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? ? ? m* ?
Tmmm Oar Special ('? irr.t- n>l<o(
Lav? UMCK, K. T? Ott II, 1C.V5.
The Trr-Slavery election which passed off thin
VTeek fully sustains the prc\ n us < harn. r. r ?.f all
Territorial Seel i I t 8lBvery Extent
will endeavor to make great cajiital out of it, . !
they already assert thai it dafiaitivaly net::-,* tat,
ejoeetion of Slavery in Kaunas. The result is limply
this: i he Piee Qlala pea pie t"..k ao part whatever
tn the matter, rej-iid.a' g bog I Ifiaaoari Legie.
lattire. under w hose authority, and und?*r the centn J
of whose axrpotaaooa, it was held. ' >u the ether
land, throe-fourths af the vote given was thrown hy
Wisaounatis. who entered the Territorj for thai
purpose lea days prior t" the elec'ion-day. and
ananjaenred leaving, on their return, ti. ?'.
they had voted. The deference in this last election
from former ones was siniplj that they did BOv come,
aa an army and seize the polls. The poll* were
already in the hands of their minion*, and tor a
?Wink pfiot to election, they swarmed in quietly,
ander pretense of ?? retpjmini' " and were thus paoted
at the different point-, PBBaty to vote. The Pro
?Slavery men. before anyth rig definite eould he
hnown af the result, declared that they had polled
five thousand votes, hut, so far ivt the result is
hnown, I ?hould judge thai the rotO would stand
?loi-e on three thousand five hundred. Of thaac
ant in ere than eight hundred c 'iid have Balde 111]
ela.m to being voters bofOvti an impartial tribrxaaL
In Lawraaea tat ra ware bat saven rotea thrown,
jVo one paid any attention to the election. Early
in the forenoon Sheriff Joaes, M.itipancd by three
or tour others, came down from Leeioaipton, bring?
ing with tbcin aba?ot box, some ticket-, and what
was intended to repp -en? a p. i I.k. Jones and
one i f Iiis romp;. ni< n*. a man who came from Geor?
gia a few days ago. acted as judges. The little
Irish Pro-Slavery lawyer in this town, iiaimvl
Christian. act?-d as Clerk, und w U tl.. . r
dent of the town who participated. One of the
X>onaldicris, and another Pi v iveiy ram who
tpjaaa with Joaee'a party, voted, and area ton tol/ee
Venworth BB horseb.uk. where they, doabtlOM,
Voted again. Join-* Bad l?scoiieagues voted. Ano?
ther man wbo livei afar lierrmptiro. raain down
during thi day aad voted. There are several Pro
?Slavery i::en n ridiag arithifl a few Bile*, oi Law
wnce, but none of then aronld rote or goto the
election, except one. One mm, living a mile or bo
from town, came ia, and Sheriff Jones indaced
him to vote, by paying the required fifty cents tor
him. Thus was aggregated the ? seven votes,"
When Jones and \v< confreres, see ng th at thOTO
Was going to be "BO BlOfe business th.it day."
alo.i-d up and went back la Isoeoraptoa. What a
Btriking aoaatau Btary, this vote, on the ei.-ht-hundrod
Pro-Slavery votes polled at Lawrence by the invad?
ing army, af the Lift Legislative, or 11 Murch elec
lion, 1865."
The money qualification to vote at this election
?ras only fifty cents, instead of one dollar, as for*
awrly. Among the funny quip* and craiiki of the
bogus Legislature, it appears that they had deter
mit.ed the tax to be paid liefere voting at the last
?ctolier Delegate election to la- one dollar, but that
the poll tax subsequently should only be fifty eenta,
ami that the payment of this should be a coudit ion
?f voting. Such is the singular and ridiculous ex?
planation of this graduation of the price of B mler
Ruffian voting. 1 Bead not tell you this rule was
exjly observed in certain localities; wherever a
heavy body af Missouriaus voted it was partially or
totally dispensed with.
To the Shaw nee Mission voting-place, out from
TVestport, there was sent from the latter place.
Jest before the election, two barrels of whisky and a
large lot of provisions. There they rtannal honestly
poll a dozen votes, but 1 hear there has been ? heavy
Vote thrown, all Missouriaus. At Wyandol, close
on two hundred and fifty votes were thrown.
There the legal voters an- short of forty, including
all of the Wvandets. who are hulf-ci. ,1 .zed. Most
?f the latter, however, had gone up the country hi
Vote. The Wjandot vote came most!) from Clay
County. Mo. At Capf. Sandcrs's, on the Santa t'e
road, there were apward of three hundred votea
throw u. The legal l'ro-Slavery vote of that region
etoc? not exceed fourteen. The others had been
?outing in and camping there for eight or ten days.
Many of them voted several times, and they began
to leave for home ou the afternoou of the election.
At Lneoaapioa, four baadrod und fifty-six vote*
Vrcre polled. Of these, one hundred and fifty, or
#nc hundred and sixtv. might beaatitiod to vote;
tbe greater portion of the remainder w re from
Missouri. A reliable |H?rron, who was present
?during the whole election at that place, said that
Bot less than sixty persons, who had voted, left for
Missouri ou the afternoon of the el.vtiou, avowing
that they wen? "going home: and they have been
leaving every day since, this week. A parry of
those who had voted at LocOBaatoa, started up to
Tecutaseh to vote, and there was a party BOWa from
Tecumseh in the evening, who voted at Iyccoinpton,
although there is no di ubt but they had previously
VoN-d at Tecumseh. I have not yet leaned the
returns from the tow i.? along the htiaaoeri River,
north, but. BO far as 1 have heard, ti e vote thrown
ha double or treble the legal Pro-Si ivory vote, lu
this more quiet, but not leaa outrageous way, have
the pxdla of th,. Territory In-ou invaded oace more,
and thus will every voter be outraged BBtil the
?ppressed people of Kansas are permitted to defend
their dearest civil privileges. This ballot, however,
?ru not tho ballot of the people of Kansas, it waa
?nly the creature and excrescence of the former
Missouri paaaaatkm, and w.vs rr^paxliated by the
awttWrn. who left the aaupt r> who planned I itil]
further x<> eacrapt aad polhVbB their own work.
Borne who arc ignorant of the true character of
the slruggle may be inclined to ensure the Free
Btate meu for aWtaaeotiaf th- r aasBflnVa, even at
ouch polls, and beat'.ttg thctn. Wl.vt w . I pj
have gained by this adwiaiiiai of BOfUl BBthority '
The privilege of voting at a Missouri-appointed Mai
llisaouri-nianaged poll, a here Missourians in large
Btimbera would be permitted to vote with them; a
poll guarded by a &t\y coat tax aad n ; ?J I ItMl
?aths. framed fag their persecution and an
?oyauee. and w hich no freeman could take, lleeide*-,
sag bad they succeeded ,ti the fa.-e of all this op?
position anit fraud n e'.ivtiaj Leprese',tativc* to
the lower Haaaa, they araald gam nothing, as the
Council (or Senate1! eiocted b> M.ssoun bj March.
KV.. bold* over and would have negatived all the
effort* of a new lower House, eiovtol by the poop e
cf tbe Territory. Gear, Geary strongly urg.-d the
I>ee-8tate pe*?ple to vote. This waa treat u>
aidious advice, and could only have acted lnjunoualj
hf followed. It woukl have proved him acting in
aaoneert with the enenuee of FreeKansaa in Waah
iagtOB, if auch evidence were retired. In order
to induce them to take part, he gave aesuranee to
ffbe dtiaen* in I>a? rvnee that the t?bjectionahle teata
mpjd not be featured, aad Hut rLi other pheu?ee j
iWaU be removed. In Iii? be premised more titan
hit legitimate authority would have warranted him
in performing, seeing that be baa declared that tho
art* of tbe Hocus Legislature "shall \*> main?
tained." But beJM n<d perform it; pvhapo |jj
bad no intention of doing so. He bad no means of
ascertaining, up to the day of election, whether the
Free Stall people would vot?- or not: and iu any
ca,e it was his duty to act on his profawed oonvic
ti. aa, it he Lad power to art af all.
Election day came, and the ihwtioa was solely io
the b?nde in which tbe bogu* Lef^alatve had
placed it. ar.d governed by the regohttioai thoy had
ru.de. S-tne tin e prior to the election, Governor
Geary issued a proclamation calling for an election
of IVlegate to Congress, to fill the vacancy cvised
by the action of Congress. He did Dot take the
opportunity of this proclamation to issw any in?
struction relative to the management of election* or
r.ioctit n of tu.jtirt tests. In this proclamation,
njao, did Governor G? arj grossly insi:!t the decision
of the national Howe of L'opr<-??? !,? ?.' ves. The
aafJl ground of Wbitticid's rejection was th.- fraud
of the March el, ction, under the in .tiagetnent of
which fa.se I>^>iature L;s < lection w.:s held. In
the tac, af thai dco.ii'.n Ocj?. (ieary tOOiOl this new
clccti..n for delegate to bo held under the nopteeo
aii'I authority cf a Legislature which CeWfi kti has
justly repudiated.
As the Leg is..Mi; re elected as I bare de* nbed
will, of course. harmonize with the Council boelamg
ot* r, are lock for fresh specimens of V jjislitive vil?
lainy when tbi< body sLai! convene. The bt| err.es*
of eight* en months' host lit v will glv,- additional
venom to the power which will thus presume u<
leg.-'ate for Kanone, while past cipericnee ud the
ecemi:'?? of a retnor-cios persecution will make
them out-Draco Draco in the second act of thi? in?
fernal ar.d disgraceful legislation.
Tu m <>cr Sp. dal C rn in? i>
Law iti xi i. K. T.. Oct. 13, 1*356.
For oome time back the friendi end enemiee of
I'n e Kansas in the states hat.- been tickled by the
tune. "Got, (ieary has restored peace to tbe T-t
ritory, and all the difficulty II over." This delusive
fallacy is an iaottN and another wrong to the unhap?
py Free-State people. iVare has bean restored as
it was in Hungary in '49, or an CoL Su'tiner re?
stored it last Summer, by di?annmg the Prop fjtlto
people, and leaving tbem at the mercy of their ene?
mies, (iov. Gear] bai been prnfuaeio protest*
tiens and premise? to the Free State men, but h.s
?ct.?, wb?u stripp***! ot all this Blocking tinsel, j?rove
that he it unable, as unwi.itnj. to protect Free
State set tie ri, that he is determined to make thorn
bead to the bogus usurpations: tf.it lie ii boot lc t>>
all Free-State demonstrations (whi.-h are. indood,
lawiefi under bogus authority)) that he offers
bo i ppo?ition to arrest-; bcii.g male by bogus
< flicers mill*, r the most frivoloas pretenses, or to
the unhappy victims beinc treated in the ajoai igKV
tninious manner; that he has allowed wild, mur?
dering bands of Mi?>ouri invader- to go, after the
c< n.mission of violence and crimes, unpunished,
while ke arreoted bj the dragoons a large part],?
upward of one hundred Free-State men?who had
marched from Lawrence and vicinity tome few
wicks ago, to repel one of then,* invading pait.es;
and that, tiirthernior*'. ho turned those tint, rtu
BotfO over to the tender mereiei of the itorder Ruf
fiaus. Titus and his myrmidon*, an rare!led
miitia, have been guarding there prisoners at Le
con.pton. The Pro-Slavery Courts and bogOl
< ffioials have been fabricating indictments against
them last week, and Lhil w?vk n any *d them will
bo on trial Par their three, and the remainder for
trumped-up felonies. God have mercy on them !
I sc?' no power here thai 01% and vtll.
Nor is this all. (iov. Geary keep* a most watch?
ful eye on emigration from the Free State*.-. As the
Border Ruffians have practically closed the naviga?
tion of the Missouri K.ver. overland emigration by
Nebraska has been the only alternative. All such
overland emigration partakes ef the caravan, or
aggregated party of emigrants, and the danger of
being intercepted by bai <ls of M -sour.an* on the
frontier renders this precaution doiib'y necessary.
Spurred i n by the Border Ruffians, who groau over
the advent Of ever] Free-State emigrant to the Ter?
ritory, tbe Governor has kept tho greater part of
bis force of dragoons scouring the country in that
direction. Cue or two of tbe OUliglBUt trains have
passed the dragoons; so petCOfeJ the appearance
Ol the teams, their contents lad .ctipants. that the
dragoons never suspected that such could be tbe
Northern ?? arm* .1 11 .grants.'- It is, indeed, not
difficult to get in in tttil way. although the dflf?JOjnj
are btting used to tL.- U>t advantage to keep them
out. The North is thus officially tabooed and
hedged out of Kansas by the Border Ruffians on the
Missouri River, aud (ieary aud bis dragoons on the
North. That the Governor's sensitiveness about
??armed immigration" is not equally acute at all
point*. I wii! mention that a company ftvin M>- -
sippi. oi M ine twenti-two >oung tuen, armed lo the
t?\'tb. curollod as a tmiitary compatn, not a woman
w.th them, and not a vestige of peaceable or in?
dustrious intentions, arrived at Lecomptoti a week
ago. '11.? y i res, nted themselves in this guise in l I
very augustvice-r* gal place of abode; ami ev ery Dia.Lt
I tat week tbair aiam wen stacked il bout of thtar
bivouac, while tb? ir sentry kept his martial tread
under his omniscient Excellency'* gre?! tu ?e. Th.?
eoBpnaj came il a gaioe bt w hi h no Fr*v-StaV party
e\cr cutt reil tbe Territory, ai d every evening last
week is] person ab?'tit Lec< u;'t< n who wie ant deaf,
could have heard them swearing about what tbey
were going todoto the ??Aboliliouisu." Such ,s
the state ?f affairs at Lec?'inpton, while courier
after ecu tier at.'. drogoi I tfteedtlgOQH is .'.?patched
to the uonheru tn t.ta r. t<> - stop ' tbe Frac-Stut.
? arai* d mm ^tati? p." no inc>>n* d*Tab'e poftkaj
of which .* tra\? aiig tain.Ik s. ll? ?. !?> all tl .*. G >v.
Geary bss just petwdtled a snake-like aud insidioti
;t road of nearly thr*v thousand M.sso iriani to
invade the baliot-boxen and elect I L* g:.?i.irur*'.
Gov. G* ary is uot a Gen. Jackson. He is not.
(>n the other hand, a roepectakk? t] r.v,*. nor yet an
tmtHVtle. He is n.er. > a p< ..tic an. and the ? - -
able tool of a miserable faction which covers up
its tyrant.nnder tte c oak of Democracy. He
c.-uie here net to u.ake p?acy. but to make it ap?
pear that there WM peace; not to pat an end to
iniquity, but to eoiff up ir.i-juiry for 0tittle while.
*. that the OaWke of itl burn ng might uot ascend
to Heav?n as an evidence sgamr: the p-'rpetraii.r*
of all these villainies. Gov. Geary Las indiscreetly
boasted tlmt be bad a ?? IVesident.al candidates,
"carry on bis shoulders." I'nder th:s impression,
be has lad an eye single to the precious burden.
Freud of this anticipated impcnal weight, the Gov
ernor has not be an instant allowed his eiecutive
nerve to be unsteadied by the groans of aa ensiared
yonng empire. The ble*rdirc ruin of American lib?
erties hat been tcatt. red at kil feet, and n-.t one'
manly n pubiioan tLrob has stirred his heart to the
Ovid *?d ;t, rofft. egtbaj u owes Karsai. aU kj
tff< rte Live born t? bolater and strengthen the Pro
Slavery party; hence lhaj reman eatisfied with hi*
matter: while at the fame time he it load in hie
protestat i n?amidec.arat.on*of .n-part .tiity.jo-t.ee
A r. C? v. fi.-ary in e.tker a very dignified man 9J
a ten pomp, u? eat?peri.apt a littie of both. H*
hi a pildbliad ec?-t>r. and ta'ks ahoat ?bat be i?
and intend* to be. at a somewhat aneaVaadioai man?
ner. Gee. (renry is a determined man. without the
capjsolty ta aVtatftniae < n ar.y systematic tawaa.
He hin an .n n w;l! Without a pnrpo-e. i ;? < nly a:ia
being to carry the aforesaid prudential candidate
safely t-n hi- ? < uld'-rs. and thi? under in-true
tiers. He baa made statements iboeJ having ten
then*and ?c'lar? of secret service money. He ? 99
stat?d to it eeuipi.ny of I'm fWati gentlemen that
"there were not two men starting BTBf the prairie,
hut he knew where they w r go ''Too h.?ve
not a werlt mer-ring." he said, '?but I kr:ow whit
take- plaet?I abaeet kaowyou thfleght*.rt Ii
this he a'! trr.e. the conduct of hia otruisoi- nt Kx
ceileney it ?t !l more culpable.
Although the re;gn of tern : BM been BouiinaJy
qeJeted in LeaTenwonh.it reallyexiea?then as
much as ever. W'e- have many merchant!arid busi?
ness men af that pace who avi .ded being sent down
the river by feeing to Lawrence. They dare not
return. It Wi uld he aa much as their lives were
worth. It is but a few days ago that smne Free
State men. wi.o had been dii orered there, were
violently driv.-u our; and baft Friday a young m.in.
who lad cotae ap the river aad attempted to re?
main. rece?ved a note nrder.r.g Lim to leave. There
is n' t a town BB the M??ouri River where Ruf?
fianism is not n.nip.j;'. and not BM of fbera in
which Free.-'are men dar 1 to l ave etnaaxaad for
the late election, [safety, Mr. M' - M?--rewas
violently laiaad ? Westport, arhik on hi* way to
St. Lonitj nd after ?cver*] day s' deteD'ion. in
whirL his lib was ,n immiruat danger, succeeded
n.aking his escape. CapC Mitchell of Teenha,
who emigrated from Missouri two years ago, and
who hai since been an artive Free-State nan. had
oecaaioB to return on a visit to some of his relv
trrea, a hi n he was seized by a mob at WeatOfl and
sent in irons to L.ivenwortb City, where the Ruf
f.ans will doubt!? n- hold him t II some Grand Jun?
tas tin e to trump up some ir.iLctmen* against h.tn.
Wo l.aveju-r heard that Mr. Babeeehj I'os'master
and merchant of this place, and OM at our mos*
respectable citizen*, waa arrested at Topeka, while
on his way Last by the northern overland route,
by a cm: i Bay ot 1 nite-i Oil BIB I ?ragoons. He has
hern delivered over into the hands of Ti'tis an I hi
erow ot militia, who have chargp of all the Free
State prisoners there. The?e now amount to con
lidt n I J B] M ltd of a hundred. Mr. BaheofJ was
arrested under the preposterous charge of Lorse
iteal ig; but a? there will be no < hariee to get any
ttst.mony against him for rich a crime. it is re
jorted that indirttr.ev.ts l.avo been found against
I im for pCsstiCBl offences, for which he will be'
tried. The other charge was merely to get hold of
The Grand Jury sitting at Leconipton l ist week
(band bills agaii st upward ot ISO Free-State men.
for various alleged offenses. These, with whit
were K and last term, ought to give the Ilorder Ruf?
fians work, as they enable tl.etn to arrest any prom?
inent man they j 'ease. Sheriff Jones has his pock?
ets fill < f Write, ttd a good) r J arrests have been
made and attcapted to be mvle, when the parties
fought managed to escape. What a hideous mock?
ery was the release of the seven treason prisoners 1
The Free-State cause in Kansas never looked so
|k> ii y. It' Fremont il beat ... we tremb!-here to
think of the conseuoene? s. Kvcry meaus of de?
fense crushed out by the iron and ruthless Pro
Slavery Administration, we have a flattering been
in the justice of the great American hhart, and the
love of Freedom which pants half despairing in
this struggle And yet it is a fearful thing when
the liberties of one portion of the people arc de?
pendent en the votes of another: but 4" our rights
are thus blotted out in fraud and crime, the hopes
of Americtn Freedom will perish wh them.
Many oi the impoverished settlers of Kansas have
been living OA green corn and squashes, w hile most
of tbe money raised tot the relief of Kansas baa
beea eipcadod ka aiding in emigrant* by the ex?
pensive northern route.
We want money here to buy flour before the Win?
ter sets In, or before we are beleaguered by another
C-crrerT??.?.?B*r af The N. T. Tribun.
Won tsTtK. M.-.t-., Oct. 90, I86&
I find that i.ny letters from Kantas se*-m ineom
plete without a laa] appendix, ia rajard to the im
mi-d'ate future ofthat region. Perhape the ohaer
vat.< n i f ? v.sitor to the Territory may hare BBM
some things in .t different light from it* resident*,
i r m m thooe who have never been there.
Moreover. 1 have ahaarrod for many year? tr at
the mere thorough an Ab?>htianist any man is. the
more correct are h.s pn-phe, t - ..s v American
aCairs: and in this respect, at leaat. the preaent
wr.ter .s prett] we.l qualified. 1 will therefore
give the reasons wh.ch lead m<- to think, contrary
t the 0] BlOMOf aaaary Bi the Hast, that the pree
iiitotiip: \ e iiuiat of Kiaaae ii nly the pr? .
to a severer struggle than any she has yet seen;
that th a strugcle will .s-e-ir soon .ifter tae Pres;
..-:;?..:? et-ot.: tfcat it w ill be almost equally cer
tainta oceaf,wkether Frcm nt?r Buchanan bo
ThefhindttifA fivtaeae i pinion? can be made
very nt? i. gihk ?
I. The real ?pUee* OD at .SsUC is. Bei the in
va-iot - of M.s-. ur .-? - '.or '';.<? l.> er. --..-.^ . f tt.e
rn?r, but tbe eutomrc of the bsfua laws. The
laws <t I exist, the C< ,rts are sr. I rot.rreiled by
M.?s? Bl -r d tl .s is the real ro?-t of the dittculry.
?v.r wh.ch re. "her Gov. t-*.-..r> :.. r i y one .?.?
.except Coe^ress) ha* at.) leg timtte contr !. The
i bm BttaJ tri ul le. 'her? fen-, must either remain un
ratied t..l Ci UJXaaa meets aga-n, o: be settled by
ri rce.
ft There i- n t the ?..ghte-t increase af harmony
bttana the part -s. but tbe contrary. H.>r'n
sides expect to ee? !Li ??? ntest ref -W.-d. 1 did not
Lear ft a s.ngic maD. < n cither tide, eieept Got.
t.e .ry -nd h:? sat? i'itc-, who th. ught othorwr-e.
'h. th lidea are making actua. atefBBltii M I r
Btaaewal. ThaaaathaTBaaa a ? aj j.-ms, am
muaiti' n and iresh men. Tb?- Miss?"iriaas are
doing the sail e. True. Ml troni both a des are
1. aving tb?' country; but they ar> panajg, e.th.-r w.th
tbe design to rt tnm sis n mm r the eaeehkaa, or ejae
tn-m perx r.al dissarisfactict:??et because they ex
m ct pera aaeat peace.
A. Sc.ther tarty desire* pe^ace. under the present
auspices. I he Mi**? unar.s do not desire it, unr.1
ktei Me that it mveives the speedy .Ltrealuct.on of
Slavery. And the settler* do not d?-s.:e it, when it
near*'?ol m.-*.<n U-tbe law? wt ch a foreign Stav
I I <-ee-d up<-n then', and the d-.Iy arre?t of tiuvr
w'-i men while Pro-Slavery men go tr^e.
.*. War always educates men to iteelf, disciplir.?e
them, teache* them t-o bear iU fatigue, anxiety and
danger, ar.d actually to ? rjey them. 1 saw abur
dant inatano s of this on tie Free-State aide; and I
?abate it to be so with the M-sou nans. Every,
bnflyttatiild thai the army i f I,Bm% wh ch Last
baaai ged I awilin ?a* better armed and better
Vd thau ar.y Btvoioaa nvad ng iirre: and all
agreed tLat at the Mttk *f H.cki ry IV.nt the |f^
iv-.-.^s ibvwvd a a* uuragv u.a. cur bvArv.
f. Th?' wh? tendency of Gor. Geary's policy ii
tO ? la-1 ??:.?'? 1?th ?-de-, and, ksfaea, actually ti
?tr? r ?tt ? r loth. Take a single iestano? : What
ran I? more I-r? sasaerSwl than his plan ef <>rga -
izirg th- two paitio. ? man lor man ' ?an ho aa>
pre?-?d it tome), into B?litaB) companies ' Imag
il?- aii Ir.-h BM b. st d th- Governor StM phag th< m
to ia*. ?? II?.'?! en. mj beartiee! la> d?wi vour
"ikfllelake, wh '?? I ? tt TOS Sharp * rifl?**. teach
"yiutLr..rt if war, inal pick out fOUl brnte*t
" nets to lead von properly '" Yet thi* i< prtciaerj
w 1st Genry ha- ?Jene. Ho hau oretin:/?sit'*-" rotn
p..t ie? ?.| F'rv-Stare in? n am. two ?>l !':?-> av.-n
u*f: re ;nn? th?-m. pav* tb?*i*i. a:i?i ? ?ih*>*?*r* ?h---::
with the vefj Vad?-r- a h?' have area toremost in
tl.?- fray. A' Lawrawrf, Paptaia Walker, wko
beaded the attach oa Titu?? tor:. :.. m h. .i?i?
une roBpany ander the Goitrraar'i *y-t?:a.
wluTe Tun? beadi an her. liest. Harte*. of the
aea L ermee company, i- the ('??!. Harvey "t"
IT?rk? ry Point novrVy. Ri? men Ii?* "t pri<??n.
while he ii put 11 ? ffi??*: hat there i? an ek tage in
1 in. ool] n -he ii?.vertier. An?l in Top. k:.. wirrt the
< tbt r I rcc-8tatc rosipaay. the ?am?* tolly > pktyed
aver, The Governer auy ftoey tkia a peace m?-a?
are, .t 1.?* taiHj 1 call ??. war measure, aad eeaf?
dently expee tn ???? th?* <*<-utl:ct recommence
amtre hit nrn unwpt.
T. it, r. ..-.-it w..; the ?tr t'e '* po-'poti??.!. by
tacit agreei rnl ii easily taU. The Missourian*
are wait.rg. in rtroi get r.n?i itraager aapee tt
("?.:rv. Tt.< Fr> I State tren submit to hi* ;rgcre<
u< i -! raaphecaaae the election i* aaaatBg. ftat,
and that otiiv. tiv? * tbem. patience: prec *eiy i*
taebtfe. i t'; l'ht to t ii ?ia keep* ?law-* tro?i in
?'irr?-ct.. ti. fit} el? g to ili'* lo-pe. net of eaeap
a t tke .? t, bat ot plae :.g ii oa a Biete favor,
able footing. Takeawaj the ?Ircam of Prernoat,
ac?l n. power eoaiairaakethi -o injured m?*n endare
aHoiv,n.ir the ?*. aibii "i opprcaiii ti 11 tho Ad
'* i: -tr * . ? ..t.ii ??: >!:-?? nr.. ivsido*. ? w* y letter
ti :.- ?-. n ai totkem from th?* La*t. exhort* th?*in to
M eadare till November, aad all ariD b?* weU." I*
strenge, tkea, if rhey ?o*tn aluio*t to<> subtai*
eiv??, w th nek .i preapeel I
-. The trial of the Leeoaptoa pri-o: en will fur
Bilk fhel to tke flaniaa, and peaaapi the iaal ex
i. ? i. Moot of tkea will, no doabt, be ae
oaJtted. Bat tbe Pro>8Iarerj atea ail] not iab
mil to tie liberation of ab, DOC tbe Anti-Siive: *,
Uten t" the ? seen! oa ? f aav.
9. Leak oat, therefore, tor trouble in Kan-a*. in
Koveeober. Deel PrrVBoat, and Ike-re will In? a
la-t ?!? in r.it.- pffort of Mi**< nr. to ol>ta.:i t?o^e*
?ion of Kansas. In thi* they w ill rely oa the aid
of the I'nited Sta*< * Court* and troops, ami wii!
have t, wkatever Gov. Gearj aaya. Th.* policy of
tke Adaiiniitratioi will be anckan|ed. It ii ibtnrd
to lupfs s?* tbat lVriv, Caaktaf and P ?. u ari 1
aal -ti l bid I? Boatbera t.^or after ti..* eleetioB of
Preaieat Ihtt wi? aar? notaiiu' atoj natleaie.
Tl?> vs.ii 1 look awl t?-r a Pradjbfi rj reaetioa tour
vtar* afterward (aad it will eoaae tkea, if not
KM ner), aad iteer fce that wave. Still, the Kansas
BieBWill knre a ceat a.ivantaire, irr the United
Mat. - troops a .i. aot in that raoe eel agaiaol tkeai
Wtm a a*i<7, aad tke] have aotkiag el??- t?. tt ir.
beaeeet Barhainaa'i ?1?*. ti. u. th. wh .? power
?.f Misai ari, backed bj :h?* whole poarer of tke Ad?
ministration, w ill be directed upon Kansas. The
tare for??i will be ah nt:h?*?l. Tkej will be broagat
to b? ;.r as ata : and. thank God, rtnrteJ an one.
The ?ltf? '_d? r? of Pteedou will right, at last, a*
th. \ n? w-r vet hat?* fought. Heretofor.. the] haw*
ruluntted to ininriea froai the weaken! Ui ? i
Btatco oateial* whiek tbey would sever kava oa ??
fr< in whole araiiri ? t afioooariana Fkey will not
iiinke this nice diotiBCtion much loiicer. Oppression
i? oppreooioB, wkererer it com? * frees, they will
say. '? If tbat :s treooBB, nake the meet ?if it.-'
\\ ?? Mit kave a SCO dictionary, and th<- defitit
tkxt <d* this Back ibaoed w?>rd mnit b?-: "Tret ion,
the rape by wkiek tL.* real traittvn arnktokaag
tl,? ?e who re-i't tkeaa.
Sueh treason as this i? fast ripen.ii? in Kansas.
Call itrevohtioB if yeapleaoa.
[f the United Btafc i Goversrseot and Border
l,'u""ani'tn are to mean the same th Bg, the
Mtoaartke people "t Kansas have revohitioa the
better. So they will say, and who shall gain?
say it '
Thev have home to the stasoot, Another oance
?fw. gbt. and tbey will bear it no longer: and a
less thing than th?- ?l;-persion of th. ir l>?*Kislatiir??
or th. destruction < f their hotel will be the signal.
Before I went to Kansas 1 feared tkat ker chil?
dren would gradual)] scatter and tie.*, ratker I
meet a tm.tl. dtsjtratl -trilggle. I stand oorreeted.
TbCI will i-ta* ioid iii?-et it. They will meet it, if
need I.e. unaided.
Will they l*? unaided' A?k (iov. Grime* and
the thousands offreeanea of Iowa. Askeverymau
wlo \a I. art left in his bosom.
Kansas may be crushed, but not without a final
struggle, more fearful than that of Hungary; a
rtrtii.gie w ! ich will convulse a continent la-fore it is
endtrd, ind separate karever tfcooe two nations of
North aad Sou;!. whi?-h Boitker [Talon n?.r Cooati
tntii i hasyel isvlded inte ose. Won.? i:>n:it.
?C?nr?|oBd?io? ?f Thr ti. T. ". -.? m.
l'?.sv ( ri i k. K.T , Fnda>.O. t. I J. U36&.
The Administration has just opene?! another act
in th s bleed) drama of despotism. Yoa ha\e
d<?ktJeei b?. ii well posted m regard to the train of
Kansas immigrants which left Mount Pleasant,
I?wa. via Nebraska, about three weeks ago. Wa
we arrived at this place (Plymouth) this morning
at I'? cock. :i d are n?.w priso ner) under a guard
of I'nitid State* troops. It is in this wise: At
Nebraska City. Col. Kldridge. proprietor of the
Free-Stat?' Hot? ', at Lawren? ?-, who. together with
Gen. I'omerey. has conducted the train through,
was [met by Mr. K< bcrt Mormw, who had U-en
sent ai is a deputation to (iov. Geary ?V> explain
cur position and solicit his cooperation, bearing a
I. ttei oi ai M t?. the conductors and train, pro
v ded they can e '-without threats or in a hostile
attitude." Gov. Geary hid been .nfonned that cur
mm were armed, and assented to our constitutional
right to do so, OB the strength of which we brought
lit og our guns, flung carelessly into the wagons.
und ? \pc?ed :n fall light. Yet in spite of this, and in
ip.tctd the assurances which his lettercontaiued. our
wagi ns were literally turned inside out by ???u
t:< ? pa, u:.d? r c? mmaiid of Gem C??.k, who, in turn,
wi? comn:sr..i? d by a certain Marshal I*Te?*ton, a
\ :?.r.ia pettifogger, appointed to this ipeeiCc
datj (T) by Got. Geary. A more nithleas innova
tirn and wanton outrage on the right! of Ameri?
can citizens I hate neter witnessed. Trunks
wore t< rn opOB, pnvate property ?ubjectvd
to rJeeest ic/ut^iy?women were p-ished rideiy
siide?becding and elotiung !a;d bare on the
? ? ? ?? beneath the Irving rain?priva*e arras
weie t.ikec. pr.vate rights trodden on, aad,
. d? i>r.ved ui < f our arms, they w.-rcso kind as
t?. ? -Irr oi an ?.icort to Tcpeka or Ijiw .*. :*c-', which
we Bjdkjnant.y rejected, stating that, if they had
ha iked II ? hr bnixe-i with us. we would prefer to
go on alone; ard. if not permitted to do so, we in
s.ite?! on hH-ing held :n arrest and coniidered as pris
? neri?Basal trvt.? dene. We are to be taken before
Geary, who will meet us at Topeka, when we shall
ice if what stuff he is tcade.
I wed ag tkat to Tabor, there to be mailed by a
Fr?. -Sta:?- man who is passing East. More anon.
R.'CHAXD R?\?.Lr
La:* Aiu-.i t Scavnatecteat fitr fmmmtf Bvow of IsJaatry
Tha f Uowmg is an extract of a letter from a friend
in Karsas. da:?d Oct. 3
I have had r?o cord horses killed, wn-h fW. and
ayokecf cien were $h.<C. We hate had people in oar
boose, whether we have been sick or weu. ever since
April, cambering from three to twelve. Some have
jad? MM bate net. Our women ars worked down
te tbe last point We have one bedstead all others
ileep cn i*raw beds, scattered over the noon, above
and ttlew. Osr fccss.?e aad acrtrnmoda?ow, rough
aco\-\r as :fcry ?.??. ??em verv deeirable to rnanv,
?bc?ac> *.e Btaj w ;h a* after Ving bortit eat and
^c4*f iit7li' Ijksjfal if aovra for weeho or
TT.,:'}' w:th..ut blanket* < r tent*, and gort:::.; "tek.
V I Ii I o i that Ii Bjy family attlMCtoi to M burnt
?nt erary aajht aweoral BesaAbotw1 hon** were
!?:?::. a! .1 aU wen thn ntened. My wife ?lept ;n her
ek lie*, ia readiurra to leave at a moment* warning,
v j, <r- w. ra let on fir', aal as tho men ran <>ut
tbei wan Bred at, Icaai wen foQewael two or three
miles, ar ! aaalb eeeaped, aVatJaeto al a'l clothing bal
t'lf-ir ebirrs. Al the women nuw out ti.ey were
??-..?': t bad *"?" :n a bag', which
war taki n ''rem h'-r.
?? s< v. ral pataoaa ' ft Kaaaa* yaaaaiuaj to return to
s Free State- ti ve m?ri. ono insane, two crippled one
thcv lefl dead at?. two women aad two i h Jdren.
1 be won* n had i ot undreaacd fat tw ? we* k* from ap
Mtber.sionof vtoarrjce. It BnaBv came Th. ir honsee
? 1 ret, tbt r proja-rtv Jeatroyed, saato them
ki?ed in cold blood and ail of them d-iven off. My
Od t ia cDoaffa to make oae weep tears of blond to
vitBcaa?u ?aJtVrbi >oftb< Freeware meninKaram
>< i <ew .I;,, cat wi o ia parti ally iaoaae last tataaaaar
fta Ju'--' in el ab?, with several others, marching with
an aerort I f dragtx i s. thirty miles, in oh of tba hot
t?-:da\*. witbotit b 'sl or water, apow the cnarge af
beam, for being found in arms ac<: i Bering to defend
Laeicaota .. ,
?? AftaV knew ng all these tl ings and trranv more, we
oaaekteroajfahrea among those bleated by providence,
ror we have yet a shelter. NN eespt ted to tea many
th cc* to sripj !r umraelTet with pocenee, clothing,
afi bat everything thai we roald take t? market had
to be ::?u to teed me Free r3tataaoidb*ra. Then* was
no money t" sapplytheirneeeaaftiea. The waaenweaea
is ween bar ao etetbea thatWbrter, aoraewl our
children to sebw I it it aothfaaj (brtber rramaa, 1
tru.?: no "hail be able to get through the Winter, aad
we mnat take tbe more pair-to teach tbe ebrjdraaal
l.n,. [estimati ? loaecabythawavaa*fWO. \\?
do net f. el d'.-eev.rag.?:?.!.? n'l we cm tochevk re
\. ? e aid Irin. DM D I a. k from bratet Is human B*>
iasa. Wl expt i t to stay t.. the er. l-l'nevidemv pcr
r-rv iiiiifhaltf *:-I t toiL w. Lev-:.-.ft oo
CbUct EarJaawoed.... V> ? K. Hubi ar t. f*'
p? nlvaatt. le M f. ptartawaat. I ta
Mr. at.. ..... I
w v\.;-.:.1
K. Barts*, n ...
!? T i fk.na... '. * (V
M Bi rj.j
A. Baa***:.(
11 h ra... I
D a ft h. t *
} 0 aaatat. I "
\ . l ?
Lisa. 1"
P:. ib. Cl ? :> a. P- r ? la 8* 0
P. F rukn.avn.
J K aa. 1 '?
rVna. .k.
r.. m. !. set. taa
,v i. ;-..??. l oo
II. S. M. rwia. 1 PI
J. S Aaaai. IW
:> P. ?Varaar. I fa
A V. I' "... I r. l oo
!i Ji. C a. I 00
Z. Hal*. 1 on
ParaaaaCoa. I to
- ii ? .? Baiswai. 2 ft'
... na T H ..<???. toto
.l?<r:r. H.t. :?. KM
. Oraara. I to
? ,rk i K ? ? . ? Oil
rotterfcCata. Ito
.. h- ??. korli Hr r.Ti. r.'l 4 '*. R.?*-s .i. 3'??
B, i Hai et. 1 " U K. V? -i. * to
\ B." ". t ?? ,H T. D rar s. 101
I ..-U ? .r. tsar 1 Has ?. Jon
I i . c. I " 1 1' t>at::via. f ??*
MraB. J.Tat t. I aalj.P.aVaUaaB. 1??
K Pa araia. I. I OtlT. Browa. t to
BaWrtbrr. I 00 B, B. Baroey. 1 to
ii w Brtrtan,aaMtrtonait> orISI Curtis. 1 ?o
U TS. I SOI J. C C?r. t nc
J.i .. V Uaabiti. 0 0. UaakUl. I ?
j j;. ii i ,;. raa H CO t. Ito
j ii. i oo In. J. t rtii ?. im
i r rrcaai. l ? Waa, Wdekt. t to
Ptoi D> Laia Caati. tooajaVaLewa. I 1,1
N r ,.r. *. I BOIJ 0- Lowry. I M
A Vrraaoatat. "? * IC. M.?. Lawry. 1 to
Mi u . k. ' 00 Mlaa kr.DtoU.wrj. I 00
\v J. i - r. S * Hiaa Mary Loarry. I ??>
J M?rt. I On ID Prii.e^. ?s
P? Katcbaa>. l ^ Warraa. Jr. Abb?>ti.. 2 ">
A 11 t r raa Ki: ?a?. a
CepbatWUlart'. ?01
j?.ilaasia? tj. ?. ' "
s- In * h rrl. 1 OJ
A t> H OB LW??
B I'ur.i.. 1 B
i r ? ??. t "
K. Tairm. 1 to
J. \\ . K? . 1 B
, V K ? i ? ' - I
M H.ik. ... Oi: 11 ?0... ! 0
i U .- *y (. . .? ' I ??
I ? H-rr.- : <??: f rl. I "0
N BaaHB, UwBJ rl. I *?
s- vrra! peiw..? . '.' BJ
i. A tt. I 00
A Pi ? L?;trt i Ptas
o ai. Brx>kt>n. 5 0"
J H Kn??p.. iaafO.tjaw.il. 3na
M Kr..?i..l. I oolMra a. t, w. I M
P 0 K.li ivilla. I OOlMora C. I 00
r G N..i? f . ? 1 ?' K.ur. I to
at. Bn.ul.-v. I 00
kV H. CutUi. I
I'm ia P#t*r. I tat
Prltada la tVaywa He. t' ,w
Tafal.0i> <*i M
J H.?rb. 1 M
!? V Hips. 1 on
H. laai ii as. i BI
? Mao re. I BI
A F- ? ? <l. tto
K Lawry. Ito
I. II.Lciei. 1 '?'I
OWE /;'";'/: LE88 F<>K FREEDOM.
Ta t\t Editor a/ r%a I* 1 IS itaw*.
Bib: It baa bewa for tba lai>t law montli- the honest
bnHaf of the mitiy adherents of (Jen. Walk- r, in the
( ly oi N. ? York, thar bo was a true man. actuated
1 i : igh ai d honorable motive."; that he assumed hit
p. eit.cn m Nil aragua at the aTgeeiroqBaatof BMOO*
preeeed JMople; that be dtaffBed to adopt such a
,., l r.e h. should bt ?t promote the sex-tal and political
well-being uf such people; that the calls tor aid, the
invoking > f sympathy in behalf Nicaragua, were to
retta cd to hr.mau claims, and that he, WiUiam Walk*
er, was n< t the > h;. < t ;n v>w, but the good of % pei>?
pie and the advam ? m Bt I f Kr. tdato ar-.d Humanity.
This was the firm bt BOf Of his adherent*, who were
wdlingto Ignore much that a-aav.tal la their own tiewS
in the larsaM diatr, ia the hope of au ulumau- good
in the future. T!o y had t'n th in the man Walker;
they beiieved in hit .-ingleuess of purpose; they had
hcp? d. as t;me i ocsolidated hi* position, that large and
hi ?ra. -to*. -:: BI -i.ke : . BBBWB would ensue. I ipp..;.
tut it v. sueh as rarely fail* to the lot of a single man,
was ahhrdtd him for a career at once wise, hberal
and anhlo>
It is not too mm h to say that these expectation* of
his friends and weU-wiaben have he. u gri. vously dis
a; i ...i te I j the n < ato dot raea of to n. WaOtor. lie
has betrayed th' ai without scruple. He has thrown
BbaOeJf ULllushir.gly into the arms of PlotTO S>uli5,
who has induced him to throw ail his mduence, all hi*
ft i.tical and terr.tonai |?>wer, into the hands of South,
em demagogues and slaveholder*.
In doing thie, William Walk?r ha* los? hi* !>.>?', and
- ? . i hanee of being a great man. H>- l? BBthaag now
but a too! and adventurer. Hi is level with the times,
and level " at low-water mark. He has ahown
kfal -? :' taV .paid, of thinking for him-.-'.: BBS apab'.- i f
. ? g a:. :i. }? beyond th? length of h * own no?e.
Let me show the blindness, and obliquity, and nar?
rowness of this man s visku. He introduce.- Slavery
into a aeaatry where it did not exist, ahne it is n >t
oeedl i. when tha native inhabitants are oppooed to
it: and all '.bis not from his own predile.-ions, but be?
cause a Southern demagogue has been at h:s elbow,
and by bribes. I y datter.es and Oajobrieo, has indued
him to a course at once impolitic and suicidal. The
whole of hi* recent as te are cot hie, but those of Pierre
There i* no doubt that much of the Spanish rharae
t? r. inst.Lctively cruel, haughty and oppressive, hat
b? come softened in it* development in Central Aflata*
ica. The country is rich m miBerai* and fert.ie in ao.l.
The native population, t.mple. timid and labonoat,
have jielded themeeivea wilLrgly t?> their masters, and
have dene the aerviee of slave* whJe nominally free.
Thee there hat been no m -t.ve Ba leg^i.i.ng the at'o
i :< US svetem in the coUL'ry. Slaves have, without
doubt, gn wn up and been developed under thi* aspect,
but the poor native could alwaya remove himself from
th* reach of oppression. Ba Could dee to the moua*
ta.r-s; ba eeaM tahe !. s bam 1?jo and build himaelf a
hut anywhere in the wdderreeat. and the ^en.al chmate
and generou* k^J afforded L.ia a shelter and support
wherever I e choee to go. Not to with the slave ia
cur enlightened Kepubhc. where a free and inde*
paadoto ? Basaa mounts the aucUoo-l l- -. k and with the
I?e? iarat.oa of Icdependn -.-, declar.ug all men free
and e'jcal, in one hand, he hold* up a shackled man m
the other and sells him body and sorJ.
Aga.r >..v.-_- ('..:.. \V a k"' r."w ptt'.?rly
avows it hi* design to authorite and sustain, is n t
ee'ed in the country. The Indian*, unlike thoae of
North America, have a ?uper?t;tu5tu reverence for the
?t/ercen. They do cot dwindle and die, at do the
more heron, race* of tue N'orth, who fret and goad
themaelve? to madce.-s in seeing themaelvea tubvervd
by a new race. They do not oppose, themselves to
sah) r; cn the contran-. they are Lke children ui their
docuty. They take the aabordmate position as by
mstict, and bad faithfully for the atnaLest pittance.
They are not covetous of wealth or p.*:tion. They
Lke tender lambs, confiding and affecti jnate. Their
wants are few. and they are grateful for protection and
kurdnets. Sorely, there is something better in this
than compelled bondage?better, surely, is the gentle
service of this affectionate people than the enforced
toil of e?aturee shrieking from the lash, and dnvee
h.tler and thither like the beast of the shamble*.
Farther: The native inhabitant* will bitterly oppose
the mtrcdaetion of Slavery. There is a large popabv
tarn cf a mixed blood. Spaaiah, and negro, and In?
dian have ail amalgamated, axd ehonld there be aa
?tt. n pt, as there undoobttdry wiH be, to .sfe-^, ^
decree, a wer of r*-?? w:il be the r??uit?w fix*}
do.dly end Bsetraatei ee that which d-laged
beruHfoi Island of St. I> v. irg.. with h|o.d.
[??Bt .?< matter*. On. Welter lei -tooftgbj
aetf H.fic ect in penetrat.oo, and w.'h p- ^
r. ah i.ty. Iiis arms sc.l aiiim?niti.a?. hin rtxwt flkti.
??? : ? "*er* at ? ' ?-' ?? ! ? *?. ! i-sb.en ??j-.pt ?j
an ? the North. It nee been the nakwj ef hi* *t$t?
era agents to send h.ni out men who ?hou'.d beeoton
permflr.r.t seftYr-. ArtieOOOBOd a;rt :? u'tarnt? hare
p i ? tbrre with their turn.!., s? Germane at>i latha
w>... f, . .rr fn>m oppfteghai abroad, wiD be bttterrw
disapp. inted to find the ?Uve-bI<a.k ia the laad vf
th? ir ad. pi ii n.
Meet l r. t ie: s' .\ Labor aad ?free Labor an?,
not by any posaibLity I e made to Ollet and flort-iib
ei L-by- de. The one .let.--ade" the other. The wh;a?
woikirgman b) despised by slave and master, pmj nj
? ?I V?t <?? .::i>:n:-t and aversion b> the lutter. \nw
t.< u. W a iker found him*. If in a ti. Id where hr n,,^
! \, ::.-b. lo tbweat patriarchal antk. ,rity oref
a poefan, who had l??kcd to him for reli.fa their
w. if) j ears ? f ir...r> hy mm" '. eonfr.-ion, aad over a race
naturally dependent and lnU'riooa. Thue doe* etljUh.
;.. -s L.J
?? VaoMoi tmbi'ion <"?er!?-?p !t?eif.''
The situation of Walker at the present time is Ter?
far from being encouraging. To us. judging fnan the
o'i?t..i.ce. hi* movement* appear to lack not oaly judg.
tm 11 but courage. It is well known that a stnagj
forte ha* been for a length of tune concentrated at
Leos, and this body, it was confidently expected,
W a k> rdgtod Ie repel at some time, preierr.ag org
that iuaeti. n ami the difficulty of obtair u? ?uppbea,
e i ' || have the effect t > di-p. rse ar.d dishearten theau
[natead of this, be has allowed an army lo approach
Granada, his only point of security, the capital of the
. ? tv. nrd wl.i. h it is Mppoood every military leader
shields fr? m attack because it is t? Im- the only safety
for womet). childrrn. the infirm and wounded, ft
?a.-suj posed he would irarrh to the conflict before
tbe enemy should lOOOh Massaya. twelve miles fraer
Granada, and upon which the city is obliged to depend
'. r supp!-. a. That th. native* have been BeMafMl
to "end their small load* of fruits, vegetable-, cotT e,
ard ether pnxlu, fs, befog in a srr.tU way a depot for
the Granada market. Hv allowing the enemy to leav.t
Ma.-aya in the rtar Granada is iu effect cut off from
h?-r supp.i. s. -
Kor ? the <'ty at all prcpa-ed for a OOge of any
length at magnitude, it* position upon the lake sab*
jeotirg it to a eooetaai <. urrent of air in one directing
fnn the east, which eor.c? r.trates a- in a sea all tbe
ii isn .. of the lake and marshes upon the p posits,
? de. ?' lie it i? l .mtr. 1 in bv monntains wlech fnrbsl
.-.ape. Within t1 >? precincts ar- a huge body
of Spanish citizens, who have ntt? rly rcfu-> i to par
th i ate Hl bis Goverr.m? nt, and who, though inru-tirt
nt present, Would not fa.', to take advantage of aay
fa!.?e movement on hi* part. We consider hi* position
far ft. in Hn enviable one, and shall look with some ia
tereol for the next adv ii ea
1 propose to say something of the Spanish inhab
ants in a fati.re article, t'vr or 1 ?? Dkctivso.
m?es -
Ti rVe ESMsrV T?e .v V. TVtfc?-.*.
Sin i bam that the r. vtune cutter at this port
ha-, v. thai a few day*, r<. .\ed dr..* old. n* fnwn tha
(o v. mnwat at Washington to ?uspend all detention or
airest of eleven, orTeooeh otedte be sneh, and
?, , . m lellectirg or imposing tinea tor infraetione of
th. law concerning the slave trade, until after the. Pre?
sidential election.
There is reason to suspect that several vessels are
BOOrboiOf - i rofJ] fitted out at this asjlt, ike-ad?
vantage ot Walker's recent decree permitting Slavery
iu Nicaragua. At all events, several have beer
watched, on such suspii ion, by officer* of the cutter.
The punishuunt for engaging in the slave trade i?
d. ath. ai d the Administration is tha* present** inuY*
atria ions po-iLon of 11 miiving at thi* rrime and direct -
ly using the powers of Government t.MaciutatetM
? oii>ii :s.-i..n of it.
'I bis iaf rmaticn. biyoid question true, is dstrVet
irecfiy front Cnstom-lionse otlic. iln, whom mimee are
o: givea, hut they he at onco ousted from thar
la..*. A Ko us,
Kev York. Or O.lwr X. f-1s.
Col cntnx. Colorado COOXTT, Sep*.'.?, I'?t?.
Tlicobi.i t of this communication is to state to yen
all the facts ot any importance connected w.th a reoeni
int. nd? d insurrection.
Oai saepirfcnne wtiro ereaerd about two weeks ago,
when a n > i ting of" the citizens of the counf v w.t< .-ail?
ed, and a committee of inveetigation appointed to ferret
aal the wh- le matter, and lay the haste bet?re the peo?
ple oi the county for their consideration. Tlie eommit
ti. i Beared upon their duties, and in a shor. tune wsre
m : H I < MOrioi Of the facts of a well-orgr.ntred id!
-y et? metiaed plan for tho murder of our entire white
population, with the exception of the young ladles,
who were to bo taken captive* and made the wives of
the dialioiical murderer- ot their parent* and friends.
Tbe committee found iu the r we-aeeaion a number uf
pistols, bowie knives, gun* and ammunition. Their
passwards of organ zation were adopted, aad (htu*
motto, " I.a.' not a shadow behind.
l.aet hat unlay, the 6th inat., was metimeografd
op. ii f"i the ox.vution of their damnin< deeigns. At
a late hour at night all were to make one simattaneoas.
d?-p*-rate effort with from two to ten ap[?>tioned it
nearly every house in the county , kill a I die whites,
save the above en options, plunder their bon.es, take
th. r I., rs.* and arms, and tight their way on to 0
Free Btate M ?> oi
Not withstanding the intent excitement which movwl
ev ery member of our community, and the desperate
a cae'uro* to win. h men are liable to be h-d on by s? h
in { < i .iing danger, to whii h we had been eipmed by
our indulgence ana leniency to our slaven, we most sap
tbe people acted with more caution and deliberation
than ever before characterix*.-! the action of aay peoptO
ander similar circumstances.
More than gWl ne-r.*-s l.a-l . iolated the law, the pen
altv of which is death. Hnt by e unanimous?onsent,
the law was withheld and their lives spared, with tha
i lesiitioo of three of the iw?>ed*r?, who we.ro, on
last Kiiday, the oth in.-'., ar 8e'cieek p. rn., bung,
with tbe onatimous vob e of the . itize-n- of the county.
W.rhout exception, every Mexican in the county
was implicated. They were arrested aud ordered W
leave t;,. i '; ? withm tit.; days, and never again to
r-turn, under penaity ?>( death. Tlere ia ore, ho?
seer by me name of Krank, who ia proven to be one
nf the prime movers ef the affair, that waa not arrest?
ed, but we hope that be may yet Is-, aud have meSol
nut to him such a reward as his black deed deniaMs.
\v. ire -atiefied that the lower ? lam sf tbe Mexican
itioa an uicendiaries in any country whsrealav?o
Id. and should be dealt with accordingly. And.
benefit of the Mexican p.pulafion, we wou.d
-t?te that a resolution was passed by the onan
imcus vites cf the ernnty forever forbidding say Mex?
ican from coming wimm the limits of the county.
1'eace. rjakt aud good order are again reet.Kvd. and,
hy the watchful care of our Vigilanee Comtnittea.?
w< orgunired patnd ai pi n ? among o?r
plaiiter?. we an? persuaded that there wdl never again
occur the necessity ef a <-?>mmunication of the charac?
ter of this. X'ours. re?j--< tfully.
j h . hick* s vmtmtm
A SiuarrrL Amin?A Hoy aVUWfff Barn 99
ET a In . .?Yesterday afternoon, while a boy nanssl
Jamc? O'Connell, aged about a years, son of Mr.
Ilainey O'Connell, who lives on Third street. fcVuth
Trov, was paasing alorg the sidewalk eeer his father a
rwidtn. e. a man, name unknown, set upon buna Ubvsj
end savage bull-dog. The boy, on turning and se*ui<
the dog coming rail speed upon him, natural.y becamo
very much frightened, and ettdeavon-d to .-scape by
running, the man meanwhile encoiiraging me oobier
brute on* ard. Of course the dog speidily over?
took the boy. He caught the lad in the rui4.Ua of
the bath, his teeth sinking to the bone, wneo, by
tlaapmgbkjawa arid ierking with them, before o%t ?
tt rip -lean to tke bone. <s? tar/re at a man ? iaad t
His rage aricreased with the taste af blood, and it wee
tow urpoaeible to shake off the dog. He again caaghi
the boy by the thigh, and *if out a purr at large at ie
could featp ritk kit teeth, laying the fjone bare k*~rt.
Another bite waa infl'icted upon the leg, but t waa noC
an ?trioss aa the others. Over two pounds at*
must have been extracted by the .lag. The boy wee
literally being eaten op by the monster. Tbe bruto
wbo set the dog upon the boy deeervre, as we hope ha
will receive, severe punishment. Dr. Morton, who
was called to attend the case, did everything Ux tbe
tvy that lay in his power, but it ia Lardiv possible that
bc'caaircvvar, [Trvy Ikaaa.

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