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Iff. D0MW60.
MrrecTs or tbm apasisb nuuTY.
_w,_ ?_ owa ort*-*??00'1
tT>TH? POMIVOO. fetxrrd?}, Jul, 1^.
m m) lai ??I* r 1 hj|,,rmrd >"" "?'? b,< kt<" 1
p^ideut had to*lgnvd Ma tdRo*; tn?t
9J<?ia?l'kj> baJ 0** u *M*,Wr" ?3 ttM t*too-Float
kit. *?rn* ri' 'k' ""* !fl '* tr"' "
f>?i?lir WfJ BgsJo. iL\n\.d in oithivli.- 'run
?a) g| I baldly torvv no? ?b?' cc .kl extricate
Tbese ?lilTn-ultiei* hire not diminished ?unre tbon.
bat ?c?iii to N< ortilv i.kt.?aeiwg, It^ w w the
laud k-pe oi DO"InkPB trat bor recognition by
fttp?m **oo ?1 secure "' 04 r b*a\bili I rt "' pPBsp-riti:
bit it ??'* tun* fit that the treaty with >pam
ha* breo^ht to the LHieuiak IU I loVOrnoieht gteatel
?abarmsuu nt thun OveB another llaytian iovo
?mi ?ctiid i eve done.
1 be *th srtit'll- ol tbe trf a'v wi'h *>pain stiptil >U-?
that these ."i ai.lards s?tio arc routing in HnotO
PanVaXgo, and have become naturalized kore mty
?JaJBi tb' ir t*?riL.?-r nntionniltjr.
Xb? Domieiean flovernmenl verj properly tayi
feat ihk article Mere *?m\ to tboae Spaniards, ooiq
Ii pphin et* in oneot her oolonk-n, who have fen*
oViad eou e service during their reaMteaoe onh
us; hotthia interpretaAion w wboii) rejected by
f para s Consul lown.i. Bc?ot Hegovia, whias
sert? that the ti rni ol the treat] r< u r to all who
ware born in tins pert of the island while it bo
hatred t'i rvmiii, aud to tL? r children if they have
aay. Thus all the iuhabitanta of Bantu Uooxiago
barapreviei.it" i-vl?i e , above 3& years of ago?
axd tL? ir children, would <*. mc to be Uouiinicauc,
ajad become subjects of the f?pani?h Crown. Toe
epaii'sh Uort rate* at have approied the interpreta?
tive piaocd upon the treaty bj Be or Begovio, and
two hpaus-k men ui-tvar (the steamer Blanco de
Car?) and the brig Grtvina) arrived hero oa the
5?!hh ahUaae fr<?m Havana, to support the .Spanish
< dt ? ? ; .eiieral's preteuoione.
Ii I* said that aireai j more than 2 000 persona
hare born man culatcd ? the offloa of the Consul*
atv oJ Spain and this fiot is tin' more serious
from a g'c .t number ot them being officers and
aoldiers. whose npoatacy te .ds to Otuuirali/i the
whale a my.
Ibc Cioverament aregreatl] perplexed, and do
act tu? w vn I at steps to take; fir they Uitaonl]
tear the Ppanlarda but they appreoead a rieine of
JZx 1 resident Ha? z's purtisaus. wie? WOO Id iia
aaadiotr'y avail themaatlvoe of the opportunity,
*b?.iila anj aerioua difficult] with Hoaiuariae.
But tt?e pt? tc.isiiiiis of Honor Hegotia do not
atop here; be insists that the present Minister*
atari I*- ehenued, nnd Bantann, wie?, oben h*?
roaifutrl Ike rreaideaey, retained Ins charge as
aOeaameBderia-Ckief ot the uriin, hi? arrived in
keon fn m 1 is farm, and troopt are duly catering
la small par it i
The excitement is v*ry treat, and I am bolt]
that the British Coaeul h..s written to theConv
?.?Son ot Jaxuaiea tor a Britiafa man ?f-w?r.
From all 1 hear 1 am led to belli v. that the pre
Kderanee Spain is acquiring in this part of tie
nd is as distasteful to Kl .'. lud I I D aj !-o to
im* United Btatea.
the CIVIL WAR IN kassau.
F?, m fX* vr. / ? .? I>?i. *rat
\V? publ ib in BMtn*f Cuian n thia aaora'iog -.1,. m.>::
?raitiMr taitaliigence fiom Ike di tarht-d .; aricis lo
KaaeeB, wbiehka* yet Iranapirod dor! j * rtnu ..i
atvil roaaUastioa m thai rerritoty, nnexa-npled in >L.r
?it.... It ia uaaeeaaBary toot a-< nhoofi add any
?4"Mn. i' ,f inrowr; deprt-ratiBtras w bare always,
rlpn? nr\ sscasareB, ;rf.in wkatovtr qaarter, Mr*v, or
B<n jh ib* y no^iit |in.i-. od, to u tiu m- and ? .i-ral
Haa BtOoraiBl a>td disoatiOb* feadaWhk'l) i i raged
bur same tiir.i. j ist in tun,* a> ?*o*?d r?-^.i n of our com
maaooaatiy. ?v, b%veeroraiateOtuaaauna acno
i*iTa,:ve aad paeiaVatory poeitioa tkroughDUl the
whets of thai aogti and anenai ng rootran ? * ond
COW wah dtoo Butr*t/W nahold . oorsl rears lor the
Koiiobal j" ae. i???!!/? o In too b'taking.ou1 of an in
trntir n? tvnr whoae bcgiuBin*;e au- safil.ieutly sod
and at i lorablo, hut wboee i-i-u-- pray <">.??', army be so
aajotroWd and ov*iinled by the watobfnl Pwt
thst KUHJra our destiny as to n ah ia leatii t injurf
to tts
tatior -
vmb* ol the Batior, aaaaaoMd boa tue r'u.;.s of
i-M-ry p?ity ntd evtrvseei oa, to h are tu us the
Ojrthir prexi vation oi Ikal internal baroaMiy mid
?saeaed whksh hove thus far m?.k."l i ::r triumphant
aareermhi toiy, Now 1*tbi him lotest tii s*rotiattb
ot a popohxr government fonaded in the raasoa, e
Mt... i. hiid anVctiaUB of iti< people; and a a u, i. y
bagWU'd t.nsi Iba sr shu . no) in 'h'^ tlas t... ,i ..t
oar tritt?, be lattad bu ling and anoojnal I ? i io nu> -ioa
Whtrh I i- been astiatacd to tw amoag the pan ,< s of
thjaeartbi Let eeawreailve axea ??( ov< rpmiUtal
deaeebwaatbao and eoaxpktxkai tu j to Um i onaei. adtm
?ii soso*ead lawaedobrat toluuioe up utbogcaiat
nfowei aad eonal coaa^ituti nrsl goveruin nt
.A* we hure given verbatim the prlotai! a< p ?*tl ot
dirtudc-r tli?t iia\ <? ro*i tad ?i- ironi K *m*t, and abiel
?eeead fiom the organs of the Pr?Slavery purty, it
? but f-iir ttat we shot.'.! anuri Iboae which have
to?i:i?d us frun 'he Kr? e Ma?< pity, tbrnngb -. ntl?
Btea wbo.anlvod m thecitj jreatapdey, O-jdoi taeee
ttiumki? ae thai on Angaal t a military rs.:,tr., eon w,t
u u oi oi. .? ISO t*eu navrwy nu n ???< iu drivao JtTfrom
Ii?ii puattoa, tour in. ? s front O-aoatt-uni**. Our
b>fbraaxat ata'sa thol n> plnodeting of proviania a-ii;
tn. ,fBBoaBBjibgftumKaowutCVy totbai i?'""t. bad
tx ? a Ith,-to to. ?bis eaiep. aad hint?? the diilBoasWaihin
UgBSuaB. Do aoy> tool Praahtin, oaw L?wrwaostwaa
wtemWai ia* f.?r boum sixty or sevootj n'u'ti rrn r?.
w'.o ?? inn,.:ii ii Iftepaoaes apoa the property of Pre*
tMat? men, anal ar Ui tt.it ret >. I?d above, <tn . *??<:.
t..r,.i. ?, oorr>iag on the staeliog of horaesi Oe the
Ivih, \b SB in. i. Wl re route 1 in no or Bit^-e i.. ,i, o hint
IBSuKod 10 the death of one Free s>a'e mau aua t!..
OPaanding of thr<-e hVvon ProbaOvery moo w?-re
uPBondeOt WidminS, u MMaoo-iao, t\;,i had ox
pi* wed tiuMCl'tn favor of the Fruo Statu party, wti
Bk?*t by one McBride, a I it*SI?very maa, wnuo tu<
Id.our a.i-t man'.ing ru '?. II? died in af*w b?? n
i.ft. i tret hrmn 'hi ookti ate of lbs uther r f^.in. I ;.i*
U- U plW ? oi, l|.f 10 Ii ilirt
Hoyt, a kn t. ;?t Lawroneo, ar., pea. ab y ... lined,
who*tiding in the lit?hburnood ot evanp <' tii'v
Pirufterai n?, on WasdongtooCrook, v*a* Ukeu f--.ii
hat hasao. ahot six t met th'oi,?ra t^e body, aad fr
Ot.id infl.? rcavl.aJiisbor*? rvaa Uken. flu? people
?i |*awr*a< s eaJkoapoa tin United >tAtir troop* *o
act it. the Bkatti i. \- Ibey d. i n< .1, ob ?Ol t eu bUB?
ill d of t-? Fin stiti loarchedroa tbi*t?mp,
wblck r*treat*?d lo IieOtsajptom Tbo Free-*k?tt eaea
neert n r a n rcrnn nt proi i e !? d lo L?omjiUi n .-ii
Ob* b'oriiii k nt 'be lilh. Krviti tbi l u i:< rom r^DOTiS
ol mtiBOn h?..r.i .n ikat >iin lion du lug the day il I*
?reseated that a Bat-go mart i-ngagoaeatmait have
oe? a PJUgM at thai pli ??? Parti ii! irs n k
On Pb. itay the tftt, Leavenwoitb f't] was alive
with tbo ptopoiatiuBs lot ano*! ? r iocaiBioa ia'olks
Tamtory. Dopotcbes we.i t ? u..- bolI t.. Liburty,
J1au? lS?y, Deuoaro, <\-., wit* the otfei ?i II
per Jay ?. man. loe eiedement wa--* passing all
nomada,and l.ooomeniUs w^re rspec'odtoarrivom
tbe piat o oy il i masadUg of tat? lObh. L>r|{o aambore
Ot tie ebeOJal which ?o p ; '.wh to-day ..ivd bo?0 d.?
Ijib.ted ihroaghoot tl > i lot ooun'Ua and d?wa tue
t-.TiT as t?r as II un.".v? dt. Ii vfj p.rt. a he I t?*u
avgaaaxod at ladependei ?. tVeston, Leaogt rn, and
?t o'.btT place?. P on. U.e -it Balve peaparatiotM
trad'.j it Was nio;?~<<? ths,l I Bowee wotud b< ro>
ot*-d la **hoa t'ti^ eveomg. ^> j< ve ihiaouthe
?B-h'-rt?) of a grntk-.11*!: wno ar ived ;u cur c.ty yee<
an ayloaatkeaea of wnr. HI* n?u-tM\. i- a aad
aw?B>deeO| we ;f. t d to niov c tue ut oiat so-, .".uic
ol the trm-hea'tod and j?i? r.v;.c ol oar cUL ?
THimi|'> WlflPPKU.
Pr.-aj nt h .,<?,. ;>m- ; ? v x j j.
iTtmrnifitMui 7V Ittrtntoorth Herald of Uai
rdtht w?* bat.- re ?:\?.| eo<firmatiunof <>ur worst
fAans. Wt Lav. LOl tUOl lot < Bi b t fit. the
rilr*e' n tin :
etil.. 1111 *? w COMPAXJ1 READ Afl Pitl-nMIt- ?
MB. Mit.Klli IQXuh'H lllir?X TIUtCtTKXCO
ev late Ol i i.w *??n i-i m ion utMfrr.XM'C
^Ml BJJM. H AM? 01 1? in h>
Aa r*t?ie?*. li?k-? i-i?t an-\. i i,. ra, brngiag lab
gnoee ttat Leeomiden n*a b< oiik?a oy Lsaw'a mvr
mrdoii-, ei d ' ai ??ar bk?a? a are a* Iba axsreyof the
arm- d itti am. fhe attach wa made - bkm ?
obooi the daaii of ?laj Oi: d*Otl* .-???.?siei r.- , . ^
a* ?kry saoJ I, b il are?? f is lv otra |?>won i by l.v... ?
ir-.en. wboaambi r?d t il aeotas to i j ?? ?.n. >.
Tb?y a'tacbH? the K'uwdof tie Pnit*d Si i?- - lro?*p<,
Wko hao id ? horj' Koh.u*.'? arid the othae p*it<>a w,
wSo ntT adan i, ?o< ?ri* r i . .. ar. 1 are teiw i>i
eyie band-? ..f Late 's BOB. It ? i ?- a to at it? m
f% latter all the onlrsaj*i eoBiBsi I by tb?-?* maraodi?es,
"Tbo ^.'k'Win*; oi*| *' a, addraes d to CoL v yoa .
She dth RaganVat, I ? 1 ' ? ' > . I*
itt?- -j a- t.t ia the ^r?^?.-l ot ? f I ?? aad Ordor
bbsloK-u' taut a not respood lot ?
. ?umm vui immiiij a' io [esUli in i..i nisi j;i |uty
bo kttrgiky ot oj. ti ivexuutenl u'ei Ball '.1 loste
or.?. WO nave, n dee I. h i;it" md Bp04 1 \ M ti r.- -,
l it nqaireBBO tbo puwkvd oiseom and poUUesl
?Am.?! 14 fit* l*t the jryof >ar ft *'>' bw To
aim* I lo erioe'
v.-LcxAvrroH A w IC. I
rM>M><?r Li? OUIII Tho AB*-W*eta
h?v.- , n n. fne awi i H,t>*>1 laebgM ?/'np'i-l
?ein n'.tim tier? ear men l*ee4BWU*oa Ml 'nK ?i.
Bi,d dte*rt?-d by lb* b?hm aa i e*"M?wn Li ea
n . ii BN a?t,ut n.u s'r t jf. fU?' I oil'd State* inn,,.
have ?V?twee oklppi-d vVlil ????????.' re
.1 bo*>eo we at? shf awrdcreef We ere oat ni poe.
rl,i ?in ?ad nut ewery head of ?minima..n. Oar
frtiot an bow eatbreto ia Sheriff JoaesV b ?*?*, *-?
B>si v a-1 BD, aim aoH Rght Ui the in<?. WiU J(i t b 1,.
Be? If ie. oooa at onee. Dales* wi Ret beip we aal
a be Boardcred. Iba foregohig i-? rjliebk?
D R AT' It ikon.
w ii a>"B?i M.
10t C ABDERaOat,
Si ii i .Lai ) b ? Mead y BaBrnina?, 18th, 10 u\ !** k
W. H Bi mil. T H Tbble end Jo-, fj. Al . reoa
li?v. iu t h nve<l A ISO" Km mo, ta U'tv our oi'i/. a, t .
go 'ii 'in stare)) tn tbe naces of onr f. i< mU ib h .n-..e
11 ej im i linn 11 b i'li"!-, boc1 nay thai tbiega an- a- ?!? ?
tti?:i ti pn n ti'i !. Bad tbu* .'aro avadrrd area nut' ro
Hi bn H i u'.'" .</<iy, dBf. M,
f aiaaatafaar? ?/ fat Mim ah Da teeat,
Kiv . Tbbbitobt,Monday,Aag :i -?.
du at ?xr Uaaeat row prevaila in even p?rt m our
bi fortunate Territory. There baa heew a eutnp* en
t? n d litt? by tho A tab mod and nVrrngfellow aa*a of I Ita
borctr coaatits of Mwaeuri, at'd tL?.*-?? ia KeaeeiTec*
rttory, to k?ip up i teuemtnt for the avowed ptr
pi m ..f pn venting all oapoat d bo tbaaa frotn oenigratisg
tu tbe Territory, atd the preaeal anl rceeat
d ft". u.t'iH wbk'h on ard have existed nuoor.mir
pet pie. bave beei bronjjht abeol by these sad tint?
bar resigning, malet* mea, mo-t of wt -ui ar. or*
( ustaa ol Kaxeaa,ailboagtj ibey pableh bo tie irorld
tint thiy are bow ICBidtnta of Ktnatn lYrniory.
Bobh :? or wetha lime, a pi?rty ol Boa'benx . -, an a
b*-liig 'u a:) aboal one baadrod and ^ererity fii",
hum d ibemr-elvef iato aoooapaay, andatarted ftora
th* Iowa af Atel iaoi, L>aveawortb,aarj ntbei p"int-.
ler tie B'g Bine B ver?raieadieg to drive thi nH
tUrs fni?i thht pnrt nt ihe coaatrj who were Boown
ti b' Fiee StBte dm-b. Tbe abova ootnpeey, atoed
ani :un;Bi"d with prevail ar*, aamnnit nn and
t?*ui? ui booTeyance bt nur fiienda in Mi*<
Bonn, look uji tbeii r'ae of roarct?beviag
pttViOBeiy ?'??'land that tbetr in'ir.'iim w.n
to lake poaai i i iii of M^abattea C ty and tae c itintry
iu t at vicinity; and in erriciig, Imind ike eil ?>an
of that pait i: tbe Teiritory ernp'oyed in balding
bobm . Didi,; itaoroT-aieuiB, A" BboTtly aftai
their aritvai, a BrbI eoBmeaeed, wb:ea reaaBed in
tic r,fmt nt tbe BoatherB Biea by tin- ritizeaa
of Biiy CoBBty, Bad tbeae imn k""< to a-mk,
a:tei(?d tu tbtii owb affaire, and nut p'aadered
piivttti boaete,rtoSen botsea,8ad cii?ip aetaal aec?
limaficsu Ibeb tr>ui?k. the ctl rena ii BiWyCoaaty
vMild bevel have made atiy eompitint a/an t
thiti . not wniiid any VBMeaoa bavi DCCOrred, Only it
f?n uayeilapHt und aaotbtr nompauy ol po>d iv?
eij nr. tofb*aambwrol ore honored and i.l'1.1*??.),
tiih (.wseta'do of tbe mwi of I aeklin, iot'id I t;. 'u
jiilvre, and ra nd npoB eeery man 10 ihn tmrn t i jooj
tl i in ?r lu kavxtueii bode I The Proe ^ta.e mi-n
b? .i -r iba* < u'i pebV ii to abatidon tbcfa property, it m
Ki'ti t'lket' by tLlle luv hlc fdi r ni n. I b log I n
preaible Im u V ei -??tute man >o ^'t red e-aftoa tbe
ooe>eidtd coerbi oi Kobmi remtory, they with aoaie
of lb*ii in i^aretnriied, a> d aabed p*ruii?M?Hi to p>
ah ) eijoy th< piivifegoe ol 'biir iightaand pioii-rty.
Tbe ;ui>ai r w?e," Ton are kholitiooada aod ntu< e ? ar
UeTtirt?a. At the aaaaetiiaV wbereverth y made
ihtaTappearaaeettae) w?redredati*yaoaB*oftbe| ? ty
obocalki tbemte'vta L*waar*0'Beruiea, Paoail
an* and not till tbet, tha* the FievBtote m-nd'T
mhted to n .urri oa d'e Li I he attempt, Tbe Sght ? Hieb
ea Bid, and ol whioh you have BO ooabt bi trV then
ii'd'a place, ant !a<-iiu about three h tore, ia ol ich tae
mvactr* atre bea#ea aw mnbm oftbem ah A, wick
ih reel kV ?. hav ng baet lie ir arts a id eaauno, I be
Km Awe mtn had ft in tbe'r poetr to i?ki thi ii\?-?
ni all fhtae pteaoBi who bad ixmeettd h Prai klio; but
th? ir n iji <t era* to Ret poascati 'ii of i ,r bo nee, bo
that ti.? ir a:v?n ai.d chidrea ooakl Bare t'u-.?
placei of abolter which th?,r ludoa*ry bud ;?
: \)*< i ?or th< in Binee in* ripmt ba*booncirmlatod
I tl al BoWueoo, llruau eini otae in oere t*i ba rc eaee 1,
ar.a: ??im jt? have been mak?g By taeir aocmi ito
get ike pri-oiieri bom tb? RBaide und hau< t'e in.
I Um who uecapy laoaviacal pautiona bodly pinclaim
tt at 1 fchdiioroa, Brown a: rl i4*r imn rek is. d, Ibey
wi] be ?dnt Otwa. Iii ft*,''' at Ijucompl >n <* ??
"un men wbo aeat lo tb* capital, to Bee t*n ir ova
Un^uai.e, to bare a hgbt, a-jd Bot pereaM Pi*e#>
j sti.te man to tunic to Ltcompttta, fir aeeka
j ti.c PioHlaToiy piiiy i vc been movfaat; tb*
i Sou hem tttkigtatioa huto Doog'aa Conwy fir the
j ,u pot* of itatiag tbe Fn-e*atwle Ui m, Tt i-e
' an BOW M\?:a! bondrod BMB '..m the
I fWibth. eapt>oriee by the nul Baert, Bad ine rneted by
i tin,', bafjiia to keepU|?eaeeteBteat, aYBea a m.n
: oiu*rtoKeata* aini icfusea lo -.ii v>m> in Pro
I Slh\i rj patJty, i,'- Bann j.4 pla/*i ?! i p a tb* nVt of tteste
?to mo lo be diapveeo oi \Y, bnvi no Ua ? re, no
Boaretnmtnt, Tbe wrtwg arm of tfcfa i?iw powerfal
Ripabiic baa fa.i 0 to protacl tin p aceabbi Kiceoaol
tLi? Teirrtory. It would aptM ar t>.<tt rwd? ra bare nc a
Bm ui 0 l > tiuven cm bl ii--ii ?!" Fie. Bl i'i ii,? u .c* i hie
!'? tr-fr r> are to be alaogb'ered BOO robh dof '3> r
pi op . i y. llBBdreraol aratud men froen tbe Sooth are
xii i kin? i..ii Ii ri' ay todrrve aafinotaoar boeaea
ei i! u nrd? r ever) cue a t o r, Fusea tu o'? > tnei? ordere,
Vi ill ibi Oi vet* m n1 at \s BB'nnRtoo f.?ii lo tj?e? re ta it
ptotectb n to tt hieb a free peopbtare eat it hid ' I)?-t* 'i
WOUkj In \ p t, ruble to the continuation of lbs bondy
adn.niatraiioa of Keria< Tetrbmy. B?? iak eqnal
piia.b-.'.s and BOtbUlg BXWI ; OB*? BOT bom - ..r. ia
\ in i c, oar hvee tkreatoaed, our fire nee ad rnarderod,
uu; wivta i: rulii o, wl at ci U"-i must wa I*ke1 If the
Qovernmea ailtaol pttWeol n?, and we reoelva no
oi i.i i BteattaBCOi we at ill ... is om bin a aa oi .triy in p ?
, roldc. I ha'i not tuuie to giveyoa all tbe face relative
I to the affaire la ?ur Teiritory. I w.ts b?>in aid
! iducatid in a S.eve S*n*e, and tin sire ttiat the
, eOi-er\ht.? e im n ol tbe Booth aroul'J otoaopdy
itfeM to aacoieetti cruel ac*ioi ot tbi lawbceak*:ia
1 in K'uisef. I atdeh to ate a aajoiHv of tbe aoMeal v
\ ?tis oi thi. lenitory decide ai ihe oa'tot-boa whotaei
I it be a slave ot a bee bint'-, and uc' fo'Oe men to tear*
tketertiton at the potnt of tht bayooot jsat befor* !>e
alter roe. vw- are tefermnxd, taaamnch as me war
I ii-. b? i n b euyhf tii oi. i>a. lo OtfePd oar kveaiotb*
bit. There can be no doubt but the mtin object of
. ihe rto*lar*t) patty ie to lirive tbe Free *>?.'?? un-e
in m ti t fnc aotl bl Kui*a<. tboBak 1 bo dij th uk i
! pnteibiolorthea 'o aaeoetd ba unju?* an ? fl ni ?
ctpiivi frctata of the right which tht} have inaentid
! float thou Kvoratdeawry aiiee. A-urarra.
? iretpendeace ef tbe Bafab kei
WaerroBT, Aag. 17, leei I a, m.
Ifr. En rron i I have waited aaxioaalj lortoetre,
and labored indaa'rioaely u< aaaljze the bouily ad*
riete, reports, kttcra and dl*paUd>ea that are coorng
in Irotn tin Territory, tiU'.n? u* a >t <>i oatbveafca .and
ihirmiabea, hotel rebelii in?war?civd war. 1 ho>u-n
nowtoprepsn tot you a fall statamoat of affarra, aa I
have j;aihiiid Crom ? atraa, nitaaiafera and leAAarai
(in the 12b i-t, Moans brigade, ol Mt-*>ic
County, ll'moia, gomrutaa, attaohed Uw ooiony f.'v.n
Georgia, btttlj 1. cetcd r< .ir Osawattauido, bur ed the
piece, eattbd off the peinbhaaa, ?? d Hie rvporu.d
kilb d kit lueo.
We Beat heavof has?* the ;e;b. ?t rV-.nkl.n, ri*>
barg and barrajjg th? bouee ot Air. Crane- -?>.?rA.i.:
H 0 ptHi ra:;,* tht Pott-Qrriot1 aaaaul'iag woanee, ami
aeiaiag th* caaaoa nid aiiue ol the place robbiag
ve:K'ii> indrtriduala ol money and \a.uat/Ie? t? tl.c
aaneant ai I; .v. Mr. Knckita wwa there.
? 't aaaaall force,aad gave fight lor aert-ral i.u^i* I
am tn'ovn < o. aiaw t:r.* one of yom st. L m;e mi;
al anta, Mr. J. H B'aek well kaoanbere a* the mi
to.'?...- Aaraalii B-Utra" bmb. aaa aJao there, a...! '
FoBghl I ran Ij againai the AU?.:?ton f. e. Be s now
ktie,atdewbatadfartk*war, H. bwaydeoreaatiuoe
a-e icn.u.itao. r very where- Lvt^a a:e takeu I om
tbtit lidtraand In m etebbe, tube tiitrroo i^'.u'h,.
Ixui'irnrankr. Ptovbiou aid Blander are rahib
Ji'ti tbe FiO S h\. ry satt ?r wie reve-r baoaaholoaud.
Escitemtat htn lein'mae, Pkhe*. Raarda are haol
. oi -t ii y about our hotcet *>>?< aac comnarrica ure
Bwm*agwtth al: passible dispatch to aaewar tbe ones
ai a lUppI co ice- of m:r taffi ? .!.?? 11 .^LOmI? to *? Cv.lJle
oa*11 aac help a*'*"?help aa to protatl ojr botno* and
oar Sn'ij ts.
On ib. 1Mb tl ?? b Bed i"'i ? ? Badl r r.;.i?D. Jiaj I, ,ne
ar u W alki I ?j ^. ur. d ufi LecOBaptOB, to ?-?: , t ,ra
at d plbadi r th?tt > i*y.
lie mea: rerkabli "a., i kVi i aewt of tkebaeiru'.oaa
ie ivutaiieil m tt? full.*rag, akieh 1 artpffoot u
m.uii erlkaaof Tht Boric* H-?m. r.,e lotaeof
Mi IVbitl ck cai berthed ob I kbow him pcraooaUy,
aid h< a* an upnirbt, tmihfui mn i
Li nil Te*. K T . t^i. UJ
Cel A. O. Beoaa?ffeee Btr: tt.'w.t i ka u
r i kata aa aJl aa>a*. eten aiwa ***** ana la aaaA l'>
jrc. oj ktuci txiiemin.-. Oi.r pi.ii.i tK'en Jrleaa iu ?u.i
l li ef uu! (mb In.lei
Ttataemi ie ?"h.u f. ?.? i* Jet Jnee.?-, * - ?>? ..?* I
tirciif. with i;.,j, Jun Li*? ??' IB>ll ln*^.? We wmi' 6-,p,
?i" ?in .?t a,m> it .*vk i'ij ??-'i ju totrAlaefar eel
Kio ,au leetbte j>-1 ?ho pro5?S.i"> ??Iii '?? tb?t br ? Baaa
aim. r**t titrt'i ttbt att a aaaeait WJ " atatti eat ?? ,
?i i bfl n I arrtbiat taeeaRaeatlen .1 Dee. "vtiau-ja k i
unit) th?*r?
t1*.! t..- let er. ret ?ff beat sieey t tt, tad oa Bare Ba
?> ???? o' ptf'0n.t '}iom>. +*00m MfjNli ?ea-? ?*****
m? a 0 ls|? n Ut lb* Mt^sa.aiW. 'H d 'BaBta J'*1 *"J
?* if ?? * b* ??-.iJ. i .kiu <inii Mmmi I ? 1 be* ?!** ??
f?vn . 111 1 i*\j. I W i .?(.k.
i <(*?..: r,. u ? 1 . Atnn; *.j;.r K?\ri\< <l ?.?I
**}? ?hat Get "*itbbbbb baa Be* la Leaveo**!*,
'bit l*wan<na ie riwitJiil 1 ? ? ???? ? 'J- a J - irt
aa* taktaprfeoner n ale awahaoeewl ?
foaetogti aad that ba wa* to be haag?teal re
u i) Wrmuai ii w?* a ptiamer, ??-d b i aril ol tb to
It 1 -1 lit* d.
All bi above lanpitted a- brae, tot it weetoi -n
fi iBwtioe,
l?.n?'il.i# are L. m'y txx?XCtei] *?''d 2 'n f*
pteoptli r?ai to v. u. CoarkaM ar-- bob rtiiogit
nv.i aad botdtr r? M, . BBBUag ret ? and r*..- Bdj
?BppbtB K>?t\hIi.m apeefly pr?-o*riv'???.<? are b '?'
gaada for aar?a bloody otautatt 'aad] H 14 Hjr' ?"
? ??n?-. Ibere w ao anore peeee. it ievabiU>tall (
1? *A.'?.r- ?1 ri> foi AdeBbt'o appeal to '*" <ajo
ef mi lathe earj ha gaaga of apfwaf bob: '??eat'B
" n ? t? m?v (tj aea, p<a* a, but. tti re in no p v t
' t)s aar baaaetaai'y began; tea eeemy ie ahrexdy w
' liefiaaf.'' and i? i!.--** d*v? Bat* eaaxe the
r.n uo poan d 1.81 t^rr blued, atd bail up the great
An ? Republic, that uiuat r,-?w crmn ?'?? ? d M
t aror* tr:>?t trtutot* doom, Furaard, meaof taa
Uaioa! ivr?.-r.i! lours, di >., OxoBea.
K ??.-?? Cm Aaga* 1 *?M
CeeaiDHiiieitloii bttweea ti.i- point aad'ha IVriUory
ii n'n o-r 1 ?< 'j . ut oft*. It ia abJDoel laipa**ibleta
obtnir reHabl* Ibf rina' on. In f.>ru,< I jettai 1 1 hive
laid yea of tee eiegi of Lceovptoo; 'bus avowing I
Iran? frocDatoereeaareUabJe aa wun?'?'"'?*!!
allow, thai L*comp*oo, . e Snn-'av right, ? at u >t
tth.r. Ore bti'.rrid and titty lTi it*d ^ a'ta 'ro ip
ar.d ten fia'..r. 1 f ?/.:.< Wir.' there dt?*adiog It
agaiaet a farct of fiom -i lo eigjat aaadted, at ad ad
byJnLaae. Itnv w<r> Iriag npon He town oa
Suii.-iv iMiiri', A ' at'.fr iofornation tLr.' I l.tve
fi nt |oa il fe'ly eoafnied Tn. re 1- no furth.r ni'iri
llat 1* rchabb'. Ee?rj atepatataaa ie b+mi: mai* oa
ti.i bold 1 r to i' 1 dei iirvirtai ee to wttbsn in K iime*.
A M'aajj r. aflivt u- in.-v.tul.l-, ana that ?o-'o.
II f Pi I r M?r jti?-t i< aei< /, by ?hu t> I aead tl ie
dvpateo, ??> be tat adeeaee of tbo naiL
A* acvH' H rim ? in thiy oiil Iw pr>?ui;t'y for*
wt.tde'. totir. Ae., U" "??-.
Laat nlgbt and tai* aaotalag, axpraaae* bee been
etmirg in \..u. t ri d parte of Kuufa-. bnogirgia?
t< ligiiti ot ;i?- :i "ft i-!..?.i* iata-" oaf tb Terroory
bv Lai t 'a r? 1 m? t.t, abntpareaei berageaor sex
It i? a*i] ki 0? r *\*t_v aiiert-?th?- ttataOMOtaof the
tit faaatic* ol the H.ntb ti t'.t ooaiiary lotaitb
- .1 i^--iir.t the Law ani Order, otherwiee Pro
B aeery parta. of Kaaeae fcte* beea peaeeaMe and
qti?t )<>r i.v?i;.i aacntte, and have striven byexaias
pie atd itflneata*, to p'tthe popibViooaettl d d->?a
n>to agtiraitaral and i. daa*rial paraada. They hear. 1
Of tie tout 1 isplatt d nv?-i..n of Lane'- raginat?I. an 1
lent siiits to afCiitiitn whether Iht.r ti'irpo-.- v? w
p. i.e. fui or beat Ie Th-y dee tared tl.a* ?lnir iatentioa
y.\i> to (-me in as fo><d citiseaa,aad to ealtivat*
our proiifli so l aii ii tbo ak-etione cailtd apoa
laetn to utriro ibtir fraecbiae, wben tbef wn..!.i
tinuiih ihst mtais. t.o all in tb'ir pjWCTV) aaak1
KiiU iir- a r ? *- Mat'. Kr.'Ui frequent rapetitiaa of
tl ? asiurs: 11, (!. u Uirbardaoa and <?*;.er proniaeai
eitii*ni 1 Oared no reaiataaee to, aor bad they aay a?
ri- d# appn bensioia rr< attae 1 e axiag iatotbe eotud v.
Tb*y waie defcraiiaed to keepia bo Hgat, aad to do
Del til ^' wl ich won.'.! n ;n:n dkWarb the <|b;< t and p safe
of an alreadt loo distracted and too daxtarb*d people.
In t' if* confidence the** treaebaioae by de* ha.e
peered hwo tie eapitol aad tlangatered nury v tl ,
nah', ritlseaa, IBd are prdV?ediag in th-r w.rh'
ot bk>o<i and inning*. We of lOeeonH ar.
C'..'. uj. ii to- kelp. It la an aopeal diffieult t>>
r. -i t. bat ?tili d>?6?tBi t'at a:i tniagi sboqld be
nie.. 1 in aeeerrlanee with law vr. aeakt Ibrtber
aetkm of Ike ff?viri p.nt li-n Rfckardaanie tor
ot tl ?. I^ at 4beawift aad exeeHeal I'd'ii s ir jn
Im any lo lee Oea. BOiitt at tor' L*eveflwortk. Ii
Urn, Umitb i.'f.^ by aataotity of Goveraaxeai aa wel'j
0 1.0t Qen, Kb baron n awl be eh* ui.lit'a hi tbe fiel 1
by lo-aenow, ai J tbere will he a ?weedy an.! id
? t iiit.ie rx'eraBatinaof all gboiitka-?na iaRanaaf?
Ki t an inva'-' r wUl BM it>?'. 'it.i y t?ill b ioa u o,>"0
ikeoeelvta. ai d will <!.-ei ve it at the hand* oi au
a, i.'t .1 #11 d 1 oliag1 d p'' p '-.
Aa ? s'iii of l?bt 1 ifkt, froai 7Vbe fiff. *fpi ( -. .
1 bt-rewiU aetrd yoa bataBteetkeo and iaJewd evori
Lou-? we hat?. Inrtief bocobi t-i ?ALi.aaore laai con
fir a t l.t wont.
Tie Polar Mar is n<-r waitir? Ihr tbie, aadae 1
hare aa < pportaaNy I? elvi you n.]\ partJealar*, and
?b* wUl gatbertotn*teng i8iib>raasaepi*aeaLi i<
WOltb, hiBhaai Citt, Ac., I u- -I n .* elore, a it it a
pioi.i.. to lit joab bob taitbcr ay the bbxi boat.
T Dm RdMai J IA' .V. IT. IV/tearI
Sil I BOtUC? n L.f rBIBFMI C'.r.-i ? > ifid i ?
iba nvpyol apoiclanialapB by Uo! II. I Te ?; -v.
>: n; .......- ?. ,1,1 !... d lean m K itt.v, a .i!i i-juh ixin
bh i - ? :i: 1 oubrieti r.
I'hi* ..- tbe aai. ii u< who Wee a; tbe bt id of tbo
ti . , ? aal ting . ?(? oi... 11 akicb ?aa fraatrated oy ft:
nf ti> Bb'taoar Paaipero in Ploiid . ? few
job 1 * ago.
tbofol'uainganoodut? wiDgrreaaau Ldaetratioaol
b s ?.-? in ta! 1 iiiii.. u t
'Iki l.r*; Craw'ord, fJBpt. Suia ! was on th. f-n
sagi 'rotn .1.? I>, nv ::l!" to N. .t-Votk, atrd aenrlj up
wttb C?pe llatt*raa, wSt ixaegroeae due vvrolia
Ibt bold abere b bad caneeaJed liin-e'.:". CapL
S3 ?'l, :t. 1 ? ?.'? iil'?y. iit.mi cia*. Iv b?te up fo- tbe
1. ?'.tI sob4 I em poe*| laadi n t lie i., gro ai Qe egatowB,
H. I' . ?' d wrote to .1 iefc ? .nv :he fir i forum? .?n.
tel. Ti'iiH p nt na bkt olaune, and look ibo slave
hinie. Abo wtea lb* htig retarnedtoJaokaooeilie
agi in bt iBtd Capt. Raiali tor Iba wagea ot ti* pI.vu
daih g l ',i< ttb-i i tm . in tl ful the tZpucM of gettirg
kialtixawta tteergetowa,and recoveitd alt, wb?
r< -*.- of?< uii. ?V ?-.
n ie wtli )etkap< teach fitapt. Seaal aBdotbriB bet
leribanlodo in. 'i nitty *rotk f-?r tbe iltv?bdiort,
while u . i * :iu> Bteanne ? of IVtaa'a i!. uaeti r.
llovi \ .-:\ t, u.
IB j i p ../r-in?! I
ist L-11-, Satarday, Aog s3, i*)"c.
Adviees froai Lewieaei ihelith hat., ntentiea
V. at at inly ?1 0 I iee State in?-ti Btarohed up n what h
called CoL r.tu? ? oamp aeai \* rji.pton, oa the p.-i
t. ..i" day, bad t.? h the party ihcre Binrnibh I
Iwtaty ia mi- i -: ?r ? ie. Taey doVaded tbeawelvea
born the kghoasee totbe time,aad wonnded ton of
tl e Prti Stale party, * MWgtbenxOapt. J. II. Sebosv
brie, nciitly rroat Kicxua ^d, Hiera, who u u
theofhl Bant t unite, toj fuaa .? abxi badly
ibjaied. The i*ijnik-* to tbe otbefi are ..uly i?'ij;?it.
Obi hatdted Caited Btatea Praguoae kxterfaed to
p??\iiit an a; ?> k upon I.'v ?t:. |\u, tv hi rvtipon the
rue statt !.,.". rctaroed to Lawrcace with their pra>
at* r-.
Qov. Sh kSl i i, Hajo* Ii Igwab an.; P.-. Rodoti 1. ,.f
Ltd B?| ion, ai at to ? iwreadC OB tbe I Ith to h .amd
the r?.( bm <>t tb*. praawere.
At ?r n eaafereaee - wns agrv*dthai wben nx <i
tie I;.' S'ati prtoatn hVMbyU'i hiiibetWba, ?e-e
dtbteitd ap, Iba hieii.. i, takea firosiLa?reat.
ii i bi aad, aid h'i the eawpe of &itn?d lYBBaaven
lil u>pir?.u, the priaoaati ihaald I? ni.ae.d.
St L> ? i-. Aog. 94, l- ..
ReRablr htelbgeae It-ib Kaarnt tn the "nib ratci
thai L?eco?p*o had tot yei area attaahed by Laoe'e
patty al 1 u ?v kwasi \,- ttedhuariy. [i b
-a d tbnt the Frei State orn aawbirliraIhoaeaad
t-tn-i*? in tie Tcrrbery, gad are ptvpartogtoaartife
I. .w i in .-. In iv a r.'.n at I 1 a ?y pineular poiat b*
i-?.n ? " lit. ???'?:>.
I |i rrpcttrd that tow oonpai .-nf Dakted Stated
?:o? ]<* ire tiar Lreowptoo, aad il a Ibowght ttvci:
p-i iaee will deter fBrtbcr attaeka. Tie R r?t-t
ol i d natg I abb* be 1 a cal elpw .1 >>y a beje t.u o
bar ? f tli bm -f ml,.it.ale- teat of tbia eity, for a
putl.c n ??teg to-n . - w ,ring, to coL-eler tbe
p.-i s. l: -r?sa'..ot - f tfiur- bt ffHUBS, ar J tun - the
Bpotioaoftht people of St Loaia ia eoBaoetioa ibera>
St Lot ? (hbaidayj tu^ i
The ttedBier Haetd l?aVuru from BaBBOOri Rlret
yrsttiday, bta~* theatftatagrioBthat :.-?r baadri I
vi 'nL*i i m boat .itrk* n eoaaty w. at into K i. Mat . n
Thaitda} Tan hai b>d had beesraUed in I/n'ij
.it.- sid a 'a.',,'.- fi?eo wra baaag raiatd in Clay
Lam. ? NgiateBt waaet*d lo b?- aWtJ*ytBg Tfahaaia.
(is.. Bobt?? n end Mr H->we aad other pnaooeti
wi ro atiil it tiie ct-imly of tliu Dadtad eXa'ee troepa
i in t.ui Jrad at d iwaafj rrereJei bbbb t'arlun.. H4r
is. k* Brrrvtd beta y*f*crd?y, aad aren lannediaioly
???rH.-ao? J to Fo.i IiaaveawafHi i alai aveeral ;'>hll
J.tT,?-oa Barricha, n.... Sudih bayetag BBaiaaieqae
iosib for ai) tfc.i davpoeabia hawaMtbat pi^e. Or<
tk n have his n bai <i? 1 ti the wiii,l;i,{ Bbobi ai
Poil Kd?y ; 11 rve 1: e tret pa m reaabatai i r *nrvKN.
POI'KTH DAY? M01I513IO -.-?tiv.
ftmm Obi o?b K*h' ?'*
Aiun, l-ut.mlav, An,;. 33 l*-"*.
p.e an* * t ?' >: tmWum to ?Wilt ml 10J a. Be, IV?? ideal
iJ?i: 10 Um ri.air.
At invention IVB* < rt. U i f .."i tb* l?ew York
j State AgneOarvJ rieei*ty to the Aa^iBBliaa to ami
Ita ir<> bukiDK aadexamine ita !ietto?n. It wai
voted to accept ittaa ovitatmo with the) thnaht e?* Iba
*?-.?...>? et... I he >. on t?r> ihso i*ed ? Ketof urn'*-**
u>o pr.p.?vd for eoBiiteioo l<> meait* - , , u. ui'
?I on trat? ab e*i J.
The prrasBiAtioaj of th*reporto*Prof.Hatotaa*
op :. Liaynieti al Ethsolort} ?t*? d- (erred i.uul Moa*
de' aft? ri 000 t' it.
Or. QlBBos maved tl." I VsmflefctOO BpOB Weights^
atratim and Ctduew* b* rs'ietrwd fron tb* enaayver*
a' i? ti i: the jiV- r inbji < t, and that a epet i*J t'oiuu..:
tee be appointed, to ohmn tt abeli !>? refened.
Prot Bacbk remvked that the Cornmitf*i on
We*ghti am M? s-ntrt- bad been granted roll powers;
that it wt? d? vo! ;r./ a fti '. el a.e of.! ? tia.? to ;Xj< ???">
j?ct, baring altaanjhakl two nasting*, that ii m-iA
iu.lv t* Da i> a af tl ? Importance ol tbia matter ol Cain
age, aad prefened to have tba aabjcct raraaia in ita
tot da.
I?r. Oiaroa lepaatadbla rcqat B fcraapoeial Coa>
mittee, and urged inuBediate a-t. at, ia eooaaiaratioti
ot Ike Coartant drain ol coin fta ni that OOBetty to Ku
v pe, at >'. of tb) B0< on ahtredy t akt D by a 1'orumiUcc
id thi Iii .' >b H"iiH of I on.moi.-i.
Prot He hi tepird t<iat tf< arreatber*of th' Cifl
mittee Vtra ROWUliag to ao'omr.Mare Or. Gtboo*
tl ut tl ?y h-tetM d t ' t:* propo?<;i> w 'th area; atteu'ion:
tut tin*. ::e. that I. proposed to foaad ooiaag* apm a
rational a)*t< tu of weights and ai?a urea, tba* ttKiawu
uV aubjret b*lon**ed to them. They Bars ready to
mtmera .' ibe Stctetaryof tba TreaaaryorCoaartaa,
ot cu ai all .i ^r -.t at I?r Bibboo avoid aag|r**t. They
b:;o to "cirre to dodge t e BBttjeet or to treat Dr.
('.tb- ti with aoydiaptrpeet; on the eoBtrary, tney
bad beat* hie paper tancu atd hia die.'u-?ion oaoe, a' I
aw in? mb. rot ibw CoBlirwttt* hai made eoinah'? a
Rocialatady aud haa wntteu rro.-e upon it tBAa Or.
itibboB nteat- if. It waa-dm to Mr Al under to tree,
bin opniona *? tl. ?? m a ib r<^p.'.-; .ia tu?- of I>.'.
( ibbin Otaer pentkiacB on the Ccamitlee were
a ?< i fata liar wrtb tbo topie. Old Dr.Gibaoaw ?< a
ti m CrnrBnttei hi(..u*e be kr., w that the p.* teat
CuBfltlttci dio not agtee with bin i He hoped ro\
but if be u:<\ for M.at y leasOB the A -t> .e.'e>..
abeajbj red '.'.'an' iihl le-'.'ie t
Ol II*:.?. look tkr oppottanity t-> -?? that ha
tlot.,rit itornecorMiderstwa lad been given to tha
oeciHity of nannte welgr-t* foe Baalyat*aed a*-?/-?,
ai.e tl.a't be bad hi:n? f d? vi < d an adaxhrnble in-tru
ii ? i.f for thi* pirpoe. a hi. I. *m at the ?, r v i< e of any
ri eh ty tv t i< h would make nod u?e of it.
l>r OlBBOa rin.arkid that thi< ?n< ta petaeoal
Blatter. Jtffrrton and J.Q Adaam had b..th ntade
it ,o:i^ BpOB tb* eut.ji rt, at d rtid our ayatem remaiLo
t.id, beb l- fotiudt d upon our wii^'.te an 1 ae varoe
Sir. M1 Cl l.ttM atate i that on e'ancard iroy p mnd
Wii^hl al WaefamgvOBi upon wbiob our eoiaagc la
fonnded. h* ret eqn i! to the Ei rliah ?taidird it all
everde, it doet not agtre* aitfa Rtbieh eopbt* of Iben?
i rifztl al, ohieh an- li..*t in the bjrn.i <? at th* II
ui ParliaaM-Bt.
A OV ?nl'orj del a'e fb I itvad, n:;- r wbk b tbe re*o
Inin n ot Or ui ibon wae lott.
I |*rwf line.ii movidtbat tl. roabed Coiiaiitiation
I be ? tawi .'? red a' the gam ml dm til gon M< l<I ty r.. a.,
I at to n'. lie k. a. tn.
: Pn f B*< ii? ?ufcrxr? pbad 'hat there Blight b* a Jti in
tnettirg? forw'ieitioc purpotea at tbe same time with
the Bate ting for t:i rtviainoof the UoaatrtmieB, ?i
! that tboae who preCti eeaal atioo naahbig to aeioae*
nuiy Btteudtbe one, and tboaeabopecfera ieuoeto
eonatital oo*niaking Ihe other
Prof RooKRttbtugbtthattbouThwe nuct aa
eatAeincn )ttwi luu.t hate tuler to ?? ivm'i u*, a-.d
it -tioi thai .he long vexed qoesiioo be fi any ad
jreted, both to save our tiit? ? In furnn . .a:.d becaaae
ti e liinttei WH* It Vrc l >\- Cm \j ?0 Iba* lue ttlii:.
Plot. Aot mi faid be eared aotkiag for coaatito*
tii ran, and If iho*1?- wko do ''are i"or hui ti thmce rrodd
on la uu' aad loine lo ui > eonelfiaione, tu doubted
i.otttatal utbcia wooid wilungly aeeedetoaay pro.i
taUiona thai ioi|ibl 1? navle. Iu pe, a'! loaDe i
o* bnrbitM me ret rr>d to i committee, and tae pi.ia
In - alaraya ai rbed oell ecosgb.
Ab irr.*_? uior tiernesioa Ibaawcd, arh'eh waa iater*
n pti i 11 'i mo'ii n from Prof Bach* to poet| on* thi
niljii* to Monday, BLick alitr a ibnaion anasi irre-d
by a vi t* "i Kl to
[ti iti it<hi ian, of T...y, returui 1 think* in
bebafol tin Minn al ArtB^Utioi for tbe in*ri:.ati"n
t \t' im ? d 101 U. i" illi? i.i tBb) UMN t Bg.
!?? biai> armvadtbat a eomtatttae <f three
atj'ii.t-* to etr.i.d tb* Batet ng of the Cbenii tl
A ? ' etetk B, ii .t ti :tr, a" NaAbrtli*, tt BO.
-i. rio. tu nn-ii ? ?si? N.tTMBM.trira,
Prof.Pkii . th peraianeal Cbadnnanol theeVo
i ob railed thi am to e"l>r, ?ad after the real
u;ii iti miiiote* of **eat*rday'a |irocet ling*, ealiod
pn i. H i i i r (.0 11 i .-haT.
l'nt ill nri of < i eiaaati th?n gnvoanaeeoant
ol bea mil hoc a of observation now in uao a hum.
- i vaior) iaiiateby. Hi tutnuawacod by oassrviag
? 1 if oui ). rvatioon in artrooomy were oaly a* a ?
carat a a** tin raAbodsof ostealatioa are psr^eet, we
rdioidOxt biaia .? marvelonrt power of aatroneanioal ore*
iii .in and a BiarvekiBspower in tin appltcatioaa af
? "Mimy If we could only point a t< loaeope and
ti i tzpctlj ab? re ir pointe, it woald be all that we
Booh rt'juir*. llbatULtios bad then fore bee* di
in i.l to tea a* it o ,i of dcierod*ing tbe poeittoa or
direction ol ait teleacope. T o fw.*t p uit to be do*
Urmboi i* lo 11 oo with wbot nei-aracy ko aaa tle<
ti iB.it i tl i gbt mm b-.on i,| a ?In ?in o'h'T wo; i-,
il t i toot n om< at al its paseiBg t*-? m ndian. In or
der lo do ihm he mtaebed to the ilm of the revolt ng
i i e ol bra er.rootRtapb i an-..* atripnol wh re p tper a'
bn h'.ir.r i isUkbccaL Close tn th ? noi be placed a aar*
rowbartohidi oroecnH the stripsaath j pass, IBs
aeri-f el t ai >l hi Biel Ii tin n B*t< d tOO times ol tL^..- DC
caBatN u. by uu .?r.- ol the chiono irapB, an i thu< ?!? -
t> niiii??l iBel f i t wereabloI i ? - bnaaatb* iaatiird
oi oi cnltatiob w rth an o icerde) Ibal abowed -?n u.e er
hitt of oily eigeteeB ot the tkoosandtha at a
Mcoad, Tai Piofvaeiiv then went into a V'-ry
neiio??. hut very clear and intollisjible a--.*oiinr of
k'a txperintenti to dicke whalber tney oottld
tot* fi naaetga of -'^r over tbe oneri of
hu? i. i.-.eji- tvitb a-i mark aacontcy a* t'teycoald
mte tAe p*r*aee of tbeei paper atript h> itndtbobar.
Ui ?...1 iiia .!?* *'.n t deoidrd thai Ibeyeooid Bete
ai .i ivi n more accuracy. Tak r.p maayobaurvatl - -
bpoe varioBi a'ar* at aneaaal dartances from aa h
all er, l.e bad ib d Bieai * by which k* detanntned
di trobabdPy of the erreralariaiag from iu.iivi.iir.,
p. RbKei i i? r in ti e obeervi r*s teeapt r unenl or phyeh ai
a-taptMien. ai a from lb* td'eets of variable and aa*
l?i a.ly r? liai: oa nt ? h. a rn ?.,.!. .-?.? 11 as f? ^v .L.\
roue comideratjoo at tba trrora vkioh nr>y ;iri*o
rtom tae irregaariiy of tbe mottoa of svsa tae L-e-t
i nrh*. Than bad beixtoauva been ie. Dattnod '?>
wh ? b w..' eeuid dttctwiine tb* abHiluteaocoracy of
th. nudioB of the elocl kVaboil btoreaki of dtaa- no
way todetrrniins Bbetber a*lo.ih did not bwt>-n for
a i. w isi onds, ai d then move a few ii not da too a'ow.
keepiag oa the avoraga true tbae, ttevrUaed te di
Vire B ?:ll BS* BMSBa by WBieB b* OOUld dotorwfaM, uu
tti oBroBOgraph ih?- ahsorute rate of the stach tat
tool bscotis of thuetand hud Btade (min;. puiia'.iv
aoce?eslul(seaya towunt it. PtoC Mitehsl thea ro
i ir-. J to ihe aahjeet ol p. r*-?':.:,: errtuMion bhat hb 11
tli er or arieieg from the laiperfocl nrothiagof r.ainvu
tMvit!.* 017/aBizafion, He bad devia d tbia plan nf
d*t?*Wa>mg Iho pereoaal equal font L'ii?i< r the IWds
*tr:p* ol p?p<r ou thi I im of It,.- BblBOOgrapb, ho
a< u'u p .ft ?. 11 ? nil i?>.i:t. ?1.1 h r../u!d a' ihe n ?:;
i.: nag ba itormhtBg tar pan '!.'(? ip"i a gktbuio
of atrenry, ran pert sag t^e oireuit, and Btaking
tia* lb* ettip ol I?ap?r le-.-nl, r>y tr.e u:ai*.i.*?u
I en rte ctvn oceultat on otn mmllibl* and perf et
secuisey. If then sn observer note the paaaa^i *''l
aaclber aiasBeti Baaatonei the aiode of da?
ta iahtg no- pel* 1 ui ? rrnal ot. oe p. ie.?nai a'-.,,.;r'?e .
Haseiag next t*enore ot levelioir, ivef. M. < ..
aoribed a Baad* by wbkth tbroagh tha moaneof <.
of u 11? uiv p)i>i ? u nn eai b pier of tb*uansat btttra>
u ? 11 ??? nleeri d by a tu^e rf u? reurv. In cjtn a; ew.i
bob cat of ol eervaiioa determm* tie* ie\i; .tio.- oi
thenT.e tt huL'tii.*;!. llut w.l!a-so jive* bi :i tt.e
n eai.p <T a perpetual ib i'lu.n aiion 0/ bie BaiOBOtth
rrrortad ?otateatiea. Paaaini; nest to anfea ol do*
lets tut deelinatios or pakw sin aaca, Prof? -Ii i ?*
y\-iii oftkl >a-... Of the Ui. ..uo-Sr ?CTSW, ami gBV*
at aeeeaat of h:< experiateata by wtueh b?. demnn
0 so c ti( ; raef al li*b.)ty lo err** iavelvi I
BKBBBnmeati eepttdeat up.n t net, and wh h
ha* Ud buai to this ooBohNaoB that b* o idM beoe.i
teith B?ver My upoa mieroaaitri msasurcn at. Us
iiiii-t lioi*- saito paracet bwtf*aat*jat*x ta at -'v\>i
b.einndi in u.abe .i.;e*? an ...fnt-eXt. 1. ...
u. k?a ??btfeivatory, and bs wutkl bjw pfwaent to
lbsB*ctiosaocsa of tie nsala Taaas rorwlt* sh>>s
tl bwnrerta: iattnir>:?at jfvo tim the aaeaat of l -
1. roteB ba r?l.t antat .1, eod ???? lieateto of ?? *i
r'ar at a nr: u;i jtt IBB ring 1 : ? ? Ol tht troop <?* :r
tb?* n ? iw ae, 01 h aaacoerae) ansnrptaeed, aay nt
n;ueitl a> the o..r?n^ "f aiiy o>asurvsAory\ A i r !
li.iig oa ile-r lerB'ta the rrof*w#Df d??. rS-d tbd
e'n^ '?*! a ai bb si y oi the la rtruo ? at by sbieb he r 'e*
a n t'biti :?l maBJpbV itut to "e ui fr\t at 'ate ? ,.
Uleeeopo, ??? thai the a>*>cu ot a Beaifl* sator
a g?B*BBBsd a*e gives th-i ne at a oi r? vlt.'
by Ik* lakid ?ye, m. n .e >. sf Ih* 1*1 - ...
to teurb ?>{ a .*..ond of ar* tit aVatathtd 0
aarafhl experiflBseta by w Ith b* provod tbat the xsae>
(lo wa* ?BeWutelj nna sve^iably ehe. tat to fas aai
tior 1 ?? .? *? h"**- II* ! * ?'*>> Iis b at vrtaaao uj
the ai araeyoftbo n-. iu r- a tvj debeaeyafbaj
a'Me is leal i'-t'le. *. i^.iVa -tu, ?*n? ? ????*??'
Iba PBgihyado. ?So fjooprineoi? V Is** ? ewaa?
si*', aDeal ?./'apiri, bot ? intriog ???y ?rj?#. -aWi' ?(
S ?M >ld 10 Sethl ?tl Ii). P?*. DHU ?.*??>/ Ol'*?* 0000
,Vr>r! oo iioT-tent nb/bt*. It tr?rtr*H fo tum ' ?
Bah ? impiw-n in Iba lif -r. r-a d.f
t. r.r-t ?ig i?, and b-' into ?> ha <) ? .:.'
h?b? tUt ?i # of the ?H?. Pearl ?OB '* hWe' ? '?*?'
Bf B BrCOBdBf BfB 'loni the BBBBB 01* Bl 0-lei -? SO
BNVOBBBUM ?it*. of at.i obai rv t?orj >? sopp ? lr>
?iT? each r*B?Hif. Prof. Mit? ael ftosed by an e* ?-. I
<t n ai y drhe/.te. ii. lin ? at* to iboe tJw ebeagea .f
|y Btt 1*0 Itfl ? by IM eOVJgjBi rrf (BOBp -?.(a'e :;? II '?
u.e b.c. Ib tb# BU* ?u t oiiadi?. g 'JbB ' nxt pi ne u ts.
Fbtro ??' no d?eoasioB upun flu* pap'-r, au .! I .
n < i ad papar ?s* tah.u ap.
Prof. r(inri Ig eotxenetcing bii lesaarkg trpoi '.be
tidesofSatora,obaeresdthai tbii wbf*?tvaaepp*>
reatrj o/ rina I uaj -rtarif > vrn m rr??.rd to Mtum ?
,.ai m. |; ' a . ?--dge..' : ?a >'.-?' mu?t . ai
to a iberoaga tfcvi?t? of ail that b i* h-eD doae oi?o
ttr-ci isdof tbetoosxitatioBef gttera'e iwstm i i<
OeV - oi tu ring ar? therefore imo-rtan'. to ? /vmhhJ.
trtd Ur.riy a. lue, mgto tue main potrsteof theore
vi< u?> tvi*oa?K>oB, au-i k- or ?!: to Lenktet * i a
rap.r ob the eahleet which appeared betery to beea
We f< igotti r. be called epo> '?"? phis rts of
g. et mid tii li-'<n ri" f. |ry, BBdeiftb i-e booif. tbo pi fM
i ai ^h. unipla o?. a Lit ti be aooul't 6<' old^r?! to tak" as
Iba baiat at lill I all ehlliiBBl. fbe i'rotea*or ttirn o'o
cecded to diaCBM h i> al-'Vtve pro 1*em. atepping o^
jrnaMrfrfim the blo<>h"artl t<? a desk in the b?"" td
pish np a ha*, by above I r in he itastrated ti ??
t un, wuriu ? BVto IBBBOBlber tbat the r.n_- of Bajta n
>!.. f wai '.L pi- r in peoportioo U> its ?'?/o tt.an tha ha'
bnir. the thick tore b< tag only ooa ihooaBBaM of iU I
: h. SajU'C at OB? p< r.t ?f rue pj marks tr.a' he I
ihoald oniit tto oaknlBjiione *iy wblnh he Ladaruetxi I
ataoateel I i-1 i?-ul'?, he pleyfu'iv added tl.tt th^y
*. re a putt of tbat humhoc > ( Mianoe, ef that aaia
>.. . t . :: . ttei :% : ? I. bad ' n ?o StJOBBJ f Obj tad |
to bj r.iii BteBibera of the AsrO iatiiMk He w raid
si o og 't for havii!? l !tu>:~t at aay UflM ?u. h papers
befaiB Urn A*Bo<:iatioo, bat 4bey are ihe pebblea a ach
M be kad beea abls to cj4iect and oder to the Asm ,t
tioa as addkka* to their enahetaoB of tfnaearea. Faey 1
? '? aaiavd ag ?? , araaoe, bul theyvereol
nr.ai pticaiabiaeysa,aiu ? he ratiaiated ibetn by J
? c r?nt of the IT prx^lue ion rati.er than by (bail ui?il?i't I
valni [ttpplBtus . No jeeeU m the .roan of the I
poat are imrtrn valnahls to tbelr pooBasaya ii:an t!..'?e I
nr-- to thoM- who wouij ?fter then in the m"?sr aioosra I
ana humble uiat-rnr a-* th> a coatribationa to the cabi I
ct. oi >c it nie [Appiaaat |.
J!.' paper itseli was a deeply inlsrestiugooo to those I
fun ; ..ii with BtatbajnatieaJ aad pi i* tl .nq-rri-s.' at
bbb too technioal to adadt of a recoct. Taa totetast?
:t . \ oitts ;n ",e ttn oi y of S .turn's : n..?, 'o tl.e g? - ? ... j
teadi r, ere thtit th? ru;g i- Hunt, ana tBBt It w btld up J
trrm <otlisi??n with the planet by the actioaoftie I
sa'elhtfo. I !ie?e p.>m*r be> > be. n an: >n < ?i before, I
but Pro. I'?irre, in ihe preBOBt i>ep< r. Uli gieen a I
niuih rallei and nior.' compete Mvaatigation of the j
a hole pbenemeea na wed aa taoocy of tie aubl-set
sEcrioa or oxoLooi i>n raLatOMTOLOBT.
Prt? ft'OBtv, Pte?i4eati took the ehatr? I
OLJ, U . PoaTKB, of M uu-. tta thoB r. * 1 a i
papfi en 'he gkoiog'eaJ pOBttioa oi the oeposits io I
wbkh oecar the reBUUBBof tbe fo?ail elepbantaof No th I
ABteriea and other aatuaBU)ua> Ibe traapo I ion ia I
tl< gtologkwl ictiea of these reuiaina ia ?tili a <no?tct I
p. li t aaiong American gtoiegiats. M ;ny maiataia I
V at the ia^rodnrtsso of the stephaat was iBbaai|4eo |
to ibe ^in. m*. tiror;/ epoehj and there Ar, tt..?r,? a\e:. I
abaaeseitthai their ei?eetbaa h-ie tak? ;i placeetaca I
tbe at vent of num. I aaidisposed to rofir tbeir ongiu I
to a isr bi^bir aatk|Bity, at,, n tbe ear*h wae t-isani . I
a ith .!;dt a i.i bnbm oi tub, aad ahon dUTereoi pbyaiatl j
eoaditiona pn v ??'?i fttsfl what we ooa betioKJ 1 ? al! |
[ n ? ? d. Bob Mribe Biinnti oesa, to add bob ti.e. raft taw
on ahkh tbi* opiaioa ia baetd] aad at the ac.tompnah- I
niertof ibe tatw, k will boaeeeeearj bi iaoedre btto
the onifo aad age of the snpuii ial depoeita in wniob I
tbise teinains are eatiioibod. if root the bo-dtrs of I
Ike Amic ocean, Bad rxteadfatg aa low down ae leti* J
tudi i" Si Be meet with MoamBlatioai of our. I
on , aid gravi , interspt tu d >i i'h ix.ahi. i - <.f {fan d- I
ere origin, and aagaiar blot he deiieed tront bo trr> it
oktTanee, la tbe teslis of the gtea1 Lake*, the-.' .ie- I
pottta eoaebrt of atarty otays vanoasly ooiorrd. oror I
laid hycoaiteptb^ke aad watarvroaa bowkkre. In- I
UnBBtgksi with thaaaciayaare theraaaalai of vo_'i'- J
t..l nm-t n^r so tar its nUnt fiei1, of led Bad wt.ito I
mdivr, paae< epraea, aad rraabi rry, indknatiagat tbe
time ibeexateneeof aaabArotie vegetatioo. rhu* I
Irr. ikvoagkeal the eaten, aiea ooonpaad by taeae
11 i. . is Kw ret>tips of tl eli bure h.'en t?-ni d. I
bat these are of fre.ir-a a?i r origta. Th?*s*> materi tla I
bio iomit lots Hiii^lid tog " 'r mtU mJl, bo*, more
ii,.|ioiiy aie dietiibufed ia I'ralilied beds, lie j
bealccs occupy aodxed po itk>U| bat n>rro'iuj'? re.< 1
upi ii tie siiifo e, and at otkereareroandd*epdisrn 1
In Iba i' ay. \\ > arc tooapt to i igardthadrin-agoBfty I
by all rh tfeeie BMtertab fcavu beea diipetaed a-st I
?y.tii* Boctktaaaee, bni it nn?> le praaaated thai a long I
intcival iaterveaed bttwoea the tir't !?rrv??T?,' \ ?"d
planing down U.i leake and the oaeeatkai of taa I
boa ? r t ai ipeitetioB. a Hieb isbaarveci have that 'ar I
foiJai t? im ieatc hyowtiaict geoloffieal iwoBB>b*ofa. I
ffbtn ate r phi D0io-i a ivnu'eiy for n -i 1 with I
f . . r.se of i be wt opotb, to which I ah'ill pioceod to I
BaV'tti ai'i .l.tto..1 are the letiVOB> lo t??>??? woo I
kavi iuveaiigated 'he terraei t s kktb hoi I- r the v mh- I
. in Labea and tie riven o*our. olatry, it wn ?apaeai I
et it eti that they have not ti ilted trust th-^ blue ing j
of Ihi batnoiaav Ihei'oBll la, bol beat BBBgradaa I
r ? of op ni.inoiti cont Beat, with sb? *ktBt p tu- ie I
in Ihn inov mi nt to a^Btitof Ihrir fotoit'ion. T ?? I
oirest ii*ei terraces oppia: to bavi beea ;>;mid I
'ii.-., ; ii..- t*niiiiie'ifrn of the duo period, ai ca are I
tne thai they ooBtaai angular at<T errette blocke I
a hi b ertuld tol havi been tram pottnd to tbeir prent et I
po itiot i by i list i % n?i s ok 1 his might no' i.e.-.-a I
sarirj 'oilou inbDinatanceB, lot tbe drift aabjbl ha\e J
in in suhatt|BCBtly ntwkhed r?v diviatik n reis v. I
"bat we hi've no meitna of ciViBgafebOigbetween I
prim *ivr .md mod Bled orift. Keen Mtate terrae i
ci n [ ort d of gat l> IBrfrttnl inateri .is. Baigbt have bet n I
.'oiio. 11 a* a lime abta thaitBBBBdhi of in. ivamtry were I
atif.m- the eflVete <>i the dnlt agoaoy, while toe do> I
pre?M d pOftiotii a/i-re .-aporol to the fall ftiroe of its I
iu-.sj ?. iinth. whole, r 11 n ?mal.;? toiafor th*t I
ihe ii,.?t atidaal teiiaies are iiiBjaB a*?ly connected I
adk'Im drift pbtBsaacBa,and that their orm-it m it I
dot to tie;.- ill vatory BMVVlBeBto by alui.n tl. i 00
tii i nts a. re made toBbbbbm th.-ir pr?sent outllaea. I
IV'ten ae wifacti the present operatkio of tiveti ;
(iodine tb?ir chaane's aad forming aJleviU dapwiti,
ai in) s.i' 'ivjettut the n. re reeeoi even oi
Imseai bave . Ut bigdierautt]>ui*j than tbatordiuarily I
iriigttd to the origin of auut) Itiapretty wel at*ree*l I
amtit>g gtoiegkda 'ha' lee *k? tee ageat by wbk 1 tbe I
ri. k- a. n pi .a. f, rJownaad -'ri if...i. and ihe bo. !
a?ie transpen d, bu' it i- DotagBOed a both < tins
?gei't was ta tte Kraa of glaciers oi 'Obergs. I ? the I
hi dnerk n of gtaeieie th. -.? rmp*tfk>sa are neceaar
Thecoaniry iiu.*' Iiebioboa ??. laggiai u- ?*ii.. a. I I
diep va k ) , '.ho difli /ence in the Sinnui, r taa tViu er I
UBipirataie mut be Barked, aad t>tc atmcpvi I
charged at.h moi tri?- aj u> lead ditvu maeh sn.,s, aj d
I? i Ifta . is I?. Beanmuol his ienn\rke<l m thi I
tropkal ragiane *. Lava, at the preaeot day,moun
tn:t s a b;rb rire above tbe et.on- lioe, but the vir. i >'o- j
nn-ofibt r'.^.nie Bbotaacb taeaaeetbeanosr to I
ate ii* u lav- in the form of gUM n. La Afctie America
a. bava all the conditks>B for tha keBWioa ef glaciers I
? -t< i \* the clevatioBs and deproiaiOBa of th.. soil The I
b'gbl of i n / , Breeding to 8br Jobn Richardson, be
ta.ii Lahe Kept tier aad the Ar. tie Oc*aa, dOei aot I
ejmet) fifie?n kondrod aad fbrty fat ab-ivo tb< lake. I
fk j pose b fore th.- dr.H pwwd tha ooBotry waai
vatt d a fi w tbonsaed feet kiither than BOO, tke iBa}> j
Bits of Ibe Aniroirderk mid A'kite Moontaiaa aou ( j
be withia the baute of pcrp.'uai aaow, aad gbi iera
Bight be formed, at k, eaaoebdatg into the rallosB
wi u:d groove anJ p>diefe 'be :>> k* and bavi I ho I
of rocky fregmeata, known ai m-irmne- Bntitthe I
1\ -!, aber* ;r- u. th.- *.u beta line of tee dr.fv io th; j
An-Ocean tbare ia ae elerwt.ua above twenty*dve I
baadrod leet, aogta icoo'd be fbrntd, a ?? ret j
*.be coceitioBi ? tl e tn.-ie. [ee BWabJ BOi'b I
a-aiaU ii aoBteriae .>-.nt tea in the Polai K. o*e>,
aau.-i--.t-s \.?.-ta?.. n w-r.ic -omt th.- p,a 'J
?ndalOjX ottbi Is ahaae bow wa meet with dkaaVla. I
tUltM A Bt< ..t itin-tj of facts ; - ? th? .;,? - -
Bale of both r, i.i;.,, nts aaa m u l colder tl ?n bow bits
bob tke baman apoeL Haried liBhar ii eleoat uu ..
I-., yofaaab>arcii charaoter, ihe oni.^ui I
p.i i ii are o..,d by PTofeeeoi i'..r?p-^ to ndietti tu- I
saoetbrtg. Tbe thick weal aad bahr of the foe dlek> I
i haLt ?f Karope adopted Mm to a -1 ieave, aad I
it ? . Lrm ia e of i ? totti adap'<-d loa U) feed m'a;n y j
apoi ii.' anoeyibcroftreea. Tbehabbeoftht mta- j
t roa wire tbe samB, as a> ptwvad by tha eaateatt of
I s -t.. hb h? i. Bad in s. ver? mntatieiM o have b-^n I
twiga atd Braach as of oemfcroao tri-^s ahieh now
jtt-.a in bor*'.era latitBdes, and are [deatioal rgdj
ibOBI burn d it. tl.e dr.f>. taBBBII BOB tha'
Iba eoBPtiy ana s jineruul. as ia t.rrved bv
cull U . 'ci t.. t abuvol kaeo. >n-;r?.l, ;l,^ kaa ka th. i*',
lot r. ^io:ia aoti.d r.-.u: away m U,i bjpnn of lx rjrs ears
rywg hagBonti of ;., k a d la*T ni?.t. riaja, ;Hk.-r
kern .r ii t7L_- di^t. .. :,irJ. pr.*, nBaral. < s
of these barge woakj be loath, being driven i v .uf
rc-r. h?-oj r, ..j ?Ht. r toward t:.. eaaaao i u.i littt?
;etin.in..I bj ?ht a?d w,.bVva - v-a ligatbe
?".'. ,m.......*,-.. eubine^.d. bV] <,,^,':/v
?'i i oi- !,:..- ?t m.f. -i.- : ... - ., .
vtsiBk. when th,- reotmrnt roee igaia stn a- abnot ?
("d ee BBbeddtd ia the drift lh< . . -l JT.,
?lo.,,, n, d.e-j a ,t-r - - ia ram B*a, wnaid ?-e as sirted
a:J BWbSed, and v.! -n ... ... , , ,
upon a r, el or si., . ,nsr the lOSWBBTOB^ b? 0C?a . !
and ^^..j nod k*tg rkteeuf pabliea and bowM at
tuowaap, aad ae tha ooautry poao agi . -v, vt?
? ? - ' .1 pan t m lb us.?,-?.?., swaUBite eoal
- i ''byn.er.v, ?bt eeasjB wo.u recede, ? I *\
? i... of ceo : ? ... i..? ,..? ? ..^ u, Um M
'?'? .l-hnrerh-a bat eetBBI -a leali ^ MBO Htei
/'wr VeaJd ukh?,-, tr. jr ,ap j..j ^ ru KS>-^ |
? I. >? ? ? 1?, besrbng Istfl tl>o pooN tba Bat v ?
of a 'firni-T m a BYttBVb T*Yr*CeS w.i<\ ^ ^ *?>?'
a or(f the man-in ??! Ibe vei????, an'l Wan**, 28
i Dt t?wi?y the bWfTWjfB w Bash ebwr BOOM hVaaa 55?
Ii k.- ? ur A ? ft IB n ij-11 bl ?mbs 11 #. rrf^^ ??*>
:.-?? t ?'n h-?rt'< r im-bi-r?, v*i-._,> -, Tviiim*^ "'
?tttste bed*?I abefl nw. Ai u? " ?Vhm'?*'
fllhig o\> oi he deepening 'iwor outlet, ^i-l
t. ti ? wmi d be<*UBe HoM..* w;'n wtf*? ?
fleuriahnj* ?j Iodi,' sa tAey bed ruixfi. watt ej/j**'4'
II.;.'"? ava: y pi the B-rainj- ?,1 r-?at biafc'
irftlrD ?In i ????"inn b*? 0*8*0 i>4L\rr&; '
heia fnnr.il At a t*>riod very ross-agd 3*
einband w.th Um edv-?t of tnv. ?.nbon/A Ua>aa??
( s'ed abella b*lsag to tti I ???". ?? teye? n"
SVid*B*eis laeiantSWUkaB, "1 M AtgWiaatacWlJBf Z
{ir-djcif"; rmrrtaieof ko, of tk o?*ui
an? IB UMborawrt part of tbu u at,*! u>i?
ptrsfoa of boavli ere, ot tb* form d". a ?.f urrp^T,
beerbte ami of the Aof^itloa i-f dr?riiil anvkvi*,
ro . .i* .f.:u:.< ? i Ur ittf.M ?;el nv,W*,.
Bl D a ?.
lbiif are ? wo fatj arl * h -n:. tat* ejaieet tSou
[?Otherj; t, rbl i-ewe Bbl .? id mar?.? M<!,
and .d \% tth a dtpreeeod Ooeajoett, we,
look fir bb rtjnable rlimat*. and a ei-t-e'a'tnp, en
otniiD*/ to tha ot t ?? tiopii ?-. IU*'i. c thg* -ee-cAeiu-,
p. i liar i tie* of flirt e?p??eits,ItuiB 1-f^iein?mm.J^
with tb*nrnau *of tbet'epfcanl C*ol f'aVrUn,?^^
of then main* oi uisaoimal-wandauagkm ... ,
\s?.?y. 1 r,i toaadaaioB of tfc*? valesOsant^aaj
coals*** Bio? ri>ip_'o'i either aide to 'v h-ty. id ?i
rt. o tt ? t Tfco and ia clatey an 1 ^...t vua aoHoabW ?
or trrab-.te pebb'ta. Wnbm the rawin ?atatiar ??^
tla: k ? i ! ' k* ??? 1 rf' "? ' 1 ' a< I " 1 ? a t-t*.v , _^
. ??. '..!?? oa-r trr tk: k.r^mi. e ?ti|p.*?*J of *tia Vv
|*j rrtfti ?nd ro tiag?tt^oO'b*'ookai Ttienv-obBBaaj
bot wo? B those krTBOSS of QuSaBod or c'Bl attreifr??
b obs blocks boo bo ado era tu iatr *V ???-Ii"."? t
tie c'ruta ard topeyraphy of this ;? * ? -n of for g^.
ir,;:'ui Sal*-*. b< Bl /-.i asi k>, iO i-i'natad ''yorianajt.
wan ii tri^i-iVil to abo? tba applioa ioa at f.t,wi?...
plea of drift b) the e*v!? port ot n.i- p?.*r I Reurn*{
boar to the r roaiaa of th maatiishte " 'i?.I is abb ra.
i \. ?Ld wl. ? l wne a epretBM ii id ain omiuoa aite w,i
w- Msasrared, the apeske ahoerod that taep atafata,
itri rcoionedtotke oideat oi theseUrraoea. If - thos.
BMlvsed tbecham Uroftkodep or?l la "V'ii.?etaOaii,
sjcNNifti B Virgitiia, Ikooiaekji Vi rmmit, taua-ia,
tod the Hontbera States, where ataiilar rasaaaas bars
beea retrod. He m*it iBeti'aved a e.^nporewxi t^.
twe- c t. i -< po-.f? and tbosi fc.jrope, wr*h | eea
tS li the r'!<-f.htl* pr.r\ tgtttittt*
t't cm a tin facts is loo cv< the aotkar keiiiTsd
that Ibe fore? elopaaat of Aaaetioa exMBBawased ta
tiiatt oce bi t >to tae dn't letavlei bo I aadirarj aaasja]
- ivben tbe tratet* atood at ? aigber i.'vel-wj^a the
Bottrar of the eoatiaeat areta dtaMceet. when i
a differeat tdiaiats pn va>d. aod whea a
Bttb eegetatloa tu> tcbed f*r totrard th? trl>lIve-a, a
the. ?? wtim the ealUya were i v. avaf-d by il* rOaVaal
waters aad lbs t^rvama Bsencr* l Boat y ib. ii p.-*-!?
drrtctioB. Itaraaaperlod of bfoakte oh.ou aighttc
be Bsarbed bp daauocl BaeJ-Njaaal iawiiaaa*a<ii be
would ot Kib'i ate it aa the Flor ia'tie t'.nud. (Vten
pi iwiv. p-obaMy. with tbe i Iflobeot ? ae the h.*-i doe.
of a aaoretwadeioaabaioe bat of a* infarisri ,*'i',tae
tbreilbeavti tenaited the itniairtaaaalaboai tbaaj
a: I tb* teflon roeaaaa over toe pltda4, wktt*t? taab
wallowed ia t ie awatnpa, a: ?>? otig tat to ? Minn
specie*. In : e BibdVr ngioaeof tbe etoatbi arsajtad _?
tXeslrpbaataod roastodnfl iaibsii biysljiia*.Iteej
thegreal kafeaUa* roegatbotium, Ibe aayt^wo, tba
raegaloBja, Iba I ippopotsuni-, tbe elk baa sxer.
a re beloag i x 10 ? ?' i ?? ?>.?<?? ??? while at tbo bead ot
tli caruuoiB ?tii-i ti.? e i! i l.oii, w:.i< h tln'ii, a.
bow, wee tbe atooan b of the wUtbei ? at,
I pi n tl e coaclaehw of Mr Koati r'.- pip. r,
Prof s i nana epofca ot part of s aaateawaefa
Maatodoo toaad byeorna lii-aaara ?' .V--v-Hm* i.
Cot a., ???n.e ?' an tr i a, whiob oisuo i-r\ o.ie i* -<a bd
low?d eines V* AndiBg ta?* ea'irw sk?ietoa. Hoaree
Hew'HaatB, at a aobeeojaeat per od, aneaaf o?|m.
Bcaaoi teeth kave bvaB loaad ii lbs gra**ttwastd
by decayavg icd taaaatBae raese ?re Un inj
Itiataacta hi kiew of fading tbtas rcaaabai b) bfsw
firmln e. II is ?? rj OBti M toal an m B a lathered
u n?ti-dorn * otild have bu n to uad ui IB* ea U"j p i "
of Nt w \ i k and in New-Jersey, bi ! ta kieoBltt
other * de ol the UboVjs. U;. ^} raawlMss itivn.
w i y tl ia nt- tl B ca a '
Prof. II ? i ? iii k i ?pre:-? J no. oo i^'nm f>. t ?
Poster rot !!"-? outntnneieation, arbheh ? 'ho S-a*.et*
tri p? to fix the true an* ol tue MM'odoa an I
Elepbaut. If Mi Poater Be oorrec at hat awa?arbjBisa
ol the t? rtacoa la watch the remal .nl.av ? ao? ? Hiaad i
tail be Is* so doabt of tLL- the BLtkfaH* af those
at iraela is nach groater thaahea htawt ibata aasa -u?
ptt'ted. Hi baaBtaei-d tit.-dcie neu y potaj^aad it
, riteedtbal db?*t*eMa todoalivedTfiayaraaaatt
have ti en i 0 lev SB irttl"*.
Prof, Sir i.twtn reBrarfced that Dr. We*v*efe upsd
oitnoi tl' Maatodoa waa riBiarkabli boat tb* ie
Ibat the aelrUee of Ike booet had sot bo-n isH, as
tritt tbaboBie nqa'ree bo iasortbaaof gasBtdiaapBly
the want and pserent theia from faibaat topk ? >. tl
did Bet bei I lo do ae l?r. Kaehtead w Bead t > lave
dot e?bojil tht boB**fsrg*olu|{io*leoap [kaagntarb
Paper* wire read on anaaa p ? ia * is t???? Ol ikajfj el
t!i Upper Hi: ?> ;,ip! Vail yby Pro'. llaU a-..l <*\
t. Geolofty ? f th. Hioad Top Coal kVgioa by J. I'
fec1iob0i tOOI.OUV, BOTtBI 1kb RTBVBf*)OV,
Plbf. \S ii on Wee BleCtod to Ihe . i.air, Bjat Ur.
II.iwh v *?? crtd try.
1 u ti:i? pa;>. r wa* on the M*bm a .>?' Aaiaaab a'lh
? ?f.nice to Kthao'ojry, by ii?. IVcivaaBD. Me
aid ihot v< wi r? strack ny tbo fac' ?hv. in AtlMrit*
hi Apglo-BeaoB race, inatead of dovieiag ai ? ut><
oi tl< ai iiimh of Ann lira, hod ap 1.. d U>tk< ni '.he
DBBate of einrrpoadbg ammtds as Earnpo, ll-Lwl
found that iatbc PelagWb IViit?. i<- and ei-iet-i-.t ??>
gaagea Ihe uim < of aaiaaae] wire tb -vai*?
i n ' '}. Tie |i?n wne ori^'ba ly a native o
Ore ? ? ? a.id the Gt< ek U?m waa 'be orig?
inal rewne from Vbicb tbe 'I?u''.nie nanci
wi :e derived. The rjam* of t gar wa-- tee ottgiaal M
any of tbe Karoo*** laoeatgvs. No, Nni, wph tte*
cen.i i. 'I i b augut eeem to prove ealy taett IBo Baa*>
pi an natii ni came from Aa a and bniogbt the na-aaa
witblbem. Li;* .i was sol -? Tbe iwrn ?ad tare*
hi.in .lie nut.it- , r d. -iJIy d;?. r nt. the haii, wtAdk
occBind ibioagboat Ea vpo, bad thro* asdaaaby <&*?
thaot naracs. .^o, tie<. with thi loa which o*d <??
ron e it 1-ie, v.hire he Waa bo* roond. s.M,?'*uiie
tatioar k^v. Batmato roreign bbIbihs?, as afoirioBfAg
ai d hippoe. t imuH. But tin o b i% ii jsnatcd aaaa*
pccnliaiAj ?>:' Ua aniiBai, aal the dash* of aeAbsae le
d -crlbe tbrtiga ai::..na Lj rufravaae t.? BaAbra.
there waa baid'y a iialiua wbioh *<!?? ?o liahu nr.
Dame* lor uni.na.) a.i the, <,. intaa. |.. tie.- Mwlb-Oar*
Waul?Bg asetken weraloot-uaaiee fa n^ar-y a't tao
anima i Sentkern G naany.wl.ili tae aVboa .?f ih.?
Baltic aer<- eslled by lelatlve ttamm. Taat anew-at
Ibat tba Hit-idItrnaan kvnga-ge bad baea avotvod 10
boatiiernGeirriaiy; and th- - ?u.. ram Ba-gat a? ap
p.idt.. otherhTttiguaget ?Iii: nooeBolaietnbviAa^eJsJ
n rajha.
Prof, Hu DMAS -Bid H.at 'he w?i l ?enrp'.in w-iiaj -
I Htdtfl a \:;i.r. \n \ nyn.e Itiu/ ?rd was Brpplawl to
a vbIMub ii tliiseonatry. Gopher are iwBod.'aea w**iag
to La Conte, to tki Ma dm irex abn hod eeawra/od to
Ibis COBBtlJ, It tvus npp'i -I'o i rodent in tin; waal
ana to a tottoba hi the *BBth. Heen g be Ikiatgld to
In mm tbe Ueramn war* Aerre, umoy,?BmwMe A
?.a pig tvai. seither a pig BOT ?ai? t he i?.?oie frotn
i. .in a Tiger Bad the lajne ei.re frojiJic a.iuk'nijt,
?,.-! ifyisg an arrow,
l?r. NS mm ? an aappeaed thai m-1 felt th. .rr?la?i.T.
tn LLiuale touch nrorodeepl) iata*old trui-e, wbeo
ibi \ nami d tl om, than tke>] oo bow. Me t,?<| boivd a
b Br m Heriia, when ai Brat saw the btpp.-?potwmtM .a
- ? latirt owt wrtn a word o*>wr4i Was far m a
di icirnirvc of the at..um. than any detail
IT..I H*i . - - . ratid f: at i ' Pen aha wot saeVdtbs
boric tbi ai iaatl n ta oswtaa, bmag ap.m tawa*olog{.
cslduttiMt u. rn.>Cnlr*?aw*?adiidlrtbe*oamalwla
kudnapa* r. .. Prot Agasala b said *. Q
a i|Uainted will the Maskinob^e, a C-l m tue rr .1
.alii a. ?
l' of. Aci ' -M0 I know K \< r. waH; R is writ?
ten Mnahaa'oane?! ; ire antblng aal mootjm* thog t "
and bi Inrtd the aidmalwiibita loaf, abrade*.Mated
aad an* it,
''?"?f H *' i"a.d :?. r was lud ao, uw.acr.?
loi best j iki.
Dr. GisBoa gave Bome ae ma ? ?.; t .e do-?T,iv.v*
r.Mi. -1 \. a bj real n-u-i-e.
At.. B. B. Ki NOoi i .i l -*,.l t>.ki i?,f [ ,jj..nd.T
vstirrfl wse rhrat, ihn rrencb djcwoai ap Ii.deau
B.rtOB. ami be* d en^?-.l the ? .'
Pior.Ai i ?:/ a/y.edtot;. bwavriaffof ihaaayaf.
II M-iuiwd \<rv lin?t...|, b t it waa a heel* BK' i
broadest general istioa, It w.u oaui?*a bow Bejflaea
??es Iraneplmnteo from one par1 of the world be a?
ether, 'it., bnAvmhag-btrd.n smikodanoesiriaratyoi
the Amertcaa conti sent, bo-e a jr-xd dagia rtai ta
n.iae. Hut in Rsglaod, bamining b'td e. hartee>
By. which appearod on us w. 4 ^t laws, aad bed in
H - uio\ tnaeiil roch a atribiteg eiwileri^y N tB* oi?-ik? ? ;
Ihhl eotit.try. that th. BTst ? A Hi > < ? led ha ou. se
bod. In lb* Bats,difraresl :?k-'?' bsBsABatr 1 hJ
Ibi m:ma-.t 0;'1 oanttb a wh*n tAey i va by aaaass p*>
? ?.;.erio their bntgaagei and wsco aa ournU ha* a
2< 1 gmphii 1! 1 -'1 b dioa aid. r than Um at?r \* of in-n
atamkagthe rean* !a2?'U"/e, tve- tin I tho uln?i to
aavi wvHsd nauNSw as iseoy nameo aa aBBBBBr* die.
c--ti)i"t?e natiosaliUsa ia the babttat mi ah*) aaieaaL
I 'ink ibattbU abowalhal th. atoehaef aaeahava
mtgii atif* In Ua name p'a -i-i *tten the ammal *rk sa
Ibrj save ehrb*er*d ongiaa*4jd.
nePrtarioi r t losgha t <.t i weray karge Bewpyw* a)
ot lie I an ee it le.Cr) Were iaatttlieBA lb*** ot W
rnn?e org'sa#*d in Um moei kKtni*tv* ie:v. S* 1
1 unes aeie e\ eti y:v ? 0 t > Tt i ?* of rm?:i. ("'.a W.e 1
I ltd tent ot v:.i;.n 'BwBttirB v. tbo rudo tadi of th?*.
t at'ot.
Pmf A- i -i/ hoped th r*woabl bwao/ti faeaal i
or dtecaaeioa of the pcobabili? iof thedaferaait v.***
y*}n ibe BB tj Of th* ra-.o. It-; MVf?VI hko to iaic a.i

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