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Matar-Gen. Lord b' rling, v he fW
in theWai ol the Revolution. We
\ r',^'...t:< ulanof ?;? Brivatebfe. Hndley,
. |, , ,'niplf.il iketchesol Washington and k *
, , .rail has nothiog more nsa/ialiaj l>ed8rUi
I " thJ>n'**?* C'/ii'nirM'd ia the /'.nryrlnua/M Antri
** >Vh<-tl.?-i t.< oiigi:.*! re-carchea as t.. the
t*fmL VrXr i-o.XteI.rive with W bat b0 dlSflsyS
inat.uce I ???? rod know. Mr. Stark*,
?k.? b??- illustrated the litea of many af the distin
* , , ttia- H--v.!uti.-riar> l?enn.t, has not
LSesj Lord Stirling, and jet be waa a r.-mnrka
; . ? ??* .v-ntiu!. from son."
,ft.,en!d ;'.habitant* I learned atmaj innd-tit-.
_ gjj us) worth baanj pnearrad. lie benenne bob.
??f| oi tract at*nbeel LfllQ wrae, apnaarhieb be
a t?. - -?? tl';a-,t ,i'lt I"'1"'-1 l""b
aMl Ibowat anite inanonal, and a .arge number ot
iiutbuiidings. particular!}- sw-des as he indulged a
. ;.r m-rses. and was involved in large ex
mm ? i keeping rerj choice breeds. Then lie had
mm saaal atdtaaxa arrrand him for the accommo?
dation efatliaatl and retainer*, ot whom he hud a
tftrk?. aeankIT The style of living corresponded
with t; s pietaanea al outlay: the house wan the
resort of roistering company, and tlx" result was
what m nal bare I.a aapMied? utter bankruptcy.
This was bi fore the Reiekateoa. The title of Lord
fOJ ihtig waa derived trorn a claim which he made to
a .Scottish peerage, which be was never able to
aajaatjantaste, thengh be spent a good deal of time
and a considerable part of his fortune in an ineffec?
tual arh anal te pal tit claim admitted. Exaspera.
lien at u,s failure ia laid to have h-en a chief cause
aj| ii - entering into the American service in the
breaking ant a? the nrar. lie died at Albany, juat
at the il<?? ol the w i. in 17?. in extreme poverty.
Aimthet locality in the neighborhood of fta-kiug
Kulge that (.ttracta BoaBB attention is the house
where Gen. Leo arm captured. There is a mys?
tery count cfed wi'h that incident, growing out of
the pro ion- disobedience ,,f repeated ordera of the
roiiiuis.de'- n-ehief re.juiring to join the maiu
kaaty en In retreat through new-Jemey. If it wa
not a wii '<>? expo.ure o| himself, tb.-ro was some
tbirg at leeat which would have been of no oresli
to !ku thai induced him to lodge seven.l mile* frotn
th.- part] af which he waa in eeeunanad.
A more plen-mg remttatheeui.i Tasking Ridge,
bud ino-e tppropnntc to the fiabbatb. is the min.s
try el Dr. 1 inley, whn was pnatnr of the church
from 1*96 t>. 1817. Ther? was something inimdi
ia theeharactei af Ida mind, and al the i.n.f hii
death be was baneadnn hnosmaa? aaaaafaztrn.
Oldina ) powt rs. Laving but a small income from
the < bl i' ? he united Brian his labors a* a minister
the rare of a aeleel scbeaL Among his pupils were
Bonne who afb rwnrd beenne distinguished, and .t ia
th.* teethnonj of all who had aeqaaLataWiee with
b in in hii character of instructor of youth, thai he
had i!>' - .|',a'itie itions I< r the oflice. Had he been
eahVd to preside over oi c of lhe larger (lolleges of
the country, it is not to be doahtenthat he weald
lav.- attaired a rank of the very highest order.
The CoaVga hi Georgia, af which he benenne
J'r. s i t I I? w months before his death, waa in a
w4 ik 0. ? dlllou, and he was Compelled to d.-Votc bis.
?rbole 1 me to elici ts for the pecuniar} relief oi the
ii. ., !. it it iasling reiiieiuhnineii of his minis
terial ai.-rs in Banning Bidge. There are siill
ii a anrriroTa ef thoae who were brought into the
church u.'der his preaching, and BBBny incidents are
rerr -r iiTcd by th. in which ought to be preserved
lor tuturc use by the biographer.
lv.i-e ' i Binge bei aim Mime celebritj as the
scene ? ?! two popalar tracts written by l>r. Urown
i. e lhe succcsHor of Dr. Fialey, One of them,
"1ha Sj.o'le.l Child," is said t<> be a truthful and
Hoeuggerattd history of a family once prominent
in Ihechnreh, and Ol high public consideration.
Tha rt folk ction of J?r. iJrownlec himself is oue
of the m it interacting remiaieeeneea ..1 this place.
He WBI Called thence to a larger held of iniuistcrial
laixr, and tie active Beefauneea arbioh he had an
romplished, and the. greater results of which his
labor* hi life nave promise, are made the more nn
pn ia re bj the mysh raaaa proridonce winch amde
" his sun i'o set whihj it was vet day."
Of tha present pastor of the chun h, the Kev.
Mi. Baahtn, it would net be allowable to say all
thai bit .in bi al t ariatiaa character aronld tempt
me t" expreaa. I aaap, bowwrer, without laapre*
piicty, allude to his successful ministry during the
paat r. a-. .'. 'i he reeiral baa been such as ha- not
heea wrtneeaed n that place since tbe time oi Dr.
Finlry, 1 thii k, in the yeoi 1808, and the church ii
now what it ha- been at several pciio.ls duriug tho i
paat rcatory, ai eooapared with the churches o 1
Sghei places, I patten af Christian purity and vi
tanty. _________________ a. h. d,
Tin: fka/i i; Hl BS MUTES.
* i ui U r U*li C"ir?fj?.L(!. nt.
Isv.s Im am um o, May. lt?, 1838.
The 1 ra/' r Kiver mines must !?? a -ubject ot great
ateieei Rew-Yoth, aa they are bare, and I propose
In aei del BB in this UtKr all the information now oh
tan a' . t re in regard to theui. S >uie letters have
beeu received hare froni them, and several miners who
have beau there eae aaw la tha city, i have read all
the ,c't> * ar 11 ewspsper accounts, aid have examined
and ch s.--? xamined the said miners, and presume that
i pesesns as Inl ar i aorrw t ii formation on lhe anhjaol
as cau bv had by any means short of going to the dig
The minirg ground begins near Fort Vala? whu h is
at taa herd of thu tiver, about IIS tmleg from its
n Beth Jsat ahora the fcrt is a canon six milealoag,
then ascenJ'itg the streaui, there aie bars for fire
miles, theaanotherennow,twelve mQeelang; thenoa
there a:- ban aud li ning ground i.ity miles, to thu
imi.th if Thompson s K.v.r, above wh.ch tha charac?
ter ol Iraaar Brrai and its banks remains the same for
a o -ta.te of seveLty miles :o the Big Falls, beyond
which tha mmes have cot gone. The river is oavi.
ttabia BI w to Kott Vale for small rtaamers, and would
ba ptcbably at the low est stag* of water; but betwesa
ho t Vale and the t ails do steamer i ouid run during
low water, ou aicetat of fails and uumeroua rapids
and rocks.
On the lit of May, whah is ths date of tha latest
usw.? from the mines, thera were about two hundred
whito ?SBBll on Kta/er Kiver, and none at all ou
IhoaBpaCB Kiv. r, the Indians having forbiddan theui
t.> u ? - m tl I 1 ank oi the latter stream. Ta.-satw .
bundled iniuers aie r.attered along from Fort Yala to
tt>? Va and aie avevaging from ft to $S a day.
They ahj only on the bars, where tbe gold i* tiua, aud
chey a?..rk only with tha pan and rovker. Longtom*
and sluices ara rot la an yat, though they undoubted
y wil beaeea. No gulch diggings and nocoarsago'.d
have been tcur 1 on Kra/er Kiver, but the Thompson
K.?-. Ii . ana 1 ave brought lumpi weighing half aa
euuoe and more to the trading p.aits of tbe Hudson i
ilay ( ?mpai.y.
The iii:i>icpjaewad yet prospected by tha wh.tea. as
1 haaa #a?d, is on the bars of Krazcr BitaT, frorn
lor; Yale to tbe Falle, a diftance of about l?t> miles.
Thai is by no means ?.n extensive muiog diatiict, but
B| i a One. The gold is all in very fine scales of
the k.i.d an led " boat gold, and therefore musthav j
tabs faaan a dhBnWei and it would seem that
it aas i ;.?hoi and gr.e.ied by being borne a
gnal O.-tanie among the gravel brought dow.i
i . - It ia ahamaent, for now
tt?: tta i.ver i? at least 19 feet above low
watei Bath, the b?r? pay dorn Id ba |8 pas dayti
neah ? a Bi rnchera, and the g< \i is fou.-.d :u
aeeij , ttieaef thehani and, if their statements be
Hue. the Ftaaei bars, || ftet above low water mark,
? <r than bar- awaag largeCai fomiastream ersr
kVitb t',? shine at least t-ai, and in many placti
My thWN aa much d.rt can be washed as with the
r.Kkir, a: d tie bars near Uw water mark aie at least
Inks aa rich as laenwheohan at the water*! edge
Bow. Ai tLii calculation you w.ii sie that I predict
great WSgjaot ' ose mmet- whoom aioik the Fra/er
K.verbais at low water w.tli sluices. But what 1 sav
.si*-. Baasaawanshaa minrrs are now at woik w.th
rochera ou the bat-ot Vrnaw Birnr, mai>.ia^ good
wages wb-re the ^nld .a tine, whereas there nes-er
w. re aty bars .a Cai.f aw a wbe-a the ;:old waa very
Cia that wcu d pay m.uera with r.nke-s w i-a tka
wa-?; *a$jgh mi lajee tae.-a haaaawy ' . i; ji
? rat ' Mi11 ti ???? I I ptj at' * tr?t ? ? dM Ibf
a m. e, et?-1 x, r. Ick <.i 'r f. 'L*-w?
Mi sr tbe na .; '1. of F.ezrr lttver u r-are exreel
i*?*t"; d-rre fr.ref? 5 cf p;-e, ?:rvr? mti fir, with an ?I
nuat ia; en? t.ab.e t.rd*rgrovtb. B-t ebovi Furt
Tito thatil : ;.. I ; ta-. of the (\?. ai? M:is
? :ls ? !i. ? a; ?? ?:.?'-?? ? i irit ,v ' chartk-*e eat.re y.
11 e *o I i a j?:><w arl I *-r-u 1 arris Htftll vege?
tation mv? ft IWit pMI oa sma 1 fi*t? r.ear 'be river,
a few nurbid ?; a fifes ? :. 1. . ?. and S5xe w.'
loos near t. e r.vcr * edge, it e ?o ; and timber re?
s' ri.ble tl- ia soo- ? of :.?<? ^maii x.;t< ^-mx.j ia
FfeTada CVu./y. T > rrs..-<- K ?. d.flT---- g atly
from tbe betraueoto ia macy re*pecte. The former,
at aha) neootl i Ihaai s ? kiv-.-, may b- ? >atpn-ed
? i ?? i itl ? h s i' meat a] tail aa lath of Feethat
B rerj but t. ittei ti nan ? I ia a w.ae aal fcr>
t le va.ley, and . av* no gold a-.a: tl t? joBi I on, while
tn* (ii'f itreain? of New CaleJ-Xa vs. te am-cg st*r
Ua huh), ar.d lb* baths of the ma.n stream bahfar? at
of beta ?tiee.rr.s above, are i .< ? la gal i.
That there is gold on Thomps in Biv?r :? unquej
t.' ual> a, b t obethef the mines are rich. en^Jgia la
pay ti a ?juestoc. It il g?ne-a y taken for granted.
however, ay Brinoro, that the digging* must be rieh
w here tl e gold is coarre, as it ia somewhere ia the vi
i atty of Thoiop-.'is River. So far a-> I can ieara, no
white mim is l ave vuitei this river since iaat Sum?
mer, at which tirtu a party of Frenchmen who had
teen at t. a Colo He trunks bjfi than when they heard
oftheFraxer diggings,croeoed over lo Thompsons
Kiver and followed .1 down, prospect irg on their way.
1 ? j A u- i p id ia a t umber of p.aces, but nothing
tiat tt ey tb< Bght weald pay; at .east ?ucb wit thaff
statement to miners whom they met ot. Frazer Itiver.
The first white tu ner who worked oa Frar.er R.ve
arai a Scotchinan earned Aua; ? lie happened to be
traveling thr< u?jh blew-Cased tia esrly last year on
bla way to see a BN lesBtirOB, and ne stopped at one
of the ttadhtg pa It of the Badeoa't Bay Ooaapaay,
ohora ha ri.et a brother sawny, and an old acquaint
BaOBf aaatad McLaaa, The latter eatcrtairaa aim
a friendl) matter and told bba ot w the Indian- i.rin^
01 Frazir'a Kiver had Ven *.rit.^;.Bg gold du-t : i tl
pi et to Irade with, sav :ng that they ha.i dag it oa the
tiver bark. Thie atotemeat WM list reatob;Adam?
aitb gtced\ ears, and his resolution was .-oon taken t
mmit?iiita the matter I rhiaaalf. lie h*! tisea
Baaaai n Ca iforaia, ar i k-*w t,-?w t-< go 11 a rk. II?
KCOldbtg hfaa '?tu pick, shovel, a: l
erge t ? par aid w(Lt I ? the dwelling piare of a
< <:ta.L fsui y thai iia 1 beta tn th* habit of bn:
goldaadthe gold 'he port. Us fan I laa
.-?iuaw8 erga.-td ir aa.-.ij>g in batks-ts, ntd be sota
aatlrlfd 1 BUI I ny wai-i.in^ a tew pins of gravel that
be vve< it't.t.i dlgfiega. He r^t'irned to the post,
made a t..ck^r. j ;.i< baood BOSOS provt*.ot j, we-it bay k
to his d.^'g lagt aired a aoopla of Indians to help him,
and wo.'i.''i .r.du.rt'icusly for three months, in <? i
? a I ba dug npvard of $1(000, I>ur;r;' all this t.me
1 e mvi. saw a white man save when he wen: to the
tiading p. rt t<' poiobaae provis.oLS, for which he was
?ompelled to pay extravagant prices; rlour at .*! per
poaodbeaujfthecbeepoetarticle, in the Autumn he
became titcd i f livit? away ttoin white society, and
he went aV wn to 1'uget Nmnj, where he engaged as a
-a. or i n boatd the Ameiiiau steamer Qoaatltatloa
lie told hk rtoiy tbete, shoared his gold dust, and at
tetrpted to badace \a:icits persom to return with bttn
but did not m< ted for a loag tin tt. Finally, in No
v.-mb'-r ia.-t, be found three l>r ther aaOora, who went
with h>ui. Ihej ant.ved at thed.ggings aa Frsz-ra
itiver, seven miles aliove the mouth of Thompsons
I; v< r, abc .it the middle cf l>e<<rt.ber, and theje tin y
iew alaed at wmh ootil MaritF, rl111 their Bverieteai
-hie cut, wLen two of then went down to Fort
LaogJoyi aad beogbtoeaaeobaad of provisions and
tlbahcta f>r tLe ladfau ttade, with wLioh they forth
iTitb latataai. They were the only white nuneraca
tbe livtr datiag the Winter. Oue of Adams's |iart
Ben i? now in thie< ty. and tn his antaority 1 ^1\ a
lheee stnt< liit nta.
Wbllo the ws?-t wa< low, they Bfreraaade lesi tina
a <ia>, and eon etinies as . igh Be $50) and none of
ttcm knew mere than that to hi made hy any one,
tLongh tiny wtie told that persons cf their M?ptaint
a' i 6 were msk rg as BUtoh a* 91 SO aadlQOOaday. The
\\ ii tn wan cold, acd they loot eben! a BfeOBth'l work
oa accoaat of the rtoat and Ice. Ore of the party,
Caaadlaa, had his ft et badly dreat-faitten, and aa has
Ki-tia to the Bead wich Islands to take Ufa easy, unles
begetawoIL Baow fall three feet, bat did not la*t
long. There was no rain, and it is said that, lit tie rain
aval ?"s n the i ra/? I Vd'l-.-y.
Tie miners now on the river dwell in tents and live
bj a very -imp'e lnatier. A I] are industrious and do
ig we'.., ar.d eveiy me attends to but own business
i era belr^ but little intert itirse between tie differ
eat U'-srts. Tnere are no stites or gtogshop.s, no
MWyeia araOOterahl the laid, and conse ineutly tbe
whole people aajey aaieti The Indiat.s are friend?
ly, and the genetal cinditton of the miners seeuu to
belaaaawhat as it was herein t->and '49,
There arc a uuiubti of djfeient tribes of red meu
si. rg I razer River, but ail are friendly to the whit?
though they will rtea!. ThoOB Beat the mouth of
Thon p-on's Kive: are called thoCnttOOe. 1 hey are a
tine raia t f men fir Indians, of good size, well formed,
si tive, brave, at d ski lful in the use of the musket,
With vMeh neaily evtry man is provided. Their
? bktf article of food is salmor, fresh while the fish are
.ti the r.ver, and or> the remaincer of the year. They
'.ve dutirg the Suuuiier in .-d.anties made of s.abs
which they cut with a.ves Of latge tomahawks ob
taited tiom tLe Hudson's Hay Cfaapajry, anu in Win
ter they live in holes in the ground, with a roof ot
slabs covered with dut. Thtii mit.leg operation*
have lieeu of the rude.-t kind, they have neither
picks, shovels cor pans, bi t Io:scn the dirt with a
Btlok| and wa.-b it bf a basket or a little wooden
trough. The BBBBWI do mist of the in.ning, but there
is no legulanty about thoil WOfk. Boaat time-a whole
tnbt?bucks, sijuaws and papooecs?will scratch and
swtat cn a bar for an hour or two, and then they will
lounge about th-.r ahantlaf for two or three days.
r'tjm The Hwt/J'd Pre.- / BJ :i
It Will Ue ? emeuibercI that on the ni^ht of Juae I t,
a package of BIBBej tsajlallllag 14,70t w as stolen from
a drawer in the office of the American Hotel, whiob
moLey was in small bilLs of tbe hue. Haddam Hank,
ana had been lett with the botei (lerk foi safe-keeping
by Mr. B. Bt I'ratt. who had taken it from the Pb nix
Bei k in this city, after iU redemption at the Suffulk
Hank in Boston. A diligent but fruitless leerch for
tbeth.ef was made, acd a reward o! |I,in)ii was offered
by the Haik for the tttief acd money. TLe affair was
at the tone pat into the hand.- of Officer Chamberlain,
acd after active search Lad b? ? a abandoned, he re
qnaated Mr. Weeks, the proprietor of the hotel, to
give him notice when any one connected with the es?
tablishment waj about to leave, aid tested on hia oars.
At the time of the robbery Mi. Weeks i onversed
with his eiupioiees. and from the nervous and anxiou*
bearirg of the head waiter, Mopes M. FuUer, his sus?
picious were stror^, but were almost cleared away in
a iew Jays. They were agara directed toward bun
when, a foitxight since, be ga\ e tbe proprietor notice
of his ntentii n to leave, b.nce then hi* movemecti
lave been waached and the suspicions iuireased.
Ti e nctv'dual was seveiai tiutea very particular to
let Mr. Weeks knew when be was going t<i bed.
rum ' to 1 o clock, sometimes, Mr. Weeka has been
ii wa.t tor h m. aid detected him on several occasions
;n ea\ .t h.s rcom between 1J and 1 o clock at eight,
rt.\ Bf tna heaaa and aaaag eat or. the stre-t \\ nea
he jrave notice . ! bi.i mtection to leave, be stated
that he did eo to better himself, which tte proposed to
'o c ? ? i rr.- v.n tl" teaboard. by keeping " a little
place, which he wasenab'td'o do "with a little
money he bad saved Bp. This story was a direct
coarradirtica of Ota ha tcld the I h rk w'hen asking the
i I] fat I Is r-eiv it-s, wulch ..e etid waa all tao mone .
he shcu d have to go away w.th.
Mr. Waahihasmadei aaesi aot and another todelav
I is departuie. but Pnlhn was pa d last night, and
UbaanbeiUn ?ctined tobe after . ; n Thia morning
Fuller left tbe hotel aad wert over to the Truuibui!
House, aid ahoftry rtturoed with a hat hoi under his
atrr. He paid a ?..-;?. to the barber shop and took the
bt i w th a in. Toe b&.ber -ad " beought tc wettae
tew bat.' a:d wasaocit to unt.e the string which
. - di:;. ever, wlitn Fu isr told !i d his new hat was
J aad that a thiag hat aa t id Panama aa
?aag vo? ?. a theeeaf t.'swict iwi. T^j
barbs wn ra ?fiel edkh tv? "v^r, and tu.*??
bock tie Ui urcer tie e?in U tu stevrn.- I*
PffTfrrtf Aver tie ri'-t bell t'j ben !?,? te
?? t the '-r lech are] aai dear*. Caea
br !o, tf<>, a? UM mrming lid followed l..as m
I ?':.:. v es L i in evad w, a!-r> w?-.t nr>"L tha
0 a. aid uict;:?' tbt beg bfll bean Fa'.cre silo,
#?; doera l> baaa, Tie a ige: ?f iia ooeteMi ?e
1 cr?-t's: rbi im ? r & kal ard Ckamberha
Btket bfcn wtat we ? the k t 1: arweend by the
11 Bj |M b 01 f Btfl Bee] ? ire- Ol Mr I- i M
tcecBBeBad COUSVS, Ian i tLctr I .itn Balled tbe carer.
hi i ,< ci. ig ia, aaa af a large package of b Ha, theenis
< J which ibowed p'altla ft ni a d*.:-k :. en??-!.>;.*
iMowh ?htbey wen ?ew?. Mr. Fu.!?r quietly '-e
BBMhid to the ofhna* that "then ana the nney ha
eilloohiagfor. lie ? ? - ahaaahaaaf kia seea ai
ft igl ? :e Bai aV and cix? to toe Pol a 4 art
e it the oncer. He plead g-.:. tyto tbe charge o:
rt^al i j the morey, era was bound nr?r fj: tr.w< a*
tr. Mupsr.tr Court. The bonds were hied av;
(ailiag tt tbtaia wL.oh ha wer.ttoji.1.
fwkr is about 21 veers of age, and a native nfBrle
ret, 3 tl f eotnrtr, wl ere ba has a m thai Ba
had spent about i* ? of I .e !r-oc?v, tta retna oder beicg
ree-v- t-<i, and itcgid in thafhwaia Bank, lor -ate
k- n i
He sa\? that Le 'a no- gtvea to stealing, but taat
? s t*inpu?ti<D wa- loa jreat for kia te withstand.
He bad ???, BBM aware :;,at tbe pael.ag* r ootaiae 1
re Brit Ibthi ', a:id be < BB a Bel r.u a.tiiee.f of the idea
of lUfldaa compete ace.
He llken? .t to a fire is his \- aas, a^i ? ok tha
money, whin conscience iairneciat-'.y ? ?n r.- .-J .:
eotk, and i.e has been miserable STM dace.
He eaaWavwnd lO hau some means oi returning I ..
money, tut ooald ?-< v.ie m :.e which Bewared hin c:
rrcaptrg de tectios. Ba ftela bettet to-day alaoe his
ar-sst than at any previous time at* e be had tbe
rr.<nty. VVr le aware <f :|,e MTBISpnaflj tha ia*
?ttacueal . i cihae, he acha all gM ita faatsee, aad
B DgW - to fay it.
A (? rrerpoadett c: Ti B*m J ; '.*, arhaii
traa < hrg abtut the Territory of Kaaaaay a .-..a*.
"Wo iesejet Jloniov.a, a promising little -own,
elev.r. BB?M west rf Banaw. beloie no n. Ti.e
' Fcuith was bring cs'ebrateii ir rwral glory. Ir WBS
nhand n with a aanca. whlah rwaaaanaaa early oa
tha antioM bimbsb; Tha yoaag paapai aanaad afl
r Edaj n.ght, al ^atuJday (OfeaOOO, a.I Si'.urday
?!?? taci n, aad whs a we left, in the evening, were a'. U
as live'y a< nsr, threat, n ng to daDce to! n :rht
thiotgh. It was . enainiy a striking eTatrplfl of hu
d >.d eidurance.
"The dsaiisBsas? thaaaJaaaM? aatry ???ie theie
? i"S lb. / Lad ' 'in.- .n tin. n?,.i:g ai. id- r.<ads,
oa besssbach aad oa foot, ra carriage! a-1 < ar*s, on
aageaaaad .'Kr^e wsctns. After a ki and rash for tbe
noot.day isbssbsaaatsy theynpairai to a grove hard
by, wl. th ia3 been extetTpon/td by .-.preadin^ greer.
boughs rve- a woodao frBBaswi li, thus prol 'tug
the -eats baaaatb froni the scorching rays of the IBB.
11 tetbsywaitedpatieatly f.r the speakara. Dr.J.
II. St;. h m ot AteMaea CoL John 1*. W heeler oi
Busier,aad <>en. Whathewof K akapeo, bad been
BQvertirt 1 as < is'ora for the oicasiviD, bu a* I tai geu
t ?mac wai t1 an,
?* m\t laat the Committee of Air .cg. ir.anls did their
be-t to-apply tuo uefe. t, by fral?ng oal theaararal
apaakera who i .re ptaent. in obasUaaM to than
.?'-, J, B, BeaaCB read and ixpounded tha H^i-ira.
ti(r Major .1. O. Mct^uade, late ol Pennsylvania,
iaovh ateu th* duty cf patriMuaa, and raiVaialed the
duty ol killing the Bag Dak proposition on eection
day. A. D. K.iharJsonof Suuin*.- urged the lmport
aic cf attiv.ty, islfsaorinca and public spiiit in
feaadbg tba iastrntioasi of oar embryo Btato; D.W.
CuensU .t fliaaaliowiai Pahanvlamd the live, el
lbs Katntiscf the Republic, and aadaeai Bawetaaal
i. IBM tl ral mi >>. J. 11. Nr.yaer aud C?>l. I. A.
Me;. ofMoari v is .-p k- <?: thaimportaanof pnsar??
iig Iba oictal and religious element in our society;
ar.i B. Cuahmaa gave soeaeatatisttn tadieatkag tha
npid gtovvtli ol tbe cjuatty. Tnete saddeoly-cou
ce.v in ipi aah - were applauded as SBlhn sis Stic slly as
tlabi rate r rat.ens eou'd nave been; ar dearly m the
aTsaiasjteaeasapsaay lepsratedin the beat oi spirit-.
?' One feature ot tha affair woild have etartled an
Boaters audience. Hurmg the whole speaking, a
matroily lcek.ri;. aldasiy !adv, dressed in -olemu
black, eat u tl.- midst ??? tha > rowd, Hateaiaaj atten
tivsly, aad calaaly i I ? <> rigor I Bbe was aa
ioubtsdlj MiaMuriaa, and tie ipectacla axortadaa
particulur atttntior. The pia. bV S of smoking tobac
( o is very orr.it cn among ua :cu.al> s of M.ss..uri. I
bars aMB a another Bad her little g.rl of ten years each
rnokiig tnetr morn ig pipe owrtl.e '.r.-aktast they
wsieeookdag' t?i - ifoppiag to -pend the night in
ti e hou.-.? it an intelii.'ent vein g M.--.ouri squatter, I
found trs wile to be a tine hs a.ug woman, a girluh
hld.ce with baaattfal eyes am a ewe-t expres.'ion of
("Untriance. Hut the romantic halo about her was
very soon cis-ipated, for th- aweat her dishes were
waihed, aft r tea, sLe produced from a . uiceiled
i. k in the fire; lace an oldblMkpipe, Bad .-at down
foi an BTirdag iBBohe.
fr -m Th* h ''??..jtvt ill) Vret Pre):
The Etl an A '.u M< iianwl is now . ? npleta, aa apl -
ing its caj -btc ne, and this, j.ronably, aill be elevated
to its place the piesent week. Whoa 'hat is d >n?, the
structure will be a betounng one, suitable bof.b to the
Mate and tbe object of its erection- ? .-editable to the
taste BLd care c I the Committee and to the fidelity of
the central tor. It is a plain Tuscan .? dumaof gratiite,
tl e whole bight lrom the ban I f! e p-dhwaai to the
top of the abai is beirg forty two f et. >\ hen iur
mounttd by the eokasal statue of A Isn, to be s-ulp
turedhy Mr. Mead, the entire-ti uc'.uie will be fifty
fax t n h'giit, < r a li'.tle nioie
I ?d ea. :i fai e of the die then is let in a white mar?
ble tsblet four lo t bj hngth by two and a half feet a
brtadth. The inscriptions WS ^ive n.>t only rer'j r i
but ". ui' i/', liuriit m and paadl Thai are
mae'e in a plain, deeply cut letter, and in good taste.
The mten ion was to" have no marks cf punctuation
med, such beiLg in agreement with hlgheet authonty
in r. garc to monumental bjMllpUaM of their charac?
ter. As an i lustraticn of tbe extteine dilliculty of
s.. urine absolute accuracy in such me hanicaJ work,
t srfll boaOtiosd that, t. OUgh Bone inadveit'ace,
the intention wu foflai ia tue UHi r.ption on the north
side. We are informed, al-o, that .[notation marks
a - to I.e applied to Allel, s :ama- r^uiark at the gate?
way pfTtondi r. ga.
I VI mit i
\ r.RMuNT :
t a ???
u. I SB kBlll ft :.tb.'aa AiliT ?.
nun :
iu B'inirit. -i '. I rjSk r ? V ii ." ?
? od bum i Df ar tbe UBS ?!
: this m Baaaaal :
[leatk alii |
! ? las i shaOseaa Maaaaala B fi
in th- larariai sal ciptm- at
wbi.li i.e demudej in the name
ol lhe Or. a' JraiTkh aid thr
Ci. li' i ?? <r-.?
|Eu: aaVv]
TiiioDer 1c a Ja:-ut aSBB < ? M SM - >?
and tra. ?'. i I K.Di'and
|e ditaiiued lhe pt,r|,o?? of ItUensa.f
t) th? le.perl wl: k b? lusp red
r.i ?? -
I Nadu tid* j
W - ;
Uv TrL ?? waii aa tue garai i Be was vo?
?aaaaaas aod tatsaald
oi -.or ti-w Hunpiii.re Orau'- ar i
Maavi BaiiB
in : ? >: : aa strufsje araiek rss .-M la
Su\cie;(at'. sod ladnpwadeU' ?
iA tUa iw.9.
Cot.BrifToi i.' aa Bavi aroas l.l? The i^aartar
niatter of this Depirtment on Thursday rece.ved d,*
pat. his from tbe War Heparuntnt at Washingtou,
cenvejitg the paititulars of the retreat of Col. Steptoc
Issfi rean overpoweilng force of rarious tribes oi In?
dians in Oregon, and directing arraagementi to be
made forthwith fir d .=pat< hing - i companies of re?
cruits to the Tacit c. In obedience to tha order the
i du er waited upon tue l'acihc Mad Steamship Com?
pany to ? ? r. -uit a .th them as to th3 safest and ni
eipcditious mode cf sendirg out this large body- of
soldiers. It was found impracticable, in view cf the
probable large .ncrease in the California emigration,
growing oat Of the new geld discOTCf.es oa Frazer
Ilivtr, to take thtui by the regular steamer of the -?"th
iaati It w as accordingly determ jiei to charter a special
steamer, and the steamer St. Leak was selected for that
pert ose. She will as cordtsgiy be put in order aad
prowaioetd immediately, and ail sail on the same day
with lbs Star of the West, v: -1 on tha kaah inst., aa 1
tbey aril! prceeed gp from Paruna oa the fiae, La^e
stisa H s Ban. lhe BL Iatj wul havs h?r cm 1 aai
ispetstaeedCowaaaaahn c%j* h. i?^a
: ?<\;.i? 11| ( 01 NCII.V! H
I - H.e.d? t.oic: tw latij ?? ley,Preeieaai
H . i ?, : ? BB0 r:?,.r.
licgi i; uft a Mai ;p?: Pto ? - ?
KBI be BJBBJ Ce L 11
kits. ABM (.w. -s 1 ?.a:.l . 1 -vimi, b>: i
BBS been bring oa Ifta aragee of a totvoaaiaeaii
tap'*\ed bl :l ? Corporation, a.d co* iret *? leojahet
lirm tie Corporeiico. is coeofe.Beaee c: whl I
?u d t' t f" 5 Let r,e. is C'Bte.Uo... * of ?tt.C 1 th-.
betM c:? 1 s>:..? pal lioai I r rebel,
l ti ? ? Bfpicas ? endretora ?araapraaaatad
! ?? Mr. l.JM ;. axu .a.d over.
N On the Ifcadayof Ai IBM t. v. wit p*<* j t
tu-i j . c ?:. :-i la let an tfet rciM t:>?.?i.iitt? .'?
i ?: 1 ' B i:J i - . ?? , ,
Co=i-? c ? .*?'? 1 a-k ?? r Um y?ar ISO! " ? h- a SerOaa2 mm
A . ? 'ii' lpil' 'i ti .nooatitVi;: triin tt* provld >a?
i, ? jre Le--tT -?p-? ' : ?. i
Pf?<"< T- tild ? ??? ? i ;?-? ?3r\ir .3-, *-i . ,pj
Utk* Uli r ? B? M rololea M UM BOT ikon me^tion-d 0o.T
??" ??? Hd ropeal the lot* ehttM of ti ., . ?
Clatter ol IB57, Brack says: "No treat!* r of the rnmMCw,i
?? . reooil i . y I : p- BBl . f .- . < . rv ? m ?
t-. " iti tief by trm \et ?:, ct.-t: i. ,j-1 ;., :.'? C ax um Co.a
i B*fS| ly BaiatJ :>f the..- mit:..t. ?:.J
BTaiMai NsfWdfsaSj dtoj rfcilai m>Hmi ? Um Ctad
T repealed the MMeOMotj act of um i.-.:..?' ?? r>?..
a d-t'.w?d : .? . .t i b^lm; 3 totaomMhi
<.f tbe O mnor. GoaBt . , BOWOftaeleM no bicS-- p .?er thu tbe
i - l ? C u ; . kited ta- ?? 1 ,-v..*:; ia .r .-.
tires cf n ?nb?n. ltd br.teTtnaB to art ? ppoW to tit* wiahae uf
r.l C at t. - BOMBI ?. I \>e peO| - . J B* M IMI'jiu
I?!?' ti.e-.fo?-, be it
0>: a** ' mat. i r; > i i : I ??>3.p.-j??:i)3 t.i m?m
ban of ta? Caasaacu Cw.i i ii.
Or amftitmtiif)aw Jaaaari .tur-mn ir.d cvm-n *oJ', / u?
< 0) / A<%? 1 ifft to ? ?mni.ia ? aa i aanaii
1, Taa m?anan ? t laa B *-<?? af Alaamaa aOCaoi :.?o
?halite ?ntitrfi to Rcvhra compriiiatiou fot LMir m>:rioe* M
mM Bl? MBfH, at tha rate of *S j?r i???ioo. f.-r aal mar" thaa
(MHaat** wiatcWa? i idi i*i pik^ :-p.? -i > MaMaOaaato
.? h rr'.fj
2. T>' r. m of bi? <l it b?re >? ?pptJpriitrJ tl m^t tht
aBpatartoT* drtl|sattd tota?aaO McTfca of fall rftoaaea In
ta? j>? tirt
w Tb.? Mmtoaatf ??1?;. t?k^ eff? t urx-J t: -'j.
llf roQoffiag . ??? c, ptoaai ad ijMr.Platt,
v? a? acc pUd
Pr-'ti Tu?: i bo O rk of UM B J I aad to totok/ B
?j ??t- I tottaiMMitO p/ ? ! UM p-. ?in 4a ??a at uatn. - bm
?>. t.- i ?i i:. r*!t! l :. . - . . p^aitU.iu of nn-o H-r?
? i : ?? < i,,s, ti .l .' t.i ta? V? :.??! t-. 'a. ?'<rp>.ra*i <n with
a ?? '.-at ' - mi ?r. *n?w>-r f,irt:.| Uu i.pi .i-..i tb????>?. to
tail Hft:d fy iti c?\r v i.
Iba Cooia ttao oa atotkatf ?o u totod to irr
,.- i ??!(?;? m (tl i; dot truv.uir ??thor b m
ol tbacitptiaii VTai Eaajtoa aad Fuv.? Jfa'wato a*
i :. H krt k itiiett I
Too Stftat Coon?iM nerval auttoi I ta raat tftf
If ay or'? Offlce ttndfr 'in Mb] ?! i i r.-. tioa, witho-tt
advett' ibig I I ; n i ? ?'?
Laatpa aiaaoardatot to be plaoad .'t front of tho
Co \>* i ii -t t I ?
Mr. \ 'i"ia1 : rat ari I a reeohi,ioo dtractiag tbe
.:"Utt.a ? t?l tl.e nkianai n acd Caoai Da HI I > be printed
ka Tkt A". Y* A i.- /'! Be
Mr. Rotafreeeatoaaraeolatioa that the W '"iaoit
trgl Porrlee be I teed nr teat yaora?
a itateiaaal *?? receiaed freaatbe fjatre?^r of tlie
expel diturea of tbe city to; the paat a.\ tnonth.-t of the
y ar. (Print*d in \e-terda\ - 'I; IBI ni.|
Tbe l <~,ntri Her w'as dire, ted to report the amount of
ii,i tey ! a hr.-< ret eired f-?r fotfett-i bail btnda and for
inteatato estates for the pa>t iix months of the vear.
a ts'ge ni.tnitr: i f - na'l b i!.s were raahod tiircngh
by re;r tili? n.
'J he lloa; J then ai'ionrned until Tit- ? m ? ev >ntn ?.
Oetrcfj of tkt B4mr?\0md Why n awi eTaaaftaeljed.?
Ti e Hoard of Hea>h of tbe T< wn ol CaMlaftoa .Staten
Iflerd.met at the Nautilus Hotel, Tumpkinsviile, July
I ">, at 5 o'clock, Mr. Cuaiftophi r in the chair. Tho
Health Otliier, Dr. MrsDf presented the follow:bb'
repoit. which was accepted:
To 'He ihn >rahie the Hoard ;/ tUalr\ t>J lh' T>-m jf C utlttin,
OssTLBJMUi BTti.t at of UM p-iv?-r wOk osMsk I ssa vosaai
by j ? ? i r bcaerab'o BOatd, I i ?f .i.?med it u.-t.-tfltrv to rail you
toftther 'i. hnr thr rep-it "i ti * r??iiit of my oSTotfl t> i arry
inte tBeet UM ttUao ana t#< ? ?tio:.t adupviity3i.rlaitme.ti.it
f't the per p. ' j ?? r -vf 'w li'-a'tti ,.t the towa and hers it
mty DOT I* imprcper SB "tatn |Bal tbsSB BM BM 11 MASS koOO i da
.;:<rat, y furiti. i aid |?rn?t. utly m?:nttii.ed liett-rminati' a on
tbe pait i f rer'nin pirtw ? to tb? irt tlie vtinii of this Botrd. by
?I ? t ? . its wt. . a its itt BMoabota and
il l:, ?.:??( Hi ? i. . t 'iir.i, ? th-pili.i- pr-M .t. .ai'i-at if
ptlifhoo; ti.d in order that thea? iiilsfl BailOMllak 'Ot mayn't
I" irtriv.d !>y th? public atttuth*. I fe.1 It ill, '.n.tiri.t ipja ii.r
mIi, m too Uealth OBMcr oi 'I. Mwa aaf aaaaMbm ?, ..
' H ? B' aid ? ( Healla, to atote krt ty the Mal ikjttt of UM a>
sauiMiioa. sad toe eaaoM hbj a ta?-1 *u itt ? noatitj.
lull* Saat idaca. wt oav- .??-^4 iB am milit a iaitarntt..
whoacr -uiaaatr ti,?M .oat..... .m??t? whui. Bndaoa d... at.
?i ! ? .tli. th:? ii? aeti m aiilMaoo, It oooMa Uum tbti ???
tao effottt nade fef tbe Mrconpttobaaeat ?t Ka rem .??i ty aa?
I? pi- "i the ew : v for MfOlal vart pSSf, w- an- OnwiWd sfiO t.i
L. or ?itli tud rabaaBl to, and bout ?? it beeooMo -taary 'o .tdopt
rack BBoaooteo m tao t? a tb tiiatt m far m Boat
tli' ivila <t preteore, aad prote? t our c.lu-jt (torn the iiOj'J
saea of kto eradtj MlaaaaatBi poo lato ssomm sad m thtr tao
Board i ( Brattl wm itod, ana at itt tool ntootlna adopted
i '.i ? ai d ii fataaii M i>y mtm h a.. rw-ra..ua -Btit-.i "tl BBDrO "r 0:1
toard of tu) ..?? 1 , >. : . .- 1,1-., , - -,
and hifsafe larVrd from n.?h veeial, tliall be prohibited bton
loniUt' '!-.<-' l a* Qi.araatliia im .oaui", and trout 4010h t'. Hie
City of NtW-Totk ob tat oi the loat. ? t the ?taten 1 .land K--:iy
D D pa; v. Tht Bl .??,!: 1 1.1 pi 4fBB obi ?? rm to b tot
aMaitat to atod oiacidattoa. tt toeaitM a taotaiodat
ot the aat'.M ai.d mil 1 ??prrat.m t infe, #i. :? .,r -nut
Biiatniato erakltt tae to iwmprebend the propriety of ubt
?saSBM. Eni) Dim iLrtii. tiv> 'y tb .it and sv ,idi all (1 t. ut
aal tm'.t known to btte .>.tao fr?n pia.et BrbOMUBaM potooat
? \ i' ?. a - I a, Uto 1 . ? .:..?. rot ... I b m? ? 1 -.tiiLk 1 ? la
.ty of ti. tt* win- have icoC- i!th*ii #p< ial Intrt } mxlt
roBiooebt UMmuiIioi sad t tt i - fttit B^m wdl foil of litoadl
It Is ? aelasll ca ta>t ibat at if I itt p? -mui - mplo?-d 11p.u1 in
??1 d t>???? !. ?>..?? ? ' ,;ei ?11J ? r...i-11 tn !,. .-n in bahil
ct . eth t IBfvtoBrl Bstls ? t tn- tun a tod ariaJae pr^mii 1. >nti>
witb il. BasaSfSeOai iababiUntt, tli.n by itopani /io| tlieir
braOh Bad UwM| tad BMt taa*ataa aad etetars p<,?
h tiafe, fion <)' araLtiiir.l *? ?? . have lre,|u-ii-;j ;.uv 1 ?hrjiiih
lit t--t? and t 01- to BM Okg oi K w ^ orb aaoa ttio boa'i oi the
Btatoa latoad k"< tyCoBipaay thrttkjtjastonetrlnj th- h-aiib
BpdB?obof Ubmo tnkm wBomt t\ bmoueaatact. 'Xbnuerettity,
Dttrafata. 11 pi> iuMiiiv ' ?< k iauu ooiao, I ?aruly think will be
q . ?ti. st ! even by the bbssI Btotifioae.
I bm aapay M aa abi ' ? r ? tk Baasd that ary
BfMTtow aith tbe llrtltb ?art er <>i "Ji" ntrt .it New-York (Or.
Ttmrnparni ?11 etito-.y -c <fa. ".< iv. UBN rdBBVOOttfSbtho
tostra Baas I ssei Iwaf, i ptetentea bint wita a . opy .if th'
ordinal, et ratted at yt .ir laat mreiioe, wbru h ? -iprmed htni
.. 1 ... Baft poll ? j i wtl bn atkat pi??te l
ll.aD . tli'iv.i?c Uat the B ir.l i Eaoaltt bad a t.pte I '.n, and
pr<niia.d all tho aid and .< p-ration be umld ifJ.rd, and f'.itber
iiioi? taii bo woaid .ubn.it fiem to the Mayor and Couimitikm
m : Health ol at Cttyol t>r* V -a a: to-n :.e*t mott.o?, at
wbleb be .-otdially t!^.>'l nie to app-ar, and enl.atot to ..b-aia
tb.ir a- aaaeeal? MoaMo the B041J to rarry tbem into ? t.
la eoi ??' istoa, I will add .bat no>o y mi last meetiot i bt.-c .3
?er.batf d 'he 1 on lition n 'ho ??rioi.i vUiafet in '.lie towa, and
1.. ! ipp-, ?.. n i-i a leinaitly btaltby ?? >o
. tBtofl f ? ? . .r All of wki j * --.r--. tfttl y
itrf. i owaao a mi ni?v
BJofltak 001 -r ol UM Totru ..1 CBStlotBB
CattltUm, Jut} ">, 1vs.
Hfoli'?. That the sfsesailap ??:?..: Ubs rosott oi tho HetPn
Olli, er hr p b ut. i
la- kwaidtkoa a.!;o?f*i. 1 I a It tbs raft tf tkr ftssftk
I lit! IN BBOOBi 1 ?.
fJAbc I Io cio.k on Thursday ntjrht a lire broke
out 'n a -ma 1 frame bu.ldir.g on fimitu street, near the
Peaay Bridge, owned by Ketcnum A C 3., oil rauiu
fa. tan rs. The Ore i cmmunicated to ?. b'U-builder's
shop aiijo;n:rig, and then? e to a two story frame L Ju'j
owned aid cct npie J by .lohn Patera. The boat -hop
wa-.alio owned by him. The build .nits were all do
rtroyed. Mr. Petere's less is aboi t fef.StO, Toe l??).i
on the buik'itg where tne tire originated is about
BatThe fire was i auccd by the t are.es'nets of the
hands in the fa. tor\ ;n ivr; i,r . t- am icg 1 om
buettbla material." Insurames were effected in the
reoabhaajaoaj tor fMM, HaaaHtTfe tar |l,lit, end St
Ml i ? s..- ur KB i.
a- iaa ai i Hi -a? a MaMaaa ukea place this
afternccn at I j o'clock, when ea^h lady viiitor will be
pre?snted with a copy of tLe " Cbatnpatrne Ot.'op.
The programme h otherwise attractive.
a Call.?At a me-ting cf the cjnjreo'a'ioc oi the
F.i. t Presbyterian ( liarcu of Chicago, held oa the
I .th lastaot, they voted a unanimous cah to the Iter.
T. L. Cuyler ol'this city lMarket s're?.t Church to
become their pa>tor, to take tue piac? of the Kev.
Harrey ( arteo,/'. I> , who has accepted tbe Presi?
dency cf Kn' x College at Galoobttrg.
TagCaOl ai Jasaa Dors.?We have received the
following donations for Mr. Ooen: f. >.,?-' Bsathof
Cletks, $1; A Clarht, ??,>; J. II. Tripler, Me. haaics
Shirt Store, Ho, 3MI Grand street, f'; Aiua:iian.|l
S.mdsy Times Otlice. f I 'J), .). ?. Pooler, td.
A aTl a PoLICB Col i t.?On the apphca'ionof tbe
Mlaj or, the Common CcutcJ some t.tae -ince pa-eed
an ordiaaLte trateferrmg Joatice Welsh from tbe
Tombs Police Court "to take eharge of tlae police
'' iua.tess at tbe Mayors Office. >ach a measure
was :.e. ?;-aiy because cf tbe increaamg aumber of
ccmilaitta made la the Mayor, who waa therefore re?
tarded ia the discharge of hut more leguumate dataaa.
Juttice tN eUh s Court will i>e opeaeJ on the tat of
Aagi.it, in the old tffice of the late Cmef cf Po.xe.
whxh place is beirg iuitally htted up for the purpoae.
Tie lu.'lteaj done here will, as a matter of ccurte be
purely crimtcal. Tbe miry civil cases brought daily
to the attenLon of the Mayor WwX as heretofore, be
rtfetted tc the ice- to whom tiey properly be.oag
?tie CrilJuvioeo. In ct/e*"iuecc?? of thj aew ar
(at.4-aieut. tie bu- -.?.*? at *-* T.-ceo P^l-.e
?? ? i- i atateM t- TWkm\m 0 *n *t; c -a
wir ? . . i. ?:<?. r?, t??-? tu; , >?.r ti . - t r p.ey. at
the tux tl tf w.ik perfoQBOd U*:* i< g tf ai at
either ?.?: i..* other M <e Ceajai,
Q. immn -Nrtlirj of uy -.art ..--rlsr irovt
aar a tienwiaaed tt tfraaswariaa rasawaaj. I | there
Irans*veral sgnveis. Tzo abipke*per of j' i ' Orot
w o wa? so i-doealy aad aneapecte.:'. attacked
arah j. low trvar, raaaatai i a eery ,???. bm; ? bj
t'-'t Tf y few hi p. s of L.s recovery a-e e:.terta_neJ.
Tra <a*e ?.? leashed afaa as on* of a raayaaajaaaf
cbatacter, lie * Baad ..ai aaaa thettasyJUy claseased
asd frawsgetid all aar craw araia raaaaUy aoaraawaaag
attheHospital,aad jaat m she waa ab.u*. departing
for see. thai man. a t/uaractioe official, ia seirad with
j the disease ia a cost virulent form, aad thoroughly
??-?rated, sal tbi.? go-s M show with what taWat :>
? * ehsgl 'o vessels once infected.
Tha ? :>a geceral'y ptvrWua that vaeBBls arrtrta| at
Qoaawatni ? - w ? ?.r ba-gags twapesed tobe .n
feet* d, orei board. This ia cot tea ca-e There ?an
irtn sivw provided, wherein these dangen us articles
are depc.itei and then set oa fire, thus effectually de
?BBBJ Bg a that may he c>ns.dered dang-erocia in the
shape af aaddaaj and lu^gsge. Dairy alaaaat, the
eu.. ke ttaj be seen laauir.' from this boat ar.d spread
Bg taatf ? rat th? waters of the bay. V is a g<vd
n <..it- c: buicirg ap the yal aw fever.
ThefaDawiaaj ve**els arr.ved yeeterday, Bad WBte
quarantined ?
fchocner Stereatd, from Jamaica, w th Beam al
-?'? u : the i?.and healt. y. taa ..a: no
- kB?ai aa board. Biujr Arosotto, from POBI *, i'1
Hi wit. a cargo of sugar. topoits the 4aceas
heal) y. S' booner I.a Plata, boas Sal nar, Perto
Kicc. wlh a cargo of sugar aad nwla?ees; reports no
su kne-s ob beard during t^e peBaasre, and none at
|al nss when she left. Brig \\ ? K. Bibber. Humac
ob. Porto Rico, with cargo o: suuar. place" and crew
healthy. BngOeeeaIsle, rroenTarka lalaadwitba
oargo of aab tka plaoa rerMctad ba be beehhy?crew
? v> >. BOawat lfa?<>cic, from PoBJ ?? w a obi |B
i gar and moleasee; ma k - ? a raport similarto tkal
of tbe Arcseito.
Bsprde these, severalother reaeale arrivedfraaadif
(areal parte,hari rceafefag khanr b.iis>'f lawdth,araai
a". ?? t i t> precei d oa to Naw*l orh,
The ( BaUataw B Bid of Health I d not meet yester?
day . cr if they did it was imp. suhle to tin<i their place
ofaaaetaigi we made every endeavor to to so, but
wi te lafoinaed thai they had fa 'si to assemble. They
oary imst at the oat! of the.: H.-aitli < ?tl'uer.
Fiw Poibti tfissiOB?MoBl CatLORia i )r ru?
Wi- -The k?v. Mr. ^an^leterc:' thaiMtaaaea,aad
Mr. Ketobaai, Unjiaiintiisaanf*! f *.*. a Dooaa ? f Ket igo,
.eave next Monday aftemion with a carloalof chil
aaaa tor Alrnduta, I'rimetoD. Ktsswauee, and (iaiva,
I ooir, ard Uut'.ingtcti Iowa.
Toi Dmiii "i V.'t m. Kesbitt.?The facta in
? at on I" the death of Jan^ea Henry N ?? t, the son
i f Gearga W, Nesbitt of thai city, daaerva te be known,
hoi W rg, ag they do, the memory of a brave, gentle
boy. On laeadaj last youtg Nesbitt, la company
atth hla rather aad Boaaa filer'., acladtag Mr. Heary
h retk yn of this city, went for the purpose of fishing
? t. io mill-pond of Mnfot.l's M:il?, near S;amfotd.
Coaa. The tiJe hi icg low, the party walked across
the stone ws'.l rmhinkment which contains the tide
|aj -. Aft> r a time a fijna'.! was !.<. , J t.. bo
in Bg up, and Mr. Kianklyn, followsi by young
Kaahtttj procaoded to recroea the daaa. They found
that as the tide had risen, the wa'er at oue part was
BOW bg over the datn, to the depth of a few inches.
Fianklyu att?mpted to wade the spot; he male a
mir'-tep, an I losing his balance, ai I -tr ick by
tha wind, ha feil into the pond ia deep wa?
tt r. Nesbitt knew that I'ranklyn was no
.-wimmer. arWsa h? i,u>i-. li could iwiaa. As k'raak.
I>n toppled over. Nesbitt r???li?>rt out to arrest hitn.
Failirj in this effort, Franhljn passed out ol eight
when instantly yourg Nesbitt jumped into the wa'er to
t n !< aver to save his ftiecd. He, (CO, sank and rose
no more, while h.s horror stt it ken father, at soans little
distance ohT, was a epictator cf the alTa.r. I ne bodies
were recovered after BOBBB time, but too late lo NBtoaB
BtiaaatiOB. Thus died tlu.s brave b >/ of hut fifteen
inaOBMra. a\gaaJaed as are the hearts of the parents
by this raddaa and parsly z ng. calamity, Batatiag from
their dear circle a loved one so early lost, whose
rr nih' I intelligence and gentle goodaeai ga\e joyful
; ? ii al of a bright rhtare, their aJtsatioa ll tempered
ky the t> ttei tion, while eubmiltirg with uniuurmaraag
u.- gnat ion to the will of Heaven, that ti.e.r luirg,
boy, aalf fbrgetllag lie I at the call of duty.
A number of TfTfbHitt ar l boaiaiai men of kToW
?i'ik and llaitford have presented to Capt Mills of
the steaim-r ( ity ci Hart:bid a valuible ','old watch,
a* a ttkenof their esteem for him as a gentleman aud
a sailor.
A ma iK' s\aoi'crioa n Cam oar a. IiBit
I ay a man ca led a", the J'Qbl.i BohoatklMedlBoa
atreet, near Jaik.'on. and a-ked for two children,
rumed Mary and Bethel Jackson, at the same tune
: BT! i r.fmg kfaaaadf to be their uncle from the South,
ai d ray.ng that he wanted them to go to their mother,
who was lying sick at home, at No. 560 li.-aai street.
Mary s tight years af age, and l.stiie: is only si.t.
Either -ai 1 that th s man was no utcle wf hers, and that
: I BOt w'.-,!, to go with him. The preteaded uncle
tl en ttok her by the han l and trial to force iier to go
w th him. The child resisted and succeeded <u getting
Blear, aad hl then went away, Shortly af terward tha
thiidren left school and starttd for home. On their
way. the pretended i.nc'.e bOowad and pursued them,
: j sui ceede 1 m making good their eseipe and
reach.ng htme in safe'y. The man .a Je-i ibed to be
Bbeat N years cid, tall, wHb red wh skers, of a fair
II mplrxion, ard'weaiio^' a -t aw hat and light clothee.
The parents of the t hfl Iren were alarmed at the ur
rence, and will spare no piins to bring the offender to
j net Ice, if any clue to bis uame or whereabouts can be
?B) overs.1.
In c< ncection with the above, it is proper to state
that BOBM two weeks ago a little girl about seven
years of ag ; was taken away trom this - ..?no ler
err..ar ti.-cnuutances. A reward of |Psj hu baea
affaaad by her friends for her return, and it ia now sup
pi se I that thu macs intention ia attempting the ab
' a cf Mr. Ja> kaaa * children was to get a reward
which miajht be asTsredby Haaat parenu for their re?
Wttiday ajhwaaaa Mr. Haskett, School Comi?.s
Bfeaar for the Sixteenth Ward, an i Mr. Jackson, went
to the Madiscn ctreet ? ? n<.o. for the pnrpese of inveati- I
gat ng the affair, and of ascertaining, if poes.bla. who J
t! s ... ia was that called for the children.
fiivp I i| F OMI r.r.?Veaterda;- aftarao-jn at t\
B akaak a youcg tallow of likely appearance anteresi
the Mechanics Bank, and stepping up to Mr. Cook,
the pay.ug teCer, pre-ented a chech ob said Bank for
t-SJ *6 pirrportirg to be signed by Albert Cardozo.
Mr. Cook upon glancing at the check made up his
m nd that it waa a forgery, aad detained the youDg
fellow until Bank Officer GO. Hays could be sent for.
offcei Hays trok the failow, who give hia name as
Adolph De Vr.ci. n custody and conveyed iiun to the
office of Mr. Cardr 7.0. Mr. C. pronounced the che-k
a fo-gery. and ezpreasad bis anHfcgne-M to appear aai
proeetute De \iiee. The prisoner we. '-onvsysd be?
fore Jartice Ccnnolly, who conirmtted him to prison
for ?xaminat oo. W l, .e on tha way to the Polioe
Court I>e \ r.es landed the effieer # ? ? to "let him
ei.de, lad tha officer after pocketing the money came
to tbe tocclueion that the accused would be better off
in the Tomba than eliding about the city. Tha |K is
n |fi and ft] bills on the L'dioo Bejk of MoBtiteilo.
Si.llivan County, State of New-Vcrk. The h iis are
BS ifraaty raw, and the officer is of op In ion that they
are a potticii oi the proceeds of some other villainy.
He Vn?s when first taken into custody said that toe
check bad l*een given to him by Mr. Bishop, a broker
eVhag luaJness in the Cot per Ir.jf.-te. hat upon reach?
ing the 1 omba he said that bs found the cneck ia the
eueet. Theprisoter is a mere boy, aad from a latter
found ia kat pocket ft was aecer.a M! that bs ru M
?I Ilo. ? Baya'J *t:set.
, I?.?I
r CPS !>:? >\? ?rr? - Cea*es?*t o ? Itii ai ta
i f ???? epoatkl b-dy a] to ?j?n all
:t * l.V I: t ? e?a I' r N i ; l)?<?aBo4
??? ?.rato.t ???.,(? M !?*,?.,)!( *?
veers i ? ??-e. V.: <.ct. ? l>-.<eU wy dt owning
* t -. ' ?? '. .'????, 4?? ?a
N>>. : I First sv^u*. i x>= i. e body ot * beg I pars
Cl Bg*i w: o was f BBd d:0?r<J IB tie haar. Hint, ttrtk
ti TvWtj v . ?- l ue ,1 I ^ ?uppOted u bat*
-aiieo mt ? ti.e ink ?>a Moouey Ib< o? ked baee
- : < sa ce tuat t.tne.
A re A f II IB, Tkt proped.* Ore.
t ?pt. J. IT. Jiikt. w.. i oa B? ex.urt.oa, w-.ia a'arg*
party et ??? ks t>oe:'. btxem? 1 ?eble! yesterday ee>
poone Barontiew, Thal steaaie- Teaiii-aJ, oa an
:r-p Trim Albany bj :t ? pMj, went to bar essistaac?,
M Bad bar to tVj deck at B a* I MJ
Dxatb raoa ?n q ... ,,, IJtPiHsTfa.*
Criner (iembls held aa Infusat oa Friday, at Ne.
Krarklia street, upon tbe body of Vtee.aci 1(. Tea
K.tctk. a Geraian .'1 yean o a?*e. wh> d?*>d froai tbe
eflecta of aa overdo of lau.laautn. D appear* Lket
deceased was mucli a*I ixied to L.iuor, and was ia ike
bsbif, af>at Jr.tkxg to excev, of tsl.'.ng taudaauai ta
oat BN nerves, on Thursday abjaa, it Beeoaa, be
Look tao v.;-ib. acl the nett t ^ ng: was f mad daa4
tnb.sbeJ. Tre Jury tentetei a \ erd ;t of *? Daattj
?'??? n- an oterioee of 'aa 'an rut:.
T". oaaaa F '..-uKmoj-i, a lad. serea'sei years of eg?t,
wai attacked by some tew i ??* in Sherff street ea
Tbl I cay i gbt, an?', w'. e Je n I ng hiaae'.f. et ebbed
one of tb<- part>. rarued QaJsagkar, Bfjariaf hia* earf
se\ete!y. Olli, cr t. art arrettel Thotuas, but Us
: w :.<?* eeceped.
?aril Tatai CbaikM Maker area fou?4 y-?ia**
Barttyiagtaa a*draoatBoon at I. % , . ??? H?ui i<ato>'?o*e
blnMrifoa tho roof of th- botol ? : i.ii:?itik| OB st
im ft taO S. . :.i ftt I ?>:? h.a BSBBBB wm I BBBl O
.: vt >ar.<:.. ??)< Tl- ft *>a,- aws u??b at tin Bataai
\\? l v ?? :. it v si*, sit it ibJbj m tak?? to Baa
P^Ue t'outt.
I t '.\er1itetnr- I
A l>i ii \i m \ i ? I hi- m just tlo? f<?at par
f- ti I Bf Wv m?> isaWlaaels I I ''ti aajsaati at Bssa???-?
|l M t* V . ti r 1 .oil. i % i Is what Bo
?t >i? Lo??;.i uiiaatsoTotiBoay oaea arrraaeeaaal
t IB
I Iska itM - I
A (.iti it Km i tn ttvMi m is to be <tre>a at
Pt'BBVa Mai \ >i To, > 11 ? r > n ..it T.'o ?ioiu?ai um*
a i r ? ? ? ?? ?!?!>??? ii t?? f^r* inj'?? Iis?? ta
" Ol Tl ?v i't ill Si I'.tB Jisms ?1 i)Ni i . t.k
R t tsii ??!.? oc.udlni
I a i?ec ? n ?? i
[a A K I 11 ?> V II ,
t?.Jw> : i ?!? Ooaaai N ? Vor%,
Ml Ol U Km . > r Ml -*,>i
i st? ci oi- i I boa., awnSBB*) aai ui? Nt-w ink Hout.
IA iT.-it sssasal I
TRAB.?The CAsTTOI TEA ('<>mp\nv hare aa
iisnj "Tfry rasa h ti >< f,? Ot - an sal Vsa i?-ol?t? taJ pat
Tal.-lau,Iii. ? s,, .." I. 0 hnm au? ftaafl ?/**? fn?? t** So
Me . 0 laBOWloi sal In?p< 'ia. from .'<? to w\ K'A oU * qooB
tiet r'luaily tow Also SIB botea food faun v Trtftt Ml
Csaaal Baaaaas a: No. LM Cjsiusui <i , botwtva Psattaml
t A l?-rtt?,Mn?Bt I
Tut Rrrnu i? rnv-n un s RrMCDV.
BtastH H laataMi
K\?a? i ai t?aa>itti biases.
K r the at* 1 I Op at BarBttoa, Utai ComiNtiut Btoa-Bataw.
Ailhma, OoaftM G anj MsH?s DmSI Ijt. An Bait In liaa
rrepva'i'u, bb0 tb? salf ' e%er .ti* "??tel (ol BBlBaSSB ?S
tiie I..- tt. ft *bs I a.ii Pn i |l ftt bottle. Batat
, r?? rt?vIi-1- hf r x(ti??
OaVTlOa?'* N* LI lland.t, Jettey CUT. N.J. aal Mo 11
Ca .?. Bt.-auJ, Itsalaa," Is atswa la dasatss*at theaaaaaaa
Atl Jreit O f Hb i? v Pr .p?iator *t
in H Jaaaot'sBobb*Mbi,No laOaaal-al, JetaafOttf,! i
N B tao trcip* wlB bo soat baa to taoa* wfca ?aabala
IAitmrtiierooot |
Tiir MiTtitti TABU i Sikop?Iareoted bf
Ol i BaeaDBaa, A t> Hie.-Tb?. tha saaaBM bMMs buutw
, M ? u t..-1 ("i pfoo.ii' 'i't ttn karaamX m.?, W. U a um.
ttn-;,'?> *??.i aou ?saaaashaws, J. a
B. ixuaaaa*. <?? No. 7 astai n .
col rtT 01 COM Mi in PLEafl -Caaas ?i-J i i :? -
H-l,t* .1 . u ? tin l"\.
> , v y poa LAwraaai
The atUnti u it attorm ys Bad othert isoailed <?> taa
Maarhnj dacaaaa ai Ju i^e Hilton s, as apphcatioae ai
tb.a kind ate of every day oc< utronc*.
t? bbU Mt akaiaa b.
'lie aaatJaa to opeatba default tak?n a^atast tka
aiaiatiff cn l.ie aaotioa far attadiment airaitut tha
let>, cant, is dot led aith $10 ciets, to be dedaoted
ttiiiti tl .' jad|BM id herein.
'the Itaseiaa will lit a day for the defendant Uap
peat > R ie I in ami proceed with tha efamiaatiea:
ai.d ut'ess |eed taus? is showr il.o Iteforee abaaJI
r qaiia . e Iii.-, who began tho eiaininatioa to cea
'ii aa - to tha?Ld.
Tbcee prooeedtaBa are lotei.ded to bo sommary ia
their tature, and IB Iba duty ot Referee* to wheas
tka] inay be BWaMBittfed, to -eethat whila the plairatifT
.. n the BSaaai of ae< crUming whether the doktar
baaaaj praaetty aapaaaUa to the payment of taa
. ii -rt debt at II" ean.r i't;, the daotor is It ba
pr lectrd froBi eppieesino by a procrastinated eiara.na
Elot . i' eladbag mi|itiries into matUrs tn no way aeoae
saty for the purpooe ofeuabbngti.e.ludiretitdotersaiaa
abatbei f'ie daNadaat It intentionally onioaLagata
ptoperty to avoid the paymec of lot just debts.
COL'itT OP COMMON Pl.r \S .-.?? '.t. TaaM-/// ti?
i, ' ? i.- ??? i
Jbobpob sat. Owsaaw l. tsi.
fin the I Ith id Dei-mber, K.I, tlie pla nt.tl re
, urii-.l a ,'lxtneiit aaafnit 'be .letendantt. (Ire-nwool aa 1 Br-?
llBC, hi tlm i . iiit, BBl 1 i' BBt -a/ii" .isjr tbn da/cnOaaU nbtoiooO?
ai.d ierM"d ?:. .<r !er to Blow eau?. ob the jn?h of riMvnbn wtf
the iiidanie: t bb* M BOt ba let SbMBj and ?Uyin? tha BBMBBBBaaS
..(to- bIsbBI L* tka BaoaB tlaaa. a; ibe reouett ot Bat Maa*
dsatr attoraoy, tha motioa was adj. mod t. D*e**bbm J*. b^t,
Bataatll BS fid M**a ??? :tn. -a 'Bat no atateanieut i'4 bo
Btadoay Ithradaota, Oa tae.vh t s- p- u....-i to. u .-m an
Baahi oojoaiDed to tao astb cb tao aaaa* ssiBaaaaBS Themouaa
?u Baslljaisd**n tboM ol laaaatfi bMAsflal daaiedoaUao
ttk, ?i'h Uborty 'o del. -od n.ta t.. reuew lb* motion was bbA
i-i.#?. I <)u lue j?th ol Iteeembar. KM. Uio dsfieidaaU eat
atBoB B aaaeaal ai.ixrimaut to the defendant, Iii sen wood. wBh
BTrltrODCtt, which tbo wl,"!- e?Ut?? ..f the aaolfaert was BOt
ii. '.- thaw ti Bi ient to pav (to tlw J>th of Dsrsoibsr tbs do
badaati BBtotaoT tBUoati I a a. u .'iiieat.wiii?b wst ms*>> ia
part sad tha bull oa which tao t baequsat adjowawaal froaa
II?.,, oib. I M w?a mids. Tbe pi imtirl aiBe.l 'bat the oaiifaoteot
be 'srrd \ id, slid tlisr tb* aa?n:.>-e a.... m.t t-. too amo.al of
bi< lament.
Tu? Co-.rt bold that bo waa or.Utlod to rolUI. Ttw IsfoaAaaBs
ii ... t..- pi?i Baal tt ti tt t:.e nu .: taeirastotBoji to taroa
, n.oiei.ts Bie m.Bierne.l. ..ft 'h? ?Uj (rantod '.poa Um
I . ? ..... /.en. it ir.ar t>e iiiirVuit u> IsMBsBBs waa
ur. lot . 1 .w ftt bl Btal ? - Bl by tan a.'../ alt Btto/so/,
M la 'hit eaasieVaafaal BtBStaaoBoad. The d-'miaat Qrt*m
w . d w*< "t s t>. us tide (. - Laser, ind tuiiefors took Um M
sbaaMat t hj-et to tadatiaio^bBIm tho tollof askod.kow
? Ter.it tOOBS*e4. the aa.:|- may be bold void oa far aa
Btaiatil seea arai i. at.d aai sawlBtaif toid. thai piacia? Mm
plaittiB In tho aamo itt' ation La wl.l. b he wo^.d htve boot had
uort*yb?e;i obtalced and ?n eae. ..tloo istuod. Tbo aVialaMa
hfl s remedy, Bl *tn b t..-> ha?- BBS arai.ed taomsolrot .aad
a:? SaajfSl by their cwu Bej.i?enco. J..d,ttiOBt for pjlutofl.
BCPilMOa COL'RT?Srr. isa Ti sat-Jct r 14 -Bofceo
Jadaa BoimuBIH.
w'u.iom Kon-, a. Adiuiantiator, A , of rion/y, 1- ?si-I oat.
Boss;. M Pso-B.
Motion that tie reoeiver pay the lax aasesseol fjr
?BM traiait tho sa>i bass, aa a?<"? tf?mmmt ,eakBa,fj>
? ? -b BM r.mtt to abide tbo -Tent, K aot boiral ?attt'or^af
.u-.v. t. ibstioihtoa ?ss iiuposod ooe-lt by roaooo of prot?<t|
tbe j be d by be, sad nilioeq. aatly traaoleriol X>. mi lOOMTW.
BLPBCME COL?T-CHixaras-J.ly 14. - Before itim
?.?. taaai ??
Bh card hau da agt. Jcba Ii. Uaytoa et eh-AUo*
si. e ,1 . par cost. a ,
The Same agt.The 8ame.-AL!owaace of par raat.
Richard K. Holdane Bft The Forest aad Arrirtti
aan 111tat Trrt- CooiMny -tt Baa d*ae?d. wkaoit ey<o
James K. Bird agt. James Monroe.?Motion doa.ad,
a." coota, to abide Bf?at. ... . . .. ,.
Ia re tbe Petitioa of the Madiaoa aad ladjaaaaoba
?aDnal Oimpony -Bofctred to Mt. B] ?.. Miirhot to ia ,aui
id n p..rt aa to tha fa^ta. ..... . . ?_
Hetjau.ln SpinBiag, A'Jminutrator Ac, aat^ Waa.
T^Hnioa -Modoti trai-tod. oa paTttisnt of n*U of j lemoa*.
aid Bl" r<*t! '-' *? > -*n*Tl ?t*"4 ?* aocority. de
BBBtaal u. an.wer'Btea Uyi.aad St couaoat to a raforoo-?o ai
acmo'lme, ii desired by paiit d
David Tbomae, n.. aift. Thoaaas M. Jamaa.-A.law
aaro of > Bot ? *u: ordrftd.
rtiomsVButler agt. Mary Hutler.-Motioa deaied^
Everett Clacp ajrt Jamea K. iHlton et el.?B?ew
enio ordered. m Mr Aioaandor lOaUsador
COtBT OF OENKRAL bbb8ionb-Pa.a.if. JJ-t li.
B-ioro J-dfs Bs. ?satt. ,
The bOaarfaBj ccnvicU woreZn'?^[%??^
laire?t Mooroo, ?Wtn? Mb sie.? Bl ?BkaaaBf r-atMa?ar|
*7*i .Tmii lawr* - ^-n^T |p4aMiijlai|tia iaaMj
j V ;. n^d li7oe'iy.ri?taa|ku eMBa?7or, Mr. r?t4a. tt
b ?i Htsie PasoB rwoyoOJ*.
Sun'Tcsyai-d Waa. Uo, aosjoe,. |raai laresay Btoao
r\^ZLIm\vvTui.>i. wyt, buri ?ry. Hoots of Bofaaw.
eTa?!>J- ?au?L. b..,a.-y. Two ,-ar. Btato f titoa
Von?ai bitlB? oB-C-ouMty'i tooo. P'oitsatBlorT
7 ,? Ljoo". manslomfctor tourta doareo, kkhjat Ml ?tm ob
.hat ib' ev*? P*a>t?Bti?ty oas yeota ?'??'- ^,
w .I.Joaaea, V n*rj ta taa four.b Io?ibo. PooSMBUory *bx
?J? eaaaBf Uro, BuMorjcevyadof ^V?"CSJf
lolBI m.CsBty, ooatooe. WSJS oVfotrod nm% ~* K
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