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lie;m?vr?-?*.? 11 TS? N T T r
(V tufj BoLIVaA, aHaWshw, M6
I? ? a ? sit inj? - v ? M ir.v.'tw-a lathe
and los, i?-fr i .f DaTCI M] b <*. Mit ? I IttofJ
?!?>?' ..uri-ey :'tere I r. k |hj r '.'-* a 30
fc&oxr.. Ai The Brtjuh OjhiwwI Im aitMiltil
?*>prete*tio-i t >'!kt M ? fats fi the I ?<?? wii)
Vn.ti.tiy M ?)tared. V?r t.ui rTTT*. h>w--t.
h?*e ?>e* ii ( ?Itaitiitj tiwakitw regarJ lag Om?
BMbVirawefcangapoa B^Mtv?l'.'j,aad >***
be?rj a ita-#> I ? ere fjr the Baal a*-k. Jut
fami)) ? ?! M tMJJM kU i 't lAi iajra i-.s: Sat irday.
Tbtrc ia ntdimrV' jaal ury Ml t jrv?.-.1 Amer
arait M /? l? l>re. ? ?: pitfebtvlief thai Chi ad
?aerial f. m '.??? ? r? ted :r I ntigl fj IB i Pa I
?v*anty Batf b? the aahnrhhM -I the OliMM Bhtaai
hterigat -'a Company a*?d AjMriota citizens re-.<!
tug a the pla c.
Tb? OrntOOO 8tCtB) Varigat ? r. Coa&pMy, . w
?n-irr *.'.*> d.r*" ti-.ii -if Mr. K-.wJ'> i, BTM ? ?.-.::?! '
IM7 ?'*:>:. A. 1 rein, tkfOOgI Wh>Mefl rtfj
? ehari? r wm taMaujafti. The firal boat (Venezuela ^
did letantra until the line named for the b ?.*- to
be upon t.- ti"?. ? xpuyW, htkI Mr. I ' ? i
I'barge at ( aracae, ????ieav >red to Lada ?-? II ?. i .r
fin to Mai boat to tfie Pitt I irty, and, iinleed,
it bjm seidMttty totended Cor rerorat onary purpoeee.
JMr. inrpn 'us aaoeeeded lb sAtsnBSBg h r.*-v
charter from M.ir.agas im) f<jr a BUmbof "f year
ht devo'ed lawMtlf t i th0 i ms of UM I ?: ptl ,.
and finh-ly CMlled a fortane frith bias boate.
The :?**' .n 'he vrt:.i ;r.>i- f.e.- > :;<??) tM
<? < ii I . v. bi ataiti i hd* *?????? eavtrmoua. >
ItWaiTBf the Orfaiooo Birer, which ia 1847 ec
BKiiirr.t u.r Jjf li? '?<??? me n..w v.... h * " !
nlh?-r aaythkMB '?t the e t| htTi 11 i?aax 'i aa^Bpor?
taou. Very iittle en> on ragen.? nt l?e. K .vmmt,
aw)tB littMaVid tt) tM (.'iirnpariy. and rii<- CoatOBO
BatMMa)fAca>ri hvTBJ iBttawMi <?'; ? . .
the m n ?teamer which waa brmigiit iu the buk
BjaihtT FrBlfaJB. Mai Bl ;<r< Beat B rr>' seaa of en i
Ibm u ti..? Blartr i 11 doty hue beaio paid 'mdi-r ptv>
teat, unfi: the Bothoiitiea at Caracaacan be settle
and tl rt ? BaOaithi Ii allowed b< t<-r<- the funda mast
let aanaV*)otstto the aiithoYitkM. A- affaire will
Ma) ha) sttthal al Craracaa la tlwiici aaonthi and the
(/Overnmc?t v\,/l alv\m\- ha BM aaoi t'm,
ttmrc la arary prohahiUtj that the Cotnpaaj will be
the loners.
To shew the BMIttvar in whi i lakeri! ' KzCBI
have bi'.-ii treat*-J. I W/lll rein*?' a COUnte <d inBtBBXsp
C'apt. Ilaeslip trriTed al BalivaraboQi two rean
akbce iu tlie Bctooaav Sulliraa, with a ganwAl earao,
and ana aial known la be a hoaaaae bmm. 1 ha
Bailors were .. macd awn of ri''gr"?'s, Bpaaitrdf,
Ac, and BjWieihina arach troahaa, Oae al the
Bailors who iitid ahipped ia New-York, atteaipted <>n
eeveral eWoaaaaM to dt eert, and Gn?TlsJ be OOuld BOt
obtain hia aVaahanai ptaasl ni< k. and reftaeed to per
ftirm his duty, j he ftiftaia. an u Mitain oe
threatened to ue?< lha napaya BeTaf, hmt dai Bol si ke
him, and the tailor, fan order bo oaeape, lied ;
Bas] jumped ovrrleunl. As he had bOBB In the Babit
*f swimnnnr tothe laud. BO irdico ivik taken of h m.
hut aafhre ha reached the altora it waa poreeiw
that he waa ninkiin.', and a boat. aTBS difPBtfhfd frota
the abip, but he was drowaaai before it ooald reach
him. lWoro the body wae fail rid the captaia
takeu ill with bUiOaai Rrrer. Neiwithsfaodina this,
the captain o| the port. ('. T. Man^hado, ordered bit
arrest, uud disp&tcbtd baM ? ioaaa aoldaen to earrj
it into eJMCutaofl. The captaia'i wife planted the
American fing before the cabin dooi and Kfnaed
them cntranee, but they pushed her ruilely n- ie,
and after beatiii? her hnsban.i. ?^ragaed bin from I.,
bed and carried him before the criminal judge, who
ordered bim to be conlirn-d in prison. The Ameri?
can C'ousul attempted to BNaaei him, but no Btton
tkiD was paid to his protest, and they even refused
te uckuowledne him as <'onsui. A ahamtrial wai
held, aud be was confined over lour mont'IB, Bad wm
oulv finally released upon the pii\niciit Of 0 laigfl
Tho other ehse ia that of ( apt. Georgeoi the
eteamer llarnuns, who was iflapriaohad for pointing
an empty aiaiol al i native who had BToaal) Irainitea
and threatened UBB. Alter ben.' coniined l"i
montliM, M was obliged to pay a B3,000 bribe l"r
his release, aapeelauj bi it ami eeeential that ha
abould take eeWsBBBSd of the steamer. lie b.M
rtaimed daniagi H from the WinIIWOBU (lovemiiu'iit.
The new dynasty, which is much more friendly to
Americans, BbBJ do BBBOathiaf to meet the demauds
of justice in regard la theae Baathars.
The eiioi inous prelciiHioi^ ol tLe Bogliah GoTCTlV
?wnt ba\e cauacd ? ?I auoaition *'ii the pari of the
Veue/ue.Riii. to Seek triendl) relation! with 0*fl
country, since 1849 the Bngliah GoTenunenl bus
?nade aeveral overtures to settle the bonndarv bs>
(ween Ilr'tish GwltM and Venezuela. The Eng
elaun i'oint llarniin, which eomplets ly OBBBBaiada
the only mouth ol the Orinoco run .nable b\ bJUVBTOa/
er-la, anil found their light to it ou nn olj deed and
awney, said to bare been executed toward the Mid
el the last eradjUry by the Duteb, to whom that
colony rheu belonged. This Point, in fact, com?
mands not only the mouth of the Orinoco, but bJbO
the whole Republic of Venezuela. One ol the prin?
cipal tributaries of that river is DevlgebaE to within
laity miles of llagota. h d.slance Of a\000 miles,
erkile by the tassiqiare anil Rio Neuro, tributaries
of the Orinoco, n communication can be kepi up
with the ltraxiliau tributaries ol the Aina/.oii. The
Whole extend Of the IwUbJ Of the Orinoco if c uu
puted at 42,000 square Baues.
Ia 1844, Sir Robert whorabaJrgb went so far as
to take poo-cs on of Point Ririmne, in the name
?f her Britannic Majesty; but the exeiteineiit t1-'
atep created was so ceneral that it compelle?! the
British to desist Man. eKtabhshiug a aataMaMkl
poet. Since that tune it has luvu coiu-nlcied as
neutral territory by the English (lovermiieut; and
aJthoiigb C'ouiiiussiouers have been re|ieatedly ap
tKiijited to arraage the BMtMr, it baa never been
BWaght to a favorable termination. Nor is it likely
te be eaoily settasd, for ahaoe the dlaeorery of ti.??
rich gold iiunes near I'pat.i, the English GoTern
nieiit insist more strongly than ever upon then claim,
ae there is no way of iretfinc to 1'para but by Poi it
Bar ma. The Kn^'lish attach so much iaaaortaaoe
lo this question that they have recently appoint"d
the Hon. W. WmdhoUM1. IJovernor of British
Cruiaata, to settle it in some aMMkaTl i- a. as I have
been informed by a member of the 1'rovisional Go*>
enunent, they w ill fail to come to any concliir-iou
iiulesa the Enclish consent to relinquish their pie
Venezuela not only rejects the tfrms Mopoaad by
the English, but put* forward her cla in to the
Eaaeajuibo Rivei. about Uta.' uuUy, from the areae&l
dieputed territory , and supports it by au Bgraeanaol
entered uto in trie sixteenth ceutury. and MAM
fluently ratjfetl by the G< ' ernitieuts of Spam and
Holland. In the mean f ine, until this oues'i n .s
eettred, Venezuela is not permitted to hold hi t ] |.
riadictiou o\ei the diepBhsd territory, and is even
preveuted rVoBQ reUhliahing a light-houee and p h t
station at the mouth ol the River Orinoco.
New* has just arrived here that diploiin' i- raj i
tiens have ceases! hetwivii the Vene/ ieU (. ivcru
aaent ainl the KYeaxik und Eagtishat Ciraeaa. ia
roneequen ??? of their insisting ripen proceed na t <>
Monags- fair \ ... opposition ti the deaaousol
Veneruela. The Freioh and Englisb vc-m-'s if
war are at La Guayra or Porta Cabeilo; and a
hfvnagaa hns it large amouut of funds ,n Eiurlniid.
and can be brouabt to perform any act of meanness
there ia n*?t much doubt that the Etigln.h haw tue
eeHtdernent of the llariina ijuesl t .\'.
theugh Monagas lias mnny eucmies thron rf the
country, he has a few friends, and immense wealth,
avith which he can purcbai-e many more. V i
the prota*etit>n of the Eugiisb. the tamdy may
rn-ei so p..wer. and in ssjoh a state of adaa- ti
suit of the boundary .(U. atton .? not d.fiirul: to ;. re?
tell. J cannot understand on v\ hat author.u
what right the Bagheh and Enoch interfere in a
revolution rnUed an! arr.ed to n fav MV.< t. r.n .
t'.i u without asoodahedhythe n st r?spectabsc
sa Vcistwueta, MPa? a?) a* '.Ley de-..*- t .
Mnnagaa a bail U.... .?. . .
td the ivnaVrsci the rerutut o.^try piny thai *t y
h*?e h ie; e* ?vp ?*d (te Tca^caaco pj tit . eecii ,' i
i ??. 4Vi R CMZTtt OS TffE iO '.'FOf
..f j .??.*>. 1866 Ipaid,atiiitto?*ttmxiPi
g?_,?: i.? rcoiuci e <<; street. WV'r.'?:..:? o.
I io tot kaoA tha. Dj * I-*'1 H7 Mf1 ?
R .4. claiai Io tko of P* fe?>r. It w?? ? I
Isrred upon km. ..ke ? many oI aw AaMniCBB
HtkM aa a anatavr at Bieffaatioaal ?? i raanaan ? .
ktwoffattti ?* tfce NflfU Pe?t>e i. - p. r | Eipedi
Hit, of "ki a be wa- sv.-.rv'r. Tr.ey ?! ifcbed
?in I'.'' r oi Mar C OOO CJ tore ? b n . i
hit ik;.i bj tbe kn .wndge of tl. Hkftl BOfftal M I t
erratBfM that rnka' It too |TboJ Jeep b it esi* 'vly
of tte malrnakc CTaotaeoaaad towtektetM geo
erfcll) ? a ^"niedre ifcaaMfcattj rfcOWn ia lk tn t>
tiie? r.n 'J ut> s;.??..? il v<>*-1. ? i--.i,.: ' " ! .??
" Ir.v. rt' br-?tt tri (IrAnd M*.n'-r>.' " Tiv M ir ?
?? '/.?:?'ml Of t'?- 1 ' MM tni Jepv.ea*? <?'?? I
" Too Crutteot aad CoMiiitdhjiiaitB of cam ,r:;..
"and Olff ':. and other p,-ihW.io-is. frl
?: ...y f tte '.'.J > .jt.? :ta-.t? t-.d b er ?i
{.at--;,ifl w.u. L,:n froJI etiriy boyL'ocl, a-.d was r..r
Ifjod with l l sv ?-h? Marty, ten leari ago,
in 1840, wl.le yet & joutb, be had d itoverrd v.*
jrli.e.p.e '.f tr." ?<! i*r .tr. ?od had a c-ifx'.er o"
a(j:j?i? lioj La ">?'? (tmi''? ''P'Ttt. n i ?r.f b? i'-r?> s?ry
t tj.rig w i* beard "f the K :.<::? d ti^-.in^h'.* (:' ::,e
FivgBibaitTi V7airlogtoo.
I: 0tm t fer&rf J'y got aiffcti one of a ,.?. |
ce**i''?i oi bot r<!?htB fct-d rjftjl tl ffOfB w\ th I .d
pr.t e-|t?> fUflV.Ti ' .'j fW'l' 'J. :?) v . . "X
pec'ati"L tiat '.?x?? f-ni ??to .r&rve '?v" 'd gr-.i
nc"i?toir; ne to being* br ?:>d and patfOotlod, a
tiey are iad ??? r- 4> r ?-,>..-r?. it - f rot at
?|niei(.'tut? in, the pr-.? ????< of -k>,:i*J ?!;v??.
I. t a frar:.e rkOOi rr.it? d to tl.- ioidcr?t? he*!* and
iiittU) c nb] aifbti of tbo ?ea ot lot of Sd/j- tsba
?ett?, could not retdiiy b?<'-':re lOolaVd^ti t > '.be :l
tbiei.ce of an atmo(ptere wLicb ht u. dnig-it, aa
wt .i Af at noonday, rr.vnt'i.i eJ i Wtt $Jtm\k\* thu
tr o a\e.-?ce be it ot t:.<' ^rr.i / die. I rof
?ij.,?> a* the rVotOOOt r bOOOOM hie hou'e, th ? ;g."i
Boi iDhter'ui?y OOOlot tl t)^ reft <>f tbe ci'y, wo
. i r ? .*:!?, find Iii;-..- . .tiv.Ty c >o!er. It -it) i lOdod
iaoojoeti f.g?e.tt,.v '.f rafroaoiiig idc i. Thon
were crabi ;md t-.bei!f t!mt bad beer: dragged rrotO
the ataOlfOI dcpthi of the Arctic Oceaii; fi-htiig
bjtoo bob] diodgoo rVhot bod eofioiod Um to '? abyaaei
of KHintni tit tka/1 Bad Bibofiaa mi dran .i?-" oi ot -
boffgl BBfj t'lfi.'ierr: und. Wtaat|Mllltiallllj! Wit wobt?
to give ar iign-eafde ebU] t<? my fine;,, h pit tan oi
Ao pTodlf^OOO MMW] 0OOM* of the itrent Jay i MM
vojcbbo, Kur-i-Vmrj.i. rrradfl by * aativ? aiiiai a* I -
BSOdB, nt,er< the PfofiMOOl1 hiutwlfpiirebined if.
Tba PtTOOBOBOr, Wibb rmthinit on b'lt ? ?Ii rt ii -l
the tajaaoal ol pooaibM pntaicwao, mm it rate bod
? oi a nolit, with h fajpal in hie ino'ifh. MBgaidly
?iimKiiig, mid rrttrtfroptMiBg tiirouch Ida gold ipa -
Uclaa the i|ivjfai*ih ptoportiiOM of i aioaatroui
daws bag bo bad jnii rwpturod, Oar cMvenatiorj
owcaod, of eoano, on the weather. ? ! oa&aoi
?I.mil .tam looajor, tic -rt.d: ? ] t-iihii at?itoaa
eruiao on too oooai ofJIaiao aeat wook, and yoo
bad batter ooaaa along, H yon do not want tn dlo "t
a fever. Vuu )?Mik horribly bilimiN already, at'il ?
' few dayi toott of tail boat will nao yen ay eDtirtdy.
T.et I'I go .unl cool oil at Onad Manao. I ipont
two itvontbi there aonMSunmoTBago, fiahingand
dredging, and can aaaOIO jroa that it kl tha finest
place hi oar whole aaaaa."
?'For crabs, l inppoae, Profeoeor. AD ptaeoi
arc tdaaaUaod by yon for good or bad atitk relation
to their production or non-production of Oiaba,
"For craba, yae?but not alone for i-rai'*. Fhe
?(.?? nery HBiipoTB?grander thHii aaytaiaf yoo will
aeetblaeVde it tin- Bagiienay. Hnge, rockycliflw,
a thousand foot bigd?, rite right out Of ileep water,
hud arc brokci, into the WiMftlt and DVOat romantic
cues ami iaJcia that roooaaaoaaiUy inMarino. Tkey
arc the haunt of nearly ?11 kinds of sea-birds, from
the herring gull down to Mother ( are\'s chickene.
We shall catch there and on our way down tin- eoaat
oven lyjooici of nab taa'iw'Inu ia our n-**."
" Iliclinlitig the whale '"
14Tfce whnic iaaol a lah," roapotaded the Pro
ft riior gravolyi oretiooking the levity of my inter
ruptioii in his acicntific ao&M of its aXMaOfjioa] in?
accuracv, " but I promise yoti arc shall see whales
in abundance. We afcall aka catch sharks aDd kill
eeals und potpoiMa, Bot, hi short, if you will cuno
along, arg will run into c\cr> harbor from I'm.
ineevown toEaata?ort, aad fJMk and diwalajc til; you
lave leeO at leant OM cpec'tllt'Il of every rrcc iro
tuat swims the tea or dwells, on the bottom. Then,
if yon wilL yon can write a book about the aqua?
rnim which sbali be a little more relisbic tLt.ii t'. it
trunper] tfclug of Edwarda'i whs a you sent rat
Jfl -terday."
''WkalMtac inattei with thai 1 ' I ?,ked. 1 It
si t med to me a ciewr ami Bnfseitainina I ? 'k.
The ProfeoaOI launched into nti elabf) ate and ec
eruetic eritlciMii, the dt iflils of Wfcifb : cannot D in
recall, and to which 1 muit oonfeag t /aid little at
tent'i n. tor the amount of it seemed to l>e that Mr.
Edwarde bad transferred a lew kpecies of Bioflaaka
Bron tho FiBgliafc aeaatocara, aud was not \ery
Oarefal in the spelling ol Ins scientific names.
I intimated that the orthography of these un?
couth appellations was "t litm rraMoqiaraioo. Tha
Trofessor shook bis head. The young men and
BMidfrM who were goinL' with luch enthusl'iim into
the fonnntion of aipianuins would be led otii I
ihocki ig confn-.oi: ol BMBOI Bod Hpc-. n-s. Itesidiv,
Miinc Of the plates were wror.g. " (?a aJata X...
fat example a iBockN of LjraaaM if Bgiirodaa
Pbyaa lletcK^tfi'p'.a, aad on?"
??That w.ll do. 1 gt\e op Kdwards, oa eoaotitiOO
that you do not utter another of tboae jawfciaaaon
daring the aadire aoaniag. lint how snail we go to
the I i rand Muiian '
The PrOeVeeor'l 1 int about My bilious appear?
ance had privatalydecidedbmto tak? aa aa ..t
lea. ?? of tba National Capital, l airead) fci: i fovar
it. Ml veins.
?? 1 have w ritteti to nty friend Tufts, tbe ?ipiaritim
maker and stocker at Swauipscott?you have beard
bm speak of him '?to encage BM a nod, ok in,
it?iut fiihing smack of from In to twenty tuas. a., i
also two ezoerieajoed boaaaaan, one af baoa t
poss.blc old Capf. Widge?-, who went with Bje oa
uiyciu.se last year. I si.aii hear lr<>ui Tufts .n a
day or two, and hsj bad bs*)agr get Tandy at asaaa
for 1 shall be off like a flaeh ti e ln.'iBoeijt I
get away."
In reply to my hbaail M iatO the t atrtre an.! . \.
tent af the reipi.site preparatauis lor a Cl ?M i a
month's duratioc the f'rotessjr sa.d
"Tut two pain* of pantftioons, iwv ? k e >at?
and a \est or two. tbe oldest and worat you h ire,
into a bag?a gunny bag or a potato sack will do.
Pal c. also, a couple af flaunel shirts aud drew- ?
and half a do/en or a doaea of tfcfi k w ?4ea M la,
and an old felt hat. Bay a taajpla of IsM thictoat
fed tlannel shirte you can rind, a pair oi th ek-f
.. wi de boot", a tight-fitting CMtk OaA a ?? lag
straw hat. aad a pair of oilskin or ludii r bkei
pantaloons??>i! skin is boat, for :t deeen ? BBM -
ab in aal. y as I ml a rubber. I'ut tht>#e. with two
Off three j.?.rti of old slip|v.o. in the bag. and taf it
uptight. Tut a coup.-' of linen ?h.rti. more or
ra ia you p!?<ase. and a decent suit af IfBat Sam
mer clothes, in a \aiise. fo tr: it y- i cai Ii
bt Salem. Poittaasl, fiaataori and other... red
plai-es. and see your inead* if ust r.a\e at. . '1 I i
is a!' the OartfU JOT, w:ll neetl.' I will !<H-'k ml fog
aupplying Um \? m I w tl aro*l BwOM and tabie-w .?.
1 will alse prov .de pens, iafc, paper. perc':a and
eavtlopes, for 1 ripp-oe your pTuicl c:- .
ki4bM wffitiagcasaaoi Lva?ot rid of*at eBoe, ii ,
want to take uotes, put in your valise two or t r< ??
t'*uk ben's.*?.v ??? ?Lixtsoi Maor are always get<
And tlH usn^gt ?"
The Pr<ite?sor ? - .. abhl .e- ? < ?* . ...
PI -ft tt- ?? arj c ... k,s I tr.m- f. ?? \ iVppj .,
>oa uc.-j i i "\tt , ' n poo.'. ? I ?? fi t I
? t.. ??> tell t.. J tcir trout i -ilia w._ , . |
cr.'t rc las ffg^ctj. a J oa wtV. teri?; t*|
?* f?f tmt - <-,*->?> t. ... *j,4 '
mm ?(.?? L*jtaMj*i aa " ? *?"? * ' * 1 fv * "J
'? ?]<?( *V*- 1
Hut a m satiates1 m lad i ? aic Bj | iwfaTf- ,
ratMM sieoydiagrr. I pntne? ?g b the hw I ??
I n<] wie! :r,?- pi*a*aa?f ad ? dad. ei ept a pa?>f
luda rubber oTciahara. wt ch I lam Waa] of
#-#nt.::l Krriec nkaa 'he lad ia baa awl i * '; P
I'Ti. h? .?fr<-'ja? r'!y the etaa,
Twoorthre? dnva later ihr Pn-fe.? r i '
m t ii,' ii B.tL iVe. u:. r.ft-i,? ?i,: ;.-?in in. irim '
tbaaasafapi:'-n tUt r> i ?lt>\ii L> f?-?? ' '
heat at* a wall ia the sanwauno- He fJawiehOB agi
?i?f'!i iet*er hi ait I in<i.
"Tufts v.r.:??! that he v'.? engaged 'Be jfjf
Be "i Bad fi'i <>.v arr C i.j *. flume;, and t'.?r Cap'
Wafgeff trill fc'0 f at v?-.nt Mat, The -'?"?P
b'.iit far a facht, ia Bated tad aajM and laaaay, w.th
Kur berth-. .<.??.? n?f?>?:..'??? ? .>i/h-d : ?
lap a aIwiiai ? laM iaat al walaTt atji I ben ?
inuci. .-? 'i i >r r.-: ag aad ?* aaBBBaj aaata] ? Ittni aM'
in |T"<d roLdition.''
" 1 r.e pr.ee " 1 > iggeetad.
"Strataa\4aaraaeon half a day, aehsdUag the
!w . n.n.. I >!u., write to have r,er brought t"
Bath BOW] I d.>> :.< it. anil we w.il start tne te\:
I wa? iv IW'on ni tr.*? day .inh.eavd. S.*':fd.ir.
.luiy ,t. nut. hav up TD?? i'i' k on my way to the v
sei t<? U* aaadaffad and - ort to anaaaai?' Par?
ker's bj Mr. BysM af THE leUI ' W tani Hi ad
t<.r* MthvAavatk Maaaadr, it *.?* S o'cloeh la
?he tttem.- n .-..V :. g ?t an board tha I DOp, wi. A
wan paooredoa He aarth ai?i?- al I- ag Wha r.
1 do n< t knew tf.at I <an write * better de*, r r~
tioD ol the vessel than that v.h 'b ? n her
tjt>h:rjg ncCBBCi wr eh, d ily ?timed und e-.t *. r
?itned by the CaOBetaraad Snrraynr af tha Pan ti
I.y-i.. .* kept on tiocrd. .n a V. ???"?. It read*tt.nl
"" Oui- i t ct Murbiikiat: la p-inbae- e of aa act
af Coacteai entitled 1 Ar. A i V- er. ;g a-i li ra>
' :.t rbicf nr , BaaaTa I ? b*- err.p! ?y?rd la - e c a-t.aij
'tradi atd fill wie? acdf r eg r ffh? iaoa 'J h
>*? . ? >.:..?:?: U . an, <; (i i- J - . ??:' *? wa. Jii
?oaat| b tha v*?'e af aaaaww baaatta,. aahaggiTaa b ?ti
ttat the h, ,<y .-vied rb?- He'-c, -> ': - o '?
ney .<? i ?-?? r, b ?.?d?.t I?' *-' 93 bu ?. f.- apcear- bj
?ataof aiuiea?-j-?r. et*, cv.ei at llarbleteid.
the Y.'d day Of Maf, IS* , by whl >.r'.: h ate ,t ivp
rear" that ht: iei.n'b is '?}: ie? ? or.<i ', jacbaSj n.-evifi,
12{t*}taad?<racbasi d pih| SfMtacd?iaahiaai a-i-a-e
Hero and bi?et head*, a^u that said sk>Of the,. r? i
be (,rr^ .yet .r, tcy trt.de. aht'.e tbir lY?nse eb?.'! ?
time m forre, whereby tte rereme of the Baited
B it) a iba . i del aada !, f?r, I hai?.k a.^ i t vorn t .a
thai ieeaai ibaQ aot ba aaad fbr aay other vassal er aar
bbj other rnpleyaafal tea;. <t birelo specified, II aha
w aarehy granted far the aaad al p. tailed U i Bslaa
of Saamr ? to *.?? empi' yed t. 'A.'rv.cg >a toe
t'Otry for r.te je?.. fjeBS the date he.tof, acd to
!ort;er.?May ?, I! ?.
Tha r^daasoc was on board ia a etate ad keen
MpatsetM e, a< cmpaii.t d by baa friend ruft?, the
aquarium stocker of Swanpacott, to which p'-rt o
h?.l decided tir-t to nrat-t out eonrae, u> gwtle
oertaia BaeawaaiJ arranee,*ients. The f:iK?e were
cast off ?oi nK.r, bi 1 tooched bet deck, and hi a fiaw
Bahnten aha waa toing with wind ;inl tMedown
J',(i?top Harbor, accompanied by a crowd of ether
craft of al! classes and dtn.enaions, incl'idinat two BT
three eteaaners bound t"r Baltimore and PhUade
phia. We had gaw ant Ava ar sisranhweVrirwthe
Btfboi whentht breeze died away aad we tnn'-v
Offer a ci?I line baited with a ? hurii in hope of catch'
inn soanetb % for suppcT. Bat we polled op oalj
a -eii-vveed, cousistinp of a Jon,*, eyh'idr ea', f: low
stem, pradually BlpaadiBg iota) a leal' some \, n
bscbes in breadth. Tbis plant * the \.<m BBsvi
amrhiiriiKi. and is cubed by our IsheraMB and sa:l
Oratha"Defil'l Spoon.' tin tue coast* of Kn
fbatadtitaluhjrar aaaaaii " oarweed.' u term ex?
actly deeeriptire of it- ?hupe, wh'ch i? th-it ol an
Bar Of paddle. Clinging to the roots of this wied
was a hoi>e-niuncle, us larije ae a man's tuuad,
whl !. together with small peoblee, bad sen ad as
mi Bnehar to keeji it atth?- bottom.
The Prolessor glfSSped Witt Btidity the root* of
the weeif. Aft*T loeUffag at it BBaaWBTael/B WW
imnules, he pointed out tu me about a doaaa snake
i.mo d ilasiaai f7ya>#syfttffi aropi adr? <;?sroaBsd
around tha tendrils of the roots. " This species.''
he said. " is f Bind only :u deep water, and can only
he got hi dredgiag, It cotatsata, yon will obaerre,
of a sun.!! central aiik of ?hont tin stza of a tan?
cent piece, and five long, deader, spiny armn,
which twine hke aeipauta aaioag tha loisit of IIa
seas weed, rhey are oftea very biiltiant and
behutifuiiy fariegated in color, laset coaaBBoaly
the di*k i' red. with a pentagona; white spot in
Be middle, while the anus are linked with red
a ,d brown.
The Protnasoi aext pointed out upon the dripping
iimee sonething that looked like a large drop ol
blood. Thi?. he said, was ar. Bcidian, the CpajftM
ginn. Tt was a small, flat, leathery disk of a red
color, of little rbjehnesa, but still sufficient to bo d
? ferletref atfaae, niiis, beer, stoaiach, iateatiaes,
Ac. which aury be seen apoa uptararaa the antal
ope of the khc. (In the upper surtace tl.ere are
two apertures, one for the Minissioii, the othei for
the cipulakiD of the water which passes orer the
>\e foiiud nl-o another ascidian, ( jtn'hin ttk?uUa,
I tort of ball. baH bb incl in diameter ol similar
structure with the ether, exept that it is globaler
inahapeaad eerared with mditttpg tufts of hats
Ihese hs.-id.ans depend for food on wl.it f>ic
water float-into their mu itii-. Thej peal their old
Bga IU B ipiiet, sedentary way. attaci,ed to H > plan:-,
rroaa which they neeer separat? ? \ eptbr force, la
youth, bb the eowtrary, wbttt in the tMpole ittta,
they Ul continually IwhaUtthigabool till ttiey find a
piaci in which to ii\ their peiataaentabode, when
the tiil of thehadpalediaapnaara and the creature
??sinne? its proper lonn and h ails its projier life.
While I waf liXeTBag at the naridkaa. the l'rofi
sor exclaimed, -Herc s a s^aaavapod BBtdhaeh." j
this was a limpet with a broad shell, :u shape like
a depressed cone, and not spirally twisU-d like must
other univalve-. It creep* ahowt on the bold
With itatWaLj lit feot, and when d.-tiirU-d can ad?
here bo stroagi] to the roek. upon Hat same pniicipie
that a boy's rmtid leather sucker clings to a stone
or a brick, that its destruction i- thi Batet I en.,.,
queiice ol an attempt to remove it. The BBSKSIBOB
we caught. 'I'c'.urH Usttitlinalis, was very pretty,
beiBgexteraaTIi brown with whitish rays', and iu
ternalry blue with a browah^trgin. This ipeciea .?
also found on rrn-ks near low-wafer mark.
* What do you think that is " atU the ripfajawil,
handiiii; BM a |>ebble which he ietMhed from the
roote of the sea-weed. 1 atflhodat it eaiWfully Bod
rtapbed, "A pebble curiously coated vvtb baa."
?? W hat you take tor Lint- is a vegetable, the nnl
lipore, much of whose hvatie, bowarer, .- rotDj
ponaskted of carbonate of lime."
We fmiuJ and examined about Uaentj species of
marine anin.a's. and several marine o'.atits besides.
ob one piece raf eee-weed aceaaVatauy palled from
the bottom by a fish-line. It was thrown overboard,
and as we floatcii slowly roward the ontaff light.
Mr. Tufts. aBantg watchful on the vess?!'s -i,;.-.
urssped tntl a beaaVhaal a piece of e? l-gra?s rla '
mg by.
"(,.vc tnatl at, -ani t c Proantaori 1 itsaVows
fructiticatioii, atid ia the first specitnan 1 bare eve
-ecu. It is very rartly found in tt. - eoi.d ?
The prize, w U !. he can-fully secured in ajar o
alfi hoi. was apiece of OOBBBBaa eei-er u.?. haattra
Bwrdaa. Th<fseeds are srnttire-i ahnaroeiy n two
rewe far a short di-t?n<-e on ana ride af tha long
!uiear leal. They an- in shape like ^raias Mt rice
but innen -maller. They may otteri ba seen thmwa
If . h [he beeches jawl spri?utij,g. but are very
KldoB found ?? m.'m on Hie leaf, ?<> : ..; ui -| sea
aide 'b?erver- are ignon?u af this plant's mode o
The wind was so hunt that at ~ p. in. we wer
only teu miles from Boston, off Nahant. A tfe a
?bgeeejBjng. ht freat the ocean shut out everythiuj
'rim view. We SBOod on, however, thinaarb a
heavy roliiiif lea. which onr plant, t'apt. Was > r
said waa cau*ed by the tog, tnougn he could not ball
why, Ike Nalatit steamboat, tik* NaUy Beher,
war aiao < ixaai in the log. and was blowing a horn
d ttcrtali of three oh lour aniaritce, and was an?
swered by .1 bora o d ore dire ?? o-.- to fhe laad
ingplace. IieaeillTy we heard the breaker- "ii
Nnhart Poir.r. and BAulrngJip to the ???rthw-ard. are
??cnsiw the red Tight on Eej R-ek kSebry glantna '?
Qg ta>roaaw the s oom befarc us at aa groat die?
: . ? We - w y : ?-e<: . ?"- :?? the rock, ^.f
witieLgLt we thai ?geht BThafl aaj paa/e tb.?r. %o
? - - ? I u Ui.ie ir tti it, -t deLea- Was t?;e I .g; a el
aogej sfhrr (ap. n... tha wind cagting agbrijy, we
?t? aJK -i*t l. U-C bay ( SwaJdj-< . I ' ..
mile trcm the shore, in six ' <'\ra*! w U r.
Wi -., | ?... 'al ???-. 'I St; I ? ?Vy
rev- of tt< bre lir? B rfv ^cr'n u^i tie n the 1
??e.i,aad t*LT the Ocean Ft Tie ?K->.J i>
!'????? || pi ::fHi?L.'!l 'te PrOWMiHdot --1
?? the trough pat of *L. b 'be ? 1U< r*- - t >j*
i. ? d. tl ?t i*. .!.??.?...". ii iplte of the '?-< '-'S*-' ''1
rottl yar?' \.iyag*? r.'UCii rv .or'.? be*aa r"
;, ,1 , .* tr* ft* the f-??e* p ???-.?*?. tb ? .\
*>:? ?? n:i> Tun?d f ro*e?tini' 'hat- B * vOJ ?'
nc?. he hail never ei|??r:en ed I BBffB ad.i BT
?? ?????? j-HBOi " tfttli t'.at tj *l. 1 At'
'j .r. ley. I, rt?o. I t t.? latttjBai ia m; ir?\ f.-lt
? li.'r.t!, eaa-Oki k. ad.I ftloo t??rinf?l iu. after first tu-a
iogmy*e!i ,dm.?? rtit cvc- the .???.???1? ? Je. i !>?*
?lc?.p"i ??f.b:D. wb>h i? lew, b-it suff! *ieottj w'>.
contains lev berh*. !?u ?>'. eecfc a)sV. Tb?* Pro
te-s-.r a: 1 BJrOi f * - k OM ? aV, tbe lore SeemeO
r f n??i raofitooether, while Mr. |SrJti *er?' watch
M oVcl ii ''? t?* wa*-*?u>e reason t-> ">i,l>r<
tba! th? lk/op might J r. tue ?mijr au.-h.tr w. i. J
r?a?'y fr.r use he;rig a un*ul one. At in.d u** U
was .-t-lit ?.r J i?j ?kipper llurney. and w.'h tr.e ti.-'
dawaofaeetBMBgtheaa v used,and ? tba
Ucbl btejcaa 'be ?io-'p slowly tti n- j ia lO ber BOMBT
incs n?-ar the ihuie of flu impeioU Wir mooring*
Corujatinc <-f a chain faaten-'J t<> a rock we-gt. ? g
?wo or three tun*, which, yearn ag". aal booa
brought ? it frt.i:i tr,- he; 'i i.nd dropped t-> the t. ,t
t< in cf the bay. its position beta*, iaeaeatatj aj
surface by a cask attach-d to a stout rope, wh.oh
cask w is baajanj alxtanl arid runde las: mi aVeJl
when t^f Bateo r< ached BOf ? -onng?. 1 ?eie a~e
aft* at -ixty Babing sloo-te md icaooasexi aoaaaapa^
r-wainpM . t\ > a , ol ' .' ?? kOa* OOTB BO '
b ej :i Ji. atc j by a i-i#k or some * >rt of blWJf, :
>: j..'i.rr- ';. to I vo old. large ab'p's anchor*.
i ?f///r/: Moi vr.t/.v excursion.
CanBeaeadtai aflaeti I fiftaaa
Hi aj York, jalf IS, leT3&
. ro, Laaryara, p - laid ans al aO c.-vles and
rbadai bad I g three Ltia-'b-Repubiicsu Seaat
M.i\..r*. Saal Iis acd rai.mtd tie.;?? ; -rty of not
ftrf.t.. OB? b^Llretl?saw the Whit* Mcuntt ns
.ast week f.r BOtaSlog. I."?^lrg NeA-Vnrk on
Tne <U} t?er::r)g. aid " tie Proriaeei" on Wedr.it
dty tcor-iirg. they MBsfbad I-ittj^tja iu saasuu for
n bt.s*y eaf af tea, ?.:id the Crawford Hooaa, at tho
bead of the Hottb, by b?J-time, BsMT BB esliiiarit
icg stace ri.le of l?ur hours. Tee next day the
t.a-t> a?. . l i. d Meant VVaahii |toa\, and the same
aigkt or ?arly in the BaO*aiB| r >de ocer to the
Frai. 'iia II oataioa, liood iu s'lte aivl w'tli
b-taati and ifeeeaei if lad ProfJa Do lea, ilapf at
ttf Ploma Houaa, staru'd at three ia tbe aaantiag
for i* > in atk, :^c. .'t went by rail to Weir'e. aaOl
I.bk. V, ii n;p.*eog*e, took dnmer at Cc'tre II >r
bor Ri d the aftaraaaai taaia H Baatask where they
Batst aara ipaaf a aanat twtTfal s ..idty of rest.
1 bja was tee programme, and it was ftithfully c*r
r ?? 1 Ottt by the Voajfg America ae.-*i >u?r. i' l>cr
lag I raapi one ball af the |*oaota. Tie ir.n.
.Icic,. .- A. G ttBrora of Concord, S. 11 . Buaotii
teudeu- of tbe Concord, Mtn.ueater and Laar reo 00
Kna.i. H^d Preaktejil of Use Hotel Canape ay, evh th
ot\n- tba Profile aad 1 flaaaa boaiaea a man I
wn< ii. Ataerioan railways arc typified, or ra! tor
apoUieoeiied, aad who annaia tn birathfi iteaoi
plaaoed the expedttioa and -aw it th*roagh.
1 i? nr" from t^o coin pins cf the prov "i.-' .1 p ? - -
rnoatol the tapreaeatattoea of which wrote theii
latt) r- ob the Sunday aoati tln-ir rotara, and dated
thaaa at rarkaoa poaaai along the Baaaa, that every
baadlotad, laatlsa dljmi and waiter was '?g. iitloiiiaii!.
? aud ai eoiiiiLiiMl.it.ng or " urbin.' and diijaili. d
or " i ourteuus and aceompl'.shed; ' tliat c-M-ry t.'M.
was -iiiiiptuoiisly -pro?.I, tool ever** Ix'd was a bed of
down, and every meaiber if the fourth eatate, every
?? we" i g... d leOow. Wa are happy to ezpreai ooi
entire concitrretice in these OpfaiOBI ntid eiOBOt but
regret that the crowded columns of Tut; Titnit sr.
letra aa space for aaaaai and details.
'I BB excarakaa was planned lor the purpose af i
aagontiitg a aeaa eaniaa*a rBaek. .r rather the ect<
tension ot .moid road to Mount Wu-Jniigton. Tin.se
whti booaoieaet]Boiatfd with the W hite Hi!:s yean
ago r? member ?? Fabyan's Path." The oarri.ige
road?r. aliy a earriagjo-rood?raaa along tb?tt from
five to seven rnilea, to.the Cold Spring, a ion honae,
into which ? mountain spring has been MOdoCted,
A ini le-bt.ard says that it is only I1} miles from th.s
pauH to the top of the mountain, but th?' guide
board lies. Certain Htlvertisemeuta nffinii that the
r>>nd is completed to within two BBBOa oi the tOS|
bnt certain advertisosaeauw do not apeak the truu
inthia. From the Cold Spring to tb.-Tiptop Hoaae,
it ia nearly three aailai?Indian miles?1 long ami nar?
row. ' Be says every eaaaaeewl baaoanaharoated and
a mythical surveyoi who is said bo h tat BOtei'mlned
tiie distance by " Bctaaj lueasiirenient. ' The tum
l>t? et of us were more than two boaiia in theaaoeat,
and abont one hoar ana three aaarten in the dee
cent. The truth is. a mountain remains I mountain
, in spite of all that men can do: OOC way up hill, the
other way down hill, fon \cr aud ever.
There are projectors who overlook this self
evident proaoaiWaa. A modern Athenian, aanaed
Maish, tor instance, obtained a charter liom the
New-Hampshire Legislature, laet Wiuter, which
authorizes him to construct a railroad to the top of
Motnt W ashington. He thinks tbat he bai mvoafied
a m? th< d of taking an engine and a train of ears up
Bay grade. UM track is to have a middle rail fitted
t>. a .-Kg-wheel ou the engine, and the power is t<>
be husbanded and concentrated by " gearing down,'
so that ati ami.mil of steam which wmtid draw a car
at tbe rate ot thirty miles an hour ou a level shull
be made to take the same car up the steepest
acclivity at the rate of three miles an hour. Mr.
Mar-b exhibited to tbe SolOM of Concord a very
pretty tin mi>de! of bis invention; but he has never
tented it by actual experiment. He hlmseif, indeed,
doubts whether a track can be laid on the BBWOBOa
route at well as whether the enterprise will pay;
his solo reliance saOBM to be upon She fact that he
? can run an engine up any grade ?a fact tha
1 re fa of which are to be found iu his brain* and his
BbJb* del alone. His charter also aulhot i/ee bun to lay
tracks to the top. f Mount Lafayette, the hifsMOtol
the 1 raaoeaaa laoantaiaa, and to the t-.p orMoont
W'llard, also, which cummauds the be?t view ofWuV
kjj Notch. The tracks, when laid, will be upon the
south <>r south-western -lop* of Mount Washington,
probably not tar from the new eamage road.
A number of speculators have a notion that th?-y
cu u.ak. a macadauuzed carriage road from the '
Glee H 'use. about eight miles Irom Gorhaiu.
N. H., on the iiftrth-eastern side >d lloant WaaaV
tgt. n. The p>a<l is said to ko staked out to the
very summit: but accounts dirtvr j* to the number
of miles completed. They agree in saying that
one has to foot it quits* as far. and probably farther,
than by the Fab) an road. The President of the
Company which had this project m hand abscotide-l
m n c tune s:nce, I learn, and now both tbe ngtit of
way and tbe right of property are in Litigation.
It is to be hoped that no ambitious plan lor mak
.iig aaaji aaaajataiaa let b--g.iiri. rs will aaaaoaal
Tkorc ought to l-? plaeaa which invalids and ama?
teur travelers and goers of tbe fashionable r.-unds
csnnot visit witLoct esootatsa. Ouly the tnau or
woman who ? hmbs Mtnint Washingtsto deservea to
> i joy th.-mat. ti.-s \ ewH from its summit. New?
port and Niagara are already giveu over to the
tribe which ' does " scenery, l^st those who are
tofilazy or leeble to take themael-. ee up a mountain,
Dew SsWaidaa'a *atvtCO to hie son?let them stay
at 1 Bant s.;d -ay thai tticy ha.e U-en ther--.
l:.< two low bouses ?.u the summit of Mount
W -!:.: g'in are built Bf the sharp roekl whieb
COWet the upper .-one. an- rM.ted over with canvas
iropervioup to the rain, and are fastened down?a
necessary precaution against the violent winds?by
strone oabb?a. I ?ngiBolly erected by rival estaij
Maavats. they are now owurd by two rooga aud
hearty feliows. who dev.^e the Tip-T?>p Unnau to
aataai BBaitas] summit House to sleeping Baapoaaa,
More than OM butidred persona?equivalent to two
h?ndrtd in i less hungry place?hive dined here in
a _!e day. and aeanj MBrtl have si-nt the n^ftit
t. gether. One find- beefsteaks?kept fre-h n t
Baow-haaak in 'the ?rreat gulf." not many it.i -
from the house?moHUtain tamit, t*-a or wnV. with
g".it'-milk, and otner ? lux tries of toe seas,,o.'
here. Ifaaf of tie bed- are " stup shape.
i ajMe t-rrtL-?Mit tot re are ?e.eral naaaj ajraaV '.
are prided with lew-poaf da and ot>a*dart
th-t blanheta aad >j whi i ot> ta traiatf d 11
:'..'?- t'.c -..itLoL s . .. i
latTerfSela icalit-d i?!*Ja a tnt. l.. :::il ; J
/>'?'- ;t: Id.y -I?? ;.v.t y.. ?
excursion early aid U rp? ui the cifc:t * tf
? tu Coos (' vi:; be)i ihere we a.-.v. \vc m?
0 iu??et i^l' o mm bbiwa*kit aa rr k
ty tist-idf those DM etWte ' Ned aid ?Will
v.u.. ' i.?n, etagg. rated in pu-ti reeuBl
. i. lad '.ten ?-?nr. b-'\- r?2 UM Pf*** 01 Ml I
to ixpiaarati to waft . a shower creeping to
BI a-.<l To a?e the ?..d I V.i by ? (Btn Of, D ;
?crcsr-' t" n e as i tri- in.'? ;?t ??:) sti'M I ?*
tl?* ifternoon atd i an e again Whew tie flanrftinp. fol
b- ?e *.aav 11 m t-..i:i eon pew iked let the ;.>.* ?i
tte -.varff ai.J ?on fitu- ^ v^v which we
u. t.'.t r.-v r.fid ????>" v^au: s teuer?.'} . t.s.d<re.: '
t>.: ar day. Tue grand hataraa el tha laaatetw
: e eart?ore benalty, 'he m<>?intiir.* loom :p tt
?era r. eatie peneeeanensa, and the d*ocaeeeoaf
p.art., t-e areat. r a tha yH1"? '' ? 'n,,,k> 'W
Sharp nutlir.*a are #..'Vr,e.! .a:.-l tttortBO loeJM ia
bann Dim J. '
We '! ;* -* -e.iv,! ..'irscr- >'* around .a
charcoal tire fat an oour's tall, when a faint halloo
Hind*, 'tself beard thresh the darkness aud lap) \
Cam aid c eagtaeafl and aha wile uad beaa cx,>. cted
?. rpaaaj tha aaajbtf bnttha waathai i*aa each* aad
it tad grown so late, tha' we had givcu thorn Bf.
lhe iaataat the} heard the ahou*. oui h -S u
:.. pa a i.ke ejaijM ii down the mil and ia the eoura
of haJf an haut brought up the lady in their Bnna
^be acl her Vi?hari.l WWnJd bare been with n sigh
of the h Brie on i fair sight? fbej were aaly a l
Ueeraj at of the path, aad cJoae by the epot erh< .
aynnngerenaaW] r -t.-dtw-oa?rthn*ye?raa?a\ Tu?
l^?Hir estrays wer?' dreucr?'d ttirougu. ami I <
weahea ooa wae aJaaoat dead with aa a istieo. Hei
:. ial .r.d bad t-? at. se aa Irr halt an ha ur,
II .i',:. ai.il va ?? ii ik.ng 'ip li.s nrr.d t<> speud t?i<
night where thef were WhOB his deliverer* ap?
peared. Thei ha.! itaited from the Crawford
H< .- a* ?, and fron the Cold Spring at 3 o'clock
Put I r the tying emoVpoet thev weald bane tarnod
back whew they caught eight en the shower. Bat
both had travel-d Baaewg the aJpe, aad haaw that
if the distance waa out a mile and three-.|uarier-.
thev were sale. Mond.?No one ihoold start t'U
M mt Waahiaftoa after d aaar?u<> uae shouU ba*
licve a nii.?l? j" st "i >n t?'i< s!ed p?useu aa u
."s i!lacancea.
rhal aighl of fog and rain fafr. Thoreaa, the
l'oneord run. sjtent hfl Tu kenusn's rav.n.
w 'h .Tudce Hoar, his coinpatii' u on th? Cheiun
? .k tour, now bt inj? desenheil ifl l he Atlanti.
M'.nthlv. .WO other centlemen and n IBaBB.
have h. en aaaatwdhf aaa of tha party that the
Woke up in the BaTkTBh-g pauu'eetly dry, alUaOUg
they had onh a cotton ten- |. ah If or. lhew.it,
ran down bill under thena, thxoogh the craricaa t"
thi..- !???! of t*r and ipr. c bougb?, without dam]
the butheet itratum. Mr. iThorean donbttet
rrn derate oft as wel as any awaaiadweelf how ?
trak?- hm.-. If eoanfortabhl under such riBMBaVbaj
cei but vve could not help ibreeplBg, at we lookd
dawra the rariaa the next BMtaing ami saw tb
baaaVa of mow that are all but eternal, and the -
tie bleak pooaj ? Biile balow, buaide whiah tb
p.irty ciiuiptd tvir tout riightf.
Within light of tbeec inow-banhj 1 four.I ban r
a down different ipeciei ol llowera-^the ttar floa
er, Solonaon'a leal, giant'i Bolomon'i real, btttte
eupe, straw berry bloaaoma, und aarifal very prett
bell d..wers. which 1 never saw beton', and whi?
are. 1 believe, band la Arctte or Alpuio regio a
1 hev grow in ptotnaiaa on the east sale eftb
cone af Mount WaabingtaB. aa tha very aaBaaai
of winch baatitifal and axtanatire eolaaet?ana a
? asca and licheni hare Ifen made. I went down
by the bridle path bj Moonta Monroe, Pranhiin,
Clinton and Pleaaant?aeven miles by the (aide
I. -*. nine miles U) (hei, I recommend this route |i
ben g, ail tninK? cowaiweTed, the eaaaarl as well at
aajoet rdetareeqne- The path, ereend a Ihaa rod*
whom tt rana alang tha edge af a precipieo, and
ttie i,,tit aaila of ?harp -tones on the elo|-e of Mount
W aehhaganfa, i? ko<k1 btB man or pony. It is no: ,i
iteep Oaintiauoai aeoent 01 descent, but ialloira the
line bt the ridgg, skuting ita peaks, without goint'
ovi r them. It preeenta a incctiaaion of v!i>w5, no \
upon this side, now upon that, so that one is prottf
sure, even if there be a cloud OB the brow of Wash?
ington, to see something on the way to him. Kverv
few rods a mountain spring crosses the path or frelu
out at its si Je. l he lowest threa'miles are a toler?
able corduroy road.
The views Which tlie tidVci. T fii'ln oil bis WiV
from Qibb'a to the iraneenia Mountains, particu
laiiy iu and about the town of BrthkihOBl are c\
ijuisite. This quiet rOIage i from twelve to twenty
mile.- diatant from MountWaahiagtoo and bis i
lows?just far enough to render them per (ball in
color and outline, and to give to each his ?lue aha a
in the more than semi circle. At the end <>f th.
-trie, stand two poplars wiiicn uuard the land
ICape aud add to it that inexplicable flhariu which
their eoincwhat stem demeanor always g'ves. ,t
would seem by contrast, to the gajent SOOOe, We
hear, while six fresh horses ar?' beug haruessed into
the coach, that " the seliiail ina'aui ?tor it is *' th.;
off Saturday "?" has gOM a-strawberryiiu;." We
wonder upon which of those virgin hills that slope
down toward the roml she is to Iw tound. and are
sorafj teaspted to follow the fair vision which lhe
fancy makes her to bdl Still th.nking upim ihesuii
jeet, WO stroll into the bar-room, to be bfesigllt
down to earth again by a decanter wiiti at. ugly
Lot king UnjnM in it, and by pu'tuius which are too
liSil to-erve as foils to the i?mls.??????. Driv.ug up
hill, we catch another view, more e.xteusive if not
fhaer than the last; the KnincotiiaMountains :re be?
fore BB, the White Mountains behind, and between
the two a vulley. fresh with verdun<, literally ?.lilen
with biittereupa. or twinkling with leavea. Tho
tide tri m Littleton tot'rawford's was moree.xnUr
ating, because it was our introduction to the mum
t.iins, and they were softened by the aetting amend
the gathering twilight at first, and when they be?
came indistinct we plunged into the forest, and
smelt the old smell of spruce woods, which is t? the
real lover of Nature Isetterthan all civilisation. I ,t
the ride in the early morning and into noon had its
charms, too, aud preset.ted views perhap* finer in
their kind.
We spent .Sunday?go hot a day in Nevf Vork aid
Boston?iu clouds and fog at the Profile Hasan,
The ahewera began than aa .Saturday ai'ternooi.
Three Of us who were aralhiog were wett?<d to th
skin, and -olemnly formed a resolution, then ant
there, with the ,(id Man ol the Mountain ts< rneon
:t, that we would never be in that part of the coin,,
try stain without India-rubber coats. We com?
mend i ui conelusion to all who travel.
Il the dishes were only H the habit of '? standout
upon the order ol their" commit, instead of all i .un
ing at once, the Profile House would ifl its table, al
itd.es in moat respects, compare favorably with
hotels m places more acceasible to butcher and
baker. Of the two Franeonia hostelnes, this ap?
pears to be the more fashionable. Most of the
birds of passage rest here, while the more penn i
neiit class of visitors stay at the Flume?quite as
good a house. I am told?which is less shut in by
the mountain*, and commands a view of th- Peim
Kewasset Valley for forty miles.
Down that beautii'ii and fertile valley we rode,
reachini; Plymouth in season for a warm welcome
fjrean a landlord of the old school-? portly, white
haired, witn gold spectacles Laif-way down his
nose, and four blooming daughters to wait upon the
table. The village Postmaster having charged the
subscribers of Tin. lKiHim. 10 ? ents aaaece foe
distributing their respectiveaaaiaa, cood Mr. ilum
harn of the Pennjiewaaaet House- nas oaaaOhaadjad
himself postmii-ter. aad performs Uncle Sam's duty
lor nothing i in this world), which endears him to
your correspondent. At his housst a traveler is cer?
tain of a g<od railroad dinner, to allow the full en?
joyment of which the cars step twenty minute*.
In the Pemieewaesett Valley they are just begin
mrg to make hsy . of w hich there Is to be a very
heavy Top. Potatoes also look fin?-ly. and what
little corn there is is quite as tall as most that. Ii
growing in lower latitudes. A uight at Centw
Harbor completed the excu.ri.ui). throughout which
we had enjoyed iu.xuries not to be had for iov ,r
money m the city?the smell of the woods, (sat
braciLi; air of the mountains, tie- pure, spring
water, blaek rl.ea and midges, and last, but not
least, the !;ttle wi'd *? rawleerr.es. wt.lc? are so
ti. i.'u ewteter and more strawberry-y ttan any j
tha: the garden yields.
I eaaaet el.,?e this rambling letter with.-ut a '
word concern.ijg "Tae White M'"ir,ts'o Gujkk
Booh, Concord, ?aitr/ian, I*;.>->. Most uf it waa |
written bj the Kr-.. Starr K.ng s'.d twoo'.ai r k-i .
*'? Lien.,-. iDyeocrrerai | a/aththe .???g. oo- i.ed. |
It r ves tobcj( .^?-te utcoriate ? dtspwtw?rt
A "? Ui-!)te:is itev * ..'. '? jt l-f-'m ' j i
???i a j tja^is to o? the V' rj i*-** \ . .g, f ?t? k -
I ii aged b InreaVa. I
i sat r ?1 Th* Beef ? i tL
In tha ?rd c: ' .-?. , .'. ?e-Tip-iry ? %>
. :' rive persors, I ..-ft H ?<?.< n for :> s \\ .v.. y " *J
Trr :A''.vf n-.-tcd of tte pt -?ett V :? : j .? s*"t
Mr. Natu* alts :.. r. a g< : an I * tuslr
? BOttifr'torwt, ard vwt ,-?rdeo r-tcrjpied BnjC
v..if> t'")'-t a piece h ao** aire^tted ?. Ja^Bj
i ?, . ?*? - C Ofay el . . al J Dl I i , ^^J*
- i ? aeV r. Wa petal ? ? > ?- 4_
at i '>/ wt-.y af 1 -tit .? ot.- ? <? ft-r^!
; ol tiie an.ct. ascent -d ?<??<:? ... ?*-'ta?-'T
theway,aaaeaf w hit h ?er* Iba Moaadee, -
r'r>y, N. N.| ar.d the Asotitt->v. fro-.- \\ t. "Tr
B ih theer uideruairgs tun. shed a dav'a wsci^
Iba a-t was signalised by tba dewt' ... a ke^*.
v ?? i donate), wlfch wai ?'?: :-d .-.g|3
a d . epatched a th a ha'-h-t. A) * ""?-<v r^
ware l. t aaeweui it the suitboea p*.-> "fXn.
Rantpatba, tl wa.' o<-c'~aty to go i.pl e> iiv*,^
fc., at Laai a :. . ??? a turnj . ?:. j ^
t. -t op#rfd n*oaa tt a' ph ?-> tbi 1 igh the >"???* lalt^
1 .:,i is to Portland.
11 e perfoea, arc that time 1 iait? . t ?? aTabj
Sf< unfeinst, usually tittrd out treat t' aa./. 1^
tweaty n.i'.tt. ftorn Iba 'op <?' akmat Wattnajt-o,
Here wo were . rafotteb j lodged a' "1* x .-j,
al Ms*. M. Miliar., wboaapol rd u- aril iuama^
t. ??*> day* BtO*fh*OB0l to t iny wt . g i*ta?fj|
i; s. iid. Oar Ntiasato of dUtenee c asieted -tatte-,
111. * it to I e od? per^ur;: r d 01 ? S aed
tbiitaoa ataVa at'er?atd aa toot ;n a- aad .g tt,
aoaatala. W* t<u-med tho c u?- 01 a Kraasa ia*
oallad EIU? 1 Ktver, and af anraad a brai 1 ?ana]
?awSivar. Tba laat araa aaid to have Vr ? ' -nmi
tritt tn tbe ov-nviy ? f t? ?? ,'.\si iokobi bf \
f mi wi.io'i bn ke i n' aa tii*' aasaara ? ?. *'??? ?<*
ta o. af'tr tiea\\ rr.ioe. i-a'.'?'Dir an ia t >' pat
? 1 Lbo ad icaal -t.tr% at.a aOsiroj ag 1 -j aaf
AVe orioanifH-Q for t'te r.-?t aighl n -ivy
tranter by fonntpo a bed efaofl baothKk ^,ntk?,
bu'ldiRg a'lira 11 logo, t id 1 Dally straO h ag urvefiaj
soalaao00thoakadwotd sida,with aa laai .0**14
it. <?^r Ndlaaf was Hie tuurinttr .'t a 1 u.orag
aatatfall and tte e'ercal hum Bf " a?kei a-bjai
though iiferior to their mote , .\y.?.**' \ v. ff aghj
tbe qualm <>i thai tun-f. DOoaieSarabiyai ? 1 taaa
la t e atny ty of ttietr bite. Tka aigt! aran 1 a the
ud rother oool, so that ai saata al ' ? aataii
arhfc b w.' had re|b ?'? y.-\ I at af
us were glad laog before ao) t u rawl .. I aye,
From >t.: - ii ??; , . '.. ? lb 1 v< n? -? \ n '. ? ,t
tVa aaoaaaaiaa, wa pro*-??d?u naxt day tr >rtaai
?data by tha 1 1 . 0 la tka bed, of I - i> ?r,an
gradual aaoaat leoaaBaaaliy uteonbered a . :t .?bj
. f fallen trees. We 1. V 1? r th livef for 1 ie ??:*na
btantbti ? aii?.u Catlar'a Uiver aoe 1 dira ajbaj
tt< r 1.1 n t. A.l' r 1 ie- \ ? tm
ty tie tide of this stream, the tr. es o: tbe fang
an in d tta b' gan to ??tut- - 1 ?? i< . ?? * ? ? ? ? atd
aaaaahreaaf tt?e s.t ot.d aeaa at reg m i tat uoa?.
tau.. Taia regba :s aaiiraly ooroiee] a tl at^ick,
loa ti. oi avargreena, j" a Ipalry seat l real
and ? r iir. w bb >i ri?a to tfie lu.'t. of a : ??-1 a*?,!,
atd ant out aiuneroee atrvog laasjsuotaJ < j>'W?,
abten ard closely tPtef*. ? -.ufn*.
roaodtbenu i' 'aio nitb a tornedaliV i.e w a ,0?/.
torof a in.w .ti lhk*hnesoi Cbia oosnpa 1 ..>ae a
bratcl < s kept down l>y tl a snpetUM runbasti uo'gLtg
aa wdoilog tba loag at'inter of tbsse r. - ci*. has
oooaUtatadhoe of the rnoet seii >u* dial ulti - of tbo
aaoanl >??. Noctoera boiu auaa, A ti. preaaahtaaa
roadeareoottbtoaghtiieBi uallpdaa ala acasa
t v ant WasMagton.
(in enMraiag Itobbthatthieket,a bar raeaara>\aa]
we ? irrtad heed at ti, giviaaj <?. retiot aoiire
tbe aao at ?L443 Iset. \\. wareaowah \-a' ?*>?Is,
aLd at tLe 1. -i ot ahot la Ballad tho bald part ai tha
?Doantahi. II roaoDelbre ae with a atefpnaee eaoaah
mg that ot any f^oauai BBs had t>a? ?d, aud pre**v?ti
to vsw a huge, <tfi ar>. Ilioajalai ',' H '? ca-a aaket
We croaiad a plain or gentle il peofaq ?? tat a a
1 die, and began to aacOOO up 'ti the shtO. l"-.ere ?tat
her., a ? aatintted and U'.ori uis accent of hs.!* a m.le,
whtoh must bo perfotined by cautiou-ly .itei |>.t.g fron
to< h to another as tbey presented lhooi*e)lfCi|BO
irtegula; staits wiadingontui broken .* ? of taa
niruntatr. In the te'erft ees of tl ^se ro. kj trere .?a<.a
sirttal pat< l es of dwarf fir ana sprrf", and tufts of
laaai Alpine shrub- m full tlower. Many of tl ? pants
am leuiaikab'.e tor the.r uieuiity ? 1t.l1 spec * iu*.l<
In the Arctic reaiooa of both coatlneatii Ao.'ng tueta
ate the beautiful Laptaad aatjeoand .i:-.:- i.-.?. tha
' due aaaaaaaata, and the aacraiatta little aaa>oaaMal
We ai lived at the hiihitji t before noon, aid expf
Sti ad the t trat;.'LS lelt by many s baaqeaat trat
?et", vi/.., some fatigue, a good appeii'e, some exaites
ha at being on top of the l otted States-thea a)
onsidered?some disappointment at theger.ersj ..?ad
1; and uadisajsmteeae ol tho pio.oe 1, nnd agroaaj
agb old Joeselyn, who said in Iofti tliat the uary
n?th of tbe mountains in New Kngland " ie dai.n'. rti%
""trible, being full of ro. a bills, aatMokaa aaaaV
" tils in a meadow, and (iothed w " ctioite ta.. k
' and.-. *'ur haiaaaetfaj observatiu.., compared
w t a simultaneous one l>) Prof. Parrorof <'atortT-.dge
a\t the bight of Mount Washington at ?' R3 feet
toe the Mai
Ifce approaching Fourth of July bad nut reea-d Of)
us be prupriety ot taking suitable uclice of t -.1 g.eai
oc?a:on, m tint ezalUd situation which we were aV>nt
totttain. As then- is no fuel in tha summt * to
wBi h to construct a bootlre, every man carried ap a
dr stick, out cf wh ch a tlauiing pi e was coa-t.ucted,
aid which, if it did not UlnuunatB the s^rro mdiag
i?ttty, at least served to bed the tin po .-ringer whaa
oiUined our tea. An aun.vtr t.r> dinner aaa cm
sured with appropriate hilarity aad aeatimeat. Mr.
f, ay, by appotntintut, dslivered an aut 1 trtary ad
dese, brief, but peitineot. and rendered more 1 tm t>
oiuent by certein ijuotaf ions fr? m " lie knap * His
toty of New-Iiampabir-t.'' < Mir gaide, in a cor.gTato
latory ?j. antiouceed that we were the tl party
winch he bad atuceeded in bringing up to tha u*t
I w thi ut the lose of a single man from disc >lragenvst.
Castirg a erWaal eye orer what he wan pleased toes
iicn.iuate our " sum bodies, he proceeded t9 j'ietify,
at our expense, the old adage: "A lean dog fwa
chase." There wae, however, cne at least ie oar
patty who did Dot merit tin- reproach, aad wrote aura
creditable contour showed that our gaide, like Uajr*
betry in tbe piay, had " verified utjuat thingu"
< ? -r neit duty was to censtruct a monuraect ?e tka
spot, suitably commemorative of the party who sad
achieved so great an enterprise. A Junk bott'a ksd
been prepared, containing the names oi tbe Arty,
tcgether with appropriate refJecticDS, distinctly wrs>
ten on paper, and rolled up so that the whole .r scrip?
tum was legible from without, thr-ugh the y' \f. m
hole was drilled in tbe highest rock, and the aeek of
tie inverted bottle inserted, aad remanted io w.tk
nboemakers' wax. Tbe inscriptioa contained an invo.
cation to the traveler to spare what tbe lighting ipvee
'alluding ob-vioBslv to the glasf). That the pride of
literature might be added to tbat of letonee, tha
whole was wrUten in Latin?a ctreumatani e wmcb
provtd duaalrous in tbe sequel. As we prepared at
leugtb to deecend the mountaia, we cut a l.sger
iLi lock behiad, and beheld our bottla a ready
hoi.1 xg dark ? .mount on with a cloud, atd des?
tined to stand for two ttairda of lite year alone a no
approai hable grandeur. We felt the satisfactory ? mm*
-< iouatets that at last wa bad got our aatnaa up ia tha
world, and that at that moment, from the A:^ L> to
tba Mieeiaaipp;r no aamea -icod so high as oura. Aiae
for the ntstability of busaan greatness'. The very aaxf
e?a?on a tiaveler paesmg tbiough the village 01 teal
burne, near tbe mountaias. saw our noaappy bottle
deuoratieg tbe box room of aa obsoare toecra ia tkat
plaeaa It had beer, visited by a party of maiaasuag
vatdals, broken off, aad brought down ae a trophy,
perhaps with the additional object u {,'ett.ag thea>
?cription deciphered aad Interpreted.
< -eiaspeaOi s . si Tas n. y. Tribuw.
ll.v-M.M* KllHii^ Jijjy IJ, I66aa
Ihere are reminiacences lotinected with th a
place tbat 1 thing wdl interest tbe reaje.-s r f Tim
Tkiui m:. First in order of t:me, thes'tenesof
1745 paaa l>e(ore the mind?the gathering of tte
multitude in the open field to bear .the pre*, tec
that was itinerating through the had ai i aatiaf
the mitds of men with a power that aeerued almost
miraculous. In tbe village burial ground .* a tablet
to the memory of tbe Rar, Joeeph Lamo, wfiO
died in 174'-', at an advanced age, but at tte tmO
Whitt.eld was in linking Kidgethe Bar. Mr. Crosa
waa oflicUting as miniater. He was active in tka
revival tbat then took ph. e, but ia h'.s liter year*
-eerns to have been under a cloud. J c-ire is aa
obieure tradition of totne dereli' tion which, by ?
k.ndDeu that after all is inherent [a tho bo.mta
breast, bas been kept from prominent coti-e. Trat
old adage, ??deaaaataif aiaiheaana,'1 arh?i r.cotn
llieud'd itself to the 1.. at. el .d 041 at tt l.bristia?
??'I -u.' aitj a b.-tter tubatitute in the -.Wtfy aanal
I not ind ;'ffererit to the fins oi' frail bumauity, bat
remerni,ers tb?-m with efnaeeoatoa. Th" "em'tr
ing a multitiideof fine'1 is wt aaTaffJ|atomrm%>
tinotioa betweiu, right atklwrr.ne, but th.' evtewl ag
I 11 -'an sympathy to the ernoit wbiktbeyBfi
< n tw) bro'ieht to petut.-uce. an' a*ler 1' J
earvamfftl lotothi ir aeeaaaat with r?aa wk4 rial
ale ? aura aaafeaaa**y than a burnan 'rtburtai.
' A ii".,; difjajv*"?U| ':,v ? :

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