;Ji--?.toi ?
I ?iW Cf ASoj:i Truba.lt |#J aa*?jft| h w?i
I c tt?. u tt as ? aLei wi. l? -o 4 at |U -.. a t -d Ij
!;(..it: t oi Maaabb Burnt_Arrran D
AnvOxriBB uro Ansxciioa -Madam- ItnVil wh.
I.es fttq'tntly IsHnarrirt.d foi . trryiaf oa betake*
too prectie? s WM Vt' iday agaia tahna into aauftedjy
one (':r:po ?( aVucU. n, [ referred) a.iunrt Ltr b?
PrtoV ..in W. M.d.r,. r, a 0< msj ??. raiding ft*t
>n NeXanton etreet, Brooklyn Tb* eotoptdaott, i*
her sttiuavit, state* Uwl on tbt- 17th of Jolt, 1853, 9Qi<
war itdn". d to become 'i boardi r io tb' beu*e ,,f tho
arou-d Ho, IM OhamboeB et'e*t, under tho belief
that it was a ti Ipfetabh private hoojihaf haaaaa^ fry.
obj?rt bt :pr ni? r?.|y to stay ?otU a child won which
-he wa- tlm prf(tt;-rt should bo born, tbat after
_? :n tie BOBBI alittt two weeks, she bi^ain ,
awuc that tba was an inmate of Um establish
?aal of a eaeeeaeioaal ahmthmlal, bad waa t?,
near b?r period of COnfaeraent t? alliu- ?f
her bearing; that while tbrre Mr?. I: -'. II, alia- M try
LobeaM persuaded her to take au pdle, whi bail
said would be of gx< *t benefit to bt r; that -o SJ after
tak ng the ptllfl che was confined and delivi re<l of a
'ir ng th Id, ti nt He cb?d remained foi eevi r ii I o lie,
apanst her rtn.or.strai.cc8, at Iho loot of tbo b-d,
nnwasbed and utcand for: that loaTJv Uadarn |{. ?
teil Im k ;t awty aider pret-nre of att? nding t.. it, and
thoogh she ashed tbt it repeated!* she nev er raw it
agr.it; tl at SI.-idem. It told her ehe had by direction
of I be geatlstoaa wi.. bad placed] her thero, s.-ntthe
Child to Thilade'|.liia, that when (omplaicatit got WlD
she wtnt to Ptdodelpbia to look for the child, but
eoud not fnd it, aud bat Bearer-p. ieen it; that
rubeeqaentlr Madame B. bald her that the eniM tree
dead, and aCrioed bar to stake "to mure fats aboet
it. ^Lethereiojo efaargii BeeteU srith thi ;,ldut
tie n of htr ch id, aid u-ks that iho may b. doalt aith
ace ordjig to law.
Madame Keete'l was taken mtoru- o.jy byoffj era
Bweeey aad 31 a i > h if the Lower Polioe C .rt, and
Leid to l-a.l bj $1,000 to answer tbe charge, A Mr
Levy, do;ng 1 Bfineel in lliuadway, bee ubo hi I lion.|>
m>i, and in Ida signiag the bona she was kH nt
kberty. _
AXavSvoi bT bib Win ? Ji vr.orsY mr Mornr.
?Tlie double re| ort e>f a pisted ami h^nrd nt a late
hoaroaMoaday eight pnceedlagfrom tboonier of
Baxter aad Franklin streets and dieSltth Ward Pol ??
on n ad it e; the ep?t lcnnu d that an attempt had beea
n ad. by Elizabeth \\'nn'cr, a (I'tmrr Women l:vinL*
in Si cond av enue, to kfll her btubaad. \i n.
that n.r tin e r.go he abandoned her, and nvre re?
ft ntly fish another woman to live wKb him at tto 11a
Mnlbetr) street Thil proceeding reached ih^ enr- of
h - wife, and on Moi day n'ght she precated a double
barreled piatel, and, loading it heavily wiMi powder
aid ?bot, proceeded to hi- residence Thehtubtod
ritM 1 ? r approachbag, and nude hie recipe through a
rear OOOf th m-Iv fo'Ioweel, toweTOT, by his woe fin
reaebbg Baxter atteet hi suddenly taracdi >oi of
(tl de ns. ai.d a moment after the aromaa appeared an 1
ti.-. haiu'id Loth bnnels of the pi>?..l atOlrn The
char gi took ellect fat bis neck, head aad iboulder, but
thewctndlalafl'c'edare no'din^ercu- Tba woman
was humtdiately arrested by Policeman ICenuy, and
yi'teiday aaoraiag Juatice Chmaon/locked her up to
bmw< r a charge of attempt to kill Sh ? inkeowledged
the facts.
A Bimabbabli 1"i in DexsstB in Pemau Ai
Tilil ? Oa Men.day light b yeiung im.n ?? ,,ut n n '. ?.
je sis e.f iure-, fasliioiiably dn see d in Brutale attire, came
dowa from Albeaj m one oftbe North R -ir ''.'im
era. Raeing no homo or frieade in this city, tho fort
lime iceker attoiled through tbe streeta till dayiigat,
eid being pie-sly nnel repeatedlyfataolted byooracr
be>v- arid rowdies, thf strmu'e r BaOieg Bnder filsc col?
ors imt Into the Filth Ward Station II?.?? -?- for protoo
tioa. H'-en aftetward it got rantored about tbsvi tiie
tii licate aad pn tty ti male wax of thi opposite bob to
what waa professed. The wanderer tbea beeaai aa
object of great earketty, and vapoaa qaeatJeaa were
ilk"' oy nunreri ni rwheeakee and'-her-e who foil inter?
est d *fhe eaptai took the JOang .nan Uttl in the
i'ay to tbe Chhtra tdBee. where the Chief of Peiioe,
8etL'iar.t Bowyer, and otberein attendiiaoaonnhl and
woold not '??' i re the' "('hurley H*al ra " us he gave
bis nair e, wn? of tbt' inah gesnrk r.
Charley waa then eacorted t?? "he Mayor's Office
aid shewed up to his Buaoi. abo was u muc -ton
i lud us the ahrewddetectiTeshwforehim t'huilcy,
with a swrdlag counter eaoe, graeefaliy inoieti btataell
from tbe presence e( " Fernando tba First." ami left
mdtr escort of several foppiah 4,siar<. Ottexkryes*
pre sr'd a stie.n^> de sue to hsai c foi Buffalo, but, having
ao fund?, did not know bow to anaeage. Chief If at*
led,with his bhadBeeaef awati,eensred io doaocae
ihiBji foe l iiarley in the prr-ert dili-mrnii OaaOaf
Maatereea of tha imtef's bun an, w? dapeted to
aseetl ( barley to the elcp..' eif the lino Raihreevd, foot
of Daaae street. Charley rt reived a tr* .? panorai
tbe lotyl te. ?ufln',0. lie I- a f igai a. akcr, aud luts
Lien traveling in disifu:?e f*'i some time paar jo ?e.i^ ii
e.f emf.loymont. He has a sL-ter in Bull tl ", to whom
be has goae to make a visit.
Bavotee ? TBaXATaaiao Lbtti;b?? Airivi i ai
Exui>ilo.s.?John Te/ik,o\rfag baeineoi ithTo.?<
I .Mr id^r- street, Aatboey Hoack of No 33 Cttj Hall
place, andAnthonj Settler, merohant, of No ?'. Frat.k
lin . Mee t, all Ce-rmnns. wer. ye.-1< id,e\ arreeted by
(Iffice rs Sweeney and Marsh oftbe Lower Puiu Court,
d ar'.ed with roaepinin together to aejfraed Wm B a -
11.. h ol No. I0| Bowery, out of S0O0. ft ut alleged
thai the accrued sent to Mr. S. nletter in which tney
tl ti .de i.td to iseke public h^r having boon convict d
m I rus-in. aid also in (iertnany, of robbery, if he J
feib d to se i d the in ti.oo Mr. S. statt s t'.f.t lie nevn
n ii ti it* e d u robbery, either in Oer many or elaeiroere,
linn that the threat wa- n.nde anlelj i t tin purjiofe- of
exteatioe. He- was formerlyc titled officer in the Ivcg I
of Prussia's Lib -Guar i.uto lahaeejaeattj came to this
Conl 'ry aid et uttl u it. the army ai.d served in Mexico.
Tt.e aroused arete taken befoia Jaatioe Coenodj aad
held t.. bail ?. 11,0001 ark to ttcwer the Cttarge.
Till. Si ai i im. Al i i Al Ut GbEBBWICB aTBB?T.?
Tbesnti morten exanunation of John BdwmHaigut,
who waa stabl .d at Ne. nil Qreaawich street, oj last
Satu'dny Btornhag, WBI taken yesterday by Coror.er
Oaa Lie. No new tact- of iBinoitanori wem elicited
anc the Jury whieb hac I.tin impiutliei, read 1 l
ret diet that lischt via* tiav?r<'u- } n'-uude d by B
kni'e in tie lands ofjoba D.Tunnoea, and tia;
r. rru.co O'FIyta wa- Bctcteorj to s.od itableag
Tbo aeensed paxttce rt locked up by tbe Cforener
to await the resuit ef the iijariea mil" tel. Height
is t'0 ytaisi 1 ige, anl was be rc in Baltimor Ml.
st?:; i vi. Airn^ - BetwecB 11 tml o'clock oa
Moaday a ^ft, ? part^ oi di-oni'rli? j aetaredtbe gt*im
_' J I f Ah ia: eh r liaaxoek No. S9 IVorh itree t. for
the pwpoec of "k'r'rit^ up a roar" TLty were
finelij i ipellcdb) ". k?eper aid his wife, bet Baa
ecck followed them into the rtre-t. Be was tbea eel
Bpcabe tbt j.a.i;aLd -tabbed one of them, nacu d
Pati 11. i. bei t., m the abdomen, bttt^ifltiog a very dan |
g^ouawi t: ?;. ii. Sixth Ward Pefrce wem aooe oa
till spt.f.uii |.T. ?.<: Ill M..s k, w'I-o w:.- >??-'? I'-'U7
1 eked Up to await tit n^uit ef Cib^ o's injuries,
tbt aroQMi : tut,;. e:? navt-vcel t" tl. N.'vl' .k (
II? pita!. I
St :-:m- or ? Moi out a.m> CHaB?EUoi M?
(I BB<, a yi..! . n -. r.e d wju.au rev.di? | a i i; In t tius
1 I II No. S /1 Tenth Street k fi tbe ap*rtin?.-at.of ?er
' Iber, wh MirV eiurritin'Hth'e 10 8*0*?atmet,
t.' ' o cV ek yetterday neon in,, nr. 1 p:.-eeeBeg "? U>i
Itittery. phirged-wilh Ltr ufant three neeke old it
Let am,.?ito the nv.r. Betai ragianta, wbo were
?leepirg oa the Battery, heard a aaaBah Ib the araOet,
IBd ? . .. fd| i rae her, I ut la.Ud TL'' body
of IbO Boother wa.. nbeequeatlj reenvered, and an
iiqmtt wlu. tr, Id itj-on it Tht bu-batd of dcce-as^J
paajeteect, atdatatedl that tei* w-tfc hod born He
rstgtd for st n e ?lehn, Ti.: jury rendered a ve d.ct
I t-.'1 BVioJewL.ict^raii'.;tBBUa,'' Ptcvtviodras.
I et$H^- 9*. If? I.atrd TfcV Ej .. .
< bdd 1 a* oof fctea tetei i :.
Visitobj rawr^Bi? i - ><k - Tb* ft?sAy?e? im'
Cube' New |"nfl mired Jl bui barb..' Oa mVa*fi*f,
in M.-ir iBCBtCotipW The Club i>? comix..,?.. o? K-t
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N. V., win bav? bran four weeks from Bosse oa ?
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tastf way t<> Bados ??. New-I, nVor, Newprwt Vw
!<? *'*"?tri. 'ai d itber rbic** along shore-. Ihiy ap
P* reo m our streets yi iterday, attired in a n< al end
einph uifbtBB of blue eh;rte" trimmed with black,
dart ] bi.n und iikhl .-tr*w bat*. The following- gi n
<i*-o?-ii i lassse** Um Clabi Jaaaea Meidruin. warn, B
b'olgtr, flea. W To de Thorn - * Hi Hrowmnir M-iaon
B. Co?, Wm. 1. Child. JaBaa Mafson, o Ihn r F.
Spearwi huj 0rdoa, Jacob Meserole. yesterday
aftsraaaa Un t riarted Mount Auburn.
_ | Boston Be*, ii
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nell, a laborer, va4 hut h.?eo employed it the Peter Oiper Iu I
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Efiia watrtfai I week, He h?eitn wfut-jieotrn
r M wii) ma ?r.enred throwiat kr'rk npon the n ?a b'low when
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lit.elepsand tekea to ton S-t-u??. uta War I Police S
?l.tir,?oiH- r-.,?i, i ao .,.;.,..,( upoo the body. VerSSft
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, ,'? VL",,,jJt Mr 4M?.t\ of No MB
I...r. ?eea.?.n.ind Jeal c- Corrol, |.,k.,i him up for trial.
Bl B< I ua --Office Haw a, at No. TJ Kaisen I e-t.
rr.' ''"'?'?'-."??'?nU) on two lafcialewiarterB. aaa
,h-.j -.; ,.-v.-r.U? ? ibU Uw 0t,,k v .,.
laafe out lor 'be tb:e<-4. '
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perK .l ai-jl t. t? t . r,r> ,T t.- P/rapn ,,? Jh,.,r
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loui d it. thi'r paawSfbSB. SM it U ??:d mot., aiibair.- i*t*
Tt-.j? were deUitifd, and to dty wi.l b? le t back t ) Pa *!el
pi, ia.
"cMim.i orFaui ut,i..-i<.-j. Edward Huff
a hr^krr al No 1 1 Ne*srn ?tieet. a a* y?***rday irr?*t?-'. c'i*r??I
Will b*v :oa. h> f?l?r ai .1 rHaeaieal pretenae?, obtain^.; .ever*'.
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WTMl, Ti.t- aicssSa i?\f bail in OoOii to appear a-dai-awar Iba
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ia?t, in Iba .f?an ?kip Boruatia, ?'?'..? that on SatonUy. irbUe
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bv a t.i.'oa- pM.<rrj?rot a porkrt b?.-k contaiolna tboul *>'"0.
i'bi' le?r?r ol Ibe pOSM) purt<i*d ?ba thief ind with the at
"i.tance > f two pollf e SSVen of um r*ira' tVaea, had htm ar
ref#J and taken to the Tomba. Il.-re Kbriias'e money tri?
r..-frr- ; ?? bin., when he | -i-' *..? ? ?r tor in. .??;< ><t,i f ai.
Oa tba way Bd See Tea*M Bbelioi ?tatet BSrittwaSjefead*
vieed h'B- rnt to ni-k? a rompUn ' a? he u-on! 1 baas to itay iu
SM c:v t." ??ver:il nien'li?. aeKtol for SM t rial, a '>d Would
thee b?o?-|i?^d to paj ill th' coa'a ?>! pro.r-ntloi. 111 d the e?
penaa of i.ei'ii the r bbor in pri- >u .lu ii t ike te.rn of ten
fer CO hap<>-eo by Ihe Court He fk.i' prov?aed to me ?be of
?c?ia Ol'1 e>ch I r their trouble, k';t tasj demamiwd more, at
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tive? of h. il'k or r..n.e i:ea for diiea.e, ?iva rtat?, niitortunatelv.
to leri.iriona ? oantartei'f and LwItalians 'I'M more popular
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