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coted part*-* wf now locked up to ewait tho re*u! of
t?e Coronet'* b?v**igallow. . , ....
tmmHu aaonkf, ?hoe WM ,;'r',r,"P 1U
fvuuotKo ea.^.d h. apt* ????'' ? ""l "-"'n"v'' "J
uronrhcd tUt .t wan an ui-'.-iun-t'- OUt u.r UnMe,
Corour fJatdBO, bong ? **** " ?""'
?^??l.lQi.0^. ^W-k* ^ DJ* O^rge
(vcLr?% Bent* i* j**?l,!"u;; ;,f;
t. mineral and "Iber In**-. IW fraCirel tVoO. t e
tX BOBa * ihi bM' "f the hrai?" T"*r' Wm *
la-ge extra vaaahvo uf Wood ml mm$ (TOB) the nptoreef
the nxiug.ai ?"?')? Toe VOOad ft! the comer of
t'e lefloye it'cnded through tte roof of tie mouth
alout en o i n and a half, brooking in Hi pannage
ratal Ur> ?. IMt al*> exposed thfl brain. Ho diod
fiomtbetil - *! IIm ixtrataeeticn and the fractal**
Tu* teehyoHotj Jon areaItrofewiewi, art*; aveeU
tf.Ux/O aii. bo conui.oi.ced iu the Health OfH Bar*! r<> >:n,
lay Hal!, ? bVeh -.h Ibta afternoon F. ('. Kirby, W.
"W. Wok*, dtdia <. Sooith, P. Dargooa, 0. Beher, J.
IL Atunn, W. O. Lewi?, Samuel Foster, John Mc
l>cw?d, T. H. Wohnt, t BOrJea H. Smith' &j I Stephen
The dieted, Mr. ?oionaon, leaver a wife and one
daughter. He wee a butchei by tralo, but hat not
bteo art. < \ er * ig? d n the buB.fr.?? for eotn- time.
Ho we* a cn*didat? for Sh riff on the Am. r car. ticket
m IK?, in opporiton tv Jorotuc Hyeraon, the ?aoejoO>
fui candidate, ? nC* daoiinoad.
Mr. HimoneoD wo? w.kn< wn throughout the city,
rand the annouucement of hie death created d.?<-? re
?grot among a Iar?(e caei" of fnendi* and ac.juaintajiccA.
Then appear* to be a difference of opinion among
ttepb)s>.c:aiup a* tO*tbe in-trnmcnt witn rrhi'-h the
y-umic M re iuilicied. 8eonothink It wae with akn.fe,
And other-. m,i1i? pu>r of motal knuckled.
It la not yet flefiuitefy known who intlictoi the blow,
Itcd it may be. a bard tlciig to prove, althouKh there
can bo no room lor do ull Out that ;t wai one of tho
j-artiee now m ruatooy. Biore facts will probably be
developed on the bJiroMigOtbrn.
A ?eeMngi i "tripoeeu of fr..t:i on?- Luo irt-l and fifty
to two hundred citiaene, inoctly pen-ona! tri-'nd? of the
Joe Mr. bmioLron, waa beld at (iethic Hall, in Ada'Q
^trre*. hnet evening, for the purpose of expre^aing pyrn
path) for his autvivuig relative*., and regret for hi* un
timely cad; aieo to tippoint a ('onimittce of Inquiry <>r
Vigdtaaea CoanaaiMan an aee that the enda of juatlde
?were not defeat d, and that tho perpetrator of tho
ji urder Bdgbt be b ought to ju?ti?e.
About Keel ok the Barling waa calVd to o dor by
Wn, H.WKIOMT, whonoamaated ei-Mayor t#r...i:?.>:
iu. i MCtMirtwee, if hie h wua nuBniffionirly carried.
Oo taking the chair. Mr. Hai.l etatod" that the
irteting had been en Und t g?ther at Btiort notice by
the f.iotd^ ot U.e decea-e-u, who felt it Lncucnbi nt on
tteaaeiree iotntte none menenree with refercoco to
the aetaaeinat.on of Mr Siuion^on, and with ft view
to the protection of t .o lived and property of raapei 'a
ble citirtn?. The meeti ghed before t'nem the fact
that a rea, <-c;?i. e citixe i bad been atrnck dowa and
killod by a cowaroiy a absein. A murder had bc.-u
conunitted iu tbe m'ft popular portion of the city,
lie bad to enemy, or any one who oral thought to be
trilling to do hiai harnt, and iio^rhthatanding nlitbia,
Air. tunaonoon I nd t.-etu brutally murdered in tfa I cry
xriidat of tbeec fiieude. He w-i- "lad to r u so large
and reepex-tabic aeiemtl?ge, and the fact t.ial there
wan no public notice ehowed thtt the deeaeeeJ
had the eympatr? ea of tho ivniple at large,
it wae their intention ttmt the law ehould
be etrictly enforced, and thut the cowardly as,. u
hhould anoel I U jnet deport-, [('lioers.] It was time
tuet the whole public I ho aid tnko au UOtlVO part la
the matter. Thoetreetaof inn city were tilled with
yoBOg men who were brutal in their ntafione, au I
iomuiitttd cr.me with uupumty; yet tut little W f
thought of it. The intention of the mei>tin^ w,i-to
nee tnat tdrenr'?of thin kind should not go unpun
iehed. The meeting bal b-en called hactily, aul
theeo pteoenl wer? not prepared for any p ?r ilni
action; but be bi ped that a CoaUattteo would be ap?
pointed, whoee dutv it rhould ho to aee that the caae
wae faiily tried, aud that the guilty partie, tkoul i be
lirougttto puL.*nment. He called nttention to the
rate of linker .n New-York, when the farce of a tr<al
via Lad, and finally too party committing tie crime
waetetfrw. II? t.opvd tl at tho ( ?:ii;n.would
Lot allow etch a farce in thus oa*?, not pormit Hie In >v
to be t vadid ?a it wmtben. For hiin-'-lf he would
b ,\ that be woulu beconetantly vi?iUnt,'and that u K
tu ^ by (ley but by night be would give la- portonnl
nt'enticn to the matter, to ?ee thoAjUtioe ohould be
done it tb- pu itd.ee. fne meetiag could rely on him
11 any ouiorgency.
Mr. Hail wa* luuch affected durug tho delivery of
hi? add rear.
k.j0n4.n H, DawmH was tbon nominated a^ Sv.crc
tan, wi.eo
Mr. Wbiohi meted that a commi:t:e bo appointed
to watch th" 11 in I "I Uta prim.net-.
ThrCuaikMAN, in putting th" motion, ob??rved that
the oou initte*; might bo oalktd 0 Poanoiiftra of Vigi<
lance, to inquire into'he eiroUBUtonoea of thil oaae,
and ree that juetice vu ? done H hi a tiie murderer wae
found out.
The following gentlemen wore then propo- 1 and
conhrmed a* a V t?iiai.ee OoBBnittee:
W u. ... V v. Hrv.Lt W la I ? -i ? Brlttaj
J?in..T Le?te, l>?uiel P. B?rn?. d,
Ai d ..? Ihaa i oerf, J g K !)??.??.
Jur,, ? K. Lea?, tt. H udhtaitin,
H itiLrd ('. I'liotrlUU, Tk"m*. late ate.
JO. . J' ];. i, (<? fi fttvtffrfl
The (d.airman. Mr. Hall, waa anbaOttBOtttly added.
Mr. Ni i mi ti km an, luepeotor of t'ae Fnird Pre.
rinot Police (who wae au intirnnt? fr end of doocojodl,
<ff?ved a ivn.liition to tho ? fleet tnat every pereon in
the nom attend the lun.-ral Mtrioea cd dooneod, and
that at a mi.rh of r?Nipect, they w?>ar crapo oo t^ie left
ana. The revolution wa- carried uutnimoualv.
Mr. I?. k. s>am??i tiKivoiit'iat t ie Dtteettng^djourn
t. meet nt the od of the Comnxiuee, vntoh wi?
adoptod, and the neee j.b y aopnri ? 1.
Some prvone reumioed after the meeting had f..r
inally aejouroed, and ?everal perwor.il friendl ofdo
r.aeed, who appeared much ex. it- d, propo?. d to x- .r
Vaniae and appoint a Vigilance Committee, aril q power
nod objev u ?iinilar to Ihoee of San PiBBOtiOO, by which
that city waa cloartd of au nnianiirnhki ebtei nt" the
rotnmunity. The proposition trat - eoodk I bj aot ra'.,
aud they proceeded to enroll the namee of thooe
preaett for tte purpone of tubing the prLonora In
charge, and to regttlate. anattota which demanded
r> gulat.or. hereafter. Mr. (ioorge Hail bttetpoeed, '
and atat.d that the object of the meeting ha I th u
^??eo ao?>mpli?bed. an i advinad them not to commit
any acta a hieb might be in violation of law aa.i ord* r.
t'apt. fibaurmau aleo tpoke to the same etVaot, and
nothing more was done than tne enrohDOnt of a n'i aber
preeont to take ?uch action betoaftet ae th ?y i-. U the
n.-oercy of tbe cate rv.juir??!.
Aitoiv.M,-.,, on P..,,. .. Iu add.ti. ?? to tho
ratnte alrrady puhliabed, we givo a Hat c? tboae ap?
pointed at the -erret raankan on lWadny Inat Tr.o
oi^omtoee are ail new r^hcaraen, never hiving e.-ve 1
in the Muticipal Police. They were -.worn in by Chief
Clerk 0*o. W. Euibreo:
0. ^geBlari. D ft\u H.^unar. IrapCwtar^
-?ui. j M., T?.. oiy O-'d-n. IimVWmI
*Jt. tXCeae, Ciurl. ? R*dw??, WmTkJt%
?? ? lewu,' 1I?u? I.t^u, Wo, It. Sblw
A IV tt^la/. l. 8?r*u.l M.!?,.n. Mwt.1 MNr.hon.
J *r. M. Cu.ry, Oeo. A. KI?j><ire? Juno- Britt,
Pr>* . aTr?.T, Kiwa-d Haibeiettv, Ma A_ Pfatt,
lame. JOuj;. y. Arraibaid La at, H. W. lira;,
< N. Brackett, Cbaa. W. C tfrwy, J <^ Jepa- n,
U.1u7 t~ frl.-e, Wat. Mamh, i un.w l!?.fn?y.
Wit Herri, r, l>w^ HheUy. W. W. Wtllii
Is K Hanf.*!. I>a\-td \Mo?^, UatOW hfcVaB,
Wrc. MWWm.u, Abraa Stran. AhnaaBtewu, .
1. H: u JohnUreai , Mifha.0 I'oai.d.
^ IU. Jeaaa j tUaihBnn. tKBeUJi
ll B-ClMeaatB, MoaeaJarl> s Oea. tt. TutOiti,
. ?.Jaaat, j,bn(e&Vrd Bdward Kataat,
ka UariM, Jaine? V r. .iei. I ? 7. ?ain?. M ;?[/. 1,
* " ? MlllBUirt. L B Alo^rekouaa,
1-uWrt M)f>n. k ?1/4 0?e. Weaahorw
'. ? W. rir-.ita. Wra B Bannen,
Jean Mewnrt, | l tvjy, p. n c ,^c,
?TBS""* hraa PweeweL Miebaai Hi*-v,
vi ii m", p 1,1 ;* '? !'r> v
a h \??*t d nif \ a.. w_t vv e
L?Z^IC!?*? H. ?iv Waid. Tue-vl.ee V eJtUJ.
iZT'n'T'- R?-r?A
MS?^ v*."' "Wf, A > an it Tale. ^
gftMm??l-. f *ilheaat, w Z Cmm
IrnaTflnK ?nlMa,
Thea* men will be di-tribntod m the varioua Pre
eincte under toe (tuoottcn ol the Oonernl huperintoad
?Halm? (ion or Blncku r IIS l*\a:u\ UnpliM!
The njikitoi Barely Ie*ipc h.Jj ,jk!r Lira,
AixM i t- oloek S*ii;rdn\ rnwrt. ir,g (ho lanr* buldir.;
oil FWkw !. r Island, known as tic- I'tmlcutiary Hot
pdel, wee di-covei'd to bt ot Are, and M*J tie dawn
. f day tbt e? red are wb* entinly der>rted, tod nothing
now rt mams of it save a mcs.t of (.mouldering ruin*.
The l-otldiig at the time trat ocoupicd by Mr. Dwyer,
thOTetidetd ph wcian, hi- fauiiJy aad eMirtar.t rnr
geons anc. t)?out fire hundred aud Ihirty petieett, all
of w Lin, we are bappj I" tap, e-oaped without injury,
anl wer? in a short time th. reafWproTided erith coir
ftrlabie Quarten- in other building* oa the Irland.
Tha building waa constructed ia 18-16 und.r a con?
tract edth the city authorities, and wa? coro m
heft re the orge.r .i/.at ion of the Board ofTtttOotttWO *,
thovgh it was completed after their re jrgaciratior..
aadoootocjaentrypatted into th. ir Land?. Trfe L i. J
ing w?> shaped totuewhal ai follows:
BJ Outer ?,
? tAloa. B?ii.tirf. Wh?
t 1*5 I-.'- fe<< b. ng. 12* Cm*. t
Tin- building a a* three etoric* in bight, and was com
pored of a center building and two wings, each wing
U ing 1&> feet long and SO foot w.de. The main build
it Kwaeof the same bight, 71 feet long and till feet
wide. The center building, nt> in the above diagram
shown, was occupied an a dtreiung and office by the
rerident phytk ian, Dr. Sander, his family and a?-.-'
Hnt>, tho wings on either si do being c-cupied by pa?
tients, one for malee and the ol tcr :or females.
The Hctpital proper afforded 6X>eommodat Ion for
about six hunored patients, though at the timo of tbt
fire thero were but fite hundred and thirty ioflM .
Tlie walls were of blue eloue and the raftcrt 0
(Jc-crgia pin.-, the root*being of wood COTOrod with
tin. The buildingfrtm tLe ooiaidopreeent- d a ma>
sive appearance, but for some years pact it ha. been
considered unsafe, and the Board of Ten Qorernort
have eipecded many thousand dollars in bracing .t
with iron strops and band-. Since the dcftraction of
the interior it is plain to be seen that the work waa
done in a most slovenly manner; the outeide wall pre?
sent* d a fair nppeurance, but it was iu reality filled
in with cobble stones, and it is said that loam from the
island was used instead of sand. The walls for t-ome
time pn t Lad Icen bulging ou! and it was- feared that
sumc day or other the whole e-tablishment would
tumbk' down.
At tho time nbovementioned, the watchman em
ployed on thin part of the island diaooreend tiro and
smoke UMTuing from the windows, of Dr. Siv .
pii\ ate kitchen, und immediately gave the alarm. '1 be
fire hud by this time got pretty well biodled, and bo
forc m'iry persons could be aruoeed the rtauics Lad
bund through the floor above into a largo r?om u?-d
by Dr. sangeras an office. lu the Center boilding
were lifte.-r. persona, OOBtjtting of Dr. Sange., bit
family, i t off oi medical paalttantt aad servants, The
apothecaries' (.ffioe, which was v?<-ij stocked trith
drugs, was cn the tame floor with tho ofBoe.
The eccupant- of the main building were thrown
into the greatest comternation, for, by th* tmie
they were fully arou-ed from their slumbers, they
were nearly, suffocated with the smoke, which
densely fflh d that portion of the structure, It to irn
poaaiblc for them to dress or think of saving their
property, as the lire whs now making rapid progress
toward the upper portion of the edifice, nud nearly all
van down stair- in their night clothes. It whs cow
discovered ibat th<? matron of th* institution was mius
lag, but rht soon made her appearance on the beaawag
of the second tieor, wh'.re she Bcreamcd hn-tily for as
siitnpce. Mr. Simpson, Engineer of tbe Alms-II)use,
procured a ladder, and sue. cio.1 in rescuing the
matron, who was incumbere-i w.th the lea-t po- ibk
amount of clothing. It ee-ins thai she had been
aroused tt the tir-r aiarm, but from toaat fancied
security bad again rwtired.
All those in the center buihlir g baaing been eared
('??r, it now became time to look after the patients ia
the wings. Hut little time was lost in unlocking tha
doors, when the patients, mule and temalo, poured
down th' ttairtrayi into the yarn with an a'.&crity rmnt
o?tonishing for Mck pcr-ouf. Fortuaately they wen
not obliged to go through the center building, as oth< r
w :^e there n ust hav a hon a fearful loss of life. Those
who could not walk out were cairievl out, tho physi?
cians, guards, sen ants, wardens' and a number of men
from the Penitentiary, uuder charge of Wiu.ii n Pitch,
n udering efficient Kn ioe. But ia the excitement of
the moment, ? n< of the women's w ards Lad ben ovi r
looked, and tbd person who had the key could not Ia)
found, N> tine was tobe lost. T. tubers and stones
from other part* of the burniug buildin/v. ore brought;
the door wnj quickly btitered in, aad there poured
torth, pell mell, the m.'st joyous crowd of tick p- ? ?? nt
thnt probably erer waa seen. After it waa tuppoted
that ail had been rescued. I last look wo taken, nud
one poor old man, scarcely able 10 speak from ?'iff /crv
tion, wat found and rescued. That, by prompt and
enci jrotic action, all of the iuuoates were tared, though
man] were nearly suffocated. 11-tv and litier? were
-oon brought to carry awny tbt bedridden, who wen
soon ????mfortftbly plaoo-1 alongside the huge ttorei in
tlie IVniteotiitry ha'Js. Th.- rick men were put iu a
*ate piac.. near the burning building, where they could
be kept warm, while the women were safely housed ia
the Penitentiary, which, by the way, was bat a Jew
,-tepe distant. < >ne woman win- iu labor, and wa- de?
livered a abort time after she was lenarared; ai>.'i..r
came oat of the burning building with the b"dy of her
ehiM, winch beddk d the day bet?re, and a third lost n
ch id a few houre alteraard wbi.-t. ha.i Is ? a p-. via
sick, arel was probably arT.. te?l hy exposure.
The most strenuous efforts wer mi.At to ibdtM the
rlamee, but from the comb':-t.blcn.U.ure of the ma'o risJ
about the e-tabl^fcmeut they tpmed with greater
rapidity, and in leas thou tLroo-quart^rs of an konr after
the discovery of tho fire, the entire -tructurc was in a
Maze. The e?pos.>d situation of the building, behjaj na
the southern end of tL- island, between tbt Smaii-pox
Hospital and the Pen.tcDt.ary, gave the air free ?COpe
on e vi ry >;de, rendering it hnpoteiblt to save tho Ottab
lisLment. The numerous TfTllTatlW Msatted to fan the
riamos. and the bitter cold prevented those probat from
makmg n* offo tnal attemp*? as tL-?y otherw i? would
have dono. The building u-<-d at a c>ok-hou*j and
woefc-ho'.se, which contained coodiderable machiic ry,
valaed altogether at *10,i?00 or #li,000, was raved
mainly by the efforts of Knginc-r Simj^on and Mr.
Hunt, master Mai knilUl. ttoth stood manfully with
their hose connected with a donkey pump, in tho wash
Ucose, in dangerous protimity to the falling walls of tho
Hospital, fully dctermJieJ to save tiieir builling.
The Cnoton wate r waa introduced on the. Island about
two years sin?*, and there is a reservoir holding
1,600,000 gallons, with fire-plug* scattered about in
convenient place*. There axe ti,o two smtU fire
ergimv of smid caliber, about two years old, which
wcte brought into rvqui-ition. About thirty of tha
most trafty printer* were brought fr.im the I'en.tcn
tiary, and, a number from the Work-House, and in a
?holt time ailt r tho fin* broke out the engine* were at
wort. The fire-plug*, however, wvre out of order,
and cvuli cot at find bo m?ed, ?o that Lhoy had to draw
water lam tbo rtver.
It wut nearly S o'clock liefon. labors were sus?
pended, and then-but litte? roma-ncd saee a heap of
rums. I>r. 8ang?*r, the re?id.nt physician, who
ia very wide'y known, lost everything-personal
property, library, eevernl full acte of costly eur
gical iustrunieate, and the greater part of the
atanurrript of a wvk on pn^ututkm which ho
ltd jo** got ready tor tie prves. The Dwux tue
?g. i id i <??? fcrtBi > ? I 11 Mting mott of In? ?,
aVefs, lid skeleton c' ??*U>.L, tVoa ?feie h he in i
j<lt. At.*. It rcpn.'ne ? a wrrk ID- ??! ?l;,l?'.. r?l?
i<> tfx- d> i):t > ? p ai?eeea. The l?.-etor, thcagt a h. avj
i . takeoff* iWaaj . l>-*>?"^iiarHaj
?i ?? f<.iig<i* and ixpoeure ??' ? iiliwneed oaj th*
iii.it ir. qricrtioo.lio VH in remarkilly good c ? i I:tl- r
aeeii play. IlJi library wa* a rery r?*t'y ora, auJ
cut aired **a*' rvr nvto. I>r. Greenly, eeuiora*
aodatt-pb} ?k urn, l'i.t e) v including bitaratea.
end ilothc?, *? nwl ai-" tu-c'.l.i r pt s-.c-ian?. rates arera
ehbged jeohtiduj to mnke theo? ?pf" aranco ;o paup ?,
AbotA de j Sight the ta>k of removing the f>k to
n> . -pennant oi quarters commenced. 8om? of Um
girU #e?n*d to take the thing v- egood joke, aad
?tartod off La pr>*cr*icr>, saying they wer.- | ag ?
"promtna?te UnOjrinay." Otherpfocoaaiouaof tho-.
who cot.ld aa!k a?r? made up, wL'.le car a,-- , l.f. ra
ami caitr wrrv brought into rvquL-jition to convey the
hi ip're*. The Woraea were Ineaiad in the boJ?ing
forimrK Band w a manufactory f..r r.-.zor (.'j-op-i aad
poitemonnr.iw', while the men were ten! to the Work
Hocec, wh'ro tb? re i*. plenty of room, v>. ry few
remaining at the Penitentiary. A'.l the tick were
eafi ly la a-*-6 by Kt.e!<>ok, and a fear of tl.o vteraot
pati' Ltr. wbort time w an out or arbo J*-ir.>d to leave
were di-charg- d from the Irland.
l'util reo ntiy the building wa* used a- a I'eriten
tiary lliv-pital, but a abort time ?OOtbe OoTCTOon
made a new arrangem? tt. k.<t : i? IVi.itcntiary
nek it their own bull-ling and netting tbia a- Ide for tho
eai of workhouse and city patieota. The gvater p >rt
of tbc-o in tlie Hoopitnlwereafflictedwithsyphilitic
lwci-se? in various ?tag. *. All the patient* behaved
themselves remarkably reel] and followed to tbe ' :t"f
tlie dhwethnaa of the sargeon. Ji?d the fire wirWnread
in tho winga the iooaoi ttfl must hnre boon fearfal, na
! the door, were all locked 1V..D1 the ontald*.
Sereml fire i oopanh * nanoaaUed a*, the foot of
Sixty-fir*t atieet wiib apparatus, but were unable to
get acroec ti e river.
Netting ttf the T, n tlover* >rt. ?The Bwrd
of Ten Oovernora w, re baatUy catlod toahrthor
on Baturday niter coon t> take acme -t*p- to
provide for tlie tick who were deprived of ?proper
abettor by the bnrning do wa oi the Penitoutitrj 1
pita!. Ine Board mot fan tho rotunda nt the Park on
Hat .-Jay a: i! j>. rr., au.i in corr.pany w th .Mayor
Tiemaan, proceeuod to the is'uad to near the rduu.
Tboy found that the k * roll a?v4 for as
I"--:b!e under thecircnmatajice?. Romewerotnkea
to the Work FJortae, othera to the ahonvHonso, and
b t tew, it in hoped, wi'l -"tie. by I i ihm Too
di?aeier wa.< rapecially Utfortun&U at thin tune, a* ad
tbc-r. in-ifitution* are crowded.
At the na etfng the Governor* de.;i to am I rbo
imn ediately to neeonrnaodnto the pntienta comf.r-a.
biy. Tnew- will be complete, it i* hoped, iu Ion tuan
two we kn. It waj aino detertrdneo V> rebuild tno
Hoepitnlno fnr ae to be completed by nevt .tuao, if
po ? ble. ]* will bo a splctd: 1 ediliei ,* at 1 w 1. prob?
ably cofit 1*100,04)0.
Too building just burned down wa* eondlered the
poo real on tho laland, and were it not for tbe Laoon
veuli ne^ to the c;ek, the Governor! would hardly have
regretted the deetructioo of tho building. The new
cditice w i,l be a nutaaive atTa.r.
The bci!< ir-- j'jet burred d >wn wa> er?-, ted und<w
that Cot i... i . .. . Into, atn oo t of
* 10,000. It wa- 100 fiaeri in leoirth and BO foot wide,
rkneeit cam- into tie ! ai-da of the Governor* they
bnve spent pJO.OOC additional without making it, wliai
it abodd be.
> Ii:. |v tvvvrr. t.
At I o'clock Saturday morn in* a tire b'okc -.n in
the cellar of tbe tenement bwuae No. vo" nv-nu ? A.
It wa* diacovnred at an earlv aaoanent by o.ii or
Hitoheoek, who. with the nidofOBeen Preiehnaa
an I Button *u-teed.<l iu est bujruiahbaj th fiamea w.th
bnt ttilUllg daoiagc.
rmi I* BABLKK.
Ab..u' Ij o'clock Pridny morn.eg a fire w - iia ?
. red n the green-hou-.o of Mr*. Bnmnel so5.il., oa'tha
eorner of Ninetieth atreet and Khrhth a ?> aand
before the fiamea could be eubdue-l the gi ^>n-hou e
wm total y deetroyi d, tog- Uier with m .at or :td con
tciir.'?, a lot oi . -.oi.-- plan'*. Mr-. > * i.-e w.ll
bo ab..?; tl-WO, upon which ther-< U no inaurance.
11 tire [a djpj wed to Lave originated from a Eeet
ive Hue.
fiat is LBWiJ tfBSST.
At 1 o'. Imr k Katurdtty nftaewoon a fire broke out in
the Booaanont of the il wafting hon in No. tin L-'wis
itreet, occupi'.d by FreoVriei Mink. A ROort '.ime
ptwrhsna to the fire Mrs. Mink had been annrt Meg f.?r
a comb widen ?he t ad dropped at the foot oi tb ? Oed,
and if i* *upp? -,o?l that while doing th:* lire rlame fr.'m
?',(> burp wh!< h the b- Id in h**r hand ignited the \. <j.
cloth. *. The t*ie wa- rvxm oeUngrdehod. I/oe* nhout*
ifti orf30, upon which there is no in-urtuce.
nn:s iv hrookltm.
Alioiit i'.'i o. e*'k on Saturday n:ght a lireb-- .ke out
in the ?? cleaning department" of Goorgo W. BUlwell'a
iron foundcry in Court Btrcef, and tb" content*, con
-i?tin/ o: pa;o rt *. to., were greatly damage 1. Tue
in;:iu DuJldiBg wto< very alight ly injured. Coea about
t?.OOOj uanred in the Karmora' L'uion Insurance Co.,
Athens, I'a., lor tl,-?o. There had been no firo in the
place where the riame- originated for four mouth* and
it i* therefore suprxjr. d to be the work of an in?
Dm ins t!ie enriy part of Saturday evening there
wn* nnnkuia in tbe Third Dietriet canned by a bon?
fire at tho junction of Atlantic and Klnthu*h aveiu.*.
Aboot Ij o'clock yeetorday a ahnnty in Cnmborland
itreet caught fire "from the cparka 'of an adjoining
chimney. The Haire* were exUn^aUhed before much
danjagv had b en done.
A -tow-'ai'. cni; . need ..n Saturday ctot'i.^, and
ooii'.nued i&, ly for soTcrnl hour*. Tli? aoenmulnthm,
however, does not eaeeed an inch in depth?;juet
enough to whiten the groejad? At 11 o'clock la t night
the -ky woi clear nr.j ih-i temperatun ui^lrt. e.
Ami iKMrsTf.? HiWi Thca'tr.?Th* perforov
ar.c, i thi* evening a'o for thj benefit of tho -tage
manager, Mr. 11. B. I'Liilip*. Mr. Phillip*, ae a thor
OBghlj excellent and alway.* aj ceptablo a?*tor, ban a
itrong claun on tbe attention of the public He ac
bouneea "The Timca," n three-act comedy never
before played n thfa etty, atd the ln-t succe-Hful nov?
elty, " The Crown Prinet-." All the principal come
?.i>4nj? of the company, male and female, aro in the tall.
A n. w drama 11 announcc-l in preparation.
Laurm K* tft J - tter^?A bin of nnu*u?l attraet
IvOBCOO ia ernounced thla eveiv.ng. tnnnnBtfanj of three
exeolkat pieces u Kodd of a W-ifo." " All that QinV
ter* Urwit Gaid." and ' My bToigbbor/l Wife."
b a hra? 1 %tom -.- In addition to the regular per?
formances, a <tani Fj cctacl.i rtt:Ued " Gulliver and
the UDipntinns,' k produced th j evening. A genuine
giant wfflbe u.irodu.^l in tbe pOfBBB of Mr. Bihia,
who ie *omcth.pg like nine i'eet hiBL A curiou* sight
for the juveniler.
Burton'i Thatii -.?Thi* la povkively the U*t week
of the great COinedy atbrrn'tion at thi* hou.-e, a* Mr.
Broj^hara goer W?-t to fulfili .some *tar engage?
ment*. To-ni^'ht, ? komnnCQ and hV-aiity" ard
" Nicholas Nickleby. "The Merry Wive*of Wind?
sor* will be played once More this week.
Bowery Theater.?*' Tbe Orange (.irl of Venice,"
" K^rrveralda and " Our Sal lie," with Mr. K. Eddy
aad Mur Sallio St. f 'a,r i.. the principal part*.
Hiir-iu >?'* Ameru-m M-itro-n.?Mr. endM'**. O. <'.
Howard and L.ttie Cotdclin Howard hovebeeneo
gagy-d, and appear in " The Doatl f Em," ank?H -h
dnunat red from '? Uncle Tota's Cabin.' '' The
Plot'-, r Pntriot" BtiD attratcta erowdod hou^e*.
Purdy t Natura**1 Thsat'r.?Three playa are given
tbia evening. The d -t.na called " Almwoi,' the pac
tominv.- Bomnf," and " The Galley Slaves.'*
Bryant't Mn.ttr /?.?Jerry nod Dan Bryant an?
nounce an eutt-ttainmentwhich they rail " Han Bryant *
Dream of Shovel^, in nddit'oo to the aj-iial ricging
and dancing.
B'ieklry't Mi*9tr\ <?.?A number of aotc'tiv are an
tounced for thi* ?ii k. including " The Great Mecage
?-!? ' and " Learnt d hiephant."
Wattft Dj. :d-?g,-Ck'tttu,jid Wmtft Ki**tr*b,
?Theattrae-tive and particularly fur.ny tarce of " Too
ToodkV i* to be play.-d for another week.
Fmprre //ai'-A'aa.'* ?trrf;<- E.-poduw^?Th^ i*
the laet week of tcia ittercattcgexhibitioc, aad all who
watt to get the beat notion of the Arctic Kegtooa that
can be acquired w tLoet a peraoaai vied to thoee frvsea
kxaiiUee cuuet hurry up.
UrrvBiu -Oo?ge W. Cmtie irlll lecture ?o u% .(
hen. re tl.-' Niw-V.rk Hwtona. oo "81 I'^ilip
"hi.' e? (L< ft?iil]er.an."
I?.t MorU t will d. incr fcer lectore oo " H ?. .
"IP H>tO'> B/dSlrvig mind:-! Wociiee IL.eeventBg
tt Hi ft Cht P'
P*.k Its'jainin wil! dtaaaanwe rytanafedfy upvn
?* IUrl TtaBM ' on Wb4bbb4bJ veer,', at Cl.nlon
B*atl Srrtr-a Orc??n.?A countryman named
Cl.ve.rrv.tt:> Pro? [I r ' -. e n t c re dtheMam . tfi <?
?"1 i vtrr long face rr. ftetwday, and rtnaiplalaeil
thai be1 fid \- ei fleered out ..f |I00 bj certain parties
with whom he was indnced to it] *;t that maetftto
k<um him nr. intorc.-t in wme I aginary euUrpr\-e.
lameOietcly afle-r rioixi-ig the rxor.ey, tho partlea
?;>teriou>Iy disappeared, and not hav;ng ary paitieu
lar locution, they wtre cot to ht abend. Seehaeai.
dene*- Operators arc very runieroit* in the city, and
always on the) alert to entrap the inerpeiieceed, r>.i*
rae* was put in the hand? of two oftner,. .jo Lneer
Kttv- of the haunts of the confidence men, and Caa*e
waa told to eaU oh. Mnaday. kfr. Chase 'eft. but Ltd
i f I t>. i B |oae over m!?our?*hen he r. turr.. | [g n Httec
dbttesethan ever. He had met bu-lr.o-*- .??? y..utg
mac in Broadway who was ar ? l-! t *!00 b'll
(barged, pointing bark to what be said wan his store,
where a cuftomcr was waiting. TLo customer, also a
smart Idling individual, at that mc..nt Stepped oaf
vf a hall doorway and joined the pnftr. Chase ha i
not the change for f 100, but in his good nature -aid he
bail which be could loan until the $100 bill could
be taken to a brokers tied exchanged. Tl. - done, the
|40 trnt handed over to .-harper nurr.bi r two, while
-harper number one remarked, " Well, j>:a?. come i \ at
arith me !o the brokers.'' Chaea coeaeetad, and
walked down Broadway with hi- n?w ai 'i'iaiulaci e un?
til they reached Joh.. -trett. The sharper remarking,
??1';? hen . Sir," started >ip sta.rt- of No. 3 John atn >\
followed by Chase, but m an instant very u.>i-r<.noi.rly
di-appcaied, as wa> supposed by de> eciing another
itaiiway. ( baec, however, '?'.II had co: ti lecce, and
? emnii.ed-ome Umo on the eta;re awaiting hi* friead'i
return, until u thought struck him that he Lad \? en
victimized. In relating thin p.eeo of experience to the
Mayor s Mnr-hal, Cliase said he had missed a Wrije
amount of money when in Philadelphia recently, and
thoupht pickpockets must hate relieved him of it.
Mr. Cheje finally concluded ho had hoi ut experience
?n- ugh, and would no longerplaee oonn Jenen u. cither
New-York e>r Philadelphia.
Tin Atn,.hi Flocb S*mm>i k. - l i e pari;c-ir.v
plicated .n this afTai:, th" arrest of ?l'om ha? bten
alread] noticed in Toe Tntatrai, underweat an ex?
amination last week at the Jem-rron Market Police
Court, cod on Saturday last Justice Kelly rendered hit
It will be rememb-red '.net a;l the parties, vir: M. H.
Fabian, Walter Peterson and Theodore Lewis, were
origmullj held to an-wer n charge of false peels.Beea,
by oUn.Bi.-g f.'.i'OO fiom M. . Kol. !-. of 1W1 street,
to whom* they stated that a ipaanlliy of tlour?i,..fsj
bbls.?beatnga-d to thero, or ruthet to Theo. Lewis At
Co. (Lewis A Pattereoe). It atpears that the dour in
question was th? prop, rt/of Jer-y Hoyt A. Co., and
wa? storad in a build'tig ;n Wiaabfangtoa street, in which
Lewis At Co. had an office. I,eww Ar Co. bad, as
shown by some letters giv-n in evidence, made some
overtures to Jeese Hoyt A Ce>. for the purchase of the
Hour, but no aetun! -ale was .-ITce led. They had at the
i-ame time BBteted into negoti.itior.a wilb the tl irl
party BCCUBed (or the ?ale of it to bim at ac advanced
price. Than n atter-ete;o<l when they applied to Mr. '
lOu.k. for ar advance of |5,BtO| the flour to be
shij>pod to hi? correspondent in Losaioe, Fabian a??ent
ingthat Lew is A Co. rhou'd receive tho money on ac
conntoftheaT.5otintofpiircLa.se money to be paid by
bim. Mr. Kouek having ascertained that lewis Ar
Co. were not the ownera of the Hour, on consultattoa
with Je e Hoyt ft Co., derennmed to complete the
negotiation for thrpurchase of the rfour and'bee have
the partite arrested, wbuU wv aeveirdingly done.
'Ihe leeaaad, who wero admitted to bail, each ap?
peared by seprtrate counsel. For the prosecution,
Messrs. Clinton and Stafford; ?ur the dof aidant, Pat
tenon, Mr. Spencer; for Fabiau, M,l amoniaand
Johnston, and for Lewi.-, Mr. Huntley. The charge of
false pretenses was abandon, d at the 'irst 'arlng, and
the defendants, Isowlsand Patti r-vr, s?er, fltally hold
to answer a charge of conspiracy. The magistrate
Ving of opinion that Mr. Fabian wrif fully exculpated
from participation in any fraud in which the other pa.'
Lies were conctrn-.'d, discharged hiin.
Hin ur ihi Oit\m. Looor.?The annual ball of
the Masonic Grand I/idge will bo g.vei. at Kiblo s on
Tueedny evening, the proee -elf to bodoNoted to the
widows' and orpkacs fund.
D' ITH hT TAK!*!- AM 01TR DOsE OP McRfHI.Vl!.?
Coroner Gambit wc<- yerterda/ failed to hoid an in
quest at Ibe houcc N*o. 'Mj Vestry jtreet, cn the b^ly of
v acent Chori y, wi o haJ died there * few boon pre*
ricuety, aa wrat beuered, from an kver-dcee of ? Ii
<*tee taken by LlmeeLt, er administered to h'iii tjj' so te
one* in atteudanre. Mr. Cbovwy|ihad been a great
suffer, r from intliwnmatory rheumatism, and wliik in
paroxy-m.? of pain, took naurpliae to allay the ai '.o
pain. CBariea I* Cherey was the first ?nteess IW* o.
He say?:
The d'esa^ed was my brother; be boartJed hare a*
If, aj Veeury ?tuet: Be was lasen W eo Widaeadag las: wwh a
I at -'jrA : ?tsuiinstory laawMBBlsSB, whti'h BtssaSa BS w ii '
Jeetl ike luaVasd ?:?nt rt'-rt :r. i^usr^uvnCA, si.il > > u.J l t a>- p
uirht?; I rase to see bias at ( a'nork lait er^nj i he said tkea
h- sn i? L ?s.iMti sc h- hs-t Sesn, he ??:>! be i k *>n ? .-?
p.ltr.r tae r:^tt pi-T, ... ?Ld ihii tni? [iriuur.sl tlrrf wl I
n Ik-Trl him r. nnderat.j: ?? rd bn-ujt.t t" ras -his B n
at 2 > : rk that the leoeas. d was wane ?od amlous to *?e a?, t
r?nv ?rfr an 11 a ?'? him lead.
Kichard Koi ke, beirg duly swore, I. po-e* and - ? ?*
?1 hoard at No. 36 Vestry ?t->~t, lutii dri t :"k,Itud
BMryabs wi'h m? tha e'en ears' had taken usaansseten
Is.t l i/it. b.m ?? fce wint? 1 aoasa mc.-e I toul li,ol?r- k-t
h-ra h?vs fjtn-, I i?\e him ste.ut | af ? srsin ef aaWBtiBS at I
-k. aad st in ydeek 1 ft\%r> hin. am ther does of 1 "f a
pain i i en net watah l, I |i.e??.-d at it; I alef t la the er m
n...ni artth the if--J? d, ncd l h' ari hin bn?lhe heaTilf ab s t
1 o'clock u i the m> rniLs ; I SJDt up ar.d raLed M e if tbe |.<>vd>-r?
? I ? : I ra t/bimr ju.. wi t :?ma?j? n, bat lb* ieosased died
at.V -. Bk
A. P. Dalryn pic M.D., being Culy sworn deposes
ar.d ?s7?? I w?? r?.ie<5 to ?ee the d>cea?e-d ak-'Uttwoo'cks-tt this
? > '. cactooa r^plriii4 a^wlv aule'i
i _< lahetiBg lmI?t tas lorli.^ore at ?oi ie Larcotlr, be died it
ikOBt flTtetn n Ii I ?? ? afterward; fn.cn the bistciT of the ard
the MaacS of U).- 'leath of 4ee??.e.!. ', \m tallafled l?" ma.t bars
lakt d Bteta anarjaaaa 'ban laa ^?t waaasi Je? r:be?. aad '.bat as
Bkai tae ei t. oi tr.e morvhU.e.
Edward Boltnea. re-iditg at Ifo. M Vestrv street,
Iipaaii aadaaye?I waaaeaus*-:\ with -he d> -.-ac?3: J ara a
druuriat; j ,;>riu, ,W.-a??d rrteen dep* of "Maerndle? "iwlu
Hain i l ? ???? h..t ir*.n of ir.. rpbipe. on Thursd?? Wit Int .
be es then audWit,| fmrr. ^reat pai' I ?^-pt u; thw dru<aU>-?;
I can ? '?'?re ths f4iow?ni aioinin* and aaied him wkal rBaettBS
n.-.ri.. ? ? l ad n aira, a-d be repllsi}. ?? k.si mlebta* wel. have
"aiveameae. t. id U wat<-r fcf ?.. tl I I Oa it 4- oetae,
Friday ntjkt I e?Ged to bin-,, I ??ve kav* Ifl n S tin*.
Tbe case wae th?n submitted to the Jury, who ren?
dered a verdict as follows:
? Tbit \ iL-eL-Cborey raris to bU death bv "*r**? '<
wT7?.-.? ?d-r'ni tefdto him by Rl* hard ''rt ke>Bat
.jpWdaa it w.?i!a peodi.ee oOoer than oeLeN-ial SBMta
M-. Chovey waa 2:? rears of age, and a native of
Prance, |
Fatai Fol Wioit I>r-oarrc.-ALout ten
e (.. . Ii Saturday eveu.ng. Kilen Master en, aa Ir.-h
wBjbbbI "f W7 intoo-perate habits, who lived in tbt
rear of fa -use No. Ill Dvlarcy etreet, left her room
logc kwnafairtforapeilofwater. Being-omewhat,,
oblaTioaa at the time it is suppoeed she slipped and feli
into the areaway and Injured herself so as to be untble
to cry for b'.'.p. Nothing more we,- *eeB cf fcer ull the
fole.wicgmo.amg. when she was Lund lying dead in
tbe area by Mary Murray, living jl the same bouse.
Omcer Lai tell of tbe Tenth Ward Precinct, conveyed
the liody to tho SUt.oc-Houee, and mtormed t or-tier
Com err, who beid an inquest. The Jury rendered a
v?r it
" Tha- Use Mastkrane rar- m her death ty fa-ui? late laa
U.t -.;U2o?Lhrboa*eNo. lit IViaccy .irr-'- f ?e-i.-eay csaM.
Feb. IA '.tin. avbile la a rfals of ittosicauoe, tkeracy fratUrui?
th- . tvlrsi vri'.-trr tui -state* *V*Ul" .....
Mrs. Maetcrsoc was a wiJow, her hu.?baad having
died some three years ago Ba* has left three children
who are living with one of her brothers. She was
about !0 years of eg*.
Dhowkfo.?Jam-=e McDocald, former*y of this c?y.
webe ieve, waa drowwod tn tho fFaaaapkahaal Baver,
, Iowa, oa the 3tAh uM.
J' Ml I veeuti on "I'm*?ti Fi <"!>?. Ti f
ir*** and -Ua.dj.iv ?oik. '*Bmm4oo Cnuw*," w'uch
ha* M '? i ?? beer regvded with reap.** by tho !**'?>?
frati rn ?>, ? 1. beams* Ov*.*?fi if ?4il l.arrswl and iu
iiMM Utj Jurtfre tin?,?} t)io fnii.ne m .'?>.
lOSBjer Already t? ttouwkhbl* judicial dsejafc as
? mid U* '< k???.bi? la.-.,-.. \. iu.(? ?u.< satHssjghewi
fogii - do i*! perhaps citrii, t t;., ?j a* entirely ortbo
b>e,?**J fan MIlSBwfy rA<t wanting til oov?lty. We
sc. w ?hat th* r.atural mtie?'y of hi* Honor !ce? him
BS r*l ? ill B riushw) . ktOvad, I?. I a* pabuciy | liwr.ied
bdmtel .r (ff.rt in a ?or? dewaetd maoocr, wajje
Bf^Btlebeoch iute?tr: t .-00*?. of tho duty we ,. *,?
as aaharal a jurir?, bad* u*. at tU ri*k 0/ |a>
ru rbkg h - uiagirlerial do-ft. a?wro, to idler a few
siVCv-ti? r *. k ha* icvurred to u?, io view of
tic p-? Lab 'ity ttat the work of hi* etaiaeot
r.ent-ak elBBaSSjhn !*.J upon the *h*lf, that th*
1 JtiJfit oajgl I to di vote h:n Mal ?iu'tr^ kit beam hou**
?i I ha utaom'lMbm oi " Baaood 00 C> im.r ?1*' aa ? aaa>
< ?titut*-. As the foui.datiru for im b I voiutu*, we
hi !, ? 1 :* a few oi Ml o I- brated ca-?-. Tte rate of
la; 1! lir ther?. money b-vkirs?saYSeted b; * tue
:.i. ?r pi tri ar. for for.;* ry?*h. u. I ...me tint, la
this ca-" I :t BoMr, after a private ria rucation di?
mi.--ed 1! faiaaploitit oltlaiagh tlie takwraSeeaaai aaBoata
produced ? ream OI so <f tbe spurious note*?on the
'.rt Bj .1 ibt* .!.?.'??,*? ccurtirfeit money Oi i not constitute
an : fftt *e known to tbe !aw. O'COUBOC tho 10 year*
aeatooco for aUadrag a bw .-L .i.ng* should ul?> be Lu>
cktdad in the work. The. Co?t of knocking a
steamboat captain io tbe hsa.l, aj lad down
in tbe welktown ca? of fthaoa v?. LeBSsV
gat-m which it i* affirmed that, if the
u.a.-*.er of a veirei .mould otder a I r* passer npoa bis
ibip to go a?l ore, and tlie party bmpaaaaag t nought
, fit to club him wi'.h.n rn mtm of bbj I ??? for his imper
t i r.ee, if tho par y aggrieve i aboal 1 seek r?drr*?,
tbei tl? asraiUUit*io. I bi lload . ? n ..I aarobargod
witi. tha ccmplimcr.t* (>f the Cbotl - :: ca<eougiit by
r*?aaaooa to bo oadtted. In ccbfit.r.?: nzx>nca*cs, the
urat of bitBooor, in taepeodiag raaaamaa upon
M-^hacl Wognn, jr., would be a brittfaaat precedent,
and, a." in thai ia>tance, rieht cvcitually lead to a
icnviitioo of the party lot a crime of <irgr?atcr mag
Diode, Wc might c te other decidont by hit Hooor
rquejlj rtmatkable for imrjartiality aad itbetaaiial
jun'kc, arbfa h oogl t to inJ a place ui a work of th'?
chaiacter; but the foOewirg, which n *o BOVol and *o
?ntortant that we give it '.ntire, wi thick will rarBoe:
A boot *ii asooibj ago a poor woaaao aaeaad Ckiea
pleaded guilty to a technical mie?leni?*anor, in orJor to
go to Plaikwell * Irland for "it Daootbo. h^fetO going
-ip riie arrange 1 with Mr-. PoatOT, tne Matron of tha
City PrioOO, to take charge of her furri .ture and bouee
bold if. ct-until *he came oit again. A'lay or two
it a tl B womnn came tac k and applied to the Matron
1 rbet rooda. M- . Kwier had Lot seen them, but oa
Uiqoiiy h arr-ed that a man named K Iward 8 nith, a
ittaaengar la tho Cttj Prlnoa had bora to '.he house of
Mrs. Cries, and removed her fumiturj to hi* own
r.wfi.ing. Ku,:tb, however, rcfr^-1 to give up the
r petty ur.tii Mr*. Oriee {.aid hiin |40 f(.f atorair?>.
wfj ich sie wta of cJcr-'o unable to do. The case camo
to the knowlecig-? of Mr. BooIm, iL? a?fLt of the
I'll-.-1 Assw- ati< n, and he laid it before .tu*t ? " tVelei.
A search warrant wa* issued, and tho furniture?or
rathtr a portiot <>f if, for Smith 'tad *cld aouie?wa?
fooad d* deoCl bed. The Ju.-tico gaic the woman h?r
30cd*, aad c mmitted >mitt for examination on a
charge " grand ian eoy. Some of the Tornb* shyster*
totk th-' case before .ludge Cle.ke of the ju/reoi*
Ct urt, fbo granted a writ yf OOrtioiati, rt turnabie bO>
1 : biallmor, A.D. BaaoeH, City Jadgoa Hi* Honor
luard I'^e ca*e at ("nambera on Saturday, and rendered
thi fcliisriarej doearkaai
"I have exsmioed all th? atTidavit* and warrant
i-fciied Igabaat the witbin-oameii Edw?td Smith, for
grand larceny, ai d find that no le^al offense ha* oe*n
Ct mmitted by birr. The n oat that (??m be raid ir, that tt
j. a private (ran I, and a* such i* lot au iadietehlo
iff.nte. I Iheroforo ilreti that the said Kdarard
ban th be discha.'g'd from said complain', and hi*
r*cofmi^an"e, ifarv, b? 1 ?1 eh''. /?Li.UioUi.
" Kiie kork. V'-k A IS-*-"
In tbia instance, it will be seen that the Judge has
gone rven beyond him--If, adding new lo*tcr to his
tame ae a Jurist, by the discovery of a rrmie not here?
tofore recorded in tho booka or ktown t<> the h gal prc
fession. What is a ' private fraud'" We hope h *
Hor.or ?11! en -ghtin tlie world, and by ail nn an* hurry
up " Kussell oc Criminals," for it cannot fail to be im
mensci/popular among gentlemen of tie crow, bar.
' m??
An Ice IrsM.?The panic about ice, or rather the
lack 0: ice, has cooled off. Tbe last wrek has injured
at} abm dance of the bri?'att artu ie, and the pro-pect
of a tcircity and high price* mcits iuto a arge supjdy
and mi l-rate'rates.
A C00D M'v{ .?Tho ITaioa i >rry ( ounpany have
at las?, done < no |bgbt thing for tlie comfort of the
public without an *xtra charge, though, a* the now
aTargetr.rnt c >.;8 thsm nothing, they are perhap* not
10 part cn'a?'y uin /cnniraous alter all. They have
po*te<i in the fcrry-b< atn the following inscription:
?' P: v, j>( on mmlral iint-.in.. nti, ?tcxiu*. |?.|.|I1d?. v.4 ,r*'w*
nt*/J kind*. ?ir>'.!> praaAlwd se the i*??t? of thi, Caaaaaav
P?i?eiir-r? wsfartfiiiia rtanastad aet to p*i ut* pUyen,
111,**.!, i* idler* ?t aatObOwes oo tl e Vm**
?? S. VV. V AN VI \ NK. .Suprt'rwiid. ad ?
Althiugh it b net very clear how passenger* are to
pat-onire players, eiogora and peildie.ron the boat*,
when these persona are ' -triitly prohibited, it is to
bo bopod that pMreaO)gtTI will comply w.ththi* very
reasxiiiuMe re mtst. An additional clause prohibiting
beggpta W'Sjhi be tsxtticularly acceptable. Wtiy ilou t
11 ey prohibit begpara ? Dothie? gsntry div.de their
profits With the Company, or do they j*?y a yearly
stipend for the privilege of rendering the passengers
ULCoffifortal'le, or how is it arranged' <Jivo OS light
tu the bi 'igar qu< ktion.
ayOOO SIR Tin Hi sokt.?Since th* commencement
of tho pr ent cold weather there ha* U<en a large ;n
cr? *-e in the number of applicant- for {?> >? hen-rs at
Mr. John W. Farmer s free dining saloon, ;o I, u I low
str> ct. O i Saturday twelve hundrei and forty per
sons were fumirh-d with g ?*l who!. Some dinner*.
Although there are men and women ?nd boys and girl*
who tarttAe cf '.be '"ood turnish'wi by Mr. Parmrr *
bojpttahty, the larj;e-t numher -erved are fWbgfOwTI
met ?un cl.anx* and otheri, who hav.> ix eo for '?long
'..n.e out of work. A large nunil-er of tbo*e ? ailing ar?
regular *i/i.ore, and .h< re a^? rifiy famili-s who are
tad daily at thie pace, a man aad hii wife walk
down ftom Bkjfjbty-taird dieet oieiydaf in the week
for tfcsir diuners. Mr. Farmer is mak.ng eatm prepa
ratione for ehe coming anniver-?iry of Wnehitigton *
Birtbdny. The fejit and hungry will l*^ treated to a
bett'-r d'nter than usual. I)eLeant--, Sir., w.il be
atrvei up. Thi* is certainly a way to c-lebrate the
ainivcr-ar/ of the birthday of the Father of bis 0oea>
try Wor'.i y cf emulation. Mr. Fanner ? tprer?* bis
Ixalaalioa ol boeping th- ralooo ..pea ? long as the
Lard lime* .i.all last.
^ Imari krtsa.?Tho fcBoartig psooathto atbd
? ba e Ueu ?ifined by a lasjakwV of MajaJal
:< 'be Tom | Men " Amor.- an f>' ."al Commit'ea, aad
will hi pT'-*ertcdforadof>tjoo at the next mating, to
ba 1 ? i I -. Wednesday -a meeting which will doubt
;. .1., a lei 1 *nd excrtirtrooe:
rtlwesi Tn-Pre**l*Tit tla? ? importer* at the T*yw i(*< |
( it* r-c*i<t 7 *t''?tp'?-a to p**? th? **i.! i oc-tli i.
.- * . A' < B/rem r.,*v?tUut%od!c* tliit -V?r ml ? rn;.i.?l!'
iVintes ' . r>-f. furr!?tr<i to r?UblUa fsejond dispata tin faet
J \t ? ' t- 1' 1 ' - BStttUtJoO i? DOt th* rholr? of ? UAfiCttj
, . r. p ? rt! ?? TSrrSwv f-f K?i *a*. ta <-'.ti**q..?ir?. , t. j
tt tke fr*ud wk j is Berth, but um. br**..?e it iatr^loe-a
ne t San rt/ on sew \rkirk ,K*vU trrr b*
( it B> P?fWV f* M
' .Vf.; I , Tha li?l^ii't'.^rrf?Wtt?l*'.<-ajrAiior.)n*?ti
B^ wi r ? and o-.traz* upon th i rtahls and llVniri nt
reel ml Han?*?: i:.rt %fr*,.4 wt.fch a'l 0a* prtoeiaO;* c<
mtmttmmmiy.'*v forbid -Ikt^?iI rver be er.^utaaMi*al
Un.<?'?. T ? li t CiWBieUM Mnopt| lerlot:ry*e *r.d is
ware j j p"*<? SJ any arterort 'o maSe Kanais a Slave Htalr.
hu? '< ? I ? Wae raaattyh o-a ihr pe.ro.u.?
Uk't, by tb-~* ? rv.'^r.--' . \. . -? . j, , . - ( . .u- + ?.
vottd to IsSferths raid Ceastmrtrjea to the tt.r< t ft ra-att'-r at
IaroaMATioo ?oa thi Pro?tr.~Here is a speci
men of the bti rrtatioo for the people printed io the
ediarrial co.umn* of a city paper :
?avueea the Nacaaairv.?The QBBOsmaH fcnrrl olMarcii
wii. i.ul to\.-ri o a Svbdai.it is mi', frit there h '.'-?-'. !*?<*
That u aaoaaawa aaiWtiaawawBwhaw^
H ?N?tWn?.O** ^ ^^etllT* 0
Ii m , uinitot. l>ey 00aer> up>i M(;i.u(, ( ? ,s.|
m?) I"-''. *ul ?iI MMMpM H?n.'?r la 1*7^ <n |o#^
w'ioii Ban in ??<y) M jr*ni at jU,^ w y^, {'Tiatr
to,., i I i-J* Ug'lbsr.
f ft M< ? rn rTT.?Accrs-dbry to tbe esa*4Te - i ant
of (.' CHj Ir.|*ct<w, U-ere were 411 halb? ba
the en, tffjli Eg Ut }???< wi? h. an iocruaet ?f 4, en)
reo pared with the tnostehty of Iba week aewvieen,
H ii-Uuj tahle cxhibee lie narelwr of, d.>eanai
01 g ' he ? *ri two weeks, among eduke aad faxikaraa,
itijtu eajabil g the ? ira:
aw. v* earn n ? <? ??. Mat,
VtrW*Mi'!rwi K. b. " f t w IM fU
t\.. t ?. . >? < k kj te? itt mj
Au.?g the pir.-ijeJ rue tea of death were the Bat?
a ig. Ci?n.?uu">p?i?*i, Ifc CoevuisK-iu fiufatiUlet. %T|
i. flanrrM . t if Hat hmff, "1; ii AaaiuaatMWj of fhf)
' *? 1 '. *.a w-t fever, v3. maraemiu. (infantiles, a*fc)
-tropej .o rJai bead, N meealee, 1",'croup, ii, bruer*
aitia, H There a ere alee 4 d set ha ot apoplexy, f en?
eea ceetiea of Ute lange, 6 of diarrhea, 5 of ?fy'teaeerf*,
' iI I a raaaal f-vtr. t of disease of the heart, tl mt
'o iB-feet, ^ premature btrlhj, eoh-bom, aad tM
f i in violent enure*.
Teasel! Bring - a . ^ ,ik?i,,i of tae di*eaa?a, aaat
tiie number . f death* ir. each clean of dieenee, dvaaS
lie week) iieia, .k.mte, Sif.. brain and nawewa,
75 generative orgaaa, t; bean and Ueul-veaaeAa, 1?|
.. thr. at. Ac , 140 age, i, skin, Ac. eatf
arrptJre aVVera, tot 1??ea4aaaaaaaeaa hartha. %Tg
Bteeaaeh, bow el* and other digestive orgaaa,611 aaa>
.. i*. at and general fevera, XI; uahaowa, tfi artneuaa
organs, t, Tl tfi, W.'h The Cumber of deaihe, aaaa>
noted a itl tie com-poad.au weeha iB Ittt* aad IW^
eas ?j> fi !!? ws:
Wi k mm i k ?? i u#.m
ta?-? - lii*> i, tan .as*
tVnAsad * ?... >. - .ast
VA aab rudt t K.? u IBM.eat
T: e rativ.iy tal l.- g;?esJOr caCveeof the Uaahat
Btatea, Ttmt irakawd, tSefl ?mnany. II of f'nrdaaat,
: of S<> tkaaf, I af British tmeiica, J of Italy, aalt
A' nis't.m n>* ..r Jt it ii k ia Kaw
?Cot ' r was crento-l ia N??w K'^battaeai
I aBJ laai by the 'set t! a! tar n< ted in^TiAaaWaf
ti.at BBtee, ( I s^e- 's' ahS, praprietorif a henry ateeaBa
rid Nipi,<n I ?,!?''. Im ,rg sent to tbe Cearstf Jitf at
I He I'Uins for a most unprovoked laaauh ead haaV
ti ry vprn a young colored man nam?d l>avid Mateaa
Kisno at out ieven weeks ago. A ' t rx te the law
foin.atit r i.^'aine.! in leferrnoe to tho matter, | ef>
pears that tl s aosa.lante, on meeting wtlh Kraacasoa)
Paverpoit i N'e. k. about a mile from the rd'ege, tansy
dahveaeVd hiaitodieanje some seeWta eoarreacnf baa
i o pleyer, * h ch he refitaed to Jo, whereupon (>daa1
and M.ute made a rat a."> attack upon him. A brother
of Francis, who was near by. having tn charge tan?
! area aad wacon. ran to hi* aaat .tanre. bat Shnte, when
kj a pewerflnl man, k?pt him oft* while tkiell beea,
kr i ? Led van and kicked Krane ? o a brutal msaaar.
The i icnmrtancea comirgtothe knowl?d?re ??f eeeae
nl'n-rwJ m .r.ec-of the place, they reaolved to feaajj
I justice aWaa if peeatehsi and upon ihn alHdavit of the)
?jiiird nan the s--s'm were arrt>?tfd aad oa tto
niai, Jaaanury they were bot 1 found gutity byft^aaaa
styrea, who ?entenoed OdeU to pay a ian of #st>eaaf
t i. pnsoned in the County .tail for 'JO days, aaat
Mi te te pay a tine ot a.*) and be impttaooed for UV
? , 'II, ? ?? I ; ?i-'.f ii in. f.sleiy got a stay aaf
BfixeaaSag*, and mod out a wnt of oartiorari, whaoki
i ame up last we?k Uf->re .lui<ge Ixet, and was tk<wem
ou'. the legislature at its last session havog r*|
the law adaV h th. d. I. ndants eipsrted to take nas
sge of. Tbe result of tbe twain *: hetasr officially r ian
n,i,i eat ad toSimire Ayns. his seatenoe was aa oaea)
cnnu d iito eff. ct. ConxtaUe Simog took rhurge af
Shuts, ani (Meli, by agreement, drove to the JnU aa
bis vwn wagt n, accompanied by hm wife, who bnmgh*
the vakkwJ bai k. Sjutre Ayran ana warwilf
Hieodod for the prvenpt entorcemeat af Ibe *ei
After filing a rtor of pniceedioar?, f >.|el] and I.
cau>e.l the arrv?t aad triaJ of fhetr victim oo a chi
of peijnry, but they failed to neatain it before rV^aane
Stevens who tried the cause.
roarftaiai \.?iN>r m ?avtajuMaai Or neat.
- peerpa J. I ? -r a lletmae. (smiplaiirf<d at th
Hay r e ? tlicc on ^atllrday that be bad bera eheaawt
sod fooied by an ind lligeti.e concern kept hj om<
aftyaf at 9m, M (ireenwich atreet. He wan in seereh
of rmpl. jmenf, nn.l was indu.'ed to ca? at tbeoflUw
I f runner?, one of whom, while in the ottVw, ckeigadl
him $1 for n Situation at Kahway, N. J. Lorg atartad]
t n.edist.'iy f..r ti e p'a.?? naned arxl oa arnviajr
there fonnl be ha I been sorely che at ?<d, aa no eocJk
stwaJnfBaanl as nnwaahaai waa to he obtained. TW
Major leaf fir Meytr, Vke was cornpelled to I
Iss-g bis dollar, and also the traveling
Irahwny and tack, amounting ia all to tfi Pi. Heat
k i ! beea a 11 ed with, Meyer would bare lent ana
atoBBtae a Cr raune Mrcaa.-Oa Haturday atfM
i' iriefklai nteeeel Mr, v. I*. w . IFeaka, located1 an?
the heath leaf of the kfaafang No. IH BanaaTaaTfl stranf,
er.- hi ken inte by 1 ur^'sri, and r?al> utada -lothinnj,
< acka Ac t., iWsataa <?(sb?ar ginfi.ie..Watbererroaa>
Two a. .<k' v r ? w.psp- rs are published ia tha hiiiblianj
aea I I. and, tmt the a- ? omm.'datiou of waeksaea aea>
pi .yrd by li e p-> pr.. lots, the ?tr?<t toor, kadaag te>
tkeafayef aeftisaaa*tha huiidmg, is left npeeeraa>?
fastened lt?o aighU tn tho Wiek, hei?, n every fafldaty/
ihr-It 11. ? v s. Ike robters. a/lar ??i.tm-tuax
tt ir d. pn <letioi.h, n, tde good thfir e.v-ape weh i
phatder and ic> eiuc boa as vw b>> n o IS anted to I
a Le re about*.
Ai 'Ti'ir tsnrrnai haaaai Kr?deHckTrailer,af
H . ^ i g I ,t r, at, wa> arreeti i on siaturday, eaargaal
w.l. -e.'hrg lottery pel .. ? . c ndr\ partee. fie waa
k it b? aaaa the Kr< ereer, an i h>ld to bail to anew nr.
Perhi r? a t). Igl.bor of .urs, a boot Jieiv^resp
of 7 ; A -W i /'. '/ "elude- to aa fotlowa,*
in ag.ne. that hf ha* kept all this ex.eed.ag great jm*)
Ie MbTbu If: that noN?ty has Boticed the pecubar i
in hie aye | r .f Iv ey d.d that they thought it " ail Ifk
I eye, nil l<? k-d cpoc th. ' writ m? ?joiw trepoav
nbJr. He has eerta.i,;) ke|d exceedingly shady; aaj
BxyntetiOBM as the a-reat Freehirkk, yet happy aa HaaV
ih.n-elf ?>r: he ttJ.-A up tbe liver that beere hat
rerre, and Baaatei d the first fruit of lite-loag leboct
I' hnpp..t nan I k' >w of n .New-York la ft
di til kal bed > nma'.-*, an editor ia very bign -final
ii/. r ?In yean h. ha* bed only ue* warn aa>
gfnt '? -rurta.i:/i a nv<*t d'ltieali poaiCtta wttax
??..), -ill tsc> ar I ta'.ent, adnnr?-l by h.? opyoaawa,
laftrd aad rr%ei-rv ?d by livew who know blex baat?
at-.h fair.' and firrtiiue sut&'usnt for h a ambitioa, anaa
n lady for a a U a ho y,.*. -see ail tho old-fa
virtues, suited to mcaiarn graoea. Wont anore cesakt
Lre 1 /Jan I he kad no ekald to .nherit all theaa
?r\art. <- if. ?taieia ha'.la of hi* dwel mg a?
beea no light patu? iA > hthijih fe tat. ps, ao rii
lau/h o* stay I rattle, and the aagelc aaaaaaaa i
aeeoa pen.e- the advent of ibn n.-w-V/in babo fa
o ii ummate the sol.tude of the loneiy ruanaww t Wh%
href .. are of aipect a) oo, and even ifope bad ratieasj
weentag, wl u *| aage wblepers are heard, event
pieee*. i'.mo and mn-l.n are *eeo tiLte-hing the naiet
rvgularily of tl e weli-ordered house, ard by and hf a)
httie - rv' a ?? ft wa.l, and a Under little bead U aee?
thd sm'.d lac and down, nnd our happy editor weak?
lier* what it u? that ? ?..mmoru.-atea with sara a ?*?>
ters-.s thrM IXWn tha- l.ny form ^) his own ajnnaag
heart. How aaepk aide all the items of newa arwna aar
be m Ike mormrg paper. eioeptthoae which reiataif*
htrtta and manias-1 ^hni n .u*tea ar^naahatt?
of Itters, n .r r. bool systesB' and what a 0?4aa*>
u. aal ?n to expe^e aC the iimlsiMor.n aad aboeaa la ear
educational pTaitf. I Vo-'y. what .great oake trees
litt a acorns grow.
Ntw-YoM HesriTAi.--Week^B^r^r^
laranaMBfeaM.f? n aa
purtarf*4. '?vrea .,r reneven.Ba B 9*
MeH.J. ~ j _j
?.?-laai?*?n*>..r?....f.....P ??_?**
Itxka.?** Freniln.P
A*kmt oi* St sftcioa or Tiirrr.?O?cer

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