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wlawnwrw, March ry 1467.
77. r,? of tt?4ej rentsans two poorly? written
art..;-* whose *r>nt!r' r^tAit>ed?t ?ad by-yaur-leava
air (V c'* ,T'T ??t-n,l,t-1* eharajetei the new
IVcridV it a: 0' ?* aWWeafat* But if Mr. ttu^inui
is antelatu and k>*!'* :r' **U ,E Ht "d-nittha
li?e (*? ."ti r.? 1 of <b*" Iri%"e'",?! ala suffieently
r>on.t?J M d d:e'inc^. PO**" we eome at once |o
the aipwaaifa of a firui eft* r-''-'',r>. bhrml v? it mvy
seem, tut this Union it not w ',r'D savin;,' n-T tail
Qefaanaanal worth piensnvief, n, 4,n ih? basia el
the eWfaeeaf the Iraogural, b?cke' bf ?toecna.
log dee., nrj (,f the .Supreme Court. 1?' Whki the
Preside-it by intimation, elearly pom**. T^i* doe
trine ii ?hat Slavery mult be allowed a f '-termi
?aw eiistecee witu sQ oar existing leiillney aal
?nd?r S'ate government, and ita ex'eniion m'wt be
tallow. Jt< keeppace here,Bar with the i xte?i(v;.-n
of ear in"ore territorial limits. In otfier words,
nnd in brief, no reetriet.it.n mu-f be placed upon
hiavety outside ol th* Free Slatea, sad Cessrraes
aaaaf be prohibited by Judicial desisioii, tr-.m im?
posing a. y iucb reetriei ion. Thus eat ibliahing the
moPnoi the Federal Gowniraent to be, "No Free
"dom out-ide of tbe free Btatea."
{tokens we ought bo bet^atefultoMr. Baehanaa
for placing hianaiaY. ae etotia\etly a* he bai placed
L.uiM if. upon thin clear j-roumJ. The world can
see if, and 'in understand if. Sief, of the Ameri
ran people as CftOeee to ? Mein BOO i'i-?t what B0>
aitisa ike Federal Government, under Mr. Hu
c Basin's AdBiniatratiaa, tak.s oa tin aaestioa,
aad tkep will aeaa aee tkat tke Federal Jadiciary
supports it hp u deceaioa which declarer unruniti
lutwiia1 any adverse position.
Wc i.1 not, bowerer, thank Mr. Baehanaa, for
lie bus I at n driven upon bin poeitioo by the loroe of
events, and the aVop-laid, slowly matured, and fl?
ava)? caoaiateat and far-r? icbing policy of the Oli
Varohs; lor whom the Free-State uien of the UaiOB,
avith keen and then: h rare exception, ba-.e never
?dum n tawaaaetrea to be any unten. Tnii policy of
plant.hi: the Federal Government on the ude of an
?woo, iindiagniaed, entire devotion to the intereata
Of Shivery, and deraeuanng conformity thereto of all
naiticij aati in ita adoxinietration, ban been grsdaaliy
joreii g it* way through reoda and bulrushes, through
Inge and murky darkness, ita < ? itenoe donbted and
?denied wherever pnrtiaaa Intereat rt^airud the
denial, until, at last, this policy burnt* upon tke
countIV, and upon tbe world, in tbe Intugural of
.Mi. Baehanaa aad in the eon inn decision of the
?Supreme Court upon the rl^ht of Conareai I > re
mtric' Btavery in the Territorien, with n iiatlnctnoai
*nd eloerneei an bnpreaaiTe and alarmina ai it in
mid. It in the elodiiig ri ol an Arctic ni.tlit iu our
iiiHtorj. It is the awiiiKiug to of the iron door of a
political BaatiDe upon the priaeiplea and the a:mi
gaf tta loubdera of tatia Oorernment. But that night
aviil eid; Unit door will be opened.
We aaid, when the Kaneaa>Nebraeha bill paaaad,
"Tke revolution i* accoopliihed, and shivery hi
"king. ' We point to Mr. Buchanau'i Inaugural,
and the coming deciaian of the Baprerne Court, ns
the emi i atic coronation of that power. The loa.on
of tn daj in, that triumph aauat be triumphed over,
lent eranii must be torn from tkat brow, Hut it
will 'like Hometbing keaide aentianental Abolition.
Uran, aaaaf Iking beyond tke Mope of party diecre?
Bona, leefctag prim?r ly to the preaervatioa of the
1'iiiou, to do it, Wbattb.it aoanothiag ia cannot be |
/?poken into fotin by the words of a linglc mau. |
It* Menace li the spirit of dctennlned reaiatance to
political aanrpntkan.
I>-t it be evervwhera undoratood that the
oligarch* bate ut length fully emerged hroU all
obscurity n* to their poiiti and dcaigna, and now
et,in?I ti r Ii before the world in 'he pereou of Mr.
?Hueh inao '? r.?1 in the decision of the Supreme Court,
plWOlaiming that hr reatt?>r the fuodl.ntal nib1 i>i
the Federal CKwernment inallbe, "HoFreedom
"entlidtl the Tree Statee."
There ia thus notAing lei' for the people ol the
Free Btatea but to confront and break dow n tbn
insull.ro domination over their right! ami their
inteient*. or iiiglor..,u*!y succumb to their con
aneernra in imawcile auaulaniaiity, The only faea*
tion Ml lor the eeiwideration al theeewhado not
rntend to recagnixe the legitimacy of thia iwrotation
in tbe admiiiiatration of the Kadern] Conatitntion is.
what tke tl oe mod*- of reeutinu it ! In what way
abull the Tree states extricate tbemaelvea from tin.
eonqneal over tbeml How ahnll they throw oil
Hie laaited inttkaay of a Union ami <! ivernmenl
forcibly converted to trie uaea of humun slavery,
and w .? lot d w ilh a determn ed purpose ol politic illy
?leoir.i ;. I he Nortbeto aUaWaea, onuhiag the prin?
ciple- and the instinct* of Freedom, mid quelling
all Opposition to ita sway' A d'overiiiiicif, too,
avhore oi igio ?I porpoaei iu behalf of freedom have
i-e,:. openly aakverted in order to do this, and
which exhibits the ipectacle of a total abrogation
of all tie lofty IM benevorlcat designs of iT-?
foil tide's.
A greater and more serious question wai never
propounded in the who!,, coarse ol our bietofj than
ibin. I pon itri so'utioii h ing results ol uioiiien
teaa bnpartanee. For no political c*lm, and no
pariesxal indifleranee, can lessen the aiagaitnde of
ibe bacf t'i*t the people of 'ho Free Statei h w e novN
to decide wbother they wiil consent thai the Fed<
em! GfVrsflUnent atoll be m:ido a gigantic engine
Tor the sprtud and perpetuation "f Afrtetn Slavery
nil over the North American Continent, or whether
lhe> wFAl n ie together t<> frustrate this ruinou.
alid gi.i(l\ puipose, rcKiirdlcss ol cou-eouencen.
_ J. s. p.
,i 0. Owt Own l vrr?.pvi.<l**'.
WA8WMT0JI, March ">, 1S?7.
1 he long Bgony is o.er, snd tte new President is
Comb ii trb'v enscomvd in tbe WhitoHouae. There
fc'i* tt iib'i s begiu. He baa Been the hrst of the
?air two bappy daya allotted to the oAeial oooo<
pant* .>f that maniion. The other w ill come when
be turni his back up >n it a* a prii ate citizen. Kven
?aw tke Caktnet ia not fully organized, and Mr.
Buchinan has been badgered, bedeviled and p^rre
ruted ? ; PC Monday ti'gbt te .'.vide the only open
poinV He hi* not exh b'.'cd the linuec?* whirh
waaexpeeted in thi* matter, or which in* anaor.
acccs juatiflod the pubi c in hcping. In fact, he has
ykaVed throughout to tte exaction! oi those who
w?!e il;scardisd from tie origin*! councils, and
nbaiii*. i t-d not only his purpose but his s-lec'ion*.
t < kk is be only man of the cast desigre*! by the
Pres .Iiut hitnseii who ?as not been svvfpt aivay
by the current of tnoBoQJ Opposition or the
aar er gib of |ht?iittent drmanda. The otbera hare
teen made up of odd* aad en-da, like patebwark,
ami iepi. .. ut no definite idea but medi.?ciity.
Mii ppi? that is, the Ihi\i* men?protest*
lLat i.. itcsite was axpreieed far a aaeaabar from
that s ..v. Hrowti being diaearded a* a candidate
for Vt.-e- President at < iaeinnati, broamci of eouree
very good Cabinet timber. Floyd hid the indorse
men; oi Wane, and a pertion ef the Electors of
Vitt' ri*. Teaieay ben-? renndlatsd at kssme, waa
ssmeptrd gl a marttr to " uitionility by the
Soiiin. Oara waa forced up?'i the Proiattint to ap?
pease Ike war of Mm t; vVaatern laetioas. Not
ane i i tkesS mea was on [iaally dcs.niat?'.! by Mr.
Bucl i 'in, and it may sappoaed, tbersinro, that
be will not meet them *?. ;. any exceaa of aaVctioa.
Pern Olaeey Jawaa, who w.i. considered the King'
eanse ate KiN-per jhu ?he medium of most sspira
kbjaj, baa been aaavlly rej*et>d and ftri?r.de<i. Tke
pl;<ce tir*t a?s,t*ned to aim i- yet in doubt, kat will
oe ab erm.ncd ta aoarrow, when the aaaaiantiani
will g? to tbeSena'e. At noon Ja*ige Hlaek was
in t s ucensuuit, aid ikaoldPrenaicrwaa feWiag
the lolt.al pnlaa, a. if Mr. Baohanau did not
kin.w |ke caiii-rr of tbe leading meu in his OWa
?Stale. i hi imieti?.. ii and pnvi,i.;iaaIio'i uiaiii
fV?t*.i in argsmiaisgj ba Adnainaattation are oot en
eenvag'pg aj .pt. r... t*t its latnre mccees. They
bare altvany excited tbe OTrtruat of Ita mod /??if
ous 1^ tarda, nsjg atlnttbited the raaflaant o af its
By CMrying w.-U-r on both skeathhsrs, Mr. Hu
aaaajaa,baaatnned to *nti?iy all the waxsni sf bis
party, iu the luaugur*!, but has bardlv ami ,ved??d.
Hekwe .tut aahlxeas was dei rsved, a *.'?non? d.dur?
ance v. snlniyp bvtwvv- luu ,yd Ocy. C*-s ?C
ratTtd :n regard to the doetr-ie of ft-ruattee S-rr
f tfi?-r?'j, which ftlinot led i" a rupture ttj.> nigh'
U-fvre tbe lnauguraton. and which, in fir*, alto
p. t.ed tbe intended introductory of Mr. Appie?
l i,: I'k tinon leateitby. A qualificstioa WM
adopted which n.ieveu uieir e-?:npnno:i-tv. hut
I v ! eh tt the .*rr.e time *',bj*c>d the Preside ?'. to
a coricca^ion that auxrirn badly for LI? rWsotatioe in
ITe'it emt-rf-enriest. 1 he urtTimeit ia three Ot* ac
uoirirf territory Mil lod practical applmt.on u
( uba, wl id ia to ba) 'be lu&io idea of t*v> Admini*
t: itiea, Bad may pre-*-ut a qv*?t: >n bath t ita el ose
thatBrill convulae toe (Jnioa more wri-i-ly t(nil
Bay ef the i??ues tba; ha.e agitated it liaee the
Bl.I.eXat .i (. of Texas.
'lie j'idgn.e'.t in th-- M-ssoiiri eve Bra* : ? ?: rer
oVrrd t< day, accord;: c to the .irnngeme't pre.
1 nisty announced. A final BCdUrdtetict *TBI Leid
tLia morning, aod the opinions will be read to-mor
! rou, when the court will adjourn for the p'e-eut
' term. No doubt now exist* as to the BBBfBein <t
j tne deerep. A large msjoiity Brill hohl *:.it tb?
I receM decisions oi tie Sipreme Court rrf laiaaonri
ij;,t|.rii n the"* of the pnccd;r,g twenty-el?ht yeirs.
(.'etermir ? the cum?, ar.d that tie laws of Illinois
and the l.nifod Sutei?the (font promise act?are
without effeet BpoB the ttaius ol the siave who
claimed bii liberty* by their application, .Judge*
Mcl^i-n. Curtis ar.d Grier wUI deli ret dittaenting
opinion-, maintamiraj, by the record . of the court a:*!
the dec;s;oni n n.si'.y of the Southern Shut?i that
Scott w ft-entitled to hn freedr.m by the ? pert*.or,
of tbe Miaaoori Compromise, and l>y the law , | {. .
uois, hating resided fir years iu the latter and
north ol tbe line. The ex|*-ct.ftt.ou ia euteTtuined
tfiat thi-d.ene -at -?) *t>- ... .r * .1 M-.
BaehaBIB referred to it with confidence in his in
auiojriil yesterday, lotjnded upon a knowledge ot
the foreshadowed pcrpme. Tka delusion ia will?
tul, tor, in the face oi fnets so rceciitly developed,
.t OBBtrOt In- Bttlibnted fairly to ignorance of public
opir ion.
Mr. IlucLanon toe-k occasion to inforni - aaa of
biianikiaifiinsdithat ha would allow the coat
miaaioniol all the principal haeaaiheata to eipire,
bi.ri would nut reappoint them nnleai pecnliar
reaai bi wee presented Hirmakingon f pliona A
pre-ci.t purpose, bowi -er, turnishes im ip; u i'i'ee
lor liiture action. The ruh may Im- obaerred tor
the".no being in New-York and other cities, where
iiinn> of tba most important cotntniaaioiu expire
immediately, but it wiU be found tacenvenient If
attempted to be applied generally. In the rises
w here rim missions lime a year or more to run the
[neurnbenta are aatisfied to take their chancei ofi
change of aentiment at beadqanrtera, It ia stated,
too, ibal im Old Line Whig will be offered n Mia
bum oi the firal grade, und Mr. Pres too Ki ig haa
beea naaned in this post nor tioti. The remnants ai
th;?t party (.re to be appoitloiied among theaubordi
i a tu placea nt home.
The length of the Pxtra Beeeion of the Senate
will depend entirely, npoa aireamataneea. P'Mr.
Bucha nan ahoold determine to submit the Mexican
treaty, with sticccntion* of modification, it will
opal np a larye field of discuaaion, and may occupy
ICTi ml weeks. The Jiallns t/eaty mu-t he u.^po-e 1
oi d some torm, and tbe Preaidenl will now i?- con
?trained to show bia lou d mi that robject ?\ hei,
Gen. Caaa receded frotn bii oppoeitioo. at the late
aeiaioB he had not teen offered the Department of
Mote; but he [ii,.y h.i.e be.-n hopctill of hiu-ll il
probability, and therefore pot bimaelf in poaition to
conform to a necessity? a conflict with his previ
oasly avowed coi.vietion?.
The Sei .ito consumed the day in diacaaaing a '
report for icorganizing the Camrnittcea. s\s Mr.
Toucey and Mr. Gerei bare retired, who were
memben of the Jndieiary, mach intereal is felt in
knowing how their raesaciea are to ba filled.
When ?he Repoblicaaa were excluded from nil ?.he
importanl Commitleet before, it was pretended
that no such political organiMtion waa known to
exist. With twenty of I >t itamp, constituting a
third of the body, occupying seats, this conrenieal
ignorance cionol be pleaded now. Index,
The l i.it. d Siaii? Mail atcaauhip Cahawba, J. D.
BuDocfa oommandar, tioin New-Orleaaa ?ia UtTaaa,
rnr \?ii in Sa'ordny, t.aiirg IcP. thl lattn plac* on lie
eveiirgid tht 3d, There ia notbirc utw atirringBt
Barana. Tba su^ar lalea have beea beery at firai
prioee; atockia autrfcat,ir6,OB0 boxae; the ahipaiaoti
have been htavy lioin all the BOrtfcaia potiacd tho
ialaBda Kn kaog* ba^ .!< i liuei!. Luodoa, i . B| prefls
Mew-Turk and Borthera eiHea, 1)? G m?. Freightato
tujipe kaef iniproved; t<? the BaitedStatts, at Dgood,
hot not lapait The Eagksh maiHMtwai Earyd
arrired aa tha let?all wafl on board. Tha Cahawba
eaooBBtered atroog gales ob htr paaaagr botna.
Kr John (!. Behl.' Li i rather paomineal importei ol
wiLes ai d liijuora, doing bu?iO'sa at No, 93 Front
itre. t. Mi. Be ki i s tonic'ericr' i[ in Tarrj 'e?d, wl -r
i.e keeps a tarn out and a C -aebman. He spends the
WrUr in the city with ha BOBrio-law, Mr. Loail
Funke, jr., at bisresideace, No. Vdi \\. a) Tsreaty.
ateoad atteet. Mr Poker has a daagirtar Mary Ana,
twenty >two jraara old, aad forayaaroi two past haa
had kd Irish coachman, John DaBB, with a r*ry
face, an boa iii blOgaa acd a hratty, simple manner?
Etodett, too, for an Inrbmau. It mar? ' av.- b. ej
rathir Unely in Tatrytown; they lived there only
trnein the family?Mr. and Mrs. ]! kcr Bad Mary
Am. Nataralry easagh, Mary Abb liked to ri le out
v-it ht>*f coachman, liked to ta'.e the n't? it n as :
iary ?o hi t health?liked to si e the ooaatry trnd flaaDy
hatradid IheCOnchmaa in her liking. On Siturday
?-\*i rg John cime to the oflice ol M-. Caai'< * B.
Rpeocer, io Pnadway, tv get uis wife, lit told h.^
Ktory in this wise:
"I'd beea bii coachman for aaarlytwo yens. Ia
Deeembei he cone to Irre h<tt n the city, anil
stopped In Tairytowa taai.?; uaraol Iba botaaf. Be
advettbtd lor a coaebmaa two weeks fore become bp,
??: d 'bin tie d'nl.ar^-el tr.- be. he kre? that tl
daughter kept mv comoany and 1 kept b- r COBBBaay.
lie u-k. ti !t t ii I d tcriuii ht i :j>a:i v and 1 ?aii Bo:
slu she siiJ not and he wanted BM to go t.- Califor
lia. And so wJieit I come BWBJ I I ^Pin- i hme. and 1
addreaaid he* a few Ones, aud he Bmadil out. she
BBeweted 'brre or l?ur 1. tti rs, and tbe get out oa
t> aOnaaday; aba ?i'pr*?i ?>u-. md ?ra wem t,> th- u?\.
Ilr, Haiti.ld>. La rUity-sottrthatitai, and bd marneii
La aboal half-past IS o'clock iu the day.iuie, thru
lbe iHpped baik again right off. She thought
Ikey Wi i.lon t hi.o.r anything aboii* it for a u-w days,
ana ahe*d ^it as* tiothea and we'd Ihre t igetaar Mr.
Fanhe ii.*chaifci-done of the ,;irii. bes.; paotedthai
tvtae ihe thai ti..> the bfers. Mr. Bokel toll ner
MaryAaa tbat be'd akoot me. He haa never anid
.iLy ai^ty votaate me. He won : .'et heronV, Tte
day ?ti' was gain' to be Biriiid aha tssd him the
wauttti t.i no ,:; in oonpaaj a-.th another lauy, but
ha woui.it't Ht her. Bbciaovi twaaty-ti ?. Sbt tojj
n e that she Cido'l want to be led Hk* B dog, aud w'.e i
Inr fa'ber went to ins busiitts abatHpptdeali and
.lies got a tight to be manied. He told nie oaoe hi
duin'i bUte.e Ul(l f,,r K.elti.;- njana j t0 Bar ;i I ^ot i
chaaOBi I Uid 1 mi I didn't want l.;s BWacy BOI
hets. He said he'd er?? Bet dead and aaskaf
the lod Ufore sie was r-.aiti<vi le me. I i-,ve
bnn kMpshg I er e mpany aboctl a yti.r and a
had. lies said ettrytbn^ to her to make be.*
:ts;an o.e. Whin I ooma aw?y be aaid: 'Sei th.-.
? .-dtcal. bow he ron away * Yon eoulda't an biitaca
? i;, iu thraagk Tanytvaa, She tol i me to, l uader
staoiil i s 1 ow he rtiui.i cite her Bbythiltg at ali if hi
c. aid git her off tum lure. He *aa taraaten'tn t>
rend her te C waaany to get meoal .f her htai, but I
wouldn t p'?7e ! im. BaaVa shut np :h*re and h<> a<Bt
l.t her oat. She hain't ate axiyihir.*- now tot th.*.'
? Luv de-.*. 1 feel bad to have an n cryn^' there*'!
ritiht and they a'l eri>yin' t' e sei -????. The aus: of
tt hi aai aaceaat of my hata Irish; bnt 1 ia at good a
n BB as be is. i. bail rich. '
John w?? aairved that h s wife should be n-stoj-yj to
khnj Mr. Specctra: or. - dvw u_t ? ;?etitn?n fee a WT I
rtf tabev corpus and brior? ti>u:tm'W # ma thl
n sMtv oiide wil deabtlaaa be ta*'red to haratardy
I a-OrO.0.
Ou Pi i: i C'o.n ir.T.?At'u-taa abiBBr?af Buay
yaara tkia aaaavead ri -'.'v >t (jav- a aaawart ?i Dob
a t* s l??etw la*t K 'diy BVOBBag, and wa* wr -
HBsad with an BBJtlsnBanaai Which maat bav. b--*n
jratifyit^ to 1 s ftt'.u^s. He t-ai l>>et none o* 'h?
bi ll.aicy aco i icu ar.tisa ol tom.oi yeim, sou e....'r ?
ita waimeat pinud :s af aa aporicut.vt Bi -.Lie?
almext every fSBM baBnj socked. Old l> .u was
e? ii pf.it. bj asaiatadbj Bttaa VaatatiaGaseSf -?
U% ti .uMi', (tei ?), $j t.O^j.l., ^4?^; h\u C.
W. M.?.'.'*?. (AJ-xerdf.- e?<~t). ari Mr. I!
(puiey. We wire cad t oWv^ tie ro>ai wag
i:. Ti BMirew eeceisfOh?BbOgtrss ha sec nd
(-?:? >*, < d as ah- v.
Slavery alone- "Tntifl **
( tiiefJuetice Ttney. is d-l n Tg |h? i*pht>c?a of tbe
C n.'.'Md thai ti ii re-e, artert |||||pjtaitil at tbelatt
Term, wat dirt cU d to b? reaigued at the p'eaen' T> rat,
owixg to difference of opinion eju*t:og arnoDf member*
cd tb?- Ctcrr. and in order to pv? the subject ntof
n ?:t;:e c< Hben' i?..
Tbtti were two leading rpiratioaa list. Bad the
< uit Court of tbe Uaked State? aar the District of
Miiw.Br. j-ttt^ci. ? m m the easel aad if :t bad je-.
diction, fj* it* de< irioe trrct'ou* or not f
The defendant dec.ed. by plan in sbaiem<'r.t. th ? ia
rUKlictk*. of me Cbrcait lonrt of tie I'tited State* on
the irrontd that the pjaiitiff " is a negr ? <A Afncin
'de'C*t* hat aacsstOfl were of pure ATtran blood,
??td r-?r.- i;> .?.:.: into tl.a rasnUry ai.d aahl aa
"aiavii-, and th*raS0Cl tkeplahathT 1 moturt'i'-c
"'of tte State 11 Miami? i To Ihil pit-ati.ep.ua
t.ff lien.nred, aid the Court inetuined the deaiaiisi.
Theranpoa th* defendant, leaded r-ver, and ju!t.L,e?i
the treeph/i f a tbe ground that tbe plaintiff and hi*
fan. 1 v wert b * nettr? *iav ej. htd a etat< DM tt fid fiti :t.
agreed to by both parti**, wa* ri ad in svidease.
The Chioi Jurt.te baring ?fatad the fart* in the ate
proceeded (in atoneof voice aimoat tnaud.lib ) to say. ic
btibataace, tl i ??? |uestioidJnrst :?? be decided wa#.
whether fb? plaintiff was ec'Itl-d to ?ae in a Conrt ?i
lib (To ted Mates. Tbl? waa a peculiar avaatkra, and
KU the f.r?t liana hi n?.ht bi-fore Ute C< urt uce'er such
' in aasetBBCCOl b: I H had bei i brot (hl bete, and it
arwtbeduty of theCeatttameat and to decide it.
'I be m* c.i.ir. waa limply tb>, can a ec^to, whine an
Cestotl iui|-ite-i ac 1 t-M a* slave*, bet ..in* a
it euibtl of the poiit ' hi f otninttLi'*. i riT'-d and brought
ii to axknuat e by the Conatitattua of the i ci'ed .vate*.
and. op euch, became entitled to ail the ri^ht* and ha
vanities <t a citizen, roe of which ifgbuj ia aabtg la
t; c Courts of the Dinted States in care therein aped.
HCdl In die u-ejiK Ihil qeastsaa t?e tuui?t not em?
ir at d Ibe r'aht* Of ? ritfsen abieh a State may confer
whbin its own 1 mit.?, w ith tbe light* of a citizen within
the liu .!n of das I'tiifed S ate*. No orecan be a eitix?r.
of tl>e I laited Stat ? imltaa un<*?-r aha prtn inon* of the
f 'oc?titi.tion: but H d. < ? not Mlnw tint a man. being a
Hi zee ? f one State, ma*t oe raoaa^unad na ?uch by
? \ ? i y Str.te in !l i i 'r.i.T.. He may bo a citizen in .'0?
State and not iecoj,-ni*?<i a* aach in another. Prartom
to the ?.'...j.'io.i of the ('oneiitut.on, ever/ Matr
nigb cenfer the rhamrtm of a <i i/en, nni
i n^ow a i 'an with all f b rights paftaaaieg to it. This
? he ( oin t.( d to the bot.nuarie* of a s*ate, smdgtte
l :n no righte bsjroed it* IHaan, Ncr have the soaaral
State i snriendertl ibis power bv.ibc adoption of Ina
Constinsti?n. Bvery StaWmay e afar tbs right open
ac aiitn ir on ei y otht r i lies oc descrintioa of p-n<Mut,
wi o would, to ml i:.t<nti and pnrposm, be a aatisen of
rha State, bul not a eftixaa in Me bbiim ased as the
Ccastltauoa of Iba l nit*d S'u'w. He would not
thereby becorna a citisen of the United s-atrs, nni
therefore, could not sae in any eeart in the rnitei
Slntfi 11 r < ? uid !:e ? ir. 'ho imrrunitiei of a citizen in
the other $f?U*. Hi'right* would be co-titir-d ettl.'tly
to bse own state. Tbe Constltntion givas Coatrreas
Ibapoaerto satablish"aunifoitn tub <t aatuislli?
aticTi; ocnseQUetttiy, no State, by ii>.t',r*ii'iiig an
alien, c old eonnw anon him the r:gbr* sad isamaniias
of fill 'be Sir/ee ander tbs Qenaral G 'ver. ?
maoti It hi fSSf clear, theitf. re thnf M S ate ein,
ly nny set. mtrodire a new member bate the
joiiticai IJatea created by the fjonstltation. The
on. eilen then a-f*-- wlef-er the pnrtrlsl snsof ;'ae Can*
itifntion of tie t'n'ttd Btsicaia retattooto {.-'?ina:
rights le wi ich aciu.-.en of a Stab b entitled, smbracad
i.et.K-c.- tt the Afrk in race, at t'-*t ??a\*- in the eiun
tryi or ajtenraidl ir.^r ec. oi :i t.Je 'r * bom any
Mat,'; and whether it .s in ?M p >wer of any ButttJ to
maiic ru.h a one a < ilisau ol lbs Mate, ai.d eudow him
aith. fell crtiaentblp tat aar arber States wicboot tboh
consent 1 Hoe* tne t.'i n?tuati n oi lbs L'ailad Statei
t i.j.H>n bim, and Biotas bun *>ith all lbs ri*.bt? oi ^
est an 1 The Coari think tbs sasrmativs ennaot be
maajia r<=d: and, tf not, the plaint,tf esaid not be a
citizen ol Mbstmiaitbia the ataaidogai tbe Gonstita
tins, nor a ritiatn t t tbe United Btatea, and, con
tsqui ntlv. r.ot er'"ltd fa rue io i'i C -nits.
It im rnss that orerj parsoa. aad saery olsas and da
sotiptioa c t pirsoo*"*t th? t-rne of t^e adoption ol :La
( i tititntion, rtt aid '1 ae i ituuraa M Ike ?? ver^l Stt'ts,
l(<aret. cttfatsns of this tew p.iliii-?l body, ane n-n^
Other. It wastotiii d lor them aad their (?iiterity, and
Ua nobody abai and all ibe rights ai d innnunltie* were
Intended to rmnraoe only tboss of Stats osinusaattles,
i i tboss who bsossae msuaksii aroordiag mtbeprmd*
plcspnwl cb tbe ooi litntion wsi adopted, ltwata
i aaJoa of those who were Banmhen uf the political
OCmmBnitiea, wb^ve power, mr certain s|>ecuied pur
punnisis.rifcaded over thewhoiaTanionrkaiof the
United Sta'es, ar.d gavs aach i mlzi n r^hu i uto'de hi*
KtatS wkieb het?d cot I* fore jxyri-ss. aud placed a'l
li.'i.rs of perrons ana property on an equality.
it bcoomri aaossaary,tkersf.is ti sn^asmsaB vk
s I. llist ::s Of tbe ieve.nl State* when tho Oa?attta
ti' n to.- e.Jer>ted. in ' ider to do Ibis we mn?t recur to
hba Col re when tbsnr asperated (ram Great Britaia,
awaasd tew eoatmaaitiss. aadtjeh their place am. o^
the ftnely <.f na'tors. They whi weie i-viari/sd a?
ciSzensof the Btatea declared thtir hsdapendencs of
Crfut IH:a.n and deft ntk j it by f<?r< e ofa'ini. Another
tins et (?mens, whe bed been imporUd as slaves, or
thpir tic<' r.dants, wne reoogmasd or latendal to
bt- intluded in that uienverabis Itatriwont ibaOenlBia
lionol Independesce. [t is ?lfnoalt at this dap to real
ire tbe slate of public opinion rerpeotmg that unfor?
tunate clsss, with tbe civitizeuand enlb^hrenedportion
ot theW< lid,at thetimeo! ihel>e< latai.ou of Indt<n<>nd
iaes ai d Ike adoption of tke Cenatttntasn; but mat ay
rhoas thtj have for mart ;ban aosntury bsanrsnatnad
aa beings of an mfarioi oiler, aud anfli wio.itten fc
ihewbif rac e.? Khar facially or poll IcaJfy, ar.d tad no
? ,):*? whi. h whiten.et w?ie bouad t" r-Hj..?.'. and tke
i UV ^ man might te rod-- trd t-> rvavny, lMaj{hr and
fold, and tn dad *j an . .u.nary bixm le o! mcicbau Bst.
Tti> Opinion, st that tirr" nas rived aad ui.i-. ?r?al with
theciviUsed portion of tbe white rue-. It wa* lagardad
as an axiom in moral?, which i.o one ihoUBjhl oi ji pit
Inf, an I ?.cry oli kB taa y anted up ?n it, wiibou'
do ibi og ' r a nuaneai the oortectaess of tbsj epaaana,
And in to cation was Ibis o\ baloa more tiled and gene
rally a ti i open than ta Engfaaatttheauhjeeaiof which
Government not oarpssised *bcrn on th? Csast of
Africa, but tcok tht in m- ordinary met'bacO.ee, to
ur t it they cotild make a praiton them. Taa opinion
rbt.s itticiaicti wen aarvt tally iirpr<s??.l ou th-'
Cob c;.*? tbb aiaVaTtbaAttsatisi *? .'ardin.'ly,ne^rx^,
i-f ran Afiioaa race wens wgaixfad t>y ti:,-aipro^??r;y.
and tt'.J. and f ought, and *oM, as .-?ach in everv ot..-..t
ildrtcen Uoianisa wbiek tnussd ha tke Dsnhwetiea
of Inder? i der?< e, snd afterward .'crowd the Cms'itu
Ik o. Tbs dec i me of whit h we have ?poken vu stx Jt
?r^ly cn'c rd by the DscBBrsBna of IndnpSBWli nc. I
Bt 11 Ibasi '? Whet), ;u 'be cenrte of human ev^i.t*
''ii beet nut r.e,-*?*arv lor one people to di-'joire
'?ire potkicai bttd* whnb h-?\ ?; c<>nn<. t*d th-rin wit1! |
?'act*ti-r. sadtasssanMamopc th*fowera ,it'fhe?-a-th
vbe ?tjitr*te and equal starten ta wbiek ana laws af
? :.a: :< and tf na'ure* Hod in i -i tkem, ? dasjaaf
? rcspasttatbt irTdnhrWi of mar-kind requires that ttrty
"eietid liniere the cuuee* wctcb irnieithemto.be
asps ration I and Ikea proceeds: "We hold thsse
'truth* to be -?Ji?vid-nt?'bat all men are ir a;: i
"(tpial; that they ar-eniowi i by DaSir CtaaSm * t.
"?tttain iaBlnmsnss rightt bat amotv ftaaanm lias,
: iibtJty. a. 1 the panrnt o" bappiaeaa, Ta?t to h> as
" !Lert':i>;J.ts, Go\ cramsjrts are uii.titt.ted auijj,- aj^o.
? liiiivlp,: ibsir i -st p-jvi.-t :ona the esswsaf af 'he
"governed.' Ac. Tie aurda txiore qaoied would
9?n meatbracs 'be whole human family, and if used
In a .in itar tnstjcn.tnf at this lay WBula b? so Bautet?
rtavO. I'-: il 1? dear tor dbpats that tee et?#lavaj
Atican isit wss not ietsaeed to be im-Nidsd, f.*r, In
?.distT..*n-?b?d a-'i *> h i f.-an .?1 tb* Hw la
rstirn rf Icdependear? wuuM be flagrant y againrt :b?
psiaei] 'es wbkk they ai.**r'?d. Tnsy wno franiel tb<#
I 'Kii'VioL of ladseenaV: > *> were m*n of too much
boawr, rdnantissi and .pte'ii^'-u.*. to ray what 'hev did
tt. .?, ... i e snd t.'.t; km * U m n-.. pair i4thecivii
faad world wvrs tbe u'/ro rasa, by aauamaa bbbmbub.
admitted la Iberighti ti nvsussm They *p>ka and
!? '. i i.v< t? as to lbs ; i*. ?.ttT, joc'r'nt* and u?a?'et
? lbs lay. That enfonunat rs< ; was inppteed t j Be
rt;aia't frOm the *ti'*j. ?nd w<? n,ver luaogbt cr
? p' ai n k t txeenl ai pa .*rty I Bt tm op mens ander
tvantxo t-4i.^e ?bei. tbs C i-ti'.u.uu *?j v.-,'
Tl.? I'ee.t.b';-*..?* f ith for alia- purje tesnd Ltmaomt
btnrli it wa; 'r.-ui L l?w*? ?' -T,d oy th" -x>o-/??
mm h m : sd h*. a nvanber* st rte sragmni **ia-e*?aad
lie j?-.f it tbjr.t w*. u, ?? ?jietLf '? e**..g' of 'ibe'ty
"tot ? tent* ' It s, -dX< sngeairai
t'.a* i: i .ti. ? t. aid paopl ? .i bs United ?tates wbaa
?? "-' " ;? * "ranted with mt dtfltin^ what
Jt. ti; r.-rv-Mot. ild b* iueludexi or a bo *bovki
be ie*.*:i.?.c a* t.'.nene. hu tao a a-rea of tbaCnaiti
? - i lbs Legrorace a* leparsBs and uu t?
,-s-c-.'?.-'-i* I ? ?h u.tkeCotetituti:n*m*sdosa.
i-, tu ciMsfSafiinfhe rkrat toimptMt siavmuotU
ia tbe ateend taa llratea all bra vsa
otc t? mmtker. to ptnesrvn tbei^uu U tbe stftMar, ajit
to deliver up eiaves Mry^tc inet? r*ape-iv? T*rr>
? ? !<> tie It-rt c muv 'he ;:.',a t,, ptr tsae arTd
bold this r*cper?v I* du-.ctdveaitesioced ar* aathert'ed
bf Ac teocs who framed tee Coo-tit-iti.*. f - ? . ?
the tkfUol the rraeirr ., llOC v rhe ,; ,VW1T^7
:.?[:. j .KUd ecdure. A: . this above oo
. M-'heroescnpt. ? ... f-wer? einbfo
I I ?mM?rrAamt*r\tj. They were a ; articles
tf c^ha-cC e. Tbe t.orr.ber tuan,- put.d m v> a<
ree/.pa.-rd wiA tboee who were beid hi alaioaj aad
I lo' n ffiiaftMy rrrneroos to ttrrae* pat Ml BfiBBaTiij as
1 sa*pa;s'e risse, ttd wer* rrca dad u i par o- 'c<
I tjave pejclar..-*, rarh/r il an f:ee.
|l earn", be ruppuid thai fb s->-r? c^cfe-red e ti
reiehpcpcn tberr frr e!< Use--*-S ate* ar thai I m
cetrbl;-te-drolifere?ul?iioii?fcrtte eecurity of t^ex
tehe* ?cd faa-ifee, as wed tt cf prc-prry. [a force
aitf{ cases trcT were ditTera-c: ? d. *. f trial end il
? .ltd be nip-?*e^ trat Aoae S;atc*w.>-0d haw
loimcd er coaMBti i to a OoTrroscwt which abJiebed
this rieht axd took firm them tka a*f*i<ui-di e'saential
to the r own protection. They have rot thartfhfl t.
btar aicis aid appear a: pall ?? tue? xi -o anrcas
ptrfhieal .,ce?-iti> cr trr-j? tre'sures of :ef. rm wh;.\:
they tv\t.t ttem adt Leab'e. They cancel vc-v at elec
tiotia, nor serve aa jure??, rer appear aa witrnaaes
where v. I i'er ate CCBMreed. Tfcf-e ri^.fi are * > rod
ir fv< ry S'ate to white men. It !? impossible to believe
that lbe ircc of the ?hlBBBaall a States, who took so
large a there Lc the formation ul m*C.>o#titui:o3,cjuld
1*? -o n u-a-d'ee? of fbewat In ? aid tha safety of thoea
who rti ntd axd ?-enrided ir. ehem.
Beat] law of naturalization roofi-e? ii.ireasbip to
r*>'r terrors. This ii a n:air?d ^parafion from the
blaikr. Inder tt.? ('. cji rY'a'i. t; t ver> S ate had a
right to <??c'de for itre'f. aid tbe term " free ink ibhV
?ct,'-tle cfflftal'tj of form, eerta ciy riclttdeyi tba
Afrieaa race. Lain were fratrei for the lttu?r e.':>e
eiaJly. I'ndrr the rooetittiaVo the wot J 1 e'ti-en i?
rubatitu'ed for " free ithal).taat Atter fur ber
e'afct rr-'icn cn this point, tte t'enet Jnatiue said, r- t.
the beet e eaaideraticn, we have c^me t.- the conclu- >i
that the A'tican ra;e wto> came t.. thif oaotry
wt ? ti.e: '.:>?? cr .-'av. wire net intended tj be ?aoiodaa
in theCoeaUttttkia t'er the enjoytnent of tcy rn^oca'
iit,lite or btnetita; and the two provision* which pom?
to tfiem t.r?/?t tliem aa pre party, and make it the dufyo:
tba Government to protect themaaamh. H-ooe. the
I', ott * Ol cprcion, in ta the taete stated in ihe plea in
al at tine at, tea* l>r<.i Si ott U no' a ? .'iivii ?>!' at;??<?i:i.
ALU is cot, tharalbce, entitled to sot- in lha l*nite<i
Sta't* Comta. The foflowfatg fa<"a al t* on tha
" In tea -ear lr H. Uba p-iiutiC wi? * r.rjr* ?,?r- r?.,i3?ina t >
P . Kir., t5, r, ?Ii) nil ? lurcMii iu the ua| o< ta* t'uiirj
? !?.. 'h.' y ?: Mliu ! Or. t ni"r?.v r >. k 'h.- p',*lc'il
f:i ai tkr SUte of Hi?*ouri to ihr mL'l'trj p?<*. ?t R.vk I? 4: J.
:c lb* Mala nf riikaala ttid htM bim ta^r? m a dar? un'il Iba
ii ? i.'h i Apii. i n A'tl-t.n.' ie< ..ir u?.i. 1 Ur Etier
??n raa uvmm ih? ?i?iutia it?n, ?..u u.i.i uy p >?i ?? Baak lalaa I
to thr n :..'-iy pe?t it fi.rt BaHlbia. allwaaal on tt?. >,n b?i,a
nt th* Mlaritt ppi Km h batha tavnaary kaeww aa ITMar L^a
i?np?. ?. .1 ir, .1 hv iCe Uattcd St?.?? Ii.im r-'r?ui-?, nnU ctu?!?^
ii. rih oi :L* i?ti uJr ai *, J i ? rli. aad -..irtL .>f 'he 8??> i>f
MtaaourL Bald Or. Ba < ik>o i.rid lac aiaiatil iu tlavary ?; aal 1
l./it Im liai anrtl tl * ytr 18-?.
" In th* jr-tr UBB, H?rt ..| (who't t uaad in "I. n.von.1 rouat
of the altintia In I? tat an i ?u Um m?m wt at* ot Tallafiii in.
who b?'..,' r> ?! to th* itoiji >,| tt.? ITaitad Stun, iu that rear
(lt.ii ?Kia &l?.ior TaiiaHtta loab uii II? n. i t? ?u<i Part
fratoit |, t n.ilitaiv f> tt ?itunts.l u hsrrlnkafcw t'%r?<) iu.i
k*'t h> i tb?r? aa a atava aa .1 th* y*r 1S>;. aad il:?n told ?nJ
drlivatirC bei aa a alar* at Kort Sn.mua uuto >aj I Dr. BaMfaw,
ketriutrfott aaaaad, ai.JtaiJlir Baaataaa h*.J aa.U Hain*t id
Slavery at tald rerl Kn*::u.? util th* yt .r ie?.
? In thr j.ur OvSi ika alataliB aad tald Harttat, at ?t S f r
pre?lt.?. the roua*i.t ul amid II: BaaetBea who ihm
rlaimi J lo f- ? maat>r aad owu*t. luO-mian *d aud leak
*arh < ? In r foi bcabal;d ant WlBi Ki' i aad Ufa?, r am.-d la
tk* third rouat .I Iba piaiLur1'! deelarattaa, ar* th# fruit of
:;:ut uiatiua*. K'l/a !a ahotst II y*?ra i 'I, aod waa born oa
bai J tt* i'??mb<iat (lipa. v. north ad Iba north IIa? .?! rh? 8'at*
ot Miaaotilt, and BBOa Hi* Miaaiaaip) Kiv*-; I n/i* bi abaal
tr\m inn old, U .1 waa bom io tb* SM* of Uiatouii, at tb?
???? f? ?? rd JtOrraoaBanacka.
' l- i?* jr\r aai,! Dr. kin*ia,.n r*ru.>T?< th* ptalntlfl
ard said Hartiat, aud tifir laid iamht. r r : /a. Ir m aaid f I
hreiiiaf to Ii,? etat? oi ft'itaoun. wbaaatbaybav?overalaee
' Baforataeeeaaaaaaeaaaaataftkia autt, tai.l ').- Bf raan
told at>d conveyed llw aaatatlC aaid Harriet, Bliai aad Litaia,
to lie d> U ndaiit aa ?Uvi-, t?d tt'- del*udaut t.a n.,1 to u 4.1
? aeh ol tl.*m aa >iar*a.
"AttkwtiHaa uirmiot-id ir. Iba plaaatur'a derJatatkaa, tha
ie'i t dant. c a'a-iut io b*o?c*r*?af reaaiJ, laid blakau it ,poi,
aaid p'alatIB, Hantel BHtaaad Lit ??* aiet impritoiied th*ai;
di.lr.f h Iblt irtyr ? h. v. *v*r, aa or aw than wli .t ba mijat law
tu.iy do .1 tk.-v Vera al r*ht hi. aiarta at aaafe tlaj.'t "
The ChteN*?tieo preowdod to examina tbo sta'e
,i i .it, aaBurBkiag that 'bii- pwt of the ooffatrjvony pro
?: *id ? no intatii ns.
/ r*f/j Waa he Sc M; and a'i h;- fa: i"v frin
Uieaoim. ai d
Otrei Ii not, were they free by reason cf their
remi-' al t?. Itoi k Island, Ilhcoia.
Thd sit i! Cenjjreea on which the plaintiff reliea
coaUka ttaclaoto Aal BVavorr aad iuvo'uo'ary ser
. ltu.ii, ? ? rpt for ermi". -hall be forever p-ohibiieid In
tbai oar! ei the Territ. ry BtH{uirod by treaty from
[xiukiaaa, and not fucludrd within the I mit? of the
rotate of Louiiiana. 'ihe difficulty which meet* ua at
the Aiaabold ia, wheithtr Coc^rc-a hi autiorised loot
such a law undi r the powei* irrati*- i to it or tat fj."
rtiiu'ion .' The pUatttl dwiils mich uu tho cUu??
al.ith givei Coegiaaa p.^wir "to make ah' neeslfi,
"tulea.iiid r?Bnlauova rtipectingtba Territory or other
"piopsity nf the l'uite-d Statt)'' 1! it th.s (irov.si: n
has no beating on ti e preti' nt 0 'i>trover.y. Im power
there ?ivtu is lotdiotd to the Teni'ory which then b
len^'ed to the I'nited Statte, aad i au hate :.o laflaoai
onTtnitory abich VBBacquiiad fr^n foreiao (iovtrn.
mmtr. Ihe Juafie? thtu i lei ltd to the OBBdooa of
'aid by Virniaia and oAn States, saying tbe
ody < bjr< t wai to p^t an tnd to wti.;'i;ii; rontitl
veisiea, aod to enab'e C'onttesa to diapoee of tbe
hLda fir the eomm- a triebt. [Jadeabladly th*
power of tou-reigtily and emicost domain waa ceiled
in (Le act. This was pr> p.-r 'o m vke it crseutiei. There
waa cl.tc no t'overcu.ttit m ex.stecc wiib ..'numerated
s,.s. VVaal nareoaitsd the sate? were tbirven
icdtj/' c?;eht (oiinitw, wh.ih entered i.du ona?Wara ion
fi r u.ctwtd pioTcotJoBi It was litf'.it mire thaa a Con
gitia of KatLasradors, In which ail had a Beaaaaofl ooa*
eetn. It * ? this Cofatrcrs which a tented tha oaariea
? ?? VTrgitiln. They had ao tight to do r<< under th?
a:tii l?s ol the Cot (Moralkm, bat they bad a n?;!it, a*
:cdt; < B(i?r,t p-^rus to a" 6pt tho Und tor the com
rr.on brnefit. and it ia e'ear, having no supfiiur to coo
trr>i th. m they bad a right to eaarcva ai>*<date domin?
ion, n.bjn? only to the iBOtrietttai which ViKinU
?mjestd. TLo oid'n/mce cf 1787 wis adopv-d, by
al rb the Territory should be p-overtied, aadaBaoag
i-! er p'ov-iirna waa one t'at Slavery or 'iivoluntary
teivitjdi should he pr ihibitrd, BZOOpi .'or Cl une.
Ihli wui the state of tbit-^s -rben 'he Coeatttatioa
waa fotBM d. The ten t 'ry ceded by \';rniais hJon*te?l
to i " mi :?! es nfrderatf depi ss common property.
i * ?? S?a'tt ?>.re abou' to diaaolra th j Cocfeders'i <?,
Bed iiuicndar a portion of tbeir power fin the foi ma
t on oi a new goveromt-n'. acd tbe laoguage used
limited .and specined the objects *o ba BOCOaanfiaBad.
It wps ohvioci that i'.mc provi.'ion was now BBCNtaty
to give the r.ew -ovftnment the cower to Miry
into effs' * evtry ol'jeet for which thb teiri'ory a-ss
di d, If was ot' esaary that UB .ands sl^uld oe Bold
?j j *j Iba * ax deh' and thai power s'ijuid bo ^ ran
to protect tre citizens who rn^ht ctni^'afc, with their
gh'i cf property, aims, m.'i'uy store., ta w
a# sr,.** of war," wrre tie "lomxon property oi
"'he State* eiittir?; in their ictfep.-.G*::: r-uirs, vr.
"aid had a riebt ba rake truir ?r..p^rty to
.:? cry, wi'boct the auth;i!"y of the
' Bastes. TbecbjulwMtoplue'huidtbirigaiiadcftb?
. lardiai -1 .p of a cow (iov mm? cf, whiu gives Con
IBII At Bt wer "toatshwBM needful riles eai re^u
r'latkaa letptftlag the ter..;- iy or o'.b?r pr?pe:ty
"of ,vt I nifed States." It app i?d oclv to property
he ' i ba ct irmir st the ?irre, md not wi?b refareoce to
at v i r? - r?y ohh b ti e aoreraiantf mi?,'ht subsequent
ry Beqane. 1: applied to the territciy then ia exist
id. e si.d known es Ao tail Hary of the ("aied States?
th? n in tbo minds cf 'be fransen of the CorawilBliosc I;
r-Wa ta tbe sale or nw.r^ ot money. 1 nis ia diflV-rent
fr? ? L> power to let;u-l?fa over is br-it r:ea. W.fi.
?he witda "to make ail needful rn.es and rsnraJarJoaa
''irsprcriag Iba tsiri'ory," ere c .uji'td th* w< ris
" ji i eti -r jnoyttrt, ol Ine Uiiib-d S a?e? " Anl tbe
' r. l-eiuri-*o-ds r. r?>r tbi- ' ontVic* on irreeis'ibe
'Ard Bssnaaaj la thai CaaatBatawi ahaBbaene n-true?!
"as to r,r?iuu;<e acy clattra ot the t'ui:?:d Matal m ?
"or , fir' '.<i>or BBsBlA
It ;a ukjllBBB tl at Aa C'-nef-ws, ucrj?r the -ew Gov
eiir.'.ett, rogardtd tbe ebuve iiaj*e as t?ic**sa'y ti
I a; y into effnft tbe principles ?0-1 HWViaaOaW wi th"
f)ic"itacic of K'C. wbiih ?h. r i?oa*de<l as an at" o'
! - S- ifi. r. tbe t-xer'ts; et 'C-irp >'.''ca! r?.,?..- at -He
. i i ; , rarntativrB of the aaaaa Sra->s
aadarhhe cew ?.ove-LiisLf u.d n^t th ik bpomtto
c'partf-in. any et-f t:?! pt r.- ijd* aud did no; attempt
I rdo acytt mi,' that was doo*'.
As to territory abutted awBhaal Aa Aatai of the
I n.'?-: ,vit-'s. it'rtmamslariitrry until adimt'^.; tut"
At L'adsn. BtoBaarattiaisaa in the t>aau-au?n to
?- qal a t.iritor} to \r hc? "nd |Oeeil 11 it t ia- h?
'?' ter. aLd. rOBBI BUaBtly ABri f*r*ot be f^nnd tb lbe
CooatitationaayaoanWiaa af p>w-r wbieh?'.?rxr-sa
mat iaw:t ';v eitrtue ?*?:?*?? .t aoJoaeaoSaUla. I b-j
I ,wer to acquire temtory BBattl i is ia a cuvtnoa t?
bmsra 8:s*e on an * ro?l Wioc wi h -Uotbor Slfea
ttiit tiaxftaaiily r**t on lOOUd ci ? r.='.<.o. and tt be
eve c?-.be daty of the ikvarmceoi t5 adm.?*ster -.ne
iaa* ad U'e I Basaw S'stes for tbe or tee? >n ? i personal
? a1 '? i. C , r ;tr>v ihtrttr.
Vt hatevir teir-.'-wv leaMHBBl is bar tbe ?jr.ni
bensfit aftbaaaaalaof tba LaHad ntate*, wtrchisba?
a tiuatt*. At tbe fit Baal B ' ry was obta'r?.i
::,m r rance? rvji.taictu aa [vt/oe-k n ta t* admitted
a* a BOB ba. arc u ta* tf N be erne cece-^aiy tOjabf
:r -itesaion of it tm?l aettied acd icaabits<l by a civilized
eotrnaatrv rsp?b!e of gove"wv?t vj4 f->r adm'?
Bhsn BUB) tha t'eaUSJ. But BBUBlhadaTIIBld, BjaaBBBB.
, h ' ? ?> t:..i enrew-nu
WTO lawri uvitro?: 1*111**?* * *? **i*i ul
ttui*. bt leid ft* their ton ck j ai.'! i ras bernitj fat r*.
vti tte BCU^bancu af tbe jy-rj> ftf tbe United S'rj
?ftirc tiioogfc Heir a.fr *. and (. -pram st *?ld it
kr tte evmaoa batikt aatli if rb* at 1 bee aae a**vii
red tte a ir?u:t(.- of tt? Feiet. Co :.'fcaM.xe arrived
i? waa ridrntf.d'y Mce*?*ry tra: f me g.reruinci
be (?'abol.eti to Btelecl tie"irAaSta;.:! -u Ibd.- per
Botl axe i rep< ty Tt? pxtri r to SOUUM came*
?tth it tie pca-cr to puserve. Toe form of
covetrtr* ut Ltoatai?r teeti on tbe d^v-retioc
of Congress. It iteir cVy to ssfaelitb
tte t*?t siitid fcr the CsiBsp State?, ard
that a sc f cf ? rd rc tte Lumber ef ita i_knS. ant*, and
tbe cbars?'?: aid sittiatu .. of'the Terttory. What
OcTtttveBl:* U e beat mus' cep. i d on tbeooadwioa
of tie Tt?rttory at the tie. to b~- r.at?: -i ,t
tbaJI bti> me a S'a'e. Hit tlce can at rc-r be a bh ri
dbcrath ra.y power oat r peraoea *\; p.-epcrty. 1 he*e
are plaii-'y ccri;?c ty tie (?r?:i,ut:.>3. I' ... (.'? u..fl
tution providea that ? Cocgrtas ?ball make cU?
"reipet 'jar. tetabHibmeat et religion orpeAibi?.
u aag to- itteexin ise fbertof; or abridge tbe free
"ditttf site?h. or 0; 'fce ptose, or the riektoftbe
" r* p'e rer.e.jab'y to ae.??nible. and to p?tit;jotae
i.. .errn.eit for at career of .-rievan.'e* Ite. T .?
BtB right! of Bt Opart] ate rtn ?. i with l i* personal
t'ph'.r and this txttnes to the T?rzvori.s as w?>;; a<
bathe >'a?s. Caagrsm naaaittt aatitot istbaTarri
terfcs to do ?bat it > er.ovt io [tat : it ctr.not coder
< n tbe reirrbarkl power to v.oate the provides of
the (Yrrt.iut:.0.
It teen a however, that tit'* is tupp.-st 1 *o be a d.f
fcfSBCS bttweeaelavesaedeibef property Thej^Mpe,
:c tl e 'cmationol tln> t'otrtiiutiori, defecated t > tba
(i.r.rsl Gott-rrn?nt ctrtaia t n unaware Upjwert,ud
ft-ibade the ?-treffe of otter?. I? haj no powers ovtt
prrri r.s and i.irpe'fy ?t" etthu us BSPSpl tiote enam?
at?d bt tl. Coaetirutijc It the Cou?*>tat'->o measr.
tir?s the rifbt of traster und flare, and mtke< no dif
fettrce K'aeen ftav.-< nr.a r>tbf.- p'opertr, n.> tribunal
ect rgvnder tbe srthenty of the I't ited S:v<e eaai
draw tnch > daataaetioa bm deny the pr?rriak>Di aad
fitiaranUes eecu?ed afaiaal the ec..r schment of th.
G?T?rtffiit. At we have alrrady s?Id tie r'gSt of
ptrpertj [? aaaave toeapraaatj .-otterrexi ia the Com
ititaticD, and aaartuiteed to tv,rySfate. rbta lain
lansnaafe tyo plan t b^ mi'^ucerit od, and ao worv'*
cat. t?* rooad ta theCecatitadoa k,v'' <('?""itre?* ceattr
pow?r ever alavt - tbaa oral any oiner de^r p'ton of
pn per'y.
It fN--erore. the opinion of 'his Conti that the A. t
of (_\ i'l-rets whi' h prt bib ta 1 iti teoa 1" am holding p. -
eity ol ti..0 chars* t?r cotth ot a ft rMtn line w n >t war
rai-ffd l<v the (\ l-MMitiop, ard is 'h?ref. re road; and
peitUr iVf.l??. ott ncr any tue 01 his faruilv were mt'ia
(rv*> by tbett residence in llo^oi*. The plaintiff wae nt ?
ncktiarntf Miatonri, bnt was atill a alava, aad there.
( r? hail no 1 igbt u> sie 10 aCoatt ot the L'nited Statt r,
Thf Sotwnml laMlfigaaerr -ays:
Mr. Jaatiea ateiooaread aa opinion, in whi.-h he
did Lot cLter into the coo?tuut.enahty el tb?< Missoeri
Ccapromtra, bat held, and on thai cronr.d artirnie?i
? ? da ! 1 n' i- the Coert below, tkat a ebxTa carried
into a t reo .st^te, w 1 at. ver nr^-bt be the laws of ttiat
^ate, retnainad a .-ltve whtsaaiei rt-turino?? to the
Nate in a Inch ha owner raeided.
" Mr. ,lutt:ee t'atjen an dt'livereu aa opinion, ia
a! cbtte fraedoa ol the N?utk West Ta rnory am
n act- :o t>e *l.e a? 1 of th. State ot Virjrinia wrti.-h trte
the otbjiaal proprtatai u the Tetrttatjr, vid wbloh
alone, and not ( op^re?s, had the rmbt to nrohiin'
S'a\ery there, lie exprrrard bimaelf iu 1 ry de.-i.ie t
t? mis ansii.st the couetitutionauty of the aiutauurl C jui
ptomiaa>M _________________
.1 nrsr>AM> TO in: RAFFLED li>R.
Mr. Perlon: ha? solved the prcblem of the a^e, th ?
I'mon is rufe. Kverybody know.? that since tli^ ex.
paaeioa of criaoliaa and the reejabaaMBl of thitteet
.'. tty ycidt of .?ilk .'or a dress, man:..??es have bec<>me
tomaatahhy aafbasaaat, <'nly the rich can atbud tbo
hixu'y of a wde; the ploddir^iltik ?ith Ln tevenor ton
01 tilt- r n bunCred dollars a year must bt eoataat to look
uom a?ar upon tke promtord land. Toaag ladies woo
tbtoght a year ago that "be Voald ptapoaa ia a
wttk 01 two at BMt, have hat? astonished at "his
iMnfctiLdtd patieaea," and eaatd not fac the Hfbaf
:!. ii s. ? v. by b" kept them wait i .? m i. ag, MaaBBBB,
too, thoaght it very S'iarge, forgetting iu her anxe ty
to nnKi a ^'titl rratket for her dnnuhtf n?, that she
bad Bccattcencd them to an extravagaaoe to whoea
dtea allratfbaa Clyaaea m pradeatly btiad, aad none
but the r?ik'?t* anl theeVaigahtgyield. M.a-t.m
Iho "yoarg laafaa" are attain ng a certain a^e, atnl
there arc aifnhh s ;r. 'beir heat's. " He ' ma/ n >f b*
foigoiun, but old Qtimaa, heavy ahh part, taken a
lancy, like David, to law a dated to he ia h s
boecra, aod gits bis choice of lbs let; the rest sbJivei,
body and scnl.
Ibis lamestab'sstatesf afTaiis has at la^t attracted
tn-atrrDUouormeparrietic linggsaod tnepriilanthn.t|
kPerkaas. Br%gs, when he rat red hnmtasi astral of
the 1 ity by the psriofHasl ernpt'uiis of his battaaalBM
wit atd wild, m in tte I^atd of Aldirmsa, rstateed,
ike n aecoadCiaeinnatus,to hi^ cart, Eta rir?.i mit
I era bag er~s?'? I in bis humble h'.' boat -t 0 llliag be
fora the far-^eeirg mind of the patnot was dirsctsd to
ths mclaneboiy state of society ivhidi aehaes notii ed
above. Btaeethe ?raanity of Branch has been decided
span by the wirld, Hiiggs, srhoss aids-strstrddag
lympatbiSS are nlw.'iyr with the people, (act! who had
made a email loan Iff Pransh na tki onoailos of his
voyage in BrandoB ) has found anoth. 1 l>..som tuend?
that friend is l'eiham. We BBsd not d<s?'ribe
?h -;ah Till,am. For years and y>ar? his name
has 1 een a hou?-bold word. The gavea-Mile Mfartar
?ill go down in hlntory with the Sevsa-LesgSS
IrtH.ts. Uentinibertd gift prints, gift pencilx, gilt
penknives atd nifi pens soattisad broad. a*i through
the conniry attest his unbounded geasrosity. It b said
ever'that tin-re have been gift fatma, Briggl swears
ibat it :s mi, tat our faith r?'fu-n as yet to gulp such
0 ?ititertrted btmtv. leuce. W i'Ji downrsjtt hand an i
n.n.iratii - rvp Ii:?g? he.md bis wa-. 'o tj.e f;.u -
1 dings, !)?."* found t'e-rhacn ths .-. i* sh.eik
aid took ? glare of sherry. Ii. ..'< ?'a.^'l hie
bars. ' Where, asked the aimoui loi r oi hbeoaa
tiy's h? nor, " where are the men coming from who are
" to win cur future Lexingtons and Hunker Hilll I W>?
" muet h\\ < more man l?ge?, 1 r the -.tars sad itrtpsa will
"be Utd into the dirt 01 tbe Saratogas and the Vcrk
' o wn that are to adorn the iJluatrat*l p*ge 01 our
'.. n ng history1' PsshssB an moved. rhafrkMafi
mitigltd thfi: ti ars, and went to th^- ?t Ificboim Bad
teok a glass of then y. Tba hopes ofBrigga were
elerat. u the g?niu,i of rerbam was ^t on tip toe.
Hence the iiut La?ly hence the Gift '! satleaiaa.
No fungei will the pltyld.tg t kfk be obi gad by th' f
Beet Stil]f to postpoas ad> tin; sly the bnppy Uay. Wot
flie vry n,.?derute ?um ot SI b<- g<!? an BrntiTldad
thr?. hunt'ied thousandth part ot ? ' lady, wham
HI Ight ar.d dre.-s, we beliaVS, we havr >,~U>r>s ?tattid ?
a lady who t an e tg mat vdonsly, ]>iay ravishbigiy, #bo
hai f'.'.j.OuB, and no itage-tpghu For tue same very
n ^derale ium, Cecpair :? drven from the br'-aat of tiiu
-pittfer't the .iir,' th:> 1 waaailrb Jeg'ee,
by the appamaaee apoB Pwham s ?t";? of a young
u.ac, nha vr.aM be eail-.d haadsoms s osrtsia^aat?
ten l ot eery far wen of Broadway, act who is said
to Le p*se*eed in h s own rght of f M,Mt. P -rhno,
aith that mtK.Veiy which only thore who kw>w h m
can appr.c ate, tea put it at oily S'^l isOO m '.he bi'ls.
On Batarday '>h ? man a?-eab!e young mm waa pre
st-ttd f. t tLe gilt Um to a ifew-Wk <? ..'..I... . 1 km
and < :.< e was small, but ts pau ity 001/ iadfaBBad trie
1 tSTSat w.tb which this movement is rewarded b> the
N.w-Y- :k fair they do sol w.into app?irtobe i't- r
lit a??Ur ?gt ti e ... n.'.iti', H. igg- the !??:.--r Of
al eo tblaeca of eitlsaaafclBs Briggs the i->ved of Amer?
ican bim..tr,;ty. nr"gg< who has a trily Ameii'-ac as
piraticc to repair the damage wklck tTaraando Wood
??? 1.1 e, Brggi tie blu<-coated, Ik gis tbe braai- I
\ Li!, m ti? Hrj2? led bin <". A-sernb vd Amer. in
epplnud? d. Awenbled An erlcans were n'ent that
Briggl rsigjht -peak. He thu-hsfBat
"LxiJiri aas Gsai-lJUU! Ai i bad the pleasure of
ii.i" 'iu. .tg ice i>.r: 1 a y ' km '<e*n c< liraai er the
part of the Cctrnd 'tt fcr me 'o ictn-duca the Gift
i;^nt'?roen, snd by your tonseut I will noa ?trobioe
i m. 1 cow have the piea-iii aed bliebt* 1'.' )
aaatag ') e f..!' ll'tf. ni?n ? a >* a > jung mac ot am
'K'?lit'i ti matter ' a, j-.auaej.
Bn; i? tow?d: so hu the G ft lir.iieman. " He is
agbbte," wbiepered a mam sjad yont'? lady ..a oar
right to the tog-toee by ter ..1 . Itire'i-ei, ?0
cid tL?: G?t Gei'U-n-tn. " He r. uixg, said Cram
Ey>*. in a tote c f' . '. -nsm. "Msthbgblm
oj. bstyhtaama, ?u' : i'"g. 1 tYfcataanuyws
aeat muatBt.ae f" aaU C. * roagtadtphiBrhe'sgata
gtoJ aaulattai aanraii i- rkace aaar a rlagi, aaj ??afc?*
ton lady with Mae ^ ?*??*??? 9v *??- w*41
eiiotcferr iris." tI:? ?"1 ????
was ceLed oe. ?ud t?i%. ?M1V*''
"Laaiseaai Dim tan* " w ?ein/
settli:*? Li. ?t .e.sfc ci- taMtMr? ' " L' *Wr**T
rgr-T+b' to U>th per*:ts th?.-? ? awttasrs
J2?? IW- BtlU, a* It Mfjm*
t-et tte-r m.v r.t tv. BeihOBaitwU: b- b* t* ^
t ? re at ttf? thM ?
The Gift aaeetltBBBB re'.red agOfe. ban.
M. is BBfdai *? We w.r* aVv>;:t to r st ave tb.? f-*?
HakgW* ???? ? rr?b<??: tT.^fermf. rim ?aar Ii?
told 11 tot: lit Gift C?iU?m?a was oily tcr. um tba*
tot k the tirhtte at the deer* ot eooree, we. <M bo*, be?
tel tBSt; ?i u'J IViLam Jtc. u r anytxdy *
1. .it was a!'-1 it ?; I trat ;i.e ea?to aye of Br*r?
i'ifi. vtrrd u? M : tvtheGillft e a 11 sanea,
w? ibatSrOaTS&l l3y mahcatyeoootscaerw, Nark
Bt *,ii ho ltd anemia!, a:;J a* the rroea ey-<t girt seel
we * ? i k ij rg Brifga'aapei hattMaafja
IbatwaCOoMb*!take U down theoi a ''cirangy'* aa>
j ? ?:?:-. o. H."cka a!-o btrodwced 01 to tka f**! f>e
1.? ! Baa If, and we ha 1 the 14 pieesitre aod MvtOy''
of sbahaag band* with that d^sunnmeaed ph laatB/v
pwtaadof beiagtovitodfOaglMS 0i sherry. It waa
laoctail a ta bi HBMBabari d acd to ba told-to ?a?
Ibi lassie aad appropriate language af Mr. Buchanan
?'r> .ir rhUrsa ar.i to our el. idree e chili: aa.
II ? w1 an.' t; a pat*- V - --rial and me.ltw
l deacon! itbas ??. ? A itr. I'-rbasj; ha
repeated with a par*i. ?..' . | . %? p, truteacy Iba
'.>t. ?(??'.< phrase, " I tallyen IVihsmaal nebt," II?
ai attd uptHi tho power of the press, insist sd tba' oar
bomb's rspcrtsrwaa Ihe "char I roan la Tai l'aia
i %.. nt i? to parting recotMMaaaWd btaa ta tha aaia ad
a: tt-.- Alter! aa aa it*, and aura I ? Puihaaa i oa/d.
IftBrraM aayti??rg n tkec 'v wb-.-h ia ai<rera
Batkabla than IVrBaa t"nif, it h I>rb?m6 card.
It ia a alrk tk.' pfOCl a: othe pf bM geinu*. ku occaa
t aid ha BBaadaWaaa. It cat e.>uie(lua?? to
er grate PatbaM'aoatd; ;t .e ?;i uubea l.vtar Aed yed
w ei.sk stun baTl^arhaaa'd uaaie. There are threw
it. ic cr leua beaatifal iad:ea on .t m .re or lesa in diiba
bife I* Pi;! am aMerBBOa ' Il.imu :ly ai -i H''i?g?
H a the BBBBBtl "rite aecina la l?e ?
gtrat Haraiita ol PerbaM'a: Uta card is hilf .???vereJ
wtlb lea a BaMaa, nuonjral a:.d reniacular. It ta a
niyateij ?ahava poadaradorei m ram. WaaafBtl
n'. ir. heait <rs tuirk',,s,!^. ?bu h waa made to oa by
aaaaiceSirg wratca, that it isafite.uliar baakhai;
the foal at PerhaflBM incapablo of !)?? taautt- Tha
Mtaterj Mill reaaaiae, aad ve aball be obliged ta >a
ga? I M as oae of the wonder* Bi Ikdi wiwderful woitd
v!v rVlbaM, tba U -a nd of lmmattty aod !>? R<'ntaa
. f m?' * ? Id ott! >'n I U Caid, aal hu own i.aia ?.
bat"Berga? CoMrty lisuk. Tbe eanl BM beea ra
Fl RE 8.
t i t ia aaaioa ?r bbbi .
At |0| o'l' i k Saturday B%hj .t foe oceu'rad i? Iba
iiw*l :i k lioese No. 89 Marion atreet, but it was put out
With a pa;! 11 water. The fire waa oeevioued by a
. alb in . MfBg ia matai' will a raodle.
run in vmm i\\i\it-hi!m stbcsi.
At i . lot k Saliu.lay aaOaWaaj a lite Ixoke oat ia
Ihe re rood at oi) of lhahoaas of Mi. Samuel bbsiaere?,
No. K Weat I wi i.'y-tiirt street, m i\ naequenre of tba
t.| at t'ii g of a laid lamp. Hut little damage waa doaa.
iini iv rn ittit ivrwrK?babibb iNciM<itr.is?.
Aboat 3| o'clock yeeterday BioraiBBj Obbbm Hiaa .if
the fbzteeath >Vard, whiM paiiol 'Vi! hi- baa', .lucrr
i ii .I a Bib iu ti e ;s^?r bi m sa.'oi u No. T.'S Kigoth %r
ibbb,owotdaad tx?aa*ed by Mi. roaralsanat. Wuh
i- aaaMtaacaof ooaai catist as who ahawaad to ha bobb
at bacd he aoio exlitgaiahad the bbbbbBi A a eaaiw
aal t'l id tht pn BiiBi I r< lalti d in finding the floor Bear
il. door aad 'l"- door umij* sat anted witb eam
-v '' ' I liad beeo iitject-st
l.y at rri persoa fion the atroat aid thea ignited. Th*
0. 11'i : '?> of Ike BoWee nt the thjM the oflirer d'seor
i r?d the tite were a!! BBhMW Bad iirnoratit of tkeir
? 'in _-? :. Bad but tot Ins timely aid many livoa wotiid,
doabtleae, bate l>< awBMti
A!n ut "'i o i lo. k Sa'tnoay ni^lit a fire was diac vtr
artd in the Li;..k naldt -t 1 L ./? aU aUe 't, and
soto eat pgaish'tl by tba liremen.
lb. tame ?table wai fnood oo fire last Thursday,
ai d was ther eitiiik'niabad befom rcurh daiuage oo
? ird. HotS t*J these Crai were, undoubtedly, tha
WClk of BB iaBaBdiary. Thorn wore thrca hor- a a
Il i- KahlaOWBSd by Joesph Hare and Wir. Mirray;
1. y ware -ereued naMjarad. I?bm by tiie and wat-i,
I No iaBaraM *.
rte( itca Hotel, earaar of Hmadway and Kigkih
? tin t, i ?i : tiiei i. BataVdB) nioiouigabwut Ijo t Unk,
tti m MdB< deli' t :ii. i hiaaaaj aaa ^ thu kitokea.
I! tian BBl lint ?1 ?i u huii ii ii some houre, butowlia;
to taioi.flui litati it was not d storered earlier. Tka
ibm Le thrt nghoat 'he whole hoaaa was as thick as a
heavy fog. Those eecapyhag rooBM m tha np[>?rsuv
Haa btrathed anything but a I.?withy alrcwphera.
The damage by tl a Bra Wad hut tnrltBtr. G usidaiait'a
tsmsRe ana bob8 by waftr.
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was txtiagnished baton much damage was done.
Thia is tl.esame ?tnl.le whi. h is elsowLere raportssl
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Tut BatFoiaoaiwa An tiir?Hkstii or usi or
mi \ ii riMs,?The editor of FasC/naaaadl^aoka*
- I at wi.tiuK i" m Washington, oo the 1st mat, saya:
" 11 e eieat wholesale poisonit g care ei 'iUw mnoB
'ere. lie National, tha largest Hotel In tba
r.ty, bt.ru ot'-rron with rats, the proprietoia uoeler
toekageaai I ateuhtM bypni'oiiintttbem wlthstryrh
aiae. Tiiey tcck Lbe poison and them Uxdt to tbe near
Ml WBtet which was in tbe cistern tanks aud walls
stout tt - beeae ?In te tbey tumbled in and died of
coBrte. The water ? * comealed and raiaad by
pun [a did not expose the coudiuoo of things Ml by
.'s daily BBB s< ue hundred or inoie of the boardeta
wtie nuddt nly taken "ii k, dot tura were < a'ltvl, and a
health vfhuer sent las who were reit loog in disoarntoa;
iLeiaore. fin removing tiie csverlng to tbe big oia
? rn it preseritod tbe moat ab ki-uing niunt aver eeaa. It
was Iherally pai k.d With the dead bodiea of poe?<>oa4
Mr. [ott, ii. m cjr Stale, was a gne*t at tbe house
at Ii.? tiu e, si. fak. a ci. k, ?? n- ?? -i i..r i. r..? mjui d i*<t
ps lbs way. No OlBei <l<.atba have b?ti. .ea. u ol, bat
oaoy of the Ijoardera us still verysuk. Mr. Pa>
i hatan was a so ab pplng at tbe BaWMB anst baa aotya'
falty retoveied Irava Ul iBw 's. Iba tanks bare beaai
tberoUi.h.y ( canard."
lipisi i'i Cai ssisoeHr ? About 8 actoek last
nit ht a lira bn.ka oa' M Waehia/toa Asyioaa lalaas
sad wetkbouse aruatasi aaar to* DaWSjaaaBBBaal bary
ag-gnaad, aa4had tamed eachBaawwaybaabrodhV
twrered thati n the aaaeaaa ?'? a easily of water no
cberh ild ba I ade to ita ?. ,"??a and ia a aft""
i ?st Ihne main WM ? '?? hahldJBf bat tk*
bore walls. Tb* fiia ongicn'ed ia tba earth wait wise;
A the bBiMhaf, BN n. tba Hue af the furaaoe which aap
, ic heel ta 'h? woiskaoa* dapaiimiof. Tba MBJIoJ
lumor etleat in remnl to tb* 1"SS of Ufa we sra bafpv
tyiay. i^ aa' y *ia<;,era's.l. Tba si eaej pr*j**ais.f
.LB?'?.t to the miie was aeJIrkwafry abaaaws Ob a
ri.ottar it 'I* ya;d waa ?>; ? salad 'he charra-l reraaia?
of a ooassed sjbmbb BBaard Eitsa BaauaaaBBi unawaa
a pants rot unsound re id an? it ia ata*ed was avs
... .;. :r.? Hsffi/s but loet her bi* in retorainr
., -e. -.re -? Ma '<re>r i.i K?r r mf? and similar aruclaa
penenai adornwitst. Ina othM mmatea of tbebae**
wre, it aptea^s i omp'e'eiv bewildered and required
tut* :n;cerd fum the bum ng building. No pe*eo?.
however. Is n. /-..n?? irorn the !l?t of initiates ease IM
mom Im ?? rbare wan is the bouse st Jfea u**
h* ftre 71 paupeia I ,.-t e workUmm aad n> p*'
. . : Had tbsti;- '**
eoircd l tUMiddlee-f tbe n^bt, aftsr theMP*M?I??*"
,. i*? the lotaoi litavaat bar. rNaaWgfctw. A
aLCthar gioup waa ^iXt'd iu tha n?iahb?r
tie rem. ltder be .beea y (Ji
* \\ X w '> '.'! ' T?* Marine, fr-en tba
. aad ladder f^osnaeMp, aaa) tt*dws
- that X< .? 'y a^ft.
it tlLlwwa K 'he ^*'*f. tot oc?oe:mtiifly. toitar ,
..ilplbla msHit-g, I^M?^
jV.r liv auther ni.i get ??bnttored ajaaa he
aaatt., ajW tha last ?^?ass fiw?,***)*'^

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